Briget Ch. 02

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She said her last name was Halliard. Briget Halliard. She laughed this morning when we realized that we had fucked all night without knowing each other’s last names. Hey, it was the mid-80’s. Stuff like that happened, though never before to me. At least, before last night. We were sitting back naked on the bed and she was telling me a story.


“When I moved to town, my cousin Eva helped me find a job and a place to live. There was a bunch of ads in the school newspaper and we started going through them. Roslyn’s was about the third place we went to. She was going to the Junior College and her room-mate had quit school and left town. We met at a coffee shop to make sure that we were, I guess, compatible and we really hit it off. So we walked over to her apartment and it was great. Nice bedroom, good kitchen and huge living room. I moved in the next week. I got my job at the Business World and she went to school and we were getting along great. We’d go out together and party now and then and have great time, but most of the time it was work or school.

“Anyway, she had this date with this stud from the J.C. and she really wanted to make a good impression. They’d been out a few times and she was hot for him. And she looked hot when she left. If he had asked, she would have jumped him in a second. I was kind of jealous because I didn’t have a date, ’cause I just worked and slept and masturbated.

“But, it turned out that this guy was a heavy duty closet Christian and at the end of the evening when she suggested that they go further than a little kiss goodnight, he called her an evil slut. He said that she was going to hell if she continued that behavior… Needless to say she came home in tears and cried for a good half-hour before I could get her to calm down. I told her to get into her pj’s and come out to the living room for some ice cream. Ice cream usually cheered her up.”

“So,” I asked, “what’s she look like?”

Briget turned to me and smiled. “Well, you’ll see in a while won’t you? But I’ll tell you what she looked like when she came out of the bedroom that night.”


The clock on the bedside table read a bit after noon. We had met at a party the night before. Before I met Briget, I actually got fucked by (there’s no simpler way to put it…) Briget’s cousin Eva. Then I was introduced to Briget and we picked each other up. Well, she did most of the picking. We came back to my place and shared the most awesome night of sex in my life. Not only was the sex great but I was sure that I was falling in love with the girl. She was a wonderful person.

If that wasn’t enough, I later had my first group session, with the help of my visiting friend Brian and Jackie, a girl he had met in a bar. It was, in one night, more sex than I had had in ages. My life, as strange as it may have seemed, had become a fucking Penthouse letter. It boggled the mind.

Jackie had left in the morning, after we made a slightly hung-over breakfast (we all ate in the nude). She gave us her phone number and asked that we keep in touch. Brian had gone off to spend the day with his grandparents. It was one of the reasons he came back to visit.

Briget and I had a long shower and washed each other all over and played like a couple of slippery seals, but didn’t have any real sexual contact, other than incidental washing. It was kind of strange. It was going to get stranger.

As we dried off, Briget made a phone call and talked for a while, quietly. She gave me the phone and had me give this girl my address. Then we crawled back into bed with coffee and cigarettes and Briget, or ‘Hals’, as her friends called her, was telling me the story of her room-mate Roslyn.


“When Roz came out of the bedroom, she was wearing this real thin, short silk camisole and a pair of boxer-type panties. She’d worn this stuff before; it wasn’t any big deal. But the first thing I noticed were her nipples and the way they stood out. I usually didn’t notice things like that, but tonight I did. She was a real good athlete and she’s a bit taller than me, and thin, but her tits are pretty nice. Kind of like Jackie’s were, kind of low and up turned?”

I thought about Jackie’s tits and started to paint a picture.

“She had long straight blonde hair then, too. So she sat down on the couch and I handed her a bowl of ice cream and we sat and ate and said nothing. Suddenly she says ‘Oh shit!’ and she had spilled a spoonful of chocolate ice cream on her top. It’s a nice top so she starts crying all over again and she’s a wreck. So I scoot over and take the bowl away and give her a hug. She’s crying and I’m dabbing at the stain with a kleenex when I realize that I’m rubbing her boob and I can feel the nipple is getting harder. Now, I hadn’t touched a girl since I played around with a cousin back in–“

My eyebrow must have shot up because she playfully slapped me and said, “No, not Eva… Eva’s not that kind of girl. This was back in grade 10. But I started thinking hey, this is nice. taksim escort I’m just wearing a long t-shirt thing, and I’m starting to get kind of hot. I’m giving her this soothing line about what a jerk this guy was and sort of cleaning her breast and she reaches up to hug me better. And her hand lands right on my tit. I just about came right there, but I suppressed it. Like, we’re roomies and, well you just didn’t do that sort of thing. We had only been roomies for half a year or so and we didn’t really know much about each other. Like, I sure hadn’t shown her my stash of dirty books.

“Anyway, I sort of went to hold her tighter, you now, comforting her and I swear to God, she squeezes my boob, just lightly. I didn’t know what the fuck she was doing- maybe she was just distraught. And then, she looks up at me and asks me if I think she’s a slut. I said no way: the guy was nuts; she was a great person.

“She looked great, too. She had washed off all the makeup from her date and she looked blonde and innocent and pure. A tear rolled out of her eye and I had to say something. I said, “Roslyn, you’re beautiful, and if I was a guy, I’d fuck you in a minute.” We often said this to each other when we were going out to the bar and we wanted to boost each other’s confidence. I was hoping that she’d laugh and feel better, but she only said, “But what if you were a girl?” and she pulled me close and kissed me.

“Wow,” I said and adjusted my growing cock under the sheets.

“Wow is right,” said Briget. “I had no idea how horny I was and it was like she opened the gate and I was gone. I kissed her back and she squeezed my tit and our tongues were fighting each other and I brought a hand up to her breasts and we were all over each other. We never said a word; she just pushed me back onto the couch and pulled off my t-shirt and got between my legs and started squeezing licking and sucking my tits. I was naked and my pussy was running like a tap and I got my legs around her ass and just squeezed for all I was worth.

“I came twice, just like that.” And she snapped her fingers. “Just from her feeling and sucking on my tits. When I came down I pushed her back on the couch and pulled her top off and then took off her panties. I had seen parts of her before, you know, running from the shower to her room, but this was the first time I saw her naked and wanting and she was so fucking gorgeous.

“I always thought I was too fat and she thought she was too skinny and we always told each other we were silly and that we were perfect. And, Denny-man, she was perfect. She pulled me in and we kissed. We got our pussies lined up. It was like we were running on instinct. We were rubbing them back and forth and our tits were rubbing back and forth and we were moaning so loud I thought that the cops would call. I rolled off to the side and started finger fucking her beautiful pussy until she came and then she took my hand and we went to her room.”

She raised a finger and looked at me. “And there is where I really learned about how absolutely erotic it was to talk to your lover during sex. She was a master. She was almost able to get me off just by talking dirty to me.”

I had reached down and started to stroke my cock. It was full hard. Briget lay on her side. One hand propped up her head as she lay there and the other hand was rubbing my thighs. “You ought to save that for when she gets here,” she smirked.

I laughed and folded my hands under my arms. “Fine!” I said. “Go on with the story. It’s great!”

“Well, that night I had my first real bi experience. Now, it wasn’t hers, she had had a girlfriend through high school that she had gone all the way with… That was a great story in itself. Anyway, I had a lot of catching up to do. She told me that she had wanted me since we moved in together, but was too afraid she’d freak me out.

“But, we talked about it and we both admitted that we still liked boys. We both loved a good hard cock and we started talking about that and we got into it again… We fucked for the whole weekend, and a few times after that when we were horny and dateless.

“Well, to make a long story short, a few months later, she had a date with another guy that she had been seeing and I was at home feeling sorry for myself because I hadn’t had a date in nearly four months and sex for six months. Other than occasional sex with her, of course.”

“Of course…”

“About two in the morning, the phone rings. When I answer it, it was Roslyn and she says, “Guess what I’m doing right now?” I told her I had no idea and she says, really low and sexy, “I’m getting my ass fucked off…” I could hear it; she was breathing hard and getting a workout, and I’m starting to get pissed off, and she says, “You wanna get your ass fucked off, too?” I asked if she was kidding and she told me to get a taxi over there right away. She gave me the address and hung up.

“Well, I got a taxi and went to this guy’s topkapı escort place, and you know what?”

“You got your ass fucked off.” I lit a couple of Camels and passed her one.

“Boy, did I ever. This guy was good, and not too bad looking. I got fucked almost as soon as I walked in the door.”

I must have looked hurt because she quickly added, “Oh, Dennis, don’t worry. It was just fucking…”

I put my petulance aside and she continued the story. ‘So, then he fucked Roslyn again while I watched, and then while he recovered, Roslyn and I did each other. That got him all horny again so we tag-teamed the poor guy and then left. We would have done it all again the very next week, but then Roslyn found out he was secretly engaged to another girl so she dropped him like a hot potato. But at least it got me through a dry spell.”

“And this is where I come in?”

She smiled. “Yes, Denny this is where you come in! I owe her this. I just don’t want you to fall for her and leave me high and dry.”

“What do you want me to do?” I had a feeling this might lead to trouble.

“She hasn’t had sex for three months and she just wants to get laid. But, if you could make it seem like you’re making love it would be great.”

“What are you going to be doing?”

“Well, I’m just going to watch for the first–”

The apartment intercom buzzed and squealing with excitement, Briget clambered over me and ran to let her friend in. I asked her where I should be and she told me just to lay back and wait. Soon I heard the door open and the girls greet each other.

“Oh, thanks Hals… you sure you don’t mind?” I guessed that this was Roslyn.

“No, just enjoy it- you deserve it! Come on, get your coat off.” They were giggling in the hall and after a moment my naked Briget walked in, followed by Roslyn. “Roz… this is Dennis. Dennis, this is Roslyn.” Briget was right; she was very pretty. Not rail-thin, but thin: and taller than me. Her hair was short and dirty blonde and framed her face nicely. Her breasts bobbed freely under her light wool sweater. There was no bra. My prick began to get harder.

Yet, it felt weird to be introduced like this, and given my upbringing, I got up to shake hands with her. Her eyes immediately went to my hard-on and she kind of blushed. We shook hands and I took the initiative and leaned in to kiss. I told her I was very glad to meet her. She replied in kind and kissed me, her tongue stepping out to meet mine. We exchanged short, breathy kisses for a while, touching each other. Then we dissolved in a deep kiss and I felt Briget creep around us to sit on the chair in the corner.

Roslyn started caressing my back and ass and I did the same to her. I lifted her top off and threw it on the floor. Her nipples were like bullets, I bent and took one into my mouth and she gasped and held my face to her while I worked at getting her pants off. She helped me by shimmying out of them till they were a puddle on the floor. There were no panties either. I looked down and she was shaved as clean as the day she was born. There were goose pimples on her bare thighs. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and started stroking me, moaning all the while.

I looked over at Briget. Her legs were splayed off to the side and she had two fingers deep inside her cunt and one hand tweaking her nipples: one then the other. She lifted one gorgeous breast and licked the nipple, still looking at us. In her eyes was a mix of lust and trepidation. But she nodded at me, urging me on.

I looked back at Roslyn. “So, what do you want to do?”

Roslyn looked at me then over to Briget, who nodded. Roslyn looked back at me, smiling. “What I want,” she cooed, “is for you to suck my sweet cunt until I cum and then I want you to stick that nice hard cock in me and fuck me until you fill me with cum and… I guess we’ll see what happens then…”

“Sit down,” I said, and Roslyn sat down on the edge of the bed. Her knees spread slowly, almost shyly. “Touch your breasts,” and she brought her hands to cup them with her nipples caught between fingers. Her tongue came out and ran over her lips; she was getting flushed like Briget did when she was excited. I felt kind of powerful, like I could have asked her to do anything.

I heard Briget moan in the chair in the corner and I was pretty sure she was cumming. I got down on my knees and kissed Roslyn on the lips. Her hands wrapped around me and then I kissed her on her neck, then sucked on her breasts. I nuzzled her navel and nudged her to lie down.

I wrapped my arms under her thighs and lifted her ass up so I could access her better and stroke her tits, too, at the same time. I buried my face in her sweet-smelling and hairless pussy. I ate her like there was no tomorrow, and tweaked her sensitive nipples. If she was talking to me I didn’t hear anything. I was so into this. She grabbed my hair so hard it almost made me cry out.

She tuyap escort took longer to cum than Briget did, but it was just as worth it. She mewed and bucked her crotch into me and got really wet, really fast. I ran my hands all over her stomach while I licked up all I could. Then she froze in mid-buck, and spasmed again and then settled back onto the bed. I gave her one more lick, from bottom to top and sucked on her clit. She moaned and shuddered from her core. She relaxed and we disentangled. She lay there for a while, panting. I leaned back on my haunches, looked at her and stroked my cock. I felt like king of the fucking mountain.

“Oh, my God…” Briget moaned from the corner. We both looked over at her, all wrung out and sweaty, leaning back in the chair.

“Has he done this to you?” asked Roslyn.

Briget shook her head slowly and her hair floated gently around her. “No, he hasn’t. But we’ve got lots of time.” She looked at me. “Right?”

“Right.” I smiled and blushed, sitting back on my haunches. I really had no idea what I was doing when I ate her out. It was like Eva last night; I just used what little knowledge I had and tried really hard.

Roslyn scooted back further onto the bed. “Come here,” she said, crooking a finger at me. I climbed up on the bed, my cock almost parallel to my belly. She lay down and spread her legs, and grabbed my hardness. “Come on, Denny, do me, I want you to do me good and fuck me like you fucked Briget.” She was smiling, but her eyes were wide and feral, almost begging. I positioned myself above her and she guided me into her slick cunt.

I started pushing into her and she kept on talking about how nice it felt to have a cock deep in her, that I was hitting all the right spots and telling me when to go fast and when to slow down. I was happy just to follow directions.

She lifted one of my legs over hers and she told me to get ready to roll. I tucked a shoulder under and she rolled so she was on top of me, still fucking; all without pulling out! I would definitely have to remember that one! She was hunched over me and I was able to lick and suck her breasts as I humped up into her. I felt the bed move and Briget loomed over the two of us.

She looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t just watch anymore, I had to get in here, you guys look so hot!” Neither Roslyn nor I said much, but we didn’t object: we were getting close to cumming. Briget kept talking; asking if Roz was liking it, if she was gonna cum… all in this low sexy murmur. Roslyn had lost her tongue, she was getting wide-eyed and her breathing was ragged. I was getting really close, too and I picked up my pace, grabbing her ass and fucking her hard.

When I came she wasn’t far behind and she threw her head back and forth: her fine blonde hair whipping all over the place.

It took us a while to relax. She just laid on me. Briget was softly rubbing Roslyn’s back; planting soft kisses on her and smiling at me. I could feel cum from both of us run past my balls and ass and soak the sheets below me. I didn’t care one bit.

I had gone soft, but was starting to get hard as her pussy muscles squeezed and let go; squeezed and let go. Roslyn kissed me and finally rolled off of me, onto her back, and lay there with an arm over her eyes. Briget kissed me, then pounced on my shrinking cock and licked up all of our combined juices.

By the time she was done I was half-hard. “There,” she said. “Nice and clean.” She kissed me again and crawled over me to her room-mate. I propped myself up on one elbow to watch and stroked myself. “Now it’s your turn sweetie…” She tenderly kissed Roslyn and they traded tongues for a moment. As Roslyn moaned and wrapped her long fingers in Briget’s thick, damp hair, Briget started down on her body… neck, breasts, stomach and hips. Then down to the thighs and all around her puffed cunt lips. She started licking and sucking, almost ferociously. Roslyn looked at me and said, “Suck my tits, Denny, I need you to suck them…”

I got up on my knees and bent down to take one precious peak in my mouth, while gently squeezing the other. I scraped them with the fine edge of my teeth, sucked them gently and sucked them hard, depending on what she told me to do. It only took her another few minutes until she was cumming again, clawing and scratching at the sweat and cum soaked sheets on the bed.

Briget came up for air and we collapsed in a pile. We exchanged cummy kisses and hugs and tender words. I think we even might have dozed off for a while. But around four in the afternoon Roslyn got up saying that she had a shit-load of homework to finish.

Briget had gone to the bathroom and Roz got dressed. She sat on the bed and leaned over to kiss me and we swapped tongue. “I really want to thank you for this, I appreciate it.”

“Well,” I said, “it was Briget’s idea.”

She smiled. “I do love that girl.”

Before I could think I blurted out, “I think I do, too.”

She cocked an eyebrow at me and grinned. She looked to the bathroom to make sure Briget was still occupied, and then she turned to me and lowered her voice conspiratorially. “I can tell she likes you, too. If she didn’t she’d be long gone. I hope you guys work out ’cause she deserves a nice boyfriend. But if you hurt her in anyway I will personally cut your nuts off.”

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My Twin Sisters And I Play ‘Dare’ Pt. 04

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“The twins, how are we going to do that?’ I asked. “I’m all for that, particularly Amy. Anita needs to be taken down a notch. Amy shows signs of really wanting my cock, and she’s such a sweetheart too. Anita is a little possessive of her lover/sister! First time I’ve ever heard Amy yell at Anita to’ Shut Up!'”

‘”I don’t think it will be too hard.” Ruby said. “I have some tricks up my sleeve. You haven’t seen them, but wait till I tell you what I have in mind. You’ll get your revenge and perhaps two new lovers!

“Come on up to my room and I’ll show you. Not for you, but it will be an education and might come in handy for any number of reasons.” Ruby smiled and led me into the house.

We went up the stairs and looked in the twin’s room and they weren’t there. “I remember they were going shopping this morning and knowing those two will be gone a long time. Why don’t we put several of the mini cameras in their room and in the bathroom you three share? I’ll show you how to hide them so they disappear. “

Ruby went into her room and got a small valise and brought it to me. She opened it and there were a number of small digital video cameras, the first I had ever seen, tiny and easily hidden. These had long storage memory chips that would turn on when motion was sensed and shut off after there was none. We took them to the twin’s room and she showed me how to place them on shelves where there were tiny openings for the wide-angle lens to look through.

She showed me to watch for books that had been idle and unused by looking for dust on them and hiding the cameras behind the books looking out. We placed three in and then went down to the bathroom and put another three in the back of shelves looking down onto the shower stalls as well as the carpeted dressing area. I had a fleeting thought that I might use another bathroom for a week or so till I looked at what the sophisticated cameras recorded.

When we finished, she took me to her room and opened another larger case and I was amazed there were whole rows of dildos of all sizes and lengths of the latest design. “I heard of a new Japanese dildo

several years ago, that gives the female user and the receiver a lot of pleasure when used. After I had a real demonstration, I looked at how they are constructed, and I became a factory dealer They are selling like hotcakes but are rather expensive too. That Mercedes is paid for now with my sales receipts. You are looking at a goldmine! Look at how they are constructed.. Notice anything unusual?”

“They don’t have any straps to hold them in place, and what is this large rubber thumb-shaped piece sticking out of the back?” I asked Ruby, a little puzzled.

“That fits in the user’s vagina and by squeezing the scrotum inflates a bulb inside the user’s vagina and it’s inflated to her satisfaction inside her to hold the dildo in place. No belts. It has pressure pads that rub her clit and “G” spots and gives her a fantastic climax along with the recipient too. The dildo has raised sections that stimulate the vagina of the recipient, clit, and “G” spot both. It gives both women a fantastic series of Girne Escort climaxes. I’m going to let Sis use it on me and then use it on her to see how she likes it. I think she can become one of my dealers and her wealthy lady friends will buy them once they have tried them from both sides of the dildo!” Ruby explained.

“I have a plan for the twins, I’ll let them use Sis’s strap on and we’ll catch them in the act with the cameras when they use them. You can use the filmed action any way you’d like to! It will give you an upper hand to hold over Anita if you have to! Like that,Lover?

“Damn, Love, you are so damn sexy and are so devious too. I love the idea! The twins are out, why don’t we go into your room and make love, I have a boner thinking of the twins getting filmed fucking each other!” I asked hoping for a ‘Yes!’.

“I’d love to! I just came up with an idea for a film you and I can make as the cameras are already set in my bedroom to film Sis and I later tonight. I want to try some positions with you fucking me that I haven’t used but heard about. Different strokes, as they say! OK with you?’ Ruby said as her hand went against my stomach and down slid inside my pants and found my swelling cock. A minute later we were in her bedroom clothes flying everywhere.

I came out about an hour later exhausted and a little sore from the acrobatic positions she wanted me to fuck her in. When I popped open the door, dressed but still breathing hard, there were the twins sitting on Pam’s bed that faced the door with huge grins on their faces. As I shot out of the door, they began to clap as I spun left and turned into my room. Their laughter and applause followed me into my room. How much could they hear? I took a quick shower knowing the cameras were there but not worrying about them. I wanted a film of the twins perhaps using Mom’s strap-on, or just making love.

Ten thirty and Mom slipped into Ruby’s room where I was waiting with Ruby. Both of us were nude and Mom gave us a huge smile and slid out of her gown and hugged and kissed us both, her hand giving my cock a nice squeeze.. Ruby had the new dildos out for Mom and gave her an introduction to them telling her how much pleasure both of the women using them would receive. Ruby slid one into her pussy, and adjusted it and Mom was amazed at how it fit she pulled on it to see that it was going to stay inside Ruby without straps.

“OK Sis, Fuck your horny sister and fuck me deep and hard. I want to see if that dildo can do the job. It looks like it grows out of your body. Damn, it’s strange looking but on you, it is really spectacular with that fabulous body of yours, now with a long thick cock growing out of your delicious pussy. Go for it, Sis! Mom said as she moved to the center of the bed on all fours and thrust her cute ass backward and opened her thighs giving Ruby an invitation to fuck her.

And fuck her, Ruby did, sliding the long thick dildo slowly inside Mom, and Mom moaned her approval as it slid to the hilt inside her. Ruby slowly fucked Mom getting her ready for a climax. The new dildo lived up Magosa Escort to its reputation and so the two were fucking like bunnies Ruby and Mom Both had several shuddering climaxes before Ruby slid the dildo out.

Now, Sis, It’s my turn to fuck you. I’ve had lots of experience with it and have used it in several sex parties where I sold them to customers and they were encouraged to try them at the party with everyone watching too. I give the first demonstration then they tried them on their friends or lovers. I’ve always sold a minimum of ten at each party. We usually have a regular orgy going.

One lovely lady brought her daughter-in-law and they fucked each other and were the hit of the party. Both were very beautiful and horny as hell too! They went wild and kept on fucking each other after the party was over. I sold three to them, two to the mom and one to the daughter-in -law. OK, Sis, how large a dildo do you want me to use on you?” Ruby asked.

“Bud is about seven inches and that felt good, but now, how about nine inches and just a little thicker? I’d like to see if I can take a larger one. I might like to buy one from you. It feels so fantastic when you fuck me hard and fast. It filled me up and I have such explosive climaxes too. Damn, they are really fantastic! Dottie is one of my best friends and she will love them, so. I will probably buy one for her

if she likes mine.”

Ruby showed me which one to pick for Mom. It was a whopper and I helped Ruby slide the base into her beautiful pussy, my mouth watering as I slid it inside her. I wanted to eat her, now, but that had to wait for a little while. I just couldn’t get enough of my unbelievably sexy Aunt!

Having helped Ruby insert the dildo into her pussy now I watched as she moved behind Mom and spread her pussy wider and then licked her already wet pussy as the dildo head was rather wide and needed more lubrication. Ruby moved the head to Mom’s pussy and carefully guided it to the center. She moved her hips forward till the head covered Mom’s pussy and spread the pussy lips and with a little thrust slipped inside Mom. Slowly Ruby pushed the massive head inward and Mom gaped as the head spread her pussy wider than it had been invaded for quite a time.

Ohh, Sis, that feels so wonderful. My pussy lips are stretched delightfully and I want that monster dick deep inside me, gently Love, Oh, like that. My pussy is filled and more cock is still to come. I feel it deep inside me and want it all. Do you think I can take it all? Son, your magnificent cock felt so good, but this one stretches my pussy and goes so deep but I think there are still three or more inches still to come, right Sis?”

Aunt Ruby gave a little grunt and chuckled. “Yes my lovely Sister, still a couple of inches to go.

Almost all the way inside you. I’m not sure I could take this one. But having three children, two of them twins, probably stretched your pussy. I think you are good to go. I’m not sure I could take all nine inches, I’ve had the chance a couple of times, but never tried it -yet! With all the samples, I Lefkoşa Escort might work up to it and surprise my customers by having one of them fuck me with a monster sometimes. There, Sis, It’s all the way inside you now. Bet you can feel it against your womb, can’t you?

Ohh yes, God, that feels so good. More pressure and more pleasure. too. Sis, make it rub against my “G” spot and give me a massive orgasm now! I can feel the added pressure deep inside me. Yes! Yes! Right there. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me harder. Harder. Damnnnnn!!! Fuck. Yessss! Mom cried out. and her head fell forward as her senses were overloaded.

Suddenly the door, which I’d forgotten to lock, opened wide, and there stood the twins gaping at the scene before them.

There was Aunt Ruby on her knees behind Mom, thick cock sprouting from her pussy connecting her to Mom’s pussy, Mom on her knees, head down. Me, lying on the bed behind them, massive hard-on in my hand still holding my erect cock.

Ruby turned, looked at the twins, and said in a soothing voice, “No problem Ladies, Sis just fainted from extreme pleasure while I fucked her with a massive new nine-inch dildo of a new style. Just the three of us having a mini-orgy, a little late in the evening. Sis got a little, no, very vocal trying the nine-inch dildo out as I helped her, as you can see

One Sister helping another Sister as I’m sure you two do with each other, borrowing Sis’s personal dildo and fucking in the den while watching lesbian porn on DVD. Nothing wrong with that either, except that is her personal dildo, and you should ask permission to borrow and use it. I hope you cleaned it before you replaced it, hygiene, you know! I’m sure she would have had no objections if asked. Ah, she’s coming around!

“Sis, it seems I fucked you into a really massive cum didn’t I? I always try my best to help another lady enjoy their orgasm! You did get very vocal when you came. You woke the twins up and they thought you were in trouble. No problem! They just were awakened by our late evening soiree. Sorry ladies, we did make a little too much noise having fun together. Perhaps next time we’ll invite you two beautiful ladies to join the party. Our ‘faux p aux’?

“Everything is fine here. If you’ll close the door and go back to bed, we’ll try to be quieter this evening, no, this morning as I think it is!

The twins looked at each other visibly bewildered and shaken, and turned and closed the door softly!

I did make breakfast the next morning and the twins were overly quiet and kept looking from Mom to Aunt Ruby. They looked at each other several times and shook their heads slowly! I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

Later Mom was passing me in the hall and stopped me and kissed me soundly, her tongue slipping in my mouth and her hips pressed against mine. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I surprised the twins and gave them my old dildo and told them it was theirs, I’d’ bought another from Ruby last night. not the one I’d had in me last night. It was just a little too large, for me. Caught them off balance and they blushed, stuttered, and thanked me.

“What they don’t know is I’m going to give them one of the new ones later. Don’t mention that to them though!” She said then reached down and patted my cock and winked as she turned and walked away. Hmmmm!

The End Chapter Four

My Twin Sisters and I Play ‘Dare’

By Tawny

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Diablerie Ch. 11: Until Summer

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Evan, Tamara, and I were all piled into the couch with my Dad in the middle holding one of the bowls of popcorn. Tamara’s favorite romance flick steadily faded to the credits as the protagonist sat with the fire crackling, his arms wrapped around his knees in sad reflection. My Dad let out a soft sniffle and we both turned to see a tear rolling down his cheek. “Awwww Daddy.” I brushed the tear away, both of us leaning close to kiss either side of his cheek.

“Thanks.” He pulled his tears back and wiped his eyes. “It just made me realize I’m going to miss you two. I don’t want to lose you.” It was still new to see Evan open up and let tears fall like that, so I tried to kiss the sides of his eyes.

Tamara almost looked hurt. “Whatever! You punk.” She pushed his shoulder. “We’re not gonna go back for a few months and forget about you.”

Evan huffed and leaned back into the couch. “Tomorrows our last day for now. What do you want to do?”

I looked to Tamara first who struggled to think of anything. Her eyes were heavy from the exhaustion of the day and mine were beginning to yearn for rest. My hair was finally drying from the slow and gentle bath we took after sex, our skin still covered in the soap that I lovingly spread over her as she sat against my chest.

Thoughts drifting, I couldn’t stop thinking about the warm water running down her breasts as they rested on her chest like a queen. She hadn’t been treated like that before, her cuddling close to my breasts while I cleaned off her back almost motherly in its embrace.

“Gabby?” Evan looked at me as I was staring off with a grin.

“Sorry uh. What was the question?” I sheepishly looked away when Tamara looked over with a coy smile.

“I was thinking we should have a well rounded day, maybe get outside for a picnic, take you two out and spoil you a bit, and then we could always have dinner.” Evans’ head swiveled from one of us to the other.

“And then end up in a big sweaty sticky pile.” Tossed in Tamara with a big grin.

Evan nodded seriously. “Of course.”

“Thought you would be tired by now of all the time we took up just fucking you.” I asked, genuinely wondering if we had asked too much of him. The back of my head had to remind me that he wasn’t in his twenties anymore.

“It’s tough baby,” He ran his hands through his hair. “Coming home every day with two beautiful women who are willing and wanting to fuck me all the time. One is my daughter and trans which are two of the huge things people fantasize about. The other who had an interest even after she saw me fucking my daughter, then couldn’t resist joining in. Yeah I’ll find a way to live with it.” He gave me his best look of defeated empathy.

“You are such a fucking dork!” Tamara giggled and pulled at his hair. He broke into laughter with us.

“Come on. You’re both falling asleep on me.” He took us both by the hand to lead upstairs. I looked at the two of them undressing and beginning their night routine with random thoughts. The simple pleasure of watching my two partners be themselves and knowing we could hold each other at night made my head light. Before I could stop them, happy tears were streaming down my face.

“Hey Gabby, what ‘s wrong?” Tamara asked, walking over and wiping each tear from my face. “What happened?”

“Nothing. I’m happy that’s all.” In only her panties she rolled with me to the center of the bed. Evan had stripped down and they undressed me together, tossing it all into a pile at the foot of the bed. With Evan on my left, his warm and musky chest hair pressed to my face, Tamara to my right with the soft velvet of her skin rubbing against mine, I shut my eyes to the rest of the constantly spinning universe of thoughts and worries that tried to hold me back.

Tamara slept soundly that night with a peaceful look on her face. The feeling of Evan pressed against my ass firmly woke me, his cock twitching in his sleep. Tamara was already awake, her hands so light I barely felt them run throughout my hair. I wanted to wet my fingers and push Dad right inside but wanting to save it for tonight, I kissed Tamara a few times and we stared at each other with silly smiles in the morning sun.

We waited for fifteen minutes, my lips wetting hers with passionate exchanges. “Look at that beautiful girl.” I whispered.

Her fingertips stroked my neck and shoulders until Evan began to shift in bed. His head poked up with hair sticking in every direction. “Morning girls.” He plopped his head back onto his pillow lazily. “Do either of you wanna shower?” Tamara and I both answered yes at the same time, crawling out of bed and walking to the shower.

“You coming Evan?” We both stood and posed as sexily as possible for him to look over. He gained a large smile and rolled right out of bed. “Knew that would work.” I smiled, pinching Tamara on the side of the ass as she giggled. The glass box shower was just large enough so the three of us could stand close together but still comfortable. Evan was groggily trying to soap himself before we took over with Tamara taking Kıbrıs Escort the front of him and my hands slowly working his back. We massaged his sore body in thanks for the last week and switched spots to both get a chance to be held under the warmth of the shower. The captivating blue eyes of Evan were finally awake when we switched off the water.

Stepping out and drying off, we all started in different directions to get dressed and get ready for our last day of dates. Tamara always hated when people didn’t enjoy the day until it was over so I bit my tongue and tried to live at the moment, my easily distracted mind halting me every step of the way. When Tamara was ready, she wore a flowing skirt with a floral pattern that hid the revealing panties I lent her. Evan had dressed down into shorts and one of his favorite T shirts with a bracelet on one of his wrists.

We drove for around thirty minutes, swapping jokes, teasing until Evan was fully erect in the car, and ending up talking about our possible plans for the summer. Evan wanted to take us away from my hometown so we wouldn’t have to worry about being caught or running into people we knew so often. Evan wouldn’t say how lonely he would be without us. His eyes seemed heavier each time he saw the time but he bit his lip.

We pulled up to the lonely park, Tamara hopping out of the car excitedly and trying to grab all of the supplies out of the car. I giggled behind her as we fumbled and shrieked when she dropped things, picking them up and running with her out into the field where wild flowers had started to rise.

“Come on!” We shouted back to Evan. He lightly jogged over to where we threw a blanket down, setting out the food out and plopping down with us. The warm breeze kept flicking the corners of our blankets. We stretched out and ate before Evan let out a sad sigh.

“I’m scared I’m going to mess up your lives. You two have made me so happy that I don’t know what to do next.” He sipped a seltzer and then apologized. I thought Tamara would be angry but she shook her head.

“Evan, I understand. Gabby said you two had to wake up and find me screaming the other night. If this week had gone just a little differently I would have been where those dreams come from instead of being able to fall asleep next to you both. I’m scared of messing it up too.” She had a fear in her eyes as she opened up about her family. “Even as an incest couple, you two give me the feeling that family doesn’t have to be so scary.”

There was a moment of silence before I spoke up, my hands shaking now. “I’m honestly freaked too. If I hadn’t been such a pervert, if I hadn’t roped you into this, or if I hadn’t been a bit of a drunk and manipulative to get what I want.”

“I’ll admit, that bit with the computer files was a little cruel, but you weren’t wrong. At the beginning of the week I didn’t plan to be poly, but I’m starting to feel glad I am. Tamara you don’t ever have to return to those people if you don’t want to. I feel like I’m supposed to know what to do or try to steer you both away from this life, it’s been eating me how comfortable and right this feels.” Evan finished and saw us nodding in agreement.

“Feels right to me too.” I solemnly whispered.

“Me too.” Tamara said before we fell back into a brief silence. When she was ready, Tamara set down her food and looked out at the field. “I think as long as we are unafraid to talk, to care for each other, and to treat each other with love, it doesn’t need a definition or to be under a microscope. I’m usually the first to run terrified into the night when someone wants to treat me nicely. I don’t want to be like that anymore. If we are happy, we should let ourselves feel it. Can I ask a favor from you both?” Her voice trembled with the soft breeze.

We both agreed and waited until she was ready to ask what she needed to do. “Help me get away from my family.”

I looked at the field and thought of how best to answer. Despite how clearly horrible they had been throughout her entire life, I wanted to make sure that she felt empowered and supported in whatever way she broke contact with them. Scenarios ran through my mind and an internal scenarios counter of how much I had to police myself against controlling the situation buried me. Lost in thought, I missed the queue that Evan was waiting to see if I had an idea first.

“Items are replaceable, anything you need and love in your life we are happy to help get out of there. We both will be by your side and hold your hands through all of it if you want us to.” He kissed her knuckles and her fear seemed to ease just a little.

“When I spend time with the both of you, it feels like my hands are supposed to hold you both at once, and it makes me wish I had more.” She stroked Evan’s fingers and then kissed his hand in return.

Evan had a warm smile as she finished. He looked at me and opened his arms. “Alright, now I’m all red, get in here.”

He held us tightly, kissing each of us on top of the head. We all watched the day fade by, backs Lefkoşa Escort to the grass and eyes drifting from the clouds to each other one by one. The three of us made a promise that day to keep each other in balance, and to keep our secret safe. We munched on the packed food as the heat of the day faded for the wind to pick up its place by sunset.

Flowers swirled in wild circles at the gusts, and the light that was sweat from the sun washed over the three of us. I was too stunned by how the light caught their features to think of capturing it, Tamara’s hand brushing against my cheek with a few of her fingers. The eyes of my new family were lit up with the glow of Oregon’s sunset filling us completely. We sat with our hands held until twilight had won out and covered the field in gentle purple.

The drive home was full of little smiles at each other, Evan letting the evening wind drift into the car. The walk up the door felt ominously peaceful but something stopped me as I reached for the handle. Looking back at the two of them I had a strange feeling of almost dejavu washing over my body, sending goosebumps down my arms. Tamara poked me in the side with a teasing laugh, asking “Are you going to open the door?” For a few seconds I just stared at them with a dumb smile on my face before nodding and entering our home. Evan supplies to one side, his hands tucking into his pockets with a deep sigh.

“What do you girls want to do now?” He asked, looking from Tamara to me. Tamara’s body shifted from shutting the door to nearly tackling Evan on the couch. The rough beard he had from last week was pressed to the center of her chest. She rocked her hips into his wickedly. Moving behind her, I lifted her shirt and undid her bra while she fought against the button to Evans pants. Still behind her, I reached forward and gripped his T-shirt to pull it over his head so Tamara could freely press Evans face to the center of her breasts now.

My shirt hit the ground and I flopped onto the other side of the couch, pulling my pants down and stroking my cock through my panties. While Evans shorts were pulled at by an aching and moaning Tamara, he pulled her panties to one side and wet his fingers in her little slit. Toying with my breasts while Evan pumped his fingers in out of an easily distractible Tamara was pure entertainment. Her eyes would start to flutter and hands tremble away from his gently hairy waist, the little twitches running down to her knees made her a proper little puppet for Evan to torture.

A strand of Tamara’s cum hung from her pussy like a marionette before it brushed the very tip of Evans throbbing hard cock. It rolled down the side and into his foreskin to wet and tantalize him, but it stopped me in my tracks. The sight of her slowly coating him without penetration made my mouth water enough to embarrass me out of holding my cock. Shifting to my stomach I rested my hand in Evans lap. With my hand wrapped around the base of my fathers cock I could hear the gentle wet fingers pushing in and out of Tamara when I closed my eyes to clean my Daddy.

My tongue found the honey that had filled his foreskin which only brought out the sweat and musk already covering him. The scent of them both drove me crazy. Cleaning out his foreskin I moved to wetting the rest of his cock, though Tamara certainly wouldn’t need me to with the slow leaking cum hitting Evans legs and the edge of the couch.

Torturing them both, I slid the head of Evans cock against Tamara and flicked it against her clit in rough strokes. Each time Evans legs would twitch in excitement and Tamara’s legs would tremble. Evan’s precum was overflowing from the head of his cock with surges of blood filling his cock so strongly I wondered each time if he was already cumming. Slapping his head against her clit a few more times, I parted the lips of Tamara’s pussy with two fingers and stopped fighting her beckoning to take him. She slid down roughly onto Evan but buried her hips into his regardless.

They both paused for a second before Evan lifted her up a few inches to ruthlessly slam her hole, hands grasping at her hips so she was little more than a gushing toy that bounced in his lap with loud smacks. I kept my head resting on my fathers stomach through the bumpy ride to see the fur that covered Tamara’s pussy soak while her will drained out. Evan was harder on her than I’d seen him ever be, the hollow thump inside of her pussy audible through her hips. Taking two fingers to the base of her clit I rubbed them in circles so her loud moans began to echo back from the walls with growing pitch. The cops would just have to be called again if she came as hard as I wanted, but I no longer cared.

Evan motioned for me to lift my head and sit up so he could pick Tamara up like a doll and carry her to the bedroom, her tight hole still clenched around his cock with arms draped over his back and panting filling his neck. Following them up to the bedroom I saw Evan toss her onto the soft comforter and crawl on, lifting her legs up into a V and Girne Escort setting them onto his shoulders before sliding back in. Sitting on the other end of the bed with them I crawled on my hands and knees so Tamara’s steadily dripping hole was up close to my face while Evan resumed breeding her like she had wronged him.

My cock had dragged over Tamara’s face when crawling to her pussy but without being asked she had started kissing down the shaft in worship and opened her mouth to let me fill her throat, her hands wrapped around my waist to pull me down as far as she could suck on me. With her clit twitching at my lips, Evan stroked my cheek lovingly with a smile. The legs of Tamara were propped over his body, his thumbs pushing against the outside of her asshole; and a muffled constant moan pushing out of Tamara’s mouth and into my cock. The pleasure I had ached for over the last few months started to flow from my fingertips and consume my thoughts, droplets of my fathers precum and

Tamara’s sweet flowing cum saturating my tongue. Unable to focus on my cock from all the attention, she removed it from her mouth and lovingly ran her tongue over the shaft of it when she got closer. “Evan! Gabby! I might scream! I’m gonna cum!” Wet streams of her squirting cunt were already starting to hit the bed and Evans legs, so with a wicked grin to my Dad I pushed my cock deep into her throat and pinched her clit.

Her eyes went wide and even with my cock blocking most of the noise she still left my ears ringing with her cries of joy, Evans’ whole lower half being painted in her pussy juice with the gushing torrents of it wetting my hair and face. She continued to give enough that Evan had a rough time with keeping his cock pushing into her amidst the heavy force of cum.

Tamara freed herself from my cock but her sense of self was drowned out completely. Her tongue wouldn’t stay on the shaft of my cock or my thighs that rested near her head. She pulled a pillow to her and rested on it, her hands pressing just below my stomach tenderly to tell me to lean back. Worshiping licks of my asshole made me cry out and my hands shake to support me on the bed. Evan saw just how submissive I became firsthand from this.

My tongue rolled forward into her pussy again, my eyes unable to focus anymore, and my hips moving on their own to bounce and grind on her face so she would hit every spot. We screamed together while time left us behind. The only second I could remember where I was had Evan pushing his soaked cock into my mouth. “Gabby clean off all my cum, then you get to clean your new girlfriend. Daddy made a mess inside her pussy.”

Anyone who licks my hole shuts my brain down, and it wasn’t until Dad grabbed me firmly at the base of my hair to move that I remembered. Dad and Tamara both looked down at me with big smiles and then my face had the filled pussy of Tamara pressed right to my lips. I parted her with my tongue to feel a large rope of my fathers cum slide from inside her to my lips, coating my face with both of them. Reaching into her with my fingers, I pulled at her to give me more. Something primal inside me felt truly right like this, and Tamara noticed. She gripped my hair and picked up the rough grinding into my face as her pussy cleaning slave.

“You seem happy Gabby. You like cleaning cum out of me? Does it turn you on knowing your Dad could knock me up any time he wants? Your tongue better get every little bit into your stomach.” She humiliated me by dragging the mess of her and Evans cum over my face, staining me in her pussy and laughing. I licked her as long as I could, truly searching for more of it inside her. Evan was beating off with curious pleasure at this random discovery in the middle of our threesome. He grabbed Tamara and pulled her onto her back so her head rested over the edge of the bed. Stuffing his cock into her throat it bulged through and now it was my turn to fill her.

Her cunt was still sticky from Evan, coated in her squirting mess, and pulsing around me with every thrust. The shame and aggression of her power over me to make me her cum cleaning toy was flooding through me with a need to be recognized for my devotion to her. As she was throat fucked by Evan I wrapped myself around her and sank into her pussy over and over. Whispering in her ear was my cracking voice near tears.

“Please may I cum inside you now? I’ll always clean you, I’ll always ache for you after Evan has you.” Nothing from my past left me familiar with being a cuckquean, and Evan had flat out told Tamara that I was above her in our submissive line but here I begged into her ear. Evan was holding her chin but watched curiously, pulling his cock out of her throat so she could talk.

“Cum inside me Gabby. Add yourself to my hole.” With her permission I crumbled, pushing in one last time so her lips pulling back my foreskin caused me to twitch and empty myself into her. She smiled at me, the corners of her mouth turned up in pride. I thanked her as my clit kept throbbing to give her anything left inside me. “Now it’s only fair,” said Tamara as she slid me out of her and stood. “That you return Gabby’s wonderful attention for the both of us.” Evan was speechless, but Tamara put her hand on one of his shoulders to beckon him to his knees. Moving to the edge of the bed, we both sat back with our legs spread open.

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Man of the House

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My mother is your standard single mother with a full-time job. She is what you would call “big-boned.” She isn’t overweight in any sense of the word, but she isn’t skinny either. Her breasts are DD and she has an ample ass too. She just turned 39 a month after my eighteenth birthday. She has tried to slim down by swimming, yoga, jogging, etc, but just can’t lose the weight. She has always had a bubbly personality, but I know her inability to lose weight was a sore spot for her. She never dresses scantily or provocatively, and so prefers a business style of dress. Mom and I had always had a very close, honest, and loving relationship. It was not a rare occasion to have us snuggled together on the couch watching tv in comfortable silence. I often worried about her happiness and being alone because I couldn’t remember her ever having dated anyone. My dad died when I was 4 and I only had vague memories of a male figure from my early childhood.

I was 18 and fresh out of high school. My grades had been high enough that I had scored a business scholarship in the fall and had already been head-hunted by a business firm that not only paid me very well but that I could use the job experience towards my degree and graduate even sooner. Mom had immediately taken me out and bought me a number of new suits to get me started, but in no time at all, I had already paid her back from the money I was making. Mom and I had settled back into our same routine as when I had been in high school, only now we both went to work in the mornings.

I don’t believe I actually started out with the plan to seduce my mom, but I was certainly wanting to see how far I could push her and see where it could go. So my mother made the mistake of leaving her laptop open and logged onto her preferred porn site. She had just left to go to the store and I decided to have some fun. I quickly took a screenshot of her login data for later. I then looked through her search history and favorites. She apparently had a kinky streak. Her favorites included submissive female, forced sexual slavery, public humiliation, light bondage, etc. I smiled and felt my cock grow hard imagining my prim and proper mother masturbating to these videos. Deciding on a plan, I added mother/son incest to her list of notifications and preferences. This would have the effect of showing her the latest and best movies and clips of mothers enjoying the sexual attention of their sons. I made sure to leave her laptop exactly as I found it before she got home. 

Later on my own laptop, I logged into her account and checked how often she is online and for how long. Apparently, my mother had a very active sex drive. She was online for at least 20 minutes a day, and sometimes more than once a day. I smiled when I looked more closely at her watch history and was able to see the steady progression from straight-laced porn into her now preferred fetishes. She didn’t seem to go for the sadomasochistic or water sports, for which I was glad. Making a point to her usual times to log in, I logged off and couldn’t wait to see the results.

Over the course of the next week, I watched her watch history begin to add some of the mother/son incest porn. At first, it was only the trailers, but she began to watch a few minutes here and there until she was watching a lot of incest porn. Taking a closer look, I found that her favorite scenes seemed to include actors that resemble me and actresses that resemble her. I looked back into her browsing history and discovered her erotic story account. I skimmed through her stories and found her preferred fetishes extended here as well, but I also found several newly favorited stories involving mother/son incest.

Seeing all of this, I started wondering how far I could push this. Making a basic plan, I read through her favorite stories over the course of a week and even made notes. Mom seemed to prefer the man to take the lead and make the decisions in sex or at least in her sexual fantasies. I wondered if she would be as susceptible to a dominant male personality in real life. I would have to play this very subtly. She also seemed to really enjoy the scenes where they make actively seduced the female or got her so worked up that “she had no other choice but to submit to her own sex drive.”

Over the course of the next few weeks, I began to take a more dominant role in the day-to-day life at our house. I began making suggestions about what we should eat, movies and tv shows to watch, our duo yoga exercises, and how we should dress. I made it a point to always make choices that she would enjoy, but the plan began to work and after a while, mom began asking my advice on almost all of her decisions. She always wanted to know what I thought or what I wanted.

Her porn and erotic stories also seemed to be half submissive female/dominant male and half mother/son scenarios. I noticed she spent a lot of her time enjoying the few with a dominant son and a submissive mother. Not wanting to scare her off or warn her as to my ultimate plans, I started my next phase slowly. Girne Escort I would compliment her on her figure or how she looked in certain clothes. I would compliment her on good life choices and her independence. I even began saying things about my hopes of finding a girl like her someday. I could tell my words had an effect on her. She blushed constantly at my compliments, became more confident in herself, and seemed to only dress in clothing that I had said looked good on her.

I always made it a point of helping around the house and assisting her in anything she needed. With my work, I was bringing in plenty of money that I suggested we just put into a joint account so I could do my part in paying the bills. Mom tried to persuade me against this, saying that it was my money and I should use it to have fun or save for a rainy day. I argued that I could easily have a normal amount withdrawn every month by the bank and placed into a savings account. Several times I even commented on my responsibilities as the man of the house. Mom quickly submitted to my wishes and thanked me for all of my help. She even began referring to me as the man of the house and began taking a much more obvious subservient role to me.

I had also begun modifying our innocent touches, hugs, and kisses. Our touches became more intimate in a casual sort of way I would hold her hand during conversations, I would place a hand on her thigh if we were seated, I rested my hand on her lower back if we were standing, and I would trail my fingers lightly over her body if we were having a serious discussion. During hugs my hands would slowly drift to her hips or her ass, I might drop my head to her neck and smell her scent or place a kiss to her skin, or I might just hold her to me a few seconds longer than normal. When we would kiss hello, goodbye, or any other normal situation I would move my lips from her cheek and closer to her mouth, I would wrap my arms around her and hold my lips in place, I would add a quiet moan of contentment, and I would go back for another quick kiss afterward.

Deciding to take my plan to the next level, one night during dinner I casually asked, “Mom, do you like to watch porn?”

Mom was clearly shocked that I would ask her this question and with a blush rising to her cheeks asked, “Why would you ask me that?”

I shrugged and stated in a matter-of-fact tone, “A bunch of the younger men and women at work got onto the topic today and that eventually lead us to discussing our preferences in porn. The whole conversation got me curious and since you and I had always been honest and open with each other I didn’t think that asking your honest opinion wouldn’t be a problem.”

I laid this on pretty thick and mom began to feel bad for her reaction to my innocent question. She enjoyed our relationship and wanted to prove that she trusted her son with such information.

So blushing furiously she finally stated, “I suppose I watch porn as much as any other grown single woman.”

I nodded and admitted nonchalantly, “I like watching porn too from time to time.”

I then stated, “You do realize that there is nothing wrong with watching porn anymore. From what I can tell, most healthy men and women do, especially if they are single.”

I then casually asked, “What kind of porn do you enjoy?”

Mom was again taken aback by my question and stuttered, but eventually opened up and stated, “I guess I prefer the more traditional vanilla porn rather than the hardcore rough stuff.”

She was clearly omitting her interest in submissive and incest porn.

I nodded again as I told her, “I guess I’m the same way, but I do find some of the more adventurous scenarios exhilarating.”

As dinner progressed we continued to speak about porn as nonchalantly as possible. By the time dinner was through mom had calmed herself to the discussion and had even admitted to liking the more adventurous porn such as submission and domination, though she still omitted incest.

As we cleaned up, I kept the conversation going and we discussed why she enjoyed her particular kinds of porn. I continued on in a very casual nonjudgmental way and had mom beginning to relax and open up more. I had to several times remark that porn was innocent and helped grown-ups meet their fantasies even if they couldn’t do it themselves. We discussed my favorite varieties of porn and why I enjoyed them and by then mom was discussing porn with me like we were discussing a dinner menu. Mom even discussed why she liked submission porn. Mom described liking the idea of being told what to do and how to do it and being praised for performing a sexual act well. She described loving and trusting someone so much that she would be willing to submit to their urges and think only if fulfilling their desires and needs. She imagined herself feeling very complete and happy if she was pleasing her dominant. I made the observation that her choice of porn fit her personality and mom blushed, but agreed with me.

Feeling emboldened Magosa Escort and wanting to keep the conversation going, I asked, “When was the last time you had sex?”

Mom immediately stiffened and I had to go through the whole process of coaxing and convincing her that it was no problem for us to discuss such things. Mom finally admitted, “It’s been a while, a little over two years, I think.”

I offered in a casual tone, “It’s been close to three months for me.”

We discussed this topic as we sat in the living room sipping tea. I finally offered, “I can help you out with that if you wanted me to.”

Mom stiffened and was quiet for a clear minute before asking in a whisper, “What do you mean?”

I shrugged and stated, “There are several single men your age that I work with that I would have no problem introducing to you.”

Mom blushed and amusingly said, “So you are vetting romantic partners for your mother?”

We both laughed at this, but I continued seriously, “You are a very special lady. You are independent, honest, trustworthy, open-minded, intelligent, and not to mention very attractive. I will always look out for your best interests. I would be ok with you dating someone and not being alone. You deserve to be happy and have your needs and desires met.”

Mom was taken aback by my description of her and my desires for her happiness, but then relaxed enough to say while still blushing at my descriptions of her and promises towards her happiness, “That’s sweet honey, but I already have a real man in my life that makes me happy and looks out for my happiness, you.”

With this, we both shared a smile and comfortable silence, before I took the lead and declared that we should get ready for bed. Mom immediately followed my suggestion and followed me to the stairs. I chivalrously beckoned her to go before me and I followed quickly up after her. I then shed my clothes and got into a pair of pajama bottoms. After we had completed our respective before-bed routines, we met in the hallway for our customary goodnight hug and kiss. Wrapping mom in a tight hug I kissed her cheek but grazed her lips with a soft moan. Without letting her go I stated, “I’m glad that we have such a good relationship that we can have the kind of honest and open discussion that most couples would be too embarrassed to have.”

Mom laughed and said, “That just means that I have everything I could ever want or need in my handsome hardworking son.”

I smiled and placed another quick kiss to the side of her mouth as I leaned back and promised, “I’ll always take care of you, be there for you, and to handle your every need whatever they may be.”

Mom blushed as we separated for the night and entered our bedrooms. Knowing that our conversations and discussions had made mom horny and in need of a sexual release, I entered my room to wait.

I waited a few minutes then checked her log-in status on her favorite porn and erotic stories websites and found that she was still scrolling the porn site at the moment. Finally seeing that she had chosen a particularly kinky incest scene involving the son dominating his mother, I knew this would work towards my plan perfectly. I then chose my own porn scene for the night and smiled realizing that mom and I were just feet away from each other, watching porn, and masturbating to the thought of each other.

Friday afternoon, mom called me into her room to ask my opinion on what she should wear for her company’s upcoming 4th of July party. She was dressed casually now in a tight-fitting T-shirt and matching leggings that cupped her gorgeous ass cheeks perfectly. I could even make out the mound of her pussy in the front. Feeling mischievous I asked, “Well, what look are you going for: sexy shy secretary, sexy shy single mother, sultry and adventurous secretary, sexy milf, or something else?”

Mom blushed furiously as she smiled embarrassed at my descriptions of her and swatted my arm playfully. She turned towards me and asked again, “Seriously what do you think I should wear, honey? I like having your opinion on these kinds of things. The man of the house should always know what he wants even if he doesn’t yet know how to get it. This could be good practice for you to someday be making all the decisions.”

I nodded and smiled at her choice of words as I declared, “Well if you want my actual opinions then you need to show me what choices you have and how they look on you.”

With that, I turned around and seated myself in mom’s desk chair, and swiveled it around so I was facing her again. I leaned back and sat waiting for mom to follow my instructions. Mom hesitated but quickly clarified, “So you want me to change and go through my various outfits, honey?”

I nodded and clarified, “If you want my honest opinion, then I need to see how you look in them. Seeing them laid out on your bed does us no good. I need to see how they look on you. So take off these clothes and let me see how beautiful and sexy you are.”

Mom nodded as her blush Kıbrıs Escort grew hotter and then seemed to hesitate again, she glanced from her walk-in closet to the bathroom before looking back at me and seeming to come to a decision. In a surprise to me, mom began to submissively take off her clothes right in front of me. I realized that my wording had made it sound like I was instructing her to strip in front of me and she was obeying me. I held back a smile at her obvious show of submission to me and kept my face neutral as she stripped to her matching lace bra and thong.

Feeling more sure of myself and her subservience to me, I stood up and walked to her. I came to stand behind her as she was deciding which outfit to model for me first. I then casually ran my fingers along her panty line. Mom stiffened and gasped at my touch, but made no move to stop me or say anything. I ran my fingers across the seams and edges of her thong as if I was investigating the small lacy garment. My fingers ghosted all over her lovely ass cheeks, pelvis, and the top of her obviously shaved smooth pubic area. After finishing with her thong I moved to examine her bra and gave it the same treatment. I ran my fingers along the edges and seems like I was making sure it fit her correctly and gave her the proper support for her ample breasts. My fingers trailed along her back, sides, and down the center of her gorgeous breasts. Mom stayed completely still as I continued to tease her with my examination, but the finally gasped and shrank back slightly as my fingers trailed over the sides of her breasts. I stopped all of her movements with a stern look that screamed “do as you were told.” Mom immediately stood back up and didn’t move again until I had finished.

Seeing mom’s clear submission to me, I complimented her by saying, “These do look amazing on your beautiful body, mom.”

She breathed out a quick submissive “thank you,” before I continued, “How comfortable are they? Do you prefer this style? Is the lace warmer or cooler than other materials?”

I continued to fire questions at her in rapid succession and she answered them all honestly while showing me perfect submission. Deciding she had properly answered my questions, I indicated the outfits on her bed signifying that she could now continue. I stayed standing next to her and watched her get dressed in the first outfit. This was a skirt suit that formed to her body perfectly. Once she was dressed, I walked around her body seeming to examine the outfit from every angle. Mom stood still and allowed me to take the lead again.

I began running my fingers over the outfit, making sure my fingers trailed over her ass cheeks, breasts, thighs, and stomach. I made small comments about the material and how it looked with her complexion. I asked the same questions about the style, material, basic feel, and her preference, before signaling her to get undressed and choose the next outfit. We continued on in this way for the better part of an hour. I continued to run my fingers over her body and ask my questions, but I started to offer her compliments on her appearance, figure, manner, attitude, and complexion. Mom really seemed to appreciate my compliments and always thanked me afterward. By the time she had gone through all six of her outfits, I could tell that she wanted to keep going if only to continue to feel my hands and fingers on her body and to hear my numerous compliments that seemed to leave her on edge and with a burning desire to masturbate furiously.

Finishing the final outfit indicated for her to redress herself in her original T-shirt and leggings as I offered my final thoughts on her wardrobe choices. When she had redressed and was bent over fixing her socks, I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and gave out an admiring hum of approval. Mom immediately stood up and faced me, giving me her full attention in wide-eyed shock that I had just basically groped her ass cheeks after the supposed fashion show was over. I casually said in a very professional and admiring tone, “You always look so sexy and relaxed dressed like this, mom. I always like seeing you relaxed and comfortable. These clothes show off your beautiful figure so well and you deserve to have your gorgeous body admired. It’s a shame that you can’t wear an outfit like this to the party, but I suppose that would be inappropriate. At least you will always be able to wear these sexy clothes for me.”

With that, I turned her around and gazed into her eyes. She seemed to be conflicted as to how she should react, on one hand I had proven to be more than capable of being the man of the house that had every right and privilege the role demanded, she had asked me here to give her advice and my own opinions on her fashion choices including her current outfit even if this outfit wasn’t an option for the party in question, she also loved it when I complimented her on anything especially her appearance plus now I had told her how sexy I thought she was and enjoyed having her dress sexy in front of me which caused her pussy to tingle in need, but lastly I was her son and shouldn’t be talking to her, touching her, or looking at her like I was. Unable to form a coherent thought or find the ability to tell me to stop, she finally replied, “Thank you, honey. I always appreciate your high opinions of me.”

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Halloween College Party Fun

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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons or situations is purely coincidental.

Author’s Note: Be ready for some nerdy superhero talk. It may be a little much, but it works for the story.

Ben looked at himself in the mirror. He liked how he looked wearing that Superman costume, and even flexed for himself a little to see how his muscles appeared while wearing it. He wasn’t as muscular as the actors who often played Superman, but he had some good muscle tone, especially in the arms. After a few years of having a jock for a dorm roommate, he learned some things about fitness and exercise that gave him a whole new look. In his first semester as a freshman, he was a scrawny 18-year-old nerd who would be lucky if he could lift 60 pounds. He was now a 21-year-old junior and able to bench 225 lbs. He was still a nerd, but at least now he was a strong nerd.

Being a nerd is why he chose a Superman costume. He was always a big fan of comic books. Except, he didn’t want to do the whole red underwear outside of the blue uniform. It looked good in the comic books, but a little ridiculous in real life. He chose a costume that was available online that was similar to the one worn in the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The costume was in a darker shade of blue than the traditional light blue, and instead of red underwear, there was a yellowish belt around his waist.

“You look just like him,” said his roommate, Daryll. “But there are several other people going as Superman to the party. Seriously, you should’ve picked something more original.”

“Remind me again of what your costume is going to be?” Ben shot back at him.

Ben was reminding Daryll that he had agreed to do a couple’s costume with his girlfriend and that they were going as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

“OK, I admit my costume will be pretty lame,” said Daryll. “But at least I have a reason for wearing it. I have a girlfriend who fucks me all the time. When was the last time you even shook a girl’s hand?”

Daryll was exaggerating, but it was true that Ben hadn’t been out meeting women that much this semester since his ex-girlfriend broke up with him over the summer. He tried to date again, but he had been so busy with his classes this semester that he hadn’t had many chances to go out with anybody. He was hoping that would change tonight as there would be plenty of women at the party he could talk to.

Daryll’s girlfriend, Julie, came by wearing her Mrs. Potato Head costume. The costume was just the Potato Head character covering her torso, with her arms and legs sticking out of it, covered in black sleeves and black leggings. She handed Daryll his costume; he put on a fake smile when she gave it to him, and he left the room to put it on. Julie commented on how good Ben looked as Superman; he thanked her and commented on how cute she looked in hers. He couldn’t blame Daryll for giving her what she wanted; if he had a girlfriend as hot as Julie, he would also give her whatever she asked for.

When Daryll came out in his costume, Ben, of course, made fun of him because that’s what good friends do. After taking some pictures together, they headed out to the party, which was at a local frat house for the Theta Sigma Pi fraternity. It was the biggest fraternity on campus, and they had all the best parties throughout the year.

When they arrived, the house was crowded inside and out with college students in a wide range of crazy costumes. Many of the men there dressed in standard costumes, while the majority of the women there dressed in sexy versions of whatever theme you could think of. There were sexy nurses, teachers, football players, cowgirls, native Americans, superheroes, cats, police officers, and the list just kept going. There were even a couple of sexy nuns; being raised Catholic, Ben found that blasphemous but at the same time very attractive.

Ben looked around and didn’t see that many other guys in superman costumes like him. He counted only two other people dressed like him, but they dressed in the versions with the lighter blue fabric and red underwear on the outside.

“This is more packed than usual,” said Ben.

“They’re getting students from another local college here,” said Daryll.

“Yeah, I hear members of APT, GTC and BDD Delta are here,” said Julie.

“BDD? That sounds familiar,” said Ben.

“It’s short for Beta Delta Delta,” said Julie.

“You must’ve heard of BDD by now,” said Daryll. “Also known as Big Double D’s.”

Julie rolled her eyes at Daryll, as she did not like that nickname, even if it wasn’t her own sorority. BDD has been known to have some of the hottest girls around, so a reputation formed around them. Usually, it’s about all the members being incredibly hot, loving to party, and always dressed slutty. One of the biggest rumors about them was that you had to have a large breast size to become a member. Because of that, frat guys, being ever so clever, used their abbreviation of BDD and turned it into Magosa Escort Big Double D’s.

Julie had to remind them that those were just rumors about who they really were. She knew members of BDD and knew they weren’t anything like that. Julie explained how they only got that reputation because they were one of the biggest and longest running sororities, which means they usually got all the best and most popular girls wanting to join them. She said they were mostly beautiful, but in a standard way. They didn’t go around dressing sexy all the time, because that would be ridiculous, and there were no big tit requirements; you can see among them that they all had a wide range of breast sizes. They did like to party, that part was true, as they always went to the best parties they could find.

“Yeah, I think I heard of them, but from somewhere else,” said Ben. “I think I might know someone from BDD I just don’t know how.”

They separated, and Ben found himself talking to some of his other college friends and having beers with them. He later danced with a couple of girls dressed as a slutty cop and another as a slutty belly dancer. He tried to make his moves on the slutty belly dancer, but it turned out she was more into the slutty cop than he was. He wasn’t having as much luck with the women as he hoped, but he was still having fun with everyone else.

After a while, he met up with Daryll and Julie again by the punchbowl and a table full of Halloween themed snacks.

“How often did you strike out tonight?” Daryll asked.

“I’m doing alright,” Ben lied.

Julie and Daryll gave each other a look, mentally telling each other that they knew Ben was striking out.

“Since you’re into this superhero stuff, try going after the girls who are also dressed as superheroes,” Julie suggested.

“Yeah, so far I’ve seen slutty Wonder Woman, slutty Catwoman, slutty Black Widow, and slutty Captain Marvel,” said Daryll.

“Is it Captain Marvel now, or from the original black costume from when Carol Danvers was the original Ms. Marvel?” Ben asked.

“What?” Julie asked, looking confused.

Ben showed how nerdy he still was by explaining to them the costume changes over the years of the original Ms. Marvel to the current Captain Marvel. He was going on for so long that Julie had to put her hand over Ben’s mouth to shut him up.

“If you want to get laid tonight, no more nerd talk,” said Julie.

“I like to think of myself more as a geek than a nerd.”

“Yeah, nobody cares, bro,” said Daryll.

“But still, it’s a good idea to go after the ones dressed as superheroes as a way to start up a conversation,” said Julie. “And I see the perfect girl right over there for you.”

Julie pointed to the other side of the room, where there was another snack table with a few girls standing around it. The one that Julie was referring to was dressed as a slutty Super Girl. Ben could only see her from behind, but he could tell that she was incredibly hot.

“I always had a thing for Super Girl,” said Ben.

“Don’t say that to her,” said Julie. “Just bring up how you’re both wearing similar costumes. Now go, before some jock in a sexy Thor costume comes by and you lose your chance.”

When Julie mentioned Thor, Ben wanted to bring up that she was referring to a different comic book publisher, but resisted. He left his friends and made his way over to Super Girl; along the way he tried to come up with something clever to say to her to start a conversation. He got to her just in time for her friends to leave her by herself, which made Ben happy since he could have her attention for himself. He came up from behind her and said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Careful, I hear that punch is spiked with Kryptonite,” he said to her.

Ben immediately regretted saying that to her and wondered what was wrong with him.

As she turned around to face Ben, she replied, “I don’t think Kryptonite was ever made into liquid form.”

They looked at each other with surprised looks, which changed to big smiles on their faces.



They gave each other a big hug. Ben looked over at his friends on the other side of the room, who were giving each other excited looks. Ben laughed to himself a little because he knew his friends were probably thinking he was better with women than they thought.

The reality was that April was Ben’s cousin, who was going to the other college in this town. This made Ben realize where he heard Beta Delta Delta from, as he just remembered that April was a member of that sorority.

They stopped hugging and looked at each other in their costumes. She commented on how much he looked like Superman, and he told her how good she looked as Super Girl. Her costume, on the other hand, featured a smaller cape, a red skirt half the size of the kind worn in the comics, but she had the matching knee-high red boots. Her top tight around her big breasts, which stretched out the Super Girl around the sides, and the Kıbrıs Escort material was cut off just below her breasts to reveal her torso.

“It’s funny running into you here,” she said. “I knew you went to this college, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to see you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect to see you either. I completely forgot you’re a member of Big Dou–I mean BDD.”

April laughed. “I know what you were almost going to say. I heard about the rumors too.”

They both laughed. Ben apologized, and April said there was no need for that.

“It’s also funny that we’re wearing these costumes,” said Ben.

“Right, because Superman and Super Girl are cousins,” said April. “That is a fun coincidence.”

“I forgot how much of a nerd you are, just like me.”

“I’d like to think of more of them as geeks than nerds,” she responded.

Ben smiled and wished Daryll and Julie had heard her say that.

“To be honest, I almost didn’t go with this one. I wanted to go with Power Girl, but they were out of her costume.”

“I think you would look great in that one, too,” said Ben.

“Oh yeah, why would I look good dressed as Power Girl?” she asked, giving him a smirk. “What is it about that costume that would make you look good wearing it?”

Power Girl’s costume was notoriously sexy because not only was that character known for having overly big breasts, but her costume had a big opening in the front that showed them off. April was messing with Ben by suggesting that his cousin would look good dressed like that because of how sexy the costume is.

“Um, that’s not what I meant… what I meant was… um…” he couldn’t stop stammering like that.

April laughed. “Relax. I was just messing with you.”

Ben laughed. “That was a good one.”

They talked a little more before one of her friends came by to take her away. After that, Ben went off to have another drink and danced a little more with another woman from his chemistry class, dressed as a slutty scientist.

Ben ended up making out with the slutty scientist after they danced. After that, she wanted to take Ben to an upstairs bedroom that she knew was empty. But before they go there, a friend of hers came by to warn her that her boyfriend had shown up and she had to run off before he saw them together. As disappointed as Ben was, he didn’t want to be caught up in some drama between another man and his cheating girlfriend.

Ben went back on the dance floor and ran into Daryll and Julie.

“What happened to the slutty scientist I saw you hooking up with?” Daryll asked.

“Her boyfriend showed up.”

“Ooohh,” Daryll and Julie said in unison.

“What about slutty Super Girl you were hugging earlier?” Daryll asked.

“Can we not refer to every woman here in a sexualized costume with the word slutty?” Julie asked.

“Fine, how about big-titty Super Girl?”

Julie rolled her eyes in disappointment.

“I’d rather you not call her that,” said Ben.

“Why not?”

“Um… turns out she’s an old friend from high school,” said Ben. “I just didn’t recognize her from behind when I first saw her. That’s why BDD sounded familiar to me, I forgot she was a member.”

Ben decided not to mention how he really knew April. The last thing he needed was to be made fun of for nearly making a pass at his own cousin.

“Either way, you should go for it,” said Daryll. “She is definitely the type of BDD girl we heard so much about.”

“Yeah, she seemed really into you,” said Julie.

“Um… I’ll consider the option.”

That was the best response Ben could give at the moment, hoping that would end the conversation. Then, all of a sudden, April came out of nowhere and pulled him away from his friends.

“Sorry, I need to borrow him,” April said to Daryll and Julie.

Ben was being forced away to the dance floor; he looked back at Daryll and Julie, who were giving him thumbs up. He was worried he’d have to explain to them how wrong their ideas were.

“What’s going on?” Ben asked.

“This creepy guy keeps hitting on me,” said April. “I told him I was here with my boyfriend. So that’s going to have to be you right now.”

“Say what?”

It was bad enough that he almost made a pass at his cousin earlier, and that his friends unknowingly suggested that he hook up with his cousin. Now April wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend.

“It’s just until the guy gets the hint that I’m definitely not interested,” said April.

She pointed out the guy she was referring to, a tall guy dressed as the Grim Reaper. Ben couldn’t tell if the guy’s pale face was from makeup, or if he really did look like that. April said he was constantly trying to flirt with her but she told him she had a boyfriend. He kept coming back to her, so she decided to use Ben to persuade him that she is telling the truth and that he should back off.

Ben decided that he should go along with the ruse. It felt strange to pretend to be April’s boyfriend, but he didn’t want her Lefkoşa Escort to be harassed by some creepy dude at a party.

They began dancing with each other, with Julie getting close to him to sell the girlfriend ruse. They soon forgot why they were originally doing this and were just having fun showing off their dance moves.

“Since when did you get so good at this?” April asked.

“My ex-girlfriend showed me a few moves,” Ben answered. “She said she got tired of me stepping on her toes.”

April got excited when the next song came up, saying it was her favorite one to dance to. She began dancing a little more erotically against Ben. She was grinding him a lot; it was strange, but Ben was starting to enjoy this. When she arched her back a little and began shaking her tits, Ben felt his dick growing in his pants and was worried it might be noticeable with April grinding against him. He couldn’t believe he was getting aroused by his own cousin. He was just lucky that, unlike Superman’s tight-fitting costume in the omics, his costume was a little looser in the appropriate areas, so his erection wouldn’t be noticed as much.

The song changed to Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’. The style of April’s dance changed, which meant no more grinding against Ben. He was relieved because his erection would soon go away, but also upset that he didn’t have the excuse to let April rub her body against him.

Ben began dancing pretty much the same way as April for the Lizzo song. April was very impressed that he was able to move along to the rhythm of the song so well. Every time the song said ‘About Damn Time,” they both pulled the same moves with the beats of that line.

“You must also be a Lizzo fan,” said April.

“Yes, but don’t tell my friends that.”

When the song ended, there was a big commotion in the corner. Everyone looked over to watch the creepy grim reaper guy getting his ass kicked by another student dressed as a cowboy. Ben asked someone what was happening, and he was told that the grim reaper guy was trying to get inappropriate with a woman dressed as a sexy Cinderella. Her boyfriend, the Cowboy, saw the whole thing and began kicking his ass.

Some of the party guests began separating the cowboy from the grim reaper when they saw the reaper was in no condition to fight back. A couple of guys carried the reaper guy was carried away, while the sexy Cinderella took her Cowboy boyfriend away in another direction. From the look on Cinderella’s face, April joked with Ben about how she was going to reward the cowboy for a job well done.

“At least you don’t have to worry about that creepy guy anymore,” said Ben.

“That’s a relief.”

They danced to a couple more songs before they separated. Ben hoped there would be another song for them to grind each other to, but it didn’t happen. He thought it was probably a good thing; he didn’t want to be one of those creepy guys trying to bang their cousins. He was also afraid he might make an actual pass at her and get her mad at him.

Ben danced a little more, this time with someone dressed as a sexy native American, until her girlfriend came by dressed as a sexy cop and got in Ben’s face about him dancing with her girl. Ben didn’t know what to do because he didn’t want to fight a woman. Luckily for him, the sexy native American calmed her down and took her away.

He grabbed a drink and went to another part of the house. He wound up in the game room, which was a lot bigger than most game rooms seen in other frat houses. Everyone was divided into groups to play video games, beer pong, pool, and a few traditional Halloween games like apple bobbing, limbo, and mummy wrap. There was pin the tail on the donkey, except in this version, a blindfolded guy has to put two tassels on both nipples of a woman’s exposed breasts. Seeing that game made him realize how much he loved Halloween college parties.

Ben joined in on the video games a little before playing a little pool and beer pong. He didn’t bob for apples, but he enjoyed watching the other guests do it; especially the girls, who kept getting their shirts wet as a result. He saw a group of people playing spin the bottle; it was a teenager’s game, but part of Halloween was getting to play those games as an adult. Ben tried to get in on the action, but there were too many people playing and others waiting for their turn.

He saw a small crowd forming in another part of the house and went to see what was happening. He saw a man dressed as Iron Man in the middle of an open area with a blindfold on him. A couple of people were spinning him around several times and then letting him go, trying to keep his balance as he went around trying to touch people.

“What’s happening here?” Ben asked someone.

“Variation of the 7-minute in heaven game,” said a guy dressed as Freddy Krueger. “Someone is blindfolded, spun around a lot, then he goes around trying to pick someone in the crowd, and that person goes into the closet with him for seven minutes of whatever they want to do.”

“But you don’t know what the person you pick looks like until you get into the closet with them,” said Krueger’s girlfriend, dressed as a murder victim. “But it’s all voluntary. The person he picks doesn’t have to go in there with him. If that happens, then he goes on to the next person.”

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Caught in Mom’s Panties Ch. 01

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Bit of a kinky story line so feel free not to read if you’re not into it-


Monica opened the door to her dark house with a sigh. The 50 year old divorcee was returning early from another unsuccessful date with a potential suitor who turned out to be a bust. After being set up with the friend of a colleague she admittedly didn’t have the highest hopes, but the investment banker she had been set up with seemed more interested in talking about himself than getting to know her.

She set her keys down on the hall table and gave herself a glance in the mirror. Sure she didn’t have the same body she did when she was in her 20’s but it wasn’t bad, she thought. She was fairly short, about 5’1″, with deep brown olive skin, a remnant of her families Latin heritage. She was busty, which was accentuated by her height, and while age had taken its toll, she was still able to turn heads. She wore a 36 C bust along with size ‘medium’ panties. The quintessential ‘Thick Latin booty’ she often joked with her friends.

Tonight she was wearing a red dress, tight across her bust and flowing as it tapered out at her waist. It ended mid way up her thighs and she sighed as she turned around to give herself a once over. Looking back over her shoulder she lifted the dress to give a cheeky show to the mirror. Flashing the high waisted satin panties she loved to wear made her smile. Her ass, while bigger for her size, had a great curve that she loved to flaunt due to the many hours she spent doing pilates and yoga. She loved the way the stretchy fabric of her panties hugged her curves and rubbed against her mound as she walked.

Monica had a bit of a fetish for sexy underwear.

“Too bad he missed out on this” Monica thought as she admired her thick, muscular butt that was being lifted by the satin undergarment. As she grabbed her meaty cheek she couldn’t help but admire the way her ass swallowed the cheeky panties. She gave herself a smack before she dropped the hem of her dress and walked into the kitchen to pour a big glass of vodka, a good consolation prize for a bad date she thought.

As she strode through her house with her martini she started to search for her son, Mark, wondering what he might be up to. Moving from room to room, she started to think he might be out for the night until she heard noise coming from his room.

“Mark, Honey?” Monica called out with no response-

As she approached his room, she saw a light on from beneath the door. She quietly opened the door thinking he may have fallen asleep with the light on and not wanting to wake him. As she poked her head in she was shocked at what she saw.

Mark, her 20 year old son, was laying in his bed, almost completely naked, with his head phones on. With one hand he had a pair of black lace panties balled up in his hand and pressed against his face with his eyes closed. In his other, he was wrapping a pair of pink panties around his meaty cock and stroking furiously while he watched, what Monica assumed, was porn on his laptop. Monica wasn’t naïve, she assumed that all boys had an interest in women’s underwear at one point- but what shocked her most was that he was also wearing what appeared to be a pair of her own underwear.

He had a pair of what looked like Monicas red satin boyshorts pulled up around his waist, stretched to the max. His massive cock obscenely sticking out above the waist as he jerked himself off. Monica gazed in disbelief as she noticed how the panties hugged his swollen balls in the gusset. The fabric pulled his balls up and down as he moved his fist along the length of his engorged cock.

Monica felt flushed witnessing such a private and kinky act, performed by her son no less. The harder she tried to look away though, the more enraptured she became with the scene playing out in front of her. She could hear the faint moaning of porn through his headphones as he deeply inhaled the smell of her panties. As she focused on the panties pressed against his nose, she realized they were the ones she had worn to work that morning, walked around in all day and casually tossed into the hamper before getting ready for her date. They were likely saturated with her scent after pressing tight against her slit all day long. The pair wrapped around his cock, she suddenly realized, was the pink pair of satin bikini cut briefs that she had also thrown in her laundry hamper earlier this week. The boyshorts that hugged his cum filled testicles so erotically, she hadn’t seen in a while and that he must have swiped for the sole intent of wearing them.

“How long has he been stealing my panties?” She thought to herself. The longer Monica watched, the harder it was to look away.

Just as she was about to turn away, she noticed her sons big balls start to tighten under the satin panties. Mark increased the pace of his stroking as his body flexed with the impending orgasm. Monica watched in awe as he began licking the gusset of the panties pressed against his face. She wondered if he could taste his mom. Suddenly, the inevitable happened and mark groaned as his cock and balls flexed into his moms panties. Lefkoşa Escort Monica watched on as the panties, her panties, became saturated with her sons pearly white cum. Pump after pump he filled as he continued to cum in her panties. The mom looked on as the cum poured out of the tip of his cock, spraying through the fabric and now coating his hands and the length of his cock and dripping onto the panties he was wearing.

Monica backed away from the door and quickly made her way to her room. She felt flushed and downed the remainder of her drink in one go. As she sat at the edge of her bed she tried to rationalize what she had just witnessed. What she realized, though, was that she had never been more turned on in her life. Watching her sons huge cock spill out of her panties was one of the hottest acts she had ever seen.

She put her empty glass down and hesitantly ran her fingers up her leg, under the hem of her dress and against her panty covered pussy. The fabric was soaking wet and pulled tight against her mound, the second she touched herself she moaned involuntarily. Succumbing to her urges she continued to rub her pussy as she laid back in bed. She drew her knees up, affording her easier access to her sopping cunt. After massaging he swollen clit for several moments, she pulled her panties aside and began fingering herself.

As she fucked herself she thought about how kinky her son looked wearing her panties, his young full balls stretching the satin. The image of him smelling and tasting her dirty underwear and then filling them with his teenage sperm. Monica furiously rubbed her clit as she worked her fingers in and out of her soaking cunt.

Stopping for a moment, she reached to her bedside table and pulled out her favorite and well used dildo. She noticed that at about 7″ the toy seemed to pale in comparison to what her son was packing. Visions of his veiny cock flashed through her mind as she slowly rubbed the tip of the silicone cock between her wet lips. Returning her free hand to her clit she slowly massaged herself as she inserted the dildo. Pushing it deep inside of her, the sexy mom relished the feeling it sent through her body. As she began to piston the toy in and out she could feel her juices begin to coat the member.

‘God, I can’t remember the last time I was this wet’ Monica thought as she fucked herself towards what she knew would be an incredible orgasm. Spreading her legs she pounded the fake dick in and out. Her pussy swallowing as much as she would give it. She could feel her pussy dripping down to her asshole and no doubt making a mess in her bed. Her soaked panties were still pulled to the side, she thought about how much her hot son would love to get a hold of them before they made it to the wash.

Monica arched her back and continued fucking her wanton pussy as the impending orgasm came closer and closer. She held her breath and held back as long as she could. With one final thrust she pulled the cock from her hole and ground the tip against her swollen clit as orgasmic bliss crashed through her body.

“Fuuccckkkkkkkkkkk” Monica groaned as she climaxed. Her hot body was on fire as the orgasm ripped through her.

She gasped for air as she came down, her skin tingled and her legs felt numb.


The dazed milf rubbed her eyes at mornings light. Realizing she had passed out shortly after cumming harder than she had in years- she sat up to survey her surroundings. Her dildo was still laying in bed next to her and panties were still damp and pulled tight between her legs. Monica slowly got out of bed and began to change out of her disheveled clothes. She pulled her dress over her head and tossed it in the hamper. Following that she unclasped her bra and then pulled her panties over her shapely ass and tossed them aside for laundry later that day. She then donned a rob and carried the basket of soiled clothes to the laundry room. Returning to her room she strode toward the shower trying to recount the events of the night before. She had witnessed her only son wearing her panties and pleasuring himself with an additional two pairs. After that she fucked her needy pussy into oblivion.

The brunette milf stepped into the shower and let the water cascade over her naked body. Applying a liberal amount of body wash she began to wash. Running her hands over her tight C-cup breasts she gave special attention to the wrinkled dark skin of her areolas. Her nipples were jutting out like pencil erasers and she gave both of them a gentle pinch, eliciting a moan in the process. Tugging at her hardened nipples made the sensation even more enjoyable. Moving her hands further down she covered her curvy hips and ass in suds, scrubbing while enjoying the feeling of her body. With one hand she began to gently massage the soap through her trimmed bush, slowing massaging her mons before running her fingers over her clit and between her beautiful lips. Her opposite hand traveled between the crack of her luscious ass and glanced over her rosebud, cleaning the dried vaginal fluids left from the night before. Monica loved the Girne Escort feeling of gently rubbing her asshole, especially when her other hand was toying with her clit. After enjoying herself for several moments she continued on to wash the rest of her svelte body before rinsing the soap, turning of the water and wrapping herself in a warm dry towel.

After she had finished her morning routine, showering, brushing her teeth, etc. She realized she was dreading facing her son. How could she think of anything else but his cock straining against her panties as she talked to him? She decided to put this off as long as possible and instead, busy her mind on some household chores.

Monica made her way back into the laundry room with the honest intent of getting a load of wash started. As she opened the laundry hamper, she noticed that things were not wear they had been when she was in there earlier that morning. To start, the high waisted panties that her pussy had flooded the night before, were nowhere to be found. She panicked for a moment, thinking how obvious her smell would be on the satin garment. Second guessing where she put them, she dug under a layer of clothing only to find the pink panties her son had filled with cum the night before. As she picked them up, she noticed they were still saturated with his cum to the point of being nearly dripping wet.

“My God, he cums buckets” Monica thought as she handled the material. Overcome with curiosity and lust she lifted the panties to her nose and sniffed them. Inhaling the scent of her 18 year old son overpowered her and she immediately felt her pussy tingle. Succumbing to her perverted desires she hesitantly stuck her tongue out and made contact with the wet material. The salty taste of her baby boy’s semen sent electricity from her tongue to her clit. She stuck her hand down her panties and found her sex incredibly swollen and sensitive while tasting the cum covered panties. Groaning, she sucked the cum out fabric while rubbing her hot sex.

Lost in her boiling lust Monica only barely heard her son’s footsteps approaching from down the hall. She quickly pulled her hands out of her panties, and through the soiled pair back in the hamper- she began tossing laundry into the machine to cover the depraved act.

“fuck, this is getting out of hand” Monica’s thought as her son’s footsteps grew closer.

“Hey, mom” Mark said as he poked his head in the laundry room

“Oh hey, honey- just doing some laundry, what’s up?” Monica felt flustered and was worried it would give her away.

“Just hanging out, How was your date last night? I must have been asleep when you got home.” Mark asked.

“oh yea I got home pretty late.” Monica lied, wondering what her son would say if she knew the truth. “It wasn’t that great though, the guy my friend set me up with was kind of a dud.”

“Sorry to hear, want me to take care of the laundry?” Mark asked.

“N-n-no way” monica was caught off guard by the sudden display of chivalry. She had no intent of letting him know that she’d been inspecting the load he left in her panties.

“You sure?” Mark fidgeted as he asked again, unbeknownst to Monica the 18-year-old had just deposited another load in the pair she had left in the hamper that morning. The pair that was saturated with her sex.

“Yea sure, baby thanks though. I’m almost done, then I’ve got some errands to run.” Monica replied.

“Ok well I was just headed over to a friend’s house as well- I’ll be back before dinner if you were planning on cooking?”

“Hah! Only if I plan on cooking!?” Monica asked. She knew she was world class in the kitchen and poking fun at her son helped break the tension.

“It’s a good incentive!” Mark called behind him as he headed out the door.

Monica’s erotic trance had been broken by the encounter with her son. She finished putting the laundry in and went around the house to look for the rogue clothes that routinely littered the homes of moms with adolescent sons.

Moving from the laundry room to the living room with a laundry basket she collected her sons hoody, next a pair of socks tucked in his boots in the entry way- finally she absent mindedly entered her sons room.

Upon entering, her curiosity suddenly piqued. She knew the satin boy shorts she saw him wearing wouldn’t be back in the laundry. Mark was bigger than Monica, despite her sizeable butt, and there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed them getting stretched out after her wore them. She began poking around his bed, looking under his pillow, beneath the box spring and in the sock drawer in his dresser. With no luck she ventured over to his desk where his laptop sat open but suspended. Opening the drawer to his desk, she immediately saw what she was looking for- The red satin panties he was wearing the night before. She picked them up and felt the soft, stretchy material between her fingers.

“Hmm he’s got good taste at least.” Monica thought as she inspected the fabric. Her mind immediately went to the image of his cock sticking out above the waist band has the satin held his swollen Magosa Escort balls tightly. Having been worked up a couple times already this morning, the image got her juices flowing immediately.

She wondered how his long penis would look tucked under the waistband of her panties, maybe pointing towards the side, causing an obscene bulge in the material. She could picture the panties pulling away from his body as his cock got harder and the panties pulled tighter against his balls. She found herself dreaming about what it would feel like to rub her hands against a big, hard cock encased in women’s underwear.

As Monica glanced back into the desk, she also saw the high waisted panties she had cum so hard in the night before. The ones that she knew she had thrown in the laundry hamper but then suddenly went missing. Just like the pink pair Mark had blown his load in last night, these were dripping with his cum.

Like a woman possessed, Monica grabbed the panties and made her way back to her bedroom. She quickly shed her clothing and climbed into bed, grabbing her dildo in the process. She wasted no time rubbing the silicone cock head against her swollen clit as she pressed the cum filled panties against her nose. Smelling her sons cum made her pussy gush but only left wanting more. She opened her mouth and pressed the wet panties against her tongue. Just like in the laundry room she tried desperately to suck the cum out of the soiled undergarment.

Monica couldn’t think of a time she had been more turned on. Her milf body, totally naked and writhing at the pleasure the fake cock was providing as she strummed her clit. Dipping the member between her legs, she lubed it up with her juices before shoving it deep in her needy pussy. As she bottomed the dildo out in her pussy and as she felt the fake balls press against her asshole, the image of her son shot through her mind. She pictured him standing over her, wearing his mother’s panties as his massive cock stuck out above the waist band at full mast. She dreamed about him stroking himself while she fucked herself. In and out she fucked herself with the dildo. Her mouth salty with the taste of her baby boys cum. The taste made her think of how swollen his testicles would look bulging through the satin panties.

Monica’s clit was and begging for attention as she fucked herself. She began rubbing her swollen nub with the cum covered panties. The dirty milf realized that the cum was no doubt dripping down her labia and being pushed inside her by the dildo. Arching her back and sticking her perfect tits up in the air she convulsed in pleasure. Holding her breath to prolong the inevitable.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” Monica screamed outright as her pussy began to squirt across her bed in an even more epic orgasm than the one the night before. Rubbing her clit prompted pump after pump of her ejaculate onto the covers. The squirt hit her wrist holding the dildo and caused a good amount to spray back at her, covering her naked body.

As Monica came down from her orgasm, her head felt foggy as she gasped for air. Looking down at her body, she surveyed the scene in front of her. Her legs were quivering and the dildo lay between them on the soaking bedsheets. She could feel the squirt dripping off the sides of her body and the cummy panties were still clutched tightly in her hands- even more soaked than when she found them. She slowly sat up and began to collect herself. Monica realized beyond the shadow of a doubt that she needed to fuck her son, the question of ‘how’ was something to be figured out.

Later that night, Mark returned home from his friend’s house. Monica was in the process of making dinner when he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey mom, smells good- what’s for dinner?” he asked.

“Nothing you’ll like, sorry, baby.” Monica replied.

Mark laughed knowing that his mom loved to tease about her cooking skills. “Can I help with anything?”

“No, thanks though- dinner should be ready in about 5 minutes.” Monica informed.

Mark thought this would be the ideal time to put his moms panties, the ones that he had cum in this morning, in the wash before his mom noticed they were missing. He walked to his room, and headed toward the desk. When he opened his desk he saw the pair that he had filled with cum, tucked right next to his favorite pair to wear when he had some time to himself.

Mark didn’t have a huge interest in cross-dressing, or assuming the identity of a woman, but something about putting his sexy mom’s panties on really got him going. He had secretly been lusting over his mom for years. Monica’s olive skin was much darker than his own and really made her latin heritage evident. That and her fantastic ass, which, was usually the center of Mark’s fantasies. It was a few years ago when he first started sneaking into his mom’s room to go through her underwear drawer. He remembers how nervous he was the first time, opening the drawer as though it were some unclaimed buried treasure. His heart pounded through his chest as he felt the delicate material with his fingers. The wide array of colors, materials and styles bewildered him. He felt so much blood rushing to his cock that he felt dizzy. He fantasized about her thick butt filling each set of panties as he stroked his hard cock. Imagining the material disappearing between her meaty cheeks and hugging her delicious pussy tightly.

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A Weekend at Nana’s Ch. 02

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“Mmm, yes! That’s it, Lizzie!” Madison purrs, her voice light and breathy. “Lick that pussy, girl!”

I look up from between her thighs. Her eyes are closed, unspeakable pleasure etched across her gorgeous face. She paws at her bust, perky breasts heaving with each new breath. I’m lying flat on my stomach, arms wrapped around my cousin’s thighs as I munch on her coochie. Beyond me is her sister, Lauren. Sat on the floor at the foot of the bed, her head is rested on the mattress, that skilled, wet tongue lapping at my hard little clit.

Thin beams of morning sunlight are pouring in through the gaps in the curtains. Clothes are strewn across the floor; practically torn from our bodies the night before as we flooded into our bedroom. Turns out I was wrong in my prediction of the previous evening. I did get some sleep, after all. Some, but not a lot. What time it was when we eventually passed out, I honestly couldn’t say. But it had to be close to sunup.

We were all over each other as we piled into the room, ripping skimpy clothing from each other’s bodies. Madison pulled down my panties and pushed me down on the bed, burrowing between my thighs. Lauren quickly whipped off her undies and sat down on my face, smothering me with her wet pink pussy. That was how it started and before the night was up my two cousins had introduced me to all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Sexual acts and positions that I hadn’t even known existed.

At one point, I was laid on my back and Lauren slid up between my legs, pressed her snatch against mine and started grinding against it! This is called tribbing apparently. Or scissoring. Lauren called it one thing, Madison called it the other. Well, whatever it was called, I’ve gotta say it was freakin’ hot! I came from that. Twice actually. And we switched straight from that to a 69, Lauren licking my pussy, while Madison stuck her face between my buttcheeks and started licking my ass! I came from that too. Three times.

In fact, I barely stopped cumming. And by the time we’d finally fallen asleep, my orgasm tally must have hit the double digits! So yeah, I did get some sleep but only a little, and just a couple of short hours later I was awoken by Madison, screaming loudly as her sister ate her sweet pussy beside me. And what did I do? Why, I joined in, of course! And in a matter of minutes I was screaming too, as I sat atop my cousin’s face like a queen on her throne.

There. Now you’re all caught up. Happy? I certainly am. In fact, being sandwiched between my two twin cousins is causing me more joy than I could have possibly imagined. Every guy at my school would have literally killed to be in my position. I know because I used to hear them say that almost every day. Sometimes they’d add that me, Katy and Sam could join in too if we liked. Well maybe I’ll get to experience that before the weekend’s up. Only without some asshole jock and his stupid dick ruining it for everyone.

Anyway, both Madison and myself are on the verge of yet another pair of orgasms when we are suddenly and rudely interrupted. The door swings open and a familiar voice addresses us from the entryway.

“OK, girls, you can stop fucking now. It’s breakfast time.”

“Oh, morning, Kate,” says Lauren, looking back at my sister, her sticky lips curled up in a grin. “Care to join us?”

Katy thinks for a moment and then declines. “No, come on, girls. Nana will be mad if you miss breakfast.”

She turns on her heels and marches off down the hall. Me and the twins finish each other off and pull on our PJs, heading down the stairs hand-in-hand-in-hand.

We go on through to the lounge where everyone is waiting for us, a breakfast of pancakes, fruit and cereals laid out across the dining table.

“Ah, morning, girls,” says Nana. “Glad you could join us.”

Nana was the only one who slept alone last night and boy, does it show. In fact, other than the twins’ and my two to three hours, she looks like she’s the only one who’s slept at all, and is as warm and bubbly as ever as she pours syrup over a fat stack of pancakes. My mom, my aunt, my sister and Sam, on the other hand, look like death warmed over, an unsightly mess of knotted hair, smeared makeup and bleary red eyes. Sam and Katy were definitely fucking all night. I know ’cause I heard them through the wall. And by the looks of things, my mom and her sister were too.

Me and the twins join the others at the table and I fix myself a bowl of Fruit Loops.

“So,” says Nana, taking a sip of her coffee, “who had fun last night?”

“I did,” Sam declares, looking across at me and winking a mascara-smudged eye.

“Well yeah, we know that, Sam,” says Aunt Lori. “I’ve never seen you cum like that before. Even that time I licked your asshole while the twins shared your pussy!”

“Well, what can I say?” Sam grins. “The newbie’s a natural.”

There’s that nickname again. I’ve gotta say, I don’t mind it. Actually, I think it’s pretty hot! And it’s accurate too, ’cause that’s exactly what I am. The fresh meat, here to serve the women of the family. And damn, Girne Escort am I gonna!

“She sure is,” my mom adds, smiling with pride. It’s like my first A+ all over again.

“So what are we doing today, Nana?” Lauren enquiries, ladling up some fresh sliced fruit and dumping it into her bowl.

“Well, the first thing you girls are doing is showering and getting yourselves looking nice.”

Aunt Lori gasps. “Mom! Are you telling me you don’t like me like this?!” she exclaims, tossing her tousled hair over shoulder and fluttering her skewed false lashes.

“Well I don’t like your breath like that, Lori, that’s for sure!” my grandmother quips, drawing hoots of laughter from all around the table.

“Now, now, mother,” Aunt Lori returns. “What kind of way is that to talk about your daughter’s pussy?!” she adds, leaning across to my mom and squeezing one of her tits.

We all laugh again.

“Anyway, once you girls are ready we’ll have lunch. Then we’ll play a few rounds of The Game.”

Everyone coos in excitement. Everyone except me, of course. ‘Cause I don’t have a clue what game they’re talking about.

“The Game?” I ask.

“You’ll see,” Madison grins.

That figures. Not sure why I expected any other answer.

We remain at the breakfast table from one hour and into the next, regaling one another with tales of the night before. And the morning after. Unlike Katy and the twins who are mostly straight outside of my grandmother’s home, Sam is a full on lesbian. A ‘gold star’, as she puts it. Not really sure what that means but it sounds pretty cool. Anyway, she has a girlfriend at college and Katy is taking much delight in telling us about a particularly eventful Zoom call between the two of them earlier this morning.

“So there she is, chatting away to this Abi chick, and I’m getting super bored and I’m still really horny, so what do I do? Climb under the desk and start eating her pussy!”

“Oh my God!” laughs Aunt Lori.

“That’s my girl!” my mother adds with a grin.

“So, this Abi girl’s all, ‘I love you, babe,’ right when Sam’s about to cum.”

“And what did you do, Sam?” I ask.

“I’ll tell you what she did, sis,” Katy replies. “She goes, ‘oh, GOD! I love you too, babe. FUCK! God, I love you so FREAKIN’ much’. Sounding like she’s about to scream the freakin’ walls down. And honestly, ladies, I don’t know if she was talking to her girlfriend or me.”

Everyone fell about in hysterics, nearly choking on pieces of fruit.

“Oh, Katy,” my grandmother sighs, wiping a tear from her eye. “You never fail to make us laugh, dear.”

“I make you bitches do a lot of things,” my sister quips, making everyone laugh once more.

“OK, ladies, OK,” says Nana. “Go get showered up and I’ll see you in the sitting room in an hour.”

Aunt Lori leans in close to my mom and kisses her on the shoulder. “Can’t we make it two?” she asks, looking at my nana with a naughty and suggestive grin.

Nana rolls her eyes. “Fiiine. Two hours it is. But not a second longer, OK?”

“Yes, Mom,” Aunt Lori and my mother recite in unison, exchanging girlish giggles.

“OK, off you go.”

Nana starts clearing the table and the rest of us head upstairs. Me and the twins go straight for the bathroom but Aunt Lori stops us, calling out from down the hall.

“Uh uh. Mommies first, ladies.”

“Yeah, we’ve got seniority,” my mother declares. “You girls gonna have to wait your turn.”

“Unless someone wants to join us,” says Aunt Lori. “There’s room for three.”

“I will,” says Sam.

“Sure thing, honey,” says my aunt, taking Sam by the arm. “Don’t worry, ladies. We won’t be too long.” She pauses, looking her daughter up and down. “Actually, maybe we will.”

The three women disappear into the bathroom and the moaning starts almost immediately. Katy joins me and the twins in our room and we do a little moaning of our own. An hour or so later, Aunt Lori comes in and tells us that the bathroom is free. I think at this point I was going down on my sister and the twins were sucking on her tits. We made her cum then got in the shower together and fucked some more in there. Then a little more when we got back out.

It’s closer to three hours than two by the time we finally make it back downstairs. Nana is sat on the couch, meeting us with a deathly stare as we join her in the lounge.

“You’re late,” she says sternly. “Did you think I couldn’t hear you up there? Who were the instigators? Come on, tell me.”

My mom points at her sister, tossing her under the bus without a second’s thought. “It was Lori, Mom. She told me to go down on Sam when we got out of the shower, and she watched and frigged herself off. Then she went down on her too.”

“Tut tut,” says Nana. “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you, Lori?” She looks at the rest of us. “And how about you girls?”

“Lauren,” Katy and Madison reply. “We made her cum over and over, Nana, but she just kept on asking for more!”

“Is that true, Lauren?”

“Yes, Nana,” she responds, doing Magosa Escort her best to stifle a grin as she hangs her pretty head in shame.

“I see. Well, you better get up here then,” says Nana, patting her thigh. “You need to be taught a lesson.”

Lauren climbs up onto the couch and lays out across Nana’s lap. Nana lifts up the hem of her light summer dress, baring her naked ass.

“And no panties. Why, you are being bad this weekend, aren’t you, Lauren?”

“Yes, Nana. I’m being very bad.”

“Yes you are,” says Nana, raising a hand and bringing it down hard onto Lauren’s buns.

It draws a loud *SMACK* that almost throws me out of my skin.

“Very…very…bad,” she adds, punctuating each word with an additional strike.

She gives her ten of the best, hitting her hard and turning her asscheeks red. Then it’s my aunt’s turn. She gets it even harder. And for even longer. I think it was 20, but honestly I have no idea. I lost count at 12. The incestuous spanking is making me way too horny!

“OK,” says Nana, once the spanking has finally ceased, “have you girls learned your lessons now?”

“Yes, Nana.”

“Yes, Mom,” they reply, mother and daughter alike nursing sore and burning red bottoms.

“Good. OK, on with The Game. Who wants to go first? Katherine, how about you?”

“Sure, Nana,” my sister replies.

“Great. OK then, hon. Take a seat.”

She pats the couch, affixing a black satin sleeping mask over Lauren’s big blue eyes as she sits down beside her.

“Right, Elizabeth hasn’t played before so she needs to hear the rules.” She turns and looks at me. “So, honey, we each take turns to blindfold ourselves, then we taste the sweet little pussy of every woman in this room- except me, I’m the referee- and try to guess who it belongs to. Whoever guesses the most pussies correctly wins The Game. Get it?”

“Yes, Nana,” I reply. “And what’s the prize for winning?”

“Hmm,” she grins. “Confident one, huh? Well, honey, you’ll have to wait and see.” I’m getting used to hearing that. “Now, you haven’t tasted everyone’s pussies yet. As far as I’m aware,” Nana continues. “So since you’re a newbie, as Samantha puts it, there’ll be no forfeit for losing. OK, sweetie?”

“Well, that’s boring,” Madison complains.

Aunt Lori laughs. “You should be glad about that, Madi. If I remember correctly, you didn’t get a single point the first time you played this!”

“‘That’s Mom. Wait, no. Aunt Rachel. No. Katy.'” Sam jokes, imitating her befuddled sister and drawing laughs from the entire room. Even me and I wasn’t even there.

“Shut up, Sam!” Madison snaps. “I’ll definitely get you this year with that shag carpet on your snatch! I’ll feel that friggin’ thing from a mile off!”

“Now, now, girls,” Nana steps in. “Play nice. And to clarify, only Elizabeth is exempt from the forfeit. If anyone else loses, they’ll be doing it, no question.” She grins and points at my mom. “OK, you first.”

My mom turns and backs up in front of her daughter, pulling up her skirt and lowering her panties.

“OK, Katherine,” my nana prompts. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Katy sticks out her tongue and licks slowly along her mother’s pussy, from the clit, along the labia and right up to her taint and beyond, until the wriggling tip is tickling her asshole.

“Hey! No licking the ass!” Lauren complains.

“Yes, stick to the pussy, honey,” says Nana. “Any more of that will result in a forfeit.”

Katy moves back down to the correct hole and pushes her tongue inside, bobbing her head as she slides it in deep.

“OK, sweetie, that’s enough,” says Nana. “So who’s pussy was that?”

Katy’s tongue pops back out of her mother’s cooch and she smacks her lips together, rolling her tongue around her mouth, the sweet flavours tickling her taste buds.

“I think that was my mom,” she finally answers.

A few of the ladies look at one another but remain silent. They don’t want to give anything away.

“OK. One down, five to go.” Nana points at me. “You next.”

I take my mom’s place and push down my shorts and panties. Katy’s tongue comes out and presses against my clit, licking softly and wetly along my slick and dripping pussy.

“Mmm, I like that one,” she declares. “I think I licked that this morning. That’s my sister.”

“OK, four left,” says Nana. “You next.”

The four remaining women back up in front of Katy and she licks their pussies one by one, using every second permitted before taking a guess. Some correct, some not.

“Well done, Katherine. You scored four,” Nana declares. “Not too shabby at all. Who wants to go next?”

My mom goes next, matching her daughters score of four. She got the two twins mixed up, which has been known to happen. Her sister follows her and gets a perfect six, rubbing it in my mom’s face in true sibling fashion. Then it’s Sam’s turn and she scores four also. She got me confused with my mom, if you can believe it! The twins are up next. Lauren scores four and Madi gets two. Clearly she hasn’t improved Kıbrıs Escort since her first attempt. Though she did guess me correctly, I’m happy to say.

Then it’s my turn. I’m nervous as I sit beside Nana. I’ve only licked some of these pussies a couple of times. Some just once. Some not at all. Forfeits or not, I hope I don’t get zero. God, that would be so embarrassing! Nana puts on the blindfold and calls up the first woman. I stick out my tongue and lick at her pussy. It’s definitely one I’ve tasted before. One of the twins, I believe. They taste very similar, as one can probably imagine, so it’s going to be tough. I think it might be Madi. Her pussy got just that little bit wetter while I was eating her out, and this one is leaking like a sieve!

“Madi,” I say confidently.

No-one answers but there’s an energy in the room. I think I got that one right. The next girl steps up and I give her snatch a long and sloppy lick. That one I’ve definitely tasted before. In fact, that’s the first pussy I ever tasted, so I imagine that flavour will stay with me forever.

And as Madi alluded to earlier, that thick blonde bush is hard to miss!


I don’t need any confirmation this time. I’d bet my car on that being correct. The next pussy, however, isn’t as familiar. Don’t think I’ve tried this one before, which means it’s either Aunt Lori or my mom. 50/50 shot.

“Err…Aunt Lori.”

The next one is one of the twins. I already said Madi, so I’ll go with Lauren. Two left. My mom (hopefully) and my sister. I don’t recognise the next one so I say it’s my mom. So by process of elimination…Yep, I recognise that sweet taste anywhere. Definitely my sister. Hey, I’m good at this! I’m definitely getting at least a four. If I get six as well then me and Aunt Lori will be getting a joint prize. I wonder what it is.

“Well, that is very good for a first try, Elizabeth. Well done,” Nana says, keeping me in suspense. “You got four, which means that our winner this year is my daughter Lori.”

Nana applauds emphatically and the rest of us join. Some more emphatically than others. Aunt Lori celebrates boisterously, flexing her feminine biceps like she’s heavyweight champion of the world.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Undefeated champion, three years in a row,” she gloats, a shit-eating grin stretched across her face. “And you know what that means, ladies,” she adds excitedly, pulling off her top and tossing it aside.

I don’t know what it means, but as she lays out across the carpet and spreads her long, long legs, I have a pretty good idea.

“Oh, yes,” says Nana. “Elizabeth, the prize for winning this game is what we like to call Ultimate Pleasure. Five women at your disposal, to do exactly as you please.”

“That’s right,” says Aunt Lori. “Exactly as I please. And what I please is for my pretty little sister to get between these thighs and lick this nice pink pussy of mine.”

My mom rolls her eyes and drops down to her knees, crawling between her sister’s legs.

“Yeah, come on, sis,” Aunt Lori purrs, really laying it on thick. “Come and get it.”

My mom wraps her arms around her sister’s thighs and dives on in, puckering her full set of lips and smothering her hard pink clit.

“Oh, yes,” Aunt Lori squeals, throwing her head back against the carpet. “That’s it, sis. Yeah, right there.”

As her sister eats her pussy, her daughters and nieces gather around her, promptly tending to her remaining zones. Lauren and Madi latch onto her large bare breasts and quickly start suckling, guzzling at their mother’s nipples in a way only twin sisters can. Sam and Katy moved down to her feet, taking them in their hands and sucking on her painted toes. That just leaves me and as I kneel down beside her, my gorgeous aunt reaches out and grabs me, wagging her pink tongue as she pulls me in towards her.

“Mmm, yes. Come here, you. God, I’ve been dying to taste those lips all day.”

I press my lips against my aunt’s and she fully devours me, moaning into my mouth as my mom eats her pussy. Her tongue pushes in deep and mine greets it warmly, wrapping around it and locking it tight. Our lips are smooshed together, differing flavours of sticky sweet lip gloss smearing this way and that. Fuck, she’s a good kisser- strong and aggressive, yet loving and attentive. Better than her daughters, that’s for sure. Though they’re pretty freakin’ good too. God, I love this family! Why can’t we come to Nana’s every month instead!? Hell, every week would be even better!

After countless seconds of wriggling and writhing, Aunt Lori finally relinquishes my tongue and pries my wet lips from her own.

“Mmm, you’re getting good at that, huh, sweetie?” she says, licking those plump, juicy lips.

“Mmhmm,” I reply with a grin. “I practiced a lot with your daughters.”

“It shows. If ever you want to practice further, honey, then you know where to find me. And I don’t just mean this weekend. Now, come here, baby. Sit on my face.”

That is an offer I simply cannot refuse, and I throw a leg over my aunt’s head and set my pink pussy right down on her pretty little face. That incredible tongue darts out from between her lips and quickly finds my clit, flicking across it with expert dexterity. She grips my thighs and I just squat upon her, enjoying those pussy eating skills while I watch the rest of the action.

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Taboo Holidays: Valentine’s Day

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This is a collection of shorts or one-shots for different major holidays that have already passed but I plan to add to it indefinitely. Each new short will be published at the beginning of the month their holiday lands in, or close to it. Not every holiday is guaranteed to be posted in the same year. Each story contains Incest, even if the other themes vary.

All content for this story is copyrighted by Mia Eris and may not be used or reproduced in any way without the express permission of the author.

All characters depicted in this story are 18+ years of age and all sex is 100% consensual.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Valentine’s Day Ménage

Skylar climbed out of the back of her town car in front of the HH Studio’s mansion. The sound of a party in full swing filled the night air. The enormous Greek revival wasn’t part of an estate but situated on a fully landscaped back corner of the Studios production lot because it was used quite frequently for filming and events such as the annual Valentine’s Day Mixer.

Despite the bass vibrating everything within a two-mile radius, the volume of the music was actually at the perfect setting to allow for conversation without shouting. It offered all of the guests privacy without having to leave the room.

There were two security guards, one at the base of the steps and one right in front of the door. The first one asked to see her invitation, and the second one confiscated her cellphone until the end of the party. Skylar was reluctant to part with it, but she had no other choice, so dug it out of her clutch and handed it to him.

Once inside the mansion, Skylar cautiously made her way through the crowds of finely dressed guests. Men wore dark suits or tuxedos, while women wore clingy gowns that left little to the imagination. Everyone wore their required masks: black for the men and red for the women.

Obtaining a mask and invitation hadn’t been nearly as difficult as Skylar had feared. Her ability to roam around HH Studios without restriction had certainly come in handy. All she’d had to do was find out exactly who was in charge of the invitations and masks and then help herself to one of each when no one was looking.

She tried not to gawk like a newbie at the sensual décor filling the house; paintings and statues of couples or even groups in all kinds of sexual positions. Unlike the porn films HH Studios was famous for, though, the artwork wasn’t explicit. It provided only glimpses of nudity, creating an atmosphere of seduction, a sensual taunting everywhere people looked.

There was no crepe paper, glittery hearts, or cartoon cupids. Silk banners hung or draped, and crystal hearts caught the lights, glinting and appearing to glow. Urns filled with red roses and sparkling black foliage kept the color theme going.

Now that Skylar had managed to sneak into the party, she had no idea what to expect. It was her first time attempting such a thing. She’d had to wait until she was eighteen because the Studios’ parties were rumored to contain the same adult entertainment as the industry they reigned. Judging by the décor, alone, that much had to be true.

Knowing she wouldn’t be the only woman in search of them, Skylar kept her eyes peeled for her targets: Identical twin males, early forties, six-foot-three, trim yet muscular with dark hair and dusk-blue eyes. Damien and Devon Holland were the wealthy, gorgeous duo who owned HH Studios—along with a variety of other businesses belonging to the world of adult entertainment.

Sex toys, adult clubs, magazines, their influence stretched into every seedy nook and cranny, and Skylar wasn’t even sure it was all legal or above board. While they’d never been accused of any crimes, they certainly had a reputation for being men no one in the city wanted to cross.

“Tell me you’re new,” a man asked, brushing up behind Skylar.

Turning, she peered up at the older man with graying hair and brown eyes. She didn’t recognize his visible features, nor his voice.

“I’m not new, just here for the party,” she said.

“Then who’s your agent?” he asked.

“I’m not an actress,” she stated. “Nor do I have any desire to become one.”

He grinned and took a sip of his champagne. “I could change your mind.”

“No, you really couldn’t,” she said as she started stepping away from him.

He grabbed her arm just above her elbow with a tight grip, causing her to frown and turn back to the man. Skylar wasn’t used to being manhandled. No one would dare such a thing if they knew who she was.

“Excuse me, that’s not how this party works, sweetheart,” he said callously. “You don’t get to just brush off one of the most renowned directors in the industry while wearing a red mask.”

What? Skylar peered around and Magosa Escort felt a hard ball of dread forming in her chest when she saw that some of the women were wearing black masks, while some of the men wore red. The numbers were just much greater in the other order, but obviously, it hadn’t meant what she thought it had. What the fuck did it mean?

But she also noticed that no one was pairing off or doing anything out of the ordinary. If there was some expectation for those wearing red masks, it didn’t appear that time had come yet.

“Look, I just arrived. It’s early yet. Everyone’s still socializing,” Skylar pointed out, gesturing to the room at large. “I’d like to get a drink, at least, and enjoy the party for a little while like everyone else.”

It was easy to tell his eyes had narrowed behind his mask, the corners of his mouth pulled down into a frown. Skylar thought he would argue, but after a moment he peered around, then relaxed some. He released her arm but trailed his fingers up and down it as he leaned closer.

“Go drink and party all you want,” he said, his tone just as callous as before. “But when the time comes, you’ll find that I’m not a man who gets dismissed so easily.”

Skylar had to keep from scoffing in his face. Thankfully, he turned and stalked away without another word. Now, she really had to find out what red masks meant. There was no way in hell she was going to do whatever that man was expecting. The very idea made her skin crawl.

After grabbing a drink at the bar, Skylar tried to act casual despite hurrying from room to room. She had to find out what kind of entertainment the guests were expecting. Down one of the hallways, she passed a door that wasn’t closed all the way, and the familiar timbre of the twins’ voices reached her ears.

Curious, she backtracked and peeked through the open crack in the door. The room appeared to be some kind of study. French doors were open to the terrace beyond, allowing the smoke from cigars to air out rather than linger.

Damien and Devon were sitting in matching armchairs, giving their attention to the man standing in front of them, telling a story. She couldn’t mistake them for anyone else, even with their black masks in place and only seeing them in profile. Suddenly, the door opened, and a different man almost walked right into her.

“Sorry, darling,” he said with a knowing tease to his voice. “No red masks in here.”

Skylar gave him a guilty smile and stepped aside, but after he exited, she looked back into the room before the door could close and found two identical sets of dusk blue eyes staring right at her. Worried that they might recognize her if she stood there too long, she hurried down the hall in the same direction she’d been heading.

The first door she came to was locked, so she jogged to the next one and bolted inside, closing it quietly behind her. Skylar stood there for a moment and just breathed as softly as she could, listening for sounds of footsteps in the hallway.

When she was certain no one was coming after her, Skylar berated herself for being so paranoid. She’d taken steps to ensure no one could recognize her, but in the moment, it had been difficult not to fear it. She turned and peered around the room she’d entered. It was a small library, the walls lined with bookshelves. A fireplace stood in the exterior wall, flanked by windows. There appeared to be a door tucked into the far left corner, so she crossed the room to it.

Skylar was surprised to find it unlocked and opened it slowly, unsure of what she might find on the other side. No sounds were coming from within, so she opened it further and poked her head inside.

A gasp escaped her mouth when she saw that it was a ballroom. It was strangely decorated, with banners of red silk hanging at even intervals down both sides of a middle aisle. There had to be two dozen in total. Skylar crept into the room, her eyes dashing to the other doors to make sure none of them were open or guarded.

As quietly as possible, she jogged down the aisle to see everything that had been set up on the other end of the room. Her mouth fell open when she saw what appeared to be the equipment for a game of bingo. Numbered balls were stacked neatly in a box on the table, each in its own little compartment. The gilded tumbler they would be introduced to later currently stood empty.

On a tray were round tags the size of coasters with safety pins, each bearing a number in fancy script. Red against a black background. Just the opposite of the balls in the case.

“Oh, shit,” Skylar whispered.

It was a matching game, not bingo. Guests wearing black masks were going to be matched with guests in red masks by pure chance. There was no way for her to rig the game because she had no idea what number the twins were going to end up getting. To rig that, she’d have to know when they would be taking their turn. Would it be first, Kıbrıs Escort as the owners of the studios, or last, to make their guests feel honored? Would they even take turns?


Wait. If there was one thing Skylar knew about the twins for absolute certain, it was that they wouldn’t take individual turns. Whoever they ended up with, they would share. That was their MO.

Skylar glanced toward the doors again and rounded the table to open the case of numbered balls. If she could find two of the same number, that meant it would be theirs. But that was only assuming they would even bother making two of the same number.

It would also mean they’d already rigged the game. Skylar straightened and narrowed her eyes. Would they do that?

Oh, yeah, they would definitely do that.

The sound of approaching voices gave her a start, and Skylar quickly closed the case to look around for a place to hide. She noticed the ballroom also had French doors, so she hurried to the closest one and quietly slipped outside. She closed the glass door just as the first interior door in the opposite corner of the ballroom opened.

Skylar darted into the flowerbed lining the wall between windows and slid to the next edge to carefully peer around it and see who had entered the room. There were two men and one woman, all wearing black masks, but she didn’t recognize any of them. They made their way further into the ballroom, heading toward the table where she’d just been, so she stepped out of the flowerbed and rushed down the sidewalk toward the terrace.

The swimming pool was glowing in the night, but none of the surrounding lights were on. Probably, to keep guests from wandering out there. The darkness was the perfect cover, but Skylar still had to make it past the open study doors without being seen. Swearing under her breath, she slipped her heels off and followed the stone around the far side of the pool, but not so close the glow from it would illuminate her presence.

What was she going to do? Skylar had been aching to join the Valentine’s Day Mixer for the last year, at least. It had taken forever to wait until she was eighteen, and she’d already gone through so much trouble to be there. She’d thought it would be the perfect opportunity to live out her most sinful fantasies.

Skylar imagined that Damien and Devon would fall easy prey to her seduction once she had them alone. They would never know it was her, and she could finally have what God and society said she wasn’t supposed to: her dad and uncle.

And maybe—just maybe—if they did find out, it would be too late, and they’d realize that they didn’t care. Skylar’s chest ached, knowing that part was purely wishful thinking. Logically, she should just sneak back out to the front of the mansion and leave. It was the safest bet. Especially now that she knew there was no way to guarantee being matched with them if she stayed.

Resigned to that decision, Skylar continued toward the end of the house, intending to stay outside and make her way back to the valet parking. Then, she remembered that the security guard had taken her cellphone when she’d first arrived. There was no way she could leave without it.

“Damn it,” she muttered under her breath.

She stopped and eyed the house, determining which door would be best to sneak back inside through. Skylar chose one near the kitchen and put her heels back on before opening the door. She peered around for any sign of her dad or uncle, and especially the dickhead director. It looked clear, so she started making her way toward the front entrance again.

Skylar was winding her way through the crowd in the main living room when her dad’s familiar voice boomed out from the hallway entrance, causing her to blanch.

“Red masks, please follow my lovely assistant,” he said. “It’s time to get this mixer started.”

Everyone cheered, and people instantly started moving, jostling Skylar, who wished a hole in the floor would open up and swallow her. She wondered if she could duck down low enough to still make it out of the room unnoticed. A single glance in her dad’s direction proved that it was impossible. The crowd was thinning out too fast, and if she remained frozen in her current position, she would definitely draw attention to herself.

Dread and anxiety started rioting through her veins, making her feel shaky, as she slowly straightened and followed the other red masks toward the hallway. Try as she may, Skylar couldn’t keep herself from watching her dad. Where was her uncle? It was always strange to see one without the other because it happened so rarely, even at home.

The moment came when their gazes met again because she was the last red mask to fall in line. What surprised her was to see the blatant male interest ignite in her dad’s eyes. It sent an erotic shiver of depraved lust through her body, and she had to fight to not let it show. However, Lefkoşa Escort if she was right and the twins somehow rigged the game, perhaps it could still work in her favor if she caught at least one of their attention.

Skylar smiled at him over her shoulder, letting her interest show just as clearly as his. When the corner of his mouth curved up, a thrill shot through her, and she had to look forward again to hide her face-splitting grin. God, this could really work!

With newfound hope, Skylar followed the other red-masked guests toward the ballroom. Her nerves were still a little jittery, but the dread had faded to almost non-existent. She was almost more nervous at the prospect of getting matched with her dad and uncle than if she wasn’t.

It would be her wildest dream come true, but to see it become a reality, she would have to successfully seduce two of the most notorious playboys in the city while keeping her true identity a secret from them. No sweat, right?

Inside the ballroom, the assistant led them up the center aisle, where Skylar’s uncle stood in front of the table with two other men. That explained why he hadn’t been in the living room, but she wondered why he’d be in the ballroom instead. Unless it was the only way he and her dad managed to rig the game.

It dawned on Skylar that the assistant and two men standing with her uncle were probably the same people who’d almost caught her snooping in the ballroom earlier.

Just like with her dad, when Uncle Devon’s eyes met hers as he scanned the crowd, she saw the desire and interest flash in their dark blue depths. That and he stopped skimming, keeping his gaze locked on hers. Skylar had to fight the urge to finger-wave at him, but she couldn’t do anything about the wicked smile on her face. Once again, she wanted to make sure they understood that she was very much interested in them, the same way they seemed to be in her.

Since neither of them had appeared hesitant or like they might recognize her, Skylar felt pretty secure that her anonymity was still intact.

“All right, red masks, this year we’re going to play a game of chance for our mixer,” the female assistant announced. “Each of you will strip down to your sexy lingerie or briefs and be gift-wrapped in these silk banners, completely hidden from view.”

She paused to point to two racks of empty hangers someone must’ve wheeled into the room after Skylar’s snooping. Then, the woman gestured to the tray of paper numbers as she continued.

“Then, a number will be secured to the front of your banner. Once the black masks enter the room, they’ll take turns getting randomly assigned a matching number. Like cupid’s arrow flying invisibly through the room, no one will know who gets matched with whom until everyone has drawn their numbers. Then, your new Valentine will have the pleasure of unwrapping you and whisking you away for a very naughty night.”

Everyone chuckled, but Skylar’s laugh was forced as she filled with nerves again. She hadn’t expected to have to strip down right then and there, nor show her mostly naked body to the entire room of guests at the end. But she couldn’t back out now.

It dawned on her that she was probably the only person there who wasn’t directly in the adult entertainment business, so all of her fellow red masks had likely been naked in front of crowds or cameras a thousand times before. Skylar needed to come across just as confident if she was to succeed in keeping her uncle’s attention. It didn’t appear he planned to leave the room for anyone’s privacy.

Of course, nudity was far from being new or special to either twin. They both reviewed every film and photograph published through their company. They prided themselves on being high quality rather than cheap quantity.

“So, let’s get started. Everyone strip,” the assistant prompted.

Skylar glanced in her Uncle Devon’s direction as she unzipped her dress and started taking it off. Another thrill coursed through her to find his eyes watching her every move like a hawk. The lust in his eyes grew more intense, causing her juices to start flowing with anticipation.

Please, God, please let this game be rigged in their favor.

She tried not to let her worst fears rise to the surface: that it wasn’t rigged, and she’d end up with the asshole director. Anyone else would be a disappointment, but he would be a deal-breaker. If she somehow got matched with him, Skylar would march right out of the house in her panties—without her phone.

No matter what seedy or possible illegal business transactions her dad and uncle might dabble in, she knew they would never abide by their guests forcing themselves on others. Skylar may have chosen to wear a red mask, ignorant of what it really meant, but she hadn’t signed any contracts legally binding her to participate.

Keeping up a confident air wasn’t too difficult when there were two dozen other men and women stripping down to their skivvies alongside her. She was just glad that she’d set out to seduce her dad and uncle and therefore made sure her lingerie was befitting such a scenario. Her dress may have been black satin, but her bra and panties were all red lace with a matching garter belt holding up her sheer stockings.

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Taboo Ch. 09

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Taboo Ch. 09 — Kai’s hot older sister might be jealous.

Original: October 11, 2020

Submitted: August 18, 2022 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF


NOTE: This is the Taboo version of Innocent Devil’s Harem, where Serenity is Kai’s adoptive sister, and he refers to her as such. I’ve had quite a few people request that I upload this version again, so I decided to do so.

This version also later has HOT taboo relationships happening between other characters, such as mother/daughter, that are significantly less steamy in the non-taboo version compared to this one.

Hope you enjoy!



After giving Gabriella a quick warning, my older sister appeared in the kitchen, with Nick unfortunately close behind. “It smells amazing in here!” she commented with a grin…

A grin that didn’t quite seem to reach her eyes, despite her excited tone.

I felt like her statement was sincere, her excitement was real, but there was something bothering her. It made me wonder if her chat with Nick wasn’t going as well as she hoped, which I selfishly was okay with. Then again, this was the first time my sister had seemed interested in someone, so maybe it really was horrible of me to not want it to go well.


Gabriella’s response was just as cheerful. “Yep!” she agreed. “It’s almost done. Probably just another couple of minutes.”

Serenity nodded, noticing the bandage on her finger. “Oh, did you cut yourself?” she asked in concern.

I decided to respond. “Yeah, but it’s not too bad. That’s why we went upstairs, to get it all cleaned up.”

Nick seemed to be a lot more awake now, likely due to his caffeine pill having taken effect. He certainly was more animated as he chimed in. “Man, I haven’t had a home cooked meal in ages. I’m really looking forward to this.”

Gabriella smiled, since he was focused more on her, but didn’t respond. I realized she was truly serious, when we were talking in the car earlier, about not being overly friendly with other guys even if they weren’t trying to hit on her.

I decided to pick up the conversation, so it wasn’t awkward.

“Do you live alone?” I wondered.

He nodded, not missing a beat. “Yep. My mom passed away when I was younger, and my biological father is a deadbeat who skipped out on us right after I was born. I at least have my step-dad, but I moved out as soon as I was able to, in order to relieve the financial stress on him. My little sister still lives with him,” he added.

“Oh,” I said simply, not wanting to delve too deeply into his personal life. Although, suddenly I suspected I knew what the attraction my sister had might be. Ironically, it was comforting knowing those who could relate, understanding what true loss really felt like. “Sorry to hear about your mom.”

He shook his head. “No, it’s fine. I know you both lost your parents, so we’re all in the same boat. It’s rough, of course, but time helps.”

I nodded in agreement. “So, just wondering, but how old are you?”

“I’ll be turning twenty-five here in about two months,” he replied.

“And you just moved here?” I continued.

“Sort of,” Nick admitted. “I used to live here, and this is actually where my sister was born, but my step-dad decided to move us away after my mom passed away. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve been back here.”

Serenity chimed in then. “Is it hard being back?” she asked seriously, concern knitting her brow together. I could tell from her expression that they had in fact covered this subject briefly, but it seemed as if she hadn’t probed much earlier.

He shrugged. “Not really. Like I said, time helps. It’s been a pretty smooth transition for me.”

“What made you come back?” I wondered.

“Oh, well…” He paused, shifting his weight awkwardly. “I know you guys don’t want to talk about it, so I’ll just say it’s the case I’m working on and leave it at that.”

Gabriella surprised us all by chiming in, opening one of the cabinets. “I’m okay if you talk about it. I just don’t want to answer any more questions. I already told them everything I knew, so rehashing the events of last night is the last thing I want to do.”

I realized she must be thinking the same thing I was, which was that this might be a good way to find out just how much they knew about this killer of serial killers. I then noticed that she was getting out the plates, so I moved to begin helping her again. Serenity likewise went to grab some silverware for everyone.

Nick shrugged in response to her comment. “Well, I wouldn’t mind talking about it,” he admitted, only to glance at Serenity. “It might be nice to get another detective’s opinion on the situation, but…” He focused on me and Gabriella again. “If I do then, nothing I say can leave this room. Granted, if anyone ever found out, Kıbrıs Escort I could just say I was disclosing information as part of an interrogation, even though that obviously isn’t true.”

I nodded, handing a full plate to him. Nick accepted it and sat down at the table. I then gave one to my sister, who proceeded to sit beside her guest.

I tried not to grimace.

What was I even expecting anyway? It’s not like I could ever have my sister too. And certainly not without giving up Gabriella in exchange. If she was interested in this guy then I just needed to let it go, especially when there were much more pressing matters at hand.


Once Gabriella and I took a seat too, both of us sitting across from them, Nick picked up where he left off.

“So anyway, the code name we’ve been using for our mystery guy is the Impaler, since impaling his victim’s through the heart is his MO.”

Serenity quickly spoke up. “Nick, maybe ‘victim’ isn’t the best word to use, considering who you’re explaining it to.”

He looked at Gabriella apologetically. “Oh. Right. It probably isn’t best to refer to that serial killer from last night as a ‘victim.’ I’m sorry about that. It’s just how we refer to people who are killed.”

Gabriella simply shook her head. “It’s fine.”

He continued. “And in fact, that’s why this case doesn’t have more personnel involved with it. Since all the vict…” He paused, clearing his throat. “I mean since all the people killed have been murderers themselves, who were all in the act, it could be ruled as self-defense. Technically, intervening to defend someone else from imminent danger falls under that category.”

I decided to interject. “So, then why do they have you on the case at all if that’s what they think?”

Nick sighed, taking a bite of food before answering. “Well, because the only way to determine if that’s true, is to question the guy. Basically, my job is just to find him, so they can bring him in for questioning.”

“And how close are you to finding him?” Gabriella asked cautiously.

Nick eyed her for a second before answering. “You don’t want me to catch him, do you?”

Gabriella was surprisingly well composed as she responded. “Can you really blame me? The guy saved my life after all. I’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for him. Like, you realize that, right? I’d be dead right now. And only after some really horrible shit happened to me.” She scoffed. “Of course, I don’t want you to catch him.” She then quickly clarified. “Not that I’m holding anything back,” she added. “I really did tell them everything I knew last night, especially since that was before I knew they’d try looking for him. But the guy didn’t stick around long enough for me to even get a good look at him, not to mention it was so dark in the woods.”

Nick sighed before continuing. “Well, the guy technically doesn’t have anything to worry about if he really is doing this in self-defense. However…” His voice trailed off for a moment. “Well, let me just say that, since I’m the only person on the case, it means I don’t have to share what I know with any of the other detectives…” He then glanced at Serenity briefly. “What I mean is, I’m closer than they think.”

Since Nick was focused on my sister, she asked the question we were all thinking.

“How close, exactly?”

Nick scratched the back of his head briefly. “Most people who are aware of the case think there are only three vict…I mean murderers who were killed. However…” He paused, glancing at me and Gabriella. “There’s actually a fourth incident that happened about nine years ago, and I’m fairly confident it’s the same guy.”

I glanced away, my eyes suddenly unfocused as I attempted not to react, knowing exactly what he was talking about. It was the one time I failed to make it in time — the one time when I killed out of revenge for the victim who’d been slaughtered, instead of killing to prevent it.

I’d only been nine years old…

And to make it worse, the woman had been very pregnant, which really meant there’d been two victims instead of one.

“Jeez,” Gabriella commented, regarding the length of time. “How old do you think this guy is?”

I was honestly impressed she didn’t seem to react, discovering for the first time that I’d killed someone when I was so young. At the very least, it sounded like Gabriella thought that I was well outside of the age range for the suspect, since obviously a kid couldn’t be the Impaler.

Unfortunately, Nick’s response wasn’t reassuring.

“Well, to answer that, I have to tell you a little about the first incident. This one is different than the rest, because the person being attacked, the true victim in this situation, didn’t survive.”

I saw Gabriella glance at me from the corner of my eye, which unfortunately didn’t go unnoticed by Nick.

But thankfully, he continued after barely a breath. “However, as it turns out, the paramedics were able to revive Lefkoşa Escort the woman who’d been attacked.” He paused. “At least, briefly. She didn’t say much before she officially died, but she was able to give them a description of the person who had tried saving her.” He paused again, glancing at everyone at the table as if he was telling a really good scary story around a campfire. “A description that was later ruled out as a symptom of delirium from blood loss.”

Fuck, this wasn’t good.

I tried not to react, but couldn’t look him in the eyes at this point, hoping that me staring at the wall behind him looked more like me just being pensive. However, Gabriella did stiffen in her seat next to me.

Thankfully, Serenity took up the questioning. “So? What was the description?” she said curiously, being the only one who looked fully calm now.


Nick looked at us all again before responding. “She said a young boy saved her, around eight or nine years old. If that’s true, and we assume she was off by a few years, then our perp…I mean our mystery guy, is probably between the ages of sixteen and nineteen right now.”

Unexpectedly, Serenity looked alarmed, though I was more focused on trying not to react myself. Because while she might be shocked to hear that kind of description, I was much more concerned by the accuracy of it.

When neither Gabriella nor I responded, Serenity chimed in again. “But surely,” she exclaimed in disbelief. “That can’t be right. How could a little boy kill a grown man?”

Nick nodded in agreement, sitting back in his seat. “That’s one of the reasons why it was thrown out as delirium. However, then again, how does a normal person shove a blunt object through a grown man’s sternum?”

Serenity caught the small detail in Nick’s statement.

“One of the reasons?” she repeated.

He nodded, smiling at the fact that she’d caught on. “Yes. The other reason is because of her description of the boy. She said he had yellow eyes, white hair, and that his skin was really dark. But not like my skin. She said his body was gray.”

Serenity was giving him a bizarre look now, seeming speechless.

Gabriella finally chimed back in, clearly wanting to seed doubt while she could. “So then, I guess she really was delirious, by the sound of it.”

Nick shrugged. “Maybe. Most people would agree with you. However, I’m not most people. I let the evidence tell me what’s true, even if that evidence seems to defy what we consider normal.”

Serenity responded with a frown. “That’s surprising to hear you say,” she admitted, only to clarify as she looked up at us. “Nick’s almost famous in the detective community. They consider him to be a genius. He’s known for having solved some really difficult cases.” She then focused on him again. “So, it’s just weird to hear you say you’d believe that kind of description.”

Nick held up his hands, seeming embarrassed now. “No, no, no,” he laughed. “I’m not really a genius. I’m just really good at solving puzzles, but I’m completely average in all other areas. In fact, I almost flunked out of high school because my grades were so bad, and barely made it through the academy.” He laughed again. “But they were willing to let some of my grades slide, since I’m so good in other areas.”

I cleared my throat then, knowing my silence probably seemed odd. I needed to participate and engage just like everyone else, or else I might raise suspicion. “What do you mean by puzzles?” I asked casually.

He shrugged. “Just what it sounds like. I’m really good at seeing how all the pieces fit together, like…” His voice trailed off as he thought about it. “Like, some people can view an object in three dimensions in their mind, rotating it as if it was really in front of them, which isn’t that rare. But what is kind of rare is that I can do that, not only with objects, but with situations too. I can see a situation in more dimensions than most people, being able to rotate it in my mind and see a depth deeper than everyone else. My brain picks up on the little things and pieces them together.” He sighed. “But really, like I said, that’s the only area in which I could be considered above average.”

Everyone was quiet for a few seconds.

Gabriella cleared her throat. “Well, at the very least, I think that the woman’s description was either due to delirium, or else the guy who saved me isn’t the same person, because surely I would have noticed if he had yellow hair and white eyes.”

“White hair and yellow eyes,” Nick corrected her.

“Oh, right,” Gabriella replied with a straight face. “Either way. It was dark, so I didn’t see those features, but surely I would have noticed that.”

I couldn’t help but smile slightly at her intentionally misstating the description. I knew she was smart, but her critical thinking skills sincerely were impressive. At the very least, I felt like she was handling herself well.

Nick only grunted, seeming Girne Escort to acknowledge her comment without response, since he’d promised to not ask her questions about it. “Well, anyway,” he continued. “That’s about all I have to say about the case.” He then focused on me, switching subjects. “So, how long have you two been together?”

I glanced at her, seeing that she was going to respond.

Gabriella smiled. “Well, I’ve been interested in him for a few weeks now,” she admitted. “Ever since I met him. However, I only just worked up the courage to ask him out last night.” She laughed humorlessly then. “Nothing like a near-death experience to make you stop dragging your feet.”

Serenity and Nick both seemed sympathetic, with him immediately apologizing. “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to bring that up. I didn’t realize you just started dating. You both seemed so close, I assumed you had been dating for at least several months.”

“Really?” Gabriella said in surprise, seeming genuinely shocked.

Nick nodded. “Yeah, that’s one of my things. I can read people really well — see a level deeper, so to speak. At the very least, I can see you two are highly committed to each other already.”

“Nick!” Serenity exclaimed, looking almost alarmed that he’d say that.

I wasn’t sure if it was because she was worried that saying such a thing might ruin our fledgling relationship, or something else entirely. She almost looked upset.

However, Gabriella responded in the affirmative. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. You’re definitely not wrong.”

Serenity immediately looked at us both then, seeming almost confused now.

I decided to meet her deep brown gaze, my thoughts and words formulating even before I really had time to process the reason behind what I was saying. But her reaction triggered it, because I saw a hint of something else there.

Something that I wanted to provoke, and draw out, if it really existed.

I wanted to see how she reacted to me shamelessly agreeing with Gabriella.

“Yeah,” I affirmed. “Honestly, I think I want to marry her, and might even ask her soon. Just need to get a ring first.”

Much to my shock, Serenity sincerely looked flustered. “B-But, you two just started dating,” she exclaimed. She then looked apologetically at Gabriella, before focusing on me again. “I mean, I think she’s great,” she continued, her tone suddenly unconvincing. “But you just started dating. It’s not even been a full day!”

Nick jumped in, taking our side. “This kind of thing happens sometimes,” he explained. “Trauma, especially, can make people become emotionally attached to each other faster than normal.” He then nodded toward us. “Gabriella had a near-death experience, and Kai realized he almost lost her. It’s just like she said, she stopped dragging her feet, and he did too. It’s only natural for them to bond so quickly, given the circumstances.”

My sister’s expression dropped, going from shocked to almost depressed.

I knew there were a lot of potential reasons for why she seemed so somber now, such as just the realization that I was growing up, or maybe even the fact that starting a relationship with Gabriella would mean I’d move out eventually. Both possibilities would be reasonable downers, given her situation.

But a part of me, deep down, wanted the reason to be something else, even though I wasn’t thinking it through at the moment.

Nick continued, his tone hesitant now. “Although, what I can’t figure out is — excuse me if this is rude — but you both seem so…” He paused, choosing his words carefully. “Cautious, around each other.”

Fuck. He really did pay close attention.

I tried to give Gabriella a confused look, surprised that she was mirroring my expression, both of us probably alarmed that he’d hit the mark perfectly and doing our best to hide it. We were cautious around each other, and we were both trying to pretend we had no idea what he was talking about.

I decided to respond, since Gabriella didn’t seem like she intended to.

“What do you mean by cautious?” I wondered, trying not to sound defensive.

Nick held up his hands. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. You both just seem like you’re extra careful around each other is all.” He paused. “Well, at least when others are watching. Sorry if that sounds rude, but I don’t really know how to explain it without sounding really rude.”

Gabriella decided to state the obvious. “You think we’re hiding something?”

All my muscles stiffened, shocked my new girlfriend would be so blunt about it, and suddenly wondering where her thoughts were headed. I met my sister’s now alarmed gaze, almost feeling afraid now, knowing that there wasn’t a single secret I had that I wanted Serenity to know about.

Similarly, Nick stared at Gabriella for a moment, before nodding slowly. “I didn’t want to say it, but yeah. That’s kind of what it looks like.”

Without missing a beat, Gabriella replied immediately. “You’re right.” She then looked apologetically at Serenity. “I’m really sorry.”

It took everyone a second, including me, before it dawned on all of us what she was implying. On the one hand, I realized this was the perfect way to remove Nick’s suspicion, but on the other hand…

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A Sisterly Seduction

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Flat Chest

My name is Cooper, I’m 20 years old and a sophomore at the University of Alabama. My parents got divorced early on in my “informative years” so as you can imagine it took a lot on my part to make sure I didn’t turn out to be some stupid fuck that was always in trouble. I have a sister, Riley, who just turned 18 years old last month.

I love my mom dearly but its been ten years since her divorce and I don’t that she has gotten over it. My mom is very attractive. She is 5’7″ with auburn hair in a stylish pixie cut. I don’t know her measurements but she has a nice set of tits and really nice legs. Growing up I can’t remember a time where my friends weren’t drooling all over her. They all think my mom is a MILF which pisses me off to no end but what can I do about it. In reality they probably are right. Yet she has never made an attempt to date anybody. She works, lays out by our pool, and torments herself with the guilt of a failed marriage.

Riley is a cute little hottie. She probably stands 5’4″, has flowing brown hair, hazel eyes, weighs maybe 105lbs and has a great set of perky little tits. She has a sweet little bubble butt and nice long legs for her size.

I sometimes wondered if she is really my sister. I stand 6’1″ weigh 190lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. As you can see physically we don’t much resemble each other.

It was Saturday afternoon when I got home from school for summer break. I saw mom sitting at the kitchen table. She looked really nice. Mom saw me and said, “Hey Coop. Welcome home honey.” I leaned down and gave her a kiss and said, “Thanks Mom I’m glad to be home too. Is Riley home?”

Mom grunted and said, “Who knows where that child is. She never tells me anything.”

I shook my head and yelled, “Hey Riley are you home?”

There was no answer so I headed to my room to unpack. I wish I knew when Riley was getting home. I missed her and couldn’t wait to see her. We always hung out and did things together. I have to admit that when I went off to college I was a little worried about her. She is such a nice person, sometimes too nice. When I was still living at home I was always able to take care of her and keep her out of trouble. I changed into some gym shorts and a T-shirt and plopped down on the bed.

I heard a commotion coming from the kitchen and soon realized that Riley must have come home and was arguing with mom. I walked out of my room and yelled, “Hey Riley what’s up?”

I heard a squeal and then saw her racing towards me. I was going to give her a hug but she jumped into my arms instead. Fortunately I was able to catch and hold onto her. She screamed, “Oh Coop I’ve missed you so much. I’m so happy you’re home. I’ve been miserable and lonely the last few months. I couldn’t wait for you to get home.”

I smiled and said, “I’ve missed you too Riley.”

I started to put her down but she had her legs locked around my hips and her arms cradling my neck. She said “Coop please just hold me for a little bit. I’m so glad you’re home.”

With her body pressed onto mine, my cock started to get hard. I panicked as I didn’t want Riley to know that I had a boner. I pushed her down off me and said, “Let me look at you.”

She took a couple of steps back and smiled. She was wearing a cute little spaghetti strap top and a pair of really short tight jean cutoffs. I cursed myself for having changed into shorts as my cock was getting really hard.

I saw Riley smiling and staring at the tent in my shorts. I felt my face redden from embarrassment when Riley said, “Coop you look really nice. You must’ve slayed all the girls at school with your hard body. Looks like you spent a lot of time in the gym.”

I smirked and said, “Is it that noticeable?”

Riley laughed and said, “It’s the first thing I noticed about you Coop.”

Trying to change the subject I asked, “Do you want to go and get something to eat?”

To my disappointment she responded, “Coop I’m sorry but I already made plans for tonight. I have to go as I’m running late.”

She came up to me and placed her little hand on my boner, giving it a gentle tug. I pulled away and said, “Jesus Riley are you nuts. Mom is in the other room.”

Looking up at me she softly asked, “Did I do that to you Coop?” Without waiting for my reply, an answer she already knew, she left me standing in the hallway alone with my boner. A boner that my little sister gave me.

The next morning I was in the refrigerator looking for the orange juice. I heard Riley enter and quickly felt her small hand squeeze my ass. I jumped and said, “Hey what are you doing? Mom is in the other room.”

I saw she had a loose fitting sleeveless shirt and a pair of tight cotton shorts. She started playing with her shirt pulling it right, then left, then down, each time exposing one or both of her perky pointy little nipples.

I admonished her, “Riley you can’t be doing that in front of me.”

“Oops sorry I forgot I wasn’t wearing a bra.”

“You can’t be doing this to me.”

“Coop I haven’t Girne Escort done anything.”

She grabbed my cock through my shorts and gave it a squeeze. I pulled away and said, “Riley you have to stop doing this to me. This is so bad. Mom is in the other room.”

She giggled and said, “You know you want it. It’s exciting.”

I persisted, “If mom ever finds out what we are doing she’ll blow her lid. You gotta stop.” It was a hollow admonition and Riley knew it.

Riley slid her hand inside my shorts and pulled out my cock caressing it with her tiny hand, she said, “It feels and looks so good.”

I pushed Riley away and said, “Mom is in the other room. Please stop.”

She sauntered around in the kitchen continuing to play with her top knowing that she was flashing me her perky little tits. She cooed, “Tell me you don’t want this.” She turned and pulled her little shorts up showing me her absolutely perfect little bubble butt. Turning her head to look at me she said, “I see the way you look at my ass. Do you like my ass Coop?”

She pushed up against me once again sliding her hand inside my shorts and onto my really hard cock. She stroked my hard cock as she seductively stared into my eyes and moaned, “Tell me you don’t want it too?”

I groaned as she was getting me close to popping my nut. I tried once more, “Riley this so wrong. We can’t do anything you’re my sister.”

Still caressing my cock she pushed in closer to me and said, “Let’s just say we didn’t do anything but do something. Who’s going to know. I’m not going to say anything. Are you?”

I groaned as her lips touched mine. My god what am I doing, she’s my little sister. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and found mine.

Then I heard, “Riley? Cooper? Are you guys up?”

I pushed Riley off me in a panic as I hoped that mom wouldn’t notice my boner. I saw Riley leaning against the sink laughing at me. I said, “See I told you we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Mom walked in and looking at Riley gasped in horror. She scolded her, “Young lady you are not dressed appropriately. Go to your room and put something decent on.”

Riley smirked a sarcastic, “Yes mom.”

I looked at mom and saw that she didn’t seem to have noticed my boner. She looked very nice wearing a rather short skirt and a tight top. I wondered if maybe things hadn’t changed with her while I was away at school. I started to walk out of the kitchen hoping she wouldn’t notice my boner.

Just as I was almost out the door she said, “Cooper keep me company while I have my coffee. I want to hear about school.”

“I can’t mom I have to get going as I’m meeting some friends for a morning workout.”

I didn’t wait for a response. I went to my room and locked the door. I quickly dropped my shorts and grabbed my cock. I stroked it furiously as I was so fucking horny. I thought about Riley’s little hand stroking my cock as her tongue pushed into my mouth. That’s all it took. I shot a boat load of cum all over the floor. I didn’t care, it was such a satisfying orgasm. I can’t believe that I’m perking on my sister like this. Man this summer break just got a hell of lot more interesting.

I didn’t see Riley all day which was frustrating as she was all I could think of. I was glad to see that mom seemed to be functioning like a normal person. Something about her seemed different.

As mom and I were finishing dinner Riley barged through the door and raced into her room without saying a word. I looked at mom and asked, “Is anything wrong with Riley?” Mom shrugged her shoulders and said, “Nothing that I know of. She is just being a normal 18 year old girl.”

I’m thinking oh no she’s not mom. Oh well, I actually had a nice time with mom at dinner. Something has changed with her. She seems much more confident, less concerned about the past. I was happy for her.

We hung out watching TV before she decided to go to sleep. I was so worked up with what Riley had done this morning that I knew I was going to have a hard time falling asleep unless I did something about it. What happened this morning definitely caught me off guard but she has been on my mind ever since.

I headed to my room but as I walked past the bathroom I heard the water running. I assumed it was Riley as mom had gone to sleep. Just to be safe I slowly peeked into mom’s room and saw that she was sound asleep. I walked back to the bathroom and slowly pushed the door open.

In front of the sink I saw Riley brushing her teeth wearing a flimsy top and a sexy little underwear. I walked in and closed the door just as Riley turned and asked, “What are you doing in here?”

I replied, “I can’t stop thinking about everything that happened this morning.”

“Coop nothing happened this morning. I wish it had but it didn’t.”

Leaning back onto the sink she again started to tease me by pulling her breasts out of her top. Slowly rubbing her loose top over her tits got my attention.

I asked, “Are you sure you can Magosa Escort keep a secret? Are you sure?”

“Of course.” as she grabbed my cock through my shorts. Tugging on it she was once again was seducing me with her touch, her words, her movements.

I groaned, “Mom is sleeping. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all day. This is so bad.”

She slid her hand inside my short and grabbed my cock as she cooed, “But it feels so good Coop.”

Her other hand started to play with her tit as I stood there enjoying the pleasures running through me.

I tried again to resist, “But you’re my 18 year old sister. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Oh Cooper you want this as much as I do.”

“Show me your sweet little ass.”

She turned around so I could see her gorgeous little ass then pulled her panties up her crack. It was all I could do not to grab her ass. She looked back and asked, “Do you like what you see? Tell me you don’t want it! Tell me Cooper!”

I pushed into her. Softly running my hands on her ass I groaned, “You have such a sweet little ass Riley.”

She pulled from me and walked away. Facing me, she pulled her top up so that both her tits were exposed and started pulling on her nipples.

I opened up and said, “I’ve been thinking about you for so long.” She seductively mewed, “You have? What have you been thinking about Coop?”

“How much you turn me on.”

Still toying with her little titties so that I could see her pointy little nipples she purred, “Is it my little tits? Or my butt? Or maybe it’s the way I hold your big fat cock Coop.”

I moved behind her and grabbed both tits pulling her back into my chest. I moaned in her ear, “Your friends can’t know anything about this. Nobody can know.” I kissed her neck over and over as I pawed her tits.

Riley brought her hand behind her and found my cock, tugging on it as she moaned, “Feels so good. You are so hard for me.”

I turned her around and started kissing her soft little lips before it escalated into a full blown make out session. I was in heaven as my little sister reached inside my shorts and took my cock out. Our kissing and groping each other’s body went on and on. Neither of us in a hurry to end it.

I asked Riley, “Is your pussy wet?”

She moaned, “It’s been wet all day thinking about you.”

My body was on fire. I took one of her little tits into my mouth and sucked on it hard rolling my tongue over her pert little nipple. My hand slid down to her panty and started to rub her pussy. Her arm held me tight to her tit as she ground her pussy onto my hand.

She moaned, “You’re cock is so big for me.”

She slid down onto the floor as I groaned in anticipation. Pulling my shorts down she started licking my cock like it was a lollipop. From my balls up to the head with long slow wet licks. I groaned, “I can’t believe this.”

Riley finally wrapped her lips around my cock and said, “You can’t believe that your sister finally gets to suck your big fat cock?”

Riley was now in a nice rhythm of sucking on my cock while stroking my shaft. “Riley that feels so nice.” I grabbed her tit and played with it as she continued to bring me closer to a happy ending.

“Oh that feels so good baby. I’m getting close to cumming. I want to cum in your mouth okay?”

Riley groaned and swirled her tongue around the head, “Yes baby cum in your little sisters mouth.”

I started to feel my balls tightening and my cock swelling as I groaned, “Oh I’m cumming Riley. Swallow all my cum baby. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes baby. Oh shit.” My body stiffened as I shot rope after rope of my hot cum down my little sisters throat. My cock spasmed uncontrollably as I enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Riley tried clamping her little mouth around my cock but some of my cum oozed down the side of her face. Finally I let go of her head and said, “Wow Riley that was amazing.”

With her finger she wiped up the cum that had oozed out and sucked it back into her mouth, “Did you like it?”

I pulled her up and devoured her petite mouth with kisses. Again not in a hurry to end things we savored the new closeness we now shared. I picked her up and sat her on the sink and said, “Riley play with your pussy. I want to see you play with it.”

Riley gave me a wicked little look as she pulled her panty to the side exposing her very wet pussy. She slowly ran her finger up and down her slit before pushing it inside her pussy.

I groaned, “Play with it while I stroke my cock.” She continued to slide her finger in and out as I watched.

As I stroked my cock I growled, “Talk dirty to me.”

Riley groaned, “Do you want my pussy? It’s so young, small, and tight.”

I watched as she took her finger and sucked her pussy juice into her mouth. She moaned softly, “My pussy tastes so good Cooper. I’m so wet. I want to ride your big fat cock.”

I pulled her onto the floor and said, “Bend over the sink and show me that young pussy.”

I Lefkoşa Escort knelt behind her just as she turned her head and purred, “Do you like what you see big brother?”

I pulled her panties down to the floor and spread her ass cheeks apart to see a wet and inviting little pussy. I leaned in and took a long swipe of her pussy with my tongue. Oh it tasted so nice. I continued to lick up and down her crack, teasing her little ass pucker in the process.

Riley groaned loudly as my tongue swirled her clit. I said, “Shh. You have to be quiet.” She moaned, “You said mom is sleeping.”

I kept licking her pussy as I easily slid two fingers inside her. Riley moaned, “Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes. That’s it. Just like that.”

I kept sucking on her clit as I finger fucked her. I was getting all worked up again. I groaned, “You’re pussy is so wet Riley.” I could sense she was getting close to cumming as her pussy was pushing back on my face.

She moaned, “Do you like my pussy Cooper?”

“Oh my god. So good.”

Her legs started to spasm as she dropped her chest onto the sink and grunted, “Fuck Cooper. You’re going to make me cum. Oh. Oh shit. Don’t stop I’m so close.”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and furiously flicked it. Riley moaned, “Oh shit yes. Oh my god. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. So good. So good.” Her body convulsed and her legs buckled as a powerful orgasm tore through her young little pussy.

I reached around and cupped her mouth as she was literally screaming in pleasure. “Shh. You’re going to wake mom.”

It didn’t matter what I said, she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Finally her thrashing subsided so I took my hard cock and pushed slowly into my sister’s tight pussy. Riley moaned as I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her soaked cunt.

Riley grunted, “Oh yeah Cooper. Fuck me. Fuck my tight little pussy.”

I groaned as I started to piston my cock into her. Riley was starting to get loud again so I said, “Can we go into your bedroom?” She said, “Yes.”

I pulled my cock out of her as she stood up and said, “We have to be quiet.”

Riley laughed, “You said mom is sleeping. Her room is on the other side of the house. She won’t hear us. Relax Cooper.” We quietly left the bathroom and went into her room where she quickly jumped onto her bed.

Looking down at her I moaned, “Oh my god, spread your legs and play with your pussy for me.”

Her fingers quickly found her pussy as I groaned, “So good. Tell me Riley, where do you want me?”

She shoved two fingers into her cunt and moaned, “I want you inside my pussy. My wet and tight pussy. Now come here and fuck your little sister.”

I jumped on the bed and swung her around pushing her flat onto her back, “You are so naughty.” I pushed her top past her boobs pinching one nipple as I slid my cock inside her really hot and wet pussy.

Riley groaned loudly, “Oh yes that feels so good.”

“Quiet!” I started to fuck her with deep long strokes as she moaned over and over. I groaned, “My god Riley you’re so fucking tight. This feels so good.”

“Yes fuck my tight little pussy. Fuck me hard Coop.”

We got into a nice rhythm and our pace quickened. I leaned down and kissed her hard and said, “I want you to get on top and ride my cock.”

Riley squealed as we both faced each other, kneeling on the bed. We stopped and kissed passionately as my hand fingered her pussy while she stroked my cock. Kissing and playing with each other neither of us felt any urgency to end the moment.

She mewed, “I told you that you would like it.” With one last passionate kiss I plopped myself down on the bed and said, “Come ride your big brother’s cock.”

She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and moaned as my cock slid deep inside her little tight pussy. Once she had completely impaled herself she started to ride me with an animalistic fervor. God she fucking turns me on. Looking at me while humping my cock she purred, “Does my big brother like the way I’m riding his big fat cock?”

I slapped her ass with both hands and started to meet her thrusts. God this felt so good. Riley leaned down and pushed her tongue into my mouth swirling it as she rode my cock. She moaned into my ear, “Does my pussy feel good? Tell me what you want me to do?”

I groaned, “Rock slowly on my cock. I don’t want to cum yet.”

With a forbidden desire she slowly rocked her hips on my cock. I groaned, “God your pussy is so good.” Again losing ourselves in the moment we kissed passionately as Riley slowly rocked on my cock. This feeling was more incredible than I had imagined it could be. I grabbed Riley’s cute little face and said, “Oh Riley this feels amazing.”

Riley dropped her head onto my shoulder and whispered, “Cooper I’m so happy I don’t want tonight to ever end.”

We kissed again both more aware of our forbidden desires yet unfazed by them. I pushed Riley off me and onto her back. Grabbing both legs I pushed back inside her tight wet pussy. Holding one leg on my shoulder I used my other hand to play with her clit as I fucked her hard.

Riley was starting to babble incoherently as another eruption was building inside her. I pushed harder and harder as I teased her clit. She grunted, “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Shit. Shit. I’m cumming. Oh so good. So good.”

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