First Time

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Now, at this time in my life, I never even thought about the prospect of being with a man. I loved pussy, and pussy is all I ever wanted. Never in a million years would I consider being with a man, especially with our black cleaning man Eddie.

Eddie grabbed my garbage and emptied it into his pale, dusted a few fixtures, and moped the floor. As he performed his errands we briefly talked, like we usually do, about cars, women, and what ever game was on that evening. I enjoyed watching him talk; every other word coming out of his mouth was “fuck” and he usually seemed like he was auditioned for Unit G. Two guys like us certainly did not look like people who would bond, however the average age in my office was probably 50, and I was 26, Eddie seemed more prone to talk to me than anyone else. Kind of funny, because in normal surroundings, as white boy I would never spend so much time talking to a ghetto looking black kid, and I’m sure he felt the same way.

He left my cubicle and continued his errands, and I again worked on my spreadsheets. As the hours slowly ticked away, my bladder began to signal that it needed a release. I walked over to the means room and entered. There are 2 urinals and 2 stalls in this bathroom, both stall occupied and one of the urinals being used by Eddie. I had to pee, and no way could I hold it in, so disobeying proper bathroom edict, I walked to the other unoccupied urinal. Unzipped my pants, and let my cock out.

“Hey man,” Eddie said.

“Hey,” I kind of whispered, out of embarrassment. I slightly turned my head to smile at Eddie, as I was about to turn to look straight, and in the corner of my eye I saw it, the first black cock I have ever seen. In what was probably a ¼ of second I saw a monster of a cock, an anaconda hanging out of his pants, an amazingly soft 8 inch monster. “It couldn’t be I thought to myself, it couldn’t be.” I had to look again, curiosity was my enemy at this point, and I had to. I casually turned my head again, and moved my eyes to his enormous manhood. “Holy shit, my eyes did not play a trick on me….it’s real, his cock his real….I can’t believe I am staring at it……what’s wrong with me, why am I so fascinated with it.” What I wanted to be only a second turned into seconds and Eddie noticed my eyes staring. I immediately turned my head to the wall in front and hoped that he didn’t notice, or would just shrug it escort izmit off.

He left the urinal before me, washed his hands, and said bye to me. Whew, I thought, no worries. However, why was I so mesmerized by his cock? It was just the size I thought, that’s it, it had to be it, I’m not gay, definitely not, it was just a huge cock that caught my surprise.

I continued my work that day, did what I had to do. As the time continued to crawl on, 5 o’ clock finally came, and it was time to go home. It just starting raining outside, and unfortunately I had no umbrella, and I was getting soaked as I sprinted to my car. Right outside my car was Eddie, waiting for the next bus to take him home. I’ve given him rides before, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to offer him a ride. He of course accepted and made himself comfortable in my front seat.

As I drove, he didn’t say a word. I kind of felt uncomfortable, thinking about what happened earlier. All of a sudden he started to lightly grab his crotch. This really isn’t out of the ordinary for ghetto boys like Eddie, but knowing what kind of package he had, it did make me feel even more comfortable, and then I herd him speak.

“He man, I saw you staring at my cock before.”

“What, no way man, what are you talking about?” I said in defense of myself.

“Yea you did, don’t fucking lie man, I saw you. Are you a fag man?”

“No way, you fucking kidding me, I’m straight, you know all the girls I fuck with, come on man.”

“Man, you looked at it, I saw you, I know that.”

I knew I had to say something to get him off this subject, or I was fucked. He had nothing to lose, but God forbid he told my right wing Christian fucking boss, I’d be fired for good.

“Eddie, I never saw a dick so big, so yea it kind of surprised me, that’s all, but no way did I want to stare at it, I’m fucking straight, that’s fucking disgusting.” At this point I shook my head in disgust, hoping he would not care anymore.

At this point, he started laughing hysterically. I’m thinking to myself, “what the fuck.”

“What’s so funny Eddie?”

“You white boys crack me up.”

“What the fuck you mean.”

“Man, I was just playing with you.”

“Real funny, you jerk off.” As he still laughed.

“You should have seen the look on your face…, it’s cool, my cock belongs in fucking movies, anytime anyone izmit escort see’s it they are fascinated by it.”

“Well it is pretty fucking big.” I said.

“Yea, it is, 12” when fully hard.’

“Yea right,” I said in disbelief.

“It is, really is.”

“That’s fucking incredible, the girls must love it.”

“Everyone loves it, everyone.”

“Everyone, right?” I said this in a complete, nonchalant way.

“Yea, when money was tight I used to sell it, so everyone, guys and girls have had an opportunity at it.”

“What the fuck and you were hinting that I was gay?”

“I’m not gay, I didn’t touch their fucking cocks, they just played with mine. And the best sucking I got was from a guy.”

“I don’t know man, that’s fucked up.”

“Oh come-on, like you wouldn’t want to suck it.”

“You fucking crazy, no way.” I said, however my cock just got as hard as a rock, I did want to suck it, for some strange reason, I wanted to suck this black man’s cock.

“Come man, look at this.” He unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I have no recollection of how this happened, but I just pulled to the side of the road, I wanted to say put it back in, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to. I hung over his pants. It was slightly thicker than a beer can, foreskin just hung over the head of his monstrous manhood, the skin of it was soft, dark brown and unblemished. It was absolutely beautiful, I had to touch it. I moved my hand to grab it, and without any resistance from him I lightly picked it up. It had such apparent weight, and felt incredibly soft. I gripped my hand over just under a ¼ of his semi erect cock. I had to suck on this cock, I had to.

“Come on man,” he said, “let’s go back to my place and have some fun.”

Well I sped to his house, sprinted behind him up the stairs to his pad, before I know it, sitting on the couch as he stood before me, unzipping and releasing his cock. I stared mesmerized by his manhood. I never felt such a complete sexual urge as I did right now. My cock was hard as a rock, but my entire body squirmed as I lifted his cock and guided it towards my mouth. “That’s it niger, take it in your mouth,” he said. Holy shit that fucking almost made me cum, and I didn’t even take my cock out yet.

I pulled the foreskin back, opened my mouth exceptionally wide to fit the thickness of this huge cock izmit kendi evi olan escort inside my mouth. I felt his cock land on top of my tongue, I tried to cover my teeth with my lips, and let the head of his cock rub against the roof my mouth. I just ever so slowly moved my mouth up and down his long shaft. Within seconds he was fully hard, 12″ in length just like he said. Oh my god, this cock was incredible. I made love to his cock, with my mouth. Up and down, up and down. I felt his hands grab my head from behind, and then he started to thrust treating my mouth like a pussy. Faster and faster he went, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I almost puked, I gagged, and cursed at him, he ignored me, and again forced his cock in my mouth. He cursed at me called me a white piece of shit, and continued to fuck with my mouth, treating me like a whore. I suppose I should have been annoyed at this, but I loved it. I was his white whore, his piece of shit to use and abuse. And he did.

“Man I’m going to cum.”

Where the fuck is he going to cum, I couldn’t even tell him if I wanted to, as his cock continued to gag me. “I’m Cumming he said,” and he did right in my mouth.

Oh my fucking god, I tasted his cum, loads and loads of it, I couldn’t believe it. It was then the most incredible thing happened to me that have ever happened, I came. Right in my pants, I didn’t even touch it, or remove my cock from my pants, and I came. What the fuck, this was way too incredible. He guided his cock out of my mouth, and there it was, shiny from my saliva, beautiful looking cock, slowly softing, the foreskin beginning to cover the head. A huge wet spot showed up on my pants.

“Man, you came, uh.” Eddie began to laugh staring at my crotch.

“Eddie, I never did this before, but it was incredible. I can’t believe how much I love your cock.

“Well man it loves you, that’s the best blow job I’ve ever gotten.”

“Wow, do you think I’m gay.”

“No way man,” Eddie said. You just love real hung cock, nothing wrong with that.”

I don’t know if he was right or wrong. To this day, I still love pussy, enjoy fucking it, eating it, going out with it and loving it. I could never picture myself going to a movie or on a date with a man. I can’t picture spending a candlelight dinner with a man. As I got older, I found that I just have an oral fixation for overly hung men. 8 inches would not cut it for me, 9″ maybe, 10 or more I was there. Does that make me gay, I don’t know, and truthfully I don’t care! I love to suck hung men, and that’s what I do in my own spare time. A hobby I truly enjoy. Thanks Eddie.

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After Hours In The Office

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I have always felt that there is something naughty about sex. Not in the way that it is bad or wrong, you understand, but more that naughtiness has to be an integral part in order for it to be exciting. I am not sure this is necessarily normal, but it is the way I feel about it and judging by the number, variety and sheer weirdness of some fetishes, I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way. Why am I saying this? I guess I feel a bit guilty too. I am a dirty old man. But I do know what I like.

This young girl started working in the office. Only 18. Short blonde hair cut in a bob. 5’5 with a nice figure that was ever so slightly plump and nice legs, which got displayed often due to her liking for short skirts. Her breasts were not large and, depending upon what she wore, sometimes seemed non-existent. But generally, she wore a light white blouse that showed small firm breasts that could be cupped comfortably in one hand each … and I often thought of doing so.

I really was not planning anything when I asked if she wanted to do some overtime work one evening. There was some filing and cataloguing to do, which I knew would just get left if we would try to do it during the day. I also thought she’d appreciate a little extra money.

Of course, it also gave me an opportunity to chat to her and try to get to know her a bit better, which I was keen to do. During the day, in the busy office, she worked quietly, but there was little opportunity to do otherwise and she was probably reluctant, as the new girl, to join in the conversation of the older and more experienced staff. Socially, she still needed to find her position in their ranks.

Erica was a bit shy at first, but started to open up once she realised that I was genuinely interested. She told me about her family and her holidays and how she enjoyed horse riding. She told me about her first time on a horse, her blue eyes sparkling. She had actually found it rather frightening, but somehow she had to go back and try again. When she talked about something that made her happy, she became more animated, pulling faces, tossing her head and using her hands to illustrate what she was saying. When she talked like that, she changed from being quite pretty to becoming adorable.

‘Any boyfriends?’, I said, thinking to myself how lucky any guy would be.

‘Umm. No.’ she said, ‘No time really.’ she added, a bit lamely, I thought.

‘They don’t really seem that interested.’, she said, looking at me with some hint of a question in her expression. I guessed that she was fishing for a compliment or some kind of reassurance.

‘I can’t believe that.’, I said, moving a little closer and lightly brushing her hair back beside her head, gently. She looked up at me, obviously interested in what I might say next. She looked trusting and vulnerable.

‘You really are a very pretty young woman.’

‘Do you really think so?’, she simpered, blushing a little.

‘I really really think so. In fact, I know so. I was your age once and I know that, as a boy, you would certainly have turned my head.’

‘You would have asked me out?’

‘Of escort izmit course I would have done.’ I said, secretly amused and flattered by this strange need for reassurance from me. I was also feeling a bit annoyed. Here I was talking about myself in the past tense as if I had no real right to be thinking about myself involved with this lovely girl at my age, now. What I said next was partly out of anger rather than any other intent, trying to break the image of me as a sexless middle-aged gent, for me as well as for her.

‘Look’, I said ‘We’re both adults and perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this, but here I am with you and you’re so pretty and such lovely company, I will probably be thinking about you later.’

‘Later?’, she said and looked puzzled.

‘Later’, I said. ‘When I go home, I am going to think about you and your lovely young body when I jerk off.’

The reaction was electric. She jerked back, her eyes wide open and her mouth also. Obviously she was lost for words, but feeling that she needed to say something. All she could manage was a startled ‘Oh!’.

‘I’m sorry.’, I said ‘I’ve shocked you, but that’s the way it is. Are you ok?’ I spoke calmly hoping to reassure her, letting her know that we were just talking. Inside, I was shaking too. I had actually shocked myself.

‘Oh my!’, she said, her hand had fluttered to her throat as if she had trouble catching her breath. ‘I think so.’, she paused.

‘No ones ever said anything like that to me before. It makes me feel kind of funny. I find it difficult to believe you said that.’

‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have’ I said ‘but I wanted you to know just how attractive you are.’

‘Did you really mean that?’ she said, obviously a bit excited by the thought. She hadn’t moved any further away, but she hadn’t moved any closer, either. She was looking at me in a different way now. Suddenly I had been transformed from a boring middle-aged man into someone interesting and dangerous to know. I think she was loving it.

‘Most certainly’ I said, feeling very wicked. ‘Could I ask a favour?’

‘Ummm … that depends.’ She said, acting coyly.

The whole atmosphere of the conversation had changed. Now we were in new territory and the rules were clearly different. What could be dared? I suppose I could have backed off and played safe, but I just had to push a little further. In some ways I almost felt I owed it to her not to disappoint.

‘It would mean a lot to me if you would let me feel your cunt.’

She wasn’t so shaken this time by my crudeness. ‘That’s a nasty word, Sir! You’re trying to shock me.’

That was the first time she’d ever called me ‘Sir’. Either she was trying to remind me of our respective positions, or perhaps she was feeding some secret fantasy she had. I thought it was the latter. And she hadn’t said ‘No’.

‘Actually,’ I said, moving closer to her and slipping my right hand up under her skirt ‘what I am trying to do is slide my hand inside your panties.’

She didn’t move, but looked into my eyes and smiled as my hand pushed inside the elastic waistband of her panties. She closed her eyes and, as izmit escort my hand slipped down further, let out a small moan of anticipation. My fingers eased slowly through her soft pubic hair, over the soft crease of flesh marking the opening of her pussy to her lips.

She was sopping wet. Soft and yielding, like a swamp.

My hand explored her warm wet slippery folds. ‘Oh Sir!’, she said, as my finger slipped so easily up inside her, and then ‘Oh!’ as my finger found her clitty. She moved her hand down to cover mine , holding it in place.

‘That’s very naughty of you, Sir! You know you shouldn’t, but I do hope you’re not going to stop just yet.’

‘Sir’, she added, after a slight pause.

‘You have a lovely hot wet young pussy.’, I said ‘I want to taste it!’

‘Oh Sir! Really?’ She moved quickly and eagerly, slipping off her panties and hopping up onto the desk, lying back and holding her legs apart for me. Her pussy was wide open, the inner lips protruding, red and succulently glistening with her moisture.

‘Oh Sir!’, she said again … and wriggled her sweet little bottom in front of me on the desk. I had a kind of feeling that I’d been had.

She looked so beautiful and so shamelessly overcome by her needs. I moved my head between her thighs, sniffing her aroma and ever so slowly moving towards her open petals, letting her feel my warm breath first against her aroused flesh, letting her anticipate my lips and tongue. The scent of her arousal swamped my senses.

Her clitty protruded, swollen, engorged by blood. I couldn’t resist just flicking my tongue across the tip before licking down along between her pussylips. She tasted as good as she looked. I buried my face in her watermelon moisture, licking with my tongue deep up inside her. She moaned and writhed, grinding her open pussy against my face and lubricating freely. I moved back up to her clitty to take her little bud into my mouth and suckle on it. She moaned again and then let out a long sigh.

I would’ve enjoyed slowly bringing her to that first peak of pleasure using my mouth and tongue in that deep intimacy, but she was so far ahead of me. Her youthful aroused passion had taken her to that point, over and beyond, before I’d hardly started. Her breathing was heavy and punctuated with little gasps. Far from being in control, I felt the situation had taken over completely.

I pulled away from her juicy snatch and looked down at her. She had unbuttoned her blouse and somehow removed her bra. Her breasts were young firm and perky with dark pink suckable nipples contrasting most erotically with her pale flesh. The nipples were standing out erect, reminding me of my cock, now uncomfortably restricted. Erica moved one hand down between her legs, not wishing to allow the sensations she was getting to stop and watching as I undid my trousers.

I released my cock, thick and stiff with my lust for this young girl. With her watching I stroked it letting her see the full length and the thick purple head which I was going to use to open up her cunt even wider.

‘Oh My! Are you going to fuck me, Sir?’

I izmit kendi evi olan escort ignored the silly question moving my body over hers, my thighs between her thighs, placing my two hands on her two breasts, squeezing them, lifting the nipples up to my mouth to be sucked on. Licking and sucking on those sweet nubs made her moan again. Her hands moved away from her pussy between my legs where they encircled my cock. One hand then moved down to cradle my balls while the other started to feel along the length of the shaft.

‘Ooooh! I want your cock! Give me your cock! Fuck this little girl with your big cock, Sir!’

She pulled me towards her, eager to feel my thick cockhead filling her young pussy. My lips worked up from her breasts kissing and licking her up to her neck. My cock was nudging at the entrance to her slick cunt.

I moved my head away from the soft flesh of her neck so I could look into her face, seeing the change of expression as my cock entered her love tunnel for the first time. She was tight, but so incredibly lubricated that her hot pussy accepted my hardness easily, returning my intrusion with a tight hot slippery embrace gripping my cock so deliciously. Her mouth opened again, her eyes looking at me half-closed. My cock stretching her young pussy caused an almost inaudible gasp of pain, followed by a quiet moan of satisfaction.

I only had the head of my cock inside her. Shifting my weight behind me I pushed deeper inside her slippery tightness, her eyes opened wide now realising that I still had not entered her completely. There was no obstruction, other than her tightness, so perhaps she was not a virgin. I wondered if she had been playing a game with me – just who was seducing who, here?.

Her legs wrapped around me pulling me in as deep as I could go. My mouth moved to hers and she responded, holding me tightly against me, mashing her lips against mine, still moaning into my open mouth. My cock now fully inside her started to move back and forwards, slowly at first, in short steady movements and then speeding up the fuck rhythm building the friction between my hard broad cock and the gripping slimy embrace of her cunt muscles.

I had her where I wanted and now I just fucked her hard, my prick pounding in and out of her body. Taken over by my animal lust, I just rammed in and out of her, shaking her body with every thrust, making her tits jiggle, her hard nipples brushing against my chest.. Her cries started getting louder, keeping pace with my thrusts.

‘Uh, uh, uh, uhh, uhh … Uhhhh … I’m cummmming!’

I didn’t really care. My own load was full and ready. I rammed selfishly into her hot snatch knowing that I couldn’t help spurting deep inside her. I felt the swelling of my cock increasing the pressure on the walls of her vagina as my hot semen pumped up from my balls and spewed out deep inside her womb. I continued to fuck into her, still cumming, making sure she took all my cream inside her young cunt.

Exhausted, I pulled out of her, my cock wet and sticky from our combined juices, her pussy dribbled the same mixture. She lay on the desk, flushed, her pale flesh now a delicious pink, her clothes – those she was still wearing – in disarray. Breathless, she did not move, but she still made the effort to speak.

‘Oh, thank you, Sir!’

I think I am going to have to start working out!

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Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 09

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Susan and Jennifer catch Tommy having sex with Jennifer’s daughter, Christine.

Continued from Chapter 8:

“Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I know you want to suck it,” said Tommy while gently touching the side of her face before sliding a slow, soft finger across her lips. “Take me in your mouth, lick me, and wrap your tongue around me,” he said giving her his permission by placing a gentle hand to the back of her pretty head. “Suck it, Christine. Blow me,” he said encouraging her to take him in her mouth. “See what it feels like to suck a big cock,” he said reaching out to feel her small tits through her blouse and bra.

She was so young, just 20-years-old that she made him feel like an old man when he was only 46-years-old. Yet, with a 26-year difference between them, he was old enough to be her father and she was young enough to be his daughter. Never had he been with a woman as young. Without a doubt, Susan would kill him if she knew he had sex with Jennifer’s daughter and Jennifer would, no doubt, want him to have sex with her too, if she knew he had sex with her daughter.

Christine looked down at his hand feeling her A cup breasts through her blouse. She looked down at his fingertips coaxing out her nipples through her bra. In the way she had been staring at his cock, he was now staring at her blouse and bra clad breasts. As soon as he touched her tits, her nipples made their appearance through her blouse and bra. Then, as soon as he fingered her nipples more, turning them, twisting them, and pulling them, she leaned her head down, flipped her hair out of the way, and took him in her mouth.

Christine, Susan’s best friend’s daughter, was sucking Tommy while he felt her tits and fingered her nipples through her blouse and bra. Sucking and sucking him, she was sucking a man who was old enough to be her father. Sucking and sucking him, she was sucking a man she had just met. Sucking him harder while stroking him faster, she was sucking him as if she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

“Oh, my God, I love sucking your big prick,” she said coming up for air and briefly removing his cock from her mouth to speak. “If you don’t mind, even though I’m really enjoying sucking you, I really need to get laid. I really want to be fucked.”

She looked at him with sexual excitement.

“Okay,” he said with a sly grin while looking forward to making out with her. With foreplay his favorite thing to do, he couldn’t wait to feel her through her clothes while kissing and kissing her. “I can accommodate you.”

Only, ready to spoil all of his fun in having foreplay before undressing her, she reached for the button of her blouse and paused to look at him as if asking his permission to undress.

“You don’t mind if I get naked,” she said looking up at him before standing to strip off her blouse, her bra, her jeans, and her panties without even waiting for his answer. “I really need to get out of these clothes,” she said sexually teasing him while undressing. “God I’m so fucking horny. I’m so fucking wet. I so need a good fucking.”

What was he going to say? No? He would have preferred stripping her himself while kissing her, touching her, and feeling her through her clothes. Instead, watching her undress, intently leering at her as she removed her clothes, he ogled her as if she was as speed stripper on stage.

“Mind? Why would I mind you getting naked? No, I don’t mind at all,” he said watching her unbutton her blouse.

She stared at him staring at her while watching her quickly stripping off her clothes. He wished she wasn’t undressing as fast. He wished she would slowly strip herself naked. He wished she’d allow him to do the honors of undressing her. Only, with her entering Susan’s apartment while he was naked, as if he was having a sexual fantasy, and with the chance that he’d ruin everything, he didn’t want to exert his control of the sexual situation.

“It’s just that I’ve been so fucking horny lately,” she said removing her blouse. “If you don’t mind,” she said removing her jeans and pausing before asking him her question. “I know it’s a lot to ask being that we just met but would you fuck me? Please? I really need to get laid.”

He laughed at his good fortune while his sexual anticipation of fucking twenty-year-old Christine consumed his sexual thoughts.

“Of course I’ll fuck you, Christine,” he said staring at her standing before him in her bra and panty.

She had a flat stomach with jeweled stud in her bellybutton and except for her smallish breasts, she had a very shapely body. With the sexy and shapely body she had, she’d be the perfect candidate for implants.

“I really don’t care how you want to fuck me. If you want to mount me or if you want to just bend me over, it doesn’t matter to me. I just really need a good fucking. I just need to get laid,” she said removing her bra and her panties. “I really need to feel a hard prick inside of me,” she said as if she was asking her izmit rus escort hairdresser for a specific hairstyle.

She exposed her neatly trimmed brown pussy and her tight, little round ass. She looked at him as if she was asking him to read something she wrote instead of asking him to have sexual intercourse with her and fuck her.

‘Don’t mind? She’s got to be kidding,’ thought Tommy.

Tommy looked at her as if he had just won the lottery and she was his prize.

“Well, okay,” said Tommy feigning his reluctance to have sex with her with a shrug of disinterest. “Yeah, sure, I don’t mind fucking you at all Christine,” he said. “It would be my pleasure to throw you a good, hard bang,” he said with shit eating grin.

Once she was naked, he grabbed her around the waist and, in one quick movement, he slammed her naked ass on the bed and was on top of her. Different from Susan’s body, as if ready to drive a new car instead of driving the same old used car, her body felt so firm and so soft at the same time. When he probed her with his fingers, she was already wet, so very wet. He moved his prick to her pussy and with her hand guiding his hard cock inside, forget about kissing, touching, feeling, and making love, as if they had already made love before, they were fucking like rabbits in no time.

* * * * *

Chapter 9:

Normally, especially with her being so young and so pretty, and with him being the lover and the one sexually seducing woman, Tommy would have held her close, looked deeply in Christine’s blue eyes, and kissed her. Normally, he would have closed his eyes, parted her lips with his tongue, and French kissed her while feeling her small, pert breasts and her firm, round ass through her clothes. Instead of having her undress herself, normally, he would have made out with Christine while undressing her himself. Instead of allowing Christine to take sexual control, normally, he would have been the one in control of the sex. Instead of fucking her, just fucking her, he would have made love to her first.

Only, with her so young, and with him so smitten, as if she was a timid deer that he stumbled over in the forest with a twelve point rack and he was a hunter, he didn’t want to frighten her. He didn’t want her to suddenly bolt and leave. With Susan gone shopping for hours with her best friend, Jennifer, Christine’s mother, he wanted her to stay long enough for him to have his wicked, sexual way with her beautiful, naked body. He wanted this sexual coupling, an older man with a young woman, to be a memorable occasion. Yet, with her already spoiling it, she was taking the romance and the foreplay out of his hands by asking him to fuck her, just fuck her.

Normally, if she was any other woman, he wouldn’t mind her taking the lead. Normally, if she was any other women, he wouldn’t care that she just wanted to get laid and just wanted to use him to fuck her. Normally, he’d do anything that a woman would want him to do, even follow her lead. Only, she was special. She was only 20-years-old, compared to him, practically a virgin. She was 26-years younger than he was. A piece of nearly virgin ass like this may never happen again in his lifetime.

As if she was an expensive gift given expressly to him, just as he’d never allow someone else to open it and spoil all of his fun, normally he’d never allow her to strip herself naked. Only, she caught him by surprise when she told him she needed to get laid. With her never removing her eyes from his cock, she floored him when she asked him if he’d fuck her. Actually, she literally begged him to fuck her. Just as he had never been with someone as young, never had he been with a woman so very sexually aggressive before.

With her already standing in front of him naked, naked, he couldn’t believe she was naked, she had already ruined some of his fun. Part of the sexually exciting experience of having sex, especially with someone new and especially with someone so young and so pretty was touching, feeling, and fondling the woman while kissing her and before even undressing her. If he had his druthers, if Christine hadn’t been so aggressively horny and was seemingly just intent on getting laid, he would have taken his sweet time kissing her, feeling her, and undressing her. If he had his druthers, he would have taken his sweet time making love to her before fucking her. If he had any regrets in fucking Christine, with him a spider caught in her web of youth and vibrancy, he regretted that she now controlled what they were going to do and how they were going to do it.

Before even getting naked, with foreplay an integral ingredient of sex necessary for him to become fully, sexually aroused, he loved feeling women through their clothes while kissing them. Before removing his cock from his pants, he loved women feeling him through his clothes while kissing him. He loved the kissing, the touching, the feeling, and the fondling as much as he enjoyed the actual act of having deep penetrating sex with a woman. He needed izmit escort all of that to feel something. He needed all of that to plant the memories of them in his head so that he’d remember what it was like to make love to them before just fucking them.

Foreplay was not only an important ingredient of sex but also a necessary part of sex. Foreplay was so very sexually exciting and, in comparison, sexual intercourse was anticlimactic. As if the end of a movie or the end of a book, compared to that first touch, that first kiss, and the first time seeing her naked, too soon and too fast, cumming was disappointing. Now with her already naked, she removed a big piece of the foreplay that he needed and looked forward to having. Instead of making love as a man and a woman, they would soon be fucking like animals.

With foreplay seemingly taking much longer and much more exciting than the actual act of sexual intercourse, when done right, especially with someone new, sexual intercourse was the ending and the grand finale of a fireworks display. It was always sad at the end of fireworks with the air filled with smoke and everyone hurrying to leave to beat the traffic home. Having the same feeling at the end of a parade with the last float going by and leaving only trash behind, wishing the parade would continue forever, he didn’t want the parade to end. Having the same empty feeling at the end of a football game, whether winning or losing, he’d love to watch just one more pass, great catch, touchdown, and field goal. He had the same sad feeling after watching a movie, especially a good movie. While watching the credits and with everyone hurrying to leave, not wanting the experience to end he was always the last one to leave the theatre.

As if he had witnessed a great battle in the sky before the fireworks ended with a big, colorful bang, the smoky remnants of what just happened were still there filling the air with the acrid smell of gunpowder. Just as he could smell the smoke in the air from the fireworks, with the smell of sex in the air, he could smell a man and a woman cumming together after having had sex. Just as he’d love to watch a never ending firework display, he’d love to have foreplay without the inevitable end.

If he had to choose one over the other, in the way he wasn’t allowed to do with Christine, he’d pick having foreplay with a new woman every time over fucking her, just fucking her. If he had to choose one over the other, he’d rather have foreplay than to just get laid. Just as making love is always better than fucking, and slow lovemaking is always much more fun and sexually exciting than a quickie and/or slam bam fucking, foreplay trumps them both.

Only, he should have a problem. What 46-year-old man would be sad after fucking a 20-year-old woman? What older man would have any regrets after fucking such a fine piece of young ass? Only, with Tommy having reached the connoisseur level of sex, seemingly it took more and better sexual partners to satisfy his finely tuned sexual palette. As if he was a gourmet diner, he wanted to savor the moment of kissing her, touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and licking her beautiful body. Instead of just rushing through the meal by gorging himself full, instead of just fucking her, he wanted to take his time by creating memories that would sexually satisfy him later should they never do this again.

Romance mixed with foreplay can make the sexual experience so much more pleasurable then bending forward some drunken women to do her doggie style in a back alley or having a quickie in the backseat of a car. Younger partners are always better, unless someone like Susan graces the bed. Even older sexual partners can be just as sexually satisfying as younger sexual partners, if they have the sexual experience that Susan’s mother has. For as long as he shall live, he would never forget her gum job.

* * * * *

Normally, while kissing her, holding her, hugging her, touching her, feeling her, and fondling her, Tommy would have made out with her the entire time he was removing Christine’s clothes. Only, he wasn’t given that chance. Normally, after he removed her bra, he would have felt and fondled her tits while fingering her erect nipples before sucking her A cup breasts. Only, she denied him that too.

Normally, once she was naked, feeling her and touching her everywhere, he would have explored her entire naked body. Normally, after removing her panties, he would have felt and squeezed her naked ass, rubbed her clit, and fingered her pussy while kissing her, feeling her tits, and fingering her nipples. Normally, he would have made out with her until his lips were sore. Feeling too rushed and too pressured to fuck her, just fuck her, normally, perhaps a chance of a lifetime, he would have taken more time with her than she wanted him to do and than he did.

Normally, with holding, hugging, and kissing as important as any other part of having sex, he would have enjoyed taking his sweet, slow time with her instead of feeling pressured to kocaeli escort rush to sexually satisfy her by merely fucking her. Normally, once she was naked and sexually aroused enough from all of the kissing, the touching, the feeling, and the fondling, he would have moved between her legs to lick her pussy while fingering her pussy. An acquired talent and with him having a special, oral sex skill, he would have loved to have eaten Christine before making love to her and long before just fucking her. Only, she refused him that honor too.

Normally, he would have rubbed her clit while licking and sucking her clit and while fingering her pussy deeper and while reaching up to fondle her tits and finger her nipples. Normally, he would have given her an orgasm with his fingers and with his mouth before mounting her and sticking his big, hard cock deep inside of her. Normally, he would have made love to her before fucking her. Only, she just wanted to get laid. As if she was a man looking to get laid, she just wanted him to fuck her.

Instead, as if she was the man, as if she was the horny one, and as if she was refusing to take no for an answer, instead of him being the aggressor, Christine was sexually in control. Forget about kissing her, feeling her, touching her, fondling her, and licking her, forget about foreplay, and forget about making love, Christine just wanted to get laid. Christine just wanted to fuck. Fucking is all she wanted to do. Instead of him being her lover, he was nothing more than her dildo.

As if a medical procedure instead of having sex, almost clinical, without even going through all of the sexual seduction, bypassing it all, she just wanted and needed him to stick his big cock in her cunt. She just wanted him to fuck her. Not needing or wanting all of the kissing, the touching, and the feeling, she just wanted to get laid. With him so very sexually excited about having sex with her, especially after she was staring at his cock while watching him masturbate, he was disappointed now.

Never had he ever met a woman who was as horny as he was. Unless she was a prostitute that he paid for sex, no woman that he had ever met just wanted to be fucked. She just wanted to fuck. She just wanted to get laid.

With her staring at his cock in the way he stared at women’s tits, she never removed her eyes from his stiff prick. No woman he had ever been with had been as fascinated with his cock as she obviously was. Something that other women told him was gross, she even seemed to enjoy watching him masturbate himself. Never had he met a woman who wasn’t embarrassed, shy, or ashamed for him to catch her staring at his cock whether flaccid or erect. No woman had he ever been with had told him exactly what she wanted and sexually expected from him.

Normally, for a woman to be ready to fuck him, he’d have to do a lot to even get her to the point of her wanting to fuck him. Unless he drugged her or got her so drunk on alcohol that she didn’t know where she was, who she was with, and what she was doing, he’d have to do more than just jump in bed with her. He’d have to play the potential boyfriend role and/or even pretend to be a good catch. He’d have to show her that he was a good provider for her to perceive him as husband material and a good father for their children.

Normally, for a woman to be ready to fuck him, he’d have to take more time with her. He’d have to call her, talk more to her, make her laugh, entertain her, take her to a movie, to dinner, and romance her over several dates. Normally, for a woman to fuck him, like fingernails doing down a chalkboard, he’d have to do the unimaginable. He’d have to listen to her and pretend that he was interested in all that she had to say. Is it any wonder why men drink to an excess?

Even after they had sex, with no graceful way out, he’d have to stay to hold her while she enjoyed the afterglow of sex. Even worse, if he brought her back to his place, chances are she’d never want to leave. She’d want to stay the night to cook him breakfast the next morning. Sometimes not seeming worth it, all of the things that men do for sex is unbelievable. Then, to add insult to injury, the women would expect him to call her the next day.


Normally for a woman to be ready to fuck him, he’d have to take the time to not only get her to like him enough for him to have sex with her but also he’d have to take the time to get her to trust him. Normally, while taking his time jogging around the bases as if hitting a homerun and hoping to score, he’d have to cajole her, coerce her, and pressure her to fuck him. Then, while kissing her and feeling her through her clothes, he’d have to take his sweet time with foreplay before being able to seduce her.

All of the things that he was willing, ready, and had learned to do now, he’d have to make love to her before even daring to fuck her. Yet, Christine was different. She didn’t want any of that. Within only a few minutes of meeting her, taking him by surprise in her readiness, willingness, and eagerness to go from first base to home without even touching any of the bases, Christine was ready to fuck him. She just wanted to fuck him. She just wanted to get laid. No women he had been with had been as sexually aggressive.

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Summer Ride

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The wind felt soft and warm against her skin as the bike traveled down the twisty roads of some of Texas’ best hill country. Up and down the hills, winding back and forth across the beautiful landscape. The green grasses swayed and glistened in the breeze as longhorns continuously fed themselves. She leaned closer to the Mark, letting her breasts brush against his back as she ran her hands over his smooth chest. She could feel the wind pulling against her body, trying to push her back. Not gonna happen she giggled to herself.

She eased herself gently forward so as not to upset the balance. She tightened her knees around his legs as she ran her hands up under his shirt. Not enough to fully distract him, just enough to urge him on to his destination. She was in hurry to feel more of his flesh in the Texas summer sun. In the meantime, she contented herself with enjoying the scenery, both in front of her and all around. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face and the warmth of his flesh against her hands. Mark took one hand off the handlebars for minute to gently squeeze her leg, letting her know he was fully aware of her effect on him.

Finally the bike slowed and Mark pulled off main road and slowly cruised down a no more than a dirt rut between the trees. They rounded a corner and came to a sheltered clearing. Nothing but trees and hills all around. Their own small Garden of Eden nestled in the hills. They dismounted and she had to stretch her legs and re-introduce her thighs to each other. Her ass felt numb from the constant vibration of the motor between her legs. A little walk around was required to work some blood back into her limbs.

As she walked around admiring the view, Mark began unpacking his camera. He finally had everything unpacked and camera loaded. She began unpacking their picnic supplies and blanket and found a nice place under one the trees. She spread the blanket on the ground while Mark izmit rus escort walked around trying to find a good angle and something to catch his discerning artistic eye. She uncorked the wine and let it breathe for a moment as she watched his firm ass strutting in front her. It constantly amazed her that he didn’t know how sexy he was, especially while he was so engrossed in his art. The only other time she had ever seen him that engrossed was when he was naked lying next to her.

Lying back on the blanket, propped on one arm, she began thinking about laying him on the blanket with her stripping him of his clothes. She imagined his firm chest under her fingers and began to run her hand over her tank top, teasing her as she rubbed one of her own nipples. She thought of him between her thighs and soon her hand followed, letting her fingers trace the path she wanted his tongue to take. She unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand beneath the waistband. She let her head fall back as she stroked her swelling clit, unaware that Mark had just turned to ask her a question.

His breathe hitched in his chest as he watched the dappled sun filtering through the trees and woman lying on the blanket. He could feel his groin tighten. He brought the camera to his eye with out even thinking. He began taking photos of this woodland nymph caught in the throes of pleasing herself. He watched her chest rise and fall, and although he wasn’t close enough to hear, he knew the little mewling sounds she would be making now. His hand shook on the shutter button as he watched her. The bulge in his jeans was growing uncomfortable.

He began walking toward her, like a lion stalking his prey. He thought of alerting her to his presence but was enjoying the view too much. He continued snapping pictures; he could develop and view these for his own private collection. He stepped on a twig and the noise caused her head to izmit escort snap up. He watched the blush travel from her cheeks downward to the top of her chest. Almost the nicest shade of pink he had ever seen. But he knew that where her fingers were now was the prettiest shade of pink nature has ever invented.

Oh God, she couldn’t believe he had just caught her getting so carried away. She froze for a moment and looked up to were he was standing by her feet, camera in hand. “Don’t stop baby, ” he whispered huskily, “your beautiful.” Oh my gosh, could she keep this up with him watching? Her breath was coming hard and fast and she could feel the heat in her cheeks and not from the sun either. She started to withdraw her hand but the look on his face kept her spell bound.

“Please baby, don’t stop.” Mark begged softly. How could she resist? Sliding her shorts off and flicking them at his feet, she looked up grinning. She had never felt so wicked or so free. She leaned back; keeping her eyes on him and began stroking herself again. She watched his eyes following her fingers as she slowly circled her clit. With one hand, she parted her pussy lips, giving him a better view. Mark dropped to his knees, camera still clicking in his shaking hands.

She rubbed her fingers over her swollen clit, and then dipped one finger inside her tight pussy, pulling out a dew soaked finger, which she trailed back up to her clit. She could here the shutter clicking and knew she should be embarrassed. But how could she possibly feel embarrassed with the look of adoration and lust on his face just now. She decided to totally let go of any feelings that didn’t center on her increasing pleasure.

She began stroking her clit faster, increasing the pressure. Mark watched as her pussy began dripping with dew. She drew her legs up to place her feet flat on the blanket, lightly lifting her hips at the same time. She would much rather be digging kocaeli escort them in to his shoulders right now, but this would do. It was hard to imagine who was enjoying this more. She brought two fingers down and around her clit. She arched her hips as she began working her clit faster and harder.

Mark could her hear the little moans coming from her heaving chest. “Come on baby, there’s no one around, let it go, scream for me, ” Mark urged her on. He watched in fascination as she began stroking her clit harder and faster. The faster she went, the louder she moaned. She slid one finger inside again to moisten her clit. She started moving her hips in rhythm with her fingers, moaning and throwing her head back.

“No, baby, look at me, ” Mark begged, “I want to see your face when you cum for me.” Feeling her clit swell under her fingers, she raised her head up, looking between her legs and deep into Mark’s eyes. Sweat glistened across his brow as he shifted positions. She looked down and saw the bulge in his crotch. No wonder he needed to move. The thought struck her suddenly that her pleasuring herself just for him for the reason for his straining hard on. That thought spurned her on. She began stroking faster and harder, arching her back off the blanket. Her hips bucking wildly, her clit swollen with need, she looked back up to Mark’s eyes and with one final stroke brought herself to screaming orgasm. Her cries echoed off the hills as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

From his position, Mark could see her pussy clench and contract with her orgasm. He couldn’t resist sliding one finger inside to feel her pulsing. As soon as he did, another wave washed over her. He felt his finger squeezed between her throbbing wet walls.

She lay there panting as he withdrew his finger and began to bring it up to his mouth. She quickly sat up and grabbed his hand. She drew his finger into her mouth and sucked her own sweet juices off him. He could feel her hot mouth around finger, sucking and pulling. She licked the last of her juices off his finger and then leaned back. “If you want to taste me, then your gonna have to do it yourself, ” she said grinning.

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Back to School: Incentive Ch. 03

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Monday was a tense and apprehensive time for Sarah Stevens. The young, buxom teacher had told herself over and over that she had to be more professional with her students, but time after time, she seemed to wind up having sex with them. Sarah loved sex.

Sarah had been a slut all through high school and college, barely graduating from both institutions. She saw nothing wrong with being a slut, but did feel that she should maintain the proper teacher-student relationship. However, having long blond hair, a pretty face, rich lips, and a killer body with 36DD sized breasts, had most, if not all, the male students lusting for her, which did not help matters at all.

Sarah’s current dilemma came about when Coach Hicks injured his back again. Sarah, as the only other physical education teacher, had to take his place as the football coach just before Westville High was to play in the Regional Championship. She provided the team an incentive to prevail over the other team.

Principal Schwartz had made a rash and impulsive bet with Principal Hopper, the principal of the other high school. The bet was that the principal of the losing team would become the sex slave to the other for twenty-four hours. Schwartz told her team that Sarah would have sex with all of them if they won. They did and Sarah fucked each member of the team after the game. Schwartz, having won her bet, was so repulsed by the chauvinistic, arrogant Hopper that she was going to cancel the bet. Nurse Cindy Brown, Sarah’s best friend, came up with a solution. She and Sarah sucked and fucked the brains out of six male students for over eight hours in the school auditorium while Principal Hopper was forced to watch, He was handcuffed naked to a chair in such a way that he could not move. The man was literally crying at the end from the pain of his blue balls.

Sarah knew that Principal Schwartz did not like her and tried to get her fired by filming her having sex with a student. Fortunately, Sarah managed to turn the tables on Schwartz and got Schwartz on film also. After that, the two of them had settled into an uneasy truce. Sarah liked her job and did not want to jeopardize it.

Sarah had finished her morning classes and headed down to the infirmary to see her friend. Cindy had given Sarah assurances that Principal Schwartz would not care about what happened in the auditorium, but Sarah had her doubts. She walked into the infirmary to see Cindy helping a young man into the back examination room.

“Oh, Sarah, great!” said Cindy happily. “You’re just in time to help. John took a tumble while playing soccer. Can you help me get him onto an examination table?”

“Of course,” said Sarah, moving forward to get on the other side of the student, who was favoring his right leg.

John was in heaven despite his pain. He was being helped by two extremely sexy women and he could feel their large tits pressing into his sides as they helped him towards the exam table. Nurse Brown had the top three buttons of her white uniform undone and John swore he could look down her huge cleavage all the way to her belly button. His cock was beginning to stiffen up as he sat down on the table.

“Lie back on the table,” ordered Cindy. She turned to Sarah and said, “If you take off his left shoe, I’ll get his right one.”

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be here during an examination,” stated Sarah.

“Don’t be silly,” scoffed Cindy. “If you help me, we’ll be done in half the time and get to lunch that much sooner.”

“Well, okay,” said Sarah hesitantly.

Sarah eased off John’s left shoe and sock as Cindy gingerly took off the right one. John gasped in pain as Cindy removed the sock off his foot. Cindy then examined his ankle while John gritted his teeth.

“I think you just sprained it,” stated Cindy as she pulled an Ace bandage out of a drawer. She began wrapping John’s ankle before saying to Sarah, “Can you please help John get his shirt off?”

“I suppose so,” said Sarah, unsure of why John needed his shirt off.

Sarah helped John to sit up while Cindy finished wrapping his ankle. Sarah grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up over his head. As Sarah lifted her arms, John got a good eyeful of her bounteous boobs, which were held in place by her sports bra. John’s cock needed no other encouragement and hardened up to its full length. John was happy that it was up against his stomach and saving him the embarrassment of tenting out his athletic shorts. With his shirt off, John laid back down.

“Okay,” said Cindy, moving to the side of the table opposite Sarah. “Let’s get his shorts off.”

“Cindy, I don’t think…” Sarah started to protest.

“John took a bad fall,” interrupted Cindy. “I need to check him out thoroughly for other injuries. It’s the sensible thing to do.”

“Oh, okay,” said Sarah.

“John, lift your hips,” ordered Cindy as she gripped the waistband of his shorts.

“I…um…” stammered John. embarrassed that these gorgeous women would laugh when they saw his hard-on.

“Hush! Lift your hips!” ordered Cindy. “Sarah, give escort izmit me a hand.” Together, the two women pulled down John’s shorts and jock strap. John’s prick sprang free and snapped back against his stomach with a loud slap. Neither woman looked at it.

“What did you come to see me about?” Cindy asked Sarah as she began her examination, starting with John’s right foot.

“Well, I don’t think we can talk about it here,” stated Sarah as Cindy’s fingers slid and caressed up John’s calf. His cock twitched up and down in response.

“Nonsense,” scoffed Cindy as her hands traveled up John’s thigh causing him to gasp. “We’re in a professional setting. John knows better than to say anything…it’s privileged.”

“Right…uh..sure,” gasped John as Cindy’s hands stopped on his mid-thigh. “…Uh…nurse-patient privilege, right?”

“Exactly,” said Cindy as she moved her hands down to his left foot and started to examine his other leg.

“Well, I guess this is a privileged conversation,” said Sarah. “Cindy, I need to keep a more professional relationship with my students.”

“Didn’t you enjoy Saturday night?”

“Immensely,” admitted Sarah, “but we could’ve been caught.”

“It was for the good of the school,” said Cindy as her fingers caressed John’s thigh. John was panting slightly through his mouth and trying not to distract the two women. “Damn, I can’t see. Sarah, grab a hold of his penis and point it straight up.”

Without thinking about it, Sarah grasped John’s cock with one hand. John inhaled sharply as her soft fingers encircled his shaft and pointed it towards the ceiling.

“Princ…the guy that was going to welsh on the bet and disrespect our school,” argued Cindy as her hands slid up and down John’s thigh. “We couldn’t let him get away with that.”

“I remember you saying that,” said Sarah. Her hand involuntarily began to pump up and down on John’s hard cock. “I guess we did have to uphold the reputation of our school.”

“That is correct,” said Cindy. “Oh, you need to use both hands.”

Sarah released John’s cock and he groaned in disappointment. She then took a two-fisted grip on his throbbing meat and started to pump both hands up and down.

“I’m sure Principal Schwartz would approve if she had seen us,” added Cindy. One of her hands slithered up to cup John’s testicles. John was breathing heavily, trying desperately from cumming too soon. “You have the State Championship game this Saturday. Are you going to use the same incentive to motivate the team?”

“Cindy, I told you I need to have a more professional attitude with my students,” said Sarah as her hands jacked up and down on John’s hard, hot shaft. John was trembling as the sexual tension in his balls was approaching the breaking point. “Besides, that was Principal Schwartz who came up with it. I was shocked that she did it. You were also a part of her bet.”

“Boy, was I!” exclaimed Cindy, remembering back to the Regional’s where she sucked and fucked the entire opposing football team at halftime to drain their strength. Her fingers gently kneaded John’s balls, causing him to groan in delight. “It may just be the incentive our team needs to win State.”

“AUGH!!!” cried out John as his balls tightened and his cock pulsated in Sarah’s hands.

Cindy was fast enough to scoop up a plastic cup just as John started spurting out rope after rope of white creamy cum. She caught most of his thick baby batter in the cup, but some splattered onto Sarah’s fingers. John continued to shake as he continued to pump out wad after wad of his jism into the cup.

“Oh, thank goodness,” said Cindy with a satisfied sigh. “There is no damage to his genitalia. Let’s go to lunch.”

Sarah washed the few splatters of sperm off her hands. John could only lay on the table gasping for breath from the throes of his climax. Cindy activated a cold pack and placed it on John’s bandaged ankle. She than wetted down a washcloth with warm water and handed to John.

“Keep the cold pack on your ankle,” Cindy told him. “I’ll have the secretary call your parents about your sprain and find out what they would like to do. If your parents haven’t come for you when I get back, I’ll do another checkup after lunch.”

John’s eyes lit up in anticipation and he said, ” Just tell them it’s a minor sprain. My mom can come get me in a couple of hours. You know…to let the swelling go down.”

“It’s always good to get the swelling down,” stated Cindy. “Sometimes, it takes an hour or two.”

Sarah and Cindy headed out of the infirmary and started walking towards the cafeteria.

“Do you think Principal Schwartz will use us again to win the State Championship?” asked Cindy.

“I don’t know,” stated Sarah as they continued to walk. “She’s still the same…uptight, stern, and with a strong dislike for the two of us. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was tricked into making that bet and was forced to come to us for help.”

“Huh?” asked Cindy, confused.

“You know what I mean,” said Sarah. “I’m hoping she won’t do it again. You remember what izmit escort I said about keeping my teacher-student boundaries?”

“Of course, I remember. You know, I feel like having a salad. I’ve got some sauce here I’m dying to taste,” stated Cindy, holding up the plastic cup.


At the same time that Sarah and Cindy were administering aid to John, Principal Schwartz was meeting with an unexpected visitor. Schwartz was dressed in her severe gray business suit with her hair pulled back tightly into a bun. Her black horn-rimmed glasses gave her a stern, unfeminine look. Nothing she did, however, could disguise the size of her two large breasts or the hourglass shape of her body. Her visitor was well aware of her figure and also of her uncompromising principles.

“Principal Eversol, it is a pleasure to meet you,” greeted Schwartz, shaking his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine,” said Eversol in a cultured voice. “I must apologize for arriving here unannounced. I was in the neighborhood and, since our respective teams are meeting on the football field of battle for the title of State Champion, I thought it might be nice to meet my opposite number.”

“Am I who you thought I would be?” asked Schwartz.

“Ada Schwartz, magna cum laude from George Washington University, majored in teaching, minored in dance, completed your masters, a competent teacher, extremely capable administrator, and known as a disciplinarian. As for your personal life…” Eversol stopped and smiled. “That, my dear lady, is none of my business.”

“Which means he knows about my philandering ex and the very messy divorce we had,” thought Schwartz. She then said aloud, “Doctor Peter Eversol, summa cum laude from Harvard, majored in teaching and business administration, captain of the University football team for three years, PhD. in English Lit., author of four books…I particularly liked the one on Chaucer…a well-liked principal who is known to watch out for his people. I’m afraid I’m not privy to your personal life.”

Eversol laughed and said, “That means you know I’m twice divorced and have a roving eye.”

“I wouldn’t know,” stated Schwartz.

“Of course,” said Eversol nonplussed. “I am still delighted to meet you. I wanted to wish you, Coach Hicks, and your team the best of luck this Saturday.”

“I’m afraid Coach Hicks injured his back and will not be at the game on Saturday.”

“I had heard he was not able to coach the team at the Regional’s,” stated Eversol. “Nothing serious, I hope?”

“No, he just manages to throw his back out every now and then,” replied Schwartz. “Unfortunately, it lays him up for several weeks.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” said Eversol and Schwartz believed that he actually meant it. “I understand another teacher led the team during that game. Will she also lead the team this Saturday?”

“You seemed well informed.”

“I try to be,” said Eversol seriously. “Melvin Hopper and I have met several times when our teams have played against one another. I hope you don’t mind my saying that I really don’t care for the man. Anything that has happened to him, he deserves. I guess I am really here to ensure that, between the two of us, we have a safe and fair game on Saturday. Don’t you agree?”

Schwartz could feel her neck turning red in embarrassment. She was sure that Eversol had a good idea of what she did to win the Regional game and also, maybe, about her bet with Hopper. Schwartz damped down her embarrassment and shored up her resolve.

“Nothing would please me more,” she said. “Feelings will be running high. We both need to make sure that your people and my people stay on their respective side of the playing field.”

“Excellent!” exclaimed Eversol. “I was sure we would be on the same sheet of music concerning the game. Is it possible to meet your temporary coach…Miss…?

“Sarah Stevens,” supplied Schwartz, standing up and escorting Eversol to the door. “She is the woman’s physical education teacher, She should be at lunch and we may be able to catch her at the teacher’s dining room.”

“I’ve never played against a female coach before,” stated Eversol as they walked together down the hallway towards the cafeteria. “It will be interesting to see how she directs the team. Is she good at football?”

Schwartz almost broke out laughing and only maintained her composure by sheer will. She did chuckle as she said, “You’ll have to wait till Saturday to find out.”

“My apologies,” said Eversol sincerely. “Miss Stevens is now an unknown quality. You’ll forgive me if I am a little curious about her.”

“Well, just don’t expect me to divulge any information,” stated Schwartz as they entered the teacher’s dining room. “There she is…over there.”

“Schwartz!” hissed Sarah to Cindy, who immediately buttoned up the top three buttons of her nurse’s uniform.

“Miss Stevens…Nurse Brown, I would like you to meet Principal Eversol,” said Schwartz. “He is the principal of Friendship High, the Wolverines.”

Oh…OH!” gasped izmit kendi evi olan escort Sarah as she stood up to greet the tall, fit man standing next to Principal Schwartz. “Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“The honor is all mine,” said Eversol, looking first at Sarah and then at Cindy. “I understand that you are taking over for the injured Coach Hicks. I would like to extend my congratulations on your win at the Regional’s and offer you the best of luck for this Saturday.”

“Thank you and the same to you,” said Sarah nervously.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted your lunch,” he said. “The chef salad looks delicious.”

“Would you like to try some?” offered Cindy, which elicited a gasp from Sarah. “…Principal Schwartz?”

“Thank you, but no,” refused Eversol. as Schwartz took a small forkful and put it in her mouth. “I am meeting with friends for lunch and I am afraid that now I have to say goodbye to you ladies.”

Schwartz had been watching Eversol the entire time. She knew that when he had looked at Nurse Brown he had stripped her down to her bare skin with his eyes in a flash. The look he had given Miss Stevens had nothing at all to do with sex and lust. It was a stark appraisal of the type of person she was. Schwartz could have sworn that she had detected a hint of worry behind his urbane demeanor. She chew and swallowed the bite of salad she had taken.

“I’ll be glad to escort you to your car,” offered Schwartz, looking at Eversol. She turned to face Sarah and Cindy. “Principal Eversol and I have agreed that, in regards to Saturday’s game, we need to ensure that no hi-jinks occur. We both want a fair and safe game. Sarah, I know you’ve been a little overworked with a new coaching duties. I’m having Ms. Porter take over for the girl’s cheerleading and volleyball practice until after the game.”

“Principal Schwartz, she’s a math teacher,” protested Sarah.

“Ms. Porter is a capable teacher,” countered Schwartz. “She can fill in for week.”

Having said that, Schwartz and Eversol left the cafeteria and headed out to the parking lot. Eversol unlocked his car and said, ” I’m glad we had this talk. I think we are going to have an exciting game on Saturday.”

“I believe we will,” agreed Schwartz. She then held her hand over her mouth as she gave a little burp. “Excuse me.”

“The salad was not to your liking?” asked Eversol.

“The salad was delicious, but the sauce was a little salty.”


As Eversol drove away, he opened his cellphone and punched a button on his speed dial.

“Mike Calricci,” greeted a voice through the earpiece.

“Hello, Coach. It’s Peter,” said Eversol. “I’m on my way back. We may have a problem.”


Natalie Porter was the newest faculty member at Westville high. A 21 year years old, she knew she was lucky to secure a teaching position even though she had a 4.0 GPA all through college. It was her lack of social skills said troubled her the most, along with her lack of fashion sense. She always wore big baggy clothing, with colors that invariably clashed. Her waist length black hair was always put up into a bun and her dark brown eyes were hidden by her black hornrim glasses.

In high school and college, Natalie knew she was a geek and a free spirit. She would never be a cool or popular girl and, therefore, was not a threat to anyone. She never felt the need to socialize beyond what was required to maintain her GPA. Of course, she never turned down anyone seeking her help with schoolwork.

What Natalie could not understand is why she of all people should be standing out in a practice field with a dozen cheerleaders staring at her. Principal Schwartz had told her it was only for a week to free up Miss Stevens to work with the football team. The problem was that Natalie had no clue about cheerleading.

“Hi, girls,” said Natalie. “Principal Schwartz sent me to replace Miss Stevens for this week.”

“Oh, okay, Miss. Porter,” said Amanda, the cheerleading team captain, in understanding. “You’re our substitute coach, right?”

“I guess,” stated Natalie. “I don’t know what I can do for you, though.”

“No offense, Miss Porter, but our routines are already choreographed,” stated Amanda. “Regulations require us to have a coach at all activities and it has to be a teacher. If it’s all right with you, I can handle the practice.”

“I understand, Amanda,” said Natalie. “If it’s all right with you, I’ll stay over at the bleachers. I have some work that I need to catch up on.”

“That would be fine, Miss Porter,” said Amanda.

Natalie headed over to the bleachers, while the cheerleaders started their routines. She watched the girls for a little while before opening up her book bag to grade some math papers that she brought with her. The practice went by quickly, and, afterwards, the girls headed off to the locker room. Natalie started put her papers away when a gust of wind came by and blew one of her papers up to the top of the bleachers. Natalie scurried after it and managed to snag it just before it blew off into the fields. Coming back down, she put the errant paper into her bag and started to walk around behind the bleachers.

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Bad Day Gone Good

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What started out to be a quick drink at the end of a long day, turned out to be one of the most erotic events of my life. To this day, the reflection of that evenings events, still quicken my breath and moisten my panties.

They say the fastest way to find something is “to quit looking for it”. I now have proof that it is true.

It had always been a fantasy of mine to indulge in a three sum; giving a man the ultimate, by being with a woman for him. I would not call my thoughts lesbian, but definitely curious.

Being a control freak by nature, I had put many scenarios together of how this would happen. But not in my wildest imagination could I have dreamed this.

I had just finished a long tedious day. I had stopped at a local building supply company to pick up some last minute materials needed for a job that was scheduled the next day. I am a woman in the construction business, thus the control freak issue. It is a matter of survival.

As I pulled out, I noticed a new bar/restaruant nearby. A cold Budweiser was screaming my name, so I walked in and headed for the bar area. It was a great atmosphere; sports theme, open, airy, big screen TVs. Taking in the place, I pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a Bud. The bartender was a cute spunky little coed. She had short blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty white teeth, and the perkiest pair of nipples I had ever seen.

I suppose all women look at other women as to compare themselves. I have an appreciation for attractive people and bodies, male or female. That pair of buttons protruding from her tight T shirt , surely caught my attention.

I had just settled in to my beer, when I heard a cell phone ring. Thinking it was one last crisis of the day, I reached next to my beer to grab the ringing phone. It was only when a very warm masculine hand covered my hand at the same time from behind me, that I realized, my phone was still silent and on my side. I quickly removed my hand from underneath his, shocked more by the electric currents that charged through his hand to mine, then almost answering the wrong phone.

I could only hear one side of the conversation and I tried not to eaves drop, paying attention to the TV’s over head, but I could tell, this man was having a day to parallel mine. He was pacing back and forth trying to be diplomatic to someone on the phone. I could tell that he was an employer as well of some kind, and that his patience was wearing thin. His voice was deep, masculine. It held a pitch of authority without being pompous. He had just enough breath with each word to make me wonder what it would be like to hear him whisper near my ear.

Here I was, imagining this stranger, that I still had not laid eyes on, making love to me thru his words. When minutes before I was studying the barmaids nipples. The thought occurred to me at that point that I was working way too hard and needed to get out in the real world more.

I had finished my beer and noticed that the Bud Lite sitting on the bar next to where the phone was just sitting was almost empty. I motioned for the bartender to bring me another beer, and ordered one for the stranger with the sexy voice and hands.

She brought them over and proceeded to stay and talk. I welcomed the diversion from his voice. We laughed and made small talk. Her name was Peggy. As I suspected, she was a student at the University. She told me she was in her last year, I suspected her to be in her early twenties.

She stopped in our mid conversation and said “Welcome back Andy, this beautiful lady next to you bought you a fresh beer”.

As if on Que, I turned to face the stranger. There was an instant attraction. Even with a flustered look on his face, he had a wonderful, genuine smile and sparkling eyes. There was a surface look about him, and a wonderful hint of sensuality underneath. His eyes held a promise, that few have ever been given.

I felt my heart race. I controlled my emotions and held up my beer to him as if to toast him. “To the end of the rat race day” I said.

He grabbed his fresh beer, looked me in the eye and toasted me back.

We talked for what seemed forever. There seemed to be no subject that was taboo. It was such a great feeling to have such a natural rapport escort izmit with someone like that.

I have never been one to mince words, or hold back, so I told him just that. How comfortable I was with him. We discussed everything from business to sex.

Peggy, had been busy with people coming in and out, but when she would have a minute she would come back and join us. I could tell he was a regular there, as she seemed to know him well. Maybe a little too well. I couldn’t resist asking as the evening progressed and the beers flowed, if they had been together.

In a rather embarrassed look, but a truthful statement, he told me that she had wanted to go out with him many times, and offered, but he was afraid of her reading more in to a relationship then what he was offering. A man of means has to be so careful not to fall into that trap. I made a comment, not knowing Peggy was standing right there, “ahh that’s too bad, I’d do her”. Then proceeded to laugh. Well, all 3 of us looked at each other then laughed. It was funny, yet, it planted a seed.

One thing lead to another and he invited me to his house to go hot tubbing. It seemed like such a natural progression from what we had been so open sharing.

Peggy came over to tell us that her shift was ending and she needed to cash us out. Andy said “That’s ok, we were leaving too”. She gave me a whimsical knowing look, and I just couldn’t resist. “Peggy, we’re going Hot tubbing, would you like to join us?” I said.

Poor Andy choked on his last swallow of beer. She looked at him teasing and said “Oh, I can tell when I am not welcome”.

“No No its not that” Andy replied, looking like a cat that just swallowed a canary, well 2 canaries.

He then gave us both directions to his home and we left.

At that point I was not certain what the evening was going to bring. I had a good buzz from the beers I had drank, and was very attracted to Andy.

He had told me earlier, that his fantasy (like every man) was to have two women together.

I stopped at the liquor store and got some beers and some wine coolers. Peggy didn’t strike me as a beer drinker.

His house turned out to be a gorgeous home in an awesome place.

I couldn’t help but wonder as I walked in, how many woman had walked these same steps. Instead of a pang of jealousy, I felt a feeling of pride that he had chosen me to be one of them as well, how ever many there had been.

I knew right then, I wanted to make this a night for him to always remember.

I followed him in to the kitchen. He took the bottles from my hands, put them on the counter, and leaned down and kissed me. Not just a kiss. A real full fledged, full lipped, lots of tongue kiss, that melted me into a giant puddle.

It had been years since I was kissed by a man with such confidence. Although confident, there was still room for me to take the lead or follow, what ever I needed. I did both. We stood there giving and taking from each other with those kisses, as if nothing else mattered. He pulled me into his body. I could feel his hardness, and feel myself conform to him. We let our bodies do what felt naturally to each other. We couldn’t get close enough.

We heard a car pull up. “Well, I’ll be” Andy said. “I didn’t think she would show”.

Peggy came in and we got her a drink. I was right about the coolers. She downed one quickly and we gave her another. We all laughed and made small talk, feeling a little nervous.

Andy suggested we go out on the back deck where the hot tub was. It was a mild evening, and the stars were just out. He had soft lights on the side of the deck away from the hot tub. It was very nice.

We all talked a little more and I decided to make the next move.

“I thought we were tubbing” I said, as I began to untie my shoes and disrobe.

Andy wasted no time getting the cover off, and dim the lights even more. By the time he had turned the jets on, Peggy and I were naked and stepping into the tub.

She was a charm. Her hard nipples were dark and pert. No wonder I could see them thru her t shirt earlier. They were large, almost as big as raspberries. Her globes themselves weren’t that big, but those nipples….

As she stepped into the tub, I allowed izmit escort my eyes to trail down to her little snatch. A perfect little triangle of blonde pubic hair adorned her mound. Such a contrast she was to my fuller figured body. My large breasts were firm in the night air, and my shaven pussy was already collecting wetness in between the folds.

I looked over and saw Andy with the bemused look on his face. Some where between “is this really happening to me?” and sheer passion and arousal. Arousal was right. As he dropped his jeans, very last before stepping into the tub himself, I got the first look at his gorgeous manhood. He stood a good 9 inches fully erect. So many larger sized men do not get a real hard cock. I could tell his was totally engorged and hard.

I motioned for him to settle in between us. Both of us girls were submerged to our necks, so he had yet to see us at the same time. I stood out of the water a bit so he could see my breasts, dripping with water, full and ready. I leaned over and kissed him, pressing myself to him. It was a different kiss then we had shared in his kitchen. This was pure animalistic raw sexual in nature. He pulled away from me and I motioned to Peggy “Don’t leave her out” I said as he kissed her as well.

I loved seeing him kiss her. Loved the way she pushed her body closer to his.

He put his arms around us both, pulling us both into him and closer to each other. Her big nipples were protruding so, that with my full breasts and her erect nipples, our nipples almost touched.

“Kiss for me ladies” he commanded.

I reached over and pulled her to me in front of him. It was a tentative kiss at first. We were both so unfamiliar kissing another woman. I heard a moan escape from Andy’s throat.”God ladies that is so hot” he coached.

Peggy and I’s temps began to speed up some. We went from just lips to lips to exploring each others mouth a bit. His mouth soon joined us and we were involved in a three way kiss. Lips, tongues, mouths all eager to explore this new feeling.

He had pushed Peggy and I closer to each other. Our nipples and breasts now touching. I held out my breast to her, she pulled hers out and touched mine with a hard nipple. We teased each other like that for a while. Andy just taking in the sights and reaching down to stoke his cock as he watched us.

Although the hot tub broke the ice it was time to get some where where we could appreciate the full visuals of the experience. We moved into his bedroom, where a huge King sized bed awaited us.

Once again, Peggy and I positioned ourselves on either side of him.

I couldn’t wait to suck his cock. As they were starting to kiss, I began a trail of kisses down Andy’s sexy chest and stomach. I could feel goose bumps forming behind every kiss and lick I made.

When I got to his cock, I licked like a popsicle, getting his shaft nice and slippery. I felt both sets of eyes on me as I took his head and licked the precum that hard formed on his tip. I circled his head, dancing my tongue around his hole, savoring the taste, till I needed to get as much cock in my mouth as I could. He was so thick, so big it was hard to get much of him in my mouth.

“Help me suck this big cock Peggy” I said.

She slid down and the two of us took turns licking and sucking his cock. While she took him deep into her mouth, I would lick his balls and suck on them. When I would lick his shaft and then deep throat him, she would lick him underneath. As she was licking, I noticed him spreading his legs even more for us. I couldn’t resist being nasty with him. As she was licking his balls, I said “Don’t stop there Peggy, lick his ass too”. She eagerly followed my directions. I saw her tongue go lower and Andy’s legs spread wider and his hips thrust up giving her better accessibility.

“Thats it, eat his ass good Peggy. Lick his rim. Thats it, lick it all nice and clean” I said to her as she hungrily devoured his waiting asshole.

“You like her eating your ass don’t you Andy” I said to him as was being consumed by the moment.

I grabbed his cock and began stroking it to the same rhythm he was moving his hips up and down saying more of the same things to both of them. They both seemed izmit kendi evi olan escort to like me talking nasty to them. so I kept it up stroking his cock hard and firm and she now had her tongue buried in his asshole.

I could feel his cock begin to throb and I knew he was going to give us a nice load. I grabbed her hair and pulled her us as I stuck my face next to hers and next to his cock.

“Give us your load of cumm Andy all over our pretty faces” No sooner did I tell him that and he look down and see out awaiting tongues, did he erupt. Mounds and mounds of milky hot cumm covered both Peggy and I’s face. What a turn on it was to see his cumm dripping down her cheeks and chin. I couldn’t help but stick my tounge out and begin to lick it off her. She soon followed suit and began licking me too. It wasn’t long before Peggy and I were in each others arms licking and savoring every drop of Andy’s cumm. We totally got caught up in each other. Soon we were kissing and fondling each other. Andy’s spent cock began almost instantly showing life again at the sight of us. I decided to make a bold move.

“You want me to eat Peggy’s pussy for you, don’t you Andy?” I asked him.

He answered by pulling her legs apart for me, and opening her lips. Her pussy glistened with wetness. I could smell her wild scent.

Not really knowing how to proceed, I asked Andy to show me how it was done. “Better yet I will tell you baby” he answered.

“Lick her slit” he instructed.

I tentatively began running my tongue up and down her moist slit. I felt her tense as I came in contact with her sensitive spots. Not wanting to over stimulate her, I teased around the places that made her moan, before directly manipulating them.

“Spread her wide open baby and lick her clit” he encouraged.

Not really knowing what I was looking for, I held her pussy lips open with my fingers and just began exploring with my tongue. It wasn’t long before I found an increasingly hard button pop up. I had found my target. I could hear her moan and start to move around the bed. I circled the treasure with my tongue and began to gently suckle that area.

“That’s it baby, your going to make Peggy cumm, keep it up, and let her cumm in your mouth” Andy continued.

I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn’t notice my own body already beginning to rock. I felt the most wonderful sensations in my pussy when I realized that Peggy had started rubbing me and finger fucking me. I repositioned myself so she would have better access as I continued pleasing her with my tongue.

Andy’s cock was rock hard again and I knew I was ready for it.

“Please fuck me” I begged.

“Not till you make Peggy cumm, then you can have some of this cock” he answered.

She responded by reaching down and holding my head and literally used my head and face for her to rock her pussy on. My face was buried deep into her slit, my tongue licking frantically at her clit. My finger found their way to her hole where I fucked her with 1, 2 then 3 fingers deep and hard. She began to yell that she was coming. I was so close as well. I felt Andy shift and get behind me and in one motion he was behind me and his cock was in my pussy. The sensation was incredible, feeling the control of bringing Peggy to a shuddering climax, while my pussy was full of Andy’s cock.

When Peggy started to cumm, I felt a sudden rush of wetness in my mouth. I drank and drank her juices as I felt her whole pussy, in and out, spasm. She was screaming and moaning. My voice mixed with her as Andy just pounded me hard from the rear. I felt his thumbs toying with my ass, tentative at first, then he inserted it. I loved the feeling of both of my holes being filled and still licking Peggys went pussy. I couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. My ass was throbbing, my walls contracting, and my clit was pulsating all at the same time.

Andy could feel it because he too said he was going to cumm. I felt him pull out and then warm cumm being sprayed all over my ass. I saw Peggy’s appreciative eyes watch as he stroked every drop of cumm out of his cock and unload all over my back side.

When everyone had come back down to earth, we all agreed that that experience was better then we could have ever planned out. The comfort level, and spontaneity was just incredible.

We have since been together again, but nothing has ever compared to that day from hell that ended in a night in heaven.

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Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 04

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As I’ve explained before, I specialise in entertaining older men, and offer “outercourse”. Most people understand that means non-penetrative sex but I always stress the point when taking calls from new clients.

I live close to an upmarket retirement “village” which has around 600 units, and there are also many retirees in the larger area. The vast majority of my clients are well-funded for their late years but, unfortunately, as they have aged, their bodies no longer respond as they would like, though they have not lost the desire for sexual contact. The problem for them is that they don’t have an understanding and willing sex partner, even though they may have wives.

I never want more than two clients a day and I rarely take weekend bookings. Demand exceeds supply but I’m as busy as I want to be to maintain a good standard of living. If all that sounds mercenary, well, I suppose it is, but I put a lot of effort into what I do and I think I provide a service that is very much appreciated.

As well as those men who have age-related erection problems, there are those that seem to suffer from performance anxiety. I hear about this from several men, even those that are somewhat younger. In summary, the problem seems to be that fear of not getting or of losing an erection actually cause it to happen. To compound the issue, they feel bad about not being able to satisfy the woman they are with, let alone themselves. I think it is one of the reasons that, by offering only non-penetrative sex, I attract some clients, because with me they don’t feel that pressure to perform.

Some of my clients take Viagra before seeing me, others have tried it but don’t continue with it because of the side-effects, and others just don’t wish to use it. From those that use it I have learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts and perhaps some readers would like to hear about such things. If not, just skip the next paragraph.

Please don’t take what I have to say about Viagra as a qualified medical opinion; it is just the experiences that I have been told about over a period of time. The first thing is that Viagra does not combine at all well with alcohol, which negates its intended effect and aggravates side-effects like stomach acidity, nausea and blurred vision. Then there seems to be a recommendation that it is izmit rus escort taken on an empty stomach so that it is more easily absorbed into the system. Although it can work after twenty minutes, they say it is best to wait for about an hour. As regards dosage, I have heard that more is not necessarily better, again because of those side-effects. Finally, it is not an automatic erection generator; without the right kind of stimulus, a cock will still not respond.

So now I think it is time to tell you about what engages me by far the most with my clients and is the reason I think I am soon going to need a wrist support.

I never gave it much thought but, for years, I just assumed that a man needed a proper erection in order to cum. It was an older lover who taught me otherwise when he had an off day and couldn’t get it up. To my surprise, I was able to make his semi-hard cock cum with my hands, following his instructions as I went, and it seemed to me that he had an orgasm that was even stronger than normal. It was fascinating. (I must add that he was a gentleman and afterwards saw to my needs as well.)

If I were to write about every handjob I have given, I would be here for months so I will have to generalise. The most important thing for me is to discover what really turns on the man to the extent that he is going to reach a good, satisfying climax. This is very individual and small details matter.

The most common subject material is anal sex. It enthrals the majority of my clients and many like to know how it feels for the woman, step by step, from the initial probing finger to the final few thrusts. I think that for those who have only seen professional porn, my descriptions are quite a revelation.

The second most popular topic is spanking (maybe I’ll write about that at another time, if sufficient people indicate an interest.) and then there are a host of other things, lesbian sex, and sex with older women being quite popular.

As I have mentioned before, it is the internet that plays a major role in most of what I do and my study, where I have my computer, is where most sessions take place. Before getting started with a client, I’ll get him out of as many cloths as he wishes and I’ll be down to a g-string, stockings and heels. I’ll sit on a chair by izmit escort his side and we’ll look at some internet porn images for a while, with me stroking his thigh. I usually do most of the talking, at least at the beginning, trying to create a relaxed and fun mood, and being quite explicit about what we are looking at.

We’ll then move on to watch a video clip, usually one that he has brought along, and by this point I will start to fondle his cock and balls and apply some baby oil so there is physical stimulation as well as visual and verbal.

If he gets hard quickly, usually because he has taken Viagra, I know I have to go easy for quite a while and will just use one hand to gently stoke the shaft. The challenge is to find the balance between keeping him hard but not getting it so stiff and sensitive that he cums all too quickly, and much before the end of a twenty minute video.

If he is soft, I’m much more busy. I’ll use two hands, one to at the base and the other around the head. I’ll be sideways to the screen so I will have to keep glancing around to see what is happening so that I can talk about it. With the hand at the base stretching back the loose skin and squeezing, and with my other hand sliding around the tip, I can usually create a pseudo erection. The tricky part is getting the right grip at the base and I will often ask my client to do it himself while I concentrate on the swollen upper half.

As things progress, it becomes a matter of timing because ideally I’d like my client to cum at the same time as the guy on the screen. This takes good teamwork and I’ll ask if he wants his cock rubbed harder or faster or whatever. I will often be kneeling between his thighs so that I can’t see the screen and some clients will give a running commentary.

With men who find it difficult to stay hard or pseudo hard, they will sometimes take over the job themselves and then ask me to give the final strokes to finish them off. Those final strokes can vary as well. Some want them hard and fast, others slow and squeezing, and still others just want their cock to be held. And then there are different kinds of spurts, which vary between volcanic eruptions to meandering woodland streams.

Like many women, I find it incredible how something that starts off so small and soft and pliable can kocaeli escort turn into something so big and hard, especially so when it is gripped and held at the base. Quite amazing!

I don’t like to take facials but I’m OK with having my tits splashed and pressed against because I like the lovely feeling of warmth that comes from a well rubbed cock and fresh cum. By this time I have a great sense of achievement for what has been accomplished, even if I have a very tired wrist.

As you might imagine, there are many variations on what I have described. What starts out as a handjob may turn into mutual masturbation or the guy finishing himself off on my stocking tops or bum.

Two of my regular clients never get hard at all, not even a pseudo erection. With them I will play with their cocks for a while but I have still to learn how to get them to orgasm. I just can’t get the right pressure and pace, and so they do it themselves. I find it quite fascinating to see a flaccid cock cumming and they say it is just as intense as it used to be when everything was in full working order.

One of my clients always arrives pretending to feel very dirty and sweaty and so needs to take a shower with me. His cock is especially dirty and so I have to give it a thorough wash, which somehow just happens to cause it to let loose a jet of sperm. Fortunately for my water bill, he cums quite quickly. Afterwards, he talks about his day as if nothing had happened and then goes on his way.

If, like me, you have an interest in useless information, then I calculate the following:

assuming that a man ejaculates 5 millilitres of sperm when he cums, and given that I have entertained an average of 8 clients per week for 80 weeks, then I have overseen the production of more than 3 litres of sperm.

Through all the encounters I have described in this story and in my previous efforts, I would describe the sex I give as being social. It’s not the kind of sex that starts or ends with cuddling in bed together, whispering sweet nothings; I don’t think it would be very professional of me to go in that direction. I am well aware that some clients would like to get personally close to me but that’s not what I want because I am more than happy with my private life as it is. I have to guard against encouraging anything that might suggest otherwise while still giving them what they pay for. It can be quite a challenge but it’s part of the job.

Thank you again to all those that have sent me such positive feedback. I’ll write more soon.


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AFC Title Game

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Scott Taylor pestered his mother all week long to let him have a couple of his friends over to watch the Steelers and Patriots play. On Friday she gave him permission to let his two buddies come over for the game telling them they could sleep over as well. Scott invited Frank Murphy and Kevin Hart were allowed to come over to watch the game.

Mrs. Colleen Taylor went shopping the night before and got plenty of snacks for the boys to have. On the night of the game her husband Fred had to catch a flight for a Monday morning business meeting in Canada. That is probably why her son wanted friends over for the game and not his old mother.

Colleen went over to her lounge chair that sat by a large picture window to read the novel she was currently reading. The boys were having a good time in the living room watching the game on the large screen television. The game was finally over so they went upstairs to go to bed; Colleen cleaned up the dishes and then sat on the couch to watch some television her self.

She never knew that all of Scott’s friends considered her to be a milf; she is 43 years old with auburn hair, green cat like eyes, ample 44dd breasts, long muscular legs and a nice round ass. Yet the boys all thought of her to be the hottest mom of all the kids in the high school.

It had been around an hour and she heard footsteps coming down stairs, it was Frank and Kevin. They both came into the living room and sat down in the two chairs that sat opposite of the couch.

“Sorry Mrs. Taylor, we must have had too much sugar and soda.” Frank said.

“Yeah we are too hyped up to sleep.” Kevin said.

“Well let us see if we can find something to watch on one of the movie channels.” She said.

“Cool.” Both boys replied.

Colleen flipped around the channels and found a movie she thought the boy would like. Little did Colleen know that the movie had a couple of risqué sex scenes in it, she blushed when they came on.

“Well I guess that was kind of embarrassing.” She laughed aloud nervously.

“It takes more than that to get us guys excited these days izmit escort Mrs. Taylor.” Kevin said.

“Oh you have to be kidding boys can not be much different than when I was a kid.” She said sitting up now.

“Most guys our age are looking for more experience than what girls our age have.” Frank explained.

“Yeah right Frank neither of us have ever had experience with girls of any age.” Kevin prodded.

“You boys have no experience.” Colleen said in disbelief. “You’re both good looking young men.”

She did not realize that both of these boys found her to be so attractive, she was wearing a silk blouse that she had unbuttoned. She had on a black body suit and a tight pair of jeans over top of it. The whole outfits made her look younger and made her body look fantastic.

“It would be fun to have someone as hot as you.” Kevin said.

“I’m hot?” she said in disbelief.

“Yeah Mrs. Taylor you are a real babe.” Frank added.

“So what kind of experience do you two have?” she asked.

“None.” They both chimed.

“It would be fun just to be able to make out with someone as hot as you Mrs. Taylor.” Kevin said.

“Even for five minutes.” Frank added.

For several moments there was a long uncomfortable silence in the room, Colleen got up and went out into the kitchen. She had a digital timer that she used when cooking or baking, she set the timer for five minutes.

“If you boys can keep a secret I will let you make out with me for five minutes.” She said. “Frank you want to go first?”

Frank did not say anything, he got up and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Colleen. She hit the start button on the timer and took the nervous young man into her arms. Kevin could not believe what he was seeing nor could he believe Frank’s let us pretend we are virgins scheme would work.

Colleen enjoyed the kissing with the young man and was actually surprised that he was kind of good. What surprised her even more was that he forced her lips apart and began to French kiss her. She figured a promise was a promise and let him do so, then she was izmit escort bayan surprised again when he reached up to roughly fondle one of her big tits.

Frank was surprised too when she made no move to stop him from feeling her up, he managed to slide the unbuttoned silk blouse off her. He continued to knead each tit and he pushed her so she was now lying back on the couch instead of sitting. Her large fat nipples were now poking through the fabric of the body suit.

The timer went off and the young man reluctantly broke the kiss off, Kevin was already over to the couch for his turn. Frank pressed the reset button on the timer as Kevin kept her in the same position as Frank and lay on top of her. He too was very eager and could not wait to get his hands on her ample tits.

Colleen figured no real harm was being done as long as they kept this secret and they would probably jerk off until they fell asleep. Kevin slid his hand down her not perfectly flat stomach but not flabby either. He gently unbuttoned her jeans and tugged at the zipper until it went down, Colleen was oblivious to what he was doing she was lost in making out with him.

She moaned aloud when she felt his hand slide over her pubic mound and found the wet spot her pussy was making on her body suit. She could feel the strong young man unsnap the buttons of its crotch and he started to finger fuck her pussy. Oh shit she thought this has gone too far, yet she could not think of a way to stop it. The buzzer went off and Kevin broke the kiss yet he did not pull his hand out of pants, he continued fingering her pussy.

“Oh boys you got me fucking hot, but we have to stop.” She moaned aloud.

“What about this Mrs. Taylor?” Frank had pulled out a cock that was bigger than any she had ever had. It was at least ten inches long and almost as thick as her arm.

Colleen gasped as he walked over not waiting for her to answer and grabbed her by the back of the head. He crammed his large cock down her throat nearly choking her with it; if not for her experience at sucking cock she may have izmit sınırsız escort not been able to take control.

“Slow down.” She said finally getting his monster out of her mouth. “Women like to control the pace of the blow job.”

She took a hold of his cock with both hands and sucked it into her mouth; she gave him a nice long wet blow job. They young man was amazed at how lovingly this mature woman worked his big cock in and out of her mouth while stroking it.

Kevin had managed to pull her jeans off and got between her legs to lick her pussy. She had to stop for a moment to point out to Kevin where her clit was; once he found it she began to hump her pussy against his face. Once she had an orgasm she was good and ready to be fucked, Kevin did not disappoint her he too had a nine inch cock not as thick as Frank’s.

She continued to blue Frank while Kevin fucked her pussy good and hard, Frank reached down to play with her tits and nipples. It dawned on Colleen that these two were not as inexperienced as they had claimed and had set her up. Before she knew both boys pulled their cocks out and came on her face and stomach.

About fifteen minutes later the boys were hard again this time Frank was pounding on her pussy while Frank was getting sucked. The boys were making her come over and over as they fucked her good and hard. This time Kevin shot his load into her mouth and Frank shot a load up into her cunt.

The three of them fell asleep in the living room and a few hours later Frank woke up. He just went over to the sleeping Colleen and proceeded to fuck her, after his solo act of fucking her for several long minutes he finally came. Colleen probably slept for a half and hour when Kevin got up and did the same.

Five in the morning the two boys got up at the same time, she told them her mouth and pussy could take no more. So Kevin fucked her in the ass, despite causing her great pain and displeasure being unlubricated she eventually started to enjoy it. She jerked off Frank until he shot all over her tits, eventually Kevin pulled out and shot his cum all over her ass.

Instead of going to school the next day the two boys went home and stayed home sick from school. Colleen became their personal slut for the remainder of the school year; whenever the opportunity arose she would fuck or suck her two young lovers.

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First BBC

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I always thought of myself as bisexual. I had gotten my cock sucked by older men who liked twinks and I had sucked cock in turn. I had topped older men and had my ass played with and toyed and even fucked a couple times but hadn’t really gotten into that too much. I had been to bookstores and theaters and played there but nothing really changed. That is, until I was in my late 20s and went to my first hotel party.

I had seen an ad on an online message board (this was the 90s) about a hotel party only a few miles from my house. The guy hosting wanted $20 a person to cover the cost of the room and asked that everyone either get naked or strip down to just a jockstrap on arrival. I figured what the hell and I emailed the guy, got the date and time and a number to call for the room number that afternoon.

It was a few days away and as horny as I was, I wanted to be primed for the party, so I didn’t jerk off or fool around, even with the girl I was seeing at the time. The day of, I went back and forth about cleaning myself out. I still wasn’t really into getting fucked, but I liked to be fingered sometimes so I figured I should. Spent some time and cleaned out real good then showered and threw on a pair of track shorts and a tshirt and sneakers for the short ride over.

I arrived and parked and locked everything but my keys, a fresh bottle of poppers and a couple condoms in the glove compartment. Stuck those in my pocket and walked up to the room. I heard some music, not too loud, from inside and knocked. The door was opened by an average looking black man who was the guy hosting. He asked my name and crossed me off a little list, collected my $20 and stepped back to let me in. There were 5 or 6 guys already there, some white, some black, and one Asian guy. Everyone was naked except the Asian guy, who was in a jock. They were all just sitting around and talking and I stripped down and put my stuff, except the poppers, on the closet shelf, and joined the party.

At 5’9″ and 135 lbs and fairly smooth, I was still pretty much a twink, so the guys all gave me the once over with their eyes. They were all nice enough, and no one was ugly or anything, but none of them really did it for me, so I figured I’d wind up getting a blowjob or something and going home. When the play didn’t start after 20 minutes or so, I decided to slip into the jacuzzi tub on the one side of the room to relax a little. That’s where I was, enjoying the hot water and beylikdüzü escort the jets, when there was another knock on the door and an absolute Adonis of a black man came into the party. He had to be 6’2″ and when he stripped down, he was built and looked like he was chiseled from stone. His cock had to be 7″ long soft and as thick as mine was when it was fully hard. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

He circulated for a few minutes talking to the other guys but kept glancing over at me and I still couldn’t take my eyes off him. I don’t know what came over me, it was starting to get embarrassing. I climbed out of the tub and dried off. As I was hanging the towel on the closet door to dry, he walked over to me. I turned to face him and he stood right in front of me, maybe 6 inches away. I looked up at him and he didn’t speak, just stared into my eyes for a minute. I think I actually gulped. He put his hand on the back of my neck and head and gently pushed me down saying, “White bitches belong on their knees.”

I didn’t resist him at all and when I was on my knees, he told me to kiss his cock. I kissed the head and up and down the shaft while he guided my head where he wanted it. When I got back to the head, he told me to “open my sissy cocksucking mouth” and as I did, he slid his now 9″ hard cock onto my mouth. He guided my head up and down on his shaft, not quite facefucking me, but definitely in control. When I was able to get past the first 6 inches he said, “that’s a good bitch, show me what a good little faggot you are and try to take it all.” I did my best, but couldn’t get it all. He seemed pleased with my attempts, though, and moaned every time he heard me gag on his big cock.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and smacked my face with it a couple times and told me to worship his black balls with my mouth. I licked them and gently sucked on them and buried my face in them, breathing in his manly smell. He kept a grip on the back of my head, still guiding me where he wanted me. Then he pushed me lower and lifted one foot up on the edge of the tub, saying, “get that tongue to work on my black ass, bitch. Eat it like it’s your last meal.” I kissed it and licked it and tried to stick my tongue in it, all while listening to him tell me what a good little faggot I was. Every time he called me a sissy or a bitch or a faggot, my hard dick would twitch with excitement and I didn’t know why. I had never acted like this and no one escort beylikdüzü had ever treated me like this.

He put his foot down and slipped his cock back in my mouth and started his gentle facefucking again, pushing in just enough to hear me gag a little. After a few minutes of this, he pulled out and after smacking my face with his cock 2 or 3 times, he tilted my head up to look at him and said, “Get on the bed, on your back, and show me your pretty pink pussy.”

I didn’t even think to stand up. I crawled to the bed and up onto it, turned onto my back and pulled my legs back showing him my hole. He stood where he was just stroking his big cock and looking at me. It was probably only about 2 minutes, but felt like an hour. He walked over, still stroking his cock, and he grabbed a bottle of lube someone had put on the nightstand. He poured some on my hole and began to rub it in with 2 fingers. He poured some on his cock and stroked it up and down while still rubbing my now opening hole with his fingers. I knew what was about to happen and I didn’t even think to ask him to wear a condom. It just seemed wrong to cover that beautiful cock. He saw the poppers in my hand and told me to take a big hit, so I did.

He started rubbing the head of his big black cock up and down my crack saying, “That’s it, baby. You ready for me to make you my bitch?” and when he saw the poppers hit me, he pushed the head in and stopped. I sucked in my breath but as I started to adjust to him, I was able to breathe again. He looked right in my eyes and started pushing the rest of his cock in me. As he hit bottom, my eyes rolled up in my head. He stopped, completely inside me and said, “You like that, don’t you faggot? You like my big black cock buried in your white pussy, don’t you? You want me to fuck you? Ask me nicely.” I had moaned yes’s to the questions but when he told me to ask, I froze for a second and all of sudden I saw the whole room watching, 6 or 7 guys all jerking off watching me get barebacked by this black man and his beautiful big cock. I swallowed and looked back at him and said, “Please fuck me. Please fuck my white pussy and make me your bitch.”

He told me to take another big hit of the poppers and I did and when it hit me, he started fucking me. He didn’t pound me, though. It was almost like he was making love to me. Long even strokes, in and out, making me feel every inch. He swiveled his hips around, hitting all kinds of spots beylikduzu escort I didn’t know existed, making me moan like a bitch in heat. He kept talking to me as he fucked me, telling me what a good little white slut I was, how he loved white faggot pussy, “that’s it, bitch, moan for me.” Every couple minutes, he would tell me to take another hit of the poppers and I would moan even louder when they hit.

After about 10 minutes, he started to pick up the pace and his strokes got more forceful. I had let go of my legs and they were wrapped around him with my heels pulling on his ass cheeks as he fucked me. He made me take another really big hit and as I did, he told me he was going to breed my little faggot pussy and if I managed to cum with him, he wouldn’t make me fuck every cock in the room to entertain him. I hadn’t touched myself yet because I knew if I did, I would erupt. I watched him and when he made one last slam and came in me with an animal grunt, I could actually feel his cum inside me. I grabbed my cock and with 2 strokes, I came. I came so hard, I came in my own face, on my forehead, my cheek, and in my mouth.

When he finished shaking from his orgasm, he opened his eyes and saw me plastered with my own cum. He told me what a good bitch I was. He told me to get down and clean his cock off and as he pulled out of me, I slid off the bed onto my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned him off. He backed away and told the rest of the room they were welcome to use my mouth, but my pussy was his. The other 2 black guys and 2 of the white guys surrounded me, still stroking and took turns shoving their cocks in my mouth. One by one, they all came, some of it in my mouth and some on my face.

When the last one had finished and walked away, I looked up and he was standing there with a towel. He wiped off my face and he pulled me to my feet. We walked into the bathroom and he turned the shower on and got in with me. He washed me and had me wash him. I grabbed his cock and asked if I could have more, but he told me, “Not today, my little bitch, but soon.” He took my number after we got dressed and he told me he would be calling me soon and I needed to be ready for when he did. He told me to get myself some pretty panties because “white faggots should dress like the sissy bitches they are.”

I got the panties and a few other things he liked and for the next 2 years, I was his. I still dated women and lived my life, but when he called, I put on my panties and went to be his white faggot sissy bitch wherever he told me to meet him. He shared me with a few of his friends sometimes, but mostly it was just us and I was his bitch. He moved away eventually. I miss him.

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Babysitting for Swingers Pt. 01

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It was a chilly fall night as I waved goodbye to the couple I was babysitting for as they backed out of the driveway on their way to a date with some friends. I turned around and went back inside to check on the kid that I was to take care of that evening for a couple hours. I liked babysitting to earn some extra cash to help with my Freshman year of college.

After playing with some toys for a while, it was getting close to bedtime, so I brought him upstairs and tucked him into bed. After I knew he was asleep, I came back downstairs and got into my bikini to head into the hot tub until the parents got home to relieve me.

I was sitting there, relaxing under the fall stars, when I heard the car pull up into the driveway, but the weird thing was that I heard more than just their two voices. I turned around in the hot tub to see the couple and their friends walk into the door. I waved at them and they waved back as they proceeded to come outside and introduce their friends.

The couple that I was babysitting for was Amy and Mike, and their beylikdüzü escort friends’ names were Tina and Jeff. Both couples were in their 40s and were all very in shape and youthful. We chatted for a bit, and then Amy suggested we all hang out in the hot tub some more and drink some wine. I agreed and they all went off to slip into their bathing suits.

They all came back with glasses of wine, and one for me of course, and brought another two bottles out just for good measure. We were all just hanging out in the hot tub, chatting and drinking wine, for about 15 minutes before Amy brought up a story of them all at a swinger party. She told me a story of them all going to a swinger party and swapping each other’s spouses. I never took them for being that type, but it kind of turned me on. She went on to describe all of the craziness that went on in that orgy, from swapping partners, to having three guys on her at once, to talking about all the lube that they all used.

She asked me if I had ever done anything like that and I told her of beylikduzu escort a time my friends and I went to the beach during the summer before college, where it was 5 of my guy friends and 1 of my girlfriends. I told her that almost every night we would play some sort of strip drinking game which would turn into a fuck session.

I told her about all of the crazy dares we had and about having 3 or 4 guys on me at once, and how my friend and I would tag team one guy at a time. I think I went as far as telling her how much cum was dripping out of me by the end of each night. They all were very impressed, and Amy asked if I could show them one of those strip games.

We started playing never have I ever, and within 5 minutes we were all naked in the hot tub. The wives started to get closer and closer to their husbands, and eventually, I was sitting there watching both couples making out. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started rubbing myself under the water.

Amy looked over and motioned me toward her and her husband, so I went over there, escort beylikdüzü were Amy grabbed me and started kissing me. I could feel Mike’s hand moving up my thigh and then I started to feel Tina’s hands come from behind me and start caressing my boobs. Jeff grabbed my other leg and stretched it out while he rubbed up and down my thigh. After a few minutes of that, I found myself spread eagle across the whole hot tub, with Amy holding one leg in a corner, Jeff doing the same with the other leg, and Mike holding my upper body in his lap.

Tina waded between my naked spread legs and started dancing her tongue across my clit before she started going to town. I could barely stand it, I was squirming around, but couldn’t move with the three adults holding me spread out. Tina assumed Mike’s position as he waded between my legs and started eating me out too. All 4 adults took turns eating me out as the hot tub water splashed around my floating body.

After all three ate me out, they wanted to go inside the house to take this downstairs. We all got out of the tub, dried off and went downstairs, where Mike and Amy had so many BDSM contraptions all around the room. They asked if I’ve ever tried, to which I said no, and then asked if I wanted to try them out. Of course I told them yes… yes to all of them.

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