Handyman 3 – corrected

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Janet, Sharon and Mark were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch. It was Saturday morning and Mark had slept with Janet in her room. As usual, Sharon took every opportunity to tease Mark. When Janet turned her back for a moment, Sharon would flash her breasts at Mark or push her pants down and finger her pussy. Mark enjoyed this game and joined in. He would flash his cock at her, or try to do something to make her laugh. This morning when Janet was making toast and frying some bacon, Mark walked up beside where Sharon was sitting and pulled out his cock and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned her head, he slapped her face with his cock and then slipped it between her lips. He stepped away before Janet could turn around. He was back at his seat drinking his coffee when Janet turned and asked Sharon what she was giggling about. They played this way often and he and Janet did the same thing when Sharon wasn’t looking. Mark was pretty sure that the same type of thing was going on behind his back. This was the most fun job he had ever had.

The doorbell rang and Janet went to see who was there. Her friend from work, Babs, was standing on the porch. Janet invited her in and said, “Hi Babs, come on in. What brings you to our humble abode?”

“Hi Janet, I have been all over town looking at patio furniture and I can’t find anything that I like. I remembered you told me that you had some made for your back yard. I thought I would like to take a look at it if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, come on back and have a peek.”

She led her friend to the back yard and Babs admired the way the table and benches were made. “They look great and sturdy too. I like the way he made them blend in with the rest of the yard. They look so organic.”

“Yea, Mark is really good at what he does.”

“You have to tell me who you found to build this for you.”

“I’ll do better than that, follow me.”

She led Babs to the kitchen and said, “Babs, this is Mark, Mark, this is my friend Babs. Mark is the guy that built the furniture. He is our resident handyman.”

Mark jumped to his feet and shook hands with Janet’s friend. “I am glad to meet you. Was it Babs?”

“My real name is Barbara but everyone has been calling me Babs since school. It’s nice to meet you Mark. I was admiring the lawn furniture you made for Janet. I am hoping I might get you to build some for me, if Janet could spare you for a while.”

“I guess that will be Janet’s decision, she’s the boss. I’m just a lowly peon struggling for a crust of bread.”
Janet punched him in the shoulder laughing and said, “Careful, peon, I might sell you to the highest bidder.”

“Babs, if Mark wants to take on the job, I can spare him for a while. Things are pretty well caught up around here. I will let you two negotiate your own deal.”

Mark said, “That works for me.”

Babs gave him her address and asked him to come over on Sunday to look the area over, pick a design, negotiate a price and order the needed materials. They set a time and Babs left.

“It looks like a pretty good chance for you to make some good money. Babs was divorced a while back and she did very well on the settlement. She doesn’t really have to work, but she likes her job and it gets her out of the house. Sharon, how old is Trish? Trish is Babs’ daughter.”

“I think she’s 17, mom. She’s one grade higher at school than I am. She’s pretty popular at school, especially with the boys.”

“Any way, she can afford to pay you whatever you ask. She said she can’t find anything anywhere in town that she likes.”

On Sunday, Mark drove over to meet with Babs. He found she lived in a very nice neighborhood. There were large houses on large lots and lots of privacy fences. Babs met him at the door and ushered him to the back yard. It was a large area with a patio and an in ground swimming pool. She explained what she had in mind and Mark sketched out a design he thought would work. They talked it over for a while and Babs invited him to stay for lunch. Babs was an attractive woman with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She had smallish breasts and long shapely legs. He admired her firm looking ass as she walked away. He was working on the materials list when Trish walked by. He now knew why she was popular with the boys. She was wearing a white tank top and a very short white skirt. Her legs were fabulous and she also had small but very shapely breasts. She bent over to pick something up and he caught a flash of her panties that barely covered her ass. When she turned, she noticed him looking at her. She approached and holding out her hand said, “Hi, I’m Trish. You must be Mark. I have heard that you do some very good work.”Mark rose and took her hand and replied, “Hi Trish, I guess I will be working around her for a while. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of each other over the next few days.”

Trish looked him up and down and thought,”I think more than you may expect.”

They had lunch and mark finished the list of materials he would need. He gave the list to Babs and she called the home improvement store to place the order. When she returned, she said it would be delivered first thing in the morning.

Mark shook her hand and took his leave, promising to be there at 8 the next morning.

When Mark arrived in the morning, he was just in time to see the delivery truck drive away. He entered the back yard through the side gate and began to go over the materials and plan his job. It was only a moment when Babs came out the door with a tray holding a pot of coffee, a carafe of juice and some sweet rolls.

“Good morning Mark, How about a cup of coffee before you start.”

“Thank you, Babs. I appreciate that.”

They had their coffee and chatted for a short time until it was time for Babs to leave for work. “Trish will be here all day, so if there is anything you need, just ask her. She will do whatever necessary to help. She will also fix lunch for you whenever you are ready. Have a good day and I will see you this evening.”
“Thanks, Babs, You have a good day also.”

Mark started in on his project and was deeply into it later when Trish stuck her head out the door to ask if there was anything he needed. He assured her that he was fine and continued working.

Before he realized it, it was 1:00 and his stomach started growling. He laid his tools down and just then, Trish appeared. ”I saw you stop and figured you might be ready for lunch. Is there anything special you might like?”

“You can just surprise me. I will eat almost anything. Just fix whatever is easy for you.”

“Okay, come on in and you can get washed up while I whip up something.”

Mark washed up and went into the dining area. He watched as Trish moved around the kitchen. Today she had on shorts and a belly shirt that came just above her navel. Her ass looked firm and he could not keep his eyes off her legs. He could almost see them wrapped around his body. He realized he was getting an erection and tried to think of other things. Before he knew it, Trish placed a meal before him. They chatted as he ate and she was very good company. When he finished, he returned to work.

A short time later, Trish came out wearing a white string bikini. She dropped a towel and a bottle of lotion and jumped into the pool. She swam for a while but when she got out of the pool, the wet white suit was almost transparent. Even from fifty feet, he could see the top clinging to her tits and he could see the shadow of her nipples. She picked up her towel şişli bayan escort and dried herself off, all the while, looking directly at him.

For the first time he realized that there was no conventional lawn chairs or chaise lounges on the patio. There was a 12 by 12 pad about 2” thick. They had wedge shaped padded back rests that sat on the ground. They were adjustable from straight up for sitting to angled back for tanning. Trish spread her towel and adjusted the back rest so she could watch Mark and he could get a good view of her hot body. She sat down and began to apply lotion to her body, working her way up her legs, over her stomach and up to her chest. When she got that far, she reached behind and untied her top and dropped it beside her. She then applied more lotion to her breasts and the rest of her chest and arms. She then lay back wait her eyes closed to tan. The only thing she kept on was the small thong that barely covered her pussy.

When Mark realized what she had done, he was so distracted that he had to turn and face a different direction so he could do his work.

After about a half hour, Trish called, “Mark, could you come over here?”

Mark looked up and cautiously walked to where she was lying.

Trish sat up and holding out the bottle of lotion, said, “I can’t reach my back. Would you do me please?”

She moved the wedge and lay down on her stomach, pulling her hair to the side to expose her graceful neck. After a moment, Mark dropped to his knees beside her and pouring lotion into his hands, he began to apply it starting at her neck and working down her soft tanned shoulders to her back. His hands worked the lotion into her silky skin and it became more like a massage than just a lotion application. He paused when he got to her waist where the band disappeared between the cheeks of her ass, leaving it naked to his eyes.

“Don’t stop, do my butt too and down the back of my thighs. It would be painful to get burned there.”

Mark shifted down and as he moved, Trish spread her legs apart to give him room. He knelt between her legs and beginning with her calves, he resumed putting the lotion on her. He did the left leg then the right. When he got up to her knees, he used one hand on each. He began running his hands up the outside of her thighs to her hips and back down to her knees again. He rubbed the back of her legs, kneading the muscles as he worked the lotion in. His hands moved up and down her thighs and onto the cheeks of her ass. As he dragged his hands down the cheeks, he let his thumbs slide into the crack and slip down over her puckered rosebud. Trish gave out a great sigh as he did this and ever pressed her hips up to meet his hands. He worked back down the inside of her thighs. Mark put more lotion in his hands and began to bring his hands up the inside of her legs until he got to her crotch, Trish, spread her legs farther apart and lifted her hips again. Mark took his fingers and slipped them under the edge of her thong and rubbed the outer lips of her pussy.

“Oh… Yes… don’t stop.”

Mark pushed the thin strip of cloth aside and slipped his fingers the length of her slit. He drew it back and down again. As his fingers collected moisture from her leaking cunt, he rubbed it up and down her pussy and around her puckered hole. When his fingers dove back he slipped his finger into her cunt. He pumped it in slowly and when he pulled it back out she moaned again. He pushed his fingers up to slide over her clit as it peaked out of its sheath. He rubbed it and pulled it between his fingers as Trish began to pant and writhe against him. Suddenly, he plunged three fingers into her cunt and as she humped back against him, he slid his thumb into her ass up to the first knuckle.

Mark moved his free hand under Trish and rubbed her clit, sending her into a full orgasm. He felt her cunt clamp down on his fingers as her juices flooded his hand.

“Oh, God, are you going to tease me or are you going to fuck me? I want your cock in me now… Please…”

Mark sat back on his knees and dropped his pants and underwear down, releasing his steel hard 7” shaft. As he did this, Trish pushed the bikini bottom off and fell to her back with her legs spread, waiting for him.
Mark leaned forward and Trish grabbed his cock and aimed it at her cunt. He pushed forward and she cried out in joy as he worked it into her, an inch at a time until he was pumping all of it as deep as he could. He stroked slowly at first and Trish matched his rhythm. She soon begged him to go faster and harder. He was soon jack hammering into her and his balls were slapping against her ass. Trish clinched her pussy and had her next orgasm, flooding his cock again, the cum was dripping down her crack. As her orgasm passed, Mark pulled out and flipped her back to her belly. He lifted her hips and pushed his cock back into her cunt and again began pounding into her. In only a few minutes, she was once again cumming on his cock. Mark gathered liquid from her cunt and rubbed it into her rose bud. He pushed first one and then two fingers into her ass, pumping and twisting to loosen her up.

“Oh yes, Fuck my ass. Please fuck my tiny ass.”

Mark pulled his cock from her cunt and placed it at the entrance of her ass. He started to push passed the sphincter and she pushed her ass back to meet the invader He shoved more and more of his cock into her until he was pounding the entire length into her bowel. Her ass was tight and wet and warm. He reached around and played with her clit and pushed his fingers into her pussy and as she screamed out her next orgasm, he started pumping load after load of his cum into her tight ass. As his cock softened, it slipped from her ass and she collapsed on her towel. Mark cleaned his cock off on the corner of the towel, pulled his pants back up and went back to work.

Later, mark noticed Trish got up and gathered her things and went back inside. A short time later, she came out and gave him a large glass of lemonade. She was still naked and she pressed her body against him and gave him a very long and sensual kiss. “If you need anything else, just call me.”

Mark sipped at his drink and watched her sweet ass as she returned inside. He then resumed his work. He didn’t see Trish for the rest of the day.

As evening came, lights automatically came on so Mark continued to work. After a while Babs came out of the house and called to him. “Don’t you think it might be quitting time? It looks like you made some good progress today.”

“I guess I did. The evening air was so refreshing and there was plenty of light so I just kept going.”

“Come in and have some dinner with us. You have done enough for today.”

Mark had dinner with Babs and Trish and they talked about several things they found they had in common. Trish had changed into a light blue skirt and a darker blue top that came down just below her breasts. She smiled every time she caught Marks eye. She found an opportunity when Babs went to answer a phone call to move over close to Mark and guide his hand under her top to her bare breast. He gave it a squeeze and tickled her nipple for a moment and said that wasn’t a good idea. She giggled and said, “How about this?” and pulled his hand up her leg to her naked pussy. He dipped his fingers in and massaged her clit for a minute, gathering her juices and then licked his fingers.

“Mmm… very tasty.”

“There’s more where that came from”, she whispered in his ear.

After dinner, Mark made his exit promising to come back in the şişli escort morning.

The next day, Mark was again greeted with coffee. He talked with Babs again until she left for work. He went to work, picking up where he left off. After a while, Trish walked up behind him and placed her hands around his waist. He didn’t hear her coming and was surprised when he felt her. He slowly turned to face her and discovered that she was once again naked. He laid his tools down and looked down into her eyes. He brought his hands up to cradle her breasts. “Don’t you think you are a little under dressed this morning?”

“No, I think you are a little over dressed.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, first I thought I would suck your cock and then I thought you would fuck me stupid.”

“That sounds very nice, but I was hired to do a job and it wouldn’t look good if your mother came home and didn’t see any progress.”

“Okay, but this afternoon, when you take a break, it will be twice as much fun.”

“What do you have planned, sweet cheeks?”

“You just have to wait; meantime, I am still going to suck you off.” She dropped to her knees and released his cock. She took it into her mouth and began to suck him deep into her mouth. She worked her tongue up and down his shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth. She licked every inch of his manhood and stroked whatever she couldn’t get into her mouth. She sucked him faster and faster till she felt his balls draw up and his shaft swell. He grunted as he exploded into her releasing rope after rope of cum that she swallowed as fast as he supplied it. As his cock softened, she let it slip out of her mouth. She refastened his pants and stood in front of him again.

“I really like the taste of your cum. If there is anything else you need just call. Lunch will be ready at 1:00.”

She turned and went back to the house and Mark returned to his job. As she had said, she had lunch ready on time and she joined him while he ate. After lunch, Mark went outside and as he began to work again, he was once again distracted. Trish came back out but this time, she had someone with her. She was a blond with C cup breasts and a shaved pussy. He knew because both girls were naked. They walked up to him and Trish introduced her friend as Karen. Karen giggled as Mark looked her over and said, “It is nice to meet you Mark. I hope you will fuck me like you fucked Trish yesterday.”

“If you would be patient, I think I might be able to satisfy both of you this afternoon. In the mean time, make your selves comfortable.”

Mark reached up and fondled Karen’s breast and leaned over to give her nipple a suck. Then he turned around and went back to work. The girls moved over to the tanning mat and spread their towels. They spent several minutes rubbing lotion on each other. They seemed to be taking a long time to get that done. Mark watched as Karen began dipping her fingers into Trish’s pussy. Trish lay back as Karen worked on her clit and after several minutes, she pulled Karen onto her in 69 position and both girls stuck her face into the others pussy. Mark watched as they ate each other out. The moans and groans finally got to him and he walked over and stripped his clothes off. “Well, look who joined the party,” Trish said as she peeked up from between Karen’s thighs.

Karen looked back over her shoulder and said, “Oh goody”.

Mark knelt down behind Karen and moved up preparing to fuck her. Trish reached up and pulled his cock to her mouth and licked and sucked at it to get him ready. When he was sufficiently lubricated, he pushed his cock into Karen’s cunt and Trish went back to licking Karen’s clit.

As mark pumped into her pussy, he reached around and held her tits, pinching her nipples and with his other, he found Trish’s. His balls kept hitting Trish in the face and she would lick at them and suck them into her house. Karen was the first to come, her cum dropping down into Trish’s face. She rammed her tongue into Trish and sucked at her clit with renewed energy. Mark came next, pumping his cum into Karen. Trish hit her orgasm shortly after. Karen lapped up her cum as mark drew his cock from her cunt. Trish wasted no time pulling Karen’s cunt to her mouth to eat Mark’s cum from her dripping hole. Mark stood up and walked over to the pool and jumped in. He took several laps before he climbed out. By then, the girls were sitting back up and talking. As he approached they smiled and asked if he was ready for round two. “I am if I can do it lying down”, Mark replied.

He lay down on his back and beckoned Karen over to him. “Why don’t you suck my cock until it is nice and hard? Then Trish can sit on it and you can sit on my face so I can get a taste of your lovely pussy.”
Karen crawled onto mark and licked the head and up the shaft of his cock. She pushed the tip of her tongue into the tip of his piss hole. She sucked his cock deep into her throat and drew it back, sucking the fluids out and causing Mark to pump his hips up to meet her face. Karen released him from her lips and said, “Is that hard enough for you?”

Trish said, “It’s hard enough for me.” She climbed on and aimed his cock at her cunt and slid down his pole with a deep sigh.

Karen threw a leg across Mark and lowered her pussy low enough that he could capture her lips between his. He pushed his tongue into her hole as Trish bounced on his cock. The three hot bodies bounced and squirmed until one after the other, they gushed cum on, over and into each other, finally collapsing into a heap. As they recovered, they all made their way into the pool and splashed and played with each other for a short time. Mark was the first to get out and dry off. He retrieved his clothes and went back to work while the girls retreated to the house to do whatever naked girls do with each other.

Babs returned as Mark was wrapping up for the evening. “I think I should be almost finished by tomorrow night if all goes well. “

“You don’t have to hurry; you should take your time. Feel free to take advantage of the pool. There is an exercise room down stairs also that you can use if you want. We also have a hot tub down there. It’s great to use if you have any stiff muscles. I would be glad to show it all to you unless you are in a hurry to get home.”

“I think I would like that very much. I have been feeling a little sore from all of the bending I have been doing the last few days.”

“Great, follow me and we will get you taken care of.”

Mark followed Babs to the basement where she had a very nice workout area with several exercise machines. What interested him most was the large hot tub. His muscles were really feeling tight and a bit sore. Babs supplied him with a pair of trunks and showed him where he could change. When he came out, he climbed into the tub and relaxed into the hot water. A few minutes later, Babs joined him. She was wearing a very small bikini as she climbed in beside him. He leaned across and turned on the jets and water bubbled and churned.

Babs asked, “Is it your back muscles that are bothering you?”

Mark answered yes and she pulled him around to sit in front of her and began to massage his muscles and rub against his body. She let her hands move across his skin, she rubbed and prodded his back and he felt those muscles release the tension. She worked her hands and fingers down his sides and wrapped them around across his chest. He soon found he was lying back against her with his head on her shoulder as her talented hands worked their magic. mecidiyeköy escort He could feel her breasts against his back and he became aroused. He hoped the bubbles would hide his erection. Babs brought her hands to his chest and rubbed across his nipples and let her fingers gently pinch and pull on them, causing them to become as hard as her nipples were getting. Babs reached behind herself and untied her top. She slipped it off and threw it to the side of the tub. Mark could feel her now rock hard nipples drill into his back and he turned a bit to his side and found her lips. As he kissed her, she let her mouth open to welcome his tongue. She slipped her hands farther down his chest to his waist and moved her fingers under the waist band. She captured his cock and began stroking him.

Mark reached back and lifted Babs around so he could reach her body. He brought his hand up to cradle her breast and captured her nipple between his lips. He pulled her onto his lap and leaned her back against the side of the tub. He brought his hands down to slide the bottom of her bikini off and he dropped his own trunks out of the tub also. They kissed and fondled each other for several minutes. Mark brought her breast to his mouth and teased her nipple with his tongue. He sucked at it and then moved to the other breast to do the same. Babs stroked his cock again and pressed his face to her chest. Mark lifted Babs up to sit on the side of the tub and pushed her legs apart. He buried his face between her thighs and traced his tongue up her slit from the bottom up to her clit. He lapped at her clit and sucked it between his lips. He then brought his tongue down between her lips to open her to taste her pink inner lips and the hole they protected. He drove his tongue deep into her and sucked her juices as he played with her clit between his fingers.

“Mark, let’s get out of here. I want to get that magnificent cock of yours into me as soon as possible. They climbed out of the tub and she led him to her room where she pulled him onto her bed and he mounted between her legs. She wrapped her ankles behind his legs and pulled him to her as her hand aimed his cock at the wet entrance to her cunt. He pushed into her and she moaned into his mouth as he drove in deeper with each stroke. Soon she was begging him to move faster and deeper. He pounded into her faster and she squealed as she came onto his cock. He continued to move against her letting his balls slap against her ass. She came again and yet again, her legs came up over his shoulders. He picked her hips up and bounced her up and down on his cock. He bit and sucked on her tits and when he rubbed a finger up into her ass, she came so hard, and she squirted her cum all over Mark’s stomach. Her cunt spasmed around his cock triggering his orgasm. His cum blasted load after load into her and filled her cunt. They both collapsed and he fell off to her side.

“I haven’t cum that hard in years,” Babs whispered. “I hope we get the chance to do that again.”

“I’ll put that on my list of things to do. Right now though, I think I had better get home. I’ll see you again in the morning.”

Mark walked back down to the workout room where he had left his clothes. When he got there, Trish was there in a robe getting ready to get into the hot tub. He walked in naked and she came over to him and took hold of his cock. “It looks like your little friend has been busy tonight. Don’t you know you are supposed to clean your tools before you put them away? Let me take care of that for you.”

Trish dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmm… You and mom taste good.” She licked it and sucked until he came down her throat. Mark got dressed and kissed her good bye.

The next morning Mark returned and per their routine, he had coffee and rolls with Babs before he started. Trish joined them also. This morning Trish was wearing her robe. She brought out the tray and Babs poured for Mark. They talked until it was time for Babs to go to work. As soon as she left, Trish dropped her robe and sat on Mark’s lap naked. He let his hand rest on her thighs and on her breast. She kissed him and said, “I don’t want you to finish this job. If you finish, you won’t be able to give me that fine piece of man meat hanging between your legs.”

“I have to admit, I will miss being here, but I do have other commitments to take care of. Speaking of commitments, it is about time for me to get to work.”

Mark worked until lunch and Trish had it fixed at the usual time. When lunch was finished, he went back to work. Later that afternoon, Trish came back out and said, “It’s time for a swim. I won’t let you do any more work today.”

“I can finish in about two more hours. I hate to waste time when I’m this close to being finished.”

“Sorry, you can finish later. For now, you are mine.” She began to unbutton his pants and when she pulled the zipper down; he gave in and pulled his shirt over his head. She knelt in front of him and removed his shoes and socks and he stepped out of his pants. Trish pulled his under wear down and released his cock. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked for a few minutes and then she stood and pulled him to the pool. They played and splashed each other for a long time. Trish made sure she rubbed her naked body against his every chance she got. He pushed her up to the side of the pool and stood between her legs. He dipped his tongue into her slit and proceeded to eat her pussy until she came.

Mark and Trish moved up onto the tanning mat and spent the next couple of hours making love and napping in the sun. As evening approached, Mark got dressed again and decided that he should continue with his work and complete his project. Trish went into the house so she wouldn’t be a distraction.
A few hours later, Mark had finished and cleaned the area, putting his tools back in his truck and stacking the excess construction materials in an out of the way place. When he was finished, he knocked on the door and invited Babs to come inspect the finished project. She was more than happy with his work and invited him to stay for dinner again. Mark respectfully declined, explaining that he needed to get his tools stored away in view of a rain storm that was threatening. He promised Babs that he would return at the end of the week to take her up on her invitation.

Mark returned home and managed to get his tools under cover in the garage before the storm hit. He went to take a shower and changed into something more comfortable.

When he walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, he was greeted by both Janet and Sharon. They were both so eager to greet him that they both threw their arms around him and wouldn’t let him go until they both had been thoroughly kissed and groped. Janet proceeded to make dinner for him while Sharon occupied herself teasing and groping Mark. Mark assured them that the project was complete and he would not have to go back except for the dinner he had been invited to at the end of the week.

When he had eaten and relaxed for a while, he told them that he needed a good night of rest. Janet kissed him good night and whispered in his ear, “Get plenty of rest and save tomorrow night for me. I have really missed you.”

Sharon kissed him and gave him a hug. He broke away and retired to his room.He lay there listening to the rain on the roof until he fell asleep. He had only been sleeping for a short time when he felt a warm body crawl into his bed. Sharon’s naked body snuggled up to his back and her arm lay across him and stroked his chest.

Mark said, “Sharon, not tonight, I am really tired.”

“Shh… Just go to sleep, I just want to be here in the morning. “

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Good Little Whore

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Dicks

“Get on your knees,” he ordered her.
And like any good slave she merely whispered, “yes Sir.”
She dropped quickly to the ground. Almost instinctively. Once down on her knees, on the filthy concrete floor she proceeded to quickly undoing his belt. His bulging cock starting to push through his jeans. She knew what he wanted from her. She knew what to doo without ever being told. Before she could unbutton his pants, his thick shaft sprung out. Slapping her in the face.
“That’s it,” he whispered. “Open that pretty little mouth for me.”
With that, she opened her mouth wide taking his cock down her throat. He quietly stood there watching her as she devoured him. Sucking hard on his head and sliding it in and out of her lips. Jerking him off as she continued to lick up and down his shaft.
“Spit on it,” he demanded. “Don’t make me tell you. You know I like it when you get dirty with me.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You’re such a good little girl,” he said mockingly. “Such a good little whore. That’s all you are, my filthy, fucking whore. That’s it, suck that cock.”
“I’m nothing but a fucking whore,” she repeated.
In just a few seconds she covered his cock with spit. Jerking him off as she sucked his balls in her pretty little mouth. Licking every thick inch of his cock.
The back of his hand landed perfectly across her cheek, leaving a warming stinging sensation over her face.
“Did I tell you to speak,” he yelled. “The only thing out of your mouth is ‘yes, Sir’ and spit. Do you fucking understand.”
“Yes, Sir,” she cried.
Again, backhanding her. This time rattling her jaws. Blood dripping from her lips. Yet, like a good little slave she continued sucking his cock. He looked down at her, laughing at the blood and spit mixture on his cock. Red stains starting to cover her massive titties and thick, pink nipple.
“That’s my girl,” he said. “Suck my fucking cock. Look up at me.”
Her pretty little face was smeared with blood and makeup. Her lips and cheek were swollen and pink from the slaps.
“You’re nothing but my little, fucking cum rag,” he said. “And I’m going to cover that pretty little face of your’s with cum. You’d like that wouldn’t you. You’re nothing but a fucking whore.”
“Yes, Sir,” she said proudly.
He pulled his cock from her mouth and started pumping hard as she waited to receive her master’s gift. His gift that would coat her face with a thick layer of milky white cum.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered. “Open your mouth wide.”
He jerked her head back as she opened her mouth. Without any hesitation he let go, covering his good little girl with his sticky juices. In her hair, over her eyes, down her pretty little throat. He squeezed out the last few drops of cum making sure to slap her mouth with his softened cock, slinging more cum in her mouth.
She reached up to wipe her face.
“Did I give you permission to clean up,” he snapped at her.
“I’m sorry, Sir,” she whimpered.
“Such a bad little girl,” he laughed. “So bad. You need to be punished for such an insult.”
Again and again, he backhanded her until she could no longer sit up on her knees. Her face was red and swollen from the massive beating. Blood began to pour from her mouth and nose. Covering her beautiful titties and pregnant belly.
“That’s my girl, bleed for me,” he said as if ordering her to bleed.
“Thank you, Sir,” she managed to say from behind the blood.
“Get up,” he ordered. “I’m not finished with you yet.”
She did as she was told. Like always, such a good little girl. It was difficult for her to stand after her beating. She pulled herself up, blood still dripping from her pretty little face. As she stood, he threw a pair of clean, white knee high socks at her.
“Put these on. Then I want you to put your hair up in pig tails for me,” he ordered as he lit a cigarette.
Without a word, she did as he said. He stood there watching her, inhaling his poison and slowly exhaling. He enjoyed making her do things. The greatest part of their little games was watching. She watched him out of the corner of her eyes as she brushed her long, black hair out. Anxiously waiting to see what he had in store for her next. She never asked though. She merely did what he told her. A good slave will never question her master’s intentions.
He turned away from her as he searched through their little toy box. She continued putting her hair up in cute little pig tails. He puffed away at his cigarette, watching her prepare herself for him. Beautifully curved back, shapely hips, nicely rounded ass poking out. In the mirror, he could see her massive, blood stained titties and growing pregnant belly. So fucking hot! She was carrying his child and that was more of a turn on for him. Such a sweet piece of ass, his filthy little whore and now she was getting all dolled up for him.
He watched her sit back on the toilet, lifting her long, smooth legs and sexy little feet to the counter. He couldn’t help but laugh at her dirty knees. Finally, after several minutes, she emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but her socks and pig tails. So beautiful. He felt himself growing harder and harder. She noticed as well. Her eyes grew wide as she watched his jeans begin to bulge.
“Perfect,” he smirked. “So cute, just like a good little girl. Sweet little pig tails, clean white socks, even your dirty little şişli bayan escort knees. Are you ready to be fucked little girl?”
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered like he ordered her.
“Get down on your fucking hands and knees,” he ordered her. “Crawl over here.”
She dropped quickly again to the dirty floor and crawled. Head lowered to the floor, careful not to look up. He watched, rubbing himself as she scooted across the hard floor. Her hands and knees filthy from the floor. He watched as her titties swayed back and forth, swelling as milk gathered more and more.
“Turn and crawl,” he simply said.
No questions as to where. She had made that mistake once. She had merely asked where she should crawl to. And for such a question he made her cut herself, deep, bleeding for him. So she turned and crawled around the room, dirtying up her socks. He didn’t mind though, all good little girls should have dirty knees. She continued crawling around on the floor as he sat there watching her ass shake back and forth. Her beautiful, soft, smooth pussy was swollen, leaking her cum down her thighs. She loved being used by him.
He got up and walked over to her. She stopped, waiting to see what he needed. He slowly bent down beside her, sliding his fingertips down her back. She already knew it was going to hurt. Her body tensed as he slide his hand between her ass cheeks. He moved slowly, deliberately. Knowing exactly where he was going to touch her. He moved his fingers across her aching pussy lips to her swollen clit. Her clit was huge, throbbing, hurting waiting for his touch. With his other hand he pushed her head down to the floor. Rubbing her blood stained, stinging face in the dust. Her inflamed cheek now covered in filth. Her ass bulging high in the air, he continued molesting her clit. Her sweet, young pussy juices poured out over his hand, running down her thighs.
“That’s it, you fucking whore,” he laughed. “Cum all over yourself for me. Fucking cum.”
With that, she let go. Cum squirting out over his hand and she let out a muffled scream. Her eyes tearing up from the pleasure she was receiving turned the dust on her face to mud making her choke as it ran in her mouth.
He lift her face, blackened from the filthy floor.
“Did that feel good, did you like me finger fucking that sweet little clit,” he said. “Look at this fucking mess you made. Such a bad little girl, aren’t you?”
He slid his hand between her pussy lips, scooping out her cum.
“Such a fucking mess. Who’s going to clean up all this pregnant, pussy juice,” he said in a mocking voice.
He lifted his fingertips to his mouth and tasted her.
“You’re such a naughty little girl,” he said as he rammed his fingers down her throat.
He slid his fingers in and out of her mouth as if she were sucking his cock again. Poking deep in her throat to the point where she was gagging on her own spit, trying hard not to vomit, but licking up every drop of her sweet cum. She loved the way her pussy tasted, especially when he made her cum.
“All good little girls should know what their pussies taste like,” he said as he pulled his fingers out of her throat. “Now get up.”
Again she did exact as he said. Being as pregnant as she was, it was difficult for her to stand. He walked slowly around her, admiring the sweet young ass before him. He took her gently by the hand and lead her over to the bed. The soft touch of his hand didn’t last long. She already knew that it wouldn’t. It wasn’t like her master to be nice. As soon as she was close to the foot of the bed he bent her over.
Her plump, rounded ass stood up high.
“Let me see your feet,” he quickly ordered.
She lifted her left foot up so he could see the bottom.
“You fucking bad little girl,” he scolded. “Now let me see the other.”
She lifted the other foot high.
“God damnit,” he snapped. “You got your new socks all dirty. Now I’m going to have to fucking punish you.”
Her body shook as he slapped her across her ass. Leaving a thick, red hand print on her ass cheek.
“What am I going to do with you? You can’t even keep your socks clean,” he continued scolding her.
He walked away for a moment, but she dared not move. He returned after a few seconds carrying a long, thin piece of wood. He teased her by tapping it on the floor as he walked closer to her.
“You are such a bad little girl. Do you know what happens to bad little girl,” he asked mockingly. “They get fucking beat. They get treated like the dirty little whores they are. Lift your foot up.”
She slowly lifted her left foot again, knowing the pain she was about to feel.
The wood came down quick and hard, slapping the bottom of her pretty little foot. She tried hard not to cry out, but the pain made her bury her face in the mattress.
Again she cried out. Trying so hard to muffle her tears in the mattress. She knew that it would only be worse if she cried out.
He slid the thin piece of wood across the inside of her thighs. Rubbing her pussy with the smooth stick.
“You like that, don’t you,” he asked?
“Yes, Sir,” she whimpered.
He slapped her sloppy, wet pussy with it. It made a slurping sound every time he slapped her with it.
“Lift your other foot now,” he ordered.
Again she did as she was told, knowing what he intended to do.
Her legs almost gave out, they were shaking so hard. It was all she şişli escort could do to keep from screaming.
“Now, what can I do to you,” he asked? “It seems to be such a waste to have a pretty little girl like you bent over like this. What will I ever do?”
She knew that he was toying with her. Every move is carefully planned, every slap carefully timed. With her master, they’re are no accidents. Every toy used, every knot tied is carefully place to cause the most amount of pleasure and pain.
“Spread your ass cheeks open,” he ordered. “Let me see that tight little hole.”
“Yes, Sir,” she answered quickly.
She reached behind her with both hands and spread her cheeks wide apart. Waiting for her master to use her. He slid the thin piece of wood between her cheeks, across her tight little asshole. Her body shaking uncontrollably as she felt the hard wood rubbing her hole.
“You like that, don’t you,” he asked already knowing the answer? “You’re such a filthy little whore. Nothing but a little pregnant whore. You know what I’m going to do with my whore, don’t you?”
She held her breath as she felt him rub his hard, thick cock against her asshole. Without hardly a thought she was cumming as she felt his stiff, heavy cock circling her tight little hole. She could feel his precum leaving a warm, thick trail as he lubed her asshole up.
“For being such a bad little girl, I’m going to punish you,” he laughed. “I’m going to fuck this sweet little hole. I’m going to make it fucking hurt. MMM! It’s time you get that tight little hole stretched out.”
He laughed as he felt her body tense, making he asshole tighten. But she had already cum so much that her ass was lubed with her own thick juices. His cock slid deep inside her. She couldn’t help but let out a loud scream. He merely pushed her head deep in the blankets, burying her face, smothering her in the mattress as he pumped her ass harder and harder.
“That’s a good little whore,” he said. “Scream for me,” he yelled as he jerked her pretty little head back by her pig tails!
She let out a scream as he continued raping her sweet little asshole. Scream after scream as she kept cumming. Her aching, hurting pussy gushing cum, squirting down her thighs.
“Fucking scream,” he yelled. “No one can fucking hear you, no one even cares about a fucking little cum rag. SCREAM!”
He grabbed tightly a hold of her cute little pig tails. Riding her asshole like the filthy whore she was. He jerked her head back, making her look at him while he raped her. He just smiled back at her, watching her eyes swell with tears. He watched as her suckle titties bounced, slapping between her chin and expectant belly. Her screams growing louder as his already massive cock grew harder, stretching her hole wider.
“Get on your knees,” he yelled. “I want to cover my good little girl’s face with cum.”
She did as she was told. She dropped down to her knees, grabbing hold of his enormous cock. She knew her master was about to cum. She jerked him off, quickly pumping his swollen cock in to her waiting mouth. All at once he exploded. Filling her pretty little mouth full of his cum. Drops spilling off her swollen lips. She greedily swallowed as much of his cum as she could. Letting the rest drip from her chin and down her huge titties.
“You are such a nasty little girl,” he said praisingly.
“Thank you, Sir,” she finally said, swallowing the last of his cum, sucking as much as she could from the tip of his cock.
She sat there, on her knees. She knew better than to move, for fear of the beating she would receive. Like a good little slave, she sat there, patiently waiting as her master dressed. Her fucking was far from over. Her sweet little pussy ached from cumming so hard, her asshole was stretched wide and burned, but there was still more to come. She enjoyed getting fucked by him. She was longing to feel what was coming next.
“You’re going to be a good little girl from now on, aren’t you,” he asked.
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered from the floor.
She didn’t look up from the floor as she spoke. She laid there in the filth, covered in sweat and cum. Her pregnant body shaking. He just stood over her, watching. He bent down and grabbed her by her pig tails, standing her up. Her face still swollen and bruised, her ass red and stinging. He walked around her. Carefully examining her. Standing behind her, he leaned in close to her ear. Her body shook again as he whispered.
“I don’t believe you,” he simply said.
He took her by the wrist and lead her to the corner of the room.
“Get on your knees and face the corner,” he demanded.
She did as she was told. She fell to her knees, hands behind her back, faced tucked in the corner. He stepped back, searching her body. The bottoms of her feet were black from the filthy floor and that turned him on. Such a pretty little girl he quietly thought to himself.
He slowly walked up behind her. Her forehead was pressed tightly against the wall, but she could sense that he was there. She coward in the corner the best she could, but before she could breathe he grabbed her wrists. Lifting her arms high above her head, he tied a thick rope around her wrists. Thick, rough rope. She could feel it as he wrapped it tight around her skin. She withered as she felt it cut into her, burning her. He simply laughed as he tied her up.
Whatever slack was left in the rope he threw mecidiyeköy escort over the metal hook hanging from the ceiling, lifting her back to her feet. There he left her, hanging like a piece of meat. She drew a quick breath as he tightly fastened the huge ball in her mouth. She felt the rubber stretching her jaws wide apart as he forced the ball deeper in her mouth. It was hard to swallow, so spit ran out from her lips. She was still facing the wall when he left the room. A few moments later returning. She desperately jerked, trying to turn her sweet little body around, but it was no use.
“Go ahead and try,” he whispered leaning in close to her. “As a matter of fact, try screaming some more. Oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t!”
Her eyes widened and she tried so hard to scream as the sharp pain coursed through her beautiful body.
The thick leather belt left long, red streaks across her back. Tears, sweet little tears rolled down her cheeks turning the dirt caped on her swollen face into mud again.
“I know that hurts,” he said with a smile. “Go on cry. No one can hear you.”
Swinging harder and harder each time. Beating her pregnant body, leaving his marks across her back.
“You like being my fucking little whore, don’t you,” he asked?
Her body shaking as she orgasms over and over again. Her sweet pussy juice gushing from her body, leaking all the way down to her filthy socks. He loosened her from the hook and lowered her body back to the floor. He was gracious enough to free her wrists. Her tired body collapsed to the floor. Her soaking wet pussy still cumming.
“That’s my girl,” he said. “Cum for me, don’t you fucking stop until I tell you to.”
She continued to cum just as he had demanded. She laid back rubbing her swollen clit, squirting more and more cum from her exhausted body. Just like a good little slave should. She nodded her head in compliance with his orders.
“Have you had enough yet,” he asked, not really caring about the answer.
He took another piece of rope and wrapped it around her neck. At first she tried to fight, but soon gave up realizing that he wasn’t going to let go of her. He jerked the rope, pulling her body over on all fours. He started walking away from her leading her body to follow. Dragging her across the filthy floor on all fours. Making her crawl behind him.
“All good little whores, know there place,” he said. “Do you know yours?”
She followed right behind him without question as he humiliated her. Her hands and knees were filthy. Black and dirty as he drug her across the room.
He stopped and turned back to her, looking down at her on the floor, he knelt down beside her. He gently caressed the back of her head. Then pressed her face back down to the floor.
“Rub your clit,” he ordered. I want you to finger that fucking little pussy of yours.”
She started rubbing and fingering her pussy. Eagerly spreading her pussy open and raping her own pussy for him. Cum still dripping down her legs.
“Now, I want you to be the nasty little whore we both know you are,” he said smiling. “I want you to piss all over your fucking hand for me. I want to watch you finger fucking yourself while you piss all over yourself.”
There was only a moment of hesitation and her body let go. He jerked himself off, making her watch him, as she pissed all over herself, humiliating herself for him. The warm liquid flowed from her pussy, down her thighs, staining her already filthy socks, yellowing the thick material. Her hand soaked by the nasty liquid. He laughed, jerking hard at his cock as the piss puddled up behind her.
“That’s my nasty little girl,” he said. “Such a good little whore.”
He stood up, leading her back to the bed. He released the gag from her mouth. She fell into the mattress whimpering about what he made her do. But before she could catch her breath, he flipped her over on her back so she was facing him. Her pretty little face was dirty and blood-stained. Tears had streaked her face with mud. He merely looked at her and smiled.
“This is how all good little girls should look,” he said with a smile.
Without warning, the back of his hand landed hard against her cheek. He simply smiled as the tears began to swell in her eyes.
“That’s even better,” he laughed.
He grabbed her pig tails, holding her head tight to the mattress. Then without hesitating, he slammed his massive, heavy cock deep in her pussy. Cum gushing out around his thick shaft. She let out a loud moan as he fucked his pregnant slave. Her tired body, to limp to move as he pumped her harder and harder. He stood over her laughing as she arched her back, still cumming like fucking whore. With each thrust, he came closer and closer to cumming.
“Say ‘I’m nothing but your little fucking whore’,” he said tiredly.
“I’m nothing but your little fucking whore. I’m nothing but your bad little girl,” she whimpered.
With that, he pulled out of her pussy, making a loud wet, slurping sound as her cum came pouring out. He pulled hard on his cock a few time and let out a loud moan as he let go. Spilling his hot, sticky cum all over her pregnant belly. Load after thick, milky load of cum poured out over her big beautiful titties, covering her face. And without being told, like a good little slave, she pooled up as much of his cum as she could with her fingertips. Licking up every drop of cum she could. Doing her best to clean up her master’s mess off her body.
“Thank you, Sir,” she finally said. “Thank you for making me your filthy, fucking whore.

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Getting fucked by a joke

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So it was the middle of my second year in high school. I was 15 turning 16 in a month and I was straight. I went to a catholic high school and made fun of the gays with my friends. To be gay was to be a bad, evil thing. They few gays in the school got teased constantly.

I played football my freshmen year but had quit because i though the coach was an ass. I was working out usually in the gym in my school, to get in shape ( i was never the skinniest on the team). I was hanging out with my friends getting changed in the locker room.

I am about 6 feet tall and 150 pounds with a lot of muscle. I have some stomach flab but abs are coming through. I have bright blue eyes and brown hair. My name is Ethan. The way the locker room is set up in my school is it has three different “changing” room used for different sports. There are also two open showers

I would always change with my friends in the hockey locker room. Across the hall way was the football locker room, which was used year round because football practiced in someway all year.

Today was a normal day, I went to the locker room after school to get change. I was there fucking around with my friends like usual. As my friends were getting changed i couldnt help myself but as to glance over at my best friend ass or my other friends bushy pubes. I shook my head and decide to lighten the mood, I whipped one of my friends in the back with a 5 star, and smack another şişli bayan escort ass super hard. we started to wrestle and play around when i tripped and fell over a bench. I pulled a muscle in my ankle as i did so.

I had to go talk to the trainer then because of my wrist. That caused me to be late to the gym, and all the friends to have already left. I dressed slowly not wanting to work out, losing all my energy to do anything. I stopped and watched across the hall. A bunch of the football players were still there, probably 5 or 6.

I watch as they took off their pants and underwear, putting on their compression shorts. But the guys on the football team were very comfortable and stood around with out anything on a little to long. I got a very nice view of the guys dick from across the hall.
“Hey faggot like what you see” said the closet football player, Ed.

“I..Im not gay” Was the only thing i could say in a whisper, as i adverted my eyes quickly.

The football player walked across the hall, still no pants on, and grabbed me by the shirt. “I asked you if you liked what you saw” he said through gritted teeth. When i still didnt answer he punch me in the stomach causing me to double over, putting my face in his dick.

“You like that dont you” Ed said and i nodded.
“Say it”

He pulled me over into the football locker room, calling the rest of the guys over to us.

“This faggot şişli escort says he likes the way my cock looks, what should we do with him.”

“Come on Ed he didnt do anything” Said Chris, the varsity quarterback.

“Let go of me, I’m not the fag you guys are walking around naked”

“Oh we’re the fucking fag are we, said Ed, “ill show you whose the fag.

With that he grabbed me by the neck and threw me on to the wide bench in the middle of the locker room. I was sitting down when he literally ripped my shirt off and then pulled my pants down.

“See i knew you were the fag” i said not know to such my mouth.

He punched me in the stomach again and a double over, he then threw me down on my stomach on the bench. He grabbed half of my shirt the he had ripped and tried my hand under me on the bench post. The did the same to my legs. I struggled and he pulled my head up to look him in the eyes. The bench was at dick height of Ed.

“Suck me did” he said, and a shook my head. Tim punch my side and i gasped. Then Ed shoved his 8 1/2 inch dick in my mouth. He was fully hard now and fucking my face hard. I could feel his pubes brush against my face every time he thrust into my mouth. I tried to fight him, but he smack my head everytime my teeth got to close.

After out 10 minutes he came in my mouth. “Swallow all of it you cum slut” he said, and i manged to get it down with out throwing up.

Tim mecidiyeköy escort was then right up next to him, but he had something else in mind. He untied me and flipped me over, and re-tied my arms and legs so i was on my back, but my ass was spread. he say i had a raging hard on and they laugh.

“look how much to faggots enjoying this, im going to fuck him so hard he wont be able to sit”

With that he untied me legs and began to eat out my ass. “Just like eating pussy” he commented as i squirmed, his tongue feel weird inside of me. I could feel my virgin hole being opened and becoming very wet. After 5 minutes, he stopped and lifted my legs onto his shoulder. He waved his hard dick in my face showing me what was about to be ripping my ass open. His cock was about 9 1/2 inches and so wide and could not fit his hand around it.

He lined his dick up with my ass and slammed forwards. I opened my mouth to scream but one of the other senior shoved their 7 inched dick in my mouth and started to face fuck me again, i could not even concentrate on the face fucking becuase my ass was in so much pain.

I could feel my ass being ripped to shreds as he continued to pound me. The other guy stopped face fucking me and came on my chest. The football players all came on my chest, except for Tim, who came in my face, spit in my face and walked out of the locker room. They turned the lights off and left me naked, cover in cum, and tied to a chair.

I lied their a while before untying myself and taking a shower to wash off the the cum. I smiled in the shower liking what i had just been through.

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Futa Naked In School 07 – The Naked Futa Problem 4: Randi’s Naked Futa Solution

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Big Tits

Futa Naked In School – The Naked Futa Problem

Chapter Three: Randi’s Naked Futa Solution

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Randi Bjork Week, Wednesday

I leaned my cum-coated body against my futa-lover, Keisha Rowbottom. The older, sexier Black futa also taught English and coached my debate club at Rogers College. She had arranged for just about every futa in the school to fuck me during the lunch break.

They’d cum in my pussy. My asshole. My mouth. I gulped down gallons of their jizz. Was coated in it. My large breasts swayed. Futa-spunk matted my blonde hair. I felt utterly soiled by it. I was getting her clothes dirty as I clung to her arm.

“Where are we going?” I moaned, still disoriented from the passion of the gangbang.

“Faculty bathroom,” she said, giving me an angelic smile. She’d just watched so many futas fuck my twenty-year-old flesh and didn’t think I was a slut. She’d witnessed me at my most wanton and shameful and didn’t despise me.

The entire college had witnessed it.

Thanks to Guanting Chan, the head of the A/V club, it was broadcasted across the campus and streamed on the internet. They were even going to produce it as a porno and sell it to raise more money for the college, joining the collection of other student-starred pornos they’d been producing.

The changes to America in the last few years were sweeping. It was hot that naughty coeds could make porn and have the school’s administration support them.

“Do you think this fixed the problem?” I asked as she produced a key from her skirt pocket. She unlocked the faculty restroom and pressed it open. It was near their breakroom. I had never been in here.

“We’ll find out,” she said. “But first, let’s get you clean.”

“Thanks,” I said as she locked the door behind her.

It was a surprisingly boring location. The faculty bathroom had this air of mystique about it, but it was just a single-use bathroom. There were a toilet and a urinal, for those futa-professors like Keisha, a sink, and in the corner was an open shower, the floor draining there.

I staggered to it, grabbing the handles while my lover’s clothing rustled. I glanced back at her and smiled as she stripped naked. She was a sexy, older futa. She had a decade on me and I didn’t care. We didn’t have to hide our love any longer. We kept it from the students—from my best friend—but that was our choice.

My choice.

Shame rippled through me.

That heat was swallowed by the delight of seeing Keisha’s teardrop-shaped breasts come into view when she doffed her bra. Her coffee-brown tits had a delicious sway to them. They were firm but not as round as some girls or futas. They were lovely, her darker nipples thrusting hard before her.

I smiled as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it, her Black cock tenting the front of her lilac panties. They were cunt differently than a girl’s pair, giving room for that extra bit that made futas so special.

Their clit-dicks.

I groaned as hers sprang into view. She shoved down her panties, her cock popping out, throbbing before her. I groaned in delight. My hips wiggled from side to side, cum dribbling out of my pussy as she stepped out of her panties. Her dick thrust from her thick bush, hiding the pink folds of her pussy.

“Mmm, you are the best, you know that?” I asked her.

“It’s easy to be your best for the girl you love,” she said, sauntering to me.

“Even after all that?” I asked.

She stopped before me. She had a few inches in height on me. I felt the tip of her girl-dick nudging my cum-coated belly. “Even after all of that.”

She reached past me and turned on the shower. I gasped as a spray of cold water hit me before the warm rushed to join it. My shivers turned to sighs of delight. I leaned my head back into the spray, letting it soak my blonde curls and wash the jizz off of me. Rivulets of water spilled over my shoulders and down my face. They ran down my large breasts, plowing into the ropy strands of cum adorning my body.

I turned, letting the spray fall on my tits now. I groaned as Keisha’s hands slid over my ivory tits, washing off the pearly spunk. It came off with ease, even the parts that had dried to silvery flakes. Her touch was as hot as the water.

And far, far naughtier.

I stared into her dark eyes as I shivered. My hips wiggled back and forth as her fingers danced over my tits. She brushed my pink nipples, sending jolts of passion down to my pussy. I groaned, my twat clenching. The heat surged through me.

I purred in delight. My heart pounded in my chest as her fingers reached my nipples. She tweaked them. Twisted them. She tugged on them. I groaned, my nipples throbbing and aching. That wonderful pleasure surged down my cunt to my twat.

“Mmm, there’s more of me that’s dirty than my tits,” I purred.

“And?” she asked before ducking down and sucking on a nipple that still had a bit of futa-cum on them.

I groaned as she nursed. Her lips hollowed around my nub. I groaned, my hips wiggled back and forth. My snatch clenched tight. Her lips were so naughty. Her hands stroked down to my belly, washing off the jizz.

I cooed in delight, the water sweeping down my side, my back. It spilled over my rump. It washed the spunk out of my crack and dribbled down to my cunt. I had so much jizz buried inside my pussy. I rested my hands on her dark shoulders. My pale fingers clung to her.

“Keisha!” I moaned as her tongue swirled around my nipple. “I love you. I hope you know that.”

Her mouth popped off my nub. “I do.”

She stroked my sides as she sank down to her feet before me. Her hands slid over my hips, helping to wash off the stains of cum. I stared down at her, water running over my left breast. Beads dripped from my nipple. Her hands slid down to my thighs, washing them as I wiggled back and forth.

“Mmm, there’s a lot of cum in you,” she purred and leaned forward.

“Dozens of loads,” I moaned. “I lost track.”

“So did I,” she moaned. “Lucky for me, cleaning you up is something I can do as a professor since this was a debate club sponsored event and taking care of you is my responsibility.”

“Lucky me,” I gasped. We couldn’t have sex on our college’s property or at school events, but we were free off-campus thanks to the rule changes my friend, Staci, got the college to implement.”

I gasped as my lover nuzzled into my shaved pussy. Her lips pressed into my cunt. I groaned as she kissed my vulva. She smooched up and down my slit. I shuddered, the water caressing my body as she loved my twat.

Her kisses smooched over my pussy lips. She brushed my clit. The cum deep inside of me leaked out. She groaned and then her tongue slid out. I felt her gathering the futas’ jizz as she lapped through my folds.

It sent such a heady rush through me.

This wild passion.

I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side as she licked and lapped at my cunt. She teased me. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. Her tongue thrust into the depths of my cunt. It was incredible. I whimpered. My heart pounded in my chest. My hips wiggled back and forth. This heady rush of heat surged through me.

My eyes fluttered. Her tongue darted through my folds. She teased me. She licked at me. Her tongue licked and lapped through my naughty bits. This amazing heat had me bucking and shuddering. My breasts jiggled as she feasted on me.

“Keisha!” I gasped. “Do you…? Do you really like licking all that cum out of my twat?”

“So much!” she moaned. “Mmm, we’re both showing off our kinky sides to each other, aren’t we?”


It was such a wonderful thing to do. To share this with her. I groaned as I felt her tongue darting in and out of my folds. She teased me. She thrust her tongue deep into my twat. She stirred her tongue around inside of me. My hips danced back and forth. I groaned as she gripped my rump. She pulled my twat against her mouth.

My orgasm built and built as she licked me. She drove her tongue in and out of my flesh. That amazing treat surged through me. I shuddered, whimpering, my hips dancing from side to side. It was the best thing in the world.

The delight that would have me screaming my head off. I couldn’t wait to experience it. I shuddered, my heart pounding faster and faster. This wicked delight built and built in my twat. It would have me gasping, moaning, crying out in rapture. It would be incredible. I shuddered, eager for it. Savoring it. This amazing rush that would devour me.

“Keisha!” I gasped. “I’m going to cum!”

“Good!” she moaned.

Her tongue fluttered through my folds. She scooped out all the cum inside of me. She cleaned my pussy and drove me wild. My clit brushed her nose. Sparks exploded through me. I shuddered and whimpered. This heat swept through me. It was this incredible delight.

I ground my twat across her face. Her tongue felt incredible. It was amazing. She stroked my pussy lips. My clit. She plundered me everywhere. My breasts heaved, water flying from my nipples. I quivered, on the edge of exploding.

“Yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, Keisha!”

I came. My pussy convulsed. My twat writhed and convulsed. The pleasure surged through my flesh. I grabbed her weave of dark hair. I held on tight as the ecstasy burned through my flesh. My cunt convulsed, bathing her face with my juices.

“Love you!” I moaned.

“Mmm, drench me in that love!” she moaned and pressed her face into my twat.

I grabbed the shower plumbing for support. I gripped the stainless steel as the waves of ecstasy rippled through my body. The waves slammed into my mind. They drowned my thoughts. Stars burst across my vision.


She rose before me, kissing me. Her teardrop-shaped breast pressed into my large, soft tits. She pressed me back until I felt cold tiles in my back. I tasted my tangy passion on her mouth. I savored the flavor while her girl-dick throbbed against my belly.

This was incredible. I was dizzy from this passion. I trembled as she drew back her hips. Her cock dragged down my stomach. şişli bayan escort I felt it teasing me. It made me shudder. I groaned as she pressed it into my pussy lips.

She thrust into me.

I broke our kiss, gasping, “Keisha, the rules!”

“I don’t care,” she moaned as her cock rammed into me. “I’m going to make love to my sexy girlfriend.”

I grinned at her, my hands cupping her dark face while my pussy spasmed around her thick futa-cock. “I love you so much.”

She kissed me again as she drove into my convulsing twat. My orgasm burst through me again. Her thick cock filled me. I hooked my left leg around her hip, clutching to her as our tongues dueled. We kissed each other with wild passion.

Her dick’s thrust kept the pleasure rippling through me. My flesh spasmed around her while our tongues dueled. The shower splashed on her side, the spray hitting my skin. Little drops of heat that made me shudder.

Our tongues dueled.

Our nipples kissed.

She thrust her cock faster and faster into my pussy. My convulsing flesh welcomed her every thrust. I reveled in it. This wonderful heat swept through me. I groaned, my heart thundering beneath my breasts, pumping passion through me.

I kept cumming.

It was amazing.

My mind drank in the bliss as she buried deep and hard into me. She plunged again and again into me. Her thick cock pleasured me. I clung to my dark lover. I savored her, my cunt spasming around her futa-dick.

She broke the kiss, panting, “Randi!”

“Yes, yes!” I moaned in delight. “Ooh, Keisha, give it to me. Unload that cum in me.”

“I’m getting there,” she panted. “You’re pussy… It’s incredible.”

“Mmm, even after all those futas used it?” I gasped.

“Especially after all those futas!” she groaned, her hands grabbing my ass, squeezing and kneading my wet tush.

I grinned at her, another orgasm bursting through me.

The pleasure swept through me, churned by her dick plunging into me again and again. She buried hard and deep into me. It was incredible to experience. The bliss washed over me. I shuddered, my pussy welcoming her girl-cock into my depths.

I wanted her jizz firing into me.

I clutched to her, my hand sliding down her wet back. I grabbed the delicious swell of her rump, pulling tight on her. She slammed into me. She drove her girl-dick deep into my twat. I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her.

“Keisha!” I whimpered. “Oh, Keisha, yes, yes! Cum in me! I want to feel you leaking out of me all day!”

“Randi!” she groaned.

She slammed into me. Her dick buried deep into my convulsing twat. She filled me to the hilt as the pleasure raced out of me. She groaned into the nape of my neck, pressing her body tight against me. Our nipples brushed.

Her cum fired into my twat.

I gasped at the first blast of her futa-cum into my snatch. That wonderful heat surged through me. My head tossed back and forth. My pussy convulsed, writhing around that thick dick. I whimpered and groaned. I reveled in this amazing bliss.

It swept through me. It was incredible. A fierce heat that had me bucking and trembling. My eyes squeezed shut against the bliss. My pussy rejoiced. This amazing delight surged through my body. It was incredible.

A treat.

“Oh, Randi,” she moaned as my pussy milked her cock dry. I wrung out every drop of her cum. I shuddered against her, clinging tight. “Oh, my delicious Randi.

“Keisha,” I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut. “I’m so glad I have you.”

She panted against me as my orgasm peaked. I hit that pleasurable pinnacle and then descended. I held her. This day was so wild. I couldn’t believe all we’d done. It was such an intense delight. I held her tight.

My fingers rubbed up and down her back, tracing the water sheeting down her skin. My body buzzed in delight. She kissed at my neck for a minute or so before she broke away. She pulled out of me, both of us groaning.

“We should get to class,” she said. “I told them we’d be late, but…”

I smiled. “Right. Besides, we have to see if this work.”

“It did. You’ll see.”

She had planted towels in here already. We dried each other off with the fluffy delight. Then she dressed while I trembled, her cum filling my pussy. A tiny bit of her passion leaked out, but I was keeping myself clenched tight.

I wanted to savor it in me.

“I love you, Keisha,” I said, wanting to tell her one last time before we had to put up the facade of student and professor.

She smiled at me, cupped my chin, and kissed me.

I floated down the hallway beside her after that kiss. My self-control slackened and a line of futa-cum dribbled down my thighs. My bare feet padded on the floor while her heels clicked. It was quite in the halls with classes going on.

We reached her class and she opened the door.

“Thank you, Ms. Rowbottom,” I said and stepped into thunderous applause.

“There she is!” cheered Liese, the busty, blonde futa was on her feet, clapping hard. I remembered her fucking me during the gangbang. “There’s our captain. She’s going to lead us to crush Bethel on Saturday!”

“Yes, she is!” whooped Annalee. My best friend grinned at me. “Mmm, you got naughty. I came twice watching.”

“It was hot fucking your ass!” said Marion Steele. She had a big grin on her face.

“You’re my heroine, Randi,” whimpered Tina Walker. “I can’t believe it. You took on all those futas while it was broadcast. I wish I’d thought of that!” She’d been chosen the first week of the Program.

“Okay, okay,” Ms. Rowbottom said, waving her hands. “We need to calm down so Miss Bjork can practice her opening.”

I shuddered. Here it was. The moment of truth. No vibrators churning in my pussy. No cock fucking me. Just all their eyes upon my naked flesh. I took the note cards Annalee handed me from my bag. I glanced down at them and looked up.

The words poured out of me. A blur of sounds. I was not only speaking with confidence, but I was speed talking. In debate, you had only a limited amount of time, so you had to cram as much of your ideas as you could into it. Everyone would have your speech printed out to follow along. My words tumbled out of me.

I did it. I had shown the world who I was. How depraved and kinky my fantasies were. They hadn’t rejected me. I felt so relaxed up here naked. I got through my opening speech and felt so elated as they cheered me on.

None of them thought I was filthy or disgusting. They thought I was a hot and sexy girl.

“We are going to kick Bethel’s skanky asses!” cheered Liese.

I grinned with her. Yes, we would.



Thursday and Friday passed in a blur of prep and sex. I was in the Program, and I enjoyed myself. Keisha didn’t mind, in fact she ate out my pussy full of cum twice once we were at her place. I might have to keep finding a few, discreet futas to fuck me to feed my lover’s kinky appetite.

I was relaxed as I moved through the halls. I didn’t mind the gropes. It made me hot and wet, but the shame didn’t keep me from speaking. I could finally give back those retorts when futas said something wicked to me.

“Hey, Randi, what do you like better: up your ass or your cunt?” Shelena asked me once, cumming up and cupping my ass.

“Mmm, Pussy, Shelena, but which one do you prefer when the football team gangbangs you? Ass or pussy?”

“I don’t let them gangbang me,” Shelena muttered. If she were White, I bet her cheeks would be blushing red. “I’m the quarterback.”

“Right, so you must like bending over and taking it up the ass,” I said, giving her a sweet smile. “You just enjoy that big futa-dick slamming into you from behind.”

A snigger echoed across the hallway. She stalked off stiffly.

“Yep, that’s that gait of a futa who just took a massive dick up her ass,” I called.

Annalee giggled beside me. “You are so bad, Randi.”

I winked at her.

It was perfect. I was ready for the debate game. I wanted to go with Keisha to the meet, but it would be suspicious. It was the last thing I felt guilty about. Especially with Annalee. I didn’t know how to tell her that I’d been dating our debate coach in secret for nearly a year.

“I can’t believe you’re going naked to the meet,” she said as she drove us towards Bethel College where the meet was being held.

“Maybe not the brightest idea I’ve ever had,” I admitted. “Thank goddess for your heater works. I thought my nips would freeze off racing from my front door to your car.”

She shook her head. It was the end of January and there was a frost over everything still in shadows. Half of the evergreen trees flashing by glistened and the other half dripped water from the morning sun.

“Least I wore shoes,” I said.

She shook her head. “Well, I guess you had to give Bethel some sort of advantage. Or they would all be whining about how you cheated when we kick their asses.”

I grinned and nodded.

We reached Bethel soon. Luckily, Annalee was kind enough to drop me off at the curb. I darted to the door and burst inside. “Thank fucking Goddess,” I moaned as the heat swirled around me. “They must have the Program here.”

“Oh, wow, I didn’t know that one of the Rogers debaters would be naked,” said a person with a slight, British accent. I glanced over to see an Indian futa I didn’t know, her skin a rich-brown. She wore a fuzzy sweater and a plaid skirt that fell well past her knees.

I opened my mouth to say something when the shame hit me. She was from Bethel. She hadn’t seen me get wild. She hadn’t seen me get gangbanged. I wanted to say something, but my tongue felt like lead and panic swirled through me.

“You okay?” she asked, giving me a soft smile. “I guess I’d be pretty embarrassed if I had to go naked all day. I mean, wow, your tits are lovely.”

The futa stared at my breasts with hunger in her eyes. She flicked up and down me, making me shiver. I whimpered. I wanted to flee and hide. I wanted to cover my big tits. My heart thundered in my chest as I felt her gaze leering şişli escort at me.

This couldn’t be happening.

I swallowed as she moved towards me. “Is it the same rules for our Program. Can I touch your tits or…?” She flexed her fingers. “Maybe I shouldn’t. I mean, we’re opponents.”

My humiliation swelled through me. She didn’t think I was good enough to be touched. That hot ache formed in the depths of my pussy. My nipples throbbed. They were hard now, and not from the cold. I swallowed, my entire body trembling.

This was insane.

“Chandra!” someone called.

I shuddered as the futa turned her head towards presumably where the debate event was being held. She glanced back at me, her eyes flicking up and down my body. “Well, I hope you’re more talkative during the event unless… You’re just here to distract us.”

Her words almost made me flinch. She saw me as just a whorish thing. Something filthy and naughty. A shameful slut just here to show off her big breasts and juicy pussy. My fingers flinched. I wanted to cup my breasts and jiggle them in her face.

“Randi?” Annalee called from behind me as Chandra turned away and headed into the room. “Randi, you’re shaking.”

I turned to my friend and threw my arms around her shoulder when she got close. “We have a big problem.”

“What?” she asked. “Oh, no. Don’t tell me your issue’s back.”

I nodded my head.

“I thought you kicked its ass.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Shit,” she muttered. “Come on. Let’s go talk to Ms. Rowbottom. I bet she can help you out.”

My friend held my hand and led me into the room where the event was held. It was a large classroom, not an auditorium. Debate events weren’t exactly the most popular type of competition. We didn’t attract the attention of a football or basketball game.

Which was sad since at least our event was scholastic in nature. Unlike sports teams.

At the front were where our teams would sit. Three desks that were angled to face each other and the crowd. The judges’ seats were at the front with the audience behind them. I shuddered as everyone looked at me. There were more than just students here. There were their parents.

I saw older women and futas staring at me in shock or interest. My cheeks burned as my large breasts jiggled and heaved. They all saw my shameful, whorish body on display. Could they see how wet I was becoming? The heat dribbled out of my pussy. That juicy, creamy trickle that was matting my bush and coating my inner thighs. I must be gleaming with my wanton excitement.

“Hey,” Liese said, the blonde futa leering at me. “Mmm, love those tits, Randi.”

“Knock that off,” Annalee muttered. “Where’s Ms. Rowbottom?”

“Bathroom, I think.” Liese glanced over at me. “Why?”

Annalee arched her eyebrow.

“Oh, fuck.” Liese moved closer to me. “Randi, what’s the big deal? You should be past it. You were gangbanged before the entire student body and…”

“Is this the whole of your team,” a voice asked.

I whirled around to see a tall futa in a bronze blouse and a long skirt, the start of a bulge tenting the front of her dress as she glanced at my large breasts. I shuddered, feeling the quiver of my pillowy flesh from the slight tremble racing through me.

“Is she a member?” the futa asked.

“Randi Bjork,” said Annalee, “our captain. She was chosen for our college’s Program this week. You know… School event.”

“Right, right,” said the judge, her eyes salivating over my tits. “I’m sure she is a credit to your team.”

I wanted to say something, a witty retort, but my tongue was tangled by the humiliation. She was seeing me as a slut and… and… Panic swelled through me. My entire body shook. My breath quickened. I sucked in the air too quickly as the judge walked away.

“Okay, just breathe,” muttered Annalee. “Just breathe. You’re okay. Just breathe. There you go.”

I drew in breaths as I leaned over, bracing my hands on my knees. I was so aware of everyone looking at me. My breasts swayed with the rise and fall of my tits. The world spun around me. I could hear everyone talking. Spots of darkness danced before my vision.

“Goddess, it’s almost time,” muttered Liese. “Their team’s ready.”

I glanced up to see Chandra at the middle desk, their captain. The Indian futa was glancing at me along with another futa, slender and white with her blonde hair gathered at the nape of her neck. Blue eyes raked my body. They whispered to each other.

Probably thought I was an utter slut.

The third member was a girl who had her arms folded and shot dagger at me. She had glasses on and her bust did not seem developed at all. Small breasts that her loose blouse did little to flatter. Why did everyone have to stare at me?

“Okay,” Ms. Rowbottom said, “what’s wrong with Miss Bjork?”

“We have to postpone,” hissed Annalee. “She’s having her issues.”

Ms. Rowbottom groaned in what sounded like realization. “All these strangers here.”

“Maybe we could ask to play a short video,” muttered Liese. “Show off her gangbang.”

“The A/V club is still editing the footage together,” said Annalee. “I talked to Guanting yesterday. I, uh, wanted my copy and…” My friend’s words trailed off. “Well, it’s not coming today. It won’t help us. Her.”

“Shit,” Liese muttered again.

“Language, Ms. Haber,” muttered my futa-lover. “Okay, I’ll think of—”

“Thank you for coming,” a voice said over the loudspeaker. It was the head judge who’d just ogled me. “Ms. Rowbottom, you need to take your seats. I’m sure you’ve prepped your students enough for the event.”

Ms. Rowbottom shot me this hopeless look. She swallowed and then retreated. Across from us, the other team was taking their seats. We had to do the same, but I stood there helpless, my mind struggling to come up with a solution. Something that would get me out of this. There had to be some rule. Something I could exploit.

I was in the Program. What did that mean for my responsibilities? Could I get out of being naked?


“Excuse me, Miss Randi Bjork,” the head judge said. “You need to sit down. Unless there’s something you need to ask.”

Something I could ask…

My eyes widened. I stared at the judge and, with the mightiest effort, forced my leaden tongue to move. My lips opened wide as I shouted out, “Relief!”

The head judge blinked. “Relief, Miss Bjork, for…”

I wanted to keep speaking, to explain myself, but I felt all those eyes on me. I trembled, swallowing, struggling to form the words that I needed to make. I had to give my argument. This was a debate event.

“It’s part of the Program at our college,” Ms. Rowbottom said, coming to our rescue. “She can ask for relief because of the stresses going naked can impose on a young woman.”

“Relief?” the judge asked. “What sort of relief?”

“Sexual relief,” Ms. Rowbottom said, glancing at me. “She can masturbate or have volunteers satiate herself.”

“You are a genius,” whispered Annalee.

I nodded and moved across the stage. I felt that rising, wanton, whorish ache swelled through my flesh. I was about to do something naughty. My tongue felt looser as I stared at Chandra and the blonde futa on her team. I thrust a hand between my thighs and fingered my twat.

It was enough.

“What do you say, Chandra?” I asked, plunging a digit deep into my cunt. “Do you want to get your dick wet in my pussy?” I pulled out my finger, showing off the glistening cream. “Do you have a futa-dick big enough to satiate my pussy? How about you, blondie?”

The Indian futa bolted to her feet. Her cock tented her plaid skirt. She swallowed and then glanced over at the blonde futa. “Well, Daisy?”

Daisy, the slender, blonde futa nodded with an eager smile.

“Well, I mean,” the head judge said. “I guess we have to allow her to do it. We need this to be a fair competition.”

“Mmm, so fair,” I purred. “Come on, get naked. Let me see those big cocks. Mmm, you’re both going to make me cum so hard.”

“Futas,” muttered the girl on their team, glaring daggers at me.

I winked at her, feeling so free right now. And once everyone saw how much of a whore I could be, I would be able to perform. My pussy dripped juices, overwhelming my bush. The trickles ran down my thighs as the two futas raced to strip naked.

Chandra popped off her sweater. She had a blouse underneath with a tie. She loosened that and then attacked the buttons, her round tits coming into view. Like many futas, she didn’t bother with a bra. She had delicious tits, looking so appealing with her reddish-brown skin. Her nipples were a darker hue, thrusting hard at me.

I purred in delight, tweaking both of my nubs. My hips wiggled back and forth, the rush of delight rippling through me. My cunt was on fire. Juices dribbled down my thighs. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. My toes flexed against the floor.

Daisy had small breasts. Little cones that were just so cute. Her pink nipples were as small as buttons. She had a rosy blush to her cheeks as she shoved down her long skirt, her futa-cock tenting a pair of schoolgirl-white panties. Then she shoved those off. Her cock bobbed out long, and slender.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I said, grabbing her dick and stroking it. “You want to do something really wild with this dick, don’t you?”

She nodded, this eager look in her eyes.

I fell to my knees before her and nursed on her cock while Chandra struggled to strip the rest of the way naked. Her round breasts jiggled as she unzipped her plaid skirt. She had pantyhose on underneath, the dark nylons clinging to her pink panties holding her futa-dick. I watched her stripping out of the corner of my eye while I nursed on Daisy’s cock.

Daisy grabbed my hair, holding tight to my blonde locks while she fucked my mouth. Her small breasts quivered over her head. Chandra rolled her nylons off with care, clearly not wanting any runs. She peeled them off then shoved down her panties in a rush.

“You can fuck her hard, Chandra!” a supportive parent cried from the audience.

Chandra mecidiyeköy escort blushed and adjusted her glasses.

I popped my mouth off Daisy’s cock and turned to Chandra. The futa trembled. She was my age or maybe a year older. She had this quivering look of fear and awe in her eyes. She had never done anything like this before.

I grabbed her hips and pushed her back onto her desk. “Mmm, your big cock is going to make my pussy feel good, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” she moaned, her round breasts quivering.

“That’s what I thought, sexy futa,” I purred and mounted the desk, straddling her.

She gasped as I slid my arms around her head. I pressed her face into my large breasts. She moaned in delight, the rims of her glasses rubbing on my tits. Her futa-dick thrust upward, prodding at my pussy’s entrance.

I slid her clit-dick home in my pussy while gazing out at the crowd. At my futa-lover. Ms. Rowbottom smiled, nodding her head. Her cock tented her skirt. I would love her so hard tonight. She was amazing. I was so glad I had her.

My futa-dick engulfed every inch of Chandra’s cock. She moaned into my tits, her dick throbbing inside of me. I wiggled back and forth, savoring her girth in me. A ripple of pleasure shot through me as I threw a look over my shoulder.

“Now your turn,” I purred to the blonde. “Slide your dick into my pussy, Daisy.”

“What?” gasped the slender blonde. “But… but… Chandra’s already in you.”

“What a slut,” the third team member said.

“That’s right,” I moaned. “I’m a slut, and I want both your dicks in me. Stretch me out.”

Daisy sprang forward. I didn’t know if I could do this, but neither were the biggest futas I’d fucked. I bet I could take them both in my twat. I wanted to find out. I shuddered as I felt Daisy’s dick nudging at the entrance to my pussy. She pressed in right there, thrusting hard.

I gasped as my pussy lips widened. Her girl-dick pressed into me, stretching and stretching me open with Chandra’s shaft. Pleasure surged through me. This wild passion that rushed through me. I couldn’t believe how intense this felt.

More and more of her futa-dick penetrated me. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down on both their cocks as Daisy’s penetrated into my depths. My head shook from side to side, feeling it sliding into me, joining Chandra’s already in me.

“Oh, wow,” gasped Chandra. She pulled her head from my tits, her dark eyes widening. “Daisy!”

“I know!” Daisy whimpered as her cock slid home in me. I felt her blonde bush rubbing into my rump. “That’s incredible. She’s so tight.”

“Yes, yes,” I gasped and raised my body up with my thighs.

My pussy slid up both their dicks. I felt their two shafts in me. It was an incredible delight. They stretched me open. My cunt quivered about them. I whimpered and then slammed down both their futa-cocks, taking them to the hilt in me.

The friction was incredible. My pussy drank it in. The flutter of delight washed through me. I whimpered, stirring my hips from side to side. My cunt rejoiced, drinking in this amazing caress of their hot cocks filling my twat.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I whimpered. “Oh, that’s good. Mmm, how do you like that? Huh? How do you like being in my naughty pussy!”

“Amazing!” whimpered Chandra. Her dark-red hands cupped my ivory tits. She squeezed them. She leaned in and sucked on my pale, pink nipple.

I gasped, my cunt clenching down on both their dicks, squeezing them together in my twat as I slid down their girths. The pleasure rippled through me. I groaned, my heart hammering in my chest. I shook my head from side to side, reveling in this amazing passion.

Two futa-dicks were in me.

My clit throbbed when I bottomed out on them, Chandra’s wiry pubic hair teasing my labia and bud. She sucked hard on my nipple, worshiping it while her hands kneaded my big tits. I groaned, riding their dicks faster.

Daisy thrust into me as I rose up. She buried to the hilt in me, her cock sliding past Chandra’s. The Indian futa moaned around my nub. I groaned, my toes curling. As Daisy drew back, I slammed my hips down, chasing her shaft.

“Oh, that’s hot,” gasped Daisy. Her hands grabbed my hips. “Oh, wow, Randi, your pussy’s so hot.”

“Mmm, are you going to cum in my pussy?” I asked, glancing at my futa-lover.

Ms. Rowbottom watched with hungry eyes.

“Are you going to fire your futa-jizz into my cunt?” I moaned. “Mix it with Chandra’s spunk.”

“Hell, yes!” gasped Daisy.

She thrust again as I reached the pinnacle of their dicks. She buried into me, sliding past Chandra’s. Then she pulled back as I slammed down, massaging half my pussy in a way different from Chandra’s cock. It was incredible. My silky flesh squeezed them together. They both throbbed inside of me.

Chandra moaned. Her fingers dug into my tits. She sucked hard on my nipple. The jolts of electricity zapped down to my cunt stuffed with their dicks. The desk creaked. My blonde hair danced around my head as everyone watched.

“That’s it, Chandra,” the futa’s parent called. “Please that White whore.”

“She is a big whore,” Ms. Rowbottom said with pride.

I shuddered and beamed at her. “Oh, yes, yes, I love having big futa-dicks in me. I’m going to cum on both your cocks and milk you dry!”

“Yes!” Daisy moaned, her hips thrusting forward, driving her dick deep into my cunt. Her furry bush smacked into my rump.

My pleasure built faster and faster. I shuddered, my hips stirring from side to side as I brought myself closer and closer to that wonderful moment of my orgasm. I squeezed my cunt around on Daisy’s dick spearing into me while working up and down Chandra’s cock.

They were both in me. Stimulating me. My moans echoed. Chandra sucked hard on my nipples. Her finger kneaded my heavy tits. My clit drank in her wiry pubic hair. Everything was driving me closer and closer to my orgasm.

“Watch me cum on their dicks!” I howled to the audience.

“I’m watching!” Liese called.

Ms. Rowbottom winked at me.

I shuddered, sliding up Chandra’s dick as Daisy’s slammed to the hilt in me again. I chased her futa-cock, sliding down Chandra’s girth. The Indian futa moaned about my nipple while my pussy drank in the friction.

It was incredible. My body quivered.

I came.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled as my pussy went wild about both their cocks.

I stayed impaled on Chandra’s dick while Daisy fucked me. I held the Indian futa to my breasts as the pleasure rippled through my body. The waves of rapture swept through me as my cunt convulsed around both their dicks.

“Oh, yes, Randi!” moaned Daisy as she slammed into me. “Oh, yes, yes!”

“Cum in me!” I moaned. “Flood me with all your jizz! Mmm, you’re both such sexy futa!”

Chandra squealed around my nipple. Her futa-dick erupted in me. I felt it pulsing as her hot jizz spurted into my depths. Daisy gasped and slammed to the hilt in me, sliding up her teammate’s erupting girl-cock.

“Yes!” howled Daisy.

More cum spurted into me. My pussy writhed around their exploding dicks. Two streams of girl-jizz splashed against my cervix. Their mix of futa-spunk swirled around inside my double-stuffed twat. My mind melted beneath the onslaught of rapture that rippled out of my cunt.

It was incredible.

I was a slut, and everyone saw me. They both groaned as they flooded me with all their jizz. My cunt wrung them dry. I hit that wonderful plateau of rapture. I hung there at the pinnacle of my ecstasy. And then I collapsed.

“Oh, my goddess, I needed that relief!” I moaned as Daisy ripped her girl-dick out of me.

“I need it,” muttered the head judge, her cheeks flaming. “So you’re ready to begin.”

“Yes, I am,” I said with ease.

With futa-cum dripping out of me, I delivered my opening with flawless speed. I felt so naughty as their jizz ran down my thighs. My opponents were a little more wooden, their cheeks blushing. I flustered them a bit. Knocked them off their game. I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t like we needed the edge, but they both were just staring at me with these looks of puppy dog love. The third member of the team, Brenda, was aggressive and won the most points for her team as she glared at me.

I didn’t care. I could hold my head high after doing something so shameful and slutty. There was nothing wrong with a girl having a good time and getting her cunt stretched out by two futas’ dicks.

With Annalee and Liese’s help, we won the event. Exhilaration shot through me. Our debate club was firing on all cylinders. Liese buried her face between my tits in celebration while I giggled. Annalee arched her eyebrow at me while Ms. Rowbottom watched on with a look of love and pride.

As things were winding down, I took my best friend aside and brought her to my futa-professor. Holding Annalee’s hand, I knew it was time to finally come clean to my friend. She had witnessed be doing every other act that had me embarrassed.

I could finally admit this last thing.

“Annalee,” I said, taking Ms. Rowbottom’s hand. “There is something I need to tell you. I’m dating Keisha.”

My futa-lover arched an eyebrow in surprise.

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Annalee squealed, clapping her hands.

“For almost a year,” I added, my cheeks going pink. “I should have told you, but—”

Instead of the anger I expected, she hugged me tight and squealed in joy. I blinked, taken aback by her reaction. I hesitantly hugged her back, my cheeks burning bright as she bounced against me, my naked breasts rubbing into her blouse.

“You’re not mad I kept it from you?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said, breaking the hug. “You broke college’s rules and were secretly dating our professor. I get why you didn’t tell anyone. Mmm, in fact, it’s kinda hot.”

I smiled at her. “Um, would you like to watch us have sex?”

My friend winked at me.

I was glad I went into the Program. I learned a lot about myself, my emotions, and about my relationship with Keisha. It was stronger than I ever thought. It was deep and powerful and I didn’t want to lose her. I wanted to love her every day for the rest of my life.

I wanted to be her naughty, little slut.

To be continued in the next Naked in School Tale…

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Fucked On The Water_(1)

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Fucked On The Water
We had known Joe and Liz for about a month and had spent many days on their boat. At first, everything seemed friendly and we had a good time with them. Then one day, they said they were going to take us to their favorite cove and show us the beauty of the place. We agreed and enjoyed the trip over. We talked and laughed just like before but had no idea what was in store for us once we arrived.
After dropping the anchor, Joe suggested the two women go below and start lunch while he and I finished settling the boat. I watched Liz and my wife disappear below and had just turned towards Joe when I felt sharp sting in my arm. I looked down and saw that Joe had injected something into my arm with a syringe. I looked up and he had a smirk on his face while he pumped whatever was in the syringe into my arm.
I felt dizzy right away and could hardly stand up. In my state, I stumbled but Joe caught me and with his arms around me, led me towards the ladder leading down below. I tripped down the steps and landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Only lying there a few seconds, I felt Joe helping me up to my feet and leading me down the hallway towards the bedroom area.
He led me into one of the bedrooms and told me to stand leaning against the bed while he got the bed ready for me. I watched him through hazy eyes, turn down the bed then come around to me. Very quickly, he undid my shorts and pulled them down around my ankles. He then had me step out of them before pulling my shirt up over my head.
Now I was leaning against the bed totally naked and at Joe’s mercy. I felt his hands running up and down my spine then my legs before landing on my protruding ass. He pulled my cheeks apart and ran a finger up and down my crack several times. I couldn’t do anything to stop him as whatever he had pumped into my arm had me totally helpless and he was taking advantage of it.
I then heard a muffled scream and turned to look şişli bayan escort out the door., I could vaguely see the door of the bedroom across the hall was open and I could see through the haze, my wife and Liz in the other room. I couldn’t quite make out what they were doing but I knew it wasn’t good as I had recognized the scream as being from my wife.
My attention was brought back to Joe when I felt his finger pushing against my ass hole. He was trying to stick his finger up my ass but was having trouble as he couldn’t get it in very far because of the way I was standing.

He removed his finger and grabbed my arm to lead me around the bed. Without a word, he pushed me down onto my stomach on the bed and went around behind me. I felt his weight on the bed as he got behind me, pulling my hips up into the air while forcing my head down. I then felt something wet against my skin and realized that Joe was licking up and down my crack.
I heard another scream and because Joe had forced me onto the bed facing the doorway, I could lift my head a little and look out the door. This time I could see more of what Liz and my wife were doing in the other bedroom. I could see Liz above my wife, her hips thrusting forward and backwards as she forced a large black strap on dildo in and out of my wife’s cunt. She had my wife’s legs up over her shoulders and was really pounding in and out.
Suddenly, I felt something other than Joe’s finger at the entrance to my ass hole. It was his cock and he was forcing it into me, pushing it in as far as he could without stopping. I felt pain like I have never felt before and then a feeling of fullness as he cock filled my canal right up to his balls until they were resting against my thighs.
Thankfully, he waited for me to get used to his size and thickness before starting to fuck me. He started slowly but before long, he was using long strong thrusts that would refill my canal completely. şişli escort I could feel his engorged head rubbing against the walls of my canal as he fucked me faster now than before. His balls slapped against my skin every time he thrust up into me and even though I was in a hazy state, I started to feel good about what he was doing to me.
Joe was talking to me while he fucked me telling me how tight I felt and how good it felt to fuck my ass. He continued for quite some time, or it seemed like a long time before he stopped and pulled out of me.
He then very quickly man handled me until I was on my back. He got between my legs and put them up over his shoulders. He moved into me again, this time thrusting fully up into me with one move, filling me up again completely. I now had started to enjoy the feeling of his big cock pounding my ass so I told him so and to keep fucking me. He pounded and pounded away at me, raising me up more onto my shoulders so he could get deeper inside me.
After several more minutes, I felt a warm then hot sensation inside me as he came, gushing his hot come deep into my hole and surrounding his still pounding cock. His groan was one of deep satisfaction as he pumped his come into me. He stopped thrusting and held his cock at the end of my canal as he filled me with his come before pulling his deflating cock out of me with a slight pop. I felt come running down the back of my thighs after he pulled out of me and pooling under me as he got off the bed.

I was still finding things hazy but I could see into the bedroom across the hall. Now Liz was behind my wife and had the big strap on in her ass hole. I watched as Liz fucked my wife’s ass for quite some time before Joe blocked my view by walking out of our bedroom and across to where the women were.
I saw Liz look up when he entered the room and she immediately pulled the strap on out of my wife. She got off the bed and giving Joe a little kiss mecidiyeköy escort on the cheek, came across the hall. I watched her approach the bed and get on it, the big strap on waving in front of her as she walked. She then took my legs and put them over her shoulders and I felt the head of the dildo against my hole. She pushed it into me and was soon fucking my ass with fast strong thrusts.
I heard my wife in the other room and turned my head to see Joe had her on her stomach and was fucking her ass. I knew in the back of my mind that this was the first time my wife had ever been fucked in her ass and she was getting it from the real thing this time in Joe’s big cock. He straddled her hips so he was above her more and started to really thrust strongly in and out of her while she half screamed and groaned at the same time.
Liz brought me back to her as she continued to fuck me. Now, I know I was enjoying what she was doing as I was asking her to fuck me deeper and harder. Fuck me faster was coming out of my mouth now, louder and louder. She did what I asked and I could feel the fake balls slapping against my skin in a matter of moments. I didn’t want the feelings I was having to end but I heard Joe’s loud grunt as he came inside my wife’s ass and with that, Liz pulled the strap on out of me.
After a while, we all got dressed, not saying a word about what happened as Joe and Liz had raped both me and my wife so what was there to say. After getting back home, my wife discussed what had happened and we soon found our way to our bed and were fucking furiously in just a few minutes. That was the first time my wife ever let me fuck her in the ass but it wouldn’t be the last. We bought a strap on the size Liz had and she fucked my ass many times with it. We would even go down the the parks known for casual sex and in the trees, would fuck each other in the ass. A few times we let others fuck us there too but it didn’t happen very often.
We still went boating with Joe and Liz but this time whenever we went to the cove, we fucked with them and them and quietly thanked them for opening up a whole new world to us.

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Fraternity Cum Bucket

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Fraternity Cum Bucket

“So you want me to let more than a dozen assholes fuck me to death for twenty-four hours just so you can become a member of some fucking Fraternity?” my sister Cinnamon asked.

“Well when you put it that way, yes!” I replied. “It sounds so bad when you say it!”

“It is bad, you fucking pervert!” Cinnamon stated.

Then I explained, “It has to be a girl, sixteen or older, and an immediate member of my family.”

Cinnamon asked, “What is an immediate member?”

I replied, “A sister, mother, first cousin, or aunt.”

Cinnamon said, “So that means Mom, me, dad’s sister Shirley, her two daughters Brenda and Jane, and Mom’s sister Sioux. Too bad her daughter Gloria in only thirteen!”

I replied, “Yes but Aunt Shirley, Brenda, and Jane are all religious fanatics.”

Cinnamon said, “So that only leaves Mom, me, and Aunt Sioux.”

I replied, “That’s right! That’s why I asked you. After all you’re certainly no virgin. Hell even I’ve fucked you!”

Cinnamon snapped back, “Yes you fucking pervert. You fucked me seven times that day after I lost that bet! And you haven’t fucked me since either!”

I laughed and said, “Yeah I couldn’t stop getting hard-ons. You wore my cock out. I couldn’t jerk off for a week!”

Cinnamon replied, “Yeah well you didn’t do my pussy any good either. Ask Aunt Sioux!”

I said, “I can’t! I’d be too embarrassed too.”

Cinnamon said, “Too bad, asshole” and picked up the phone. After a couple minutes of explaining the situation to Aunt Sioux Cinnamon şişli bayan escort said, “She’s coming over!”

I mumbled, “Oh Fuck!” to myself but Cinnamon overheard it. Then she started in on me until Aunt Sioux came to my rescue.

Aunt Sioux asked, “So big boy tell me more about this!”

So I explained to my adorable Aunt Sioux that I had a chance to join a Fraternity at Brown College and that I would not have to pay any fees or rent for the full four years. All I had to do was convince a female family member sixteen or older to let the whole Fraternity fuck them for twenty-four hours.”

Aunt Sioux started to laugh her ass off until tears ran down her face. Then she shouted, “Cheyenne! You’ve got to come up here and listen to this!”

When Mom came into my room I was beet red and absolutely speechless. I was embarrassed to death I’ll tell you.

Aunt Sioux said, “This little fucker wants us to become ‘Cum Buckets’ for the ‘Fuck You Fraternity’ at Brown College.”

Mom started laughing and asked, “Who put you up to this?”

I answered, “Well no one. The Fraternity said I had too. Hell Dad and Uncle Ted wrote letters of recommendations for me so that I could get in!”

“Those Fucking Bastards!” both Mom and Aunt Sioux said simultaneously.

Then Mom asked, “What do you get out of this.”

Once again I explained that I would not have to pay any fees or rent for the full four years that I attend college there.

Then Mom asked, “What do we get out of this?” then she and Aunt Sioux laughed.

I told şişli escort them that they would get a certificate granting them a lifetime invitation to all of the Fraternities functions, such as dances, dinners, and keg parties.

Mom said, “Excuse me!” and left the room. In about two minutes she returned with a piece of paper and handed it to me saying, “Is this what you mean?”

I looked at it and said “Oh my God! You are a Cum Bucket!”

Aunt Sioux said, “I’ve got one too. Our brother Ted got us to do it for him.”

Mom said, “That’s how I met your father! He was a member of that Fraternity too.”

So I boldly asked, “Will you do it again?”

Cinnamon finally said, “He gets to fuck you too. You know!”

Mom patted Cinnamon’s leg and said, “We know honey! We know! Your Uncle Ted fucked us real good that day!”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah those were the days! We were young, horny, and stupid! Hell we could have been teenage boys!”

Mom said, “Yeah! Most of the time we had cocks too in one way or another.”

Aunt Sioux said, “I’ll never forget that day. There were sixteen of them.”

Mom interjected, “And I was only seventeen and you were just barely sixteen.”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah and Ted offered us everything that he had if we would help him out.”

Mom said, “And she means everything too. We got his room, his car, his complete record collection, and every cent that he had earned that summer.”

Aunt Sioux said, “It was over three hundred dollars.”

Mom said, “So we did it.”

Aunt Sioux mecidiyeköy escort said, “Under one condition…that we did it together.”

Mom said, “We figured that way we would only get fucked half as much.”

Aunt Sioux said, “Yeah right! Every single one of those assholes got it up six times that day, including our brother Ted.”

Mom said, ”They fucked all six of our holes. Every God damn one of those bastards!”

Aunt Sioux said, “We got sixteen cocks shoved up our asses that day. I couldn’t walk right for two weeks afterwards.”

Mom said, “Neither one of us had ever tried anal sex before that night.”

Aunt Sioux said, “My jaw hurt so bad after those sixteen blowjobs that I couldn’t eat for two days and lost five pounds. I sure looked good afterwards though!”

Cinnamon said, “I don’t think I want any of that, especially all by myself!”

Mom said, “Why don’t you ask your cousin Jane? She isn’t the goody two shoes that you think she is!”

About then Dad came home from work and Mom shouted, “Frank! Get your ass up here right now, Mister!”

Dad came up the stairs two at a time ready to fend off an imaginary attacker. He asked, “What’s up?’

Mom said, “Your son is trying to talk your daughter, my sister, and I into becoming Fraternity Cum Buckets so that he can join that stupid Fraternity of yours.”

Dad smiled, then laughed, and finally said, “So?” After he stopped giggling he added, “Hell she just might meet her future husband there! You did!”

That got him hit by Mom. Then everyone laughed.

Finally Dad asked, “So you going to do it?”

Mom surprised him by saying, “I’m thinking about it. Maybe if the three of us girls do it together…………”

The End

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First Time Using THC Edibles

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The night before my birthday we had dinner at a nice place near Colorado Springs. After dinner, she had a few drinks and we ate a small amount of THC chocolate for dessert. We hopped in the car and I drove us an hour back to our hotel room. On the way, she slipped off her bra and g-string and teased me by pinching her nipples and lightly caressing her smooth pussy lips. At the hotel, she pulled me into a shadowy area in the parking lot and gave my cock a few quick sucks. I slipped my hand under her dress as we walked through the empty lobby and down the hall to our room. She was dripping wet and her clit was as hard as ever. I quickly unlocked the door as she slithered out of her silky dress in the hallway, much to the surprise of a young couple passing by. I held the door open just long enough for them to get a good look as they paused in the hall. The young lady smiled and gave us a quick nipple flash as they continued on their way. Colorado sure is a friendly state!

By now my wife was a getting bit mellow as the chocolate kicked in. Wearing nothing but her stockings and spike heels, she slid seductively onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard with her knees up and legs spread. Her eyes were slightly unfocused as she enjoyed the new sensation of being high. I decided to just lick her sweet pussy and tease her clit to see how she would react. I got out of my clothes and settled down between her thighs. I knew it was going to be a great night when she came after a few minutes of my tongue swirling around her sensitive, erect clit. She’s usually only able to orgasm twice, but things were going to be different that night. Moments later I brought her to another giggly, quivering, gasping orgasm as she pulled my face into her fragrant pussy. I was hard as steel and it was my turn for action.

As her orgasmic waves subsided, I moved up and pushed my cock between her lovely thighs. Never before have I experienced such warm, pulsing wetness surrounding my hard cock. After only a few strokes she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep. She moaned and hissed “yessss” as her back arched and she writhed into another deep orgasm. I was really getting worked up sliding in and out, hearing the wet sounds, watching her cum, şişli bayan escort when she suddenly pushed me away. I was momentarily shocked, wondering why… why stop now? She whispered “You can’t cum yet.”

She slowly laid back on the bed as she rubbed the wetness between her legs and then licked it from her fingers. She motioned for me to come closer, to which I was happy to oblige. I knelt next to her, admiring her curves and firm nipples. She gripped my balls with one hand and pulled my throbbing cock into her eager mouth. I pinched her nipples harder than usual and she purred approval. She sucked me deep until she gagged just enough to get her mouth juices flowing. She proceeded to give me the wettest, hottest blow job of my life. Her mouth sucked and her tongue swirled up and down on my hard on while one hand gently squeezed my balls. Her other hand was again rubbing between her swollen pussy lips. I watched as her bright red fingernails disappear between her lips and deep into her pussy, in and out, again and again. She brought her glistening fingers to my mouth and I eagerly sucked them clean. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pumped it firmly as she licked my balls and sucked them into her mouth. Meanwhile, her other hand was back between her now quivering thighs. Her tongue swirled around my balls as she sucked them into her talented mouth. My balls absorbed the moans that accompanied her next thigh-clenching orgasm.

She laid there totally spent for a few minutes as I caressed her naked, glistening body. It was a good night, but I hadn’t come yet, so I started to stroke myself as I played with her nipples. It was then that she sprung a surprise. She rolled over and spread her ass to reveal her freshly waxed backside. She told me she has been secretly learning how to relax and accept a small butt plug. She pulled out a tube of lube and applied a liberal amount to her butt and fingers. She slid in a finger, then two, then three. She was getting worked up when she suddenly grabbed the lube again. This time she went straight for my throbbing cock and squirted a healthy dose of lube over the entire length. She laid down on her back with a pillow under her ass and pulled her stocking-clad knees up to her chest. She şişli escort spread her butt cheeks and said “Saddle up, cowboy”!

This is the moment I have dreamt about since I first saw her puckered, fuzzy, virgin ass. Earlier, she had secretly decided that she would give anal a try on our Colorado vacation and had gotten a full wax job in preparation. She always rejected any backdoor penetration, so I never noticed the absence of hair back there. Stupid me!

Everything was finally coming together, literally. There she was with her beautiful ass spread open and those magic words still echoing… “Saddle up, cowboy”! I slowly approached her and slipped a finger in that smooth tight hole while my thumb rubbed her clit. I wanted to savor every second of that experience. She moaned a bit and pushed back as I massaged her opening. “I want you in me”, she whispered quietly through quickened breaths. With that encouragement, I pressed the tip of my lubed cock against her puckered hole. She gasped as I pushed the head in slowly, then removed it. Then I pushed deeper, my thick shaft stretched her more than her three fingers had just done. She whimpered in pain and pleasure and pushed back against me. Her breath was ragged as I eased deeper… apparently deeper than her modest butt plug had ever gone. I was now all the way in, my shaft buried in that tight virgin ass. She continued to push back against me as she forced herself to relax those tight muscles gripping my cock. I could feel her grip loosen as I started to pump slowly in, slowly out, in, out…

My load began to build as I committed every sensation to memory. Her fingers, with those sexy red nails, again massaged her pussy, just inches from where I was penetrating. She rubbed her clit faster and faster as I increased my thrusts to match. A moan escaped her lips as she came in a final, shuddering orgasm. The contractions in her pulsing pussy caused her grip to tighten around my cock. With one last deep thrust I paused as my load pumped into her over and over. After a few more post orgasm thrusts, I withdrew from her now gaping hole. My thick cum slowly dripped out of her in a perfect cream pie. Time to toss that pillow on the floor.

I glanced at the clock and mecidiyeköy escort noticed it was now after midnight, which meant it was now my birthday. We both went to the shower where we soaped and massaged each other. I softly rubbed between her butt cheeks and felt her slightly puffy hole. She said it was a little sore, but not too bad for her first time. Her smooth, slippery body rubbed against me from head to toe. She smiled slyly and went to her knees and gazed up at me. Much to my surprise she purred “It’s time for your birthday present” as she nuzzled my hanging cock. She sucked my now semi-hard cock into her mouth and worked it hard while one hand firmly gripped my balls. The other hand slipped between my legs and lightly caressed the sensitive ridge behind my sack. I thought I was in for a simple birthday blowjob, but I soon found out how wrong I was.

With the warm shower water running down our bodies, she popped another surprise on me. She gently slipped a slim finger up my butt. I resisted a bit until she released my cock from her mouth, smiled and said “I took your big cock in my ass, one little finger can’t hurt that much!”. With that she slipped a second soapy finger into my butt and began to slide them in and out. I’m not going to lie, it hurt for awhile. She was gentle and thankfully her fingers are slim. Then she went deeper until she could reach my prostate. The feeling was incredible. She sucked my hard cock, squeezed my balls and massaged my prostate all at the same time. As I started to cum, it was as if my huge load just ran out of me into her waiting mouth. She removed her fingers from my tight hole and started to suck and rub my cock gently until the sensitivity subsided.

Then she went to work with the determination of a woman hell bent on draining every last drop of fluid from my body. She pumped my cock with both hands while her mouth sucked the sensitive head. It took time, but she never relented. My tired cock slowly came back to life. It grew harder with each pump and lick. She deep-throated me until she gasped for air. Then she squeezed my cock between her full breasts and let me thrust into the softness.I couldn’t help but cum once again. She whispered “Happy birthday, honey” as she licked me clean.

We toweled off before climbing into bed where our naked bodies intertwined and we drifted off to sleep.

Birthdays don’t get any better than that.

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fifth adventure with my daughter

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The next few days I was in a dreamlike world not knowing if Susan had found out about what really happened that night. But then as a couple of weeks went by without anything being said I figured that I was safe and had got away with the most riskiest action of this whole affair, if not of my whole married life.
As it was getting close to Karen’s birthday, Susan and I had different ideas about what to get her so we decided to ask Karen one evening if there was anything she would like. So the following Sunday evening while we were all together I explained to Karen that neither her mum nor I could agree on what to get for her birthday and we were keen to know if there was anything special she would like.
Karen told us that instead of us buying her some clothes or jewellery she would be happy if we could pay for some more driving lessons as she was confident of passing her test soon but needed some extra lessons to give her experience of driving at different times of the day.

I told Karen that paying for some more lessons would have been my idea but her mum had an idea about us all going on a skiing holiday after Christmas and we wanted to know which one she would prefer. She told is that she would love to go skiing again as its been such a long time since she went with the school but she was not sure if she could get the time off though she would ask on her next shift.

I still wanted to do something to make her day seem special so I said to Karen “if you are happy for us to do it, mum and I will pay for some food and drink so you could have a small party with a few of your friends.”
Karen said “wow thanks dad and you mum, you are both very special, I’m so lucky to have you both. Just one thing though, you are not going to be here are you?”

I said to Karen “don’t worry, I have already thought about that and your mother and I have somewhere to go, so you can party without us oldies. But I don’t want to come back home and find this place looking like a tip.”
After hearing this Karen came over and gave both her mum and I a big hug and kiss saying “thanks both of you that is really good. I love you both.”
I have to admit it took all my willpower not to grope her as Karen hugged me but we did manage to touch tongues for a few seconds when we kissed.

The evening of Karen’s birthday arrived, and as Lisa and a couple more of Karen’s friends were arriving, Susan and I left for what I hoped would be a nice romantic meal with some wine at a new restaurant that had been recommended to me by one of my work colleagues. Susan looked so sexy in the short, silk, clingy dress that she had chosen to wear, and I felt so proud when a couple of Karen’s friends whistled and called out to us as we were leaving “Wow! Karen never told us what a sexy mum she has.”

The restaurant and the meal lived up to the recommendation and as neither of us felt like going home yet I drove to a nice secluded picnic area so we could enjoy each others company further. When we arrived at the picnic spot I noticed that there was another car there but it appeared to be empty, on seeing the car Susan said “ooohhh I wonder where they are?”
I replied teasingly “do you think we should go and look for them, just to check everything is alright?”
Susan said “yes we should, it’s best to make sure everything is safe.” So we left the car and walked through the trees to where the picnic tables were.
As we approached the picnic tables Susan stopped dead and gasped at the sight in front of us.

We could see the shapes of two people, one was sat on the picnic table with the other knelt down in front facing them, but from where we stood it was difficult to see who they were. Susan whispered “do you think we should leave or take a closer look?”
I replied “come on lets get a bit closer.”
We carefully edged closer until we could clearly see that it was a female sat on the table with a male knelt down between her legs. When we realised what they were doing Susan let out a gasp of surprise, this must have alerted the couple to our presence as the male turned to look in our direction and he must have seen us as he then motioned us to move closer. When we got to a few yards from them he then asked us if we would like to join them.
I asked Susan “what would you like to do?”
She replied “lets join them, it looks like fun.”

So Susan sat on the picnic table next to the woman, who looked a couple of years younger than Susan, and she pulled off her blue lacy thong then opened her legs.
I then got on my knees in front of Susan and began licking her freshly shaven pussy. On seeing us settling in the guy, who was about my age, then resumed licking his partner’s pussy.
I had only been licking Susan for a few minutes when I noticed that the guy had moved one of his hands and was stroking Susan’s leg, I glanced up and saw that Susan and the other woman had started kissing and they were caressing each others breasts.
I looked across at the guy and he said “would you like to swap places? We don’t fuck other people but she will suck you if you want. She will let you cum in her mouth but only if you warn her first.”
I looked up at Susan and saw that she was smiling so I turned to the guy and said “I would love to swap places with you and I’m sure that Susan will do everything that your lady does.”

So we swapped over and I started licking and fingering the woman’s pussy. She had a nice neat landing strip of brown hair and as I burrowed my tongue deep into her she started getting very wet and extremely vocal.
I started rubbing her clit with my finger while running my tongue around her sexy looking asshole, I was rewarded with a long gasp and her voice urging me “don’t stop… I love my ass being rimmed.”
I could hear Susan’s voice telling the guy “oh god… that’s it… just there; oh that is so good” so I knew she was getting well pleasured.
After about five minutes of me assaulting the woman’s pussy with my fingers and tongue I was rewarded with “oh that’s it… don’t stop… don’t stop…I’m Cumming” and my mouth was covered with her wetness.
As she recovered I could hear Susan starting what sounded like an explosive orgasm, as her voice rose while she said “oh yes… oh yes… god that’s it… push your fingers in me… yes… yes… Cumming.”

When Susan had recovered the woman turned to her and asked “shall we return the pleasure we have just had?”
Susan replied “yes, I can’t wait to have your guy’s cock in my mouth.”
So as myself and the other guy stood up, the women then moved down from the table to sit on the bench in front of us.
As they undone our trousers and got our cock’s out I heard Susan gasp, I looked over and saw that the guy’s cock looked longer and thicker than mine.
The woman must have sensed something as she looked up at me and said “I think you are about the same size. I am going to love having you in my mouth.”
Then she bent forward, covered my cock with her mouth and started giving me a very good blow job.
She constantly bobbed her head up and down while at the same time running her tongue all over my cock. This was total heaven to me. I glanced over and saw that Susan had got almost the whole length of the guy’s cock into her mouth and she had managed to get one of her hands between his legs.

I heard him groan with pleasure and say “that is so good… ohhh don’t stop… don’t stop … god that is good.”
All too soon I got the “I am close to Cumming” feelings, so remembering to warn her I quietly said “I am very close to Cumming.”
When she then took my cock out of her mouth, tipped her head back and said “I want you to cum on my face.”
She then started wanking me very fast saying “shoot your cum on me, cover my face.”

It took literally a couple of minutes of her fast wanking me before I groaned and said to her “here it is…I’m Cumming” and about 4 or 5 jets of cum spurted out onto the woman’s face, hitting her nose, lips and cheeks. She then took my softening cock into her mouth and licked it clean.
While she was doing this I glanced over to see how Susan was going on just in time to see the guy thrust forward and then start to jerk as he began Cumming into Susan’s mouth. I watched as Susan tried to swallow everything but some of the guys cum leaked out from her lips and dribbled down her chin.

When we had all began to recover and I bent down to pull my trousers back up I was aware of a clapping noise, when I turned around I was able to make out about 4 or 5 people that were stood watching.
The other guy quickly said “it is o.k. they are harmless. They will not approach unless invited… we come here as often as we can and meet other couples to have fun with. They like to watch the couples play and will join in if asked.”
I asked the guy “how long have you been coming here?”
He answered “about a year now. This place can get quite busy with several couples all looking to have fun.”
I said to him “well we certainly şişli bayan escort had fun. Thank you to you and your lovely partner. Susan and I will have to do this again.”
The woman said “we try and get up here most weekends and usually there are a few more couples here. To introduce ourselves properly I am Julie and this is my husband Trevor.”
I responded “well it’s nice to meet you both. This is my wife Susan and I am Geoff. It has been great fun but we now need to check that our home is still in one piece after our daughter’s birthday party. Hope to meet you both again sometime.”
Then we all shared a parting kiss, and then Susan and I walked back to our car.
On the drive back home Susan asked teasingly “did you know what went on up there before tonight?”
I replied “no, I had heard about this going on but did not know it happened up there.”

As we arrived home Karen was on the doorstep seeing off a couple of her friends, and as they walked past us they said “goodnight and thanks for letting Karen have the party, we have all had great fun.”
We walked inside to find the usual after party mess, but thankfully nothing seemed to be broken.
Karen asked if we had enjoyed our evening, Susan told her that it had been great and the evening had an unexpected but enjoyable end, but now she was feeling tired and the cleaning up could wait till tomorrow.
I said to Karen and Susan that I was making a hot chocolate drink and did they want one.

Karen said she would love one, but Susan said “no thanks I just want to get some sleep I don’t think I would stay awake long enough to drink it.”
With that she kissed Karen and myself goodnight and went upstairs.
While waiting for the kettle to boil Karen and I started to clear up the mess in the living room as we both felt it would be a nice surprise for mum.
Karen started taking glasses to the dish washer while I straightened the furniture. As I carried some dirty cups into the kitchen, I caught site of Karen bent over loading the dish washer. Her short dress had ridden up and I could clearly see her red thong. I quietly put the cups down, walked up behind her and began to softly stroke her ass.
Karen half turned and said “dad, no we can’t, mum might hear and come down.”
I replied “if I know your mum she will be fast asleep by now, but I will just go and check what she is doing.”

I went upstairs and poked my head into our bedroom, seeing Susan lead in bed I softly called to her, and getting no response I guessed that she was indeed fast asleep. I went into my study, unlocked the desk drawer and got out my special present for Karen.
When I got back downstairs Karen had made the chocolate and was sitting on the sofa in the living room.
I sat down beside her and said “don’t worry, mum is fast asleep, here is a small gift to show how special you are to me.”
When Karen opened her gift and saw the pair of gold droplet earrings, which had her birthstone in them, she reached over and kissed me full on the mouth and I felt her tongue caress my lips as she waited for me to respond. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue dart in and start to caress mine.

As we cuddled I moved one hand onto her thigh and started to stroke her, moving my hand upwards and inwards getting ever closer to her panties. When my fingers finally touched her panties I was surprise to find that they were quite wet.
I broke the kiss and whispered softly “mmmmm you are very aroused let’s spread out on the carpet and get comfortable.”
So we moved onto the carpet and Karen led out while I ran my hands up her legs to her panties, and as I pulled them off I could see just how aroused Karen was. After removing her panties I gently opened her legs then positioned myself between them and started to lick her shaven wet pussy.
I licked Karen with long slow strokes, each starting at the bottom of her pussy and not stopping until I reached her clit, which I flicked a few times. After doing this for a few minutes I then started to burrow my tongue deep into her pussy on every upward lick. This caused Karen to softly moan with pleasure and say “dad that is so good… please don’t stop… make me cum dad.”
On hearing this I speeded up licking her pussy and also began to probe her with my middle finger.
It was not long after I started to finger Karen that she said “oohh dad… yes… yes… don’t stop… don’t stop… I’mmm Cumming,” and for the second time that night my mouth was covered with female cum, though Karen’s was the best and tasted so much sweeter.

After she had recovered from her orgasm, Karen said “dad that was so good, now come here and fuck me.”
So I knelt up, undid my trousers and slid them and my boxers down to my knees. I moved up between Karen’s legs and rubbed my hard cock all around her pussy, smearing her wetness all over the head.
Karen moaned and said “please don’t tease dad, just fuck me.” With that I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in fast. She let out a gasp of surprise and then a soft but sharp squeal as my full length penetrated her in one fast thrust and the head nudged her cervix.
I settled into a steady rhythm of pulling nearly all the way out, and then thrusting my full length into her. Every time I thrusted in, Karen let out a soft moan of pleasure and it felt so good to be fucking Karen again. Her warm, wet pussy walls gripping my cock every time I pushed into her and the way her pussy lips clung to my cockhead when I pulled back.

After a couple of minutes of the steady rhythm I changed the pace and speeded up fucking Karen. She must have liked what I did as she said “oh god… that’s it dad… fuck me… fuck me… faster dad.”
With this I started to fuck Karen harder and faster all the time making sure that I buried my full length into her every time I thrusted in. After a couple of more minutes of me fucking Karen hard I felt myself ready to cum.
I asked Karen “where do you want me to cum?”
She said “wherever you want to dad, but not in my ass.”
I took this as an o.k. to cum in her pussy so I carried on fucking her hard and fast. It took about another 20 thrusts for me to feel ready to cum.
I said to Karen “I’m going to cum in your pussy… here it is… I’m Cumming” and on the next thrust in I felt myself cum. 5 to 6 jets of cum spurted out and splattered her pussy walls, my cock twitching with every jet of cum it fired.
Karen moaned again and softly said “dad that feels so good… I can feel your cock twitch in me. It tickles a bit but it’s nice.”

After we had recovered and tidied ourselves up I asked Karen “have you been able to find out if you can get the time off for the skiing holiday?”
She answered “yes dad they said they will let me know in a few days. But I’m unsure if I want to go as you will have mum and I will be on my own. I don’t want to hang around you both all the time.”
I said “o.k. I can understand that… have you spoken to Lisa about our get together?” Karen said “yes dad but she is reluctant to do it as the only 3sums she has had have all involved her boyfriend.”
On hearing this, the pervert inside me had an idea so I told Karen “you get Lisa to agree to our get together and I will pay the cost of her flight and hotel room so she can come on the holiday with us and keep you company.”
On hearing this Karen hugged me saying “dad you are the best… thank you.”
With that she disappeared up to bed leaving me a happy man but also with the rest of the tidying up to do.

A week went by with no news from Karen, and then at the start of the next week Karen told me she could have the time off. Also Lisa had agreed to our get together so we arranged it for the next Saturday when they were both free and Susan was away visiting her parents. Karen did say that Lisa was uncomfortable with having the get together at our place so I agreed that we could go to Lisa’s flat.
While eagerly waiting for Saturday to arrive, I took the opportunity during the week to book the holiday. 4 people in 2 rooms at a bed and breakfast pension, going in mid January for 1 weeks skiing to the ski resort of Kitzbuhel. I also pre-booked ski and boot hire and lift passes for Susan and myself but left it for Karen and Lisa to get theirs when we got to the resort.

The Saturday arrived and after Susan had said goodbye and left to see her parents. I went to our bedroom and changed into smart casuals. Then after checking everything was secure I left the house and walked the 10 minute journey to Lisa’s flat. When I got to the flats, I pushed the buzzer next to her name and after a few moments I heard a giggly girly voice say “I’m on my way down to let you in.”
A couple of minutes went by then the door opened and Lisa was stood there wearing a red towelling dressing gown.
She said “come on in then. I don’t want many people seeing me like this.”
I followed her up the stairs to her front door, where she then pointed me in to her living şişli escort room saying “go and make yourself at home. Karen and I will join you in a few minutes.” After about 5 minutes I heard Karen’s voice calling “shut your eyes dad and don’t open them until I say so.”
What seemed like another couple of minutes had passed, then I heard Karen’s voice saying “you can open your eyes now dad. Is this what you have always fantasised about?”

In front of me stood Karen and Lisa, arm in arm, looking like 2 of the sexiest schoolgirls I have ever seen.
Lisa looked so innocent in her white knee socks, navy blue pleated mini skirt, white blouse and a tie loosely hung around her neck. She was wearing black schoolgirl shoes and her long black hair had been pulled back into bunches, and she had put freckles on her face to complete the innocent look.
Karen was the slutty one, dressed in black stockings, complete with holes, grey mini skirt, white blouse, with the first 4 buttons undone showing that she was not wearing a bra. Her hair was hanging loosely around her shoulders. She was not wearing shoes but had put on some make up and a deep red lipstick which completed the slutty look. From their giggly behaviour it was clear that they had started drinking early, they offered me one which I accepted.

I sat in a chair while Lisa pressed play on her DVD and joined Karen on the sofa and we all settled down to watch scenes of young teen girls pleasuring each other. Though I admit that I did not take much notice of what was on the DVD as my eyes were firmly fixed on what was happening on the sofa.
The girls were enjoying an intimate kiss and I could see that Lisa had got one of her hands into Karen’s blouse and was playing with her nipples, while Karen had slid a hand up Lisa’s skirt and was gently massaging her ass through her white schoolgirl panties.
I coughed and began to move towards them, the sound of the cough alerted Karen who broke the kiss, turned towards me and said “no dad, you are to just watch for the time being. So sit back and make yourself comfortable.”

So I did what I was told to do and then the girls moved off the sofa and onto the floor. Lisa was now led out on the floor face up and Karen had moved to position herself to the side of Lisa’s legs. Karen lifted Lisa’s skirt and pulled down her schoolgirl panties, and I was treated to the sight of Lisa’s pussy which had been shaved bare apart from a small, neat landing strip and from where I sat I could clearly see that she was aroused and wet.
Karen then got on top of Lisa in a 69 and as Lisa lifted Karen’s skirt, I could see that she had completed the slutty look by not wearing panties.
Then the girls started pleasuring each other with passion, using fingers and tongues and their obvious skills, to try and get the other to orgasm first. With both girls licking and probing each other, it was going to be difficult to judge just who was going to orgasm first, but then Karen’s body stiffened and jerked as she orgasmed just slightly ahead of Lisa.

When both girls had recovered Lisa said “got ya!! It’s my turn to use the strap-on.”
On hearing this Karen pulled a face, turned to me and said “but dad, wouldn’t you like to see me use it?”
I replied “Karen, you should know better. I brought you up to understand that you don’t start anything unless you are prepared to accept the consequences.”
On hearing this Lisa said “yes that’s right, if you only wanted to use the strap-on, you should not have bet me for it. You could have just asked.”

Karen refreshed the drinks while Lisa went into her bedroom to fetch the strap-on, when she came out of the bed room we could see that she had already put it on.
What a funny sight it was, this slim young girl dresses in her school uniform, skirt pulled up above the waist, parading in front of me wearing a dark brown strap-on, which made it look like she was showing off her large erection.
I can’t explain why but the sight of Lisa, even wearing her strap-on, got me so aroused I just wanted to fuck her there and then. But I knew I had to wait for the opportunity to present itself.

When the girls resumed their playing Karen was led on the floor with her legs spread open and I could see that her pussy was still very aroused and the lips were puffy and shiny with her juices. Lisa positioned herself between Karen’s legs and slowly pushed the strap-on into Karen’s pussy, not stopping until it was fully buried, then Lisa began the long slow pull back before quickly pushing forwards until the strap-on was again fully inside Karen’s pussy.
This started Karen moaning with pleasure and saying “oh god Lisa… fuck me… fuck me hard… harder you bitch… harder.”
Lisa then speeded up and was soon thrusting the strap-on in and out of Karen at a furious pace, and saying “you love it… you are mine… take it… god your pussy is so wet…”
After a couple of minutes of Lisa fucking Karen on the floor Lisa the stopped and said “I have an idea Karen, as you dad has been sat there behaving himself how about you give him a blow job while I fuck you?”
Karen said “yes that would be so kinky, what do you think dad?”
I said “if that’s what you both want, I’m up for it.”

So Karen crawled over to where I was sat and I helped her undo my trousers, and as I pulled both my trousers and boxers to my knees I heard Lisa gasp and say “Karen, you told me your dad was smaller than my boyfriend!!”
Karen said “it don’t look that much different to me, anyway you have always told me it’s been a fantasy of yours to try one bigger than your boyfriend. Now are we going to do this or not.”
With that Karen then placed her hands on my thighs and lowered her mouth onto my very hard cock, and started to bob up and down taking me further into her mouth each time until nearly all my length was in her mouth.
I saw Lisa then move behind Karen and I felt her jump slightly as I realised Lisa must have now penetrated Karen’s pussy with her strap-on.
The girls then found their rhythm, every time Lisa pushed forwards, Karen bobbed her head down taking my cock deep into her mouth, then as Lisa pulled back, and Karen raised her head allowing my cock to slide nearly all the way out of her mouth.
This continued for a few minutes and I could feel myself getting close to Cumming. As I was going to warn Karen, Lisa said “don’t let him cum in your mouth, I want to see your face covered in it.”

Karen then took my cock out of her mouth and told Lisa to move back, giving me the room to stand up. She then knelt below me, her face just a couple of inches below my cock and said “go on dad, shoot your cum on my face.”
So I started to wank my cock quickly as I knew it wouldn’t be long before I cum.
As I was getting close to Cumming Karen then said “Lisa, come here… I want dad to cum on your face as well.”
So Lisa joined Karen and knelt down beside her, their faces were just inches below my cock.
It took about 15 strokes and I was ready to cum. I said “get your faces together here it is… I’m Cumming” and with that my cock started spurting jets of warm cum onto them. In all about 6 jets of cum spurted out and splattered the girl’s faces hitting their noses, lips and cheeks.

After I had finished Cumming the girls then kissed and said to each other “wow that was good.”
Lisa then said “we are off into the bathroom to clean up, could you fix us all some more drinks please?”
When the girls returned from the bathroom Karen approached me and nervously said to me “dad, I have a question to ask you.”
I said “yes love, what do you want?”
Karen said “well you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but Lisa wants to know if you would lick my pussy and let her fuck you with the strap-on at the same time?”
I said to Karen “no way. That was not part of our deal. If Lisa wants to watch me lick your pussy, that’s fine. But no-one touches my ass.”
Karen then said “but dad, Lisa has always fantasised about this. We have done your fantasy, isn’t it fair that we do hers.”
I responded “sure it’s fair; but she does it with someone who is willing to do it, and I am not willing.”
Then Karen said “but dad you have always said how much you have wanted to fuck her and she has told me that if you do this for her, she will let you do whatever you want to her.”
I asked “are you sure that’s what she said?”
Karen responded “yes dad.”

The pervert inside me realised that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for, at last I had my chance to get my revenge for the way she had teased me and caused a lot of arguments between Karen and me with her lies. Sure I would have to endure the inconvenience of Lisa using her strap-on to fulfil her fantasy, but this was going to be nothing compared to what I had in mind for her.
So I said “well then you had better get her in here so we can start.”
Karen went into the kitchen and told Lisa that I had agreed. Lisa came straight over mecidiyeköy escort to me and kissed me full on the lips saying “thank you for letting me do this.”
I replied “thank you for your offer, which I accept.”

So Karen sat in the chair I had been in her legs spread wide open and her pussy ready and waiting for me to start licking. I copied the position Karen had used and I started licking her pussy the same way I had always done, with long slow licks starting from the bottom and not stopping until I reached her clit. I heard Lisa say “god that looks so hot, I hope you will do that to me.”
I thought to myself “you will be getting a lot more than this soon.”
After about a couple of minutes of me licking Karen I felt something cold being applied to my ass I jerked suddenly at the shock and heard Lisa say “its ok… I’m just putting some lubricant on to help with penetration.”
I then felt something pushing against my asshole, Lisa said “try to relax; I’m just using my finger to open you up.”
I felt her finger enter me, there was not as much discomfort as I imagined, then it started to move backwards and forwards as she loosened me up.
After a couple of minutes I felt Lisa add another finger into my ass and then start to thrust both of them in and out.

After another couple of minutes of this Lisa told me to keep licking Karen and just relax. I felt some more lubricant being rubbed into my asshole, then Lisa said “you look as ready as you will ever be, take a deep breath and try to relax because I am starting now” and with that I felt her touch the strap-on against my asshole and begin to push.
For the first few seconds my asshole burned and the pain was intense as Lisa pushed the strap-on into me, I signalled for her to stop and let me get used to the intrusion. After about a minute the pain subsided so I signalled for her to carry on.
This was the weirdest experience of my life, all I hoped is that Karen would not think anything less of me; I carried on licking Karen’s pussy, hoping that this would take my mind off what was happening behind me and help me to keep relaxed.

As I was focussing on keeping relaxed and licking Karen I was unaware of how much time had passed before Lisa said “I’m in as far as I can go, stay relaxed as now I am going to fuck you.”
With that I felt the strap-on move back and then thrust forward as she began to fuck me. This continued for about 5 minutes, I was getting ready to tell Lisa that it was time to stop when I heard her say “keep licking Karen… I’m nearly there… just a few more moments…” I buried my tongue deep into Karen’s pussy as my mind tried to blot out what was happening to me.
A couple of more minutes had gone by when I next heard Lisa’s voice say “yes… yes… that’s it…I’m nearly there…I’m nearly there… oohh yes… I’m Cumming” then I felt her thrust deep and hard into me. The sudden burst of pain I felt caused me to dig my fingers hard into Karen’s legs and my eyes to water.
I thought to myself “you bitch; there was no need for that. Like it or not you are going to get your ass fucked even harder.”
When we had all calmed down, Karen had to go to the toilet, while she was in there Lisa hugged me and kissed me on the lips.
She said “thank you for that, I hope I wasn’t too rough with you” and with that she turned to go into the kitchen, but as she got to the door she turned and with a smirk on her face she said “you have had that done to you before haven’t you.”

When we had all rested and recovered from our earlier fun and games Karen caught hold of Lisa and started to dance with her. Their bodies moved in synchronization as they bumped and grinded together, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Lisa broke the kiss and pushed Karen into the chair, spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy. I took this as my invitation to join in the fun.
As Lisa started to lick Karen’s pussy, I got behind her, placed my face underneath her pussy and started to lick her. I found that Lisa’s pussy was very wet and it didn’t take long to bring her to a mini orgasm. Her wetness covered my mouth and face as I buried my tongue deep inside this young girl’s pussy.
As she was recovering from her mini orgasm I switched my attentions to her cute, tight asshole and as I started licking it, I heard Lisa gasp and say “that feels so good… keep doing that… I love my ass being licked.”
This made such a change to have someone want me to lick their asshole, instead of being told not to touch down there, that I stayed doing this longer than I had planned. I even managed to get my tongue inside Lisa’s asshole for a few minutes, and it was while doing this that I discovered that Lisa had not wiped properly the last time she had used the toilet. But I thought “we all have accidents sometimes” and carried on licking.

After about 10 minutes of giving Lisa all this oral pleasure I decided it was about time I fucked her, so I repositioned myself behind her and slowly moved my cockhead into the entrance of her pussy and stopped. I asked Lisa if she was ok with this, and did she want me to continue. Her response was to wiggle her ass and say “yes, I want you to fuck me.” So I slowly started pushing my cock into her pussy, stopping every time I had got a couple of inches into her, then pushing again until my full length was buried in her hot, wet, tight pussy.
I quickly pulled all the way back, just leaving my cockhead in her pussy, then thrusted forwards again. This caused Lisa to gasp and say “yes, fuck me. Go on fuck me hard…” I thought to myself “ok girl you have asked for it” and I began fucking her with hard, fast thrusts, each time making sure that my full length was buried in her pussy.

After a few minutes of fucking Lisa like this, I wanted to see just how far I could go with her. So I wetted a finger and began to push it into her ass. This caused Lisa to jerk but she did not tell me to stop so I assumed she was ok with it. I continued fucking Lisa’s pussy and fingering her ass for a few minutes longer. I had managed to get my thumb all the way into her ass and the only reaction I had got from Lisa was her saying “keep doing that… I love my ass being fingered.”
I could see that Karen was getting her pussy well and truly licked so I decided to plan my next move very carefully. As Karen was well on her way to yet another orgasm, I decided to use the situation to get my revenge. Noticing that Karen was holding Lisa’s head firm up against her pussy and telling her to “keep doing that… I want to cum.”
I pulled my cock out of Lisa’s pussy. With one hand I managed to spread her ass cheeks wide enough for me to see her tight asshole, which was still wet, then using my other hand I guided my cockhead up until it came to rest against Lisa’s asshole. Then, as Karen was telling Lisa she was almost there, I pushed my cock into Lisa’s ass.

Lisa suddenly jerked forward and tried to lift her head from Karen’s pussy. I heard a muffled scream and then Lisa’s voice saying “ooowww… please take it out… not my ass… that fucking hurts… please stop.”
As Lisa tried to struggle away from me I held her firmly by the waist saying “stay still you bitch. I let you fuck my ass so it’s fair that I fuck yours.”
With that I continued pushing my cock into her tight ass until I was in as deep as I could go. I then pulled back a few inches before pushing in again and getting the last couple of inches of my cock into her tight ass.
As I started fucking her ass, Lisa began sobbing and telling me “stop… please stop… it hurts so much… it’s too big.”
On hearing Lisa’s sobs Karen yelled at me “stop dad; you are hurting her.”
I shouted at Karen “shut up; and hold her still, I’m getting close to Cumming.”
It took another few minutes of fucking Lisa’s tight ass before I was close to Cumming, and as soon as I could feel that I was ready.
I leaned over and said to the now constantly sobbing Lisa “now you know what it feels like to have your ass fucked,” and with that comment I buried my cock deep into her ass and felt myself cum.
About 5 jets of cum spurted out and splattered the insides of Lisa’s ass, my cock twitching as each one left my body and filled her tight ass.

Lisa was still sobbing as my cock softened, and as I withdrew I noticed that there were some brown smears on it. Not wanting to stain my boxers I found Lisa’s white schoolgirl panties she had been wearing and I used them to wipe myself clean. Then after making myself presentable I walked over to where Karen was comforting the still sobbing Lisa, I could not resist slapping Lisa hard on her still sore ass and saying “thanks for that love, you were great. Look forward to doing this again soon.”
As I turned and started to walk out of the flat Karen yelled at me “you bastard dad! Why have you done this? Cant you see you have hurt her.”
I responded “don’t you think my ass hurts as well. I have told you before you should never give it if you can’t take it. All I did was to give her what she gave me.”
Then with the sound of Lisa still sobbing in the background I walked out of the flat and down the stairs.

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Family Conspiracy- Chapter 5: Marci’s Surprise

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Family Conspiracy- Chapter 5: Marci’s Surprise

“She’s yours to do with as you please”, Brittany said, just as our daughter returned. Her blonde hair was damp from the shower, appearing darker. Her skin still glistened in the light, her body looking shiny around each of her curve, as if she had oiled herself. And there were no sign of any tan lines, the whole of her skin a faint bronze, from her smooth mound, to her growing breasts. Brittany seemed to take a few moments to look over the sultry teenage girl. “But I may have to borrow her from time to time”, I could hear the lust in her voice as she stared at our daughter.

Marci strolled into the room, her hips swaying with each slow step she took, granting me ample time for my eyes to explore her nubile body. She stood before me, smiled, then sunk to her knees. She stayed upright, not resting on her heels. Her hands grabbed her wrists behind her back. After the initial smile, her head bowed, her gaze focused on the floor at my feet.

“She’s been training for nearly a year”, Brittany started, “all to serve you faithfully as your submissive slut”. I could hear something akin to disappointment in her voice, as if she didn’t want to let me have Marci. She rose from the chair, taking the few steps to our daughter. She used a hand to lift her face, before kissing her again. Their lips parted, and she came to sit beside me on the couch. “Slut”, she barked at the young girl on her knees, “Tell your new Master every rule you learned”.

“This cunt is to always obey her Master or Mistress, no matter what she is told to do, or where she is told to do it”, she spoke as if reciting them from memorized list. “This cunt does not own this body, and cannot use it for her own pleasure. Only her Master or Mistress can grant me pleasure. This cunt must never play with her asshole, giving my Master that virginity”.

“There are more rules”, Brittany whispered quietly in my ear, even as Marci continued with her list, speaking of what posture to hold while being submissive, what clothes to she should wear, how she must always keep her cunt shaved. “And of course, you can change any of them to suit your desires”, she licked my ear playfully.

“Basically, your daughter had become your slut, a perfect sexual slave, for you to do with as you please. Her time with Beth- you know the Texan at the bookstore- trained her mouth to suck cock. The story she had just told you of her first glory-hole experience was true, for the most part. It was the first time she had seen or sucked a cock, but the circumstances were a little different: She wasn’t drugged-up on ecstasy, she was there for a job interview”, Brittany elaborated on Marci’s story.

“Where does that leave us”, I asked, wondering what my wife had in store. I knew I wasn’t in trouble any more, but all this new information was a bit of an overload. Essentially, she told me that our daughter was going to be my willing sex-slave.

“Honey, all I can do is beg forgiveness for not bringing Marci to you sooner”, she smiled. “Well, that’s not entirely true”, her voice seemed to trail off, becoming softer. “To make amends for keeping her to myself for a nearly a year, I’m giving you a week to have me as your submissive slut too. From dominating Marci, I’ve tasted the sensual pleasure that being a slave can bring. And I want to experience them too. I want to be told what to do, and who to do it with”. With her proclamation, she rose from the couch, stepped beside Marci, and knelt before me. While on her knees, they were both nearly the same height, as they held identical postures, their chests heaving in excitement, their arms behind her back. “This cunt is to always obey her Master, no matter what she is told to do, or where she is told to do it”, Brittany said, mimicking our daughter’s statement from earlier, before lowering her head to stare at the ground at my feet.

I sat on the couch, my mind reeling. My wife and daughter were kneeling in a submissive pose, eager to do whatever I desired of them. It had been a very interesting night, to say the least. I looked over to the brandy I had poured at the start of the night, still half full in the glass. I decided that this was not what I had planned: This was much better.

“Face each other”, I said, reaching over to take the glass off the table. The two girls turned, still on their knees, still facing the floor. “Kiss sluts”, I instructed them, taking a sip of the brandy. They did not hesitate, as their faces looked up, and leaned forward, their lips reaching out for each others. I saw the passion as mother’s lips met daughter’s. They were not pretending, only going through the motions, they were both very much in love. It occurred to me that they probably having shared tender moments such as this hundreds of times before. By now, they’re erotic display had had a profound effect of my cock, as its eight inches stood erect.

I stood, and step between them, my rigid cock inches from their faces as their lips continued to caress, glistening with each other’s saliva. I angled my cock downward, and took one more step forward. My cock slipped easily between their moistened lips, but did not slow their passion down. I could feel the warmth of their tongues caressing up and down the length of my shaft, trying to keep their efforts in unison. I placed a hand on each of my slut’s heads, controlling their efforts as both mouths endeavored to please me. I began thrusting my hips, holding my slut’s heads steady, using their lips and skilled tongues to bring me closer to climax. But I had no intention of wasting my cum across their faces. This was only an appetizer to the debase things I had in store.

I violently pulled my cock from between their lips, watching as their lips quickly closed the distance, locking to each other once again. I sat down on the edge of the couch and leaned backwards. I still watched the mother/ daughter passion at my feet, feeling the heat radiating off of their bodies as they continued with the last task I ordered. Their breast rubbed together seductively, nipples circling each others. “Marci, have you really been saving your anal virginity for me”, I asked. I was fairly sure about the answer, but I wanted to hear her tell me.

She spoke through the kisses she shared with her mother, “Yes daddy. My whole body, including my tight ass, belongs only to you. I haven’t even had a finger there”, she stated, almost proud of the accomplishment.

“Marci, lean your chest on my legs, press your tits around daddy’s cock, and spread your legs on either side of my legs. Then look down, and take my cock into your mouth, get it nice and wet”, I ordered, as I watched saw the two instantly stop kissing. My daughter stayed on her knees, but moved towards me, and bent over, her arms still secure behind her back. I could feel the heat radiating from her young body, and as her chest came to a rest against my legs, and I could nearly feel the excitement of her heartbeat. “Now reach back, and pull you cheeks apart”, I watched as she let go of her own arms, and they slid down her back to pull şişli bayan escort her ass apart. I took a moment to enjoy the sensation, and the sight. My daughter was sucking me off, her lips playing all over my cock as she kept trying to deep throat my thick eight inches, while her hands held her cute ass open.

I looked over to my wife, her eyes locked on the scene before her, as Marci’s head bobbed up and down on my cock. “Brittany, I want you to lick our daughter’s asshole. Get it really wet, lube it with your tongue, but do not dare to push your tongue into her ass. The good little slut has kept that for me, and I’m going to take it”. She obediently got into position, her face leaning down. Our eyes locked over Marci’s back, a mischievous grin crossed her face before her tongue slips from between her lips. She leaned forward, and Marci’s reaction told me that my wife did exactly as I told her. Marci froze, her whole body seized from the unusual experience. Her head stopped, my cock lodged halfway in her mouth, as her blue eyes widened from the sensation.
“Keep going slut”, I said quietly, holding her head, guiding it to keep her sucking efforts going, “Mommy’s making your asshole ready, while you make my cock ready. I’m taking your anal virginity. Rather, you’re going to give it to me. You’re going to lower you body on to me, impaling yourself as I look in your eyes, and watch your face as you violate yourself”. I was worked up from what I just said, and with her skilled lips, I wasn’t going to last long. I need to cum, but not in her mouth.

“Stand up”, I ordered my daughter. She reluctantly pulled her face off my cock, and stood. Her hands were still behind her back, still holding her ass open, as my wife kept licking. “You’re going to have to hope mommy did a good job”, I said. “Straddle my legs”, she instantly complied. I couldn’t help but stare at her shaved mound, marveling at the youthful beauty, her lips slightly opened and gleaming with wetness as her legs were parted around mine. Her smallish tits heaving with excitement. She knew what was coming next, as I grabbed her hips. “Slut”, I spoke to Brittany, “hold my cock upwards, and hold her ass open. You’re going to help me fuck this cunt’s ass”, I proclaimed.

I saw my wife’s hands reaching between our daughter’s legs, and felt her take my cock in her hand, pointing it upright, the tip of it running against the glistening lips of the smooth mound I was just admiring. Marci obediently leaned forward, helping to angle my cock to her asshole. And with Brittany to guide her, I felt the tip pushing at my daughter’s rosebud. Marci bent her knees slightly, the tip of my thick cock struggling to penetrate her tiny ass. Her eyes closed tightly with the sensation of her virginity being played with. “Open your eyes”, I ordered. I wanted to see the exquisite look on her face as I violated her. Her blue eyes were almost aflame as her hips lowered more, trying to impale herself on me. As much as I wanted to be inside of her, she wanted it more.

And as her hips came closer to mine, I was granted the look I had been craving. And until the day I die, I will never forget the look on my daughter’s face as the tip of my cock slid into her. With effort, she kept her eyes lock on mine, wider than I had ever known possible. Her mouth fell open, a silent scream echoing endlessly in the living room. Her whole body tensed, the effort nearly pushing me from her tight ass. After a moment of suspended animation, she found her voice, giving her breathless scream a sound. “Oooooww!”

“Shhhh”, I ordered, trying to keep her quiet as the tip of my cock painfully stretched her tiny ass further than anything she could have imagined. “This is the gift you gave to me”, I stated. “And you’re going to be happy that daddy has accepted your gift. You’re going to take all of daddy’s cock into your ass tonight. Is that clear?”

“Yes daddy. Please push all of you beautiful cock into your little slut-girl. Use my ass however you wish, as it, as well as my whole body, is yours”, she said through gritted teeth, as her eyes glazed over, ready to cry from the pain.

I held her hips tighter, and pulled her down. Another inch slipped past her tight rosebud. She gasped at the intrusion, as tears fell from her eyes. I had to admire her training: She never once yelled out, or broke eye contact. She then lowered herself, taking another inch, and another gasp from her lips. She bit down on her lower lip, likely to keep herself quiet, and partially to give her another type of pain to concentrate on, as her hips came closer to mine.

I wasn’t even halfway into my daughter, as it was just too tight. I felt her sphincter clenching tightly, then loosen. She knew that relaxing would make this much easier, but her reflexes were against her.

“Relax”, I whispered to my daughter. I gripped her hips tightly, as she knew what was about to come. “Slut”, I called for Brittany, who had been watching first hand my thick cock penetrating our daughter. “I want you to spit on my cock, really lube it up, then kiss Marci again, hold her head to yours”. I felt the gob of saliva hit my cock, then her hand work it up and down my shaft, coating every inch possible, especially around the area where it . And as she came into view from behind her, I still held my eyes on Marci, “You may scream”, I decided to give her that allowance, “but I will reward you if you don’t”.

I gave her no time to think about it. Just as the mother and daughter began their sensual kiss, Brittany holding her head, I grabbed her hips, and thrust my hips upwards for all I was worth. The final four inches pushed violently into Marci’s sixteen year old virgin ass, all in one stroke. It was actually painful for me, being held so tightly by my daughter’s ass, every muscle in her body wanting to push me out, while her mind fought against those instincts, trying to be a good slut for her master. I was most impressed that she didn’t yell, though I imagine that it was because her voice failed her. She couldn’t scream because her lungs had no air.

We stayed like that, my cock buried deeply into Marci’s ass, as my wife held her head, kissing her passionately, using as much of her mouth to comfort the teen. I felt each gasp of air she took, each time her ass would contract around my embedded cock. “You did really well, slut”, I praised her. “Now for your reward. I was going to brutally fuck your ass, but now I’m just going to cum inside it”. With effort, I slipped an inch from her. Just as she gasped at the intrusion, she gasped as my cock was slowly removed. But I didn’t want to pull out. I wanted to cum inside my daughter’s ass, truly taking that virginity. I wanted only my tip to remain. So with effort, both on my part not to pull out, and hers, to stop from trying to pull her hips away, I got to where only the tip of my cock was wedged inside of her. “Jack me off”, I said, playfully slapping my wife’s ass. And even as I saw it jiggle, both from the slap, and from her moving between our legs again, I was already making plans to violate her ass.

I şişli escort gazed up at my darling little daughter, her naked body resting on top of me, the expression on her face one of ecstasy. In a few short hours, her every submissive fantasy had come true. She had taken me, her father and master, into her mouth, accepting my cum down her throat. And she had giving me her final virginity, saving herself from even her own fingers. And I took it, exactly as she had wished I would, by using her body for my pleasure.

I felt Brittany’s hand on my cock, a coolness flooding over my exposed skin, as her hands were slick with her saliva. And she worked her hand up and down, building my orgasm with each stroke. I couldn’t help but to move myself inside of our daughter, working slowly and gently in and out of her ass. Before, I had wanted to take her ass. Now, I just wanted the sensation of stroking myself inside her. Soon, Brittany’s efforts became too powerful to ignore. Her hand became faster, sliding up and down my shaft from my balls to the top where it was inserted into our daughter. I started breathing heavy, just as this nubile girl started to succumb to the sensations she was feeling. I gripped her hips, my fingers leaving reddened marks across her sun-touched skin. I was resisting the overwhelming urge to pull her down, to deposit all my cum as deep within her as I could. “I’m cumming”, I yelled out, as my orgasm envelopes me. A small push of my hips, and I feel myself release a torrent of milky cum inside my daughter’s ass. Each spurt filling me with more and more ecstasy, as I hear Marci moaning.

I was breathing heavy, my whole body lifting the teenager up and down on my chest. I looked up at her, into her deep blue eyes, still glazed with tears. She was happy, happy that I was able to use her body to cum again. “Do you like the taste of my cum”, I asked through struggling breath.

“Yes daddy, your cum is the best I have ever tasted”, she beamed.

“Brittany”, I started, a deviant idea crossing my mind. “Put your lips on her ass as I pull out”. And once I felt her lips in place, I slowly slid from our daughter’s ass. As to be expected, my cum came gushing out, filling my wife’s mouth.

Still heaving, I gave more direction to both of my sluts, “Kiss again. Just like before, I want to see my cum filling our daughter’s mouth”. I felt my cock twitch as I said this. I knew it was going to take some time before I was ready to go, but this was definitely helping me recharge. Brittany wasted no time returning to Marci’s lips. I could see her tongue sensuously moving as the two shared their incestuous kiss, my wife pushing my cum into her mouth. Once done, they parted. I saw my cum glistening from Brittany’s lips, cheeks, and chin. And I saw Marci, her mouth hanging open, filled with cum that was in her own ass just moments ago. “Swallow”, I commanded, again our eyes not breaking from each other. Her jaw closed slowly, a smile pulling at her lips. With her mouth closed, she swallowed hard, taking as much of my cum into her stomach as she could. Another swallow, and more of my cum slid down her throat. She opened her mouth, proudly displaying her empty mouth to me.

“Sluts, get back to your knees, Brittany directly in front of me”, I said. The pair quickly assumed the submissive position, on their knees but not leaning back on their heels, and the hands gripping their arms behind their backs. “Marci, lean forward, on your hands and knees, ass in the air”, she obediently took the new position. I marveled at her chest again, gravity making them sway slightly with each breath she took. “Brittany, you’re going to slide a finger into her ass, and another finger into your own ass. I want your finger to be moving around, exploring both your tight little asses”. She leaned forward, using her left hand to violate herself, and her right for our daughter. “Now, you’re going to clean our daughter’s ass off my cock”, I commanded. “And be very thorough…It’s going into her pussy next”.

I heard Marci moaning, clearly excited at the prospect of receiving my cum in her womb, but also still sore as her mother’s finger played with her sensitive rosebud. And Brittany was doing her part, her tongue bathing my semi-hard cock with her saliva. Her tongue dragged across my manhood, her talents trying to clean my remaining cum from my cock, while also attempting to revitalize my erection. It was as if she were worshiping me, with her talented and devoted tongue.

After about ten minutes of her attention, I pulled my wife’s face from my now hard cock, her efforts having the desired effect. “Stand up, both of you”, I said quietly, as the two obeyed. I took a moment to compare the two beauties in front of me. My wife of sixteen years was a good foot taller, had paler skin, and had larger tits, a good cup size larger. She kept her own mound shaved clean, and I could see the cleft between her legs glistening slightly in the dim light. I realized that tonight, she’s had to listen to every dirty thing Marci and I talked about, and heard me cum in her mouth, then retell her own first encounter with our daughter. All of that was clearly exciting, but she hadn’t even had a chance to play with herself. “Do you want to cum, slut?”

“This cunt does not own this body, and cannot use it for her own pleasure. Only her Master can grant me pleasure”, Brittany recited one the tenets of being a slave.

I considered her answer, and looked over our daughter. Marci was athletic, toned, in great physical shape. I wondered if she really did go to soccer practice. Her breasts were noticeably smaller, only a B cup, and she sported an all-around tan, no tan lines to mar her flesh. Her mound was just as shaved, and I saw the dampness between her thighs, comprised of her own wetness, and some of my cum that oozed from her ass. “Come here, and give your master a kiss”, I ordered. I knew that the moment her lips touched mine and our mouths opened to explore each others, I would taste my own cum, the residue that held to her sensuous breath, but I didn’t care at that moment. I wanted to share a forbidden kiss with my daughter.

She straddled me again, the lips of her pussy spreading to display her womanhood to me, the aroma of her cunt assaulting my nose in the moments before her body fell unto mine, and her lips pressed against mine. She kissed just like her mother, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, eager to flick across the tip of mine. And I tasted the cum still on her lips, and still on her tongue. The bitter-sweet saltiness overpowering any other taste I had. A naughty power crashed over me like a wave, as I was tasting my cum in my daughter’s kiss.

“Slide down, slut”, I ordered, her lips breaking from mind, as she slid her sweaty body down, the fold of her slick pussy caressing my cock. “Brittany, help our little girl take daddy”, I said. Again, I felt her hand holding my cock, as she angled it up, ready to insert it in our daughter. Marci slid down just a bit more, and I slipped inside her cunt with easy. The feeling was amazing, much tighter than I remembered. mecidiyeköy escort Still, I realized that I had penetrated her before, the afternoon a week ago when she had been some random whore on the other side of a glory hole. And I pushed forward, my cock stretching Marci’s lips around my invading cock.

Then I hit it: The tip of my cock came to a hard stop against my daughter’s hymen. I was amazed, knowing full well that I had cum in her cunt that day a week ago. Brittany just smiled, knowing what I was thinking. “I’m sorry to deceive you master”, she started, answering my unspoken question, “But while it was Marci’s mouth that day at the bookstore”, she smiled a knowing grin, “It was this cunt”, she trailed a hand down her body, to part the lips of her pussy. “We both worked very hard to preserve her virginity just for you”.

I smiled, warmed by the knowledge they had preserved this surprise. “And for your efforts, you will be rewarded. While I accept Marci’s virginity, you are to watch your daughter being deflowered as you play with yourself. You may cum, but only after we do. Is that clear slut?”

“Oh yes master, thank you master”, she knelt, spreading her legs apart, getting a good view of my cock taking our daughter’s virginity. Her musty aroma mingled with that of our daughter’s in my nose, my cock now painfully throbbing with my accelerated heartbeat, poking and the delicate membrane of our daughter’s womanhood.

“And you”, I spoke softly into her ear, “I have two rewards for preserving both of your virginities for me. First, I grant you permission to cum. You may cum as loudly and as hard as you wish, whenever you wish”, she smiled, as If I had just granted her the greatest wish anyone could receive. “And second”, my lips leaned forward to touch her ear as I barely spoke. It was only a few words, before her eyes turned to me, her whole face lighting up like the little girl I saw on Christmas mornings. My arms wrapped around her, holding her in place as my hips pushed forward. Again, I felt the resistance of her hymen, but I could not be stopped. With effort, I tore my daughter’s maidenhood, making her a woman. My cock slid further in, determined not to stop until her tight little pussy held my full eight inches. Her eyes teared, the blissful pain of losing her virginity overwhelming her.

I slid myself further inside my daughter. Inch after inch invaded her virgin pussy. I felt the resistances as her young body struggled to accommodate my size. The walls of her cunt gripped me tightly, almost as if to stop its insertion. I went as slowly as I could: A girls virginity was something not to be rushed. Once I felt I had a good portion of myself inside her throbbing pussy, I pulled outward. She exhaled sharply as my cock slid out of her. I pulled out until just the tip was still inside. I gripped her body tightly again, as I pushed my hips into hers, my cock sliding further in, well lubricated by her own wetness, and by her virginal blood. “I’m going to fuck you now”, I warned, still holding her body in my hands. I pulled my cock out of her slowly, before I pushed in again. I repeated this motion, again and again, each time pushing more of my thick cock into her tight pussy. Each stroke became faster, and harder, thrusting inside of my daughter with more and more force, force my whole eight inches into her young body with each stroke.

Marci’s pain must have subsided, as her mouth hung open, grunting in pleasure each time my hips pushed into her, and moaning as my cock withdrew. Her breathing grew rapid, desperate for air, as her body stared to convulse on top of me. I could tell she was close to cumming.

I continued, stroking my cock within the velvety folds of her tight pussy, sliding in and out of my daughter. The sensation was having an obvious effect on me as well, my own breathing becoming ragged and labored. I was going to cum very soon.

Marci’s climax happened first, as she screamed. There were no words, just sounds of the ultimate pleasure as her first vaginal orgasm rocked her lithe body. Her cunt gripped my like a slick vice, still allowing me to move, but not allowing me to leave. Which was fine with me, as I had no intentions of leaving the sensation that was welling up from around my cock. My daughter was using her pussy to make me cum, and that sensation was unbelievable.

My orgasm was only moments afterwards, as I held her body tightly, almost afraid I was hurting her. My hips thrust into her body with a great push forward, flooding her with my cum, as each grunt I made poured more cum into her pussy, while also trying to push more of my cock even further into her virgin cunt.

I held my daughter tightly as we both started coming down. Our lungs fighting for the same air, as we both heaved uncontrollably. My cock still buried in her pussy, as I could still fill my cum oozing out from the tip, still depositing my seed in my little girl.

I was so wrapped up in the afterglow, the bliss following our mutual climax, that I had forgotten all about Brittany, as her expert fingers rubbed at her clit, bringing herself closer and closer to her own orgasm. She came with a force I had never noted before, as she let loose a stream of cum, squirting at the ground at my feet. Another jet slipped from her cunt, splashing her own thighs was her juice, and another that her hand deflected to fall on the carpet in the living room.

Brittany was oblivious to me. All I cared about at that moment was the submissive slut that was heaving uncontrollably against my chest. Her blue eyes looked up at me, a smile that only a woman in post-coitus bliss could have crossed her sultry lips.

“What was the second gift”, Brittany asked, recovering from her orgasm faster than her daughter or I. “Master”, she amended, remembering her place as a submissive slut.

“Tell her, cum-slut”, I ordered the little, sixteen year old girl lying naked on my chest.

She smiled, “Daddy granted me the reward of being a mommy”.


Marci became pregnant after that night. We don’t know if it was exactly that night, or anytime for two weeks after, as I couldn’t stop myself from taking advantage of her body. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, her sister and her daughter, Marie. Her breast swelled with the pregnancy, giving her 42D tits, which haven’t diminished after the birth. And I enjoyed breastfeeding so much, I had her take the pills that make her lactate all the time. Her milk in my coffee, or in my cereal after a weekend without milking became an erotic treat. But so it’s fair, I cum in her coffee too, so she can have an erotic treat too.

After playing with Marci’s large tits, I made Brittany get implants, expanding her chest to a whopping 48E, a marked improvement over her regular C cups. And she remained my submissive slut, even after the initial week she said she would give me.

And it didn’t take long before our fourteen year old son Cody discovered what was really happening between his sister, his mom, and me. To ensure his silence, I allowed him to borrow his mom any time he wanted. After that, I didn’t get to play with her much, as she was tied to his bed most days. I should have known not to give a horny teen his own cum-slut.

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Cock Worshipper – Part 1

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First of all, I’m not the best writer, so please forgive me if this isn’t written much like a “story” with a lot of dialogue, but more descriptions of my experiences. Still, I hope you enjoy reading about them. Note that they are all my true experiences! Fee free to comment!

I’m a 36 year old white male who has been an avid cock worshipper since the age of twelve. I’ve taken on both the active and passive roles with men. I was even raped by a man once, but have masturbated to the memory of it ever since. To me, the male being is the most fantastic of all creation. I glorify every aspect of the male being. Cock is something I crave almost every minute of every day. I have pleasured well over 500 males from age twelve to the present time. There are times when I would have sex with up to 10 men in one night, with the help of my vehicle and sense of adventure.

I grew up in South San Francisco, just outside of the city, on the Peninsula.

I started jacking-off at the age of 11 and couldn’t get enough. I looked forward to going to bed every night so I could fantasize about boys at school and stroke my young prick. I’d also found my parents’ book by Penthouse called “The Sensuous Couple”, where I’d marvel at the descriptions on performing fellatio and stroke myself.

When I was 12, I would go over my friend Chris’ house after school. His mom would still be at work and he and I would jack-off in front of each other. But it didn’t take long until Chris got me to suck his cock. He knew about it from the porn mags of his dad’s he’d found while visiting him on weekends. I liked sucking cock from that first time. I liked the way it tasted and the way Chris would push my head down on his dick. How he got me to swallow his cum. He too sucked my dick, but preferred for me to suck his. He eventually got me to take his cock up my ass and I’ll say that it hurt like hell the first few times, but I continued to let him do it. He was very nasty for a boy of the same age. Chris and I continued having sex for two years while we were in junior high school together, Ankara bayan escort before we were separated by going to different high schools and lost touch. Chris had me suck his cock anytime it was possible. After school at his mom’s house, during weekend stay-overs at his dad’s, behind some bushes by some old train tracks.

The train tracks was where I found a playing card where the image on the back of the card (An 8 of Spades) of a man with a huge cock sitting in a wicker chair being sucked off by a woman and there was a small logo on the card that said “Swedish Erotica”. I kept the card in my wallet after I found it and jerked-off to it whenever I was alone. I had that card for a long time before it eventually was lost.

When I was 14, my parents would let me stay by myself for weekends while they’d go on trips and I would call places in the yellow pages at night, like 24 hour plumbing services, disguising my voice as a girl’s and getting the guy working alone to talk dirty. I’d jack-off listening to him talking dirty and I’d say anything nasty that came to mind. It actually worked and I’d call anywhere at night where I knew there would be a man working alone, like service stations. I also visited my cousin Kurt one weekend who was 17 at the time and he got me stoned and then he asked me if I was gay. I told him I was and then asked if I could give him a blowjob. He was reluctant at first, but after about 15 minutes of me nearly begging and I noticed the boner in his sweatpants, he took me down into the garage and let me blow him. He had a short, fat cock and he literally fucked my mouth, making me gag a little and pumped his cum into my mouth for me to swallow.

At 15, I started sneaking out my bedroom window at night and walking down the street to where there was a little town centre which closed up early, with the exception of a bar. I’d sit by the payphone by the grocery store which was closed at night and hope for a man to come out of the bar after a few drinks, open to letting me give him head. I admit, this didn’t work too much of the time, however, Escort bayan Ankara on one occasion a man came out of the bar, walked past me and was curious as to why I was sitting alone. He was in his 40’s and had a mustache and wore a flannel, t-shirt and jeans. He’d obviously had a few drinks, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t easily scared and was oblivious to the fact that there could be danger involved. Or maybe that’s what excited me. In any case, I flirted as best I could for a boy of 15 and he caught on very quickly. So, I came right out and asked if he wanted a blowjob. He was all for it and we ended up going to a dark parking garage over an apartment building still being built with no residents yet. I knelt down on the dirty pavement in the dark garage and he stood against the wall, unzipped his fly and I began sucking him off. He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey and he moaned with pleasure and I nursed his dick. It wasn’t long before he held my head and pumped his cum down my throat. I was feeling euphoric from the experience. Then, we bid each other a good night and he went on h is way while went home to sneak back in.

Another time when I snuck out at night, I walked by the coin laundry in the town centre and found the janitor cleaning up. He was latino in his late 30’s or so. I stopped by the open door and talked to him casually. At first, he didn’t know what to make of me, but I flirted and asked him if he wanted “anything”. He paused for a moment and then had me come in. He locked the door and escorted me to the storage room in back where he shut the door, unzipped his jeans and sat down in a plastic orange chair and had me kneel before him and suck his uncut cock. He was forceful as he pushed my head down repeatedly on him, making me gag and he’d say “deeper…deeper!” Soon, he pushed my head down, again making me gag as he pumped cum down my throat. While his roughness was different and unusual to me, I quite enjoyed it. It was the only time I ever happened to be down there at the same time as he was cleaning up, but it was a good memory.

Still Bayan escort Ankara at the age of 15, I remember telling my parents one weekend that I was going to the mall, but I took several buses into the city and going to San Francisco’s Castro District. When I got there, it seemed like a gay wonderland to me. I sat on the corner of Market and Castro Streets looking at men passing by for hours, wondering if someone would start talking to me. However, that day there was no luck and looking back I think the men saw me as jail bait and kept on walking. I had no clue at the time that there were laws about having sex with someone under 18.

A lot more happened by the time I was 16. I had a friend Jason who hung around this 13 year old kid, Mike who lived around the corner from me. After meeting Mike, we hung out from time-to-time. Mike was goofy and liked to pull his dick out of his pants and wave it around. I guess I would too had mine been that big! One time, he said “Hey Mark…wanna suck my dick?” and was laughing and I said “really”? He stopped for a moment and then said “Okay, sure”. So we went into his bedroom at his grandma’s house where he lived and locked the door and he pulled out his cock, which, after I began to suck it, grew up to be 10 1/2 inches long. At 13! It was way too much for my mouth to handle and by that time I hadn’t yet learned to relax my throat. Still, he was enjoying it, except a couple of times where my teeth got involved, which was hard not to have happen considering how fat his Italian cock was! It took forever to get him to cum, too, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t keep going! I gave Mike head several times over the next year whenever it was possible. We didn’t see each other too often, but it was fun when we did. One time, he and I and his other friend Jason (a different Jason) popped a bunch of his grandmother’s pain medication when we stayed over there one weekend night and ended up hallucinating and talking about religion and the meaning of life. Then as morning broke we got into a cake fight and totally messed up his room. Boy, was his grandma pissed! Mike ended up dating a girl friend of mine that I grew up with later on and last I heard he got married and has a kid. Hope he’s doing well.

End of Part 1

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