Over The Fields and Far Away

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By all indications so far, this starting out like a relatively normal day at any office. Most everyone was on phones or typing out reports and doing other mundane tasks. The only real oddity, was the highly inappropriate for the office attire the women all wore. But somehow, for the first time, I was noticing it wasn’t just Mom, my sisters and my wife. As I visited other departments on different floors, some I’d never been to before, I noticed that every woman I’d seen so far was a drop dead gorgeous and dressed to kill … or thrill as it may be. Even the men were what might be considered above average for those that noticed those kinds of things. I began to wonder if it was something in the water, or maybe the cafeteria food. Small talk was just that though, nothing special or flirtatious.

Figuring it was all in my imagination, I headed back upstairs to the Admin section. As I entered, I was distracted by a girl standing outside on the deck looking off into a field. I didn’t recognize her at first from behind, but as I got closer, I realized it was my fair sister Alice. A pale blue dress and black spike heels were accented by white ankle socks, a black satin belt and some intricate white lace trim. She seemed to be lost in thought and was startled when I asked what she was looking at.

“Huh? Oh, I’m not sure. I could have sworn I saw a rabbit out there.”

“Well, that may be, this is kind the edge of an urban nature area. Who knows what’s out there in the woods.”

“Yeah, but do they carry pocket watches?”

“OK, that’s enough Sun for you today, let’s get back inside and get your mind to work.”

“Yeah, maybe. I’ve got a couple of things to do, meet me in Mom’s office in a couple of hours, so we can over a few things,” she said as she started to walk back inside.

I stopped her putting my hand under her short dress and feeling her bare mound. She almost never wore panties and today was no exception.

Feigning annoyance, she asked coyly “are you having fun?”

“I was just checking for a rabbit … none here.”

She blushed and giggled like a little girl, then headed inside with me following close behind.

I loved walking behind her. She had such a graceful stroll. If they gave out degrees for walking in heels, she’d have a Doctorate.

I puttered around for a while making calls and doing business like a normal person. My legs were sort of bothering me though in an odd way. My wife and I had made a bet and I sort of lost. She had pretty often made me wear some sort of panties under my suits. Not really that kinky if you were familiar with the family. But this day was different. A couple of days before we got to talking about things during one of our less kinky sessions. One of them was how great her legs looked in hose. She often wore hose or stockings but refused to wear pantyhose. I got curious and asked her why. She tried to explain but it wasn’t sinking in.

Frustrated with her attempts to get me to understand, she blurted out “OK, if you can wear them all day, I will.”

And so, here we are, and now I know why some women hate them so much. But I was committed to make it through the day and take them off when I got back home. Itch like a bitch though. And of course, when you have to piss, your fly isn’t a whole lot of good, so you have to half undress.

It got to be towards the end of the day and I headed up to Mom’s office to meet Alice, Dear Alice. Mom was there casually talking to a man who was standing behind a large chair, so I could only see him from the chair up. Dude had the wildest ear to ear grin though, almost all teeth. Mom introduced him as Chester, then turned back to talk to him.

Interrupting briefly I said, “Mom, Alice asked me to meet her here, have you seen her yet?”

“Yeah, she’s right there”, pointing to the chair.

About that time a hand raised up above the chair back so I went around to talk to her. That’s when I found out what Chester was grinning so widely about. My dear sweet sister Alice had his cock buried halfway down her throat exhibiting her award winning cocksucking skills. OK, well I gave her the award years back for the way she sucked mine.

All this while Mom looked on non-chalantly and they tried to continue their conversation. He was looking like he was about to lose it so Mom spoke up.

“Alice, try not to get any on that dress. Your dry cleaning bills are killing us. See if you can’t swallow it all this time.”

She raised her hand again in a sort of feeble wave trying to mumble something as he unloaded in her mouth. Being the good little cocksucking slut daughter she is, she followed Mom’s orders and didn’t spill a drop. Standing up, she wiped her chin and gave him a full body hug as his hand disappeared under the hem of her short dress to caress her ass.

She broke off after a couple of minutes, turned to me and gave me the same hug in front of them both.

Pulling back a bit she looked at me and said, “Sorry, but we’ll have to talk later. Chester here asked canlı bahis Mom if I could go with him tonight and you know we never say no to a potential client.”

She gave me a full kiss as she pulled away and turned back to him. He put his arm around her and brazenly caressed her breast as he looked at Mom and I saying “Good Afternoon”, then turning to her “My dear Alice, please don’t doubt I have malice. Your world of pretend cannot comprehend tonight.”

Alice replied, “I know you have malice, my new world is so real, with all the sex I can feel.”

They left then, his hand having found the way back under her dress.

As Mom and I talked business, my wife Jill and a customer named Jack came in. He was one of the better clients and had spent time with several of the women, including Mom. He’d been out of the country for a while though and hadn’t met Jill until today. He explained that his time was short and they hadn’t been able to get acquainted after the business meetings were finished.

“Well, Jack, we’re all going up to our cottage tomorrow if you’d like to join us.”

That was all it took and the plans were set.

All turned out to be an understatement. It was all of us, plus a few other family members, including Aunt Celeste and her daughter Charlotte, my cousin. And Clint. The miserable cuss of a bastard Clint.

The ‘cottage’ was bigger than most suburban mansions. It was passed down from a set of grandparents long ago with the caveat that it could never be sold out of the family. To offset the costs of it and the estate it sat on, it was rented out in various forms over the year. But two weekends of the year were reserved for family and this was one of them.

We arrived and settled into our rooms. Once done, the women didn’t hesitate to head out to the pool. They had sort of a competition between them to see who could find the skimpiest swimsuit that still kept parts covered. They had outdone themselves this year and there didn’t seem to be enough material in all of their suits combined to make one normal bikini.

Mom and her sister Celeste were identical twins, but until this moment few of us realized just how identical they were. Standing side by side, they looked to be the same person in every detail, even now when they were both nearly naked. They had talked ahead of time and picked out the same nearly nothing swimsuit too. Even their voices sounded alike.

Charlotte was the quintessential snob. An obnoxious snot of a girl who most people would have hated outright if it weren’t for her magnificent body. Ironically, it was that body that gave her the attitude. They had tried to recruit her to work at the office, but she pissed off too many people. I wasn’t really sure why she was here.

Jack had arrived earlier and after greeting the others had made himself comfortable with my wife. They had been off to the side of the pool talking for quite a while. Jack was telling her he was OK with everyone being around and understood everyone was on board, but he felt a little uncomfortable and he really wanted to be alone with her for a while. She knew there was a cabin not too far a way just over a small hill that people sometimes snuck away to for a little privacy. They stood up and walked towards me, hand in hand. Stopping, they leaned into each other, her breast against his arm. She told me what they had been talking about and that she was taking him up to the cabin for a while. With her other hand, her left hand, the one with our wedding ring, she reached in front of him to caress his cock through his swim trunks. Since I was sitting, this was just about at eye level to me, and she knew it. She was doing it deliberately and making me watch. Like the others, her bikini really didn’t cover anything at all and her tits were straining what little there was. Looking down at me over the rim of her sunglasses perched barely above the tip of her nose, she spoke, almost in a giggle.

“I just love it when they’re so anxious to fuck me.”

With that, they wandered off towards the cabin. Hand in hand, Jack and Jill went up the hill. We all knew they weren’t going after water and it wasn’t the well that was gong to get pumped dry.

Clint appeared on the scene finally. I wasn’t really sure where he’d been all day and I didn’t really care. I wasn’t really sure why I hated him, but I did. As the story went, he was one of Mom’s first conquests, or perhaps she was one of his. Either way, it was that coupling that more or less set all of this in motion. Once they started, the idea developed to expand it all. She had done a few others before him, but somehow that one gelled and gave her the idea to push others harder. Clint was spending more time at the office and demanding more of Mom’s favors. Dad was getting annoyed, and Mom took the reins. That was all about the time things were falling apart and she made the move she thought was best. Somewhere along the line they’d had a falling out and he drifted to the back burner.

Not too long after I’d returned, bahis siteleri they rekindled a bit. He’d been introduced to both sisters and my wife, so maybe that was it. He was one of the only ones, maybe THE only one to have been with them all. He’d fucked every woman in my life. Maybe I hated him for that. What I didn’t know until just recently was that he’d also fucked Aunt Celeste. Both sisters, identical twins in every way. That’s something he may have been the only man alive to do. Neither my father or Uncle had ever had them both and they both swore they’re never shared a guy in college or anywhere else. In fact, they had promised not to do it at all and they didn’t even know he’d done them both until after the fact. That kind of pissed them both off and was part of the troubles between them all. So, maybe we all had reason to hate him. Yet here he was.

And now he was telling us all to be in the main bedroom at a certain time later that night. All except Jack who wasn’t part of the family and was due to leave in a few hours.

Mom walked over and sat down beside me.

“When Jill gets back, bring her inside. We’re gong to have as short family meeting to discuss something that’s going to happen tonight. It’ll only be a few minutes.”

I was OK with that and agreed not knowing how much longer they’d be.

“If tonight goes OK, we may be ready to move on to another step soon.”

I kind of hated those teasers because they usually involved a bigger challenge of some sort.

Then it was Goldie’s turn to sit down after Mom left.

“You OK asshole?”

“Yeah, but you can stop calling me that.”

“When I get ready asshole. Now tell me how you feel about your wife up there taking a new cock while you wait here.”

“I’m fine with it. Why?”

“I ask the questions asshole. That’s another demerit for our next session. You may never get to touch these things.” She held her hands under both breasts to illustrate what she meant.

“Now tell me one more thing. How do feel about Clint? He’s the only one we’ve all been with.”

“I’m not wild about him and I’m not sure why he was invited.”

“Well, to be honest, none of us are all too fond of him either, but it is what it is. He’s good in bed and he has a shitload of cash to pump into the company as long as he gets to pump into us.”

I listened as she continued.

“He’s got some shit planned for later and we’ve all agreed to go along. Jill’s in on it too. We’re still working on Charlotte, but we think she’ll be in.”

“And me?”

“You’ll be there. But you won’t know any of the details until later. We still don’t have it all worked out. They incentive is that it he pulls it off, he goes away for good. Kind of a final farewell.”

“I’d be OK with that.”

“Yeah we figured so, but it’s got to go as planned. Now what did Mom tell you about next week?”

“Nothing, why? What about it? She just said something about a next step.”

“I guess you’ll have to wait then.”

Looking over my shoulder behind me she said, “Here comes Jill and the guy. He should be leaving soon so when he does we’ll take Jill aside and bring her up to date.”

Then it was Alices’s turn. She didn’t sit though, but just crouched in front of me, running her hands up my inner thighs to my cock.

“Just play along and it’ll be fine. I promise. We’ll spend some of our old kind of times together tomorrow. You know what I mean, right?”

Yeah, I did,. But I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with everybody being so serious and seemingly trying to console me.

As Jill approached, Alice whispered something in her ear, then went into the house.

With another full body hug and open mouthed kiss, my wife bid farewell to her date and led him away. Looking over her shoulder to me as they left she mouthed “See you inside in a little while.”

Not too long later we all were milling around, chattering and having drinks. The women had removed their swimsuits and were now wearing nothing at all, not even shoes. Mom and Aunt Celeste stood side by side again and I honestly wasn’t sure which was which. And I’m not sure Dad was either the way he was looking at them, studying them, comparing their features. Hell even their nipples were identical.

Somebody said it was time and we all started for the master bedroom. Charlotte seemed a bit hesitant and lagged behind at first, but shrugged her shoulders and caught up.

I had no idea what this was all about, but since everybody else seemed game, I went along.

He had brought another bed in from one of the spare rooms and the two were just a few feet apart now. Once we all got in the room, he had the women line up together and the two of us men nearby. Then another door opened and in walked my Uncle, Aunt Celeste’s husband and Charlotte’s father. He moved silently to stand beside us. I didn’t even know he was on the property.

Clint spoke directing us to get undressed, stand there and not speak unless spoken to. Once we were naked, he removed bahis şirketleri his robe to reveal his erect cock. He stroked it for a minute then spoke.

“Some of you may not like me. Some of you want me gone from your lives. So here’s the deal. I arranged this little gig tonight as a going away present to me. If it goes as planned, I’m gone for good, but my bank will continue to make transfers as they have in the past to help keep your company thriving. If anybody fucks things up, the deal is off and I stay as I have been. Everybody understand? If you don’t, speak now.”

There was only silence.

“Good. Now let’s get started.”

He casually strolled along the line of women, fondling them at will and intermittently stroking his own cock.

“Most of you know that over the years, I’ve enjoyed the company of every one of these women in my bed at least once. Most of them many times. All except one that is. And I’m going to check that one box off tonight, right here in front of you all. Isn’t that right Charlotte?”

He had stopped right in front of her, his cock jutting out at her.

“Put your hand on it if you agree to do this.”

Again she seemed to hesitate, but finally reached out and held it.

“Good, now kneel and take it in your mouth.”

Almost reluctantly she did, opening her mouth and taking the head, but little else.

“You act like you’ve never given a blow job before Charlotte. I don’t believe that. A hot bitch like you has probably done hundreds.”

Looking up at him, she backed off and asked, “Maybe we could do this in private?”

“No chance Bitch. The deal is everybody sees everything.”

Her mother spoke up trying to quell her fears. “It’s OK Char, we’ve all done it. We’ve all had him in us, so it’ll be OK for you too.”

She looked at her mom standing there naked with all the rest and let out a huge sigh before plunging her mouth onto him. It only took a bit for her to build up a rhythm that seemed to please him. I couldn’t figure out why, but some of the others dropped their hand to their crotches and began stroking and fingering themselves. Alice and Jill started stroking each others breasts. And Charlotte? All of a sudden, she was going at it like a veteran adult film star, moving up and down his shaft with abandon, cupping a breast with one had while stroking her cunt with the other. It was like they were somehow intoxicated by it all.

He stopped her and pulled her up to him. Her face was hungry and almost pleading with him to let her go back at it.

Pointing to the bed he told her “Go over there, lay down, open your legs and make your cunt available to me.”

She almost ran the short distance and did as he directed, spreading her legs almost obscenely wide, running her hands furiously over herself.

“Ask me. Tell me. Beg me to fuck you.”

Geeze this guy was really a piece if shit. This girl is basically clawing at her cunt she’s so hungry for his cock and he’s playing games.

Meanwhile, the other women are also pawing themselves and beginning to moan audibly. I just couldn’t figure out why, but it seemed contagious, like some kind of aphrodisiac was in the air.

“C’mon Charlotte, beg me to fuck you in front of your family.”

Almost in a fever of desire, she finally uttered the words,”Fuck me, fuck me, godammit fuck me NOW! Bury your cock in deep me while they all watch!!”

Which is exactly what he proceeded to do. As wound up as she was, it didn’t take her long to cry out in orgasm. He remained in her for a minute as he motioned to her mother Celeste to lay down beside her.

“Your turn.”

Charlotte was beginning to come down even though his cock was still inside her.

Her eyes opened and she looked to be wanting more. She moved her hands to his hips as if to motion him to start again, but that wasn’t his plan.

“Charlotte, your mother just watched me fuck you. Now you’re gong to watch me fuck her. And so is everyone else.”

He looked over at us and directed his next comment to my uncle, Charlotte’s father and Celeste’s husband.

“Bub, c’mon over here closer. Now, I just fucked your daughter, but you were way over there and I’m not sure you saw very clear. But I want you to look right here, between her legs and see that my cock is still inside her as she writhes on the bed under me begging for more. But I’m not going to give her any more right now. Why? Because I’m going to pull my cock out of your daughter and put it into your wife with your daughter’s juices still on it. And you know what? That rock hard cock of yours sticking out there says you like it almost as much as I do.”

And almost with one motion, that’s what he did. Pulled out of Charlotte, opened Celeste’s legs and drove into her fully. He knew she was ready to take him all in one shot due to the way she had been fingering herself. But after a few deep strokes, he reversed it and went back balls deep into Charlotte making her scream in ecstasy again. Several times he did this, alternating between them, mingling their juices.

This was having an effect on the rest of us too.

Dad and I were both hard, and the women were almost ready to get into some sort of orgy the way the were fondling each other.

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Josh Plays Away

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Trish felt a rush of uncommon longing for the guy she saw talking to Ben Ellacott. The host of the beach resort’s swingers club lived well; the house and its tended gardens, along with the five rooms of the ‘clubhouse’, spotlessly maintained; the tall beech hedge along the road boundary offering a screen from prying eyes.

She had overheard Ben tell others in the group, gathering for the evening, that a ‘visitor’ would be joining them. He was well-dressed with an impeccable sense of casual style; that shock of wavy brown hair and lean face, his wonderful smile and look of interest as he caught her looking his way; the guy’s appraising glance enough to set her pulse racing and inflame her senses; tightened the ache of sudden longing for someone younger than she was, but not by so much that it would raise eyebrows. After all, that was what these clubs were for…to experience the new; what would be out of reach under different circumstances.

Ben seemed intent on introducing them.

The summer’s day was uncommonly warm and her scoop-necked sleeveless dress, with its floral print, flattered her figure; gladiator sandals lending a flourish to her slender legs. Beaded bracelets, and a pendant necklace hanging to her breastbone, were enough to have drawn his attention upon her and of the other men in attendance. But it had been Josh who had captivated her and who now took the hand that she held out in greeting.

‘Josh…meet Trish,’ Ben had laughed and that was the introductions dispensed with. He stepped away and they followed his progress before Josh turned to her.

‘I wondered what to pack for a business trip, but…but I see I’ve judged it right for an evening out…’ He drew closer. ‘Are there more like you in this group…your summer dress looks stunning on you?’

‘Thanks!’ she laughed out and reddened. His compliment had won her over in a trice. Guys at these meetings weren’t so open with her when it came to liking what they saw and might hook up with. She liked to be made a fuss of. It made the purpose of the club less ordered and only too purposeful.

‘I’m just saying how it is…for me.’

‘And I hear you,’ she smiled, taken in by Josh’s direct ways. The compliment was only too genuine to her ways of hearing it.

‘I’m the only one…and I can tell you there are none like you.’ She was seen to turn and look at the others for an instant. ‘So, you’ll be here for a day or so then gone again? That’s too bad…’

‘I travel this way every few months, so it fits the pattern of the club’s ways…’ He took in her rather plain appearance, a slender face; the application of her makeup faultless and sparing.

‘You’re in other clubs?’ she asked, sipping on her drink and meeting again his appraising look upon her. ‘Direct aren’t you, in doing that?’

‘Yes, because I like what I see,’ he grinned, canlı bahis şirketaleri ‘and yes, I’m in another group back home. My wife and I play…have an arrangement…tell each other what we’ve found and whom we’ve met.’

‘Like you do,’ she ventured but with no personal experience of it.

‘And you?’

‘Single…have been for ten years or so now. I get company in this way. It saves getting in too deep with people…the emotional toll it takes.’

‘Who’s being honest or direct now?’

They were interrupted by Ben. He was seen to be carrying a small tray.

‘The others are going in. Want some stuff…make the evening zing some more?’ Ben asked, a quizzical frown creasing his fleshy face.

‘Jeez…hell no!’ Josh rasped in sudden anger. ‘If it’s that sort of group I’m out!’

He felt a restraining hand to his arm; turned on feeling the strength of Trish’s hold on him. ‘I’m not into that stuff either, Josh…’

‘So, that leaves you two to play in your own ways of it,’ Ben concluded on a raucous laugh. ‘Room two is yours!’ he called out over his shoulder as he left them.

Trish gripped his hand and arm; pressed against Josh and looked at him wonderingly; saw the soft smile of recognition that there would be few preambles to their tryst; his hands offering caresses to her hip and belly as she led him to their room. The air was heavily scented and two large candles flickered in their fluted glass holders that had been placed on a dresser; the poor light casting their shapeless shadows onto one wall.

‘Wait…I want to see you, Trish,’ he murmured on reaching for a cable switch that lit a small lamp placed on a tall stand in one corner of the darkened room, soft daylight to be seen through the pale blinds that had been pulled down. She saw him unbuttoning his sleeves and to begin on his shirt front but stopped him; made Josh look at her.

‘I’m breaking my own rules,’ she whispered, on meeting a first kiss as Josh drew her to him. She groped and felt the hard swell in his chinos; sensed Josh’s evident strength and longing for her. ‘This is crazy…what’s happening so quickly!’

‘It’s what I feel on seeing you…’

She shuddered and sagged against him; felt Josh’s fingers tug loose the fastening of her dress and then the slow slip of the zip over her enervated skin. She hunched her shoulders and felt him ease the dress down; shivered at his touch on her back as nimble fingers unfastened her bra. His actions soon revealed the soft tumble of her large, firm breasts; how her nipples stood proud.

‘You wonder…what you bring to me,’ he whispered. ‘That you should bring this to me.. a stranger,’ she heard him say.

Josh buried his face to them and she guided his sucking kisses; all the while tugging on his shirt until it slipped over his shoulders. He took a step away, but canlı kaçak iddaa she held his wrists as, together, they tugged on his belt and unfastened his chinos.

Josh felt her hair brush his skin as she looked down; clamped the swell in his briefs before her fingers tugged at the waist band and his straining prick sprang free; her soft gasp accompanied by his growl of admission for all that being with her had aroused in him and so quickly.

‘See what you’ve done to me?’ he quipped on a teasing smile. ‘It’s all I have…’

‘And all that I can take,’ she said on looking into his eyes.

From a mat of hair, that spiralled up over his belly, sprang his erection; its glistening tip prompting her to kneel down and to put her mouth to it; her fingers brazenly caressing its length; a hand squeezing rhythmically on his sac. She worked him expertly; felt Josh’s hands in her hair to guide her in these claims upon him.

‘Do you want this from me?’ Trish asked. She had felt his coaxing touches as she knelt before him; shivered at the prospect of what would follow and after the briefest of introductions. His touch was hot on her bare skin; his caresses to her shoulders; fingers in her hair guiding her as she licked his shaft; circled the tip with her tongue before she again looked up at him and in response to his gentle tug on her hair. ‘Not now?’

He shook his head; she felt his touch on her shoulders, then the slide of questing, gently squeezing fingers over her arms and breasts as he leant forward and kissed her upturned face, then parted lips. She felt the rush and wetness between her legs and responded with fiery kisses.

‘No, we try this…and then so much more.’

He drew her against him; had her raise one leg around his hip before he lifted her; clamped her buttocks fiercely and to have her feel the press of his prick against her belly; her instinctive response to claim it; to feel the slow slip against her moist lips as his fingers worked her opening; had her rise, and fall, to meet these deepening touches.

‘Crazy…crazy!’ she gasped and pushing down to meet his claims. ‘I…I can’t go on!’

‘Try!’ His lips tugged on her nipples and his fingers worked to open her; one finger then another. ‘What you bring and do make me want you!’

And then…

Then Josh lowered her onto him, and she felt the breath catch in her throat as he seemed to climb higher and higher within her body; to caress and stretch her until she clung to him; tore her mouth from his sought-after kisses that would silence he cries of wanton abandon. She gasped in time with his taking of her; Josh’s prick moving like a piston in its sleeve as he claimed her in these beguiling tempestuous ways.

‘You…you wonder…you young wonder!’

Josh carried her to the bed and knelt on the edge; kept his hold upon her as she canlı kaçak bahis was lowered onto the cool sheet and he slowly began a sinuous tamp of her body; felt her push up to claim and tug on him; to feel his hands grip her breasts and squeeze hard; felt his lips claim and tug on her nipples as if they would be torn from her body.

‘Do it fast!’ she gasped and pushing up on the bed; her feet scrabbling to make it happen; her fierce tugs on him making Josh groan in pleasure.

‘I want to fuck…really fuck!’ he cried out as she set an unrelenting rhythm; heard the slap of their skins against each other; the crash of his hips upon her.

‘Josh! Yes…so do I…so do I! she cried out, the tears springing to her eyes as she felt her approaching climax…then another…and another; her shudders met by his kisses and easing of the pace. She stopped. ”Oh God…a condom…use a condom!’

‘Hell…now of all times!’ He’d forgotten, such was the urgency to know her.

Josh remained so deep within her but was still; he reached for the box, so conveniently placed on the bedside cabinet and pulled one free. She felt empty as he withdrew from her; watched in fascination as he tore away the wrapping and felt his hands brush her thighs as, together, they drew it over his penis. Then, he was poised over her for only a moment before plunging in; drew her to him as he slammed into her and she pushed back; thrust her feet into the mattress and raised her hips to meet his fast pounding rhythm.

‘Go on…go on…finish it!’ She gasped, her head shaking from side to side and her eyes sightless as she came; felt the rush of his orgasm and flooding of her in jetting, tingling rushes that the condom could not deny to her. ‘Again…do it for me, again!’

She felt Josh slump down upon her and she basked in their shared heat; reached between their bodies to caress her wet, soft folds and the base of his prick where she clamped on it.

He kept her to him as they rolled over. Josh soon lay on his back. He reached out to brush away her hair; saw the soft glow on her skin and obliged her, as she pressed her breasts to his lips.

‘You’ve done it all for me…it felt so good,’ he told her, his hands stroking her body, wonderingly.

‘And the night’s only just begun,’ she kissed, quite unwilling to let this young guy go after one session, that had taken her breath away for its spontaneity. They were all but strangers outside their bed. ‘Can you keep it up…I wonder?’ she soon asked on nuzzling kisses to his lips, such familiarity not a part of these sessions, or only with a partner’s consent. The rule book had been cast aside.

‘What do you think?’ he grinned, ‘and there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?’

Trish nodded. She knew that this guy would ease away her doubts about her continued membership of the group. None of the men that pitched up did it for her.

‘I’ll sit on you and ride your pole,’ she smiled, moving to straddle him and loving the ways that his lips paid homage to her breasts. ‘You can see me and I can please myself while you’re at it.’


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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‘And don’t expect any favours Lisa, look how he’s treated me these years. Go on then, go with him… get out!

These were the last words you heard from your mother. There has been nothing since.

That was three years ago now. You had just turned 19, your mother and father Steve were separating and in the process of divorce. You wanted to live with him. Little did your mother know that you harbored such intense sexual feelings for Steve and couldn’t wait to be alone and free with him. There had always been that special attraction and closeness (not to mention the night after you got back from the pub celebrating your 18th birthday with friends, you masturbated him enjoying the sticky creamy cum in your fingers and the wonderful salty sweet taste as you slowly licked it, scooping it up with your tongue.) From that time on, you and he were a special secretive couple. He your father and you slowly becoming his little fuck toy. He said he would teach you all sorts of things, and being the obedient learner, you literally gave your body and soul to the pursuit of pleasure, taking and giving. Now that’s all you want to be: Daddy’s little whore.

You smiled seductively, running your tongue around your lips as you remembered the day you saw him softly rubbing your underwear when he collected it from the line. That was something you set up: specifically putting your sexy lingerie; sheer lacey bras, g strings and the crotch-less panties in the laundry basket. You knew he would get an instant hard on and it was your job to relieve that pressure. You loved it anywhere: on your body, between your 36c tits, in your hair, face, mouth, pussy and especially deep in your arse. He was insatiable and so were you.

Three years of learning and sharing and it only gets better. You graduated from the red brick university in Bristol and were now working as a contract forensic financial auditor. Little did your work colleagues know that you lived a double-life. They thought you so prim and proper.

He said that eroticism was mainly a function of the brain which was the most erogenous of organs. You were stimulated now, feeling the growing dampness in your cunt and sensing the stain spreading across the sheer material of your red thong, sticking to your lips and creeping along the thin strand of material which was trapped between your cheeks and tight against your asshole. You had done as he asked of you: the black spaghetti strap dress against which your nipples were protruding as if asking to be pinched and squeezed right now.

The text had said ‘I’ll be there at 6.30pm.’ You knew he was horny too and it wouldn’t be long before he would arrive.

You had spent a long time in the bathroom preparing yourself as you knew illegal bahis he liked. Well showered and shampooed. You douched and made sure that you were clean inside and out including in and around your puckered asshole, oiled your labia and perineum taking a small bit of pleasure as you touched yourself. You were ready and wanted to be touched and probed everywhere now!

You couldn’t help but cast your mind back to last night when he closed the bathroom door quietly and then rubbed his body hard against you making sure you felt his cock against your ass. Silently his hand moved to your front and into your sleep shorts. He smiled that smile again and wasted no time running his fingers against your cunt before suddenly pushing 2 into you. There was no warning, just the sudden thrust and they were fully in, stretching your opening and pushing against your inner wall as you began to moisten up. Your hands grabbed the bathroom sink as you moaned in pleasure at the roaming digits and bending over you pushed your ass harder against his cock which was now pushing the material of your sleep shorts into it eagerly awaiting the opening that was soon to come. His other hand grabbed hold of your left tit, squeezing it and pinching the nipple, before moving to the right and doing the same thing.

Your hands grabbed hold of the sink tighter turning your knuckles white as he finger fucked you, and dry fucked your ass. You heard him whisper “such a dirty whore for her daddy,” as he withdrew both his hands and literally ripped the shorts straight down your thighs and off your ankles. Pushing you harder against the sink, he lifted one leg so your pussy was more exposed. Spitting into his other hand he fully cupped your cunt rubbing his saliva in with your slickness and then brought it around your front and rubbed your mouth with it. He did this three times before taking more and rubbing his cock, which was now out of his pants. Bending down slightly he guided his cock along your lips and upwards to rub against your clit. Your labia were rubbing the base of his shaft as he pushed back and forth against your cunt. Without any warning he guided towards your opening and thrust hard. It slipped in, his cock head stretching you more as he pushed straight up, going in to the hilt. You gasped at the suddenness of the penetration and felt the tip of his cock against your cervix. He withdrew and you heard, as he did, a squelchy sound as your moisture in your cunt gave way to a slightly thicker, creamier secretion, coating his cock and as he pushed hard in again, some of it ran down your inner thigh.

He began to thrust harder, back and forth and pushing up as far as he could go. Your lower stomach was squashed tight against the sink and you opened your eyes illegal bahis siteleri to see your breasts, slightly flushed and nipples fully extended. You could see his face over your shoulder, eyes shut, teeth gritted together as he fucked you. Harder and harder he pushed as if he was punishing you in some way, but you knew he wasn’t… you loved and wanted it just as much as he.

You heard, before you felt, the smack of his palm against your right ass cheek. Again and again he did this and between smacks would gently rub each cheek, apply his finger to your asshole, but not penetrate, just push insistently, teasing you, knowing that very soon his finger would be in unison with his cock. You were dripping as he slowed his motion down. “Daddy does get a little tired darling,” he whispered. “I will cum very soon,” he added and with that, rubbed his finger in a circular motion around your asshole, before slowly pushing in, stretching your sphincter and gaining a warmth gripping feeling past his second knuckle. You sensed and he could feel the thin internal membrane rub against his cock and his finger both inside you and only separated by such a tiny width.

You moaned and almost yelled “Please, please… harder and deeper, fuck me, oh fuck me I’m coming.” He could feel the internal gripping and letting go simultaneously on finger and cock, pulsating as you started shaking and moving your ass in orgasm. He grabbed your nipple with his free hand and pinched it hard, grabbed the flesh of your tit and pulled and pushed it, harder and harder. Moving from one to the other as he roughly now finger fucked your ass and thrust his cock backwards and forwards. You were cumming and the wetness from your cunt was like a small torrent: not the squirt which he was able to get you to do, not at this angle anyway. “Oh daddy,” you cried as the shakes took a hold of your body. He pulled on your hair, exposing your neck and lowering his lips and teeth to that soft flesh, gave you little bites, between the tugs on your hair which stretched the surface of your scalp. Suddenly he pulled out, pulled you back from the sink, turned you around and with hands now on your shoulders pushed you down to your knees and guiding his cock towards your lips you opened your mouth. He brought himself closer to you and pulling on his cock let go the first spurt of his cum onto your tongue and then pushed himself into your mouth and fucked it, as he continued to empty the next three spurts down the back of throat. You sucked him dry. “Good little girl, daddy’s girl, daddy’s whore,” he said.

That was less than 24 hours ago and now he’s ready, as you are, for the next session.

The door opened and there he was. He leant forward and you responded giving a gentle but canlı bahis siteleri seductive kiss on the lips in greeting. Both tongues protruded slightly and you could smell his aftershave, woody and enticing enter your nostrils. It was like a pheromone and you weakened slightly at the knees, clasping your thighs together feeling more wetness escape your cunt. It did not help matters when he slowly licked your lips and sucked in the bottom one ever so slightly and you felt his hand gently graze across your ass, cupping each cheek insistently. He moved his face back a little and stared straight into your eyes. It was intrusive and you and he both gave a moan in unison. He leant back in towards your ear and said “Good girl, black dress,” and lifting it up to your hips “and red thong.”

“I love your willingness, and my darling Lisa, you look absolutely ravishing!”

As they moved to the lounge-room couch you placed your hand on his upper thigh and then mirrored every action that he was applying to you. First clockwise, then counter clockwise, a gentle squeeze and a pushing apart of the legs, higher and higher both hands went, teasing and enticing but never making contact with the spot that was now so demanding for ministration. You sensed, rather than felt his growing erection as he too involuntarily parted his legs wider, inviting you in and up. You did the same, shuffling slightly, knowing that you were so wet and desperately wanting that touch on your cunt and the stimulation of your clit. The teasing was uniform. You whispered “I’m so wet daddy,” and he replied “I’m so hard, and your tits, my god!” As if by remote control at his mention of the word tits, you felt your nipples harden more and strain against the black fabric. There was no denying their excitable state. Somehow he had become intertwined with your body and the mere mention of a key word elicited a sexual arousal within you.

Suddenly, as you weren’t expecting it, he pushed you forward into the back of the couch. You moaned in pleasure and let him guide your hand down to your legs where you realized that he wanted you to place it between your thighs. He slowly guided it up, you parted your thighs, and as if by a sixth sense and knowing intimately the shape and feel of your body, he gripped your hand just millimetres from your cunt and slowly drew it back up. He took your fingers and brought them up to his lips and gently sucked on them giving the tip a bit of a nibble. “I will suck your juices from your finger tips my darling,” he whispered. You stuttered a response of “Yes and I will suck your juices too daddy, yes, I will…anything!”

You felt yourself secreting and knew that it was now more than just a little moisture, but you had advanced to the next level where it was quite thick and sticky. You were well lubricated and shuffled slightly, again bringing your legs together and apart, up and down, spreading the slickness all around your pussy as much as you could. Oh… how you wanted to cum so much!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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It had only been two weeks as college roommates at the on-campus dorms, but the two young men got along well. Jasper was kind, with an easy laugh and a welcoming presence. He had long golden hair that grew to the middle of his back and expressive deep green eyes. He was in basketball, so his frame was muscular and lean. The other man, Clark, had short brown hair that paired nicely with his light amber eyes. He was as tall as Jasper and skinny, but not boney. Their schedules were pretty lined up: they each had two classes in the morning, they ate lunch together, and Jasper came back from basketball practice just as Clark was getting ready for bed. The only difference was that Clark didn’t have class in the afternoon but Jasper did.

One night, about another week in, Jasper asked Clark if it would be okay if his best friend swung by and Clark said he didn’t mind. He had finished most of his homework and he was curious about the company Jasper kept. He didn’t have anything major planned, just reading, and he could still do that if he didn’t get along with his roommate’s friend. Around 9:30 p.m. Jasper’s friend Demetrius arrived. He was a very tall, broadly muscular, handsome African American, with hazel eyes and short locs that framed his face well. He came in with a dazzling smile, a case of beer and a bottle of rum. After introductions he invited Clark to drink.

The three of them sat on the floor talking and laughing. Demetrius was just as warm as Jasper, but he was a bit more playful. There was something about the easy-goingness of it all and maybe even a little bit of the alcohol flowing, but Clark began to really look at Jasper. He knew he was attractive, but tonight he noticed him just a little bit more. Like just how graceful his movements were, how deep his laugh would drop if the joke was raunchy, how his eyes widened when he was excited. The curve of his neck and the tanned smoothness of his skin. He ran his fingers through his hair a lot and when he did it showed off the contours of his face, the perfect sculpt of his eyebrows and his naturally tinted pink lips. Jasper wasn’t just attractive; he was fucking gorgeous. After a time Clark couldn’t look at Jasper without blushing. He feared he would stumble and say something embarrassing. He tried to engage a bit longer, but the moment Jasper caught his eye and smirked at him, he realized he was at his limit and he needed to excuse himself. He said he had to get ready for bed, thanked Demetrius for the alcohol then began gathering his things to go take a shower. Even though he had already taken one that afternoon, he needed an excuse to get away from Jasper and maybe even rub one out real quick.

After Clark had left Demetrius grinned, “Well damn Jazz,” at Jasper’s confused cocked eyebrow he explained, “he’s pretty cute, you get his number yet?”

“He’s my roommate Dee, I’m not going to make it weird,” Jasper answered easily, “I’ve got to live with this guy for a whole semester. I’m not going to make it uncomfortable for him,” he scooted closer like he had a secret to tell, “You’re right though he’s cute,” he gave his friend a grin, “every once in a while, he’ll come in shirtless and I get some eye candy out of it. He’s cut under that tee shirt. Hairless, with these nice sized suckable nipples…” he trailed off thinking about just how badly he wanted to nibble on them, “but, uh…anyways…”

“Sure you don’t want that number?” Demetrius chuckled.

“Nah, I really don’t want to mess up the vibe, you know. He’s a damn good roommate.”

Demetrius scratched his nose, a sign he was about ask something that might not be received well, “So you’re not going to get mad if I try to…”

Jasper shook his head, but still felt a twinge of something deep in his belly he didn’t like. Nevertheless, he had no real reason to stop his friend so he said, “No, I’m not going to get mad but what about Sheila? Are you not talking to her anymore?”

“We’re still talkin’. We’re open I told you that.”

“Well you kept saying you guys were but I’d never seen it. You two are glued at the hip.”

Demetrius laughed, “That’s just because the opportunity never came up. But you been holding out on me, didn’t tell me about your friend Clark!”

Jasper shook his head, eyes twinkling, “Look bro, do whatever you need to do. I won’t get in your way,” he forced a crooked grin as that twinge came back.

When Clark returned he saw Demetrius and Jasper leaning on the foot of Jasper’s bed shoulder to shoulder looking at memes and videos on Jasper’s tablet. Jasper looked up at him and for some reason winked. It made his cheeks flame and he was glad of the dimness of the room.

Demetrius looked up and asked, “Sure you don’t want to stay up a little later with us? We were thinking about getting some more alcohol and watching a movie.”

“No I should probably go to bed, but thanks for thinking of me,” Clark glanced over at Jasper and nodded his chin at him, “he knows I’m a deep sleeper, y’all won’t disturb me.”

“Alright illegal bahis man, if you’re sure,” Demetrius looked back at the tablet.

Clark gave Jasper a smile then settled into his bed for the night, tucking the comforter under his chin.

The next day Clark’s phone alarm woke him, but when he went to press snooze, there was a piece of paper on it. He grumbled, hit snooze, then lifted the paper and saw that it had a phone number on it. Just then Jasper walked into the room. He was clearly coming back from the cafeteria. He had a to-go bowl of oatmeal in his hand and a piece of toast between his teeth.

Clark lifted the paper and waved it, “What’s this about?” he asked.

Jasper spit the toast out and it landed on his bed, “Demetrius wanted to give you his number.”

“Oh, I’m glad he wants to keep in touch. I was nervous meeting your friend,” Clark looked at the floor, “I was afraid he wouldn’t like me.”

“What would make you think that? Demetrius likes everyone!” Jasper picked up his toast and took a big bite, watching Clark with his emerald eyes.

“I don’t know,” said Clark as he looked back at Jasper, “I thought he was just being polite because he’s your friend and I’m your roommate.”

Jasper tilted his head, looking silly with the toast he had almost finished in his mouth. He realized Clark wasn’t understanding so he clarified, “Yeah well, if you swing that way there’s his number.”

“Oh!” Clark’s eyebrows rose, “I didn’t realize you meant he wanted to be more than friends.”

Jasper cocked a brow, “I know you’re not offended. Your sister came up two days ago with that pride pin on her backpack. So you’re either an ally, if not in the community yourself.”

Clark blinked, “So, what, two days ago you just decided I was gay?”

Jasper chuckled, “Oh no! I had my suspicion since I first met you, seeing your sister just confirmed it.”

“Just because my sister had an Ace pin on doesn’t mean that I’m gay.”

Jasper stuffed the rest of his toast into his mouth, “Okay, true true. You got me there,” he swallowed and gave him a devastatingly handsome smile, “But the two of you are very close. It was cute. Anyway, clearly you’re not scared of us or anything.”

“Us?” Clark lifted a brow again.

Jasper smirked, “Yeah us. Me, Demetrius, your sister and…maybe you?”

Clark laughed and waved his hand, “Yeah yeah, us,” he confirmed.

Jasper snapped suddenly and gave him finger guns, “I knew it! So, going to call him?”

“Probably not for anything other than friendship,” Clark shrugged, “he’s a nice guy and I enjoyed his company a lot, but I didn’t feel an attraction to him or anything like that.”

“That’s cool,” Jasper was only mildly surprised by the relief he felt. He actually wasn’t sure what he would do if Clark had been excited about getting the number. Leaving the dorm so they could fuck would be awkward as hell. How could he hang out with them if they were dating? That thought gave birth to another one, “Damn man, I mean, I never even thought to ask if you were already taken before I started wingmaning.”

“No I’m not, but I’m not really looking though either. I mean if it happens it happens, but I’m not one of those people who doesn’t know how to be alone. I don’t need to be part of a pair.”

“Oh shit, that reminds me, Demetrius has a girlfriend. They’re open and all but if that’s not your scene then…”

“Thanks for the heads up, but like I said, I’m not interested in him anyway,” Clark looked away he wasn’t sure what to say after. He hoped Jasper wouldn’t be upset and think the rejection meant Clark thought Demetrius wasn’t good enough or something.

His worry was on his face and Jasper was suddenly in front of him, he pulled the lid off his oatmeal then squat down. He looked up at him with a serious expression, “Hey, like, if you’re uncomfortable that he’s crushin’ on you, I can meet him at the mall or Starbucks or something. He doesn’t have to come back here you know,” he took a bite of his oatmeal.

“I’m not uncomfortable, I just don’t want you to think ill of me for not giving him a chance. I just I don’t feel anything like that, that’s all. I figure we can all be adults about it. Demetrius is free to come whenever. Like I said before, I enjoyed my time with him.”

“Alright,” Jasper reached out and clasped Clark’s knee and squeezed, “well anyway, that’s settled,” he gave him a grin then stood and turned away.

Clark, with his heart thundering, asked, “Well, since we’re on the subject…are you seeing anyone?”

Jasper looked over his shoulder, pushing his hope way down, “Nope, mostly just don’t have time. Between basketball practice and classes it’s too hard to date.”

“I’m surprised,” said Clark softly.

Jasper flopped onto his bed and scraped the last of his oatmeal out of the cardboard container not looking at Clark and asked, “Really? Why?”

Clark just shrugged, looking at the floor again, “You know, the usual…you’re a nice guy, smart, illegal bahis siteleri handsome…yada yada yada,” he glanced up and he was met by Jasper’s beautiful eyes looking at him over the rim of his cardboard bowl. Spoon in midair, the man frozen, but smirking. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before Jasper dropped his eyes and finally ate the last of his oatmeal. He threw the empty container into the trash then leaned back on his hands and smiled at Clark.

Jasper looks sexy Clark thought. He wanted to know why he wasn’t speaking. Had he said something wrong? Stupid? But there was an atmosphere building in the air and he was too afraid to break it to ask why his roommate was just looking at him. He couldn’t pinpoint Jasper’s expression, but he looked almost smug, like he had won something. But Clark had no idea what in their conversation made Jasper feel victorious.

Finally, the blonde spoke, “Thanks, but yeah it’s not lack of confidence. It truly is lack of time.”

They looked at each other for a few minutes longer and Clark knew something had changed between them, but it wouldn’t be for a while that he would realize what it was.

As the days passed Clark and Jasper began hanging out more often. Anytime one of them found themselves with unexpected free time they would text the other to see if they happened to be free also. More than a couple of times it was clear the other man was ditching a class or study time to hang out, though neither of them acknowledged it. There was something about both of them acknowledging their sexual orientation and Clark’s disinterest in Demetrius that seem to bring them closer together. At first in a friendly way, but as the days progressed they became a little flirtatious with one another.

They began to use inuendo and double-entendres in their speech to one another. More than once Jasper had gotten Clark to blush and Clark had gotten Jasper to lose his train of thought. Then began the touching. Nothing sexual in nature, just a hand on the shoulder or a steadying grip on an elbow. Clark began to use Jasper’s thigh as leverage whenever he stood up. Jasper would touch the small of Clark’s back when they were side by side, speaking to others. Clark would study on the floor next to Jasper’s bed and enjoy his friend’s fingers carding though his hair every now and again. So Clark, using their study habits as justification, rustled up the courage one night to ask Jasper if he could comb his hair. Jasper had agreed and it had led to him sitting on the ground between Clark’s legs while they watched Alien 3. Clark had combed his hair then braided it and was pleased that Jasper didn’t move until the movie was over. Once ended the two friends said goodnight to one another and went to their respective beds, neither one of them pushing for anything more. Still though, Clark was fairly sure he had felt a charge between, and he really really hoped it wasn’t one-sided.

The next day Demetrius came over and he brought Sasha his girlfriend. She was cute and kind and Clark liked her immediately. Her skin was a lighter shade of brown than Demetrius’ and she was short, plump and very curvy. She wasn’t dressed provocatively but she did look sexy in her tight black skinny jeans and low cut red t-shirt. They decided to go out for lunch instead of the campus cafeteria.

They found a small diner that served breakfast food all day and the four of them spoke easily and laughed often. Demetrius had started watching Clark and Jasper, they seemed to be flirting a bit and he was intrigued. When Clark announced he needed to use the restroom Demetrius was going to ask Jasper what was up, but Sasha spoke first.

“You two are adorable together,” she said with a smile, “how long have you been dating?”

Jasper looked surprised and his eyes darted over to Demetrius’ quickly then back to Sasha, “Uh, we’re not.”

“Maybe y’all should then…” she smirked.

“He’s just a good roommate that’s all. He’s my friend so we’re close.”

Demetrius laughed, “We’re close Jazz and I’ve never seen you look at me like you wanna climb me like a tree!”

Sasha chuckled, “Yeah and I’m pretty sure Clark would spread his branches for you too,” that line just made her boyfriend laugh louder and Jasper blush up to his ears. She reached forward and touched Jasper’s hand, “make a move. I’m pretty sure he likes you.”

“Yeah bro,” Demetrius nodded, “plus, it’s near the end of the semester, if we’re wrong, then request for a transfer to another dorm. J building is always open because it’s close to the train.”

Jasper nodded, then took a deep breath, “Maybe…I’ll think about it though,” he glanced at Demetrius, “hey, uh, thanks for being understanding.”

Demetrius waved his hand with a grin, he had long ago given up on Clark when the man never called him. Clark came back and slid into the booth, closer to Jasper this time. After a while Demetrius noticed a strand of Jasper’s hair closest to Clark was moving canlı bahis siteleri while they ate and he realized that Clark must be whirling it underneath the table. He kicked Jasper’s boot and when the man looked up he gave him a smirk, just then Clark looked up and both men blushed then looked back at their food. The hair movement stopped.

After eating Demetrius suggested they go walk around the outside mall of outlet stores. It wasn’t too cold, but they each still needed a hoodie. Well Sasha was wearing an adorable black denim jacket. They decided to get coffees as they shopped and after leaving the third store Jasper, not saying a word, reached over and took Clark’s hand into his. Sasha glanced over at the movement, then smiled to herself and nudged Demetrius to look over too. He caught Jasper’s eye and gave him a wink, but that was the last it was acknowledged.

Clark nor Jasper brought up the hand holding, which didn’t stop until they piled into Demetrius’ car to go back on campus. Back at the dorm, Jasper said he was going to take a shower and Clark, still nervous about what had happened that afternoon, just pulled on his pajamas and went to bed. He would shower tomorrow after lunch since he didn’t have an afternoon class.

The next day things went as normal, Clark and Jasper got up, shuffled around the room getting ready then left for morning classes. During class Clark made up an excuse not to meet Jasper for lunch and texted his apology. The morning had been difficult for Clark. He was hyper aware of every move his roommate made. The hand Jasper had held still had the subtle scent of his cologne on it. His heart had been beating wildly and he knew they should probably have a proper discussion, but all he could think about was just how cute Jasper looked sleep mussed and yawning. So he would address the ramping up of their flirtations later. Right now, he wanted time to get his thoughts in order.


Jasper huffed and placed his hands on his hips as he stood outside of his classroom door after lunch. He wished his professor had sent an email to cancel the class not just put a sign on the door after he’s run across campus to not be late. Marigold, a woman in his class, stepped up then let out of growl of frustration.

She spoke, “I mean, I know I should be happy for him, pretty sure this means his wife is finally giving birth, but also, I had to pay for bus fare to get here. Feel like I should get reimbursed or something,” she pursed her lips in aggravation.

Jasper chuckled, “Yeah,” he glanced down at her, “not a fan.”

He clapped his hands then turned and left. He didn’t know what he was going to do now that he had all this free time. He should go to the library to study, but he knew Clark didn’t have afternoon classes and the thought of spending time with him was far more appealing. Jasper was slowly getting used to the fact that anytime he thought about Clark it made him a little giddy. He was 95% sure Clark felt the same way seeing as he hadn’t pulled his hand away at the outlet mall. He didn’t know how to bring it up though, it had been years since he actively pursued someone. He figured he’d just play it by ear like he had thus far.

Jasper already had his card key out when he approached his dorm room door and threw it open. He heard a yelp and things falling to the ground and his eyes grew wide when he saw Clark. Clark was standing in the center of room completely naked, hands over his crotch, but he hadn’t been fast enough and Jasper had gotten a clear view of his body.

“Oh,” Jasper whispered softly.

“Did you see?!” Clark cried looking horrified.

Jasper knew what he was talking about, there was no reason lying to him about it, so he simply said, “Yeah.”

Clark groaned and turned his back to Jasper, “Why are you here?” He whispered.

“Class was canceled. Guess Mr. Steven’s wife is finally in labor,” he shrugged. It was silent for a while as Clark rummaged through his drawer. Jasper didn’t like the awkward feeling in the air. He didn’t want Clark to think he was judging his body negatively so he felt like he should say something, “like, I don’t care you know. I mean…about your body,” he shut and locked the door, “it is what it is…”

Clark quickly pulled up a pair of boxer briefs then looked over his shoulder, “I don’t want to talk about it,” he snapped.

“You don’t have to, just listen,” Jasper sighed, “like it’s not a deal breaker or anything.”

Clark lifted a brow, “What,” he chuckled with no mirth as he turned around, “am I auditioning for something?”

Jasper shrugged, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He licked his lips then decided to be a bit more obvious, “Nah, I’m just saying I’m not a size queen or anything.”

Clark blinked, stunned. He knew what Jasper’s words were implying but he didn’t know if that was Jasper’s true intent. He realized he’d have to pick his next words carefully, “So, you had experience with this before then?”


“Then how do you know it won’t be a problem?” Clark demanded.

Jasper took a few steps further into the room and threw his backpack to the floor by the foot of his bed. He never took his eyes off Clark, “Because you’re still you,” he said softly, sincerely.

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Preggo at the Party

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My high school friend, Derrick, is a member of a frat, and has been trying to get me to attend a fraternity or sorority party with him for close to two years now. I’d planned to start studying for finals tonight, but I can’t seem to manage to start. It’s 1:45 AM, I can’t sleep, and I’m bored as hell alone in my studio apartment: just about the only conditions under which I’d consider one of Derrick’s parties. I text him about the sorority kegger he’d told me about a few days ago, wondering if he was still up and raging. He certainly was, and thrilled that I’d finally accepted one of his invitations.

I grab an Uber and head over, getting to the sorority right around 2. I text Derrick when I get there, not wanting to walk in alone. He comes out, gives me a huge, sloppily-drunk hug, and leads me in. I’m pressured instantly, both by Derrick and by a host of other partygoers I’ve never seen before, to catch up to them drinking-wise. By this time of night and how long they’ve been at it, that’s pretty much impossible, but I decide to binge a bit for the pure irresponsible fun of it. Twenty minutes in, I’m at three shots of 151 and two keg-stands. I can barely stand, things starting to spin nauseously around me: I haven’t imbibed like this in well over a year, and maybe never in my life as quickly as this. I stumble outside, puking two steps into their backyard.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” I hear from behind me. Feeling a great deal better with most of the liquor outside of my body again, I’m able to lift my head and turn to see a young lady approaching from a lawn chair a few yards to my right. She’s got dark brown hair to her shoulders, wearing a sorority sweatshirt and tight jeggings. I can immediately tell that her hands in her sweatshirt pockets are pulling outward, trying to hide her condition. I’ve got a keen eye for such things, though, and clock her as pregnant in about two seconds.

“You’re pregnant!” I exclaim, definitely less inebriated now but tongue apparently still significantly loosened. I might just get out of the way right now that that “keen eye” I mentioned for spotting pregnancies is just one facet of my deep and passionate pregnant fetish. As soon as I make the declaration, I’m alerted to the danger of such predilections coming to light, which would certainly make this poor girl uncomfortable/disgusted/horrified/etc. I can harmlessly exercise my general (even non-sexual!) fascination with pregnancy by having a nice polite conversation with this person, but I will be doing my damnedest not to make things weird for her. I think I’m at least sober enough for that.

She laughs nervously, face reddened, removing her hands from her pockets to place them directly atop her protruding midsection. “You got me!” she says quietly. “You are okay, though?”

I nod, blushing in turn. “I’m okay…I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to blurt that out, I don’t mean to be nosy or anything.” I pop a piece of gum as she comes closer. “What are you doing out here? I had to puke, you may have noticed. I’m Mark, by the way.”

“Jenny.” She smiles (very pretty!) and laughs. “Yes, you made your intentions out here very clear. As for me, my sorority sisters finally got me out of my room for a party for the first time since I started showing. I couldn’t handle the smell in there, though: I was about to puke myself. Too loud even with my door closed to get any sleep, so I decided to get some quiet, fresh air out here. Aaaaaaand you came and puked in my yard.” She laughs softly, as do I.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Is there a hose around or something?” She shakes her head. “Well, we can at least move away from it.” I gesture toward the lawn chairs she was enjoying before I intruded. “Can we sit down?”

She puts her hands on her hips, belly protruding even further, and groans under her breath. “Yeah, I could get off my feet again.” We sit next to each other, maybe two feet apart, angled perfectly to allow for eye contact but not require it. It’s about 60 degrees out, a nice, clear late-April night. “I’ve gotta say, I did not expect someone to choose the awkward pregnant girl over the party.”

I shake my head. “A lot of boring people in there. A seriously pregnant sorority girl in the backyard at 2:30 canlı bahis şirketleri in the morning? Very interesting. No one’s been keeping you company out here?”

She frowns. “No, no. I kinda fade into the corner inside since I’m not in the middle of the partying, and I’m apparently pretty much forgotten out here. I might not normally be thrilled with my situation being referred to as ‘interesting,’ but I’ve got to say it’s significantly better than 99% of folks being so awkward around a pregnant college student that they won’t even make eye contact with me. And, as you so quickly discovered, I cannot hide my condition very well at this point. So…thank you for talking to me, I guess!” She looks down, but not before I see the tears welling in her eyes.

“People are very, very stupid. And you’re very, very brave. I cannot even imagine. Still in classes?” She looks up, tears still on her cheeks, and smiles as she nods. I return the smile. “So, how do you do it?”

She thinks for a few moments, looking into the distance. “Well, if you want to get to where I am, you first have to be willing to have sex irresponsibly. Which, last summer, I apparently was. I had the inciting sex with the father in this very house, too drunk to check whether he indeed put a condom on. So, yeah, he didn’t. The prick. I knew him from about a hundred parties, never exchanged a sober word with him, always found him pretty obnoxious besides the few minutes before we hooked up, apparently. I haven’t even told him I’m pregnant, and don’t intend for him to ever know. Better to go it alone than to force an asshole to stay in your life for 18 years, I’m thinking.”

I nod thoughtfully. “Tough calculation to have to consider.”

She nods heavily. “Yes. Yes it is. I have a decent job, though, and I’m lucky enough to have a bit of family money, so the financial aspect isn’t such a huge deal. Very, very privileged on that. And that my parents have been shockingly cool about all this. I’ll be staying with them after the semester ends, living with them for at least a few months once the baby comes. I’m about 7 months along now, will be about 8 for finals, then just a few weeks to prepare to give birth. And I’ll complete my senior year in some fashion as soon as I conceivably can.”

“It’s incredible that you’re finishing this year.”

“Yeah, I just couldn’t stand to fall too far behind. I fucked up and got knocked up, but I don’t want that to derail my life any more than it absolutely has to. This semester, though, while I’ve been showing more and more and less and less able to hide the pregnancy, I’ve been second-guessing my decision just a bit. I feel like a non-person no one will talk to at the same time as the object of everyone’s gossipy attention. It’s super shitty, not gonna lie. Wish I could feel excited for the baby rather than constantly humiliated, but what are you gonna do? I’ve always wanted to be a mother, I was hoping to be one in the next few years anyway, and having just one more year of school to get through as a mom isn’t so terrible. One semester, actually, if my advisor will sign-off on a few extra credits. So…yeah, it’s all roses and chocolate.”

I feel terrible for her struggles and in awe of her strength. “Goddamn. That sure is a lot. Let’s get out of here. The fountain in the south quad is only like a three minute walk from here, right? Shall we?” She smiles and nods as I stand to help her out of her chair. She takes my arm and we set off. Jenny and I are silent for the duration of our short walk: I imagine she is as taken with the stillness and quiet of the night as I am. We get to the pleasantly trickling fountain and take a seat on a park bench, no perceptible auditory or visual clue of another soul’s presence in the world. It’d be pretty damn lovely even without a preggo chick sitting two inches to my left.

Our comfortable silence is maintained for another five minutes or so before Jenny finally speaks. “Warm night, easily-overheated pregnant body,” she says quietly as she lifts her sweatshirt over her head. Underneath is a tight, black tank top that shows off impressive cleavage and clings beautifully to her substantial bump. She immediately hikes the tank up to just below her canlı kaçak iddaa breasts, revealing an impressively smooth belly with just a hint of a developing outie belly button. It’s about the size of a volleyball at this point in her pregnancy, and her hands massaging slowly all over her protuberance are not making me want to touch it any less.

“The baby just seems to need to breathe every once in a while,” she says with a contented smile. Her hands move toward the top of the left side of her bump and she releases a soft “Ooooh.” She grabs my left hand and places it firmly on the spot. “The baby’s kicking, feel!” Her excitement is contagious, especially as it’s my first time feeling a baby move inside the womb. It feels like magic and a serious honor to have this experience firsthand. Any erotic fantasies I may be harboring disappear for the moment, and nature’s miracles overwhelm me. I keep touching Jenny’s belly for what must be an awkward amount of time for her, well after she’s stopped guiding my hand with hers. Eventually, she’s giggling.

“Sorry, Mark, I don’t mean to laugh at you. It’s just…you really like touching my bump, don’t you?” I feel my face redden. “No, no, don’t be embarrassed!” she protests quickly. “It’s sweet, honestly. It’s really nice to have someone excited about it. I think it’s exciting, too. Can’t keep my hands off the belly either.” She motions with both hands towards the rest of her bump. “Feel wherever you’d like; knock yourself out!”

Obviously, I don’t need to be told twice. Permission granted, my hands are off to the races, exploring every inch of her delightful midsection. It’s firmest where the baby’s hanging out, but surprisingly firm elsewhere as well. It’s smooth and free of any blemish, with just a faint linea nigra and her modest outie to indicate the pregnancy (beyond the obvious swollen bump, of course). I press in hesitantly all over the place, rub gently, fiddle with her belly button. She remains relaxed, her increasingly leaned-back posture pushing her belly further out and allowing me even better access.

I’m lost in reverie for her form and the privilege of touching a wonderful bump, an activity I’ve fantasized about innumerable times and is somehow even better than I could’ve hoped. I couldn’t tell you how much time goes by, but Jenny never stops me. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying the massage. Having rubbed her belly at length, I eventually look down and notice my erection straining against the crotch of my jeans. I have no clue how long I’ve been visibly hard, and embarrassedly pull my shirt down in an attempt to conceal it. Jenny notices the lapse in the massage and glances down from her blissfully distracted state, smiling as she instantly discerns what I’m trying to obscure.

“Ohhhhhh…you REALLY like rubbing my belly, don’t you, Mark?” My face is beet red once again. “I…I’m…I’m sorry, Jenny. I really didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable…I’m a little drunk still, I think.” She smirks knowingly, nods slowly. “You’re into pregnant girls, huh? This isn’t something you’re learning about yourself just now, is it?” I feel myself somehow get even redder in the face, and I’m resigned to my fate. “Uhhh…yeah. Yes, I like pregnant girls. I’m sorry, it’s attractive to me. I’ve never had this kind of quality time with such an incredible belly, and I got a little too into it. We can just ignore this, I’ll walk you home, I won’t be creepy…”

She interrupts my stumbling apologies and rationalizations. “It is hot, Mark.” Her right hand is on my thigh and her voice has gone seductively husky. The quad remains absolutely still, middle-of-the-night quiet. Not trying to get ahead of myself, but further (i.e., sexual…) fantasies might just be attainable in my current situation. Her left hand slowly and steadily rubs her bump as she continues. “What do you like about pregnancy, Mark? All the extra curves? That it’s kinda forbidden, taboo? The fact that it’s visible, tangible evidence that I like to fuck? The complete loss of control over my body that comes with it?”

I have to concentrate very, very intensely in order not to shoot in my pants. My dick is painfully cramped within the tight confines of my jeans’ crotch. Her right canlı kaçak bahis hand is creeping very slowly across my thigh towards my conspicuous bulge, her left hand down her smooth bump towards her crotch. “I like all the curves,” I finally manage to get out. She nods in agreement. “Me too, Mark. Me too.” One more look around to make sure we remain alone, and she decides it’s safe to get brazen. She’s at my zipper, it’s down, and her hand quickly finds its way into my boxers, grabbing my painfully hard cock. She takes it out, beginning to stroke very slowly. I wind my left arm below her right, finding my way down into her jeggings and discovering a thrilling lack of underwear and pubic hair. Her pussy’s soaking wet and very much ready for me.

We touch each other slowly and deliberately, a moan escaping from one or both of us every few seconds. Knowing I’m not going to last long at all and not wanting our climaxes to be too far from each other, I focus mainly on her clit, obviously swollen with maternal hormones and positively slick with vaginal fluids. Her back arches, belly visibly contracting as muscles all over her respond to my touch. It’s as much as I can take, and I feel my cock starting to spasm. She leans over, my hand still down her pants, taking me in her mouth as I cum. She’s managing to keep all but a tiny drop of my load in her mouth even through the loud moans that accompany her own orgasm.

I remove my hand from her pants and grip her right tit under her tank top once I finally feel her vaginal muscles relax, then I lean over to lick the single bead of cum from her bottom lip as I kiss her deeply. She lets every muscle in her body relax, head hanging off the back of the bench and legs spread straight out. My grip on her breast is strong enough to squeeze plentiful milk from her nipple, my palm instantly sticky and dripping with it. Removing my hand from her shirt, I rub the milk over her bump until it shines. I lean over and start licking the fluid off. She’s into it, apparently, as she shoves her left hand down her pants, right hand gently squeezing her left nipple. Enthusiastically rubbing as I lick, she’s cumming just as I’m finishing cleaning the milk from her bump. I can feel the contractions of her abdominal muscles with my tongue, a sensation I will not soon forget.

I’m hard again, my cock sticking straight out of my zipper. She stands, giving the quad another visual once-over. Still no one around, and her jeggings drop to the ground, followed in short order by her tank top. Completely naked now, she kneels on the bench facing backwards, wrists resting on the back and belly hanging down until it just brushes against the seat. This is obviously my cue, and I don’t need any more encouragement than this silent presentation. I stand, drop my own pants, and get my dick in her astoundingly slick pussy. I fuck hard and fast as she maneuvers her right hand below her belly to rub her clit once more. We cum simultaneously within about two minutes, her moans getting louder and louder until she’s just about screaming.

She crawls onto the grass once we’ve finished, laying completely nude on the cool surface, belly sticking up at least five inches higher than any other part of her. Dick tucked back into my jeans, I’m fully clothed. She doesn’t seem to mind being at a disadvantage clothing-wise, though, gesturing me over to her and pointing wordlessly at her belly as she breathes heavily in her triple-climaxed exhaustion. I massage her for another ten minutes, soft moans continuously escaping her lips. “Goddamn, Mark,” she whispers, the first actual words uttered by either of us in maybe 25 minutes. I help her to her feet and back into her clothes, and we sit back down on the bench, thighs touching, her head resting on my shoulder.

“Do you live alone, Mark?” she asks. “I do,” I reply. “Not for the next few weeks,” she tells me, not bothering to form it into a question. I’m again shocked at my luck as the reality of my situation settles in, and I require absolutely nothing in the way of convincing. “There’s no fucking way I’m going to pass my finals,” I mutter, half to myself. She laughs as she grabs my hand and places it firmly back onto her belly. “We’ll study during your refractory periods,” she says matter-of-factly, as if she’s already figured it all out. “Apart from that, you’re just gonna have to stay inside me until I pop. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

I have officially won the fucking lottery.

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Truth or Dare

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“I used to let Jackson and Oliver Puddu finger me under the cafeteria table.” Chloe smiled at me sweetly, took a deep drag, and passed the joint to Ryan. I could count on one hand the times we smoked weed together. Now, she looked so natural, as if she did it all the time.

“You’re such a slut.” Ashleigh laughed nonchalantly. Chloe’s dormmate already lost her top on an earlier dare. Now, she lay reclined on her bed in a red bra, her feet resting on Aiden’s lap.

“Oliver Puddu?” I remembered feeling Chloe up. We sat in a corner where the teachers couldn’t see what we were doing. Our friends looked out for us and giggled conspiratorially. I had put my hand on her knee. She grinned and spread her legs wide, daring me to go higher. As far as I ever got, until much later, was a brush of wetness on my fingertip. I did not know she let Oliver do it too. A rich kid with a bully streak, if Oliver had any redeeming qualities, I never discovered them.

“You don’t remember? You both pulled my legs apart.”

I thought back: white linoleum tables, cinnamon disinfectant, Chloe sliding around on the bench between us. We were all laughing. It seemed so innocent now. “I remember playing around. I didn’t know he made it that far.”

Aiden gave a sideways grin, and I realized he superficially resembled Oliver: tall, lanky, disheveled hair. “Don’t get worked up,” he said. “You were young.”

“I’m not jealous.” I forced myself to smile, took a drag, and scanned the faces of Chloe’s college friends. Except for Ashleigh, they were all guys—all good looking, pseudo-intellectual stoners.

After those early days of exploration, Chloe and I became sweethearts, despite having very different personalities. While I studied hard and worked at my dad’s accounting firm, she skirted by in school and spent every spare moment with friends. She exuded a sense of adventure, which I loved and admired, and also a certain neediness that made me want to take care of her. I bought a nice car and had lots of money, but she always had people vying for her attention. When we went out, I treated her like a princess and felt like the luckiest guy at school. I never even kissed another girl.

Then, I got accepted into Grinnell. She went to Clarke. We kept our relationship kindled by meeting at home every other weekend. But this was my first time visiting her at college and meeting her new friends. It was Aiden’s idea to play truth or dare. I handed him the joint.

Chloe rubbed her hands together and smiled at me mischievously. “Truth or dare?”



I rolled my eyes. I pulled myself from her bed in her dorm room where we were gathered. The others sat on Ashleigh’s bed or on the floor. I strutted a half-hearted striptease in the center of the room and peeled off my shirt. I got a couple laughs. I tossed the shirt to Chloe and dropped back on the bed beside her. “Happy?” I asked.

“Yes.” She playfully dragged her nails across my chest. It occurred to me she was wasted.

“Girl, there’re four boys and only two of us,” Ashleigh said. “You know we’re going to be naked long before they are.”

“That’s the risk of truth of dare,” Aiden said. “Your turn, Jackson.”

I turned to Chloe. “Truth or dare?”


Aiden rolled his eyes. Chase and Ryan groaned in chorus. The guys undoubtedly hoped to see more of my girlfriend’s skin. I was grateful she had, thus far, managed to keep her clothes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on.

I looked into Chloe’s eyes. Although I wondered if I was just being paranoid from the weed, I was suddenly certain she had had sex with Aiden. All the guys seemed so familiar with Chloe, as if they had known her forever and I was the interloper. I imagined Aiden putting his hand on her knee. Would she stop him before he reached her pussy? I was unsure. I tried to think of the right question to elicit the truth, but every possibility seemed too boorish for the situation. Chloe’s eyes widened almost imperceptibly, as if she was reading my mind.

“Dude, ask a question,” Ryan said.

“Have you ever had sex with Oliver Puddu?” I blurted out.

I felt a twinge of guilt for asking the question, as if I was taking advantage of her when she was high and could not be expected to respond intelligently. However, the guilt passed quickly when she parted her lips and just stared at me blankly.

“I’m gonna say that’ s a definite ‘yes!'” Aiden said.

Chloe wrung the bottom of her shirt into a knot, exposing a patch of her taunt stomach. She rolled her eyes back and forth to indicate the others in the room. “Do you really want me to answer that here?”

“You chose truth!” Aiden said. “Let’s hear the deets.”

My heart sank as everyone but me and Chloe laughed. I imagined Oliver taking off Chloe’s top in her parent’s basement, where we first did it. I pictured them making out on the leather couch, their bare chests pressed together. I felt sick to my stomach.

Ashleigh shot Aiden a look. “We shouldn’t torture Jackson like that. He’s obviously jealous.”

I slumped onto the bed, my face hot from anger and jealousy. “I can’t believe you let that douchebag fuck you.” I pictured Chloe’s skinny legs wrapped around Oliver, her shorts and panties dangling around one ankle in case her parents came home early and they had to get dressed quickly.

I tried to catch Chloe’s eyes, but she was staring at Aiden with a dumb expression.

“How many times did you have sex with him?” I asked.

She shrugged.

“I mean, twice? Five times? Ten times? A hundred times?”

“Maybe three times?” She met my eyes and bit her lip. “It was just sex. It didn’t mean anything.”

Ashleigh took a drag from the joint. “Okay, she answered the question. It’s Ryan’s turn.”

I considered taking Chloe’s hand and leaving, but we were in her room, and I had no idea where else to go. I felt like my head might explode from jealousy.

Before I could think of a way to leave with at least some of my dignity intact, Ryan turned to me and smiled. “Truth or dare, Jackson?”

I tried to shake the images in my mind of Chloe spreading her legs for my nemesis. The thing was that Oliver used to tell everyone he had fucked Chloe, but she always denied it. Back then, Oliver bragged about his alleged exploits with dozens of girls, so it was easy to brush off whatever he said about my girlfriend as mere lies intended to make me upset. The revelation that Oliver had in fact fucked her three times was more than enough truth for me to deal with at the moment, particularly when I was so high.

I gritted my teeth. “Dare.”

“Take Ashleigh in the closet for a full half hour. Whatever happens in there—even if nothing happens—neither one of you can tell anyone, especially Chloe. You’re welcome!”

Ashleigh’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouth shot open in feigned shock. “That sounds more like my dare!”

“You know you want to.” Aiden pressed his tongue to his cheek and pantomimed fellatio.

Chloe fidgeted beside me as the others laughed. “You guys are so bad,” she murmured.

I shrugged at Ashleigh, who stood, eagerly tripped across the room, and extended a hand to me. She was blond with big tits, fleshy around the belly. As far as I could tell, she was not dating any of the guys in the room, but I suspected she had probably fucked half of Clarke College. I found her mildly attractive, but I was already certain there was no way I was going to let anything happen with her in the closet.

I glanced at Chloe, whose demeanor had changed markedly from just a moment ago. She now looked at me with wide eyes, squirming awkwardly, her cheeks as red as strawberries. I felt a flash of smugness that this situation had apparently—for the first time in our relationship—sparked her possessiveness. I said, “You know I’m not going to actually do anything with Ashleigh, right?”

“You can let her suck your dick, if you want.” Chloe pouted and then giggled nervously. She looked like she was about to hyperventilate.

I framed her face and kissed her lips. “I love you. It’s just a dare. I promise you nothing will happen.”

“It’s okay.”

I kissed Chloe one more time and accepted Ashleigh’s hand. The guys stood and cheered. They ushered us to the closet as someone turned up the music to a deafening level.

“We’ll set a timer for thirty minutes!” Aiden shouted, shoving us into the closet. “Under no circumstances can you open this door until we let you out.”

Ashleigh kicked some shoes out of our way. “We understand!”

No sooner had we ducked inside than they shut the door, leaving us in total darkness. The music droned beyond the door. The small space was packed with clothes. I struggled to find a way to stand up straight. Ashleigh wrapped her arms around my waist. The heat of her bare skin surprised and excited me. The fabric of her bra tickled my ribcage. In the confines of the closet, it was possible to image Ashleigh as anybody I wanted her to be. I was struck by a sudden urge to at least touch her boobs.

I was reaching up to make my move when she tugged me to the ground. She shoved shoes and clothes out of the way to make space. She pushed me onto my back and nuzzled on top of me. She rested her head on my shoulder. I held her awkwardly; there was nowhere else to put my arms. With her weight on top of me, it was now obvious she was not Chloe, whose petite frame had barely changed at all in the years we had dated.

She placed her lips near my ear and nibbled my earlobe. “You can kiss me. I’m not allowed to tell.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She sighed, and I felt her hot breath on my neck. She smelled like rum and sex. My cock twitched. Despite that I was not really into her, the sensation of having a very enthusiastic, half-naked girl on top of me made for an almost irresistible temptation. I decided making out with Ashleigh would not hurt anyone, and it would certainly make our time in the closet go by faster. I found her mouth. She parted her lips. Our tongues twisted together as we made out for several minutes.

She pulled back, panting, and ran her hand down my body. She found my güvenilir bahis şirketleri hard dick and purred. “I won’t tell. I thought you might wanna get back at Chloe—you know, for what she did with that boy.”

I tensed. I had almost rid my mind of Oliver Puddu, who had once produced a pair of panties from his locker that he claimed belonged to Chloe. “You’re a cuckold, Jackson!” Oliver said to me. “She fucks everyone. You’re the only dumbass who doesn’t see it.” He clucked like a chicken as his friends laughed. I slammed him into the locker that day and almost got suspended.

“That was a long time ago,” I said to Ashleigh. “I’m already over it.”

“You know, Chloe and I are roommates.” She unzipped my fly, slipped a hand in my pants, and wrapped it around my cock. “She tells me everything.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pushed her off my chest and sat up.


She clung to my neck, but I brushed off her arms and pulled myself to my feet. I zipped up my pants and wiped the saliva from my mouth. I had had enough of Chloe’s slutty roommate and her douchey new friends. I was too old to be smoking weed and playing truth or dare in a closet. I reached for the doorknob.

“Wait!” Ashleigh said. “Can’t we just talk?”

I tried to turn the doorknob but felt resistance, as if someone was holding the knob from the outside. In a panic, I twisted it more forcefully and at the same time rammed my shoulder into the door. Someone shoved their weight against the other side. I jammed my foot in the crack, then both arms. I pried the door open and forced my way back into Chloe’s room.

“What the fuck?” I said, my voice completely drowned out by the music.

Someone had dimmed the lights. It was not much brighter than it had been in the closet. My eyes landed on Chase, who stood behind the door, his hands up in a gesture of surrender. I turned to look for Chloe, to take her out of there to a place where we could talk, but her bed was now empty. In fact, both beds were empty.

I sensed movement on the floor, a tangle of bodies in various stages of undress. My eyes tried to make sense of what I was seeing. Even before I could distinguish the lines, I recognized a shared sexual act with Chloe in the center, the details of which at first alluded my comprehension. I made out Chloe’s bare legs in the air. She lay flat on her back. Someone’s white butt pumped furiously between her thighs, apparently racing against the timer.

My mouth dropped open.

Another figure—Ryan—crouched beside Chloe. I saw he had pulled up her shirt and was pawing her tits, presumably waiting for Aiden to finish so he could take his turn.

In a flash, I thought of all the rumors I heard about Chloe over the years, and not just from Oliver Puddu—the countless parties she attended when I was studying or working, when it was later rumored she had hooked up with this or that guy. Of course, when I confronted her, she always denied it. She told me she loved me, that she would never cheat on me. I believed her. But there was no way to deny it now. Chloe’s friends had conspired to distract me with Ashleigh so they could run a train on her right under my nose.

Aiden shuddered, apparently climaxing inside my girlfriend. He scooted over. Ryan pulled down his sweatpants and edged his way between her legs. The music was so loud they were oblivious to my existence, or they just did not care.

Ashleigh put her hand on my shoulder. I left it there. I was too stunned to do anything but stare. Ryan mounted Chloe and found a rhythm. Her hands cupped his ass, driving him in hard.

“Don’t be too upset!” Ashleigh said, shouting into my ear. “Chloe fucks everyone. You’re literally the only one who didn’t know.”

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Spring Break: Sex on the Beach

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Solo Male

This story, like all my stories, is loosely based on a true story from my past, with names and details changed for obvious reasons.


“I’m just saying if you can’t even blow your boyfriend on his freaking birthday don’t be mad at the other girl when he cheats!” Most of the girls laughed, though Mindy looked a bit uncomfortable. We were playing truth or dare, and someone asked if it was true I had hooked up with this guy Jon back when he was dating our friend Nancy.

“Every man deserves a blowjob from his girl on his birthday.” Darrell agreed. Darrell was my friend Mindy’s uncle, and he was drunk. We all were. Mindy, myself, and several other girls had come out to Darrell and Janet’s place for spring break. They had a big house on the beach, and it wasn’t most of our first years coming out.

Janet and Darrell were super cool people to host us all. More girls came this time than the year before. Some girls were doubled up on beds. I was sleeping on a couch for the week, because I didn’t mind, and I had this fantasy of Darrell coming out of his room… plus I was bi, and I didn’t trust myself to keep that a secret sharing a bed while drunk.

Janet nearly spat out her own drink. “Darrell I swear to god!” Laughing and shaking her head she stood up from us and walked up towards the house, red in the cheeks. I thought it was cute af.

“Can we not talk about blowjobs in front of my aunt and uncle?” Mindy asked, super serious. Then her straight face broke and she fell over laughing with us.

“Why did Janet look so mad?” Sara asked. I didn’t think Janet had looked mad at all, I thought she had laughed?

“Well,” Darrell said, “Lets just say I haven’t gotten that kind of birthday present in like six years.”

“OMG.” Mindy said, covering her years and giggling.

“You should hit up Rachel sometime, Mr D. She’s a total slut for sob stories like that.” Sara made a motion towards her mouth like she was sucking someone off. Why did Sara hate me so much? Always taking jabs at me. Making me defensive. I know she was friends with Nancy, but come on, that had been forever ago.

I almost threw a handful of sand at her, but deciding that was too mean I jumped up and poured a few drops of my Sex on the Beach on her instead. Sara stumbled to her feet in a rush, and I was already running down the beach to get away from her, giggling as I ran. “Get back here slut!” she yelled.

The night moved on in a blur, like all the nights and Darrell and Janets. We played maybe ten seconds of drunk volleyball. Moved in and out of their amazing house. We were all in swimwear, so popping in and out of their hot tub and running down to the beach was a constant thing. Janet came and went, having trouble keeping up with us all night three nights in a row. Janet was the first to crash that night, followed almost immediately by Sara, but most of us were pros when it came to all nighters. I was glad Sara turned in, it meant I could relax a bit more than usual.

Darrell was the only man present, and took it on himself to man the bar. Mostly he served us from the outside bar, but occasionally he would need to run inside and restock.

Darrell was just… cool. Not just for keeping my glass always full. It takes a special kind of guy to be around that many half naked college students and not seem lecherous. But there was nothing creepy or awkward about him. Which of course made him that much hotter. He wasn’t too out of shape, you could tell he used to work out heavily, but he has the kind of Margaritaville dad bod you would expect from someone his age.

The house had a no boys policy. We could drink all we wanted and party all night and all week, even go out to clubs, we just couldn’t bring boys back to the house. Which again, made Darrell hotter by default. A girl can only go so long without male attention after all. It’s unhealthy.

I wasn’t the only girl that would fuck Darrell, others had said as much. Even Sara.

Not me though. I mean, I would, I just would never admit who I’m into to others.

Anyway, I was in the kitchen, only vaguely aware that someone was coming in from the deck, my head in the fridge, bent at the waist like the bad girl I am, when I felt two large masculine hands grab onto my big Latin ass from behind. I froze in shock, and contemplated for a moment turning and smacking him (the only man it could be), but I had no problem with Darrell so went back to deciding what I wanted in the fridge. Ohhhh pineapple.

Realizing I wasn’t protesting Darrell readjusted his hands and gave my ass a more thorough squeeze before I popped up with my prize, diced pineapple bits. “I did that expecting a quick smack for the trouble.” Darrell said as I spun and sat the tray down on the island. Leaning over the island, facing him, I opened the box and pulled out a piece of pineapple.

I shrugged. “You let us stay in this awesome house for free all week and barely charge us for illegal bahis the booze, I’m not going to bitch if you cop a minor feel.” I gave him a flirty look.

“Well as tempting as that is to take advantage of, Mindy and Janet would rip my balls off if I made a habit of it, outside a casual pat.”

I laughed. “Oh that’s what that was. It sure felt like a full on ass groping.”

He nodded and held up what I guess was a scout symbol. “I’m innocent as fuck till proven otherwise'” he joked back.

“Me too!” I agreed, making little devil horns on my head with my fingers, snickering.

“Really, that’s a one time thing. Thanks for not minding but it isn’t worth the risk. Im too bold when drunk.”

The only thing that turns me on more than a hot man in a relationship is a hot loyal man in a relationship. I just love being the temptress. The side chic. Being the fantasy girl otherwise happy committed men dream about.

“That’s fine and I respect that,” I said, pointing a piece of pineapple at him and popping it in my mouth, “just know I’ll never tell a soul either way, and your hands are welcome on me.” I smiled drunkenly around the pineapple.

Darrell swallowed, his eyes taking in how my full tits hung as they stretched and swayed in my tiny little blue bikini top, bent forward as I was. “Jesus Christ that’s tempting.”

“You should see what I could have given you for your birthday. It would have blown your mind.” I leaned into the island on my elbows, licking a piece of pineapple before sucking it slowly between my full Latina lips. I have what guys call BJ lips. Maybe I’ve overdone it with plumper on occasion. Maybe its natural. The world may never know. Either way, it’s apparently hard to look at my lips without picturing them wrapped around you, as a guy. I’ve been told that all my life.

“You’re going to get my ass divorced if I don’t head back outside.” Darrell went to pass me, squeezing my hip as he passed. Not my ass this time, not my cheeks, but my hip. His big hand squeezed tightly, and I closed my eyes and moaned thinking about this older man thrusting into me from behind as I bent over the counter.

“It’s only home wrecking if I get caught.” I countered as he went back out onto the back deck. Grrrrr. I wanted him. He triggered my daddy issues, my other woman issues, my sub side, all of it. And he was cool. And like the only dick around and I get so damn horny when I drink, and we for real would drink all week when we are there.

From the patio Darrell waved a fresh Sex on the Beach at me, that drink is my spirit animal. I put the pineapple up and came running.


So fast forward again and I wake in a lawn chair out on the beach, to Darrell shaking my shoulder. I hadn’t been asleep long, it didn’t feel like, had I? Darrell, Mindy, and this girl Sam had been talking quietly in the hot tub when I had stumbled down here to watch the ocean and finish my last drink for the night.

In the first instant of waking I got defensive. I gasped and pulled back, looking frantically around to assess where I am and if I’m safe… but my dumbass is in the same chair I fell asleep in. The house behind me was mostly dark, I could see it through a couple of trees. The rest of the beach was just as dark and empty too. I relaxed.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.” Darrell said. He had pulled his hand from my shoulder fast when I had flinched.

I yawned, placing my hand over his. “No my fault you’re fine.” I said sleepily, not faking it at all. Then i winked at him. “Hella fine,” I added, eyeing him mock lewdly.

He laughed. “You’re either a horrible tease or super forward and set on your prey and I can’t tell which.” He took his hand from mine and ran it through his hair. Sand fell from it. I wiped it from my legs as it fell, and I saw his eyes focus on my chest as it jiggled. Sand was all over him, and me, honestly. Their outdoor shower was cold only. I wasn’t looking forward to washing the sand off, sleepy as I was. Ugggh.

“Its just…” I tried to explain. I hated him thinking I’m a whore. Or worse, telling Mindy and Janet I had been after him all night like one. I mean, I was totally a whore when the mood suited me, like it had earlier in the night, but I wasn’t always a whore. Time to walk my flirting back a little. “I’m sorry I came on so strong. I’m bi. And I know for a fact I am the only girl here who is. And I don’t want them to know. But being around them all, while so much fun, I get real turned on. And I like dick, so being around you really turns me on too. Everything keeps turning me on, everything about you started turning me on, this house, this beach, this city, this week, and you all will just keep on turning me on all week, but you all don’t allow other dick around here and they are all straight as hell, and I just really like to be fucked sometimes. I got carried away. I’m weird. I’m sorry.”

“Everything about me turns you on?” he asked, disbelieving. illegal bahis siteleri “Seriously? Me? You are the hottest girl here. Youve probaly got the nicest tits Ive ever seen to be blunt. I’m old enough to be your dad, clearly, Mindy is my younger brother’s kid. Are you sure that’s not just the alcohol? Why me?”

I laughed at myself and closed my eyes, laying my head back in the beach chair, thinking. He took my hand in his again, and I pulled it onto my lap, enjoying the heat on my bare thighs. “I know it’s fucked up but yeah. Knowing you’re happily married is a turn on. Knowing how well and much I like Janet is a turn on for some reason. Being a guest in her home. Being so close to Mindy. Knowing everyone would hate or judge me for wanting you. And you, so charming, laid back, confident,” I squirmed in the seat a little, over thinking all my related turn ons to the situation, “the way you grabbed my ass, the way you gripped my hip, I was all ‘fuck me now daddy.’ way too fast.” I smiled and shook my head at what a dumb hoe I was when I drank. I was a tiny bit more sober after my power nap to recognize that, I guess.

He took his hand from mine and I peeked at him through my eye lids, pouting. His hand moved from the thigh closer to where he was sitting to my opposite hip, His big hand on my bare skin, he squeezed firmly again. That really is all it takes to turn you on?” He asked, inquisitively.

I moaned out loud slowly, eyes closing comfortably. “Your hand, on this beach, this week, you have no idea.” I said, my eyes opened at met his, challenging. ‘Where do you ant to take this?’ my eyes asked.

Raising an eyebrow, he repositioned himself to put both hands on my waist, on both of my hips, and squeezed again. I moaned again, eyes open and locked on his. Then I whimpered. “Who is the tease now?” I asked with a fake pout.

He smiled that pretty boy smile. Fatherly, almost. “And this?” He raised his hands up to my stomach, just bellow my breasts, and squeezed me again, digging his fingers into my skin. Fuck it felt good. Eyes closing, head rolling, I moaned out loud. I breathed in heavily knowing his eyes would be dragged down to my chest. Feeling them on me.

I looked at him with hunger in my eyes. He didn’t hide that he had looked down as he took his time to meet my eyes.

“Please kiss me.” I begged him. He looked down at me for a time, at my eyes, my lips, my heaving chest, as his fingers again spread out gently then gripped me, raking fingers across my skin, again and again, slowly. I felt… like an animal. Like a lion pinned down by a tamer, both waiting to see what happened next. Taking things by ear.

He looked up at the house, eyes moving from window to window through the trees, looking for signs of movement. His fingers stoking my fire. He shook his head. He pulled his hand up to my cheek and rubbed his thumb across my parting lips. “We should go in. It will be more fun to stop here and just tease you all week I think.” He smiled a devilish smile.

I bit his thumb. Hard.

“Ahhhhh.” He said. “Careful now,” he took that hand and wrapped it around my throat, slowly applying pressure, and leaned in to my ear, “I always bite back.”

He squeezed my throat as he sucked my earlobe between his lips, then kissed his way down my neck. My chest was heaving before his lips reached my breasts. His free hand on my top he squeezed my large breast, causing it to swell up from the cup, where he placed a single kiss, then opened wide and playfully but slowly bit down on my flesh, not hard enough to leave a mark but fuck I needed this man to fuck me.

I put both of my hands on his hand around my throat and applied pressure, he released my neck, and I guided his pointer finger into my mouth and started sucking on it eagerly. He pulled his hand free. “No no now,” he chided, “I always suck back too.” His finger traced the rim of my top before pulling it down, freeing my dark areola to the night air. His mouth came down, his tongue hunting out my nipple, and as I gasped he took it between his lips and sucked on my breast.

I cradled his head in both my hands and pulled him tighter to me as his lips sucked on my tender nipple. He lost himself in the lust of it, I could tell, and before long he switched to my other tit, pulling it free with one hand while the other caressed my first tit. I was in ecstasy as Darrell sucked on my breasts as I writhed underneath him. Then suddenly his mouth was on mine. His tongue was between my lips.

My hands explored his chest, felt his shoulders, raked his back, as my legs spread and attempted to wrap around him, as he shifted to get between them, as his weight pressing against me… he broke the kiss. “Okay, that kiss was amazing,” He allowed, “but we should really get in before someone peeks out a window.” He looked down at me with pure lust in his eyes.

“Bitch if you don’t fuck me on this beach right now I’ll scream loud enough to bring the whole canlı bahis siteleri house outside.” I said. And god I meant it.

The thin restraint he felt crumbled visibly in his smile. “Okay fine, that works too.”

Darrell lifted me in his strong arms and spun me facing the ocean, lifting me from the chair and setting my feet on the ground in a standing position. His hands quickly untied my cute bottoms and let them fall, and spun me some more so he could look at my ass while he untied my top. In seconds I stood naked in front of him, and he spun me around and ate me up with his hungry eyes. With one hand gripping my bare ass, he slid a finger between my legs and brought it to his lips to taste me, and made an appreciative noise from the taste.

As he stood I dropped to my knees in the sand and pulled his trunks down with me. “No,” he objected, grabbing my hair to try and stop me, “we are too out in the open standing like this!” But he didn’t pull my hair hard enough to stop me, and I took his fat, erect, cock between my lips like I was starving for it, and I was. He had been far too long without a blowjob to really stop me, and I eagerly sucked his big round cock head down my throat. I used one hand on his ass to balance myself and the other slipped down to my clit as I finally got to suck a dick on this torturously otherwise dickless, sexless week.

His eyes closed and he looked up at the sky as his hands ran through my long hair and his hips began to buck harder and harder into my face. He looked down and smiled at me staring up at him over his fatherly beer belly. “Happy birthday to me.” He said and winked.

I pulled my mouth off of it and said “You said you’re owed six birthdays worth of blowjobs? This will be a busy week.” I winked and tried to go back to what I was doing.

I would have been fine sucking his cock until we both came, but he bent down and lifted me by my arms to my feet, dragging my body up his cock, it felt nice against my breasts, as he pulled me up. “I’m sorry, but you’ve already offered me pussy tonight. No take backs.” Darrel bent down and wrapped his arms around my legs and lifted me, this put my tits at mouth level for him and he sucked on them eagerly, as he carried me without looking where he was going towards the dunes, the tall grass, and the trees.

He dumped me down onto my knees and lined up behind me as I watched him over my shoulder, his saliva glistened cock lining up with my starving, soaked little pussy. I had to close my eyes and moan as it slid into me. Meeting little resistance even considering its size due to how fucking wet and needy I was. His hands gripped my hips again and he pulled me back against him as he stroked into me, pushing into my needy little cunt. Fuck I needed this. I came immediately.

Then he pulled back and slammed in again. Then he pulled back and slammed in again. Drunk, tired, and in total ecstasy my arms caved in and I went face first into the sand more than once. “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” I cried out as he fucked me ruthlessly. I crossed my arms under my head after my fourth orgasm as this much older man went to town on my tight little body without slowing. His hands slapping or kneading my fat ass. My tits dragging back and forth across the sands like sensitive pendulums in rhythm to thrust after thrust as he hammered into me hunting his own pleasure. This man knew how to fuck. He varied his pace, based on my needs moment to moment. He got me off at least four times and he just kept going.

I hadn’t noticed when the pitch black sky started turning red until he grunted that he was coming, and I looked up to see a beautiful almost sunrise over the ocean as we came together. I felt his cum pumping into me and my whole body shook with the overwhelming sensation of it. I always cum allot when I cum, but he came buckets. His cock felt like it erupted into me again and again and again as I came. I collapsed again into the sand.

Darrell pulled out and left me there as he kind of snuck walked to the chair where our clothes were, eyeing the house in the morning light. He came back and dropped my swimsuit on me as he pulled up his quickly.

“Stay down here a bit and act like I woke you up just now if anyone is awake to ask. I’ll say I went on a walk and came back to see you asleep in the chair.”

And with that he rushed off.

I lay face down in the sand, pushing his cum out of me as much as I could and dreading getting sand out of everywhere it must have gotten. I stood eventually and pulled on my swimwear. Barely tying it in place. I didn’t care if it looked askew, as if I had just gotten the shit fucked out of me. I had. And nobody would be up anyway. Janet always sleeps in and everyone else drank all night.

I didn’t see anyone as I marched up the beach to the stairs of the back deck. I didn’t see anyone as I used the tiny little cold shower to wash off my feet, dreading being awake long enough to shower the sand off of myself, out of myself. It wasn’t until I started to open the kitchen door that she cleared her throat. I turned to see Sara, wide awake to watch the sun rise, sipping a freshly brewed coffee, sitting on the deck with her feet propped up on the jacuzzi.

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Nicola Redux Ch. 06

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Nicola Redux*

Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments.

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Six

Lynette disengaged herself from Nicola’s embrace reluctantly and glanced over at the viewing mirror.

“Well he’s got Malvina well trussed up,” she said with a grin. “That’ll save us the trouble. We can go in now. I’ll keep Kevin occupied whilst you cane Malvina. Do you want to cane him too? If so, I’ll get him tied up and ready for you.”

Nicola looked at Lynette thoughtfully.

“Change of plan, I think, lover,” she said looking very devious. “If I’m a member of the Inner Sanctum now, I suppose I can do pretty much what I like in this club, can’t I?”

“You certainly can,” replied Lynette, looking at her in confusion. “But I heard you say you were going to thrash Malvina, and I assumed that you’d want some sort of revenge on Kevin. What’s this about a change of plan? What do you intend doing?”

Nicola put her leather hood back on, obscuring her features totally. She picked up the internal phone and asked Lynette if it was possible to get hold of Georgina. Lynette took the receiver and pushed a few buttons. She handed it back to Nicola with a questioning look on her lovely face. Nicola smiled and blew her a kiss.

She smiled as she heard, “Hello Rethepthion. Kalie thpeaking.”

“Hi Kalie,” said Nicola brightly. “Do me a favour, please? Go and find Mistress Myra and ask her to send Georgina to dungeon number three in fifteen minutes, will you?”

“Of courth, Mithtreth,” lisped Kalie in reply. “Dungeon three in fifteen minuite-th. Of courth”

“I have a plan,” Nicola confided to Lynette. “My revenge starts here and now. Let’s go in there, and see how things play out,” she smiled. “Remember Kevin saw you that day when we ‘found’ my divorce papers. He knows who you are. Maybe you should put your hood on too?”

“No point,” Lynette grinned. “Let him see me. I told you. He’s going to disappear. He’ll never leave this club again after tonight.”

With a feeling of immense self-confidence, Nicola led Lynette into dungeon number three. As she opened the door and walked in, Kevin turned to her and said rudely,

“Are you fucking blind? This dungeon’s being used. Why don’t you two sad dyke bitches fuck off and find somewhere else to munch each other’s rug?”

He did a double take when he saw Lynette.

“Hang on,” he stuttered, “you’re that fucking pig who fucked me over the other day. I’ll be making a complaint to your superiors, good girl. I wonder if they know their colleague is a fucking lesbo?”

Lynette smiled and shook her head.

“They don’t, and you won’t,” she said. “Now, are you going to do as you’re told, or am I going to have to make you shut your foul mouth and listen?”

“Listen to you, you sad fucking dyke?” snarled Kevin. “No, I’m not. But you, you listen here, good girl…”

He got no further. Lynette, striking with the speed of a cobra kicked him squarely in the bollocks. There was a squelching sound as his balls were crushed against his pelvis, and Kevin uttered strangulated “Aaargh!” He collapsed in agony on the floor, holding his throbbing cock and balls.

Lynette sauntered over and pulled him into a sitting position by grabbing his hair and yanking him upright. She stepped on his balls to ensure that he wasn’t going anywhere, and then looked over at Nicola.

“There should be some handcuffs in that drawer over there, darling,” she said, smiling sweetly. “Be a dear and pass them to me will you, please?”

Nicola opened the drawer indicated by Lynette and found several pairs of handcuffs lying there. She selected the heaviest looking pair and walked over to her friend, who was now rubbing her foot back and forth on Kevin’s balls as if she was extinguishing a cigar. He was whimpering continually.

Expertly, Lynette cuffed Kevin by his wrist to an eye peg set in the floor. She stepped away and smiled at Nicola.

“Well, that’s the first bit of business done,” she said. “Now I think you have some dealings to finish with that cunt over there, don’t you?”

“Leave her alone, you fucking sick lesbian bastards,” croaked Kevin. “She’s done nothing wrong!”

Nicola squatted down in front of Kevin, making sure she was out of grabbing or kicking range. He still had one arm free, she reminded herself.

“Not done anything wrong?” she asked quietly, undoing the lacing at the back of her hood and removing it. She faced bahis firmaları Kevin with an evil grin. “No, I don’t think she has. In fact, she’s done me a huge favour by fucking you.”

“You!” he spluttered. “Oh thank fuck for that! Nicky, this mad dyke pig has kidnapped me, told lies about us and has just assaulted me. Get me out of these fucking handcuffs, and we’ll go straight to the police. Thank fuck you’ve come to your senses and come to rescue me, babe!”

Nicola looked at Lynette and shook her head in amazement.

“Are you hearing this?” she asked incredulously. She turned back to face Kevin.

“See this mad dyke pig, as you so rudely describe her?” she snarled. “Let me tell you this. When I’ve finished with your secretary, I’m going with her and we are going to spend tonight, and the rest of our lives fucking one another senseless. You, on the other hand, are going to spend the rest of yours sucking cock, and being fucked by men and pegged by women members of this lovely club!”

Kevin’s face was a picture of incredulity.

“You mean… you’re a part of this club?” he asked slowly. “How long have you been coming here, you deceitful bitch?”

“Me? Deceitful?” Nicola laughed. “Who was it that wasn’t fucking his wife, but was fucking his secretary?” she asked rhetorically. She turned to Lynette and asked her, in a low voice, to untie Malvina and bring her over. Lynette did as she was asked.

In the meantime, there was a discrete knock on the dungeon door. Nicola went to see who was there. She opened the door to find a naked, cock locked Georgina standing there.

“I was sent for, Mistress,” said Georgina respectfully. “May I be of service?”

Nicola looked at Myra’s sissy transvestite. Hur face was beautifully made up, lipstick and eye liner perfectly applied, skin moisturised and smooth. She smiled at Georgina.

“Come in,” she said, reaching for Georgina’s hand and pulling her into the dungeon.

Lynette had untied Malvina by now and was fastening a lead to the collar she wore around her throat. She led the Polish slave over to where Nicola and Georgina stood in front of the handcuffed Kevin. He made one last effort to bluff himself out of the pickle he found himself in.

“Babe,” he appealed to Nicola, “please believe me. This bitch used me to try and get a work permit. I admit that I like a bit of slap and tickle, but it’s you I really love, babe. Come on. Let me out of here. I’ll forget I ever saw this bitch.. er, I mean this police officer. Let’s go home and start again. What do you say?”

“I say this,” replied Nicola in a quiet, but extremely determined voice. “Malvina here is going to pay the penalty that she agreed to when she sold you out to my friends recently. Initially, I was going to cane her, and make her suffer for what she did. Taking you away from me. But I’ve seen you in action now. Not only this evening, but the other day at my house.”

She smiled. “Yes, my house! Where, after today, my very good friend Lynette will be welcome to visit so that we can fuck whenever we feel like it. As for Malvina, watch this.”

Kevin’s eyes widened in disbelief as Nicola pulled Malvina towards her and kissed her full on the mouth. It was obvious to all watching that there was a great deal of tongue action involved, and when Nicola pulled away, both her and Malvina’s nipples were very prominent indeed. It was obvious that both women had enjoyed the kiss. Nicola looked at Malvina.

“That night of our last wedding anniversary, when this twat,” she nodded in Kevin’s direction, “when he phoned me to say that he had to work late but that you had volunteered to stay on and help him. Do you remember?”

Malvina nodded, wordlessly.

“I was so upset,” Nicola continued. “I’d bought his favourite food, set up an evening which I hoped would end in sex, and what happened? He’s a no-show, and then I heard you two planning some sort of Mistress and slave evening. If I could have got hold of you then, I’d have ripped your head off and pissed down the hole in your neck!”

Lynette giggled. “I absolutely love it when you talk dirty, my darling,” she said with a smile.

Nicola ignored the interruption.

“But having seen this twat in action,” she continued, “I realise I owe you a debt of thanks. You’ve allowed me to see what an absolute cunt this bloke is. I was going to punish you. But not anymore. I release you from your promise, and I wish you well. I understand that there is a job for you in the Building Society? Well, good luck to you. I’m sure we’ll bump into one another both there and here in the club. I’ll be a regular visitor here. Of that you can be assured!”

Malvina sank to her knees and put her arms around Nicola’s legs.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she sobbed. “If there’s anything you require of me, ever, all you have to do is ask.”

Nicola winked at Lynette.

“Well now that you’re down there,” she said, “it seems a shame to waste such a talented tongue. You may worship me.”

As Malvina eagerly kaçak iddaa started to tongue Nicola’s cunt, she turned to Georgina and smiled.

“Georgina,” she said quietly, but very clearly, “my ex-husband adores oral sex. He particularly likes having his cock sucked by sissy transvestites. Would you mind obliging him? I’m sure Mistress Lynette will get him into position for you.”

“Www! That’s just the spot, Malvina, my dear. My clit really appreciates that! Do it again, please!”

Lynette dragged Kevin to his feet, and then remembered that he was handcuffed to the floor.

“Oops!” she said with a giggle. She released his handcuff from the eye peg and pulled him upright. Swiftly, she dragged him over to a whipping bench, and secured him to it, face up. Kevin’s cock lolled about uselessly. He was obviously not enjoying this.

Nicola was jiggling up and down, riding Malvina’s face with obvious enjoyment. As Lynette finished securing Kevin to the whipping bench, she looked over to see what was causing Nicola to make such a racket.

She saw her friend bouncing up and down on Malvina’s face, whilst the Pole tried to keep her tongue in Nicola’s cunt. They were both obviously enjoying themselves. Lynette felt a twinge of jealousy. She really wanted Nicola all to herself. As she watched, Nicola squealed in ecstasy and gushed all over Malvina’s face. She almost stumbled, but Georgina steadied her before apologising for laying hands on Mistress Nicola. She shook her head, thanked hur and smiled at Lynette.

“That’s just about set me up perfectly for your strap-on, darling” she said, her voice thick with emotion. “Thank you Malvina. You certainly know how to eat cunt!”

Malvina got to her feet.

“It was an honour, Mistress,” she said, licking her lips, “I…”

The rest of the sentence was cut off as Lynette kissed her, thrusting her tongue into Malvina’s mouth. She broke off quickly and started to lick Malvina’s face.

“It tastes gorgeous,” she grinned. ” I can’t wait to drink it direct from source!”

Nicola blushed and laughed.

“Give me a few minutes,” she said, turning to Georgina and taking hur by the hand.

“I know you’re Mistress Myra’s sissy,” she said with a smile, “and I haven’t said ‘thank you’ properly for all the meals you’ve cooked for me, how carefully you’ve bathed and shaved me, or for the help you’ve given me in dressing. I wonder can you do me one last favour?”

“Of course I can, Mistress,” replied Georgina. “And there’s no need for you to thank me. It is an honour and a privilege to serve you.”

Kevin was listening to this exchange. He sneered loudly.

“You fucking poof!” he said, rudely. “Call yourself a man. Look at all that fucking make up you’re wearing. And what the fuck is that thing you’ve got on your cock? It looks fucking ridiculous.”

Georgina blushed, but said nothing. Nicola walked, rather unsteadily it must be said, over to the whipping bench.

“Shut your foul mouth,” she said, slapping Kevin hard across the face. “Georgina is more of a man that you will ever be. She’s loyal, hard-working, polite and she has one other attribute that she’s about to demonstrate to us all, you included.”

“What’s that?” sneered Kevin. “The ability to piss sitting down? He can hardly piss like a man with that contraption round his balls!” He laughed.

“That’s an idea,” said Nicola brightly. “Thanks for that. Ladies,” she turned round to address Lynette and Malvina. “If you need a piss, please use this latrine here.”

Kevin gasped in horror.

“You fucking mad bitch!” he yelled, “They can’t piss on me. They’ll fucking poison me. Don’t be so fucking disgusting!”

Once again, Nicola ignored this outburst. She whispered something to Georgina, who nodded eagerly and moved closer to Kevin on the whipping bench.

“Your Mistress tells me you adore oral sex,” she simpered, using a very effeminate tone. “What a lovely coincidence! There’s almost nothing I like more that sucking a man’s cock!”

She reached out and gripped Kevin’s flaccid cock. He yelled in outrage.

“Get off me you fucking pansy! Leave my cock alone, you bent bastard! I’ll fucking kill you when I get out of here.”

Lynette put her finger across his lips to shut him up.

“You don’t get it, do you, you stupid bastard,” she said. “You’re not getting out of here. Now shut up. All this noise is giving me a headache. Nicola, Malvina and I want to see Georgina giving you a blow job in peace and quiet.”

She giggled.

“You were right, darling,” she said pulling Nicola into her and giving her a quick kiss.

“Look! He’s getting a hard-on!”

Georgina’s skilled fingers were obviously doing something right. As the three women watched in delight, Kevin’s cock stiffened and began to twitch. Georgina peeled his foreskin back to reveal a shiny pink mushroom.

“May I, Mistress?” she asked mischievously.

“Be our guest, Georgina,” smiled Nicola, waving her arm to give hur the go-ahead. “I want you kaçak bahis to carry on to completion, but please, don’t spill any and don’t swallow.”

Georgina’s eyes lit up with delight, and she opened hur mouth and swallowed the whole length of Kevin’s hard cock. Kevin wailed in anguish.

“You fucking cock sucking pervert! I’ll fucking kill you when I get up from here.”

“Oh fuck this noise,” said Nicola snappily. She cocked her leg over Kevin’s face and sat down heavily. There was a muffled “oomph” and the sound of Kevin’s voice disappeared.

Georgina, meanwhile was bobbing hur mouth up and down on Kevin’s cock with the regularity of a pump. She was breathing heavily out of her nose, and sweat was beginning to break out above hur top lip. But still she continued to suck Kevin off relentlessly.

As Nicola, Lynette and Malvina watched, she started to slow down, and then eventually, she stopped her bobbing. She raised hur head, releasing Kevin’s rapidly softening cock with a plop. Hur lipstick was smeared. Hur mouth looked like an angry red gash. But hur eyes were smiling.

She stood up, turned to Nicola and opened hur mouth. It was full of thick, warm cum. Nicola giggled and got off Kevin’s face. He gasped for breath, his face red and shiny with sweat.

“You stupid cunt!” he yelled at Nicola. ” I nearly suffocated then. And your arse stinks! When did you last have a shower, you filthy bitch?”

Nicola grinned at him.

“I had a shower before I came out,” she answered. “But whilst I was waiting for my initiation test, I knew that I needed a dump. I was halfway through it when this idea came into my head. Now you come to mention it, I was so excited about sitting on your face I might have forgotten to wipe my arse after I’d finished my dump!”

Kevin’s face turned green and he retched. “What the fuck has come over you?” he asked in genuine amazement. “You used to be so timid. Afraid of your own shadow.”

“That was before you drove me into the arms of my friends,” Nicola replied with a smirk. “I’m never going to kow-tow to a man, ever again.”

She smiled and turned to Georgina.

“This piece of shit just asked what has come over me,” she said softly. “I think someone should cum over him, don’t you? Why don’t you go and give my charming ex-husband a nice wet, open mouth kiss, Georgina?”

The sissy grinned. She closed hur mouth and went to lean over Kevin He glared at hur.

“You come any closer, and I’ll…”

The threat went unsaid as Georgina covered Kevin’s mouth with hurs. The two rocked back and forth, and Georgina stood up. She couldn’t speak as hur mouth was still full of cum, but it was obvious that Kevin had clamped his mouth shut. Georgina couldn’t deliver hur load of cum back to Kevin.

Lynette understood straight away what was happening.

“Leave it to me,” she said, opening a drawer, and taking something out. She turned to Malvina.

“Do me a favour, sweetie,” she said with a smile. “Grab hold of this twat’s balls, pull them as if you’re in the Polish tug-o’-war team, and squeeze them too.

Malvina did as she was told, and Kevin yelled in agony. Lynette leant over him and straightened up almost straight away.

Kevin was yelling like a stuck pig, and Lynette smiled at Malvina.

“OK, sweetie, you can let go now,” she said. Malvina relaxed her grip, but before she let go she gave Kevin’s ball sac a vicious twist, which elicited another yelp.

“Job done,” smiled Lynette at Georgina. “And in a dramatic reversal of roles, Princess, you may kiss the captive prince!”

Georgina blushed and moved in again. Lunette had put a spring-loaded clamp in Kevin’s mouth. He couldn’t close it now even if he wanted to.

Georgina hovered a few centimetres above Kevin’s open mouth and dribbled a thick stream of cum out of hur own mouth and into Kevin’s. His eyes expressed both anger and disgust, but there was nothing he could do. He tried to spit, but was unable to do so, and only succeeded in swallowing half of what was in his mouth.

When hur mouth was empty, Georgina kissed Kevin tenderly and thanked him for such a lovely mouthful of cum. Kevin sobbed. He was a broken man. Nicola looked at him scornfully. She kissed Georgina on the cheek and told hur to report to hur Mistress. Georgina thanked her and left.

“Now then,” said Nicola, suddenly in-charge and extremely confident, “You and I have a date with a double headed dildo, I believe, my darling.”

She kissed Lynette tenderly.

“What are we going to do with this piece of shit?” she asked, gesturing at Kevin, who lay supine and cowed.

“Please, Mistress, leave him to me,” said Malvina. “I’ll sort him out.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Lynette, reaching for the dungeon’s internal phone. “Not that I don’t trust you, Malvina,” she carried on hurriedly, “you still need us for that work permit and the job you’ve been promised. But you’re not used to handling people who cut up rough like I am. I’ll get two of the staff to come down and take him to the slave cells. It’s where he’ll be living from now on anyway. And if we’re not quick, the staff will have started their celebrations for Mistress Nicola’s elevation to the Inner Sanctum.”

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Down By the River

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Heather flew a few hundred miles to see Barrett. They’d been young lovers, fucked like crazy until it flared out, then met up again a few times during college summers. They always had spectacular sex, but neither wanted to commit. Then she came for a weeklong visit when they were both twenty-four.

Heather ditched her current boyfriend to see Barrett. That was Heather’s thing. She would cheat and if the new lover seemed better, she’d move on with no regrets. For her, it was just practical.

The new lovers never gave a thought about the ones she left behind and neither did she.

The only lover she re-connected with time and again was Barrett. Heather knew he was a great fuck. He was a gorgeous man, had a slightly bigger cock than average, plus incredible stamina. Barrett could fuck her through at least seven mind- blowing orgasms before he filled her with a big hot load, at least twice a day.

For Barrett, Heather had always been the sex goddess of his dreams. She had rolling vaginal orgasms that sucked his cock like no other woman he’d fucked. Heather was elegant, gorgeous, slim, with perfect breasts and an ass to die for. She was also smart and hilarious. Barrett thought they seemed perfect together. Every other relationship he had was just a holding pattern, waiting for Heather’s return.

This time, after a week of non-stop fucking, Heather flew back to her fucked over boyfriend, loaded her car, and drove eight hours to Barrett.

She moved in. Heather and Barrett fucked like crazy for four months. They worked at miscellaneous jobs to pay the rent, but the main event was their intense sexual and spiritual attachment.

The two young lovers had talks about what to do next for their future as a couple, but it all seemed beside the point as soon as they started fooling around. The cosmic orgasms were all that mattered.

Practical plans seemed like something a long-term relationship might need, but at twenty-four, not a big deal. Especially not for Heather, who came from great wealth. She had interests and talents beyond sex, but money would never be a problem.

It wasn’t a problem for Barrett either. He’d never had much and he didn’t really care. Jobs fell his way. It was usually interesting work and he quickly picked up skills and knowledge. He lived simply and always in a beautiful spot.

Four months of bliss.

Until, suddenly, Barrett began cumming too soon. The intensity of the sex overwhelmed him so that he was cumming way before Heather reached her first climax. He tried to compensate with extra oral attention. She loved that, but not as much as being pounded to the several vaginal orgasms she expected from Barrett.

Barrett was worried. He knew that Heather never stayed with a man who didn’t satisfy. He could feel her eye roving. He was even warned by male friends that Heather was coming on to them.

She was a gorgeous seductive woman. It wouldn’t be long until she took a new lover.

Heather was also a complete size queen. She was only satisfied by his bigger than average cock because he had such staying power, was clever, and very handsome, but now her eye was looking for really big cock.

Barrett saw her flirting heavily at every party, watching her narrow down the field.

Barrett had no idea why he’d developed a hair trigger. It just seemed that sex with Heather had become so hot that he couldn’t hold back. That sweet tight pussy just drove him right over the edge.

The clock was ticking and Barrett needed advice.

Barrett was a popular guy. Funny, smart, canlı bahis şirketleri good-looking, he had a lot of friends in all walks of life. One friend was quite an oddball, not in Barrett’s mind, but for most people. Horatio was, as his name implied, Greek. His family traced itself back before time and he was steeped in arcane stories of mythical wonders.

Barrett drove the five hundred miles to visit Horatio at his small ranger cabin beside Oregon’s Umpqua. Stepping out of his modest cottage on the beautiful riverbank, Horatio greeted Barrett with a hug, a hearty laugh, and an intro to his beautiful wife, Althea.

“Barrett,” said Horatio as they sat alone on the riverbank smoking excellent hash, “I’m sorry to hear this story about a woman who I know you feel is your true love. She may be and she may truly love you. But, as you realize, her true love is blissful sex. That’s understandable, right?

So, I think there is a clear solution. She’s a size queen, correct? If you can’t sustain the stamina, there is a way to make your cock bigger than any she has had or ever will have.”

“Ok, Horatio. Tell me!”

“Well, you may not know, but your name, Barrett, comes out of Nordic myth as mine comes out of Greek. Barrett means strong, like a bear. Let’s restore that bestial might!

In my culture, Priapus, the divine offspring of Bacchus and Venus, had an enormous and always erect cock. He didn’t get laid much since the nymphs were terrified by his giant hard-on, but I’m guessing that if he’d met Heather, they would have been a perfect match.’

“Ha, yeah! That’s about right. So?”

“So, The Greek myths are not without instruction. My family has always studied and preserved the ancient stories and their lessons. I will solve your dilemma through a rite that honors the union of Bacchus and Venus, when they drank together, and fucked like the gods they were.

You will drink with Althea, for she is truly a reborn Venus. You will fuck. Her hot furnace will forge your cock into Priapic size- as she has done with mine, I assure you.

I predict that Heather will cum in ecstasy as soon as your huge dickhead splits her wet cunt. Her spasms will not ebb even as your hot seed flows out of her gaping pussy. She’ll need no other cock again.

You, on the other hand, may find that other women find you irresistible. What happens then is your decision. Can you resist constant temptation in order to satisfy Heather?”

“Horatio, I don’t know the answer. I only know that I need Heather. I’m not a big believer in myths, but somehow I believe you. How do we begin?”

“A very Greek answer, Barrett. There is no clear answer, indeed. Millennia of possibly magic changes have only myth to explain them. Let’s just accept what seems to be true. Follow me.’

Back in the cottage, Althea had set a wonderful dinner, served with many carafes of red wine. Leaning back on his cushions, Barrett watched as Horatio strolled out into the evening to smoke alone and Althea rose up like a true goddess dressed in a

robe of sheer white.

Both she and Barrett were in Bacchus’ arms, inebriated and swooning with lust. Althea danced toward Barrett as she slowly disrobed.

A goddess indeed, Althea’s naked breasts were perfect spheres tipped with inch long nipples. A foot before him, she let her robe fall to reveal her glistening bald pussy which she spread it open with both hands.

Barrett lay back on the cushions, offering his erect and throbbing cock held upright in his grip. Althea stood over his thighs, came canlı kaçak iddaa down on her knees and then lowered her dripping pussy onto his vertical shaft.

They both gasped at contact. She was dripping. He was slick with pre-cum. They swirled the open cunt lips and rigid hardon together in a short dance and then her luscious pussy lowered onto his bulbous head.

At the first male/female touch, Barrett’s cock grew. The tip swelled double in size as it wedged into Althea. He felt himself penetrating her with vertical growth alone, no thrusting. Like an engorged tentacle, his shaft surged up into her.

Althea’s cunt sucked him in, massaging the growing cock to ten inches in length and three inches thick.

She descended in gyrations until her clit was grinding on his pubes.

Barrett felt his cock molded in her wet furnace. It arched, throbbed, swelled, and then thrust demonically, relentlessly, as Althea came in rolling waves. Her writhing cunt sucked his giant phallus to a heavenly climax. Barrett met her every hump with savage thrusts until his hot cum surged up from his balls and jetted into Althea.

They both shouted in ecstasy and collapsed.

Barrett was semi-conscious as he felt Althea slip off his cock and leave him.

The next morning, Barrett found himself lying on a simple mat with blankets. Tea, a biscuit, and a note awaited him by the stove.

“Salutations, Brother!”, from Horatio’s note. “So happy to see you. Althea sends you off with love a renewal as well. Show Heather the strength of your Nordic Bear and all will be well.”

Barrett drove home the three hundred miles in three hours and got to his front door by ten in the morning.

He called out inside the front door. No answer. Too late. Just one night away and Heather had obviously found a new cock. Barrett lay down on the bed covers, propped against the pillows, and fell asleep.

Around one pm he felt a head of wet hair cradle against his shoulder.

“Heather!’ he woke up confused. “Are you ok? Why is your hair wet? Did you fall in the river?”

“Um, no Barrett. No rivers here. You’re not up in Oregon, babe. I just showered at David’s. I spent the night making love with him. I’m really tired, sweetie. Scoot over so I can sleep.”

Barrett came fully awake and held Heather away.

“No. I’m not doing that. I’m not going to do the Heather’s cuck boyfriend thing. You need to leave, now.”

“What!? ” said Heather in her cutest way, ” Come-on, let me climb in and get some sleep, baby, and we’ll talk later. I love you Barrett. I was just getting to know David, as a friend, ya know? Just making love, no big.” Ha, well kinda really big, actually, she thought to herself.

Barrett was so tempted, but he knew Heather too well. Michael was just the beginning of her search for the next good fuck. Maybe, slimy David was the next big one, but Barrett wasn’t interested in watching it happen.

“Sorry, Heather, it’s time for you to move on. Leave. I’ll put your stuff outside before noon tomorrow. and you can pick it up whenever, or not. Just leave. Now.’

Lots of tears until he finally got her out the door. Heather drove off, sad, but mostly outraged that a man would tell her to leave. That just didn’t happen to a sex goddess.

Barrett didn’t care where she went. The stuff he left outside was gone by the next afternoon. He caught a glimpse of David tossing stuff into his BMW. Classic Heather routine.

Two years passed. The gossip of Barrett’s unusual growth spurt spread as fast as a size queen’s legs. canlı kaçak bahis He’d met and fucked a dozen gorgeous babes plus just as many women who clearly admired his massive cock even as it scared them off.

That was fine with him since he was surprised at how many tight wet cunts could actually work him in. A few wanted him for a long-term relationship, even marriage, but the Heather experience warned him off that idea.

Besides, she was still in his mind. If she had not bailed before experiencing his change, maybe Horatio’s prediction of complete satisfaction would have kept her in Barrett’s arms. Wanting her back was his life’s rhythm by now.

Heather eventually heard the rumors. She dismissed them as pure fantasy. Obviously, those women didn’t know what a true stud cock looked like.

Now twenty-six, she’d had a full range from long, thick, to both. Some had the kind of stamina that Barrett somehow lost, but just enormous size itself was enough to get her off the way she liked. Plus the variety was delicious and the chase exciting.

But, still. Barrett. What a sweetie, even if he had the gall to toss her out. What happened with that hair trigger thing? And what are these stories she’s heard?

“All right”, she concluded, “I’m going to check him out one more time, just to know I made the right choice.”

Two and a half years after she left, Heather was knocking at that same screen door on Bartlett’s farmhouse porch.

‘Wow. Still romantic quaintsville. It does get a girl dreamy….and kinda wet.’

“Hold on a sec.” Bartlett’s voice drifted from the back kitchen. As he approached, ever barefoot, he could only see a silhouette backlit outside the screen. Didn’t matter, he knew that form by heart. It was the outline of his heart and soul. The perfume that blew in was the same wild rose.

He opened the door. Their eyes locked, connected by some timeless magnetism. The details of the past had no place between them and without a word they kissed. Kissed through the day, through the night, while their perfect primal sex washed over in orgasmic waves.

Not a word was spoken, just moans, gasps, and sweet nothings.

Finally, the two lay still, on their backs at dawn. Clothes and bedding were all over the place. They faced each other and laughed.

“Heather,…wow, I…I missed you, I ..” Barrett babbled a bit.

Heather giggled, “Yeah, wow is right! You’ve sort of, uhm, grown up a bit there, babe. I know I’ve bailed too many times just for my selfish reasons. But, this time, how is it possible? Forget the Best in Show search! I’m done. You’re completely the best. The best cock, the best lover, the best sweetheart, the smartest friend, the funniest, the most handsome man.

I’ve found you again, to stray no more, love of my life. I’m not promising, I’m writing it in stone for eternity.’

Bartlett had never heard such romantic lyricism from a woman who only loved if the sex was practical. She was talking herself into another orgasm and he gladly took her all the way by mounting her again. Her talk became raving as she felt his ten inches stretch her hungry cunt, stretch her so deep and perfectly.

With Bartlett’s growth she could easily achieve simultaneous clitoral, vaginal, g-spot, and cervical orgasms. Repeatedly.

Could he sustain such quality? Heather had no idea.

After a couple of years with no backing down, Heather was at peace with her commitment and also very happily pregnant.

Their marriage on the banks of the Umpqua was officiated by Horatio and Althena according to ancient Greek rites honoring Bacchus and Venus. Truly an epic bacchanalia with thirty or so naked guests.

At dawn, the four friends watched the sunrise and heard the faint call of Pan’s horn play over the sparkling river.

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The Dream Girls Pt. 04

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a short novel in ten parts

by Holly Lori Annalee


[WARNING: This ten-part story contains graphic depictions of sexual violence, hate speech, elements of non-consent and reluctance, coerced drug use, non-scatological interaction with human feces, and the copious consumption and expelling of various body fluids.]


Part 4: Anal and Awful

7:25 pm

First, the elevator went up.

On the sixth floor, a man in his mid-thirties entered wearing dark jeans, a heather-grey polo and expensive-looking brown shoes. He was almost six feet tall, fairly fit and strikingly handsome with a full head of lazily styled brown hair. He flashed their drop-dead gorgeous hardbodies a once-over, saw that they were headed to the first floor like he was, backed up against the side wall and turned his head to look away. He waited. Hum-dee-dum-dum-dum.

The doors shut.

“Hi,” they both said to him, in extraordinary unison.

“Hey,” he said. He looked up. They were both staring at his body.

“Are you married?” Kim said. Her eyes were trained on his crotch.

“I’m, uh, I’m sorry?” The man reflexively felt for his wedding band with his thumb. Yes, he was in fact wearing it. He hadn’t even meant to do it, it happened so fast.

“Are you married?”

“Yes, I’m-“

“Do you have a good cock?” Jessa said.

He looked at both of their faces, back and forth. What?

“I’m sor-“

“We’re going to the bar,” Kim said. “Then we’re going back to our room to fuck. You can come fuck us.”

Jessa looked into her phone and lost interest.

“You’re going ba-“

“We are going to fuck each other. If you want to fuck we’re in 303. Shave your face but don’t take a shower. And wear your ring.”

“And clean your asshole,” Jessa said. “And don’t fucking jerk off first.”

“We want all of your cum,” Kim said. She brought her phone up and started flicking through pics. Business concluded.

He was speechless. Upstairs, his wife-seven months pregnant-was asleep after a long day of exploring. Currently, he was on his way to the store to get a few things for her. He had never even considered cheating. They were so happy together, and he loved her deeply. The insane, once-in-a-lifetime offer of casual sex with these two jaw-dropping young sexpots invaded his happy space and made him reevaluate all of his loyalties in a maddening instant.

“What, um, time? Just… in case.”

“Just, like, later tonight,” Kim said in a huff. Fucking figure it out yourself, Einstein.

“Well, um, I’m Ted. Hey.”

They ignored him.

The elevator doors whisked open on the ground floor and Jessa followed Kim out onto the main floor of the hotel. They both kept their heads in their phones, scrolling Instagram. They clacked across the floor and Kim had to look up to see where the opening to the outdoor patio bar area was located.

Ted watched them so long he almost didn’t make it out of the elevator before the doors shut again. His arm shot out and he stepped out to watch them go. He stared at their asses and legs as they dripped wet, hot, tantalizing sluttiness through the lobby and imagined what it would be like to fuck them together. His cock had already burst into a throbbing, painful erection, and he felt sick to his stomach at the looming decision. Its obviousness was already devastating.

It would be a long evening for Ted.

Outside in the lush patio area, everything was hyper modern and fabulously designed. This was their kind of setting for snapping pics and doing videos. There was a giant garden overhanging a perfectly placed towering cliff rock across flawlessly manicured grass, and to their left was a magical-looking bar, stylistically lit and appearing to be carved into a huge rock.

The view of the sprawling lake in the golden light was essential. They did their thing, snapping pics of themselves and each other, each one containing a carefully articulated version of themselves that fit the personalities they had established through their accounts. These artificial personalities were based on other influencers they obsessed over, or had wanted to be like at one time or another.

When they were finished snapping pics, they took videos of themselves together blowing kisses and laughing uproariously. After a few tries at this, their sesh ended. Kim and Jessa strutted over to the bar to relax and look at their pics and vids.

The bartender was a young, dark, handsome man with chiseled features and great thick black hair done in a very cool style. He wore a tight blue button down shirt that showed off his fantastic upper torso.

They approached the bar and both of them caught him looking at them. Kim sidled up and sat down in a high stool while Jessa stood next to her scrolling through her pics.

“Hey! What’s up?” Kim said.

“Quenching thirst, all I’m doing.”

“Are you?”

“I internet casino think we have, like, free drink tickets or something?” Jessa said, not looking up.

“Sure. Room number?”

“303,” Jessa said.

“Mmm, why do you need our room number?” Kim said. She swished her hair around a little and gave him a naughty look, even though he was tapping things into a screen in front of them, not watching.

He laughed and stepped away from the screen. He placed his arms out wide and looked at both of them.

“So I can hook you up. What’re you having?”

“What do you want us to have?”

He thought for a moment, then snapped two fingers.

“I’ll surprise you.”

“I’m Kimmy, and this is Jessy, what’s your name?” She shifted quickly so her big tits jiggled for him, and she pursed her lips and lowered her eyelids seductively.

“You can call me Cal.”

He smiled and went to work making drinks, and Kim watched his body. Jessa stayed planted in her phone. Another male voice spoke up to their right.

“Take enough pictures?”

They both turned to look. Many seats down from them sat a sloppy-looking, leathery-skinned middle aged man in sandals, khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and some stupid beach hat. He was smirking. His comment had been a tease.

This man had chosen poorly.

“Did you watch us take pictures of ourselves?” Kim said, acting bubbly and smiling. Both girls gravitated over to him, walking in a certain way so that by the time they got to him he would definitely have an erection.

He seemed to be caught off guard by their reaction, and he blushed.

“Well, I was just lookin’ around.”

“I’m Kim, and this is my best friend Jessa,” Kim said, and she sat on the stool next to him, letting her bare knee graze his leg.

“Hi,” Jessa said. She remained in her phone. It was Kim’s turn first.

“Uh, Pat. Nice to meet you.”

“Are you here with your wife?”

Pat almost spilled the drink he was holding.

“N-no, she’s, ah, back home. I’m just traveling for b-.”

“What do you think of our outfits?”

Jessa, stuck looking at her phone, spun around slowly so Pat could see everything.

“Well, they really, ah, show how much you girls, you know, work out. I could actually stand to get some exer-“

“I’m gonna go back to my seat, kay Jessies?”

Jessa raised her head, and Kim leaned in to kiss her sloppily, like in porn. They used a lot of tongue, and showed it off for the gross man. They made slopping noises and moaned for him. When they were done, Kim looked into the man’s eyes, then slowly looked down at herself. His glazed eyes followed. She slid off the stool slowly so that her dress got pulled up, and she exposed her naked lower half to him, spreading her legs so he could glimpse her pristine snatch.

She stood up and walked back to where they had been. Jessa dropped her phone to her side, and she got closer to Pat. Her turn.

She just looked at him with cold curiosity. Pat was feeling a little bit crazy. It had all happened so fast. He hadn’t really meant anything by the question, it had just been for fun, maybe to start a conversation. This girl was so unbelievably beautiful, though, that he couldn’t look away from her angelic body. He stumbled and bumbled through a ridiculous attempt at small talk.

“So, uh, do you-did you girls use the gym they have in there? It’s-“

“We don’t go to the gym to exercise.” This was, of course, a total lie.

An awkward moment passed. Jessa stared into his eyes. She peered into his loser soul like a child might peer into a museum exhibit. He didn’t know what to do.

“Oh, well I mean, there’s-“

Jessa moved over and pressed her small, soft breasts into his arm. He could feel her hard nipple piercings. She spoke to him in a low voice.

“We just fuck. That’s how we stay so hot. We fuck each other. A lot. Kimmy gapes my asshole and I fuck myself with a big, black dildo, and we play with each other’s hot, naked, oiled bodies. We fuck other people, too. A lot. Anyone who’s hot and especially anybody with a big… hard… cock. I need to have cum put into me every day or I just can’t fucking stand it.”

He blinked. She got close to his ear and whispered like a little girl.

“Aww you gonna put youw pee-pee in my no-no pwace again tonight, Daddy?”

She brought her head back around and examined his body with a look of pure disgust, then looked him in the eyes again. He was frozen.

“We would never fuck a boring pussy like you, but if you have ten thousand dollars to give us you can come watch us fuck in room 303 tonight.”

Jessa’s face brightened and she giggled like a schoolgirl. She turned around and walked back to Kim, finished with her little fun. Pat rushed to drink down the rest of his drink, then stood up and swiftly fled into the building, probably to jerk his wrinkled little penis or some shit and maybe to cobble together a large sum of cash.

“Should I text Rachel to come?” Kim said.

“Are you, like, canlı poker oyna fucking gay? You’re so fucking obsessed with that ugly fucking whale, like what the fuck?”

“Ew, you fucking cunt bitch, she’s fucking bringing that shit for us like I fucking told you.”

“You’re just like fucking clearly a gay fucking dyke for that bloated reject.”

“I want to watch you commit suicide, like tomorrow.”

Jessa got bored with the escalation and changed the subject.

“Do you think we can get Stench to O.D.?”


“Don’t text her yet, I don’t feel like dealing with her mongoloid fucking wannabe bullshit right now.”

They sat on their stools and drank their drinks. Cal came back over from doing something, and Kim returned to her conversation with him.

“So, what’s the fastest you’ve driven it?”

“Got it up to, like, one-fifty a month ago.”

“Oh my god that is sooo awesome.”

A few minutes later, two landscapers walked up to the side of the bar on the girls’ left. They were both dark-skinned Latino men, short at about Jessa’s height, perhaps in their late twenties or early thirties. It had clearly been a long day for them. They both looked like they were completely dirty, and they were covered in a sheen of sweat. Their shirts and pants were stained all over, and their hair was still wet from hard work.

Cal went over to them and the three of them spoke Spanish, having a casual conversation. One of the men laughed. Cal motioned them over to his drink station towards the girls, and he began making something for them.

Jessa sat to the left of Kim, and she smelled them first. The men reeked of body odor. It was like a thick fog of vicious armpit. Jessa perked up. Her pussy had just become soaking wet.

“Holy fuck,” Kim whispered. “Do you smell those fucking dagos?”

Jessa noted Kim’s mistaken use of ‘dago’ for the Latinos, but she did not respond. She looked at the men, and they very obviously looked her and Kim up and down, raising their eyebrows in subtle approval.

“Cal,” Jessa said.

“Sup?” he said, and he put the men’s drinks on the bar.

“Tell them to follow me, I want to show them something.”

“Who? Those guys?”


Cal looked at her quizzically, then shrugged. He spoke in Spanish to the two landscapers. They looked at each other and shrugged, then took their drinks, tilted them up and swallowed them down whole.

Jessa got off her stool and walked towards the hotel entrance holding her drink with her ass sticking out due to the heels. Kim rolled her eyes, then got her phone out and scrolled for a minute. She looked back up at Cal, ready to continue her masterful seduction of the hot bartender.

Once inside the building, Jessa looked everywhere. Time to be resourceful. The two Latinos followed a few yards behind her, assuming she had something she wanted them to fix. Jessa powered down one hallway checking doors until she found something she could work with. One door opened to a kind of large utility closet with some kind of huge HVAC contraption taking up a third of the space. It was lit by a single sconce light in the ceiling. There were all kinds of brooms and a tall shelf thing with a bunch of gear on it.


She motioned them in and shut the door behind them. Before doing anything else, she closed her eyes and sniffed deeply. Their pungent body odor filled her head, and she got dizzy with sexual excitement.

One of the men spoke.

“Want pleess?” He could hardly form the words. These two spoke basically zero English, it was clear.

Jessa set her phone down on one of the shelves, then pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it on the floor like it was business as usual. She was now completely naked except for her high heels and various jewelry. She turned her back to them, bent over, and showed them her asshole by pulling her ass cheeks apart. It all happened so fast that the looks on their faces hardly changed.

“Fuck me,” Jessa said.

They looked at each other and spoke Spanish quietly. She looked back at them, getting a little irritated that there wasn’t a sweaty, filthy fucking migrant cock in her asshole already. They looked rightfully baffled.

“Fuck. This. Fuck this hole, right here,” she said, pointing to her asshole.

She turned back around to them to teach something to the children. She put one index finger through her other thumb and index finger, signaling the international symbol for sexual intercourse.


She turned around and pointed to her asshole again.

“Here. Asshole. You. Fuck asshole. Sexo. Asso. Dicko. Fucking whatever-o.”

They looked at each other, and one of them raised his hands as if to say either ‘Why not?’ or ‘Do you understand her?’ It was hard to tell.

“Hellooo? Jesus fucking Christ,” Jessa said. She made an extremely loud, frustrated huff. “Dumb as fucking niggers and shit,” she said to herself.

She got down on her knees in front of one of the Latinos poker oyna and undid his damp, smelly pants, yanking them down to his feet with his soaking wet boxers. His oily shriveled cock was still completely flaccid. She stood up, pointed to his limp dick, then turned around and pointed to her asshole.

“Is it that fucking hard? Fuck my goddamn asshole, you stupid fucking spick garbage. Fuck!”

The other man patted the man with his pants down on the shoulder and started to take his own pants off. Now these illiterate monkeys were fucking getting somewhere. Shit!

Jessa had to get things moving here or she would be an old fucking lady before she got some random dirty cum pumped into her fucking anal cavity. She got back down on her knees and got close to the first man’s dark, cut cock. It smelled like thick body odor, rank musk, and just a little bit like ass. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed all of his dick and shriveled balls into her mouth with her elegant fingers. Even better-it tasted a little like old piss. Inside her mouth, while her tongue worked and she got it all wet, the cock began to rapidly swell and harden. Above her, the man groaned, and he staggered at the sudden sensation of this beautiful young girl’s soft mouth devouring his nasty, sour cock.

The other man spoke a few words in Spanish, but Jessa could tell from his intonation that he was not speaking to the man whose cock she was sucking. The other man was speaking to her, and it was probably dirty talk. It had taken them fucking long enough.

While she sucked the first man’s nearly fully erect dark cock, both men proceeded to get totally nude, kicking boots off and shredding their shirts.

The first man was in moderately decent shape, but he still had some pudge to him. His skin was dark and had only a few splotches of weird, wetted body hair here and there. There was a little patch of beard scattered across his neck, and his nipples were strangely fat and wide. He had ashy, dry elbows, a bunch of cuts on his arms from whatever work he had done, and he had a fairly huge fuzzy birthmark on one of his sides. His face was average, but he had a repellent hint of a mustache, like he was twelve fucking years old or something. His hands were small, and he placed them timidly on Jessa’s hair as she sucked his dick.

The other man, who was already as hard as granite and stroking his cock, had a swollen beer belly and a lot of gross body hair on his fat frame. A few places on his awful skin were crusty, and parts of his body had various-sized bruises. His left arm had a large black grease stain of some kind, probably from the day’s work. His face was squinty and bad, and his belly button was humongous. His waist and legs had long, ugly stretch marks, and parts of his thighs were wrinkly. This man’s hands were chubby and knobby. He looked like a stunted human being with no concept of cleanliness.

She took the cock out of her mouth and jerked it while she made eye contact with the other man. He said something in Spanish to the first man and they both laughed. Then, he looked her right in the eyes and pointed at the man whose cock she was trying to harden.

“Uno,” he said.

She nodded, trying to figure out where he was going with this. Next, he pointed to himself.


She nodded again. The man turned around and bent over, exposing his hairy brown nightmare of an asshole to Jessa, and got a small dirt-covered flip phone out of his pants, then stood up, showed it to her and pointed to it.

“Tres? Quatro?” Both men laughed.

She shrugged as if to say ‘sure,’ and the other man laughed hard.

Jessa put Uno’s cock back in her mouth and gagged herself on it. She throatfucked his cock as hard as she could, and coughed up a good amount of throat slime in the process. Tears streamed down her face and she coughed and choked. While she did this, Dos talked to someone on the phone, clearly inviting them to a party.

Dos closed his phone, spoke Spanish to Uno, then wobbled over to her face. Dos’s dick was long and darker than Uno’s, and it was uncircumcised. His crotch was a tangle of disgusting black pubic hair that didn’t really seem to end up towards his stomach. The dick was disgustingly dirty, with tiny bits of black flakes and caked on scuzz from the unkempt flappy hood. The man was not hygienic.

That was what she wanted to go into her asshole right now. That filthy, subhuman sex tube. He put his stunted hands on his hips and pressed the gross cock against her perfect face, and she smelled it deeply.

He went around behind her to commence. She stood up, went over to the shelves, sturdied herself and spread her legs. She applied the throat slime to her asshole and bent way over into the shelves. Dos pressed his hard cock’s head against her slimy asshole, and Jessa closed her eyes.

Out at the patio bar, Kim talked to Cal with all the powers of her pornographic body and mouth.

“So where did your friend take those dudes?”

Kim sipped her drink and looked deep into his eyes.

“Probably just to get some cock.”

“Huh,” he said, maybe a little caught off guard.

“We haven’t had any yet today.”

“That so?”

“Well, we fucked each other, but we haven’t gotten our sperm yet.”

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