True Love

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I remember when I first met Sally Watkins. It was a warm summer day and I was six years old playing in the front yard of my house when a station wagon flanked by a large moving truck pulled up to the house next to ours.

She got out of the back of the station wagon with a smile on her face. Her blond hair in a pair of pigtails and wearing a light blue summer dress. Even thought I didn’t know it at the time, I had just fallen in love at first sight.

While her dad instructed the moving men, she and her mom came over and introduced themselves to me and my mom. Our parents became close friends, and of course that meant that Sally and I became friends as well.

We hung out together all summer. I learned that she was a bit of a tomboy, preferring to climb trees and wrestle than play with dolls or have tea parties. That first day I saw her was one of the few times I remember ever seeing her wear a dress, her preferred attire being jeans and t-shirts.

As we grew up, we grew closer as friends. Our parents thinking nothing of us having sleepovers in the tent in one of our backyards were we would try and stay up all night, only to pass out shortly before sunrise.

Over the years, I started to understand what the weird feelings I had for her were. It was love. I was in love with my best friend.

I remember when we were fourteen, we were talking about the rumors of some kids at school going out together, when I asked her what she would say if people starting to say she and I were going out. Sally stared at me for a moment before busting up laughing.

“That would be weird Brian,” she said. “You and I are like brother and sister, we’re so close.”

I forced a slight chuckle and said, “Yeah… Yeah, that would be weird.”

But inside I was crushed. I could feel each crack as my heart broke. Here I was, in love with the girl of my dreams, and she viewed me the same as a family member.

The years passed on, and me feelings for her remained the same. I was still in love with her, even through she didn’t have those feelings for me.

During our senior year of high school, I was going to ask her to prom. I had been planning on how I would ask her for months. I was going to tell her everything about how I felt in the hopes that she would see me in the same way I saw her and say yes. However, the day before I was going to, Sally came bouncing up to me in the hall between classes with a huge smile on her face.

She told me about how this cute guy she liked in her science class had just asked her to prom.

I told her how happy I was for her, but once again, I was crushed inside. Sally then told me all that we needed to do was get me a date, and the four of us could go to prom together.

“That’s okay,” I said. “I’m not really big on the idea of prom. I was just planning on staying home and watching some Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

“Come on, Brian,” she said. “It’s prom. You have to go to prom.”

“I don’t want to,” I said as I put my books away in my locker.

“Why not?” she asked as I slammed my locker closed.

“I just don’t,” I said and walked away. Nothing more was said about it.

The night of prom came, and I watched from my bedroom window as her date picked her up. Sally looked even more beautiful and gorgeous than she normally did in her prom dress and with her hair all done up. This was the second time in my life that I had seen her wear a dress.

I spent the night watching TV, but not really paying attention to what was on.

It was a few hours after Sally left that I heard a car pull up next door. Looking out my window, I saw Sally getting out of her prom dates car, looking really pissed.

“Come on,” he called out to her, but she just kept walking while giving him the finger before she went into her house and slammed the door.

“Fine,” her date shouted. “Be a bitch.” He mecidiyeköy eskort then got back into his car and sped off.

A half hour later, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Yeah,” I said. The door opened and Sally walked in wearing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt with Kermit the Frog on it.

“Fucking ass,” she said as she walked in and plopped herself down on my bed.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“Not you,” she said. “My date. He was such a fucking tool. We got to the hotel were the prom is and the first thing he does is go talk to his friends. Then later when he actually spends time with me, we dance and he grabs my ass and tells me he got us a room… The fucking balls on him to actually think I was going to sleep with him.”

“Sorry to hear your night sucked,” I said. Sally moved next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. Instantly I smelled the green apple shampoo that she uses.

“I should’ve gone with you,” she said. “At least then I would’ve had a good time, and not have to worry about you trying to get into my pants.”

“Yeah,” I said, once again feeling that pain inside as I was reminded that I could never have the woman I loved.

After high school, we went off to college. By some stroke of luck, or maybe misfortune depending how you look at it, Sally and I got accepted to the same school.

I never dated in high school, hoping one day that Sally would start to feel for me the way I felt for her. But in college, I tried to date. Those dates never went past the first one. As hard as I tried to move on, I couldn’t. Sally was the one I loved and every girl paled in comparison to her.

Sally dated as well, and I put on a brave and happy face when she would tell me about them.

During our final year in college, Sally moved to an apartment off campus with some of her friends while I stayed in the dorms. It was during that time she met Greg. Even I had to admit that he seemed like a good guy and treated Sally the way she deserved. As much as I wanted to be with her, I was at least happy she had found someone that made her happy and treated her well.

That is until one night she called me…

“He’s been cheating on me,” she cried on the other end of the phone. I told her I would be right over, jumped into my car and raced over to her apartment. She was by herself when I walked through the door without knocking. I found Sally in her room, on her bed with a box of tissues. I sat down next to her and held her as she cried and told me how he had been seeing someone behind her back for the last couple months because he got tired of waiting to have sex with her.

“You mean, you guys haven’t…” I started to ask.

“No,” she said. “I mean… I want to. But at the same time, I don’t because I want it to be perfect when I do.”

I don’t know what suddenly came over me. I had managed to keep my feelings hidden from her for the last fifteen years. But tonight, I suddenly let it all out when I whispered, “I love you.”

Sally pulled away from me and stared at me blankly for a minute.

“You what?” she asked, her voice flat.

“I love you,” I said. “I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. I’ve loved you all of these years. Everyday I see you is the greatest and the worst day on my life rolled into one because of how much I want to reach out and hold you in my arms and kiss you. My heart breaks every single day because I know you don’t feel the same way that I do and that you and I will never be together. It kills me to know that the most perfect woman in the world is right in front of me and she sees me as nothing more than a friend.”

I laid it all out there as I bared my soul to her. For nearly ten minutes I continued to tell her how much I loved her and what she meant to me. The entire time, she just sat there with a blank, expressionless look on her face.

“I’m escort bayan sorry,” I said after I was finished. “This… This is the last thing you need to deal with now. I’ll… I’m gonna go.”

I walked out of her room and left the apartment she shared with her friends. I was just getting to my car when I heard footsteps running up behind me. I turned around, expecting to be mugged, when Sally launched herself at me. Her lips attaching to my own and her tongue entering my mouth. It was my first kiss.

We stood there next to my car for five minutes as we passionately kissed.

“Asshole,” she said and slapped me across the face when the kiss ended. “Why the fuck did you wait so long to tell me?”

I didn’t answer her. Instead, I pulled her to me and kissed her again. We ended up back in her room and continued to make out on her bed for nearly an hour.

“Brian,” she said breathlessly. “I need you.”

“I’m here,” I told her.

“No,” she said, looking me in the eyes. “I need you.”

Like a light bulb going on, I understood what she meant. “Sally,” I said. “Are you sure?”

She just nodded her head. Slowly, we took each other’s clothes off. It was awkward and we fumbled around a bit since this was a first for both of us. Once we were both naked, we looked at each other’s bodies.

“You’re beautiful,” I told her as I drank in every detail. She blushed and looked away from me as I pulled her to me. My hard cock brushed against her thigh as we kissed once more.

Suddenly, she started to kiss her way down my body until she stopped right over my stiffness.

“It’s perfect,” she said quietly, as if to herself, before looking up at me. “I’ve never done this before, so don’t hate me if I suck.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her choice of words. “I could never hate you,” I said. She smiled at me and then took my manhood in her mouth.

“Oh god,” I moaned as I felt her bob up and down on me. While that was all she did, it was still the most amazing thing I had ever felt. All too soon, I felt myself drawing closer to the edge.

“Sally,” I choked out. “I’m going to…”

“Do it,” she said, taking her mouth off my cock. “I want to taste you.” She then slipped me back into her mouth and continued to bob her head up and down.

“I love you,” I said as I started to erupt. Sally coughed around my cock when the first blast hit the back of her throat. She pulled me out till just the head was left and I filled her mouth. Finally, as I started to go soft in her hand, she pulled away and made a loud gulping sound as she swallowed my cum.

“It tastes kind of weird,” she said after a moment. “But… Not bad. Not great, but I can learn to like it.”

As my brain started to catch up with everything after my orgasm, I pulled Sally up to me and laid her on her back with every intent of returning the pleasure she had just given me.

“Tell me what to do,” I said as I positioned myself between her legs. I took in the sight of her womanhood, already damp with excitement. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent before extending my tongue and licking her slowly from bottom to top.

When I reached the top of her pussy and my tongued brushed against her clit, she squeaked in surprise, grabbed my head and held me there. From her moans, I could tell that she liked it, so I continued to lick and suck on her clit.

Soon, her moans turned into cries of passion, and those cries turned into an ear piercing scream as she clamped her thighs around my head and came. I continued to lick and suck her through her orgasm till she couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed me away.

I sat there watching her breath heavily as she came down from her sexual high, and smiled to myself that I was able to bring her so much pleasure.

“I want you in me now,” she finally said, grabbing my arm and pulling me bayrampaşa escort towards her.

“But,” I started to say, realizing I didn’t have a condom. “I don’t have anything.”

“It’s ok,” she said. “It’s my safe time.”


“Not buts,” she said as she grabbed my hard cock and positioned me at her opening. Deciding not to argue with her, I rubbed my head against her wet opening, teasing her clit with the tip.

I looked into her eyes and I could see the fear of what was about to happen. I felt it to. I didn’t want to hurt her, but with a nod of her head, we both knew it had to happen. That once it was done, it would be over with and we would be complete.

“Should I go slow or fast?” I asked her.

She thought for a moment and said, “Fast… I just want to get this part over with.”

I kissed her gently and said, “I love you,” before ramming myself as hard as I could into her pussy and through her hymen.

Sally let out a slight yelp as I tore through the membrane, then wrapped her legs around me to hold me still. “Don’t move,” she said. “I… I need… To get used to it.”

I nodded my head and noticed a single tear start to roll down her cheek. I kissed that tear away and then looked in her eyes. She smiled at me. It wasn’t that friendly kind of smile she had given me for so many years. It was one of love. Of passion.

“Ok,” she finally said. “But go slow. I’m still a little tender.”

I started to move slowly, and the feeling was incredible. It was the first time I paid attention to the feeling of her wrapped around my cock. I wasn’t sure I could last much longer.

“Oh god Sally,” I said. “I think I’m going to…”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I had a feeling you would. They say guys don’t last long their first time.”

“But I don’t want to,” I said. “I want to keep going forever. I want to give you endless pleasure.”

“I know,” she said. “And you will. This isn’t a one time deal. I love you Brian. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

That was all it took. Her words of never ending love pushed me over the edge and I came. I shoved myself as deep as my six inches would let me and unleashed rope after rope of cum inside her.

Sally rolled me over onto my back and rested her head against my chest. “Thank you,” she said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For you,” she said, looking up at me and smiling. We kissed tenderly for a little bit before going to sleep. When we woke up a few hours later, she wanted to do it again. This time I lasted a little longer and almost had her cumming. Being the gentleman that I am, after I came, I rubbed her clit till she climaxed.

“Shit,” Sally said when she looked at the clock.

“What?” I asked.

“My roommate is going to be home soon,” she said. “I really don’t want her to see you here.”

“Why?” I asked, thinking she had regretted what we had done.

“I just broke up with Greg,” she said. “That last thing I need to hear is how quickly I jumped into bed with you after it happened. She give me that whole ‘rebound’ thing, and try to get me to end it with you. And I don’t want that. I want to marry you Brian. I want to have your babies. I want us to grow old together.”

I felt my heart start to do back flips when she said all that.

“I love you,” I told her and kissed her. We got dressed and she walked me to the door. I kissed her again and told her I’d see her the next day for lunch.

I walked downstairs and got into my car feeling the happiest I had ever been. I drove home with a smile on my face and thinking of the future with Sally. One school was over and I had a good paying job, I would buy her a ring and propose to her. We would get married, have kids, and spend the rest of our lives together.

I was thinking about all of this when I crossed through an intersection of a street. I was thinking this when the drunk driver of a truck ran the red light. I was thinking this when he plowed into my driver side door, ending my life instantly. My last thoughts of something that would never happen.

Life is fucked up like that sometimes.

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The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 01

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Group Sex

All characters in this story series are at least 18 years old

Growing up, my best friend’s name was Mark. We had grown up on the same street and gone to the same school since we were in kindergarten. Mark was the baby in a beautiful family. His father had passed away when we were freshmen in high school, and it was hard on Mark and his family, but his father had left the family a lot of money. His mother, Lisa (who I always called “Mrs. M,” even after her husband’s death), like to stay fit and active. She had been a housewife until her husband’s death, but took over the family landscaping business when she became a widow. She was shorter, about 5’4″, with shoulder length brown hair, kind green eyes, and an amazingly firm looking set of C cup breasts for a woman of 46. She had definitely aged, but she kept in shape. Mark’s two older sisters seemed to have inherited all the best genes from Mark’s tall, blond father and shapely mother. Amanda, or “Mandy,” was six years older than Mark, and I didn’t know her as well. She had the body of a dancer, tall and thin but with a nice, big set of B cup breasts. Mandy was almost as tall as Mark, at 5’10.” She had her father’s blond hair and her mother’s green eyes. Mark’s other sister, Jennifer (or “Jenny”) was shorter than her brother and sister at 5’6,” but had a nice, shapely body. Jennifer shared her sister’s blond hair and green eyes, but had a large set of C cup breasts and a cute little apple bottom.

I had known Jenny growing up, especially since she was only two grades above us. She was a cheerleader in high school, hung out with the popular girls, and always liked to tease her “baby brother” and I whenever we were at her house. Jenny complained constantly that she was the fat sibling, since her sister was so tall and thin and Mark had developed into a muscular young man. I thought Jenny was beautiful. She wasn’t the stick figure of a skinny, high school girl growing up, but she had the body of a beautiful woman. I had told Mark that I thought his sister was hot, and like most high school kids, he didn’t want to hear about boys checking out his sister. So I never brought it up again. As an 18 year old with raging hormones, being around Jenny often turned me on. She and her cheerleader friends often wore skimpy clothes or practiced their stunts in tight little cheerleader outfits.

Then suddenly it was my turn to celebrate graduating from high school. Mark and I were trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before we had to leave for college. It was a summer full of trips to our favorite places and spending time with our group of friends whenever we could. Jenny was back from college for part of the summer, but she was spending most of her time with her old high school crowd. One week, Mark’s mother had to leave for a business conference in the State Capitol. She said her kids were good, and they were all adults now, so she left it to Jenny to keep an eye on Mark and to Mark to keep an eye on Jenny. They were forbidden from throwing parties, but were allowed to invite a few friends over, and Jenny was given some money for food. Mark invited me over for that Friday night, telling me I should spend the weekend at his house. Jenny had also invited three of her college friends to town to spend the weekend at her place. Mark was thrilled to hear about his sister’s friends, claiming that at least two of them were very attractive and he was hoping to be able to hit on them over the course of the weekend. He said he would kill to be able to make out with a college girl. Little did we know what we were in for.

Mark and I were eating pizza around 9:00 when all the girls arrived. They had brought three boxes of wine and proceeded to get drunk as we all got to know each other over pizzas. Samantha, or Sam as they called her, was clearly the queen bee of the group. She was tomboy-ish, but attractive in a girl-next-door sort of way. She was tall and skinny with long, brown hair, smallish B cup breasts, but noticeably nice, shapely legs. When she spoke, you could tell that the other girls listened. Sam rolled her eyes when the others giggled at childish jokes. When I got to college, I got to know her type. She was the girl who was always taking care of her friends, making sure they didn’t get into trouble. Brenda was a big flirt, and the one Mark had told me he wanted. She was very pretty, with pale skin and blue eyes framed by fiery red hair. Brenda was about 5’6″ tall with a very full set of B cup breasts. Brenda was the kind of girl who looked at you seductively, casually sucked the cheese off her fingers as if she didn’t know what it looked like, and then giggled mischievously while flipping her hair. The third college friend, Carly, was short at about 5’2″ tall. She was the least skinny of the girls, but I never would have described her as fat. She was voluptuous. She had long, blond hair, sparkling grayish green eyes, and an amazing set of of huge D cup mecidiyeköy escort breasts. Her firm, perky rack matched her cute, round bottom.

As we cleaned up the mess on the dining room table and threw out the empty boxes, it became clear that the girls were drunk.

“So,” Brenda asked casually, “Are you two boys still virgins?”

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“You boys don’t want to start college as virgins,” Brenda continued, “None of the girls will sleep with you.”

“Well, Kevin’s still a virgin,” Mark replied, “But I’m not.” I punched him hard in the shoulder for that one.

“What?!” Jenny exclaimed in surprise. “My baby brother has had sex!”

“Oh shut up, Jenny,” Carly chirped, “You’ve become quite the slut yourself.”

Mark changed instantly from trying to look suave, to trying to control his anger. “What?!!” He roared, “What do you mean a slut?”

“Oh calm down,” Brenda responded, “You were the one just trying to brag about not being a virgin.”

A tense and awkward silence followed. We continued to clean up our dinner mess without much conversation between us. I spent most of my time glaring at Mark, who spent most of his time glaring at Jenny, who spent most of her time glaring at Carly. We decided to move to the living room to watch a movie.

Mark’s living room was large, with two big couches and a Lazy Boy recliner. Mark plopped himself down in the recliner, still clearly irritated. I tried to be polite and waited to see where the girls would sit. Surprisingly Brenda and Carly chose to spread out on the floor. Jenny and Sam sat in one of the couches, so I was left to stretch out on the other couch. We turned off the lights and settled in for the movie. The air conditioning was strong to combat the heat of the summer, and we were soon getting a little cool. There were blankets around the room, and it wasn’t long before Jenny and Sam were sharing one, Brenda and Carly were tucked under another on the floor, and even I was using one to cover me.

The girls were giggly during the movie, and clearly a little drunk. And they were still drinking some of the boxed wine. “It’s getting cold in here,” Brenda complained.

“We can turn down the AC, stupid, ” Sam responded.

“No, I don’t want to get sweaty,” Carly responded with yet another giggle.

“Fine,” Brenda replied, “Then I need some warmth.” In one quick move, Brenda threw off the blanket, jumped up on the couch next to me, and had wormed herself under my blanket. I was caught completely off guard.

“What are you doing, Brenda?” Sam said calmly but clearly disapprovingly.

“I need some body heat, and I’m totally safe up here with the virgin,” She replied. I could feel the heat of embarrassment causing my face to flush.

The movie got interesting again, and the talking stopped, but I wasn’t paying attention to the t.v. anymore. I had never been so intimately close to a virtual stranger before. Brenda had snuggled her backside right up to my front, and I was keenly aware of the slight and sweet smell of her perfume. I could see her womanly curves and feel her soft ass pressed against my crotch. It wasn’t long before I was trying to hide a throbbing erection. M hard cock had grown awkwardly against my leg, and was pressed down by my underwear. It kept my cock away from Brenda, but it was starting to get painful. I tried to shift my weight subtly to free my erection, and it sprang up into its natural position. Unfortunately, the move also caused it to slide against Brenda’s backside and left it snuggled between the crack of her ass. I was terrified she would complain or slap me, but instead, she giggled.

There was no obvious reason for her to have giggled, and I looked at the others in the room. Mark was looking at me with irritation and clear jealousy. I knew he was interested in Brenda, but this was not my fault. Sam was keeping one eye on us and one eye on the movie, but was clearly irritated. I didn’t know what to do, I was trapped. I was loving the feeling of Brenda pressed against my body, but I was afraid the others disapproved and Brenda might think I was a perv with my cock pressed against her.

After a couple of minutes, Brenda sighed. My cock was still throbbing against her when she lifted her arm and absently scratched her thigh. That hand quickly dipped behind her back and between us, and was pawing at my erection. I shifted backwards in surprise, and Brenda reacted by trying to wrap her hand around the head of my dick through my shorts. All that movement did not go unnoticed.

“What is going on over there?” Sam scolded.

“Yeah, Kevin,” Brenda replied, “Stop moving around!”

I froze. I didn’t want to get into trouble and if the blanket were taken away I would sure look guilty with a solid hard on tenting my pants. Brenda slid down so that she was lying on her back on the couch next to me. I could feel the soft weight kağıthane escort of one of her breasts now pressing against my chest. That mischievous hand of hers now had easy access to my throbbing cock in the space created under the blanket between us. I didn’t move as her hand closed around it, feeling its weight and girth through my shorts. Brenda wasn’t just playing around. Within second she had deftly pushed down the top of my shorts and had the hard tip of my cock in her small, soft hands. I had gotten hand jobs before, but Brenda definitely knew what she was doing. She held the head of my rod in her hands and just used her thumb to rub gently around the head of my cock. There was no visible movement above the blanket, but the sensations going on underneath were thrilling. It wouldn’t have been enough, with just her thumb circling the head of my knob, for her to have gotten me off, but it sure felt good.

“Can we pause the movie for a pee break?” Carly asked from the floor.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Mark replied, hitting the pause button. Carly and Mark jumped up at the same time and headed to different bathrooms in the house.

“I need some water,” Sam said, standing and heading for the kitchen. Jenny looked at me with the smile that always melted my heart, winked, and followed Sam into the kitchen.

Brenda turned to face me, never letting go of my cock or stopping her gentle rubbing. Her soft, warm hand was starting to feel really good. “So lover,” she whispered, “are you really a virgin?”

“Yes,” I whispered back, feeling the weight of her full breasts pressed against my chest.

“You being a good boy, waiting for marriage?” She asked.

“No,” I replied, “I guess I just haven’t had a chance.”

“So you do want to have sex?” She asked.

“Yes,” I replied

She laughed a surprisingly light, sweet laugh. “Good for you,” she whispered. “Sex is fun. And you don’t want to disappoint all those college girls who are gong to love this hard body of yours, or this big cock.” Brenda’s hand began to slide up and down my shaft, feeling a little rough on my dry skin but feeling much better than just her soft thumb. “My goodness this is a big cock,” she continued, feeling my thick seven inches. I had seen other guys in the shower and thought they looked a little smaller, but I never realized until that moment how large my cock was. “Would you like it if I was your first time,” Brenda whispered, looking deeply into my eyes.

“Of course,” I whispered back. Brenda began pulling off her shorts, and I could tell what she was doing. “Hey wait, what if…” But that was all I got out. Jenny bounced her way back into the room.

“You two having fun?” Jenny teased.

“Oh, just talking about college,” Brenda replied.

“Yeah right,” Jenny shot back with a laugh. Jenny dropped into the recliner, one shapely leg draped over the arm of the chair. With her legs spread like that, I caught a glimpse of Jenny’s pink underwear beneath her shorts. I glanced back up at her face, and saw that she was looking at me. She had caught me staring at her crotch, and instead of looking upset she flashed me a silly smile.

Slowly, everyone else began to return to the room. With Jenny in the recliner, Mark took the other couch. Without a word to anyone, Carly also sat down on the couch and pulled the blanket over her. Sam, the last to return, didn’t seem to mind being left with the blanket on the floor, and spread herself out there. We restarted the movie.

Brenda never stopped rubbing me. Her hands were both soft and strong, never chafing my dry cock but applying just the right amount of pressure to feel good. She was especially adept at alternating between swirling her soft hand around just the head of my cock and taking long strokes up the length of my shaft. I was initially nervous that people would see her hand moving up and down, but the blanket fell in a way that created a little space between us, and it hid her movements completely. Once I relaxed about being caught, I felt more calm and revelled in the feeling of her hands sliding up and down my shaft. I had gotten a couple of hand jobs before Brenda, but nothing came close to how good her hand felt. And she knew exactly where to touch. The soft spot just under the crown of my cock, the sensitive top of the head, the ridge running length of the shaft. Switching up her movements also meant that I was constantly surprised and aroused. It felt like sparks of electricity were shooting through my body every time she did something new, and then I quickly had something else to worry about.

I tried to casually lower my head and put my mouth right next to her ear. “Stop,” I barely whispered. “I’m going to cum.”

“Are you kidding?” She whispered back, “already?”

“Yes, stop!” I insisted. “I’m going to shoot cum all over you if you don’t.”

She gave me a big smile and her blue beşiktaş escort eyes sparkled. “Fine, if you don’t want to make a mess, put it in me.”

“Are you crazy?” I whispered in her ear, but she didn’t respond. She just rolled slowly onto her side, as if she were adjusting herself, so that her bare firm ass was pressed against my throbbing cock. I had forgotten that she slipped off her pants earlier. This was getting completely out of control. I loved the feeling of her shapely, firm ass pressed against my engorged cock. You could have bounced quarters off that ass. Brenda had slipped her hand down her body, because I felt it groping between her legs for my cock. I thrust my hips upward slightly, and her hand found my hard shaft. Her delicate fingers again played teasing circles around the rim of my swollen member. Then, Brenda pulled my fat cock head down slightly and suddenly my cock was rubbing against something wet and slippery. I realized that Brenda had rubbed my cock head against her wet, swollen pussy lips before positioning me at the opening to her entrance. Her hand moved away, and we remained like that for a moment, my throbbing and eager penis positioned just at the entrance to her pussy.

I looked around the room, and no one seemed to notice a thing. Carly and Mark had laid across the couch in a mirror of what I was doing with Brenda. Jenny and Sam were both wrapped up in blankets and appeared genuinely interested in the movie. I didn’t know what to do, but my hard on was screaming for attention, so I pushed my hips forward slightly.

I will never forget the sensation that followed. At first I didn’t think anything was going to happen, as I felt warm and wet pressure on the head of my cock. Then suddenly my cock head pushed through Brenda’s opening, and I was inside of her. It was like my penis had been swallowed by a hot, wet, velvety glove, and I was no longer a virgin. The heat and the wetness and the tightness and the softness were all amazing. I was surprised by how hot and wet it felt, but I knew this is where my cock was meant to be. Even my best jerk off sessions had never come close to feeling as good as a real pussy. I could feel the heat of pleasure flowing through my cock and warming the center of my body.

Brenda sighed audibly as I pushed through, but again no one seemed to be paying attention to us. After I overcame the initial amazing feeling of the warmth and wetness, I pushed my cock fully into Brenda. She groaned very softly, and then I withdrew almost to my tip before sliding the length of my solid shaft back into her tightness. The feel of her wet, tight skin sliding against the length my aching cock was incredible. I would like to say that I was a stud my very first time, and gave Brenda a good fucking before I came, but that is not true at all. The sensation of a wet, velvety glove gripping my hard penis was too much for me. I pulled back, thrust, pulled back, thrust, and then the orgasm overtook me. It happened so quickly, I almost cried out in surprise. I had never gotten off so hard or so quickly in my short life, but each thrust felt as good as ten minutes of masturbating. Every inch of skin on my cock tingled as it rubbed against the soft tunnel of her pussy. After the third thrust, fireworks flashed before my eyes, I felt a heated explosion in my groin, and every molecule in my body was overcome with pure, bright, pleasure. I felt my cock expand and then spurt hot load after enormous hot load deep into Brenda’s tight pussy. It felt like my orgasm lasted for an hour, and I began to feel my body actually shaking as spurt after spurt erupted out of my cock and into Brenda’s pussy. In reality, it probably lasted 30 seconds. But it was far and away the best orgasm of my young life to that point.

As I calmed down and tried to keep from screaming in joy, I began to think of excuses to give Brenda for why I had come so fast. She had given me a really great hand job, for a while. And watching her and the other girls being flirty while eating their pizza had kept me turned on for most of the night. But in the end, it turned out that I didn’t need any excuses.

We continued to lay motionless on the couch as the movie on the television came to an end. My cock softened a little from its fully engorged state, but remained firmly planted in Brenda’s pussy. As soon as the movie ended, Jenny sprang out of her chair and said she had to pee. Sam said she also had to go, and they headed off towards Jenny’s bathroom. Mark and Carly lay on the other couch for a moment before Mark said something, Carly giggled, and then they got up and headed towards the kitchen without a word to me or Brenda.

Brenda turned to face me and my thick cock finally slipped out from inside of her. She had a bright smile on her face as she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

“I can tell you really enjoyed that,” she said, “I can’t believe I could actually feel you shaking as you came. And your cock is still pretty hard. Amazing. Did you enjoy your first time, virgin?”

“Oh yeah,” I whispered back, “I hope that was okay.”

“Oh yeah, baby,” Brenda replied, her blue eyes still intently looking at mine, “I love getting to be your first.”

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The Team Completed

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Big Dicks

Michelle was slowly getting extremely pissed off. She’d arrived at the court for their practice expecting the other girls to be there and no-one was. OK, she’d been a bit early but she’d assumed that at least one of the others would be there or would arrive shortly. But no. They didn’t turn up to the very last moment, the four of them chatting and giggling, apparently about last nights date. Michelle had asked what the story was but they’d just waved it aside with a casual “You’d have to have been there.”

So they got off to a slightly late start, but that didn’t really matter. Their practice had started slowly but smoothly, the team honing their skills and working together the way a team should. No problems.

Then it was all downhill. The rest of the team started clowning around and grandstanding, and Michelle didn’t have the faintest idea why. She pushed a bit harder to see if they’d straighten up and get with the plan, but things just seemed to get worse. Those idiots were giggling and having fun, but they weren’t getting a proper practice in. Michelle had had enough and she called the girls together for a huddle.

“OK. Would someone care to tell me what’s going on. I’m a big girl now. I’m nineteen. Nothing you say will shock me, but if someone doesn’t explain fast I’m going to kill one of you and bury you under the goal post as a warning to future players.”

“You can’t. It’s floorboards, not dirt,” someone giggled, and Michelle turned a fulminating eye on the offender.

“Ok, OK,” Nicki said in a hurry. “It’s him. He’s turned up to watch the practice.”

Michelle looked around. There was one spectator, sitting on the seats at the top of the stand. “Who was he?” she wondered. “Oh, yes. That’s Rick. I’ve seen him around. Why’s he upsetting them. He doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

Michelle turned back to the team. “What’s so special about him? Why are you all playing up to him?”

The team seemed to be quite interested in looking anywhere but at her, and no reply was volunteered. Michelle felt her frustration and her temper rising.

“Look, he’s a nothing,” she protested. “I mean, can you name even one girl he’s dated or managed to talk into bed?”

Nancy muttered something, but Michelle was sure he misheard.

“Sorry, I don’t think I caught that. Could you repeat it, please.”

“I said,” said Nancy, loudly and clearly, “that I could name four.”

Michelle looked at the rest of the team, who were looking back, a couple of them blushing slightly. It didn’t take a genius to decide which four were being referred to.

“All of you? You’ve all slept with him? When did this happen?”

“Last night,” said Nancy, “and there wasn’t much sleeping involved.”

“And the rest of you?” queried Michelle.

“Nancy just told you,” pointed out Sandra. “Last night.”

“But…” Michelle paused, not quite believing what they seemed to be saying. “Are you saying he fucked all four of you last night?”

“He banged me at the party, and promised he’d see me aksaray escort home safely,” said Sandra. “I drank too much and fell asleep, but he was as good as his word. He got Nicki and Nancy to help him take me home to the dorm.”

“He stopped on the way home, stripped us and screwed both of us. For some reason we just couldn’t say no.” Nancy supplied.

“When he got to the dorm he carried Sandra up to our room,” sighed Jan. “Nicki and Nancy were trying to explain to that dragon of a warden what was going on, and he did something to slow down the elevator. He walked into our room and dumped Sandra on the bed and then looked at me. I’d always liked him and have talked with him quite often, and he just smiled at me and I was only wearing those shortie pj’s of mine and then I wasn’t and you can guess the rest. It turns out he can perform very quickly when he needs to.”

“We were discussing what happened this morning, and that’s when we found out just what he’d done. Or who he’d done, I suppose I should say,” giggled Nicki.

“He actually had sex with all of you in one night? He must have the balls of a bull.”

“And a cock to match,” came a quiet comment, with smirks appearing on the faces of the team.

“I’m starting to get hot just listening to his exploits,” said Michelle with a grin, “but I’m not having him disrupt our practice. Let’s all go and have a chat with him and chase him away.”

Leading the way Michelle and the team headed up the stands to confront Rick.

“Rick,” Michelle greeted him with a nod of her head.

“Michelle,” Rick gravely acknowledged, with his own polite nod.

“You presence is disrupting out team practice. You appear to be distracting the girls.”

“I just happened to run into some of the team last night, and I thought it might be interesting to watch them in action,” returned Rick, blandly. “I don’t mean to disrupt things.”

He smiled at Michelle and she blinked. “God, he’s lethal when he wants to be,” she thought. “That grin went straight to my pussy. Arrogant prick.”

“Yes,’ Michelle said derisively. “‘Ran into’ are the right words. I heard how you ‘ran into’ them. With that sort of performance we could be excused for thinking that you’re here to complete the team for trophies.”

“Well yes, thank you. It’s kind of you to volunteer, Michelle,” said Rick, with another of those smiles that seemed to bypass her head and pluck straight on her emotions and nerves.

Rick reached over and while Michelle and the team watched in stunned surprise, he lifted Michelle’s skirt and slowly pulled down her panties. Michelle stood, rigid with shock as she watched her panties sliding down then off, not even thinking of protesting until it was too late and Rick was placing her panties on the seat next to him.

Michelle was stunned. “Do you really expect me to have sex here, in the stands, in public, in the middle of the day, when I barely know you?” she asked scathingly.”

“Yes, that’s the idea. There’s only us here. If anyone else topkapı escort comes they won’t see anything because the rest of the team will block their view.”

“You’re mad. And the rest of the team will see. They’re public. No. It’s not going to happen.”

“No, they’re your team. They’ll be cheering for you. And yes, it is going to happen.”

With one hand he reached out and took her hand, drawing her towards him, while with the other hand he flicked open his zip.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to let you do this,” asked Michelle, feeling helpless, watching his erection pushing against his open fly, and realising that she was feeling incredibly aroused by the whole scenario.

“Yes,” came a rather bland answer, as he drew her down next to him and placed her hand against his open fly. Despite herself, Michelle found her hand slipping through the opening and taking hold of Rick and extracting his erection so it stood free. “Like the team had said,” she thought, “he’s built like bull.”

Rick reached over and drew her across his lap, facing him, pressing her to him so his cock was pressing against her pussy. She found herself rising to allow Rick to position his erection under her pussy, pressing firmly against her lips.

She found herself slowly sinking onto his cock. Without knowing how it had come about she was completely yielding to him and in front of the team. She turned her head to look at the team, only to find them staring back fascinated at what was taking place before them.

She turned back to Rick and stared at him and that infernally sexy smile of his, as she sank down, accepting the full length of his cock into her tight pussy.

“What now?” she wondered. “Is he just going to bang me?”

“How long have you booked the court for,” Rick suddenly asked. “The court? Who cares? I thought you were going to have sex with me?” thought Michelle. “Why worry about the court now?”

“Thirty more minutes,” called out Nancy, “but no-one’s booked it after us, so we usually have use of it for an extra hour.”

“How long can you sit still, Michelle?” asked Rick,


“Don’t move. Just sit there the way you are.”

“Just sit here?” she thought. “I’ve got a cock jammed all the way up my pussy, so far up I can nearly taste it, and he wants me to just sit?”

Michelle sat, determined not to move until Rick did. “All I can feel is this cock in me, and I’m just sitting.” “I can feel that thing trembling with every breath he takes. How long do I have to just sit on it.”

Michelle could feel her own breathing moving her gently against the invader, little ripples of sensation slowly snaking their way deeper into her.

Sitting, ever more conscious of the erection inside her.

Her slightest movement causes her delicate insides to rub against his cock. Same with any movement he might make. Little movements, gently stirring. She tried to slow them by holding her breath, had to gasp and sagged slightly. Bad move. That thing inside sarıyer escort her seemed to surge a little with joy at the movement.

“How long do you expect me to just sit here?” she whined. “As long as it takes. You can always chicken out,” came the placid reply.

No way was she going to back down. If he wanted to just sit, they’d just sit. Michelle started fantasising about telling Rick to just sit, after she jammed one of the sports departments Indian clubs up his arse. That’s what it felt like from where she happened to be sitting.

Sitting, slowly riding his monster. “Are we in a contest for the worlds slowest fuck?” she wondered. “If so, I should have been warned. Damn it all, she could feel her heart beat, throbbing against his cock. Or was that his heart pulsating through his cock and into her?”

Michelle was losing track of where she ended and Rick began. There mutual pulses were causing little throbs that were coming faster as her heart rate increased. She was starting to breathe heavily, which once again increased the agitation between her and that damned erection.

“Oh, god! I’m going to climax just sitting here. It’s not possible.”

Possible or not, it was slowly but inexorably happening.

Michelle was breathing even more heavily, feeling all those tiny movements combining, uniting, becoming one constant friction deep inside her, dragging her where she didn’t want to go but couldn’t resist. The explosion occurred deep within. Michelle, was shuddering, gasping, trembling from the force of it.

Relieved that it was over, and feeling just that little bit disappointed, as though she had missed out on something. She opened eyes she hadn’t even realised she’d closed and looked at Rick.

He was looking back at her, fire in his eyes and determination on his face. “Now you can start moving”.

Startled but relieved Michelle stared at him, starting to rock, letting his cock more actively rasp against her sensitive nerves. Highly sensitive, she found, eager to take what they’d been denied and were now craving.

Michelle could feel the answering surge as he pressed up to meet her. Pressed? Nothing so gentle. He was starting to hammer home his advantage, wielding his cock like a weapon, driving her back towards the climax she’d just left.

They were moving faster, now falling into the harmony of a pattern dictated by nature, welded together by his cock and their mutual desire.

Rick was thrusting home while Michelle was lunging to meet him. Rising towards a climax again, feeling his seed spilling within her and knowing what she had missed the first time, even as he flooded her and sent her over the edge to her second orgasm.

Slowly coming down, from the heights, still sitting, feeling his cock and his seed warm within her. Sighing with regret, though just what she was regretting she didn’t know.

Felt Rick withdrawing and handing her back her panties. Heard Jan suggest she take a shower before she put them on.

Michelle turned and looked at Rick. “OK. It seems you’ve completed the team. I trust you’re satisfied now?”

“Not yet,” came the reply. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Me or the team?” Michelle demanded, sarcastically.

“The team,” came the arrogant reply. “I’ll get pizza in for you.”

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To Get a Passing Grade

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“I can’t fail this class.” Katrina grumbled lowering her head to cover up her grade. She been all around blessed for most of her life, she’d been born into a well to do family, not rich by most standards but well enough off that her parents had given her a car when she turned sixteen. A combination of genetics and an obsession with staring at sweaty boys in the gym had given her an impossible body. Unlike most big breasted blonde babes Katrina wasn’t a bubble headed bimbo. Those girls had barely gotten through geometry, Katrina was about to fail trigonometry and ruin her chances of getting into an Ivy League College.

Of course as soon as she’d started having trouble with the class she’d tried studying harder but she’d apparently reached her limit in mathematics. She’d tried cheating but other than the one time when she managed to get away with a custom double sided print of a Coke bottle that required her to tip the bottle far enough to reveal the answers she hadn’t come up with a method clever enough to get past Mr. Simmons, and that plan wasn’t one she could risk often. She’d tried dropping a few hints with the teacher and it probably would have worked the year before. He was already under investigation for supposedly sleeping with one of the cheerleaders from before. The only reason he was still on the job was because there was no proof and both of them had denied that anything had happened. It basically came down to one student who claimed he’d seen her leaving the classroom during his free period and that there was no way she’d managed to get a C in Trig. The point was that he wasn’t taking any chances and had gone so far to make the point that any time she flashed him even the slightest hint of pussy he sent her to the office for inappropriate clothing.

Sadly that left only one option. She needed a tutor and there was only one place to find a tutor, at least one that was going to get her through Trig. The Math Club. The lowest of the low in the High School hierarchy, worse even than the Chess Club. There was the mild advantage that their Math Club were nearly legendary, in the last ten years they’d made the nationals every single year and they’d won two years running.

When Katrina had walked in wearing her black mini tee with the purple heart stretched across her ample bosom each head had snapped up from anything else and focused on her. She knew how she effected men, it wasn’t an accident that she’d chosen her knee high stiletto boots. She’d been told that the echo of her boot falls were enough to get a man rock hard. The pleated skirt was actually a decent length ending mid way down her thighs, even if she leaned over to touch her toes it wouldn’t quite reveal her escort şişli but she was banking that the Math Club had a lot of cross over with the Anime Club and being dressed like something out of Sailor Moon would get her that extra bit of attention that she needed.

They had practically spilled over themselves to talk to her, even the girls. It wasn’t everyday that a popular girl bothered to speak to any of them. She’d had her pick of the litter and after explaining her situation had chosen Bobby Newman.

Bobby was captain of the Mathletes and had passed Trig with an A in his junior year. Over the summer he’d taken two college level math classes and had been invited, not accepted but invited to Harvard, Oxford, Yale and Cornell. He wasn’t that hard on the eyes either, he was almost six feet tall, so he had to look up at Katrina which was sort of cute. He was well built, apparently one of his math exercises required actual exercise, something about a strong mind and healthy body. Either way he would have looked at home on the wrestling team or track. Basically any sport that didn’t require you to be tall. He had brown hair that he let grow down to his shoulders and big brown eyes like a puppy. He was a bit of a fashion disaster heavily favoring shirts with half dressed anime characters who Katrina couldn’t name but over the three weeks that she spent with him she’d learned to tolerate him.

He was more than just brilliant, he was a genius. Half the time Katrina felt like he was something out of a comic book. A Lex Luthor kind of guy, somehow when he explained even the most complicated formulas to her she could understand exactly what he was talking about. If her teacher was half as smart as Bobby was there wouldn’t be anybody failing his class. Three weeks and a lot of extra credit was all it took to get her back to the C that she desperately needed.

He’d lived up to his end of the bargain so it when Grad Night came around Katrina was willing to live up to her end of the bargain. Like most nerds of his caliber Bobby was more than a little uncomfortable publicly. He wasn’t a bad guy by any means but his social skills could use a lot of work, not that it would matter in ten years when he was pulling a seven digit salary and could sift through the gold diggers for one that didn’t completely disgust him but in High School it had kept him from even getting to first base, much less anything beyond that.

The two of them had agreed that if he was able to solve her problem that she’d solve his when they were at Disney Land and Katrina was a woman of her word. It was just lucky for him that he’d turned eighteen the week before. She wasn’t going to work her shapely merter escort ass off to get into college only to get rejected because of statutory charges. She’d been eighteen for most of the year thanks to a birthday that just barely missed the mark to get into the school the year before.

“Bobby where are you?” Katrina mumbled. She was getting bored of watching the stupid light shows and parades. He’d been on a different bus though and probably hadn’t even gotten to the park yet, it was just dumb luck. Then her cell phone rang. “Meet me at Indiana Jones.” Katrina mumbled aloud then trotted off to the designated part of the theme park.

It turned out that mixed in with his prodigious math knowledge, encyclopedic anime knowledge and more than moderate proficiency in video games Bobby also had a hidden talent that Katrina hadn’t expected. He cleaned up extraordinarily well. He’d slicked his hair back and worn a black button up shirt that accentuated his chest. He also had picked up a rose. “Hi.” Bobby mumbled already trembling.

Katrina nearly blushed, it was so sweet and she couldn’t remember the last time she’d made a boy as nervous as she was making Bobby right then. It might have been that she slightly overdid slutting it up for him. She’d came here for a single reason, to fulfill her end of the bargain and she was dressed for the part. Open toed black heels with straps that reached half way up her calves and a red dress that didn’t quite cover her rump and a slit that went far enough to prove she was bare beneath it. It was also backless so if the plunging neckline didn’t give away the fact that she didn’t need a bra then the fact that you could see her back would. “Is that for me?” Bobby nodded and thrust it out towards her. “Calm down Bobby.” She took the rose and pressed it to her nose inhaling deeply. She’d always loved roses.

“So where are we going to do this?” Bobby blurted quickly looking around.

“One place that’ll be a first for me too. Come on.” She took him by the hand since it seemed he couldn’t move on his own and dragged him to the completely empty Monorail Blue and pulled him into the final car. “You just relax and try not to uh finish too quickly okay?”

Bobby nodded and Katrina kissed him. His entire body surged like she’d shocked him when he kissed her. It went right through his body and he was instantly in heaven. Katrina was almost certain when she slipped her tongue into his mouth that had she stopped then he wouldn’t have complained. It was more than he’d ever had before.

Katrina was so sexy that it was difficult to remember to do simple things like breathe while she was kissing him. It wasn’t until she put his hands, istanbul escort one on her breast the other on her ass that Bobby managed to get his hands moving. She was just overwhelming and it was obvious that she wasn’t doing this completely out of obligation. She was grinding against his cock threatening to get him off before she even got him undressed. She was just a woman who enjoyed sex and would have fucked for a living if she thought she could.

It was completely overwhelming and at the same time completely amazing. Bobby could barely believe the situation, that he actually had The Katrina straddling his lap. Her dress was already rising of his own accord to bunch around her waist, the top merely pulled open so Bobby could clumsily paw at her breasts and toy with her nipples. “Use your mouth. Just be gentle.” Katrina moaned rising up slightly so she could fish his cock out of his slacks and ease herself down onto it.

Katrina grinned silently as she sat down on Bobby’s cock. He was average sized by her experience, nothing to complain about but she’d really been hoping it would be like in the movies. In all of the porn she’d watched it was always some geek who ended up whipping out the monstrous cock and for that Bobby was a mild disappointment. The entire goal was to do whatever she could to make him last long enough for her to get off.

She started by easing onto him as slowly as she could manage then just sitting there until she felt him stop pulsing. “You like that?” Bobby grunted his approval around a mouthful of tit. “Good.” Katrina gripped the seat behind him and started grinding her hips against him focusing on keeping her clit against his pubic bone while moving as little as possible over his cock. Even doing that she had to slow down several times when he started getting close.

Bobby was doing his best to keep from coming instantly. Anything he could do to push the thoughts of her aside even for a moment would have been enough but it was impossible. There wasn’t a single thought he could into his mind for more than a second with Katrina’s breasts bouncing in front of him. Even when he closed his eyes he could feel them brush against him and hear them slapping her chest. “Oh God. I’m gonna.” Bobby’s breath caught in his chest as Katrina brought him over the edge with an orgasm that nearly left him unconscious. “Sorry.”

Katrina shook her head. “Don’t be sorry, I’m almost there. Just hold on.” Katrina picked up the pace churning against him quickly. She was already near ready to cum, he’d lasted much longer than she’d expected him to last. The look on his face was as he’d came was almost enough, but the growing look between ecstacy and pain as she rode his oversensitive cock to her own orgasm was even better. “You know for a first timer you’re not half bad.” She leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. “You should let me tutor you. You could be great a getting girls to divide their legs.”

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Alice’s Wonderland: Breakfast

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“And skip breakfast tomorrow, for reasons!” Alice’s words still echoed in my head as I found myself in front of Wonderland once again. I was rather hungry, as I usually don’t skip breakfast… but I also knew that going against Alice’s wishes would not be beneficial for me or my keys…

I entered the store. Alice perked up. “There you, are!” she said. “I was beginning to think you passed out from hunger on the way here!”

“Hunger, or anxiety,” I replied. “You haven’t even told me why I had to skip breakfast.”

“I did, actually. I clearly remember saying it was for reasons,” Alice said, jokingly. Her tone became more flirty as she continued, “I also recall saying I was going to unlock you today…” Alice’s finger lifted her necklace again to provide visual confirmation of my chastity key still being there.

“So, what’s the training task today?” I asked. Given the intensity of the dolly training, I could only imagine what she had in store for me today…

“Everything is set up in the back! Mostly, anyway,” Alice replied. “Nothing public. And it won’t even take that long today. You’re in luck.” Alice walked me to the back as we entered the employees’ room once again. In the corner of the room, I saw what seemed to be a piece of bondage furniture. Leather straps attached to its legs, a padded top, and several other straps to keep one’s body locked in place… it seemed that this was my training seat for the day…

Alice caught me staring at the furniture and said, “Yup, that one is yours. Your daily training sessions for the next few days will all involve bondage of sorts. You need to be trained to act like a doll. And dolls don’t move on their own. So training you like this will make it easier to put on a convincing show for your friend, Tyler.”

“But I thought you said you weren’t going to do that?” I asked nervously.

“Well, it’ll be more like a test drive, really,” Alice chuckled. “I’ll let him buy you, but I’ll tag the box with a silent alarm directly linked to my phone. It’ll go off once Tyler opens the box up. I’ll give him a few hours to get his money’s worth out of you, before calling him to return you, as there will have been a recall by the manufacturer. He’ll return you, and get his money back, thus undoing the purchase.”

“That sounds overly complicated with too many key moments that could go wrong,” I said.

Alice rolled her eyes at me. “Speaking of key moments…” she began. “I don’t like the way you seem to be doubting me. You shouldn’t ever question your keyholder like that. I have your best interest in mind. I’m offended you question my ideas.” She reached for a drawer in the room and revealed a key identical to the one around her neck.

“I would like to remind you that you only have three of these…” Alice taunted. “Well, two now.” She added as she walked over to the toilets. Alice swung the door open and made sure I could see how she dropped the key into the toilet. The key splashed into the toilet water. “How’s this for a key moment, sweetie?” Alice teased as she flushed the toilet with a laugh.

“Now then. Any more doubts about my plan? Or are you going to be a good doll and trust me?” Alice asked, walking back from the toilets.

“I’ll be good,” I whined.

“That’s more like it,” Alice replied. “Now, get on that bench so I can strap you down. You need to learn to get comfortable with not moving and acting like a rigid doll.”

I moved into position and let Alice strap me down. “How long is today’s training going to last? I’m starting to get hungry,” I asked.

“Just a few hours, but don’t worry. You’ll be having an ‘all you can eat’ breakfast very soon.” Alice said. Her tone was cause for şişli escort concern, but there was nothing I dared to do about it. Alice finished strapping me down and walked away, only to return shortly thereafter with, what at first looked like a simplified mounted gun, just without a trigger or any ammunition slots.

Alice noticed my confusion and hushed me. “I’m still assembling it. Give me a second,” she said, as she walked back to get the other parts to finish her build. The last part of her build was a 7-inch dildo, which she attached to the ‘barrel of the gun’. It was only then that I realized she was setting up a fucking machine. The coin dropped. Her remarks about not eating breakfast and giving me an all-you-can-eat breakfast… How had I not seen this coming?

“I got a good look at Tyler’s cock the other day and I estimate him to be about this size,” Alice said, gesturing at the mounted dildo. “So, today, your training will be complete once your gag reflex stops seeing this dildo as the enemy and fully accepts it without complaint.”

Alice pushed the machine into place in front of me at a slight offset and plugged in the machine. Using a knob to control the speed, the machine spun to life. The dildo moved towards me, but instead of entering my mouth, it instead ended up next to my face. Alice turned the dial back and the machine stopped. “Almost there,” Alice remarked as she observed the side view of my mouth and the reach of the dildo’s base. “I want you to take it all the way to the base. So I have to make sure the machine doesn’t stop short and let you off easy,” Alice said, as she continued to fine-tune the machine’s placement.

When Alice was content with her fine-tuning, she turned the machine on again and stopped it when the dildo was fully retracted. She then adjusted it to properly line it up with my mouth. “Open up!” Alice said encouragingly. Hesitantly, I did as she asked, and Alice played with the dial to stop the dildo just as the head of the dildo entered my mouth. She then flipped a switch and said, “This switch marks the position at which the machine reverts directions. This way, your mouth will be forced open during the entire training.”

“There’s also an optional setting that makes the machine revert directions when it detects resistance going forwards,” Alice continued. “I’ll turn that on too, for now… See, I’m not all that bad! I truly care about my doll.” Alice flipped the second switch and turned the speed dial to 1. “I’ll even start you off easy,” Alice said.  “At this speed, the second it even gently touches your uvula, it will retract. It’ll warm you up to accepting the feeling of something prodding and rubbing it without having to gag.”

Being satisfied with her explanation, Alice started walking off, but then stopped as she reached the door. “Oh, another thing. Dolls don’t look around. So try to get used to looking straight ahead… This will help,” Alice said as she flipped the light switch. The room turned pitch-black. “I’ll come back to check on you in half an hour! It’s only going to get more intense from this point on, so try to enjoy it while it’s still gentle with you.”

It was hard to keep track of time, being left in a pitch-black room, with a dildo repeatedly prodding my mouth. No breaks, no rest. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours, and no way to check a clock or even count manually as the machine was distracting to the touch, taste, and hearing. Most of my senses were simply too occupied by the machine.

Alice was right though, if I wanted to have any chance at passing as a doll and not revealing my secret, I’d need to eliminate my gag reflex. It was certainly not going to taksim escort get easier, so now would be my best shot at actively trying to accept and adapt, before Alice inevitably amped up the machine.

Tap, tap, tap. The touch of the dildo against my uvula was bothersome, but not bothersome enough to cause any convulsions. I took my everything to focus on that feeling and mentally try to normalize it in hopes of my throat becoming more accepting towards the next step…

The lights came back on. “How’s it going, sweetie?” Alice asked. She continued observing me for a minute before walking over to the machine. “It seems you’ve got this step down, at least,” she said. “Let’s up the speed a little bit. It’ll make your reflex training a little more intense as now your uvula will feel a little more force before the dildo retracts, but at least you’ll be experiencing a more natural speed… comparable to giving a sensual blowjob to a loving partner.” Alice turned the dial up to 3 and added, “Imagine this machine as your ‘loving partner’… imagine it as Tyler. Long for him, lust after him. Desire him. Let him explore your throat…”

With that, Alice got up and walked back over to the kitchen, fumbled around, and came back with a small attachment that she stuck on the machine. A bottle of chocolate syrup was soon hanging suspended above the dildo. Alice had opened the cap and a thin line of syrup started dripping onto the dildo.

“Consider this your lunch break,” Alice said. “Make sure to suck on the dildo and work that tongue if you want to get any of it in your stomach!” She turned another dial on the machine. This one caused a break on intervals. “There,” Alice said. “Now you have a fair opportunity to swallow down that lunch after every five thrusts of the machine. You’re so lucky I’m a nice keyholder.”

Yeah, right. ‘Nice’. Did she honestly think I had already forgotten how she flushed one of my chastity keys about an hour ago?

“Well, back to your cocksucking duties, my sissy doll!” Alice teased. She blew me a kiss and turned around to leave. “Be back in half an hour. Try not to make too much of a mess!” she said, as she flipped the light switch once again and left the room.

With the machine now operating at a faster speed, it took more concentration to let myself not get bothered by the tapping of the dildo against my uvula. At least I was finally able to ingest some food, if you could even call it that. Though it was difficult to collect the syrup, it also incentivized me to lick, suck and slurp on the dildo. From a training perspective, it would help me get better at giving blowjobs, but it felt counterproductive in regard to acting like a doll, where the point is to move as little as possible.

By the time Alice came back, the syrup bottle was halfway finished. A large amount was ‘successfully collected, but a noticeable amount also ended up on the floor. Alice removed the bottle and said, “Before going home, you’re going to clean that up, doll.” Adding insult to injury, she bent over forwards with her hands on her knees and said, as if talking to a baby, “With the mess you made having breakfast, you’re more like a baby than a slut. Should I head over to the fetish section and get you a bib? Would you rather suck on a pacifier? Should I get you an adult diaper?” Despite her taunting, Alice remained in the room, observing how I handled the machine.

Satisfied, she dialed the speed back down to 1 and flipped the impact detection switch off. The machine now slowly pushed the dildo all the way down my throat. The base of the dildo hit my face. I started making gagging sounds, but I managed to keep my convulsions under control. beşiktaş escort “Ooh, very good, doll!” Alice cheered, clapping her hands. “I had somewhat expected that it would still be too early for this step, but you’re taking it like a pro. Have you done this before?” She teased, knowing very well what the answer was.

Alice turned the interval dial back to 0. The machine went back to a continuous rhythm without taking breaks. “I’ll give you a few minutes to adjust before putting you back up to your last speed,” Alice said, carefully watching the forced deepthroats and my handling of them. “Hmm,” Alice pondered. “I wonder if your friend would go easy on your throat and fuck your mouth sensually with love, or treat you like a fleshlight and pound your throat mercilessly… regardless, you need to be ready for either scenario.” After a short while, Alice turned the speed dial back up to 3 and the machine picked up the pace in response.

With the machine now repeatedly forcing deepthroats on me, I quickly learned the importance of numbing the sensation of the dildo hitting my uvula. My gag reflex was constantly tested now. Thankfully the machine was still at a relatively low speed, making it, albeit barely, manageable for me to withstand the convulsions.

The lights switched off again. Alice walked off. It appeared she hadn’t mentioned when she would be back this time. I would have gotten worried, if it weren’t for the dildo forcing me to focus on keeping myself from gagging too much.

As if she had done this kind of training experiment before and timed it, the very minute I felt like I got used to the rhythm of the dildo, Alice appeared again. “I see you’re still doing well. That’s good,” Alice said. “We’ll still try one more speed setting for today, and then you can rest, while I, as promised, will temporarily unlock your cage so you can jerk off, or whatever it is you wanted to be uncaged for. And then, when you’re ready to go back in your cage, you can go home.” There was a hint of hesitation in her voice. “Unless…” Alice continued. She moved closer to inspect the cage. “No. It’s still too early to switch to a smaller model,” she concluded.

Alice pondered. “Okay, so how about this then,” she said. “We can either stick to the aforementioned plan… or, we take an additional step of your choice, each with an additional reward… If you choose to remain locked, I’ll personally help you cum using my vibrator on your cage,” she said, and gently patted my cage. After which, she moved in front of me. “If you choose to allow me to turn you into a fleshlight and have the machine roughly go to town on your throat for a few minutes, I’ll let you shower with me tomorrow,” she continued, suggestively caressing her body through her clothing. “And if you do both,” a pause filled the air. “I’ll let you know the password combination I put on your phone the other day,” she winked.

Alice finished her ‘offer’, saying, “I realize you can’t really voice your answer, being throatfucked and all, so just tap with your left hand if you wish to remain locked, or with your right hand if you wish to go the extra mile on the machine…”

I weighed my options. Did I really want to take things further than I had to? On the other hand, Alice talked for quite a while, which allowed me to get used to the current speed. Maybe a few minutes at a fast speed wasn’t that bad…

“Oh, and if you don’t pick anything at all, I think I might just text your girlfriend to come pick you up. After we’re done, of course. So maybe she wouldn’t be that suspicious of you, aside from wondering why ‘you’ had given her number to me,” Alice teased. She unlocked her phone and showed me her contact list.

There it was. Laura’s phone number, listed in her contacts as ‘doll’s gf’… She must’ve copied it when she had possession of my phone when I was stuck in that box yesterday.

“Do you really want to take that risk?” Alice asked…

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The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 01

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My name is Virtuous, and this is my story. As the name implies, I’ve been quite a good girl my entire life. Being in my mid-thirties, I’ve never really dated, or had any serious relationships. The main goal of my life has been to please my family. Getting a Doctoral degree from an Ivy League school, owning my own home, keeping myself “pure” until just the right man comes along, that definitely describes me. Until just recently.

It so happens that I was doing the grocery shopping after an extremely long 10 hour day at work. Walking to my car in the back of the parking lot, unbeknownst to me, I dropped one of the bags. As I was putting the others into the trunk, I was startled when a voice boomed from behind me, “Excuse me, I believe this is yours.” Scared out of my wits, I instinctively turn around and see the most extremely gorgeous man I have ever seen. He had a perfect smile, shoulder length brown hair, piercing blue eyes, seemed as tall as the Eiffel Tower, and a body to die for, not to mention a very sexy Latin accent. All I could do was stand there and stare at this handsome creature.

“Miss, I think this is yours,” he says again. I shake my head and snap out of the trance. “Thank you, thank you very much. You don’t find many people that would have done what you’ve just done. I definitely owe you one.”

“Well beautiful, you do owe me, and I know the perfect way to repay me.” Now I’m scared. Thoughts of him pushing me into my trunk and locking me in, taking me to some secluded spot and having his way with me instantly cross my mind. Instead, he flashes that thousand watt smile and asks me to dinner at one of the local Italian restaurants. Needless to say, it’s been years since my last date, so I said sure, why not, and we made arrangements to meet there that same night around 8:00 pm.

Driving home, I’m almost giddy with excitement, and at the same time, nervous as hell. What do I wear, what are we going to talk about, what if he doesn’t show up, do I order a full meal, or be ladylike and just order a salad?? I changed my mind a million times, I’m going, I’m not going. Shit, why did I agree to do this!!

Making it home, quickly putting the groceries up, I rush upstairs and stand in front of my closet. Paint suit or dress, long skirt or short mini, cover up completely, or show a lot of skin. God, I don’t know what Manavgat escort to wear. I get so desperate, I call one of my girlfriends to come over and help me. After she laughed her ass off (she didn’t believe how I met this guy, let alone that I had a date), she came over and picked out my outfit top to bottom.

We decided on a short sleeve red top, cut low to show some cleavage, and a knee length black skirt, with a slit up the left thigh, shoes were high heel sandals, with a wrap around tie. I took my shower while my girlfriend hung around to help me put everything together. After my shower, I notice my friend has laid out some interesting things for me. First, there’s a red matching bra & thong set, a bottle of “perfume” that she brought over, a glass of champagne (a bottle was in my fridge, just bought my house a few weeks ago), and what I think were a few condoms. “Liz, get serious. I’m not putting on that thing, a string up my butt right now is not going to help me, and what do you expect me to do with this” as I hold up the condoms. “OH MY GOD VIRT!!!! Do I have to draw you a picture. That is a condom, you take it out of the package like this, and you put it on a dick before it goes in your pussy.” Blushing until I’m redder than my shirt, “Why do you have to be so vulgar? I have no plans at all to do anything with this man. Jeez, I only know his first name.”

“Look, have a glass of bubbly, let yourself get comfortable, I’ll do your hair & makeup. We both know you can’t leave here on your first date looking like a school marm.” That Liz, love her to death, although I still wonder how in the world we are still friends, the whore and the virgin, go figure. She fixes my face and hair, and I have never looked so beautiful.

After another glass of champagne, Liz and I jump in the car and head for the restaurant. She’s decided to go along as my backup, just in case this guy doesn’t show up, or turns out to be a complete creep. We walk into the restaurant lobby, and I see him, Antonio, at the bar. I point him out to Liz, and her response, of course, is “If you don’t fuck him, girl, give him to me!!!” I can barely walk over to him; this guy cleans up very nicely. I thought he was cute before, but, damn, now I think I’m drooling! Antonio and I head over to our table, he pulls my chair out for me, we sit and start talking. Manavgat escort bayan I can’t explain it, but I feel so calm and comfortable with this complete stranger. I found out he is a construction worker, transplanted from Brazil. He’s been in this country for about 2 years, working on getting his degree in Mathematics.

He is a gentleman throughout dinner, & we find we have so much in common. 2 hours pass by in a heartbeat. We’ve had a few drinks, and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. We agree that this date should continue, and we end up in one of his favorite salsa clubs.

At the club, the beat of the music gets to me, on the dance floor, our bodies are intertwined, grinding against one another, sweat pouring off of our bodies. His hands are all over me, and I have feelings that I have never felt before. He spins me to the music, dips me, slowly bringing me back up. Our faces are so close, and then, he kisses me. Deep and passionately. It seems like electricity is coursing through my veins. My hands are caressing his back, his chest, his nice tight ass. I only have one thought: I need this man, and I need him right now. Virtuous will be a virgin no more!

We practically run through the club parking lot to the car. I must have broken every traffic law imaginable on the way back to my place. Concentrating on the road was difficult, with Antonio’s hands on my thighs, then my breasts, then toying with my swollen clit.

Back at my house, we pull into the garage, Antonio grabs me, throws me over his shoulder, and takes me into the living room. Putting me on the couch, he starts to kiss me again, his tongue feels so good in my mouth. He works his way down, kissing my earlobes, my neck, lightly sucking, biting on my nipples through my top. I grab the hair on the back of his head, guiding him to exactly where I want him to go. I tell him to stop, and I get up, standing in front of him. I just let the lust take over me, and I slowly start to strip for him. My top goes over my head, exposing my red push up bra that barely contains my 36c breasts. My skirt slides down my chocolate brown thighs, showing off my ever so skimpy thong. “Turn around baby, I got to see that fine, round ass.” Letting every one of my inhibitions go, I turn around and “shake that ass, shake that ass.” He stands, gathers me Escort manavgat in his arms, and takes me upstairs.

He gently lays me on the bed, stands at the foot of it, and takes off his shirt. My god, he’s got muscles for days, and then, I notice the large bulge in his jeans. Fear, excitement, anticipation all envelop me at the same time. The jeans come off, and I see him fully naked for the first time. This is the first time I have ever seen a man nude, and I say under my breath that there is no way that huge piece of meat is fitting inside me. He notices my apprehension, and slowly makes his way to me, lying on top of me.

I feel his hands kneading my breasts, squeezing my nipples. My body responds, and I feel like I’m lying in a puddle I’m so wet. Licking his way down to my belly button, he encircles it with his tongue. That feels so amazing, I don’t want him to stop. Moving lower, he starts kissing my upper thighs, just brushing against my pussy lips, teasing me to no end. Grabbing his head, I direct him to my clit, which is in some desperate need of attention. He happily obeys and slowly, so slowly, kisses and lightly sucks on my love button. I feel a finger gingerly enter my pussy for the first time, and I want more, a lot more.

Sensing my tightness, he reaches over to the bedside table and grabs some lube (wait, where did that come from, oh, that Liz, I must thank her the next time I see her). He keeps sucking on my clit, putting his tongue into my tiny pussy hole, playing with my ass. I can’t take it anymore, and beg him to fuck me.

The head of his cock is at my pussy, he rubs it up and down my slit, driving me crazy. He starts to enter me, I spread my legs as wide as I can, giving him access. There’s a tinge of pain as he gets the first inches in, tears form in my eyes. Finally, all 7 inches are inside me, and he waits, letting me get used to him. I start to move my hips underneath him, letting him know I’m ok. He starts to pump in and out of me, gathering intensity each minute. His balls are hitting my ass, getting me hotter and hornier. “Your pussy is so fucking tight! Shit, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum in your pussy.” He’s pumping so hard my ass is bouncing off of the bed. “Oh shit, shit, I’m cumming!!” I feel him cum inside me, spurt after spurt of man juice in my pussy. He collapses on top of me, completely spent.

Whispering in my ear, he tells me that was absolutely amazing, and he must see me again. My answer: of course, but next time, we both get off, not just you.

* * * * *

Stay tuned for Chapter 2. More fun with Antonio, myself, and we add Liz to the picture.

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The Neighbor

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A home should be a sanctuary, a place to find refuge from the world of business. That is what I always swore my home would be. So I bought a place in a small valley nestled between two mountains. I had done all the necessary homework, sunny over 300 days a year, mild climate, rarely below freezing, trout stream nearby, large city within 45 minutes, secluded, 10 acres of forests – the list of positives went on and on.

There was only one problem — the Commune. It wasn’t one of those free-love, let’s get naked kind of places. This group of people had gathered together for religious purposes – austere would be the operative word.

My home was back against a mountain and to reach it I was required to drive through the small village, past the church with it dark colors, the homes indistinguishable from each other.

For over a year, I never actually knew any of my neighbors. I would say hello, knew what they looked like, maybe even a name or two, but that was it. There was no interaction between us.

Then I changed my job. I was able to work at home via a remote satellite hookup now. Suddenly my little paradise became home and office all rolled into one.

I discovered I had a lovely neighbor – quite young, but still a feast for the eyes.

I met her while fixing a fence on my yard. This little wisp of a thing darted past me. I couldn’t see her at first. Then she stepped from behind a tree and into the light. She wore a dress that looked like a huge sack with a hole cut into the top for her head. It reached down to her ankles and should have made her look like an unshapely bag of feed. Yet nothing could hide what was inside. I saw the roundness of her chest, the curve of her hips.

“I’m just about done here,” I said. “Would you like to come to the house for something to drink?”

She nodded and we trudged up the path to my house. Once inside I led her to the living room where she slid onto the couch. I returned with some fresh lemonade and minutes later we were seated side by side sipping our drinks and smiling at each other.

“Is that dress comfortable?” I asked.

She shook her head. I reached out and grabbed the hem, pulling it above her knees and rubbing it with my fingers.

“Rough as sandpaper,” I said. Then I slid my hand under the hem to touch her knee. “But you’re certainly soft,” I said. “I can’t understand how you can stand to wear this thing. It must be like torture or something.” I continued to rub her knee. She didn’t move it away, so I slid my hand against her leg and up her thigh.

“I hate it too, but Mom and Pop don’t want the boys to get crazy about me. And they don’t really have much money.”

“I understand,” I said continuing to rub her leg. “Do you mind if I rub you like this?”

“That’s ok,” she said. “It feels good, better than the dress.”

“When you visit me, you can take off your dress,” I said. “I won’t have a pretty girl like you wearing that old itchy thing. I might have something much better upstairs.”

I found an old shirt. “You can wear this if you want.” I then laughed mischievously. “Or you can wear nothing at all.”

“Oh that wouldn’t be good,” she said.

“Why not?”

“You’re not my husband you know.”

“You’re barely old enough to have a husband,” I responded. “Can’t be much older than 18. So there. Anyway, you heard that from your parents. What do they know? They don’t even know how itchy it is for you to wear that bag.”

“Do I have to be naked or can I keep my panties on.” She said the words in such an innocent way as though she was asking to have an extra desert or something. She slid the bag over her head so she stood there naked except for her bra and pink panties.

I put my arm around her, leaned over, her touching her cheek to mine. “I was just joking about being naked. You can wear the shirt if you want. “

I left the room calling back to her “I’m going to get comfortable myself. Why don’t you lie down on the couch and watch TV.”

“TV! We don’t have that.”

As I entered the living room minutes later, I noticed her lying on the couch deeply enthralled with a TV show. The ends of the shirt had lifted up and I could see the curve of her buttocks, a darkness between them – no panties, just bare skin catching the light from the windows. I had removed my clothes and was wearing a house coat that fell about halfway between my hips and knees.

“Is there any room on that sofa?” I asked.

Moments later I was safely between the lovely girl and the sofa. I slid my hand under her arm and cupped it around her small budding breast. She didn’t resist so I began to gently rub her breast through the cloth of the shirt. While this was happening my house coat slipped open and I pressed my naked body against her back. Pressing my penis to her naked butt, I felt it harden.

She had no sense of shame about the entire experience, merely enjoying it with an innocence that took my breath away. So I held her, pushing myself into her farther and farther, caressing her with steady strokes.

Eventually, the Manavgat escort show ended and she stood up. “It’s getting late. I better hurry home.” She glanced down at me. I had already covered myself with my house coat, but the bulge while receding was still visible.

“It was so nice to meet you,” I said. “I never knew such a lovely yet sweet and tender neighbor was so near.”

“Yes, it was fun wasn’t it,” she said with her eyes downcast. “I feel a bit funny though. It felt so natural with you, but I know it was all wrong. I sinned terribly, had these thoughts that were all wrong.”

“What thoughts?”

“Oh I can’t say.”

“You don’t have to talk about it,” I responded placing my arm around her. “I know exactly what you mean. It was like we were perfect together, like this jigsaw with your piece and mine and they simply fit without any trouble or friction.”

“Exactly.” She had this glow to her face, her eyes catching the fading light with little sparkles.

“I hope to meet again sometime,” I said as she ran out the door.

Six month passed without any contact with the mysterious neighbor. After the girl left I realized that I didn’t even know her name.

Then one morning, a station wagon pulled up to the house. Generally I keep the gate locked but this morning, I had left it wide open and they simply drove through to park in front of my garage.

A tall thin man with gray hair stepped out of the driver’s seat, a woman opposite him. He was balding, wore a plaid flannel shirt and blue overalls. The woman was smaller, bent over with age or just exhaustion. I couldn’t tell at that distance. She wore a green print dress that hung without shape to her ankles. Her hair was long, stringy, gray in color, lifeless.

Bouncing out of the back seat was my little angel. She ran up the steps and stopped in front of me.

“My parents want to talk to you,” she said, the excitement shining out of her eyes like mirrors reflecting the sun of the bright morning.

At first I was unsure whether she was afraid or happy. Had she told her parents that I had touched her? Was I in trouble?

Then the man spoke. “I know I haven’t been much of a neighbor, but I have a favor to ask. Elizabeth has told me that she’s talked to you, how nice you are, a writer. You’re our closest neighbor. All the rest of our church folk are in town, so far away.”

He fidgeted for a while, rubbing his hands over one another as though they were dirty and the soap he was using wasn’t quite good enough.

“Sarah and I need to go away for a while. Can’t take Lizzie with us. Thought maybe she could stay with you.”

“But you hardly know me,” I said. “How can you possibly trust me with such a precious treasure as your own daughter.”

“It is a tough one,” he said. “But the good work can’t be stopped because of family inconveniences.” He smiled. “You look like a good sort and Lizzie was raised good. The church folk will stop by sometimes so I’m sure it will be fine.”

“I’d love to,” I said.

Lizzie jumped into my arms and gave me a great big kiss on the lips. I even felt a bit of tongue before pulling away. “My you’re a handful,” I said laughing.

“Ain’t that the truth,” her mother muttered turning back to the car.

Then they drove away.

“Don’t you have any clothes or anything?” I asked.

“I hate all of them,” she said. I’ll just wear what I have on or maybe some of your shirts like last time.”

I laughed. “Don’t worry. I need to go into town to buy a few things anyway. We can pick up some clothes for you.”

Not wanting to endure the stares of the nearby church community, I drove the full 45 minutes to the city just past our little valley. We spent the next three hours buying jeans, underwear, nighties, shirts, shorts, dresses, everything a girl could possibly need or want. It cost me plenty but was worth it. Each time Liz left the dressing room to model her latest piece of clothing, her eyes glittered with such joy, I wanted the whole experience to last forever.

She saw a teddy that she grabbed and raced into the dressing room. I had only seen a flash of blue before it was gone from my sight. I waited in a chair just outside the dressing area. A few minutes after she disappeared a heard a soft voice. “Can you come in and see how it looks. I just must have your opinion.”

I wondered among all the closed stalls when one opened and she pulled me in. “I couldn’t very well model this one out there.”

The teddy barely covered the bottom of her thong panties leaving the curve of her buttocks still showing beneath the lacy hem. They were blue but so transparent as to allow her perky little breast full access to the burning of my stare.

“Do you like them this way or without any panties?” she asked.

“I .. I don’t know,” I stammered.

Sitting down, she slid the thongs down over her legs, spreading her legs as she did so, providing me with a clear view of a sliver of blond hair between her legs. Then she stood up spinning around so the teddy lifted Manavgat escort bayan into the air exposing the entire lower portion of her slender form to my gaze.

“Definitely without the panties,” I said. “You seem so much freer and open that way like a deer floating across a meadow in the evening.”

“Well then, that’s what I will wear at night,” she said. “Now how about the panties.” She slipped out of the Teddy so she was completely naked, then pulled her panties back on. I reached out and touched the fabric. They were soft to the touch. A tassel protruded from the side so I pulled it. One side of the panties fell away.

“They’re tied like shoe laces silly,” she said. “Come off easily just pulling the ends of each side.” She pulled the other side and they fell off completely.

I put my arm around her and whispered “You shouldn’t just get naked in front of every man you see you. You’re beautiful, ravishing. Us men will get ideas, bad ideas, fun ideas, but still bad. Do you know what I mean?”

“Of course,” she said. “That’s what you did with me the other day, touching me all over. That was bad. I thought of telling my parents but didn’t. But I did want to see you again.”

“You want to do that again?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” she said. “But you’ve seen everything. What more can happen that can scare me.” She kissed me on the lips. “I feel safe with you. You won’t do something I don’t want you to do. I know that.”

“But do you want to do that again.” My voice had this husky tone to it.

“I’m truly not sure,” she said. “I like you, but I’m so young. I just don’t know how I should feel. Are you in love with me?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I promise to be good to you, to care for you.”

“And that’s why I don’t worry much about you, why I feel safe.”

When we returned to the house, it was late. “I need to turn in,” I said. “I have some writing to do in the morning.”

“Where do you want me to stay?” she asked.

I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. It had never crossed my mind that she needed to be set up that way. “I only have the one king sized bed. You’ll need to stay with me I guess. Hope you don’t mind.”

She gave me a hug. “Oh that would be quite nice.”

I always sleep naked and tonight was no exception. While Liz went into the bathroom with her teddy, I slipped off my clothes and crept between the sheets. Moments later she returned to the room, the light blue teddy clinging to her. Although she still had much of the girlishness to her figure, she was definitely filling out into the woman she would one day become. With no bra or underwear, I could clearly see the curve of her breasts, the nipples straining against the fabric. The darkness of the hair between her legs added a mystery that squeezed my chest and made me quiver in my loins.

Then she was between the sheets.

I had a large bed, king size so she was on one side with me on the other like two islands with an ocean of emptiness in between.

We lay there in silence for a long while. Then she spoke. “I’m cold. Could you hold me?”

I was only too glad to oblige and soon had my arms around her, my pelvis pressed against her shapely buttocks. I felt my penis grow, pressing against her.

“Are you warmer now?” I asked.

“A little,” she said. “Could you rub me like you did the other day.”

So I began to caress her shoulders, her arms, her legs. I slid my hand under her teddy and lightly grazed my fingers across her abdomen. Then flattening my hand, I began to rub her stomach, sliding it upward, to her chest and over her breast. As my hand cupped the softness of her mound, I squeezed it gently, rubbing her nipple between thumb and first finger.

Her breathing deepened, a gasp, a twitch. I moved my hand downward below her stomach against the hair between her legs. She spread them. I stroked her legs from her hips to her knees, up and down. They were as soft as a glove made from lamb’s wool. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the wetness between her legs. I felt the stickiness, rubbed against it. She arched her back so my finger slid inside her. Then I finger fucked her until she screamed her release.

As soon as she spent herself, her body went limp. Minutes later, I felt the regular breathing of a girl asleep. Moment later still a bit frustrated, I joined her in slumber.

It was sometime in the middle of the night that I woke up. At first I was disoriented, snuggled against someone, a woman, no a girl. And did she smell good. Her teddy was pushed up over her breasts leaving her entire lower body bare. My penis was pushed between her butt cheeks rubbing against the softness of her skin just under the crack of her butt cheeks. I pushed against her and felt myself slide forward to the entrance of her womanhood. It was still wet. I pushed it a bit further and felt it enter her about an inch.

Her breathing remained regular so I knew she was still asleep. It had been a long hard day and I could appreciate her exhaustion.

Slowly and with as delicate Escort manavgat a touch as possible, I removed the teddy from her body. Then I caressed her, every portion I could, with the lightest of touches trailing my fingers over her breasts down her chest into her hair against the part of her body that met my penis. I was only a short distance inside of her, craving more, wondering if she was ready for me.

I shoved my penis farther into her rubbing her little bud with my fingers. She moaned in her sleep and with a quick push I was all the way inside.

I have never been this guy that all the ladies flocked with open arms and pussies. I was a bit shy. I had certainly had my women, but I always felt just a bit intimidated. But with Liz I never felt that way. As I slipped inside her, I was harder than I had ever been before. And her pussy felt so soft and warm and wet. I clung to me with a grip that was so tight yet still soft and pliable. It seemed to have these muscles inside there that softly caressed me as I moved back and forth inside her.

I was slow at first then faster, soon pounding back and forth deep into her. I felt as though I was this beam of light breaking to a small cave, opening it up in a way that had never been done before. As I pressed forward, my finger continued to caress her bud, rubbing it against the thrust of my penis. Then I exploded and she thrashed as we both climaxed.

Liz never mentioned what happened the next day. It was as though it never happened. I wondered if she had even been awake. Her body had, oh how awake and alive it had been, but what of her mind, her conscious state.

So I decided to find out.

Over breakfast, I asked. “How was your sleep? I know it was a strange bed and all and with another person, it might have been difficult.”

“It was the best sleep I’ve ever had,” she said. “I remember sliding into bed, being a bit cold, then you touching me.” She smiled with downcast eyes. “You were sure naughty touching me all over. I never felt anything like that before. But I fell asleep and never woke again.”

“That was all you remembered?” I asked. “Nothing else?”

“No.” Her face had this quizzical expression. “Did something else happen? ”

“Nothing important,”

“I’m such a sound sleeper. My mom used to tell me that a bomb wouldn’t be able to wake me up.”

“Did you have any dreams, anything crazy or exciting?” I asked.

“I did have one,” she said. “But I can’t tell you. You were in it. I don’t think you would like what we did.”

“Really,” I said with a knowing smile on my face. “Now I’m curious. You’ve got to tell me.”

“You won’t get angry – right? Won’t think I’m sick or something.”

I shook my head so she continued. “I dreamt that you stuck your thing in me.”

“How did you feel about that? Did you like it – I mean in your dream.”

“It was wonderful,” she said. “I woke up feeling as though I was floating, as though my skin couldn’t stand anyone touching it for fear of exploding.”

“Do you want to do that in real life?” I asked. “We’re alone you know. It could happen if we want it. I could get into trouble since you’re so young, but still it could happen.”

“Not if I don’t want it to, right?” she asked.

“Of course not,” I said guilt washing over me. Was making love to a woman in her sleep forced entry? The thoughts pounded against me like a hammer.

“But you wanted it in your dream, so if it happened in your dream and you wanted it, then it wasn’t against your will – right?”

“I guess not,” she said.

“What if it wasn’t a dream, but actually happened? Would that be wrong, if you thought it was just a dream?”

“But I know it was a dream. But if it was real and I didn’t try to stop it and if it felt that wonderful, no it would be the best thing in the world.”

I didn’t say anything more for a while, allowing all the crazy thoughts to wash over me, wave after wave of them.

“You’re not mad at me are you?” she asked. “I know it sounds crazy? I know you shouldn’t even be touching me. It did help me sleep. But this other. You won’t send me away will you?”

“Oh no,” I said too loudly. “I feel safe with you too. I feel as though I can say and do anything and it’s fine. How could I ever be angry with you? If you wanted me to stick my thing into you, I might even do that just because it seems as though everything we do is so good, this would be good too, maybe even great.”

“But I’m too young aren’t I?” she asked, her hands on the sides of my face, her eyes gazing deep into mine.

“What is too young?” I asked. “The government says its ok. Does it matter what your parents say? Don’t you have the right to your own body? If you wanted me and I wanted you, that’s not too old or too young – it’s just right.”

“Oh I agree, I agree.” She slid her arms from my face, down my back and hugged me close, pressing her chest into mine, her lips open and moist as our tongues dancing against each other.

My writing was inspired that day. I skipped lunch forgetting all concept of time until the setting of the sun disturbed my concentration. It was dusk and the day had simply disappeared. Liz had never once entered my sanctuary with a question or simply to pass the time. I wondered what activities could have possibly occupied her time.

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The Pool House Ch. 01

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This is a long story (cut into three chunks, for convenience) with a very slow build-up. If you prefer to see the action start on the first page, you may want to look elsewhere.

“That really isn’t your color.”

Yvonne looked up from the blouse she was inspecting. The woman who had spoken obviously wasn’t a saleslady. She wore a tailored suit, and her blond hair was coifed in a very stylish flip. Her lipstick, shoes and handbag all matched. Yvonne didn’t recognize the woman, but her remark was casual and off-hand. As if Yvonne was an old friend.

“I was just wondering who the designer was,” Yvonne said, looking down at the blouse. Pale yellow. Maybe it wasn’t her color.

The woman shrugged. Diamond earrings flashed. She pulled a lavender blouse from the rack and handed it to Yvonne. “You need a cooler color to set off those green eyes and all that blond hair. And a cowl collar – it lets you show off without being obvious about it.”

Yvonne took the blouse. The fabric was a tightly woven silk. She peeked at the price tag. Well out of her range. She shook her head regretfully.

“No, I don’t think I can.”

The woman put the blouse back. “Too bad. I’m Nora,” she said, extending her hand. She was perhaps thirty, perhaps a bit older, but her makeup was so perfect it was hard to tell.

“I’m Yvonne.”

“Are you a St. Stephens student?” Nora asked.

Yvonne smiled, flattered. She had modeled her look after the women at the town’s private university. “No, I’m a townie. I start college this fall.” She didn’t mention the fact that she hadn’t even bothered applying to St. Stephens. Her grades weren’t up to their standards. And those community service requirements just weren’t her thing.

But perhaps even that had been the wrong thing to say. Nora suddenly looked distracted.

“Very pleased to meet you, Yvonne.” She started to turn away, towards the perfume counter. Yvonne felt as if she’d been dismissed. Then Nora looked back over her shoulder.

“We’re having a get-together on Saturday night. Come if you can.” She reached into her tiny purse and handed Yvonne a card. “Eightish.”

Yvonne stood holding the card, nonplussed, as Nora’s heels clicked away into the bustle of the department store.

# # #

Yvonne’s occasional boyfriend, Tom, was furious, certain that she’d blown him off for another guy. He’d bought tickets to something or other for Saturday night. Well, too bad. Nora hadn’t asked her to bring a friend, and she wasn’t about to impose on such a new and potentially useful friendship.

She fretted about what to wear. The standards at the party were likely to be high. In the end, she chose her only lavender dress. At least she could count on the color being right. She stood in front of the bedroom mirror. The dress clung to her precociously lush figure, and she tried to decide whether to wear a bra or not. Her breasts were certainly large enough to require one under normal circumstances, and her pink nipples contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. She knew they’d be visible beneath a dress as sheer as the lavender one. But her breasts didn’t really need support, and they were rather round, a fact which couldn’t be fully appreciated when she wore a bra. And she really didn’t mind the attention she’d likely get from the men at the party, provided that it remained discreet. No bra, she decided.

# # #

Downstairs, Yvonne’s parents were preparing for their “date night”. She winced at her father’s plaid sports jacket. And her mom. No hope there either – a top with big flowers and a clashing blue skirt. They used to take her and her sister Kate out with them, for family nights out; but it was just too embarrassing, especially if they ran into anyone she knew. So she convinced them that they deserved some special time together. It worked out.

“Goodnight, Yvonne,” her mom said. “Goodnight, Kate. Don’t wait up for us.” She blew them both a kiss and headed out the door, pulling her husband resolutely along.

It was still only seven o’clock, leaving Yvonne an hour or so to kill. Her big sister Kate was watching TV in the family room with her boyfriend Jim. Poor Kate. It was perfectly obvious that Jim had his eye on Yvonne. He was always looking furtively towards her when Kate wasn’t paying attention. And the way he tried to peek up her skirt when she crossed her legs. Pathetic. That relationship didn’t have much of a future. But it was working tonight, apparently. As soon as their parents’ car pulled out of the driveway, Kate and Jim headed upstairs to her room.

Yvonne flipped through a few channels. Nothing inspired her. After a few minutes she went upstairs herself, figuring she ought to get started on her makeup. She was preoccupied and didn’t notice Jim step out of Kate’s room, heading back down the hall towards the bathroom. He stopped first, and she came up short a moment later. They were just a few feet apart, facing each other. Jim was completely naked. His cock stuck out, partially erect, slick and wet.

Yvonne put her hand to her mouth. Jim looked startled Manavgat escort for a moment. Then he stood up a bit straighter and his expression turned into an insufferable smirk. He stared right at Yvonne. Suddenly her heart was pounding so hard she could feel it down to her toes. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from that cock. It glistened with moisture. Evidently it had recently been … in use. Her field of vision narrowed until all she could see was his crotch, the dark, tangled pubic hair, the wrinkled skin of his scrotum. Her legs felt unsteady; she felt as if she might fall to her knees, where she’d be right in front of his cock, where she could put it in her mouth, lick it clean …

She forced her eyes shut and took a deep breath. That was all she needed. Having a moron like Jim bragging all over school about how she’d blown him. She curled her lip into a sneer. “Is that all you’ve got?” she asked, injecting as much disdain into her voice as she could manage. Then she pushed past him into her room.

She collapsed onto her bed, trying to collect herself. The image of Jim naked in the hallway wouldn’t leave her. She didn’t remember much about the rest of him, but his cock stood out clearly. She’d been derisive; but, to be fair, it was really quite … lovely. Long and straight and smooth.

Such a nice cock, she thought wistfully. Too bad it was attached to a jerk like Jim.

# # #

Time passed. Her breathing still came in ragged gasps. She couldn’t stop thinking about the encounter in the hallway. The wetness down there – had Kate been sucking him? Or had he put it …

She shook her head. Enough of that. Let Kate do what she wanted. Yvonne had an important party to get ready for. Jim was a moron anyway. What was he doing running around naked in someone else’s house? Her libido was such a nuisance. She liked to think about locking it up in a little wooden box, like the inlaid one from Mexico she kept her jewelry in. It would be a box with a single key; and Jim sure as hell wouldn’t have it. She knew the value of her virginity, and she had no plans to squander it on someone like him. Still, his body had looked surprisingly masculine. Too pale, though. He could use some more beach time. And a better haircut. No, she wasn’t really attracted to him, she decided. Not to mention that he didn’t offer any social advantages to offset his jerkiness.

She heard water running in the bathroom, then silence. A moment later she heard the creak of the door. She got up from her bed quickly and opened her own door a crack. Jim, still naked, was facing away from her, headed back towards Kate’s room. She watched his buttocks flex as he sauntered brazenly down the hallway. She heard her sister’s voice, teasing: “Get in here, Jim. I’m not through with you yet.”

He stepped back into Kate’s room and disappeared from view.

Except that he didn’t close the door.

Yvonne’s heart stopped. She should just drop it. Finish getting ready. But she just kept staring at that open door. She wanted to know what they were doing. Maybe if she just passed by quickly, on her way back downstairs …

She kicked off her sandals and took a quiet step forward. She heard Kate’s laughter, always a little too coarse, she thought. Then she heard a different sound, a sharp intake of breath. Whatwas happening? She took another step then stopped to make sure they hadn’t heard her. Kate’s door was only a few feet away. A little light spilled out of it into the dark hallway. She could hear Kate more clearly now. She was making rhythmic “oh” sounds, trying not to be too loud but sometimes losing control and making a deep moan. Nothing from Jim, though. What did that mean?

The door wasn’t wide open, but she had no trouble seeing inside. She stayed back, keeping to the shadows. But the angle wasn’t quite right. She could see Kate’s bookshelf and her Nirvana poster (Kate was so stuck in the nineties) and some bare arms and legs in the middle of the bed. Yvonne couldn’t quite make out who was who. Jim didn’t have a lot of hair, and Kate was pale too, which made it more difficult to sort out the body parts.

Kate moaned again, more urgently this time, and there was a quiver in the tangle of naked flesh. That helped make it clearer. Mostly she could see Kate’s thighs, long and curvy like her own (if not quite so toned – Kate really need to spend more time at the gym). She was lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Jim’s hands held her hips and his head was buried in her crotch. He was … eating her. Yvonne felt a sympathetic twinge in her own pussy, felt moisture start to seep in its recesses.

Kate thrust her hips upwards, grinding herself against Jim’s mouth. Yvonne wished she could see Kate’s face, but she’d have to move closer to the door to do that, maybe even push it further open. No, she couldn’t. They might see her. Jim would get totally the wrong idea. Kate’s hips jerked upwards again and she made a soft gasping sound. Jim gripped her butt hard and moved his head in rapid circles. Yvonne couldn’t really see what Manavgat escort bayan was going on down there — all that was visible of Jim’s head was his shaggy hair. But Kate said Jim’s name breathlessly, stiffened for a long moment, then settled back onto the bed. Jim released her hips and raised his head. Even from her bad angle, Yvonne could tell that he had that stupid smirk on his face.

Kate’s breathing was so loud that it covered Yvonne’s footsteps as she stepped on a creaky spot on the floor. Maybe she could stand closer for just a moment. She worked her head around the edge of the door just far enough to see all of Jim’s body. He was on his hands and knees now, and his butt was kind of facing towards her. There was a dark space between his buttocks and his balls hung below them, prominent and hairy. The muscles in his legs bunched as he moved forward.

Jim suddenly cocked his head and turned it in her direction. Yvonne stepped back reflexively. Had he seen her? She moved as quickly as she could back down the hall and into her room. She closed the door, barely able to breathe. She could smell her own excitement. What was wrong with her? What was she doing creeping around in the dark, snooping on her own sister? She willed the images of Kate’s thrashing hips and Jim’s obnoxious smirk out of her head. No more of that, she decided firmly. She had to get ready.

But first she’d better change her panties.

# # #

On the way out, Yvonne noticed that Kate’s door was closed. Good. No more distractions. No temptation to take one last peek.

She drove her old Honda out to a part of town she rarely visited. The address on Nora’s card was high up in the hills. She pulled up a long driveway and gave her keys to a valet who took her car around back somewhere. That was a relief. No one else would see it.

There was definitely a party going on. Music and voices spilled out onto a lush lawn in front of a large contemporary home that was all rectangular shapes and big windows. Yvonne could see people conversing, drinks in hand. A few were smoking outside in the lingering warmth of the summer evening.

She walked inside and went in search of her hostess. The press of party guests made it difficult to pick Nora out. A waiter went by with a tray of champagne, and Yvonne took a glass as nonchalantly as she could. At eighteen, alcohol was rarely this easy to obtain.

She took in the crowd. Almost everyone was quite a bit older than she was, mostly in their thirties. There were quite a few artistic types (well-dressed ones). And, come to that, the house itself featured quite a bit of art. Large canvasses filled the walls, some abstracts, some landscapes, and several rather provocative nudes, mostly females, one a couple embracing, all of them realistic and … anatomically correct. Yvonne tried to imagine anything like that hanging in her own home and had to laugh.

She moved through the crowd, admiring details of the home’s style and picking up bits of urbane conversation punctuated by comfortable laughter. These were people at ease with their social status. It was exactly how Yvonne wanted her own life to be; that confidence, that unspoken certainty of place and position. She looked up from a portrait of a nude woman kneeling, her long hair falling elegantly to one side to see Nora standing in the center of a small, glittering circle. Yvonne composed herself and walked over. Nora smiled and broke away from the group, gave Yvonne a hug. At the last moment, Yvonne remembered to give Nora a kiss on the cheek.

“You look lovely, dear,” Nora said, as she introduced her to a fortyish man nattily turned out in a silk blazer.

“You do indeed,” he said, admiring her from head to toe. He almost licked his lips as his eyes passed over her breasts. Yvonne was used to that sort of attention from old guys and smiled warmly at him in return.

They spoke about gardening and golf and vacations in places Yvonne couldn’t pronounce. She kept smiling and drinking champagne and nodding where appropriate. She found herself moving from group to group, following someone who wanted to introduce her to someone else.

Hours passed and she was on the landing of the stairs that swept up from the entryway. Another nude leaned back seductively on the wall above her. A woman in a swirling batik dress noticed where Yvonne was looking. “Do you like it?”

Yvonne nodded.

“The artist is a friend of Nora’s. He’s here tonight, actually. Do you want to meet him?”

Wow, Yvonne thought. She didn’t realize that painters actually left their cluttered little attics, or whatever, and went to nice parties. But this one clearly had. He was sipping the last of a mojito at the bottom of the stairs. His name was Jake and he was a bit ordinary-looking in his pink polo shirt and tan slacks. But he seemed friendly and – what was the word? – avuncular.

“I love your work,” Yvonne said, trying to sound sincere. “It’s very … bold.”

He smiled back at her indulgently. “Yes, well, it’s a bit easier to be bold in Escort manavgat paint than it is in real life, don’t you think?” He looked at her appraisingly. “Since you brought up the subject of my work, perhaps you’d consider posing for me sometime?”

Yvonne brightened, flattered. “Of course,” she said.

He nodded. “Excellent. How about next Wednesday?”

Yvonne was taken aback. She thought he’d meant it as a compliment; she had no idea that he was being serious.

“You know, I don’t really have any experience as a model …”

“Oh, not to worry. There’s nothing to it. You just have to sit still for a couple of hours. Come about four so I can get the afternoon light.”

“Ah, okay, Wednesday at four. This Wednesday. All right,” she stammered.

Jake gave her the address and wandered off in search of a fresh drink.

# # #

Towards midnight she found herself nibbling on a grilled shrimp and talking with a slim, dark-haired man in an Italian suit. He had intense, serious eyes with small wrinkles at the corners. His smile flashed briefly and easily.

Nora joined them from out of nowhere. “I see that you’ve met my husband,” she said.

Yvonne was startled. She’d only caught the man’s first name – Edward. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that I was speaking to my host.”

Edward nodded formally and gave her one of his easy smiles. “I’ll take that as a compliment; that you’ve spoken with me because of my natural charm rather than through a sense of obligation.”

“Be careful,” said Nora. “He is charming. I’ll have to keep my eyes on him around you.” But her tone was light, and she squeezed Edward’s shoulder affectionately. “I’m going to the pool. Do you two want to join us?”

“Are the caterers cleaning up?” Edward asked.

Nora nodded.

“Then our responsibilities are at an end.” He turned towards Yvonne. “Shall we?”

Yvonne wondered if it was time to be getting home. Her parents were surely back by now. But then they were probably already asleep, so what difference did it make?

“Sure,” she said.

Following Edward and Nora, Yvonne noticed that the crowd had thinned. There were only a few people sitting on the large patio that separated the pool from the house. The pool itself was lit discreetly from underneath. It was empty except for one young man swimming laps with smooth, purposeful strokes and a couple embracing in a dark corner of the shallow end. Something was going on between them, but Yvonne couldn’t tell precisely what.

Nora said: “I’m going to get in the hot tub. Come on along.”

“Sure. Ah, do you have a swim suit I could borrow?”

Nora laughed lightly. “It’s after midnight, dear. No clothes allowed.” She pointed at the pool house on the opposite side. “There are robes and towels in there. Help yourself.”

Nora walked over to the small building, which had a row of doors spaced evenly – changing rooms, presumably. Nora went into one and closed the door behind her. Yvonne was left standing outside, wondering what to do. She could just go home; leave it at that. Well, she should probably wait until Nora came out, thank her for the party, say that she hadn’t realized how late it was.

She felt a little chill. The night was starting to cool off. She watched the swimmer. He seemed to be nude; his lean buttocks broke the surface with each stroke. That’s two cute naked butts in one night. Definitely a first for her. He reached the far wall and executed a clean kick-turn and headed back. A competitive swimmer, she guessed. Closer, his powerful back muscles flexed as his arms swung rhythmically, and Yvonne noticed that his head was completely hairless.

A burst of laughter came from somewhere across the lawn.

This was the world she wanted to live in, she thought: filled with sophisticated adults who drank champagne all the time and traveled to Barbados and swam nude at midnight.

She took a deep breath and walked over to the changing room next to Nora’s.

The small room was lit by dim indirect light. There was a wooden bench at the back, and, as Nora had promised, a hook on the adjacent wall held a plush white bathrobe. Yvonne giggled, thinking it would probably be worth going through with this just to wear the robe.

She reached back, unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. The day’s warmth lingered in the tiny room; it felt luxurious against her bare skin. She felt a bit unsteady, so she sat down on the bench before unstrapping her sandals. She put on the robe and hesitated before taking off her panties. Well, she couldn’t very well go into a hot tub with them on. She slipped them down her smooth legs and stuffed them in her purse. Being naked underneath the thick robe felt unbearably sexy. The material rubbed against her nipples and her hips and her butt with every step she took. Maybe she could just keep it on forever.

But no, they were waiting for her outside. She hung up her dress and followed the voices to the hot tub at one corner of the pool. It was round and big enough for eight or ten people, although there were only three in it at the moment. One of them was Nora. Her pert breasts bobbed on the foamy surface of the water, gently upturned with dark nipples. Her skin was smooth and supple; no fat anywhere that Yvonne could see. What did she have to do to stay in that kind of shape?

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The King’s Concubine

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It was early summer and unusually hot. The King had insisted on an elaborate feast for his regal guests. One such guest was of mysterious origins. Tanned and tall with dark colored hair. His eyes green as the sea and a smile that hinted at his many adventures. He was revered by many as a prince, reviled by others as an outlaw. Tales abound tell of his exploits with ladies of high status as well as ladies of the lowest station. They call him Toi Yer!

Laughing and consorting with many of the King’s entourage, Toi soon eyed a pretty young woman. Asking about, he found out that her name was Sindee and was the King’s youngest and soon to be favored concubine. For she had not been bedded by any man as of yet! Toi watched her as she danced for the pleasure of her Master’s guests. She was swift on her feet and quite talented in the art of dancing as she made her way around the vast room. Her body clothed in fine silks brought back from the Far East. Toi watched as he ate some of the juiciest grapes he had ever had. Twirling and making long strides with her young body, Toi dipped his tongue into the grape as if he was savoring her own wetness. Although veiled, her eyes spoke to Toi. He saw a fire within her soul. A fire, although dangerous, he wished to warm himself with!

Toi held his tongue as he watched her dance. His groin swelling with every move she made. He had been with many women, but this one, he had to have. Perhaps it was the fact that she was forbidden, being the King’s slave. Perhaps it was her young soft body he desired so. None the less, he had to have her!

After dancing for such fancy guests, she excused herself and retreated to her well guarded quarters. He watched as she made her way down the long corridors that led to her plush room. Being cunning as he was, Toi quietly left the feast in search of another morsel to consume. Sticking to the shadows, he eventually made his way into this young woman’s room. Dimly lit by pleasant smelling candles, Toi was able to observe her actions as she readied herself for the nights slumber.

Standing in the shadows, he observed a most beautiful Alanya Escort escort sight. Sindee sat on the edge of her masterfully crafted bed and proceeded to caress herself. Silently, Toi admired her beauty and youthfulness. Her body was supple and curvaceous. Her breasts were pronounced and would offer a man a lovely feast, a feast of the eyes as well as the mouth.

Wishing to no longer hold back his desires, he slowly appeared in the candlelight.

Sindee’s mouth opened wide as if to scream, but nothing escaped. He walked over to her and looked down at her young full body. He wanted her and she knew it!

Without a word, Toi offered his hand and she rose and took it. Her eyes stared at him, partially with fear, but also with understanding. Many a night she had pleasured herself with the hope of satiating her own desire, a desire for a man to make her into a woman. Tonight, regardless if she wished it to really occur, she was going to meet that man.

He leaned down and kissed her. His tanned lips parting her own soft lips as his tongue caressed her. Her own tongue danced with his as if she had no master. His firm hands caressed her shoulders as they slowly followed the contours of her body. Reaching her hips, his hands hesitated as his tongue dove deeper into her mouth.

Toi enjoyed her skills at dueling with tongues. His hands reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and deliberately! Squeezing her flesh he pulled her closer to him. Letting out a deep moan, she soon felt his desire for her. His manhood was nearly completely swollen. Still trapped within the confines of his trousers, his cock jabbed her belly as she was pulled closer.

Pulling back from such a deep kiss, He leaned down and kissed her neck. Sucking it and nibbling until he reached her bare shoulder. This caused her to smile and let out a sigh. Holding her closer, his hands kneaded her ass cheeks like a baker works his dough. Smiling with approval, Toi reached down and grabbed her right hand. Holding it firmly, he guided it to the front of his trousers and held it there. She Alanya Escort bayan could feel it pulse as her palm gripped it.

Sindee smiled as it seemed to pulse with her own heart beat. Toi also grinned as he had her unfasten the buttons on his trousers. His hand guided hers to reach in and grasp his manhood, releasing it from its confinement. Her doe-like eyes looked on as she pulled his cock free. Her soft fingers held it, weighed it and stroked it. Its flesh was swelling as her own womanhood, yet intimidating. The head was swollen like a ripe plum, engorged with blood, ready to be picked. The shaft was curved and hard as well as with veins pulsing with their approval of her caress. Her fingers caressed him as they reached down and fondled his ball sack, heavy and warm to the touch, yet so vulnerable.

He smiled devilishly as his hand reached up and caressed her hair. She looked at him with a soft smile, as his hand firmly gripped her ponytail and leaned in for another kiss. She looked confused. Slowly, yet firmly his hand forced her to down to where her face was directly in front of his swollen member.

Grinning, Toi placed his cock head at the moist lips. Her eyes continued to have a look of shock, for she was not prepared to do such an act. It was true she secretly was willing to lose her most prized possession to this man, but this was something she did not count on. He laughed as his Hardness pressed its way into her sweet young mouth. Her doe-like eyes looked up at him with fear.

Toi relished the sight of her sweet lips wrapping themselves around his hardness. He loved to see her lips caress the ridge of his cock head. That spot was very sensitive and unfortunately, many women make the mistake of neglecting it all together. Not tonight, he thought to himself. Tonight he was going to get his pleasure!

Slowly, inch by inch, her mouth engulfed his cock. Once reaching the back of her throat, his cock head triggered a gag reflex. Her eyes welling up with tears as she tried to withdraw his member. He let her pull back, but only momentarily. Her yes Escort alanya fluttered as her mouth left a stream of spit connected to his hardness. Toi laughed as she continued to hold her mouth open. This pleased him greatly as he pushed his cock back in her mouth.

This time, he did not slowly let her take it, but grabbed her hair firmly and forced it into her throat! Gagging and with tears running down her face, she tried to breath as he pushed and pulled in a thrusting motion. In and out!

Like a machine, his cock filled her mouth, her throat being battered, in and out, in and out! Holding her head steady, he fed her his meat, fucking her mouth, teaching her, training her.

In and out his cock went as sucking sounds echoed around them. He was making her mouth milk him. He wanted her to learn the full extent of how to please a man in this way. Although it seemed rough and unnecessary, he believed that once accustomed to such brutal thrusting, her mouth will be better suited to pleasing him more sensually and without force.

In and out he went! He eyes staring up at him, confused and scared. His balls slapped her chin as she took every inch of his manhood. IN and OUT!

Suddenly, his balls swelled and his cock began to arch within her throat! She could feel his cock throb and pulse! Then, he grabbed her head and grunted! His hot seed hit her in the back of the throat, choking her!

Toi held her there, slowly forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth, making her milk him with her lips! It seemed like he kept cumming with spurt after spurt! He grinned as he withdrew his cock, admiring her moist lips battered and red from his assault. Still holding her hair, he just smiled down at her and wiped her tears away as he kissed her forehead.

He looked down and noticed a puddle beneath her and realized she had not been able to control her bladder with such an encounter. He just grinned and tucked his cock away for another time. Looking down at his conquest as he said, “Next time I won’t be so gentle with that forbidden fruit of yours!”.

Hearing the guards beginning to stir from the carnal noises coming from her quarters, Toi decided it was best to make his break and return another night to get his just dessert. With a sudden and swift motion he was gone, perhaps to share his fortune in the bowels of the city’s underbelly.

To be continued

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The Endless Night Ch. 08 , Epilogue

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Chapter 8

I have a feeling that you are getting bored with my story. Well if your not, I’m surprised. I was getting bored and I lived it. I actually walked into the next room, looked at the guy and said lets get this over with. So we did. He stripped off his thong, laid me back on the bed and fucked me until we both came screaming. I know, not very exciting but that was pretty much how I felt at this point. I still had five guys to go until this night was over and all I wanted to do was go home.

I told you in the last chapter that there were two more men that I fell for that night, since I am actually getting bored of telling you each and every encounter. I know it sounds glamorous but when you live it you will understand. I will tell you this. One of the men I fell for was Mark. The other one was bachelor

1. Any idea who it was? Well I will give you a hint; he has been in each chapter of the story although I didn’t have sex with him. Surprised? Yup, the other man I fell for was Bruno, the guy who answered the door.

Since I told you about the first 6 men and 3 of them I did fall for, I will tell you tale of Bruno and I. It is actually a bit romantic in my opinion. Oh he fucked me just like the others, but he did it in such a way…Well listen to my tale and you will see.

By the time I finished with bachelor

0, I was both physically and emotionally exhausted. I didn’t think it was possible that the remaining two men could be able to teach me anything new. I mean I had sucked so many cocks that my mouth hurt. I had been fucked on my back, on top of a guy, on my side twice and even against the door as I explained earlier. So what was different about Bruno? Well…

I was dragging my feet as he let me to the next door. I rested my head against his shoulder as I was so tired that it didn’t register at first that he didn’t knock but just opened the door. “Can’t we just stop now?” I begged.

He suddenly swept me up into his arms kissing me deeply as he walked into the room, kicking the door behind him.

I was so surprised that he actually kissed me for about a minute and a half before I started to kiss him back. When I pulled my face back, his eyes were smoldering. “Baby, I have watched your naked body all night long. Please tell me you’re not going to deny me.”

Instead of carrying me over to the bed, he carried me somewhere that wasn’t in any of the other rooms, a small sofa with a crocheted quilt over the back of it. He lay me gently down on my back then kneeled on the floor beside me. “You’re one of my lovers?” I asked in awe.

He smiled, running his hand lightly over my skin. “You didn’t think I just manned the door did you?”

My eyes watched his hand as he caressed my stomach. I was entranced by how his dark skin meshed with the lightness of mine. “Actually I did.” I sighed as he moved his hand down over my legs. He didn’t touch my snatch; he bypassed it all together as he caressed one leg then slowly moved his hand up the other one.

“I do man the door darling, but I also enjoy being with a woman.” He kissed me again, this time his mouth was hard and demanding almost as if he was expecting a response, which I willingly gave. When his hand finally moved between my legs, I rested one leg on the floor while the other one on the top of the back of the couch. “Bruno.” I whispered Alanya Escort escort as he slowly caressed my skin with his fingers.

“Shhhh…You have been fucked tonight. I plan to make love to you.”

I looked at him in awe. His fingers bringing my body to life in ways that none of the other men did. He barely touched me at all. His fingers moved over me like a butterfly’s kiss. By the time he finally slid a finger inside me, I was breathing hard and panting. He had barely entered me when I suddenly flooded his hand. “Hm…I wonder if that was for me or because you are on a sexual high?”

I had closed my eyes when I came but when he said that, I lifted mine to his. “Oh believe me, that was all you.”

He chuckled as he slowly fingered my pussy. “Well that makes a man feel good.”

I started whimpering as he slowly fingered me. My body was writhing all over the couch and all he was doing was sliding his fingers in and out of me. “What are you doing to me?” I sighed when I suddenly came again, harder then before.

His eyes were a dark brown normally but when he looked at me, they looked almost black. “I am making love to you baby. I am going to bring you to release so many times that when I finally slide my cock into you, you will be sure you are going to die from the pleasure.”

I smiled at first when he said those words. “Yea right.”

He cocked his head. “You don’t believe me?”

I shook my head. “Not really.”

He just smiled as he kissed my nose. “Then watch and learn little girl.”

I kept my eyes locked on his as he continued to slowly finger me. He never moved his hand fast inside me, his movements were slow, caressing. That was what was so weird about that encounter. I mean sure, some of the other guys had fingered me slowly but they also either ate me out or mauled my clit with their other hand. Bruno didn’t. He stayed on his knees beside the couch, his eyes locked on mine. He didn’t touch me at all except for the slow movements of his hand inside me.

My whole body was shivering with passion as he brought me to orgasm over and over. Each time, his eyes would darken even more. I swear they did, although to this day, still can’t figure out how. By the time I had cum six times just from his fingers in me, I wanted to beg him to fuck me. My body was constantly strumming with need. Each time I came quicker. He said earlier that he thought I was on a sexual high. Well I sure was now.

My hips were pushing against him as moans escaped my mouth. Cries that rose in volume as he turned my body into a mass of quivering jelly. By the time he had made me cum for the seventh time, I knew that if he didn’t fuck me soon, I would die from the pleasure. “Bruno…Oh god…Please…Fuck me.” I begged as I felt him push me again towards ecstasy.

He kept his eyes on me, as he pulled his hands from my soaked hole. I was surprised when he brought them to my lips. I slowly opened my mouth, letting him slide them inside. I tasted myself on his fingers, then sucked greedily at them. When they were clean, he pulled them out, and then pulled me to my feet. I was sure he was going to lead me to the bed.

Nope, he led me to the arm of the couch. He positioned me there, with my arms resting against it. Then he lifted one of my legs, until my knee was lying next to my hand Alanya Escort bayan on the arm. “Bruno…” I whimpered as my snatch drummed with need.

“Shhhh love,” He said behind me. I couldn’t see what he was doing but suddenly I felt something press against the entrance to my pussy. I held myself still as he smoothly slid inside me. I cried out loudly as I came yet again before he was even halfway inside me. He was actually bigger then any of the men I had been with tonight. He was long and thick and he knew how to make a girl beg for more.

Believe me, I was begging as I held my knee against the couch as he slowly thrust into my body. “Bruno…” I cried lowering my head as I felt him slide further into me then any had before. “Oh Bruno…Fuck me.”

He wrapped his arms around me, gently taking my breasts into his hands as he continued the slow torture. “I am baby.” He growled huskily. “I love how you feel around me honey.”

I pushed back against him the best I could in my position and heard him moan as he started pumping himself harder inside me. “Tell me you like this love.” He panted as he took me from behind. “Tell me you love my cock sliding in and out of your sweet hole.

“Bruno…Yes…I love it.” I cried as I pushed my body against his. “It feels so good. Oh fuck me lover. Fuck me good.”

His hands gently squeezed my breasts as he rode me. I felt my orgasm wash over me again and screamed in pleasure. He just grunted but kept slicing his cock into my body. “So good,” He purred as he leaned down so he could run his lips over my neck. “You are so tight even after a night of fucking. It’s like you’re a virgin all over again.”

I was having a hard time catching my breath when he suddenly slammed hard into me, nearly knocking me head first into the couch. He had himself buried inside me completely. “You’ve got all of me baby.” He groaned as he held himself deep in me.

“Oh Bruno…”I cried tightening my muscles around him. He groaned then started practically raping my hole with his hard cock. His movements were ragged as he slammed hard into me. I finally collapsed against the couch. My head rested against the cushions as he continued to pummel into me. “Oh Bruno…I’m cumming again.” I cried as I felt my orgasm wash over me for at least the 10th time.

“I feel it baby. Oh god, I feel it.” I felt him pull forcefully from my body as he came like the others on my back. I sighed against the cushion as I felt his cum spill onto me.

Sighing with contentment, I rested there until he was empty then let him pull me back against his hard body. “You have one more baby…You up to it?” he asked against my ear.

I was so tired and so sated but I knew I couldn’t let the gentleman who had waited all night for a taste of me down. I stiffened my spine as I rested against his chest. “Bring it on.” I stated with more confidence then I felt.

He just chuckled then led me to the room towards my final conquest.


So there you have it dear reader, my night that never seemed to end. 12 men who used my body for their own pleasures but at the same time brought my body to life so many times that when I was finished with bachelor

2; I curled up on his bed and slept for the next 10 hours straight.

When my parents picked me up at 6:00 the next evening, Escort alanya my face held a smile that I didn’t feel. All the men I had been with were in the parlor awaiting the night’s customers. I thanked them all for a wonderful night, but my eyes rested longer on four of them then on the others. I lost my heart to four men that night. Four men that I figured I would never see again.

As my eyes rested on each of the four men I had lost my heart to, each of them gave me a smile. I felt love but nothing over powering for one. The next was a bit stronger but not heart stopping, nor was the next. But when I looked at the fourth, I knew that my heart was breaking. He had made me feel like something special. It was like I was more then just a piece of ass to him. I tried not to show in my eyes how I felt but I think he knew cause his eyes widened for a minute, then he smiled tenderly before blowing me a kiss.

Reluctantly I turned from him and followed my parents from the house.

Now before I tell you what happened next, have you figured out who the four were? I mean I told you about Mark and Bruno. But who were the other two?

Let’s take them one at a time. First there was Michael: he was a great guy and I learned some things from him but not my cup of tea.

Next was Tommy: If you guessed he was one of them, you would be right. I fell hard for Tommy.

Then there was Mitch: He was a great man but I felt more a fatherly love towards him then that of a husband.

Let’s see who’s next. Oh yea, the jerk Andrew…Not a chance in hell would I touch him again.

Then of course there was Vince and last but not least that I told you about was Mark. But you already know about him. So kind of out of other guys, yes I will tell you that like Tommy, I fell hard for Vince. I fell pretty hard for Bruno and Mark to but they were not the one I ended up with.

So which one was it dear reader? Vince or Tommy? Who am I marrying next spring? Read on and I will tell you.

I spent the next week locked in my room, only coming out for meals and to go to the bathroom. I hadn’t planned to fall in love that night and now I was nursing a seriously broken heart. When I heard the knock at my door, I tried to ignore it like I had the others. But this knock was insistent.

Finally I pulled myself off the bed and aggrieved I unlocked then threw open the door ready to yell at whoever stood there.

But when I saw who it was, my voice somehow lost its way from my throat to my mouth. Vince stood there looking at me with a soft smile on his face. Yup, it was Vince, sorry to disappoint those that rooted for Tommy. Tommy is a sweet kid but there was something about Vince that just took my breath away.

“What…What are you doing here?” I finally asked when I was able to speak.

He didn’t say a word, he just moved into my room, closing the door behind him before pulling me gently into his arms. “I love you Alisha.” He said softly as his mouth met mine. “You are the only woman I want in my life and in my bed.”

I cried tears of happiness as he swept me up into his arms, carrying me to the bed. We undressed each other slowly then made slow passionate love. We were both so caught up in the love we had found in each other that by the time we finally found release, both of us had tears in our eyes.

So there you have it dear reader. A tale of an 18 year olds story of sex, romance and finally love. How I walked into a whorehouse a virgin and walked out with the man of my dreams. I gotta go, he’s calling me. I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed telling it.

The End

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