A Day Like No Other

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It was just a day like any other well so I thought.

Sunday session drinks with the girls a few bottles of wine down and more coming. Then I see her, the girl working at the bar, and she was stunning I could stop looking at her all I kept thinking was I wanted to at the least know her name.

An hour or two went past and I think I finally had just enough Dutch courage to go over and talk to her, but she was working so I would have to be quick, I was so nervous!

Although we were at a straight bar, I had an inkling she wasn’t. So after a moment of pleasantries, you know the normal bar talk over wines and what not, I got the courage to dive right in and give her my number (bold move I know but sometimes you can’t help it, some girls are worth the risk ) she looked up at me and smiled with my number in her hand.

Unable to get this silly smile off my face, I quickly went off back to my friends hoping to avoid any more embarrassment, within a few moments I received a text, looking down at my phone I didn’t know the number, my heart is racing I look around to see if I can see her, she is nowhere to be seen, so I read the msg ‘Hey my name’s Bonnie, I’ve got a break in 10 min meet me at the back bar’ I’m a flash of a second my stupid smile turned in to a grin.

Checking the time I swear every minute felt lie it took forever and being unable to focus on anything else, I see her again walking over to the back bar and she was smiling at me! I couldn’t believe my luck; such a beautiful girl really wants to talk to me.

I know it was poor form to my friends but I excused myself from the girls said I needed to make a call and went over to the back bar.

My hands were shaking, I was so shy but by the second I got to her and we said hey I knew I had to have her then and there!

She said she only had a half hour uşak escort lunch, I said I didn’t mind but just being so close to her , I could smell her perfume it was heavenly. She was perfect. I couldn’t help myself I had to lean in and kissed her, she kissed me back softly at first then with force and passion. I had never wanted any one more badly then I wanted her right then. It was like a fire in me had been lit and I couldn’t stop myself.

I took her hand in mine insisting we go somewhere more quite. The bath room seemed to be the only alone place. Kissing the whole time I didn’t want to let her go but I knew I’d have to be quick I pushed her up against the wall and locked the door, Kissing her neck moving down along her collar bone, she groaned she wanted me as much as I wanted her. With her body pushing up against mine almost begging me not to stop. I unbuttoned her top completely blind while I kissed her I only stopped just to look at how amazing she was even in the light in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe I was doing this with my friend’s just outside and her being on her lunch break!

Wrapping my arms around her to undo bra because I wanted to see her amazing breasts trapped from me by this sliver of silly fabric, she stopped me. I was taken back and out of breath, I wanted her so much! She pushed me up on to the sink, the next thing I know her hands where all over me under my dress moving over my body, on reaching my breasts my nipples so hard the second she touched them I felt like I was going to explode, her hands went lower running up my thighs.

Her touch was like electricity it ran though my body. I was so wet. I shuddered as her hand grazed my hot pussy even though my lace knickers I could feel her.

God I wanted her, she was everything right at that moment, I could think of uşak escort bayan nothing else. All I wanted was her to be inside me and now much I wanted to taste her.

She stopped kissing me just for a second, just long enough to grab my gaze and look at longingly while she parted me and put not one but two fingers deep in me I was about to explode.

I had never felt so exhilarated in my life. She fucked me like no one had ever done before. Then dropping to her knees, still with her inside me and lightly licked my clit, I jumped at the feeling of her soft wet tongue dancing over my clit, I was ready to cum in that second, but she licked harder and sucked not stopping for a second. I couldn’t stop myself feeling my whole body tense up and cum hard with the girl I just met while she was at work. But I didn’t care I had never felt so good.

Once I realised where I was, I also realised we still had time and god how much I want to taste her, make her feel the way she just me feel.

With not a second to waste, I pulled her up to me and kissed her this time with urgency I could still taste my sweetness on her lips. She smiled acute a cheeky smile, all I could think about was how much I want her! But this time I pushing her up against the wall and starting where I left off, although this time she let me continue. I put one had around her back while kissing and take of her bra, letting it fall to the floor revelling her beautiful perky breasts, I bent down to take each of her erect nipples in my mouth hearing her moan in ecstasy and her body squirming under my touch just made me want more of her. Still with the hard nipple in my mouth, I reached down and undid her belt, it wouldn’t undo fast enough, and I was so worked up that I had to taste her now.

With the belt finally giving way gaining escort uşak me access to her nether regions, I slowly start kissing down her belly lingering just above her underwear line, I look up at her with the cheekiest smile, while I’m pulling down her jeans to reveal all of her to me, I can already see she is wet so I need no more invitation then that.

I Pull her underwear off as quick as I can, I licked the soft outer lips of her glistening pussy, teasing and tickling, she could take it anymore, her body thrusting for more, just begging for me to lick harder and deeper, she smells so good and tastes so sweet. Slowly I push my tongue deeper her body opening for me, my tongue searching for and finding her swollen clit, just one slight touch she is in ecstasy, nothing makes me hotter than pleasuring such a beautify girl and hearing her heavy moans while feeling her excitement.

Not wanting to take my mouth away from her I move down further, entering her with my tongue as deep as I can go, I fell her pelvises tightening up I want to make her cum right now but I want to tease her some more too, I stop for a second just to go up to her kiss her hard. While we are kissing I place two fingers in side her, entering her slowly one finger at a time! Pulling her as tight in against me as I can, her breathing gets short and deep. I fuck her, hard, she takes everything I can give, and begs for more as I feel her tighten in on my fingers, I drop to my knees I want her to cum with my mouth on her, still with me inside her I lick and suck and nibble on her clit. I feel her cumming and she says my name she practically screams it, her knees almost give out, it was so intense. Together we fall on to the floor, kissing her body all over.

By the time she’s regained conscious again we relies she has to go back to work, so we get dressed and me not wanting to stop kissing her I find it hard to let her go, she smiles and leaves me to freshen up some more I turn and look at myself in the mirror, I was all dishevelled and covered in her sex and wetness I think I never felt more beautiful than I did in that moment, god I hope she calls me!

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A Few Wild Months 01

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Big Tits

Our friends Kim and Stuart had been good swinging friends with us for some years and we’d had some interesting swinging sexual combinations! Kim and Stuart were very much into the femdom scene and Kim loved to cuckold her husband, so as well as some fun together as a foursome we had also had fun in other scenarios. My husband Gary had spent an afternoon being dominated by Kim which he’d loved, and I’d had a lovely threesome with Kim and her husband with Stuart being very much a passive watcher while Kim and I made love.

We hadn’t seen them for a little while when Kim rang and said they had to go to Australia where Kim’s mother had died and sort out her affairs. They were away for around six months and as we knew that they had recently returned when I saw Kim’s name flash upon my mobile I was delighted.

“Hi Kim, I’ve missed you.” I started.

Kim then went on to tell me about the difficult time they’d had in Australia and how pleased they were to get home. Over the next hour we chatted easily, laughing and gossiping. Kim then said they hadn’t done any swinging for nearly a year while I told her about a weekend last month in Nottingham when we had some fun inviting a male friend to join us at our hotel for some fun.

“Wow, sounds fun. I’m jealous,” Kim giggled down the phone.

“I so enjoyed it I have been horny ever since!” I replied. “The only trouble is Gary went away again to Berlin again. He’s popping back home for a weeks leave the weekend after next as we are going to a wedding but then he’s away again for at least six weeks so our sexy fun will be is down to a few sexy texts and rude e-mails.”

“Stuart is away Friday night, how about we get together? It would be nice to catch up.” Then Kim pointedly added, “Just the two of us, it will be nice to play. I will drive over to you say around 8pm?”

My heart thumped as I answered. “That’s brilliant, I would love that. See you at 8pm.”

After Kim rang off I realised I was trembling with excitement and I knew how much I was looking forward to seeing my friend again. We chatted again on the phone Friday afternoon to confirm and Kim made me feel very aroused as she spoke sexily telling me she was going to stay the night and we could have some fun.

After we finished chatting I rang Gary to tell him what I was doing and I could tell from his voice he was almost as excited as me. I know how much Gary loves sharing me with other people and always encourages me to turn our fantasies into reality and he clearly loved the thought of me being with a woman again.

His last comment confirmed how he felt, “Go for it Jayne. I will be wanking myself silly tonight thinking about you. I love having a hotwife!”

It was a pleasant and warm July evening and after a long shower I dressed in a white top and blue denim mini skirt and waited for Kim to arrive.

At 8pm exactly I heard a car pull into the drive and looked to see Kim walking towards the door carrying a small overnight bag. As I opened the door Kim smiled widely. Kim was wearing a gorgeous blue summer dress and I looked her up and down admiring her curvy tanned figure. In her high-heels she was nearly 6 feet tall and towered over me. She smiled as she saw me admiring her body.

“The sun has given you a nice tan,” I said jealously. Despite Kim being a redhead like me her skin did tan while I always just stay very pale.

“It’s good to see you again Jayne. I can’t resist you.” She murmured sexily.

Without another word she placed her bag on the floor and pulled me into her arms kissing me passionately. I responded immediately to her dominant approach and moaned softly as her hand went under my skirt and she began rubbing my pussy. We kissed and fondled like a couple of teenagers for ages until Kim eventually released her hold on me.

“I suppose we could have sex in the hall although I would prefer a chat and a glass of wine first,” she said laughing.

“I have a bottle of wine in the fridge, make yourself comfortable.” I said turning towards the kitchen. I opened the wine and got two glasses and went into the lounge where Kim was sitting on the settee.

We chatted and Kim first told me about the problems they’d had sorting out her late Mum’s affairs. She did quickly move on and soon the conversation became easier as we finished the bottle of wine.

“I’ll get another bottle.” I said.

Quickly I returned with a second chilled bottle, topped up our glasses and then curled up against Kim and told her about our Nottingham threesome and some other fun we’d had at the club. We also giggled as we talked about the fun we’d had together at various times.

“It seems as though you have had some horny fun lately, you are such a little slut sometimes.” Kim said. She stroked the side of my face seductively licking her lips and then ran her hand around my neck scratching lightly with her fingernails. I shivered at her touch. “You trust me don’t you?”

“I do Kim, you know that. Why do you ask?”

“I have brought van escort some toys with me and I want to dominate you.”

“That sounds good to me, but not too brutal ok?”

We went quiet as we gently caressed, until she pulled back from me, took my glass and knelt on the floor.

“Jayne, give yourself to me. Lay down now.”

I knew to just do as I was told and lay back on the settee while she leaned over me and kissed me passionately. I opened my legs a little as I felt her hand slowly stroke up my leg and I heard the buttons pop open on my skirt as her hand worked its way to my pussy. I knew I was already wet as she began to rub me again and soon squelching noises came from between my legs as her hand worked away at my pussy. We continued to kiss deeply until Kim pulled her mouth away from me. She looked at me with lust filled eyes and then refilled our wine glasses.

“You are very submissive Jayne. You like me being in control don’t you? “

I shivered as I answered, “Yes I do.”

“Get your knickers off and then you can have your wine.”

I slid my thong down my thighs and pulled my skirt off and then Kim passed me my wine. We just looked at each other lustfully as we drank and then Kim took my glass from me and placed it on the floor next to hers.

“You look fantastic like that,” Kim said as she leaned down and kissed my neck. She quickly worked her mouth down my body, opened my legs putting one of my feet on the floor and then buried her face in my pussy. I moaned out loud as her tongue made contact with my pussy and then worked towards my clitoris. She sucked it into her mouth and then used her fingers to massage my pussy before I felt her slowly pushing first one then two of her slim fingers deep into my cunt, slowly working them around. As she sucked on my clit I began to squirm, I had felt horny all day thinking about this evening and I was ready to cum. Suddenly her fingers started to piston in and out quicker and I was nearly there.

“You’re very wet. Do you like what I am doing? Is this what you want?” She purred, her fingers quickly probing in and out.

I could only nod in response as I was about to cum, my breathing was heavy and my pussy was soaking now, I closed my eyes and gripped her fingers with my pussy muscles.

“Oh god Kim, that feels so good. You are going to make me cum!”

She began rubbing my clit with her thumb and I let her know with a sharp intake of breath that she had just the right spot.

“This is what you want, cum for me and then I’m going to fuck you with my strap on.”

As she spoke she leaned over and took my nipple between her lips and sucked hard. The thought of her fucking me turned me on so much and with the action of her fingers inside me, and her mouth on my nipple pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cumming, oh god!” I yelled loudly.

My mind reeled, my pussy muscles contracted around her fingers and I writhed on the settee as I came. I shuddered and clutched Kim’s neck the spasms in my pussy slowing down. She still had her head on my chest sucking my nipples gently and I run my fingers through her hair.

“That was gorgeous Kim, I needed that thank you.”

Still resting her head on my chest she turned and looked at me, “I got the right spot then? I have only just started with you little one.”

I continued to caress her shoulder length red hair, “Are you serious about the strap-on?”

I took a deep breath and sat up and reached for my wine glass as I waited for her to answer.

“I have bought a strap on especially for tonight. Tell me that you want me to dominate and fuck you?”

“I do, I really do Kim.”

She stood up and held out her hand. “Come with me to bed now!”

There was nothing else I wanted more and held Kim’s hand as I got up from the settee. I picked up or glasses and the remaining wine as she got her overnight bag and we went upstairs into the bedroom.

“Oh wow this is a lovely room Jayne,” Kim said admiring the master bedroom. It is indeed a lovely room, very tastefully decorated.

“Gary is very good at decorating and DIY and he is proud of this room.”

Kim kicked off her shoes and said, “Nice big bed too, we are going to have some fun in there tonight. Undress me Jayne.”

Obediently I unzipped her dress as she turned her back to me. She stood motionless as I undid her bra and eased her knickers down over her thighs to the floor. She turned and I looked at her magnificent huge tits as she went and lay on the bed. I removed my remaining clothes so we were both naked as I clambered beside her.

“Very nice, come here Jayne.”

She grabbed hold of me and pulled me on top of her kissing me forcefully and grasped my bottom firmly. She kept her hand firmly on my bum pressing our bodies together and forced her pussy against my thigh and continuing to kiss me as she humped her pussy against my leg. She started to moan and I felt her getting very much hotter.

“It’s my turn escort van to cum now,” Kim said suddenly rolling me over onto my back. She sat up continuing to hump her pussy against my thigh.

“I’m nearly there,” she said frantically rubbing her clit. Then the bed creaked as she moved over me rubbing her pussy over my body as she made her way higher until she was straddling my face. She spread her legs wider and lowered her pussy over my mouth, sitting on my face and I began sucking her clit and licking as hard as I could. She was soaking wet and I wanted to make her cum on my face. In just a few moments Kim started to moan and her body tensed, her pussy juice ran over my face.

“I’m cumming, don’t stop, suck my clit,” Kim yelled grinding on my face.

She stayed over my face until her strong thighs began to relax and then she got off my face and lay beside me breathing heavily. She grabbed a tissue and wiped my face dry and then reached over to pour another drink.

“I think we both feel better now.” Kim said as we lay together on the bed. For what felt like ages we lay together chatting and then gently kissing and fondling each other.

“I’m feeling very warm so I’m going to quickly shower ok?” Kim said eventually.

“Good idea, I will have one too.”

We stood in the en-suite waiting for the hot water to come through and kissed. I slid open the door and we moved under the water still kissing and grinding our bodies against each other. It had been sometime since we’d had fun together and Kim was one of only a very few women I had been with but I felt so at ease and trusting in her. I was always excited by the way she took the lead and after we soaped each other I found myself pushed against the wall with my hands pinned back over my head as she devoured my lips and thrust a strong thigh between my legs. Soon I was moaning as I ground my pussy against her thigh.

“Not yet, don’t cum Jayne.” She said as kissed the side of my head and held me tight giving me the chance to calm down. “In the bedroom gorgeous.”

We dried ourselves with large soft white towels and then I followed Kim into the bedroom.

Feeling much fresher after a cool shower we snuggled under the sheets and went straight back into kissing and fondling each other. Kim’s fingers went straight back to work between my legs and she soon had me in her firm grasp under her. She thrust her leg between my thighs and against my pussy and I felt small and totally submissive to her as her tongue pressed deep into my mouth and she pinned me to the bed humping me with her thigh.

She broke off the kiss and whispered, “Now tell me, have you ever been fucked with a strap-on?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Well, I’m going to put that right. I have got some toys in my bag.”

She slid from the bed and went over to her bag, fumbled about inside and then stood up and turned to face me with the strap-on in one hand and a bottle of lubricant in the other. I had never even seen a strap on before and my heart thumped as she stepped into the harness and pulled it tight around her waist. The huge dildo was sticking out in front of her and my heart thumped knowing that it was destined for me.

“This should be fun,” she said walking back to the bed, the black dildo bobbing around obscenely. I sat up as she knelt on the bed next to me and watched fascinated as she squeezed the lubricant out of the bottle and stroked her hand up and down the cock spreading the lubricant over its length making it shine.

“That looks really big and thick.”

“It is pretty big so I will get you very wet first. I got a black one because I know your taste in cocks.”

I reached over to grip it and my fingers barely stretched around it and my pale hand looked tiny against its length.

“Open your legs and stay on your back Jayne, I want to see your face when I fuck you silly.”

Nervously I lay back and spread my legs as Kim knelt over me and spread some more lubricant over the dildo right over my face. As it glistened I noticed the thick heavy veins on its surface and realised I was about to take a cock bigger than anything I’d taken before.

“I think I need some of that too,” I said nodding at the lubricant.

Kim smiled and passed me the lube, I dipped my fingers in and then rubbed my fingers inside my pussy slurping noisily.

Kim climbed between my thighs and nudged the dildo against my pussy.

“You have had plenty of big cocks, you can take it.”

I tensed as she pushed but Kim had been generous with the lubricant and it slipped in easier than I had thought it would but I felt fully stretched.

“Relax so I can fuck you,” Kim whispered pinning me down.

I breathed out slowly and Kim eased deeper inside me, inch by inch I felt the dildo go deeper as she gently rocked between my legs. Then I felt her hips meet mine, the dildo felt huge I had never had anything in me so deeply or fill me so much.

She paused for a moment with van escort bayan the dildo in me as far as it could go and we kissed tenderly. As our tongues played the kiss became far more passionate as we pressed our naked bodies together. Then Kim broke our kiss and eased back so the dildo was most of the way out of me.

“Do you want me to shove this big cock back into you?” She asked sweetly.

I just smiled and then flinched as she pushed down onto me so that it was buried deep inside me again. Her hands grasped my hips and she started to fuck me, it was so difficult for me to take at first as it felt so huge, but as we got into a rhythm Kim was able to fuck me properly. She was now ramming the entire length of the long thick veiny dildo inside me, my pussy was squelching loudly and I felt the duvet damp under me. Suddenly I shuddered violently and moaned as another orgasm pulsed through my whole body.

Kim smiled down at me and stroked my face tenderly.

“Was that fun?” She asked gently.

“It was gorgeous but please pull it out now.” I answered honestly.

Kim withdrew the strap-on from me as I lay immobile recovering my breath after such a big orgasm. She looked at me for a moment, her eyes heavy with lust and then knelt between my legs and buried her face in my pussy again. I knew I was sopping wet already from the fucking she had given me but she gently sucked at my pussy easing her tongue inside lapping my juices as slowly I recovered my breath and my senses. Then I felt her hands caress my thighs and her tongue following down my legs until she slowly stood up and picked up our wine glasses, handing me my glass.

“Oh Jayne, I have missed you,” she said.

“We have both missed you and Stuart. Let tonight be the start of lots of fun together.”

We kissed again, slipping our tongues into each other’s mouths gently and lovingly.

“We can all have a wild time but I want to really enjoy you tonight,” she said when we finally came up for air. I smiled at her as we snuggled into each other’s arms and soon fell asleep feeling satisfied and happy.

We both slept well and it was nearly nine when I woke up hearing Kim in the shower. After a while she came back into the bedroom and we hugged in the doorway.

“My turn, don’t go anywhere will you.” I teased her as I headed for the shower.

I stepped into the shower and as I relaxed under the hot water thought about last night. My mind whirled with visions of Kim using me. My hand slid down between my legs and I teased my clitoris getting turned on again. I decided not to cum and got out and was drying myself when I heard movement in the bedroom and Kim moaning. Quickly I threw a towel around me and went back into the bedroom to see Kim on her back fingering herself frantically on the bed.

“You dirty cow, you could have waited.” I said giggling.

“Just getting in the mood, I need to cum again.

I stood and watched fascinated for a few moments then noticed the strap-on was on the bedside table and I knew what I was going to do next. Standing right next to the bed I slipped the harness on and tightened it up, the massive black cock hung heavily out in front of me. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and smiled at the unfamiliar sight of a huge cock attached to my body. I poured the lubricant onto my hand and stroked up and down slowly teasing Kim as she had teased me the night before.

“What are you up to then Jayne?” She said smiling knowing full well what was coming.

“Well, I thought I’d fuck you now. You can see how huge this thing feels.”

I noticed her sharp intake of breath and she began squeezing her thighs together on her hand.

“I think you’ll need this too,” I said passing the lubricant to her.

My hand barely stretch around the dildo and I was amazed that I had taken it deep inside me the night before, it was significantly bigger than any cock I’d had. She lifted her bum up and slid a pillow under it and opened her legs wide as she massaged the lubricant into her pussy.

“My turn to have fun with you I think. Do you want me to fuck you Kim?”

I watched her face the look in her eyes was one of pure lust. “Yes please.”

Holding the black cock steady I knelt between her wide spread legs and got ready to fuck her. It felt so awkward and unnatural as I nudged the strap-on up against her pussy and attempted to enter her. We both giggled at my ineptness until Kim put her hand down and grabbed the cock easing it just inside her.

“Oh, that’s it.” She said as she closed her eyes and then moaned in a mixture of pain and ecstasy when she actually felt how thick the strap-on really was. I looked down and saw only the end was inside her so shoved my hips forward penetrating her deeper.

“Oh yes, fuck me with it please!” Her hand left the cock and she put her arms around me pulling me down.

I pushed it into her until she had taken take the entire length inside of her. I held it deep inside for a moment then slowly pulled back and began to pound it back in over and over. Slowly and awkwardly at first but I soon found a steady rhythm and her pussy was squelching noisily as I moved in and out of her pussy. Kim began to whimper, her eyes closed in pleasure as I fucked her harder and faster.

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05 – Angel of Mercy

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August Ames

First times: 05 — Angel of mercy

As so often happens, this story was planned to go in a completely different direction, but my characters took over and this is the result.
     You will see what I mean in the first story of the “Angels and Daemons” series. I used the same name for the main character, something I go to great pains to avoid, because that was my original intent for her.
     Again my heartfelt thanks to Valphund for teaching me to be a better author. Any mistake is my own.


The hour-long commute by city bus, then metro, was an ordeal for most of her fellow travelers, but it was a necessary period of meditation and centering for Ariel. The job of counselor in a children’s hospital wasn’t for the faint of heart.

So being late and forced to drive there was a mixed blessing. The transit time was cut in half, but she hadn’t been able to close her eyes and bring forth the strength she would need as soon as she stepped on the oncology floor.

Ariel was sitting, head bowed on the steering wheel, catching her mental breath, when there was a rap on her window. Startled, it took her a few seconds to remember where she was. She smiled when she saw the woman standing outside.

Amelia was certainly a force of nature. Always jovial, ebullient even, she was the unofficial morale booster of the entire department.

A chubby woman in her late forties, she bucked the establishment by wearing some colorful accessory along with the customary scrubs. That day, it was a bright scarf of multi-colored daisies.

“Are you coming out, or do you intend to sleep in your car all day?” She laughed. Amelia was fully aware of Ariel’s process and did her best to help her with it. As a nurse in the same department, she’d had her share of heartbreaks. She certainly didn’t envy the younger woman who dealt so intimately with their young charges.

“Sleep sounds good right now. My neighbor was sick all night and I stayed at her place to help. Let’s just say that her couch has seen better days.”

“Mine’s brand new, if you insist on avoiding your own bed. I splurged last summer after a spring sprung through the cushion and I had a surprise of the most un-erotic kind.”

Amelia recounted her encounter with the offending offspring of a steel wire and industrial machinery in salacious details all the way to their floor. When the elevator doors opened, she took Ariel’s hand and squeezed it.

“Take it easy, dear. If you need a lap to rest on, I suppose I could close my legs for a while.” Amelia teased.

“You started exercising?” Ariel countered good-naturedly.

Despite being from different social strata, the two women had hit it off the very first day Arial started working at the hospital. They had seen each other while she interned, but rarely came in contact.

That day, an insensitive doctor with atrocious bedside manner was making a young girl cry and Ariel was in his face about it. As the tone escalated, Amelia intervened by reminding the doctor that his file already contained many reprimands and that he was on his way out if he didn’t mind his manners in front of the children.

The two women and the little girl had a good laugh at his expense as he stormed away, sputtering indignantly.

By the end of the day, every child on the floor called her Wonder Woman, so, of course, she came in the next day wearing a golden tiara and bracelets, and deflected imaginary bullets all day for the amusement of patients and staff.

Since then, they were known as the A Team. They complemented each other so well, professionally and personally.

The fact that Amelia was a lesbian and Ariel wasn’t had never entered their minds until some sniggering male nurse made some crude comment and took vile pleasure in spreading rumors and innuendo, which no one found funny in the least. He ended being the butt of his own meanness when a visiting doctor overheard him. As it happened, he was Ariel’s father, there to visit his good friend, the Director of the oncology department. No one was sad to see him escorted out by security minutes later.


That Monday morning, Amelia had been standing outside with some friends who were there for a smoke on purpose. She was waiting for the younger woman. This would be a tough shift and she wanted to see for herself how she was holding on.

She had heard how Ariel had spent the week-end working with some of their sicker patients. She wasn’t surprised when she drove in. The girl probably had been pacing all night instead of sleeping.

So she wasn’t terribly surprised when she found her asleep on a chair, head pillowed on her arms on a little boy’s bed, most likely talking to him when she succumbed to fatigue. He was gently caressing her hair and put his finger on his lips to signal Amelia to be quiet. Nodding, she backed out, flicked the lights off, and shut the door. No one went into the room except her to check on the boy.

When Ariel came out two hours trabzon escort later, slightly disheveled and blushing furiously, everyone she met smiled kindly at her and no few patted her arm. Amelia had told them how the terminal patient had been beaming at this spontaneous gesture of humanity.

She put her arm around Ariel’s waist and steered her to the nurses’ lounge. It was more modestly appointed than the doctors’, but there was a feeling of warmth to it and she often used it.

“I feel like such a wuss.” Ariel said as she splashed cold water on her face. “That wasn’t the most professional thing I ever did.”

“I don’t know about that.” Her friend said, looking at her in the mirror, never stopping the soothing shoulder massage. “We all know you spent the week-end here with Jeremy and the other kids. Maybe I should get you the full Wonder Woman costume. I, for one, wouldn’t mind ogling your body in those bustier and spandex bottom.”

“Oh, you.” Ariel leaned in the gentle neck massage. “If you continue like this, you won’t have to get any cartoon costume. I’ll drag you to the massage therapy room and strip bare for you.”

“Promises, promises, sweetie.” It was getting harder for Amelia to keep her attraction of Ariel in check. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend to do it for you instead of spending all your time at work? All work and no play, you know.”

“Ah!” The derision in the snort was clear. “I almost envy you, Am. Did you know that men can’t take the competition when it comes from a dying child…”

Hearing the catch in her friend’s voice, Amelia turned her around and embraced her.

“They’re brave little boys and girls, Ariel. You make a big difference in their lives.” She held her until she felt some of the tension leave her, knowing the toll her vocation was taking on the young woman. She had seen it often enough over the years among the nurses. “Why don’t we go out tonight and get drunk. Or get sloshed and find you a hunk to take your mind of this place, if only for a couple of hours.”

“You’re projecting again, Am. You’re the party girl here. Going out every week-end and collecting skirts. As for me… I don’t even remember the last time I had sex… with a man. I think my Hitachi is about to propose to me.” She giggled ruefully.

“I could lend you my Ben-Wa balls. They’re the best. A brisk walk with them and you’ll forget all about that clinging appliance.”

Though she kept her tone light, Amelia was in a similar predicament, if for different reasons. Unaccountably, the last two women she had brought home didn’t appreciate hearing her cry out Ariel’s name when they made her climax. Go figure.

“But he’s soooo good to me!” Ariel mock-whined which set both women laughing. “I was serious about the massage, dear.” She said when they settled down. “I could use a good rub-down, and I heard a couple of nurses talking about your magic hands.”

Amelia closed her eyes, trying to repress her shivers and contain her moans. Ariel probably didn’t realize what she was doing, but the hand she ran up and down the nurse’s back was doing its own kind of magic quite effectively. She knew she should let go now that Ariel was feeling better, but…

“I’ll see if the therapy room is available after our shift if you want.”

“I was thinking about your place… with the candles and the incense and the soft music…”

“I see some loose lips can’t help flapping. Did they tell you how the evening ended, honey?”

“Not in so many words, but I could guess from their dreamy eyes. We wouldn’t have to do it, though, would we? All I want is the massage.”

“No…” Amelia hoped the catch in her own voice wasn’t too obvious. “Not at all. The happy ending is a service offered upon request only. I’m running low on massage oil. I’ll have to get some more. What about next week-end? Are you free?”

“I don’t know yet.” Ariel sighed deeply. “I’ll have a better idea Friday. Is that too much of an inconvenience?”

“Not at all. I understand.” Amelia didn’t need to go into details. She knew full well that they were on a death watch for at least three children and that Ariel would want to be there for them as another counselor would be for their parents. These people were saints. “We’ll play it by ear, sweetie. Now, we’d better get back to work or tongues will start wagging, and not in a fun way.”

“Don’t you ever think about anything but sex?”

“Why would I? It’s soooo much fun!”

They were both laughing when they came back on the floor.


As everyone in the department had expected, it was a bad week, with two children dying and three more being hospitalized when their cancer flared up unexpectedly after being in remission for months.

Wednesday morning, Ariel and another counselor brought a small duffle bag. By Friday evening, both were haggard and listless. They put on their game face in front of their young charges and their parents, but they weren’t trabzon escort bayan fooling anyone else. All knew that the long breaks they took were so they could cry their own pain out.

They were too tired to even protest when the intervention was staged at the instigation of their colleagues. The man would be brought home to his wife who had been warned and was waiting for him. Nobody even smiled when Amelia told them she was taking Ariel home with her. Anyone else would have done it if they could.

The counselor was asleep, her head on the nurse’s shoulder before Amelia even drove out of the parking lot. She slept through being pulled out of the car and guided to Amelia’s apartment. It was a good thing the older woman had experience undressing a limp body, but when she pulled out the sleeping wear Ariel had been using from the sports bag, she wisely decided that her friend could sleep naked for one night.

She read a book while she ran a load in the washer and dryer. Every so often, she’d check on her guest, but the woman was dead to the world.


The moan issuing from somewhere deep inside her woke Ariel, but she fought valiantly to hold on to the wonderful dream. She hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time, and this one had been particularly sensual and erotic.

It had been so realistic that she could swear she was still feeling herself draped over a warm body, a strong arm holding her close, her leg tickled by pubic hair, her hand squeezing a soft breast…

“Eeeeek!” She jumped back from… Amelia, who was looking at her groggily.

“You have a strange way of waking up, sweetie.”

“Why…? Why are you naked in bed with… Eeeek!” She pulled the covers over her own bare breasts, then pulled them back over Amelia. “Why am I in bed naked with you? Is this a lesbian way to seduce a woman?”

“First, you’re naked because your bedclothes stank and nothing I have would fit you. Second, I’m in the buff too because you asked me to. Don’t raise your perfect eyebrow at me, missy. I was changing into a proper sleeping attire when you held your arms out to me and whined, pleading. It was so cute, I couldn’t say no. As soon as I slipped under the covers, you molded your body to mine. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy falling asleep with you fondling my breasts.”

“Noooo!” Ariel put a hand over her mouth, shocked. “Tell me you’re joking, Am. Please tell me the truth.”

“Okay, maybe you weren’t fondling my breasts, but everything else is true. A girl can fantasize a bit, can’t she?”

“You didn’t have to…”

“As a matter of fact, I did, dear. You should have heard yourself. And I’m glad I did. You were restless before I joined you. Was it so terrible, holding on to me like that?”

Ariel reached to touch her friend’s hand, afraid she had hurt her feelings.

“Of course not, Am. I was startled, that’s all.” Even if she kept her eyes on Amelia’s face, Ariel was very aware of her naked body, which she didn’t seem in a hurry to cover. And the more she looked at her, the more her lips seemed fascinating. So full, so wet from the pink tongue she had run on them, so…

Amelia was getting aroused too, but she didn’t want to take advantage of her friend’s vulnerability.

“Do you need to use the bathroom right now? Or could I use it before you take a shower? Your clothes are washed and dried so you’ll have something clean to wear.”

“You did all that for me?”

“Hey! That’s what friends are for, sweetie. Now move along or put something on. I’m not made of wood, you know.”

Ariel blushed furiously when she realized she had dropped the covers, exposing herself, but she didn’t resist when the older woman touched her cheek and brought her down for a light kiss.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Amelia’s naked body as she got a robe and walked out.

She found her pudginess strangely erotic. She certainly didn’t fit any canon of beauty, but there was something… natural about her. Without realizing it, her hand was… reaching for her.

As soon as she was alone, she fell back on the bed, stunned. Not at being naked in bed with another woman. She had been to sleepovers where she and her friends had slept without bedclothes on. At her reaction just then. When she turned over, her head landed on Amelia’s pillow and she moaned involuntarily when she breathed in her scent. She pulled back when her leg landed on a wet spot where her friend had been. At first, she was shocked, then she reached hesitantly to touch it.

‘She said I had a perfect eyebrow.’ She mused. Ariel was about to bring the sticky substance on her fingers to her lips when Amelia came out of the bathroom.

“All done. Leave me some hot water… Unless you want to share.” She wiggled her eyebrows comically, but didn’t wait for an answer before moving out of view.

“I… I wouldn’t mind sharing.” Ariel surprised herself by whispering.

She walked slowly to the bathroom, half escort trabzon dreading, half hoping Amelia would come back and see her. She knew full well she could have covered herself with the blanket.

Once she was behind the closed door, sitting on the toilet, she slowly brought her fingers to her nose, then to her lips. There were tears in her eyes when she got up and went to the sink where she unwrapped a toothbrush.

The face looking back at her in the mirror was familiar, but she saw something new in it too. She touched her face lightly, then her neck. She traced her collarbone, her upper chest, her breasts. She moaned when she brushed her nipples, but kept her eyes open.

She knew she was what all men, and most women, if truth be told, found beautiful, but after seeing Amelia and feeling the effect her naked body had on her, she reevaluated what ‘beautiful’ was.

Years of discipline and hard work had gone in getting and maintaining her athletic body, but she felt ashamed of the surgery which gave her such firm breasts. Amelia’s had felt so soft under her hand. She stifled a gasp as she felt her vagina clench at the memory. She came to her senses, holding on to the washbasin with one hand as her knees threatened to buckle, and the other cupping her bald pussy.

She was startled when Amelia knocked on the door.

“Ariel?” She asked softly. “Are you okay, honey?”

“I…” She had to swallow a few times and take deep breaths before she could answer. “I’m fine, Am. I was just… I’m brushing my teeth. I’ll be quick in the shower, I promise.”

“Take all the time you need. I don’t mind if I have to wait a bit for more water to heat.”

“Thank you. I’ll… I’ll be right out.”

She had lied. She wasn’t fine at all. She was aroused as she had never been… Ever. But it was impossible. She was straight. She loved men… Well, she loved making love… Okay, she enjoyed having sex. She had never been in love. At first, she had rationalized that she was too busy with her studies, then with her career, but she had finally admitted it to herself some months back.

Amelia was her friend, had been for six years. They had laughed together, they had cried in each other’s arms. They had done everything best friends did together.

She wasn’t a…

Ariel wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to the shower. She grinned when she saw the shape of the soap-on-a-rope. She waited for the hot water to come on, then adjusted the temperature. All along, her eyes were pulled to the thing hanging there. Surely it meant she was straight, but what was it doing in a lesbian’s shower?


Amelia had been on her way to the bedroom to change the sheets. She had woken up in a puddle of cream. At least she had a mattress cover under it.

An audible gasp and moan had stopped her at the bathroom door. She stood there, her hand pressed flat on the door, thinking about the superb woman standing naked behind it.

Over the years, gorgeous women had been in her apartment, in her bed, but none had ever affected her like Ariel did. There was something about her…

They had a closer relationship than she had ever had with any other woman, even those she had considered to be her girlfriends. They had gone out to the theater, to the movies, even camping. They had tried new restaurants together. They had supported each other through heartbreaks and celebrated their achievements.

When she didn’t hear anything for a while, she knocked… timidly (her, timid?) and asked if she was okay. She thought she heard something in Ariel’s voice, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

She stood there until she heard the water running. When she did, she groaned quietly and crumbled to her knees, head against the wood. She would have given anything to be in there to wash her back, to touch her soft skin. She had lied about her fondling her breasts, but not about taking a long time falling asleep. The feeling of Ariel’s body pressed against hers, of her skin under her hand, touching her. It’s a wonder the puddle wasn’t bigger.

There. That was a moan. Unable to help herself, she opened the robe and shoved a hand between her legs. She blushed when she thought about the soap. It had been a gag gift she won during one of those silly games at a friend’s bachelorette party. Was she using it? Was she running it on her breasts? Between her thighs? Inside…

Amelia wanted to walk away, to run away, but she was rooted in place by the image of her dear friend masturbating with the cock-shaped soap. As she pictured her, she imitated what her mind’s eyes was showing her, thrusting two fingers inside her own vagina.

She was writhing on the floor, in the throes of an orgasm when it registered that she wasn’t hearing the water running anymore. With a gasp, she stumbled to her room where she closed the door before falling on the bed. She had to… It was only minutes before she climaxed again.

Quiet footsteps stopped on the other side of the door as she lay there, gasping. She knew that if she touched herself, at that moment, the excitement of Ariel possibly opening the door and seeing her would set her off yet again. Her hand was hovering near her pussy, waiting, she wasn’t sure exactly for what. Then she heard the woman walk away toward the kitchen.

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A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 08

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Sunday morning. This time it was Annie who awoke first. She checked the clock which read 7:00 am; then she checked Chris. It was highly unusual for him to sleep past 6:30 (even on the weekends,) but this day was different. She hadn’t counted how many times he came last night; but lying there thinking about it, it had to have been at least three. She grinned and conceded, “Poor guy, he must be exhausted!”

Down in the kitchen she started a pot of coffee and leaned against the stove-top while waiting for it to brew. Most of her thoughts were about how much fun it was, but there was a new one emerging that she had never thought before, “Oh my God, Annie,” she said to herself, “you’re a fucking slut! And the thing is…YOU LOVE IT, you fucking dirty girl!” The fact that she could accept this identity was making her shiver; it was also scaring her just a bit! The coffee-maker’s loud beep made her jump and brought her back to reality.

She sat down at the kitchen table, sipped her drink, and thought; “Yes, I guess I understand what Joyce was saying when admitting she was a hedonist.” Annie smiled and then said out loud, “Hedonist…that’s a fancy word for SLUT!” One of the things she realized right then was that she really LOVED watching Chris fuck these other women! That was scaring her also; and yet what she loved about it even more was the idea that after his cock had been in another woman’s cunt, he would then shove it into her! “God, I must be crazy!”

Yes! One of her favorite moments last night was when he was fucking Melanie the second time. She was kneeling on the floor with her knees splayed and her face buried in the sofa. Chris was on one knee, his big cock driving into her. Annie had worked her way under them both and was tonguing Mel’s clit; and as she was doing that, Joyce was fucking HER with a gel-cock vibrator! “Yes!” Annie laughed at the thought, “that MUST have been a ‘hedonistic’ moment for sure!”

The only question now was “What next?” Chris had the reins and for that, Annie was glad. He still needed to know about Cassie, and Annie was determined to tell him today. All of a sudden she realized she was hungry; and after popping an english muffin into the toaster, she turned to pour herself a second cup… and there was Chris, standing right in the archway!

“Oh! Wow! There you are! How are you feeling, Honey!”

He smiled and put a palm up to his forehead, “I think I’ll be okay, but I need some coffee…right now!”

Annie laughed at his tone! “You’re a survivor! That was quite an adventure last night!”

After pulling out a chair, he sort of settled down onto it before replying, “Adventure? You’re funny! That was some weird shit last night!”

“You mean Melanie, right?”

One of his eyebrows went up, “Uhh…yes! Don’t you think it’s weird for us both to be fucking our daughter’s best friend?”

Annie lowered her eyes and said, “Yeah, I guess it is.”

Chris sat silently for a while sipping his coffee. He had definitely enjoyed the group sex; but in the cold light of day he would have to look his daughter in the eye. Eventually he said, “I can only imagine what it will look like if Melanie lets it slip to Cassie what happened.” Annie didn’t answer him; she just looked at him with a somewhat crooked expression. Chris finally noticed, “What? What’s that look for?”

A faint smile played at the corners of her mouth, “Honestly, I don’t think she’ll care, Chris.”

“Huh? She won’t care?”

“Umm…no, I don’t think she will.”

Chris’ mind was racing now; he wanted to say, “Why the hell not?” but the exact words wouldn’t form. And then, suddenly, the realization hit him! “Holy SHIT, Annie! Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Annie pursed her lips and nodded. “Are you saying that Cassie and Melanie…” His sentence trailed away into nothing when Annie nodded again. “Oh myyyy Goddd!” he exclaimed, “This family is going to hell!”

“I wouldn’t go THAT far,” Annie replied, “but I will say that Cassie seems to be getting a much earlier start than us!”

Chris smiled, “Yeah, you COULD put it that way. Goddd…I can’t even visualize that!”

“What’s so difficult? Two days ago you probably wouldn’t have visualized Melanie joining us, and a month ago, we weren’t even discussing threesomes!” Chris couldn’t disagree so Annie continued, “Did you enjoy watching Mel and me together?”

“Oh my God!”

“That’s what I thought!” she giggled. “So, to be totally transparent, Sweetheart …I have watched Mel and Cass together; it was unbelievable!”

Chris just sat there for quite a while shaking his head; and then…another thought seemed to hit him and his head snapped up, “Okay, I’m putting all the pieces together, and it seems there’s one more piece that needs to placed…Has Cass been with Joyce as well?” Annie didn’t say a word; she didn’t have to. He slumped back in the chair and his chin dropped toward his chest, “Ohh Godddd!”

Annie watched him for a minute allowing him time to process. Then she picked up his cup from urfa escort the table, “Do you need something stronger than coffee, Hon?”

He sat up straighter and looked her right in the eye, “It would be hypocritical of me to get angry about all of this, seeing that I did the same fuckin’ thing as she did…right?”

Her eyes softened; Annie got up and poured him another cup. She set it down and then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek, “Yes, it would…and we’re old enough to know better!”

“You, me, Cass, Joyce, Melanie…one big happy family!”

Annie giggled, “That sounds funny when you say it like that!”

“What other way is there to say it?”

“Well, you could add the girls’ boyfriends into the mix too!”

“Fuckin’ what? Are you trying to make this worse than it is?”

Annie took a sip of coffee, “No, just realistic…and honestly, looking back at this whole thing; would you change anything?”

Clearly Chris had not considered that question before. The sex had been incredible and he couldn’t deny how much fun it had been. “Uhh, perhaps you’re right; maybe I wouldn’t change anything.”

“Exactly! Do you think Cassie would change anything if we asked her?”

“I don’t know…No?”

Annie nodded, “I don’t think she would either, so you tell me…my big hunky sex machine, what do you want to do now cuz at the moment, I’m REALLY enjoying this!”

He didn’t say a word for several minutes. He sat there lost in thought so Annie finished her english muffin and waited. Chris finally said, “So now you’ve watched Cassie with her boyfriend and with Melanie.”


“Do you think Melanie is corrupting our daughter or what?”

“Umm, at the moment, Cass is not any more corrupt than we are!”

“Hmm, and you watched her with Mel, huh? How was that?”

Annie grinned, “Hot! Scorching!”

Chris smiled, “Yeah, that Melanie…she’s almost as sexy as YOU!” His wife smacked him on the arm for the compliment. “Hey! What was that for?”

“For insinuating that there might be someone as sexy as me!”

He laughed and got up from the table, “Okay, we’re good for now; let’s see what happens. Do I need to have a talk with Cassie?”

“That’s entirely up to you.”

“Maybe I will.”

As he got up to go get dressed, Annie said, “I do have one more question for you, my Love!”

“What’s that?”

“When are we going to have sex again?”


That afternoon Joyce texted her, “Everything okay?”

Annie tapped back, “For now it is.”

Joyce responded with, “So glad! I’m going out with Max tomorrow night!”

“Call me Tuesday?”

“For sure!”

So on Tuesday morning her cell phone rang early. She had just dropped the kids off and Joyce called, “Nice timing, I can talk now for a while!”

“Actually I saw you in the car line, so I’m just observant!”

“Want to stop for some breakfast and chat?”

“Can’t. I have a meeting at 8:00, but we could do lunch again, wanna?”

“Great! How about Mexican?”

“Okay, I’ll meet you at ‘Mexi-Fresh’ at noon.”

Annie smiled to herself, “Sharp?”

There was a short hesitation on the other end of the line, “Smart-Ass!”

This time Joyce was waiting for her! She looked at her watch and gave Annie a smirky, “12:01?”

Annie leaned over and spanked her hand, “Okay…you got me! Have you checked the menu?” They ordered their drinks; Joyce ordered an enchilada while Annie decided on a chimichanga. “How was your date?”

“Easy peasy; something came up so Max only had time for dinner. Just as well cuz I was still recovering from Saturday night!”

“You should have seen Chris on Sunday morning! He looked VERY wobbly!”

Joyce raised an eyebrow, “And how did you look?”

“My sexual muscles are still developing, I think!”

Her friend smiled at that, “I’ve been to a few swing parties. You’re so cute! You would do fine there, Ann!”

Annie grinned, “That’s the nicest thing you ever said to me, Joyce!” Both women burst out laughing! They chatted briefly about Joyce’s experiences at swing parties; but when the food arrived, they got down to the subject at hand. “So who started the discussion of Max’s girl/girl fantasy last night? You or him?”

“I did; this is not just a fun romp, you know. Max loves the business end of this. I can’t emphasize enough how enamored he is with breaking down a woman’s resistance. He LOVES the role-playing aspect to these things. So you need to believe you can put on a good act!”

“How many of these role-plays have you done with Max, Sweetie?”

“Three or four; Max is really good at eating pussy, so when we play certain roles I try to steer the action toward that! Fortunately he likes giving better than receiving!”

“What was the most fun role-play you did?”

“Umm, well, our age difference makes certain things seem possible. I not urfa escort bayan only played the wife of a business partner, I also another time played the daughter of that same partner! That was REALLY fun! And if you don’t mind me saying it, this is how Melanie and I came up with the idea of playing with you and Cassie!”

Annie’s mouth dropped open, and she pushed it shut with her hand! “Shuuut up! You did not just say that!”

Joyce giggled behind both of her hands. “C’mon…you’re well-aware of how naughty we can be! You wouldn’t be sitting here now if you didn’t think this whole thing has been nothing but fun!”

“You and Melanie are such schemers; it’s pretty amazing!”

Joyce placed her palms on the table and leaned toward her friend, “Speaking of ‘scheming,’ I have a scheme in place right now!”

“You do? What is it?”

“Max knows we’re having lunch. I told him I would take your picture and send it to him. Any objections?”

“Oh my God, Joyce!”

“Hon, the role-play has already started…think about it; Max knows a picture is coming, but he thinks you DON’T know. Again, think about this…think what it’s doing to him! I can tell you he’s sky-high in anticipation right now! I need to take your picture because I went through my files and couldn’t find a good one.”

“God, I don’t even look my best right now!”

Joyce rolled her eyes in a teasing sort of way, “Annie…listen to ME! The role-play has started! Max thinks you’re just another girlfriend of mine. He would want you to look natural, not made up at all!”

Annie thought for a moment and then said, “Okay, I gotcha! Go ahead and take it.”

Joyce picked up her cell phone and pulled up the camera app. “Pretend your making a point in our conversation, Ann; then I’ll take it.”

Annie leaned her elbows on the table and with a faint smile playing at the corners of her mouth she said, “You are SO fucking naughty!”

“I got it!” Joyce pulled up the pic and started giggling again. “Oh, my God! it’s perfect!” She handed the phone to Annie and added, “You don’t even look like you’re posing!”

Annie looked at the photo and said, “Yes, Wow…you’re right! And you’re going to send this to him right now?”

Taking her phone back, Joyce downloaded the attachment and sent the text off to Max. “He’s gonna love that, trust me! I give it less than a minute and he’ll reply!” She handed the phone back to Annie so she could read the text. “Okay Max, this is the girl I want to corrupt!”

Looking up at her, Annie said, “It’s kind of ‘after-the-fact,’ you’ve already corrupted me!”

Joyce laughed, “That’s somewhat true, but a person has to be corruptible to be corrupted, dontcha know!” She reached for the phone and just as she did, it ‘binged’ a notification. “Told ya! He’s answering already!” She read the message from Max, and started giggling, “Oh my Goddd!”

Annie grinned at her and said, “C’mon…what did he say?”

“He said, ‘Fuck YES! Perfect! She’s really cute, Joyce! She looks like a soccer-mom!” At that point both women couldn’t stop giggling!

Ten minutes later Joyce had to get back to the office, so Annie said, “Okay then, do you have a day you want to do this?”

“I was thinking this Saturday if that works for you.”

“Does it have to be at night?”

“Not at all; in fact, if you and I were sitting there having morning coffee, it might play better. Max could show up and join us, I think it will look very natural.”

“Okay! That sounds pretty good, what time?”

“Let’s go for 9:00 and we’ll adjust it if we need to; I’ll have Max show up around 9:30.”

“What do you think I should wear?”

Joyce grinned, “Just wear what any ‘soccer-mom’ would wear at 9:00 am on a Saturday!”

That night Annie gave Chris all the details of her conversation. It was going to work out quite well because he had a golf outing with three of his business associates and they were going to do lunch afterward. Chris grilled her again regarding Max’s intentions for the encounter. “So you don’t think it will escalate past him just watching?”

“Joyce says no, but…you know how guys are! You have my word though; I won’t touch him at all. Trust me on THAT!”

“I certainly trust you, Babe; I’m not 100% sure about Joyce though. That thing with Melanie on Saturday caught me by surprise. I’m not going to say I regret it; but if she had asked my permission ahead of time, I would have said ‘No!’ You do realize that don’t you?”

“I totally get it, Honey; we’re dealing with some unknowns here.”

Annie started giggling, and Chris asked, “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?”

“I just had a visual about when this Max guy tries to bribe me. Do you think I need an auctioneer?”

That made Chris laugh too, “Yeah, I would mind being there for that part of it. How much you gonna hold out for?”

“I’ve been thinking about that and I don’t know. It might depend on my acting skills; if I’m not very believable, he might catch escort urfa on…then what?”

“He’s a guy, it’s his fantasy…I bet he won’t catch on!”

“You men…I swear!”

It was a very busy week. Annie and Chris were able to have sex on Thursday night, but that was it. Not that she was complaining; They made out for like twenty minutes before stripping their clothes off. And then not even a minute after that, Annie rode his face for her first orgasm. She was in heat and as his tongue was catching her clit perfectly, she urged him on with dirty talk. “Yeah, oh YESSS! Mmm… Unhhhh…Goddd…lick me! Eat me Babyyy! God YES! Make me cum! Make me CUM all over your fuckin’ face, Yesss!”

Then when she suggested that they duplicate the position that Melanie tried on him (where she sat on his erection and slid her slit up and down on it,) Chris was all for that! He hadn’t had an orgasm since Saturday, his dick was super-hard, and when Annie got it situated in the gash of her wet twat, she only slid up and down on it for maybe a couple minutes and Chris shot a huge load all over their tummies! She let him rest for maybe ten minutes, then they kissed some more; and she sucked his cock to get him hard again. He fucked her to one orgasm; then he turned her over doggie and fucked her ass to another. By this time, Annie was loving anal! Chris knew to go medium speed and she fingered her clit in a kind of rhythm to his thrusting. That orgasm was massive, and thirty seconds later he came again in her ass! Oh my God!

On Friday morning Joyce called to confirm. “You ready, Ann? My place at 9:00 am okay?”

“I guess I’m ready; God, this is such new territory for me.”

“Don’t even worry about it; I thought the same thing the first few times I tried role-playing. But it really is easy, and it’s better that you don’t try to play out a scenario in your head. Just play like you’re a strictly straight girl and go with the flow. Max is a very fun guy, so we’re going to enjoy this! Oh my God, I’m so turned on thinking about how this is going to go!”

So the next day Joyce greeted Annie warmly, with a hug and a cup of coffee. “Would you like some danish with that? I have a great pecan ring from Panera Bread in the kitchen?”

“That sounds lovely; I haven’t had any breakfast yet!” They sat down together and Joyce cut them both a slice. Annie said, “So where is Melanie this morning?”

“Oh yes! I bet you would love to hear that the encounter with Jill and Phil is supposed to happen tomorrow night! Didn’t Chris tell you?”

“Uh, no…and considering our communication lately, he would have told me; so I’m thinking he’s not aware of it.”

Joyce was a bit surprised but said, “No matter, you can ask him about it when you get home. Jimmy picked up Mel early this morning. They were leaving to give us some room to play. I know they were getting breakfast, but after that I’m not sure. I just told them not to come back before noon.” Joyce changed the subject, “So what is Chris doing today?”

“Oh, remember I said he had a golf and lunch outing planned with some people from work. I have no idea when they’ll be back. Not before 3:00 I imagine.” Annie leaned forward and said, “So, Joyce, how is this going to start? You could at least tell me that, right?”

Her friend smiled, “Oh, Max is gonna show up any minute now. You need to act like you didn’t know he was coming. We’ll take it from there, okay?”

“I have to tell you,” Annie admitted, “I’m feeling a little anxiety about this whole thing.”

“Changing your mind?”

“No, not that, but having sex in front of a perfect stranger is quite a stretch, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s really hot, myself! As long as we’re safe that is.”

Annie looked at Joyce sideways, “Have you had sex in front of strangers before?”

“Yes, several times; I told you I’ve been to swing clubs with some of my men friends.”

“Like with Max?”

“One time with Max, and twice with another man that you don’t know.”

Annie shook her head, “I’m not sure I could do that; Chris and I were joking around about it the other day, but when push comes to shove, I don’t think it will happen.”

Joyce was about to respond, but just then the doorbell rang. She quickly said, “We can discuss this later; Max is here…ready?” Annie smiled and Joyce continued, “C’mon, let’s sit in the living room.”

When Max walked in, Annie checked him out: perhaps 6’1, salt and pepper hair, brown eyes, a physique that indicated regular workouts, and nice-looking…not great, but nice. He and Joyce hugged warmly, and she took him by the elbow and led him toward Annie. “Wow, what a surprise! I didn’t expect to see you until next week! Annie, this is my friend, Max!”

Annie smiled at Joyce’s play-acting, “Hello, Max; nice to meet you!”

Max reached out his hand and said, “You too! Joyce says you’re just about her best friend, after ME that is!” and he playfully elbowed Joyce in the shoulder.

“Be nice, or I’ll move you down my list,” Joyce responded with a laugh. “So why are you here? Do you want some coffee or something?”

Max said, “Yeah, that would be nice, if you don’t mind me crashing with you ladies for a few minutes. I had to pick up some stuff for a colleague and happened to be in the neighborhood. Just stopped by to say hi!”

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 14

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“When do you think we should plan on leaving Memphis to head back to school?” Bonnie asked Sami, between nibbles of Sami’s clit.

“Since we’ve preregistered for the fall semester, we don’t really have to be back until the last week of August, baby,” Sami replied but not really wanting to talk about school, or anything for that matter; no, Sami wanted Bonnie to stop talking but continue nibbling, that’s what Sami wanted.

Since Bonnie’s return from her grandmother’s funeral, she and Sami had somehow moved towards domesticity; neither knew it, but knowing it has nothing to do with living it.

Sami and AJ kept their interaction at work, the same as it was before their weekend of lust. Neither had alluded to it, except once, a week after it had occurred, when AJ made a comment to Sami over a cup of coffee.

“You still remember ‘Rule’ number two, I trust,” AJ said, off-handedly, sotto-voice.

“Yep,” Sami replied tersely.

“Just checking,” AJ offered, but with a smile on her face for Sami.

Sami hadn’t told Bonnie of that weekend with AJ, she didn’t really think it necessary, or so she told herself at any rate; but still, it did nag at her. And it was the nagging of her conscious that finally caused her to ‘fess up one night, after one Tequila shot too many.

She and Bonnie were relaxing, after sharing a pizza, and decided to do ‘shots’; no real reason, but just for the hell of it, they said. After the third shot, Bonnie was lying on the couch with her head in Sami’s lap as Sami stroked her hair and face, Bonnie being a light-weight when it came to liquor.

“Bonnie?” Sami said, a few minutes after she had taken her fourth, and last, shot.

“Yeah, baby?”

“I had a ‘thing’ when you were back in Gulfport, a couple of weeks ago.”

“A thing?”

“Yeah; I sorta’ shacked up with someone over the weekend,” but, of course, not revealing with whom.

Remember, Rule Number Two.

“I mean, it just sorta’ happened, and I haven’t felt right since, about not telling you about it.” “I mean, I know that I probably shouldn’t have, but I did, and it just doesn’t feel right, not telling you, you know?”

“I think so,” Bonnie said while her mind was processing what Sami was saying, and wondering why she was saying it. Did it mean that Sami’s feelings for Bonnie were more than carnal and friendship?

“But, Sami?” Bonnie said, after a minute or so, “You’ve been with other girls since you and I have been, well you know, lovers; so why are you telling me about this one?”

“I don’t really know, baby, but I do know that it’s been eating at me slowly, that I’ve kept it from you; I don’t why that is either, but it’s there, nevertheless,” Sami answered, feeling a bit teary; must that fucking Tequila, Sami thought as she ‘sorta’ sniffed back a tear.

“Sami, don’t cry, baby, please don’t cry,” Bonnie said as she sat up quickly, and wrapped her arms around Sami, pulling Sami into her body to comfort.

“I’m sorry, Bonnie, it must be the Tequila; I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Sami said as she hugged Bonnie back.

“It’s okay, baby, its okay,” Bonnie said soothingly.

Neither said anything for a few minutes, content to be in each other’s arms in that moment.

“Want to make it up to me?” Bonnie asked, breaking the silence of the room.

“More than you know,” Sami replied, genuinely contrite and genuinely sorrowful, though not knowing really why she felt so.

“Take me to bed and make love to me, baby; make love to me like you know to do,” Bonnie said, wanting Sami-girl to make love to her now; more than ever, she needed Sami to make love to her.

And Sami did exactly that, she brought Bonnie with her, to their bed; for the yalova escort bayan next three hours, Sami-girl made slow, delicious love to Bonnie Sue Madison, taking her time, making love to Bonnie as she had never done before.

And afterwards, after the sex was over, when all they had left were each other in embrace on the sex-wrecked bed, they both knew that a line had been crossed by them; and while neither of them voiced it, both of them knew it.


Bonnie took the wind out of the young, “Breaking News” reporter’s sail, finally telling him that she didn’t want to go out with him; not now, not later, but more like, never.

“I’ve been thinking about it, but with my Uncle being who he is, it just wouldn’t be a wise thing to do; I mean, you could be working for me someday,” laughing about it, but also knowing that it could happen just as she said.

‘Breaking News’ boy backed off and all was right in Bonnie’s world.

They had informed Uncle Joe of when their last day would be at the station, and both thanked him profusely, for the summer jobs, letting him know of their appreciation. Uncle Joe told them that, truthfully, he really hated them leaving, but he also reminded them of the importance of ‘the Degree’, and wished them both well.

Their last day at the station, there was an informal, going-away thingy put together for the girls by their co-workers, and a fun time was had by all. It had been a great summer, Bonnie and Sami agreed on the drive home that night.

As they made love to each other that night, both girls thought that this had been the best summer ever, for each.

“That was daddy,” Bonnie said when Sami stepped out of the shower, drying her hair with a fluffy towel, “He thinks we should hold up before heading back to school, that we should wait a couple of days to see what that hurricane will do.”

“Katrina?” Sami asked as she debated to put on make-up or not; screw it, she finally decided, all they were doing today was packing up their stuff for the trip to their homes.

“Yeah, daddy said that it’s in the Gulf now, and building into a real bad-ass storm.”

Their plan was for Bonnie to drop Sami off in Jackson and then, she’d drive on to Gulfport, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sami’s dad would be bringing Sami and all of her crap back that Friday, the 29th of August, to school in New Orleans. Bonnie would drive over that same day and they would reclaim their room at the dorm; it had been set up before they had left for summer break.

“Well, we could just drive to my home and hang out for a couple of days, if you’d like, and then see where the storm goes,” Sami suggested.

“That’s a thought,” Bonnie agreed, “We have to get your stuff there anyway, regardless.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, and maybe take a day-trip on the scoot to the trace for a picnic or something,” referring to the Natchez Trace Trail that wasn’t far from Sami’s parents’ farm, outside of Jackson.

“Sounds like a plan; probably ought to call your parents to let them know,” Bonnie suggested just before she jumped into the shower.

They left Memphis on the 26th and made the short drive to Jackson and then on to Sami’s home; Sami’s mom had a wonderful dinner waiting for the girls that night, and they ate way too much, but Sami’s mother was a wonderful cook, so how could they not?

The girls stayed up to watch TV after Sami’s parents went to bed, and tuned in the Weather Channel for the latest updates, which weren’t good, not good at all.

Katrina had strengthened considerably and the projected storm path put the eventual landfall of this monster storm someplace between yalova escort Morgan City, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama, which, of course, included Bonnie’s home in Gulfport.

The next morning, the 27th, they were packing a picnic basket for their day-trip to the trace when Bonnie’s cell chirped.

“Baby, it’s daddy; listen to me now, I want you to stay up there at Sami’s until we know for sure what this damned storm is going to do, but I think we’re going to get a hell of a blow for sure,” Bonnie’s father said, “Mom and I are going to drive up to Birmingham and hunker down until we know for sure, so don’t worry about us.”

“Daddy, do you want me to drive there?” Bonnie asked, a bit worried about her father’s concern about this storm.

“No, baby, I don’t; I’d rather that you stay put, and stay off the roads, okay?”

“Okay, if you say so; ya’ll call me when ya’ll get there, okay,” and breaking the connection, they hung up.

“Huh,” Bonnie said to Sami, “This storm must really be a bad one; daddy and mom are heading out to Birmingham, to my aunt’s house until the storm’s over.”

“Huh,” Sami remarked.

Taking the less-used roads, the girls were at the trace and searching for a picnic spot to have lunch by a little before noon that day.

Bonnie was enjoying being with Sami on the scoot; Bonnie loved Sami’s scoot and loved even more, riding bitch behind her Sami-girl.

Spying a secluded trail-head, they decided to stop there, and after locking up the scoot, they walked onto the trail, picnic basket in hand. They walked about a half-hour, not meeting a soul along the way, though the trails off of the trace were a popular hiker’s dream.

Moving off the hiking trail to a copse of Southern Pines, they spread out their blanket and dished out their goodies, eating, enjoying the quiet and smell of the pines. After eating, they cleaned up their trash, stashing it in the basket for disposal, later. That done, they lay on their backs, on the blanket, looking up to the sky above the tall pines, enjoying just being with each other on this perfect summer day in Mississippi.

Rolling over to her stomach and propping herself on her elbows, Bonnie began kissing Sami; small kisses to Sami’s face, neck, ears, each kiss becoming a bit more sensual.

Sami was thoroughly enjoying Bonnie’s kisses to her face and all, loving the tenderness of Bonnie’s full lips on her skin. And when Bonnie’s hand drifted down to Sami’s flat belly, and began creeping under Sami’s jeans, Sami simply unbuckled her belt and unsnapped her jeans to make access to her honey-pot a bit easier for her Bonnie’s hand and fingers.

Sami opened her mouth to Bonnie’s tongue at the same time that Bonnie’s fingers had found her pussy; sucking on Bonnie’s tongue in hunger, she spread her legs a bit to accept the two fingers that Bonnie had inserted, slowly fingering Sami-girl, slowly driving Sami-girl a bit crazy with desire.

And when Bonnie had her two fingers as deep into Sami as she could reach, Bonnie fingered Sami to a long and sweet orgasm, one that took Sami’s breath away, literally, making it difficult for her to breathe as her climax shook her body.

Taking Bonnie’s hand in hers, Sami brought it to her lips, slowly sucking Bonnie’s fingers which were wet with Sami’s orgasmic juices. And after licking Bonnie’s fingers clean, Sami quickly pulled Bonnie’s shorts from her body, followed by her panties.

And in the seclusion of the copse of trees, less than fifty feet from the hiking trail, Sami went down on Bonnie Sue, her tongue bringing Bonnie to repeated orgasms, one after the other, for a deliciously long time.

They eventually packed up their escort yalova stuff, somewhat redressed themselves, and arms around each other’s waists, the two lovers strolled back to Sami’s scoot, both of them a bit weak in the knees from the sex that they had so enjoyed.

Later they would both admit that the idea that they were having sex in public added to the thrill for them both.

“Girls?” Sami’s pops said, “Ya’ll need to see this,” referring to what was on the TV in the living room.

Sami and Bonnie had just returned from their romp in the woods and walked into the house, through the kitchen, the smell of Sami’s mom’s fried chicken wrapping both of

the girls in its little fingers.

On the screen, there was video being shown of the interstate and highways leading out of New Orleans, north or west, clogged with non-moving traffic, both sides of the highway being used as out-bound lanes of travel.

“The weather folks are all pretty much agreed that Katrina will hit New Orleans almost dead-on,” Pops said as his eyes, and theirs, stayed glued to the surreal scene before them, “and they’re saying that it could be a category 5 by tomorrow morning,” he informed them.

Category 5 is the strongest rating for hurricanes, indicating winds at the center of the storm to be over 150 mph.

Simply said, Katrina was the 800 lb. gorilla that was about to enter New Orleans’ living room and sit where she damned well pleased.

Sami and Bonnie said goodnight to Sami’s folks around midnight, and the girls stayed up all night, following the storm’s steady and sure path that was heading right to the Crescent City. They channel surfed between the cable news networks, but mostly stayed with The Weather Channel for updates.

Both had friends who lived in the city, or just outside of it, and both were worried about them and their safety. Forget calling them; cell towers were melting all over the Gulf Coast from the traffic bouncing off of the dishes.

The girls grabbed short naps but except for bathroom breaks, they stayed on the sofa, both mesmerized by the surreal events occurring before their eyes. At some point during the night of August 28th, live feeds from the Big Easy ceased, and America held its breath for Katrina’s onslaught of destruction that was about to be unleashed into the belly of our country.

August 29, 2005…The Night of the Living Dead.

The levees broke near 17th street during the early morning hours; they broke because the Corps of Engineers did a piss-poor job of building the damned things to begin with, never mind not having a plan in place, ‘in case’.

And of course, the waters flowing through the breeches flooded the Lower Ninth Ward, a predominately black neighborhood, hurting the people who could afford it the least; but Katrina spread its hurt all over the city and ‘burbs, the wealthy families on equal footing with the not-so-wealthy, as Katrina fist-fucked the Crescent City.

For the most part, except for wind damage, the French Quarters was spared the flooding, but it was one of only a handful of enclaves that was lucky in that regard. But soon, it wouldn’t matter anyway because when the city could no longer keep its infrastructure together, the entire metroplex of New Orleans became a living hell for the thousands of people trapped in the city, those that could not leave.

The most oft repeated analogy over the next few weeks and months, as the horribleness of Katrina’s wrath came to light, was that on August 29th, 2005, the City of New Orleans was a scene straight out of Dante’s Inferno.

Sometime that afternoon, when the girls could absolutely not stand another second of images, and horrible reports of death and destruction, they numbly walked up the staircase to Sami’s room, the room they were sharing.

Holding onto each other, both girls cried as they had not cried in forever, and blessedly, the fatigue pulled them into sleep, but not a restful sleep.

No, it would be months before restful sleep would be had by either.

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A Hot Summer’s Night

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… She can’t help thinking to herself what it is the girl wants with her. She looks into her gaze from across the table, wondering too, what the girl might be thinking. “Are intentions clear, is it just a night of uninhibited sex? Will they say good bye tomorrow and go their separate ways?” She wonders if that is all there’ll ever be for them, after both having felt how love can bite, taking a big junk of heart away from them. Is this really all they want, surely, there’s got to be more. She decides it doesn’t matter, that one night is something she can live with again in her life, and still like herself in the morning.

She can feel the lovely girls desire, as she sits staring at her, looking into her eyes, reading her like a good novel, searching for truth, and secrets not yet revealed by chit chat over the net.

They stay for a couple more drinks and light conversation before the girl suggests they go get a room. Her heart beat quickens with the excitement, and the drinks have relaxed her too, so she’s more then eager to agree, as they make their way to the exit.

It’s a clear night outside and the sky’s lit up with a million stars. The evening’s air feels fresh as it brushes past her face, adding to the lovely sensations already stirring inside of her.

She reaches out and takes hold of the girls firm and muscular arm to stop her from walking, and asks the girl to kiss her. The girl smiles at her, more then happy to fulfill her request. She reaches out and pulls her close. The girls body feels warm, and her embrace feels safe, and she feels the tension disappear as her body surrenders to the desire she has to reveal the depth of her passion. She quits fighting the need to hide her longings, for at this point, she’s feeling fine and consequence is far removed from her thoughts. She wants tonight and the safety yozgat escort she feels when the girl is close to her. She wants to give her body over to feed the girls desire, and by now it’s clear to the girl as well. She wants to taste of her fire. She wants the girl to ravish her like French silk pie, devouring her, exposing the inner delicacies of her passion. The girls desire is now apparent as hands linger over the curves of her body.

They collect their things from their vehicles and head through the lobby doors and make their way to the room.

Once inside, the girl locks the door as she begins to rummage through her bag, pulling out several candles. She sets them out, lighting them, wondering who’s going to make the first move. The girl comes up behind her, as if reading her thoughts and answers that question as she reaches around her, spooning her, and begins to kiss her neck and ear. Her body melts at the touch of her lips and she responds by turning around. Shyly she smiles and kisses the girl, licking her lips ever so lightly with the tip of her tongue, She then kisses her again, sucking on her lips, first one then the other, caressing the girls tongue with her desire, as passion starts her dance. She opens her eyes to find the girls are already opened, waiting for her gaze, as she feels them both surrendering to the night and what it holds. She’s forgotten about tomorrow, and regardless of what it brings, and only knows that this moment feels good, and right, and is enough, more then enough.

She feels the girls hands slip under her blouse, as her fingers make their way across her skin. She takes a deep breath and moans a little with the pleasure as the girl starts to unbutton her blouse, her fingers without much struggle are finding their way from the bottom, teasing her with every yozgat escort bayan button the girl undoes, pulling away long enough to let the blouse slip to the floor. She then begins to leave a trail of kisses across her skin. She feels the wetness between her thighs start to gather, and the throb of her clit seems to be beating to the same rhythm of her quickening heartbeat.

She feels hands slip between her thighs, brushing over her swollen clit, sending shivers up her spine. She can’t help moan with pleasure as she now knows there will be no turning back. She wants this night with the girl. She wants this stranger to take her, and have her way with her, and she wants to pleasure the girl until mornings light.

She feels her slacks fall around her ankles and she lifts her feet one at a time slipping out of them. Quickly and gently, the girl lays her back on the bed, kissing her, running her hands along the length of her, sliding warm fingers over her skin, sending chills through her. Her body responds, as her fingers start to feel for the softness of skin, she slides her hand under the girls top, cupping her breast, rubbing her finger tips over erect nipples. She listens to the girl breath, and watches her eyes, looking in, wanting to see what they will reveal of who she really is, and what she is truly seeking.

Them thoughts are quickly taken over as the girl stops and pulls her top off over her head. The girl undoes her jeans, and she helps pull them off, revealing more skin, soft and silken. She can’t help but to touch the girl all over, wanting more.

They slide out of the remainder of their clothes, teasingly, slowly exploring each others bodies.. kissing and licking soft skin, sucking on necks, and ears and nipples, lingering over erotic zones.

She feels the escort yozgat girls fingers slide between her legs as the girl begins to massage her clit, Already hard and throbbing for attention, the girl’s lips are around one of her nipples, teasing her erection, biting gently, sucking it into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue. She moans and gasps a little as she feels the girls fingers slide into her well of love juices. She’s wet with desire and the girl pulls her fingers out to rub her clit some more. She softly whispers, begging the girl to lick her, wanting to feel her tongue licking her.

She spreads her legs wide and the girl’s lips begin to dance there way down her belly. The moans of pleasure are growing louder, revealing her need for more of this girl, this familiar stranger, and more of her touch. The girl runs her tongue over her navel, letting her tongue probe it, then circle it, drawing beautifully such passion with the wetness of her desire. The girls fingers inside her again, she begins to fuck her, in and out, slowly, gently, as her body reaches for more, hips reaching upward with every rhythmic thrust of her fingers.

She moans louder now, asking again for the sweet girls caress with her tongue, begging the girl to lick her aching clit. She feels herself getting close, and the girl slows the pace of her fingers rhythmic dance to tease her, making her wait. She begins to glide across her bikini line with her tongue, getting closer and closer to her love garden. With tongue running over her lips, in between her thighs, continuously inching closer to the center of her pleasure, the girl begins to fuck her harder now. She finds her clit with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth, the girl continues to lick her clit, as she thrusts her fingers inside faster and faster, pounding harder and harder as she screams, “oh baby, don’t stop” Her legs wrap around the girls head, she pulls herself up off the bed screaming with ecstasy, reaching for the girls tongue, wanting more and more…

She finally stops her screams and pulls the girl close, smiling at her, kissing her, and asks her lover if she is ready for round two.

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A Beggar’s Nap

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Asian Babe

Sarah wasn’t feeling well.

Her stomach ached almost constantly, and she had trouble keeping food inside. It had worsened two months ago and took a great deal of energy out of her. It also made her look like a ghost.

She saw a doctor and a scan had been made.

“Hard to tell” seemed to be the first opinion – and the second opinion was the same. There were infections, maybe the start of an ulcer. She got medicine; they didn’t help much.

New scans introduced the possibility of surgery.

The pain was bad, the waiting worse – and the suspicion of something fatal grew to be unbearable. She often went to the club just to kill time and find distraction. But by now she wondered if her illness wasn’t aggravated by her visits there.

Maybe they even caused it?

She’d been a “grande dame,” back in the days of Sappho’s Bar – the most respected of a group that had slowly shaped itself around her. She was different from most in the lesbian club-circuit; she cared for people and was genuinely interested, often helping newbies feel welcome.

She loved to just sip a drink and gossip, sometimes even discussing things that mattered. She went shopping with a few of her friends there; once or twice they went to a concert, or the theatre.

Experience made her picky and her maturity tended to make others choosy about her – so it wasn’t often that she had ongoing affairs or even quickies.

Quickies had never been her style anyway.

After her first exciting months at Sappho’s, she lost her appetite for one-night stands, finding them rather shallow and even boring. She loved more profound contacts, having to like a girl on more levels than just sex.

That was when she met Eva.

It was a memorable day when she saw her walking into the old club’s bar – the copper flames of her hair blazing around her face. How old could she be? Eighteen, twenty? She was scantily dressed in a slinky green top that left her flat belly free, a tiny pleated skirt and sneakers.

The girl blushed deliciously, pink arousal glowing through her almost translucently pale skin. Even her shy voice sounded adorable when she stated her name.

Her hands had been on her hips, pulling her shoulders back – the lovely legs slightly apart, her firm, young titties out. She just stood there, calmly challenging the room, making them guess if her act was genuinely innocent – or exactly that: an act.

One thing Sarah knew at once – she had to have the thing. So, she begged her closer.

At first it was sheer lust of course, but even as soon as the girl climbed into her lap, chatting away, she knew there was much more to her than the promise of a willing body. She was bright, witty, curious and at the same time deliciously insecure – an altogether irresistible mixture. How on earth had the girl found the courage to walk in and expose herself like she did?

And where on earth had she learned how to kiss like that, with those weak, pink, pillow lips?

Sarah claimed the girl’s attention all evening, that first night, knowing very well that she would be eaten alive if thrown to the starved she-wolves that visited Sappho’s.

She poured her charms on her like the sweetest icing on a cake. Showing her around, she let her meet the others (though never very long) and, on the nights that followed, allowed her a controlled taste of the ripe and sometimes exotic fruits that grew in Sappho’s lesbian garden.

The girl lapped it up with boundless energy.

Sarah was well-aware where the main danger lurked. There was this cool, alluring Philippine businesswoman, Clara, who had recently become a member. She smiled a lot and used all the right words, but Sarah knew she was ruthless.

As a child from a rich, feudal family, Clara had grown up in surroundings where power was as common as it had been absent in Sarah’s. Money is a magnet, she knew, and she saw many of her minions flock to their new queen.

Of course, she’d lost Eva too, in the end.

It stabbed her heart to watch the sweet thing drift away, falling for the rich woman with starry-eyed adoration – another butterfly pinned to the victorious (and thoroughly fake) chest of a conqueror. Ah, Sarah was bitter by then. The fight for power had left her tired and lonely.

And sick.

About that same time, Sappho’s Bar closed, due to crazy lesbian-bashing vandals who tore down the place and ruined its pretty lounge and cozy rooms.

Sarah had been watching out for other places long before that. One of them was Société La Biche where she’d met women who struck her as intelligent, liberal and refreshingly daring.

So, when tunceli escort the curtain fell for Sappho’s, most of the girls followed her to the new haven. The invasion shook the place and it took quite a while for the present residents to get used to the rather loud and opinionated newcomers. To be honest, the integration never worked out; many of the original La Biche members left the place.

Apart from Sarah nobody seemed to care. Much later – too late – she admitted that they’d been the barbarians sacking Rome.

But now it had come down to herself to decide – should she leave as well or put up one last fight for her right to the place – and her right to the girl?

She knew she’d fallen hard for her.

Just seeing the girl – her eyes, her smile – made her heart race, sending flames up her chest. She knew that the hole in her soul would stay there for a long, long time if she decided to give up and leave. On the other hand, how could she, old and ill, ever dream of being enough for the insatiate creature?

Sitting at the Société’s terrace, quietly sipping her stomach-soothing herbal tea, she considered her possibilities.

She knew Clara’s strategy was to dazzle the girl with her wealth, her generosity and all the sweet assets that went with it. Sadly, Sarah supposed Eva might be attracted to them. The girl had a girlfriend and a business she struggled to keep afloat, but that would never be enough, would it?

Sarah could almost taste her desperate need.

Now, what did she herself have to offer? Bright conversation? Real interest? An old woman’s wisdom? Wit? Ah, and the tenderness of true love, she mused.


Shouldn’t the real thing outshine the glaring tinsel of what the Philippine woman had to give? She chuckled ironically. How naïve she was. She, self-appointed woman of the world, trusting such romantic notions as true love conquering all.

On the other hand, would the girl even be worth the effort if she’d fall so easily for money, glamour and an opportunity to see the world?

‘Worth the effort,’ she mused – wasn’t that a thought you shouldn’t have when you were struck with real, unconditional love? True lovers had no choice; there was no evaluation needed, only blind necessity. If what Sarah felt was truly unselfish love for the girl, shouldn’t she want her to be happy with whatever choice she made?

Wouldn’t it just be selfish arrogance to decide what should be good for Eva?

But Sarah shook her head, feeling her eyes burn with unshed tears. It just hurt too much to be that selfless. It was too painful knowing someone else might be loved, licked and kissed by this sweet perfect nymph that had so easily bewitched her heart.

Being deep in thought, Sarah at first missed the noises at the entrance to the terrace. It was Clara.

She was in her business suit, straight from the office no doubt – or a long lunch. The tailored jacket and skirt made her look sleek and efficient. Her entourage surrounded her, excited as always. Once they’d been Sarah’s friends and lovers, mirroring Clara now in an embarrassing effort to look just as successful.

The group alighted at a table next to Sarah – like a flock of twittering birds. Some of them nodded a greeting; others couldn’t even be bothered anymore. It did not escape her attention that Clara’s gaze was fixed on her right from the moment she entered.

“Hello Sarah,” she said, and suddenly most eyes were turning in her direction.

“Hello Clara,” she answered, forcing her voice to be gentle. “I hope all is fine?” Clara smiled in response.

“But of course, dear Sarah,” she said. “Things are always fine with me. How could they not?” The group around her went silent at the implicit challenge. They seemed to expect something.

“On the other hand,” Clara went on, her smile permanently in place. “How are you? I hear you’re not… well?” Sarah flashed a smile in answer.

“Please, don’t let me make you feel worried, Clara,” she said. “There is no reason. No reason at all.”

Right then another person walked onto the terrace. Her copper-red hair was piled up to leave her neck free. She wore a short sky-blue sundress that flashed on and off like a flickering lamp as she crossed the sun-and-shadow pattern cast by the lowered marquises.

Her flip-flops resounded in the sudden silence.

“Ah, Eva, sweetie,” Clara said, patting the empty chair next to her. “Sit down with me. I have the impression we may have to talk about you, Sarah and I.”

The girl’s disquietingly clear green eyes flew from Clara to Sarah, her eyebrows raised in wonder. tunceli escort bayan She looked freshly showered, her hair still damp.

“About me?” she asked, hesitatingly. Then she sat down on the offered chair. Clara at once wrapped her arm around the girl’s shoulder and kissed her cheek.

“Yes,” she went on. “You see, love, I keep having this silly notion that Sarah is a bit jealous of what we have. I sometimes even think she has this preposterous idea that you ought to belong to her.”

Clara started a laugh that was immediately picked up by some of the girls. Eva merely looked stunned – a slow blush creeping up her throat and cheeks.

“I like Sarah a lot,” she whispered.

“Of course, you do!” Clara cried out. “We all do, don’t we girls? We like Sarah and we worry about her. She’s not well and out of a job and faced with a very uncertain future.

“Of course, we feel for her.”

There was a rush of murmurings.

Sarah felt greatly embarrassed – the urge to rise and leave was overwhelming. But she couldn’t. Even through her exhaustion emerged a flame of rage.

“Eva,” she said, drawing the girl’s eyes towards her and falling into their emerald depths. Then she heard herself say the most incredible thing. “Eva, honey, whatever anyone may say and whatever you yourself may decide, I want you to know that I love you.”

Her vision darkened for a moment and when the light returned, her eyes were fixed on her own hands – the long boney fingers entwined in her lap.

A sigh rushed from the group like an audible shiver. But right through it cut Clara’s laugh.

“Love!” she cried out. “Is that all you have to offer? Love, ah, wonderful, but isn’t it just a word when it’s all there is? You love her, but what do you have to show for it?

“A beggar’s empty nap!”

She turned to Eva, hugging her closer.

“Don’t fall for it, sweetie,” she urged, her voice warm with persuasion. “It’s a cheap trick. You’re worth so much more, and don’t be mistaken: I’m the one who can give you what you truly need. Love? Oh yes, there will be love in heaps. But what is love when your lover’s hands are empty?

“I can support you, sweetie. I have what it takes to love and spoil a beautiful woman like you. I can give you the world; the eye of society.

“I’ll take you wherever you wish to go – Europe, Asia, any place you ever dreamt of. I’ll fill your wardrobe with the latest fashions from Milan and Paris. We’ll meet with the rich and famous and they’ll call you by your first name.

“You’ll be known. You’ll be famous. I’ll do everything for you, sweetheart… anything.”

The terrace had turned very silent.

It is an execution, Sarah thought. Look at them. They’re like the Parisian women in times of revolution, gawking at the cruel machine that’ll chop off the head of their former queen. They know it’s wrong, but the claw of sensation grabs their heart and they can’t look away.

Eva was obviously upset, but didn’t move a muscle. Her eyes shone with moisture, but she never shrugged the arm off her shoulder – even when the hand lowered to cup her breast over the flimsy cotton.

“Now look at you, Sarah,” Clara went on, her voice dripping with sympathy. “Don’t you agree that it is a bit, uhm, cheap what you’re trying to pull? Please forgive me, but you know you can hardly support yourself, let alone give that famous love of yours any substance for my sweet Eva.

“Be honest, Sarah, isn’t that just a bit selfish?”

“Don’t,” Eva’s lips seemed to mimic.

Sarah wondered if the girl meant Clara’s words or the hand caressing her tit. It had slid inside the top of her dress by now, but she didn’t move to either accept it or get it off her flesh. She just sat and stared, tears leaving the corners of her brilliant eyes.

The sight stunned Sarah.

She felt her stomach churn with pain and repulsion – it might soon make her vomit. She swallowed hard.

“Clara,” she then said, her voice a mere groan. “You wouldn’t know love if it bit you in your well-pampered ass. So, you want to buy this girl? Go ahead and buy her if she thinks she’s for sale. But don’t call it love.

“You want to have her and maybe you’ll get her. I have nothing to offer like the things you mentioned. Yes, I guess I’m a beggar.

“I beg for her because I love her.”

Sarah rose, shaking with weakness.

She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. Then she stepped forward and went down on her knee, right in front of Eva. She showed her empty hands, palms upwards as if cupping emptiness.

“This is my love, darling,” escort tunceli she whispered. “You can only see it if you love me back. If these are empty hands to you, please don’t even look.”

Sarah held the panicked eyes of the girl with hers. She shivered, so did her hands. Then she rose again. Looking down on Eva and Clara, she sighed.

“Make her happy, Clara,” she said. “If it is what she truly wants, make her happy with what you have to offer.”

She leaned in to the woman and her voice rose.

“But if I hear that you make her unhappy, I’ll come for you, you pompous, spoilt, power-sick woman, and I’ll make you wish you never tried.”

Sarah turned away from the awe-struck group, her shoulders sagging. When she almost reached the exit of the terrace, the voice of one of her one-time friends cried out.

“Go! Go away, you, sick old witch! We don’t need you here anymore!”

Sarah stopped for a second. Then she walked on, disappearing into the shadowy darkness of the Société’s inner sanctum. Stumbling into the restrooms, she leaned her throbbing head against the cool tiles. Trying to gather her wavering powers, she swallowed to suppress the urge to vomit, her knees liquid with weakness.

Maybe Clara was right.

Maybe she was in no condition to offer the girl anything. Maybe it wasn’t love that drove her, but egoism.

She might well be as selfish as Clara.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning, she saw Eva’s face. It was smudged with tears.

“I’m sorry,” the girl said with trembling lips. “Clara was so cruel to you, it made me feel ashamed.” She swallowed and her incredible eyes widened as she went on. “She should not have said it. You’re the sweetest woman I ever met. She had no cause to humiliate you.”

“I’m so sorry,” she went on. “Please forgive me for being weak. I am weak, you know. I’m confused. Ever since my first day here they all want things from me, and I can’t say no. I just don’t seem to be able.

“Please, don’t condemn me for wanting it all.”

Sarah smiled.

It was impossible for her not to smile. Her shaking hands cupped the girl’s porcelain face, thumbs rubbing the tears away.

“It’s all right, darling,” she whispered. “Clara is right, you know? I’m ill and in no position to burden you with my love. Don’t feel embarrassed. It wasn’t you who said those ugly words. But please promise me to be happy.

“Whatever decision you make, do it for happiness. You deserve it, you know?”

The girl now wept openly, her shoulders shaking with her sobs.

“It’s all so… so unfair,” she said. “Please, oh please Sarah, I need to do this. Please let me.”

She slid down, out of the woman’s grasp, and knelt before her. Her nervous fingers opened Sarah’s skirt and pulled it off her hips, taking the white panties with them. Then her face dove into the trimmed bush, her tongue searching for the hidden clit.

Sarah’s hands grabbed the girl’s head, trying to pull her away, but at the same time she spread her thighs.

“God,” she sighed. “Oh, dear God.”

For long minutes, there were only wet sounds of the girl’s tongue and sucking lips – and the moans of Sarah. They rose in volume and increased in desperate frequency when the tongue kept hitting her clit and two fingers spread her labia.

She started humping into the face, her fingers clawing the rich curly hair. Words rolled out of her mouth, meaning nothing, meaning everything.

She came hard, dizzy with exhaustion.

Her juices gushed onto greedily sucking lips. A sweet, sweet tongue lapped them up. It was the last thing she felt when she sank to the floor, losing her consciousness.

Two tender arms kept her from hitting the tiles.

When she came to, she saw concerned eyes. The cold, wet towel on her brow felt good. She sighed, smiling.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “That was – incredible.”

She accepted the glass of water and drank. Then she rose on still uncertain legs, adjusting her skirt.

“I have to go now,” she said. Eva shook her head.

“You don’t need to. Please stay!” Sarah smiled, tiredly.

“I can’t stay where she is, honey. Not after this I can’t. You do understand, don’t you?”

“But I don’t want you to go!” the girl insisted.

Sarah held her breath, considering what she would say next, then said it.

“Then why don’t you leave with me? I know a wonderful place where you would enjoy all the adventure and excitement you need. It’s a wonderful place. I would love having you there and you would never be without the attention of sweet, inventive women.

“Please do it! Leave with me!”

She coughed and once again felt the dizziness overtake her. But her eyes never left the girl’s. She ached to hear an answer – The Answer. But the girl said nothing. Her lips moved soundlessly around the vowels that seemed to say she was sorry – so sorry.

Then she left.


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Maria: Making My Husband a Cuck

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From my earlier stories, you know I have been having sex with the boy from next door and have made my husband a cuckold. My husband only has himself to blame (or credit) for the situation we are in now. After more than 20 years of faithful marriage I am now having a new cock fill me and thrill me.

My husband introduced me to porn as I know it now. We both enjoy videos and sexy images… together and separately. He encouraged me to act more slutty with him… dressing sexier, teasing men and women… introducing me to anal sex. When we watch movies (Italian are our favorites) he often asks if I would like to be one of the actresses in the movie… wearing beautiful lingerie… sucking on a large cock… having multiple men at the same time etc. He has planted these thoughts in my head. And that has led to my changing behavior this summer.

Keith, the boy next door (he’s almost 19 and on his way to college soon), and I get together a couple of times a week for sex. Sometimes we have hours and sometimes it’s just something quick. I enjoy his youthful enthusiasm and hard cock that seems to always be ready for action. We have always gotten together when my husband is away for a while and I tell him about it after. He has eaten Keith’s cum from my pussy more than once.

My husband seems to enjoy hearing about my adventures so much I thought it was a shame he couldn’t see for himself. I thought about video but that seems complicated in ways I don’t even want to think about. The best answer was to have my husband watch me have sex with my young lover. When I suggested the idea one night, he seemed to be very open to the idea. The idea was for me to invite Keith over for sex and my husband would hide in the closet with a nice view of our bed.

I invited Keith over for Saturday afternoon. I told him we wouldn’t have too long but I was anxious to see him.

Since this would be a show for my husband, I had him pick out my lingerie, clothes and heels. We showered together and I had him shave my legs and pussy. I wanted him to participate in my infidelity.

While I was putting on my sivas escort makeup, I had him iron the skirt and blouse I would be wearing. I started getting dressed by putting on a garter belt, bra and stockings. I was actually feeling a little nervous and my pussy was already dripping.

I told my husband how wet I was and decided to show him by running a finger over my pussy with my legs spread wide. I slid a finger into my cunt, sending a chill through my body… and then I withdrew the slick finger and presented it to my husbands mouth. He eagerly sucked on it. I could have fingered myself to a massive orgasm right then but I knew there were better things ahead!

I was going to wear panties but then decided to skip them. Instead, I ran the satin over my moist slit and handed them to my husband. I told him he could smell them while he was watching me get fucked. (I also knew he’d be rubbing the satin on his cock). I slipped on a tight black skirt and a light blue silk blouse. The last touch was for my husband to slip my high heels on to my nylon covered feet.

We only had a few minutes before my lover would arrive. I had some last minute instructions for my husband. Holding his cock through his pants, I told him he could stroke himself but he couldn’t cum. I wanted that load for myself!

He positioned himself in the closet with the door slightly open and a good view of the bed.

When Keith arrived, I met him at the front door and gave him a warm passionate kiss. I was more excited than usual and I wanted him to know it. I felt his hard cock pushing against me through our clothes and I quickly led him by the hand to the bedroom. It was showtime! I’ve seen enough movies by now that I know what my husband likes to see and I was going to put on a show.

I led Keith to the side of the bed and kissed him again. He was holding my ass while I worked the front of his pants open. I made sure he was standing sideways to the closet so my husband would have a good view of me dropping to my knees and taking that beautiful cock in my mouth.

I started sivas escort bayan to worship his cock… telling him how much I loved the feel of it… how hard it was. I kissed and licked the shaft. I sucked the head and licked his balls. He was oozing precum that I swirled on my tongue. I knew he was getting close so I backed off and stood up. He opened my blouse and lifted my tits out of my bra eagerly sucking on my nipples. I was laying back on the bed with my legs toward the closet. Keith continued to suck my nipples and was easing a finger in and out of my sopping wet pussy.

I was hoping my husband had a clear view of it. In case he didn’t, I was very vocal… telling Keith how good it felt… that my nipples were hard as rocks and my pussy was so wet etc.

I shifted and told him I needed him inside me. I told him to lie back in the bed… his 8″ hard cock was standing straight in the air. I turned around so I was facing the closet door and slowly lowered myself onto him. I spread my legs wide and started moving up and down the shaft.

I looked straight at the opening of the closet door… I wanted my husband to look me in the eye as his wife’s pussy was taken by another man. I was telling Keith how great his cock felt… how much I needed it. Keith was holding my ass as I bounced up and down on him.

I was enjoying putting on a show and I could feel a pretty big orgasm building in me. I closed my eyes and sat down fully on his cock and rubbed back and forth. This way, he was really deep in me and my clit rubbed on his balls. That was all it took for me to go over the edge and come like crazy.

I screamed.. ‘I’m cumming!! Oh my god you make me cum so good!’ I collapsed back on him and tried to catch my breath. His cock was still very hard and very deep inside me.

After I caught my breath, I said ‘it’s your turn!’ I got off him and it was my turn to lie on my back. I’ve learned he likes to stand beside the bed and hold my legs or waist as he fucks me and this is one of the best ways to get him to cum. I shifted to the side escort sivas of the bed, spread my legs wide in the air and guided him back into me. I was still wearing my skirt that was bunched up around my waist. My blouse was open and I still had on my bra and garter belt of course.

As I looked up at Keith I put my high heels up on his shoulders. He was fucking me with abandon now. Holding my waist his cock was firing into me at a rapid pace. I was telling him how much I wanted him to cum. He usually cums in my mouth, pussy or ass but this time, I wanted him to shoot it on me. I wanted to see him cum and of course, I wanted my husband to see it too.

As he got close I told him to cum on me… begging him to shower me with cum! That seemed to send him over the edge. His cum shot did not disappoint! He pulled out of my pussy and as I looked down, the first jet landed on my stomach but the second hit me in the face! He kept shooting 5 or 6 more jets.. covering my chest, my skirt and garter belt. As he settled down, I shifted to take his cock in my mouth to clean the remaining cum off his cock head.

I told him how great it was but that we didn’t have much time so he should go. He quickly gathered his clothes and I walked him to the front door. I gave him a quick kiss and said ‘until next time!’

I walked back to the bedroom…still covered in cum… and opened the closet door. My husband was standing there with his pants off and my panties wrapped around his hard cock.

I led him to the bed and told him to clean me. He started with the cum on my tits and bra and worked his way down to my stomach. My belly button was a pool of cum. I told him to clean my garter belt with his tongue.

It is a very powerful feeling to have your husbands head in your hands as he cleans your lovers cum. I had him move lower to my mound which had cum on it but I also needed another orgasm. I held his head tight against me… I wasn’t sure if he could breathe but I was too far gone to care.

I came very hard on his mouth.

I got on my hands and knees and asked him ‘now, please fuck your slut’. He got behind me and easily slid into my sopping wet hole. I knew he wouldn’t last long… especially when I started asking if he liked the show. He came inside me in less than 60 seconds.

So he liked the show! And I enjoyed being an ‘actress’! Who knows what’s next…

Love Maria

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Driving Companion

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My name is Bill. I’m middle-aged and married. My life is as conventional as you would expect. Nothing exciting.

I’m a senior manager in my company. Most of my work is in an office, but I sometimes travel to visit certain places relevant to my industry. Unfortunately the travel is not glamorous; just tedious and sometimes stressful. I’m usually just moving from one point to the next and can barely catch my breath.

Recently I needed to visit a facility in a small town a few hundred miles away called Brownville. The work looked interesting but getting there was a challenge. Normally I fly everywhere, but Brownville was remote enough to require flying the other way first, a long layover, another flight, and then a couple of hours in a rental car – almost an entire day lost. It was almost as fast to drive there directly. So I decided I would treat myself to a solo road trip, something I hadn’t done for a long time. Like most men in my situation, my life is very busy with responsibilities at home and work. I rarely get time to myself.

The day of departure came. I left very early to beat traffic, and was soon cruising out of my own city. It was going to be a warm sunny day and looked great for a drive. I rolled down the windows, turned up the radio, and enjoyed the freedom of the road.

The first hours went fast, and by nine o’clock I was passing through a well-known college town. I was starting to feel the effects of my early start, and thought it was a good time to stop and have some coffee and more breakfast. I turned off the interstate and soon pulled into a funky-looking place that looked good. I ordered bacon and eggs from a friendly waitress and was soon enjoying them while checking my phone for the messages that were already piling up.

The restaurant was busy with students and others just waking up at nine in the morning. Nearby was a booth with three women in their twenties, laughing and talking away. They were attractive but half my age, so I didn’t pay too much attention to them. But as one of them got up to use the restroom, I noticed her shirt said “There’s Lots of Color in Brownville.”

It caught my eye. If you haven’t already checked, there aren’t many Brownvilles.

As she was coming back, I called over to her, pointed at her shirt and asked if she was from Brownville. She warily said yes. I explained that I was headed there, holding up some papers to prove it, and that I just wanted to mention the coincidence. She smiled and said it was indeed quite the coincidence, and returned to her friends.

They kept talking but sounded quieter. A few minutes later she came back, accompanied by her friends, and asked, “Are you really driving to Brownville today?”

I confirmed it, again showing the papers She asked why, and I explained my work and where I was from. She kept looking at the papers with my name, company and destination, and finally spoke again.

“Would you be able to give me a ride?”

She started her own explanation. She lived in the college town but was going home to Brownville for a wedding. The bus connections were no better than the planes. She was planning to leave that afternoon, but had to change buses and travel overnight to get to Brownville the next day. She was not looking forward to it. But if I was going there anyway, and could get her to Brownville that evening…

I certainly hadn’t expected this and had been enjoying my solo ride. But who was I to say no?

Her name was Kate. She seemed to be in her mid-twenties, about 5’5 with shoulder length brown hair. In most ways she was quite ordinary-looking, but I immediately found her very attractive. Perhaps that was just a dirty old man’s thoughts after getting any attention from a young woman. And I’ll admit that her Brownville T-shirt was on the tight side.

But I what really got me was her face and expression. It radiated an unusual calmness and confidence. She was appropriately cautious about requesting a ride from a total stranger, but not nervous – or flirtatious – about it. She seemed very mature, and certainly was no goofy college girl.

I had no problem saying yes, and she smiled and thanked me.

Her friends were more skeptical, interrogating me to ensure I really was legit, but eventually gave their assent to their friend going off with a strange man almost twice their age. In fact my age was probably the tipping point – I exuded responsibility and maturity. At least on the surface.

We left and I followed their car back to the house they all shared. Kate said she was mostly packed, so I waited outside, checking emails, and she soon emerged. I helped put her things in the trunk, and soon we were heading back to the interstate.

So my day had suddenly changed. Instead of the silent highway, I now had a driving companion on my road trip – a young woman.

I thought after a few initial words Kate might ignore me and bury herself in her phone. But she kept chatting. For a moment I thought I had made a bad mistake and was siirt escort doomed to have my ears talked off for the rest of the day. But I quickly realized my original hunch was right and that she was worth talking to. In short order I learned she was indeed 25, a graduate of the local college who had never left, and now worked for herself as a photographer and artist. She missed Brownville and rarely got back because it was too far. I told her a bit about myself, my family and job. The conversation was easy.

Watching the road, I couldn’t look much at Kate directly. But I couldn’t help but keep thinking about how attractive my travelling companion was. As I said, she was rather plain in some ways and not an obvious hottie. But she had that striking presence and confidence that made her very appealing.

Admittedly, the tight-fitting shirt helped, as I could clearly see the outline of her breasts, along with a pink bra strap peeking out on one shoulder. I had gotten some better looks at the rest of her earlier and knew she had a well-proportioned body and a nicely rounded ass. I actually felt my cock growing a bit as I thought about her tight jeans.

I had certainly lucked out. My life doesn’t have a lot of excitement or surprises, and certainly not cute 25 year-olds jumping into my car. I have employees around that age, but try to keep them off-limits, even in my mind. But Kate was just a stranger, and exuded that unusual maturity and presence. She felt more like an equal than someone about half my age. So I felt a bit more free to wonder what she looked like with that tight T-shirt off, and maybe the pink bra and jeans as well.

I certainly wasn’t going to try anything. The whole reason she was with me was because she trusted me – a responsible older businessman. However, I wasn’t going to tell my wife or anyone else about this either. It was just an exciting secret bonus for my road trip. And if I wanted to think about Kate with her clothes off, well, those were private thoughts for me to enjoy.

I asked about her work, and she promised to show me some of it when we stopped for lunch. She seemed passionate not only about the artistic side, but also the business aspects of trying to make a living from it – though it obviously wasn’t very lucrative if she relied on buses and strangers for travel. But I got the idea she liked a challenge and being responsible for herself.

I felt there wasn’t much to say about myself, but she surprised me by asking a lot of good questions about my work and career. At first I gave the superficial, non-committal answers that a life of business networking trains you to make. Lots of cliches, forced optimism, and occasional lies. But she kept asking. And so soon I began to surprise myself by giving deeper and deeper answers.

She was a very good listener, responding back in a way that showed she understood and was curious to know more. So I felt unusually relaxed with her. After so many years in the corporate world, disciplining myself to control everything I said, it felt good to open up so freely to someone about my choices, dreams and doubts. She was a random stranger, but again, there was just something about her…something that made me feel I could say anything without feeling guarded or defensive. So eventually I was quite comfortable telling her all kinds of things about my world, including how disillusioned and frustrated I sometimes felt.

She asked if I regretted my career path.

“Not really,” I said. “But I always wonder if I’m really being true to myself. Rather than just trapped by the money and needing to provide for my family and all my obligations.”

“I think I understand,” she said. “But you have to make choices, right?”

“You do. And live with them. Which I can do most of the time.”

“You just sometimes wonder what else could have happened,” she said.

“Exactly. You can always wonder,” I replied. It felt good to say these things out loud.

After a while we started to talk more about families and relationships. I had assumed she was a small town farm girl, but her parents sounded more like latter-day hippies who had relocated to Brownville to follow their own passions. I began to understand Kate better. She had grown up in a loose but affirming environment that gave her confidence but also a remarkably grounded self-awareness. She was very curious about other people, but also had a strong sense of herself and who she was. So she felt no need to compare or justify herself with anyone else. Nor did she feel a need to judge others. I noticed that she only talked about people in positive ways.

I was really impressed. Most 25 year-olds I know are either narrowly focused career types, very judgmental and fixed in their own ways…or just immature and drifting. Kate was neither. Frankly, in many ways she was more mature than me. I never really grew out of the judgmental career type myself.

I mentioned I had married young and we had been together siirt escort bayan for many years. She continued her probing questions, though carefully, and again I surprised myself by opening up. I was soon telling Kate things I had never said to anyone else about my wife, my marriage and some of our struggles. Somehow I didn’t feel like I was betraying secrets or saying anything inappropriate. It just followed from the openness that she radiated herself. Just like with my career, I wanted to tell her these things – things I never said to anyone. She was so patient and, like I said, never judgmental.

I gently asked about her own romantic relationships. She said she had never had a “serious” relationship, though she had had “friends.” She said the word slowly.

I mulled that over, staring out the windshield. Then, feeling totally open with her, I asked, “You mean like ‘friends with benefits’?”

She laughed, “I think that’s what the media calls it.”

I replied, “You don’t?”

She said, “Why call it anything? It just feels right to be with a guy sometimes. But it would feel really weird making a commitment…like, potentially saying you would be together forever. I couldn’t imagine doing that…yet.”

“I did…and way before I was 25.” I paused. She was quiet too. Then I continued, “It just seemed to be the right thing to do back then.”

“Does it still?”

I couldn’t believe this woman. We had known each other less than two hours but were having incredibly personal conversations. I confessed, “I don’t know. But it’s like my job – even more, of course. I can’t really change things now.”

“But again…you sometimes wonder,” she said. I looked over at her. She was looking back at me with open, piercing eyes.

“Yes,” I said. “Though it’s hard to admit to anyone.”

She asked, “Do you ever tell anyone this stuff?”

“No,” I said. In fact, I was getting embarrassed. I figured I had crossed the line a while ago and was just feeling sorry for myself. But in the spirit of our open conversation, I told that to Kate. She just smiled. So I went on to say I had even tried talking to a counselor once but it was just too hard to open up.

“You seem to be pretty open with me, though.”

“I guess because you’re a stranger who just got in my car.” She smiled again.


The miles flew along. It was getting close to noon when we arrived in a small town I’d never heard of. We stopped at a roadside diner for lunch. It was an unqualified greasy spoon but appealed to both of us. Going inside, I held the door open and saw flashes of pink above her low-cut jeans, suggesting her underwear matched her bra.

As we settled into the booth, I finally got a good look at her again. After hours of talking while looking at the road, rather than face-to-face, I felt I had a pretty good sense of Kate as a person. But I wasn’t used to actually looking right at her. Now I could, and I was so fascinated that it was hard to look away. She just had that warm, grounded presence.

Kate brought in her laptop, and while I spent time catching up on messages, she set it up to show her pictures. She was bent over looking at the screen, and I couldn’t stop stealing glances at her exposed cleavage and her…well, her tits. Her pink strap was still showing, and now I knew there were pink panties to match. I knew that was no big deal for her generation, but I suppose I was trained in my own youth to get excited by the sight of a bra strap. I thought of the rest of it, holding in the firm breasts that were perfectly evident, and then about her bum shifting around in the seat, wrapped in matching pink.

I was definitely being a dirty old man, but it was hard not to look, especially after our intense conversation. We no longer felt like strangers and I was fascinated by this woman who could make me so unguarded and open. I don’t know if she knew what I was doing. But I couldn’t imagine Kate being naive that way. Probably she was just playing it cool and was used to men, older and younger, checking her out.

I hung up, put the phone away and looked at the laptop. The images were great. She had photographs of landscapes, people, everything. She had enhanced many of them with different effects and things that I didn’t really understand, but it just made them more compelling. I could see they were much more than just iPhone shots. I told her that I didn’t know much about art, but she seemed to have real talent.

She showed me some portrait shots. She hesitated over one and said,”I maybe should warn you this is a little different.” She opened it. It was a shadowy silhouette of a naked woman. “Very, um, artistic,” I said. I hoped for a second it was Kate herself naked, but I could tell it was another woman.

She smiled. “Does it bother you?”

“That’s not exactly the right word,” I replied.

“What is the right word?”

“Maybe ‘fascinated’…but also maybe ‘guilty’ at being a bit too fascinated,” escort siirt I answered.

She smiled. “I know you’re wired to feel that way, but you don’t always have to. Have to feel guilty, that is.”

I may have blushed. “I guess I am pretty wired that way.”

“But you still like to look?” She was still smiling.


She was quiet for a moment. “With some guys it definitely gets out of hand. But I don’t think that’s the problem you have, Bill.”

I looked at her. “What is my problem?” But then our food suddenly arrived, and Kate closed the laptop. She never answered my question.

We talked about other things. I got over my obsession with her breasts and managed to keep my eyes focused up top. She looked around at the other greasy spoon diners. I just saw a bunch of truckers and small-town people with nowhere much to go, but Kate mused about how each one of them probably had an interesting life story. She wasn’t naive or flighty – just curious and deeply interested in others. I was ashamed at my own judgmental dismissiveness. I realized she was right.

We finished. I sent a last email and we got back on the road. Kate nestled back in her seat and raised her knees up to the dash, looking very comfortable. “We’ve got a long way to go, Bill. Let’s pass the time – tell me more about yourself,” she said.

I said there wasn’t much else to say. I had told her so much already, and that frankly it had felt like I was having a pity party for myself.

She smiled and told me I was being silly. “There’s a lot more to you, Bill. And I don’t think you get to tell your own story much.” I said that was probably true.

So I kept my eyes on the road rather than on her raised legs beside me, and started talking. It was rambling and I can’t really remember all of it. Some of it was just silly, like telling her my favorite foods. But much was intense and personal, about career, family, my health – anything that came to mind.

I told her how my career seemed to have flatlined. That I had never slept with anyone but my wife. That I had lost much of my religious faith. That I had no close friends. I can’t believe how much I told her. She just listened, sometimes asking a small question but nothing more. Yet I felt she understood everything I said. I felt listened to – and never judged or dismissed or told to get it together or to stop feeling sorry for myself.

After a while, I fell silent. Kate asked me, “Bill, are you lonely?”

“Yes. But isn’t everyone sometimes?”

She said, “That doesn’t make it okay.” She reached over and rubbed my arm gently for a few seconds, then took her hand away again. We were both quiet.

I asked, “Are you ever lonely, Kate?”

“Only when I want to be.”

I told her what I was thinking – that she seemed to have her life together much more than I did at her age, and for that matter at my age now. Now she was the one to blush a bit, but said “It’s just how I feel, I guess.”

I told her it was now time to say more about herself. She snuggled back in the seat and told me more of her own life. She had done far more than I had at her age, and yet her life seemed so uncomplicated. She told me about a happy upbringing, about exciting college years, and her choice to stay and pursue her creative side and just see what would happen with it. She mentioned mistakes and problems, but always in a positive light. She never complained. She seemed to learn and grow from everything.

She talked about friends, including ones “with benefits, as you call it”. She seemed to have a core of good friends, both male and female, though she was clearly only attracted to men. She had been with a number of guys, but each sexual relationship was a bit different in its intensity. None were really boyfriends or committed relationships. She even confirmed to me another thing I had wondered about – that some sexual acts were not really considered a big deal. A handjob could be almost a friendly courtesy. A blowjob was more intimate but didn’t signify a deep commitment, though it was polite for the male to reciprocate. (She winked when she said that.) Intercourse itself, or “fucking”, as she put it, was more serious but again could still be a totally casual thing.

Naturally I was fascinated and my mind was aflame with thoughts of Kate sucking some lucky guy’s cock and getting…fucked. It was so different from anything I had ever experienced when I was young. She seemed so casual about sex, yet not slutty or teasing either. She even admitted some encounters were perhaps mistakes, but it didn’t seem to bug her or give her regrets.

As she talked, her legs still raised and ass almost off the seat, I thought about how exposed her pussy was right there in my car. I imagined slipping those pink panties off and eating her out – reciprocating, the way she wanted. And I was jealous, thinking of guys who had their way with this gorgeous woman. My cock was swelling again as I imagined myself penetrating and fucking Kate. I was sure she was an on-top sort of girl and thought about her riding cowgirl and grinding on top of me, moaning and taking my cock deep while I licked her swaying tits. My mind was getting overwhelmed as I listened, fantasized and drove all at once. And of course I felt guilty about my thoughts.

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Fiona’s Healing Touch

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Lucas parked his ageing mobile home on the quayside and stepped wearily from the driver’s seat. He’d driven for hours, from the mountains to the east of the archipelago, to where he now found himself once more. He was outside his small apartment, the building looking out on the Ålesund waterfront. It was only too comfortable after the cramped quarters of that van.

He had chosen Norway’s fjords and rugged islands as a place to find inspiration for his work; to paint and reflect on tumultuous times back at home in the only too flat steppes, as he called it, of East Anglia. The skies were big there. Here, you gazed at the isolation and the wonder of the scenery in one direction, turn, and you’d soon see a closely built peninsula with its varied Nordic architecture and the brilliantly coloured house frontages. It was a scene to lift the spirits and a spur to his creative endeavours that also included travel book covers.

His hosts, or owners of the building that housed him, in his only too functional apartment, were a wealthy shipping company owner, Finar Hansen and his wife Mari. Their small ocean-going tourist cruise ships travelled along the country’s coastline and gave their passengers a different perspective of Nordic treasures. That included, in the best of times and in higher latitudes, the magical colours of the Northern Lights.

He had been on a day’s cruise on their yacht and found that to have been enough to have him travel further afield in the van, the logistics of finding fuel and provisions not to be underestimated. But the Hansen’s advice had stood him in good stead, their extensive contacts in the town, and wider neighbourhood, ensuring that he sold some pictures. One was even to be found hanging on the bulkhead of the captain’s cabin in the flagship of their fleet, ‘Arctic Star’.

What Finar and Mari failed to say, or he did not ask, their captivating daughter, Fiona, soon helped him with; she, a graduate from the Bergen National Academy and now spending some time helping out managing their apartment block and select properties scattered about the town.

He tapped the pockets of his jeans and soon found the housekeys. It would be a welcome change to sleep in a bed and not a hard baseboard, with only a thin mattress as its cover.


His footfalls echoed in the stairwell as he carried his artist’s materials and a haversack, with his equipment, slung over one shoulder. He dropped them at his front door and soon retraced his steps and brought the rest of his things upstairs. He was disconcerted to find that the door now stood ajar, and his stuff taken inside.

‘Hallo…who’s there?’ he called out in his deep voice.

‘Only me, Lucas!’ came the happy reply, a young woman’s voice and her English heavily accented. ‘I check to see everything is clean for you…’

He felt a jolt of attraction on seeing Fiona again and after two weeks of absence. He was captivated by that wondering smile and look upon him and how she was dressed, her waif-like figure shaped by a cream cotton cardi; Fiona’s slender legs and impossibly narrow waist shaped by skinny jeans. His mind was filled by aberrant thoughts. Should he even go there, touch and then take her youthful, beautifully shaped body and give her the answer to those wondering looks she had cast his way. Had he been, and was he now, mistaken whenever he met them upon him.?

Jeez, had his life without Suzie come to this…his lusting after a young woman who brought so much delight to the eye, and that he would wish to hold and caress?

‘You’re glad I’ve come back,’ he smiled and gently teasing her. Fiona’s lightness of voice and step, as if she was dancing with joy, had not escaped his attention.

‘Yes, Lucas, I am. My mother and I wondered as the days went by when you’d be back here. You know that my father is often away…’

‘And you like having a man about the place, even if it is me…’

‘Don’t put words in my mouth,’ she retorted sharply, ‘please?’

She was being only too grown up in dealing with the situation. ‘No…I won’t. You’re a young woman who can take care of herself…’

‘And of you…your apartment here. It’s my job, remember?’

‘Yes, and I said I’m sorry.’ He moved about the small living area, cluttered with his artist’s materials and finished canvasses. What he had taken on his road trip, north, lay by the door and he worked on in silence as he arranged things, under her watchful gaze. He stopped and saw that she lingered. ‘Don’t let me keep you, Fiona…’

‘You’re not. I want to talk…see what you’ve painted while you’ve been away from me,’ she replied, only too directly.

He smiled at her, on brushing the fingers of one hand through his thick tekirdağ escort greying black hair. It was swept back from his wrinkled forehead. She was a precocious young woman, and he knew that it would be only too easy to fall for her fulsome charms. She was easy on the eye and brought more to his gaze than Mari, her mother. He met the look of her rebellious, soft blue eyes upon him, then saw the pout of her fleshy lips and the challenging look that she gave him. He delighted in how her impossibly blonde hair tumbled across her face. He ought to know better than to lust after her, but she had been close and friendly ever since that boat trip out into the fjord. Then, she had stood by his shoulder as he took a turn at helming the Hansen’s yacht; the scenery breathtaking and an inspiration to his work.

He had chosen to be here, in Ålesund; in an out of the way place, and to work; to use the setting to unwind from all that had happened and had destroyed a more orderly existence. But to have gained the trust and attention of the young woman before him? It defied all reason, but he could glory at the sight of her and wonder what she would bring to his painter’s eye and touch, were he to persuade Fiona to pose and have him paint her.

‘I’ll make a fruit tea…for us,’ he ventured.

‘Let me do that…I know where everything is. Show me your work?’ she asked again on a soft smile.

‘Go on then….’

He stowed away his stuff, as best he could, before assembling his easel and putting one of his works upon it. It was of darkened mountains framed by an eerie glow that his use, for the first time, of some fluorescent colours mixed with oils, that he normally used, captured perfectly. The scene seemed to glow from the chimera of northern lights in the Arctic skies far beyond his vantage point and where he had set up for a few days.

Lucas felt the touch of her hand to his arm and turned to her as Fiona did that.

‘The kettle’s boiling…’ she began, then took in what was there for her to see as she leant past him. ‘It’s wonderful…so…what’s the word in English?’

She drank in his look upon her every time she turned to him.

Lucas moved from her side, shifted the easel away from the light that was cast by the wide window that gave views over the quayside. ‘Evocative…realistic…no artifice…just captures the trick of the night’s sky. It makes you feel small seeing that…an insignificant dot in a boundless universe.’

He gave a rueful smile and soon stood by her side once more. He felt Fiona clutch his hand and looked down at that for a moment.

‘You…you are so sensitive…so honest in what you speak of and see.’ He heard the break in her voice. ‘Sorry…I missed you, crazy as that sounds. I worried that you were out there all alone…in that van with no company and no one to talk to.’

‘It’s a home from home…as this place is, Fiona. That you should care..’ He said it as his fingertips offered the softest caress to her face. She did not move but looked back at him steadily as if to provoke his next move. ‘I…I…want to do this…’

He saw her nod and lips tremble. Fiona seemed to have become so involved with him and he had given her scant encouragement, save for a look her way. But now, emotions overruled all reason.

‘I…I know, and I want that too,’ Fiona whispered, her eyes growing still.

She did not resist him as he drew her to him and kissed her parted lips, moved to embrace her under that cardi. He soon lifted it off her body and gasped as he took in what she wore underneath. Fiona took his hands and brazenly pressed them to the fulsome swell of her firm young breasts, so enticingly shaped and held by a cerise coloured bandeau.

‘Fiona…you’re beautiful…but why me?’

‘Because I see a special man.’ She moved to kiss him. ‘Touch me…I want you to touch me. Let me feel what I see in your eyes when you look at me…’

‘A man who sees a beautiful young woman…’ His fingers brushed across her nipples, that he saw were shaped by the thin fabric. He hesitated, but her trembling hands were in his hair, and she drew him to them. She groaned as his lips and fingers caressed and nipped slow tugging kisses to them.

‘Oh…oh, that feels so good!’

‘Where’s Mari?’ he demanded to know as she pressed against him, fumbled with his shirt buttons before pressing her lips to his skin. She moved to kiss his throat and shivered on feeling his hands on her skin, at her hips as he held her to him. ‘I…I want you…’

‘And I want to know you…help you…take away what ever it is that brought you here. You run away from something…or from someone.’

‘Be quiet on that…just be quiet on tekirdağ escort bayan that!’ His mouth crashed against hers as he lifted Fiona to him. ‘You…you know how it is for me now…on seeing you like this.’

Fiona felt her heart pounding; felt a tightness in her throat on hearing him speak out that he wanted her. Or, was it just an act to test her resolve at what had so quickly played out between them?

She leant back in his embrace and met his look upon her. The closed in guy who worked and worked, then went away for spells at a time only to return, had become someone else. Until moments ago, he’d given no sign that he lusted after her, but she knew of it now. She felt the man’s penis against her belly and knew that he would fill her slender body. She shuddered on realising that he would plumb and stretch her like no one before, none of the guys she’d let in when in Bergen.

They had all been rites of passage compared to this man, a strong and grey-haired man with his wondering eyes on her like no one before. She squirmed on feeling the rush of wetness between her legs and the gnaw of longing in her young body. She would have him and an older man would satisfy the aching sense of anticipation of what would be shared and that claimed her body and mind now.

He leaned in, his lips close to her mouth and his eyes locked on hers. He spoke quietly. ‘I’m going to fuck you…want to do that…you beautiful wonder. Is that okay?’

She shivered on hearing the words fall from his lips in time with the caress of his fingers to the swell of her breasts; the ache to be felt there and that his touches and press of mouth to them again aroused. ‘Yes…yes…okay! Show me how to fuck you back!’

The use of coarse words seemed strangely appropriate to the situation.

Fiona ran from him and into the bedroom. He followed, tugging away his shirt and kicking off his shoes; tugged on his belt and pushed his jeans and briefs to the floor.

He silenced her gasps of dismay on seeing him, gloriously naked and strong, with a flurry of kisses. They couldn’t stop in their fevered questing touches and rush of kisses, words no longer needed. Their actions revealed what possessed their thoughts now.


Her feet scrabbled on the bed; her hands were in his hair; his beard caressed and inflamed her senses as it brushed the soft skin of her thighs as his tongue and lips claimed and were then in her. She gasped out his name and her disbelief at all that she had so willingly succumbed to. He had become so in control of the situation between them and denied her any chance of a way out. But Lucas spoke softly as his fingers now opened her to his deepening claims.

He moved up the bed and kissed her. He felt Fiona clamp his hands to her breasts; squirmed on feeling his lips on them as they tugged gently before he let them fall back. He pushed her breasts up and offered lingering kisses to the warm skin underneath.

‘They’re yours…yours!’ she cried out as he took to them once more, then offered slow kisses to her stomach and belly, her navel, before parting her lips and his tongue finding her. He offered no respite in the swirling probing magic of all that he brought to her. ‘You’ll waste me doing that!’

She froze for a moment before she withed and scrabbled on the bed once more. She yelled out in her native tongue then met his look and slow seducing kisses, as his fingers caressed and claimed her without reprieve.

‘Yes, now let it go…Fiona…let it go you wonder,’ he kissed as she shuddered; threw her arms about his neck and held him tight until her orgasm slowly subsided.

‘Let…let me now?’ she gasped on reaching for him; slid her hands between their bodies and touched the tip of his penis as it pressed against her belly.

She soon straddled him; tugged on the hair on Lucas’s chest then kissed her way down his stomach and bent to claim him; offered kisses to its full length as she squeezed on his balls; rolled them between her fingers. Lucas lifted his hips to meet her claims.

‘You…you do that so well!’ he assured her on sharp intakes of breath. He encouraged her to continue.

‘I…I want it all to be real…no longer imagined,’ she confessed.

‘You’ve done that?’ he asked, raising his head from the pillows to look at her.

‘Yes…and you haven’t?’ she said on a teasing smile. She had let him go on seeing the arcing length of his penis, how roused he was.

‘Sit on me…’ he commanded, and she did so; held his hands as his fingers parted her wet folds, and then one, as he gripped that pole of his and had her take him.

Her fingers dug into his chest as she slowly lowered herself onto escort tekirdağ him; shuddered as he opened the way into her slender body.

‘Oh…oh Lucas…you’re so deep…I can…can feel it! It’s almost in my chest…I feel it there…’ she groaned in disbelief; gripped his wrists as his hands clamped on her gently swaying breasts. She kissed his body as he pulled on them to bring her to him before his mouth tugged on her hard, proud nipples again. He paid homage to her, and she loved to feel that from him. ‘Yes…love all of me!’

His hands were on her hips; Lucas set the rhythm and she gushed; felt her wetness on his belly and base of his shaft as her fingers pricked there.


‘Not yet…not without me!’

She felt him move and reach for the drawer of the bedside table, his mouth torn from her breasts as she reached for the condom and tore its wrapper open. She shivered as he withdrew, and she was made to stretch it over his penis. It strained. It was like a second skin. Lucas did not allow her to sit on him once more.

Instead, and with her panting for breath and anxious to know what would follow, he had her kneel on the bed and he moved behind her; gripped her boney hips before he moved to take her; mount her from behind.

‘Lucas?’ she called out in fear. He pushed gently but did not enter, just teased her opening. She touched herself; felt the tip close to the haven it again sought in her young body.

Lucas hesitated. ‘May I?’

She nodded; twisted to look behind her and met his hooded stare as Lucas pulled her onto him. His slow searching movements pushed it in, but he was soon thrusting in hard, her gasps and his grunts on the air; the bed rocked.

‘So strong…you’re so strong for me!’

‘Does it hurt….am I hurting you?’

‘No…oh, Lucas, no!’ she whimpered.

It felt big and solid, the biggest that any lover had brought to her, and she knew that her body and ways turned him on. She felt waves of pleasure and spending wrack her body as Lucas pounded into her. She bit into her hands as she bent forward; stifled her cries and wanted no one in the adjoining apartments to know that the boss’s daughter was being fucked like never before.

The grip of his hands on her breasts drew her back against him; she felt impaled, yet she turned her head to meet his kisses as she reached up to keep his mouth to her. She loved the feel of his rough hands on her breasts, how he cupped them as if feeling their weight. He was paying homage to her as they loved. It was something quite new for her to know of. She could not get enough of the hungry kisses of an older man; a man who lustfully pursued her and who resumed to thrust into her like no one had done before.

‘Finish it!’ she cried out as Lucas pushed her forward, his rough hand on her shoulders as he pumped her from behind, thrusting so hard that she felt them take shuffling steps higher up the bed, only for him to pull her back. Sharp breaths and groans crossed her lips. Lucas didn’t speak any more, but his deepening breaths had her know that he was pleased to take her and hear her calls. They made him know how she felt, pleasure vying with shame and how sexy it was to have her young body and mind claimed by this man. ‘How…how can you go on? I can’t Lucas…I can’t!’

She’d lost all sense of time, but he kept loving her…harder and faster, so much so that she felt he’d wreck the bed as he pumped her; slammed his hips against her bony bum and filled her body with his prick until it felt she had nothing else inside her but him.

‘Fiona…my lovely!’ she heard him cry out as his movements stalled and he waited for her.


She felt his body shudder as she lost it; felt him burst as wave after wave of rapid orgasms took her and made her push up from the bed and feel his arms enfold her. She felt his hands tug and squeeze on her breasts and his breaths searing, hot, on her skin as they shared…shared in the moment of their orgasms.

‘Lucas…Lucas…you wonder. I feel so wanted…have been loved like never before.’

She received no reply; just felt him embrace her and breathe on her skin and to take in her warmth, her comforting warmth, as she believed he had sought all along.

‘You’ll mend me,’ he said at last, and she turned in his embrace to meet a slow kiss. ‘You bring the spirit of youth. I lost my wife and my daughter in a car smash. I have nothing left…no one…except their memories. I paint…and I need to love with all that I have…while I can.’

He eased from her body, but Fiona kept him to her; made him lie down and she lay upon him; felt his arms embrace her as she breathed on his skin; offered kisses to his face. They were of comfort, and not of a raging lust for this man as before. She would know of this again with him. She wanted it to be so.

‘I’ll start to mend you…want to be your healing touch whenever you need that. The passionate man, that you are, will be my teacher and I will love you for being that to me.’


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