A Fantasy Cums True Ch. 04

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(With input by “Irish Lass” and edited by “larryinsettle”)

It had been months since Karen and Dan had seen her mother. The restructuring of the family company had kept her almost constantly on the move as she attempted to repair the damage done by Karen’s ex-husband, Brian. New contracts had to be written and signed, minus the little ‘bonus’ clauses that had helped to fill Brian’s pockets, and new contacts needed to be made to help expand the company’s product market. Weeks had quickly become months but now she was finally home.

“So, are you sure your mom’s home? I don’t see her car outside,” Dan asked as they drove up the long circular driveway.

“According to the itinerary she sent me she should have gotten home last night. Her car is probably in the garage or she had someone from the office pick her up and bring her home.”

“Oh … and you’re sure you told her we were coming to visit today?”

“I think I did but, to be honest, with everything going on with the kids I’m not sure.”

‘The kids’ were a set of twins, Jessica and Daniel Jr. and their older brother, Zach from Karen’s previous marriage. His father had quickly given up all parental claims to him when he found out the amount he’d have to pay for child support.

“It’s too bad we couldn’t bring them along. I think your mom might like meeting her two newest grandkids.”

“I know. I thought about it too but I’m not sure how they’d have handled the long drive and I’m pretty certain my mom could use a day or two to relax after all the time she’s been away.”

“You’re probably right. Two hours might not seem like much to us but to them it would seem like an eternity,” he said as he pulled up to the front door and stopped the car. “Well, here we are, madam,” he teased.

She gently slapped at his shoulder and laughed at the long-standing joke between them. When they’d first met she’d been the wife of a multimillionaire, though in truth the money and company had been started by her father and belonged to her and her mother.

The problem was that he was also a ‘cheating son-of-a-bitch’ as she referred to him. The last straw had taken place on New Year’s Eve when he’d abandoned her at the local country club saying that something had come up at work. What had actually come up was that he’d already made plans to meet with his personal assistant-slash-mistress so the two of them could fly off to the Bahamas for a week.

Dan, on the other hand, was the son of ‘working-class’ parents who was working at the country club as a waiter so he could pay for his final year of college where he was majoring in business and business administration. Call it luck or fate or whatever else you might want but, for whatever reason, she’d invited him up to her room to spend the night with her. The first time, he’d fucked her hard and treated her like a slut just as she’d asked him to but the second time they’d become lovers and given to each other freely. When he wok up the next morning she was gone and he felt as if he’d been used, little realizing how that night would change everything for both of them.

She’d reappeared in his life the day of his graduation. They talked and she told him that she’d gotten a divorce and that she was pregnant with his child. She also offered him an opportunity that no one in their right mind could turn down. By the end of the day he’d moved into the new house she’d bought as her friend, partner, and lover.

That’s not to say everything had gone smoothly. Shortly after moving in they found out that she was pregnant with not one child but twins which meant she’d need to cut back on the time she was spending running the company. That was when her ex-husband struck and tried to take the company away from her and her mother. It was only because of quick actions by Dan – and a lot of luck – that they’d not only stopped the take-over but crushed any hopes her ex may have had of taking the company from them then or at any time in the future.

That was also where the joke had started.

With her now confirmed as the President of the company and a multi-millionairess, he’d taken on the role of the ‘hired help’ and teased her about it, bringing laughter to both of them especially since they both knew who was actually running most of the company’s day-to-day affairs.

“In that case, young man, would you do me the courtesy of opening my door for me?” she teased back, in a deep, faux Southern drawl.

“Oh, yes ma’am. Anything you need, ma’am,” he quipped as he jumped from the driver’s seat, ran around to open the door for her, and offered his hand to help her out.

What he found was anything but what he’d expected. In the few seconds it had taken him to come around the car, she’d opened her blouse revealing her breasts and pulled the front of her skirt up revealing her pussy and the sweet intoxicating aroma filled his nostrils.

“I … I …,” he stammered as she slid from her seat and stood next to him.

Leaning Escort against him, she purred seductively in his ear, “I think you got it wrong when you called me ma’am. I may be a whole lot of things but ma’am isn’t one of them.”

He stood there wordless, his mouth hanging half-open as she slid past him and quickly buttoned the front of her blouse as she climbed the stairs to the front door. “How did I get so lucky?” he asked himself.

At 32 years old, she was 8 years older than him yet the age difference never seemed to matter to either of them. She was 5-foot, 4-inches tall and her 32DD breasts barely sagged even when they were filled with milk. Her waist had widened a bit to 28-inches but after carrying three children, including a set of twins, which only seemed to add to her ‘hour-glass figure’ when placed on top of her luscious 35-inch hips. All of which was highlighted by long shapely legs, tanned, olive skin, hazel eyes, and sun-tinted auburn hair.

Lost in his daydreaming, he barely had time to catch up with her before she was knocking on the door.

‘Knock, knock, KNOCK.’ “Mom? Mom are you home? MOM!” she yelled but there was no answer. “I’m sure the itinerary said she’d be home last night,” she said, now frustrated. “Lucky for us she gave me a key so we could get in while she was gone,” she finished as she rummaged through her small purse. “There it is,” she finished as she held up the key.

A few moments later and the two of them were standing in the foyer.

“Look. There’s her suitcases,” Karen said as she pointed at the three pieces of luggage. “She must be around here someplace,” she continued as she moved down the hallway. Together, they checked the kitchen, the living room, and her mother’s bedroom but there was no sign of her. It was then that they heard the sound of voices coming from the library.

“Let me go first,” Dan whispered as he stepped in front of her. “No telling what might be going on.”

Silently, they followed the voices, never expecting what they found.

Karen’s mother, Jamie, was bent over the couch, her back towards them, and she was completely naked. A young man was behind her, his pants down around his ankles and his cock sticking straight out in front of him pointing at her pussy.

“What the Fu …!!” Dan exclaimed as he started to charge into the room. It was only Karen’s quick reflexes that stopped him.

“Shhhhhhh,” she whispered. “He’s not attacking her. Just look at them. She wants this.” She blushed as she looked at her mother.

“Come on, lover,” Jamie said, unaware that her daughter and future son-in-law were there. “I can’t believe it’s been three days since I had that marvelous cock of yours in me. Now give it to me.”

The young man shuffled up behind her until his cock lay on her heart-shaped ass.

“Mmmmm … that’s it, lover. Your cock feels like a piece of hot iron on my skin. Now, let me help,” she murmured as she spread her legs wider.

Karen stood frozen in place, not saying a word as she watched her mother spread herself for her lover. “I can’t believe this,” Karen thought. “Mom was always the ‘straight-laced, conservative’ member of the family. I can’t even count the number of times she reminded me that we needed to worry about the family reputation and what others might think of us … especially when I got into trouble. But here she is, bent over the couch almost pleading for this young guy to fuck her like some fucking slut.” Yet, at the very same instant, an image of her bent over her own couch, in the same way, begging Dan to fuck her seemed to ignite her own desires.

Dan stood next to her, staring at his future mother-in-law. “Well, at least now I know where Karen gets her good looks,” he mused.

At 48 years old, Jamie could have passed for a woman 10 or 15 years younger. Her 5-foot, 5-inch frame was toned and you could see the muscles of her legs ripple when she moved. Her skin was the same olive-tone as Karen’s but there wasn’t the slightest hint of a tan line making him realize she must have enjoyed some ‘all-over’ tanning while she was traveling. Her black hair, normally pulled up in a bun, now hung over the smooth, flawless skin of her shoulders. What he couldn’t see was that her breasts were almost as large as Karen’s, at 34D, but were capped by nipples that almost doubled in size when she was excited and that her hazel eyes ‘sparkled’ when she was this turned on.

They could have been there for minutes or hours for all they knew but they were suddenly drawn back to the ‘here-and-now’ as the young man wrapped his hand around his cock and brought it down to the entrance to Jamie’s womanly treasure.

“Right there, baby,” she wheezed as she moved her ass against his hard member. “Put it in me.”

“Don’t move,” he growled as he slipped the tip of his cock between her nether lips and then grabbed her hips.

“Mmmmm … ahhhhhh … oh damn … okay baby, right there … mmmmm … okay, I won’t move Escort Bayan … FUCK that feels good,” she yelped as the man lunged forward burying half his cock in her in one thrust.

“Now, who’s the boss?”

“You are,” Jamie whispered.

“And what are you?”

Jamie hesitated in answering even though she know what was about to happen.

The man raised his hand and brought it down on the rounded globe of her ass. SMACK.

The muscles of her ass and back tightened causing her pussy to clench around her lover’s cock but still she didn’t answer.

“I asked, what are you?” he snarled.

Still Jamie didn’t answer. Instead, she bit down on her lower lip waiting for what was coming.

Smack, Smack, SMACK. The young man’s handprints were appearing as red marks on her flesh.

Karen jumped and trembled each time the man’s hand struck her mother’s ass and yet what she felt was a growing flame of desire within herself.

“Your slut, your whore, or anything else you want me to be,” Jamie finally croaked in response to the man’s question.

It was only then that Karen was able to tear herself from what was going on and gently grab Dan’s arm as she turned and left.

What they didn’t know was that they hadn’t gotten away without being seen. Their reflection in the glass of the painting mounted above the fireplace caught Jamie’s attention.

“Karen? Dan? Ohmigod, did they see me?” The questions flickered through her mind only to be replaced by a perverse smile as her lover, once again, grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out of her wet, swollen pussy.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed. “This is EXACTLY what I need.”

“Then how about this?” her lover asked as he leaned forward and grabbed a tit in one hand and slid his other hand between the junction of her legs, lightly stroking her clit.

“Ahhhh … ahhhhhhh … oh damn … mmm … mmm … mmm … yes … yes … ahhhh … ahhh … ahhhh … okay … oh god, that feels good. Fuck me, baby. Okay … owwww … so good … okay … okay … pound my cougar cunt … play with my tits … owwwww … yessss … like that … ohhhhhh … just like that … ohmigod, I love that. I can feel your cock sliding inside me. I can feel it stretching my cunt and making me wet,” she moaned.

“I can’t believe I was missing all this while I was married,” she thought before releasing her inhibitions so she could enjoy her lover’s attentions. “Ohhhhhh … it’s no wonder my daughter has a young lover. Soooooo good. Awwwww … awwwwww … don’t stop. Do it … do it. Grab my hips and fuck me hard. Pound me with your cock. Oh fuck, I need this. Right there … I can feel your cock rubbing against my g-spot. Ohhhhhhhhh … now, pound me deep. I wanna feel your cock ripping into me. I wanna feel it slamming against the back of my cunt. That’s it, lover. Show your cougar slut what you can do. Fuck me like a bitch in heat … ohhhhhhh … getting so close. I can feel your cock stretching me … owwwwww … gonna cum soon. Gonna cum all over your wonderful cock and coat it with my pussy juice. Awwwww … awwwwww … oh fuck. I can’t believe it’s only been three days. Mmmmmm … I’m so fucking horny. I need your cock … I need your cum. That’s right, lover, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum. Fill me until it drips out of me. Ohhhh … yessssss … fucking cock. Fucking hard, young cock. Treat me like a horny fucking bitch. Ohhhhh … yesssssss … pull on my nipples … oh god … oh god … oh god. Flip me over … flip me over. Let me see your cock pounding my pussy.”

In the blink of an eye, he withdrew his cock from her and pushed her over the back of the couch so she landed on the seat, her legs spread wide awaiting his return.

His cock stood out directly in front of him as he came around the couch and it swayed with each step he took.

“Let me suck it. Let me taste our juices,” she sighed.

“Not right now. Maybe later,” he replied as he knelt between her legs and grabbed her ankles, throwing them over his shoulders. “Right now I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll see stars in front of your eyes.”

“Promises, promises,” she jeered while at the same time hooking her legs behind his neck.

His cock found the opening to her pussy, driving into her depths.

She gasped as he drove into her, never stopping until the tip of his cock crashed against the back of her wanton tunnel. “Oh god … yesssssssss … pound me … awwwwwww … I can feel your cock against the back of my pussy … owwwwwww … fuck that feels good. Ohhhh … don’t stop … don’t stop … ohhhh …”

He could see the thin layer of sweat that was forming on her upper lip, a sure sign that she was getting close to cumming, as he drove in and out of her. “So you like the way I fuck you?”

“Yes,” she groaned.

“And the way my cock feels when I do this?” he questioned as he flexed the muscles of his ass causing his cock to lurch Bayan Escort and swell.


“And how about when I do this?” he questioned as he leaned forward, forcing her knees down against her tits and allowing him to thrust deeper into her depths.

“Owwwwww … yesssss, baby. Yesssssss. I can feel your cock against my clit. Ohhhhh … gonna cum … don’t stop … please don’t … gonna … gonna … now … no … AAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE,” she wailed as she felt her body tremble and rocket off into the wondrous, gray, oblivion of her orgasm.

He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock like a velvet-lined vise, the muscles rolling up and down its length as if trying to pull him in even deeper, triggering his own orgasm. “Gonna cum too,” he moaned as he reluctantly started to pull out. In the weeks since they’d become lovers she’d had him cum on her face, her tits, her stomach, and her ass but never inside her so he was more than a little surprised when he felt her tighten her legs around him.

“Don’t pull out,” she whispered. “I want you to cum inside me. I wanna feel your cum fill me. It’s been so long. I wanna feel it coating the inside of my cougar cunt until I can’t take any more and it comes out on the couch.”

Her words triggered his orgasm and he drove back into her as his cock pulsed and throbbed sending strand after strand of his cum up the length of his shaft and into the depths of her pussy. “Arrrgghhhhhh,” he groaned as he felt her pussy tighten around his shaft even more.

“Yessssssssss,” she hissed as she felt each strand splatter against her inner walls. “No need to worry about getting pregnant at my age,” she thought, “but then again …,” she trembled as she felt his cum begin to leak from her pussy and down between her ass cheeks to pool on the couch seat beneath them.

What she didn’t know was that they were not the only ones lost in the joys of passion at that moment

Karen had felt the flames of desire ignite the moment she’d seen her mother’s lover standing behind her and driving his cock into her pussy and the image seemed to grow more and more real as she and Dan drove away from the house.

“Dan, can you pull over.”

“Why? Are you okay?” he asked, noticing her flushed color and the sheen of sweet on her upper lip. “Are you sick or something?”

” … or something,” she thought. “No, it’s nothing like that. It’s … It’s … It’s just my mother,” she stammered. “I can’t believe … I mean, I never imagined she could … you know … be like that. She was always the conservative one. But to see her like that!

“Yeah, I know.”

“Actually, I don’t think you do.”

He didn’t say a word but continued to watch the road ahead waiting for her to continue.

“You’re probably gonna think I’m nuts or I’m some kinda pervert but watching her like that, bent over the couch, begging for that guy to fuck her … it got me so fucking turned on. Just look,” she said as she pulled up her skirt to reveal her lust-swollen pussy. “I’m dripping wet just thinking about what the two of them are probably doing right now.”

“To be honest, you’re not the only one that got turned on,” he replied as he took her hand and placed it on the front of his pants.

She could feel his shaft growing inside the confines of his clothes, causing the flicker of desire within her to burst into flame. “I think we need to take care of this,” she said in a low, seductive tone.

Within minutes, Dan had pulled off on an old dirt road and driven deep into the underbrush. There he stopped and before he could even turn off the engine Karen jumped from their SUV.

When he got out to join her he found her leaning with her hands on the hood, her back towards him and her skirt pulled up revealing the entrance to her wanton core.

At the sound of his advance, she looked over her shoulder and whispered, “Come and get me, lover.”

“I have a better idea,” he exclaimed as he turned her around and lifted her up on the hood of the SUV.

She spread her legs, instantly, a lustful smile on her face. “I think I’m gonna like your idea,” she moaned as she lifted her skirt.

Her pussy lips were swollen from excitement and her juice slowly dripped from between them, coating not only her nether lips but her inner thighs.

Dan didn’t waste a moment as he leaned closer, the heady aroma of her arousal drawing him like a moth to a flame.

“Mmmmmm … now I know why I love you so much,” she sighed as she felt his breath tickle the hair above her slit.

“Is that the only reason?” he said in a teasing voice as he drew his head out from between her legs while running his fingertips across the swollen entrance to her womanly treasure.

“Not the ONLY reason,” she groaned as she moved closer pressing herself against his hand.

His fingers slipped into her wet pussy and her juice poured onto his hands. “Gawd, you’re wet,” he murmured.

“What did you expect?” she sighed as she lifted her hips, wiggling them as she took his fingers even deeper.

“And all of this because of your mother,” he teased.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss. Does that make me a pervert or something?” she whispered.

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2eme place 9

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Big Tits

2eme place 9(trouver sur le net)Le Noël de TerriTerri—–Terri gara de nouveau sa voiture sur le bas-côté. Pour la huitième fois, elle eut ses yeux submergés par les larmes et ne pouvait plus conduire.S’essuyant les yeux, elle passe la main vers le siège passager. Elle y prit un petit tas de documents, elle en relut les premières lignes pour confirmer que c’était bien réel. Comme ce l’avait été pour les douze fois précédentes qu’elle les avait lus, toujours incrédule.La jolie jeune femme s’occupait de ses propres affaires, se préparant pour un nouveau jour d’humiliations aux mains de Danielle. Sa patronne avait été particulièrement cruelle ces derniers jours. Terri avait supposé que c’était dû à la jalousie quand elle avait découvert pour elle et Carrie. Non que Terri eut son mot à dire sur ce que Carrie ou qui que ce soit d’autre pouvait faire avec elle… Mais Danielle s’en prit quand même à elle. Il faut dire que sa patronne avait convoité la jeune rousse pendant plusieurs années sans succès.Terri s’occupait donc de ses affaires ce matin, quand on frappa à la porte. C’est à ce moment qu’on lui remit les papiers.Son cœur fut comme arraché de sa poitrine en silicone. Divorce! Steven voulait le divorce! Et c’était entièrement de la faute de Danielle. Danielle l’avait même fait exprès. Certes, elle n’avait jamais mis à exécution ses menaces d’envoyer à Steven des cassettes de certaines des activités extraconjugales de son épouse, mais il aurait fallu qu’il soit aveugle pour ne pas se rendre compte qu’il se passait quelque chose de louche. Il y avait sa nouvelle garde-robe vulgaire et choquante, qui aurait fait honte à une call-girl. Il y avait les hommes qui l’appelaient le soir et demandaient Terri. Il y avait Terri elle-même, qui sortait chaque nuit et ne rentrait qu’au petit matin se glissant silencieusement dans le lit, et qui était toujours trop fatigué pour faire quoi que ce soit avec son mari. Tout ça, elle le devait à Danielle. C’était Danielle qui l’avait transformée en call-girl. Danielle qui gardait Terri après le travail pour lui faire pratiquer longuement des exercices à sa langue jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit satisfaite. Danielle qui un jour escorta Terri jusqu’à une aire de piquenique, et lui fit brûler tous ses vieux vêtements dans un feu de joie… il n’y eut plus que des habits de pute vulgaire pour Terri! Danielle qui s’arrangea pour que son amie Carrie ait un poste d’intérimaire dans l’entreprise de Steven. Carrie…Carrie —– Dans sa voiture garée de l’autre côté de la route, la jeune femme observait la maison. Elle avait vu l’auto arrivée et un homme en costard d’avoué en descendre. Elle l’avait vu aller jusqu’à la porte de la maison et frapper. Elle l’avait vu délivrer une enveloppe kraft à la femme qui avait répondu, puis il s’était retourné et avait marché à vive allure jusqu’à sa voiture, ignorant les questions que la jeune femme lui criait de plus en plus fort. La bimbo l’avait poursuivi jusqu’à sa voiture, hurlant, exigeant une explication. Elle avait observé l’homme repartir, et elle remarqua qu’il avait arrêté sa voiture dans un virage, un bloc plus loin, hors de vue de l’épouse sanglotante et qu’il se mit à remplir quelques papiers. Carrie vit aussi la secrétaire titubante rentrer chez elle en état de choc. Carrie envisagea sérieusement d’entrer dans la maison et de violer l’esclave, pour accentuer son chagrin et l’humilier encore plus. Mais finalement elle décida de laisser les choses en l’état. Environ trente minutes plus tard, la porte de la maison s’ouvrit de nouveau, et la salope qui était mariée au fiancé de Carrie monta dans sa voiture et conduisit, les yeux pleins de larmes.Carrie sortit alors de sa voiture et alla à la porte d’entrée. Elle chercha un moment jusqu’à trouver la clef qu’elle savait cacher là. Elle pénétra dans la maison vide, et se dirigea vers la penderie de Terri. (Que ferait ma belle-épouse? ricana la salace intérimaire.) Au fond de la penderie, elle trouva l’objet qu’elle cherchait, enveloppé dans un plastique du pressing et n’ayant pas été porté depuis plusieurs années. Déchirant le plastique, Carrie se mit nue et commença à s’habiller du vêtement qu’elle venait de piocher.Puis la briseuse de ménage s’étendit au milieu du lit, vêtu de la robe de mariée blanche de Terri. Elle se masturba, attendant que son homme rentre à la maison.Danielle Escort ——— Danielle essaya de se concentrer sur la paperasse en face d’elle. Elle trouvait ça de plus en plus dur à cause de ce que Terri faisait sous le bureau. Prenant une grande respiration la jeune femme d’affaires se força à se concentrer sur les pages et les pages de contrat… et d’ignorer la langue qui travaillait de façon siiiiiiii experte là-dessous.Il aurait été sans doute plus facile de demander à la secrétaire d’arrêter, et de remettre à plus tard sa “pause crapuleuse”. Mais la jeune assistante avait eu un comportement DÉPLORABLE dernièrement et Danielle était déterminée à la remettre sur le droit chemin. Un regard sous le bureau lui confirma que sa secrétaire se défonçait le cul avec application grâce au godemiché de vingt centimètres qu’elle lui avait fourni.Le comportement de Terry depuis trois jours nécessitait une rectification. Ainsi quand il avait été décidé de décorer les bureaux pour la période de Noël. Tout le département s’était arrêté de travailler pour voir la bimbo de l’entreprise, vêtue d’une mini-jupe noire, grimper sur un escabeau et accrocher les ornements et décorations au plafond. Une fois la tache accomplit, Terri avait filé à son bureau, ne remarquant pas le gui qui avait été accroché au plafond directement au-dessus de sa place. Il lui fallut toute la journée pour comprendre pourquoi les hommes (et quelques femmes) du bureau n’arrêtaient pas de l’agripper et de lui fourrer brutalement leur langue dans la bouche. La bimbo retira ensuite le gui du plafond, se faisant réprimander par Danielle, qui lui ordonna de le remettre, puis de retirer sa culotte pour l’y accrocher à côté. Suivant cet épisode, beaucoup de pelles furent accompagnées de mains s’aventurant sous sa jupe.Et ce matin, la bimbo idiote était en pleurs depuis qu’un huissier lui avait rendu visite pour lui notifier que Steven demandait le divorce. Danielle et Angela avaient alors cruellement passé toute la matinée à décrire cela comme de leur “Cadeau de Noël en avance”. Terri avait fini par exploser, déclarant qu’elle ne supporterait pas plus longtemps le chantage de Danielle.Danielle avait poliment rappelé à sa délectable servante toutes les activités illégales qu’elle avait commises : de l’espionnage industriel jusqu’à la prostitution. Tout en évitant de mentionner que c’était elle qui avait contraint Terri à faire toutes ces choses. Comme Terri ne se calmait pas, Danielle avait alors apporté les cartes de vœux.Les “cartes de vœux” consistaient en des cartes de bonne année plutôt ordinaires, chacune avec une “Saison de vœux” en relief. À l’intérieur, de manière plus originale, chaque carte contenait une photo unique. Et chaque carte était destinée à une connaissance de Terri. Il y avait des photos de Terri se masturbant, à moitié habillée de son blazer de femme d’affaires — – adressé à différents collègues et ex-associés. Une photo de Terri, douchée de sperme et de sueur, des bites dans chaque trou était adressée à sa grand-mère à Phoenix. Un paquet complet de photo destinée à son bientôt ex-époux, documentait ses activités extra-maritales, où on la voyait se faire tringler par des douzaines d’hommes et de femmes. (« Le juge des affaires matrimoniales trouvera ça TRÈS intéressant », remarqua Danielle.)Danielle avait menacé d’envoyer les cartes de vœux, et c’est alors que les supplications, les demandes de pitié, les pleurs et les excuses avaient commencé. Alors que la langue de Terri œuvrait sur sa fente, la maléfique femme se dit que ce qui lui plaisait le plus dans le fait d’avoir Terri comme assistante était les moments où elle se mettait à genoux pour supplier, demander pitié, pleurer et s’excuser. Cela plaisait d’autant mieux à la femme d’affaires qu’elle était sûre qu’il y en aurait encore plus ce soir, quand Terri verrait Danielle poster les cartes de vœux, pour de vrai.Enfin de compte, quand la nuit sera finie, s’amusa Danielle, la vie toute entière de Terri aura été détruite. Steven aura pris possession de leur maison -sous l’insistance de Carrie- qui, en ce moment même, y déménageait ses affaires et se débarrassait brutalement de celles de Terri. Son ancienne ennemie se retrouverait sans domicile, cependant… elle s’installerait chez Danielle! Qui allait pouvoir utiliser la bimbo ruinée jusqu’à Escort Bayan ce qu’elle se fatigue de ces jeux… Quand elle en serait à ce point, Terri serait empaquetée dans une caisse et transbahutée jusqu’à un de ses contacts au Moyen-Orient ou la malheureuse jeune femme passerait le reste de son existence comme esclave de harem.Mais ce serait pour plus tard, après tout la nouvelle année n’était même pas encore arrivée. Carpe Diem, se tança la perverse femme d’affaires pour elle-même.Les pensées de Danielle se tournèrent alors vers la fête de Noël prévu pour ce soir. Il y aurait plein de bouffe, de boissons et de cadeaux pour tous. Le père Noël ne pourrait pas venir, étant très occupé, mais le bruit courrait qu’une de ses elfettes pourrait se joindre à la fête. Une elfette très salope, avec une mini-jupe verte, assortie à son string vert et son soutien-gorge 95F rouge qui finirait très vite sur le sol, oubliée pour le reste de la soirée.Cette fantaisie à venir, accompagnée des coups de langue intensifs qu’elle recevait de Terri depuis quelques heures la firent jouir. Le premier orgasme de la soirée, beaucoup suivraient…L’interview-« Il est temps de faire ton compte-rendu mensuel, Terri. La salle de conférence “C” sera très bien pour ça, d’accord?— Oui Madame. » Terri posa le magazine Hustler qu’elle lisait.Danielle se tourna pour se rendre dans la salle de conférence vide. Terri la suivit servilement quelques pas derrière elle.La jeune vice-présidente de l’entreprise prit un siège. « Ferme la porte, veux-tu? » La bimbo obéit et prit un siège elle aussi.« T’ai-je dit de t’asseoir? l’interrogea Danielle, tranchante.— Non Madame, » Terri se dépêcha de se remettre debout, encore plus nerveuse.Danielle était satisfaite d’elle-même. Elle aimait toujours commencer ces réunions en déstabilisant son assistante. Mais extérieurement, elle ne montrait que son dédain.« Je ne sais pas quel est le problème avec toi, Terri. On a ces réunions depuis huit mois. On pourrait croire que maintenant tu en connaîtrais les règles.— Oui Madame.— Bien, MAINTENANT tu peux t’asseoir. Tu connais la position à prendre… »Terri la connaissait. S’avachissant au fond de sa chaise, elle écarta en grand ses jambes et les posa sur la table de conférence en bois. Relevant le bord de sa jupe, elle glissa timidement un doigt dans sa fente. Le siège de Danielle avait la position idéale et elle pouvait facilement voir que Terri était déjà mouillée.« Biiiiieeeennn. Très jolie. Maintenant… discutons de savoir si, oui ou non, on te garde ici. » Le ton de sa voix était de mauvais augure. Si Terri était renvoyée, Danielle enverrait des documents aux flics. Des documents sensibles, comme ceux indiquant que Terri avait volé son ancienne boîte. Des cassettes vidéo de Terri vendant son corps pour de l’argent. Des numéros de compte bancaire dans des paradis fiscaux au nom de Terri. De la drogue…Terri frissonna, elle se remémora un incident peu après que Steven ait demandé le divorce et l’ait jeté hors de leur maison. Cette garce de Carrie avait alors persuadé Steven d’obtenir une ordonnance restrictive contre Terri. (Danielle y avait “aidé” en passant de nombreux coups de fil au patron de Steven en se faisant passer pour Terri et en crevant les pneus de la voiture de Steven.) Terri avait alors déclaré à Danielle qu’elle « en avait marre » et qu’elle partait, estimant que tout ce qui avait de l’importance pour elle lui avait déjà été enlevé. Et elle s’aperçut qu’elle se trompait lourdement ; Alors qu’elle sortait du parking à toute allure, elle reçut un appel sur son téléphone de voiture : « Regarde dans ton coffre, » l’avait pressé la voix de Danielle, puis un (click). Terri s’arrêta et découvrit dans sa roue de secours un petit sachet plastique contenant de la poudre blanche. Fouillant le reste de sa voiture, elle trouva plusieurs autres sachets. Danielle avait rappelé.« Mes prochains appels seront pour les Stups et la police. » Terri était donc revenue complètement abattue au bureau, et avait passé le plus clair des 24 heures suivantes entre les jambes de sa patronne à l’implorer de pouvoir récupérer son boulot.« Dooonncc… commença Danielle. Aujourd’hui est un jour PARTICULIER pour toi, non? »Terri ne répondit pas. À la place, elle regarda son bourreau avec un mélange de haine pure et de sentiments blessés.« Bayan Escort Pourquoi est-ce une occasion PARTICULIÈRE? pressa Danielle— M-mon…. d-d-div…. D-DIVORCE…. » La jolie jeune femme en eut la voix brisée, et elle commença à sangloter sans pouvoir s’arrêter. À l’autre bout de la table, la maléfique femme se félicita silencieusement. Ça lui prenait d’ordinaire trois bonnes minutes pour que la petite garce se mette à piquer une crise de larmes. Mais aujourd’hui était un jour très éprouvant pour Terri. Son mariage était maintenant légalement et officiellement mis à la benne à cause de sa perverse et rancunière patronne. Danielle se régalait, elle voyait la petite traînée vivre une montagne russe émotionnelle. Et les ballons, les fleurs et le déjeuner-surprise l’avaient probablement encore plus chamboulée.« Ahhhh…. oui. Ton divorce. Eh bien. Je crois que c’est ce que tu mérites pour être un dépôt à foutre sur patte. Bon, on commence?— Co-comme vous voulez… renifla Terri— Je vois que tu t’es encore rasé la chatte, Terri. » C’était vrai, son con était complètement glabre — en contradiction directe avec les ordres de Danielle qui lui avait demandé de se laisser pousser les poils et de les teindre en noir, pour que tous ceux qui la voient nue pensent que la bimbo était une fausse blonde. Cependant Scott, un de ses collègues, lui avait ordonné de se raser la chatte. Danielle, bien sûr, le savait. Et elle savait aussi que Scott avait ordonné à Terri de ne pas avouer qu’elle y avait été contrainte. Cela ne l’empêcha pas de sauter sur l’occasion pour faire des misères à la jeune femme.« Terri… tu te souviens du compte-rendu du mois dernier? demanda Danielle doucement.— Oui Madame— Et qu’avions-nous décidé concernant le rasage ta chatte? la pressa Danielle— Vous… N-nous… avons dit que je n’étais pas… a-a-autorisé à…— Et… regarde ta chatte. Comment tu appelles ça?— R-rasée… l’expression sur le visage de Terri indiquait qu’elle aurait voulu être partout ailleurs qu’ici.— Et, continua calmement Danielle, de quelle sanction avions-nous décidé si tu désobéissais? »Les yeux de Terri s’écarquillèrent : « Non, Danielle s’il vous plaît…— De quelle sanction avions-nous parlé, Terri?— Danielle, sanglota Terri, s’il vous plaît! Vous ne comprenez pas!!!— je comprends que je t’ai donné des instructions précises, et que tu as échoué à les suivre, déclara froidement Danielle. La sanction — ton travail ici prend fin, et tes activités illégales vont être communiquées aux autorités compétentes. »Elle prit le téléphone sur la table de conférence, et tapa un numéro :« Sécurité s’il vous plaît.— NOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!! beugla Terri. Pitié… Danielle… Madame…je n’avais pas le choix… Scott! Scott, il m’a forcé à le faire. » Ah. Les choses avançaient. Danielle raccrocha le téléphone. « Scott t’a “forcé” à le faire? Comment?— I-il… a dit que… si je ne le faisais pas….Angela utiliserait le fouet… et… et.. qu’il u-utiliserait m-m-mon cul…— Oh. Alors, tu avais un choix. » Danielle la laissa mijoter. « Et tu as choisi de me désobéir.— Danielle… i-il… elle… A-Angela et Scott, ils ne sont pas… ils ne sont pas gentils. Un de ces jours, ils vont me tuer… Terri étouffait.— Quand est-ce que tu vas comprendre Terri? Ce n’est pas à propos de toi. Tu n’es rien d’autre qu’un jouet. Dont le but est de nous fournir du plaisir de la façon dont on a envie. J’aurais pensé que tu aurais fini par piger au bout d’un moment. Chaque fois que Scott veut utiliser ton cul, c’est son droit, si bien sûr je ne l’utilise pas au même moment. Et si sa femme veut te fouetter les fesses et le couvrir de marque… eh bien qui peut l’en blâmer? Après tout tu as eu une relation sexuelle avec son mari, fini cruellement Danielle.— S’il vous plaît… je suis désolée… ça n-n’arrivera plus… pitié ne me virer pas… » des larmes coulaient sur son visage alors que son sort se décidait.Danielle observa comment Terri s’était écroulée. Ayant passé la plus grande partie de sa vie à subir les coups tordus de la femme en face d’elle, elle éprouvait une satisfaction immense à lui rendre la monnaie de sa pièce, avec les intérêts.« P-p-pitié…— Pendant que je réfléchis à la façon de résoudre cette petite infraction, monte sur la table. Tu sais quoi faire. »Terri le savait. Elle se déshabilla complètement, s’étendit sur le dos contre la table en acajou et se glissa la main dans sa fente. Sa patronne la regarda avec une satisfaction perverse et il ne fallut pas longtemps pour que la propre main de Danielle soit occupée à jouer avec sa chatte mouillée.

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L’été sera chaud (16)…

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L’été sera chaud (16)…Vendredi 2 Août 2013Ce matin quand elle descend à la cuisine, Hélène se demande comment se comporter après les débordements de la veille. Elle est un peu rassurée de voir que ni Ju ni Thomas ne sont en érection et que personne ne fait allusion à ce qu’il s’est passé entre eux tous.Donc tout le monde va se préparer et direction Valensole pour la fête de la lavande.Hélène me laisse la convaincre de ne rien mettre sous sa petite robe, comme moi et Lola. Elle s’y habitue très vite et profite de cette belle journée.Au retour, nous reprenons immédiatement notre tenue maintenant standard pour la maison – c’est à dire entièrement nus – et nous distribuons dans la piscine ou autour. A un moment, je remarque que les bruits d’eau ont attiré les voisins car Pierre est comme hier à la fenêtre et apparemment déjà nu, ou alors avec un caleçon taille très basse. Je souffle mon idée à Ju en le mettant en forme de la main dans l’eau et il sort sur le bord de la piscine dès qu’il est en bonne forme. Tout va pour le mieux car Hélène est à ce moment-là allée prendre ses mails du bureau sur son ordi et n’assiste pas à la scène. J’entame alors une branlette sur Ju qui fait comme s’il n’avait pas remarqué la présence du voisin.Je continue par une fellation pendant que Ju me commente à voix basse:- Là, vu le mouvement de son bras, il est en train de se secouer à notre santé.- (slurp)- Il se retourne! Super, il vient de se faire surprendre par sa femme.- (slurp)- Ça y est, je la vois, elle est à poil ou en bas de maillot et l’engueule, on dirait.- (slurp)- Elle s’est calmée. Elle nous mate elle aussi maintenant. Et il est derrière elle.- (slurp)- Ils sont toujours là. Ressort un peu ma bite et branle-là bien pour qu’elle la voit.- (slurp)- Voilà, il est derrière elle et lui malaxe les doudounes. Attend, il lui baisse le slip.- (slurp)- Ça y est, il se frotte derrière elle. Mais elle a l’air de protester un peu.- (slurp)- Bon, c’est fini, ils se sont baissés, ils doivent baiser sur le lit.- (plop)Ju et moi arrêtons notre exhibition et il préfère laisser retomber son érection pour économiser des cartouches en vue de notre programme du soir.Par contre, Thomas bande lui aussi car il a tout vu, ainsi que Lola. Mais il ne se doute pas que les voisins étaient les spectateurs privilégiés du show. Comme l’ambiance redevient calme, lui aussi finit par ramollir.Peu après, sa mère revient et se pose sur le ventre sur une serviette en demandant si quelqu’un veut bien lui passer la crème solaire dans le dos. Je fais signe à Thomas d’y aller. Il se propose donc à la surprise d’Hélène:- Allez Maman, je te fais ça, j’ai l’habitude.C’est vrai que d’habitude, et depuis des années, son fils le fait à la mer ou même ici avant la venue de ses amis. Mais maintenant ça lui fait tout drôle vu leurs nudités et ce qu’il s’est passé la veille. Mais elle n’ose pas refuser et s’abandonne.Sauf que cette fois, après que ses épaules et son dos aient été bien badigeonnés, elle sent que les mains de son fils ne s’arrêtent pas en arrivant sur les fesses. Il est vrai que Jusqu’à maintenant il y avait la frontière du maillot, mais là non. Mais il s’attaque aux jambes et elle souffle un peu. Ce répit n’est que de courte durée car les mains remontent sur les cuisses Jusqu’à la pliure des fesses et reprennent leur malaxage.Elle trouve qu’il s’y attarde un peu trop et met en terme à l’opération:- Merci mon chéri, ça ira comme ça.- De rien Maman, à ton service. C’était un plaisir.Elle tourne la tête vers lui et s’aperçoit qu’il est en pleine érection:- Oui, je vois…- Euh, excuse, mais c’est une réaction normale, non?- Peut-être, mais c’est tout de même sur moi, ta mère, que tu fais ça.- Escort Oui, c’est vrai, mais je suis tellement heureux d’avoir une maman aussi sexy.- Ah, tu me trouves sexy, maintenant?- Tu l’as toujours été, mais j’ai jamais osé te le dire.- Ah bon, eh bien je devrais me sentir flattée, je pense…- Et en plus ça me fait plaisir de voir que tu as repris une activité sexuelle.- Puisqu’on en est à ces confidences, oui, ça me manquait un peu.- C’est sur que si depuis que tu es séparée tu ne fais plus rien…- Euh, bon, mais ça reste entre nous, pas un mot à ton père , hein?- Evidemment, tu le connais: il comprendrait pas, borné comme il est.La discussion a un peu fait redescendre la bite de son fils, ce qui la rassure.Le soir, le temps étant un peu plus nuageux que depuis le début du séjour, nous décidons de rentrer pour manger. Nous nous retrouvons donc au salon pour l’apéro que nous prenions d’habitude à l’extérieur. Cette fois, Ju prend la place d’honneur entre Lola et moi sur le canapé pendant que Thomas et sa mère héritent des deux fauteuils. L’atmosphère est lourde à cause de l’orage qui menace et nous nous sentons tous moites. Pour compenser, l’apéro coule à flot et l’ambiance devient de plus en plus décontractée.Ju lance le bal avec une main dans la fourche de sa fille et l’autre dans la mienne et nous le lui rendons bien en nous y mettant à deux pour lui faire dresser la colonne. C’est le moment que choisit l’orage pour se déclarer. Un bel éclair illumine l’extérieur subi d’un bon coup de tonnerre qui déchire le silence. Hélène sursaute, ce qui incite les autres à se moquer un peu d’elle. Thomas en profite:- Tu as peur Maman? Tu veux que je te tienne compagnie?Et sans attendre sa réponse, il vient s’assoir en travers sur ses genoux, un bras autour de son cou, comme quand il était plus petit. Elle n’ose pas le chasser car en fait elle aime bien les souvenirs de cette époque de sa vie. La seule différence, c’est que le petit garçon a grandi et que là, il est en érection. De plus, dans sa position, et vu que sa bite tire un peu à droite, le gland est en contact avec le ventre de sa mère qui ne sait pas comment le lui dire. Mais elle n’a pas le temps car il enchaine:- Tu sais, j’adore ta poitrine. Elle est petite, mais elle est belle.- Euh, merci mon chéri, c’est gentil.- Tu me laisses te téter un peu, comme quand j’étais petit, dis?- Tu as peut-être passé l’âge pour ça, non?- Allez, Maman, juste un peu…Et il approche sa bouche, gobant le téton et le suçant en aspirant bien. Hélène ne sait quoi dire car ça lui fait des sensations intéressantes. D’ailleurs ses tétons durcissent immédiatement. Thomas envoie sa main libre sur l’autre sein qu’il empaume sans difficultés vu son volume et le malaxe doucement. Hélène sent que maintenant c’est son sexe qui commence à bouillir et elle en est troublée. Surtout du fait que c’est son fils qui lui procure cet émoi. Son fils qui maintenant frotte un peu son gland sur son ventre, laissant une trace glaireuse qui le lubrifie, facilitant l’action.Du coup, c’est comme dans un rêve quelle le sent prendre sa main et la poser sur son membre dressé. Elle ne se retire pas et ferme ses doigts sur la hampe, n’allant pas plus loin pour le moment. Dans sa tête tout se bouscule. Elle pense qu’il y a peu de temps elle s’offusquait encore de voir son fils simplement en érection et là elle tient cette érection dans sa main et ne la lâche pas.Elle a en face d’elle Lola et moi qui n’avons encore rien vu, étant donné que nous sommes penchées sur Ju pour le sucer à deux. Il a l’air d’approuver ce qui se passe car il met un pouce en l’air en souriant à Hélène pour le lui signifier. Comme Thomas commence à lui imprimer Escort Bayan le mouvement, elle se laisse donner le rythme et finalement décide d’y aller franchement. Tant que faire les choses, autant les faire comme il faut. Elle se déculpabilise en se disant qu’une branlette c’est finalement pas grand chose dans cette ambiance sexe.C’est Ju qui vient faire diversion. Il se lève et s’approche d’eux, la bite en main. Il la présente vers leurs visages et dit à Thomas:- Allez, va un peu satisfaire ma fille pendant que m’occupe de ta mère.Hélène est soulagée de pouvoir arrêter de masturber son fils qui va directement se planter en levrette dans l’intimité de Lola agenouillée entre mes cuisses. Elle prend le relais en pompant Ju qui la laisse œuvrer un peu avant de la faire se mettre à côté de Lola et la prendre dans la même position. Je me décale sur le canapé et présente ma chatte à déguster à Hélène qui s’y lance, toute excitée de penser qu’elle est en train de faire ça sous le regard de son fils. Son fils qui change de position quand Lola annonce sa jouissance. il vient s’assoir à la place que j’occupais et sa partenaire qui reste en place le prend en bouche pour le faire venir à son tour.Elle se surprend à regarder avec attention cette belle queue se faire sucer sous ses yeux pendant qu’elle sent le pouce de Ju s’insinuer dans son anus et glisser librement grâce à de la mouille qu’il récupère au passage dans sa fente.Elle sent monter son plaisir et ne contrôle plus les mouvements de son bassin qu’elle envoie à la rencontre de cette double pénétration.Je me lève alors et propose d’aller chercher des accessoires pour continuer. Profitant que la place est libre, Thomas se décale vers la droite et se retrouve dans la position dont il rêvait depuis un moment. Il présente sa bite à sa mère:- Tu veux bien me sucer, Maman?- Allons Thomas… Et arrête de m’appeler “Maman“ dans ce genre de situation.- OK! Alors, tu veux bien me sucer, Hélène?Elle panique un peu devant la tournure que prennent les choses. Une petite branlette dans le feu de l’action, bon, OK. Mais de là à faire une pipe à son fils. D’un autre côté ce bel outil lui fait envie, et le fait qu’il l’ait appelée par son prénom lui permet de prendre de la distance avec sa qualité de mère et lui donne une excuse pour ne pas se retenir plus longtemps. Elle gobe donc ce gland filial et s’applique dans cette fellation. Tant et si bien que Thomas ne tarde pas à lui lâcher le paquet au fond de la gorge. Surprise, elle s’étouffe un peu et sort la queue de sa bouche, recevant sur le visage les giclées suivantes. Elle s’insurge contre ce sans-gêne:- Tu aurais pu au moins me prévenir que tu allais éjaculer, mon salaud!- Excuse-moi, Hélène, mais tu fais ça si bien que j’ai pas senti venir.Elle n’insiste pas car pendant ce temps Ju a continué de la pilonner et le tout l’embarque vers une vague de plaisir qui détourne sa pensée de l’incident. Venant juste d’arriver, j’ai aussi assisté à la scène et trouve que ça prend bien la tournure que j’espérais. Je suis harnachée de mon strapon qui me donne un look d’hermaphrodite entre la bite dressée et les seins. Je propose d’aller poursuivre les réjouissances sur un lit en haut pour que ce soit plus confortable.Tous se lèvent donc et me suivent au premier dans la chambre d’Hélène qui est la plus spacieuse. Pour ne pas laisser retomber l’ambiance, Ju lui fait monter l’escalier avec son pouce toujours dans le cul tandis que Lola continue à remettre Thomas en forme manuellement. Hélène constate d’ailleurs que son fils ne met pas longtemps à être de nouveau dans une forme olympique.Dès qu’ils sont dans sa chambre, je fais mettre mon amie à genoux au pied Bayan Escort du lit et je me positionne derrière elle pour la préparer avec une bonne dose de lubrifiant. Comme Ju avait déjà rodé l’entrée avec son doigt, sa rondelle est vite jugée assez souple à mon goût pour m’inviter dans son boyau avec ma queue factice. Hélène se rend compte qu’elle commence à bien aimer se faire prendre par là. Elle a en point de mire sur le côté du lit Lola qui propose à Thomas de lui faire la même chose. Elle n’a pas le temps de les voir longtemps car Ju fait se lever tout le monde pour se mettre sur le dos au milieu de la couche et demande à Hélène de venir le chevaucher. Elle monte à cheval sur lui et se fourre la bite dans la chatte sans se faire prier, commençant par un trot enlevé.Mais je la fais stopper pour passer à des choses plus chaudes.- Tu connais déjà la sodomie, maintenant tu vas goûter au sandwich à la saucisse!Pour faciliter la double pénétration, Ju lui prend les épaules et la fait se coucher sur son torse en lui demandant de bien bomber son cul. Elle s’exécute et sent l’engin se poser à nouveau contre sa rondelle puis pousser. Son anus ne résiste pas et elle sent le cylindre se faufiler dans son boyau. Elle se sent remplie comme jamais. Sans trop attendre, deux mains se posent sur ses hanches et le ramonage de son conduit commence en douceur, lui arrachant des soupirs et des râles. Les coups de reins que je lui donne la fond décoller un peu puis retomber sur la queue de Ju et ces deux mouvements complémentaires sont divins. Elle se laisse mener vers l’orgasme qui arrive en trombe et s’écroule en sueur sur Ju. Nous attendons un petit instant qu’elle reprenne ses esprits, puis nous reprenons la manœuvre.Elle sent qu’une nouvelle vague de jouissance arrive, mais tout à coup tout bascule quand elle voit Lola apparaitre dans son champ visuel et moi m’installer derrière ma fille pour venir lui prendre le cul avec le strapon. Elle commence:- Ah non, bande de…Car elle vient de réaliser que si Lola et moi sommes dans son champ visuel et Ju en dessous d’elle, c’est donc forcément Thomas qui est derrière elle. Elle est en train de prendre son pied en se faisant enculer par son propre fils. En effet, ce qu’elle n’a pas vu, c’est qu’au moment où elle était penchée sur Ju en attendant l’entrée de mon strapon dans son cul, j’ai fait signe à Thomas de venir se positionner à sa place. Celui-ci a vite réalisé l’aubaine qui lui était offerte et il ne s’est pas fait prier pour venir perforer l’anus de sa mère.Mais l’orgasme arrive et elle abdique toute pudeur et tout préjugé. Elle jouit en ne retenant pas ses cris. Elle sent que Thomas la rejoint car il éjacule dans son boyau.Dévastée par ces orgasmes multiples, elle se laisse couler sur le côté quand Thomas sort après s’être ramolli tandis que Ju se désengage sans avoir éjaculé. Il vient lui présenter son gland et elle commence à le pomper en s’attendant à tout recevoir dans sa bouche.Mais Ju la surprend à nouveau en l’arrêtant au bout d’un moment en disant:- Non, c’est à Thomas de s’acquitter de son gage. Allez, Thomas, viens me sucer.Et à son grand étonnement, Hélène voit son fils gober le gland juste sous son nez sans hésiter. Mais ça ne dure pas trop longtemps, car Ju ressort de la bouche de Thomas juste avant de jouir et éjacule sur le corps d’Hélène, lui arrosant les seins et le ventre jusqu’à la chatte. Il ordonne à son pipeur:- Allez, occupe-toi de bien nettoyer ta mère.Et Thomas s’exécute, Hélène n’ayant plus d’objection à se faire lécher tout ce sperme sur les seins et prend même un certain plaisir à écarter grand les cuisses pour permettre à son fils lui bien nettoyer la fente avec la langue.Entretemps Lola a joui elle aussi sous mes coups de reins et tous nous sommes un peu vidés. Thomas regagne sa chambre avec Lola et Ju et moi en faisons de même, la laissant tomber rapidement dans un sommeil empli de rêves érotiques.A suivre…

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Always Ask Permission Ch.02.

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Always Ask Permission Ch.02.Mother and daughter return to be questioned.Due to some confusion with Chapter One I would like to make it clear that all characters in this story are eighteen or over. It seems I did not make it clear enough last time. My apologies.It was three days before Marta’s next due visit, and I spent the time in anticipation and plotting. I was still in bed when I heard her arrive and just let her get on with her duties. After all, the house still needed cleaning despite any frustration on my part. I slowly eased myself from my bed and took a shower. When I came out to dress myself, I could hear noises from downstairs, but they were indistinct. I assumed she was busy doing the cleaning. I decided it was time for breakfast, so I pressed the call button.A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, and I called “come in”. Marta appeared, dressed as always in her maid uniform as I had instructed. “I’d like some breakfast, please Marta, my usual.”“Of course, Sir.”“Did you bring Rosea with you today as I asked?”“Yes, Sir, I put her to scrubbing the kitchen floor.”“Has she behaved since last time?”“Mostly, Sir, but she has been a bit sullen.”“I’m sure we can do something about that. But, for now, I need food.”“Of course, Sir.”With that she turned and left the room. I sat back, my stomach rumbling, but with food almost secondary in my mind. In anticipation of things to come I had dressed simply in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. For the first time that day I took notice of the world beyond. Unlike three days ago, the world had changed from blue skies and sunshine and was now drab and grey with a light rain falling. So typically England, I thought the contrast from one day to the next.I didn’t have long to wait until there was a knock on the door and Marta reappeared carrying a tray. As with most people breakfast was never a matter of choice but one of the securities of familiarity. On her tray was a pot of my usual coffee. Black and probably far too strong for medical recommendations. Alongside that was a steaming plate of scrambled eggs on toast, tinted with a sprinkling of red paprika. I ate it slowly, savouring every mouthful as I always did and then sat back and sipped at the first cup of coffee. The bitterness brought the world into focus. I began to feel right with life, so I pressed the call button. When Marta arrived, I gestured to the tray and the empty plate. She came over and picked them up, leaving the pot with the still hot coffee. “When you have sorted that out come back here and bring Rosea with you.”“Yes, Sir,” she replied giving what was almost a curtesy.I poured myself a second coffee and gazed out of the French windows, now firmly closed against the rain and wind. Swimming in my pool was not an option today. I would have to rely on more indoor pleasures.When Marta returned, she came and stood halfway into the room and a shy looking Rosea lingered in the shadows by the door. I smiled at them both but chose to speak to Rosea first.“Hello again, Rosea. So lovely to see you again. No chance of a swim today it seems.”She blushed wildly and looked resolutely at the floor.“Marta, come and sit here with me,” I ordered, patting my knee.Obediently and with no hesitation, Marta walked over, teetering on her high heels, and made herself comfortable on my lap. I immediately started to stroke her thigh while looking at Rosea to see how she would react. She was watching her mother with a mixture of annoyance and jealousy. It was exactly the response I had hoped for.“Can you remember the instructions I gave you the last time you were here?” I asked, turning my attention back to Marta.“You said we weren’t to play with ourselves, Sir,” and her voice went into a squeak as I pushed my thumb into the crotch of her panties,“And have you been good?”“Yes, Sir.”“And Rosea? Has she been obedient as well?”“As far as I know, Sir.”“Have you?” I snapped, suddenly focussing on the girl across the room.Her response was to take a quick step back and to turn bright red.“Oh dear,” I said, “it seems we have a girl who hasn’t learned her lesson from last time.”By now I had lifted Marta’s tiny skirt up and exposed her lacy panties and my hand was already starting to explore inside. “I tried my best. Sir, but you know what c***dren can be like.”“Indeed I do, Marta,” I said as my fingers slipped easily across her cunt lips, already eagerly wet. “Step forward girl,” I commanded.Slowly and with some reluctance she advanced two or three paces, finally emerging from the gloom of the far side of the room. For several moments I gazed at her, my mind distracted by the feel of the smooth, freshly shaven mound beneath my fingertips. It was good to know that Marta had taken care before coming here today. Slowly I forced my attention back to Rosea. Her focus now seemed to be fixed on what was going on under her mother’s panties. Little did she know. I already had one finger inside Marta and a second was about to follow.“Something tells me,” I spoke quietly to Marta as she squirmed on my lap, but just loud enough for Rosea to hear, “that someone might be fibbing. Don’t you think so?”As aroused though she was, Marta managed to bring herself back to the real world.“Do … you … think so, Sir,” she managed to say between gasps.“Oh, I do, Marta. And I am very displeased. Not just with Rosea, but with both of you. As her mother it is down to you to make sure she obeys instructions, is it not?”I felt her shiver and tremble at the thought, distracted though she was by my second finger sliding in alongside the first and pushing deep into her cunt. As I started to slide in and out, I looked back at Rosea. Now she had stepped forward out of the gloom I could see what she was wearing, which in fact amounted to very little. I wondered if she had chosen her outfit or whether her mother had had a say in things. Her bright red skirt was as short as Marta’s uniform if not even shorter. It barely covered her and left me wondering if she had even bothered with underwear. But we could find that out later. Above she wore a pale pink crop top of the sort I had seen and admired of girls a few years younger in the nearby shopping mall. It ended just below her small boobs and was tight enough that her nipples showed. It was obvious she was trying to exploit her young looks to the best advantage.“Am I right, Rosea, have you touched yourself since the other day?”The girl blushed an even deeper shade of red and hung her head. Looking at the floor she nodded almost imperceptibly. “It isn’t wise to lie to me. Don’t try and hide things from me again.”By now I had tugged at the bow at the back of Marta’s neck and released the top of her apron. The tight black top of her maid’s dress proudly displayed her small tits to the world. She made no move to stop me toying with one of her nipples, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. She was concentrated instead with what my hand Escort was doing inside her panties. But I needed her full attention, so I pulled it out and held it up. My fingers were slick with her juices and I offered them to her mouth which opened and accepted them eagerly.“It seems her recent spanking did nothing to change her behaviour. We now have to add lying and further disobedience to her woeful catalogue of sins.”I pushed Marta off my lap, and she staggered on her heels and almost fell, grabbing the arm of my chair just in time. I stood up and fixed Rosea with a stern look and then walked the few steps towards her. She looked nervous, almost frightened, and couldn’t hold my gaze. I slowly walked round her examining her. standing next to the chair, Marta had regained her composure and was quietly watching me, no doubt wondering what was to happen next. “Do you think these clothes are entirely suitable for an eighteen-year-old?” I asked peering over Rosea shoulder. I flicked the hem of the short skirt and Rosea flinched. “This skirt is almost indecently short, don’t you think?”“I do, Sir, but she would insist.”“And you, as her mother, have no say in what she wears?”“I do try, Sir, but she’s a very wilful girl these days.”I walked to the side and hooked a finger under the bottom hem of her top, lifting it slightly and exposing the lower curve of her breast.I reached out and gripped the nearest nipple that was showing through the thin tight fabric. I squeezed it hard, making her yelp, with a mixture of pain and surprise. Her knees buckled and she almost collapsed to the floor, but my grip held her up. I relaxed my pincer-like grip very slightly and pulled her over to my chair. “Bend over and place your hands on the seat,” I told her, tugging her forward and down with her nipple. She followed my lead and conformed. She had little choice. Once she was in position, I relaxed my grip even more and started to gently roll her nipple first one way and then the other. “Marta can you go and bring me what you will find in the left-hand drawer of my bureau.”While Marta was busy doing as she was told I moved to the other side of Rosea and transferred my attention to her other nipple. I treated it more kindly this time but my grip was still firm. I toyed with it while I waited for Marta to come back. When she did, she was carrying one of my favourite toys which I am sure she recognised from earlier times.When Marta and I first started playing our little games I spent some time stocking up on various instruments to tease her with. She told me she was very flattered when I had shown them to her and ended up thoroughly enjoying it when I used them on her. By far the best of them was a double-tongue black leather strap. Two strips of leather about three inches wide by just over a foot long were let into a handle plaited from many thin strips of the same leather. It was an object of beauty. The effect of the two tongues was to make a loud crack that emphasised each blow. It was a very effective weapon.I took the paddle from her and slapped it against the palm of my hand. I used almost no force at all, but it still made a resounding ‘CRACK’ each time. I stood to the side of Rosea and looked at my target area. Posed as she now was her skirt hid nothing. Neither did the black thong she was wearing. It was even more minimal than the bikini from yesterday, just a thin cord stretching from the waistband and disappearing between her arse cheeks. I tucked the paddle under my arm while I unfastened and then unzipped her skirt. I tugged it over her bottom and let it slide down and fall around her ankles. She shivered under my touch as I stroked her cheeks. There was no sign of her beating from three days ago. She had healed well. I had a feeling that today’s punishment might take slightly longer.I walked to the other side, so that I stood opposite to Marta. “She has been sullen you say?”“She has, Sir,” Marta admitted freely.“I think six for sullenness,” and I reversed my grip on the paddle and offered it to her handle first. Her eyes lit up as she took it from me. She seemed delighted to be given the opportunity. “Oh, Sir, thank you,”“We will deal with the lying and the disobedience after that.”She swished it through the air a few times to get the feel of it. She was familiar with its effect as she had enjoyed it several times in the past. This was the first time she’d been in control. She placed it almost reverently across Rosea’s bare buttocks and slid it back and forth. She adjusted her position to get just the right angle and distance. Her first blow took even me by surprise. Rosea, who had no idea what was going to happen, nearly jumped out her skin. The CRACK was quickly followed by a very loud scream. I placed my hand firmly between her shoulder blades to prevent her from standing up. The second CRACK only elicited a soft whimper and Marta and I could enjoy the echo as it bounced around the room, slowly fading away. The next two were followed by tiny yelps and the final two brought only silence. When Marta stepped back, I heard a faint sobbing from Rosea. Marta was grinning widely as she reversed the paddle and handed it ceremoniously back to me.“Well done, Marta, you did well.”“Thank you, Sir, it was my pleasure.”I looked down to see what damage had been done. Across her pale buttocks were many parallel stripes and the whole area was now bright red. I knew that she couldn’t take much more, but I was determined to make a point. I decided to split the two beatings and dole out one now and one later. I considered myself stern and severe at times like this but never unjustly cruel. “I will deal with the disobedience first. Tell me, Rosea, what did I strictly instruct you NOT to do last time?”My question was greeted with silence. I reached down and took a handful of her hair and tilted her head back.“I asked you a question, bitch. What did I expressly forbid you to do?”“N … not to play with myself,” came the timid reply. “And did you?”Even more quietly that I had to strain my ears to hear her, “Y… y…yes.”“And for that you must be further punished.” I tilted her head even further back and looked at her face. She was crying and her eye makeup was a mess. “P…please no more,” she begged, “I promise to be good in future. I promise.”Suddenly Marta interrupted us by landing a hefty swat with her hand on Rosea’s already bruised and tender bottom. “And always say ‘Sir’. Understand?”“Yes, mum. Sorry, Sir.”“I think we are finally getting the message across, Marta,” and I smile at her. I let go of my handful of hair and her head dropped back down. Then I stood back and delivered three blows in quick succession. Although I was much stronger than Marta, I held back slightly but the loud CRACK each time was like music to our ears. After a pause I gave her the final three and then stepped back. It was then I began to wonder.I stepped forward again and Escort Bayan with one hand gently caressing her warm bottom I reached under her with my other hand. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. The tiny triangle that made up almost all of her very scanty underwear was sopping wet. She shook as she felt my touch. Despite all her pleas for mercy, despite all her screams and yelps and crying, this girl was really turned on.“Oh dear, Marta, it seems our corrections have had unwanted consequences,” I said looking her in the eye as I continued to stroke the soaking wet scrap of cloth.“Surely not, Sir.”“Come and see for yourself,” I invited her.Marta came over and put her hand underneath the bowed over girl. Briefly our fingers met across the wet landscape of her thong before I withdrew to allow Marta free access. I could see her arm moving as she continued to stimulate Rosea. I walked round the back and tugged on the waist band of the tiny thong, pulling it up as tight as it would go almost cutting her in half and making her cry out. Then I reversed my grip and tugged it down. I let go and it dropped to join the skirt which was still pooled around Rosea’s ankles. Marta continued to play with her daughter’s pussy and my hand dived between her legs to join her mother. Together we toyed and played with her wet lips until I pushed two fingers deep inside her. Only then did she react. Her knees almost buckled, and she let out a loud moan. I pushed in and out for a few moments while Marta carried on playing with her clit. I could feel Rosea start to tense up so I pushed as deep as I could go and pressed into her anus with my thumb. I sensed she was close to an orgasm and let it continue to build. She was shouting and cursing and writhing in response to us both. Marta looked at me, sensing what I intended. I gave her a nod and she pulled her hand away at the same time as I slipped my fingers from her pussy.The girl froze in shock and a sound midway between a yell and a sob came from her. she swayed back and forth as though her pussy was searching for us. I gave her two hard spanks with my hand, one on each cheek to bring her back to reality.“Naughty girls don’t get to cum.”She started to sob quietly again so I gave her another couple of hard hand slaps to give her something to cry about.I slipped my hand between her legs and started to play with her once more. Marta giggled and resumed toying with her clit. Sliding two fingers in, I again pressed a thumb on her anus. This time I pressed hard enough to let the tip push past the tight sphincter and penetrate her. She let out a “Oh” of surprise but then seemed to settle back on it. I pushed deeper while still sliding my fingers in and out. I could feel her body start to tense again. Marta must have felt it too as she looked at me, waiting for my signal. Rosea was starting to mutter obscenities again. I waited and then nodded and we both pulled away at the same time. There was a moment of silence and then a sob and Rosea collapsed forward until her head was on the seat of the chair. Her arse was now lewdly pointing to the ceiling. From where I stood, I had a clear view of her wet lips and her juices beginning to spread down her thighs.I stepped forward and took hold of her hair and pulled her upright. She stumbled and nearly collapsed but I held her up, pulling her back against me for support. She rested there for a moment, panting for breath. “Hands behind your head,” I said with menace, my mouth inches from her ear. She had learned by now and quickly clasped them together behind her head. This made her tits stand out and displayed her pretty nipples to full advantage. I experimentally took one between a thumb and finger and rolled it around, tugging at it and lifting it. It was as hard as a pebble. I stepped back and she almost lost balance again. I pointed to the far side of the room.“Go and stand in the corner. Take some time to think about things that have happened. And things that are still to come,” I added, “we still have the lying to deal with.”I let that hang in the air as she walked slowly, and on uncertain legs, to the far side of the room. Her head was bowed, and her eyes fixed on the floor. I sat down in my recently vacated chair and watched her go. When she got to the corner, she didn’t turn around but stood with her face to the wall. The light was dim away from the window, but her bottom was clearly red in contrast to the rest of her. I beckoned to Marta and pointed to the floor next to me. She immediately trotted over and knelt down at my feet. “This morning has been very … instructive … don’t you think.”“Very, Sir, I just hope she’s learned her lesson at last.”“I found the whole experience very stimulating,” I said, moving my position slightly to allow the large bulge in my shorts to show more clearly.Marta looked at it and smiled. “May I, Sir?”“Of course, you may. I’m very pleased with how you acted this morning. You set a fine example which I hope she’ll follow.”“Thank you, Sir,” and she blushed slightly before reaching out a hand and covering my erection, stroking and squeezing it. The top half of her apron still hung limply below her waist and her breasts still stood out, proud and uncovered. I realised what a treasure I had found when I first advertised the job of housekeeper. “Take my shorts off,” I told her, and I eased my hips off the seat to make life easier for her. As she pulled them down around my ankles my dick sprang to attention. It had started to come to life even before I began to deal with Rosea and was now rigid and ready. Marta removed my shorts and put them aside before turning her attention to the matter in hand. She played with my dick for a while before kneeling up and letting it slide into her warm, wet mouth. I don’t know where she learned her craft, but she was excellent at it. As soon as the tip went past her lips, I felt her tongue swirling round it. She had a variety of techniques, she could take it deep when her lips reached all the way to the base, or she would just take the tip like today and do amazing things with her tongue. I was more aroused than I had been for ages.Normally I would be satisfied with simply cumming in her mouth with her having the pleasure of gulping it all down. But this time I felt she needed a reward for having gone the extra mile for me today. I was pleased with the way she had dealt with, and joined in with, Rosea’s punishment. I gently lifted her head up and let myself slide out of her mouth. She looked at me slightly puzzled. “Stand up,” I told her, “and take your panties off. Then come and sit on me.”The smile on her face was a joy to behold. She knew this was a rare offer. She stood up quickly and stripped off her panties and then turned with her back to me and straddled my legs. Slowly, and with unerring aim, she lowered herself onto me. She was already wet, and I slipped in easily. Bayan Escort I let her slide down until I was fully buried inside her and then sat back with my hands on her hips, holding her in place. “Oh fuck, that feels so good, Sir.”“You deserve it today.”I reached around her and found her clit. I was close and I wanted her to cum at the same time as me. I quickly realised that she was almost as close as I was. I called out to the shadowy figure across the room.“Turn around, slut, I want you to see this.”When she had slowly turned, I gave her a minute to take in the sight before her. Marta and I sat together on the chair with her very obviously impaled upon my dick. All the time I continued to play with Marta’s clit. I pointed to a place on the floor just in front of us.“Come and kneel there,” I ordered her.With a frightened look on her face she came across slowly. I was pleased to see she kept her hands behind her head. Awkwardly she managed to get into a kneeling position directly in front of us. I wasn’t sure how Marta would handle her daughter watching so closely but I needn’t have worried as she immediately started moving up and down along the length of my dick. I peered over her shoulder and looked at Rosea. Her gaze was fixed on the action area. There was mostly fascination but with a hint of jealousy. “Oh fuck,” I said, managing not to shout. I was desperately trying to hold it in, but I was saved by Marta who was also ready to release and who pushed herself as far as she could to engulf me all the way. That proved the breaking point and the floodgates opened. I could feel myself cumming deep inside her, something I had rarely done in the past, while she lurched forward as her own orgasm arrived. She managed to stop herself falling off by grasping my knees. I could feel the tremors running through her body. Slowly she fell back against me and rested her head on my shoulder, eyes close and breathing heavily.It was a good five minutes before either of us had the strength to move and it was Marta who recovered first. She lifted herself up gently and my already softening dick slipped out easily. She held it gently with one hand at the base while her other hand reached out and took her daughter by the scruff of her neck and pulled her forward.“Clean it, girl,” she snapped at her, “and see what you have missed by lying and behaving so badly.”Rosea by now knew better than to disobey any command. She immediately took my dick into her mouth and began to lick it all over, dutifully cleaning both our cums. I leaned back into the chair, savouring the moment. Finally, she pulled back, looked up at me and licked her lips, hoping, I suspect, some sign of approval from me. Instead I gave her an ice-cold stare. With my hands on Marta’s hips I lifted her slightly and slid her over the top of my now flaccid penis and pushed her along my thighs until she was teetering on the edge of my knees. I pulled her legs even further apart and displayed her to Rosea. She made no move to object, instead making herself comfortable on her perch.“Clean your mother as well, bitch,” I commanded.My view was limited but I could imagine the sight of Marta’s cunt, glistening with her juices and oozing with my cum. I watched the horrified expression flash across Rosea’s face when she heard my words. By now she knew better than to go against me and slowly bent forward once again. I felt Marta tense up as Rosea started on her task. Her back arched and her head fell back onto my shoulder. I pulled her head round and kissed her on the mouth and kept kissing her until she came for a second time, shaking and trembling in my arms. Rosea was ignored as a silence descended on the room as both Marta and I slowly regained our strength from our exertions.When Marta and I reluctantly disentangled ourselves, and Marta slipped off my lap to sit on the floor next to the chair, I looked at the pathetic figure before me. Over the past few minutes I had made a decision. Rosea was a mess. She had shed a tear or two that were still clearly streaking her cheeks. Her lips and chin shone with the remains of Marta’s juices and my cum. I sat more upright in the chair and folded my arms.“You have gone a little way towards redeeming yourself, girl, but…” I said, leaving pause for emphasis, “… you have clearly shown you cannot yet be trusted. I think it best if you stay here tonight so that your mother and I can properly supervise you.”I looked sideways at Marta for her approval and she grinned and nodded in agreement. I stood up, towering over Rosea, pulling up and adjusting my shorts as I did so, tucking my very limp dick out of the way. I stepped past her and headed for the door. “Follow me, Marta, and bring her with you.”I left the room and headed for the secondary guest room, little used but ideal for my purposes. Behind me I heard a couple of yelps and a minor struggle. I opened the door to the guest room and stood aside to let them in. Marta was pushing Rosea in front of her, controlling her by a tight fistful of her hair. They walked past me and went to stand in the middle of the room. It was sparsely furnished with an old iron bed and a set of drawers that I used to store my collection of toys. I walked past them and started to rummage through one of the drawers. Marta turned her head to watch me with curiosity. I found what I was looking for and turned around, holding up a pair of leather cuffs, linked together, and smiled at her.Her look changed from one of surprise to a broad grin of approval. I walked up to the two of them and went to stand in front of Rosea.“Give me your hands,” I ordered her.Too far gone to even think about rebelling she did as she was told. I roughly pulled off her skimpy top, making her totally naked. I strapped the cuffs around her wrists before she could change her mind. “Lay her on the bed.” I told Marta and went back to the drawer to hunt for more treasures.When I turned around Rosea was laying on her back on top of the covers with Marta standing guard. I told Rosea to put her hands over her head and I clipped the cuffs to the head of the old Victorian iron bed. I then fastened two more cuffs, one to each ankle and fastened those to the foot of the bed, one at each corner, making Rosea into the perfect ‘Y’ shape. I held out an arm to Marta and she came and stood next to me to admire my handiwork.“That, at least, should stop her playing with herself,” I said, “let’s leave her for now to think things over.”I linked arms with Marta and walked out of the room, locking the door behind me. Downstairs in the lounge I sat Marta back on my lap. “When is Mrs C. due here next?” I asked her while playing with a convenient nipple. I was concerned that Mrs C., my cook who was a little elderly and conservative, would not understand what was going on.“Not until tomorrow, Sir,” she replied.I was glad to see, now that we were alone, that Marta had reverted back to her normal way of addressing me. I squeezed her nipple to show how much I appreciated that.“Good, then we can deal with that later,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief, “meanwhile we have the rest of the day and all night to enjoy ourselves.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Die Teufelin – Teil 14 (Futanari)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Die Teufelin – Teil 14 (Futanari)Meine Stimme hatte einen gefährlichen Klang, als ich ihm sagte: “Du meinst du hättest mit mir leichtes Spiel. Meinst du könntest über mich herfallen und gegen meinen Willen dein kleines Schwänzlein in mich schieben. Willst wohl beweisen, dass du doch ein Mann bist, obwohl Sissy besser passen dürfte.Jetzt bist du in meiner Hand.”Ich griff nach seinem Schwanz, drückte hart zu. Er stöhnte eher vor Schmerzen, als vor Lust. Dennoch wurde sein Schwanz hart. Der Geruch seiner Erregung drang in meine Nase.”Hast du dir eingestand, dass es dich erregt, von mir dominiert zu werden? Soll ich dich zu meiner Bitch machen?”Mit meiner Kralle strich ich über seinen Anus, der leicht zuckte.”Bist du da noch Jungfrau?”Er verkrampfte etwas, als er erkannte, was ich vorhatte.Natürlich würde Escort ich ihn nicht vergewaltigen. Trotz meiner Form und einer neuentdeckten sadistischen Ader schien etwas von meinem frühen Selbst geblieben zu sein.Nun drückte ich ihn zu Boden mit dem Po nach oben. Ich legte mich auf ihn, so dass mein harter Schwanz auf seinen Pobacken lag und er deutlich spüren, konnte, wie groß und echt dieser war.”Sag es schon!”, forderte ich ihn auf.Meine Zunge strich über seinen Nacken und wanderte zu seinem Ohr.”Ich … ich … bitte?””Ich verstehe dich nicht, meine Süße”, verhöhnte ich ihn weiter.”Bitte … ich … dein Schwanz ist … so herrlich”, bekam er schließlich hervorgebracht.”Ja? Und?”, verhörte ich ihn weiter”Nimm … mich!”, forderte er mich schließlich auf. “Schaffst du das auch als ganzen Escort Bayan Satz?”, quälte ich ihn.”Bitte …””Hast du kein Benehmen? Wie sollst du mich anreden”, unterbrach ich ihn.Meinen Schwanz rieb etwas zwischen seinen Pobacken hin und her. Vielleicht deswegen, aber auch aus anderen Gründen dauerte es etwas, bis er wieder Worte hervorbrachte.”Herrin, bitte nimm mich.””Für dich bin ich Göttin!”, fügte ich an.”Ja meine Göttin, mache mich zu deinem Spielzeug”, seine Stimme klang nun ganz anders. Er hatte mich wirklich anerkannt, aber vermutlich hatte dies schon immer in ihm gelauert und ich hatte es nur hervorgezerrt.Dann lasse ich dich los. Du darfst mir nun erst einmal mit deinem Mund dienen.Ein wenig thronend setzte ich mich auf einen bequemen Sessel aus Leder. Er kam mir auf allen Bayan Escort Vieren nach. Es kostete ihn erneut Überwindung aber dann nahm er meinen Schwanz in die Hand und leckte erst etwas darüber. Schnell waren seine Lippen über die Eichel gestülpt. Normalen Sex hatte ich schon sehr genossen, aber ihn hier so zu kontrollieren, war noch viel intensiver. Aber etwas fehlte noch. Natürlich könnte ich ihn mit der Hand so halten, dass er mich deepthroaten musste, aber mir kam endlich der zündende Gedanke. Deshalb zog ich seinen Kopf hoch.”Du machst dass schon richtig gut Sissy”, lobte ich ihn etwas. “So eine wie du hat doch bestimmt auch ein Cheerleadkostüm?”Er nickte.”Dann hol es.”Vermutlich hatte er es für die Frauen, welche er hierher verschleppte, aber dies war nicht, was ich vorhatte, als er damit ankam.”Zieh es an!”Fortsetzung folgt (wer das Beschleunigen will, kann dies vielleicht mit Geschenken erreichen 🙂 oder mit Buchkäufen.Wer sich die Zeit bis dahin vertreiben will, kann meine heißen Geschichten lesen, einfach nach Erosique suchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Visit to the Spa with mature fuck buddyVisit to the Spa with mature fuck buddyI don’t know how many of you have been to a naturist spa that also has playrooms for swingers. My friend and I go every few months to relax in the saunas and Jacuzzis and she also likes to have the men look at her naked. The clientele is a mix from those just using the naturist spa area. There are the guys you don’t pay attention to naked women, women in bathing costume bottoms and topless. Then there are the guys and couples there looking for sex, and the single guys are easy to spot as they often have a semi hard on, will have ‘strange’ hand action in the Jacuzzi as they adjust their cocks and these guys will ‘patrol’ around the spa and go into the play areas watching out for any action. My friend found the latter type of guys off putting to start with, but has now got used to them and often teases them. The last time there was amazing. When we arrived the place was quite empty and we were the only couple there, and there was a group of three women together in the saunas who were clearly there just for the sauna. There was about 10 single guys in the spa, a few of them sat outside the sauna waiting to see what glimpses they could catch of the three women.As we walked through the spa to the showers we caught the attention of most of the guys. We removed our towels and showered and my friend, V, commented that she was aware of many eyes watching Escort her. We left the showers, carrying our towels so the guys could see our full nakedness and V picked up a few followers as we went to the Jacuzzi. We sat in the Jacuzzi for about 5 minutes and by the time we were ready to leave 5 guys had join us in the Jacuzzi. As V stood up to get out her pussy was at eye level to all the guys so she deliberately moved slowly so they all got a good view, especially the guy nearest the steps out as as V bent over. She got her towel and dried herself off in front of all the guys, paying particular attention to her breasts. We went to the drinks area and got cups of tea each. We sat and chatted, both being naked, and V said she was really enjoying teasing the guys. I asked her how far she wanted to go, and she told me wasn’t sure at the moment. So we finished our drinks and went back to the spa area. Again she picked up a group of followers as we entered the sauna. We sat on the top bench and quickly the spaces on the lower bench opposite us were quickly taken. I could see V was enjoying the attention and the guys sat opposite were getting a good view of her pussy each time she opened her legs. One guy could not hide his hard on under his towel and V whispered to me that it seemed one guy was enjoying the view, and as she finished her sentence she opened her legs very wide showing off her pussy lips. When the heat Escort Bayan became too much for us we left the sauna and went to the showers. As we washed V said she was getting very turned on by the attention and needed some relief. So we decided to go to the playrooms. V went by herself as I needed to go back to the lockers to get some condoms just in case she decided she wanted to play with any of the guys. When I got to the play rooms I was surprised to find V already lying on one of the mattresses playing with her pussy with 2 guys standing in the doorway watching. I went into the room and asked V if she wanted privacy or for me to leave the door open. She wanted the door left open.She carried on playing with her pussy so I started to suck on her nipples, which quickly hardened, as did my cock. She started to stroke my cock so I positioned myself so that I could lick her pussy. Soon we were in the 69 position and when I looked towards the door there were several guys there stroking their cocks. I beckoned them in so they could get a better view. Soon there was a row of guys along the wall watching, and one of them had moved forward so that he could carress V’s tits. As I repositioned I could see that V was also stroking his cock. I decided to stop my playing and moved away, hoping V would invite the guys to join her. V sat up and asked why I had stopped. I pointed to the guys in the room and said that I Bayan Escort thought they might want a better view of her body as they were all clearly excited by what they could see. V sat on the edge of the bed and signalled the guys to come closer. Soon their hands were all over her breasts and she was at the right height to suck on the guys cock. On didn’t last too long and shot his cum over her face and breasts, so I passed V a towel to clean off his mess. V then lied down again and one of the guys started to lick her pussy as she sucked on another guy. I asked V if she wanted them to fuck her and when she said yes I got the condoms out for the guys to use. The guys took it in turns to fuck her and be sucked by her, and I waited patiently for my turn. Eventually V had received two cum shots over her face and two over her belly as guys had pulled out, removed their condoms and sprayed their juices. Another 2 guys had cum inside her, in their condoms. By this stage a few of the guys had left but the others remained watching her. I mounted her bareback and fucked her hard, but what I had watched meant I couldn’t hold out very long and was soon emptied my balls deep inside her. The guys who had remained could see my cum ooze out as I withdrew my cock. To V’s suprise one of the guys knelt down and started to lick her pussy clean, and he brought her to a shuddering noisy orgasm. V got up after a few minutes and we went to the showers to clean up. She got a few funny looks as she walked to the shower area, and I am not sure whether this was the sight of cum on her or he noise she had made as she orgasmed. 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For Starters (8)

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For Starters (8)CHAPTER 8when Gary waked me up, my first thought was he had heard about my little (or not so little) help to my friend George. But he immediately told me to take a shower and dress, because one of the most important guests from the hotel had announced his arrival, and Gary and Al wanted him to met me.We went together to one of the suites, were a older gentlemen opened the door: At first sight I judgment I estimated him to be more than 70 years old, white hair, and with some overweight.Gary introduced him as Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones welcomed me and took us into the room. He offered a drink and started asking me questions as age, education, hobby and more, that I tried to answer as honestly as possible.After getting a nod from the old man Gary excused himself and left to take care of urgent hotel matters. I really was expecting something like this, as I was sure that Mr. Jones and others like Tire Escort him were the main reason why Al and Gary gave me my easy job.Mr. Jones told me that he had arrived to the hotel about one hour ago, and he needed to recover from his trip. I told him I would leave and let him rest, returning later but he refused, telling me that we could continue our conversation while he was taking his bath. So I went with him to the bathroom were he quickly undressed while I let the water run in the tub. He let himself into the water and told me to get a seat and make myself comfortable.I quickly undressed and sat down at the tub. Even as I was sure what was expected from me I couldn’t feel anything, my cock was resting in peace! Mr. Jones were getting impatient and coming nearer to me grabbed my dick and started fondling it. Really it came up, not to its normal greatness, Torbalı Escort but I think it was acceptable. Mr. Jones was of the same opinion, because quickly he had it in his eager mouth and boy! I thought I was a cocksucker! But this very old guy was a real COCKSUCKER. Few minutes and my cock was as big as ever and I doing efforts to hold back the coming eruption. I told him to slow down, or I was going to come, so he give me some rest. He came out from the tub and we went over to the bed were he came again, and this time there was no come back, I erupted into his mouth and he sucked me dry from even the last droplet. He continued with my cock in his mouth and pinching my nipples and playing with my balls, brought me back to life.I tried to touch his cock and balls but he avoided it without comments. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated his efforts Urla Escort and started exploring in search of his ass with my fingers only to have him shifting his position to put it out of reach for me.I heard the noise from a door and there was Gary back, quickly undressing and caressing his over 9 inch dick. He came over to the bed and after applying lubricant in Mr. Jones ass, penetrated the old ass. That was what he was waiting for. His tongue turned frenetic and he started squeezing my balls. The view of my friend Gary standing behind him and penetrating him with his for me well known cock, and the ecstatic look in Mr. Jones face accelerated my coming. I only had time to grunt “I’m coming” when I started unloading down his throat. I noticed that Gary was accelerating his pace and soon he made a last push that I thought would send even his balls up Mr. Jones ass.We lay there for a short wile, until Gary told me I could dress and leave, he was going to take care of his special friend for the rest of the afternoon.The next day, I found a envelope with a hundred and a note saying “thanks for a pleasant evening” in my locker. Really, I was sorry not having done more for the nice Mr. Jones.

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Helping a friend

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Helping a friendYou will have to bear with me, I’m not used to this sort of thing but feel I should down on paper what has been happening over the past couple of months.It all started I suppose years ago. I have an uncle who is only a few months older than me. As k**s we were great friends. We both met our wives to be at about the same time and went around as a foursome for some great night out. He was my best man and I at his wedding.Then, as things happen he and his wife had problems. To be honest she is a right bitch, was then, is now. She took his house, his business and his k**s in a messy divorce and then she stuck the knife in. So much so that he had to leave town. I didn’t see him for years but gradually he picked himself up, got a new business going which led him to visit an old client. We were both pleased to see him, he stayed with us for three days. On the last night the two of us went out for a pint at the local. Beer went down well, as did the memories but as the drink kicked in he opened up. Said things about his wife, what she had done, how it had destroyed him. He confessed that he hadn’t been able to get up for ages, the confessed that the night before he had seen my wife through a crack in the bedroom door. She had his back to him but had caught a view of the side of her breasts. It had stirred something in him, which resulted in a hard on. He did what all blokes would have done, wanked it off. But he told me that when he did he was imagining my wife naked in front of him.I was a bit shocked but thought it was the drink so said nothing more. The next day, after he’d gone I told the wife what he had said.My wife is up for most things. She is adventurous in a way but a bit straight laced as well. I had expected her to be shocked but she said it made her feel kind of slutty that somebody was imagining her like that. I suggested we sent him a couple of her pictures to help him along. She was very enthusiastic about that but lay down that he must be told that she doesn’t know. That night we emailed him a couple of pictures of her telling him it was just between the two of us. His reply was to beg for more.Me and the wife have been together 30 years, all this was a bit of a boost. We would send him pictures and then have some great sex. It led to another suggestion.As a coupe we have cammed with others, mostly single blokes who Narlıdere Escort like to wank over her tits. We sometimes pretend she is on her own so she chats with them, gets naked and suggestive. Then when she’s finished we have a good shag. On a Friday night I set up a session with my uncle. He wouldn’t show his face so she wouldn’t know it was him, but he didn’t know she was in on it.They chatted for w while. Then she began to strip. I was a bit shocked when he whipped his cock out but when she stripped naked and spread her legs before him, pulling her lips wide apart he shot his load and I felt a bit proud he was lusting after something I have all the time. After that session he emailed asking if I would be up to letting him put some video cameras in our bedroom when he came down the following weekend. He could be in another bedroom watching her get undress or even having sex with me. The wife said no at first but then the night before he came down she agreed but he was never to know.My uncle is tech freak. When he arrived the next day she went out. He took out some posh looking equipment and I watched him put 4 hidden cameras in our bedroom. They could zoom in and out and would show from every angle but they would make a noise when he started them up. I said this wouldn’t be a problem as she always puts the radio on.She came back, told her were the cameras were and to put the radio on so he would think she didn’t know the cameras were there. An hour later she went upstairs to get ready to go out that night.I must admit I was just as enthusiastic as he was in getting to his room to see what would happen. His lap top was top of the range, showing the four cameras and playing sound for whichever he chose. She walked around the room slowing taking of her top and removing her bra. She then moved to the mirror and began brushing her hair, making sure we could both see her tits swelled with arousal. He nipples were like bullets. This was getting a result from both of us but she hadn’t finished teasing. Slowly she undressed and then would bend down in front of one camera supposedly to pick something up but I knew she was showing him a good close up from the back. Then she sat on the side of the bed right in front of one camera and began to trim her pussy. She spread her legs right open. He zoomed Ödemiş Escort the camera in to get a great close up shot. She was using an electric shaver, you could hear it buzz and could almost feel the vibration. She then paused and pressed the handle against her clit and groaned with pleasure. He begged me to go fuck her. I didn’t take much persuasion. In the bedroom she sat up quick and looked guilty. I know the woman, she wanted me to take control. I lay her back and fingered her for a few minutes, feeling how wet she was. I pulled her lips apart so he could get a good view then told her to kneel down. I stripped quickly and sat so my uncle would get a good view then told her to suck. She did as she was told when I told her to take it in deep and began to choke when it hit the back of her throat but I wouldn’t let her stop. I though about cumming in her throat but decided not to. Instead I made her kneel on the bed, facing the camera and began to feel all around her pussy. Getting my fingers wet before moving to her arse. She isn’t one for loving anal but we have in the past. This time however I pushed a finger just inside. She groaned but I knew it would hurt so looked around for a lubricant. Seeing the pot of Vaseline on the side I dipped a finger in and went back to her arse. Pulling her open I had her wider than ever before and much more she was liking it. But I wanted to fuck her first and lay on the bed. She got on top and we began to fuck like that but after a while I changed her around so she was fucking me with her arse faced my way. She soon cried out and screamed as she came but I wasn’t finished yet and wasn’t ready to finish quickly.Taking her doggy style I made sure he got the best view and pounded on her enjoying the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. I slowed down a bit, more to get my breath than anything else and then began to push a finger in her arse. It was wide and inviting. I couldn’t resist. She put her hands on the bed head and braced for it. Holding my cock I pushed towards the hole. I must admit, anal is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to sex acts. We had done it in the past but it usually took a while to get it in and then I didn’t last long but it was different that day. My cock head soon disappeared, she cried out when it got in deep and began to groan Seferihisar Escort half in pain, half in pleasure. This spurred me on. I forgot about the cameras and pounded away. It wasn’t planned but I finished in the good old fashion porn film way. As I was about to cum I pulled out and told her to turn around. She knew what was wanted and knelt down with her mouth open and took both balls full of cum right down her throat. She was a good slut and held it all in till I had finished then let half drip out her mouth over her face while she swallowed the rest. We collapsed on the bed and she covered herself up. Getting shy then. She went for a bath, I told my uncle to get rid of the cameras and watched him do it before she got back. We went out that night to the pub and met some friends and got a bit tipsy. Good sex though can make you even more randy and ready for more. She pulled me to one side as the taxi was called and told me of an idea. She then began acting more drunk than she was. When we got home she laid on the settee and looked as if she was in a drunken sleep.“Lets have a look at her tits.” I said and pulled her top up and fondled her.“Why don’t you pull her kickers off and have a good close look.” I suggested.“Can I fuck her?” he asked. She had predicted he would suggest that and had told me under no circumstances. She wanted to be treated like a piece of meat to be looked at and maybe stroked a little but he wasn’t to put his cock in anywhere. He didn’t seem to mind when told what he could do instead and pulled her pants down. We soon had her naked and her legs spread wide. His fingers moved to her pussy, he groaned when he felt her and before I knew it he had his cock out and was wanking like mad.He’d told me that while watching us that afternoon he had pulled on it three times but even so he hardly lasted before he blew his stack all over her pussy. He left the room soon after to clean himself up. My wife giggled and wiped herself down before announcing she wanted to be fucked. I just banged away like a good un, surprised how randy we both were and how good it felt second time around. The next morning guilt kicked in a bit. She couldn’t face him and feigned a hangover from hell so she didn’t have to get up and face him. But he said it was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt confident and ready for life again. That was three weeks ago. Since then he’s met another women, she has gorgeous tits, I know because he sent me a picture of her spread out on a bed as she shaved her pussy. He said it was tribute to my wife.I don’t know what it is going to be like when we meet up for night out as a foursome next weekend though.

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My teachers shoes

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My teachers shoesOne Friday after school i stayed at school to help set up the spring school dance.After i finished setting up the things that i had to i went back to my teachers room (she organizes all the dances so the supplies are in her Manisa Escort room) to get my bag.No one was in the room I looked to the side and saw her shoes, then i went over too her shoes knelled Mavişehir Escort down and smelled. Wow it didnt smell bad it was making me horny. i opened my zippers and got out my cock. then i Menderes Escort heard steps so i pulled down my shirt to hide my dick and went back to my bag but then the steps went past the room. But i thought Its to risky someone might come in so i thought ill just take a few shoes and go away. so i took one pair of high heels, one ballet shoe and one other high heel shoe those i put in my bag and then i left. at home got them out again and sniffed the ballet shoes while laying my cock in a high heel and starting to jerk off then i came in the shoe.

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forced Con’t

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Big Tits

forced Con’tA roar from the crowd of pure excitement rips through the air. It sound to be fifteen to twenty people here. I fell a jolt of pain through my right breast. A blood curdling scream came out of me. I stepped back only to step into a female. May I do something to her? Yes go head. She grabbed the rope and lead me to a wall and told me to put my hands over my head and stand on my tippy toes. Hands go underneath my breast and lift me up. My wrist slide onto something, feels like a hook. I am lowered again, I can just barely reach the ground.There is a soft hand on my butt caressing it. Than all of a sudden there are three consecutive slaps on my butt and I yell in pain. I than feel something cold down my back, scissors again? No, it cannot be. They feel like cold nails running down my back. I scream again because I feel my skin being ripped. It all of a sudden stops, I hear someone say, “To bad no blood”. I hear the sound barrier being broken a few times. Than I feel the sting on my butt and I howl in pain. It happens again and again. Than I feel that soft gentle hand again on my butt and back. A soft female voice says wow your back side is nice and red. You mark easy.Big strong hands come Kemalpaşa Escort around me and squeeze my breast, I moan. I am not going to give him the satisfaction anymore of screaming. He finds my nipples and pinches them and rolls them between his fingers. I grid my teeth and take it like a good bitch. I feel his hands around my waist as he undoes my pants, he pulls them down to my angles and allows me to step out of them. I than hear the sound barrier being broken again and I know what is coming I grunt but never yell. They get off on my screams just as much as I am getting off on the pain. The voice that is so recognizable is back in my ear, what no more screams? He picks me up so my hands come off the hook and tosses me over his shoulder like I am a bag of potatos. He puts me on my feet and tells me to turn around and walk forward. I bump into something it feels like a high padded bench or something. All I hear is a soft female voice saying bend over it.Another set of hands touch mine. I look up on impulse when I do a cock is shoved deep in my mouth, I gag. I can feel tears running down my face. For a split second I wonder if my make-up is running Konak Escort down my face too. The thought turns me on some more. I almost did not realize that there was someone tying my angles to the legs of this, this what? There was a smack on my ass. I grunted the best I could with a cock in my mouth. I heard another male voice ask me if my mother ever taught me not to talk with something in my mouth? That familiar voice told me not to be rude and answer the question. I tried to push the cock out of my mouth and he said no with the cock in your mouth your a rude bitch and you need to choke on some cock. I just said no the best I could. A solid slap across the face came my ways. He pulled out and smacked my face with his cock.I all of a sudden felt those nails again on my back. It was light at first than it hurt and dug deep into my skin. I hear the crowd roar at my scream this time. I feel something wet on my back, someone licking my blood? I am shocked yet so close to cumming it sickens me. My blindfold is pulled off and a second later I get a paddle across my ass and I yell again. I try looking around however I still cannot see for my eyes are still Kuşadası Escort focusing. I see legs in my line of sight and the words “Hello love” in a voice that I know I should be able to place. Yet still cannot. I scream again as a I am whipped again and again and again. The legs start walking towards me until all I see are his feet right under my face. I see his hard cock in front for me and I open up my mouth for him. All while being whipped. My ass is on fire so it feels I am sucking this man off when I come. I growl on his cock and he shoves it deeper in my mouth.He pulls out and bends down so his face is in my view and smiles and says hello love than gives me a kiss. He than walks behind me and pulls my hair and teases me with his cock. He asks the women if he can fuck me she say yes. He slides deep inside me nice a hard. He is to big for me and it hurts. I start crying yet never say stop. This is the kind of pain I am use to and Quinn knew it. An old flame dies hard. He pulls out and comes on my ass and I hear the females voice say be a gentlemen and clean her up. There was a pause than I felt his tongue licking me clean. I am untied both angles and wrists.I never thought I would enjoy being used like that. It is interesting what we can find out about ourselves if we keep an open mind and try new things. That night I found out I enjoy being used. I understand why people enjoy that kind of sex. We make a regular play date him and I still to this day.I hope everyone enjoyed this, I know I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32