Surprise Foursome

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I couldn’t believe I’d actually had the courage to drive to the address of this mystery couple I was about to meet. Sure, they seemed nice through e-mail but there was no telling what I was going to find on the other side of the door with the wreath on it. Psychopaths don’t have wreaths on their doors, do they? It was one thing to go online looking for sex partners, another thing to answer an ad of a nice sounding couple, but it was absolutely gut-wrenching to be sitting in my car parked in their driveway. I needed a drink soon.

I got out of my car and went to the door. There was a tiny note posted right beside the doorbell that said for me to go around the back of the house. I can follow directions so I walked along the side of the house and found the small gate in the fence unlocked and followed the path to the back of the house. There I found the promised hot tub, a really beautiful swimming pool but no people. Confused, I started to look around. There was a bucket of beer on the ground near the BBQ and a bag of pretzels sitting in a bowl nearby. It seemed as though I’d messed up the time.

I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and I had to take two looks to fully comprehend what I was witnessing. The first impression was that it was a mass of naked bodies having sex in the well lit room on the other side of the french door from where I stood. As my brain processed what was going on, I could see there was a hairy middle-aged man fucking a presumably middle-aged woman that was laying on her back. The only way I knew it was a woman though was from the large round breasts that swayed in response to the rhythm of the sex she was having, because her head was fully obscured by the body of a very young and extremely sexy girl that was grinding on top of her face.

Ok, I realized I probably didn’t have the wrong time. I wasn’t sure if I should knock or something but just as I was about to, the man noticed me and motioned me inside. I opened the door and immediately could hear the sounds of their sex. The man grunted while he fucked the older woman. The younger woman’s frantic moans were piercing and brief while almost imperceptibly I could just make out the muffled sounds from the older woman’s mouth.

The man paused his thrusting after a few moments and told me to feel free and grab a drink and get comfortable because they would be ready for me in a minute. It was the greeting that one would get at a dental office (well, except for the drink and the nudity and the sex) and it was so delivered in such a matter-of-fact manner it made me think that what was going on was not unusual in this house I was visiting. Just then, the young woman raised up off the face of the older one so that I could make eye contact with all three of the sex partners.

The older woman’s face was remarkable, and not just from the wetness that was smeared all around her mouth. The older woman was easily in her late 40’s or early 50’s and it was shocking to compare her looks with the 20-something girl that was getting eaten out by her. Also, just how much of that wetness was saliva and how much from the young girl’s pussy? The younger woman was very small in the chest and had a lean body. Her short black hair and sparkling eyes only emphasized the youth of her body. I had never seen smaller breasts in my life and the way her nipples pointed out erectly from her was a real indication of how much fun she had been having. The man was definitely in his 50’s based on the gray of his chest hair and the look of his face. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a condom and his cock was quite moist from the pussy of the older woman.

The man introduced himself as Terry, his wife was Jeanne, and younger woman was Riley. I wasn’t sure if one shakes hands while being introduced to a threesome in the middle of them having sex, but I decided to just go for it. The three hands I shook all varied in terms of grip, but the one thing in common was how warm they all were. I really wanted that drink so I stepped outside and grabbed an icy beer from the bucket of ice and returned to see that they three of them continued how I’d originally found them.

The only difference was that Riley was now facing Terry while she rode Jeanne’s face. I couldn’t help but wonder if Riley had done so to watch Terry fuck his wife or perhaps Jeanne wasn’t just licking Riley’s pussy anymore. I decided that it really didn’t matter and figured after a few sips of my cold beer that it was time for me to get naked.

I took off my shirt and undid my shorts and slid them off. I noticed that Riley was checking me out and it was fun to pull down my boxer briefs a little slowly for her and let her see the almost fully hard cock that my underwear was hiding practically spring out from below the waistband. She moaned just as I did so which of course could have been from Jeanne’s tongue hitting a good spot but I’d like to think that part of it was based on seeing my naked hard trim body and nice full cock. I sat illegal bahis on the nearest chair and sipped my beer. I had actually never watched anyone have sex right in front of my eyes before and it was a real turn on.

This helped offset the fact that it was quite weird to be in some strangers’ house sipping a beer while sitting naked on their living room chair. Should I jerk myself or wait for it? My cock was practically begging for attention. Just as I finally decided to take a “casual” grip of my cock and start to rub it I noticed Terry starting to tighten up his body and almost immediately started to grunt as he slowed the speed and prolonged the length of his thrusts into Jeanne. He pulled out of her soon after and came over to have a beer with me. His cock was seemingly still dripping from his wife’s wetness and his own cum.

He apologized for starting before I’d got there but was really happy I came over. He told me how Jeanne and Riley were getting ready together in some pretty nice lingerie but Riley decided she didn’t like the way her hairs stuck out from the sides of the panties she had on and asked Jeanne for some help trimming. Before they knew it, Jeanne was shaving Riley smooth and by the time they were done, Jeanne really couldn’t wait to taste Riley’s freshly smooth pussy. Terry told me he walked in on them right there in the living room with his wife licking Riley’s pussy and he got so turned on that he couldn’t wait and had them change positions so that he could fuck his wife while she ate Riley out.

As Terry apologized again I told him it was a pretty sexy way to meet new people, particular friends you are meeting for sex, and just as I continued with that thought I looked over and noticed that Riley was now bent over on top of Jeanne and they two ladies were locked in 69 position. Terry noticed my attention was held by the moaning ladies and he turned to watch with me. After a while of watching their writhing bodies Terry leaned in close to me and told me that Riley had been their neighbor for about 5 years if not more.

He told me that apparently she used to watch Terry and Jeanne having fun in their hot tub and pool for years as a teen and then one day a little after her 18th birthday, she had come outside from next door and asked if they minded if she watched. She was wearing a bathrobe Terry remembered and when the older couple told her that she could watch, Riley undid the robe and let it slide down her body. She was nude from head to toe and she ended up doing a lot more than watching. Terry told me with pride that Jeanne had taught her that night how to give a great blowjob, had received her first orgasm from a woman, and that Terry had taken her virginity. He told me that they had been fooling around with her for the past year or so whenever their schedules allowed.

Terry whispered even quieter now and told me they he is turning 60 this year and Jeanne just turned 58, and that he and I were watching their 19-year-old neighbor lick his cum out of his wife. I was already pretty hard at that point, but I swear my cock grew an extra half-inch when my brain had wrapped itself around what Terry had just told me. We finished our beers and Terry offered me another one. When he left for round two I sat there staring, almost transfixed on the two women devouring each other’s most sensitive parts. Jeanne was kneading Riley’s cute butt while she licked and sucked on that 19-year old pussy. Riley for her part was face down into Jeanne’s much older pussy and no doubt eating Terry’s fresh cum out of it.

Terry returned and handed me a fresh cold beer. This was better than porn because it was happening right in front of my eyes. It is hard to describe the vastly different sounds that the two vastly different ladies were causing each other to make. Jeanne still had the low moan from before, but Riley seemed to shout out muffled pulses of sexual thrill. Terry told me to join him on the couch and when we were both sat down, he interrupted the ladies and said that Jim (me) was ready for some fun now too. Riley pulled up off Jeanne and sat to the side while Jeanne sat up from the reclined position. Terry asked me if I’d ever had a beer blowjob before. I had no idea what he was talking about.

I figured it had something to do with the ladies taking a mouthful of beer and then sucking on our cocks and suggested as much. Riley laughed when I said it as I watched Jeanne come over to me and kneel down in front of me. Riley told me I was silly because she was too young to drink (which I figured was technically true but hard to believe she didn’t indulge like most teens her age do) and as my mind tried to figure out what a beer blowjob was Jeanne leaned in and started sucking my cock. She was amazing at it. Her mouth was wet and open and she knew exactly how to move her lips and tongue up and down the shaft. Terry looked over at me just as Riley leaned into his cock to suck it and said have a sip of beer and enjoy your blowjob Jim! Ah, illegal bahis siteleri the beer blowjob, not that unlike any other blowjob except you drink a beer while you get it.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed it wasn’t anything more special than that, but of course I was getting my cock sucked which is always really great, and not only that, I was watching a 19-year-old suck her 60-year-old neighbor’s cock while his wife was sucking mine! It was the best beer and the best blowjob I’d ever had. I was really glad that I had shaved my balls that week because Jeanne spent a lot of time licking and sucking on them and that attention to them made my cock yearn that much more for her wet mouth. Instead of having Jeanne back on me though, the ladies switched and Riley started to suck me instead. She gave a lot more suction than Jeanne did, but honestly I thought Jeanne was better at it.

I looked over at Jeanne sucking Terry’s cock and saw that she was starting to deepthroat it. I was amazed to watch this happen in person. More and more cock slid into her mouth on each thrust and soon she had her lips wrapped around the base of him with his full shaft inside her mouth and throat. I really wanted that and hoped that I didn’t cum while the teenager sucked me. Thankfully Riley’s mouth started to tire I think because she started licking my balls and sucking on them also. A new twist occurred when she started to lick the base of my balls and I felt her tongue get close to my ass. I wasn’t sure she meant to do that but she repeated this brief but electric exploration several times. I leaned back slightly to give her more access and Riley leaned in and fully licked my ass. I had never experience anything like that before.

She moaned while she did it and after a while I noticed my cock was leaking a fresh batch of natural lubrication. I was loving it! I started to feel her tongue slide inside of me, and soon I realized that I was getting my ass tongue-fucked by a slim and petite teenager. At some point I guess I must have closed my eyes because all of a sudden I was aware of renewed pleasure on my cock while my ass was still tingling from being explored for this first time. I looked down and noticed that Jeanne was busily sucking me deep into her mouth while Riley continued to have at my ass with her tongue. I had never been deepthroated in my life before and to be honest it felt just about exactly as good as I had imagined it would. Soon she had my full shaft inside her mouth and started to pulse on it like that. I knew I was going to cum and let both ladies know. It was no suprise that Jeanne stayed right on it although she did back off a little as I absolutely flooded her mouth with my cum.

I guess the ass play had only helped build more pressure in me. As wave after wave of intense pleasure passed through my body I noticed that Jeanne and Riley were kissing passionately and the idea that these two were sharing my flavors and cum between them kept me in the mood for more fun.

We all took a little break but I felt as though I was just warming up. Riley mentioned that she had to be home before 10 because her parents were going to be back soon. That meant we only had another half an hour for fun. Terry asked me what I wanted to do next. All I could think about was getting to fuck that tight 19 year old, but tried to think of a sane way of saying that. Jeanne noticed my hesitation and jumped in with something about how polite I am but how there is no need to be because this night was all about people trying new things together. I finally admitted that I really wanted to try double penetrating somebody. Both ladies seemed to light up at that suggestion so I guess I picked something that no only I wanted to try.

Terry told me to lay on my back and then told Riley to straddle me. I looked up as the taught teen slung a leg over my body and lowered herself onto me. I was still quite hard but as soon as I felt that tight wet pussy wrap around me and she rode me up and down, I started to get very hard again. Her tiny tits bounced as she rode me harder and harder. Jeanne had come to my side and suddenly noticed that she was offering me one of her amazingly large and round boobs to suck on. I had never sucked on such a large breast in my life and her nipples were the largest I’d ever seen also. They actually stuck out maybe an inch from her breast while I sucked on one and then the other. Suddenly Riley began to slow on me and I noticed that Terry had positioned behind her.

She stopped moving completely and I felt Terry’s legs brushing against mine. All of a sudden Riley moaned out very loudly and it was wild how I actually felt through Riley’s body that Terry’s cock had joined mine inside of her. After an instant of Riley getting used to having both of us in her, Terry began to fuck her ass. Riley reacted by pushing up against him and that resulted in me having to thrust into her to stay inside. Jeanne had stopped feeding me her breasts and canlı bahis siteleri was touching herself at my side while she watched the teen have two fully grown and erect men fucking her brains out. I asked Jeanne if she wanted me to touch her or do anything for her because I didn’t want her left out. She smiled and said she would love to be licked by me. I told her I was fine with it and she straddled my face and lowered her pussy down to me. She smelled so sexy and her pussy was wet and ready for action. My tongue slurped at her moist pussy.

The four of us were on the floor, each enjoying sexual pleasure and sights that don’t get seen very often. I can only imagine how Terry felt fucking a teenaged girls ass while she rode a 25 year old guy with her pussy and knowing that his wife was having her pussy devoured by the same man. Riley for her part was watching Jeanne riding my face while two cocks were driving into her in a wonderful deep rhythm. Jeanne watched as Riley rode me and while Terry fucked her no doubt extremely tight teenaged ass. I, however could only see the pussy and thighs that surrounded my face, but I was quite content to be fully inside Riley and licking one of the tastiest pussies of my life.

All of a sudden the moaning changed above me and I realized that Jeanne and Riley were kissing each other while they each were being pleasure down below. Jeanne said something to Riley and then told Terry to pull out of her. Riley got up off of me and I assumed that I was about to try the exact same thing on Jeanne. Instead, Riley flipped around and faced towards Terry away from me and lowered herself down onto me. I had never had anal sex before in my life so to feel a teenaged ass slowly and gradually until I was all the way inside was mind-blowing. Riley said something while she was lowering down onto me to uncle Terry that no offense but that I had the biggest cock she’d ever tried back there before. Terry reassured her that he wasn’t offended at all. It took maybe a minute or two until Riley got used to my erection inside of her tight ass and soon she was riding me slowly with her ass. My cock had never been in a happier place.

Maybe it was all in my head because I’d always wanted to try anal sex, but somehow the tight teenaged ass pleasured me more than any pussy or mouth ever had up to that point. Soon Terry got down into position and guided himself into her pussy and the two men were fucking the tight teen again. I couldn’t believe how such a tiny frame could take two fully hard cocks the way that she did. Her moans of pleasure echoed in the big living room while she was fully explored. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, Riley said to aunt Jeanne to bend over because she wanted to eat her ass.

I watched as Jeanne stood up and bent over grabbing her ankles and offered her incredibly full and round ass to the teen. Riley moved in with her face the best she could and Jeanne helped her by pulling and holding her face right in position. I watched Riley eat and lick Jeanne’s ass and pussy while I fucked Riley’s tight ass and Terry fucked her incredibly hot pussy. I listened to the sound of our sex and started to get lost in the moment and then some small part of my brain woke up. Uncle Terry? Aunt Jeanne?

I listened very carefully and heard Riley saying to aunt Jeanne how sexy she tasted and in between grunts to uncle Terry to fuck her harder. Oh my goodness, was Riley their niece? I started to cum immediately. I tried to hold off but soon everything that was left in my balls shot straight up inside Riley’s tight ass. She didn’t stop riding my cock though and I didn’t mind one bit. Terry fucked her for all he was worth and soon his balls were emptying into her teenaged pussy. I was going out of my mind from being a part of such a wonderfully sexual experience. Terry pulled out and Riley slowly got up off of me. My cock was a little sorry to see her warmth leave it naked and alone.

Jeanne immediately got down on the floor and told Riley that she knew what to do. Riley squatted down onto Jeanne while Terry and I lay on our sides briefly exhausted from our exertions and watched as Jeanne licked Riley while our collective cum began to drizzle out of Riley. Riley started to really get into it so when Jeanne started to lick Riley’s ass while fingering her pussy, Riley lasted maybe 20 seconds and had an extremely intense and loud orgasm. So far everyone had gone over the edge except Jeanne.

I contemplated moving over to her and filling her wet pussy with my semi-hard cock hoping I would get fully hard along the way, but before I could move, Jeanne came over to me and immediately plunged onto me. She told me that I was not even hard and still filled her up so well. She leaned down and kissed me while she rode my cock. I could feel my cock harder as I tasted the cum on her breath. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to slide a finger in her ass while I fucked her. I did as I was told and couldn’t believe the way my finger made everything that much more intense. She actually came first and I was fine that I hadn’t by the time she climbed off of me. I noticed that Riley had already put on her thong undies and was sliding a t-shirt over her bare torso.

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Lessons Learned Ch. 03: Field Trip

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Big Tits

This continues where Chapter 2 left off. I would recommend reading the first two chapters in order for this to make the most sense. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback I have received, it has been very helpful and appreciated!


Dr. B liked to take the chapters out of order, so the following week we skipped right to Chapter Eight, The Physiology of Sexual Response. That was the chapter Zach had read that made him feel like he wasn’t normal. I watched him from the corner of my eye during the videos, catching the hint of red on his cheeks in the faint light of the room. At least some of the information in the videos contradicted the book as people reported their real experiences to the researchers.

Once class was over, I turned to Zach after most of the other students had escaped the room.

“Zach, there’s something I need to-,” I began.

“Hey, Zach,” Reggie interrupted, turning toward us. “I hope you’re paying attention, because this is probably the only place you’re ever going to get the chance to see so much vagina in your entire life.” Tyler and Lee snickered as they glanced back at us.

“OUT!” Dr. B shouted at the three of them. Zach focused on stuffing his things into his backpack, face flaming.

“Zach-,” I tried again.

“Can we just get out of here now? Please, Brinna? We can talk on the way to the library, okay?”

We were halfway across campus when I stopped and turned to him. There was something I had forgotten to consider when we’d made our arrangement together last week.

“You’ve changed your mind,” he said anxiously, looking closely at my face. “It’s okay. I-I understand.”

“Huh? No. No, that’s not it.”

The look of relief on his face would have been comical, if he weren’t also so damned adorable in his eagerness.

“It’s my period,” I blurted, and watched with interest as the blush swept up from the base of his neck. Regardless, he didn’t drop his gaze this time.

“We don’t have to do anything,” he said hastily. “I, uh, could I come down to your office anyway? I can just study. I’ll be quiet, I promise.”

“Zach,” I laughed, “you don’t have to hide in the corner. I just wanted to let you know, because I just, you know, I don’t like to be messed with below the waist when-”

“It’s okay!” he interrupted, and I wondered if anyone was going to let me get through a complete sentence today. “I just – I just want to hang out with you. You said we were friends. Right, Brinna? Friends hang out.” He bit his bottom lip. “Are you okay, though? Do you want me to carry your backpack?”

“My period didn’t start right this minute, Zach,” I said with a smile. “I’m fine today. It was a couple of days ago. We just didn’t talk about what would happen when I’m on my period.”

“We can just work on our paper,” he said, now looking at anything but me.

“You are awfully cute when you blush like that,” I said with a smile. I resumed walking and he fell in beside me. We walked in silence to the library.

Once in the office, Zach’s eyes roamed around the room. His gaze flickered over the rolled-up yoga mats and pillow I had stuck in the corner earlier that day. I saw him swallow hard as he figured out why I’d brought them in. My desk was on one side of the room, with a computer and scanner set up on the opposite side.

“Can I check out your computer?” he asked abruptly. “I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it since I first came down here.”

“Should I feel slighted by that?” I teased. “The two of us in this room, and that’s what you want to get your hands on?” He grinned shyly in response. “Go on, then.”

Zach played around with the computer system for a while, insisting on running some of my scanning work through, so he could see everything in action. It was fascinating to watch the intensity on his face as he got lost in his explorations. He was so focused on the equipment in front of him, I could almost be jealous. I wondered if he focused on the homework I gave him with the same intensity.

After about half an hour, he snapped out of it and turned to me, blinking.

“Sorry,” he muttered, looking embarrassed.

I didn’t say anything. I brushed the backs of two fingers across his cheek, and his breathing caught just a bit.

“You wanted to study?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. Yeah, study.”

“You can use my desk if you want. I’ll work on the scanner for a while.”

When he stood up to move to my desk, I brushed against him as I went to sit down. Flirting with him was turning out to be as much fun as my usual, more direct, approach.

We worked in silence for about twenty minutes, facing away from each other, before Zach spoke up.

“Brinna? What’s it like, having a period?”

“Are you sure you want to know?” I smiled, though he couldn’t see it with my back to him.

“Yes. And no.” He paused. “Mostly yes.”

I was certain that, even though I couldn’t see him, he would be blushing as I described in excruciating detail what bahis firmaları it was like to have a period every single month. He didn’t say anything beyond a soft ‘oh’ when I finished, and we worked quietly for a while longer.



“Um, you know last week you said-, last time w-we were here together, you…” He trailed off, and I waited patiently. “Do you have any, uh,” he cleared his throat, “you know, sex toys? At home?”

My eyebrows went up. I turned to look at him. He had his nose buried in a textbook.

“If you want to talk to me about sex, I’m going to need you to look at me.” I stood up. “Or maybe I should just come sit by you.”

I grabbed one of the wooden chairs and sat next to him at the desk. He was still fiddling nervously with his pencil, eyes bouncing between his textbook and notebook. The tops of his ears were red.

I looked at the mathematics textbook he was studying. Everything appeared as incomprehensive squiggles to me. I took a moment to admire his ability to make sense of them.

“Zach, why aren’t you enrolled at a better school?” I asked suddenly. “Not that this school is bad, but what are you doing at a little regional university? Why aren’t you at some Ivy League college?”

“I could have graduated at fourteen, and I might have gone to one then. My grandpa wanted me to wait. My parents didn’t care whether I waited or not. They just kept pushing me to go somewhere I didn’t want to go. Maybe to get me far away from home,” he said softly. “So I decided to come here. It’s far enough from home, but also not too far, you know? My grandpa comes to see me every semester, and I hang out with him between semesters. My parents didn’t want to help me go here, so grandpa helps with my housing and I have a scholarship for the rest. I’ll—well, you didn’t want to know all that.” He shrugged and began tapping his pencil rapidly against his paper.

“What about brothers and sisters?” I placed my hand on his to stop the nervous tapping.

“Two brothers, one sister. My sister’s twelve years older than me, and my brothers are fourteen and sixteen years older. My parents had a timetable, spaced all their kids perfectly. Except me. I was the mistake.”

“Zach-,” I began, only to be interrupted for what seemed like the twentieth time that day.

“Sex toys, Brinna?” Zach said, giving me a challenging stare. I smiled into his eyes.

“None currently.” I dropped a hand to his knee and stroked his leg.

“Would you ever get one?” His hands tightened into fists where they rested on the desk. Clench, release, clench, release. I rested my head on his shoulder, my face turned into his neck.

“Would you like me to?” I whispered and kissed him under the jaw.

“Y-yeah. If you wanted to, I mean.”

“Mmmm,” I answered, noncommittally, and trailed a few kisses down his neck until I reached the collar of his shirt. He sighed unevenly and I felt his hand hesitantly touching my hair.

I felt an idea tickling the edge of my mind. “We could go shopping for one. Together.”

“Do you think they sell them in the Student Union?” Zach asked, sounding completely shocked.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed.

“Oh, Zach. How did you stay so sweet and innocent for so long?” I lifted my head and captured his face between my hands. “You really are adorable.” He rolled his eyes and snorted softly. “I like it,” I said as I kissed his lips softly, quickly, and drew back. “There’s an adult toy store on the edge of town. What do you say to a field trip?”

Zach didn’t drive, so I offered to drive us. He accepted my offer and spent the whole car ride nervously running his hands back and forth over the tops of his thighs and looking out the window.

“Have you ever been to one?” I asked.

“No.” He drummed his long fingers on his knees. “What’s it like?”

“You’re going to find out soon.” I took some pity on his nerves. “Mostly it’s videos, magazines, toys for women. Toys for men.”

“What if someone we know sees us together there?”

“So what? What are they doing there anyway?” I laughed.

“Wouldn’t it, uh, bother you if they see you with me? In a store like that?”

“Do you think the whole class has met up there and is waiting for us?” I reached over and set my hand on his thigh. “I don’t care who sees me anywhere I want to go, and I really don’t care if they see me with you.”

We pulled into the parking lot of the craptacular little adult store, with its faded paint job and overall seedy look. There was only one other car in the lot, and I guessed it probably belonged to the employee inside. You’d think they’d try to brighten the place up a bit, get a paint job. Anything to make it look a bit less shady, I thought.

I grinned at Zach as I shut off the car.

“Are you ready for your first trip to an adult toy store?” I asked cheerfully. “Because you’re going to walk in first. And you’re not allowed to slink in there either. I want to see your head up and kaçak iddaa eyes out front.”

“What?” he asked, wide-eyed.

“You. Walk in. Go start looking around. I’ll be a minute or two behind you.”

He stared at me, uncertainly. I think he was waiting to see if I was joking.

“You can do this. Confidence, remember?”

He looked a bit betrayed as he got out of the car and slowly made his way to the door. He looked back once, and I nodded encouragingly to him. As he disappeared through the door, I started counting slowly to one hundred.

When I walked in, the store clerk was busy reading a magazine while Zach wandered around in wide-eyed wonder. As the door shut behind me, I squinted, adjusting to the contrast between dim lighting inside and the bright sunshine outside. The clerk glanced up, then did a double-take and stared at me. Great. Creepy clerk alert.

“Hey, baby,” I said to Zach as I approached. I linked my arm through his and leaned in to kiss his cheek. The clerk kept his eyes on us. I tugged Zach’s arm gently. “Found anything interesting?”

“Brinna,” he mumbled, “I don’t even know what half of this stuff is for.”

“Didn’t you read the book I gave you?” I asked, wondering if he had done his homework. It seemed very unlike Zach to skip homework of any kind.

“Yeah, but not the chapter on, uh, sex toys. Yet. Or the chapter on, you know, men. You said to pick out what I wanted to master.” He looked at the ceiling momentarily. “I spent most of my time reading about positions and, uh, how to, you know, how to please a woman. I didn’t know we were doing the toy chapter!”

I laughed at his expression and squeezed his arm fondly.

As we walked down the first row, I explained in quiet undertones the purpose for various items, and Zach tried not to let his eyes settle too long on any one object. He really was trying hard not to fail this assignment. I decided to let him off the hook about not reading all the chapters.

“See? That guy doesn’t even care that we’re in here.”

“He doesn’t care I’m in here. He sure cares a little too much that you are,” he said, sounding a little grumpy. Zach took a half-step and effectively blocked me from the clerk’s view. He dropped his arm around my waist, resting his hand on my hip.

“Men are so possessive,” I teased.

“Do you mind?” he asked anxiously, and I sensed he was about to step away from me any second.

“No. Not today, anyway.” I nipped his earlobe lightly before turning my attention back to the shelves. “Here’s what I believe you were interested in.” I waved a hand at the rows of various dildos and vibrators.

“They’re all different? Why are there so many kinds?”

“Big, regular, thick, slender, multiple colors, vibration, no vibrations. Oh, and don’t forget the ones that rotate.”

“What do you even need me for?” he blurted, then flushed.

“Oh, Zach,” I laughed. “There’s quite a difference between the real thing and a hunk of battery powered plastic.”

“Silicone, mostly,” he said absently, still taking in the array of goods.

“Toys are fun, but they’re just a substitute. For me anyway. Some women prefer them over the hassle of men,” I winked at him, “and some women use them with each other. Sometimes couples enjoy playing with them together. I mean, you saw the video last week, right?”

“Which one are you going to get?” he whispered.

I gave him a smile and selected an average sized vibrator in a nice purple color. I never was much of a hot pink kind of girl.


“Mmm?” I asked, still browsing the shelves.

“Let me buy it for you.”

“You don’t need to spend money on me, Zach. That was never part of the deal.”

Zach glanced back at the clerk, who had returned to reading a magazine. He turned, so that his back was to the clerk, and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

“Let me buy it for you,” he repeated.


“I want to be able to think about you using something I bought you on yourself. To get off.”

“All right, Zach,” I whispered back, enjoying the pleasant tingling his words had stirred in my body, and the sensation of his breath across my ear. “Since you asked so nicely, I promise to think about you when I put this between my legs. I’ll think about you when I cum.”

He groaned deep in his throat a low, soft, sound that only I heard.

“What’s the first stage of erotic arousal?” I asked with a chuckle, referring to our class lesson earlier in the day.

“Excitement,” he murmured, and surprised me by taking my hand and pressing it between his legs. He wasn’t hard yet, but his cock twitched under my hand and I could feel it beginning to swell.

“Why, Zach, is that for me?” I fluttered my eyelashes at him playfully, and the corner of his mouth flickered in a smile. “So naughty, and in public, too.” I gave him a light squeeze and felt his cock jump. “Maybe we should pay and get out of here so we can take this somewhere private?”

“Um, kaçak bahis yeah. Let’s, uh, I thought you didn’t want, I mean, you said not today?”

“No, I said I didn’t like being messed with below the waist while I’m on my period. I never said I didn’t want to mess with you below the waist.” I gave him another squeeze. “I never said you couldn’t touch me above the waist, either. As I recall, I was interrupted before I could finish talking.”

“Oh, fuck, yeah, sorry. I’ll, um, ok, let’s pay and get out of here. I’ll give you some money and wait by the door.”

“Oh no you won’t,” I insisted. “If you need to, we’ll walk around a few minutes, but you’re going with me to the register. And you’re going to look that guy straight in the eye. Hell, wink at him if you want to, I don’t care. You get the whole experience, baby.” I removed my hand. “Why don’t you think about prime numbers for a while?” I smiled and slipped away from him.

We browsed for a few more minutes, until Zach’s excitement had settled down, then went to check out. Zach did great, right up until the time I asked the clerk where I could find an extra-large cock ring. Zach desperately looked like he wished the ground would open and swallow him whole. The clerk raised his eyebrow at me, tossing a skeptical look at Zach.

“If you don’t carry them that big, I’m sure I can find them somewhere else,” I said firmly. “Do you have what we need, or not?”

“Oh my god,” Zach breathed, turning his body sideways to the counter and looking up over my head, cheeks flaming.

The clerk gestured and directed me to the selection. I deliberately brushed my hand across Zach’s crotch as I sweetly asked him to wait for me. I know the clerk saw it happen.

The moment we had paid at the register, Zach quickly turned from the counter. It seemed that he might race me to the car, so I took his hand and made him stroll casually out of the store together. I released him once outside the door. He trailed me to the driver’s side and insisted on opening the door for me.

“Just get in, Brinna,” he ordered, then slammed the door shut before racing around to the passenger side, as I started the car.

Once in the car, he leaned forward and dropped his head in his hands. I was worried I might have pushed him too far at the end. He groaned pitifully.

“You’re the worst friend I’ve ever had,” he said from behind his hands, and then burst out laughing. Granted, it was tinged with a bit of hysteria, but it was still laughter. I took it as a good sign. When he finally did look up, he was smiling.

“Yeah,” I agreed, grinning like an idiot, as I steered us back toward the campus. “And I don’t know how to break this to you, but we have one more stop.”

He groaned dramatically and flopped back in his seat.

“God, what torture have you thought up now?”

The torture I’d thought up was taking Zach to the drugstore to buy some condoms and lube. He really did need to have his own supply, and not rely on any girls he might encounter, to have something more suitable to his, uh, assets. Plus, I suspected he didn’t have much in the way personal items like lube at his apartment. Somehow, I just couldn’t see Zach buying it on his own.

“Why couldn’t we just have bought it at the other store? I mean, we were just there. They had stuff.” I think he was feeling a bit sorry for himself, as a few stray shoppers observed our perusal of the condom aisle with either a smirk or look of disapproval. One was old enough to be his grandmother.

“Because you need to be able to walk into any place, and get what you need, without being embarrassed. You could go to the Student Health Center, but they pretty much have the one-size-fits-all general condom thing going. Here you’ve got variety.”

Zach blew air out from between his lips, taking the box of condoms I suggested for him, and rolling his eyes up as he grabbed a tube of ‘personal lubricant’ off the shelf nearby.

“Oh my god,” Zach said, sounding desperate as we neared the register. “Stop. Stop, stop, stop. C’mere!” He pulled me into the greeting card aisle. I thought he was trying to chicken out completely. Or maybe he just needed some time since I had been lightly brushing up against him, with either my hand or my boobs, rather frequently ever since we entered the store. “That girl at the checkout is one of Lee’s roommates!” he hissed.

“So? A guy can’t buy condoms and lube without some random guy’s random roommate judging him?”

“It’s not that,” Zach insisted. “You can’t come up there with me. She might mention seeing us to Lee, and he’ll know it’s you if she describes you at all. Go to the car.” I opened my mouth to object. “Brinna, go to the car! Please! I’ll buy the stuff, I will. Just go. Let me do it.”

“You’re so forceful,” I said lightly, and kissed his cheek before slipping out to wait in the car.

It took the rest of the drive to the campus for Zach’s cheeks to stop burning red. He shoved the drug store sack, and the cock ring I’d insisted on, deep inside his backpack before we got out and headed back to our hideaway.

I caught his arm as he started to break away, and head toward the restroom, to relieve some tension.

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Sunrise Sunset Ch. 04

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It was a good thing that Jenny and I had been able to have our little D&S adventure when we did. The following afternoon turned very snowy. By the next morning enough had come down to make me late getting into work and for the city to close schools. Jenny and I were not able to talk on the phone, but I did receive a quick e-mail from her saying that she felt like a prisoner as the snow piled up. Fortunately, she and the kids were able to keep up with shoveling it because it looked like Keith might be delayed getting back home due to airport delays. It was a pretty quiet day in the office. I lot of people hadn’t made it in as of mid-morning and might not bother to come in at all. It gave me a chance to catch up on some work. It also gave me time to reflect about some of the things Jenny and I talked about after our afternoon together. She had called the next day to ask if I was ok. She wasn’t sure what my reaction would be to our session with the cuffs and straps.

“Uncle Mike, I’ve been wondering all night if you were upset about yesterday,” she told me. “I just want you to know that it was something I’ve wanted and fantasized about for a long time, but it never really seemed like Keith would be willing to join me with it. You already know that he and I used to have a pretty hot sex life, but anytime I’d sort of allude to something like what we did, he’d either laugh it off or wrinkle his nose about it. I don’t think that sort of heavier erotic stuff appeals to him at all. I finally stopped dropping hints. I’m so glad you didn’t make me feel foolish about it. I think that allowing myself to be in that submissive role is something that appeals to my need for belonging or wanting to give myself. I’m glad you felt ok with it. I think maybe you even felt more than just ok with it.”

“I was totally fine with it Jenny,” I told her. “Frankly, I was a little surprised at first. It was new to me, even though I always wondered if Ellen might be willing to try some aspects of it. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d play it right, but once into it, some sort of switch clicked inside me, and I felt good with it. I just wasn’t sure. I just wanted to know that you wanted it and it wasn’t something you were doing just because you thought I might. I have to admit, there was something visceral about having complete control over you and taking you like that. It let me see two sides of myself. Knowing that I had your body in control but also your safety was a rush. Knowing that I controlled my pleasure and satisfaction as well as yours was a very powerful feeling. Seeing you so submissive and willing to be used was something very powerfully erotic. I don’t know why. I never thought of myself as being that kind of person.”

“Uncle Mike, we are all multiple people. We have a lot of facets to who we are, and there are many parts to our personality. Some we only show to special people who we know that we can trust. Tell me, did you mean what you said at the end about wanting to protect me and never wanting to hurt me or see me hurt? That was one of the sweetest things anybody ever said to me. It makes me feel special to you”

“Jenny, you are special to me. I meant every word of it,” I replied. “It was so strange. I knew you wanted to play that scene, and that it was something you wished for, but I don’t know why you knew that I would go along.”

“It was something you said the first time we were together when I told you that it wasn’t always good to try to interpret or understand the needs and desires of others, but to just accept them and go along with them. You said you understood that, and I got the feeling that you truly did. There was also that time in the TV room when you slapped my ass and called me a bad girl. I took that as a hint. I hoped that you wouldn’t laugh it off like Keith did, and would allow me to experience my desire to be possessed. Thank you. I also want you to know that I intend to keep the promise I made to you. I will do anything to please you. I just need to know that you want me. If I know I’m wanted, I’ll do anything, anytime, anywhere. Don’t ever be afraid to tell me what you want from me; what you need from me.”

I was totally blown away by her complete openness and honesty about all of this. This woman continually amazed me with her blend of sexual hunger played against elements of innocence. She could swing from being almost childlike in her need to be cradled and hugged to being sexually aggressive and somewhat exhibitionistic. The dichotomy is something I’ve always found so absolutely appealing in a woman. But, as she had said, we all have many facets to who we are.

Jenny and I didn’t communicate too much for the next couple of days until late Friday afternoon, I clicked on to my secret e-mail account, and there was a message from Jenny with a picture attachment. This time, she was wearing the collar and cuffs. She had somehow managed to run the nylon straps through the ankle rings to stretch to the headboard. As before, she was spread out naked to illegal bahis provide a complete view of her beautiful crotch, but it only showed her from the neck down. I could tell that she had used a mirror again. I think that once she learned how much I loved seeing her pussy, these pictures were going to be a weekly thing, and I loved every one of them. The text in the message read, “Something to keep you thinking of me over the weekend. Remember my promise. xoxo J.”

I smiled to myself and replied. “I don’t need to be reminded, I’m ALWAYS thinking of you. To steal somebody else’s line, you are always gentle on my mind. Have a good weekend. Hugs, M.”

The following week was a busy one for me. There was no way I could have broken free to see Jenny. While we were trying to arrange another time that we could meet before the month was out, we had to settle for our usual “cyber sex” mail. We sent each other cyber Valentine’s cards. Jenny found one on some crazy web site that showed a woman tied up with leather straps that said, “I’m bound to be your Valentine.” It was corny as hell, but I still had to laugh out loud when I opened it on the computer.

Early the following week, I got a call at work from Paul asking if I could to stop off after work for a beer. I agreed, but something in the back of my mind waved a red flag. In years past, these afternoon happy hours were just for unwinding, but given the past few months, I had become a bit nervous any time Paul wanted to meet for a beer.

After the first draft, he ordered a second round. As soon as the waitress walked from the booth, he leaned forward and said, “Mike, I have something to ask. Before you throw that beer in my face, hear me out.”

I had recently learned to regard those words as a reason to think about heading for the door, but my curiosity got the better or me. My look told him to continue.

“Kathy and I have been discussing something, and we were wondering if maybe you and Jennifer might have considered the same sort of thing. Have you guys ever thought about how great it would be to share some time with another couple?”

“Oh shit Paul.” I jumped in. “Maybe my mind is jumping a little ahead here, but by ‘sharing some time’ I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about miniature golf or bowling. I take it that you’re going to suggest that you and Kathy get with together with me and Jennifer for sex.”

“Come on Mike,” he responded, sitting back up straight. “You can’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it. Everybody at least thinks about it. Find a list of the 101 most favorite sexual fantasies, and it has to at least be in the top five.”

“Ok,” I told him, “of course I’ve thought about it, but never thought I’d ever be in a situation of actually doing it.”

“See!” he responded leaning forward again, “I knew it. You have thought about it, but it was the constraint of a real opportunity that shut you down. I’d bet my left nut that Jennifer has thought about it too. Hey, I get it. I mean, Kathy and I have talked about it a lot, but we never thought there was a low risk way of making it real. We didn’t want to just go into some bar looking for somebody or go online advertising like swingers. We had issues about strangers. I mean not even considering the possible diseases, there are crazy people out there. Hell, do you remember that situation at the beach a couple of years ago when that man and woman hooked up with another couple in a bar. They ended up getting tied up and robbed. The guy was hustled around at gunpoint to ATM’s all over town and made to drain his accounts before they took him back to torture and kill him. The woman managed to escape by jumping naked from a second story bathroom window. No; hooking up with strangers was never an option for us.”

“But Jennifer and I are fair game, right?” I remarked.

“Fair game? You act like it’s an insult. We’ve known each other more than half our lives. Jennifer and Kathy are buds from way back. Both of them are damned attractive. I know I’m not a movie star, but I’m not half bad to look at, and frankly, I think Jennifer was feeling my vibe a little back at the mall a few weeks ago.”

“Paul,” I interjected, “I think you imagine that every woman passing on the street feels your vibe. I’m not so sure Jennifer would feel the same way. I think she might not feel right about me having sex with another woman or that I’d be cool with her doing it with another guy.”

“Whoa, buddy,” he exclaimed. “I think I’m hearing some things that I heard a couple of weeks ago when we talked. Are you somehow feeling like you and Jennifer are in love, or that you’re some sort of deep, romantic, exclusive couple? I warned you back then to keep this light and loose or you’ll be getting in too deep for your own good. I mean look, we’re all married, and none of us are married to each other. We have other people in our lives to consider so we can’t afford to get hung up in relationships like this. It’s not like any of us owns the illegal bahis siteleri other.”

“I’m not saying that,” I said, “but I’m not sure Jennifer is the type of woman to think about this sort of thing.”

“Oh wake up, and look around you Mike. Women are no different from men. They think about doing things with other people just as much as men, but they don’t talk about it as much because it might make them look ‘unladylike’ or like sluts. Look at the statistics. Now days, just as many women fool around as men. Often as not, it’s the women who are asking their husbands to bring another guy into their bed or admitting that they would like to have some other sort of threesome, or foursome, or moresome. It’s not just the guys who think about this sort of thing. What makes you think that Jennifer wouldn’t jump at the chance? It’s not for you to decide for her. She’s a big girl. Let her decide if this is something she’d like to try. “

Neither of us spoke for a few moments. It was Paul who broke the silence. “Look Mike. I can’t say this thing would ever happen. I don’t know Jennifer or how she thinks. I know this. It’s a good chance that if she was ready to find a guy away from her husband to broaden her sex life, it’s a good chance she may be up for having a little adventure with Kathy and me. You’ve already admitted that you’ve thought about it in theory, but never thought you’d have the option of facing the reality of it. Kathy and I have talked about it for the past year, but neither of us wants to risk messing around with total strangers. This is ideal. Here we are, four long time friends who are obviously looking to expand their sexual boundaries. We have the opportunity to live out a long held fantasy with no risk. Just think about it. Talk to Jennifer about it. You might be surprised with how she responds. If she tells you truthfully that she’s never considered it or fantasized about it, I’ll pick up the tab for every beer we drink together for the next five years.”

“I suppose Kathy is already laying out this same plan to Jenny.” I said.

“Of course she is. Well I don’t know about already, but she’s going to talk to her. Jennifer needs to know how Kathy and I feel about it as much as you do. Jennifer has to have the option of making her own decision. Have you ever actually talked to Jennifer about it? You really should. You might be in for a surprise.”

There were a few more moments of silence while we both sipped our beers. As much as Paul sometimes irritated me with his cavalier ways, he had a way of knowing what was hidden inside my head. I couldn’t deny that I hadn’t had the fantasy of a threesome or foursome or some form of group sex for many years. It was always one of my favorite types of scenes in x-rated movies and videos. I remember being really fascinated when I saw a documentary about a famous sex club that was in New York back in the 70’s. Years ago when some of the guys in school would talk about group sex parties or having a threesome with a couple of the “townie” girls, I was envious. Maybe I never pushed myself into that sort of activity when I was younger because I was too shy and unsure of myself, but I couldn’t deny I didn’t like the idea. I once brought it up to Ellen about 20 years ago, but the result was anything but positive or objective. She really jumped all over me about being a pervert.

Finally I spoke up. “Ok, I’ll talk to Jennifer about it. I have to admit that this is something that I’ve fantasized about for a long time, and this situation with all of us knowing each other is pretty appealing. I don’t know how Jennifer will react, and I’m not going to make some sort of full-court press to persuade her. If she’s interested without pushing, we can maybe arrange something. It has to be her call.”

Paul reached across the table put his hand on my shoulder. “That’s all I ask, buddy. Let Jennifer hear Kathy’s feelings, and then she can make her own decision. I don’t want any pressure on anybody because it’s damned important that none of us starts pointing fingers or feeling pressured or freaking out in the middle of it.”

We finished our beers and left. I drove home wondering what I would tell Jennifer, but then I assumed that she would have already spoken with Kathy. Part of me wanted to have this foursome. It was something I had thought about for many years. Unfortunately, another part of me didn’t think that it was as risk free as Paul made it sound. Sometimes it pays to listen to all the voices in your head.

The next day, Jennifer called me around ten o’clock. After a bit of small talk, I asked her if there was going to be a chance to get together before the end of the month. She told me that even though Keith was headed out on a trip later this afternoon, she was “out of commission” for this week. I knew what that meant. She said she didn’t know about the following week yet. Then I told her that it would be nice if I could see her some way this week, even if just for a quick lunch because canlı bahis siteleri I wanted to talk to her about something that I really didn’t want to go into on the phone.

“I have a feeling that you’re talking about Paul and Kathy’s proposal to get together,” she said.

“You guessed it.” I responded. “Paul said that Kathy would call you about it, but I didn’t know that she’d beat me to it. Do you have any thoughts about it?”

“I think we should talk in person. I can meet you for lunch tomorrow if that’s ok. Not any place fancy, but somewhere we can talk. What are your feelings?”

I told her we’d hash it out tomorrow. I couldn’t really tell from her voice if she was for it, or against it, or waiting to hear what I had to say. I was actually a little nervous about it. I couldn’t help but agree with Paul that it was the perfect way to live out a fantasy of mine, and I’d probably never get another chance as long as I lived. On the other hand, I didn’t want to either shock or offend Jennifer, or let her feel like I was pimping her out or something. I had to know that if she did it, it was something she wanted for herself. Then there was the question of whether I could even perform in front of other people or how I would react to seeing Jennifer, with whom I had more than just a casual acquaintance, engaging in all manner of sex with another guy, even if that guy was someone I knew. Then there was another question that I would have to discuss with Jenny even though I could not have told Paul.

The next day, Jenny and I met at this relatively generic diner I knew of about halfway between her home and my office. It wasn’t listed on anybody’s best restaurant list, but the food wasn’t horrible, and it was busy enough that people wouldn’t be listening in to what we were talking about. We met on the parking lot, exchanged a hug and an innocent peck on the lips suitable for your average married couple meeting for lunch. After ordering, I initiated the discussion about Paul’s proposal.

“What do you really feel about this Jenny?” I asked looking right into her eyes.

She paused a moment or two, and said. “I have mixed feelings, maybe like you do too. I don’t know. Frankly, I hadn’t thought about going into something like this when I explained to you at Thanksgiving that I needed somebody to help me get through the loneliness and frustration of Keith putting me on the back burner of his life. On the other hand, if I told you that I’d never fantasized about it, I’d be lying to you. In truth, I even brought up the thought of a threesome or couples swap to Keith way back when we first got married; before the kids were born. I didn’t lie to you when I told you that back then, we were a pretty hot team. Only, I don’t think he had, or has ever had for that matter, the same strong erotic feelings that I do about something like this. We talked about it, but he never seemed to really want to do it. Did you and Aunt Ellen ever think about it?”

“Well, let’s just say that I was the one who brought it up one time years ago after we watched this TV documentary about swinging. She was less than objective in her response to my comments. I got lectured and I was accused of not being attracted to her anymore, and she ended up in tears. It was never discussed again. Frankly, I was a little surprised at her reaction given that she seemed to be a little more open and free in her attitudes when we first married. We did some mildly crazy things. However, the kids seemed to change her a lot. I have to admit, that the idea intrigues me and gets my motor running, but at the same time, I don’t want to feel that I’m pushing you into anything.”

“Mike, you wouldn’t be pushing me,” she said rather seriously. “You should know me well enough to know that I don’t let myself get pushed into things. I decide for myself what I do and don’t do. I have some definite thoughts about what turns me on and gets me going. You should well understand that after our little session last month. Whatever you and I do together is because I’m ok with it and want it. I think you understand that. It’s as much about me as it is about you. I get joy out of pleasing you in any way possible. There’s a part of me that delights in seeing you needing me and using me, but I’m not going to allow something that could cause any sort of hurt to either of us. I trust you, and know you feel the same way about me.”

Our lunches arrived at the table and we had to switch to talking about the weather while the waitress laid out plates. As soon as everything was set, Jennifer continued. “Here’s the thing. Kathy and Paul have been together for almost two years now, and I get the feeling that they are acting almost like a married couple anymore. They may be feeling like their attraction is losing a little steam even though their whole relationship is based on forbidden fruit. I figure, this is a way for them to pump it back up with even more forbidden fruit. She said that they’ve been talking about it, but didn’t want to risk hunting up strangers. They are really enthusiastic about something with us because we’re a known quantity. From what I heard from you just now, we’ve both thought about it ourselves, and if we’re ever going to try it, this is the opportunity.

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Lenny Learns to Love

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Lenny was a confirmed bachelor and he liked it. A man in his mid thirties that had never had any kind of long term relationship he was now comfortable in his bachelorhood. All that changed the day he met Shirley, he never knew what hit him. They lived in the same building and Lenny had seen her before that day, maybe even said hi to her or maybe not, he couldn’t remember.

Shirley was also a lifelong bachelor, not by choice but by fate. For some reason Shirley was one of those forgettable people, nice and polite but somewhat plain looking, somewhat shy. She didn’t know why her hair had to be called mousey-brown but that was her color. No one ever called her eyes limpid pools; they were just brown and kind of small. She had no idea that her smile was her best feature and maybe that was a good thing. For if, she had known she would have walked around like the village idiot smiling all the while.

Shirley never thought of herself as fat either but even she had to admit that she was at least chubby. When she looked at her naked image in the mirror, she jokingly thought of herself as a man’s dream woman only upside down. Shirley was big on the bottom and small on top, her thighs were so wide that when she wore stockings the fat bulged over the tops and stuck around her suspender straps. Even Shirley had to admit that her arse was getting so wide that she stopped wearing pants in public. She secretly feared she would soon be charged for an extra seat when she flew. However, poor Shirley was, so flat on top it just wasn’t fair. Even though she was a b-cup at best, she always bought c-cup brassieres because she didn’t want the salesgirl to know how small her breasts actually were.

Whereas Shirley knew exactly how she looked, it wasn’t the same with Lenny. Now if you were to ask Lenny illegal bahis about his looks he might say anything from GQ model to Mr. America runner-up. This would not be an outright lie but rather his own non-attention to his physical make-up. Of course, you don’t know Lenny but as you might guess he looks nowhere close to either of these two examples. Lenny is a jeans and tee shirt kind of guy, maybe a flannel shirt if the weather drops to cold. That’s not a six-pack you see around his waist but little rolls of fat. As my father used to say,

“He’s no Ralph Kramden but then he’s no John Wayne either.”

If you add in Lenny’s suspicious hygiene along with hair more often greasy than clean you get a general picture as to why he is a bachelor.

That fateful Saturday started for Lenny the same as most, a cup of instant, a bowl of cold cereal, and the game on TV. The knock on his front door was most unusual as he seldom had visitors. When he answered his door, he wasn’t sure if he knew the woman standing there in her robe or not.

“Hi, I’m sorry to bother you; I live down the hall, yeah down that way. I was just getting into my shower and somehow I broke the knob off the faucet. Water is gushing out all over and I don’t know what to do and when I came out here, I heard your TV so I knew you were home. Do you think you could come take a look at it?”

What Lenny may have lacked in the social graces he more than made up with his ability around a toolbox. Anything from hanging a screen door to putting a muffler on a car and yes, fixing a broken faucet Lenny could do and do well.

“Let me get my tools and I’ll see what I can do.”

They exchanged names on the way to her place and Lenny thought that she sure talked a lot. Once inside her apartment, he quickly analyzed illegal bahis siteleri the problem and almost as quickly fixed it. As he finished up Shirley began to see what she could do with all the water on the floor. As she dabbled and mopped, Lenny couldn’t help but notice her robe had opened up and he was now gazing upon her breasts hanging out of said robe. This sight was going straight to his groin and just as Lenny was beginning to enjoy the view, she looked up and caught him.

Shirley could tell the look on his face was pure lust but instead of worrying about what he might do to her, she found that she was intrigued. She could not remember a male lusting after her body and so instead of covering up as a proper lady should she looked him in the eye and then opened her robe to reveal more. Even to Lenny who was dumb as a box of rocks when it came to matters of the heart, he knew this was an invite from the lovely lady. He stood and put his grease-streaked hand on her pale breast leaving black smudges.

“Would you care to join me in the shower, we can try out your handy-work?”

She slipped off her robe and let it drop to the floor and there she stood, naked in front of a man for the first time in a long, long time. Lenny flayed around jumping on one leg as he tried to undress as fast as he could and was soon naked as she. Shirley began bathing her handy man from tip to toe using her scented soaps and shampoos. She took extra time with his manhood washing and holding until somehow she knew if she didn’t stop, he would be beyond stopping. Next, she let him wash her; she enjoyed his manly hands scrubbing her body all over. He too spent extra time with her privates and although he was a little rough, it still gave her pleasure.

They dried each other with canlı bahis siteleri fresh towels and then in another brash move that surprised even her, she took his hand and led him to her bedroom. This is where I should say their lovemaking was exquisite beyond both of their hopes but I can’t. Shirley nervous and under lubricated, and Lenny shy and inexperienced it was a recipe for disaster and they both were relieved when it was over. Afterward he lay down next to her, more to catch his breath than anything else. When she cuddled up closer, then put her head on his chest he found he liked it. They lay together as he took in the flowered scent of her shampoo and when he kissed her hair, she turned her face up to him.

They began to kiss, awkward but tender and as the kiss lasted, the passion began to build. Soon both were hot as teenagers at the drive-in movie and Shirley pushed Lenny onto his back, then climbed on top of him. She was now hot enough to be well lubricated and she found that the cowgirl position gave her more control over their action. She rode him hard and fast until they both orgasmed at the same time. Poor Lenny had no idea what they had accomplished on just their second time but Shirley knew and accepted it as a sign.

From that day on Shirley and Lenny were a couple, a couple, something neither thought they ever be in. Was it fate, if the faucet hadn’t broke or if Lenny’s TV wasn’t turned on yet would they have met? Moreover, once together was it cupid that gave poor shy Shirley not only the nerve to flash her body to a stranger but then to drag him to her bedroom to mate with him? I guess we’ll never know for sure but somehow these two people, so different yet so much alike became a pair.

Even we that are not beautiful people deserve love and a relationship. To all you lonely people out there never give up hope, your Shirley could be living just up the hall just waiting for her faucet to break. You cannot predict the future no matter how hard you try, so be like Shirley and when you see your chance grab it.

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Lemon Chiffon: The Next day

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For Deb…she asked.


She stretched her legs beneath the soft light sheet covering her and felt delicious twinges in muscles and places she hadn’t used in ages. Curling further onto her side she looked out the window at the bright and remembered how last night he had commanded her body to its utmost limits, starting the minute they entered his car.

Foster Pearson was his name and he was everything Tasmin Ferrer dreamed of and wanted as a lover. Yes, he was intelligent, gorgeous and appealed to her need to be sexually dominated, but she also found him to be so much more than just the man who seduced her out on the balcony last night.

Oh what a wonderful night it had been. After he had so masterfully fucked her before anyone who happened to be standing outside and cared to look, she’d given her apologies to her friend and together they’d left the party for his house.

A gentleman, he held doors open for her, placed a helpful, if unnecessary, hand on her elbow and then opened the passenger door. As Taz prepared to enter the car his words brought her to a complete stop.

“If you want to take this to the next level, you will be naked for me.”

Concern raced across her thoughts, what was she doing? How could she be sure of him? She did not really know him and somewhere inside of her had to be some form of self-preservation.

In the streetlight she tried to find the assurances she needed but could see nothing and was about to decline his offer when his big hand moved to stroke along her arm.

“I will not hurt you, ever, but promise I will give you undreamed of pleasure.”

After his words sank in, Taz was not entirely sure why but it felt right to go with her gut and she started to take off the clothes that remained on her body. Stepping out of her decorated thongs, she removed both her soft velvet silk lemon yellow halter top and satin skirt, and handed them to him.

“While your garments are lovely on your body, you are too beautiful to be covered.”

“Thank you.”

Courteously he helped settle her naked form into his car and she watched as he moved around to the driver’s side. After he deposited her things onto the backseat and sat behind the wheel, he turned to face her. She felt his eyes slowly tracing all over her. There was no hiding her body’s reactions to his lustful gaze.

Her nipples were red hard point dancing on the tips of her quivering breasts. She squeezed her thighs together to try and ease the throbbing need and to stem the flow of her arousal filling the car.

For a long time he did not look away from her body and oddly she found the silence and his undivided attentions comforting.

“Yes, you are really very beautiful. Spread your legs wide for me, let me see your cum coated thighs while I drive us to my home.”

It took some doing but she moved her hands to rest on her knees, slowly unclamped her legs and pushed them apart, bending her legs to give him a better view of her pussy. She knew their mutual spendings that had not already seeped down her legs would pool beneath her on the car’s luxurious leather seats, but if he was not concerned about it, then she would not be either.


He turned on the engine and pulled away from the curb and the night went delightfully on from there. The respect and open adoration he had been shown back at illegal bahis the party made it obvious he was a powerful man, the house they eventually pulled up before hinted at a great deal of wealth.

They were in a townhouse across the street from the city’s main attraction – the park. When he came around to open the car door for her she was swimming in desire and did not care who saw her naked body. Using a key he opened the main door and then used a security panel to release the locks on the inner panel.

Stepping in to the foyer there was no hinting, she decided the man beside her was one who wanted for nothing.

Wasting no time they went straight up to the third floor where his bedroom was located and played the night away. Oddly it had ended up being a rather romantic evening.

Champagne had been waiting beside the bed but it had been ignored for some time. Slipping to her knees and loving his cock with her mouth was where she had started and could have stayed all night long. Eventually he’d popped the cork, poured them both a glass and had toasted each other.

She had not dreamed to think of a future beyond this night, maybe the weekend but it was difficult in quiet moments like this to not want more.

Breath hitched in her chest when Foster pulled her back, close, to rest flush against his hard and eager body.

“Morning beautiful.”

“Morning.” The moan that followed was all about his hand moved up to clasp hold of her breast and tease the tip. After a particularly hard pinch he slid his hand down and teased her nub out, tugging and pinching the bundle until she was begging for her to take her.

Moving out from beneath his hands, she turned around and slipped onto her hands and knees, ending with a seductive look over her shoulder.

“Please? Will you fill me all up?”

“With pleasure.”

Once on his knees behind her he took little time in burying his cock in her eager depths.


After a few easy strokes she bent her arms to rest on her elbows, a position which moved her pussy higher, giving an even more thrilling line for him to thrust down.

It quickly became obvious to her that Foster was in no hurry to climax, but his large hard rod made her very frisky and the need to get naughty tickled her brain.

Then he gave her ass a slap, her pussy clenched tightly around his steady dick and she begged.


“You like that Taz?” He gave her rump another spank just as he thrust back in to her depths.


“Did you know you have a delectable ass?” Another long slow retreat of his long and thick cock accompanied the question and ended with a sharp slap.

“Ohhh…please, fuck me…”

“But I am baby.”

Over and over again, he slowly moved in and out of her moist claps, occasionally ending with a smart spank, briefly lifting one cheek and leaving a red mark behind.

Spreading her legs wider, lowering her head to rest on the rumpled bed, raising her ass up even higher, nothing she did brought her relief. Finally, not able to take it any further she started to move one hand down to tease her clit, rub it until she squeezed the seed out of him. But he stopped her.

“No, am I not giving you pleasure this morning?”


“Please what?” Slowing his fucking motion until he had buried his hard cock illegal bahis siteleri deep inside her, then he pushed a little hard to lodge an infinitesimal amount more of length, scrubbing his balls over her hard bundle. Teasing her until she was ready to break.

“Please Foster, I beg you, fuck me…hard and fast.”

And thank goodness, he did.

Without delay he started to pound his big hard cock in and out of her soft wet pussy. There was a delicious liquid sound followed by a slapping noise from their sweat-covered bodies.

With his hands on her hips, he held her steady for his possession and she screamed her pleasure.

“Yes! Harder, fuck me harder!”

“Here baby, here you go, take all of my cock and I will gift you with pleasure.”

“Oh yes…yes Foster, ohhh!

Her breasts were excited and tender from where their tips had been repeatedly rubbed over the sheet. Taz arched her back, looking for more from his rod and felt her pussy tighten in pleasure when his balls knocked against her clit. Mere seconds away from climaxing and someone walked in on them.

Stunned, her pussy clenched and held tight to the cock buried inside her depths.

“Hey Foster, well, I guess having a sweet wet pussy to bang is worth missing our meeting.”

“Oh man I forgot all about that, got caught up in the beautiful Tasmin here.”

“Makes perfect sense to me, go ahead I’ll just sit over here and wait for you to finish.” The other man moved into her range of sight and asked politely “That is as long as your jewel doesn’t mind.”

“No, we don’t mind do we baby?”

“Ummm, no, no I don’t mind.”

After the man was settled in a chair off to the side of the bed, perfectly placed to watch their activities, he started to fuck her again…slow and easy, while still maintaining a conversation with their visitor.

Tortured was how she felt. His movements were slow and steady, and she was still sitting on the cusp of an orgasm. Euphoria sat there right out of her reach, if only he fucked her harder, faster, let her touch her clit, anything to push her over the wall and into the gentle arms of satisfaction.

It was not embarrassment that kept her still and quiet, but a desperate need to come. Afraid if she moved or said something to break into their conversation he would stop and that was not something she was willing to accept.

With that thought entering her conscious she set out to break him down, friend or not, dominate or not, she was a woman who deserved his undivided attention. Especially since he started this seduction.

The men were speaking of a piece of property across the river that they were developing and she squeezed her muscles, clenched around his slowly retreating cock. She concentrated on pulling the meat back into her heat.


Head still resting on the bed she did not look around at Foster to see how he was taking her silent rebellion. But she was looking at the visitor from beneath her lashes and he was entranced by where the couple was linked.

He pulled hard on his length, releasing some of the length only to give in to temptation and plunge back into her pussy. Once he was again happily buried in her slit she held tight and then released the grip, massaging his rod and working her own pleasure to reach higher.

After a mere moment of being on the canlı bahis siteleri receiving end of her special attention, he began to pummel her pussy with his cock.

“Oh baby girl, I’m sorry…”

In and out, harder and faster than before and she could not hold back her screams of pleasure. Gripping the sheet for purchase Taz held herself steady to receive his attentions, because they were worth it.

“Oh yes, yes!”

“Here you go baby, I won’t ignore your needs ever again.”


“It seems you have a rather luscious lady there.”

“I do, here I’ll show you.” Stopping his movements with his cock buried deep inside her, he helped Taz up until she straddled his lap. “Put your arms around my neck and show my friend Dean here what an incredible set of tits you have.”

Put on display once again by this man and she felt her pussy quiver with excitement. She was so close to coming and it did wicked things to her desire when people admired her, whether from a distance or within a distance to touch.

“Well, well, well, those large nipples alone are worth missing a meeting for.”

Foster held a creamy white breast in each hand, stroking their softness, but of course she wanted more.

“Oh please…”

“Okay precious, okay, how is this?”

He reached up with his thumb and first finger and pinched the pointed tips, hard. Again and again, he tweaked and twisted, pulled and strummed until she was a writhing mass of womanhood who tried to fuck herself on and off his cock.

“Easy baby, easy now.” He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I’ll take care of you. Rise up on her knees and hold on to my neck.”

In this position he had space to move his cock in and out of her intimate clasp. Maintaining a hold on her breasts, her nipples in specific, he started to fuck his length in and out of her. It was slow but not like it had been earlier. She could feel his need riding through him and would have fallen to her hands again if she thought he would accept it.

But for some reason she didn’t think he would.

As he picked up speed her breasts were wildly shaken while he still grasped hole of her nipples.

With consecutively more power, he thrust into her, enough oomph was on the end of each stroke to send his balls up to swish against her nub. Once, twice, three times he shoved his meat into her and between that and his hold on her breasts, she could take no more and fell apart.


He kept screwing his cock into her but she could tell it was becoming more of a trial. His rod felt impossibly larger and she was sure it had begun to pulsate. Wanting him to break, she used her internal muscles to grip his shaft and bore down, trying to make him work even harder to fuck her.

“Shit Taz!”

Big rough fingers held her soft breasts firmly and they jiggled out of control from the force of his movements.

Releasing her pussy’s fierce grip, she allowed him to thrust in and out of her pussy like a rabbit. Quick, hard, deep, over and over until he blew.


Buried deep inside her, he pulled her hard against him and she felt his cock splash load after load seed against her walls.

Feeling wickedly delicious and satiated, she let him soothe her with soft words whispered in her ears and a gentling of her body by his hands.

“I’m keeping you Taz, in my bed and at my side, with some part of me inside you at all times.”

“Yes, please.”

The man viewing their pleasure moved his hand down and squeezed his hard-on, not bothered that the couple appeared to have forgotten his presence.

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Summer with Becky Ch. 01

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I was 19 and a half and going to be starting my sophomore year in college. My sister Rebecca had just had her 18th birthday two weeks before and was waiting to start her freshman year.

We were spending the summer in North Carolina with my grandparents. Growing up we would often spend about 8 weeks there, just my mother, sister, and I while my dad and older brother would stay home working or in school and then come for the last couple of weeks before we all went home.

My grandfather had built a large house on a large lot some 150 yards from the road, down a gravel path. Next to the house was a huge garden where my grandmother grew all kinds of vegetables and fruit, which she then used to cook the most delicious Southern meals. Through that garden was a path that led to a smaller, though still fairly large, more modern house, which my grandfather had built for my aunt and her husband.

On the other side of that house from the garden was our favorite spot and the reason we most liked to visit our grandmother; our aunt’s pool. Since Rebecca and I had both been on the swim team at school, there was nowhere we liked being more and we spent hours together in the pool.

One afternoon we were in the pool playing a game of volleyball. Rebecca had been a tomboy her whole life and we had always been competitive, especially when it came to sports. I had just scored an emphatic point when my mom opened the back door and yelled to us.

“We’re heading over to Asheville to do some shopping, so we’ll be gone a few hours. You two don’t stay in that water too long or you’ll turn into fish, or get skin cancer or something.”

“OK, Mom,” we answered.

“If it starts raining you get in the house right away, you hear? Love you, be careful,” she said, closing the door.

“OK, Mom, love you too,” we yelled to the closed door.

There was hardly a cloud in the sky, but my mom knew, as we did, that in the South in the summer, a heavy thunderstorm could build up seemingly in a moment’s notice and a big hole filled with water is not where you wanted to be if that happened.

We continued our game, both of us looking to win bragging rights for the day, oblivious to what was going on everywhere else in the world, including above our heads. When the first drop of rain hit my face, I wasn’t sure if it was rain or just a splash from the pool, but when the second one hit, we both knew our game was over.

The second drop was followed almost immediately by a flash of lightning, and a few seconds later that was followed by a tremendous boom of thunder. We both rushed out of the pool, grabbed our towels and quickly dried off. We hurried towards the house and were just reaching the door when the rain began to pour down, as if a faucet had been turned on.

“I’m gonna shower first,” Rebecca called, running off to her room.

“Fine,” I said, and headed to my room.

I closed the door and heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on. I stripped off my wet suit and dried myself off a bit as the air conditioning inside the house and the dampness of my skin sent a shiver up my spine. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror, always amazed at what cold and water could do to my cock. Something about seeing it so small and shriveled got me turned on, and I instantly felt it jump. “Later,” I said to myself, then wrapped a towel around my waist and grabbed my trunks so I could hang them on the porch.

As I came back down the hall, Rebecca came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel and went to her room. I went in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. It felt good to have the warm water run over my body and get the chlorine washed off my skin and out of my hair. I finished, dried off, and had just pulled my shorts on when their was a bright flash of light and then the lights went out, almost immediately followed by another huge boom of thunder.

I heard Rebecca scream and I left the bathroom and headed to her room, pulling on my shirt as I went.

“What’s a matter, wimp? Afraid of a little thunder, are you?” My little sister was tough, but one thing that bothered her was thunder and lightning, and I’m sure having the lights go out wasn’t helping.

“Shut up, dork. You’re just running in here because you’re scared.”

“Only scared you’ll break my eardrums with your screams,” I said.

“Just shut up and get some candles,” she told me. It was almost as dark as night with the storm covering the sun.

I went to the kitchen and got a couple of candles and the matches. I headed back to her room and lit one and gave it to her and then lit the other.

“So, what do you want to do? Television is obviously out of the question,” I said.

“There’s not much we can do,” she said. “Wait, hold this candle for a sec.” She gave me the candle and then walked to the closet and pulled out her suitcase. From one of the pockets she pulled a deck of cards. “Here, we can play cards, just put the candles on this plate here on the floor.” She grabbed a plate from off the dresser as she headed back and we sat the illegal bahis candles on it. The room was well lit with the candles and we sat on either side of them.

“Go fish, or what?” she asked.

“Go fish? What are you, six? Let’s play a real game.”

“Like what?” she asked again.

“I don’t know, like poker or something,” I answered.

“OK. But I’m not very good at it,” she said.

“Neither am I but at least you know the different hands, right?”

“Yes, I know that much,” she said.

She handed me the deck. I shuffled the cards and dealt. We played a few hands with both of us winning some.

“This isn’t that exciting,” she said. “We should play for something, like money, or something.”

“Granddaddy has chips, but they’re over at his house. I don’t have any real money, except for a 20, do you have change?”

“Nope. But there’s gotta be something we can play for.” She looked around, with a look like she was trying to think of something. “Well….” She finally said. “There is something we could play for.”

“What you got in mind, sis?” I asked.

“How ’bout…um….strip poker?” she asked.

“What??? Strip poker? Are you serious?”

“Yeah. What’s the big deal? You know what it is, don’t you. I mean, this is boring, I want it to be for something, and that’s a bigger deal than money,” she said.

“Well, yeah, it is,” I said. I was a teenage boy, and the thought of any girl being naked, even my sister, was exciting to me. Besides, I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and the thought of someone seeing me naked gets me excited. I felt a little bit of a stir inside my shorts, and I was convinced.

“OK,” I said.

“OK,” she said, sitting up, obviously a little more excited about the challenge of the game now. She was wearing her running shorts and T-shirt from school. I was wearing cut-off shorts and a T-shirt. I knew she was wearing a bra and panties and I only had on boxers. This gave her an advantage, but I was confident I would outplay her.

She dealt first and after we had played out first hand, I came up the loser. I removed my shirt and threw it off to the side.

The next hand I dealt. Again I lost, and I pulled off my shorts. Still no big deal, I often walked down the hallway in my boxers, so this wasn’t anything new, but now I was only one loss away from showing it all. I was getting nervous.

Rebecca dealt the next hand and I got some great cards. I only asked for one and ended up with a full house. She had a pair of 8’s, so she lost and removed her T-shirt. She had on a basic white bra, but I noticed for the first time that my sister had real boobs. Here I was sitting in my boxers in front of a girl in her bra. As I said, I was a teenager, and it didn’t take long for my cock to register all of that information, and I felt it start to grow.

It was my turn to deal. I ended up with a pair of kings and I thought I would win again, but Becky played three 6’s and I lost.

“OK, Marky, you lost, time to pay up,” she said, laughing.

“I’m not so sure about this,” I said.

“Come on don’t be a chicken.”

I hesitated some more so she said, “All you have to do is pull them down and then you can pull them back up, OK?”

“OK,” I said. I stood up. My dick was rapidly reaching full on erection status. That was what embarrassed me more than anything. I finally decided to go for it. I quickly pulled down my boxers but kind of stayed leaned over with my arms crossed in front of me and then quickly pulled the boxers back up.

“Hey, that was cheating,” Rebecca quickly called.

“I pulled ’em down like you said.”

“Well, next time you gotta do better than that.”

We played again. This time I won, so Becky took off her shorts. I couldn’t believe how sexy it seemed to me watching her pull them off. She didn’t seem the least bit bothered and she sat down and was ready for the next hand.

I lost again, and started to slowly move toward standing up for a repeat of the last quick shot.

“This time, the shorts come all the way off and you have to stand there for ten seconds. With your hands in the air. And you have to turn around,” Becky quickly said before I could do the same again.

“What? No way, that’s not fair,” I protested.

“I’m gonna let you put them back on when you’re done. You should have to stay with out them on. But that will be next time,” she said, smiling.

“OK, fine,” I said. I was as nervous as I’ve ever been. I had a full-on hard-on and there was no way to hide it. I stood up. I decided to just get it over with. I yanked my shorts down. My cock was pushed down but rebounded and slapped me on the stomach. I dropped the boxers to the floor and put my hands up. I stood there for a couple of seconds and then turned around. After a couple of seconds of that, I reached down and pulled my boxers back on and sat down.

“Now that was a show,” Rebecca said, rather quietly.

She reached for the cards and dealt. I won the hand and Rebecca didn’t hesitate. She reached behind her illegal bahis siteleri unhooked her bra and threw it on the pile of clothes.

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My little tomboy sister had a wonderful pair of boobs. They must have been a good B-cup. She had nice perky, pink nipples. There was a very pronounced tan line from her time in the sun with her bathing suit. My cock got even harder, if that was possible, and my mouth became dry as I tried to swallow spit that wasn’t there. When looking at the girly magazines I occasionally looked at, I mostly liked the girls that had no tan lines, but seeing Becky’s white boobs against her tan skin seemed one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

Rebecca handed me the cards and I dealt. I lost again, and I was instructed to follow the same procedure, but this time my boxers were added to the pile and I had to sit down completely naked. I almost didn’t mind anymore, because I could see those beautiful tits in front of me.

We played again. Again I lost, so Becky decided she should get to put her bra back on. The next round I won, so I got to put my shorts back on instead of her taking her bra off. I wasn’t even paying attention to the cards anymore, there was no blood left for my brain, it was all pulsing through my cock.

The next hand I won, so again the beautiful mounds of my sister made their appearance. I quickly dealt the next hand, hoping for the last of the mountains to be climbed and that I could get my sister to remove her panties. I was able to concentrate just enough and I won the hand. Rebecca decided that she would do the same as me (“It’s only fair,” she said.), so she dropped her panties, stood for a couple of seconds facing me and then turned around for a couple of seconds before pulling up her panties and sitting down.

It seemed like an eternity yet also seemed to pass much to quickly. I saw that she had slightly puffy lips, and that her bush was growing towards the middle and was not yet as long as it would probably become. Her ass was a little flatter than most men would think is perfect, but she had a small waist and good size hips, which gave her a nice enough butt. Again, her tan lines seemed to make her even more gorgeous.

The next hand I lost again and again had to sit naked. My concentration was gone and I quickly lost the next three hands until my sister was fully clothed and I was sitting in front of her naked.

Again I lost. “Now what?” I asked.

“Hmmm…” she said. “I know. You have to kiss my grits.” That was a catch phrase from a popular show of the time.


“Kiss my grits!” she said, emphasizing each word.

“Well, tell me where they are.” I said, thinking she would make me kiss something in the room.

She stood up, turned around, and dropped her shorts together with her panties. “Those are my grits, now kiss ’em,” she said, showing me her ass.

“What?” I said again.

“Kiss my grits!” She almost yelled.

I moved closer and then quickly planted a peck on her right cheek.

“That was it?” she asked. “No, no, no,” she said. “You have to give me a good long kiss.”

“OK.” I said. I leaned over and gave her a good long kiss on her cheek, then sat back down.

“Better,” she said, pulling up her shorts and sitting down again.

When I lost again, she jumped back up and pulled her shorts down again, saying, “Kiss my grits.”

I leaned in to kiss her again, but she stopped me. “Wait,” she said. “My grits aren’t just my ass, they’re my ass hole.”

“What?” That seemed to be all I could say.

“You heard me.”

“No way!”

“You lost buddy and that’s your payment.”

I couldn’t believe it. I was sure this was going to be the nastiest thing I’d ever done. I knew I would taste shit for the rest of my life. I leaned closer, scrunching up my face, expecting the worst.

“For a five count,” she said. “And I do the counting.”

I placed my lips on her asshole. It didn’t taste nasty. It didn’t smell nasty. It was warm and soft. Quite pleasant, actually.

I lost again. This time I had to “Lick the grits.”

I didn’t care. I was beginning to like losing, and loved these grits more than anything.

I won the next round. “So, do I have to kiss your grits now?” Becky asked.

“I think so,” I said. I stood up, not caring that I was naked anymore. I turned around and bent over. She came closer and spread my butt cheeks. She planted a good long kiss on my butthole. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

We played again. I lost and this time my punishment was to kiss the grits now located on her tits. Both of them.

I won and she licked my ass.

I lost again. “Where are your grits?” I asked.

“Just a second, let me get these clothes off, they just get in the way.” She stood up and quickly stripped. She sat down again and spread her legs, showing me her red, obviously swollen pussy. “Here,” she said, pointing between her legs.

I leaned in and gave her a nice long kiss. My first time kissing or licking canlı bahis siteleri a pussy.

I won and she licked my balls. She won and I licked her pussy. She won again and I licked from her ass to her pussy and up to her boobs. I won and she licked my cock from my balls to the tip, ending with a flick of her tongue.

She won and her grits were on her mouth. I gave my sister a kiss on the mouth for the first time. She won again and I was told the grits had now moved to her tongue and I had to lick them. This led to a long, wet, French kiss.

“Now your turn,” Rebecca said. I guess she decided we didn’t need the cards anymore. “Where?” she asked.

“My tongue,” I said. I wanted another kiss.

When we were finished she said, “My turn. Lick me here,” she said, pointing between her legs again. I licked for at least half a minute, I was inexperienced and still playing the game. I’m sure I could have continued on.

“Now me,” I said, sitting up. “Suck my grits,” I said, leaning back and holding my cock towards her.

“With pleasure,” she said. She pushed her medium-length, light-brown, sun-bleached hair out of the way and leaned down. I felt her mouth encircle the head of my cock and the soft warmth of her lips slide down my shaft. This was my first blowjob and it felt amazing. I think she literally sucked and then tried to blow. I later found out it was her first blowjob too. Then she began to move up and down on my cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I soon lay back and put my hand on her head and moved it in rhythm.

After a bit, she stopped and looked at me. She smiled and then slid over me until she was lying on top of me. I felt my cock leap up between her legs. She kissed me and I kissed her back. We continued kissing, forgetting everything for a moment, until I became aware that she was rubbing her pussy against the head of my dick.

I knew then what was going to happen. I broke our kiss and gently pushed her off of me. I stood up and then reached for her hands and pulled her to a standing position. I embraced her and gave her a long kiss. I then took her by the hand and led her the two or three steps to the bed. I lay her down on her back and then climbed on the bed and placed myself over her. I vaguely remember that this was when the lights came back on.

I leaned in and gave her another kiss. I had been with a couple of girls in a fumbling sort of way, and I knew where I needed to place my cock. I felt that it was in the right place and gently pushed. There was some resistance for a couple of seconds and Becky pulled away from my kiss and squeezed my back. Finally, my dick pushed all the way in and after a quick arching of her back and a grunt, Rebecca relaxed. I waited a couple of seconds to make sure she was OK, and then I began to fuck her.

I was so excited, that I just fucked as hard and fast as I could. Rebecca didn’t seem to mind, because she moved against me at the same rate. It couldn’t have been much more than a minute later that I felt her tense, and she grabbed my back and pulled me towards her. I felt the warm embrace of her relaxing muscles surround my cock, but I continued my frantic pace.

I didn’t last much longer until I exploded inside her. I shot spurt after spurt of cum. I pushed as deep as I could into her.

Finally, I relaxed and pulled my cock out. I lay down next to her, both of us panting. After a bit, I heard Becky say, “Wow!”

“Yeah….Wow!” was all I could reply.

I lay there for a bit more, enjoying the feeling and staring at the ceiling. Then the need to pee came on. I have always had to pee not long after cumming, but this time I was a little embarrassed by the thought of telling my sister that.

I finally reached the point where I couldn’t wait. “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” I said, jumping up and heading down the hall.

When I got to the bathroom and went to pee, I noticed my cock was covered in my cum and that some had dripped on my thigh. I decided I should shower off really quick, so I turned on the water and hopped in the shower. Of course, being the age and sex I was, I peed in the shower and then began to rinse myself off. As I was doing so, I heard the door to the bathroom open. I opened the door and saw my sister, still naked, sitting on the toilet and peeing.

“Sorry,” she said. “I couldn’t hold it.”

“That’s all right,” I said back, closing the shower door. “I’m just rinsing off really quick.”

She’d never come in the bathroom while I was showering, and never would have peed in front of me before. I was just coming to the realization that our relationship had changed when the shower door opened and she Becky stepped inside with me.

“I need to rinse off too,” she said. She stood on her tiptoes, put her arms around my neck and gave me a quick kiss. Then she turned around and let the water pour over her body. I looked down at her ass and instantly began to get turned on again.

I reached down and squeezed her butt. It was so firm. She leaned into my hand. I brought my hand up along her hip and around to her stomach. Then I stepped closer and brought both of my hands to her breasts. I kissed her neck. I squeezed her tits then pinched both of her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. She moaned and pressed against me.

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How Had I Ended Up Here Ch. 06

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John looked at Susan across the table.

She looked at him quickly, glancing away before Michael, her husband noticed. Clare was equally oblivious to the glances between John and Susan.

They all made small talk about work as they waited for the main course to arrive.

Susan was quietly stunning to John. Her hair was hanging loose in scarlet tresses and her makeup showed the vibrancy in her hair and extenuated her fine features. Her eyes were captivating, drawing him in.

He had known Susan for years and though he always considered her attractive, he had felt a chemistry between them in recent weeks that was electric.

“Honey, are you alright?” Michael asked Susan.

She had been uncharacteristically quiet.

She had been stealing looks at John all evening.

She didn’t know what had gotten into her. His eyes that before were kind and insightful, now she wanted to see in the throes of pleasure. She thought about him leaning down to kiss her and his lean arms wrapping around her.

“I’m feeling a bit off, but I’ll be fine” Susan lied.

The food arrived before Michael could enquire further.

As they began eating, Michael’s phone rang.

“Sorry guys.” Michael apologised and answered it.

He stood up from the table and took a few steps away to take the call.

“Enjoying the food?” Clare said to John.

“Yeah, you?” John said, trying not to look at Susan.

“Mmhmm.” Clare agreed. “What about you, Susan?” Clare asked.

Susan looked up from her food, cheeks flush and eyes firmly on Clare, trying not to look at John.

Her flush cheeks and expression curiously excited John.

“Actually, I’m not feeling well. I think I may just call it a night.” Susan apologised.

Michael came back to the table and looked at his wife.

“Sue, are you alright?” Michael asked.

“She’s not feeling well.” Clare answered.

“I just got a call from the office. They need me in.” Michael explained.

“John can take her home.” Clare volunteered.

Susan’s eyes widened with alarm, which Clare and Michael didn’t notice as they were looking at John expectantly.

Noticing Susan’s demeanour, John was reluctant, but he knew he couldn’t come up with a reasonable excuse.

“Sure I can do that.” John said. Susan looked at him pointedly.

“Thanks John.” Michael said and kissed Susan on the brow.

“I’ll see you later tonight. Feel better.” Michael said and promptly left.

“You better get her home. I’ll get this bagged up and see you later.” Clare said and pecked John on the cheek.

John got up and ushered Susan towards the door. He helped her with her black overcoat and got a waft of her perfume.

His eyes lingered on the pale nape of her neck and wondered for a moment.

He shook his head to banish the thought as Susan turned to look at him.

They left wordlessly and flagged a taxi.

One pulled up and John held the door for her. She got in wordlessly and John followed.

They sat in tense silence for the entire trip, both aware of the unspoken issue.

They arrived at Susan and Michael’s apartment building as the rain began to drum off the taxi’s roof.

John took off his coat and held it over Susan as they got out and dashed for the door.

Susan fumbled for her keys and John looked at her in the red halogen light from the streetlamp above.

Her red hair reflected the light above and her pale skin contrasted it so well. John felt his mind wander again ankara escort as Susan opened the door and they rushed inside.

John pressed the button and they rode the elevator up.

They got out after a moment and arrived at the door of Susan’s apartment.

“John. I’m fine from here.” Susan murmured as she opened the door, she had a huskiness John hadn’t heard before.

John didn’t reply but gestured her in and followed after without thinking.

Susan didn’t stop him and threw her keys on the counter.

John took her coat and his eyes followed the curve of her back in the black dress she was wearing.

He felt something in his trousers stir, so he hung up her coat and moved towards the door.

“John.” Susan said when she noticed him move.

John turned back and looked at her.

She was beautiful. Her full red hair hanging loose and slightly tousled from their dash in the rain. Her eyes were enthralling, with just the right amount of makeup. Drawing his eye to her eyes, cheeks and lips. John looked at her pale neck hungrily before his eyes drifted to her breasts. They were 32C and firm, rising and falling with her breathing. His gaze passed her deep curves and flat, toned stomach which the tight dress highlighted. Finally, his eyes passed the hem of her dress and followed her long, slender legs, which in the black tights seemed to stretch on and on to her feet in stylish, black, high heels.

Susan could see John look down her with a expression she had seen before, but never on John when he looked at her. She looked at his thick brown hair, his captivating eyes, and strong, compassionate features. Her eyes followed from his chin to his tailored suit jacket, shirt and tie which were moulded to his lean, wiry frame. He wasn’t bulky, but she could tell he was toned and in good shape. Her gaze wandered to his waist and she was fairly certain, based on the fit of his trousers he was not in any way lacking.

They were both aware of what just happened and looked at each other with unconvinced shock.

They both knew whoever moved would determine what happened next.

They both nearly jumped when John’s phone went off.

John checked it and it read.

‘Hey. Maybe stick around with Susan for a bit, she seemed really off earlier and I’m concerned about her.” Clare’s text read.

John hesitated for a moment, but turned to leave. His hand had just rested on the door handle before he heard the click of high heels on the wooden floor and he felt Susan’s hand on his shoulder.

He looked back and her face was twisted with emotion. He could see the indecision in her expression, suggesting regret at what she did.

Her eyes widened in surprise when John removed his hand from the handle of the door. He slowly turned and rested his right hand on her hip.

“Clare said I should maybe stay here with you, as you seemed off earlier.” John said, hoarse with emotion.

Susan smiled despite herself and felt a heat blossom in her chest. “Yeah. I’d appreciate if you were here until I felt a bit more like myself.” Susan murmured huskily, resting her hand on his chest.

John pulled her into an embrace, in the high heels her chin rested on his shoulder. His right arm snaked around the small of her back and his left hand rested on the centre of her back. Her hands were placed similarly.

Susan leaned into him, pressing her waist forward. She felt his right hand drift to her ass and grip. She bit her lip as she felt him stiffen and it pressed into her. escort ankara She let her own hand drift to and grip his tight ass. Her other hand ran down his side to his waist.

Her conscience was yelling about Michael, but it was drowned out when she stepped back and her hand traced John’s belt and gripped his cock through his trousers. John looked at her with a lustful expression and she felt the hand on her back move to the back of her neck. He pulled her toward him and before their lips met, she opened her mouth.

Their tongues met as their mouths did. They kissed with the frenzy of teenagers. John no longer heard his indignant conscience as he tasted Susan for the first time.

He hadn’t realised how he had wanted her before, but now that they were here, John knew that there was no turning back.

Susan felt her delicate fingers undo John’s belt and she could feel herself becoming wet with anticipation.

Her eyes were closed, savouring every moment of John’s tongue in her mouth and his hand drifting up the outside of her leg. She registered John’s wedding band, cool against the skin of her thigh, but instead of guilt, she felt her pussy tingle and her lip curl into a smirk.

John felt suspenders linking her stockings to her underwear, which felt exquisite. Her hands were deep into his trousers, tracing his cock through his boxers. He broke the kiss they were sharing and kissed the nape of her neck. Susan gasped at that and her hands froze for a moment. John ran his hand towards the inside of her thigh and up between her legs.

“John.” Susan whispered.

“Yes?” John said innocently, as his fingers brushed her dampness and kissed her neck.

“Follow me.” Susan said with a mischievous smirk. John felt himself rock hard in her hands as she led him through the apartment.

John followed her in a daze. She was one of his oldest and closest friends and here they were.

They entered into the spacious bedroom and John took her in his arms.

He pulled the dress up over her waist, revealing lace black panties. He kissed her roughly and knelt in front of her. He locked eyes with her and pulled her panties down, revealing her smooth, wet pussy. She gasped with pleasure as John pulled her towards him and kissed her pussy deeply.

She was practically dripping wet when John grabbed her by the ass and pulled towards him. Her eyelids fluttered when he placed his lips on hers. She shuddered as he slowly thrust his tongue inside her.

“Fuck.” Susan groaned as he began to lap up her juices and lick her clit. Her hands came to the back of his head and she pulled him into her.

John felt a surge of pride as Susan’s hands pulled him towards her pussy. He could tell she was close, and resolved to make her cum. He started altering his technique until he found her favourites. He then switched between them, eliciting more cursing and moaning.

Susan felt incredible, he was pleasuring better than she ever had been. “John. I’m about to-” Susan began before she came. She moaned loudly and felt her legs tremble with exertion. She felt her pussy flood and John set to lapping it all up.

She fell back on the bed and writhed in ecstasy. She was vaguely aware of John’s hands finding the zip on her back and peeling the dress off her. She opened her eyes and knew what she needed.

She set to undoing his shirt buttons as he unclasped her bra. She ran her hands up his toned chest as he massaged her breasts. John gripped one of her hands and guided it to between her legs. ankara escort bayan Her fingers eased her lips apart and she collected a trail of her cum on her index finger.

John practically tore his shirt and trousers off. She looked at him in full. He was exactly as she guessed. Lean and toned with everything in perfect proportion for a man of 6’5″.

She looked John in the eye and put her cum covered finger in her mouth. She didn’t know what came over her. She had never tasted herself before, but in the moment it felt natural and she felt even more aroused.

John looked down at her and his cock that pointed at her pussy. He looked up at Susan, flush with lust and passion.

John was standing over her, his rigid cock pointing at her pussy expectantly. He was stood in tense anticipation. Susan thought for a moment, before she stretched her long slender legs out behind John and folded them towards her.

John felt Susan’s legs nudge him towards her. He looked at her expression of blatant want and stepped closer. Their eyes never left each other as he guided his bare cock to her lips. He paused for a moment and then slowly pushed his length inside her velvety warmth.

Susan gasped as he entered her, he fit inside her perfectly, pushing out against her tightness and thrusting inside her well lubricated pussy.

John groaned as he buried his cock into her pussy. She was tight and fit him like a glove.

He had never felt a pussy as warm, wet and tight as Susan’s.

He was inside her up to the hilt as she felt him reach the deepest parts of her. He withdrew blissfully slow, each moment was sinful pleasure for both of them. He had his cockhead just inside her and then he thrust in again. She gasped as he filled her and her legs wrapped around him, pulling him in with each thrust.

Any and all conscience had been overridden as they began fucking with abandon. John relished each time he claimed her cunt and Susan savoured each time she took his entire length.

Susan realised she’d probably keep going, even if Michael arrived home and she had no doubt from the look on John’s face, his resolve was the same. She could feel her orgasm coming again.

“Susan. I’m really close.” John grunted.

“Good, I want to feel your cum run down my throat.” Susan confessed.

John reluctantly pulled out of her and she knelt in front of him. She opened her mouth and eased his cock between her lips. She enjoyed the taste of his precum mixing with her cum. She took his entire length into her mouth and throat.

She began sucking his cock and working his shaft with her hands. John felt an illicit thrill as her rings ran along his slick length.

Then he felt something incredible.

He looked down to see Susan grinning, as she was ran her diamond engagement ring along the underside of his cock. Michael has bought her a ring with a diamond large enough that it was flat on the top. It glided up John’s cock, sending shivers up his spine.

“Susan.” John gasped as she sealed her lips around his cock and he came in her mouth.

He saw stars behind his eyes as he fired his large load into her mouth. His thick, white seed flowed down Susan’s throat.

He finished and fell onto the bed.

“Well that was incredible.” John remarked breathlessly.

“Yeah.” Susan agreed and lay down beside him.

“We may need to be a bit more prepared next time.” John said.

“Yeah, we are definitely doing that again.” Susan replied.

The two of them looked at each other.

“As long as they don’t find out.” John said.

“It’s fine, we’re just close friends to them.” Susan reassured him.

They both looked up at the ceiling and each thought.

‘How had I ended up here.’

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Houston II Ch. 05

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Chapter 5.

Coughlin’s Learning Curve

“I think it time you got out of those clothes, Argie,” Doctor Coughlin said smoothly. But Argie was still locked away in the never-never land of orgiastic bliss and didn’t hear a word he said. So, as she was still basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, he quickly removed her sweater and grinned when he saw she wore a translucent bra. His eyes widened when her perfectly rounded globes bounced and jiggled upon release, and her little pink nipples stood up proud and erect, begging for his attention. He took hold of her skirt, which was bunched around her waist, and tugged at it until she had to lean forward, allowing him to pull it over her head and off.

Argie was only vaguely aware that she was being undressed; that someone was lying down with her on the couch. The doctor snaked his arm around her, and gently pulled her soft flesh against his. She scooted back against him, feeling safe and warm in his strong embrace. Abruptly she realized where she was and whom she was with, and her sexual hunger returned full-strength.

“Doctor . . . that was fantastic!” she said, already breathing heavily again.

“Easy now,” he said. “Want me to lick you some more?”

“Are you going to fuck me?” she asked in a tiny voice.

“Of course, but remember, this is a lesson in touching; in getting to know one another. It’s not a fast roll in the sack, Argie, we’re making love. We’re . . . I’m showing you how to deal with a patient who is not currently capable of showing a good deal of passion, or even demonstrating affection. You see how I’ve turned you on?”

“Brother, have you ever turned me on,” she said, then giggled.

“Get ready, I’m about to turn you on even more,” he said.

“I can’t wait . . .” she exclaimed as his finger slid easily inside her, causing her to moan, “Oh, doctor!”

Another finger followed the first, and Argie was humping back at them while gnawing at the thumb of her left hand with her teeth. Coughlin steered his tongue to her clit, gave it a strident lick and Argie shrieked out her joy.


Coughlin spent ten seconds; ten long, lingering seconds, sucking on the tiny protuberance that had emerged from under its protective hood before backing away to observe her reaction.

Argie’s nostrils flared as she inhaled his smell, unconsciously labeling it as a mix of musk, sweat and sex that she would remember for years afterward.

He leaned close to Argie and whispered softly in her ear, “You’re beautiful Argie, absolutely beautiful.” He cupped both her breasts, and fondled them gently. He laughed delightedly as her nipples shot out stiff and hard in his palms. Then he returned to eating her out.

“Aaaaaggghh!” Argie shrieked, as she thrashed her pelvis with uncontrollable joy, striving to compel his fingers deeper and his mouth tighter. But the doctor, extremely knowledgeable in this area, withdrew his fingers a little and took his mouth away from her drooling sex. Her hips settled back down, and she wailed forlornly at losing contact with him.

Coughlin spent a minute stroking her flanks, delving into the cleft of her ass, making her moan anew at his touches there. Then he stopped and waited patiently before taking her to the next level.

When Argie calmed slightly, Coughlin kissed her on the lips, then kissed each eye in turn and whispered into her ear, “Concentrate on me . . . and my cock.”

“I am, Doctor, I am,” she moaned. “And your tongue and soft hands, and fingers . . . Oh . . . Oh . . . OHHHHH!”

Argie shifted position and lay back on the leather couch with one leg strewn lewdly over the back, and the other with her toes barely touching the floor. With her cunt fully exposed to his viewing pleasure, ankara escort he knelt beside her and gazed at her sexual portal for a moment, admiring its puffy state of development while the juices flowing freely from her inner self. Then he began anew. Starting with her left thigh, he licked upward from the top of her knee, the length of her cunt to her clit, which he sucked briefly. And then he repeated the process on her left leg. When he reached her cunt this time, he plunged his tongue into her as far as it would go, then began fucking her with it and at the same time, his right hand reached up and grasped a nipple and toyed with it.

Argie moaned with pleasure, nearly overwhelmed by it all. ‘How did he ever learn all this?’ she wondered briefly, then forgot she ever thought of it as she surrendered herself to the cataclysmic beginnings of a fantastic orgasm that had rushed up on her.

She vaguely remembered his taking both her hands and entwining his fingers with them, and then placing them on her breasts, generating a new sensation to go with the others. Then everything blurred. His mouth had fastened upon her clit and she was coming again — coming, coming!

Coughlin stroked his thick penis; one of his overly zealous lovers had once measured his circumference with a tape measure, and had amazed the both of them, pronouncing him to be seven inches around.

He glanced at Argie, saw that she would soon be ready to continue, placed a pillow under her behind; knelt between her legs on the couch, and then placed each leg in turn upon his broad shoulders. He smiled and leaned forward to place a lingering kiss on her sopping thin crop of pubic hair.

She moaned, and placed a finger in her mouth. Her eyes were closed, but her pelvic muscles had already begun twitching. He licked her folds twice, then parted them with two fingers from his left hand, exposing her coral colored inner flesh.

Instinctively, Argie’s hips began moving in a bucking motion, and as she became aware of her surroundings, discovered she was humping her very wet cunt against the doctor’s face, soaking the area around his mouth. His mouth felt so wonderfully good on her and she felt another orgasm approaching. As she prepared to let loose an anticipatory guttural scream of pleasure, she heard him say, “I’m going to enter you now.”

Argie closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on his hands and fingers gliding over her sweat streaked skin. She had a vague recollection of his taking her to the very brink of ecstasy and beyond only a few short minutes ago; and that they had yet to screw one another.

“Feel the heat building up inside you?” he asked.

She was silent for a moment, as she tried to fathom the meaning behind his question, and then gave up, replying, “Are you kidding?”

A moment later, a soft, low moan escaped her lips, and her eyes fluttered shut as she trembled with mounting desire. Coughlin took the opportunity to whisper to her over the sound of the soft, rhythmic music playing in the background, “Notice every sensation you feel from now on,” and he began to hum along with the music as his fingers walked along the lips of her labia, teasing her even more. Then he had two fingers churning away inside her, causing Argie to lunge up in a futile attempt to force them deeper, but anticipating her move he was already pulling them out and she whimpered sadly at the loss.

Argie felt as though she was almost there . . . had been on the edge several times since last coming and couldn’t fathom his reason for not letting her come and then come again. In the back of her mind she heard his words again, “”Notice every sensation you feel from now on . . .” she nodded her head in a vague sort of understanding. She began to feel feverish from wanting escort ankara him inside her.

Doctor Coughlin chose that moment to thrust his hips forward, squashing the blunt head of his member between her slickened, swollen labia. Argie groaned and quickly pushed back against him to hasten the entry of his steel-like shaft inside her.

“Slowly, now,” he said, warning her against being overly aggressive in humping back at him. He fed only the head of his cock into her.

Argie was going crazy wanting him firmly embedded inside her and moaned loudly at him, urging him to “Fuck me! Please, fuck me now!”

Still he waited, counting to twenty and only then did he slide slowly into her. Argie was coming again.

She stopped breathing, and unbeknownst to her, the doctor began counting again, this time to see how long she could manage before passing out, or coughing air back into her lungs. It was a favorite game of his by which he measured his control over women.

He eased into her, inch by inch. Her vaginal muscles clenched him as if to tug him into her at a faster rate which he was willing to provide her. Coughlin smiled at this, pleased that she had such muscle control. He knew that in a short time she would learn how to use them to achieve even better results.

Finally, he was buried to the hilt in her grasping succulence. She moaned with satisfaction, shuddering from the mini-climax that was still in progress. In her rather hazy-minded state, Argie realized that she was having a number of climaxes, each one slightly different from the one preceding it, all of them wonderful. Still, she sensed that a mighty orgasm still lay ahead; one that she would not reach until he wanted her to.

“Argie, can you hear me?” He asked.

“Um, uh-huh.”

“I’m going to demonstrate the beneficial effects of motion; that is, when I, or even you move faster, a greater amount of friction is generated. I know that we’re in the middle of a lovely fuck, but still, this is what you must be keenly aware of when working with your patient.

“Huh?” she replied, obviously disoriented by the tumultuous pleasures bombarding her senses. Coughlin chucked, pulled his cock back until only the tip remained in her cunt.

Argie moaned at the loss.

“Please pay attention!” he said, trying not to make it sound as if he were scolding her. Then he slammed back into her, heard the air whoosh from her lungs and realized he had forgotten to keep count on her breathing and mentally chided himself, ‘Getting old, I guess,’ he thought, then began a series of rapid thrusting, virtually hammering his member into her with each and every thrust.

“Oh, God!” “Oh, God!” “Oh, God!”

She shrieked and shuddered, as her climax — a rapid succession of them, actually — each increasing in its intensity as they flowed over her like a gigantic tsunami.

Gradually, Coughlin slowed his pace, and in a matter-of-fact tone told her, “I would point out that one benefit of your having your legs on my shoulders is that I have easy access to your . . . clit.”

That said, he caressed the fleshy hood of her throbbing clit, eliciting an even greater climax than the ones preceding it.

Argie’s eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. Blinding lights flashed in her head and her lithe body convulsed in another fireworks-like series of orgasms, while Argie grabbed desperately at Doctor Coughlin, her muscles strained to their limits, trying to get him to stop for a moment, to give her a chance to breathe, a chance to think and then she let herself go, too tired to fight it or him any longer.

She passed out.

Coughlin made sure she was breathing properly, and then gave her several minutes to ankara escort bayan revive herself, which she did.

“Excellent,” he said, as her eyes opened. He remained fully embedded in her, and she found that comforting, she knew she would be sore from his excessive pounding later, and throughout the following day.

A fleeting thought passed through her mind, ‘No fuckee for John tomorrow . . . or for Milo either,’ she told herself, concluding the thought.

The doctor’s voice reached her once again. “How did you like your multiple orgasms?”

“They were . . . lovely,” she said, sounding exhausted, which she very definitely was, at the moment.

“Shall we continue then?”

“You’re not finished with me?” she asked incredulously.

“No, I have learned to control my orgasms. In fact, I can do this for hours on end.”

“Oh, shit!” Argie exclaimed, “Well, I can’t!”

He laughed as he lowered her legs from his shoulders and positioned her on her hands and knees.

“Not my ass, please not my ass!” Argie pleaded nervously.

“Not to worry, my love,” he said, kneeling behind her. He tapped her ass with his member, and then sent it quickly back into the depths of her cunt.

“OH, DAMN!” she swore, and then moaned happily, as a bevy of pleasing sensations soared through her nervous system.

He reached around her to locate her clitoris again and agilely plied it with his soft, experienced fingers.

She moaned.

He thrust.

She groaned.

He thrust faster, and was soon banging against her cervix with a regularity she found excruciatingly pleasant.

Unable to contain herself, Argie screamed out in pleasure, her head drooped and her long, silky hair fanned out over the cushions.

Coughlin, still lodged firmly with her, began to torment her clit with his thumb.

“Yeah, MORE!” she gasped, as the sweat from their bodies caused her to slip a little and Coughlin was almost displaced from her cunt.

Recovering, he slammed into her harder, faster and Argie’s climaxes began anew. Coughlin noted that her nerves were frayed and her emotions almost worn out, and decided to finish them both off. He flexed his buttocks harder than before; savagely pounding into her. Grunting and sweating profusely, he reveled in the feel of their wet flesh slapping against each other.

“Do you want me to come inside you?” He asked in a voice strained from the effort of his fucking.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she answered, delighting in the feel of his bloated balls slapping heavily at her ass.

He held off, waiting for her next climax to arrive. When it did, with her cunt twitching and pulsing around his pistoning cock, he groaned into her ear: “Here we come!”

The words caused her eyes to fly open, and her mouth opened to emit a silent scream of pleasure. He slammed into her one last time and she felt his molten sperm rocketing into the condom he wore to protect them both. Argie sensed several exquisite seconds of marvelous bliss and then collapsed in an unconscious state as this mighty orgasm completely overwhelmed her. A moment or two later, Coughlin’s member reluctantly slipped from her gaping slit with an obscene, wet smacking sound . . . and her juices quickly followed, seeping from her opening and onto her right thigh and then the couch. Coughlin fell forward to, also exhausted. He eased himself down onto the floor with the beautiful woman he had just made love too.

Argie was reviving and gasping for breath. Her body was trembling from the ordeal. Coughlin lay against her naked body, spoon-fashion, and stroked her soft skin tenderly.

When she could finally speak, Argie rasped, “That was amazing, Doctor.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” he whispered. “You are a wonderful student. So, do you approve of my sexual surrogate techniques?”

She turned her head back slightly, and gazed at him. She giggled softly. “I can hardly wait for our next session.”

“Nor can I,” he said and then they both laughed.

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Samantha’s Soothing Hands

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Alexis Ren

The moment Hank touched the hot pipe he knew he’d made a mistake. He snatched his hand away quickly as he could, but the damage was done. He thought he’d gotten lucky at first—he didn’t feel anything—but then came the searing pain, and he thought he was going to black out.

Hank was usually a tough guy, but the pain was bad enough that when the foreman insisted he go to the ER, Hank didn’t resist. He intentionally didn’t look at his hands. Seeing the damage would make it real. The foreman called his son to meet him at the hospital. Tom was in college and available. His daughter Samantha was working, and he did not want to pull her away. Hank was long divorced and between girlfriends, so there was no one else to call.

“You got lucky,” the ER doc told him. “It’s only second degree burns. If you didn’t have excellent reflexes the damage would have been much worse. You should be able to make a full recovery.”

“How long will I be out?” Hank asked. He was one of those men who needed to work. He hated being idle.

“It is fairly deep, so I’m guessing you’re going to need a couple weeks to recover. The good news is that I doubt there will be much scarring, and no permanent damage.”

“Thanks, doc.”

On the inside, Hank was cursing. He worked with his hands, so returning to work before he was healed was not an option. Not only that, the wound was on his dominant hand, which was going to make performing everyday tasks difficult. The burn would have to be treated and redressed daily. He knew Samantha would be right there to help him, but Hank hated leaning on anyone. He did not want to be a burden.

“Daddy! What happened?” Samantha said when she got home from work.

“It was just a little work accident. It’s no big deal. I might need a little help with the dressing, but I’ll be fine, really.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

“Really, Sam. It’s not your responsibility.”

“I know you like to think you’re a big strong man, but it’s okay to take some help.”

“It’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Hank was already finding it difficult to do things with his off-hand. Opening a beer with one hand was nearly impossible. He’d been trying for 10 minutes when his daughter came home.

“Let me do that, Daddy.” She took the bottle from him and twisted it open.

“Thanks, Sam.”

Samantha hated seeing her dad like that. she knew it was important to him that she saw him as invincible. It was going to kill him to accept help from her, but she was not going to let him struggle to fend for himself. She felt obligated to be there for him—especially since he didn’t have anyone else right now. It had been a couple years since he’d been serious with anyone and had increasingly become a homebody. Samantha didn’t understand it. She knew he was a good looking guy. He was in his early 50s, but was still strong as an ox and had a full head of steel-gray hair. More than one of her friends had come sniffing around him, only to be warned off by Samantha. She didn’t know if it would really bother her if her father dated someone younger, but she did not want it to be one of her friends. She had always felt oddly jealous when one of her friends talked about how hot her father was.

Hank went through to the living room and Samantha followed with a beer of her own. She had become a good companion to him, but he really wished she was out leading her own life. Samantha was only 26. She should be out having fun and hanging out with her friends—not watching the game with her old man. His daughter had had a serious boyfriend for several years, but they broke up about six months ago, and it was bad. Samantha had not expressed any interest in dating since then. Hank knew she had to have guys chasing after her. Even though she was his daughter, he knew she was beautiful. Samantha was tall and fit, but thicker and curvy, like her mother had been. Her ass was nice and round and her tits were big and beautiful—not that he dwelled on that stuff. She had fiery red hair and wonderful emerald eyes. Hank knew from an early age that he’d be chasing the boys away from his door. No boy would ever truly be good enough for his little girl.

“So what did the doctor say? What do we have to do?” Samantha asked.

Hank ran down the doctor’s instructions, but assured her he could do most of it himself. “I don’t want you anchored to the house because of this.”

Samantha gave him one of her luminous smiles. “Did it ever occur to you that I like spending time with my dad? At least there’s one man in my life who I know is not a jerk who’s going to screw me over.”

“Sam, not all men are like that. Your brother isn’t like that.”

“No, he’s a sweet kid. He’s also always at his girlfriend’s, so he’s not going to be much help with this.”

Hank ignored that. “I just think you need to get yourself out there again. I’ve found that the best way to get over heartache is to get back on the horse.” It was another version of a conversation they’d had pendik escort numerous times since Samantha’s break up.

“Like the way you went tearing through all those women after you and mom divorced?”

Samantha recalled how in those first couple years it seemed like her father was with a different woman every week. At first she was embarrassed by it, but then her interest was piqued by the sounds coming from his bedroom. Their house was small enough that if her dad was having a particularly good night she could not avoid hearing it. That knowledge had always made Samantha shy about having sex in the house herself, and on the occasions she did, she struggled to be quiet—quite unusual for her. The curvy red head had a robust sex drive.

“I’m not suggesting…” Hank couldn’t even finish the thought.

“No double standards here, Dad. If you really want me on the horse, I could throw on a low-cut top and go down to the bar.”

“Sam, come on. Knock it off. You know what I mean.”

“I’m just teasing you, Dad.”

“It’s not funny.”

“I’ll meet someone when I meet someone. I believe in leaving things in fate’s hands. Besides, I could say all the same things about you. When is the last time you had a date?”

“It’s not as easy when you get older, Sam. Hopefully you’ll never have to worry about that.”

“You’re not old yet. And I’m sure there are still plenty of women who’d like to jump on the horse.”

“Sam! Stop it. We shouldn’t talk about that sort of thing.”

On more than one occasion Samantha had wondered how much of a horse her father was. No, she didn’t think of him in those terms, but based on those noises coming from his bedroom he had to be pretty large down there. She’d always thought it was unfair that a woman’s assets were right there for all to see—and judge—but she couldn’t find out what a guy had going on until it was too late.

“You started it.”

“How about you get us more beers and we concentrate on the game?”

“Yes, sir!”

Neither Samantha nor Hank were lightweights when it came to drinking, but combining beer with painkillers was not a good idea, and Hank was pretty goofy when it came time to go to bed. Samantha was tipsy too, but she was able to stand on her own two feet. Hank stood and fell right back to the couch.

Samantha helped her father back to his feet and then assisted him upstairs to his bedroom. He had to stop and pee, but once in the bathroom Hank found it impossible to get his jeans open. Reluctantly, he called in his daughter.

“It’s okay, Daddy. It’s not the first time I’ve had to get a guy’s pants open,” she laughed.

“Hey! I don’t need to know about that,” Hank insisted, while thinking that his daughter was a little too good at getting his belt unbuckled and his jeans open. He wasn’t under any illusions that she was a virgin, but still, he didn’t want to think about that.

Samantha flipped up the toilet seat for him and said, “Let me know when you’re done.”

“I can take it from here,” he insisted.

She closed the bathroom behind her and waited outside. She heard the flush, followed by the sink, and then Hank running into the door. She eased it open and he stumbled into her arms and she held onto him tightly. Although she was nearly 5’8″, Hank had a good six inches on her. It was a good thing she was so strong.

“Come on, big guy. Let’s get you to bed.”

Samantha pulled back the sheets with one hand, and deposited him on the double bed. Hank fell with a oof. Flat on his back, it felt like all the blood was rushing to his head and he was suddenly confused. It took him a moment to remember the dark bedroom was his. He did not remember that the busty woman standing over him was his daughter. He took in the silhouette of those big tits in the tight t-shirt and the long hair hanging down as she bent over. Did he get really drunk and bring some woman home from the bar again? If he did, he’d stuck gold this time. This woman was built like a brick shithouse, just like his ex-wife. He tried to reach for her, but his right hand didn’t seem to be working. She pulled his shirt over his head, brushing his hands away. And then she was pulling his jeans down. This one must really want it, he thought. He tried to reach for those tits again, but she easily pushed his hands away.

“Easy there,” Samantha said.

Hank was confused, she could see that, so she didn’t take Hank’s wandering hands personally. Besides, he couldn’t be doing what it seemed he was, could he? Samantha had to rethink that when she saw the giant snake hiding in her father’s boxers. It wasn’t standing straight up, but it clearly wasn’t soft either. She was entranced and kept staring at it for a long minute. Her dad was indeed hung like a horse. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Samantha finally realized what she was doing and snapped out of it. She pulled the sheets over him to get that thing out of her sight.

“Goodnight, Daddy,” she said, giving him a kiss escort pendik on the forehead.

The words shocked Hank, and he was instantly ashamed. That stacked girl he was trying to grope was his own daughter. He mumbled a goodnight and was relieved when she left. He tried to think of anything but those tits, willing his tingling prick to go back down.

Samantha closed the door to her own bedroom and lay down without undressing. She was trying to get her head clear, and tried to chalk her jumbled thoughts up to having too many beers. Her heart was thumping and she kept telling herself that it was not because of what she saw in her dad’s boxers. It couldn’t be. Even when she pushed a hand inside her black stretch pants and panties she told herself the dampness down there was completely unrelated. She cleared her mind as she touched herself, because she could not be thinking of her dad as she did that.


Hank’s head was full of cotton in the morning and he groaned when he rolled over. The pain meds from the night before had worn off and his hand was throbbing. He tried to recall the night before, but it was all a fog after a certain point. He and Samantha were watching the game and talking, and that was all he remembered. He had no idea how he ended up undressed and in bed. The only explanation was that Samantha put him there. He pulled on a pair of sweatpants, because it was all he could manage, and followed the smell of coffee downstairs.

Samantha was moving around the kitchen, getting her day started. She wore a tight, low-cut black tank top emblazed with a logo and short denim skirt that laced with a leather thong at the waist—her waitress uniform. It was more revealing than Hank liked, but all the girls at the bar and grill wore the same top. They just didn’t wear it the way his daughter did. Although she had a college degree, she’d had trouble finding a job in her field. Hank felt bad about how difficult it was for kids these days. He never even went to college, but he’d found a good paying job in the trades right away when he was young.

“Hey, Dad. Want some coffee?” Samantha asked. Hank sensed something odd in her body language.

“That’d be great, Sam. Thanks.” He sat at the table and she brought him a mug of steaming black coffee—just the way he liked it. “You’re up kind of early.”

“It’s after ten o’clock. You slept in.”

“Really? Wow. I don’t think I’ve slept late in the last twenty years.” Hank grabbed his pill bottle from the table, but it was impossible to open one-handed.

“Here, let me,” Samantha said. She leaned over and took it from him, her tits temporarily in his face. He could see right down to her black bra. He immediately looked away, and she jerked up. Hank had no idea why he noticed that, but he didn’t like it. God, he hoped his daughter had not noticed his peek.

Samantha noticed, and she turned away when she opened the bottle, not wanting her father to see the strange look on her face. She knew it was not his fault, but she could not get the effect she’d had on him out of her mind. And worse, she could not forget the way she’d responded to that reaction. After she climaxed last night, she told herself it was nothing. She was drunk and it had been forever since she’d gotten laid, that was all. Her dad was probably right. She needed to get back out there and meet a guy. If nothing else, she needed to blow off some steam. But even now, she was all too aware of how manly her shirtless father was, with his muscular chest covered with sparse graying hair.

“It says to take one now, and another in four hours. I won’t be home from work then, so should I leave the bottle open for you?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said, defeated.

“Dad, this is only temporary. Don’t sweat it. I’ll be back tonight to make dinner and change your dressing.”

Hank put his good hand on hers and squeezed it. “Thanks, Sam. You really are the best.”

“I’m going to take off early today, unless you need me. I have some errands to take care of.” The truth was that Samantha felt awkward and hoped that some time away from her father would get her head straight.

“Go do what you need to do, hon. I’ll be fine.”

Hank watched Samantha hustle around the kitchen and was sure something was up—he just had no idea what it was. Had he said something stupid when he was drunk? He remembered being on her about getting out and meeting someone. He hoped he hadn’t ridden her too hard—or said something inappropriate. Samantha left and he was left alone to figure out what was bugging his daughter.

The day was long and boring. Hank just did not know how to be still. He grew bored with watching television. He wanted a beer, but could not open a bottle by himself. He ended up pouring a couple shots of whiskey, since he managed to twist that cap off.

Hank was also oddly horny. It had been a while since he’d gotten laid, but that didn’t explain why he couldn’t think of anything but sex. He wished he knew how pendik escort bayan to use the computer in the corner because he knew he could easily find porn there. He wondered if it would be like being with a stranger if he jerked off with his left hand. He put his hand in his sweatpants and rubbed himself experimentally. He was hard in a second.

Without any porn, Hank went back to his spank bank. It had been a long time since he’d done that. the shots of whiskey took him all the way to his youth, back to when he first met his ex-wife. He remembered a night in the woods when they had gone to a bonfire with a bunch of other kids their age. As the night got late, Hank dragged Christie away and they’d gotten busy on a picnic table in the moonlight. God, she’d looked incredible. Christie had been the prototype for his kind of woman—nice juicy tits and a tight, around ass. And she had all of the fiery passion red heads are known for. Hank stroked himself harder as he fantasied about his ex back in her 20s.

Hank had always known Samantha looked like her mother. Everyone remarked on it. But for the first time it popped into his mind how they much they really were alike in all the ways that matter to a man. His daughter really was the image of Christie way back when—except that Samantha’s tits were even bigger. Hank pushed that thought right out of his brain. He concentrated hard as he stroked his cock faster. He insisted it was Christie’s body he was thinking of—not his daughter’s.

He came hard with a strangle cry and settled back into the couch. He’d made a huge mess in his sweatpants. He was going to have to change. But first he grabbed for the whiskey bottle again.


When Samantha came home, the house was dark and the television was playing to no one. She spotted her father by the glow of the television. He was sprawled on the couch with a half-empty whiskey bottle next to him. She knew the poor guy had had a tough day, and debated waking him. But he had to eat something and she had to change his dressing. She turned on the lamp on the coffee table and froze in her tracks.

The big stain on the front of Hank’s sweatpants was obvious. For a moment she felt pity, thinking her dad had pissed himself. But no, that stain had hardened. Piss didn’t do that. Tentatively, Samantha poked at it. She had to be sure. She was. That was a cum stain on his sweatpants.

Samantha recoiled. It had been busy at the restaurant, and she’d been successful in putting the weird encounter with her father out of her mind. Seeing the cum stain brought all that back. She didn’t think men his age had wet dreams, so he had to have been jerking off and passed out.

It had been awhile since Hank had a date, but Samantha hadn’t thought about him doing that. He was her father! It made sense, though. He was a man, after all. And she knew he liked to fuck—a lot. She’d heard it often enough. As soon as the thought entered her mind she banished it: Did he do that thinking about me? No way, she thought. He couldn’t have. In fact, she’d gotten the impression that morning that Hank didn’t even remember the night before, and she was glad.

Samantha decided to ignore the stain and wake him. She shook him by the shoulder and said, “Dad. Dad, wake up.” She had to shake him for a bit before he began to rouse.

Hank blinked his eyes open, but was still out of it. A haze hung in his head from the pills and whiskey. The last thing he remembered was fucking Christie, and now here she was leaning over him, shaking him awake. She wore a tight tank top—which was unusual—and her tits were jiggling in it as she shook him. Hank couldn’t tear his eyes away. His right hand was stiff and ached, but he still managed to grab Christie and drag her onto his lap.

“Come here and give me a kiss, baby,” he cooed. He tried to kiss his wife, but she turned her head. He didn’t understand. His stiff right hand rested on her hip and he grabbed for her tits with the other.

Samantha was horrified. What was her dad doing? His hand slid over her breasts and she tried to pull it away, but when she did that he tried to pull her in for a kiss. A real one—not a daddy/daughter smooch. The pain pills and whiskey must have scrambled his brain. He squeezed her breast and her body naturally reacted. She felt her nipple stiffening inside her bra and she prayed he couldn’t feel it. It wasn’t the only thing getting hard. She felt a growing bulge in his lap while she wiggled her ass. She batted his hand away again, but he succeeded in kissing her.

Hank didn’t understand why she was so stiff. He didn’t recall making her mad. But he could feel her melting. He knew his wife. If he just kept pressing she would melt like she always did.

Samantha felt his tongue pressing to her mouth and she snapped out of it, cursing herself for even briefly succumbing to her father’s kiss. It just felt so nice, and feeling his cock throbbing against her ass was very distracting. Hank had the excuse of being medicated. She had no such excuse. She wrestled out of his arms and stood. She felt guilty before she even did it, but she gave his injured hand a little squeeze, and that snapped him out of it.

“Hey! Whoa!” Hank said.

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Sam and Jake Pt. 04

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Jake swam laps in the pool, restless with anticipation. His Mom should be home soon and he was looking forward to a bit of alone time with her before his Dad got home. Now that it was all in the open, he figured they wouldn’t have to be quite so careful.

He stopped swimming and floated, thinking back to the very odd scenario that had played out that morning. His Dad found them in bed together, and yet apparently, he was fine with it? That was the part that kept hitting Jake upside the head as a stray thought. He still hadn’t really incorporated it into his world view.

What was acceptable? His Mom had said to be respectful when his Dad was home, but what did that mean? Obviously, no fucking in plain sight, but was casual affection okay? Could he give her a kiss in front of his Dad? Was groping in or out? He really wanted to talk to his Mom about all of this. He liked that their relationship was evolving as it was, he just wished there weren’t so many unknowns!

Jake floated to the edge of the pool just in time to hear the front door of the house slam and then quick footsteps clack to the open patio door. His pulse raced as he saw her come into view, her face lit up with a big smile, her hair let down from her usual work tie-up.

She waved to him and said, “I’ll join you in a minute, just let me get changed.”

He smiled back his assent and she disappeared towards the stairs. A wave of awe and joy washed over him as he realized that they were together now. She was his in almost every way it mattered, and he was hers. The only piece they were now missing was the outside world also knowing of their love, but that wasn’t going to be. Out there, they were mother and son, but inside this property they were lovers. It didn’t matter to him if anyone else knew, but it still did cast a shadow of fear that someone could find out and there would be trouble. The fact they had survived his Dad finding out was fluky enough.

He shook his head again. His Dad knew and was fine with it. So weird.

A few minutes later his Mom came down in her bikini and with a smile leaped into the water near him. He waited for her to surface but she didn’t, instead seemed to be convulsing under water. His unease lifted when he saw her bikini bottoms drift to the surface, followed by her top soon after. Jake grinned and quickly shoved his speedo down and let it also float free. He started to swim to her, his dick filling with blood as he did.

His Mom popped up out of the water like a mermaid, her hair flipping back over her head. As she dropped back down her breasts swayed, unencumbered, her nipples already hard. He reached her a second later and they wrestled to wrap arms and legs around each other, his dick pushed up against her belly. Her breasts were smashed against his chest and her nipples were hard against his own.

A few minutes of passionate kissing and groping soon calmed down into slower caresses as they reacquainted themselves after being apart for 8 hours. Jake felt his Mom reach down and grip his dick, rubbing it, making it even harder as it insistently throbbed against her.

He reached behind her and took a hold of both ass cheeks, lifting her up. She took the hint and wrapped her legs and arms around him. His dick was sandwiched between them. He moved to the stairs, sitting down so they were submerged up to their shoulders. They sat there a while, and he just stared at her face. Her animated expression, her eyes darting around as she looked back at him, water dripping down her cheeks.

“How was your day,” she asked.

“Hard,” he answered. “I kept thinking of you. How about you?”

“Pleasurable. I kept thinking of you too.”

As they murmured to each other she started to writhe in his lap, letting the movement of her hips rub her pussy on his dick. The water was cool around them but where they touched was warm, the warmest where pussy met dick. All he could do was hold on to her as she moved, rubbing his hands from her ass to her back.

“I really missed this cock,” she whispered. “I may have an addiction problem.”

Jake really could only bite his lip as she started to speed up. He took her weight on one arm and used the other to take hold of her breast underwater. She moaned in his ear as he gently squeezed it, rubbing his thumb over her nipple. He got bolder and took it between his thumb and forefinger to give it a good tug. He was pleased to hear her gasp in shock and then say, “Again!”

He pulled it again, not too hard, just hard enough for her to gasp again, mouth dropping open.

“I need you to suck on it, baby. I need you to suck on my breast like you did so long ago.”

She sat up straight, lifting her breasts out of the water so he could latch on. He was surprised to hear her talk that way. Did she have a thing for breastfeeding? She’d never really mentioned it, but then they’d only been intimate for a short while.

He sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could but she pulled back and looked down at him. pendik escort She said, “No, not like that. Just the nipple, like you’re feeding.”

He obliged, fitting her nipple and areola between his tongue and upper mouth. He gave a good hard suck and almost lost his latch when his Mom started clawing his back and shrieking. He let loose and looked up at her face, thinking he’d been too rough, but she just looked down at him with a smile. Her cheeks were red. “Oh baby, that was awesome. Do it again!”

“It didn’t hurt, did it? I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“Oh no, it didn’t hurt at all, it was perfect. I felt that right down into my pussy.” As she said this she started up the movement on his cock that she had abandoned.

He latched on again and had to do his best to keep her nipple in his mouth, as she moved a lot while grinding on him. She kept that up for a while and he could feel her tensing up more and more. He swapped breasts and started using his tongue on the end of her nipple while suckling. Eventually the combination of his mouth sucking and her pussy rubbing caused her to go rigid, wrapping her arms around his head and shoving her pelvis into him. She gave a long groan, squeezing him to her breast, her hips spasming.

“Ohhhfuck. Ohhh, baby you feel so good. Ahhhhhhh!!!.”

He let her nipple loose as she let go of his head. Jake looked at his Mom, sitting in his lap with his dick pressed up against her pussy. Her wet blonde hair was hanging around her head and her eyes were half closed as she finished coming down from her orgasm. Her full lips were parted and wet and he couldn’t resist bringing her head down for a long kiss. She was so sexy he couldn’t help but want to taste her again.

He moved his tongue along her lips as she hugged him again, this time gently.

They broke off when her orgasm was fully over. He looked at the first nipple he had been sucking on. It was engorged and red. He brushed his finger over the tip of it gently.

“Does it hurt now?” he asked.

She shook her head. “It’s sensitive but there’s no pain from that length of time. When you were a baby it could get painful if you fed too long.”

He leaned back to take each breast in hand to lift them up, weighing them. “I love your breasts, Mom. I wish I could remember what your milk tasted like.”

She smiled at him. “Breastfeeding was a fantastic part of raising you, I always felt very close to you. Something about the hormones that are released by it.”

She looked down at her chest and said, “They were much larger back then.”

He grinned and said, “I wish I could remember that too!”

She leaned in for another kiss, this time a gentle one with closed lips and the pressure of his hard cock against her caused him to moan against her mouth.

“Oh! How stupid of me, you must be dying down there!” she said, worriedly.

“I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable,” he replied.

“We can’t fuck, we don’t have a condom, but maybe I could help you out a different way. Sit up here on the ledge.” She patted the edge of the pool.

He moved up to sit there out of the water, his dick pointing to the sky. She stayed in the water, positioning herself between his legs, and took him in hand. He leaned back and watched as his Mom focused on his crotch.

She started by rolling his balls around in his scrotum, very lightly. He let out a low ‘mmmmm’ in his throat and his dick pulsed. Lowering her mouth to his head, she sucked the tip to gather up the precum seeping out and then swallowed noisily. She then opened her mouth wide and dropped her head down onto his dick, her lips stretched wide. She pushed her mouth down the top two inches and stopped, then started to pull up, sucking hard, her cheeks caving in.

The feel of her mouth moving on him, her hand on his shaft rubbing up and down, was exquisite. After his Mom grinding on him in the pool, he was more than ready to cum. Suckling at her breasts had also gotten to him, like it had for her. He stared at her as she bobbed on his dick, and could feel the familiar tension of his orgasm approaching. His Mom started to go faster, squeezing his shaft with her mouth and hand. The warm glow in his crotch spread out in a pulse, his dick expanding in his Mom’s mouth and then he came. The gobbets of cum shot to the back of her throat and then filled her mouth before spilling out of the sides, drooling down his dick. The feel of his slick semen lubricating his Mom’s lips caused him to ejaculate more and more, his dick so sensitive that it overwhelmed him and he yelled, “GAAAAAaaahhhh!!!”

He fell down on his back and was aware of her slurping on his knob, sending more jolts of pleasure throughout his body. Then with one last deep dive down his dick, she sealed her lips and sucked hard, gathering up as much of the spilled cum as she could and pulling up. He looked as she slowly pulled her mouth off the top of his dick, his shaft emerging from her lips bit by bit until his head popped out. She raised her head, escort pendik closing her eyes and working her mouth before swallowing with a satisfied ‘Ahhh!’.

“Thank you, that hit the spot,” she said.

He smiled and said, “My pleasure. Literally. That was amazing.” They giggled together for a second and then stopped when they heard the front door close inside the house. Bill was home.

Jake dropped into the pool and retrieved his speedo, his heart beating fast. His dick was deflating fast, thankfully enough to stuff in his suit. He heard his Mom from behind him say, “Don’t panic. Remember this is okay now. Just be calm and cool.”

He turned around to see her putting her top on. He watched as she tied it on and then leaned against the wall of the pool.

“You’re not putting your bottoms on?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t think I’ll need to. Just watch.”

A few minutes later Jake was surprised to see his Dad pop his head out and say, “I’m just headed out for a bit, see you later.”

They waved to him and he was gone. It took a bit for Jake to calm down, even though he knew that it was fine. It was still weird.


Sam removed her top after Bill left and then swam some laps, naked and free. Jake joined her but kept his suit on, saying he didn’t want to get tempted. She wished he would get tempted, but it was probably best to pace themselves. They had as much time as they needed.

She had spent the day thinking of Jake, but also thinking of Bill. How he could have such a liberal attitude to the relationship she had with her son. How she would never have suspected him of being capable of that type of open-mindedness. It just went to show how little you could know a person after so many years of marriage.

She went inside and changed into some loose linen pants and a crop top. She thought about going braless but also thought about where her new normal would end up. She enjoyed treating Jake by going braless but it wasn’t going to be a fulltime state, right? Better that she go with what was comfortable now and he would get used to it and enjoy the treats when they were given. She certainly didn’t expect him to go around without underwear now, just so she could get a glimpse of his cock swinging in his shorts.

The evening was spent watching TV, cuddling on the couch. Occasional kisses and caresses but nothing more. After a while she could tell that something was on Jake’s mind.

“What’s up with you?” she asked, smiling to keep him at ease.

“What? Nothing.”

“Come on, you’re distracted. What are you thinking about?”

He hesitated and then in a rush he said, “I’m just having a hard time fitting this new arrangement in my head. I don’t know what we can and can’t do with Dad around. I feel like it’ll be super awkward being around you both at the same time. I won’t know how to treat you. I don’t know if you’re just my Mom when he’s here, or if you’re still my lover and I can act like it. It’s just all confusing and I don’t know what to do.”

Sam took a minute to think. She was proud of him for giving this so much thought.

“Um, well.” She laughed a bit and said, “This is so unique a thing that I don’t know if I have answers to that. What we are to each other is not usual right off the bat, and then living with your Dad…it’s complicated alright.

What do you want to do? Remember, go for what you want.” she finished.

He shrugged, lifting his shoulders high. He hesitated and then said, “Well, what I want is to not have to hide what we are to anyone. Not be afraid someone will find out about us. I guess that’s not realistic though. A second-best option would be to act as we want when we’re at home, regardless if Dad is here or not.”

She considered that. It would mean Bill being okay with even more than he’s said he was. “Meaning you want to…what? This?” She moved in closer to him and planted a warm kiss on his lips, pulling back as he started to respond. “This?” She moved her hand down to his lap and, easily feeling his response below, gave his cock a squeeze. She grinned to hear him moan and then pulled her hand back. The moan turned into a growl of protest.

His cheeks went red and said, “Yes, those. But really, anything and everything.”

“Anything? You mean you want to have sex with me while he’s home?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, maybe not that specifically. I’m thinking more that I don’t want to have to think about what we do. I don’t want to have a filter on us. I just want to be able to be with you, however and whenever we want, without having to make sure the coast is clear.”

The determination in his eyes sent a surge of desire through her. “I would like that too. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do it, but let’s just run with how it is now and work towards your idea, okay?”

“Ok. I just feel so happy being with you. I don’t want anything to come between us, ever.”

“If we can help it, nothing will,” she said, and dove back in for another kiss, pendik escort bayan which he was anticipating.

She stood up a few minutes later and took him by the hand, dragging him to his bedroom. They made love on his bed, using up one more of the condoms. She fell asleep in his arms, still regretting the latex barrier, but happy they were together.

The next day dawned and Jake’s alarm woke them up. Sam rolled over and looked into his waiting eyes.

“I like waking up like this,” she said, caressing his chest. She lifted her leg over top of his, bending her knee until it came into contact with the hard bar of flesh causing a tent in the sheet.

She looked down and said, “Is that for me?”

He grinned a wide grin, “It always is. But I usually wake up with a hardon.”

Purring with pleasure, she lowered her hand down his chest, across his belly until she could wrap her fingers around his shaft. She slowly stroked him, feeling him get even harder.

“Are you okay with me sleeping here again? I don’t have to, you know.”

“Oh, I’m totally fine with it. I love seeing you in my bed,” he responded.

“Should I sleep here every night? Is that okay? Or do you need breaks? Tell me honestly, I don’t mind whichever it is. For me I feel very relaxed and happy when I’m here.”

As she said this, she raised herself up and straddled him. She could feel her pussy ready for him and so wasted no time in grabbing a condom from their place on his bedside table and rolling it onto his cock. She lifted up and positioned him at her entrance, lathing his head in her juices before placing it in her entrance and sitting down. She smiled as he groaned beneath her and she started to ride.

“You haven’t answered,” she said.

His eyes opened wide. “You’re kind of distracting me. Mmmmm…ummmm.. Maybe if Dad is away, I could sleep in your bed? Otherwise I want you with me every night.”

She smiled and nodded. “We can do that.”

He fondled her breasts as they swayed on her chest, playing with her nipples. The feel of his strong hands on her, free to explore as she rode him drove her pleasure even higher. He grabbed both nipples with a firm grip and pulled, as he had done yesterday and she yelped. The combination of almost pain and pleasure spread everywhere, making her lose her rhythm.

“Fuck, Jake. Keep doing that!”

He did, pulling and rubbing them firmly. She tried to concentrate on just fucking him but it was hard to do with the distraction. She could feel her pussy juice coating the rubber surrounding his cock. Feel it on his balls when she fully engulfed him. Feel it everywhere, getting into her butt crack. She sped up and could feel herself getting close, but at the same time the frustration lurked in the back of her head that all she was doing was fucking a latex shell, not her lover. She wanted to feel his bare cock inside of her as she fucked him. But the stupid condom prevented the ultimate joining of mother and son. It dulled the pleasure, reduced sensations.

Sam could not resist the feel of his size inside of her though. The way his cock, condom or not, opened her up, stretching her pussy each time she plunged down into his lap. She leaned forward, changing the angle of his cock inside of her and suddenly she was seeing stars.

“FuuuuuuckJaakkkeOhhhhh my God you feel so fucking good!!”

And with that she came on him, her cum drenching their crotches as she pushed her clit on his pubic bone. She could feel her breasts being cupped and cradled as she shook, and looked down at him, drinking in the sight of him below her. She would never get tired of fucking him.

She slowly quivered through her orgasm and watched him release her breasts and lay his hands on her thighs. As she sat there, impaled by his Man Cock, she smirked and grabbed one of his nipples the way he had hers and pulled on it. To her surprise she felt his cock twitch inside of her.

“Ohhhh, do you like that?” she asked.

He looked bemused and said, “I guess I do. Try it again.”

She smiled and said, “Like Mother, like son.” She gave his nipple another pull, running her thumbnail over the top of it. His whole chest jerked up in response and he said, “Keep doing that.”

So she did. It took only a minute of this, enjoying seeing his facial expressions at this new sensation while feeling him respond in her pussy before he rolled her over. She wrapped her legs around him as he took over the fucking. She felt another orgasm boil inside of her as he fucked her hard in his bed. This was another change in angle and his cock shaft was pushing up inside of her, driving her to higher heights.

“Fuuuck…Mom…your pussy…is so…fucking…good,” he said, in between thrusts.

Sam reveled in the feel and sight of him over her, pounding her into the bed. As another orgasm washed over her, she felt him pulse and then he was filling the condom inside of her. At least, she assumed he was, as there wasn’t any change in sensation. He was frozen over top of her, his groin pulsing as if he was delivering copious amounts of semen.

Eventually he stopped cumming and pulled his cock out of her, the condom wet and glistening from her own excretions, but not his.

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