The Russian Twins – a Novel Pt. 03

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Marie works hard on the farm a discipline instilled in her by her mother and father both but also has a lot of free time on her hands and rides around on her pony Alexia. There is one field in particular with a hay barn that is the most northerly and a great distance from the main farmhouse. Markus knows Marie likes to ride on Alexia as far as North Farm so makes his plans for when he knows Marie takes her ride. Markus hikes up to the north farm. He has taken one of his father’s porno mags, a copy of klubs. It has a cover of a redhead like Marie. She is topless with her long hair covering her boobs. She is wearing a short black and red skirt and bare legs like Marie. Markus goes into the hay barn, he drops his shorts and throws the folded Klubs magazine onto the top of a bale. He wanks at the picture of the sexy redhead and thinks of Marie.

Marie finishes her work and takes Alexia for a ride. It is a warm day so she wants to take her pony for a long ride which she has not had time to do for days. As she is two thirds up the path she spies Markus 600 hundred or so yards ahead and is curious to know where he is going.

“Let’s go, Alexia. Where is nasty Markus off to? Marie does not think Markus is nasty, she quite likes him as the only person closer to her age and she remembers him asking if she wanted to suck his cock, so the name stuck. As she gains on him she sees he is holding something folded in his left hand. He enters the hay barn. She arrives and dismounts Alexia.

“Stay there Alexia”. Marie enters the hay barn. She catches Markus, kneeling and wanking to the picture of the Klubs model.

“MARKUS OZOLA WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” she said with her hands on her hips.

“Having a wank Marie Ivanov not that it is any of your business!”

She marched up to him.

“Let me see. Who is she?”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“She is not. She is a girl in a magazine. She doesn’t even live here in Kuldiga.”

“She might. Anyway, she is pretty.”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Maybe. She has bigger boobs.”

“When I get older mine will be bigger.”

“Maybe. I can’t see yours.”

“There!” Marie pulls the top of her dress down.”

“Yours are nice Marie.”

“At least you can see mine. Hers is covered up by her hair. I like the skirt though, I have one like it but prefer wearing dresses. Do you like my dress Markus?”

“Yes. I like your hair too Marie.”

“Better than hers?”

“Yes, better than hers.”

“She’s not your girlfriend is she, Markus?”

“No. She is just a girl in one of my dad’s magazines. He has dozens.”

“Would you like me to be your girlfriend?”

“Would you?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Fine! That makes me happy Marie.”

“Good. What is wanking? The thing you were doing?”

“It feels nice. When I do it real fast white stuff comes out.”

“But that’s where boys’ pee comes from.”

“Yes, but when the white stuff comes out, it feels different. It’s not the same as peeing. The white stuff smells different.”

“Where are you going to do it on her?”

“No. Would like to, like in films. They spurt in girls’ faces or on their tummies. But father would find out and be mad so I was going to do it in the hay.”

“Like peeing in the grass?”


“Go on then. I want to watch you do it.”

“Do what?”


“It’s private stuff. Would you let me watch you pee?”


“Well, then you can’t be my boyfriend. Boyfriends share secret stuff with their girlfriends.”

“Okay, I’ll do it!”

“No. I need to go. You missed your chance Markus Ozola.”

Marie leaves.

Frustrated Markus wanks onto the face of the model in the magazine! It spurts onto her face and breasts.

“Dirty Kurwa!”, he hisses. He cries and wipes the cum from the magazine with some hay.

For the next week the Ivanov farm team of four: Pytor, Elke, Marie and Markus the atmosphere is strained. Pytor picked up that Markus is quiet. “What’s wrong boy?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Must be woman trouble.”

“Don’t joust with boy Pytor”, Chided Elke. “Markus, go and clear out the sty.”

Marie smirked. Elke noticed.

“You too Marie. Go help Markus.”

“But Mama!”

“GO!” Marie slinked off. Now it was Markus’s turn to smirk.

“I hate you, you stink!” She stomped off.

“What is it with those two Pytor?”

“I will talk to the boy.”

“Fix it or let him go.”

“But we need the extra pair of hands.”

“We should have a son by now.” Glowered Elke.

Pytor knew better not to argue. It was his fault. He went to the sty, Markus and Marie were working at opposite ends, as far away from each other as possible.

“Go both of you to the hay barn. The walk will do you good. But fix things between you, otherwise Markus I will have to let you go.” He takes the broom from Marie as she leaves.

As they walked ulus escort away Pytor shouted.


It is a long walk to the hay barn. Marie stubbornly walks fast, wanting to beat Markus to the barn. Markus picks up pace. They run. It is Markus who slows first.

“I have to stop”, he puffs. They both slow and walk.

“The night is nice.” Says Markus.

They reach the hay barn.

“Why did we fall out?” Asks Marie.

“Because you did not want to be my girlfriend.”

“You did not show me wanking”

“I was embarrassed.”

“Can you show me wanking?”

“I do not have my father’s magazine.”

Marie sat on a bale of hay.

She put her left arm up over her head and her right-hand palm down resting on her knee just above the hem of her skirt.

“She looked like this?”

“She had her top off, but her boobies covered with her hair.”

Marie is wearing a shirt and skirt. She removes the shirt. She arranges her hair to cover her budding breasts.

“Like this?”

“Yes, you have a good memory.”

“Thanks. My father says so. Can you show me wanking?

“I wanked on the picture. It went on her face and boobies.”

“I thought you said you were going to do it in the hay.”

“I did it on the magazine because I was upset.”

“Did you get into trouble with your father?”

“I wiped the white stuff off with hay.”

“Can you show me wanking. Like you did on picture, to me.”


Markus takes out his penis. He starts wanking. He breathes faster. Marie watches fascinated. His penis is longer, harder. Markus cums on Marie. The first few spurts cover her nose mouth and neck. The rest spurt onto boobies and belly.

“That is wanking. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes Markus, I will be your girlfriend. This smells, but not like piss.”

There is some on her lips.

“It tastes salty. Get some water boyfriend so I can wash it off.”

With Markus and Marie reconciled after cleaning herself up and dressing the pair walked hand in hand back to the main farm. They find Pytor.

“Have you too made it up?”

“Yes, father. Better than that Markus is now my boyfriend.”

“That is a good daughter. Learn the lesson that problems you think you may have can be solved with a long walk.”

“Yes, father.”

“Your mother will be pleased too.”

With Markus still living at home but earning a good wage by working on the farm he asks Pytor about the small house. Pytor rents other houses he has built but not the small house. Pytor agrees to rent to Markus and is not surprised when Marie decides to move in with him, small as it may be. Pytor is wise enough to know about the meetings between the pair in the hay barn but now it is official.

They take the key Pytor provides and enter the house. It feels new and exciting if small. For now, there are only two of them. There is a small kitchen and they check the water, it runs cloudy for a bit but then clears.

Apart from the entrance hall the only other room in the house is the bedroom on the left, the door has a key but it is unlocked. They open the door to find a mattress, two chairs and a metal washbasin. Very compact and bijou.

“I can build a shower and toilet room for us, Marie.”

“It is perfect for us Markus”. Marie says glowingly.

They walk into the bedroom. “I smell sex.”, she grins. There is indeed an overtone of human odour, hardly a surprise for all the activity that happened over a short number of days.

For the young couple, there is now the first sex between them.

They both stand in the small bedroom. Markus undresses. Marie watches him with a smile. She gives him a quick kiss. She runs her hands over his muscular body, her man. She holds his erect penis.

“No more wanking Markus.” She pulls off her dress and is naked. She kneels and takes him in her mouth and begins to suck. Markus moans.

“I love you, Marie.”

Marie once again tastes the salty precum from his member. It feels good to please him. She takes her mouth from him and stands.

She lies on the bed and spreads her legs.

“I want you to fill me, boyfriend.” No longer a girl but a young woman Marie pulls her lover closer. She gets her directness from her mother Elke. Markus comes on top of Marie, his hard cock brushing the hairs of her pubes as it probes for the opening of her cunt. Marie is now 18 years old and ready. As Markus finds his way into her she cries out.

“Am I hurting you, Marie?”

“Shut up Markus and fuck me!”

Markus pushes in and breaks through her maidenhead. He fucks into the beautiful Marie and feels on top of the world. Not one to be passive Marie pushes up against his thrusts. bites his shoulder and digs her strong fingers into the muscular cheeks of his buttocks.

“Fuck me!”

They both have yenimahalle escort their first sexual climax together. The first of many.

“Better than wanking?”

“Better than wanking.” Suddenly Markus’s hangups on sex from watching the brief clip of the Kurwa Karin film and the many Klubs magazines.

Following the sex the couple cuddle on the bed. Marie trails her fingers over the manly hairs on Markus’s chest.

“I wonder if we are the first to have sex in this room.”, Marie suggests. Markus kisses her.

“Perhaps. Would you like to think so?”

“Yes. This could have been built for us.”

“Perhaps. Your father had it built. Not by him, but by others. Poles most likely. They are good builders. The house is small but well built.”

“Thank you Papa for making this girl’s dream come true.” They slept.

Whilst the young couple slept Pytor’s dreams were far less settled. Perhaps the stirrings of ghosts gone passed in reopening the small house for human occupation, and not just any human but the vibrant energies of a young girl in Marie and the likewise masculine force of nature that was Markus. They clashed like thunder gods in the sky, the new energy of the young vibrant pair and the mature and at times malevolent energy of the adults.

Pytor dreamed of going into the small house bedroom, a figure under the covers from which he pulled back to reveal the grinning skull of Katya with her long red hair and opening her mouth to ask in Marie’s voice “are you okay papa?”. Or watching from the bed the approach of a masked hulk of a man carrying a basin of water and the water turning red as the figure whipped off the mask revealing Jakob saying in that quiet voice of his “I have come to clean up the pretty lady”, and taking the knife and cutting his own throat. Drenched in sweat he cries and wakes up bolt upright in bed.

“Husband?” Elke calls out. “Are you all right?”.

“Yes Elke, just a bad dream, go back to sleep.”

It was not long, but as expected Marie Ivanov fell pregnant. She is 18 with Markus turns 20. It is time for them to get married before Marie starts to show. The Ivanov families are introduced. Edgars Ozola is a woodworker and helps his son with some construction on the small house so they now had a bathroom and toilet. The arrangements are made for a quick wedding before Marie started to show, she is now 6 weeks pregnant.

Pytor is invited round to the Ozlov’s house. Later when the women go to bed the vodka comes out. The men after a few bottles loosen up. One subject that comes up is the subject of porn. Magazines and movies. Edgars prides himself on having a good porn collection and some films of the most extreme kind. He asks Pytor if he had seen any and Pytor says he has. Edgars tells him about the time young Markus is caught watching one. The men laugh.

“A good early film that. Kurwa Karin.” The men nod.

“Just good sucking, fucking. A nice little blond.” One of the men says. “Two Polacks made it. They had a few poorer earlier efforts. But the third man for that one, and one with imagination eh?” Says another.

“Say Edgars didn’t you say you have a copy of that next big one they went on to do?”

“Yes, Lars I do. There were three of them. All with the same girl.”

“She must be something special, to make with the same girl more than once Edgars.”

“Yes, that was the thing at the time, the fakers.” Another said. “But that’s where the brothers started. They planned to make sure it was real. That’s why they can be collector’s items these days.”

“So Edgars, these three films you mentioned. How different are they to pull that?”

“Because Lars it is only the third one where the girl is taken by many men at once. They spread it out you see over three films. The regular sex in the first film with her lover. It looks like that was over days. The second film is about her with two men. Again it looks over days. The girl looks fresh with all the sex.

“Poor girl. How did they manage that?” said one.

“Drugs and stimulants. It is well known.”

“She is a looker for sure this Katya. Probably why they wanted to make many films with her.”, says Edgars.

“Katya you say?”, again another close friend of Edgars.

“I wonder if this is the same Katya Bērziņš of the Pagrabins bar who went missing.”

“I never visited Pagrabins bar so wouldn’t know,” says Edgars. “But by far the best looking girl, a redhead, for such a film I own. Maybe we watch just the first one now because to have a viewing of all three you will have emptied your balls of your juice so very good are these films.”

Pytor knew for a fact that this Katya, was the very Katya he had delivered to the two brothers.

Edgars sets up the film by taking the reel out of the metal tin. Pytor picks the case up and reads the label. ‘The Final Pleasures with Katya Part 1 – USE’. At least they dropped the Kurwa title Pytor thinks. Katya was no whore.

The film starts. The first scene shows an auction at a cattle market.

“What is this Edgars! Where is the girl.” Complains Lars. Some of the others support the complaint. Keep watching!” Says Edgars. “Like I said these are very special films.” A female voice narrates. One cow is shown being loaded into a van. Money exchanges hands. The next image shows a man tucking into a juicy rare beef steak, he takes a sip from a glass of red claret. The man is large and overweight. There is a close up of his mouth eating the tender meat, and swallowing the expensive wine.

“Animals can be bought and sold. The quality of the meat gives the pleasure of eating when served with an expensive bottle of the finest claret.” The film shows an expensive car arriving at a country estate, a large impressive building with what looks like easily over thirty rooms. At a distance, someone gets out of the car and walks into the building.

“But there are other pleasures to be enjoyed too and for the right clients an expensive and insatiable appetite can also be satisfied.”

The camera has a zoomed up close on a black stiletto heel. The camera pans up a shapely leg wearing black fishnet stockings. It travels up to a thigh and across to a crotch wearing red silk panties. The camera tracks up to the wearer’s slim waist and further up to reveal an impressive cleavage. The camera slowly zooms out revealing the figure fully seated in a wooden chair wearing a red and black corset and long red silk gloves to her elbow. The camera zooms in again on the top half closing in on her chest and face. The woman is a redhead wearing bright red lipstick. She opens her mouth slowly revealing pearly white teeth.

The title appears as a scrolling red Cyrillic script.

The Final Pleasures with Katya.

The screen fades to black.

A white background appears and the red Cyrillic script writes.

Part One. USE.

The scene shows Katya now side on sitting on the chair still dressed with a man standing naked from the bottom down as Katya sucks on his cock.

The two-hour film continues with a progression of sex acts as the men slowly remove one item of her clothes in the process and progresses to having a second man, shorter and muscular with an enormous penis and finally a third man. Katya is eventually taken in a three-way group sex orgy with every possible combination of three men in all three of her openings available to them after she is fully naked.

“I would say she provided more pleasure than the juicy steak 🥩 to the three men during those three hours eh?” Edgars exclaims.

“Or maybe we wine and dine on what is between her legs, a rare piece of juicy steak if you are eating her and pouring the red wine while she is occupied upstairs with the other feeding her some tasty ice cream from his meat.” Suggests Lars as he jousts with Edgars over the idea of taking pleasure from the use of the girl sexually.

“Ah yes Lars, but the time is late and the ladies await upstairs. But another day we may be gathered for the other films of her. We need a stronger drink than wine to get into the mood for what the later films of this Katya Bērziņš will show.”

The men file out of the basement space to the stairs.

Edgars slaps Pytor on the back.

“Your daughter Pytor, Marie is a redhead beauty like this Katya. My son Markus’s ball sack will be satisfied by taking such pleasures from his wife. That is until the babies come along to spoil the fun eh? And then we will have our vodka and porn.” Edgar’s slurs are now very drunk.

Pytor, who has found the evening difficult the longer it went on helped Edgars, who stumbles drunkenly on the third step. He pauses, his overweight frame short of breath. He slurs a quiet secret as he sees it to his future son’s father-in-law.

“Let me tell you Pytor, I was pleased to pick up these three films. Very expensive, I had the tale of them from an old army friend in Riga, Latvia. We were talking after too much vodka. Too much. This friend says this Katya Bērziņš, the star of the three films reminds him of the Russian film actress Tatyana Drubich. Hehe Pytor, yes we would both have loved the chance me and him to share some final pleasures with her, Tatyana Drubich and empty our ball sacks many, many times in our younger days.” He belched.

As the date for the wedding approaches again the past encroached on Pytor. One day a beautiful blond Russian girl arrives and announces she is a wedding Planner by the name of Ekaterina Shiryeva. She tells him she has been hired by an old friend. Naturally, Pytor is suspicious. Ekatarina asks to see the bride to be and when Pytor tried to object Ekatarina takes him by the arm and whispers “Believe me Pytor wedding planning is just one of my many talents, I have talents in the bedroom too as you will soon find out. I have heard a lot about you, most of which I like. Let’s just say Kacper sends his regards Kacper is small-time now but he knows enough about you and your family for you to play along. Come now I am sure you want me and I am ready to give myself to you but all will become clear.”

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Spa Playtime

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I’m standing next to you in the backyard awaiting your friends arrival. Wearing my typical tank and jeans with a green suit underneath.

I see the first friend walk in and as normal I typically greet him with a simple hug. “Come in Sir, please relax. May I get you a drink?”

He replies with a wink and replies “yes, beer. And when you get back lose the shirt.” I replied with a basic smile, “yes Sir.”

As I walk in to retrieve the beer your other friend arrives. Leaning around the corner I quickly greet him, “Please join them in the yard. I’m getting drinks, do you want one, Sir?”

He replies with a nod and smirk, “yeah beer and be quick.”

I reply with a nod, “Yes Sir.”

Removing my shirt quickly, I grab three beers from the fridge and hold them in my arms against my chest as I walk out.

Once outside I hand out the freezing beers. The first gentleman takes his and purposely brushes his hand against my hard nipple. My cheeks instantly turn a crimson color. Then I hand the second gentleman his beer and I turn to you and bring you your beer.

You thank me and then give me the all knowing look that I have done something wrong.

You lean into me “why are you wearing jeans?” I shrug and look at you again. “Sir let me remove them and I will be right back to join you.”

You reply angrily, “yes and you better hurry!”

I run inside and toss my pants off and join you within minutes. My head slightly lowered in shame.

You look at me again and shake your bottle, “We are going to need three more of these.”

“Yes Sir I will be right back.” I get to it with a quick bounce in my step to retrieve the beers.

You holler in my direction, “get three towels and lose everything you have on.”

I bite my lower lip and then as I walk inside I take off my suit and grab three more freezing beers. Turning to get the towels, fumbling to find them, but then once in my hand I sigh and walk out a bit slower with my head down.

My nipples are growing harder with every step as they are pushed up against the frigid bottles. A slight shy smile appears when I get out there knowing I can’t hide behind the bottles much longer.

When I get to you, you grab one beer and then gently push me to the other men. tandoğan escort The first guy takes my ass in his hand and squeezes it. His other hand grabs a tit and then moves to grasp his beer.

The second guy looks me over and has an indifferent look upon his face. When I walk to him, he whispers to me, “I want you on my cock.” Then his hand tweaks a nipple as the other hand takes a beer.

I quickly get the empty bottles, they had previously left me, put them into the kitchen, then grabbed three more beers and head back out. Once I get out there I see the three of you have made it into the hot tub.

I come up to you and set the beers down on the table next to the tub. You look at me with a smile then a snap of your fingers while saying, “get in here.”

“Yes Sir.” I get up on the edge and then begin to lower myself into the hot bubbly water.

I take the forth corner as I listen to you men talk about random stuff, from baseball to cars then ending with computers.

As the second beer is being finished by the first man I glide slowly under the bubbling waters to retrieve the empty bottle from him.

When I make it to him he hands me the bottle and then grabs my wrist.

You take the bottle from me and takes my other wrist behind my back.

Then the second guy hands you his second bottle and you set them both on the table. Once you get his bottle on the table I feel my legs being grabbed and lifted to the surface.

The first guy wraps something around my wrists. He holds them together under the water with one hand, he keeps my head barelt above water as he tells me to rest it on his chest and doing so, he begins tweaking and fondling my tits with his free hand.

The second guy has his hands on my bare thighs and I can feel the head of his cock up against my wet, plump lips. Not quite entering just resting there, as I try to see what you are doing.

You move closer to me with something dark in your hand. Then you cover my eyes with whatever it is. As you do so, I can feel ur cock at my side. I smile to myself knowing I am making you happy.

Then a gag of some sort is put into my mouth making every touch that much more sensitive.

My tunalı escort hands find the first guy’s cock and do my best to move up and down on it, as best I can.

The second guy is now inside my pussy, pushing me against the first guy with every thrust.

Large hands exploring my body in every which direction. Tweaking nipples, squeezing tits, and roaming covering every inch of my nakedness. My ears under the water only hearing the mumbling of you guys moaning and feeling the splash of the water with each thrust and movement.

The first guy was already hard as a rock before my hands even touched him, so I knew it wouldn’t take long to get him going. As he neared cuming he grabbed my tits and squeezed them so hard it felt as if he was leaving bruises on each. Once he finished cumming, he kind of slumped back a bit but continued to support my upper body for the second guy.

The second guy’s thrusting became faster and harder as he kept filling me with his cock. The water splashing higher with his quickened thrusting. I feel his hands grabbing my hips for one last forceful thrust as he filled me with his cum.

Once the second guy is spent he moves to the corner. Then I feel your hands on my side. Gliding your hands down to my silky lips my skin feels extra sensitive as I know how your hands feel against my body. I open my legs inviting you into me. Feeling you close to me I then slowly wrap my legs around you pulling you closer into me. Your fingers finding my clit and gently rubbing.

The first guy is now getting his second wind and begins to fondle my tits again. He slides my head to the edge so that it is completely out of the water.

In doing so I feel you backing away from me allowing my legs to drop to the bottom. I can now hear what you are saying and you tell me in a stern voice, “Turn over and show me your ass.”

I follow obediently to what you say and quickly roll over mumbling into the gag, “Yes, Sir.” My arms up against my back and my chin now digging into the side of the tub. My legs dropping down to the floor and raising my ass to you.

I feel one of your hands on my ass with a swift smack. Water splashes up and then another’s hand smacks me. türbanlı escort The second harder and more fierce. I bend at my knees attempting to hide my ass under the water anticipating another smack.

You yank my hair up and speak directly into my ear with a low very angry tone, “You better lift that ass or you WILL have consequences.” I quickly bring my ass back up and out of the water for him. As soon as it is out of the water I get a swift smack, one in which brings tears to my eyes. Then another and another, I counted seven before I stopped counting as tears were dampening the blindfold. Once the smacking stopped I feel your hand tracing one of the multiple welts left behind. As you touch another welt a hand grabs a tit and begins rubbing it on a cock.

Your hands then move up my ass to my hips. With one forceful thrust and loud groan your rock hard cock is inside me. I let out a loud moan almost a scream around the gag.

My moaning getting louder as a feel the gag loosen and then removed. “Thank you Sir” in barely a whisper releases from my lips.

An over bearing voice says, “Don’t thank me yet, sweetheart.” The gag is quickly replaced by the first gentleman’s cock.

You push me against him with a hard thrust as he forcefully fills my mouth with his cock.

The water splashing up against the side walls of the tub and creating higher waves as you thrust harder against me. Taking his cock in my mouth and sucking as best I can with you pushing me into him. My moans filling the air as I get closer to cumming myself.

You know my sounds and with a swat on my ass I know you aren’t allowing me to cum yet.

You continue to thrust into me faster and harder as you come closer yourself. Your moans filling my ears as

you are the only thing I hear.

Sucking harder on the gentleman harder feeling his cock becoming engorged itself. The gentleman lifts my head and spews cum all over my face.

As my head lifts and he covers me in his cum, he pushes me against you as you fill me with your cum. As you cum you tell me, “You may cum sweetie.” I cum against you covering your cock with a moan of relief.

I fall back into you as the water settles and I am spent as well as the three of you are. Smiling up to you exhausted, softly saying, “Thank you, Sir!” As you untie my wrists and remove the blindfold. Reaching up, smiling and kissing you softly, whispers in your ear, “Thank you, Sir.”

Feeling the water in the tub moving once again as the other two gentleman get out. They dress and then depart. Both turning back with a wave and a thank you nod.

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Party Favors

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A flared shadow fell across the coffee table, shading the image on the laptop screen. Julie looked up from her composition to find her roommate wrapped in a plush bath robe with a glass of red wine in hand, her face scrunched in an awkward stare. Perturbed by the look, Julie swished her hair over her shoulders and straightened her back against the couch. “Hey Kat,” she said cautiously, “what’s up?”

Kat sipped her wine, then said nothing. She rounded the coffee table and flopped onto the chair off the end of the couch. The robe peeled apart — all the way up her bare thigh. Another sip. Then a smile.

“What’cha doin?” she chirped.

Julie shrugged. “Writing ad copy for the new sports coupe. Haven’t come up with anything — “

“–You have a boyfriend, right?” Kat interrupted.

Julie frowned. “Um…not right now.”

“But you have had boyfriends, right? Like, you like boys, yes?”

Snapping the laptop shut Julie twisted to face her accuser. “Wwwhat is going on?”

Kat sighed and gulped more wine. After a moment of silent deliberation, she rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the stem of the glass. “I need to ask you something,” she droned, “buuut I kinda don’t want to because I don’t know how you’ll react aaand I don’t want to freak you out buuut I could really use a hand sooo…can I ask you something?”

Julie shrugged. “After all that I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

Kat paused, sizing up the pretty redhead in the tortoise-shell readers. She took one more swig and decided to let it ride.

“Okay. So you know how once a month or so April comes by to hang out for a bit before her and I go out dancing?” Julie acknowledged but didn’t interrupt. “Right. Well April’s out for the next few days with Covid, sooo…I was wondering if, maybe, yooou would like to go with me instead?”

Julie mulled the offer. Kat hardly ever asked her to hang out. She was cool, and they got along great, but Kat worked odd hours, which made it difficult to sync their free time. And when they did Kat was usually busy with April, or one of her other friends. A night out with Kat could be fun. But…there was work.

“I have to finish this for tomorrow,” she replied, “so, I don’t think I can.”

“For tomorrow?” Kat probed. “Or by tomorrow? Because if its for tomorrow, you have all day tomorrow to do it.”

“Okay,” Julie snickered at the parsing of her words, “that’s not exactly accurate, but–“

“–Oh come on, you’re always working! Don’t you ever have any fun?” Kat’s tone oscillated between frustration and pleading. “Is it me? Do you think I’m not fun?”

“I think you’re fun!” Julie insisted. “I just have all this….” She stared at the computer. Kat was right, she didn’t need to be finished by tomorrow. She had time.

“You know what? Fuck it. Let’s go.”

“Yay!” Kat clapped her hands, narrowly avoiding a spill of the remaining wine. “It’ll be fun!”

“It better be, I’m skipping out on work for this.”

“I promise you’ll have a good time. Except…we’re not going dancing.”

Puzzlement. “Wait, what?”

“Dancing. We’re not going dancing.”

“But…you just said–“

“–I know, I know! But that’s not what we’re doing.”

Julie rubbed her eyes. “I am so confused right now.”

Kat leaned forward in the chair, setting the glass on the corner of the table. Her blonde curls swept forward, bracketing her face. She clasped her hands under her chin. Sighed.

“April and I don’t dance,” she explained. “We go to a…party. We go to a party, and…we have a lot of fun, and…I think you might have fun too…if you went.”

There was a moment of quiet. Julie shook her head and stretched out into a more comfortable position. Cocking her head to the side she fixed on the woman perched across from her.

“Why are you being weird about this? I’ve been dancing before. I go to parties. What’s the big deal? And what was all that stuff about boyfriends?”

Finishing off the wine Kat eased back into a slouch. Crossing her arms over her lap she reluctantly began to explain.

“Well. Me and April, and my friend Luna, we um…weee started a club. Aaand once a month we pick a new spot, aaand the club gets together, aaand…we have sex.”

The word pricked Julie’s ears. “You do what?”

“We have sex,” Kat repeated. She said it so matter-of-factly Julie still wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “We all get together, and we fuck. But April is sick this week sooo…we need a fill-in fluffer, and I thought…maybe…you might be interested.”

A blizzard of thoughts buffeted Julie’s brain. She tried to slow them down — allow herself to process one before the next one slammed into it. Kat was in a sex club? With April? And Luna? The quiet curly-haired lifeguard at the Y two blocks from their apartment? How long had this been going on? How did it start? How many people were in the club? Who were they? And most importantly….”

“What…what is a fluffer?”

Kat winced. “I knew this was a bad idea,” she rus escort muttered.

“Well I’m sorry I’m not as well-versed in sex club lingo as you are, I’ve never been part of one!”

“Okay,” Kat conceded, “all right. When they’re shooting an adult movie, the fluffer is the girl responsible for keeping the guys…ready…while they’re waiting their turn on camera.”

Julie’s jaw dropped. “You film these??”

“No, of course not!” Kat recoiled in the chair. “That would be crazy!”

Julie wrinkled her forehead, trying to make sense of her roommate’s description. Keep the guys ready? How? What was that supposed to mean? The gears turned slowly, taking their sweet time to wind a picture into place. She pursed her lips, wringing her hands.

“So,” she began, “you want to me to go to a party, with you and Luna, and…give blowjobs to strangers…so they can fuck you??”

“Well, they’re not strangers,” Kat argued, “we know them all.”

Julie gaped, incredulous. Kat threw up her hands, springing from the seat.

“You know what? Forget it.” She snatched the empty glass from the table and swept toward the kitchen. “Forget I said anything. I’m sorry, I never should have brought it up.” Depositing the glass on the counter she scampered upstairs, avoiding eye contact when she passed. A door slammed. Then the house was quiet.

Julie stared at the floor. The first time in forever Kat wants to hang out and its to give head at a party so she can get laid? What happened to dancing? Or bar hopping? Or seeing a movie? Her chest swelled with a deep breath as she turned back to her laptop. And that’s when she felt it. The dampness between her legs.

She froze, confounded by her body’s reaction. Was this really happening? Was this turning her on? She shifted again, the moistened fabric of her panties clinging to her labia. Her pulse quickened. Heat bloomed in her cheeks. She swallowed hard and glared at her reflection in the tabletop. Had she been buried in work so long that she’d forgotten how to cut loose and chase a thrill?

She sat still a while longer, her arms weak, a chill crawling over her skin. Her body took over from her paralyzed brain and pushed her to her feet. Her thighs burned as she climbed the stairs. At the top she shuffled along the hall to Kat’s room and quietly twisted the latch, cracking the door open and peeking inside.

Kat stood before the dresser in black lace panties, studiously fastening the clasps of a matching bra. She lifted her eyes, catching Julie’s gaze in the mirror. She raised her eyebrows but said nothing. Julie shoved her hands into the pockets of her sweats, looking everywhere but at her roommate.

“Sooo…,” she fumbled, “…what should I wear?”


“Are you sure you’re good with this,” Kat asked for the hundredth time since they’d left the house.

Julie scowled. “If you keep asking me,” she warned, twisting her hair into a messy knot. “I won’t be.”

She tucked the fly-aways behind her ears and set her purse on the floor between her feet. Resettling in the passenger seat of Kat’s Mazda she sighed and looked herself over. Frayed denim shorts exposed most of her thighs to the cool night air. And the light fitted tee and knit open-front sweater did little to stem the chill. But damn she looked cute.

“How many people are in your club,” she asked, watching traffic in the side mirror.

“Usually,” Kat replied, “about eight or nine guys. Most we’ve ever had was twelve.”

The redhead laughed nervously. “Twelve guys?”

Julie’s tone seemed to trouble her roommate. “Listen, it’s going to be fine. There will be drinks, everyone’s super nice, and you’re going to have a blast–I know you will.”

Julie nodded, folding her clammy hands in her lap. Her pussy tingled, leaking grool between her lips. “Anything else I should know before we get there?”

“The club has three rules,” Kat offered. “Number one; everyone participates. No one gets left out because that’s shitty and the whole point this is to have fun. Number two; everyone respects everyone’s boundaries. No means no, and no one tries to make you do anything you don’t want to. And number three; everyone cums. Including you.”

They turned into the parking lot of a popular extended stay hotel. “You can take care of yourself if you want,” she added, pulling into a space not far from the entrance. “But if you want help, you’ll have plenty of options.” She shut off the engine and opened the sun visor, checking her makeup in the mirror.

Julie sat quietly, heart pounding, pussy humming, head filled with wild thoughts. She watched Kat snap the visor shut and pluck the key fob from the center console, the shifting creases of her patent leather jacket assaulting Julie’s ears with squeaks and ruffles her lizard brain interpreted as arousing. She held her thighs together and tried not to think about what she was about to do.

“Ready?” Kat chirped, hand on the door handle.

“Yeah,” sıhhiye escort Julie lied, hiding the nerves in her voice. “Let’s go.” She tucked her purse under her arm and followed Kat through the doors of the hotel.


The elevator opened on a quiet fourth floor lobby. Julie followed Kat down the hallway, crunching the coarse gray carpet beneath her sneakers. Ahead Kat’s ass swung back and forth like a pendulum, wrapped snuggly in a stretchy charcoal dress. She was tall, with broad hips and long legs — a perfect complement to her choice of attire.

They stopped outside suite 402. Julie listened, expecting raucous voices and thumping music. But she heard nothing. Confusion clouded her face. Kat gave a sharp knock. Straightening her dress she smiled at her roommate. “Relax,” she whispered.

The door eased open on a fit young woman in a yellow tartan skirt, white crop top and knee socks. She flicked her tight brown curls out of her face and gave Julie the once over, before turning to Kat and signaling her approval. “Everyone’s here,” she said. “Just waiting for you.”

The door snapped shut behind them, the clunk of the lock rippling through Julie’s chest. She glanced back at it, questioning her decision one more time. Her brain was unsure. But her body was curious. Curious enough to keep moving forward.

The generous suite was divided in two, living room and kitchen in one space, bedroom and bath in the other. Scattered about were eight men of varying ages, races, types and builds: sipping drinks and talking amongst themselves. When Kat set her handbag on the counter they all turned and looked, their gaze flitting quickly between the three women.

Julie scanned their faces. The youngest seemed about 20, the oldest 55 or so. Some dressed business casual, the others more relaxed–save for one man in a suit. They drank soda from cans, beer from bottles, and whiskey from shallow glasses. The diversity of the group surprised her. But they all had one thing in common; they all seemed easy and pleasant.

“Hey everybody,” Kat declared, swiping a bottle from the ice-filled basin of the sink, “welcome to the first Protein Party of the new year!”

The men all raised their drinks in a cheer. Julie laughed to cover her bewilderment. Protein Party?

“Its going to be a little different tonight,” Kat continued. “April isn’t feeling well so she won’t be joining us. But, my roommate graciously offered to fill in for her. It’s her first time at a party and she’s a little nervous, so I promised we’d take it easy. She’s only fluffing tonight, so let’s all respect that and have a good time!”

Kat slung an arm round Julie’s shoulders, pointing with the bottle in her other hand. “Everyone, this is Julie. Julie, this is Trevor, Mike, Theo, Alan, Marco, Josh, Cooper and Nate.” Each gave a nod or raised a hand when his name was called. Kat turned to Julie. “No one will be offended if you forget a name.”

A chuckle rose from the group. Luna retrieved a small Bluetooth speaker from a purse on the floor and placed it on the end table.

“Luna’s been working on something new this week,” Kat explained. “So we’ll let her kick it off and then…we’ll get started.”

Luna tapped her phone and music swelled from the speaker. She sashayed to the living room and twirled round the coffee table, spinning up her skirt and flashing her bright blue thong at the group seated on the couch. Kat settled on a stool at the kitchen counter, swaying to the beat and sipping her drink. Sneaking past her into the kitchen Julie leaned on the fridge, a curious eye on the rest of the room.

This clearly wasn’t Luna’s first tease. Every swivel, shimmy, and thrust was carefully choreographed, accentuating the curve she wished to display. She worked the room, gliding from man to man, dipping her cleavage or grazing her thigh against each before switching the target of her affection. Julie noticed the bulges beginning to form in the laps she left behind.

Bending backward over Marco, Luna peeled off her top and draped it over his head. Her ample breasts mounded over her chest before hanging plump and firm when she twisted round and framed his face between them. The others shifted in their seats. Some leaned in, closer to the action. Others slouched back, feeling for their belt buckles.

Julie eyed her roommate. Kat’s jacket had disappeared. The youngest looking of the group — Cooper — stood next to her, nuzzling her neck, a hand tugging the zipper on her dress toward the small of her back. He raised his head, catching Julie’s eyes and flashing a smile before returning to his work. She swallowed the lump in her throat and fought the urge to scratch the itch in her sex.

In the living room Luna circled the table. Within arm’s length of Theo she bent at the waist and flipped her skirt up over her ass. Peering over her shoulder she wiggled her rump and arched her eyebrows in silent query. The thin sincan escort man hooked the waistband of her thong and rolled it down over her curves to settle around her ankles.

Luna stepped out of her underwear and spread her feet. Reaching back between her legs she dipped a finger in her snatch. It emerged slick with her juices, delicate strands clinging to her labia. Straightening up she turned to face him and sucked the finger into her mouth. A collective sigh rose from the group. Drinks clinked on coasters and men rose from their seats. The party, it seemed, had officially begun.

Unsteady and unsure what to do, Julie inched her way out of the kitchen. She watched Luna sink to her knees. Theo slid down in the cushions, raised his shirt and thumbed open the button of his jeans. A long, dark cock emerged from the denim, stretching straight as it reached toward her. Wrapping it in both hands Luna leaned forward, her tits wedged between his thighs, and closed her lips around the shaft.

As her curls bobbed in his lap several hands grazed her shoulders and back. Flanking the pair, Alan and Josh closed in. Oxfords sluffed from their shoulders and khakis from their waists and moments later Luna was obscured by the stocky figures in dark boxers teasing her hair and feeling her hands creep up toward their groins.

Kat’s pendulous breasts were free of her dress, one cupped in Cooper’s right hand, the nipple of the other pinched between his lips. Nate sidled up from the opposite side, skimming over her bare thigh and up under her dress between her legs. She sighed as he reached his target, splaying wider and reeling him in by his neatly trimmed beard for a hard kiss on the mouth.

Marco rose from the recliner in the corner. He towered over the others, the top of his head just short of the curtain rod over the windows. He crossed the room in three strides, covering Kat with his shadow. She motioned him closer as he tossed his tee shirt back on the table and pushed his jeans to the floor. She squeezed the outline in his underwear before fishing out the thickest cock Julie had ever seen.

She had only a moment to marvel before Kat curled forward and stretched her mouth around the head. In her periphery she caught Trevor take Marco’s place in the chair. His pants at his knees and his eyes fixed on Luna he pushed his uncut cock through his fist, exposing the glans briefly before shrouding it again in a slow, steady game of peek-a-boo.

Her view of the quiet man was blocked by the textured weave of a bold blue blazer. She sharpened on the figure in front of her. From the gray in his beard and lines on his face she assumed he was in his late 50s or early 60s. But he was handsome, with a strong jaw and kind eyes, and a well-fitting suit. She smiled at him, tucking stray hair behind her ear.

“Can I help you?” she sputtered, her voice cracked and raspy.

Mike chuckled, twisting a cufflink free of an eyelet. “I certainly hope so.”

The bass in his voice turned Julie’s legs to jelly. Thankfully she wouldn’t need them for a bit.

Soaking her panties she sank to the floor. Her fingers found the old man’s fly and carefully lowered the zipper. He aided her with his belt and button, parting his shirttails like the curtain on opening night. In the shade of his shoulders she couldn’t quite make out what was concealed before her. But when she dragged his underwear down his thighs she freed a monster she hadn’t expected to find.

Semi-erect it pulsed in her hands, plump and heavy, curving slightly toward her face. She gave it a long, firm stroke, as if to ensure it was in fact real. It flexed closer. The blazer fell over the stool next to her. The room began to narrow, moans and murmurs fading away until Julie found herself alone with Mike’s cock. Unable to resist any longer, she took hold of the root and slipped it between her lips.

They rounded as she took it inside, tightening as she worked past the head. She pushed down, taking him as far as she felt comfortable. Sliding her hand up his shaft she set her thumb to her chin, then pulled her head back for a glimpse. About half of his member protruded from her fingers, flush and bulging and rearing to go. Salivating like a starving animal she slurped him back inside.

A breath rumbled in his chest as she went to work dipping him in to the depth of her fist and out to the barb of his glans. It was smooth and warm on her tongue, gliding effortlessly through well-lubricated lips. She waited for a hand on the back of her head to steer and push the tempo. But there was none. Only a low baritone growl urging her to continue exactly as she was.

“Fuck that’s good,” she heard him sigh. “Like a warm moist pussy.” She smiled to herself. She was confident in her skills. But a compliment was always appreciated — especially from a man she assumed had enjoyed more than his fair share of head in his time. She worked him in a little deeper, torquing her wrist as her lips bumped her finger. His cock strained, strong and firm.

There was a rustling in her ear, followed by a thin metallic zip. Something dense and fleshy poked her cheek. She fumbled for it with her free hand, wrapping another cock in her fingers. This one was smaller, but already rock hard and curving upward. It was young and eager, leaking precum over her wrist.

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Jackie and Julia Take Miami Pt. 02

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Jackie and Julia Take Miami Part 2: The More the Merrier

Jackie wakes up in a daze. Her arm is wrapped around Julia, tucked snugly between her breasts. Julia’s ass is pressed up against her lap, spooning. Jackie thinks back to the night before. Her and Julia had basically fucked each other, and while it’s strange for Jackie to think about, it’s not embarrassing. She feels a greater sense of shame when she thinks back to sleeping with the Man. Her pussy feels so raw that it’s partially numb.

She slips out of bed, trying to not wake Julia. When she gets up she notices a little semen residue on her upper thighs. She panics for a split second – did she let him cum in her? She quickly notices that it had simply leaked out of Julia, who’d fallen asleep still full of the Man’s seed, onto her thighs as they slept.

Jackie checks her phone and sees a message from John telling her that he missed her. Jackie feels guilty when she thinks about her clueless boyfriend, sitting back home in Maryland. Her guilt motivates her to give him a special treat.

Still naked, she crawls up to the full-length mirror in their hotel room. She turns away from the mirror, arches her back and sticks her ass up. She opens her camera and takes a picture of her reflection. In it, she’s spreading her ass with one hand; her face half visible, looking over her shoulder seductively. Her perfectly clean, and perfectly tight hole is visible. She attaches a message to the picture saying, like my tan lines?

John opens the message and is amazed. It’s not like her to send nudes, especially ones this graphic, and especially not with her asshole in it. Jackie had made it clear to him that she had no interest in anything ass-related. He quickly sends her back a picture of his hard white cock, barely six inches fully hard. Just a day ago that image probably would’ve turned her on; now it just looks so small.

Not one minute later he sends her another picture, this time his cock is even smaller, and a small spurt of cum leaks down the side. Jackie rolls her eyes. One picture of my ass is all it takes for him to blow his load? She thinks back to how the Man last night had made both girls cum before blowing his load, and she can’t help but feel a little turned off by how quick on the trigger her boyfriend is.

Julia wakes up, mildly hungover, extremely sore, and full of cum. She quickly sobers up when she reads the text on her phone.

“He texted me!,” she shrieks. ” He wants to see us again, and this time bring his friends!

“Julia you know that I can’t,” Jackie insists. “It was one crazy night. I love John and I- do you know if what the Man said was true? That I’m… ruined for John?”

Julia moves to console her.

“No Jack of course not,” Julia coos, stroking her friend’s hair. “If anything, you’re just making room for bigger and better things, and John is lucky to have your pussy any way he can get it.”

Julia is perhaps mild state of denial about her own situation; her pussy had been thoroughly stretched, just like Jackie’s. She’s reminded of this fact when she feels some of the Man’s cum start to ooze out of her.

She tells the Man she would like to hang out, but that Jackie doesn’t want to join. The Man asks for Jackie’s number and Julia gives it to him.

Jackie stands at the mirror, brushing her teeth. The memory of her eating the Man’s ass is seared into her brain, and she scrubs her tongue vigorously, feeling disgusted at herself.

Her phone lights up with a notification. Jackie assumes it’ll be another text from John, but instead sees a text from an unsaved number. When she opens it, her mouth drops. There’s a picture of the Man, fully naked in the mirror. His dick isn’t even 100% hard, and it hangs almost to his knee.

He asks why she doesn’t want to see him tonight. She responds that, while it was fun, she regrets cheating on her boyfriend.

She quickly receives two more messagess that makes her heart drop. The first is an image. In it, she sees herself buried in the Man’s ass, her face just barely visible, and also the back of Julia’s head bobbing as she sucks his cock. Two seconds later she receives a video of her ass bouncing as the Man fucks her while she eats Julia’s pussy. Julia is staring at the camera smiling.

The Man follows the images up with a text stating, aint look like you regret it last night.

Jackie feels a combination of disgust and horniness. She had no idea he captured the events on camera. She should feel violated, but instead she’s… flattered. Her apprehension quickly melts away, and her subconscious draws her back to the Man.

Jackie tells Julia that she’ll come clubbing with the guys but will go home after the club. Julia is excited that her friend is already beginning to change her mind.

The girls go out shopping for outfits for the night. Neither one talks about it, but they both can’t stop thinking about the Man, and wondering what his friends cocks could be like. Is it even possible they could be as big as the Man’s? They mamak escort go shopping to buy new outfits for the night, feeling an unspoken need to slut it up as much as possible.

Jackie decides to stop by a salon; when she does, Julia sneaks off to get a tattoo. Jackie gets her dirty-blonde hair braided into two ponytails that hang down her back.

After spending the rest of the day on the beach, the girls get ready for the night. Jackie wears a short, high-waisted black skirt that barely covers her ass, with a strapless black top that pushes up her cleavage. With no bra, the shine of her nipple piercings is visible under the shirt. Julia wears a white dress that clings to her figure, and has an open front with just small pieces of fabric holding her breasts.

Both girls are dressed even sluttier than last night, and tipsy by the time they head to the club. Jackie is slightly nervous, but Julia feels pure excitement. She giddily greets him and his two friends. One man, Shawn, has a large beard, a bald head and a broad frame. The other, JJ, is slightly shorter, with braids and a skinnier frame.

The men introduce themselves to the girls, and tell them that they’ve heard good things. The Man comments on Jackie’s braids and runs his hand through her hair.

Julia starts dancing with the Man as Jackie sits at the table with Shawn and JJ. They’ve bought top-shelf bottles of liquor, spending thousands.

The Man wraps his strong hands around Julia’s waist. He holds her ass up against him and she can feel his massive cock, already starting to harden. Before long, he’s running his hands underneath the fabric of her dress, caressing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. He spins her around so that his boys can see; as he pulls the dress down, letting her shapely double-Ds spill out. In bold black letters above her right nipple, the word “SLUT” is inked on her fair white skin.

The men erupt with laughter and cheers.

“Julia… what the fuck?” Jackie stammers.

Julia looks at her and winks. The tattoo is actually henna and will be gone in about two weeks. Julia just wanted to lean into her new snow-bunny-bimbo persona as much as possible before her first gangbang.

The Man lowers his head and starts to suck on her left nipple from behind. His boys start cheering. He brings his other hand under her panties and starts rubbing her pussy. Somewhere deep down, Julia feels some semblance of shame, but in the moment, she loves the attention of being publicly displayed like this.

A college-aged girl nearby watches Julia being groped, awestruck. Her boyfriend, insecure and intimidated by this group of dominant men, drags her away.

Jackie tries to scoff, but she feels a strong sense of envy.

The Man points to Jackie and says to his boys “That lil freak got her titties pierced.”

Jackie blushes as the men now stare at her more intently.

“Well you ain’t get em pierced just to hide them in ya shirt,” JJ insists. “Let’s see em.”

“Oh- okay, just no touching,” Jackie says, deluding herself into thinking he has some shred of modesty left.

She pulls down her top, releasing her perky D-cups. The men comment on her piercings and say how they’d love to suck them.

The Man comes up with an idea.

“How about a lil competition,” he says as he pulls out a wad of cash from his pocket. “Both of y’all twerk, and the winner gets a stack.”

Both of his friends also agree to put up $1,000 to the winner. With $3,000 on the line, Jackie reluctantly agrees. Julia starts shaking her ass, making her thick thighs and butt jiggle as she tries to find a rhythm. Jackie poises herself, sets her feet wide and bends over. She holds on to the side of the table for balance and begins clapping her ass.

The men are impressed with how fluid she is. She’s flooded with memories of the Man fucking her from behind the night before – how she threw her ass back as he reached the deepest corners of her pussy — and she starts to shake her ass even more vigorously.

“Hol’ up,” Shawn says, approaching Jackie as she twerks. “I don’t think this bitch wearin’ panties.”

He pulls her skirt up, revealing her bare ass to his boys, and to anyone in the club lucky enough to be nearby. Jackie nervously bites her lip. Shawn gives her a hard slap on the ass, making it jiggle.

“Ya boyfriend sitting at home thinkin you a good girl? He don’t know this pussy for the streets,” Shawn jeers.

The men declare Jackie the winner and the Man tucks $3,000 into her top.

Julia invites the men back to their room; Jackie agrees to come, saying that she wants to supervise and make sure her friend is safe with these three strange men.

In the hotel hallway, the Man picks Julia up and slings her over his shoulder. Her ass falls out of her tight dress. The Man smacks her slightly-sunburnt ass as he carries her. JJ walks up and pulls her top down so that her tits flop out as she hangs in the air. Shawn walks behind with ofise gelen escort Jackie, carrying a Louis Vuitton backpack with him. The Man enters the room and goes straight to the bedroom.

He tosses her on the bed, making her tits bounce as she hits the mattress. The Man leans in and starts kissing her. JJ starts rubbing her pussy through her panties. Jackie sits on her bed and watches as Shawn joins his friends.

Shawn begins to suck on Julia’s right nipple while caressing her left breast with his hand. Julia is in heaven as the men touch every part of her.

Jackie can’t believe what she’s watching. Three men, is that really enjoyable? There’s something disgusting about it, but it also felt deeply arousing to her. Julia was the attractive young female that all of these powerful men flocked to, and Jackie feels her pussy heating up as jealousy and envy flow through her. Jackie can’t help but feel that there’s something very natural about what she’s watching, and that any disapproval she feels may just be a product of societal taboos.

Before long, the Man is unzipping his pants. Julia and Jackie both start salivating at the sight of his cock. JJ and Shawn follow next. The girls watch intently as both men drop their pants. Their cocks are both thick, veiny, and about as long as the Man’s. Jackie can’t believe it. She’d thought the Man must have one of the biggest dicks on the planet, but here are two more, basically just as big.

Julia’s eyes are wide with excitement. She feels like a kid in a candy shop — staring at all of her options, not sure what to eat first.

“You gon suck all of our dicks alright?” the Man asks her calmly but firmly. “Think you can handle that?”

Julia eagerly nods her head.

Julia begins sucking the head of the Man’s cock. Her right hand floats up to Shawn’s cock and begins jerking it off. With her left, she starts to lightly play with JJ’s balls. Jackie’s pussy is starting to soak as she watches her best friend pleasure all three men at once. The sight of the three massive cocks is driving Jackie wild. Almost three total feet of cock, all for Julia to play with.

Julia starts alternating, sucking the Man’s cock before bouncing to JJ’s and then to Shawn’s. The Man’s plan isn’t to have Julia satisfy them all night, even though he knows she’s both willing and able. He knows that, just like last night, if Jackie watches for long enough, she’ll cave in to her true desires.

Jackie is already squirming, and her pussy is grows wetter. With no underwear on under her skirt, she feels exposed and bare. She slips a finger down to her pussy and starts to rub it.

Julia continues to bob her head between all three cocks, and the men start to undress her.

The Man looks over and sees Jackie rubbing her pussy, her gaze fixated on the four of them in a trancelike state.

“So you think ya boyfriend would be okay wit’ you touching your pussy as you watch your friend suck all us?” the Man asks with a laugh. “Might as well just join in, this ain’t any better for anyone.”

“I- I uh can’t, I’m sorry,” Jackie says, mustering every ounce of willpower in her.

“Alright, well if you ain’t gonna join you not gonna sit here and get ya’self off,” he replies.

He nods to JJ, who retrieves a pair of handcuffs from the backpack. He walks over to Jackie.

“If you can’t keep ya hands off yo pussy, we’re gonna lock ’em up while you watch,” the Man tells her.

Jackie’s body is limp when JJ comes up to her. His hard cock brushes her forearm as he guides her hands behind her back and cuffs them. She’s speechless, helpless.

JJ looks her in the eyes. “Let me know when you wanna do more than just watch,” he says.

JJ goes back to Julia. Julia’s now fully naked except for her panties. She’s eating the Man’s ass while jerking off Shawn. Shawn bends down, touching her pussy as she pleasures him.

Jackie sits with her arms restrained tightly behind her back. Her pussy throbs. It feels so close to them, covered only by her skirt, sitting, neglected, just a few feet away from all the action.

The Man lies Julia on her back. He pulls down her panties and sees another tattoo reading “please black me” with a small heart, right above her pussy. He laughs, and then begins eating her pussy with great technique and a fiery passion. Julia cranes her head to the right, sucking JJ’s cock as the Man goes to town on her pussy. The visual of Julia struggling to focus on the cock in her mouth while in the throes of pleasure from the Man’s tongue is driving Jackie crazy.

Jackie starts squirming relentlessly. Her pussy s on fire, and the fact that she can’t touch it is only intensifying her arousal. It feels like actual torture. The last of her willpower is fading.

Jackie admits to herself that John’s cock just simply can’t compare to them. But that wasn’t the only difference she felt. John doesn’t have the confidence to touch her however he pleases. He also doesn’t have otele gelen escort the raw sexuality to eat her pussy with such patience and focus. To Jackie, these men are like sexual gods, and she wants a piece.

Her legs writhe back and forth, as if she’s trying to pleasure her clit with her thighs. JJ and Shawn watch and laugh. Jackie falls onto her back, and her skirt lifts up, giving the men a brief view of her pussy, with her tiny triangular patch of pubic hair above it.

Jackie can’t take it in anymore. Just like last night, desperation is setting in.

“Please uncuff me,” Jackie says sheepishly.

Shawn walks up to her, his cock swinging as he approaches, “Why should we uncuff you? So you can sit and touch ya lil pussy?”

“No, I- I want your cocks,” Jackie says softly, once again a slave to her sexual desires. “I’ll let you fuck me… all of you.”

The Man, hears this, pulls his face away from Julia’s pussy, and laughs.

“I wanna hear you admit it though,” the Man says, standing up to face her. “You don’t give a fuck about ya boyfriend. All you care about is getting this dick.”

Jackie’s face is beet red, “I love him, but he doesn’t fuck me like you do. He can’t.”

Her pussy aches as she confesses her true feelings.

“Oh yeah? You love him?” the Man asks mockingly. “You gotta make up ya mind now, you love him more, or you love this dick?”

Shawn’s dick wags in her face, and the Man’s rock hard cock points right at her. JJ’s cock is still filling Julia’s mouth, and she’s sucking like her life depends on it.

“I love your cocks,” she says softly. These words, that would normally simple and crude, feel profound to Jackie as they leave her lips. It’s more than just dirty talk, it’s a confession. She cares about John, and considers herself a good person, but at her core she is no better than her deepest desires. The primal sexuality of these men unleashed a wild side that she was unaware of.

“Louder bitch. What you want?” the Man barks.

She’s had enough. She sits up. John no longer matters to her. Her brain is filled with an overpowering desire to be stuffed by tall three of these massive cocks.

“I said I love your fucking cocks!” she shouts. “I want you to fucking wreck my pussy, because my boyfriend’s little dick doesn’t deserve it!”

Julia laughs at hears her friend’s outburst.

Shawn flips her over. Her tightlyibound hands sit behind her back, right over her ass. Her fingers reach back trying to feel his cock, her finger tips just barely graze it. He flips up her skirt. Her skin is even tanner than last night, with just a thin white outline of her thong bathing suit, as if her most intimate areas are highlighted by her white skin.

Shawn softly traces his finger up her lips, back and forth, causing her to tremble. He stops just short of her clit, then brings his finger to his mouth and tastes her juices.

“Shit! This must be the wettest pussy I seen in my life,” Shawn says with a smile. “I’m surprised you held out as long as you did.”

He leans in and inserts the key into the handcuffs. The tip of his head brushes against her ass as he does. The second the cuffs come off Jackie spins around to grab his cock but before her hands can reach it he slaps her in the face. It’s not too hard, but it’s enough to stop her in her tracks.

“You gonna be a good lil slut and do what we say, ight?” Shawn barks.

Jackie nods her head like she’s being scolded. Shawn guides her onto the carpeted floor, then positions her down on all fours. Jackie and Julia make eye contact as Julia continues to suck JJ’s cock.

Shawn grabs a black leather collar and leash from the backpack.

Before he wraps it around Jackie’s neck he stops to say, “If you don’t wanna do this, this ya last chance to say something.”

Jackie shakes her head, “I do.”

Shawn fastens the black collar around Jackie’s neck. It has the world “SLUT” written on it in white lettering. He then clips a leash to it.

Shawn guides her on all fours to the Man, who’s sitting on the side of Julia’s bed. The Man spreads his legs so that Jackie can approach his cock.

“You rememba your friend from yesterday, so be a good girl and say hello,” Shawn says while lightly tugging on the leash.

Jackie has a dumb, almost crazed smile on her face as she crawl between the Man’s legs. She’s once again mesmerized by seeing it up close. She puts her chin next to the base, and the cock stands so tall that it extends far past her forehead. She raises her head up takes it into her mouth, feeling it’s weight and incredible thickness rest on her tongue. She leans forward more and slowly starts to suck it, gradually going faster and faster. Shawn kneels down and starts to play with her ass and pussy. He gently spreads her cheeks and jiggles them back and forth. He then starts to tickle her clit with his other hand, making her moan as the Man’s massive cock filled her throat.

Meanwhile Julia continues to suck JJ’s cock as she lays on her back, tickling his balls and taint with her free hand. He’s dangerously close to cumming, but is doing his best to hold out. Finally, the sensation is too strong for him to resist. His cock erupts, spurting a small stream into Julia’s mouth. Then JJ pulls out and sprays the majority of his load onto her face. Several thick ropes of cum splash her forehead, nose, and cheeks

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All the Devils are Here Pt. 05

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Adorable Teen

So this is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that I suggest you do, PLUS all the previous parts to this story as things will then make much more sense.

All the characters in this story are extensions of the characters created by Spector_Dugan and this follow-up is not endorsed by Spector himself, so if you don’t like it and feel it ruins the original, it’s all my

I would also like to thank Spector for his assistance and support in making this story possible. All active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional know what they are getting into.

This part features a fair bit of BDSM and also some male-on-male sex, so if that’s not your thing and you do not wish to go any further I understand. It also has mild spoilers for Rocky II.

And finally as this is my first attempt at anything like this I would like to thank everyone who has spared me the time to take a look and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve loved every minute of creating this and look forward to your comments now it’s complete.

So…let’s get into this final part. Enjoy.

Part 5a “Whatever you do, don’t mention Moby Dick!”

“We have to go back to the hot-tub,” I said to Kate. The hot-tub had beaten us the last time we were here, it had seen us ripped apart and destroyed thanks to my slimy brother-in-law and equally scummy sister-in-law. They may not be here this time but I still felt like that place had power over us. Like me Kate was also scared but I could tell she understood my logic. This was what had bested us, done us in. I got so close to getting us out when we were last here but our experience back then wrecked everything, well this time we were gonna take charge and wreck it. I knew we could visit every other room in this house but if we didn’t beat the tub it would hold this over us forever. I considered my words carefully before speaking, but even then I got it wrong. “Honey, we have to beat the hot-tub. It’s like our white…”

“DON’T SAY “WHITE WHALE”, ANDY! You know what happened to Captain Ahab!” Kate reminded me.

“Shit, oh no, yeah. I didn’t think about that. Okay then, here’s a different view…tonight the hot-tub is like our …”Rocky II”, huh?” I stated. Kate’s eyes lit up at that reference.

“Ooh, I like that!” Kate beamed. She nodded, enthusiastically and grabbed my hands. “Okay. Let’s “Rocky II” this bitch!”

With that we headed down to the tub, our stomachs flipping as we walked through the house and the sleeping bodies. Last time we were here we felt obliged to be in the hot-tub due to Kate’s deceptive sister Tara, this time it was our choice to enter those waters and although part of me felt brave for heading in there, part of me was also desperate for a different outcome. We walked out back out to the deck, but unlike when we were out here earlier, the hot-tub had occupants.

“Darlings. you came,” Vanessa purred as we walked down. Both Kate and I had a sense of dread as we walked towards the water. We knew this was a place where bad things could happen if things spiralled out of control and with Vanessa in charge there was every chance they would spiral…badly. My only hope was to take charge here and hope I could change the tone in the hub to my liking. I did feel more optimistic as I knew most of the people who were already here and already wet. The other occupants we knew who were naked were Vanessa and Brian, Mary, Joseph and Chester, and Nikki and Troy. The other three people I didn’t know and they were still in their underwear, looking around kind of stunned at what was going on. It was two girls and a guy. I was curious to know what their deal was and so as soon as Kate and I had removed our clothing (keeping on Kate’s collar) and entered these dangerous waters I started to press them for more details.

“Hi. We’ve not met yet. I’m Andy. This is Kate,” I stated, with a wave that felt weird in the circumstances. How often do you get a friendly wave from naked strangers?

“Hi, I’m Amber, this is my boyfriend Matt and this is my best friend Kimberley,” Amber replied making the introductions. Amber was a toothy blonde with freckles and long straight hair, her boyfriend, Matt, was a guy with mousy brown crew-cut that was largely bones and angles. The best friend at the end had light brown, wavy hair and brown eyes and a huge cleavage that bounced with the water. I had them pegged around 19 to 20.

“How come you guys all wound up here?” I asked as they seemed completely out of place here.

“Troy mentioned it. We all go to the gym and he’s my instructor,” mentioned Amber. All eyes moved to Troy who seemed to shrink in the hot-tub as he thought of what to say next.

“Let me guess, it’s not what it looks like?” said Nikki. Kate and I burst out laughing as did the rest of the hot-tub at Troy’s discomfort. It was exactly what it looked like. Troy had invited or organised the inviting of everyone grup escort he wanted to fuck to the party, including Kate. I looked over at Kate and I could see that in spite of spending all night with me her face was still a little flushed at Troy’s deceit. Thankfully my girlfriend was also my rescuer as she had been so often tonight.

“Kate, I LOVE your collar and chain. Where did you get it?” Nikki asked with sparkly eyes.

“It was in the utility room, there’s loads of good stuff in there!” Kate beamed as she sat bolt upright, her glorious tits on full display as she wobbled her shoulders in delight.

“So, are you like, his slave, or something?” Amber asked, flicking her blonde hair back defiantly, a gesture that suggested she would never wish to be in a position like that.

“Tonight…Yes,” said Kate, looking back at me with a wink.

“So, you’re like, her Master then?” asked Kimberly, with eyes wide and smile broadening as if in stark contrast to her mate, who seemed to be enamoured by such a possibility.

“For tonight, I am, yes,” I replied as politely as I could. I watched as the three semi-clad individuals talked among themselves for a moment before hatching an idea between them.

“So you could ask her to bark like a dog?” Amber asked, proud of herself for coming up with such a stupid comment. She was asking this to see how far Kate would humiliate herself for her Master, but I was not about to bite.

“I could..But I won’t,” I replied.

“But if you asked me to, I would,” Kate giggled. The rest of the tub laughed at her comment and my awkwardness in response.

“Fine. Slave…bark like a dog,” I stated, reluctantly.

“Woof! Woof!” Kate barked and the tub was now in stitches as Kate carried on making dog noises.

“Okay, slave, stop,” I ordered and Kate did so. I was against Kate being humiliated in such a manner but she had managed to break the ice and bring humour to what was a stressful situation. I pulled on her chain so her face was next to mine and kissed her deeply. her hand came to my face and mine to hers as our mouths enjoyed each other. I looked up and across from us I could see Nikki and Troy exchange a few words before both of them came over to our side of the tub.

“I am sorry about tonight. I should have been straight with you,” Troy apologised to Kate, however if he was trying to get back into Kate’s good graces he was gonna have to try way harder as Nikki took up position next to Kate and started caressing her body. Kate was responding in kind to the younger women.

“You really have an effect on me,” Kate said to Nikki as their hands explored each other’s bodies, their breathing quickening as their excitement mounted.

“Likewise,” Nikki replied, before they kissed. I had enough of being on the sidelines and so slipped my hands beneath the warm water that was frothing and bubbling around us, and let my hands explore Kate’s body, but now as I did, I could feel Nikki’s hands exploring Kate too. I knew that Nikki liked Kate, but I didn’t know Kate would be SO into it, but she really was. Kate moved her left hand to my cock still but her right was exploring Nikki”s curves. Behind Nikki I could see Troy kissing Nikki’s back and rubbing his hands all over her. I was harsh on Troy because of his motivations, but he seemed okay. He wasn’t violent or nasty or mean and the truth was the easy-going charming guy that I met at the restaurant was the real him, more or less. He was just a bit sneaky about the party, but I could hardly feel bad about that now, could I? All four of us were building each other up and combining and reconfiguring as we were going from four people to a foursome, breaths becoming synchronised, moans leading to sighs, touching and kisses and more sighs. The bodies of these women were extraordinary and even with the second tablet just starting to kick in the effect of the bubbles and their forms was oh-so intoxicating. I could see Kate’s trap muscle and a vein running through it and a part of me wanted to lean forward and taste the flesh, it looked so inviting so tempting and so I leaned forward and…

“What sort of shenanigans are going on here?” a British voice cried out. All nine of us in the hot-tub looked around. Stood there was Aunt Bernadette (Even now, cause she was with Mary and Joseph I STILL wanted to call her Sister Bernadette). She was with Mason and they were both fully dressed, he was in a Long Green T-shirt and flairs, meaning he was Shaggy from Scooby-Doo (Minimum-effort costume, perfect for an easy-going dude like Mason) however what I noticed that others did not was that Bernadette’s outfit…was ruffled. This outfit had clearly been taken off and put back on again, judging by its creased state, possibly quite a few times.

I looked around the tub to see if anyone else had noticed and there, locking eyes with me, was Vanessa. She too had picked up in this and, as we both looked at each other, I realised we were no longer rivals, iranlı escort we were co-conspirators. Bernadette may well have been royally fucked tonight but she was still hiding behind a veneer of respectability that should no longer exist. We, the gathered throng in the hot-tub would tear that veneer down. We would make Bernadette ours.

“Aunt, Bernadette! You made it!” Mary replied as she jerked her two favourite fellas beneath the water.

“This, this is all completely outrageous!” Bernadette continued.

“Jeez, chillax, Aunt Bernie,” Mason said as he removed his slip-ons, his top and dropped his flares to the deck revealing a naked body that Bernadette licked her lips at when she saw it fully exposed. “Come in the tub, I imagine the water’s lovely.”

Mason walked forward naked and stood at the end of the deck with his hand held back for Bernadette. She looked about the bodies that were clearly naked and was obviously conflicted. On the one hand she had clearly got up to something in the house, but this was in front of Joseph, her Nephew and his new Bride and Brother-in-Law. She straightened her suit a little before coming up with an excuse we all saw coming.

“I don’t have a bathing suit,” she said, politely but prissily.

“Wear your underwear,” Vanessa and I said at the same time. Not only were we co-conspirators but we were sharing the same mindset independently. This was a new turn of events. Mason just stood there with an “I’m waiting” look on his face. Bernadette then removed her suit and skirt and blouse revealing a salmon pink underwear set complete with stockings. With that she grabbed Mason’s hand and settled into the water with him next to her.

“See? Not so bad is it?” Mason asked of Bernadette.

“No. I guess…I guess the water is nice,” Bernadette replied as she let some of her tension go and lay back against the side of the tub.

I could tell that beneath the water Mary was continuing her hand-jobs to Chester and Joseph and the two lads were just sat there in this lazy heaven, blissfully letting her. Brian was canoodling with Vanessa and the three young occupants still in underwear where making it look like they were barely moving, but having dipped my head beneath the water I could see that Matt had hands stroking both Amber and Kimberley’s thighs and they were stroking his. The hot tub was simmering nicely.

“Hey, I thought we’d find you guys here,” came a voice I knew. It was Dave and with him was Jan in their serial killer outfits. “Mind if we join you?”

The question was irrelevant as they were already in the process of stripping naked. They looked so weird in this environment in their ‘normal’ outfits. Jan looked like she was about to attend a PTA meeting and Dave should be out-back hosting a barbecue, but I guess swingers were like serial killers in that respect…they looked just like normal people. They walked into the water but as they did so I caught Mary giving Dave’s cock a hungry look, almost as though she and it had unfinished business. Dave, however, seemed oblivious to Mary’s stare and he and Jan settled in between Amber, Matt and Kimberly and Brian and Vanessa and instantly started to snog like loved-up teenagers, their tongues twirling and twisting in each other’s mouths. Vanessa got out of the tub and produced two bottles that looked familiar and a packet that I knew all too well.

“So, does anyone want to get a little wild?” Vanessa asked before opening a bottle and taking a good gulp of God-only-knows what it was, passing it to Brian who lugged some down and passed it on to Jan and Dave. This was how they got me last time and I watched as everyone else felt obliged to swill down the vile concoction, whose only purpose seemed to be to lower inhibitions and initiate an orgy. The bottle made its way through the teens, passed Mason and Bernadette and then finally came to me, however, I passed on it, instead handing it to Kate who passed it straight to Nikki.

“None for me, thanks,” I commented, receiving hate-filled looks from Vanessa for daring to challenge her plans.

“Oh, Andy. Don’t be such a pussy!” Vanessa barked at my refusal. What I said next, however, blew her mind.

“I can’t, Vanessa. I’m on medication.”

For a moment she shook her head in disgust, before she understood what my words meant. She stared at me with a mixture of rage and admiration, not sure which would win out, before admiration did. She raised a finger to indicate 1…I raised 2 fingers back, earning even more respect. She nodded at me as Nikki and Troy took a swig and passed it back to her. She took another huge mouthful before opening the next bottle and sending it on its way. By the time the next bottle went around many people were starting to succumb to the effects. The weed was already there ready on the side but as the hot-tub was thrumming nicely already with everyone getting handsy beneath the water, Vanessa skipped to the next part.

“Say, it is nice sharing keçiören escort ourselves with all of our friends, old and new,” Vanessa chimed as she licked her lips. “But I feel like this is our chance to truly experience each other and share ourselves fully.”

“No,” Kate whispered as she drew herself to me. I held her hand and it was shaking. This was too much for her and I had to take charge.

“No!” I stated, loud and clear. “Slave, tell them.”

“My Master says ‘No’. I cannot share myself with others without his express permission,” Kate replied, standing up in the water showing her delicious body.

“I see,” Vanessa seethed. “Is there anything else your master wishes to say?”

“There is,” I commented. “What’s the TV for Vanessa? I doubt you watch much sport on this thing.”

“You’d be surprised!” chuckled Brian before a withering gaze from Vanessa put him in his place.

Part 5b Who dares, plays

“Well, as you asked, Andrew, I’d be delighted to tell you,” Vanessa began, getting out of the tub revealing her amazing curves and retrieving the remote. She flicked on the big screen and switched to a screen that was full with games such as “sexy scrabble”, “sex Monopoly”, “Go for broke: sex-edition”, “sex-jenga” and other sex versions of standard games. However, Vanessa merely looked at me and travelled down to one game only…”Dares – a game for adventurous couples”. She selected it and a red screen came on and asked for the number of players. Vanessa selected the amount and entered our names through the voice recognition remote, before sliding back into the tub and looking at me as if issuing a challenge. “Why don’t we share a hit on this, and see where the challenges take us?”

I gestured to Kate to come closer so we could whisper together.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked as quietly as possible.

“I am. You?” Kate conferred, before moving back. I nodded my approval.

“Let the games commence,” Vanessa replied, taking a hit on the blunt, moving it on quickly round the tub to Brian and then watching it move round. She pressed the button and we could see all the names roll around before it stopped on…

* * * * * * * * * * * * Bernie * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Oh, no. I couldn’t possibly…” Bernie began, before Mason calmed her down.

“Why don’t we see where it lands before you decide if you can do it,” Mason replied, calming the damp-squib, Brit. I felt like I’d seen her in the house already but couldn’t quite place where. I ignored that feeling and like everyone else looked at the screen to see what Dare she would get.

* * * * * * * Lick ears – 60 seconds * * * * * * *

This was the option it came up with. Bernie held a hand to her chest. She could live with that.

“See, I told you it might not be that bad,” Mason stated as he held her hand reassuringly.

“Should I lick someone’s ears or should someone like mine?” Bernie asked before taking the fatty and sucking it in. For someone prim and proper she could take a hit like the best of them before passing it on, only for me to ignore it. My senses were so sharp they could cut glass and nothing was gonna dull them tonight.

“Tell you what, I’ll lick your ears. How does that sound?” Mason asked. Whatever had happened between them inside meant that Bernadette clearly trusted Mason and she nodded in approval. “Vanessa, time on the clock, please?”

Vanessa nodded and as Mason moved in front of Bernie she pressed start. Mason moved between Bernie’s thighs and went to work on her ears. Bernadette moaned as Mason’s skilled tongue went to work on her lobes and his teeth gently nibbled on the outer ear. Mason stood out of the water to show Bernadette’s hand working his cock whilst his hands stroked her bra clad-breasts, removing the flesh out of the cups. He stopped his work to kiss Bernadette before moving to the left ear. Bernadette was clearly in orbit now and her breathing was languid and distant as she was lost in the moment.

I looked around the tub momentarily and clearly hands were busy beneath the water in every part of the Jacuzzi, with Mary in particular licking her lips as she ogled Mason’s rock-hard cock, envious of Bernie holding his hot member as his hands fondled Bernie’s tits as he nibbled on her ear, clearly whispering to her as she responded aloud to his words. “Oh yes…I’d like that…Oh, please do that to me…Oh, I need you to fuck me that way!”


The timer went off and Mason pulled away from Bernadette’s ear to look into her eyes and kiss her firmly, his hand behind her head as his tongue explored Bernadette’s mouth. Mason stopped the kiss and looked into Bernie’s eyes.

“Er…Bernie?” Mason asked, looking down. Her hand had not left his cock and was still working it.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Bernie apologised as she realised what she was doing.

“Hey, I’m not complaining! I just need to sit down!” Mason chuckled as did the rest of the tub. Mason sat down next to the clearly flustered woman and as he did so moved his hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. “As the girls are already out, why don’t we get rid of this?”

And with that Mason threw the bra onto the deck, the sopping-wet material making a wet, thwacking sound as it hit the deck. Everyone’s eyes then went to Amber, Matt and Kimberley who were the only ones still in clothing.

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DP Fantasy Granted

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Having known each other for nearly 15 years during which time despite much flirting we’d fucked only once. Life had a habit of getting in the way, distance, marriages, and children all played their part.

Towards the end of lockdown about 12 months ago we reconnected, both single and both using our own preferred sites to hook up with people. After weeks of swapping tales of our past and current liaisons we decided to give being fwb a try, while still carrying on on our own paths.

This carried on for a couple of months before we fell in love and decided to give it a go together exclusively. But the itch never went away for either of us. After months of dirty talk, watching group porn together and using toys to simulate dp while fucking we agreed to take the next step. She wanted two guys for the first time….

At first we agreed it shouldn’t be anyone either of us had met before to avoid jealousy, but after too many creeps and a couple of no-shows we agreed someone we could trust. As all of the guys I knew I’d shared with my they were ruled out, it was down to her, I don’t get jealous so the pick was hers…

So we hatched a plan….

Towards the end of her marriage and before we became exclusive she was semi-regularly meeting with a black guy from London who’d always expressed an interest in trying MMF.

They’d met on a fetish site and played exclusively in hotels with the kızılay escort exception of their last meet just before we got together, the first time she’d allowed him anal. The plan was she would invite him round alone, then when they were in the throes of it I would arrive unannounced and take it from there. She’d sent him videos of us with toys, he knew what she wanted, but never discussed it happening….

The day came, she picked him up from the station, gone home and wasted no time. Unbeknownst to him, I came home about an hour after them and burst into the living room to the sight of her riding him on the sofa. He jumped out of his skin, mortified. Had it not been for her immediate giggling and unwavering gyrating on his cock I swear he would’ve fled rapidly.

“You know what I want!” She exclaimed, with a devilish look in her eye.

By which point I’d stripped, climbed onto the sofa, presenting my by now hard cock, glistening with precum to her eagerly awaiting lips. She took the tip of my cock into her mouth, working further and further down my shaft the wetter her mouth made it, all the while writhing on his cock. In no time at all she came. Hard. Her fantasy of two guys hard for her and her clit rubbing against him was too much, thighs trembling, her toes curled and giggling in ecstasy she formally introduced her two charges. Due kolej escort to her obvious arousal and our prior knowledge of each other the ice was broken almost immediately and we moved upstairs.

She took her place in the middle of the bed, him to her left and after grabbing the toybox me on the right. She grabbed the tv remote and searched for an amateur dp scene to watch online. Fast forwarding the foreplay, straight to a spitroast scene she started to rub her clit and told us to wank ourselves hard again. It was a video we’d watched several times together before, one of our favourites.

“Whatever happens to her is what I want!” She demanded. I knew what happened next- without prompting I spun round, lay on my back with my feet against the headboard as she climbed on top of my face and took my cock in her mouth. He took the hint and before the video caught up he ha grabbed her hips and thrust his thick cock inside her. As I sucked and licked her clit he fucked her hard as she greedily swallowed my dick. Every time he went really deep into her his balls smashed me in the face and as he passed her cervix she bit down on my shaft getting me close to cumming. Before I could, as directed by the vid, she jumped off and positioned herself to take both our cocks in her mouth. As much as she tried she couldn’t fit us both in at once, I told her I wanted maltepe escort to see her suck him and watched on jerking hard watching something I’d only seen on mobile vids before. I watched and wanked, her mouth stretched wide and drooling as she gagged taking barely half of his cock, tears running down her cheeks.

Soon I moved round and glazed my cock with lube, spread her as and started to fuck her ass. Slowly at first, working up to pounding her hard, making her squeal and gag even more.

Soon I looked him in the eye and said simply “DP?” He grinned and nodded, without saying a word he manoeuvred her hips towards me as I lay back ready. We’d already agreed that for her first time I wanted her to ride me so I could see the look on her face the first time she took two inside her…..

As she slid down on me he positioned his cock against her sphincter, grabbing her hips as entered her. I grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to look her in the eyes as her fantasy was granted. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a deep moan of both pleasure and pain. Within seconds she came harder than I’d ever known before, her whole body shook and she gushed and gushed, soaking the bed and all three of us alike. Her holes relaxed and in an orgasmic trance we pounded her hard for almost ten minutes until we both shot our loads inside her one after the other. Each time one of us filled her, our cocks throbbing hard, she gushed hard as she came from our orgasms.

We all collapsed into a sweaty, sexually intoxicated heap for a while before I got up, without saying a word showered, dressed. I went out for a couple of hours to let them carry on and returned after he’d left, her still unshowered to have her all to myself.

– [ ]

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Lucky Man Ch. 24

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Saturday night…

Mystery-Girl’s warm, wet throat enclosed around the majority of his lengthy shaft sent shivers down his entire body as he groaned and beat his head weakly against the door. The head of his cock was buried deep inside her mouth as it sprayed its gooey contents again and again. Incredibly, it seemed like her lips plunged deeper with each convulsive explosion of cum she swallowed. Her wet throat muscles constricted around the rock-hard flesh of his cock, her encouraging, emphatic moans punctuating the unbelievable orgasm she was inflicting on him.

Finally, her moans grew more hurried, and his cock was suddenly free from the confines of her throat. Gingerly withdrawing his spent cock, he steadied himself for a moment before kneeling and looking in through the slot.

The gorgeous blonde he knew as Sam, though she was “Mystery-Girl” to the others, was leaning back and to the side on the chair she had in the room with her. Her hand was between her legs, her face contorted in pleasure as she rode the wave of her orgasm. He could see her tongue working the remnants of his load from her lips, pulling it into her mouth as she grunted several times in a low tone.

Watching in appreciation of the incredibly sexy sight, he watched as she finished having her orgasm. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath, her eyes briefly went wide, and she leaned back up quickly to the hole.

“You okay?” he asked, smiling in through the small opening at her.

Flashing him a pretty smile and nodding, she winked and held her finger to her lips playfully. Then, she licked her lips, drawing more of the remnant cum into her mouth and moaning in pleasure as she swallowed it down.

She looked back at him. “Got another for me?” she asked and flashed him a wickedly arousing grin.

Laughing, he sighed before looking back in at her. “You have no idea how much I want to take you up on that.”

She raised an eyebrow and slowly leaned forward, opening her mouth as it got close to the hole.

“Well now I just have to put it in there,” he said, eliciting a chuckle as he stood.

“I think we both know you’ll enjoy what happens to it in here,” the lips in the gloryhole told him.

Moving back into position, he pushed his now semi-erect cock through the hole, her mouth instantly encasing it in a warm, wet tomb. Her tongue swirled around the head and he thrust gently forward, eliciting a giggle as she sucked and took a healthy bit of his considerable length inside.

“God, you’re so good at that,” he sighed.

She didn’t respond though, and he knew then that it was because she truly loved giving blowjobs. It was easy to see that she was good at it, but it wasn’t every day that you found a woman that actually loved doing it.

He could see that it wasn’t going to happen for him anytime soon, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the unmatched feeling of her lips, tongue, and throat caressing the flesh of his cock. Tossing a brief nod to Mike as he passed by on his way to the bathroom, Duncan silently wished he could coax her out of the box and down to where it was more comfortable. After several long minutes, he gently slid his cock free of her seemingly insatiable mouth and knelt again, peering into the hole.

“I’d love to stay here and just keep your mouth filled with my dick all night, but I better get back down there to check on my wife and girlfriend.”

She frowned. “I certainly wouldn’t mind you keeping it here,” she said provocatively, a single finger sliding between her lips, her teeth biting down gently on the tip as her lips curled up in a playful smile. Backing up a bit from the hole, she giggled and tossed her hair. Running a hand through it, she looked back up at him with a slight blush caressing her cheeks.

A thought occurred to him then, and he looked in again. “Do you want me to put a note up here for guys to clean their equipment before putting it in the hole? I don’t know if you prefer them to be clean or even if you care…”

“If they still have your wife’s pussy on them?” she finished provocatively.

He grinned and nodded. “Exactly. I figure that you’re here because you love sucking dick and didn’t expect to have… well… the pussy flavored variety.”

She giggled and shrugged. “Actually, it doesn’t bother me. Though, if you think about it, it’s really pretty kinky. I mean, doesn’t it turn you on to think of sweet, innocent, naïve little ole me sucking a cock and then being surprised that it tastes like pussy?”

Duncan groaned again, leaning his head to the door and having to take a moment.

“Gotta load for me yet?” she asked with a laugh.

“I imagine I’ll have to come back if those other women don’t drain me dry down there,” he said, looking back through the hole again.

“I guess if you have to take it away from me, I’ll let you. Don’t forget about me if you feel the need, though.”

“‘Mystery-Girl’… I don’t think I could forget you if I tried,” he said with a wink. “You need anything before eve gelen escort I let someone else up here to have a turn?”

She shook her head, a content smile on her face. “Another load from you maybe?”

He laughed, but then heard Mike leaving the bathroom and grinned. “Next customer,” he said quietly, then stood and stepped back as she slid the panel back in place.

“Hey man,” Mike said. “Ed said that the rest of us have got to give this ‘Mystery-Girl’ a go. How is it?”

“Best damn blowjob I’ve ever had,” Duncan said with a grin. He heard the giggle from “Mystery-Girl”, sitting in the gloryhole closet, and gestured for Mike to step up to have a turn as he stepped back a bit.

“So… just knock?” Mike asked, getting a nod from Duncan in response.

He smirked and did so, gently rapping two knuckles on the door. The panel slid aside immediately, and Mystery-Girl’s delicate hand appeared, her fingers wiggling for Mike to bring her what she wanted. Offering Duncan a cautious smile, he stepped up and lifted his mostly flaccid cock into the cushioned whole before stepping up snugly.

Duncan watched for several seconds as nothing happened, but then Mike’s eyes widened in shock as he felt her incredible skill.

“Ho… ly… shit…” Mike grunted. Duncan turned after patting him on the back.

“Ho… my God,” Mike called out. “I’m gonna fuckin’ take you home!”

Quietly leaving him to his fun and Mystery Girl to hers, Duncan descended the stairs and peered into the Red Room.

Sliding in quietly, he moved over to a free space on one of the couches to watch. He saw his wife was sitting by Mark and Drake and an image filled his mind of her being fucked in the ass. The dull blade of jealousy slammed into his stomach and he had to take a moment to shake the feeling off.

Focusing on the others around the room, he saw that Amy was done with sucking off Steve and had moved to the floor with Danielle and Kimber, the three locked in a writhing mass of sapphic bliss.

Marie was on her knees and butt, her feet splayed out away from her thighs as Steve held her head in place and pumped his cock deep into her throat and back out again. She was looking up at him like she wanted nothing else but to let him use her face in that moment. As he watched, the young man groaned and slid his cock deep into Marie’s throat, then held it there while he shivered.

After a few seconds, he let her go and she briefly coughed before laughing and slapping him good-naturedly on the leg. A few seconds of breath-catching followed before she leaned back in and started slurping the remnant cum from his cock.

Glancing back at his wife, he saw her laughing with his friends, then watched as she smacked Mark in the chest for something he’d said. She glanced over at him for a moment, then winked and blew him a kiss.

“Alright, next,” Steve said with a wide grin. He looked from Molly over to Kelly and then back again.

“Me!” Kelly said excitedly, offering Duncan another wink before smacking Drake and Mark both in the chest and sliding to her knees on the mattresses in front of them.

Steve grinned and said something Duncan couldn’t hear, Kelly’s reaction consisting of a shrug before she leaned in and took the young man into her mouth.

He figured that he was just being stupid earlier and began to feel a little ridiculous. He’d had his wife gangbanged the week before and he was getting bent out of shape and all jealous over her having anal sex?

“Ridiculous,” he said quietly, shaking his head in resignation.

“What’s ridiculous?” Molly said, sliding down beside him.

“Oh, nothing,” he said. “Just laughing at my wife.”

Molly cocked her head curiously at him for a moment, then sat next to him, leaning over onto his shoulder. Idly reaching over while enjoying the erotic tapestry displayed before them, Molly started toying with his cock and stroking it playfully.

A few minutes later, Duncan could feel himself getting aroused again and smiled. Turning Molly’s head, he kissed her softly and then began to pull her into his lap. She giggled quietly as he took her in his arms.

She reached down and began to work his cock into her, his arms pulling her tightly up against him. Leaning her head forward onto his shoulder, she slid down onto his shaft with a subtle groan of pleasure.

Drawing her face up to his, he kissed her deeply and let her start fucking him as she desired. Slowly, she slid up his shaft and back down, her lips caressing his as their tongues entwined. He didn’t stop kissing her though and kept at it as she fucked him nice and slow. Her pussy felt incredible, tight and wet, her incredible breasts squished up against his chest as he held her tight up against him.

Her whimpers were muffled by his mouth and she began to clutch at him more fervently. The cries began to get more high-pitched as she slid her juicy cunt up and down. Her tongue pushed hard into his mouth for a moment gaziosmanpaşa escort before he pushed his into hers. She bit down on it for a moment as he felt her pussy start to convulse on his plunging cock, her body shivering against his for a moment before she finally had to break the kiss and cry out in pleasure.

The undulating waves her muscles were rolling along the flesh of his cock were too much and he felt himself reaching the apex of a surprisingly quick building orgasm. Whimpering, she continued to slide up and down his cock for a few moments, then switched to grinding back and forth as he burst inside her.

“That’s it, baby,” she whispered. “Oh fuck… I feel you cumming in me. Oh yes!”

“God, you feel incredible,” he groaned, clutching her hard to him as they rode out their orgasms.

She immediately went back to kissing him deeply, her pussy grinding against his cock at an unrelenting pace.

“Atta girl,” he said, grinning up at her as she smiled. “My queen wants another?”

“She wants lots more,” she whispered, kissing him again.

Molly was content to sit there on top of him, grinding away for another half hour or so, achieving a few more comfortable orgasms for herself. Duncan was glad to have his attention focused on her, as sometimes all the action of the room could be a little too much. Once she finally decided she’d had enough, Molly slid off and sat down beside him, her head returning to its former spot on his shoulder.

The action seemed to be at a lull by that point, and he saw that Steve had finally given up on having a third orgasm. Kelly was sitting by Marie and Kimber, Danielle faithfully between her legs, along with Zeke and Heidi at the other two. Other than that, the rest of the group seemed to be talking and relaxing with each other while they watched the few stragglers still fooling around on the mattresses.

After a few minutes, Duncan offered Molly a kiss on the cheek as he stood to leave. Working his way to the door, he left the room and quietly closed it behind him, then stepped lightly up the stairs.

Kara’s head peered around the corner and focused on him for a moment, then disappeared again.

“It’s just Duncan,” she said. “Do I need to make him wait?”

“Nah,” came another voice from around the corner. “He knew who I was.”

He smiled, then took the last few steps and glanced over to see Kara and Sam standing just outside the gloryhole room.

“Well, hey there,” he said, smiling genuinely.

“Hi baby,” Kara said. “I was just seeing her out since it seems like everyone is done down there.”

“You know, you can’t just walk up to a girl like me with your dick out like that and not expect me to want to take advantage,” Sam pointed out, raising an eyebrow at him.

He looked down and laughed, seeing his nakedness and covering his face for a moment. “Honestly, I don’t really even think about it that much anymore.”

“Yeah, it’s standard practice for people to be walking around nude at this place,” Kara confirmed.

“I’m not complaining,” Sam said, stepping close as she looked around suspiciously, then gripped his shaft her in delicate fingers.

Content to let her play, he offered Kara a smile which turned into her leaning over to kiss him.

“Fuck it,” he heard, and broke the kiss to see Sam kneeling in front of him, her head leaning forward and taking the head of his cock into her mouth without hesitation.

“Jesus,” he groaned, watching as she slid a generous length of his shaft into her mouth, stroking as his grew erect once again.

“Mmmm… is that your wife, or maybe Kara I taste?” Sam asked, looking up at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

He chuckled and shook his head. “Molly, actually,” he replied.

She shrugged and went back to what she was doing, and Duncan groaned in appreciation of her skills.

“God, she’s so good,” he said softly. Beside him, Kara giggled quietly but seemed to be keeping an eye on the door downstairs.

Sam’s gorgeous face and long blonde hair looking up at him were extremely exciting and he felt the stirrings of his long missing second orgasm. Her hands both stroked his length as she took a length of him into her mouth, then slid aside as she forced him deeper, pushing past the throat barrier and driving inside with little effort.

“Jesus,” he groaned, raising his eyes to the ceiling.

He felt her soft hands on his testicles for a few seconds before they disappeared and started stroking again, his cock sliding from her throat though she kept it clutched in between her lips.

“Almost makes me jealous I don’t have one,” Kara said with a snicker.

Sam gave a muffled laugh at that, but didn’t let Duncan’s cock free from her mouth, seeming determined to get her long-sought reward.

“Guh… that’s going to do make me cum,” he grunted, feeling the tide rising within him. “Oh… fuck…”

A single whimper escaped Sam’s lips as he felt the gölbaşı escort first burst of cum fill her mouth, followed quickly by another. Her small hands didn’t stop stroking, spreading her saliva across his shaft as she worked another few spurts of cum into her hungry mouth.

A few seconds of slurping and swallowing followed before she sat back on her feet and looked up at them. Winking at Duncan, she turned and leaned over to Kara, who was keeping watch on the stairs again. Sam surprised them both by running her cum coated tongue up Kara’s slit.

“Oh, fuck…” Kara groaned, reaching down and cradling Sam’s face.

Seemingly insatiable, the beautiful young blonde began to work on Kara’s pussy. Quickly dropping to her knees, Kara shook her head and kissed the other girl.

“Mmm… that’s too much,” she groaned, clutching at Sam. “I was about to pass out.”

Sam giggled and kissed her again. “You said you were jealous,” she said with a shrug. “Ugh… look at my shirt.” She stood, helping Kara up and pulled her top out a bit. It was covered with saliva and stray sprays of cum. “Thanks a lot,” she said playfully, looking at Duncan.

He chuckled, but then heard the door to the red room open and gestured for her to be quiet.

Looking down he saw Stacy and Kimber with Mike and held up a hand for them to wait.

“Bye, guys!” Sam whispered, giving them both a playful wink.

Kara steadied herself on Duncan’s arm, waving as Sam quickly gathered her stuff and went out the side door.

“All good,” Duncan called, gesturing for the three to continue.

“‘Mystery-Girl’?” Mike asked, getting a nod in response.

“She was ready to go home,” Kara said with a smile.

Heading to the main room and sitting down to relax, Duncan and Kara relaxed close to each other as the other three at some snacks and got some water. After a few minutes, Stacy came over and tried to coax yet another erection out of Duncan but settled for snuggling with the two after a few minutes.

After a while, the rest of the folks started to appear, and people started to get ready to go home. Kimber and Mike asked Duncan if they could steal Danielle for the evening, which he quickly agreed to. Everyone else seemed to go home with the people they came with, and soon, Duncan was driving home with Kara and Kelly snuggling over in the passenger seat.

Once home, he went and climbed in the shower rinsing the wear and tear of the evening off as the tiredness started to set in.

“Mind if I join you?” he heard, glancing over and seeing his wife stepping close.

“Not at all,” he said, pulling the curtain back.

She stepped in and slid close to him, taking the soap from his hand and starting to rub it over both of them.

“You have a good time tonight?” she asked, looking up at him sweetly.

“I did. I got to enjoy ‘Mystery-Girl’ as well.”

“I was hoping so. Was she as good as the guys were letting on?” Kelly’s hands worked the soap suds across his tired muscles as she spoke.

He smiled. “She was, maybe even better.” Her gentle but forceful hands spun him around, and he chuckled as he felt her wash his butt crack, then move to other areas. “I saw you trying anal with Mark and Drake,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Yeah,” she commented. “It was definitely odd. I guess I just expected more.”

He felt stuck in the moment and didn’t really know how else to proceed. He didn’t really even know how he felt about it, much less what to say. She must have sensed something was amiss though, and gently pulled him around.

“Hey… what is it?” she asked.

He shrugged, trying to offer her a smile.

“Duncan, what’s the matter?” she pressed.

After a moment, he sighed. “It’s nothing,” he assured her.

“Hey…” she said, reaching up and touching his cheek. “Talk to me.”

Shaking his head, he reached out of the shower and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around himself as he stepped free and turned to regard her.

“I just… I guess I didn’t expect to see that,” he said with a shrug. “I know how it sounds, being that we were at our swinger club, but you never even mentioned even wanting to try it.”

She frowned. “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“I know, and I don’t either,” he said. “Logically I know it’s stupid to be bothered at all by it, but… I still felt… I don’t know the right word for it.”

She stepped out and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself as she moved up to him. “Honey, I didn’t intend to hurt you with it. It was just a spur of the moment thing and I went for it. I didn’t think it was important enough to bother you and Kara about.”

“I know, and you’re right, it shouldn’t have been. It just got under my skin, I guess. You and I are part of a swinger group, and as long as what we do doesn’t break the rules of that group, we should trust each other with what happens.”

“I agree,” she said. “Still, I’m sorry for not talking to you about it.”

He smiled and kissed her. “Don’t worry about it anymore. Let’s go snuggle with our girlfriend.”

Kelly smiled and the two went to get ready for bed.



The feeling of both Mark and Drake sliding their cocks into her was certainly interesting. It was extremely pleasurable, of that she was certain, but there was just something she found a little odd about the anal aspect.

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That Was Different Pt. 01

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Thanks again to Todger65 for the editing expertise. This story has married people having joyful sex with other people. There is also a dash of incest.

That Was Different!

Part 1


Joe and Stacy had been married for five years. In that time their love grew and matured. Their sex life started tentatively, then erupted, and eventually became stagnant. They still had fun and enjoyed each other immensely, but there always seemed to be something more important. The things they found more important than sex now used to be the things they ignored, to have sex. As these things tend to go, rather than be open and honest with each other, they both internalized their feelings. When your sex life is mostly masturbation, even though you have someone you find extremely sexy with you every day, it becomes hard to talk about.

Their sexual conundrum is far from uncommon and people find a variety of ways to address the issue. Often husband and wife will solicit advice from close friends. Joe and Stacy were an island unto themselves. Their social life was nearly nonexistent, and they had no close friends. They were each other’s best friends and did not want the obligations that having other friends might entail. They didn’t need other people but were becoming strangers to each other. Both became sadder and lonelier as each day of stagnation went by. Something had to be done. They loved each other too much to continue this way.

Stacy thought that a romantic vacation just might get things started again and set about researching. She found a couples only resort in The Caribbean and got a quote. That evening she sat down with Joe and went over it with him. Joe was as excited as she was. The following day they made their reservation.

Even though their vacation was a month away Stacy began preparing immediately. One of the first things she did was get them both multiple tanning bed appointments. It was better to have a good tan when they got to the island rather than risk a sunburn ruining their beach time. Joe did not have a fixed quitting time, so he stopped to tan on his way to work. Stacy always got off work at the same time, so she stopped on her way home. She learned that she enjoyed the timing immensely.

Stacy arrived for her first session and was met at the front desk by a very fit young man. She thought that he was likely barely eighteen, but he was extremely attractive. He escorted her to the room, made sure she had fresh towels, and left her. Stacy locked the door and began to undress. While she did so she thought about the sexy young man not too far from the other side of the door. They idea of him coming in and catching her naked gave her a thrill.

Stacy set the timer, laid down, and closed the lid. As she lay within the bed, the heat tingled on her skin. Her thoughts returned to fantasizing about the young man. Her fingers found their way to her recently shaved vagina. She slowly caressed her slit while she thought, ‘He has a key to the door and with the noise of the bed I wouldn’t hear him come in. He could be standing by the bed right now rubbing his cock through his pants.’

A rush shot through her body and she began to pleasure herself, ‘He’s pulling his huge young cock out and playing with it while he watches me.’ Stacy was extremely aroused as her fingers played across her clit, ‘He is putting his cock against my lips and I can’t help but lick it.’ Her knees came up as a thrill ran through her groin, bumping into the cover. The impact of her knees took her out of her fantasy for a few seconds.

It did not take her long to get back into it. Her pussy was on fire with need, ‘I suck his cock and his hand begins to play with my pussy. He plunges his finger into me’ Stacy began to finger herself with one hand while the other played her clit, ‘He climbs onto the bed and moves between my legs. He isn’t asking, he’s taking, as he slowly pushes his cock into me. I cannot stop him and, suddenly, I don’t want to.’ Her fantasy is spinning in her head as Stacy fingers herself to orgasm, the best orgasm she has had in an awfully long time.

She is surprised when the bed suddenly shuts down, ‘Does it know I just jilled off?’ Then, realizing that the timer had run out, she shakily exits the bed. It doesn’t take long before she sees that she is wet with more than sweat. Stacy spends some time recovering from her orgasm before wiping herself down. She then carefully wiped the bed down. Her imagination cringes at how embarrassed she would be if the young man found the puddle of her juices on the clear acrylic of the bed.

When Stacy arrived home, she was reinvigorated. The more she thought about her naughty fantasy the more aroused she became. After dinner she snuggled with Joe while they watched television. Afterward they made love for the first time in weeks. Joe was surprised at her ardor but was not about to question his good fortune.

Stacy looked forward to sunbed days. As her tan developed, she began to go every day. The tanning esat escort business was in an old store front. Partitions had been installed to make the tanning rooms. The store ceiling was ten feet high. The partitions were a bit less than eight. Add to that the hollow doors and you have a natural amplifier for sounds. A person could stand at the front desk and hear the beds running in each room, or people talking, or a beautiful lady orgasming. What Stacy didn’t realize was that the young man had been listening to her orgasming and had a few fantasies of his own, starring her.

The young man had been entranced from the first day Stacy had walked into the tanning business. He saw a lot of women come through the door. Most were average at best. A few were hot. None of them drew him like the long-limbed brunette. She looked to be about five foot seven. Her curly hair hung nearly to her perfect ass. Her tits were a solid c cup and he immediately ached to touch them. She was a rare beauty, and he wanted her bad!

A week before leaving for vacation Stacy made her daily visit. She was well into her fantasy when she saw movement through the goggles she was wearing. At first, she thought she was still in the midst of her fantasy. The young man had been standing next to her bed stroking his impressive cock for nearly a minute before she realized he was in fact real! Stacy froze for a moment in a near panic. Normally she would have made a scene. This was not ‘normally’. She had been playing herself like a fiddle imagining exactly what she was seeing.

She knew he couldn’t tell she was looking because of the goggles. Without making a conscience decision she continued to masturbate as she watched him do the same. The whole event was so deliciously inappropriate. Add to that the impressive cock, watching him stroke it, and her own arousal. She didn’t think she had ever been this turned on. The bed shut down and the lid raised.

Stacy was fully exposed to the young man. He froze and his eyes got big as he realized he had been caught. Stacy was too close to her orgasm to stop now. When he saw that she was continuing to masturbate while staring at his cock he couldn’t hold back. He walked over to the bed and rubbed his cock head against her lips. Stacy was so caught in the moment her tongue darted out and she licked his cock head as her orgasm came closer. Her hips arched as her hand played. When the young man’s hand slid up her leg and his finger entered her pussy, she opened her mouth and began to suck. She had one hand pinching her nipple and the other stroking her clit when he began to shoot cum into her mouth. Her orgasm swept through her like wildfire. Afterward she laid on the bed in shock. She had completely lost control and as a result had experienced one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced.

Guilt and shame swept over her, ‘What the fuck did I just do!?’ She got a hold of herself and thought about the situation. The young man was busily putting his cock back in his pants. He looked more distraught than she felt, “Hey, what’s your name?”

In a quiet voice, almost a whisper, “John.”

“Well John, what just happened here was fun, but it didn’t happen. You didn’t use your key to come in here and masturbate in front of a customer which could have resulted in you getting arrested and fired. If I had wanted you to be in here with me, I would have left the door unlocked. Do you understand where I am heading with this?”

“I was never here, and this never happened.”

“Very good. If you don’t have anything else, you need to leave please, so I can get dressed.”

John moved toward the door, “I may not have been here, but I will always remember it as the hottest thing that never happened to me. Since I wasn’t here and wouldn’t know, I can’t tell you how amazingly beautiful and hot you are or how erotic it would have been to help you cum.” He smiled and closed the door as he left.


Stacy went home with a heavy heart. She dreaded what would happen when she told Joe. The idea of keeping what happened from him was never a consideration. She would not lie to him, even by omission. She barely touched her dinner. Afterwards in the living room she snuggled against her husband and tried to figure out how to tell him. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to just start talking, “Joe?”

“Yeh sweety.”

“I have to tell you something.”

“OK. I don’t like the way you sound. It worries me.”

“First I need you to know that I love you with all of my heart. No one will ever change that. After I tell you what happened you are going to hate me, and I deserve it. I swear that I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. I will pay any penalty you want, just please don’t leave me.”

Joe turned toward her, “Now I am really scared. Please just tell me what happened.”

Joe already knew about her masturbating in the tanning bed and her fantasy while she did so. etimesgut escort Susan told him what happened that day. When she finished, she was hugging her knees against her chest and tears were running down her face.

Joe reached out and pulled her to him, “Please stop crying. I haven’t processed all of this yet, but I know I still love you.” Stacy had never been so relieved in her life. There was a chance everything would be alright again.

Joe held her and thought, “I have a few questions.”


“Do you have feelings for this guy?”

“God no! He was a nameless fantasy until it was over.”

“Did you do it because I don’t give you the love you need?”

“You give me all the love I need and more than I deserve. My jill off fantasy turned real before I realized it. By then I was so aroused, I lost control.”

Joe thought for a moment, “I believe you. My only concern is losing you because of this. I know you never meant to hurt me, and I know you still love me. So, I’m good.”

She leapt onto his lap, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him hard. He smiled at her, “I have to be honest; the whole thing sounds hot as hell. I would have loved to have seen it. As a matter of fact, I can prove how hot I think it was.”

Joe stood, unfastened his pants, and dropped them to the floor. His rock-hard cock was obvious. Stacy slid down to the floor and took him into her mouth. She began to give him a stellar blow job. Joe groaned, “You are not getting off that easy. I will be fucking the shit out of you shortly!”


Rather than answer, Joe showed her.

Later as they lay basking in the afterglow Joe quietly spoke to his wife, “I know what happened took on a life of its own and things happened. Please promise me that in the future you will talk to me before things get crazy. I might surprise you with what I will agree to.”

“Really? I thought you would never let me leave the house again. Now you are telling me it would be alright if I had sex with someone else as long as you know about it?”

“That is not what I am saying. What I mean is that in the right situation I could be agreeable. If it makes you happy, and if it doesn’t threaten our marriage, and if a lot of things I can’t recall at this moment.

“I guess what I mean is that under the right circumstances it could be a fun thing that enhances our relationship. I won’t put up with some arrogant dick head that wants to humiliate either of us. If something were to happen it wouldn’t be about romance or love. It would be about having fun with sex and nothing more. Is what I’m saying making sense?”

“Yes, you make a lot of sense. I just don’t know if I could do something like that again. I didn’t plan what happened.”

“That is one of the reasons I didn’t get upset. You didn’t set out to betray our marriage. You got caught up in the moment. I think the only way it could happen again is if the moment were right. That may never happen, but if it does, we need to ensure we are both alright with it.

“Having said all that, I have to admit my cock is getting hard thinking about the situation you were in today. I wish there were a video I could watch.”

Stacy felt a tingle, “What would you do if you could watch the video?”

Joe’s hand began to pull on his sudden erection, “I would stroke my cock as I watched your mouth sucking his cock.”

“Then what would you do?”

Joe’s hand stroked faster, “I would stroke harder as you played with your clit.”

“And then?”

Joe groaned, “I would watch as his finger began to slide in and out of you.”

“After that?”

Joe was stroking his cock hard, “I would watch you cum as he fingered you!”


Joe groaned, “When he shot his load in your mouth I would cum!” Joe began to ejaculate. The first shot of his cum shot up to his chest. Each shot after shooting slightly lower until his belly button was full of cum.”

Stacy was shocked and extremely aroused, “Oh god honey. That was so sexy!” She leaned over and took his spent cock in her mouth. She lovingly sucked the last of his seed then kissed him hard, “Fuck, I love watching you beat off.”


The following morning Joe sat with Stacy at breakfast, “Are you going to the tanning salon today?”

Stacy thought about it, “I really want to make sure I have a good tan. I can find another tanning salon if you want.”

“No, you don’t have to do that. But if you decide to leave the door unlocked you need to make sure your phone is positioned to record everything that happens. We can watch it together tonight.”

“Joe! I wasn’t planning on leaving the door unlocked!”

“But if you do I want to see what happens.”

Stacy went to work but had a difficult time concentrating. She kept thinking about how her experience made Joe cum so hard. Then she thought about John’s big cock and how exciting it was to watch him etlik escort beat off. Then her thoughts turned to his cock in her mouth and his finger in her pussy. She was not very efficient that day. By the time she left work she was extremely aroused. She decided she had better not stop at the tanning salon but when she approached it on the way home, she pulled into the parking lot despite her good intensions, ‘It doesn’t matter. He won’t be here anyway.’

When she walked in the door he was there. He smiled with affection when he saw her, “Hello Stacy. It is good to see you back.” He escorted her to a tanning room and made sure she had fresh towels. Stacy turned toward John and smiled, “Remember, if the door is locked you are not invited.”

She thought that Joe would like to see her jilling off in the tanning bed. She carefully setup her phone and started video recording. She undressed, set the timer, and reclined in the bed. She never thought about whether the door was locked. She certainly meant to lock it. That had been her plan. Her libido apparently had planned otherwise.

She was fantasizing about John while her arousal built. Thirty seconds after starting the timer her fingers were caressing her pussy. She could tell that it was going to be a good one. Just knowing her husband was going to watch her later magnified the eroticism. The timer had wound down two minutes when the cover raised on the bed. Five seconds later she felt a tongue on her thigh, ‘Oh my god! I forgot to lock the door! He thinks I am asking for it!’ Twenty seconds later his tongue began to caress her pussy and she forgot about her reservations. John was young, but not inexperienced. He had been taught well by his older sisters and sincerely wanted to please Stacy. She was writhing in orgasm when the timer ran down and the bed shut down.

John stood and helped Stacy to her feet. Her legs were wobbly from her orgasm and she stumbled against him. He fell back onto the chair and Stacy slid to the floor. His huge cock stood proud in front of her face. Stacy noted that the phone was aimed perfectly, and she felt a thrill run through her. She reached out and grasped John’s cock and began to slowly stroke it, “You have a nice cock John, and I am going to suck it if you agree to something.”

“Right now, I would agree with anything you tell me!”

“OK. First, this is just sex. I like you but I am never going to love you or be your girlfriend. I love my husband and he is kind enough to allow me some fun. That is all this is. Is that a problem for you?”

“Absolutely not!”

“Good. No more talking.” Susan leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. Joe was a well-endowed man, but John was porn actor endowed. His cock was so big it was a bit scary when she thought about it entering her pussy. The more she sucked on it, the less scary it got. Her fantasy was expanding by the moment.

Stacy sucked his cock like it was the last blow job she would ever give. John was groaning loudly as she stroked and sucked his cock. He normally had quite a bit of stamina, but this gorgeous woman was too much for him. Stacy felt his cock swell in her mouth. His loud groan was followed by his first jet of cum. She sucked him greedily as he continued to pump his load into her mouth. Stacy swallowed it all.

Stacy pulled his spent cock from her mouth and smiled up at John, “That was fun, but don’t expect it to happen again.”

John grinned at her, “If I died right now, I would be happy.”

Stacy snickered, “Good. Just so you know I have recorded this and will be showing it to my husband when I get home. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. I don’t suppose you would be willing to share it with me?”

“You are sweet but not on your life. Now leave so I can get dressed and go home to my husband.”


Stacy was anxiously waiting when Joe came home. She met him at the door and kissed him hard, “I have something for you to watch after dinner.”

Joe swept her up into his arms, “Fuck dinner!”

He carried her to the bedroom and watched as she connected her phone to the television. She laid down next to him, “I almost didn’t go today. I planned to drive right by and come home, but I was thinking all day about what you said, and my fantasy just took off. The next thing I knew I was parking and going inside. I wanted you to see me playing with myself. I really didn’t intend to leave the door unlocked, but I did. So, here is what happened.” She pressed ‘play’.

Stacy put on a good face, but inside she was apprehensive. This was a huge step and if Joe didn’t like what he saw her life could change horribly. The video began and she watched as her husband’s slacks began to bulge. She knew everything was going to be fine when his face took on a painful look. His erection was cramped in his clothing and she set out to free it. She slowly stroked him as the video progressed showing her masturbating.

She sucked her husband’s cock as he watched John slide between her legs and begin to eat her pussy. He started cumming when he saw her orgasm on the screen. Stacy thought that her husband was done for the evening. She was wrong. His cock did not become soft. If anything, it became harder as he listened to his loving wife explain the facts of life to the young man as she knelt in front of his huge cock.

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Woman’s… with Select Men

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Woman’s Guide for Sex with Select Men

The three of us had been close friends since college. Our husbands all were electrical engineers, who went to work for GE right out of school. We all were assigned to the Atlanta area, which is a great place for young couples because there are endless things to do.

On January 16, 1988, we all received transfer notices to Burlington, Vermont, a city of 38,000 people. It was even worse then you can imagine for us when we settled in there. No place to go dancing, two movie theaters, and a handful of good restaurants. Jean, Sandy and I were twenty-seven, no kids, and bored to death. Our husbands were assigned to the four to midnight shift.

We gals got in the habit of having a cocktail at the “High Hat,” the in place for the professional locals, and the executive visitors. We became friendly with the owner, Sue Cole. One day Sue sat with us, and after listening to our complaints for a while, she inquired as to if we were game to try something “different.” “Sure,” we all said at once.

This was her plan: She knew all the locals. If a well dressed, good looking guy came in alone that she was sure was a visitor, she would have a conversation with him and would ask him if he was interested dikmen escort in being joined by a woman. If he said yes, she would call us to see which of us was available to meet the guy. Since she was a woman, she would not upset ours husbands if they happened to answer the phone. Jean, Sandy and I looked at each other. It was two minutes before I spoke. “Sue, can you really make this happen?”, I said. “Easy, every night,” was her reply. We gave Sue our phone numbers and our husbands days off. It was a go deal.

My dress was soaked by the time I got home. I got on my bed and masturbated. Thinking of a strange man on me drove me crazy.

The next night, Sandy was called. She met a guy in a shopping center and went to his motel. After, she reported that he was more nervous then she was. Thursday, my phone rang. “Jane.” “Yes,” its Sue. Are you busy tonight. “No” Be at the KMart center at 9 PM. Look for a gray Chevy. “OK.” I was there in my Mercedes at 9 sharp. The Chevy pulled in next to me. The man that got out was awesome. Six two, black hair, 175 pounds, and wearing a pin striped suit. “Are you Jane,” he inquired. I just said, “hop in.” and we were off. His room was in the Radison. emek escort I walk in and stood in the center of the room. We slowly undressed each other. Naked, we stood kissing. He backed up and looked me over from head to toe. “God was very kind to you,” he whispered. “I was runner up for Miss New Jersey, so yes, I can hold my own,” I said. You far, far exceed my expectations for tonight, he said as he lowered me to the bed.

A bitch in heat, would be the only way to describe me at that point. His hand was on my pussy, which was flowing. Put it in me, please please please! He did. The second push was enough to trigger my first orgasm after waiting for this for two days. We were like animals. His cock was him and it was stroking all my fires. In a frenzy, panting, we cum together.

I lay back, while he fondled my breasts and made small talk. Ten minutes later he was hard again. I spread my legs and he mounted me again. It was even better the second time. There was a third and forth.

I was home by eleven. I called Jean. After, I told her my saga, she said that she too had gone out tonight. Jean is a doll baby. She is 5’1,” and 109 pounds. She had only been with three guys eryaman escort before tonight, and never had a “big” cock.

Seems the guy looked normal, at 5′ 10,” and 150 pounds. But, and this is a big but, his cock was ten thick inches. Jean said that he turned the light off as soon as they got to his room. He kissed her a bit and then undressed her. Once on the bed he ate her. She loved it and noticed that he was making her vagina very wet. Sliding between her legs, he both her wrists with one hand and guided his penis to her love spot with the other. Jean was all excited and spread her legs to help him put his manhood into her.

He thrust his ass forward and put six inches into her. Then, grabbing the cheeks of her tiny fanny, he slammed the rest of his meat into her pussy. Jean cried out in pain during the next few minutes. With ten inches of shaft to work with, he would withdraw seven inches and then throw all his weight into her. Her pussy stretched to take him and she orgasm as he did. He stayed on her, pinning her in place. He got hard again. This time he plowed her pussy for twenty minutes. Jean said,”it felt like he had shredded my insides,” but if he calls tomorrow, I go with him again. I’ve never been so much in heat in my life. My thoughts exactly!

We were in Burlington until GE sold their plant there in 1995. We were never caught by our husbands. We averaged a new guy each week. Hmm, 1988 until 1995. We are all in Florida now. We “allowed” our husbands to talk us into being Swingers, but that is another story.

U B good now, I’m Softly UB2

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Wild Oats – Spring Break Jr. Year Day 02

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A morning woody pressed into my butt cheeks and a warm hand on my bare breast.

It didn’t dawn on me that it was Trent’s bedmate rather than Trent. I love sex and Trent and I had shared good sex last night. The thought of a hard cock in my love hole started my love honey flowing and my vagina lips flowered open.

With my eyes still closed, I reached behind me and guided that hard cock into my vagina. We were on our sides and I was meeting him thrust for thrust. It felt a little different than last night, but I dismissed that thought since we had only used the missionary and reverse cowgirl positions.

The hand on my breast moved to my clit and the contact brought me to a quick orgasm.

I felt lips on my lips and opened my eyes to see Trent kissing me. If Trent was kissing me, who am I fucking? Trent rearranged himself so that he was facing me, still on our sides, and moved his cock into my pussy along with the other cock that was already in me from behind. I was sandwiched with two cocks in me and I loved the feeling. The guys started thrusting together and I had another orgasm which relaxed my vagina even further and they both stroked into me freely with lots of lubrication from the copious amount of love honey I was producing.

Suddenly the backdoor guy stiffens and starts shooting cum into me. This triggers Trent and he cums too. Trent slips out as he shrinks, but backdoor guy was in deeper and even as he shrinks, he remained fully inserted in my vagina.

Trent was kissing my breasts and backdoor guy was maintaining our union by gripping my hips and holding us close.

Trent offered to go out for coffee and donuts for all of us cebeci escort and I slipped off backdoor guy as I headed for the shower.

I didn’t bother dressing after my shower because everyone had already seen me in all my glory. However, I was surprised when I came out to find all four guys nude and sporting impressive erections.

Trent asked me if I would be their fuck buddy and I asked them when they were leaving to go back to their university.

It was now Thursday morning and they were leaving early Saturday morning. We only had two more days to play.

I told the guys they could draw straws to determine who got me when, but I told them we couldn’t spend the whole next two days isolated in their room. I wanted some beach time and some bar hopping too.

We decided that each guy’s turn lasted until they came or until they were too tired to continue or they couldn’t get it up. I was open for sex and came numerous times myself before ejaculated about 3 in the afternoon.

We all took a nap followed by dinner and bar hopping. My four escorts entered me in another wet T-shirt contest. This time I bared all and my four escorts took me, the winner, back to their room for another round of sex for all of us.

Jim was first up. He was shy and had only had a few sex partners. I had to keep assuring him that he was doing it right until he finally relaxed enough to bring me off and to deposit his load inside me. We also discovered that this was the first time he had ever cum inside a sex partner, so this was really special for him.

After we had all fucked to climax we went çukurambar escort to bed, to sleep. This time I shared a bed with the other two guys (Jim and Pete).

Jim seemed to have gotten over his shyness and we all crawled into bed naked, knowing that mutual adventures could occur during the night, but sleep was the first order of business.

At 3 AM, according to the bedside clock, I slipped out of bed to use the bathroom. While I was there I decided to take a nice hot shower. I used my fingers and the handheld showerhead to thoroughly clean my pubes and vagina. I did such a good job that I reawakened my desire for sex by the time I got back to bed.

Jimmy asked me if I was awake and if I was interested in fooling around. I answered him by taking his flaccid cock in my mouth. He moved me around until I was straddling his face and he began to give me the first real oral sex I have had since I met these guys. He used his fingers to open me up and his tongue to explore my vaginal lips and my clit. Then he started going back and forth between my clit and sticking his hard tongue as deep inside me as he could reach.

While he was doing that, I was enjoying his cock. I licked, sucked and swirled. The harder he got, the more I wanted him inside me. Jimmy was circumcised like the other two white guys, Pete is black, but the helmet is out of proportion to the rest of his cock. The helmet is big, it really stretches my mouth to get it all in, and purple with well defined edges while the shaft of his cock is about 5″ long and about an inch in diameter.

I turned around and began lowering demetevler escort myself onto his cock. Once I got the head in he just slid the rest of the way in. The head of his cock felt very good as he moved up and down my love tunnel.

We got in rhythm and I have to admit that as much as I tried to keep quiet, he felt so good inside me that I was pretty loud as I said, “JIMMY, FUCK ME! YES! YES!”

Our movement on the bed and my vocalization woke Pete. He went to the bathroom and then started loving my breasts and fingering my clit as I bounced on Jimmy.

Pete’s attention to my clit brought me to climax and my orgasm triggered Jimmy’s ejaculation. He held himself inside me as his balls emptied.

The large head of his penis served as a plug and kept his cum from leaking out as I fell forward onto his chest and hugged him. I told him what a great job he had done and how he should never question his sexual abilities again.

We stayed like that for 5 or 10 minutes while Pete was stroking my back, my butt, and my legs.

I finally looked at Pete and said, “Interested in sloppy seconds?”

Pete’s uncircumcised cock was as thick the entire length as Jimmy’s helmet and when flaccid, hung half way to his knees.

While Jimmy was still inserted in my vagina, I began stroking and sucking Pete’s cock to get him ready.

When Pete was fully erect, he stood beside the bed and moved me into doggy position after Jimmy popped out of me. Jimmy had deposited lots of cum and it was beginning to flow out of me as Pete slid in.

I was fully awake now and as Pete slammed into me I pushed back to meet him. Each time he moved in me I could hear the squish of Jimmy’s cum inside me and the slap-slap of our flesh meeting. I felt the slap of Pete’s balls hitting my thigh as we established our rhythm.

The other guys were up now and as Pete pleasured my pussy, Trent offered his semi-erect cock to my mouth.

Wow, four cocks before breakfast. I am going to need a nap on the beach today.

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