Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 31

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Chapter Thirty-One — Green-eyed Monster

He didn’t expect the unpleasant feeling in his gut to go away as the days passed by, bringing him closer to the day when he was supposed to call his parents and announce that he would pay them a visit on Thanksgiving. That was no shock, really. The most appropriate course of action was to do it and be done with it. Still, something was keeping him from taking that step, and he kept postponing the call even after he purchased his plane ticket.

How would they receive his reaching out? After so much silence, Jonathan felt as if they had become so estranged that it was as if they lived on different continents and hadn’t seen each other in years if not more. Was this all that it took to forget about the importance of family? He liked to think he was better than to dismiss such essential emotional attachments from his heart. And yet, here he was, feeling more at home at Sunny Hill, in a tiny dorm room — tiny by the standards of his family’s estate, of course — surrounded by strangers. Of course, that last bit wasn’t entirely true.

He had friends, good friends, but they were all leaving to see their families, and that made him feel somewhat left out. Ray had extended an invitation to join him, and Jonathan didn’t doubt that his BFF’s parents had to be just as good-natured and easygoing as their son, but still, he couldn’t help feeling that he would intrude on a space that belonged to family alone.

“What are you thinking about?” Maddox pressed a finger to Jonathan’s forehead.

Supposedly, they were cooped up in Maddox’s room to study, even if they didn’t share the same classes except for Statistics. It looked like only one of them was keen on respecting the shared study time. Jonathan shook his head.

“I’m going to see my parents,” he said in one dropped beat.

Maddox gave him a long, pensive look. “You don’t sound very thrilled.”

“I’m not,” Jonathan confirmed. “I haven’t talked to them in quite a while.”

“They haven’t called? Not once?” Maddox asked.

He rolled on his belly and looked upward at Jonathan. Wasn’t he the luckiest guy alive? The sight of those pretty gray eyes, peering at him from underneath the rebellious dark locks, was making him easily forget about the unpleasant rock nestled in the pit of his stomach. “No. That doesn’t mean that I should leave things as they are, though.”

“Sure,” Maddox agreed. “Jonathan, if you don’t feel like visiting them, how about coming with me?”

“To your house?” Jonathan mumbled.

“That’s where I’m going,” Maddox said with a grin and a teasing wink. “And before you have one of those weird as fuck aristocratic strokes about protocol, manners, and who knows what else, no, you wouldn’t impose. And you’d get to visit my room. I could show you my Pokémon card collection,” he added and wiggled his eyebrows as if that kind of temptation should have been enough to tip Jonathan’s internal balance.

Jonathan laughed and ran one hand through Maddox’s hair to push it away from his handsome face. “Ugh, that’s a tough sell, right there. How could I say ‘no’ to something like that?”

Maddox’s face lit up. He even pushed himself up and sat on the bed with his legs crossed under him. “Don’t say ‘no’, then. Say ‘yes’.”

Jonathan sighed. “Trust me, I would. In a heartbeat.” Maddox’s face fell, so he hurried to add, “I just need to see them. Also, we might not want to drop a bombshell of such proportions on your folks.”

“What bombshell?” Maddox asked and looked at him with an expression of adorable confusion.

It was Jonathan’s turn to be a bit puzzled. “Have you told them already? About us?”

“Ah, that,” Maddox replied in an unconcerned tone. “Not yet. But I think it would be a good occasion to tell them on Thanksgiving.”

His boyfriend was completely nonchalant about the whole thing, so much so that Jonathan stared at Maddox for a bit.

“What?” Maddox asked him.

“Just like that?” Jonathan asked. “Don’t you think that they might be a little bit shocked about the situation? Or you plan on introducing me as just a friend?”

Maddox pulled at his right ear, only now seeming to consider the implications. “No, I would just tell them you’re my boyfriend.”

“Well, I don’t know your parents, but don’t you think that a bit of a heads-up would be nice? After all, they probably know you’re a notorious ladies’ man.”

Maddox smirked. “Now that’s something, and you’re right. From ladies’ man to one man’s man. Hmm, it sounded a little bit better in my head. Now, that you put it like that, I’ll call them first and tell them.”

“Wait,” Jonathan said, not really knowing why he was trying to stop Maddox from putting his plan into action. “I mean, maybe that’s the kind of thing you should tell them face to face.”

“My parents don’t care so much about formalities, but all right, I’ll do it the way you want. But only if you’re bent on going to visit your folks and absolutely don’t want to come with me. Otherwise, just say the word, and I’ll Bostancı Escort make that phone call.”

Jonathan leaned in and kissed Maddox on the forehead. “I have to go see them, as difficult as it might be for me and them equally.”

Maddox opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but then appeared to think better of it. “Are you finished studying yet?”

Jonathan nodded. His mind wasn’t completely on the task at hand, and sometimes, as he well knew, he had to focus on what bothered him. As deep in thought as he was, he missed how Maddox snuck closer. Taken completely by surprise, he fell on his back with a short yelp.

“Hey,” Maddox drawled and stared at him with obvious naughtiness in his eyes.

“Hey,” Jonathan replied in kind, his heart beating a little faster.

“Is there any rule I’m breaking if I suggest a little bit of fun?”

“One or two,” Jonathan teased.

“Good,” Maddox said with determination and closed the gap between them for a short intense kiss. “Because I love being a rule breaker.”

Jonathan couldn’t protest that and adjusted his position to allow Maddox to settle between his legs with ease. They connected at the groin level, and the soft groans that left their lips at the same time triggered snickers from both. Maddox bit his bottom lip and hooked his crotch into Jonathan’s. “Someone misses you very much.”

“Who might that be?” Jonathan asked and grabbed Maddox by his sexy ass to pull him closer and make their hips move in synch.

“A good friend of yours,” Maddox breathed out and snuck his tongue between Jonathan’s lips, giving him a taste of the deliciousness that was all him.

“I have a few good friends,” Jonathan teased a little bit more and then flipped Maddox off him to capture him underneath. “But I think you refer to the little guy that enjoys my mouth to tip resuscitation technique the most.”

“Did you just make a joke?” Maddox snickered. “So lame. And little guy? Really?”

“Hey, I’m trying,” Jonathan replied, determined to make that smirk on Maddox’s face turn into something else. “And he’s not that little, I admit,” he added.

He only had to touch the hard thing stretching Maddox’s jeans to the limit when he achieved his goal. Maddox’s curly eyelashes dropped, and his lips parted, letting out a sighing whisper. Jonathan decided that he wouldn’t be the kind to tease his boyfriend endlessly and moved lower until he could comfortably fish Maddox’s cock from his jeans and give the tip a long passionate kiss.

The thing twitched in his hand, and Jonathan took that as a good sign right away. He stuck out his tongue as far as he could and licked around the mushroom, letting his eyes flicker up to Maddox from time to time. Maddox had placed his hands behind his head and was taking in the view, his eyes at half-mast, with an expression of unhidden bliss on his face.

Jonathan continued to up the ante. He used all his skill to make the mushroom head grow and fill his mouth with it in one go. Maddox’s gentle encouragements to go faster and deeper didn’t deter him from his plan. After all, there was a part of him that pushed him to tease his boyfriend a little bit more before giving in completely.

“Swallow my cock,” Maddox let out with a moan. “Oh, fuck, you look so beautiful like this.” He placed one hand on Jonathan’s head, pushing him to take more, but then realized what he was doing and moved his hand away.

Jonathan protested with his mouth full and grabbed Maddox’s wrist to bring his hand back. Maddox appeared happy at the prospect of being allowed to do as he wanted and his hand firmed on the crown of Jonathan’s head.

In all honesty, Jonathan enjoyed both sides of Maddox. He liked the pliant, slightly submissive one, but he simply adored to be used, too, because he wasn’t afraid Maddox would take advantage of his surrender. He settled into a rhythm while Maddox gave him cues with how he pressed his head down from time to time.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Maddox chanted his release while he filled Jonathan’s mouth with fresh tasty cum.

Jonathan withdrew only a little so that it didn’t all go down his throat. It was one of his kinks to show his mouth full to his lover. He did so as he pulled back completely and stuck out his tongue slightly, wiggling it a bit. Maddox groaned and threw one arm over his face. “What do you want me to do now?” he moaned. “I just came.”

Jonathan swallowed quickly and laughed. “I think I just love to tease you.” He closed the distance to Maddox and lay by his side.


There couldn’t be one contender in the whole frigging world. Jonathan knew how to suck cock for real. Maddox knew that he was supposed to have a lot of basis for comparison, but frankly speaking, he couldn’t recall any other blowjobs, not as he was coming down from his high. And Jonathan was such a freaking tease, showing him his mouth full of cum and his enjoyment at swallowing like an expert. On top of it all, no one else could say they knew what it felt like to Ümraniye Escort have those perfectly arched lips wrapped around their cocks.

Well, no one but one guy. Maddox knew, deep down, that he had to be a bit nutso to be jealous of that dude, but he couldn’t help thinking that Jonathan had been like this with Drew before. It made him want to learn more about the asshole, he wanted to know what he looked like. What he would do with that information, he had no idea. But it was annoying to know that somewhere, out in the world, there was a rival to what he had.

Jonathan didn’t have to know about that fucked up shit in his head. He would probably hurry to assure him that Drew was nothing but old history, and that he only liked Maddox. Well, that was another problem. Stupid or not, Maddox wanted to hear Jonathan say it first. That was a secret he hadn’t shared with anyone. Dex would probably call him an idiot to his face, Kane would try to work some psychoanalysis on his ass, and Rusty would offer to convince Jonathan to confess his love to Maddox through who knew what fearsome means.

Therefore, it was on him to make sense of it all and to convince himself not to be an asshole. It was a good thing that Jonathan had brought their families into the conversation. And as caught up as he had been in wooing Jonathan — if wooing was called whatever he had done — and making him his that he hadn’t thought of talking to his folks about how he had gotten himself a gorgeous boyfriend.

Maddox knew they would be all right with the whole thing. They were gentle people, open-minded, and surely not the kind to shun their son for liking a boy. But he could bet that Jonathan’s parents were the complete opposite of that, and of course, the guy had his hang-ups and they were completely understandable.

Nonetheless, it was only considerate and polite — two things Jonathan was very good at — if he told his parents about it all before introducing his boyfriend to the family. His mom would love Jonathan; he was sure of it. She had a soft spot for handsome, well-mannered men. The fact that she married his dad was proof enough of that. Between the two of them, she was the one more down to earth, and that had imprinted on how she had brought them up all. Even his sisters were completely no-nonsense and direct, something that might not have endeared them to many men, but proved, as their mom said, very useful in setting apart the worthy ones from the good-for-nothing ones.

His dad would probably want to know a lot of things about Jonathan. He was overscrupulous when it came to who his sons and daughters married or chose as their girlfriends and boyfriends, and that meant that Maddox would be no exception. So far, he had had it easy, but that was only because both his mom and dad were convinced that he was only going through a phase when he just liked girls too much to settle for one.

What would they think and say once they learned he finally got in a serious relationship? Jonathan was right, in a way. It was a bit of a bombshell, and it was a sign of maturity not to treat things lightly when telling them about Jonathan.

Jonathan put his head on Maddox’s chest and his breathing soon became even. Only then did Maddox realize he had been so caught up in thinking about what Jonathan had said about talking to his parents that he had forgotten that he wanted to reciprocate. “Jonathan?” he called out hesitantly.

He had noticed lately that his boyfriend was a bit troubled, and he assumed that it was because of his strained relationship with his folks. From all of the experience he had with Rusty on that topic, he was patiently waiting for Jonathan to open up to him.

“Hmm?” Jonathan’s sleepy voice replied.

Maddox caressed his hair. “Do you think you could come while sleeping if I blow you?”

Jonathan’s head snapped up quickly. He no longer seemed very sleepy. “I don’t know. Is it a theory you want to explore?”

“Not if you’re not sleepy anymore.”

“I could try to go back to sleep, and you could put your theory to the test.”

Jonathan enjoyed teasing him a lot. Maddox loved being teased. What else could be said except that they were a match made in heaven? “Let me blow you anyway,” he offered.

As he said that, he felt his mouth water. Oh yes, who would have thought he’d like to suck cock so much? And Jonathan’s was like a delicious lollipop, good to lick from all sides. Also, those hairless balls were to die for. Maddox could tell that Jonathan enjoyed it that he didn’t shave or wax by how the guy practically worshipped his entire body, but he had to admit that he enjoyed Jonathan’s smooth skin.

With those thoughts in mind, he pushed Jonathan onto his back, deciding that it was his turn. He freed Jonathan from his dress pants — always the well-dressed one — and took a moment to admire the tent his guy was sporting. That bulge was mouth-watering indeed. Maddox opened his mouth wide and trapped it between his lips, wetting the fabric of his underwear.

“I Kartal Escort so want to eat this thing,” he declared.

“Then please go ahead,” Jonathan urged him. “I mean, I would very much like for you to–” His words died on his lips as Maddox pulled down his underwear and took hold of his cock in one fell swoop.

Damn, indeed, that kind of thing was tastier than Maddox would have ever imagined. He wondered briefly if different cocks had different flavors. Cum tended to not always be the same, and he had tasted his from Jonathan’s mouth on many occasions. He could vouch that it was slightly different from Jonathan’s cum which was smoother than his own which tended to be creamier and denser.

Unlike him, Jonathan seemed to lose his usual polite ways when it came to sex. He grabbed a handful of Maddox’s hair and guided him to take him in his mouth to the rhythm he wanted. It was a bit like being used, and Maddox couldn’t say that he disliked it. If anything, he liked it a lot when Jonathan took the reins. He was a smooth leader, but a firm one, and that kind of gentle power made Maddox want to give in any time he was asked.

So he allowed Jonathan to fuck his mouth as his hips bucked off the bed and pushed upward. Maddox couldn’t tell what he liked more, to be sucked off by Jonathan’s skilled mouth, or to be the one used for pleasure like right now. Everything was new and a thrill ride. Jonathan took very little time to reach his peak, and Maddox swallowed everything as he was made to take it.

They lay on their backs, breathing hard, their hands entangled. “You’re a bit of a dom,” Maddox said and snickered.

“Me? A dom?” Jonathan asked, surprised by his words. “I doubt it.”

“Nah, you definitely are,” Maddox insisted. “The way you hold my head to fuck my mouth, that’s a telling sign.”

“Am I too forceful? I’m sorry–“

“Shut up. I like it,” Maddox drawled the words teasingly. “You know how to take guys in hand, don’t you?” He hadn’t meant to let it come out like that, as if there was someone else, there in the room with them.

“Guys? No,” Jonathan protested quickly. “Just you, it seems.”

“You never did it with Drew, right?” Clearly, he couldn’t keep his tongue in check today.

“He never sucked me off, Maddox,” Jonathan said pointedly.

“I know that. It’s just that, I mean, were you ever like this with him?”

Jonathan pushed himself up on one elbow and looked at him. Maddox kept staring at the ceiling. “Where is all this coming from? I’ve already told you everything about Drew.”

Maybe he had, and maybe he hadn’t. Maddox twiddled his thumbs as he held his hands linked over his belly.

Jonathan let out a annoyed grunt. “Fine. Ask me,” he said.

Maddox peered at him with just one eye, closing the other. “Okay. What was it like to be with him?”

Were you in love with him? Jonathan had said something to that extent, and Maddox was now pleased to discover the source of his strange jealousy.

Jonathan averted his eyes. The gloomy expression on his face made Maddox feel guilty, but he felt like this was the kind of thing that needed to be brought out in the open and not allowed to fester and stir up unpleasant stuff later.

“He used me as he saw fit,” Jonathan said in a strained voice.

“That’s not what I’m asking,” Maddox insisted.

The hurt in the amber eyes as they rested on him made him recoil a little. But he had opened that door and didn’t intend to close it until he got his answers.

“It was exciting.” Jonathan sighed and his gaze dropped. He began tracing invisible circles on the duvet. “He made me feel things I’ve never felt before.”

“Did you think he was beautiful?”

Jonathan let out a short cruel snort. “Of course, I did.”

Maddox felt a pang of internal pain at that blunt admission. Maybe he deserved it.

“I thought I had a real friend in him,” Jonathan continued. “Perhaps that’s why I felt so betrayed. He knew things about me, things no one else knew.”

“What things?”

Jonathan looked at him again. He seemed upset. “You know more, if that’s any comfort.”

“Name one.”

Jonathan pushed himself off the bed, straightening his clothes in the process. “You know I can tell a joke,” he said in a light, yet somewhat forced tone, and Maddox couldn’t help thinking that it was an attempt to throw him off the trail.

He kept on it. Just like Jonathan, he moved, zippered up his jeans, but remained seated on the bed. He followed Jonathan with his eyes while the other paced the room. “He knew you for longer than me, right? When you left?”

Jonathan ran one hand through his hair. “He did. But he didn’t. He didn’t care to know who I was, just that I was a fucking warm mouth when he needed one.” The last words were spoken in a harsh tone.

Maddox climbed off the bed and caught Jonathan’s arm, stopping his pacing. He pulled him into a hug. “You’re something else to me,” he said and moved one hand over Jonathan’s back in circles, feeling the tense muscles underneath.

“Thank God for that,” Jonathan replied. “I mean, thank you, Maddox. And trust me, you don’t have one reason to be jealous of him. Besides the fact that he’s a part of my past, I don’t care for him at all. I don’t even think about him anymore.”

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Teasin’ Pleasin’ Pt. 04: On Leave

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After the embarrassment of the New Year’s Party, I fled to a pre-army induction camp for a year, aka Army Cadets. I tried to clear my head but only finished with more questions about my role in life.

At the time when I left, I tried in vain to forget what had just happened. The drama of my actions at that infamous party was one thing I couldn’t hide or live with, but then these photos started circulating of me caught in that act of having gay sex. I thought I was left with no option but to flee and not face the consequences. Like the coward I was.

So, after twelve months at the camp, I thought I had resolved my sub-conscience anxiety and guilt. For the most part of my stay, the only time I had to myself was to sneak off, when my barrack was asleep and jack off at the camp restrooms. This was my routine, until my last night there. When I left with a new recruit’s cock in my mouth.

I was given an option, to notify them within six months adrift about my intentions and return to camp, or I will be barred.

So, since returning, I felt anxiety and confusion, so I locked myself in my loft for the first week. The only person I communicated with was my mother, and that was at mealtimes.

Then one day my mother wanted some things from the supermarket. I reluctantly agreed and caught the bus to the local shopping mall.

While walking to the bus stop and traveling on it, I hoped and prayed, that no one from my recent past would notice that I was back. The person I was when I left was a dazed and confused nineteen-year-old wimpish nerd, a year later I returned as a confident twenty-one-year-old with a toned body. I still was that confused little man, but I was now capable of owning my mistakes.

While at the mall, I accidentally bumped into an old school friend (Zayne). I hadn’t seen Zayne since the 10th grade, and we exchanged numbers and promised each other to catch up soon. I then waited for the bus from the mall to home.

While walking home from the bus stop near the park that was two blocks from my place, I realized, my old life had moved on, or I thought so. I spotted a ghost of my past.

As I passed the park, I spotted Tiffany with her back against a large tree with a feral-looking girl with long purple and red dreadlocked hair. She didn’t see me, as she was too busy with her new friend. She had Tiffany off the ground and against the tree, tiffany had her legs wrapped around her friend’s back and her eyes were rolling back inside her skull. Her new friend had one hand inside Tiffany’s opened leather pants and was jamming her fingers wildly into her cunt, Tiffany was moaning and oblivious to the world. Her girlfriend was running her tongue across her neck and biting. She reminded me of a cross between Venom from Spiderman comics and a vampire.

As I watched I wondered did they know or cared, that they were putting on a show to the public within the park. Kids were watching and looking confused. Mothers were pulling their children away. Tiffany was lost in her little world, moaning, acting like a banshee, and screaming.

I moved on before I pulled my pecker out and started to jack off. Also, before they spotted me. I still had feelings for Bostancı Escort sex with women, but the painful memories still linger in the back of my mind, from that party.

After I returned with my mother’s shopping, I went back to my loft and tore open my jeans, and I quickly rubbed my cock thinking about Tiffany, her new friend, and flashbacks from a year ago.

A month had passed since I bumped into Zayne before I decided to visit him. He and I used to be good friends, that was before I hooked up with Tiffany, three years ago. I knew now I had to try to forget about the past few years and move on.

What I remembered of that day was it was a hot spring day, I wore a tank top, board shorts, and runners.

We went downstairs to his basement, which was his bedroom. We talked a bit of shit before watching some sports on his TV. He cranked up some music and put on the Xbox. One thing I noticed straight away was his taste in music had changed. Zayne was into grunge and rock music but now he listened to new-age pop garbage. After a few beers, I turned the volume down and tried to drown it out.

We were playing “Call of Duty” when his mom poked her head in, only to say she was leaving for work. That’s when Zayne got up and walked her out, before then returning and locking the door, on his way back down to me.

After a few hours of playing video games, drinking beer, and chilling out, led me to need to pee.

When I returned, he was smoking a joint and there was porn on the TV. He passed me the joint as I sat back down. I smoked the joint and relaxed.

After closer observation, I noticed it was bisexual porn, everyone was sucking cocks or eating pussy. He passes me the joint again and I smoked it, but became more curious, as to why we are watching porn and the fact it was bisexual porn.

After several minutes of passing the joint around, and watching two dudes sucking each other off, while the chick finger fucked one of their assholes, I felt uncomfortably horny. I grew a hard-on and tried in vain to hide it from Zayne, but my cock was tenting my boardies. What shocked me was that Zayne was rubbing his crotch and looking at mine.

“I see you like the movie,” he said smugly. It brought back memories of when we were back in the 9th grade when we used to do all sorts of stupid stuff together. We would venture into the woods and away from the public eyes. We’d get naked and go for a swim and jack off in the river. Nothing but silly juvenile stuff, we went everywhere together. Until I hooked up with Tiffany and then we drifted apart for a few years.

Then we have today, where I had over a year of discipline, and pent-up frustration, of doing what I was told, my life as he knew it was different now. We were both now twenty-one or almost twenty-one and not in no longer in the 9th grade, but I was still having flashbacks of my shame from that party.

I didn’t know how to act when I noticed he was looking at my bulge. Did he or had he heard about what went on a year and a half ago? So, I tried the ignorant approach.

“Look, I’m not into this shit, I think I better go,” was my response. Then he ripped his top off and dropped his Ümraniye Escort shorts, and out popped his hard-on. I sat there mesmerized by his wobbling cock, then I looked up and saw that he was staring at me. We then glared at each other before we burst out in laughter.

He then strolled off to grab a beer and another video, as he did, I sat there watching two guys and a girl sucking cock.

I thought we were only going to have a wank off to porn. So, I took my T-shirt off and released my cock from my boardies and massaged my balls.

There I was relaxing watching two guys fucking with a girl kissing the guy getting fucked in the ass, I sat fondling my balls. I didn’t notice that Zayne had returned and watched me. Then, when I saw him standing there, he handed me a beer while he was smoking a joint. He then sat down next to me and passed me the joint.

I took the joint and smoked it, before letting out the smoke from my lungs. The two men were now kissing each other on the video, while the girl took turns sucking their cocks. The weed was some strong stuff, and my eyes were slightly rolling to the back of my head. Then I had a massive headrush. By the time, the joint was passed back to me, I was buzzing. I was feeling quite horny and hadn’t twigged that Zayne had switched videos to a full-on gay porn one.

I was now a little drowsy and I keep hearing the words, relax.

Then out of nowhere, he grabbed my cock, but I was powerless to stop him after my third smoke. I was too out of it to intervene. All I could do was, move my head forward slightly and then collapse back into the backrest of the couch. It was like an instant drowsy whiplash feeling. For the next few minutes, he jerked my cock, then he spat on it for added lube.

It was at this point I should have used better judgment, but I felt so high and horny that I soaked it up.

“Fuck it, fuck it, all right, I give in, you win,” I mumbled as I floated in a sea of ecstasy. He sucked my cock for a good 5-minutes before something start to enter my ass. He had wriggled something underneath me and tried entering my ass with it. I move to a side so he could have better access. Then I felt him force the object inside and began to fuck my ass with it.

While he fucked my ass with this object (a plastic comb), he caressed my balls and stroked my cock. Eventually, he removed the object and jammed 2-3 fingers inside me, bringing tiny moans out of me. This went on until I blew my load over my chest.

“I’m going to fuck you, so relax,” he whispered. I felt like saying “no” but didn’t. He rolled me over onto my stomach and bent me over the couch. I complied. My cock was like a running nose in spring. That’s when I felt the head of his cock trying to push into my ass. He was about 6-inches long but as thick as mine, it was then I smelt something from a small bottle shoved under my nose.

“Breath, just breath,” he kept saying, as he pushed his cock deeper into my ass. I was fighting with myself, as I wanted to break free and let him fuck me thump but part of me wanted to thump him because I found the special attention too hard to fight my real feelings.

A year of discipline gave Anadolu Yakası Escort in to one afternoon of recklessness. Within five minutes, he had broken me and was soon jamming his cock in and out of my ass.

As I was on my chest with my legs spread apart, I felt aroused. I was soon moaning as it’s been over a year since I last had a cock inside my ass and turning feminine. It then hit me, that I liked feeling like some dam chick getting bred. Just imagining that I was, made me even hornier. Each time his cock went deep, my cock would twitch, and I’d moan.

“Dam it feels good, dam it feels so good,” I started moaning while he fucked me. Zayne in the meantime grunted and groaned, as he pounded into me.

“Oh God, oh god,” I said moaning. Zayne fucked me harder and harder, making me moan even more. Zayne fucked me and made me feel lifeless, as his arms clung to my hips and thumped his cock deep inside me.

“You’re loving it, aren’t you?” Zayne asked as he could hear me moan more. Although a part of me felt ashamed and betrayed, another part of me loved it.

“Oh god, of course, I love it,” I said moaning. Suddenly the dam bursts and my back felt a small spark hit me from my balls to my neck. I cum like a river and felt like I was floating, as my orgasm hit me, and my legs turned numb.

He kept fucking me hard, without stopping. My cock let go again a few minutes later and out came another jolt of cum. I felt embarrassed and strange, Zayne knew exactly how to break me, where had he learned to do that?

Zayne kept pounding in and out of me, as I collapsed on the couch. I just lay there mumbling, moaning, and taking more of a pounding from him. Eventually, I felt another sensation deep inside my ass, Zayne was now cumming too. He kept pounding until he had spat out cum deep inside me. He then slowed his pace, as squirt after squirt twitched inside my ass. My body had yielded to him long before he pumped his seed into me.

Zayne lay on top of me with his cock still wedged inside my ass. Until he leaned forward and ruffled my hair, before kissing and tonguing my neck like a deviate. He kept grinding into my ass ever so slowly.

“You ok, Tricksy, you’ve gone very quiet,” He asked, near my ear. I simply nodded.

“Wow, your ass was born to be fucked Tricksy, it’s still draining my cock,” Zayne said. He was right, no matter how hard I try to deny it, he thoroughly broke me. I felt ashamed, ecstasy, and disgusted, that I let myself submit so easily.

More was to come. I lay pondering my thoughts, I had yielded my ass to him, with little protesting. His cum was inside my stomach and if I know Zayne, this will not be a one-time occasion. Soon his cock grew limp inside my asshole, and his cum started to seep out. When he did pull out his cock, cum ran out from it and down my balls.

We then relaxed a while watching gay porn on the TV, as we smoked some more weed and drank beer. Then Zayne pulled me down to his groin and made me taste his cock, until it started growing hard again.

All night we smoked weed and he fucked me another two times and I had to clean his cock with my tongue, before sucking him off another three times. Gay porn was not taboo for me anymore.

Zayne was happy I had visited. I went home showered and told my mother nothing. Part of me loved it, but part of me felt embarrassed.

I came here a soldier boy and not knowing what to expect and left with my ass bred.


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Daddy Slut

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Daddy Slut

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

It involves incest and some abusive language!


Keith was happily married to his wife Susan, together they had two kids. Callum who was 18 and nearly finishing school, and Lisa who was 20 and was at university but still lived at home. Callum was tall, muscular and outgoing, not at all like his father. Where Lisa was small and beautiful, she looked like a younger version of her mother with long blond hair and slim body.

Keith and Susan have been married for 20 years, having accidentally gotten pregnant with Lisa at a young age, he did what he thought was right and proposed. Although they were young and didn’t have much money, they were happy.

Working in sales, Keith rose through the ranks to the point where he is now a manager making good money and Susan works as a nurse.

Keith was a regular guy, he was 6 foot, short brown hair, a little dad bob on the way even though he still tried to jog most days.

Although he was still very happy with his wife, their sex life was almost non-existent now. But that didn’t stop Keith from wanking nearly every day. The perks of working from home three days a week meant he gets a lot of time to himself.

It was one fateful day when this story begins.

After working from home all morning, Keith took a break to make himself some lunch and to tidy the house a little. Starting with his room, he put his clothes away and decided to put on jogging bottoms to be more comfortable.

Keith didn’t dare enter Lisa’s room, fearful of what he would find in his young girls’ room. But when he entered Callum’s, he sighed with disappointment by the mess.

Clothes were all over the floor, empty plates and glasses scattered around. Then what shocked Keith the most, was a half empty tub of lube on his night stand.

“For god’s sake Callum.” Keith moaned to himself.

As he picked up some of the clothes and formed a mountain out of them, he walked over to put the lube away. Opening the draw next to his bed, Keith saw inside I woman’s thong and a black dildo.

“What the fuck?” Keith said, putting the lube down and picking up the thong and dildo.

Callum doesn’t have a girlfriend, although Keith assumed he was good with the girls as he was a tall and muscular man who reeked confidence.

Looking at the dildo and the thong, Keith thought about the old times with Susan. They used to be kinky and adventurous, it has now been years since he has seen his wife in a thong.

Picturing his wife in a thong and the old days when he used to have a dildo he would put in his wife’s arse whilst he fucked her, Keith realised he was getting horny.

Well, I am alone. He thought.

Deciding he would have a quick wank whilst he was on his break and while no one was home. Keith pulled his jogging bottoms down and lay on Callum’s bed.

Grabbing the lube, he squirted some on his hand and began to rub his 4 inch cock. Not having used lube in a while, it was a nice change.

He quickly started to get hornier and hornier, slowly wanking his cock whilst thinking of Susan. Thinking of fucking her with a dildo before fucking her himself. His breathing got heavier and heavier.

It’s been too long since Susan and I have had sex. He thought, Maybe I should try something more adventurous and get the spark back with her?

Keith was picturing his wife riding on top of him, her firm tits bouncing around as he grabbed her arse. Susan always got really loud when they were having sex and Keith loved this.

Being so caught up in his own wank, Keith didn’t hear the front door open and close downstairs.

Callum had returned home, having missed school this morning because he had plans to fuck one of the older married men that live down the road. Callum wasn’t gay, but he loved how easy it was to fuck men, he also loved how dirty they all got when they saw his toned body and his big 7 inch cock.

Looking at his phone, he texted, “Don’t you ever fucking cancel on me again!”

The man he was supposed to fuck called it off last minute because his wife came home. Instead, he planned to come home and use Grindr to find a local guy he could use to suck his cock or to fuck.

When he got home, he saw his dad’s car outside and realised he must be working from home.

Shit, he’s going to kick off that I’m not at school. Callum thought.

Slowly going into the house, he had a quick look around and realised his dad wasn’t downstairs. He assumed that his dad must have gone out and if he was quick then he could get in and out without him realising.

Then, as he slowly walked up the stairs, he began to hear some heavy breathing. His room was next to Lisa’s and he knew what her masturbating moans sounded like, but this wasn’t it. It was deeper, more manly.

At first, Callum that that maybe Lisa had snook home to have sex with her boyfriend. Although there was no sound of a woman at all.

As İstanbul Escort he got up the stairs, Callum quickly realised that the moaning was coming from his room.

What the fuck? Callum thought as he creeped closer, Is someone in my room?

There was a small crack in the door and when Callum looked through, he saw his dad! Half naked, on his bed wanking!

Dad? What are you doing? He thought.

As Callum kept looking through, he spotted the lube next to him and then to his amazement, the dildo! The dildo he bought and used often on some of his school fuck friends. Then the thong, the thong that his friend Jamie would wear when Callum made him.

Callum knew he was dominant and loved telling other men what to do.

Why is dad wanking with my dildo and a thong? Callum thought.

At first, he was planning on bursting in and embarrassing his dad, then he felt his hard cock twitching in his pants. His dad had clearly gotten horny whilst seeing Callum’s sex toy and underwear and couldn’t stop himself from wanking.

Although Callum had plenty of men to fuck, he loved the idea of a in house slut to use. He would love it to be his sister, but his dad would work just as well.

He watched as his dad’s breathing got heavier and heavier.

Keith’s eyes were closed, getting so close to cumming.

When suddenly the door burst open.

“Dad what the fuck are you doing?” Callum said walking into the room.

Keith was right on the verge of cumming when he heard his son’s voice and quickly sat up, his cock still in his lubed up hand.

“Fuck! Callum get out!” He shouted in panic.

“This is my room!” Callum argued.

“I’m sorry son!” Keith quickly shouted, shuffling to the end of the bed. Attempting to grab onto his jogging bottoms but his lubed hands slipped.

“Why are you wanking in my room? With my dildo and a thong?” Callum asked, loving the awkwardness he was forcing onto his dad.

“It’s nothing, I will just go. Let’s never talk about this.” Keith stuttered out as he sat on the end of the bed. As he went to pull up his bottoms, Callum stepped forward and placed a foot onto them and forced them back down.

When Keith looked up at his son, Callum said, “Were you lubing up that dildo to use on yourself? Planning to fuck yourself in your son’s room?”

“Callum!” Keith shouted in shock, “Do not speak to your father like that!”

“I will speak to you however I want when you are in my room like this.” Callum said with a dominant tone.

Keith’s head was running wild, he was embarrassed and confused.

“I need to leave.” Keith said once more, attempting to pull his bottoms up but Callum’s foot kept them firmly down.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Callum said with a smirk, “It looked like you were close. Who am I to stop you.”

“Callum!” Keith shouted in shock.

A plan quickly formed in Callum’s head, he didn’t expect such resistance from his dad when he first saw him in this position. However, his mind was set on making his dad his slut now. And Callum always got what he wants.

Quickly, Callum pushed his father’s shoulders, he was much stronger than his dad and Keith easily fell back.

“What are you doing?!” Keith shouted in panic.

“Helping you out.” Callum said.

Then he did something he very rarely does.

Not giving his dad enough time to react, Callum bent down and took his dad’s hard cock into his mouth and wrapped his lips around it.

“Fuuuckk!” Keith moaned in both shock and pleasure!

Callum has sucked a few cocks, however his pleasure was dominating a man. But he knew he would have to do something to get his father to submit to him, and he was willing to suck his cock to get that.

His cock was only small and Callum was able to take most of it into his mouth and began to swirl his wet tongue around the head of the cock.

Keith felt like his head was about to explode, he knew he should push his son away. But he hasn’t had a blowjob in years and he had forgotten how amazing they felt.

Callum continued to bob up and down on his dad’s cock with ease, hearing his moaning getting louder and louder.

“Callum, stop.” Keith whispered, but Callum didn’t stop.

Instead, he carried on and Keith didn’t put any force in to stop him.

When his moaning got louder, Callum knew that his father was getting close to cumming so he pulled his mouth back away and looked at his dad’s hard, wet cock.

“Noooo.” Keith moaned out without meaning to, but he was so close to cumming.

Callum knew he had his dad right where he wanted him, on the edge of cumming, putty in his hand.

When Keith looked up, he saw his son smiling down at him.

“You can cum, after I have.” Callum suddenly said.

“What?” Keith asked, then in even more shock, he watched his son slowly pulling his trousers down.

“I just sucked your cock. Now it’s time to return the favour.” Callum said.

“I can’t do that.” Keith weakly argued.

Turning Kadıköy Escort on his dominant side, Callum said firmly.

“You are going to suck my cock,” Then the pulled his boxers down and released his big, hard cock, “And you are going to take it down your throat like a good boy.”

Keith couldn’t believe what he just heard, his son ordering him to suck his cock. It was so fucked up and wrong, but Keith was too horny to think straight.

“Come here.” Callum said and firmly gripped onto his dad’s shirt and pulled him up so he was face to face with his cock.

Keith couldn’t take his eyes off it, he had never before thought about another man in a sexual way. But here he was, staring at his son’s cock in amazement. How is his cock so big? Keith asked himself.

“Open your mouth.” Callum ordered.

Yet, Keith was still arguing in his head. Callum could see the argument in his fathers head, encouraging him, Callum moved his cock forward so it was only an inch from his mouth.

The warmth of the cock could be felt against Keith’s face, the smell of his son’s cock was almost intoxicating.

“Do it, open your mouth and take my cock.” Callum encouraged, knowing if he was too firm then he could risk scaring his father.

Keith still couldn’t wrap his head round it, keeping himself still he just stared at his sons big, juicy cock.

Pushing him further, Callum moved his cock and felt the head of it pressing against his dad’s lips. He slowly moved the head of his cock around his dad’s mouth. Keith could feel his son’s precum spreading around his mouth, his scent driving him crazy.

Without even realising he was doing it, Keith slowly opened his mouth.

Callum smiled whilst watching his father submit to him like so many before. When he first felt the warmth of his dad’s breath on his cock, Callum let out a little moan.

Keith was in disbelief as he felt his son’s big cock go into his mouth, when the head of his cock pressed against Keith’s tongue, he instinctively wrapped his lips around it.

“There you go.” Callum moaned.

Keith couldn’t explain it, although he had never in his wildest dreams pictured this, something just felt right to him.

Although he remained still, Callum took the opportunity and slowly started to push his cock in and out of his father’s mouth.

Without thinking, Keith suddenly moved his tongue and rubbed it along the head of his son’s cock and accidentally let out a “Mmmmmm.”

When Keith realised, he just moaned around his son’s cock, he looked up and saw Callum smiling down at him.

“Good boy.” Callum moaned, loving having his own dad moaning around his cock.

Keith remained still, not believing he just moaned whilst sucking his son’s cock. Callum remained pushing his cock in and out of his father’s mouth that was tightly wrapped around it.

It took only a minute for Keith to start running his tongue once again around his son’s cock. When Callum stopped moving himself, Keith instinctively started to move his mouth and began to bob on his son’s dick.

Closing his eyes, he tightened his lips around the cock as started to rub his tongue all over the giant cock in his mouth. Then he realised how turned on he was. Moving his hand down, Keith grabbed onto his own rock hard cock when Callum suddenly ordered, “No! Do not touch your cock! You’re doing this for me!”

Keith instantly stopped touching his cock and carried on moving his mouth up and down his son’s cock.

“Take more into your mouth now.” Callum moaned.

He watched as his father, like so many before, was now in a trance, consumed with their desire to please the cock in their mouth.

Keith opened his mouth and pushed his head further to take more of the cock into his mouth. When he felt the cock hit his throat, it forced him to gag and spit out the cock. A trial of spit fell down his chin as he looked up at his son.

“That’s okay, you’ll get better.” Callum whispered and didn’t give his dad time to think before pushing his cock back into his mouth.

Callum took the lead now, placing his hands onto his dad’s head, he started to thrust faster into his dad’s mouth. Pushing his cock deeper down his throat at every thrust.

Although his dad kept gagging and more of his spit fell from his chin, Callum was not letting up on fucking his face.

“Gllg..glggg…gllgg!” Kept coming from Keith’s mouth as his son started to furiously fuck his mouth.

Keith’s head was going wild, loving being treated this way and having this delicious cock fucking his mouth and doing his best to keep his tongue running along the cock as it plunged deeper down his throat.

“Lick my balls now!” Callum ordered and pulled his cock out of his dad’s mouth.

This was the first time that Keith had the opportunity to speak since first taking Callum’s cock. He knew he should say no, he knew he should stand up for himself. But he didn’t, instead he whispered.

“Okay.” And then gripping Ataşehir Escort onto his son’s cock, Keith realised it was too big to even fit his hand around it.

He lifted the cock and looked at his son’s big, hairless balls. Wasting no time, he dove in, pushing his tongue against the smooth skin. Gathering spit onto his tongue and running it all over them until they were covered and soaked.

“Oh fuck yeah! Just like that my new slut.” Callum moaned, always loving having his balls licked.

Slut? Keith thought to himself, stopping and looking up at his son.

“Don’t fucking stop.” Callum quickly ordered taking back on his dominant role.

“Son, we shouldn’t…” Just as Keith continued to argue, Callum pushed his cock back into his open mouth and went back to fucking his face.

“That’s it, take my cock in your mouth my slut.” Callum moaned, not believing that he is talking to his dad this way, but when he was horny, he became a wild animal.

Keith still thought of protesting, but he didn’t nothing to stop his son from fucking his mouth and instead loved the feeling of someone being so dominant with him. Instead, he placed his hands onto Callum’s thighs for support as he tried to relax himself and let his son fuck his face.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m going to use your mouth all the time now!” Callum moaned.

This panicked Keith, although he had always known this was incredibly wrong and fucked up, he never thought about it happening again. He tried to protest but with a cock fucking his mouth he just gave out a “Gllllgggggg!”

“That’s it, moan around my cock,” Callum said before smiling and saying, “My new Daddy slut!”

Fuuuuckkkk Keith moaned in his head at his son’s words, feeling like his cock could erupt right there by being treated this way.

Callum was loving his father moaning around his cock, sending vibrations through his body as he held Keith’s head still and fucked him faster and faster. Feeling his balls tensing up, Callum shouted.

“I’m about to cum soon! You better swallow it all down!”

Keith had almost forgot that he would be expected to take his son’s cum in his mouth, not that he could do anything about it now. Instead, he stayed still and took the face fucking, loving his cum pouring down his chin as his son’s moaning became animalistic.

Then Callum erupted.

“FUUUCKKKK!!” He grunted as he fired load after load of cum into his dad’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” Keith moaned accidentally as soon as the first load of cum hit his tongue, the delicious taste and texture sending him into overdrive as more and more cum poured down his throat.

He did the best he could to swallow it all down but there was too much, he felt it pouring out of his lips and down his chin as Callum held his cock buried down his dad’s throat.

After he had finished cumming, Callum pulled his cock out and watched as his dad wiped his chin.

“That was great, thanks dad.” Callum said with a laugh.

“I can’t believe that just happened.” Keith panted out, trying to catch his breath after not being able to breath very well whilst getting face fucked.

“Believe it Daddy slut.” Callum said pulling his trousers back up, his dad remaining sat there with his hard cock out. Looking down at it, Callum said, “You can sort yourself out.” And he quickly turned and left the room.

Leaving Keith sitting on his own, not believing what just happened, he could not argue with how horny he was right now, it was strange, he was actually disappointed that his son didn’t return to suck his cock.

Instead, Keith lay down and furiously began to wank. Running his tongue around in his mouth and savouring the delicious taste of cum.

It took only seconds for Keith to cover his stomach in his own cum.

After going to the bathroom for some toilet paper to clean up, his horniness high had gone and the realisation of what just happened hit him.

I just sucked a cock! And worse, my son’s cock!! He screamed in his head. Keith had no desire to be with a man before and although he had to admit he sort of liked it, he now had no desire to do it again. Instead, he was in fear of what would happen. He needed to speak to his son and sort this out, it cannot happen again and Keith will make sure of that.

Going downstairs, he shouted, “Callum? We need to talk!”

But when he got down, he realised that Callum was gone. Sitting back down on the sofa where his laptop was, Keith knew he needed to get back to work, but his mind was a mess.


The next two days Keith was a wreck, he felt like he was frightened in his own home of seeing his son. Luckily for him, Callum has been out most of the time and only got home late so they haven’t crossed paths.

He couldn’t understand what came over him, to actually suck his son’s cock! Keith wasn’t gay, and he knew how wrong incest was!

Callum on the other hand, has spent the last two days thinking of his plans with his new conquest. The day after his dad’s first blowjob, he fucked one of his teachers at school. While his big cock fucked the teacher’s arsehole over his desk, Callum pictured what it would be like to fuck his own dad. Something about how sick it was and the incest seemed to turn him on even more.

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Married Man and Anonymous Stud

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Married Man and Anonymous Stud

Sometimes I have to travel for work and I like to make the most of my opportunities to be myself. I’m lucky that my job requires that I travel out of town on business. Plus getting to stay in a hotel makes it easier to ensure that I can my trips have a bonus.

I have a wonderful woman at home, but she doesn’t share in my desires. I’ve had my fair share of gay experiences and the passion, eroticism, liberation I feel when I’m with a man makes me feel more alive than I have ever felt in ever being with woman. Not to belittle women or my wife. I had some pretty amazing sex with women.

I posted a notice on a gay hook up app that I commonly use for my dalliances. I get some hits, but none of them looks promising. So I keep going about my day making my stops getting closer to the hotel I will be staying at the night. While I was eating lunch I get the Ding from my phone another hit. It’s a message from Top Bear. He says my profile is hot and he is looking for a good time with someone like me. He sends me some NSFW pictures. Wow. He is a stocky, yet well defined, and well-endowed Hunk. I quickly let him know what I think and would love to get together with him. I send him the name of my hotel and about what time I would be getting in. He asked if I wanted to kink it up for our time together. I asked him what he had in mind.

He replied he was extremely turned on by finding me with a jockstrap on Anadolu Yakası Escort bent over on the bed or table and ready to be taken. I was very interested in his proposal. Encounters like these are so much fun and not to mention the rush you get when they do happen. I replied would a red jockstrap work. He replied “Perfect.” I was so turned on by his reply.

Finally I get to the hotel and get checked in get up to the room. I need to get myself ready for my anonymous encounter that is turning me on more and more. So after my shower I get on my red jockstrap and set my phone up to take a picture of me bent over the bed ready for him to come over and find me ready for him. I send him the picture and what room and the door is cracked open. His reply was quick “Don’t move be there in 15 minutes.” This was a lot quicker than I had imagined, but it greatly added to the anticipation of the moment. I stay there bent over for what seemed like an eternity until he replied he was in the elevator on the way up and was I ready.

I replied “Yes.”

The room door opened and a total body shiver emanated through my whole body. The door closes. He kicks off his shoes. He steps closer and puts his keys on the TV stand. He walks over and stands beside me and starts to rub my butt cheeks with what feels like some massive hands. I reach back with right hand and started to grab and find his cock. I start tugging at it and feel it start Avrupa Yakası Escort to grow. I feel him start to push ever so closer to me. He now stands directly behind pressing on me. I can feel how hard he is getting and he starts to grind on me ever so erotically. He steps back and I hear his shorts fall and he slaps me across my ass on both cheeks and it stings. He starts to rub his cock between my cheeks and I feel how harder he is getting. He starts to spit on my hole getting me ready to take his swollen member.

He starts by pushing his swollen head in slowly letting me settle onto his well-endowed member. He is in and the waves of euphoria I felt where so I tense I was as high as the clouds. He starts to stroke slowly getting more and more relaxed and pushing deeper in me. He picks up his pace and is now balls deep in me. His balls are slapping mine with a more rapidly increasing speed and ferocity. My moans of pleasure are definitely driving his strokes deep inside me.

He pulls out and has me get on the edge of the bed on all fours. I’ve got my legs out wide and I’m my chest is out flat on the bed. My ass is hanging over the edge pushed out awaiting his rock hard member to enter me again. I hear him spit and I feel it run inside my hole obviously stretched open hole from his previous entry. Then he just plowed back inside me and sends me into a loudly moaning “Fuck me.” He obliged me and started pounding İstanbul Escort me like he was before, but this time his strokes felt different. It was like he owned me and I was his. He kept pounding me. Giving me all that I could handle and more. He started grunting louder and louder as he had to be close to his climax and me ready to receive his hard worked load.

When he grabbed me by the hips and grabbed me with his massive hands and his girthy fingers pressing deeply into my sides I knew he was fixing to bust. Then with one last volatile thrust he pushed into me deep and filled me with his essence. I could feel his warm milky fluids filling me up as he kept quivering while deep inside me. I started grinding on him while he stood there still inside of me. I wanted more. I grind him up and down. Then I start to grind him in a circular motion. I could feel that he had spent all he had as I could feel him start to slowly slip out. His load was getting closer to running out. He slowly exited me letting me feel every bit of him leaving me and every bit of me as we separated. I pushed my ass higher up giving his satisfied member a nice flop as his slipped out of me. I can feel his parting gift start to leak. His juices leak more from with each push from my well stretched hole. He rubs my ass a little more as he gives me a final slap and he gets dressed while I watch between my legs as his load is now dripping on the bed as he walks out of the room.

I sent him a message letting him know I enjoyed our time and would like to do this again since this is a regular trip for my job. He replied back “Just let me know when I would be back.” I didn’t tell him that I had left my phone on to record our time together. I like watching myself after.

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Thai Boy Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Writer’s note: This story contains dominance, submission, sadism, spanking, and humiliation in public places. Just a heads up in case that is not your cup of tea.


We arrived in Pattaya in the afternoon and checked in at the Royal Elephant Hotel. I reserved us a bungalow suit on the ground floor, which had a patio leading out into a tropical courtyard.

I was tired from the bus ride and wanted to relax before we hit the beach.

I sat on one of the wicker chairs on the patio sipping a mai tai. I made Prasang stand there next to me in the open air, completely naked save for the blindfold covering his eyes, the dog collar around his neck and the leather cuffs on his wrists.

I wanted him near me like this at all times, available to fulfill my every whim, if and when I should request it.

I had him strike my favorite pose: biceps flexed taut, legs spread wide. Tight, round buns swaying back and forth, slow and hypnotic. His big, thick cock swinging pendulously just inches away.

I had already forced him to cum on the bus, but sore though his tool may have been, I continued to stroke it, feeling the loose skin sliding up and down with my cupped palm.

His ripe young flesh was mine to use for the extent of my trip in Thailand. He would be a good boyfriend and cater to my every whim. That was our deal, plan and simple. I had already paid him several more-than-generous installments for having fulfilled my fantasies thus far.

The trip wasn’t over yet, though.

As I stroked him, his cock thickened and grew until he was almost fully hard again.

“Ssss, ah!” He sucked in his breath as I dipped his big, suckable ball of a cockhead into my mai tai, which, of course, was icy cold. “Your dick’s a little swollen from the bus ride, Prasang,” I said jokingly, “I think we need to soak it in something cool.”

I stirred his erect member around in my drink a few times. Then after taking a sip, I slid his cock into my mouth, sucking down every bit of the sweet liquid.

Prasang’s tight stomach swelled and he let out a big, vigorous moan. Like all young men, he loved having his cock sucked. He pushed himself deeper into my mouth and flexed, his member growing hard as bone. He was so thick I nearly gagged on him.

Needless to say, the naked Thai boy with his fabulous build and gleaming skin started attracting attention from other guests in the courtyard.

He blushed beneath his blindfold as several tourists, men and women, made cat calls at him.

“Hey, put that thing away. You’re gonna poke someone’s eye out,” a man called.

“Yeah, get a room,” called his female companion.

Other passersby seemed amazed and even fascinated by such a gorgeous man standing there naked before me, flexing his biceps and moving his buns so sensually.

Some took out their phones and started snapping photos or making videos, scanning the length of his toned, bronze body.

This was Thailand after all. People came here to fulfill all kinds of sexual fantasies. Many guests at the hotel had likely come here to do something equally wild, either with their partner or with a local.

So tourists who may have been shocked and appalled in their own countries simply shrugged it off or took it in stride.

“Nevermind, Prasang,” I said, stroking his big hard log, now almost obscenely erect and sticking out a mile. “Keep moving those beautiful, Thai buns of yours. They just want to enjoy your body. A body like yours was meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Repeat that, please.”

The blindfolded Prasang swallowed hard under his collar and licked his lips, doing his best to continue despite the eyes of tourists boring into him.

I had forced him to get naked in public several times before this, but still his face was bright red with embarrassment. “Yes master, a body like mine (gulp) was meant to be enjoyed by others…”

I squeezed his shaft like a ripe cucumber until a stream of gooey pre-cum oozed out. I swirled his cock around in my drink once again. “Why don’t you tell me about the day we met, Prasang. You know how much I like to hear that story. Tell me again.”

Another hard gulp under his collar and Prasang blushed darker still. It was hard for him to ignore the photo snapping and excited whispers behind him.

I smiled, knowing the last thing he wanted to do was tell that story, which I, of course, had guided him carefully to embellish.

“When I saw you for the first time, master,” he began, “My big…my big, fat Thai cock got so hard.”

“Louder, Prasang, start from the beginning, and speak so I can hear you.”

He cleared his throat uncomfortably, reinforcing his bicep pose.

“When I saw you for the first time, master, my big, fat Thai cock got so hard. Harder than any girl ever made it, even my girlfriend. I fell (gulp) I fell madly in love with you at that moment. I knew I wanted to make you happy and be your boyfriend, so that-MMPH!”

I squeezed his cock a little harder this time. Blood rushed to the head and turned it a darker Kartal Escort shade of purple. His piss slit was wide enough for me to jam the tip of my thumb into.

I had him trapped, working my thumb deeper into his hole, not much caring if it hurt. With my other hand, I squeezed his cock all the harder until more sticky man juice oozed out onto my fingernail.

“Please, do continue, Prasang,” I said innocently, “Don’t let me stop you.”

I loved the way he gasped around his tight collar, trying to hold his pose and continue swaying as I jammed my thumb deeper into his piss hole.

“So that (MMF…gulp) so that you could use my naked body however you wanted to, master- OUCH! Thank you, master, (OOF) thank you for making me your boyfriend and using me for your pleasure.”

His face was as red as his cock as I continued to squeeze and probe it.

As he told the story, I had been quietly beckoning to two tourists who were observing Prasang intently for some time, even as others departed.

They were young, a guy and a girl. The guy was on the pudgy side and when I looked at him, my gaydar went off immediately. Not in the least because he was filming Prasang so intently with his phone.

I let go of my boy’s cock and pressed my thumb with all the goo on it into his mouth, forcing him to suck it clean.

“Hey, can I help you with that?” I called out. I insisted I could take the duo’s picture with Prasang. The girl smiled shyly and seemed ready to decline, but the guy betrayed his desire to be as close to my blindfolded, flexing Thai boy as possible.

I invited the two of them into our patio and positioned them on either side with their arms around Prasang.

“Smile big, Prasang, let me see how happy you are.”

Prasang really did make the effort. I had come to love his forced, good-natured smile when it was clear all he wanted to do was sink into the floor. His cock was still fully erect and impossible to ignore.

I insisted on taking several photos for them. “Now you two stay there. Prasang, turn around.” He did as I asked so that his back with the Buddha tattoo and his round, full ass were facing the camera.

As he flexed hard, the girl was the first to playfully grab one of his bare cheeks. The guy followed suit, squeezing it hard like a melon.

“Let’s get one with just the two of you, shall we?” I said to the guy. The girl backed out of the picture and stood by, giggling in disbelief.

I motioned to the chubby guy to grab a hold of Prasang’s huge boner, which he did with relish. I got a picture of the two of them kissing as he squeezed Prasang’s cock tight in his grip. He must have noticed me doing it before and felt entitled.

I enjoyed watching my boy fight off a grimace as they kissed. Not only did kissing men not come naturally to him, but of course, like me, this guy was far below his league.

I got some snaps with my own phone, as well, wanting to be able to look back on this moment and cherish it.

After the photo shoot was over and the guy was feeling more comfortable roving his hands over my boy’s body, I made Prasang thank him. “Thank you for using my naked body, master, I enjoyed it very much. I hope I will have the honor of being used by you again.”

The girl laughed out loud, having no idea what to say. The guy, it seemed, couldn’t help himself. Perhaps noting that Prasang’s bare buns were already pinkish from where I had spanked him earlier, he drew back his hand and gave them a hard, open-palm slap.

“OOF!” Prasang exclaimed in surprise, his face darkening again.

I was pleased. “Do it again if you like. Harder. He likes it hard, don’t you, Prasang?”

“Y-yes, master.” SMACK! “UMF!”

The slap was so hard it echoed through the courtyard and caught the attention of people across the way. Prasang had to stifle a groan of pain.

I gave the guy back his phone with all the good pictures on it. The two of them went away, amazed at some of the “bizarre things you see in Thailand.”

Soon after that, I was ready to head to the beach.

I showered Prasang myself the way I always did, rubbing the finest scented oils into his skin and drying him off with a fluffy, white towel.

I noticed some black bristles on his groin and underneath his armpits. It seemed I had neglected him the past few days and he was due for a shave.

It didn’t take long. I mixed some soap and water with a brush, then applied it to his groin, denuding his cock and balls in a matter of seconds. I then did the same to his armpits and his chest.

I cleaned up his legs and arms, too, though those were almost naturally hairless as it was and didn’t require much maintenance.

Most important to me were his buns and his hole. This part I did carefully, having him bend over and pull his cheeks apart wide.

I carefully swiped away any bristles and course, black hairs, making sure I didn’t miss even a centimeter. This left his ass and his cherry as smooth as silk and hairless as the Tuzla Escort day he was born.

All the better to use and abuse later as I wished.

When we stepped out of the hotel, I was wearing a pair of baggy cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, my straw sunhat and flip flops.

I allowed Prasang to wear only the barest article of clothing possible: a bright red thong I bought for him at Sexy Guy in Bangkok. This was all he wore, save for his collar and cuffs.

The thong looked fantastic on him. Going shirtless or fully naked as I regularly had him do, he was tanned a beautiful shade of cinnamon brown, including his perfectly-defined buttocks. They looked all the more pert and irresistable framed by the flaming red.

The tattoo of the tranquil Buddha on his back, combined with the flame-pattern sleeves running down his arms, made him look like some exotic tiger.

A captive tiger, of course, as I also had him carry my heavy backpack strapped to the front of his chest with all my beach supplies in it.

I linked his leather cuffs into the dog collar so that his hands were bound and he would be unable to put down the bag unless I undid them again.

In this fashion, he followed me, a servant to his master, toward the beach.

After a mere ten minute walk, we were engulfed in the bustling beachfront of Pattaya.

The beach itself was one massive canopy of multicolored parasols that went on for miles. Visitors would rent one for the day and lounge beneath it on wooden beach chairs, sipping drinks and relaxing.

A cement beach walk spanned the coast as far as the eye could see. People swarmed every which way, buying things at concession stands or trying to locate a good spot to put their stuff down.

Thai men and women went up and down with baskets of keychains, necklaces, and braided bracelets to sell to tourists.

People in the crowd pointed and giggled at Prasang, who was “underdressed” compared to almost everyone else.

A group of attractive young women swarmed around him, snapping selfies with the handsome boy. “Hey, nice collar,” one of them teased.

I noticed the immediate difference in Prasang’s demeanor around the girls. His smile came much more naturally and there was even something of a twinkle in his eyes.

I noticed his big cock flex and stir in his tiny thong as the girls put their delicate hands on his shoulders.

I too pulled out my phone and snapped some selfies of the ordeal.

I wanted evidence, in case I felt the need to make him pay for this later.

I pulled my boy away from the adoring girls by one of the backpack straps, making it clear who was in charge of him.

I dragged him across the street to a beach shop and made him wait outside facing the wall like a bad boy being punished.

“If any other pretty young girls approach you wanting pictures, what do you tell them, Prasang?”

“(GULP) That my master forbids it, sir.”

“I hope so, unless you want me very unhappy,” I said coldly.

(I realize this was somewhat hypocritical of me as I had emphasized again and again that anyone should be able to enjoy Prasang’s body who so wished. However, as his master, I felt the decision of who enjoyed him should be left up to me, not him.)

In the beach store, I got myself some powerful UV sunscreen, plus a fresh new bottle of oil for Prasang. I had used so much of it on him that we were almost out.

Then I looked around for some things he and I might have “fun” with on the beach.

I found a toss and catch game set, which included a tennis ball and two disks covered in velcro that you can strap to your hand.

I also got one of those battery operated plastic bug zappers in the shape of a tennis racquet and a packet of twenty wooden clothespins.

I smiled devilishly, imagining what I could do with these.

Outside I unzipped the backpack strapped to my boy and stuffed the new merchandise inside. His pretty eyes looked at me, questioning, maybe a little worried about what I had in mind. I chose to keep him guessing for the time being.

I unhooked his hands from his collar. “Help me put on sunscreen, please, Prasang.”

I did my face, but let him do the rest. He applied lotion to the back of my neck, my arms and legs.

Of course people were watching, but I made him do it twice, believing him to be too self-conscious about being my boyfriend. “Slower, Prasang, make sure you do a thorough job…Now what do you say?”

The burn coming back into his cheeks, he put his hands together and bowed. “Thank you for allowing me to serve you, master, I hope it brought you pleasure.”

I grabbed a handful of his bare buns. My fingers were still oily from the sunscreen and I slid them down between his cheeks. One found its way past the slim fabric of the g-string and pressed against his hole.

“Come on, boy, let’s hit the beach.” A led him briskly away. His hide was hot in the afternoon sun and he was perspiring lightly from carrying the bag. As we walked, the tip Anadolu Yakası Escort of my finger slid into his inner heat. His hole quivered, resisting the intrusion.

I actually did want us to have some privacy, so we walked almost the entire length of the cement walkway, past shops selling beach apparel and concession stands selling tropical juices.

We passed the seas of umbrellas and billowing crowds until, after forty minutes or so, we were in a far less crowded area.

I hurried my boy along. My finger had gone up almost all the way inside him now and his anal muscles had loosened up to accept it.

His cock was getting hard as my finger neared his prostate and threatened to burst out of the thong.

I leaned over and spoke into his ear. “Take your big, fat cock out and stroke it. I want it completely hard by the time we reach our destination. Understand?”

Prasang swallowed against his collar, “Yes, master.” He glanced around nervously at the people still around.

“Are you still embarrassed to show off your cock, Prasang?” I said in near disbelief.

“N-no, master,” he said immediately, sensing my disappointment, but the apprehension in his voice was evidence to the contrary.

“What have I told you, about your cock and about your body? What have I told you a million times?”

He swallowed hard again, “That my body is to be used and enjoyed by everyone, sir.”

“Very good, now repeat that, louder.” He swallowed and said it once more. “My body is to be used and enjoyed by everyone.”

“Here, why don’t I make it a little bit easier for you.” I blamed myself. Clearly, I had not yet trained him well enough.

I dislodged my finger from his hole, withdrew the black blindfold from my pocket, and fitted it over his eyes. He licked his lips as I restricted his sight once again, clearly wanting to protest.

“And I don’t think you really need this anymore.” I whipped down the red g-string and his cock bobbed out. I zipped the single tiny piece of clothing I had allowed him to wear safely inside the backpack.

I replaced it with the new bottle of oil and lubed up my thumb. He gave a surprised “ah” and spread his legs as I slid my thicker digit up inside him. I hooked a finger into the back of his collar and pulled him back toward me.

He gasped as my thumb slid up, going deeper and deeper into his hole. Having had my finger inside of him first probably made it easier, but my thumb was much thicker. “Oh…OH!” he moaned as his hole clenched and spasmed desperately around it. He made choking noises as he tried to swallow against the collar.

“There,” I said into his ear. Goosebumps erupted on his back at my tone. “Now you can’t see if anyone’s looking at you, right? Now I want you to march, Prasang. I want you to get those legs high into the air as we walk. Like a soldier, understand?”

The added tightness to his collar made his GULP all the more audible. “Yes, master.”

“And as we walk, I want you to rub your fat, Thai cock and squeeze your balls. I want your cock hard for me at all times, understood?”

“(GULP) Yes, master.” Prasang grabbed a handful of his hefty balls in one hand and began pulling and stroking his cock with the other. I pushed my thumb further up inside of him. “MMF!”

“Now march, boy.”

Prasang did as I commanded, getting his legs high into the air so that his knees came up at a ninety degree angle to his waist, like an army recruit.

He had to march somewhat spreadeagled so he could rub and caress his cock and balls at the same time.

I led him on in front of me like a hostage. I kept a thumb hooked into his collar to keep him close. My other thumb, violating deep into his hole, was like a gun to his back.

“Who makes your Thai boy cock hard, Prasang?” I said into his ear.

I pulled back on his collar so that my chin nearly rested on his shoulder. I forced my thumb still further into him until it disappeared almost all the way to the knuckle. His hole spasmed uncontrollably around it, desperate to somehow expel my thick digit.

“UMF, OOF, (GULP),” He choked. “My…my master makes my Thai boy cock hard, sir.”

“Keep stroking, Prasang. I want that beautiful, uncut beast as big as you can make it. And keep those knees high up in the air. Now say it again.”

His hole clenched against my thumb. “My master (GULP, OOMF) my master makes my Thai boy cock hard.”


I unhooked my fingers from his collar to reach down and give his moving ass a slap. First one cheek, then the other.


“Keep it moving, boy, keep stroking that big, fat cock. Do girls make your Thai boy cock hard, Prasang? Did those girls you were flirting with earlier make your cock hard?”

He was panting now for we were walking quickly. It was harder for him to march at this pace and, of course, he could not see where we were going.

“No!” he nearly cried out. “No master. Only you make my Thai boy cock hard, master.”

“Do women with nice big tits and gorgeous legs make your cock hard, Prasang? You told me once you liked women’s legs.”

Prasang shook his head desperately, his hot hole quivering. “No, my master makes my cock hard. Only my master.”

It was becoming a kind of chant. “Keep saying it, keep repeating it. The whole way.”

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My Girlfriend’s Dad Pt. 04

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Driving home from my morning rendezvous with Mr. Carpenter, I felt so dejected. I wanted more than just sucking his cock, I wanted my ass fucked again. My ass was so fucking hungry for his cock as I drove home, cause it didn’t get fed like I had hoped for. Even worse yet, I was worried that he might be sharing his big cock with some woman, instead of letting me service it. That’s what really bothered me the most, I think I was actually jealous.

I wanted his cock all to myself, wondering what the hell was going on with me. What had he turned me into? I was more concerned about sucking his cock and getting my ass fucked than being with his daughter. I finally realized, I didn’t want her pussy anymore, I wanted his cock. It was hard to admit to myself, but that was the truth.

While he didn’t actually say he was putting me off to attend to a female lover, I suspected that was the case. When he told me to leave cause he needed to go meet a female acquaintance that morning, it just crushed me inside. I felt like a greedy little love struck girl cause I wanted his cock all for myself. I couldn’t stand the idea of him sharing it with anyone else. I wanted his cum all for myself. I didn’t want to share him with anyone. I wanted him to know he didn’t need anyone else, I would do anything he desired.

He had told me that nobody could swallow his cock down their throat like I did. He said I was the absolute best cocksucker he had ever had. Those were his words exactly. I didn’t whine or cry when he fucked his cock deep into my throat like all his other past partners did. Where they tried to take it in their throat and failed, I did it, just like he needed. Wasn’t that more than enough? I went the extra mile for him, I swallowed every drop of cum he fed me just like he told me to do. I even let him mark my face with his ejaculate, like a dog marks a pee spot. What more dedication could I show?

On top of that, I gave him my virginity, I gave him a hungry ass that appreciated his cock. What more could I have done to prove my devotion to serving him. I let him abuse my butt with spankings and then let him fuck my ass as deep as he wanted. Why didn’t he want me and me alone? Why would he need someone else to service his cock? If he just gave me the chance, I could prove I was the best and could give him anything he needed. I was more than capable of treating his cock better than any woman could.

It was the end of the weekend, Sunday, as I both dreaded my drive back to school, but even more so, knowing today was my last chance to get some more of Mr. Carpenter’s cock back in my hungry butt. My mother was off work today and took me grocery shopping so she knew I would have food to eat back at school. My mother filled our shopping cart with meat, chicken and assorted canned goods.

While still at the grocery store, Sherry called, asking me to come over. I was anxious to go, not really to see her, but curious if Mr. Carpenter would be back from his meeting. While I couldn’t ask him if he gave some woman his cock, maybe he would just tell me if that had happened. For some reason, if he actually told me that he had sex with someone else, I felt it would just crush me. Again, I felt like a school girl that had fallen in love and was worried about losing her lover. I was so nervous when I drove up and saw him in the garage working out.

He was so casual when I entered the garage, basically totally ignoring me, not even a hello, as I awaited any acknowledgment of my presence from him. It’s almost like he knew I was a love starved puppy and wanted to make me beg for his cock. I just watched him lift weights while his muscles swole up on every repetition. As he finally finished that set, and dropped the weights, he actually had the nerve to say, “You really like watching me get pumped up, huh son? Tell me the truth, does it turn you on?”

“Yes sir, I do like watching you work out. It excites me to look at your muscular body and think about pleasing you.” I shamelessly said, trying to provoke a response him.

“Well, I understand son, but I think we have reached a dilemma here. You fucking Sherry, then having me fuck you, that’s not gonna work. You know that don’t you? You need to make a choice son, either my dick or her pussy. I can give you all the cock your hungry throat and greedy butt need when you’re in town, but I’m telling you right now, you need to dump her. Don’t you agree?” he forced the issue.

I didn’t even think about it for a second when I heard the words come out of my mouth, “Yes sir, I will break up with her. I choose your cock over her.”

“Then get your ass upstairs and get on with it son. Be nice when you do it, try not to hurt her feelings You’re a clever boy, make up some excuse and come back down here and tell me when you get it over with.”

I dreaded having to do this, Sherry was a nice girl, loyal to me, always there when I needed her, but I didn’t want to hurt her. Still the choice was obvious Bayan Eskort to me, I craved Mr. Carpenter’s cock and would do whatever necessary to get it.

Turned out it was easier than I thought once me and her started talking. She admitted that she had met a guy and our long distance relationship was just not working for her. She needed more attention that I could give her while I was off at school. Within 15 minutes, it was over. She kissed me on the cheek and wished me good luck as I then went back downstairs to tell Mr. Carpenter.

As I relayed our conversation to him, he just laughed and said he already knew. He told me, “Some Mexican kid had been coming over pretty regularly when I was off at school or she goes over his apartment every night til late.” punctuating that comment with, “I can’t stand that kid, but I bet she will be over his house tonight and forgotten all about you.”

That comment kind of hurt to hear, but it cemented the end of me and her. I felt free and hoped he would be good on his promise earlier to give me all the cock I need when I come home on the weekends.

“The wife plays bridge tonight about 6PM, I’m sure Sherry will be at her friend’s apartment by then. Should give us some free time. I want you to come over and let me fill that hungry ass and tummy up with cum before your drive back. Be here about 6PM. Watch for Mrs. Carpenter’s car to leave before you come in.”

I left with a sense of relief, like a weight had been taken off my shoulder. While I would miss Sherry as a friend, that didn’t really bother me so much. All I could think about was Mr. Carpenter’s cock.

I drove home and had a nice visit and lunch with my parents. I packed up all the clothes my mother had washed, loaded up my groceries and stocked the ice chest with the meat and chicken, readying for my drive back to school. I showered and dressed in comfortable shorts and a t-shirt as I nervously waited til 6PM to drive over to see Mr. Carpenter, hoping the house was vacant of his wife and Sherry.

As usual, Mr. Carpenter was pumping those weights, I swear, they were like an aphrodisiac to me and him both. Me loving to watch his muscles flex as he lifted weights, and it seemed to work like a Viagra pill for him.

“Got the house to ourselves son, home alone, nobody but you and me. Come on. I’m gonna give you what you need.” as he went up the stairs, me following. I felt like there was something wrong about being alone upstairs with him in the empty house. We had done much more taboo things in the last few days, but this felt especially forbidden. Watching me, he noticed my look of concern. After locking the front door and setting the interior dead bolt on the door also, he simply said, “Feel better?”

I did, but it didn’t matter, my cock was already hard and I had a deep hunger to service him.

I followed him into the his bedroom, a room I had never seen before. A dresser, a bed and one night stand, it was Spartan in decor. When he casually peeled off his worn gym shorts and t-shirt, I was mesmerized gazing at his physique. This man was beautiful, he could have been a model for Michelangelo’s statue sculpts. His body was so breath taking, especially his tumescent hardening cock.

“Get undressed and come suck on Daddy’s cock son. Lets get you a belly full of cum that you can taste when you burp while you drive back to school.” he laughed as he grabbed a towel off the dresser and sat on the edge of the bed.

Eager to get his swelling cock in my mouth, I shucked all my clothes off, feeling particularly uncomfortable being naked in his wife’s bedroom. My cock was totally erect, and unlike my being shy before, I almost proudly made sure he saw it to show my obvious excitement. As I leaned into to suck on his cock, he stopped me and hungrily kissed me with his open mouth. I moaned as he forced my lips open probing my mouth with his tongue. Feeling so feminine to this masculine man, I absolutely yielded to his forceful kisses. He held my chin and the back of my head as he kissed me so deeply. I weakened to his needs as I felt like a little girl with her first real man. I wrapped my arms around his strong back as I gave into his needs.

Tiring of kissing and anxious for more, still holding my head firmly, he lowered my lips to his right nipple. Pressing my mouth into it, urging me to suckle it like a puppy sucks it’s mother’s nipples. His nub of a nipple was erect and pointy as I devoured it. Sucking it deep into my mouth, I could feel his chiseled chest of muscles underneath. I sucked it like I had sucked his daughter’s nipples many times before as he groaned, taking time to nibble on it gently. After a few minutes he moved my face over and placed them on his left nipple, where I repeated my oral pleasures.

“Work your way down to my abs, bathe my body with your tongue.” he commanded me.

Eager to please, I slobbered all over his well defined abdominal muscles. I thought I Anadolu Yakası Escort was the luckiest guy in the world at that moment.

After a few minutes of that, his now totally erect cock was jabbing me in the chin. I knew what he needed next as I finally lowered my mouth onto his totally rigid cock. All thoughts of doing these carnal acts in his wife’s bedroom disappeared as I got his cock in my mouth. I was in heaven as I sucked on his big cock, relishing this as my place in life from this point forward. All I wanted to do was service his cock forever.

I had become adept now at taking his big cock to the root, and wasted no time in showing him. When Mr. Carpenter said, “Good boy.” I felt positively giddy. Overcome with cock lust, I began a slow methodical up and down deep throat sucking on his cock. Always stopping at the tip and massaging it with my tongue for 5-10 seconds before lowering my lips to his pelvis. As always, he grunted and trembled when I did this.

Maybe feeling he was close to cumming, he promptly lay back on the bed, causing his cock to come free from my mouth and slap against his abdomen. Pulling his knees up to his chest like a veteran yogist, his little rosebud was now directly in front of my face now. “Eat my ass out like you did the other day son. Suck it hard and get in there deep. I want to fell that nibble thing you did with your teeth the other day.” he growled.

There was no hesitation on my part today, I dove in eagerly and ate his ass like an anteater burrowing into an ant hill. I poked my tongue in as far as it would go. Jabbing the tip of my pointy tongue as deep into his bowels as I could. I slurped and licked all over his muscly sphincter ring. I nibbled soft little nips all around the edge of it, circling it from top to bottom, before finally teasing the ring with my teeth. He flinched and moaned as I nipped at his ring, enjoying my soft bites as he grunted.

Trying to make it even better, I slobbered profusely all over both hands and massaged his balls and rock hard cock as I did this. He didn’t last long, bolting up into a standing position, he grabbed his cock and started jerking it furiously.

“Open your mouth wide son, stick your tongue out, no facial today, you swallow every single drop. Make sure you don’t get any on my wife’s bed.” he growled again.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could, just like when the dentist says, “Stick your tongue out and open wide” as he placed the tip of his cock head on the flat of my tongue and jerked his cock even faster.

The first volley was both surprisingly warm and positively enormous. It must have been a heaping tablespoon for sure. It shot to the very back of my throat. It seemed to come out in a stream, not a squirt. An unbelievable voluminous first spurt of his ejaculation. I gulped as fast as I could anticipating the next shot. As it came, I gulped it down again, tasting it distinctly this time, which resembled sweet coconut milk. Another shot, then another, then another as I struggled to swallow as fast as he refilled my mouth with each spurt. He was relentless in producing and refilling my mouth with cum. Over and over he sprayed my mouth with his baby makers, me swallowing each one and eager for the next. I was cum drunk for all he could produce and feed me.

As he stopped ejaculating in streams, I sensed it was almost over as his cum now just kind of drooled out the tip. I took that as a sign to deep throat his cock to the root and give it a soft warm place to calm down. Not sucking hard as I knew he was sensitive, he allowed me nurse gently on it for a bit.

“Damn son, you always got a place between my legs, nobody and I mean nobody can make me cum like that! That was probably my biggest load ever.” he actually praised me.

As proud as I could be, he wasted no time, “Spread that towel out on the bed, get up here and lay on your back.” he again commanded.

I did as instructed and spread the towel under my ass as I laid down on it. I knew he wanted to keep the comforter clean while he fucked me. My cock was so hard that it stood off my abdomen, wavering side to side as he moved up the bed between my legs to align his cock with my hole.

Once in position, he grabbed under my knees and forcibly pushed them up to my chest. He was so strong he had them pressed into my chest in seconds. I didn’t know my body could bend so far. Reaching in the nightstand he pulled out an old jar of Vaseline and scooped out a generous dob onto his fingers. Roughly shoving two fingers of the goo up my ass, he sawed his fingers in and out for just a few seconds, before applying what was left on his fingers to his rock hard shaft. Greasing his cock thoroughly, he scooted forward til the tip pressed against my hole. There was a little pressure, probably in part because my ass hole was still a little sore from his most recent fucking, but once he forced it in, it fit like a glove.

My ass was so Pendik Escort grateful for being stuffed again. Even though it hurt at first, it was in and felt great now. Stretched obscenely from his thickness, Mr. Carpenter wasted not time in fucking me. He was not gentle, he just took what he wanted as he rutted deep into my bowels. I gave into him and wrapped my arms around his back, while he still forced my knees firmly into my chest.

He took me like I was a conquered slave, not concerned about my pleasure, but concentrating on his own needs. I didn’t care, I was probably loving this more than him. He battered my ass relentlessly while I resigned to taking what he forced on me. I had no choice, he was way too strong for me to try and get away from his abuse, not that I wanted to, I was loving it.

Mr. Carpenter laid down lower onto my abdomen as he continued to molest my bowels. Pressing his rock hard six pack abs hard onto my cock, each pump deliciously strummed his muscular stomach against my cock. The friction of his muscle ripped abdomen rubbing against my cock was driving me crazy. I felt so close to cumming but was hoping we could cum together.

He leaned in deep and kissed me hungrily. I returned his kisses as he hammered deep into my ass. Pulling away, his lips went to my neck and latched on. He both sucked and bit harshly as he pumped into me. Working one spot on my tender neck, then going to the other side to find fresh meat. Moving his moth around several times to both sides of my neck, he gnawed and sucked voraciously on me like a vampire. Coupled with the rubbing friction on my cock, he was driving me insane while he continued to pummel my ass.

He had me where he wanted me and I knew he knew it. “I’m gonna cum son, let it go, cum with me.” he commanded, and I quit fighting it and fell to the pleasure.

I grunted and convulsed as my cock started spurting. Trapped between his stomach and my stomach, my overly stimulated cock couldn’t hold back any longer. I moaned and started to whimper as he leaned in and kissed me deeply again. I grunted as I started to cum, which I’m sure he felt through my entire body’s contractions and the wetness forming between our stomach. Within seconds, he grunted and battered his cock deep into me.

Holding it as deep as possible, he stopped moving and I actually felt his cock pulse. It pulsed and pulsed and pulsed. Each throb signaling a fresh volley of cum deep in my bowels. Over and over his body convulsed and trembled as he shot load after load up my butt. Finally starting to thrust slowly again, I realized he was finished and I was sad it was over. I knew I was addicted to his cock and would do anything he wanted in the future.

I lay in an after glow as he pulled out and went to the bathroom. He came back wiping his cock with a towel and abruptly told me, “Time to get up son, I don’t want Sherry or her mom knocking on the door to let them in while you’re naked in my wife’s bed. Use that towel to catch the cum that’s gonna leak out your ass. I don’t want my wife to find anything on her bed.”

Coming back to reality, I hurried up as I knew we pressed our luck today. I wiped the back of my thighs, where his cum had started leaking down and started to get dressed.

I know I shouldn’t have, but like a jealous girl, I had to ask, and I knew as soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth, that it was a mistake, “Mr. Carpenter, did you fuck that girl you met this morning?”

He just looked at me angrily and staring directly into my eyes, said, “Son, never ask me about my business. Whatever I do is none of your concern. Understand? Never ask me about my business. Now straighten the bed up for me and lets go downstairs. Right now, hurry up, come on!”

“Mr. Carpenter, may I please pee before I go, it’s a long drive and I really need to pee?” I almost pleaded.

“Make it quick and quit dawdling, lets get downstairs!” he sounded like he was getting pissed off.

I rushed to the bathroom to pee. When I finished I looked in the mirror, and there must have been at 12 huge red hickeys all over my neck. Jesus Christ, what did he do to me? How could I explain this to anyone? Some of these hickeys were very high on my neck.

I dared not say anything to him as he already seemed pissed off, so I just kept my mouth shut and followed him down the steps.

“Son, next time you come home, if you want to see me and enjoy some more of this cock, let me know. Be sure to bring $80 so you can rent us a hotel room at the Econo-Lodge where we can have some safe privacy. It’s $40 a night there.” I guess he fully expected me to pay for a room if I wanted his cock again and strangely, I really wasn’t offended by that at all. I wanted to ask him how he knew the rates at the hotel, but again I thought, better not ask. Sherry had already told me that he cheats on Mrs. Carpenter a lot.

As I drove back to school, I must have looked in my rear view mirror 100 times. Strangely, I was actually starting to like the hickeys he marked me with, as they seemed to get even darker in color. I was offered a part time job at the school rec room a few weeks ago, maybe I could still get that job to make some money for a hotel room for next week.

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Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 05

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A continuing story of a developing relationship.

Thankfully, my parents visit was a short one. Dad wanted to head west into ‘Burns’ country and as usual, my mum went along with his wishes. It felt good to have freedom again, freedom to suck and fuck with Ricky, who I now referred to as my partner.

We were now a year into our relationship and that buzz was still there. Each time we made love it felt like the first time but there was one thing I felt was missing. Ricky had never took cock anally himself and I so wanted to be the one he took it from.

There had been one occasion that caused us a problem.

It was me admitting to fucking James at the surgery. I had hoped it would maybe open the way for Ricky to volunteer his arse for use.

Instead, he took a massive huff, which I should have anticipated.

We were lying naked in his bed when I told him. He immediately got up and went to the bathroom, came back and started to dress.

“Ricky, come back to bed. We can talk this through.” I tried to calm him.

“Ryan, you need to get dressed, you’re going home tonight.”

“What? Ricky are you mad?”

“No, Ryan, quite sane. I need to be alone tonight. Now get dressed, I’ll drive you home.

That journey back to my flat was made in an uncomfortable silence. Ricky didn’t even have the radio on. I tried to give him a kiss on the cheek when we arrived but he pulled away.

“Just go Ryan.” He ordered.

I felt terrible, ashamed. As I got out, I said the words “I’m sorry.”

Ricky did reply but with a cutting comment.

“For what? Your mouth getting you in trouble again?”

I barely slept that night. Lucky it was a Friday and there were no classes the next day.

I heard the bar being unlocked below and heard voices. It was Ricky with the cleaner. He sounded fine with her but I didn’t know if it was too early for me to approach him. I had tried phoning him but he just ignored me.

I went out decided to get drunk. I headed for a favourite gay bar up town and settled at the bar drinking J D & coke.

I knew I would attract attention and I didn’t have to wait long.

An older looking guy sat on the stool beside me and was sat in a way that was so obviously appraising me. I love being looked at and so turned to smile at the balding, moustached guy beside me.

“Hi, I’m Gary, what are you having?” He asked keenly but not threateningly.

I held my glass for the barman to refill it.

You are starting early are you not? Gary asked.

“First, thank you for the drink. Second I plan on getting pissed and find some cock.”

Gary leered at me, I could see him undressing me in his mind.

“I can supply you with both, pretty boy.” He said, confidently.

I placed my hand on his thigh, with an eye on his bulge within his Levi’s, which was growing by the second.

“Let’s get to know each other then Gary.”

I said in my most seductive voice.

We sat and spoke for ages. Gary was 35, he said he’d been balding since his late 20’s and was a married guy. His wife didn’t know he liked cock, so he came to this bar sometimes to pick up hot guys like me.

As I became a little more drunk, he asked if I wanted to go to a hotel room.

I thought as hard as the drink would let me but I nodded and squeezed his thigh.

Gary got up and I got a view of his sexy arse. I really hoped he would be versatile as it promised to be a good night.

I did not care that I was due to start at İstanbul Escort the bar at 5pm. Fuck it, fuck Ricky. I was going to have some fun. It was ten to five now and already my phone had received a message from Ricky. I just ignored it and walked the short distance to Gary’s hotel, one of those in a national chain. Cheapish but clean. We had to share the lift with an elderly couple, so missed out on a quick snog there.

We reached his room and I laughed. Room 666. Well I knew that I was a horny devil and the bulge in his pants told me he was too.

We entered his room and for a moment were unsure what to do first. Then Gary put his arms around my waist and kissed me so sweetly.

“Do you fancy a shower, Ryan.” Gary asked whilst peppering me with kisses.

“As long as you’re there too.” I replied.

“Of course. I hate wasting water.” said Gary.

He had a smooth, educated Scottish accent. Not rough Glaswegian and it turned me on so much. That and my first sight of his cock, with a bulbous purple head. I could see he would be stretching my hole.

We both managed to fit, just, with Gary taking the lead. He had a bar of soap and was lathering it over my torso, then my upper legs, before spreading my cheeks and fingering me with his soapy finger.

I ran my hands down his chest and tweaked his stiff nipples.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my leg.

There wasn’t room to actually fuck in the shower, so we came out, still soaking wet and flew onto the bed.

Gary was in a bit of a frenzy and was still fingering me.

“Can you take my cock, Ryan? You’ll be walking bow-legged after I’ve finished.”

I knew it but wanted his cock so much. It wasn’t the length, maybe 7″ but the head was going to be sore to take, at first.

Gary had me on my knees and elbows, my arse sticking up. He didn’t tease me, instead just edged his purple head into my hole. I had to bite my tongue when he started but once inside, the pleasure took over and I loved it.

Gary smacked me a couple of times and made me yelp but he was fucking me hard and I didn’t want it to end.

End it did though, as he unleashed rope after rope of cum into my ruined arse. I squeezed every last drop out of him and turned to lick the last cum from his cock.

I now was hoping to return the favour. However I was in for a rude shock, as Gary stood up from the bed.

“Better get a quick shower again before I head off for my train.” Gary said without feeling.

“You what?” I shouted. ” I thought we were spending the night together.”

“Well, you know what thought did!” Gary countered.

I was dumbstruck. Gary had never actually said it was an all-nighter, or even that I would get to fuck him. I just assumed.

“Look, Ryan, the room is paid for. You can stay here tonight, no questions asked.” Gary looked a little upset and was trying to calm me down.

“Just fuck off Gary, get your shower and fuck off! Wouldn’t want your wife smelling my arse on your cock, now would we?”

Gary had his shower. He was going to speak just before he left but thought better of it.

As the door closed, my eyes welled up with tears and I started to cry.

What a fool I had been. Giving myself to virtually anyone that wanted me and even fucking an old man, to satisfy my urges.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was just after 7pm but already I had 42 missed calls from Ricky and a mountain of texts. How was I going to Escort Bayan deal with this?

I lay there for an hour, my arse still throbbing, just looking at the ceiling. The constant ringing, then ping of a text on my phone was maddening and yet I couldn’t switch it off.

Eventually, at 9pm, I picked up a call. I think it surprised Ricky as he was probably now just phoning as part of a cycle before texting.

“Hi Ricky.” I said in a fragile voice.

“Ryan? Oh thank God, I was so worried about you.”

“I’m okay.” I replied in a hollow voice.

“You don’t sound it, where are you?”

I couldn’t hold on any longer and started to cry down the phone.

“I’m so sorry Ricky, I’ve messed up everything.”

“Don’t cry Ryan. Whatever it is, we can sort it, I know we can.”

Ricky’s words gave me a boost and I said

“I love you Ricky.”

“I love you too, Ryan. I can’t function without you.”

I started sobbing again and I’m sure he was too.

“Where are you, can I come and get you?”

We arranged for him to visit the hotel after closing time at the bar. The hotel had a 24 hour reception, so I told him the room number.

I thought to myself that I’d thought I was being a sexy devil, well I had ended in hell.

I showered for an age, trying to remove the feeling of Gary and I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t be visiting that bar again. Or would it just take another fall-out for me to be a worthless slut.

I needed to think about what I wanted, going forward. Selfish on the surface but a more thoughtful long-term view.

Did I love Ricky enough for him to be my exclusive partner?

The answer was that I loved him but that I would need to fuck him, to satisfy my urges.

Would Ricky be up for that? The choice was his.

Ricky called, just after 1am. A group of guys were being awkward about leaving but he and Jess had got them out eventually. I felt bad as I had neglected my duty that evening.

I was lying on the bed, fully-clothed, when there was a light tapping at the door.

“Who is it?” I instinctively asked.

“The bogeyman, you fucking muppet. Who do you think?”

I smiled. Yes, that was Ricky’s unmistakable tone.

I opened the door and the first thing to hit me was the anxious face of Ricky. I felt shit for putting him through the mill.

“Welcome to my boudoir.” I said, as I ushered him in.

“What the fuck are you doing here? I see it costs £120 a night down at reception.”

“Oh, I didn’t pay.”

The realisation hit me, that I was just a £120 whore.

I couldn’t help myself and broke down in tears again.

After I had regaled the full story to Ricky, he sat on the bed silently for a while, though I could virtually hear his brain whirring around, calculating the situation.

“So, in the last couple of days, you have fucked an old tutor and been fucked yourself by a younger guy, who treated you like an expensive whore.” Ricky snorted a laugh and was letting out some built-up anger.

“I’ve given you so much this last year. Dirt-cheap lodgings, a job that I should have given to someone with experience and most of all……my heart!”

I could do nothing but look at the floor. I had abused Ricky and his feelings.

“For once, big gob has nothing to say. Is the truth hitting home?” Ricky continued.

“I..I’m…sorry.” Was all I could say.

“Sorry? Is that it? Is that all you have? You should be on your knees praying…….”

The Eskort analogy of being on my knees seemed to have hit Ricky and he laughed.

“If you are sorry and you love me, maybe you should get on your knees, you cock whore!”

My mind was numb at this point. All I saw was Ricky undoing his belt and dropping his trousers and briefs. His small cock was sticking out hard and I did what came naturally and dropped to my knees.

“That’s right Ryan, suck it good.”

My lips surrounded his helmet and I went into autopilot, my tongue burrowing into his cum slit, as his shaft slid into my mouth. Ricky was moaning his approval as I sucked his cock as hard as I ever had. The velvety head tasted so good and I knew he would expect me to carry on until completion.

“That’s it Ryan, you love cock don’t you? And you love my cum more.” With that Ricky twitched and fired a load into my mouth.

I started to swallow, when Ricky stopped me.

“You did it. I didn’t know if you would. Kiss me.”

Ricky pulled me up from under my arms and looked at me.

“God, I love you Ryan.”

Ricky then leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. My lips parted and his tongue darted in, knowing what it was looking for. It quickly found some cum on my tongue and we shared his cum.

We lay beside each other, breathing heavily.

“I didn’t expect that, I said out loud, as much to my self as Ricky.

“Neither did I. Just shows I can be masterful when I want.” Ricky now said in a soft tone.

“I am so sorry for the way I behaved. I’ve been selfish and thoughtless.” I said, genuinely.

“I think we can agree on that. Why did you think I wouldn’t be offended by you fucking that old vet?” Ricky asked pleadingly.

“It was that thoughtless side of me. I was offered an arse to fuck and I did it.”

Ricky sighed, then asked “Why him and not me?”

My senses awoke. “You what? You’d have been willing to take my cock up your arse?”

“Ryan, I’ve been ready for ages. I’ve dreamt on countless occasions of you drilling my hole. I just thought you didn’t fancy it because you were a sub.”

“For fuck’s sake Ricky, I’ve been holding back in case it put you off gay sex.”

“Oh Ryan, it’s far too late for that, I’m 100% gay now.”

We hugged silently for a few minutes. Until I spoke.

“I then go and take a tantrum and go and get pissed and picked up. I never even gave work a second thought.”

“No you didn’t. You left Jess and I in the lurch. Lucky that her boyfriend Rolf was in the bar. He helped out quite a bit.”

Rolf to the rescue, eh? He was always in the right place at the right time.

Maybe it was the wrong time to think that place was on my cock.

There I went again, I couldn’t help myself.

Ricky then hit me with a shock that had me reeling.

“Ryan, I don’t think you should be working in the bar anymore and in that case, you’ll really have to move out of the flat.”

“What the hell? Ricky, are you off your head?”

” Now, Ryan, calm down. Let me explain.” Ricky said with a knowing look. He had something up his sleeve.

“Ryan, your studies are getting more serious and I know you’re doing well and I want to support that. So by not working at the bar, you’ll free up study time.”

“I appreciate that but I’ll be skint with nowhere to stay.”

“Now to my next point. You move in with me.” Ricky announced proudly.

“Wow! That’s tempting but I can’t pay rent, I’m still skint.”

“You won’t be Ryan. Not when you are my husband.”

I could hardly believe my ears. Was Ricky being serious? Did I want him to be serious? This was a possible huge step and not one I’d really envisaged.

What could I possibly say?

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When it Came Through the Door Pt. 12

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Work was busy, and apparently so was my wife. Somehow, while we’d both been focused on our careers, our shared domestic duties, sleep patterns, nightly television, or books, or separate long walks or runs, we’d stopped having sex completely.

One Sunday morning, as the sun burst through the thin curtains and splashed across our bed and illuminated our bedroom, I reached over and hugged her, pushing my dick into her backside. She mumbled something about needing the bathroom, then slid out of bed, leaving me to realise that this had been happening a lot.

I hoped she’d return, but she didn’t. Without looking at me, she smiled and said she was making coffee, put a robe on and went off.

When had my wife started wearing a singlet and panties to bed?

My heart sank and I panicked. Did she know?

For a while I lay in bed, I tried to think about our relationship, and where things had gone wrong, but all I could remember was that my wife and I had transitioned to friends.

We were the best of friends, there was no arguing that, but somewhere along the way, we stopped being lovers.

I got up, and went to the kitchen naked.

She took one look at my cock, and turned away, and said. “Put some clothes on!”

Walking up to the counter, I put my hands on it and watched her. “Because my nudity disgusts you?”

She froze, and slowly turned to look back at me. Her expression was that of someone who’s conflicted. “What?”

But the coffee machine kicked in and the coffee started spurting out into the cup she’d prepared.

“Can we talk?”

I was feeling brave, but we needed to have this chat and find out what was going on.

“Oh honey, let’s do this later. I need to go catch up with my sister, we’re going to the…”

“…going to the where?” I asked, rounding the counter towards her, arms folded and realising that things were worse than they seemed.

“…markets…” she threw in, while busying with the coffee.

Each time I tried to engage her, she moved to give me the coffee, then make herself one, then grabbed her phone, then moved away to the lounge and sat, deep into her phone.

I tried to engage her several times but she either brushed me off or blanked me completely.

Even though I felt panicked, I showered, changed, and left the house. I drove for a while, trying to clear my head, then realised I needed to run. So I got out of the car, and ran at a random park that was on the perimeter of some nice woods.

Through that day, I messaged her a couple of times, and for the first time, I realised her messages were abrupt or short, and always ended with little kisses, but they seemed automated and designed to cut off further conversation.

That had been going for a while, but I had been too busy hiding my indiscretions to realise we’d drifted this far apart.

“I love you,” I text her back, and when she gave me a simple little, “x,” my heart went cold.

That night, we watched a movie, and I massaged her feet, but her attention wasn’t on me.

The more I tried to get closer to her, the more she seemed to drift away from me.

I began to notice our sleeping patterns, and how she was practically slept on the edge at her end, and usually moved her feet away a few seconds after mine found them, or how in the night I’d reach out and touch her, and she’d roll over, flinging my arm off her.

Each action drove spears through my heart, and each spear was accompanied by a feeling I’d come to know really well.


This was all my fault. I’d caused all of this.

And then my life completely fell apart.

That following Friday, I’d gone in to the office for meetings, and two drinks after work with a colleague. My life at this point was spiralling into a dark place because I knew something was wrong and I didn’t know how to fix it. Even as I sat with my work colleague I normally bantered with over beers, and usually laughed so hard we got gut-ache, I wallowed in my own self-pity. He noticed it and commented Escort İstanbul on it, and when we left, it was with an awkwardness neither of us had ever experienced.

He gave me a quick confused glance before he fled to his car and his weekend.

I messaged Helena to let her know I’d be home around 8, and she didn’t respond. I tried to call her, and her phone was switched off.

When I got home, I saw the note on the kitchen counter with a bottle of my favourite wine.

“I’m sorry. x.”

I dropped to the floor and felt my world heave around me. Then I ran to the bedroom, and realised instantly she’d packed.

All her things were gone.

That heavy, cold blanket that descended on me carried with it the memories of my wife. It was as if it needed to ensure I experienced every moment with clarity, that I understood the ramifications of her leaving me, and that I should recall every wonderful, happy moment we’d shared together.

As I clutched that note, as though within it I could pray her back, and her scent surrounded me, and her smile, and that wonderful glint when she was being cheeky appeared in my mind, and images of when she laughed at stupid things only I also found funny managed to ingrain themselves into my vision.

I cried — no, I sobbed. Heavy, wracking sobs that shook me. At some point I slid on the tiles and lay on the floor, and cried, and begged to an empty kitchen for her to come back, as I clutched the note.

Occasionally, I’d call her again, I’d text her, and cry some more, all the while her response was the same it had been for weeks.


Somehow I slept a couple hours, and woke up with a feeling like a hangover, and a headache, and sore back from the cold tiles. I roamed the small house, I turned the television on, I gazed pointlessly at the contents of my fridge, knowing full well I’d probably never have an appetite again, and cried some more.

When I stood facing my open fridge, I cried. Not because the contents distressed me, but because Helena and I hand-picked each of the items in there and usually conferred with what to do with them.

Vivek called me.

“Hey Rog, how you doing?”

I sobbed, and told him Helena had left me.

I heard him sigh, then he said. “I know mate. Marianne told me.”

“Wait! What? Where is she? Is she with you guys?” The fog temporarily lifted with a dash of hope.

He took a deep breath. “No mate. She’s staying with…a friend, I believe. Listen, do you want to come here and hang with us? Or we could come to you?”

I shook my head. “No. I’m not good company mate.”

Perhaps he hung up, or I did, or the battery died, but I left the phone on the counter by the fridge and moved to the couch.

The pain was real, and I found it increasingly more difficult to breathe.

A knock on the door scared the shit out of me and I bolted from the couch with optimism.

Why would she knock when she had keys?

But I opened the door, hoping — no, praying to see her standing there.

Vivek with a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch, along with a box from our favourite Indian restaurant.

Seeing the box made me sob immediately, given it was a regular treat for us on a weekend.

He guided me to the lounge and sat me down, put a plate filled with hot, delicious-smelling food in front of me and a large, generous portioned glass of red wine next to it before sitting next to me with an equally portioned glass of wine in his own hand.

We didn’t toast to anything, I guess the situation was too bleak.

I cried, and Vivek sat next to me. He went through his wine as though he needed it more than I did. Perhaps he was thinking that he was glad it was me and not him. But I avoided his eyes, because in them I could see my reflection more clearly than was good for me at that time.

When I picked at the food, I sobbed. Vivek isn’t much of a comforter, but he lightly punched my arm once or twice, or tapped my leg, or picked up my wine glass and put İstanbul Escort Bayan it in my hand.

Alcohol does numb the pain, so I drank a lot of it. When the wine was finished, we found ice and opened the scotch and chatted.

Vivek recalled his heartbreak in university, and I remember him going through it. Yeah he cried a bit, for a few days, but we also drank a lot and focused on things that seemed incredibly important at the time. The conversation reminded me that I’d never really experienced heart break.

At some point Vivek left and I passed out.

I must have slept like a baby because I woke up about 9 hours later with a slight hangover and famished.

Once I ate, tidied up a bit, I returned to the couch where I resumed crying.

When I called in with a sudden need for a week off that following Monday, my boss seemed a bit awkward, and pressed for details. I didn’t really want to tell him that Helena had left me, and that I hadn’t been able to get a hold of her all weekend, but found myself blurting it out.

Omar knew Helena fairly well, through a variety of work-related social functions and outside work leisure activities, so I wasn’t surprised to hear his sharp intake of breath and a fairly long pause.

“Fuck…Rog! I’m so sorry mate….um, listen, you take as long as you need…I mean…” it went on a little bit, and while I appreciated the support, I told him I needed some time alone and quickly hung up.

I hadn’t planned to spend the week doing very little, but Monday swung into Tuesday, which collided with Wednesday uneventfully. Food was largely untouched, all alcohol in the house began to evaporate and the couch became my bed.

On Thursday, I woke up to a forecast of high temperatures and a desperate need to leave the house.

I walked.

And walked.

Somehow I wandered through the shopping centre, aimlessly through various shops, picking up the odd item, and returning it without having registered what it was.

Retail therapy works. I purchased a new pair of jeans, a new pair of trainers, several new tops and some socks.

When I got home, I threw the bags into the closet and returned to my full-time job of crying.

When I took a second week off work, Omar reiterated that it wasn’t a problem, but I told him that I may log in and do some work remotely if I had the inclination. He said he’d send me some work he needed someone to check over, but stressed that it wasn’t urgent.

That Friday night, after ordering Vietnamese takeaway from a restaurant I’d never heard of from across town, with a newly restocked alcohol cabinet, I drank wine and logged in and looked at Omar’s files.

Somehow, during my hiatus from work, I’d forgotten that I’d had some urgent and rather important meetings the previous week and that Omar had stepped in and acted on my behalf. With a workload that is neverendingly heavy, I felt almost as much guilt as I did towards Helena.

Omar had said that none of it was urgent, but that was an outright lie. It was all well and truly overdue.

By Saturday I’d caught up on my emails and took everything off Omar, before collapsing on the couch. I’d somehow converted my couch into a temporary bedroom, by moving bedding and pillows there and moving the television so I could watch my streaming networks comfortably. I slept through the day, woke up, drank some more, did some more work until exhaustion overwhelmed me.

My daily routine would change, but I essentially worked, slept, tried to call Helena, stalked all her friends on social media for clues to her whereabouts, called her friends, her sister, her brother, got lied to a bunch of times, and finally returned to the business of crying.

Two weeks later, I woke up with a new-found resolve to stop being a dickhead and get back to my life. I returned to work, and got pulled straight into a meeting with Omar.

The slight man, probably twice my age and twice my weight wore a turban and a big smile. “I missed you. Anadolu Yakası Escort Thank you for doing all that extra work. I think you’ve done half the team’s work over the past week alone!” he genuinely looked pleased.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry I took so much time off, but I’m much better now.”

That conversation told me two things, and that was that Omar was a big fan of my work ethic and that he also thought I looked like shit. He didn’t need to say that I looked terrible, but I got clues. The way he checked out my clothing when I looked away, that little half-smile he gave me when I said I was totally fine, but the word ‘fine’ coming out a little choked, and him looking like he would rush over and hug me. Which I’m glad he didn’t because that would have been a whole new level of awkward.

There was also the suggestion that I didn’t need to meet with any of the clients and that our junior guys could do that, and I could continue to work from home as much as I wanted.

I took the hint and suggested I’d predominantly work from home and come into the office when I felt stable and well enough. When he mentioned that I didn’t need to worry about the clients, I had an urge to yell out that the message had been received loud and clear.

Three weeks after Helena left me, I got a message from Jackson. His message was always tentative, like he was testing the waters, and polite and discrete, like if someone read the message, they’d simply see a guy asking another guy how he was getting on.

I surprised myself and messaged him back, telling him my wife had left me and that I’d been in a really bad place, but I’d be in touch soon.

My expectation was that Jackson would respect this and leave it at that. But Jackson does not play by any rule book I’m aware of.

He rang me.

I’m one of those people who thinks the call feature on phones is old-fashioned and unnecessary. I like messages, and social media, because it’s the era that I’ve been born into and one that I understand. When my phone rings, I stare at it in shock, assuming there’s an emergency.

When Jackson rang me, I was halfway through my second glass of wine, a dozen emails into a new project and two slices of pizza down, with several cold slices waiting patiently.

The fact that Jackson called me surprised me only marginally less than the fact that I answered the call. Let’s call it an impulse thing, but as I answered it, I smiled. Probably for the first time in weeks.

“You, my wife…well, yeah…Helena, and my mother are the only people who’ve called me this year Jackson,” I started, “and one of those has apparently got a new phone number that I’m not aware of.”

“I’m not sure I get your point. But anyway…hello Roger. How you doing?”

“Fucking fantastic, next question?”

“Fancy a drink?”

“No. Next question?”

“Fuck you. What’s your address.”

“No. I don’t need company. I don’t fancy company. Not gonna lie, I’m not in a great place. Trying to keep busy with work, and…”

“I didn’t ask for your sob story Rog…we’ve all got one, I asked for your address. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try and get into your pants, I’m bringing drinks and a good ear.”

I didn’t need to think about it. “I’m okay, thank you for the offer. I have plenty of alcohol, and as I said, I need some time to gather my thoughts and process things…”

“…again, didn’t ask for your life story or your problems over the phone. I took the time to call you, so therefore, you take the time to invite me over and I do what good friends do, and that’s help you move forward. Break-ups are really hard. There’s a good chance I’m going to go through one myself soon, so think of this a mutual back-scratch situation, I help you now and you…”

I started to laugh. Jackson was incredible.

“Wait…what? You’re shitting me?” I asked, finally giving him my full attention.


My laptop, my wine, my pizza, and my muted television sat in silence and let me decide.

It was only when I exhaled, that I realised I’d been holding my breath.

“You need to understand that the farthest thing from my mind, and the one thing that will make me feel ten times worse is…”

“…sex. Yeah, I know. We’ve all been there. Now give me your fucking address.”

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Soma’s Journey Ch. 05: The Hunger

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After a rough day at the office and a frustrating missed connection due to my over reliance on Google Maps, I was hungry and horny. I hadn’t had a cock for several months and the hunger was growing. I needed a cock, so I posted an ad expressing my need and waited eagerly for replies.

At last, I got the email I wanted: a 50 year old married man staying in a local hotel not too far from where I was working. We exchanged emails and determined that I needed a cock to taste and he needed a cock to unload.

While driving toward his hotel, I remembered he had commented on the white stocking tops in the picture I had sent him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have them with me; however, I had a bit of time to kill before meeting him, so I stopped at a Target on the way to pick up a pair of black thigh highs.

The lingerie and hosiery section was in the middle of the store, in an open area. I walked toward it, hoping against hope there wouldn’t be any women there. Approaching it, I saw a couple of teenage girls and a mother with her toddler examining the goods. I made a quick detour toward the men’s shoes: I knew what they would think if they saw me thumbing through the stocking packages, especially since I would need to check the sizing chart on the unfamiliar brands there. No man buying something for his wife would need to do that and I wasn’t yet brave enough to stare down the inevitable disapproving looks in this still conservative town.

The clock was ticking and I nervously looked at the men’s sneakers, wishing I had the guts to step one aisle over and check out the women’s heels I coveted. I checked my watch and realized I would have to act soon or run the risk of being late for my appointment. I could have shown up without them: he was expecting bare-legged play. But I wanted to please him by giving him something smooth to caress. And that desire gave me the courage I needed to go over and pick out a pair of stockings, not caring what kind of looks I got…

…although, of course, I got none. No one looked at me, not even the teenagers whose smirks I feared the most. And then, I realized: no one cares about what other people are doing in a store like Target. The only person who could out me was me. I took a couple of cleansing breaths and picked out a pair of black thigh highs that would fit me. I went through the checkout with no difficulty. Back in the car, I headed to his hotel. Just the thought of wearing them started my cock twitching and my sub mode kicking in.

Arriving at the hotel, I walked into the lobby as instructed. Standing outside the main entrance was a man I guessed, correctly, was my dinner. He was average in appearance, with a bit of middle aged spread, but none of that mattered. He had a cock and was going to feed it to me. For this evening, he was my master and I was his cock slave.

“What’s in the bag?” he asked.

“Something special for you,” I replied, with a smile that Ataşehir Escort he mirrored.

We took the elevator to his room, not looking at each other. Perhaps, one day, I’ll be bold enough to hold a man’s hand in the elevator or even kiss him, but, for now, that remains in the realm of Literotica fantasies. In the real world, we both looked straight ahead, in the time honored tradition of men not looking at other men.

Entering his room, he took off his shoes and socks. I followed and asked to use his bathroom. While he waited for me on the bed, I used the facilities, then took off my clothes. As each item came off, shirt, pants, underpants, my submission deepened and my hunger grew. Finally, I put on the stockings, enjoying their smooth feel on my skin and wondering how he would like seeing them on me. 

I walked out to serve him, naked but for my stockings.

Instinctively, I lowered my eyes, but I saw him get up from the bed and peel off his tee shirt, shorts and underpants. The first thing I noticed was his cock; it was flaccid, but, even in that state, I could see it was going to be a challenge to get his thickness in my mouth. The spear head got my mouth watering and the small ball sac got me salivating as I realized it would be easy to take both his balls in my mouth.

As he grabbed my cock and pulled me to him, my eyes were drawn up his hairy chest to his nipples, which were small but fully erect. I knew I had to taste them as well. My reflections were interrupted by the pleasure his hand was bringing my cock; instinctively, I grabbed his and returned the favor, feeling it grow in my hand. I continued to stimulate him with my hand. He pulled my head toward his left nipple and told me to suck it. I needed no further encouragement and went to work on it, licking it with my tongue and sucking and nibbling lightly on it. The hair around it rubbed against my nose, stimulating me further. He moaned appreciatively and ran his hand through my hair, encouraging me, then guiding my head to the other nipple. By this time, his cock was fully erect, about 7″ and thick in my hand. However, I wanted more than that…

…and so did he. “Move down slowly,” he ordered me, and I complied. I kissed my way down his chest, dropping to my stocking clad knees. My lips nuzzled in his manly belly hair and down one thigh, teasing his cock but not touching it yet. My lips went halfway down one thigh, planting soft kisses in the front as my hands stroked the back of his legs, marveling in the softness of the hair on his legs. I explored them with my fingertips, trying to keep my touch as light as the kisses I was planting on his thighs. As I moved up the thigh, over his belly and down the other thighs, he murmured contentedly and sighed with pleasure.

At last, my lips moved down his belly and planted a kiss on the tip of his cock, followed by one on each ball. My hunger was kicking in as I ran my tongue slowly Acıbadem Escort up his shaft, tasting it for the first time. It was relatively smooth, with a noticeably large seminal tube in front, which, I trusted, would soon be feeding me what I craved. I circled the large, thick head with my tongue, feeling the various textures and noting which spots made him twitch. After a minute of that, he was ready.

“Suck my cock.”

I slid my mouth over the head and held it in place, letting my tongue explore it in detail. Then, slowly, I lowered my mouth down the shaft about a third of the way, then stopped to let my mouth adjust to it. My mouth may have been still, but my tongue was savoring every bit of the cock that it could reach. My master was groaning in pleasure.

“That’s the way, cocksucker. Keep sucking that cock.”

Before I started my journey, that word would have humiliated me. But now, it was a badge of honor, a recognition of who I really was. His words drove me even deeper into submission and I lowered my mouth again, until I was at the choking point.

At this point, he sat on the edge of the bed and spread his legs to give me more room. Keeping him in my mouth and running my tongue over his shaft, I spread my own legs for balance and began to stroke his thighs again, reveling in their simultaneous softness and hairiness.

He leaned back on his hands and commanded, “Work my nips again.”

Keeping his cock in my starving mouth, I moved my hands up his chest and reached out to each nipple. I noticed I could grab his breasts almost like a woman’s. I moaned with pleasure as I grabbed them and circled his nipples with my fingers. I rubbed them, pinched them, and pulled them, as his sharp intake of breath and soft cries of, “Oh yes” let me know he was enjoying this as much as I was. Meanwhile, I started bobbing up and down on his cock, covering it with saliva and licking the slit at the top to encourage the precum I so desired. While doing this, I noticed when I went down his shaft, I could feel something moving across the top of the shaft, almost like seminal fluid getting ready for its appearance.

I was in a semi trance by now. I had no concept of time and was moving into that special headspace I get when I sub. This time, however, there were no ropes on me, no clothespins on my crotch, only my fingers tied to his nipples by chains of lust and my mouth willingly raping itself on his cock. The feel of the stockings was a constant background sensation, as were his moans and soft cries of pleasure as I kept my mouth and tongue working his cock. My universe shrank to my master, to his cock, his nipples, his voice, his smell, and I knew already that there would be no spitting out his semen.

How long this continued, I don’t know. At some point, he moved my hands to the bed. I wrapped them around his ass as best I could and tried to pull him closer to me. He started driving his cock İstanbul Escort into me, urging me to take it all. I gagged at first, but, determined to please him, I moved my head down slowly until my lips were on his crotch and he was fully in my mouth. My tongue was doing its best to lick every inch of him at once as it wrapped itself around as much of the cock as it could.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” he told me. “Do you want it in your mouth or on your chest?”

I looked up at him. “Where do you want to shoot it?”

”Wherever you want.”

I let my mouth’s return to his cock supply the answer, as I picked up the tempo, licking and sucking the head in earnest. He started jacking himself while I had him partially in my mouth and started sucking and pulling on the head to coax the precum from it. At last, it started to flow, and I finally got to taste it. It was sweeter than I had expected and was delicious. He kept stroking and pushing in my mouth as I tried to get as much on my tongue as possible. Finally, with a last convulsion, I felt his cock pulse and his cum coat my tongue. I kept his cock in my mouth until he finished. As he pulled it out, I tasted the warm sweetness of his cum and, looking at him, swallowed it very deliberately in front of him.

He lay back on the bed for a moment, exhausted. Still on my knees, I looked up at him and smiled: I had been the Giver of Pleasure and I was content.

But he wasn’t…he lifted me to my feet and started to jack my cock, to give me my reward. I moaned in pleasure as he stroked me, but, as he proceeded, I knew I needed something more.

”May I ask a favor, Sir?”

“What do you want?”

“Could I have your cock in my mouth while you stroke me?”

To my delight, he agreed. We lay head to foot on the bed on our sides. While he continued to stroke me, I took his now limp cock in my mouth and started to suckle on it. I knew he couldn’t go another round, but that didn’t matter. I wanted his cock in my mouth, whether erect or limp. At some primal level I still don’t fully understand, I needed his cock in my mouth.

I sucked on it contentedly as he continued to stroke me. My sucking became more urgent as he got me closer to my climax. I hummed my pleasure over his cock even as my breathing grew quicker and shallower. No matter what, I wasn’t going to let his cock out of my mouth. I licked it more and more urgently as I approached my climax and, as I froze in the moment of ecstasy, I pulled his cock with my lips, stretching it, realizing that it was intensifying the pleasure I was feeling. His hand milked me until nothing else came out. I had ropes of cum on my chest, but all I could do was roll onto my back in exhaustion.

For several minutes, we both lay there, neither one saying anything. It wasn’t necessary. I had served my master for the evening well. He was satisfied; my tongue had tasted the cum it needed so much; I understood even more how much of a cock slave I already am, and how much farther I want to go. 

It was a good evening, but the hunger remains and grows. I’m going to need more…and soon. Who will be next to make me their cock slave?

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Campground Discoveries Pt. 04

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Group Sex

(Takes up where third part ends.)

I woke up the next day, however, with a feeling of disappointment, because I realized that this was the day — Wednesday — when Danny’s parents were to pick him up for the wedding. They were coming around lunchtime, so we wouldn’t have more time to continue our explorations, much as we both wanted to.

Just before they arrived we got a chance to talk, and I was relieved to hear he had no morning-after regrets about what we’d been doing. I could tell he was as disappointed about leaving as I was to see him go, which made me feel like we were in the same place mentally.

Once he was gone I decided to go hiking. Again I headed north from the campground, but this time I kept going in that direction instead of veering westward to the ridge where we’d spied on the two gay guys.

The trail was steeper in this direction, and by the time I reached the small peak I’d scouted on previous trips I was hot and sweaty. I sat down to catch my breath and enjoy the view, which from that spot is pretty grand, with rocky peaks on three sides and the thick forest stretching out before you to the distant foothills.

One thing about being in the mountains is that it helps put things in perspective. You realize how small and comparatively unimportant you are, and that most of your problems are, in the great scheme of things, not so pressing as you thought. My sexual interest in other guys might have sneaked up on me, but it was now a fact and I realized I would have to get used to it.

After an hour or so on top I gathered my stuff and made my way slowly back to the campground. It had grown hotter, and by the time I got back to our campsite I was sweaty again, and dirty from a tumble I’d taken on a tricky part of the trail.

The rest of the family was gone — probably hiking somewhere themselves — so I got my stuff out of my tent and headed for the showers. This being the middle of the week, the campground was only half full, so I figured I would have Maltepe Escort some privacy.

When I got to the shower building — empty, thankfully — I stripped, put my dirty stuff in one cubbyhole, my clean clothes in another, and hung my towel on a peg. I stepped into the shower room and took a corner spot, where I turned the water on hot and stood there for a while, letting it stream over me.

After a minute I started shampooing my hair, and as I rinsed off I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Someone else had come in and was using the shower in the opposite corner.

When I was done rinsing I stole a glance at him. He was facing in my direction, his head thrown back while he washed his own hair.

I realized with a start it was the same guy I’d seen here two days ago, when he came out of the shower naked. At the time I’d noticed his thick cock and shaved pubes, and the image had been in my mind when I’d jacked off with Danny not long afterward.

Soapy water was streaming down his body and dripping off his cock, and I felt the same sort of stirring I’d had when I was watching Danny the day before.

I looked away. I didn’t want him to catch me looking at him again.

As I washed the rest of my body, I realized with dismay that I was about half-hard and getting harder.

I turned toward the wall, hoping he would just go away. I might be aroused by the sight of his cock, but my life was complicated enough already.

A few moments later I heard him moving toward the door, though he had left the water running. He came back, and I heard sounds I couldn’t quite place.

I turned slightly in his direction and stole a glance out of the corner of my eye. He had spread shaving cream around his pubes and was giving them a shave.

It was impossible not to watch.

He was looking down at his crotch, half-hard cock in his left hand, watching as he worked. First he drew the razor over the skin above and to the sides of the shaft, Anadolu Yakası Escort then shifted his grip slightly so he could work around the root of the cock itself.

The sight of him moving his thick cock first to one side, then to the other, was mesmerizing. It was hard to say whether his main purpose was to give himself a shave, or to play with this dick. If it was the latter, was he doing it for my benefit?

Maybe it was a little of both. There was no doubt that he was mostly hard, and I knew without looking that I was fully erect.

When he was done with the first part of his shave he looked up and saw me.

Busted again.

I turned hastily away.

“It’s okay,” he said calmly. “I don’t mind if you watch.”

I turned back and looked at him again. He was smiling.

“Never seen a guy shave?”

I shook my head.

“It is kind of erotic, isn’t it?” he asked. “I always get hard doing it.”

He acted as if watching another guy shave his cock and balls was the most natural thing in the world.

I started to say something but no words came.

He got the can of shaving cream from the shelf next to the shower head and sprayed a big gob in his hand. Taking his stiff cock in the other hand, he spread the foam all over his balls. He shifted his grip once again, pulling his ball sack tight, and picked up the razor again.

Slowly and methodically, he worked the razor around the front and sides of the sack. When he was done with that he pulled it still tighter, bent over slightly and gently swiped the underside.

Not once that I could see did he nick himself.

When he was done he put the shaving things on the shelf and rinsed himself off. His newly shaved pubes looked smooth and, well, inviting.

He looked at me again. I was still rock hard.

“Would you like to feel it?” he asked quietly.

My mouth opened but again no words came out. I tried to swallow but couldn’t.

He took three steps and stood in İstanbul Escort front of me, fully erect.

I was frozen in place, so he took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was so thick my hand barely fit around it.

“Feels good, huh?”

He guided my hand around, up and down the shaft once, then downward so that I felt his ball sack. I loved the smoothness and the slightly slippery feel after the shave.

I watched as he guided my hand back to the shaft and closed my fingers around it. Again I marveled at the thickness of it, so much thicker than my own.

Without thinking I started stroking it, and next thing I knew my cock was in his hand and he was stroking me. Then he leaned closer to me and we were kissing.

He moved again, sinking to his knees. As he did his cock slipped out of my hand and mine slipped into his mouth.

He took me in without hesitation, his lips sliding down the shaft until his nose touched my pubic bone. I felt his tongue working the underside of the shaft, and one hand was caressing my balls. With the other hand he tapped the inside of one leg, and I instinctively knew to move my legs slightly apart. He slipped a hand between them and next thing I knew a finger had entered my anus.

That was all it took. I exploded into his mouth, and my whole body shuddered as I emptied my swollen balls into his mouth.

He calmly swallowed several times, and when I was done he slipped the finger out and stood up.

His hand found mine again and wrapped it around his cock. I started stroking, and in less than a minute he growled and cum began pouring out of him. It covered my hand and dripped onto my cock, still mostly hard.

When he was done he kissed me once more, gently, and went back to his shower to rinse.

I stood there, still breathing hard, his cum dripping from my hand. I rinsed it off and turned off the water.

I stepped out of the shower room and began toweling off. Seconds later he did the same.

As we dressed, I looked at him again and noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. In one sense no surprise: I had seen him with his family the day before. But in another sense, very surprising: Do married men have sex with other men?

He was ready before I was. He left without looking back.

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