I Wonder What His Name Was

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We had gone to the hotel to try to pick up a guy, it had been one of Deb’s fantasies for a long time. It wasn’t that hard, late at the hotel bar, a horny man, probably mid 30s good shape, and handsome enough. Deb has an amazing body, amazing tits and was showing off a lot of cleavage. She negotiated it, I don’t even know what she said. We decided to go up to our room and have a glass of wine. I was nervous, didn’t even get the guy’s name. I was imagining small talk and a drink and how this would possibly play out.

As we walk into our hotel room, Deb just starts kissing the guy, and pushes him into the chair. She kicks off her shoes and kneels on the floor in front of him. I look at her ass, the bottom of her feet. She kisses his pants, nibbles his cock through them. You can see he is already getting hard. She unbuttons his jeans and pulls his cock out. She looks at it, licks its shaft and sucks on it for a little while. When in Rome right? I take my pants off, my cock is rock hard. I stand there watching her sucking him, I masturbate for awhile, caressing my balls, feeling blood pulsate in my cock, I already know how hard I am going to come. I take off my shirt.

I come over to behind where Deb is sucking him off, and stand there naked with a rock hard cock; watching Deb suck another man off. I reach down and pull her shirt and bra over her head. I kneel behind her and rub my cock against the bottom of her feet, reach my arms around and cup her tits in my hands. I bite one of her shoulders, I am so hard, pressing my cock against the soles of her feet, squeezing her tits, watching her suck his cock. I raise myself up and lean over her shoulder and grab onto the shaft of his cock while she sucks on the tip. I lean over and take his cock in my mouth, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. I lick his shaft and suck on his balls for a minute, squeezing Deb’s tits with one hand, my cock pressed into her back. I stand up and pull her up with me. She slides up slowly leaning over, dragging her tits along his cock and then his face as she stands. Each of us grab one of his feet and pull his pants off.

Deb turns around and starts making out with me, pushing her tits into my chest, standing with one of her soles standing on one of my feet. I can feel her illegal bahis feet, how soft they are, I want them in my face, holding my cock, to lick them. We walk over to the bed and I pull her skirt off. She sees how crazy turned on I am and lies on the bed—on her back—and opens her legs, showing off her shaved pussy. She fingers herself, masturbating her clit and slipping a finger into her pussy. I lean over her and lick her pussy, stick my tongue inside of her, taste her saltiness. My cock is so hard I need to fuck her. I flip her over and we turn around so the man can watch us. He is stroking himself off. Deb is on her knees facing him, her tits moving back and forth. I am fucking her from behind, showing her off to him. We are both staring at his fucking rock hard dick, veins popping. I motion him over, he stands with his cock at her face. I reach forward and take his balls in my hand, squeezing gently. I am so turned on, want his cock in my mouth so badly, I put it in Deb’s mouth. She sucks on it, taking it deep in her mouth, licking his tip, really loving it.

I am so crazy jealous and crazy horny. I want my cock in your mouth so bad. I slowly pull out of your pussy, my dick is warm and hurts so hard, so good, hurts. I draw my hand over your ass cheeks, down your leg, along your soft sole; I draw it along your stomach, around your perfect tit, under your chin, and cup his balls again. I walk around the side of the bed, holding his balls, pull his cock out of your mouth, push my cock against his cock, the lengths pressed against each others, so hard. I guide your head over, and you take both of our cocks and jack them off together. You try to put both of them in your mouth at the same time. We’re both so hard, pressing against each other, fucking your mouth together. His tongue is in my mouth and i have never been so horny. I need to fuck again; so badly.

We flip you over on the bed walking to opposite ends of you. You open your legs for him. I watch your tits squeeze together as you reach down with both hands and caress his cock, guide it into your pussy. You lay back down, your knees up moaning as he fucks you. I am so turned on, I rub my cock all over your face, you turn and lick it, take it into your mouth sucking it lovingly. You are in heaven, illegal bahis siteleri experiencing a fantasy you have long wanted. I tell you to flip over, you get on your knees as he fucks you from behind. I stand in front of your face, fucking your mouth, reaching over and holding your tits in my hands, feeling the weight of them, letting them hang with your hard nipples tracing back and forth along my palms as your tits sway with the rhythm of his fucking you. I pull out of your mouth and walk around behind you.

I reach down and grab his balls squeezing them gently as he fucks you. My hand rubs against your pussy as he fucks you, I have never felt you so wet before. He and I start making out as he is fucking you; i don’t know if i can get any harder. I stand back, watch you fuck. He is getting so turned on, fucking you doggy style. I watch him lean over and start loving your tits. He is bent over you squeezing both of them, massaging them. I am getting so hard seeing him turned on by you. He starts pounding you hard, getting so turned on, fucking you, fucking you. He twists his body around you pulling one of your tits into his mouth. God I am so hard watching him.

I walk over next to him. I kiss his face, push my dick into his side, the side of his ass. I pull his cock out of you and throw him on the bed next to you, stick my cock in your pussy, reach out and start stroking his wet cock. You are making out with him as I fuck you from behind still on your knees. I turn you over, fucking you missionary, he flips around you, kneels over you, puts his dick is in your face. Starts licking your pussy as I fuck you. I take your feet and put them in my face. You know how I love your feet; you just got a pedicure. Your soles are so soft and wrinkly. I lick your arches up and down, hardening again. I wonder if you can feel the veins of my dick harden in your pussy? I lick my tongue between each of your toes, pound fuck you fuck your pussy. You moan and shake, you are coming so hard, sopping wet. I pull out of you, lean down and lick you with him. He and i make out for a while, your wet pussy next to our faces. God I am so turned on. I tell him to turn around, to fuck your pussy, and he complies without hesitating.

You turn over, are loving canlı bahis siteleri it, on top of him, fucking like crazy. You are bent over him, leaning just above him, letting the weight of your amazing tits just smoosh into him. I am behind you, slowly, gently start pushing my cock into your ass. You stop moving, holding his cock with your pussy, as I slowly penetrate your ass. I stand still, feeling the tightness of your ass, while he slowly starts fucking you again. I can feel his cock inside of you, moving in and out, his cock rubbing my cock up and down as he fucks you. I am cupping your breasts, fucking your ass as he fucks your pussy and makes out with you. I have never been so turned on. Are you coming again already?

God i am so hot right now. I slowly pull out of you, take your hips and pull you off of him, turn you over. You are both laying on your backs next to each other; I am staring at your bodies, your beautiful tits, wet pussy, his raging boner; I want all of it.

I do something I never dreamed of, lift his legs up exposing his ass hole, and slowly penetrate it. You look a little shocked and crazily turned on. You sit up, straddle his face and start making out with me. While he sucks on your pussy, I fuck his ass. Then you lean down and start sucking his cock again, 69ing him as I fuck him. You are ravenous, can’t get enough of his cock, are squeezing his head with your thighs while he licks you. I watch as you come again, your pussy in his face.

He starts thrusting into your mouth, fucking your face as I fuck him. I can tell he is going to come soon. He arches his back and freezes, his cock deep in your mouth. I feel his ass tighten, feel the pulsing of his cum into your mouth. You take it in; swallow it; raise yourself up. You take his cock in your hand and gently stroke it as his orgasm finishes.

You look up at me sheepishly, but why? He just came in your mouth, but I am still fucking his ass! Watching him come in your mouth, I am so turned on I need to cum. You lean in and start making out with me; I taste his cum in your mouth. I can’t hold it any longer; I pull out of his ass and barely touch my cock when it shoots the hardest orgasm I have ever felt. Cum streaks your face, your tits, and drips onto his cock.

I get a towel and wipe you off. We lay in a pile exhausted, you in the middle. I reach an arm across you, feel your tit against it, and hold onto his cock as we fall asleep. He is gone in the morning when we wake up.

I wonder what his name was?

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Crashed Ch. 2

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The valley was a great place to land. The plane floated in with no problem at all. It was just like landing on a bad runway.

I unbuckled screaming, ” YOU O.K. BABY?”

As I ran to the back of the plane, Channtel jumped into my arms crying. Big tears ran down her face as she hugged and kissed me.

” Are we really going to be here five months?” Channtel ask.

I looked into her eyes, ” Baby, I’m sorry. It mite be longer than that.”

” What about my baby,” she began to cry, ” she’ll forget me.”

I patted her round ass, ” Oh, no she won’t.”

We hugged for a long time before I got her to calm down.

” We need to start looking through all the supplies and getting everything we need to make us a good warm living area,” I said, ” I’ll go to the cargo hold. You start hanging blankets up to the walls and fix the warmest bed you can make.”

” Should I make…. Two beds…. Or,” Channtel looked to the floor, ” or just one…. Big bed?”

I gave her a little hug and said, ” That’s up to you Baby.”

I went down in the cargo hold, rooting through all of the many boxes and crates. I needed to find the heaters, lights and the stoves.

Each time I would find more of the things we needed I would put them on the mini-elevator and send it up to Channtel. After a good two hours of digging through hundreds of boxes, I had found about everything we needed for now.

* * * * *

Dennis sat at his desk, watching the old clock on the wall. He hated it when a plane was late getting back from China, this plane had his best friend and his beautiful daughter on board.

He picked up the phone, ” Control Tower, this is Dennis. Any word on Jake yet? O.K., have every plane going or coming from there, keep an eye out for them.” Dennis hung up the phone.

Dennis began to e-mail every person he knew in the area, being a missionary meant he knew some shady people. The ‘perfect’ people didn’t need saved. It was drug dealers, hookers and Black-market dealers. That needed a ‘Man of GOD’ and they know everybody and everything that went on around the border.

He also knew one other person that could help a lot, a long time friend in the C.I.A. It meant that a load of guns or some mercenaries would be on one of his planes. But, anything for Jake.

” GOD, I pray they’re O.K.,” Dennis thought to himself, ” I should never have let Channtel go along. If they’re dead her poor baby will be motherless, and it will be my fault.”

Dennis went on thinking, ” and my best friend, Jake, I’ve known him for close to twenty years. Now I’ve killed them both.” Dennis began to cry….

* * * * *

I made my way back up top to find that Channtel had really been working very hard. She had covered every wall and ceiling with blankets. She had covered the floors with the sleeping bags.

She had fixed the blankets so that we had three little rooms. An area to cook our food, a sitting area and one very nice and cozy bedroom.

” WOW. My little girl sure has been a busy little beaver.” I said.

With a big smile Channtel replied, ” You like?”

” Lord yes, this is nice,” I looked to the bed, ” are you sure about the bed?”

Her face got a little red and she said, ” Can we just take things real slow,” she moved into my arms, ” I know it’s wrong for us to do ‘it’ together but, I also know that I’ve wanted you sense I first knew what sex was.”

” You lead the way,” my hands found Channtels ass, ” however you want things to go.”

She gave me a nice deep French Kiss and said, ” Thanks Daddy.”

After we had warmed up dinner, we sat snuggled on our bed. Channtel sat on my lap, with my arms wrapped around her. My right hand lightly bahis firmaları squeezed her breast. A long steam of milk shot from her nipple.

” Damn Baby, them things are loaded.” I said with a little laugh.

” I know…. They are starting to hurt real bad,” she wiped off my hand, ” the baby should have nursed three or four times by now.”

” How are we going to get the milk out?” I said, looking at her big wet breast, ” I don’t want to see you hurting.”

Channtel reached for a cup, ” You hold this for me,” she pulled off her blouse, then her very thin bra, ” I’ll try to milk them, you hold the cup under my nipple.”

I was in shock, I had always wanted to see a woman playing with her tits. Now, I have my sexy daughter, sitting on me, Milking her full breast.

My cock started to grow as I watched her take her breast in her hands and giving it little squeezes. The milk trickled from her nipples, little by little the cup began to fill. So did my cock.

Channtel looked at me with a little smile and said, ” Daddy, I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to get you excited.”

” It’s not every day a man gets to see something as sexy as this,” I looked down to her breast, I caressed the nipple, ” you’re beautiful….”

” Thank you, would you like to do it for me?” She ask.


” Only if you want me to.” I figured that would be the best thing to say.

She moved on my lap facing me. She took the cup, my hands moved to hold her swollen breast. I began to play with her tender nipple and gave her breast little squeezes.

The milk flowed from her body, filling the cup faster than before. I could feel her breathing increase as I worked her neglected breast. Squeezing her breast harder as I pinched her tender nipple.

” Oh Daddy….,” Channtel panted, ” it feels so good”

I moved to her other breast, again teasing her nipple as I squeezed the milk from her young body. She began to rock her hips against my rock hard cock.

” Oh shit…. stop for a minute…. The cup is full.” I told her.

Channtel put the cup by the stove, grabbing a bigger cup, I slipped off my pants, freeing my cock. She moved back on my lap.

Shocked by what I had done, ” DADDY.” She said.

” You just relax, you do what ever you want. O.K.?” I said.

” O.K. anything I want?” she ask.

I nodded.

She stood up, taking off her jeans. As I looked at her love, I could she was very excited. Her powder blue panties were soaked with her fluids.

She moved back to my lap, pressing her saturated panties and mound on my cock. Her hips began to move back and forth against my hard cock. I pushed one of her ‘milk filled’ breast into my mouth, sucking it hard and fast.

” Oh GOD…. DADDY…. YES….” Channtel screamed.

Her hips went wild humping my cock shaft, as hard and fast as she could go. Her breast smashed in my mouth, I sucked and squeezed it as hard as I could. Draining all of Channtels warm, sweet milk.

Faster her pussy rubbed my swollen cock, her fluids coated my cock. As she used my cock pole for her release, I was pushing into her love. Hoping her panties would move or my cock meat would find it’s way inside my daughters body.


” GO… Baby go…. Cum on me.” I said.

Screaming louder, ” OH… DADDY….DADDY… MAKE ME….. CUM.”

I kept sucking her full breast as my hands pushed her ‘ ready to cum’ pussy into my cock. Her hips moved the length of my shaft, stimulating her body to the fullest.

” OH YES.” She moaned, as her body exploded.

Her orgasm ran through her young body, I could feel every muscle in her kaçak iddaa spasm. Her breast shot milk all over my face. After a few minutes, she fell on top of me.

” GOD, that was so good,” She panted, ” I haven’t came like that sense…. That night in the kitchen.”

” Oh really?” I said.

” YES…. I went to my room and….” Channtels face was bright red, ” I must have masturbated 10 or 15 times that night thinking of you.”

I hugged her to me, pressing her wet love mound against my hard cock, ” I’m sorry Baby…. You were only 16, I wanted you real bad too but, I knew you needed to find a guy your age.”

She sighed, ” All the boys my age only had four or five inch dicks, I knew I needed a big one, like yours.”

” You can have it any time you want, we’ll be here for a long time.”

” Remember…. You said, I could take my time.” She stated.

” While your taking your time, you could help me fix this thing now and then.” I replied.

” Oh yeah…. Like how?” Channtel said with a smile.

” Oh let me think…. A good rub down…. Mmmm a good rub down between your breast…. And you could always give Dear Old Dad a nice Blow Job.” I told her.

” MMMM that sounds like fun….” Channtel said as her hands moved to my cock.

She began to stroke my cock shaft up and down, letting it brush across her wet nipples. The droplets of milk acted like a lubricant. Her hands moved faster, her blue eyes watched my face as she brought me closer to cumming.

” Cum for me Daddy…. Cum on my tities…..” Channtel purred, ” you can even cum on my face…”

” Cum Daddy…. Cum on your daughter.” She whispered.

Her hands moved up and down my love shaft, bringing me closer to cumming. She squeezed and pulled on it like a master. Like she had played with my cock hundreds of times before.

” OOOOHHHHh Baby…. Yes…. Yes.” I moaned.

My cock started shooting it’s load all over Channtels big breast. She pumped my meat faster, making sure she pleased her Daddy. My kept shooting it’s load on her breast and on her pretty face.

” WOW….Thank you, Daughter.” I panted.

” Damn Daddy, when was the last time Mom did you?” she ask.

” Shit….” I thought to myself, ” about three months ago.”

” oh Daddy,” Channtel purred, ” I’ve wanted your cum on me and in me for so long…..” Her hands started rubbing my cum all over her big breast, and then she began licking her fingers.

After cleaning up, we laid in each others arms and fell asleep.

” Daddy….” Channtel moaned.

I was sleeping very good after her great hand job, ” What Baby?”

” I’m hurting real bad, can you help me milk my breast again?” She begged.

” Yes…” I said.

She started to get up, ” I’ll get the cup…..” I grabbed her, pulling her swollen breast to my mouth. I started sucking it like a hungry animal. Drinking down all of her warm milk.

” Oh Daddy…. That feels so good,” Channtel moaned and commenced to rub her hot pussy on my swollen cock. I pulled her on top of me, trying to push my cock inside of her body.

” DADDY, NO… NO,” Channtel pleaded, ” you said I could take my time.”

” Come on, I need to be in you Baby,” I begged, ” give Daddy some of your hot little pussy.” I kept trying to no avail.

From then on that’s how we drained her breast, I wasn’t going to pour that wonderful milk of hers down the drain any more. Hell, I liked the taste and getting it out of her was the best part.

For the next few weeks she would rub her pussy on my cock and then jerk me off. I didn’t want to rush her. I wanted her to make all the moves.

Until, one night she was humping my cock while I was sucking her breast milk. Channtel was just about empty kaçak bahis and she was having trouble cumming. And to tell ya’ the truth…. I needed something different.

I pushed Channtel off me my lap, she laid back on the bed with a surprised look on her face. I moved between her slim legs, finding her wet and excited love nest.

” O Daddy….”

My mouth covered her, my tongue began licking the full length of her slit. Oh, she tasted so good, she had been doing a great job of keeping herself fresh, with our limited supplies.

” Oh yes… oh yes…” she moaned.

My tongue danced all over her love, finding all them ‘good’ places. I began sucking on her swollen clit, her back arched up. That’s when I knew she was mine.

” Oh….Oh… Oh…” More moans.

I got up on my knees and turned so my cock rested on Channtels mouth. With little hesitation, she sucked it deep into her throat. Little moans escaped from her mouth as she consumed my cock.

” Oh…. That’s my girl, suck that thing Baby.”

Channtel went wild sucking me, hell, she even pulled me all the way down on her. My cock had never been this far down any woman’s throat before. My girl took all my cock, sucking it like a pro.

I went back to eating her wet little pussy. My tongue found it’s way inside her body, ” OH DADDY…. OH GOD YES…. OH DADDY… I’M CUMMING… I’COMMING….”

I kept pushing my tongue inside her, making her orgasm at least five times before I stopped.

” How was that Baby?” I asked.

” Wonderful…”

* * * * *

Glancing through his e-mail, Dennis saw something that caught his eye. An e-mail, telling him a crashed plane was spotted high on one of the west slopes. They would go look in the spring. There was hope.

Kate stormed into Dennis’s office, ” I am sick and fucking tried of you not taking my calls. Jake and Channtel have been missing three months, THEY ARE DEAD, would you please sigh this insurance letter? So, I can get on with my life.”

Dennis just looked at Kate with disgust, how could anybody be in such a hurry to get money from a dead man. If he was dead. Jake had been in the Air Force and had taken every survival coarse he could. It would take a lot to kill him.

” Why are you in such a hurry? I know for a fact that you and Jake have over six thousand dollars in the bank.” Dennis stated.

” It’s none of your FUCKING business.”

” I’ll sigh your letter, but, don’t be surprised the day Jake and Channtel come back.” Dennis jerked the letter from her hand and scratched his signature on it.

Kate grabbed the letter from Dennis, she turned and went out of the office, slamming the door so hard, a picture fell from the wall.

” Jake, old buddy, I pray to GOD you come back to see what your wife is like.” Dennis said.

” Did the Prick sign it?” Bill ask Kate.

Kate sighed, ” Yes, finally. Now we can have some real fun, Lover.” Kate leaned to Channtels husband Bill, running her tongue in his mouth.

” Let’s hurry home, I need a good hard fuck.” Kate moaned.

* * * * *

” Come on Baby,” I begged, ” it’s been three months. I need some pussy.”

” Daddy, I just feel dirty. It’s a sin.”

” Oh please, I need you.” I said, I reached to Channtel and started to tickle her.

Channtel laughed, ” STOP it, Daddy.’

Tickling her more, I said, ” Not until you give me some pussy.”

” No way,” she laughed, ” you’ll have to take it, Big Boy.”

” I can do that,” as I grabbed her flipping her on my lap with her panty covered ass sticking up, ” I’m going to paddle you until you give me some.”


” Are you ready yet?” I ask.

” No way.” She giggled.

A little harder, ‘ SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,’

” Now are you?” I ask again.

” MMMMmmmm, oh Dad.”


” Oh Daddy, yes…. Take me, make yours….” Channtel, begged me.

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I Love Women in Panties Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Following my awakening to the joys of panties granted to me by Sally and her friends whilst on my sick bed, life carried on pretty much as normal over the next few months with Sally and her friends, or did it? Was it my imagination or were the girl’s hemlines just a little bit shorter than they had been previously when they were in the house? It seemed so to me, as I was regularly getting panty flashes in fairly ordinary scenarios, of course it could have been that I was just paying more attention and looking for the opportunity to get an eyeful.

My heightened vigilance was probably the truth of the situation and it wasn’t just Sally and friends I was paying attention to! Any female in my line of sight was fair game, and I soon became an expert at finding places where a flash of panty was possible.

I was now approaching my 19th birthday, and still had a close relationship with my sister, but sadly slightly more from a distance as she had moved out to her own flat now, and meant I did not see her as regularly as I used to. Jenny had moved abroad with her parents, I was so sad to see Jenny go, as it was she who had helped me realise my love of panties on that day as she sat in my bedroom.

Whilst fascinated by panties, it was always about seeing them being worn by a women that I loved. I never had any particular desire to dig through the linen basket looking for my sister’s dirty panties to hold to my face and breathe in stale pussy. However, I would and still do enjoy burying my face in a pair of panties that are still being worn, damp from the warm sex that they cover or soaked after I have been chewing and licking the pussy they enclose.

I did however go through my sister’s panty drawer on more than one occasion, as I wasn’t exactly getting close to that many other girls’ panties. Although at least I was no longer a virgin, even if I had not really reached the levels of Casanova just yet! If Sally ever had any of her friends round to stay I would always try to have a rummage through their overnight bag to see what panties they had brought with them. This way I could visualise them wearing the ones I had handled. White cotton was always common, but this was the seventies and there were all sorts of colourful nylon and silky panties and they were all bikini briefs. To this day this style is still my favourite, there is always a little bit of bum crack showing and they enhance the roundness of a lovely bottom.

So, as I said earlier it was coming up to my birthday and I had plans to go out on the Saturday night with my then girlfriend, who, whilst adorable and pretty and made me horny as hell, I was not getting very far with. I’d had my hands on her bra covered tits and her panty covered arse but it was always in the dark and I had never laid my eyes on her underwear at all.

I came home from school one evening and Sally was sitting at the kitchen table there chatting to mum, I stopped and chatted with them for a while then went up to my room. Sally came up about 15 minutes later walked in to my room and flopped onto my bed, while I continued to sit at my desk doing some homework. Sally nearly always wore impossibly short skirts and dresses, so when I turned round to talk to her as she lay on my bed, it was impossible for me not have a substantial view of her panties, the hem of the dress she was wearing was virtually up around her waist and her pale blue panty covered mound was there for all to see.

Sally was now 20 about 5’7″ with long legs and 34C boobs and despite the fact she was my sister was a sight to behold as she lay there.

“So you still enjoy looking up girls’ skirts then? On the lookout for a flash of panty, eh little brother?” she said laughing.

I laughed “That’s hardly a flash is it Sis, you’re dress is virtually up around your waist with all of tomorrows washing on view”

We both started laughing as she illegal bahis stood up and pulled her dress down and sat back on the bed.

“Spoilsport” I said

“So you’re still interested your sister’s panties then are you? What would Mum say if she knew you were lusting after your sister? Hmmm? Shall we ask her?”

“Don’t be such a cow! I’m not lusting after you as you well know!” I replied

Again she laughed “So the bulge in your trousers has nothing to do with me then?”

“Oh come on you know full well, that whenever I’ve seen you in your underwear I imagine someone else in the room with me” I said squirming just a little.

I did have to admit, even to myself, Sally was looking hot, and on this occasion, it was Sally and no one else that was creating the bulge I my pants.

“Any way enough of this, what are you doing for your birthday? I want to organise when I can give you your present” she asked

“I’m going out with Hilary and a few friends on Saturday, although I have already been warned that no one can stay out late, so I guess it will be a bit tame!” I said

“Then why don’t you come over to mine afterwards? I’ll give you your present and we can have a chill out day on Sunday? I might even be able to persuade Diane and Julie to come over, it’ll be like old times again” she asked.

“That sounds like fun, but surely you’ve all got better things to do on a Saturday night?” I replied.

“Oh we can keep our selves amused having a girly night in and a drink and a while we wait for you, so don’t worry about us” She replied

“OK sounds like a plan then” I said

“Cool” she said getting up and coming over to me and draping her arms around me, “Beer or wine, which do you prefer?” she asked

“Um, I don’t think I really mind” I replied. “I haven’t really got a particular taste for either just yet.

“Ok, leave it to me then” with that she kissed the top of my head, ruffled my hair and left. “See you on Saturday” she called as she went back down stairs.

So my birthday celebration looked like it could be fun after all, most of the evening in the local disco with my friends and a bit of a party round at Sally’s after.

Saturday morning was spent opening cards and a few prezzies, Mum cooked a full blown breakfast which was only ever happened as a treat in our house. I went round to see some of my mates and whiled away the afternoon listening to music and talking girls, overstating how far we’d all managed to get with them, if you listened to us we were the biggest studs in town shagging everything in a skirt! Nothing unusual there then!

I went home to get myself ready for the evening, a quick shower and then into my best shirt and flares! Hey it was the 70’s! And I was convinced I looked cool, although I cringe when I look back at the photos now. Dad dropped me at Sally’s flat so that I could drop off my bag and then walked into town and met my girlfriend at the Disco.

Hilary was looking hot in a very tight top and suede mini skirt with a zip up the front; I hugged and kissed her like only a hormone enraged young man can, of course groping my way around her curvaceous body.

“Whoa, there Mike, let’s wait till we get in the dark shall we?” she said laughing.

Now for me and my friends the disco wasn’t somewhere you went because you wanted to be the next John Travolta! It was somewhere to observe the female of the species, to try and find a girlfriend and to lust over the untouchable beauties who knew full well you were lusting after them! One only ended up on the dance floor with either your girlfriend or on the way over to who you hoped might be your next girlfriend. It always brings a smile to my face when I consider how optimistic we were in those days, never believing that any girl could possibly say no to our unbelievable charms!

However I had my girl of illegal bahis siteleri the moment and once in the disco promptly continued where I had left off outside as Hilary and I sat in a dark corner oblivious to all around us. I was doing OK as well, one hand on the bare flesh under her top and was trying to wheedle my hand under her bra, was I finally going to get a feel of her tits al last? It certainly seemed promising at first, although there was some resistance with my hand being gently placed on TOP of her bra, it wasn’t with too much conviction. My other hand was slowly finding its way up Hilary’s skirt also approaching uncharted territory; I’d had my hand on her panty covered bum many times but never her pussy. I had almost reached the intended target, when my two so called friends dropped on the seating next to us following an unsuccessful hunting trip on the dance floor.

“They don’t know what they’re missing out on, they really don’t!” said Paul.

“Oh I think they probably do!” Laughed Hilary, I had of course stopped my voyage of discovery to her hidden parts rather hastily on their arrival. I couldn’t believe their timing, so close to the honey pot! Life was cruel sometimes, and so were the trousers I was wearing! Anyone old enough to remember will know how tight they were in those days and how they did not leave any room for a rampant boner! So while I continued to surreptitiously readjust myself Hilary stood up announcing it was time for a dance.

“Oh brilliant! Thanks guys” I said as I was dragged up to the dance floor.

The only saving grace of the dance floor was the amount of gyrating female flesh it contained, my dance moves were nothing to be proud of, in fact they were truly nothing! I tended to stand and sway with the music as opposed to dance as such but then that was the same for most guys so I got away with it. Apart from being surrounded by bobbing and swaying girls there was one other joy of a 70’s disco, and that was ultra violet light the DJ would put on for a few minutes at a time. This was the point in the evening when the girls discovered whether they had put the right clothes on that evening and maybe regretted the choice of white panties and bras they had worn under flimsy outer clothing.

For those of you that don’t know, with ultra violet light, everything white shines out like a beacon, a white shirt or blouse suddenly appears as if it has back lighting and a white bra lights up through a dark or thin blouse. Hilary was OK with her panties, the light wasn’t going to penetrate her suede skirt, but her bra lit up like a neon sign. It was not a good thing to have dandruff when the UV light was on either, but let’s not spoil the image for now. Now for a few minutes, there was a dance floor full of iridescent bras, panties, blinding white jeans, blouses and tops. It was brilliant in every sense of the word, especially for a panty freak like me; the light was never on long enough for my liking.

Hilary and I left the dance floor and went back to the darkened corner, I hoped, to resume where we had left off before being interrupted by Paul & Dave, which wasn’t really their fault as in truth we were all supposed to be out together after all! It’s just that I had other things on my mind and had come so close to a new experience on my sexual journey with Hilary. The guys decided that their luck must be in by now and set off for another foray to the dance floor in search of this evening’s conquest. Hilary and I got back down to getting to know each other better

It soon became apparent that I was not going to succeed with my exploration of the underside of Hilary’s bra; I had been desperate for a while now to get my hands on those beautiful globes but obviously tonight was not the night that was going to happen!

However progress lower down was looking (well feeling actually!) far more promising, canlı bahis siteleri my hand had travelled, without resistance so far, to the top of Hilary’s thighs and had had just felt the very lightest brush of the front of her panties. They were silky but I had no idea of colour which didn’t seem that important at this point in the proceedings, my heart was pounding as I touched the front of her panties and felt the soft warmth of her pussy for the first time. There was a noticeable intake of breath from Hilary and an increased intensity in her kissing and she pulled me closer and held me tighter. My cock was trying it’s hardest to release itself from the confines of my trousers which were way too tight for current events! (Note to self on that one!)

We continued to kiss while I kept my hand on Hilary’s pussy gently rubbing her mound, by now I could feel a definite dampness, I had no idea whether I was concentrating on the right spot, as I slowly rubbed her through the front of her panties this was my first time after all! We continued like this for a while, Hilary had her hand on my cock but wasn’t really doing anything with it, while I tried to make my mind up as to whether or not I should try to move my hand under the leg of her panties, however I decided not to push my luck on this occasion.

After a while, I really have no idea how long, Hilary pulled her face away from me and buried it in my neck, her breathing had become shallow and she was holding me really tight like her life depended on it! There was no doubt in my mind that Hilary was starting to lose a little control of the situation as she started to thrust her hips, slowly grinding her pussy into my hand, in fact she was pretty much humping my hand. Her panties now, were no longer just damp, they were wet! As I continued to rub her pussy through her panties she suddenly thrust it hard into my hand and with a gasp she bit down on my shoulder and started to gently shudder and moan, this seemed to last forever although in truth it was only a few moments until finally with a sigh she went limp in my arms. She looked up at me, smiled, kissed me long and hard, then, without a word got up and went I assumed to the toilet.

“Oh my god, she’d come! I thought to myself. I also realised that despite not being a virgin any more I had yet to make a girl come, until now that was! I was also still struggling with my cock which had not given up its mission to escape my trousers!

In fairness I was pretty close to creaming my own pants and think I was probably only saved by how tight my trousers were. I a strange desire to grab the DJ’s mike and let everyone know that the stud standing before them had just made his girlfriend have an orgasm! I didn’t of course; I waited for her to come back and held her tight.

“That was my first” she said to me as we sat there watching everyone else having a good time.

“You’re kidding me?” I said surely you’ve…. well you know done it for yourself?

“No, never” she replied.

“Wow” I stuttered

The rest of evening was fairly uneventful, as we danced, well one of us danced! I continued my tree in a gale impression!

It is interesting looking back, what a monumental achievement that seemed to be for me at the time, I guess during your youth, those sort of early, ground breaking experiences, were pivotal and important to your development. Oh Boy! If only I had known just what a monumental evening this was going to turn out to be!

I’ve always felt that the experience with Hilary in the disco, is the reason I like a woman to keep her panties on for a while when making love, why get naked straight away when there is so much pleasure to be had in getting there? I love it when I have to peel a pair of panties off that are soaked with pussy juices and my saliva. Interestingly I have yet to meet a woman that has not enjoyed having her pussy played with and eaten through her panties as part of our foreplay.

Anyhow, the first part of my evening was coming to an end as we waited for a taxi to come and pick Hilary up after which I set off for Sally’s flat…

To be continued…

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The day had been long and exhausting. I arrived home, wanting nothing more than a long soak in the tub. After feeding the dogs and letting them out, I walked into my bathroom, and there he stood. The man I had been thinking about — no, dreaming about it. He was standing naked in my bathroom, tub filled with steaming, scented water, candles burning, and sexy music playing softly in the background. Without a word, he reached out and began to slowly undress me. He helped me into the tub, and climbed in with me.

We sat for awhile, drinking wine; he was cradling me against him, between his legs. I could feel his already powerful erection pressing against my back. I leaned into him and closed my eyes, sighing contently. After a while, he picked up the rose scented soap and began to lather my breasts. It felt heavenly, his hands slippery with soap, teasing my nipples until they stood up and cried out to be sucked, licked, and bitten.

He tested the heaviness of each breast, lifting and caressing. He kept teasing my nipples until I did not think I could stand it any longer. Then suddenly his hands were gone. They had slide down my sides, along my hips, where he caught hold of me and turned me to face him. Lie back and relax, he said. I did as he told me, and again he picked up the scented soap and gathered handfuls of lather. But he did not move back to my breasts, he moved further down, to my sweet, aching pussy. He was washing me with gentle, loving movements.

Why does he want me so clean, I wondered — then I caught my breath — could it be, dare I dream that illegal bahis he might be thinking, might be planning….but no, I could not hope it. Soon enough, my thoughts were retuned to what his hands were doing. His movements became more urgent, moving harder, rubbing, then teasing my pussy lips open, with just the right amount of pressure, easing into my softness, causing me to cry out in pleasure. One finger, two, three, in and out, steady, not faster, not slower, harder, softer — but always just right. I cried out again and again and he made me cum — no longer sure where I was, but it did not matter. All that mattered was his hand on my pussy, and waves of pleasure he sent crashing through me. I fell back, exhausted, very pleased, and mildly embarrassed. I could never get used to so thoroughly letting go of myself while being pleasured.

I must have drifted off, because I heard him say, Oh, I am not finished with you yet and when I opened my eyes I could see the truth in that statement. He was standing over me in the tub, his cock rock hard, and demanding attention, it seemed to me. I sat up and took him in my mouth. All the way in, to the very back of my throat. At the same time I caressed his balls with one hand, while holding his cock with the other. Slowly at first, I sucked him. I slid my mouth down his shaft, taking in the entire length, rubbing the soft underside of his cock with my tongue. Moving faster now, his hands buried in my hair, urging me to keep loving him with my mouth. Suddenly I slowed, moving along his cock until the tip of it was almost touching illegal bahis siteleri my lips, I gently breathed on him, warm loving breath, flicking my tongue around the head of his cock, and hearing his sharp intake of breath, once more plunged my mouth all the way down, engulfing him in the softness and warmth of my mouth. Again I began moving faster, and as I did, began gently stroking his asshole. He seemed to like it, so I gently slipped one finger inside, and as I did, he moaned, pulled my head roughly to him and spurted what seemed like gallons of cum inside my mouth. Smiling to myself, I swallowed — secretly pleased that I had this power over him. He sank back down into the water, and we lay there together for a few moments.

When he moved again, it was to help me out of the tub. We dried each other off, exchanging deep kisses, little nibbles and licks, and caresses. He then led me to the bed, laid me face down, and began to rub massage lotion onto my back. As he moved to my ass, he seemed to spend more time there then totally necessary, massaging, dipping his fingers into my crack, down between my legs. I was beginning to feel the familiar warmth start from what seemed the middle of my body, and my breath was coming short, when suddenly his hands were gone. When I felt them again, he was rubbing my feet. He continued working up my legs, until he reached my upper thighs and took me by the hips and turned me over. He was kneeling between my legs and just looking. I realized he was gazing at my pussy, and I heard him whisper, It is beautiful. For one canlı bahis siteleri wild moment I thought I must stop him that he could not really be going to make my fantasy come true, that I could not stand it if he did. But then he slid down the bed, lowered his head and kissed the very center of my being. I could immediately feel his teeth. Sucking, licking, and nibbling, all in perfect harmony with how my body was feeling. Everything I needed, he gave me. The sensation was nearly overwhelming, and when I thought I could not stand it anymore, that is when he began to get really serious about his work. He expertly licked and sucked my clit until I was grinding my hips against his face, begging him to eat me, suck me, lick me, and fuck me. I felt such intense pleasure and emptiness all at once. Then I felt him more, and the emptiness was no more, as he rammed his hard throbbing cock home into my warm, tight, and welcoming pussy. I cried out as he slammed into me again and again, feeling his balls slap my ass. I loved the feeling of being taken with such force, such abandonment, such passion. To think that I could make him feel this way, lose himself like this, and want so badly — it was heaven.

We moved together, faster, now slower, looking into each other’s eyes and smiling, kissing, teasing, coming almost apart, sliding back together. I tightened my pussy muscles around his cock, which answer with pulsing of its own. Suddenly he could hold back no longer, and began to move into me faster and faster, seemingly unaware now that I was there. I moved with him, and we came together in a blinding orgasm that shook the entire room.

We came back to ourselves slowly, he drifting off into sleep, and me lying awake smiling, caressing his back, our legs tangled together. As I lay there, I began to plan our next encounter…

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Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Ready Set GO! Almost

I walked into the laundry room, slipping off my Chucks. I was about to pull off my socks but stopped, the voice of previous lectures delivered by Mom ringing in my head.

“James Spence. Take those socks off. I have a mop for cleaning my floors, not your gym socks.”

Oh god forbid, walking around the house in white socks. But I’ve got flowers, so this will hopefully buy me credits for a while, hopefully.

Walking into the family room, I came face to face with Steph and Dad having a heated discussion about me. Clearly, Stephanie had heard about Simon Kelsy and the shit he was trying to pull at work. She was throwing everything at Dad. He was just sitting at the kitchen counter, listening, showing little emotion. That was setting Steph off even more.

“Jesus, Dad, you were in the job for 20 years. You’ve got contacts up and down the chain of command there.”

Steph turned away from Dad, swiping her hand down her face. Then spinning around with a look on her face that would freeze the sun, “But you won’t lift a finger to help your youngest son out. Really, Robert Spence! I am sure that if it was Mason, you’d be right in Simons’ face.”

Well that did it. The expression on Dad’s face changed. For a second, I saw a flash of color in his face. Dad shifted in his chair a little, turning to focus on Steph.

Steph has always had a way of pissing dad off. Nine out of ten times she wins too. Guess that’s why she’s going so well in defence – my sister just doesn’t take any crap. Plus, she still thinks that her little brother needs looking after. I can blame Mom for that – she would always tell Steph when we were growing up that she had to keep an eye on her younger brothers and sister. Little did Mom know that Steph had put Mason on the wrong bus and train so many times the local bus driver just dropped him home. Those memories always gives me a laugh – she hates Mason more than all of us…

“Hi everyone.”

No response — it was like they couldn’t hear me. Well, they couldn’t, I guess. The open brawl going on between them now was… full on.

“Steph… STEPHANIE!” I said a little louder the second time.

I need to put the brakes on this now.


“Oh, hi, Jamie. You ok? I was just talking with Dad about Simon Kelsy and the crap he’s pulling with your career.”

“Um, yeah, Steph. The whole block knows, right. Where’s Mom?” I asked looking straight at dad. “Obviously not here?”

“No Son, she’s out with some of her friends,” Dad replied, “at the movies. Your mother needs cheering up because her youngest son is running away, apparently…”

Oh, Jeez, really, Dad.

“Ok, you two. I need to say this, so please let me get this out, ok?”

I gave them my steely-eyed look, the one reserved for work normally.

“Firstly, I am not running away. I’m taking a holiday. I haven’t had one for years and it’s long overdue.”

“That’s not–“

I cut Dad off with an ‘oh come on,’ glare. He relaxed and waved me on.

“Second, I’ve spoken to HR, and also to OO Raine Wilmer. It’s all sorted. Well, the wheels are turning at least. The bosses are looking at Simon. I’m going on holidays. They can duke it out and I won’t be around to get caught up in it.”

Dad rolled his eyes at me. Clearly, he didn’t have much faith in what was going on or what I’d arranged with HR, but, for fuck sake, this is my career, and I need to start to take ownership of this problem.

“What would you have me do, Dad? Just say nothing like always, or finally stand my ground?” With my fists clenched beside me, it was all I could do to stop hitting the wall, and solid brick, I’d lose that one…tried and failed as a kid.

“So, can we all please chill out? This is my circus, my monkeys, my fix.”

A smile wrapped across Steph’s face. She walked over and hugged me.

“Ah, who’s trying to be all grown up now?” she said proudly.

Her hug resembled a boa constrictor trying to squeeze the life out of me, which is funny, because I’ve got six inches and forty pounds on her.

“Steph,” I gasped for air, “you’re only five years older than me, right. I’m 30 years old.”

“Yes, Jamie, but you’re still my baby brother.”

We both laughed with that. I saw Dad was smirking too.

“Ok, everything is sorted here? I’m going out drinking.”

As I started to walk out of the kitchen, I remembered I had Mom’s flowers in my hand. Quickly I grabbed a vase from the cupboard, placed them in some water, and placed them on the countertop.

“Dad, you can take the credit for these, ok?” I said with a smile.

“Thanks, son. I might get lucky.” Yuck Dad.

After almost puking in the kitchen, I went to my room, grabbed my cell and placed a call to Dave. Oh shit! No drinking – forty-four hours to go. Damn! That stupid rule of mine!

An old instructor I had when I was in recruits warned us all about the challenging things we would see over our time in the service. A senior instructor illegal bahis had told him the same. When you’re involved in something that is troubling or involves loss of life, serious injury, stay off the booze for forty-eight hours. It will save you from years of pain, and your liver, kidneys and loved ones will thank you. So, I do. I follow that advice – it has been hard at times, but it’s good.

Hmm, no booze. Ok, I have another idea. I flicked thru my recent contacts. Ah, there we go.

“Oh, hey Sam, its Jamie…”

“Yeah, it all worked out on Sunday. I am sorry about that.”

“Got called out … sorry I had to run off.”

“Ty said he had explained everything. Hope it was ok?” I am so going to burn for that one.

God, Ty is good. Clearly, he had sold it well. Sam was cool about it.

“So, Sam. Can I make up for running out the other morning, please? Maybe a movie and late supper?”

The conversation flicked back and forth for the next few moments. I didn’t even realise that I’d stopped half way down the hallway from my bedroom outside Mason’s old room.

“Great! I’ll pick you up soon. Can you text me your address, please?”

Ding went my cell. One message received. That was fast.

“See you in twenty.”

Shoving my cell into my pocket, I realised that I was already changed and showered. I didn’t need to do anything.

“Ready to go,” I thought to myself.

Turning around, I headed back toward the kitchen and hopefully out the door.

When I walked thru the kitchen, Steph and Dad just looked up at me. It was as if nothing had been going on between those two not five minutes ago. They had sorted each other out now, sitting at the counter eating dinner, chatting happily.

Yum! Dad made Thai Green Curry – will have to snack on that a little later.

Steph piped up, “Hot date Jamie?”


Dad joined in, “Who with?”

“Sam,” I replied.

“Does she live nearby son?”

“No Dad, he, doesn’t. It’s only a short drive through.” No more questions please.

“Ok, then you boys have fun then,” Dad replied without even blinking.

Steph gave me a shit-eating grin.

“Dad, I’m sure they will,” she replied for me.

I just smiled and headed out the door. The warm air of the night washed over me. Nice night to be out I think – maybe the drive-in movies would be fun, haven’t done that for years.

I jumped into my truck and headed to Sam’s place. It was so nice outdoors, not a normal May evening at all. Might as well enjoy it while I can. So, windows down, I turned up my Spotify playlist.

“Hmmm, Vance Joy, nice.”

Pulling to the curb out front of Sam’s, I slipped the truck into park. Ahh, should I just text or go in? Unsure, I did a bit of both. I climbed out, fishing my cell out of my jeans, whilst walking towards Sam’s front door, calling him. By the time I’d covered half of the front lawn, he was coming out the front door.

“Oh hey, Sam.”

He was wearing a light blue tee, which accented his sexy swimmer’s body hiding under all those clothes, snug fitting jeans, and Nikes. “You look nice.”

“Aww, thanks, Jamie,” he said as he walked up giving me a peck on the lips. “That your truck? The one you want to marry, right?”

I blushed on the spot. Oh my God, did I tell him about that? Jeez, what else did it say that night?

“Yeah, this my F-truck,” I replied as we walked toward it.

I stepped forward, opening the passenger door for him, “Welcome…”

He smiled back at me, climbing in.

“Jamie, you are full of surprises.”

‘You only know the half,’ I thought to myself as I walked around the front and got in.

“Well, on that surprise thing…I was thinking that its’ such a nice night out, would you like to go to the drive-in? I’ve got a few blankets and pillows in the back here. We can get comfortable in the rear tub if you like.”

“Really…Drive-ins,” Sam said pensively, “Yeah, why not? I haven’t been for years. Sure!”

While I drove, we chatted about what music we liked, some interests he had. Sam explained that he is doing some postgraduate study to be a civil engineer. Also, he has been driving across the state looking at old grain towers that local artists have painted with significant local or historical events on them. I had heard about it. He opened an album on his phone and showed me a few photos he had when we stopped at the next traffic lights.

Wow, not just a pretty face, but smart too!! I was impressed. I was starting to become conscious that I had been an ass the other day to him. He didn’t deserve it. Ok, big boy pants time.

“Hey Sam, I’ve got to apologize again for the other morning. There was a lot happening, and I just got caught up. I’m sorry,” I said, feeling a bit of guilt creeping in.

“All good Jamie. The look on your and your Mom’s faces when she came into your bedroom was enough payback for me. Your boys hanging out in full view was a bonus,” he smiled.

I was so glad it illegal bahis siteleri was dark in the truck. My face felt like it was on fire with my neck not far behind.

Sam let out a chuckle. “I can see you face glowing from here in the dash lights, Jamie.”

I looked at him in shock, then both started to laugh, breaking up the tension.

We pulled in to the Drive-In and bought tickets for the double feature. The guy in the booth asked if I had heard about their new gold class service.

I said, “Ah nope. Haven’t been here for years.”

He smiled and gave me a flyer on the new gold class service they offered.

“It’s changed a lot since you were here last, I am guessing. If you have any questions, please just text me. I’ll be happy to help. The number is on the flyer.”

I looked the brochure over, handing it to Sam.

“You’ll love the Gold Class service,” the ticket guy offered. It’s like Uber Eats to your car – you just select your food and drinks on the app, pay, put your bay or car type in. It tracks the order to you as well. You can even select what time the food comes out.”

I was impressed, looking towards Sam. He nodded in agreement.

“As an idea, most people go for mains and drinks straight up, then a dessert 2/3rds the way thru.”

“Oh, thanks, Rob, reading his name tag. You’ve been very helpful – appreciate it.”

We drove over to the side and reversed up into a spot, while Sam was looking at the menu items. I jumped out of the truck, grabbed the pillows and blankets from the back seat, setting up the rear tub.


I came around to the passenger door, reaching past Sam, opening the glove box, grabbing my sound dock. Turning it on, pairing with the truck, then set the truck’s radio to the movie soundtrack. Done.

“Come on, Sam. Let’s go.”

We jumped into the tub, sitting half-resting against the cab, pillows all around us. Sam pulled the blanket up to our waists. Settling back, we both got all comfortable watching ‘Den of Thieves.’ Sam had snuggled up against me. I was getting into the movie when I heard his stomach rumble.

“Hey, you hungry?” I asked quietly.

Sam nodded, while cuddled up closer to me, still watching Gerard Butler beat the crap out of someone.

“Let’s order some food. It is a poor date if I don’t feed you,” I laughed, handing him my cell with the app loaded.

“You choose, Sam. Surprise me, ok?”

He flicked thru the menu, clicking away on a few items.

“You want a soda too, Jamie. I know you don’t drink when driving? Popcorn for midway thru, maybe some dessert later?”

“Hmm dessert,” I said in a sexy voice, “Yes, please.”

Rob, the guy from the front gate, was right. Ten minutes after placing our order, a young guy dressed in a black uniform with gold piping appeared.

“I have an order for Mr…”

The kid stopped and was unsure what to say. He stepped back, checking the bay number. I could feel Sam starting to laugh.

“Ah” he stumbled over his words, “Mr. Glow in the Dark.”

Before I could say anything, Sam, answered.

“Yep, that’s him,” pointing to me.

Sam was sitting up now and looking quite hungry too.

“Oh, very clever, Sam,” I said as I slapped his butt.

The young waiter, reached up, passing the food over. I stuck my hand into my jeans pocket, pulling out a tip for him.

“Here buddy,” handing over his tip. “Thanks.”

“Oh thanks, Mr … “

“Jamie,” I replied. “Just Jamie.”

“Thanks, Jamie. Love your truck, too,” the guy mumbled sheepishly.

I smiled at Sam. “See…who doesn’t love the F-truck.”

He was busy now, checking thru the food that had arrived. I should have ordered food sooner; poor guy was starved. I can be such an ass at times.

“I’m going to get you so bad for that Sam.”

He looked at me innocently, fluttering his eyelashes.

“Ok… I had it coming. Are we even now?”

“Maybe,” he grinned cheekily.

The movie rolled on. Jake, our waiter, came back a few times with some popcorn and soda. Then ice creams at the end. By the time the second movie started, I was feeling relaxed, and warm with Sam beside me. We both fell asleep during, ‘London Has Fallen.’ Jake must have returned while we were asleep and had taken all the plates and trash too. I woke with a clean truck. What a great guy.

The distant rumble of a V8 engine firing up woke me. Sam was laying with his head on my chest, arm draped across my waist, my tee had ridden up. I could feel his soft face and warm hand on me…it was nice. He seemed to fit me well.

I popped my head up and saw that there were only two other cars left, both on the other side. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought to myself. I slid back down, playing with Sam’s soft brown hair, brushing against his ear. He started to stir.

“Oh, hey”, he said thru sleepy eyes.

I slid down a bit more, kissing his cheek and neck.

“Hmmm…” he groaned. “I like the drive-in.”

“Me too, Sam, me too.”

I canlı bahis siteleri rolled him onto his back, realizing that he wasn’t wearing his tee. I must have had a look of surprise on my face.

“I wanted to feel your skin on mine.” Sam said.

“I thought my tee had just ridden up with moving around, but obviously not.”

“I think the connection of skin on skin, there’s not much better to make the world feel nice.”

“Well if you want the skin on skin, I can help with that.”

Slipping my shirt over my head. I pulled the blanket up over us both. His hard-lean body under me felt so good. I kissed his lips so softly at first. They felt like soft pillows to my mouth. The kiss got deeper. I swiped his lower lip with my tongue, probing along his lips, looking for a hint of an opening. I felt his lips part slightly. I speared my tongue thru the opening – his mouth was hot and sweet. Our tongues danced with each other. I could have been a thousand miles away and wouldn’t have known. This guy could kiss — wow!! His hands were running up and down my back, coming to rest tucked into my jeans, cupping my butt. I responded by grinding harder against him. I could feel his hardness against mine.

I pulled my mouth off his for a moment.

“Sam, we had, better slow down a bit. Or I am not… going to be able… to control myself.”

My words were coming out in short, soft, breathless bursts.

“Maybe I don’t want you to stop, Jamie.”

“I don’t want to either Sam, but…”

I stopped talking, pushing my lips against his. Oh god, that sweet, warm mouth.

We lay there, kissing and feeling each other’s body. At one point, Sam rolled me onto my back and straddled me. Riding me, his jeans rubbing against mine. I had a momentary flashback to the other night: he was naked, riding me and holding on to my pecs, with those beautiful brown eyes boring into me. He had a look of total pleasure on his face. Tonight, it was replaced with a cheeky grin.

“You sure you want to keep your pants on, Jamie?” he said in the sexiest tone yet.

I pulled him down to me, kissing and licking those beautiful lips.

“Let’s takes this indoors, Sam. Your place or mine?”

“Mine,” he said breathlessly. “We’ve got the place to ourselves. My flatmates are out for the night.”

“Ok,” I said, lifting him off me in one swift movement.

“Let’s go!”

I had the bedding back in the rear of the cab and us out the gates in record time. By the time we had arrived at Sam’s house, I was having trouble concentrating. He had decided that it would be fun to run his mouth along my hard cock trapped in my jeans on the trip back. The guy doesn’t play fair.

We both fell out of the truck, not drunk, but unsteady on our feet. Lust and desire had taken over. All thoughts were about sex. The walking thing was just required transport. Falling thru in his bedroom door, clothes were being tossed aside like they were burning our bodies by having them on us.

Within moments we were both naked. I wrapped an arm just under Sam’s butt, lifting him off the ground, with my other arm across his shoulder blades, pulling his body against mine. He wrapped his legs around my waist, locking his feet together over my butt crack.

Our tongues were duelling for control as I found the edge of the bed with my legs. Kneeling on the bed holding Sam against me. Feeling the movement, he gripped my neck with his arms. I held out one hand and lowered us to the bed for a soft landing. I was completely covering him. His sexy body was under me, around me. Sam pushed over to the side a little, indicating that he wanted to roll me over. We flipped positions without losing momentum or contact, resuming from where we had left off at the drive-in. Oh god, this guy is good! We are so good together in bed.


I woke with soft sunlight falling on my face. Sam’s head and hand were draped against my chest, his leg over mine. I could tell that at least this time I wasn’t wearing his pants. Both of us were naked. I could feel his cock laying against my crotch. I looked around for a clock or something. I finally found a cell phone on the bedside table. It was 6:15am. Oh 6:15, that’s ok…

“SHIT,” it’s not!

I start work in fifteen minutes, and I’ve got to get my uniform from home first.

“Sam… SAM!”

He groggily answered, “Where’s the fire, fireman?” with a sleepy smile on his face.

“On my ass if I don’t get going! Shit! I start on a shift in fifteen minutes.”

“Oops,” was his reply.

“I’m so sorry, Sam. I have got to do this again. I have to run.” I said as I was untangling myself from his sexy-ass body. I apologised, “Sam, really, I’m sorry, I really am.”

I was feeling like a total ass now. Twice I was running out on this guy. Really Jamie…

“It’s ok, I get it,” he said, the disappointment clear in his voice. “Mornings are not your thing are they, Jamie?”

Turning away from his face – if I looked at him any longer, well, I’d be super late. Scanning the room for my clothes, I spotted my boxer briefs. I bound off the bed, quickly snatched them up, and pulled them on. Then turned back around, jumping on the bed and kissing Sam.

“I’ll call you, ok? I want to ask you something, but…”

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Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 04

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Chapter IV – Sylvia’s Saturday

“Breakfast is here,” I said to Sylvia’s closed door. It was just after 8:30 am.

“Just a minute!” she replied. A couple of minutes went by. I heard the toilet flush. In a moment, Sylvia invited me in.

I took in the tray that was hers and set it up over her lap. “Bacon and eggs today, with coffee and grapefruit juice.” I could see the pink lacy straps of a negligee over the top of the sheet she had pulled up to her chin.

“Umm. Looks good.”

“Mind if I join you?” I indicated a chair at the end of the bed.

“By all means.”

We ate in companionable silence for a few minutes. The sheet dropped lower down her front as she leaned over her food. Before long, she tucked it under the edge of her tray and I could see her breasts covered only by pink lace and ruffles. I think I could make out the darker shadow of her nipples.

“What am I doing today?” Sylvia asked.

“Well… at ten this morning you are being tutored. This afternoon we are going for a walk in the park.”

“Sounds interesting. What kind of tutorial?”

I could feel my face getting red, “Oh, you’ll see. Don’t worry, I think you will enjoy it.”

“Shouldn’t I be getting up and getting dressed?”

“Actually, I think you’ll do just fine the way you are and where you are.” I got up and left the room with my tray. I came back in a minute to get hers. She gave me a questioning look. I know I turned bright red, but I left without speaking and put the trays outside the door to be taken away. I was just debating if I should to go back to Sylvia when there was a knock on the door. I answered it.

“Hi, I’m Jade, remember me?”

In front of me was slight blonde in a short dress carrying a large purse. “Yes, welcome. Come in.” I reached down beside the desk and retrieved a large plastic bag full of a number of items. “Ok, here are all the toys. I want you to show Sylvia how they work. You can demonstrate on her if she will let you or on yourself. You will get a bonus if you can make her cum.”

Jade smiled. “Ok, I get it. Is she into girl girl stuff?”

“I doubt it very much. You will probably be better off acting like her sister or something.”

“A hundred an hour? Plus a bonus? This could be fun. Where is she?”

“In here,” I said, walking into the bedroom with the bag of sex toys. “Sylvia, Jade is going to teach you how to use all of these toys. Remember what to say if you don’t want to continue at any time. I will be In the next room.” I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed and left with the image of Sylvia’s surprised face burned in my memory. I carefully closed the door as I left.

I sat in the plush chair and picked up my book. After ten minutes, I noticed I was holding it upside down. All was quiet in the bedroom. I started reading. I know I read the first chapter, but don’t ask me what happened. I think it was a murder mystery.

Half an hour in to the session, I heard giggles and a quiet laugh or two. Then all was silent again. I put the book down and turned on the TV. There was a game on. I think it was hockey. There were moans coming from the bedroom. I focused on the big orange ball bouncing on the TV – maybe it wasn’t hockey…

Around 11:30 I heard a scream. I jumped to my feet. It was quickly followed by “Don’t stop, Oh God, Don’t stop, Oh, Shiiittt…” I sat down again and stared hard at the game just as someone threw a pass… to the end zone.

At 12:00 exactly, Jade came out of the bedroom with a big smile on her face. “I should be paying you for that,” she said.

“Did she cum?”

“Are you deaf? What do you think all that noise was? She came about five times. I only came four. Any time you want to do that again, let me know!”

I paid Jade and gave her a healthy tip. Then I showed her out of the room. I quickly returned to the bedroom door and knocked.

The knock was answered by a quiet voice, “Yes?”

“May I come in?”


I opened the door and peered around it to the bed. Sylvia lay in the centre, her head on a pillow, only a single sheet covering what must have been her nude body. Her negligee was tossed on the floor and the toys were spread all over – on the night table, the bed, the chair, and the floor.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh, god, am I all right!? I am so all right! Wow, I have never felt like that before. Wow, that was awesome!” Sylvia closed her eyes and stretched her arms over her head. “I feel great!” The sheet slipped down and one pink nipple appeared over the top of it. She brought her arms down and pulled the sheet up again.

“Good. Ready for some lunch and a visit to the park?”

“Umm. I suppose.”

“Great. Oh, by the way, wear this little fellow to lunch.” I held out a vibrating egg in my hand. “In your pussy…” I tossed it on the bed and quickly left her to get dressed.

Sylvia cleaned up and got dressed. She wore the usual button-up blouse over a knee length skirt. At 12:30, we entered a small cafe outside the park. Sylvia was holding my arm tight against her breast. We took a booth near the back. I sat facing illegal bahis a mirror and Sylvia was facing the rest of the room.

I flipped the switch on the remote vibrator that I had asked Sylvia to place in her pussy. She jumped and put her hands in her lap. She opened her mouth to speak…

“Sh,” I whispered, “it is only a vibrator. I have the control…” I turned it off and on again to demonstrate. Her eyes got big. I turned it off.

I saw the waitress coming, so I turned it on again. Sylvia gave me a pleading look and clutched the table with both hands.

“Can I get you something to drink?” asked the waitress, putting menus in front of us.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ll have a coke and my wife will have a glass of water.”

“Right.” The waitress left and I turned off the vibrator.”

“That was mean,” hissed Sylvia, still holding on to the table.

I smiled at her. I waited until I could see the waitress returning. On. A gasp from across the table.

“Here you go, a coke for you and water for your wife.” The waitress glanced at my wife and paused. “Are you all right?” she asked.

Sylvia nodded. Her hands were clutching the table again.

“Ok, if you need anything, just call, I am Maria.”

“It is Ok, she gets these attacks every once and awhile. Nothing to concern yourself with. We will need another minute to check the menu.”

“Ok.” The waitress turned and moved off to another table. Off.

?”I could kill you,” hissed Sylvia.

I smiled. “You know how to make it stop.” I picked up the menu, “What do you want?”

“Grr. I’ll try the chicken wrap.”

“Ok, I think I will have a Rueben.”

On. Maria returned, “What will you have?”

“I’ll have a Rueben, please and you dear?” I indicated Sylva, who was sitting with her teeth clenched and her hands clutching the table again.

“The chicken,” she paused, “wrap.”

“Thank you, I will be back in a minute with those.” The waitress gave me a funny look. I shrugged. She went to the kitchen. Off.

Sylvia panted a little. “I was about to cum, you bastard.”

I smiled a her again. “Oh, good. What a fun thing to do. And in the middle of a restaurant too. With all these people watching!”

We sat in silence, me smiling at her, she glaring at me.

On. Our food came. Maria set it down in front of us and fussed over getting condiments.

“Mustard? Ketchup? Any thing else?” Sylvia shook her head. Her eyes were shut tight.

“Well, maybe a little mustard, do you have some hot stuff?” I asked.

“I’ll check.” Maria walked away. Off.

I began to eat. Sylvia sat with her eyes closed and breathed deeply.

On. Maria came back with a small bottle of hot mustard.

“Here you are,” she said, “are you sure your wife is Ok?”

“She’s fine. She is just saying her prayers.” Sylvia had her head down on her hands that were still clenched to the table.

“Oh. Ok.” Maria walked off to another table. Off.

“Oh, god,” murmured Sylvia, “I can’t take much more of this.”

“Eat up dear, It will make you feel better.” If looks could kill…

Sylvia managed a couple of bites of her wrap when Maria came back. On.

“Everything Ok?”

“Yup, Just fine thanks. Oh, could I have a small dish of ice cream? I don’t think my wife will have any, but I would like a little dessert.”

“Certainly.” Maria went to get the ice cream. Off.

Sylvia didn’t speak. She just slowly picked up her wrap and took a small bite. She saw Maria coming before I did and her hands grabbed the table top. On.

Maria put the ice cream down in front of me. Sylvia began to shudder and shake all over. Her head came back and she groaned. Maria watched her, her eyes getting bigger. Off. Sylvia slumped like a broken doll back into her seat.

Maria put her hand to her mouth. “Did she just…” she whispered.

I smiled at her. “Yes,” I showed her the remote in the palm of my hand. I quickly flicked it on and then off. Sylvia jerked and relaxed again.

Maria quickly scanned the rest of the cafe. No one seemed to have noticed. “Wow, but no more, you could get in trouble.”

“Ok,” I said, “no more.” Maria went back to work.

I looked over at Sylvia, “Would you like to clean up?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes.”

“Good, go to the washroom and bring back the egg and your panties. I think we will leave the vibrator as a tip. Your panties must be soaked so you won’t want to wear them will you?”

I paid the bill and we left the remote and the egg on the table. Sylvia’s panties were in my pocket. We headed outside.

“Well, that was fun,” Sylvia said. “Now what?”

“You’re not angry with me?”

“After cumming like that? How can I be angry. The look on Maria’s face when she figured it out was priceless.” She giggled.

“Good. Let’s go for a walk.”

I lead her through the park. I knew there was an observation tower near the centre, on a rock outcropping. The steps were steel grates welded to the steel supports. They went up in a back and forth zig-zag with a grated platforms at the end of each rise.

“Come illegal bahis siteleri on,” I said, “race you to the top!”

Sylvia laughed and darted up the steps ahead of me. I kept watching her as she raced up. I climbed slowly enjoying the view.

“Beat you,” she laughed.

“Yup! But what a view!”

“But you were looking up…” she blushed, “why you dirty old man!” Her legs came together and she clutched the edges of her skirt.

“Yup!” I agreed, smiling at her. “But look at the view!” I waved my arm around at the whole city spread out below us.

We stood looking out over the city until I saw a young couple coming to the bottom of the tower. “Race you down!” I said.

Sylvia darted over to the steps and began racing down. The young couple looked up to see who was coming. Sylvia realized what they were seeing and stopped dead. She looked up at me, gave a silly grin and then continued racing down.

When I got to the ground, I found Sylvia laughing at herself. “You tricked me again.”

“Yup!” She took my hand in hers and we walked down the path to find a taxi.

We got to the hotel around four. I suggested to Sylvia she might want to relax for a while as we were expected at dinner at 6:00 and at the theatre at 8:00. I lay down on the sofa for a short snooze.

I woke up at 5:15. I checked Sylvia’s room, she wasn’t there. There was a note in the middle of the bed, “Meet me in the hotel bar. Syl.” I shaved and dressed as fast as I could.

I entered the bar at 5:45. I glanced around to find Sylvia. She was sitting in a lounge chair surrounded by three men and another woman. I went over to see what was going on.

“Hi,” Sylvia said when she saw me. She stood, adjusted her white lacy shawl and held out her hands to me. I was presented with an awesome sight. The sleek dark blue dress she had on was high at the neck and hugged her curves in all the right places all the way to the floor. It was slit up one side to mid thigh. She twirled and showed the open back, crossed by two thin straps just below her shoulder blades. The dress was cut down to the small of her back. There could not be a bra, nor were there any panty lines.

I stepped over to her and she reached up and kissed me full on the lips. “Sorry folks, got to run.” She slipped her hand around my arm and squeezed it affectionately as we left.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“I wasn’t tired so I went down to have my hair done in the salon over there,” she explained. “There was still a little time to kill so I went to the bar for a drink. One of those men – the blond – tried to pick me up.” She shrugged. “We started talking and the others were with him and joined us.”

“Humph,” was my eloquent reply, “… creating a monster…”

She giggled, “The only monster is that little green devil sitting on your shoulder.” She gave my arm an extra little squeeze against her breast.”

“Yes, well it is just that you look so… ravishing in your evening gown, you had me a little worried.”

She turned on that million dollar smile again as we got in to the taxi and made our way to dinner.

Dinner was excellent, a little wine and lots of good French food. Then we walked around the corner to join the throng entering the theatre. Sylvia had not realized it was a live performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Sylvia was entranced by the play and the fabulous sets.

We got out of the theatre at 11:30 and went to the posh Slightman’s Ballroom. We got a table and danced a couple of dances. Then came a slow waltz. Sylvia looked up part way through and stood still. I could see multiple expressions crossing her face.

I looked down at her. “What?” I whispered. I don’t know if she heard me.

“Stop. Now,” her face cleared. “Back to the hotel.”

I was crushed.

We went straight to out table, rescued our coats, and got a taxi. We rode in silence all the way back to our room. I had no idea what had gone wrong.

I let her into the suite. I closed the door and turned to find her right behind me.

Very softly she said, “You have my permission to touch me where ever you want to, in fact, if you don’t touch me I will scream. Now kiss me.”

I kissed her.

I put my arms around her and I kissed her. I pulled her close to me so our bodies were touching from knee to lips. And she kissed me. My tongue gradually snuck out and touched her lips. And I kissed her. I pushed her lips apart and moved my tongue into her mouth. And we kissed, tongue sliding over tongue, hands roaming down her back, pulling her into me. We continued to kiss. I slipped her shawl off her shoulders and tossed it on a chair.

As we kissed, she slipped her hands up my chest, under my jacket. She lifted it at the shoulders, I shrugged and it fell to the floor. We continued to kiss as she worked on my tie; as I slipped the hooks holding the ties of her dress across her back; as she worked on undoing the buttons of my shirt; as I moved my hands up her back, over her neck and into her hair. I pulled her head away from mine and took a deep breath.

I whispered to her, canlı bahis siteleri “Put your hands at your sides, let me watch,” as I lifted the shoulder of her dress off her arms and slid them down. I watched as the beautiful white skin of her chest slowly came into view. I was aware of her watching my face as I lowered her dress. Slowly the neckline of her dress passed the creamy tops of her breasts, further and it dropped past her erect nipples. I drew a breath.

“Wow, they are perfect,” I whispered, “Just the right size for a handful, perky and pink…”

I could see her flush of embarrassment and her hands started to rise but were still caught in the arm holes of her dress. Her hands dropped back to her sides. I continued to let her dress drop and I slowly knelt with it. The neckline passed her belly button, passed the gentle pouch of her stomach and on to the neat heart shape of hair above her slit.

By now my face was level with her pussy. I caught the delightful musky smell of her fragrance. I inhaled deeply. Her hands came free as the neckline passed the tops of her thighs and moved to her knees. Her hands twitched as if to cover herself. I looked up at her and smiled. Her face was red, but she dropped her hands back to her sides.

When I got to the floor, I lifted one foot and slipped off her shoe, then I did the same for the other foot. I stood and took her hand to mover her out of the puddle of cloth on the floor. I bent down, lifted the dress and threw it over a chair.

In a voice husky with desire, I said, “Now you get to unwrap your present.” I stood quietly with my hands at my sides.

Sylvia came to me and finished unbuttoning my shirt. Then she reached down and undid my belt. Next she ran her hand over the zipper to my pants and watched my face. I closed my eyes and groaned at the feel of her soft fingers caressing the piece of steel that had been my constant companion for three days.

She slipped the catch on the waist of my pants and slid down the zipper. Then she went all around me and pulled my shirttails out. She reached for the shoulders to take it off.

“Cuffs,” I growled through clenched teeth.

Sylvia giggled and stopped to free my wrists. Moving behind me, she slid the shirt down and off. She shook it out and threw it over another chair. Then she bent and removed my shoes and socks, one at a time. Finally she reached up and drew the waist of my pants over my buttocks, revealing my Daffy Duck boxers. She giggled as she saw the pattern. When she had slipped the legs past my feet, she shook them out and threw them on top of my shirt.

“Don’t move”, she whispered in my ear, then she slipped around to my front, reached her mouth up and kissed me again. She kissed me and pushed her breasts into my chest. Her arms locked around my neck. I groaned but kept as still as possible.

Her nipples felt like fiery pokers sliding down my chest as she sank down. Her arms moved around my chest and her mouth kissed my chin, my neck, my chest, my belly button and down. Her hands caught in the waist band of my boxers and slid them down with her. She had to pry my cock loose, but when she did, she kissed it as she continued to the floor. She had me step out of them and she threw them somewhere. I was too busy watching her crouched at my feet; her unblemished back and bottom were the objects of my gaze.

She stood then, sliding her hands all the way up my legs, across my stomach to my chest and she moved in for another kiss. And we kissed, hands roaming where ever they could reach. Finally, I pushed her away to arms length.

“Let me look.” The molten hunger in my voice caused her to flush again. “You are so beautiful, I can’t believe you were hiding this behind long hair and baggy clothes. You should be proud of the way you look. Why were you hiding?”

“You…” she hesitated, “you are the first man I have ever trusted to protect me…”

I drew her back into a tight embrace and kissed her again.

My tumescence pressed hard against her pelvis as I slowly walked her backwards to the bed in her room. She hung on my shoulders, kissing me all the way. When we reached the edge of her bed, I whispered huskily, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” she hissed into my mouth.

I laid her back on the bed, gently lowering her torso until it was resting on the soft sheets. I moved her over to the centre and crawled in beside her. I lay on my side and began kissing her breasts. She moaned deeply.

I throttled back my own desire, “Tell me when you like what I am doing.” I kissed her breast.


“And this?” I nipped her nipple with my teeth.

“Oh, yes!”

“And this?” I drew my tongue down to her belly button and licked it deeply.


I kissed the side of her stomach, the side of her chest, her armpit and then down her arm. I played with the fingers of her hand with my mouth. She gave a little moan when I slid her middle finger in and out.

I kissed back up her arm to her neck. I nuzzled in behind her ear and blew into it. She moaned again. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her forehead and her other ear. Then I moved over to her other side and began kissing again, her neck, her shoulder, her arm, her fingers, back up the inside of her arm to her armpit, down her side and back to her belly button. I took mental notes of where each moan had come from.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Harita odası

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Yorganın Altında Sex Oyunumuz

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ilk birlikte porno filmleri izlediğimizde, ben tabiik kadınların daha cok zevk aldıgını inandım. Hep birbirimizi seviyor ve opusuyorduk. Ben daha fazlasını istiyordum, beni zorla soymalarını ve tecavüz eder gibi yapmalarını istiyordum, bu oynu oynarken her yanım zevkten titriyordu. Oynadıgımız baska bir oyunda pendik escort “yorganın icinde” oyunu idi. Ben yorganın icine girerdim sonra iki erkek girerdi, hangisi kardesim yada ikiside kuzenlerim mi bulmaya calısırdım aletlerini emerek. Hemen anlardım ama daha uzun yalamak, emmek icin bilerekten ümraniye escort yanlıs soylerdim. Yanağıma boşaldı…Bazen dayımlara gittiğimizde, onların yataklarında oynardık, kapıyı çeker. Bir gun yine onların evinde yorgan icindeydim ve yataga iki erkek girdi. Soldakini emerken ağzımı biraz kadıköy escort daha açmam gerekti, hafifçe inlediğini duydum. Ağzımda bir baskasının penisi ve korkudan kan basıma cıkmıstı. Ne yapacagımı sasırmıstım ama hala yalıyordum ama ememiyordum. Bazen basımı oksuyor bazen basımı agzıma doru itiyordu. Sonunda dayanamaıştı ve cıkardı etini yanagıma sürdü ve yanağıma bosaldı. Spermli organını burnuma dudakları surdu. İkiside yataktan cıktı gitti yorganı icinde ne kadar kaldım bilmiyorum, kendimi bu islerden uzak tuttum taaki tekrar bir porno film izleyene kadar…Gönderen: Lucifero_E

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32