Surprised! Ch. 01

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I came home from school one weekend without calling to surprise my folks and instead got the surprise of my life. I was a 20 year old sophomore at State and hitched a ride with a buddy who was going right past our place. He would also pick me up Sunday evening on his way back to campus.

When he dropped me off I saw Aunt Carol’s car in the drive, but Dad’s truck was missing. Then I realized he was probably off duck hunting with Uncle Jack, Carol’s husband. They usually spent three days at the cabin opening weekend.

I unlocked the door and went inside. The downstairs was empty and I went into the bathroom for a quick piss. While there I heard the voices of Mom and Aunt Carol as they came downstairs.

“I can’t believe you Amy.” Carol said, “it’s not like you to turn down a perfectly good young fuck.”

“Well I did. So what? It’s my choice. I’m not a sex addled slut or cum-bucket. I fuck who and when I want.”

“Are you calling me a slut?”

“No! I would never. Although the cum bucket part fits.”

They both laughed. I heard the sound of ice dropping into glasses, the were fixing drinks in the kitchen. I fished my phone out of my pocket and, after muting the ringer turned on the camera and started recording.

“So what’s wrong with Teddy Rice?” Aunt Carol continued, “He’s cute in a nerdy sort of way and easily manipulated. And according to my sources, well hung.”

Shit Teddy Rice? He’s just graduated! Barely eighteen and I know his sister Janice! What the fuck?

“It’s too close to home.” Mom answered. “I know his mother and I’m not sure I want to start fucking my friend’s sons.”

“But fucking complete strangers is okay?” Aunt Carol argued, “We take risks that way.”

“Not too many, we try to vet them, check them out and insist on condoms.”

“Yes but that’s the point Amy, I want cum! I want to feel cum inside of me, I want to be plastered with it and to taste it. And only with a virgin am I guaranteed lots of good clean healthy cum!”

“So, go fuck him. I’m not stopping you.”

“Yes you are! You’re the one with the smoking hot body all the boys want! I’m just the side pussy! He’d never do me alone!”

“Bullshit Carol! You’re tits are bigger than mine and all boys are tit crazy. Show him some tit and he’ll be cumming in his pants.”

“What a waste of perfectly good cum that would be. Besides, we made a vow. Remember? When we started this adventure, we promised to stay together and fuck together or not at all.”

“Well, that was ages ago,” Mom replied, “And it was mostly for safety.”

“True, but it makes sense. As long as we stay together, there’s less chance of mistakes. Especially where the money is concerned. Besides they always pay more for two and we jack the price up further since we’re sisters. A sister act is an extra special experience.”

I stood there in shock. My Mom and Aunt were… well, not fooling around but actually whores? Holy cow! How long had this been going on? How did I not suspect this? My mind raced trying to process this news and then another thought hit me Mom and Aunt Carol had a business together, selling bathing stuff, essential oils and candles. That must be how they hide it. All those sales parties, trips out of town and nights working late…

“Well you have a point there,” Mom replied after a minute, “when we work together we get three to four times the usual… But still, I am ruling the Rice boy out. All we need is for him to accidentally out us.”

“Oh, all right. But I’m still horny and hungry for cum. It’s been two weeks since our last party and I’m desperate.”

“Well, I can’t let my sweet little sister suffer needlessly. Come here.”

I heard Aunt Carol giggle and it got quiet. Or at least too soft for the sounds to carry to me. I realized that they had to be making out on the sofa. There was no way I was going to be able to avoid them. Sooner or later one of them would need to pee. Damn, if only they had gone upstairs. I could slip out and come in the front door making enough noise and pretend I was just walking in.

And then what? Pretend I know nothing about their real business? Could I be around them and keep it cool? I knew better. I was a terrible actor, they would know. So what then?

Then it hit me. You dumb fool. Confront them. Confront them with evidence and bargain for sex. The idea of sex with Aunt Carol appealed to me, I’d fantasized about her when I was a teen. Maybe that fantasy could become reality. Aunt Carol was thirty six and had reddish blonde hair that she wore cut short. She was about 5’5″ and had a nice curvy figure with fairly big tits. She was really cute with her fair skin, freckles, hazel eyes, and a beaming smile. Yeah, sex with her would probably be great!

But what about Mom? I’d never fantasized about her, although now that I thought about it, she did have a smoking hot body as Aunt Carol had said. Mom was forty years old, stood about 5’7″ and was still built like the fitness instructor she used to bayan escort be. She had shoulder length platinum blonde hair and light baby blue eyes. I supposed the only reason I hadn’t dreamed of her was the whole taboo and incest thing. Of course now it seemed that that was more intriguing than repelling. I’d had sex a few times, mostly with coeds who were just looking for quickies at parties. What would it be like to have sex with my Mom? The mental image was suddenly more appealing. Would she do it? If I threatened to tell Dad? But what if he knew already? That could backfire. I didn’t want to tell the cops and have them arrested… Okay, what about public shaming? That could work. But it would have to be anonymous. How to do it was actually going to be easy. I saved the recording and uploaded it to my cloud disguised, password protected, and hidden among many school related files. I set up my phone to cast to the living room TV, turned on my camera and started recording again.

I slipped out of the bathroom quietly and reached the living room in a few steps. The sofa faced me and I could see that Mom and Aunt Carol were kissing passionately. After a few minutes, Mom moved her kisses to Aunt Carol’s ear, then neck, then to her throat. Aunt Carol was moaning now. Mom’s left arm was around her sister’s shoulder and her right hand was squeezing Carol’s tit. As I watched, Mom slid that hand inside Carol’s V-neck blouse and scooped out her tit. I only had a glimpse before mom’s head blocked my view. Mom’s attention caused Aunt Carol to tilt her head back and moan some more. Mom then worked her hand into Aunt Carol’s’ leggings and her sister gasped and shifted to give Mom a better angle.

“Oh yes, oh that’s so good. Mmmmnnn, so good. Oh fuck I need to cum. Make me cum Amy, make me cum.”

“There’s no need to rush Little Sister, we have all day, all night, all weekend.” Mom cooed. “I’ll make you cum a dozen times before we finish.”

I killed the video and saved it.

“Sounds like a fun weekend, mind if I join you?” I said walking in.

Mom and Aunt Carol jerked upright, their mouths hanging open in shock.

“Bobby!” Mom blurted, “What- I mean..”

“How long have I been home? Oh a while.” I said as I sat in the easy chair across from them. “Hi Aunt Carol, nice tit by the way.”

Aunt Carol shoved her tit back into her top.

“Bobby, you should warn people before walking in like that. It’s not polite.” she scolded.

“But if I had, I wouldn’t have had the chance to watch the two of you making out. It makes a nice video. I’ll bet it could go viral.”

Aunt Carol was speechless for a moment, then collected her wits. “You didn’t, no way.”

I picked up the remote and turned on the TV, made a selection on my phone, and a second later the video played.

“It’s awfully short, but then again, the fact that you are both easily recognizable is a plus. Oh and the big family portrait on the wall behind you is a bonus. I imagine the Church Elders won’t be too thrilled, well, publicly at least.”

Aunt Carol’s eyes were wide with fear.”You wouldn’t!”

“I would, and it would be simple posting to a variety of porn sites with anonymous hints in emails to the news station and elders.”

Through all of this, Mom kept her composure. She had sat back and watched me intently. She hadn’t even looked at the video. Now she sat forward.

“So what would it take to buy this video?” she asked. “After all that’s the whole point isn’t it? If you wanted to keep it to jack off with, you’d have stayed in the hallway and let us keep going.”

“First off, it’s no longer just on my phone. It’s on my cloud too. Secondly I’m not solely interested in money. There is another currency however that I am interested in.” I smiled.

Aunt Carol’s hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my! Sex?”

“Are you offering? Cause I’ve fantasized about you for years Aunt Carol.”

She actually looked down and blushed at this.

Mom spoke up. “So you have sex with Carol and we get the video or just promises it will never be posted? Is that it?”

“Oh no. Not at all. I’m going to hold the video for ever and to keep it from being posted, I want to fuck you both. All weekend, and as often thereafter as possible.”

“But,” Aunt Carol blustered, “She’s your Mother! That’s incest!”

“So is fucking your sister I believe.”

Mom leaned back calmly. “You want to fuck me, your Mother. I mean, I understand you wanting to fuck Carol. She was always to brazen around you. Too much leg, too much cleavage, too much hugging and teasing. I saw the way you’ve looked at her. But why me?” She leaned forward again, “Why do you want to fuck your Mother Bobby?”

I fiddled with my phone and shrugged, “Well, why not? You are the one with the smoking hot body and after all I believe a sister act is an extra special experience.”

Aunt Carol gasped and Mom’s eyes narrowed. I hit play and the TV began the audio track bayan escort gaziantep of their conversation. Aunt Carol looked like she was about to cry but Mom was actually smiling. When the track finished Mom stood and pulled off her shirt.

“He’s got us cornered Carol, but look on the bright side, you said you were hungry for cum and he’s willing to give it to you.”

She unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles, turning to show me her ass as she bent over to pull her feet out. She turned back to face me. She looked amazing. Long and lean she stood there in her burgundy satin and lace bra and panty ensemble and smiled at me.

Aunt Carol was looking from me to Mom and back in confusion.

“Wait, you’re really serious? We’re going to do this?”

“Dead serious,” Mom said. “and once we fuck him, he’s in as much jeopardy as we are if the news gets out. Besides, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this.”

“What? Amy! Your own son?”

“Sure,” Mom replied, “He’s probably hung like his father but with the vigor and stamina of youth. Believe it or not, I’ve dreamed about fucking him for years.”

I was stunned. Fuck! First I discover that my Mom and her sister were prostitutes and now Mom admits she fantasized about fucking me?

Mom turned and looked at Aunt Carol, “Come here.” She beckoned with one hand and Aunt Carol stood and stepped forward. Mom looked at me and grinned evilly. Then she cupped Carol’s chin, lifted it and kissed her. Softly, two or three times. Then she stepped around behind

Her sister and kissed her neck as her hands cupped Carol’s tits and squeezed. Mom slid her hands down to the shirt-tail and lifted it off, over Carol’s head and tossed it aside. Mom then turned Aunt Carol to face her and they started kissing again as Mom reached around and unfastened Carol’s bra. She turned Aunt Carol to face me again and tugged the bra away.

Aunt Carol dropped her chin shyly and looked up at me from under her eyebrows as she bit her lower lip. Her hands were cupped over her nipples and Mom reached around and guided them down.

“Oh wow!” I muttered. “Aunt Carol they’re beautiful!”

And they truly were. Aunt Carol had nice large breasts, full and round. I would later discover from her bra that she was a 38E. Her skin was fair with a splattering of freckles over the top half and her nipples were bright red stubs in pale pink ovals, pointing slightly down and outward.

I stood and stepped over to her. I caressed them and she looked up at me. I kissed her. She responded by throwing her arms around my neck. The kiss became fiercer, more intense. Our mouths worked and her tongue slipped in. I felt Mom move around behind me, her hands slid under my T-shirt and up to my chest where she cupped my pecs. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, then her lips. I allowed Mom to lift my shirt off and both women focused on my exposed skin, my chest, back and shoulders caressed, squeezed and kissed. Mom unfastened my jeans and tugged them down. Aunt Carol knelt and pulled by briefs down and gasped as my erection sprang free.

“Oh god Amy! He’s so big and beautiful! So perfect!” She gripped my eight inch cock and started kissing the head before taking it into her mouth.

God it felt wonderful! Sure I’d had blow jobs before but Aunt Carol was no amateur. She really knew how to suck cock and humming as she did. Mom stepped away and went back to the sofa. She climbed up and sat on the back. She had already dropped her bra and her hands covered her tits as she faced me. She went from cupping and squeezing to tugging on her nipples. Then she slid her right hand down into her panties and began to masterbate. She moved her left hand up to hold her hair back. Her breasts, now exposed were about a C-cup and seemed quite firm with only the expected amount of sag. But it was her nipples that held my attention. Mom had the biggest erect nipples I had ever seen. Dark red, they protruded an inch from her dusky oval areolas.

I couldn’t last. I grabbed Aunt Carol’s head and groaned as I started cumming.

“Oh- glmph…smack-slurp-mmmmmnn glommph ummm yeah slurp wow so nice slurp” she mumbled. “Delicious.”

I looked down and saw her licking the last strands of cum from her fingers. She looked up and grinned.

“Okay I confess, I am a cum hungry weirdo.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Thanks Bobby.”

“No problem, help me outta my shoes and jeans.”

Freed, I stepped past her to the sofa. Mom was staring at my cock and suckiing her lip. I watched as she withdrew her hand, glistening with wetness and slipped her fingers into her mouth. I slid my hands up her legs to her panties and she lifted her hips. I pulled them down and off. I tossed them over my shoulder towards Aunt Carol.

“I want to feel your beard between my legs Bobby.”

Now I had been growing this beard for a little over two years and was fanatical about gaziantep escort its care and grooming. I knelt on the sofa between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, one side and then the other and slowly inched closer to her pussy. As I did, I marveled at it. This was far from my first close up of a pussy and I had seen them on petite girls and chubby girls, but this pussy was by far both the oldest and most alluring pussy I had ever seen. It was smooth and hairless except for a bright platinum triangle on her mound. Her outer lips were full and round while her inner lips barely displayed past them. Everything was clean and pink and oh so wet. It was hard to believe that this pussy not only gave birth to me but to two other siblings. My sister Kate was a eighteen year old freshman, also away at college in Colorado, and my late little brother Kyle who passed six years ago. This beautiful pussy had borne three kids, and apparently was frequently fucked and yet looked amazing. She smelled amazing too. Her scent was a wonderful, fresh, and sweet fragrance. My grazing reached her pussy and I inhaled deeply.

“Oh Mom you smell so good.”

“Oh Bobby!”

I kissed her pussy and started to lick her juices and Mom gripped my head with her legs and moaned.

“Oh god Bobby! Oh god it feels so good!”

I nuzzled deeper into her folds and she moaned again.

“God I love a beard between my legs! Shit! Yours is so soft!”

I stroked my hands up and down the outside of her legs. Mom was delicious and I lapped, licked and sucked her wetness. I probed her oozing hole with my tongue tip and inwardly laughed at having come full circle. I forced her legs apart and spread her inner lips with my fingertips. Her pussy was a bright, healthy pink and a stream of milky fluid ran from her vagina. Her Clit was surprisingly large as well About the size of a lemon drop or maybe a Hot-Tamale candy, it stood out from its hood and begged for attention. I teased it with gentle kisses, eliciting more moans from Mom. I tickled it with my tongue tip and she gasped. I licked it with the full length of my tongue and she twitched and groaned. I kept at it, alternating my focus and my methods for a long time, then I captured it between my lips and sucked gently on it. Mom groaned and grabbed my head with both hands. She pressed me harder against her.

“”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Yes, yes, yes! Yes Bobby! Make your Mother cum!”

Sucking her clit in and then flicking my tongue across it rapidly made her jerk and yelp. Cum flowed freely from her pussy onto my beard. I rocked my chin from side to side, my beard against her dripping hole. Mom was growling deeply for a minute and then her orgasm hit and she bucked and shook and her whole body trembled and spasmed as she cried out.


I sat back and tugged her shaking body down onto the sofa, grabbing her legs, I pulled her closer and thrust my now rigid cock into her trembling pussy. Mom went from dazed and dreamy to a shocked and bewildered state as her wetness allowed me to insert my full eight inches. Her pussy was still contracting in waves and she was amazingly snug. She gasped deeply several times and managed only to squeek out “Oh fuck!”

I pumped in and out a few times and she groaned. I leaned forward and kissed her. Not a tender loving kiss, but one full of hunger and passion. I plunged my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it til it hurt. Breaking the kiss, she buried her face in my wet beard and inhaled several times. I sat back up and played with her tits, rolling those long nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Mom reached up to caress my chest.

“Oh god Bobby you are such a good fuck! Damn, I wish I had fucked you years ago… Mmmmmnnnnn, You don’t know how badly I wanted to be your first. How many nights I stood outside your door listening to your bed squeek as you jacked off, my hands in my panties or pinching my nipples… Oh god how I wanted you!”

“Damn I wish you had!” I said.

Aunt Carol knelt on the floor next to the sofa by Mom.

“I’m glad she didn’t.” she said. “We might not have started our enterprise and she might have kept you to herself.” she grinned and turning to Mom, started kissing her. Watching the two of them kissing pushed me over the edge and I started cumming. I groaned and shot my load deep inside of her. Spurt after spurt after spurt burst forth and flooded her pussy. Mom screamed.

“OH MY GOD NO! NO! NO! Not inside me! No! Oh no! Fuck!”

I pulled out sheepishly. As I reclined against the end cushion Aunt Carol eyed my wet, dribbling cock.

“Suck it clean. Go on.”

She didn’t hesitate and in a minute or two she had cleaned me up. She looked at me grinning. All this time Mom was just lying there, looking at the two of us and biting her nails.

“You’re an awesome fuck Mom, Of course I came in you, what did you expect?”

“Oh Bobby, we make the guys wear condoms. They can cum on us but not in us. I expected you to warn me. I was going to have you spray your load on me! God! What if I get pregnant?”

“Aren’t you on the pill?” I asked.

“Not at the moment, besides they aren’t foolproof. I’m getting an IUD next week.” I looked at Aunt Carol. She smiled back.

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Sun-clad Waking

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Waking, she found two things; first that she was naked and exposed to the hot morning sun; and second that there was someone else in the room. Then she identified the woozy indifference as not only the pleasant stupefaction of heat, but a hangover. Nora tried to remember last night: a bottle of wine, two bottles? Who had she been with? Was the other person in the room now someone she should be concerned about? Involuntarily she closed her eyes again, lulled to somnolence by the twin baths of warmth. A footfall.

‘Oh it’s you,’ she said when she looked over and saw her brother Tim. There was a tent in his pyjamas indicating how he felt as he scanned her body. ‘Did you put me to bed?’

‘We were both pretty wrecked. You said you slept naked.’

‘I do. You undressed me?’

‘You weren’t really able to consent to that, but I thought it was harmless.’

‘Do anything else to me?’

He shook his head. ‘Like I said, no state to consent.’

‘Did you want to?’ Nora asked with a smile. Until now she’d been resting on her side, the pale expanse of her hip closest to him, large breasts folded under her arm. Now she moved onto her back, giving him a clear view of all her front. The tent around his groin became sharper and he moved forward. She wondered why he was wearing pyjamas and whether her hangover needed a pill.

Tim knelt at the bedside and bent down slowly to kiss her nipple. She admired his brown curls and glanced down appreciatively at her other one, rosy and soft. She touched this, waking its tingly sensitivity as Tim licked around the first one and began to suck it in.

‘You’re so expert.’

‘Would you like a cup of tea?’

‘Yes, love one. What’s the time? Oh gawd, it is Saturday, isn’t it?’

‘Yes!’ Tim laughed as he went to fill the kettle. ‘You won’t have to tell the mad old codger you’re too drunk to come in.’

‘I should get up anyway. I was going to do something today, what was it?’

‘Shopping? There’s not much in the fridge.’

Nora stood naked beside her brother at the sink and drew the kitchen window curtains. She was as tall as he was and statuesque where he appeared slight. The hair on her head was a ruddy auburn, a close to impossible colour, and Tim looked gaziantep ateşli escort down again at her pubic curls like his own. His erection had faded but this enticed it back.

‘Do you think of dyeing yourself down there? If I was your boyfriend I’d think it looked better if they matched.’

‘Haven’t had a boyfriend since I did it,’ she said, wrinkling her nose in minor annoyance. ‘Haven’t had sex for two months, except once with Chris, who’s known me for years. It was so good to see you last night.’

Having lit the gas, Tim tossed the match into the bin and held his sister by both shoulders. They looked silently into each other’s eyes, with faint smiles and seriousness. They kissed, long and full, with tongues, and withdrew with slurps. Tim did several butterfly kisses across her cheek, which she turned up and aside for him, then began to lick her shoulder, flattening the golden fuzz that glistened over her body.

‘I love you so much,’ he sighed at last.

‘Darling,’ Nora whispered, full with love. She slid one hand under the elastic of his pyjama trousers and rubbed his tumid penis. With the tip of her index finger she felt its wetness, then took her hand away and smelt it, as luscious as ever.

‘I’m here if you want me,’ he told her. Her smile faded into his earnestness and she nodded, letting the wet finger glide across his lips. She admired their graceful curve and the faraway grey-blue of his eyes. They kissed again and he stroked her bottom.

‘We probably will one day,’ she whispered. ‘All very well saying we won’t, but it’d be so easy to get carried away.’

‘I wouldn’t regret it.’

‘Going all the way,’ she answered with dreamy musicality. ‘It’s what we used to do at sixteen. I didn’t think the time would come when I’d be thinking of it again. With grown-ups you either do or you don’t.’

‘Speak for yourself. I like every bit of fingers and tops I can get.’

Nora laughed and said, ‘Did you finger me?’

‘Last night? No,’ Tim said, surprised, almost vexed.

‘I would’ve if I had a naked sister and was a horny guy. I suppose.’

‘I love you more than that. If we ever go that far I want bakımlı gaziantep escort you to want it. And remember it.’

‘How noble, and you could have fucked me and I’d never know.’

‘No I couldn’t,’ he muttered. ‘Now perhaps but not last night.’

She laughed again and pulled his pyjamas down around his legs enough to free his equipment, now pointing urgently up to her chest as she cupped his balls. ‘Fuck,’ she intoned. ‘Your thick hairy fuck-sceptre ramming my dripping cunt and shooting hot cum into your big sister’s juicy twat while I scream and buck.’

‘That’s from that porn website you read is it?’

‘Literotica?’ she grinned. ‘There are some great stories in it. Mainly fuck-sceptre rubbish but some beautiful authors too. Go and read stuff by openthighs_sarah.’

‘What does she write about?’

‘Oh everything. Herself. Things I want to do.’

‘Who with?’

‘Me or her? Me, I fantasize about fucking my brother Tim.’

‘Doesn’t have to be fantasy, my little chickadee,’ he said, pulling up his trousers again, as he had detumesced in the absence of her attentions and the tea was singing to be made. He was very, very familiar with his sister’s breasts but not used to seeing her naked for any length of time, and was having disturbingly strong thoughts about the colour of her anus, which he had not seen for many years. Inside himself he knew he wanted their play to end and the real thing to begin. ‘Or even…’

‘What?’ prompted Nora. She opened the orange pekoe tea-bags and put two in their mugs. It was almost as enjoyable for her to be giving Tim this show as it was for him to view it, and though she was wet between the legs with desire for him, she had no real idea if she would let it go any further today. It was easier to be firm when only her bosoms were open for access. Today she was teasing.

‘I’d like to do something new.’

‘Anything in mind?’ she said in a low, inviting voice, taut with uncertainty. For answer Tim held her in his arms again, then extended one down her back, caressing with spider treads, reaching her buttocks. She let him stroke her there, then felt his fingers slide down her crack. The escort gaziantep index paused dangerously close to her inner wetness, but did not pursue this expedition, and the middle finger toyed with her anus. She took her breath in when he extended the pressure. ‘I dunno, Tim, but I’ve got some gel if we…’

‘I want to kiss you there. I want it to be my tongue.’

She gulped and nodded, and her hands shook slightly as she fetched the milk, put it back, and took their mugs into the bedroom. She had a sip then arranged herself face to the pillow, buttocks up towards him and thighs spread. ‘No straying,’ she warned.

Tim took his pyjamas off, standing where Nora could see him in full, then knelt behind her gripping her buttocks and pulling them apart to reveal the silky umber within. The most prominent smell was her lubricious genitals, but as he placed his cheeks close to hers and edged his tongue-tip forward he picked up the sharp tang of anal skin. His tongue touched her there and rested a moment: she quivered and gasped: he made an exploratory lick then began to drink in her taste. Up and down he roved, then back to the roseate centre. Up and down, from the base of her spine to the overflow of her juices, fingers marking her with their pressure, then back to the roseate centre and in.

With a mouth hot from tea he did it some more, searing her deliciously, sending her into rapture. She dared not think about oral sex, and was wondering whether to shut her legs and pull away, when he exclaimed that he was desperate for relief. He lay down on the bed with his penis huge and hard in the air, and she settled herself around to lie on her back beside him, skin pressed against skin. As a final treat he sucked each of her nipples with a tea-hot mouth, before concentrating on himself.

Tim wet one palm with saliva and surrounded his tip: Nora put an arm around him, and with the free hand began to finger herself. She watched Tim’s technique on himself as she had often before. In a short time his hand was full of semen, dripping over the top, while Nora was still bringing herself close. He sighed and relaxed, watching her, kissing her on the cheek as she began to make moan. With a finger dipped in the overspill on his belly he touched her on the innermost edge of her thigh, then slid his finger into her vagina. Just a small touch, not enough in itself to drive her wild, but the thrill of knowing his sperm was inside her catapulted her into climax.

The hot morning sun lay on their naked bodies and dried their juices. Tim touched his sticky hand to his sister’s cheek and drew her close for a kiss.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Cock

It was getting late as she walked to the window and opened it. She leaned over and was halfway out as she yelled for her brother. As she stood bent out the window she looked around as the window fell. She let out a startled yelp as it trapped her half in the house and half outside. She wiggled around as she realized she was stuck.

Her brother walked in and looked as her tight shorts showed her nice round eighteen year ass off nicely. It bounced and wiggled as he smiled at it. Denise didn’t realize he was in the door way watching her with a growing dick. He felt himself grow rock hard thinking about how tight his sister pussy was. He reached down his pants and began jerking it as he watched her ass move. Then he realized, it was just them home, their parents were in town for a couple hours. He grinned as he had an idea that had been in his head since he met her.

He walked behind her and looked down at her tight jean shorts as they moved around. Denise stopped and looked around as she felt a hand grab her ass. She tried to see who it was but the hand slide down and between her legs. He began massaging and rubbing her on the outside of her shorts as she looked around with wide eyes.

Denise felt herself growing moist from the rubbing as she felt two fingers slip into her pussy. Her eyes closed as she bit her gaziantep escort lip. He smiled as he fingered her tight, wet hole. He slid a third finger in as she let out a moan. Denise smiled as she felt herself get off as the fingers picked up the pace making her cum flow.

He looked down as her cum dripped to the floor. He pulled his fingers out and sniffed his sticky fingers. Denise hung her head as she panted. She felt her shorts unbutton and get pulled down exposing her pink thong. He smiled as the cum soaked thong was pushed aside showing her pretty shaved twat.

Denise didn’t say anything as she felt the tip slowly sink into her body. Her mouth opened as she let out a moan.

He was slowly sliding back and forward as his sexy sister moaned. Her pussy was wet making his thrusting easy. He grabbed her hips and began picking up the pace as her moaning grew louder. He grunted as he shoved his nine inch cock into her tight pussy. Denise moaned loudly as it echoed outside. She felt him slamming deep into her witch each hard thrust. Her tits bounced back and forth as her tight tank top’s strap stretched. He gripped her hips tight and began pounded faster as her cum spurted out around his cock.

Denise couldn’t stop herself from getting off as her brothers cock felt so good deep adıyaman escort inside her body. He continued to pound her tight hole as she squealed with pleasure. Her body was enjoying the sex as he made sure to hit her spot with each deep thrust. Her screams of pleasure echoed around the property as her cum dripped to the carpet, making a puddle.

He grunted as he shoved as deep as he could. He was growing close as his dick grew more sensitive to the feel of her pussy walls. Her pussy tightened as she got off again, almost stopping his thrusts. He rammed harder and faster as her hole was tighter than ever around his cock. Her moans and squeals continued as her orgasm peaked. Finally he couldn’t hold back and felt himself spewing his seed. He held himself deep into her hole as he finished.

Denise hung her head as her moans had stopped. Her heavy breathing was the only thing she heard. He slowly slid out and stood there looking at the wet pussy, smiling. He realized he was still rock solid and decided to go outside, leaving her stuck, he wasn’t done with her yet.

She looked as he walked out onto the deck with his member still hard and soaked with her cum. He smiled as her tank top had a broken strap letting her C cups escape. He grabbed her blonde hair as she akkent escort willingly opened her mouth and began sucking his cock. He moaned as her lips slid up and down his shaft. He had dreamed of fucking her many times, even jerked off to her in the shower and beside her bed when she slept topless. Now he knows what it is like to fuck her and get sucked off by her red lipstick covered lips.

Denise was sucking his dick like a champ as he moaned. She played with his balls as he reached down and squeezed her firm tit. He pinched and pulled her nipple as she moaned. She used her other hand to jerk him off as she sucked.

He once again was growing close to getting off as her tongue worked around the tip of his dick. He moaned as he made her start sucking faster. He pulled her head down up and down fast as he could as her arms were in the air. He felt himself almost ready to blow. Denise felt his cock go down her throat deeper than ever as he held her down to his body, the full length of his cock in her mouth. She felt the warm liquid shooting into her mouth as he held her there. He pulled out just as the last wad shot her in the face.

He stood there looking down at his sister with his cum on her face. She gasp for air as she starred at the ground. He smiled as he put his dick away. They heard a car coming down the driveway. He ran inside and lifted the window up. He helped Denise inside as she stood up and wobbled down the hallway to the bathroom. He closed the window as his parents walked in.

“Smells, funny in here.” His mom said looking at him.

“I don’t smell anything.” He said going to his room.

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Summer of Love Pt. 02

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It was Thursday afternoon and I just got back from a long run. I was stepping into the shower about to plan out my weekend. My sister Kat got home last weekend from college for the summer and the two of us made some intriguing discoveries about one another.

Seeing that It was going to be nice weather I was contemplating going 3 hours north to camp in the mountains in at one of my favorite local lakes. Most of my friends were busy with plans and It was pretty last minute after all. I haven’t been camping in a few years but as a kid I grew up going with the fam two or even three times in a summer.

I decided if I was going to go I wouldn’t go alone. I pondered the idea of asking my sister to accompany me. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of the two of us all alone enjoying nature all around us.

Just as I was about to get finished drying off when I heard a knock at the bathroom door.

“yeah, who is it?” I demanded.

The door flew open without hesitation.

“It’s me, ahahaha!” Kat said with a naughty grin on her face.

“Holy shit, you shouldn’t just bust up in here like that.” I shouted!

“What is it you want?”

“Just wanted to see that big penis of yours. Oh and I was curious what you’re up to that’s all.” Kat replied.

With some deliberation I responded. “Just planning a camping trip up north for a few days.”

Kat was looking me up and down like I couldn’t see she was checking me out.

“When were you planning on asking me to go along?” As she was looking me square in the eyes.

“honestly, I was going to ask you after I finished showering.”

Before I could say another word I was interrupted.

“Yes, of course I will go camping with you Ben, I will go get my stuff together. Oh and when are we leaving?”

Secretly excited as hell I lost my train of thought for a moment before I answered her.

“ugh… I was planning on leaving by 3pm so be ready or I’m leaving without you.”

Kat ran out of the bathroom door to go get ready. She was so excited that she left the door open without a care in the world. If mom or dad saw her leaving the bathroom and me nude with a full on erection that could spell disaster for the both of us.

Floored to get on the road I got the camping gear packed in my truck and helped get Kat together so we could hit the road. We had hit the road and were well on our way to the campground. I could sense the sexual tension in the air between us and it really escort gaziantep made me feel good.

With the windows down and the warm summer breeze blowing through our hair, it was a sensual trip up into the north woods.

Before I knew it 3 hours had passed and we were at Sun Peaks campground.

“Were here!” I exclaimed as we drove through the main gate into the campground. Kat had passed out on the drive up.

She woke up in a hurry.

“Ben, I can’t wait to pick out a camp site. I always remember as a kid we had so much fun just trying to find the right spot. Should we get one down by the lake or a secondary site up in the woods?”

“Yeah I remember the good times we had as kids. Let’s go for a site that’s a little more secluded at one of the ends of the camp ground so we can have more privacy.” I’m not sure if Kat had picked up on why I was looking for privacy but I figured who cares at this juncture.

We found a spot at the end of the campground which was about as secluded as it could get. It was great because it gave us access to some great trail heads for hiking and adventures and was really only about a two-minute walk to the beach.

“Ben, this is the perfect spot!”

“I’m Glad you like it.”

We really made a good team getting the camp set up. Kat helped out with every bit and was eager to do so. It was definitely not what I recall happening as a kid but I can’t complain. Dad and myself would set everything up while my mom and sister complained about how we were setting up camp all wrong.

“Hey Ben. After all this hard work I think we deserve a swim. Come on it will be really fun and I just can’t wait to get wet”

“Yeah, sounds like fun to me!” I could tell she was already wet but what was there to loose. What better way to kick off the camping trip?

I went into the tent to get my suit on and started stripping down taking of my pitted out shirt and shorts. All of a sudden I hear the zipper opening. I turn around with only my boxer briefs on to see Kat coming into the tent. She looked down and my boxers and I hadn’t noticed before but my penis was fully erect and poking out through the slit. I just looked up with a surprised look on my face and Kat held a smile. Before I could say a word she beat me to the punch.

“Hey there, what do you think you are doing mister…getting changed without me. I don’t think so.”

Kat glanced over at my bag that was open and I looked over to see what she araban escort was staring at. She spotted my condoms. We both looked at one another, my face got red in embarrassment. I was being careless and even though I had fantasized about doing it with Kat I didn’t know if she would go for it.

She looked at me right in the face and pointed at the condoms.

“What the fuck Ben!”

I sat there not knowing what to say feeling like the worst was yet to come.

“You know you can’t feel anything with a condom on. I would never let anyone fuck me wearing one of those things. You can’t feel the juices exploding inside of you and it’s just a buzz kill!”

I almost blew my load on her chest when she uttered those very words. It put me into shock, I wasn’t sure what to do but I got the feeling It was out of my control now and I was just along for the ride.

“Ben, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson. No swimming until you screw me & blow your warm load up inside your little sister’s tight pussy.”

By now I just nodded in agreeance and slipped of my boxers to fully expose myself to Kat. I laid down on our sleeping bags and my penis was sticking straight up in the air erect as can be, just waiting to dive into Kat’s pussy.

I watched Kat undress slowly unbutton her khaki shorts letting them fall to the tent floor. Next she reached around back and unhooked her pink and blue sports bra exposing her white bare breasts. Her nipples where already hard and she already had a wet spot seeping through her black thong. Her juices must have really been flowing by now just waiting for me to fill her insides.

Kat slipped off her thong and let it slide down her long slender legs. She got down on her knees and crawled up onto the sleeping bags and crawled right on top of me. I sat in Ernest, knowing what was going down at any moment.

“You ready for your punishment?” she whispered in my ear.

“This is going to be a lesson you will never forget Ben. As long as I have anything to do with it you will never wear a condom again if you fuck me, you understand?”

“I don’t know but I think I’m going to find out soon enough.” I said.

“That’s It, get inside me now before I squirt all over your face Ben!”

She proceeded to mount my penis and I slowly pushed in just a little then pulled out and then back again going deeper each time. It felt so amazing. Each pump was music to my ears hearing Kat’s pussy juices slowly arap escort dribbling out around my penis and running down my balls. Kat just kept gazing into my eyes as I went deeper inside her.

We really got into a rhythm by now and her breasts were bouncing right before my eyes.

Kat leaned in and pressed her warm, sticky body on top of me from all the sweat and juices. Her hair draped down over me, it smelled sensational. Since Kat was in complete control, there was really not a whole lot I could do except let her pin me down and fuck me until I gave up and filled her insides with my warm cum.

Kat knew I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer so when she really started to put her whole body on top of me it got me so much closer to letting it all loose.

“Kat, I’m going to cum any second!” I yelled as she started to fuck me even harder.

“You better fucking hold it Ben, your punishment isn’t over I’m going to squirt on your face first and you better open wide. Let me take your hand and rub me right here.”

She had me rubbing her clit now and leaned back so I could see her whole front side while she kept on riding me. Kat let out a sigh of relief.

Then she started to squirt, she pulled my penis out of her and let it flow, it was really warm and clear. Kat squatting leaned back more and used her index finger to control her aim as she let it all out all over my face. I opened my mouth and took a swig and let her enjoy this moment of ecstasy.

As soon as her stream tapered off she grabbed my penis around the base and slid it back into her pussy which slid in easier than ever before. She then pumped up and down as fast as she could and laid down on me again with her full body resting on me. Her nipples poked into me and she leaned in and started to kiss.

That’s all it took to put me over the edge and I paused for a second.

“Kat!” I stammered.

“what is it?”

“I’m coming inside of you”

Kat just smiled and got back to sucking on my lips. Her body shivered in awe and ecstasy. Her breast on my chest enlightened me that her heartbeat was elevated and enjoying every minute I was inside her.

I didn’t masturbate for a few days leading up to the trip so when I got done it was oozing out of her pussy and going back onto my balls and all over our sleeping bags. Between Kat’s squirting episode and me Cumming all over our whole tent was coated in bodily fluids.

I’m not sure this whole “punishment” that Kat gave me lasted, but we were both tired as hell. We passed out in each others arms and fell fast asleep.

A few hours later I woke up and Kat was laying there next to me, she turned over and smiled.

“Anyone up for some skinny dipping down at the lake?” Kat asked giggling.

To be continued…

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Summer Camp

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Chapter One

Bryan was ready to go. It was time for the annual family trip to their cabin. It was time for spring cleaning and making the vacation spot ready for the summer. Bryan and his family had been spending summer weekends at the cabin since his father had been a boy.

The cabin was part of some property his Grandfather had purchased just before the Depression. With some ingenuity and a lot of luck, Bryan’s grandfather had been able to keep the property and slowly improve it over the years. When his father, Joe, had been about 10 the family had built the current cabin. Over the years, it had been updated, modernized, and expanded. When Bryan’s grandfather had died, Joe received the cabin and its 25 acres as an inheritance.

Bryan had graduated from high school last year. He had spent most of the past summer at the cabin alone. He had received a full scholarship to college and a fat trust fund from his grandfather for living expenses in college. Therefore, there had not been a special need to work that summer for school expenses. His parents had been happy to let him stay at the cabin all summer keeping an eye on the property and doing some much needed maintenance and upkeep.

Joe and Alicia Andrews were coming out of the house with the last cooler of food for the weekend. They had to be back Sunday night to go to work on Monday. Bryan would stay the week on his own before the whole clan showed up for Memorial Day weekend. The three-day weekend was the traditional kickoff to the summer home.

“Bryan is the truck all gassed and ready?” inquired Joe of his eager son, knowing full well that Bryan had taken care of that chore last night.

“Aw, jeez Pa! I completely forgot!” laughed Bryan. Alicia smiled at the banter between her “boys.”

“Well, we’ll have to stop in then and get some won’t we?” joked his dad. Patting his son on the back, Joe lifted his end of the cooler over the tailgate. Alicia grunted as she lifted her end.

“Why did you put so much beer on ice? It’s only the three of us this weekend,” queried Bryan’s diminutive mother. At 5′ 2″, she packed a lot of energy into her petite well-proportioned frame. “You know I only have one or two the whole week we’re there, and since we have to drive back tomorrow night…”

Joe looked sheepishly at his wife of 23 years. “Um, just thought that since the whole Andrews clan would be up next weekend, we won’t have time to ourselves. And…”

“I see,” Alicia knew the real story. After two beers, most of her inhibitions dropped away and it appeared Joe wanted see her loosened up. Bryan’s parents enjoyed an active sex life and had a “christening” ceremony every spring when they opened up the cabin. Bryan was well aware of the tradition and usually he made himself scarce for a few hours the first night the family was at the cabin.

Alicia leaned against her husband’s broad chest. At 45, Joe was still in good shape. They both enjoyed a lot of outdoor sports and had remained active despite full time jobs. That Bryan was also athletic and regularly worked out at the college’s weight room was evident in his broad shoulders and tight waist. Both of her men were good-looking rugged outdoorsman, one of many qualities that had attracted Alicia to Joe in the first place.

“I won’t need anything beside some clean country air,” she purred into Joe’s ear. It was true. Alicia was quite easily aroused and typically very amorous whenever the couple was at the cabin.

Joe grinned, knowing they would have their usually vigorous romp in the sheets tonight.

“Hey, do I have to dump the ice on you two now?” complained Bryan. With a knowing smirk on his face, he punched his dad in the arm and climbed behind the wheel of the truck.

“Hey, don’t get smart with us, young man,” chortled his father, pulling his keys out of his pocket and walking towards the car.

Alicia looked lovingly at her husband. “I’ll ride up with our ‘little boy’ here, and give you some time to cool off, big fella.” Besides, she had some things she wanted to talk with her son about and this was the first chance she had since he had come home for the summer.

Soon the two vehicles were caravanning their way through town heading for the freeway and points north. The cabin sat on some lake property about 3 hours away.

They had been driving for a half hour or more, when Bryan asked his mom to refill his coffee mug.

“Just like your Dad,” grinned his mother as she opened the thermos, “can’t function in the morning without a jolt of caffeine.”

“Yep, a bean off the old branch,” joked Bryan back.

“Say, we haven’t had a lot of time to talk this year. Just wondering how you were doing.”

Bryan smiled nervously. He had guessed this was the real reason his mother had chosen to ride with him. She wanted to talk. “Yeah, Mom. I’m doing okay.” Bryan elaborated, “It was a tough year at first, but like you said, while time doesn’t heal wounds, you get used to the pain, gaziantep escort bayan and then move on.”

Bryan’s high-school sweetheart had broken up with him at the beginning of the school year. They had dated for 3 years. Apparently, though, she had continued seeing other men because she was two months pregnant with some other dude’s baby when she told Bryan about it. She didn’t even know for sure who the father was. She and Bryan had always used condoms, the few times they had had sexual intercourse. They hadn’t seen much of each other during last summer. Obviously, though she had kept herself very busy.

So, Bryan had started his first year of college a jilted ex-lover. He barely had passing grades at mid-term. That’s when he told his parents what had happened between him and his former girlfriend.

“I made the Dean’s list this semester.” Bryan proclaimed. “Figured I would drown my sorrows in hard work and studying instead of other things. Kinda makes up for fall semester. However, I will still have to re-take ComWriting 101 to graduate.

“I’m looking forward to working on the cabin this summer. I signed up for a couple of correspondence courses to get caught up with the rest of my class, so that should help keep me busy.”

Alicia admired her son. “You’ve been through a tough time. Looks like you’re going to be okay. So, have you heard from …?”

” I don’t think of her name anymore, Mom.” Bryan interrupted. “I had all sort of awful names I used to call her, but…” He paused, thinking, “Well it’s behind me now and I can’t let that… that, person get in the way of my getting on with my life.”

With that, they turned to other topics, Alicia secure in the knowledge that her son was mending. When he had come home last fall, he had been falling down drunk. Apparently, that was how he had been for most of the previous week. His roommate had called them, concerned about Bryan’s behavior. Joe had gone to get Bryan from the bus station when Bryan had appeared on the front doorstep, a half bottle of whiskey in hand.

Alicia had been scared. What could have happened to make her son behave this way? It was only after a few pots of coffee, a hot shower, and some food that Joe and Alicia actually got Bryan to tell them the truth. Then Bryan had broken down, sobbed, and cried. They eventually got him to bed early the next morning.

Joe had made arrangements for Bryan to see a councilor when he got back to college, and those sessions had helped a lot. By Christmas break, Bryan had stopped drinking, was eating normally again and, was attending classes regularly.

The drive ended and the vehicles pulled into the drive next to the cabin. It took about an hour to get things unloaded and moved into the cabin. The three spent the rest of the morning and afternoon changing the cabin over from winter closed up condition to summertime openness. Heavy wooden shutters had to be taken down from all the windows. Each of the rooms aired out, the furniture uncovered, and the utilities all turned on and checked for working condition.

Alicia busied herself the most in the kitchen. They usually packed all the cookware and dinnerware in boxes during the winter, so she dug it all out and washed, dried, and re-shelved everything. Then she attacked the linen closet. To keep the mice and other critters from destroying anything, all the linens were packed and taken home over the winter. Alicia hummed to herself contentedly as she unpacked the towels, sheets, and bedspreads.

The men worked steadily around the outside of the cabin. Leaves and other detritus were swept off the porch. The well was primed and water flowing into the water heater and other plumbing. The septic tank got inspected. The same for the propane tank; the furnace was given the once over. Firewood was stacked inside the house and by the outdoor kitchen bar-b-que. The paths around the cabin, the out buildings, and down to the lake were raked. It was all a routine the three had done many times before.

“I’ll let you get the boats ready this week, Bryan.” Joe said as he hung the leaf blower up in the pole barn. Bryan was peeking under the tarps over the array of canoes, kayaks, and the one motorized Johnny boat they had stored in the barn.

“I’ll bring up the Maristar up from the marina too, Dad. I’ll give Harry a ring on Monday to give her a tune-up and then go down and fetch her before the family starts arriving Friday.” The cabin was on one of the largest lakes in the state. The Maristar was a 28′ runabout that served as the primary transportation for the family around the lake.

Alicia had started a pot of stew in the slow cooker shortly after they had arrived. She mixed up a batch of biscuits and got the oven warm; she called her men into dinner by ringing the bell on the back porch. Like of couple of hungry lumberjacks, Joe and Bryan came in the back, leaving their shoes in the mudroom and sat down to dinner.

While his anal yapan gaziantep escort parents did the dinner dishes, Bryan made a fire in the fireplace. His father came into the room with a bucket of beers on ice and plopped down into his armchair. Bryan looked up from the book he was reading and chuckled.

“Dad, I think Mom was serious. You won’t be needing to get her liquored up to score tonight. ‘Course, I don’t know if you have enough energy to keep up with her tonight.” Bryan had seen the lust filled glances his mother had been giving his dad during dinner. She had disappeared into the master bedroom just a moment ago with a meaningful glance at Bryan and the stairs.

“I know I sure am beat,” remarked Bryan before his Dad could comment on his frank observation of his parent’s amorous intentions. “I’m gonna go hit the hay. Probably be asleep before my head hits the pillow. Won’t hear a thing.” Dodging the couch pillow his dad threw at him. Bryan scampered up the stairs to bed.

Alicia came out to hear her husband fuming and muttering under his breath, something about boys getting to big for their britches.

“Do you really think he doesn’t know what his parents get up to?” inquired Alicia. “You are always a randy fellow, and this cabin brings out the he-man complex in you and you can’t keep your hands off of me.” Alicia laughed out-right at the pole-axed look on Joe’s face.

“Bryan is a healthy red-blooded male, who is quite well aware of what goes on between two consenting adults,” she reminded him. “He seems to be past the worst of the pain that girl left behind.”

“Now don’t go destroying the mood, my love,” winked Joe as he gathered his lovely little wife into his arms and kissing her deeply. His tongue made gentle entreaty to her lips, which parted slowly as he explored her mouth. Breaking away breathlessly, Alicia went about the room turning off the lights.

“Do you think he’s asleep yet?”

“Doesn’t matter if he is,” replied Joe. “Bryan promised he wouldn’t hear anything.” Joe’s eyes crinkled up in contained laughter. His little wife could become a very vocal lover when she let her inhibitions go. Something that happened with much frequency here at the cabin.

The married couple settled down on the big couch in front of the fire. Alicia tucked her feet up as she nestled into her husband. Facing him, she ran a hand over his jaw, drawing him back in for a kiss. This one was as gentle and sweet as the prior kiss. Joe’s arms wrapped around his wife, drawing him to her.

The first kiss turned in to many. As the heat between them began to build, Joe’s hands began to massage Alicia’s back. Roaming up and down her spine, working out the little kinks and sores from the day’s work. Alicia moaned into Joe’s mouth as the kiss became more hungry. Opening her eyes, she looked longingly at her husband. The unbridled passion lit his eyes with a hungry light, drowning her in his lust.

Joe nibbled his way from Alicia’s earlobe down her neck to nuzzle in the hollow of her throat. His hands became more insistent as they began to move to the front of Alicia’s blouse. While kissing and nuzzling her neck and lips, Joe slowly unbuttoned Alicia’s blouse. Each time a button gave way, Alicia gave out a little moan, knowing full well the pleasure yet to come.

After the last button gave way, Joe cradled Alicia’s head in his hands. “Now, my dear woman,” he purred in his best Italian accent, “I am going to make love all over your body. Yes?”

Panting with desire, Alicia could only nod yes.

Pulling her blouse from her shoulders, Joe’s hungry mouth devoured her neck, shoulders, and lastly began to mount the slopes of her heaving breasts. Deftly his left hand unhooked the bra clasp and without missing a kiss, Joe’s lips slipped the bra away from her right breast. The nipple was already hard and distended. Alicia’s mouth was open as she gasped for air. She wanted his rough lips on her nipple. She wanted it there now!

Joe’s tongue traced a trail across to her other breast instead. Meanwhile his hands were busy removing her blouse and bra to drop them on the floor. Alicia began to work at Joe’s shirt as well, wanting to press her bosom up against Joe’s lightly haired chest. She wanted to feel her nipples carve lines against his skin.

Watching his wife’s rising passion, Joe lowered his head and sucked Alicia’s entire left breast into his mouth. His tongue made slow circles around her soft globe, leisurely making his way towards the tip of her tit. Her hands were pawing at his clothes desperately trying to get his shirt off so they could have skin-to-skin contact.

When Joe at length made contact with her nipple, he gently took the nub in his teeth and flicked the tip of his tongue over the end. The ripple of pleasure shot through Alicia and she let out a low moan. Pulling away from him, she almost ripped his shirt apart pulling antep escort it off over his head. Before she could get her hands back on him, Joe took the other breast into his mouth and preformed the same intimate torture to it as he had the left breast. Culminating with the nipple firmly between his teeth, he looked Alicia in the eye. Gone was the quiet little lady, in her place was a tigress in full heat looking for a conquest.

Alicia stood up unzipped her pants and dropped both her jeans and undies in one smooth motion to the floor. She straddled Bryan’s hips and dropped down into his lap. Running her hands through his hair, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, pinned it down in a quick wrestling match, and then pulled his face to her chest. Joe happily began to lap at whichever tit was presented him. He would suck the whole thing into his mouth, tonguing the nipple rapidly, and then he would pull back and suck on just the bud, work his way over to the other side and start all over. Joe had always loved breasts, considered himself quite the tit man, and tried to make an art of loving a woman’s breasts. Alicia loved the attention her chest was getting. Her pussy was quite soaked. Her hips were thrusting against the bulge in Joe’s pants in time with the movements of his mouth.

Pulling his mouth back to hers, Alicia consumed Joe. Rising up, she reached for his belt. Pulling it loose, she unbuttoned his pants, continuing to kiss and suck on Joe’s tongue she tugged at the waist. Joe lifted his hips allowing Alicia to draw his pants and briefs over his hips. His cock had begun to swell a long time ago in response to the action of his mouth on Alicia’s plentiful bosom. The tip of his penis caught in the band of his underwear. Alicia had to let go her lip lock to deal with the obstruction.

Seeing her husband’s enlarged gland spring free of its restraints, she transferred her oral attentions from her husband’s to his pelvis. Licking the tip free of any pre-cum, she nibbled at the tip while she forced Joe’s jeans past his knees and down to his ankles. Dropping to her knees, Alicia pushed his legs apart and began to pay serious attention to Joe’s manhood.

She cupped her left hand around his scrotum, gently bouncing his testicles in her palm. With her right hand, she took a firm grip on the base of his penis and slowly engulfed the length of the shaft into her mouth. Drawing back, she withdrew till only the tip was perched on the perfect moue of her lips. Looking up she saw her husband staring passionately at her. Alicia understood how men thought a blowjob was the most wonderful thing in the world. When they were first married, the idea of taking that thing into her mouth had filled her with horror. Why? Then one night she gave into Joe’s pleading, and she sucked his dick for the first time. Who would have known? It was a wonderful feeling to have her mouth around the soft skin of his penis, to feel his cock twitching in her mouth. Now she understood how women could like the idea of cock sucking too.

Stroking Joe’s penis slowly, Alicia decided to give his cock the same slow torment of pleasure that he had administered to her chest. Licking up and down the shaft and unhurriedly sucking the length into her mouth, Alicia gave herself over to the proper oral treatment of her husband’s cock. Soon his was moaning and grunting, trying to hold off the eventual release. Sensing his coming climax, Alicia pulled her mouth off his cock and gently sucked first on testicle then the other into her wet warm mouth. She sped up the frequency with which she stroked his raging manhood. Feeling his cock stiffen, and his ball sack pull up into his groin, Alicia did the one thing that drove Joe wild. She took the head of his penis into her mouth. Sucking on the glans, she pumped her fist up and down the length of Joe’s manhood until she was rewarded with the eruption of sticky semen onto her tongue. She stopped sucking and just held her lips parted as Joe ejaculated his seed into her mouth.

Smiling up at her husband when he finished cumming, Alicia looked him right in the eye as she swallowed his sperm. Licked her lips and then cleaned off the cum on his cock and balls. Short of breath, Joe pulled his wife up to him and opened his mouth against hers and ran his tongue all over hers.

Joe pushed Alicia down onto the couch, pulled her legs apart, and kissed his way down her belly towards her sex. With all the attention to her breasts earlier, and the blowjob she just gave him, had Alicia’s vagina dripping with wetness. She kept her pubic hair trimmed into what was known as a racing stripe above her slit. Joe’s lips were making little bows all around her pubic mound. He lifted her thighs up on his shoulders and wrapped his arms around them. His fingers began to play in the sparse hair above Alicia’s pussy. Smelling the full extent of her arousal, Joe gently blew against the puffy outer lips of Alicia’s nether opening. Gently kissing her clit, Joe then began to lick the external folds of Alicia’s labia. Using his fingers to gently open her pussy wider, Joe ran his tongue over the length of her opening. Starting almost at her anus, he would press his tongue flat against her sex and then slowly lift his head, lapping his tongue the whole rise of her cunt, till he would flick the tip against the head of her clitoris.

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Nancy the Girl Next Door Ch. 1

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“C’mon in, Nancy,” I said as I opened the door. It was our neighbor. We share what is romantically called a “townhouse” by the new neighborhood residents, but to those of us who have been here for many, many years, it is a “twin” or a “double” in the west end of our city. It is only lately that the transplanted “yuppies” of the 1980’s have been giving these old homes new lives and, I guess, appropriately enough, new names.

Nancy and Mike have lived next door to us for about ten years now. They are an apparently happily married couple with three children – Lauren, 12 their natural child, Richie, 9 and Kayla, 5 both bi-racial adopted children. They are perfect neighbors for an older couple – quiet but very friendly and always willing to help out with anything. Mike is an insurance salesman who still hits the road for long days. Nancy is a stay-at-home mom who dotes on her house and her children and has done a very nice job with them, both my wife and I agree. Nancy actually grew up in the house next door and when her parents passed on in an accident a bunch of years ago, she and Mike inherited the house. So, the entire neighborhood was already familiar with her, and I’d known her through childhood, puberty and those terrible teen years.

They are church-going Catholics who send their children to local parochial schools and who apparently adhere to all the tenets of Catholic family life. So, it was a bit of a surprise when Nancy showed up on my doorstep that early Sunday morning at a time when they are usually at Mass. (I am sort of a lapsed Methodist, and while my wife continues to attend church and is involved in seemingly dozens of meetings, committees, circles and share groups, I putter around the house on Sunday mornings doing those things I didn’t seem to find time to do during the week.) My wife and I are retired and semi-retired. That is, I am a fully retired educator and only put in a few hours each week at the local community college, helping out an old friend who is now the president of the college. My wife is a half-time secretary at the church. I tell the reader these things to set the stage for the tale I am about to relate.

Nancy walked in and looked around. Though we are good neighbors and good friends, I realized as she looked over the living room/dining room combination, that she and Mike have really only been in our house once before. We just don’t travel in the same social circles – big difference in ages, I suppose. She commented on the fireplace with the built-in bookcases on either side, and other items in our house that were different from hers even though the other half of the double is a mirror copy of ours. I could see she had something on her mind and offered her coffee. She accepted, and as I poured I asked her what she needed. Help with something heavy? Something from our kitchen? I asked where Mike and the kids were and she told me that Mike had taken the children to his mother’s church this morning. She was not much for his mother and decided she had a very bad headache and could not attend. They would most likely spend the entire day with his parents and not get home until evening.

She said she just wanted to talk a minute, then asked a very strange question. Did I think my wife would mind if I showed her the upstairs of the house? I chuckled a bit and told her that if my wife found out I had a beautiful young woman upstairs in our bedroom, she’d call the local mental hospital and have me committed because I would be certifiably insane. Nancy laughed a small laugh and moved as if to leave the table. I took her cue and led her back into the dining room and up the stairs to our bedroom. She looked in and just sort of hmmm-ed and then asked what we used the front bedroom for. I walked her down the hall, past the bathroom and the extra bedroom we use for our grandchildren when they come to visit, and into the front room, which we have converted into sort of a computer-room/den/office/exercise room. It is large, light and open and it is a great place to do any of the former activities.

“Ahhhhh,” she exclaimed. “Now I understand.” She was looking at my bike on the stationary trainer in the corner of the room next to the wall that separates this room from her house. “Does that make a noise when you ride it?” I told her it did, and asked why. “Well, my daughter has been complaining of something humming ‘in the walls’ in the evening when she is doing her homework. They could not figure out what it was and she thought she would ask to see our room to see if we had some sort of machinery against the wall.

I asked if she wanted to try out the bike and see for herself. She agreed, and said she always wanted to get one of these to put her bike on for the winter months when she didn’t ride outside, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. I told her that it was certainly worth it and I kept this bike on the trainer year-round so I could get some exercise even when I was too lazy to go any distance. She made a move bayan escort as if to mount the bike, but it was so high off the ground, she had to climb onto the pedal first and swing her leg over the saddle to get on. It was apparent she was not going to be able to do that as she was wearing a short denim skirt that didn’t allow for much leg-lifting. I was just about to say that she could try it some other time when she was dressed properly, but she surprised me by loosening the tie in the back of the skirt – it turned out it was a wrap-around sort of thing – which gave her greater ease with her legs.

She climbed up, flipped her leg behind her and sat on the saddle, turning the pedals at some deliberate speed. The hum immediately filled the room. I never realized that the bike made this much noise because I usually wore a headset connected to the stereo nearby so I could set up a rhythm to my riding. The bike was an old off-road model with a knobby back tire and it made a huge humming noise when it rolled on the base rotor.

She seemed to be having a good time and began to perspire just a bit. I asked her if she wanted to get in a workout while she was here, but she said she didn’t have time. She continued pedaling and told me she loved to ride but just didn’t get enough time to do it with Mike’s long days. She didn’t like to leave the kids alone. I told her she could come over here and ride my trainer anytime she wanted to and the kids would be just next-door. She beamed at the idea, speeded up, and I could not help but catch a glimpse of well-muscled thighs and pink panties under the short skirt as she slowed her pedaling.

Nancy obviously saw me look and giggled a bit. “What are you looking at, Ed? This isn’t the outfit I would normally ride in, you know.” I told her I would just love to see her in Spandex shorts, but it might overtax my aged heart. She laughed out loud and said she thought I was flirting with her. I told her that, yes, I was; but at my age I had forgotten why. She laughed again and told me she was sure that was not true and that I was probably chasing the young coeds at the college all around the campus. I said, yes, I was, but by the time I caught them I was never sure why I had been chasing them in the first place.

We had another laugh and she moved to dismount. Now, this was a challenge and she did not have exactly 100% success. When she moved to get off the saddle, her skirt caught and she wound up standing beside the bike with her skirt pulled up to her waist, giving me an absolutely riveting view of beautiful legs and high-cut pink panties. What surprised me most, though, was that she didn’t immediately shriek and pull at her skirt. Instead, she turned toward the bike, which only served to pull the skirt apart in the back and give me a view of the cutest little ass I have seen in so many years I cannot remember.

Let me give you a quick overview of what was in the room with me. Nancy is tiny. Perhaps only 5′ 3″ tall. Very small, maybe 105 pounds. Blonde (I would think natural, since I remember her as being blonde as a young girl). Very slender. And the tiniest set of breasts I’ve ever seen on a grown woman. I am not much for bra sizes, but I would guess that she was no more than a 32 or 34 A-cup, I think that is how they are measured. But with all the exercise she does – running and riding – her legs are magnificently proportioned and well muscled. She is certainly a well-kept lady.

Well, here I am, at 60+ years with a 33-year-old, adorable ass staring me in the face. What’s a man to do? I whistled. Yep, childish though it may seem, I whistled, as I would have when I was 16 or so. Nancy laughed and managed to loosen her skirt enough to get it off the saddle and nearly back into proper position. “Like what you see, you dirty old man?” she laughed.

“Absolutely! But I will probably have to get new batteries for my pacemaker,” I joked back.

Now she surprised me with another request. As she re-arranged her skirt and moved away from the bike and motioned down the hall, she asked, “Can I see your bedroom, Ed?” I was a bit nonplussed at this, but told her it was right down at the other end of the hall. She took the dozen or so steps it takes to get there and looked around for just a minute or two and then returned to where I was standing. “That explains it,” she stated.

“What in the world are you talking about? That’s the second time you’ve said that today.”

“You moved your bed. When I was a kid, my room was right through that wall. I could sometimes hear you at night … you know … in bed. But I don’t hear you any more.”

I laughed out loud at that one. “My dear Nancy; believe me when I tell you that moving the bed had no bearing on what you heard in that bedroom. We just moved the bed about a month ago when we re-painted. You haven’t heard anything through the wall for years, dear, but moving the bed was not the reason,” and I continued to escort bayan chuckle.

“OK, you dirty old man; what do you mean by that?” she casually asked.

“Well, Nance, if you really want to know – and I think we’ve known each other long enough for me to say what I want to say without you getting all huffy and offended – there simply hasn’t been anything to hear for more than 20 years now, if you know what I mean.” And I gave her an abbreviated run-down of my wife’s slanted religious views of sex after a family has been established. I didn’t pull any punches, but didn’t add any embellishments, either. I just let her know that it was my wife’s idea that there be no sex between us, as simply as I could.

“Oh, my God!” she whispered, as she got redder in the face. “I didn’t mean to pry…I’m so sorry … What was I thinking about to ask that … Oh, damn, I put my foot in it there, didn’t I?” all ran out of her mouth in one long sentence of embarrassment.

I took her by the shoulder and patted it as I would a very young daughter and told her not to mind her curiosity. I thought it was cute when she told me she could hear us years ago. I asked her if she ever laid over there on her side of the wall and wondered what we were really doing over here on our side, and she told me that she understood about what we were doing, but never really had any concrete information when she was that young, so she could only imagine what it was like.

I asked her, “No books? No dirty magazines? No pictures?” and laughed again.

She admitted that she and Kristen – the girl across the street – had stolen her father’s Puritan magazines and had looked at a lot of pictures, but never actually did anything about it until a lot later when she went to college.

“Well,” I told her, “at least you waited until college. Too many kids get themselves in real trouble by starting too early and not knowing how to handle it.”

“Oh, I started earlier than college,” she admitted as we sat down on the sofa-bed in the office, “I just didn’t ever go all the way until college. I was scared, that’s all.”

The conversation was taking a turn I had not truly expected, but found rather titillating, to tell you the truth. But her next set of statements rocked me back on my heels.

“You know, Mike and I don’t have sex anymore, either. I guess he’s too busy, or maybe I’m not attractive enough anymore, or something. I know he’s not fooling around anywhere, ’cause he’s just too busy for that. But I miss it sometimes. I feel funny telling you all this, but I’ve known you since I was a little kid and somehow it doesn’t seem all that bad, does it?” And she looked up at me with such a pathetic little smile on her face that I felt immediately sorry for her and her plight…incredibly young to have to look ahead to a sexless life. I knew she would not go out and look for an affair. She was a very good Catholic girl – too good for that sort of thing.

I answered her little monolog with a few choice comments: “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again about not being attractive enough anymore. That is pure bullshit, and you know it. Did you ever take a good look in the mirror, Nancy? You are absolutely delicious! Not in a movie-star-huge-bust-sexy-mouth-come-screw-me way; but in a delightfully clean and innocent way. You probably drive men nuts at the grocery store and in church and at the mall and never even know it. The truly sexy women never do, you know.”

Her eyes got a bit wider and she breathed out, “Do you really think I’m sexy? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better, are you?”

I took a huge chance right then and there. I already had one hand on her shoulder, and I now followed it with the other and lifted up and bent down so that I could kiss her right on the mouth. I did it with as much slow, soft, tenderness as I could. I did not smash her lips into my mouth or tongue-wrestle with her. I just kissed her and held her very tightly by the shoulders so she could not pull away. But she really didn’t attempt to, anyway. As I released her lips, I simply said, “What do you think I think?”

She backed away from me and touched her mouth as if she’d been burned. I figured that it was all over and she was out of here and my wife would get a huge anecdote about her degenerate husband when she got home. But no, she hardly moved at all for a good, full minute.

When she did move, it was directly to me, pressing her head to my chest and wrapping her arms around me and squeezing me so tight, I thought those tiny little breasts were going to punch holes in my stomach right through the t-shirt. I had the fleeting image in my mind of her crying, but it didn’t last long. She stood up on tiptoes and I got the idea. I bent down and kissed her again. This time, her arms went around my neck and she pulled herself into me, tightly.

I decided to really play the game here and stood up straight, with bayan escort gaziantep her arms around my neck and my hands at her waist. I lifted her entirely off the ground and her body slid against mine and stayed there. This time, our kiss was a bit more animated, with her taking an active part. Lips and tongues came into play and she hummed into my mouth when I moved my hands to her ass and held her up by those cute round hemispheres.

We finally came up for air and she tilted her head back and asked in a very hushed voice, “What are we doing, Ed?”

I replied that I thought we were preparing to make very romantic love to one another. I told her that was an idea I’d had in my head for the last half-hour or so. I also told her that I first had that idea when she was a teen-ager. She gasped a bit at that and laughed, “You really are a dirty old man, aren’t you?” And she kissed me lightly and squirmed for me to set her down.

I did, and she moved to the other side of the room where I had my old-fashioned weight bench set up diagonally to the corner. (Nothing fancy; just an old padded bench with two struts at one end extending upward about 30 inches from the bench to a pair of brackets that would hold the bar of any weight I chose to use for my fitness – not strength training – workouts.) She turned to face me and asked what time my wife would be home. I told her not for a long while, and she could relax and not worry about our being interrupted with whatever she had in mind.

It took only a half a minute for her to unwrap the denim skirt and flick it toward my feet where it landed in a tiny blue heap. I looked from the pile of denim to where she stood and noted that she was twisting the hem of the white t-shirt in her fingers – perhaps trying to decide what to do next – which gave me a very nice view of the front of her panties. Small, pink and delicate. Conservative, as I had supposed, but appearing at least one size too small for her. She saw me looking at her crotch and placed one hand lightly in front of her to shield her bulging nest from my view, I suppose. I smiled a small smile and as if she could read my thoughts, she said, “They’re not mine; they’re Lauren’s. I was doing laundry earlier today and wanted the panties I had on for tomorrow. I didn’t have any clean ones in the laundry room, so I took a pair of Lauren’s. I guess they’re a little small, aren’t they?” (Lauren is her 12-year-old daughter)

I smiled a Groucho Marx smile and told her that they were “poifect” on her and that they brought out her “…most adorable feature…” She giggled – honestly giggled – and moved her hand to the hem of her shirt. I could tell she was about to lift it over her head when I stopped her by moving directly in front of her and taking her two hands in both of mine. I lifted her hands high above her head and ran my fingers down along her arms into her armpits and then to her sides, sliding them to the side swells of her tiny breasts. She shuddered just a little, but didn’t move her hands. She looked directly at me – no eyes closed, etc. – just looked at me to see where I was going with this.

In this position, her tiny little nubs were stretched upward and very taut. I could see the nipples poking hard against the bra underneath and trying to escape their confinement. I moved my hands to the undersides of her breasts and tried to cup them, but there was not enough flesh there to fill my hands. I opened my palms and lightly touched them to the tips of her nipples through shirt and bra material and moved them around in large circles, just causing enough friction that her nipples knew my hands were there – and they puffed up and dug into my palms within just a few seconds. For some unknown reason, this young woman was quite “horny” as the vernacular would express it.

After a short minute of palm circles, I bent and kissed her lightly and moved my hands to the hem of her shirt and lifted it clear of her body and over her head. I left it tangled around her wrists so that she could not take it off, nor could she pull it back down. Her arms were still stretched upward, her breasts pulling up and her bra gaping at the sides of the cups. I bent down in front of her and slid my fingers beneath the lower edges of her cups and lifted them up and off her breasts and slid this garment, too, up along her arms, wrapping it around her wrists with the t-shirt material.

I looked. I inspected. I marveled at the tiniest pair of breasts I had seen on an adult woman in my entire life. Tiny, twin pointed cones of flesh. Topped with dark, dark brown aureoles that seemed to take up more than two thirds of the breast altogether. Compared to the size of her breasts, her aureoles were huge. They were not huge for a woman of 34 or 36C proportions, but for a woman who most likely sported a pair of 34A breasts, these brown circles were immense. Her nipples were as dark as the fleshy, lumpy circles that surrounded them. What was even more unusual was the length of those nipples. Exceptionally large. Large, even, for a woman with much larger breasts. I laid my pinky finger beside one of them as it swelled and distended. The nipple reached from the tip of my little finger to the first joint – puffy, swollen, hard as a pencil eraser and indented slightly on the very tip.

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Nonagenarian Ch. 03

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**** Epilogue ****

Though I carefully slid my fingers out of her beautiful, intensely sensitive, engorged pussy, Ann gasped and lurched several times. Smirking stupidly, we all lay as we were, basking in our blissful high, as the train rocked us peacefully for many miles. We teased each other and told wild stories for the next 100+ naked miles. By the time we HAD to dress, clothes felt totally unnatural! I wished Ann and Art many happy, blissful, recurrences of our experience. Though I didn’t expect to hear from them after our trip, we exchanged contact details and said goodbye several hours later.


After many months, Sue heard from Art. He lived just over two hours from us and wanted to thank us again for the life changing experience. Wanting to show us something, he insisted we visit, so we arranged a weekend stay with him. His health had declined visibly and he spent most of his days in bed. Ann was still one of his aides. Her peers wondered why she was so elated to spend her time with Art. After much teasing, she shared the details of our trip and aroused their curiosity.

Since our adventure, she’d continued to help Art with her special style of physical therapy. His drive and health determined how much and what kind of therapy he got, though he was getting one form or another every day. He looked forward to his daily finger exercises INSIDE his younger and younger aides. Yet he’d insist they provide twice daily circulation stimulation to at least one small part of his body. Once past the ‘horror’ of sex play with a wobbly man in his nineties, all the aides enjoyed their time with Art. His humor and zest inspired them; his skillful talents surprised them. Word spread, of course, and he quickly had a wait list for aides. Many would visit on their own time.

When the demands became too taxing, he decided to limit visits from friends of aides to just one a day. Ahhh, the sufferings of abundance! What a curse. His female visitors had to pay a price to be with his highness. They were required to strip for him and do their best to make little Art salute. In return they got his boney, disease free, vibrating fingers in their pussies and asses. They were delighted to feel his hard, warm, shaky gums on firm nips and clits. Explosive orgasms frequently surprised them when his finger vibes woo’d their G spots.

His relationship with Ann was forever changed. Before our encounter, it was a nearly dispassionate, bored aide and her burden patient. It became a caring, playful, even loving one filled with oral and digital sex. Ann told us she was inspired to demand more in her normal sex life with her squeeze and to be more adventurous. As a result, they were much more fulfilled. Art’s well-worked dick lost some wrinkles and was moderately hard without drugs. Ann had even coaxed true ejaculations from his happy cock. Often, Art had two or three aides helping him because they were fascinated with watching such an old man cum. They felt his release was a thrilling personal victory and a quirky shattering of taboos. He insisted, of course, that they all let him handle and taste them in the process.

Art hadn’t told us his NINETY-NINTH birthday was in the week before we call on him the first time. While visiting with him, Art asked to taste and toy with Sue’s tiny tits again. She agreed, if HE would undress her. He did, she did. She stripped him and stroked his small dick to a surprising hardness. “You’re much bigger and harder than you were on the train! I know Ann has been sucking your dick, but have you fucked her with this trooper?”

“Dare wuz a joke that useta haunt me – bout a ninedy-yea old geeza who wuz charged wid rape. But it didn’t stand up in court. For too many yeaz, I wuz afraid dat wuz me. Hell, I’m not whut I uzed to be, but I’m so much moah dan I evah egspectd to be agin. Didn’t sum outfit say ‘be awl you kin be’? Dat’s whea I am now and I gotta say I’m trilled.’ The tear in his eye said a greater THANKS than words alone escort gaziantep bayan could ever say.

“Ann and da other aides think it be fun jerking an old man, sukin me off and even fingerin my ass. I knows they playin, but so am I! Dey seemz to like me likin their pussis too. But they frade to mount my dick. Maybe they worried bout the STD I ain’t got, or they frade I’m gonna split them in two with this biggg fugin monsta! HA! Moh liklee, they be worrin bout gettin pergnament with my hundred yea spermz! I anin’t got no swimmers. They be tired too. Just maybe they fraid fugin meez gonna kill me. Cum then croak? But I can’t convink em dat I’m totly safe. No matta! This be da best sex I had in ova tirty years, so I’m smilin evry day!”

“That’s all true. I even had his sperm tested, under another name, and know he can’t impregnate anyone. But actual intercourse doesn’t seem ethical. I don’t mind swallowing his cum, and I do let him lick my pussy. He loves that.” Sounds like some serious guilty rationalizing.

Art sat on his bed, dialing Sue’s nipples and sucking her little tits. She had her feet spread wide on the floor so her tits lined up with his mouth. He reached past her navel, pet her pubes, circled her clit and split her gash with two shaky fingers. Sue sighed and threw her head back. Her little moan made me and Ann respond. Still comfortable with us, she shed her clothes and sauntered to me. As Ann undressed me, we watched Art finger fuck my young wife. He gently stoked Sue’s pliant ass cheeks.

Ann sat on my naked lap, “In the last year, I only had sex of any kind with my boyfriend…until our train trip. But I’ve only fucked one man in that time, until tonight. I want to fuck you desperately. Ever since you knocked me out on the train, I’ve dreamed about fucking you. Please let me.” Hmm, no ethical concerns here!

“Wow! No pressure, huh? You are an incredibly sexy woman. Beautiful in face, body and soul. You know Art appreciates your attention and I feel grateful for it to, for him. Resisting you can be very hard. Your boyfriend better appreciate these huge, perfect tits; this plush, curvy ass; and this incredible pussy. Sue was also very turned on by its sculpted beauty. I have to warn you, I want it all… I want to feast on your taut, tasty tits and succulent pussy with my eyes, nose, fingers and tongue. After I make you cum twice, I want to fuck you until you pass out. Are you OK with that?”

In answer, she grinned broadly and flushed brightly. With her back to my chest so we could watch my wife with Art, I caressed Ann’s heavy tits. She wiggled against my stiffened cock and let it stand between her legs, then pressed it against her swelling lips. The surge of warmth where my hot dick and her pouty pussy merged drew simultaneous moans from both of us.

Sue and Art snapped their heads at our unified, lustful moan. His shaky fingers were deep inside Sue, exploring. Her sudden lurches told us when Art found her G-spot. She gasped and quickly evaluated Art’s impressive little hardon. She’d had smaller cocks in her and now wanted to feel his living vibrator in her cunt. Having to chose between exhausting him by being under him, or possibly harming his brittle body by climbing on top, she decided to get on her knees on the bed with her face on the sheets.

Offering him her steaming, fragrant cunt doggie style drew a demented GRUNT from Art. He draped his boney body over her back, then spread open her cheeks. He too found her butthole wildly lusty. He rubbed its velvety puckers before circling a moistened finger around it and sliding past her relaxed muscles. Once deep inside her ass, she felt his vibrations shaking her G spot from the other side of her barrier. He moved his stiff little dick against her glistening lips and split open her beautiful and protruding inner lips.

Once his dick head felt the searing heat of my wife’s wetness, he groaned loudly and nearly collapsed. Bracing gaziantep escort cim cif bayan himself by hooking his finger inside Sue’s ass, he jerked his other hand from her hip to the bed post to support himself. He nevertheless arched his hips to thrust deeper into Sue’s cock magnet. Instantly, all FOUR stiff inches vanished inside her slippery snatch. With her ass steeply in the air, the angle was right for even a small dick to tease her clit and slide into her G. Sue shook, eeeeeked and shuttered in orgasmic surprise. Art grimaced, then grunted hard three times trying to sling his spunk into Sue’s hollowed out cunt. He fell onto his side on the bed with a broad shit-eating grin of satisfaction.

Sue and I visited Art several times so she could experience his unique talents. I taped them twice. She couldn’t describe exactly why his gums and fingers felt so much better than a vibrator on the same spots. We can imagine empathically some of the reasons. Maybe it was the extra taboo of his age or anxiety that she could kill him with her pussy?

By our third visit, Art’s confidence was at an all time high. I watched and listened to Sue each time she built to a howling, keening, gushing orgasm that flooded Art’s grateful, grinning face. Once, still awed, I didn’t notice I’d stopped jerking off just before my climax. Another aide, mostly dressed, was staring at us and grinning. Her legs were sprawled out in front of me, fingers still pistoning her swollen, dripping cunt. When Sue and Art saw me frozen, yet still choking my purple-headed chicken, she whispered to Art. He shook his head a firm NO. “Have you ever?” she asked. Again a firm NO. “So why not now?” No response…. a short delay later he shrugged…. then conceded. To what?

They turned silently to me. Still in perfect synch, their eyes dropped slowly to my hand that was still strangling my cock, then back up to my eyes. “Oh no! Nope! I can see what you’re thinking. NO!” The aide let all her disheveled clothes fall off as she approached me. Why was she grinning? She and Sue reached me at the same moment. They silently pulled me up, peeled my shirt off and let my pants fall away. My rigid rod naturally sprang out and lead my way.

What were they up to? Sue ran her fingers over my cheeks, into my crack and teasingly against my rear hole. Beth slid her free hand up my thighs, feathered my balls then LOCKED onto my still strained dick. She squeezed and pulled its hardness to Sue’s giddy delight. Did they want our threesome for Art’s cardio program? With all his experience, a minor little threesome couldn’t be so special. Beth pulled my turgid cock toward the bed and I decide to follow it. With Sue’s fingers inside my ass, I had no clear thoughts. Four of us were now on the bed naked. The two women flanked me, moved me to my knees and pointed my dick at Art. “Oh no, uh uh… what are you asking Art to do?”

“Have you ever jerked off another man, shakey or not?” Art’s sheepish shrug told me this wasn’t his idea. I had my kinky wife to thank for this. Beth pulled me forward and relinquished my rigid dick to Art. He’d squeezed it before, on the train, so his vacillating grip was vaguely familiar to me. It was brief then, but this time I knew it wouldn’t be. I rationalized that a hand was still a hand – male or female. But then so was a mouth and an asshole. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take ANY of those steps down that path. The first step was already beyond my choice. Art had a firm grip on my cock with ninety-nine year old bones and muscles. It had started to deflate, but his shakes sent some twists and uneven jerks I would never have done on my own.

I was already near my climax, so Art’s few shaky jerks quickly put me over the top despite my misgivings. Then he surprised us all. He let my first gush fly onto his hands, chest and legs. Overcoming obvious hesitation, he leaned onto me and caught my second spurt in his mouth! “ART! What….” Before I could cinsel bilgiler finish, he sucked my still spurting dick deeper into his mouth. His vibrating jaw made me spastic and sent two more spurts down his throat before I could regain control. “Art! Are you OK?”

“Sure. That’s sumthin I neva done in ninety-nine years! I wuz always afraid to try and afraid what uddaz wood say. Well, fug um! I let my curiohsiti win and I’m glad I did. It wernt so bad neider. Not much left now I haven’t done!” I didn’t know what to say. So I shut up and decided to sleep on my thoughts.


We heard from Art every month until his death at 101…. He stayed sexually active, to varying degrees, until he died. We learned that HE decided to further limit visits from friends of aides to one every other day… Too many wanted to be part of the miracle man’s RIPLEY records.

He’d often said, in his own special way, that we inspired him to a degree of bliss he had no expectation of ever achieving again. In truth, HE inspired US and everyone who’s heard this story. If there’s a moral here, maybe it’s this:

Listen to, learn from and respect our elders and their wisdom.

It’s a lesson I’d heard since I was a child. As most did, I didn’t pay much attention. When I met Art, it became a lesson I never again forgot. Forty happy years after that impromptu train adventure, and many other fun trips I preserved in my secret diary, I lost Sue to disease. Despite my still high sex drive, I was so heartbroken I couldn’t consider any form of dating. For nine long years, I was a depressed recluse. Then it was my turn to depend on aides for my daily activities. My first three were prudish women with no sense of humor. They made each day a dull eternity. The fourth, MaryAnn, reminded me of Ann. We got on famously and my spirits rose. After some racy teasing, I fondly told her about our adventures with Art way back in August of 2007. Was it a coincidence that she was born that same month?

Maybe it was her female intuition, but after I shared the intimate details of that long ago train adventure, she insisted I call her ANN. She pointed out that she had been handling my dick since our day one during sponge and later full baths. If I hadn’t told her Art’s story, she would have never mentioned the improvement in my circulation evidenced by the mild dick throbbing she noticed. Encouraged by my experience, she massaged my dick to a reasonable firmness and kept massaging until I had my first ejaculation in several years.

MY Ann wasn’t willing to go as far as Art’s Ann did, well… not for two months. I finally persuaded her to bathe with me and let me enjoy her body. Though my fingers didn’t shake much, they stayed hard much longer than my dick could and I used them to happily reward her kindness with frequent orgasms. At this old age, I went to two doctors to lower my sex drive… since it was mostly in my head. MaryAnn said it was still too high! Ouch! Was that an insult?

Our evolving relationship was modeled on Art’s. She and her most trusted coworkers provided frequent oral and manual orgasms with many semi-successful, though low impact, cock in pussy encounters. We rode the trains often, looking for the new generation of Sue and me. We never found ‘me’ there.

With no commitments and occasional forays into public sex, my final years have been much more satisfying than I had any right to expect. I asked Ann and her friends how I could express my gratitude since I had nothing left to will to them. Ann said I should tell Art’s story to all who might listen and learn. Using WordPerfect version 46 with accurate thought to text feature, I tackled the challenge.

I leave this story to my sons and their children and to all who take the time to learn the morals it holds. My gift of gratitude will not be published until after my death. It’s time. 65 years after meeting Art, I’m now on my deathbed and wish you the happiness I found in my last years. Just in case I was too subtle, and because the other significant moral in our stories is much too important to leave to chance, forgive me for stating it plainly:

There’s hope for new beginnings, even for ordinary people like us. Thanks Art.

=========================== =============================

(~ ~)
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My Friend’s Son

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As told by cathy:

“Come on, Jane, it’s not like I’m gonna hurt him!”

“Cathy, you can’t be serious! I mean, what kind of mother would I be?”

I looked across the breakfast table at her, divorced for 12 years, an 18 year old son she dotes over. Both really nice people, but she’s been sheltered, and now so has he. I said, “You’re a concerned mother who wants what’s best for her son. Nothing wrong with that.”

“He’s not just shy,” she argued. “There’s something else there! I wish he would meet the right girl and all this will be a thing of the past, but I don’t think it will happen.”

“Maybe,” I replied, “if he is put in the right situation? He obviously has the desires, it’s just a matter of channeling them.”

Tim’s father had abandoned them before I met her. Tim was six at the time, Jane was 27. Many years later she found out her ex had died in a bar fight in Denver.

I met Jane because my daughter sat for Jane. Lisa is ten years older than Tim, and he adored her. She was married now, living in LA, but Jane and I stayed close, and Tim was almost like a nephew to me.

When he turned 12, he had the normal teen reaction to girls, shy but curious. The accidental discoveries in his room told Jane he developed a collection of porn, including some of her undies that she thought she had lost. This worried her.

I tried to explain that this was fairly common among teens, that he was curious of females in general, and wasn’t a perv because he liked to peek at Mom in her undies. Se just happened to be handy.

Jane saw this as a sign of a deeper problem. Without a male influence in his life, she had no one to talk to him. And since I was her closest friend, she bounced these things off me.

I had become sort of like her big sister, since I was nine years older, at 48. Our personalities couldn’t be more different. I’m out-going, strong-willed, self-assured, most times, and she’s not.

I’m a full figured girl, 5’8, 150, with a 38DD chest that always turns heads, while Jane is 5’3, slight, not quite petite, and a 34B. We are both red heads, but she’s a natural, I’m a Clairol Girl. Our choices in make up are just as drastic, as you can imagine. I never go out without it, and she barely wears any.

But, we have remained close friends, even now, and Jane knew that if she asked my opinion on something, I didn’t hold back.

Tim was his mother’s son, alright. At 5’9, and 140, I towered over him in my always-present heels. He was red-headed, freckled, sort of a Richie Cunningham-type, who was so shy around girls his age, but was right at home with Mom and me.

Now, to the problem: Where I took Tim to be a normal kid, with normal curiosities, Jane took his actions to mean he was a future cross-dresser, who would some day die on an operating table in Copenhagen in the middle of sex-change surgery!

She poured more coffee, thinking about my proposal. “You really think it would work?”

I shrugged. “Only one way to find out, and the worst that can happen is he realizes that you think there’s a problem. That alone can open lines of communication.”

“And, you have no problem with this?”

Another of our differences is Jane has pretty much given up on sex. I, on the other hand, would not even tell Jane of all my male friends for fear of shocking her. And among my favorites is younger men.

I reached across and touched her hand. “Honey, you know how I feel about you both. If I can do something so simple to help, I have no problem at all.”

And so it was that we began to plan The Seduction! Over the next few weeks, I had to hide my excitement as we discussed plans, gaziantep ateşli escort bayan finally coming up with me needing help painting on the same weekend she was to visit her sister.

She would ask Tim to stay with me that weekend, to help me move things. During that weekend, I would make advances, using my unmistakable sexuality to seduce him and turn him from the Dark Side forever!

Through it all, I never mentioned how Tim would give me extra big hugs when she wasn’t around, and occasionally brush up against me in the kitchen, and how I would feel his eyes taking in my 38DD’s. This kid was no more gay or confused than I was. He was just shy with girls, and this may actually work! If nothing else, I would sample a fresh young cock.

Tim was just as happy not to be going to Aunt Mary’s, and I had a big screen tv, with video hook-ups so he could play his x-box or whatever it was.

I picked him up Friday after school, Jane had him waiting like he was going to summer camp. “Do you have everything, Honey? You sure? An extra pair of boxers? PJ’s?”

Tim blushed, rolling his eyes at me as we loaded up. She gave him a big hug like he was going off to war, and he sheepishly climbed into my SUV. “Bye, Honey, love you! Be good, okay? You listen to Cathy!”

I started the car. “You ready to go?”

He smiled, “Get me away from this crazy lady!”

We both laughed, and I’m sure Jane wondered what the joke was.

It was dark by now, no sense to start any projects. We picked up a pizza for dinner. Since he’s 18 now, Jane lets him have a beer or two, and I knew he wasn’t going out, so I had a 12 pack at home, along with my wine.

The baseball game was almost over, but we watched the end while we ate, with Tim being his normal self (for when she’s not around!)and he downed 3 beers quickly with the slices, talking busily about school, sports, anything but his Mom. It was apparent that he loved her, but the pressure was building, even if he didn’t know why.

A girl came on TV and I mentioned, “She looks something like my Lisa, huh?”

He glanced up. “Nah, Lisa’s much prettier.” There was that old crush coming out.

“Any girls in school as pretty as Lisa?”

“A couple aren’t bad, but not like Lisa! She’s awesome!”

This had segued smoothly. “Have you asked any of them out?”

He shook his head, staring at the TV.

“Don’t you like them?”

“It’s not that, they’re… they all like other guys, bigger guys, more cool guys.”

“But, you’re cool, right?”

He smiled at me, sympathetically, as one would a child who didn’t understand the big picture. “It’s different… I get around them and my mind shuts down, I can’t think of anything to say, or my mouth won’t work, so I come across as a dork.”

“So, you just quit trying?”

“For now… maybe I’ll have a growth spurt.”

“Wait, this is all because of your height? I don’t think so. If you use that to hide behind, you’ll find another excuse when this one changes.”

“You think so?”

“I know so, I’ve had male friends who were shorter than you, by a lot! And believe me, sideways, we’re all the same height!” I laughed.

He was stunned at first, then got my meaning and turned red.

“You never heard that expression? Oh, that’s right, I forgot who your mother is!”

He laughed at that, then said, “You’re serious? You dated guys my height?”

“Sure, in fact, when you were older, your mom’s gonna be very mad at me when I snatch you away!”

He smiled. “Yeah, I wish!”

I had to smile at how well this was going! bakımlı escort gaziantep “You wish? Wishes come true sometimes, you know? What exactly do you wish for?”

He looked away again. “You don’t want to know.”

“Oh, yes I do!”

“You’ll just get mad.”

“I promise, I won’t.”

He turned to me again on the couch, only a foot between us, and stared, deciding. “You promise? And you won’t tell Mom?” I Nodded. “Okay, my wish… I wish… I wish that we could have sex! There!” and he clammed up.

“We, meaning you and me?”

He seemed braced for an attack. Hiding behind his shoulder as defense, he nodded, watching me.


“Okay? Okay, what?”

I stood up. “I just need to know, have you ever done this before.”

He sat, looking up at me. “That’s it? Okay? That’s all it takes?”

“Timmy Honey, that’s all it takes from me. As far as other girls, they may want dinner and a movie, and maybe you shouldn’t be so blunt, but that’s basically it!”

“Oh, so this was just a lesson, then. To show me what to do,” his eyes accusing me for tricking him.

“In a way, it’s the beginning of the lesson, and if you want to continue, I won’t stop in the middle to explain things, we’ll just let them happen.”

“I don’t believe this.”

“I was hoping to do this as a 18th birthday gift, and I’m only a month late. I couldn’t offer in front of Mom!”

“Oh shit! I been… I mean, since i was 13, I thought about you, how you hug me, and how you gave me big kisses on holidays!”

I held out my hand and he took it and stood. I was much taller in heels, so I stepped out. Now we were identical in height. “Is that better?”

He nodded and I said, “If you don’t like something, or it makes you uneasy in any way, and we’ll work it out, okay?”

He nodded again, and I said, “Kissing okay?” and he licked his lips and nodded and I tilted my head as my arms slid around his neck. I could taste the beer as my lips parted and his tongue shot out! He had made out before, at least!

We held the kiss, letting it sink in, nicely, letting him relax if that was possible but judging from his belly moving against mine, he wasn’t about to relax.

I broke the kiss and stepped back, staring at him as I unbuttoned my black blouse, and watched his eyes fill with excitement. When I pulled it apart and let it fall, I took his hand and placed it on my breast. His hand closed, kneading my fleshy boob and I moaned. I was really getting excited by this.

I kissed him again, and his other hand followed the first, taking a tit, and squeezing. He seemed turned on by my reaction, and I slid the strap down and released the first tit, and he oohed when my nipple became exposed and hardened in the cool air. I unhooked the bra nad it fell, and I took his hand. “Let’s go inside.”

My king-sized bed was covered with pillows of different sizes, and I tossed a few, then sat. He stood before me and I unhooked his jeans, seeing how hard he was, his outline pressed against the material. I thought of his mother making sure he had fresh drawers, and though of the stains these would have before the weekend was over.

His pants were down with the boxers and this tiny young man was sporting a good eight inches of pink-headed flesh, rock hard, and thick. What a pleasant surprise! I made a mental note to tell him the girls would love that, no matter what his height.

I tugged his hips closer and his cock twitched as I went to touch it, to kiss it, and I realized Tim was about to cum!

I wrapped my hand around it and opened gaziantep bayan escort my mouth just as he shot a stream of cum that seemed to hang in the air before hitting my cheek. I adjusted and he let loose again, this time, I caught it with my lips and tongue, then again, shorter and faster, he shot, and I was rubbing his cock all over my face, smearing his cum like moisturizer. He was panting, holding my shoulders for support as he waivered, then he moved next to me and slid to the bed.

“Oh, Cathy! Fuck! I didn’t mean too ….you know, I’m sorry!”

I grabbed some Kleenex and wiped my mouth and face. “It’s alright, Timmy, it’s flattering that I could get you that aroused so quickly. You have plenty of time to learn to hold it.”

“That’s not it?”

I smiled. “Not by a long shot, Baby. We got all weekend, in between painting this place! Your mother would be curious if we don’t.”

He was panting as I stood and undid my slacks and pushed them down with my panties. His eyes widened when he got the full view, and he really liked that I shaved down there. I climbed on the big mattress and saw his cock begin to stir. I laid next to him and, in 69, I took his cock into my wet mouth, and hmmm, he tasted so fresh, so new, as I cleaned his cum off, swallowing.

I felt his hands spreading me and he dipped into my hole, arousing me much more than he should have. My juices were flowing now and in a minute he was fully hard. I climbed on him, facing him, and held his eight incher to my throbbing clit and teased myself as with a dildo. i finally slipped the head past my lips and he groaned this time as he went further with each slow thrust. His eyes were wide when I could look at him, and I’m sure he was stunned at all this. His hips jerked erratically as I calmed him and set up a slow draw and thrust, feeling him moan with delight. I myself felt a groan pass my lips as he responded with deeper plunges. He felt so snug inside me, and I knew this had been a good idea.

I leaned down to kiss him, and he held my boobs, kneading them as he fucked me. His slams were faster, harder, making me feel waves of excitement.

One more hard thrust, and he lined another stream deep inside me. Then another. We slumped together, exhausted. Finally, to break the silence, I said, “So, I hope you don’t regret this.”

He was smiling broadly when i looked at him. “Cathy, this is the best birthday ever! Too bad I can’t tell Mom!”

“No, that wouldn’t be a good idea, even if she asks some weird questions about your stay with me.”

“Oh? You think she will? She doesn’t seem to notice anything about… you know, sex. she wouldn’t think that… that we… oh, shit! This was all a set-up?”

“Not like you think. Your mom was concerned.” I told him about her undies,and his porn, and how she was worried, leaving off how she thought he might be a future Trannie. And I held him as we talked. “But, this was all my idea, honey, you have to belive that. In some cultures, young men are taught by an older, experienced woman from the Tribe. And I got all this pleasure from it too!. If you are angry with anyone, let it be me. I’ll just tell your mom I chickened out. She will never know.”

He laid there, against my breast, thinking. This had to be hard for him to comprehend, and I felt badly that I had deceived them both for my personal pleasure. I felt him breathing, and said, “Honey? Are you alright?”

He nodded, then said, “So, Mom knew we were gonna do this and all she was worried about was clean underwear?” and he laughed.

I smiled. “Yeah, Mom’s do strange things when they are nervous about their kids.”

He looked at me again. “Don’t give her any details, just tell her I did okay. Okay?”

“You’re the man, if that’s what you want, that’s what you get.”

“And do we get to do this again?”

I smiled again, and said, “Like I said, Sweetie, your choice! But anything beyond the first one is pure pleasure. Nobody’s business but ours!” Our lips met through the smiles, and our tongues began to play.

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My Shooter Girl Ch. 01

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Being in my early 50’s, and widowed for only two years, has placed me back into the bar & dating scene. As I had been married for over 20 years, everything is new to me. I find myself being very attracted to the younger ladies, because those of my age a very few and far between.

One bar that I visit on Fridays, is called Jimmy’s Place and is basically karoke from 8 to closing. I went there with a friend who was in a contest and the prize was $1,500. Having said that, we placed our order with the cutest barmaid I had ever laid my eyes on. Her name was Betty, short, long brown hair, brown hair, and a beautiful body. Her smile was what first got my attention, but looking her over, I noticed that her jeans fit that body like a glove. Her T-shirt fit tight across her perky tits, and you could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking against the material and I could not help but get my eyeful before we ordered. She walked over to the bar to place our order and the sight of that ass in those pants gave me an erection, which I did my best to hide when she returned to the table with our drinks. God that girl was sweet, but she was just around 29 and I knew she’d never fall for a guy my age.

I could not keep my eyes off of the girl. My eyes followed her all over the bar. My buddy kept looking at me and when he realized what I was doing he laughed at me and told me to go for it, all she could do is tell me no.

When she came back to our table, I started to talk to her and find out a little and told her that I was interested in talking more with her, when she had the opportunity to stop for a while. The bar was filling up and she began to get a lot busier for the rest of the night.

Not having the chance to get to talk to her frustrated me, until I met the shooter girl, Misty. Misty is completely opposite of Betty, Blond, Blue eyes, about 5’7″, and thin. Her tits had to be at least a 36C, being held back by this halter top that wasn’t doing a very good job.

Misty came up to the table from behind me and I only heard a voice say, “Hey boy’s, want a shooter”.

I turned to see who was talking and knew there was a God, and he was lavishing me with beautiful women tonight. My voice got stuck in my throat and my buddy asked her what she had.

“Right now I’ve got Buttery Nipples, Purple Hooters and Alabama Slammers”, she said.

I looked into her eyes and told her “I can wipe your nipples clean and sooth the purple hooters, if you let me”.

With that she set her tray on the table and reached under her halter and lifted it up to bring out the most perfect set of titties I had ever seen. “Do they look as if they need anything?”, she asked.

As I mentioned, the dating and bar scene have changed in 20 years, and I just stared at her tits as long as she held up the halter top. She knew right then and there that I was hers to do with as she may see fit.

My buddy ordered a Purple Hooter, so I got one myself and while this was going on, she bounce and made sure her tits were moving all the time. I paid and told her to come back soon.

Ten minutes later, one of the singers was sing a slow song and Misty came over to the table and place her tray down and looked at me and said, “Dance with me”. I got up and held her in my arms as she pressed herself close to my body. She whispered in my ear, “Are you getting hard yet?”

“God yes girl, your tits are pushing into my chest and your pussy would be filled with my cock, if we didn’t have clothes between us”, I said.

“Good, I like a hard cock pressing into me, and I kinda knew you’d help me out in that”, Misty said.

I said, “How can someone hold you in their arms and not feel this way. I have never held anyone like you in my life, only in my dreams did I have a girl as beautiful as you, and since my wife died, that has almost been a nightly thing.”

We talked more during the dance and even if she pulled her upper body away to look me while she said something, escort antep her pussy never stopped rubbing against my cock. As the dance ended, I walked her back to the table and she took her tray and said, “I’ll be back for more dances”, then turned and walked off.

I immediately got up and excused myself and made my way to the restroom. Finding an empty stall I went in, lowered my pants, sat down and started to relieve my aching cock of it’s rigidity. It didn’t take long before my cock was spewing cum up in the air and onto my lap. I kept cumming and cumming, as if I was a teenager who just peeked at his first pussy. Cleaning myself up, I returned to the table and downed a bottle of beer in about two minutes.

Betty looked over at me and I raised the bottle and she acknowledged that she’d bring me one. When she came to the table, she stood between my legs and one hand was on the bottle, while her other hand was on my thigh and moving up as she reached across the table to gather the empties. She leaned closer to my ear and said, “I watched you dance with Misty, and I’m jealous.”

“I’d love to dance with you, but you seem awful busy. When you have the chance, break away and we’ll dance”

“Good, I’d like that, as she cupped my crotch and then turned to walk away,” leaving me with the start of another hard on.

I looked over to my buddy and just shrugged my shoulders and continued to suck down the beer Betty gave me.

I have to mention this, as I said I’m in my early fifty’s, stand 5’9″, and come in at 200lbs., which little heavy for my liking, but it’s what I’m stuck with right now. My hair is mostly dark brown, with gray (not much), and is shoulder length. I dress strictly in black, in memory of my wife and the death of my Grandson as a baby. The style is western and I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if I rode a bike. I lifted weights for a long time when I was younger, and still held most of the physic that I had, except for a bigger stomach than I like. So, I don’t think that I’m a bad looking guy, just older than most on the dating scene these days.

As I was drinking my beer, I caught Misty at a table across the room. She was leaning over talking to another woman and I noticed that she was pointing over towards our table while she talked. The woman she was talking to was dressed in black tight leather jeans, and a loose blouse, but it wasn’t hard to tell that her breast were bigger than Misty’s. Misty walked away from that table and I followed her with my eyes, as she walked over and started talking to Betty. At least they were friends with one another. They talked for a short time then continued with their work.

More people filed in and the girls were getting lost amongst the crowd. Another slow song came on and I was hoping that either Betty or Misty would come to the table. That is when I noticed the woman that Misty had talked to, rise from her table and walk over and asked me if I’d dance with her. Being a gentleman, I accepted.

As I put my arms around her waist, I told her my name and she said hers was Leanne. I asked her why she chose me out of everyone in this place to dance with, being as how they are much younger than me.

Leanne said, “Misty and I are very good friends, and she told me that although she had just met you tonight, that she really liked you, so I wanted to she what she saw in you”. As she talked, she pressed her lower body into my crotch and as she was shorter than me, I looked down at her and my eyes beheld two beautiful tits that were not being covered very much. “Those are very beautiful”, no restraints to hold them up and her nipples were erect, I said.

“Yes they are, and they love to be held and cuddled”, as she pushed her inner arms together to expose more of those lovely tits.

“Anytime you feel the urge to have them held or coddled, I’d be glad to help out”

“Misty said you were nice” and then she lead me off the dance floor, escort araban towards the back of the bar and I noticed there was only two doors in this hall. One marked Mens, the other Women. She told me to wait in the hall as she went into the womens room and then poked her head out and motioned for me to come in.

As I went in, she grabbed my hand and we went into one of the stalls. I was huge, must of been for the handicapped. She lifted her blouse over her head and her breast were free of any confinement. She told me to sit on the commode as she straddled me and shoved her right tit into my mouth. I suckled her tit and stretched her nipple with my mouth as I raised my hand to cup the other one. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and it was hard as a bullet in no time. I continued to suck her tit, then switched my mouth to the other and my hand too.

“Yes, suck my titties, suck them hard”, she said in my ear. I sucked until I thought her nipple would reach the back of my throat and she kept grinding her crotch against mine.

Her hands were not idle, she was reaching down to unbuckle my belt and she removed my belt, then pushed down my zipper.

“I want it, I want your cock in my hands, between my tits, and in my pussy. As she released my cock it sprung out. Not much, 7 inches at best, but stiff as a metal rod. She grabbed my cock and her hands pumped my stiff cock. We heard the door open and she pressed a finger over my mouth. I looked at her and she just smiled and slid off my lap and went the side of me that could not be seen from under the wall, and she lowered her head and licked the head of my dick. She moaned as she swallowed the pre-cum. Her head was bouncing up and down my crotch, and I thanked myself for jacking off earlier, this was going to last. She sucked me for all she was worth and my cock hit the back of her throat with every thrust into that lovely mouth.

Not knowing if anyone else was still in the room, I groaned as she ministates to the needs of my stiff cock and her need to have it in her mouth. Although I had cum just a little over an hour ago, I felt the explosion all the way from my balls to the tip of my cock.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, girl, Cum, yes cum, cummmmmmmmm as it shot out of my cock and down her throat. She was gulping it down like a champion cocksucker, and she continued to suck until my cock shrunk back to it’s normal size, then she let it loose. Trying my best to maintain a regular breathing pattern, I lifted her from the floor and unzipped the zippers on each side of her pants and tugged them off of her hips and down to her knees. She had black crotch less panties on, and my face went right into her crotch.

I licked her outer lips as she shoved her cunt into my face even harder, and I hit that love button, and her knees almost buckled. I sucked on her clit as I brought a finger to her pussy and rubbed some of her juices onto it, as I slid my finger into her dripping pussy. Continuing to lick and suck on her clit, my finger made room for another and her juices were covering my hand. This girl was going to cum and cum hard, I could tell.

“Oh!!!! Suck my pussy, Yes I want you to make me cum, please”

Shortly she pulled my head back and told me she wanted my cock in her pussy. I was surprised that my cock had again “risen” to the occasion. She removed her pants and again straddled me as she brought her pussy down over my stiff cock. Opening her cunt to allow entry, my cock slid in with ease, as she was juiced like no other women I had ever met. Finally my cock was seated into her pussy and she started to move up and down. Her pussy muscles were working my cock

I could not believe what her pussy was doing to me. She was losing all abandon bouncing on my cock, head thrown back, sweat dripping off of her and me, she worked that pussy and I met each thrust of hers with one of mine. Deep in her pussy, I realized that I wasn’t going gaziantep arap escort bayan to last as long as I first thought. She was to much for me to handle.

Cum baby, cum for me. Cum all over my cock.

Just then she wrapped her arms around my neck and shuddered as she flooded my cock with her explosion. My god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. My cock let loose at the sound of this beautiful woman reaching the ultimate goal. My cum shot out and she came again. With each spurt of cum into her pussy, this girl had another climax.

Leanne slowed down and fell onto me and she gulped for each breath. I too was doing my best to regain myself as we just sat there with my cock in her pussy. Finally it softened and fell out of her pussy. My lap was covered with our juices. Thank you, she said, I needed that more than you could of realized. When I told her she was the first woman I had in two years, she giggled and told me that it had been over two weeks since she fucked somebody and she was going to make certain that she did tonight.

I thanked her for choosing me, and we started to get ourselves back together. When she got off of my lap, she grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned off her pussy, then she placed her face in my crotch again and started to lick up my lap. I watched in amazement as she cleaned the majority of our spunk from my crotch and then she handed me some paper to clean the rest. We made it out the door of the ladies room, and I noticed that both Betty and Misty were standing in the hall. Misty took Leanne into her arms and kissed her mouth. I could tell that Misty’s tongue was in Leanne’s and she was “cleaning her out”

Betty pulled me to her and we kissed and she too, was wanting what ever she could get of the remnants of the love making session that just ended. Betty sucked the hairs of my mustache and my chin, then Betty and Misty were lapping each others faces. To my utter disbelief, my cock was getting hard once again.

When Betty and Misty broke from one another, we made our way back out to the bar area. Sitting back in my chair, my buddy watched as all three girls filed out after me. I just gave him the biggest shit eating grin I could muster, and we high five one another.

Betty brought me another beer, and shortly Misty came over and she flashed her tits again, and gave me an evil smile. Smiling back, I reached down between my legs and grabbed my crotch, she just licked her lips and walked away, swaying that ass of hers.

My buddy was called to the microphone to sing his song, which was “Misty Blue”.As he started his song Misty walked towards me and motioned that she wanted to dance. Setting her tray down, we once again went to the dance floor and I held her in my arms. My hands were all over her bare flesh. Pressing her tits into my chest and my crotch into hers. This is when she dropped a bombshell on me, she was married and her husband would be in later in the evening.

I told her, “I guess I’m not going to spend the night playing with those titties and eating that pussy of yours”.

“No, she said, “He’s not a jealous man and he doesn’t mind me flirting with the guys, but he’s the one I go home with”.

“He’s a lucky man”, I said. “If you were mine, I don’t know if I’d ever let you out of the bedroom”.

“Tell me something”, she said.


“I want you to tell me everything that you and Leanne did in the bathroom”

So while we danced, holding each other to the point where you couldn’t get a piece of paper between us, I told her of each and every moment in the ladies room. When I got to the part about Leanne cumming on my lap, I could feel Misty shuddering.

“Are you cumming baby?” “Yes, keep it up I’m almost there.”

Just as I finished, she brought me closer (if that was possible) and whispering in my ear as she started to cum.

“I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming right here on the dance floor with everyone looking at us”

I held her as her legs got a little wobbly. When the dance was over with, we walked to the table and she kissed me and thanked me for allowing her to cum like she did.

“That was my pleasure, believe me.”

My buddy and I left after they announced the winners, he didn’t win, but I know I got all the prizes that night.

To be sure, I’ll be back.

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My Neighbor Naina

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I am a 19 year old male who was studying in a college of science in Bombay.

I am focussed on my health and work hard. Mornings begin with a brisk 4 kilometre run on the slopes of Malabar hill at 5.30 a.m. this is followed by a 1 hour session of karate training, with a couple of friends who were close to getting their brown belts. After a breakfast it is college and home back by 3. Then home, lunch and then gym and karate sessions with my sensei on alternate days kept me busy till 8 p.m. then it was back home, dinner, studies and bed at 12.00

The routine keeps no place for any parties. And outings with friends were restricted to vacations alone. As the routine is of my own making I never grudge it. In the morning me and my friends train in the garages under the building. During vacations the training is a pain because of little kids who came to view the training. These brats generally admired us but ended up pestering us and making us lose our concentration. Nitesh was one such brat. Nitesh’s mother Naina was a beautiful lady who lived next door and her husband was an executive who is generally out of town.

One day in this vacation Naina met me with a request. She wanted me to help train her son Nitesh with the basics of karate so he could take the course in school’s gym class next year. I wasn’t very keen, as I was not sure that Nitesh would be a good student but Nitesh and his mother were persistent. I took Nitesh under my wing knowing that it was possibly a decision I would regret.

Nitesh was keen and he was pretty focussed on martial arts in fact he picked up the basics rapidly. Naina too kept on coming to my house to ask about his lessons.

Naina was a fair, pretty lady about 35, slightly plump but I hadn’t exactly tried to guess how she would look without her clothes on. To me she was just a neighbour whose son I was helping out. But I later realised that Naina had other intentions in sending her son to train under me.

In the vacation time the colleges are free and I generally had nothing to do between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. A few days ago Naina dropped in on one escort bayan adıyaman hot morning around 10 when there was no one in the house other than me. She told me that her phone was out of order and she wanted to make a call.

She called her sister and began telling her about her husband and how he was neglecting her. She even confessed that she was certain that her husband was seeing another woman. I never knew that a man could neglect a beautiful wife like Naina. I pretended not to listen but Naina could make out that I was overhearing the juicy details of her call.

I found my hardness growing and I went to my room. Naina kept down the phone and came to my room to inquire if I was ok. She came and sat on my bed besides me she pretended to carry on casual conversation about Nilesh’s progress in martial arts.

I asked her when Nilesh’s father would return. And was shocked to hear her talk of him in derogatory terms. Naina said that he was probably with his secretary in a conference and would return after a week. Then with a twinkle in her eye she told me that she knew that I had overheard her conversation with her sister. The presence of a beautiful woman sitting a foot away from me was having its effect and my erection was visible I was however trying to cover it.

Naina looked at me and asked, “do you have girlfriends” I shook my head and said that I didn’t find the time. Naina persisted she kept on saying that I should get myself a girlfriend to relieve me of my tensions with this I felt her fingers brushing against my erect penis. She apologised “I am sorry…am I responsible for your tension.” by now I was unable to control myself and I merely nodded.

“Wait let me help you,” she said. Her fingers had by then taken my hard cock out of my shorts. There was a moments silence as Naina looked at my hard cock I saw her licking her lips for a second before uttering “My god you are big” I was seventeen and had a big cock. I often felt that I had a racer and no licence to drive. I didn’t know what to do with my cock. In escort baya nakkent fact I had kept a full schedule only to keep my thoughts away from my surging testosterone.

Before I knew Naina had taken my cock between her lips and was sliding it in and out of her mouth. All the pent-up feelings burst like a bubble and within moments my cock sprayed her mouth with cum. she licked every drop and cleaned my cock before looking at me like a cat which had just finished a quart of cream.

I was apologetic. Naina waved aside my apologies. I guess she knew what she was doing. My dick was rapidly hardening once again. Naina was by now ripping the clothes off her body she lay naked on my bed and with a hand on my cock guided it into her pussy. The sensations of a soft and yet tight hot hole were something I hadn’t experienced before. Naina asked me to pull out and push again into her.

Soon I was caught in the rhythm of movement within her body. I felt her body jerk then I felt her cunt tighten around me and a small river of her pussy-juice flowed around my hot cock which was moving in her. I stopped for a moment and looked at Naina and continued with my movements in her. She was in ecstasy… she was screaming. ” This is why I gave you a blow-job…I wanted to feel your hardness in me for a long time.”

I think I understood that the tensions of my body were now within my control thanks to Naina’s lips and I kept thrusting in her. Naina twitched and I felt Naina climaxing three more times before I came in her. I lay with my arms around Naina caressing her breasts. I lavished her warm breasts with the cooling touch of my tongue sending her moaning again. My hardness was back again with me and as I thrust into her.

She was surprised that I had recovered so fast. “Yes fuck me again,” she said. And I thrust into her rapidly. She was moaning and yet her moans had acquired a shriek-like tone. With every thrust she would shriek and say “yes split me into two cut me into two with your fucking big cock”. Naina’s shrieks and her words were driving escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan me into a frenzy. I began thrusting into her with all my might.

My body though inexperienced in sex was hard with years of training. Naina’s body on the other hand was soft and unused to hard sex or exercise. She was crying weeping under me I could see her feeling the pain of my thrusts. But she kept encouraging me with her moans and her words. She kept on yelling “Harder you fucker, harder…fuck me up till your cock enters my heart” yet I could hear her weeping silently at the pain and I could see her tears. I kept thrusting until she climaxed twice more and I kept thrusting harder into her body and finally I came and collapsed on her. For ten minutes we lay unmoving in each other. Then she began moving and as I drew my limp cock out of her. I held her and said I was sorry.

She kissed me softly and said that there was no need to be sorry she had wanted every inch of what she had given. In fact she told me that she had planned my seduction over the past few months and I had lived up to her imagination and more. Then she told me that she didn’t have a sister. And I realised that all the phone talk with her sister that had excited me beyond measure was in one word ‘phoney’.

I kissed Naina as she told me that she was sending Nitesh to a vacation camp. She also told me her mother who was now widowed had a huge flat nearby. Her mother Vrinda who was 55 years old knew of Naina’s marital problems and had offered Naina the use of a private bedroom in her flat. Naina gave me the address and helped me with a watertight excuse that would convince my parents. I knew then that the vacation this year would be a memorable one.

What I did not know then was that Vrinda hadn’t exactly given Naina the use of a private bedroom out of altruistic motives. Vrinda had been alone for a few years and she knew that an adulterous Naina would not be in a position to deny her anything. Vrinda too had plans for her daughter Naina’s lover. And I would soon learn and experience Vrinda and her plans. But that is another episode… for another day. At the moment I have to leave. For it is nearly time for my tryst with Naina. Naina’s fair round breasts flood my memory and the taste of her chocolate brown nipples teases my taste-buds. It is possible that we will meet again with another episode of my well developed neighbour Naina …and of course her shapely mature mother Vrinda.

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