Holiday Time Off Ch. 04

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This morning was odd, and thoughts of it were taking me away from my tasks around the yard this afternoon. Normally I enjoyed sweeping the pool, I found it relaxing, but trying to accomplish it with two bikini-clad beauties laying a few feet away was anything but relaxing. Not to mention I’d seen both of them naked in the throes of passion not more than a few hours ago.

Keeping my thoughts to myself, I decided that having Tina here was volatile. I was loyal to Ann, but her sister was proving to be as sexual as Ann was; I was struggling to keep my intense libido in check. But again, what happened in my mind and how far I was willing take it with my body were two separate things. I wasn’t about to screw up anything with Ann.

The girls kept chatting all afternoon about who knows what, I tried to distance myself letting the sisters bond once again. It had been along time since they had lived under the same roof, and they both seemed to really enjoy each other’s company this time around. I kept myself busy with the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, and finally hosing off the patio and other furniture.

The girls had stayed outside nearly all afternoon, they left for the warm indoors as the sun began to set and the temperature cooled off. By the time I made it inside, they had dinner nearly ready, and after I cleaned up, it was on the table.

We chatted idly during dinner; Tina was starting her classes in a couple weeks and was a little nervous as this was finally her last semester before obtaining her degree. It was good that she was turning her life around, and nice that Ann and I were able to help her through it. After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, washing and drying the dishes by hand as the girls chatted more by the fire pit outside.

After the kitchen was cleaned up I joined them with three classes of sparkling cider, Ann and I gave each other a glace of mutual sympathy to our new life with Tina, our home totally alcohol free, there were adjustments for everyone. Shortly after I sat down, Tina excused herself, stating she was tired, and she headed for the house.

I watched her head into the house. Her tight little bottom stretching the fabric of her silk pajamas, who worked to frame her ass perfectly as it gently jiggled into the kitchen. Her ass was perfectly shaped just like Ann’s, just a little tiny bit smaller. My cock responded lightly with a gently throb in my pants, repositioning itself just slightly.

Turning to Ann she looked at me over her glass. “You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about Tina’s development as she puts her life back in order,” she said.

This was obviously leading somewhere. “Okay,” I responded to let her continue.

“She’s been drug and alcohol free since she got out of rehab a few months ago. That makes over two years bursa escort for her.” She remarked, “she’s got a job, that’s an important self esteem and confidence builder. With only one semester left, she’s finally going to obtain her goal of having a college degree. I doubt after that happens she’ll be here very long and there’s one important lesson she needs to learn before then that none of those other things provide.”

Now she was peaking my curiosity. “What’s that one thing?”

“Love.” Ann waited for my response, she didn’t get one. “Never in Tina’s life has she dated a ‘winner’ she’s always dated the ‘bad boys’ with bad habits and usually treated her like shit. In high school, while I was dating the good mannered jocks, she was hanging with the drop outs and stoners. In college, when I became more selective about who I dated, she seemed to fuck any guy who’d buy her a drink. I think she’s got a self esteem issue that relates to dating losers her whole life. She doesn’t know how to act in a relationship based on trust and respect, only lust and selfishness.”

“Okay, I can see that, how do you propose we help her with that lesson?” I was jumping to the solution as usual.

“Got any twin brothers?” She jokingly asked. She knew the answer.

“Seriously, you know I don’t have any twin brothers and my ‘good’ friends are already married,” I said wanting to ground the conversation.

“Okay, seriously…” she scooted over closer to me on the bench. “I think she needs to truly feel someone taking care of her, protecting her, respecting her, and loving her.”

She paused.

“She responds to you, she trusts you; the way she speaks of you, and she told me today, she’s incredibly jealous of me and the relationship you and I have.”

“Where exactly is this going baby?” I asked looking at her now cautiously.

Without breaking eye contact, she started. “I want you two to spend some time together, let her really get to know what makes you tick. I want her to see how you treat her, and how wonderful you are, so she can learn on her own what a good man is all about. Then maybe someday she’ll have the knowledge to get one for herself.”

This was a lot to take in, but I tried my best. “With all due respect to what you just said, I don’t know if I can handle that. I mean, one big aspect here can ruin this for all of us, and frankly, let me lay it out there for you; I’m incredibly attracted to Tina. Any guy would be, but she’s a lot like you, and apparently very sexual as well. You know my sex drive, and I don’t know if I can handle increased time with her alone without eventually giving in to my own momentary carnal needs. I fear that one day she’s going to get me at the wrong time and place, and I’m going to end up doing something to hurt you.”

“Not if bursa escort bayan I gave you permission.” She stated not blinking or breaking eye contact.

“Are you giving me permission to fuck your sister?” I asked breathlessly.

“I’m not saying I want you to run inside and plunder her right now! That’s why I’m around, and I want you to plunder me!” She smiled and continued, “But she needs to feel what a real relationship is like, and right now, I’m okay sharing you with her if it teaches her something and gets her back on the right path. If that means during the course of your relationship growth that you two have sex, I am totally okay with that. I know you love me, and I’m going to be here forever.”

Holy Shit! My wife has just told me she’d like to help her sister by sharing me with her! This couldn’t be real. I can’t jump onto this wagon too quickly or she’ll get pissed anyway, I have to think logically here and be patient. Trying my best not to smile like a little kid on Christmas, I tried to respond.

“So, to clarify, you want me to spend more time with Tina, teaching by example what a good relationship is like, and if that leads to sex, you are totally, 100% comfortable with me having sex with your sister?”

“In a word,” she paused, “yes,” then pausing again “…but the ‘one night at a time’ house rule applies to you too,” she added.

“Wow, Ann.” Was the only thing I could utter.

She stood up and faced me, placing herself between me and the fire. She was wearing a silk, button down long sleeve pajama top, red, with a heavy accent of Asian influence. She unbuttoned the top three buttons and pulled it over her shoulders letting it fall to the ground. She stood before me now, her naked body illuminated by the fire behind her.

My cock throbbed hard now looking at her naked body. Her perfect, supple and perky breasts, topped with those sweet little pink nipples, the way her rib cage curved into her flat stomach and how her hips gave way to her shaven pussy, joining two very well toned legs. My cock stiffened in my jeans, painfully straining against the harsh denim.

She sat in my lap, straddling me. “I trust you stud, I know we are here together forever, and nothing will ever break us apart.”

My mind was still racing by what just happened. She’d done some pretty amazing things in our time together, even most recently bringing another woman into our bed. But this was different; this was closer, more personal. She wanted me to embark on a relationship with her sister that somewhat mirrored our own, and if it went that far, something told me it was going to lead to some unbelievable sex with Tina.

Ann began grinding her bare pussy against my strained cock through my jeans. She whispered into my ear, “now fuck me you big stud, before escort bursa I change my mind.” She reached down and unzipped my jeans, her tiny hand reached inside for what she was after and fished my cock out. She kneeled up a little higher, and placed my head at her entrance, gently pushing her pussy lips aside.

She was soaked, and I was leaking precum already; her juices immediately began to run down the length of my shaft, and I slid in easily as she set her hips down on top of me. She began rocking back and forth on my hard rod, gently grinding herself into me. She arched her back and brought her breasts to my mouth, she alternated them into my mouth, allowing me to suckle each nipple gently as she rode my hard mast deep inside her.

She repositioned her legs so she was balanced on her feet now, taking me in deep. She grabbed the back of the bench for leverage and began pistoning herself onto my cock. The cooler air and her hot pussy were sending me into orbit. She felt incredible, and suddenly her pussy clamped down on my dick. She came softly, a moan escaping her lips moist lips.

Our bodies only touched where we were joined, it was a unique feeling. She lifted her body up and down along my shaft, and all my senses were down to the feeling along my rigid cock. She felt the same, only touching me from the inside where my stiff prick massaged the walls of her vagina, gently stretching them, and pressing my hard, warm flesh into her.

She picked up her pace, and began most forcefully impaling her tight little cunt on my throbbing pole. I was getting closer, and the feeling of wanting to cum overwhelmed me. Just then she tightly sealed me inside her by slamming down on my cock, her pussy clamped down tight and she stiffened in my lap. She bit her bottom lip as her body tightened and began to shudder. Her pussy convulsed over my cock, sending into my own eruptions. I blasted her insides with my warm juice, pumping stream after stream deep within her wet cavern. She pulsated on me, her fuck muscles clenching and releasing my rod, emptying my balls of their heavy load.

When we were both spent, she stood up, and reached for her pajama shirt. I could see in the firelight, a huge globe of our mixed juices leave her tight fold, and begin to run down her leg. She slipped on her shirt and headed for the house with me in tow.

Silently we crossed the hardwood floors and ascended the stairs to the bedroom. As we passed Tina’s door, I wondered what the future would have in store for the two of us. It was going to be different around here starting tomorrow, we’d just have to see if it was going to work or not. I wanted to help Tina and Ann through this, and let’s face it, I think this was going to be pretty damn enjoyable. Ann and I reached the bedroom and slipped into bed. I wrapped my arm over her and held her close to me, our warm bodies pressed against each other softly. We fell asleep quickly without another word to each other, both of us drained emotionally and physically from our interesting day.

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Everything Has A Price

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August Ames

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Simon, I am in my early fifties, medium height, deep blue eyes and my only downfall is my stomach which I am afraid to say has fallen foul of the dreaded mid-life paunch disease or as some would say the good life. I have a very good job as a manager of a leisure centre earning around £50k a year with bonuses.

I have on average fifty staff under my control and as many managers will tell you apart from running the place you also have to be a social worker. You can guarantee that at least one of the staff each week will have a problem of some kind, it can range from being evicted to boyfriend troubles.

This week was no different one of my staff had asked to see me, as she needed some independent advice on something that was troubling her.

Sarah entered my office and I waved to her to sit down, she looked nervous and deep in thought as she sat her extremely sexy body into the chair. Sarah had medium length blonde hair, hypnotic brown eyes, legs that went all the way up to her ass and tits that I could only dream about. It was times like this that I wished I were thirty years younger as this voluptuous woman of twenty-three sat before me.

“Simon I have a predicament and I don’t know what to do about it. My ex-boyfriend wants to have sex with me, actually he wants to pay to have sex with me and I do need the money for my holiday and I really don’t know what to do,” she said not lifting her gaze from the floor.

“Firstly you have to consider the worst scenario, what if he tells your husband or even if he finds out, your marriage could be destroyed. Second question I assume that when you two were going out together that you had sex, so it’s not like you have never done it with him before, only difference is that he wants you and is willing to pay for the pleasure,” I said while disbelieving that I was having this conversation.

“Well yes and no. He is offering me £100 but he wants a blowjob and for me to swallow and he also wants to do me up the ass and I find both of those things revolting.”

“You have answered your own question, you don’t want to do these things so your answer to him is no. On the other hand look at it from his perspective, he wants ulus escort to pay to do things that he probably fantasises about and any man in the same position would make the same demands if he was paying.”

Sarah sat in silence while my points mulled around in her head, as she sat there my eyes kept straying towards her tits and the thought of paying for sex with her was beginning to turn me on. Eventually she looked towards me, smiled and thanked me for the advice and left.

It was over a week later that once more she asked to speak with me. She told me she had done the deed but didn’t swallow and certainly didn’t let him take her up the ass, but he had also only given her half the money and she was still in financial trouble. My mind was in turmoil, the thought of paying was really getting to me and I was tempted to see how far she would go for money.

“Is there any chance that the company could give me a loan,” she pleaded.

My answer was in the negative but as every second passed my brain was dropping lower and lower until it arrived in my trousers.

“Could you give me a loan, just £100 would be enough I promise I’ll pay you back over the next four weeks,” She pleaded once again.

“I’m sorry I’ve been stung enough times already, I just don’t lend money anymore,” I replied.

“The air conditioning was all that could be heard as once more Sarah sat silently, her gaze went from the floor to the ceiling to me and back to the floor.

“You want to fuck me,” she blurted out.

I was surprised by her remark, “I don’t think that would be a professional thing to do, do you?” I replied even though I was very tempted and getting extremely horny at the thought.

I told her to wait as I left the room and went to the ATM to withdraw some money, I was going to lend her the money against my better judgement.

“There you go,” I said as I threw the money on the table.

Sarah stood up and began to unbutton her blouse, for a split second I was lost for words but by the time I had thought of something to say Sarah’s naked tits were staring me in the face. I knew what was about to happen was wrong but I no longer had control over my own emotions, the pressure in yenimahalle escort my trousers saw to that. As each piece of clothing vanished from her body I could see why her ex was willing to pay, she was a vision of beauty. Seductively she ran her fingers through her pussy lips finishing up licking them clean of her erotic juices. My mouth was watering with desire while my brain screamed at me to stop before I went too far, but I had no control, I was a slave to the feelings of lust that was now consuming my mind.

Sarah glanced down at my growing bulge, her eyes revealed the mischievous thoughts circulating in her head. She dropped to her knees and shuffled forwards as she prised my legs apart and began to free my trapped cock from it’s confines. Without any resistance from me she pulled my trousers and underwear off, her head moved closer until I could feel her warm breath caressing my private parts making it twitch with anticipation. Her tongue made patterns on my balls before engulfing my member deep into her mouth, as she sucked and chewed on my cock her hands were deftly unbuttoning my shirt until I to was naked and at her mercy.

Her long nails carved thin white lines across my nipples and down my chest bringing me ever closer to release as I felt my balls tightening. She stood up and manoeuvred my legs together, I knew I shouldn’t be allowing her to do this but the tension throbbing within my cock had me under total control. Slowly she lowered her body down onto mine, she was sitting on my lap with my cock fully inside her, her pussy muscles clenching me tightly and making it hard for me to control myself. Raising and lowering herself Sarah rhythmically began fucking me, as I moved closer to climaxing I closed my eyes, my head went back and suddenly the whole world seemed to explode in my head as the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced exploded within me. My arms were grabbed and pulled behind me and as the cold metal brought me back to reality my eyes sprung open to find not only Sarah but her husband as well, why oh why didn’t I lock the door was the first thought to enter my mind. Sarah moved away and started to get dressed, I tried to stand up but Ray had his hands pressing down on my shoulders.

“What the fuck’s going on,” I muttered with a hint of fear in my voice.

Ray said nothing as he tied the handcuffs to the rear of the chair, I was confused and my mind was numb with the precarious position I had allowed myself to get into.

Ray moved to the front of me and pushed the chair back further, I don’t know if it was the fact that he had caught me with his wife or being tied naked to a chair with a man looking at me that was causing me to tremble, either way I knew I was in trouble.

Ray fumbled in his bag and produced a camera that he sat upon a tripod facing directly at me, next he hung a sign around my neck that said ‘Adulterer’ and then he clicked away ensuring that he had plenty of pictures of me in this embarrassing position.

Sarah sat on the table in front of me and speaking slowly she said, “each week you will pay me twenty hours overtime, if you don’t these pictures will be sent to your boss and your wife, do you understand.”

“Why, what did I ever do to hurt you,” I said pleading for an answer.

“I was sick and tired of your sexual innuendo’s, you’ve been trying to get into my knickers for the past six months and then you add insult to injury by giving me money and treating me like a whore,” she replied bitterly.

“But you fucked me” I started to say as I felt the full force of Ray’s hand on my face.

He packed up his belongings and they both left leaving me naked and vulnerable, the sweat poured down my face not knowing who would be first to come to my office and see me like this. I didn’t have to wait too long as my assistant manager walked in and I could tell by his face that he wanted to laugh at my predicament.

“Well boss looks like you have a problem,” he said with a snicker.

He walked over to me and sat on the desk, without any warning his hand swiped my balls bringing tears to my eyes at the excruciating pain, “that’s for making me work all over Christmas and giving me a bad appraisal.”

He got his mobile phone out of his pocket and took a couple of pictures of me, “that’s to make sure my life gets easier in the future.”

Once again he slapped my balls causing me even greater pain before releasing me. The next day I resigned there was no way anyone was going to blackmail me, two weeks later I received an email with a URL attached, I may have left but my pictures were plastered on the internet for all to see.

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Dean , Lily – Gentle Dominance

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Dean gave the door a quick knock before entering. He was a little early, but Lily was usually waiting by the time he arrived. He was surprised to not find her in the room. He checked his watch impatiently and sat on the bed, hoping that nothing would make her late.

They’d both been busy today, but they’d still made a point to steal what contact they could as they passed one another in the office. A soft touch here. A sneaked kiss there. Thousands of smiles filled with hidden promises. It had been difficult for him to concentrate, but somehow he had managed to stop thinking of her long, shapely neck just enough to get his work done. One of these days their interoffice playing would get them in trouble, but they didn’t care enough to stop.

Dean shook himself from his reverie and checked his watch again. It had been all of 8 minutes. He wondered how in the world she could managed to wait for him every night. Another two minutes would drive him mad.

Just then, the door opened and in she walked, adorable as ever.

“Hello, Lily.”

“Well, hi there,” she replied and crossed the room to glance out the window at the darkening sky, paying him no special attention. “Someone came early.”

She couldn’t help but grin once she had her back to him. It always made her happy to get a little extra time with Dean, but she hated letting him know that. His arrogance, no matter how playful, didn’t need encouragement.

Dean smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I’m a little early. Is that a problem?” His tone made it clear that he knew it was anything but, which sparked Lily’s pride.

She turned to face him and pointed to the door. “It’s such a problem, you should probably just go.”

Dean just smiled and shrugged before rising from the bed to move to the door. When his hand closed around the doorknob, he locked the door instead of leaving.

“I’d rather not.”

Lily’s eyes widened in surprise for an instant until her pride caused them to flare just a little.

“Oh?” was all she could manage in reply.

“No.” The word was final, leaving no room for discussion.

Dean turned from the door and slowly crossed the room to her, invading her space one slow, purposeful step at a time. Lily’s perfect skin flushed and she stumbled back a few steps toward the wall, causing one corner of Dean’s mouth to lift in a crooked grin as he ambled after her, stalking his prey.

“I’m rather intent on staying right here,” he continued.

He loomed over her, fingertips barely brushing her inner wrists, and she took another step back with a nervous stammer.

“O… Oh…” Lily’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that tone of voice all too well. She took another step back and Dean followed, guiding her until she reached the corner and could escape no further.

“Going somewhere?” he teased and moved in close, tenderly taking her left wrist in his right hand and gently lifting it over her head to pin it against the wall, eliciting a soft sound from Lily. He held her there and gazed into her eyes for a moment, and her heart skipped another beat. Her eyes widened as he lowered his face to her sensitive neck and his warm breath washed over her skin. She tensed, barely able to breathe, much less fashion a coherent response to his question.

“I… I was just… “

Dean reached down to her side and intertwined his fingers with those of her right hand, lifting it to join the other above her head. He leaned closer, his body not quite touching hers, his bearded cheek nuzzling her jawline an instant before his lips brushed over her earlobe.

“Just what?” he whispered.

Lily trembled visibly, shuddering a little more with each passing second, unable to focus on anything but his touch. Her neck was so tender and she ached for more. She mewled softly and tilted her head to the side, opening herself to him.

“Just…,” was all she could manage in reply.

“Just remembering that you’re mine,” he answered for her and lightly pressed his lips to her exposed neck. He loved to kiss her there almost as much as she loved to be kissed, if for no other reason than what he knew it did to the rest of her body. He kept the kiss soft and breathed in her intoxicating scent as she shuddered again and arched a little toward him.

“Yes,” she breathed out softly, eyes wide and slightly glazed. She bit her lower lip at the confession and flushed even more.

Dean smiled and traced his fingertips down her left arm to caress her cheek, raising up to loom over her and stare down into her dark, beautiful ulus escort eyes. “I’ve known since the first moment I touched you, Lily.” His fingertips continued lower, the backs of his nails grazing down her neck. Lily’s breath quickened at his touch, growing heavier and she could only moan in reply.

“You belong to me.” He moved closer to press his lips to her forehead even as his hips pinned hers to the wall. Lily’s entire body shifted and she jerked her hips as his pressed in.

“You are mine,” Dean whispered. “You can’t escape me, Little One.”

Lily’s cheeks burned and she knew that they must be completely red now. Her eyes widened again and she could feel that her pulse hammered visibly in her neck.

Dean swallowed his growing hunger and took a half step back. Lily struggled to breathe as Dean stared down into her eyes and slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the top down, exposing more and more of her skin. Her body tensed with each button and her breasts quivered in anticipation. As the last button slipped free, Dean guided the blouse open to bare Lily’s belly and black lace bra to the cool air.

His eyes never left hers until he took a step back and purposefully dragged his gaze down her body, drinking in the luscious sight. Lily swallowed hard and blushed furiously, the color spreading across her body as she struggled not to cover herself. Dean smiled and nodded in approval as Lily remained still while he looked upon her.

Finally, he stepped forward once more and reached up to take her wrists in his hands again, slowly lowering them to her sides as he leaned in to softly press his lips to hers in the smallest hint of a kiss. Lily shivered lightly as he loomed over her again. She leaned forward to kiss him more deeply, wanting to taste more of him, and she tugged on her wrists, anxious to feel him under her itching fingers.

Dean smiled and leaned away from her kiss, shaking his head and tightening his grip on her wrists, causing Lily to shudder and whimper. The vulnerable sound shifted to a gasp when Dean stepped back once more and spun her around to face the corner. He lifted his hands to her shoulders and guided her blouse down her arms, stopping with it at the small of her back, keeping her wrists bound to her side.

She was helpless, unable to even see him now. She could not touch or taste, only listen and feel what it was like to be the object of his desire.

“I’m in control, Little One,” he whispered and pressed his lips to the bared flesh of her shoulder and neck. A light nip sent her head falling back and she mewled again.

“I want to touch you,” she somehow made out, but instinctively kept her wrists at her side.

Dean continued to kiss her, his lips moving back down her neck and over her shoulder as he dropped the blouse to the floor and lifted her wrists once again.

“Me, first.”

Lily pressed her wrists against the wall and moaned as Dean’s lips moved back and forth over her sensitive skin. She shuddered when he traced back down her arms and sides to stop on her waist. His hands slid around to the front to unbutton and unzip her jeans, causing her eyes to widen again as he casually pushed them over her hips and down to join her blouse on the floor.

“Dean,” she breathed.

He stepped back to eye her again, eager to imprint the sight of her body on his mind. He took special note of the lacy, black boyshorts, silky and tight against curves of her hips and ass. Eyes never leaving that amazing view, Dean reached out and unclasped her bra.

“Turn around, Little One.”

Lily could feel the pounding of her heart and flushed an even deeper red. She turned slowly, keenly aware of how precariously her bra draped over her breasts. So very self-conscious, she nevertheless forced her wide eyes to meet his. Dean looked down into her eyes and met her gaze with a smile. Reaching up to her shoulders, he slowly guided the bra straps down Lily’s arms. He leaned forward as he did, kissing her neck and softly sucking on the tender flesh.

She whimpered. Her full breasts were now exposed to him and she was left in only her boyshorts. Her heart pounded furiously and she couldn’t help but arch her hips toward him. Somewhere in the back of her mind she noticed her head falling back. Dean took full advantage of her offering and nuzzled deeply into her neck. Reaching down, he took her hands in his and returned them to their proper place – pinned to the wall above her head.

“You belong to me, Lily,” he whispered yenimahalle escort and pressed his teeth to her skin, slowly biting down as his hips met hers and pinned them to the wall.

The words made Lily shudder, and she ached to arch her hips again. Her heart raced. Her body writhed as much as the press of his against hers would allow. She grew more and more needy by the second, and the touch of his teeth to her tender neck made her mewl and breathe harshly.

Dean met her desperate sound with a low growl and rolled his hips into her. He dragged his tongue over her flesh, tasting her surrender, and clenched his jaw. His teeth sunk into her neck, marking his territory.

“Dean!” Lily screamed and bucked into his body, gasping and writhing against him, the sensation so intense. She could feel her panties becoming soaked.

Dean flinched at her scream, the sound loud but delicious in his ear, and relaxed his jaw. He nuzzled into her neck, softly kissing the pained flesh as the blood rushed back to her skin. Lily sobbed out softly, sinking a little against the wall, eyes glazed over.

After taking a few steadying breaths, Dean began to walk backward, pulling her with him by her hands. She stumbled with him as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Staring up into her eyes, Dean kissed all around her navel and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Lily shivered and bit her lower lip, gripping his shoulders tightly, as he slid the panties to the floor.

As soon as the panties dropped, Dean reached for her wrists, guiding them back to Lily’s sides.

“I’m not done,” he spoke softly, but the words were heavy with force.

Still looking into her eyes, he bent lower and began kissing over her mound, causing Lily to whimper and then sharply cry out his name when the tip of his tongue traced down her slit.

“Hands above your head,” he breathed out against her skin, and she instantly complied, raising her hands and lacing her fingers together.

“Oh god,” she whimpered again as his tongue stretched lower, dragging over her clit. He gripped her hips tightly as she cried out his name once more and jerked toward his mouth. He alternated between kissing over her mound and flicking his tongue over her clit, never letting her focus on one sensation for long. Trusting her to keep her hands above her head as she was told, Dean slid one hand around to sink strong fingers into the soft flesh of her ass. His other hand moved up her chest, closing over her right breast to knead softly, his rough palm grating over her hard nipple.

Lily gasped and trembled against his hold. She was so wet, she just knew she must be dripping. “You taste so sweet,” she heard him say, and she sunk her teeth into her lower lip as she struggled to stay standing. Dean’s nostrils flared as her scent flooded the room. He ducked his head lower, lapping at the juices coating her lips, moaning hungrily.

“Please, Dean… Please! I need you!” she cried.

Dean jerked at her cry and pushed her back away from him. Taking a calming breath, he stood before her, body so impossibly close to hers. He stared down into her eyes with barely contained hunger and Lily stumbled back a step, breathing harshly and mewling almost steadily now. She trembled as he walked around her, his eyes raking over her naked, vulnerable body. Gone was any semblance of bashfulness. Lily knew only need.

“On the bed. Now,” Dean commanded, and she turned to crawl backward onto it immediately. He watched her go, admiring her liquid grace, and began to strip. Down went his shirt, jeans, and finally his boxers. Lily watched with open lust, her breath catching as each peace hit the floor.

“I want to touch you,” she whined.

Dean smiled and walked to the bed. He stood towering over her naked body and she could see the throbbing of his erect cock. Lily moaned loudly as Dean took her hand in his and guided it to his thick shaft.

“You may.”

Her fingers instantly wrapped around him and squeezed lightly, stroking along his length up and down, watching Dean with wide eyes. Her touch was magic, and he sucked in a sharp breath in response. His head rolled back and his hips rocked forward. A surge of precum wet the tip of his cock, dripping over her fingers.

“Oh, Little One,” he breathed out.

Lily couldn’t wait any longer. “I need you inside me,” she whispered and rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock. She tightened her grip and stroked faster, the action making her shudder just as much Dean was. Her hips shifted restlessly on the bed in anticipation.

“And I need inside you,” came the growled reply. Dean gripped her wrist tightly and pulled her hand away. In a flash he was on her, pushing her back onto the bed, climbing over her. He dipped his hips between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around him, and he locked gazes with her.

“I need inside you,” he whispered again, “because you are mine,” He pinned her hands above her head. “Only mine.”

Lily gasped in shock and bucked her hips up toward his, willing him to enter her. His words made her mewl again and again, and she nodded emphatically, meeting his gaze with wide eyes.

“Yes! I’m yours, Dean. Only yours,” she murmured and writhed, her heart racing so fast that she could feel her entire body pulsing.

“Again, my darling Lily.” Dean adjusted his hips and shifted them forward. His bulbous head parted her lips and began sinking into her, causing her to cry out in shock. Dean moaned and shuddered, but refused to relent. He pressed steadily deeper, slowly filling and stretching her welcoming pussy. “Tell me again.”

Lily threw her head back, clenching and arching into him desperately. He filled her so deeply already and she was absolutely gushing with wetness. “I’m yours!” she exclaimed. “You own me. I belong to you.”

“So sweet.” Dean bucked the last little distance, slamming his cock fully into her and rotating his hips. “So tender.” He pulled back slowly and slammed in again. “So utterly and completely mine.”

“Dean!” Lily screamed out his name and threw her head back, arching up sharply toward him. Her legs squeezed even more tightly around his waist, trying to pull him ever deeper. Dean buried his face in her neck, biting again and again, intent on marking her once more.

His teeth were just too much. She couldn’t bear any more. Unable to stop the sensations from ripping through her, Lily screamed out his name again, cumming for him.

“Dean! Cum with me! Please!”

Dean tightened his grips on Lily’s wrists and pushed up to stare down at her lovely body, wracked in pleasure. He panted for breath as he pistoned his hips harder and faster, the sound of each impact wet with her juices.

“Again,” he beckoned for her to cum. “With me! Now!” he growled and pressed his forehead to hers, slamming his cock hard into her pussy once more. He planted his full length deep inside her, grinding, and suddenly arched his back with a primal shout, cumming hard and leaving his mark on her cunt.

“Dean!” she screamed again and once more gave her cum to him, arching up higher, tightening impossibly around his cock, clenching him and gushing over his shaft. The pleasure was so intense. It ripped through her body and left her slick with sweat, shaking with each wave as the orgasm went on and on in a steady flow of aftershocks.

Dean shuddered wordlessly atop her, hips rolling once more, desperate to empty every last drop of cum into Lily’s writhing form. He gasped for breath and jerked with each orgasmic spasm that shook his body. As the near painful pleasure began to subside, he breathlessly found her mouth with his, kissing her hard. His sweat dripped down to her body, leaving yet another mark of his claim upon her.

Their tongues slithered over one another’s as they both fought for breath, and Dean finally collapsed to the bed beside her. He weakly pulled Lily to him, cradling her again his chest.

“Oh… I… Wow…” he stammered out, his brain a mush of ecstasy.

Lily moaned softly and went limp in his arms, aside from the occasional shudder. She nodded, barely able to breathe out her reply. “Yes.”

Dean smiled widely and nodded. His eyes grew heavy as he fought to catch his breath and held her tightly. Lily sighed in pleasure and smiled up at him.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in bliss. “That was wonderful.”

“Yes it was,” Dean answered and opened his eyes to look down at her and softly kiss her lips.

Lily cuddled in as closely as possible, breathing in Dean’s scent.

“I can barely keep my eyes open after that,” she whispered against his lips with a sleepy smile. “Night.”

Dean nodded and gave her a big squeeze, softly brushing his lips over hers again. “G’night, my adorable Little One. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He relaxed into the mattress and watched over her as she drifted off. When he was sure Lily was asleep, Dean slipped out of the bed and carefully tucked the blankets around her. He leaned down and placed a single, soft kiss on her forehead and then bent to retrieve his clothes. As he got dressed and let himself out, he couldn’t help but imagine what their next time together might bring.

But that would have to wait for another night.

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Afternoon Metaphysics

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At ten, he called. Hey, this is Elroy. Were you sleeping?

I was meditating.

Are you busy today?

I have a lot of homework to do.

So you don’t have time to do dinner then?

Do you want to do dinner or do me?

Her question surprised him. He stammered. Um, well…

You could come over to my place and have some lunch and we could talk some more.

What do you want me to bring?

I have everything. She gave him her address. See you at twelve, OK?

OK. Bye-bye.

At Andronico’s, he bought a large bottle of lemonade Calistoga and two pounds of vegetarian Tortellini. He got to her place fifteen minutes early. He knocked on the door.


Hi! She kissed him on the lips. What did you bring? I told you not to bring anything.

I stopped at Andronico’s-

Pasta! I love tortellini. You want some?

I bought vegetarian-

It’s perfect. This can be our starch. Take your shoes off. Have a seat. I’ll cook this.

She padded off on her bare feet and he watched her hips move in her cotton gym shorts. The living room was sparsely furnished, a large old Oriental rug with some cushions thrown on it and a TV with a mini entertainment center. A DVD was playing.

On the TV screen a man was standing up to his ankles in water at the beach. In his background was the ocean.

Make yourself at home, Kim called from the kitchen. She came out with a glass of Calistoga over ice and her loose breasts jiggled under her San Jose Sharks hockey shirt. Do you want something stronger? Elroy looked at her blue eyes that lit up with her smile.

Thanks, he said as he took the glass from her with two hands. This is just fine.

I got some two-toke smoke.

I’m your guest.

She pulled out a joint the thickness of a small cigar from a redwood stash box in the entertainment center. You got a light?

Do you want to smoke now or after lunch?

Everything I got can wait. All I have to do is boil and wash the tortellini. Are you listening to him?

Just a little.

I’ll go back to the beginning. She grabbed a remote control and pointed it at the DVD player and pushed buttons. She torched up the joint and inhaled deeply and exhaled and took another big hit and held it. Here.

The man in the DVD had started speaking. I learned that our sun someday would go nova but before that it would be a red dwarf and kill everything on earth.

Bummer, joked Elroy.

Shhh, she silenced him.

I was a kid and consoled myself with the fact that all that would happen fifty thousand years from now. In the next chapter, I learned about entropy, the second law of thermodynamics.

She refused the joint. Elroy continued smoking.

Someday I would be gone too, I figured out that day, my entropy would be part of the universe’s. Ordered systems go to disorder but in the other part of the book I read about black holes and dust becoming stars and saw disorder becoming order. My entropy would be regenerated. My entropy would be go on forever.

Isn’t that beautiful, she asked.

Elroy was so stoned that the joint had gone out in his fingers. Excuse me?

Don’t you like what he said?

It’s heavy.

Do you want to see my tattoo?


She stood ulus escort up and in one movement; her shirt was over her head and off her body. A dragon’s head started on one arm and its body snaked completely around each breast and the tail went out onto her other arm. Her nipples were pierced with rings. Her stomach was flat.

She sat down next to him. The artist signed it, she pointed to some small characters behind the dragon’s toes. He touched them and kissed her quickly, slipping the tip of his tongue in her mouth. Her tongue played with his.

He pushed her down without breaking the kiss and put his hand in her shorts and fingered her. She moaned. She wasn’t wearing panties. She pushed her shorts off and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his hard on out of his pants. She put on a condom on the head of his penis and rolled it down and scooted her hips towards his crotch and pushed his dick into her. She pushed him down and rode him hard and bit his ear. Good, good, she gasped. He grabbed her hips and played with her breasts. She bounced harder and moaned and kissed him and stopped. Did you orgasm, she asked.


She moved up and down, circling her hips, pulling up until only the head was in and slamming down, repeating the movements almost on cue like a machine.

Yeah, yeah, he gasped.

Come! Goddamnit, come.

He bucked up on her down stroke and did and slid out of her. She smiled when she saw the semen in his condom and pushed her vagina on to his face. He pushed his tongue and fingers into her and she moaned and bucked against his face and then stood up.

I want to make tortellini.

She kissed him on the lips and put her and went to the bathroom naked. She came out and put the hockey shirt back on. He had already buckled up and had tied the condom into a knot.

I have his book, if you want to see it.


You can look at it while I finish lunch.

The shirt came down to just below her ass. You can wash up if you want. My house is your house.

There was a Kandinsky calendar over the toilet. He washed his face and groin after he took a leak.

Kim had put some dishes on a low folding table. He looked at the book and half listened to the DVD. …are all energy. Our brains run on electricity. We are organic thermodynamic machines.

Do you mind if I see what’s on TV?

Don’t you like that? She was holding a strainer full of tortellini over a pot.

I want to hear what’s happening in LA.

The riot? That’s all over.

When did you hear that?

I saw it on TV this morning. They sent the Army in.

What else?

I don’t know. I changed the channel. She returned to the kitchen.

What happened?

The same old burning and looting.


She came out with the tortellini covered in sauce in a bowl. I don’t care about LA. Let’s eat.

Looks good, Elroy complimented.

Thanks, she said. I hope you like the sauce.

Did you make it?

It’s just something I whipped up.

He put a spoon in and ate a single piece of pasta. Tastes good.

Thanks. She put a plate with a medley of baby vegetables on the table and another with sliced honeydew. Help yourself.

The veggies are tasty. yenimahalle escort You make the sauce?

It’s just butter with some herbs from my garden.

You’re modest. Their texture is perfect.

You should be a restaurant critic.

It’s the truth.

I believe you. She looked into his eyes. You like my book?

Did you write it?

No, silly, I bought it.

It’s got nice pictures. I like this photo of new stars and nebula.

Way cool.

You said it. Aren’t you hungry?

I ate two servings of vegetables. I follow the food pyramid.

Me too.



Where’s alcohol on the food pyramid?

It’s not. Why you ask?

You were pretty fucked up the other night.

I’m a smoker, not a drinker.

Why were you drinking?

No smoke. I drank on the flight in and continued after I got to town.

Is that fun?

I like being high.

You like the Stark Lounge?

It’s an OK place for a drink.

I don’t know about you.

I used to go out here every night in the early Eighties. I liked drinking and dropping acid and riding motorcycle. Sometimes I’d see a movie. Sometimes I’d go to the theater.

Why didn’t you go to galleries or museums?

I didn’t get off on haute couture then.


In the early Nineties here, I’d go to the theater every night to stay out of the bars. Sometimes I’d meet seamen there, just like I used to go there with squids when I was in the nav.

I never met anyone like you before.

Me neither, I mean, someone like you.

I don’t believe you. I think you’re just saying that.

Why would I be saying that?

To get into my pants.

How could I when you’re not wearing any?

I like you.

I like you, too.

I don’t believe you.

I think you’re special.

You’re just saying that.

You’re repeating yourself, baby.

I’m not your baby.

Why you talking like this.

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

Hey, hey. He kissed her softly on the lips.

She put her arms around him and he put his hands on her hips. She kissed him hard and he reached under her shirt and she lifted her arms up and he pulled it off. She was naked now. He pushed her down, she thrusting her crotch at him rolling on the carpet. She found a condom and rolled it on his erection and put it in her. She ground her crotch against him and sobbed silently. He fingered her breasts and rolled her the rings on her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She slid off and laid naked face down on the floor. Elroy climbed on her and slid home and ground down hard. Good, good, she said. He bucked and kissed her ears and fucked until he came and slid off. He breathed heavy laying on his back.

She rolled over and braced her head up on her hand.

You’re married, aren’t you?

I don’t want to talk about it.

So you are married.

I said I don’t want to talk about it.

Why? Don’t you love your wife?

What’s love?

What kind of question’s that?

It’s the question of the last man.

Last man?



The last time I saw my wife she told me, ‘Sick to hear of your complain of everything on your situations. Why can’t you make just regular time with me.’

She really loves you.

I know.

Where is she?

She comes here Tuesday.

What about me.

He lifted his head up and kissed her on the lips. We can keep in touch.

We can’t. I’m not a married man’s girlfriend.

We can be friends.

Her eyes crossed his face without looking at him. Hold me.

He caressed her hair. Are you married?, he asked her.

I have a boyfriend.

Where is he?

Not here.


I don’t know.

Why don’t you know?

She put her head on his chest. How do you ever know?

He sticks around?

That would make him a loser who can’t find another girlfriend.

So he’s not?

All the women…


I think he’s really just a fuck buddy.

You’re using each other?

Just like here.

I’m not using you.



It’s OK. She stood up.

Where you going?

I got homework.

Well…don’t you…He stood on his knees with his face level with her crotch. He put his hand between her legs and moved all the way up. You’re wet.

Oh my god, haven’t you had enough.

He put his face in her bush and pushed her fingers against her. She didn’t move. He put one and then a second inside her and started nibbling and kissing her. He looked up at her. She was playing with her breasts, moving her fingers over her nipples. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip.

He stood up and kissed her softly on the lips and put his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. He moved his leg between hers and pulled him close to her.

She sat down and looked at him. He kissed her.

She put her hands against his chest. Are you-she started to ask and he kissed and she let his tongue enter his mouth. Just a minute, she said.

On her hands and knees, she found more condoms in the entertainment center. She put one on his erection and laid back.

He slid in completely to the bottom in one stroke. He put her ankles on her shoulders and circled his hips all the way inside her while playing with her nipples.

Hurry, she asked.

He slid all the way out to the head of his penis and then bottomed and did this until he came. He pulled out and put his tongue down her throat. She kissed him hard and encircled his hips hard with her legs.

They fell asleep this way.

He woke to find her stroking her face. Are you spiritual?, she asked.

What do you mean?

You believe there’s some karmic bookkeeper keeping a tally over our heads?

Not at all.

I thought that’s what you would say.

I think there is now and immediate experience-

Getting metaphysical on me?

Just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal code and choose to do what’s right.

The big picture and greater good and all that crap.

You don’t have to hurt anyone regardless of whether or not you there’s only science.


If you believe the law of conservation of matter and energy is the only real one, you still don’t have to hurt anyone.

What have you been doing here with me.


I know that!

Maybe I should leave.

We could get some coffee.

I’d like that. She looked at his eyes.

He kissed her on the lips. Get dressed. Wear something nice.

I’ll wear what I want. She opened her eyes wide. I’m NOT your woman.

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Girl Watching

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“I love, Girl watching.”

I’ve heard that women don’t like to be lustfully admired at, by men!

But the clothes they wear, make men stare, and they know it!

Let’s face it, the only guys that don’t look are either, queer or dead, and I’m neither.

It was a beautiful early fall morning, and the kids were back in school. The leaves had already started to turn colors but the air was still warm. My wife had just left for work, and I was sitting on my front steps, having a cup of coffee.

I like checking out; the young Mommy’s walking their children to school. There’s this one young Mother, in particular from up the street that really catches my eye.

I wasn’t out here long, when I heard her kids, yelling, “Mommy, Mommy, hurry up, were going to be late for school.” I could hear her, calling back to them, “don’t be in, such a rush, slow down, and wait for me.” I looked up as the three of them, ran by, the kids yelled and waved at me,” Good Morning BigC.”

They ran by so fast I barely got a glimpse of her. This young Mother look’s HOT. There’s just something about her that makes me want to fuck her. I never met her, or even saw her up close. But from a distance, I could see that she’s got a great body. I figured I’d sit here a while longer, and maybe get a better look at her; when she comes back up the street.

I couldn’t help myself; I started trying to visualize how she would look naked. Of course the image of her in my mind nude made me start fantasizing about having sex with her.

For whatever unknown reason I looked up, and there she was walking straight up my drive way. I said to myself, aw-shit she caught me leering at her, with my lust filled eyes. Now she’s going to give me a piece of her mind. Even with these concerns going through my head. I kept thinking about what, I’d like to do with her in bed.

My cock was caught, between the leg of my jockey shorts and jeans. As soon as I saw her, it began to swell and creep down my leg, making a huge bulge in my pants. I kind of leaned back on my elbows, and stretched out my legs with my right leg over my left, in hopes of looking casual, and at the same time hiding my erection, from her.

She looked so sweet, as she got nearer, I could she was a little older then I though. But she still looks good enough to eat, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

She’s a real beauty, with a dark complexion, her hair is almost black, she has big brown bedroom eyes, with freckles on her cheeks, and a small sexy heart shaped mouth.

She was still dressed for summer, in a pink tank top, a pair of black, shorts, with a white strip on the side, held up by an elastic waist band. Her socks were pink, matching her top, with a pair of dainty white keds on her feet. I couldn’t help noticing, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Just by looking at her I could tell that, she works hard at keeping in shape. She has nice full breast, with just slight sag to them. I could see the outline of her nipples, through her top. She has a trim waist line, and full hips, that tapers down nicely into long well toned legs.

She laughed and, said. “Hi my name is kitty and I can see you like, my titties. I can tell, because you’re staring at them.”

I blushed! She laughed and asked me, “Are you really comfortable sitting like that?”

I could feel myself starting to burn a bright red. She caught me!

She went on to say. “My kids love trailer trucks, because you drive them. That makes you, kind of a hero to them. I’ve wanted to meet you, and get to know you, for some time now. I know you’re called, BigC.”

I told her, “my name is Carl, but I’ve been called BigC, for years.”

Then she asked, “Do you have another cup of coffee? If you do, and don’t mind, I’d like to have a cup with you. I want to talk to you bluntly, about something personal and important to me.”

I got up, and went into the house, and she followed behind me uninvited. I gave her a cup of coffee. We just stood there in the kitchen looking at each other, for a moment. I didn’t know what to say to her, but I was curious, about what she wanted to talk about!

Kitty finally broke the silence and said, “BigC, if you don’t mind. I have a few, very personal questions. I want to ask you. I want you to promise me, that you’ll answer them honestly. If your answers are what, I hope they are. Then ulus escort I have a favor, I want you to do for me.”

I had no idea what was coming, but she sure had my interest. Besides that, she’s a real piece of, male eye candy. I cant over state how sexy, I think she is.

She just asked me, “Do you drink, or use drugs?

I answered her. “No! I don’t drink, or use drugs, and I don’t smoke either.”

She replied “good.” Then she asked me? “Do you have sex with a lot of other women, or prostitutes?”

No! I said, “I’m really fussy about who, I have sex with, but I honestly don’t think, that’s … any … of…your … business!”

She shushed me by putting her finger over her lips, and said, “Please let me finish?”

I let her go on, wondering where this was going.

Than she stated, “you don’t have any, STD’s?”

“No, I don’t, I replied.”

I think my mouth was starting to hang open. I couldn’t believe the things she was asking me, and I had no idea, why she was asking, me them.

She said. “Please let me continue? Now I want to explain something’s to you, about me.”

I though to myself, this is really getting interesting. So I said, “Okay.” and let her go on.

She said, “I love my husband, he’s a good man, and good Father. He works hard as a salesman, and has a passion for golf. We have a vanilla sex life, and it’s pretty good too. But we only have sex, a couple of times a month, usual on Saturday nights, and that’s only if, everything goes right.”

I though to myself, I can understand that, but sad to say. It’s NEVER the right night or time, for me and my wife.

Then she said, “Now here’s what I want to talk to you about. I like the way you look and dress. I think you’re a sexy man, in your own macho way, you look rough and gentle, at the same time. And the way you look at me, undressing me with your eyes, excites me. I fantasize, about how it would be in bed with you.”

Before I could say a word she went on to say, “BigC, I have this fantasy, about you, using me like a slut, calling dirty names, forcing me, to have oral sex with you, and, finally having you stuff your big hard cock into me, and fuck me like a slut.”

Now my mouth was hanging open.

Then she said.”This is the favor, I want from you. I want you to fill my fantasy. When you’re done, with me I want to have the taste of your cock in my mouth, and feel your cum running out of my cunt, down the insides of my thighs. Just don’t really hurt me, or leave any marks on me.

I saw your wife leave and my husbands at work. But if you don’t want to fuck me, I’ll understand.”

I stood there dump founded with my mouth hanging open. This shit just doesn’t happen to me. I’m not a hero like, a cop or fireman. I’m no movie actor or rock star either. I’m not special in any way at all. I’m just me, BigC, a truck driver!

Oh Shit, I said to myself, I don’t know what to do, or where to start! I never had sex like that in my life, but what the hell, if that’s what she wants. I’ll be more then happy, to give it a try.

I stepped in closer to her, and put my hands on her breast. I gave them a squeeze and rubbed my thumbs roughly across her nipples. They were full and firm, and they were sensitive too; because as I touched them, she closed her eyes, sucked in her breath and moaned softly.

I put my hands on her ass, and pulled her against me. I covered her open mouth with mine, as our lips molded together I pushed in my tongue into her warm open mouth. She sucked on my tongue, like it was a cock.

I stopped kissing her, and asked, “Do you really want to get fucked bitch?”

She answered, “Only if your man enough too.”

I said “Okay bitch you’re one hot looking piece of ass and you’re going to get your favor.”

I looked her in the face, as I slid my hand down the front of her shorts. She closed her eyes as my hand when over her soft hairy bush and my fingers touched her pussy.

I worked my middle finger between her lips, and found her opening. As I starting pushing my finger in her, she let out a sigh. I was shocked to discovered, she was as, tight as a teenager. I said, “Holy Shit Bitch you’re tight.”

She said. “Thank You.” As I started finger fucking her; she put her head against my chest, moaning “Uhhhh Ohhh Yessssss, I like that.”

I worked yenimahalle escort in another finger, and kept working them in and out of her. I curled my fingers in her, and found her hot spot, and that’s all it took.

As her first orgasm over took her, she moaned “Uhhhh Shitttttttttt.” Her knees started too buckled, as she coated my fingers in her warm juices.

I held her as she slid to the floor, and sat on her knees. I pulled out my cock, and said,

“Now suck this bitch,” and she did.

She worked me over like a pro. She kissed my balls, and licked the shaft of my penis;

she ran her tongue around the head. I watched as my penis slipped between her lips and into her mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down on it, taking it all in her mouth, so far, the head of my cock was hitting back of mouth making her gag.

I haven’t cum in over a week. So I couldn’t take much of this.

I was watching my penis disappearing and reappearing in and out of her warm wet mouth; her drool was bathing my balls. I couldn’t help myself.

I put my hands on the back of her head, and pulled her into my pelvis making her gag and drool on my cock even more. It felt so good; my orgasm had built up quickly in my balls.

I couldn’t contain myself and I exploded in orgasm, shooting my warm sticky load in her mouth, down her throat. She just sucked harder on my cock, trying to drink it all down, but she couldn’t. Some of it ran out of the corners of her mouth, over her chin, and onto her breast.

Now it was my turn to sink to the floor. We were squatting on our knees, on the kitchen floor holding each other up, trying to get our breaths back. We didn’t stay down long; I wanted more of this slut.

I had a gut feeling she was far from through with me. I got up and lifted over my shoulder, and carried her to my den, Like a, Fireman.

The den is my room. I have my computer, a TV, a recliner, and a day bed in there.

I sat her, in the recliner, as I took the cushions off the back of the day bed, and throw them on the floor. Now the day bed was just a bed.

I lifted her out of the chair, and pulled her top up over her head, and tossed it, next I pulled her shorts down. She kicked her feet, so she could get them off.

She was left wearing a pair of sheer pink panties, and her sneaks and socks. I lead her over to the bed, and pushed her down it. She landed with a bounce, and laughed.

I took off her keds and socks. But I left her wearing her panties. I wanted to fuck her, so bad; my cock was already hard again. I knew as soon as I peeled off her panties, and slid my cock into her. I wouldn’t be able to control my self, and I’d cum like a teenager, the first time he got laid. Then it would be over.

I wasn’t going to let that happen if I could help it. I wanted more of this bitch.

I had to stop and admire her; she was a real beauty, with a perfect body. She has brownish aureoles, with nipples the size of gum drops, her belly is flat. She had some dark hairs around her navel with just a slight path of hair, leading down to her big patch of public hair. I could see the stretch marks on her lower belly through her panties, her thighs were soft, with just a little extra flesh between her legs, near her vagina, and then they taped into well toned muscled legs that end with her dainty little feet.

I kissed her forehead, eyes, and nose; I sucked her lower lip into my mouth, and ran the tip of my tongue back and forth across it. My hands roamed over her breast, as I sucked on her neck, She moaned and whispered, “don’t give me a hickey,

I don’t want any marks left on me.”

I kissed her chest, as I caressed her breast, and pinched nipples. She was moaning loudly saying, “You’re driving me crazyyyy.”

As my kisses reached her breast my hand was traveling lower over her belly. I kissed all around her aureoles, and swirled the tip of my tongue around her nipples. She was moaning uncontrollably and her hips were instinctively pumping up in air.

I swirled the tip of my tongue around her nipples, first one then the other. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth I nipped it, and flicked the tip of my back and forth across it.

She screamed. “Oooh Yesssss and moaned that feels sooo gooood.”

As my hand covered her snatch, she clamped her legs together jerking up and down, as she had another orgasm. I kept kissing her lower and lower over her panties to her bush. I could smell the nasty musty odor of her excited pussy. I got between her legs, and said, “Bitch spread your thighs open wider.”

I tenderly kissed, and sucked on the soft sweet moist flesh of her inner thighs, near her vagina. I kissed all around her pussy, but I didn’t kiss it. I wanted to tease her, and bring her to the brink of orgasm. I wanted this slut to beg me, to make her cum; she was flexing her back, lifting up her hips trying to get my tongue on her cunt screaming at me.

“You Fucking Bastard. Eat Me, Eat Me. Make me cum.”

Now she was whimpering almost crying begging me, to make her cum, pleading with me,

“I can’t take it anymore. I need to cum.”

Finally I nudged my head between her thighs, and sucked on the crotch of her drenched panties. I rubbed my nose between her pussy lips from back to front. I kissed, and licked her slit through her soaked panties. Smelling that nasty musty odor of her twat was driving me nuts. She was squirming around trying to get my tongue on her clit, begging me softly almost under her breath, “Oh please, stop teasing me.”

I put my hands under her ass, as I buried my face in her crotch. I sucked on the crotch of her panties. I licked her clitoris through them, her body started jerking wildly, she wrapped her legs tightly around my head, bucked her hips up pushing her cunt in my face. Her cum gushed out of her through her panties, into my mouth. Then she collapsed gasping for breath, softly calling me a, “fucking son of a bitch.”

I got off the bed, and stripped. My penis was rock hard, sticking straight out, dripping pre-cum. Kitty was still breathing through her mouth, with her eyes closed. I couldn’t resist, I position myself, so my cock was over her mouth, and I leaned against the wall, holding myself up with one hand. My other hand was around my cock. I rubbed my cock across her lips, she sucked my cock like a lollipop, and as I fucked her face.

Holding my cock in my hand, so she could see it, I asked her, “Bitch, where do you want this next?”

She replied, “I want it in me, I want you to fuck me, with it you bastard.”

She closed her legs and lifted her hips. As I peeled her soaked panties off. I dropped them on the floor. She nodded her head and begged, “hurry up.”

As I got between her legs, she parted her thighs wider. I nudged the head of my cock just inside her hole. She moaned. “Ohhh yesss… yess…I want that in me.”

she was so tight I was afraid. I was going to hurt her. She arched her back, and whispered, “Yesss that’s it push it all the way in.”

I entered her incredibly tight, warm, moist hole, in one slow steady push. As my cock entered her, stretching her open, filling her with penis, she closed her eyes, sucked in breath, sighing. “Aaaaah… that’s it fuck… meee”

She lifted her hips, to get me in deeper. I was in her; so far the head of my manhood was against her cervix. I started slowly at first, but she urged me, to do it harder, she was moaning, and squirming around under me, pushing herself up, as I slammed down into her, the head of my penis, was banging into her cervix. She was going nuts, just like a slut in heat. She was begging me, as we fucked, “Oooh please make me cum, uhhh please, I want you to cum in me. Oh please, make me cum, and cum in Me. I want to feel you shooting your cum, in me.”

As her orgasm took over her, she went rigid and started to quiver, and her juices gushed out of her. As I felt her let go, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I erupted in my own body shaking orgasm, spurting my sperm deeply inside her.

We collapse together in a heap, panting like dogs on a hot summer day. We laid there for while, not saying a word, we were too exhausted to speak. I had no idea what to say to her anyway. I still couldn’t believe that I got this lucky.

Finally Kitty asked, “What time is it?”

I told her, and she said. “Oh Shit, I have to meet the kids at school in a few minutes.”

As we got dressed, she said “that was fun; we have to do it again some time.”

I WINK and said. “Anytime you have a fantasy Bitch, let me know? I’ll be glad to help you with it.”

She laughed and kissed me, good bye.

I watched her sweet ass jiggling, as she ran down my driveway. I went back out on the porch to enjoy this beautiful fall day, and to checkout all the young Mommy’s, walking their kid’s home from school.

I love

Girl Watching.

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Ghost in the Machine Ch. 2

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“How’s it going so far?” Doctor Williams asked.

“So far, it going well,” Jennifer answered. “The simulation is stable and her vital signs are normal.”

“Good, I just hope that nothing goes wrong this time.”


“Hello there” said a masculine voice behind Lisa. She jumped and spun around to see a very attractive man holding a towel. “I’m very sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Lisa giggled and said, “That’s alright.” She smiled,” I guess I’m just a little nervous. This is my first time here.”

“Well, if you’re that tense, then you should have come to see me sooner.” He smiled back at her and offered his hand. “My name is Jack.”

“Lisa,” she responded as she shook his hand. “Why don’t you hop up on the table and we can get started.” He patted the table and then turned around to get something out of a cabinet.

Lisa opened up her towel and took a quick look down. Her body looked exactly as it did in the real world. She got up on the table and laid face down upon it. She heard the man rub his hands together as he walked up to her. When he placed his hands on her back and started rubbing, Lisa jumped. “Are you alright?” her asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. That just surprised me,” Lisa replied. “It felt so real.”

“I should hope so,” Jack said, sounding a little surprised at her response.

He doesn’t know he’s a simulation, Lisa thought.

Jack’s hands were quite strong, and the oil he was rubbing on her back smelled of jasmine. His hands pressed hard into her muscles, but not so hard as to cause pain. He must have felt a knot in her back because he started to concentrate his efforts into one place. Lisa let out a loan moan as she felt the tension drain away.

Jack’s hands moved down her body to her legs. He squeezed the back of her thighs and ran his hand down the length of the leg all the way to her feet. He ran his hand along the inside of her thighs on the way back up. His hands stopped at where her legs met, but as her continued massaging her legs this way, Lisa’s thighs would get farther apart. After a few minutes his hands brushed up against Lisa’s swollen outer lips. An electric shock seemed to pass through her body. Well, I know THAT part of the suit is working, Lisa joked to herself.

Jack then started to rub the sweet smelling oil onto her ass. Lisa moaned even louder this time and started to feel a tingling from her vagina. He took a cheek in each of his hands and rotated them in opposite directions. Lisa had to bite her lip to keep quiet since this motion made her pussy lips rub against each other. He leaned in close. “Roll over onto your back,” he whispered into her ear.

As Lisa rolled over, she saw Jack apply more oil to his hands. He took her hand and started to rub her palm and up her arm. He stopped when he got to her armpit and walked over to her other side. This time when he got to the end of her arm he started to rub up and down the sides of her ribcage. When he reached the last rib, his hands moved up to her chest.

Just then, Jack started to get sıhhiye escort fuzzy, like a television signal that was too weak. Lisa looked around but everything else seemed to be fine. There must be a glitch in the program, Lisa thought. I should remember to tell Dr. Williams about it. Jack started to phase back in. He looked down at his hands and smiled, then he put them back onto Lisa’s chest.


Jennifer dropped her pencil on the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, she didn’t notice the monitor she was watching blank out for a second. It continued its readout of Lisa’s vital signs by the time she got up off the floor.


Jacks hands moved slowly, rubbing his way up to her breasts. He lightly touched the outside of her breasts with slow circles that went all the way around it. The circles got smaller and smaller. As he got closer to her nipples he slowed down. When he finally touched the edge of her areolas, she let out a gasp. He continued to trace a circle around the pale pink skin as it started to crinkle up. With her eyes shut, it felt to Lisa like he was staying in the same spot for hours when he stopped touching her. She opened her eyes and let out a disappointed whimper. Before she could say anything though, Jack grabbed both breasts at once and rubbed his slick palms over her nipples. Lisa couldn’t control herself and let out a scream as her vagina started to twitch.

After a glorious few minutes, Lisa felt like she would come just from this stimulation alone. As she felt herself nearing the edge, Jack took his hands away. She was about to protest when Jack put his finger up to his mouth. “Shhh.” He placed his fingertip between her breasts and dragged it down her body. When touched the spot where her pubic hair used to be, he cut to the left and went down her leg. When he got to her toes, Jack started to rub them, but the moment his fingers touched the underside of her feet she started to giggle.

“Stop!” Lisa screamed as she pulled her foot away from him. “I’m ticklish.”

“Really,” he said with a sly grin. “Well, this is a test of your tactile suit. This is something else I must check.” He grabbed her ankle and raked his fingers along the sole of her foot. She screamed with laughter and kicked wildly at the tickling sensation. Jack lost his hold on her ankle and said, “I can’t exactly test your ticklish response if you don’t stop moving.” He paused. “I guess I’ll have to tie you up.” There was a flash of light and then Lisa noticed that her hands were tied down over her head. Her legs were also fastened to the end of the table spread wide open.

Lisa struggled against her bonds, but she was held fast. Jack pulled a stool up to her feet, and sat down. Just as he started to tickle her again it hit her…I thought he didn’t know this was a simulation.


“What’s going on?” Dr. Williams asked as she ran into the lab. “Why is she laughing?”

“I don’t know,” Jennifer said. “I just lost control of the simulation.”

“Get her out tandoğan escort of there now!!!”

“I can’t. Not until I can get control over the program again and shut it down safely. If I don’t we’ll lose another one.”


“Who or what are you?” Lisa asked between gasps.

Jack stopped. “I was a test subject just like you a year ago. They didn’t have all the bugs worked out then. I went into the simulation and something happened. I don’t know what. It could have been a lightning strike, or a brown out. Hell, it could have just been that someone tripped over the power cord. All I know is that I’ve been trapped inside this damned computer, alone for the past year.” He stood up and walked over to Lisa’s head. “But know I have you here to play with.”

He smiled and held up his hand. He snapped his fingers and a long stiff feather appeared in his hand out of nowhere. “I’ve learned how to control my environment in my long exile.” He brought the feather down on Lisa’s armpit causing her to writhe in hysterics. “I am a god here Lisa. Would you like to be my Goddess?”

“Ahahahhahhaa!!! NO!! Ahahhhaaaha!!! Let me out of here! Ahahhhaaha!”

“That’s too bad. I guess I’m gonna have to convince you then.”

Jack snapped the fingers of his free hand and two machines appeared at the end of the table. The machine held two soft bristled brushes, one at each of Lisa’s feet. The brushes each spun in circles while also moving up and down. Lisa was screaming with laughter. Jack produced another feather and was now running both of them up and down her bound arms. Lisa tried to wiggle out of the way of the feathers but was tied up so tightly that she couldn’t move an inch.

Jack dropped the feathers. They vanished in a flash of light before they hit the ground. He bent over Lisa’s body and attacked her ribs with his bare hands. Lisa was now laughing so hard that all she could do was gasp for air. Jack tried to kiss her but she turned her head away quickly. “Fine then,” Jack said in a disgusted tone. He backed away from her, and snapped his fingers again.

Two new machines appeared on either side of the table. Each one had two attachments: One with a half dozen rotating feathers against her armpits, and another in the shape of a wiggling hand digging into her sides. Jack laughed as he just stood there watching with a sadistic grin on his face.

Lisa was in agony. Her lungs ached from laughing and she thought she was going to go insane from the ticklish irritation. There was nowhere he could move to get away from Jack’s tickle machines. Her lungs ached and her stomach was all tensed up. She didn’t know how much longer she could take it.

After a few minutes of this, Jack walked up to Lisa. Lisa didn’t see her since her eyes were closed with an expression of anguish/joy on her face. He leaned over her writhing body and sucked one of her erect nipples into her mouth. With that one act the tickling sensations took on a new form. They were no longer just irritating, but tunalı escort erotic too.

Jack reached over and started to caress her other breast as he sucked and licked on her nipple. The combination of tickling and Jack’s touch sent shivers all though her body. They mainly focus around her clitoris. She could feel herself becoming aroused by all this stimulation.

Suddenly Jack stood up and the machines stopped. Lisa lay gasping for breath. “I think we need a change of scenery”, Jack said as he clapped his hands. The whole room went so white that Lisa had to shut her eyes. As she blinked the tears out of her eyes, she noticed that they were in a different room. She was now in some type of dungeon. The wet stone walls held shackles and racks of medieval torture equipment. Her position had also changed. She now lay on a wooden bench. Her arms were still tied over her head, but her legs were now bent with her feet tied to the table. “Do you like it?” Jack asked, smiling down at her.

“It’s ghastly,” she replied.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said ignoring her reply. He pointed to something over his head. Lisa looked up to see a huge metal tank hanging about 10 feet over her head. At the end of it there was a nozzle with a valve on it. Jack walked behind her and said, “Here I want you to see this.” Lisa heard a click and then her torso started to rise up. She could now see between her legs and noticed that a section around the table had been cut out just between her legs. From this ankle she could also see her pussy. Without having any pubic hair there to cover it, she could see her swollen clit.

Jack walked around the table and between her legs. He reached up to the water tank and opened the valve. A large drop of water fell from the end of the tube and fell directly on her clit. The contact of the water sent a shock though Lisa’s whole body. When the second drop hit, she let out a moan. The way her legs were spread, the water would hit her clit and then roll down to her vaginal opening to mix with the fluids already building up there. The impact of the drops felt good, but came maddeningly slow. Between drops her heart would race and her breathing became ragged as she waited for the next drop to fall. Once it did hit, Lisa’s head would go back as she closed her eyes, reveling in the sensation.

After what seemed like hours of an insanely slow build up, Lisa could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. She could tell already that it was going to be a big one too. With all the stimulation Jack had put her body though, she REALLY wanted to come. But as she waited, the orgasm that she knew should be coming wasn’t. This damn water torture must be too slow to make me come, Lisa thought as she teetered on the edge of orgasm. “Please,” she begged him, “turn it up faster so I can come.”

“Alright,” Jack said as he reached up and turned the water on full blast. Now a steady stream of water fell down onto her enflamed clit. Lisa screamed, as it seemed every nerve in her pussy fired off at once, but she still couldn’t come. She bucked her hips into the air, somehow trying to increase the pressure on her pleasure zones, but it didn’t help. It just made her even more desperate to come.

She looked at Jack. A look of confusion mixed with passion covered her face. “I told you Lisa,” Jack laughed, “I am a god here. You won’t be able to come until I let you.”

To Be Continued…

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Getting Married! Dream Come True?

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My name is Tricia. I don’t know if I’m the luckiest young woman in the world or whether I am heading for disaster. I’m 21 and have a boyfriend named Josh. We met in college and have been dating now for 3 years. I do love him. I know I’m lucky and I’ve always wanted to get married. I had even picked out a dress and the place and the color for our wedding. I’ve told Josh a little about all this, just in hopes that it would move him along towards proposing.

But life has taken such a turn now. Josh is not at his place so I take out my key and enter. I know his roommate is not there right now as well. What I’m looking to find should be in his room. Either in his night stand or in the pants he would have worn when he saw me last. I start going through them.

Josh is good to me, he’s been working a retail job and I’ve been working as a bartender-server at a country club. It’s there that I came across someone. This one day, I’d seen him at different times throughout the day. It was very odd. First I saw him in with the directors of the country club, then sitting outside eating lunch. But it was when he was at the gym that I really tried to put it all together.

He was definitely over 40. While he wasn’t in perfect shape he still had a very manly presence. His muscle had tone, he seemed to have a purpose, though I didn’t know what that was just yet. At dinner time, he plopped down at a table by himself in my serving area. He was going over something on his laptop when I came to take his order. He smiled at me and already knew what he wanted when I arrived there. After he gave me his order, he asked me how I liked working there. I said it was fine and it paid my share of the rent and a night out here or there. Then I couldn’t resist asking any longer. I asked him what he’d been doing around the country club, knowing that then he’d know that I’d taken notice of him.

He said that his name was Sean and he worked for the IT company which systems ran the club. It’s really quite sophisticated in that it tracks the members, where they are, who their friends are and even what their favorite drinks and food are. He was dressed nicely, definitely a professional. And while I didn’t really know what he was talking about, I felt the presence that he had in the gym also came across when you met and spoke to him. He looked you in the eye, and took an interest in you as well.

By the time I was settling his bill, he’d asked me what was going on that evening.

I’d said that one of my friends had just had a breakup and we were going just the girls to a dance club to let loose. I was just finishing right now and one of the friends was going to stop and pick me up as the club was almost an hour away.

He wished me a fun evening and we parted ways, him to the lobby of the club to read, me to wait outside.

And I waited, and waited. I eventually came in to escape the heat and I noticed Sean still reading. He looked up in surprise as I entered and asked what happened.

I explained that my friend had ghosted me and was not responding to call or texts. I later learned that here work needed her to do a rush order and she had to drop everything… literally. Including her phone.

Sean stood up without hesitation he said “I’ll take you, wait out front” I was going to say no thank you, but he was already walking away and… I really needed the ride. The other 2 girls were already at the ofise gelen escort club! And I just learned what would be normal for Sean and I for this evening. That being he doesn’t ask and I don’t stop him.

When Sean pulled out front, it was a really nice car. Not an exotic sports car, but I certainly knew he was not working for minimum wage, either. Far from it. He smiled as I got in and asked which club.

On the way, we just talked about normal things. My school, his job & life on the road, vacations and our plans for the summer. It’s funny that the fact that I had a boyfriend never came up. He asked me a lot of things, but not one question where I’d even thought about inserting Josh’s name into the conversation. He made me laugh with some of the stories of his dogs who stayed with his family while he traveled, and I could finally meet his eye contact when I smiled.

But the conversation turned when he asked what we were doing after the club. It had just struck me then that the friend who had not showed up was to take each of us home in her car. The others had gotten rides there from family. At this point, Sean said he’d not had anything to do this evening and he would read at the bar while we enjoyed ourselves. Again, didn’t ask and I didn’t stop him.

I didn’t make any deal of it, I just smiled and blushed and said that I was definitely not going back to my place tonight and would stay with my friends.

As we entered the dance club, my friends were all very cordial and I explained to them how gracious Sean had been. Of course as soon as Sean was walking away on his way to the bar, the girls were teasing me about him. Not bad for an older guy or.. oh, Josh is going to be jealous. But it soon faded into the background. We got a few dances in – just enough to get the blood pumping before we made our way to the bar.

Sean had taken up a small table, one of the few on the far side, so I gave him a little smile and wave as I stepped up to the bar and unzipped my purse to find a credit card. We put in our order and upon returning with the drinks, the bartender said that all 3 of us had been opened a tab by Sean and could use it as we like.

My 2 giggly girlfriends each went over to give a shrill eek and a hug for Sean. He smiled and said “No problem.” then we went back to see some friends that had unexpectedly come to the same club. It went on this way for several dances.

Having an open tab took it’s toll on my girlfriends. They were certainly going downhill before long. I was more reserved. I was so gracious to Sean that I didn’t want to do anything stupid.

As it got later, of course guys started to make their way my way. One who danced with me was very good. And when you’re with a good dancer your mind often wanders to sex. But it wasn’t the man dancing with me who came to mind when sex invaded my brain. It was Sean. I thought about what I’d seen of him earlier in the day at the gym. I pushed the thought out of my mind for a while, I was with Josh after all!

But the thoughts kept coming back. I noticed Sean was smiling a small wry smile as I caught his glance. But it wasn’t until i made my way back to the bar that he approached me to say “You know, it seems you and that guy got something going on if you want me to take the other 2 girls home.”

This caught me totally off guard and I quickly otele gelen escort recovered with a laugh saying “No, and Hell no!” At that moment, our looks at each other seemed to take on more meaning. We smiled and joked with each other for a bit before I made my way back to the floor.

When we finally burned out, us 3 giggling girls went back to Sean to say we were ready. We all crowded up to him to show our appreciation and little kisses and hugs. As we piled into his car, the party atmosphere continued.

The 3 of us in the back, joking about our Chauffeur. I mentioned that I may stay with them cause I didn’t want to go back to my apartment. And going to Josh’s was way out of the question.

As we arrived at their place, I felt the blood going to the top of my head. What to do now? They opened the door and we all got out. Sean paused. I gave each of them a hug as my decision was made. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I opened the passenger door and stepped back in the car. Giving Sean a small kiss on the cheek as I landed in the seat. He smiled as we drove off.

It was still a good trip back toward the country club. and we talked a little. but this time about music and partying and just fun things. Within a mile of the country club, Sean turned into a hotel and up to a door. My heart skipped a beat as he put his hand around my shoulder for the short walk to the door.

As he opened it, I noticed it was a nice suite and was outfitted well, He motioned to the sofa as he walked to the small kitchen. He’d remembered the drink that I had been having at the club and brought that and a glass of water to me. I thanked him for the water and I drank it greedily as my buzz from the club had mostly left me. Then I took a few sips from the drink and set it down as he had.

As I turned to face Sean, there was no hesitation from him. He’d brought his hand up under my chin and as his lips met mine, mine parted as an acceptance of his offer. From there his hand moved from my chin to… pretty much wherever he wanted. He never paused, and I never stopped him.

We were already breathing heavy when he finally rose and grabbed my hand to lead me to the bedroom. When I entered, Sean got behind me and started helping me out of the clubbing dress. As it fell to the floor, his hand came behind my back and led me to the bed as he kissed me. After being laid down in the bed, Sean took over completely from there.

I thought maybe he would stop as this was our first time together, but as I felt his fingers hook my panties, I knew it was going to be so much more.

At this point my daydream ended. I’m back in Josh’s apartment reflecting on my night with Sean. This is so wrong ,but somehow meant to be. I needed to find what I was looking for before Josh or his roommate returned. Going through all his dirty clothes was disgusting. Though I had to finish this task I came for and put my life back in order.

But as it does often, my mind starts to wander… After my night with Sean, Josh and I did get together 2 nights later. It was a bit awkward knowing what I did, but we soon fell back into our familiar routine. Both in our relationship and having sex that evening. I remember wishing that Josh would go down on me like Sean had. I’d never came on a mans tongue before Sean. He did this thing where he would suck my sincan escort clit up into his mouth and let it pop out. The thought of it turned me on even though I was with Josh now.

When Josh entered me from behind, my thoughts once again returned to Sean. I pulled my hair back much like Sean had done, though he did what Josh never did and grabbed my hair in a fist and used it for leverage when thrusting into me from behind. But before I could complete my daydream thought, Josh was fumbling for me to flip over and enter me missionary.

Now muscle memory kicked in as I moved my knees back toward my shoulders. Josh stopped and asked me what I was doing as he usually just spread my legs as he flopped back and forth on top of me. Not like Sean who pinned my legs back so I was completely exposed and open to him.

With Sean, he had moved slow and I could see his length move in and out of me. And he would grind on me when he was all the way in that felt oh so good. I missed Sean just then. I missed how even when he stopped to kiss me. He’d press up against me. Not just chest to chest, but I felt full and he pressed against me inside. I came thinking of Sean. It must have set of Josh cause he made his little squeaking noise and shot into his condom.

Oh, yes, condom. daydream over, and back at Josh’s apartment. I finally found them in a pair of Josh’s pants and set to work. I pocketed the extras just leaving one. Then I paused. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.. and started to daydream again.

It must have been almost a week after being back with Josh, but I was feeling off. A little dizzy and my period was late. Somehow I already knew but the EPT test just confirmed it. Pregnant. Trying to deal with it, I just sat in my apartment and stared blankly at the TV. A nature show came on and the stereotypical show about a pride of lions and as I watched, It came to me why this had all flowed so naturally and I was not surprised nor too upset.

I had met the alpha male, he had put all thoughts of other males out of my head and I’d presented myself to him. When the alpha reaches his climax, his instinct is to project his bloodline. To take the female he’d seduced and conquer her, planting his seed in her to mark his territory and establish dominance.

I remembered thinking about Sean that way, how although he started easy enough with me in missionary, before long Sean had my knees pinned back and was pounding me. I came at least twice. And it was animalistic. Sean had finally leaned back and groaned almost roaring as I felt spray after spray inside of me. Even though I was so scared, I still got wet at the thought.

Back out of the daydream. I open the little knife I’d brought and pierce slit the condom through the package. I just hope that Josh thrusts enough times to break it next time we have sex. I need it to be obvious that it happened. If it doesn’t, I’ll just have to try again. I’ve already checked out some dates at the place I want to get married and this can work quickly if all the pieces fall into place.

As I put the knife away, I pull my phone out of my pocket and go to the text history. That night at the club, we’d asked Sean to take a picture of us. He did but he also must have sent it to himself. So it also went to a number in my chat history that I did not recognize. The area code was from the same city Sean said he was from. So I assume that was his number. He must have wanted a memory of the night for himself.

My head is swimming as I type in to the text. Is it that I want Sean to know about it. Or maybe I wanted one more night of ecstasy before I started to show . Or maybe more. I don’t know but the next chapter is going to start as I type the one word – three letters into the text and hit enter. “Hey”

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Gentle Revenge

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Tom was in his hotel bathroom getting ready for the conference he as due to give in a couple of hours. Standing in front of the basin and its giant mirror, buttoning up his white shirt, he was thinking back about the wild night that had just passed, and remembering the long story that had led to that wild night.

Ten years ago, when he was a young lecturer in northern France, he had a marvellous secretary that was always there to help, or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. They had sometimes flirted, but always quite innocently. She was his age, fairly short blond plump girl with a marvellous smile that helped her go through just about any difficult situation. When Tom left for another position in southern France, they kept in touch, exchanging messages, giving a call every now and then. Whenever Tom travelled to northern France for a conference, they would arrange to have lunch and get back together.

Then one day, as they were parting each other after lunch, Virginia gave Tom a not so innocent peck on the lips. Once he got home, he mailed her, questioning her on the subject of this sweet peck that had got his mind racing for the six hours train trip. After a few chats, they both came to the inevitable conclusion that they had missed an occasion and that both wanted each other. Their chats became more frequent, passionate, erotic, exchanging fantasies and kinky photos, and they had promised each other they’d spend the night together the next time Tom would come for a conference.

And the conference was today. Yesterday evening, Virginia had been waiting for Tom at the train station. She’d taken him from the train station to his hotel, hardly managing to contain herself before they arrived in his cosy hotel room. Then all hell went lose and they made love most of the night, in all the positions they had dreamt of together in their passionate chats.

Tom saw, on the edge of the bathroom sink the pair of handcuffs he’d brought and smirked inwardly remembering how he’d used and abused of them with Virginia. She did not seem to complain about it though. As he finished buttoning up his shirt, he heard the bathroom door open and saw her through the mirror entering the bathroom in a sleeveless mid-thigh black dress. He knew this black dress. Virginia had sent quite a few photos of her in that outfit that had the sexy benefit to button up on the front and enhanced her voluptuous shape.

Virginia stepped behind Tom and cuddled against him. Placing her chin on his shoulder, nearly tiptoeing to do so, she smiled at him through the mirror then pressed a warm kiss down his neck, giving him pleasant shivers down the spine. Her warm hands passed under his arms and started caressing his chest softly. Tom smiled back at her through the mirror and placed his hands backwards to caress her hips. But she pushed them back kızılay escort firmly before returning her caresses on his torso.

Tom could feel her warm breath down his neck. Virginia’s fingers lingered on his nipples that already started to harden with renewed desire for her. She seemed to be observing his whole body, its every reaction though the mirror and she seemed to be enjoying the sight and the game. Tom’s hands tried again to reach back for her hips and once again, she pushed them back firmly on his sides. Then her fingers started to unbutton his shirt, one button after the other, till she could slip her hand through the opening and caress his warm skin.

Tom was getting quite excited by this and she apparently noticed the bulge forming in his trousers, because her right hand started descending along his torso, passing the barrier of his belt then reaching for his groin, massaging his hardening cock through his trousers. Tom tried once again to reach backwards for her hips, and once again Virginia pushed them away. She firmly whispered in his ear “Since you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I’ll have to use harsh measures!” She displayed a naughty smiled and grabbed the handcuffs that were still lying about on the basin and locked them around Tom’s wrists in his back.

She then returned to caressing Tom, standing behind him, staring at him through the mirror, enjoying the effect of her caresses on his composure, her hands exploring his body. Her left hand slipped again inside his shirt, while her right hand descended to his belt. She swiftly untied his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, letting them fall down along his thighs and to his ankles, making it another pair of cuffs for his feet, making him her pleasurable prisoner.

She slowly caressed the long bulge on his boxer shorts, but quickly, she slipped her fingers under the elastic band and extracted his hard cock and his balls to caress them delicately. She whispered in his ear “I’ve always dreamt to feel under my fingers what you feel when you masturbate thinking of me!” then her fingers wrapped around his cock and started caressing it all along its length. Tom replied with a moan of deep pleasure, though trying not to lose control.

Against his handcuffed palms, Tom could feel her lower belly rubbing and pressing against him. While she was slowly masturbating him, clearly enjoying the way she had enslaved him, Tom managed to unfasten two buttons of her dress he could reach for and slipped his hand inside it, reaching for her lower belly. He was pleasantly surprised to feel the absence of panties under his fingertips. His fingers slid along her bare shaved pubis and reached for her labia. They were swollen and wet. This little game seemed to be as exciting for her as it was for him. She maltepe escort moaned softly when she felt his touch. He felt her clit pulsing under his fingertip. He caressed it, played with it, circled around it, torturing it softly, making her moan louder and louder. She placed her mouth on his shoulder blade and bit it softly with pleasure. The more her pleasure grew, the more frantic her caresses along his shaft and on his chest, the harder she bit his shoulder. Suddenly, he felt her fingers squeeze hard around his cock, her body tense behind his, her breath so short she could not even moan her pleasure anymore.

When her breath returned to normal, she stared at him through the mirror: “Don’t you ever dare doing that to me again! You are my thing this morn…” But she had no time to finish her sentence. Tom had just slept firmly two fingers in her dripping slit. The firm yet sensual penetration had cut her breathing again, preventing her from protesting. Tom’s fingers started a wild in and out thrust and Virginia soon gave in to a second orgasm. Her eyes looked up to the sky, she did not retain her moans and as his fingers caressed her deep inside, her fingers wrapped firmly around his shaft, she came violently, screaming her pleasure.

Virginia finally managed to gather herself and stepped back, then turned around her cuffed lover to stand in front of him, her back to the mirror. “So that’s the way you take it, then”, she smirked. Slowly, she finished unbuttoning her dress. Tom could not take his eyes off of her as she revealed her naked body underneath the black material. Her tanned skin, her bare pussy, her lovely round breast, her round hard nipples he’d suckled on so often last night… She did not stop staring at him, his open shirt, his torso brought forward by the handcuffing in his back, his throbbing cock above his boxers… Slowly, she went down on her knees and grabbed his shaft between her hands, using it to caress her nipples with his burning cockhead. She then slipped and squeezed it between her breast, giving him the most exquisite, warm and smooth caress as she slid up and down along his shaft. Tom was unable to return any caress, nor even grab on anything and just took in all the pleasure he was given. He moaned loudly. “Now you are mine!” whispered Virginia. Then with the tip of her tongue, she started licking the tip of his cock every time it emerged between her breasts, making Tom moan louder and louder each time. When she felt his cock start throbbing uncontrollably, she took it in her mouth and started sucking him voraciously until he came deep in her mouth, filling her with his cream while screaming her name.

Virginia stood up and wrapped herself around Tom, kissing him languorously. Tom could taste his own nectar on her lips, on her tongue mamak escort that was sucking his savagely. To his surprise, he found that taste in her kiss quite exciting. But Virginia did not want to give him time to recover his breath. She stepped back and sat on the edge of the basin, legs wide apart, and she ordered “Down on your knees, young man!”

Tom did, obediently. His hands were still cuffed in his back, his ankles still prisoner of his trousers. Virginia placed her heels behind his shoulders and brought him closer. She grabbed his hair and guided his face between her thighs, his mouth towards her dripping pussy. Tom tasted her, with the tip of his tongue at first, exploring every detail of her wet labia. Then he took her whole with his mouth, sucking hungrily on her labia, on her clit. Sometimes he’s slip his tongue deep inside her, cupping her juices with his tongue and drinking them, thirsting for them. Her thighs pressed on his ears did not prevent him from hearing her wild moans of pleasure. She pressed his face harder on her pussy. Tom drunk every drop of her nectar. Virginia tilted her head back, breaking her gaze at Tom’s head between her thighs, then she closed her eyes and let out a deep groan of pleasure as she succumbed to a divine orgasm.

Tom kept licking his lover softly, till she recovered and helped him stand up. Still sitting on the edge of the basin, she brought him closer to her, one hand behind his neck, bringing his face closer to his, then kissing him passionately. She tasted her own juices on his lips, the remaining taste of his own juices in her mouth. The mixture of tastes making both of them even more excited, if it were needed. Her other hand reached for Tom’s groin and grabbed his cock to guide it to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her heels, like horsewoman’s spurs, gave the rhythm to his deep penetrations. Tom was moaning to the voluptuous burning caresses of her sex around his. Virginia was moaning as loud to the deep thrusts he was giving her, his balls each time slapping on her ass. As Tom’s pleasure was rising fast, his thrusts became more and more erratic and violent. And the more violent his thrusts, the more pleasure Virginia was having. She suddenly arched her back, her fingers scratching deep in his shoulder skin, her heels pressing him deeper inside her. Then Tom felt her inner muscles contracting around his shaft, squeezing it hard, milking it till he came deep in her, screaming and making her scream at the burning sensation of his hot cum deep inside her.

Virginia kissed Tom softly on his lips, and all over his face. “Oh, I love you to be my slave! But I’d better release you for your conference!” She jumped off the basin and started dressing Tom, placing his cock and balls in his boxers, pulling his trousers up, buttoning his shirt before fitting it inside his trousers. At last she removed Tom’s cuffs and gave him a friendly slap on the bum. Tom rubbed his wrists, hoping no one would notice the red-ish marks around them. Well, he did not really care. All he was hoping for, was a new occasion for a trip to northern France, so that he could have his revenge on his passionate lover.

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Gamers Pt. 03

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I felt a bit awkward, on my way over to the girls’ apartment. It had occurred to me that I would be in a room full of women who all knew that Kasia had used me as a sex toy. Technically, I wasn’t a cuckold, but the distinction wasn’t that great. On the other hand, Trisha and Jazz had known all of it, but had still chosen to invite me over. Maybe I was the only one who saw it as odd.

Trisha, Angie and Vee were already there; Jazz and Lucy arrived shortly after I did. They were all acting very naturally, so that I began to feel more comfortable. We talked about school a bit, essays and upcoming exams – until Jazz got bored.

– “What are we playing?” she wanted to know.

– “I thought that we could introduce you and Lucy to Castle Algaron, since you missed it, the first time we played it. Then, if you guys want, we could replay Hot Air Racer, since Angie and Trisha missed that one when they were away. The only one who has played both is Vee – if that’s alright with her.”

– “Fine with me.” she said. “They’re both fun.”

– “It’ll also help me figure out who likes what – so that I can choose games that the majority will like.”

– “I like killing stuff and kicking these girls’ asses.” said Jazz.

– “The cooperative ones are fun.” said Angie. “Like the castle one. But I don’t mind competing, either.”

– “Aren’t you making a game?” asked Trisha. “From scratch?”

– “Really?” said Jazz, one eyebrow shooting up.

– “That’s so cool.” said Vee. “Can we try it – when it’s finished?”

– “I’m designing it specifically with you guys in mind.” I admitted. Well, for Kasia, originally. But I was curious to see if it would work with these girls.

We had a fun night. Jazz didn’t complain about the cooperative aspects of Castle Algaron, because she got to ‘kill lots of stuff’. In fact, she was pleasantly surprised to discover that being on the same side as the others didn’t diminish her enjoyment one bit. Lucy didn’t say much during the game – she just peeked at me from underneath all that red hair. But at the end she gave it a smile and a thumbs up.

I had acted as a sort of master of ceremonies through the first game, but in the second, it was every man – or girl – for themselves. That allowed me to observe each girl as she took her turn.

It was hard not to stare at Jazz. She was so exotic-looking, so unusual. Her unruly, un-brushed black hair, her dark brown eyes and that prominent nose all riveted my attention. She caught me looking once, and simply stared right back. There was a challenge in her eyes, and in her posture and body language. Everything about this girl seemed to shout ‘What are you looking at?’.

Trisha – I had to resist the urge to think of her as Patricia – was a pretty, vivacious girl, trapped in a large girl’s body. She also had incredibly large ears. I could only imagine the teasing she must have endured in grade school. Yet she remained kind, and pleasant. She was easily the most attentive and empathetic to other people’s needs.

Lucy was just a mystery. She didn’t seem shy, or lacking in confidence. She simply didn’t say much. Maybe she was unconsciously following her friend Jazz’s lead, but Lucy also looked as if she didn’t own a hair brush. And I still couldn’t get used to her unusual posture: she always seemed to have her chin tucked in, her head tilted forward, so that she looked up at people through a curtain of red hair.

Angie looked different, for some reason. She had her hair braided, instead of in a bun, which made her appear younger. She had big brown eyes, an over-large nose, and rather thick lips – but I had seen all of those features before. Maybe it was the transition from winter wardrobe to spring clothing; she didn’t look so much like an elderly librarian. Now I could see the curves of her body, and they were quite impressive. In fact, if I had to guess, I would have said that Angie was stacked.

Vee still looked like the typical girl next door. Her hair was that in-between shade, neither blonde nor brown. It was fairly straight, lacking anything in the way of body, or curl. Her face was cute, but where Kasia made me think of a pixie, or a fairy, Vee reminded me of a hobbit. She had that ‘little sister’ vibe, and what little I knew of her financial situation (difficult) and her home situation (less than ideal) made me want to protect her.

Vee’s wardrobe had also changed with the season. For the first time, I realized that she was not chunky at all. Her waist may not have been narrow, but she wasn’t fat, by any means. She had only looked that way, previously, because of the excessively loose and bulky clothing she wore.

On my way back from the fridge with a beer, Trisha asked me a question about a card she had drawn. I answered her, then stood behind her chair as Angie finished her turn. That’s when I realized that, from this position, I was ideally placed to do a little surreptitious cleavage inspection.

Neither Patricia nor Lucy were showing any. Jazz wasn’t shy at all, but she wasn’t wearing gaziosmanpaşa escort a push-up bra. In fact, she might not have been wearing a bra at all. Angie only had two buttons on her shirt undone, but even so … mamma mia. She was stacked. The biggest surprise of all, though, was that I couldn’t see Vee’s stomach from this angle. She had a sizeable chest which was blocking my view.

I returned to my seat before I got caught perving. But I was quite pleased with my new discoveries. Then I thought of Kasia’s pencil eraser nipples, and spoiled my own mood.

Hot Air Racer was a big hit with both Trisha and Angie. They liked the concept and the artwork. Jazz was on her way to victory, but the roommates colluded to bring her down. The eventual winner was a surprise to everyone: it was Vee.

– “Wow.” she said. “I usually don’t win these kinds of things.”

– “Maybe your luck is changing.” said Jazz. Just by the way she said it, I got the feeling that there were undercurrents here, things that were common knowledge to some or all of them, but completely unknown to me.

I was in no hurry to leave, since I wasn’t walking Kasia home. So I accepted the offer of another beer, and listened to the girls talk. There was a little more buzz about school, but mostly they discussed the games we had just played – exactly as my buddies would have done. I felt right at home.

– “When do we play next?” asked Angie. “Two weeks?”

– “I won’t be able to make it.” said Vee, quietly.

– “That’s too bad.” I said.

– “How many players do you need?” asked Trisha.

– “For the game I have in mind, it doesn’t matter. But the more players, the better your chances of survival. Five or six would be ideal.”

– “I can invite someone else.” said Jazz. “If that’s OK with everyone else.”

– “Who? Sin?” asked Trisha.

– “Did you say ‘survival’?” Angie asked me.

– “Yes, I did. In this game, you play as a team, but you are being hunted.” I said.

– “Who’s hunting us?” asked Trisha. “Or is it ‘what’?”

I grinned at her. “Zombies.”


The old movie posters in Angie and Trisha’s apartment were my first clue. Then, the fact that Jazz and Lucy looked like ex-goths. Jazz had said she wanted to kill stuff. That all added up to zombies. Plus it would be a cooperative game, and most of the girls seemed to enjoy those.

I had heard Trisha say ‘Sin’. The new girl’s name was, in fact, Cynthia – or ‘Cyn’, for short. She was considerably taller than the others, at 5’9″ or maybe 5’10”. She was slender, and reasonably attractive, if somewhat odd. For one thing, she wore her auburn hair long in the back, but shaved the sides of her head. She had on a baseball cap, but also lipstick and lots of eye makeup.

– “So you’re Dean?” she said, giving me the once-over. “Cool. I’m Cyn.” It was probably just my imagination, but they way she said it made me think of the other spelling. Sin.

Zombiepocalypse is a team game, where the players are stock characters from all of those old ‘B’ movies: the schoolteacher, the town sheriff, the cheerleader, the janitor. Each one has a special ability. Their town is overrun by zombies, the communication net has disappeared, and everyone else is dead. They must cross the center of town, picking up much-needed weapons, supplies and equipment, and then they must fight their way across the bridge to get out of town. By that point, of course, it will be swarming with zombies.

The first four players whose characters are killed by zombies get to pull another character from the reserve deck. After those are used up, anyone who ‘dies’ is eliminated. It’s another great game for new players, because your teammates can help you out with suggestions and advice. Also, there’s a slight advantage for those who have watched zombie movies. That, as it turned out, was everyone except Jazz.

– “You’ve never watched ‘The Walking Dead’?” asked Trisha, incredulous.

– “You’ve never seen a zombie movie? Not even one?” said Angie, equally shocked.

– “I had better things to do.” said Jazz, with a shrug.

– “Knitting sweaters? Or making those little tea cozy things?” asked Cyn.

We started off great. Angie found some medical supplies, and then a shotgun. Trisha found an axe. They gave the shotgun to Cyn, who was playing the farmer, and the axe to Jazz, who was playing the gym teacher. The medical supplies went to me. Yeah, I was playing the school nurse. My character card featured a photo of a vacuous blonde with huge tits, and an apparent shortage of buttons on her nurse’s uniform. Did I get razzed about it? A little.

– “Nice tits there, Dean.” said Jazz.

– “Mmm.” said Cyn, licking her lips. No, she wasn’t shy, either.

Then Lucy rolled snake eyes while searching the hardware store, and triggered an avalanche of zombies. From that point on, we were on the run, with Jazz and Cyn fighting a rearguard action as the rest of us gölbaşı escort tried to find things while scrambling towards the bridge.

At that point we were screwed. Jazz and Cyn couldn’t cover our backs and lead the fight across the bridge simultaneously. That was the only option, however, as the girls could figure out for themselves. We all suffered gruesome deaths in a TPW – total party wipe.

– “Rematch!” said Jazz.

The others agreed, although Angie and Lucy wanted to switch their starting characters. So did I, but the rest wouldn’t let me.

– “We need a medic. It’s a vital role.” said Jazz.

– “Exactly. We need the nurse.” agreed Trisha.

– “Besides, how often does Dean get to look at his own tits?” added Jazz. She actually smiled at me as she said it, just to make it worse.

The second time around went much better. We found many more useful items, and avoided triggering the zombie onslaught until we were much closer to the bridge. With better weapons, and Jazz and Cyn in the lead, we mowed down a dozen zombies. Only two of us died (I admit that I left the nurse a bit too exposed), but we drew replacement characters and forged ahead. It was as clean a win as I had ever seen in this game.

– “This is so much fun.” said Cyn, to me. “I wish I’d discovered it sooner.”

– “Welcome to the nerd brigade.” said Jazz.

– “This doesn’t make us nerds.” objected Cyn.

– “Oh, yes it does!” insisted Jazz.

– “Embrace your inner nerd.” said Lucy.

– “What are we playing next time?” asked Angie. “Same thing? Or a new one?”

– “Well …” I hesitated. “If you guys are up for it …” I smiled at Jazz, who winked back at me. “I was wondering if you want to try a game I designed.”


Lucy had to cancel at the last minute, so there were five of them: Angie and Trisha, Jazz, Cyn, and Vee. They were all curious to see what I would unveil. I couldn’t tell if they were just being polite, or if it was genuine interest. Hopefully, it was the latter; after all, they had enjoyed all of the other games I had introduced them to.

My graphics, of course, looked like shit, because I have the artistic talent of a blind iguana. The map wasn’t bad, thanks to my colour printer, but the player cards were just a female silhouette with numbers printed on them – until I figured out something better. I had to hope that they would like the concept and gameplay.

– “The working title is ‘Amazons’.” I told them.

– “Good start.” said Jazz.

– “I like it already.” agreed Trisha.

– “You all play Amazon warriors, and you win by collecting the most Glory points.” I had green coloured tokens with laurel wreaths printed on them. “You acquire Glory points by becoming Queen of the Amazons – and by staying Queen. But you can also gain Glory by fulfilling quests, by leading your warband on adventures, or by leading the Amazon army to victory over your enemies.”

“You can challenge the current Queen to personal combat, or you can plot against her to dethrone her. Obviously, if one player has too many Glory points, you don’t want her to be Queen, so you want to ally against her. But you need your best warriors and generals to lead your armies, because everybody loses Glory if you are defeated, while everybody gains Glory when you win.”

– “What are these ‘coiny’ things?” asked Angie.

– “Coins.” I answered. “You can gain coins when you raid enemy lands, and plunder Greek cities, or when you complete a quest. Coins will let you support a band of Amazons loyal to you – the more money you have, the larger your personal following. The Amazon with the largest warband will have the best chance of winning the adventures and quests.”

– “What happens if we die? Like in battle, or something?” asked Trisha.

– “Or if I push you off a cliff.” muttered Jazz.

– “You get a new player card.” I said. “You still have money and followers, but you lose some of the Glory you’ve accumulated.”

– “So we’re not playing a single person? Is it more like a political party?” asked Vee.

– “Close enough.” I said. “I call them factions. So, if you look at your player card, it tells you how many Glory points you can gain for each action, and which actions you can do in a turn. Any other questions?”

– “Maybe we should just start playing, and figure it out as we go.” suggested Cyn.

– “That’s a good idea.” I agreed.

The game was pretty complicated, compared to what they had played before. There was more than one way to win, with many options each turn. Jazz immediately set out on adventures and raids, trying to make her Amazon the deadliest fighter. She made some very lucky dice rolls early on.

– “Total bullshit!” said Cyn. “You should be dead. The odds were against you there.”

– “Fortune favors the bold.” retorted Jazz. “And the bold will be coming for you first, O Negative One.”

Trisha shied away from risking her leader, but tried keçiören escort to accumulate coins by taking on the less dangerous raids and adventures. Angie followed a similar strategy. Cyn was quite bold, though, taking the riskier adventures. In her case, the dice were not nearly so favourable.

– “Aw, fuck.” she said, looking at a roll of 3, on two dice. “That can’t be good.”

– “You have to roll again, Cyn.” I told her. “If you roll a 6 or less, you’re dead, but a 7 or better means you’re only wounded …”

She rolled again.


Jazz laughed aloud. “Serves you right.”

– “That does it!” said Cyn. She turned to me. “I get a new character, right?”

– “That’s right.”

– “Good. Then I’m gonna train up my new bitch, and then I’m comin’ for you, Jazz. You are going down.”

– “Bring it, dead girl.” said Jazz.

Yeah, they were a little bit competitive. Meanwhile, Vee was circling the table, with a camera in her hand. She was taking pictures of the players. Jazz struck a pose, one arm held aloft, the other thrust forward.

– “Wow, Jazz.” said Trisha. “Do you know what that is?”

– “What?”

– “That pose.” said Trisha. “It’s called the Warrior’s pose, in yoga.”

– “Yoga?” said Cyn.

Trish just blushed. “I’m trying to lose weight.”

– “The Warrior’s pose.” mused Jazz. “Yeah, that fits.” For the rest of the evening, she would suddenly strike that pose, and dare the rest of us to admire her form. “I look good, right? This is rocking your world, right, Dean?”

Vee also had a question for me.

– “Dean – do you mind if I take pictures of the cards, and the map?”

– “Sure, Vee.” I said. “Whatever you like.”

Jazz was first to challenge for the title of Queen – which she won.

– “Oh yeah.” she growled, flexing her muscles. “The stars are aligned. New Queen, here.”

– “Not for long.” mumbled Cyn.

She started conspiring with Angie and Trisha to bring Jazz back down to earth. Then Trisha drew the Trojan War card. The Amazons were honor-bound to send an army to aid King Priam against the Greeks. Jazz took up the challenge. Cyn didn’t want to do anything that would help Queen Jazz, but Trisha worked on her.

– “Cyn, come on: it’s the Trojan War. How can we not go?”

– “If we don’t go, we lose Glory.” added Angie.

Vee was surprisingly lukewarm about helping them. I would have thought that she’d be into the idea, but then I saw the way she was cradling one of her event cards. Aha, I thought – something’s up there.

A united Amazon army went to the aid of Hector and Priam.

– “Can we kill that dick Paris?” asked Jazz.

– “He’s on our side.” Trisha said.

– “So?”

Outside the walls of beleaguered Troy, Queen Jazz fought the Greek hero Ajax – and rolled an 11 on two dice.

– “What? What? Did you see that?” Jazz struck another warrior pose. “Oh yeah – I killed him, right? Tell me I killed freakin’ Ajax.”

– “You killed him.” I said, with a grin.

– “Can I cut his head off, and tie it to my saddle?”

– “Eew.” said Trisha.

There were Glory points for all, and all the loot they could carry. On her next turn, Vee played the card she’d been hoarding. It was a quest: to prevent Jason and the Argonauts from stealing the Golden Fleece. With the spoils of their victory in Troy, she was able to recruit a sizeable warband, and lay an ambush for the Argonauts.

– “Holy shit, girl!” said Jazz. “Did you just kill Jason?”

– “And look at Hercules run!” laughed Cyn.

A turn later, the roommates engineered a plot to overthrow Queen Jazz, and replace her with the player who had the lowest Glory score: Cyn.

– “You evil bitches! Can I kill them?” asked the Queen.

– “You’ve been exiled.” I told her. “You’ll have to plan your comeback.”

– “How do I do that?”

– “You need the support of at least two of the other players.” I said.

– “Which is not happening.” said Cyn, rubbing it in.

She spoke too soon. Within a few turns, Cyn had failed to repay her allies for their support, and the natives were growing restless. Angie and Trisha tried to persuade Vee to join with them, but Vee wasn’t interested. Maybe it was loyalty, or maybe she knew that she was in 2nd place, behind Jazz.

It was fun to watch Jazz signalling Angie and Trisha. The three conspirators met behind the fridge, and worked out the details of a second coup.

– “They’re ganging up on me, aren’t they?” asked Cyn.

– “Looks that way.” I had to agree. The trio returned to the table, with innocent faces that fooled no one. On Jazz’s turn, they struck. Ex-Queen Jazz was recalled from exile, and Queen Cyn was driven out. Angie, who was trailing in points, ascended the throne.

– “Queen Angie.” she said. “I like the sound of that.”

– “Enjoy it while it lasts, you back-stabber.” said Cyn.

– “Ooh, a little bitter, are we?” got in Jazz.

Two turns later, Jazz made her move, and challenged Queen Angie to single combat.

– “What?” said Angie. “We’re on the same side!”

– “Ancient History, sweetheart.” said Jazz, which I found hysterically funny.

As stepping down would have cost her too many Glory, Angie decided to fight, even though the odds were against her.

– “Queen Jazz is back, bitches!” roared the victor, striking her warrior pose yet again.

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Fund Raiser

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I wake up and it’s a normal working day, I stretch my limbs in bed before getting up to bathe, 9 more minutes to snooze then I must leave my warm safe space. I snuggle into the feather pillow and expose my breasts to the cool morning air, watching as my nipples harden and the skin around them which is normally puckered stretches and they deepen in colour. Shame I’ve no time to play but I do have to get ready for the office.

As I run the bath water adding some fragrance I inspect myself in the mirror, I need to look my best today as I’m dressing up for charity, the better I look the more cash I’ll raise. Firstly I check my stubble and decide I have time to remove any unwanted hairs. Not normally shaved but the moment takes me. I reach for a razor and the shaving foam and lather my mound thoroughly, tightening the skin to get a closer line. I inspect my reflection; I would look childlike, except for the obvious signs of womanhood as my lips are totally exposed and hanging free of their hairy camouflage. I tend to my legs and underarms then languidly lounge in the bath, soaking away the nights dreams and odours.

As I lay my hair floating in the warm waters, I feel the water rush in to my ears and my heartbeat is amplified by the flood, I’m nervous about today dressing up in front of all my work colleagues. I scrub, soap and exfoliate every inch of my body paying particular attention to the tops of my thighs which will be exposed. Washing and combing my strawberry blonde hair, everything must be perfect!

I climb out of the bath, wrapping myself in a fluffy bathrobe, the heat between my legs is unreal and I feel a trickle of moisture leaks between my freshly washed folds. I can’t be aroused or excited by merely bathing? I take a look at my ironed outfit all nicely laid out ready for me to wear, a white lacy bra and full briefs, as I don’t want everyone etimesgut escort to know what lies beneath. It’s a pity I couldn’t get the white hold-up stockings I wanted,” I think to myself”, so the black ones will have to do.

Next I dry my hair, shall I wear it up or down? Tying it back while I apply a light covering of makeup to my face, I’ll apply the lip gloss just before I leave, that way it will still be shiny. I spray a hint of perfume to my neck, shoulders and cleavage kissing my own breast before running a hand over my hairless mound. “Stop it girl, no time to masturbate now!” I can’t resist dipping a finger between my lips and scooping up my own juices plunging my finger into my mouth as I smile wryly at myself in the mirror.

I arrive at the office, I walk head held high through the double doors, and I hear women gasp and the shout of “ding dong” from a male colleague. My legs turn to jelly and the blood rushes to my cheeks making my face tinged with a pink-redness. I tremble as I walk around the office selling assorted charity items, escorted by a male for safety and dignity; my dress is far too short to be bending over. My companion dares me to go to the adjoining offices without changing my outfit, knowing that I am creating the most attention and more than likely raising the most cash.

We climb a flight of stairs to out neighbouring office; I’ve never been up here before, and for security reasons we have to ring a bell to be let in. A young blonde spotty guy with messed up hair opens the door a massive smile on his face as he takes us to his boss for permission to sell wares in their department. I realise that not all the employees are in uniform as I was expecting, there must be more civilians than I thought and to my horror more females! Luckily my work mate is good at distracting etlik escort the girls and he gains many sales, it is when we approach the individual offices that my heart begins to pound. “Oh my good I hope he isn’t here today” I noticed a particularly nice guy in the car park the day before and I really didn’t want to see him dressed like this!

Too late the door is open and before I know it I’ve opened my mouth to ask if we may interrupt the two policemen’s conversation. He looks up at me and does a double take at my appearance from shoes to face and back again. He smiles and invites us to come closer. His mate offers me a £5 for a snog but I just blush, taking it as a joke, again I explain the nature of our call and he stands and walks closer to offer me his money. My partner steps in and persuades him to buy a wristband all the time the dishy dark haired copper is watching me from the back of the office, his eyes twinkle and he smiles showing a set of perfect teeth. My legs shake and I feel my pussy twitch with excitement as a well of juice builds between my lower lips, he’s gorgeous.

He buys a ticket to win the petrol miniature car, but never asks my name, disappointed we leave the office to return to ours. Just as we are descending the stairs I hear footsteps after us and a smooth voice calls out to me “excuse miss” I turn to see the dishy copper standing above me my head is at waist height and I notice the bulge in his trousers. My colleague laughs and just carries on walking leaving me to talk to him alone. He steps down to my level and whispers to me do you know what you have done to me, looking down his own body, I am speechless but nod to him that I understand.

He takes my hand and leads me to a door, unlocks it and pulls me into a dark store room locking it behind us. I hear myself eve gelen escort swallow as he unzips his trousers to show me his cock. It is thick and long and the skin is pulled back over the helmet and I see a dribble of precum on his tip. I don’t know what to do, he’s a copper after all, I look for a wedding ring but there isn’t one. He comes closer to me kissing me gently; I feel his cock pushed up against my waist as he slips his hand up my dress. I sigh as he strokes my bud through my cotton knickers which are already damp.

He pulls the gusset to one side and fingers my wet hole; I feel his hand moving inside me as he adds another finger and another until I’m stretched. He thumbs my clit and fingers me faster and faster until my legs shake and I’m embarrassed that I may ejaculate on his hand. He talks to me telling me to cum, willing me to, then a warmth starts in my belly and my head begins to float I just can’t hold back any longer! I feel my cum building up to a crescendo and I let go, oh my god I gush into his palm, he grabs some paper to dry his hands before spinning me around, hoisting my skirt and rams his throbbing cock into me.

He rides me from behind like a dog on heat; we are glued together, never once losing each others rhythm. I push back on him hard as he bites my neck, two animals doing want comes naturally. He pushes me over getting a better angle and his cock slides in even further, I scream out but he covers my mouth to silence me, I grab hold of a shelf to steady myself. He fucks me faster and harder till I feel I can take no more but I don’t have to because I can feel him growing and thickening as he is about to off load inside me. “Yes” is all he says as I feel a thick warm stream of cum filling me up inside my hot pussy. He kisses my hair and thanks me for my time and donates some more money to my fund raising collection telling me next time we have a charity event “please come up and see me”.

I go to the ladies toilets before returning to my office to clean myself up and straighten my hair. When I return I get a huge round of applause for the extra money I raised, it’s a good job they don’t know how I did it, but that is between me and my beautiful copper.

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