Against the Door

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“Hannah!” I turn to see Elliot rushing towards me. I smile as he reaches me and pulls me into a massive bear hug. I hug him back, holding him tightly for a moment. I wait for his hug to loosen before loosening mine. “Long time no see, how are you?” He asks as he releases me from the hug.

“I’m good, all the better after that hug!” I say with a smile. “How are you?”

He grins before replying, “much better now. You smell amazing by the way!” He puts his arm around me as we walk over to a table, his hand lingering longer than it should. “So what are you having?” He asks as I sit down.

“Just a Pepsi for me, I don’t drink anymore” I reply.

“Okay, back in a few” he says as he makes his way to the bar. While he’s gone I sit and think about how we met all those years ago. Who knew that meeting someone in a chat room ten years ago would lead to a friendship like ours. We’ve met up once before years ago at London Comic-Con, being the total geeks that we are.

“Here you go” he says as he places my drink in front of me. He puts his drink down and takes a seat. I notice that he has a Pepsi as well, at least if things do happen it will happen with us both sober. I wasn’t single the last time we met up and neither was he, things are different this time. We’ve gone from just fellow geeks to sexting buddies over the past six months. I don’t remember how it happened exactly but the thought of taking this friendship further excites me.

“So… how is work?” I ask, unsure how to start a conversation that isn’t sex related.

He laughs before answering me. “Work is tiring and boring compared to sitting here with you.” I blush.

We continue talking for over an hour, the excitement building the longer our conversation goes on.

“So… do you have to rush off? I’m only in London for the night and I’d love to hang out more.” He asks.

“Nope, I’m off work tomorrow so I have no plans for the rest of the evening.” I reply with a shy grin.

“Good.” He says before taking my hand and getting up from the table. He walks me outside, putting his arm around me again to keep me warm as the cold wind picks up. He hails a cab and we get in, he gives the address of the hotel where he’s staying and the taxi turns in the needed direction. He pulls me close and we sit together, I snuggle into him and hear him sigh.

The journey to the hotel takes around ten minutes, when we arrive he pays the driver and we walk together up to the entrance. Butterflies dancing in my stomach in anticipation for what is to come.

He takes my hand and leads me in the direction of his room, his speed increased slightly from earlier. We get to his room and he uses his keycard to open the door, he lets me in first and steps in behind me. He switches on the light and closes the door behind himself. I shrug out of my jacket and place it on the hook on the wall beside the door, walking further into the room.

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards him. “I’ve been waiting six months to do this” he says as he spins me around and pushes me against the door, pinning my hands above my head. His mouth crashing down on mine as he kisses me hard. He lets my hands go momentarily as he takes off his jacket, before grabbing them again and deepening the kiss. Our tongues lapping furiously together as the passion heightens. He breaks the kiss, “Don’t fucking move!” He commands as he bends and unzips my boots, removing them and tossing them across the room. He then grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head, exposing full breasts in my red bra. He groans before pulling his shirt off too, throwing it aside, then grabs my chin with one hand. His other takes ahold of my hands again as he kisses me with even more passion and hunger than before.

He grabs my left breast in his hand roughly, making me moan into his mouth. Before the hand makes its way down my body, rubbing my pussy over my leggings. I moan again making his touch even more urgent. He reaches inside my leggings and panties to find my pussy, wet and waiting. He growls as he parts my folds and touches my clit, I groan as he rubs circles around my clit. It hardens at his touch.

He drops to his knees and grabs the top of my leggings and panties pulling them down and removing them. He parts my legs before grinning up at me and places his whole mouth over my mound. I grind my hips instinctively, my breath quickens.

His tongue flicks over my clit making me gasp before parting my lips with his fingers and taking my clit between his lips and sucking gently.

My hands that had stayed above my head fall down and my palms push against the door. My hips still grinding into his mouth. My breathing becoming heavy, I put my hands on his head and pull him closer to me, his mouth and tongue exploring my pussy that’s getting wetter by the second.

“Ugh! You’re gonna make me cum… Elliot… I’m gonna cum!” I scream, he grabs ahold of my ass so I can’t pull away, his licking and sucking getting Escort Sincan faster. My orgasm hits me hard, I writhe and moan. His sucking gets harder as he tries to take in all my juices, he moans, the vibration running through my pussy making the orgasm last longer. I eventually come down from that massive high. He kisses my sensitive pussy gently, sending mini shockwaves through me.

He stands up, my breathing still jagged as he kisses me. He whispers my name before kissing me again. I push him back giving myself room to get down on my knees and open the belt and zipper of his jeans, pulling them down. His erection bouncing as it is exposed. He steps out of the jeans and looks down at me. He growls and grabs me by the throat, pulling me to my feet.

“Let’s see if you really do like it” he growls as he drags me over to the table. Bending me face down over it. My hands splayed out on the table either side of my face, anticipating what is coming.


The sound of the spank echoing around the room, followed by my gasp and moan.


He slaps the other cheek, causing a similar echo followed by a louder moan from me. He looks down and sees my pussy dripping with lust, another growl escapes his lips.


The sound of both cheeks being spanked at the same time eludes me as I concentrate on the ecstasy of the feeling. He drops to his knees again and kisses up my thighs, skipping over my dripping pussy to kiss away the sting of the spanks. Before burying his face in my pussy once again. I groan loudly as his mouth clamps over me, sucking hard, his tongue flicking up and down. He stiffens his tongue and slides it inside my wet cunt, my eyes widen and I let out a gasp.

He groans again before standing and placing his cock at my soaking wet entrance, “Bare?” my mouth opens as I feel him rub the head up and down. Covering himself in my wetness before sinking inside me.

“I don’t want anything between us… Oh fuck!” I gasp again as he reaches the deepest part of me. “Hannah…” he groans out as he backs up, then sinks inside me again. His hands on my hips as he moves in and out of me. I grunt every time he hits that sweet spot deep inside me. I smirk to myself then use my inner muscles to squeeze his cock.

He lets out a loud growl and he pounds me harder. He begins moving more urgent, more frantic. Chasing the orgasm he craves.

“Hannah… fuck… yes!!” He groans between thrusts. I reach up and put my hand on the wall, raising myself a little. Hoping to catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. He senses what I’m trying to do so he grabs a handful of my hair, pulling on it so my head is high enough to see in the mirror. I catch his eye and we make eye contact, he curls his lips in a snarl bad fucks me harder. My eyes roll back in my head as I let the lust fill me, my orgasm building.

“I’m gonna cum inside you, you hear me?” He growls. I nod. “I can’t hear you!” He grunts.

“Yes. Cum in me. Please!” I beg. He lets out a roar as he orgasms, unloading inside me. His grip on my hair tightening, as he yanks me back into him.

My climax hits hard, I jerk violently and scream loud. He continues to fuck me hard as he rides his orgasm out inside me. My legs growing weak as he finally collapses onto my back, breathing heavily as he kisses my shoulder. He stands and pulls out of me, our mixed cum dripping out of me and onto the beige carpet.

He reaches for me and pulls me to him, my legs are shaking so he sweeps me into his arms and heads for the bed. Laying me down gently and climbing onto the bed beside me. Pulling me close, holding me as my breathing returns to normal.

“That was worth the ten years wait!” He says with a grin.

“I thought it was six months?” I question, confusion on my face.

“Nah I lied, I’ve wanted to do that as long as I’ve known you.” I blush and bury my face in his chest. He rolls me over so he’s on top of me.

“And we’re gonna do that again, just as soon as I can.” He says as he kisses me. I moan into his mouth as he kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss him back. I feel movement down near my legs. “Looks like it’s not going to be a long wait”.

My arms around his neck as he continues to kiss me, I’m kissing him back like he’s my oxygen. He breaks the kiss to lift me so I’m sitting up, he reaches around me to undo my bra, my breasts freed in seconds. He pushes me back down and lowers his head to take my left nipple between his lips. I moan as his tongue circles the tight bud, he takes his time alternating between sucking and licking before moving on to my right breast and repeating the licking and sucking.

My back arches slightly as my breathing grows slightly heavier. His hand gently runs down my body, circling my navel before reaching down to where I’m still soaking wet. I gasp as his fingers once again part my folds and he touches my hard clit. He rubs circles around it before exploring lower. Sincan Escort His fingers at my opening, teasing ever so gently. My hips buck up to his hand, trying to impale myself on his fingers.

“Patience baby” he says as he kisses me again. I writhe on the bed, needing his fingers inside me. He moves them back up to my clit again, making me whimper in frustration and then moan in pleasure as he rubs my clit again. “Fuck you’re still soaked, I fucking love it!” He groans out before his fingers move lower again.

His mouth covers mine again in another passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. He pushes two fingers inside me and I moan against his mouth. His fingers move in and out of me slowly, savouring every clench of my pussy around them.

He turns his hand palm up and continues to fuck me with his fingers but also using his thumb to stroke my clit. My breath catches in my throat and he lets out a whispered growl before his lips move down to my neck. He kisses my neck, making me shudder as his fingers slide in and out of me.

He chuckles a little and curls his fingers as he bites my neck. The sensation of his fingers curling and him biting my neck send me into a frenzy. “Ohhhh Elliot…” I moan out as he curls and uncurls his fingers, hitting my g-spot every time he does.

I feel an orgasm begin to build, making my pussy clench around his fingers. He feels it and groans as his teeth sink into my neck again. The bite isn’t painful, pleasure is all I feel, I’m overwhelmed by it. I grind my hips against his hand, desperately chasing my orgasm.

“You’re gonna make me cum again…” a gasp escapes my mouth as I approach the crest of my climax. His fingers get faster and he breathes heavily against my neck. I close my eyes and prepare for what could be the best orgasm of my life.

“Cum for me Hannah” he breathes out. A bright light flashes before my eyes as my orgasm hits like a freight train. I grab ahold of the sheets as I scream and jerk violently on the bed, he holds me as I ride wave after wave of pleasure as my climax takes over my entire body. He moans against my neck as I convulse over and over, I’ve never cum this hard in my life. As the spasms begin to slow and dissipate my grip on the sheets loosen but his hold on me tightens. “Good girl” he says as he nuzzles into my neck.

He releases me from his grip and moves off the bed, walking into the bathroom. I put my hands on my head as I try to catch my breath. He comes back a minute later, takes my hands and pulls me off the bed. Leading me to the bathroom. The tub is filling up and there’s a smell of vanilla in the air, I glance at the bubble bath on the side of the tub and smoke.

“You ran me a bath?” I say with a smile, he nods and helps me into the tub. “Told you that you are a sweetheart.” He grins and walks over to the shower, switching on the water and stepping inside. I lay in the hot water and bubbles, watching his every move. The way his soapy hands run over his body, the way he looks at me as he washes our sin away. I begin to wash myself also.

“Hannah…” he whispers as my hand reaches lower to clean my pussy. I look up at him, directly in the eye and smile. He growls and turns off the shower, stepping out and wrapping a towel around himself. I continue looking at him as I rub myself his eyes widening in shock as I begin to moan. “You’re insatiable!” He says as he grins. “Do not cum… you hear me? You do not cum!”

“Yes sir” I whisper. He lets out another growl and turns to leave the bathroom. “Where are you…?” He’s gone before I finish my sentence. My hand stops running and I frown, pouting slightly. He’s gone for a few minutes, I wonder if he’s left.

“I didn’t say stop” he says reentering the bathroom, a mischievous grin on his face. I open my mouth to speak, he holds his hand up. “Nope. No words. Get out the bath now” I stand and exit the tub. He wraps a bath sheet around me and leads me back into the bedroom.

He’s still wearing his towel so I can only assume that he’s not leaving me. He sits me on the couch and pours me a drink, handing it to me before he sits beside me. He looks uncomfortable for a moment, like he wants to say something but he can’t.

“Is something wrong?” I ask, concerned.

“No baby, I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with what I want to do next. I’m scared to ask.”

“You just ate my pussy, fucked me over the table and fingered me to the most intense orgasm of my life. How can you possibly be scared?” He grins.

“I want to tie you up!” He says, “I want to show you how much I want you.” He pulls me close. “I want to fuck you like I mean it” I get up and walk over to the bed, dropping my towel and laying on my back. He growls and walks over to me, the towel tented over his erection.

“Such a good girl” he whispers as he leans over me to strap my hands to the under mattress restraints he had put in when he left the bathroom. He moves Sincan Escort Bayan around to strap my feet, my legs spread wide. He walks back to my where my head is and his towel falls off, I lick my lips and move my head to take his cock in my mouth. “Ugh Hannah, you’re a very good girl.” I suck hard, making his hips thrust towards me.

“Mmmmm” I moan as I flick my tongue over his hard cock.

He roars and thrusts three more times before pulling out of my mouth and jumping on top of me. “Time for you to be fucked like you have never been fucked before!”

My hands and legs are restrained, Elliot is kneeling on the bed between my spread legs staring at me.

“I want to fuck you so bad but first…” he trails off as he puts his hands under my ass cheeks and lifts me. He growls and places his whole mouth over my pussy.

“Elliot!” I gasp and then moan as be begins to suck on me, the sensation driving me insane. He pulls me as close as possible as his lips open me up for his tongue. It flicks over my clit making me shudder, the first tingles of my impending orgasm making themselves known.

I moan loudly, Elliot’s moan following seconds after, sending vibrations through my already sensitive pussy. His mouth and tongue not letting up and his licks and sucks me closer and closer to another orgasm.

“Fuck!” I scream as the first wave hits me, my entire body vibrating. “Elliot!” I undulated my hips, almost riding his face as my climax rolls through me. His hands squeezing my ass cheeks.

As it dies down his licks and sucks get gentler and softer, my pussy now super sensitive. He lowers me down into his lap, his erection pressing against me. He wipes his hand across his face, removing my wetness from his beard. He smiles and grabs both hips in his hands. He adjusts his position slightly, his cock pushed against my opening.

“It’s time!” He growls as his cock enters me, my wetness making him slide into me easily. My eyes roll back into my head and my mouth opens in a gasp as he pulls me to him, burying his entire length inside me in one agonisingly slow movement. He pants out “it’s like you were made for me!” as he withdraws and slides back inside me.

He withdraws again and slams back into me over and over making me squeal, the slap of flesh against flesh echoing around the room. He grunts my name as he continues to pound me, the angle of my body making my breasts bounce up into my face but I’m too caught up in the moment to even notice. I moan with every thrust, my lust dripping out of me and covering his lap.

He stops pounding for a moment to lean over and unstrap my wrists, lifting me onto his lap. I wrap my arms around him and he begins to move again. “Hold on tight!” He grunts and begins thrusting upward into me. My hips crashing down to meet his, our eyes lock and he takes my mouth with his. Kissing me deeply, our tongues meeting with urgency as we fuck.

He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls, my head tilting back so he has access to my throat. He kisses and licks my neck with the same passion as our kissing, his thrusts never letting up as his mouth moves. I feel that familiar tingle, knowing that my orgasm is approaching. This could be the most intense one of the night, I feel it building and building.

He bites my neck, making me scream out in ecstasy as he continues his relentless pounding. “Elliot!!” I squeal, my grip on him tightening as my pussy clenches around his cock. “I’m gonna…” I trail off as my climax hits and a strangled sound escapes my lips. My nails dig into him as I jerk, shudder and vibrate in his arms. They hold on to me as wave after wave of pleasure flows through me. I’ve always heard about an intense orgasm making you see fireworks in front of your eyes but I’d always assumed it was a myth, until this moment.

Colours flash in front of my eyes, blinding me with complete ecstasy. His hips continuing to thrust up into me, faster as his orgasm hits. He growls and pants as he empties his balls inside me.

His thrusts slow as his orgasm dies down, I go complete limp in his arms, completely spent. He lays me down and falls down on the bed beside me, his breathing heavy. I feel as if I can’t move, my entire body paralysed. He moves over to pull me into his arms and just holds me. My heart rate finally slowing down as I lay in his arms.

We lay together for five minutes, catching our breath as we both come down from the most amazing high. Once I’m finally able to move I wrap my arms around him, holding him tightly. Never wanting this moment to end.

Another few minutes pass before there’s a knock on the door, he groans and gets off the bed. Unstrapping my ankles as he rounds the bed and walks towards the door, grabbing a robe off of the hangar and wrapping himself in it. He throws one at me and I hastily put it on. He opens the door, there is a security officer standing outside.

“Good evening sir, we’ve had complaints from guests on this floor about noise coming from this room. They were concerned about a woman’s screams.” I get off the bed and join him at the door. He takes the sight of my flushed face and the state of my hair. “Oh… I’m so sorry madam.” I grin.

“It’s okay sir, you’re just doing your job.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It was a nice sunny day, not too warm but comfortable. I had been working all morning on a computer that just wasn’t doing what it should when I received a phone call from a lady. Her computer was playing up and could I look at it. I told her sure and took her address down, not too far from me. I told her I would be over in an hour.

When I arrived at her house I was surprised, it was very large with well laid out lawns with shrubs and trees. Nice flowers in the front and down the drive. I went up and rang the doorbell. A lady answered, she was about 25 and had brown eyes, but that was all I could tell as she was wearing a scarf, she was Arabic. Aisha smiled when she saw me and said I must be the computer man. I entered the house and left my shoes at the front door with the others. She guided me inside and showed me where her computer was. It was a fairly new one and had a burner and surprisingly a webcam and scanner.

It didn’t take me long to work out what the problem was, and while I was working Aisha brought me a coffee and a cake and left me to finish. After I had it done I checked the hard drive to see how much space she had left on it, she had lots left, then browsed through the directories being a nosy stickybeak. I just couldn’t help it the webcam had me intrigued. Before I found anything Aisha came back and asked how it was going. I closed explorer and ran scandisk telling her it was all fixed and that I was just running a disk checking program to make sure that was fine.

That was when I got my biggest shock,

“Have you seen the pictures on my computer?” she asked.

“No” I answered honestly ” I hadn’t got that far”.

“Ah, at least your honest” She said laughing.

Just then the scan disk program finished and I told her all was fine.

“Good now if you go to the “my pictures” directory while I am doing something I am sure you will like it” She said looking deeply at me.

I was puzzled, why would a Moslem woman, who are normally very shy, be directing me to her directory of pictures. I would have expected her husband or mother to be here when I came and certainly not expect to be shown any pictures.

Full of curiosity I browsed to the directory and sat stunned. Here she was in pictures that showed her slowly stripping for the camera, then naked, then masturbating, using toys. Under all those clothes she had the body of a goddess. Not a single hair on any part of her body, beautiful breasts with hard brown nipples and big lips that just begged to be sucked. I was mesmerised by it all. There was a movie there so I clicked on it. The music started first, the belly dancing music and then Aisha came into view, slowly dancing Escort Eryaman rotating her stomach. Then as she smiled at the camera she removed items of clothing till she was completely naked, dancing faster and faster as the music sped up.

I heard a noise behind me and looked around to see Aisha standing behind me smiling.

“You like?” she said.

“Yes I do, but why have you shown me? I would not normally expect any woman to show me this let alone…”

“An Arabic women?” she asked. “I hope your not one of these prejudiced pigs” she said

“No, but I know about your religion” I replied.

“My husband and I are separated so he is no longer of any consequence” she replied ” but if your not interested or don’t like me then don’t worry”

“You are magnificent,” I said ” But …”

“Why?” she enquired, ” your honest and trustworthy, you said you hadn’t looked in my hard drive at my pictures yet, which means you were going to and didn’t lie about it. I have had one lover, my husband, he was older than me but very selfish. He only thought of himself. I have been well taught to look after the man but I want a man to look after me. He was also, um how shall I put it, not built to please a woman..” she laughed a bit.

“Dance for me like in the movie please then I will show you how I can please you”.

She told me to wait and went out, after 5 minutes she came back in the same harem costume and put some music on. She slowly started to belly dance. She rotated her stomach and danced over to me leaning over me and pushing her breasts in my face. She smelt like heaven and had me aroused as soon as she started. Slowly she started to remove her clothes. When she just had some material around her waist she danced over and motioned for me to hold the end, I did that and she moved away and started to turn, as she did the material unravelled exposing her legs and arse. I could not wait to lie her back and eat her, I wondered if she would let me play with her beautiful arse, if she would enjoy me eating her, if she sucked cock, if she had even been fucked in the arse, but most of all I was hard in anticipation.

Once she was naked she danced over swinging her hips and smiling, I put my hands on her hips and she danced while I rubbed her then I leant forward and kissed her stomach and ran my tongue around her navel. I held her arse, which was flawless, and slowly licked my way up to her breasts. Her nipples were pointy and hard and her breasts were taught. I licked all around them and took one nipple in my mouth and gently sucked, she stopped dancing and stood there with her fingers running through my hair and sighed. I ran my teeth Eryaman Escort over her nipple and felt it harden even more then I moved my hand around from her arse to her pussy and gently ran my fingers over her smooth mound. Her hips moved with my fingers, gently back and forth showing me how aroused she was. I opened her lips and slid my fingers gently inside her, feeling how wet she was for the first time. I felt her clit poking well out from its hood asking to be licked.

“Come” she beckoned.

I followed her upstairs into a large bedroom with a king sized bed. She turned and kissed me, her mouth open and her tongue in my mouth, we duelled tongues and I sucked on hers rubbing her back and arse gently. She stepped back and undid my shirt and threw it down then she knelt and undid my trousers, pulled my socks off and then my pants and under pants down and away. My dick didn’t hit her in the face only because I was so hard and when she looked at it she smiled. She took me in her soft hand and started to stroke me, licking the pre cum from the tip, then she slowly worked my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking me as I held her head in my hands and enjoyed the sensation. I pulled her head off and told her I was supposed to be pleasing her, at which she smiled.

I moved her over to the bed and we lay down together, wrapped in each other’s arms tongues in each other mouths. I broke the kiss and started to kiss and lick her neck and throat while I teased her nipples, pulling then gently and rolling then in my fingers. I slowly licked down to her breasts, then ran my tongue all around then slowly working in to the centre, and the nipples. When I got to the nipple I flicked it with my tongue and felt Aisha jerk, she was very excited and her hips were moving on their own and groans were issuing from her lips. I moved my hands down and started to rub her thighs gently and softly and she spread her legs wide open for me. Sucked and licked her nipples while I worked into her pussy. I opened her up and run my fingers straight down the centre of her pussy feeling her wetness gush out. I teased her and rubbed her clit and lips. Then I slowly started to lick down to her pussy, over her stomach as she flinched. When she realised what I was doing she told me no.

“Trust me Aisha, you will love this,” I told her.

She lay back and closed her eyes, saying nothing. I licked down to her and ran my tongue over her engorged lips and clit. I sucked her lips into my mouth and flicked her clit with my tongue. I slid two fingers into her tight opening and she moaned and humped on my fingers. I sucked her lips and then ran my tongue straight up and down her them Eryaman Escort Bayan finally circling her clit. All of a sudden she yelled and her hips started to pump and thrust, her first orgasm. It lasted for a minute then subsided, then she started again and came once more. After three I moved back up and looked her in the eyes and she smiled.

“Now what can I do for you my lover?” She said laughingly.

She kissed me and licked her juices off my face, her hand was on my hard cock gently pumping me. She sat up and moved her head down to my cock and took it in her mouth, working it right in till I was down her throat, she was just amazing as she didn’t gag at all as most women do when they try to take me right in. She worked me in and out of her mouth while she was on her knees her arse in the air. I reached over and played with her pussy, her lips hanging open and her juice dripping. I took some juice and rubbed it over her arse working it around her hole. She kept sucking my cock then looked up at me and smiled.

“I said anything for you and if you want me there you can have me” she said’ but I want to feel this big thing inside my other place first.”

“Did you mean anything?” I asked.

“Of course” she replied.

“Then that’s a dick you have in your hand or a cock,” I told her “and I am going to fuck your cunt and your arse, now repeat that.”

“You are going to fuck my cunt and my arse with your big huge cock,” she said laughing

She moved around and knelt over me guiding my cock into her as she kissed me. Her cunt was tight and wet and warm and felt wonderful. She groaned as she slid down on me, “Oh fuck me,” she said. Slowly working her hips she worked herself up to another orgasm as I sucked her nipples. I was so close to coming so many times but I was lucky to hold off. She then got off me and knelt down offering her arse to me. I knelt behind her and worked my finger into her arse with her juices, she was rubbing herself as I got her well lubed ready for me cock. I moved in and rubbed my cock all over her cunt, getting it wet then I slid it into her cunt surprising her, I stroked her a few times then slid out and slowly started to work my cock into her arse. She just opened for me and I slid in deep, then she pushed back to take more of me.

“Oh yes fuck my arse with your big cock please” she panted out.

I grabbed her hips and started to pump in and out, working with her rhythm harder and deeper. I could feel my cum boiling up and she was reaching a peak. I buried myself deep just as she came again and I felt my cock spurt into her as I pumped and pumped and pumped, so much cum. I was out of breath and panting as my load emptied into her.

We lay there regaining our senses, in each other’s arms.

She sat up on one arm and smiled at me saying, “so can I book you again next week for my next computer lesson, I think I will need a lot. I think next week I will concentrate on oral lessons.”

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All Too Real

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Author’s Note: This story is not only a follow-up to “None of this is Real,” but also set in the same college, one year after the events of “We Rule the School.” You don’t have to read either to get the idea, but a little context might help. 😉


Before the party, Cindy Park was anxious. Her first two months of college had been an exhilarating blur of new experiences, liberally soaked in alcohol, of course. She had gotten in to Kappa Delta Alpha, the most sought after sorority on campus. Little did she know that the cost of getting in had been a bukkake show for the boys of Alpha Delta. Her own chapter president, Charlotte Baldwin, had sold her to the ADs to get plastered with cum, and even planned to reject her. Only the command of Alpha Delta’s puppet master, Simon Chalfont, had gotten her admitted. All along, Cindy had believed it was just a prank: some artificial “cum” squirted from a squirt gun to trick her. To her, none of it was real.

As the party began, Cindy was excited. She was dressed to kill: a lavender sequined spaghetti strap top with designer skinny jeans and black strappy heels from Calvin Klein. None of the guys would notice her impeccable taste, though: most of them would be staring at her tits. While she wished she had longer legs, bigger boobs, rounder eyes, and a firmer tummy, Cindy nevertheless knew she looked hot. A lot of the girls were turning heads, but she thought she could detect a little more attention from the boys on her than on anyone else. A few even turned and whispered to each other when she walked by. Cindy assumed they were just commenting on how good she looked.

Once the drinks started to flow, she was in the mood. Her wavy hair, dyed caramel brown to make her stand out from other Asian girls, bounced up and down as she danced to the sounds of Daft Punk and Robin Thicke. Her body was tingling from the alcohol, and a sheen of sweat shone on her cleavage. Her smoky eyes surveyed the room during her brief respites from dancing, looking for the guy she was crazy over.

When her crush, Will, came over to talk to her, she was giddy. She felt so nervous talking to him, but the alcohol loosened her up and gave her confidence. Will was so handsome and strong–way better looking than most of his brothers–and ever since he had helped her through her hazing, Cindy had fantasized about him. Now he was there, talking to her, offering her a bottle of water, so she wouldn’t get too drunk in a room full of horny frat boys. What a gentleman.

After Will led her up to his room, she was overwhelmed. On the one hand, she was thrilled that he had picked her out of all the girls at the party. She wanted him badly and hoped that tonight might be the start of a passionate fling–maybe even more. On the other hand, her sisters had filled her in on how to snag a boyfriend and not end up as a “pump and dump.” The rules were simple: Sex only after dates. Handjobs were fine, but no blowjobs for first time hook-ups. Never more than one guy at a time.

As soon as she took her clothes off, she felt self-conscious. Most guys acted like they were over the moon for her. Will played it cool, unimpressed. She knew he had seen her before, of course, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling like he wasn’t totally into her. She gave him a shy smile that seemed to get his attention.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said.

“I can,” was his reply.

When Cindy took Will’s cock into her mouth, she felt conflicted. She was breaking a rule: this wasn’t a date, they had never gone out before, and yet she was blowing him. She wanted Will so bad, though, that she couldn’t get hung up on the rules. Will lay back contentedly as she slid her lips up and down his engorged member. Her small hands pumped at the base of his shaft, until he pushed them away and used his hand on the back of her head to gag her on his thick pole. She started to choke, and pulled back with heavy ropes of thick saliva attached to Will’s cock. She smiled weakly at him and took a few shallow breaths before he forced her beautiful face back into his crotch.

The moment Will thrust his meaty cock into her tight Asian pussy, Cindy felt panic. She hadn’t intended to go this far, but it was hard to say “no” to a guy like Will. Now here she was, bent over into a triangle, her ass in the hair and her head buried into a pillow. In a flash, Will was above her, ruthlessly pounding her pussy, not giving her a chance to slowly adjust. Though he might not have known (or cared), his powerful body was causing her as much pain as pleasure. When he slapped her ass, it made her whole body shake. When he pressed her face with one hand into the pillow and called her his “little yellow cum bucket,” she felt humiliated and embarrassed. Didn’t he like her?

Only after she swallowed Will’s cum, without any show of resistance or complaint, though, did Cindy understand. He looked down at her and told her she had a tight pussy, but that she’d need to do a better job blowing him if she wanted to see Escort Kızılay him again. He even told her he was disappointed, since most chink bitches were desperate to suck white cock and were natural pole smokers. For guys like Will, she was a collection of holes for his dick, a semen receptacle, a piece of Asian ass he could laugh about with his friends before boning some new slut. She saw herself in that moment as he saw her.

Most of all, she recognized the taste of semen, a taste now so familiar to her. As she walked home that night, she spotted Charlotte coming out of the back entrance of the frat house, looking upset and disheveled. Everything clicked in her mind: that whole night, at the end of rush, had been real, all too real. Those guys had really jerked off onto her face. She really had swallowed their disgusting cum, though it hadn’t seemed that bad at the time. Worst of all, everyone had lied to her: Will, Charlotte, probably even her “big sister” Mindy. Charlotte! She had to be the one behind this. She was in charge of rush. Cindy didn’t know what to do with this kind of knowledge.

At home, she lay on her bed, angry, humiliated, and on the verge of tears. She almost couldn’t bear to look at the text she received as she lay there curled up, but she wanted to see who sent it. It was from Will.

“great time fucking u 2nite. sullys turn next time–stretch ur asshole 1st”

Cindy felt her whole body grow hot. Would he tell everyone? What would her sisters say? Hell, had this happened to all of them? She suddenly felt like joining Kappa Delta Alpha was the biggest mistake of her life. Will’s message seemed more like a threat than a joke, too.

Cindy sunk her head into her hands. How was she going to get out of this?


Charlotte Baldwin was terrified as she approached the Alpha Delta house. She was walking in, voluntarily, knowing that a house full of frat guys were about to cum on her face. She felt like she was going to throw up. Every cell of her body wanted to turn and run away, and only a greater fear of what that would mean kept her on the path to her own degrading fate.

Greed, addiction, and a callous indifference to others had all contributed to bring her here. But most of all, Charlotte was delivering herself into the belly of the beast because of stubborn pride, a terror of being exposed to the sorority for what she had done and an even greater fear of facing punishment for it. She had sold Cindy to the Alpha Deltas, and they used deception about the hazing process to use her face for ejaculation target practice. Though Cindy never found out what happened, Charlotte still had to contend with Simon, who demanded she get the same treatment Cindy had, only this time without the blindfold.

Charlotte thought about what would happen that night, even though she would have preferred not to. If she was lucky, the fraternity brothers would be the only ones there: they could’ve sold tickets for the right to jizz on the ice queen to half the guys on campus. If she was lucky, that was all they would do: once she got there, who was to say they would not all try to fuck her too? If she was lucky, it would all be over tonight: nothing stopped them from filming the whole thing and using it to extract more and more from her.

She half-expected to find all the guys crowded around the door when she entered, but the entryway was empty, except for a Mexican guy she didn’t recognize. She felt a sudden, knee-jerk fear: a minority was there! This night couldn’t get much worse.

“You the bitch for the blowbang?” he asked.

Charlotte felt furious, to be talked down to by someone she saw as so inferior. What was he doing there anyway? She knew that, whatever horrors the Alpha Deltas were capable of, they would not go so far as to admit “the help” to their ranks.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” she snapped. “Where’s Simon?”

“Hey, slow your roll, bitch. You don’t want me pissed at you too,” he said with a smirk.

The man eyed her up and down. Charlotte was tall, almost 6’0″, with a lean, toned body. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a French twist, and she had the refined look of a classic WASP: slightly pinched nose, pronounced cheekbones highlighted by the faintest of blush, a graceful, delicate jaw line. She also had flawless C-cup tits, enhanced by the best plastic surgeon in Westport.

Charlotte glared at him, unsure of whether he was even supposed to be there.

“Well, c’mon then, I’ll take you down to him.”

She followed the brute down two stories, still without seeing a single AD brother. She entered an antechamber, where a pretty blonde girl was waiting on a sofa.

“That her, baby?” she asked.

Charlotte thought the girl looked faintly ridiculous. She was dressed like a cheap slut: one of those skimpy, sequined halter tops you’d find in a crappy mall store, in a hot pink color that only men would find attractive. Charlotte’s tasteful couture and Kızılay Escort classic jewelry set her apart from street trash like this girl. The girl’s skirt was too short, her heels too high, her hair too blonde, her tits too big, her lips too red: everything about the girl screamed to Charlotte that she was just another whore, for some Mexican no less.

“Yeah, she’s here for them fuckers to bukkake,” he said, running his fingers through the slut’s silky blonde hair.

“She’s pretty,” the girl responded, “but she looks mean. Why’s she going along with it?”

Charlotte was sick of being treated like she wasn’t even there. Who was this bitch to talk about her like that?

“None of your business, bitch,” she responded. “Why don’t you go back to the whorehouse you came from and go fuck this ugly thing?”

The blonde slut didn’t flinch.

“Oh, I will go home and fuck my boyfriend tonight. Meanwhile, you’ll be glued to the floor with cum,” she responded with cruel glee. “That’s right–I know what ‘bukkake’ means.”

The blood drained from Charlotte’s face. Everyone knew.

“Still,” the slut continued, her tone changing a bit, “you might want to go ahead and take those clothes off. If they see you in them, they’re going to ruin them. They’ve seen plenty of tits–now they like making you go home in your clothes all covered in sperm. You’re a bitch, but still, I’m only human.”

The tacky, unpleasant couple didn’t wait for her to respond; the girl stood up, holding onto the guy’s hand, and they left the room. Charlotte never once caught their names, though that wasn’t much of a concern.

No one came into the room for five minutes. Time passed slowly for Charlotte. She began to panic, again desperate to leave the house and never return. She knew what would await her: disgrace at Kappa Delt, probable arrest on drug charges, and then whatever other retribution that Simon would dream up.

Just then, the wall-mounted television started playing something. At first it was just four black and white squares, each with the letter C, in the opposite color of the box inside. Then the sound started to kick in, dull and low at first, but increasingly audible. It was the sound of sex, at first like one girl, but intensifying to a cacophony of guttural moans, high pitched screams, and what sounded like the laughter of a roomful of men. The squares exploded, one at a time, the “c” becoming a word:

College Coed Cumslut Compilation

Then the year, 2014-2015 appeared, the previous academic year. The screen exploded into a burst of white and when the picture returned, a pretty, busty brunette was splattered with a thick, creamy load, right in her left eye. She barely had time to adjust before another blast of sticky cum coated her lips and chin. The video cut to another girl, a petite Asian beauty, grimacing in pain as a guy thrust into her from behind. He slapped her ass hard, and she immediately spun around to take a load of cum right into her mouth.

The video continued like that, and Charlotte even started to recognize some of the girls. A couple of them were Kappa Delts. Some looked beyond wasted, others frightened, but they were all in the same position in the end: covered in semen. The worst for Charlotte was the laughter. As each girl was doused in slimy goo, laughter erupted. It was like seeing the same joke told over and over, the punchline always the same, and it killing every time. It never got old for these guys, humiliating girls by draining their balls into mouths and onto faces.

Some of the girls were wearing clothes, too. Charlotte started to turn over the irritating slut’s words. She had come to the house, after all, knowing that she’d probably be covered in cum. Taking off her clothes seemed like a good idea. At the same time, volunteering to undress, in an empty room no less, seemed too horrible to contemplate. The fear of cum ruining her $600 Kate Spade top, though, got the better of her. She was down to a sexy, but exquisitely tasteful matching set of bra and panties when the door finally swung open. Charlotte felt a sudden rush of embarrassment, as she’d almost gotten used to being alone.

“I was beginning to think you’d back out,” Simon said. “I’m glad to see you listened to Chastity. She’s much smarter than you are.”

Charlotte was too afraid to let the comment make her too angry. She instinctively reached her arms up to cover her bra-clad breasts.

“I’ve…I’ve changed my mind,” she blurted out, without even thinking through the consequences. “I can’t do this–it’s too awful!”

“I thought you might say that,” Simon replied, not surprised in the least by her abrupt reversal. “It takes a certain kind of gutless whore to pimp out a pledge for coke money when you’re already rich. I mean, do you see any of the guys around?”

Charlotte was wounded by his words and readied her acid tongue for a stinging reply. She choked those words down, though, hoping to get out of Simon’s little lair with her Kızılay Escort Bayan dignity intact.

“So…could you just let this go?” she responded tentatively.

Simon’s eyes pierced her intensely. Charlotte knew it wouldn’t be that easy. She uncrossed her arms from her chest and placed them on her hips, hoping to project a little confidence, maybe even defiance.

“Well, I told myself that if you came here prepared to pay what you owe me, then I’d go easy on you. But, of course, you didn’t. Now, I think you just don’t respect me, do you?”

Charlotte shook her head vigorously, unknowingly causing her tits to jiggle enticingly. Though not as bouncy as natural breasts, they still move better than most implants.

“I do. It’s just–I’m not like these other sluts. I just can’t do that kind of thing. It’s just so…disgusting,” she said pleadingly.

Simon ran his hand through his hair and for the first time really smiled.

“I get it. These guys too low rent for you? Well, I want to hear your offers. What could you give me that I don’t already have? I’ll listen to whatever you’ve got to offer.”

Charlotte racked her brain, desperate for something to give Simon to keep him from humiliating her or destroying her future. She knew that without that, her life as she knew it was over: either she’d be booted from KDA and branded a skanky, backstabbing drug addict bitch, or she’d be the cheap cum slut punchline at every frat party. Anything was better than that.

“I can get you more girls…I can get them to do whatever you want,” she promised.

“Right now, ten billion little Alpha Deltas are swimming around in some Kappa Delt slut’s stomach. You saw the damn video–we can fuck any of you whores, anytime we want. What else?”

“I can…pay you?”

Simon rolled his eyes.

“You’ve got to be joking. I paid you, dumbass. You think I just wanted interest? Is that all?”

Charlotte thought hard. Everything depended on this. She was going to have to swallow her pride, and maybe more than that.

“We could keep this between us. I mean, if I didn’t have to…you know…with those other guys, then you could…I mean I would–“

“–make all my wildest dreams come true? bring me to heights of sexual ecstasy? I doubt it,” Simon replied wryly. “Still, it’s better than what you’ve offered so far. I don’t believe a word of it, but it’s a start. Let me see what I’m buying.”

Charlotte stood frozen. Simon’s face went from normal to beastly in a flash, though little changed about his flat, hard voice.

“I said take your fucking clothes off and let me see your tits and your fucking pussy, slut.”

Charlotte flinched and hastily removed her last shreds of clothing. She made no effort to cover herself, nor to resist when Simon came over to her and began running his hands across her body. His firm hands began at her shoulders, running down over her breasts. He let his hands move downwards, across her taut stomach to her snatch, beginning at the top of the clit and continuing, insistently but never roughly, until he buried his middle finger to the second knuckle into her box.

“Cunt’s a bit loose, but the tits make up for it some. How’s the O-ring?”

Charlotte’s head was swimming, and she didn’t know how to respond.

“I don’t…what?”

Simon spelled it out slowly, like he was talking to a child.

“I asked you how tight the muscle in your asshole is. Is is stretched out from taking dick or do you still have your anal cherry?”

Charlotte started to cry.

“Please don’t do that. I’ve never–“

Simon didn’t have time for her babbling.

“OK, so I’d be the first cock in your ass. I like that. I’m going to take a guess and say you’ve never eaten pussy…but maybe, just maybe, you’ve gotten a few impressionable pledges under your skirt to go muff diving, huh?”

Charlotte feared his reaction if she lied, but the embarrassment of admitting she’d gotten girls to pleasure her with their fingers and mouths was too much.

“No,” she swore, “never. I don’t do that.”

Simon cocked an eyebrow.

“You’re lying. No matter, this is supposed to be private, right? I couldn’t have you eating cunt all over campus, could I? No, I’d keep everything secret. That means no fraternity gangbangs, just daily anal poundings from me; no bukkake, but a daily dose of my cum. But you’ve also got to think, instead of getting it over with tonight, you’re signing up for whatever I dish out. I mean, it’s all just to keep your fucking reputation, right?”

Charlotte felt so humiliated and ashamed. She knew he was right. The sadistic, soulless monster was right. That was exactly what she was going to do.

“Yes, OK, yes!,” she cried out. “You win. You’re going to turn me into your slave and treat me like shit, and it’s all so that people don’t find out about me.”

Charlotte was bawling hysterically. From a haughty and arrogant bitch, she had broken down into a hopeless, submissive whore to Simon’s will. Naked, in tears, pledging to allow Simon to violate her body as often and in whatever way he liked, though, she held on to the shred of pride that his pledge of secrecy promised. She could still be herself, be the powerful woman she had once been, in front of everyone else.

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Alone Time

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It had been such a long week in work. I was up to my eyes every day, but Friday was the worst day by far. Everything that could go wrong did. So by the time I got home I was wrecked, all I wanted to do was sit down and watch a good film and have a few drinks with my husband. I had gotten us a Chinese takeaway and a few bottles of wine on my way home. When I got in I left the bags on the table and ran upstairs to change into my pj’s . I called out to my husband to put the food out but there was no answer. When I came back down stairs I found a note on the table. It was from Tom, it said that he had to go out with clients for the night and that I wasn’t to wait up.

I was disappointed but there was nothing I could do about it, I’d just have to drink all the wine by myself. So I put some of the food onto a plate and opened the wine. I poured myself a big glass of it and went into the sitting room to watch a nice chick flick and enjoy my meal.

Two hours later, I was on my second bottle and starting another movie. The stress of the week had completely left me. I was quite tipsy and very relaxed. The second movie was more of a girly romance, there was quite a lot of sex scenes in it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was porn, more like mommy porn!

Half way through the movie I found myself getting quite aroused. I’m not sure if it was because of the nearly empty second bottle of wine or the fact that I was completely alone, but I found myself gently stroking my breasts. It was outside my clothes but still I was enjoying the feeling. Etimesgut Escort

I had never done anything like this before, all my friends had vibrators, but I just never felt the urge to do anything like that before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude or anything. In fact me and Tom had a very good sex life. We had done lots of kinky and freaky things, in the bedroom and out of it. I loved a bit of alfresco sex on a summer evening. Maybe it was down to our healthy sex life that I had never felt the need to masturbate, Tom was always more than able to fulfill my every sexual desire.

Never the less I continued to play with myself. Soon just rubbing outside my top was not enough so I unbuttoned my top and slipped my hand into my bra. My nipples were standing erect already so just a small tug had my pussy pulsing in a familiar way.

In the movie the couple were slowly undressing each other as they kissed passionately. I was imagining me and Tom doing that to each other as I licked my fingers to add a little moisture to my hard nipples, by this time I had pulled the cup of my bra back so my tits were fully exposed to allow me better access.

As the couple in the movie were getting more into it so was I. I was beginning to enjoy myself a lot, I was starting to understand the attraction my friends had with vibrators and for the first time in my life I slipped my hand under the waist band of my pants and into my knickers. I was surprised to feel that I was very wet down there.

As the couple I was Escort Etimesgut watching began to explore each other’s bodies I was exploring my own. I must say I was surprised how nice it felt to touch my own pussy. As l lay back on the couch the man in the film had gone down on his partner and she was moaning loudly as his tongue licked at her juices. I began to imagine Tom was here with me and that he was the one licking my pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fantasy.

I was very close to the end when I opened my eyes and got the fright of my life when I saw Tom standing over me. I hadn’t heard him come home. I quickly pulled my hands away and started to fix my clothes, but Tom caught my wrists and stopped me. He kissed me and asked me to continue what I was doing.

At first I was hesitant, but he assured me it was a turn on. So, slowly I put my hand back down my pants. I was still quite wet and it didn’t take me long to get horny again. Tom sat down on the chair opposite me and watched as I played with my pussy and my now fully exposed tits. I kept my eyes on him the whole time and I could see his erection straining to be released.

I put the first two fingers of the hand that was playing with my nipples in my mouth and sucked them to create some moisture for my hard nipple. Toms eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw me do this. He shifted in his seat to try adjust his erection, but this obviously didn’t help and he had to open his zip instead.

I let out a gasp when I saw his cock, it Etimesgut Escort Bayan looked bigger than I ever saw it. Obviously my little show was really turning him on. Seeing that he was enjoying it turned me on even more, so I quickened my pace and pinched hard on my nipple. His hand slowly slid down towards his cock and then he wrapped his fingers around it. Slowly he began pumping it. He kept looking at my face for reassurance that what we were doing was ok with me. I nodded slightly and moaned his name to signify I was enjoying myself as much as he was. With my unspoken permission he began rubbing his cock faster, my fingers quickened too.

After about a minute of watching him play with himself and my furious fingering my dripping pussy I was bucking my hips in anticipation of my orgsam. I moaned his name and told him I was super close. He continued pumping as he walked over to my side. His cock was so close to my mouth I could taste it if I moved my head a fraction. I tried to lick the tip but he pulled back and told me I was to make myself cum so he could watch me pleasure myself. At these words I fell apart as my orgsam rippled through me. I was bucking and moaning loudly, so loudly in fact I didn’t hear as Tom began to cum.

I heard him call out my name at the same time as I felt wet on my tits. I looked up and saw Tom wanking ferociously over me as his cum shot all over my tits. I rubbed some of it into my nipples and tugged on them as I waited for him to be done.

When he had finished he collapsed onto the couch next to me. He grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and cleaned off the mess he had made. As we lay spooning on the couch we both agreed that that was one of the hottest things we had ever done and that we were definitely going to do it again. Only next time we would have a vibrator too!!

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Alice , Joel: The First Meeting

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She arrived in the city that afternoon, able to check into her hotel as soon as she got there. Staying at such a nice place was going to be a hit to her wallet, but she wanted this – needed this to happen the way she had always dreamed it would.

She knew he worked at a restaurant close by, and it had been months since they had spoken. But he would want to see her, after 8 years of on and off communication over the phone, they were star crossed lovers who had never had the opportunity to be together. She was going to change that this week.

After checking in, she went to her room and took a long luxurious bath, shaving every inch of her legs and pussy – knowing he would touch every inch of her.

She spent an hour fixing her thick, long brown hair into soft curls and pulling it back to one side. She put on just enough makeup to enhance her eyes and smooth her skin, but not so much to be considered “painted.” A touch of dark pink lip gloss.

She agonized over what clothes to pack, and settled on a form fitting royal blue sheath dress. Business casual so she would fit in with the rest of the dinner crowd, but sexy. She hated to have to wear the shape wear underneath, but even that was sexy on its own and she wanted her silhouette to please him when he saw her walking. She also settled on a plain, nude heel.

The hard part would be walking into the restaurant and sitting down at the bar she was hoping, praying, that he would be tending.

He was. She saw him as soon as she walked in the door, he was helping an older couple at the opposite end of where she sat down. She was watching him, waiting to see his face when he Escort Çankaya finally looked up and saw her. He didn’t disappoint. Every thought he had showed across his face – shock, anger, confusion, but then it settled into a grin.

He walked over casually, saying, “hey, I’m Joel. I’ll be taking care of you tonight, what can I get for you?”

She said, “hi Joel, I’m…thirsty. Looking for something to take the edge off. What do you recommend?”

He gave her a few options and when she settled on one, he said, “I’ll need to see your ID.”

She cocked an eyebrow, and flirtatiously responded, “you don’t think I’m older than 21?”

He leaned in close, and said, “I need to make sure of your name, Alice.”

Her face flushed – but she reached into her handbag and handed over her license. He looked at it, satisfied that she was who he thought and returned it. She watched him fix some sort of mixed drink that she would have never ordered on her own – but it was tasty and she sipped at it while she watched him work.

He was fucking with her, not acknowledging her beyond calling her by name before reading it on her license. He knew who she was, why wasn’t he interacting with her more?

He was trying not to panic. He had to have her, as soon as humanly possible, but he was at work and had to stay focused. Damn she made it difficult, sitting at the end of his bar, putting his job in jeopardy.

He’d be lying if he didn’t look for her every day, knowing this was one of her biggest fantasies. She had talked about it often, and now here she was, looking so pretty it hurt his chest. He’d have to tell Çankaya Escort her that later, but for now…

A few minutes later he came over and asked if she would like to order anything for supper.

She said, “no, the edge is gone. I think I’m ready for my check.”

She was furious. What a fucking waste…until, he glanced around, checking to see if anyone was around.

He said, “go to the ladies restroom and leave the door unlocked. I’ll be there in 1 minute.”

She was standing there, her heart racing, leaning her bottom against the sink counter. Waiting for him. The door handle turned and she felt sick – and then, there he was, close enough to touch. She didn’t trust herself to move.

He came to her, pushed both hands through her hair, gripping the side of her face…he leaned in, forehead to forehead, looking into each other’s eyes and breathing so hard. He kissed her lips – barely touching her mouth with his.

He buried his face in her neck, while his hands reached down to the hem of her dress, pulling it up around her waist. He roughly grabbed one thigh, spreading her legs, then he worked furiously to release himself from his trousers.

She reached down and took him in her soft hand, gently rubbing the tip…she knew she didn’t want this to be the first time he was inside of her. She wanted a bed for that, so she rubbed his hard cock along the slit of her dripping wet pussy.

She was so wet. He was covered in her juices without even being inside of her – he wanted to see it on her tongue, so he slid his hands through her hair again, then roughly pushed her to her knees, Çankaya Escort Bayan they’d talked about this so many times before, she knew exactly what to do.

He watched as she slid the flat of her tongue along his throbbing cock, watching her tongue glisten with her spit and her pussy juice. She wrapped her lips around him at the base and slid up, cleaning al the juice off of him.

She looked up at him as she opened her mouth into an O and he could see it spread across the opening. She licked her lips, enjoying the taste of herself. He gripped her hair tight again, and said to her, “finish me, quickly.”

She went at it, using her hands and spit, working his cock like she had always dreamed about. She slid her tongue along the slit in the tip, loving him with her mouth.

It didn’t take long, he didn’t saying anything to her, refocused and stared at her face, looking in her eyes as he started cumming in her mouth. He adored how eager she was to swallow every drop, and she did – she cleaned his cock with her mouth before he released her hair and she stood up.

She was a little shaky as she wiped her mouth. She didn’t know what to say, and neither did he. He watched her in the mirror as he washed his hands, then he walked out.

She leaned against the sink, her mind reeling at what just happened. She washed her hands and waited a few moments before also walking out. She went back to her place at the bar, and he came over to her.

He handed her the check for her drink. “Where are you staying?” he asked. She shrugged. Before he could respond, he was called away by a coworker. She put a $20 bill and her room key in the card slot, got up and walked out. He saw her as she was opening the door, he didn’t know what to think.

He retrieved the folder and saw a ritz Carlton room key, and the numbers “810” written in sharpie at the bottom. She would be expecting him…

…to be continued.

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Candy Land Pt. 01

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Author’s note: After finding a journal of mine from many years ago, I began to transcribe my more youthful fantasies, infusing them with the embellishment of someone who has learned a little bit more about how the world works (I actually don’t know much on how it works, don’t take advice from me). Just enjoy what is right in front of you.

This is a fictional work. Everyone is 18 years of age or older. Enjoy.


Mina had carried out Carson and strapped him into his car seat after the horn honked, signaling the children’s pick up. The eldest, Abby, despite the late hour pranced out beside her and buckled herself in.

“Had a good night?” Their father asked and she clicked her heels together and grinned as an answer. Directing his tone to Mina he smiled. “Thanks again for taking them on short notice you are a lifesaver.”

“Daniel helped too.”

“Daniel’s an I-D-I-O-T.”

Justifiably, his older brother was right, Daniel was one from head to toe. When Mina had first met Daniel across her aisle seat on a 747 heading across the country she could have crossed her heart and swore she’d never be living with the man. Through a twist of fate she became his brother’s nanny after her permanent move.

Daniel was older than her by several years, both he and his brother immersed in the creative arts. It didn’t take long for them to drag her under, into the world of drawing boards and think tanks. She held a nine to five, but those children were now family. She wasn’t just their nanny, she was their aunt.

“Auntie, daddy spelled a bad word,” Abby cried out, still clicking her heels together.

“She’s onto me, better get them home,” he chuckled and put the car in drive as Mina waved goodbye and strode into the house Daniel and her occupied.

They weren’t lovers, they weren’t married. They weren’t anything but best friends. That was the ultimate twist of fate, how she could have let this narcissistic, know-it-all into her life and find semblances of joy in his company.

Already he was washing the dishes, scrubbing neon orange cheese from a pot. “Get me something to drink will you.”

Mina slid him a sippy cup that had been on the counter with a wry smile. “Bottoms up.”

“You think I won’t drink from this then you don’t know me.”

“I know you will.” And he did, lifting the cup and sucking in grape juice completely expressionless. She pulled wine from the fridge, opening the new bottle. “Want some adult grape juice?”

He slid the sippy cup back to her without thought and she filled it just to be funny, using a stemless wine glass for her own. They had a system here, a life – one she didn’t want to leave anytime soon. He was one of the few who understood her workaholic nature, just as she knew why he didn’t sleep much at night.

“Much better. I’ll finish here, you get the den,” he said and she took her wine with her as she collected toys and placed them in the bins. All except for Abby’s stuffed giraffe, which she tossed on the sofa with intent to bring it over in the morning. Fluffing pillows, she nestled them against the sofa and finally got onto her hands and knees as she started picking up the pieces from a disturbing round of Candy Land where everything but the board had ended up on the floor.

Even after all this, the dishes, the mess, the too big parade of shoes she let Abby try on from her closet, Mina was pretty sure she wanted one.

Sorting through the cards to place them in order she tossed the thought around an realized she was nowhere close. With a snort she gulped down her glass of wine, only to have it refilled moments later by Daniel as he sank onto the floor beside her.

He was no small man, his height towering and build large. She liked his eyes best of all, such a soft blue they sometimes looked periwinkle.

“Don’t get down here I’ll have to call the fire department to get you back up,” she took a jab at his age somewhere pinned in his mid-thirties.

He still drank from the sippy cup, only he had removed the the lid. “Fuck off.”

“Fine, I will, and I’ll leave you here too.”

“You’re not that cruel,” he said and took the stack from her hand, placing it down Escort Ankara and setting up two pieces to play, obviously nowhere near ready to sleep.

“Yes I am, and I’ll cheat to win just to prove my point,” she said with a grin as she drew a colored square and took her place on the rainbow trail as was the premise of the game.

“I’ll throw the board across the room and make you pick up all the pieces again.”

Mina submitted to playing. The two of them finishing the bottle of wine easily and opening another just in time for her to get sent nearly back to the start. She retaliated by indeed throwing his piece across the room in a tussle of limbs.

When they were through his hand remained on hers and Mina felt the same flair of tension she did when they passed each other in the hallway from the bathroom after a shower. Or when he’d press his hand into the small of her back for the briefest second in the store. Or how his fingers would brush her neck when he’d tied an apron around her in the kitchen.

But each instance passed, yet not this time. He groomed it, holding onto her hand for a bit longer. “Go get the piece.”

“Uh, I can’t.”

“So defiant.”

“Not exactly, someone’s holding my hand and won’t let go.” She smiled easily because of the wine.

So did he. “I won’t. You’re right. Guess I’ll just have to repurpose my piece. The remote control will be my gingerbread man,” Daniel said and set the remote onto the board with his free hand.

“It takes up too much space, no way! It was this ingenious thinking that made Abby try to use the board as a gigantic spinner. Candy Land isn’t supposed to be so complicated. All you do is pick up cards and move to the matching color.”

“Creativity runs in the family, what can I say.”

“You can say your family is nuts,” Mina offered.

“Certifiably,” he smirked and finally released her hand to tap the side of his head knowingly. “But just wait until your children pop out, then you’ll know crazy. Cause if anyone is certifiable, it’s you.”

“Then good thing I’m never going to have them.”

“You keep saying that, but I know you. The way you looked at Abby tonight, you’re hormones must be killing you with all that primal instinct,” he chuckled through a sip of wine.

It made her want to hit the bottle over his head. “And what about you, mister, making airplane noises to feed a baby.”

“Cause I’m a great uncle.”

“Ever have that primal urge to become a dad, I mean you already have the body,” she mocked, leaning forward to rest a hand against his softer stomach, giving it a few pats.

“So not nice, Mina,” he barked and tugged at her arm, pulling her into him so he could give her hips a little pinch. “And what do they say about hips like these.”

“That you better watch where your hands go,” she grumbled in warning.

He retaliated by cupping either side of her, so if she hadn’t been fully drawn to him already she would have been in that moment. She was half on her knees, half leaning into him. But fully wasn’t his type with her wide hips, and thick thighs. Her soft and pale torso with equally soft breasts. Her soft, kind smile.

It didn’t mean he wasn’t her type. A little part of her knew he always had been. She liked his arrogance because it often kept him accountable. His need for perfection, diligent. His aspirations were unobtainable, but he never stopped trying.

“I’m watching where my hands are,” he smirked, moving them up her sides slowly.

“You’re not watching, you’re looking at my face.”

“Yeah, I am. But I know right where they are.”

“Then allow me to show you where they should be,” she huffed roughly and easily detached his hands, pushing them back and above his head so they pressed into the sofa cushion.

“You know, normally I’m the one in your position. Dominance looks good on you.”

She froze, breath catching. Her grip on his hands loosened, but he didn’t let go. He kept her hovering over him, her dark hair falling around them.

“Does it?” Mina asked softly, feeling the tension between them as she had never before. It grew in those seconds she waited for an answer.

Daniel Ankara Escort must have felt it too, how unbearable it was, because he answered her by stretching his neck forward, pressing his lips to hers just so it would break.

And it shattered

Her whole body imploding instantly. Lips parting over his, body wilting as she surrendered to the heat of his hands crawling down her arms and back as he embraced her fully.

Mina settled into his lap, her hands diving into his hair as she let her lips slant over his. He wasn’t shy. Of course he wouldn’t be. Daniel knew just how to get her to gasp, giving her sides a firm squeeze so his tongue could slip against hers.

No one was watching anything then, her eyes closed and as well as his, as they dragged out a kiss until they were breathless.

Eyes squinting open, she peered down at Daniel, his lips parted and swollen. He looked a little disheveled, hair sticking up. All it took was one lingering glance and the tension mounted once more.

The two colliding this time, pulling each other back in for fevered kisses as his hands told her what he wanted: her. They slid under her shirt, grabbing at her in a way that made her grind her body down on his. She could feel his need, the stiffness of his cock surprising her enough to moan and making her bolder.

Her own hand ran under his polo, feeling the trail of hair that had often enticed her as he exited the shower. She explored him as he held her weight, her hands uselessly devouring the span of his shoulders as his lips moved away from hers to equally consume her neck.

She rolled her head to give him access, groaning. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing your neck.”

“I meant this, all of this. We shouldn’t, can’t.”

He nibbled her throat and her hands curled into his skin.

“Shouldn’t and can’t are two very different words. We very much can. Obviously. Tell me why we shouldn’t my mouth’s too busy to make an argument,” he breathed against her skin.

“We don’t do this.”

He flicked his tongue against the base of her neck.

She tried again. “We’ve had a long week…long night. Lots to drink.”

He sucked in her skin, her voice breathy as she took one more shot. “Because I’m not one your girls – those girls.”

“Mina, I don’t intend to fuck you like one of them.” He spoke quickly and pulled at the collar of her shirt to access more supple skin. When he couldn’t get enough he pulled at the fabric and she let him undress her.

Her answer was in how she simply let him, her thin fabric bra holding heavy breasts already swollen and aching. His touch on them was divine, a strong hand kneading and fingers finding her tight nipple with a gentle roll.

Her hips pressed down on his erection and he pinched harder. Mina allowed him to explore her for a few moments longer until her own hands became restless and she demanded his shirt be removed.

He complied. Adding to the growing pile of clothes was her bra, which she unhooked before her fingers went to press against his torso, nestling her breast together in a way she thought attractive. Small pink nipples adorned her milky tits and Daniel swallowed deeply before he tugged at her hips and moved her forward toward him, his voice was ragged.

“Put your hands against the sofa behind my head. Like before.”

Mina braced herself, weighty breasts hanging down like the fruit before Daniel’s face. He took one nipple into his mouth immediately, tongue teasing it as his fingers worked the other. When he used his teeth to gently bite down Mina felt herself grow obviously wet between her thighs.

This torture went on until she swore her arousal was evident through her shorts or the way her hips flared and rolled over him like a silent plea for more. Even her arms began to shake as he stimulated her, her whole body shook as his wet mouth inhaled her nipple and sucked hard. She felt the same tug deep inside her pussy and in an instant she collapsed into him, quivering, throaty mewls leaving her lips.

What had just happened? No one had ever taken so much time to build her up. It took the rumble of his voice for her to know what happened, “Did Ankara Escort Bayan you just cum, Mina?”

She nodded, arms now around his shoulders and a deep blush crawling up her neck. The dancing of his fingers along her spine made it worse.

“Good to know you’re sensitive.”

“I’m not sensitive you just…no one takes that much time.” She finally lifted her head to look at him, a cocky smile on his face.

“Now just imagine how much time I’m going to take between your legs,” he purred.

Mina had never believed words alone could make her find release but his nearly brought her into a second climax. Her pussy throbbed, clenching as it demanded what he’d just said. It spoke through her. “Then why are you wasting time talking about it.”

His eyes smoldered. “Take off everything you’re wearing and get on the couch with your legs draping over the arm.”

She looked at him stunned for a moment by the command in his voice. The next time he spoke it was nearly a bark. “Now who is the one wasting time.”

Jumping to her feet she didn’t have time to think self consciously, her jean shorts already down her legs and panties following. There had been no need to shave these past few months, so dark hair tangled around her vulva, but as she adjusted herself on the sofa so her soft pink lips parted revealing her flushed pussy glistening with residue of her last orgasm.

Daniel had settled at the end of the couch, hands gripping under her knees to pull her forward so her behind rested on the arm and she was splayed open to him. His hands trailed down her legs to her ankles were he snapped the elastic of her socks.

“I said take off everything.”

“Socks don’t count,” she groaned and pushed her hips up toward him desperately. His fingers around her ankles were replaced by his lips as he alternated kissed between her legs, mouth moving up so slowly she could hear seconds tick by.

His teeth sank into the plump flesh of her inner thigh undoubtedly getting a taste of what was to come. She felt his breath on his sex, then it a disappeared. Daniel stood up and took a few steps back.

He went to the belt of his jeans, undoing it and sliding it from the loops only to set it aside. She watched each moment carefully, how he took time to remove his pants, then his socks, then his boxers.

Mina’s mouth watered at the sight of his thick cock. It had a narrow head, but wide shaft which curved ever slightly. It had been so long since she’d felt a man push into her she was close to begging him to simply fuck her. No condom. Nothing.

She would take anything then.

“Dan, please just…come on.”

“Take off your socks,” he simply said.

Rolling her eyes Mina groaned, “This is about socks, just take them off yourself.”

“I told you to take everything off. So, take. Them. Off. Mina.”

She grunted as she lifted a leg in the air and hooked her finger under the elastic to pull it off. She did the same with the other, only this time throwing it at him. It was a cover for how his words made her feel, tingles burst across her breasts and through every limb.

Daniel got to his knees. Fingers on her thighs. Fingers spreading the drooling lips of her pussy. His thumb lifting the hood from her clit.

Her breath hitching. Her chest tight with anticipation. The first slow lick of his tongue from the base of her entrance to her engorged nub was agony rather than bliss.

But she only knew true agony when a loud knock came at the door, Daniel’s brother’s voice booming through. “For fucks sake at least answer the door if you two won’t answer your phones.”

Panicking, Mina bolted from the couch, snatching her clothes from the floor and running into her room with her back pressed against her slammed door. She had been in a stupor and just woke up, Daniel’s lips and hands on her in phantom touches like it had all been a dream.

Daniel must have pulled his pants back on because soon she heard his brother’s voice in the den talking about Abby’s stuffed giraffe she took everywhere. Mina knew right where it was, wedged between the sofa cushion where her head had pressed it moments ago.

But she remained quiet, barely breathing and fully nude, against the door until the giraffe had been located and the two of them were left alone again.

When Daniel knocked at her door, she pretended to be asleep, quietly padding to the bed where she smothered her face into the pillow.

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Amy Enjoys Ryan

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Standing in front of the large brick apartment building Amy could feel the butterfly’s grow in her stomach. Taking a deep breath she rechecked the number on the building. Arriving at the door she found the apartment number that Ryan had sent her. As she pushed the button and waited she realized she was grinning. Calm down, she told herself. The door clicked. One last deep breath before she headed inside.

Making her way up the stairs she started to wonder what was actually going to happen. They hadn’t seen each other in years. There had always been chemistry between them but they never seemed to be single at the same time. At least they had never tried and failed at a relationship. She hoped this wouldn’t end badly and end their friendship.

Reaching the door, Ryan opened it before she knocked. There he was looking just like he did when they were in high school. His apartment looked much like she thought it would. It was a bachelor pad of sorts. Amy made herself comfortable on the couch as Ryan shuffled some of the mess around.

“I didn’t get a chance to take a shower yet.” Ryan playfully told her. “Would you like to get in there with me?” He asked her with a smile.

“I’m good, I actually took one earlier today.” Amy told him, not really knowing how she should have responded. Did he want her to join him? Had she missed the opportunity and now it was gone forever?

Amy could hear the shower turn on. Her mind was racing, Escort Eryaman she couldn’t decide if she should go join him or not. “You can come in here and talk to me!” Ryan yelled from the shower. Amy sat on the couch frozen, was he inviting her into the shower again?

Slowly Amy made her way to the bathroom. She leaned against the counter. “How’s it going in there?” She asked, not knowing what else to say. They made small talk about people from high school and where they were now while Ryan finished his shower.

Much to Amy’s surprise Ryan pulled back the shower curtain, exposing his wet naked body in all its glory. Ryan was no longer the boy she knew in high school he had transformed in to a man, his years in the Army had been good to him. Amy shyly looked away, she wanted to look but thought it inappropriate. As he reached to the towel Amy couldn’t help but look, she was not disappointed. Feeling very uncomfortable she walked out of the bathroom to let him dry off in private, not that he seemed to want or need the privacy.

Ryan came back into the living room, he was wearing a tee shirt and basketball shorts. Amy smiled, even though so much time had passed since high school things felt very relaxed between them. Ryan walked over to the couch, standing next to Amy he took her by the hand and pulled her up. They stood there inches apart, neither one doing anything.

After a very long moment Ryan Eryaman Escort leaned down and kissed Amy. He tasted like an odd mixture of smoke and toothpaste. Amy had quit smoking years ago and loved the taste of him. Raising her hand to the back of his head she pushed him harder into her. He felt so good pressed against her, she didn’t care if they just stood there and kissed. Ryan’s hands began exploring Amy’s body.

Sliding his hands under the tee shirt that she was wearing, he lifted it up over her head. Ryan gave her a smile as he undid her bra and slid it off of her, exposing her breast. Amy suddenly felt very exposed and ashamed standing there in his living room in just her jeans kissing this guy she hardly knew. Sure they had been close in high school but that was twenty years ago. They were both completely different people than who they were back when their biggest worry was making it their locker and their next class in the four minutes between classes.

Leading her to the bed room Ryan undressed as they went. Wishing she was more comfortable with her body Amy undressed the rest of the way. Ryan laid down on the bed, not sure what to do Amy did the one thing she was pretty sure she was good at and that every guy seemed to enjoy. Leaning over him she licked the tip of his penis slowly taking the tip in her mouth.

“Yes, all of the way down and all the way back up. That’s how I like it.” Ryan whispered Eryaman Escort Bayan to her.

Amy enjoyed having him tell her exactly what he wanted. Ryan gathered her hair and held it on top of her head so it was out of her way. Gently encouraging her to go further down but never forcing her.

“Stop, you are too good. Don’t make me cum yet.” Ryan told her as he started to get up “I’m not done enjoying you. Lay down.” He instructed.

Amy did as she was told, as she always did. Laying there she felt very self conscious as Ryan looked at her. He didn’t seem to see any of the flaws that she saw every time she looked into the mirror. In fact he seemed to be enjoying the look of her in his bed very much.

He slid a finger into her wet pussy. “You are so wet, you must have really been enjoying sucking my cock.” Ryan said with a smile. Amy just moaned. While she enjoyed it when the guy she was with talked during sex there was something about it that she just couldn’t get past to do it herself. He felt great inside her, wanting more Amy grabbed his arm and encouraged him to do more.

Ryan placed his free hand on her neck and held her down to the bed. With out warning Amy could feel her pussy throbbing with an orgasm. Ryan kept on working her pussy with his fingers. She wanted to tell him to stop but he felt so good she didn’t want him to ever stop.

“Flip over, I want to fuck you.” Ryan whispered to her. Amy got on her knees, Ryan slowly slid his cock into Amy’s waiting pussy. He felt so good Amy immediately starting coming. Moaning she pushed back against him has he fucked her harder and faster. Ryan slammed into her one final time as he finished. Exhausted and shaking Amy fell to the bed.

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A Shopping Trip

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“Didn’t I see you sitting outside the changing rooms in Pennies?” A woman standing in front of one of those three way mirrors asked.

“Huh?” I responded, startled from my half stupor of staring at the woman admiring herself in the mirror.

“I asked if that was you sitting in front of the dressing rooms down in J. C. Penny’s.” She asked again. “You aren’t some kind of pervert just trying to peek into the dressing rooms, are you?”

“Huh? NO!” I answered a bit indignantly. “I’m helping my daughter shop for some work outfits.”

“Really? All this time?”

“Fraid so.” I answered. “Never did understand why it took hours to shop for a few outfits.”

“Well, it all has to look just right.” She answered. “I’m sure your wife is having a nice time helping your daughter.”

“No, afraid it’s just the two of us.”

“Really? Well, I’m sure when you get home your wife will appreciate your efforts.” She said stepping back into the mirror and admiring herself again.

“Well, she doesn’t know I’m here doing this. No this is just me trying to help my daughter get some new clothes for her first real job.”

“Oh, that IS sweet of you. Has she just graduated?”

“From college, yeah.” I answered.

“Well, you are a good father.” She said stepping out of the mirror. “No, this just isn’t going to do.” She added, shaking her head and heading back into the dressing room.

I waited only a few more minutes before my daughter came out. “Sorry dad, these just aren’t going to work. Nothing seems to fit right.”

“Ok. Well, let’s go try Macy’s then.” I said with a sigh.

The two of us headed out of Penny’s and down the mall to the Macy’s store. I followed her around the racks as she looked at all variety of business suits and skirt suits. After collecting a variety of outfits I again followed her to one of the banks of dressing rooms and found a seat.

I yawned and leaned back in the chair, settling in for a long wait again.

“Well, hello again,” the lady I had seen in Penny’s said as she walked up to the dressing room.

“Oh, hello.” I said shaking the cobwebs from my mind.

“Waiting again?”

“I’m afraid so. Although this should be shorter, she only found four outfits this time.” I answered.

“I see. Well, try not to be too bored,” she said as she headed into the dressing rooms.

My daughter came out to admire how one outfit looked and then disappeared back into the dressing room, passing the lady from Penny’s on the way. She stepped in front of the multi-way mirror and turned too and fro to view herself.

I guessed she was nearly the same age as I was. She wasn’t bad looking, in fact, in the form fitting red dress she had on at the moment she looked pretty damn hot. The dress fit her round hips and butt like a second skin before it flowed up her body to encase a nice pair of full breasts, the dress dipping down deeply in the front to expose a nice amount of creamy white cleavage.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked conversationally as she turned to and fro in front of the mirror.

“It looks quite becoming,” I answered.

“Huh? Oh. I was really talking to myself, but thank you. You think it really looks nice? Be honest now.”

“Actually I think it looks very nice on you.” I replied looking her up and down as she turned to and fro in front of me instead of the mirror.

“Doesn’t make me look fat?”

“Most certainly not,” I answered, shaking my head slowly.

“You’re sure?” She asked again, turning so her butt faced me and rubbing her hands up and down the red material over her hips and butt.

“Trust me. It looks very nice,” I said firmly.

“Hmmmm. I’m not so sure,” she said as she walked past me again, headed back to the dressing room.

I waited for a few more minutes and my daughter came out again in a skirt suit which I thought looked quite good on her. Thankfully she agreed before returning to try on another outfit.

“Well, since you are being such a gentleman, would you care to give me your opinion on this one?” The lady asked again as she came back out in front of the mirror.

The dress was much different than the first. It fit her hips and butt snuggly before spreading into a short flowing skirt. The satiny green material reached up the front of her, encasing her round full breasts before heading up behind her neck. She turned for me, her back essentially bare due to the halter style top, with the exception of the bands and straps of her bra.

“Well, I think it’s a wonderful dress,” I answered.

“It looks that bad?”

“I didn’t say it was bad.”

“But it’s not good.”

“I think it’s probably not supposed to have that kind of a bra,” I said quietly, almost embarrassed.

“What? Oh.” She said quietly, walking back toward the dressing room. “Don’t go away then.”

She disappeared and came back only a minute or so later. “See if this is better.”

She stepped in front of me and turned all the way around slowly for me. The bra was most certainly gone, and her breasts were supported by the material Escort Ankara of halter, two prominent bumps showing where I would have expected her nipples to be inside the top of the dress. The two wide strips of material that made up the bulk of the top left some of the sides of her breasts exposed in addition to a very deep V of creamy white skin that didn’t stop until it was nearly to the bottom of her breasts. To me it looked even better than the red dress.

“Screaming sexy if she had a thong on.,” I muttered to myself as she turned around again in front of me, the skirt flying slightly up and out as she made a quick turn around.

“What was that?” She asked as she came to a stop from her quick turn.

“Huh, nothing. Just said it looked real good.”

“That wasn’t what it sounded like you said,” she said as she stared at me, “And the blush tells me what you said was a bit more racy that that. Sure you don’t want to share?”

“No. I think it’s probably better if I don’t,” I mumbled in embarrassment.

“Come on. Tell me! You wouldn’t want me to buy this and then find out it looked silly.”

“It definitely doesn’t look silly,” I answered.

“Ok, it doesn’t look silly. But I’d still like to know what you said.”

I sighed deeply. “If you insist. I said you’d look killer if you had on a thong under that.”

She blushed brightly and held the skirt down against her thighs. “Goodness.” She said in almost a giggle. “I don’t think anyone has made a comment like that for a very long time. Even if you didn’t mean it, it’s nice to think someone said it.”

“Oh I meant it,” I answered with a shrug. “I think it looks pretty damn sexy. Be a sweet dress to take you out to a club in.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Oh yeah. Any guy would be thrilled to go out with you dressed like that.”

“Hmmmm really? Maybe I need to look for a few more sexy dresses, since I have such a receptive audience.”

“Well, feel free,” I said with a smile and a shrug.

“Maybe I will,” she said turning toward around in the mirror again. She reached down for the hem of the dress, and looking at herself in the mirror, slowly pulled the dress up higher, exposing more and more of her creamy white thighs. I wondered just how far she would go and was surprised when she continued to pull upwards until the crotch of her white panties were showing. Suddenly blushing red, she pulled the dress back down and smoothed, stepping away from the mirror and heading back into the dressing room without making any eye contact with me.

I was still sitting and wondering thinking about how she looked in that dress when my daughter came back out in a conservative business pants suit. She looked good in it, and it became the second outfit of the day to make it to the keep pile, thank goodness. She returned to the changing room to try the third outfit she had taken in while I once again waited.

“So, what do you think of this?” The woman asked as she walked back out in a navy blue skirt and a cream colored blouse.

“Very nice,” I answered.

“Just nice?”

“Well, if you’re looking for a nice outfit to wear to work, it looks just fine.”

“But not exactly sexy, is it?”

“Not really.” I answered, shaking my head and frowning slightly.

“Well, I appreciate your candid opinion,” she said as she stepped in front of the mirror. “I see what you mean though.”

“Ok daddy, ready to go?” My daughter asked as she came out of the dressing room area.

“Sure, all done?” I asked hopefully.

“Just here. I think I want to see what Deb has. They always have lots of nice dresses, and then well, we’re right across from Victoria’s secret!” she said.

“You’re not going to make me go in there too, are you?”

“Oh not if you don’t want to,” she said over her shoulder as she started to walk away. I turned and followed her out with a shrug, looking over my shoulder at the lady I had been talking to. I was surprised to see her watching me walk away, a little smirk on her face that I had no idea what to think of.

I followed my daughter to the checkout and paid for her selections and then out into the mall. She wove her way expertly though the corridors of the mall to end up precisely where she wanted to be, in front of the Deb shop. I followed her into the store and made my way to the one place you could count on finding seats, near the dressing rooms. This store had a row of dressing rooms across the back of the store, each with a louvered door that opened onto the main portion of the sales floor. The only thing that really separated the dressing room area from any other part were the racks of clothes line up twenty or so feet away from them.

I settled into a seat for what I expected to be another long wait. I was actually kind of sleepy and starting to half doze off when I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder. I startled and looked up to see the smiling face of the lady I had been talking to in the last store, standing next to me. She had a dress over her arm and a tiny little plastic hanger with an extremely skimpy Ankara Escort pair of pink thong type underwear.

With a wink she stepped toward the dressing rooms and chose one all the way on the end, one where the door swung open so that it opened toward me. She carefully hung her items in the dressing room and then pulled the door closed, pausing for a moment to ensure that I was in fact looking her direction.

With the door closed I couldn’t see anything except for the small gap at the bottom. I watched as the tan slacks she had been wearing pooled onto the floor around her ankles, which she then stepped out of. She slipped off her high heels and stood in her bare feet for several moments before her cream colored blouse landed on the slacks, the satiny material making a smooth looking little pile that was quickly disturbed by a lacy bra plopping unceremoniously on top. My mind was already headed in the wrong direction, trying to imagine what she was looking like mostly…correction, completely naked…as her white panties slipped down her legs. She stepped out of the panties and used her toes to add them to the pile in the corner of her dressing room.

My already hard dick was straining at my pants and I gave a quick look around before adjusting myself to make the bulge look a bit less conspicuous.

My attention was quickly diverted while my daughter came out of a different dressing cubicle, looked at the dress she had on in a mirror and then disappeared back into the dressing room. I looked back over toward the dressing room the lady had stepped into and saw it was standing open a crack, almost as if she were waiting for me to focus back toward her.

The door opened and the lady stepped out, the very short snug red dress clinging to her like a second skin. The spandex matched her shape and movements as she stepped in front of the mirror. She turned to and fro, giving both of us ample opportunity to enjoy what it was doing to her body and how it hugged her. She looked around nervously and seeing no one but me in the dressing room area, let her hands roam over her body, cupping first both breasts, giving each a little squeeze before sliding down her stomach to her thighs. She turned to face me, and looking directly at me, slipped the hem of the dress upward, not stopping until the absolutely tiny thong was fully on display. Even the small amount of material covering part of her mound and her pussy didn’t expose a single hair, making me immediately wonder if she were completely shaved.

The few seconds she held the skin tight dress up above her pussy seemed like an hour in some ways. My mind burned an image of the tiny pink thong against her creamy white thighs, the tiny pink strings arching up and disappearing under the red spandex as they headed toward her hips. The tiny triangle of material was only a couple inches wide on the top, nearly half way down over her rounded smooth mound. The material was quite thin and appeared sparkly as it narrowed and dove down between her legs, the material pulling snuggly against her rounded outer lips, a small cleft dipping between them tantalizingly.

It took longer for my attention to return from the display to her face than the display was itself, but even then it took my mind several seconds to adjust. The skirt back down in place, she was stepping back into the dressing cubicle, her head looking around to see who else might see before holding a hand out and crooking her finger to invite me to follow. I really didn’t know what to do, and in my indecision, I sat stone still, staring at her as she left the door part way open for me to see into.

Her hands went to the back of her neck, untying the small red string that held up the top of the backless spandex dress. As they came down the held the strings and peeled the spandex down her chest, exposing her bare breasts as the red material rolled down her front. She let go of the strings when the dress had cleared her breasts, both full and round with bright pink puckered areola and hard protruding nipples. I stared at her bare tits, as her hands moved to her hips and slowly worked the material down over them, her hips swaying slightly from side to side as she inched the red material downward. I saw the creamy whiteness of her firm stomach and then her hips, the tiny pink strings of the thong coming into view as the red material continued to move downward.

“Damn!” I muttered as she pushed the material down to where it finally slid down her legs to pool around her bare feet.

Standing in nothing but the pink thong she reached for the doorknob of the dressing room and held it, motioning again for me to come.

This time I couldn’t help myself. I was way too turned on by her exhibition and the lack of any sex for almost a year, that I stood and walked quickly the dozen or so steps to her dressing room door.

She reached out, took my hand and quickly pulled me into the tiny cubicle, closing the door behind us. She held her finger to her lips, motioning me to be silent as she turned me and pushed me to the back of the cubicle. My feet hit the built Ankara Escort Bayan in bench along the back wall and I sat quickly down, my balance broken by her continued push.

With me sitting down she stepped back, squatted down and picked up her clothes, hanging the red dress on a hook after standing back up and then stepping toward me again. She squatted down, her knees spread on either side of my legs, providing an even better view of what the pink thong was hiding. She used the slacks and blouse to cover my shoes, making my feet essentially unseen by anyone who might peek under the door, and then stood back up.

I stared at her in silence as she hooked her fingers in the thong panty and slowly pulled it down, exposing her bare and yes, completely shaved pussy to me in only moments. She lifted one leg and then the other until she was standing completely nude in front of me. She reached out and held the panties for me to sniff, the scent of her arousal strong before she lowered them and dropped them on the bench next to me.

She stood for a few moments and allowed me to view her completely naked body, from her firm round breasts, down her smooth belly and over her round hips. My attention was mostly drawn to her full round lips the edges of flowery delicate inner lips peeking out from between the smooth shaved skin. She saw where my eyes were riveted and stepped one foot up on the bench next to me. She slipped one hand down over her mound, continuing to slide it down as she curled her fingers between her legs, her middle finger teasing between her pussy lips. One…two…three times she slowly stroked her finger between her lips, dipping it deep between them and then drawing it slowly out across her clit. After her three slow strokes she drew her finger up over her mound again, leaving a glistening trail of her own juices and her pussy spread wide, her inner lips now protruding fully and shining with her aroused juices.

Moving her foot back to the floor, she stepped to me, her hands reaching for my belt. She quickly undid my belt as well as the snap and zipper of my jeans. She put a hand under my chin and tipped my head up to look at her, pressing a finger to her lips to remind me to be silent as she squatted down in front of me again. Her legs pushed wide spreading her pussy while her hands moved to my hips, pushing and coaxing my pants down. I lifted myself slightly on the bench seat, allowing her to work my jeans and underwear down to my knees, exposing my rock hard cock.

“Nice,” she whispered quietly as she wrapped her hands around it and gave it several long slow strokes. With a smile she stood up again and bent over, aiming her mouth for my now exposed cock.

“Ohhhhh.” I breathed quietly as she engulfed my head with her mouth, her tongue swirling around my mushroom head several times before pushing her face lower, taking more and more of me into her hot mouth. Up and down her head went, her lips sliding along my cock and her tongue teasing my shaft and head as she did. I was far to long and fat for her to get all of me into her mouth, so she followed along with her hand, stroking it up and down in time with her mouth, her hand twisting as well.

I reached out and cupped both of her tits, hanging down and wiggling enticingly from her motions. I grasped each one, letting her nipples stick out between my fingers so I could squeeze them at the same time I squeezed the firm round globes with my palms and fingers.

I lost track of how long she had been sucking my cock in the small cubicle, but I hadn’t lost track of what the sensations were doing to me. I knew that if she kept up what she was doing was going to bring me to a huge climax very soon. She apparently read the motion of my hips trying to push up in time with her strokes for what it was and pulled her lips from my shaft. Standing in front of me again, she held her finger to my lips to keep me quiet as she stepped forward, moving to kneel on the wooden bench, one leg on either side of my hips.

She moved her finger from my lips and reached for one of my hands, drawing it down between her legs and placing it on her dripping pussy. Once I had started stroking her soft pussy lips she leaned her upper body toward my face, rubbing one of her rock hard nipples back and forth across my lips, her hands pressing on the wall behind me to hold herself at just the right angle.

I heard her moan softly as I pressed my middle finger up into her tunnel, her tight velvetiness pressing around my finger as I stroked it deeply in and out of her. Her juices seemed to increase with each passing moment, her hips gently rocking in time with my strokes. Her hips rocked more and more urgently as my finger stroked in and out of her, my palm sliding across her mound and exposed clit. I sucked first one nipple and then the other, switching frequently and enjoying the feeling of her hard nipple under my tongue.

“Oh fuck me now!” She whispered urgently, reaching down to pull my hand from between her legs. She grabbed my cock with her hand and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing my head between her wet lips several times before settling her weight on it. I felt her slowly engulf me, her soft hot tunnel slowly gripping around my shaft and head, caressing each inch that she took into herself almost as snuggly as the red dress had encased her trim body.

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An Educational Experience

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*DISCLAIMER: I know of no private schools as the one I describe below… if there is such a school by the same name, it is purely coincidental. I apologize 🙂 *


It happened innocently enough. I had just sat down in my philosophy class on a sunny Thursday, with only the sparest of views to the sparkly, sunny campus lawns about me. At the posh private college I attended, I was expected to be studious and proficient in all of my subjects.

Sometimes, I just wasn’t into it.

Today, I was looking forward to bursting out of the double doors and reveling in the sunshine… book in hand, of course. I was just settling into a rather uncomfortable vinyl covered seat. It felt sticky, the seat pulling at my bare thighs. At this overpriced school, I also had to dress the part of wealthy, scholarly lady befitting my family’s image in a traditional white blouse that felt masculine and over starched, as well as a tie emblazoned with the school’s emblem. A modest, knee-length plaid skirt and knee-high white socks completed the look. I always felt as though I looked one of those irritating porcelain doll that dear old grandmother bought for you rather than the hottest new Nintendo game featuring gun play, monkeys in suits, and villainous men in white coats. Or whatever… I never *had* a Nintendo. Despite the length of my skirt, however, it always managed to ride up nearly mid-thigh when I sat down, not covering my long legs in a modest enough fashion. So I suffered the sticky vinyl and the leers of the young men I had class with. It was disgusting.

This particular class was set up into a semicircle, and the professor usually orated from a podium at the center. There were the traditional blackboards, the overabundance of polished mahogany, and, of course, the dust motes that you’d expect from somewhere like Penbrook Unversity. Formerly Penbrook College for Scholarly Royalty. Or something like that. It was absolutely stuffy. So, as I said, I was just trying to find a comfortable position in the impossibly wrought chair and desk set… and then my professor, Jason Newirth, strolled in. Dr. Newirth was American. He was from some liberal arts college in Virgina, U.S.A. For liberal, read huge party school. Prof was only in his late twenties, and fresh from the doctorate program. I really liked him and the way he talked about philosophy… and especially they way he bent the rules of the university. The first day of classes, he asked us to call him Jason. Or Jas. Or Hey You… anything but Dr. Newirth. Today… well, today he outright broke the rules.

He was wearing a shirt and tie under a navy blazer. He was also wearing a pair of blue jeans, with his shirt untucked. The bottom of his shirt was wrinkled as though he’d had it tucked… and then in a hurry, pulled it out. Or changed his pants. Why one would change out of the suit pants that would match his jacket mid-day, I had no idea. Then a torrid thought colored my imagination. I felt my face heat and hoped it wasn’t apparent.

I then noticed that the rest of my classmates began whispering wildly as Jason entered. I knew that they all liked him as well as I. He was new and fun. He was a magnificent change from the stuffy, buttoned-up, white-haired professors we were all too used to. As usual, Jason either didn’t notice the stir or didn’t care, and just launched into the discussion. Immediately, everyone quieted and listened with rapt attention. Even I forgot my longing for the sunny lawns. But not for long.

“All right, guys. Today, we’re having class outside.” he stated, not bothering to set his attache down.

The uproar again rolled though class. And, just as before, Jason ignored it. With a nod of his head, we rose and followed him. Minutes later, the fresh air and sunshine hit me in the face and immediately, I felt happy and relaxed. A light breeze ruffled my skirt, cooling my exposed legs. The sensation felt wonderful, and for some reason, it made my gaze go to Jason. I caught his eye, and immediately flushed.

Soon, we were all seated, though somewhat awkwardly in the lush, cool grass. We were garnering odd stares left and right. Jason didn’t care. I smiled at the notion. We all had our respective texts open, and were ready for his next move.

“So, did you all think about what I asked last time?” he asked. There was a general murmur of assent. “Good. Okay, now we’re going to discuss Plato’s Five Constitutions using The Simpsons.”

A ripple of honest laughter rippled though us. Jason smiled broadly. “C’mon. I know you’ve all seen them. And this will make it easier to think about it.”

For the next half hour, the class talked and laughed, sharing an intimacy and excitement that no other class had ever brought me. I felt sure my classmates felt the same.

“So, which Simpson has the most aristocratic soul?”

A young man named David raised his hand, a broad devilish smile. I knew David was much like me, for he came from Escort Ankara a wealthy family, but hated his classes. I had never noticed him participating before. It made me smile. “Lisa,” he answered. As a class, we burst out with our approval and agreement. Jason also smiled and nodded.

“Though Lisa is flawed, I agree that she is most aristocratic. We would all be hard pressed to find a true aristocratic soul among us, or in any good literature because Plato’s ideal is nearly unattainable. Any questions before we leave?”

I raised my hand. I was almost surprised that I did. “Well, what would Plato say about Lisa? I mean, she has a lot of Homer-like desires. She might be ruled by reason, but I think she envies how everyone else is more democratic.”

Jason smiled at me and I felt myself flush again. This time I felt a deep seated pull low in my belly. “A brilliant question, Jessica,” came his husky, mature voice, “ I’ll ask you all to mull it over for a weekend, and we’ll discuss it Tuesday.”

As the class began to gather ourselves off of the lawn, brushing off grass and chatting pleasantly, I somehow felt removed. Why had I reacted to Jason’s look so, I wondered.

Just as I was moving to walk back to my dormitory, I heard that familiar voice catch up with me. “Jessica… if you wouldn’t mind… I was hoping to meet with you in my office concerning your paper on Mill.”

Slightly worried, I hesitated a moment. “Sure, what about?”

Jason smiled, “Don’t worry, I was just hoping to hear an extension of your argument for justice. If you could, is this afternoon around five okay?”

I nodded, still unsure. A professor has never asked to meet with me over a paper. But, this wasn’t any professor. “Yeah, it’s no problem. I’ll see you in your office then.”

Jason smiled at me and bid me goodbye until then.

I had a class at four, so at five to five, I was hurrying across campus to make it to the hall where the philosophy department was located. I skidded into his office just as the campus chapel was chiming five. Jason looked up at me, again with his winning smile cutting across his slightly stubbled face.

“You didn’t have to hurry. I’m not nearly that important.” he said, gesturing to a comfy looking couch placed under the window. His office was masculine, but sunny. There was a box in the corner, attesting to the fact that he just moved in. All ready though, there were a few personal touches, like a snapshot of what must have been his family framed on his desk. I liked it instantly.

“So, what’s wrong with my paper?” I asked as soon as Jason was seated across from me. His desk was mahogany. Go figure.

He chuckled. “Are you this worried all the time?”

He laughed again when I didn’t answer. My frustration must have been apparent, because he moved forward to rest his elbows on his desk, his face serious. “All right, nothing is wrong with your paper. It’s perfect. The only problem is that it’s the wrong paper. I asked for you to address the problem of how Mill’s idea of liberty would apply if a person’s ideals where only a consequence of birth. For example, if a man had been raised a Jew, only to find that there are many more religions to be had, would Judaism still be the right choice? Did he even have a choice?”

I must’ve colored, because I felt myself flush. I’d never been told I was completely wrong. “My paper addresses that very fact in a succinct way, Professor. I believe I began by stating the problem, then attacking it from Mill’s perspective that choice is the very basis for humanity.” I raised my paper and waved it about for emphasis.

“I understand that. But what about the problem? The man finds out that he has choices. I’m sure that doesn’t make him feel better that his upbringing into the Jewish faith were founded.” Jason pushed, smiling.

Again I flushed. This time I wasn’t sure if it was from anger or from the way he was edging me on. “I address that, too. Mill would say that the man would use the choices lain before him and make his religion whatever was best for him. He would make it dynamic and meaningful. It would end up the same for him no matter what religion he was born into.” I smiled, settling back into, my arms folded.

“I can see where Mill might have said that. But, what about this example. A girl is raise into a life of wealth and privilege. She shuns a social life to better her studies. Then, confronted with a choice to do something bad, what would she do? Would she be able to shake off her good girl image and take risks?”

I answered without hesitating. “Absolutely. Every individual is dynamic, not flat. No one is merely a consequence of the image they project. A good girl exterior doesn’t make for a saint at heart.”

“Even if that choice is taboo… something completely out of character? Something like being involved with a perceived superior?” he asked, his voice dropping to a rough level.

“Yes, of course. Like I said, ‘character’ isn’t Ankara Escort one-dimensional.” As soon as the words tumbled from my mouth, I blushed. The reality of Jason’s words sunk in and drug my back into my seat with a force that nearly knocked me free of breath.

Jason just smiled. “So, if a professor who has made his longing clear were to ask again in a more transparent fashion, would the wealthy good-girl say yes, like you think. Or is it true that a leopard can’t change her spots?”

I gulped. My throat went dry and my palms grew moist. The unfamiliar tug low in my belly made an appearance. I was torn between jumping on Jason’s desk and bolting out the door. I still managed to answer. “Leopards cannot change their spots… but good-girl types are only that. Types. A type is not absolute. The good-girl could say anything she pleases.”

Jason stood. His golden brown hair caught the setting sun. His shirt was open at the collar, showing a tiny bit of bronzed muscle. He moved around the side of the desk, his knees scant centimeters from mine. My heart caught and I forced myself to sit up straight in the manly leather chair. He spoke again, “And what does the good girl please?”

A smiled curved along my lips, almost surprising me. My body had a mind of it’s own and my logic had ceased to function. Before I could think too much, the word “Yes.” fell from my lips. Damn the only thinking parts of me were shutting down.

Jason smiled at me, a catlike, but still genuine smile. I felt like I was in danger. I wanted it. Wordlessly, he stepped away from me, opening a pocket of air that my lungs were searching for. I began to breath again, watching him all the while. He moved to the window and slid a dark wood shutter closed. The room became dark and a manly aroma I had not noticed before took over where sight failed me. It was a little spicy, like patchouli but dark and musky, as well. Before I had time to ruminate any longer, another thought dawned on me. Surely he didn’t mean to… to do this in this very office. I watched him settle on the couch. He did mean to.

“Come here Jessica.” he said, his voice masculine and assured. He patted the couch for emphasis. Again my body betrayed me and I stood a moved to him. I sat, and my skirt rose up. This leather was cool and supple on the back of my heated legs and the soft denim of his jeans brushed the side of my thigh. I shuddered.

He ran the backs of his fingers across my jaw. I felt their callused roughness as well as the soft hair on his knuckles. When he came to my chin, he turned my face to him. I swallowed hard. He was studying me intently. As he gently stroked the nape of my neck and ran his fingers through my long chestnut hair, he spoke. I noticed how his mouth was formed. It was wide, his lips supple a pink. They had a bitten look to them, like they belong to someone deep in concentration. “I noticed you the first day of the semester. I was new and excited to teach… and I even wanted to follow the rules. But the second I saw your face, I knew I had to have you. You’re face is so much like Audrey Hepburn’s… and you’re mind is as nimble and fiery as her daughter. You’re perfect, Jessica. I had to have you.”

I smiled again at his overzealous praise, neither thanking him or shying away from it. Rather, I wanted to hear more. I could barely breath. He ran his big hand down my arm, pulling me slightly closer. Our knees were touching. He settled on my hand, lightly tickling my fingers with his, playing with the palm of my hand. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his. They were hazel, flecked heavily with gold. They reminded me of lion’s eyes, prideful and fierce, but so beautiful you want to know they mystery behind them.

His hand traveled back up my arm and settled again on my jaw. I knew it was coming before I could process it. He angled my head up and settled his lush mouth over mine. I moaned instinctually. I had never felt anything so warm or so sure in my life. He caressed my neck and my back as his lips played over mine, neither demanding nor pliant. When he licked along my lower lip, I never thought to protest. When his hot tongue entered my waiting mouth, my heart started to race frantically. With that slight intrusion, I wanted everything from him. I slid my hands up to his face and pulled myself closer to him, deepening and intensifying our kiss. Emboldened by my response, he pulled my up into his lap. My skirt was pulled up to a most unladylike height, but the feeling of his hard thighs on my soft ones made me forget modesty. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. I pulled it lightly and brushed my nails across his neck. I’d never felt so brazen, and Jason took notice.

He dropped one hand to my bare thigh and began to stroke it ever higher. With each pass of his deft fingers, he came closer to the hem. Finally, he pushed under it, cupping the roundness of my bare bottom. He groaned against my mouth and I struggled to be closer to Ankara Escort Bayan him. My breasts began to feel heavy, my nipples straining against the lace of my bra which felt two sizes to small. Suddenly my skin felt too small as well. I felt as though I could just burst right through it.

Sensing my need, Jason slid his other hand up along my back beneath my shirt, sending chills in every direction. He deftly unfastened the cumbersome bra. My breasts tumbled free, the hard crests brushing the hard fabric of my shirt. Before giving me the pleasure of palming one of my swollen peaks, he moved me away from him. He studied my face for what seemed like forever before he smiled. His mouth was pinker, his cheeks rosy. I noticed that the deep, sensual aroma was coming from him. I sighed aloud, my lips parting for him. My need was transparent. Like an expert, he removed my tie and unbuttoned my blouse. He peeled it along with my bra down my arms, his gaze focused on my face. I felt my breasts swell again at the shock of the air on them. He smiled the catlike smile again, then laid me down on the soft couch. Goose pimples popped up on all over me.

Jason divested himself of his shirt. His chest was bronzed, scarcely covered my fine golden hairs. His flat belly showed faint definition and a clear line of fur led into the worn waistband of his jeans. I reached from the buttons, but he intercepted my hands with a chuckle. He smiled at me, his cat eyes twinkling. He knelt between my splayed legs and dipped his head low over me. He began by kissing lightly along my neck and collarbone. His ruffled hair played along my neck and cheeks, sending more chills along my arms and causing the feeling in my belly to surge. I was already near my breaking point, and I still had my panties on. I moaned. This acted as encouragement and Jason dipped his head lower. He hovered just over my left breast. His hand began to caress the right one pulling and rubbing my aching peak until I writhed beneath him. His delicious torture was taking its toll, but he soon relieved me and dropped his wet mouth to my hard nipple. I cried out and grabbed his hair, forcing him to me. He nibbled and bit with abandon as my hands explored all I could touch. I felt my panties moisten and knew I needed him inside me.

He began to move further down along my belly with kisses. I stopped him at the waist of my skirt. “Please, Jason.” He looked at me, concerned.

“Are you okay? Don’t you want me…” he began.

“No… I need you. I need every bit of you inside me now.”

Jason smiled his superior smile and moved for his pants. I grabbed his hands and moved out from under me. We stood and he eyed me curiously. I just smiled. I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my itchy plaid skirt. I peeled it down my legs along with my damp panties, exposing a closely cropped thatch of dark curls. I heard Jason groan. I then moved behind him and rubbed up against his back. My fingers moved to his fly and undid it quickly. I pulled them down, along with his boxer briefs pulling and playing along his thighs and the backs of his knees. Once he stepped out of his puddled pants, I moved in front of him and knelt. I looked up at him, his face was a mask of shock. “Jessica… you don’t have to…” he started, words not coming as easily as before.

I smiled, glad to have the upper hand, “Oh, but this is what I choose.” With that, I took his rigid member into my mouth, savoring every hard centimeter of him. He groaned and dropped his hand to my hair. He pulled and stroked it as I licked and sucked his cock with the expertise he’d proven on my nipples. I ran my fingers up the inside of his legs, gently caressing his testicles, and tugging them lightly until I heard him groan approval.

He moved my head away just then. “Okay, we’ve both had our bits of torture. I’m going to take you up on your original offer.” He helped me to my feet and then laid me back against the leather cushions. I nearly purred with anticipation and delight. He stroked my curls lightly for a moment before guiding his long thickness into me. I moaned and tossed my head back as he pushed all the way into me. He grunted with pleasure, then stroked my cheek again. “Are you okay, Jessica?”

I nodded and smiled up at him. He smiled back, before pulling out and pushing back into me. I felt my wet heat wrap around him like a glove. He began to thrust in an out of my molten center with increasing crescendo while his thumb found my hidden button through my damp curls. He leaned down close to me, using his body and hands to build me up. Soon, he was pounding into me and my legs were wrapped around him. A few strokes later, I felt my heat come to a head and a blinding warm feeling engulfed my body. As soon as my body began to convulse around his engorged cock, I heard him groan. He held me tight to him and thrusted harder and faster until I felt his release fill me. His heat triggered another wave of ripples fr me and I ground my hips into his, taking him for all he was worth. After what seemed like hours of laying there, still connected, he moved off of me. He stroked my hair and smiled down at me. I smiled blearily up at him. He rested his head on my shoulder and pulled a blanket from the back of the couch onto us.

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A Surprise for My Wife

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My wife’s 50th birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special for her. She looked exceptional for being born in 1970.

I thought of a couple of things but I decided against them. Then, out of the blue, my friend Dom, who I grew up with and was in our bridal party in 1995 called me. I lost track of him when he went into the military.

He said that he just retired from the military and was back home now for good. I asked how his wife was and je said she was fine and happy that they are back home.

I told him that we should meet for lunch and that I wanted to catch up with him. He said we could meet the next day at the diner we used to go to.

After I hung up, I came up with the idea of surprising my wife, Laura, with them, since we are all very close, intimately close.

You see, before Laura and I got married,we spent a lot of time at Dom & Marilyn’s house since they were married and had a nice place. Dom was 10 years older than me and at 35, he taught me a lot.

We always had a good time with them and they gave us our sex education, personally. Many a times we slept over as they taught us how to please one another, first hand. It was Marilyn who was the first woman to make love to my wife. And, it was Dom who was actually the first, with my ok, to fuck Laura.

The next day Dom & I had lunch and we caught up on old times. Then I asked him if he and his wife would help me out in surprising Laura. He immediately said he would.

I told him that Laura’s 50th birthday was in a week. I would take her out for dinner and come back to the house where you and Marilyn would be there to surprise her. He said he would tell his wife and would definitely be there.

Over the course of the week I didn’t make a fuss of her upcoming event and I could tell she wasa little disappointed.

The day of her birthday, I just told her we would be going out to dinner, as usual. She asked if she should dress up and I told her she didn’t have to but if she wanted, she could.

I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Laura put on a short skirt with a tank top and I noticed she left her bra off as I Escort Eryaman could see her nipples pressed against

the material.

As we left the house I knew Dom & Marilyn were on their way to my house. I had given him the key to get in and they were to pick up the cake and extra wine for when we got back.

Dinner was on the quiet side even though I told Laura she looked terrific.

My wife is in great shape as she exercises a lot. She is 5’7″, 125, nice legs and a firm ass. Her tits are 36c and really don’t sag. Her nipples would be a welcome to anyone’s mouth. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her pussy is neatly trimmed.

After almost two hours at the restaurant, we headed home. The drive back was eerily silent.

We got home and I parked the car. I had a hard time keeping a straight face and, as we entered the house, Dom & Marilyn yelled out “SURPRISE” and put the lights on.

I thought Laura was going to have a heart attack as she just stood with her mouth open.

After a few seconds, she rushed over to them and hugged and kissed them. Then my wife turned to me and smiled and told me she would get even with me for tricking her.

The four of us wound up in the kitchen where we opened up the wine and started catching up. Dom & Marilyn complimented Laura on how great she looked. Dom said, “Hey Laura, I see your tits still look good.” Just then, Laura gave her tank top an upward yank to show off her tits as she laughed.

A bottle of wine later, I mentioned that I was working on a new adult board game and asked if they would like to try it out and they said yes.

I explained that the game is called “Trade Me” where any number of people could play and all you had to do was trade something to win points. Whoever gets 100 points first wins. The catch, I told them was tbe more erotic the trade, the more points you get & the winner picks the prize.

So, as the wine flowed, the game began.

I started off and said, “Would you like me to trade a nude picture of Laura?”

Dom answered first and said, “I will trade your picture for a nude picture of Marilyn.”

I Eryaman Escort then said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and we traded pictures.

Laura went next and said, “Would you like me to trade a 30 second video of my husband sucking my nipples?”

Marilyn answered, “I will trade your picture for a 30 second video of me sucking Dom’s cock.”

Laura then said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and traded videos.

Dom went next and said, “Would you like me to trade an old 1 minute video of me fucking Laura?”

I quickly answered, “I will trade your video for a 1 minute video of Laura sucking my cock.”

Dom the said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and traded videos.

After a couple of more rounds, it was all tied up with the four of us. Tbe final round was next. For the final round, we would all have a chance to trade something from the past or willing to trade something that will happen within 24 hours.

It was my turn now and I said, “Would you like me to trade one hour of me fucking Laura in front of you?”

Dom immediately answered, “I will trade you fucking Laura in front of me for me fucking Marilyn in front of you for an hour.”

I said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 25 points and became the leaders.

Laura went next and said, “Would you like to trade all night of me fucking Dom & Marilyn?”

Dom quickly said, “I will trade Laura fucking me & Marilyn all night for Marilyn fucking all three of us at the same time all night long.”

I said, “It’s a trade.” With that, Dom won the contest and game.

We all laughed as the game was over. By this time, we were well into the second bottle of wine.

We then went into the living room to be more comfortable.

Then Laura said, “So, when do we do the final trade, before or after the cake?”

Dom laughingly replied, “I’m ready now.”

I laughed and told them we should wait until after cake and everyone said ok.”

Laura put on coffee and we had our cake and after we cleaned up, we were ready.

Let me give you some stats on Dom & Marilyn. Dom is 6’1″, about Eryaman Escort Bayan 190, s/p hair, brown eyes and has about a 9″ thick cock.

Marilyn is 5’6″, about 135, big tits and a round, inviting ass. She has brown hair & brown eyes and she used to have a hairy pussy.

We all went into our bedroom and as we undressed, Laura said, “This brings back a lot of great memories.”

As we got on the bed with both women in the middle, with Laura next to Dom and me next to Marilyn.

It didn’t take long before we all started making out.

Dom wasted no time in getting his cock into my wife’s cunt. I could see him already fucking her.

I followed and got my cock in his wife’s cunt and started fucking her.

As we fucked the women, they were kissing each and feeling each other.

It wasn’t long before Dom said he was going to come. Then he shot his cum in Laura’s cunt. I came right after, filling Marilyn’s cunt.

We got off and rested as both women continued making out as our cum oozed out their cunts.

After they finished, Laura said, “Isn’t it like old times?”

Both Dom & Marilyn said they missed our get togethers and hoped it would continue.

I asked them if they would be interested in staying with us for a week or so to see if the old magic was still there. Dom said he wouldn’t mind trying and so did Laura.

So, for the next two weeks, Dom & Marilyn stayed with us. They had their own bedroom but many a night they shared ours.

Dom and I had no problem sharing our wives and when we didn’t do that, the women enjoyed each other, both alone and with us watching.

After two weeks we sat down and decided to get a bigger place for the four of us to live together.

Three months later, we were in our new and bigger house. Each bedroom was huge and had its own king sized bed, a shower for at least six and there was a hot tub and pool in an enclosed back yard.

Dom and I even created our own sex room with a bed, video equipment, mirrored ceiling and walls, BDSM equipment , a two way mirror and more.

We had all the comforts of home.

Many a night we had the women on all fours, fucking them from behind and then switching partners.

The women never said no to me & Dom.

I even convinced them to become nudists, which after awhile, they enjoyed.

To say things never changed is putting it mildly…

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