At the Lake Ch.01

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Greetings all. This is a new series I started up.

This series contains some group sex and lesbian scenes. Though the main part of this store will be based on two people who are not related, I put this under the incest category since there were interfamily relationships in the story.

Huge thanks to WA001 for the edits on this story

Note: The first chapter is a little short, but it was done that way as I felt stopping in a different spot would have not come out as well. Fear not as the other chapters will be posted shortly.

Premise: Friends take a trip to the lake for some well-deserved R&R


“Wake up! They’ll be here in under an hour!” Krissy screamed at her brother as she pounded on the door. Her orange-red hair was held back taut in a ponytail with only some of her hair coming down the left side of her face. Her dark blue eyes narrowed as her anger hit a boiling point, “If you are not up and ready when they get here, we’re leaving you behind!”

Chase groaned as he slowly woke up, “Alright, alright. I’m up,” he responded back to her through the door.

“You better be. I don’t give a damn if you helped pay for the trip. If you are not ready, we aren’t waiting for your lazy ass,” Krissy responded back to her brother.

“Honey, please watch your language,” her mother responded from downstairs, “As long as you are under my roof, you won’t use such words.”

“Sorry Mom,” Krissy groaned back as she rolled her eyes. “If he wasn’t such a lazy ass, I wouldn’t have had to get angry,” she said under her breath as she left her brother’s room to finish getting ready.

Krissy was the older of the two at 22 years old and her brother being just under 21. Her friends had been talking about doing a Spring Break trip for their last year of college before they graduated and possibly lost touch with each other. However, it was her brother’s friend, Drake, who had suggested renting a pair of cabins near a lake in Tennessee. At first she was skeptical of Drake’s intentions, as he had been trying to get into her pants, as well as her friend Jenna’s pants as well. But when Drake and Chase, reluctantly, had brought them the total cost along with what they would get, they couldn’t pass up that kind of steal.

At two-hundred fifty dollars per person for a pair of cabins that sat on just over a hundred acres of land and sat on a white sand beach near the lake that they had mostly to themselves was just too good to pass up. Not only that, Drake had told them there were other amenities as well but he wouldn’t let them know about that until they were there.

Drake had even rented a SUV, with the help of her brother Chase, as none of their cars were big enough to hold all stuff they would bring, along with carrying the eight of them. She had gotten a text from her friend Meg that Drake was already at the rental agency to pick up the SUV and would be there afterwards.

Chase got up knowing that most of his stuff was already packed. He ran his fingers though his light brown hair as he tried to shake the sleep from his eyes. He still wondered, even on this day, why he’d bothered to go in the first place. The only girl among his sister’s friends that he even barely had an interest in was Hannah or possibly Jenna. But knowing how his sister was a stone-cold bitch and would constantly torment him, he knew he didn’t have a chance with either of them since they were her friends. Not just that, but any relationship that started with anyone his sister knew was doomed to fail. Her two cents would be added in every chance she got and he wasn’t one to deal with a lot of drama.

He had even been invited to go to the beach for the week with two of his other friends and knew one of the girls from his class that had been flirting with him would be at a hotel near where his two friends were staying. However, his friend Drake could be pretty convincing, and he reluctantly decided to join his sister and her friends.

Chase hopped out of bed, grabbed his towel and headed to the bathroom to shower. As he left his room, he saw his sister headed to the same place and groaned. “I do hope you plan on wearing more than just your boxers when you go shower this coming week?” Krissy said with a look that made Chase want to just turn around and go back to bed.

Krissy had an almost perfect resting bitch face, and she would constantly have it on when interacting with her brother, whether she needed to not. “Actually, I was planning on walking around nude all the time,” he replied with a grin.

Krissy broke out into a laugh and had to lean against the wall to keep her up, “Why so we can all get a good laugh?” she joked at him. She could see her brother getting angry and walked up to him so she was as close to his face as she could be before hugging him, “Come on now. We both know that thing is tiny,” she finished before breaking out into a laugh again while hugging her brother.

Chase was angry but knew what his sister bahis siteleri was talking about. One of her friends had mistakenly walked into his room while he was sleeping, and his dick just happen to be poking out the hole in his boxers. He didn’t hear the end of it for months. However, what they didn’t know was that he had jerked off six times that day and his cock was so exhausted and had gone back into hiding for some much needed rest.

He picked up his sister and threw her over his back, “Put me down you bastard!” she yelled as her fists pounded his back and her legs kicked.

“This is what you get for being a bitch and bringing that up,” he said walking her to her room and dropping her on her bed.

Krissy screamed as he dropped her, and she bounced on the bed. She stared angrily at him as he looked down upon her. Chase then bent over and smiled at her with an evil grin, “If you really want to see how big I am, please call one of your friends over and I will show them,” he whispered to her still smiling.

Chase turned around on his heel and strode out of the room with his head held high. He knew his dick wasn’t the biggest, but it was bigger than average and all the ladies he had been with were quite satisfied with his size.

He headed into the shower and was done quickly before gathering his toiletries and heading back to his room wrapped in a towel. He could have worked out more and had a better-looking body but hadn’t needed a reason or care to bother with it. None of the ladies had complained about his lack of a six-pack. Not that he was fat in any sense, he just wasn’t that thin either.

After about thirty minutes, the doorbell rang and Chase was the first to answer it, “Hey bro. Ready to take a ride in the pimp mobile?” Drake said with a stupid grin on his face.

Chase rolled his eyes as he let his friend in, “That SUV isn’t a pimp mobile, and you are not a pimp. At least not with this group.”

Drake strode in with his usual cockiness, “That may be so, but we got some fine ass women coming with us and I intend to get laid this week. Hopefully with more than one.”

“Just keep your ugly mitts off my sister, okay?” Chase responded, still feeling like this was a bad idea.

“And what if I want his ugly mug on me? He is kind of cute,” Krissy stated as she came down the stairs and ran her finger along Drake’s chest. She was wearing short jean shorts and a crop top with flowers on it that showed far too much skin for Chase’s liking. Though her tummy was flat, she did have a slight bit of chubbiness to her but was able to carry it well and was proud of her body.

Chase could only shake his head and roll his eyes as his mind thought about his friend and sister together. That would be the worst for him and would cause him to transfer schools so that he wasn’t around them anymore.

“Do be a dear and grab my bags sweetie. I left them just outside my room,” Krissy said to Drake before giving him a kiss on the cheek as she stared down her brother.

Drake nearly tripped over himself as he dashed to the stairs and headed up to grab her bags. “Was that really necessary? Aren’t women supposed to have some sort of pride where they can do anything without having to have a man involved?” Chase asked his sister, knowing she was only doing this to piss him off as she normally did.

“I never said I couldn’t do it myself. But why should I, when I’ve got your friend wrapped around my finger and can get him to do anything I want?” Krissy asked with her eyebrow raised as she put her hands on her hips.

“You do know it has nothing to do with you, right? He would do anything for a female who is even moderately attractive, and thinks he has a chance to stick his dick into,” Chase responded back with a pointed look before heading to the door with his suitcase. He only needed the one bag as he wasn’t bringing close to what most of the ladies would bring.

Krissy shrugged her shoulders acting innocent, “That may be so, but at least I know something now.”

“Oh yeah. And what is that exactly?” Chase asked as he turned around, obliging her to finish her statement.

Krissy sashayed over to her brother, making sure to shake her hips as much as possible, “You don’t find me ugly. That is what I know now little brother,” she replied with a smile as she tapped his cheek.

“I never said I thought you were ugly or that I hated you,” Chase said as he turned to leave. Just as he got to the door and heard his friend trying to come down the stairs with his sister’s luggage without falling and hurting himself, Chase looked over his shoulder as he half-turned to look at her, “I also didn’t start this war, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit here and take all your shit every day and not fight back.”

Chase and Krissy said goodbye to their parents before hopping into the SUV. Chase took shotgun while his sister sat in the back behind Drake. They headed over to Jenna’s house next and pulled into the driveway. Krissy canlı bahis siteleri hopped out quickly and headed to the door.

Jenna answered the door in a crop top that was just as short as Krissy’s and short orange shorts. “Hey girl, you ready to go?” Krissy asked as they hugged.

“Yep. Let me say by to my parents and grab my bags,” Jenna responded with a sparkle in her eyes. She had been extremely excited for this week to come and it was mostly because he would be there. She had liked him for a while but hadn’t had the nerve to express her feelings for him. She could only hope that this weekend she would have the opportunity to tell him how she felt.

“Just bring the bags to the door and I will have the guys grab them,” Krissy replied with a wink. She then turned back to the SUV and called out to Drake and Chase. Drake had been talking to Chase about how hot both his sister and Jenna looked, but Chase was ignoring him as best he could. It wasn’t that he found Jenna to be unattractive. It was more that his friend would include his sister all the time in talking about the dirty things he would do with her and that wasn’t something that Chase wanted to hear about. “Hey boys. Can you help with the bags?”

Drake jumped out of the SUV, “Gotta get us some brownie points man. Come on.” Chase groaned as he followed his friend to help with Jenna’s bags. He never could understand why women would have three to four times the amount of luggage that men would have and yet be smaller than they were.

Once the SUV was loaded up, Jenna and Krissy came out of Jenna’s house and headed to the SUV, “Hi Chase. How are you?” Jenna asked him as she felt a flush of heat hit her cheeks.

“Hey Jenna. Good how about you?” Chase responded back, not noticing the look she was giving him.

Before Jenna could respond back, Drake jumped up in front of her, “Hey there Jenna! You ready for a week of fun with the Drakemyster?” Drake asked her with a cocky grin on his face.

Both Jenna and Krissy rolled their eyes. They knew he was only out to get in their pants and wasn’t the kind of guy they should be looking for. Not to mention how he treated those he didn’t find attractive. “Hi Drake. Glad to see you made it safely,” Jenna responded sarcastically. Both ladies hopped into the back seat while the guys were up front. They headed over to Meg’s house to meet up with the other four.

Once they pulled into the driveway of Meg’s house, both ladies hopped out, wondering how they were going to survive a five to six-hour drive with Drake acting like he’s god’s gift to women the whole time. Before they could get to the door, Meg answered, “Hey girls, you all ready for some fun this week?” Meg was wearing a pink striped tank top and short shorts. Her dyed blonde hair came to a rest over her shoulder and just above her breasts, the darker roots showing though. Sparkles filled her dark brown eyes as her happiness at seeing her two other friends shone through. Meg was by far the shortest of the group, but it had never bothered her as her friends were always supportive of her.

Jenna just nodded while Krissy responded, “Hells yes bitch! We’re gonna have a lot of fun!” Krissy stated throwing her hands in the air and shaking her ass.

Hannah came out of the bathroom at that moment and smiled, “Damn right we are! When the five of us are together, the world is ours!” Hannah came out wearing a white dress with red roses on it. Her natural blonde hair came down just past her shoulders.

Jenna looked around confused, “Speaking of five, where is Su at?”

“She got up late and is finishing up getting dressed. She should be down in a minute,” Meg replied with a shrug.

“She probably had to stay over so her parents didn’t freak out again. I mean come on. She’s 22 already. When are they going to stop treating her like a kid?” Krissy stated, glad that her parents weren’t as strict as Su’s were.

“Right? They can be a thorn in my ass sometimes,” Su stated coming down the stairs, her long black hair swaying behind her. She was wearing a short blue dress that came up about mid-thigh.

“I mean, why can’t they let you be. You have a 4.0 GPA and are working towards your doctorates in Psychology. They do know why right?” Krissy asked.

“Of course, they know. After having trouble with my older brother who is autistic throughout the years, they know I want to work with people who have autism so I can help them find better ways to help them. My parents of all people know how much my brother has been tormented,” Su replied, feeling tears coming up in her eyes. Her brother had been teased throughout all his years in school and she had to be the one to step up and protect her brother that was four years her elder. Even now, he had problems interacting with people on a daily basis and couldn’t hold a steady job without having a freak-out session or having someone teasing and tormenting him.

Su was pulled into a hug by all the girls as they hugged each güvenilir bahis other in one big group hug. Once the group separated, Meg spoke up, “Let’s promise right now that we will stay friends no matter what happens. No man, distance or anything on this world will keep us from staying friends.” All four ladies agreed and hooked arms together in a circle as they all giggled.

“Alright ladies. We ready to go?” Krissy spoke up.

She got nods all around with a groan from Meg, “Let me go get Greg up. He took a nap since he is going to be driving.” The others giggled at her while Krissy headed back to the SUV.

“Hey girl. Can I ride with you guys?” Hannah asked as she came to catch up to Krissy.

“Of course, babe. But isn’t there room in Greg’s car?” Krissy asked confused to the question.

“There should be, but we’re taking Meg’s car and you know that backseat is cramped as it is without any bags back there. But with her trunk being full, I had to put my bags in the backseat and there isn’t any leg room. Su is fine, though I don’t know how. But I need more room,” Hannah replied with a smile, hoping her friend would allow her to help.

“Of course. Though you will have to put up with my brother and Drake,” Krissy replied rolling her eyes.

“I don’t mind. Plus, I think your brother has a crush on me. Not exactly sure but I have caught him checking me out in the past,” Hannah whispered to her friend as they neared the SUV.

“Ooo! Maybe we can mess with him on the way there,” Krissy said with a mischievous grin as she looked at her brother who was oblivious to their conversation. Hannah nodded vehemently knowing that would be fun.

Meg came out of the house a few minutes later, “We have a couple more bags. Can you guys hold them in your car?”

A thought came to her head as Krissy responded, “Sure. Let me see whatcha got?”

Meg went to go grab the bags as Krissy called Chase and Drake to come help. As the guys were finding a way to get the bags in, Su finally came out with her last and smallest bag that she was going to keep with her.

“Uggh! Really? Why did he have to come?” Su asked looking at Krissy.

“He is my brother, and he did pay his part along with renting the SUV. Come on, he is only annoying to …” Krissy started to say only to be cut off by her friend.

“Not your brother, him,” Su said pointing to Drake. “I like your brother. He is sweet and doesn’t act like a dick most of the time. Drake is an ass as he knows I won’t suck his pencil dick.”

Krissy laughed so loudly that the others looked at her. Su had to put her back towards the house so the guys didn’t overhear what they said, “And here I thought none of you liked my brother.”

“Nah babe. We are just like that around you most of the time. Actually, I think you and Hannah are the only ones that don’t like him. Jenna, Meg and I like hanging out with him as he is sweet and listens to us unlike other guys. Not saying any of us want to date him or fuck him. Just saying that he is not bad if you give him a chance.”

As Su walked away, Krissy began to think maybe she was the one that was being total bitch to her brother and not him starting it by being a world class dick. She remembered his words from earlier, “I never said I thought you were ugly or that I hated you. I also didn’t start this war, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit here and take all your shit every day and not fight back.”

As Krissy stood there with her mind reeling over what had taken place, Meg smacked her on the shoulder, “You okay girl? We are about ready to go.”

“Y-Yeah. Just thinking about some things.” Krissy looked over at her brother and started to see him in a new light. This didn’t mean that she was going to turn full heel and start being the sweet big sister she should be. But maybe now she wouldn’t torture him as much.

“You ready to have some fun?” Hannah asked giving Krissy a sly smirk. Krissy thought for a second and knew she couldn’t go back on what she and her friend had come up with. But she would take a break on torturing him after that. She looked Hannah in the eyes and nodded.

“Alright everyone. Let’s go. We’ll stop by the gas station down the road to get some drinks and gas up and then we are hitting the road,” Meg said as she gave her boyfriend a kiss as he moved around her car to get in.

Just as Chase was going to get into the SUV, riding shotgun, Drake stopped him. “Hey bro. I’m hoping to score this weekend and it would really help me if you would ride in the back. Gotta start my macking skills early if you know what I mean?” Drake asked him with a stupid grin on his face.

Chase groaned as he moved to the backseat door, “You fucking suck man. And this is the last time I put up with your shit like this, alright?” Drake nodded but knew his friend was a push over most of the time anyways.

“After you my lady,” Drake said, opening the door for Jenna.

Jenna looked at him and huffed, “Thanks, I guess,” she replied. She knew he was up to something and had hoped to sit next to someone else instead, specifically a certain other guy, but it was just the ride up there. There was still the whole week for her to express her true feelings. She just hoped her friend didn’t get in the way or get upset about her confession.

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The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 05

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If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you Enjoy!


I wake up and blink the sleep from my eyes. I roll over and check my phone and see that it is 9:36 am. I sigh and lay there, feeling much better after an exhausting day yesterday. I hear Kenzie move around on the other side of the bed before she turns to face me.

“Feeling better?” I ask her.

Kenzie smiles, “Yes. Thanks for asking. You still wiped out?”

I shake my head, “No. I’m ready to go again.

Kenzie laughs, “Of course you are. Maybe later tonight, after we see what Mom’s surprise for today is.”

I laugh, and roll back over to check my phone. I see a text from Mom in a group chat with Kenzie and I. It says, Your Dad and I went for breakfast then the gym. We’ll text you when we go to the beach.

“You see Mom’s text?” I ask Kenzie.

“Yeah. You want to get breakfast delivered to the room?” Kenzie responds.

“Sure.” I answer, rolling over to look at Kenzie again. By now she has sat up and is dialing for room service. Kenzie places an order for some food, while I go and open the blinds covering the balcony and let the bright sunlight in. Today is a cloudless, bright day and the ocean has small waves that gently push their way onto the shore. Kenzie comes up next to me and rests her head on my arm, looking at the view.

“Isn’t this nice?” She asks.

“The vacation or the view?” I ask with a small laugh.

“Both!” Kenzie says, and we kiss on the lips shortly before pulling apart.

I smile at her, “I’ve enjoyed the vacation more than the view.”

Kenzie giggles, “You’ve gotten plenty of views so far!”

I laugh back, “I can only hope for more!”

Kenzie and I continue to watch the beach and enjoy the view talking about nothing in particular until the food comes when we sit down on the room couch and enjoy breakfast. I turn the television onto the sports channel and watch highlights from the game last night. Kenzie gets up after finishing and begins to get ready for the day, mostly by fixing her hair and brushing her teeth. I wait until she’s done and get ready as well, finishing fairly quickly. When I leave the bathroom Kenzie is naked, facing away from me.

“You know what you said earlier abut enjoying the view?” I ask her.

Kenzie turns and smiles, obviously not worried about me catching her naked anymore. She says, “I’m just getting ready for the beach. Mom and Dad should be waiting for us down there. Kenzie then throws her loose fitting button up shirt and short shorts on over her naked body, while I undress and throw on basketball shorts and a tank top.

After I finish dressing I ask her, “You ready to go?” Kenzie nods at me and makes her way to the door. I follow, grabbing key cards as I leave. The two of us make our way through the halls down towards the beach. When we get in the elevator and the doors, Kenzie flashes her ass at me in a teasing manner.

“You love making me hard don’t you?” I joke at her.

Kenzie pulls her pants back up and laughs, “Just a little.”

We go the rest of the ride in silence, exiting on the ground floor. Kenzie and I make our way through the lobby before exiting the back of the hotel and starting our walk down the cliff stairs. The warm air feels pleasant on my skin and there is a slight breeze blowing off of the ocean.

Kenzie begins to scan the beach as we walk down the stairs. “There!” She exclaims pointing at Mom’s recognizable hair walking down the beach away from us. Kenzie leads the way down the stairs to the beach and I follow her, wondering why she is in such a hurry. I guess she wants to find out the surprise that Mom has planned for today, I think, as we reach the bottom of the stairs and Kenzie falls into step next to me once again.

“What do you think Mom’s surprise is?” I ask Kenzie.

Kenzie gives me a blank look, “I honestly have no idea. I hope it doesn’t involve sex and all of us. You and I hooking up is okay with me. Hell… even Mom, you and I wasn’t that bad. I don’t know how I’d feel if Dad got involved…”

I look at Kenzie with an understanding look, “I agree with you. I’m sure if anything makes us uncomfortable we can just tell Mom and Dad and they’ll understand.”

Kenzie nods in agreement but says nothing. We walk the rest of the way to Mom and Dad in silence. Upon arriving, Mom and Dad are setting up a large blanket on the sand, far away from the hotel beach chairs that we had used the past several times. We all greet each other as Kenzie and I walk up and watch Mom brush a little sand off of the blanket.

“Why are we all the way over here?” I ask.

Mom smiles at me, wearing a blue sundress as a cover up. “I wanted to maybe have a little family chat by the beach today and the other guests… well they might overhear us. Over here they certainly won’t.”

“What do we need to talk about?” Kenzie asks uncertainly.

Mom gives a teasing smile, “We’ll get to that later. Remember illegal bahis the rules of the beach though!” With that, mom removes her sundress exposing her sexy naked body to the open air. Dad removes his shirt and shorts at the same time. Dad lays down on the blanket while Mom stands looking expectantly at Kenzie and I. By now, Kenzie and I both know the drill and after last night, we are both more comfortable getting naked in front of Mom. I quickly remove my shirt and shorts, while Kenzie first unbuttons her blouse, revealing her sexy, firm breasts. Kenzie then drops her shorts, revealing her pussy. It looks normal again after all the use it got last night. It has returned to having closed outer lips with the tips of her inner lips poking out.

Mom looks at her daughter’s pussy and smiles. She says to Kenzie, “It looks much better after last night!”

Kenzie gives a small smile, “Ummm… Thanks… It feels normal too.”

“Good!” Mom responds.

Hearing this, Dad sits up, “Tom, Sue told me about you and her last night. How did you feel about that?”

I hesitate, glancing sideways at Kenzie. Kenzie looks at me interested, probably wondering how I would respond. After several seconds of silence, I say, “It was different… not in a bad way though! Mom certainly knows what she is doing.”

Mom smiles, taking what I said as a compliment. Dad nods, “I figured you’d answer like that… which brings me to the conversation we need to have.”

Kenzie and I both look at him, wondering what this will all be about. Dad continues, “Tomorrow, your Aunt Anne is coming here and the first night I know she is staying with your Mom and I. After the first night… well its completely up to the two of you if you want her to stay in your room or not. You two need to figure that out.”

“Is that all? We just need to figure out if our Aunt is going to spend alone time with us?” Kenzie asks, crossing her arms, and putting emphasis on the word alone.

Dad shakes his head no, “When Anne gets here tomorrow your Mom and I are going to be occupied with her. Either one of you or both of you are welcome to join us if you want.”

Both Kenzie and I’s mouths drop, “You Mom and Aunt Anne want group sex with us?” I ask.

Mom nods, saying, “Your father and I talked about this this morning and decided that you were more than welcome to join in, especially considering the developments the past few days. Your both adults and very beautiful. If you decide to do your own thing… just know no one will be mad at you. Please just let us know by tomorrow morning.”

Kenzie looks at me, her mouth still open in shock. I stare at Mom, “Ummm… we will. Was…that it?”

Mom nods, “You and Kenzie have a lot to think about. But for now, we can all just enjoy a day at the beach! I have sandwiches in the cooler when you two get hungry.”

“Thanks! Tom want to take a walk?” Kenzie asks. I nod and walk next to her as we make our way up the beach in silence, both lost in our thoughts. I look back at Mom and Dad and they both are laying on the blanket out of earshot.

I ask, “So… what are we going to do?”

Kenzie sighs and looks at me, “I don’t want to think about it now… just follow me.” I do, wondering where on this beach she wants to go. Kenzie leads me back towards the cliff on the beach, passing between some rocks and leading me into the grotto that Mom showed us.

Kenzie turns and looks at me, putting her hands on her hips, “I want it to just be the two of us here. Come in the water with me!”

With that, Kenzie walks away from me, hips swaying side to side as she steps in the water, as I follow. Soon, we are up to our knees, just standing next to each other. Kenzie looks at me and rubs her hand on my arm. I look at her and see that she is looking at me with a strange look in her eyes. “Why did you want to come back here?” I ask her.

Kenzie smiles when she answers, “To talk. This vacation… so much has happened with all of us so far. Remember when it would just be the two of us relaxing by the pool when Mom and Dad went away?”

I smile, “When it would usually end in us arguing about something? Yeah I do.”

Kenzie giggles, “God we were so petty. But those were simple times… before all this came about.”

“You don’t like it?” I ask her.

Kenzie shakes her head, “No! It’s not that, trust me, I really enjoy what we’ve become. I think it’s because when we were in high school, when you were dating Amy… I was… jealous.”

I laugh, “Really? I thought it was because you caught us having sex that one time!”

Kenzie gives me an annoyed look, “Don’t laugh! But catching the two of you certainly didn’t help anything. You are my older brother and at the time I thought you were kind of hot.”

“You still think that?” I ask her, leaning in close to her face.

Kenzie looks me in the eyes, “Yes! Do you think I’m cute?”

I smile, “Of course!” Then I lean in the rest of the way and kiss her lips. After a second, Kenzie opens her mouth and our tongues intertwine. My casino siteleri hands begin to run down her sides, resting on her hips.

Kenzie pulls away from me and says, “Let’s take this out of the water so we don’t get hit by a wave or anything.”

I smile, “You’re the boss!” I follow close behind her as she walks, occasionally she turns and gives me a teasing looks over her shoulder. Finally, she nears an outcropping in the wall of the grotto. Kenzie smiles at me and drops to her knees, grabbing my now erect cock and licks the tip. Kenzie then looks up into my eyes and begins to suck my cock. She is able to suck most of me off while looking into my eyes the whole time. After a minute or two of making my member wet with her spit, Kenzie removes my cock from her mouth and stands.

“Your turn. But make me cum!” She demands. She places one of her legs up on a rock, exposing her pussy to me. I smile and kneel in front of her. I run one finger over her beautiful pussy, feeling her outer lips and a little bit of her soft inner lips. I then place my mouth over her tunnel and begin to slurp at her clit, occasionally pushing my tongue slightly inside her. Kenzie begins to moan softly from the stimulation. I continue to taste her sweet juices, often lapping them up. Soon, Kenzie’s pussy is dripping wet and some of her juices begin to flow down onto my chin.

Kenzie finally gasped and closed her eyes as she began to cum. I pulled my face away from her pussy, letting her enjoy her orgasm. After several seconds, Kenzie began to recover from her orgasm and I came close to her once again. In her most pleading voice, Kenzie says, “Fuck me Tom! Please!”

I smile and reach down, rubbing my wet tip over her moist lips, causing Kenzie to let out a soft moan. After coating my head in her juices, I slowly sink inside her pussy, making her gasp. “Damn Kenzie your dripping!” I say as my cock reaches the back of her tight pussy. Kenzie simply nods back as I slide back out of her wet tunnel, puling some of her cum out. I begin to speed up my pace and Kenzie begins to grunt and moan as I thrust in and out of her warm depths. Soon, Kenzie’s body is covered in sweat like mine as we fuck like animals in the cave. Her moans echo off of the walls, making it sound like there are two of her.

“Keep… going! I’m close…” Kenzie gasps out as I continue my fairly quick pace. Not wanting to deny my sister the pleasure of another orgasm, I concentrate and think about anything but cumming. Soon Kenzie cries out, “That’s it Tom!” I feel a rush of her cum just as I blow my own load in her pussy. Her pussy continues to produce her own cum and clench around my rapidly deflating cock as her orgasm finally begins to subside.

I slide my soft cock out of her pussy and following it is a rush of white fluid, a mix of our cum. My cock is shiny with her cum and juices and some drip off of the tip. “Fuck that was amazing!” I say with a smile, whipping sweat off of my forehead.

Kenzie nods, recovering her breath, as sweat drips down her forehead. Finally, she stands straight, still red in the face. “Ready to go back? Mom and Dad are probably wondering where we are.”

“We’re covered in sweat and smell like cum. I think they’ll have a pretty good idea.” I laugh as I lead the way out of the grotto. We make the short walk back to our parent’s blanket and upon arriving, Mom looks up from the cooler at us.

“Where did you two go?” She asks, as Dad looks up from his nap.

“The cave you showed us…” Kenzie starts to answer.

Dad laughs, “Like parents, like children I guess. Clearly the two of you enjoyed yourselves!” Kenzie and I both give a shy nod. Dad continues, “Oh come on, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Your Mom and I had a pretty good idea about where you two went.”

“Sorry…” I start.

Mom laughs, “What are you apologizing for? Did you both enjoy it?”

“Yes.” I say

“I did.” Kenzie says.

Mom smiles, “Good! If you two ever want some company…”

“Sue!” Dad interrupts. “They just finished. Give the two of them a break.”

“Right you are.” Mom says, giving Kenzie and I a knowing wink. “Want food?”

Kenzie and I both nod and Mom hands us sections from a sub sandwich. Then she takes two more and hands one of them to Dad as she sits down next to him. Dad sits up and begins to eat. I take a seat next to Mom and Kenzie sits on the other side of me. Our family eats lunch together naked, while making small talk. After eating, Kenzie and I go into the ocean to cool off a little. Kenzie gets her whole body wet by diving gracefully into a wave and the two of us talk about nothing of importance for a little bit. After several minutes, Kenzie decides to head back to the beach.

I remain in the water and watch her leave as Mom passes her on her way into the water. Mom’s ample breasts swaying side to side as she walks. After another few seconds, Mom reaches me and smiles. “Tell me honestly, “Are you enjoying the vacation? And not just the sexual aspect of it!”

I think for a minute, “Honestly, yes. poker siteleri I’ve learned a lot about you and Dad. And I think Kenzie and I have gotten closer because of this.”

Mom nods, like she was expecting this answer. “And how is the sex?”

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“Was I good last night? Is Kenzie fun to be with?” Mom asks.

“What kind of… Both of you are good… why?” I stutter.

Mom smiles, “Mom’s just like to know about their kids. It just so happens that I’m interested… and involved in my children’s sex lives.”

I sigh, remembering last night, “That you are.”

We stand in the water for another few minutes before Mom asks, “How was Kenzie in the cave? You make her cum?”

I answer, “We fucked in a standing position, she came twice. Why? “

Mom smiles, “Good! I’m just being nosey for the sake of being nosey. Same reason I ask you all the other questions about her.”

“Why don’t you ever ask Kenzie?” I ask, genuinely curious.

Mom laughs, “What do you think happened when we went to go get massages. She told me a little about it. But I find that you are easier to get to open up on this vacation.”

“What makes you say that?” I ask.

Mom smiles, “Because if I really want to get you to do or say something then I know how to get you to tell me. With Kenzie… I feel that she isn’t as open to all this as you are.”

I nod, “I think Kenzie is slowly adapting to this though. Believe it or not, she was the one who wanted to come to the beach the first day anyway. I wanted to head into town and use that beach.”

Mom smiles, “Really? Well… who knows then. Maybe she’ll open up around Anne.”

I nod, unsure of how to respond. I spend several more seconds in the warm water before leaving it and making my way back to the blanket to dry off in the hot sun. Kenzie rolls over and lays on her stomach turning to look at me while I dry off, lying next to her. I smile at her and she smiles back, “Tom, can you get sunscreen on my back?”

“Yeah you got it.” I kneel over her as I see Mom leaving the water and coming back. Dad has his back turned to us. I reach in the bag and pull out the sunscreen, open it and pour some into my hands. I start with her shoulders and work my way down her back. Unlike the other day with Mom, I have no issue covering my sister’s ass with sunscreen. It is at this point that Mom has reached us and is watching with a mild interest. I then work down the back of her legs and reach her ankles. Finishing, I notice that I have an erection.

Without looking up, Kenzie says, “Thanks Tom!”

“Yeah no problem” I answer as I stand, trying my best to not let anyone see my erection. I go to lay down again, with the intent of covering my hard cock with my body. However Mom who is still standing sees my hard cock and smiles.

“Come here!” Mom mouths at me. I frown and do so.

“What’s up?” I ask her.

Mom smiles and looks down, “Your cock apparently. Want help taking care of it?”

I continue to frown and whisper, “Right here? In the middle of the beach with Dad and Kenzie?”

Mom smiles, “No! Let’s take this somewhere more… secluded.”

With that, Mom grabs my hard member in her hand and gives me a gentle tug towards the grotto before letting go again. Mom then begins to walk away, and I follow, watching her ass move from side to side with each step she takes. Finally, Mom slips between the two rocks and enters the cave. I follow closely, cock still hard from touching Kenzie. Mom goes to a spot near where Kenzie and I were busy earlier and leans against the smooth rock wall, spreading her legs. Mom reaches her hand down between her legs and rubs her clit with two fingers, teasing herself.

“Well… I’m waiting!” Mom says with a teasing smile, looking at me and removing her fingers.

I close the distance between the two of us and begin to run my hands over her breasts, feeling her large, pink areolas. My mouth connects with hers and the two of us share a passionate kiss, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I reach one hand in between her legs and use a finger to trace a circle around her clit, teasing my own mother.

Mom’s hand reaches down and begins to slowly stroke my cock. Our mouth’s part and Mom gasps slightly as I slide two fingers inside her wet tunnel. I pull them out and Mom greedily tastes her own juices off of them. After I remove my finger’s from Mom’s mouth, I trace them between her breasts and down to her wet pussy. I slowly slide them back in, making Mom moan softly once again, before I begin to pick up my pace. Soon, Mom’s moans begin to become louder as I bring her close to orgasm, before she cries out as I send her over the edge. Mom puts her weight onto the stone wall as she struggles to support her weight because of her powerful orgasm.

Some of her white cum begins to ooze out of her pussy as her breathing slowly returns to normal. Mom pushes some of the hair out of her eyes before saying, “That was great, but now it’s time to get rid of that erection!” With that she grabs the tip of my cock and rubs it against her hot mound, coating my tip with her cum. Then she reaches behind me and pulls me closer, sliding my cock slowly into her. Mom closes her eyes and lets out a soft gasp as I reach her maximum depth, before pulling out and leaving my tip in her.

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Lust For Her Man

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She’s standing quietly at the doorway, wearing her “little” black dress with nothing underneath and her hair is down. It doesn’t take long before he notices her. He immediately grabs the camera and starts taking pictures. She’s hot, she knows it, and she definitely takes advantage of it. Moving closer to the bed, she poses, and he shoots away. Crawling onto the bed, slowly, looking like she’s about to pounce, but she doesn’t. Not yet.

Once she’s enough on the bed, she moves so she’s sitting on her knees. Pulling the hem up inch by inch ever so slowly so he can see her skin coming into view. Soon she has her dress up and over her head. First body part she comes in contact with are her breasts, she loves her breasts, loves playing with them. Squeezing, rubbing, stroking, and rolling her nipples with her pointer and thumb. It’s driving him crazy. He almost instantly grows hard, wanting to fuck her already, but she won’t let him… Not yet.

Laying down on the bed, with her head on her pillow, she spreads her legs, and continues playing with her breasts and nipples before moving her right hand down her stomach and to her pussy. She starts off by slowly illegal bahis rubbing her clit which soon becomes hard and fast. Her left hand never leaves her breast. She stops playing with her clit to thrust her middle finger inside her pussy. Thrusting in and out a few times before pulling out to lick her finger. Mmm, she tastes good! This drives him even crazier. Still she doesn’t let him fuck her. She’s having way too much fun with this. He never stops taking pictures, which is good.

She loves having her picture taken, she’s a picture whore. She stops playing with both her breast and her pussy to turn over onto her hands and knees. He loves her ass! She moves her right hand under her back to her clit, where she rubs furiously, and not too long after that she’s cumming… HARD! He’s had about enough, he stops taking pictures for the moment, moving behind her, he shoves his hard cock roughly inside her, which forces a cry out of her. She’s too wet for it to be painful, but it was rough anyway.

Moving her hand out from under her, she accommodates him by moving closer to him, but with her legs spread out as far as she can. Her arms are casino siteleri placed on either side of her as she fucks him back. Hard, harder, harder. Fast, faster, faster! She grinds, fucks, moans, groans, and growls while he’s pumping away, forcing her up and down. Up and down. They are loving this!

She lies completely flat on her stomach, her arms beside her, she moves so she can wrap her legs around his, rearing up. He takes full advantage of this, grabbing her hips and fucking her as hard and fast as humanly possible. He starts grunting, he’s close. He’s pumps hard, harder, and even harder still cumming deep inside her. Breathing hard, she’s been suffocated for the most part by her hair. He moves off her and lies down beside her.

“Wow! Holy fuck!” he says.

Rolling over onto her back, she says, “Yes.”

She’s an insatiable piece, but she lets him have his break and after he eats, she practically attacks him again. Reaching for, and stroking his cock until he hardens once more. She climbs on top of him, rubbing slowly against him, making him wet with their combined juices from earlier before slowly, almost painfully sliding poker siteleri inch by inch down onto his cock. Both moaning, she places her hands on his chest and starts moving slowly at first then moving faster and harder. Rotating her hips every once and awhile, he likes that and she aims to please and satisfy both.

Moving so her breasts are hanging in his face, which is an invitation that he quite happily takes. He squeezes them together, putting both nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. She gasps, but she never stops moving. NEVER! She leans down even more, forcing her nipples into his mouth even more and almost suffocating him with her breasts. Not staying there for long, she gets up on her arms and hands, and fucks him extremely hard. Harder, harder. As hard and fast as she possibly can. Her clit is rubbing nicely against him, but she’s enjoying this too much to cum yet so she slows down some.

After awhile, her clit still rubbing against him, she has no choice but to listen to her body’s wants and needs. And, it wants and needs to cum, she lets go and she doesn’t just cum all over him, she squirts too. He’s thrilled and that pushes him over the edge, grabbing her hips, forcing her down onto his cock, he cums hard. She absolutely loves that! Slowly down to a stop, she kisses him, rests for a moment before moving off him.

Lying down, her breathing goes back to normal, and soon she’s fast asleep.

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Lusty Leeza, My Horny Neighbor

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Lusty Leeza

“Go ahead and leave. You bastard!” I heard furniture breaking then my neighbor, Gus jumped in his truck, slammed the door and roared away.

I stood there watering the roses, watching the neighbors’ usual Saturday night Smack-Down.

Soon Leeza stumbled out the front door. The redhead looked a little tipsy and ran up, pointing out her ripped halter-top. A torn top that barely covered her big round jugs. I always wondered what I’d be like to suck those juicy jugs.

“Hey Marco, did you see that? What Gus did to me? That bastard, I outta press charges.” Leeza laughed. “Look Marco, my boob keeps falling out.” She wiggled and it fell out.

“Put that thing back in before someone calls the police.”

“For what? An escaped titty?” Leeza tucked her tit back in and stepped closer, rubbing her boobs against my back. “Where’s your wifey, Yolanda?”

“In the kitchen, making pizza.” Leeza’s face moved next to mine, and I smelled the erotic scent of booze mixed with perfume. She licked my ear.

“Marco I haven’t heard your wife groaning in orgasm lately… I used to hear her moaning like a wild animal.”

“Oh well um… not much fire between the sheets lately.”

“So Marco, is this a good time for a quick screw?” Leeza giggled. “You up for a quickie?”

“What-the-fuck Leeza?” I dropped the hose. “You can’t be serious?”

“Fuck yes. Come on Marco, I seen how you drool over my big, juicy jugs. And how you stare at my long legs, legs that go all the way up to my furry red candy store. Wanna piece of candy?”

“No, I’m married and… I didn’t know it was red.”

“Cherry Red. And don’t tell me you never thought about screwing it!” Leeza smiled, rubbing my zipper. ” Marco, I’ve thought about fucking you, riding you so hard your dick falls off. Wouldn’t that be a kick?”

“Yes. Yes. Oh Gawd Yes.” My hand squeezed her luscious tit.” Leeza I’ve thought about it too. But right here? … Now?”

“Why not?” She teased, pulling me behind a bush. “It’ll be like high school.” Leeza ground her mound against my crotch. I felt bedava bahis my cock stiffen. “Are you sure nobody can see us?”

“What’s the matter Marco? …you chicken?”

“No way!” I cupped her firm, round ass and pulled her tight against my throbbing bulge. Leeza looked up and our lips met in a long French kiss. Leeza pressed her boobs against my chest.

My hand reached into her halter-top, cupping her massive boob. Her nipple swelled between my fingers. “Mmm.” She opened her legs a little, humping my thigh. I heard people walking on the street.

“Leeza, we might get caught!”

“Of course, silly!” she giggled, “That’s what makes it so fun! Naughty is fun!”

Leeza pulled off her shorts, and I saw her fiery red pubes peeking over the top of her panties. She moved my hand into her thong panties… to her warm fuzzy muff.

I fingered the soft flesh of her pouty slit.

“Oh yes!” Leeza squirmed, opening her thighs so I could slip in a second finger. “Feels good, Marco.” She humped against my hand and unsnapped her top. The headlights of a car lit up her jiggling boobs.

Leeza pushed her fat tits in my face. My mouth moved back and forth, sucking her milk jugs, nibbling her wrinkly areolas, and chewing on her nipples. Leeza moaned with wild excitement.

“Marco let me help you with your hose.” Her fingers quickly yanked out my throbbing prick. The redhead dropped her thong panties, tossing them in the tree.

“Time for fuck-fun!” Leeza grinned and lay naked on the grass. I admired her naked body, the fiery red triangle of her muff, full round tits, topped with dark chewy nipples, and her plump red lips.

“Leeza you have Fuck-Me Lips.”

“I have Fuck-Me Everything!” She laughed and got on her knees. “First let me lube your prick.” She sucked my cock, bobbing her red head on my shaft while pinching and pulling at my balls.

I felt my cock swell, and she pulled off, admiring her work. “There, stiff as tree.”

“No Leeza, finish what you started.”

She giggled and I felt her mouth engulf my cock until casino siteleri my balls resting on her chin. Leeza started sucking like a vacuum, bobbing her red head on my shaft while breathing through her nose.

Keeping my shaft deep in her throat, she pinched and pulled on my balls. It felt like I was being milked by a machine…

“Ohh, I’m cumming” My prick pulsed and erupted. Leeza moaned as I filled her mouth with man-milk. I pushed deeper, feeling her throat constrict around my shaft as she sucked out my balls.

My nasty neighbor swirled her tongue into my pee hole to get the last drop of cum. Leeza lay back naked in the grass.

“Now fuck me Marco! Do me now!”

Leeza curled her fingers around my aching shaft. She spread her legs and guided my cock to the wet entrance to her pussy.

“Oh yes!” I whispered. Leeza fitted my cock head between the pouty pussy lips. I pushed in and felt my prick sink into that sweet fuckhole. Her gripping pussy pulled me in.

Moaning, Leeza pressed her hands into the wet grass and pushed her pussy up, onto my cock taking it deep. “I want all of you in me.”

Leeza squealed and pushed up until all of my prick buried into her tight pussy. Pubes against pubes. Her horny, hot pussy clasped at my shaft. Leeza wanted it bad.

“Fuck me Marco! …Fuck me hard!”

Rearing back, I stabbed deep into her soft snatch, hammering in and out. Leeza grunted and wiggled her ass with each fuck-stroke. “Yeah, that’s it! “Fuck my pussy Marco! Ohhh, yeah fuck me good!”

“Marco. Now I want on top!”

The horny woman mounted my boner. I watched Leeza’s boobs bounce as she fucked me with her twat. She rode my cock like a cowgirl while I sucked and fondled her juicy boobs.

Leeza went crazy, humping up and down with her red hair flying, her tits smacking my face as her hot pussy mashed against my prick. I felt my cock hit something deep inside her fuck-tunnel.

Leeza squealed and gyrated her pelvis, screwing herself onto my prick. “Oh Gawd! I love your cock! Ohhh I love pole riding!”

As bahis siteleri Leeza panted and bounced her ass on me, I felt her pussy spasm and Leeza whimpered on the verge of climax.

“MARCO! WHERE ARE YOU?” My wife screamed from the backyard, not thirty feet away.

Before I could answer, I felt Leeza’s burning cunt clamp onto my prick. She was cumming! Leeza whimpered quietly, as my dick buried deeper inside her cunt.

“Yolanda, don’t come back here!” I felt my balls ready to burst. ” I’ll be done in a quickie… I mean a jiffy!” Leeza’s head flew back as she up jolted in full-tilt orgasm.

“IF YOU’RE LATE I’M FEEDING YOUR SUPPER TO THE DOG!” Yolanda slammed the door, just as my cockhead slammed up into Leeza’s fuck-hole, and erupted, spewing out hot cum.

“Yess!” Leeza groaned. “Cum in me, oh yeah, cum in meee!” Her nails gripped my head as her cunt clenched my dick. After a few more jolts, Leeza collapsed, smothering my face in mounds of titty meat.

Death by titty meat.

Leeza slid off my prick with a wet ‘plop.’ She lay back on the grass, with cum oozing out of her red pussy. Leeza looked absolutely sinful, spread naked in the dark, wet grass.

We kissed in the dark. Leeza mashed her naked tits against my chest, then her mouth moved down, sucking my prick, milking out the last drops of cum. Leeza’s nasty tongue even cleaned her pussy juice off my balls.

“You’re so damn naughty,” I laughed. “Yes, I cheated on my frigid wife, but it was worth it, fucking your fiery red cunt.”

Leeza got up and, wiggling her cum splattered cunt in my face. “Marco that was awesome!” After wiping my goo off her thighs, she put on her halter top. I kissed each nipple goodbye before they disappeared.

“I love your fat tits, hate to see ’em go!”

“My hooters will still be hanging around,” she teased, wiggling her chest. Leeza dug her toe in the dirt. “Marco, looks like you need to do some planting… some hard planting… maybe tomorrow, in my ass?”

“Sure Leeza!”

My lusty neighbor giggled and stood up on tiptoe, kissing me before disappearing. Rolling up my hose, I went inside for a piece of pizza, and maybe a piece of Yolanda…

But after dinner my wife casually looked out the kitchen window. “Uh, Marco darling… why are the neighbor’s thong panties hanging in our tree?”

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My Goddess Nikki (The Toy)

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The night was thick with hot, damp Iowan air; it was almost foggy, not visually but tactilely so, the humidity was almost overwhelming. Then my heart raced to see her pull up alongside the street about a block from my home, and I rushed to seek relief; not from the heat but of the tension I felt creeping down my tight stomach almost giving me an erection just seeing her white Buick pull up.

I took hold of the door handle but it did not open, I had been in to much of a hurry to be near her to wait for her to unlock it, and then I felt a rush when I finally sat beside her, and gave her a first quick and anxious kiss. She was the sexiest and most hot looking thing I had, and would, ever set my eyes on. I knew when I first hooked up with her that she would be someone I would pursue and get, even if she was not mine. Yet knowing she was here for my loving and release from lust the tension did not leave my body. I had waited all day for her infrequent text messages and aching for her in the spaces in between.

I was married, but she was not my wife, she was my mistress; but I had gotten past the point of caring about that; and we had already made love twice between our heavy sessions of making out and touching sexual zones through our clothing. However, I felt it again was time that we made love again, and was reasonably sure her eyes were telling me the same thing. It was certainly too hot on this August night to leave our clothing on.

Her name rolled through my head, “Nikki, Nikki, Nikki . . .” and her eyes held me captive, those huge, watery hazel eyes, framed by her long black hair and high cheekbones. Her lips . . . Her lips were as nearly as perfect as her eyes, her top lip was a little slender, although her bottom lip was a thick pout. Nikki’s lips were naturally rosy, and she only slightly glossed them, but they had an incredible taste without gloss, as did her tongue, and our blended saliva. That mixed with the flavor of gum she often chewed that invariably almost slipped into my own mouth, but she türkçe bahis discarded it when that started to happen.

This, then, was another thing; it was not simply her face, and body, that excited me, but also the cute little things she did during our sessions. Like not let that gum slip into my mouth even though I did not care if it happened, or the way she forgot to take off her seatbelt when we kissed. As well as this constant hanging awkwardness, that made me feel young again, we were like two high school kids smooching in one of our parents drive way, nervously waiting for the porch light to turn on.

The words “turn on” struck me with full force when I once again looked over her body, her large, evenly shaped breasts and thick nipples that became rock hard at the slightest touch. She also had those pear shaped hips that I loved, reminiscent of those racy starlets in a black and white movie. She had a classic build, as her hips were not flabby or too wide, but stunningly curvaceous as one would expect from a goddess . . . My voluptuous goddess, Nikki . . .

Her first words to me (that night) were, “you are radiating heat, I can feel it from here.”

There was a heat that emanated from me, it was not from the hot weather, I had walked through, but it glowed from the very core of my soul.

Then the next thing Nikki said nearly made my heart explode,” Do you want to get that toy for me, Sloan?”

We had jokingly talked about going to the adult store to get her a vibrator, but I was both shocked and excited to here those words. My belly became tense and my cock stiffened sharply, tense and sensitive against my jeans.

“Yes,” that was all I could say.

Nikki always drove when we met, but we rarely did anything other than go to back country roads, to make out, with the intention to make love, but it always seemed uncomfortable, although we had made it work a couple of times. So this was a little different, I tried to quell my anxiety and erection to no avail.

The iddaa siteleri adult store was about a fifteen minute drive from town (not to far to bear my two sources of tension) and it was haphazardly built next to the interstate. There were big flashy signs saying XXX and it was well lit so there would be no hope of not being caught together, as lovers, if someone that knew us happened along. That possibility was slim but it heightened the thrill.

She whipped into the parking lot, and we hopped out of her car, giggling like schoolgirls, until we walked in the door and flashed our ID’s. Then it became oddly businesslike. We calmly discussed the purchase, considering size, price, and designs.

“Smooth or textured?” I asked

“Smooth” she said.

Then we started heading home.

Then the tension broke like a dam. Nikki skidded off the road, landing the car onto a tractor path that led into a cornfield, but we were barely off the road. Then we started kissing furiously. Since the running lights stayed on in her car when idling, she shut it off and we rolled down the windows, the unrelenting sticky heat rolled in, and we began sweating rivulets

Our lips smashed together and our tongues met, they slapped together hard. I licked her lips and the roof of her mouth. Before I realized what I was doing, my hands were up her shirt, and on her breasts, flicking her stiff nipples under her bra. She rubbed my hard cock; I wasted no time undoing my pants so she could squeeze it with the flesh of her hand.

“I want you to use that toy on yourself, Nikki,” I told her.

I usually was not that aggressive, but I had made that a command; Nikki would get excited when I was a little forceful, but I used it sparingly. It seemed appropriate in the moment.

“I don’t know, Sloan,” she said. Nevertheless, she was already unfastening her pants.

I smelled the fresh, but musky smell of her pussy; and I almost felt like I was going to cum, as she yanked my hard-on. deneme bonusu veren siteler Instead, I concentrated on cutting the plastic package off the vibrator with a pocketknife, and fumbled with installing the batteries, so that slowed down my rush towards orgasm.

She tilted her head towards me, and rolled her bedroom eyes up at me, she knew I liked that look.

“Myself?” she asked.

“Do it now.” I demanded softly.

I handed the sex toy to her and she started it. She leaned the seat back and tilted the steering wheel up, I had to lean over the console to stroke her hair, that and the intensely high temperature made things uncomfortable, but this discomfort made the situation more intense and even hotter in the car than the night outside.

Nikki looked at me shyly but then quickly applied the vibrator to her clit, rotating it slowly. The effects sunk in immediately and her eyes glazed over. She moaned softly, and the growled a low tone.

She had taken her pants down but her shirt was still on, I rolled it up and slipped her tits out of her bra, but did not take it off. I rolled my tongue across her nipples tentatively, but then saw headlights.

We stopped suddenly and watched the car roll by on the pavement, it slowed down but did not stop, and we noticed it was not a state trooper, or worse, one of our respective spouses, so I chose a breast and sucked hard.

It did not take long for Nikki to get back to the point she was at, and she started repeating “Oh God, oh God, oh my God,” quietly at first then louder, completely unashamed that she was masturbating while I watched.

The first shivers of orgasm washed over her face and body, I knew her face was flush even in the dark. She came completely and forcefully, dropping the vibrator, which was still buzzing.

I crawled over to her seat, squeezing between the steering wheel and her body, and she squealed (almost a scream) when I penetrated her still quivering and wet love hole.

I was nearly to completion when I stuck it in, but I screwed her cruelly for as long as I could hold out. I exploded inside her, squirting so hard it almost hurt.

I fell on her body, and lay there, for a brief eternity, still inside her as our sweaty bodies stuck together on the hot summer night.

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Maddie Comes Alive

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The hot water coursed down her back, taking with it the stresses of the day. Another long day at school, although she had volunteered to stay late, so she had no one to blame but herself. She felt she could almost fall asleep standing up. Leaning her forehead against the tile, she breathed out, willing herself to relax. As she took a several deep breaths, she felt the water run between her legs and slide through her pussy. Her hand fumbled for the shower head and she placed it between her legs. She did what she always did…imagined Darius from two doors down was there, sliding himself in and out, at the perfect speed. She moved the shower head in and out, varying the pressure to extend her orgasm. The pressure began slowly, the flames of tension beginning to burn the edges of her imagination, her muscles beginning to clench. It built until she could no longer stand it…The shower head dropped with a clatter to the bottom of the tub, and she grabbed the dildo she kept hanging in her shower caddy. She plunged it deep into her pussy, and she was coming hard. Her body spasmed and she cried out, “fuck!” It was short but deep, and she gasped her last wave of pleasure. The stress of the day was gone, and she felt light again. Relaxed, finally.

Wrapped in a towel in her bedroom, she gazed at her reflection and sighed. She was lonely, but she didn’t want to admit it. She loved her job but it didn’t pay well, not enough for her to travel, which was her dream. Her friends were amazing, but lately it had been harder and harder to feel optimistic. Life just seemed gray and flat, and it seemed no matter what she tried, her spark was gone.

Her phone blinked. It was Emily texting.

“Maddie. MADELINE. Call me.”

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Can you talk?”

“Just got out of the shower. Need food. Meet me at Punch?” A juicy burger from the pub sounded perfect right now.

“Yes! See you in 30?”

A half-hour later, Madeline and Emily sat across from each other in the dark, polished booth of Punch. Maddie had twisted her hair up in a damp knot, thrown on a t shirt and cardigan, along with a pair of worn jeans and her ancient Frye boots. Make-up free, she perused the menu. “I don’t know why I’m even looking, I know I’m getting the Juicy Lucy.”

Emily Banks, her best friend, never went anywhere with damp hair and no makeup. Maddie wasn’t even sure where she had come from (work? home?) but her red nails gleamed as she flipped a silky ribbon of hair off her face. “Mmmm, me too.”

Maddie studied her. They couldn’t have been more different. Emily was a club promoter, worked nights and weekends and loved it. Drank a little too much, used a little recreational nose candy. Perfect white teeth and severe, full red lips flashed every time she smiled. Her hair was always perfectly coiffed, her nails impeccable. Her job demanded it, along with her expensively-draped designer clothes. She had arrived a few minutes early and already had a martini in her hand. She fiddled with her outrageously expensive enamel cigarette lighter. Maddie knew she already wanted a smoke. Emily, on the other hand, considered herself the mousy one of the two. She had fine, light brown hair, which she always wore in a messy bun. Compared to Maddie’s full, bold makeup, she rarely wore more than a few swipes of mascara and lip gloss. Her job was teaching pre-school, and she loved it, and made almost nothing, wearing what she could find at thrift shops and Goodwill. She was the pastel pink to Emily’s magenta, but the complemented each other surprisingly well.

“You should quit!” Maddie smiled good naturedly.

“I know I know I know!” Emily laughed in her usual rapid-fire speech. “No lectures, I have news! I got an email today.”



Maddie narrowed her eyes. “Not…?”





“Well, I said he could come visit.”

Maddie shook her head. “All right. I’ll be honest. I really didn’t think he’d actually follow through with a visit.”

Emily was thoughtful. “I know. I wasn’t holding my breath. But he gets here Friday afternoon.”


“YES, yes, he is staying with me.”

“Ha! I’m glad. You need some action, my friend.”

“Well…” Emily trailed off. “That’s the thing. He isn’t coming alone. He’s bringing someone along.”

“Oh. Who?”

“His sister.”

Maddie blinked. “…What? Why?”

“I türkçe bahis have no idea. But either you entertain her while their here or I will probably not get fucked.” She slid a Gaulois out of its pack and tapped it on the back of her lily-white hand. “And I need to get fucked.”

Roseanna Navarro was waiting at the entrance to Emily’s apartment building when Madeline came to pick her up. She had tea-colored skin and chin-length hair, her round brown eyes and long lashes a gift of her Latin heritage. A black tank top skimmed her waist, and she twirled a gold cross that hung on a chain around her neck. Maddie found herself staring: Roseanna’s breasts were the most perfect she had ever seen. Two soft globes, heaving ever so slightly, cleavage glowing from her evident highlighting with a shimmery body lotion. Desire caught in Maddie’s throat. No way was she expecting this today. Emily had said Roseanna was “younger” so “would probably enjoy the mall,” so that’s where they were headed. Maddie was standing in front of her and could form no words. Roseanna smiled, and languid, slow smile that seemed to reach out of her face and kiss Maddie’s neck.

“You must be Madeline?”

“No. Yes! I mean. Yes. You can call me Maddie.” She blushed and cleared her throat, sticking out her hand, awkwardly. “So good to meet you. Roseanna?”

“You can call me Rosie.” She clasped Maddie’s hand softly, squeezing ever so gently. “My brother said we’re going to the mall? Thank you for entertaining me so he and Emily can…well, fuck.” She laughed. Maddie returned the laughter, her awkwardness dissipating.

“Of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Shall we? We could see a movie or…just walk around. Get lunch?”

“Oh yes, that sounds wonderful. I need to pick up a few things…” She slipped a finger underneath a shoulder strap, revealing a demi-cup, lacey bra top. “I desperately need some new lingerie. As you can see, I’m in rags.” She winked and giggled.

It didn’t look at all like rags to Maddie, but she wore white cotton bras and underwear. She hoped her eyes didn’t widen too much at the sight of the top of Rosie’s breast. Her pussy was wet, embarrassingly so, and she knew her voice was husky with desire when she said, “Shall we take a taxi? I usually don’t, but it’s close.”

“Yes, let’s.” Rosie took her hand and hailed the nearest cab.

Upstairs, Emily and Gabriel Navarro were on their third glasses of wine. Emily blew plumes of blue smoke through her red mouth out on the balcony. “I can’t believe you’re really here.”

He smiled, looking not unlike his little sister. “You didn’t think I’d really contact you again, did you?”

“Not really.”

“But here I am. Thank you for letting me come.”

She turned and looked at him directly. “And thank you for making me come.”

He laughed, a loud, glorious sound that Emily loved. “I haven’t yet.”

“No. But now would be a good time.”

His laughter subsided and he set down his wine glass. Rising, he strode over to the balcony where Emily stood, placing a hand on either side of her on the rail. Excitement raced through her. They were seven stories up, easily visible to the people around them and down below on the street. Her breath caught…would he do it? She slid a stilettoed foot next to his. They locked eyes for only a moment before he made his decision. His mouth was on hers in and instant, hungry. Her wine glass slid off the narrow ledge back onto her balcony, shattering, its contents bleeding on the concrete floor. His mouth moved from her mouth down her neck. Desperately, he yanked down the front of her dress, exposing her tits, now taut with desire. “God, they’re beautiful,” he whispered, taking each in her mouth in turn. He left them out, quickly lifting her skirt, and sliding down her red thong. “But I need this pussy.” His tongue plunged into her, finding her clit immediately.

“Oh fuuuuuckkkk,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

He spread her legs further apart so he could get deeper. Licking her clit, then moving in and out of her vaginal walls. She was dripping all over his face, and he could feel her muscles undulating, building to a climax. She gripped his head, moving it quickly in and out, starting to lose control.

“Oh my god, fuck, fuck it…”

And he was upright, unzipping himself and taking out his cock. “I will fuck your pussy after you suck me.”

“Give it to me. Put iddaa siteleri it in my mouth. Fuck my mouth.” She took his cock into her mouth, wetting it and stroking it, then started on the balls. He moaned and she felt his body tensing with the building pressure.

“That’s so good, baby…so good…fuck I’m going to come…” he grabbed her roughly, swinging her around so she faced the street below, lifting her skirt and plunging his cock into her from behind. Emily screamed as the orgasm that had been building raced from her pussy through her entire body, wave after wave, coming fast. Gabriel held her hips and fucked her hard.

“Too hard? God I can’t stop coming…” he moaned.

“You fuck me harder. HARDER. God HARDER…” and she came again.

Finally they collapsed against the rail, spent. He slipped out of her and adjusted himself, as she reassembled her dress and panties. He put her face in his hands.

“Mmmm…God, so good,” he kissed her long and softly. She smiled and put her head on his chest. Exhausted, they limped back into the apartment, ignoring the splattered wine on the ground.

Madeline and Roseanna entered the lingerie store after a long walk around the mall trying not to touch hands. Maddie was blushing furiously as Rosie ran her long fingernails over a display of bras and panties. The way her fingers played over the lace and ribbons made Maddie’s mouth start to water. Rosie picked up a pair with dark blue ribbons and no crotch. “What do you think?”

Maddie tried to smile casually. “Very cute.” Her voice sounded high and tight, far away. Get yourself together, she scolded herself. Rosie turned suddenly to her with a light smile.

“Let’s try some things on.”

“I..ha ha..I don’t really wear these kinds of things…”

“I know. White cotton girl?”

Blushing even deeper, Maddie kept laughing nervously. “I guess, yeah…”

Rosie decisively grabbed a red bra with black lace and matching panties, then studied Maddie up and down for a moment and grabbed another. “Let’s go.”

Maddie was helpless to stop her, and didn’t want to refuse. Rosie reached the dressing room farthest to the back and slid through the curtains, with Maddie at her heels. Once inside, Rosie slipped off her tank top, bra, pants, and panties, not looking at Madeline. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, she thought. She willed Rosie to look at her again, but Rosie was calmly trying on the bra and panties, looking at herself in the mirror. She caught Maddie’s eye in her reflection and turned on her in a flash, pushing her up against the wall of the dressing room roughly, her mouth on Maddie’s, then on her neck, her long-nailed hands caressing her tits possessively. “I thought I said I wanted you to try these on. Get. Your clothes. Off.”

Shaking with desire, Madeline quickly took off her clothes and put the bra and panties on. The red and black flamed against her pale skin, and she wondered why she had never wanted to try lingerie before. Rosie stood behind her, gazing at her in the mirror. “You know I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you.”

“Me too.”

“Can we do this?”

“Please…” Maddie couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned to Rosie and tried to kiss her, but Rosie had a different plan.

“No. Turn around.” She shoved her facing to the mirror, and stood behind her, raking her long nails down her back, stopping just at the top edge of her panties. “Before I check, tell me if you’re wet.”

“I am…I’m so wet…”

“You’re not lying to me, are you? Do you know what I do to girls who lie?”

“What? Tell me.”

Rosie spanked the fleshy part of her ass lightly. “You’ll get punished.” She slapped her a few more times. “Do you like that? If I slap you? Bend down so your ass is in the air and put your hands on the mirror.”

Maddie had never been spanked. She had never known she wanted to be spanked, and now she wanted more. “Spank me again.” Rosie did. “Pull my hair.” Rosie tangled her fingers up in her hair and pulled, hard enough to feel good. “More…”

“No, that’s enough for now. We don’t have much time and I need to make you come.” She ran her mouth down Maddie’s spine, sending electricity through every cell. “I know you just put these on, but I need them off now.” She slid the panties off and fell to her knees. “Spread her legs.” Maddie spread her legs apart, and Rose plunged her hand into her soaking wet pussy. “You little deneme bonusu veren siteler slut, you’re dripping wet!”

“You’ve made me so wet all day, Rosie…”

“Have I?” She plunged more fingers deep into the pussy. “Don’t come yet. I don’t want you to come like this.” Maddie was starting to breathe hard.

“I have to. I have to come…please…I…I can’t wait any longer….God I need to come….”

Rosie took her hand out and licked her fingers, then grabbed the back of Maddie’s head again. “You will come when I say you can. Do you understand me? Yes?”

Maddie nodded, unsure she could obey. “Yes.”

“Good girl. We don’t have a lot of time. We can’t stay here all day. Now be quiet.” Rosie dropped to her knees again and spread Maddie’s ass, finding her asshole. Slowly she began to work her tongue around the edge of it as Maddie moaned hoarsely, “Jesus…”

Rosie stopped. “I’m going to lick your ass until you relax, and then I’m going to eat you out until you come.” Just the words made Maddie’s brain want to explode, but so she took a deep breath. Rosie’s tongue continued on her asshole, circling it and circling it until it was pulsing with need. She slowly moved her fingers in and out of her own pussy, cupping the juices and spreading them on her own tits until both of her tits were slippery with her own juice. Finally she plunged her tongue deep in to Maddie’s ass, furiously licking and a fucking herself with her own hand. Brought to the brink of what they had been dying for all day, neither of them could wait any longer.

“Oh…Oh…God…Fuck…” Maddie’s anal orgasm rocked through her core, and Rosie refused to stop, her tongue continuing to push through, and her hand furiously masturbating her own pussy. She came too, hard and she cried out as her tongue kept working. One orgasm, two, then one final deep climax as they screamed as silently as they could in the dressing room of the lingerie store.

Drunk with endorphins, wet with cum, their hair tousled and makeup smudged, they sat on the ledge seat of the dressing room, Maddie on the bottom and Rosie straddling her. They kissed languidly, lazily.

“I guess we should go pay for these bras and panties now,” Maddie sighed. Rosie through her head back and laughed.

By the time Maddie and Rosie arrived back to Emily’s apartment, it was dusk. As they entered the apartment, the sounds and smells of dinner filled the apartment. Emily greeted each of them with a glass of red.

“How are you two? Get everything done that you needed?”

Rosie threw her head back and laughed, while Maddie gave a weak laugh and blushed furiously. Emily knew that blush well; Maddie was so self-conscious! But about what…?

“Well, hello beautiful ladies!” Gabriel came into the room, his T-shirt tight against his skin. “Just in time for dinner!”

After a meal of steak and salads, they retired to the living room. Rosie was relaxed, finding every opportunity to touch Maddie lightly, but not too obviously. They talked for an hour before Emily said, “Well, Gabe? Are you going to tell them?”

Gabriel’s smile spread across his face. “I’m moving in. We’ve been apart too long after meeting in Italy last summer…It’s time. I want Emily, and Emily wants me.” And with that, both Maddie and Rosie were on their feet, laughing and hugging and congratulating. When the celebration died down, Rosie was thoughtful.

“It makes sense for me to move, too. I don’t know anyone, I don’t have a job, but there is so much more opportunity for me here than in Georgia. Of course, I’d have to find a roommate…” Her eyes slid over Maddie without asking a question. Maddie knew immediately what to answer.

“Rosie, I have room. I would love a roommate right now. I only have one bedroom, but…” She blushed again. “Er..We could work something out, I’m sure.”

Rose smiled her kitten smile. “Thank you so much. I’m sure we could.”

At the end of the night, both Rosie and Maddie had decided that Rosie should come back to her apartment. As they were slipping out the door, Emily slipped a note into Maddie’s hand. “Read it later,” she whispered

In the Uber on the way home, Maddie nonchalantly open the note, casually acting as though she were cleaning out her purse. There in Emily’s loopy handwriting, was scrawled, “Gabe loves me, and is committed. But we want you to fuck him while I watch, and I want to fuck Rosie. I know it’s crazy, I’m so scared you’ll be offended. I’ll understand if it’s a no.”

Maddie folded up the note and placed it carefully back in her purse. Her life had taken a turn for the interesting, indeed.


Watch for installment two of “Maddie Comes Alive,” revealed in February!

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Solstice Ch. 07

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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They had been home for almost a week when there was a knock on the door. Alex was at home alone and answered it.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“We would like to speak to Mamas and Papas,” the youngest said.

“Come in,” Alex said, assuming they were family that he didn’t know. He had them sit in the living room and offered them something to drink. His mother walked in a moment later.

“Mom, they’re here to see Mamas and Papas.”

Aphrodite, not knowing who they were, introduced herself and Alex, but made no mention of Mamas or Papas. The women introduced themselves with only the younger two speaking.

There were three of them and had come from Greece, specifically Sparmos, Greece. It was a village just south of Mt. Olympus, with a permanent population of about a hundred and fifty people. The youngest was Adara, she was twenty-three. Next was her mother, Elena, who was fifty. And the third was Lydia, age eighty, and the mother of Elena. All three were beautiful and the two older women looked much younger than their stated ages. Lydia spoke no English.

“How can I help you?” Aphrodite asked.

“We seek Mamas and Papas,” Adara replied.

“Why do you seek them?”

Elena turned to her mother and spoke in Greek. The woman spoke back to her.

“My mother asked me to tell you that Gaia has sent us so that Papas could… I’m sorry, I don’t know the proper word,” Elena said.

“Impregnate. I would like Papas to impregnate me,” Adara said.

“Are you followers of Gaia?” Aphrodite asked.

“Most of our family came to America some years ago, but some of us stayed behind. There are few of us left in our family, but we continue the old traditions of Gaia. I am Mamas in our group. My mother was Mamas before me. We have no man that can be Papas and unless Adara can bear a son by your Papas, our line will end with us. That is why Gaia came to my mother and sent us here.”

“You have no men?” Alex asked.

“My father, who was Papas, was killed when I was sixteen,” Adara replied.

“Gaia, told my mother that your Papas would provide the seed of Gaia to continue our family,” her mother added.

Aphrodite looked at Alex and then back to the women. “I am Mamas. My son, and husband here is Papas,” she said taking Alex’ hand.

The women looked at Alex. The older woman spoke in Greek to her daughter. “My mother said that Gaia told her that we must each taste his seed, so we would know he is truly the one,” Elena said.

Aphrodite looked at Alex. “Would you be willing to do that, Alex?”

“You think they’re who they say they are?”

Aphrodite chuckled. “Well, let’s see. Three women travel six-thousand miles, with an elaborate story, to give a teenage boy a blowjob, then one of them wants him to get her pregnant. I suspect it’s a communist plot to take over the world. Yes, Alex. I think they’re legit.”

Alex and the younger woman laughed. When Adara translated what Aphrodite had said to the other two women, they laughed too.

“I’m fine with it, then,” Alex replied.

Elena spoke, “Since we will each need to sample you, we can do that on three separate days to allow you to rest.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can go as many times as you need right now,” Alex told her.

“One after the other?” Adara asked.

“Yes, I don’t need recovery time.”

Adara spoke to her grandmother in Greek. She smiled and answered her. “My grandmother would like to go first, but I’m afraid she doubts your ability. She thinks you are boasting.”

The older woman motioned for Alex to come to her. When he neared, she reached out to unfasten his shorts and pulled them and his underwear down. Alex stepped out of them. She smiled as she took his already hard cock in her hand and spoke to her daughter.

“My grandmother is impressed with your penis. She has not seen or handled one in a long time and wants to know if she can take her time,” Adara asked.

“That’s fine. Does she want to do it like this?” Alex replied.

Adara spoke to her grandmother again. The woman answered. “Here is fine with her.”

There was pre-cum on the tip. Aphrodite stepped over and touched her finger to it, then offered some to the older woman. After licking it off she smiled, then a few seconds later, she grinned and spoke. The woman collected more and offered it to her daughter and granddaughter. About thirty seconds later, all three women were grinning.

“It has made us horny; I believe is the term,” Adara said.

“Wait until you taste the cum,” Aphrodite said, smiling.

Adara spoke to her grandmother again. Both her mother and grandmother’s brows raised. Lydia cupped his balls and licked his shaft several times before taking him into her mouth. Elena spoke to her daughter several times as they watched. Each time, Adara nodded in response. Adara looked up at Alex.

“I have never done this. My mother is pointing out what to do,” Adara said.

“Are you a virgin?” Aphrodite asked.

“This is the first adult penis I have ever seen. Does the liquid always make a woman horny?”

“When bahis siteleri it comes from Alex it does. His semen triggers orgasm.”

“I am familiar with orgasm.”

Adara’s eyes never left what her grandmother was doing. Alex was enjoying it. Ariana, Demi, and Alexandra walked in the front door, and when they saw what was going on, they sat on the floor to watch. Aphrodite made introductions to everyone, as Lydia continued her task.

“Mom, does she know what’s going to happen?” Demi asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so,” Aphrodite replied.

“She knows he will ejaculate. She’s done this before,” Elena replied.

“That wasn’t what I meant. Does she know that when he does it will make her orgasm?” Demi asked.

Elena chuckled. “I don’t believe that is quite how it works.”

A few minutes later, Alex came into Lydia’s mouth. Just seconds later, Lydia came. All three women seemed shocked. When Lydia caught her breath, she spoke to her daughter. Elena looked at Alex.

“Does that always happen?”

“Every time. Are you ready?” he asked Elena.

“Yes. I’m ready,” she replied.

Elena wasn’t interested in taking her time. She seemed goal oriented and worked at making Alex cum. Lydia was lying back on the couch with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. There was a drop of cum still on her lip. Alexandra stepped forward and wiped it off with her finger. Then offered it to her. Lydia licked it off her finger then came again a few seconds later. Her granddaughter was grinning.

“Does it always do that?” Adara asked.

“Every time,” Demi said, smiling. “Get a taste from your mom. All it takes is a tiny bit.”

“I will try.”

Alex came a moment later. Some leaked from the corner of Elena’s mouth. Adara got it on her finger and just before she touched it to her tongue her mother came, very loudly, and shouting words in Greek. She collapsed back on the couch. Adara touched her finger to her tongue. After about ten seconds she turned to Demi and shrugged. Demi grinned. A few seconds later it hit Adara. Both hands on her crotch and humped over squirming.

“I told you,” Demi said, grinning.

In a moment, Adara sat back up, grinning. “That was very pleasant.” She looked at Alex. “Can you do it another time?”

“I’m ready whenever you are,” he replied, stepping in front of her.

She lifted his cock in the palm of her hand. “It is heavier than I imagined.”

She touched her tongue to the tip tentatively then looked at Alex. He nodded and she took the head into her mouth. Using more of the slow easy approach her grandmother had used, she took him in further, using only her mouth. Adara put her hands on his hips and moved him in and out of her mouth. She slowly accepted more with continued strokes.

“Adara, be careful with your teeth. They scrape it,” Alex told her.

She pulled off and looked at his cock. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. This is your first time.”

She returned to what she was doing. It took her about ten minutes to get her reward. When he came, she wasn’t expecting the volume and some of it leaked out the corners of her mouth as she began to cum. Her mother leaned over and licked some of it off and came about the time Adara began to come down.

“I like that very much. May I take a liter or two back to Greece with me?” Adara asked, jokingly.

Alex turned to pick up his clothes, put them on, and returned to his chair. Lydia spoke to her daughter.

“My mother agrees that you are the one. Will you help us, Papas?” Elena asked.

“When do you want to do it?” Alex asked.

“I should ovulate in the next two or three days. That would be the ideal time,” Adara replied.

“Where are you staying?” Aphrodite asked.

“We have a hotel not far from here and have flight reservations to return home on Wednesday.”

“Is this the first time you’ve been to the states?” Ariana asked.

“Yes, this is my first visit.”

“Guys, we need to take Adara out on the town tonight,” Ariana said.

“What is on the town?” Elena asked.

“Dancing, clubs, music, dri…” she began. “Seeing the sites.”

Adara and her mother spoke for a few minutes in Greek. Adara looked back at Ariana and smiled. “What should I wear?”

“We aren’t going out for guys. So, what you’re wearing now is perfect.”

“Elena, would you and your mother care to meet some of your relatives? There are several that live not far from here. My father, Adonis was a small child when he came from Greece. Your mother may remember him.”

Elena and her mother spoke. “Was his father Hector, the Papas?”

“Yes, he was.”

“Hector was also my father. We would love to meet them.”

After talking things over, arrangements were made for Adara to spend the night at the house. Aphrodite would be taking the others to her parents’ house that evening and a get together with more family on Saturday. They would pick-up a fertility test tonight, and plan on the fertilization based on the test results.

Midafternoon Aphrodite and the two older canlı bahis siteleri women left for her parent’s home. Several of the other relatives would be meeting them there. Lydia did remember meeting a few of the older people and had a good time catching up with them. Adonis and Phoebe invited the women to stay with them beginning the following day. They had already unpacked at the hotel and both were tired from the trip. Xander met them at his in-laws’ home and hit it off with Elena. He spent the night with her at the hotel.

At about seven the five young people headed for the clubs near the college campus. Alex was elected to be the designated driver for the group. Adara loved it all, but with the jet lag she wore out quickly. They were back at the house by midnight. Aphrodite was already at home, and asleep by the time they returned.

Adara and Demi shared a bed that night. Alexandra and Ariana shared another and enjoyed each other before falling asleep.

Since Adara was used to a much earlier time she was up long before the others. Aphrodite joined her in the kitchen.

“Mamas, do the women in your family share each other?” she asked.

“Most of us do. How about in your village?”

“There are few in my family, and even fewer men. Since they are hoping that I will someday become Mamas they have kept me away from the men. Women are all I know. Yesterday was my only experience with a man.”

“Alex and his father are my only two men. I’ve been with most of the women in the family.”

“You are incredibly beautiful. If you weren’t Mamas, I would ask to be with you.”

“What does being Mamas have to do with it?” Aphrodite asked.

“You belong to Papas.”

“And he belongs to me, but I have the freedom to be with any woman I desire. I’d love to be with you.”

Aphrodite stepped to her and took her hand, then walked her to the bedroom. Alex was on the far side of the bed, still asleep. Adara was wearing one of the girl’s nightgowns and Aphrodite slipped it off over her head, then removed her own. Laying her back onto the bed, they kissed and began exploring each other. As Aphrodite kissed, nibbled, and licked her way down the young woman’s body, Adara melted. She watched Aphrodite’s every move. Although she had been with a few women before, she had never experienced the attention and tenderness she was feeling from Aphrodite.

“Oh, Mamas,” Adara whispered, as Aphrodite’s lips touched her labia.

Reflexively, her legs parted even further. Aphrodite began kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, just hard enough to tease and send wave after wave of sensual delight throughout her body. Aphrodite flattened her tongue and drew it over Adara’s swollen clit. She moaned loudly and her hips rose hoping to prolong the sensation. The moan woke Alex and he quietly turned and watched them. His mother winked at him, then drew her tongue between the lengths of the labia.

“Ah, ah, ahhh Mamas!” she cried, as the spasms of her orgasm racked her body. Adara’s hips rose and her legs clamped on Aphrodite’s head, holding her in place over her soaked pussy. She rocked her pelvis for what seemed to be minutes before falling back on the bed in a state of bliss, and relaxing.

“That was beautiful, Mom,” Alex said softly.

She looked up and smiled at him, her face, still covered in Adara’s juices. Adara laid there for several minutes before moving. She reached down and pulled gently on Aphrodite’s head, signaling her to come up to her. Aphrodite moved up and their lips met, and tongues explored each other’s mouths.

“Now you,” Adara said, pushing Aphrodite onto her side and turning with her. Alex got out of the bed to give them more room. She repeated what Aphrodite had done to her. She worshipped her body as she explored. Every touch, every kiss, every nip, and nibble, had purpose; and each brought greater and greater excitement with it. ‘This is making love,’ Adara thought. She used her tongue to completely explore Aphrodite’s pussy, and came to understand what made her lover sigh and moan. When Aphrodite came, it was massive. Her breathing was deep and rapid. Her body spasmed and convulsed in wave after wave of passion. Aphrodite and Adara became one, just for a moment, and both felt it. Afterward, they laid in each other’s embrace for a long time. Neither spoke, there was nothing that needed to be said that hadn’t already been spoken in their lovemaking. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Alex left the bedroom. He knew that what he had just witnessed was something magical, something pure. He had seen an emotion. Alex had seen love between his mother and this young woman, a special type of bonding. He thought about how making love to his mother the first time had been like that. Although there were many sex acts in his life, there was little making love, as it had been before. He realized, that needed to change, and that he could and would change it. There would still be sex, but there would also be lovemaking.

Alex went out on the back porch to think. His mother joined him with two cups güvenilir bahis of coffee a short time later.

“Thanks for the lesson this morning, Mom.”


He smiled at her. “Yes, lesson. You tried to show me last week with Astrae, but I didn’t realize it.”

“Remember your first job?”

“That God forsaken burger joint; how could I forget?”

“When you first started, you were so enthusiastic about making amazing burgers, feeding people, and providing customer service that would be unparalleled.”

“Yeah, but that went out the window pretty quick.”

“Yes, it did. Why, Alex?”

“Mom, the potential for those things was there. It still is, but no one, not even management, gave a rats behind.”

“What it you had been management, instead of the burger jerker, as you called it?”

“I’d have made the place special, but I was just the burger jerk. They even called me that.”

“Within the family, you’re management now. You, Ariana, and I share that leadership role. We have traditions that we follow that have the potential to be awesome, but they aren’t. Take the virginity ceremony as an example. We ask the woman a few questions to confirm that’s what she wants, her parents generally get her ready, then you stick your dick in her in front of the whole family. Her parents use a cloth to wipe up the blood, present it to the family, then they give the cloth to the girl to keep as a memento. I still have mine. Losing your virginity to Papas is an honor. But what are we missing?” What could the ceremony be that would make it more meaningful?”

“Mom, when we did Astrae, it was special. I had the chance to get to know her beforehand. Danae, not so much. To me, what we did with Astrae meant something. There was feeling in it, a special bond. Even at that, it should have been more. A woman can only give up her virginity once. It should have been really special. It should have been more loving, like you and Adara were this morning. It should be something she’ll look back on and smile when she remembers it. As it stands now, she’ll remember it about as much as the first time someone checked the oil in her car.”

“She’ll remember it a bit better than that, but I agree. How can we make it special? Think about that for a while. Think about what other traditions we have. How, without actually changing the traditions, could we improve them? How can our roles as Papas and Mamas be more loving? How can we better serve the family?”

“A lot of what we do is cum collection. Don’t get me wrong, I love having all those mouths and pussies on my dick, but it should be more than that, Mom. It should be a sharing process, more loving, maybe.”

“I agree with that too. By the way, you were correct about the book and how you gave the semen to the lesbian couple. You have my full blessing to do it that way if it comes up again. When your father became Papas, he wanted to make changes, like you and I are talking about this morning. He and I had this same talk. He never followed through with it. Sex became work for him. Work that he loves, I might add. At ceremonies, he saw himself as nothing more than a cum source. When he wasn’t officiating at a ceremony, he became the oil checking guy, putting his dipstick in as many places as possible. He’s still that way. That’s why he’s gone so often. It has nothing to do with being Papas.”

“Does that bother you, Mom?”

“No, it doesn’t. I have plenty of fun time with you and the ladies too. I love your father, and he loves me. If having sex with someone different every night is what he wants, I’m fine with that. My father was the same way when he was Papas.”

“That’s fine in his personal life, but with the family, shouldn’t it be about quality rather than quantity?”

“Alex, you’re going to be an amazing Papas if you can hold on to that concept and make it a reality. I’ll warn you, with fifty women wanting your cum, it’s going to be hard to keep that goal in mind. Another thing, if you give a product away, it loses much of its value. It cheapens it. If you earn the product it increases the value.”

“So, don’t give my cum as gifts for birthdays and Christmas?” Alex asked, smiling.

His mother chuckled. “Let us collect it ourselves. The cup last weekend that Ariana shared was fun for everyone, but let’s not make that a habit. Don’t be stingy with it either. Find a happy medium. Think on what we’ve talked about this morning. I’m going to go take a shower.”

Aphrodite kissed her son and went back inside. It wasn’t long until Adara came out and joined him.

“Good morning, Papas.”

“Good morning. Any chance you could call me Alex? Papas is kinda formal.”

“My grandmother said I should be formal with you and Mamas.”

“If we were at a ceremony or something, probably so. While we’re here at the house, I think we’d both rather go by our real names.”

“I will do that. If you prefer it.”

“I prefer it. Thanks. That was beautiful with my mom this morning.”

“Yes, it was much different than what we do in my village.”

“What’s different, Adara?”

“Everything is more rushed. It seems the goal is to experience orgasm. With your mother, that was the end result also, but getting there seemed to be the important part. It was extremely pleasurable. I tried to do what she did. I believe she enjoyed it as well.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Tim stepped into his new college dorm room and breathed in the possibilities. The sun illuminated the simple tile floor and the simple room furnishings. Freshly cleaned desks and wardrobes neatly lined the walls. The beds had thin blue mats and pencil graffiti etched into the legs. He noticed that the windows were open and the scent of the grill from the dining hall below was wafting in. He leaned out the window and looked far down to the ground below. Feeling dizzy he brought his head back in.

I rue the day that the elevators break. He laughed to himself. Maybe selecting the 7th floor wasn’t a great idea.

Setting his bags down he waved his parents in from the hallway. They helped carry his other belongings up to his room, and set them down on the empty desk. They were incredibly impressed with his new living situation. The room was spacious and the two windows were enormous. Before you even got to the main part of the room there was a short hallway leading from the entrance. Next to it was a small door that led to the bathroom. The bathroom was equipped with a toilet, sink and a luxurious glass door shower with a marble wall stool. His parents joked about how it was even better than back home.

After helping Tim with the initial set up his parents gave him the stereotypical teary goodbye. They departed and he felt the pang of sadness that he was sure all college freshmen felt when they had to say goodbye to their families. He shook it off and waved from his third story window as they drove away. It was especially saddening because he would be unable to return home over breaks since his home was a few states away. Winter break would be spent on campus and over the summer he arranged to remain on campus and work for the university.

After setting up into the evening, he looked around. He was proud of his half of the room. Posters of videogame characters covered the walls and a calendar of waterfalls was pinned above his bed. All of his clothes were carefully folded away into his dresser. He added layers of memory foam to his bed until it felt like a cloud, and finished it with a fluffy blue comforter.

A few other freshman walked into his room to give their greetings. They were mostly the jock type; While they were friendly he felt a little disappointed. He considered himself a nerd; he enjoyed videogames, movies, and comics. He didn’t worry though, there were plenty of clubs and opportunities to be social that began when the semester started. If He ever brought up the courage to attend them.

He sat on the edge of his bed and watched the sky glow pink. He looked across the room to the empty bed and untouched desk. It gave him anxiety thinking about meeting his new roommate. Was he going to be nice? Rude? Smelly? A huge partier? Being serially asocial, he felt the worst would be a loud obnoxious roommate who brought friends over. He silently begged to himself for a quiet, reserved roommate with similar tastes to him.

His dreams were shattered when she walked through the door.


Tim first noticed the scent of Maraschino cherries. The empowering scent filled his nostrils and he felt slightly dizzy. The electronic lock on the door then made a clicking noise as it unlocked. He turned around on his bed. It must be his new roommate! The only ID’s that work on their door and the bathroom were his and his roommate’s. The door swung open and a girl walked in.

He sat there speechless as she walked into the room and threw a huge bag onto the opposite bed. She must have been taller than six feet. Her hair was long, straight, and dark black. Her arms sported several vibrantly colored tattoos of nautical creatures: sharks swam on her left bicep and an octopus wrapped around her right forearm among other smaller fish that dotted her tan arms. The fin of some sort of colorful fish slipped over her collarbone.

Tim was busy being lost in her eyes when he realized that she was looking straight at him. And she was a girl. And she was acting like she lived here.

Wait a second.

“Are you sure you have the righ-“

“Hey! You’re my roommate, right?” She interrupted him loudly and extended a hand. His jaw dropped as his hand rose to meet hers. She shook it twice. Retracting it he rubbed his knuckles and thanked the lucky stars that his bones were still intact.

“I’m Loyce.” She gave him a devilish grin.

“I- I- I’m Tim,” he stuttered. She walked over to the door and closed it. The implications made his skin crawl. She meandered over to his bed slowly and sat down next to him. She let out a deep sigh. He followed the outline of her chest as it fell. The heavy silence froze him to his bed.

“Well Tim,” she looked at him. He couldn’t read her expression, it was a cross between as a matter of fact and sorry not sorry. “I bet you’re pretty confused right now, so I’m gonna give it to you straight.” She turned towards him and leaned in. The closeness of her imposing bahis siteleri figure was sending him over the edge. Which edge it was he wasn’t sure of.

Each of her words were slow and dripped with acid. “According to this ancient university, I’m a guy. I transitioned at a relatively young age thanks to my understanding parents, but you know, a lot of people don’t enjoy accepting me so they thrust me in here with you.” He didn’t enjoy the way she emphasised the word you. “So we’re stuck together.”

Something inside his head did a double backflip and flew through a window as he processed the information.

I know the university was a lot less progressive than where I grew up, as I noticed some less-than-kind looks my parents received when they were dropping me off. But how could they make a decision like this one?

“Now,” She withdrew from him and stood up. “I mean you no offense, but…” Tim craned his neck to look up at her. “We have to coexist as roommates for the remainder of the year until I can get my own apartment or a single room.” She leaned down, hands on her wide hips. “Do you think you can handle living with me?”

It took all of the sheer willpower he had left inside of him not to glance down at her cleavage. Then again, it was just as hard not to leave her piercing eyes. He just nodded.

“Perfect!” She shot up and clapped her hands together. “And I know I may be a little different, but I want to be friends. So if you have any questions, please ask!” Tim managed a smile and she grinned and gave him an exaggerated thumbs up.

Then something in her expression changed. Her body relaxed and he pushed her chest out and leaned lower towards him. Her face got a little closer. She whispered in a lower voice, “And maybe, just maybe…” she placed her hand on his thigh. “We’ll be more than friends.”

Before Tim could process what she said, she hopped off the bed. She walked back to the bag she threw down on her bed and began to unpack her things, as quickly as it the conversation had never occurred.

Tim remained on his bed as he watched his new college roommate sway back and forth as if she was listening to music. His brain raced in circles at a million light years a second jumbling serious questions with embarrassingly perverted thoughts. He hadn’t given much hope to meeting a girl in college and beginning a relationship. But maybe… as soon as the thought crossed his mind he kicked it out. His inner turmoil began a sudden whirling pool of doubt.

All I hope is that his is some sort of blessing and not a curse.


At some point Tim was able to sneak down to the dining hall while Loyce was unpacking. On the way he noticed that he could smell her two floors down and figured that her unnecessarily overpowering perfume soaked into his clothing. It was like she marked him with her scent. He wasn’t even too fond of the smell.

Pursuing the odd selection of old overpriced fruits and vegetables intermixed with the largest variety of freshly fried food he had ever seen, Tim tried to figure out how to keep himself from the dreaded “freshman fifteen.” The smell of the grill from earlier drew him to the array of burgers and fries set at the edge of the counter, but he found the inner strength to at least hold off for a month. Or maybe a week. I the end he decided on a glass of soy milk (it should be healthier, right?) and a bagel with chocolate cream cheese. He had never had that flavor of cream cheese, and found that it tasted pretty good.

He ate his meal while watching other freshmen mill around talking to each other. It always baffled him to no end how people were able to make friends so easily in a brand new environment. His envying of his classmates was quickly interrupted by a sharp pain in his stomach. He immediately regretted his decision to consume soy with dairy.

He made his way back to his room and found the door closed. He fished his ID from his wallet and fumbled to slide it in the reader. He burst through the door and heard a panicked rustling of covers. As he slid the card into the bathroom lock, he glanced over and saw the foot of Loyce’s bed under the window. There was a lump under the covers that he assumed was her, and thought nothing of it. He entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him, sat on the toilet, and fought in 1v3 hand-to-hand combat with his intestines, stomach, and his first meal.

In what felt like forever, he finished. Breathing a sigh of relief he rose on weak legs and grabbed a canister above the sink. He flooded the room with lilac scented spray to mask the battlefield, and glanced at the unused shower. “Why not.” He thought, and stripped his clothes off and set them on the toilet seat. He turned the shower knob and waited patiently for the water to warm up. As most people do, he started to go over the day step by step in his head. This lead him to constantly replaying his introduction to Loyce. canlı bahis siteleri His face began to blush as he repeated her playful swaying as she unpacked her things. Shaking his head, he tested the water and stepped into the shower. It was even more spacious than it looked, and the steam wrapped around him in a comforting blanket of moistness.

Then the door made a mechanical click as it unlocked. Maraschino cherries. Loyce. Panic. Tim felt like shrinking down and jumping down the drain as Loyce tiptoed inside.

There’s no possible way she doesn’t know I’m in here, the shower is running and my clothes are on the floor.

“Excuse m-“

“Oh you’re in here Tim! I’m so terribly sorry, I needed to grab my lotion. Just face the wall, don’t worry, I’ll be out in a second!”

What. Tim faced the wall, covering his privates and resting his forehead against the wall. He heard rummaging from behind him as she grabbed whatever she was looking for. Was it lotion? What was she going to use that for? Against better judgement his thoughts wandered over the tattoos along her arms, across her slender neck and collarbone, and as it was getting close to going between her legs he mentally blocked himself. Physically on the other hand, he felt the head of his penis kiss the wet tile wall. Then it occurred to him. Why the hell was he the one not looking?

Angry at being fooled so easily, he turned around. Loyce was wearing something that barely qualified as clothing. A sheer white gown that could qualify as high quality lingerie was draped across her perfect body. His erection had free reign as he walked his eyes up her curves and along her shoulders and up and up until he made eye contact with her in the mirror. He froze, and for a split second through the hazy door he thought he saw something aggressive, something hungry in her eyes. Was she looking at him, or was it just a trick of the light?

“Alright Tim, I’m out!” Loyce turned and withdrew to the door and opened it up. Was she trying to fool him into thinking he didn’t catch her watching him? He heard the click of the lock back in place as she shut the door behind him. Tim remained still under the hot flowing water. The whole situation was insane, she had walked in through a locked door and pretended like she didn’t know he was showering, then he may have caught her looking at him. And one detail bugged him the most: he had been looking for lotion, but he never saw her take anything out when she was leaving.


Tim stepped out and dried off. He stepped into his pajamas and opened the door a crack. He peeked around the corner at Loyce’s bed and saw that it was empty. The night had grown humid and he debated whether to brave the uncomfortableness of wearing long pants and a shirt to bed. He decided to screw it and took his shirt and pants off. He tossed them over the back of his desk chair and sank into his mattress. Pulling a sheet over him he slipped into a blissful dream.

He awoke to the sound of chatter beneath his window. He rubbed his eyes and sat up to a sunlit room. He glanced at the big red digits on his clock that read 12:30.

Ugh why did I sleep in so late.

Loyce’s bed was neat and tidy. Stepping onto his fluffy rug he yawned and reached for his dirty clothing from the previous night. He picked up the pajama pants and threw them over his shoulder into his hamper. He reached for the shirt but found that it wasn’t there.

I swear I left it there last night. Perhaps I threw it into the hamper without realizing it.

He didn’t care to look. He got dressed and combed his light bedhead. He flicked his thumb across the screen of his phone as he munched on a breakfast bar a this desk. His mind was going blank as he scrolled through political arguments, cat memes, and pictures of places he’d never visit. Then a calendar notification popped up.

Oh shoot, I forgot!

The notification read “Speed Friending, 1:30pm Freedman Hall.” Changing schools midway through elementary school and again in middle school due to some poor choices of conservative neighbors caused him to be embarrassingly asocial. It made him stressed to not only be living with someone, but that someone being incredibly attractive and… assertive. Considering how his college life would be unbearably dull without friends, and against his better judgement, he convinced himself to attend a speed friending event.

He threw his shoes on and brushed his teeth before taking the elevator and descending. On the 4th floor the elevator stopped and opened up. A tomboy stepped into the elevator. She was tall, lean, and muscular. She had freckles across her face and over her shoulders. It looked like someone put her in a toaster at the lowest setting, not pale but not tan. She had wild short hair that was dyed a fierce red.

“Good afternoon!” He smiled at her as she entered. She shot him a glare and did not respond.

Today güvenilir bahis is off to a great start.

It was an awkwardly silent ride down to the first floor. The girl got as close to the elevator door as possible and slipped through as soon as the crack was large enough. He stepped off and by the time he was out of the dorm building the girl was gone. He put his earbuds in and opened up a screenshot of the campus map. After a few wrong turns and a quick stop to watch a bunny eat the flowers in front of the Admissions center, he made it to the Fine Arts complex. He found the room and entered at 1:29, fashionably early.

Plenty of students had already filed in and were milling about. He stood away from the group of talkatives and found another freshman guy leaning against the wall.

Here goes nothing.

“Hello!” Tim waved to him. He looked up and smiled shyly. He had a very warm smile coupled with deep dimples.

“Hey.” He responded. Tim walked closer and leaned on the wall next to him.

“So what are you doing at a speed friending event?”

“Looking for someone to talk to.”

“I know the friending usually happens during the event but it helps to know someone!”


There was an awkward silence between the two as the other freshman clicked away on his phone. Tim, determined not to let his effort go in vain, asked him his name.

“It’s Sam.” Sam replied. Just then several upperclassmen stepped into the room with bright green shirts on.

“Alright everybody! Please take a seat at a table with your number on it!”

What. I didn’t see a number ot grab! Being fashionably early really screwed me on this one. He contemplated walking out before someone poked his arm. Sam handed him a small slip of paper. “I grabbed two.”

“Thank you! Do you have future sight or something?”

“Or something.”

Tim thanked him again and went looking for his table. Maybe he would be able to talk to Sam afterwards, he seemed like a quiet guy. Another reason he was doing this was to search for potential roommates for the next semester, and so far Sam fit the bill tip and all.

He sat down at his table and waited patiently for his partner. Lo and behold Sam came and sat down across from him. Sam smiled at him. “I never got your name.”

“It’s Tim.” He smiled back. This guy is a genius. If he didn’t find someone he wanted to talk to beforehand, he could just leave without the guilt of ruining someone’s experience. But if he did find someone he could give them the same number so they were paired.

One of the event runners announced that the timer had started. Tim did most of the talking, learning quickly that Sam was very shy. He did discover their mutual love for comics and videogames, and before the time ran out they exchanged numbers and Sam agreed to come over and play video games sometime before classes started. Tim glowed that he was able to break through his shell, but worried about how Sam would act when he was paired with someone else. He didn’t know why he was worried, but something about watching a very shy person attempting high paced social interaction made Tim stay.

He was passed another slip of paper by an event runner and moved to the corresponding table. Sam moved to the table next to him and they smiled at each other. Sam’s smile did seem a tad bit nervous though.

Tim’s jaw dropped when the woman who had ignored him in the elevator took the seat across from Sam.

His jaw hit the floor when Loyce took the seat across from him. The smell of Maraschino cherries finally hit him. He knew something was familiar when he entered the room. Her face broke into a wide grin as she leaned back in her chair.

“Hey there roommate!” She giggled and gave Tim a wave. Tim forced a smile and waved back.

“Funny that I’d see you here!” He glanced at the other table and saw Sam greet the girl. She looked at him for a second and then looked down at her phone. The second hand embarrassment was unreal as Sam sunk low into his seat. Then a tap on the shoulder brought him back to his partner.

“I said, why didn’t you think that you’d see me here?” She leaned in and gave him a smirk.

“It’s just that you seem like the very… social type of person.” Tim leaned back.

“Oh, I do? What makes you say that?” She leaned closer, pushing the desk into his stomach.

Tim looked over to Sam’s table again. Sam kept glancing at him and at the girl, who was still texting on her phone. Then he did something strange, he signed something to him in sign language. Tim mouthed “I don’t know sign language!” and Sam visibly sighed.

Then the fiery girl across from Sam rapped her knuckles on the table. Sam looked at her and she signed something to him. Sam slowly signed something back.

A finger traced Tim’s jaw and his head was turned back to Loyce. Tim was momentarily confused by the sudden physical contact and was about to say something before Loyce brought her finger up his chin and rested it over his lips.

“Now that lover boy over there is talking with Ms. Volcano all fine and dandy, how about you focus on your partner.”

Tim’s eyes glazed over.

“Come onnnnn let’s ask each random questions.”

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Tryst of Fate

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Author’s Note:

This story is the result of a challenge I set forth in the Author’s Hangout, The Kickstart Challenge. The premise being that we, as writers, always seem to have a few stories sitting around that have stagnated. We get an idea and take off pounding out words on it for a few hours and then find we’re stuck. The muse takes a vacation and we just can’t get the story going again. So, the challenge was to post a story that was in that “Can’t Finish” box and let another author take over. The requirements being that you had to continue the story where it left off in the same point of view and same style as the original author.

Rumple Foreskin, started this story as part of a series he was working on but soon found he was stuck. He posted what he had in the Kickstart challenge and I took up the reigns.

If what you say is the Gospel truth, then it ain’t bragging. And the truth was, I had it made. I mean, there I was, stretched out in the middle of a motel bed with a sexy white chick, my boss at the hospital, a nurse named Donna Faircloth, kneeling astride my hips. She was busy working her fine young hips down over my thick black dick, cramming inch after inch up into her tight pink pussy. See what I mean?

From her expression, I knew she was getting off on sensations she wasn’t getting from her button-down husband. My dick, a big black hammer I call Roscoe, had pushed aside those silky, dark-blonde pubs, then stretched her pussy lips wide apart. Now I watched as more and more of it kept sliding up inside her prime pussy.

Talk about a trip! Don’t get me wrong, Brenda, that’s my old lady, is a righteous piece of ass, at least when she’s in the mood. But Donna was something extra special.

By now she’d gotten into a sweet rhythm, using the bed’s motion to help her ride up and down on my hammer. The sight of those luscious boobs jiggling inches from my face was a great rush. She was shaking her head, like this was just too damn good to be true. The motion sent her long, blonde hair swirling. There was a spacey, blissful look on her face that left no doubt she was really tripping-out on the sex, on the feel of old Roscoe reaming her out. I swear, watching that little fox in action could get a dead man off.

All this time I’d just been laying there, letting her do all the work. She always seemed to like it that way. And what can I tell you? It was fine by me. But now I couldn’t resist stroking her creamy white legs, gradually moving up toward that sweet spot where our two bodies had become one. She responded to my touch with these little moans that are such a turn-on. The closer my fingertips came to the sweet spot, the louder the moans got.

She started pumping her hips even faster. Each time she finished a downward stroke, you could hear this far-out, squishing noise. I swear, she’s got the wettest pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Everything was moving faster. She leaned forward, her hands on my chest for balance, her hips were working like a runaway jackhammer.

What I’m trying to say is this lady was about to get off. I placed a hand on one of her firm jugs and tweaked the hard, pink nipple. Meanwhile, I slid my other hand to the top of those smooth thighs. When I touched her clit, she went wild.

There was a loud gasp and her eyes opened wide. She tried to lunge forward, but I pushed her back upright. I knew this would increase the pressure in her pussy to an almost unbearable combination of pleasure and pain. But she could take it. What’s more, I knew she loved it.

With eyes closed and arms wrapped around her head, she shook from the force of the orgasm. Her stomach muscles rippled with each wave of the climax. I thrust my hips up, and she almost shot out of the saddle. Letting go of her head, she grabbed my arm for support. Just then, warm pussy juice started sloshing over my nuts. That’s one of the greatest things about fucking Donna. I mean, the way she’ll cum like that, at least sometimes. It makes you feel great knowing you’re doing a chick some real good.

I’ve got no idea how long this orgasm lasted. It was a strong mother and seemed to go on forever. In part, that’s because each time it seemed to be easing, I’d twitch my hips and slam Roscoe in a little deeper and things would start all over. But that won’t work forever. When the last waves of the orgasm ebbed canlı bahis away, she sighed and slumped back, arms dangling at her sides, with me still planted deep inside her warm, wet snatch.

We didn’t say anything, just looked at one another. She had this pleased, shit-eating grin on her face. Odds are I looked about the same. After catching her breath, she leaned forward and lay on my chest. I stroked her silky hair, knowing she was savoring the afterglow of her climax and the thought that she’d soon be having more of them.

Donna had taught me to like these quiet times together after we’d screwed. But it wasn’t long before her hips began moving. Of course, she still had old Roscoe buried inside her juicy snatch so the only way she could move was up and down. The pace was slow at first, but she began picking up speed. I was a little surprised when she sat back up and was once again pounding away on my hard hammer, pushing herself towards another orgasm.

I didn’t rush it. She’d come soon enough on her own and I loved watching her ride me. When it hit, her fingertips dig into my arms and her pussy clamped down tight. I made one big thrust upward, making sure she had hold of Roscoe buried deep inside her shuddering body. When the orgasm finally passed, she rested for a minute, and then we began again.

We’d gotten into this kind of action the second or third time we’d screwed here at the motel. I have no idea how many times we replayed the scene and don’t even give a shit. It didn’t bother me that I wasn’t getting off. That’d happen soon enough. Besides, it’s such an ego-stroke giving a sexy fuck-a-holic like Donna one climax after another until she’s exhausted.

After several more of these mini-orgasms, I started toying with her. The next time she was about to explode, I forced her to slow down, keeping her on the edge of a climax. After repeating this a few times, she was almost frantic to come.

The next time she reached the brink of an orgasm, instead of keeping her at the brink, I thrust my hips off the bed drilling her with every inch of old Roscoe. She let out a gasp of pleasure like a kid at Christmas and her hips became a blur of motion.

When she came this time, there was nothing mini about the orgasm. It left her panting, sweaty and exhausted. She was too tired to do anything more than just sit on Roscoe and try to recover. But I knew this chick was a long way from being fucked-out. Only now it was my turn to go to work.

I pulled her down on top of me and then rolled us both over. We finished the move with me on top and Roscoe still in place. I leaned down and kissed her long, hard, and deep, our tongues dancing back and forth. She put her hands on my head and ran her tongue deep into my mouth. I took it between my teeth, sucking it in even deeper. Her moan was a mixture of lust and pain, but instead of pulling back, she opened her mouth even wider. We both knew she was giving me control, not just of her tongue or mouth, but of her entire body.

All this time, I’d been pressing my hips hard against hers. She’d responded by spreading her legs even wider. When our mouths parted, I pulled back on Roscoe, leaving just his head inside her waiting pussy. We looked at each other, and then I hammered him deep into that fine little white bod.

She shook violently and moaned, “Oh, FUCK, yes.” With those words we began a long, righteous fuck. I wasn’t as frantic and I could enjoy the feel of her body writhing under me and her pussy clutching at my hammer. We got into a nice rhythm as I pumped into her with long, deep thrusts.

There’s no telling how long we’d been going at it like that when my nuts began to churn. I guess she could sense it because she wrapped her legs and arms around me and began fucking back even harder. We came at the same time. It was a long, gut-wrenching, shared moment that left us both totally satisfied and completely fucked out.

So maybe you can understand what I meant about having it made. And then I had to blow the whole sweet deal. You see, Maiko called me today. She wants to see me again. Ain’t no way I can tell her no.


It isn’t bragging if it’s the truth. And I had it made. That was the truth. I mean, there I was, in the middle of a motel bed with the biggest black dick I ever wrapped my pussy around. He was one of my kaçak iddaa orderlies at the hospital named Leroy Ford. Fuck crazy Donna he always called me. I was busy working my wet pussy up and down on his thick, black dick. I slid down on it hard, impaling myself, then rocking my hips back and bending his hard meat inside me, I slowly rose up and did it again. I shuddered at the feeling of his pole sliding in and out of me. You get it, don’t you?

From the expression on his face, I knew he was getting off. I could see his abs ripple every time I moved. That fat cock, Roscoe, he called it, felt so damn good inside me I was about to squirt all over him. I bet his wife, Brenda never made him jerk like that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fine bitch, did her myself more than once. She’s just a little too straight laced sometimes.

I looked down, watching as that pole disappeared into me, only to emerge glistening with my juices. Jesus! I didn’t think I could cum like that again.

I had worked my way into a smooth but vigorous pace, using the bed’s rebound to full effect, I rode his Roscoe rodeo style, like a bronc rider. I could see him watching my tits swaying and bouncing so close to his face, he tried to catch a nipple in his mouth, I made him work for it. The tease is all part of the game, it was getting me off as much as him. His mouth was wide-open one second and clenched tight the next. His eyes followed my movements, staring in awe at his big cock vanish inside me, then rolling his head back and closing his eyes when I squeezed it tight and let go.

He’d been just laying there, taking it all in, giving me the control he knew I always wanted. What can I say? I like it that way and I never had a complaint. He began softly rubbing my thighs working closer and closer to my clit, I couldn’t help moaning as shivers went up my spine and the closer he got the louder I moaned.

My hips quickened the pace without a thought. Sweat and flowing juices caused these squishing and slurping sounds as I moved. They used to make me laugh when I heard them, but now they just turn me on even more because I know I’m getting close. I put my hands on his chest and leaned close, my lips begging for his. My pussy was going at him like a paint shaker. I started to scream and growl as my whole body began to tingle and burn.

Yeah, I was about to get off in big way. My eyes were closed tight but I could feel his hand on my boob, pinching and twisting at my nipple. But when his other hand reached the top of my thigh and his thumb touched my clit, it was all over. I was completely spastic, body jerking and twitching all over, but my hips just kept pounding him.

I had to fight for breath; my body was long out of my control. I tried to lean forward, nearly exhausted, firm hands on my tits pushed me back up and it started all over again. I loved it.

My eyes wouldn’t open but I could feel. I could hear. I could feel my hair slipping through my fingers and falling over my shoulders. I could feel that fucking telephone pole still sliding in and out of me. I could hear his grunts as he bucked hard up into me. I could hear my own broken screams as the dam burst and my juices poured out on his crotch. I could feel it splashing on my ass and I remember thinking it just couldn’t get any better than this.

My orgasms went on for hours it seemed. Every time my nerves started to ease up it would hit me again, Leroy knew and plunged deeper just in time to set me off again. Finally, I had nothing left, I didn’t even have the strength to fall on the bed. So I sat there, still straddling him with that god damned meat pole still stuffed up my dripping pussy.

I just sat there watching that shit-eating grin curl his lips, He knew what he did to me and he enjoyed every fucking minute of it. Probably more than me. As my breath started to come back to me. I lay on his chest, he stroked my hair as I basked in the warm closeness, knowing it wasn’t over yet.

I was getting my second wind, slowly, but it was coming back. Just in time, too. I could still feel his hammer inside me, throbbing from Leroy’s pulse. I started moving my hips again, slowly, up and down; it was all I could do. It didn’t take long to reach full speed ahead, though. And minutes later I was well on my way to another gusher.

He started toying with me kaçak bahis after a while, god knows how many times we had gone through this at that point, he would let me work up to the edge of anther orgasm, then he’d put his hands on my hips and slow me down. He just held me right there on the edge and it made me crazy. But the next time I felt that wave he lifted his hips clean off the bed and slammed ole Roscoe into me so deep I could taste his dick.

Christ, I was shaking like there was an earthquake. And this was the big one. Sweat was pouring off me, every nerve in my body was assaulted with pure pleasure, the kind that only Leroy’s meat monster could give me. When I came to, I was lying on his chest again, panting and sighing and still too weak to lift my head and kiss him. I was far from done, but I couldn’t move to save my life.

So he took over.

He rolled with me in his arms. He was on top of me and Roscoe was still spelunking. Leroy sucked at my lips, ramming his tongue into mouth. I returned the favor, chasing his tongue with my own. It was an ambush. He caught it with his teeth and sucked it in deeper. I was caught completely off guard, but that kind of surprise just gets me going again. I still didn’t have the strength to fight it, so I relented; I let him take control, of all of me.

He pulled back, almost completely, I opened my eyes and looked at him, he had this evil grin on his face, then he jammed that post of his hard and deep. I cried out at the top of my lungs, “Oh, FUCK! YES!”

I writhed and scratched at his back as he slid that rod into me over and over. God, I don’t know what happens to me when I’m with him. I didn’t have the strength to move a minute before but now I was rocking my hips to met his long thrusts and we worked into a sweet rhythm that was getting me off. I could tell by the look on his face every time my pussy squeezed his big black club that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

I could feel the tremors in his legs, I knew he was about to blow. So I wrapped my legs around him, clenched my pussy tight around his hammer and fucked him back as hard as could. When he started to spasm, that was all I could take. I bet a gallon of cum poured out of me, mine and his. Christ on a crutch, I didn’t think I’d be able to walk for days.

He rolled off me after a few minutes, there wasn’t anymore left in either of us.

Did I have it made? You better believe it. I must have been fucked in the head to even consider messing up this good thing, but I was about to. You see Maiko called me today. She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I took it. I took it without a second’s hesitation.

* * * * *

Yeah, I had it made.


But I blew it. I can admit that freely now. What I did was not only wrong it was just plain stupid.

You see, I had been seeing two people at the same time. I met Leroy first. Tall lanky black man with a dick like a horse, I ain’t shittin’ you. Ok, so, I’m petite, even for a Japanese woman, but what he had between his legs was the biggest thing I ever had between my legs and he knew just the right way to use it. God dammit, I wanted it back.

He introduced me to Donna one day at lunch, she has the sweetest blonde pussy I ever tasted and boobs that were soft yet firm and nipples that could poke your eyes out. She knew how to make a woman squeal with her tongue. Jesus! That woman left me wasted more times than I can count. I needed her face in my lap and I meant to have it there again.

So, what happened? Where did I fuck up? Well, it’s obvious I had the perfect setup going. When I didn’t have Leroy pounding my ass with that big, black python, I had Donna making me squirm for hours on end.

That’s when I got stupid. I knew they were doing each other too. I couldn’t deal with that. I wanted them both to myself. So, I made them choose. Each other, or me. That was the way it had to be.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone, could I? No. I had to fuck it all up. I forced them to make the choice I couldn’t. I had to be selfish. I had to make them give up each other so I could have them both. But I know better now. If they could be happy with each other and with me, then why couldn’t the three of us be happy together? I don’t really want them apart. I just want them with me. Yeah, I had it made and I blew it big time.

But that was about to change. I was going to have my way, one way or another. I was going to have them both. And I was going to keep them this time. You see I called them both today, invited them to my place.

Only they don’t know they were BOTH invited.

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Role Reversal

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This short story is a slight departure from my previous stories. I usually like to work on the build and the action, this story is more “getting to the point.” Sometimes, even in Literotica, it’s nice to have a true wank story. Enjoy.


“Look we all have family” the woman sitting at the desk spoke. “If you have problems then see personnel and take time off. You DON’T bring it to the office; understand.” Her voice was firm.

“Yes Ms. Crawford” Mark Benson answered softly.

“I want that research by the end of the day, got it.” The icy voice continued.

Mark knew the meeting was over and silently left the office. God, how could someone so hot, be so fucking cold; he wondered. Well, at least he wasn’t fired. Time to hustle, he figured heading for his own office.

Behind him, Carolyn Crawford paid little attention to his leaving. She had spent years of hard work making her way up the corporate ladder. Not a moment had been spent on her knees either. Hard work and proven results had gained her the Vice-President of Marketing; and she was damned well sure no upstart runt was going to make her look like an ass at the next management meeting.

Just as Carolyn reached for the keyboard to her computer, she heard her cell phone buzz. Glancing over, she froze in mid motion staring at the screen. The image of a red bullseye flashed slowly on the small screen.

The image caused two rushes of emotion through her; the first was a rush of fear, dear god he wouldn’t…not now; her terrified mind thought. At the same time she was totally unable to prevent the sudden gush of fluids that soaked the gusset of her panties.

Carolyn knew everyone in the office thought of her as the Ice Queen. What would they think watching their corporate vice president quivering like a child as she sat at her desk?

Carolyn tried to think clearly. He couldn’t, not here at the office; and besides how would he know where she was. When the next image came across the small screen, she felt her stomach almost roll.

It was a snapshot of her calendar book, the same one resting on the corner of her desk. She could tell by the image it was of her schedule for today. Pulling the book closer she compared the images. Oh God, it WAS her schedule for today; he knew she was all but OCD about her calendar; and he had used it.

Carolyn touched her intercom. “Grace, I’m heading over to the tower for the board.” She was surprised at how calm her voice was.

“Yes Ms. Crawford” the disembodied voice of her secretary came back. “I’ll prepare for your interview at three” Grace said.

A shudder went through Carolyn; a meeting from one to two, then the interview at three with the new marketing company. She knew that meeting would take most of the rest of the afternoon, that meant somewhere between…Carolyn almost moaned.

“Good, have them waiting.” She told Grace, and then snapped off the intercom.

The ten minute walk and elevator ride over to the “tower” as it was known was pure hell for Carolyn. She kept looking at faces, watching dark corners, worried. The game bahis siteleri was on, and the prey was growing more frightened by the moment.

Once the meeting started, the mental shift for Carolyn was almost a relief. Her mind was totally consumed and all other thoughts she pushed to the back.

As the small group filed out of the conference room, the sudden rise of darkness threatened to overwhelm her. She barely heard the voice beside her.

“Hey want to grab a quick bite, we have some time” Andrew Pritchard assistant head of accounting said.

Her first thought was to say yes, keeping someone beside her would offer her a sense of protection. When she looked at Andrew and saw his eyes staring at her breasts with almost a leer, a shudder of revulsion went through her.

The prick had been trying to get into her panties for almost a year. Forget the fact he was married, she thought.

“Sorry have to pass” she tried to smile. “I have a marketing interview.”

“No problem” she could see the disappointment in his eyes. “You know maybe we could catch dinner sometime, just the two of us. I really think we would have a good time.” He flashed a leering smile.

On your deathbed asshole, she whispered to herself. “I bet” she only replied sourly. “Later” she cut him off and strode down the hall.

Just the image of Andrew sweating above her sent a shudder of disgust through her. Her mind so preoccupied with fending him off, she dropped her guard, if only for a second. That was all it took.

With a squeak, Carolyn felt a powerful hand grip her upper arm and jerk her entire body to the side. Before she could even react, she stumbled into a small room and the door slammed shut, enveloping her in total darkness.

A hand clamped over her mouth, cutting of the small scream that rose in her throat. She could feel her body shoved forward until she pressed against a shelf.

Carolyn could smell pine sol and cleaning supplies; they had to be in one of the housekeeping closets, but where. She was furious with herself for letting her guard down, and now HE had her.

“Slut” a male voice hissed in her ear from behind, as his weight pressed her into the shelf.

“Unnngggggg” was all Carolyn could moan against the hand over her mouth.

Carolyn shuddered as she felt a steel pipe pressing against the cheeks of her ass through her skirt. God he was hard, her terrified mind thought.

The hand over her mouth shifted, and she opened to try and speak. Just as she started to try and tell him that here at the office was not the place, she felt a small rag stuffed into her open mouth, effectively gagging any sound.

NO, she tried to scream; not now. She struggled back, trying to turn her body to face him in the darkness. All the fighting did was to spur him on more.

“I’ll bet your fucking soaked” his voice filled her ear. “Little bitch.”

Violently Carolyn shook her head, to no avail. She felt the weight pressing her forward until her breasts mashed painfully into one of the shelves.

“The Ice Queen is a canlı bahis siteleri fucking SLUT” the voice pounded in her ears.

Carolyn’s eyes grew wide in the dark as she felt her skirt suddenly jerked up and over the curve of her ass.

“Nnnnnnnn” she tried to muffle out over the cloth gag. Then her mind literally blanked as two fat fingers bypassed the gusset of her wet panties, and rammed up into her cunt.

“Fffffffuuuuuuuggghhhhhh” she moaned into the spit soaked cloth.

“Tight little twat bitch” the voice hummed.

Carolyn couldn’t even respond as she felt that hand pump hard into her. Every shove of his fingers drove her to her tip toes as he almost lifted her in his powerful grip. Reaching out she held onto one of the shelves as he rocked her body in the dark.

Carolyn felt her eyes wanting to roll back as a knot grew deep in her belly. Fuck, he was going to make her cum, she dimly realized. Then, just as the wave started to crest she felt him jerk his hand back, his fingers coming free of her grasping walls with a wet slurp.

“Nnnnnnn…nnnnn” Carolyn almost screamed as the sudden emptiness between her thighs rocketed through her. She was so fucking CLOSE, she raged.

Quivering and shaking, she felt her body violently twisted around. As she was shoved to her knees she heard boxes fall and a small can roll across the floor. With a sudden jerk, the cloth came free of her mouth. She wanted to speak, to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t. Instead of the cloth, her mouth was suddenly filled even more, as his hard cock drove down her throat.

“Ullkkkkkkkkk” Carolyn gagged as her mouth was totally filled with throbbing dick.

Fingers wrapped in the hair, pulling the strands tight on her scalp. The motion sent a quiver of pain through her body as she knelt in the dark storeroom.

“Ullggg…ulllgggg” she panted as his cock began to drive in and out. She could barely move as he began to fuck her mouth in earnest.

Fighting to catch her breath between strokes, it never occurred to Carolyn to fight back. Instead she knelt there in the dark, submitting to his need. She could feel her spit dribble down her chin as her own juices dripped down her soaked thighs.

She could feel his veins throb along her tongue, the smell and taste of him swarming over her. His balls slapped lightly at her chin as his length slid in and out.

“Suck it slut, suck my cock” he growled above her.

“Ulllkkkkkk” was all Carolyn got out in reply.

Just as she felt his balls tighten up against her chin, he suddenly once again pulled back. This time he was denying himself. Gasping in the dark to regain her breath she felt him bend over and pressed his sweat covered forehead to hers.

“You want it slut?” his voice hissed in her face.

“Yes…please” she softly mewled.

“Yes WHAT?” his voice commanded her.

“Please…fuck me” she gasped up at him.

Suddenly she felt her body jerked back to her feet, flailing in the dark she finally gripped a cardboard box of some kind as he bent her güvenilir bahis at the waist. Her ass jutting out, her skirt wadded at her waist, she heard him shuffle behind her.

He never even removed her panties, as Carolyn felt the gusset roughly jerked to the side, then eight and a half inches of hard cock ram up into her in one stroke.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmm” Carolyn moaned as her body erupted in pleasure. The orgasm she had been denied on his fingers rolled through her body as she felt herself filled with him.

She could feel her juices gush out around his driving cock, and hear them as they splattered to the floor between her spread feet. She didn’t need to see to know he was making her squirt as he began to pound into her.

There was no finesse, no tender grace as her cunt was plowed over and over. She heard his hips slapping the cheeks of her ass in the darkness as she desperately hung onto the box in front of her.

“Yes…fuck me…fuck me…” she groaned as he rammed in.

“You like that cock?” his voice rumbled behind her.

“Yes…oh God.” Carolyn moaned back, totally lost now.

“You like that cock?” he said again.

“Yes…love…cock…oh fuck.” She grunted in surrender.

“Going to cum” Carolyn gasped out.

Her whole body erupted as a sting of pain shot from her ass through her. She could hear the loud slap as his hand came down on her quivering cheek.

“Not yet slut.” His voice growled. “I cum FIRST.” He told her.

“Yes…you first…please…” Carolyn almost begged.

“Cum in me, cum in your slut” she whimpered in the dark.

“You want me to cum in your whore cunt?” his voice egged her on.

“Cum in your slut…cum in your whore…oh god cum in me” Carolyn babbled as her belly rolled over and over.

“Take it slut” his voice grunted behind her.

As if on command, she felt his thick cock swell inside her, and then jerk as it began to spit its hot load. The sudden sensation of warmth filling her belly was more than she could take.

“OH shittttttttttt” Carolyn moaned as her body erupted again.

Bent over she could feel her juices spray out around his buried cock, as he mauled her swinging breasts trapped in her bra and blouse. Every jerk of his hips kept sending another hot rope of seed deep into her belly.

“Thank you…thank youuuuuuu” Carolyn moaned

Just as quickly as it had started, it was gone. That thick pole slid free of her with a wet slurp, and she heard him rustle in the dark as he rearranged his clothes. She rested her forehead against the cool of the cardboard box as she caught her breath.

“Catch you later.” Carolyn heard him say as his shadow shifted towards the door.

“Hey” she stopped him. “Want to grab Chinese on the way home?” she asked.

“Sure” the dark form answered. “Are you going to be on time?” he asked.

“I should be” Carolyn rose up and began to straighten her clothes.

“See you at home” and then with a soft voice he told her “I love you mom.”

“Love you to baby” Carolyn shuddered at his words. “Very much.” She added.

As the form slipped from the dark storeroom, Carolyn glanced at her watch, the lit digital numbers showing her barely thirty minutes had passed since the meeting. She might have time to grab a bite before the marketing interview; she smiled and slipped from the storeroom into the busy hallway.

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