Becci was Made for Sex Ch. 03

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This is part three of Becci’s sexploits while on holiday from university. The story is completely fictional. If you are easily offended by incestuous relationships then please do not read- find another story! All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the my knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.


The drink must have made me pass out. The sleep was restful. Morning dawned. I stretched my body and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. The happenings of last night gradually filtered back into my mind. I tried to analyse everything that happened or I had learned last night. Aunty Pam and Daddy were fucking each other. My father went to, and held orgies at regular intervals. My father was involved in photographing pornography and I had fucked a guy in my father’s house with everyone watching!

Or was it all a dream I thought as I tossed back the duvet. The duvet was the catalyst. When I went to bed last night I remembered that I just laid on top of the duvet – too drunk and too tired to undress and get into bed. This morning I’m naked! Either someone has undressed me and put me to bed or I had woken in the night, taken my clothes off and got back into bed – and that was something I couldn’t remember doing! I went to bed last night with my clothes on. Now I was naked! What had happened?

My mind started to race and fill with thoughts that I couldn’t explain. I know I was a little drunk but surely I would have remembered what happened once I got to bed. Obviously not so my common sense was telling me! I was on the bed clothed last night. This morning I am in bed – naked! My summer vacation from university was becoming as strange and as fictional as “Alice in Wonderland.”

I decided I needed some answers. I got out of bed and threw my new summer dress over me. I looked around for my panties but couldn’t find them but then decided after yesterday what difference did it make if I walked around the house without any panties.

I walked downstairs in bare feet. I could smell coffee so someone was certainly up and probably in the kitchen. I opened the door quietly, peeked inside and saw Aunty Pam sitting at the table sipping a mug of coffee. I pushed the door open and entered. Aunty Pam looked up, coffee mug in hand, and said, “Good morning Becci. Or should I call you Penny?”

“Good morning,” I replied, pouring myself a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sitting down at the table. The coffee tasted good. I looked around the kitchen. We were alone.

“What happened last night, Aunty Pam? My mind is so confused. I can’t seem to remember much at all. I don’t know what was real and what might have been a dream.”

“Do you remember anything at all?”

“I remember you telling me Daddy and you have been holding orgies and fucking each other for the last three years. I remember being undressed in front of everyone and being fucked by Paul and I remember flopping down on the bed and the room starting to spin. After that I was waking up this morning.”

“Well,” said Aunty Pam, “everything you remember so far was not a dream. It all actually happened. I saw you and Paul making out on the couch and fucking each other. You seemed to be enjoying yourself, as was everyone else at the orgy.”

“The next time I saw you was when I looked in on you last night before going to bed. You were sleeping like an angel and looking so peaceful. You even had a slight smile on your face.”

“Was I naked?” I asked.

“I don’t know. You were under the duvet so I couldn’t really see. Why do you ask?”

“When I went to bed last night I was dressed, albeit only in this dress. When I woke this morning I was naked. How did I get undressed?” I asked.

“That’s easy to answer,” Aunty Pam declared. “That was your father. He went to check on you after Paul told him you were staying the night. He found you laying there and decided to make you comfortable and put you to bed.”

“Daddy undressed me?” I asked.

“Yes, I did,” I heard from behind me. I turned and saw Daddy standing there. His hair was a little dishevelled and he looked like he had a hangover. He stood there dressed in just his boxer short.

“Oh!” I replied turning back and looking at Aunty Pam. I could feel my cheeks starting to blush.

“I hope you don’t object to what I did Becci. I was just trying to make you comfortable.”

“Of course she doesn’t,” Aunty Pam said looking me straight in the eyes. “After what she saw and learnt about her family last night I doubt there is anything left for her to complain about. She knows everything John. What I didn’t tell her I’m sure Paul filled in the missing parts. Am I right, Becci?”

“Paul told me that Daddy was taking pornographic photos and that he was a model for Daddy and he wanted to be photographed with me. He said I was a natural for the pornographic industry.”

“And what do you think about bursa escort that?” Aunty Pam asked.

“I don’t know really.”

“Well,” Daddy said, “he told you the truth about my career. I do take pornographic photographs for different men’s magazines and he is one of my models. And he was also right about you, Becci. You have the perfect figure and the looks to make a good model. When I undressed you last night I had a good look at your body. It is perfect Becci. Absolutely perfect. You would be an instant success if you were to do any modelling for me.”

I was listening to Daddy but looking at Aunty Pam. She seemed to be nodding in agreement with what Daddy was saying. At least I’d found out who had undressed me and put me to bed. My head was starting to spin again! Was Aunty Pam and Daddy advocating that I should become a porno star?

Daddy came and stood right next to me. He put his hand on my hair and ruffled it a little bit before saying, “It’s your decision whether to become a model. Only you can make that decision. The choice is yours. There will be no pressure from either Pam or myself.”

“What about University?” I asked.

“You only have a year left before you graduate,” Aunty Pam said. “If you want you can wait until you have graduated or you could do some part time modelling whilst still in university. Or you could just forget the whole idea and we will all return to our normal way of life.”

“How can it be normal again?” I asked. “You and Daddy are fucking each other and there will be regular orgy parties. How is that normal?” My mind was racing. I didn’t know what I wanted. Aunty Pam and Daddy fucking each other came as a shock yesterday but today it was beginning to seem normal. Daddy knelt down by my side and hugged me.

“I know it’s hard for you to understand, Becci, but this has been our life for the last three years. We didn’t plan it … it just happened.” He finished his hug and stood up but put his hand on my shoulder.

I turned in my chair and stood to face my Daddy. I could see in his eyes that it was difficult for him to be telling me everything. I just looked at him, put my arms around him and hugged him hard. “I love you Daddy. I just want what’s best for you and I want to be part of you and Aunty Pam’s life.” I started to cry openly. Daddy hugged me tighter but I broke the hug and kissed him on the lips. Not a small kiss but a long one, my mouth slightly open.

I felt Aunty Pam standing behind me and her arms went around both me and Daddy. Her ample bosom was pressing into my back and I could feel her breathing. I broke the kiss with daddy and we all just stood there hugging each other. I turned to Aunty Pam and she kissed me on the lips in much the same way as I had kissed Daddy. Her mouth slightly open. I felt her tongue occasionally touching, exploring my lips. It was the first time I had been kissed by a woman and I found it, to my amazement, sexually arousing. My nipples started to harden. Aunty Pam broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes and said in a quiet voice, “Welcome to the family, Becci.” I could see that Aunty Pam’s nipples were aroused and I could easily make their shape out under her blouse. She sat down at the table and picked her coffee mug up. I did the same, closely followed by Daddy.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the three of us. I wasn’t sure what to say and I don’t think Aunty Pam or Daddy did either. It was Aunty Pam who came to the rescue yet again when she commented on my pretty summer dress. “I can see why Paul was attracted to you in that,” she said. “It shows your figure off perfectly. Don’t you think so John?”

Daddy was looking at my nipples trying to poke their way out of my dress. “Yes,” he muttered. “I have a very beautiful daughter.” As he stood up to get himself another coffee I noticed the erection in his boxer shorts. It was hard to miss as it caused the boxer shorts to tent and there was a small damp patch there. Aunty Pam noticed it as well. She looked at the erection and then looked at me with a knowing smile. I blushed immediately. Did she know about Daddy and me? She moved her hand and placed it on top of mine and squeezed it gently. As if she could read my mind she whispered, “Your father and I have no secrets. No secrets at all.” She threw me a smile that seemed to lift all my worries and concerns from my shoulders. So Aunty Pam knew about me and Daddy. Everything was out in the open – at least between the three of us.

“I’m going for a shower,” Daddy said after a short time.

“I think I’ll join you,” said Aunty Pam, pushing her chair backwards as she stood up. Will you be all right for a short time, Becci?” she asked. “We won’t be long.”

“Yes. I’ll be just fine,” I responded. “Take as much time as you need.”

I watched them leave and heard them go upstairs to the bathroom. It was quickly followed by muffled voices and some laughter. I suspected they were going to have another fuck.

I finished bursa escort bayan my coffee, put everyone’s mugs into the dishwasher and made my way upstairs. As I approached the bathroom I could hear Daddy’s moans clearly through the door which was left slightly ajar. I wanted to take a peek but didn’t want to be caught. I thought about it and then decided that if I did take a peek the shower would probably be steamed up and they wouldn’t see me anyway. I pushed the door open enough just to peek into the bathroom.

There was Aunty Pam, naked, kneeling on the floor, her back to me sucking my father’s cock. Her hand was holding his cock in her mouth and she was sucking and licking it as if there were no tomorrow. Only occasionally did she remove her mouth from his cock and that was to kiss and suck his balls before using her tongue back up the shaft to the glans. Daddy’s cock glistened, from the tip to his balls, with her saliva. She was certainly making sure that his cock would slide into her pussy easily. As she sucked and licked him her eyes were concentrated on his face.

The shower was running but they hadn’t even managed to get in it! My thoughts about the steam would be my camouflage was wrong! There was my Daddy looking straight at me. I think Aunty Pam sensed that there was something different because she stopped sucking Daddy’s cock and turned her head to look at me. “Ah! Becci,” she said. “Come and join us if you want. I’d like you to and I’m sure your father would as well.”

I didn’t know what to do. I was cemented to the floor. It appeared that I couldn’t move forward towards them nor could I move backwards out of the bathroom. My eyes were transfixed on Daddy’s erect cock and Aunty Pam’s large breasts with nipples erect, hard and swollen. “Come on Becci. Don’t be frightened. No secrets. Remember?” Aunty Pam said with a large smile on her face. It was the smile on her face and the compassion I saw in her eyes that seemed to release me from my cemented spot and I walked slowly towards them.

As I approached, Daddy held his arm out to me and I snuggled in close to him. With his arm snuggling me he bent his head and kissed me on the lips. Gently at first but then with a little more ardour as his slightly opened mouth released his tongue which pushed its way easily into my mouth. Our tongues met and it was like an electric shock passed through my body. My body trembled. I felt a hand, under my dress, caressing my upper legs and realised it could only be Aunty Pam. My whole body was on fire and I had no way of dousing the fire that burned inside me.

Daddy’s mouth now opened wider and his kiss contained a wanton desire that would work me up to a sexual frenzy. His tongue explored every part of my mouth. His hand found my breast hiding beneath my dress. My nipples were hard and pointed and his deft fingers found it and played with it increasing my heat and desire. Meanwhile, Aunty Pam’s hand had crept further up my leg and was now just below my pussy. I could hear her sucking and licking Daddy’s cock as my love juices started to wet my pussy and leak out onto Aunty Pam’s hand.

Daddy broke away from our French kiss and started to pull my dress up and over my head. Aunty Pam immediately stopped sucking Daddy’s cock and turned her attention to my pussy. It was just a little quick lick and it didn’t even find my pussy lips but it sent a tremor and a shudder through me from my toes to the roots of my hair. I had never know anything so sexual or exciting as what was happening to me right now. Daddy was playing with one of my nipples and licking the other while Aunty Pam’s tongue was now approaching my pussy lips. I let out an unintentional moan as my sexual frenzy grew to a new height. My legs felt week and turned to jelly. It felt like I was melting from the toes up. My head was spinning and my heart was thumping.

Aunty Pam noticed the change in my body. She stood and said, “I think it would be more comfortable for us all if we go to the bedroom.” Daddy agreed. I just nodded, unable to utter anything except a low moan. Aunty Pam took my hand and led me into Daddy’s bedroom. The bed was still an apple pie from the night but that didn’t worry Aunty Pam. She grabbed the top sheet and yanked it from the bed. She fell onto the bed dragging me with her. Her mouth went to my nipple and her hand went to my pussy where her fingers found my pussy lips and with an adept move she parted my lips and found my clitoris. She knew what to do as I was soon writhing on the bed. She pushed a finger gently inside me and without any problem immediately found my G spot. Aunty Pam was obviously an accomplished lover. I was in a hypnotic sexual world where my pleasures were soon going to be accomplished. A minor climax rumbled deep inside my pussy releasing more love juices into my channel.

I opened my eyes and saw Daddy standing over me by the side of the bed. He had his cock in one hand and was masturbating as hard as he could. He was aiming his cock escort bursa so that any cum that squirted out would hit me in the face or neck. I reached my hand out and rested his swinging balls in my cupped hand. I squeezed them gently feeling them starting to swell as he approached his climax. Daddy was sweating and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before his love fluid would be shooting out over my face and neck.

Aunty Pam had felt my first minor climax and had removed her fingers from my pussy and replaced them with her tongue. I could feel and hear her lapping at my pussy juices as her hands played with my breasts. As if by remote control my backside suddenly lifted off the bed and pushed my pussy closer to Aunty Pam’s mouth. The moan that I uttered came from deep inside me. My second orgasm started in my nipples and finished in my toes! My whole body was trembling with excitement. My hand on Daddy’s balls tightened slightly as my orgasm hit me which was enough for him to reach his climax. Squirt after squirt of his spunk hit me on my face, chin and breasts. He continued to wank long after his last string of spunk had shot out the tip of his cock.

Aunty Pam now worked her mouth upwards over my mound of Venus, over my belly until it found the white love juices that Daddy had squired on me. She lapped it up with her tongue and mouth. Every last drop she devoured with a passion. And only when she had finished lapping it all up did she flop down on the bed next to me. We were laying down face to face. She had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. “Did you enjoy that, Becci?” she asked. I could only utter a positive moan but she understood it was a yes. “So did I, and there is a lot more of that to come in the future,” she said.

It was then that I realised that she had not had a climax. I lifted myself up on one elbow and pushed her flat onto the bed. I then shifted my body over hers and moved my tongue down her body all the way from her breast to her pussy.

My tongue licked at her and my lips gave her gentle kisses over her tummy and down to her mons pubis. She moaned and writhed on the bed as her body grew more excited and eager for the pleasure I was about to bestow upon her.

Her legs opened wide allowing me access. I licked her pussy lips which were wet from her love juices. She tasted sweet. I parted her lips with my hands, found her extended and enlarged clitoris and started to suck it into my mouth. Her body was soon writhing with pleasure.

She suddenly stiffened, her hands held my head to stop me removing my mouth from her pussy and she started her climax. Her love juices were flowing freely and what I couldn’t drink I let dribble down my chin. She shuddered and trembled and writhed for a good minute before her body started to go limp and she released her hold on my head. I removed my mouth from her pussy and rested my head on her stomach. Her hand caressed my hair. We said nothing – we didn’t need to. We both knew that we had satisfied each other fully and we both knew that this was just the beginning. There would be other times.

Daddy, sitting on the chair by the side of the bed smiled down at his two female lovers. His legs open and his cock now flaccid his sexual appetite was satisfied. At least for the time being.

I think we all slept a little because when Aunty Pam woke me it was midday. I looked around the bedroom. Daddy had gone. Aunty Pam was holding a cup of tea in her hand. “Here you are baby. I thought you would like a cup of tea.”

I sat up in bed and took the cup and saucer from her. I can’t remember the last time I had been brought a cup of tea in bed. Probably when I was about fourteen and recuperating from my appendicitis operation. Aunty Pam was dressed in a summer dress, her hair had been brushed and she had put some make up on her face. As I looked at her I could see that she was indeed a very pretty woman. When she was younger she could have caught any man she wanted but she had remained single all her life.

“Your father has suggested that we can all go out for Sunday lunch. What do you think?” It was then that I realised I had not had any food for 24 hours and my stomach was beginning to complain. My sexual appetite had been satisfied several times over the last 24 hours but my nourishment appetite had been left to want.

“I think that would be a great idea,” I said. “I could eat a horse!”

“That’s the sex my love,” she replied. “I am always hungry after a good rogering as well. I’ll tell your father that we are both happy to accept his invitation for lunch.” She turned and smiled at me as she left the bedroom.

I finished my tea, picked my dress up and went to my bedroom. I was wondering what to wear for the lunch date. Perhaps slacks and a blouse would be a good thing, I thought to myself. I searched through my wardrobe looking for my white slacks and a light turquoise blouse and tossing them onto the bed when I did find them. I rummaged through my draw for a new pair of panties and then back to the wardrobe for a pair of flip-flops. The longest part of getting ready was putting my make up on. Some foundation, rouge and pink lipstick was applied followed by some mascara and eye shadow.

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A Hot Day in December

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Asa Akira

This story was edited in August, 2020, to make certain plot points more plausible. Paul met Michelle first, and she is suspicious about his other girlfriend Andrea (who is described but not seen here) but she can’t verify what is going on.

The characters in this story will be in different situations six months later, and they will be even more changed in twelve. Judy appears in this story; Michelle in this one.


Judy Weinberg was pondering her life one afternoon while sitting in a lounge at Finley Hall, the student center building for the City College of New York. It was near the end of a cold and bright day in December, 1974, just before the winter break. She had one more exam in two days and then she faced about two weeks of unstructured time for herself.

I should get a job, she thought; even when classes were in session there were plenty of hours during the week for something like that. At the very least, she thought she should do something like join one of the student papers. There was no pay involved but at least it would give her some sense of purpose beyond simply schlepping up to the campus on the subway and back again to her parent’s apartment on the Upper West Side.

Her best friend Michelle Hanley, another sophomore, was managed to do both: a paid job plus the extracurricular activity on a student paper, The Salient. Her job downtown dovetailed nicely with her work on the paper. She was a typographer and paste-up artist at the same shop which produced the paper.

Michelle had put together enough money in the past eight months to rent an apartment in Long Island City, Queens, plus buy a used Dodge Coronet. Judy tried to grasp Michelle’s seemingly effortless ambition. She never seemed strained by all that she was doing over the course of a busy week. Judy often felt taxed by merely attending the classes she needed in her quest for a B.A. in history, a degree to be awarded her, assuming she stayed on schedule, about two and a half years in the future. The Class of ’77 would be her class but that seemed to her young self to be a long way off.

There was something else that Michelle had that Judy coveted: a boyfriend. In fact, Michelle was on her third one. Her first was somebody she started with in her last few weeks at Bayside High School in eastern Queens. By the time Judy had met her in their first weeks at college this guy was already gone. The details of the breakup seemed like the usual story of young love gone wrong story, something about him deciding on somebody else and quickly dumping Michelle.

Michelle seemed to bounce back quickly from romantic setbacks and found a freshman love affair with someone named Hank. Judy had strongly disliked him; he often went far beyond confidence into utter arrogance. His treatment of Judy ran from disagreeable to rude. He took to nicknaming her “Pudding,” which seemed to be a reference to her plumpness. At one drunken party he said to her, “Hey Judy, I bet your ass tastes like butterscotch pudding. You know, all creamy on the inside and, I don’t know – something on the outside.”

He giggled and hiccupped, and Judy retorted – she had consumed quite a bit herself – “Hank, not only are you a jerk, you’re not even an interesting jerk. Even your insults don’t make any sense.”

He tried to defend himself by getting extra nasty, “You little twat, why don’t you suck on this?” He began to unzip his pants but Judy just left the room. Later, she wished she had stayed so she could mock whatever state of limpness he probably was in. There was some satisfaction to be had the next day when she heard what had happened when he and Michelle were taking the train back downtown. Hank had puked copiously in the middle of the subway car and the half-dozen other passengers had fled in disgust.

Michelle had put up with him for about six months when Hank himself decided to pull the trigger. He left no explanation for the breakup but Michelle handled it with her usual sangfroid. He was seen with a couple of other girls on campus during the remainder of 1974.

The summer of ’74 was pleasant because Judy could get away from her parents and hang out at Michelle’s new place in Queens. It was on the ground floor of an old wooden house with a factory on one side and a scrap yard on the other. Yet the interior was plain but pleasant and several subway lines provided fast access into Manhattan. On days when Michelle had to be at work, Judy could have the place for herself. And yet she sometimes felt out of sorts there, at loose ends. She read at times and listened to Michelle’s record collection. Twice her friend left joints behind for her to smoke and she sat on the couch wearing headphones and tried to decipher more meanings from song lyrics than were actually there.

The neighborhood for about a mile in any direction was disappointing to her. It was a vast staging area for Manhattan, with rail yards, bridge overpasses, bursa escort taxi garages and other facilities feeding the needs of more glamorous places across the river. Sometimes she would go to the coffee shop at Court Square just to have a destination and to be around other people.

The truth was that she was feeling quite lonely. For one thing, she believed it would be very nice to share this summer with a boyfriend, but she had never had one. From what she had seen of her friend’s experiences in the last year, going out with guys had some downsides. But, she reasoned, there had to be decent ones around – say, among the 5,000 men at City College.

She got some new information to consider when Michelle picked up her third boyfriend — or maybe he had picked her in the grungy Finley Hall cafeteria. Judy thought to herself, how does she pull off these things? It was notable that this latest catch seemed to be polite and actually spoke to Judy as if she had something interesting to say. This became more galling than the Hank situation. Why can’t I have somebody like that for myself?

Michelle had gotten suspicious that he had another girlfriend at the school. She had actually seen her a couple of times when he brought her into The Salient office.

When Judy heard Michelle mention this, she said, “Yeah, I’ve seen her too. She’s dark-haired, her name is Andrea I think.”

“She’s nice and zaftig.” Michelle thought, oops, Judy is kind of zaftig too.

Judy hadn’t noticed, “How can you put up with this?”

“First of all, I can’t verify anything now. Second, haven’t you heard of open relationships?”

Judy wasn’t sure if her friend was being tongue-in-cheek or not. She certainly didn’t seem to be brooding about it. Judy still thought, if it’s true, I would never accept that, but she didn’t say it. She assumed her virginity didn’t give her the credibility to voice an opinion about these matters.

So during the fall of 1974, she watched what happened with the people around her. Michelle was invited to join one of the student papers by Paul. Judy expected some kind of soap-operatic event to happen because of the other possible girlfriend, but it never did. Harmony seemed to be the order with Michelle. Judy had secretly anticipated the schadenfreude of seeing her friend pay a romantic price for her fecklessness. Instead, Michelle’s life seemed to in balance for the moment.

Judy thought about being into her sophomore year and her own lack of progress. Or sometimes she didn’t want to think about it because it was too painful. All right, she thought, hardly anybody actually gets laid in high school (although she had little data to prove that). Hunter College High School, a specialized school, was sort of a nerdy place anyway.

But now she was past her nineteenth birthday, and she had never been kissed, felt up, or even been on an afternoon coffee date. She was beginning to understand that she was going have to be more proactive, that she had to rely on herself if she was going to make any headway on this. What exactly the specifics were eluded her.

She was aware of the physical side of her frustration, the sexual desire that was intruding on her thoughts. If she was alone and had the opportunity, her fingers would often be between her legs, or she would be straddling a pillow, or she would have the handle of a hairbrush inserted into her cunt. She was able to decisively prove the reality of female multiple orgasms by inducing them in herself almost at will. At least I’m not frigid, she thought.

Judy’s masturbation fantasies could be quite elaborate. For a while, she was fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, but more with the real ones rather than the movie versions. She definitely couldn’t identify with Faye Dunaway, that was for sure. The real Bonnie had been short and red-haired, although she was also thin and wiry which Judy was not.

Nevertheless, she was excited by her own version of the story. Somehow a girl from the West Side of Manhattan could be a gun moll. She would wear a beret, she would have garters and straps holding up her stockings and those old-fashioned underpants called step-ins. She would drive fast all over Oklahoma and Kansas and Missouri (she’d have to learn to use a stick-shift) with a hot wind blowing through the windows. Whenever she got the urge she would fuck her bad-boy gangster lover, screwing him every which way in a stolen Ford V-8.


Michelle was the only person she could confide in. One day at the Long Island City apartment, Judy said to her, “I’m wondering, is this normal, I guess? I just can’t keep myself out of my own pants. I feel like the female Portnoy.”

Michelle laughed at that, “I’ve read that book too. Those poor guys, boo-hoo, they think they’re the only ones who get horny. They don’t want to consider what women are capable of, probably because they couldn’t keep up.”

“But when you’ve had bursa escort bayan boyfriends, you haven’t had to, you know . . .”

“Judy honey, you’re a bit naive. It just ain’t so. I’ve had mornings when I’ve been banged thoroughly and two hours later, when whoever has left . . .” She wiggled her fingers in the air and started singing, ” ‘The hills are alive, with the sound of music.’ I bet that’s why those nuns threw Maria out of the convent. If they didn’t tie mittens on her hands, she’d whack off every night. No, then she’d just whack off with the mittens. How do you solve a problem like Maria, indeed?”

Michelle continued, “We should invest in a vibrator, have one we can share. Well, no, we’d each need our own.”

Judy thought but didn’t say, I don’t want a vibrator, I want a lover.

“Anyway, forget about vibrators. In a fair world, we’d experiment with polyandry. I’d try my own harem – like, ‘Todd, get me some grapes and feed me by hand, Jason, please give me a pedicure, and tonight I’ll decide which one of you schlubs is allowed into the empress’s boudoir.'”

“You’d like to be an empress?”

“Why not, like Theodora of Byzantium, or Cleopatra? I’d be the queen of the Nile and also Newton Creek.” The latter was the industry-clogged waterway between Queens and Brooklyn. “That will fly. I was the princess of Bayside, now I’m the Queen of Queens. What an aptly named place.”

Judy thought all this was typical of her friend: make jokes about everything but miss the tougher issues. She would have liked to ask her for some specific advice, some information about handling 1970s style dating – or maybe just screwing – but a combination of uneasiness and pride held her back.

That semester Judy found herself having some very explicit feelings for Michelle. She thought, no big deal, it’s just a girl-crush. But she suspected it went beyond that. As an experiment, she masturbated while imagining Michelle licking her. Michelle would know exactly what to do with her lips and tongue on Judy’s clitoris. The experiment was successful, and then Judy lay in her bed considering the results.

I guess I’m not a lesbian but maybe I’m somewhat bisexual. Didn’t Kinsey say that most people are to some degree? Perhaps some female lovers could be worked into her life. Yet she knew that wouldn’t be enough. There’s no way around it, I’d like to be fucked hard by a man.

The only man she knew beyond her classroom acquaintanceships was Michelle’s boyfriend Paul. He did seem like someone she could deal with. Almost inevitably she speculated about how she could get him for herself. Would that destroy her friendship with Michelle?

Maybe, but maybe it would be also be possible to secretly work herself into the situation. Maybe she could join the paper and have some room for romantic maneuvering while there. It wasn’t the ideal that she wanted, of course; she wanted someone for herself. However, it could be okay for a while and it was a plausible way to get started. After all, this was only college and she was still young. As Michelle had stated, have fun and worry about the future later.

Judy knew, or perhaps feared, that this wasn’t a real plan or even an aspiration but merely a fantasy. The logistics of it seemed daunting. Then in November came the news that an old flame of Andrea’s — an ex-fiancé if that could be believed — had won her back. She seemed to have dumped Paul. Somehow, Michelle knew about it from friends of friends, but she wasn’t perturbed about it. Judy wondered how this would change whatever her own prospects were for the coming year.


This was the condition of Judy’s life as she sat in the student center on that December afternoon. She was listless and at loose ends but she didn’t want to go home just yet. Michelle and Paul were not on campus but she had not received an invitation to go to Long Island City. Those two are probably out there now having some exam-period sex in her bed or on her living room couch. She tried to imagine the scene and felt a sense of resentment and excitement at the same time. Maybe I should get off my slothful ass and get a job and an apartment for myself. Some effort in that direction might give her some new leverage in getting her life going.

On an impulse, she got up, got her possessions together, and went across the way to Wagner Hall, a classroom building that was very quiet right now. She went up to the ladies’ room on the third floor and stood in front of a mirror assessing herself. She thought of something she had blurted out to Michelle a few weeks earlier, “I wish I was as pretty as you are.”

Michelle had scoffed, “Ok, I don’t stop clocks, but I’m just your basic Irish-Polish mutt.”

Michelle perhaps had been going for some false modesty, what is now called humble-bragging. She was taller, about five-seven to Judy’s five-three. Her straight brown hair was always cut neatly down to her shoulders, escort bursa and she usually had bangs. Judy’s reddish-brown hair always seemed to be unruly and she never could figure out the best way to style what she had.

Still looking in the mirror, she opened her coat and considered her own body as it appeared under her sweater and skirt. Well, I’m definitely not slender and willowy – very round is a phrase that would be appropriate. Did guys notice her as she went about on campus? Sometimes she tried to keep track of that, and she didn’t notice any heads turning in her direction.

Michelle’s body looked athletic; she ice skated in the winter and played tennis in the summer. Judy had no aptitude for those activities, but she could ride a bicycle and she was considering getting her first one since junior high school.

Michelle also had steel-rimmed glasses, and in imitation of her, Judy had traded her plastic ones for steel-rims of her own. Perhaps that looked more cool? She put her hands on her hips and pondered that what she most envied about her friend was her confidence. There were guys in the cafeterias and lounges every day; how did she manage to snag one with a few minutes of talking?

Consulting the mirror was not Judy’s only purpose in coming up to this room. She looked around to confirm that all of the stalls behind her were empty. She went to the one at the end furthest from the door and hung her coat on the hook. Then she took off her boots and her green tights and then put the boots back on — the floor in there was too cold for bare feet. For a moment she admired her new brown leather, knee-high footwear, a pair her mother had paid for just a couple of weeks ago.

Okay, so it’s nice to get new stuff for this winter, but I’m old enough that I should be paying for some of it myself. Then she sighed and sat there considering her intention to masturbate in here. Doing this again? Well, why not? The right combination of explicit thoughts and nimble fingers — and she had talent with both — and one of life’s most intense experiences could be had in this utilitarian restroom.

She pulled her skirt up over her hips and deliberated about her panties. Her decision was to just take them off and toss them aside. Off with my overcoat, off with my gloves, I have no need for underpants, I’m burning with love. The seat was not the most comfortable place to sit but Judy had been in such places before, including this very room. Then she got her hairbrush out of her purse and stuck it behind the toilet paper roll where it would be handy.

Now all she needed was a scenario to follow to a satisfying conclusion. She decided on that quite decisively. What would it be like to fuck Paul on Michelle’s couch when her friend wasn’t around? Stealing somebody else’s boyfriend, not the nicest way to behave but it certainly seemed exciting.

The fantasy started far into a steamy make-out session. Her blouse was open and his hands were rubbing her breasts. In the Wagner bathroom, she decided to undress herself a bit more for her self-pleasuring. She reached into her sweater and unhooked her bra. Then she rubbed both her nipples for a few moments. Sex with a real person would have the advantage of an extra pair of hands to touch her various sensitive places. With masturbation, one took care of these matters by oneself as best as could be done.

She imagined what she would say, I’ve been thinking about you for a while now.

He’d admit, I’ve been thinking about you too, Judy.

That was a delicious thought, that he was her secret admirer. Was she still a virgin in the scene? Somehow that wouldn’t do, there had been with other guys who had fucked her before. The details didn’t matter; it was her fantasy and she could direct it as she pleased.

Now she imagined him sucking on her nipples as his hand went down to her crotch.

What would Michelle think of us now?

He’d say, well, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

She pictured herself wearing a skirt but no stockings, and high-heeled sandals. Judy didn’t actually own such sandals but they would be easy enough to obtain if she wanted them. In a few moments, he had lowered her panties and was rubbing her pussy in a delightful way.

Her own hands followed the mental images and she spread her legs to get better access. She was impressed by her own ability to get wet quickly. It was great to be so slick and primed to take in a man’s shaft. She imagined undoing Paul’s zipper and taking his erect cock out. Oh, it’s such a nice one. That wouldn’t be the most original thing to say but it would get the job done.

Judy did know from secondary sources what an erect penis looked like. The now-departed Hank had obtained hard-core porno magazines from somewhere and he would show them to the girls to appear cool or whatever he imagined about himself. One set depicted a Danish girl getting seduced by her teacher. In true porno style, it showed her getting penetrated from the front, rear, and with her on top. Judy wasn’t sure if people changed positions that much in real life but it gave her a good look at the logistics of the various acts.

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Drive Ch. 01

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“Drive you home, Chris?”

The young blond stopped at the door and looked back at his night’s employer. The eighteen-year-old’s pulse began racing. He’d thought the older man wasn’t going to.

“Sure, Mr. Mathers.”

Another week. Another babysitting job at Mathers’ home. Another drive. Chris lived an eight-minute walk from Mathers’ house. Somehow, Mathers’ wife never asked why driving the boy home often took half an hour. Sometimes more.

The first time wasn’t Chris’ idea. Lou Mathers had gotten the boy’s number from a friend. His wife was away for the weekend. Lou called for a babysitter. When Chris showed up, Lou stayed. There were questions. Hypotheticals. Showing. Touching. A meaty arm around Chris’ shoulders, leading him into the bedroom. Pain. Ecstacy. A sore ass, and sticky underwear for the walk home.

The next week, Lou called again. It was a legitimate job, while he and his wife visited friends. They came home, and Lou acted as though nothing taudry had ever happened in the bedroom.

“Drive you home, Chris?”

Sure, Mr. Mathers.

Chris glanced beside him in the dim car. The only light came from the low-playing radio. Lou hummed along to most songs, singing along quietly when he knew the words. That wasn’t often. The houses grew more sparse along the road. The trees, more dense. Chris began noticing the peculiar shapes of a few along the road. This was the seventh time Lou had offered the ride.

Ten minutes of driving, and Lou pulled the car over to the shoulder. He reached to turn the radio off, and in the last second or two of light, Chris looked over the man next to him. Forty-six. Portly. Balding. Thick black frames to his thin-lensed glasses. Greying mustach. Still in the suit he wore to work that morning. Still smelling of generic aftershave and Dial soap.


Seventh time. Same opening line.

“Looks far enough, eh? Why don’t you, um, come a little closer…”

Chris edged his hips along the older car’s bench seat. A thick arm reached around the boy’s lower right side, the hand cupping a soft mound encased in denim. Squeezing. Smoothing. Lou’s right arm swept around Chris’ back, gripping the boy’s shoulder from behind. Lou pulled the slender, petite body closer. Closer. Thin lips advanced on the boy’s full, alluring pout. Moist kisses. Harder gropes. A father of three daughters pushed his tongue into the mouth of the son he’d never had. Lou liked to pretend that way.

Chris lolled his head back slowly. He sighed, kisses running down his neck. Buttons popping loose on his shirt collar. More. Lou pushed the fabric open, licking along the thin boy’s visible clavicle. The grunting started. Lou moaned against the boy’s milky skin. He was sure it sounded sexy. To Chris, it always reminded him of a pig rooting through a fresh trough.

Lips closed around a pert nipple on a hairless chest, and sucked. Chris gave his first whimper of the evening. Lou exhaled his thinly-whiskered grin. bursa escort He shifted position, onto his right hip. The familiar bulge in his pants pressed into the crotch of Chris’ jeans.

“Take ’em off, son.”

Chris’ hands steadily went to his waist. The top button and four more down the fly popped open with the same soft, inaudible shudder. Lou’s chubby fingers reached for the warm flesh of the boy’s naked belly. For skin and bones, the boy was the softest, supplest thing he’d ever felt. Obviously queer. That made it okay to use him.

The natural blond fought against the seat to get the jeans off of his hips. Off of his thighs. His calves. His ankles. Lou’s meaty hand flattened to the boy’s crotch, rubbing circles over the soft white hair and the thick, half-erect organ it surrounded.

“Come on, come on. On your back.”

Lou stole a quick glance at the darkness outside the car. No headlights on this road. No house lights. He looked back to the boy, licking his fingers as he perused the barest outline of the body lying before him. Lou always stared at Chris when his wife didn’t notice, memorizing the boy for just these moments.

Chris spread his legs. The dampened fingers rubbed at the tight pucker lying in wait. Chris heard a short zipper pull down. The light sound of fabric rumpling. Lou’s grunt as his briefs pulled down and his bulge was freed. More saliva, this time wetting the head of a penis that had been stiffening since before they’d left Lou’s house.

A smooth, wet dome pressed to Chris’ hole. The hard shaft driving it pushed it steadily into the boy’s body, stretching the rectum as it entered. One inch. Two. Four. Seven. Lou groaned out a low breath as his loaded balls pressed to tender flesh. He pulled out until the lip of his cockhead caught on Chris’ seizing sphinchter. Lou pushed back in. Pulled back out. The hot friction made the boy squirm. Pant. Moan. Almost like struggling. Enough for Lou to like it.

Thick hands touched behind the boy’s knees, spreading Chris’ thighs wider apart. Lou leaned down, nearly lying atop of him. A broad, hot lick along a taut, porcelain cheek. A heavy hand gripping the boy’s chin, forcing him still for a lurid kiss. Lou’s tongue dove inside, lapping at his babysitter’s. Chris fought for a look between his legs. It wasn’t easy in the darkeness, nor past the hanging paunch of Lou’s stomach. The boy’s erection was full by now, in perfect position to keep Chris from seeing Lou’s shaft entering him.

He could still see Lou’s hips rolling back and forth. Still felt the veiny pole driving into him. No lube. No condom. Only hard human flesh, burning from the libidinous blood surging through it. Lou’s spit was little help. Chris whimpered from the discomfort. Lou stroked in him faster. Chris closed his eyes tightly. The darkness in the car was a blessing, but he wanted no chance of seeing Lou during the inveitable moment when Chris silently admitted that he liked it. It could be any bursa escort bayan man, and Chris would like it. It had nothing to do with a chunky suburban loan officer. Chris didn’t want the seven inches buried in him. They just happened to be there.

Lou raised onto his knees, gripping the boy’s legs to keep him spread. The space left Chris able to reach for his own erection and stroke it. The boy’s head thrashed from side to side on the fake leather seat. The cushions creaked and hissed from the exertions they supported. This was where Lou’s wife sat. Where his daughters sat. Now the same spot where Lou habitually fucked his babysitter. The male babysitter. Sweat beaded on Chris’ skin in the closed car. It poured off of Lou’s forehead, feeling like warm rain on the boy’s stomach. The windows were fogged and starting to condense. Chris lie jostling on his back, biting his lip to keep himself quiet. Lou loved that sound. He waited for it. Lived for it.

“Hoo, yeah. Let me hear it, son. Come on, jerk it faster. Faster. That’s better. Gonna cum, son? Are you? Come on….”

Chris fought it every time. He wanted Lou to leave satisfied – it would mean another job another week. But Chris didn’t want to enjoy it. Lou always got the impression that making the boy cum meant that he was an unparallelled god to both sexes. A candle and ten minutes could do the same thing; it meant nothing. Yet every other day, Lou would spot Chris around town. His beefy hands would grip either side of his belt buckle. He’d wait until Chris saw him, then give his pants a short tug. Remember this? It made you cream yourself last Thursday.

So do yearbook pictures of the diving team. Whatever.

In the end, it was always a losing battle. Chris kept his teeth clenched, gasping loudly through them. Lou rolled his hips faster, longing to see how red his prize equipment made the boy’s hole. Maybe one of these days, he’d spring for a motel room a town over and find out. Short, fast moans left the boy’s voice. The tortured song of lust culminated in a deep scream made louder by the closed windows.

Spurts of hot fluid splashed onto Chris’ naked stomach. Some reached past his ribs. The semen lost its heat quickly, even against Chris’ sweaty flesh.

“Rub it in, son.”

Exhausted to be spent and still participating in the bout of intercourse, Chris obeyed. His slender hands ran over his stomach, feeling out cooling, slimey gobs of sperm and coating his skin with them like a lotion. He was always too tired to shower when he got home, and the cum liked to stick to his bedclothes. Chris brought his coated fingers up to his lips. He sucked off the thick patches. Licked off the rest. Lou loved listening to it.

Lou’s hands slipped under the boy’s hips, squeezing the curvaceous buttocks savagely. It also gave him enough purchase on Chris’ body to slam his meat in deeper. The laboured wheezing was starting now. Lou’s face must be purple.

“Here comes your tip, escort bursa Chris…”

Wow. Just as funny the seventh time. Lou growled out loudly in the enclosed car. Twice. Three times. Each punctuated by a burst of hot ejactulate spraying deep into Chris’ ass. That sensation, as usual, made Chris try to wriggle out of Lou’s hold. The son of a bitch could at least blow the wad into a rubber. But, no. Barebacking was just one of those things Lou got off on. Like Chris’ struggling. Lou pinned him, forcing a last tongueing and adding a few more slaps of his crotch to Chris’ cheeks. Each final thrust spit one more drop of sperm into the boy. Lou beamed his pleasure in the faint moonlight. Chris glared at him from the darkness of his lower position.


Lou wrested his penis out of the boy quickly. Again with that odd, soft thpt sound from the accrued vacuum.

“Get your clothes on.”

The return drives were as quiet as the first halves. What was there to talk about? Going out, Lou was only interested in having sex with the small town’s homosexual. White trash, even if he did have a middle-class mother and absent white-collar father, perfect for using up and disposing of. Coming back, Chris was sticky, sleepy, and grudgingly satisfied for another twenty-four hours.

“You sure are a pretty little thing.”

Christ, don’t try striking a conversation now…

“As much as I like that mouth open, it’s good you’re a boy who knows when to keep it shut.”

It was good for me, too. Thanks.

“You, um, keeping Thursdays open now?”

“Not especially. No one else has called for one yet.”

“I think you should start.”

Chris looked over to the night’s employer. Lou stared out at the road confidently. His lips pursed. His chin stiffened, approving of his decision. Feeling virile over laying a teenager, making him climax, and doling orders to be at his elder’s beckoned call. Don Juan triumphant.

The rest of the trip to Chris’ house was quiet. Summer crickets. Excitable dogs. Tires crackling over gravel and through turns on the pavement. But no talking. Lou’s brakes were developing the fainest squeaking as the car pulled up to the curb. Lou grunted out a weary breath, twisting to reach into his pants pocket. A folded stack of bills stood ready for the counting. Lou licked his thumb before leafing through them. Under a street lamp, Chris could see him looking at the boy through the frivolous gesture. He expected Chris to find any view of his tongue a turn-on.

“That’s that. Go get yourself in a shower, faggot.”

Chris stopped after his first step away from the car.

“If you don’t like me, why don’t you let your daughters sit themselves?”

Lou gazed back at him from inside the car, as though the answer were the most obvious ever discovered.

“I like you a lot, son. You can’t get pregnant, and my wife would get wise if Daddy kept taking his girls out for rides. Thursday. Six o’clock.”

Lou drove off for home. Chris looked down to the bills in his hands, recounted his night’s wages. Fifteen bucks for babysitting. A sore rectum full of sperm for giving a middle-aged man an orgasm. Fifty dollars for keeping quiet about it.

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Beautiful Dreamers Ch. 03

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To describe the events of the past week in the lives of Tammy and her son Ben, one would have to have the most open mind to understand. Once upon a time they seemed like the most ordinary mother and son to the unassuming outside world. But Tammy bore a certain wicked secret long before things changed for the both of them; and so did Ben!

They both hid the same secret from each other, a mother and son with a love for sexual incest fantasies, and little did either one know until Tammy discovered that her only son Ben was Literotica writer Erotikinesis, one of the most provocative writers of mother and son sex stories.

Gradually they talked it out and came to terms with it. Being that Tammy was all for consanguinamory and consensual incestual sex affairs in the private lives of others, and since she had kept this secret for much longer than Ben, she not only condoned his fantasy, she encouraged it and soon she would come to fuel it.

Pushing back the boundaries as they went, Ben and his mother’s shared fantasy resulted in her asking him to write a story based around what would happen if that fantasy led to tem having sex in reality. And the result of that was Tammy teasing her son before they engaged in phone sex.

Later that night they shared another unique experience, cuddling naked in bed together, which led to them kissing. That weekend was not long gone enough to be forgotten and especially since they continued to sext by phone and email…


The Next Thursday Night

His stiff, thick meat sensitive and thrumming with desire, Ben filled his hand and slowly pumped himself with restrained, gentle strokes, relishing every exquisite tingle of pleasure as his mind rushed with every erotic scene he could picture himself in with Tammy. Masturbating his impressive pole with one masterful hand, he withdrew his hand to spit in before coating his glans and shaft with thick saliva so that he could slide in and out of his palm and imagine the two of them together.

His breathing was deep, his concentration intense, as he serviced himself with that one hand and his mother with the other. And in the room next to his she lay naked on top of her own bed. This moment called for her toys. Now able to use them at her preferred setting, she no longer had to worry about her son hearing the loud buzzing of her 9″ pink vibrating dildo. She was loving every moment, hot with the thrill of that sense of voyeurism, knowing that he could hear her through the wall.

‘Imagine your cock sliding in and out of me, slick and slippery with my wetness,’ she sent with hearts and kisses.

‘Your legs spread wide and your hips rolled back so you can watch all eight inches of me disappear inside you.’

‘Deep inside your place of birth, to your place of conception, to unload your seed in my womb?’

‘Fuck, mom, we’re going to end up doing that,’ Ben frantically typed back.

‘What a picture, being bred by my own pride and joy,’ she replied with hearts and hearts and a LOL. ‘How are you doing with that beautiful cock? Are you enjoying mind-fucking with your mother?’

Ben acted before he thought. He’d teach her to tease, and again to avoid the very real confession that he wanted to have sex with her. Taking a close-up of his proud stiff cock, he was happy with the result, it was bound to make her mouth water, because all her fantasies lacked come this point was a very real visual of what she could be faced with right now.

Ben hit send and rather than wait, wrote out another message to beat her to the punch. ‘See for yourself, mom. I’m treating myself, taking my time, in case you decide you want to cross that line right now.’

‘Holy shit, that’s fucking beautiful,’ Tammy replied. ‘I have just the thing for you. Imagine putting those two together. I’d love to introduce them. Looks like they could be the best of friends.’

Suddenly the conversation page on Ben’s screen went dark before another image appeared. And suddenly struck dumb, completely speechless, his mouth went bone dry at the then Holy Grail of photo selfies.

There lay his mother’s smoothly bald soaking pussy, fleshy thick labia and clitoral hood beneath a finely trimmed pubic lawn, split in two by the invasion of a thick pink dildo. It was the most erotic sight he’d seen, knowing who it belonged to and where it was happening at that moment.

‘Cat got your tongue?’

‘I want you!’

‘Imagine yourself replacing my dildo, deep inside me, plunging me seductively with multiple orgasms,’ Tammy suggested. ‘My handsome son, making me come, taking me all the way until he explodes into my womb…’

That was all Ben could take. Once again his mother had taken him over the edge and he squirted rope after rope of thick white sperm into his rapidly pumping fist.

But Tammy couldn’t stop, fucking herself steadily in a suspended state of bliss, ogling her son’s beautiful hard cock by the large screen of her iPad. He was absolutely right about one thing. Whether they wanted to or not, he was going to end bursa escort up inside her, doing everything they fantasised about.

‘BEN, I FUCKING LOVE YOUR BIG COCK!!’ she screamed shamelessly at the top of her lungs. The boy was already spent and completely mind-fucked, still wondering – when?


The very next day in work, Tammy was feeling restless again, but the hours were speeding by to the point where she could get nothing done, not unlike the effect her playful hormones were having. Three times by noon she had slipped away to the bathroom with her phone in her hand and masturbated vigorously to the images between herself and her son.

Back and forth, the absurdly erotic graphics played sweet havoc with her from her imagination to her heart and straight down to where it truly counted at that moment in time. And before those very real images had come into play, the mental images remained of their scorching hot fantasies.

His thick long hard cock sliding deep into her smooth hot wet pussy, and the sensations that would bring them, in bed, making love – Jesus she was going insane with lust for him. And again it came to mind that he was right. They were going to go all the way sooner or later, because they were too excited to stop, and too good at what they did to even want to consider not going there.

On her 3PM break Tammy finally deleted the conversation, for safety’s sake above all else, but also so that she wouldn’t fuck herself into a coma in the workplace bathroom.

‘Are you home tonight? I thought we might call in a pizza and have a few drinks if you are…’

‘That sounds great to me, mom. Cannot wait to get out of this place. I love you,’ he wrote with kisses.

‘My baby,’ she typed. ‘I love you too,’ and ended with more hearts and kisses. Mercifully the end of the work week came swiftly and the both of them made their individual journeys back to the warmth and comfort of their home.


Ben was in digestion mode nearing 7PM after wolfing down four slices of Italian sausage, mushroom and onion. He had practically inhaled it straight off the crust, Tammy watching in a curious mixture of amusement and distaste. ‘Hungry?’ she had scoffed, then cautioned, ‘slow down before you choke.’ He didn’t, but he did wind up with the hiccups!

And it nearly put him in a food coma, as usual. No other pizza had the same effect on him. So he went to his room for a quick lie down. While he did, Tammy picked out a pair of cute pink pyjamas to finish the day in and headed to the bathroom to shower. Ben awoke to her singing, a chilled but chirpy rendition of Cindi Lauper.

‘Where the hell is this coming from?’ he thought, amused and uplifted by her choice of song and her soft, wavering but accurate tone. When was the last time he’d heard his mother sing at all? These days it was kept to the confines of her car on the way to and from work. Still, she didn’t likely crank them out like she was right now.

‘Ben, honey,’ she then called aloud. ‘Ben?’

Ben flipped his feet over the side of the bed and sprang upright, relaying to her. ‘Yeah, mom…’

‘I’ve left my pyjamas on my bed, would you get them for me please?’

The bathroom door was ajar, the bright spotlight pouring out through the steam like clouds of gold. Carefully handling her pink cotton PJs, held against his chest exactly the way she had ironed and folded them, he held them out in front of them to pass through the door. She wasn’t on hand to take them from him.


‘They’re here,’ he said, shaking them back and forth, his arm extended through the crack in the door.

‘Come in,’ Tammy directed, only now getting out of the shower. It shouldn’t really have bothered him, being that Ben had slept naked with her only less than a week ago. Though he supposed that seemed another time, another place; maybe even another world now.

Stiffly he opened the door and stepped into the misty, brightly lit sauna that the bathroom now resembled. There was his mother dabbing down her wet, naked body with a thick white towel, one foot up on the bath’s edge.

‘Sit down a second,’ she directed to the polished wooden toilet seat as though this was nothing different to any other day between them. No, this was something entirely new, but Tammy simply saw no point in pretending to be shy anymore.

Ben did as he was told, still holding onto her pyjamas. And taking a note out of his mother’s book, he too ditched the facade of shyness, because what hadn’t they done together after the past week? There seemed no reason to avert his gaze either, and so his eyes soaked all of her in, from her thick, toned thighs and pear shaped butt, to her narrowing, curvy hips, lean waist and slender shoulders.

And beaded with tiny drops of water all across her back and down her delicate spine, he noted how smooth and radiant her skin appeared. He had felt her against him nights before. Now to see her in all her naked glory he couldn’t imagine that she was almost twice his age. Tammy might have carried more bursa escort bayan weight on her legs, but she didn’t ever let pregnancy or age take its toll.

Ben was in the middle of appreciating how naturally beautiful and well shaped she really was when she caught him off guard, turning to face him directly and threw down the towel so that there was nothing left to the imagination. Tearing his eyes away from hers, where he could also not help but to ogle her pert little breasts, he looked down to avoid her look and instead rested his eyes on her neatly trimmed pubic strip. He darted away in another direction, not so surprised by that, but by how prominent her clitoral hood and labia seemed. They stood out and proud where most vaginas he had seen appeared like a peach – a fruit with a single neat cleft running along its underside.

Rather than speak, Tammy stood there with her hands on her hips studying her son’s blushing face and stifled a soft giggle. ‘Now that you’re done getting a good eyeful,’ she said, extending a hand for her pyjamas. Ben handed Tammy her bottoms first. ‘Like what you see?’

‘You’re a terrible tease lately,’ Ben noted and went to scratching the back of his head, still looking away.

‘You haven’t complained…’

‘No, I haven’t,’ he agreed. ‘You want the truth?’

‘I didn’t ask for nothing,’ Tammy said quickly, giving him another eyeful as she lifted her thigh and bent her knee to climb into the first pant leg, exposing her pussy to him flat out.

‘I think you’re hot, mom – very, very attractive!’

Tammy took her turn to blush, grinning from ear to ear briefly as she slid into the other leg and drew the waistband of her pyjama bottoms up to her navel and let the elastic snap against her hips. Then she snatched her top from him and waltzed out of the bathroom, swaying her butt as she went.

‘Let’s have a little fire outside on the stove,’ she suggested. ‘I’ll just dry my hair…’


There was no better way to welcome in the darker, cooler nights than with fire and alcohol. Hence the black cast iron wood stove that stood on the patio, which now raged invitingly with a mellow roar and crackle. They had an outdoor woven bamboo double-seater which they placed under the dining room window with the stove facing it from six feet away. Even with the early night chill the fire reddened their faces like a solid wall of heat, the orange glow lighting them and causing their shadows to wave and flicker from behind.

Tammy sat curled up against Ben, the both of them insulated further beneath a soft, thick tartan wool blanket and while she drank her chilled white wine, he guzzled from a six pack of Millers.

‘This is perfect,’ she purred and he felt her hand press lightly against the strong muscle of his outer thigh. ‘I couldn’t care less about anything else right now.’

‘It is nice,’ Ben agreed.

‘Mmmm,’ she hummed, ‘cold wine, cold weather, hot fire…’

Ben bit his tongue. ‘Hot company,’ she said anyway. He laughed it off.

‘What’s with the compliments, are you buttering me up for something, mom?’

‘Hmm, you’re just my muffin,’ Tammy offered and sniggered. ‘Just buttering my muffin…’

Ben laughed harder, feeling her hand slide further up his thigh. ‘Mom, I don’t think that means what you think it means.’

‘Why, what did I miss?’

‘Well, when a woman talks about buttering her muffin-

‘Oh,’ Tammy intervened. ‘Oh my…’


‘God it’s been so long since anybody buttered my muffin,’ she corrected. Ben’s eyes bulged from their sockets.

‘Are you one of those people who get soberer the more you drink?’ Ben asked, causing Tammy to spit out her wine hysterically.

‘Just let’s shut up and enjoy this,’ she suggested, dabbing her chin dry with the wrist cuff of her pyjama top and leaned into his chest, her hand a little higher on his thigh. She stole a kiss from his cheek. Ben turned to look at his mother and found her doting on him. Surprising her, he stole a kiss back, such a soft intimate smooch right from her lips. And with that he stole her breath.


An hour later all the booze was gone and the fire had died down to nothing but glowing coals, like cooling lava and rock. They went back inside, hanging around the kitchen where Tammy was soon picking at a bar of dark chocolate.

‘Ben…’ Tammy was looking at him already when he turned to face her. He was walking out of the kitchen, moping off simply to find a purposeful direction. ‘What are you gonna do tonight?’

‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged, although he was wondering if they would soon be driving each other up the opposite sides of the same wall as they had the night before, and many nights before that. ‘What about you?’

‘I might do some reading,’ she hinted in such a subdued manner. ‘Written anything new?’


‘Why not?’

‘We were too busy fantasising… about having actual… sex,’ Ben stammered. That final and all-important word came out like a hiss.


His escort bursa mother blinked and then smiled devilishly, then subdued herself again. ‘Yes we were, weren’t we?!’ It was Ben’s turn to smile, but he did so both wearily and warily. She repeated that last word just as he had said it then. Sssssex. She emitted an involuntary sigh. ‘We’ve yet to talk about that face to face…’

‘What about it?’ Ben asked and then promptly blushed.

‘About wanting it,’ Tammy recollected. ‘About the lines we’ve crossed.’

‘Seriously?’ Tammy held her hands out, approaching Ben from across the kitchen. Naturally he held out his own to be taken, but they passed the living room and went straight for the stairs, turning off the lights as they went.

‘I won’t keep you against your will,’ she said, leading the way up the stairs. Then they entered her bedroom, turning on the overhead light before Tammy sat Ben down on the edge of the bed. She sat next to him and flipped off her slippers, looking down at her wiggling toes as she thought of how she would word what she wanted to say.

‘I love you,’ she began carefully. ‘You’re my world and I don’t know what I’ll do if and when you decide to move out and start a life of your own. You don’t ever have to. I’ll never push you. We’ve always had a great mother-son relationship. Then all of this happened and somehow our relationship actually got better, closer…’

‘I love you too, mom,’ Ben said when he saw the chance. ‘I’ve honestly never thought about leaving.’

‘All of this fantasy sex-play,’ Tammy furthered, ‘the stories, the messaging, the sexting and the sex talk – you’re okay with it going as far as it has?’ she yearned to know. ‘I’m going to be frank and open and I want you to be just as honest with me.’

‘Yes,’ was all he said, looking deeply into her eyes. Tammy was caught like a deer in the headlights when she thought of something that made her laugh.

‘I had to delete your photo this afternoon. Not even because I was worried I’d be caught with it, but because I was constantly touching myself. And I keep thinking of the last weekend, about the way you wrote your story…’

‘Our story,’ Ben corrected.

‘Yes, our story,’ Tammy said, beginning to fluster. ‘Then you took me out and we had such a good time. And then there was the resulting phone call when we began to fantasise about what we’d do if we were to make all of that a reality. We’ve already kissed in this bed, slept naked together.’

‘I loved all of it,’ Ben admitted openly.

‘So did I,’ Tammy seconded. ‘So you don’t want to stop?’

‘No, mom,’ Ben assured, looking back down to her wiggling toes with her. ‘So what about sex did you want to talk about exactly?’

Fear washed over Tammy as those words hit her. Adrenaline was quick to flush into her bloodstream, intensifying that fear and causing her breathing to quicken. She held her breath before asking. ‘When we fantasise about incest, about you and me having actual sex as you put it, you’re not making it up, are you? Do you really want to have sex with me?’

It was all on Ben now, or so he thought. Frank and open, he thought and chose to bite the bullet. “May I begin with an open statement?” he imagined asking the judge.

‘I really do…’

‘Thank you for being honest with me,’ Tammy whispered and kissed his hand. She looked into his eyes briefly and saw somebody who had instantly grown a few years older. It could have been that she projected her fears onto him, that he was suddenly no longer her son but a handsome mature stranger. Her son was handsome and mature beyond his years. He had grown up without a father figure, learning to be self-reliant by being the outsider, growing up without that bond. But by his mother he had grown into a loving young man, and for his mother he had unlimited and unconditional love. ‘I want to take a minute, if you’ll leave me here just now,’ she said.



‘I hope I didn’t hurt you. I’d die inside if I have,’ read Ben’s text.

‘I love you more and more,’ Tammy replied. ‘Come back to my room when you’re done doing what you’re doing.’

Ben wasn’t doing anything. He suspected she might have thought that he was masturbating again, not that he had done lately without her knowing about it. But maybe that was the mother’s intuition. Only a short while ago he heard her padding around in her bare feet, switching off the main light and turning on the bedside lamp before the mattress on her bed depressed as she climbed in. He thought that was it, unless she was going to drop him another raunchy message which, surprisingly, she hadn’t either.

Maybe she wanted to talk again, he supposed, which was fine, seeing as she was clearly wrestling with what they were doing with each other, trying to come to terms. Maybe it was over and he was about to be dumped as her sex fantasy. Maybe it would be for the best. With a heavy heart, Ben snuck out of his room and into his mother’s.

Tammy lay on her side, one arm over the duvet that hid everything but the top of her shoulder and collarbone. She wasn’t wearing anything from what he could see and her hair was down and splayed across the pillow. She wore an innocent look and smiled sweetly when he asked her if she wanted anything.

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Dormitory Slut’s Christmas Break

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This is an entry in the Winter Holiday Contest, and is a story of the further adventures of Lester Logan, a student at State University and the self-styled dormitory slut. For further details on his carnal adventures, see previous stories.


It was the evening of December 21, the beginning of Winter Break, which almost everybody calls Christmas Break, and Lester Logan was in something of a quandary over what he should do. For two weeks, through Sunday, January 6 of the following year, he would not be attending any of his classes at State University, which meant he would be free to do almost anything he wanted. Most of the other men in his dorm were going home to visit family, and he considered that as a possibility. However, the trip would be expensive, and his relatives have virtually disowned him because of his sexual orientation. He is gay, and they know it and consider that fact to be a terrible blot on the family name, and would far rather he try to spend as little time in their presence as he can manage.

He does have friends in his home town, and he would have liked to see some of them again, but nobody there was really close. Being a gay man, he had no straight friends he would particularly want to travel to see, and the few other gay men he knew there had moved away or partnered up among themselves. The friends who remained would be glad enough to see him, but it is well known that two is company and three is a crowd, and he knew he would be that third person when around those friends and their partners.

Staying in the dormitory over the break would have its advantages. “I could get caught up on my studying,” Lester told himself, referring to the pre-med course he was taking. “Maybe even get a little ahead, with no classes to attend and no new assignments.”

He had some close associates in the dormitory, and the thought of them made him smile. They often studied together and, after their minds were filled with medical and other scientific details, some of them undressed and fucked him in his ass or were sucked off by him until he and they climaxed, often multiple times. He didn’t know how many would be staying over the break but, if a few of them were and they were in the mood for more of that kind of activity, that would definitely help him make up his mind.

“Stan will be staying here,” he mused.

That was a reference to his roommate and most frequent sex partner. Stanley Brady is a bear of a man and also a pre-med student, as are most of the young men in the dorm. For his own personal reasons, which he did not care to talk about, Stan would be staying over, and he had let Lester know how much he would enjoy more of what they had been doing for the last three months. The thought of his roommate’s big, hard cock and the way it had felt in his ass and mouth were the two most important factors in Lester’s decision to stay in the dormitory for the next two weeks. He called his family to tell them he would be staying. They seemed more relieved than disappointed at the news, but they did wish him a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Besides being roommates, regular sex partners and study buddies, Lester and Stan are also friends, and they frequently eat together at the cafeteria in the student union. The evening of December 21 was one of those times, and they were joined by Justin Crowley, another young dorm mate and pre-med student who regularly shared sexual pleasures with the cute blonde twink. He was a bear too, and Lester wondered if he was staying in the dorm over the winter break, and if he would also be interested in sharing some carnal fun, possibly beginning that night.

“Hi, Les. Hi, Stan,” he greeted the two as he placed his tray on the long table they had to themselves.

They returned the greeting. Many people had already left for the holiday, and the place was much less crowded than it usually would have been on a Friday evening. According to Pauletta Powers, the weekend manager, the cafeteria would be open for the next two weeks, but with a smaller staff and less choice available. All three of the men had, coincidentally, settled on a hamburger and macaroni casserole, and Justin commented on how the food there would be even duller than usual for the next two weeks.

“Oh? Are you staying here over the Christmas break?” Lester asked the man who had just joined them.

He tried to avoid sounding too interested, but he couldn’t help remembering how Justin had been the first man at the university to fuck his ass, after he had sucked Stanley off three times. The fourth blow job for his roommate had been simultaneous with Justin’s big cock massaging his prostate, which he thinks of and refers to as his clit, and that evening was still one of the fondest memories he had of being the dormitory slut, or even in his life as a gay man. He hoped he would be able to store away a memory just as good that evening.

“Yeah,” Justin answered his query. “There’s nothing I really want to go home to, and I’d just as soon stay bursa yabancı escort here and get caught up on my coursework. How about you guys?”

“I am too,” Lester replied. “Staying here over the Christmas break. Like you, I don’t have anything or anybody I really want to go home to.”

“I’m staying too.” Stanley gave no reason for his choice of action, and nobody asked him for one, figuring it was his own business.

The three men looked at each other; especially the two bears looked at Lester. They were horny, as only young single men can get on a Friday evening when they are without female companionship, and they both wondered how the cute blonde man would feel about a hot sex session after they left the cafeteria. Lester knew how he felt, and he also knew he would be the one to decide if their night would conclude in a jolly threesome in his bed. He already knew Stanley wanted and expected to enjoy a sexual rendezvous after dinner, and he was fairly sure Justin would want to join in.

“How about coming up to mine and Stan’s room and having some fun after we get done eating.”

“I’d love it,” Justin answered. “As long as it’s okay with you, Stan.”

“No problem.”

For the three men, that settled what they would be doing that night. The only question that might arise would be how many times they would come during their session. For the rest of the meal, nothing more was said on the subject, and conversation was on classes and gossip about some of their classmates. When they left, it was to walk together over to the dorm and upstairs to the room occupied by the two roommates. Stanley unlocked the door and locked it again when all three were inside. Because he spends much of his time naked, Lester likes to keep the temperature fairly warm, so they all immediately took off their jackets and tossed them onto Stanley’s bed.

As usual, they removed their shoes at the door, and Lester sat down on his bed to also remove his socks, because he considers it to be showing disrespect not to take them off, if possible, before sex. The other two men sat beside him to follow his example. As always, there was a brief moment of awkwardness while Justin and Stan waited for the man who would be their sex partner to make the first move. Either of them expected to be sucked off and to fuck Les in his cute, tight ass, but they would wait for him to determine the order of who did what and when.

He didn’t make them wait very long. Stanley was sitting to his left, and Lester reached over with his right hand and started to pull down the zipper on the big man’s pants. The bear grinned happily and, while Lester reached into the fly of his boxer shorts, leaned back on his hands to enjoy what was about to happen.

It was not hard at first, but the gentle fondling started to stiffen Stan’s cock, and a few strokes between his roommate’s lips turned his shaft as hard as the steel legs of the bed. The position was rather awkward, so Lester stood up and took the face towel hanging on the head of the bed and placed it on the floor in front of where he would be kneeling. After licking the head of the stiff cock, he knelt in front of Stanley and started to unfasten his belt so he could pull the man’s pants all the way off. The bear sat up then and removed his shirt and, after his pants and shorts had been removed, he was totally naked.

Seeing what was happening, Justin was elated to know he was going to be the first to fuck the succulent ass of the blonde twink. He got up also and went to the dresser where he knew there were condoms and Aqualube on top, as well as a damp towel, and brought them back. He undressed himself and, after applying the condom, knelt behind Les and started providing the same service for the kneeling man. While continuing to slowly suck Stanley’s cock in and out of his mouth, Lester raised his knees, one at a time, from the floor to help with his disrobing. Justin also removed the kneeling man’s shirt and, when they were done, all three of the youthful students were naked and all were eager for some hot sex.

The next thing that needed to be done was the preparation of Lester’s ass. He reached back to spread his cheeks, and Justin inserted the tip of the squeeze bottle of lubricant and squirted in a big dollop. The finger that was inserted to spread the Aqualube was long enough to massage his clit, and Les squirmed and wiggled in avid anticipation of something longer and thicker that would be doing more of the same, but doing it much better. He didn’t have to wait very long because, after he used more of the lube to coat his erection, the man who would be fucking him was just as eager to get his cock into the tight, oily place he had just prepared.

Using the thumb and finger of his left hand, Justin reached between the soft and creamy white cheeks being held apart for him and pried open the pink hole in the center. With his right hand, he guided his cock, pressed it against the target awaiting him and moved it up and bursa sınırsız escort down to make a small penetration. When the tip of his cock was between the edges of the waiting orifice, he gave a firm but gentle thrust and sighed happily when the head wedged into the place it was seeking.

Lester removed his mouth from around Stanley’s cock and cooed in joy when he felt the opening being stretched. He knew Justin was well-hung, and would be able to expand his ass really well. Even better, Stan’s erect cock was bigger, which meant he would provide a more thorough reaming later, when it was his turn. That was why Lester chose to be fucked in the order he did, so his lucky ass would be stretched by both men that evening.

“My god, Les! You seem to get tighter all the time,” Justin exclaimed, but not in a complaining manner as he squeezed in an inch of his hard shaft.

“Maybe you’re just getting bigger. Sex with another guy can do that, I hear.”

Justin laughed at that riposte. As a pre-med student, he knew that wasn’t so, but it was a pleasant thought. He thrust forward again, and two more inches of his hard shaft drove into the ass he loved to fuck. He was imbedded deeply enough that he no longer needed to guide his cock, so he used the wet towel to wipe the excess lubricant from his hands and placed them on either of Lester’s hips. With his next thrust he pulled back and drove forward again, and his cock burrowed its way almost all the way inside. One more slow stroke plunged the rest of his shaft into where he wanted it, and he remained in that position, letting the tightness and the moving muscles give him a great massage that he knew would quickly get better.

With his ass delightfully full of rigid cock and his hands no longer needed to spread his cheeks, Lester took hold of the cock of the patiently waiting Stanley and leaned forward to take it back into his mouth. He began by licking all over the head, especially the slit, moving his tongue lower to caress under the hard ridge and, finally, opening his mouth wide and engulfing the entire length, until his lips and nose were being tickled by the bear’s pubic hair. He remained like that, caressing the length with his tongue, until he felt Justin starting to slowly withdraw from his ass.

Lester replicated the man behind him by raising his head, caressing Stan’s big cock with his mouth all the way, until just the head was nestled between his lips. When he felt the other hard cylinder surging into his ass, he lowered his face, enveloping Stanley’s cock again, until his mouth and nose were once more being tickled. That’s the pattern Lester likes to follow when he is letting himself be shared by two men as he was that night — let the man behind him set the pace while he filled and emptied his mouth in the same tempo.

As Justin drove his cock in and out of his dorm mate’s ass, with Lester fucking back to meet each stroke, he couldn’t help thinking of how it was tighter and felt better than most pussies of his experience. Like Stanley, he is straight and, all things being the same, would rather be fucking a woman than a man, but all things were not the same. The woman he occasionally dated had left by airplane that afternoon, and he had nobody but Lester available for the next two weeks.

Stanley’s situation was quite similar. The previous day, he had argued with his occasional girlfriend, and she was planning to leave the next morning and had canceled their date for that night. His parents are separated and planning on divorcing and live hundreds of miles apart, and he did not want to appear to take sides, so he was not going to be visiting either of them. However, he would call them both on Christmas Day.

Lester was well aware he was nothing more than a replacement for the women the two men with him then and the others in the dorm would have preferred. He didn’t care, as long as his needs were taken care of. They were using him, he knew, but he was using them too, and everybody was having a lot of fun doing it, so he was willing to settle for that unless something better came along. There are other gay men on the campus, but those he knows about are all militants, and he considered his sexual orientation to be his business and that of his sex partners, so he had almost nothing to do with other gays.

He definitely did not miss them, at least not sexually, when there were guys like the two well-hung bears who were sharing his bed that night. Justin in back of him was steadily plowing his big giver of pleasure in and out of Les’s ass, spreading the opening, expanding the channel and, best of all, massaging his clit with every stroke. Stan’s big cock felt almost as good. It was the perfect size — big enough to spread his lips and fill his mouth, but not so big that he would be unable to move it around inside as he stroked with his lips. Lester’s tongue reveled in the smooth feel of the skin stretched so tightly over the hard roundness, and he laved every inch he could görükle escort reach. He was getting some of the hottest sex of his life that night, and was aware the best was yet to happen.

His own cock was as rigid as either of those that were pleasuring him and was swinging from side to side under his body. Lester reached down, held his shaft gently in his hand and started to stroke slowly, in the same tempo as the two much bigger cocks that were giving him so much fun. Nobody was in a hurry to come, and all three men thought it would be nice for each of them to climax within a few seconds of everybody else, if they could manage to accomplish that. More than anything, though, each of them wanted to give and to receive the most pleasure possible, and they fucked and sucked and stroked slowly for a long time with that goal in mind.

I’m almost ready to come, Les,” Stanley finally announced.

“Me too,” Justin added, and he started plowing his cock harder and faster into the soft, white ass in front of him.

Lester could feel the big cock throbbing inside his mouth, and he tightened his lips around the shaft and started sucking faster, still in rhythm with the other hard cylinder going in and out of him, and using shorter strokes. He fucked his ass back to meet Justin too, keeping pace with that partner’s faster thrusts, while the movements of his hand matched the increased tempo, because he could feel his own orgasm building up.

“Oh! Oh, god! Ah!” Justin exclaimed as his climax started to explode. He drove his cock harder and faster into the ass in front of him, pulling back on Lester’s hips to achieve maximum depth. “Ahhh” he sighed happily as he ejaculated, filling his condom with a big gush of cum.

He didn’t stop, but he did slow down and kept plunging his cock in and out of the marvelous ass that had given him such a great climax. He continued until two more spurts of semen joined the first one, before leaning slightly forward, with his hands on the other man’s hips and his cock still imbedded all the way to his pubic hair. The movements of the man whose ass he had just fucked kept sending ripples of pleasure through his body and, he knew, his cock was giving joy to Lester as well.

“Oh, yeah,” Stan sang out joyfully as he unloaded a big wad of cum into his cute roommate’s warm, wet cavern of pleasure.

He was not satisfied with one spurt either, and Lester knew it as well as anyone. The happy twink continued sucking and felt two more viscous bursts gush into his mouth. He didn’t stop then, but continued until he was sure there would be no more. The first load of semen that night was swirled around in his mouth so he could relish the taste and viscosity before allowing it to slide down his throat.

There was still more of Stan’s cum, and the man who had earned that treat licked every drop from his shaft before placing his thumb on the base directly in front of the bear’s scrotum and the fingers of that hand on the opposite side of his cock. Moving his hand slowly toward his mouth, Lester’s tongue caught all the cum that oozed out of Stanley’s cock, before savoring this mouthful the same as he had the first.

The great fucking his ass and mouth had gotten, combined with the delicious taste and the texture of the delicious semen he had ingested had brought Les to the verge of his climax, and the big shaft still stuffed inside his ass was finishing the job. As he stroked his cock faster and faster, a great geyser of intense pleasure welled up inside him and exploded out his cock. He ejaculated twice onto the face towel on the floor, which had been put there for that purpose, before he was through coming.

The hamburger and macaroni casserole he had eaten earlier hadn’t been all that tasty, and Lester knew what he could do about it. The flavor of Stanley’s semen had helped some, and he knew the other cockfull that was protruding from Justin’s crotch would chase the slightly unpleasant aftertaste completely away. The young man remained on his knees and Lester carefully removed the condom and set it aside, to be disposed of later. Holding the base of the hard shaft, which was still almost fully erect, he licked upward on its length, like a boy licking a melting Popsicle, until he had cleaned all the cum from its entire length. The juices that remained inside were treated as those inside his other partner’s cock had been.

So far, the evening had been fabulous, and Lester was elated when he realized it was going to get even more delightful. From the licking and fondling he had done, Justin’s cock had become fully erect, and he started sucking the hard organ in and out of his mouth. Even better, he saw Stan go to the dresser and, when he returned, he was rolling a condom onto his erection, which was just as rigid as the first one to fuck his ass that night, and even bigger.

The cock surging in and out of his mouth felt so good Lester couldn’t bear to remove it, but he did reach back to spread his cheeks. From being prepared and fucked by the first man, his ass was almost ready, but he hoped Stanley would cover his cock with more of the Aqualube. When he felt the blunt tip pressed against his needy hole, he wiggle his ass to encourage rapid and full penetration, and the man behind him was not in the least averse to that idea either.

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Beach House Fun

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I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


“Damm it Jake,” I spoke to no one in particular as I picked up the boxer short. My young 19 year old nephew was staying with me in my beach house. The place was a mess when ever he came over. Still, I thought, it’s nice to have so company as I walked to the bathroom and dropped it in the wJames basket.

As I walked back to the front window over looking the lake, I took a look into the hallway mirror. 42 years old but still looking good. Sure I was getting balder each year, but I kept it short and I work out regularly. I dare say I have a Bruce Wiles thing going on. Women often compliment me on my smile and gentle features. Live long bachelor and loving it. Sure I got lonely sometimes, but a warm body besides me in bed was only a call away. Across the lake was a young widow, Jenny that often came by when ever I needed a good home cooked meal.

And of course the two kids from my sister always came by.

More often then not uninvited.

Like this weekend.

Started great, Jenny a blond bimbo I had met during a trip for work would come over on Saturday while Suze, my sister’s girl had promised to cook for me on Sunday. But I had forgotten that spring break had started and sure enough I got a call from my nephew asking if he could come over.

I liked the kid, that wasn’t the problem but I had been busy enough the last few weeks that I really needed this, what would surely be, a sex filled weekend. But I guess with me being his godfather I had no choice but to give in. God knows I never could deny them anything. Him or his sister. If only he could clean up after himself.

“Hey Uncle James! You should come join me, the water is great!”

I snapped out of my little daydream as I heard Jake yell from the water.

Man the tits on her, I thought as I reached into my boxer’s waistband and adjusted my dick.

Walking towards the patio I saw the 19 year old wave from the dock. I opened the glass window and walked outside putting down my fresh cup of coffee. “Wait until I get some coffee in me will you?” I yelled back smiling.

Jake was a good looking kid, he played basket ball in school and like me had a muscular built. He looked a lot like his farther, towering a few inches above me. As he walked towards the house he drew his hand through his blond curls. Why the hell he wanted to stay the weekend with me was anyone’s guess… a guy like Jake could have his share of whatever he wanted back in my day.

I sat myself down and grabbed the morning paper lying on the table. Bad stuff happening in the world, what else was new?

“What cha reading?” I heard as a few drops of water fell down on the page. Looking up Jake was standing next to me with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Young guy gets killed for disturbing his uncle’s weekend.” I said as I smiled and looked up at him.

“Oh come on, you know you love it when ever I come around.” He replied as he let himself drop down in a chair across from me, swiping the towel from under him and drying his hair.

“Thought maybe I could get to see some of those “skanky”girls mom always tells us about.”

“Not this weekend buddy, don’t want them seeing a young stud like you around. Might give em ideas as to why they came to me in the first place. God knows what your mom would do to me if she found out that I hooked you up with one of my girls. Besides… I’m not that sure your equipped enough to handle em, not when their used to this.” I spoke as I stood up and took a hold of my dick through my boxers, paper dangling in the other. The young men smiled at that as he looked at my crotch.

Not realizing my words were like a challenge to the young kid, I sat back down and took a sip of coffee.

“Think so huh?” He said smiling as he stood up and dropped his swimsuit. What came out was a 9 inch long cock. I looked at the semi erect dick dangling in front of me and felt my mouth drop open. Now I’m no slouch when it comes to cocks, with my 8 inches I can keep up with the best of em but this thing had me flabbergasted.

“Haha like that do you?” He laughed as he took a hold of it and gently stroked it. Minutes seemed to pass and I only came back to reality as he moved closer and playfully slapped it on the top of the paper I was holding.

“It’s… very… impressive.” I spoke as I felt my mouth go dry. My eyes travelled up, over his abs, his smooth chest, impressive pecks and felt something I had never felt. Slowly I could feel my own cock stir.

“Well how about it then?” He said, still stroking it, making it even bigger. A few drops of pre cum were at the tip of bursa escort his dick now.

“Wha.. what about it?” I spoke, unable to hide the tremble in my voice.

“I showed you mine…time to step up old man.” He spoke as he playfully grabbed the papers from me. I knew I had to break this off. Confusion and … things were racing through my head. Then fate stepped in.

“Hey Suze!” I said as I looked past his frame and greeted my niece. Saved by the other one, what a joy!

Seems like both my sister’s children had decided to greet me with a visit. And she couldn’t have arrived at a better time! She herself was surprised by the little scene in front of her when she rounded the corner by the look on her face.

Her long black hair was bundled in a knot on her head, and she was wearing a short t-shirt with low riding jeans. Her 2 bags gave away that this would be one of her “short” visits.

“SUZE?!” Her brother cried out as he tried covering his dick with both hands. His face turned bright red and apparently he was so shocked he froze on the spot.

Overcoming the nakedness of her brother surprisingly fast she dropped her bags and walked over to me. Bending down, giving me a good view of her breasts, she planted 2 kisses on my cheeks.

“Hello Uncle James. And hello… ” She let the words hang as she looked down.

“Big,” She smiled as she approvingly took in the half covered dick. “brother”. Seeing the humour in the situation she was smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh man…” Her brother finally spoke. He was shuffling around like he had to pee real badly. “Damm sis I didn’t know you were coming!” He was walking backwards to the dock, forgetting his swimsuit. “This better not mean I have to sleep on the couch!” He yelled as he turned and jumped from the docks into the water.

Me and Suze were laughing out loud now. In the back of my head I could still see his cock dangling inches from my face. It would be hard to get that out of my mind anytime soon. When the laugher stopped Suze planted her tight little behind in the stool in front of me and spoke up.

“Care to tell me what that was about?” She still had a big grin on her face and her big brown eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

“You know guys stuff…” I shrugged.

“Well… guess I can’t call him “little” brother anymore can I?” She said as she looked at her brother in the water, who was already back to splashing around.

“I guess you can’t, so how have you been? And whatever happened to the good old day’s when you’d call before dropping in like this?” I spoke as I refolded the paper and took another sip.

Suddenly Suze got up and sat down in my lap. “Oh come on! You’re not turning into a grumpy old man on your old age are you?” Her one arm around my neck and her other resting against my curly haired chest. Her face beaming, she knew how I hated to be called an old man.

“Old man huh?” I said as I put down the cup and lifted her up. She cried out as I walked out on the deck and towards the water. “Ill show you old man!”

“No.. no please Uncle I don’t wanna become wet!!” As the last few words were coming out of her mouth she was already in.

“Jake take care of your sisters bags, I’m gonna shower!” I yelled as I was already walking back to the house.

“Take care?” Suze spoke up laughing, “I think we need someone to take care of Jake first!”

Splashing of water was all that I could hear of Jake’s reply as I stepped inside the house and drew the glass door shut.

It was good to have those kids around again I thought as I walked upstairs and towards the shower. Sliding down my boxers and turning on the water I realized that my dick was still hard. Was I really turned on by the sight of my nephew’s cock? Letting the water flow over me I tried steering my mind to images of one of my past conquests but that big flesh thing kept creeping back into my mind.

I heard the glass door slide open downstairs. Mumbling voices. They got along most of the time but every now and then they had fights that could make the walls shake. I was trying shoot my load so I could get dressed and on with the day when suddenly the noise stopped.

Suddenly the door flew open and my nephew came barging in, as naked as he had been on the patio, his cock dangling in front of him. He drew back the curtain and laughed. I should have yelled, gotten angry anything but I didn’t I was perplexed by my nephews actions.

“Hey Suze, I was right! My dick is bigger then Uncle’s,” he yelled as he softly spoke “Yours is slightly curved though…” he was staring at my crotch. My mind was racing. Standing in my shower, dick in hand, displaying myself to my 19 year old nephew. The party wasn’t done though, because within seconds his sister was standing next to him, smiling as her wet cloths were dripping on the bathroom floor. Her t-shirt clung to her breasts, her nipples sticking out.

“My my my Uncle…I gotta say I’m impressed… I guess all men in my family are well hung.”

All bursa escort bayan I could bring out was “Wha… what… what are you kids doing?”

“Well,” Suze said as she made no intention of looking away “Jake told me about your little talk earlier and I didn’t believe him. But I guess he’s right… but still, nice dick uncle.”

“Can I hold it?” Jake spoke as he was stroking his own. What could I say? I was close to catatonic… I felt myself let go of my dick. And ever so slowly his hand came towards my dick and I felt his strong hand encircle it. “Yeah yours is fatter.” His expression was sad.

“That’s it!” I felt myself comeback to reality and I had to take charge. “Everyone out! NOW!” I yelled, faking my anger. Suze just smiled and as she rounded the corner took one look back and winked at me.

“Well I can’t.” Jake said as he shrugged. “Gotta take a leak Uncle.” As he turned towards the toilet.

“Well… well at least close the door.” I guess it was ok for us guy’s to see each other naked.

I tried to look away but with him standing practically next to me I was having a damm hard time. The warm water was sliding over my body and I felt my erection rise again. Would I have touched it with even a finger I could have sprayed the wall with my cum.

“Man don’t you just hate that? I can’t piss when I’m hard. What to do, what to do?” He smirked. “Well if you’re embarrassed just look away Uncle. But if I wanna piss anytime soon I gotta take care of this big boy first.” He pulled down the toilet seat and sat down. His cock standing up in front of him. “Shame I don’t have some lube…” He said as he looked around.

“This will have to do I guess,” he brought his finger to his mouth and made it wet, looking at me, as he put his foot against the cloth dryer and ever so slowly brought his finger down towards his ass crack. With a soft moan he inserted his finger into his ass while jerking off with his other. “This feels sooo gooood.” He mumbled as he closed his eyes and put his head back against the wall.

Without realising what I was doing I felt my own hand creep around my cock and I started to jack off. The warm water flowing down my chest and over my abs towards my dick. I felt my knees get weak as I kept jerking and watching my nephew please himself.

“You should try this Uncle,” He said as he looked up at me. “It feels amazing with some pressure on your rectum.” His eyes returned to look at my cock.

“Tha… That’s oke.” I felt myself getting close. His cockhead was foaming with pre cum now. I wanted to step out of the shower and bend down so I could lick it off. Small beads of transpiration were forming on the young men’s head.

“Oh god, I think I’m getting close now Uncle. I’m gonna cum. Oh god!” His hand was a blur around his dick now. The entire thing slick with pre cum and his finger going in and out of his ass. I felt my own balls tighten and from the tips of my toes I could feel my own orgasm approaching.

“Oh god, oh god!” I heard from my left, and as I looked down I saw my nephew cum. Thick strings of sperm were shooting from his dickhead on my shower carpet. The sight was too much for me and I almost buckled over as I felt myself cum. Hitting the shower wall it mingled with the water and ran down the drain. I looked over and saw that my nephew was milking the last few drops from his dick. He was using both hands to contain all the white cream. Some hitting his hairless legs and dropping on the toilet seat, his hands wet with cum. “Oh man, wasn’t that something?” He said as he looked up with a smirk on his face. “Great way to start the day though.” He winked at me. “Man my entire hand is covered in cum.” He shrugged and brought it to his mouth. “Mmm tasty!” He smiled and winked at me. “Well all done and now I don’t even have to pee anymore!” He laughed. “See you later Uncle James.”

My jaw hung open as I tried grasping what had happened. Had I just jerked off while watching my nephew masturbate? As I tried calming myself I let the water run over my head and back. I put some soap on my washing cloth and started to soap myself up. As much as I tried I could not put the image of his cock out of my mind. So thick and hard, and so big! His muscular arm flexing every time he stroked it.

God! What was wrong with me?! This was my nephew! This was a man!! I blamed it on the 2 weeks of non stop working. Yeah that was it. The damn job had me stressed beyond believe and anything could turn me on.

Turning the cold water knob open a little more, trying to stop the blood from flooding to my dick I let the soap slide from my body. Stepping out I picked up a towel lying on the sink. As I stepped into a comfy jogging pants and a t-shirt I thought of maybe driving over to Jenny’s maybe get a quick fix in but then decided against it, she had said something about her daughter and son coming over. I wasn’t really ready for that yet.

Man this weekend was gonna last forever.

As I descended the stairs escort bursa the smell of eggs and toast greeted me, as well as my 21 year old niece. Still a little shaken from the situation upstairs I tried a light weight “Hey Peach” a nick name I always gave her when she was a child.

“And a hello to you Uncle” She spoke as she tilted her head and gave me a smile. I wasn’t sure what to say but thankfully I didn’t have to.

“Look,” She said as she put down the plate she was holding. “I just want you to know you don’t have to be embarrassed. I guess it was my fault for walking in on you. It’s just that I thought Jake was boasting and I don’t know… I don’t like seeing him be right.” She smiled. “But…” She let the words hang for a second. “I just want you to know that you certainly don’t have anything to be embarrassed about neither. I often walked in on my Dad when I was younger and your coc… dick… I mean penis is certainly bigger then his.” She focused her eyes on my groin and I felt myself get harder again. “Anyhow I just wanted you to know that, seeing as I’m gonna be staying for awhile and I might run into you again… accidents do happen.” She looked up at my face again with a small grin.

“Goo… good. I guess.” I mumbled still at un ease with all of this. Might happen again?! As she turned toward the stove I found myself staring at her petite ass. The jeans seemed to be melted around it as if it were her second skin. I never really looked at my niece like this. She really was turning into a fine women.

“Hope you like you’re eggs over easy.” She said as she gently slided a cooked egg on my plate.

“So… so how are things at school?” I asked trying to get my mind off things.

“Good. I guess.” She said as she brought her fork to those full lips of hers. “I… I um kinda got suspended. Now don’t get mad! But I got caught…” She didn’t look up at me, her mouth was pouting. She always had a habit of ignoring authority. “You see me and Max got caught fucki… making love in the library.” Her face was bright red at admitting this to me.

“Well a library isn’t really the right place for that hun.” I smiled. Heck I had been young, I knew what it was to be in the heat of the moment. “But it does make me wonder what sort of boy’s your attracted to… when I was in college” “It wasn’t a boy…” She interrupted me. “Max is short for Maxine…I’m bisexual Uncle. I like girls too.” I could only stare at her flabbergasted.

“Well… uhm… well…” I felt my own face get red now. I tried finding words to say but somehow I just couldn’t find them. She was smiling a bit though. I was happy with that. It can’t be a small thing admitting as much to someone close.

“Yeah that was pretty much mom’s reaction too.” She shrugged. “I guess I never really thought about it to be perfectly honest. When I first kissed a girl it felt really good, so soft you know. I like rough too but soft can be nice sometimes too. And things just kept going I guess…”

Silence filled the air.

“Oh come on Uncle,” She said as she drew back her chair and walked over to me, she put her arm around me. “I’m in college! It’s normal to experiment right?” She kissed my bald head. “Or do you wanna tell me you never sucked a cock back in college?” I felt like I was on fire.

“Well I haven’t!” I almost yelled. “Well maybe you should…” She answered as she took my head in both her hands. As I saw the smile on her face I couldn’t help but laugh. Soon she too was cracking up.

“Well I guess if you’re happy why not. You’re a young adult now. It’s the new millennium… why not? How does your mom feel about all of this?”

She returned back to her seat and started to finish her meal. “She’s great about it! She was freaked out I guess at first… but I can understand that. Dad really messed her up I think. Sex wise. But she’s getting better every day now, since she started dating again. You should have seen the hunk she went out with last week! He models for us in art class, his eyes are…”

Her words trailed off. It would seem things were changing… My sis dating again? I felt my temper rise at the mention of that jerk of an ex of hers. Something snapped me back though.

“cause he’s also dated him for a bit.” He, him? What?

“I’m sorry I didn’t fully understand that last part…”

“Jake? Yeah he dated Mark too for a brief while. But Mom really had a thing for him so Jake took a step back…. And I guess you didn’t know Jake was gay…” She squinted her eyes at me. “He didn’t mention it?” Hell no he didn’t!

“Not a word.” I said, surprisingly keeping my cool.

“Well its awesome if you ask me. A lot of guys in his team are gay. I guess he figured it out while eyeballing all those cocks in the locker room. I can’t say I’m surprised though. But its great! Me and Mom can finally leave the bathroom door open when we shower… well I guess we always could but now we know he’s cool with it. I even helped him shave his legs! Ha ha isn’t that awesome! He likes to stay smooth, he says.”

My mind flashed back to his cock. He was gay? And why didn’t he say anything… So much information came to me this morning. I was exhausted. Apparently I looked it too cause Suze called me on it.

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Her Naked Truth

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Authors Note: This is my nude day submission for this year. I hope you enjoy it, though it is not in one of my usual categories. Thank you very much to Veekay, whose help I would be lost without. I very much appreciate your proofreading/editing skills.

“My husband’s idea of foreplay is coming out of the bathroom after his shower, shaking his cock at me and saying, “How ’bout it babe,” Roxanne laughed. “I swear that man would be happier if clothes had never been invented, he has his party piece out and proud at any opportunity.” Her friends were all laughing hysterically at this point.

“His party piece!” Elaine exclaimed, “That’s priceless.”

“Well it sure beats Peter Perfect and the gruesome twosome,” Beth gasped for air between fits of laughter.

“I’ll go get us another round of drinks,” Julia said and stood up to head to the bar. It wasn’t that she was a prude exactly but the ribald talk around the table made her uncomfortable. Each woman was around forty and had been friends with the others since college. They got together every three months or so, no matter what else was happening in their lives and had done for almost twenty years. These get togethers generally involved a gossip and bitch session about their lives including careers, homes, life in general and inevitably their sex lives.

She had always been the quieter member of their group, she wasn’t really sure how she actually became included with them in college. She was never part of the popular crowd growing up and had become more of a loner through high school, but these girls had just seemed to adopt her in college and she became part of their circle of friends without even trying.

She was that friend who was fixed up on blind dates because one of her prettier friends refused to go out with a guy unless they double dated by bringing someone for Julia. She was tall and big boned, which intimidated most guys. She was sporty and smart which meant that she did not really belong in any clique until she met the girls who became her lifelong friends. Having lunch at the cafeteria or in the quad, one or more would come and sit with her and talk about a class they had together. Within the first year of college the small initial group became this larger group of ten women.

During college she had been fixed up, made over and beautified in some way by each of the girls she called friends. It was years later though when working as an orthopaedic physiotherapist she began treating an injured football player for a repetitive muscle strain that she came into her own sense of self. Having a belief in homeopathic remedies in conjunction with therapy, the client recovered quickly with a stronger joint than he had enjoyed in months.

He invited her to games, then parties and eventually on more intimate dates. He was taller, broader and larger than she was in every way and he made her feel truly feminine for the first time in her life. She began to dress with more care and wear make up more often and used all those make over tools her friends had tried to teach her. She smiled thinking of him as she carried the pitchers of Margaritas back to the table.

Paula waved her over to the free seat beside her, it was a constant game of musical chairs when the girls got together. Pouring them both a drink Paula asked, “And how are you and that magnificently fine husband of yours?”

“We are wonderful, as always.” Julia blushed.

“And what did you have to promise to get away from home this weekend?” Paula grinned knowing Julia always had to promise her husband something in return for being left to his own devices for a weekend.

“His parents place for a week.” Julia made a face but grinned at Paula’s expression of mock outrage.

“Oh yeah, poor you having to deal with that island life for a whole week.” Paula teased.

“Oh like you can talk! What did you have to promise to get away from your brood of kids?” Julia laughed.

“I sent them to the in-laws for a week!” Paula laughed uproariously drawing looks from the other women who joined in the conversation. “You should try that next time,” Paula murmured to Julia, “We could spend a whole week catching up then.”

Julia looked at Paula with a smile and an imperceptible nod of her head, then listened to Roxanne laughing that her husband gave her extra spending money to make sure she went and left him to his marathon poker game he had planned with his mates. Julia has always felt a special closeness with Paula. She had been the first real friend Julia had made at college, they had remained in close contact after college and had each been the maid of honour at each other’s weddings.

“When are you going to his parents?” Paula asked.

“Oh not ’til the end of the month probably, he still needs to organise the time off from the store,” Julia laughed, “they’re always pretty busy this time of year.” Once he had retired football her husband, Cam, had bought into a sporting good franchise with his best friend and summer was always the busiest time of year for them.

“You should bursa escort bayan get your mother to look after the little one for you and spend an extra few days with me after the weekend. I mean if Cam is going to be busy and probably working late anyway,” she poured them both another drink from the rapidly diminishing pitcher. “We used to be so close and we barely see each other anymore, what with the kids and everything.”

Julia got the idea that Paula needed a friend at that moment, looking into her eyes and taking her hand she asked seriously, “Is everything all right? You sound sort of strained.” Paula shook her head slightly and lifted her glass draining it. “I’ll ring mum in the morning and see what she says, okay?” Paula smiled and poured another drink.

As the night wore on the women got drunker and men came and went from their table as they tried their luck with one or more of them. Julia didn’t worry about not being approached by men anymore; she had found the man for her. Instead she laughed with the others as Roxanne, Elaine and Paula fended off the unwanted advances. The three women had become even more beautiful with age and Julia had no doubt that they turned heads everywhere they went in their everyday lives.

The women staggered home together in the small hours of the morning, to the house they had rented for the weekend. It was close to the campus of the college they all had once attended. The house was a large rambling building filled with pokey rooms used during the school year for student accommodation. With six bedrooms though and limited space for fold-out beds many of the women chose to share, having agreed to it earlier and being too drunk at this stage of the night to care.

Julia woke up as the sun streamed into the window from a height that told her it was late. Beside her in the bed lay the naked and beautiful Paula who had slung her arm and leg over Julia during the night, her head resting on her left breast. Trying to move as gently as possible she attempted to roll Paula off her but instead the sleeping Paula had held to her tighter and mumbled something incomprehensible.

“Paula, I have to get up,” she tried again and pried Paula’s arm from her body. Finally freeing herself she stood up from the bed and pulled on a long shirt over her underwear before padding out to the bathroom. While the other women had no problem parading around the house in their underwear Julia had residual body issues that made her self-conscious around them all. She wished it didn’t matter to her so much anymore. Cam had reassured her over and over again that he loved her body, but she always felt awkward even now, almost twenty years after their college days.

Heading back to the room to grab her phone, she looked at the naked form of her friend splayed out on the bed and blushed. She would never get used to seeing people naked. Even in her job with sportsmen and women of all ages she always made them wear a gown, or a sheet to cover them in some way as she gave them therapy. She had endured a highly repressive upbringing in a deeply religious household and that added to her own insecurities about how she looked, she understood why she had been labelled a prude by her friends. Anatomy class had almost killed her at college, she had been lucky to have had friends there with her to pull her through with their jokes and easy banter. Paula especially had helped her through those classes.

Julia picked up her bag and took a last look at her sleeping friend, she was still perfect aside of the slight sag of her breasts that came with age and motherhood and some fine pink healing stretch marks that spider webbed out from her hips across her slightly rounded belly.

“Enjoying the view?” Paula asked drowsily, barely opening her eyes and making Julia blush and look away quickly.

“I was just grabbing my phone, I was going to call Mum and Cam to see if they minded if I stayed a little longer,” she mumbled and exited the room hearing Paula’s soft laugh follow her. Still blushing she walked out onto the sunny back deck wishing she had thought to put her sunglasses on. Each woman she passed was in some form of disarray as they nursed hangovers and large mugs of coffee.

“It’s so quiet here in summer, I don’t think any of the houses around us are occupied,” Elaine said, “You could sunbathe topless and no one would see.”

“You could,” Roxanne said with a sly wink, “in fact I think I would like to see that.” Elaine pulled off her shirt with a laugh and reclined in the chair she was sitting in on the back deck. Roxanne followed suit and looked at Julia, “Come on Julia get your shirt off you know you want to,” she teased knowing full well that she never would. “I bet your tits are still awesome under that baggy shirt.”

“I think I will just find a quiet corner somewhere to make my call,” she gave an embarrassed giggle and walked back inside.

“You can use our room,” Elaine called after her.

“Thanks,” she said over her shoulder and went back upstairs berating herself for still acting like görükle escort a prude. She was married, she had a child, this shouldn’t bother her so much, but it did and she couldn’t help it.


Julia and Paula stood on the front porch waving as the last of their friends left for home. It had been a great weekend but unused to so much drinking and partying anymore, Julia was tired. Her mother had been happy to spend the extra time with her grandson and Cam had said he was fine because he could get some extra stuff done at work and make it easier for them to get away at the end of the month. Paula had been beyond happy when Julia had told her she could stay a few extra days, and had said that she had hoped she would and had gone ahead and booked the house for the week.

“Let’s go grab some supplies,” Paula said enthusiastically, “I’ll even cook you dinner tonight if you like.”

“Yeah okay, just let me grab my purse and we can go,” Julia smiled.

“I drove down so we have wheels,” Paula called out, “I’ll meet you out the front.”

They had been walking through the shopping aisles talking about what they liked and buying treats they normally wouldn’t at home. They went past the laundry products and Julia gasped, “I just realised I haven’t brought enough clothes for the extra days maybe I should pick up a small box of laundry powder and do some hand washing tonight.”

“Or just wear nothing, I won’t mind,” Paula grinned.

“I can’t do that!” She exclaimed, “I’m not Roxanne with the perfect fake boobs and ass.” She stopped talking as Paula burst out laughing. “Well I never have been… you know…”

“Julia you are one of the most gorgeous women I know, why do you put yourself down so much?” Paula shook her head. “Fine, get your detergent and we’ll string up a line for you,” she tossed a couple of packages of soft thin nylon laundry line into the small trolley.

“I don’t think we’ll need that much,” Julia laughed and went to reach for the packages but Paula stopped her.

“I need some for home anyway and its two for one, see,” she pointed to the tag on the shelf. “Pegs I guess too,” she tossed a bag into the trolley, “now back to the food and drink situation.”

They picked up more food than they needed for a few days and stopped at the bottle shop to grab some wine and cocktail mixes. “If we get everything now we won’t have to go out again for the few days we are here, we can just hang out and relax.”

“Sure,” Julia agreed wondering yet again what was going on with her friend. “It will be good to catch up properly.”

They drove back to the house singing rock ballads with the windows wound down making the drivers of the passing cars look and snigger under their breath.

Returning to the house they put on more music from the decade of their wild years and headed into the kitchen to make a pitcher from the fruit tingle cocktail mix they had purchased and make a salad to go with some barbequed chicken they had brought for dinner later. Then they went out onto the back deck to watch the setting sun.

“So spill,” Julia said into the quiet of the twilight. “What’s going on with you?”

“I’ve been going through some changes in the last couple of years and I guess want different things to what I wanted back in college,” she paused to think about it for a minute and Julia watched her without commenting, just letting her say what she needed to. “That’s probably not strictly true,” she said thoughtfully. “It’s more like I have always known but never thought I could do or have the things I want, you know?”

“Yeah, I get that, in some ways” Julia agreed, “But I always thought you were so happy with Jett and the kids. I mean from the outside looking in you seem to have the life we all dreamed of having, rich, successful, two kids and a white picket fence. It was like you got everything you wanted in your life.”

“Yeah, I guess I did but I kept working wondering why it wasn’t making me happy, thinking if I just worked a bit harder, or did a bit more, it would all come together. It never did but I carried on and did the things I needed to do for those I loved,” she smiled, “I do love them in my own way, Jett and the kids. It was just never enough to make me feel complete.”

“Are you leaving Jett?” Julia asked, concern touching her voice.

“No, well I don’t think so, not right now anyway. He’s been every understanding. Actually he felt there was something missing from his life as well. We have become closer as a result of my soul searching and being honest with him. We will always love and care about each other,” she looked off into the distance, “he’s a good man. I’ve been lucky to have married one of my best friends.”

“You always seem just the same as always when we have our girl’s weekends,” Julia laughed, “I never would have guessed that there was anything wrong or different until you asked me to stay last night. Have you tried talking to any of the other girls?” Julia knew she was as worldly as the others and was not the one that people bursa escort bayan came to for advice about this sort of stuff.

“I haven’t really stayed as connected with anyone as much as I have with you,” she turned her head to look at Julia and reached out her hand grinning as the other woman took it. “You were always the best of us. The nicest and sweetest and most giving, I think you kept us all together through college. Whenever we had arguments there you were building bridges for us.” She laughed at the surprise on Julia’s face.

“Oh don’t give me that look, you were like Mary Poppins with that spoonful of sugar crap and always being so sweet, so prim and proper and genuinely caring,” she laughed and saw the fleeting look of embarrassment cross Julia’s face. “We loved you for that, all of us. You looked after us all and made sure we stayed… safe.” She squeezed Julia’s hand.

“You make it sound like I mattered, but I just tagged along with you guys. I was never in your league, you and Roxy and Elaine were… are so beautiful everyone wanted to be your friends, they still do. I was that girl that became cool by proximity. I was trying to remember last night how I got to tag along with you guys,” she laughed lightly.

“First year, first class, I sat behind you and then when you got up to leave I was like wow, she is gorgeous and smart, so I followed you out into the quad and when you sat down at a table I sat with you and introduced myself. Then I think Angie joined us and over that first term we sort of gathered the rest of the girls.” She considered for a moment, “I guess we started this group of ours but either way we’re all still together despite our differences.”

They had gotten to the bottom of the pitcher and as she drained her glass Paula asked, “More of this or will we have a glass of wine with some food?”

“Food sounds good,” she said, “I’m still so tired after last night.”

“Yeah it was great seeing everyone, the time just seems to fly by and I for one am tired of wasting it,” Paula walked into the kitchen and took the salad out of the refrigerator along with the barbecued chicken they had set aside for a light dinner. She opened a bottle of wine while Julia set the table for two.

They reminisced over their college days as they ate. They recounted the horrible blind dates that Julia had gone on with Paula and the crushing heart breaks and failures that had occurred in both their lives. Paula kept topping up Julia’s glass as they ate the light meal and by the time they had finished and cleaned up a little in the kitchen Julia was more than a little drunk and she let Paula help her into bed.

Laughing together Paula helped her undress, as she stumbled and fell onto the soft mattress. “I didn’t think I drank that much,” Julia slurred as Paula yanked off the jeans she had been wearing, taking her underwear with them.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Paula whispered, her fingers trailing up the naked legs of the object of her desire. “Just relax and let me look after you, beautiful,” she purred seductively. She slid up Julia’s body and murmured soft purring noises in her ear as she removed her bra.

Julia’s breathing had slowed and deepened as sleep over took her and Paula allowed her desire to come to the surface tracing the contours of the beautiful Amazon she had been in love with for forever. She smiled, the next few days were going to be wonderful she just had to slow down her own sense of urgency and bring Julia to the full understanding of what their relationship was about to become.

Reminding herself that there would be more than enough time to play, she stroked her hands over the amazing body of the woman she wanted to make her lover one last time and got up from the bed to do what needed to be done. She started by packing all the clothes they had each brought into the small luggage bags and took them to the room where she could lock the door from the outside.

Then she went from room to room removing all the linen and quilts from the beds. Finally she removed all but a few small hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Finally she took Julia’s phone from her bag and hid it where she could get to it for the daily phone calls home without unlocking the room containing their belongings.

This was never going to be an easy seduction for either of them but Paula was determined to show her prudish friend just how good sex could be, with the right partner of course. Julia had still been a virgin when she got married. Always so shy and insecure about her height and firm muscular build she had never believed boys truly wanted her, so when it came to the wedding night it was Paula as her maid of honour, that she had confided in. Over the years they had talked about sex often and Paula knew that Julia’s husband was a selfish lover who obviously had little to no idea about pleasing women.

She on the other hand knew a lot. She had spent the last few years indulging her secret desires discreetly. It was a far different world these days to when they were in college and far more accepting of sexual preference, but twenty years ago to be a lesbian was to be a dyke, a masculine woman with sort hair and hairy legs. Lipstick lesbians, which she identified with, were not seen let alone heard about in mainstream culture.

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Holiday Weekend Surprise

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Alina Li

Chapter One

So, there I was sitting in my middle class living room, in my middle class life being bored as hell. I always thought the phrase bored to tears was just a euphemism, but oh no – I was genuinely struggling to fight back tears of pure unadulterated boredom.

Don’t get me wrong, usually I was pretty happy with my life. I enjoyed my job, my boyfriend was a genuinely caring nice guy, we had good friends to go out with, and money wasn’t so tight that we couldn’t treat ourselves every now and again and have some good holidays. All in all Pete & I had it pretty good, and there in lies the problem – Pete was away on business and wouldn’t be back for at least 4 or 5 days& I was bored!.

I know what you’re thinking – middle class woman lost without her man, but you’re wrong. I had friends I could call, people I could see, pubs I could go to, but I wasn’t interested in any of it. It all seemed just as boring as staying at home in front of the TV; it all seemed too NORMAL!

I was desperate to do something daring, flamboyant, extreme or exotic but it was all so far away from my normal life I had no idea where to start. I wanted to greet Pete on his return with “you’ll never guess what I’ve spent the last few days doing”, & the fact that I couldn’t even think where to start was the most depressing of all.

I thought about my friends and who I could turn to for inspiration, but they’re all in the same rut as me and I couldn’t think of a single likely candidate or potential ally in a wild venture. I thought of the people I work with but they’re mostly really nice people with families who gave up wild some years ago when they decided to ‘settle down’ to a normal life. The only one who offered any hope was a new girl called Cally who’d started a few weeks ago. She always seemed to have great stories of how she’d spent her weekends and never seemed to have a dull moment but I didn’t have her number and besides, I’d only chatted to her a few times & wouldn’t have felt comfortable calling her out of the blue. You see, I really am just a plain Jane usually and she’s such a free spirit, I could imagine her laughing at the very idea of me wanting to join in with her shenanigans.

The next day at work was a Friday which is always my busiest day and the morning whizzed by without me having time to think about anything other than work. It was a bank holiday weekend so I was even busier than usual. At lunchtime I stopped and popped into a local café for a sandwich and a coffee. My food had just arrived & I was engrossed in the crossword when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Cally standing there. “I’m sorry Cat, I didn’t mean to disturb you but I was wondering if I could share your table” she asked very tentatively. My god am I really so scary?

I looked around – the café had filled up since I came in and there were only a few seats left. “of course you can, don’t sound so worried, I don’t bite” I replied with my biggest, friendliest smile.

“I wasn’t worried; I just assumed that you’d be waiting for someone to join you. It didn’t occur to me that someone like you would be eating alone”.

“Someone like me?” I almost snorted coffee down my nose. “You make me sound vaguely interesting!” I laughed. “It’s funny, I was just sitting and thinking last night how I’d like to be more like you. You seem to have such exciting weekends and my life is beginning to seem a little dull right now. I have a whole weekend to fill and I’m struggling for ideas that don’t seem mundane. In fact the only thing I’ve come up with to fill part of 3 days is a trip to Stonehenge”

“What a fab idea, I wish I’d thought of doing something like that”

“Surely you’ve got a whole weekend full of wonderful things planned” I replied in surprise, “you always have packed weekends with friends in clubs & you’re such a lively outgoing person you must have masses of friends to keep you busy?”

“Actually I’m in a bit of a rut myself. I spend most of my time with the same friends in the same club. I have a bit of an alternative lifestyle so it kind of suits me to spend my time with like minded people but it does get kind of dull & repetitive after a while”

As she was saying this I noticed that her normally bright and shining green eyes lost some of their usual sparkle and she suddenly seemed so sad.

“Hey what’s up?” oh god, it seemed I’d upset her somehow but I didn’t know why.

“Sorry” She sniffed “I’ve just split up with my partner and I’m not finding it easy to adjust”.

“So why don’t you join me tomorrow? We could make a day of it and take a picnic; the weather’s supposed to be great”

“I couldn’t impose on your weekend; I’d feel like a spare wheel with you and your fella”

I laughed at the thought that she felt she would be putting me out when I’d be glad of the company – or was she just politely saying that she didn’t want to spend the day with me regardless of how bad she was feeling?

I took the plunge and bursa evi olan escort risked the rejection I felt sure was on its way. “My fella’s away on business for the whole weekend so I’m going alone. I’d really appreciate the company. It wouldn’t be the same without someone to share it with & I’m determined not to spend the weekend doing the same old things!”

“In that case I’d love to come!” she beamed “I haven’t been to the Henge since I was a kid & it’s about time I went again” Was this part of her ‘alternative lifestyle’ I wondered. I thought of her long sinewy frame, elfin features and close cropped hair and suddenly had visions of her in a druid’s cloak & I had to stifle a giggle.

The next morning I pulled up outside Cally’s flat bright and early so we could get some road behind us before the Bank holiday traffic started to build. I tooted my horn and waited but nothing happened. After about 10 mins I decided to knock on her door and was just climbing out of the car when she emerged. I was completely taken aback by this vision of loveliness that greeted me. The austere work suits had been replaced by a pair of tight denim cut offs that hugged her arse like a second skin, and her long legs were tanned and well shaped and toned. She wore a tight white sleeveless tee shirt which displayed arms that were as tanned and as beautifully shaped as her legs, and accentuated her boobs nicely. I couldn’t help noticing that her tits were bigger than I’d realised, but that they must be beautifully formed as they were standing proud without the aid of a bra. This was obvious by the way that her nipples were straining against the cotton of her tee shirt.

With her hair still wet and tousled from the shower and an impish grin on her face she ran over to the car, pecked me on the cheek & threw some bags in the boot. “Hi Cat, sorry I’m a few mins late. I’ve had problems with my boiler and can’t get any hot water – I’ve just had the coldest shower ever but at least I’m wide awake now” she chortled. I guess that explained the nipples then!

She had the cutest little laugh. “No not a druid” I thought, “more like a beguiling fairy of some description, and possibly a slightly naughty fairy at that!”

“No problem” I said, still coming to terms with how great she looked in this simple outfit, and more importantly the effect it was having on me, “you look absolutely fabulous – are you one of these people who always know exactly what clothes you look good in or do you just look good in everything?”

“Me? Well, I don’t know” she stammered, slightly embarrassed “I mean thanks for the compliment, I try to look after my body, but I think I’m too gangly”.

“Well I think you look great. Look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you, let’s get out of here and hit the road, I hope you can read a map?”

The next 2 hours whizzed by. We chatted easily about all sorts of topics, some silly some serious, and soon found ourselves in Andover where we decided to stop for brunch. We sat outside a lovely little café with the sun beating down upon us, munching on hot bacon sandwiches and drinking cool iced tea. The weather was getting hotter and hotter and it wasn’t even 11am yet. I leaned forward in my plastic chair and felt my tee shirt stuck to my back with sweat. I’d left my hat in the car and I could feel the sweat running down my scalp into my neck. I was betting that I looked like a beetroot!

Suddenly I started as I felt something cool and damp on the back of my neck. Cally had taken a washcloth from a Tupperware box that she’d brought filled with iced water and was swabbing my neck with it – it felt utterly delicious! “I wish I’d thought to bring……” I started. “Shush. Just close your eyes and concentrate on the cool cloth”

I closed my eyes & did as I was told. Cally refreshed the cloth in the cold water and placed it under my hairline at the back of my neck and squeezed until the icy cold water was running down my back. I let out an involuntary gasp & shivered as she moved the cloth around ensuring that all of the back of my neck was cool. I nearly opened my eyes but Cally stopped me by placing the cold cloth over my face, caressing my skin with cool water, “Mmmmm that feels SO good” I murmured, but I didn’t get to say anything else before the cloth was refreshed and placed under my chin and squeezed again. The cold water ran down the base of my throat and down onto my breasts. I could feel my nipples stand to attention instantly from the sensuous strokes of the cloth and the cold water, and then the cloth was moving and filling the area of skin left exposed by the deep V neck of my tee shirt. I was in heaven as this pixy woman caressed the top of my ample breasts with the soft cloth, both cooling my skin & setting it on fire at the same time.

I opened my eyes to find Cally staring intensely at my face.

“Wow” I was at a loss for words; I didn’t think I should let Cally know just how much I had been turned on altıparmak escort by her ministrations.

“I didn’t mean to get so intimate” she smiled coyly “but you looked like you were enjoying it so much I couldn’t help myself”

I laughed. So much for not letting her know she’d turned me on! I looked down at my tits to find my nipples still proud and at attention under my now wet & see-through tee shirt “you seem to have had quite an impact” I stated boldly.

“Sorry. I don’t normally start fondling women uninvited, but those breasts are kind of mesmerizing” So now I understood the comment about her ‘Alternative lifestyle’!

“I don’t usually allow my self to be fondled uninvited, by men or women, but I’d be lying if I denied finding that deeply wonderful. Maybe we’d better get to the henge before we cook in this heat”. I said as I started gathering my things, “& just for the record, I think your ex partner must be missing those hands of yours” I said with a wink.

I thought our encounter might make the rest of the day a little strange but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We walked around arm in arm, chatting easily, making jokes and flirting a little with each other. We didn’t cross any boundaries and both of us enjoyed this new found friendly intimacy. I was beginning to think that this could be the start of a really good new friendship.

After we’d walked around Stonehenge several times and discussed the merits of the various ideas of how & why it was built, we decided to find somewhere for our picnic. The area around the Henge itself was full of loud tourists but I didn’t know the area well enough to suggest anything else. Cally however had another suggestion.

“Ok, if you follow my directions I think I can find us a great picnic spot, but don’t tell me off if I get us lost – it’s been a while since I’ve spent any time in this part of the country”

After a 15 minute drive and a couple of wrong turns I started to get a bit worried when the road turned into more of a track, but Cally was beaming that she’d found the right place so I stuck with it and nursed my car over the bumpy road. When we came to a dead end Cally jumped out of the car shouting “stay here a moment, I want to make sure it’s how I remember it” & dashed off into the trees.

After a few moments she came back smiling. “I think you’ll prefer this to all of those awful tourists” and we grabbed the stuff out of the boot and walked toward the trees. Cally told me to watch my step as we entered the woodland and I followed her through some dense foliage that seemed to be a dead end. With that impish grin and a chortle Cally pushed through a bush and disappeared. I followed her and stopped dead in my tracks when I emerged on the other side.

I was standing in a clearing next to a small lake. There were no sounds other than nature itself and I was awestruck but the simple beauty of the place. How did Cally know this was here I wondered? She seemed to read my thoughts. “I went to Uni in Bath and a friend brought me here a couple of times, I didn’t think it would still be here like this though”.

I stared at Cally, at this amazing woman who was full of surprises. “I guess I was wrong about you again”.

“How so?” she asked looking slightly concerned.

“Well first I had you down as a druid, then maybe a witch or a fairy or a pixie, but know I know the truth” I beamed “you’re a wood nymph!”

We laid blankets down on the ground and shared bread and cheese, & cold meats and fruit, all washed down with a well chilled crisp white wine from the cooler in the boot. We chatted aimlessly until the warmth of the sun and the wine started to get the better of me and I dozed off.

I woke to find Cally sunbathing on her front. She’d taken her tee shirt off and was laying there naked from the waist up. I couldn’t take me eye’s off the contours of her well defined back and shoulders – the gentle slop down to that amazing arse, all wrapped up in denim so tight it left little to the imagination.

Suddenly I felt a little impish myself. I reached into the lake and filled a plastic cup with ice cold water & then I tiptoed back and stood over Cally. Slowly I tipped the cup until a steady stream of freezing liquid fell from the cup onto Cally’s hot sweaty back.

“OH MY GOD” she screamed and jumped up in one fluid movement. I was so engrossed in the sight of her naked breasts that I didn’t realize at first that she was lunging at me. She grabbed me around the waist and drove me backwards so quickly that I had no chance to react until I was already falling. I grasped at her wrist to stop myself crashing backwards but the momentum was too great and I tugged her with me. We hit the icy water with an almighty splash & surfaced laughing and gasping for air in the cold, clear water.

We stood up and the water reached just above waist level. Cally came and stood inches in front of me. So close that I could feel the warmth of her breath on my wet face. I was captivated by the sight of her and a small voice from deep inside of me spoke before I had a chance to control it. “I really, really want to touch your tits!” Oh my god – did I just say that?

Cally closed the gap & placed my right hand on her left breast, while covering my mouth with hers in the most delicate, soft and sensual kiss I’ve been privileged to receive. I stood there for a moment unable to comprehend this sensation, but my body took over pretty quickly and I shifted slightly so that I could kiss the side of her neck. She moaned gently as my fingers caressed her rigid nipple and I kissed down her throat and breasts until I had the other nipple gripped lightly in my teeth. I nibbled and sucked and licked – lost in a weird world of feelings. I’d never been this brazen but I was at a loss to ignore the heat starting to grow in my pussy.

Cally lifted my face to hers and kissed me deeply. She took my hand and led me from the lake back to the blankets. With her voice deep & husky “I think we should get out of these wet things before we get cold don’t you?” Before waiting for an answer she took hold of the bottom of my tee shirt & lifted it over my head. I was awestruck by this amazing creature & desperate for her touch but she walked away and draped my top over a branch to dry. She came back and unhooked my bra as I stood in unresisting silence, then she took that and hung it up as well. When she came back she kneeled in front of me with her face inches from my shorts. She slowly undid the zip and tugged the wet cotton over my arse in one swift movement that took my panties off at the same time. She looked up at me with that marvelous grin and lowered her face to me. Her tongue flicked against my clit quickly and my knees buckled with pleasure.

She stepped away from me but her eyes never left mine as she teasingly pealed that tight layer of denim from her to arse, revealing no underwear beneath. I stared at her neatly trimmed pussy & saw how it glistened with moisture.

Longing to touch her just stroking each others arms, back & legs. I could feel the heat building between my legs to an unbearable pleasure.

I rolled Cally onto her back and straddled her, gazing down at her beautiful body below me. I leant forward to kiss her and ground my pussy against hers. I kissed her face and neck before sliding down her body & taking her nipples into my mouth in turn. I sucked on them hard while sliding my right hand down her side to her thigh. She raised herself up to me but I wasn’t making it that easy for her. I caressed her belly and thighs, sliding down to kiss and suck her navel, than bypassing her pussy completely I started kissing her right ankle all the way back up to her thigh.

She was groaning with pleasure and writhing around. I was going to tease further and go to the other ankle but when I reached the top of her inner thigh the musky smell was just too much for me and I ground my face into her pussy. She bucked and pushed herself against me as I fucked her deeply with my tongue – when she sounded like she was about to come so I pulled away and grinned up at her face.

“Oh please Cat!!!!” she pleaded with sheer abandon “you can’t stop now!”

“Oh I’ve only just started!” I breathed as I started to tickle her clit slowly with my tongue. She was so wet and I could feel her juices all over my face and chin. I brought my right hand up and slowly inserted a crooked finger into her pussy and stroked her G spot while licking hard at her clit. Her moaning and bucking intensified and I inserted another finger and increased the pressure of my tongue. The taste and smell of Cally coming into my mouth was too much for me to resist and I could feel myself coming with her as I fought to keep my mouth pressed against her bucking clit until she screamed with pleasure and collapsed backward onto the rug.

“Oh sweet lord!” she grinned at me “you sure know how to eat well” she laughed “That was the most intense orgasm, – I thought you were straight?” I wiggled up to sit next to her.

“Actually I’m Bi – I just happen to have ended up with a guy, but Pete’s Bi too and we have a kind of an open relationship. He manages bands and I’m sure he sleeps with some of them – we just don’t talk about it and he always comes home to me”

“And I thought I was seducing you, well how wrong could I be?”

“Oh you captivated me from the moment you walked to the car with your nipples trying to escape your tee shirt!” I cried laughing.

“Talking of nipples, I’ve wanted to do this all day” Cally pushed me back gently onto the blankek and took one of my nipples into her mouth. She rolled it gently between her teeth while sucking hard and it hurt a little bit and had me squealing in painful ecstasy. She reached down and parted my thighs with her right hand and gasped. “Oh god you’re sooo wet, and hot!” Her fingers stroked in & out of me while her thumb applied constant pressure to my clit – all the while her hot wet mouth never leaving my nipples. Suddenly she plunged 3 fingers deep into my pussy and caressed my G spot fiercely. My body pushed against her hand and face so hard – I was coming and nothing was going to stop me!

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Down for the Count Pt. 06

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Part 6


All in all I think Abby did a great job of explaining to her friends everything we knew to date. She was concise and matter of fact, somehow she even managed to make it all sound normal like it all made perfect sense even though none of it did. We were all trying to get over the fact that a naked, magical, hypno-vampire (or more accurately hypno-sex-pire) was banging the hell out of the entire boys swim team, stealing their energy and leaving them gay for each other.

And I thought this week was going to be boring!

We decided the only thing to do was to confront Brad’s mother; she was the one yelling at Brad and seemed like she was against what he had been doing so she was our best bet. Ari and Jane were pretty freaked out by all of this where Abby and I seemed like old pros at dealing with these bizarre events. But I have to give credit, Ari and Jane decided to go and fight and do whatever they could to save their boyfriends. For that matter, so did the rest of them. That’s right, the next morning Abby called every one of the girlfriends of the boys swim team (I guess that will make a good name for their support group if we fail) and every one of them agreed to bring their boyfriends with them. We figured if we fail at saving the day then we might as well all be together.

We met at the park, the entire boys swim team and their girlfriends (or possibly former girlfriends). Apart, the guys were manageable, they basically just stared in a zombie-like state as if they were waiting, but when we got them all in one place it was hard to keep them away from each other. Apparently they weren’t just interested in the same sex, but LOTS of sex with the same sex. As Abby and I tried to explain the story to the rest of the girls, the guys kept inching toward each other checking each other out, grab-assing, trying to steal kisses off each other, etc. It would have been hysterically funny if it was in a movie, but when you know that it was against their will it was simply unacceptable.

It didn’t take much to convince the other girls of what was going on, we left out the details about Mark’s naked exploits and tried to get them to understand that this had happened to every one of the guys. All they had to do was watch the show in front of them of their boyfriends all trying to get into each others pants like a group of super horny zombies to know we weren’t making this up. It’s funny how easily our minds can accept the supernatural explanation once it is right there in front of us; and we did.

Now all we had to do was get the REAL story and figure out a solution. So we gathered our collective courage and headed toward the house on Borgo Street.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was a part of something pretty special. Here we were ALL WOMEN, walking down the street on our way into the lion’s den to save the boys for a change. It was an interesting spin on the usual hero/heroine story!

We walked up to the old dark house on Borgo Street and before we could knock the door flew open and Brad’s mother stood there looking at us.

“Come in, please.” She said and I immediately liked her. Her name was Helen—Helen Drake. She had a thick accent, but I wasn’t sure where from. Her accent felt like it might be German, Austrian or maybe Hungarian? She sounded like a mix between Hiedi Klum and Bela Lugosi!

I came here expecting to hate her, I mean, we recently thought she was the cause of all this only to learn otherwise. It turns out she is very sweet, but also sad as though she’s been through the wringer.

“I know why you are here, I have been following many of you, you must have many questions.”

She invited us in and we filled her modest living room. We tried to sit boy-girl in order to keep the boys off each other. Abby and I sat with Mark between us and tried to ignore the fact that he kept looking from Abby to the other guys. It was like he was TRYING to look at Abby, but couldn’t fight the urge to ogle the men! It was so bizarre seeing my brother like this. Normally he would be trying not to let anyone notice him checking out Helen’s hotness and instead he kept looking at the other guy’s crotches!

Helen continued, “First let me tell you that despite what you may believe my Brad is not a bad person. He is a kind, sweet, innocent boy . . .” She said

“Innocent? He’s having nonconsensual sex with our boyfriends!” Jane argued and the others agreed.

Helen continued unperturbed, “Please let me explain. I am a foreigner in this country and my English isn’t always too good . . . when I was a young girl I found that I could . . . do things; I had a power unlike regular people. My family also had it, they taught me to wield it properly, not to abuse this gift and I have never used it against another person in my life.”

“Could you use it to stop your son from what he’s been doing?” I asked.

“Not so far, he is more powerful than I have ever experienced. His powers began only recently, but they bursa escort bayan have grown so immense in strength in a very short time. I have not had time to train him, to make him understand the importance of not abusing the gift.”

“No shit!” Ari said and I gave her a stern look. This woman was in obvious pain and it would do no good to antagonize her, she was still our best bet.

“Brad is a sweet boy, loving, kind, gentle the total opposite of his father and I love him more than anything in the world. But I love him like a mother; he has never felt the love of another. The kind of love that some of you may have. Brad is gay, you know this and perhaps you accept it, but others have not. Brad had a bad experience in his previous school, the other boys laughed at him, and they called him names and made him feel like an outcast. I knew this but what can be done? His teachers can do nothing; it is just the way life is. Then one night I felt his presence leave the house, I tried to follow him with my own, but I could not locate him. He did this every night for weeks, when I asked him what he was up to he looked at me with shame. Then one day at the grocery store I heard two young girls talking about how their boyfriends had been cheating on them with each other, they said their boyfriends had been tired and drained, then began to . . . well, uh . . . DO THINGS to each other.” She said blushing a little bit. “I locked my mind into the girl’s thoughts and traced them back to their homes, that night I followed them with my essence and when I saw their boyfriends I could sense Brad all over them. My son had been . . . violating them! I was shocked, I was angered, outraged, this is not the proper ways of the gift! I confronted him and he denied it, but I knew. I decided the best thing was to get away from that place. That is why we only recently moved here, but I quickly realized he was doing it again, he promised me he wouldn’t but he cannot control his hormones. I went to the school to see if any of the boys were acting strange and I realized it was the swim team he had targeted. The gift is too much for a boy his age, his body is out of control and that is why he can’t properly restrain himself, in many ways the power is controlling him too. He has lost who he is.”

“But why has he turned them all gay when he’s done with them?” Tina (K.C.’s girlfriend) asked.

“Camouflage?” Jane said. “If the other guys are gay then he can blend in, right? He won’t be an outcast anymore. It kind of makes sense, I guess.”

Abby cut in, “But please explain, how can he do all of this? Was he really, physically there in their rooms? Or is it some kind of projection? He seemed to be only a mist, like he wasn’t really there at all until he saw you and then he became more solid, or corporeal.”

“This is correct. He was not there in physical form, only astrophysical; he affected their minds and their bodies but not with his actual body. He is affecting their senses and making them feel things they are not really feeling. And he can feel it too in his real body. It is like a, how do you say . . . wet dream?” She blushed even more. “They seem to have been left in this erotic state that my son has put them in until such a time that he decides to release them.”

Abby looked at her and asked, “So you’re saying there is an invisible connection to their minds that Brad controls and if we can break that connection the boys will go back to being themselves?”

“I believe so, yes. I have tried to do this myself, but he won’t let me in. I can’t even get into his room to speak to him. No one can get to him! He is too focused, if there was a distraction perhaps, but what can distract a boy who is so concentrated on the boys?” She said and a hushed silence fell across the room. For once a room full of hot women had no idea how to distract a boy!


Hey remember me? As I sat there in the living room barely able to pay attention to all that was being said, I looked at Abby. It was like there was something about her that I forgot, something important, but every time I tried to remember I would look at one of the other guys and start focusing on their bodies, or more honestly, the bulges in their pants. I am very embarrassed to admit that, but it’s true so I’m saying it. But really all I could think about was Brad! His body was insanely hot, I remembered feeling it the night before, but also not really feeling it. Wanting more, needing more! As I was on my hands and knees waiting for him to enter me I felt exhilarated, excited, expectant, erect, erotic—all the E words!

I needed to feel what it would feel like and then those horrible girls entered and robbed me of that sensuous moment when you give yourself over to someone, when you trust someone enough to let them enter your body, when you love someone enough to let go . . .

That’s it; that’s the answer—when you love someone enough to let go!

At that exact moment I heard Brad’s Mom say ‘but what can distract nilüfer escort a boy who is so concentrated on the boys?’ and I knew what I had to do. Even though I was hypnotized or under a spell or whatever, I still felt for Abby. I knew she was the right thing, even though I honestly wasn’t even remotely attracted to her in those moments. Even though I found her femininity uninteresting I still felt . . . something—if only I could remember what it was.

Either way there was only one solution, there was only one way to distract a boy who was so focused on boys. Somewhere in the fog of my mind I knew what I had to do and that I had to trust Abby to figure out how to break the connection. So I stood up and made my way upstairs.


Helen told me that she believed that if the connection between Brad and the guys could be severed they might go back to normal (or at least normal for them!). All we had to do was figure out how to break that connection. And as I sat there desperately trying to figure out how to save Mark he suddenly stood up and began walking toward the stairs in a trance.

“Mark?” I said

“No, let him go. This may be the chance we are looking for.” Helen said.

Carla, Ari, Jane, Helen and I all followed Mark up the stairs. He walked to what I assumed was Brad’s bedroom door and the door opened for him. It began to close and I rushed forward jamming myself in the doorway. There was no way in hell I was leaving Mark in there alone with Brad—sweet boy or otherwise.

Brad looked at me and I instantly felt tired, he was paralyzing me again! But then I felt stronger than I ever had, more resolute, and I was determined not to leave Mark alone. Then I realized that Helen was using her power to drain some of Brad’s which gave me enough strength to fight my way into his room forcing his door open to all of us.

“The chicks are working together!” I thought.

“Way to go Helen!” Jane yelled. “Now let’s get him!”

“NO!” Helen yelled back at her, “This must be, it is the only way; that boy knows what he is doing, I can sense it!”

What was he doing? I wondered. Should I stop this, or let it happen? What if it’s the wrong move?

Ultimately I realized that I trusted Mark, I trusted him more than any man on the planet and I would let him do what he believed was right.

I watched as Mark stood in front of Brad. Brad Drake was too focused on Mark to really pay much attention to the fact that the rest of us, including his own mother, were all there watching this.

Mark stared at Brad for a long moment just looking at him. Brad was looking at Mark, shocked, surprised, mesmerized and it hit me—Brad isn’t making Mark do this, he is doing it on his own!

The two men stared at each other for a long moment as everyone tried to figure out what Mark was doing. Then to the shock of everyone, Mark reached out and grabbed Brad’s crotch!

Brad bent forward, not in pain, but delight. Mark gently massaged Brad through his shorts.

My stomach sank. Brad smiled; he had an innocent smile. If under any other circumstances his smile would have been the sweetest thing. Instead that smile took on the look more of a shocked, horny guy who just found out he’s about to have real sex for the first time (or so I imagine that’s what they look like!).

Brad waved his hand in front of Mark and Mark’s entire wardrobe shredded right off his body! He was left standing completely naked in front of all of us in the stark, cold light of day!

“Yowzers!” Jane said and that pretty much summed up the situation.

If only Mark could see himself now, the shy boy who couldn’t wear Speedos to a swim meet was now fully nude, for the third time, in front of a bunch of girls who knew him and were seeing every inch of his young, hard body.

Speaking of hard, his erection shot up like a missile preparing to fire at Godzilla.

Brad looked over Mark’s nude form and smiled again, this time he really did look sweet and I almost felt for Brad. He seemed so alone, so sad and this was making him happy. He began to strip off his own clothes. When Brad got to his underwear he looked over sheepishly at his Mom. I looked at her too and watched as she turned and walked out the door. She wasn’t mad, ashamed, or upset, she simply decided to give her son the privacy he needed.

Before she left she stopped at me and squeezed my arm, “You will know when it is time, until then your boyfriend knows what he is doing, do not interfere.”

I looked at Carla and she shrugged her shoulders, she was as confused as I was.

I looked back at Mark and decided to watch the show, if this was his plan then I was going to enjoy it! And besides, there was so much energy in this room, so much sexual energy like the air was thick with testosterone, estrogen and just plain fucking heat, I really wanted to see another male-on-male performance!


Mark surprisingly, and in a türbanlı escort very masculine way, tore Brad’s underwear off. He shoved Brad against the wall, grabbed both his arms, raised them up over his head and held them there. Brad’s huge dick grew hard and poked right up against Mark’s.

Then my brother shocked me again by slowly and hungrily lowering down on his knees in front of Brad’s erect cock and looked right at it.

I started having second thoughts about this, at first I thought if this was Mark’s plan then great, it couldn’t be worse than our previous plans. But now that he was staring the one eyed monster in the face I wasn’t sure if I should do something to stop him. I mean after all he didn’t REALLY want to do what he was about to do, he was being forced to feel like he did. But at the same time the question presented was “How do you distract a boy who is focused on the boys” and who could answer that question better than a boy could, right? After all how does a girl distract a guy who is straight? So, a guy should be able to distract a gay guy the same way, right?

And Abby seemed to have something up her sleeve and Helen seemed confident that there was a solution here so I decided to let whatever was going to happen just happen.

Seriously what was the harm? The worst that was going to happen was Mark was going to have a guy’s dick in his mouth! I’ve done it. Helen said Brad had never been with anyone so he didn’t have any STD’s. So big deal, it’s just skin, right?

So my brother was about to suck a dick, big deal!

I gasped a little as I watched Mark slowly open his mouth, lick his lips and then close his wet lips over Brad’s hard cock!

Okay,I have to admit I enjoyed watching this spectacle. It was actually pretty hot watching my brother bob another guy’s knob! And he was pretty good at it too I must say. Maybe guys have some special insight as to how to do it—makes sense, right?

Mark worked the head of Brad’s cock with his mouth as his right hand gently twisted around Brad’s shaft, and then his left hand tickled Brad’s balls. WOW! Who knew my brother had such hidden talents, I was picking up some good moves from him.

Brad’s eyes were rolling in the back of his head he was in such ecstasy. Mark was into it pretty severely too, I couldn’t help but notice how hard his own dick was. Mark’s dick was sticking straight up and the head of it was rubbing on his own belly as he bobbed up and down on Brad’s penis.

“Holy fuck what a blowjob!” Ari said and I laughed. I shouldn’t be laughing at this, but I couldn’t help it, this whole thing was so absurd and erotic!

Abby was watching all of this with an expression I couldn’t decipher. Then she whispered, “I love you, Mark.” It was almost inaudible, and yet Mark stopped blowing for a second as his eyes shifted sideways like your dog does when you try to grab the bone he’s chewing. Then Mark let the dick fall out of his mouth and gobbled up Brad’s balls. He looked so sexy and ridiculous with Brad’s nut sack rolling all over his mouth and chin.

***Sorry again, Mark, I know you’re reading this, but damn boy that was fucking hot!***


Every emotion I had ever felt ran through my body as I watched my beloved Mark giving crazy-hot, oral sex to Brad. I whispered ‘I love you’ hoping that would remind Mark who I was. He did hear me, and that gave me hope. He stopped for only a second and looked my way. The unspoken plan was starting to make sense; it was like I began to feel what Mark was thinking even though I couldn’t express it in words.

I stood mesmerized as Mark devoured Brad’s testicles. Then Mark released Brad, stood up and faced him. For a moment it looked like they might kiss and that really made my heart sink—I don’t think I could have handled that. Dicks were dicks, but kissing was off limits—that was just for me!

Thankfully they didn’t kiss. Mark once again forcefully reached out and grabbed Brad’s erection. Brad bent forward giving into Mark as Mark forced him onto his knees this time. Mark was so strong in that moment, he forced Brad down as if to say, ‘Yeah, Motherfucker, now you’re about to get something!’ and I became very aroused seeing that. I don’t know what it was but there was something very sexy about watching the love of my life bend a guy over and decide to pop his cherry. It was very powerful, very masculine, very dominating, it gave me chills and it shot a feeling down between my legs, causing my panties to moisten.

God, if only Mark was doing that to me! I thought. Then I felt embarrassed by the thought. No, you know what, to hell with that—I WANTED Mark to bend me over and fuck me from behind and I’m not ashamed to say it!

Guys like sex why can’t women too?

Mark moved behind Brad, and took his own dick in his hand and guided it toward Brad’s . . . butthole! Sorry, but there’s no better word. I watched as Mark slowly pushed his erect penis into Brad’s asshole! Brad’s face contorted with pleasure as Mark slowly began pumping, harder and harder.

When Brad did this to Mark the night before it wasn’t really happening. Brad’s body wasn’t REALLY there, but this—this WAS happening! Mark’s penis was in Brad’s butt—for realsies!

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Bad Halloween Habits Ch. 4

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I awoke late on Thursday morning, the first day of November, feeling wonderfully sore. The previous evening’s activities spun through my mind endlessly. At the very least, it was a night of firsts. Sex with Cindy, my sexy vixen of a sister, getting fucked up the ass by a guy in drag, and dominating Amy.

Cindy and I had talked about Amy on the way home from the party.

“Greg, I bet Amy would get together with you, or us, again,” Cindy said, leaning on my shoulder as I drove. “I got the feeling that she really liked you.”

“I got her number,” I said, blushing in the darkness. “I was hoping we could go out on a regular date sometime.”

I got out of bed, throwing on a robe, and wandered into the kitchen. As I started the coffee brewing, Cindy wandered in wearing a long flannel shirt and fuzzy slippers. Her face was still flushed with sleep, and her dark hair was tussled.

“Morning, Greg,” she mumbled, rising on tiptoes to kiss my cheek. She was barely awake, eyes half lidded. She leaned against me as I waited for the hot water to drip through the coffee, filling the kitchen with the delicious aroma. I slipped my arm around Cindy’s waste, savoring the warmth of her body against mine. “I really had fun last night, bro,” she said softly, looking up at me admiringly. “I had no idea you were so hot, or so nasty!”

“Neither did I,” I answered, blushing. “And you,” I continued, “when did you become such a craven beastie,” I asked, laughing.

“I guess that fucking my own brother tends to make a girl feel naughty,” she said, giggling.

“Amy told me to call her today at 2:45,” I said, excitedly. “She said that she’d be back from school by then,” I continued, “and that maybe the three of us could get together.”

Cindy looked at me rather seriously. “You like her,” she said accusingly. “I hope you realize that, if you two start going out, that I’ll still want some of this,” she insisted, clutching my cock and balls gently through my pj’s.

“Don’t you worry, little sister,” I said, picking her up in my arms bursa escort and walking toward my bedroom. “Your big brother will always take care of you!”


2:45 seemed painfully distant but, finally, it was time to call Amy. I dialed the number anxiously, hoping she’d answer.

“Hello?” It was a man’s voice. He didn’t sound happy.

“Hi,” I said, “is Amy there?”

“Just who the fuck are you?” he shouted at me through the phone….

Taken aback, I answered, “Uh, Greg. I’m a friend of Amy’s. From school.”

I heard him holler for Amy and, in a moment, she came on the line.

“Hi, Greg,” she whispered. “I’m so glad you called. I can’t talk now. My daddy’s in an awful mood. He’s leaving at 3:30, so you and Cindy can come over then and we’ll hang out. I’ve got to go now,” she said flatly, and hung up.

Cindy, who had been sitting beside me, said, “Well?”


We drove over to Amy’s house, arriving a little ahead of schedule. Cindy and I were both dressed normally, as Halloween had since faded into memory. She wore a brightly colored floral print sleeveless dress, and a white cardigan sweater to fight the slight chill in the Southern California air, and low-heeled strappy sandals. I wore a bright green Polo shirt, jeans, and loafers. We cleaned up pretty well, I thought.

We walked the short way to the front door of a rather large, two-story house. Just as we were about to knock, I distinctly heard Amy scream. Cindy and I stared at each other, and followed the sound to the side of the house, where a large window opened onto a sunken living room. There, a shocking scene was revealed to our incredulous eyes. Amy, in her school girl costume, was draped like a doll over a very large man’s lap. One big hand held her wrists tightly, and the other rose and fell onto her ass.

“No, daddy!” Amy squirmed and cried out, tears flowing over her cute face. “I swear I was good last night!”

“Don’t lie to your father, you slutty cunt,” her father roared, beating her ass escort bayan even harder. “I found these in your room,” he screamed, shoving her obviously soiled panties into her face. Enraged, he forced them into her mouth, and resumed her spanking.

Spitting out her panties, she spoke up again. “Daddy, I’m sorry! I’m sorry, daddy,” Amy pleaded, sounding almost desperate. Cindy and I, crouching at the window, were pressed close together.

Her father’s demeanor softened slightly, and he rested his big hand on her upturned ass. “Sorry for what, Amy?”

“I’m sorry for lying,” she said, sobbing. “I’m sorry for being a naughty slut, daddy. I’m sorry for ruining my panties.”

“Well, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson,” her father said, standing. Amy’s small form flopped off his lap, onto the floor.

Cindy and I looked at each other in disbelief, barely able to comprehend the scene unfolding before us.

“Stand up and bend over,” Amy’s father ordered.

“Oh, daddy, please…” Amy said, pleadingly. “I’ll be good, I swear!”

At this point, Cindy turned and whispered, “get your camera!” I smiled, grateful that I had such a smart sister, and ran to my car, retrieving the camcorder I’d received from my folks for my last birthday. I rushed back, anxious to capture all the action.

“Shut up and grab your ankles,” he roared. Amy complied. He dropped his trousers and revealed a really large cock, certainly bigger than mine. He held it, pushing it down, rubbing it along the crease of Amy’s wet pussy.

“No, daddy! Please! Anything, but don’t put your long, thick cock in my ass,” begged Amy, trying weakly to pull away. Her father’s big hand grabbed one slim hip, pulling her back toward his cock, forcing the head to press against her clit. The contact sent shivers through her body, and she released one ankle to reach up and pinch a nipple through her shirt.

Amy’s father pulled back and, from what we could see, began to press his cock against her back door.

“Oh, God, daddy,” Amy gasped, bursa escort panting, “it really hurts, daddy! Your cock is too big!”

He grasped Amy’s slender waist, pulling her back onto his invading member. Amy, her face white, gasped in ragged breaths as he forced his thick cock into her tight ass, my camera capturing her every expression.

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you,” he moaned, breaking through the tight outer muscles and plunging into the depths of her clenching bowels. Amy sobbed, tossing her head back and forth, as her hand moved from her breast to her pussy.

“It hurts bad, daddy” she cried, trying to pull away from him. “I’ll be a good girl, daddy! I swear!”

Her movement away from him caused him to pull her back, hard, against his pelvis, and drive his cock deep into her ass once again. He began to rock in and out of her, thrusting faster and faster. A litany of derision flowed from his lips as he fucked his daughter’s ass.

“You’re such a whore, you slut! You are such a dirty cunt, you daddy-fucker! You’d suck your own filthy snatch if you could, you bitch!”

With each statement, he punctuated it with a hard thrust. Amy, in almost a trance-like state, affirmed each comment.

“I’m daddy’s little slutty whore. I’m a dirty, daddy-fucking cunt. I would suck my own snatch for daddy.”

As this went on, her father moved more quickly, obviously approaching his orgasm.

“Oh, daddy,” Amy moaned, “cum in baby’s ass. Please cream your little girl’s ass, daddy!”

It looked to Cindy and I as if he was going to but, at the last minute, he pulled out, spun Amy around, and forced his glistening, shitty cock into her mouth. I zoomed in to Amy’s upturned face.

“Oh yes, baby! Suck daddy’s cum,” he cried. “You’re daddy’s big girl, Amy… You’re daddy’s sweet slut daughter, baby! Unnnghh…” His body shook, obviously draining a big load into Amy’s open mouth. My camera caught every swallow as she desperately tried to capture each spurt of her father’s cum.

Once he’d regained his composure, Amy’s father pulled up his pants and tucked in his shirt. He bent to retrieve Amy’s ruined panties, and threw them at her.

“Let that be a lesson to you, young lady,” he said sternly. “Now go get cleaned up then go to your room.”

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