The Stormy Night

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Big Tits

This story is a work of fiction. This story is set in older times so the pace is certainly slower. It is also about the innocence of youth and the slow build up of the erotica. Patience is a virtue when you read this story. The buildup is slow but the rewards are plenty. All characters are fictious and are over eighteen years of age


It was raining cats and dogs when I got off the bus at bus stand. Even though I made a very quick dash to the nearest shelter that was just a few feet away I got drenched. I found an empty bench away from the slanting rain and sat on it to take stock of my plight.

I am Mohan, a twenty two year old engineer, working as an engineer trainee in a reputed private firm in Madras (the city is now known as Chennai). My company worked five days a week. A very good friend of mine was getting married that Saturday night in his native place; a very small town some 50 miles away from Vijayawada. It was an impulsive, last minute decision on my part to attend that wedding.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t get a train ticket and had to travel sitting in a bus all the way. Even as I left Madras on that Friday night, a cyclonic storm was making its way towards the South India in the Bay of Bengal. During that night of my travel it intensified further. The bus was buffeted by rain and strong winds and the journey was very wet and tiring. But, somehow, we managed to reach Vijayawada around eight in the morning that Saturday.

I had a cup of hot coffee at the coffee stall and then went to the inquiry counter. My plan was to take another bus to my friend’s town.

“Forget it, Sir! All the buses are cancelled. The storm is going to cross the coast in a few hours quite close to us. Go and find yourself a safe accommodation. Everything is closing down in a couple of hours.” It appeared to me that the inquiry clerk was trying to scare me and getting a kick out of it.

I moved away from the counter and looked around. There were only few people around and most of the stalls and ticket counters had already closed down. Perhaps, most of them didn’t open at all that morning and the few people around were in a rush to go to the warmth and safety of their homes.

What should I do? I have to spend the day at Vijayawada for sure and wait for the storm to cross the coast, do its damage and destruction and weaken. But where do I stay? A hotel is not a luxury I could afford at that stage nor had I come prepared for such an expense. It was the fag end of the month and I was broke as usual.

Murthy! Yes! The solution came to me in a flash. Murthy’s father was a friend of my father. Murthy must be around thirty now. I haven’t seen him in the past five years. But, I knew

Murthy was working in Vijayawada and he lived here with his wife. More importantly, Murthy was highly obliged to my father.

It was my father who helped him secure his present good job with a private company. This was about five years back. Murthy worked hard, did well and got married. Though, I haven’t seen him for a long time I was aware of these developments through my folks. I also remembered someone mentioning a few months back that his house was in the lane next to a famous theater, a landmark of sort in Vijayawada.

I decided to take my chances and find shelter with Murthy. I knew that the theater was only about a mile away from bus stand. But in this heavy rain that was quite a long way. I looked around and found a cycle rickshaw guy who was willing to take me. He demanded thrice the normal fare and I felt, given this weather, he was very reasonable. I got into the rickshaw.

Have you ever traveled in a cycle rickshaw with heavy rains lashing and gusty winds trying to blow you away? It can get really scary! I got totally drenched and so was my small travel bag. I felt awfully bad about the guy pulling the rickshaw. He was unable to pedal the bicycle against the strong wind and so, pulled the rickshaw manually. It took almost half an hour for us to reach the theater.

He stopped at the entry to the lane next to the theater.

“This is your lane, sir.” He pointed out.

I looked. There was no road visible. The lane was like a canal; water flowing down to the other end. It looked at least a couple of feet deep, if not more.

“You will have to walk the rest of the way, sir. I am sorry.” He said. I didn’t argue. I paid his fare and a handsome tip. He deserved it.

I got down from the rickshaw and moved to the shelter provided by a small tree at the corner. I looked into the lane. There was no one around. All the houses had their doors and windows firmly shut. People were sensible and they were staying indoors. I didn’t have any idea about Murthy’s home. I stood there wondering what to do.

My savior was a ten year old boy who came from behind me and was going into the same lane. He was protected by an umbrella too.

“Hello! Could you tell me where is Murthy’s house?”

“Which Murthy?” He asked seriously. I knew that in this part of the Kadıköy Escort town, every other man was a Murthy. I tried to recollect his first name.

The boy was obviously smart and clever.

“Young Murthy sir or old man Murthy sir?” He asked.

“Young Murthy” I replied promptly.

He pointed to the second house on the right side and said, “Upstairs.” He went his way and I blessed him and his parents.

I made my way to Murthy’s house, wading through knee deep water, covering my head with my bag for protection against the heavy rain. I opened the small wooden gate. It was a two storied house a few feet above the street level. There was a small three feet paved pathway around the house and the main door was locked with a big lock from outside. Obviously, they were out.

I found the stair case to my left, climbed the stairs and reached the upstairs portion.

I earnestly hoped that this was indeed Murthy’s place and he was there. I knocked on the wooden door. There was no answer and I knocked harder and longer.

The door didn’t open but a small window to the right of the door and a few feet away opened.

“Who is it?” A female voice inquired.

“Is Murthy sir there?” I asked her.

“No. He is not here. Who wants him?” She asked again.

I gave her my name and introduced myself as a friend of Murthy. To give her some confidence, I told her my father’s name.

It was as if I said, “Open Sesame!” The window shut and the door opened immediately. I rushed indoor and it took a lot of effort to shut the door against the winds.

“I am Jaya, his wife.” She introduced herself.

Seeing my totally drenched condition she went inside and returned with a fresh towel and an ironed lungi (the male equivalent of a sari which one wraps around). I opened my bag, took out my small toilette kit and also a T shirt.

“Dry yourself before you catch cold. You are totally drenched.” So saying, she gestured me to follow her. One of the doors in the next large room had a door that opened to the attached bathroom with toilette. The bathroom had another door that probably opened to their bedroom.

I brushed my teeth, finished my morning ablutions and walked out of the bathroom in a much better shape. She had a cup of hot filtered coffee ready and I really loved drinking that coffee. I needed it!

Jaya told me that Murthy had gone to Raipur two days ago on official work and he was expected back on Sunday evening. I told her about the purpose and details of my own trip and how I am now stuck in Vijayawada.

“I am glad that you remembered us and came here. We are highly indebted to your father. It is because of his blessings and kindness that we are happy.” I was a bit embarrassed by the high praise they heaped on my father; but was secretly proud of him.

“Whether you like it or not, now you are struck with me.” I joked with her.

“Oh! It is really a relief to have company in this horrible storm. I was scared.” She replied.

She quickly prepared a breakfast of hot upma (a south Indian breakfast like a thick porridge) for me. I was famished, it was hot and delicious and I ate a second serving too.

“You must be tired after that overnight journey. Why don’t you sleep off for a while? I will prepare lunch and wake you up.” That was a very welcome suggestion.

She quickly made a bed for me on a folding type cot in the bigger living room which was the second room and I slept like a rock.

At 1pm, I woke up after much shouting and shaking by Jaya. My eyes were refusing to stay open and I went to the bathroom and had a quick face wash. The lunch was ready and spread out neatly on the small dining table. It was hot, spicy and delicious…just the way I liked my food. I praised her on here culinary skills and ate ravenously.

After we finished lunch, I moved to the front room and tried the Radio. The power supply was off. Jaya brought a small battery operated transistor radio and gave it to me.

“You can get the local stations and weather updates on this.” She went back to clean up.

I heard the local news bulletin and it was depressing news. The storm was lashing the coast and all forms of transportation had come to a halt. There was a lot of damage already and the cyclone was expected to cross the coast in few hours time about sixty miles down south to us.

Jaya joined me in the room, sat on the chair opposite mine and listened to the news with rapt attention. When the bulletin concluded, I switched off. She had a worried look on her face. Even though I didn’t show my feelings, I was worried too.

“I am worried, Mohan. They say it is going to cross close to us and do a lot of damage. I hope we are safe here.” She did sound worried.

“I think I should forget about going to my friend’s wedding. I only hope that they all would be safe.” I expressed my own concerns.

“You can’t think of going anywhere now. Forget about going to that wedding.”

I nodded my head in assent. Ataşehir Escort

We heard a commotion from outside. We didn’t dare to open the door. Jaya opened the window partly and peeped through it. Then she asked me to join her. I did.

The lane was now flooded with water and the level was much higher than when I arrived that morning. Few of the houses which were at a lower level were flooded and folks from these houses were moving themselves and their valuables to the relative safety of neighbors’ homes.

Luckily for us, Murthy’s house was built three or four feet above the road level and very safe.

“We are on the first floor; so no worries at all.” I said, hoping to boost her confidence.

“That is true, but, isn’t this scary?”

It certainly was!

We shut the window and bolted it. It was just past three but the light outside dimmed considerably. The house turned dark and Jaya lit a candle.

“Do we have enough candles and matches?” I asked her.

So we went and checked. There were about ten candles and two match boxes in stock. We picked them up and placed them in the top shelf of the open rack there; a dry, safe and accessible place.

“We must use them carefully and not waste any.” I added, unnecessarily.

“Thank God, you are here, Mohan. I just shudder to think of myself alone in this ghastly storm.” Her voice cracked a little and she looked ready to burst into tears.

She didn’t look much older than me so I decided to call her by name.

“Oh! Jaya! Don’t worry. I am here with you now and you need not worry. I will not leave till the storm completely subsides. We are perfectly safe.”

My words cheered her up a little.

I decided to take her mind off the storm. So, I started telling her things about Madras, my job, cinemas and things like that. Jaya was curious and she asked many questions. In the background, even through the closed doors, we could hear the winds howling and shrieking. It was just past five but totally dark.

I switched on the transistor radio.

The storm was going to cross the coast anytime now. People were asked to stay indoors and bolt up their doors and windows, as very high speed winds were blowing. ‘Do not open the doors and windows’ – the warnings said repeatedly.

I got up and checked that the doors and windows were fully closed and properly bolted. Despite that, the front door looked a little vulnerable. So, with the help of Jaya, I moved a couple of trunks against the door, as a sort of reinforcement. Jaya said she would cook some rice for our dinner. Some of the curry and dal that she cooked for our lunch were also available. I went with her to the kitchen to keep company.

Author’s note

At this stage of the tale I would like to tell you a little more about the personalities of both Mohan and Jaya. Mohan was basically a good boy. He was above average but not brilliant at studies and did fairly well at the academics. He was tall at 5’10”, very slim and had average physic and looks. He had a good, middle class upbringing and was taught the basic values well by his parents early in life.

His knowledge about sex was also average; as was the norm of those times. It was mostly bookish and hearsay. Like other boys of his age, he masturbated periodically fantasizing about the bodies of film stars or other beauties. He kept away from the temptation of going to the prostitutes or the like. He knew that he would get married in a few years and then he could have all the sex he wanted with his wife. Thus, sexually, he was both a virgin and a novice.

Jaya was twenty five year old. She too had a middle class upbringing and did her graduation in Arts (known as B.A degree). She was married three years ago and it was an arranged marriage. Her parents knew Murthy’s parents through common friends and both sides liked the alliance and that was it.

Jaya was 5’4″ tall and an average looking girl. She had wheat like complexion and plain features. Everything about her looks was average…her face, breasts, buttocks…were all average. Her most beautiful features were her eyes and her hair. She had big, black eyes that were beautiful and expressive. She also had long, silken, rich, black hair that she normally wore in a single pleat. When in the mood and in the privacy of her home, she would sometimes leave it loose for a day after shampooing it.

She too had minimal knowledge of sex when she got married and her husband was her first and only man. Murthy was only a couple of inches taller than her and was a little obese for his age. He was darker in complexion than his wife and had lots of body hair. Though he loved his wife he was an average performer in bed. After a few minutes of foreplay and kissing he would take his wife in a missionary position, fuck her for five minutes and ejaculate. Once done, he would get off her and go to sleep.

Jaya had an orgasm occasionally and was left fretting the other times. She had no prior knowledge or experience Bostancı Escort to bench mark. She therefore thought this was normal sex. But, sometimes, she felt that she was missing out on something and sex, perhaps, could be more pleasurable.

Her instinct told her that her hubby was ‘coming’ too soon. If only he could stay harder and longer inside her and fucked her longer it would be much better! She felt it but never dared to tell her hubby. She was scared of his possible reaction.

Though three years had gone by, she had not got pregnant. Her parents, his parents and all relatives were waiting for her to get pregnant. Those days, in our society, if a woman didn’t get pregnant she was blamed as infertile. Though her gynecologist said there was nothing wrong with her and it was only a matter of time before she conceived, she was worried. So, she did what her mother and mother-in-law had asked her to do. She visited temples, prayed to God to make her pregnant.

This was the background of both these characters when they were thrown together by a quirk of fate to face the deadly storm on that fateful day.

Back to the story

Jaya finished cooking and we moved to the front room and lit a candle there. This was their drawing room and had a small sofa and two chairs. They were of the simple and less expensive wood and cane type design. I settled down on the sofa and Jaya joined me. Through the firmly closed doors we could hear the howling of the winds. I switched on the transistor set.

The news was on. The cyclone was moving slower than expected and was likely to cross the coast in the next few hours. The earlier warnings and the predictions of high wind speeds and extensive damage were repeated. I switched it off because we needed to conserve the batteries. With the telephone lines dead from that morning and power outage, we were totally cut off from the outside world. This transistor radio was our sole source of information.

I did the mistake of sharing these thoughts with Jaya. Instinctively, her hand sought mine and held them. Her body shivered a little. She was certainly scared and I felt a surge of sympathy. I moved a little closer to her and gently pressed her hand with mine.

“Don’t worry, Jaya! We are far away from the path (of the cyclone) and we are in a big town. We are not alone. There are thousands around us. We are safe.” I said with more confidence than I felt.

“I know but I am scared…” She mumbled.

To divert her attention, I started talking about movies. This was a subject that obviously fascinated her a great deal. We started talking about my favorite heroines and her favorite heroes. As we kept speaking, I became aware of her body, for the first time.

The sofa, with its back to the wall, was facing the front door. I was seated on the left side of the sofa and Jaya was to my right. Her right hand was in my hands now and as we talked, I became aware of its softness for the first time. Her hand was soft as a flower and her fingers were slim and shapely. Slowly, I let the fingers of my right hand entwine hers.

As I looked at her face, I realized, for the first time, how beautiful her eyes were!

“You have such lovely eyes, Jaya.” I blurted out. My hand gave hers a gentle squeeze.

“Oh! Mohan! So you noticed at last! I was wondering whether you would notice at all! That is the first thing people tell me when they meet me first time…beautiful eyes!” She said that proudly and her face lit up with a smile.

“I too noticed it the first thing but I was scared about saying it out then.”

She just smiled in reply. But now, her hand returned the squeeze.

We kept talking about all and sundry. But we both were aware of the fury of the raging cyclone and were scared. The winds were blowing at a higher speed now. This was obvious from the increased noise level and the tremendous air pressure that was rattling the doors and windows.

“This is getting too scary, Mohan!” Her voice reflected her fear.

There was no doubt about that. But, she was obviously much more scared than me. As a man, I was supposed to provide her some sort of confidence and protection. Instinct told me what to do. I freed my right hand, put my arm behind her, let my right hand rest on her shoulder and pulled her closer to me. She turned slightly to her left, towards me and moved closer. Her left cheek rested on my chest.

“Don’t worry, Jaya. I am here with you and nothing will happen. Don’t be afraid of the storm. It will blow off. Just relax, don’t be tense.” I just kept saying what I thought were comforting words.

My right hand left her shoulder and started brushing her long silken hair tenderly. It was a spontaneous gesture that was aimed at comforting and relaxing her. Her left hand reached for my free left hand, held it and her fingers entwined mine. She gave a gentle squeeze which was an appreciation of my actions and the comfort they provided.

We sat like that on the sofa for long minutes and stayed silent. The silence enhanced the howling noise of the winds which was now like a low pitched shriek of a banshee…a continuous one!

Jaya’s body was still tense and I felt her tremble a little occasionally with small spasms, as if she were experiencing chills.

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Daughter Makes Daddy Her Slave

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“Oh, yeah! That’s it Daddy. That’s it… eat my pussy!” She cried out, her hands gripping the headboard tightly.

Since she was straddling my head, grinding her snatch into my face, I didn’t have any choice but to do what she said.

But then that was how it always was with Ingrid.

Lying there, eating out her hot young cunt as she moaned loudly, I thought back to the day this had all started…

I’d just started doing the laundry, which is what I usually do on a Wednesday afternoon. My wife, Sandra, makes so much from her job as a solicitor that I stay home and do the housework.

It was a bit emasculating, but I wanted to be supportive, and I’d hated my last job so I was glad I didn’t have to do that anymore. I used to work in tech support, and when I’d married Sandra and she’d instead I quit I was quite relieved.

Still, my life was far from perfect. Sandra’s work meant she wasn’t home much, and when she was she was usually pretty stressed.

I hadn’t got any in quite a while.

That’s probably why I made such a stupid mistake…

I walked into Ingrid’s room and started looking for clothes that needed a wash. Ingrid was Sandra’s daughter from her first marriage. Although she’d just started at university, she was still living with us so she could save some money.

As I picked up clothes off the floor, I started thinking what a beautiful young woman she was becoming.

Sure, she wasn’t mature enough to move out (or do her own laundry), but physically she was every man’s wet dream. Tall, athletic, pale skin, red hair, green eyes, perky young tits – I often had to stop myself staring when she was at home.

These thoughts were going through my mind as I bent down and picked up a pair of Uzun porno her knickers.

Hot pink with lace. I sat on the bed and stared at them in my hand.

Then, and I’m still not sure why I did this, I held them to my face and took a big sniff.

The scent of her pussy was intoxicating. I realised I was getting pretty hard.

I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. Ingrid wasn’t really my daughter, but I was married to her mum, and this felt pretty taboo.

The illicit nature of sniffing her knickers must’ve been really turning me on, because I undid my pants and started to stroke my cock.

Closing my eyes I imagined Ingrid. Her lips around my cock. Her hands playing with my balls.


I snapped my eyes open to see Ingrid staring at me with a disgusted look on her face.

“I… um… er… thought you were out!” I spluttered.

“Obviously!” She said. “Unlucky for you, netball got cancelled this week.”

“Ah, this… isn’t what it looks like…” I said, hastily trying to cover my erection with a jumper.

“Oh ho ho, I think it is!” Ingrid replied, smiling wickedly. “and if you don’t want me telling my mum about this you’re gonna have to do exactly what I say.”

“I, um…” I mumbled, wondering what I’d gotten myself into.

“This isn’t a negotiation!” She said sternly. “Now, let me see your cock.”

“What?!” I said, shocked.

“Don’t make me mad! Take off your pants and show me your cock or I tell mum everything!” she yelled.

“Ok, ok!” I said and sheepishly stood up to let my pants fall around my ankles. My now semi-erect cock jutted out in front of me.

Ingrid giggled. “It’s so small.”

Embarrassed, I put my hands over Öğrenci porno my junk.

“I didn’t say cover it up!” Ingrid said angrily. “Take off your shirt.”

Slowly I did as she asked and stood there naked in front of her.

“You’re a dirty old man, aren’t you?” she said and I felt myself turn red. “But I kinda like that…”

She pulled her top down, and suddenly I was staring at her perfect tits. “Were you thinking about these?” She asked, “Were you imagining my perky young tits when you were touching yourself?”

I just stared at her chest, mesmerized by her tits. Pale white with large pink nipples – I’d never seen anything so beautiful.

“Well?!” Ingrid said, snapping me out of it. “You better answer me or I’ll put them away.”

“Yes… I was…” I croaked. “But… but we shouldn’t be doing this…”

“Why? Because I’m your step-daughter? That’s what makes this so hot.” She said stepping forward and grabbed hold of my cock.

The touch of her hand on my throbbing hard-on sent a wave of pleasure through me. “Oh god.” I groaned.

Ingrid giggled. “That’s what you want, isn’t it Daddy? You want your little girl to stroke your cock. Mmm. Tell me that’s what you want.”

“Oh… that’s… what I want.” I gasped.

“Hmmn, I know it is.” Ingrid sighed. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. Mum probably hasn’t been fucking you either, has she? She did that to her last few husbands too… but this feels pretty good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Yes what?” asked Ingrid.

“Yes, it… feel good…” I said hesitantly.

“Mmmm, very good.” Ingrid cooed. “It does feel good doesn’t it? Why don’t you get up on the bed, on all fours, since you like being a pig…”

I climbed up onto the bed on my hands and knees. Ingrid reached under me and stroked my cock with one hand while her other hand fondled my balls.

“You like that.” Said Ingrid. I wasn’t sure if it was a question.

“Yes.” I said.

“No,” said Ingrid. “Say what you like.”

“I like you… stroking my cock…” I panted.

“Mmm, you’d do anything to feel this good, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh… yeah… anything…”

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes. Yes, I want to fuck you!”

Ingrid burst into cruel laughter.

“Daddy! You can’t fuck me.” Said Ingrid in a condescending voice. “Your cock is too small. I need a real man’s cock to please me. Tell me you understand.”

What the fuck was happening? “You need… uh… a real man’s cock…” I grunted thrusting into her hand.

“Don’t worry, we can still have a lot of fun. I’m going to make you my slave. You’ll do whatever I say and, if you’re lucky, I’ll let you cum. Does that sound like fun?”

“Yes, but… I think I’m gonna cum…” I groaned.

“No!” Ingrid shouted and her hand grabbed around my balls like a cock ring, preventing me from cumming. “You do not cum until I give you permission. Now, will you be my slave?”

“Ugh, baby, please…” I begged. Not being able to cum was driving me nuts.

“Will you be my slave?” Ingrid repeated insistently.

“OK, yes. Yes. I’ll be your slave.” I shouted desperately.

“And you’ll do whatever I say?”

“Yes. Anything.”

“Well then cum for me. Cum for me slave daddy! Cum for me!”

With that I shot a huge load all over the bed. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.

Ingrid took her hand and wiped cum all over my chest. “Hmmn. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.” She smiled.

From that day on I was Ingrid’s sex slave.

She’d come home and make me eat her pussy, or fuck her with a vibrator, or jerk off while she laughed.

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Breaking Clichés Ch. 06

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Note: This story is a lot harder than my other stories and even a lot harder than all of the other Breaking Clichés stories. If you need your erotic stories to be pure vanilla, then I recommend that you read some of my other stories.


I woke up slowly, not sure if I had heard my name or not, then saw my angel. Backlit by the morning sunlight, Scarlett was standing right in front of me, looking at herself in the mirror. Very softly, in the absolute quiet of the house, she asked me “Does this still fit me?” I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. First, coming from a woman, this was a dangerous question. Second, Scarlett is 24 years old and her body hadn’t changed drastically since her adolescence.

Third, she looked like an angel glowing like spun gold un the summer sun. But through the haze of light and beauty, my mind managed to see that Scarlett was fully naked and shouldn’t be glowing gold like this. Scarlett’s hair was dark, so if she had covered most of her upper body with it, she wouldn’t be glowing. Her skin was also very pale, very white. Why then was she…

I placed one hand behind my head and blinked a couple of times, trying to wake up properly. When my eyes finally did, I discerned a fine web of gold strings all over her body from her neck to her thighs. The webs turned out to be very fine gold chains that really glimmered in the sunlight. “So, does this still fit?” she asked again, a smile on her lips. Once again I waited patiently before answering. Of course it fit her. Like a glove actually.

Scarlett wasn’t a tall or imposing woman in any way, but somehow she was made of curves from her neck to her knees. She had breasts that would render men speechless, or unable to debate properly in my case during our first meeting. They were disproportionally large for her small frame, and were still flaunting their size and weight as if gravity was beneath contempt. But her sexiness didn’t stop there. Despite her large breasts, Scarlett had a small waist above nicely flaring hips and smooth, perfectly rounded thighs. Not big, just nice and feminine. All in all, she was absolutely stunning and even with proportionate breasts she would have turned heads. And she knew it, often using it to her advantage.

So, when she asked if her unique jewel still fit, it was either a trick question or she just wanted me to ogle her. During the past few months, I had learned that she really liked that. Not so long ago we had a henna artist come over and do her entire body. I spent essentially an entire day staring at her nude body as she was gradually transformed into an exotic creature.

I was now nearly fully awake, and my blood flow was starting to converge between my legs. Seeing Scarlett nude was usually enough to get me started, but the very fine jewel somehow made her seem even more glorious. As she let me stare at her body, even though she was talking to me, she explained that one of her old boyfriends had made it for her, using her precise measurements. Luckily for me now, she had been nineteen when he had done it and her breasts had pretty much stopped growing. As she kept talking I could see that the chain around her hips was significantly tighter than the others. It was not obvious, but I was pretty sure she knew about it. In any case, I didn’t care much about the jewel itself and felt only luckier that her hips widened since then. It only made her even more desirable.

Delicately, during what turned out to be a long process, she removed it. As she explained, it was a multi part piece that he had done over the course of a year. Scarlett told me that he had been quite pissed about her breaking up with him a couple of months after it was finished. She had given the very pricey jewel back to him, and for months they didn’t speak. Then one day, out of the blue, Scarlett received a small box containing the full jewel. A small note said “It’s yours. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d really like a picture of you wearing it.” She sent him one, but they never became friends or lovers after that. And, to her relief, he had never published that picture anywhere public…

Once she was nude, my show wasn’t done. First, she knelt on the bed, then crawled on all fours until she was above my face. Until her breasts were above my face. From time to time, I was blessed with such a breast bath, an offering of grace and lust. Breathing deep, I inhaled her scent, the clean scent of her body, and I opened my mouth to kiss her skin. Soon I was licking her bountiful curves until her aureola was in reach and I sucked her nipple in my mouth. My tongue began its playful assault and I felt her shivering above me. A very soft laugh escaped from her lips.

With my hands I guided her breasts together and licked my way from one to the other, and even pressed both her nipples together into one mouthful of lust. When I released them from my mouth and her breasts from my hands, I pushed my face up and squeezed her breasts against my cheeks, Avrupalı porno inhaling her scent once more. I could feel her skin all over my face, from right to my eyes all the way down to my chin.

My few days old beard was probably scratching her, but she didn’t complain as I kept drowning myself between her globes. Hanging from above like this, they seemed even bigger than they were. Gravity didn’t have much of an effect on them yet, but still, this position made them as ample as they could be. Turning my head from side to side, I kissed one then the other, squeezing each of them in my wide opened hands.

When she pulled away I closed my eyes momentarily, grinning like a fool and with a very stiff erection. A while back, Scarlett had made it clear that such breast baths were not always foreplay. If I were to try and pull her to me every time, she would stop doing it. Sadly, this morning was once such occasion. Then again, my show was still not over, so I mourned the absence of her pussy around my cock by watching her dress for the day.

Scarlett leaned forward into her closet, so that for a minute I could admire her creamy legs and ass from the side. When she pulled back out, she was holding a full regalia of lingerie. It was one she didn’t wear often, but one I really liked. It was a set from Lise Charmel, the Exception Gitane model, with the bra, panties, garter and hose. The base of the set was black, with very nice dark red and black lace. What made it stand out was the generous accents of bright red roses on a field of vivid green leaves. The details were intricate and deeply profiled. This is a bra and panties that would be quite apparent under thin clothes. But with winter approaching, Scarlett wasn’t about to choose that. Instead she chose a very nice blue skirt and a white lacy top. The lace on the top was very similar to that on the bra, so they would meld together. The final effect was very nice, but couldn’t match up to the sight of my love in lingerie. She kissed me and said “Have a good day with your friends!”, before going down the stairs and out of the house.

A few minutes, and a few tissues later, I walked downstairs and ate my breakfast. Looking at the clock, I knew I had about an hour left before having to go out myself and wait for my friends at the airport. Marcus and Noam would be arriving a bit after noon and would spend a few days here before leaving for their week-long seminar in the city, about a five hour drive away. They were both old friends back from when we were all students in college, and we’d managed to keep in touch despite the distance. They had moved to Australia a year after graduating and had remained there ever since. I hadn’t seen them in the flesh since about ten years, and it would be a welcomed change from video calling.

I knew both were looking forward to these few days here before the seminar, but for Noam it would be a much needed break from his ordinary life. Two months ago his long-time girlfriend left him for another man and he’s been angry and bitter ever since. Coming here, seeing new faces and spending time at the seminar would do him wonders. At the airport, I was surprised to see him in a great mood, laughing with Marcus. As I looked at them, I tried to discern if Noam was high or something. It didn’t look that way, but it was strange.

Noam looked like an american footballer: not particularly tall, very broad shoulders and big arms, most of his hair gone and a slight beer belly. Never in a million years would people guess that he, like Marcus, was a very successful biologist running an entire wing of a research centre. Marcus could look more different. He was very tall, rather lean and thin, had almost midnight black skin and kept his hair long and braided.

I grinned when I remembered Scarlett’s question when I first showed her his picture. “Oooh… He’s good looking! Is it true what they say about black guys?”

“Scarlett! Isn’t that racist?” I asked, feigning distress.

Scarlett grinned. “You know what I mean.” she sighed. “So, is it true?”

“Yep. I’ve seen him in the showers many times back in college. And in his case the myth is true… He has two nipples.”

Scarlett slapped my shoulders. “Oh come on! Don’t tease me!”

“Haha! Sorry… Too easy. But yes, he is very well hung. I have no idea how big he gets when hard, but it must be quite something…”

“Hmmm, interesting.” she said with a small smile.

“Should I be worried?” I asked.

“Never my love. Never.”

I had no idea why I was so sure about her, knowing how voracious her sexual appetite was. But somehow I felt that she was telling me the truth. In any case, Marcus and Noam finally saw me and they rushed me for a big hug. The ride home was very very pleasant, and although we had talked quite a bit in the last few weeks, we still had a lot to talk about. We briefly touched on the subject of Noam’s girlfriend, and I realized that Video porno Noam was now angry with women in general instead of just with his ex. In silence, I hoped that seeing Scarlett would go a long way to redeem womanhood. At that moment, I had no idea what was going to happen a few days later. Even if the signs were obvious even during the first evening together, it took me a while, and a discussion with Scarlett, to realize just how frustrated Noam was.

Even on the first evening I noticed some strange behaviour from him. Noam was obviously stunned by Scarlett’s breasts and had trouble just maintaining a conversation. That wasn’t a problem in itself: it happened to me when I first met her, so I couldn’t hold that against him. But all through the evening I noticed that he often just happened to pass very close to her, or bump into her seemingly accidentally. When I talked to Scarlett about it in our bed, she shook her head.

“John, it’s not the first time that a man tries to touch me accidentally.” she said, emphasizing the last word.

“And it doesn’t bother you?”

“Only a bit. And he’s not so bad. Clearly he was deeply hurt by his ex and I don’t think he can reconcile his frustration with women and his lust for me. As long as it doesn’t go further, I don’t really mind.”

I was somewhat surprised by her attitude, but then again, I was pretty sure that Scarlett had had to learn to deal with touchy-feely men. We resisted the impulse to make love on that first night, knowing that while Noam was in our guest room, Marcus was on the couch, right next to the stairs. I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging erection, and even though I was pretty sure that Marcus was deeply asleep, I didn’t wake Scarlett. For all I knew he was jet-lagged and wide awake.

The next morning, I wasn’t treated to a special show like yesterday. That didn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the sight of Scarlett dressing up. I think I could spend the rest of my life waking up to the sight of her dressing up and never grow tired or jaded. I didn’t know, but I was more than ready to test my hypothesis. I had to work all day, and Scarlett had two classes, so Noam and Marcus would be spending the day on their own. They had my car, not my Charger obviously, and they were planning on exploring the town.

Scarlett joined me for lunch and as we ate, she touched my knee under the table. When my hadn’t reached hers, she gave me what turned out to be her panties. I grinned, used to that little game, but still thrilled every time she did it. I had noticed the short skirt she’d chosen today, and now knew that her naked thighs would lead to her equally naked pussy. Sadly, I was going to disappoint her. “I can’t Scarlett. I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.”

“That’s plenty of time!” she grinned, a dangerous look in her eyes.

“Fuck! I nearly woke you up last night, right after my cock woke itself up!”

“Oh! You should have! Damn it! I was planning on taking the edge off now so that we’ll be able to sleep tonight! As things stand, we’ll be forced to…”

“Bad Scarlett! Down! Down girl!” I laughed. “Noam’s supposed to sleep on the couch tonight… Are you sure you want to do it right above him?”

“Bah… I’m sure if he heard us he’d only masturbate. I caught him playing with my bras this morning… He was in the bathroom and when I entered after he left, three of my bras were on top of the dirty laundry.”

“Damn… Poor guy. Are you angry?”

“Nah. But he really needs help. Or to find a girl for him, and not a prostitute!”

“I know… But what’s the point of introducing a girl from here?”

There wasn’t an easy solution, and not much we could do. I was both sad and a little bit angry with Noam. Once again I couldn’t fault him for playing with Scarlett’s bras: they were works of art and held the world’s most beautiful breasts all day long. Then again, it was still a bit strange. Maybe I could talk with him tonight?

Dinner time wasn’t an ideal time to do it, but Noam sort of forced my hand. At one point the three guys were sitting at the table and Scarlett brought the platter of sloppy joe potatoes. When she leaned above the table to put it down, I noticed that her cleavage became quite apparent. She had a low cut shirt, she usually had, and so her shirt and breasts simply went along with gravity. When Noam said “My Gods they’re so big!”, we all froze. I looked at Marcus really quickly and saw that he was shaking his head slightly. Before anyone could react or talk, Noam added “I’ve never seen such big potatoes! Great! They look delicious and I’m really hungry!”

Again he could have meant her breasts, but he was giving us another explanation. And the potatoes were indeed quite big. Scarlett and I had been surprised by their size when we had bought them. Still, most women would have felt humiliated by such a crude compliment. Scarlett certainly wasn’t pleased, but she didn’t look offended either. When Noam served himself and dug in hungrily, it relaxed the somewhat tense atmosphere. There was a significant silence, but eventually Marcus talked about their day together. Noam went on as if nothing happened, and at this point I genuinely didn’t know how conscious he was about his rudeness. Maybe he was feeling so depressed that he was unawares of the feelings of the people around him.

Scarlett, my bright Scarlett, recovered pretty quickly and we spent a decent evening together. In fact, Marcus turned out to be a very good storyteller and he regaled us with stories of his life in Sidney. Noam joined in as well, talking and laughing as if nothing special had happened. Very strange. Noam had never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but I couldn’t believe he had done that accidentally, not seeing the double meaning or our reaction to it. He wasn’t that bad, or at least had never been.

Alone with Scarlett in our bed later that night, whispering because Noam was close by on the couch, I once more asked Scarlett if she wanted me to talk to him. She said no. He was bad, he was rude, but he hadn’t done anything worse than a bad joke. She reminded me that she believed that people were getting much too sensitive about everything these days. It was the theme of one of her classes last semester, and through it she’d grown a lot more aware of this problem.

“In any case,” she added, smiling, “they are fucking big!”

“Oh! Stop it!” I said, troubled but amused at the same time. “Noticing them and talking about them are two very different things.”

“Of course… And you certainly noticed them at the rally, didn’t you?”

She was talking about our first meeting, where I had met her breasts in her little red dress. Since then she had learn just how hard it was to distract me when I’m in full argumentative mode, and had realized just how shocked I must have been by the sight of her breasts on that day. From time to time, she puts that dress with that bra when she wants an edge to win a debate with me.

“Of course I did!” I said, squeezing her naked breasts in my hands under the blanket. “But I was not about to say it out loud!”

“Of course not, and that’s one of the many reasons why I’m naked in your arms instead of being on the couch with a man like him.”

“He’s not that bad. Or at least he wasn’t that bad before.”

“I believe you. Then again, you have to get a grip on yourself when things like this happen. It’s shitty, but what are you going to do, mop around and fondle young girls for the rest of your life?”

“Pffff! You’re not so young anymore, girl! In fact you’re lucky that a rich old man like me found you before your charms faded away for good…”

“Oh no you didn’t!” was her immediate reply as she began tickling me and wrestling with me under the blankets.

Minutes later I was holding her tight in a spooning position and my cock firmly hilted itself within her smooth and wet sheath. We both knew Noam was right beneath us, but right now we didn’t care. We remained as quiet as possible, but I soon came to believe that he would hear us regardless of our efforts. Scarlett and I lived in a very old house and the floor our bed was on was nothing but thick boards with large beams for support. There wasn’t an actual ceiling above Noam, just 2 inches of very old pine. And, again, we didn’t care. He had acted like a pig earlier and we didn’t feel like being extremely delicate about his presence downstairs.

I was spooning Scarlett, and decided to take things slower. I pulled completely out and felt myself gliding between her tightly closed thighs. I then pushed back in, all the way to the depths of her pussy. And again… From time to time my head slipped past her sweet hole and slid against her clit and then further against her perfectly smooth mound. Years ago Scarlett had decided that she preferred the fully shaven look, and had spent months shaving herself many times a week.

Then, frustrated by this task, she had begun a long wax treatment and was now pretty much free of hair. She still had to wax herself a few times a year, but by now her skin felt perfectly silky. Well lubricated by her own juices, her large lips and mound were a delight of their own. I could have remained in this blissful position for years and years… Smooth thighs, hot pussy, silky lips and mounds, back and forth…

But then I got an idea. I had no idea if it was going to work, but I took a chance. “My Gods they’re so big!” I said, trying to imitate Noam’s voice as best I could all the while grabbing her breasts forcefully. When Scarlett laughed, I knew we were in for a bit of roleplay.

“Aren’t you ashamed of touching me like this?” she asked, whispering. “I’m your old friend’s girlfriend! Soon to be fiancee!” Scarlett said, shocking me.

I had been convinced that she was against that institution, but now… “Bullshit!” I replied quickly, still roleplaying Noam. “John told me he was never going to wed years ago.” It was a lie, but it fit the story and it was the best I could come up with after that comment.

“Oh, but that was before he met me. I have him wrapped all around my little finger!”

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Mother Knows Best Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Learning to Dance

I know why Susan was my girlfriend.

I was in my mid-20’s, a graduate student at a medium sized university, and I had plenty of girls to choose from, even if I wasn’t the kind of guy to get the beauty queen. Susan wasn’t particularly pretty—or ugly. She was about 15 pounds overweight—a little on the plump side. She did have enormous knockers—cantaloupe sized, that I adored because although they were big, they were firm, not saggy. But the reason I liked being Susan’s boyfriend was that she loved to fuck. I don’t know what the clinical definition of nymphomania is, but she must have come close. She was always horny, and if she wasn’t horny, she was willing to get that way. I didn’t take much. All I had to do was say, ” God, your tits look delicious today” and she be unzipping my pants. She’d fuck anywhere anytime.

We had a little project gong on—we were trying to screw in every building on the campus. The other thing about Susan was that she would talk about other women all the time in the most lewd way. We’d see a woman walking down the street and she’d say things like, “I’ll bet she’d like to do it with another woman—she looks like a bisexual.” I found all this dirty talk very—stimulating.

Susan had invited me over to her house one evening. Her mom was going out and we would be alone for a few hours. She wanted to fuck me in her mom’s bed—which I found kinky in a pleasant sort of way. I guess that makes me slightly kinky too. Susan’s mom had been divorced for about 5 years and I wanted to see what a middle-aged divorced woman kept in her bedroom. Did she have sexy lingerie? Dildos? Or just boring old granny panties? Susan told me I could find out for myself.

I arrived about 7 p.m. and rang he bell. Martha, Susan’s mom answered the door. “Come on in, David,” she said, “Susan should be home from work any minute.” Susan taught a couple of evening courses at the junior college about 60 miles away.

“Thanks, Mrs. B., ” replied. I went in and sat the living room couch. Martha must have had a hot date because she was dressed in a black cocktail dress, black hose, and high heels. She had on make-up and her hair was done. I didn’t usually see her like this, and she looked goods for someone in their late forties.

She noticed me looking at her and she said, “I’ve got a date tonight with a guy—he’s taking me swing dancing. I really love that and I don’t get to do it much anymore.”

Just then the phone rang. She listened for a minute and then she said, “My God, are you all right? You’re sure? You’ll be ok? You have money? Do you want me to come and get you? Well I’m glad nothing happened to you. Ok, see you tomorrow.”

“That was Susan. Her car broke down and they towed her back into Madison, but they can’t get the part until tomorrow morning to fix it, so she’s going to spend the night there at the college guesthouse. She’s fine, and she said to tell you that she’s sorry, she’ll see you tomorrow too. I completely forgot to tell her you were sitting right here. Do you want me to try and call her back?”

I shook my head “no” as the phone rang again. Martha made a face and picked up the receiver. Again she listened and then she said slowly,” I see… yes… well… What?! Well fuck you five ways and I hope your wife has herpes!”

Martha had surprised me with her last comment and I looked at her questioningly. “My ‘date’ turns out to be married and doesn’t want to take me dancing because he’s afraid someone he knows might see him. He suggested we sit in his car and ‘talk’ out by the lake—yeah, right next to a dozen other cars with horny high school kids in them.” That’s all he wanted—to get his rocks off– Jesus, what a bastard!”

“Uh, sorry,” was all I could think of to say.

“”Looks like we’ve both been stood up,” Martha said. “All dressed up and no place to go.”

“Well, I better be going.” I stood up, getting ready to head back to a lonely apartment and my studies.

“Why don’t you stay a little while and dance with me here. We can slide the dining room table back and make some room on the parquet floor. I’ve got some swing cd’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Uh, I don’t really know how to dance Mrs. B.” She had surprised me into feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh come on, I’ll teach you. I’m a good teacher. Nobody will see you and you might enjoy yourself. C’mon, just a little while. I got all dressed up and I don’t want to waste it. You wouldn’t deny an older lady a little satisfaction, now would you?” As she said this she made a disappointed puppy dog face.

I had to laugh. She made that face very well and she was very convincing.

“Ok, Mrs. B. but you have to promise you won’t laugh at me.”

“I’ll promise if you’ll promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Call me Martha.”

“Ok, Martha, ” I laughed.

I pushed the dining room table to one side while Uzun porno she picked out a cd and slid it in the player. A big band started to play a lively song and she adjusted the volume so we could speak in a normal tone.

“Ok, put this hand here”—and she placed my left hand in the small of her back—and this one here.” She placed my right hand on her left shoulder. “And I’ll do this.” She placed her hands on me the way mine were on her.

She was a good teacher and made me feel confident and relaxed. I wasn’t that bad although I wasn’t always sure of what I was doing. After a few songs I had the hang of it and I was starting to enjoy dancing with Martha. I could feel the heat of her body and smell her perfume and occasionally we would get pretty close to each other—her tits would press against my chest or our crotches would briefly rub. I was starting to get turned on.

If I passed her on the street I probably wouldn’t look twice at Martha. She was average in just about every way. Average height, average hair color—a sort of medium brown, a little overweight—I guess that’s “average” now—and very average looks. Nothing remarkable at all either towards the pretty or the ugly. But tonight she looked very good. Her dress came to a point about 4 inches above her knees. Not a mini-dress, but close. She also had on black hose that I guessed were the old-fashioned silk kind. She was wearing high-heeled black patent strappy shoes. Her hair was curled in a frame around her face which was very artfully made up to accentuate her lips and eyes. And every time we bumped our bodies together I got a little more aroused. I thought she was getting aroused too because her face was a little pinker than normal and her eyes had a funny look in them.

The song that was playing stopped and a slow song came on. We hadn’t danced a slow one yet, so I wasn’t sure what to do. Martha showed me. Without any discussion or argument she moved a step closer to me, put her arm up behind my shoulder, and laid her head on my shoulder. “Like this,” she said.

I quickly discovered how to hold her and we moved in slow circles around the parquet floor. I hadn’t ever thought about slow dancing to old music with an older woman, but with Martha is was a purely pleasurable experience. I could feel the soft curves of her body as she moved against me and I could feel the heat of her head on my shoulder and smell her shampoo.

The song stopped and she said, “Hold on, I’m going to put on a slow cd.” I didn’t object. Another slow song started and she put herself expertly in my arms again, only tighter and closer this time. Her hand was lower –no longer on my back, but on my ass, and she turned her head the other direction so she was breathing on my neck. “Mmmmm,” she said as she snuggled against me, “this is nice.”

And I had to agree. Holding that warm woman close against me was really getting me turned on. I’m sure she knew it. She made sure her thighs were pressed close to mine, her belly was pressed into me, her boobs were tight against my chest. Her hands weren’t idle either. Her fingers were making little doodles on my body. But then she surprised me. She had been breathing on my neck, her lips just two inches from my skin. Now she pushed her face into my neck and I felt her lips hungrily but lightly working themselves over my skin. I felt the feather touch of her tongue.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she whispered in a husky voice.

Instead of saying anything I turned my head a bit and nuzzled her ear, brushing her earlobe with the tip of my tongue before giving her a long kiss on her smooth and inviting neck.

Suddenly we were liker two teenagers, thrusting our tongues into each other’s willing mouths, out hands going wild, pushing and pulling and stroking and grabbing. One of her hands was massaging my chest while both of mine dropped to her ass, cupped her ample ass-cheeks and pulled her towards me. I felt her thrust her pubis against me and the deep thrum of pleasure came from her throat. I squeezed her ass and felt her wrap one leg around me and push her pussy against me again. We finally broke for air and then went right back to deep-tonguing each other as we filled our hands each other’s bodies.

Without paying any attention to the music we danced each other towards the sofa in the living room. When we reached the sofa I unzipped the back or her dress and slid it off her shoulders, pushed her gently back so she sat down on the couch, and knelt in front of her. I pulled the dress forward and pulled her arms out of it so her lacy black bra, full of soft, warm tit was exposed. I nuzzled her boobs, gently biting the swollen nipples through the material of the bra. She sighed and slid the straps off her shoulders, off her arms, rotated the bra, unsnapped it and tossed it to one side, exposing full tits with big, red, hardened nipples that pointed in my direction. Öğrenci porno “Please lick me,” she said in a voice thick with desire.

How could I refuse? I leaned for ward and began giving my full oral attention to her aureole and nipples. I spent a lot of time on her nipples, licking and nibbling slowly because I could feel by the way she squirmed under me that she was getting more and more excited. I wanted her so hot that the second I put my tongue in her cunt she would explode in passion. I wanted her to come all over my face. I wanted her pussy juiced to run into my mouth. And so I slowly gently, teased her nipples with my mouth.

I stopped for a minute and looked at her and said, ” You’re my girlfriend’s mother.”

She looked back at me and said, “You’re my daughter’s boyfriend. Is that a problem?”

“The only problem is that I prefer making love to you instead of Susan.” And I went back to teasing her nipples while I slid my hands up and down her silky legs.

“You can do both,” she said, as she pushed her swollen and hardened nipple into my greedy mouth. She slid lower on the couch and spread her legs wide, took my hand in hers, and slid it all the way up her gorgeous silky thigh to her sweet Venus’s mound. She was wearing stockings and I felt the change as my hand slid off her nylon-covered leg onto her soft, warm inner thigh, and then back onto a silky material that was covering her cunt. Her panties were soaked. I massaged her swollen lips through the panties for a minute or so, all the while licking her boobs, then put my finger inside the band of her panties and found her dripping slit. I rubbed my finger between her pussy lips for a moment before sliding it into her hot open love hole. She grabbed my head reflexively and moaned loudly, pulling my face into her tit, feeding me her nipple. I slowly rotated my finger inside her cunt as I looked for the fabled G-spot. I don’t know if it exists, but who cares? When you’ve got a mouthful of eager boob and a finger inside a dripping cunt which is tightening around it, and a woman is telling you she wants you to fuck her, what does it matter?

She was whispering now that she wanted my cock inside her, that she wanted me to fuck her hard and deep, but I wasn’t done with my tongue. I took my mouth off of her nipple and pushed her dress all the way up around her waist. I rubbed my face down the front of her panties that were now wringing wet, down to her nylon covered inner thighs which I kissed gently on each side before pushing the crotch of her panties to one side and plunging my tongue into her pink and open slit.

Normally I take my time, licking gently at a woman’s clit and kissing her pussy lips before tonguing her love-hole, but Martha had me so hot I couldn’t wait—and she couldn’t either. I burrowed my face into her crotch, poking my tongue as far into her cunt as I could and she helped me to tongue-fuck her by grabbing my head again and pulling my face into her snatch. I could hardly breathe, but I was licking her like there was no tomorrow and I knew I was doing the right thing by the rhythmic sounds coming form her. I don’t know how to describe the noise—I suppose it was like a high-pitched “uh” sound—the sound of a woman being driven to orgasm by an eager tongue.

Suddenly she clamped her silky legs around me, pushed my face deeper into her cunt, and writhed and shuddered as she moaned “yessss! yessss!” I had made her come for the first time with my tongue—and I intended to give her more orgasms before the night was through. I couldn’t help but reflect on how much Susan was like her, because when I licked Susan to orgasm she did the same thing—wrapped her legs around me and pulled my face into her pussy.

“Oh God, do me again,” Martha said at last. ” I haven’t come like that for—for – I don’t know if I’ve ever come so hard and long.” But I had waited as long as I could.

I moved closer to the couch and pulled her ass towards me. I rose to my feet and had my jeans and shorts off in aobout 2 seconds. I knelt down again and placed the tip of my throbbing cock against her open and dripping pussy lips. “Martha, I said, I’m going to fuck you now.” I leaned forward with all my weight pushing my cock all the way into her cunt as I looked straight into her eyes.

Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and her e eyes got wide as she felt the length of me slide deep down into her vagina. When I was all the way in her I pushed my hips forwards a little more for that extra bit of depth in her cunt and she let out the first of her moans that so turned me on. “Oooooooooohhhhhhh;” she groaned, “yessssss!” And she locked her silky legs around my back and frantically started pumping her pussy onto my shaft. I was trying to pay attention to every thing, and in addition to the feel of her wet love canal sliding up and down my cock, I enjoyed the feel of her legs wrapped tight around me and the silkiness of her nylons on my back.

She leaned her head forward and found my lips with hers and started pushing her tongue in and out of my mouth as if she were fucking my mouth. I loved the feeling of her hot urgent tongue in my mouth as she wriggled her hips, trying to take my cock deeper into her cunt. Without warning she moaned long and loud into my eager mouth as she bucked furiously on my cock, and I understood that she was coming for the second time. I concentrated on pressing my cock as deep into her as I could. I listened with excitement as she groaned with pleasure, juddering her whole body against mine.

And then I came. It was quick and unexpected, and longer and harder than I had ever come before. I kept thrusting deep into her cunt as I cried out. Even after I stopped pumping jizz I continued to thrust into her welcoming pussy.

I only let her rest for a minute before I slid my cock out of her and s started massaging her pussy with my hand. She shuddered each time I ran my hand over her soaking cunt. No, no,”, she cried , trying to twist away. “it’s too sensitive!”

I relented and stroked her nylon-covered legs instead, savoring the feel of her warm flesh through the black nylon. I kissed her feet and then her knees, and then her thighs, but she pressed them together, denying me access to her pussy. “I can’ t do it yet,” she said.

“Martha, I want you to spread your legs for me so I can gaze at your exquisite cunt,” I said,. I won’t touch you until you’ve calmed down a bit—I promise.” Slowly she spread her legs apart and put my face close to her pussy, inhaling the wonderful scent of her pussy juice and her cunt that had so recently been twitching in orgasm.

A minute or two later, I gently touched her pubic mound with my hand. ” Is that OK?” I asked. She had her eyes closed with a look of bliss on her face, but she nodded.

I slid on finger down, carefully touching one of her red and swollen pussy lips. “How about this?” Again, she nodded.

Slowly I stroked her open pussy with my fingers being careful not to touch her too hard or stroke her too fast. Then, I slipped on finger inside her cunt. She moaned and squirmed a little, but she didn’t resist. She was starting to recover from the post-orgasmic sensitivity she had been experiencing.

I pushed my finger in deeper, rotating my wrist so my finger rubbed against all sides of her pussy’ interior. Her hand came down between her legs and she laid the back of hand in the palm of hers and slipped her own finger inside her cunt as well so we were feeling the inside of her pussy at the same time. I was incredibly turned on. I took her finger out of her cunt and raised it to her lips and slid her finger into her mouth. She licked the juice off her finger, saying,” I like to taste myself. This is what I do in bed when I’m horny—I finger my cunt until I’m dripping and then I lick the juice off of one hand while I finger –fuck myself with the other. But it’s so much nicer with your finger inside me—it’s getting me ready to come again.”

I slowed down the motion of my finger inside her. I wanted this orgasm of hers to last along time. I wanted to feel her vagina contracting around my finger, those involuntary muscles that were the sign of her ecstasy. I worked my finger slowly round and round inside her pussy until with a long drawn out “aaaaaahhhhh,” she came again, not as hard as before, but longer. I could feel her cunt tightening around my digit and it made me need to come—and quickly.

I got behind her on the couch, both of us lying on our sides, and I slid into her drenched love canal for the second time. I reached around her and massaged her tits as I pushed as deep into her as I could. I rubbed the silkiness of her leg as I pumped into her. And then it happened.

I came for the second time. It wasn’t as hard as my first orgasm, but it was longer and perhaps more satisfying. When I stopped heaving, I lay inside her, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy.

“David?” she asked.

“Mmm?” I mumbled drowsily.

“I love it when you come inside me.”

“Good,” I said, nodding off.

I don’t want this to be the last time.”


“But I’m Susan’s mother. How will we work that?”

I thought for a minute. “We’ll just have to make love when she’s not around—she works late two nights a week.”


“Mmm?. She could join us.”

She had my attention now. “What?”

“I’m sure I could get her to join us. Well, I’ll put it to her that I want to join you two. I’m sure I can get her to agree. I’d really like to see you fucking my daughter and I know she’d like to see me doing it with you. We’ve actually talked about this before, but we’ve never tried it. I think now would be a good time to have a threesome with her.”

“I’m ready for it”, I said, with some animation. I’d love to see you two licking each other’s cunts…”

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow. I can’t wait…”

And neither could I. All the way home, I imagined what that converstion had been like—Susan and her mother talking about sharing a man…

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Daughter with My Friends Ch. 04

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Massaging Jasmine

NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further.

This is the 4th part of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica. I have written such that each story stands alone.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets on a fantasy to see his daughter. groped and begins creating incidents for her to be groped. Soon he wishes to grope and feel the young soft body. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside.

Happy reading!


Story so far: –

Part I – A father party with his friends and goes to the bathroom to wash off spilled Whisky and sees his daughter being groped and used. The father begins to see his daughter in a new angle and create incidents for her to be groped.

Part II – A young boy groping his daughter in the bus excites him more and he decides it’s high time for him to know the softness of his own daughter.

Part III – One day getting a chance he gropes her. His desire to grope her naked is fulfilled when he sees her sleeping in his bed. Undressing her, he gropes her in her sleep.


My views towards my daughter had changed. Whenever I got a chance I would stare at her ass, peek under her skirts, press myself on her ass and sometimes even Cumming or at the edge of it but everything was unknown to her – making it feel as if it was just accident. Since I couldn’t openly engage in sex with her, I always dreamed her with others. That was what led me to Babu.

Babu was introduced to me by a social service group who allotted people for household works. Babu was hard-working and honest. One day when we were alone I said,

“Why don’t you try a job in one of the massage centers? You could earn a lot and may be go to Foreign countries.”

He looked at me baffled and said, “I don’t know anything about massage.”

“Its simple, but you got to remember to be professional. That is not be shy or laugh when a customer undress especially women.”

He smiled shyly, “But I lack experience.”

I looked at him and said, “I know a person who will take you but you must have some idea. Why don’t you try it on Jasmine?.”

He looked at me doubtfully. I encouraged him (and almost pleaded) till he agreed. I called Jasmine.

“Babu is going to massage you in oil to make you look good.” I said to Jasmine as she came “Go and lie down.”

She lay on the bed as Babu poured oil to his hands. He began from her leg and stopped as he reached her thigh, then he applied oil on her hands and neck. Within minutes it was over. I asked Jasmine how it was. She said ok. Babu was beaming with pleasure.

“See how easy it is.” I said “But you must try this daily.OK, Now both of you go and take bath, We will discuss more later. Its good for both of you. Babu will get experience and Jasmine will get massage daily making your body strong & beautiful.”

Both of them Avrupalı porno smile and went for their bath.

After they returned I explained this was just a trial. He was now full of confident. I told him that the foreigners wouldn’t be enough with this massage. He was puzzled. I then took a doll and showed him how to massage. First till the dress, then slowly to push the dress and in the end remove till she was only in her panties. He nodded seriously and took the doll for practice. I told them we continue this class tommorow after 4.00pm (that was when my wife would be out and we would be alone) and told them not to tell anyone anything.

Next day by 4.00 pm I arranged a small cot in the bathroom. I had briefed Babu a little with certain instructions and told him to wear only a towel – not even underwear- as that was the custom in massage palours. He was shy but he did it.

“Today I will be sitting in the other room, watching through this web cam.” I said pointing. “Do it like I have showed you, If its ok we will go to the next and final stage, after which you will be a Massagist. Wear this earpiece.”

I told Jasmine to lie on the cot.

She was wearing a short skirt showing and yet not showing her thighs. I left them telling her to do as he says and not call me or leave the room till Babu says and sat infront of my computer to enjoy. He had already began from her leg and stopped as he reached her thigh. He looked at the webcam.

“Continue” I said

With nervous fingers he raised her skirt and applied oil on her thigh. My dick began to bang on my shorts. I could see the end of her panties. I watched his fingers slide over her thighs applying the oil.

“You have to remove your skirt, Jasmine else it may get spoiled.” I heard him say as I had instructed.

She looked perplexed and was wondering what to do when he extended a towel.

“Wrap yourself in this. Your dad gave me that to give it. I had forgot about that. I will stay outside till you change” he said as he left

She wrapped the towel around her and began to remove forgetting the fact I was watching her through the webcam. She removed her skirt displaying her colourful panties and beautiful thighs, then unbuttoned her shirt. I moaned in pleasure as I saw her sweet breast and red nipples.

“C’mon.” she said wrapping herself in the towel.

He came eying her figure as she lay down and began his massage, lifting her towel little by little till it reached her panties. I saw his dick slowly rise pushing open his towel. I held my breath as he massaged all around and slowly slide his fingers in, applying oil over her ass. She held her breath as his fingers moved over her ass.

His earpiece crackled to life as I said “Remove her Panties.”

Slowly he pulled her panties. She turned to stop him but before she could protest he had pulled it down and applied oil on her bare ass. She began to wriggle.

“Be a good girl.” he said slapping her ass.

His fingers squeezed her ass tracing her assline plunging nearer to her asshole applying oil. He took the bottle and spreading her ass poured some oil into her asshole. She was red in shy. It was the first time Video porno she was naked infront of a man and that too he was opening her ass wide. I rubbed my dick in pleasure as he dipped his finger in oil and inserted into her asshole. She jumped as his finger circled in her asshole and then spread her ass as his finger deepened. His dick was bursting the towel.

He listened carefully as his earpiece talked to him. He looked uncertain but by now his lust had overcome him that I doubted if he needed any encouraging. He went and sat in the bathtub.

“Come here” he ordered like a teacher

She entered the tub.

“Turn around” he said

She turned around. He removed his towel. I could see his dick pointing out.

“Sit down without turning back.”

As she began to sit, with one pull he had her towel off her body. Unexpecting it she sat – sat naked – right on his dick. It took a moment for her to register that she was naked and it was his dick that was pressing hard on her ass – her sweet pussy on his hard dick. I watched her face as she sat. The moment it registered, her face was a painter’s art. The suspense, fear, lust – all in one. Before she could get up he pressed her closer. She had no intention to get up.

His hands swarmed around her breast shaping them and teasing her nipples, moved to her pussy splitting it open and arising her lust. She wiggled and his dick sprang up on her soft ass. I saw her jump up but Babu held her down and moving his dick on her ass. As the camera was on top I could see only Jasmine sitting on him and wriggling. He was groping her from all angle. I didn’t know when & how his dick had entered her pussy because the whole time his hand was on her breast teasing her nipples or massaging her thighs and teasing her pussy. It was only when he pushed her on all fours that I noticed his dick was in her pussy.

“Hmmppph” She moaned, biting her lips as he went in deeper and deeper. The pleasure began to spread on her. He held her breast and pushed in deep and began his journey. She held the tub as he began to rock harder.

“Babu! That wasn’t in the script.” I shouted like a fool

“Sorry, can’t mmmm stop” he said without interupting his activities.

“Aaahhmmm” She continued her unintelligble words was saying all long as the dick went deeper & deeper. He squeezed her breast and groped her ass & thighs. He lifted her thigh and placed it on the end of the tub and continued ramming. His fingers teased her pusssy as her thigh was up. She mumbled in pleasure ‘HHmmmmm yeaah hmmm yo ya’ as his fingers played on her pussy and the other hand entered her asshole.

I looked helpless but enjoying every moment eventhough I wanted to stop him. My dick was bursting. I freed him and began to play with it – eyes on their activities.

Groping her ass he rotated her pussy with his dick and slowly pushed it in. The oil made the tight entrance a little easy. After two push it slided in like snake in water. She said a “Hmmppph” as he went in. He held her breast and pushed in deep and began his journey. She held the tub as he began to rock harder. “Aaahhmmm” She was saying all long as the dick went deeper & deeper. He squeezed her breast and groped her ass & thighs. He lifted her thigh and placed it on the end of the tub and continued ramming. His fingers teased her pusssy as her thigh was up. She screamed in pain & pleasure ” HHmmmmm yeaah hmmm yo ya” as his fingers played on her pussy and the other hand entered her asshole.

“Babu, Do me a favour.” I pleaded in a small voice I hardly recognized. “Tie her eyes with the towel” I said, not able to move my eyes.

“Why?” he asked

“Just do it, you stupid! Please.”

I thought he would argue again, but luckily he didn’t and covered her eyes with the towel. I came from my hiding place. I looked at him fucking my daughter deeper & deeper spreading her ass. The shy person was like a thirsty tiger. My daughter seemed to be enjoying it moaning like crazy. Her moans took my lust to its zenith.I let out my fly infront of her, then grabbed her head and pushed my dick to her mouth. As soon as my dick touched her lips she opened her mouth, startled just enough for my dick to enter rubbing her lips.

She was going to pull down the covering over her eye,

“Don’t worry, Its all part of the game,” luckily Babu said and held her hands.

Her lips rubbing on my dick as it entered her mouth flared my lust and I almost exploded. But I held on and began to fuck her mouth. With each push I pushed it deeper till my whole dick was in. She had kept her mouth in sucking position, therefore her hot lips was rubbing my dick. Maybe it was her experience or innocence but I never felt her teeth, only her sweet lips-my dick began to swell up in ectasy, bursting in her mouth.I rammed harder and deeper till I felt it touch something and I exploded deep in her mouth. I held her head as she drowned swallowing it. I pulled my dick out and once more inserted into her mouth as she sucked me dry.

Babu was still fucking her hard. I watched her cute ass bang on babu. Even though I had ejaculated body & soul demanded more. Her cute ass was a big temptation, but time was running out. I quickly moved back to my hiding place to watch the rest. He was like a hungry tiger on her. Atlast he held her tight pulling her towards him and lifted her squeezing her breast as he pushed his dick deeper exploding in her small pussy. What was now happening was not in my script. I looked at him fucking my daughter deeper & deeper spreading her ass. Which seemed like hours of fucking was actually over in 95 seconds.

Babu was a blessing in disguise. He knew what I wanted and would tease me by suddenly lifting her skirt up, giving me a good veiw of her panties and sometimes her young ass or when I was at the balcony he would press her to the window and act as if showing something far away, while he would release his dick and lifting her skirt he would press it on her ass, moving to & fro till he ejaculated. Mostly we would tie her eyes and make her give us a blow job. I was always safe and never came in the picture though I certainly enjoyed certain goodies in benefit.

As time passed I wanted to know her better than just a blow job. I wanted to do things and make her do things. I wanted her alone and naked. But I was always frightened.

What if she denied?

What if she dislike incest?

What if someone comes to know?

I decided to wait for the right time. I knew I would wait… but would my lust wait… He knew nothing and would wait for no time & tide, So it was just a matter of time…….

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The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 02

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Recap of The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Chapter 1: My name is Virtuous, and I had just met this incredibly gorgeous guy in a parking lot, his name was Antonio. He asked me out, and, I apprehensively agreed. I rushed home and called my best friend Liz, who came over and helped me get ready for my first date in forever. Antonio and I went out and had a great time. Such a great time in fact, that we went back to my place and had sex. Now, as my name implies, yes, I was a virgin at the time. But this guy made me feel so special, so comfortable around him, that I gave in to my urges. We spent the rest of the night exploring and enjoying each other bodies.

I awake to the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen. The man can cook too. Well, he is definitely a keeper. I roll over in bed, stretch my aching muscles, pick up the phone and call Liz.

“Liz, Liz, I did it, oh my god, I did it!”

“You did what honey, it’s 5:00 in the morning. You could have cured cancer, and I really couldn’t give a shit, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Liz, come on, get serious. I did IT! Virtuous is a virgin no more! Can you believe it!”

“What did you say?”

“I’m not a virgin anymore. I am a full fledged woman now. I slept with Antonio. It was so incredible. I’m so stupid waiting so long to do this.”

“Is he still there?”

“Yea, he’s in the kitchen cooking me breakfast, why?”

“Look, tell him thanks for the breakfast, but you have something to do early this morning, tell him to leave, alright. I’m coming over right now.”

“Liz, I am not kicking out the man of my dreams, I……”

“Just do it! Right now! I’m coming over!”

“Jeez, alright, stop yelling, I’ll ask him to leave. But if he never comes back, I have every right to kill you.”

Now that was strange. I have never heard Liz sound like that before. She’s got me freaking out. So, I go to the kitchen and explain to Antonio that one of my friends is having a crisis, and if he could leave us alone for a few hours. He agrees, gets dressed, and leaves, saying he will be back later that evening.

20 minutes later, Liz is banging on my front door like a maniac. I rush out of the shower, wrapped in just a towel, soaking wet, and run to the door, thinking she must really need some help. As I’m opening the door, she barges in, looks around the entire house to make sure it is just the two of us, then Uzun porno sits on the couch, with her head in her hands.

“Liz, what’s wrong, first you yell at me on the phone, and then you go through my house like a CSI investigator, what is going on!”

“Virt, I did something too, something really bad, and I’m so afraid to tell you.”

“Girl, we’ve been friends way too long to have any secrets between us. Tell me, it can’t be that bad, whatever it is, we can work it out.”

“Virt”, she says with tears in her eyes, “I know Antonio.”

“Yea, I know, I told you all about him, you saw us go out last night….”

“No Virt, that’s not what I mean. I KNOW Antonio, as in intimately know. He’s one of my ex’s.”


“I met him at some party years ago. We dated for a few months, but decided to just be, well, friends with benefits, you know, fuck buddies. We lost track of each other about a year and a half ago. Last week, we ran into each other at the same parking lot where you met him. We starting talking again and he told me that he was a little down and out money wise, and he was wondering if I knew where he could make some quick cash.”

“Uh-huh.” I start to notice that she is slowly moving farther and farther away from me. She’s gone from sitting on my couch to standing near my fireplace on the other side of the room.

“Well, I knew that you never go out, never have any dates, and just have no fun at all. It’s always work, work, work with you. So, since I had saved up a little cash for a new car, I decided to use that money to make you happy.”

“Go on.”

“I…I….I told Antonio that I had this friend that just needed someone to take her out, show her a good time. Just dinner, maybe a movie, that’s all. So, I told him he would get $3000 if he just bumped into you in that parking lot, ask you out, have dinner, that’s it. Nothing else was supposed to happen, I swear. I never thought that it would go this far.”


Those were the only words that I could say, over and over again. I can’t believe what my best friend just admitted to doing. We’ve been just like sisters since first grade. How dare she pimp me out like this! Did she think I was totally incapable of meeting someone on my own, in my own due time!


“Virt, I am so sorry,” she is crying Öğrenci porno so much she is trembling uncontrollably. “This was not supposed to happen, I am so, so, so, so sorry.”

“GET OUT! Don’t ever call me again, don’t come to my house ever again, forget that you even know me. I knew that you were a stupid bitch, but this takes the cake!”

She finally leaves, after begging and pleading for over an hour for me to forgive her. How can I forgive something like this? I gave up the most precious part of me to some guy for $3000. Is that all that I’m worth.

For weeks, I just sit at home in an extreme fit of depression. I take a leave of absence from work, gave them some lame excuse about a family issue I had to deal with. Of course, Liz is constantly calling me, and Antonio has yet to call. All I do is eat, sleep, and watch TV, which is where my idea came from.

You see, I saw this program about an interesting group of people that like to partake in motorcycle activities. Something about Harley Davidson, or something similar. Well, I remembered that Liz is a motorcycle fanatic. So, I decided to call her up, tell her that I forgive her, and invite her to some huge rally that was going on in Sturgis. You could imagine my surprise when Antonio picked up the phone at Liz’s place. It seems that the 2 of them are back together. Go figure. Well, not only do I tell her that all is forgiven and forgotten, but I also let him know that there are no hard feelings, and he is forgiven to, and if he wants to join us on the trip, I would not mind. The more the merrier.

So, the three of us make that trip to the motorcycle rally. And it is quite the scene when we get there. Women wearing leather thongs and practically nothing else. Oil wrestling, and every type of guy you could think of, from the extremely rich to the dirt poor. Liz and Antonio find a bar to hang out at, and I decide to do some exploration of my own. You see, I’m on a mission, and I have to find just the right group of guys to help me out. After about 2 hours, I find what I was looking for, and head back to find my two “best friends”.

I tell the two of them that I met a great group of guys that will let us stay at their camp tonight, and that we could also enjoy their entertainment. They hired some strippers to perform for them, and from what I understand, they do more than just strip. Antonio is all for it, of course, and he talks Liz into it as well.

We head to the camp, and as we arrive, we hear all the men cheering and clapping, “Here they come!!!” Antonio and Liz turn around to see who is coming, and there is no one behind them, no one in front of them. I walk over to the leader of the campsite and let him know that the strippers have arrived. Five or six of the bikers grab the couple and put them in the center of campsite. We hear music start to play in the background, the kind of music you hear in the porno movies, really cheesy. One guy yells “Take it off bitch!” Another guy yells “Drop your pants sweety, we want to see that big cock of yours!” Liz looks over at me at the exact same time that the campsite leader is giving me $3000 for supplying the entertainment.

She finally realizes what this is all about. “Virt, you bitch, you set us up!” Tears stream from her eyes and a look of total fear is on her face. She sold for me for three grand, and I just sold her for three grand, and I threw in Antonio for free. And now, the fun begins.

Three of the guys grab Liz and throw her to the ground. They rip off all her clothes until she is lying in the dirt completely naked. 2 guys go after Antonio and do the same to him. The entire group of guys takes off their clothes and head toward the center of the circle. Antonio gets a cock stuffed down his throat, and is being face fucked by this older burly guy, while another shoves his enormous cock up Antonio’s virgin ass. Even with that dick in his mouth, you can still hear him scream in pain while being fucked in the ass.

Liz is being fucked rough by five guys, one in her pussy, a bigger dick in her ass, one fucking her throat, and one in each hand, jerking those guys off. When one of the guys pulls out of her ass, Antonio is forced to replace him, while another guy fucks him. It’s starting to look like a conga line.

The fucking and sucking go on all night. Antonio, at one point, had 2 dicks in his ass at the same time while being throat fucked by a guy that was hung like a horse. Liz not only gets double penetrated in her ass as well, but somehow, someway, gets triple penetrated in her pussy. I wouldn’t believed it myself, but I got every juicy, painful, embarrassing, humiliating moment caught on tape.

Got to admit, that was some night. I got $3000, I saw my ex-best friend and her asshole of a boyfriend get gang fucked, and I now have a videotape of the whole thing that I just sold to a very big porno company for some major, major cash.

AAHHH! Revenge can be so sweet sometimes.

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Mistletoe Kisses

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. These stories have been public for some time, but I am slowly uploading my back catalogue of stories currently.

Author’s note: as I’ve been receiving some very peculiar comments, I’d like to clarify that all commenting on stories has been disabled and I’ve changed my feedback to only allow non-anonymous comments. These are my oldest works and I’d also like to note that furry/anthro work is pure fantasy and it’s just a way of imagining characters that this particular fandom appears to enjoy – it is not animal sex. I have some real erotic animal (dragons etc) stories but, if those are actually permitted here, they will be tagged correctly and in the correct category.

Until then – please enjoy! The newest stories, when I come to them, will be my best work in terms of style, grammar and so on; so please be patient while I upload the back catalogue.



Mistletoe Kisses

The white dragon woke slowly, blinking in the eerie light of the moon and stars. Rolling over in what seemed to be a generous, double bed, he kicked the sheets loose from his legs, tangled and damp with sweat. His scales were clammy and Ruth shook his head, raking his gaze over the small bedroom, picking out a narrow wardrobe and desk with television set in the dim light. He was not home or in any other location in which he had stayed prior. The red standby light on the flat screen TV blinked repetitively, following an unheard beat in the late night silence. What had happened here? Why were the curtains open? Pushing himself into a seated position, Ruth leaned back on the palms of his paws and frowned.

Better still: where was he?

The best he could surmise was that he was in a hotel room of some kind, as simply and practically furnished as this space was. What on earth was he doing in a hotel room? Especially so close to his flight date! He was due to fly to Australia in a few days, he couldn’t be getting into unexplainable messes when so much counted on that flight. Maybe he had hit the whisky before going to bed? But that conclusion was derived from no manner of rhyme or reason – he was not hung over or still intoxicated. The only symptom of drinking a little too much was waking up in an unknown location. Shaking his head slowly, Ruth sighed and glanced out the open window, a shiver pricking his scales. He never left the window open, least of all during winter, though the starlight was colder than the breeze.

“Hello again, love.”

His head whipped around. In stark contrast to the room, a very familiar green dragon stood in front of a pale brown door, arms folded across his chest and a grin tugging at his muzzle as if he had been waiting for Ruth to notice him. He was also nude from his smirking muzzle to his hind paws, claws curling downwards into the plain carpet. Come to think of it, Ruth was devoid of any clothing whatsoever too.

“Rai!” Ruth scrambled to his knees, the sheets falling away from his body. “What’s going on? Why are you here? Where are we?”

“Shush.” The green dragon chuckled lightly. “I can surprise you too sometimes.”

“Well, of course,” Ruth shook his head. “But where are we? Aren’t we in England? Or am I with you?”

Raiyoku giggled and held a finger to his lips, shushing his mate as his tail curled around, showing off a sprig of mistletoe tied to the tip with a red ribbon.

“Does it matter where we are?”

Hesitating, the white dragon half-shrugged, eyes following the cluster of mistletoe as Rai waved his tail slowly from one side to the other. It was hypnotic. He wished Rai would turn around, showing off that hot rump of his; perhaps he could then put that mistletoe to good use in a better manner than the traditional kiss. Shaking himself, he forced his stunned mind to respond to his mate’s question, if belatedly.

“In a way, yes,” Ruth’s lips twitched. “I’d rather know before I drag you into bed with me.”

The green dragon’s smile was far from coy.

“Why wait?”

Did he require any more invitation than that? Ruth launched himself bodily off the bed, landing with a thump on the carpet and a predatory smile on his draconian muzzle. Feigning terror, Rai held up his paws and darted to the left, making as if to dash around the bed. He was easily trapped within his mate’s strong arms at the foot of the bed, making the playful flight futile. The white dragon tipped him on to the rumpled sheets with a triumphant growl, pink tongue flicking out against his lips.

Ruth pounced, making the bed bounce, and pressed his lips passionately to his mate’s, white paws trapping the green’s against his sides. Whining, Rai squirmed and arched up to Ruth, trapping the white dragon’s hardening shaft between their stomachs as his own swelled in aroused Avrupalı porno response. Rai’s dark green horns curved back into the pillows as he wriggled and Ruth ground his hard-on against Rai’s shaft, both members growing slick from their combined pre. Increasingly turned on by the frantic, panting liaison, Ruth’s balls, usually held internally like Raiyoku’s, gently lowered from a concealed pouch between his thighs. Breaking the kiss, he gasped aloud, ducking his muzzle against Rai’s neck and catching the scales with his teeth, all to hear the dragon’s needy moans. The white dragon was already eager to spill his seed but some cases demanded certain ‘special’ attention, if given opportunity.

Giving his mate little chance to react, Ruth drew his knees under his body and quickly spun around, facing his mate’s curling tail, which curved up between his legs as the dragon lay on his back. A wicked grin flickered across his muzzle as he brought his leg over Raiyoku’s chest, straddling his body as he eased his body back and stretched out his neck for that teasing tail-tip. The sprig of mistletoe was tied a few inches from the tip and the dragon caught the protruding length between his lips, suckling and caressing the tip with the flat of his tongue.

The effect on Rai was electric. Digging his claws in the bed sheets, surely shredding them, his muzzle lolled open and he groaned loudly, tail writhing like a thing possessed. Rai drew his legs up so his hind paws rested flat on the bed and he thrust wantonly into midair, a drop of pre cum languidly rolling down the dark cock. Suppressing a grin, Ruth rested his paws on Rai’s thighs, holding him back as much as their position would allow, and wrapped his tongue around the tail-tip, teasing and caressing with a lover’s finesse. Somewhat regaining control of himself, Rai pushed his torso up with some difficulty and lashed the white dragon’s heavy balls with his long tongue. Ruth moaned in pleasure around the tail between his lips, mistletoe brushing his nose, and pushed back, silently begging for more as his mate so willingly complied.

Tiring of purely teasing the green dragon, Ruth hungered after more solid meat: namely the pole of dragon-flesh bumping his chin as he gave the tip of Rai’s tail one last, lusty suck. Words were not need as he near dove on to Raiyoku’s hard length, lips sliding around the head and sucking even more keenly than he had upon the dragon’s tail. Not expecting the stimulation, Rai bucked and moaned without care for anyone that may or may not hear them – Ruth still did not know where they were or who may be nearby. Ruth slid his paw between his mate’s thighs, pushing his legs further apart, and murred around the thick shaft in his muzzle. Allowing his legs to be spread, the green dragon huffed a warm breath over Ruth’s orbs and Ruth shivered in response, tail swinging back and forth as he refused to concede the upper paw.

Rai had a few tricks up his figurative sleeve, much to his delight, however. Taking his mate’s balls gently into his muzzle, he sucked and teased the hot flesh with his lips and tongue; Ruth’s muffled moans were music to his ears, encouraging him to work his tongue harder until the white dragon quivered above him. Sliding his muzzle back with a small sigh, he nuzzled up to Ruth’s tight tail hole, lapping carefully over the hole as Ruth twitched, stifled vocalisations reverberating through his body. The green dragon held back a smirk and rubbed his fleshy tongue under Ruth’s tail, gently slipping the very tip inside to caress the sensitive nerve endings there.

Trembling, Ruth fought the urge to push back on to Raiyoku’s muzzle and swallowed the full length of his mate’s cock between his damp lips. Torn between instinctively bucking and arching back to demand more, the white dragon bobbed his muzzle quickly, giving as good as he received in terms of pleasure. Rai’s arms rose, encircling his body so the dragon had to drop his hips, shaft and balls resting on Rai’s chest as he shuddered, tongue curling around the base of his mate’s rod. The natural scent of his mate and his musk was overpowering in the best manner and Ruth allowed himself to become lost in the warmth of the body beneath his. Caressing with his tongue and lips, the white dragon sucked lewdly, rocking with Raiyoku as the green dragon struggled with self-control, trying not to thrust wildly into Ruth’s inviting muzzle. Soon Rai whimpered like a randy teen, ready to cum on the very lightest of triggers.

Thus teased to the brink of orgasm by Ruth’s skilled tongue, Raiyoku tightened his arms around Ruth’s waist, alternating between lapping over the dragon’s balls and his clenching tail hole. Just a little more… The green dragon squirmed and bucked, breath catching in his throat as he clung to Ruth with a vice like grip. To his surprise, Ruth pulled away just as Rai tensed, ready to paint the dragon’s muzzle whiter with his seed, and groaned in frustration as he was left so unsatisfied.

“No…” Rai whined, thrusting up in a Video porno vain attempt to sink his cock back into Ruth’s warm muzzle. “So close…”

“Ah, ah…” Ruth gasped breathlessly, jerking as Raiyoku discovered a particularly sensitive spot within his tail hole. “Not yet.”

As frustrated as he was, Rai caught the lusty lilt in Ruth’s voice and perked up. He scored one final sweep of his tongue across Ruth’s balls, pressing his tongue between the orbs hard enough to make the dragon groan, and relented, paws trailing over his mate’s body as he withdrew. Sitting up while still straddling his mate’s body, Ruth crawled down, grinding and rubbing his cock to Rai’s as the desperate dragon panted and whined, reaching for Rai again before the wicked white shifted beyond his reach. Chest heaving, Rai collapsed on to the bed and looked to Ruth for direction, too frustrated to take matters into his own paws and pounce – at that moment.

Kneeling at Raiyoku’s side, the bed sank under the weight of two dragons and Ruth trailed both paws down Rai’s chest, murring as he deliberately avoided Rai’s hard-on, much to the green dragon’s disappointment. Though he groaned, Rai knew instinctively what Ruth desired, and rolled on to his front, pushing his rear up as the mistletoe sprig waved enticingly. Ruth nipped the inside of his cheek and groped Rai’s rump unashamedly, spreading the cheeks to catch a glimpse of his partner’s enticing tail hole.

The almost ‘winking’ hole beneath Rai’s tail was all too inviting for a horny dragon and Ruth slid two fingers into his muzzle, withdrawing them only when they dripped with ropes of saliva. Jumping as the fingers slid over his tense anal ring, Rai strove to relax, looking back at his mate over his shoulder. A smile briefly brightened his muzzle but dissolved in a moan as two fingers eased into his tail hole, forcing entry in a way that should have been painful but only drew forth ripples of pleasure. Ruth licked his lips. It was all moving so quickly – too quickly! Yet he could not resist.

Pushing up behind the needy dragon, Ruth rubbed his member between Rai’s rear cheeks, groaning deep in his throat with even greater need. Spreading his own pre cum over the head of his painfully hard cock, the dragon pressed forward, straining at the tight hole of his partner until, with a gasp from both parties, the tip popped inside. Rai raised his muzzle from the pillows and panted harshly, though the stretch did not dissuade him from pushing back, impaling his tail hole further upon the throbbing dragon-cock.

The white dragon struggled to hold back – if he pushed too hard, he could hurt his mate – but found the fight greater than he. Rai’s warm hold clenched and squeezed so deliciously around his dick that it seemed no leap to buck his hips, spearing him open a little further as Rai arched back, near demanding more. Gritting his teeth together, Ruth leaned over the green dragon, holding his tail up with one paw as he drove in hard, startling a cry from Rai and sinking his full length into the dragon’s welcoming hole. So filled, Rai wriggled and ground back against his partner, a lusty moan escaping his muzzle. He turned so that his cheek pressed into the cool pillowcases and drew his arms beneath his chest, using them for leverage as he rocked in time with Ruth’s thrusts. Each roll of the white dragon’s hips forced out a fresh moan.

A wave of exhilaration rippled through Ruth as he pounded in with less and less concern for his partner. How could he be worried about hurting Rai when the dragon thrust back so wantonly? He surely was not hurting! Snapping his jaws together, Ruth snorted heavily, closing his teeth around Rai’s tail and biting down, ensuring even without his impaling dragon flesh that Rai’s rear stayed lifted exactly where he needed it to be. Ruth’s balls slapped Rai’s perineum with every thrust, the green dragon’s member drooling pre cum over the bed sheets, rent with claw marks.

Hips slapping rump flesh, Ruth’s jaws closed a fraction more around his mate’s tail, drawing forth a whimper as he was held. Pushing his body over Rai’s, Ruth growled around the scales between his teeth and wrapped one arm around the dragon’s waist, driving in with enough force to rock the headboard of the bed against the wall. What did he care if anyone heard? Rai gasped loudly, squeezing around the hot dragon-cock under his tail. Every thrust spread him open so perfectly, the thick rod burying itself within his depths over and over again, hitting his prostrate. Though he could have cum on the spot, he held back with an immense demonstration of will, wanting something more, to cum with his partner. Ruth’s movements quickly became erratic and the dragon closed his eyes. It was evident that he could not last much longer and, if Rai’s ragged snorts were any indication from his particular perspective, neither could the other dragon.

Ah, to hell with it.

Thrusting with renewed urgency, Ruth’s control slipped and he hammered into his writhing, moaning mate’s tail hole with a predatory growl. Shivering under the onslaught, it was all Rai could do to remain still as a paw traced down his spine and Ruth’s hips slammed into his rump repeatedly, powering towards an explosive release. Ruth released the green dragon’s tail and panted open-mouthed; the heady scent of sex was thick in the air, spurring him on to climax. Reaching lower with the arm that encircled the bucking dragon’s waist, Ruth grasped Rai’s shaft as he was about to cum, pumping his paw vigorously through the slippery pre.

Just a few strokes was all it took for Rai to let loose a strangled howl as he spilled his seed over the bed, grinding his rump back into Ruth’s crotch. As Ruth’s paw worked, thick spurts of cum covered his paw, their position trapping the white paw between Rai’s cock and the bed, coated with cum. What did Ruth care? Pounding into his mate, he caught his breath and gave out a long, drawn out moan, filling Rai’s tail hole, which went into pleasurable spasms, with hot spurts of viscous cum. With the warmth of his mate’s scales against his, Ruth’s chest heaved as he strove to regain somewhat lost breath, a trickle of cum oozing around his cock to drip on to his balls. Shaking lightly, Rai groaned breathily and slipped lower, forcing Ruth to pull his paw away as he dropped to the bed, tail flicking contentedly.

Collapsing over his mate, Ruth rolled to the side, pulling Rai with him so that he spooned the green dragon, softening cock still buried in the dragon’s depths. Ruth nuzzled the back of Raiyoku’s neck and the green dragon mumbled something incoherent in response, pressing back as his tail curled around Ruth’s leg. The white dragon smiled to himself and rested his muzzle on his mate’s shoulder, sliding his other arm around the dragon to hold him as close as physically possible. Some things could not be made any more perfect than they already were.

It was then that something turned very wrong with the scene. Instead of the low light of dawn casting orange streaks through the dirty window pane, a grey light seeped in with a mind of its own. The ‘light’ curled around his mate’s ankle and, hapless, Rai blinked sleepily, burying his muzzle beneath the pillow in exhausted satisfaction. Ruth tried to call out, lungs working, but no sound passed his lips. The world turned to grey and the dragon was spinning, spinning wildly in a vacuum with no sound, sight or feeling, worry gripping his belly. He woke with a start and fumbled for his senses, having lost the warm body pressed against his and blinking in the near absolute darkness of his own bedroom in England.

Sitting upright in his own bed, the dragon’s heart hammered painfully beneath his ribcage, blood roaring in his ears. He grasped at the black box of an alarm clock sitting on the bedside table, red digits reading 02:30 and, at the top right of the screen, 25.12.13. Scales slightly clammy with sweat, he focused on slowing his breathing, gathering his bearings and reining in his dissatisfaction.

It was too real to have been a dream.

Ruth’s lips twitched and his tail drooped over the edge of the bed, muzzle tilting down. Sometimes wishful thinking, or dreaming, went a pace too far, if the dream was to be believed as such. Perhaps in testimony to the erotic dream, his shaft was half-hard and leaking pre cum, resting heavily against his thigh. A growl rumbled in his throat and he flicked the tip of his tail like an annoyed feline, wishing against wish that he truly had his mate in his bed, warm and safe.

On the bedside table, something buzzed and he reached automatically for the familiar rectangle of his mobile phone, unlocking the screen and checking the bright display for one new message. And just who would be messaging him at such an ungodly hour? He smiled. The answer was already obvious, at least to him.

Rai: Only fifteen days left, love.

Ruth’s eyes shot wide and he started, looking around as if he expected the green dragon to leap from behind the curtains and yell, “Surprise!” It would be Raiyoku’s style, though Ruth could not have imagined Rai actually pulling off such a stunt. He had to admit, however, that his mate was very right: he flew out to him in Australia in, yes, it was fifteen days, begging allowance from the time difference. Rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks flushed and he leaned back on one paw, dropping into thought as he was all too prone to. As he was still taking in the first message, so out of the blue, the phone chirped a second time, another message popping up below the first.

Rai: Merry Christmas <3

Something in those words settled his pounding heart and, suddenly drained of energy, relaxed back into the cool embrace of his bed. Sleep never seemed plentiful enough and his body clock was yet to adjust to a new schedule in which he did not have to rise at the crack of dawn or earlier. But life was finally taking that upward turn that he had been waiting, watching and fighting for. Pulling the sheets back over his rapidly cooling body, Ruth closed his eyes, finding sweet unconsciousness stealing upon him in seconds. It was not as bad as he had thought upon waking, he mused on the edge of sleep. Ruth had waited a long time to be with his dragon. He could wait another two weeks.

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Marjorie Ch. 01: The Meet

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It was a horrible night, rain lashing against the windscreen as the wipers struggled to cope with the volume. I suddenly realised I was humming and the radio wasn’t even on, I was definitely looking forward to this meet. I had posted an advert a few months ago specifically looking for submissive women after a long term relationship had ended badly. Being mid 40s I decided I wanted to have some fun before looking for anything more serious again.

I’d had a few meets and enjoyed them but nothing had really got me excited. The contact from Marjorie had intrigued me straight away, her profile pic was OK but nothing special. She stated her age at 56 but looked more like early 60s to me, maybe she just hadn’t aged well. She had a large bosom, large ass and was obviously a bit overweight but she was very pretty. What made me sit up and notice was her sassy attitude and the type of meet she wanted.

From the very first email it was obvious she was quite bossy and she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a ‘real’ man to spend hours making love to her because her weak husband was useless, apparently he had a premature ejaculation problem and she hadn’t had a decent seeing to for decades. This in itself would probably be enough to get me to a meet but she also wanted her husband to be present and to watch a real man take her, for some reason that really got me excited. Before arranging a meet I did stress that I was dominant by nature and was looking for a submissive woman and she said she was fine with this, I was sceptical but looked forward to pushing her boundaries.

The rain had eased off a lot by the time I pulled up outside an ordinary semi-detached bungalow so I was hoping not to get too wet. I walked steadily to the front door while my heart raced inside my chest, this meet had definitely got me worked up. After pressing the door bell I only had to wait a few moments before the door opened.

“Hello Mark”.

“Hello Marjorie”.

“Do come in and please call me Marje”. Marje had a wonderful smile on her face which was mirrored in her eyes and I reciprocated with a beaming smile of my own as I walked past her. She led me through to the living room where a tall, thin man stood awkwardly in the corner, he smiled briefly before looking down.

“Say hello Jim, where are your manners, this is Mark”.

Jim mumbled “Hello Mark”.

I strode purposefully across the room and stuck out my hand, “Pleased to meet you Jim”, after shaking his limp hand I turned around.

“Do you want a drink?” Marje asked as she walked towards me.

“No thanks”, again I took the initiative and strode back to meet her halfway. With my eyes locked on hers I brought my right hand up gently behind her head and leaned in for a kiss. I could see the surprise on her face but she was still smiling so I closed my eyes and let the passion take over. I have always been a good kisser with just the right amount of pressure, tongue movement and most importantly no drooling.

After a few moments of tender lip kissing I slightly increased the pressure and opened my mouth to gently start brushing my tongue across her lips. Again she reciprocated by opening her mouth and our tongues started playing. By this time my left hand had moved to her back and I pulled her closer while sliding it down to her lovely large bum. Her hands had taken similar positions on me with one gently cupped around my head and the other on my lower back.

I could feel my heart racing and I was actually starting to get hard. The bizarre surreality of the situation was a massive turn on. Here was a 60ish year old woman dressed in a very thick prim tweed skirt suit, a white lacy blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck, wearing pink fluffy slippers passionately kissing a complete stranger while her husband watched less than 5 paces away. I brought both hands down to her bum and started to subtly grind my pelvis while kneading her ass cheeks. We were both starting to get carried away with very passionate french kissing, heavy breathing and lots of body rubbing. I had heard the odd noise from Jim behind me when he coughed quite loudly and said “What about the neighbours?”

We slowly pulled apart and looked deeply into each others eyes, I chuckled and said “good point” since we were stood in the middle of the living room with the curtains wide open, anyone walking past would have a great view.

“Lets go to the bedroom” said Marje and led me by the hand down the hallway. Halfway along she suddenly stopped and loudly said “Come on Jim, you need to see this”. She led me into the master bedroom which had a nice large king-size bed. The décor was very old lady with floral duvet cover, white lacy pillow cases and doilies for the old fashioned bedside lamps. I wasn’t bothered about the style but again it just reminded me of the bizarre situation.

We immediately started kissing and groping each other. I felt Jim squeeze past behind me and then close the curtains while I got to grips with Marje’s impressive bosom. Uzun porno We eventually broke our embrace and looked each other in the eye while trying to get control of our breathing. Her chest was heaving and even with all the layers of clothing it was a sexy sight seeing her all worked up. I decided it was time to take control “take your clothes off”.

She smiled, “turn the light off Jim”.

“No” I said quite forcefully, “I want to see every curve” I said with a mischievous grin.

“But it’s mostly flab and wrinkles” she said.

“I’m sure it’s beautiful and I love real women with real curves”. Her smile had disappeared and she looked quite nervous.

She removed the tweed suit jacket, I took it from her and passed it across to Jim, “hang these up Jim”. He raised his eyebrows but complied without a murmur. Marje was undoing the blouse from the top with shaky hands, I was tempted to help but wanted her to do it herself. I looked directly at her and waited patiently while she undid all the buttons and slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Again I took it from her and handed it to Jim who was also patiently waiting next to us.

Marje gave me a hesitant smile as she reached behind to unhook the huge industrial sized bra, the straps were at least an inch wide, I was really looking forward to seeing those tits. She slowly peeled the cups from her boobs revealing very large dark aereoles, they were flabby and drooping but extremely impressive and I was dying to start playing with her nipples, but I resisted. I especially liked the fact she handed me the massive bra rather than handing it directly to Jim even though she knew that’s what I was going to do, it definitely increased my sense of domination over the pair of them.

I smiled and continued to stand patiently waiting while looking into her eyes. She had stopped and I think she was hoping for a kiss or a bit of a grope before undressing further. When I didn’t make a move she reached behind to undo the heavy tweed skirt and let it fall to the floor. She bent over to pick the skirt up and my cock twitched as I saw her massive boobs hanging straight down. Again she handed me the skirt and I passed it on to Jim. She kicked the pink fluffy slippers into the corner of the room and then hooked her fingers into the waistband of her large silky knickers. Again I enjoyed the view as she pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them before handing them to me. I passed them to Jim without even looking at him and reached out to embrace her naked body.

“Thank you”, I said as I bent down for a gentle kiss. I ran my hands up and down her back while I increased the pressure of the kiss. I moved both my hands sensually down her back and could feel her quiver before gripping each of her meaty ass cheeks and pulling her forcefully against me. By now the kiss was very passionate, nearly out of control with our lips mashed together and our tongues almost fighting each other. I slowed the pace down while letting go of her ass and caressed her sides as I moved my hands up to her enormous boobs. I gradually increased the tempo again as I kneaded her large boobs, gently pulling and twisting her nipples. As our kissing became more frantic I was more aggressive with her nipples until finally I pinched them and pulled them towards me as far as they would go. At this point I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes while still putting pressure on her nipples. She was breathing very heavily, when I let go her flabby boobs fell back down with her rock hard nipples pointing straight down.

I kicked my slip on shoes into the corner and said “on your knees”. She knelt down and rested her large bum on the back of her legs while still looking me in the eye. I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and passed it to Jim who took it without a word. “Undo my belt and trousers” I commanded. Her hands were no longer shaking and she was very keen to comply. “Pull my trousers and boxers down”, she gripped the sides of my trousers and boxers and firmly pulled down. Her eyes were locked on my semi-hard cock, “hold them down while I step out and pass them up”. She reluctantly dragged her eyes away from my cock and complied, again I silently handed them to Jim who was doing a great impression of a butler.

I stood completely naked in front of Marje, she kept looking at my cock for a few moments and then back up into my eyes, I think she was keen to get on with things but I wanted to make her wait. Finally I said “reach up grab my cock with one hand and cup my balls with the other”.

“Now stroke it and gently massage my balls”. Marje was very eager and started to pull a bit too hard, “slow down there’s no rush”. Again I was struck by the weirdness of the situation, I could see Marje’s wedding and engagement rings wrapped around my cock as she stroked me. I was also aware of Jim stood fully clothed less than two foot to my left watching as his wife played with my cock. Marje had a look of deep concentration on her face and Öğrenci porno I was starting to get really hard.

“Stop Marje, now pull back my foreskin”, she complied to reveal my bright red shiny helmet. I had definitely been aroused earlier because there was a bit of slimy pre-cum on my bell-end. “Grab hold of your boobs and pinch your nipples”, I was really enjoying this and so far so was Marje. I reached out with my right hand and caressed her cheek, “now open your mouth”, she got a scared look on her face and I realised this could be one of her limits.

“No she doesn’t do oral”, Jim said.

I turned my head towards Jim, “Jim there is only one way this is going to work, you do not say anything unless I ask you a question or there is an emergency, do you understand?” He mumbled something and looked at the floor. “Look at me and say yes Mark”, he lifted his head, looked at me and quietly said “yes Mark”.

“Sorry Jim did you say something I didn’t hear you, say it again louder”.

“Yes Mark”.

“That’s better, now where was I?” I looked back and was glad to see Marje still had her nipples pinched. My cock had started to go down slightly but the sight of this naked matronly woman kneeling in front of me started to excite me again, my cock twitched in her face.

“Don’t worry Marje I won’t hurt you and I won’t cum in your mouth”, I could see this calmed her down a bit but she still had a scared ‘rabbit in the headlights’ type look on her face. She opened her mouth, I slid my right hand around to the back of her head and slowly pulled her head towards my twitching cock. What a wonderful sight, my red angry bell-end disappearing into her mouth, I was careful to only put an inch inside to let her get used to it.

“Oh god Marje that is fantastic, now close your lips around my cock, that’s it, try and keep your teeth out of the way, now swirl your tongue over my bell-end”, I could see her grimace slightly presumably from the salty taste of my pre-cum. While holding her head with my right hand I very slowly pulled my cock a little way out before pushing it very slowly back in. I very gradually increased the tempo and started to push a little bit more inside, only about 2 inches but it felt wonderful.

“Oh Marje, good girl, keep using your tongue, yes just like that”.

I suddenly heard a bit of commotion to my left, I looked at Jim who was red faced and I noticed there was a large stain forming on his trouser crotch area.

“Ha ha ha look Marje, Jim has just cum in his pants”, I still had hold of her head and was pumping my cock in and out of her mouth so she flicked her eyes over to look at Jim while I carried on enjoying her mouth. The sensations on my cock were fantastic and I could have kept going for ages but wanted to try some other things. I pulled my cock all of the way out, Marje licked her lips and stretched them out. I bent down and kissed her forcefully, pushing my tongue into her mouth. I reached down and grabbed hold of her hands and helped her to stand up. She looked quite flushed with rosy cheeks, her nipples were quite red and impressively hard.

“Lay on the bed and spread your legs”, I commanded. Again my cock started twitching as I watched her crawl up the bed with her huge tits dragging against the duvet. She turned onto her back and spread her legs.

“Marje, I’m sure you can do better than that, much wider please”, she complied with a quizzical look on her face, I don’t think she was used to displaying herself so crudely.

“Now reach down with both hands and pull your lips apart, show me your pussy”, again she complied but her cheeks went bright red with embarrassment. She was very hairy but I could tell she was aroused, her pussy lips were pink, puffy and there was copious amounts of juice.

“Use one hand to rub your clit and the other to bang some fingers in and out”, again she gave me a quizzical look but soon she was rubbing her clit and frigging her pussy. She had closed her eyes, I moved up to the side of the bed and slapped one of her thighs quite hard. Her eyes flew open and her hands stopped.

“Don’t stop and keep your eyes open looking at me”, soon she was frigging herself fast and hard. Her breathing had started to get erratic and she was making lots of moaning noises.

“Stop”, she slowed down but carried on, I slapped her hard on the thigh again “I said stop”, she stopped with a frustrated look on her face, she was breathing very heavily and her pussy was pulsating.

“Move closer to the side of the bed and grab hold of your legs, hold them open nice and wide”, she shuffled over and held her legs behind her knees. I placed my hand on the side of her head and pulled it down next to the side of the bed. I lined my cock up with her mouth and pressed it against her mouth, she obediently opened up and I started stroking in and out.

“Good girl, that’s fantastic”, I grabbed hold of her tit in my left hand and kneaded it quite roughly, then I pinched the nipple and pulled it away from her body.

I looked up at Jim, “are you watching Jim? I’m fucking your wife’s mouth and it feels great, look how wet and excited she is”, I let go of her nipple and then slapped her tit hard with my palm, she moaned loudly which again felt fantastic on my cock. I repeated the move on her other tit while fucking her mouth, I was super hard now. I pulled it out of her mouth and started whacking it against her lips, her cheek and her forehead. I pushed it back into her warm wet mouth and then reached down to frig her clit, she started moaning on my cock again, lovely.

I suddenly stopped and slapped her thighs one at a time before continuing to frig her clit, I repeated this several times until her thighs were quite red. Then I rubbed her clit super fast with my palm, I could tell she was near to climax so I stopped and this time slapped her pussy twice. Her whole body bucked off the bed and she moaned really loudly with my cock still pumping in and out of her mouth.

“I think its time I fucked your wife Jim”. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and strode down to the bottom of the bed next to Jim. I grabbed her legs behind her thighs and pulled her whole body down the bed until her pussy was just on the edge. I started to rub my hardness around her wet pussy lips and slap her clit with it. She was moaning and thrashing her head about.

“Do you want it Marje”.

She stopped thrashing, “Oh God yes”.

“Tell me what you want Marje”.

“I want you inside me”.

“What do you want inside Marje, my finger?” as I jammed a finger up her pussy.

“No, your hard thing”.

“My fingers hard Marje, call it a cock, say it”.

“I want your co…cock inside me” she stuttered, I laughed this was definitely more crude than she was used to.

“Do you want it back in your mouth? Call it a pussy, say it”.

“I want your hard cock inside my pussy”. I had continued to rub my hard cock against her wetness and occasionally slapped her clit with it to emphasise a point but I hadn’t put it in yet.

“That’s a lot better, now say it louder and beg”.

“Please Mark I want your hard cock inside my pussy, please”.

“Again louder”, she was really losing control now with lots of mewling, moaning noises.

“PLEASE Mark I want your hard COCK inside my PUSSY now please”, she yelled, I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could. Her head stopped thrashing, her eyes were very wide and she had an astonished look on her face as she said “Ooooooooohhhhh God that’s wonderful”. I was slamming in and out as hard as I could now, my pelvis making wet slapping noises against her clit, my balls bouncing off her large backside.

I was holding her legs up by her ankles and said “Grab hold of your massive tits and squeeze those nipples”, it took her a moment to understand what I had said but she complied pinching her big nipples in each hand. I carried on pounding her pussy at a furious pace, her juices were leaking and splashing all over the place.

“Tell Jim what it feels like”.

She looked at Jim and said “Mark’s cock feels so big, so hard and its fucking me so good, oh my God its wonderful, look what a real man can do Jim”. She looked back at me, “please don’t stop”.

I laughed, “Don’t worry I’m not going to stop until you cum now”.

I turned to Jim, “take hold of her leg and hold it up”, he reached out and grabbed hold of her left ankle. I let go and immediately started to rub her clit very fast with my hand while fucking her as hard as I could.

“Oooohhh God YES that’s it, Ooohhh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God”, she was bucking her hips up off the bed in time with my cock now and she was really close, “let go of your nipples” I said. She let go and then “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes I’m cumming”. I could feel her pussy pulsating and huge amounts of juice gushing around my hardness, I pulled out and she started squirting all over my crotch, her head was thrashing around again. Her huge tits were bouncing from side to side, her hard nipples looked like bullets, an incredibly sexy sight.

She gradually calmed down with little jolts and shocks spasming her body. We gently lowered and let go of her legs. I moved back to the side of the bed and climbed up next to her, I grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled her further up the bed. Again I pushed her head down to my side, and while kneeling with my legs wide apart I pressed my cock against her mouth. She opened her lips and let me slide in without even opening her eyes. I gently fucked her mouth.

“Did you cum inside her?” Jim asked.

“I haven’t cum yet Jim, I’m a man and I have some control” I smiled as I said it, he blushed very red as I looked down at the wet stain on his crotch. I let Marje recover while gently fucking her mouth, it felt fantastic but it wasn’t long before I was thrusting faster. I started slapping her tits again, just gently to start with but then harder and harder as my thrusting tempo increased. She opened her eyes, she looked a bit knackered to be fair but I hadn’t finished with her yet. I reached down and rubbed her whole pussy mound with my palm, she moaned loudly, but it didn’t sound like in a good way.

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Daughter and Dad

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I’m Mike, an old shit of fifty-three, a widower, a seven handicap golfer and fit as can be but haven’t had a hard-on in about five years. Oh hell, the medical community has tried every thing you have ever seen advertised about Erectile Dysfunction and none of that crap worked on me. I am resigned to spend the rest of my life just remembering how great sex used to be ………. #$%^&*(#@.

I have a thirty-two year old daughter, Patty, who is divorced. She is a good-looking gal who had a real asshole for a husband who she finally dumped a couple of years ago. She has a great job in the computer industry and visits me about once every three or four months from the other side of the country. I’m in Maryland and she lives in San Diego.

Things were going along OK when I got a call from her asking if I’d like to join her on a company paid ten-day vacation to Paris, France. She had won some type of sales contest and the prize was the trip for two to Paris. Since she had divorced the asshole she asked me to take his place.

“You betcha honey. Where and when do we meet?”

She was going to meet me in a week at the Baltimore Airport where we would get an Air France flight to Paris. Damn, I needed something like this to get me out of the funk I was in. I couldn’t be happier.

She looked fantastic coming up the jet-way from her California flight and we weren’t going to have a long layover in Baltimore. So far so good.

The overseas flight on Air France went perfect other than the fact that almost every overseas flight from the US to Europe is a night flight and I hate them; I can never sleep on the damn things.

The first three or four days on France were great. We saw a ton of the world famous sights and wore ourselves out traipsing through a number of churches and museums but we laughed and joked the whole time. Patty picked out some superb restaurants and since the cost of food was covered in her prize we ate like royalty.

One night we sat in the hotel lounge sipping brandies after a wonderful day just chatting about all we had seen and enjoyed. We had just finished our second drink and she said that she was ready to hit the sack. Her prize only covered a single room but she was able to get one with two queen sized beds so everything had been fine in that regard.

She used the bathroom first and when she came out in her nightgown all I could think of was what an asshole her husband really was. She has a body to die for and a job making tons of money. What the hell was he looking for? I shower in the morning so all I had to do in the evening was to brush my teeth and wash my face before bed.

This was our fourth night in the city and we had come to bed around ten and I was damn near out on my feet so when I hit the sack it bothered the hell out of me when I heard her sobbing.

“Patty, what’s wrong honey?” I asked quietly.

“Oh Mike, what the heck is wrong with me. I love that I could be here with you but why the hell couldn’t I find a husband who appreciated me?”

“Patty, that’s a question for the ages. There is nothing wrong with you. That guy you were married to is the asshole of all time. I just looked at you when you were getting into bed and thought there would be tens of thousands of guys who would go nuts to be able to be here in my place. Your ex truly needs psychiatric help. Just rest easy honey. You WILL find the right guy and we’ll have a great day tomorrow.” I whispered.

“Mike, can I come over and sleep with you in your bed. You can hold me like you used to do when I was a little girl.”

“Sure honey. C’mon over.”

It’s a good thing I have the Erectile Dysfunction problem or I would have had a giant hard-on when she came over; daughter or no daughter.

I cuddled close to her with my arm around her waist and it wasn’t long before she took my hand and moved it up to cup her breast. I never realized just how large and firm her breasts were.

“That feels better for me, I hope it won’t bother you.”

“Bother me. It damn sure won’t bother me holding a breast like yours.”

She stayed like that for a few minutes and then rolled over to face me pushing her beautiful breasts hard against my chest and then lifted her face and kissed me. Oh God.

“Patty, I have a problem that is going to prevent this from going much further. I have ED and there just isn’t any way I could get an erection so if you are thinking of having sex with me my penis won’t cooperate.”

She cuddled even closer and asked, “Are your tongue and fingers incapable too?”

Oh my God, she is asking if I would be able to perform oral sex on her and would my fingers be able to give her any pleasure.

“Patty, they all work fine if that’s what you want.”

“Mike, I just need to feel that I am wanted.” She whispered quietly but with a whimper in her voice.

I lifted her chin up to face mine and planted a kiss on her. “Patty, you are wanted all right.” As I was saying that I let a hand drop down to her waist and proceeded to lift her nightgown up so my fingers could give her some of the pleasure she was so desperately Avrupalı porno seeking.

She was soaked and my fingers needed no lubrication to enter her. I first had just one finger exploring the folds of her pussy lips and had it go in a little and then I let it slip out and had it join up with another finger. The two of them went in as far as they could and then began a slow but steady movement around her clitoris. At first I had them slide out while lightly touching her clit and then slipped them all the way encouraging her clit to get uncovered. While I was doing this with my fingers I had moved my mouth down to her breasts and let my tongue wander all over them. First up the sides and then I concentrated on her nipples and her breaths were coming faster with each different thing I tried.

All of a sudden I stopped and pulled them out of her as I moved my whole body down so my face was in direct line with the lips of her pussy. I used my hands to spread her pussy lips to make way for my face to get all the way against her clit before I was going to let my tongue go to work. By then she was throwing her hips hard at my face and was tossing her head from side to side and biting her hand to keep from making so much noise that we would be attracting the gendarmes.

“Oh God, this is unbelievable. Mike, don’t ever stop”.

I moved my face off to the side to make room for my fingers to fuck her pussy while my tongue was still working her clit. Her moans were getting louder and her movements were becoming wilder. Her breathing was getting so fast it was almost scary when she squealed, “I’m coming. Oh God, I’m coming”

My hand didn’t stop fucking her pussy until she completely came down from her orgasmic high. She pulled me up to her face where she covered my lips with hers and held me tightly.

“Oh, this was wonderful for me but it was a horrible thing for us to do. It was sinful and the Lord will never forgive us.”

“Patty, the Lord doesn’t want any one to suffer the way you had with that marriage you were in. You never did a damn thing other than to treat that guy like a king and he just shit on you. Don’t tell me the Lord wanted that for you.”

I was holding her tightly as I was saying all of that but I did have one hand lightly caressing her breasts as I spoke. That seemed to turn her on again and this time she slid down until she had her face opposite my listless cock. She moved one hand inside my boxers and lightly caressed it. She had her fingers going up and down the shaft and then circling the bulbous head of it without any reaction from it. What a damn waste, a sexy thing like her trying to make love to it and it wouldn’t respond.

She kept her hand doing the same thing over and over until she moved closer and took as much of it as she could deep in her mouth. Oh my God, I am not sure but I think I felt the slightest response from it. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass if all of the medical experts I had been to couldn’t do something a tender blowjob could. Well, it wasn’t getting hard but there was some life in it after all. As she was doing this I swung myself around so I was able to bury my face in her pussy while she had my cock in her mouth. That did it, her moans were back and almost as loud as before.

“Patty, I think you could get me to have an orgasm if you simply stroked my cock with your soft fingers or continued to go up and down the shaft while it was in your mouth. I don’t think it would have to be hard for it to cum.”

That was all of the advice she needed and it wasn’t too long before I could feel the heat start deep within me and then move up to my balls just before I began to shoot a load in her mouth.

“Patty, that was terrific. That hasn’t happened in years.” I said breathlessly.

I swung around and held her tightly and she did the same to me. I didn’t ever remember feeling so close to anyone.

“Patty, we will have to get to sleep if we want to be out and about in the morning.” I said as her face came up to meet mine.

Once again I just spooned to her with no intention of doing anything else as we were going to sleep.

The next morning after getting ready for the day we had breakfast in the hotel dining room and she said that she wanted to do just a little shopping before we did any more sightseeing.

“No problem honey, I’ll find something to do while you shop. Who knows maybe I’ll even do a little shopping of my own.”

She was going in and out of some the fanciest shops in town and I finally got tired of it and told her I would meet her at a particular street corner in an hour. She agreed and made a dash for some shop or the other. I had my own ideas.

I found the place I was looking for a couple of blocks off the main drag, got exactly what I wanted and had them wrap it and went to the corner to wait.

She was right on time and was all smiles. “I got what a wanted and even got it on sale.” She speaks French so she was able to negotiate with the sales people.

“Good for you now let’s go back to the hotel and we can show each Video porno other what we bought after we have lunch.” I suggested.

Rather than find our way through the Metro (subway) system I hailed a cab and he had us at the hotel in a few minutes.

We had a nice lunch in the hotel dining room and then were ready to go up. When we got up the room she breathlessly opened her package and pulled out a very nice looking scarf that had a famous designer label on it and did a twirling kind of move as she wrapped it around her neck.

“Now what did you get?” she asked.

“”Hold on, I need to use the bathroom first.”

When I returned to the room I was nude and had a great dildo strapped on. It was a solid eight inches and rather thick.

“My cock was the exact same size as this thing when it got hard but since it doesn’t work very well anymore I think I can make up for that with this.” I said with a huge smile plastered all over my face.

I never knew she could undress so quickly. She was on the bed and beckoning me to join her before I knew it.

After leaning over and using my mouth on her lovely breasts I lay beside her and she let her hand trail over the dildo. “Oh my God, I don’t think I can ever take all of that in me.”

“I’ll just go as slow and easy as you want and let’s see how much you can take before you tell me to stop.”

I smeared a little lube on it before I pushed it against the lips of her pussy and it slid in a few inches. I kept up the pressure and I soon had about five inches in and more was on its way. She threw her hips up at me and that did it. I had the entire eight inches buried and she was screaming “Fuck me, Yes fuck me.”

Wow, talk about liking something. I quickly dropped my mouth onto hers and locked her lips in a warm kiss while my hands were grabbing her tits while the dildo was being driven in and drawn out.

“Oh yes, Fuck me forever with that.”

It didn’t take long before she had thrown her legs in the air as her orgasm overcame her and was screaming for me to fuck her. Again I dropped my mouth on hers to kiss her and smother her noises.

She eventually quieted down and we lay there facing each other and with our lips locked on each other. My hands were lightly caressing her breasts and they seemed to be turning her on again. This woman is insatiable.

“Patty, I want you to use your mouth on my cock to see if you can get it to show any more of the life it looked as if it had last night.”

She slid down on the bed with her hand leading the way to my cock. When she was positioned she let her tongue start licking the shaft and taking just the head of it in her mouth without trying to bury it. She was using her tongue on the bulbous head while she was slowly sliding her hand up and down the shaft. She was both jerking me off while she was sucking me off.

Whew, if this didn’t work, nothing would. I let my hand get her hair intertwined in my fingers and lightly, ever so lightly put a little pressure on the back of her head towards my cock.

I could feel something starting deep within me but it didn’t feel anything like me getting aroused but at least there was life in that part of me.

Pulling away from her I told her to put her lovely big tits on each side of my balls while she was doing this with her mouth to my cock. I rolled on my back and she rolled over on me and did exactly as I asked. Now I could really feel something starting deep inside and my cock was twitching with life. Holy shit, it was beginning to get hard. Not a world class boner but more life than it had shown in a long long time.

She slipped her mouth off and said, “Mike, I think we are getting somewhere. I can feel your shaft getting a lot harder than it has been up until now,” and she lowered her mouth back to where she had it.

Damn, it really was getting hard. Not stiff enough to be able to ram it into a tight pussy but certainly getting there.

She kept her tits surrounding my balls and began to have her mouth go ever faster on my cock. She soon had about five inches buried and I could actually feel it getting harder; not rock hard but a hell of lot stiffer than it had been in years. Wow, the heat was building inside of me and it didn’t take much more and I was unloading into her tender mouth. She swallowed it down and then just lay there with it in her mouth and her tongue slowly licking every drop of my juices off me.

“Patty, that was terrific. I swear that you’ll have me back to normal by the end of the week,” and she just laughed saying, “I hope so.”

We were facing each other and she kept planting one kiss after the other on me and all I could think of was that I was sorrier than hell we were related. She let her hand go back down to my balls and I had my fingers buried in her pussy. I had two fingers in her and began to swish them back and forth and that seemed to drive her a little nuts.

“Oh God Dad, what the hell are you doing to me? That feels different than anything you have done so far.”

“‘Different good’ or ‘different bad’?” I asked. This was the first time she had called me Dad in many years instead of my first name her mother let her use.

“Oh hell, you can tell from my breathing it is ‘different good’. Keep it up.”

Just then I thought I’d try something different. I had my index finger soaked with her juice and I let it come out of her pussy and slipped it back in further until it was lightly touching the red bud of her asshole. She squirmed a bit when she felt where it was but when I slid it all the way in she let out a small squeal saying, “I couldn’t take your cock up there but your finger feels terrific”

I finger fucked her ass for a bit before moving around so I could bury my face in her pussy. She loves my tongue.

I then rolled her on her back and slid on top of her. I was going to fuck her in a simple missionary fashion and I felt she would love it.

As I positioned the head of it in front of her pussy I locked my lips to hers and she quickly wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and threw her hips at me high and hard. The dildo went in with one long smooth slide and she let out, “Arrrgh, that feels awesome.”

My thrusting was going to be a lot slower than it had been and I lightly massaged her tits as my dildo went in all the way. She quickly got in sync with my thrusts matching them with her own. She then started something a little different that would have really driven me wild had it been my own cock in her rather than the dildo. When I drove in all the way she began to roll her hips from side to side and around and around when the dildo was at the bottom of our thrusts. It started to get her going even hotter than she had been and I knew it wasn’t going to take much of that before she was going to be having a monstrous orgasm. Sure enough she started to throw her hips in the air and locked on to my lips with hers so hard I damn near couldn’t breathe. It was a good thing we were kissing for her screams would have been frightening to anyone that would have heard them.

“OK sweet lips. Let’s get showered and then get back out on the town. There are a whole load of things to see and only a short time to see them as the saying goes.”

We had heard how spectacular the views are from the tour boats on the Seine River that goes through the city and were anxious to experience them. The recommendations were to take one at night when a lot of the things to see are lit by floodlights and are more breathtaking so we put that ‘fun thing to do’ on the back burner. This afternoon was going to have us at the top of the Eiffel Tower and we could take the tour boat this evening after dinner.

There are multiple elevators taking tourists to the top of the Tower and we were fortunate not to have to wait at all to ride them. We had heard from other tourists they had to wait over an hour to get on them so we were lucky.

The views from the top viewing platform do take your breath away and you come away with a much better feel for the ‘lay of the land’ so to speak. From ground level it is sometimes hard to get a good feel for just how various things relate geographically to one another.

When we got to the upper level platform there were only two other couples, there and one of them had finished their sightseeing and soon took the next elevator down. We were left with one other couple up there with us and they were at the other side of the viewing platform with a lot of elevator apparatus between them and us. That was all Pat needed. I was behind her with my arms around her waist looking out over the city when she got all wound up and began to throw her ass back at me and then swirl it around. She let one hand drop to her side and reached back and soon had it inside of my pants and was working my cock fast and furious. I almost shit with embarrassment fearful that the other couple would walk around to our side and see what she was doing. She began to let out loud moans and squeals and then turned her face to me with a big smile. Sure enough, the other couple came rushing around to our side of the platform to see if there was a problem. I looked down at Patty and quickly realized that she was just being a giant tease and I blushed with embarrassment as the other couple just looked at us. Although I was hiding a laugh I made up my mind that I would have to find a way to pay her back.

We stayed up there for a good while before coming back down to street level and then just taking a stroll around the long park that’s there. It is a quiet peaceful place and we had a long talk about where this new relationship of ours was going. We talked, but didn’t resolve a thing.

It was getting close to time for dinner and we hadn’t thought of a place when all of a sudden it was as if a light went off in Pat’s head.

“Damn, we just passed one of the best places in town for good food with a view but it will be packed. Le Jules Verne is the place and it is on the middle level of the Eiffel Tower. We were going to have to back to the hotel to at least get jackets to wear so we grabbed a cab. I immediately went over to the concierge and asked him to get us reservations at that restaurant and we wouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than a window table. He gave us a big smile and nodded that he would. Pat went past me and rattled off some French shit at him and he smiled even broader.

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Majorcan Surprise

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Like a lot of restless young men, when I was 19, I ran off and joined the Navy. I had some pretty wild times in the service, usually involving some combination of drinking and sex. As they say in the Navy, I was “young, dumb, and full of cum.” Of course it was also the Navy routine that contributed to it. We would be out at sea for months at a time, and then pull into port for just a day or two. A good example of that is when we visited the island of Palma de Majorca, in Spain.

We had been out at sea for over a month, doing exercises with some European navies. By the time they announced Liberty Call, I was in such bad shape, my dick would get hard at the sight of a female sheep. I decided to get a room at a local hotel and see if I could first, get rip roaring drunk, and second, get laid, before I had to head back to the ship for duty in a couple of days.

My plan was to check in to the hotel and then do some sightseeing. Yeah, right. I made it as far as the bar in the hotel. They had a TV on with a soccer match, and though I hate soccer, it had been so long since I watched sports of any kind that I thought I would check out the game for a few minutes. One beer led to another and, well, you know how it goes. Before long I was drinking and singing stupid songs with a bunch of guys from my ship, and I eventually lost interest in seeing the sights.

While we were engaged in emptying out the beer supply at the hotel, I looked over and noticed a girl across the room giving me the eye. She was Spanish looking, with long dark hair, looked to be in her mid-20s, and had a hot body. She was with another girl, and they both seemed to be pretty close friends, as they kept touching each other on the arm while they talked. About the time I had convinced myself that the girl with the dark hair really wanted me, they both got up and left. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

The soccer game ended, and the guys from my ship moved on, but I was comfortable where I was, so I stayed put. I was sitting there trying to make sense of Spanish language TV, when a guy sat down next to me and said “now here’s a guy that looks like he could use a beer.” He had light hair, average build, and looked to be my age or perhaps a few years older. He had a British accent, and I’ve always liked the sound of that, so I accepted his hospitality, and soon we were chatting away like old friends.

He said his name was Paul, and that he was from Sherwood Forest. I thought “yeah, sure you are, Robin Hood,” but apparently there really is a place called that. He talked about his life in England, and I told him what it was like to be stuck on a ship for months at a time without women. Mostly, we talked about beer and drinking. He asked me if I had ever tried a Lager and Lime, and of course, being American, I had never heard of it. He said he could make a really good one, better than you could get in the bar, and asked me if I wanted Uzun porno to go up to his room and check it out.

He was right about the Lager and Lime. He had some top quality beer and some fresh limes in his room, and he mixed them up just right. To this day, that is one of my favorite drinks. We relaxed on the bed and drank our beers, and then he looked at me kind of funny and asked me if I had ever had my dick sucked by a guy. While he was asking me, his hand sort of wandered over and started rubbing up and down on my crotch. Now remember, I’ve been on a ship for over a month. I’d never been with a guy, and I told him so, but after my cock pretty much jumped out of my pants at the first touch, my attempt to hold him off sort of got caught in my throat, and all that came out was a long moan. In the next moment, I was looking down and watching my dick disappear into Paul’s mouth, and that’s another thing he was right about. He was really good at sucking cock.

From the instant his mouth hit my rod, I was loving it. When it’s been that long, you don’t care who is giving you head, as long as you are getting it. He starting by licking my shaft up and down, and then running his tongue around the head in circles. Then, with his hand stroking up on down on the shaft, he started sucking with gradually more and more suction until I finally blew a huge load in his mouth. It didn’t take long, believe me. It was such a relief to finally get off, I just lay there on the bed in his motel room, gasping for breath.

After a while he asked me if I wanted to go back down to the bar and see what was going on down there. The first thing I thought about was that Spanish girl in the red dress, and so of course I said yes. We dressed and made our way downstairs, and headed back to our favorite watering hole. My eyes scanned the room, but unfortunately, the girl in the red dress was not there.

Paul and I had pretty much run out of things to say, as happens to guys after a while, so we sat there watching a game show on TV. The show was pathetic, but the chicks were pretty hot. I was starting to get into it, when I heard a lady’s voice next to me ask if I liked the Spanish girls. I turned around and there was the girl in the red dress! And she was talking to me! I said, why yes, of course, Spanish girls are lovely. She sat down next to me, and I ordered her a drink. About that time, Paul suddenly found something else to do and wandered off, leaving me alone with this adorable lady.

I can’t remember what we talked about, but I remember staring at her cleavage a lot and being impressed by her great tits. She was quite lovely, so naturally I was doing a lot of staring. When she invited me up to her room, I almost couldn’t believe my good luck.

As we headed upstairs, I put my arm around her, and I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants. Although Paul had just finished giving Öğrenci porno me a nice blowjob, I was 19 and was pretty much hard all the time. I have to say this about Alexandra, she was gorgeous, and she made it clear to me from the time we got to her room that she wanted to fuck. We were soon kissing, and my hand slipped insider her dress and started stroking those great tits of hers. She pulled my hand back and asks me if I would like to watch a video. I thought she meant a porn tape, of course, and when she slipped the tape in the VCR, I looked up and there was me, on the TV, getting my cock sucked by Paul! I was shocked, and jumped up and asked her how in the world she had a tape of that!

Well, as things turned out, Paul was her husband, and they were swingers. They had an “arrangement.” They liked to have sex with different partners, and while one of them did it, the other one taped it. I sat back down and stared at the video, and she came over and started stroking my crotch through my jeans. I told her that watching the video made me feel kind of weird. I explained that it was the first time that I had been with a guy. She told me she understood, and got up and changed the video. She said I might like this one better. When the new one started playing, I could see that it was her and the blonde girl from the bar. They were sitting on the same bed, in the same room that we were in now. I watched as she pulled the blonde girl’s hand onto her breast, and started kissing her. That was all it took for me, as my cock got one look at that and started busting out of my pants!

Alexandra noticed my reaction and slipped her hand inside my jeans and started rubbing my stiffening joint. Meanwhile, on the screen, I watched as she peeled off her clothes and spread her legs. The blonde girl knew just what to do, and immediately started licking her pussy. While the Alexandra on the screen is getting her cunt licked, the Alexandra in the room is pulling my dick out of my pants and starting to go down on my raging cock. I was starting to enjoy my second blowjob of the night, when I got the urge to taste some pussy, and I reached over and pulled her panties off, pushed her down on the bed and started licking her cunt for all I was worth. Suddenly, behind me I heard someone say, “I see you like my wife’s pussy” and I looked up, and there was Paul standing in the bathroom with a video cam, naked and stroking his hard cock.

At first I was alarmed, and jumped up, thinking he would be angry at me for having sex with his wife. He told me to calm down. He explained that they were both bisexual, and into swinging. They liked to get into threesomes, had seen me in the bar, and agreed that it would be fun to go to bed with me. Paul said that he had met Alexandra on a previous trip to Palma, gotten married, and almost immediately afterwards, the couple had got involved in the swinger scene in Britain. As they were telling me this, Alexandra had laid back down on the bed. Paul told me to straddle her and put my cock in her mouth, while he started rubbing his hard dick on her pussy lips, and then slipped it inside her. I did as I was told, and soon found myself groaning with pleasure as the two of us fucked his hot, Spanish wife.

Alexandra was really good at giving head, and I was getting into having my dick sucked again. The next thing I knew, Paul stopped fucking her and walked over to me with his cock dripping with pussy juice. He said “now you’re going to find out what a cock tastes like,” and he grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed me face towards his cock. It happened so fast, I just did what was natural, and I opened my mouth and started to suck on his cock. Wow, I couldn’t believe how sexy it was. His cock smelled like a man, but tasted like a woman. It was incredibly sexy. I licked and slurped away and couldn’t get enough of it. I grabbed his nut sack and stroked him, and then tried to stuff his whole cock down my throat. When I had cleaned him all off, he pulled it out,and moved back down to the end of the bed and stuck it back in Alexandra’s pussy. They went at it hard for a minute, and then I heard both of them moaning real loud and I could tell that they were both coming at the same time.

I thought the fun was over then, but boy was I wrong! Paul pulled his cock out of her, and came back over to me and guided me to the end of the bed, between Alexandra’s legs. He said “you cleaned me up, now do her,” and he pushed my face into her wet snatch. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was! I started licking her cunt with the hot jizz running out of her pussy. “Lick it up,” he told me. “Eat it!”, and like a good sailor, I followed my orders. When I wasn’t licking fast enough, he slapped me on my bare ass and told me to lick faster. He told me to stick my tongue way up in her and pull his jizz out of her cunt. Bit by bit I swallowed his whole load that way, and boy, was that a turn on. I had never tasted a man’s cum before, and it was really hot. All mixed in with pussy juice, I just couldn’t lick it up fast enough.

While I was licking her pussy, I noticed that Paul had wrapped his fist around my cock and was jerking me off. As I licked out the last drop of his jizz, I exploded in his hand, and he sat there licking my cum off his fingers, while I wiped both of their juices off my lips.

For a while, the three of us just laid there and engaged in small talk. I got dressed and we exchanged addresses and promised to write. I never really expected to hear from them of course. You meet a lot of different people in the Navy, and everyone says they will write to you, but nobody ever does. It didn’t matter anyway. After the ship pulled out, I probably jerked off in my rack every day thinking about the crazy sex I had had with this British couple in Palma. Then one day at mail call, I got a surprise. It was a package the size of a small book. The return address just said “Paul and Alexandra.” When I tore it open, there was no note or writing of any kind. Just a video tape.

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