Cousin Maggie Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Chapter 2: Taking Good Care of Cousin Maggie

About 5 years ago, I volunteered to drive my mentally disadvantaged cousin Maggie from her group home near the NY-PA border to her mother’s home in Buffalo. Along the way, we became attracted to each other and a roadside piss stop led to a fantastic blow job and the offer of more hot sex. Needless to say, we decided to lie to Maggie’s mom (Aunt Beth) and tell her that the car had broken down. We checked into a motel for a night of hot sex and called Aunt Beth. She took it quite well and thought nothing was up after I explained the situation (lied to her). She and Maggie talked for a few minutes and then I promised to call again in the morning. Aunt Beth ended the conversation with, “Take good care of her.” I planned to do that in ways my aunt would never condone!

I set the phone back in it’s cradle amazed that I could finish the conversation seeing that Maggie had pulled down my pants and briefs and was tickling my cock with her tongue. Just little licks and tiny kisses that got me rock hard – which was just to amuse herself until I finished talking to her mother.

“Wanna see my tits? You got to see everything else before.” Maggie said and didn’t wait for the answer. She began unbuttoning her blouse while dancing around the small motel room. I laid where I was on the bed with my pants still around my ankles and watched her with delight. Not a worry in the world. Always a smile on her face. No stress and no pressure. It might be nice if scientists could come up with something to just lower everyone’s IQs about 50 points and make us oblivious to problems around us. If we could all be like Maggie, there might not be any wars or at least not the devastating ones of A-bombs and H-bombs.

Maggie’s blouse was off now and neatly hung on a hanger. She was reaching around to unfasten her bra when there was a knock on the door. Maggie dashed into the bathroom and I pulled up my lower clothing to answer it. It was the pizza we’d ordered. I tipped the delivery guy nearly enough that he could buy his own pizza and sent him on his way. I headed for the bathroom and Maggie.

She had left the door open and I was about to knock when her voice said, “Get in here.” She was sitting on the toilet and I heard her tinkling as I entered. “Kiss me, she said and I bent over and our tongues playfully darted in and out of each other’s mouth’s while she continued to pee. “Will you shower with me and wash my back?” she asked. “It looks nice in the movies.”

Maggie watched a lot of TV and movies at the group home. She stood up and flushed and the yellow water was replaced with clear. “Are we gonna drink that someday?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I was so caught up in the moment and in awe of this golden goddess with absolutely no reserve wanting me that I didn’t pick up on what this conversation was about.

“My pee. It comes back as water to drink, right?”

“Yes, but they clean it and filter it and it’s just water again when it comes back. Not that pee is really that bad – you could drink pee and it wouldn’t hurt you. Some people do that for fun.” I didn’t tell her that I had played many pee games in my life and enjoyed them immensely. I just provided a bit of info – we couldn’t have her stop drinking water just because it originated as piss.

“Can I drink some of yours?” I hadn’t expected that.

“I tell you what, you think about it awhile and we’ll have some other fun and if you still want to try it — maybe I’ll let you.”

“I sucked your stuff from your penis and I swallowed all that. Gaziantep Escort İlanları Please let me drink some of your pee before the water people clean it!” She was almost begging me to let her drink my piss and it had taken me two years just to get my ex-wife to pee on me! And that was only one time! Near the end of the marriage, when the game seemed to be, WHO CAN CHEAT THE MOST, I found other willing partners.

“I still think that you should think about it and besides, I owe you some pussy licking first! And, the pizza is here. Maggie picked up her pile of folded clothing from the back of the toilet and we went out to have some pizza. Maggie had asked for sausage pizza so that’s what I ordered. Along with two 2 liter bottles of Pepsi. I poured each of us a plastic Motel 6 cup full and we sat on the bed to eat. I, a 39 year old year old fully clothed factory worker slash comedy writer and she, my 21 year old low IQ high beauty totally naked blonde cousin. The pizza wasn’t bad. The company was fantastic!

There are many ways to eat pizza. Most people just pick up a slice and bite pieces from it. My ex-wife used to pick off the topping and leave most of the crust. Her sister used to cut it all into little pieces on her plate. Maggie had another way – at least for me. She laid down on her back and put a slice on her stomach and she became my plate. Of course, the easy access was to crawl up between her legs and while I ate that slice so I rubbed the outer lips of her pussy while I chowed. A piece of sausage fell from the slice. I placed it in her belly button and then sucked it out. She really liked that. The slice disappeared all too quickly and then Maggie just laid there smiling and looking at me. Naked with a hint of pizza sauce on her tummy. I was so involved in eating that slice off her perfect body that I didn’t even see her finish her own slice. $22.00 including the tip and it looked like we’d only consume 2 pieces. It was now time to get ready for the real fun. I held out my hand and she took it and we walked hand in hand into the bathroom.

This was a standard motel bathroom with tiny bars of soap. I had thought in advance to pick up additional toiletries and we had everything from shampoo and conditioner to bubble bath and baby oil. I wasn’t sure what she’d like, but now I was getting the feeling that she wanted to try it all. Maybe it was the taste of freedom from having left the group home coupled with the uncertainty of freedom once she was back home with mother that opened her up to new things.

Or maybe she was just a free spirit who didn’t ever say no? I wasn’t sure. This was my much younger first cousin and I barely knew her in the right ways and here I was getting to know her in what society would think were all the wrong ways!

Maggie was already fully naked and exposing all her charms. Now, she was undressing me item by item and running to the other room to hang up each article of clothing. She’d been conditioned to always do the same thing in the same way. Undressing had it’s rules of extreme neatness! Finally, I was naked and we began kissing and groping each other. I turned on the shower and she kissed my ass cheeks when I bent into the tub. Not just that, she ran her tongue up the entire length of my butt crack and up my back. I turned slowly and took her pointy nipples and gave them a tiny tug. She sank into my arms and we just held each other for a moment before stepping into the tub. As many women as I’ve been with and as many different sexual things as I ‘ve tried – I don’t remember anything as sweet and tender as just holding Maggie in my arms.

I decided that we would just wash our own bodies, to maximize the cleaning effect and assure the proper rinsing and to quicken the process – so we could get to the bed sooner and not discover soap suds left in our rush. Maggie agreed as she always agreed with everything I suggested. I’d wash her back tomorrow morning, I promised. Soon, our half wet naked bodies were able to streak out to the bed where we fell into each other’s arms to continue our sexual odyssey.

Maggie wanted me to lick her pussy. I rolled her on to her back and positioned her pussy at the edge of the bed. I began by kissing her tiny size 6 feet and continued to kiss my way all the way up her leg and inner thigh. I stopped when I found the forest of blond curls and then playfully sucked her outer pussy lips into my mouth one at a time and before long they had spread on their own and her clit and honey pot were there for my licking and sucking. I discovered that Maggie liked her clit tongue boxed (smacked back and forth like Tyson hitting a speed bag – but with my tongue instead of Mike’s fists) and to have my tongue fuck her pussy hole so that my chin would smack her public bone. It wasn’t too long before she started squirming and her cunt muscles began contracting – she was going to cum!

I never met a real screamer before. I knew a woman once who would make the fake “Meg Ryan” orgasm noises when fucked, but Maggie’s screams were tiny and in time with the contracting throbs of her pussy. They seemed very real. They ended with a gush of pussy liquid that wet my entire face. When she finally stopped, her legs continued to shake for a few moments. She looked into my eyes and smiled. You can get lost in Maggie’s smiles as I was quickly discovering.

“Wow! Wow!” she repeated it over and over like earlier that day when she had given me the best blowjob of my life and my verbal capacity narrowed to saying ‘Oh, my God’ a dozen times.

Then, she notice how wet my face was and she jumped up and darted to the bathroom for a towel. She returned and patted my face dry. “Will you pee in my mouth and on my face, now?” She asked. “Or do you need another blowjob, first?” I couldn’t find fault with this woman. I looked down at my stiffy and it was kind of decided by circumstance. I surely couldn’t pee until my hard on was gone and the best way to achieve that was the same method we used earlier in the day while on the road — insert Dick A into Mouth B and pump it dry.

I poured us each another glass of Pepsi, figuring the liquid would come in very handy later! Maggie drank hers right down and had another. We finished off the bottle and then I climbed all the way on to the bed and made myself very comfortable with all the pillows. I laid back while Maggie positioned herself half on and half off the bed to where she could put my cock into her mouth and be comfortable yet still move her head and hands freely and service me. It was heaven on earth.

Maggie didn’t tease with her tongue (like earlier), she just opened her mouth and took nearly my entire length into it. Her mouth was a little cool from the Pepsi, but after a moment and some movement everything warmed up. She proceeded to fuck me with her mouth. I could tell that she was sucking in at times to give extra pressure, but she only used her mouth and not her hands. I couldn’t figure out how she was breathing and I was very surprised she didn’t choke. It felt so good that I didn’t want it to end. I also discovered that I was lasting longer because I’d shot a load less than 2 hours earlier. Is that an age improvement or disadvantage?

Maggie seemed to know all the tricks. Perhaps from so much Monopoly playing at the group home. (Read Cousin Maggie if you don’t under stand this.) Maggie began to hum while I was in her mouth and as her mouth bobbed up and down the near entire length of my penis! She became my personal vibrating suck toy and the feeling took me the rest of the way – I again filled my cousin’s mouth with a load of my love juices!

Maggie swallowed it all and squeezed the last drops out of the end of my now drooping dick and she licked them up. She refilled her drink and mine and cuddled up next to me on the bed.

I gave her a pillow and she gave me another smile. My arm was around her and I held her right breast in my hand. She was in position to kiss one of my nipples and took the opportunity to do that. I was just living in the moment back at that moment. I was trying to forget the past and the failed marriage and trying not to think of how the future might be torn from us – I still had a lingering thought that having sex with Maggie could lead to arrest and of course the loss of my entire family (which was also her family). But, the moment was fantastic. Maggie was special – and I don’t mean “special”!!!

“Now, will you pee in my mouth and on my face?” She hadn’t forgotten. I didn’t think she would. She was conditioned into a way of thinking and she applied it to everything – except for remembering to pee during long car rides. (Read the Cousin Maggie story). I finally agreed to take further advantage of the woman and piss into her mouth – although not in those words. We walked hand in hand (another sweetness I discovered I liked) into the bathroom and I started running a bubble bath for Maggie. She smiled and got in when there was just a few inches of water – the tub quickly swelled to nearly full with the addition of her body.

“If you want me to stop, move your head away or splash or swat my leg or something so I’ll know you want me to stop.” She nodded with each “safety” instruction, but trembled with excitement at what she was about to do. She relaxed back in the tub and I climbed in and stood about two feet away. I pointed my Johnson at the middle of her chest and tried to hold back the pressure of my flow. A stream of piss landed on her already wet chest and she giggled. That was a good sign. I moved the flow a bit higher to where it was splashing on her neck. Having not freaked out, I moved the piss flow up on to her right cheek. Maggie turned her head and stuck out her tongue and let it hit her there. I aimed the flow directly into her mouth and watched as none of it dribbled back out. She was a natural at this! Maggie never seemed to gag on anything. I ran out of piss as always seems to happen at moments like this. I bent down and kissed her and tasted my own tangy urine on her lips. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked. Her response stunned me…

“I love you. I know I shouldn’t say it because it’s too soon and we’re cousins – I just know that I have to say it.”

I hadn’t cried in years. I thought myself incapable of such an emotional release. I thought I was too in control of myself. I learned a lot at that moment as the tears ran down my face and Maggie stood and we again held each other. Held each other and held each other up. As two people should do instead of putting each other down. I cried like a baby. She cried and also comforted. While we stood holding each other covered here and there with soapy bubbles, Maggie peed down her leg and all over my leg. Then we started laughing. That was all the sex for that evening and we fell asleep in each other’s arms watching the motel TV.

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Human Doll Ch. 04

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Bill hadn’t seen Rose for some months. At a fund raising dinner they bumped into each other. He hardly recognised her. She looked as attractive as ever, and gave him a big smile.

“Hello, sir,” she demurely said.

“Err, hello. How are you?” he asked. She looked well and had a contended look about her.

“I’m fine, very good in fact. I have often thought about that day we spent together,” she quietly spoke.

“I’m sorry, I really am,” he began.

“No! Don’t be sorry. That moment led me to become, I mean, it made me discover something wonderful. I’m with Randal now,” she told him, while nodding in the direction of her master. “I persuaded him to bring me here,” she said, looking distant for a moment.

Bill noticed she spoke with a feminine, doll like voice. He saw that she was dressed like an exquisite doll, and became worried that the programming had permanently altered her thinking.

“I’m his special doll,” she beamed at Bill. “I really am! I’m his dolly to play with, all the time. He looks after me so well. We play a delightful game at home. He really knows how to master me,” she giggled.

“I wanted to thank you for liberating me. After you pretended to make into a doll, well, it made me think deeply about what I needed in life. I’ve got what I want now! I just wanted to thank you so much,” she gushed, and grabbed him for a warm hug.

“Don’t look like that! It isn’t something you did wrong it’s what I really want. I have never been so happy in my life. I wasn’t suited to that job it made me mean and angry all the time. Now I am perfectly happy, really I am. Please, be happy for me, Bill,” she implored him.

He smiled and hugged her back. What could he say? She was the most beautiful woman in the room. Unlike most of them she looked radiant, and so contented, she beamed a powerful light of happiness all around her.

“Randall is going to donate a huge amount to your fund. He is a very loving man and thinks the world of me. He’s doing it out of respect of what you do, as well as a special thank you for giving me to him,” she smiled.

Randall’s contribution inspired others to give larger amounts than they intended. The experimental stage shifted gear into production, and Bill accepted she was right. He had nothing to regret over that moment of madness in the laboratory.


Reminiscing in his golden years, while recounting the story of how it all started, Bill unintentionally mentioned the episode with Rose. His grandson hadn’t heard this story before, and quizzed him until the sordid story was revealed.

They chuckled over it, but he made David promise not to tell anyone.

“Little does anyone know this business is founded on a quick,” he started to say.

“Hey! Enough of that young man. She was a fine lady and a generous patron,” the old man fired at his young grandson.

“One day you will inherit all this,” he murmured.

“What, that old easy chair and cushions?” David quipped.

Bill chuckled at the young man’s irreverence. He was only eighteen and would soon learn that running a business brought heavy responsibilities. He just hoped the light heartedness wasn’t swamped by problems and worry.

David was sitting on the sofa thinking deeply. The business, according to his father, was growing, though not making a huge profit. He sat there thinking about dolls and androids. A new branch of the business seemed a good way to put their good works on a sound footing.


“I know the arguments in favour of your product, so there is no need to reiterate them. I am here to see your factory for myself,” Linda stated. As leader of the Moral Right party she was used to getting her own way. She had the habit of brow beat everyone into accepting her decisions.

“You haven’t given us a chance to put our case forward. You simply brought your negative opinion along with you,” David sighed. He was feeling old at fifty-four. He had seen off takeover bids, world recessions, countless other problems, and now this.

“What you are doing is wrong. It is as simple as that,” Linda fiercely said, with a finger poking his chest, directly at his heart.

It might as well have been a knife. She was an important politician, with a predetermined opinion that couldn’t be turned. She wouldn’t even countenance a compromise.

“Since distributing these dolls a lot of good has been engendered, just look at the crime statistics,” he implored.

“We are not going to agree on this point. Time is pressing, so I must go,” Linda said, rising from the chair.

“Not so fast. Won’t you at least listen to our arguments for continuing production,” he sighed.

Linda was annoyed. She wanted him to accept the decision, and show her out. Even if he didn’t accept it, she was ready to go. She watched him handling a remote control stick. She cringed at the thought of another boring film show. She had fallen asleep during the last one, the only time not wasted while there.

“Sit down please,” David Gaziantep Escort Reklamları softly spoke.

“I am ready to go,” Linda repeated, and was annoyed to have automatically sat back down. It was politeness that had her reluctantly sitting, when she wanted to leave.

“There is no point going over old ground, the decision has been made. It’s final, and there is nothing you can say, or do, to change my mind,” Linda firmly stated.

“You want to close the factory. I want to keep it open. Simple as you said. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures,” he sighed. “They are a good way of teaching men how to treat a real woman,” he again explained, while fiddling with the control stick.

He could see the look of boredom clearly expressed from the way she sat. She wasn’t about to see reason, so he had to press on with the drastic plan. His grandfather, Bill had saved the very first project by using such a ruse. He made a business consultant think she had become a doll.

It was his grandfather’s guilty confession that gave him this idea.

Bill’s original factory was still manufacturing limbs and robotic body parts. They were used for accident and disease victims, to get them back to normal life. It was these doll’s that kept it in production, as the factory wasn’t self sustaining financially. If this one closed, there would be thousands of people unable to function normally, or worse.

David owed it to the memory of Bill to keep his inventions alive and kicking!

Linda tried to stand up, prepared to find her own way out of the building.

“I can’t stand up. What have you done?” Linda asked. Her eyebrows were wrinkled in consternation. She had only caught a little of what he said, not bothering to listen to yet another set of excuses.

“It’s not the chair, it’s you. Or to be specific, it’s you’re brain,” he stated.

Linda shivered from the way he looked at her. “What do you mean? Have you done something to me?” she asked, in a less determined voice than usual.

“Yes, I am afraid I have,” he said, while fiddling with a controller. It was a pen like stick, with small buttons on the side. Several sections swivelled, as though the sections were being unscrewed.

“You can’t. I won’t allow it,” she remonstrated, while trying to stand. Now she couldn’t move her arms! Linda became frightened. She knew how advanced their technology was. She wrinkled her nose, confirming she had facial control.

“It’s no good struggling. You are under the control of this,” David said, holding up the pen. He couldn’t look her in the eye. He looked shifty and uncomfortable. It wasn’t true he was using a similar to a trick his grandfather had used, so many years ago.

Without knocking, a young man entered the office, interrupting the boss.

David looked relieved. “Are you sure about this, Nobel?” David asked.

“For sure, after all, what choice is there?” Nobel said, with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Come with me,” Nobel told her. He was David’s son, and had been introduced as the sales and marketing director.

Able to stand she felt better, until marching off behind the salesman. “Excuse me, is this the way out?” she asked. The calmness of her voice was far from the way she felt. A rising panic threatened to overwhelm her. From their brief conversation, and the way she responded to commands, it was all very alarming.

“Where are you taking me?” Linda asked. There was an unpleasant pleading tone in her voice.

“To the warehouse, where we finish off the dolls,” Nobel explained, while they traipsed along.

“I’ve seen enough! I want to leave, I’ve got important things to do,” she complained.

“You mean like close down a plant that manufactures a sophisticated, profitable product. This product has consistently reduced sex crime over the last two years. It helps finance replacement parts for injured people, so they can lead useful lives. You want to stop it, why?” he asked.

“Well, maybe we could talk about it,” Linda suggested. She gave up trying to fight it, and continued following him. All she could do independently was talk, so she would have to reason with him.

“It’s not my decision. I could try and influence the committee in your favour,” she offered. The thought of artificial body parts was bad enough, but sex dolls were completely repulsive to her. Why should poor people have the same opportunities as important wealthy people? If they couldn’t pay they should accept their lot in life.

They pushed through a door into a large workshop. The purpose built space was filled with robotic machinery. What was she supposed to make of it that could possibly influence the decision?

“You haven’t noticed your new skin texture,” he stated.

She looked at her arms, to see what he was referring too. “What have you done to me?” she gasped. It seemed a question too often repeated in the last ten minutes.

“Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. It will come off with the right treatment. It’s a plastic skin used for burn victims. It’s very thin, yet an exact replication of a doll’s skin. On top of yours, it can be lot thinner than a dolls’. It has the same look and feel, as you will find out. Your skin can breathe through it so it won’t be harmful,” Nobel told her.

“Why? Why have you done this to me?” she asked, with a pronounced pleading in her voice.

“As David explained, it’s to give you some, ‘up close experience’,” he smiled.

His expression wasn’t comforting. Her normally adroit conversation dried up.

“Now then, let’s take a look at how these new models are shaping up,” he smugly told her.

Linda followed him across the floor weaving a way between machines. It took a moment or two to take it in, then the scene before her hit hard.

“Oh! No! What have you done!” she shrieked. She stared in horror at herself, lots of her, all lined up.

“They are, they’re, dolls, they are me,” she stuttered.

“We set up the template from photos of you. While you ‘slept’, we measured you and refined the template. So what do you think?” he smiled.

“Do you expect me to answer that? It’s outrageous,” she bitterly complained. An army of dolls confronted her. As chilling as it was, she couldn’t look away. They were naked, so it was obvious how anatomically correct they were. It was embarrassing, as though she herself was naked.

“If you are thinking of blackmailing me with these things, you can forget it,” she fiercely stated, trying to sound defiant. Her usual confidence had been knocked about too much. She found it difficult to comprehend what was happening.

“We have no need to do that. We’ve decided upon a different approach, something unique and hopefully more effective,” he said. “They are correct in every detail as you can see. We took advantage to check every detail, while you were ‘sleeping’. You were drugged of course,” he shrugged, as though it were insignificant.

“Go join the other dolls,” he ordered.

“No! I will not!” Linda bitterly stated. Even as she complained she marched over to join the rows of dolls. To her horror she had no option but fit into one of the rows.

There were twenty-nine of them and she had become number thirty. She found herself among them, looking exactly like one of them. It was chilling. When they marched toward a room, she followed, even keeping in step.

The two in front picked clothes off a hanger and began to get dressed. She undressed then copied them, until dressed as they were. In an about-face, they marched out again.

Linda looked around at the Linda dolls, cringing from embarrassment. There was no need to look in a mirror, for she was surrounded by twenty-nine exact duplicates.

She was wearing a frilly pink skirt, with a pink boob tube. With this plastic coating, her breasts looked bigger, and they also stood out without a bra. Being less saggy didn’t mean she liked them. She wanted to scream at this terrible outrage. Instead she tried to remain calm.

They were sure to be filming this, and it wouldn’t do to be shown ranting and raving, like a lunatic. Her public expected her to be a rational moralist. The call to close this disgusting factory down was a part of her campaign to change society.

They were producing dolls for men, and women, to play with. They were sex dolls! They had copied her image to manufacture sex dolls! They looked very accurate too. Her colouring, figure, and face, all had been perfectly copied. Damn them to hell!

They had her wearing this stupid outfit, especially designed to be embarrassing. It was bad enough seeing so many exact images wearing the ridiculous outfit. It was far worse to be wearing it. Standing helpless among the dolls was so infuriating it was hard not to scream at him.

“This is outrageous! You can’t dress me up however you like. This skirt is indecent, it’s far too short! I demand you give me back my clothes,” Linda firmly stated.

“Don’t you like pink? Everything is colour co-ordinated. Lift up the skirt and you’ll see,” Nobel smirked.

She lifted the skirt as ordered. “I don’t need to see them, I put them on in the first place,” she growled.

“If you don’t like them, I’ll get you to take them off,” Nobel told her, while holding up the control stick.

“No! They are fine, just leave them on. Now you’ve seen them I can lower the skirt,” she angrily stated.

“Don’t you ever use polite conversation? Not a ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’ has passed those lips since you arrived,” he said.

“Please, may I lower my skirt, please,” she said, emphasising each ‘please’ with sarcasm.

“Lower your skirt, if it makes you feel any better,” he smiled. “Best get on with the preparation,” he said, while lifting the controller.

“What do you mean?” she squeaked. “My voice,” she squeaked again. “What have you done to it?” she asked, in a girly, high pitched tone of voice.

“Any higher and it would be annoying. I think we have the voice just right. It sounds sweet and adorable, or at least that’s what we aimed for,” Nobel told her.

“I can’t go around speaking like this. Please, put it back to how it was, please,” she begged him. The plea sounded more giggly and fun than she meant it too. It was painful hearing her voice sound so pathetic. The strident tones of authority had evaporated, leaving a sweet little girly voice.

Damn! These were sex dolls, and would be distributed with this ridiculous voice. She would become a laughing stock. Not to mention the clothing. The anatomically correct body, under the nasty outfit, meant only one thing. Men would play with these dolls, as though they were her! They could do nasty, despicable things to a life sized image of her.

That was why this place must close. Despite what they said, it was disgusting, and denigrated women. What she couldn’t understand was those foolish women disagreeing with her. The statistics might be correct, with rapes and sexual abuse way down, but this was still wrong.

Especially so, when her face and body was going to be used!

“Oh! No!” she yelped. Her face would be used by nasty men for their nasty ways. Speaking against the use of dolls like this wasn’t going to convince anyone, for it sounded too pathetic to be taken seriously.

“Please, sir. Can I have my proper voice back? Please,” she whined. It was a pitiful sound, leaving her feeling weak and vulnerable. The bastard was enjoying it!

“Please sir,” she started to say, only to break-off the plea. Her voice was so pathetic it was difficult to continue. The words, ‘please sir’, sounded natural to it in a bad way.

“Each of you speak in turn,” Nobel clearly stated.

“How may I serve you, master,” the doll standing next to her asked.

She would have jumped in surprise, if she hadn’t been so completely under his control. The voice was exactly the same as hers, or, hers was now the same as it.

“May I show you my lovely panties, master?” the next one asked.

One by one they asked permission to show off their body, or offered to demonstrate a lewd sexual skill. Linda was furious to be subjected to such disgusting language. She would have these two men arrested for kidnapping, and as many other charges that could be thought of.

She quietly fumed while waiting for the last of them to complete the revolting litany, of highly objectionable phrases. She could at least turn her head away from him and those repulsive objects. She was planning on turning the plant over to a party supporter, to produce useful automatons for industry.

Whatever happened, these humiliating Linda dolls would have to be destroyed.

“That’s enough! Humiliating me is not going to work. I demand you release me. Right now,” she squeaked. The statement didn’t have the same authoritative ring to it. Yet it no longer mattered. Linda was beyond caring what she sounded like.

“What do you hope to achieve from this unpleasant demonstration?” she asked.

“This is the final test, before we release them onto the market. Body functions have already been passed,” he smirked.

She didn’t want to think about what that meant. “You have to release me, so do it now,” she told him.

“Oh, I am surprised! Are you in a hurry to be released onto the market? That is encouraging. Can’t wait to get out there, to serve your function!” he laughed.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You have to let me go, so do it right now, or it will be prison for you,” she stated.

“It’s already gone beyond a joke,” he mused. “The boss was reluctant, but I persuaded him to go along with it. Just the two of us will be held to account. I’m banking on you not wanting the truth to get out, once I’ve finished with you,” he said.

He looked worried, which heartened her. She was about to push him further when a different thought occurred. He was worried about his plans for her. Not just this demonstration.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“This batch of dolls will be released onto the market. If they become popular, more will be manufactured. We have plenty of blanks, waiting to be moulded to your features and build. We will keep you out of the way, while these are sold. It will make it difficult for you to be taken seriously after that,” he stated.

Linda looked even more worried, as it seemed they had a viable plan. “How will you stop me from blocking the distribution?” she asked. Linda was tense, with a nasty premonition about his answer.

“You will be controlled, like you are now. You’ll be kept out of the way for as long as it takes. The best way to hide is in full view, right out in the open, for all to see,” he said. It was a good plan, though now he wondered if they could actually carry it through.

“I’ll shout and scream, until you are both hounded into oblivion,” Linda ranted. Her voice was rising to a scream, until it suddenly cut off. For a moment it seemed she had run out of words of condemnation; which would have been a first. She took a few deep breaths, to regain some calm.

It was no good. She couldn’t speak! The damn maniac had taken control of that too!

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It’s Too Cliché…Right? Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Warmth from the afternoon sun enveloped my being, rays of heat and light dancing across my skin. Even behind my sunglasses and closed eyes, sunlight strained to blind me as I leaned into the lounge chair, facing the, no doubt, bright blue sky.

In nothing but my board shorts, I welcomed the heat, though, enjoying the week of higher than usual temperatures in the middle of February. With temperatures hitting the low 80s, a pool party just seemed to make sense. And people still think global warming isn’t real?

In the background, the music of ‘Handclap’ by Fitz and the Tantrums blasted through bluetooth speakers, interspersed with giggling and laughter from the others as they played in the pool. First was the soft chuckle of Jake, then the loud happy scream of Sam followed quickly by a splash.

Before I could even open my eyes, strong hands pushed at my legs, parting them before my feet touched the warm stone tiles of the poolside. I popped an eye open and raised an eyebrow, seeing Evan moving to take the place of my recently departed legs. Leaning back into me, I smiled, draping my arms across his chest as he nestled himself to me.

Evan had become a lot more comfortable with showing me affection in the company of my friends. After all, we had been ‘secretly’ dating for more than three months so that was probably a given. Come to think of it, I can’t even really call the gang just my friends anymore either because Evan had definitely already warmed up to them to be classified as such anyway. I mean, he was the one who suggested a pool party anyway, at his house no less.

Sure, the gang had known about where he lived for a while now, but he had never once invited them over. When he had asked me if I thought a pool party was a good idea earlier in the week, I was shocked.

“You’re inviting them to your house?” I had asked, eyes wide as I waited for his answer.

“Well, the weather’s been good so I just thought…” he said, trailing off, his cheeks turning the lightest bit pink as if it was embarrassing that he had asked.

“I think it’s a great idea,” I quickly reassured to which he had given me a shy smile.

It wasn’t so much that I didn’t think that Evan wanted our friends to be at his house, but I kind of found out that his home was his safe space. A place where he could be comfortable, to not wonder about his insecurities. I only saw him that way when he was home, only ever shedding his walls around me when we’re completely alone. So, in a way, his invitation to the gang was just another of his walls coming down.

That’s not to say that he didn’t have his reservations, though. As far as the rest of the world knew, Evan and I were just really good friends. When Evan started having lunch with us, gossip naturally took off as the rumor mill started up. At first, most students were just surprised that the mysterious Evan Trevorrow was finally hanging out with other human beings, but expecting teenagers not to gossip is just plain stupid.

The initial rumor was that he was simply hanging with us because of some school assignment, which wasn’t really that far off, to be honest, but then things started getting a little…far-fetched. I mean, people actually thought that Evan was just trying to become popular which was kind of ludicrous seeing that Evan never seemed to care about stuff like that. I guess, in a way, it just kind of reinforced the idea that nobody in school really knew Evan.

But the, should I say, funniest rumor was that Evan and Jake were hooking up just because someone saw Jake and Evan talking at the pool that one time. I had to roll my eyes at that because of how close and yet how far they were. Of course, the gossip died down once it became clear that Evan was staying and he ceased being news.

“What are you thinking about?” Evan asked, his voice knocking me from my thoughts as he ran his fingers up and down my arm that was laid across his chest.

“Nothing,” I replied, tilting my head down to see him looking up at me. I gave him an innocent smile when he waited for me to give him an actual answer, but I wasn’t about to tell him how I was contemplating my life with him. Now, that is embarrassing.

When it became clear that I wasn’t going to tell him, he rolled his eyes and turned back to the front, leaning into me again. I chuckled, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his hair. I was glad that neither his dad nor Carla were home or Evan wouldn’t have been as affectionate as he was being. He hadn’t told his family about us and I wished he did because I’m pretty sure that Eric would have been cool with it. But alas, that wasn’t my decision to make. I tried to stay clear of the whole coming out topic because Evan got slightly pissed every time I brought it up, so I just let it be.

Looking down at my somewhat secret boyfriend, I noticed that he was dressed in nothing but a pair of board shorts, much like my own, his tanned muscles bulging in all the right places. To be honest, I had been kind of hoping that he would be wearing his tight speedos, my mind Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort going to dirty places ever since he suggested a pool party. Then again, I would much rather not have him flaunt what was obviously only meant for my eyes. Wait…was that over protective or, heaven forbid, jealous?

“You finished with your work?” I asked, knocking myself out of my own thoughts. The party’s been in full swing for over an hour and Evan had just joined us, claiming that he had some homework for an AP class that he needed to get done before even thinking about enjoying himself.

“Yep, just finished it,” he replied.

“Why do it today, though? I assumed that when you suggested this thing, you’d be free for the day,” I asked. I wasn’t complaining, don’t get me wrong, because if he had work he had to prioritize that, but I’m just curious.

“Well, I actually thought I would be done with it a few days ago, but I procrastinated. Thermodynamics isn’t exactly a riveting topic” he said, blushing slightly.

“Wait,” Tim called out from a few chairs down the pool. “You’re finished with the chemistry thing?” I raised my eyebrow at my brother’s eavesdropping but seeing that we weren’t exactly trying to keep quiet, I forgave him.

I felt Evan nod his head, his hair tickling the skin of my abdomen. “You’re not?”

“It’s only due by the end of next week, right?” Tim asked, pulling down his sunglasses slightly to look at Evan over the tinted lenses.

“Um…Monday actually,” Evan muttered. At his words, Tim’s eyes doubled in size and he sat up straight, pulling his sunglasses off like that dude in Jurassic Park when he first saw that dinosaur.

“Holy shit, you’re kidding, right?” he shouted, panic clear in his features. Evan simply shook his head, but I could see a hint of sympathy for my little brother in his eyes. I, on the other hand, was kind of reveling in my brother’s misfortune. “Oh crap, I still have so much to do!”

“Wait, wait, hold up,” I said, causing Tim to stop his little panic attack. “The two smartest kids in school waited until the last minute to finish a school related assignment?”

“Well, I don’t know about your brother, but I tried working on it many times this last week. I just…didn’t have the motivation. Besides, Tim’s like way smarter than me so I’m sure he can manage.”

Tim scoffed. “Dude, you got like a mark less than me for chemistry the last semester. I’m not that much smarter than you.”

“Oh right, but remind me again how old you are? Because I’m 18 and last I checked, you’re what? 14? 15?” Evan replied matter-of-factly. I smirked, liking the snarky Evan that came out every time he and Tim go on about each other’s smartness. The funny thing was that neither of them wanted to take credit for being the smarter one. At first, I thought it would have been some kind of contest, but it definitely didn’t go as I had expected.

“I…just…” Tim stammered.

“Just let it go, lil’ bro. You can’t recover from that one,” I laughed.

Evan laughed too but recovered quickly. “If you wanna borrow my laptop to work, I’d be happy to lend it to you,” he said.

“Oh, my god, yes! You’re a lifesaver,” Tim squealed, almost bouncing in his seat. Evan chuckled, getting up and shaking his head as he returned to the house to retrieve the electronic device.

I took Evan’s departure to see how the rest of the gang was spending this fine afternoon. After his scare, Tim immediately returned to his phone, probably checking to see what he needed for the work or whatever, I don’t really question him. Further down the poolside was Mitch in a pair of white shorts, sprawled out on the lounge chair with sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, on the table next to him sat a bottle of tanning oil and a jug of lemonade that Evan had brought out earlier. With his mouth hanging slightly ajar, I figured that Mitch had fallen asleep.

Turning to the pool, I saw the other four laughing and splashing up a storm in the cool and clear water. With Melissa on Jake’s shoulders and Sam on Brian’s, it didn’t take a genius to realize that they were playing a game of chicken fight. With the way that Melissa was struggling to stay up, I figured that Sam and Brian were winning this round.

“What’s the score?” I shouted over to them.

“We’re leading two to one,” Melissa shouted back. I don’t know if it was my question that distracted her or not, but as soon as the words left her mouth, Melissa took a plunge into the water after a shove from Sam.

“Not anymore, you’re not,” Sam taunted.

“No fair,” Melissa cried, emerging from the water. “Brad distracted me.”

“He didn’t actually ask you to reply, now did he? I could have answered too but chose not to,” Sam shot back. I gave Melissa a look that simply said that she had a point.

“Technicalities,” she waved off, splashing water at the opposing couple.

“Hey, don’t take it out on me,” Brian said, returning a wave of water. He apparently didn’t know his strength because the subsequent tsunami caused water to not only spray Melissa but also splash out the pool and onto an unsuspecting sleeping Mitch.

As cool water touched his hot skin, he shot awake, mouth open as he gasped from the shock of the rude awakening. He took a moment to survey his surroundings, only to see Melissa doubling over with laughter. The rest of us were more covert with our chuckling, which made Mitch immediately assume that his sister had been the culprit.

“Mel, I will kill you,” he snarled, narrowing his eyes at her over his sunglasses.

“Sorry, dude, that was my fault,” Brian admitted, giving him a sheepish smile.

“Besides, you needed to wake up before you turned into the Polish flag,” I added.

“What?” Mitch asked, a look of confusion on his face as he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, half red and half white?” I explained. At my words, Mitch looked down at his body, noticing that his skin was already starting to burn.

“Whatever,” he muttered before turning over in his lounge chair to even out his tan.

Just then, Evan came back out to the backyard, a laptop nestled in one arm and a platter of finger foods in the other. “I’ve got snacks,” he called as he handed Tim the laptop.

“Yay, food!” Sam screamed, quickly climbing off Brian and out of the pool.

Leading the way, the rest followed her as they made their way over to the food. I looked over Evan’s shoulder to see cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets, and tater tots piled onto the serving tray. In the middle stood a bowl of onion dip with chips surrounding it.

I picked up a few nuggets before returning to my seat. Tim was already hard at work, totally ignoring the food as he crammed to finish his stuff as soon as possible. Mitch too didn’t really bother, still lying on his stomach. My guess was he fell back asleep.

With a glass of lemonade in his hand, Evan returned to the space between my legs. “When did you make those?” I asked, indicating the food.

“I didn’t. Carla did,” he replied, taking a sip of his beverage. “She offered when she found out I was having you guys over today. She prepared it earlier today before she left.”

“Isn’t it her day off, though?” I asked, remembering that Evan had mentioned it the other day.

“It is, but she insisted. I did tell you before that you don’t say no to that woman,” he laughed.

“Well, you never allowed me to ever deny her so I don’t see how I would have known otherwise,” I replied.

“I guess,” he replied. Not having anything to reply to that, I took to running circles on his bare chest, a habit I realized I had picked up over the past few months.

“Please stop that,” he said, his voice almost straining. I smirked, looking down at him.

“Why, you don’t like that?” I asked, continuing with my fingers on his skin.

“I’d much rather not pop a hard on with everyone here,” he said, turning to stare up at me, and I had to laugh.

In the three months that we’ve been together, sex has not been lacking. I’ve been a frequent visitor to the Trevorrow residences and we do get down to it when we’re alone. I was proud to say that Evan, although pretty good in bed to begin with, had been getting progressively better with each passing week. He was no longer as nervous as he once was and I can’t help but feel I played a bit of a role in that. I can’t even begin to tell you the things this boy did to me in bed.

“I guess the same can’t be said for you,” he said, a smirk playing on his lips.

“What?” I asked, popping out of my thoughts.

“I can feel something poking me in my back,” he whispered, wiggling a little, making me realize the semi-plump member in between our bodies. I guess thinking about sex may have gotten me more than a little excited.

“Sorry, my mind was…preoccupied,” I replied, growing a shade of pink.

“Maybe I’ll help you deal with it later,” he flirted, and I swear I had to suppress the aroused moan that wanted to escape my lips, my dick giving a little bounce in excitement.

“Stop being a cock tease,” I snarled, giving him a narrowed look. I guess in an effort to increase my discomfort, Evan got up, moving away from me. My eyes darted down and saw the slight tent in my shorts, to which I immediately brought a leg up to mask my growing erection. “God, I hate you.” He winked at me like the sadistic bastard he was and walked over to refill his glass of lemonade, leaving me with a growing awkward boner.

I closed my eyes trying to think about anything that would help ebb away this erection. I remembered that people say imagining an old person naked helps them the quickest so I started with that. Turns out that wasn’t such a good idea because all that did was lead to a very disturbing image of my middle school math teacher. I swear, I would need therapy just to recover from that psychological trauma. Worse still, my erection hadn’t gone away. If a mental image like that hadn’t deflated my cock, I seriously doubted that anything would have.

My mind still focused on keeping my erection as discreet as possible, I didn’t notice Evan returning until he had pulled me up roughly, standing me up. Knowing about my little predicament down south, he had strategically placed himself between me and the group of people stuffing their faces with food.

“I can help you with that,” he whispered into my ear which only made my dick even harder.

“Oh?” I replied, thinking that Evan was going to invite me inside to take care of my little problem. “What did you have in mind?” He shot me an evil smirk and in that instant, I knew that what I had thought he meant and what he had actually meant were so far from each other they might as well have been on different planets.

Next thing I knew, I was being pushed backward. My feet lost contact with the tiled floor as I fell, my arms flailing as I tried grasping air for support. Even though this all happened within the span of a second or so, I was surprised as to the amount my brain could comprehend in that very instant. For a fraction of a second, my eyes met Evan’s which were shining with mischief and I felt the slightest pang of betrayal, but knowing that I couldn’t do anything about my imminent encounter with the cold pool water, I resigned myself to fate.

The first touch of cool liquid on my skin shocked my system, feeling the heat leave my skin as the water engulfed me. The next sensation wasn’t quite as welcoming as water shot up my nose and mouth, the taste of chlorine assaulting my senses. Twisting around, I kicked my legs and flailed my arms, all in an effort to correct my lateral orientation, finally feeling the hard surface of the pool floor underneath my toes. With a final push, I emerged from the water, clearing my nose of the liquid that slightly burned my nasal cavity,

A splash to my right made me wince away before turning to see Evan surfacing just a few feet from me. Again, his smirk was on his lips and I had to shoot him a glare. “That was an asshole thing to do,” I said, splashing water at him.

“It worked, didn’t it? I don’t see a tent anymore,” he said, eyes darting down for just a moment. Following his gaze, I realized that my erection was, like he said, gone. I guess that’s one way to get rid of a boner.

“Still, I was hoping for something a little less wet and a little more…” I trailed off, unsure of what I actually wanted to say.

“Wet, although a different kind of wetness,” he completed, wiggling his eyebrows for added effect.

“You are such a pervert,” I laughed.

“But you like that,” he said, coming over to me till we were only inches apart.

“That I do.” With a satisfied smirk, Evan closed the distance between us, connecting his lips to mine. The heat of his lips and body was a stark contrast to the pool water surrounding me. Even though it was a relatively family friendly kiss, it still managed to stir feelings of affection within my chest. Months of kissing Evan and my heart still fluttered every time our lips touched. Almost immediately, I felt my dick getting excited once again.

“Whoo, hot boy-on-boy action!” Sam shouted, causing us to break away from the kiss. A part of me was appreciative, knowing that I really didn’t need to pop a boner again, but another part of me just wanted to say, fuck it, and continue kissing my boyfriend.

Evan didn’t say anything about Sam’s comment, but he did blush a little and looked down, hiding his face. Before I could even shoot out a snarky comment to Sam, I heard the intro to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ start in the background. I rolled my eyes and counted down in my head.


“Ahh, my jam!” Sam screamed.

“Too much screaming,” I heard Mitch mutter, his tone still sleepy from being awoken once again by another one of his so-called friends. Sam ignored him, though, standing up and dancing to the beat of the song, a cocktail sausage still between her fingers.

I shook my head, turning back to Evan who had a look of confusion on his face. “Just go with it,” I told him. “It’s best to just let her be whenever Queen is involved.”

When the beat picked up, that’s when I saw Brian shrug and get up too, dancing over to his girlfriend as they jumped and gyrated to the music. I chuckled as I watched this unfold, seeing Melissa and Jake look to each other before seemingly coming to the same decision, getting up and flailing arms around.

“They’re insane,” Evan chuckled, leaning into my side as we watched our eccentric group of friends having the time of their lives, dancing like nobody was watching. “Well, if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Before I could even process what Evan meant by that, he began singing, the lyrics flowing from his mouth in perfect sync with Freddie Mercury’s. I smiled, just listening to his voice as he belted the notes out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my boyfriend could sing.

“Yeah, man. Sing it!” Brian shouted, taking my attention away from Evan. When the gang first heard Evan belt out, they too were stunned by how good he was. I found out over the months we’ve been together that Evan liked to break out into song, especially when someone says something that even remotely resembles a song lyric.

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New Horizons Ch. 17

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Only the chapter meeting remained on my schedule before leaving for Las Vegas and I was getting anxious to leave, especially now that I knew some of the women and especially the dynamic little powerhouse named Jan, a woman that I was determined to learn, inside and out, especially in.

When the departure for Las Vegas was postponed a week, I had been on a high, not losing a single candidate. With the extra week, I decided to try for one more success before I left. I made a few phone calls without success but then I received a phone call from someone named Kikki, telling me that someone from the office gave her my number in reference to her uncompleted orientation.

She wanted to talk about trying again and wondered if I could take the time to explain some things to her. I really didn’t have the time, but I hadn’t turned over my files yet and I hate to leave things unfinished. In reviewing her files I discovered a note that stated that she seemed to want to be ordered to do everything and that was what they had tried with her, but when it came time to penetrate her, she put her hand up and stopped the whole process, saying she couldn’t go through with it. She was heard to mumble something about being in trouble already.

To me, it appeared that she had been in a committed relationship that wasn’t giving her what she needed, yet she was afraid to continue, no matter how much she wanted to. My first job would be to discover if she was still in the relationship and if my feelings were correct.

I tried to contact her at work, but was told that she was not allowed to accept personal calls. I tried her home phone, but all I could get was an answering machine, so I left my message and went on with my project.

Several days later, I received a call. She sounded like she was frightened to death, almost whispering who she was and saying that she wanted to talk to me. I heard someone in the background, telling her to talk nice or I wouldn’t come out. I took her address and went a few miles out of my way that night to check out the situation. The house was isolated at the end of a dead end road, the nearest house being nearly a block away. Sitting in the car, I watched as Kikki came home from work and sat in her car for a few minutes, just staring straight ahead. When she finally went into the house, I caught a glimpse of another woman inside who was quite tall, with a scowl on her face.

I immediately contacted Laurie and Wendy who advised me not to pursue her as a candidate because her partner could very well be dangerous. I decided that I would follow their advice and went back to reviewing my itinerary and schedule for Vegas.

The next day, Kikki called again, wondering what happened to me. I told her that since there was another woman living with her, I couldn’t call on her unless that woman called and told me it was all right with her for me to do so.

It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes before the other woman, named Gwen, called and told me she had no objections to me talking to the woman as long as she was in the room at the same time and we didn’t try anything. At that point, I wasn’t going to try anything with either of them on a bet. We made an appointment for that evening at 7.

I have to admit to some feelings of a foreboding of some kind, a feeling that everything was not exactly as it was represented, and a feeling that I might wish later that I had just wrote her off.

When I got to the house, she met me on the porch, wearing a robe and slippers. We shook hands and she ushered me into the house. I met Gwen, a rather attractive though masculine woman, and I began to feel that I was wasting my time. I was fairly certain that it was Gwen who managed to get through to Nikki and give her enough guilt that she could not allow herself to continue, although I had a feeling that she wanted to.

Kikki went to the kitchen to get us some coffee which she said we could have as she signed the agreement to proceed. I sat on the couch, putting some paperwork in order, and making some notations on her paperwork.

“So,” Gwen began, “are you the one that tried to seduce my Kikki?”

“No,” I replied, “not me personally. I wasn’t a member at that time.”

“So why did they send you to try again?”

“That’s not why I’m here,” I replied, knowing that it mattered little what I said anyway. “I’m here to find out from Nikki why she changed her mind and if there was anything we could have done to prevent it from happening again.”

“She’s not interested, that’s all,” she replied. “Why can’t you accept that? She belongs to me and I don’t want her doing it.”

“That’s fine,” I replied, feeling that something was going on here that was much deeper than it appeared. “I’m not trying to convince her to do it again, Gwen. I was just replying to her phone calls. She said she wanted some answers to some questions so I offered to talk to her about it..”

“You shouldn’t have taken her there. She didn’t want to go to start with.”

“Gwen, first of all, I wasn’t a Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort member then and no one took her anywhere. She had to go through the whole process and that includes many chances to say no but she didn’t and that’s why she got the invitation and the chance to go through it. She could have left any time she wanted to.”

“Bull shit, I was right outside because I followed her and she was crying when she came out. She won’t even talk about it.”

“Kikki,” I said, as she came back into the room, “why didn’t you leave?”

“They wouldn’t let me,” she mumbled, obviously afraid to tell the truth.

“I have pictures that will prove that you aren’t being honest with us, Nikki,” I advised her.

“Are you calling my girl a liar?” Gwen asked, as she stood up.

“I’m simply saying that I have pictures taken all the way up to the point where she used her safe word to stop. There was no attempt made up to that point.”

“I want to see those pictures,” she said.

“That’s up to Nikki,” I said.

“No, bitch, it’s up to me because she belongs to me.”

“I think I should just leave,” I said.

“No way. You’re going to give us those pictures or you don’t go anywhere.”

I pulled the envelope from my bag and dropped it on the table. “Help yourself,” I said. “I don’t need them anymore.”

I started to walk toward the door but she grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the room. “You’re going to apologize for calling Nikki a liar,” she said.

“I never said she was a liar,” I replied. “That’s up to you to determine when you look at the pictures.”

“You don’t understand,” she said. “You’ve damaged my girl and you have to pay for that.”

“Contact our legal department,” I said, heading for the door again.

She slammed me into the wall, knocking the air out of my lungs. “I’m going to show you why I know that Nikki didn’t lie,” she said. She dragged me into the bedroom and pinned my arms behind me. “Nikki knows what will happen if she ever lies to me,” she said. “Nikki, get your ass over here.”

“I’m right here, Mistress,” she replied.

“Did you lie to me about that Totally Woman shit?”

“No Mistress,” the girl stated, backing away a bit.

“You get back here girl. What happens if you lie to me?”

A shudder flashed through the girl’s body before she replied. “I am punished Mistress.”

“How?” she demanded.

“I am beaten or whipped, and tied to the rack until you decide I may get down.”

“Here’s the deal,” she said, tightening her grip on my arms. “You’ll do whatever I tell you to, then you’ll apologize to my girl the way I tell you to. You do that, and you can leave here without a problem. You piss me off and you’ll pay. Do you understand?”

“You can’t hold me here against my will,” I shouted, even as she laughed at me.

“Your will doesn’t mean shit in my house. I’ll just tell them you broke in and I was defending Kikki’s honor. Isn’t that right, Kikki?”

“Yes madam,” she replied, and I began to fear where this was headed.

She slammed the door shut, locking it behind us. I have no idea where she put the key but I knew I had no chance to get out anyway.

“Strip!” she ordered. “Everything off. Now!”

I guess I hesitated too long because she slapped me across my nipple, sending painful shock waves crashing through my body. “You keep pissing me off,” she warned, “and I’ll make you wish you hadn’t.”

She opened a drawer to pull out an evil looking whip with several strands of black fibre, that for all I knew could be leather. “This thing leaves some nasty looking red marks and I love to use it so you’d best get naked quick because I’m feeling the need to peal some skin off.”

I stripped quickly and she took my clothes and threw them to Kikki. “You put those under the bed, girl, and get that damned robe off. We’ll show this sweet thing a few things about life.”

Nikki never looked up at me at all, just did as she was told. She had a beautiful body but there was ample evidence that it was being misused. The problem was, that neither of us had a prayer against this woman. Without the key, she’d have us whipped bloody before we could scream for help, and even if we could, the neighbors would probably never hear us. When she turned the radio on and turned the volume up. I knew why she did it…to mask the screams should we try it.

“Get down on the bed,” she ordered. “Face down and spread your legs.” I was shaking so hard I could barely walk but I did as I was instructed, hoping that someone would question the fact that I had not returned since I’d left messages for Beth and Laurie of what was going on. They were my only hope now.

She restrained me to the four corners of the bed and turned my head to be sure I could see where Kikki stood, with her head still down. The fact that her fingers were clenching and unclenching was evidence to me of what she really was thinking about.

“Turn around, Nikki” she ordered. “You know what to do.”

Nikki turned and leaned against the wall, slightly bent with her ass protruding. The first stroke of the whip laid pink stripes down her shoulders and onto her back.

“I told you not to go there but did you listen? No, you just had to find somebody else. I’ve tried to show you respect and kindness, but you just go and pull that shit. Tell this bitch what you got when we got home.”

“50 lashes,” she softly replied.

“Speak up,” she yelled. “She can’t hear you.” A second stroke went over the right ass cheek, flaring bright pink.

“50 lashes,” she yelled.

“What happened later?”

“You dripped hot wax on my nipples and clit, then tied me up and made me sleep with my head between my legs.”

“Did you learn anything?”

“I shouldn’t have gone there or anywhere without your permission, Madam.”

‘Your damned right you shouldn’t. So what should I do now for talking to this woman at all.”

“You told me…” she never finished because the whip slashed over her legs and ass over and over, leaving a trail of bloody welts.

“Is that what I asked you?”

“No madam,” she replied.

“Do I need to increase your punishment?”

“Yes Madam. What ever you decide, Madam.”

“That’s better. Go get the box and hurry up about it.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Are you enjoying the show, girl? You haven’t seen anything yet. She’s a sweet, wonderful girl but she knows better than to do what she did and she knows she has to be punished.”

“But you told me…” without breaking her motion, the whip came down across the cheeks of my ass and I screamed in pain.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak, bitch. That was just a warning.”

Kikki returned from the closet with a box about the size of an apple crate. She took the top off and stepped away.

Gwen went over to lift up a frighteningly large dildo. “We’ll start with this one,” she proclaimed as she held it up for me to see. She picked up some lube and drizzled it over the monster. “Spread that around with your tongue,” she ordered. Nikki never hesitated, but immediately began tonguing over the dildo to spread the lube.

“I hear you like to watch,” Gwen observed. “So do I but since I’m in charge, I get to watch. Kikki, show her how you love that toy.”

Kikki bent over and began working it into her pussy, pain and stress flashing over her pale countenance. When she had almost all the way in, she stopped to take a breath.

“What are you doing? Get over here,” Gwen yelled. Kikki waddled over and turned her ass toward her mistress and Gwen pulled it out about an inch and hammered it home so hard I thought it was going to disappear. Kikki cried out and got a slap on both cheeks for it. “Now get it going.”

She actually laughed at Kikki’s efforts to work that huge thing into her body. “Faster, girl, or do I have to help you?”

Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched and I cried out when Gwen went over to beat the dildo into Kikki. When Kikki started showing signs of orgasm, she yanked it out.

“You know better girl. You almost earned yourself an extra punishment. Now get over there and fuck her and you’d better do it right because if I have to do it, you’ll both pay.”

The pain of the forced insertion set my body on fire but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of screaming even though I bit holes in my lip to prevent it. When Kikki’s arms tired, Gwen took over and didn’t seem to want to stop. My only fear by that time was that she would shove it in my ass.

“You did good, Kikki. See there, she never came…not once.”

Of course I didn’t, I was hurting too much. I wanted to though, oh god, how I wanted to.

I heard the doorbell ring and prayed that someone was coming to my rescue but she sent Kikki down to send them away. “If they come into this house, you’re both going to pay an awfully high price,” she warned.

Kikki returned alone a few minutes later and I heard a car door close.

“Are you going to tempt my woman again?” she asked.

There was no point in telling her I never attempted to seduce Kikki so I just shook my head. Wrong thing to do. The whip lashed across my ass again.

“When I ask you a question, I want to hear your answer.” she stated.

“No, of course not,” I replied.

“I ought to make you pay more. A lot more but Kikki and I have some unfinished business, don’t we honey?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the girl replied.

“Well, get going. We don’t need her here to watch you get fucked. Get the harness and the restraints ready.”

As the girl left the room, I heard her whisper, “I’m sorry, miss.”

“Get away from her, Kikki.” Gwen ordered, and Kikki hurried out of the room. “Kikki is going to make me all better now so get the hell out of here before I fuck you silly.” She threw me my clothes and unfastened the restraints. “You’ve got about five minutes to get dressed and out the door before I change my mind.”

I grabbed my clothes and started to dress. “Hold it, Bitch,” she yelled. “I’ll keep the bra and panties.”

She took my panties from me and when I bent to get my skirt, she pushed me to the bed, forcing my panties into my pussy, ramming them in with the handle of the whip. It was rough and hard and she plunged into me with it several times before she pulled it out then went fishing for the panties. She got off of me and smelled the panties. “Now get the fuck out of here. You’re running out of time.”

“If anyone hears about this, Kikki will pay the price,” she warned, as I dressed. “Next time you want some pussy, you find out if she’s spoken for. The next dom may not be as gentle as I am.”

Oh yeah, she was gentle alright. About as gentle as a lightening bolt. When I was dressed, she unlocked the door and pushed me through, forcing me through the house and out the door.

“Now get out of here and remember what I said.”

I waddled to my car and quickly locked the door behind me. Starting the engine, I drove a few blocks away, pulled to the curb and sat there sobbing not so much from the pain, which was substantial, but from a feeling of helplessness about Nikki’s situation.

By the time I got home, I was in no shape to do anything. I called Laurie and admitted she’d been right about me going over there. She wanted answers but I told her I couldn’t talk about it. Then I ran a cool bath and soaked for a long time to take away the burn.

I cursed loudly when the door burst open and Wendy and Beth rushed into the house, calling out my name. I told them where I was and a few seconds later, they stepped into the bathroom. “What the hell were you thinking of?” Wendy asked. “Honey, you can’t assume everyone is good and loving. So what aren’t you telling us?.” I rolled over in the tub to show them my problem and they immediately lifted me from the tub and helped me onto the bed where they tenderly worked Tender-X into the reddened flesh..

“What happened,” Beth insisted.

“I can’t talk about it,” I replied. ‘If I do, someone is going to get far worse than this.”

“You know, I like a little bondage and a good spanking never hurt anyone,” Wendy said. “I’ve had the whip several times too, but the whole idea is to heighten the desire and enhance the orgasms. This person needs help.”

“I know,” I agreed, “but I couldn’t live with myself if Kikki got hurt.”

“Kikki Romano, right?” Beth asked.

I didn’t reply. “Laurie warned you about that situation,” Wendy reminded me.

“I know but they both called and said they wanted to talk.”

“Oh girl, you’ll learn,” she sighed.

“Well, the good thing is that she didn’t do any real damaged except to your pride.” Beth observed.

I started to get up but Beth pushed me back onto the bed. “Uh-uh. You’re going to stay right there and rest.”

“Get some sleep,” Wendy ordered. “We’re going out for a bit but we’ll be back to check on you.”

I tried to sleep but kept waking up to the sound of the whip against Kikki’s flesh. When the two women returned, they brought me a fruit smoothie. I sat up while Beth put some pillows under my thighs which raised my ass and pussy off the bed itself.

“You’re just needed some time to rest,” she said, sitting at the foot of the bed as they sipped on their smoothies.

“We’re going back to work” Wendy advised. “Do you want something for the pain or something to help you sleep?”

“No,” I replied, “just something for my shame.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie,” Beth replied. “You’re just too trusting of people and it cost you. I’ll be back after our meeting. Want me to bring you something to eat?”

I shook my head, but then I changed my mind. “How about a parfait from Anderson’s?”

“Ok, get some rest and I’ll see you in a couple of hours.

I woke to hear them talking in the living room later, but before I could get up, they came into the room. “Food’s here,” Beth said, waiting while I got up to go into the kitchen.

“I feel like I need an ice cube shoved up my pussy,” I said.

“What a waste of opportunity,” Wendy said and they managed to get me laughing.

They sat at the breakfast bar but I chose to stand while we ate our parfaits and fruit salad. Beth found the iced tea in the fridge and poured us each a large glass over ice.

About two hours later, I heard a sound behind me and turned to find Kikki standing in the hall. I opened my arms to her and she came to me with her head down.

“Look up, Kikki,” I said and she lifted her face to me. I kissed her over and over while I held her in my arms. “Never look down again, Kikki,” I told her. “Not for me, or anyone else. If you like being a submissive, that’s fine, but never let anyone hurt you like that again.”

She forced a smile and kissed me without replying.

“She won’t testify against Gwen,” Beth stated. “She says it’s her fault for disobeying her.”

“No, Kikki. It’s not,” I replied. “She’ll hurt someone bad one day and get her punishment but for now, you’re here and you can stay with me until you decide what you want to do. The guest room bed is all made up and we can find you some clothes to wear.”

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New Horizons Ch. 03

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Part 3 Choosing a Chapter

Thanks to all who love the story as I did while writing in. There are several more parts to come as long as you keep “begging.”


I didn’t get back to the request for chapter selection for several days due to an unusually busy work schedule. It wasn’t until I received a reminder when I opened my e-mails one evening that I knew I had a decision to make. The reminder told me that I could change chapters at any time for cause, if that was a concern. All I had to do was to file a request with the board of directors.

Now, it was time to decide whether to join the host chapter that had taken me to such heights of Sapphic pleasures, or try a different group all together. The decision became somewhat simpler when I noticed that the host group was closed to new members. I added a quick note to my file to give it more thought at a later date.

I began by crossing off all the chapters that were closed to new members, then went on to eliminate the ones that indicated an interest in bondage. I might be willing to consider that activity but only after I knew the members of the chapter and found out just how intense they went into the bondage style. That left just seven to choose from. The next step was to check the location of the chapters, crossing off the ones that would require extensive and time consuming travel, possibly making it impossible for me to attend at least a portion of their meetings. That cut the list to three.

The next step, according to her instructions, was to get further information from the web site, using a new code number. Clicking on the now familiar pink blossom, I watched as a new folder called menu of options opened. Opening yet another folder, called “Chapter rosters ” I watched as the list of chapters opened, then chose the first of the three acceptable chapters.

The first one on my list was chapter seven. Remembering that I could change chapters after attending a new member orientation, I printed out the member roster and their email adresses, then sent each of them a copy of my bio and my interests, asking that I be considered for membership in their chapter. .

The next day, I received responses from the other members including one from Cricket, who identified herself as the chapter guide. She told me that they were happy to get my request and would be pleased to host me at a special welcoming meeting that Saturday, starting at seven. Due to my new member status, I would once again be required to go through an orientation , although it would not be so structured or with so many women. I was instructed to wear a matching bra and panty set, and a long spring coat. Nothing else but heels. I could only hope that there would be no reason to remove my coat before I got there. I took other clothes with me for the return trip home.

I had no trouble finding the house, a large Victorian that had been beautifully restored. It sat far back off the street with a curving drive that ended up under a tall portico. I exited the car, stepping into a brisk cold wind and walked up to the door. Finding a hand written note on the door, welcoming me, I pushed the door open and stepped inside, out of the wind and into a warm entryway that opened into a long hallway. Closing the door, I waited for someone to come greet me. A tall pair of French doors at the end of the hallway swung open and a tall, slender woman, wearing nothing but pearls and high heels walked into the hall. Her long blonde hair swung sensuously with each step and her small but firm breasts bobbed up and down enticingly. A thin trail of blond hair led down to her slit like an arrow pointing the way. “Welcome Samantha, did you have any problem finding us?”

I shook my head and returned the beautiful smile. “Not at all. Your instructions were quite easy to follow”

The woman finally reached me, holding out her hand. “I’m Cricket, and no, it’s not a nickname, it’s really my name.” We both laughed. Obviously, this was a running joke. “Welcome to my home,” she said, pulling me into her body, leaning in to kiss me warmly. Cheerful voices and bright laughter could be heard coming from beyond the French doors as we walked down the hall. Opening the doors, we stepped into a very large room with three women standing at a bar just inside. .

They looked up as the door closed and smiled at me. Cricket took my hand and led me over to the bar to introduce the other members. “This is Dawn,” she said, as I met the first member, a woman of about 35 or so, about 5-6″, with long brown hair that fell loosely around her shoulders, flowing over the cheeks of her ass. Her sweater did little to conceal ample breasts with large nipples that stood proud, not covered by a bra.. She also had a remarkable ass which indicated a lot of exercise or walking. When she kissed me, I pressed into her full chest, getting more and deeper kisses as a reward…

At nearly six feet, the second woman had to bend to welcome me with soft kisses. She Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort wore her dark brown hair loose and long over a red silk blouse without a bra. Her breasts, about a 36-D, supported dark brown nipples that were trying to poke through the silk. Her velvet pants appeared to be painted over slender, shapely ass and long legs.

“This is Justine,” Cricket said, patting the woman’s hard ass and accepting a kiss from her. .

The third woman, naked save for her panties, which were the tiniest of bikini’s, was about my height but that’s about the only thing we had in common. Her brunette hair was pulled back into a long ponytail. Deep hazel eyes glowed with lust over a face that men would kill for. Her breasts stood proud and firm as a ripe grapefruit with nipples that cried out to be sucked. The curve over her hip led to a hard, tight ass that I longed to taste and play with. She won me over quickly with her warm smile.”This is Trish .” Cricket said.

“Watch out for that one, Samantha. Once she starts on your pussy, she doesn’t want to stop,” Dawn warned.

“Is that a challenge?” I asked, as Trish kissed me with more passion than I expected. Cricket was the only other woman there and it was hard not to stare at her fantastic body. She was tall, about five eight, or so, but her legs were more muscular than Dawn or Justine. Hard nipples stood high on firm breasts with rosy aureola.

Would you care for something to drink?” Dawn asked.

“White wine would be great,” I replied. The drink was poured and passed to Justine who handed it to me. As I sipped the smooth liquid, Trish and Cricket moved away from the bar, sharing kisses that moved from tender to hard, plunging, throat exploring that brought loud moans from both women. It wasn’t long before Trish was toying with Cricket’s breasts and when Cricket began pressing her hips into Trish, they began moving toward some mats in the center of the room. Justine took my hand to lead me to an area beyond the bar that was covered with thick carpet. At the far end, two recliners were positioned facing each other while two couches sat against the back wall.

When my glass was empty, Justine took the glass and placed it on a side table.

Trish and Cricket were locked in a passionate embrace, their lips locked together in kisses of wild abandonment. Soft moans could be heard coming for both of them as the passion level rose higher and higher. As the two women began exploring each others bodies with slow, tender strokes, their moans became quite loud and their desire grew accordingly, as did my level of arousal..

As we watched the performance, Justine and Dawn removed my coat, placing it on one of the recliners. Dawn began to stroke over my bare flesh, kissing me on my arms, back and chest while Justine bent to place kisses over my ears, face, neck and eyes.

It was hard to watch the two women in the middle of the room but whenever I turned to one of the other women, they advised me to watch the show. The two women weren’t much more than five feet from me as they caressed each other’s breasts and asses, while their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths. The scent of their arousal moved over the room, adding to the desire building in my body.

My eyes were closed as my body was kissed and licked so I didn’t notice when Dawn stripped down to panties and heels. I mewled loudly as Justine freed my breasts from my bra, letting it drop to the floor. As Justine toyed with my breasts, I began to moan from the pleasant sensations moving from my nipples to my pussy. Dawn couldn’t wait any more and with little more than a flick of her wrist, plunged her fingers into my panties, fondling my mons and moving over my wet lips.

Cricket was now prone on a padded table of some sort while Trish sat on a small adjustable stool, putting her in perfect position to move between Cricket’s legs as Cricket put her legs over Trish’s shoulders. I heard someone ask me to spread my legs and without taking my eyes off Trish and Cricket, I complied. I was entranced by Trish’s head moving sensuously between Cricket’s thighs while Cricket held her there with her hands dug into her hair. The sounds of passion, desire and need coming from then dominated the room but I was starting to give them some competition.

Justine’s attack on my breasts had them swollen and throbbing from what she was doing with her fingers, lips and tongue. I dug my fingers into her head and forced her head against my body as she wrapped her arms around me and held me there. She began kissing and sucking on them harder and harder, then started nibbling at my nipples. I had no will power left to resist them as if I would have anyway. When she bit my nipples and pulled them away from my body, I almost collapsed. No matter what they wanted from me, it was theirs for the taking.

Trish had her tongue buried deep in Cricket’s needy pussy while Cricket groaned and played with her own nipples, pulling them straight out from her chest. When Cricket loudly exploded in a mind blowing orgasm, Trish bent to the task of licking her clean.

By now, I was too far gone to even notice Cricket’s orgasm, my body crying out for it’s own satisfaction. The moans I now heard were mine and were louder than Cricket’s. My breathing was ragged and irregular as I got closer to completion. I now moved my face up to suck Justine’s nipples through her shirt. My pussy was ging wild and my clit was throbbing with need. I gasped as Dawn suddenly stripped off my panties, throwing them to one side. When Dawn stretched out of the carpet, Justine took me by the arms to lower me over Dawn’s face. “Oh fuck yes,” I cried, as Dawn’s tongue licked over my hot slit. My body trembled as my clit was licked and sucked repeatedly between long licks over my pussy. I needed to come so badly that my first orgasm came quickly, but it never had time to ease as Dawn wrapped my legs in her arms to hold me in place while she sucked my juices for me. Her tongue once again began plunging into me and I began humping her face. Reaching back, I spread my wet lips wide to let her reach my inner core. Sweat poured from my face and when the orgasm began to rage out of control, I buried her face in my pussy, making it hard for her to breathe. I rolled off of her and onto the carpet but she followed me to crawl between my legs and catch every drop before it could ever reach the floor.

As soon as I got my strength back, I got between Dawn’s legs, diving into her pussy, lapping it like a starved animal. Opening her labia wide, I laved my tongue repeatedly over the extended clit, driving her to near insanity. Dumping me to the carpet, she spun around into a 69, burying her face in my pussy once again as I took both of her ass cheeks in my hands, pulling the wet slit into my mouth. As she got close, I found her tender anus and plunged a finger into her as far a I could reach. into her as far as she could reach.

Cricket and Trish, who had been pleasuring each other, now joined Justine who stood at the bar, alone, with her hand under her blouse as she humped a chair through her skirt. They watched as Dawn and I ate each other into noisy oblivion, our cries for release filling the room, but neither of us was about to let up on the other one. When we came, we came together noisily, grasping at each other’s bodies, my nails leaving a trail of red claw marks down Dawn’s back while Dawn left teeth marks all down my wet thighs until we fell to the floor together, exhausted.

As we fought to recover from the sex-fest, I noticed that Trish was teasing Justine’s breasts through her blouse. I rolled into Dawn’s body to whisper to her. She smiled and whispered her reply. Watching the action for a few more minutes, I forced my body away from Dawn, who wished me good luck. Moving to the bar, I forced my battered body between Justine and Trish.

“I’m sure this is against the rules,” I said, gazing into Justine’s hazel eyes, “but are you on your period or something?”

Justine just smiled and shook her head.

“Then I guess I’d like to know why you are the only one with clothes on.”

Trish just smiled and stepped back to let me have my way with Justine, now gazing down on me with lust filled hazel eyes.

“No one has offered to undress me,” she replied. .

I glared up at her, as she smiled down on me. “Did you expect an invitation? You might have stripped when everyone else did, you know. You seemed to have a good time torturing my tits,” I reminded her, “and I didn’t get even a taste of yours” I began moving my fingers up and down over the four buttons that kept the blouse together. “I don’t think that’s fair, do you?”

“Are you sure you’re woman enough to take me on? Justine challenged .

“I guess there’s only one way to find out,” I replied, as I pulled her face down to kiss her. “Dawn tells me you like it a little bit rough,” I said, as I continued kissing her.

“That depends on who I’m who I’m playing with,” she whispered, huskily, returning my kisses as they became more and more passionate.

“Well, miss sweet and sexy, you’ve teased me, tortured me and got Dawn so hot she damned near killed me, but I think she left enough of me to make your day interesting so I intend to have my way with you and it won’t be pretty.”

With that, I ripped the blouse open, buttons flying everywhere, Justine’s eyes opened wide in shock then cried out loudly as I roughly attacked her nipple with my mouth open wide to surround the nipple, sucking it into my mouth as hard as I could before taking a nip at first one and then the other.

“Oh fuck, oh my god,” she cried in a combination of pain and pleasure. When I finally realized the intensity of my attack, I let go and brought my lips to surround her now throbbing nipple, sucking it into my lips while I stroked over it with the tip of my tongue. Justine’s hand forced me into her breasts, moaning and groaning with each suck and each time I nipped at her nipples. She cried out when I bit them, pulling them straight out from her body and it didn’t take long before I was rewarded by her first orgasm. Even though it wasn’t a powerful orgasm, it was enough for her to force my face into her breasts so hard I could hardly breathe. I finally allowed it to ease by kissing and licking her stomach, then turning her to lick down her back, laving my tongue over her spine and around the waist of her pants In one smooth move, Justine stood naked as her pants fell around her ankles. Before she could think, I pulled her to the floor and slid them over her feet..

“Oh my god,” Cricket moaned, “I think Samantha’s in for a long had ride.”

Trish chuckled. “Don’t be so sure,” she replied. “Look at what she did to Dawn.”

Dawn was sitting right where I left her, slumped into the couch with her hair in disarray, twisting her nipples as she watched the us.

For just a second, I stood there, awed by the beauty of the woman lying in front of me but then I came to my senses, flipping Justine’s legs open as I dove between them. She offered no resistance as I kissed, nibbled and licked over her legs, calves and thighs. Licking behind her knees I learned that like I, it was one of her erogenous zones. Her moans, groans and cries became so loud they echoed from the walls and ceiling. Wen I moved over her mound and began to lick and kiss her stomach and navel, she thrust her body into me wildy and when I reached her pussy, she grabbed hold of my hair and yanked so hard I thought I might be bald.

I opened my mouth and put it over her whole pussy, licking into her slit with the tip of my tongue as her hips thrust wildly into my face, but I had a good grip on her ass cheeks as I nipped at her outer lips, then began plunging my tongue into her slit. I wanted more so I pushed her legs even wider and using my fingertips, I spread her wide, then plunged into her pussy.

“Enough,” she screamed, “oh my god, enough. Let me come Sam” she screamed. “Let me come, damn it, let me come, oh my god it’s killing me. Oh fuck!” It was more than she could take when I rammed two fingers deep into her pussy, curled them into her g-spot and began pumping into her wildly. Her back came off the floor as she came up on her heels, screaming into the ceiling as the orgasm that had been hidden for far too long slammed with a fierce energy- robbing twist that took her breath away. It went on and on as her body twitched and turned, throwing me to the floor, but I fought for this moment and I dove back between her knees to suck and nibble on the puffy lips, staying away from the sensitive clit.

Sweat poured form her body which was trembling as her leg muscles twitched, then gres still. When I went to soothe her she dug her hands into me, pulling me into a bear hug that stole the breath right out of my body, She wrapped those beautiful long legs around me and dug her heels into my calves so hard I feared I’d never walk again, but then she exhaled loudly and her legs relaxed as she slid away into the darkness.

It hurt me that I’d done that, even though I’ve experienced it myself. I moved to kiss away the sweat and tears that poured from her face. Holding her head tight to my breast, I whispered my apologies. “I’m sorry hon, honest to God, I didn’t know.” Sweat beaded over our bodies and then I felt her warm breath softly blowing over my arm as her lips caressed my skin..

“Oh my God, Justine honey, I am so sorry.”

Justine’s hand fell over my head, pulling my face into her lips. “You damned near killed me, ” she whispered, but she was smiling when she did. I held her tight, kissing her over and over until her lips met mine and the kisses became mutual. After a few minutes of rest and bathing her face with cool cloths, Justine struggled to sit up. I wrapped her in my arms, with my head on her back. Slowly, Dawn and I helped her to her feet and led her to one of the recliners where Cricket and Trish, who had been standing quietly, watching the scene take place, handed both of us water bottles. Cricket stepped over, wrapping me in her arms, kissing my face and neck.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Cricket said. I nodded but then got a surprise when she continued. “Now we all want one like that. Damn girl, that was awesome. I’ve known Justine for a lot of years and I’ve never seen her pass out from an orgasm. I don’t think I’ve ever managed it, at least..”

I flushed and snuggled into Cricket more. “I don’t know what happened. I just got carried away and I wanted more. No matter what I got, I wanted more. God, she tastes so damned good when she comes, and she just didn’t stop coming.”

Cricket just cuddled me for a few more minutes, letting me regain my strength. “I think we all need a break,” she said. “You both need some fluids to replace what you’ve lost.”

“All right everyone,” she said, getting everyone’s attention. “We aren’t superhuman women and we need to gather our strength for the rest of the evening so let’s get some food and some wine and meet back here in an hour.”

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I’m Having Your Baby, Boy! Ch. 03

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This story is entirely fantasy. All depicted persons having sex are 18 years or over. The term ‘girl’ does not indicate the lady in question being under age.


Last year I participated in the weirdest dating show you can imagine. It was the first ever episode, so there was no way I could have known what I got myself into. In the end it brought me my wife Asia and our baby boy. And our best friends Ben and Ruby. As we discovered the four of us had a lot more in common than we could have imagined, the logical decision was we didn’t choose, but we formed one big happy family.

Eight months after the show, which had so changed all our lives, we met again for a reunion. We saw the latest show live together and re-enacted scenes from our own show. The next day over an extended brunch we concluded we should form one big happy family. Our lives were not ruled by the show, so we could perfectly decide what we thought be best for us. We agreed we cared too much for each other to live so far apart. The sex is way too good to just go back to our normal lives and hunger for each other. The realisation our paring is so perfectly interchangeable felt natural and like a liberation.

To take matters in hand we called our contact at The Corp, the production company of the show. As former candidates we were entitled to guidance from them. In the past months Asia had informed our liaison officer we kept in close contact with Ben and Ruby, and that we had planned a reunion this weekend. Leaving a short message our contact got back to us within half an hour. He told us he was glad we got along together so well, and that the company wanted to make a proposal.

The Corp owned a luxury resort in Juno Beach, Florida. This had started as an investment for the company, but gradually it had changed to full ownership. Steps had been made to start an affiliate resort in the Caribbean, but strictly for use by the company. They wanted some folks to run the place on behalf of the company. Might the four of us be interested…?

Most probably! Realisation had already begun. The plans and details were sent to us by mail, and we spent the entire Saturday afternoon discussing them. The facilities and the layout were great and offered lots of opportunities. We would live in the big house overlooking the Laguna and all the condo’s in the resort. The big house had enough room for both our families, including personnel like a nanny and a nurse.

The resort was primarily meant for participants and associates of the shows. Winning couples were entitled to a condo at the resort. But the pregnant leftovers and their offspring were also welcome. Special facilities were planned for schooling and such. And a studio was going to be planted for sexual oriented productions, including the monthly dating show. The resort would also comprise housing and training facilities for the black boys of the fuck squad. And other yet undisclosed niceties…


Sunday early in the morning we left the babies in the care of my sister Noah, who happens to be a fully qualified nurse and, without kids herself, runs a children’s day-care centre near our home. We flew to the island and met the project manager for the resort, and a legal guy from the company. After an hour it was decided and the four of us were members of the project counsel, with full participation towards the design and facilities of the resort to be. And as per direct we became employees of the company, with an expected transfer to the island in some three month when the custodians house and reception building would be ready.

Arriving back home late Sunday night a courier had already delivered extensive documentation, including a letter to my sister containing an offer for the position of nurse and head of the children’s care program.

The next morning we all arranged our immediate transfer to the company with our respective employers, Ben, Ruby, Asia and myself, and my sweet sister Noah. We all reached pretty neat lay-off agreements, so our collective enrolment into the firm was a fact.


The five of us flew to our new home three month later. We had plenty of time to arrange our departure, more so since we were immediately put on the employees list. Ben and I made regular trips to the island for building meetings. Everything progressed smoothly and according to plan. We opted for an extensive compound for children including teaching and nursing facilities as well as PT-areas. Of course my sister would reign over this part of the resort. It was granted right away as a smart addition, since the program has already resulted in some new born children, and no doubt quite a few on the way. They including our own babies would need a safe place to stay close by and where they would be taken good care of, shielded away from all indecent adult activities that take place in the resort.

It was now nearly a year since the four of us had participated in the show.

“Let’s throw a reunion party for all winners,” Asia suggested one morning over coffee. “With the first anniversary of the show coming up it’s Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort time to celebrate the successes which have been accomplished. We could invite all winning couples to our place here and celebrate and enjoy each other.”

“Yeah, that’s a GREAT idea Asia!” Ruby said. “I for sure would LOVE to once try that long cock of what’s his name, you know, the winner two months ago.”

“The guy with that petite tight miss Yellow, that gorgeous bombshell from the Midwest? Adrian, I think that was. He did have an exceptional long tool. And that cute missy looked so very tasty around a cock…” Ben said with a grin.

“You wouldn’t mind playing a bit with her and get her mouth sealed around your throbbing hard-on! And then split her tiny slit open with your big boner, I reckon,” Ruby reciprocated smiling.

I said: “Yeah, we all know from our own experiences how exhilarating sex can be, especially carefree encounters with the four of us. And I do think back with fond memories to our own show night, in which we all had done so well. Ever since our own reunion now only four months ago, with which our lives changed again so dramatically, I simply can’t imagine going back to my more mundane lifestyle from the past. Hell, I can’t and I won’t think back to a life without all three of you!”

“Hear hear, Dan, I think you spoke for all of us,” Ben answered.

“Sure!” Asia chimed in, “and I’m so happy Ruby and I are now pregnant again! It feels like a seal on our foursome. I don’t even care who’s really the father of my second child, or if one of you guys is the culprit in both our wombs… I know you both will always be the daddies of all our children!”

“Ahw Asia, that’s so sweet of you to say!” Ruby said softly. “Before I start to cry, let’s decide on this, and if we all agree, let’s make this event happen!”

And it was decided. Ben and I planned the event with the production team which was just settling in on the Island. The weekend would coincide nicely with the thirteenth show on Saturday night, one year after our very first one. It was the first show to be aired from Broadcast House, the brand new studio on our island.

The girls got into contact with the other eleven winning couples. They were invited over for the entire weekend in three weeks.

Only one couple was not able to come; the winners of the sixth show. Their child could arrive any day now, seven month after their show. They opted not to come to the resort this occasion, but they would love to visit us some other time soon. Of the ten visiting couples six were the winners from later shows, and thus also pregnant, ranching from three to eight months. The other four couples came out as the winners in episodes two to four. They all had produced a new cute birth, between the four of them two boys and two girls.


Friday arrived and so did our guests. They settled in during the afternoon in the condominiums closest to our house. We had a fun night on Friday where we all got acquainted and exchanged a lot of stories. From our shows, and from our experiences leading up to that and afterwards. Our romantic nights and how we all grew very fast into steady relationships. The matching program had been greatly successful.

“How do you look back now at the birth of your children, being conceived in pure lust,” Ruby asked the other four couples who were blessed already with a child.

“Isn’t EVERY child conceived in lust, no matter where in the world, or even when in time?” someone answered. “It’s the circumstances that might be in the way of the joy for the mother.”

“Well, to me sex is the gate to life,” another one says. “At least for the two of us our participation in the show was the start of our family, and therefore the beginning of our new life. And it had clearly started in plain lust, I won’t deny thát.”

“Even more so: In filthy and openly performed sex acts with complete strangers!” one of the men said.

“I refuse to see myself as a slut. But yes, I must confess I did fuck strangers, in front of an audience, in front of cameras. But I loved every second of it, and having experienced this I might do it again…”

“Well, I hope everyone of you feels that way,” Ben said. “We’ve been asked if it is OK for a film crew to visit us tomorrow during the day. On our private beach. In tomorrow’s anniversary show there will be a retrospect on our actions. They want to intersperse that with new material.”

“That sounds like fun to me!” someone shouted. “You can count me in!”

“Will we have sex with our own partner only?” a petite brunette named Annette asked timidly. “Most of you might be safe with a child on the way. But we won in the third episode, and I fucked with my Aaron, and also with Curt over here. I might like to do that again, but what will that do to my now very empty womb…?”

“Don’t you want a child with me?” a grinning Curt asked.

“Nay, I don’t think so,” Annette said with an audible grin.

“Well, you must make up your own mind. that’s entirely for you to decide. Ruby and I decided we didn’t care who the father of our next child would be, as long as it’s either Benjamin or Daniel. But we live as one big family now.”

“And we’re very pregnant again, and guess what, we both don’t know the father!” Ruby added. “Well, off course we do, but we don’t know who it is!” Laughter. “But let’s agree that it’s for everyone to decide what they’ll do or won’t do tomorrow. And with whom. But beware out there: there will be a camera around!”

“I think it will be fun if we all wear swimwear in the girls’ colours,” I said. “Just like in the show. We have a nice selection of new Wicked Weasels in four colours, and matching trunks for the guys.”

And so the night ended in a hilarious fitting session. I myself loved to see only happy faces, and a lot of pretty pussies and clean shaven boners. And bellies ranging from hard and flat to eight months pregnant. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day for sure.


Let me fill you in a bit about the island. Besides our own house a lot of the facilities on the island is already in place. Our custodians house overlooks the beautiful bay where the condominiums are located. This village is meant for use by the winners of the shows, and all pregnant female leftovers, the ladies who did get pregnant but who were not chosen by their designated partners. They can stay as long as they wish, and enjoy free care and education for their children. The compensation for this arrangement will be their cooperation in the future fuck squad training program and in porn productions made by The Corp on the island. With them being pregnant it’s easy to figure out what kind of productions they will perform in.

To the other side of the village, away from the ocean, is the brand new studio facilities, Broadcast House. It replaces the old one in LA, except for the impregnation sessions. The first dating show coming from here is the anniversary show this weekend.

The babes who are contracted for the matching program, the scientific program which seeks the perfect match for the date show candidates, live on with their normal lives, besides being part of extensive surveys and testing. They are intensively monitored by the house gynaecologist doctor Fred, including tests to determine their ovulation cycle. Only when there’s a promising match they go on a short holiday which was supposedly won in some vague lottery. They come to Fred’s facility near universal city, LA for the mating program. In a few days they have closely filmed sessions in the glory hole in an attempt to get knocked up by the designated date-partner. For the only way to win in the show is to be pregnant, and being chosen for a date by the culprit, the candidate who was matched beforehand through an intensive survey. The dating show isn’t called “I’m Having Your Baby, Boy!” for nothing.

Broadcast House comprises the studio for the monthly shows. But additional features are the luxury suites. It’s where the winning couples of the show will spent their first romantic night as a couple. And it’s where a few happy audience members spent a night with the pregnant girls who are so unfortunate not to end up with their designated date. Just like the show itself these nights of sex filled fun are streamed as well. The viewer’s ratings for these all-night sexual romps are always great, and the demand for the views are still growing rapidly.

The suites are fully rigged with hidden cameras and strategic vantage points from which covert camera shots are made. Even the furniture and the beds are equipped with small HD cameras capturing every action in close-up sordid detail. The winning couples get the recordings on Blu-ray as a memento, but the footage of the licentious abuse of the pregnant cast-offs is streamed live and afterwards edited into gonzo porn movies.

The children’s area is not ready yet by a long way. It will eventually stretch away from the back side of our custodians house to the secluded children only beach. But there are not yet many children, so this part will expand in time. My sister Noah supervises the facility and it’s personnel. Her only staff member at this time is Ruby’s kid sister Melanie, who just turned 18 herself.

The next large project will be the facilities for the black fuck squads. This weekend the stallions are still flown in from Florida, where they have a makeshift facility. But work has begun on the luxurious quarters with their own access to the white beach on the other side of the island. And a fully equipped gym, sauna and indoor swimming facility. It could easily be used for training by professional athletes preparing for the Olympics.

Our black fuckers will reside on the other side of the island, in their own luxurious compound where The Corp will make porn productions, spin-offs of the successful dating shows. Luscious features centred around the black stallions on Caribbean white beaches and at the large pool area. And gonzo filth for preggo lovers, black gangbang regulars, and kinky stuff boarding on the SM side. The left over chicks will be featured as starlets in the gonzo tapes. In exchange for their participation they can live for free on the island, and their kids are looked after with good care and education.


Saturday came, and so did the plane with the audience members. After the first few shows there was a huge demand for tickets. The new facilities on the island allow for more public, but the numbers are kept under a hundred, to keep the shows a bit intimate, and to make the experience a more exclusive one. As the men – the audience members are mainly male – flock the village our guests got a lot of attention. Clad only in tight bikinis and swimming trunks they were instant celebrities, as quite a few men recognised them as previous winners. The fuck squad members were already present and took on their other duty as guards. They escort candidates and winners of the show. Actually it’s funny that they now have to protect the chicks who they most probably would love to grab and abuse themselves. But the winners are strictly off limits to them, unless explicitly invited.

It was fun, but all our guests preferred the more quietness of our home and each other’s company, so before noon they came to our place. We retreated to our private and secluded beach, and let the audience enjoy themselves. Lunch was a lavish buffet of fresh fruits and sweet pastries.

“This is so liberating,” a tiny red firecracker named Faye said. “I feel free and safe here. At home I’m recognised quite often but rarely loved, because of our participation in the show. People don’t understand. They’ve seen us all, but while they think Chris is such a good man, I’m seen as a slut. But we’ve done exactly the same… God, I hate double standards.”

“Maybe it’s because us women carry the children,” Asia said. “But you’re right, it’s wrong.”

“Yeah. I do love my Chris, and I do love sex. But those are two different things. I simply love showing off myself, wearing revealing outfits, get admired. With you all I’ve a feeling of family, like we belong. I feel as if I’m understood.”

“We all know the same feeling. There’s no need to explain.”

“Yes, that’s liberating.”

“It’s true, Faye,” Ruby said. “But all other participants in the show are not as lucky as we are. Our destiny could have been so different. It has been a very dangerous path for us all. But now we don’t fear no more.”

“I believe I’m something of an exhibitionist. And you all make me feel it’s save to feel that way.”

“Ah, you’re a hot red fox you are!” Ben. “That red micro-kini you wear is quite revealing all by itself. It suits you good!”

“Wel Ben, you horny beast, we all wear hot suits don’t we.” Ruby.

“Yes, Faye is right. You’re all exhibitionist. And I for one love you even more for it.”

“Hear, hear, I endorse that,” I said. “And so does The Corp. The camera team will arrive any minute now. They’ll love to take some lovely shots of you running around in your skimpy swimwear. But they probably expect to see you in more compromising circumstances, like with your buttocks bare. Our even more preferably, with some cock inside your pussy!”

“So you can live out your exhibitionistic side,” Ben added. “The producer of tonight’s show told me he expects to get some groovin’ hard core shots to intersperse with the original footage of all our previous shows. To celebrate the first anniversary.”

“Let’s celebrate the first year and make the camera crew happy!” Ruby said.

Asia added: “We’ll give a show, the four us, the winners of the first show. I invite you all to support us. Be our audience.”

We all went back to the house where we have a big round king-size bed on the terrace. We gathered some chairs and set them around the bed in a big circle. When all set down the camera crew arrived. Luckily they brought two cameras. One was put up on a tripod, the other carried around to shoot the action from the shoulder. Ruby, Ben, Asia and me got I together in the middle of the round bed in a tight group hug.

As our private public cheered us on, our group hug evolved into a serious kissing feast. With our faces glued together hands began to roam over bodies. My crotch was being touched, my scrotum kneaded, my cock squeezed. First all through my swimming trunk, but then someone’s hand sneaked inside through the leg. My hands wandered around and smoothed bikini clad bottoms, my fingers slithered between thighs and felt up two hungry pussies, the heat greeting my probing fingers through the gussets. In the tangled bodies I even must have touched Ben’s cock.

As we entangled I saw smiling faces all around us and a beaming director. Our girls got on all four, next to each other, in opposite position. I kneeled before my wife’s head, got my dick out of my drawers and put it inside Asia’s willing mouth. Ben did the same with Ruby. One camera was pointed at my end of the action, the other at Ben’s. Looking around I saw the public enjoying the action as well. Most couples sat together stroking each other’s genitals. Feeling completely hard I got my dick out of Asia’s mouth and pointed it at Ruby’s twat. As Ben saw my action he did the same. Nudging the crown of my cock between Ruby’s engorged nether lips she pushed back slightly starting to engulf my pecker. To loud cheers from the bystanders we both shoved our cocks deep inside each other’s wife’s pussy.

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My Very First Time Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Okay, So I spent Friday afternoon at Angelica Sanchez’ house. She is my new girlfriend and she is beautiful. The weird thing is that we are both eighteen and neither of us has been laid. Not even once.

She knows all about oral sex, because she sucked me off this afternoon until I thought I would faint. And I got to see her stripped except for her panties and touched her pussy and licked her breasts and man, what an afternoon.

But she said that she promised her old boyfriend who taught her all about sex that she would not get laid until she was eighteen. Okay, so a month ago was her eighteenth birthday and January was mine. So?

Well, she asked me to come over to her house tomorrow. Her folks are away for the weekend at some legal conference, so it’s just her and her two dogs and a cat at the Sanchez house. So, am I getting over there on Saturday? Right!

For some reason I slept like a freaking log on Friday night. I woke up at eight on the dot thanks to the radio alarm that plays the classic rock station. I jumped into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt along with my beat up Nikes. I jumped down the steps two at a time and invaded the refrigerator of three granola bars and a huge glass of orange juice.

Then it was attack the garage and the lawn and suddenly it’s eleven thirty. So sweating like a fountain, I pick up my cell in the garage and call Angelica.



“Jerome! How are you?”

“Are you kidding me? After yesterday? I am a changed man!”

She laughs that great laugh of hers. “And are you working today?”

“Shit no! I got up early to do my chores. Jerome Woodley is a free man.”

“Would you like me to make you lunch?”

“Depends on what is on the menu.”

She laughs again. “Oh, I’m sure I can make it interesting. About one?”

“Si, Senorita! See you then!” I hang up and punch the heavy bag hanging in the garage five quick ones. Man! Am I lucky or what?

I get in the shower and scrub every inch of Jerome Woodley. I began to shave like six months ago, but really I only have to like once a week. But I take the Old Spice I took from my Dad and I splash it on my arms and my face and even under my arms.

Then I put on my really tight Perry Ellis Tee shirt that Mom got me for my birthday, a pair of Docker shorts, clean socks and of course, my Nikes again. I bop downstairs and it’s twelve fifteen. So I get on Space Book for fifteen minutes and screw around with people I don’t know.. Okay, trick is to ride my bike slow enough so I don’t get all sweated up again. I’d love to drive over, but Dad is on the golf course and I know Mom has got running around to do.

“Mom!” I call. “Garage is clean! Lawn is mowed! I am outa here!” And I head for the garage without waiting for a reply. I have a two year old Trek bike. It is really cool and cost me most of the money I earned working at camp last summer. But I found it on e-bay and I think I stole the freaking thing.

I pedal easily out of the driveway and take the bike path that runs through our town of Wellington. It is cool for May, but I am floating along. Is this the day that two soon to be graduates of Lower Wellington High School lose their virginity? I can tell you that she is the hottest girl I have ever dated, which in itself is no big deal because I have not dated that much. But she has these great boobs and a tight ass and wonderful lips and they were wrapped around my dick yesterday. Weird!

I ride some neighborhood roads and only have to get out on a main road for about a mile and I swing into Narberth hills where the Sanchez family lives. I come up to the house and leave the bike on the front walkway. On a Saturday afternoon I figure it’s safe.

I ring the doorbell and before I get my finger off the bell the door swings open and there’s Angelica. She’s wearing a large dark blue sweat shirt with Holy Cross in red on the front. I guess she’s wearing shorts under it, but I can’t tell. It comes down to her thighs and that’s about it.

She takes my hand and like pulls me in the house. She comes right Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort up to me and kisses me really softly and her tongue comes right out and into my mouth. I do the same and we are kissing like crazy and she has her arms around me and I have mine around her.

I pull back just a little and put my hands under the sweat shirt and up her back. Holy shit! She’s not wearing anything under the sweat shirt! She pulls her head back and smiles at me. “Surprised, Jerome Woodley?”

I smile back. “Well, yeah…”

She backs off and takes my hand and leads me in the huge kitchen they have with all the pots and pans hanging off the cooking island in the middle. She has a huge plate of cold cuts and cheese and crackers laid out on the island.

She goes in the refrigerator and gets two Cokes. She hands them to me and I pop them open and give one to her. She grabs the plate with the cold cuts and signals for me to take the crackers on the other plate and follow her. She leads me out to their back patio.

It’s got these great flagstones and a table with an umbrella, four chairs around the table and a couple of lounge chairs. But, the neatest thing about it is that there are about a dozen huge pine trees surrounding the whole thing except for one little path in the middle that leads out into the yard. I mean nobody can see who is doing what on the Sanchez patio. And, there is some shade there like almost all day.

Today there is a nice breeze blowing and the sun is out. The trees are just waving a bit and whispering around the patio. We put our plates down on the table between the lounge chairs and stretch out.

Angelica takes a cracker and puts some cheese and baloney on top and hands it over to me. I tip my Coke can at her. We start talking about school and our plans for summer.

“What is your friend Justin going to do?” She asks me.

“Well, his mom is getting divorced again and it looks like they will have to move, so I don’t know. Dude stayed out of trouble most of the year, though, didn’t he?”

“Yes,” she says, sighing.” She munches on her cracker for a minute and I’m looking at her lying there with those great legs stretched out and that lower lip that extends just enough to make it sexy. “I bet there are a lot of sad stories at Lower Wellington that we don’t even know about.”

I reach over to the table and take some cheese and another piece of baloney. It’s getting kinda warm so I start to take off my tee shirt. I stop. “Umm…is it okay for me to take off my tee shirt?”

She laughs that great tinkling laugh of hers. “After yesterday? What a silly question, Jerome Woodley!”

“Oh, yeah. I guess.” My ears are getting red. I take off my tee shirt and stretch out again. Without even looking over at Angelica, I say, “aren’t you getting warm?” Now, I swear, I was just making conversation, honest!

But I hear her giggle again and I hear some rustling an when I look over again, she has taken the sweat shirt off and man! I was right! She’s wearing nothing underneath but a pair of bikini bottoms!

She is propped up on one elbow looking over at me and grinning. “Wow! Angelica! I didn’t…that is, well, umm…”

She laughs again. “Like what you see, Jerome Woodley?”

I sit up. “Hell yes! Wow! You are really something.”

Her eyes half close. “What do you like about what you see. Tell me.”

“Umm, everything. I mean you got those great legs and your boobs, I mean breasts, are just, well, magnificent.”

She reaches under the table and pulls up a bottle of sun tan lotion. “You know, Jerome Woodley, those UV rays get through the trees really easily. Would you rub some lotion on me?”

With that she rolls over on her stomach and stretches her arms over her head, holding the bottle out to me. Well, by now I have a boner that is stretching my shorts, big time. I take the bottle and move over to the bottom of her lounge chair. I rub a lot of the stuff on both my hands and go up to her back and start to rub her shoulders.

“Man, Angelica,” I say, “I never realized what strong shoulders you have!”

“I am a swimmer, Jerome Woodley. Not at school, but I belong to a swim team in the summer.”

“You never told me that!”

With that she suddenly rolls over and is laying there with her boobs splayed out on her chest and her flat stomach and incredible legs right in front of me. “There is a lot about me that you don’t know yet, Jerome Woodley.”

I am trying to look her in they eye, but it is not easy. I mean man, her boobs are but gorgeous and as I’m staring at them because I can’t help it, her nipples become hard and stand up as if they are taunting me.

“Well, Jerome Woodley, don’t stop. This is where the sun can do the most damage, you know.”

“Oh yeah. Right. Sure” So I lather up my hands and start up at her neck. I’m rubbing very softly on her neck and bring my hands down to her shoulders and rub the lotion on her arms and then, well there is no way to avoid it – not that I want to, understand; but I drop some lotion on her breasts and she wiggles a little. I’m on my knees now, between her legs and sitting back on my haunches. I’m rubbing the lotion in on her breasts and she is starting to wiggle even more and breathe harder. She has both hands up over her head and is holding on to the top of the lounge chair really hard.

I am lost in those boobs. And my knees are killing me. So I shift so that my legs are hanging over the side of the lounge chair. This lets me lean back a bit and I reluctantly leave the wonder of Angelica’s breasts and begin to rub her stomach. I get down to the bikini bottoms and she raises her buttocks and brings her hands down and wiggles out of the bikini bottoms. She is stark freaking naked.

She is glistening from all the lotion I’ve put on her and I am in dreamland. Then she spreads her legs a little more and murmurs up to me “Finish what you started, Jerome Woodley.”

Well, my hands are still slick with the sun tan oil, so I start to massage her upper legs. They are really strong and buffed. Yeah, she must be some swimmer. I move my hands up and down her legs, kneading them, but not too hard.

She draws her legs up a little and my hands slide down her thighs and I am massaging the inside of her legs, right near her vagina. Now, with another girl I might call this her pussy. But this is Angelica freaking Sanchez, for God sake! So I’m rubbing and her legs are moving farther apart and she takes my hands and moves them right on top of the little bit of brown pubic hair that she’s got.

Now she’s guiding my hands and she takes the right one and begins to use it to rub right at the opening. “Go ahead, Jerome. Go ahead,” she whispers.

Well, okay, so I gotta do what I gotta do – shit! What I am dying to do! So I take my hand and slip one finger inside her. She is warm and wet and thank God for porno sites! I know how to stroke gently and then harder. She is now moaning and wiggling on the chair. Her hands are back holding on to the top of the chair.

I slip a second finger in and there is still plenty of room. Now, I know about a girl’s hymen and how you might break it with anything including a horse back ride. But I don’t feel anything there except a lot of slick wetness that is getting wetter all the time. She is now arching her back and really writhing from side to side. She takes her hands down, sits up just a little and grabs my head in both hands. “Kiss me, Jerome Woodley,” she moans. “Kiss me.”

So my fingers slide out of her and I’m laying right on top of her naked body, with the boner in my shorts pushing right where my hands were a second ago. We are kissing and she is pushing up against me and our tongues are going at it big time. She reaches down and grabs the top of my dockers and pulls the belt open and slides the zipper down. I get real cooperative and take them off myself. I’m laying on top of Angelica in my jockeys and she is naked under me and my jockeys are getting wet from her. What the hell.

So I slide the jockeys off and now I am on top this incredibly hot girl and we are both naked and I know what has to come next. But I don’t know how to start things at this point.

Her eyes are half closed. “Jerome, Jerome, mi amor, she is sighing. What are you waiting for?”

Well, to tell the truth, I don’t know. But I am. She reaches down and grabs my dick in her hand. It is wet from her vaginal juices and when she takes ahold of it, it gets even bigger. She raises her legs, pushes her ass up in the air a little and guides me into her. Guides me into her!

Oh my God! I’m getting laid for the first time in my life! I’m fucking a beautiful girl! And not with some cheap whore or one of those easy bangs at school – but with Angelica Freaking Sanchez! On her back patio on a lounge chair covered with a big towel and the sun beating down on my back! The trees are waving for me to keep it up. She is holding on to my back and moaning in my ear and her legs are wrapping themselves around me and she is holding me in a freaking death grip.

I am pumping up and down really slowly. Not that I know that this is the right way to do it, but because I’m afraid if I pick up speed I’ll cum and I really don’t want to do that just yet. She grabs me with her legs like a wrestling hold and arches her back and says in my ear “now, Jerome Woodley, now!”

And she starts to call out in a language that I know isn’t English and also is not Spanish. And she grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me in even closer and she squeezes with her legs and I feel her vagina close around me and HERE I CUM!.

I shoot what must be a quart inside her. She shudders and shudders and finally stops and her breathing slows down and I am sweating up a storm. My dick begins to shrink and slides out of her.

Suddenly I feel all the plastic under the towel and realize how uncomfortable this is. But a minute or so ago, man, I was flying. I felt nothing but Angelica. So this is what it is like. No, this is what this was like. It can’t be like this every time. No way. I lean back a little and look down at her. She is smiling at me. I sit up and our bodies come apart. I lean back and swing my legs off the lounge chair.

She is still smiling at me. “First time, Jerome Woodley?”

“Yeah, Angelica, I told you! Was it okay for you?”

“It was magic, Jerome Woodley. I have masturbated and cum. My old boyfriend Joel would make my cum with his hand and his tongue. But I told you, I never have had intercourse before. I t was wonderful Thank you.”

“No, I mean, thank you Angelica. Wow! I was, I don’t know. Like I was not even here. Like somewhere else. Know what I mean?”

“Oh yes, I do. I was too. I think I love you, Jerome.”

“Umm..I love you, Angelica. I cannot imagine ever making love to anyone else. Can you?”

She shakes her head and giggles. “No, not right now, I can’t!”

With that she swings her legs off the lounge chair, takes up the towel, her bikini bottoms and her sweat shirt and motions for me to come inside. I pick up my clothes in a bundle and follow her.

Without a word she heads upstairs and I follow her naked butt, a little red from what we just went through on the lounge chair. She leads me into the bathroom and into this huge stall shower. The water is semi-warm and we soap each other up all over and just giggle and wash each other. Then we come out and dry each other all over.

She slides the sweat shirt back on, without the bikini bottoms. I get dressed and she leads me back downstairs. We are standing in the front hall. “So, Jerome Woodley, we are now lovers, yes?”

“Hell yes! Angelica – I love you!”

She puts a finger up to my lips. “Let us see how we get through this summer. Oh – and Jerome? Next time you come over and we are alone? Bring some condoms. We cannot take these chances, right?”

I grin from ear to ear. “Right, Angelica. I promise.” We do along, long kiss goodbye and I open the door and go out. She is standing in the doorway with her arms crossed under her breasts in that sweatshirt. I get on my bike and wave. She waves back and I start for home.

The breeze is blowing past my ears and I want to shout to the whole freaking neighborhood: I made freaking love this afternoon! Not just got laid, but made actual freaking love! Jerome feels like a man!


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Jeffrey Carter stepped off of the plane, inhaled the moist air, and smiled. My first trip to the Bahamas. His friend Anthony recommended this place for some R and R. I have a suite in the Hilton on the beach. Running your own company can be hard on your mind and you body. I’m thirty years, single, never married, one son who is seven from a college relationship. Alexander is my heart but his mother and me didn’t get along enough to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my son. He will never have to want. I have him every other weekend, one month in the summer, and we alternate the holidays. That’s my pride and he needs to know that.

My other pride is my business. After college I started a dot COM Company. It was a web page where black people, really any race, could come to get help or answers to any question. After six months I became a millionaire. After two and a half years I was worth 15.7 million dollars. When I owned the company for three almost four years another dot com company came to me and made it possible for me to retire at the age of 30. They brought my company for 67.5 million dollars. I’m happy, my son is provided for, and now it’s time to rest. This place is beautiful. Before I checked into the hotel I drove the island in my rental car. The beach made me want to go swimming.

Time to head for the room for some rest. The desk clerk told me at check in that my had a good view of the ocean and that there would be a beach party starting at 10pm for hotel guest and friends. The room view is nice and peaceful. I looked down to the beach and see someone strolling along. A caramel slim female with long black hair. From here she looked beautiful. Someone I could get into. Nice body, nice height, and nice hair. Maybe I’ll see her at the beach party. Well, better get some sleep. Damn! What time Gaziantep Oral Escort is it, 9:30pm. I can’t believe I slept this long. I still make it to the party and maybe find that girl.

After a shower I throw on my swim trunks with a white shirt unbutton. Show off my built. I have a light chocolate complexion, cut close curly hair cut, 6’2 with muscular built and a stomach you can scrub clothes on. I walked to the beach and can hear the party was at fuel swing. I look around to see if I could find the girl. No such luck, but there were plenty of other cuties here. I meet a couple of them, dance with some, but most of them were looking for money. There she goes that fine ass girl from the beach. She had on a white swim suite with a lace wrap skirt. Her hair cascaded down her back like a wave. I walked up to her and asked if she would like to dance she said no. So I asked could I buy her a drink.

She said no again. I asked what was there I could do to get her to talk to me. Se stated she was from the island and was not trying to get her groove back. I told her I wasn’t trying to give back her groove. That I just wanted someone to talk too. I was about to walk away feeling salty and wanting to call her out of her name. That’s when she gently touched my arm. She apologize and told me her name was Tara. That her father owns the hotel and she was tired of horney Americans coming to the island just to have sex with an islander. I explain to her that I was not like that. That I have been working hard lately and I came down to rest. I went as far as to tell her that. I was asleep about a hour ago. She laugh lightly and said she would love to dance. We dance and talked until the end of the party. I went back to my room and slept until noon. I did some souvenir shopping and sight seeing.

When the sun begin to go down I went to the beach for a walk. I need to decide how I would live the rest of my life. Every men wish is to retire early but shit, I don’t want to be bored. That’s when I heard a gentle call of my name. I turned to see Tara running towards him. Hey, I said to her. Damn. She was beautiful. The things I could do to her. She ask me where have I been all day. That she was looking for me to show me around the island. I explained what I did for the day and told her I didn’t think she wanted to be bothered by an American. She laughed bashfully and said she was wrong and wanted to make it up to me. I laughed. We talked and walked for while. She offered to treat me to dinner because of last night.

Of course I accepted. The food was good and really spicy. As we walked to the hotel I was hoping to get come but not wishing it. In front of the hotel she told me she did not want the night to end. I told her that I was really tired and need to rest. She looked dejected. Hey, wasn’t she the one dogging me the other night about sex with an American. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to fuck her brains out but tonight I will need a cold shower. Well, can we get together tomorrow? I can show you some more of the island. I agree to meet her out front at one and went up to my room. I slept a hard sleep and woke up with a headache. So I called and cancelled with Tara. I could tell in her tone she was not too happy. O well, I will not die for a piece of ass so I went back to sleep. Around six there was a little tap at the door. I went to answer the door and Tara was there, She said she came to see if I was all right and brought me something to eat. I told her I was feeling much fine and invited her in. An un-invited guess means that I’m getting me some of that ass.

I said to her so you stop by to see if I was doing better or to see if I was playing you off. Before she could answer I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She did not resist. She wanted what I wanted. I pushed her on to the bed. I removed her clothes roughly, sucking on any exposed skin. She moaned and sighed with each piece of clothes removed. She lied there withering butt naked on my bed. I slowly removed my t-shirt and pajama pants. She was begging me to fuck her. Oh, in due time, she still had to pay for her comments. I climbed on the bed where her head was and put my thick dick to her lips. She sucked it in hungrily.

Damn, her mouth was doing wonders on my balls than my dick. Now, my dick isn’t small, it’s about 8 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick. I tell you my dick was hitting the back of her throat and I pumped deeper. She gagged but recovered. Although I was enjoying this I had to stop her. I looked down at her and saw her hand disappearing in and out of her pussy.

A damn woman’s fingers can’t out do a man. I turned her around roughly, spread her legs, bent her legs at the knee and bushed them outward, was ready to dive in. Oh shit, I forgot my damn rubber. I reached into my nightstand and got one. Had it on within a few seconds and was back in business. I nudge the head of my dick into her. She yelled out loud. I let my enlarged head just sit there. When she calmed down I slammed the rest of my dick inside of her. She was enraptured as I thrust in and out of her. She was cumming like a facet was turned on.

I pulled out and flipped her over. I pulled her ass to me, spread her check and re-entered her pussy. I held on to her bucking ass, forcing every inch of me into her. I was at the end of this ride so I pushed hard one last time and knocked her to the bed. Cumming deep inside her with my rubber tightly on. The rest of the week there I got a lot of rest, relaxation, and my dick being sucked and fucking. I guess I did exhale, again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

House Call

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I sat at my desk not being able to concentrate on the files before me. My mind kept going back to electrician that had been fixing things at my house the night before. He was tall with blonde spiky hair, blue eyes that could pierce your soul. The muscles in his arms rippled as he worked, the way his tattoo’s moved as he did. I sat their watching him, getting wetter by the seconds.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking in the direction of my office. I couldn’t get up and close the blinds, that wouldn’t look right. The more I thought about this man the hotter I became. I wanted to lean back, close my eyes and let my fingers roam. But I was at work and needed to get some work done. But at this rate, nothing had been accomplished all morning, except thinking about him. How after he was done, he came over to me asking if there was anything else at all I’d like him to do for me. He had a very sexy look on his face, so I knew what he meant.

I smiled up to him, not saying anything at first, just lifting my face to his. I had grabbed him by the shirt pulling him to me. I kissed him fully on the mouth, tongue and all. Instant heat poured out of us, desire was what we tasted. This was what I was thinking about, everything that took place.

I couldn’t stand anymore. I reached down sliding my panties to one side, forcing my fingers inside the lips of my pussy. Closing my eyes I thought of the night before, how this man took me right on my living room floor. How he brought orgasm after orgasm out of me. How he touched my body, eating my pussy, sliding his big thick cock in and out of me.

I rubbed my fingers feverishly over my clit, dipping them down to touch my hole. My juices flowed, just as he had made them the night before. I wanted to spread my legs far apart so bad, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t get caught. I scooted to the edge of my chair leaning my knees outwards. Rubbing harder, using just the finger tips I rubbed my clit back and forth. Every so often re-wetting my fingers, hearing how juicy my pussy was, it made me ache to be fucked right now.

I wanted his dick so bad right now I could taste it, feel it. I wanted to hear his voice in my ear, whispering dirty nasty thoughts as he fucked me hard on the floor. Thrusting his cock deep into my pussy, hearing his balls slap up against me with each thrust. Feeling him fill me up inside, spreading me open with his cock. His hands roaming over my body, his lips and tongue tasting me.

I rubbed my clit harder, feeling the heat just building deep inside. You could hear my pussy it was so dam wet. My clit was swelling under my fingers, begging for attention. I stifled my moans that wanted to escape my lips so badly, to cry out in pleasure. A few small cries slipped out, those couldn’t be helped. I could feel it coming, building and building. My pussy wanted to cum so badly, to feel the waves of orgasm take me.

I leaned back in my chair and let it happen. Rubbing my clit harder and harder, feeling Gaziantep Anal Escort my orgasm hit and explode. My body twisted and slowly shook. “Oh, yes,” came from my mouth as it hit it’s peak. I rubbed and rubbed on my swollen juicy pussy. I could feel my cum run out, running down onto my ass. I smiled to myself, that was good. Slowing the rubbing down, but not stopping. I closed my legs together, tightening my pussy. holding onto the end of it. Feeling the after shocks of a hard intense orgasm.

Afterwards I sat their for a few minutes still thinking about the hot electrician. I flipped through my personal phone book, finding his number, I dialed it. I reached his voice mail and left a message, “It’s me from last night, meet me at my home, 8 p.m.. And, if you have hand cuffs, bring them” then I hung up.

At 8 PM that night, my door bell rang. I hesitated before getting up to answer it. Opening it, their he stood, looking sexier then what I remember. I smiled thinking back to this afternoon. He thought I was smiling at him and smiled even bigger. Moving aside he entered. Once the door was closed he looked me up and down like I was candy. I admit I did look good, black thigh highs, black garter belt and black bra and of course the black thong to go along with it. I stood six foot with long raven hair, it was down and curly. Yes, I’m sure I did look like candy.

I took him by the hand, leading him to my bedroom. I had the room set up with candles and music that I liked to fuck to and then their was me. He looked me deep in the eyes and said ‘”Sit,” and I sat. “Scoot back on the bed,” he told me. I sat back up against the pillows and posed for him. He smiled, he knew that I knew he wanted to see me sitting there like that with being dressed as I was. “Your beautiful,” he told me. I smiled, even blushed. But blushing wasn’t the look I was trying for here.

He climbed up the foot of the bed towards me, his eyes penetrating deep in me. They made me want him more then I already did, if that was possible. Seeing his tattooed arms as he came closer made me think such nasty thoughts. He stared me deep in the eyes coming closer and closer till his lips reached mine. His kiss was hard and hungry, forcing his tongue in my mouth. I wasn’t ready for it but, when he kissed me many things stirred deep between my thighs. His hands went to my breasts, gripping them soft then tight. My chest rose and fell with his touch. Kissing him back just as hard and deep, returning the lust he felt.

I grabbed him by the hair, which was hard as hell, not to mention a little on the sticky side. “Sorry,” he muttered. I wiped the residue on his arm. It made one of his tattoo’s glisten in the candle light. My pussy tightened and I bit my lower lip as a deeper lust swept through me. Pushing him back I told him I wanted him to sit. He sat and I climbed on his lap. Taking his arms I wrapped them around my body, resting his hands on my ass. I lowered my lips to his as I took his shirt off, stopping only for it to go over his head. He started to kiss me hard again and I pulled back, waiting a second or two. Then, I’d slowly start kissing him, if he came in to fast, I’d pull back.

I reached down and unzipped his pants, then asked him to take them off. Once he was fully naked I climbed back on his lap. Seeing his body naked again, this time by candle light made my heat start building. Taking his cock in my hand I started stroking him slowly from base to head. I sat their looking deep into his eyes. He tried several times to kiss me, each time I leaned back, not letting him kiss me. “Just sit there,” I told him.

I stroked his cock till it started leaking for me. I leaned in kissing him hard and deep, then pulling away and sliding my body down his. Still stroking him, I licked and kissed my way down to his cock. Bringing the head to my lips, I coated them with his pre-cum. Licking my lips then looking up at him I ran my tongue over the head, twirling my tongue around it. Then licking just the top of it and sucking off the pre-cum. I started sucking at the base of his cock as I stroked the length. Letting go, I licked from his balls to just under the head, flicking my tongue back and forth, then sucking.

I reached up taking his hands and holding them, licking his dick, making it come up to my lips. After doing this a few times I couldn’t take anymore I wanted to taste him, to feel him fill my mouth. Bringing his cock to my lips one more time, licking up to the head I opened my mouth. Sucking in just the head, sucking it in and out of my mouth. Each time I sucked in a little more of his cock, working it over with my tongue.

I started sucking his dick from base to head, flicking my tongue at the same time. His hips started meeting my rhythm, working his cock deep into my mouth. I leaned directly over his dick and started sucking him in all the way, letting the tip hit the back of my throat. He moaned deep in his throat as his cock was all the way in my mouth. I wrapped my lips tighter around his big hard cock, sucking and licking him at the same time.

I let go of his hands as I was enjoying myself. He reached up unhooking the garter belt, then slipping off my thong. Two of his fingers were inserted inside my pussy, I moaned at feeling him finger me. He started out fingering me real slow, working his way up to the same rhythm that I was sucking his cock at. The harder I sucked his big cock the harder he fingered me. I got off on sucking him in and out of my mouth, feeling his dick hit the back of my throat. Feeling it getting harder and thicker while inside my mouth. Harder and harder I sucked, while licking at the same time just under the head.

“Baby, I’m going to cum.” he whispered. My mouth was full so I couldn’t answer him back, all I could do was, mmmmhmmmm. I knew this sent a vibration over his cock, as well did his noises tell me so. I picked up my pace a bit with each thrust of his cock in my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and turned my head side ways. His cock started squirting all over my face, covering me in his hot cum. Squirt after squirt till his load was all out, the look on his face was so intense.

I grabbed a towel I had beside the bed and wiped my face off. Coming up to him kissing him deep hard, hungry. His hands were still in my hair as he kissed me back just as hard. “God, baby that was fucking hot,” he said in between kisses. His cock was still so dam hard and I wanted to feel it inside of me. Climbing back onto his lap, grabbing his cock I forced it inside of my hot wet pussy. We both gasped for air at the feeling of him entering me. I slammed my pussy down on his cock, forcing it to go deep within. I rode him hard letting him know how bad I wanted his cock.

He grabbed me by my hips, his body meeting mine. Grabbing at my ass spreading my pussy lips open wider. As I came up on his dick, he’d slam it up into me, causing me to come down on him harder and faster. I rode him hard pounding my wet pussy down on his cock, forcing it to go deeper in me. Riding the whole length of him, feeling every inch of his still hard cock being shoved in my pussy.

“Baby,” he said “I want to feel you cum on my cock.” I then went to riding the head, feeling it slip in and out of my pussy. Feeling him slam up into me again made me want to drown his dick in my hot pussy’s cum. He kept pounding his dick up in my pussy feeling it throb. “Yes, baby give it to me. Let me feel you cum.” he moaned in my ear. Each time he thrust his cock up in my pussy the closer I was to cuming. I kept slamming my body down on his over and over, feeling my pussy tightening around him.

My moaning started low at first and then built very quickly. My pussy grabbed onto his cock as my orgasm hit. My moans turned into almost scream. Grabbing my ass harder, slamming his dick harder and faster into me his own orgasm hit again. I could feel his hot seed being pumped deep into me. His cock throbbed inside me as we were both coated in our cum. I could feel it running out of me and onto his balls. My moans didn’t stop until both of our orgasms drained us.

We laid on our sides with his cock still pulsing inside me, as my pussy twitched around him. I must have fallen asleep shortly there after. When I woke the room was dark and he was from behind sliding his cock in and out of me. He reached around playing with my nipples as I moaned softly. Getting on my knees for him to fuck me doggy style, my face went into the pillows. He positioned himself behind me and started pounding away at my soaked kitty. “Your pussy is so hot for me,” he whispered to me as he fucked me harder and harder. I bucked my hips back fucking his cock, “Give me that throbbing cock. Fill my pussy with your hot seed baby. Please, fuck me harder.” He did just that, a few more thrusts and he filled my pussy over and over.

We laid their after still kissing and letting our hands roam till we both fell asleep. When I woke in the morning, he was gone. He did leave a note saying, “You are and will always be my fantasy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Clint cruised slowly down the gravel road, leaving only a thin, short-lived trail of dust behind his RV. Born and raised in just such an area, he knew to avoid kicking up a dust storm if he wanted to remain friendly with the locals. He absolutely wanted to remain friendly with the locals.

Doing exactly that was why he had access to most of the properties in the area, giving him the best possible chance of accomplishing his goal. If the stories he’d heard were true, and he could prove it, there was a chance of attracting grant money or donations to the foundation.

As he drove, he mentally mapped the locations he had recently stayed overnight, trying to decide where to set the night’s base camp. Naturally, the next logical place was one of the few properties the owner wouldn’t allow him on. He’d asked the previous year, and been refused in a vehement — even threatening — manner. The property was huge, and left a giant hole in his coverage of the area. The man’s driveway was fast approaching, and he glanced that way as he passed.

He immediately let off the accelerator, having seen a woman he didn’t recognize walking down the lane toward the mailbox. He’d also noticed flowers growing next to the house, and those certainly hadn’t been there when the crotchety old man had chased him off the property the previous year. He pulled as far off the side of the road as he could and stopped.

God damn! he thought as he got his first good look at her in the rearview mirror. The white t-shirt she was wearing looked as though it was ready to explode from trying to contain her tits. The rest of her wasn’t bad, either. She had long blonde hair, and a pretty face. Her shorts showed off her nice legs, and a butt that was big, but not too big. He guessed she was about his mother’s age.

He took a moment to compose himself, and opened the door. The heat and humidity hit him like a sledgehammer. A thunderstorm had popped up earlier, drowning the area in a downpour. The clouds had barely passed before the temperature had skyrocketed once more. All the evaporating rain water made the air feel as thick as soup, and it was the absolute hottest part of the scorching summer day.

“Afternoon,” she said when he climbed out of the RV. “You lost? Afraid I may not be of much help. I barely know my own way around.”

“No, I didn’t recognize you, so I thought I’d stop. Isn’t this…” he trailed off as the old man’s name escaped him.

“Hibb Keller?” she prompted.

He snapped his fingers. “Yeah, I think that was the name. Did he move?”

“Passed away at the first of the year.”

“I’m sorry.”

She waved her hand in a dismissive gesture, then used it to wipe the sweat from her brow. “He lived a full life. To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t seen him in over ten years.”

He walked up to her and asked, “Related?”

“My uncle. He left the place to me.” She chuckled, shrugged, and clarified, “Well, he left it to the family, and nobody else wanted it.” She held out her hand and said, “I’m Alice Keller.”

Clint shook her hand and said, “Clint Drake.”

“Let me guess. You want to look through all the junk he had stacked everywhere?”

That explained the old man’s territorial behavior. If he was a collector, having some stranger on the property with his treasures was absolutely intolerable. He knew the type quite well.

He shook his head. “I work with the Raptor Research Foundation. People in the area have been telling stories about a strange owl. I’ve heard what I believe were calls from Boreal Owls in the area a couple of times, and it always seems to come from this direction.”

“I’ve certainly got some hooters,” she said.

You can say that again, he thought, having to fight to keep his eyes from dropping down to her breasts.

She continued, “They’re living in the barns and out in the woods. Hear them all the time and see them once in a while.”

“Those are probably Horned Owls. Boreals make a completely different sound, and if they’re actually here, they’re an oddity. This is easily two hundred miles south of their normal breeding range.”

From farther up the drive, he heard a man’s voice say, “You again?”

Shit, Clint thought, recognizing the old man as Hibb’s friend, from his previous stop at the property.

Shaking his finger as he approached, the gray-haired man said, “If you think you’re going to take advantage of Alice here because Hibb passed on, you best be rethinking it.”

“It’s fine, Floyd,” Alice said. “He’s looking for owls, not uncle Hibbs collection.”

The old man walked up next to Alice and stared daggers at Clint. “Hmph! Owls. Big load of hogwash, I say.”

“We’re trying to sell things, remember?” Alice said, and then patted the old man on the shoulder.

“Sell them for what they’re worth. Not peanuts or pilfering.”

Hearing that they were selling sparked an idea for a possible inroad. “If you’re looking to sell, I know someone who buys. They call themselves Barn Owl Treasures.”

The Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort old man snorted and rolled his eyes.

Alice said, “I actually called them. They said they’d put me on the list, but I haven’t heard anything back.”

Clint smiled and said, “I know the owner’s son, though. Looking for owls, I spend a lot of time in barns. When I see something interesting, I pass along the tip. I’ve hit pay dirt often enough that he takes me seriously.”

“Really? It would be nice to clean out at least a little of this stuff,” Alice said longingly.

Knowing the type, Clint tossed a trump, hoping to take the trick. He addressed Floyd and said, “You probably know the collection like the back of your hand. You could pick out some things you know are really valuable, and I’ll take pictures for him. That’s sure to get his attention.”

The old man’s eyes lit up, and Clint knew he had him. Floyd folded his arms across his chest and grinned. “Oh, there’s a few pieces here and there that’ll make a man piss himself, if he knows what he’s looking at.”

Clint said, “Point them out, and maybe I can help you sell a few things. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes on the rafters to see if I can find what I’m looking for.”

“Sounds like a good deal to me,” Alice encouraged the old man.

Floyd’s brow wrinkled, and he grunted. “I’ve heard they pony up, and deal fair. That’s why I had you call them, Alice.” He turned his attention back to Clint and said, “If you think you can get them here, I’ll show you a few things.”

“Put the right stuff in front of them, and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing to come try to buy it,” Clint said.

Alice clapped her hands, and rubbed them together. “Let’s get to it, then. Clint, why don’t you pull up to the house?” she said while leading Floyd back up the lane.

Clint climbed back into his RV with a victorious smile.


After wiping his shoulder across his brow, Clint took another drink of the ice-cold lemonade Alice had brought out, and sighed in relief.

He was drenched in sweat, covered in barn dust, and losing daylight fast, but at least he was on the property. Floyd had instantly lost his surly attitude and grown animated once he started talking about the items from the collection he wanted to show off. Even with his limited knowledge, Clint knew the old man had reason to be proud of the valuable items.

After snapping pictures of the specific treasures Floyd had selected, he took some wider shots inside of the two barns as well. He then sent a message to Justin, describing the property, and attached the pictures.

It had only been five minutes, but he received a reply that read, “Holy shit. Get them to save that Sinclair sign for me. I’m a couple of days out. Can you get me a number?”

Clint gestured with his phone and said, “Justin just texted me. He’s interested in coming out. He wants a contact number.”

Alice offered a brilliant smile and said, “Sure. Let me know when you’re ready.”

Clint typed in the number as she said it, and sent the message. Justin rapidly responded with a request to call her immediately. Alice agreed, and only seconds after Clint sent the message, her phone rang.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you then. Bye,” she said as she ended the call. She then explained, “He’s going to call me as soon as he gets home from his trip, and make arrangements to come out. He asked if we’d save that Sinclair sign for him.”

Floyd offered a wicked, knowing chuckle. “He’s hooked. You’ll make a pretty penny off that.” The old man then yawned and stretched.

“Go ahead home, Floyd. I’ll call you to let you know when he’s coming out,” Alice suggested.

The old man yawned again. “I’ll drive a hard bargain, and make sure old Hibb doesn’t start spinning in his grave. You take care.” He gave Alice a familiar pat on the butt, and then walked toward his pickup.

“Thanks for making the connection for us,” she said to Clint.

“Happy to do it.” He gave Floyd time to get into his truck and start the engine before asking, “I was wondering if you’d mind me parking here tonight? I’m hoping to hear that Boreal.”

She didn’t hesitate at all when she answered, “No, that’s fine. Do you need to plug in? My uncle had an outlet put in.”

Pleasantly surprised, he said, “If you don’t mind. That would save me some gas.”

“No trouble at all. And don’t worry about waking me up. I keep late hours, and I sleep like the dead once I do go to bed. Are you hungry?”

“Not really. I ate just before I got here” he answered. “If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to walk around the property and get my bearings before it gets dark.”

“Make yourself at home,” she said as she turned back toward the house. “The RV outlet is right next to where the bug zapper is plugged in. If you change your mind about having a bite, just come knock on the door.”

He said, “Thanks.” Then he thought, I’d love to have a bite of that, while watching her sexy ass sway. He was smart enough to tear his eyes away from the sight before she caught him. He was already parked close enough, so he plugged in the RV, and then turned his attention to exploring the property before nightfall.

He had a solid sense of where all the outbuildings, the pond, and the edge of the woods that dominated the property were by the time darkness descended. Eventually, he hoped to be able to mark trails through the woods, allowing him to find his way at night, but for the time being, he could navigate nearby. The full moon would help with that.

Even with the sun down, he was still sweating. It had been a scorcher, and the night seemed as if it wasn’t going to be any cooler.

Clint settled into a lawn chair retrieved from the RV, and almost immediately wished he’d asked Alice to turn off the bug zapper. The periodic buzzing of moths and potato bugs led to their doom by the violet light kept breaking his concentration. His ears were his most useful tools in locating and identifying the elusive, nocturnal owls.

Those keen ears heard the door of the house open, and he glanced that way, only to be nearly knocked out of his seat by what he saw. Alice had exchanged her white t-shirt for a bikini top that left vast swaths of her overflowing breasts bared to his stunned gaze.

“I’m going to go have a dip in the pond,” she said as she crossed the porch while whipping a towel over her shoulder. “Do you need anything before I head that way?”

His brain short-circuiting from the unexpected revelation of even more of her huge tits, he seized on the first coherent thought that entered his head — bug zapper. “Would you mind turning off the bug zapper? It keeps distracting me.”

“Sure,” she said, and grinned.

He had to fight hard to hold back a groan when she bent over, showing off her ass and letting her breasts hang in the sling of her bikini top. Though his first thought was that she was flirting, he dismissed it, unwilling to risk the chance he was wrong. She unplugged the insect executioner, and then walked down the steps with her flip-flops slapping on the wood.

“I’ll be back at the pond, if you need anything,” she said. She waved as she walked along the front of the house, and then vanished around the corner.

Clint blew out a long, slow breath through pursed lips once she was out of sight. He needed something, but he wasn’t sure enough of his instincts to try for it. Access to the property was too advantageous to his quest for the rumored Boreal. He felt it was better safe than sorry.

Of course, he knew he was going to be sorry he didn’t jump at even the slightest chance to see the rest of those tits. As flustered as he was, he reasoned that he probably would have made a fool of himself, anyway. Content — for the time being — with that rationalization, he closed his eyes and attuned his ears to the sounds of the night.

It wasn’t long before he was rewarded. The hoot was that of a Horned Owl, but it provided an opportunity. While he wanted to confirm the presence of the Boreal, he was documenting the more common types of owls as well. He popped up from his chair and headed in the direction from which he’d heard the sound arise. He had little trouble negotiating the shin-high grass in the moonlight as he walked toward the largest of the barns. Once he neared the structure, the owl called again, narrowing down its location.

Clint scanned the roof of the barn, and spotted the owl at the same time as it called out again. He lifted the camera slung around his neck, which was equipped with a low light lens and set up for same. He snapped the picture, and upon checking it, found it was a good shot. The roof was shingled, and that visible pattern would provide scale to determine the owl’s size.

With the owl still in sight, he let the camera settle back around his neck, and reached into the pouch on his hip. He turned on the recorder, aimed the stereo mikes at the owl, and hit record. The owl seemed to be purposely holding back, but he kept the device on target, knowing he had 32 gigs of storage. Finally, the owl rewarded him with a clear call.

Though faint, he heard an answering call not long after. Unfortunately, it was coming from deep in the woods. Not having marked any trails, it wouldn’t be practical — or safe — to try to track down the second owl. The first owl chose that moment to leap into flight, vanishing on its quiet wings in search of prey.

Happy with the results, he started back to the RV. He had nearly reached his chair when he heard it.

Clint broke out into gooseflesh, and a chill raced up his spine upon hearing the staccato, high-pitched — for an owl — sound of the Boreal’s call. For the first time, it wasn’t a rumor, or a distant, questionable tease from far away. It was distinct, unmistakable, and thrilling. He managed to home in on the sound before it faded away, and stalked toward it with purpose.

Along the way, he pulled out his recorder, hit record, and prayed the owl would call again. Come on. Come on, he thought as he moved toward the sound. The grass grew thicker as he moved away from the various outbuildings, forcing him to watch his footing more carefully. He slowed as he neared the woods, desperately willing the owl to sound off again.

Then, sweet victory. He silently screamed yes when the owl called again. Reacting quickly, he aimed the mikes directly at the sound. He knew he was capturing something almost unheard of so far south, and everyone at the institute would be just as giddy as he was.

As soon as the call faded, he stopped recording and prepared to play it back, praying the recording was clear.

“What on earth was that?”

Clint’s head turned toward Alice’s voice in a snap. He had been so intent upon recording the Boreal that he hadn’t even realized he was near the pond. Alice climbed out of the water onto a patch of the shore covered in sand, apparently unconcerned with her nudity or his presence.

Glittering rivulets of water streamed down her body in the moonlight. Her breasts were everything he had imagined. They were big and pendulous, but not droopy. He could clearly see her large, bumpy areolas, which surrounded nipples that looked erect. Between her legs was a nest of curls that glimmered from the droplets of water clinging to it.

Clint drank in the sight of her naked body, growing hard at a rapid pace. He only realized he was staring when she chuckled.

Alice leaned on one of the two chairs set on the pseudo beach, and reached up to run the fingers of her other hand through her wet hair. There was no doubt that the pose was meant to show off her body and entice. It was working.

She smiled and said, “Well, it’s about time. I was starting to think you were gay. Like what you see?”

The surprise ebbing, and with any doubt about her interest scattered on the wind, he answered, “You’re fucking hot.”

“Why don’t you come here and show me your hooter expertise?”

It was a foregone conclusion at that point. Clint walked toward her, fumbling to put his recorder back in its pouch, but it refused to cooperate. Alice stepped toward him once he was close, took the recorder, and dropped it on the seat of the chair, where her shorts and bikini were resting. He put a hand on her hip, sliding it up her side.

She let out a little moan, and hefted the camera while his hand continued up toward her breast. With a surprisingly deft movement, she swept the strap of the camera over his neck, and it too found a home in the seat of the chair.

Clint growled as he ran his hand over her right breast. The globe was soft in his hand, but his exploring fingers soon enough found her very hard nipple. She gasped when he touched it, and drew his other hand up as well. He filled both hands with her big, soft tits, squeezed them, and pushed them together.

The barest touch of her hand on the back of his neck was enough to encourage him to lean in.

Alice’s fingers moved down to his back, curling into claws as he flicked her nipple with his tongue. Her other hand soon joined it, and her nails raked his back. Clint took the stiff nipple between his lips, sucked it for a moment, and then moved to its twin. He rolled it between his lips, let it escape, and then swirled his tongue around the other.

Her nails, which had already been tugging his shirt upward, began to do so with intent and purpose. Once she had the tail of the shirt in hand, he pulled away from her breast, and let her jerk the shirt over his head. She draped it over the back of the chair while tracing the lines of his chest with the other hand, and let out a hungry moan. Before he could wrap his lips around her nipple again, both her hands grabbed his belt.

She dispensed with his belt in a pair of rushed tugs, popped open the button, and unzipped his pants. Not pausing in the slightest, she roughly shoved his jeans and underwear down far enough for her to wrap her hands around his hard cock.

A sexy combination of a growl and a moan escaped her as she stroked his erection.

Clint stomped on his heels in turn, allowing him to kick off his shoes, but made sure she had no trouble holding onto his cock.

“Been a while since I felt a cock this hard,” she said.

“And I’ve never seen tits that big for real,” he said while trying — and failing — to lift a leg and remove his sock. The encumbrance of his pants at his thighs and his refusal to move away from her soft hand stroking him made it impossible.

“You do love hooters, don’t you?”

“I’ll show you.”

Alice put a hand on his chest, preventing him from fulfilling that promise. “Let me help you out of those pesky pants, first.”

He wasn’t going to argue with that.

She pushed his pants down, making a show of wiggling her ass and shaking her tits while doing so. Once they were down to his knees, she straightened and said, “Sit down.”

Clint looked behind him, located the other chair on the mini beach, and stutter-stepped back to it. As he sat down, Alice sank to her knees in front of him. She jerked off his socks, quickly followed by his pants, and then looked up into his eyes.

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