Getting My First Blowjob

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By the age of 18 I had (frustratingly) not yet gotten laid, and I of course wanted to, very badly. Pictures of sexy women, both in front of my eyes and behind them, were my constant companions. I was pretty sure I was not alone in this, but I became erect — sometimes even painfully so – at the drop of a hat and had to relieve myself often.

Many were my fantasies of getting laid but I also began to believe that wet lips and a tongue would be able to create sensations far more intricate and pleasurable than a vagina. I since learned that there is no comparison – they are different but both wonderful – but my desire to be licked and sucked has never waned.

I had become acutely aware of something. The next block from where I grew up in old Philadelphia – a lovely neighborhood of brick townhouses, brick sidewalks and gas streetlamps – was a gay cruising area.

Every night after dark, men would stand or sit on the steps of houses while other men walked by, eying each other. And as I came and went from the block where I lived, visiting friends and returning home by foot, I couldn’t help noticing how many of them eyed me as well. I knew I was attractive to girls and I was learning that I was attractive to men as well.

I think it came upon me slowly, as I was reluctant to admit it, but although I am completely not wired to be attracted to men (and I’ve since tried, it just doesn’t work), I am wired to be attractive to men, and gradually I came to terms with the fact that a recurring fantasy of mine was to have my cock sucked by a man.

The fantasy and the urge took hold and grew and would not let me go. It still hasn’t, many years later.

One of my best friends befriended an affluent gay couple who loved to smoke pot and were happy to share (with good looking teenage boys, anyway – hmm… I wonder why!). Us “good looking teenage boys”, of course, were happy to have a source of free high-grade pot and we visited them many times in their apartment. The younger of the couple, istanbul travesti Ron, kept making passes at me, which I of course rebuffed – or more, honestly, pretended were not happening, but I started thinking of a way I could arrange somehow to be alone at their apartment with no one but Ron. I didn’t want my friends to know what I wanted.

One day the opportunity presented itself. I arrived at their apartment planning to meet my best friend there, and Ron’s partner Steve told me that he had called and said he wouldn’t be coming. He told me he himself was leaving but Ron would be coming home soon and I could wait if I wanted to get high with Ron.

I pretended to think about it but of course I knew immediately that my chance had finally arrived to maybe see what it would be like to get a blowjob from a man.

I sat on the couch and waited and then slouched back with my legs spread invitingly when I heard the key in the lock, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Sure enough, after a short interval while Ron settled in, I felt a weight on the couch next to me and a hand on my knee. I didn’t stir. The hand wandered a bit, and then a bit more and I stayed “sound asleep”.

The hand started to slide up and down the inside of my thigh and still I didn’t stir. Well, more exactly something did start to stir as the hand got closer and closer to the juncture of my thighs and the bulge in my pants.

Soon the hand was just brushing that bulge and moving away again and still I remained “asleep”. My cock was beginning to swell (as it is now, writing this) and I think he could see it pushing against the thin material of my khaki pants, because he finally did what I knew he had lusted to do for a long time and moved his hand directly on to the bulge in my pants to trace the outlines of my cock with his fingers and start to stroke it.

At that I stirred just a little and his hand flew away, but I settled back again and soon his hand returned and began istanbul travestileri stroking my cock again though my pants, getting it harder and harder. As if in an erotic dream I stirred again and mumbled and sighed but spread my legs further. Encouraged, he was tracing the outline of the head of my cock, and the shaft, and gently stroking my balls before returning to stroke my cock again, which was now erect, trapped and straining against my pants.

I kept up the pretense of being asleep and lost in an erotic dream, and soon his fingers found my zipper and pulled it down. He reached in and I could feel his fingers now tracing and stroking my cock with no barrier to lessen the sensation.

He gently freed my cock from my pants (I wore no underwear and never have if I could help it) and now, with his prize in his hands, he began stroking me in earnest. It was heavenly. It was forbidden and it was erotic as hell and I couldn’t help “moaning in my sleep”.

His fingertips teased the head of my cock and stroked lightly up and down the shaft. He went back again and again to that incredibly sensitive area just below the head of my cut cock, on the underside of the shaft. I could feel that he had wet his hand with spit. He rotated his fingertips and then his fist around the head, and just below it with just the right amount of pressure.

I had never pleasured myself with anything other than a fist moving up and down my cock and had no idea that the degree of sexual sensations he was creating were possible. My cock was so hard it felt like the skin was being stretched by the engorged flesh beneath it, and every little movement brought new heights of erotic bliss.

Before long, his weight lifted from beside me and I felt him kneeling between my legs, pushing them further apart to gain access. His lips sank over the head of my cock and his tongue worked me as his head began to bob up and down. The sensation was even more electric and I couldn’t help gasping travesti istanbul at the feeling of his wet, warm mouth around my cock. It was then that I pretended to “wake up”. How could I not, with that much stimulus lavished on my young, hormonal, over-stimulated and under-used cock?

I opened my eyes and gasped as if surprised to wake up with a gay man’s lips wrapped around my straight and extremely hard cock. He looked up at me, replaced his mouth with a stroking hand and smiled, and with his other he reached up and took off my glasses. He put them down on the couch beside me and immediately plunged his lips down over my cock again and began sucking and licking.

He alternated: long, slow strokes of his lips up and down the shaft of my cock, all the while using his tongue to further fire my nerve endings; he pulled his mouth almost off and sucked and licked the head of my cock. He circled the base of my cock with his thumb and first finger, making it even harder and holding it while he licked up and down the length, occasionally dipping down to lathe my balls with his wet tongue — another new and delicious sensation for me.

The sensations were more than incredible. It was well beyond what I had expected, but I was still young and inexperienced and it seemed like less than a minute (and probably was) before my cock started shooting cum into his mouth. He began moaning, I was moaning, and I emptied myself down his throat.

My cock was now so sensitive that I had to make him stop. I couldn’t take it anymore and I pushed him away. He released my cock from between his lips, stood up, tousled my hair and went into the kitchen to bring me a damp and a dry paper towel. Acting as if nothing had happened (which is just what I needed in order to not admit to myself that I had just let a guy suck my cock and make me cum), he asked If I wanted to get high and wandered away to get his paraphernalia, leaving me to clean myself and put my still tingling cock back into my pants.

Many blowjobs ensued thereafter. Maybe I’ll tell you about some of them. Ron was smitten with me and had been for some time, and I took full and shameless advantage of that to get my cock sucked as many times as I could. It was never enough. To this day, it has never been enough.

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White Sucks Black (Male Stripper)

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White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (The Stripper)

Curious straight guy strips, ends up really fucked.

If stories about dominant Black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18. This is all pure fantasy, none of this is real; do not attempt this at home. And of course, in real life, always practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)

White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (The Stripper)

(Some of this is true; most of it is not.)

“What the fuck am I doing?” I thought as a stood completely naked (except for my wedding ring) with my dick embarrassingly fully erect, facing the wall in the shabby, cluttered and musty “office” of the manager of a gay strip bar and movie theater. The wall was covered with posters of “all male cast” movies and random gay porn pictures tacked to the wall. Directly in front of me was a cut-out from a magazine of a naked and bound white man being fucked in his mouth and ass by two burly mostly-dressed Black thugs, apparently acting out a gay rape fantasy. At least I assumed they were acting. I was beginning to have an overpowering urge to flee, but the photo was strangely mesmerizing.

My dick had been hard almost from the moment I’d walked into the gay strip club, more out of curiosity I thought, but now my cock was as hard as it had even been. My shame suddenly became overwhelming, and I glanced toward the door once again contemplating escape, but I saw the bouncer, a very large Black man, had come in. He wasn’t exactly blocking the door, but I would definitely have to squeeze past him to get out, plus I had no idea what he had done with my clothes, which also caused me to feel incredibly vulnerable.

Behind me, I knew the manager was sitting in his chair ogling my naked body. The guy was fat and slovenly, and the whole thing seemed like a scene out of a tawdry, low-budget porn film, where the girl was made to strip naked to “audition” for a part for some sleazy producer, only in this case I was playing the part of the girl. I heard the manager unzip his fly, and then order me to “turn back around.” I hesitated for a moment, knowing that there was no way I could hide my erection.

When I turned around I’m sure the manager was amused to see the shock on my face. The guy may have been a slob, but his cock was huge. He didn’t say a word. He just glanced down at his erect dick and then at me. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he expected me to get down on my knees and suck him.

Again, my mind screamed, “What the fuck am I doing? I’m straight. I’m married to a wonderful, intelligent, sexy and loving woman. I’m a junior officer in the Navy, graduating near the top of my class at the academy. My wife was an admiral’s daughter as a matter of fact, who not only had a master’s degree, but truly loved to have sex. All I had wanted to do was indulge a strange fantasy of mine to dance naked in front of an audience. When I had entered the strip club, I doubted that I would even go through with it, although I had to admit that the sight of eight naked men dancing at various locations in the bar was a surprising turn on that I hadn’t expected. Why the hell would I want to suck this guy’s cock? Especially with the Black bouncer watching.” All this went through my mind in a flash, as I stared at the large, thick, hard cock pointing at me.

All my instincts were screaming, “Don’t do it!” Dozens of reasons not to do it sped through my brain; marriage, career, my parents, my wife’s parents. I even remembered my commanding officer saying in front of the wardroom, “Suck one cock, and you’re a cocksucker for life!” I’d never sucked a cock before, never even considered it, and never thought his statement would ever apply to me.

I’m sure I was flushed red with embarrassment and shame, standing naked in front of this guy. No way was I going to suck a cock. All I wanted to do was a couple naked dances, to satisfy my curiosity. But there was no denying that my cock wanted this. Why else would I be so hard? I couldn’t explain it. I tried to fight the thought that deep down inside I really wanted to suck this guy’s cock. It seemed like forever as I mentally debated, like out of Shakespeare, “To suck or not to suck, that is the question?” And then the scene from “Animal House,” where the devil and the angel are on the guy’s shoulder trying to convince him whether or not to fuck the mayor’s daughter. “Suck his cock!” said the devil, “you know you want to.” “Don’t suck it!” said the angel, “you will regret this the rest of your life.”

The manager istanbul travesti gave me a look like, “Look asshole, I don’t have all day. Suck my cock or get the fuck out.”

I got on my knees in front of him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked. I can’t explain why I did it, I just did. As soon as I did, thought, “Oh, god, I’m a cocksucker for life.” Images of my beautiful wife flashed through my mind, and all of a sudden an extraordinary sense of guilt for being unfaithful, which I had never been before. And then a weird thought, did sucking a guy’s dick meet the definition of unfaithful?

Mr. Slob had a pretty powerful aroma, but I was surprised at how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth. I quickly began to suck it with more enthusiasm, trying to copy the blowjobs in the few porn movies I had seen. I felt the guy firmly grip my head as if to make sure that once his cock was in my mouth I wouldn’t change my mind. His hand was surprisingly strong. It was clear he wasn’t about to let me stop sucking.

As I knelt naked and sucked the manger’s cock, I sensed the bouncer walk over and hand something to the manger. He seemed to be reading as I continued sucking, my own cock still as hard as the one in my mouth.

“So, does Eileen know her husband is a cocksucker, Lieutenant D.?” said the manager, as his grip on my head got even tighter.

Fuck! The guy already knew my wife’s name, my name, and that I was in the Navy. The bouncer must have handed him things from my wallet. I felt a sense of extreme panic, and I tried to stand up, but the bouncer had anticipated that and shoved me back down before my knees got a couple inches off the floor.

“Nooarghphl,” was all I could manage.

“Oh, sorry. Can’t talk with your mouth full, eh?” the manager said sarcastically. “Just keep blowing me, cocksucker.”

“What would your wife think if she saw you with cock in your mouth?”

I had no idea what she would think, but I was pretty sure it wouldn’t go well. She was pretty liberal, especially considering who her father was, and tolerant of lesbians and homosexuals, but I doubt that extended to her own husband. We’d been happily married for three years and still pretty much screwed like rabbits, but she’d shown no indications for anything other than a strictly monogamous relationship.

“And, what would your parents think if they could see you sucking cock?” More feelings of shame and humiliation. My parents were both very conservative. I suspected by mom would be extremely disappointed, but would still love me. I had no doubt that my dad would disown me, since he had nothing but disdain and contempt for “faggots,” which is how he invariably referred to gays. The shame of knowing his only son was a cocksucker might well give him a heart-attack.

“You’re not too bad a cocksucker. Your parents would be so proud of you. How about your kids? Got any kids?”

I shook my head no while continuing to suck.

“Well, someday they will be thrilled to know their dad was a cocksucker.”

Not if my wife found out first, I thought. Why would my wife want to raise a cocksucker’s children?

“I bet the Navy would be real thrilled that one of their officers is a cocksucker, wouldn’t they?”

That was a definite “NO!” as this was long before even “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” I knew the Navy even went on periodic witch hunts to find and purge homosexuals. If the Navy found out I was a cocksucker, my career would be over in an instant.

“Well don’t worry about any of that. Your secret’s safe with us.” I couldn’t see his face with his cock in my mouth, but I didn’t get a good feeling that he was being completely truthful, especially when he added, “as long as you do whatever I want you to do.”

For someone who had always been a straight-A student, I couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been to let the bouncer take my clothes and wallet. He knew everything about me, including my home address off my driver’s license, what rank I was from my ID card, all my contact phone numbers (this was before cell phones, too.) This guy owns me, I thought.

“Just remember, I own your ass. And it’s going to make me a lot of money.”

I gagged on his cock, as he tried to shove it even deeper in my mouth.

“Just relax, Lieutenant. My cock is going in your throat the easy way or the hard way, your choice.”

I gagged again, desperately trying not to puke, but this time he was unrelenting, so I tried to relax as he had ordered. His cock entered and slid down my throat, surprisingly much easier than I had thought. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. Taking a huge cock all the way down my throat. I couldn’t barf, with his cock lodged in my throat. I even felt his hairy balls on my chin. And then he held his cock deep in my throat. I began to run short of air, yet he showed no sign of withdrawing. I started slapping his leg with my hand to show my distress, but the bouncer just grabbed my hands and pinned them behind my back.

Instead of worrying about puking, istanbul travestileri I desperately tried not to involuntarily piss on the floor. As I felt myself starting to black out, I imagined my wife getting a telegram, “We regret to inform you that your husband suffocated on a huge cock. At seemingly the last instant, he pulled my head off his cock. As I gasped and sputtered for air, I realized that my wrists were now actually bound together behind my back.”

“Who’s your master, slave?”

Slave? What the fuck?

“I have to get back to my ship,” I answered.

“That wasn’t even close to the right answer, cocksucker. Let’s try this again.” And he shoved my head back down into his crotch and his cock popped right back in my throat again. Once again, I feared I was going to die on this man’s dick.

“Here’s the deal, cocksucker. If you don’t want your wife, your parents and the Navy to know you suck cock, then you will do exactly what I say. I’ll let you go back to your ship, but you are now my slave. I will expect you to return regularly. You will be sucking my cock for the rest of your life, or until I get tired of you. After you finish sucking my cock, you will go out into the bar and dance naked for all the guys. A lot of them will get real turned on by the thought of fucking a married navy officer, and they will buy a lot of drinks waiting their turn. A lot of them will pay good money to fuck you, especially the first one, and I will get all that money, and all you will get is their cum up your ass, or on your face, or wherever they want to cum in you or on you. Savvy?”

God, all I had wanted to do was dance naked a couple times, and instead this guy was going to pimp me out as a gay sex slave. My sense of shame was overwhelming, as well as an abject sense of stupidity for getting in this mess. My damn cock was still like a rod of iron in excitement. Why the hell would the idea of being a sex slave for other men be at the same time so repellent and yet such a turn on?

“Do you understand, you cocksucker?”

After I finished gulping air, I meekly answered, “Yes, sir,” in the same way I would have addressed a senior officer.

“That’s better. No get your married mouth back on my cock and suck it like your life depended on it. And life as you know it will depend on it. Your life will never be the same, but when I’m not using you, you can pretend things are normal with your wife and career.”

That eased my mind-numbing angst only slightly. The realization that my whole life could come crashing down because I sucked one cock was harder to swallow than the actual cock itself. By this time though, I wasn’t so much as giving a blow job as I was having my face and throat fucked.

The manager’s grip on my head was now two-handed and he was vigorously slamming his cock into my mouth, fucking my head like a rag doll. With my wrists bound and pinned by the strong bouncer there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I could only imaging what I must have looked like kneeling naked with this fat, hairy slob’s huge dick pumping in and out of my mouth. Yes my dad would be so proud.

Suddenly the manager started to shake, and I assumed he was about to cum in my mouth, and I suddenly wondered what his semen would taste like. Instead, at the last instant, he pulled out and shot a mammoth load of hot cum all over my face. I’d seen a few facial cumshots on women in a few porn movies, but couldn’t believe how much cum this guy unloaded. The first spurt was right between my eyes, and at first I thought I was lucky that I was wearing glasses, but several more spurts splattered my forehead with cum, which then ran down into my eyes and essentially glued them shut. Many spurts hit my cheeks, ran into my ears and down onto my lips and chin. I inadvertently opened my mouth and took a shot there too, so I did indeed learn what cum tastes like, and also realized that I would never forget my first taste of cum as long as I lived.

Just then a bright flash went off in the room, followed shortly by the whirr of a polaroid camera. Shit, now there was photographic proof of my cocksucking.

“Get another one,” said the manager, just in case all the cum washes out the film, like last time.” This was followed by another flash. The manger then rubbed some of my cum around my cheek and lips with his cock, then stuffed his cum-coated cock into my mouth, and I got an even bigger taste of his splooge.

“Here, you get in here,” said the manger to the bouncer.

I felt an even bigger dick force its way into my mouth, and I started sucking my second cock, which I knew to be black. It hadn’t been all that long since the passage of the civil rights and voting rights act, and already I had a Black man’s cock in my mouth. There was another flash. The manger now had a photo of me kneeling at the feet of and sucking the cock of a Black man while the manager’s cum was still oozing down my face.

“Oooh, this is a keeper! Nice cumshot, if I do say so myself. travesti istanbul This one goes in the Facial Hall of Fame.” The Black guy just kept fucking my face and grunted an acknowledgement. “Your wife is going to love this one,” the manager said, obviously talking about the photo of me with black cock in my mouth and cum all over my face. “You look good with a face-full of jizz. What do you think, he looks good with your cock in his mouth and my cum on his face?”

“All white men look better with black cock in their mouth,” said the bouncer. “All white men should kneel naked and suck black cock. You owe it to us for all the shit you’ve done.” His comment made me imagine seeing my dad with a black cock in his mouth. As little as he thought of gays, he thought even less of Blacks. Knowing his only son was sucking nigger cock, as he would say, would kill him.

As if reading my mind, the manager said, “That’s it, make your daddy proud. Prove you’re not a racist and suck that big black cock.” His comment seemed superfluous, since that’s exactly what I was doing, except the making daddy proud part of it.

“That’s it white boy, suck my black cock,” said the bouncer, his voice dripping with contempt. The “boy” was jarring. No one had talked to me like that before. The bouncer obviously had no respect at all for white men. I felt completely helpless and vulnerable. I was naked and had no idea where my clothes were. No one I knew had any idea where I was, and no one I knew would ever have guessed I’d end up sucking cock. I was completely at the mercy of this big and powerful Black man and the sleazy manager.

“So, LeRoy, is there anything better than having a strait, married white man suck your cock?”

“Uh, fuck him in the ass. In front of his wife and family. Fuck his wife and family in the ass. Piss on his whole family.”

“Man, you really hate white dudes don’t you?”

“Well, they enslaved us. They deserve to get fucked, every last one of them. They benefited from white crimes, they should all pay for white crimes. And we don’t want their stinking money. We want to fuck their asses. Except you of course, boss.”

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure you get some of this ass later tonight.”

“Oooh, married white ass. I would sure like to fuck that. Can’t fuck too many married white men.”

Shit. It was bad enough sucking sleaze-balls’ cock, and then LeRoy Brown’s black cock (which turned out to be his actual name,) but now it looked like they had every intention of taking my anal virginity.

The load of cum on my face was starting to cool and congeal. Cum definitely feels a lot better when it is fresh. To the cum had been added spit and drool as I had repeatedly gagged on his fat cock, as he tried initially unsuccessfully to shove it down my throat. Finally he crammed it in and he too did the mock-suffocation routine in me. This time I imagined my tombstone, “Choked to death on a big black cock.”

Once again, I gasped for air, as he jerked his cock, aimed right at my already cum-covered face, when he blasted his load right between my eyes and gave every square inch of my face a second coat of cum. Again I saw the flash, even though my eyes were glued shut with jizz. I could feel more jets of jism hitting my face as the camera flashed yet another time and then another.

“Nice cumshot, LeRoy. Even his own mother wouldn’t recognize him with that much splooge on his face.”

“We should send her a photo just to see if she does.”

“Please don’t. Sir,” I said somewhat meekly.

“Who the fuck asked you, cocksucker?”

“Your mom’s probably already fucking Black men anyway. Lots of white women are. They feel guilty, and want to atone by spreading their legs for as many Black men as want to fuck them. Plus, it makes them all cum.”

I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying really as I was thinking about the sensation of two huge loads of cum clinging to my face, and worried about what my family and friends would ever think if they ever saw me like this — married, naked naval officer, straight-A student, class president, star athlete, covered in cum.

“Hey cocksucker,” barked the bouncer, jarring me back to the present. “Don’t worry, I won’t use your address list to find and fuck your mother.” Well at least I have that going for me. “Your wife, on the other hand….” He left that dangling and unresolved.

They had my wallet, so I knew they had my address. He or his friends could find and fuck my wife, or even gang-rape her when I was away at sea. There was nothing I could do about it if they chose to. I had not considered that going into a gay bar could result in any threat to my wife. They’re gay guys, right? However, it had become apparent that the bouncer wasn’t actually gay; he just got off on fucking white people, any white person. What a fucking mess.

“Hey LeRoy, let’s get this show on the road. God knows what those animals have been up to while we’ve been out.”

Since I couldn’t see anything, I just knelt there passively, hands bound behind my back, my face a mass of congealing cum, and still fully erect. Before I could react, someone snapped a collar around my neck with a leash, and then jerked me to my feet with the leash.

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My Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18!

This follows a married man who succumbs to black cock, it has some offensive words and implied incest. If these bother you I would recommend not reading.

Meeting Callum

My name is Steve, I am 49 years old and have been happily married for over 20 years. My wife, Joanne, is amazing. A loving mother, a great wife and a great partner to share my life with. Together we have two kids, my eldest was my son, Jack, who was 20 and my youngest was my daughter, Melissa, who is 18.

I work in sales, I am 5 foot 9 and have short black hair. Back in the day I was a gym head, but in recent years I have let myself go, by no means am I fat. I’m just not as muscly as I once was.

My daughter, Melissa, is the spitting image of my wife when she was 18. Long blond hair, slim body and as beautiful as her mother. She has recently started dating someone, a guy called Callum who I am yet to meet. However, she has asked if he could stay the night and I told her that he will have to come round for dinner before hand so I can give my final say.

It was 6pm and Melissa and Callum were due any minute, I was in the kitchen watching my wife cook when she said to me.

“Don’t be too hard on him tonight.”

Laughing I replied.

“I won’t be, I just want to make sure he has good intention on my little angel.”

“I’m sure he does!” My wife said turning around and kissing me on the cheek, “Now get ready, dinner is almost ready.”

I went to get changed, putting on jeans and shirt and sat down at the dinner table while we waited for them to arrive. I have told my son Jack to stay out tonight so we can spend more time with this Callum.

Then I heard the door open and in walked my 18 year old daughter, hand in hand with her boyfriend. To my shock, he was black! I’m not racist, I have no problem with her dating a black man, it’s just that she has never mentioned it before.

Standing up, I walked over to shake his hand.

“Nice to meet you Callum, I’m Melissa father, Steve.”

Shaking his hand, I realised how big his hands were. He was in a tight t-shirt that showed off how muscly he was. He was at least 6 foot and his skin was as black as the night sky. If I had to guess, I would’ve thought he was mid to late twenties, but Melissa has already told us that he is 19.

“Nice to meet you Steve.” He said with a grin and then I told him to take a seat.

“So Callum, what do you do?” I asked while my wife brought out the dinner.

“What do you mean?” He asked me, keeping eye contact.

“Do you work? At university?” I asked.

“Oh sorry, I am a personal trainer.” He told me, which explains the muscles.

“Daddy used to be a big gym head.” Melissa said and I could see her hand under the table that must be resting on his thigh.

“Interesting, maybe we could go together some time.” Callum said, his voice deep and manly.

“Maybe.” I replied, not keen on being shown up at the gym by this young man.

Joanne brought us all dinner and we started eating, I learnt a lot about Callum during the meal.

He has 2 brothers, only has a dad as his mother has passed away and he seemed to be fairly intelligent. As much as I hated to admit it, I liked him.

When we finished eating, it was nearly 9pm and after all the talking at Melissa looked to me and asked.

“So daddy, can Callum stay over?”

I smiled at my little girl, looking back at Callum I finally said.

“He can stay over.” Which brought a huge smile to her face, then I looked at Callum and continued, “But, you will have to sleep on the sofa.”

Her smile quickly left, not happy about not sharing a bed but I wasn’t about to let my daughter sleep with this man under my roof whilst I was in.

“Sorry Melissa, but those are the rules.” I told her.

“Fine.” She said in a huff.

Callum helped my wife clean the table and I could hear them talking in the kitchen while I was alone with Melissa, she moved to the seat next to me and said.

“So daddy, what do you think?”

I looked at her and told her.

“He seems nice.” Which made her smile.

When all the cleaning was done, Melissa hugged me and kissed my cheek and said goodnight. I shook Callum’s hand again and his hard grip hurt my own, not that I would let it show. Then we all went to bed.

It was around 3am when I woke up with a dry mouth. Desperate for a drink I headed downstairs, but remembering that Callum was on the sofa I tried to be quiet when pouring myself a glass of water.

When I turned around, I nearly had a heart attack when Callum was stood in front of me, just wearing boxers.

His body was amazing, he was so toned, his 6 pack clearly visible and his legs thick and firm.

“Sorry Steve, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said looking at me.

I didn’t mean to, but my eyes accidentally darted down to his crotch a few times, I could see the outline of his cock and just from his boxers it looked huge.

“It’s, erm.. okay.” I said stuttering.

“I’m ankara travesti just getting a drink myself.” He said.

“Glasses are in there.” I told him pointing to the cupboard and then watched his body as he walked past me to the get himself a glass. While he walked I could see his soft cock moving about in his baggy boxer shorts.

Stop looking at his crotch! I scolded myself.

Then I watched as he poured himself a glass of water, even from behind his back muscles looked firm and amazing.

“Thank you for letting me stay over.” He said.

“It’s no problem, I hope you understand having to sleep on the sofa.” I told him.

“I get it, it’s no problem.” He said with a smile, his white shining teeth more prominent in the dark.

Once again, I found my eyes locked onto his crotch. Catching myself, I brought my eyes up and he was silently smiling at me.

“Well, goodnight.” I quickly said and then left.

On the walk back to my room, I couldn’t think of why I kept staring at him. Even worse, I could feel my own hard cock was awake!

I got back into bed and tried to forget about it and fall to a restless sleep.

The First Taste

It has been two weeks since Callum had first stayed over, since then he has stayed four more times but each time he slept on the sofa. I was not ready for him to sleep in Melissa’s room just yet.

The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. He was a good young lad and seemed respectful enough to have my approval. Also, as much as I tried to not, I found myself thinking of his body more times than once.

Something about him just intrigued me, his toned body, his abs, the sway of his big cock in his boxer shorts.

He was staying over again tonight and I was in bed, when the thought of his body came to my mind again. As much as I tried to push the thoughts away, I couldn’t. Then I felt myself getting horny and felt my cock growing in my boxers.

Turning to Joanne, she was reading a book when I placed a hand onto her thigh and moved my lips to kiss her neck.

“Steve, what are you doing?” She said with a laugh.

“Come on.” I whispered kissing her neck and moving my hand up her night gown and to her exposed pussy, slowly rubbing her clit with my finger.

“Steve…” She whispered moaning.

“You know you want to.” I whispered as I kept rubbing her clit.

“Fine but be quiet.” She whispered.

Climbing on top of her, I started to kiss my beautiful wife. Her soft lips against mine, her tongue running against my own as I pulled out my 4 inch cock and easily slid it inside of her soaking wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm.” She quietly moaned as I slowly made love to her.

Feeling her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. That was until we heard a thud coming from the other room.

“What was that?!” My wife jumped, pushing me out of her.

“I’m sure it’s nothing.” I said trying to kiss her and continue.

“No, Steve. Go check.” She said firmly and I knew better than to argue.

I put on my dressing gown and left my room and went into the next, opening the door to my son’s room he was on the ground picking up his desk.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“I knocked my desk over, I’m sorry.” He said.

I gave a little huff, annoyed that this was why I had to stop having sex and then went back to my room. Entering I whispered.

“It’s just Jack making a mess.”

“That’s okay then.” She said.

Getting back onto the bed, I moved to kiss Joanne when she stopped me and said.

“We can’t do it now, knowing that Jack is definitely awake.”

For god sake, I was so close! I moaned to myself.

Lying down with my cock still fully alert, I tried to drift off to sleep unhappy and horny.

Again, I woke up around 3am needing a drink. I had forgotten that Callum was downstairs when I headed down in just my boxers.

Pouring myself a glass, my heart stopped when I turned around and once again saw him standing there in just his boxers.

“Oh god, Callum. Sorry you frightened me.” I said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He said.

Once again, I found myself staring at his body and my eyes found their way down to his cock. This time though, instead of seeing it swinging in his boxers, I could tell with ease that he was fully hard. It looked massive!

I quickly tried to divert my eyes and leave, until I realised he was stood still and I couldn’t pass. Looking up from the ground, he was smiling down at me, then he whispered.

“I’ve seen you staring at me.”

“W-what?” I stuttered out, embarrassed of being caught.

“It’s okay, most white guys can’t help themselves.” He said with a smug grin. I couldn’t believe what he was implying.

“Callum, I think I should head to bed.” I told him, but he remained firmly stood still.

“Do you want to see it?” He asked me.

I looked down at his cock that was pointing into his boxers, looking back up I stuttered.

“I-I-I don’t understand.”

“It’s okay Steve, you can ankara travestileri see it. I know you want to.” He said, then I saw his hands go down to his boxers and in one motion pulled them down.

I could not believe my eyes!!

I have seen men naked in the gym showers before and of course I have had a look, but this was a beast! It was at least 8 inches and as thick as my arm! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

Without realising it, I was staring at his cock. Until his voice brought me back to reality.

“Touch it.” He whispered, but in a firm tone.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock, it was dark but I could clearly see it, it’s length, it’s girth.

“You know you want to.” He whispered.

I don’t know what has come over me, I have never thought of a man in that way before, but here I am staring at my 18 year old daughters boyfriends cock.

Without thinking, I reached out my hand and wrapped my fingers around the big, black cock. It was so warm and firm in my hand and I couldn’t get my fingers to meet because it was that thick.

“Good boy.” He whispered which I felt weird, calling me a good boy.

“Now, wank my cock.” He whispered.

My eyes looked up at him, smiling down at me. I couldn’t believe this situation I was in, holding his big hard cock. But I couldn’t seem to stop myself, it was like my body had a mind of its own.

Then I felt my arm move and my hand moved up his cock, gripping onto it firmly and then pulling it back down. Ever so slowly I was wanking his big, black cock.

“That’s it, I knew you wanted it.” He whispered.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off, I wanted to punch him in the face! But I didn’t, I remained speechless as I slowly wanked his cock.

“Get on your knees and have a closer look.” He said.

This was it I thought, this was going too far.

Maybe in another world this is where I stopped, but not in this one.

Instead, I did as he told me to, I lowered myself to the ground and onto my knees, face to face with his giant cock only inches away from me. I couldn’t help but notice how hard my cock was.

My hand was still gripping his cock as I wanked him in front of me.

“Do you want a taste?” He whispered.

I couldn’t stop myself, with all of my might I couldn’t stop when the words left my mouth.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Yes, what?” He whispered, I looked up and he was smiling down at me with a smug grin.

“Yes, I want to taste.” I told him, not believing the words coming out of my mouth.

“You want to taste my big, black cock?” He whispered.

Looking back at the giant cock in front of me, I knew how wrong this was, but I couldn’t stop when I told him, still staring at his cock.

“Yes, I want to taste your cock.”

“Go on then.” He whispered.

This was all the encouragement I needed. It was as though I was having an outer body experience, watching someone that wasn’t me doing this. But it was me.

I opened my mouth, I leant forward and soon I felt the softness of the head of his cock pressing against my tongue. When it did, I closed my mouth and wrapped my lips around his hard cock.

This was it, I have the first ever cock in my life in my mouth. And it felt…. Amazing. I can’t explain it, something felt so natural about being on my knees with this man’s cock in my mouth.

“Mmmmm that’s it.” He moaned.

I have gone this far. I thought.

I opened my mouth a little more and pushed my head forward and took more of his amazing cock inside of me. Running my tongue along the head of his cock, I could taste the salty precum coming from his dick and it tasted amazing.

“Mmmmm.” I accidentally moaned around this perfect cock.

I looked up in embarrassment of just moaning on his cock and just saw him smiling down at me, at his girlfriend’s dad sucking his cock.

I closed my eyes, not able to look at him any longer while I continued to suck his cock.

I started to slowly bob my head up and down, feeling his cock get just to my lips and then going forward and taking it until he hit my throat.

“Glgggh!” I moaned when I went too deep and made myself gag.

“Shhhh, don’t want to let anyone know that you are sucking my cock.” Callum whispered with a hand running through my hair.

I looked up at him and then back at his cock, a trail of spit going from my mouth to his cock. I was lost in lust when I dove back onto his cock and started to suck him faster now, loving having this black cock in my mouth.

I was running my tongue all over his shaft as I would wrap my lips around his dick and keep taking him as deep as possible, doing my best not to gag.

After a few minutes of sucking this huge, black dick, Callum gripped onto my hair and whispered.

“Keep your head still slut, I’m going to fuck your mouth.”

Calling me slut was like a punch to the gut. I wanted to stand up and shout at him, but I couldn’t. Instead, I let him hold my head still with his cock in my mouth as he started to thrust his cock in and out.

He would travesti ankara go deep and make me gag over and over, spit was pouring down my chin as I was just there as a hole for him to fuck, and I fucking loved it! His cock would come out to my lips and then he would thrust deep until he hit my throat over and over.

Then he whispered.

“I’m going to cum slut, you better swallow it all!”

I know I was sucking his cock, but I forgot about him cumming. I didn’t want his cum in my mouth, but right now I was in no position to argue. Instead, I kept my lips wrapped as best I could around his dick as he kept fucking my mouth, over and over he would plunge down my throat.

“Fuuuuckkkk.” He whispered and I felt his balls tensing up.

Then he started to shoot load after load of cum straight into my mouth. I was surprised by the taste, actually liking it. I used my tongue swirl it around my mouth as he was keep fucking my mouth with just the tip of his cock while it seemed like his cum was never ending.

“Mmmmm.” I accidentally moaned again as the last parts of his cum poured into my mouth.

I kept my lips around his cock, when he let go of my head I carried on bobbing up and down on it, getting the last few drops of cum whilst he went soft.

Eventually he pulled my head back and I watched as he pulled his boxers back up.

“Thanks for that, I really needed it since you won’t let me sleep with your daughter.” He said.

I had almost forgotten about Melissa, I just sucked her boyfriends cock!

Having swallowed his cum and thinking of Melissa, it was like my senses finally came back. I wiped my mouth and stood up, Callum was just stood there smiling at me.

I didn’t say anything and just barged past him and tried to be quiet, sneaking upstairs. Just before reaching my room I realised how fucking horny I had gotten sucking his cock.

So instead of going to bed, I went to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door I sat on the toilet seat and started wanking my cock. The remnants of Callum’s cum in my mouth and I closed my eyes and pictured what I had just done. It took minutes for me to cum all over my stomach thinking of his cock.

Cleaning myself off, I went back to bed and tried my best to sleep.

A Second Helping

It has been a week since I sucked Callum’s cock, luckily for me he hasn’t been around the house since. Hopefully he was just as embarrassed about it as I was.

Although I tried to forget, every time I got horny and had chance to wank, images of Callum’s cock came into my mind.

After I cum thinking of his dick, I would tell myself off and say that was the last time. But it never was.

“Callum is coming round for tea tonight.” My wife shouted to me from the other room.

My heart stopped and I felt sick when I heard it, jumping from the sofa I ran into the kitchen and said to her.

“What? Again?”

“Yes, is that a problem?” She asked.

I didn’t know what to say, I obviously couldn’t tell her why I didn’t want him over, especially how I told everyone how nice he was when I first met him! So I just said.

“No, no problem.”

A few hours later, I was sat at the dinner table with my wife Joanne, my son, Jack and Melissa and Callum. It was awkwardly silent. I couldn’t bring myself to look up from my plate in fear of Callum looking at me.

When dinner had finished, I helped Joanne clear up the dishes, in the kitchen she whispered to me.

“Why are you so quiet?”

I looked at her, not knowing what to tell her I just said.

“I just don’t think he should be around so often, has he not got his own family to eat with?”

Joanne huffed and replied.

“He and Melissa are in love, just let them be happy.” And then she walked away.

If only she knew the truth. I thought.

It was my turn to clean up, so I had rubber gloves on and was washing the dishes in the sink when suddenly I felt a pair of firm hands gripping my arse cheeks. Then Callum’s voice whisper from behind me.

“Have you missed me?”

I jumped out of my skin, span around to see him smiling down at me, I whispered.

“Callum! You can’t do that!”

“Oh please, after last time, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do.” He said with a grin.

“Enough Callum.” I firmly said, trying to take back some power.

“How about, you meet me in the bathroom upstairs in twenty minutes?” He said, still smiling at me.

“No Callum, that is never happening again.” I told him.

“We will see.” He said and then grabbed my hard cock from outside of my pants before turning and walking away.

What the fuck!

I carried on cleaning the dishes with my head spinning. Afterwards my wife suggested that we all watch a movie together.

It was twenty minutes after Callum had been with me in the kitchen when he stood up and said.

“Can I use your bathroom please?”

His usual polite manner hiding the truth that I know.

“Of course, you can use my bathroom.” Melissa said, she had an en suite to her bedroom. Then I watched Callum leaving.

For the next few minutes I argued in my head, I desperately tried to fight the urge to go upstairs. To stay loyal and firm. But it was no use, my decision was made. I stood up and said.

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A Panty Boy and Three Dollars

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Austin, TX


Midterms my sophomore spring semester had been a thorough drain and now I needed to release that tension. I thought about what to do, but the inevitable moment “anonymous video arcade sex” popped into my brain it crowded out all other thoughts.

There was simply no point in fighting it. Salacious and slutty always won. Still does.

And being too young to go to a bar but old enough to enter an adult bookstore, well, the decision kind of made itself. I found it a turn on that I was not allowed to consume alcohol, but I was allowed to consume cocks in a dark backroom. It felt extra sinful.

I spent the next hour getting ready. The feeling of being freshly douched, showered, and my smoothly shaved body got me in a sexy mood like nothing else.

But what to wear?

Panties, of course. Always panties! Once I slither out of my pants, my panties never fail to broadcast to some lucky guy that he is in the presence of complete boy slut. I’ve never once had a negative reaction.

(I hadn’t tested my very personal lingerie fetish on a female at that point in my life. That seemed trickier.)

Unlike now, I didn’t possess a robust collection of panties back then, but I did have one of my all-time favorites, a sheer baby blue low-waist bikini. It wasn’t skintight; it had some room, which I preferred. My peenie could slide around and enjoy the misty feeling. It had a dainty and delicate waistband, which I liked, too, especially when it snapped lightly into place right above my modest penis.

It didn’t completely cover my full bottom, either, which was such a hot look, and it showcased my silky smooth merchandise just right.

With that on under a pair of hip-hugging red nylon gym shorts, I pulled on a moderately tight navy blue t-shirt (about the best I could do as far as “revealing” clothing at the time), put on white tennis shoes and white ankle socks, and walked to the adult bookstore near the edge of campus.

Oh, I had three dollars in quarters making a racket in the pocket of my shorts. I imagined that as I neared the arcade, that jingling made me sound like a kitten with bells on her collar. I wondered if discerning ears could pick up on it the closer I got. A dinner bell, of sorts.

Once inside the arcade at the back of the bookstore, I parked in a viewing booth, locked the door, loaded up the machine with quarters, and chose the gayest video I could find. I stripped down to my sheer panties and began running my hands over my body, getting super turned on by the screen action and the look of my writhing smooth softness bathed in the soft glow of the screen.

Honestly, it was super hot.

Pinching my nipples while two fit men sixty-nine-d on the small screen felt so satisfyingly erotic. If someone gazed through one of the gloryholes to my right or left (and they would), they’d see me feeling up my mostly naked body, rubbing my erect thingy through my panties. I loved being ogled by clothed horny men.

I heard the door of the booth to my left open and close, followed by the sound of quarters falling into the viewer one clunk at a time. I squatted down to peek through the gloryhole and there he was. His khakis and boxers pulled down to mid-thigh and he was stroking his decent cock (cut, maybe six inches if I remember correctly). He wasn’t obscenely hairy, either.

I pressed my face to the hole with my mouth open and tongue out. (Who could resist that?!?!) A few seconds later I felt his stiff dick sliding over my tongue and into my mouth.

There was precum! It tasted yummy!

I went to work pumping my mouth up and down, occasionally stopping to kiss and lick his solid shaft. It had such a nice spongy head; it really was made to savor.

Eventually he pushed his slightly hairy balls through my feeding hole, and I gave them a thorough tongue bath while stroking him.

I returned to his cock, letting my mouth fill with saliva so everything was extra slick. After a few minutes of focused sucking, he did that unmistakable tensing up and filled my college boy mouth with a whole lot of spunk. I swallowed it all and did some light tongue cleaning of his deflating dick before he pulled back, dressed, and departed.

Not very romantic, but man was I turned on by all of that.

I stood and noticed that the viewing room to the right was now occupied. I hadn’t heard anyone come in, but hopefully he watched me suck off the other guy. All he would have seen was a slutty college boy on his knees and from behind, but who wouldn’t be turned on by that? Especially one in sexy panties, right?

My new neighbor stuck a finger through our common hole signaling his interest. Showtime!

I could see him eyeing me, so I ran my hands up my torso and back down to my panties, sliding my hands inside to rub my stiffy. Then I minced up to the wall, bent down on my knees, and when he stood up, I spied a white male playing with his smooth dick. Again, six inches, maybe. Not bad at all.

I opened my mouth istanbul travesti into a wet invitation and his RSVP arrived immediately!

No teasing, no foreplay, just straight into my mouth. It did taste nice, and I believe I detected the taste of precum just like the first guy. Excellent! I went to work pumping my mouth up and down his erection. His moans let me know he was enjoying it!

I took a small break to reach under his cock and to coax his balls through the hole. They, too, were smooth. I pushed his dick upward and began slathering his nuts with my spit. Sloppy wet balls are so sexy!

I slid his yummy pole back in my mouth and began sucking in earnest. I bet I twirled my tongue all over his meat a million times.

As I was pumping, he slowly withdrew and I noticed he was bending down, bringing his face into view. He was cute, a total bonus.

“May I please come to your booth? I’d like to play with that ass,” he asked.

“Okay. Sure,” I answered. This was an exciting development!

I saw him pull up his pants and step out of his viewing room. Then came a quiet knock.

Getting off my knees, I opened the door without any thought as to who might see me. I mean, I do enjoy showing myself off, especially in panties and even more especially when everyone knows I’m being unabashedly slutty.

Standing there in full view, a passing CMNM sensation sprinkled tingles all over my body.

He stepped in and after a little bit of close quarters shuffling around, I closed the door and latched it. As best I could tell, my movie date was in his late twenties. Easy on the eyes, too.

I felt his hands on my boy hips and he gently pulled me toward him, pressing his lips against mine. Kissing in an adult video booth? On display in my favorite panties? With a cute guy? Yes, please!

Making out was heavenly! As our tongues had a getting-to-know-you shoving match, I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, managing to get his pants and briefs right below his ass. I started stroking his Twizzler with one hand and slid my other one up his Polo shirt and twizzled a nipple.

He pulled his head back slightly and asked, “Mind if I get naked, too?”

“Please do! Let me help you!” I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm one bit.

He pushed off his top siders as I knelt down to finish removing his jeans and underwear. While I helped him step out of all that, he slid his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. I placed his jeans and briefs beside it and turned my face back to his hard and luscious cock.

I teased his pretty dick head with my pointed tongue, wiggling it into his pee slit just a tiny bit as I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands and pulled them apart.

That combination unlocked some moaning, so I knew I was on the right track. Validation is such a motivator!

I removed a hand that was kneading one of his buns, stuck my middle finger in my mouth and got it as wet as I could.

Once it was drenched, I reached around to press it against his butthole. Just as my finger landed on its target, I inhaled his penis back into my mouth.

Boy did he enjoy having his hole massaged while I was bobbing up and down on his cock! He placed his hands on each side of my head and whispered, “Yes! Yes! Ohhhh wow! Yes! This is amazing!”

I kept going on his dick, enjoying the feeling in my mouth. I kept my finger pressed on his anus, tapping it with increasing but still light intensity. I could feel his tiny opening give way a little bit each time.

“Hey,” he said. “Stand up. I came over to enjoy your ass.”

I took my finger off his rosebud and slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock. He reached his hands down, I placed my hands in his, and he pulled me to my feet. Once I was all the way up, he gave me an intimate kiss and then whispered, “Up against the wall, please.”

“And put your dick through the gloryhole.”

The only thing I could think to say was, “Yes sir.”

I turned around, tugged my panties down under my balls and bottom, lined up my five-inch erection with the hole, and pressed my body against the cool black plywood wall.

What a vulnerable feeling! I was a touch nervous and entirely excited all at the same time. My penis was completely out of my control and a man was now rubbing his wet cock up and down my hairless ass crack.

His dick felt so good sliding between my cheeks. I reached around and pulled my bottom open so his slippery noodle could rub against my pussy. Of course, he did just that and now it was my turn to moan.

Just as I felt his loins against my backside, pressing his cock vertically between my open cheeks, a warm wet sensation overwhelmed my penis.

I closed my eyes, and my moans became whimpers as a pair of mystery lips drew in my stiffy. I pushed my hips back and forth slightly to enjoy the sensations from the front and the back.

“Are you getting blown?” tonight’s owner whispered in my ear.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded. Again, with the istanbul travestileri “sir” thing. It’d become an involuntary response, so I capitalized it and just went with it.

“Niiiiice,” he replied as he began kissing my neck and exploring the sides of my torso with his hands.

The intensity of all those sensations was overwhelming! I could feel his sex stick pick up speed as he slid it up and down my crack. His kisses on my neck lasted longer, subtly signaling that his attention was shifting to satisfying his cock.

And speaking of satisfying a cock, mine was completely on edge as someone’s mouth continued working it over. It wouldn’t be long before I came!

My backside bad boy repositioned his cock so it could piston down over my butthole, across my taint, and poke my balls. A few times he purposely pushed his cockhead against my rosebud making it twitch with anticipation!

“Ohhhh,” I breathed out. “You can fuck me, Sir.”

“Thanks, but not tonight. Focus on your cock getting sucked,” he replied as he kept sawing back and forth.

I never once stopped focusing on the delightful treatment my dick was receiving. Not for one second. I don’t think I’d ever inserted my thingy into something so damp, cushiony, and eager.

My testicles tightened and my ass cheeks began to clench and unclench to the excitement of the guy rubbing his propagator under my ass.

I was multitasking before that was a thing.

And then it happened, like I had a choice! My dainty but steel-hard cock began spitting out frosting into that velvety anonymous mouth. I came and came (and came some more), panting like I’d run a marathon. It felt so good. I could not believe how this night was turning out!

As best I could tell, the mouth on the other side swallowed it all. What I did know was that my withering dick was always super sensitive after an eruption, but being trapped against the wall by another man, I decided to take a bullet for the team and tough it out as my blower cleaned my spent penis. But boy did I ever squirm!

The pace behind me quickened and his last kiss on my shoulder became a bite. Firm but not agonizingly painful. The rocking stopped and I felt his waves hit my shore. All that hot cum coated my butthole in three big spurts and then he slid his throbbing cock along my taint. He finished there with two lighter squirts.

That was so amazing, but when he collapsed against me with a hug, everything felt just right. His slippery cock slipped from my slippery sex box, and he leaned in and exhaled into my ear, “Turn around.”

The man in the other booth, it seemed, had finished with me, so I turned around and kept my shoulders pressed to the wall and the rest of my body arched outward. My damp dick caught a faint breeze from somewhere that felt invigorating.

My naughty boy leaned in for what became a fierce make out session! Tongues in as far as they could go and hands all over each other! I could’ve married him right there!

He reached around to my ass and massaged his spunk into my asshole. That felt so intimate, especially when his fingers found their way past my sphincter. I didn’t realize until that moment how much I wanted that. I so did.

So much so, I raised one leg up and wrapped it around his waist, pulling him that much closer and opening my desperate ass even more.

Then he surprised me.

He put two of his cum-coated fingers into my mouth. How fucking hot. I loved being owned like that.

As I was sucking his special sauce from his fingers, my snatch began to spark, and I suddenly became aware that it was being penetrated again!

It dawned on me that my anonymous cock sucker on the other side had reached through the gloryhole and began to finger-fuck me! This new finger in my ass definitely felt large.

What a wonderful feeling! While I sucked pretty boy’s fingers clean, I pressed my ass against the love hole and shuddered with delight!

“Mmmm, oof, uh, yes,” I grunted as I then felt two fingers suddenly violate me. It felt so good!

“What?” Sir asked.

“Our peeping Tom is finger-fucking me,” I answered. “Mmmm, please…”

He put both of his hands on my bottom and pulled me wide open and pressed me against the wall so that stranger could push deeper inside of me.

“Oh oh oh, yes! It feels so good!” I squeaked out.

It really did. One man pulling my bottom open while deep kissing me as another man violated my cummy snatch was indescribable.

Then he pulled me off of those amazing fingers and pushed me to my knees, turning my face to the gloryhole.

“Lick his fingers. Taste your cunt,” Sir said to me.

“Yes Sir,” I said automatically.

I returned to my knees, looked through the hole and said, “May I clean your fingers, please?”

Two large manly fingers appeared, and I began licking and sucking them, just as instructed. They were still damp and had a pleasant cummy coating. If that’s what the inside of my ass tasted like, then I must travesti istanbul be living right.

“That’s so hot,” Sir said. He knelt down and massaged my butthole as I licked the other man clean. The light rhythmic feeling between my cheeks felt hypnotic and I gyrated slowly.

“Tell him you want to suck his cock, slut,” Sir whispered in my ear.

I took my mouth off those big fingers and pushed it up to the gloryhole. “May I suck your cock, please?”

Without saying a word, the man on the other side undid his belt and shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. From the looks of it all, he was tall, beefy, and hairy. The kind of guy I’d call “daddy” if the sexual circumstances were different.

I could see him pulling on his dick and bringing it to the crawl-up window. When it came through, accompanied by his substantial balls, it was semi-erect, thick, and cut. Quite the tasty visual.

Sir was still massaging my oozy button as I wrapped my lips around the impressive head, letting my tongue perform some extra magic on the underside.

That worked! His cock grew in appreciation, expanding to at least seven stunning inches!

I pushed my mouth farther down, pumping as much of him into me as I could. I noticed that Sir had stopped playing with my special place and had pulled his face closer to mine.

“Let me have a turn, baby,” he said to me.

I disengaged from the bonus cock, Sir gave me a quick kiss, and pushed his mouth onto our neighbor’s rod. I had a front row seat at an XXX movie!

I couldn’t maneuver my mouth close enough to give those balls a tongue bath, so I instead stroked the part of the shaft Sir couldn’t get into his mouth.

On his knees, Sir’s ass was spread open, so I licked my fingers and decided to tease his hole again. The way he pushed his bottom out more told me he enjoyed the attention. I then let my hand wander farther down and used my fingertips to graze his balls with feather-light strokes. He squirmed and let out a soft moan.

“Time to share,” I whispered right into his ear. “He deserves two mouths.”

Sir pulled off the big cock and we positioned our mouths on each side, sliding up and down in unison, occasionally touching our tongues together.

When we both landed on that swollen head, we embraced it in a kiss. Pushing tongues over and under that hot cock and into each other’s mouths seemed to be doing the trick. I also began stroking his neglected balls.

My only regret was that the lucky recipient couldn’t see two naked guys performing this masterpiece of a blowjob.

We could feel his dick begin to heave and that was followed by a bath of cum that coated our mouths, cheeks, and chests. All that gooey messy warmth was intoxicating!

I don’t think either of us counted the squirts, but we were drenched. It was like Shamu had nailed us in the splash zone!

We began tidying up that beautiful cock with our mouths until he finally pulled his taste treat back to his side of the wall. Sir and I looked at the cum covering us, smiled, and then began cleaning each other like kitties.

While we were licking all that cream off and kissing with each mouthful, we saw that the other man was observing our little spectacle through the gloryhole.

“That was awesome boys! I hope to run into y’all again sometime,” he said.

I opened my mouth to show him the last load I licked off of Sir and then swallowed it.

“Thank you, Daddy! That was so hot!” I just had to let him know.

He stood up, refastened his pants, and left his booth.

Sir leaned in for a kiss and for at least a minute we enjoyed sharing the cummy fruits of our labor.

“I really should be going,” he finally said, grabbing his clothes from the floor.

The video clicked off and I added that I should get going, too. Sir rummaged through his pockets and inserted a quarter in the viewer, so we’d have 10 minutes of at least some light.

I stood, too, with my shorts and shirt, realizing that my delicate panties were still soaked as I pulled them over my ass and onto my hips. It was going to be a squishy stroll back to my apartment.

“I left quite the mess, didn’t I?” Sir laughed.

“Trust me, I’m going to enjoy my walk home,” I smiled at him. “Can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time. I felt like a pornstar!”

Both of us were dressed and conducted an inspection to see if there were any telltale traces of cum. I kissed a little off of his cheek and he returned the favor by licking some splooge off my forehead.

Awkward silence. Then a full mouth kiss.

“Well,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind something like this again.” My heart began racing.

“Me, either, but, uh, this is my secret life,” he replied, looking at the ground.

“Mine, too. I can work with that,” I replied. “But hey, I get it.”

“Let’s talk outside,” Sir said.

We made our way through the brightly lit store and to his car parked in the rear lot. The store lights confirmed he was every bit as good looking as I’d hoped!

Once we were at his white BMW, he opened the driver door, pulled out a pen and a small pad, and said, “Mind giving me your name and number?”

“Happy to,” and I began writing. “I’m Chris and here’s my number. Try not to leave any X-rated messages if you can avoid it…”

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Journey of Rick Heiden Ch. 25-26

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All Rights Reserved © 2018, Rick Haydn Horst

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This novel contains 50 chapters.


The OD green helicopter appeared quite old, but undoubtedly post-Vietnam war era, and it made too much noise for conversation. The pilot handed me a headset so we could speak to one another. I turned in the seat to witness companions donning hearing protection. I had the only other headset. David waved at me and smiled.

“I’m Sarah Turner,” our pilot said, “and I know you’re the people from the other planet. You’re Rick, right?”

Even over the yell-speak necessary to hear one another, I knew our pilot, and her unmistakable accent hailed from Australia. This woman in her late thirties had golden blonde hair and tanned skin. By the age of her green flight suit, both she and her helicopter had long passed any active military duties.

“It’s good to meet you,” I said. “And yes, I’m Rick. How well known are we?”

“That’s hard to say,” she said, “I know the internet has people buzzing about you all. It started with that American senator quitting and mentioning Mr. Levitt back there. There’s a new website that just went up in the last few days dedicated to information about all of you with photos from amateur paparazzi.”

“Really? That’s the first we’ve heard of it. So, how did you end up our ride?”

“I live local in Manila. At first, they roped me into it, but once they told me your names, I jumped at the chance. It’s not every day you get to meet people from another planet.”

I laughed. “We’re still human, you know.”

“I gathered that,” she said and laughed. “So, did you really bring us the cure to virtually everything?”

“In a roundabout way,” I said.

“How can I get it?” she asked.

“Contact KGSC in Tokyo. They’ll begin producing it in gelcap form soon, or so we heard. It only takes one pill.”

“That’s amazing,” she said. “I will also fly you to Japan. So, perhaps, I should drop by Tokyo on the way back.”

“Do you have a piece of paper and a pen?” I asked.

She pointed to the clipboard between the seats. I wrote a note to Yukiko telling her that our pilot, Sarah Turner, helped us to Japan, and if she could please send a pill of the enhancement to her, I would appreciate it, and I signed my name.

“I know the CEO of KGSC,” I said. “Her name is Yukiko Takeshita. I’ve printed her name here too. She’s returning to Tokyo. It will take a few days, but if you take this note to her assistant and give them your address, I’m sure they could arrange something.”

She seemed pleased, but who wouldn’t be?

“You know,” I said, “I would have thought that a helicopter couldn’t fly this far.”

“It normally couldn’t, but you can get refueled in the Spratly Archipelago if you know where to go.”

It took a couple of hours for us to get to Manila. The helicopter landed with little more than fumes in the tank.

I hadn’t expected much from an airport in Manila, but well-known commercial airlines were flying into the port. We had only thirty yards distance from where we landed at the helipads to our jet, but we wouldn’t risk breaking the rules by walking down the taxiway to reach it. That forced us to scale an old chain-link fence. It felt a bit awkward, like jumping into a neighbor’s backyard to swim in their pool. I wouldn’t do that, so it left me with the impression that we were doing something we shouldn’t. I knew that the old terrestrian programming was working on me again. One shouldn’t cross fences, yet there we were.

Aiden paused with one leg over the fence. “Will we steal this jet?”

“Oh, so it’s not just me then,” I said. “That’s a comfort.”

Sarah laughed. “No, it’s mine.”

The big, sleek, white jet had a curvy red stripe and seemed only a few years old by the look of it. It had seating for twelve passengers, and the setting looked more like half lounge half aircraft. It had cushy, white leather seats, a built-in sofa, a dining table banquette, a bar, television, a full galley, and a spacious lavatory with a shower.

“What sort of plane is this?” asked Cadmar.

Sarah turned around, and there he stood with his height and handsome features. For a moment, she stopped, staring speechlessly into his synthetic eyes. I knew the feeling well; it was mesmerizing. “I fly corporate bigwigs around,” she said, distracted by his eyes. “You are something.”

Cadmar smiled. “I’m just a man.”

Her eyes darted down his body. “Aren’t you, though,” she said and went back to performing all her preflight checks.

It took about an hour to get the plane ready to leave, and we settled in while we waited. David sat with his arm around me on the built-in sofa as we faced the others seated in the banquette.

I put up a hand. “Does anyone else worry about this besides me?” Everyone else put up a hand, except istanbul travesti David. “David, do you mean to tell me that you’re not worried? Would you tell us why? Perhaps, we’ll feel better about it.”

“Oh, I’m worried, but not about this,” he said. “I have no doubt we will get to Japan. My worry lies with the Americans. They know our destination. If we’re lucky, they think they have a few more days before our arrival on the Torekkā Maru. They will have become emboldened by their apparent success at taking over Painshill Park. That could make them more dangerous than before, but we may have the element of surprise on our side, so we’ll have to see.”

“Oh, David. That didn’t help at all,” I said.

David hugged me and smiled. “I’m sorry, just being honest. So, Aiden, Cadmar, what’s the plan for the drone? Have you checked it over?”

“It may sound obsessive,” said Cadmar, “but I’ve checked it daily, and it’s fine.”

“We have a simple plan,” said Aiden. “As we land, we initiate the program. The drone will cloak itself and escape the instant the door opens. From that point, it gets its bearings and begins scanning. Japan has a larger landmass than the British Isles, so without a lot of luck, it could take a long time to find it.”

David turned to me. “Didn’t you tell me that the original inhabitants of Jiyū lived near Mount Fuji?”

“I forgot all about that,” I said. “Their cryptic abandonment of the sun had me preoccupied. Try searching around Mount Fuji first.

Aiden nodded. “Will do.”

“What will we tell the rest of our people who made it to Japan?” I asked David.

“I could make an encoded post about where to meet,” Aiden suggested.

“Yes, of course, but where?” asked David.

“You visited Japan, Rick,” said Maggie.

“I’m not sure, though,” I said. “Have you ever been to Japan, Rocke? You did work for KGSC.”

He shook his head. “Sorry, I worked for a branch of KGSC in Paris.”

“I see. Well, I think my trip to Lake Motosu brought me closest to Mount Fuji. If I remember, it had a parking lot near the dock where my friend had a boat on the eastern side. We could go there.”

“Then Lake Motosu, it is,” said David.

Sarah indicated we should take a seat and buckle up, so we did. “I have finished the flight checks,” said Sarah. “We can depart. Would anyone care to play co-pilot?” Most of us shook our heads. “How about you?” she spoke to Cadmar, smiling.

“I best not,” said Cadmar, then laid his hand on Rocke’s back, “but Captain Rocke Dupré here, apart from being a ship’s captain, is also a qualified and licensed pilot.”

“Oui, I am willing and able,” said Rocke.

Sarah smiled. “You’ll do, come on. Oh, and if anyone gets hungry, there’s a fully stocked kitchen in the back. Just give us a few minutes to get in the air. I’ll let you know when it’s safe to move about the cabin.” Sarah and Rocke left for the cockpit, where the door remained fully open.

“Well,” David said, his head tipping into the aisle to watch them, “Rocke’s truly a man of many talents. What else does he do?”

“Really,” said Aiden, doing the same, staring into the cockpit.

“Who knows?” I asked rhetorically. “Hey Cadmar, has he been an astronaut too?”

“He considered seeking a position as a spationaut for France, but he became ill and didn’t bother,” said Cadmar. “Maybe Rocke can help rekindle Jiyū’s space program.”

“Sounds like a challenge he would enjoy,” Aiden said.

David sat there, shaking his head slightly in astonishment. “I am so pleased he’s coming with us,” he said, watching Rocke settle into the co-pilot seat.

“I admire Rocke,” Cadmar said. “He’s pretty fearless.”

“Does Jiyū not have a space program?” Maggie asked Aiden.

“Not one where people go into space, and not for hundreds of years.”

With the cabin door closed and latched, the jet engines with their high-pitched whine sounded quieter than most commercial jets I’d flown. Apparently, most airlines hadn’t made aural comfort a significant priority.

In half an hour we could unbuckle our seatbelts and move about the cabin. After a quick trip to the lavatory, Maggie and I checked our food options. We had full meals in the freezer and complete instructions by the ovens in Filipino –another language I didn’t know. Fortunately, the writing came with drawings of what to do, and I had the smarts to figure it out. Every white-boxed dinner had words we couldn’t read inscribed upon them, so we had no idea what meals they contained. Everyone decided to take it as it came, whatever the result. I brought two boxes to the cockpit to see which one our flight captain, Sarah, and Rocke, our co-pilot wanted, but they didn’t care.

“So, how’s Rocke doing as co-pilot?” I asked Sarah.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, but he’s a first-class pilot. He’s flown the jet the entire time. I spoke to the tower, of course, but he’s done all the work. If he weren’t going with you, I’d hire him.”

“Rocke, vous êtes une merveille (Rocke, you are a wonder),” I said to him, patting his shoulder.

“Merci (Thank you),” he replied. “What istanbul travestileri time is dinner?”

“I’m uncertain,” I said. “Dinner will be done eventually.”

According to Sarah’s estimates, we would reach Toyama in three and a half hours, at 7:30 p.m.

After dinner, which turned into an utter travesty, with the unidentifiable brownish-gray meat of questionable texture, most of us dozed while Rocke flew the plane. Sarah monitored for safety purposes.

Cadmar sat sideways in the banquette next to the window, looking out at the brilliant sun, slowly sinking beyond the horizon in the distance. Everyone else was sleeping except him and me, so I figured we would have a whispered chat. I stood next to him. When he turned to noticed me, I saw his eyes change. I suspected he was using a filter to watch the sunset. The light made me squint to look at it. Smiling, he tapped the seat next to him. I didn’t want our conversation to awaken anyone, so we spoke into one another’s ear.

“I bet that looks gorgeous with those eyes of yours,” I said.

“It is! I’ve never flown this high before,” he said. “It’s beautiful. I see why Rocke likes this so much.”

“You like Rocke, don’t you?” I asked.

He looked at me with a smirk. “David told me you might ask.”

“Oh, he did, did he?” I asked, glancing over at David, sleeping on the sofa. “You’re quick to catch on.”

“He told me he couldn’t explain, so I’m willing to help you understand relationships on Jiyū, or at least how my relationship works.”

“I would appreciate that if it’s not too personal.” I felt strange, having such an intimate conversation with Cadmar. In several years, I had only allowed myself such closeness with David. I tried to keep a more friendly distance, but there’s something about the olfactory senses. When I detect certain scents, I find it almost impossible to stop myself from inhaling more.

“No, you’re fine,” he said with his mouth mere inches from my ear. “Unlike marriage on Earth, committing with a mate on Jiyū doesn’t include ownership of the other person in any sense. The question is, to what do you commit? Well, that would depend. You and David –either spoken or unspoken– have committed solely to one another. But like many people on Jiyū, Tamika and I have pledged to procreate with no one else. She will seek no other man to be her mate, and I will seek no other woman to be mine. We chose to make that commitment because we love one another, and we want to commit to no one else. This way, all the children she bears will be full siblings, and we can raise a family together. So, until that time comes, we do what couples do, we build a life together.”

He paused a moment, and he began whispering at a slow and casual pace. “From… From everything I know about it, humans on Earth have a backward and unhealthy obsession with sex. Many Earth cultures turn something useful and beautiful into something dirty, divisive, exploitative, and forbidden outside of specific marital contexts. On Jiyū, we recognize that sex serves more than one purpose. Besides its procreative qualities, it can bring people together, and most people there don’t view sex as inextricably linked to a commitment. If it happens for good reasons, and with the right person, you can become closer to them –like a physical form of the Sharing as a member of the Trust. Sharing with someone, in any manner, is an intimate thing, and most of us don’t take such things lightly. Whether you’re sharing a meal, a memory, a problem, or an emotion, these are all far more intimate things than most humans perceive on Earth. When it comes to relationships, we get to decide how much of ourselves we share with someone else, regardless of the kind of relationship it is, but that’s a new concept for you.” –he took a deep breath– “You’re understandably curious to know if Rocke and I have had sex, and the answer is yes, but it’s a separate thing from my commitment to Tamika.”

“Isn’t that just taking advantage of Rocke’s pheromonal connection to you?” I asked.

“It could be, but not after Rocke and I discussed it. He’s okay with how things are. The connection hasn’t made him love me; it expresses itself in attraction and infatuation, but not to the point he would do something he didn’t want to do.”

“Will he always be infatuated with you?” I asked.

“To a certain extent, and I to him, now,” he said, “but it’s pheromonally induced, so the more we stay away from one another, the more it will become dormant. However, while it’s happening, we can create some great memories that will endear us to one another in a way that will last a lifetime.”

“So, what sort of relationship will you have with him later? It seems too close for just friends.”

“No, Rocke and I are friends now,” he said, “and that won’t change, but best friends, as opposed to the sort of friend I am with Aiden. I like Aiden; I think he’s great. But despite how much I like him, I don’t have the same kind of commonality with him that I do with Rocke.”

“And Tamika is okay with this?”

“Yes, you should meet a few of her best friends.”

“So, travesti istanbul what makes your relationship with her special?” I asked.

He turned his head toward me and pulled back a little. “I love Tamika,” he said, “and my commitment to her makes it special.”

“Interesting,” I said, “So, has Magnar ever had any best friends?”

He shrugged and spoke more rapidly. “I don’t know. I never felt it was my business.”

“That sounds familiar,” I said. “Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it. It’s given me an intriguing perspective on parts of Jiyū culture that I didn’t know existed.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, “any other questions don’t hesitate to come straight out and ask. I don’t mind. On Jiyū, we encourage greater understanding, and I would enjoy helping you with that.”

Not long afterward, we made our descent. In the darkness, we could see the runway lights from our seats through the front window. Rocke made a perfect landing, and the tower gave instructions to Sarah on where to park. As we slowed to taxi, Sarah took over, and Rocke exited the cockpit to sit beside Cadmar. Aiden had prepared the drone via the remote. He motioned for Cadmar to get ready with the case. The instant the jet stopped, Cadmar opened the case, and I saw the drone cloak itself. When Sarah opened the door, Aiden spoke up. “It’s out.”

Cadmar snapped the case shut and winked at Rocke. “We’ll be home before you know it.”

“Aiden, can you connect to the internet here?” asked David.

“Only on Julien’s mobile –mine’s not connecting,” he said, “and the post to the blog we crafted just uploaded.”

“They’ll know we’re here if you use Julien’s,” said David.

“We can’t help that at this point,” said Aiden, “we need it.”

I didn’t think we would ever get that far. Japan seemed like an impossibly distant location from England, and without commercial airlines, travel to East Asia felt like a similar journey to that of Marco Polo. It would have been awful if we had come all that way, lost our friend Julien but never found the portal, or we found it broken. I didn’t want to entertain such notions at the time. It hurt too much to think of the consequences, but we would find a flight back to England little comfort with our tail tucked between our legs. A portal in Japan had to exist; Yukiko’s story supported it.

On the way out, we hugged Sarah with a heartfelt thank you.

“Yukiko’s personal assistant, don’t forget,” I said.

“Oh, I won’t forget, thank you for that,” she said. “Good luck.” For the sake of discretion, Sarah remained on the jet.

We had descended the steps the airport crew placed outside the hatchway, and two well-dressed Japanese men waited for us near the bottom. David and I came forward, and our group met Councillor Hisato Fujikawa and Councillor Kata Tamura, both part of the legislative branch of the government known as the House of Councillors or Sangiin. We all made a series of long low bows, and much like my attempt with formality to Amaré, they appreciated that we honored their tradition.

The Japanese were justly proud of their amazing country, and over the years, they had made their way of life more thoughtful and introspective. So, while everyone had room for improvement in any endeavor, they had come a long way. With the greeting over, we could get to business. They spoke fluent English, so David would have no difficulty communicating with them.

They led us to two vehicles, a suburban utility vehicle and a sedan. As we climbed into the SUV, with Rocke driving, they said they made plans to have access to the local government office for the prefecture so we could talk. Following them, we breezed through the airport gates, and once we had, we had bypassed security. We had finally made it into Japan. It was amazing how simple things were when the government hadn’t strived to make them complicated.

I found Toyama, a good-sized, modern, well-lit city, with a flat landscape from what I could see at night. I hadn’t included it as part of my previous visit to Japan. Its atmosphere seemed indicative of many of Japan’s more semi-industrialized urban areas, and it looked like a lovely place to live.

The building we entered had looked old and dull, like many of the government offices I grew accustomed to in America. This one certainly couldn’t compare to the town hall tower across the street. We settled into a meeting room on the fourth floor.

“We thank you again for your assistance,” said David. “We have had a long, difficult journey in which one of our companions has died.”

“We heard,” said Councillor Fujikawa. “A most unfortunate circumstance, and a reliable employee of one of our largest companies, too, I understand.”

“He will be honored and remembered for the help he gave us, as will you,” said David.

“We look forward to a productive relationship with your people in the future,” said Councillor Tamura. “Ironically, the Americans say that Jiyū’s existence threatens their national security. We do not believe this. And if you find a portal on Japanese soil, please know that our relationship with you means far more to us than the portal itself. Unlike the one near London, which sits amid a power struggle, this one will remain safe, if you can keep it secret. We do not want to know its location. It would only cause trouble with the Americans, and that is the last thing we would want.”

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Dumb Jocks Ch. 05

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Keep the comments coming. I love reading them and I would like to know what turned you off the fourth chapter!

Don’t take it too seriously and leave a comment below.


Leaving the library, I headed back to my room. After that intense fuck session, I was exhausted. With a big grin on my face, I had a warm shower and then fell into bed.

The next day, I was up early. Going to my lectures, I also had a session with each of the guys throughout the day. This time we kept our clothes on and just studied. Obviously, I wanted to jump them, but I also wanted them to pass and there was the tricky issue of having to share the study rooms with other students.

Meeting up with Colin and our D&D group, we went to the diner where we had the Monday night burger deal. With a couple of drinks inside me, I trekked back to campus with my dizzy head swirling with images of my dumb jocks.

Reaching my dorm, I decided that I needed some water and fresh air if I wanted to avoid a headache in the morning. Grabbing a big bottle, I filled it up and then left for the football stadium, knowing the stands would be empty while the band rehearsed.

It was close to ten at night and it was pitch black, apart from one floodlight illuminating the pitch. No one took any notice as I climbed up the bleachers. Drinking my water, I watched the band practice their pre-game routines. The way they moved across the field while playing their instruments lulled me into a tipsy stupor.

Swaying with the music, I was starting to fall asleep, completely oblivious to the person coming up the bleachers to sit behind me until they tapped on my shoulder. Jerking awake, my heart skipped a beat as I turned around to look into the familiar bright, blue eyes of Rocky.

“Hey, nerd.”

“Hey Rocky, how’s things?”

He didn’t reply, and after a couple more moments of silence, I turned back to the field where the band was finishing up.

“Heard you met with the others today?” Rocky eventually said.

“Yeah… yeah, they’re doing well. I reckon they’ll pass the test… probably not as easily as you though,” I replied, throwing in the last part to compliment the competitive footballer.

“Well, we did have more sessions together, didn’t we?”

“True, I was very hands on with you…” I grinned, and Rocky paused before grinning back.

“Nerd… um, I’ve been thinking that we should talk.”

Rather than speaking, I waited for him to continue. There was something he wanted to say, but he clearly didn’t know how to put the words together, and not wanting to interrupt his thought process, I stayed silent.

“After the game on Saturday, I was with a cheerleader… she’s hot as fuck but… but I didn’t feel anything. I mean, we still banged but…” he stopped, and shook his head, “what’s happening to me?”

“Well, it’s not really simple. Like, okay, when you were in the changing rooms, seeing all the other guys naked, how do you feel?”

“The same as always. They’re my bros. We drink together, we play together, we fight for each other, you know? And… and then it was just me and Hunter in the showers and I wondered…” he paused.

The band had finished their session, and still Rocky hadn’t continued, so I spoke up.

“And when you saw some hot cheerleaders? Did you wonder what they would look like naked riding your cock?”

He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and shook his head.

“Do you get turned on by thinking about cock? Like, how it would feel inside you? Stretching your tight ass… does your asshole tingle at the thought?”

I saw him bite his lower lip and shift in his seat.

“Sometimes…” he began, before matching my gaze.

“I saw you watching me during the game and all I could think about was how I felt in that locker room. How good it felt being fucked. You just dominating me! And then I thought about that orgy. Seeing my bros naked and getting fucked, sucking me off… and I had to jerk off twice just thinking about it.”

Leaning over, I grabbed his crotch and squeezed down, making him groan. Shuffling up two benches so that I was on a bench higher than him. The height difference meant we were at eye level.

“It’s okay to be turned on by guys and girls, Rocky. It just means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, you know. One night you can be fucking some bitch and then the next you’re getting fucked… like a bitch!”

As I spoke, I got closer and closer to his lips. Only millimeters away, I whispered the last part before kissing him.

He hesitated slightly and then kissed me back.

My fingers ran through his thick blonde hair, almost stroking him as he groaned in my mouth.

Where it would usually be me doing the instigating, Rocky made the first move and got between my legs. I watch his hands drop to my jeans and yank them loose. Lifting my hips, he pulled them down along with my boxers, freeing my hard cock.

Looking up at me, Rocky smirked and the confidence that he usually had on the football field was there in his eyes. He knew what he was istanbul travesti about to do, and he was going to enjoy it.

Dropping his head, he let me see his long tongue stretch out before he pressed it against the base of my cock, and slowly dragged it up to the tip.

“Ohhh my god!” I stuttered, and Rocky did it again.

Licking along my shaft. He soon had it covered in slick saliva. I was seconds away from grabbing his head and forcing him to take my prick when he finally took it in his mouth.

Bobbing up and down, I had to drop my hands to the bench and grip it to stop me from face fucking him.

This needed to be all Rocky. He had to do this rather than have me take charge. Besides, it was fucking hot seeing him get more and more into blowing me.

Moving further down my rod, his tongue kept on swirling around. Stopping with most of my dick engulfed inside, he began to suck hard, his cheeks hollowing as if he was trying to draw the cum from my balls.

“Goddam!” I moaned.

This slut was going to make me cum far too soon for my liking if he kept this up.

Fortunately for me, Rocky stopped. Pulling off, he grinned mischievously.

Seeing drool dripping from his lips, my cock twitched and accidentally slapped him on his cheek.

With my sight hazy from pleasure, I didn’t notice that he had been busy trying to undo his jeans until he stood up to kick them off, leaving him in just his varsity jacket, white shirt and timberlands.

Slipping something out of his jacket pocket, I blinked, clearing my vision to see that he was holding a bottle of lube.

“Looks like someone is horny!” I grinned.

“All I’ve been thinking about is how your cock feels inside me. Smashing against that spot deep in my ass. How it makes me feel so fucking full! I’m hard just thinking about it… fuck me, nerd! I need it!”

While he was speaking, he poured half the bottle of gel onto my cock. I groaned as his hand smeared it all over my length.

Ripping the lube away from him, I poured the rest of it into my palm. Giving his cock a tug with my spare hand, he gasped and fell forward.

Gripping the bench on either side of me, his bent position caused his ass cheeks to split. It was an open invitation to explore.

Wrapping my hand around his hip, I moved two fingers south. His smooth skin tingled under my touch and he tried to lift up, eager for me to find his hole.

“Ohhh, yesss!” he moaned when I found my target.

Letting the lube glide from my palm, down my fingers, Rocky gasped as it dripped on to his warm rosebud. Circling my digits around his ring, I made sure it was nice and slippery before I pressed a finger against his opening.

“Yes! Do it!” breathed Rocky, while staring me in the eye.

Holding his gaze, I put more pressure on his tight entrance until I finally popped in.

“Fuckkkk! Fuck yes…” he cried, getting louder as I slid in up to the second knuckle.

Even with the lube, he was tight. His muscle clenched around my finger while he gasped above me.

Pulling out, I slowly began to finger him. I went deeper, spreading the lube around his tunnel and getting him used to the invasion.

“More, I need more…” Rocky panted.

Coating a second finger with gel, I pressed both against his entrance and slowly it opened to allow them in.

This time, he needed less time to adjust, and soon I was pumping them inside his tight tunnel. Hearing his moans, I arched my thumb up to stroke his perineum, making him gasp and grip the bench harder.

“Faster… faster!” chanted Rocky as he thrust his ass back against my hand.

I could see precum oozing from his tip and I knew he was close to cumming. With my free hand, I circled his cock, teasing it. Feeling the way it throbbed, I gave it one sharp tug, and he came hard.

“Shit…” he grunted as spunk erupted from him, coating his jacket, the bench and landing on my groin.

Mid-climax, I pulled him towards me, huffing as his huge frame straddled my lap.

Guiding his feet higher so that they were planted on the same bench I was sitting on. The footballer moved into a squatting position above me.

“That’s it Rocky, let’s put all those hours of gym work to good use!”

Gripping my cock, I angled it towards his ass and thrust up. My head came into contact with his balls, making both of us groan in frustration. Sliding down, I rubbed my length along his perineum before I came to his entrance.

The slick hole seemed to greet me, catching the tip of my prick with his puckered ring and not letting go.

“Now fuck me!” I demanded, wanting to see this slut impale himself on my cock, fully giving in to his desire.

I could see the need in his eyes before he closed them. We both gasped as he slowly dropped down, his tight hole stretching to accept my thickness.

Sinking lower, Rocky groaned as I filled him up.

“So big…” he muttered between deep breaths, but he didn’t stop until he came to a rest on my lap, with my entire length embedded inside his istanbul travestileri tunnel.

“Goddamn!” he breathed in awe.

After a couple of seconds of adjusting to having his hole full, he leaned forward slightly and gripped the bench behind me.

Using that as a lever to pull himself up, we both sighed, him with longing and me in pleasure as his clenching ring milked my shaft. It was almost unwilling to let my cock leave.

“Come on Rocky, fuck me!”

He looked me in the eye, and with both his hands still holding the bench, I reached up, gripped the back of his neck, and kissed him hard.

Forcing my tongue inside his mouth, they dueled one another, making his softening cock twitch and start to harden.

Holding the kiss, I managed to thrust up, burying my cock back inside, and causing him to groan in my mouth.

“Fuck me, you slut… my jock slut!” I taunted, then slapped his ass.

Maybe it was the kiss, maybe it was the tongue action, or maybe it was the slap, but whatever it was, it set something off in the linebacker and he quickly lifted up before dropping, grunting as my rod stretched him out again.

As soon as his smooth muscular cheeks hit my legs, he sprung up, showcasing his amazing core strength as he skillfully rode me.

“So fucking good!” he gasped while picking up speed.

His cock was now rock hard and bobbing with each downward stroke. My hands had moved to his ass, squeezing and spanking the firm flesh in equal measure while I tried to hold off my impending orgasm.

Rocky was in a rhythm. Like a seasoned slut, he was riding me faster and faster, but I wanted to reassert my control.

“Stay!” I growled when he had only the head of my prick throbbing inside his ass.

Moving my feet up, I gripped the collar of his varsity jacket and pulled him towards me. His ass thrust out and his cock rested against me. He was in the perfect position to get railed, and that was what I was going to do.

“I’m going to make you scream!”

“Fuck me… fuck me hard!” he moaned as I slammed into him and quickly picked up the pace.

“This is where thousands of people scream your name! So tell them what you are…” I teased, pulling out halfway and holding my body still, knowing that he was all mine.

“I’m Rocky Edwards, linebacker for MWSC and I love cock!”

Leaning down, he kissed me hungrily, and I felt him grind against me. His hard cock smoothly rubbed along my belly as he fucked himself on my prick.

“Please fuck me, nerd… please!” he begged between kisses.

Gripping his hips, I took back control. Thrusting in and out of his tight, warm ass, I felt his hand move in between us and stroke his shaft.

“Cum for me Rocky, show everyone here that you’re a slave for cock!”

“Fuck… my… ass!” he cried as he came, spitting cum all over my chest.

His ass tensed and massaged my prick. With my precum lubing his tunnel, I continued to ram into him while his hole quivered in orgasm.

“Cumming…!” I choked before tensing as my balls throbbed.

The first spurt nearly made me blackout, I had to close my eyes and if it wasn’t for the bench behind me, I would have collapsed.

Another shot of cum fired deep into Rocky’s ass. followed by another and another. The linebacker groaned above me, his own cock still twitching from his orgasm.

Feeling that there was no more cum to be had from me, he rolled off and fell to the floor, whimpering. With no control over his body, his ass leaked cum all over the bleachers.

“I feel for the guys who have to sit here on Saturday.” I chuckled weakly.

“Fuck, that was intense, nerd… I’ve never cum twice before… fuck” he shook his head in amazement.

“You’re telling me. I doubt I’ll be able to walk to my room after that,” I laughed.

Breathing heavily, I finally managed to get my body to calm down.

Pulling up my clothes, I slowly got to my feet and tentatively took a step to test my strength. Feeling confident enough to move, I walked to the steps and made my way down, with Rocky following.

“So what now? Are we a couple?” Rocky asked.

“Do you want that?” I replied, confused.

“Um, I guess so. I mean, we did fuck.”

“How many people have you fucked that you’ve kept in contact with?!” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah, good point nerd, so what are we?”

“Fuck buddies, dude. I mean, couples usually have at least something in common apart from sex.” I continued quickly before he could reply

“What’s your favorite tv show?”

“Monday night football,” Rocky answered instantly.

“No, I mean… forget it. What’s your favorite game?”


“Dude, video game!”

“Oh, Madden. Though I’m not great and usually get pissed off playing it!”

“See Rocky, we don’t have anything in common except you’re hot as fuck and I like fucking hot guys! Let’s just enjoy the sex and you’ll meet someone who you can actually have a conversation with after sex. Now that’s a relationship!”

While we spoke travesti istanbul we were walking and pretty soon we got to the fountain in the middle of campus.

“I’ll see you around Rocky!”

“Yeah, nerd. Call me, my hand ain’t cutting it no more.”

“You know I will!”


Waking up at eight the next day, I texted Hunter, telling him to meet me at two that afternoon. It was the only time that I could book the footballers’ gym for just him and me. I had to make up some bullshit excuse to Coach about having to study in a place familiar to the players so that I could get the best out of them. Thankfully, he brought it but only gave me one hour.

Arriving at my nine am Tuesday morning seminar, I would have usually paid attention, making notes and contributing, but today my mind was reliving the past couple of days and the tight jock holes I had fucked. Rather than trying to focus, I gave up and recorded it on my phone, allowing me to daydream until the two-hour seminar was over.

Grabbing some lunch, I then went to my final lecture of the day. The time passed painfully slowly, and I was the first one out the door when the clock struck one-thirty.

Though I had been to gyms before, it was only to perv on the guys working out. It had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck one of the heavily muscled men mid-way through their session, and today I was going to live my dream.

Arriving at the gym, I found the caretaker, who told me that Hunter was already inside, waiting. The old man left me with a set of keys and headed over to the stadium.

Opening the door to the gym, I spotted Hunter skipping. The huge defensive tackle, wearing loose shorts and a tight muscle shirt, moved like someone a hundred pounds lighter.

Licking my lips at his firm ass cheeks flexing with each jump, I just watched, waiting for him to notice me.

“Ninety-nine, one hundred!” Dropping the rope, he turned to me, “hey, man.”


“So, why did you want to meet here? It’s a bit unusual for studying, isn’t it?” he asked, walking towards me, flexing his muscles.

Despite his workout, there was no sweat on him, and I found myself transfixed by his bright green eyes.

“Yeah, sorry about this. The library was booked up and, you know, I thought we could do it somewhere that you’re comfortable,” I replied.

Ripping my eyes from his amazing body, I locked the door and hurried to pull down all the blinds.

“I suppose that makes sense. I mean, I spend a couple of hours here every day.” Hunter said while walking to the free weights.

Picking up a dumbbell bigger than my head like it was nothing, he began to bicep curl it, “so what do you want to do?”

If I had more blood in my brain rather than somewhere else in my body, I would have realized that Hunter was probably more eager than me to get to the fucking.

While I had taken his virginity, there was no doubt that this stud liked cock and, at that moment as he showed off his bulging muscles, he was flirting with me.

“What?… Oh right, um, why don’t you get comfortable and go through some of your weight training routines?” I replied when I eventually managed to break my gaze from his ripped arms.

Rather than question why I would ask him to do weights rather than study, he scanned the gym until his eyes landed on the squat rack. Failing to hide a smirk, he walked over to it.

Again, I should have wondered why he hadn’t put any weight on the bar, but instead, I just watched as he bent underneath the bar and rested it on his shoulders.

Slowly, he squatted. Holding the position, his ass was pushed out and his shorts were at maximum stretching point. He held it for several boner-inducing seconds and then he pushed back up.

Repeating the exercise, I stared open mouth as his large, muscular cheeks clenched with each squat, then jiggled after he straightened. It made my balls tingle. This was going to be fun.

“You want to help me with my form?” He asked, looking at me in the mirror’s reflection.

Nodding dumbly, I took a position right behind him and waited for him to move.

Teasingly, he bent forward, pushing his ass into my groin. I was sure that wasn’t the way to do a squat, and the quick wiggle of his butt confirmed it.

I couldn’t hold back.

He knew what he was doing, and I needed more.

“I think you’re looking a bit restricted…” I began before getting cut off.

“You’re right. You know, when I’m in my dorm room doing my weights, I’m always naked!” He agreed quickly.

I knew then that there wasn’t going to be any persuading or trickery to fuck this jock. He wanted it bad.

“What do you think?” He grinned, while I lustfully nodded.

Stumbling back to give him room, Hunter put the weight back on the rack and began to undress. Countless hours of weights and exercise meant his tanned muscular body looked stunning, and he knew it.

Despite knowing that he was watching me, I couldn’t help licking my lips. His muscles gleamed and when he turned back to the weights, he cheekily tensed his ass before relaxing it.

“Damn!” I whispered, and he did it again.

A smirk played on his face as he lifted the weight bar back on his shoulders. He looked at me in the mirror, and then, keeping his legs straight, he bent over, exposing his tight pink asshole to me.

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My Exception is You Ch. 21

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***All characters are 18+ years or older***

Hey lovelies! It’s been a minute but I have been writing this between my exams and final project submissions deadlines. This was a long chapter, and a holiday special so I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your patience and staying along this far.


I stood over my bed, my hands on my hips as I stared at my duffle bag. An entire week at his parents’ house. “No big deal Clay, you’ve met them already,” I muttered, my heart racing as I took a few deep breaths.

“Yeah you too Mel!” his voice made me jump, my hand flying to my chest as I looked over to the door. He was shaking his head as he pushed his hair back off his forehead. Our eyes met and he smirked, crossing his arms as my door shut behind him. “You look petrified,” he teased and I cleared my throat, shaking my head slowly as I turned to my bag. He walked over and grabbed the fabric, glancing in. “You haven’t even packed?” he demanded playfully and I sighed heavily, throwing myself down onto my bed.

“Bruno I’m a nervous fucking wreck,” I grumbled, lying on my back as I stared up at the ceiling. His hands slid up my legs, gripping the front of my pants as he crawled on top of me. His ass pressed into my thighs, his smile devious as he licked his lip.

“Want me to suck some of those nerves out of you?” he muttered, both of his hands sliding over my cock. I groaned, hating how amazing it felt.

“You can’t just fuck it better,” I insisted without conviction, my blood surging to my cock as he continued to massage and tease it through my sweatpants. “Shouldn’t we hit the road soon anyway? We do have a few hours,” I whispered, throwing my hands behind my head to enjoy this.

“Hit the road? You haven’t even packed,” he chuckled, his hands grabbing the band of my sweatpants. I took a deep breath, reaching down to ease my shirt up. I let my hand rest between my ribs, sighing happily as the warmth of his hand found my growing cock.

“Help me pack,” I smirked as I looked down to see him leaning over to kiss my stomach. An amazing surge of pleasure rolled up my back as his hand gripped my shaft, working up and down slowly. “Just like that,” I groaned, rolling my head back when his thumb brushed my tip. His hand twisted slightly my lips parting as I exhaled heavily. My heart was racing already, my body burning. I felt his breath on my crotch, my pubes tickled. God this was fucking insane. I gripped my shirt, my other hand clawing at the back of my head when I felt his lips against my tip.

“Why don’t you pack, and then I finish what I started?” he let his lips sliding along my tip as he talked before sucking and licking at it gently.

“Bruno,” I cursed, reaching down to grab his hair. He chuckled, nibbling and sucking at my tip some more. “God I want that throat,” I moaned, grabbing the back of his head. He groaned, resisting a bit. “Tell me you don’t want it,” I licked my lip, studying the look on his face. His eyes were closed, his hands clawing at the band of my sweatpants as he continued to suck and tease my tip. I thrusted up into his mouth, his face wrinkling slightly as he groaned. Shit that was too hot.

“Clay you need to pack,” he breathed, pulling away and I sighed.

“Don’t do that to me,” I grumbled and he smirked. He crossed his arms as he bit his lip and looked down. It was almost like I could feel his eyes as they ran down my body. “What happens if I pack right now?” I demanded, catching his attention. His eyes locked onto mine as a crooked grin curled the side of his mouth up.

“Depends on how long it takes!” he laughed when I pushed him off me, hurrying over to my dresser. I grabbed a couple pairs of sweatpants and shirts, not even worried about what to wear. I crammed them into my duffel bag, adjusting my sweatpants as my boner started deflating. As I packed the nerves started creeping back in. I remembered it was Thanksgiving. I was going to be meeting his entire family.

“How well dressed is your family for Thanksgiving?” I muttered, my hands gripping my dresser as soon as I got back to it. I knew I had to get socks and briefs but I felt too paralyzed to do anything.

“You really are nervous huh?” his voice made me jump, my heart trembling as I exhaled shakily.

“You have no idea,” I admitted weakly, hanging my head in defeat. His hand rubbed my lower back before he chuckled and pat my ass lightly. “I’m so glad this is funny to you,” I shot him a snarling glare and he shrugged, a dumb smile still on his cute face.

“There’s nothing to stress over Clay. My whole family already knows I’m dating a guy. And you already met my immediate family, except my one sister. So just don’t worry. And a nice pair of slacks and a button up will do just fine,” he muttered then, sliding his hand around my hip as he closed the distance between us. I lifted my arm, pulling him into my side as he hugged me loosely.

“Is that istanbul travesti for your family, or for you?” I teased quietly and he squeezed me a bit, laughing mischievously.

“I love the way your body looks in a nice pair of slacks and a button up. We do dress well enough, kind of a weird family thing I suppose?” he muttered off handedly. “You could probably get away with jeans and a nice sweater too. But that’s not nearly as sexy,” he wiggled his body against mine suggestively and I pinched my nose, unable to stop myself from heaving a quiet laugh as I shook my head.

“I’m starting to believe you really are just gay as hell,” I grumbled, grabbing a handful of his hair as I turned my head to press my lips to his forehead. He laughed, shrugging as he clung to me.

“It definitely would make a lot of sense,” he murmured and I nodded slowly. After another minute of letting me hold him, we pulled away so I could finish packing. Per his request I did pack a button up and slacks, hoping they weren’t too nice but also nice enough. I was in the bathroom packing a bag for my toothbrush and shower shit when his phone range. “Hey mom!” he breathed and I sighed, glancing out toward my room.

“I should be happier right?” I whispered, glancing at myself. “I wanted this, more than anything else. So why am I not happier about meeting his family?” his voice was muffled and I ignored him as I finished zipping up the small pouch. He was standing at the door with his arms crossed as I turned, flinching. “Jesus, you scared me,” I grumbled and he chuckled, letting me pass. I dropped the pouch into my bag, zipping it up and glancing at him.

“Clay, we can tell my mom we’re not going,” he mumbled then, looking worried as he studied me. A pang hit me in the gut as I shook my head.

“I’m not going to lie, a part of me really wants to take you up on that offer. But,” I sighed, not liking the pained look on his face. “Come here,” I grabbed his shirt, pulling him toward me. His arms wrapped around my waist as I let my hands slide into his hair. We kissed tenderly, a cute moan making his lips tremble against mine. “This is just a lot to handle for me. I get anxious and it’s still hard for me to think about being around your family as openly gay and dating,” I admitted quietly and he nodded slowly, rubbing the curve of my back as he pushed his stomach against mine.

“Well I promise it’s going to be ok!” he whispered and I sighed, kissing him again. We both groaned as our lips parted, my tongue begging for his. My hands ran down his arms, pulling them up around my shoulders. He gasped, breathing heavy as I gripped his ass and pulled him closer.

“How can you promise something so easily?” I demanded and he laughed once, sounding breathless as his chocolate eyes studied me eagerly. “Do we have enough time?” I squeezed his ass suggestively and he pressed his face into my neck, clawing at my back.

“That depends, how late do you want to be on the road?” he muttered and I groaned when I felt his teeth on my neck. “It’s going to be a few hours and it gets dark earlier you know, stupid winter and everything?” he whispered, his lips tickling my skin.

“Fuck I don’t care,” I pushed his pants down, licking my lip as I admired his bare ass over his shoulder. He clung to me, his body curving and twitching as I squeezed and rolled his cheeks. God his ass looked incredible. “Such a fat ass for a guy,” I grumbled, tucking my fingers under his cheeks to jiggle them slightly.

“Is that bad?” he whimpered, his hot breath rolling down my neck.

“Hell no, I fucking love it,” I groaned, giving it a good slap before palming his cheek and pulling him into me. “And it looks amazing around my cock,” I whispered, turning my head toward his. He shuddered, pulling away. I was about to protest when he stunned me by crawling onto the bed. He pushed his pants down just enough to expose his entire ass to me.

“I want it,” his hands pressed into the bed, his cheeks spreading slightly. The cutely puckered skin of his ass twitching as he panted.

“Damn Bruno,” I hurried over, pressing my knee between his legs as my hands gripped his ass. We both groaned as I lapped at his quivering hole, my fingers digging into his skin. God he was so hot it was unfuckingreal. “Can I just-“

“Yes! Fuck put it in please!” he whimpered and I groaned, pushing my pants down eagerly. I rubbed my thumb against his asshole, testing how soft it was as I stroked my throbbing shaft.

“I don’t want to hurt you again,” I grumbled, pressing my tip up against him. He pressed back slightly, his head dropping as he groaned. “Jesus,” I gasped as I pushed my tip in. He was so fucking tight, tighter than normal. “Bruno we should loosen you up fi-“

“Don’t stop Clay, please!” he reached back to grab my hand, his head turning. The look on his face made my stomach turn. “I want you,” he squeezed my hand and I felt a shiver run down my back. He killed all of my resolve to take it easy. I istanbul travestileri grabbed his hips and forced myself into him inch by inch with short thrusts. He was shaking and groaning, his hips curling and recoiling with each push.

“Bruno I-“

“Clay I swear to God if you take your cock out of me I’m going to make you wait a whole week for any damn action!” he growled and I bit my lip, my face twisting as pain and pleasure consumed me. He had a way of persuading me that was so simple yet painfully effective.

“You dirty cock slut, you planned on,” I grunted, pushing into him again both of us trembling as his ass fought against me. “Heh, having sex at your parents’ house?” I smirked, my thumbs spreading his cheeks as I stared at my dick buried in his puckered hole. “Dammit loosen up,” I grit my teeth, wanting to get the last two inches in.

“You say that like your cock is easy to take,” he spat, trembling as he leaned down onto his elbows. “Fuck Clay why are you so huge?” he panted, his hands clawing at the bed over his head.

“Keep complimenting me,” I smiled, loving when he talked like this. He used to be so embarrassed. But it felt like every time we were together more and more of him was coming out. And I was loving every damn second of it. “Come on Bruno,” I grabbed his arms, pulling him up and he exhaled through clenched teeth as his back arched. “Talk dirty to me,” I murmured, my lips on his ear.

“Shit!” he threw his head back, gasping as his chest rose and fell quickly. “Clay you’re so fucking deep!” he gasped when I grunted, getting myself all the way in. My arms wrapped around him, my hand eagerly sliding up under his shirt as the other wrapped around his dick.

“Tell me you like it this deep,” I groaned, pulling out to thrust into him again. His dick throbbed against my palm, his body tensing in my arms. “Fuck!” I bit his neck, unable to control myself. His arms rested on mine as he clawed at me. We were both moaning and huffing as I drove myself into him.

“Oh fuuu! Clay right there!” his back arched as his head fell forward. “You’re, huuunh, hmmph, so deep!” he whimpered, slumping back into me as I thrusted all the way into him. “Fuck I love it! Don’t stop!” he goaded me on, his ass clenching at my cock. My face wrinkled, my body burning up as I plowed into him. His hand covered mine on his dick, moving it eagerly as his ass pushed back at me.

“Gonna cum already?” I huffed, feeling pretty close myself.

“God yes! I want to cum while you stuff me,” he moaned. I pressed my face into his neck, my body burning as his words filled my head. How could he be so fucking sexy and dirty and cute all at once? It wasn’t fucking fair! I bit him again, sucking gently at his neck as I ravaged him. He was moaning and rambling incoherently as our bodies jostled and jerked from my efforts. And then I felt him tense up, his hand squeezing mine tightly. I opened my eyes, admiring his cock as it trembled and spewed cum all over our hands.

“Fuck, you really love it when I stretch this ass out, huh?” I grumbled, slamming into him. He whimpered, trembling as he gasped for air. “Here, bend over,” I helped him toward the bed, his body easily bending at the hips. I licked my lip and grabbed his hips. “Just a bit longer Bruno,” I assured him when he cried out with my first thrust. “I’m so fucking close, your ass is amazing!” I started lunging my hips at him, squeezing his ass as I helped push him off my cock. The sight of him spreading out for me, my cock driving into him, and the sounds of his moans were all driving me to the breaking point.

“Fill me with your fucking cum!” he cried out, his hips bucking. I curled up slightly, my dick aching as his ass clamped down on it. It was excruciatingly painful and overwhelmingly pleasurable. I gasped for air, my nose wrinkling as he pushed back against me. What a greedy man! I spanked him and he yelped, his body going rigid.

“This ass is mine,” I slammed into him and he threw his head back, gasping loudly. I kept at it, desperate for the pleasure I always felt from exploding deep inside him. “Oh god, Bruno fuck, keep doing that!” I growled as he started bouncing himself against me. The slapping of our skin was deafening, the only other sound I could hear was our grunts of need.

“Clay I’m gonna fucking cum again!” he cried out. I snapped.

“Oh fuck, cum for me baby!” I slammed into him, my balls churning and tensing as I felt my first spurt of cum. “I’m, huuung,” I held myself deep, trembling as I clawed at his ass. My hips bucked at him as two more spurts sent ripples of pleasure through me.

“Oh yes! Cum in my ass!” he pushed and bounced his ass against me, my body curling forward as my eyes rolled back. I clawed at his hips, huffing as the final throes of pleasure consumed me. With a gasp I slipped out of him, stumbling as I trembled. He had his hand covering his tip, the other on his shaft as he bucked his hips and trembled. “I was so close!” he whimpered travesti istanbul and I groaned, grabbing his ass and shoving two fingers into his sloppy hole. He cried out, his back arching as his shoulders and back twitched with his efforts.

“Cum for me!” I was practically begging as I worked for his prostate. Within a minute his whole body locked up, his breath cutting out as he shuddered violently. “Mmm, that’s it!” this was insanely hot, the way his hair on his back stood up as pleasure consumed him. He had goosebumps along his back too. I kissed his ass, massaging that wonderful spot until he pulled away. We were both spent, his eyes barely open as he collapsed to the bed. A cute little smile was on his lips as he panted, looking up at me.

“Are your nerves gone yet?” he teased weakly and I chuckled, crawling up over him. I kissed him all over his face and neck, making him laugh lightly.

“You can’t fuck me like this every time I get nervous Bruno. What’re you gonna to do when it’s Thanksgiving and I’m a mess?” I demanded playfully and he shrugged, biting his lip as he glanced down toward my cock.

“No one said we couldn’t slip into the bathroom for a quick pick me up. Your will is no match for my throat,” he muttered with a cocky and devilish grin on his cute face.

“Promise?” I licked my lip, rubbing my flaccid cock against his thigh. He laughed, nudging me away as he got up.

“Yes, now let’s get ready to leave! I don’t want to be on the road all night!” he hurried to the bathroom and I sighed, dropping onto my side as a warmth consumed me. How was I so lucky to have him?


We had gotten in later last night so my family didn’t bombard us and I was grateful for that. I did my best the entire drive to calm Clay’s nerves. We talked and laughed about a lot of things, listened to music, anything! Hell I even tried to give him some action which he refused with a cute laugh only because he was worried about crashing. But once we got to my house he was a bundle of nerves and nothing I did fixed that. Thankfully only my mom was awake to greet us and get us situated for the night, and he slept soundly after cuddling with me for a solid half hour.

So as I laid next to him in bed, listening to him snore quietly I was worried. We had a whole week of my family and a holiday with my extended family to get through. And this man was traumatized by horrible experiences with his family and family gatherings. Couple that with his self-loathing for being gay and I just knew I was up against a lot to make sure he had a good time. I glanced at my phone noticing it was already almost ten in the morning. We had no reason to get up, my parents worked today too, but both my sisters were home and maybe he could get through some of the nerves little by little.

“Hey Mr. Sleepyhead,” I muttered, rolling onto my side and pushing my hand into his hair. His face wrinkled cutely as he mumbled something. I sighed, smiling as I wiggled closer to him. My lips touched his cheek as I tousled his hair some more. “Wake up,” I insisted quietly and he groaned. Then his arm lifted from the bed, wrapping around me as he adjusted.

“Why do you always wake me up?” he nestled his face into my neck, his arms and legs wrapping around me as he took a deep breath. “Isn’t this our vacation? Why can’t I sleep in?” he demanded quietly, his lips brushing along my neck. I bit my lip, rubbing his bare back as his hands pushed my shirt up. The feeling of his fingers and palms against my skin was too good.

“Because I’m hungry and I want you to get to hang out with my sisters since they’re the only ones here?” I offered gently, letting him relax into my arms as I pressed my face into his hair. “It means a lot to me that you’re here with me, and I want you to enjoy your time too. My family is pretty great,” I insisted and he sighed, his face rubbing against my skin. I felt his lips on the edge of my jaw, then his teeth.

“We have all week for family time,” he rolled his weight into me, making me exhale as he pushed me down into the bed. “What’s the rush?” he grumbled, his crotch rubbing up against my hip as he continued to kiss and nibble at my neck.

“You’re really cute when you’re tired,” I sighed happily, rubbing his back lightly as he relaxed into me again. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he tucked his face into my neck.

“Yeah well you’re really comfy, like my own personal body pillow,” he muttered, finding a way to wiggle closer as his leg pressed between mine. His foot slid under my calf, my leg pinched between his. I sighed and hooked my leg over his hip, feeling all twisted up in his hold.

“This body pillow would like to get something to eat,” I broke the gentle silence and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“I’ll give you something to eat,” he whispered then, his hips rolling as his cock rubbed up against my thigh. I could feel it through his pajama pants, my body already starting to burn up as he captured my earlobe between his lips. “Suck me off real good and I’ll hang out with your family all day, no complaints,” he bartered before running his lips and tongue along my ear, his leg shifting to push up against my balls. I groaned, clawing at his back. What an asshole.

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Jim and I Pt. 01

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I’ll admit it, I was a little intimidated when I first met Jim. At 6’8″ he seemed to tower over my 6′ body and his athletic build only made him more intimidating. Jim and I work at the same company but had always had “friends of friends” type of relationship. We said hi in the halls and had some conversations – but only if our other friends were around. Jim is five years older than me, married, has a kid, and I just assumed didn’t have a lot of the same interests as me. I thought he was a cool guy but never really felt like the sentiment was shared. Fortunately for me, that was all about to change.

In trying to make some new friends I set up a happy hour with some of my co-workers. Jim was of course invited as I wanted to try to talk to him in a little more relaxed setting. By the day it was actually going to happen, a few people had backed out and it was only Jim, myself, and one other co-worker. While this was a little awkward for me at first, once the beers began to flow Jim started to open up to me and we had a lot of good conversations. A couple of times through the night he reached over the table to give me a pat on the back for telling a good joke. That’s when I realized how nice it was to have his large, strong hands on my body. However, knowing that he was a married man I chalked it up to just being buds and was happy to have made a new friend.

A few days went by and Jim and I had started talking more to each other over the company IM system at work. Usually, it was just trading funny links, telling stories, or pointing out hot girls in the office (I at least pretended to be interested). Also, I started to see Jim at our company’s gym in the morning. Most of times I was leaving just as he was getting in, but we would exchange fist bumps or high fives just to get the morning started. I guess this led Jim to the same conclusion I had come to; why not meet in the gym in the morning and be workout partners.

“Hey man, wanted to run by you the idea of maybe hitting the gym together tomorrow morning.” Jim IM’d to me one afternoon.

“Sure. That could work.” I said. Trying not to be too excited by the thought of seeing this guy change in the locker room. I have a bit of an underwear fetish, so I’ve always wanted to see what he’s got on underneath.

“Sweet. I’ll try to be there between 5:45 and 6:00 and we can just figure the rest out from there”. Jim replied.

I was very excited the next morning as I put on my gym shorts and laced up my shoes. Not only will I probably get to see this guy changing in the locker room but I’ve also made a new friend – something I’m not usually good at. I got to work right around 5:45 and ran into Jim on my way to the elevator. We walked to the gym and discussed what we were going to work out that morning and then making some plans for the rest of the week. I came in my gym clothes but he had to change first before starting. I put my bag in a locker and turned around to engage Jim in some conversation while waiting for him to change. When he took off his green polo shirt I was greeted by a smooth, muscular chest and slightly defined abs. He had some interesting tattoos, but I tried to just maintain eye contact so he didn’t get creeped out by me. Jim undid the fly to his khaki pants and slid them down to reveal black boxer-briefs that rode a little high on his thigh due to his tall stature. He bent over to grab his gym gear and gave me a nice view of the black fabric hugging his muscular butt. He got dressed and we headed out to the gym.

The workout was nothing too exciting. We were both learning each other’s preferences, limits, and goals and just tried to keep it casual to start with. It was soon time to hit the showers so we weren’t late for or desks. Jim and I chatted as we started to undress. I took off my shoes, socks, and shirt and threw them in my locker. I stood up to slide off my shorts and reveal my bright orange sports briefs that I always wear for working out. Turning to Jim I saw that he was just standing in his boxer-briefs pulling his clean clothes out of the locker. He saw my briefs (how could he not?) and raised and eyebrow, but didn’t say anything about it. He quickly removed his underwear, wrapped a towel around himself and I followed suit. We headed to the individual showers and selected our own stalls. We changed into our work clothes (him with a pair of grey boxer-briefs on now and me wearing some dark blue briefs) and headed upstairs. The rest of the day we chatted a bit over IM and agreed to meet again the next morning.

This went on istanbul travesti for a week or so. We would meet every morning at the gym and lift weights together. I was growing stronger every day and so was our friendship. My first impressions about Jim were wrong and I was a lot less intimidated by him than before. I loved getting to see him in his underwear every day (always boxer-briefs in one color or another) as well as more of his nude body as we both became more comfortable around each other. One Friday morning after our workout together, Jim IM’d me with a request I was more than happy to help with.

“So, I’m thinking of maybe doing cardio next week. Probably the treadmill or something. Would it be weird if I borrowed a couple pairs of your underwear for running? I noticed you’re always in briefs and figure you know what’s good for support. The wife loves me in boxer-briefs but I’m thinking I’m gonna need the briefs for running.” Jim said.

“Ha ha. Sure man, no problem. I’ll bring in a couple pairs for you Monday morning.” I replied.

I couldn’t wait for Monday. The thought of this tall, muscular man in briefs – not to mention my briefs – was almost too much to handle. I made sure to grab a few pairs I thought would look good on him. I got a couple colors of my normal sport briefs and then threw in some extra styles that I had to give him a variety. Monday morning, we met in the gym at our normal time. Jim stripped down to his boxer-briefs and jokingly asked if I had something for him. I pulled the stack of briefs out of my bag and handed them to him explaining the variety… or something as to not sound too weird. He smiled, thanked me, and picked out a pair of black sports briefs. Jim pulled down his boxer-briefs giving me a glimpse at his full package – moderately hairy, large low-hanging balls, and a meaty circumcised cock. He pulled the briefs on and adjusted his package in the now bulging pouch perfectly outlining what I had just seen. “Fits perfectly.” he remarked before putting on the rest of his clothes. We grabbed treadmills next to each other, did our cardio and came back to the locker room about 45 minutes later to change. Jim looked absolutely god-like in my briefs and thanked me again for letting him borrow them. He said he would just hold on to them until the end of the week when his wife does laundry and he can give me all the pairs back.

The week went on and each day I got to see Jim in a pair of my briefs. Friday afternoon rolled around and I was trying to get some programming done before leaving for the weekend. I didn’t have any real plans, but I just wanted to start a nice relaxing weekend. The message box popped up on my computer with an IM from my new buddy Jim.

“Hey bud. You got any plans this weekend. Looks like the wife and kid are going to her mom’s for some.. baby shower or some shit… I don’t’ know. Anyway, thought it might be cool for us to kick back and have some beers if you’re down for it.” Jim said.

“Sounds good to me; I’ve got nothing going on. I could pick up some beer on the way home and you can head over to my place after work.” I replied seeing that my weekend had just become more interesting.

“Sound like a plan. I’ll grab some beer too… I don’t want us to run out! LOL.” Jim replied.

“Awesome dude, looking forward to it. You can crash at my place if you don’t want to drive home after drinking all night.” I said trying to set the stage for something…

“I appreciate it and will definitely take you up on it. I’m gonna sneak out early to grab some stuff from my place before I head over. See you later tonight.” Jim said before ducking out of work an hour early.

I knocked out my remaining work as quickly as I could, excited for my plans for the evening. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home a grabbed a few six-packs of beers: a nice variety since I wasn’t sure what Jim liked best. Once home, I put the beers in the fridge and hopped in the shower. My six inch cock was growing as I massaged it under the warm water to the naked image of Jim in my head. I fantasized for a while before snapping out of it and realizing he would soon be to my house. I dried off, selected my favorite pair of red briefs, and finished getting dressed. I was just finishing straightening up my house when Jim knocked on the door.

He looked better than usual – clearly freshly showered and in a nice pair of jeans and fitted t-shirt showing off the work he’s been doing in the gym. I helped Jim put away the beer and swore that I could make out istanbul travestileri some brieflines through his jeans as he bent over into the fridge. Jim complimented me on my beer choices and grabbed a couple from the fridge for us to get started. “Cheers to new friends” he said while clinking his bottle against mine. We both smiled, chugged our first beers, and it was on to the next. We continued to drink as I showed him around my place and eventually settled on the couch to watch some tv. We hung out, drank beers, watched tv, and ordered a pizza; it was great getting to know my new friend even better.

A couple hours and about eight or nine beers later we were both getting a little drunk. Even though I had the A/C on, the heat in the house combined with the food and beer was getting to me – and clearly getting to Jim too. His armpits were clearly a little damp through his tight t-shirt and he had a small spot of sweat on his chest between his muscular pecs. I was wiping sweat off my brow and just couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I don’t know what’s up with my A/C… it’s fucking hot in here! Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got to take off my pants. Hell, if you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have been wearing pants for the past two hours.” I said with a slight slur in my speech.

“Sure dude, it’s your house; be the king of your castle or whatever. Plus, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before” Jim replied.

I smiled, stood up, and started un-buttoning my jeans. I let my pants slide down my legs while I walked to the kitchen to grab us a couple more beers. I threw my pants into the bedroom leaving on only my t-shirt and red briefs which were not doing much to conceal my slight arousal at the situation. I plopped back down on the sofa and continued to enjoy the beer and TV. Subconsciously I stared to rub my package through the synthetic material – no real reason, just what guys do when they’re bored. I realized that Jim was starting to fidget; wiping sweat from his forehead, pulling at his shirt to cool himself off, etc.

“Jim, what are you doing? If you’re hot feel free to get more comfortable. I don’t know what’s up with my A/C, but like you said, its nothing I haven’t seen before. Plus, I feel a little lonely being the only guy in his underwear.” I remarked with a sort of feigned sarcastic exacerbation.

“Yeah man… well… umm… yeah, just don’t laugh.” Jim sort of nervously replied. He stood up from the couch and took off his shirt, throwing it at his feet. I’ve never seen him to be nervous about anything; he’s a rock. My tall, dark, strong… damn look at that chest… rock.

“Laugh? At you? For what? Plus, even if I did, you’d just beat me up Mr. Muscles.” I said while playfully hitting him on his bicep.

“Well, after getting started with the cardio this week and wearing your briefs I was reminded of playing basketball back in college. I remembered that I still had some of my old stuff up in the attic and went up to relive the glory days. While I was going through my stuff… well… I found this.” Jim dropped his jeans to reveal a tight black jockstrap. Nothing fancy or designer like is sold today; just the basic jock used for real workouts. “I had kinda forgot about this, but having my nuts hugged by those briefs of yours really brought back some memories. I just had to throw it on.”

“That’s pretty cool man, I didn’t know you played basketball in college.” I said while trying my best to hide the massive boner now in my briefs. The outline of Jim’s cock was pronounced in the black mesh material now supporting his hairy balls. The wide waistband of the jock fit perfectly on Jim’s hips, just a little below his waist and connected to the two back elastic straps pushing and framing Jim’s glutes. I was in awe, almost speechless but I managed to get out “Plus, it looks pretty good on you…. um…. if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Thanks man, I’ll never turn down a compliment. While I’m up I’ll grab the next round of beers. Don’t look at my ass while I walk away!” Jim said with a smile. Of course, I took that as an open invitation to marvel at his masculinity as he walked from the living room to the kitchen. He bent into the fridge and grabbed two bottles and turned to me while he opened him. I was in heaven and I could tell Jim was having fun too… the growing bulge in the pouch of his jock told me so.

Jim came back from the kitchen, beers in hand, and joined me on the sofa sitting considerably closer this time. We clinked bottles and started taking sips of the cold refreshment. travesti istanbul Jim started telling me stories from the basketball team in college – epic wins, crushing defeats, banging chicks at every school they traveled too. I was enamored with him – the stories were fun but him telling him was even better. The movement of his arms, seeing the muscles in his chest flex, and the adjustments of his package every now and then; especially when he told me about one of his sexual conquests. All the while I felt us moving slightly closer to each other. By the fifth or sixth story Jim was leaning towards me, left arm behind my head on the sofa and our bare thighs touching. I felt perfect in his muscular presence and his warm breath and slight many smell were intoxicating… or maybe that was just the beer. Either way, I stared into his blue eyes getting lost in the fact that neither of us had said anything in about a minute.

“Damn, good times!” Jim finally said. “Looks like you could use another beer.” Jim jumped up and headed to the kitchen doing nothing to hide the mostly erect cock begging to be released from his jockstrap. I looked down at myself and realized I was fully erect and had a small spot of pre-cum on the red fabric of my briefs. I didn’t care anymore and didn’t try to hide it see as how Jim didn’t seem to care either. He came back from the kitchen, beer in hand, and stood next to me with the strained black mesh fabric taking my gaze.

“Fuck dude, look what you did to me. Got me talking about all the pussy back in college has gotten me horny as fuck.” Jim slurred while rubbing his jock-clad dick, almost shaking it in my face. “You got porn channels on your tv? Let’s jack off. Not like gay or anything…. you never jacked off with a buddy watching porn before?!” Jim said a little defensively but there wasn’t any need for that.

“Yeah man, I have but it’s been awhile. You’re a good story teller and I’m ready for some relief too” I said rubbing my cock in my briefs. “I’ll pull up a porn movie. I’d be honored to have you as a bate bro.” I said with a wink and a smile.

Jim smiled and sat down next to me on the sofa – back in position before he left. Jim played with his cock through his jockstrap as I found a good porn to order on demand. ‘Co-Ed Sluts 3’ sounded appropriate for the situation and I pressed ‘Buy.’ As the movie loaded up, I took off my shirt and settled down back on the couch with Jim – my right leg was completely touching his left leg and he had his left arm above me on the couch. Good for me, I jerk off left-handed and it looks like he’s a righty. It didn’t take long for the co-ed sluts to get naked so Jim and I followed suit. He unleashed his 7″ monster from the jockstrap and threw the supporter onto the floor with a sort of drunken layup.

“Still got it, dude” He said with a wink and a smile and went back to jerking.

I slipped off my briefs and continued my work too. I wasn’t too interested in the co-eds on screen but I had a good show watching Jim’s balls bounce up and down with every stroke from his meaty hand. We stroked for a few minutes, pointing out the better-looking girls, betting on if they’d do anal or not, and subtlety checking out each other’s junk… yeah, I caught him staring. I was getting close and I could tell he was too. I picked up my briefs planning to shoot my load into the front of them and rubbed the pouch on my fully engorged 6″ cock. Jim looked over at me, smiled and gave a thumbs up, and grabbed his jock to do the same. We both watched each other – no hiding it now – as we jerked in simultaneously rhythm. A few seconds later Jim let out a grunt and filled his jock with sticky jizz the sight of which prompted me to do the same.

“Yeah man, that was fucking awesome.” Jim said. “Totally hit the spot.” Jim cupped the fabric of his jock around his dick to remove the leftover cum and rolled the soppy garment into a ball which he through with the rest of his dirty clothes. He stood up with his semi-erect member flopping between his legs and headed to the bathroom. I cleaned off my cock with the remaining clean fabric of my briefs and stopped the movie. I walked to my own bathroom to piss and clean up, still trying to fully comprehend what just happened. When I was done, I slipped on a new pair of green briefs and found Jim slipping on some blue boxer-briefs he took from his backpack.

“Did you have fun? I did” Jim called out as I walked down the hallway.

“Definitely bro. Tonight was a lot of fun, thanks again for coming over” I replied. “I’m pretty worn out so I’m going to hit the hay. You know where the guest room is – extra blankets and pillows in the closet. Wake me up tomorrow morning when you’re up. Good night, buddy.”

“G’night bud, see you in the morning” Jim said with a sweet smile.

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One More Year Ch. 23

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I was in hell. I’ve never liked taking photos, but this was particularly bad. Shoved into a tuxedo – which my mom had surprised me with, because she’d clearly been conspiring with Ellie for a while – and forced to stand in a series of poses with Melissa while my mom cooed at stupid things like how ‘different’ I looked, or how well my tie matched Mel’s red dress.

Then there were group photos, at Ellie’s insistence, and I was forced to fake a smile, even though Louis and I were standing right next to each other. He and I also kept getting told to ‘stand closer’ by the parents taking the photos, and I was instructed to put my arm around his shoulders at one point. It wasn’t as if I could talk to him during any of that, and it felt like torture.

For all my mom’s talk of this being a night for me and my friends to remember forever, the people seeming to get the most joy out of it were definitely the parents. Of course they were, though. They’d all been served champagne, while all of my classmates and I had to be satisfied with sparkling grape juice. Only three of us in the whole year were still under eighteen. But Elohim High had never been good at nuance.

The school’s parking lot had been decorated for the occasion – a small stage had been set up in front of the gate at the grand sandstone entrance, and extra greenery had been moved in to augment the usual trees that dotted the sidewalks. A red carpet had been run along the path to the slipway where cars could pull up right outside the entrance, and a lot of the parking spots had been filled with tables bearing drinks and snacks.

It seemed a bit over the top, given that everyone would be hopping in our limousines – or whatever other vehicles people had wrangled – and heading off to the fancy hotel in town which held the ballroom where the real dance would take place. The parents had been invited to stay for as long as they liked afterwards though, and the drinks seemed to be flowing, so my guess was that the school was going to take advantage of this emotional evening by pumping them for donations one last time.

“You could at least look like you’re trying to enjoy yourself, you know.” Melissa smirked, picking at the neckline of her dress. “I wore one of those stupid adhesive bras for this.”

I chuckled. “My apologies to your boobs.”

“Damn right.” She grinned. “Poor things aren’t even getting groped tonight.”

“I could try, but my heart wouldn’t be in it.”

“You wouldn’t know what to do with them, is the problem.” She laughed. “But I’ll settle for you just telling me I look pretty.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thanks.” She beamed at that. “Yeah, the red was a good choice. Look at the two of us. Gingers, embracing it.”

She stepped back and twirled. I wasn’t just trying to be nice – she really did look amazing, in her red dress with black accents, as the light of the sunset played off her coppery hair. She’d even done her makeup darker to match. All she needed was a pair of horns, and it would have made an excellent, if overly elegant, devil-themed halloween costume.

I only had two splashes of colour in my tux – the matching tie and pocket square that she had organised for me. I think that was the case for most of the guys – certainly everyone in our group. John had a green tie to match Sarah’s dress, Jamie and Jess had their matching deep blue that brought out their conveniently matching eye-colours. Sue’s boyfriend – whose name I had immediately forgotten – was actually wearing a white suit and tie with a black shirt, to match her very cool geometrically patterned black-and-white dress.

Ellie, of course, made sure her pairing was the most spectacular. Her deep purple dress with gold accents made her look like royalty, something that she’d clearly been going for. Her hair had been braided up into a crown, and tresses of it draped regally down her back, studded with pearls and little golden star. Gary was dressed simply, but he wore a matching golden tie, intricately knotted, and instead of a pocket-square he had a small spray of golden flowers. We’d both been Ellie’s projects today, but he’d definitely gotten more attention. Luckily for me.

If Ellie’s look was the most impressive, Angela’s was definitely the biggest transformation. She’d ditched her glasses, worn makeup for the first time I’d ever seen, and straightened her usually frizzy hair, pinning it up in a simple but elegant knot. She wore a pale blue dress that really made her eyes stand out. Everyone who saw her did a double take to figure out who she even was.

And then there was Louis, who as always, cleaned up so well. He’d also ditched his glasses, and styled his hair. He wore a simple tux, like me, and his pale blue tie was also matched to Angela’s dress. I’d seen him looking this good before, even if I was too stupid to realise what it had been doing to me at the time. But being aware of it… it was kind of taking my breath away.

“He looks good, doesn’t he?” Mel asked softly, putting her istanbul travesti hand on my arm.

I looked over at her and sighed. “Yeah. He really does.”

“Any chance you two idiots are going to try and talk again tonight?”

I fidgeted nervously. “Well, it hasn’t gone well so far.”

“Yeah.” She let out a deep breath. “Sorry, I know you hate it when I stop the jokes and get sincere, but you two are very frustrating.”

“I know.” I grinned. “Sorry about that.”

“You will be.” She adjusted her dress and pulled at my arm. “Now, come on, I think we’re getting ready for the limos to take off. Ellie’s the committee member who got to pick the order, so you know we’ll be leading the procession.”


I let her lead me towards the red carpet. Before we were due to leave, it seemed like there’d be a speech from our headmaster, Mr. Haupt. He was a very chaotic and disorganised man, so it didn’t kick off immediately. It gave my mom time to pull me away from Mel, who wandered over to chat with Ellie and Gary.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

That felt like a loaded question, but I knew she just meant to go to the dance. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. Just try to have fun, okay?” She reached up and dusted what could only have been imaginary lint off of my shoulders. “I know you get grumpy about doing things like this, but this is the last high school event you’ll ever have to put yourself through, so just enjoy it, please. You have your friends – a lot of them.”

“Yeah.” I grinned sheepishly. “Kind of late though, isn’t it?”

“Well, at least you have them now. That’s something. And I really like Louis. I’m so glad you two are such good friends. I love Ellie, of course, but it’s nice that you have someone… who has so much in common with you.” She shrugged. “And I think he’s been a good influence, too.”

“Yeah, Louis is great.” My eyes drifted across to him. He was just standing there, happily chatting with Angela. I wondered what he was thinking. I pulled at my collar, and turned back to my mom. “So, uh… are you sticking around after we head off?”

“Definitely.” She smiled. “We’ve gotten the babysitter for the twins anyway, so Malcolm and I will probably go out to dinner, but I think we’ll stick around and drink the free champagne until the school starts asking us for money.”

I laughed. “That’s what I thought they’d do, too.”

“Strange. It’s almost as if we’re related.” She fiddled slightly with my collar and leaned up to give me a kiss on the cheek, wiping it afterwards to make sure she hadn’t left lipstick behind. “Okay, there’s your headmaster. You’ll probably be leaving quite quickly after his speech. Bye, darling.”

“Bye, mom.”

“Say hi to Louis for me.” She gave me a serious look. “And please have fun.”

“I’ll try.” I grinned.

She smiled, nodded and slipped away. Caitlyn stalked past me, clearly in a bad mood. She was wearing a big, fluffy dress in her trademark bubblegum pink. She also looked beautiful, but angry, as always. I avoided her, since I wasn’t in the mood to trade barbs. Besides, the fact that she hated Eric too was almost endearing, given how I felt about him.

I went to go stand with Mel and Ellie while Mr. Haupt launched into his incredibly generic diatribe about the rewards of academic success. He followed it up with some corny jokes about ageing clearly designed to amuse the parents – they fell flat with the students, anyway – and just enough claptrap about the importance of friends and lifelong bonds that I had to shake my head and tune it out to stop myself from getting embarrassingly misty.

But then that was it. We were heading out. It wasn’t the last time I’d ever be seeing my high school, since we’d all have to be back for the awards ceremony at the end of the year. There was something about looking back, though, before I climbed into the limo. It felt very final.

Riding with me were Sara, John, Mel, Angela and – of course – Louis. I don’t know if Ellie had specifically planned that, or if it had just worked out that way, but it was awkward, either way. I was at least grateful that Jamie had ended up in the other one. From both of us, actually. I didn’t want Louis looking at him and wondering. So maybe Ellie had planned it, after all.

It didn’t get me any closer to talking to him, though. Not about that, anyway. It was an eight-seater for only six of us, but that was hardly roomy enough for a very private aside. Fortunately, everyone else was in better spirits, especially since Sue had made sure that the limos came packed with actual alcohol. The two of us nervously sipped away at our drinks, and he would occasionally even respond to me, or laugh at one of my stupid jokes. It gave me hope that we could at least try talking at the dance.

Hope which slowly started fading as we got there, because it looked like the event was going to be very formal, and I wasn’t sure how we’d get away from the rest of the group. Hotel staff opened istanbul travestileri the limousine doors for us, and we poured out onto another red carpet that ran down a long, ornate hall, full of antique brass light features and cream marble tiles.

Mrs. A was there, wearing a black sequined dress that looked bizarre on her – way too decorative, but at least appropriately dark. She’d taken over the coordination of the actual event to make sure the evening ran smoothly. Last year’s dance, which had been purely run by the students, had gone off the rails – they’d all gotten drunk and someone had been rushed to the emergency room with a broken leg, or something. There might have been some property damage, too. I thought it sounded quite fun, but Mrs. A would clearly disagree with that assessment.

So we were all made to get into a pair of lines, boys on the right, girls on the left. Ellie, claiming the benefits of having been on the dance committee, got her way and was able to lead from the front of the procession. We all walked slowly along the hallway until we reached a grand pair of oak doors, which swung open for us as we approached.

The ballroom was amazing – a massive space with beautiful vaulted ceilings, adorned with decorative carvings. The floor-to-ceiling windows had red velvet drapes, and a plush navy coloured carpet covered the whole floor. Beautifully set tables, with pure white table clothes, gleaming crystal, sparkling silver and delicate ceramics. Ten ornate golden chairs circled each table, and a grand chandelier of gleaming brass hung in the middle of the room.

Incongruously, as if it were an afterthought – which I was fairly sure it was – a small light-up dancefloor had been set up underneath the chandelier, and a DJ booth had been unceremoniously plopped down one end of it. The DJ was a middle-aged guy who looked like he’d seen better days. He clearly wasn’t reading the room, because he was playing some ridiculous song that I didn’t even recognise. The music was so loud that we had to shout to communicate.

We lined up for the photographer, and got our couple’s pictures done. I wasn’t happy there were more photos, but not having the fawning parents there made it a bit more bearable. Except for the part where I had to put my arm around Louis again. This time, I knew it was Ellie’s fault that we’d ended up next to each other, but I was too preoccupied to glare at her. He looked directly into my eyes as we broke apart, and it felt like my heartbeat tripled its pace.

But after that, we all settled down at our seats, guided by Ellie to place settings that had cards with our names on them. Jess and Jamie were the only people who weren’t at our table. Ellie shouted over the music to explain to me that she’d had to cut someone from ours, and Jamie had wanted to be with his friends. She’d talked to Jess, who was fine with it, and mostly just happy to have been invited anyway.

Our table was skilfully coordinated, even if I wasn’t quite happy about how far Louis was away from me, because it made it impossible to even try to talk to him. But Ellie had arranged it so that not only were people sitting next to their date, but they were also – with the exception of Sue’s boyfriend and Gary, who were next to each other – sitting next to someone else they got along with.

So Sue and Angela, Louis and John, Sara and Melissa, Ellie and me had all been placed together, with our dates on the other side of us. Which was nice, because the DJ didn’t relent the whole evening, and the only way you could talk to someone was by leaning over and shouting.

I didn’t know if Ellie thought she was having a magical evening. For me, it wasn’t great. Even without the Louis thing, I just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be enjoying. The music was too loud, conversation just couldn’t happen.

The weird juxtaposition of the formal dinner service of five courses with the clueless DJ would have been comical, if it wasn’t so uncomfortable. Mrs. A eventually caught on that it was a problem, but by then we were already eating dessert, and as the music died down, our ears were ringing, and conversation remained stunted.

It didn’t help that Louis was only one seat off from being directly opposite to me at the table, so we were mostly in each other’s line of sight, and found ourselves accidentally locking eyes the whole evening. Both of us would quickly glance away every time the other one looked up, but it still sent my heart thumping in my chest every time it happened.

The ‘dance’, if it was actually supposed to be about dancing, was a complete bust. The DJ didn’t seem to know how to get anyone on their feet any more than he knew how to keep things quiet and low-key when we were busy eating. The whole class migrated onto the dancefloor when he managed to play one song we actually all recognised and liked. I think it was more out of a sense of obligation, because it would have been weird to have not danced at all. Even Louis and I joined travesti istanbul for that, although I still didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

That one round of dancing happening was probably more luck than anything, because by the next song, the DJ had lost half of us, and by the one after that, it was pretty much only the people from our table still making an effort. I’d settled back down at my seat, and after a few more songs, Louis had joined me, although he’d gone to his place instead of sitting anywhere near me. He got up again, way too quickly. Before I’d even had the chance to work up the courage to move over and talk to him. He headed off towards the bathroom.

I wanted to break something. One of the stupid crystal glasses they’d been pouring our fruit juice into would have done nicely, but Mrs. A was still lurking around the edges of the room, glaring at us all like an angry dragon. So I just watched Louis go, feeling like my heart was bouncing around in the bottom of my ribcage.

A hand appeared in front of me, and I looked up to find Mel, who’d left the dancefloor. She held out her arm, and I rolled my eyes, but grabbed it anyway and stood up. The rest of the group was still there making idiots of themselves, and I didn’t really want to mope at the table alone. Mel wove her arm through mine, and started marching me away from the table.

But we didn’t join the others – we actually headed directly away, weaving around the tables. Making our way to the bathroom.

“Why, Mel?”

I saw her grin mischievously, but she didn’t respond. She just kept marching me. I could have resisted, but her grip was like iron. I also wasn’t confident enough in my brand-new dress shoes to just stop walking. She probably would have fallen over, and pulled me down with her, so that we’d collapse in a big, embarrassing heap on the floor.

We got to the bathroom door, and she let go of my arm. I turned to face her. She pointed her finger at me. “You’re going to go in there and talk to him.”


“No, seriously. I’m tired of this bullshit. You won’t say things to him, he won’t say things to you, but you’re both happy to sit there staring at each other all night, making us all feel awkward.” She shook her head. “I’m sick of it. Ellie’s sick of it. Sue doesn’t even know what’s going on, and she’s sick of it – I love that girl, by the way. Blunt as a fucking shovel. But anyway, we are done. You’re going in.”

With one hand, she firmly grabbed my arm – so firmly it hurt – and with the other, she pushed open the door to the men’s room and shoved me inside. I stumbled as I entered, and looked back to see her grabbing the handle and winking at me as she pulled the door closed. Louis was staring at me with an amused expression on his face as I turned to look at him.

I cleared my throat. “Uh… Mel is meddling.”

“Yeah, I see that.” He chuckled softly.

I heard her muffled voice from the other side of the door that probably said, “Speak to him!”

I sighed.

“Yes?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I…” I shook my head, and took a deep breath. Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about starting awkwardly now. Mel had already made that happen. I looked up at Louis, and tried to smile. “You’ve been there for everything that’s happened to me this year. The stuff with Eric, and with Jamie, and…” I flinched slightly as I saw the muscles of his jaw tighten. “Just all of it. So you’ve kind of had a front row seat to what a mess I am.”

“You’re not a mess,” he said softly.

I laughed sadly. “I am, though. I’ve made so many fucked up choices this year, when I should have just stepped away. Tried to control myself. It’s not like I needed to do any of the stuff I did this year, and… I don’t think I’d be good for you, Louis. You say you made your mistakes, but you made them a while ago, and I don’t think they were anywhere near as bad as mine. And you’re so mature and together, and you’ve been such a good friend and I just…” My words caught in my throat slightly, but I pushed through. “I don’t think I deserve you.”

He bit his lip, and nodded slowly. My words hung heavy between us, and I was filled with a sense of dread, like he was about to agree with me and walk out of my life forever. His every motion felt like it was tearing into my chest, and if we stood there in silence too much longer, I thought I’d collapse. Mercifully, though, he took a deep breath and started to speak.

“Jay, that’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had a crush on you since the first day I met you. Do you have any idea how much it hurt finding out about you and Eric? It felt like the cruellest possible joke the universe could play on me. You guys, getting together. Every time he told me about you two doing something, I hated him for it. I hate Nick now, and Jamie too, even though I don’t really know him.

“I could handle it when you were just that cute guy from AP maths, who I could barely manage to even talk to. You were just a fantasy then. But then you became real – you became my friend. This last year has been hell. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, but I felt guilty. You were Eric’s, even when you weren’t anymore. When you broke up I hated myself for being happy about it when you were in so much pain.

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Summer Job as a Nude Housekeeper

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I was still in college when I was in my early twenties and needed to find a weekend job just to earn some money while on 3-month summer break. I did not want the kind of job that required many responsibilities or meeting deadlines, as I needed to take some time away from much thinking and studying during weekdays. Being so busy with schooling, I didn’t have time for a girlfriend. However, I once had a girlfriend during my high school years, but I broke up with her after catching her sucking and fucking another guy.

I was browsing the ads one day and came across an ad from a male widow looking for a young man to help clean his house, mow lawn, and arrange furnitures. I thought the work sounded easy and that it would be something I could do, and so I decided to respond to the ad. The man over the phone told me that his name was George and that I could swing by for an interview.

As I got to his place, a beer-belly man in his late fifties with gray hair and a full goatee beard, opened the door and asked me to come inside. He seemed like a very nice man, and we sat and talked a little bit about ourselves before discussing the job duties and expectations. He told me he had been living alone since his wife passed away about two years ago, and that he was looking for someone, preferably a young man with strength, to help keeping his home and yards clean at least every other week. He had only a daughter who lived out of state, and therefore he had no one else around to help.

He said he did not want to mention in the ad, but he would really prefer the housekeeper to work in complete nude inside the house and backyard. I asked the reason behind it, and he told me that he just loved to look at naked young guys. The thought of me being naked in front of another man was making me feel awkward and at the same time interesting.

Sensing my uneasiness, he tried to assure me, “We’re guys and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Also, it would be just us two guys here and no one would know about it. I’m willing to pay you extra.”

I replied, “Well, let me think about it and I will get back to you.”

I thought to myself that the job seemed easy and the nakedness would give me a sense of freedom while working. Furthermore, I myself love the feeling of nakedness. I lived alone in the apartment, and so I slept and walked around naked, feeling comfortable and knowing that no one else was around to see my naked body. However, I had never been completely naked in front of another person in broad daylight before, not even in front of my ex-girlfriend. I thought this would be a great opportunity to play out my curiosity. So I called him back the following day to accept the job offer, and he was very happy and looking forward to see me next Saturday morning.

When I arrived, George, in his T-shirt and shorts, opened the door and greeted me inside. He told me to go ahead and take off all my clothes but leave the slippers on, and he would give me the tour of his house and backyard. I was trying not to accidentally get a hard-on, as it would be embarrassing for me. A breeze or a touch on my cock and balls can easily give me an erection. He showed me where the supplies were, and I started off with vacuuming before cleaning, as George went back to the sofa watching a movie on TV.

While vacuuming, I noticed George frequently looked at me, more likely checking out my naked body than my work. I just ignored his glances and continued working as normal. When I was kneeling or squatting to clean the bathroom, he stood looking behind me just to converse with me about my school. Apparently, he was enjoying the view.

As I stood on the ladder to dust the ceiling fan, he kept looking up to me and talking. I was sure he was enjoying the sight of my cock and balls. My cock started to twitch a little, and I quickly tried to distract myself by thinking about school in hoping my semi-erect cock would subside or stop growing harder and longer. I felt awkward when he started complimenting my slim youthful smooth body and my nice smooth cock and balls.

When I was done, he brought me a drink and asked me to sit down on the sofa and rest for awhile before going home. He sat next to me and we watched a comedy. I noticed the tenting in his shorts, and I tried to concentrate on the comedy to avoid any accidental erection.

About 15 minutes later, he placed his hand on my lap and said to me, “I’d have to admit that I got turned on watching you working with no clothes on. Having been with my wife for many years, I have often wondered what it would be like to suck or fuck another guy or even to have my dick sucked by him or him fucking me.”

I told him I liked girls and sometimes was curious also about what it would be like to suck and be sucked and to fuck and be fucked any another guy.

He smiled and said, “Well, looks like only two of us guys here and we can use this opportunity to satisfy our curiosity, so that we won’t regret later. What istanbul travesti do you think?”

I hesitantly replied, “I guess…as long as no one else knows about it. Hope we can keep this only between us.”

Excitedly, he took off his shirt and shorts, sat back down on the sofa, and said, “C’mon, stand up so I can examine you.”

I noticed he had hairy chest, tummy, and balls, and his circumcised cock was shorter than mine but very thick. He then stood me up so my crotch was directly in front of his face. He started caressing my chest, nipples, my tummy, and my pubic area. His hands glided along my legs then reaching behind to caress squeeze my buttocks. He turned my body around and asked me to bend down with my buttocks facing him. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, he pressed his nose against my anus and sniffed it, then lightly brushed it with his finger.

He asked me to turn my body back again to have my cock and balls facing him. He pressed his nose against my crotch to smell my cock and balls. Somehow, it felt good when his beard touching my pubic area and genital that my cock started to twitch. He began to gently squeeze and fondle my testicles and lifted my semi-soft cock and playfully slide my foreskin up and down along the shaft and over my spongy glans. Occasionally, he pulled and stretched my foreskin over and beyond my mushroom head and squeezed and twirled the crumbled foreskin then retracted all the way down to the base of the shaft to fully expose the mushroom head.

He seemed to really enjoy exploring my genital as I saw his stiff cock keep pulsating. Noticing a clear, glistened bead of my precum oozed at the pee hole, he slurped it up then licked the slit up and down. He milked my cock to squeeze out more glossy secretion and rubbed the dangling precum all around my puffy mushroom head, and it felt so wonderful when he rubbed the underside of the glans. Then, he licked the whole spongy glans as if a lollipop, giving the swollen mushroom head a nice, shiny, wet look.

My cock now growing long and thick and very hard and my mushroom head became more swollen and reddened under his playful hands, fingers, and tongue. Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm gliding over my throbbing head a few times and realized that he was sucking and trying to engulf my whole cock down his throat. The feeling of his warm wet mouth moving to and fro along with his goatee beard scraping my stiff cock sent shivers throughout my body and making my cock continuously pulsate and yearning to unload my balls.

He told me to let him know when I felt the urge to ejaculate so he could pause, as he did not want it to be over so quick. He said that he would like to first watch me shoot and splatter my sperm on his face before swallowing.

When I was beginning the feel the urge, he took my cock out of his mouth and guided me down to straddle his laps and said, “While giving your cock a rest, sit on my laps so I can suck your nipples.”

I arched my back to bring my chest to his face, and he flickered each nipple with his tongue, licked it to make it hard, and sucked it like a baby. While sucking on my nipples, I felt his hands sliding down my lower back to cup my buttocks as he tried to insert his finger slowly into my butthole. He squeezed my swollen mushroom head to extract more precum fluid and scooped it onto his finger to use as lubrication for easy insertion into my rectum. It felt so good feeling his finger thrusting in and out of my butthole that I was on the edge of ejaculating.

He paused his finger-fucking me and told me to kneel on the floor to stroke and suck his fat cock. I told him this was the first time I ever got to see and touch a real circumcised penis or any guy’s penis. He told me that it was also his first time to touch and play with an uncut cock and that he enjoyed playing, licking, and sucking on the foreskin as it slid over and under the spongy swollen mushroom head.

Because his cock was thick, I could only suck around past his puffy mushroom head and stroked his cock at the same time. I told him I would go as far as not to swallow any semen at this time.

He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll let you know when I am about to come, and you can just pull it out from your mouth. You got me so horny that I just want to shoot my load.”

His cock did not stay hard all the time, just on and off. I continued to stroke and suck his cock and fondle his large hanging testicles. Within seconds, he signaled me he was about to ejaculate, and I took my mouth off his cock and continuously stroked his throbbing cock until it swelled up. A thick rope of slimy, creamy milky semen spurted about six inches then followed by a copious load oozed from his pee hole and landed all over my fingers down to his pubic hair and balls. I kept on stroking his spent cock until all the cum leaked out and until his cock went limp.

Out of curiosity if another man’s cum would smell and taste like mine, I brought my istanbul travestileri hand, covered with his warm sticky cum, to my nose to smell the aroma and to my tongue to taste it. His semen had a very strong bleachy smell and a very pungent salty taste, as compared to mine. I then smeared his slimy and frothy semen all over his pubic hair and balls as to clean off my hand.

Thanking me for sucking his cock and making him ejaculate, he said, “That was a relief! You made me cum so hard emptying my balls, and I really enjoyed it! Now, it’s my turn to see what it’s like to smell and taste your young sperm, and I can’t wait to swallow it down my throat.”

My cock had remained rock-hard since he last sucked. As he stood me up, he complimented on my smooth stiff cock pointing straight up at a 45 degree angle. He said, “Now that looks very beautiful and delicious! I can’t wait to eat you!”

He glided my foreskin, halfway covering my spongy reddened mushroom head, all the way down to the base of my cock, and tongue-flickered the pee hole, oozed with dribbling, dangling clear glistened precum, and licked the frenulum and underside of the swollen head. My cock kept on jerking from his licking that was driving me wild. Then his warm, salivated mouth slowly engulfed my yearning penis, and the feeling of his beard rubbing my cock and touching my smooth pubis just intensified the ticklish sensation.

With my cock still thrusting in his mouth while he fondled my balls, I was on the edge of squirting my semen, especially when he began to brush my moist butthole and twirled his finger into my rectum. I just couldn’t take it anymore and started feeling shivering from head to toes as my cock kept pulsating and my body tensed up. I told him that I was going to ejaculate.

As he popped my cock out of his mouth, he held the stiff rod pointing at his face and continued stroking it with one hand, while his other hand still had his finger thrusting in and out of my asshole. Within seconds, a huge rope of hot, thick pearly-white semen forcefully ejected from my pee hole splashing and hitting between his eyes, the second rope hitting his nose running down onto his lips trickling down on his chin, and the third stream splattered on his forehead. After the third powerful eruptions, he placed my pulsating stiff cock back into his mouth and sucked the remaining seminal juice as spurts after spurts still unloading, filling up his mouth and leaking at the corners, and I felt his finger thrusting in and out my butthole.

I felt like shoving my whole cock down his throat to maximize my ejaculation, so I grabbed and pushed the back of his head until his lips pressing on my pubic area, and I was surprised that at the same, he grabbed and pushed my buttocks hard toward his face in an attempt to shove my cock all the way deep down his throat. When he started to gag, he released my cock from his throat and continued sucking it with mouthful of cum.

He kept sucking until my squirts faded and my cock softened then popped it out from his mouth, carefully not to spill anymore of my precious juice. Looking up to me, he opened his mouth with dangling string of cum to show me my semen deposited. Next, he gurgled, swished, and opened his mouth again showing me the semen now all churned and frothy before he gulped it all down his throat into his tummy. It took him a few big gulps to swallow all my fluid down. He then smeared the semen on his forehead and nose all over his face and told me he wanted to savor my sperm aroma longer.

Smacking his lips, he said to me, “Well, that was a very delicious sperm protein you got there boy! So warm and tasty! I loved it and wish you can feed me some more! Your sperm tastes salty but very sweet and your cum smell really turns me on!”

All I could respond to him was, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Still naked, we both sat on the sofa to take a rest while watching TV and talking. He was feeling me how he missed having his cock sucked and fucking a pussy since his wife passed away. Since then, he hadn’t found any woman who would let him eat or fuck her cunt. He said that It had been quite a while now that he would be happy just to poke his cock into any openings or holes. He went on to say that often times when his balls got full and heavy, he would masturbate to drain them and hesitantly said that sometimes he would ejaculate into his coffee using it as creamer and into his oatmeal to add flavor.

About 20 minutes later, I told him I needed to go urinate. He told me that he needed to take a piss also and grabbed my hand to lead us to the bathroom. I felt a little awkward picturing two naked guys watching each other urinate, something I had never done before even with my ex-girlfriend. As we got inside, he asked me to hold his cock as he to hold mine and we both together would watch each other piss into the toilet. When done, he pulled and retracted my foreskin several times then shook my semi-soft travesti istanbul cock to rid excess urine, and as for his cock, I just had to shake it up and down. I thought that was interesting, and it felt good somehow.

Smilingly, he said to me, “Hey boy, I can feel that your dick is trying to grow again. I just can’t get enough of you! Come, I want to try something with you.”

Before I could even ask him what he meant by trying something with me, he grabbed my cock and led me to his bedroom. He hopped and lay on his bed spreading his legs and told me to come and sit on his face. Facing his feet, I straddled and squatted down on his face. He moved his face around under my buttocks sniffing and enjoying my dangling balls slapping his face. Then he lowered my head hinting me to suck his limp cock and sagging testicles. This was the first time I had ever engaged in a 69 position with anyone, and I thought it was great as both were feeling good together at the same time.

I started fondle and lick his balls and suck his soft cock. He spread apart my ass cheeks wide and lightly flickered my butthole with his tongue, then licked it up and down, twirled it, and attempted to thrust my shit hole with his stiffened tongue. The wetness of his tongue and the brushing of his beard on my butthole and perineum made my cock twitching and beginning to grow long and very hard. He then licked and sucked each of my balls, and pulled my stiff cock down toward his mouth to suck. He retracted my foreskin and licked my dangling clear, shiny precum slowly oozed from the pee hole and nibbled on my swollen spongy glans before sucking my whole cock.

I felt his finger twirling my moist, slimy butthole and then it was moving in and out of my rectum as he licked and sucked my balls and cock. His cock started to rise and thicken in my mouth, and we both continued to lick, slurp, and suck each other’s cock as if a lollipop. When his finger palpated my prostrate, my cock became harder than it was and I could feel my precum continued to seep out into his mouth, and he would suck it out from my pee hole as if sucking through a straw.

His cock was growing but not as very hard as it was earlier. He said that he had been having a hard time achieving an erection and would be lucky if he got a second erection in one day. Sometimes it would take him a while to even get an erection. He further said that today was his lucky day with me as he was never feeling very aroused to get a second erection for a long time, and he thanked me for making him feel that way.

His mouth suction, the slippery and slimy feeling, and his beard rubbing on my cock and anus together with his finger-fucking were too much for me to handle, and it felt so fabulous, sending shiver throughout my body and making my cock, balls, and butthole so sensitive that I felt the urge to squirt my seeds in his warm salivated mouth. I signaled him that I was about to ejaculate.

He paused his sucking and told me, “It’s okay boy. I want to drink it, so just go ahead and shoot that delicious sperm in my mouth!”

He placed my cock back into his mouth and continued sucking it while his finger was still sliding in and out my butthole. Within seconds, my body tensed up in spasm, my toes curled, my throbbing cock swelled up, my butthole clenching his finger, and forcefully my semen erupted from my cock deeply into his mouth and down his throat. It took about 12 powerful spurts before fading to successive mini spurts, and he tried to swallow as much and as fast as he could without gagging or choking, trying not to waste any leaked or spilled cum. He kept on sucking and swallowing until my cock shrunk, then he sucked and licked my balls and anus to clean them up.

While he was cleaning me with his tongue, I noticed a thick, cloudy round drop of fluid oozed at my pee hole. He brought my soft cock to his mouth and slurped it up, then he continuously milked my cock a few times and squeezed the puffy mushroom head to extract anymore secretion left in my balls, making sure he sucked my cock dry, to the very last drop.

By this time his cock was getting harder, and I continued to suck and stroke his cock and fondle his big balls, trying to make him unload his balls. Suddenly he stopped me and told me he didn’t want to shoot yet and asked me if it would be okay for him to fuck me in my anus, as he missed fucking a pussy and wanted to bring back that penetrative feeling when he used to fuck and shoot his jism inside his wife’s pussy.

He said, “Since I can’t get any woman to fuck after my wife died, I just thought that fucking your cute little smooth pink butthole would be like a great substitute for fucking a vagina, probably better.”

Feeling a little hesitant and sorry for the man and at the same time was curious about what it would be like to have a guy’s cock sliding in and out of my butthole, I told him that his cock looked very thick and not sure if that whole thing could make it in my asshole.

He took that as a yes and excitedly said, “Well, one way to find out is to try. I’ve never fucked anyone in the butthole before, even my own wife as she never liked anything stuck in her butt. You can tell me to stop anytime you feel uncomfortable.”

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