Gym Class Cum Dumpster

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Anonymous said: Love your stories! Can you write one about a fit gym teacher who goes from being totally drug-free to a drugged up slut and loves it? She’s been stressing out about trying to have a baby and tries to get weed from a former student to calm down. He’s always wanted to fuck her, takes advantage and turns her onto cocaine and whatever else until she’s down to fuck anyone as long as they cum in her pussy and help her get knocked up.


I looked at the pregnancy test, waiting for the timer I had set to go off. I had done so many fucking pregnancy tests by then that I had lost all hope. None of the potential sperm donors I had chosen from online had done the trick. I was getting older and my baby clock was ticking faster and faster. I wanted to be a mother but I wasn’t ready to be tied down to one man for the rest of my life. I was too young for that but much too old to be wasting my proper birthing years. The urge to have a child had been pushing me to crazy lengths and I had been trying my best to cope with them.

The timer went off and I smiled as the result I had been waiting for finally registered on the tiny screen. “YES!” it said, and of course, I knew what that meant! I was finally fucking pregnant! I let out a loud scream and then clamped my own hand over my mouth because I was in the restroom right in the middle of the gym, where my students were waiting for me to begin class. My favorite student, Edwin was waiting for me when I opened the door. I gave him a thumbs-up as we had discussed, to let him know that I was pregnant.

He instantly smiled and gave me a thumbs-up back. I had no idea if he was the father or not, and he had no idea either. That was the point of it all. Edwin had simply been helping me get pregnant by giving me helpful suggestions that would allow me to get what I wanted. He had turned me into a slutty bimbo of a teacher and I had fucked so many students that I was constantly worried about losing my job. It would have all been worth it if it weren’t for this new life that was growing inside of me. I had wanted to get pregnant, but now that I was, I wasn’t quite sure how I had let things get so out of hand.

I wasn’t always the stupid bimbo wreck that I am today. In fact, the first four years of my teaching career at the community college was uneventful. I kept a healthy distance from my students and they kept a healthy distance from me. Then Edwin Waller came along and changed everything about my life until I could barely recognize my own self when I looked in the mirror.

I taught a few sections of a class called Health and Fitness, which combined learning about how to eat healthfully and exercise safely with actual workouts in the gym. This class was filled with mostly women who wanted to be nutritionists and a handful of men and women who were taking it to fulfill a graduation requirement. Edwin was in my Tuesday/Thursday class and he made himself known right away.

“Teacher! Teacher!” he shouted out as he raised his hand to ask yet another question. His dark hair was styled in a crew cut and it was obvious that he already worked out by his physique. I hadn’t been attracted to him at first, but over time he started to grow on me.

“Yes, Edwin?” I called on him. He heckled me a bit each class, asking me questions that were growing increasingly inappropriate.

“Are the workouts you make us do the same workouts you personally do to maintain that amazing body?” he asked with a calculated smirk. He knew he was getting under my skin but I tried my best not to give any outward indications that the other students might pick up on.

“No, the workouts I offer you guys in this class are pretty basic. I definitely do a more difficult routine,” I explained.

“Can you show us your workouts?” he asked.

“Maybe sometime after class,” I answered and then went on with the class, not imagining what was about to happen afterward. As the students filed out of the classroom, Edwin made his way up to the front where I was saying goodbye to each student as they left.

“Teacher, I need to speak with you about something I heard,” Edwin was always smirking at me and I knew why. I knew what he wanted from me but I had no intention of giving it to him. I wasn’t into fucking my students or getting fired from my job. I was into working hard and seeing the results. That’s why I loved the gym and working out so much. If I put hard work in, I got results.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I heard that smoking pot actually helps you get more muscle definition as long as you don’t engage in the munchies. I’ve been trying it lately, but I can’t tell if it’s working. Can you tell me? Do I look more ripped now that I did at the beginning of the course?” He looked at me with an intensity that made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t expecting it when he pulled his shirt off and showed me his defined abs. “What do you think? Is it working?”

“Wow!” I exclaimed before I could think about it. Edwin’s body was ridiculously ripped and I felt a pang of longing that gaziantep bayan escort I hadn’t felt since before my breakup with my fiance, Tony several years before. Sure, I’d fucked a few randoms from Swing Low Chat trying to get pregnant, but I was feeling something a bit more intense for Edwin.

“So do you think the pot is working?” he asked again.

My ears perked up as he said “pot.” I knew he meant marijuana. I hadn’t ever smoked that stuff but my anxiety over trying to get pregnant and failing miserably had me on edge. I needed something to take the pain away and I longed to have some of Edwin’s marijuana. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to be alone with Edwin. Either way, I stepped outside of the boundaries as Edwin’s teacher and took a different role, one I couldn’t quite define.

“I think it is!” I finally answered him. “Wow. I wish I could smoke some so I could get more definition!” I exclaimed before I thought it through. Edwin didn’t need any encouragement, and yet here I was encouraging him. I felt something naughty inside of me awaken and I knew that I should stop it before it grew into something dangerous, but I didn’t really want to stop it. I wanted to have some fun.

“You know pot is legal now, professor.”

“Is it?”

“Yeah. This is Washington! Of course it is. I have some in my truck if you’re interested.”

“Oh no! I couldn’t!”

“Why not?”

“You’re my student!”

“So, I’m not going to tell anyone. Live a little, Miss Andrade.”

“Maybe I should.”

“Yeah, you’re young! You should live a little. Haven’t you tried pot before?” Edwin looked so interested in my answer and I found myself lying a bit to seem cooler than I was.

“I tried it once in high school but it made me feel tired.”

“Well if you get tired I have something that will wake you up, too!”

“You do?”

“Yeah, come on to my truck. It’s in the upper parking lot but we could use some cardio anyway, right? Gotta keep our hearts healthy.” Edwin was so convincing that I found myself following him up the hill to the upper parking lot and climbing up into his large, blue truck. He already had a joint rolled and he searched his pockets for a lighter while I trembled in the passenger seat.

I was starting to realize that what I was doing was wrong as he lit the joint and took a big puff before passing it to me. I took it gingerly between two fingers and brought it to my lips. That was the moment when my entire life changed forever. That first puff on that joint was the beginning of a whole new era, one which I am hesitant to share with you because it makes me look like the worst teacher in the world.

I was high after a few inhales of the joint, but Edwin insisted that I keep smoking until my eyelids were heavy and I felt like I was going to pass out. His hand moved to my knee first and then traveled up my leg until it was dangerously close to my pussy. I didn’t move away. I didn’t run screaming from the car and telling Edwin that what he was doing was wrong. Instead, I pushed my pussy out a little to indicate to him that what he was doing was okay.

Our eyes met and I could tell that he was feeling exactly the way that I was feeling. He turned toward me, leaning in until our lips met. At first, it felt strange to be kissing a student, but once the initial shock wore off I could tell that my pussy was responding in a very positive way. I hadn’t been this turned on in years and so I gave in to my lust and I kissed Edwin back. He paused to put the joint out on an old soda can that was lingering in his cup holder. His car was absolutely filthy but I tried not to think about that as his fingers slipped into my leggings and wriggled down until they found my pussy. He rubbed me with an expertise that I found fascinating for a guy so young. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-two, twelve years younger than me.

I reached for his cock and rubbed it through his athletic shorts. He was a bit sweaty from our class workout but I was sweaty too. I was shocked at how arousing his natural scent was. The marijuana made me extremely horny, so much so that I pulled my leggings off and threw them onto the messy floor of the passenger side.

“Damn! You’re sluttier than I thought!” Edwin cried with delight. “You want to fuck right here?” he asked.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Edwin. Come on down here between my legs.” I was so much more brazen under the influence of pot! I was shocked at my own behavior as I opened my legs for Edwin to lick and suck on my clit. I held back my screams, letting the pleasure simmer and explode silently inside of me as I did the unthinkable. I felt so wrong and that was what was getting me off about it. I couldn’t believe that I was finally letting go. That was when I had the horrible idea that changed everything.

“I came good, Edwin. Let’s fuck now!”

“Right here in the parking lot?” His eyes were wide and his mouth was open in shock. “You are the coolest teacher ever!”

“Thank you, Edwin. I want you to fuck me hard and fast.”

“Let me get a condom,” he reached for the glove box but I stopped him from opening it.

“No, Edwin. I want it raw and I want you to cum deep in my pussy for me. Can you do that?”

“Oh my God! You want me to cum in you?”

“Yeah, that’s what gets me off!” I explained. The truth was that I was after his cum. I now realized that I had a fertile, young man right in front of me that could fulfill my life goal of becoming a mom. He was using me for sex and I was using him for his sperm. It was a fair enough trade as far as I was concerned. Edwin climbed on top of me right there in the parking lot. I’d like to say that his truck had tinted windows or that it was dark outside, but neither of those things would be true. We fucked right there in the front seat of his truck in broad daylight, Edwin feverishly pumping away at my pussy until he dumped his load deep inside of me. I didn’t cum from the sex, but it didn’t matter. I could already be getting pregnant! I tried my best to keep all of his sperm up inside of me, tilting my pelvis up to hold it inside of me.

“What are you doing?” he asked suspiciously. “Sorry I came so fast!”

“No, Edwin. That was perfect. That was exactly what I needed. Thank you.”

“Wow, really? Can we do it again?”

“I have another class I have to go to but maybe later. I’m so tired from this marijuana, Edwin. Do you have anything that will wake me up?” I asked, not understanding what I was asking.

“Of course! Here,” he opened his glove box and pulled something out.

“What’s that?”

“It’ll help you perk up.” I watched as he created small, white lines of powder. I knew that it was cocaine because I’d read books about it, but I had never seen it in real life. He snorted a line and handed me a rolled-up dollar bill to snort the other line. I wasn’t thinking about the baby that could be growing inside of me already. I wasn’t even sure babies were made that fast anyway and I’d failed so many times. I snorted the line and changed the course of my life forever.

The cocaine had an effect on me that I hadn’t anticipated. It made me feel fucking amazing and it lowered my inhibitions and changed my thought process just enough for me to mastermind a stupid plan to get myself pregnant. I know it sounds ridiculous but at the time I wasn’t thinking clearly. The cocaine was clouding my vision and influencing everything I did. At the same time, I was now addicted to it. Edwin had realized that I would let him fuck me bareback whenever he wanted as long as he kept me supplied with marijuana and cocaine.

He fucked me constantly, so much so that I was no longer scared of fucking in the parking lot, in the gym bathroom, and even in the classroom sometimes when I was feeling extra ballsy. I took load after load of his cum and I didn’t even bother to check if I was pregnant. The drugs had derailed me from my goals that easily. It had only been three weeks of being hooked when I went along with Edwin’s newest stupid plan.

“If you like young guys nutting up in your pussy, I have some friends that want to fuck you too.”

“You do? Who are they? Do they go to school here?” I asked.

“Yeah, is that okay? Some of them are in our class,” he gave me a sly look and I wondered who he meant.

“Who?” I asked.

“Lester, Joey, and Miguel. Oh, and Jaime! They love Latina women with juicy butts.”

“You think I have a juicy butt?”

“Yeah. So are there ever people at the gym on Saturdays? Maybe we could meet up here?”

“That’s a bad idea. We could meet at my apartment or something,” I suggested.

“Wouldn’t it be way hotter here in the gym?”

“It would, but I don’t want to get in trouble and get fired.”

“Come on Leticia,” Edwin had switched to using my first name at some point, but I hadn’t corrected him. He was already too close. “I’ll give you more coke,” he added.

“Okay, I’ll do it!” I agreed and I felt an uneasiness in my gut that didn’t go away no matter how many drugs I did.

That Saturday I met Edwin and his friends at the gym. He was right that the college was mostly closed. I knew that there were some Saturday classes that were offered but the parking lot was fairly deserted and the gym was locked when I arrived with my keys. I keyed into the gym and turned on the lights. I was already high when Edwin arrived with even more cocaine. We snorted it in the gym bathroom so he wouldn’t have to share his drugs with anyone else. Edwin was stingy with his drugs with everyone but me, and I knew why. He liked fucking my pussy and he liked that I was his teacher.

“I’m getting an A in this class, right?” Edwin asked me as I snorted up the last of the coke he had laid out for me.

“Yeah, totally. An A+.”

“Perfect. The guys are here. I’m going to let them in. Why don’t you get naked…” he trailed off as he went to the door. I didn’t get naked right away. I took off my t-shirt and left my leggings and sports bra on. When I saw the guys coming I began to wiggle my ass at them, taunting them so that their stupid, little boy cocks would be hard and ready to dump their cum in me. I had forgotten why I even wanted cum in my pussy in the first place. I was so high and addicted to drugs that I was now addicted to being used as a sex object by my students. I was addicted to the warmth of their cum inside of me and the risk of what I was doing.

“Come on in, guys! I’m horny and I need to get fucked. I like it bareback and I love to feel you nut inside of me.” I stared each of the young men down, telling them with my eyes that it was okay, that I was a kinky slut that needed to be used.

“Wow, you’re so sexy,” Lester Guerrero said before he gave an obnoxious whistle, as if I was a hooker on the street.

“Fuck yeah, I want that pussy,” Joey Hidalgo added.

“I want that ass!” Miguel Torres said in a thick Spanish accent.

“No anal! I want all of your cum in my pussy. Jaime? Do you want to dump a load of cum in my pussy too?” My heart was pounding. I had definitely done too much cocaine and I could feel it coursing dangerously through my system as the guys got naked right there in the gym. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of cameras being in the gym, but it was a fairly old building and the college didn’t have a lot of money. I prayed to God to let me get away with this. After this, I would stop. After this, I would be a good teacher again and go back to not fucking my students. I told myself that as I opened my mouth and let a cock slip inside.

We started out with me on one of the benches, a guy on either end of me fucking my holes. They took turns fucking my pussy and I did my best to be accommodating. Their young cocks varied in length and size and their bodies were all a bit different, but each of them were sexy in their own way. Of course, I was so horny from the cocaine that I probably would have fucked anyone.

“I’m cumming in Ms. Andrade!” Miguel screamed.

“That’s right! Cum in my pussy!” I screamed back, excited beyond measure by the cocks in front of me. I gripped two of them, one in each hand and did my best to stroke them as I sucked on another and got fucked by another. I was taking multi-tasking to a new level and I seemed to have a ravenous sexual appetite. No matter how many orgasms I had, I needed more. No matter how many loads of cum I collected in my pussy, it wasn’t enough! I needed cock after cock to cum in me and I wasn’t going to be satisfied by this group, nor the next.

I was now a cum monster, my pussy soaking up their young cum like a filthy sponge. I had a sexual greed that I had never known was possible and I was so addicted to cocaine that I didn’t realize that it was the problem or that I even had a problem. Hours had passed and we had fucked on every piece of equipment that could bear my body weight. The guys were out of cum and exhausted. Even Edwin looked like he was completely drained of every last drop.

“You guys are done already?” I asked, hoping to taunt them into fucking me more.

“Leticia, it’s been almost six hours,” Edwin shook his head in disbelief. “It’s time to go home.” We walked the guys out and then Edwin walked me to my car.

“You were unbelievable today,” he said as he hugged me and then gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “I think you need to stop snorting so much cocaine, Leticia. You’re not even the same person anymore.”

“I know! I just fucked 5 guys in the gym!”

“Yeah, they are all your students! Aren’t you afraid of getting fired?”

“Yeah, but I guess if I do, then I do. It was worth it. That was some of the best sex of my life!”

“Okay. Well, promise me you’ll go home and get some sleep.”

“Okay, I will,” I lied.

“Goodnight, Leticia! You’re a real slut,” he gave me a hug and I knew that he meant the slut comment as a compliment. I got in my car and drove to the nearest bar. I wasn’t done fucking. I walked into the joint, looking around for more dick. I saw a group of guys at a table and walked over, still in my gym wear.

“Hey, guys,” I smiled at each of them. “Anyone want some free pussy? Right here in the parking lot. I’ll be waiting,” I winked at them and walked to my car, waiting to see if any of them would come out. A few minutes later three guys came out and I fucked each of them several times right over the hood of my practical sedan. It seemed to be the only remnant left of my old, secure life. I let these strangers cum right in my pussy but I had forgotten the reason that I had wanted them to cum in me in the first place. I was so strung out on cocaine that I couldn’t even see that I was fucking up my own plan!

Nothing changed right away. I went on fucking Edwin and doing as much cocaine as he would give me until I started to feel strange. I was throwing up all the time and feeling sick most of the day. I figured it was just the drugs destroying me one cell at a time and I really didn’t give a fuck. I hated myself and my life. I felt like a loser and I was starting to have a hard time doing basic things, like teaching my classes. I was getting sloppy and lazy and I couldn’t stop letting my students cum in me whenever they felt the urge.

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Great Loop Ch. 10

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Great Loop – 10

This set of stories are meant to be read as chapters in a book. If you haven’t read the previous chapters of the Great Loop, I recommend you do to better understand the characters.

All characters are fictional. Obviously, many of the place locations are real.

I woke at sunrise. The boat was rocking a little from the wave action, I could hear lines slapping aluminum masts on the sail boats in the marina, and the only other sound was the gulls overhead. Both Tina and Margo were sound asleep so I gently extricated myself, used the head, dressed, made myself some coffee and went out on the deck to enjoy the start of the day. I did briefly think about MJ, but put her out of my mind and started thinking about the planned activities for the day. I pulled out my computer to get directions to Greenfield Village.

As I finished my coffee, Margo came on deck. Her hair was all messed up, she was wearing one of my tee shirts that keep her barely covered, and was yawning and stretching.

“Any more coffee? It’s nice to step on deck and not have to be ‘ON’ right away.” She sat down as I handed her a cup of coffee.

“MMMM, good coffee. I just love the sounds of a marina in the early morning. I also love the smell of the water, especially salt water.” She tucked her legs up under her butt and sipped her coffee as she watched the sun rise and asked,

“How are you this morning? Sleep all right? We still on for Greenfield Village today?”

“I’m really good this morning. Slept great and, yes, we’re still on for Greenfield Village today. How bout you?

“Me too. Tina should be up in a few minutes. She’s not very talkative until she’s had a couple cups of coffee. I was thinking that since we have a room at the marina hotel, we could go and shower there before we leave. It’ll give Tina and I a chance to get some fresh clothes, get our hair fixed, and put some makeup on. You’re welcome to shower in our room if you want.”

About that time, Tina came on deck. She nodded as I handed her a cup of coffee and said, “Good morning Tina. Hope you slept well.” She sat down and began sipping her coffee, but didn’t say anything.

Slowly, the marina started to come alive. People that had spent the night on board their boat started showing on deck, many raising a cup of coffee in salute to us or the morning.

After her second cup of coffee, Tina muttered “Morning.” She brushed the hair out of her eyes, squinted and looked around. “Pretty morning. We still on for today?”

“Yup, we have lots of time if you want to shower. Margo and I were just talking about that.”

“I was telling him he could use our shower if he wants and we could get fresh clothes and do our hair.”

Tina said,”Ok, lets get going.” With that, both went below to get dressed in last nights clothes, I grabbed a bag, put some clothes for the day in it and then we headed for their room.

Once there, both quickly undressed and Margo jumped into a very small shower.
Tina walked around the room naked, getting clothes out of a bag, brushing her hair and then when Margo came out, she got in the shower. Margo said, “Get your clothes off so you can shower when Tina comes out.” She was moving around the room naked and started pulling her clothes out while trying to get her hair dry. Damn, both had great bodies. I got undressed and was hard as stone. Margo took one look, laughed and said, “That looks good, but I want to get going, so we’ll take care of that later.”

Tina came out of the shower and Margo pushed me towards the door. “Make it quick!”

While I was in the shower, I could hear both girls using the mirror to put makeup on. When I pulled open the curtain, both were there in their panties doing their makeup and brushing their hair. Tina tossed me a towel. I said, “I could use some help.”

Tina replied, “You’re a grown man. Do it yourself.” Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling. Margo laughed.

By the time I got dried off and came back into the room, both girls were half dressed. Both were wearing tight navy blue shorts and had on sexy white lacy bras. Both pulled on a red, white and blue blouse and slipped on sandals. I put on a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt and we were off.

We got to Greenfield Village about 10:30. The museum is divided into 7 areas, Working Farms, Liberty Craftworks, Henry Ford’s Model T, Railroad Junction, Main Street, Edison at Work, Porches & Parlors.

The girls wanted to visit the Liberty Craftworks and Porches & Parlors. I wanted to visit Railroad Junction and Edison at Work. Looking at the map, we plotted out a route so that we could see what we wanted and if time permitted, we could go to another area.

At the Craftworks area, we watched them make a glass flower using glass blowing techniques, we also watched the craftsman making a brass candlestick, a silk mill demonstration, and a gristmill. The girls talked non-stop about how they could decorate with some of these products.

Next we visited Railroad Junction. We rode on a steam powered train and watched an engine being moved into a round house gaziantep bayan escort repair shop using a turntable powered by human power. That was pretty amazing.

We then moved on to the Edison at Work area. The village has the Menlo Park Laboratory that Thomas Edison was working in when he invented the incandescent lightbulb. The area also includes the first building to be illuminated by a light bulb.

By this time we were hungry, so we found a place to get some lunch before going to the Porches & Parlors area.

We finished the day visiting the homes of ordinary people that had an impact on our history. The 1760 Dagger Farmhouse, the 1800 McGuffey Birthplace, the 1860 Susquehanna Plantation, and the 1930 Mattox House are all in the Village. Noah Webster’s home is there as well as other significant homes. Again, the girls were talking about decorating ideas.

By the time we finished with what we wanted to see, it was closing time and we headed for the car. Traffic was typical of any large city during rush hour and it took us a while to get back to the marina. Again, I was glad I no longer lived in a large city. All the sights, shopping, dining, etc. is fun, but I really enjoy my little boat and the slower way of life I had adapted.

We walked along the water and had dinner at a different restaurant before going back to the boat. We each had a drink, people watched, watched the sunset, and talked about the day. The girls seemed very relaxed.

Tina said, “Today was fun. I really enjoyed myself and I learned a few things. It’s also great to just be able to sit on a boat and relax.”

Margo added, “Today was cool. I didn’t think I’d like the railroad exhibit, but it was great. I agree with Tina, it’s nice to not have to be “ON” when on a boat.

About that time, she raised her leg and let her foot rest on my cock. She then stood up, grabbed mine and Tina’s hand and we went below. Both girls started undressing me and then pushed me down on the bed. Then they embraced each other and started kissing each other with much passion. I immediately got harder. They seemed to forget I was there as they continued to kiss and slowly undress each other. This was better than any porn movie I had ever seen. After undressing, Tina reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator and dildo, passed the dildo to Margo and they slowly teased each others body with the toys and their tongues. They licked and sucked each others boobs while using the toys on each others pussy. They appeared to be taking great pleasure from each others actions. After about 10 minutes, they got into a 69 position and then went to work with the toys. There were many moans of pleasure as the dildo was pumped into Tina’s pussy and from Margo with the vibrator pressed to her clit. Between lips, tongues, fingers and toys, both girls started to climb aboard the orgasm express until first Margo and then Tina went to the stars. It was a very impressive show.

As the girls were coming down from their high, I was gently stroking my cock. Margo looked over, smiled and said, “Did you enjoy that? It’s a show we put on for men on the boats from time to time. It always leads to great tips. Now, as much as I enjoy Tina and toys, I really prefer a nice hard cock, and you have a very nice cock!”

She reached over and devoured my cock. Tina said, “and I enjoy a mans tongue.” With that, she straddled my face and let my tongue lick her pussy from top to bottom. With both girls riding me, I focused on giving both the best sex I knew how. I went into Tantric sex mode and focused on Tina and Margo’s pleasure. I felt Margo slide my cock into her pussy as she emitted a “MMMMMMMMM”. Tina was starting to groan with pleasure and pressing herself harder on my face. As Margo slid down my cock, I arched up into her as deep as I could go. With a quiet “fuck” she started bouncing on my cock. I think both girls were playing with each others tits as well. With my licking and sucking on Tina’s clit, it wasn’t long before she started her ride to the stars. With a long drawn out groan that sounded like “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she came and drenched my face with her juices before falling to the side. Now I focused on Margo. I lifted her off me, rolled her onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. A few light smacks on her ass elicited some ‘MMMMMMMMM’ from her as I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy. I slowly increased the speed of my stroke until she groaned an “Oh fuck” and came. As she slid off my cock, I rolled her over and re-entered her and sent her to the stars again.

Moving over to Tina, I raised her legs to my shoulders and entered her with a hard thrust and pumped her as fast as I could. As she started her climb to the stars, I started coming with a huge grunt. I flooded her pussy just as she reached her high with a screamed ‘YES’.

Slowly, we all came down from our individual highs. I got us each some water before we curled up with each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was the same as the previous days. Waking up at dawn, coffee, showers and then off to the Henry Ford Museum. The museum is next to Greenfield Village, so I already knew the way and we made better time getting there. The museum was fascinating with exhibits that included railroad engines, farm equipment, air planes, cars, racing cars, Presidential Limos, houses, jewelry, and other displays. There was much more than we could take in in a single day. We ended up splitting up with me going to see farm equipment, airplanes, racing cars and the girls going to houses and jewelry. We caught up with each other at lunch and the three of us talked about what we had seen and then we split up again. We met back at the car at closing time. The drive back to the marina was slow, but the conversation was non-stop. Again, we walked the water front and found a restaurant to have dinner and drinks and then walked back to the boat to watch the sunset. All of us were tired.

As we sat there having a drink, both girls phones beeped indicating a text message. Margo checked hers. “Shit, the boat’s repaired and the Captain wants us back on board by noon tomorrow to help get the boat ready. The owner will be here the next day and wants to get going as soon as possible.”

Tina said, “Well Jim, it’s been fun but I think we best spend the night in our room and get ourselves organized so we can go back to work tomorrow.”

I said,”You could spend the night here, and then get up tomorrow and still make the boat by noon.”

“We could, but I’m tired after today and the last few days, so, at least for me, I’m going back to the room and start to pull my stuff together and get a good long nights sleep. Margo?”

“Sorry Jim, but I agree with Tina. I’ve had a ball the last few days and am so glad that we met. I will follow your adventures on your blog and we can stay in touch via Facebook and texting, but now we have to be ready to work and that is something we both take a great deal of pride in. It keeps us employed and in demand.”

We all stood, hugged and kissed and they headed up the dock together. Once again I was alone. I realized that I enjoyed having company on the boat and was not the loner I pretended to be. I had fun with the girls. I should find someone to join me on the boat, but who. I remembered having that thought before. MJ maybe? I’d need to think on this for a while.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I kept thinking about what MJ had said and my response to it. Could we really be in love? I didn’t think so. Damn!

I spent the next day doing maintenance on the boat. I changed the oil, fuel conditioning filters, tightened some fittings, cleaned up some leaks. By the time I was done, it was dinner time. I cleaned up, changed my clothes and just as I was getting off the boat, I heard, “Hey Jim, how ya doing? Did you enjoy Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum?” It was Sally and Charlie

“Hi, I did enjoy the museums. Good to see you two again. What’s new with you?”

“Nothing, just enjoying the weather and decided to spend the night on the boat. We’re getting ready to go to dinner. Would you like to join us?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We had a good time at dinner. I learned more about them and they learned more about me. I learned they were big fans of the Red Wings and had season tickets to their games. I told them I was an Islander fan and had season tickets as well.

Charlie asked, “How much longer are you here for?”

“Probably a couple more days. I spent today doing maintenance and tomorrow, I plan to clean up topside, polish the brass and stainless and enjoy the weather. I have a reservation at Mackinac Island for Labor Day weekend, and some friends are coming in from Long Island to join me for a few days. Then I plan to work my way to Chicago where I’ll be putting the boat in storage before heading back to Long Island for the winter.”

“Oh good. Perhaps you’d like to join us tomorrow evening on our boat. We’re having some friends over for drinks and then we’ll be going to dinner. I think they’d all like to hear some of your stories.”

“Sounds like fun, what time?”

“Come over around 6:00. Everyone should be there by 6:15 or so.”

They headed for their boat, I had another drink and read for a while as the sun set and then headed to bed. The next day was a spit and shine day. Comes with owning a boat, unless it is a work boat I suppose. About 4:00, I wrapped everything up, showered and shaved, dressed casually and walked over to Charlie and Sally’s boat. It was about the same size as mine, but the deck was more open and the cabin area smaller. A nice boat. Sally saw me approaching and yelled, “Come aboard, I want to introduce you to some people.”

I was handed a bourbon, and introduced to two other couples. All were older than me by 10 or more years, but all were attractive. They all worked in the automotive supply business and the talk focused around business and things that I didn’t know much about. Another couple joined us and I was introduced to them. That was everyone that was coming. It was evident I was the kid. One of the ladies, Karen I think, latched on to me and asked me to tell her about my travels. I kept the discussion to places I had been and the sights I had seen. I did talk about a few of the people I had met, but judiciously omitted others and certain adventures. As we were talking, the other ladies joined our group and listened to my tale. When I finished, one of them said,”Now tell us the good stuff, the stuff that went on below deck, you know what I mean!”

“Oh, you want to hear about the sex and the parties?”

“Ya, come on, let’s hear all the juicy details.” All the ladies laughed.

I was saved by Charlie announcing it was time to leave for dinner. Our reservation was for 7:30 and it would take us a few minutes to walk to the restaurant.

At dinner, I had a lady on each side of me and the conversation became more general. One of the ladies leaned over and whispered, “You’re not off the hook. We still want to hear the rest of the story!” I just smiled. Dinner was excellent, the wine outstanding and the conversation was enjoyable. One of the men seemed to be drinking quite heavily and started getting louder as the evening progressed. His wife was obviously pissed at him and as we headed back to Charlie and Sue’s boat, she quietly steered him to their car and they left.

Back at the boat, the men gathered for drinks and cigars and a couple of ladies surrounded me and one said, “Now young man, we expect to hear the rest of the story. Don’t be shy, you won’t be telling us anything we haven’t experienced ourselves!”

I started with Debbie, then Amy and Julie, I skipped the adventures in Toronto, and described the photography session in Rochester. The ladies wanted me to get my computer and show them the photos, but I said no. I then told them about MJ as well as Margo and Tina. When I had finished, they all looked flushed. One asked, “Does a finger up your ass really intensify your orgasm? I’ve never tried that. I’ll have to keep that in mind in case Dan gets it up again.” The other ladies laughed. Another one said, “I’ve never been with another woman and you had two different ladies on several occasions. Your quite the young man!”

About the time I finished, the party began breaking up, with the men collecting their wives and heading for home. One lady walked past me, handed me a piece of paper and whispered, “My phone number. Please call me.” As I prepared to leave, Charlie came over and asked if I had had a good time. Sally said, “Oh of course he did. Sitting with 3 horny women telling them about his sexual conquest, how could he not?” Charlie just arched an eye brow, shook my hand and left. Sally said, “Well Jim, that was quiet the story. You really had Barb turned on. She is the most, huh, adventurous of our group. If we were 10 years younger, you may have had an orgy on your hands tonight, although, the marina is a little too public for something like that. Maybe I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.”

“Good night Sally. I had a great time.”

She gave me a little hug and a peck on the cheek and I left.

The next morning, I was on the deck having coffee when Charlie walked up.

“I don’t know what you told the wives last night, but Sally attacked me before we could even get into bed. Best sex we’ve had in years. You should bottle that. You’d make a billion dollars in a heart beat.”

Just then, Sally walked up behind him, took his arm and said, “Let’s go.” Then she mouthed to me, “Thank you!”

As they left, they wished me a good trip.

I got back to cleaning up the boat. I planned to head north tomorrow. I had time to kill, so planned to stay a couple of days at various stops up the east coast of Michigan and experience people from small towns and villages.

Later that afternoon, I got a text from Helen. It said that she, Lori, and Susan had rented a cottage on an island in Georgian Bay and they wanted me to visit them for a few days. I sent a text back confirming the dates and said I would let them know in a few days. That brought back a text telling me everything they would do for me. Definitely an X rated text. I laughed and said I would let them know.

As I was cleaning up and putting my rags, polish and brushes away, I thought about calling Barb, but decided not to. I wasn’t too keen on getting involved with a married woman if her husband wasn’t supportive of her desires. I moved the boat over to the fuel dock and topped off the fuel tanks, the fresh water tank, and pumped out the waste tanks. I had a quiet meal at one of the restaurants and went to bed early.

The next morning, I slipped the lines and left the dock just as the sun was rising above the horizon. It was another beautiful day. I continued north thru Lake St. Clair and up the St. Clair River to Lake Huron. I intended to stop around Port Huron for the night. The St. Clair River is bordered on the west by Michigan and on the east by Ontario, Canada. It has a shipping channel for Great Lake Freighters and other commercial traffic so it was a busy day. I found a restaurant with a transient dock and stopped for a nice easy lunch. The people were friendly and stopped to talk about Second Chance and my trip. Since the river is only about 40 miles long, I reached Port Huron in early afternoon, found a slip and settled in for a couple of days of general relaxation.

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“Do you have change for a hundred?”

“Don’t be a cheap bastard. It’s for charity. And yer getting your wee dick wet.” the woman working the door said. This caused several of the guys to crack up and shamed the original guy into sheepishly handing over the hundred. $50.00 would have been better but when he walked in and saw pussy waiting for him, he knew he had made a good investment.

The girls were raising money for victims of the storm and doing it in a wonderful way. They had shown everyone videos of the idea. Instead of glory holes with eager mouths, the girls were offering up their pussies in the glory holes. Most had their legs held up in a V shape by Velcro restraints, but a few were facing downward and were bent over with their feet on the floor. Their heads and breasts were hidden behind the wall. The openings in the wall had flaps of fabric hanging down to seal off the view from inquisitive eyes. It was a totally anonymous fuck.

They would have regular glory holes, but you never knew if it was a guy or a girl when it was a mouth. When you saw a spread pussy, you knew what you were getting into. Of course some of the guys were gay or bi and wouldn’t mind whose mouth was behind the wall but it was exciting to have options.


When Kelli first proposed the idea, no one thought she was serious, but when she showed them the website, the room grew silent. Every eye was locked on the screen as the crowd of strangers took turns fucking the exposed and anonymous pussies. If they did gaziantep bayan escort it this way, even the girls who were engaged or had boyfriends could join in. And after all, wasn’t the sorority supposed to unite women and support charities?

There were probably 15 videos of the pussy glory holes at this Czech Fantasy website and the girls watched them all. There were some oral glory holes, but the real attraction was the fucking. There was a camera on the girls faces and it was so exciting to see their faces change from kind of bored, kind of nervous, to that “Oh” face as some stranger puts a cock at their entrance and slides it home.

Most of the guys fucked hard but a few took their time. I think we all were excited by the hard fuck scenes. Seeing a new guy jump into place and continue the pounding was a fantasy for most of us. And now it was going to happen.

In the video, they had a picture of the girl taped to the wall, but these sorority girls didn’t want the boys knowing who was participating, so they all agreed not to have the pictures.

Kelli called in a favor from a carpenter she knew and before long, the girls had a fuck room. He had barely cleaned up the last of the sawdust before Kelli was trying it out. She shimmied in there and yelled for the other girls to come in. You could hear the sharp intake of breath from a mile away. They all got it.

Kelli was providing them a demonstration of what it would look like on that night. Her small round bottom looked good in her jeans. She was face down on the bed/pad, whatever you call the fuck cushion, because it was hard to hold her legs up without the straps. She rolled over on her back and lifted her legs to give them an idea of how that would look.

In hindsight, it shouldn’t have surprised her when she felt the small hands reach under the curtain and undo her zipper, but Kelli hadn’t planned on it. She just wanted to give them an idea. Kelli sighed as they slipped off her pants, then panties and she felt the soft padding wrap around each ankle as they affixed the restraints to her feet.

Her pussy got wet immediately at being on display like this. Plus she knew a ridiculous amount of pussy licking was about to take place. She didn’t have to wait long.

Soft hands ran along her legs and a finger ran across her pussy lips, parting her for everyone to see. Kelly twitched under the treatment. This was so fucking hot, she was going to cum fast. And often probably. She felt a kiss on her leg, then kisses on the other, and she knew more than one girl was touching her. The finger at her pussy picked up her moisture as it slid so gently up and down. A fingertip began to wiggle at her clit. Oh fuck, that was too much, too soon. She tried to wriggle away from the strong vibrations.

The anonymous fingerer must have seen her hips gyrating because they slowed down and began to push into her. She felt the finger go as deep as it could and they left it there. When their tongue began to work on her soft pussy lips she had her first little orgasm. It was just enough to make her hold her breath for a moment, but it felt so good.

Kelli tried to figure out who it was by the way they ate her. Fuck, it’s too hard to know, and it doesn’t matter. Lick it. Lick it. Move that finger.

Kelli entertained the girls for a while then she felt the straps on her ankles being removed and she was free. A part of her was sad they were through using her, but she had plenty of orgasms with what they did.

Before they could change their minds, Kelli rolled over and slipped out of the spot. She gathered up her clothes and dressed. The girls looked at the three pussy spots they had built and imagined them all going at once.

Two regular glory holes were on the far end and up high, there was a larger opening high on the wall. That was where a guy could eat an anonymous pussy if he wanted.

Well, back to the story. We had told the fraternity we were associated with about the idea, but we emphasized, “You guys better come up with $5000.00″ This is a fundraiser and if you want to get your dicks wet, you need to pony up some cash.”

They assured us cash was not going to be a problem.

They told the guys it was a $50.00 buy in plus they had to bring drinks. We were hoping to get them so drunk, they’d give us a break. No one really knew how long it could go on if you gave guys unlimited access to pussy.

And mouths. Kelli thought back to her glory hole experience and how hot it was. She thought this was going to top it though. If the 30-40 minutes she had with the girls the other night was any indication, she was going to have her mind blown.

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Getting to Know My Neighbors Better

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I had begun to pull into the driveway having returned from the convention in Dallas. Yes, the same one where I got to enjoy Matt, Henri and Joan when I saw my neighbor Jennifer, waive from her garage. As I pulled into my garage, Jennifer walked out to the middle of the yard and waited for me to get my bags out of the trunk.

“How was the trip?” Jennifer asked.

“Quite enjoyable, I have to say.” I responded thinking back to enjoying Matt’s first experience.

“Well, Jerry will be home soon too. Want to come over for dinner this evening and a couple of drinks to unwind? The kids are at my mom and dad’s house for the weekend. Besides, you can tell us about your trip.”

Jennifer was exquisite, and if it weren’t for the fact that she was not only my neighbor, but also my neighbor and my friend’s wife, I would not have hesitated to see if there was an opportunity to see if she was as good in bed as she looked. She was hot. She stood five foot two, one hundred and fifteen pounds of red headed fire. Her red hair fell almost to her waist. She had a very tight body with exquisite breasts, which I’ve seen only from her wearing her bikini on the back deck and when we had barbeque dinners over the course of the past two years. For work, she’s always dressed professionally, dress or slacks and jacket, always heels, and sometimes, her hair would be in a ponytail instead of falling freely down her back and over he shoulders. Today, her hair was in a ponytail and she wore a nice pair of black slacks, a red blouse, a black jacket and a pair of black heels. It was cold, but no snow on the ground yet.

“Let me put this stuff away. Aren’t you supposed to be wearing a coat out here? It’s cold. I’m still not used to Pittsburgh weather,” I chimed.

She shrugged her shoulders and responded, “You need to get used to it. This isn’t Atlanta.”

“Well then, is there anything you would like me to bring over for dinner? A bottle of wine?” I asked.

“How about two of your German Auslese? I think the three of us would enjoy that very much.” Jennifer cocked her hip to one side and smiled.

“Well, I’ll rustle them up. How long before Jerry gets home?” I asked.

“He should be here around five thirty seeing that we aren’t going to the tavern tonight for happy hour. We wanted to stay home. Thought you might like to stay in as well since you were on the road all week.”

I shut the trunk of my car and yelled back to her, “I’ll see you in a few to help out in the kitchen. I need to freshen up first.”

I opened the door to the kitchen and pressed the garage door button. The alarm system chirped away until I could enter the code. Home at last. It was a busy and interesting week in Dallas.

I opened my bags to remove my dirty clothes and placed them in the laundry room before heading upstairs to unpack the remaining items. I took a long shower letting my mind wander through the course of the trip and the enjoyment, causing my cock to thicken again. I shaved, just to keep myself slick. I love that feeling.

Once out of the shower and dried off, I bushed my teeth, rinsed, and applied a couple of squirts of Obsession to finish off. I padded into my master bedroom and chose a pair of khaki pants, a dark blue Polo shirt, and a pair of dark blue silk underwear. I grabbed a pair of socks and a pair of loafers. The silk underwear happened to feel extremely sensual with my shaved cock and balls.

Dressed, I went downstairs to the finished basement and opened the door to my wine closet. I selected two good bottles of wine and happy with myself, walked back up the stairs to the kitchen to check on the time. It was just after five and Jerry would be home soon. I could help Jennifer in the kitchen until he arrived, so it was off to Jennifer and Jerry’s.

Their garage door was open, Jennifer’s car, or should I say family minivan, was parked next to their two Harley’s, a black Road King for Jerry, and a dark blue soft tail Heritage Classic for Jennifer. I had my own Ultra in my own garaged. We often went for rides on the weekends. Their oversized two-car garage was plenty big enough for both bikes, the minivan, and Jerry’s Volvo convertible. I knocked on the inside door and Jennifer yelled for me to come in and that the door was unlocked.

Jennifer was at the sink rinsing some tomatoes for the salad. “My, handsome, you smell pretty good there,” She noted.

“I needed to take a shower. Long trip back. It was refreshing.”

“Well, now you can go out and start the gas grill. You know it is supposed to be a nice day tomorrow, maybe even a ride day with the weather warming up near the mid sixties through Sunday. We thought about it.”

I opened the back deck patio doors and stepped out into the chilly air again. I opened the grill lid, turned on the gas, hit the igniter switch and lit the grill. I set the knobs to medium high to get the grill toasty, closed the lid, and stepped back into the house. It was getting dark.

“With the cold today, I can’t believe it will be warm tomorrow.” I turned to see her pulling the gaziantep bayan escort steaks from the fridge.

“Well, we usually go to a party once a month with some friends. We will more than likely ride there tomorrow evening. It isn’t far, about twenty minutes away.”

Just then, I heard the Volvo pull into the garage. It took a few seconds before the door began to come down and I could hear Jerry close the car door. I opened the door and smiled chiding him, “Surprise! Just the face you want to see after a hard day’s work.”

Jerry laughed, “Don’t worry, she told me we were having dinner this evening. How was your trip?”

As Jerry came into the kitchen, he gave Jennifer a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass. They were a great couple. Ten years younger than I at thirty-two years old, they were college sweethearts. Their two kids, a boy eight and girl six, were like my own nephew and niece. I was lucky to have made friends with them following my divorce and move to Pittsburgh two years prior.

Jerry smiled and said he was going upstairs to freshen up and would be back down in a few. Jerry was five foot seven, slightly built but well toned. He played tennis regularly as well as golf. His blond hair was thick but he had little to no body hair. Jerry was both handsome and cute, in a way I couldn’t put a finger on but we had hit it off and were great friends.

“Ok buster, put the steaks on and I’ll check on him.” Jennifer walked to the stairs and looked up before heading up the steps. I loved watching her walk. She always made me smile.

I turned to grab the steaks and the tongs and walked outside to endure the chill while the steaks cooked. We all liked them done the same, pretty easy to cook filets medium on the grill. Done in no time, I walked back in with the steaks just as Jerry and Jennifer came down the stairs. Jerry had taken a shower and changed into a pair of tan Dockers and a button down blue shirt. “Just in time,” I chimed in.

We ate dinner, chit chatted about the week, the weather, and sports. When we finished, we gathered the dishes, placed them in the dishwasher, and grabbed the two bottles of wine heading downstairs to the family room.

Jerry turned on the big screen and found the sports channel news update and we poured the first glasses of wine and toasted to friends. The first bottle went quickly and I cracked the second bottle when Jennifer asked if I’d like to see a movie. “Sure,” I responded. “What kind?”

Jennifer walked over to the DVD player and turned it on. She grabbed the remote to change the input to the video system and a movie came on, one I was very familiar with. I looked at Jennifer and Jerry and smiled a little nervously. The video scene on the TV showed a woman sitting on a sofa, nude with her legs spread fingering herself while two guys were on the floor before her on a blanket with pillows all around, in a sixty-nine, each sucking on the other’s throbbing hard cocks.

“Jerry and I went to borrow a DVD from your collection to watch this week. It was in your DVD player when we turned it on to see what might be good to watch. Don’t worry, it was just Jerry and I.” Jennifer had a wicked smile on her face.

I stammered, “Well, I see you found a good one.” I didn’t know how this was going to play out.

Jerry smiled and hoisted his wine glass for a toast, “To the neighbor we are glad to have and didn’t realize we could have enjoyed more with sooner.”

Jennifer and I raised our glasses and I looked at them both as I sipped my wine. Jennifer spoke, “We wanted you to know that we both have always found you, well, pretty hot, so to speak. We were glad to see the video.”

I looked at them and they were both smiling. “Yes,” Jerry agreed. “We have and we both still do.” Of course, that is if you are interested in us too?”

I must have stammered when I replied, but I was flush and excited at the same time. “So, does this mean you are both in the life style or Jerry, you’re bi too?”

“Yes, I am and we both are bi. Of course, we just couldn’t come out and say anything but now that we all know, what do you think?”

I took a deep breath and said, “Thank goodness, I’m a lucky guy. So, how long have you both been playing, so to speak?”

Jennifer replied, “We started in college, believe it or not. So, since we’ve been dating. We were pretty open about everything and when Jerry and I went to a Halloween party in our junior year, he dressed as a girl. He was pretty damn convincing. So much so, he was on his knees giving head to several guys that night and they didn’t know he was a guy. We both enjoy the best of both worlds.”

I was becoming more relaxed. “Wow, I would never have imagined.”

Jennifer asked, “So, how did you find yourself enjoying both sexes?”

“Well, it is a long story.” We sipped our wine and I told them about my curiosity in high school but never acted upon it. Then, I told them about the girlfriend who would finger-fuck my ass and milk my prostate while sucking my cock and who introduced me to pegging. I told them about the night I ran into my ex-wife at a club with some of her girl friends and after a few drinks and feeling pretty horny, she told me that she had candid conversations with her friends with regards to sex and she had wished that she had brought another guy into our bed. She wanted to see me have sex with one of her guy friends. The erotic conversation was enough to make her cum on her seat at the bar just talking about it. That from a woman who didn’t like to fuck at all. Go figure.

I filled them in on how that conversation triggered my curiosity about having sex with men, crossdressers, couples, and the whole lifestyle. Then, I filled them in about losing my bi-curiosity virginity to Robert and becoming a member of their bi-group just two years before in Maryland and some adventures in Atlanta. Lastly, I told them about my week in Dallas I had just spent. Both of them had wicked smiles.

Jerry smiled and asked, “Jennifer, are we ready to take this upstairs?”

Jennifer began to unbutton her red blouse revealing her gorgeous pert thirty-four C cup breasts with her nipples already poking through the black lace front hooked bra. She let the blouse slip off her shoulders onto the floor. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped the black slacks, slowly letting them slid them down her perfect legs revealing a pair of matching French cut black-laced panties. She stepped out of her heels and the pants, cocked her hips to the side placing her hands on her hips and smiled, “I am going upstairs. You two boys, follow me.”

Jennifer moved toward the stairs and quickly unhooked her bra, turned to the side, let it fall to the floor and began walking up the stairs. Three steps up, she slid her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them down, leaning over displaying a perfect ass and the back side of her shaved pussy before continuing up the steps.

Jerry moved over to turn off the television and DVD player as I moved to the steps to continue to watch her make her way to the top. My cock was rock hard at that point.

I made my way up the stairs to meet her at the landing leading to the second level of the house where she wrapped her hands around my neck, pulled my head down to meet her luscious lips in a heated kiss. I let my hands slide down her back to her ass as she began to suck on my tongue and let one hand roam to the front of my pants to feel my cock throbbing. “My, we need to get up upstairs and get you out of those clothes quickly mister.”

By now, Jerry had managed to make his way upstairs and approached me from behind to get in behind me enough to snuggle up against my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing as he moved his hips letting his manhood slip back and forth across my ass cheeks and the crack of my ass. He softly mumbled, “Yes, upstairs now.”

Jennifer and I broke off our kiss, she grabbed my hand and led the way upstairs to the master bedroom. Their master bedroom was the same size as my own, complete with a huge on-suite and a sitting room. The king sized bed was turned down, displaying dark blue satin sheets. There were several toys on the nightstand including a nice lifelike dildo, a strap-on, a nice sized double dildo, lubes and lotions.

Jennifer led me to the bench at the foot of the bed and told me to sit down and then moved toward the television and DVD player in the TV stand. She turned them on and slid a DVD into the player. When it came on, she skipped through a few minutes and stopped on a woman with long blond hair, black leather dress, seamed hose, five inch black patent leather stiletto heels who dropped to her knees and pulled out one of the largest cock’s I’d seen in a home made video and began to devour it like it was a prized salami.

Jennifer came over and began to pull my shirt off. My cock was throbbing in my pants. Jennifer said, “That’s Jerry, or should I say Jessica, his female alter ego.”

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it. “No way!”

“Oh yes,” Jennifer replied. “Like I said earlier, Jerry is pretty sexy as a woman and dressed up, just like you see there.”

Jerry smiled and began to slowly remove his clothes. His fair skin seemed totally void of hair with the exception of his blonde locks. He was satiny smooth. When he slipped off his briefs, I swear I saw the veins bulging in his throbbing cock.

Jennifer slid my pants off leaving me sitting there with my blue silk underwear and stepped back to place them on the love seat in the sitting room, Jerry stepped forward and knelt down on both knees before me and looked up, saying, “Let me help you off with these. They are just a little too confining.”

I watched between Jerry live and Jerry on the screen as he slid them down my thighs releasing my cock, pointing right at his face, hard and throbbing. As he slid them down my legs, he leaned in, turned toward Jennifer as my cock was right against his cheek and chimed, “Baby, I’m going to have the first taste, if that’s ok with you.”

Jennifer smiled and moved toward us to my left side, placing her right leg up on the bench, leaving her pussy spread wide open looking down watching her husband begin to lick, suck, tease, and then engulf my cock. I reached up with my left hand and slipped a finger, then two, into her drenched pussy. She was wet and slippery as I eased two fingers into her and let my thumb rub her clit. She began to slowly fuck my fingers.

My right hand moved to the back of Jerry’s head, caressing it as he slid up and down my shaft. “Damn Jerry, you are fucking great at this.”

He responded, “We love it.” He didn’t miss a stroke. “Just so you know, she’s a squirter when she cums.”

I looked up at her and she nodded her head yes. “Oh baby, he’s got magic fingers. I’m close. Keep it up.” She began to fuck my fingers and moan loudly, telling us how good it felt.

I was ecstatic. Here I was with my very good friends, now “great” friends, having hot sex. Jennifer’s body began to shake as she announced, “I’m going to cum!!”

She didn’t disappoint. When she came, her body convulsed and three streams of juices shot from her, one with each time her body shook. She slid off my fingers with a smile. “My turn Jerry. Get me some lube and our friend I use on you over on the nightstand.”

Jerry released my cock from his mouth with a plop and slowly stood up. I watched him has he walked toward the nightstand and then looked back over at the television to see him on all fours, his ass up in the air and the gentleman with the large cock lining up to slide his massive tool into his ass. The camera panned in to show the huge cock’s head pressed against the puckered asshole and slowly, ever so slowly, begins to slide into the hot ring. It took a few minutes, but the head finally broke into the tight orifice and slowly slid deeper into the hot tight hole.

“Oh my goodness, that is so hot!” I told them both.

Jerry returned with a lifelike cock dildo and some lube. Jennifer reached for the lube and liberally applied it to my opening, sliding in one, then two fingers to work to loosen me up.

As she slid her magic fingers into my ass, she noted, “We have the weekend to fuck our brains out. Also, we’d like to invite you to our party tomorrow, be our new guest and possibly a member.”

Jerry began to tell me about their monthly bi-gathering as his wife’s fingers probed my ass. “This month’s party is at the couple’s house who we’ve known since college. That’s Tom’s cock in my ass.” He was grinning.

Jennifer said, “Tomorrow evening’s event is a costume party. You’ll see Jerry like you’ve never seen him before. We are dressing as biker babes. Maybe you can be our biker guy.”

She bent over to suck on the head of my cock, teasing me. The sensations were wonderful. She grabbed dildo, eight inches long, a realistic dong, pulled her fingers from my ass and placed the head against my asshole. She began to slowly push. “Here it comes, baby.”

The head slipped in and she eased the dildo into me slowly. “Look baby, his ass loves a good cock in it, just like yours does.”

Jerry moved closer to watch. I motioned him forward to me so that I could reciprocate and take his cock in my mouth. He moved into the same position as Jennifer had and I leaned over to take his hardness between my lips. I could feel his cock throbbing as I slowly began to work my tongue under the head and down the shaft.

Jennifer leaned back to watch the close up of me sucking on Jerry’s cock as she slowly fucked my ass. We were all moaning in ecstasy, me from having my ass fucked and the slow fucking of my mouth by Jerry’s cock. Jerry moaning showing his enjoyment of the blowjob he was getting and Jennifer from watching up close and now fingering her clit as she fucked my ass.

I could tell Jerry was close to cumming when he placed his hands on my head and began to slowly fuck my mouth deeper with each stroke, trying to test my gag reflexes. He told Jennifer he was close.

She told me to suck him and take his load, but I had to show her his cum before I swallowed it all. I wasn’t going to last much longer myself and I told her so. She began to fuck my ass harder and my cock oozed precum as she deep fucked me.

Jerry announced, “Here it comes!” He pulled my head down hard on his cock as he erupted shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I love that feeling!

I moaned as he kept delivering me his load. I swallowed some and got a hard slamming of the dildo in my ass as Jennifer reminded me to show her. As Jerry began to soften, I let his cock go from my eager mouth and slide from my lips. I opened to show Jennifer his cum on my tongue and smiled as I swirled it around. She leaned forward with her mouth opened and I tilted down to share a steamy cum kiss with her, sharing what was left of his load.

Jennifer then slipped back down to engulf my cock and worked for me to deliver my load. “Feed it to me,” She called out and engulfed me to bring me to an amazing climax. She took my load looking up at me as she left the dildo in my ass and turned to Jerry. Jerry slid down on his knees next to her and they shared my load, both showing me that they had some of my cum in their mouths before swallowing and licking their lips with mischievous grins.

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Cassie’s Group

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Cassie was blindfolded, stripped then dressed in a thin robe which she guessed was sheer. The slight draft of the room blew through the material, hardening her already aroused nipples and tingling her wetting lips. A collar was loosely wrapped around her neck, the click of the leach telling her it was time. “Ready my little slut?” whispered into her ear. She nodded with apprehension and the slight tug on the leash told her to walk forward. She heard the people talking in the room as she entered, how many she wasn’t sure. The talking softened to whispers and soft moans of approval. After several steps she was told to stop. The leash was unhooked, the tie of her robe loosened.

“Disrobe, slowly,” she was ordered. As she slowly and reluctantly pulled the robe open and down her body, she grazed her nipples, making her pussy jump and tingle. Instinctively, Cassie covered her pussy with her hand and She wasn’t sure who was present or whether there were only men or some females. She was horny enough to take only women if that were the case.

“Now everyone, you may touch first. No kissing, licking, spanking. And Cassie, you may not touch back…”

She stood there as ordered. The first hands grazed her ass cheeks causing her to jump and gasp. The hand cupped her left cheek, then softly rubbed, finishing with a hard squeeze. At the same time, a set of fingernails drug across her right cheek, sliding between her cheeks. One of the fingertips found her tight asshole, first tracing then prodding the puckered opening. She clinched in response, which only brought more caressing. Soon a pair of hands, probably female, cupped her breasts and gently squeezed. Thumb pads twirled her nipples around, before fingernails grazed from underneath. Another pair pinched her nipples, as the first hands kneaded her soft globes. The fingers running up her inner thighs that teasingly stop just short of her wet lips made her gasp. The hands on her ass soon delved deeper, until her puckered and very sensitive rosebud was caressed by a larger, manlier digit. She lost count of time as the hands continued to touch every inch of her body, never penetrating but still driving her close to orgasm. She even heard what side like people sucking her juices off their fingers and moaning in approval. Throughout, none of the hands felt familiar but she had no way of knowing if there were all strangers or friends that had never touched her that way. Cassie was torn between wanting only strangers and desiring a few friends touching her so intimately.

What she heard next made her pussy really tingle. The floor was opened for her to be spanked, by hand or other implement. Only her ass was to be spanked. Before it began, she was offered what seemed like a table to lean and brace herself on. As soon as she bent over slightly, gaziantep bayan escort the first hand cracked across her right cheek. Next, a smaller hand connected across the lower curve of her left cheek, almost cupping it. Some hands offered gentle caresses before and after the slap. In return, Cassie offered moans, lip licking and softly moanful requests for more. Suddenly her ass was molested by what felt like a narrow paddle or maybe a ruler. While slightly painful, it only made her pussy drip more. At some point, a finger ran up her inner thigh, collecting her juice. Soon the finger was in her mouth, the spanking resuming only after she sucked her own cream of the unknown finger. By the time it was over, her ass received hands, paddles, a flail and even a gentle whipping. She thanked the crowd in low, guttural tone while wiggling her reddened ass.

“I think it’s time for that naughty little mouth of hers to be put to use…” Cassie licked her lips, as she was ordered to her knees. Her ass was still tingling from the spanking, as her cheeks rested on her heels. As she heard the first person step in front of her, she was told she could use her hands, but only to help. She softly moaned, but gasped inside, as her hands wrapped around the first thick meaty cock. It wasn’t terribly long, but as she wrapped her lips around it, her jaw ached slightly.

Cassie groaned deeply as she sat on his lap, his thick shaft impaling her horny ass. As the base of his cock came to rest against her stretched sphincter, his hand grabbed her tits tightly. As she was bounced on the meaty pole, a womanly tongue began lapping her clit and labia. Soon three fingers began pounding her pussy in rhythm to the cock in her ass. Cassie’s moans grew louder as the anonymous cock pounded her ass hard and steady, while her tits and nipples were squeezed, pinched and tugged. The oral assault on her pussy only fueled the fire, as the tongue lashed at her clit and fingers opened her and stroked her inner walls. She then felt mouths attaching to her nipples and sucking harder, teeth clamping around her tender and aroused nipples. After what felt like an eternity, the cock in her ass began to pulse with the prelude to eruption. Her moans became hotter and anguished in the buildup, spurred on by mouth sucking her tits and her pussy being masterfully fingered and eaten. She imagined the unknown face covered in her juices. The grunt behind her warned, ever so briefly, of the hot load about to be released. Her own orgasm, both anally and vaginal, exploded with the cock in her ass. He continued to fuck her as spurt after spurt shot into her ass. Her pussy clamped hard around the fingers as he scream in deep pleasure. Finally, she was lifted off the flesh rod as her legs would not carry her. Her own juices trickled down her legs, despite an anonymous tongue lapping it up. Her raw asshole pulsed, cum leaking down her legs to mingle with her girlcum.

She was then ordered to stand, her legs still slightly loose from the intense cum she just had. She cautiously followed as she was led to some form of bench or table. The cool leather pressed against her skin as cuffs were tightened around her ankles. A hand against her shoulders pushed her slowly down, her tits pressed firmly against the leather. Her hands were fastened as her ankles were. Her head was left free, as she quickly found out why. Again, a hand smacked against her bare ass, making her cheeks and pussy quiver. A warm cock brushed against her left cheek, before the head, oozing precum slid across her lips and tapping on her right. She barely finished licking the sweet juice from her lips before the cock head pressed against her lips, begging entry. As the meaty shaft slid slowly into her mouth, balls tapping her chin and slightly gagging her, fingers pried open her moist labia.

Cassie moaned onto the cock now sliding in and out of her mouth as the second cock was rammed deep into her pussy. She was in heaven, cocks fucking her from both ends in near unison. As she was penetrated front and back, her legs jellied, he body now resting on the leather, breasts tightly pressed under her weight. Her oral shaft kept pistoning in and out, sometimes shallow with the head barely past her teeth, other times his balls slapped against her chin. Her vaginal penetrations alternating between slow, teasing thrusts to hard, almost painful jackhammering. Her hands bound, she could relent to the cock in her mouth, although her hands at times were filled with tactile glimpses of what may be buried her mouth, pussy or even ass. Soon she felt the rod buried in her now very wet pussy start to tense, portending what Cassie wanted most – hot thick cum.

The near-anguished grunt from behind her fired her pussy even more. As that cock began twitching in build up, she tasted the first drops of cum about her erupt in her mouth. She clamped hard around the cock now spurting hot shots into her wet folds, the intense orgasm the reaction of cum filling her. Likewise, she tightened her lips around the slick, musky shaft in her mouth as salty shots landed on her tongue and slid down her throat. Her pussy convulsed from the simultaneous man orgasms filling her. Fulfillment of her deepest sexual urge – being spitroasted, combined with the unseen audience watching and waiting for his, or her, turn, only made her orgasm more intense. She smiled as the last spurts of cum dripped onto her lips, the now limp cock withdrawing from her slightly aching mouth. As she did whenever her husband’s cock withdrew from her pussy, neigh, cunt, she moaned in slight disappointment that her hole was now vacant save the thick cream that dripped slightly from her twitching lips.

Before she could too much despair, a new, longer cock readily buried itself in her cunt. She bit her lower lip as this new rod began a slow hammering, driving deep and long. A guttural “more” quietly escaped her lips, lips which were soon wrapped around a new cock. As it slid down her tongue, she quickly realized it had, just moments before, been filling her pussy. In the heat of this blindfolded orgy, she hungrily suck the cum of his shaft, a mixture of her own juices and the cream now lubricating the new cock in her pussy. After a sufficient cleaning, a new clean cock, thick but shorter fucked her mouth. The long rod into pussy soon sprayed her inner walls with more cum, weakening her knees. Soon cock after cock fucked and filled her pussy with cum, more completely fulfilling her desire to have cum drip from her pussy. She cleaned more slippery cocks of cum cocktails. Her ass was not neglected, as numerous cocks impaled her tight rosebud, filling it with thick manjuice as well. As one spent cock slid into her mouth, she discovered to a shock, a different flavor than man and girl juice. The realization the flesh had just filled her ass brought on both shock and a very deep, perverted grin and pleasure.

Soon, Cassie’s orifices were beyond spent. Her face was glazed with facials, her belly full of many cumloads of various tastes, thickness and amounts. Her ass was just as full of cum, twitching from the repeated poundings. Her pussy, the one place she deeply desired copious shots of cream, was quivering, as were her legs, and leaking both thick white juice and her own. As the loud sloshing sound of the last cock fucking and withdrawing ended, Cassie collapse, as much as she could, on the bench. If not for the bench, she would have been laying on the floor, no limb able to support her. Panting from the intensity of the compounding orgasms, she quietly murmured to herself. She had lost count of how many times she had been filled. She suspected some had given her multiple loads or at least stuffed their meat in her multiple times if for nothing else but to feel each orifice wrapped around them.

As if a form of intermission, she felt tongues, likely female, lapping up cum from all of her holes. She fed cum to some during deep french kisses, others simply tongue fucked her. At one point, two tongues assaulted her ass and pussy at the same time, quickly bringing her to yet another orgasm. Now she felt such a tongue and mouth actively licking her cunt clean and sucking the cum from her hole. She squeezed more cum out for this unknown feaster, plenty of fluid still remaining to appease her inner slut.

After what seemed like an eternity, she was released from her bonds. Carefully lead away from the faceless collection of cocks and tongues, she was unmasked to quietly rest in her cum-drenched dreams.

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Gangbang that MILF

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There is this milf that walk back from work passing by the woods; she use to dress with almost see-through sundresses, showing her long legs and during the hot summer days I can see she doesn’t wear any bra.

I know she is aware of me as she glance in my direction as she walk by; she even stop to bend and raise a sock, almost showing to me what there was under the dress.

One day I was with two friends under a tree, drinking beer and glaring girls when this gorgeous milf come our way.

“There, she is the blond I told you about, isn’t she hot?”

“No way one like that showed you her ass on purpose, you were just very lucky.”

“Or maybe just a liar.”

“Oh, show your ass, bitch, we want to be lucky too” yell one of them, probably tipsy from the beer.

That busty blonde stop to look around, finding us under the tree and joining us, smiling.

“Were you talking to me, boys?”

The three of us pat each other shoulders, smiling and giggling.

“You are so bold as to come here, lady?” said Joe, holding a hand on his crouch.

“Maybe she would like to show something more.” continue Rob, getting behind her, patting her ass.

“Hey” she protest for the touch. “Keep your hands in your pocket.”

But the two of them were already too horny to stop and start touching her, Rob grabbing her breast from behind and rubbing his crouch against her ass while Joe was pulling up her skirt.

“Stop.” The two of them watch me as I was a killjoy, an angry look on their face. “Everybody can see her here, let’s move more inside the woods.”

Rob move his arms lower, around her waist and pull her up easily with his strong body, while me and Joe follow them.

“Stop it, or I will scream for help.”

Right, she could have screamed while we move in the gaziantep bayan escort woods but she didn’t; maybe she too want something like this for real.

Rob throw her down over the grass and her dress come up a bit, showing her ass and a sexy g-string.

“Yes, you could scream, right. Maybe it’s better if I shut your mouth now.” said Joe pulling out his junk and kneeling down to shove it in her mouth. She was a bit surprised and a tear come out of her eyes.

“Oh, look what surprise is this bitch.” Rob too was on his knee, using his hand on her ass and pulling her thong. But there was more than just the thong; as Rob spread her cheek everyone of us can see something sticking out of her ass; a black butt plug.

“What a slut, she is already horny wearing such thing up her ass” he was pulling the plug a bit to test the reaction and it seems she was trying to hold it inside.

Meanwhile Joe was having fun fucking his mouth, his cock now covered of her saliva as he trust it deep inside her mouth and filling up her throat.

I could just check the only hole left for me and I rub my hand over her leg, inside her inner tight and reaching her pussy, already wet and swollen; my fingers get almost sucked inside.

She tried to pull herself back, scratching Joe ass with one hand, but he endure the pain and keep pump inside her mouth.

“Look, this could be good for both of us.” said Joe pulling is tool out, the tip of his dripping spit and bouncing over her face. “See, my fat cock like your face, would you like to suck it dry?”

Without waiting for an answer he shove it back but her tongue seems to help it a bit, licking all the head around and her hand now was caressing his balls.

“I want lick her pussy.” I said laying down and moving under her, as her legs open to let my face get in position. Her g-string was pulled apart and I can see the bald pussy of this milf ready to be licked; I stick my tongue inside her, tasting her juice and feeling her shiver as I lick her clit. My hands rub her ass, spreading her cheek and playing with the plug; I barely hear Joe cumming while I was eating her.

“My turn” Rob was waiting wearing just his t-shirt with his full hard cock throbbing. She grab her arm and pull her up; her legs was shaken, maybe for the fear of what was happening or for the pleasure I was giving her licking her pussy. Rob was big enough to hold her arm up while she was standing and her dress was pulled over her hips, showing to us a pleasant view. Joe grab her thong to pull it down but he instead tear it apart, while I was trying to unbutton the dress.

“Stop that” said Rob and with a strong pull tear the buttons, leaving a mark of her skin. The dress fall down.

Now the butt plug was taken away and will probably be replaced by a fat cock.

“Come on Rob, fuck this tight ass.” Joe was anxious for his next turn. Meanwhile the big guy was lying down with the busty woman over him, stretching her cheek to spread her ass, with his cock pulsating. She was dripping wet, both her holes lubricated by the love juice coming out of her pussy.

Rob’s cock, hold by his hand to avoid slip, push the small hole that was previous enlarged by that black plug; she was almost bridging back, whole body naked, with an arm against the grass to avoid to be impaled. As the head of his dick get inside she give a loud pleasant cry and Rob grab her hips to push deep inside.

As he fuck her ass she bounce, letting both her tits free to move around, hypnotically. I stand up and move my pants, showing my throbbing cock and getting near her breast; I really want to titfuck her and cum over her face, covering that mouth and eyes with sperm.

As I get over her body she was already lying on Rob’s, pinned by his cock in an anal grasp; his whole tool now slip inside her, leaving just his balls to clash over her pussy lips.

I grab both her tits by pinching the nipples and placing my full hard cock between them; her nipples was already hard but seems torturing them a bit give more pleasure as I see them growing more hard and her mouth drip saliva. She has her eyes closed but gave a glance as I start moving my cock, fucking her tits. The tip of it get close to her lips and she move her head to find a way to suck it, her tongue zipping out and tasting the precum.

I heard some grunt from behind and I feel the body of the gorgeous milf to adjust, spreading more her legs. Joe was holding the feet by the ankle, pulling them up and placing on his shoulder. In few moments I start to hear the sound of her pussy pounded by his cock, with the juice flowing down and around his shaft.

She closed again her eyes, totally lost in her pleasure, screwed in both holes at the same time while I fuck her tits.

I really cum over her face and tits, white pearl dripping from her mouth and around her nipples; I was satisfied, holding my prick proud and hitting her tits with it.

Then I hear both my mates grunt, holding nothing as they cum inside her; starting to dress up I see Joe moving away, exiting her pussy with a small flow of cum mixed with pussy juice.

She seems tired, maybe she fainted because Rob drop her on one side, removing his cock from her sore ass.

“What’s now” I ask the other.

“Nothing.” said Rob grabbing his outfit and starting to dress up. “She will find her way to home.”

We keep laugh and pat each other as we move away, while a sly smile get on her face and two fingers clean up her face and end in her mouth.

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Fun with the Waiter and His Manager

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After our threesome with the waiter, we realized that we didn’t know his name. We called the restaurant after he left our hotel, but by then it was after closing time. And the next day, Sunday, they weren’t open.

“He told us his name when we first sat down in the restaurant, but who ever really listens to that?,” I said as we lounged around on Sunday morning. Sunlight seeped into our hotel room through the sheer white curtains. The smell of coffee filled the air as the coffee maker made its final gurgles.

Your hair was in a ponytail on top of your head with several loose strands falling down on your forehead and neck. You were wearing glasses, and studying the crossword. Not looking up you said, “It started with a J. Or maybe a G.” Your gaze never broke from the puzzle. “American painter, William ‘blank’ Chase….seven letters…. third letter is R?”

“Merritt?” I replied. It must have been the right answer, because you quickly scribbled something down.

Still engrossed in the crossword, again you spoke without looking up. “Especially after all that happened that night. I’m just drawing a blank.” An answer to the puzzle must have come to you, and your pencil pounced on it. Then, placing the pencil and the folded up newspaper on the end table, you stretched. Your short, white nightgown rode up and your little patch of pubic hair was visible through your sheer panties. You sat forward and stretched your back like a cat. Leaning over to me, you put your hand on my bare chest, kissed my cheek and nuzzled your head under my chin.

“Tell you what,” you said. “Tomorrow I’ll call to find out.” And then your hand slid down into my pajama bottoms…

So it was Monday before we were able to find his name.

The phone rang and a voice came on the line. “Dolce Vita.”

“Yes,” you began, “My husband and I were in Saturday night, and we had a tremendous time, thanks to our waiter. He really took care of us.” You shot me a mischievous look that said, he really took care of us, all right. “We just can’t remember his name. He was tall, muscular, blonde….yes, that’s him…Jack…that’s right. We wanted the manager to be aware of a job well done.” You winked at me.

The person on the other line responded, then you said, “Can you have Jack call us? Here’s our number.” You gave the person your cell number, and then added, “When do you expect him to work again?…okay, great…Thanks. You too. Bye” And you hung up the phone.

“And?” I asked. I was trying not to betray my excitement.

“She says he’s on the schedule for tonight,” you said, “The person who answered was the manager working that night. Her name is Trudy.”

“Trudy,” I repeated. “It’s funny, I don’t picture her as a Trudy. But you know, under those glasses and plain clothes, I see a very beautiful girl,” I said as I thumbed through the hotel copy of the tourist guide.

“You were really taken with her, weren’t you?” you teased. After all this time together, we seldom pulled punches.

“Well…I guess,” I pretended to hedge. “Weren’t you?”

You paused a moment and laughed. Swatting me playfully with the folded paper, you blurted out, “Well yeah! You know what a sucker I am for blue eyes!”


Jack called later that evening.

“Of course I remember you two. How could I not?” he said. “No regrets?” he added quietly. I could hear the busy noise of the restaurant in the background. He must have been starting his shift.

“None whatsoever, except we didn’t get your name right away,” I replied. “In fact, we’d like to get together again. Tonight, maybe?”

“Um…sure.” He seemed surprised. “But I don’t get off until ten.”

“That’s okay,” I replied, and I reminded him of the number of our hotel room. “One more thing,” I added. “Your manager…”

“Trudy? he asked.

“Yes, Trudy. Do you think she would be interested in coming? ” It was a stretch, I know, but I had to give it a shot.

“I don’t know,” he trailed off. “I’ll see….I’m not sure I really know her well enough to ask…she is pretty cute….worth a try, I guess,” he said. “But I’ll be there after I get off, with or without Trudy.”

“Actually, you’ll be here, and then we’ll all get off,” I joked. He gave a polite chuckle at my meager joke.

Later, we got another call from Jack. We could hear the bustle of the restaurant in the background. “Here’s the deal, he said, “Trudy said she’d like to come. That’s really something, because I’d thought she’d turn me down flatly. I thought it best to tell her what we would be up to, but she said she only wanted to watch. She has no desire in participating. Are the two of you okay with that?” he asked.

I spoke for both of us and said, “It won’t bother us if it doesn’t bother you or her.”

“Good,” he said. “I can’t tell if she’s on the fence about this or if she’s excited. She’s a hard one to read. Gotta go. See you tonight.”

This encounter would be more planned, not gaziantep bayan escort spur of the moment like the first one, so we were both more nervous. We changed clothes several times before we settled on what to wear. You wore a pair of stretchy black yoga pants and a white cotton camisole. I decided to go barefoot with jeans and an untucked short sleeve collared shirt. It was, after all, getting near the end of our trip, and we were running out of clean clothes.

We had a couple of bottles of wine sent up. We were having a glass in the sitting area of our suite, passing the time finishing the crossword when there was a knock on the door. I looked at my watch. Thankfully, they were a little early and the suspense had been killing me. I opened the door and was pleased that Trudy had decided to come with Jack.

“Come in, come in. Good to see you,” I said. We introduced ourselves to Trudy, and you gave Jack a peck on the lips, which lingered and turned into a more passionate kiss. Breaking off the kiss, you smiled and winked at Trudy and asked her if she would like a glass of wine.

Trudy really looked good that night. I guess the first night we saw her must have been an off night for her. She was about 5-2 or 5-3, and what most would agree to be voluptuous, but not fat. Her sapphire blue eyes contrasted nicely with her porcelain skin and black hair, which was wavy and shoulder length. She wore gray slacks and flats, and the white button-down work shirt could not keep from displaying her breasts which were probably a C, maybe a D cup, in proportion with the rest of her figure.

“I’ll take a glass,” she said as she looked around and had a seat. When everyone had a drink, we settled in for a little conversation. You sat in my lap with your arm around me. Jack sat on the other edge of the sofa from Trudy.

“So , Trudy, how did you end up in the city?” you asked, making small talk.

“I came out of high school to study art, and just sort of stayed ever since,” she replied. We kept eye contact, but one of my hands was stroking the inside of your thigh through your yoga pants, while the other lightly found your nipple through your camisole. The touch made you close your eyes, but you tried to continue with the conversation.

“So are you still in school? ” You smiled and kept your eyes closed as my hands caressed your body.

“No, not right now…” she said. We were obviously distracting her. She looked to Jack, who sat with his head propped in his hand, maintaining eye contact with her. “But I …plan to go ….back in the fall,” she hesitated, looking from you and me, and back to Jack. You unbuttoned my shirt and ran your hand inside, while opening your legs wider. The tight black yoga pants created an obvious camel toe effect, and I moved my hand up to feel it. My other hand disappeared under your camisole. As I stroked you through your pants, you ran your fingers through my hair as you turned your face back to kiss me. You couldn’t stand it anymore, and wiggled out of your yoga pants and camisole. Now completely naked, you unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

And that was officially the end of the small talk.

You unfastened my jeans and pulled them off. I hadn’t bothered with underwear. As you got down on all fours to suck my cock, I slid off the chair and got on my knees in front of you. I gently stroked your back as you worked your way up and down the shaft, pausing occasionally to lick my balls and stroke me.

Jack hurriedly was unbuttoning his white button down work shirt. He threw it off and slipped down his black work slacks and boxer briefs. His shaved cock was ready, the head purple and swollen. He got on his knees beside me and stroked himself right in your face, hoping you would work on his cock too. You kissed the head, tasting his clear precum on your lips. Stroking Jack’s dick, you resumed sucking and licking mine, concentrating on flicking your tongue on the underside of the mushroom tip. Then your own sexual tension must have gotten the best of you.

“Jack, I need you to fuck me with this thing,” you purred as you stroked his cock. Jack went behind you, got down on his knees and, looking down at your engorged pussy, slid his cock into it. You kept sucking me, and I leaned forward to watch Jack’s cock travel in and out of your wetness. Jack was so big that the inner lips would get pulled slightly, first in and then out, with each stroke. I pulled your cheeks apart to get a better look, and placed a finger into your ass.

“Ooh!” you exhaled, closing your eyes. “Keep it up, that’s it.” I knew that you couldn’t keep sucking me right then, so I slowly stroked my cock, making sure that Trudy could get a good view of me. Jack was ramming you pretty hard, and your tits swayed with each thrust. He increased his pace and finally pushed deep and held it there. The base of his smoothly shaven cock pushed my finger a little deeper into your ass. His whole muscular body seemed to twitch, and I could feel his cock spurt his cum deep inside you. Finally he pulled out with a shudder. He rolled over on the floor, exhausted. I caught Trudy staring at his big, glistening, though now flaccid, cock.

You had your ass in the air, and Jack’s cum was seeping out onto the lips of your pussy. Your chest and the side of your face were buried into a throw pillow on the floor, but you managed to mumble, “Now you, baby. Put your cum in there with Jack’s.” You were reaching back to rub your pussy, smearing Jack’s cum around.

I positioned myself behind you and slowly slid the whole length of my dick in and out of you, turning one hip slightly so that Trudy could see. She wasn’t crossing her legs anymore, and I could see a dark shadow at the crotch of her gray slacks. If she had been less inhibited, she would have been rubbing herself.

As my dick pushed into you, some of Jack’s cum leaked out, dripping down onto my balls. It wasn’t ten strokes before we both came. You muffled your groans into the throw pillow on the floor as my cock shot my seed into your pussy with Jack’s.

You turned over onto your back, and our cum rolled out onto your ass and then the floor. Leaning back on one hand with your legs opened toward Trudy, you took a finger and dipped it into your pussy to retrieve our cum. You showed it to Trudy and cooed, “What do you think?” She was speechless, so you offered a few finger fulls to Jack and me. Holding it up to our mouths, we looked at Trudy as we tasted our collective cum, sucking her fingers to get all of it. You got up and moved to the edge of a chair, and Jack and I ate your cream filled pussy.

Jack began concentrating on your clit, and when I started tonguing your asshole, you came again, crying out with your orgasm. Trudy had to shift her position on the couch. She was clearly getting aroused, but still too shy to touch herself in front of us. The three of us, Jack, you, and I, rested for a moment.

I got up to refill everyone’s glass.

After she’d had a another glass of wine, you persuaded her to change into one of the plush white hotel bathrobes. Of course, being so shy, she went into the bedroom to do it. She emerged from the bedroom with her oversized purse, where she had presumably stowed her clothes. Placing her purse on the end table, she curled up on the couch with her feet under her. Little by little, she seemed to be loosening up.

“Another glass?” you asked her, but you were already pouring it. Taking a seat right next to her, you suggested, “Maybe we can get you boys to put on a show for us girls. How about it?”

Jack seemed to know just what you wanted, and leaned back on his knees and hands to show me his large, semi erect cock. I leaned forward to tongue his nipples, feeling them harden as I licked them. Out of the corner of my eye, I made sure you and Trudy could see. As I reached down and grasped him, his cock twitched to fully erect. As I stroked it, I asked you, “Do you like that?”

It was Trudy who responded. “Yes,” she exhaled. It was the first thing she’d said in a while.

“Do you want us to continue?” I asked coyly.

“Yes,” she said, breathlessly. You had begun to stroke your pussy. Trudy was still wrapped up in the robe.

“Do you want me to suck his cock?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said a little louder.

“Then open your robe,” I directed her. She hesitated for a moment, but then slowly undid the tie and opened her robe. She was still wearing her bra and panties.

“Those, too,” I insisted.

You stopped stroking yourself and impatiently pulled at her panties, “Just do it, Trudy.” You were ready for the show to continue and sounded a little exasperated.

She reached around her back and undid her bra and tossed it to the floor. Then she lifted her hips and shimmied out of her panties. Her breasts were round and creamy with puffy pink nipples. Her bush, though full, was trimmed enough so that her engorged, pink inner lips were pouting out. All she was wearing was the open terry cloth bathrobe.

“Now, play with yourself, and I’ll start sucking his cock,” I said.

She began languidly rubbing herself with two fingers. “That’s it sweetie, rub that pussy,” you encouraged her in a low voice as you sat right beside her and rubbed yours. I waited to begin sucking Jack. I wanted to hear her say it, to ask for it, to beg for it.

“Go ahead,” she said meekly.

“Go ahead what? What do you want? Say it. Tell me what you want me to do,” I insisted.

“Suck his cock. I want you to suck his cock,” she gasped.

“Until when. How long should I suck his cock?,” I continued.

“Until he cums. Until he cums all over you,” she managed.

Satisfied with her answer, I ran my tongue up and down Jack’s cock. He had gotten soft again, and his cock had drooled a trail of clear precum down the shaft. I touched my tongue to it, and pulled away a clear strand before taking the rest of him in my mouth. The two of you were working steadily at yourselves, watching us. Jack straightened up and put one hand on my shoulder, and ran the other hand through his wavy blonde hair. My mouth was moving up and down on his cock, while my tongue moved side to side on its dusky, engorged tip. It was really starting to leak his sweet-salty precum now.

“That’s it, honey,” you said with a gasp, “Suck that cock. Suck that beautiful cock. It gets me so hot to see you suck him.” Your finger was working little circles over your clit.

You leaned over and took one of Trudy’s pink strawberry nipples into your mouth as the two of you stroked your pussies. Jack saw you do it, and suddenly came, grunting with each spurt as his cock jetted his cum in my mouth. I struggled to keep up, hurriedly swallowing each hot burst. When he was finished, he withdrew and we straightened up, kneeling face to face. He began kissing down my chest, licking and sucking my nipples, licking and kissing my lower stomach, down to the smooth base of my hairless cock. I leaned back against a chair, making sure that you girls could see what he was doing to me.

You moved down from Trudy’s breast, kissing her pale white stomach, slowly moving down to her black triangle of hair. She had shed any notion of not participating, and withdrew her hand from her pussy to allow you access to her swollen lips. She slumped down on the edge of the couch as you positioned yourself between her legs. She ran her fingers through your hair.

Jack stopped sucking my cock long enough for me to sit next to Trudy. I settled in on the couch beside her, and Jack walked over on his knees and resumed stroking, licking and sucking my aching cock. Next to me, Trudy was pulling on her nipples while your tongue worked up and down her engorged pussy. With her hand nearest to me, she caressed my firm lower stomach, feeling the smoothness of my pubic region. Jack firmly but slowly popped the head of my cock in and out of his mouth, causing me to groan each time he did.

“Lick his nipples, Trudy,” you hissed. “If you want to see him to cum, lick his nipples.” From experience, you knew.

Trudy tried to roll over toward me, but the bathrobe restricted her movement, so she shrugged her arms out of it. Now able to roll over to me, her breast pushed softly into my shoulder, and she firmly tongued my nipple. That did it, and as Jack pulled my cock out of his mouth and Trudy kept tonguing my nipple, I shot my cum all over my stomach. Jack moved up to lick up the warm, salty spunk from my skin.

Trudy stopped tonguing my nipple and moaned. I was exhausted, but I looked down to see that you had two fingers in Trudy, fucking her pussy while you licked her clit. Her panting increased, and she ran her fingers through your hair feverishly. Suddenly, she came, leaning her head forward and closing her eyes tightly, whimpering sweet sounds with each wave of her orgasm.

You planted sweet kisses in her little black triangle as she panted in the afterglow and stroked your hair. But you sank down to the floor when you realized that Jack had gone around behind you to get in position for you to sit on his face. You leaned back a little and pulled your pussy lips apart so we could see Jack’s tongue flicking your little pink pearl.

“Do you like watching that?” you murmured.

“Mm-hmm.” I assented. My cock was soft and spent, but I was still enjoying the show of another man eating my wife’s pussy.

Trudy had put her head on my shoulder. I leaned forward, and with a sideways glance, could see her smiling, engrossed in what Jack was doing to you and your pussy. We watched as you rode Jack’s face, making small thrusts with your hips. Grimacing, you dug your fingers into Trudy’s upper thighs as you climaxed all over Jack’s mouth and cheeks.

When you were done, you dismounted Jack and leaned forward to rest your upper body on the couch between Trudy and me. The four of us were completely relaxed, and no one said anything for what must have been a very long time. When you and I could no longer keep our eyes open, we stumbled off to bed.

We woke the next morning in our king-sized hotel bed. The soft morning light was streaming in. Your eyes opened to mine as we felt the bed shaking. We looked over at the same time to see Trudy riding Jack’s cock next to us on the bed. Her full, white ass was shaking back and forth. Her perfect ivory breasts were elongated and swaying down in Jack’s face.

They were too engrossed in each other to notice us. Trudy leaned forward to kiss Jack, her jet black hair falling off her neck and down around their faces. You and I got out from under the sheets, and came around to the foot of the bed to get a close up view of Jack’s thick cock plunging in and out of Trudy’s tight little pussy. Her white juices were trickling out of her, and running down onto Jack’s thick veiny shaft, more with each stroke. Jack’s thrusts became less frequent but more urgent, and he exploded inside her.

After his cock had stopped twitching inside of her, you put your arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, “Come sit on our faces and feed us that cum.”

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Full Moon Party Ch. 04

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By the time I woke up the next morning, Louise had already left for her day’s diving trip. I stretched out in the big bed and thought about what I’d do with the day. The past few days had been pretty debauched what with New Year’s Eve with Kallie and Becca, the two Australian teenagers we’d met, and then last night’s phenomenal ass-fucking session between me and Louise. I remembered Kallie interrupting us, so turned on after reading my stories on Lit, how she’d pressed her firm, bikini-clad body against my nakedness, almost begging me to fuck her, while Louise had lain blindfolded, bound, and naked just a few feet away her holes. I’d done well to resist the teenager, but now my cock was rising at the thought.

I pushed the thought away, and decided it was time to clean up my act. I was going to spend 2nd January being healthy and pure.

I pulled on my running gear and stepped out into yet another scorching hot day in Ko Phangan.

An hour later I’d run along the beach and back, I was dripping with sweat and panting for breath. I’d probably covered eleven or twelve kilometres, and I was about ready to dive into the coolness of the hotel swimming pool.

“Hey there, sporto!”

I looked around and saw Kallie and Becca reclining by the pool. Becca, the blonde, more confident one, was sitting up, a hand shading her eyes as she spoke to me.

“Remember us?” she teased.

“Hi!” I waved, too tired to say more. I pulled off my shoes, socks and t-shirt and jumped into the pool.

I surfaced next to wear the girls were sunbathing, and leant on the edge, enjoying the sensation of the cool water on my burning body.

“Hey there,” I said. “How you both doing?”

“We’re bored,” said Becca. Kallie wasn’t saying anything. She was propped up on her elbows, looking at me behind her shades. I noticed again how her tiny black bikini barely covered her nipples, and how smooth and tanned her legs were.

“Hey, Nick!” said Becca, sarcastically waving to get my attention. “You with me?”

“Sorry. Yeah,” I said. “Why are you bored?”

“Nothing to do round here. Everyone left yesterday after the Full Moon. It’s just us left. What you been doing?”

“Running. On the beach.”

Becca looked over to the beach, a bored, dismissive expression on her face, as if she wouldn’t even consider doing something so energetic and ultimately pointless. I took the opportunity to drink in her nubile, young body, her blonde curls, her full firm breasts, and her toned body. I thought to myself how incredibly lucky I’d been to spend New Year’s Eve with these two girls. It had been a shame that Louise hadn’t let me fuck either of them, but just seeing those two gorgeous bodies naked had been enough. When they’d taken turns sucking my cock after I plunged it in and out of my girlfriend’s squirting pussy it had been a bonus!

“We’re hiring bikes and going to the other side of the island,” said Becca suddenly. “You want to come?”

Kallie sat bolt upright but didn’t say anything. She just looked at her friend. There was something passing between them, but I couldn’t work out what it was.

Finally, Becca continued: “We’re getting bikes from the hotel reception and we’ll be back in a couple of hours. Come on, Nick. It’ll be more fun than sitting around here.”

I’m not a big fan of sunbathing, and I had to admit I did want to see more of the island. But on the other hand my girlfriend had given me strict instructions not to get any more “friendly” these girls. Or any other girls for that matter. Louise was very open-minded, when she was involved. Extra-curricular activity was seriously frowned upon.

Ok. I admit looking back, I had a very simple choice here. I should just have said “No thanks”, swum to the other end of the pool and waited for Louise to come back.

Of course I didn’t. Would you? Honestly, if you were presented with two half naked, seriously hot teenagers asking you to go somewhere with you, would you say no? If you’d seen them both fully naked, writhing in a lesbian threesome on a bed with your girlfriend just two nights earlier, if you’d pushed your fingers inside their soft, wet pussies, but then not been allowed to fuck those pussies, would you really, hand on heart be able to say, no?

Of course you wouldn’t, and so within the hour we were on three bikes, bumping along a potholed dirt track on our way to the other side of the island.

Getting out of the hotel had livened us all up, and we laughed and shouted as we swerved to avoid enormous ridges, cavernous holes, and even at one point a giant lizard lying in the path.

We didn’t really know where we were going. We were just following the road, figuring that it wasn’t a huge island. We couldn’t go too far or get too lost.

But of course we did both. I don’t know if the girls planned it, or if we genuinely got lost, but before long we were going round in circles, trying to find our way to some sort of village, any sign of human life.

None of us were worried though. We were having too much of a laugh, gaziantep bayan escort and I was certainly enjoying watching the girls with their hair flying in the wind behind them, their tits jiggling with every bump in the road, and their firm, round asses when they stood up to ride over a particularly bumpy section. To be honest I spent most of the day in a state of semi-arousal, and I wasn’t really thinking about the consequences of what I was doing, the time, where we were, or anything like that.

Finally we found a village, and pulled up outside a bar that was empty apart from the tender. Taking seats at the bar we ordered three Beer Changs and asked where we were.

It turned out we were right on the other side of the island from Hat Rin, where we were staying. It suddenly dawned on me that we wouldn’t make it back until after dark. There was no way I was driving along those roads in the dark. I didn’t take much persuading that we’d have to stay the night, and the girls seemed keen, especially once I’d paid for both beach huts, one for them and another for me.

As I handed over the baht to the smiling Thai, I wondered why I was bothering. I knew where this was going. From his expression I suspected he had a pretty good idea too. But I had to play the game.

Returning to the bar I found the girls reclining on the floor by a table, both of them eyeing me up in a predatory way.

“So,” said Becca. “What are we three going to get up to this evening?” She arched an eyebrow at me, and Kallie giggled.

The whole thing was so obvious. I half-considered just suggesting we go back to the room there and then and get fucking.

Then with a jolt, I remembered Louise. It was getting dark. She’d be back at the hotel wondering where I was. I reached into my pocket for my phone, getting ready to call her, thinking how I would explain why I wasn’t there.

Then I remembered I’d not brought my phone.

A couple of hours they’d said. I thought I’d be back before I knew it and I wouldn’t need my phone.

I knew then I was in serious trouble.

Looking back I probably should have borrowed one of the girls’ phones or asked to use the hotel’s phone. But it didn’t occur to me at the time. To be totally honest, I think I was too eager to get the two girls into one of the huts and start having my way with them. I was already picturing what we were going to do. I was thinking entirely with my dick, and it didn’t have time to worry about boring things like phone calls, and worried girlfriends.

“Well,” I said, sliding in between the two girls and putting an arm around both. “I’ve got one or two ideas.”

They both giggled again, and my eyes met Kallie’s. Her big brown eyes were wide with excitement, with my arm around her I could feel her trembling slightly. She looked so sweet, so ready.

“I thought you were amazing the other night,” she said, looking down at her lap.

“So were you.” I smiled at her.

“And your stories…..”

“Shit, those stories!” interrupted Becca. “Kallie showed them to me this morning. Either you’ve had some awesome times with the girls, or you’ve got the most active imagination I’ve ever heard of.”

“Er….A little bit of both,” I said.

The bar was empty apart from the three of us, propped up on a floor seat, facing out to the sea with night drawing in rapidly. The only sound was the waves lapping the shore.

“So,” said Becca, running a hand up my thigh and over my shorts. “Want to get some more material for your stories?”

I grinned at her and kissed her softly on the lips. She gasped.

I turned to kiss Kallie. She was there immediately, ready for me, her hand now sliding up my other leg. We kissed for a few seconds, our mouths open, wet tongues sliding across each other. Then both girls’ hands reached my stiffening cock at the same time.

“That feels good,” said Becca. “Doesn’t it, Kall?”

The brunette broke away from our kiss. “I want to go to the room,” she said quickly. “Now.”

I smiled and nodded.

We all jumped up and I led the way to the hut, wondering what I’d done to get so lucky. I’m a fairly ordinary looking guy, with no more than your usual six inches, an average income, none of the usual attributes that you might think would get you to the point where you’re on a tropical island with two horny nineteen year olds, both of them following you to a beach hut, and virtually begging you to fuck them both. Together. At the same time.

Whatever I’d done I was seriously glad I’d done it.

The hut wasn’t much bigger than the bed, and I didn’t give the girls much of a chance to explore it. I grabbed Becca round her slim waist, pulled her towards me and gave her a deep kiss. Kallie was standing next to me, so I broke away to kiss her, my hands roaming over both girls’ slender arms, firm stomachs, full breasts.

“This is fucking awesome,” whispered Becca.

Kallie gasped as I began to kiss her neck.

“Nick,” she said. “I want you to fuck me.”

“I will,” I said before kissing her lips. “I’ll fuck both of you,” I said before turning to kiss Becca. “You’re both fucking beautiful and I want you both so much.”

“Oh yeah,” said Becca. “This is so cool.”

“Tell us what to do,” said Kallie, her small hands reaching down to feel my cock through my shorts.

This was getting better and better.

“Ok,” I said, my mind racing through the possibilities. “I want you both to kiss each other.”

They complied immediately, tits squashing together, hands running through silky hair, panting and gasping as they kissed passionately.

“Now on the bed,” I ordered, feeling a lump forming in my throat and the lump in my shorts growing by the second.

“Strip each other.”

In seconds they’d discarded their bikini tops. Two pairs of breasts bounced free. Both were impressive sizes, both were incredibly firm, and both were capped by turgid pink nipples.

“And the rest,” I said.

Becca pushed Kallie flat on the bed, and whipped off her bikini bottoms. There was no ceremony, no slow teasing — they were both consumed by urgent lust.

And so was I.

“Lick Kallie’s pussy,” I ordered the blonde girl.

Kallie sighed and leant back, as Becca pushed her friend’s legs apart and dipped down into her already moist cunt. I moved to get a better view, pulling off my t-shirt as I did, aware of my cock forming a tent in my shorts.

Becca was lashing Kallie’s pussy with her tongue, swiping it over her puffy, open lips, rubbing it across her clitoris, and plunging it in and out of her hole. Kallie was moaning, using her hands to tweak her nipples.

“That’s it,” I said encouragingly. “Make her cum with your tongue.” Then I carefully pulled aside Becca bikini bottoms, and ran my hand over her firm, tanned ass. “God you are fucking gorgeous,” I whispered.

I dipped my head and ran my tongue the length of the Australian’s exposed pussy. She yelped. “Shit yeah!” she said. I pushed my tongue deeper, lapping up her tangy juices, and locating her clit.

Moving so I could hold onto her asscheeks with both hands and push her lips further open I probed her pussy with my tongue, eliciting yelps and groans of pleasure from her. It didn’t stop her pleasuring her friend though and before long the young brunette was crying out with her first orgasm of the night.

“Time for you to repay the favour, Kallie,” I said, looking up her naked body at the flush of arousal across her chest, her taut nipples, and the faraway look that was already in her eyes. She was getting what she wanted. We all were and we were determined to make the most of it.

“Becca,” I resumed instructions. “Put your pussy over her face.”

In a flash she was there, scrambling up Kallie’s body, her legs either side of the brunette’s head, and pulled her panties aside to give her friend access to the cunt I’d already warmed up.

Kallie began enthusiastically lapping away, while I watched intently.

“God you two are hot,” I murmured. Becca grabbed me and kissed me fiercely. “I want you inside me.”

“Not yet,” I said, trying to ignore the pulsing in my shaft.

“Turn around Becca, so you’re sixty-nining each other.”

She moved quickly, with her friend still lifting her head to swipe at her pussy, and while they enthusiastically tongued each other, I pulled off my shorts.

They were so lost in orally pleasing each other that they didn’t notice my rigid cock springing into view. It was only when I knelt next to her face that Becca stopped licking Kallie’s cunt and in one swift movement engulfed my shaft in her mouth.

Her hot sucking mouth slid further and further down my prick, and her tongue swirled around it.

“OH GOD! Yes!” I cried out, pushing her blonde curls downwards.

She moved up and back down again, and kept on sliding her lips up and down my ever-hardening shaft.

“Fuck me you’re good at that,” I said finally, before grabbing her chin, leaning down to kiss her, then directing her mouth back to Kallie’s neglected clit.

I ran my hand over Becca’s smooth tanned back as I moved to the other end of the sixty-nine. Kallie immediately leant over and sucked me into her mouth.

“It tastes great,” she said, smiling at me.

“It’ll feel even better when it’s inside your little pussy,” I growled. I was getting to that point where I wasn’t interested in talking nicely to them, I just needed to bury myself inside them.

With a thrust I pushed my cock back down her throat.

“Go on, suck my cock,” I said. Becca looked over her shoulder at where I was pumping my cock in and out of her friend. “Yeah, go on, suck his fucking cock, Kall. Swallow it all!”

Then she turned around and started sucking my balls.

I knelt there, watching the two girls lying beneath me, one trying to swallow as much of me cock as she could, the other licking and sucking first one then the other of my heavy balls. I gritted my teeth with the effort of not shooting my load and ran my hands through their hair.

It took a monumental effort but finally I pulled away.

“I’m not going to cum yet,” I announced. “I’m going to make you both cum first. In fact,” I said with a moment of inspiration remembering the very first threesome I’d have earlier that year with Louise and Abby. “I’m going to see if I can make you both squirt.”

“Really?” Both girls’ eyes flew wide open. “Can you?”

They were still lying on the bed, my prick bobbing about in front of their faces.

“I’ll give it a go,” I said. “I can’t promise anything, but let’s try.”

I moved them so they were lying side by side, and began by sliding a finger in each of their hot holes. It always amazes me how different women feel down there, and the contrast between Kallie and Becca was remarkable. I took a few minutes to gently explore inside them, sliding a finger across every inch of their cunts, enjoying watching them lying in front me, their eyes closed, mouths open, both with a look of content concentration across their faces.

“Now both of you just relax,” I said, moving two fingers of each hand to their g-spots. “If you feel like you have to pee, just go for it. It’ll be you squirting.”

Kallie opened her eyes and looked at me questioningly. Once I’d begin caressing her g-spot with my fingers and her clit with my thumb, she soon forgot her doubts and sank down into the bed, just the occasional gasp coming from her.

It took a few minutes of this, with them getting more and more aroused with every minute that passed, now kissing each other, now hands exploring each other’s bodies, tweaking nipples, squeezing titflesh, fingers replacing my thumbs on each other’s clitorises. All the while I was rubbing insistently on their g-spots, gradually increasing pressure and tempo.

Finally, Becca sequirted. She tensed up, her g-spot englarged so much it pushed my fingers out of her and a jet of clear liquid fired out of her. It shot directly upwards, and no word of a lie it reached the ceiling. It was a low ceiling but nonetheless it’s the most powerful squirt I’ve ever seen.

The blonde teenager writhed about on the bed, no sounds coming from her mouth, her face contorted in ecstasy.

Her friend had seen her cum, and seemed even more determined to achieve it herself. She pushed down onto my hand. “Make me cum,” she begged, looking up at me with lust-clouded eyes. “I want to squirt too.”

I rubbed more and more vigorously, ignoring the aching in my arm and the throbbing in my cock, and finally I was rewarded with a scream from Kallie and a flood of liquid pouring out of her. There was no power behind it, but there was enough liquid to soak the sheets.

While she crunched together, gasping with release, Becca moved up to kiss me.

“Holy shit,” she whispered. “That was fucking awesome.”

“Glad you liked it,” I said, a smug expression probably creeping across my face.

“What do you want to do now?” she said, running a hand up and down my cock.

I thought for a second, then decided. “I’m going to throat fuck you both.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “What’s that?”

“You’ll see.”

I fetched a towel and laid it on the floor at the end of the bed. “Sit there,” I told them both. Kallie had recovered and was looking at me with an expression of wonder.

“Now lean your heads back on the bed.”

They both did.

“Open your mouths.”

They both did exactly as I told them.

I moved so my legs were either side of Becca’s head, then I pushed my stiff prick inside her mouth.

“Open your mouth wider,” I ordered.

She did and I pushed harder. There were still a couple of inches of my cock showing and I could feel it at the entrance to her throat.

“Relax your throat, Becca. I’m going to push my cock down it.”

Her blue eyes widened, then widened even more when I began to press my hips firmly but slowly forward, forcing my big cockhead deeper and deeper into her throat.

“Fuck,” whispered Kallie in awe.

When it looked like Becca needed to breath I pulled out, and the blonde girl gasped for breath, choking a little.

“It’ll get easier,” I told her. “Now you.” I moved so my purple, veiny shaft was at the entrance to the other teenager’s mouth. Gradually I eased it in so it had got about as far as Becca’s.

Pulling out I told them they were both going to take it all the way in.

Becca put her hair behind her ears and took a deep breath before accepting my prick in her mouth again.

Soon there was only half an inch to go. I was grunting with the effort of pushing it down her throat, and her eyes were watering. It felt fucking incredible. “Go on!” I shouted. “Fucking take it, Becca. Take it all the way in.”

Kallie was urging her on too, stroking her tits, putting a hand on her blonde curls to push it even further down my shaft. That’s what did it. Finally, Becca’s lips were clamped around the base of my shaft. I roared with pleasure, then pulled out, and quickly moved over to shove it into Kallie.

Becca coughed and gasped next to us, trying to catch her breath. By the time she could talk I was buried to the hilt in her friend’s throat.

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From Romania With Love Ch. 2

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(Based On A True story)

Chevy awoke suddenly, with Beth’s body sleeping nestled in the crook of his arm, her head on his shoulder. Then he remembered the events of earlier in the day and realized where he was and why he was in this position. He slowly dislodged himself from her, letting her head rest on the pillow. Getting to his feet, he gathered his trousers and headed for the bathroom. He had to piss something awful.

While relieving himself he started to remember what a great fuck Beth had turned out to be afte rall. Too bad she was leaving so soon. Now that she knew what it was all about she could no doubt handle all he could throw at her. But what about Yvette?

Back in the bedroom he stood and watched as the girls slept, Beth naked and Yvette with one of his house coats on. He’d always liked tall, well proportioned women. Yvette was. He guessed she must stand around 5’10” or 11″ in her stocking feet. He guessed she might weigh about 145 to 148 pounds. She was lying on her back, one arm along her side and the other bent at the elbow, hand resting on the pillow beside her head. Her long brunette hair fanned out across the pillow. The way her hair had this little swirl at the temple was so sensuous to him! She rolled to her left a bit, shifting her arm off the pillow. Then just as suddenly she rolled back to almost the same position she was in before, except that the robe opened to reveal her total frontal nakedness. “Wow!” Chevy thought as he surveyed her long, shapely form. Nice firm breasts, with dark cone shaped aureolas and nipples all in one. Chevy had once seen a movie that had a woman with the same kinds of breasts and he had admired them.

Yvette’s stomach was board flat above a sweet, shaved pubic mound made for licking and kissing. She moved again slightly, and this time her legs opened slightly, just enough to tease him. He couldn’t see her crotch very well. The only light came from a street lamp sending a small beam through the window. The light from the window fell directly on her, gilding her body as if it were a fine alabaster sculpture. He was getting a boner fast, and so decided to just let it alone. He would be diving into her soon enough. He stopped his musings and went into the living room and poured a small scotch for himself.

As soon as Chevy went through the door into the living room, Yvette’s eyes slowly opened. She hoped that Chevy had really liked what she had showed him while using the guise of sleep movements. She wanted him to see what she had to offer physically, because she knew the packaging was great. She was looking forward to their coupling with a certain enthusiasm. She’d had sex on quite a few occasions in Romania with guys she’d known all her life. She’d even managed to have a few really good orgasms with a couple of them. But in all her 26 years, she had never had the kind of bell-ringing, rocket launching, foghorn blowing kind of sex that she dreamed of. Now, she thought she might have finally found someone who could help fulfill her dream of that one of a kind sexual experience.

She got up and wrapped the robe around her nakedness before joining Chevy in the living room. He looked up as she walked into the room, smiling.

“Oh, hi Yvette. I thought you were fast asleep.”

She sat next to him on the sofa, reaching for his drink as she sat. Looking at the clock, Chevy could see it was 8:00 p.m., 6 hours since he had taken Beth’s cherry and fucked her silly.

“How would you like some dinner?” he asked Yvette.

“Oh, good,” she replied, “now that you mention it, I’m starved!.”

“Good, then. Wake up Beth and let’s all go get dinner.” She went immediately to the bedroom to wake Beth, who was just waking up on her own.

As Yvette entered the room Beth started to swing her feet over the side of the bed. She screamed in pain as she did so. “Ahhh….shit! What did he do to me?” she wailed. Yvette rushed to her side and they both were looking at Beth’s puffy, red, sore pussy. Speaking in their native language, the girls conversed.

“Not to worry,” said Yvette, “in a day or so you will be as good as new. This happens on first time, sometimes.”

“Did it happen to you?” Beth asked.

“Well, no, but all women are different. Also, the size of the man who takes you first makes big difference.” Yvette looked at her friend compassionately and reassured her that the condition was not permanent.

“Chevy wants to take us to dinner. Are you up to eating?”

“Oh,” said Beth, “yes, I’m starving but, I don’t think I can stand the pain of walking just now. You know what, though? It was worth every painful step I’m going to take in the next few days.” Beth was beaming.

“You mean it was that good for you?” Yvette asked.

“Oh yes!” said Beth. “At first, I felt like someone was trying to shove their arm into my pussy. It hurt so bad and I would have gladly shot Chevy if I’d had a gun. But then the pain stopped and it felt good, then great!” She didn’t tell Beth that she’d heard part of the ruckus gaziantep bayan escort that she and Chevy made during their fucking.

“Well, you stay here and clean yourself up. We’ll bring you something back.”

Yvette and Chevy both got dressed and went to get dinner. Chevy decided to shower later. Yvette suggested that they get take out since Beth was waiting for them. They were back at Chevy’s flat thirty minutes later.

They all ate their fill while watching TV and joking around. Yvette wanted to go for a walk, so Chevy went with her for a walk in the night. Chevy sensed that here was a woman that you didn’t just take for the pleasure of it. Something about her radiated confidence and purpose.

They walked in silence for several minutes when Yvette spoke.

“You know,” she said as she took his hand in hers, “I have never had an earth-shaking sexual experience.”

Curious as to why she would admit that to him, Chevy just said, “Oh?”

“Yes,” she continued, “that is what I wish for most of all. Oh, yes, I’ve had sex about 10 times, but somehow something has always been missing.”

Chevy didn’t know what to say to that. “In my country,” she further stated, “we are urged toward achievement above all else. I have a good education and am still going to university to become a Ph.d, and I put everything else on hold.”

“Well,” said Chevy, “we will just have to see if we can make your wish come true before you leave tomorrow, won’t we?”

They finished their walk arm in arm and making small talk. Finally after six blocks, they arrived back at the flat.

Beth had settled down in the living room watching television while still eating. She found an old re-run of some Benny Hill shows which she liked and was content to amuse herself thusly while Chevy and Yvette went for their walk. She relived the delicious parts of her lovemaking session with Chevy and found herself getting wet in her crotch. At first she actually thought she was dying. Her virginal little pussy had been filled up and stretched to limits she never knew she had! It felt like she was being split open, and she found it hard to breath at one point. She was glad the next time would not be like the first. She knew that Yvette had a bit of a surprise coming.

Just then she heard Yvette and Chevy returning. Their laughter announced that they’d had a good time on their walk.

“Beth, my darling!” Chevy greeted her as he came over and planted a kiss on her right dimple. “How are you feeling sweetie, are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said to him, “I’m great, thank you. And thanks for dinner too. This is good.”

Turning to Yvette, Chevy said, “Well, I’m overdue for a good hot shower.” He kissed her cheek and went to the bathroom. He turned the water on and then started undressing. Beth seemed to have weathered her first fucking very nicely, he thought to himself. Then he got into the shower and closed the curtain. The hot water felt so good as it massaged him. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back to let his hair get wet. He shampooed his hair up and by the time he started to rinse, he felt a hand on his back. He knew it was Yvette, although he hadn’t heard her come in.

He turned to face her. Never before had he been thankful for the bright lighting in his bathroom, but now, as Yvette’s body was illuminated before him, he was very grateful for the lights.

Oh, she was exquisite–like a shapely vessel of finest alabaster, brimming over with tasty honey, sweet to the taste. Chevy had admired the beauty of her face and hair since he first met her, but the beauty of her nude body he had only known by the sight of it on the bed, until this moment. But then, to see it, to know that it was his to possess, and though this was his first time ever with her, he felt as if they were real lovers. His throbbing manhood literally ached to make passionate love to her. Unlike his reckless abandon with Beth, he used all his willpower to restrain himself as she slowly–but not reluctantly, hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties and slid them down over her exquisite curvaceous hips and her hairless pubic mound, letting them drop into the wet tub. Chevy had had this fetish for very pronounced bald pubic mounds. He’d also loved viewing the female form wearing only tight panties.

As they showered they shared passionate kisses and caresses, bringing each other to arousal, then letting it subside, then doing it all over again. Chevy realized that Yvette was setting the pattern of their love play for the rest of the evening. It was a new technique for him, but one he was enjoying.

They finally got out of the shower and dried each other off, still kissing and caressing, fondling, and squeezing. They put on robes and went from bath to bedroom.

Yvette went to Beth on the way to the bedroom and said, “Beth, we’ll be in the bedroom for a while, ok?”

“Oh, go on,” said Beth, “don’t mind me. I’m fine. I wish I could go again, but I know I can’t, so you have fun.” she smiled.

She went in to Chevy and stood poised just inside the closed door. Chevy sat on the bed. She let the robe fall to the floor slowly, revealing her body in all its beauty. As she stood naked before him all the womanly parts of her seemed to thrust forward and upward, the dark areolas and nipples ardently offering themselves to him. Her breasts were set high, and sort of tilted, begging to be kissed! Her hairless pubic mound was set high and protruding so that, even though she stood with her shapely legs modestly pressed together, the soft ample lips of her vagina parted just the slightest bit at their upper joining, to allow a small glimpse of the little pink bud of her clit, which Chevy could see was moist at that moment, like a pearl just plucked from the water! Chevy’s mouth watered for her.

But he kept his composure. Getting up slowly, he moved toward her, reaching out with his right hand to gently trace he jaw line down to her fresh, full lips. They started to kiss, slowly and gently, touching each other here and there. Chevy could feel the heat from her pussy radiating outward. His dick grew hard and as it stood, it raised itself between her legs. Without stopping the kiss, she spread her legs apart to allow his dick to raise itself until it met her hot pussy lips, then she closed her thighs on it gently.

Chevy had never experienced anyone like her before. She started to saw back and forth with his dick between her legs standing there.

“Tell me,” she asked, “how did you grow such a huge dick? We’ve heard such rumors about American Black men, but I never believed it, until now!”

He could feel droplets of her pussy juices as they ran out and over his dick.

Oh well,” Chevy mused, “I guess some of us are just blessed I suppose, or cursed.”

“Why cursed?” She was curious about his answer.

“Cursed, my sweet Yvette, because for a man like me, women aren’t that easy to find. I mean, women who don’t mind men with what they like to call “monster cocks. I hear that most women love a man with a big dick, but I don’t seem to find many of those kind.”

“I must admit,” she retorted, “I am apprehensive about how you will fit into my pussy, and I know that it will never be the same again after you fuck me. But I want it, it has to happen.”

The stood for a few moments more, glorying in each other’s touch. He towered above her, and she herself was not a small woman, but only came up to his chest. He was the first black man she’d been this intimate with, and against the whiteness of her skin, his color was not light enough to proclaim any admixture of white blood as some American blacks have, yet it was not the blackness of the very black man. Instead Chevy was a warm tobacco brown. His skin tones were alive with golden highlights and wine dark shadows.

He was like a bronze colossus, his sloping muscles joining his neck to his wide shoulders and flowing into the swelling curvature of his pectorals, each of which were sharply defined and well rounded. They seemed to blossom with a sculptured bronze rosette effect. His flat stomach fell in smoothly from his chest with a six-pack of rippling abs. His maleness was hidden from view by the tight briefs he wore but she could see the huge bulge it made. She took notice of the well muscled, swelling thighs, the bulging calves and large feet firmly planted on the carpet.

She soon pushed him back to the bed and down upon it. Working her way down his torso, planting little kisses as she went, she arrived at his brief clad dick. Reaching inside the briefs and taking it into her hand, she found that even with her whole hand wrapped around it, her fingers did not meet. She stuck the tip into her mouth and managed to get enough of it in to give him a fairly decent head job. After he shot his wad into her waiting throat, they laid down on the bed side by side. He took his finger and traced little swirls along her body, teasing here, nibbling there.

He went to work on her with his mouth, lips, and tongue. Now it was his turn to warm her up. He kissed and nibbled his way down to her stomach from her tits, then to her naval, then on to her mound. Pausing here he licked and sucked, finally arriving at that little bud, the center of attention. He took his fingers and spread her thick, fleshy lips to each side. Her clit was sitting there waiting for his attention; pink, moist, and swollen. He opened her more as he heard her breath catch. He leaned forward and lowered his nose, to catch her woman’s scent. He touched her pussy and found it dripping from his attentions. He could see the need building in her eyes.

EEeeeeeeyeah!….Oh, Chevy, eat meeee. Now!”

She grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her cunt while bumping and grinding it against his mouth.

“Ummnnn, Ummnnnnnnwhf!” She bucked and twisted like a woman out of control. After what seemed like a long time she reached orgasm and locked her legs around his neck at the knees, pulling his mouth and tongue into her wet, dripping cunt. She started making little spirals against his mouth, gritting her teeth. “OOooohhhhhhhhhhhwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelled as she came, her juices pumping out into his mouth and all over his face.

She released his hair and unlocked her legs, letting him come up for air. But all that action had made Chevy’s erection grow to full proportion and he was now ready to use it. He started kissing her long, shapely legs, first one, then the other, working his way up, and up, and finally he was kissing her lips. She embraced him and returned his hot kisses, sensing that the moment of penetration had come.

Bending her legs back to her chest and spreading her legs wide, Chevy reached down with his right hand and guided his cock to her juicy female softness. He played the head of his cock up and down her slit to get it good and wet. Yvette could feel the sheer size of his dickhead against her pussy, and knew that it would stretch her considerably. But she wanted it, needed it.

Chevy wanted to enjoy seeing his cock disappear into her creamy cunt between those pale hairless lips of desire. Pulling her legs up and spreading them wide, he pushed his cockhead slowly into those waiting lips. When his cock didn’t just slip right in, Yvette took her hands and tried to spread herself open farther as he pushed his cock gently but firmly, trying to get it inside her. There was a moment of anguished frustration. Her eyes were shut tight and she was breathing heavily. The head of his dick slipped through the outer lips, but encountered more resistance as it started to spread the inner lips. Together, they forced his dick in a little at a time, filling her gradually until she could feel him buried to the hilt inside her.

“Ohhoooooooo, shit!” she breathed, “it’s so big! I never took a dick this huge before, it’s got me stuffed.”

But she was adjusting to it well. She wanted him to just lay there for a few minutes buried deep inside her. In her excitement her pussy seemed to tighten around his dick every few seconds, then let go, helping her adjust to the considerable pressure which the thickness of his cock was putting on the walls of her vaginal tunnel. The outer lips of her pussy were stretched then and had disappeared inside as Chevy’s dick forced its way in.

Chevy started to pump her slowly. It was a damned tight fit, but not uncomfortably so. She moved her hand and said, “God, you must have the biggest dick in the world!.”

“Does it hurt you?” he asked, afraid that it might be too much for her.

“No,” she said, “Yes! But it’s good too. I’ve never been filled so . . . completely. That’s a new sensation for me.”

“Really,” he replied as he kissed her lightly. “Well, let me know if it gets to be too much, OK?”

“Shut up!” she said with mock annoyance, “and fuck me silly. I want you to ream my pussy like you did Beth’s.” She locked her legs around his back.

Chevy felt her vaginal muscles contract around his dick then with extraordinary pressure. It felt so good, he asked her to do that again. She did, several times. He kissed her as he gathered her into his arms, getting her into position for his kind of pounding action. She sensed what was about to happen, and she drew her left leg out to give him unrestrained access to her pussy. He spread her wide, and started to fuck her for real. It was like this chick had little muscles down inside her pussy that were gripping his dick and pulling him inside her. All the while she was enjoying all this quietly. He could see the pleasure in her face. The only way to tell was in her facial expressions and from her own enthusiastic undulations. She was matching Chevy stoke for stroke now as she was well lubricated. She kept pulling him into her, deep within the smoldering recesses of her wet, hot, juicy pussy. This one was different. If he was not careful, she would make him cum in record time.

He stopped pumping into her and just let his passions reside before renewing the attack. Her strokes were slower, but she would take it all in and grind against his pelvis, again and again. He pulled out almost all the way and went back in, hammering her with all he had. She moved her head side to side, moaning in pleasure.

“”OOOHHWEEEEEEEE! OOOOOHHHWEEEEEEEEE!” She intoned. “You big dicked bastard! You’re killing meeeeee!”

Chevy kept the pressure on. This was his kind of fucking. Her hands came up into his chest as if she was trying to push him off.

“UMMmnnnnnn, Ummnphf, Ummnphf, what a dick!!!” she moaned.

Chevy made a powerful stroke, slipping down under her pelvic bone and pressing his dick incredibly hard into the yielding softness of her pussy. He was merciless. He rammed her hard and held it there while he pleasured in watching her react to it by arching her back and digging her nails into his shoulders. Her mouth and eyes flew open wide, her breathing stopped and she could utter no sound. Her body started to shiver, her pussy spasmed, and she came with a downpour of steamy hot juices that spilled out over Chevy almost like she was pissing. Her entire body was jerking uncontrollably as she had the orgasm of her life.

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Friday Night w/ Cassie , Deb

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Big Dicks

All I could think as I panted hard was my boss’s enormous cock shoved so tightly up my ass. I bounced on top of him as he reclined in his chair, all the blinds to his windows securely closed as we fucked hard during my Friday night shift. I leaned back, arching my back, thinking how sexy it was to know all the other girls sat right outside doing what they always do, taking calls, scheduling appointments, working out computer problems, taking orders, while I sat on a nice fat cock. I played with my clit as he rammed in and out of me, all his screams buried in the nape of my neck. I could feel his teeth clamp down on the soft skin there as he restrained crying out, loving the feel of my tight ass around his impressive rod.

His strong fingers were wrapped nearly completely around my waist as he guided me through our anal fuck fest. I knew I was going to cum soon so I began rubbing faster, whispering to him, bouncing up and down on his dick, my titties jiggling from the force of our union. What a sight it would have been if someone would have come in the front door at that moment. The mere thought of it sent me over the edge.

I thrashed around on top of him, a scream stifled in my throat. One of his hands cupped the side of my neck, forcing me down as he stroked faster and harder into me. I could hear him grunt, I knew he wanted to yell out but he was afraid of us being caught. I grinned evilly as I reached back to kiss his neck, nibble at his ear and whisper, “You want to cum in that tight ass don’t you, Mr. Fisher?”

He made an affirmative moan, but that wasn’t what I wanted. “What?”

Again he moaned louder. “Come on, Mr. Fisher. Tell your baby girl how much you want to cum in her ass.”

He growled as he pumped in harder. I wiggled my ass against him, nudging him in even further. I thought his head was going to explode off his shoulders. He grunted and groaned and finally whispered, “I’m gonna cum.”

“You’re going to what?”

“I’m going to cum,” he said louder.

“I still didn’t hear you,” I teased mercilessly.

“I’m cumming!” he yelled, shoving himself deep inside of me for one final thrust. I could feel his cock twitch and jerk as he spent himself dry inside of my ass. I have to say, I really like that.

There was a knock at the door. “Is everything okay in there, Mr. Fisher?”

He nearly knocked me right off his lap. “I said I’m coming!” he yelled, a bit firmer than normal. I guess this scared the girl away because she said nothing further, and she certainly didn’t try to come in. As I swung away from him he slapped me hard on my backside. “You’re a naughty girl, Cassie,” he said, trying his best to be menacing. But how menacing can you be when you have a bare, half erect cock between your legs and a very satisfied grin on your face?

“That’s Cassie the Super Slut to you, Mr. Fisher,” I giggled as I pranced away. As I started to dress and he tucked away his little friend, he turned a mischievous glance my way.

“Does Cassie the Super Slut like surprises?”

I leaned across his desk, giving him a full view of my cleavage now packed tightly away in my halter top. “That depends. Is it an outey or an inney?”

“I can’t give too much away, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. Needless to say it’ll be something you haven’t had before.”

“You can’t be too sure. I’ve been a busy girl this last month.” And it was true. Between Mr. Fisher, Deb and my Daddy, I’d been fucked, sucked and twisted every which way. I couldn’t wait to see what the next month held.

“You forget, Cassie. I know everything there is to know about you. And I have a big surprise for you on Monday.”

I begged and I pleaded for him to tell me but he gently pushed me off of his desk and out the door. I guess I was just going to have to wait.

One thing Friday nights had come to mean since I began my promiscuous lifestyle was a weekly prowl to find my Long Haired Stranger who ate me out and left me hanging several weeks back. Deb and I had a ritual. We’d go straight to the club, try to find him and then we’d go fuck our brains out after getting so excited with all the teasing we managed to pull of while we were there.

Since Dad was out of town on business this weekend, I knew that tonight could possibly mean bringing someone else home, and the thought got me wet. I hadn’t had new dick since Mr. Fisher, and even though I wanted to hold out for my mystery man I knew I was long overdue for a good fucking from a total stranger. Just a nameless fuck you can jot down in your diaries as a hot anonymous encounter. Deb and I had thought it all out and decided this weekend was the one.

I passed her desk on the way back to my cubicle, and she gave me a knowing grin. Although she hadn’t yet asked, I knew that eventually she wanted to be included in my workplace affair. At the moment, Mr. Fisher only wanted to deal with me. I felt bad for her, because I knew she’d worship his cock just like I did. I could gaziantep bayan escort wear him down, but it was going to take time.

As the night wore on, I logged into my dating website. I hadn’t gone there right after I got together with Daddy, just simply because he had filled everything I was looking for. But I also realized that there was a wealth of untapped potential out there, and I had an itching for something new. Namely, something dark.

It all happened when I went to change my profile from hot virgin to my new Super Slut status. I browsed the new member gallery and I found an enormous black dick that had my name written all over it. And the guy’s gallery had nothing but him and white women, tiny pink pussies that could barely cover that immense erection. I started looking at interracial porn and I got so hot to find a black guy so I could watch his big dark meat slide in and out of my pretty pink hole. I wanted to watch big black fingers cup my breasts and tweak my nipples. I wanted to run my hands down that glossy, ebony skin, etched out of mahogany.

I wrote him immediately, and he had responded. He wasn’t local but he was job hunting in the area, and had wanted to find some playmates to hook up with while he was interviewing for jobs. He was waiting a callback on one of his resumes, and I couldn’t wait to hear when he was coming to town. It was a shame it wasn’t this weekend. The more I thought about that monster rod, the more I wanted to fuck it ASAP. I glanced through his photos again, itching to play with myself but unable to get away with it. I squirmed in my chair and counted the minutes.

Deb and I made a beeline for the club the second after the shift ended. We didn’t even talk to each other, we both were women on a mission. The minute we plowed through the doors, each of us scanned the room for Mr. (or Miss) Right. She patted me on my arm and pointed toward a hot guy on the dance floor. “You get the drinks. I’ll get him.”

I laughed and patted her ass as she glided away. I made my way through the wall of bodies that stood between me and the bar, paying special attention to grind suggestively against anyone that looked enticing. I also made a point of “innocently” brushing my hand against men’s crotches – trying to find the diamond in the rough.

It was a fruitless journey on the way to the bar. I screamed my order at the bartender over the pulsating music, and then turned to face the crowd. I had both elbows on the bar, and my already low-cut shirt dipped lower. I nearly swallowed my tongue as I caught glimpse of long dark hair slicked back into a sleek ponytail.

Completely forgetting the drinks I wove through the crowd, following what I hoped would be my mystery man. Would fate really smile upon me to take HIM home? I nearly swooned at the thought.

Bodies kept jumping into my line of vision, but I kept forging on. I could see that hair, I knew it was him. I just knew it. Finally as if on cue the crowd parted and I saw him leaning up against the far end of the bar, flanked by two exotic beautiful women. One was Asian, wearing a slip of a top that managed to cover up areolas but showing the rest of her skin. Her tight leather pants clung to her petite frame, and wearing those heels she managed not to disappear next to him. Her hair was long, black and gleaned like silk. Her almond eyes were painted with dark colors like black and green, and her heart shaped lips were bright red.

The other woman was an African Goddess. Her body was deliciously curved, her hips full, her breasts heavy and her skin the color of melted chocolate. I loved the way the curls from her genie pony tail cascaded down her back, a mixture of red, black and streaks of gold. Her dress came just below her ass, made up of gold sequins that molded to each liquid curve of her body.

I froze in my tracks, unable to move toward them even though they were all staring at me. He had an arm around each of them, but that erection he sported in his trousers belonged to me, and we all knew it. He bent to whisper something to each of them and they nodded in unison before heading my way. I stayed rooted to the spot as they took either side of me, their long fingernails traveling up my body. I glanced one more time at the mystery man, whose eyes were so intense I nearly came on the spot. I could almost feel his thundering heartbeat as both girls pressed against my sides, grinding against me suggestively to the music.

My head fell back as I got lost in their movements. I could feel their breasts pressed against me, their erect nipples giving away how hot they were for me. I groaned a bit as they turned me around, and I was facing the Asian Beauty. I felt the curves of the African Goddess against my back as the Asian Beauty danced so close I could feel her breath on my skin.

I could sense the other dancers around us had stopped dancing, forming a circle around us. The African Goddess lifted my arms high, her knees bending mine in rhythm of the dance. The Asian Beauty drew close enough to kiss me, and even though her tongue licked her own luscious lips she never touched me. I was as turned on as if she had.

The Asian Beauty began to run her fingers down either side of my torso, pressing in closer to me and wiggling herself in where there was bare skin on my chest. I could feel her nipples against mine as her hands rested on either side of my hips. I moaned as she finally closed the gap and her tongue ran around my open lips. I tried to kiss her back but she withdrew and swung me around to the Black Goddess. She moved back a bit to start a very slow and sexy shimmy that waved that magnificent bosom just within reach. I loved the way her hips moved in her dance, I could tell she was a tigress in the bedroom. I would have loved to find out.

From behind me the Asian Beauty’s hands dipped down between my legs, rubbing the skin at the hem of my short skin. Her mouth was against my ear, her tongue dancing around the rim. Her fingers were just inches from my dripping wet pussy, and crowd be damned I wanted to feel her inside me more than anything.

Well almost. My African Goddess danced closer, her body enticing me to explore it with my moist tongue. She went in for a kiss but before our lips could meet she withdrew and swirled me around to face the Asian Beauty. They both pressed up against me, and my African Goddess slipped a hand in between I’m not sure if anyone saw. As my Asian Beauty and I ground against each other, the African goddess began rubbing against our crotches, magically finding an eager clit on both sides. Our movements grew frenzied as we all rubbed together. My head fell back on my African Goddess’s shoulders as the Asian Beauty began to explore my neck with her tongue. Before I knew it I was cumming hard, right there on the dance floor. There was so much movement and so much noise, I had to wonder if anyone but my two dance partners were even aware. As the music ended and my two lovelies returned to the mystery man, I knew at least one did.

Like a torrent, bodies filled in the gap between me and them again, and when I finally pushed through I realized that they were nowhere to be found. I went to where they had been and found a napkin under one of their drinks. Upon closer examination I realized it read “Luscious”, and had an address. I had to wonder if my mystery man had just been careless, or if he indeed left me a clue that would bring me one step closer to tasting that gorgeous cock.

A hand fell upon my shoulder, but it wasn’t the mystery man as I hoped it would be. It was someone who was probably not your movie star handsome, but he had a great smile and very kind eyes. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said and he extended his hand. “My name’s Michael.”

“Cassie,” I smiled, returning the favor.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I hesitated, looking out onto the floor.

“They left,” he supplied. My eyes shot to his.

“You know who they are?”

“You don’t?”

I shook my head. He looked incredulous. “They only come once in a while to find new talent. Looks like he has it bad for you.”

“New talent?”

Michael nodded, and accepted his drink from the bartender. “You sure you don’t want a drink?”

I turned more toward him then. “A cosmo.”

“How very Sex in the City,” he teased and I couldn’t help but laugh. A bit shorter than most guys I’d been after, he did have a fun attitude. And he knew stuff about my mystery man that could help me get the prize of all. “So who are they?”

Just then Deb broke in and sized up my companion. She’d missed the dance completely, and she looked like she’d come up dry on the dance floor. “I struck out. He’s engaged and he’s faithful.”

I gave her a wink. “The worst kind.”

She glanced back at Michael. “So who’s your friend?”

“This is Michael,” I offered. “He bought my drink.”

Michael was still ogling Deb in her super tight pantsuit. “Would you like a cosmo too?”

“That’s too sweet,” she purred as she leaned across him to reach for his glass of straight whiskey. She downed it in one gulp and returned it to its spot, making sure to brush and tease as she did.

Michael held up his hand to indicate two more just like that one to the bartender. I couldn’t help but laugh. Deb had clearly made her choice. And he looked like just the kind of guy to appreciate two hot girls taking him home for a good double header.

Little did I know we were the lucky ones. We actually sat together and talked, sometimes sexy, sometimes not, but it was always fun and entertaining. He grew cuter by the minute. He had us in stitches by the time I was on my fourth cosmo, and before I could grab it he snatched it from me so he could pluck the maraschino cherry from the ice.

He popped the cherry off the stem and fed that to Deb, who put her full lips around it just like she couldn’t wait to do to his cock. Then he slipped the stem in his mouth. In no time flat he returned it, tied neatly into a knot. I could see Deb inch ever closer to him. She was a sucker for oral and I knew she was about two seconds from asking him to leave. “That’s a neat trick,” she murmured, gazing longingly at his lips.

“When you have a tongue like this,” he said and opened his mouth to unfurl quite possibly the longest tongue I’d ever seen in my life – one that might even put Gene Simmons to shame, “you get to learn all kinds of neat tricks.”

My hand went up as quick as a shot. “Bartender. Check please!”

We all tumbled through the hotel door, a bit tipsy and a lot horny. He had his hands on both of us and we were undressing him as quick as we could. We learned quickly that not only was his tongue impressive, but Mr. Happy was a big boy too. It was all Deb could stand. She dropped to her knees to unveil that sexy meat, and Michael grabbed me for a scorching kiss. It literally felt like he was fucking my mouth and I groaned deep in my throat.

Deb heard me and mimicked my moan against his hard shaft. He sat at the edge of the bed, and laid on his back. I watched Deb as she leaned over that impressive cock. Michael caressed my leg where I stood. “You know what you want to do,” he murmured.

I crawled over the bed to straddle his face with both knees. I felt both his hands cup my ass cheeks as he dove that incredible tongue in between my slippery folds, flicking across the hard little nubbin nestled therein. I shuddered against him, and watched Deb lick the expanse of his enormous erection. I began to grind against him when I watched her mouth slide around the cock head and then slip all the way to his balls. My girl Deb could deep throat like nobody I knew. And it turned me on to watch her work her magic on Michael’s dick. I could see his hips rise to thrust further into her mouth, and as his thick tongue slipped inside my hungry pussy to the rhythm to Deb’s blowjob, I thought I was going to cum right there.

I cried out as the passion overtook me, cumming hard in his mouth as I watched them beneath me. It was so forceful that I collapsed against his stomach, looking eye to eye with Deb. She lifted up slowly and then ran her tongue down one side of his cock. I obliged the other. Both of our tongues bathed his straining cock, pausing only to kiss around the cock head. He groaned into my pussy before delivering a full assault on my clit with his tongue. He flicked it this way and that, making me crazy. I helped blow him as long as I could, but before long all I could think about was his mouth on my hot cunt. When he sucked my clit full into his mouth I began to scream. Deb began to jack Michael off as I came again and again. She aimed that cock toward my open mouth and pumped his meat faster and faster until it spewed white love juice all over my mouth.

I slipped over to the other side of him so he could watch her lick and kiss away his spunk from my mouth. His hand went to his cock, slowly massaging it as he watched us. We kissed and fondled for a moment more before I pushed her gently back onto the bed. Michael understood and immediately took his place between her legs. Her eyes widened as his snake of a tongue worked in and around her ready pussy.

For a double assault I began to suck her hard nipples, with one eye toward Michael to watch what he was doing. It was almost, but not quite, as sexy to watch him work his magic as it was to feel it. My hand went to my pussy to play while I sucked away at her tit and watched him fuck her with his tongue.

He kept his eyes on me as he did it, which made me hotter. He slipped his tongue around her hard clit quicker and quicker until she was cumming hard underneath me. Not missing a beat he shoved his tongue inside her bringing her to a second, explosive orgasm. Then it was his fingers, inside her fucking her fast while his mouth covered her clit and he sucked her off powerfully. Deb was incoherent by the time he was done, and as he reached up I could see his dick had grown stiff once again. I knew what he could do about that.

I turned over onto my knees, baring my ass for him. He positioned himself behind me and began to tease me with the head of his cock. He rubbed it against me, dipping in just an inch but never all the way in. I was whimpering I wanted him so much, but he was the one in control of this game. No matter how much I ground back against him, no matter how wet he could tell I was he was going to fuck me when he was good and ready. I felt him move away, although his hands stayed on my ass. Next thing I knew that tongue was flicking away at my clit again and I was so hot I shuddered. He began to do with his tongue what he’d done with his cock. I was going insane.

“Fuck me,” I begged. He clamped his mouth over my clit, sucking me hard until I almost came, and then he withdrew. What was it with the teases tonight? I felt his fingers dip in just a bit, gently rimming my hole, and I could feel an ache deep inside my pussy. “I have to feel you inside me,” I groaned.

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