Bush Whacked

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Having lived in this neck of the woods for some time now my good buddy Trevor and I knew every inch of it from the best hunting and fishing spots to the camp sites that the city folk would use for their weekends. We had been lucky so far that those opportunities to get us some fine pussy hadn’t been reported to the police and we were still free to get some of what we craved. The last one was some prime cut and we enjoyed taking her in every possible way. We usually didn’t let their men folk watch but the last one we did and while he didn’t enjoy us fucking his pretty misses, deep down he got a little excited at the show we gave him.

There was now another opportunity as we had seen the shinny car enter the forest and headed toward a spot down near the river. As we approached from the heavily wooded south we could see them both as they had already set up most of their campsite with the tent already up and a fire started. The man stood just on 6’1 and would have been in his late 50’s with grey receding hair and about 160 lbs. He wore a checked woollen shirt and jeans and was starting to go bald on top. Trevor was much bigger and he could more than take care of him. His female friend was much younger and would have been her early 20’s. She was about 5’9 tall and a 110 lbs. Her body was slim and sleek like a cat and whilst she didn’t have the biggest set of titties was still a hot looking woman. She was dressed in short, denim jean shorts and a tee shirt with white socks and hiking boots. Her long blonde hair sure looked pretty and she wore just enough makeup to highlight her fine young face with pink lipstick covering her slender lips. The man now had a camera in his hand and he was taking pictures of her as she posed for him around the fire. The sun was out and the day was bright as he told her to move to a big rock where he motioned her to sit down.

The camera continued to click away as she smiled at him and exaggerated her poses as she played to the camera. I could feel my cock getting hard as I eyed her body and imagined that under her shorts she would have a sweet tasting pussy. My hand pressed my erection through the material of the overalls I was wearing and I was thinking about how I would stick my cock in her young fresh cunt and also looked forward to fucking her pretty mouth. She was still posing for him and he moved closer to her, then his finger motioned for her to take off her shirt as she soon complied with his wishes. Under it was a tiny white lace bra with just a hint of hardened nipples showing. I reckoned she was about a 32b and again whilst not to my particular liking I would have enjoyed sucking on her cute nipples. The camera continued to capture the images as he his finger again motioned for her to remove her bra. She reached behind her back and unclipped the clasp holding the straps. As she pulled it off her shoulder, her small and perky titties were now fully exposed. They were indeed tiny, however she had a ring through each of her hardened nipples, which I thought about pulling on them as I fucked her. She would be begging me to stop, as I know that it would cause her some discomfort.

My cock strained against the material as the guy continued to photograph her and the next thing she would remove would be her shorts. She again worked to the camera as she unclipped the button on her shorts and then pulled the zipper down. She slipped her fingers into the waistband and pushed them down over her hips and thighs, past her knees and then to her ankles until they reached the ground where she stepped out of them. The white lace panties matched the bra she wore and they would be the last thing to remove. She turned away from the camera and provocatively started to lower them. I watched as she pushed them down and I wondered if she was either shaved or nicely trimmed and her bottom was so white and soft and again my cock strained at the thought of it sliding between the tight cheeks as I Cemre Escort butt fucked her. She pulled each foot free of the soft lace material and then turned to the camera.

I stood stunned and silent as there before me was what I thought was a woman who should have a cutely trimmed or shaved pussy, but instead was a small baby penis. Then it hit me that we had infact come across some fag and his boy or girlfriend out for some gay fun. I continued to watch as she modelled for him placing her hands behind her head as she continued to gaze into the camera lens. She or it moved in his direction and was now on her knees between his legs with his crutch just slightly higher than it’s mouth. Her tiny hands reached up and unzipped his zipper, as she slid her hand inside his jeans and pulled his cock free. I wanted to leave or put a stop to their sick public display but I was fascinated at what was happening. I wasn’t no gay I told myself but if I hadn’t seen it then I would have thought that she was a woman. Trevor didn’t care in which or who’s hole he stuck his cock but for me I had only ever fucked pussy. Whilst I was repulsed at any thought of being with a guy, I seemed to be now interested in what was taking place before me.

The older one continued to click away with the camera as his young lovers hand gripped the cock before him and he stroked it long and slow, pushing and pulling the excess skin of his foreskin over the head of the older mans cock. He moved his head closer and his pink lips parted as his tongue slipped over them and now licked the large head of the cock in his hand. I was fixed to the spot as my own hand slide inside my overalls and I began to masturbate as I imagined standing there having the young thing service my rock hard cock. I wanted to feel his tongue run over the head and down the underside of my cock shaft just he was doing to this old bastard. The old man moved his hand behind the younger ones head and he pulled his mouth further onto his cock. I watched as it disappeared down the young lover’s throat and he seemed to be doing it easily. The guy’s balls soon rested on his chin as he began to pull his head back and forth as the young mouth now fucked his cock. Saliva dripped from the edge of his cock filled mouth drooling down his chin and onto his tiny chest, as he now needed no help in sucking him. He appeared to be a very experienced cocksucker as he continued to stimulate the cock buried deep in his mouth as he used his free hand to massage the guy’s balls.

I was so turned on, as my cock was rock hard and I could feel the precum as it leaked from my rod, which was being pulled in rhythm to the cock sucking that was being enacted before me. I pulled myself thinking about my cock buried deep in his young throat and it should be me, standing there. I wanted him so badly and I would have him before he would feel the taste of the old guys cum.

I moved forward and pointed the gun at the two of them. I could see the scared look on the young mans face as he now realised that a stranger had joined the two of them. The old man froze with his eyes firmly fixed on the barrel of my hunting rifle. I knew that Trevor would soon be there and that he would take care of the old man.

“Don’t do nothing stupid.” I told them.

“Please what do you want,” the old man stammered.

“Why that’s a dumb fucking question.”

“I been watching your young play thing here sucking your cock.”

“And I thought that I might try a piece of that for myself.”

I looked down at the young man who was still kneeling there on the ground.

“What about it?”

“You think you might be up to some more cocksucking?”

The young man’s eyes blinked as he looked up at me and I watched as he crawled to where I stood. I held my protection in one hand while at the same time my free hand undid the clasps on my overalls and at the same time keep the old Cemre Escort Bayan guy at a distance. My overalls fell to the ground and not wearing anything under them made it easy for my cock to be free. His young eyes were now firmly fixed on my monster as the fingers of his right hand wrapped themselves around its thickness. His head moved closer and I soon felt his tongue touch the head of my cock as he used it to lick the large mushroom shaped head. My cock felt as if it was about to bust as he licked down the undershaft then used his lips to massage the veins running along the shaft. The stranger watched intently and I could see that he was not happy having his lover lick and suck this strangers cock

Trevor returned and the old man didn’t see his coming as he grabbed his wrists, pulling them behind his back where he secured them with rope. The young man continued to lick and suck my cock as Trevor pushed his captive to the ground.

He was ready for some action of his own as after removing his own overalls, he undid the old mans jeans and pulled them from his body. Using a knife, Trevor cut the guys boxers from his body and then spread his butt cheeks. I watched as Trevor spat into the palm of his hand and applied the saliva to his cock. He manoeuvred himself between the old mans open legs and steered his cock toward the old guys anal opening. There was some resistance as Trevor roughly penetrated his arse. Once inside him he immediately began to fuck his prey as he thrust in and out of him. The oldman winced with each shove of Trevor’s cock as he now started to pound his arse. The sight of him being fucked and the feeling of my new lovers mouth on my cock almost sent me over the top. I wanted my cock inside him but not in front of the other two. I grabbed the young mans wrist and pulled him to his feet, then dragged him toward the tent. I opened the tent flap and pushed him inside as he fell to the floor and I now joined him.

The sleeping bags were laid out like some huge bed and I squatted down and lay on them, pulling my new lover with me. He didn’t need any coaxing as he moved between my legs and immediately again took my cock in his mouth. His tongue licked my shaft and then made its way to my swollen balls. My hands moved to his head as I pushed it into my crutch. His tongue slipped between my legs as he now started to lick the entrance to my anal opening. My body tingled as his tongue continued to probe entry to my shit hole. He was becoming the best head I had ever had, as he was better than any woman who had sucked my cock before today. I looked over his head and there was a gap in the opening of the tent entrance where I could see Trevor continue to fuck his new friend. The guy’s face was contorted as his arse was being plugged with some real man cock and he wasn’t enjoying the experience. I on the other hand was enjoying what my new friend was doing to me and was so engrossed that I no longer thought of it as being depraved.

He continued to work hard on my cock as he turned his body 90degrees and when he placed his leg over my body I was now looking directly at his small penis, which hung limp at my mouth. He pushed his hips down and his penis brushed my lips. I was caught up in the moment and I opened my mouth and let his cock slide over my lips and into the wetness of my oral opening, where I began to return the favour. It tasted sweet from a mixture of perfume and powder that he wore. My actions were now turning him on as he sucked and licked me even harder. He slowly began to thrust his hips back and forth and he was soon fucking my mouth. I wasn’t a fag I continued to tell myself as we lay in a 69 position and we were providing each other with mutual stimulation. There would however be no way that I was going to let him cum in my mouth, for after all this bitch was for my pleasure and not his. My cock was at bursting point as he continued to suck me. Escort Cemre He had lubricated one of his long slender fingers and began to insert in into my rectum. It was well inside me almost to the knuckle and while giving me some discomfort, when it touched my prostate it would almost make me shoot my load.

I wanted to cum and he continued to finger my arse as he sucked me long and with such expertise. I watched as his head would almost leave my cock, then move back down until it disappeared into his throat. No woman had deep throated me like he could and I was letting him do it all. I used my mouth to stimulate him and could taste the precum, which oozed from his cock head. His penis was tiny and I now realised that he may have been undergoing transformation into being a woman. I wanted him and I wanted him now

I pushed my new lover’s face from my cock shaft and watched as a long sliver of saliva dripped from his mouth onto it. I guided him into position on his back on the sleeping bags and then moved between his legs. He knew that I wanted to stick my cock in tight little hole and he also knew as he gripped his legs just below his knees and stretched them wide. There before me now was the opening to his tight little man pussy and it was ready for the taking. My cock twitched as I manoeuvred it toward his brown opening and I felt him tense as the head of it touched the entrance. I slowly pushed it forward and there was some resistance as I continued to push into him and soon found that his opening was beginning to open up and allow my cock entry. He arched his back as I again and again pressed my cock home. His anal canal gripped my cockshaft and it felt so fucking hot as it squeezed more blood into my shaft. He began to whimper as he was being impaled on my monster, which was invading his most intimate opening.

It was now completely inside and while I didn’t want it to hurt the other voice told me to fuck my little bitch real good. I knew that this would not be so enjoyable for him until it had stretched enough to accommodate my prick as I started to fuck his cute hole and my cock moved back and forth into him. His facial expression changed to a more painful look, however he was letting me know that he was there for my pleasure. My balls soon slapped his buttocks as I started to pound his tight man pussy. His hands pressed against my chest as he looked deep into my eyes. He was beautiful and I was no longer in control as my mouth moved to his, where I kissed him roughly as I fucked him. His mouth tasted sweet and I could smell his perfume. I wanted him and wanted him bad. In the distance I could hear Trevor start to work his captive harder as he was close to cumming. I too wanted to shoot my load into this tight butt that at one time I would never have even thought about. I could feel my rhythm increase and could feel my cock begin to swell for I would be soon feel my cock deliver its stuff.

“Oh fuck yeah, ” I hissed as I was to the point of no return.

“Yeah fuck baby you so fucking tight.”


“Gonna cum real soon.”

In an instant and with one last thrust my cock exploded in him. I continued to push and pull my cock in and out of him, where with each shove I could feel my cock shoot load after load of cum.

” Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” I screamed, as I couldn’t stop. I wanted it inside him and he was now a willing candidate. His mouth smiled, as he was pleased that I was enjoying my first male to male contact. I didn’t want it to stop as I felt my cock begin to soften.

I lay on top of him for what seemed like hours as I came down. This should never have happened only it did. As I pulled out I glanced down and saw that my cock was covered with the pinkish liquid, a mixture of his blood and my cum. I realised that I was his and he was my first and it all seemed so strange. Throughout it all he hadn’t spoken a word, that there was much of a chance for him to do so with my cock in his mouth. As I pulled myself too my feet, so did he and we walked out to gather his things. He grabbed his pack and would join us as we left the camp. Trevor cut his guy free while, I took mine with me to a future of more enjoyable man to man contacts.

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My Clean White Panties

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I’ve always loved white panties. My mom used to buy them for me at J.C. Penny’s and the cool soft cotton fabric felt so good against my sensitive skin “Down There.” I wore the brief style that came up to my waist but, after all, bikini panties weren’t around back then. It was the early sixties and the whole sexual revolution was years away.

I graduated high school and wasn’t really college material so I got a job at a Quigley’s dime store nearby and worked there afternoons. I had no grand plan for my life but, like most young girls back then, I hoped to meet a man and marry and have a family. So I passed my days at Quigley’s, smelling that stale popcorn and doing my best to serve the customers.

One day a boy I kind of knew from High School came in. He was buying a Louis Lamour western novel which I had already read. We struck up a conversation and he began refering to me as “Mame.” Then he kept asking me if I “Needed any help out at the ranch!” Well Andy came in just about every day after that and even checked out Louie Lamour books from the local library for me to read. I began to look forward to his visits and finally, he asked me out to the movies one night.

I was excited and nervous about my, well…not exactly my first date ever but it was the first time I was going out with a guy I really liked. I of course wore my best clean white panties even though I knew Andy wouldn’t be seeing them or anything.

We went to see “Ride the High Country” with Joel McCray which was pretty good but anything would have been fun sitting there with Andy. He wasn’t the best looking guy in the world but he was big and strong and held my hand during the movie. We got some ice cream and then Andy drove me home. We walked up to the door and he took me in his arms and began kissing me. Oh! that was wonderful! My pussy began to wet my panties as he excited me there on the doorstep. He thrust his tongue into my mouth which surprised me and then he cupped my butt cheeks and pulled me against his lower body. I could feel the outline of his hardon against my belly and he just frenched me for all he was worth! My Goodness! I was all out of breath when we’d finished. I dreamily said goodnight and went inside.

Well, as you might imagine, I had to launder my clean white panties after that escapade! I couldn’t stop thinking about the steely hard feel of him…rubbing right up against me. Right down there! I looked forward to his afternoon visits to the dime store and we began dating every weekend. It wasn’t long before we began to visit an unfinished housing tract in our neighborhood where we could park and see some city lights and…and be alone! I know it sounds bad but we would get in the back seat because Andy’s Örnekköy Escort Dad’s car had bucket seats and we wanted to be closer than they would allow. Our makeout sessions were intense and after a few dates I gave in to Andys requests and began to fondle him. He wanted to feel my panties too but I was afraid of what might happen so I kept telling Andy I was a “Nice Girl” and couldn’t do something like that.

“It would be a sin.” I told him. Of course taking his penis out of his pants and stroking him was probably a sin too but at least I wasn’t as likely to get “In Trouble” which was a major consideration back then. So our dates slowly progressed from simple touching and feeling to eventually Andy removing his underpants and making me touch his naked penis. I got all turned on too. I stroked him softly like he told me until, for the first time, I got to see streams of jism erupting from his cock! We had to clean up the mess cause…it was his Dad’s car!

I now eagerly looked forward to these weekly masturbation sessions and then Andy, sensing as much, wanted to touch my panties too. I loved him and wanted to please him so finally one night I didn’t stop him when he stole his hand up under my skirt. He moved higher and higher until finally he reached the smooth soft fabric of my clean white panties. “Oh Angie!” he whispered when he realized where his hand now was. He was a gentleman and didn’t try to go inside my panties but even the feel of his fingers on the outside was wildly exciting to me. He softly rubbed his forefinger up and down my barely covered vagina while I was stroking his stiff penis. I felt my breath quicken as my body responded to his touch. I squeezed him a bit harder than usual and he gasped and then grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it to my waist. “Andy No!” I complained but it was too late. Andy’s eyes devoured the sight of my clean white panties and then he aimed his frustrated cock right between my legs and shot his pent up semen all over me! Streams of hot sticky come poured onto my panties as Andy apologized over and over. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself and…well, I guess I couldn’t very well blame him either. I made Andy get out of the car and I removed my panties and we rode home with them hidden in my purse.

I of course washed my panties after that incident and I’m ashamed to admit that I took to bringing along a second pair of clean white panties on our dates so I wouldn’t have to go home with no panties on. I know this is kind of kinky but I did enjoy…playing with Andy’s big hard penis and I took secret pleasure in bringing him to orgasm. I knew Andy loved my panties too and I got a kick out of the expression Escort Örnekköy he had on his face when I let him see them.

We went several months like that. A fun evening culminating in a steamy hand job in the back seat of Andy’s Dad’s car. I now allowed Andy to occasionally slip his fingers inside my panties but just for a second before I complained. One night he wanted to touch his cock to my panties and, well, I didn’t say no. Andy proceeded to take hold of his prick and rubbed the head right on my clean white panties! “Oh Andy…do it harder!” I heard myself say. He responded by driving the head of his cock right at the barely visible fissure there between my legs which I had opened as far as I could to accomodate him. I began to consider the reality of Andy’s cock penetrating me for real at that point. Who was I kidding? I was 19 years old and now ready for sex! Andy was my boyfriend and he was the guy I wanted to do it with!

But Andy loved me too and, thinking what we were doing was somehow “Wrong” he just rubbed his cock all over my panties and then bathed them with his emission. Andy dutifully gave me a chance to change into a fresh pair of clean white panties and we drove home quietly.

I think at this point that Andy thought I wanted to remain a virgin until I married but I was definitly having second thoughts about that! I found myself thinking how sweet it would have been to simply pull the legband of my panties over to one side and let Andy…Fuck Me! My Goodness! Naughty Girl!

The next day as I was washing my panties a nasty thought came into my head. A plan actually. Once I thought about it I knew I was going to try it. I added bleach to the laundry as my panties were washing. I wanted my panties to be clean and perfectly white of course, but I had another reason. After the drier had finished, I rewashed my panties again…and again, each time with lots of bleach. Finally…they were ready for my next date with Andy.

We went out the following Friday night to see Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” which was pretty scary for back then. We got hamburgers and then drove up to “Plummer Hill” where we always parked. Andy was particularly eager that night and he kissed me passionately when we finally made it into the back seat. “Oh Andy!” I gasped, “Touch my panties!” Andy needed no further encouragement and fired by my request he reached for my now compromised white panties. The fabric was now so thin that Andy could feel my pussylips pouting inside my panties. “Don’t take off my panties Andy!” I breathed. “You can touch me but…” Andy was already opening his fly when I said it. He knew what to expect now and quickly had his hardened cock in his hand Örnekköy Escort Bayan and moved between my thighs. I looked lovingly at him and lifted my skirt so he could see my panties. Then I felt his bloated cockhead right on my excited little pussy with just the flimsy fabric of my panties preventing penetration. “Oh it feels real good Andy!” I whispered. “Do it harder!”

I guess you can imagine what happened next. Andy reared back and pushed himself at my steaming little pussy and we both heard a barely audible ripping sound. Then…then Andy’s big hard cock tore into my no longer virgin pussy! I pushed up at him when I felt it happen and then the two of us were fucking there in the back seat of his Dad’s Supersport! Yes, there was a pinch of pain when he got me but it was quickly washed away but the intense pleasure that followed.

“Oh that’s it Andy!” I told him. “Fuck my little panties!” Andy didn’t speak…he didn’t really have to obviously. He began to pick up speed and rhythmically drove his cock into my panties until It really felt good! I knew I’d teased him too much but he loved it too. I thought about stopping to remove my panties completey so we could fuck naked but I decided I liked it better this way. I had my little white panties on and I was getting fucked real good too.

When I sensed that Andy was ready to spill his seed I called out to him “Don’t do it inside me Andy…” He grunted in response and smiled when I said “Come on my panties honey.”

With as triumphant cry Andy pulled his swelling penis from my well fucked pussy and began to ejaculate all over my lewdly exposed panties. There was now a little hole right in the crotch and Andy shot come right there too. Finally he was finished and we embraced. I felt such pure love for Andy right then. It was like I had been waiting for that moment all my life.

I saw no point in making Andy leave the car while I changed my panties after what had happened. I decided to let him remove my panties but they tore into pieces when he attempted to do so. “Oh Andy you’ve torn my panties!” I scolded him. Andy was smiling down at me as he ripped the waistband and then pocketed the soiled panties. He then pressed his palms to the inside of my thighs and treated himself to his first ever view of my naked pussy. His first but not his last!

Andy and I have been together for many years now. Many years. But we both savor that first time together. Nowadays he’ll buy me some real nice panties from Victoria’s Secret and then tear them off of me in bed. The sound of the skimpy fabric tearing does something to both of us. Makes me wet. Makes him hard. Then he fucks me good and hard with the torn remnants of my panties still clinging uselessly to my thighs. I usually complain to him too. “Don’t Andy! Don’t tear off my panties! Please…No! Don’t fuck my bare pussy! Give me back my panties!” This produces a ball jarring series of strokes and then a big hot load of sperm…all over my torn and ripped panties. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

American In Paris Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


If you haven’t read the first chapter I suggest that you do. I am a 23 year old Grad student living in Paris with a host family. And as a previous reader pointed out there are in fact 3 sisters not two.

I got up and showered after having sleeping like a baby. Now I have to say I hate European showers. It is more of a hand-held nozzle and bathtub than it is a shower. How is one supposed to have any fun in that? Anyways I showered/bathed and got dressed. I headed out to the table and was greeted with a warm passionate kiss from Sophie. She then proceeded to tell me that we couldn’t do anything more while her daughter was around. I was a little disappointed by this news as I had been looking forward to exploring more of Sophie.

Just as I was finishing breakfast there was a sharp rap at the door followed by one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen. She came in and gave 4 bissous (the kissing of the cheek) to her mom and then came over to me and gave me two bissous, God I love France. She told me her name was Lilly. I was thinking how fitting because she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. She was 19 and freshly tanned after having spent a month in Spain. She had a beautiful face somewhat similar to her mom’s with dark brown eyes and incredible lips. She had long brown hair all the way down her back. She seemed tall but was probably only 5’6 and a little skinnier than I usually liked. She had small what seemed to be pert breasts and legs that were never ending. The legs led up to what was her finest attribute, her ass. I am definitely an ass man, and this one was perfect. Even though she was very skinny she definitely had an ass. It was small but was very rounded and tight. It was always outlined in her typical tight French pants. After the greeting she decided to take a nap. I had to go to class anyways, so off I went.

Class was a bit disappointing because there was none; I found out that they had delayed the start of classes by two weeks. Typical French, don’t get me wrong I love the French but they have no concept of time. I made my way back to the house after wandering around the quartier (neighborhood) by my school.

By now Lilly had woken up, and I described to her and Sophie that I had nothing to do for 2 weeks and still no clothes. Sophie suggested Lilly take me on the tour of the quartier around the apartment. I thought this would be a good idea plus I could get to know Lilly more. We began near Place des Voges and moved on to the Marais. Lilly was pretty shy but was pointing out some fascinating buildings that most tourists overlook. We then headed over to L’ile St. Louis, a great little island behind Notre Dame, and Lilly finally began opening up a bit. She started talking about school; she was studying to be an electrical engineer, and we talked about a few other things too. We walked along the Seine until we reached Le Jardin des Plantes. It is a great park in Paris with a zoo, all sorts of flowers, and a variety of museums on archaeology and evolution. We walked through the gardens and decided to sit down on one of the benches because we had been walking awhile.

We sat down and people watched (the national past-time of the French). About 10 minutes later the couple across from us on another bench began kissing, well no making out. It was pretty intense; I looked over at Lilly to see if she noticed and she had. She was staring at them and then looked at me and blushed. She said it is getting late and we should get going. I let her get up first so I had another view of that magnificent ass and then walked with her to the nearest Metro stop. We took the Metro back to the apartment and of course I let her go up the stairs in front of me partially because I am a gentleman, but mostly to see that ass at work.

When we returned I realized we had been gone for four hours. Sophie greeted us and commented that we must to have really had time to get to know each other with a little wink. Lilly was of course embarrassed by this comment and blushed again and told her mom to stop. The phone then rang and it was Lara, one of the other sisters. She invited Lilly over to her place for dinner, since it was her first day back. Lilly was excited to go see her sisters so she took off, leaving me and Sophie alone again. At dinner Sophie asked about my day, and I told her what a wonderful time I had with Lilly. Sophie smiled and said that Lilly is a very innocent beautiful girl and that I should spend more time with her to really get to know her. Wow, not only did Sophie give me an incredible night, she is now trying to set me up with her daughter!

After dinner I walk up behind Ostim Escort Sophie as she is doing the dishes and grind my rigid cock into her ass. I then lean forward and lightly kiss her neck. She leans her neck to the side to give me more access and pushes back against my cock. I ask how long Lilly will be gone and Sophie said probably the whole night. I raise my hands up her side slowly grazing my fingertips along her body until I reach her breasts. I trace the underside of her breasts as I continue to kiss her. I continue to play with her breasts as I kiss up and down her neck and then slightly blow into her ear. Her hands are gripping the counter as she keeps pushing back against me. I let my hands wonder down as my fingertips massage their way down to her hem line. I trace the line around her hips and come to the front again. I slowly let my hands glide down the fabric of her skirt until they rest on her mound. It is radiating heat, and I can feel the dampness even through her skirt.

Smelling her scent as I kiss her, feeling her mound, and having her ground her ass into my rigid cock is too much for me, and I explode in my pants. I quickly back up apologizing over and over. Sophie laughs, which makes me more embarrassed and she quickly realizes her mistake. She tells me she is not laughing at me cumming, but rather at me apologizing. She tells me she wanted me to cum. I still feel embarrassed, but she tells me to take off my clothes so I can wash them again. I take them off and hand them to her. I go to my room feeling liking an idiot.

10 minutes later Sophie knocks at my door and enters. She is wearing a black thong bikini with a sheer baby doll. In one of her hands she is carrying something that I could not make out. She gracefully walks over to my bed and asks if I am too embarrassed to continue from last night. I of course say no and she proceeds to kiss my inner thighs. Her hands rake my chest as she kisses up to my balls much like she did the night before. I lay back thinking to myself, how in the world did this happen to me of all people. But not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I let her continue. She licks her way up and down my cock and takes turns from licking and sucking.

I try to get her to rotate around, so I can repay her as she is sucking me. She finally gets the hint and without letting go of my cock rotates her body around. In front of me is that beautiful pussy that I lapped up the night before. To get a better position I place my hands on her ass and hold her hips as I kiss all around her outer lips. Her pussy by now is swollen and actually dripping slowly; I remove one hand to wipe up her dripping pussy and place it back onto her ass. Forgetting how slippery her juices are my hand slowly guides to that crevice in her ass. My finger grazes her small forbidden hole and she moans on my cock for what must have been at least 15 seconds. This was too much for me and I shoot into her mouth as she expertly swallows it all. I continue to lick her and let my tongue ever so slightly flick her clit, which is now showing off proudly. This rewards me with plenty of her sweet nectar to lap up and finally cause her to yell out as she spasms over my face. She collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. I let my hands massage her ass as I kiss her inner thighs.

When she is finally rested up from her orgasm, she tells me that if I had continued with my finger being lubed up on her ass she would not have needed to use this and proceeds to show me the bottle of KY that she brought with her. I nearly exploded again just thinking about being able to take her ass. She told me to lube up my fingers first, which I did, and to enter one slowly because it had been awhile.

At this point she is on all fours and I am behind her on my knees. I gingerly let my index finger try to glide in as it is first met with some resistance. She tells me she is okay and tells me to continue. I push a little harder and instead of just having one knuckle go in a little ways, it accidentally causes the whole finger to go in. She grimaces and groans and I apologize again. She regains her composure and tells me not to worry but to leave the finger in so she can get used to it. After about 30 seconds she tells me to slowly pull my finger out and push it again. I follow her instructions and after awhile she tells me to enter another finger. I take my time and finally get it in too. She tells me to insert one more finger because my cock is a little thick she wants to be ready. With three fingers in her ass she really begins to hump back on my fingers. I see one of her Escort Ostim hands working on her pussy as I work on her ass and take note of this. At this point she is moaning pretty loudly and not wanting to miss out I take my fingers out and lube up my cock.

When she realizes there is nothing in her ass she asks why I stopped. I put the tip of my cock against her hole and she huskily tells me to shove it in. With that cue I take her by her hips and push my steel hard cock into my host mom’s beautiful 48 year old ass. It glides in and she almost lets out a howl or a growl, I am not sure what it was. She tells me to go at it hard, so I do. I pound away and as I am doing this I let one hand slide down to her dripping wet pussy and begin to finger fuck her too. This is too much for her as she shivers from her orgasm. I continue anyways and fuck away at her, she continues to have orgasm after orgasm until I can take no more and yell out, “FUCK” and shoot the biggest load I have ever shot into her ass. My deflated cock easily pulls out and she collapses onto the bed. I fall back in the other direction and try to catch my breath.

Three hour pass and somehow we had switched our positions, and I was spooning with her. It felt like heaven. I let my hand trace along her chin and work up and down her body. As I was getting ready to see if she wanted more we heard the door slam shut. Sophie whispered, “Merde, c’est Lilly.” Lilly went to her room and closed her door. Sophie grabbed her panties and gingerly walked to the door, still a little sore from the pounding I had given her a short while ago. She snuck back to her room without an incident, but I knew that as long as Lilly was there my time with Sophie was done. I went back to sleep dreaming of the wonderful time I had.

In the morning I woke up to find both women eating breakfast. I just had a towel wrapped around me since Sophie forgot to dry my clothes after our romp in the bed. Lilly of course kind of blushed and shyly looked down at her plate. She was wearing a nightgown that barely covered her ass and looked like it was all silk. I ate my breakfast but had a small friend trying to peek out from the towel because of Lilly and her nightgown. Since I was not used to having Lilly around I did not think about it and got up to go take a shower. Lilly stared at me, rather it, and Sophie casually coughed and told me my clothes would be ready when I was done with my shower. I realized my mistake and quickly walked to the shower.

After getting showered and dressed I was prepared for a day of nothing much to do. Sophie was getting ready to leave for work, but just before she did she asked if I could help her with a favor. I of course said yes since she had more than helped me out the previous two nights. She then went on to explain that yesterday Lilly met someone on the street who said he would like to take her pictures for his clothing catalog. Sophie continued that Lilly had done a little modeling before but that was always through an agency and that this guy on the street worried Sophie, but it would be good money for Lilly. Sophie then asked if I could accompany Lilly to the shoot and make sure it was not a porn shoot or nothing too risqué. I of course said yes, I would be glad to do that. After that Sophie left for work but not before I quickly and discreetly squeezed her ass, which caused her to jump a bit.

Two hours later Lilly and I were on our way to the photo shoot. When we arrived it seemed okay, it was in the back of a small clothing store that had some nice clothing items in it. The set was pretty small but the camera equipment looked nice and there were racks of clothing. I thought this would be great because it would give me a chance to soak in all of Lilly’s beauty. After getting some paper work out of the way they began the shoot. The first couple of items were pretty conservative—first some tight jeans and a sweater, and then a long dress that matched her skin perfectly. They then moved on to some summer dresses. These were a bit shorter than the first dress but very common. Lilly was of course looking amazing, and a natural for the camera. After an hour and a half I noticed the clothes were becoming shorter and tighter. Again it wasn’t anything you wouldn’t see on the street but they were definitely more revealing—short skirts with shirts that would slightly show off her tight stomach, or dresses that were low cut and with a high hem. The gentleman doing the shoot then asked her to put on a sleeveless dress; Lilly pointed out she did not have the right type of bra, and the guy told her not to worry she would Ostim Escort Bayan be fine. He was right the dress was amazing on her, and her breasts definitely held their own. He then said that he had some swimwear for his catalog too. The first couple were some very nice one pieces, which Lilly made look even more amazing.

The slow evolution though led to some bikinis which were pretty small. I was now becoming a little uneasy first because I had a massive hard on, but secondly and more importantly this was beginning to look more and more like more than a clothing catalog shoot. Finally, the guy asked her to pose with one strap off of her shoulder. I could not take any more and Lilly was starting to look uncomfortable. I told him that was it, we were done.

The guy said no you are done when I say you are done and yelled at Lilly to strip down. Tears began to form in her eyes, and I became enraged. I stepped up to the larger gentleman, dropped the French and spoke English and said, “You are going to fucking let us go now before I beat the living shit out of you.” I do not know where this came from because I am normally very passive and non-aggressive. I had a huge vein in my forehead throbbing, a crazy look in my face, and was nearly shaking, not of fear but shear adrenaline. The man looked at me and began to laugh, so I took my fist back and punched him as hard as I could across his cheek and smashing his nose. Blood flew everywhere, two teeth came out, his cheek immediately swelled, and my hand was broken.

He crumpled to the floor, but he was still conscious. I told him we were going and he was going to pay Lilly. He took out his wallet and gave her the 300 euros he had promised as I glared down at him. I then went to the camera and took out the memory card, which I kept. I took the camera and threw it to the ground as it shattered into pieces. He began to get up angered at what I did, but I just glared at him again and he coward back down. Lilly got dressed quickly, and we left together.

Out on the street the adrenaline had finally worn off, and my hand was throbbing in pain. I was in a massive amount of pain but was trying hard not to show it to Lilly. She could tell though I was in pain and dialed the SAMU (ambulance) on her cell phone. We went to the nearest hospital where the doctors looked at my hand. The doctors explained that they were going to have to wait for the swelling to go down before they could take any x-rays. They had given me some pain killers and a compression wrap with ice.

Lilly was sitting by my side; she had just got done telling her mom on the phone what had happened. She reached out for my hand, the healthy one, took it in her own hands and told me should could never thank me enough for what I did for her. She took my hand still in her hands and rested it on her thigh halfway up. She didn’t say anything but just waited with me. Her eyes were so tender and loving as they watched over me. I was in heaven partially because the pain killers had kicked in, but mostly because I had this amazingly hot lady by my side and my hand was resting on her silky thigh. We stayed like that for a couple of hours until the nurse cleared her throat and interrupted us, telling me that my swelling was down enough that the x-rays could be taken.

Like the doctors thought my hand was broken in several places. They told me though most of the breaks were clean enough that I did not need surgery. They put a cast on and let me go. When we returned home Sophie was there to greet us. She first hugged her daughter and asked if she was okay, and then she hugged me and gave me a fairly passionate kiss. I could tell Lilly was quite surprised by this, but I guess she thought it was just her mother’s way of thanking me. We sat down for a great dinner.

Afterwards Lilly tried to give me some of the money from the shoot. I told her it was hers and she had earned it. I also didn’t tell her that I still had the memory stick from the shoot. She insisted that I take some, but I wouldn’t. Finally Lilly gave in and said she would go clothes shopping tomorrow, but she added that if I wouldn’t take any of it she was going to have to buy some things that both of us could enjoy and gave me a slight sexy smile. I couldn’t believe what she had just said. She got up to go to bed and of course I watched that sexy ass sway back and forth.

Sophie told me I should get some rest too, but not before giving me two very long passionate kisses. She then said I deserved this and swiftly unzipped me, took out my cock, pulled up her skirt and mounted me at the dinner table. She rode on top of my cock as I was wrestling with her tongue. I came pretty quickly from being all worked up over Lilly. She then said a very caring and soft, “Merci”; touched my nose with her finger; and said I had better rest up so my hand can heal. With that I took some painkillers and went to sleep.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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It was because of Angela that my predilection for mature women was formed. Perhaps it was also due in part to the significance of the date, 18th of February 1982, my eighteenth birthday. After all losing your virginity to a woman twenty three years your senior is bound to have a profound and ever lasting affect.

I was living in a fairly remote coastal town in Western Australia at that time; a builder’s labourer having just left high school with not much of an idea of what I wanted to do with the future. It was a time of no responsibilities and of not having much of a care in the world.

I was a shy boy by nature and that fact, combined with the teenage difficulty of being new to town only 18 months earlier meant that I had only had one girlfriend in that time and I was still a virgin to boot. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to explore the tight, lithe body of my girlfriend; I was just not pushy enough to put the proposition to her.

Angela was to initiate me into the heady world of sex in an inspiring fashion.

I was aware of the gorgeous Angela for months before our fateful encounter. She was my friend’s mother and I had entertained myself on numerous nocturnal occasions where she played the starring role in masturbatory fantasies. In fact Angela was a walking, talking, living wet dream.

I knew I wasn’t alone in my worship of Angela’s generous curves, pretty face and blonde hair. I had had several discussions regarding Angela’s assets with friends from school and we were all of the same opinion; Pete’s mum was hot stuff.

To describe Angela in detail: She was forty one years old when I reached my eighteenth birthday. Fairly tall, at least five foot ten to my six feet. Willowy limbed with well shaped, slim legs. Legs that she showed off to honey tanned perfection all the time in short skirts or tight shorts. She got away with such show off behaviour because of the high temperatures along the West Australian coastline. She had a very pretty face that was framed by ash blonde hair. Her teeth were white with the front two being slightly crooked teeth gave her a rather endearing smile and actually emphasised her prettiness rather than detract from it. She had a flat tummy and absolutely the best, most shapely tits in town (there had been a schoolboy vote on that particular subject). In fact Angela’s breasts were the topic of many conversations between just about 100% of the male population of the town. It wasn’t the size of her globes that prompted so much conjecture, although they were a decent sized pair, but rather their overall shape and apparent ability to defy gravity. They were full and rounded, well sized and shapely ultimately tipped by long, seemingly permanently erect nipples.

There wasn’t a man, or boy, in town who wouldn’t have taken the opportunity, with no second thoughts of the consequences whatsoever, to play with Angela if he was lucky enough to ever get the chance.

Such luck is on the scale of a large lottery win. On my eighteenth birthday, my numbers all came up.

On the morning of that day I had absolutely no idea of the events that were about to unfold. If I had I would probably never have left the house! Angela in fantasy form was perfection; the reality of her was intimidating to an overwhelming degree.

I passed the day fairly normally, I went to work and moved timber around for the chippies and generally tidied up the sites that were slowly being transformed into houses for the rapidly increasing population of the town. Old George, the owner of the company that employed me stopped by to wish me a happy birthday and slipped me a $50 note on his way off the site. The day was going good.

After work I went home, showered and made Şentepe Escort my way over to Pete’s house at 7:30 as we’d arranged. As it happened Pete had had to go down to Perth with his Father because of some family crisis or other. This was the defining moment in the ‘Mrs Robinson’ experience that awaited me.

Angela opened the front door and the sight of her was truly amazing. She had been out in the back yard when I’d knocked and she had obviously been sunbathing because she was dressed in her bikini. Now the sight of Pete’s mum in her bikini in addition to the $50 from Old George was a superb birthday treat in itself and I would have been entirely satisfied if that had been the sum total of my birthday pleasures. Things were to get so much better though.

Angela explained the details of Pete’s absence whilst I stood and gawped at her splendid cleavage. Then she dropped a minor bombshell.

She invited me in for a celebratory birthday drink. Before I really knew what I was doing I’d followed Angela into the kitchen, taken a bottle of ice cold Emu and then been led out onto the patio at the back of the house. My hostess had poured herself a glass of chilled white wine and she sipped at it as she lounged back in her sun chair.

It must have been obvious to the mature woman that her semi nude form spread deliciously over the sun chair was causing me some degree of discomfort. Firstly I couldn’t bring myself to look directly at her. It felt as though her breasts were like magnets drawing my eyeballs inexorably towards them like the north arrow on a compass.

I think she took some sort of perverse pleasure in my discomfort because she was in no way ignorant of the effect her body was having on me and she did absolutely nothing to lessen my embarrassment.

After some talk about Pete, my girlfriend and my plans for the future we had come to the end of our drinks. It was this moment, I can see now, that Angela made a decision and she got up and went back to the kitchen. She returned with another large glass of wine for herself and a beer for me without bothering to ask if I’d wanted another. I think that if she had asked I would have probably declined out of shyness and left, something Angela probably knew and hence that was why she didn’t ask.

What happened next is like the corny plot of a porn film; she asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back. Special effects: wind up the appropriate dodgy seventies music.

To my utter disbelief Angela lay on her stomach and unclipped the bikini top she was wearing. Once again, before I truly realised what was happening I found myself rubbing slippery suntan oil into the soft, honeyed skin of this lovely creature’s back. I rubbed it into her shoulders, down her back to the top of her supple buttocks.

I hesitated there. I was in uncharted waters now. Hell, I was in uncharted waters an hour ago, now I was sinking fast!

When I stopped massaging the oil into Angela’s skin she shifted and raised herself up from the sun bed. She turned completely around, not caring that her tits were now wholly exposed to me. I noticed that Angela’s breasts had a very few light stria lines on the sides but once again these slight, faint imperfections only enhanced her overall sex appeal.

Angela just had a sly smile on her face and asked me outright if I was uncomfortable.

I couldn’t respond and She simply leaned forward, took my head between the palms of her hands and pressed her lips to mine.

It was that uncomplicated, Angela took complete control and there was no awkwardness on her part whatsoever. She had made her decision and that was it.

Angela held my face a kissed me lightly at first Şentepe Escort Bayan before probing at my lips with her tongue, forcing them apart and then fully French kissing me. The feeling of her tongue dancing with mine caused my penis to grow immediately erect. It was as stiff as iron, well I had only just turned seventeen that day, and it was the stiffest hard on I’d ever experienced.

Once Angela noticed my cock bulging painfully in my jeans she stroked it through the denim and caused it to stiffen even more, something I would have believed to be patently impossible.

She offered her tits to me and I eagerly sucked on distended nipples. Angela groaned as I suckled at her and squeezed her own firm tit flesh.first one and then the other of her

After only a few moments of this Angela stood and pulled me by the hand into the house. It was cool inside because of the air conditioning but I didn’t even notice. Angela took me into the bedroom she shared with her husband, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down over my thighs, taking my pants with them and exposing my thick cock.

Angela let out a appreciative murmur as she saw my thick stalk for the first time and then she took it in her hand and began to slowly wank me.

The feeling was too wonderful for words. I had pulled my own cock often naturally, but this was the first time anyone else had ever touched my prick in a sexual way other than myself. After a few strokes of her cool fingers on my cock shaft Angela knelt in front of me and wrapped her lips around the purple dome of my cock end.

She sucked me slowly and gently and then licked my shaft from tip to root before taking my glans back between her lips.

I was obvious what was going to happen. The sight of Angela in her bikini had aroused me for the last hour as we sat outside. My cock had never had such tender treatment from a woman before, never mind that this was one of the most desirable women in the town. The vision of Angela’s blonde head bobbing up and down on my cock, her firm, big tits jiggling coupled with the feelings her mouth and hands caused within my aching cock made the cum boil in my shaft.

The first jet of spunk caught Angela by surprise and shot right into her mouth. She let my gushing prick slip from between her lips and was immediately hit by more thick sprays of cum on her face and in her hair. She laughed at the shock and force of my outpouring and thick gobs of spunk dripped from her chin onto the upper slopes of her breasts.

Angela stood up with my semen dripping from her face and she scooped as much as she could into her mouth using her fingers.

My cock was still rock hard and Angela told me to undress as she pulled her bikini bottoms down and stepped out of the flimsy garment.

When I was naked my lover came to me and kissed me again. I tasted my own cum on her lips and tongue and the idea of tasting it didn’t bother me at all. I was too aroused by the feel of this experienced woman in my hands to care about trivialities such as that.

Now it was time for another ‘first’ for me. I was now going to taste a woman’s juices for the first time in my life. Just as Angela forged my liking for mature women it must have been her lessons in cunnilingus that gave me an appetite for licking a woman at that most intimate and sensitive of places.

Her murmured instructions at how hard, soft, fast or slow to probe at her body with my tongue coupled with my desire to please her meant that I was able to have this paragon of womanhood quivering and gasping in rapture on my face. The fact that I was actually able to perform such feats upon a woman such as she has given me the Escort Şentepe will and the confidence to bring many women such pleasure over the years. But those are stories for another time!

I learnt fast how to lick the hard nubbin of her clit, how to probe with my tongue and nibble her labia. I learnt to gently finger fuck her as a licked the tight rose of her arse, something that sent her into a flood of ecstatic moans and terms of filthy endearment.

Finally after what seemed an age of oral action Angela told me to fuck her. The sound of that word made my stomach flip with excitement and Angela held my cock and parted her legs so as to allow me access to her body.

I looked down at her and the image of her is imprinted on my brain. Her pretty face screwed up in sexual concentration, blonde hair awry, skin lightly oiled with her perspiration, nipples taut and finally the light blonde fuzz of her pubic bush is a memory of that moment I will keep forever.

She rubbed my cock head around her now sticky labia and over her clit before positioning me at the entrance. Finally I slipped into her, sliding balls deep into her hot liquid centre. Angela moaned as I slid inside her and I lifted myself up on my extended arms so I could see my slick penis shaft slide in and out as we fucked.

Once again Angela instructed me. Finally I was pounding at her sex as she implored me to fuck her over and over. The sound of the filthy words coming from my friend’s mother as I fucked her sent me over the edge again and I poured my second load deep into my seducers clenching cunt.

As I came so did Angela and she raked my back with her nails and kissed me with such ferocity that I was unsure if she was all right or not.

After that initial session Angela padded out to the kitchen on her bare feet and came back with some water and some more alcohol. Of course being such a youngster I was full of ardour and ready to go again in a matter of minutes. My shyness had evaporated; it was as though I had poured it out of my body as I spurted my hot seed into my lover. I began to feel Angela’s skin and massage her body. Of course I paid huge amounts of attention to her perfect tits and the feel of her soft, pliable tit flesh soon had me rock hard again.

This time Angela knelt on her knees, resting on her elbows and she unashamedly offered her cunt to me in an invitation to take her from behind. I was a good student and was soon holding onto Angela’s hips as I slid my big cock into her. Once again my lover was giving me filthy instructions to fuck her.

It was fantastic to have her on the end of my cock and to be getting such an enthusiastic response to my exertions. If I could make the experienced, mature Angela come with my tongue and cock then I felt that no woman was beyond me.

I reached forward and felt the heavy weight of Angela’s tits as I cupped them in my palms and squeezed them. I felt her hard, rubbery nipples with the tips of my fingers and teased them so that they became stiff and huge to my touch. Angela also showed me how to rub her clit as I fucked her, an act that managed to bring her to another loud climax.

Angela and I fucked in a variety of positions, each one a new and exciting experience to me. She was very enthusiastic and very energetic and I finally gushed my third load of spunk into her as she slid up and down my cock with her in complete control sitting astride me. I moaned and groaned, as my orgasm seemed to pull my very core out through my penis and into Angela’s welcoming body.

As I lay spent Angela leant forward and her big breasts squashed into my chest. As she kissed me tenderly she kept my now wilting penis held in the liquid grip of her cunt. I felt my cum slide from her and dribble down over my balls as she held me tightly.

Finally Angela left me in her bed and went to shower. She came back into the bedroom dressed in her towelling robe and asked me if I’d like to spend the night with her.

What a birthday it had been.

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Agnes of God

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David and I met at church when we were still quite young. We lived not far from each other and played together often as children. As we grew to maturity we became nearly inseparable and often held bible study groups together.

I was not shocked in the least when he proposed marriage on the eve of my 19th birthday. I was, however, very happy and accepted without hesitation. Two years later his father performed our wedding ceremony and we were pronounced man and wife. The reception was wonderful, all our friends and family, the entire church was there. And we had every thing we needed to begin our life journey. I do admit I was a bit nervous about dancing at the reception. Our church frowns on this sort of heathen behavior so we had never done it before. But it seemed expected of us, so we made the best of it.

As he held me close and we swayed to and fro, I could not help noticing the warm sensation that flowed through me. Nor could I ignore the growing bulge in the front of his pants as we moved. It embarrassed him greatly and when “The Old Rugged Cross” ended we again took our seats and David did his very best to hide his embarrassment, both the physical and emotional.

This also increased my nervous feelings about the consummation of our bonds later that night. My mother had done her best to explain the necessity of the act. It is, after all the way of life. She had explained the severe pain she had suffered and that it was God’s punishment for Eve taking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is an eternal reminder that we as women have a duty to obey the word of God and protect our husband from the evil distractions of the world. I steeled myself with the acceptance that it was for the greater good.

She told me all I needed to know to prepare, a hot bath prior to the act would help relax me and would help ease the pain of the first time, though admittedly she claimed she could not be certain as there was no way to test the theory. She also explained that the LaFevre women have always been gifted with thick, lush hair both on their heads and the nether regions and while our dark manes made us more attractive, the thick hair down there only made sex more of a discomfort especially at the beginning of the act. She said it seemed to cling to a mans parts and get dragged inside, the hairs Macunköy Escort being pulled like that made things very uncomfortable until the body lubricated the canal. At that point the act would be tolerable. However, to cut that hair would be sinful, a statement that I didn’t quite understand, but she was the wiser so I didn’t argue.

It was late when we arrived at his small apartment, very late indeed. I must admit that after such a long day, I was exhausted, yet the anticipation and apprehension heightened minute by minute. I could not have been more awake and alert. David opened the door and swiftly swept me up in his arms, the tradition I had dreamed of for years was finally upon me. And I reveled in it.

“‘Be fruitful and multiply.’ Thus sayeth the Lord.” He said as he gently put me down inside the door. As he led me toward his bedroom I could feel my nervous jitters increase until I was visibly shivering. He seemed to pay it no attention and immediately started removing his tuxedo. I watched as he stripped to his undershirt and boxer shorts, then he turned to me. “Need help undoing your dress?” he asked.

My voice would not come, I nodded nervously and he walked behind me. I felt his breath falling lightly but hotly on my neck and the buttons on the back of my dress opening one by one. I had never been undressed in front of a man before and even though he was now my husband, I felt shameful and dirty. My knees began to wobble, I could not keep them still, they would give out on me at any moment, I was sure of it.

David slid the dress off my shoulders, my face hot with blush as he tugged it down. He gently pulled my arms free and the dress I had dreamed of wearing since I was a little girl fell in a heap on the floor. I felt the tears begin to run down my cheeks; my quiet sobs shook my body.

“David,” I pleaded, “please, let me take a hot bath first. It’s been a long day and I’ve been clammy in my nervousness. Let me clean myself up and smell nice for you.”

“Aggie, I know you’re nervous but I have been waiting for this moment for oh, so long and if I must wait another moment I will surely burst.”

“David!” I cried out startled by his open lust, “Please! I mustn’t…”

“You are my wife now. There are no secrets between us. Yes, I have lusted for you for Macunköy Escort Bayan these past two years and sought solace in the Lord for the strength to wait for this day. There is surely no sin in my lust as it is borne of my love for you. Now come, I have learned something that will make this less painful for you.”

My mouth was most certainly still agape, but my heart soared at the thought there would be relief from the pain. He led me to the foot of the bed and told me to bend over and hold the bedcovers for support. Then I heard a sound that was familiar, the sound of liquid from a pump bottle. I turned to see him rubbing hand lotion on his fully erect penis.

“It will lubricate us and ease your pain. It is something I thought of these many long months as I lie awake in bed thinking of you.”

“David! You have been fornicating?”

“Yes, Aggie, my love. Thinking of you and this moment each time. There cannot be sin in that, my love, I was always thinking of you as my wife.”

“And this wicked position you have placed me in? Is that the way you pictured it when you… When you… Oh, David I can’t even…”

“Calm down, my love, it is only for this one time and it is to ease your suffering. God cannot fault me for wanting to protect you from that. Now please, be quiet. Close your eyes if you think it will help.”

Bent over the end of the bed, leaning down on my elbows, I was trembling so badly my knees nearly collapsed. His hands grasped my hips and held me up. I could feel his hardness prodding and pulsing between my thighs, smearing the warm slippery lotion on my skin. With one hand he stroked my back, rubbing across the satin of my slip, his other hand pulled my panties roughly aside. My knees gave again.

He pulled me gently back up, whispering, “Relax, Aggie, Everything is going to be fine.”

I silently prayed to Jesus and Mary to give me strength for my husband as I felt him slowly push inside me.

I cannot describe the pain I felt except to say I imagined I was being impaled by a burning fencepost. I fought waves of nausea, my shrill cries echoed in the room. Everything went dark for a long moment; I could hear nothing but my own ragged breathing and the furious beating of my heart.

Slowly the world came back to me, I could feel Escort Macunköy the bedcovers crumpled and damp from tears under my cheek and the fiery burning in my loins. The only sensation that told me he was still plunging in and out of me was his thighs beating against the back of my own.

Wracked with excruciating pain, I tried to tell him to stop, my breath was too broken and my mind too assailed to form the words. My hands grasped at the covers, pulling them to my face. I prayed again, this time that The Lord take me and end my suffering.

My prayer was answered in an unexpected way. The burning pain began to fade into a warmth that permeated my entire being. Somehow a peaceful feeling was filling my soul and I had no more fear. My loins began to tingle and a chill crept up my spine, reinvigorating me.

My legs felt strong again. I let my feet slip farther apart, feeling his scepter slipping slowly into my depths and retreating again. I was compelled to rise up on my toes, falling back down on him as he thrust inside me. I heard him whisper a quiet Praise to God and I echoed it, pushing myself up from the bed.

A sensation was filling me, as though the Holy Spirit itself was residing within me. I gasped as our bodies met again and again. I was overcome, my body moving of its own volition to match his movements. I began to sing. Random verses from every hymn I had ever heard. Then I began speaking in tongues. Shouting words I had only rarely heard and never considered the sort a Christian lady would utter quietly in private, let alone, scream them at the top of my voice.

David seemed to be caught up in the spirit as well; I had to adjust my pace to meet his faster thrusts. My body quivered, only slightly at first, but the tremors reached uncontrollable waves as I sang and cried out in praise of the Father. My head rolled and lolled limply on my shoulders as The Holy Spirit swept me up.

“Sweet Jesus! Take me up in your arms!” I cried out as David spasmed against me.

I can only imagine that heaven is filled with more joy, I cannot, however fathom how.

David and I fell upon the bed, laughing and kissing, feeling at one with the Trinity as we drifted off.

I have tried to tell my mother of the feelings David and I share in our private worship, the peace and joy we experience in our lovemaking. But she will not allow herself to listen. She does not understand that it is through praise of our savior Jesus Christ that we reach such blissful harmony. But we know that The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

David and I do not try to explain the mystery; we merely revel in its glory.

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A Wonderful Life After Dark

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“Carl, I gotta call Michael. I’m worried sick about our babysitter not being here yet.” Abigail told her husband. “Did you call her back?” Carl asked.

“Well she said she’d be on her way. And usually she’s fast. In twenty minutes we gotta leave or we’ll be late. She has to be here by now.”

“Ok, get Michael,” Carl said as he fixed the bow tie of his tuxedo before the dresser mirror.

She punched the numbers on the phone and a male voice came through after one ring. “Michael, you’re aunt Abby.”

“Oh hi auntie how are you?” Michael said.

“I’m fine, thanks. Sorry to bother you in such short notice. I need a favor from you Michael? The babysitter I hired this evening is not here yet. I wonder what happened to her. You’re uncle and I have a very important occasion to attend to and we need someone to stay in the house to watch over the kids? Would you come here please. Anyway they’re on the bed right now and sleeping. We’ll be home past 1 am I suppose.”

“No problem, auntie I can come right away. I’ve nothing important to do tonight. I’ll see you in around 10 minutes.”

“Oh terrific. Thank you very much Michael. You’re a darling. I’ll just give you what I have to give to that babysitter.”

“Keep it, auntie, I’m cool.”

“No Michael I insist, I can pay even more.”

“Alright Auntie if that’ll make you feel good.”

“Good, take care Michael,” she said sighing a feeling of relief and hung up.

Later after 10 minutes Michael arrived in his motorbike.

“Auntie, you look gorgeous!” Michael said as he buzzed her on the cheek when they met at the doorway.

“Hmmmwhaa! Good of you to make it,” she said kissing the air by his face so as not to smudge him with lipstick. “If the babysitter arrives then it’s up to you to stay or not. The money is under that lamp.”

“I’ll stay if the baby-sitter is beautiful,” he said as he walked in the house with Abby.

“Well, she is! But don’t let the devil get into you. She’s a sweet, sweet girl and I like her very much and so I’m really worried why she hasn’t arrived yet. Be nice to her Michael if she ever comes in.”

“I will.”


“Oh auntie, you worry too much.”

“Oh I just hope nothing happened to that girl on her way here.”

“Oh there you are Michael. Thanks a lot for coming. I really appreciate it having you here. How are you doing?” Carl said showing up and grasping his arm and shaking his hand.

“Fine, uncle. Looks like this is some big night happening.”

“You could say that. Buzz me in case of any emergency. The number is attached on the fridge door. I need a man rather than that little girl ‘cos we’re coming home quite late.”

“Of course. Have a nice evening uncle,” Michael said and Carl nodded approvingly.

“Carl we better run along now, Michael you know your way around just feel at home ok?” Abby came back in putting a shawl over her elegant evening gown.

“Sure, sure auntie. I’ll be fine here and I’ll check on Bobby and Maryanne from time to time.”

Five minutes after their Volvo sped away the doorbell rang. Michael peered into the peephole of the door and recognized a girl with long, curly dark hair. He opened the door. “So you are the baby sitter?” he said with a spurt of surprise as she looked familiar.

“Guilty. I see that I have a replacement?”

“God, what happened to you?”

“I had an accident down the road. Two cars were chasing each other and I avoided them. My bike fell off the ravine and I was thrown out down a creek. I’m bleeding. Something pricked my bottom.”

“Oh yes, you are. Come in, come in. Any other injury?”

“Just some other scratches,” she said cutting her glance to the side of her bottom where it bled the most.

“Uncle is a doctor, we can find some medicine to fix that.”

“So you’re the nephew. I can recognize you. We’re from the same school right?” she said as she walked right in and then collapsed down to the floor.”

“Yeah, I see you around in the campus. I’m Michael,” he said and as he turned around he heard a thud. “Geez, what’s hap…!”

Michael crouched down to the floor. “Hey, hey, snap out of it. C’mon don’t die on me here.” Michael said cradling the back of her head and holding her face thrashing it side by side by her chin. Her eyes were half-closed and only the whites showed.

The girl was pretty. Her hair was a mess damped with mud and her hooded velour heather gray top suit were torn at some places. Her jeans were mixed with mud and blood that ran from around her hip.

“Should I call 911?” he muttered to himself as she was not responding. Instinctively, he placed his ear on her chest while grabbing her wrist and sensing a pulse. “She just might have fainted. Oh, Christ what’ll I have to do? I’m dumb in this kind of situation. Splash her with water? Carry her to the sofa? And soil it with blood?”

Michael thought hard. Still down on the floor, he raised one knee and rested his elbow there with his thumb between his teeth and took a once over look at her crumpled body on the blue carpet. The velour top she Karşıyaka Escort wore supplied his assumption that she was not wearing a bra underneath.

“Guess I’m a bit lucky tonight. I could check her boobs,” he muttered leering privately to himself. Between her drawn up hooded top and jeans circling low about her waist, her stomach and navel showed. Suddenly he was tempted to unzip her top and his hands went into action. Nervously, he choked on his drool as he carefully negotiated with the zipper.

Finally. “Oh, Christ these are pin-up boobs!” He looked at those fulsome pair warily and he was glad they were not damaged. He bent down his head and smelled the flesh of her boobs letting the point of his nose rubbed on the sleeping rosy nipple. “Hmmm, she smells like a baby.” Then he heard a muffled moan from her and quickly pulled back the zipper. “Oh babe, I’m sorry I…” he uttered startlingly as he was suddenly attacked by guilt. She was regaining consciousness. Then her eyes popped open wide. “What happened to me?”

“Are you okay? I’m afraid you fainted.” She sat up. “Ouch,” she cried and put her hand on her tush where the pain originated.

“C’mon let me help you get up,” he said and held her by the hand and shoulder. She rose up to her feet, staggering a bit.

“I need to check this thing in the bathroom. Will you bring me there?”

“Of course,” he said and led her with his one hand curled around her waist while he held her arm that was slung on the back of his shoulders. Inside the bathroom she braced her hands on the marbled counter sink and leaned into the mirror and looked at herself. Then she straightened herself up and her fingers worked on her button-fly jeans and then pushed it down revealing a floral bikini messed up with blood at the right hip unmindful of Michael staring. She lifted a bit of the panty leg at the side to look at the extent of the wound. “Could you check this if it needs stitching?”

Michael bent down a little. “C’mon take a closer look,” she said unabashedly.

“I’ll get a wet cotton to scrub the blood,” Michael said and opened a medicine cabinet to look for those first aid stuff. He grabbed an Acrinol bottle, cotton balls, a pack of gauze strips and some plasters and put them on the sink table.

Michael crouched down and stared up close at the flesh and swabbed the wound with damp cotton balls and when the blood were blotted out lacerations appeared in varying degrees of cut but not gravely deep.

“No stitching needed for this. It is just a nasty scratch. You’ll live. This would suffice,” he said showing the bottle of Acrinol to her. “I’ll apply this on then put a gauze over the scratch then plaster them presto.”

“Mind if I take a shower first before you put those on so I could clean myself and all the other scratches?”

“Go right ahead, good idea.”

“I left my backpack outside the door, could you get it please. I have some extra clothes in there.”

“Okay,” he said and got up and left the bathroom. Some sweet girl, huh. He murmured to himself.

“Thanks,” she said and stripped down her clothes all the way and dropped them on the heap on the tiled floor. She entered through the shower enclosure and scratched her pussy a bit then sniffed her fingers. Then her hand turned the knob to adjust the water temperature. The soothing warm water cascaded on her. She found not much scratches all around as she soaped her body. Only that of her butt cheek took the nastiest cut. She wondered how she survived from that fall. It was a perilous accident. She had climbed her way up from that ravine through those shrubs and thorny plants without bothering to check her bike as it was dark. The shallow creek had drenched her clothes but they somewhat dried a bit when she walked all the way to the Silvers’ house. Now she felt better and heard Michael came in with a knock and placed her backpack near the shower stall allowing himself a glimpse of her naked body through the smoky glass enclosure.

“Here’s your bag. Ah…how shall I call you?”

“Sara. Sara Melendrez. And you?” she called out.

“Michael Sanders,” he replied peering his eyes wide open through the glass until he was able to make out the faint nipples of her ample boobs and dark bush down her center as she turned to speak to him. “Thanks for the help, Michael and before you go, hand me a towel please.”

“Here,” he said handing the towel out for her as she pushed open the sliding door almost giving him a full view of one boob which bounced out.”

“Don’t mention it, thank God you’re alive,” he grinned. Oh aunt Abby, don’t go home yet, check out in some hotel with uncle and have yourselves some good time. Sara’s some babe with a body to die for. He thought to himself as he turned his back and moved out of the bathroom.

Michael called out from the outside and asked if he could get her any drink.

“Oh go get yours first and I’ll decide later as soon as I’m out of here.”

“Okay,” he said and proceeded to the bar and decided to try Scotch.

Later she was out lifting her head Karşıyaka Escort Bayan as she swept her hair up with her hands by the sides making the curly tresses tumble down at the back of her head. Her face was now scrubbed clean showing a nice arc of forehead, thick but trimmed eyebrows, smoldering eyes, upturned nose and angelic rosy lips. She was now wearing gray yoga pants cut at the calves and a yellow cotton top, no bra to disrupt the nice swell of her knock-out boobs.

“So what’ll you drink?” Michael asked solicitously.

“What are you having?”


“Then I’ll have the same. I could use something like that. Just like those scenes in the Wild West when cowboys take them in the bar after some brawl or gunfight.”

Michael went to the bar with an amused look and poured small amounts into two glasses.

“Michael can I ask you something directly to the point?”

“Shoot cowgirl,” he said as he handed her the drink. She took the glass but before lifting it to her mouth she shot the question. “Are you gay? I heard rumors in school you’re one of them.”

“You believe the rumors?” He asked in a gentle voice.

“I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you.”

Michael cocked a brow. “There are many gays in the school but certainly I’m not one of them. Why do you ask? Do I look like one?”

“Hard to tell. Yes you’re right, there’s a lot of good-looking hunks in the school and what a waste. And you got a great looking bod,” she said her eyes flashing some flirty signals.

“So are you,” he jibed.

“You take a good look at me in the shower, didn’t you?”

“Can’t help it. I’m not a guy made of stone not to appreciate a piece of…ah…a human work of art.”

“To us, Michael,” she said raising her glass grinning her charming best and Michael touched it with his. “Yes to us,” he said and they both drank the amber liquid.

“Whooh, fiery, huh?” she hissed her tongue and rolled her big eyes.

“Do you drink?”

“Oh this is first time. Not bad.” She giggled, her face blushing quickly and looking prettier every inch of the way.

“How do you feel now?” Michael asked with eyes bright with optimism.

“A lot better. I won’t bike again at night. I’m lucky to be alive.”

“Aunt was worried that something might have happened to you that’s why she called me.”

She shook her head in dismay then suddenly gasped at the thought which made her hand flew up against her startled mouth. “Oh we forgot something! You’re gonna put the bandage on the scratch,” she mused out loud.

“Oh yeah, this story won’t be completed without that.”


“Nothing, I’ll get those stuffs. It’s silly I’ve forgotten about that too,” he chortled and walked hurriedly back to the bathroom.

When he returned to the living room, she was lying face down on the sofa.

“Michael, I’m glad you’re not squeamish on blood.”

“It’s life. Proof of life. Without it then there’s death.”

“Some words to live by. You can pull down my pants. I’m in your hands,” she said with eyes closed and lips smiling feeling measurably relaxed.

Michael put the medical stuff on the coffee table and sat next to her side. Carefully, he pulled down her velvety pants up to where it was convenient for him to work on the big scratch. She had a healthy glowing pink bottom like a baby’s skin encased in a maroon thong so it didn’t hide the scratch on her ass cheek.

Michael sneaked a glance at the stairs suddenly thinking that the kids might be coming down and looking at them. Fortunately it was all quiet up there. No kid sneaking down and then he glanced at his watch. An hour had passed since his aunt and uncle had left.

“Geez, you have kissable ass, if I may be bold enough to say so.”

“Hmmm, no one’s ever kissed my ass except my Labrador pet and he licked it up while I was getting my underwear in the drawer.”

“He’s now probably missing you,” he said as he applied the Acrynol on the scratch. She giggled. “He’s an intelligent dog.”

A silent pause stretched a bit. “That’s not stingingly painful as I thought,” she said feeling the coolness of the medicine.

“Well, it’s got anesthesia in it. Your wound will heal fast with this and when you change the bandage you’ll have to apply this again until you see that it’s been dried and healing. I’ll give this to you to take home.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“There you go.”

“Will it have a scar?”

“Not if you put cebo de macho on it after it’s healed.”

“What’s that? Is that macho semen in English? Would you give that too?” she said throwing a side glance at him with a naughty look in her eyes.

Then she felt a whack on the other side of her ass cheek. “Ouch! What’s that for?” She yelled up a start.

“For giving me an uncomfortable, aching hard on,” he said scowling.

“You’re lucky. I can cure that!” she said and rolled up herself out of the sofa and stood before him, thoroughly amused. “Now sit back and relax and watch how I’ll give relief to that aching muscle,” she said kicking Escort Karşıyaka aside his foot to spread his legs. She hitched up her low-lung pants and dropped on her knees on the carpet before him.

“Have you done it before?” he asked eyes open wide and bright.

“Have you had it before?” she retorted posing between his legs. Michael couldn’t answer at once.

“Let’s see if its kissable too like you said about my ass.”

“Oh geez, Sara you’re making me too excited,” he said as Sara eased her hands down his belly raising up his T-shirt up and staring down thoughtfully at his bulging erection through his jeans.

“I’ll take it slow and easy, till the swelling subside,” she said with a sexy grin deftly unzipping his jeans open and slid her hand inside. “I think it had swollen very, very hard like you said. Tsk-tsk-tsk” she made that sound in her mouth making herself looking serious as she went her way through the folds of his underpants and grasped his cock. He looked away and rolled his eyes.

“Oh this is a humdinger!” she said offering him a dimpled smile. Sara used her moist curly brown hair to wrap around his now exposed cock and pumped it gently. “Geez, Sara, the kids” he said, torn between desire and caution.

“Don’t worry that’s why I’m covering it with my hair just in case,” she said and ran her tongue around the head. The head jerked responsively at the feathery moist touch of her tongue.

“Oh God! I won’t be able to stand it,” he croaked adoring her ministration and the alluring scent of her freshly shampooed hair.

She laughed and took it deep in her mouth, wetting the entire shaft and then withdrawing three-quarters of the way. She sucked the tip so hard he felt like it would fly off. “Oh Sara!” he said running his hands through her hair. “I’m gonna come now,” he breathed raggedly his face distorted with the agony of bliss.

“Oh no!” she said tasting the first spillage in her mouth. She quickly moved over to the side and scooped his spurting semen with her other hand so they won’t spill on the carpet or hit her shirt. “Aarghhh,” he grunted tensing and lifting his butt. She continued pumping him till all had pooled in her palm.

Later, as it was through, she stood holding carefully her semen in her hand like it was a C-4 bomb. “What shall I do with this? Put it in a bottle, store in the fridge and apply it later on my healed scratch so it won’t scar?” she said as her other fingers wiped off some spill outs that formed droplets at the back of her hand. Aunt Abby is a tidy woman so she thought.

“Hey I’m not a quack doctor. Pour it down on the plants,” he said keeping his cock back into his jeans.

She laughed a delicious laugh and went over to the ornamental plant and wiped her hands carefully on the big leaves. “Nice idea, look how shiny the leaves are now.”

“How was it? That’s my first if there’s any consolation to you,” she said feeling somewhat triumphant.

“Really? That’s my first too. It’s a wonderful life,” he said shrugging up his shoulders.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Go wash your hands. I’ll go check the kids first.”

“No, let me take care of that. I’m the official baby sitter. I’ll wash my hands upstairs and check on them. Now you go wash your dick or prick or whatever you call that ‘cos I’m gonna be back and I want some more.”

“Okay perhaps I’ll grab a quick shower.”

When Sara came back Michael was just getting out from the guest bathroom. “Bobby and Maryanne are sleeping and dreaming in the fairyland,” she giggled.

Michael had worn back his Diesel T-shirt and jeans but no underwear this time.

“Sara what are you doing in school?”

“Studying, of course,” she said.


“The fine arts of giving head,” she said and laughed heartily. She looked at the nonplussed response of his face. “I’m just kidding. Look at that face,” she giggled. “I’m studying Global Dancing. And you?”

“Well, ah I’m in my junior in Business Management.”

“Hmmm, then I’ll have somebody to consult with in the future if I ever think of putting up a business. Like a school for mastering oral sex,” she said laughing again.

“You’re funny. Dancing, huh?”

“Yeah. Michael, I think I am a very good dancer. I have Latin blood coursing in me. I can do any dance in this planet and I can prove that to you tonight. So put on some music and I’ll dance, moonwalk, cha-cha, boogie or even lap-dance on you if you care to stick out your fat cock from your jeans. How about it?”

“Okay, I’m like a dirty producer auditioning you here if that’s what you want,” he said and went to the audio CD rack to find something.”

“We still have time, don’t we?”

“I guess so. It’s only about 10:30. They told me they’re gonna be back at past 1 am.”

“So we’ll still have plenty of time, huh?”

“Say, Sara how come you’re comin’ to me like you’re ah…ah an experienced girl?” He stammered.

“I’m not what you think I am. I’m still a virgin. I turned only 18 last August. After this accident that happened, I thought life is really short. We only live once so why not make the most of what life can offer. Here you are, a handsome guy, gorgeous body and cock… I could have rotten and die in that ravine for all I know without having tasted sex even once. I survived and that may have changed my attitude towards sex. Don’t you like what I’ve done to you?”

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A Movie, A Car Ride, And A Cabin

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As I was packing my bags for my sophomore year of college, I couldn’t help but think how much I had changed over the summer. I know that many people say that you go through many changes during your first year of college, but for me, it happened in my own hometown, after my first year.

Looking back, I remember the afternoon that I had pulled back into town. I arrived back in my small Midwest town on a quite Thursday afternoon. I was glad to be home. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed being in a place where I could “be in the limelight.”

I had graduated the previous spring as the top student in my class. I had participated in many different things in high school and had been relatively successful at many of them. By the time I graduated, I thought that I had racked up a pretty impressive resume: All-State football, All-State Band (that’s right, I was both a jock and a band geek), Valedictorian, Student-Body President, etc., etc., etc. Because of this, I was very well known throughout my community, and I truly enjoyed that.

I had changed some over my first year of college. Unfortunately for me, it was all a physical change and it was not for the better. Throughout high school, I always considered myself slightly out of shape and overweight, despite the fact that I played both football and basketball. Even though I thought that I was a little overweight, I still considered myself a good looking guy. I was a little short at 5’9”, but I had other features to make up for my elevation problems. I had blonde hair that always seemed to look okay, but not great. My best feature, though, was on my face. I am still told today that I have the most beautiful blue eyes. I do not know where they came from, but there are times that I thank God for giving them to me. However, even with the intense practices and competitions, I never seemed to be able to lose my baby gut. When I returned from college, I was a nice robust 225 pounds. Although it was not a ‘fatty’ 225 pounds, at only 5’9”, I thought that I looked entirely too big. I tried staying active during the semester, but I only seemed to manage to get into the gym once or twice a week. Of course, snacking on foods until 2 or 3 in the morning trying to study for a test didn’t help much either.

Before I returned for the summer, I had decided that I was going to try to lose some of the weight that I had gained. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew that I could do it. The very first day that I was home, I began working out quite intensely. After about two weeks, I began to see some progress. It was small, but it was not even close to the change that I would soon begin to see.

Something that I have not yet mentioned is my love life, or lack thereof. I know that frequent dating is often associated with college students, especially the dating of several different people. As for me, I did not see a girl all year. My last dating experience came when I was a junior in high school. At the time, I told myself that I was better off without a girlfriend. For the most part, that was true, but there were times when I really wanted a girlfriend, if you know what I mean.

When I did return home for the summer, I expected my love life to proceed as it had for the past two years: non-existent. Boy was I wrong!! Of all the things that I had planned on changing during the summer (physical appearance especially) my relationship with the opposite sex was definitely not on the list. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a girlfriend. I just did not expect to find one in my small community. I had lived there for 18 years, and trust me; there wasn’t much of a selection.

Things all began to change at the end of June. By that time, my physical exercise was beginning to pay dividends. I did see some change in my appearance, but the major changes occurred elsewhere. All of a sudden, I had more energy and confidence. This was probably the main reason behind the major changes that were about to come.

One day when I was in the grocery store, I saw a girl that I had gone to high school with. Her name was Liz, and she graduated a year ahead of me. Liz was what I called “a looker.” Liz was not the most beautiful girl in the world, but she definitely did not do badly. She was a little short at 5’1” but had some meat on her bones, so she did not look like a pencil. She had a round face with short, curly “dirty” blonde hair. What made Liz “a looker” was not her overall body build, but it was the features that she possessed on that body. Liz had a wonderful smile that I could have stared at for hours. I still do not know to this day why I was so fascinated with that smile. She had nicely toned skin that was always darker than the season called for.

What really set Liz apart, though, were her chest and her ass. She had one of the most perfectly shaped asses that I had ever seen. It was very round and it swayed ever so slightly as she walked. Not only was it the perfect shape, but it was very Demetevler Escort firm also. When she would wear her tight cheerleading shorts at school, I swear that she would give me a hard on just by walking down the hall. As I said, Liz also had a very nice chest. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what it was about her breasts that made me so attracted to them. They were not overly large, probably a nice full B, and I had no clue as to their shape or texture. All I knew is that they were framed on her body absolutely perfectly and that I took notice of them quite often when we went to school together.

Despite the fact that I could hardly look at her without thinking of her sexually, I did manage to say a few words to her. We stopped and said hi to each other and went our separate ways. When I went to check-out, Liz was in front of me. This time, we struck up a better conversation. We had been friends in high school, but we did not “hang-out” or anything. She was the girl who always had a boyfriend and was always concerned about her appearance. By the time we had reached the check-out counter, we had been able to have a good conversation. I found out that she was doing well in school and that her and Mark, (her long time boyfriend) had split up about 4 months ago. She said that she was going to be in town for the summer and she said that she hoped to see me around. After she had checked out, Liz said goodbye, left the store, and I did not give one more thought to our conversation.

Two weeks later, I saw Liz again. By this time, the weight was really starting to come off and I was feeling pretty good about myself. This time, I saw her at a local gas station. She was filling up her Jeep Grand Cherokee as I drove up in my Jeep Wrangler. I jumped out and began to fill my tank. Once I had the fuel going, I went over to say hi again. Liz was a little surprised to see me, but she greeted me with a nice smile. After a few minutes of chit chat, she invited me to join some other friends of hers (and mine) to go see a movie that night. I thought that it sounded like a good idea so I agreed to go.

When I was getting ready for the movie that night, my mom told me that I had an odd bounce to my step. She asked me if I had a big date, but I told her that it was just a bunch of my friends going out to see a movie. When I met my friends at the designated location that evening, I piled in with a couple of other guys that I had gone to school with. Being from a small town, we had to drive about an hour to get to the nearest descent movie theatre. Once we arrived at the theatre, I saw Liz and some other friends jump out of her Jeep Cherokee. The rest of us made our way to her vehicle and we entered the theatre together. When we found our seats, Liz sat down in the seat directly to my left. This surprised me a little because I was sitting on one end, and her girlfriends were sitting at the other end of the row.

After the movie had been running for about twenty minutes, I realized that it was going to be rather boring. Thus I began to space off, paying no attention whatsoever to the movie. Approximately twenty minutes later, I felt a light touch on my left hand. I didn’t even bother to glance over, thinking that Liz had just brushed against me as she was shifting in her seat. Once again, I felt another light touch on my hand. When I glanced over, I realized that Liz was looking at me. At first, I was a little confused, because I did not know what she wanted. To my surprise, she reached out and took hold of my hand. Before I had a chance to react, her left hand was around my bicep and she was leaning on my shoulder. A few minutes later, she was asleep. I did not blame her, because the move was a sleeper. During the last hour of the movie, I could not stop thinking about what had happened. While Liz was sleeping on my shoulder, I was running all the scenarios through my head:

“Was she attracted to me? No, that couldn’t be it, could it? She is probably just bored and tired, right? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe she really does like me!?”

After the movie ended, I found myself in a slight trance. I was still unsure as to what Liz had just done, and was not sure on how to proceed. This decision was quickly made for me. On the way out of the theatre, Liz suggested that we ride home with different people. As it turned out, Liz and I rode alone in her vehicle, while the rest of the group made it home in the other two vehicles that made the trip.

This really made me wonder what Liz was trying to tell me. As we made our way home, I could barely say a word, as I was trying not to embarrass myself and say something that I shouldn’t. We talked briefly about the movie and how bad it was, but nothing was said about the physical contact between the two of us. Despite the fact that I did not want to embarrass myself, I could not keep my eyes of off Liz. She was wearing a blue and white mini skirt that went half way to Escort Demetevler her knees and a blue spaghetti strap top that was fairly low cut. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra as the outline of her entire breast was clearly visible through the thin blue material, not to mention her perky nipples that protruded through the top. I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking her up and down, but I could not help myself. Even if she did not catch me looking at her, I am sure that she could have noticed the bulge that was beginning to form in my shorts.

We continued to make small talk as we made our way home. When we were about 15 minutes outside of town, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to find out what she was trying to tell me, or if she was trying to tell me anything at all, during the movie.

“Were you trying to tell me something during the movie?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?” she replied.

“I mean, why did you reach out and hold my hand, and why did you decide to sleep on my shoulder?”

“I guess because it just felt natural. I was bored of watching the movie and it felt like it was the right thing to do. Were you uncomfortable with it?”

“Oh, no, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I just want to know if there is something else that is going to happen between us.”

And with that statement, my entire life turned around. At that moment, we had reached my vehicle in town and we were parked beside it. Liz turned her head towards me, leaning slightly into me. Without even thinking, I did the same, and we met with a soft kiss that seemed to last an eternity, even though it was only a few seconds. As we broke the kiss, I could feel the swell in my shorts beginning to grow once again. This time, it was not going to go away very quickly. I leaned in once again and began giving her slow, supple kisses on her soft lips. I moved my hand to her face and ran my hands through her hair as she wrapped her hands around my body. I could feel my manhood beginning to swell even further as we become more passionate.

All of a sudden, I realized that we were beginning to make out in her vehicle in the middle of town. I suggested that we go somewhere else if we were going to continue. She suggested that we drive out to her family’s cabin on the lake. Her family was quite well off and owned a very impressive cabin at a nearby lake. As we were driving to the cabin about 15 miles away, I said something that I never thought that I would say to her.

“You know, I have never done this before, Liz.”

“You mean that you have never made out before. Oh, come on Ryan (which is me), you have had girlfriends before.”

“Yes, I have made out before, but…but I have never…you know…”

“Gone all the way? Ryan, it’s ok. There is nothing to worry about.”

“I know that there’s nothing to worry about. I just…just don’t want to be…bad.” “You don’t have to worry about anything. You will be just fine, trust me.”

As Liz said this, we pulled into the drive of the cabin. By this time, my excitement had leveled off slightly, but my heart was absolutely racing. We entered the cabin and Liz flipped on the lights to the kitchen. She asked if I was hungry, and I said that I was good. We made our way to the living room where she turned on a very dim light in the corner of the room while I found a seat on the sofa. Liz turned toward me, and just stared at me. After a long, awkward silence, she finally broke the tension.

“You have nothing to worry about, you know. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then just tell me.”

“It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable, I just don’t want to disappoint you, Liz.”

“Believe me, Ryan; you’re not going to disappoint me.”

“It’s not just in going all the way Liz, there are a lot of things that I haven’t done.”

When I said that, Liz moved towards me ever so gracefully and quietly, like a predator before it jumps on the unsuspecting prey. She turned and sat on my lap, twisting her body so she could see me.

“All you have to do is let me take care of you. I promise that you will have no trouble.”

Even with her words of encouragement, my heart was still pounding in my chest. Liz moved her body closer to mine and we engaged in a kiss very similar to the first one. This time, I instinctively wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She let out a small gasp as her body collided with mine and we sunk further into the furniture. As we continued to entangle our bodies, she became a little more aggressive, rubbing my chest with vigor as I massaged her back.

By this time, she was laying on top of me on the couch. As she tried to move into a better position, she rolled off and we both burst out laughing. This helped calm my nerves slightly, that is, until she suggested that we move into the bedroom. When Liz picked herself up off the floor, her skirt rode high up on her hips Demetevler Escort Bayan and I could see clearly that she was wearing a very small thong. When she made her way to her feet, she left the skirt on her hips, giving me a clear view of the ass that once gave me hard ons when she walked down the hall at school. I sat on the couch in awe at first, not because I had never seen a girl’s tight ass before, but because I never thought that I would see that tight ass.

Liz realized that I was having a hard time getting of the couch, so as she sexily moved herself towards the bedroom, she turned to me and said, “Maybe you need some encouragement,” and she reached down to the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head and threw it towards me. By the time I realized what she had done, she had darted off to the bedroom, awaiting my arrival. When I entered the bedroom, she was laying on her stomach, facing the doorway. As I moved closer to the bed, she sat up slightly, exposing her beautiful breasts. When I began to climb on the bed, she stopped me, saying,

“Someone is wearing entirely too many clothes to get on this bed. I believe that you will have to discard some of yours before you can be admitted,” with a devilish grin.

I then stood in front of her and began removing my shoes and socks. When I started removing my shirt, she got off the bed and held my hands. “I think that I will help you with that,” she said, starring into my eyes. She moved my hands to her breasts and cupped my fingers around them. I began to massage her soft, but firm chest as she reached for the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it up over my head and dropped it on the floor. She pulled me closer to her and we fell on the bed in each other’s arms. For the first time, she could feel my hard cock pressing up against her. As she massaged my chest, I could feel myself getting harder and harder, and so could she.

“It feels like someone is ready to get down to business,” she said, glancing down at my crotch. She moved her hands to the top of my shorts and unbuttoned them. I closed my eyes and felt her right hand slip into my shorts and boxers and grab hold of my cock for the first time. Liz pushed my shorts and boxers down my body to get her first look at me. I am not afraid to say that what she saw was not that impressive. Even at “full-strength,” I was only five inches long. I was a little ashamed at first, and I think that she could tell this.

“Oooh, it’s so beautiful, Ryan. I have never seen one like yours.”

“Are you sure, look at it, it barely makes five inches.”

“Yes, but it’s so thick. And it feels so smooth and tender. Oh, I am going to have fun with this.” Liz then began stroking my cock a little harder and leaned her chest into my face. I began kissing the most stunning breasts I had ever laid eyes on. Liz’s breasts were just a full “B,” but they were absolutely perfect for her body. Just as soon as I was really enjoying her breasts, Liz began sliding down my body, kissing every inch of me as she went, the entire time, holding onto my cock.

When she reached my crotch, she kissed all around my cock and balls, teasing me until I begged her to give her attention to my cock. Even with my begging, she continued to tease, barely touching the head of my shaft. Finally after several minutes of agonizing taunting, Liz placed her tongue at the bottom of my cock and ran it all the way to the top, stopping at the head to give it a little extra attention. I could not believe that this was happening. Of all the things that I wanted to do over the summer, I never imagined that going to bed with a girl that I only used to fantasize about would be one of them.

Liz’s licking continued, and she started rubbing my balls ever so slightly as she ran her tongue all over my hard, thick cock. She still had not inserted the shaft into her mouth, and I was getting a bit anxious. I decided to take the initiative by grabbing her head. When I did this, she let out a slight, mmmmm, but continued working on my cock. I guided her mouth to the top of shaft and coerced her mouth over the head of my cock. Liz knew that I wanted her to take me inside of her, but she still resisted.

“There is no rush she said,” She said, “I want to make this the best night of your life. Just lie back on the bed and let me do the work.”

When she said this, I figured that her licking and teasing would go on for hours, but she knew that she had to get on with it eventually. Liz grabbed the base of my cock and moved her mouth to the head. In one swift move, my entire cock was engulfed by her wonderful mouth.

“Oh, Ryan, you taste so sweet. I never knew that a cock could taste this good.”

Hearing this really got me turned on, if I wasn’t already. I thought that I was going to cum already, just by hearing her say that. Liz continued to down my cock in her throat. She started at the top and moved all the way down to the base, taking the entire thing into her mouth. Liz started to pick up the pace and I knew that I was not going to be able to hold on much longer. All of the sudden, she began to squeeze my balls with vitality. This put me over the top. I couldn’t hold it any longer. When she looked into my eyes, she knew I was about ready to let it fly.

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A Soldier Story

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I want to thank my new friend Drew for the opportunity to help write his story. He asked that I write this story from his point of view.

I am Drew. I had served in the Army for four years and I had already completed two combat tours by the time I was twenty-two years old. I was five foot eleven inches tall and I weighed around one hundred and seventy pounds. I worked out constantly and I was in the best shape of my life. I had a forty-one-inch chest and a thirty-one-inch waist. I had just completed two of the military’s toughest training courses and I was assigned to an elite unit at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Military life suited me well.

While my career was going well, my personal life sucked and dating was always difficult for me. I had only one real kiss before I joined the Army at eighteen years old so in retrospect I was a loser when it came to women. Joining the Army and getting assigned to an elite unit at Fort Bragg was a dream come true from an Army and a career perspective but living in Fayetteville, NC wasn’t the mecca for an enlisted guy to find a pretty girl that wasn’t dating, already married or questionable. My social life still sucked!

There was a side of my life that no one knew about. I had a deep secret that I never told anyone and I was sure no one would understand. I wanted to have a physical relationship with my beautiful mother. Maybe all boys think about sex with their moms but I never asked any of my friends. I had masturbated to naughty thoughts of her since I hit puberty and, although she was my mom and married, I thought of how I would knock her up. In all honesty. I knew she had a great body and big tits and the image of her mature nude body was burned in my mind. My secret stash of porn was typically incest related and once I got older the websites I visited were of older women and their younger sons. I even had a few perverted photos I had taken of my moms’ tits when she was in her bathroom.

I tried to fight the sexual tension and constant erotic thoughts I had of my mom by going to church regularly. I found a parish just outside go the military post and I attended it regularly when I wasn’t training or deployed.

I had even met a few girls at church and gone out on a few dates. I was even asked by one mother to take her daughter, Ellen, to her prom. Ellen was eighteen and cute but she was on the chubby side. We seemed to have fun and, although she wasn’t a great looker, she had a great sense of humor and big tits. After the dance, we made-out in my car and I felt her DD’s. As we drove to a party she told me about her boyfriend and how her parents hated him. I was shocked when she asked me a few minutes later if I would like to have sex with her.

“Drew, would you like to fuck me?”

Of course, I wanted to fuck but I didn’t have any condoms and she wasn’t on the pill. We still got naked and I got my first feel of pussy. I sucked on her DD’s and finger fucked her as she expertly jerked me off. After my dick got hard again she sucked me off and I quickly blew my load in her mouth. We cleaned up and I took her home. I was at her house the next day and she gave me another blow job while her parents watched television in the next room. It was an incredible feeling to feel her warm mouth around my cock. I was certain she had sucked a lot of cocks before mine. I bought some condoms the next week hoping for the chance to fuck her but it never happened.

Later that summer I met Janice at a church social event. I saw Janice across the church sanctuary with her husband and her beautiful twin daughters. She smiled at me and waived at me even though I had never met her. I was instantly smitten. Janice was a brunette in her mid-forties and she was about five foot six inches tall. She had an amazing body with large breasts and a nice ass. She came over to me and introduced herself and her husband. I enjoyed her company, her smile, and her attractive build. She reminded me of a slightly slimmer version of my mom which attracted me to her. Her husband was a senior officer in the military and she seemed like a proper officers wife.

I looked for Janice every Sunday and made sure I spoke to her. She became a subject of my nightly masturbation fantasies.

The church held an adopt-a-single-soldier program and Janice and her husband asked if their family could be my host. I was thrilled. Every Sunday that I was in town I would spend the afternoon or evening at their house. I even met Janice and her husband for lunch or dinner on the military post a few times. As fall approached I spent more time Janice and her husband. Janice would invite me over for home-cooked dinners and we would chat and watch television. Janice even invited me over when her husband was gone. It was awkward at first to be alone with Janice but over time I realized nothing but my perverted mind was complicating things and she was just like a mom. I realized that she thought of me as a son but that didn’t stop my nightly fantasies about her.

I enjoyed her İvedik Escort company when we were alone together and I began to prefer it that way. I appreciated looking at her large tits, shapely hips, and great ass. She started dressing different and sexier. She started revealing more skin and wearing tighter clothes around me. I jerked off more than a few times in their guest bathroom rather than walk around their house with an erection. I had not dated much and I avoided the topic of dating with Janice but she would bring the topic of dating up every week. She recommended a few girls that were single but I politely declined. I am sure she noticed my occasional erection but she never said anything.

One Sunday afternoon Janice and I were alone and watching a football game in her den. It was one of the few times we were totally alone while her husband was deployed for a long training exercise. She seemed distant and I felt uncomfortable as my mind venture off to sexual thoughts of her. She told me she liked my company and that she didn’t want to be alone but it was one of those days when my perverted thoughts kept me horny and I knew I should leave. To me, she seemed to be acting a lot different than normal but I thought it was all in my mind. She was wearing a low-cut white blouse and she caught me looking at her chest more than a few times as the afternoon progressed. When she saw me looking at her chest I was embarrassed and I quickly diverted my eyes but I wasn’t fooling anyone. After catching me looking at her breasts a few times she gave me a strange look and asked if I was ok. I was embossed and said I should leave but she insisted I stay and watch the next half of the football game with her.

Janice was typically conservative and she had never worn a shirt that showed that much cleavage with me around. The low cut neck and thin material allowed me to see her white lace bra. I liked the way her breasts were pushed together and they seemed to be flowing out of the top of her bra. I also noticed that in the right light I could see the outline of her large dark nipples. My cock was as hard as a rock and my khakis did little to hide my excitement. I saw her look at my crotch and blush. Knowing that she saw I was excited embarrassed me. I thought I should leave but she insisted I stay. I saw her blush a few times more and I know she wasn’t watching the game with her normal interest. She seemed fidgety and distracted. Again I thought that I had upset her and I felt bad that I had made her feel uncomfortable.

During one of the commercial breaks, she turned towards me. “Drew, you seem distracted. Are you ok? Is there anything I can do or get you? Maybe we can watch something else if you don’t want to watch football.”

I blushed even more after I saw her eyes divert to my crotch and her eyes seemed to get really big. She suggested we refill our drinks and as we made our way to the kitchen she looked down at my crotch and took a deep breath. I was embarrassed as I saw that it was obvious that my cock was stiff and making my pants stick out. I apologized for my situation and said I should leave. She turned toward me and held my arms in her hands as she staid in front of me and looked into my eyes.

“No, please say. It’s ok. I guess I should expect that to happen. Please stay. I want your company this evening. If you don’t have plans, you can stay for dinner. Honestly, it’s ok.”

I tried not to look down at her cleavage as we stood face-to-face but my eyes betrayed me and I felt my dick jerk. Janice blushed and took my hand and she led me to the den. She suddenly stopped and turned towards me and cleared her throat. Her voice cracked and she blushed bright red as she spoke.

“Drew,” she paused and took a deep breath. “I feel as if I can trust you. Can I trust you?”

She paused and I saw she was breathing deep. I nodded my head unable to speak.

“My husband can’t get an erection so I am sorry I keep looking at yours. I mean your pants. I know I am making you uncomfortable.”

My mind was going in circles. She cleared her throat again and wiped a tear from her eye.

“My husband was injured ‘down there’ and he lost his ability to get an erection. It has been 14 years and they have tried everything but nothing has worked”

She stepped back and looked down at my crotch and then she looked into my eyes. Her eyes were full of tears. She took my hands in hers and squeezed them.

“We are both adults, right? I trust you will keep a secret.”

She kissed my lips and then took a step back and looked towards the window.

“Not here. Come with me.”

The next thing I recall was that we were holding hands and I was looking at her ass as I followed her down the hall to a bedroom. We kissed once we were in the room and she had closed the drapes. She pulled my hands to her breasts and I gently felt the firmness of the very tits I had dreamed about for months. She was a great kisser and we kissed for a while as İvedik Escort Bayan I fondled her large and firm DD breasts.

“I have seen you looking at me. I thought you might want to touch them or maybe get a closer look.”

She remover her shirt and I struggled to unhook her bra. She nervously giggled and kissed me as she helped me unhook her bra. Her breasts filled my hands as her bra hit the floor.

“Honestly, I am not normally this type of woman. You do something to me. Promise me that this is our secret.”

Her areola was deep red and very large. Her half-inch long nipples were firm, rubbery and as thick as my pinky finger. She moaned when I caressed her tits and I felt her shake as I touched her nipples. I lowered my head and took one of her asymmetrical nipples into my mouth and I gently sucked on it. She moaned and held my head as I alternated sucking and kissing each nipple.

Janice took a deep breath and exhaled. “I hope this is a lot better than just looking at them like you were earlier.”

We kissed and she looked into my eyes. “Do you want to take off your trousers?”

I was unable to speak. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I wasn’t sure how far we would go before she stopped and I would need to leave. I nodded my head and she kissed me.

“I will get your trousers if you get my skirt.”

Again, I nodded my head.

She made quick work of my belt and unhooking my trousers. My trousers fell to the floor while I struggled to figure out how to unhook and unzip her skirt.

Janice smiled. “Cotton briefs, I am surprised you don’t wear boxers.”

I jumped and I almost orgasmed when she squeezed my cock through my cotton briefs. Janice moaned. “Oh my goodness.”

We stepped closer to the bed and kissed. Our tongues were buried in each other’s mouths. I finally figured out how to unhook her skirt and it fell to her feet. I caressed her firm ass through her small silky panties. I waited for her to stop me from caressing her ass or for her to wake me out of my dream. I thought that I had to be dreaming.

She caressed the front of my briefs and squeezed my cock until I thought my cock would explode. I looked down and saw a wet spot forming on the front of my briefs and I saw her hand holding my cock through my underwear. She used her free hand to pull my face towards hers and we kissed. I felt her trace her fingers around and squeeze my swollen cock head. My cock had become so stiff that it was pushing the elastic band of my briefs away from my waist.

My heart jumped when she brushed her had against my lower stomach. I felt chills and I shook as she reached in my briefs and grabbed my rigid cock. She moaned as we kissed. She felt up and down the length of my 8 inches circumcised penis. She looked down as she ran her fingers across my unusually thick head that was already leaking cum. She gently squeezed the thick flared head that is much larger and thicker than my shaft. Her hands felt like silk as then gently squeezed my firm shaft and cupped my bloated balls.

“Oh my. No wonder your pants were sticking out so much.”

I finally got the nerve to feel her crotch through her panties. I felt the warm dampness of her pussy and the thick tuft of hair that extended out both sides of the front of her panties. I was glad she was excited and I couldn’t resist sliding my hand into her panties to feel her. I slowly slipped my hand into the front of her panties and found a thick bush guarding her soft, warm and slippery wet pussy lips. Janice kissed me.

“Be gentle sweetie.”

Her voice was a quick reminder that I was not as smooth as I thought I was. It also reminded me that I was actually feeling her pussy. I wondered if I was dreaming? Was I really feeling up Janice’s pussy while she squeezed my cock? Why would she let me touch her like this?

Janice pushed my briefs down and my cock sprang up and out. My hand came out of her panties as she took a step back. She looked down at my male member standing at full attention for her and she blushed.

“Oh my. Oh my.”

I felt my face get warm and knew I was blushing as I stood there showing Janice my rigid cock. I was intimidated as she looked up and down my body. I wanted her to like what she saw but she was silent. The curve of my shaft placed the leaking head of my cock just below my belly button. I looked down and saw my cock twitch and a bubble of cum came out of the puckered hole on the tip of my cock. Janice looked up and into my eyes as she caressed my chest.

“You are so handsome and bigger than I would have thought. I mean, you are nice but bigger down there.”

I felt a sense of pride after hearing her say I was big. I was shaking as contemplated my next move. I slowly reached over and slid her panties off her hips and down her smooth thighs. The crotch of her panties was wet and stained. I smelled her sexy aroma. I saw the extremely thick dark tuft of hair I had felt earlier and Escort İvedik it excited me. Her thick unstructured bush was sexy and covered a large portion of her crotch. I almost fell forward as I tripped only pants that were around my ankles. Once I recovered my balance we both laughed and she kicked off her panties.

“Now we are both naked. Is this how you thought I would look?”

I felt my dick twitch as I looked at her tits as she bent over and picked up our clothes. She smiled as she stood and she blew me a kiss. I looked at her beautiful nude body and she looked down at my rigid manhood that was liberally leaking pre-cum. I heard her sigh as I watched her breasts rise and fall as she took a deep breath.

“I think you like my boobs. You seem to like looking somewhere else too.”

She turned toward a chair facing away from me as she held our clothes in her arms.

“We better avoid as many wrinkles as we can. You still need to look respectable when you leave. I don’t want the neighbors thinking anything bad about us. After all, we are just watching football.”

I watched her ass sway as she walked across the room and folded our clothes before she went and sat them on a chair. I saw her pink pussy lips for the first time as she bent over. I couldn’t believe this was happening although I wasn’t sure how much further it would go. Surely she wasn’t intending to have sex with me. Why would she let me see and touch her? Why would she let me feel her pussy? Was she teasing me?

She slowly turned and faced me. I looked at her beautiful face surrounded by her shoulder-length brunette hair which had fallen out of its clasp when we kissed earlier. Her large breasts had a slight sag and she had a little pudge around her middle. Her hips were prominent and the dark thatch between her toned and firm thighs hadn’t been trimmed in years.

“You’re beautiful,” I said as she walked towards me.

She smiled and gave me a deep kiss. “I think your biased but thank you. I was never expecting you to ever see me like this. Heavens, I thought about it but never thought you would even want an old woman like me. Honestly, I can’t believe that I am naked with you.”

She paused as she stood in front of me. “So here we are. Naked as the day we were born. Not very many people see me in my birthday suit.”

I took a step back and looked at her before taking her in my arms. “I like your birthday suit, Janice.”

She smiled and playfully kissed my nose. “You shouldn’t see me like this. But, I am glad you are. I like yours too.”

I felt electricity as our naked bodies joined together from head to toe as we embraced. Her breasts felt amazing as they pushed into my chest. After we kissed she took a step back but she kept her arms on my shoulders. I slid my arms down until my hands were holding her hips and I squeezed her.

“Am I fat? I saw you looking at my stomach or were you looking somewhere else?” I reached around and squeezed her ass.

“You are perfect.”

She looked down between us and clutched my cock in her hand. She smiled as she looked over at the bed and then back at me. I saw her look down again and her eyes focused on my stiff penis. I felt her hand tremble and I watched her chest rise as she took a deep breath and then she looked into my eyes.

“I am nervous. I have never been with another man. We both know I am married. Well, you are much larger than Bert was but I assume that you would want to sleep with me? Am I assuming or asking too much?”

I looked at Janice. I no longer saw her as an older woman. I saw her as a beautiful woman. She was a beautiful size 8 brunette with firm but slightly sagging DD breasts and she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever looked into. I was less than half of her 46 years of age but it never dawned on me that she was anything but a beautiful and sexy woman.

She kissed me and looked into my eyes. “I will be honest with you Drew. I have tried to talk myself out of wanting you. I have tried to talk myself out of wanting you every time I see you. I have thought of you in ways that are not appropriate. I get a funny feeling in my gut and somewhere else thinking about you and us together like this. I know its not very Christian of me or of us to be in this position but I hope you have thought about me. I mean, thinking about me as I have thought about you.”

She paused and looked into my eyes. “I wore that blouse today hoping you would notice. I wasn’t surprised it excited you. I should feel guilty but I don’t. Seeing you look at me and noticing you had an erection made me feel excited.

You never answered me. “Am I assuming too much that you would want to sleep with me?”

I felt my chest pounding. “I would like to sleep with you but I still can’t believe you want to sleep with me. Honestly, I didn’t mean to stare. You are just so beautiful and sexy too.”

“I am glad you looked at me. I wouldn’t be naked with you and let you touch and kiss me if I didn’t want you sexually. I am not sure I went about this the right way but here we are. Maybe I should have asked if you were interested in me before I kissed you, stripped off your clothes and let you touch me. From what little you have told me about your dating life I can only assume now that you are a virgin.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

18 and On My Way to the Truck Stop

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Amanda Taylor

I couldn’t tell you why I did it. I can barely make sense of why I found myself searching craigslist to being with.

I had been anxious for what felt like as long as I could remember. But it had maybe gotten worse since I had turned 18 a few weeks before. At the very least, my decisions were getting worse. Or maybe they just felt like they had permission to be worse. I was an adult. Or legal rather. So that voice, the one in the back of my head that told me that I should skip my last three classes on a random Tuesday and try to suck off Reverend Bennett was no longer so sure I would be denied just because I was a crime.

I’ve always felt like most girls. I’m 5’3, 105lbs, and fit from years of soccer, tight and compact. I have always been a smaller girl, but I never wanted to play the smaller girl game. The high voice, the weakness. I found myself looking at all the boys I knew and thinking, “I bet I could kick his ass.” They just weren’t serious men.

That’s where I think my trouble started. I wanted to fuck. Oh god did I want to fuck. But I didn’t really want to fuck the guys I knew. They weren’t bad guys. Some were so nice and smart and funny, they probably deserved the perfect high school memory of my toned tummy and little more than tiny tits inches from their lips as I climbed up their doughy pale bodies to ride their dick.

It might have satisfied me in that moment and them for their entire lives when they thought back on it.

And it wasn’t because I think high school boys can’t possibly fuck. I’m sure that’s a little true, people are better with practice, but having been out in the world now for a little while, I can say with certainty that some men are lousy lays. And some of those boys from school were quite proud of themselves, and seemed like they’d been to the show a few times before and would not let me down.

No… the reason I didn’t fuck my way through my campus was because I could tell that it was different for us. Boys and girls. I could see that when a man had you, HE HAD YOU. A piece of you, or something like it. It was a point of pride, a position of power, something he’d always have and could never have taken away. A girl could get something like it, but only if she was in a full, and real relationship, and then what she had was a piece of your heart. It wasn’t the same and knowing that if I satisfied myself with one of these boys I would forever be weaker than them forced me to keep my distance.

So yeah, I wanted to fuck, but I didn’t really have that option, so I fucked the shit out of my pillows, and my fingers, and my father’s back massager before he got home, and in the bathtub, I would lay with my pussy so close to the facet aching to cum before enough water filled the tub to drown me.

And then I was 18, and I had started to think seriously about random strangers. Sites like Tinder. But when I looked at them, I felt the same way I did in school, like it was about trophy hunting for the men. I would find myself on craigslist, looking through the M4W section and thinking, these people are just about themselves. They seem obsessed with the idea of getting their rocks off and moving on.

For the first time, as I write that now, I realize that I felt the way they did. But that is what first made me decide to do the thing I can’t fully understand. I went and looked under M4M. It was mostly the same sort of thing. Better pictures I suppose, more well staged shots of dicks and way more of asses, but guys being selfish just the same, and then I saw one specifically listed to my hometown. It read “trucker with a gloryhole.” I clicked on it without giving it much thought.

“I have closed the shaded on the windows and closed the sleeper off from the front, you get in, there’s a hole big enough for your dick to slide through. Get off and go.”

I think that’s what it was. That he wasn’t trying to get HIS dick sucked that did it for me. But before I knew it, I was creating a throw away yahoo email account and sending a message to reply.

It read simply: “So, if I climbed in the back with you, you wouldn’t want to get naked and 69 or fuck?”—and then I sent it.

I was already a little turned on. For certain, my pert A cup tits were topped with tight hard nipples, and I could feel myself getting a little wet. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled the long blonde mess into a pony tail. There was little doubt in my mind that I was going to masturbate. But then I was interrupted by a return message.

That was fast. and brief. it was from the driver, he said: “stats and a cock pic.”

Sent from a phone to be sure…. and that’s when it hit me with a giant smile. He was just like me. He was looking to suck a dick. But was he? Jesus Christ I was turned on. I thought about it for a second. For some reason, I didn’t think he was really gay. Bi, sure. But it seemed more like what he was doing was danger fucking. And he was getting what he could danger fuck. It’s not like most girls respond to an open Temelli Escort call of “let me eat your pussy for a half an hour.” But I’d bet men line up for have your dick sucked without ever seeing the person who sucked it.

It doesn’t make any sense, but I knew then that I was going to do this. It was 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon and I was about to send my 1st nude pic.

I went to the bathroom and slid off my green nylon running shorts. I looked myself over in the mirror. my slight thatch of public hair wasn’t blonde blonde, but it wasn’t brown really either. I had trimmed it for swimsuits, but didn’t women today shave? fuck it. This guy was expecting a dick, he might as well learn to deal with a woman with slightly hairy pussy. Iphone in hand, I was standing there in my Ruttledge athletics t-shirt with my vagina hanging out, and my iphone in hand, and looking myself over in the mirror. It just didn’t feel right. I was blonde, and tan, and tone. My hips weren’t anything to write home about though. They were fine. I have never been dissatisfied with my body. But I wasn’t voluptuous. I had always thought my slim gamine hips had been the reason that I had such a round and firm ass… and I loved having a juicy but tight ass. As a girl with basically no tits, it was a great selling factor.

That’s what it was. my tits. I took off my shirt and stood their naked as a song in front of my bathroom mirror. damn, I had no doubt that I was what men dreamed of when they dreamed of women. I wasn’t long, but I was lean. My tits, though small were hardly invisible, a perfect rise with tiny pink nips, not too high up on my chest, but there was no sag to them. my body was sunkissed, my blonde hair pulled back except for a swath that fell across the side of my face. looking at myself then, I felt it even more. I needed to fuck this guy. But it still wasn’t right. I didn’t want to be totally naked. So I grabbed my hamper and dug through, finding my hot pink hoodie, and I threw it on. unzipped. it hung down exactly to my bikini line, but I made sure it was open so my whole torso could be seen. I put one hand up on my hip and I took my phone in the other, making a kiss face when I snapped the picture and I sent it back to the trucker with a note — “that I don’t have a dick seems like a small thing. It’s not going to be a problem, is it?”

I skipped back to my bed, still in my hoodie, and hopped into bed cross legged. it took a few minutes. I could imgine him wondering what the hell had happened. Maybe he really was gay. I was playing with the zipper on my hoodie when his message came back.

“no. it’s not a problem. Do you know where the pilot is?”

15 minutes later I was back in my green nylon running shorts, t-shirt, and still the pink hoodie, parking my car in front of the Wendy’s section of the pilot just north of town.

I was so wet I couldn’t contain it. as I waked through the large gas station and out the back door to where the trucks fueled up and some parked so their drivers could rest for their mandatory breaks. He told me to look for a SIA truck with a Blue rig attached to it.

Jesus, what was I doing? How did I find myself on craigslist, looking at ads for men who were offering to suck other men’s dicks, and suddenly I was going to fuck one of them in the cab of their eighteen wheeler? And then suddenly there it was. He had drawn the shades on the windows already. My heart was in the throat as I lingered by the passengers side door. This was it. This was who I was going to be. I probably could have talked myself out of it, but instead I reached up and knocked.

Suddenly I felt like pulling a ring and run. What was I doing? but before I even had a moment to think, the passenger side door of the truck opened, and I found myself looking up at a man. I couldn’t say how old for sure, in his 40’s maybe. he was sitting in the passengers seat, holding the door open, so I couldn’t judge his height from the ground, but he wasn’t fit. He wasn’t terribly out of shape either, he had that middle aged “dad bod” thing I’ve seen talked about in magazines. Blue jeans a t-shirt and baseball cap. He hadn’t shaved recently, but he didn’t have a beard yet. The look on his face probably reflected mine… which is to say, his eyes read excitement, but his face was tight an nervous.

He sat in the truck, looking down at me for a moment, and my confidence returned to see him kind of uncertain, so I spoke first with a simple “hi.” and a nervous smile.

My smile melted the tension from his face, and he held a hand out to me.

“Come on up. if you stand out here all day people are gonna wonder what the hell you’re doing.”

I took his hand, it was large and firm and rough and really had to stretch a little to get my foot on the first step to the cab.

“little thing aren’t ya?”

“Only on the outside.” What was I saying? This was maybe the dumbest series of words I had ever put together. My nerves had seized my brain Temelli Escort Bayan like a vice.

He slid back from the passengers seat and into the rear of the cab as I climbed up in and sat down in the seat he had just left. He prompted me to close the door and I did, then I turned around to look at my surroundings. It was different than I had expected. Nicer in a way. Sure, it looked like a trucker had been living in here for months, but he wasn’t the kind that never cleaned, and the space was more than I’d imagined. There was a fair sized space between the 2 seats in the front that led to the rear of the cabin with a nice sized twin bed and some built in living equipment. I was still taking it all in when he spoke again.

“So, you are a bit of a surprise.” He said, sitting on the bed in the rear cabin. I smiled at him and stood, moving back to sit on the other side of the bed from him, making sure to move slowly so he could stare are I changed positions. He had the goofiest smile on his face.

I looked at him, sitting next to me on the bed in the rear of the cabin, and said, “I had wondered if you’d turn me down.”

“I can’t imagine a world where anyone does that, regardless of what they were looking for.”

I looked around the truck, and I can see the sheet he had planned on using for a glory hole in the corner by the bed, I smiled at it and found myself saying “so, have you sucked a lot of dick this way?”

The look on his face changed from a smile to almost completely serious, his eyes were fixed on mine, and they were suddenly hungry. “Dozens” he said, and without another word, he leaned in to me putting one hand behind my head, his fingers going around the band of my pony tail, and the other hand around my waist, and he kissed me powerfully, deeply, and with intense passion.

Fuck, the feeling that surged through my vagina when his rough, unshaven face pressed against mine, my mouth was open and ready in an instant, and his thick tongue was dancing with mine. I had hooked my small and slender arms under one of his, gripping him around his back, and the other also wrapped around him grabbing up the back of his neck and pulling his hat off. Before I even had time to think I had turned to face him as his hand pulled at the sides of my hot pink hoodie, desperate to take it off me, I released my arms, holing them behind me so he could pull it away, out mouths still locked, and I replaced the grip my arms had around him with my legs, hooking around his waist, my pussy, kept covered by the thin nylon running shorts found the round of his knee, and I was grinding on him already as he pulled the hoodie completely free. His hands stopped by my ass after they had tossed the hoodie away, gripping firmly on my cheeks, one hand, not satisfied by the feeling of nylon running shorts, reached up to my waistband and dove down against my bare ass… god, it felt electric to feel this strangers rough hand squeezing my perfectly formed juicy and round ass as we kissed passionately in the back of his cab. Grinding against his knee I was maybe a second or two away from orgasm when he pulled his hands from my ass, I swear for a moment I felt one of his fingers graze against my asshole and I was afraid but so fucking wet, and back around to his front.

He changed his position on the bench, denying me the knee I had been enjoying so, and he unfastened his fly, pulling his jeans and boxers down past his knees. He had pulled away from my kiss, and was watching me closely, but my eyes were on his hands, his pants and then his dick.

half hard at least, and what seemed like normal to me, he had completely shaved his pubic hair, which seemed like the least “trucker” thing to do in the world, but there is was. He was going to fuck me with that, and it made me happy to know that. But he didn’t move to fuck me, instead he looked at me, and said “I was wondering if you’d…” He trailed off, but I understood.

I stood up and moved to the gap between the two front seats, kneeling between his legs. As I did, he pulled his t-shirt off, revealing his slight belly. It was strange. I was so small, and young, and fit, and tight, and for some reason, that he wasn’t any of those things, just made me need to fuck him so much more. The sight of him had me diving down and I took his cock in my hand, raising it up, so that I could see where the shaft met his balls, and I licked from that spot all the way to the tip with the thickest part of my tongue, then I dove down on it with my whole mouth, wrapped around his shaft. Not all the way down, but enough, licking at it inside my mouth as I went, it didn’t taste bad. It didn’t taste good either. It tasted like salty nothing. skin, maybe a little bit sweaty, but it was fine. He moaned like a madman, and held on to my blonde hair as I went, and thought way too much about where my teeth were.

After what felt like no time, he brought his hands down to the front of my shirt. He was desperate to feel Escort Temelli my tits, and his hands covered them fully through the shirt, my nipples ached to feel him. I continued to suck as he started to lift my shirt, and I raised my arm to help him, not thinking that my head was still connected to his dick, but he stopped and instead told me to stand up.

I let his now rock hard dick pop from my mouth, and I stood up in front of him. He finished kicking his jeans off as I stood there, wanton. my mouth still sloppy from working his cock, my hair frazzled, my shirt half way up my body, just below my tits, my toned and tan belly on display for him, leading down to my green nylon shorts, I found myself standing with my pussy thrust forward towards him. I wanted him inside me so badly, instead he started to lay on his side in the back of the bed. One hand reached behind me grabbing me by my ass, and pulling me forward. I kneeled on the bed as he gripped the fabric of my shorts from behind me. His other hand started to guide me to lie down in the opposite direction that he was… and I could see that he was moving my head back towards his cock.

His hand gripped on my shorts gave a tug, and then my ass was bare in this strange mans truck—and I did not give a damn because of how badly I wanted him. Another tug and I could feel his hot breath on my pubic hair. I lay down opposite him and took his cock in my mouth again and he moaned. He pulled slightly at my shorts, taking them just past my knees, and then he didn’t even bother to take them off, he just slid his head between my thighs and the best, most expansive feeling I had ever known was suddenly on my cunt.

Oh, I sucked him as well as I could, but I was no match for what he was doing with his tongue. He seemed to have locked my clit in a whirlpool of suction and pressure and his hands, gripped and needed my firm, round bottom, his fingers sliding up my crack from behind, I felt them pressing into my juices, and plumbing my pussy, even pressing against my asshole, and it only made me feel better and better. I tried to open my legs even wider to somehow wrap them more around him, but my shorts were still at my knees keeping them from coming too far apart.

And then, I felt that electric pulse, and I had to take his cock from my mouth. I hadn’t been sucking it very well anyway, but in this moment I needed to gasp, and to shake and to cum on this strange middle aged mans mouth. And I did and it was glorious. God, that feeling lasted for so long, as he pulled away, and finished pulling my shorts off of me, down, past my sneakers. I still had his dick in my hand, but I was still feeling the aftershocks of the orgasm, laying suddenly on my back, breathing deeply, the tremble still pulsing now and again from my pussy through my stomach.

I felt him move around, me, and then he was laying next to me with his face facing mine. I could feel his cock pressed against my leg, and I smiled at him weakly and said something like “that was okay, right?”

He laughed at me, as he sat me up slightly, and pulled my shirt off. Of course I thought. this whole time, I wasn’t even as naked as he was—I had been denying him the glory of my 5’3″ 105lbs of perfection. And enjoy it he did. he wasted no time kissing and licking my body, and sucking on my tits, and again I felt like I could cum, but not quite.

A moment later it seemed, he climbed on top of me, pressing his lower half between my legs, and I opened them wider for him to slide in as much as he would need. His cock was resting on my belly before I knew it, and I could feel its warmth and heat, still slick from my mouth. He had not put on a condom and I could not have given less of a fuck, as he reached down and took hold of his cock and placed it up against my pussy’s lips…. he pressed forward and I gasped for god as he put his uncovered cock into me for the first time.

It might have felt differently if I weren’t such a furious and active masturbator, but I wasn’t in pain, he felt good inside me, warm and satisfying. He kissed me and then my neck… I could tell he was anxious for my tits again…. my tits if you can believe it… but I was too short for him to get good access to them, so he settled for grabbing them as he fucked me in the back of his truck.

Each thrust was bliss. His extra weight, while not excessive, gave him some mass that rubbed against my clit, grinding it every time he pushed his hot cock into me. And there I was, flat on my back with my legs bend up and hooked round his hip every time he thrust, I found myself trying to grinding my pussy deeper in to him. dwarfed under his size, I felt the slap of his balls against my taint and ass every time.

He had begun to go faster, but I was lost in the feeling of power shooting through my clit, and like an earthquake I was gone again, convulsing and quaking with the feeling of satisfaction as another orgasm hit me. I gasped and squealed and squeezed my thighs against his frame while my legs kicked out behind him, extending all the way through my toes.

He didn’t slow down, instead he grew faster, more urgent, and then with an exhausted grunt and a mumble that sounded like “Oh my fucking Christ.” I felt the throb of his cock deep inside me and the power of his cum filling me up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32