A Weekend in the Mountains

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It had been a long, hot summer. Another girl and I hatched a plan to take a few days to go up to the mountains in the north. It had to be cooler there. We decided to go in late August—take 3 days off for a 5 day weekend–just us two girls and the great outdoors. All things considered, I hardly knew her. She wasn’t a really close friend. Sure, we’d worked together for over 2 years, but we’d only seen each other once outside the office, and that was at the Christmas party. We got along great in the office, and I had no qualms about letting her make the arrangements.

She reserved a room in a huge 4-bedroom cabin that rented rooms out separately. We weren’t there for comfort. We were there for location. It was a good rate, I thought, as we drove through the forest on our way. Who cared about the rate? I had money, and I gathered she did also. I just hoped the place was clean.

We finally cleared the last grove and there it was—magnificent. The cabin stood on an outcropping with an awesome view of Big Mountain (If I told you what mountain, you could deduce too much). Little Big Mountain loomed closer, and that was my goal for the weekend. It was a perfect location. As best I could tell, we were the only ones there. The owners had stocked the refrigerator with breakfast foods. For the rest we were on our own. The front door opened to a large sitting area with a huge, rock fireplace. The kitchen was to the right with a large breakfast counter opening into the great room and with a view of the romantic fireplace. On one side of the great room were stairs to 2 rooms, on the other side were stairs to the other 2 rooms. Our key opened a room with a view of Big Mountain, rising snow-covered in the distance. We dropped off our bags and then went out to look around. After a little exploring of the cabin and its surroundings, we decided to hit the grocery store and then find a restaurant for our first dinner. We would depart early the next morning for further explorations.

I only wished I had someone to share the romantic surrounding with. Male, that is. Such are the sacrifices of single life. It had been 4 months for me since my last breakup, and I had decided to take it slowly. I was beginning to think that 4 months was a long time to be without a guy, but that’s what electronics are for.

As we were pulling out for dinner, another car pulled up. Two guys were in it. I gathered we wouldn’t be the only ones here this weekend, what a bummer. I didn’t spare them a second glance. It bothered me that our girls’ weekend would be interrupted. We didn’t stop but went to eat. They were gone by the time we returned. We unloaded our groceries and explored the house a little more. There was no TV, only a hot tub out back and a large fireplace. Embers glowed in it. Apparently the guys had lit a fire earlier and then let it die out before they left. Since there wasn’t much to do, we went to bed relatively early. Shortly thereafter, we heard them return. From the sounds of it, they were in the opposite wing of the cabin. They seemed to go right to their room.

Although it was going to be quite crisp that night, the room still held the heat from the afternoon sun and it was warm inside. I wore a simple t-shirt to bed and lay on top of the covers and tried to sleep. Nothing worked. Counting sheep, jello, nothing worked. I could hear Sue breathing deeply in her bed, why couldn’t I fall asleep too? Finally, 2 hours later at like midnight, I gave up. I had seen chamomile tea in the cupboards and hoped that it would do the trick for me. I tried to be quiet. Apparently, I failed and Sue stirred in her bed.

“You OK?” Sue asked dreamily.

“Yeah, I can’t sleep. I’m going down for some tea,” I whispered in reply.

“Mmmmm,” she answered and was silent.

I considered trying to find something more decent to wear out, as my nightshirt barely covered my bare bottom, but it was dark and I didn’t want to disturb Sue any further. Besides, I figured, there was no one else up. I would only be out for a few minutes and I wasn’t planning on bending over.

I crept out of the room with only my nightshirt on, hoping not to disturb her any further. I turned on the light in kitchen and dimmed it a little so that it didn’t hurt my eyes so much. I was relieved not to see any roaches scurrying away. I took out the Mr. Coffee and started heating some water. There was quite a selection of exotic herbal teas, but I selected chamomile. Now all I needed was some honey. I knew I had seen some in the cupboards. Chamomile tea is the only time I use honey, so I don’t even have any at home. I savored the prospect of tasting it in a nice hot brew. I opened the cupboards and searched as Mr. Coffee started to rumble. I found a jar of honey in the third one, unfortunately, on the top shelf. Stretching up, I could just reach it.

“Y’all need a hand?”

I squealed and spun around to see some guy standing in the kitchen behind me.

“Sorry if I startled you,” he smiled, strolling over to the get a kuşadası escort cup. “I’m staying in the room up there, and thought I’d come down for a cup of tea to help me sleep,”

My mind was still reeling from the surprise.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied motioning to the coffee maker. I suddenly realized he had probably seen my bare butt sticking out from under my nightshirt. I could feel myself blush furiously. Of all the instants to reach up, it had to be when he walked in. I stared at the ground.

“Do you mind if I boil water in a pot? I don’t like the aftertaste of coffee in my tea.”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied. He took a step towards me and paused. I looked up at him.

“You’re, ahhhh, standing in front of the pot cabinet.”

“Oh,” I replied and scurried away.

“Did you need to get something from up there?” he asked as he rummaged through the pots. I quickly reached back and checked the length of my shirt. Although I couldn’t be sure, it had probably risen up enough when I had stretched to reach the honey.

“The honey, please.” If he had seen anything, he was being a perfect gentleman and not hinting at it. He started filling the pot and acquired the honey for me, placing it by my cup. Mr. Coffee started to hiss.

“Would you like me to make water for you also?” he asked.

“Sure, that would be great,” I answered, getting myself together again. I hated the aftertaste of coffee in tea also, but had just wanted to get it done quickly and quietly. He was making water anyway, and the tea would be better for it. I turned off Mr. Coffee, and we started talking.

He was wearing sweat shorts, a loose gray tee, and white socks. He stood at least a head taller than me and was a good talker. We talked about what we were doing there and what we had planned. He was also there for a few days and planned to go up Big Mountain. I conceded to myself he was cute. As we chatted he strolled over to the fireplace and tossed some kindling and a couple of logs on the embers. By the time the water was boiling, the fire was burning nicely. We made our mugs, and I added my precious honey to mine. Still chatting, we walked over to the sofa in front of the fireplace. I re-realized I was only wearing a nightshirt. This made the prospect of sitting down while holding a large steaming cup of tea quite a challenge. If I sat first, something may show, if I sat last, something might show. He sat down first and slowly leaned over to place his mug on the magazine stand next to the sofa. I took the opportunity to pull down my shirt with one hand and sit, managing to avoid spilling anything. We continued to chat and sip our teas as he produced a blanket and draped it over our legs. This was fine for sitting demurely, but I soon realized the folly of having bare feet on the cold stone floor. I had also made the error of sitting too close to the arm of the sofa, so I couldn’t really tuck my legs under me without a major realignment.

As if reading my mind, his arm lifted up the blanket from underneath and said “If your feet are cold, you can put them under here.”

I looked at him, trying to discern his intentions. He expression seemed altruistic, but I wasn’t sure. Suddenly, I thought I saw a quick motion in the shadows. A mouse? My legs flew up under the blanket and my feet landed in his lap. I moved so fast I spilled a little of both of our teas, but nothing major. I stared into the shadows but saw nothing further. I realized his hand was on my shin. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised. I sipped my tea casually as we talked. I soon forgot about the phantom mouse and just enjoyed his conversation. We talked about hikes we had been on, good parks to visit and places to stay. His hand remained on my shin, but started slowly stoking it. I was glad I had chosen to shave my legs that morning. As the tea levels fell slowly in our mugs, his hand moved slowly up to my knee. Neither one of us chose to acknowledge this fact. I, however, was acutely aware that he was less than 18 inches of bare skin away from a very private part of me. A very private part that was beginning to clamor for attention.

Finally, our teas were finished and it was time to retire. I rose, making sure my shirt lay flat before dropping the blanket.

“Is there anything you want from the kitchen?” I asked.

“Well, there is one thing,” he replied, rising.

“What’s that?” I asked, stepping towards the kitchen.

“You could put the honey back.”

It took a moment to process comment. I blushed as realization dawned on me. So he had seen me. I paused as I studied his face, trying to decide what to do. A soft, distant smile graced his features.

“OK,” I heard someone say softly. It was me. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before I slowly turned and walked back into the kitchen.

I placed my mug in the sink and purposefully grabbed the honey. I turned to ensure he was watching and to savor his look of anticipation. I looked back to the top shelf of the cupboard and stretched up. It was even higher than I recalled. I had to stand there a moment, perched on my tiptoes, exposed, as I caught the lip of the shelf with the honey jar and finally pushed it over. I turned to face him, flushed and tingling. I knew what I wanted.

The object of my desire approached me with smoldering eyes as I backed up against the counter, my hands gripping it as if for support. My eyes locked in his. His hand slowly extended to cup my cheek and he leaned forward to kiss me. We dispensed with the preliminaries and dove right in. Our lips parted and our tongues joined in a passionate battle. Any resistance I might have been able to muster melted with that kiss. I heard the clock strike one as my hands reached up to caress his arms. His free hand landed on my shoulder and drifted down my back to my hip. He gave my hip a gentle squeeze before lowering his hand to my bare thigh. I inhaled sharply but did nothing. He broke our kiss momentarily to lean down and reach under my knee. He stood again and rejoined our kiss while raising my knee, placing my foot on the countertop. I was now perched precariously on one foot, leaning back a little, with my legs spread lewdly. I knew my shirt was bunched above my waist. I was his.

I clung to him with my hands on his back as we kissed. He could touch me anywhere, but he chose not to. His left hand moved to the back of my head, giving me a little extra support. It was his right hand that I was most interested in. He gently stroked the inside of my upraised leg, from knee to just before my hungry pussy. I wriggled my hips in the air hoping to rub against him, to no avail. I could feel a firmness in his crotch where he was pressed against my thigh, but there was little I could do—I was too off balance to let go. I tried to reposition my arms but soon settled for just caressing his back. I resigned myself to the sweet prospect of just enduring the sensations. His hand continued to stroke me, tantalizingly close, moving closer and closer but slower and slower. I was panting more than kissing now, moaning in frustration. My breasts jiggled unattended, screaming for caresses, my pussy ached for friction of any kind, and still he stroked my thigh. His finger ran up my thigh and headed even closer. I drew my breath in anticipation. Teasing me further, he turned straight up to my belly and stroked my bush. I squeaked in spite of myself. I thrust my hips out, hoping he would get the message. He flatted his hand against my tummy and started his descent over my bush. As he got close, he broke our kiss and looked into the slits of my eyes. I looked at him in sweet anticipation. Instead of touching my steaming cunt, he positioned his had with the heel of his palm on the bottom of bush and his index finger on my perineum, cupping my pussy. I closed my eyes in frustrated ecstasy. I could feel the heat from my cunt trapped by his hand and I squirmed. I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“More,” I begged.

He kissed me as he took his hand away and took my leg off the counter. I lurched forward and stood again. I took my hand, free at last, and dove into his shorts. I was rewarded by finding him hard and ready. He removed my hand and drew me in front of him. His other hand planted itself on my bare bottom. He stood half beside me, half behind me and we kissed as he led me out of the kitchen. He walked me up to the back of the sofa. Still kissing me, he tapped my heels with his toe, spreading my legs apart. I suddenly realized how exposed we would be—Sue or his friend coming out of their room would see us. I submitted to his request anyway. Breaking our kiss he moved behind me, continuing to tap my heels apart. I felt more than heard his shorts fall. He took the hem of my shirt and lifted it up over my breasts and then pushed me over the back of the sofa. He had spread my heels so far that nearly all of my weight rested on my hips where I bent over. My ass was in the air, my legs spread, toes on the ground, arms on the sofa cushions in front of me. He moved in behind me and I felt his cock head press against the lips of my pussy. His hands moved up to hold each breast. I moaned too loudly. Using his handholds of my breasts for leverage, he slid into me and paused. The additional upward force of his penetration left my toes barely touching the floor. His fingers fondled my nipples as he took a deep stroke. I moaned again too loudly. I was sure to wake someone, and I didn’t want that.

“No, stop, stop,” I panted despite my body’s desperate wishes to continue.

He stopped, confused. I knocked one of his hands off me and he pulled back. I did a half summersault off the front of the sofa and my pussy screamed for being suddenly empty. I clambered back up and faced my confused lover and his glistening dick.

“I’m making too much noise,” I said. I grabbed his cock to keep his interest and stroked it. “I’ll wake someone up.” I bent forward and sucked him in, tasting the slickness of my own juices on his rigid member. He reached down and took my tits in his hands again. I moaned around him. He pulled out of my lips with an audible pop and walked around to the front of the sofa. He sat down beside me and I quickly went back to work.

He laid a blanket on the floor for me as I scrambled down between his legs. I started sucking him in earnest. His hands lifted my nightshirt again and fondled my breasts as I sucked. His hands were really keeping me in a frenzy, and I tried to take it out on his dick. I really wanted to get laid, but here was not the place. I sucked him and licked him, making occasional eye contact as I worked. Gentle flickers of light from the fire danced across his skin, heightening the eroticism of the moment. His hands stayed on my breasts, rubbing my nipples, keeping my internal fires raging.

“Oh my god I’m coming,” he suddenly moaned. I could feel his cock harden even more, and I braced myself. I realized than any spillage on the sofa would be difficult to cover up, so I had get all of it. I positioned my mouth over the head of his cock and rubbed my tongue against his love button as I pumped him with my hand. He breath turned ragged and his hands left my tits to hold on to the sofa. He came hard. Really hard. He tore the fabric of the sofa with his hand in the throes of his passion. I tried to swallow, something I rarely do, to keep the amount in my mouth manageable. I was only somewhat successful. His grunts were loud and hard. Spurt after spurt erupted into my hungry mouth as I continued to suck and pump him. I could feel rivulets of cum escape and drip down his cock and onto my hand. Finally, he pushed me back. I coughed a little as I swallowed what was left and managed to catch a dollop that had escaped with my other hand before it hit the sofa. With nowhere else to put it, I licked it off. I wiped my other hand on my night shirt as I pulled it back in place. He sat on the sofa with his head hung over the back, panting. I crawled up next to him and held him.

“Wow,” he moaned.

“Was that good?” I purred lasciviously.

“Unbelievable,” he replied.

I was glad I had made him feel good, but I had needs too. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Let’s make love.”

He looked over to me, surprised. “But I thought…”

“Let’s go upstairs and I’ll kick my roommate out and we can do it up there.” I realized that awakening Sue in the middle of the night to screw some guy could be awkward, but I had only one thing on my mind. I glanced down at his wilting penis, “Are you going to be up for the task?” I smirked.

“Oh, I’m sure I can find some amusements until I’m ready,” he grinned, tweaking my breast through my nightshirt.

We kissed momentarily and I hauled him to his feet. He donned his shorts and we went upstairs. I had him wait in the hall as I went in.

“Sue,” I called. “Sue, wake up.”

“What’s up?” she asked sleepily.

I flicked on the light and we both blinked at the brightness. “Could you please sleep on the sofa downstairs?”

“What?” Sue blinked in confusion as she sat up.

“I met this guy,” I started as he walked into the room, “And I want…,” I finished bugging my eyes in emphasis.

“What?” Sue repeated, looking and him and me, her mouth agape.


“Okay,” Sue replied, staring at him as she shuffled for her slippers.

“Thanks,” I said as I ducked into the bathroom to quickly rinse with mouthwash to get the taste of his cum out. When I emerged moments later, I was shocked to see Sue with her back arched against the wall in front my guy with her night shirt unbuttoned to her waist, opened wide and him cupping her bare breast. I paused, shocked.

“Can we have a threesome?” Sue panted at me as he looked on sheepishly.

“No,” I said firmly. “I need everything he has to offer.” He pulled his hand away and shrugged an apology at her. I really didn’t care he was touching another woman, it’s not like he was my boyfriend or anything, he was just my fuck tool tonight and I needed for him. Sue pulled her shirt closed with a big pout.

“What about my itch? Who’s going to scratch it?”

“Try my roommate,” he offered as he walked over to me, “I’m sure he’d be agreeable.”

“Yeah, right,” Sue pouted. “You two have fun,” she groaned as she left, pulling the door shut. The door hadn’t even clicked shut we embraced and kissed, his hand firmly gripping my ass. I could feel his erection firming up.

“Did you like that?” I asked, cupping his cock through his shorts.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, grabbing the hem of my shirt and lifting it over my head in one smooth motion. We broke our kiss just long enough to allow it to clear my head. I repeated the motion with his t-shirt and then swiftly pulled his shorts down. He stepped out of them and pushed me down on the bed, my hips hanging off the edge. I was glad to see he was at almost full hardness. He grabbed the backs of my knees and forced my legs apart as he dropped to his knees to eat my pussy. I gasped in appreciation, but I was already completely wet—I needed him in me. I pushed him away.

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A Visit To The Vet

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Carin was smiling as she walked back into her office from refilling her water bottle. She is a vet and pleasantly experiencing a slow day at the clinic after what seemed like a rash of animal emergencies and other time-consuming experiences that have kept her extra busy.

At times like these, when it slows down around the clinic and she gets time to breathe, she cannot help but think of with whom she instant messaged throughout the day; his name is Eric. Up to this point, they had only shared phone calls and a few photos; they have never met in person and their physical relationship is indeed, strictly virtual. Even so, he had made her cum in her scrubs more than once on a slow day at work and she was definitely in the mood for some of that now.

The truth is, all the incredible conversation and even more fantastic sexual encounters had only been experienced online; kept in the confines (or lack thereof) of a virtual world created for adult-related social interaction and play.

They both had avatars in this virtual world: Digital, pixelated, depictions of themselves used to interact with the avatars of other real people in the confines of the virtual world. This particular world was specifically created for adults to socialize with other adults, and while it has changed and matured over the years to allow social interaction of various kinds, the purpose of its creation was still alive and well. That purpose was to be an adult sex game, where you could meet and fuck other consenting adults from all over the real world.

Carin had been using it for years to explore her kinks and desires in a safe, anonymous environment. However, throughout that time, she’d never met anyone quite like Eric. At random one night, she had contacted him through private messaging in a busy public location in-world.

Honestly, she contacted him for no other reason than to compliment him on his avatar and maybe get a quick virtual fuck. She planned to fuck him online while playing with her pussy in front of her computer within the privacy of her own home. It was the way she often ended her evenings and she loved that she could have great sex, cum intensely, and then slip off to bed alone to sleep peacefully.

Her work life was very busy, and she found that being married to her profession, so to speak, didn’t leave much time or energy for real life social interaction. She’d always been somewhat solitary, enjoying her alone time, and she found that this type of activity fit her lifestyle almost perfectly. Though, she did feel lonely at times and wished she had a special someone in real life. However, that would all happen in time she supposed.

However, this experience did not go as planned. After contacting him and getting his response, they shared a conversation and mind-blowing virtual sex over the next couple hours that went well beyond anything she had anticipated or thought possible.

Unfortunately, it’s more usual than not to meet nothing but jerks or assholes in this game. The men are usually bland, uninteresting, or just idiots in her mind. She was also very wary of predators online and immediately ended conversations when men who started asking to meet in real life. She always worried when they started asking where she lived after only five minutes of conversation.

Happily though, Eric set himself apart as different immediately. He was kind, courteous, easy to talk to, and most importantly in a virtual world — literate.

His messaging style was formal, with capitalization and punctuation in all the appropriate places. He even refrained from using any but the most common shortcut acronyms to get his point across. When she thinks back to their initial meeting, she cannot help but smile and think, “He certainly knows how to capture a girl’s attention.”

Needless to say, the attraction was immediate and soon their avatars were inseparable as they spent their evenings exploring the virtual world and, of course, engaging in hours upon hours of virtual sex. In a world where just about anything sexual was possible, at least through the use of role-play and emoting — where you describe physical actions through the use of text — they openly discussed kinks and desires and tried many of them. Of course, there were still many more on their to-do list.

Regardless of the physical limitations around their relationship, she felt a strong, undeniable connection to Eric and her feelings for him went well beyond the virtual world. She could only hope he reciprocated those feelings.

They had known each other for nearly a year and had shared many personal details that neither had shared with other people online. Eric was also married to his job and spent much of his time on the road throughout the United States. He was a project manager and was constantly engaged with one client of the other helping them bring large, complex initiatives to fruition. It had taken both of them a long time to share real life details, but were kuşadası escort now much more comfortable with each other and had even become Facebook friends. Though, in reality, neither knew if they would ever really take the step to meet each other in real life.

Even with the shared photos and conversations, knowing the connection that existed, and sharing sexual details that neither had shared with anyone in real life, it was still a very big step to meet in-person. Each person was secretly afraid that the real version of themselves couldn’t meet the same standards as the avatar.

She had no sooner sat at her desk, than the phone rang. She immediately got very excited, hoping it was him. She had previously shared her work number with him and they enjoyed the occasional 2 or 3-minute phone conversation while he was God-knows-where in the country. The result always left her smiling and happy.

However, this time her smile turned to a groan of disappointment as she realized it was the front desk informing her that a salesman was there to speak with her. She sighed mournfully as she placed the phone back onto the receiver and headed out of her office to meet the sales guy.

“Well,” she thought. “Maybe I’ll get a cool new pen or something else out of the meeting.”

She rounded the corner and her tennis shoes squeaked as she came to a sudden stop. Her eyes bugged out and her mouth was wide open as she saw standing there in person at the front desk, was none other than him, Eric. He was there to see her!

Her first thought was to sneak back around the corner to check her appearance in the nearest mirror. She was very casual at work and never really dolled up for it. She didn’t see the point because she didn’t really feel the need to be sexy while castrating or neutering dogs and cats. Usually, her petite frame was clothed in dark colored scrubs and her long, black hair was up in a ponytail. Makeup wasn’t a priority, so if it was lightly done or not at all, she didn’t remember at the moment. Nevertheless, it no longer mattered; it was too late. At that moment, he looked up and their eyes met.

He smiled. It was the same friendly, open smile he had in the photos they had shared that made her forget about everything else around her. Before she even realized she was moving, she found herself walking out to meet him.

Very professionally, he shakes her hand and introduces himself, “Good morning, my name is Eric and thank you so very much for meeting with me today on such short notice. I won’t take much of your time, but promise that you will not regret it.”

Confused at the introduction, and yet to have a single word slip from her own mouth, Carin turns and heads back to her office with him in tow.

The way he conducts himself has her beginning to wonder if this guy is her Eric at all, but someone else altogether different. She thinks, “But that couldn’t be, right?”

She had seen the pictures and heard the voice with the sexy southern accent. “This has to be him, but why isn’t he saying anything about us?” She thinks as they enter her office.

When there, she sits behind her desk and he seats himself at a chair in front of it. She marvels at him, as he casually makes conversation about her workplace, and potential ways his company could help them be more productive.

She tries to break in a couple of times to ask the question on her mind, but he stops her each time with an almost imperceptible shake of his head and a look that crept down into her soul. It said, “play the game.”

When he was finished speaking, he asked, “Do you have time to go to lunch with me? We can continue our conversation while there.”

Usually reserved and cautious, she surprises herself when she practically jumps out of her chair, and squeals a high-pitched and excited, “YES!”

For his part, he just smiles and stands to walk out the door.

As they walk down the hall and past the front desk he maintains the conversation they had been having in her office. To the casual observer and her fellow workers at the clinic, it appears like a typical visit with the bonus of a free lunch for the doc on a slow day.

For her part, she can’t wait to get him out of sight, so she can ask him what was going on. In her head, she remembers the shake of his head and knows she should continue to play along until he brings her into the loop. So, for now, she just follows.

She can’t help but be amazed at how submissive she was being to this man, this relative stranger in real life. Yet, she compliantly walks along as he continues discussing something she quit listening to a while ago.

They walk outside and he opens the door of his rental car for her as she slips into the passenger seat. He then walks around the car and slides into the drivers’ seat. Now, without talking at all, he starts the car, backs out of the parking space, and pulls onto the main highway.

She takes a breath to speak and he smiles and shakes his head again. This time reaching out with his right hand and gently resting it on her left knee, giving it a tender squeeze. She feels a warmth radiate throughout her body and suddenly realizes that she’s been soaking wet since she saw him at the front desk.

This causes her to squirm slightly in the seat, beginning to worry that she might soak the seat of his car right through her scrub bottoms. Additionally, his hand never leaves her knee, which just makes matters worse. She wonders if he remembers when she told him that she doesn’t wear panties with her scrubs during one of their hot instant messaging sessions while she was at work.

He seems to take a meandering route along the roads, and she marvels at how well he seems to know the rural area as he casually takes turn after turn with confident movements. The entire event to this point has been completely surreal to the point that she is not really even paying attention to where they are going. That is, until she realizes they seem to be in the middle of nowhere.

He pulls down a dirt path and parks the car under some trees. It’s a somewhat secluded area in the middle of a farmers’ field. Without another word, he opens his door and gets out. He walks around the hood to her side of the car, and opens her own door. Crouching down, he looks her in the eyes, smiles, and says, “Hello Carin, glad to see me?”

She smiles as he leans in and they begin a passionate kiss; in fact, their first ever real live kiss. They take their time investigating each others mouth with their lips and tongues; trying to do all the things they had voiced or typed. They kiss like they are playing catch-up for all the lost real life kissing time since they had been together online. Soon, the kisses become more urgent, and the couple begin to lose control and run their hands over each others bodies.

Passionate kissing moves to urgent kissing; urgent kissing moves to hungry kissing, and finally from hungry to animalistic. One moment, she’s in the car seat and the next moment, she is outside the car and in his arms kissing him, biting his lips, and pulling his shirt from his pants.

For his part, he has worked so hard up to this point to keep his cool. This woman that has captured his attention and affection is so amazing in so many ways. He’d planned this surprise meeting for a while and was scared to death that she would run or turn him away on the spot when he appeared at her work.

Instead, it had gone beyond all expectations. He had somehow gained the advantage and been working so hard to keep up the charade of a calm demeanor. While, in fact, the entire time his nerves have been eating him alive.

Apparently, he had done a fantastic job of keeping his cool. That is, until she bites his neck. The feeling of her teeth hungrily pressing against his flesh sends a flash of desire through his being that he can no longer control.

They know each others desires from countless times together in a virtual environment and they throw that control away as they try to get at one another. Gentle and loving is no longer in existence as he growls and pushes her up against the car. She responds by wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he supports her tiny frame effortlessly. Using her hair, he pulls her head back and exposes her neck. He hungrily seeks her soft skin and feels her pulse beating rapidly under his tongue as he kisses, licks and nips her neck.

Out in the middle of nowhere, they are both completely lost to the moment. He carries her while yanking the back passenger side door open and roughly pushes her inside onto her back. He manages somehow to ensure she doesn’t bump her head on entry, even through the lustful haze, which blocks rational thought.

He kneels down on the outside of the car and grabs the waistband of her scrubs and roughly tugs them. Even though they are tied, he does still manage to succeed in forcing them down past her hips, but with the side effect of dragging her down to where her legs are hanging outside the car.

He forcefully yanks the scrubs down her legs until they are around her ankles. Not taking the time to remove them or her shoes, he drops to his knees before her, and catches his first glimpse of her beautiful sweet pussy. He doesn’t even hesitate; instead, he dives in immediately and covers her pussy with his mouth.

He knows from their open conversations that her clit is the magic spot, and while he wants to attack it, he refrains. Instead, he ravishes her upper thighs with kisses and love bites as his face brushes her labia, getting messy with her juices in the process.

Soon, he slurps each lip individually into his hungry mouth and runs his tongue inside her love canal while her vaginal lips puff up as a result of his sucking, slurping and light grazing with his teeth.

Unable to resist any longer, he moves the assault to her sweet clit using his tongue and teeth to extreme advantage.

As she gasps in ecstasy, he clamps his left hand over her mouth and continues to hungrily devour her sweetness. The noises are primal. There are sounds of moans, grunts, and gasps along with wet and noisy slurping and sucking.

Not fighting the hand clamped across her mouth, she grabs his hair and pulls him harder into her ready and willing cunt.

After a few minutes of pure ecstasy, she pulls him by his hair to draw him up for a kiss. As he rises to kiss her, the scrub bottoms effectively work as a restraint as they slip over his head and lock behind his neck.

Neither of them cares as he bends her in half to reach her mouth and share her nectar as their tongues entwine.

As he bends her in half, the front of his trousers make contact with her pussy and his hard cock is working hard to escape past the obstructing material. Quickly, he unbuckles his belt, unbuttons the waistband of his slacks, throws down the zipper and drops them about his ankles.

He presses the tip of his cock to her soaking wet lips and plans to enter her in one swift motion. As he pushes though, he is stopped short. She had explained to him in past conversations that she has a very tiny pussy and they had role played around that fact quite often. However, he had not realized how serious she had been when she told him.

Even as wet as she is, he was going to have to work his fat tool into her tightness very slowly. Still, their lust is upon him and he can clearly see the need in her eyes as he begins to slowly push inside of her. At first, her eyes widen, but soon they glaze over as he presses in deeper. Stroking in and out of her pussy and moving deeper inside of her with each inward thrust.

How awkward they must appear, her lying across the backseat with her knees across his shoulders and her scrubs around her ankles behind his head. However, neither of them care, as he continues to push deeper and deeper into her wet sex; his hand still firmly clasped over her mouth to muffle her moans and screams.

She locks her knees around his neck as he finally completes inserting his entire length into her tight cavity. Her eyes tear up as he smiles at her. He removes his hand from her mouth and she says, “Do it baby, fuck me pleaaaasssseeee.”

With that, he pulls back until only the crown of his tool is left inside of her. The entire time, he vividly feels her walls clasp onto his rigid cock like they are trying to prevent him from pulling away. He feels every bit of her cavity and he knows she must feel every ridge and protruding vein of his cock.

Once only the crown is left inside of her, he pauses, looking her in the eyes. Seeing in her face what he expected, he thrusts mightily and slams his cock home. As she gasps from the pleasure and pain, he puts the edge of his hand into her mouth and she bites it as he begins to pummel her tight pussy in earnest.

She is still very tight, but the juices liberally leaking from her enables him to stroke her quickly and forcefully as she adjusts to his size.

Ragged breathing escapes from them both, as she bites deeper into the meat of his hand while he now fucks her relentlessly. Their sex is fast and urgent. After only minutes, he sees something building in her eyes and pushes his hand harder into her mouth. He knows they’re in the middle of nowhere, but the last thing he wants is a nearby farmer or hunter to be draw to the scene and interrupt them.

He feels her body begin to shudder and hears her moans get louder as she quickly builds to an orgasm. When it happens, it is beyond anything he has ever seen or she has experienced. In short, she explodes around him. Her body is wracked with spasms and every muscle seems to convulse as she jerks under his constant pounding.

She opens wide and screams, but then clamps down on his hand again. Out of control, she has no idea that she bites into him, breaking skin, and drawing a small amount of blood out of him.

However, to him, he does not even notice the bite as he exclaims, “Oh fuck!”

He has just discovered that when she orgasms that her already very tight pussy goes through a series of spasms that literally clamp down on his cock and tries to milk it of all precious seed.

Having no way to fight it, even if he wanted to, his balls boil, convulse, contract and finally release everything his has in them. In sync with her own pussy spasms, his cock repeatedly convulses as he shoots spurt after spurt of cum into her waiting cunt. Large ropes of his sticky fluid fill her pussy to capacity as they both cling to each other with their bodies shuddering throughout the episode.

Their spasms and moans from their mutual orgasms seem to continue on forever; until, finally, they are both completely spent.

They are both on the verge of collapse from the experience, but before post-sex exhaustion can take over, he works to extricate himself from her scrubs that have cinched up behind his neck. He knows that she likely can’t maintain that position forever and will need some relief soon.

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A Sydney Night

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She slept in his arms, blissfully unaware of the world outside the room. He was big and strong, protective; she felt safe and let herself open up to him. His hands travel over her body; he woke when she rolled over, not yet used to sharing his bed with a woman. She sighed, pressing her naked body against his, softly waking. She felt light fingers travel across the undersides of her breast, following the curve that lay there. Warm air flowed across her skin, a kiss pressed to her sweet spot.

“Isabelle,” he sighed, his voice filled with passion and need.

Hands grow more demanding; he pulls her light frame closer to his, kisses turn to nibbles, and then to bites on her shoulders. She wakes more now, her body responds, her nipples harden, and her breath deepens as she wakes. There is a wetness growing between her thighs, she can feel the tip of his cock moving slightly and she shivers with lust.

His hands move lower, he wants her, wants to make the most of their short time together. Her back arches against him, his fingers dance around the inside of her thighs, nails gently scraping, and adrenaline enhancing the shivers running though her body.

“Andrew,” she whimpers against him, “Andrew…”

Her voice is husky, he growls in her ear, his fingers seek out her clit; there is no softness any more. She needs what he is giving to her, her legs are spread, she whimpers, desperate, begging, aching for him to stop teasing her. His hand cups her, feeling her warmth letting her know that he is there, but waiting till she cannot wait kuşadası escort any more.

She cries out when he finally touches her, taking her clit between his fingers and pinching it. There is no pain, only pleasure and she is begging him for more, moaning his name like a whore. He is not soft and gentle, he is demanding, awaking a hunger inside her.

Fingers slip inside her aching pussy, curling; the air rushes from her lungs in a soundless scream. His lips find hers, her hands hold him close. His fingers move inside her, stroking, caressing. Another finger brushes against her arsehole, gently asking permission. She would give him everything, and she pushes back on his finger wantonly. His finger slips inside her arse, filling her with new sensations.

She moves as to encourage him to fill her with his cock, but he shakes his head, “Lay back and enjoy this baby.”

And she does, his fingers move in and out of her holes, lips pressing against her cheek, her ear, her neck, across the top of her cleavage. His tongue traces the swell of her breast, ever inwards, until he finds her nipple. His tongue flicks across it and she gasps, his fingers thrust harder and his name leaves her lips, over and over.

“Please baby…”

“What do you want?”

“Your cock inside me”

“Where inside you?”

“In my pussy, please…”

He grins, loving the sound of her voice as she asks him.

“Soon baby, but not yet.”

A cry of frustration escapes her, and he silences her with a kiss. His fingers are still moving, still stroking, she is soaked, and her scent lingers on the air. Her hands mover over his body, hands stroking his chest, his arms, movements punctuated with gasps every time he moves his fingers. She reaches for his cock, but he gently takes her hand and places it above her head.

“This isn’t about me right now.”

He kisses her, enjoying how she squirms, how she moans as he touches her. Her back is arched up wards, her body on display in the moonlight. His thumb brushes her clit and she cries out softly, he does it again, and his name is called.

“Cum for me, Isabelle.”

And she does, his hand is cover in her slickness, his cock rubs against her thigh, a trail of wetness marks its path. She thrusts against his hand, pressing his head to her chest, his lips finding her nipple and sucking, biting, kissing.

“Please baby, please…”

“Please what?”

“Please, I need you, I want you inside me. Andrew…”

Her plea trails on a moan, and he growls at her, begging him so softly. He slowly removes his fingers, drawing them up her body, covering her. His fingers rub against her nipples, and then upwards to her waiting lips. He covers her body with his own, his cock resting against her pussy, awaiting entrance. He withdraws, kneels back, wrapping her slender thighs around his waist. And gently, ever slowly, enters her.

He watches her pussy eat his cock, watches her strain, begging for him to go faster, trying to push her body into his. She moans his name as his cock fills her deliciously. She is left gasping, he is big and she loves it. Sheer lust passes through her, her back arches unexpectedly and it is his turn to gasp at the sudden movement.

His hands wrap around her shoulders, her world is filled with his form, his scent, his cock inside her. His hips thrust slowly; she meows in pleasure, gasping in time as his cock slides in and out. Her hands travel over his broad shoulders, down his back, cupping his arse, trying to get him to go faster, deeper, harder.

“Please baby… I need you so badly.”

He indulges her, enjoying the feeling of her legs wrapped around him, her nails digging into his arse. He moves faster, his breath changing with hers; the sounds of sex fill the room, the soft creaking of the bed, the slap of his skin against hers, light panting coming from her, male grunts from him.

His balls slap against her arse, her pussy is delightfully tight about his cock, she calls out his name, and he calls out hers in return. The feeling overcomes her, she is surrounded by him, she cries out, holding his body to her. She shakes, shuddering in pleasure, and in sudden ecstasy, he lets go, and cums with her.

It is over quickly, sweat drips from him to her, his lips find hers and it is violently passionate. He makes to move off her, but he is stopped, “Please don’t move”. She enjoys the way their hearts slow their beating, enjoys the way his kisses never stop. Slowly her shudders calm down, her breathing returns to normal; he presses a kiss to her forehead.

Finally, long minutes stretch by and they slip back into sleep. Almost without thought they curl up together, and the clock ticks over to 5.00 am…

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A Natural Occurrence in Seclusion

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It was a most curious sight to see in the middle of nowhere, Jana decided, but always a pleasure to come upon. Granted, every state in the union had a few of them, but to see one just lying outstretched lazily in the sun so far from where she was accustomed to finding them was both intriguing and a little hilarious. Damn, she thought, are they really becoming that common or am I just not as able to be astonished by them as I grow older?

The seclusion and solitude she had sought out when she made her annual pilgrimage to Desoto Canyon was to her what high-rolling trips to Vegas and high-kid-volume hair-pulling trips to Disney World are for so many- a break from it all. While she had been many places and done many things to take her mind off the daily grind of single parenting and crappy upper management decisions, it ultimately fell to her annual indulgence of the quiet peace of the secluded cabin and awesome abundance of natural beauty that replenished her soul. To get away from it all, one had to escape more than the hometown pitfalls and humdrum.

She had always come in May because of her vacation time being so regimented and dependent on people with more tenure and clout being able to pick and choose their allotment with impunity. She had ridden out a few of the older hands, medical maladies and retirement thinning the ranks of the older co-workers. Firings and new hirings chopped up the tenure list enough for her to state with finality that she would take in the seasonal change in autumn. Any acre of Desoto in September is worthy of a postcard photo or Ansel Adams print and she at last had the opportunity to visit a heavenly spot of earth.

Her son was safely stowed with her parents and the house was secured as well as could be expected. The more pressing of her financial matters were resolved for the month. Her car ran beautifully all the way into northeast Alabama.

She was completely at ease in the sturdy cabin. It was well furnished with all the necessities. There were pots and pans in the cupboard, a freshly made bed in the bedroom, hot water aplenty, and a huge tub to relax in and allow for quiet leisure and growth of soul. She had bought provisions along the way, stopping at a Food World in Gadsden for canned goods and a few bottles of merlot. Jana was set for seclusion and a peaceful respite.

She had spent the first few days reading, inhaling fully the words of Jackie Collins and Anais Nin, at first. But after a day of alternating looking blissfully out of the window in between text and sips of red, the walls closed in a bit and she decided to take in the views and sights and perhaps shoot a few frames of film. As luck would have it, her quest for life’s simple pleasures yielded the most basic and simple of them all.

Desoto Falls was truly awe-inspiring. It sprang up suddenly from the forest, a towering cliff of falling white mist whose roar shrouded the valley below with scattered rainbows and foggy clouds of humidity that completely overwhelmed the senses of any who come to see its grandeur. The kaleidoscope of bright yellows, reds, oranges and greens surrounded the valley with autumn’s own swirl of psychedelic inspiration. The granite itself was alive, a hodgepodge of lichen and oddly hued mosses having taken up residence on the rock faces eternally made boggy by the omnipresent misting. The fauna had no fear of man here. The multitude of animals living around the park were not hunted and were in fact a bit tamed by decades of peanuts and half-bitten slices of tomato or lettuce haven been throw out to them by gawking tourists.

There were a few tourists here and there. She noted a few hardy mountain bikers, hikers, naturalist stoners, stern game wardens, and the occasional van load of kids whose sour expressions led her to believe that all things being equal, the kids found the Gameboys in their laps much more stimulating than some dumb waterfall. Ah, youth.

She spent a great deal of that second day sitting high on the cliff overlooking the falls below her, thinking about things in general and dwelling on nothing in particular. The only interruption to her natural coexistence with the park was one intrusion by her mother explaining that her kid was fine, the house was fine, everything was fine. It was an unnecessary call, really, but she understood her mother’s need for checking in and was tickled by her description of the tyke’s bumbling and fumbling with sounds and crawling. He would be running circles around the house in no time. Watching a pair of raccoons, one large and one small, dancing around a trash can in search of a morsel, she felt that sense of motherhood strongly. To raise a son alone was always a challenge, but at the end of the day, seeing one’s offspring attain just a little step forward into life was its own attribute. She loved him so.

All this and everything else was thrown carefree into the wind when she saw it. It was on her third day in the cabin, a dire sense of boredom having overrun the rustic qualities of seclusion and her need for exposure to the forests taking her on a much-needed hike off the beaten trail. It was a gloomy day, the lack of sun decimating kuşadası escort the rainbows and casting a pale shadowy pallor over the valley. The sky’s pale grey pallor tempered the fiery bright colors of the valley, as if depressing the natural sense of soul in the flora with a pungent attitude of blasé and melancholy lack of rapture. It was in this doleful mood that the entrance of a man’s bright exuberance changed her lack of human touch into a long forgotten sense of need and desire.

“It” was a perfect man. Jana watched the human form from atop a hill, eyeing the stranger as he sat against a large oak, snapping an occasional picture with a long lens that he tossed casually aside as he leaned back against the tree to pick up an acoustic guitar and thumb a few notes. He played the notes low, the windless air denying the sound’s travels up the hill in any substantive way and begging her to cock her ear to receive its song. She did not go to him, instead crouching low in a stand of ripening huckleberries and spying as she would observe a skittish animal. He was dressed in a blue pullover of some kind, an Indian style print etched horizontally in faded black across it. A well-worn wide-brimmed hat of leather shielded the eyes and brow but not the full lips and definitive chin denoting good breeding through countless generations. His casual ease of movement was apparent even sitting down; she could see he had a genteel and calm demeanor that was sexy in that he contained the self-confidence to sit alone and unafraid. He wore well-fit jeans as well and a rugged pair of hiking boots.

She lost track of time and space watching him, as if enthralled as her child would be with a bright noisy toy seen for the first time through infant eyes. There was no sounds apparent to her except the gentle notes of C minor and A sharp occasionally fighting their way up the hill, as if each lick of a string no matter how inappropriate to the desired chord sent a determined soldier of lust floating on humid air up to find her. Nothing in the world mattered to her in that span of time. All thoughts of the world left behind her for so short a time failed to break her rapt attention in the stranger.

A strange wave of compulsion began to take hold of her, a desire to ravish and pillage a source of virile presentation and to have him firmly clutch her lack of fulfillment left unchecked by so many dicey encounters with men who had just been there and not fully transported her needs into accomplishments. So complete was her attraction to a man whose voice she had never heard that she never heeded the approaching grunts of a large mammal sashaying up her trail. The odds of finding a bear in Alabama were small, but Jana and a large male bruin quickly introduced her to the perfectly unassuming man she coveted.

It was a small black bear, shuffling its nose through the underbrush for a tasty sweet acorn or grub worm. It’s eyes were poor and it was as guilty of lack of attention to detail as she for not seeing him approach. The bear was quite used to pillaging the stand of huckleberry bushes along the ridge for a tasty treat without any fear of man. Her quiet crouching and spying immediately gave way to a scream of immense pitch and volume. The bear, used to people’s noises, moaned low and menacingly in return. It did not run away, sensing the panic of the woman and determined to have its way with the berries, human be damned. It stood up and its hind legs and gave its reply to her fear in the form of a low growl that only sent another bout of hysterics thundering down the hillside to the stranger’s ears. Jana never saw the man toss caution and the Washburn aside, pick up a limb and rock and charge the hill. Her eyes locked on the bruin.

“Hey you sonofabitch! Git’ tha’ hell outta’ here! Hey! Hey! Haaaaay bear! Git on outta’ here! Now, you big bastard!”

The wild approach of another human triggered a new level of flight or fight in the bear. It dropped to all fours, unsure whether to listen to reason and run like hell or call the people’s bluff and fight for its rightful share of the succulent berries. Its and Jana’s eyes locked on the angry face of the fast approaching man, his camera swinging wildly side to side and his deep voice demanded to be heeded. Jana could scarcely believe the speed and power of the man’s approach, each long stride fighting to gain uphill ground and succeeding in closing the gap between himself and the threat rapidly. With feline ease he slipped through the underbrush. The bear flinched to its right, grunting loudly to challenge the attacker’s resolve. He kept coming, his ferocity and tenacious assault on the bear’s position emboldening Jana’s adrenaline to pump her full of a previously unknown sense of mettle she had never known. She stomped loudly on the ground and began shaking the shrubbery around her vigorously, taking her own stand against the threat. If a bear’s long face could ever personify the phrase, “Fuck this!” it was in this split second before it turned and dashed away, yelping like a puppy and thudding down the hill opposite from the tall man swinging a limb and demanding to be acknowledged.

Jana stood transfixed and gaping at the chiseled face and wild eyes of the man as he ran past her without even pausing. He continued past her, following the bear’s path and continuing to yell obscenities at the fleeing animal. He ran for several hundred yards further down the valley, ultimately flailing the thick limb repeatedly against an elm tree that may or may not have been offended by his assault against its old trunk, depending on one’s beliefs in a tree’s thoughts. Still not convinced the threat was eradicated, he threw the rock and the limb high and hard into the last patch of foliage in which the bear had been visible.

Her heart began pounding hard, the adrenaline finally making its presence known completely. The fresh blast of blood rushing into her mind and the glut of oxygen streaming into her veins from her deep breathing made her swoon and she fainted dead away, her last clear thought and vision being a strangers smile turning into concern as she grayed out.

She awoke to the feeling of jostling, the roar of a motor beneath her, and a strap holding her firm against an upright body. Shaking her head and gasping aloud, she realized she had some type of strap around her, securing her to the trunk of a man’s body. His back was damp but there was the scent of sweat that was fresh and oily, not yet dank with time. It filled her with the deep aroma of a long-ago application of cologne tempered with the rich scent and masculinity and leather. Her head was resting on a man’s shoulder, her arms and legs loose and reaching around him. Her hands were palm down on his lap, inadvertently resting on a firm bulge shielded by blue jean fabric. She sat up abruptly, not completely sure where she was or what in the hell was occurring. Realizing she was on a four-wheeler, she latched onto his chest. The nipples were hard, the chest firm.

“Hey!” He turned around and stopped the ride. She fidgeted a bit, not afraid but certainly more than curious about just how and why she was tied to him on a four-wheeler. Instantly, the strap released.

“Are you alright?” She cautiously stepped off the four-wheeler, stumbling a few steps at first but composing herself quickly out of embarrassment.

“I think.” He looked her up and down. Gone was the wild look or rage that had bore into her psyche, replaced with concern and sincere glee.

“You passed out. I thought you would come around quickly but when you didn’t I thought you might be anemic or diabetic or something. The ranger station is just a few klicks farther if you are hurt. My phone ain’t gettin’ no bars out here.”

“No, I’m fine. I think anyway.” The last thing she wanted was a trip to a hospital out in the sticks. God knew what her parents would think if they heard she was injured after a bear attack.

“You sure?”

“Yessir. Thanks for doing that back there. I thought that bear had me.”

“Naw, not really. Oscar is a big titty baby. He just needed a little persuasion.”

“You named him?”

“Shoot no. He’s from a zoo. They named him.” He chuckled at her puzzlement. “If it had been Brenda Lou and her cub though, things may have been quite different.” He grasped at his back, his grip outlining the silhouette of a holstered pistol beneath the pullover. “Things may have gotten intense and tragic. That bitch gets a lil bit moody around the baby.”

“Well, thanks anyway.” The gun and his seemingly casual nature about the incidence intrigued her. He did not possess a deliberate country twang nor the boorish demeanor of the local redneck flavor. He spoke well, seeming to choose his words carefully and with a deliberate understanding of tact. “I’m Jana, sorry I didn’t stay awake to introduce myself.” She felt the blushing come up fast to her cheeks.

“Danny,” he thrust out a tan hand adorned with a class ring of some kind. “Danny Comeaux.” She shook his hand daintily, more interested in feeling his skin’s texture than making acquaintance.

“Hello.” His eyes danced to her. The grey air still filtered our a great deal of color from their surroundings but his eyes were clearly brown. He had a curiously tiny scar just forward of the hairline near his temple and to her hidden happiness, had all of his teeth in good order. It was his bright exuberance of character that once again captivated her. The memory of staring at him as he lounged content and plucking guitar strings returned to her and washed away any tinge of nervousness she initially felt coming to. There was an aura of manly protection and concern for her, not any deviant vibe that should she felt should upset her. She could not know whether for sure he was telling the truth or not but merely she felt safe and gracious. “I had no idea there were bears here.”

“A few years ago, you would have been right. The local sportsmen…” he spat the word “…take great pains to make sure anything they rarely see gets a quick piece of lead. They have been trying to reintroduce bears and wolves in a few places where they have disappeared.”

“You don’t hunt?”

“Not bears.” He laughed a bit. “They are a bitch to clean. Pardon my Cajun.”

“Well, that’s the first one I ever saw outside of a zoo and that is about as close to nature as I think I’m going to get this year I hope.”

“You definitely got a good look at him. I was waiting for him to get a picture.” Oh, Jana thought.

“Sorry to ruin the shot.”

“No sweat. He’ll be back.” He glanced down at his watch. “If you wish, I’ll get you back to your cabin. I need to go back for my guitar. You’re sure you’re okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. You said we are near the station?”

“We’re closer to the cabins than the station, actually.” He pointed toward the east. “Just across that tree line.”

“If it’s no trouble. I don’t mind hiking. It’s actually what I was doing when I saw your bear.”

“Naw, no trouble. It’s better to go ahead and take the ride. I’m not sure where Brenda is and with winter coming up and the cubs getting big, she may take to poking her nose in your way if she thought she smelled you alone.”

“She would eat me?!”

“Well, they are used to people feeding them, either through trash cans or outright throwing sandwiches. They get a little pissed when they come up on a person that doesn’t chunk ’em a piece of tuna fish. Plus you could stumble up on her and the kids and female bears don’t take kindly to strangers around their young.”

“Like people, I guess.” He cranked up the ATV.

“Occasionally.” His face lit up. “You ever driven a four-wheeler?”


“Here, have at it.” He slid back on the seat.

“Really? Cool!” She eased onto the vibrating bike and began running her eyes over the controls, eager to look as if she was in control. The ATV jumped and lurched at first, but she figured out the throttle quickly and roared through the woods, turning onto the trails he pointed from behind her. The trees and briar patches roared by, the wind on her face slapping tears from her eyes. He rode silently, obviously unsure of whether he could hold onto her and instead grasping the bar behind him and hanging on for dear life. It was a short ride, the first few empty cabins racing by in a flash. Slowing abruptly, the bike lurched and his grip became untenable, instinct taken over and a panicked passenger’s normal motion was to grab the driver. Feeling his broad arms around her midriff, she felt a odd tingle that she dismissed as just girlish notions of lust enhanced by the rumbling motor beneath her. She eased up to her cabin and slowly braked. Finding neutral, she coasted up and stopped at the door.

“Damn that was fun!”

“Glad you liked it.” He slid forward on the seat as she got off.

“I thought you couldn’t have these things in the park. You work here or something?”

“Naw, but since that terrorist attack last week the park is empty and the rangers and me are tight. They know I’m not out grassing things up. You know this is the first time I can remember that the cabins are empty in September. You’re lucky there aren’t too many people here.”

“I come up here once a year usually. I love it.”

“Where are you from?”

“Jackson, Mississippi. I work at a park in the city.”

“Sounds fun. I go through there occasionally on my way back home to visit. I live up in Gatlinburg.”

“I’ve heard it’s beautiful up there in the mountains.”

“Looks about like here, I guess. I’m gonna’ head back down the ridge now.” She felt the compulsion to block his path.

“You staying around here? In a cabin?”

“No ma’am. I have a camper I stay in when I’m on a shoot. I travel a lot with my job.”

“You’re a photographer?”

“More of a writer, but Vanderbilt is sponsoring the bear project in conjunction with the Nashville Zoo and they hired me to come check the guys out.”

Don’t let him go, girl, she thought.

“Would you like to have some dinner? I thought some friends I met here were going to come in to see me tonight but they canceled out. I’ve been bored.”

He looked unsure but accepted her offer. “That would be great. I have a camper full of food and I’m a great cook. Anything you want me to bring?”

“Just whatever. I’ll whip up something.”

“Okay then, seven good?” He shrugged a bit.

“Seven would be great.” Jana’s heart fluttered a bit. “It’s a date.”

“It’s a date.” He smiled earnestly. “See you in a bit…”

The ATV roared and in an instant, Danny was just a dull noise echoing from the woods and a great notion of perfection left in her mind. It was four p.m.

By six-thirty, she was in a rush to complete things. Dashing around the cabin’s tiny kitchen, she forced herself to calm down and finalize things. Normally a demure woman, she was filled with an enhanced sense of desire and expectation that flustered her unexpectedly. She had showered up and cursed herself for not packing something just a tad bit provocative than a pair of jeans and a blouse that she tied up across the belly and shaped to accentuate her breasts. Her hair was fixed well, curled and stacked up with a slight bit of curls dangling over each ear to frame her face. She applied make-up well and fixed her face up well, determined to make a much more enthusiastic second impression on Danny than her first had been. Her legs were shaved, including a light tidying up of the pubic area. No detail too small.

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A Lake Tahoe Hotel

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We had a few nights off in a row during the summer. This was something special when you worked for the concessionaire at a major national park that saw millions of visitors a year. We really wanted to make the most of it.

Driving down to the nearest city (Fresno) was a drag and the idea of going the five hours to San Francisco was tempting, but something we had done before and always a blow to our pocketbook. We decided to go another direction – up over the mountain to Mono Lake then north to Lake Tahoe. We hadn’t been since we got married in a nearby little town and felt like the long drive, casinos and cocktails might be a good change of pace from the trees, cliffs and wildlife we experienced day to day.

It was a long drive but we stopped along the way and made a day of it, finally checking into our hotel room just after dark. The room overlooked the small strip and we had asked for a room on a lower floor nearer the action. Being from a small town, I guess I will never lose my love for watching crowds.

Rather than going straight down to the casino we just relaxed and sipped on some tequila and cola we had packed with our luggage. Down below there was a street crossing and cross walk, and it was an interesting mix of people walking by.

We had been famished when we hit town, so I had stopped for a snack at a fast food place, the food gone a little cold as we ate it after checking in and getting to the room. Being a careless eater, I managed to drop about as much in my lap as made it to my mouth, so I removed my pants and rinsed the stain in the sink.

Sherry had likewise kuşadası escort removed her pants for no other reason than she was just a “best pants is no pants” kind of girl. The bra was on the table – she had on just a shirt and panties – and we sat in arm chairs pushed to the window sipping our drinks watching the world go by through the floor to ceiling glass.

At some point, we saw a pair of obvious transvestites, which was very much a novelty back then. We stood to get a better look, interested to see them better. Neither man could “pass” but they were both decked out in dresses, heels and blonde wigs. We watched them cross the street and venture to points unknown and wondered if any casino would allow them in. (We thought not. It was a much different world then.)

The light was on in our room so anyone who glanced up could have seen us at that point I guess. Given the size of the hotel, the dancing lights of the casino signs and number of other windows in the hotel, it wasn’t something we even seriously thought about. We were both wearing shirts that hung to our waists and “semi” decent.

No one down on the street might have seen Sherry in her hot little sating panties, but I did. So as we stood and watched, I reached over and began playing a bit with her ass in a soft absent minded way. After a bit, she reached over and put her hands down my underwear as well, but attacked from the front just the way I like it.

It started out sort of innocent, but the longer we stood, the more playful we became. Soon she had me hard and I had her wet. It was still pretty slow and casual. We weren’t trying to put on a show. Just a married couple watching the world go by.

I don’t know what she did that got me hot enough to change up the tempo, but Sherry could really be good with her hands if she wanted to. I really wanted her and pushed her up against the glass, moving behind her with my hands on her shirt. I was grinding my cock into her ass and we were both feeling it. She reached down and pulled my cock completely out and pulled her panties aside. I slipped into her without trouble and for several minutes she and I slowly fucked with her pressing against that window.

We were still watching the people go by, and were actually kind of oblivious to what we were doing. It was a busy night and I’m sure that probably 100s of people passed through the crosswalk below our window during those minutes, though no one was obviously looking up and we weren’t even thinking that they could see us.

At some point, she was leaning back into me and at an angle were I could move into her pretty good. All at once it seemed like everyone stopped at the crosswalk looked up at us. We were literally caught with our pants down.

One drunken individual gave us a good-natured howl to let us know that he approved.

Sherry flinched and tried to back away from the window, but I was behind her and the chairs were not far behind me so we didn’t go far. She tried to pull her shirt down, but at that point I was hanging on to her boobs as otherwise I would have tripped backwards on the chair, possibly dropping us both on our asses.

We could have untangled and sat down at that point on the chairs, and no one would have been able to see us anymore, but instead for some reason we stopped. Sherry smiled, reached down and pulled her panties off completely, dropping them down to her ankles, then pulled up her shirt enough to press her breasts to the glass. She angled her hips and wiggled her ass enough to lure me back to work, and soon enough we were back at it, this time with a crowd of several dozen looking from a few floors below.

I know I’m supposed to say something here about how we looked so hot and put on a great show, though in truth we probably looked a bit un-coordinated and silly. At that point I was well past caring. When the time came, Sherry pulled me out of her after the first spurt, and the rest of my load hit the window, which she thought was incredibly funny though I doubt anyone below would notice.

We left the cum stain on the window and closed the drapes, crawling into bed to laugh and kick off round two. We laughed more when the next day the maids had come through the room, but the dried cum on the window was still there, and it was still there when we checked out the next morning.

Looking back, I have to think that we were probably not the only people that summer or maybe even that night to have sex in a hotel room window, and surely cum stains are more common in hotel rooms than they are in the average home. We sure thought we were something special though, and chances are someone somewhere still tells the story of the time that they looked up while crossing the street and saw a couple fucking in the window.

I surely hope so, and think Sherry would too. I’d hate to think that I am the only one one left who remembers.

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A Couples Massage for Christmas

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My wife and I live in Sydney’s northern beaches. For Christmas one of our friends, knowing that we had enjoyed a holiday in Thailand earlier in the year, bought us a gift voucher for a 90 minute pamper session at the local Thai Massage.

Living in Sydney there are plenty of dodgy options when it comes to massage. You only have to look for the neon mobile number in the window and you can be sure to find whatever you want. I have always loved massages and have to admit to the occasional happy ending although not on a regular basis.

The local Thai place was different. Very professional looking and with all staff dressed the same in very professional and respectable uniforms.

We had made a 10am Saturday appointment and checked in a few minutes early. The place smelt lovely and there was soothing music to add to the atmosphere.

There were a couple of other people getting massages and we sat in the reception chatting with a couple of ladies eagerly anticipating our own massage.

Lisa, who worked on reception, invited us through to a second waiting room where we first got our feet cleaned and massaged. After which she showed us through to a cubicle/room with a dividing wall that separated each massage room. The walls didn’t go all the way up so you could still hear most things but the rooms were definitely private.

I was shown to the room on the end and my wife in the one next door. We wished each other a nice relaxing massage.

When we booked they had asked if we had any preference for a male or female masseur and my wife indicated no preference.

I have always preferred a harder massage than my wife so when we arrived we decided I would be massaged by Leon, a Thai lad in his twenties and my wife by Shelly, a strong looking görükle escort petite Thai girl.

Shelly was very cute so I was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t be in my room.

However this was a normal massage and we proceeded into our respective rooms to get undressed.

Following direction I removed everything but my boxer shorts and lay face down on the massage table.

Leon was an amazing masseur. For the first half hour he worked on my back and shoulders and seemed to move various knots and generally relaxed my muscles. It wasn’t without pain but I was definitely going to feel the benefit.

As Leon carried on he did that thing where he rolled my shorts down a bit so he could concentrate on my lower back.

Leon was using hot oil and the feeling of being massaged and hands all over my back and the top of my arse was extremely relaxing.

The next part of the massage was the legs. Again, as is tradition in these places, Leon pulled up my shorts so that it was more like a wedgie in order to give him access to my upper thighs.

I have never thought that was a particularly comfortable and relaxing part of any massage and Leon must have sensed my slight discomfort.

He gave up and decided instead to lower the shorts instead but this time a bit further so he could get to my upper leg.

My boxer shorts were now sitting under my cheeks and my arse was fully exposed but the massage continued as normal and Leon finished my legs and then pulled my shorts back up. We had about fifteen minutes left and Leon asked what area I would like him to concentrate on for the remainder.

I pointed to my lower back and lay back down. More oil was applied and Leon started working again.

He soon lowered my shorts bursa sınırsız escort bayan again and started to concentrate more on what felt like my bum than my back. I was so relaxed that I didn’t mind and was surprised that I was actually feeling fairly horny as a result of a male massage.

I wondered how my wife was getting on next door.

After a couple of minutes on my arse I was surprised that Leon hooked his fingers into the elastic at the top of my boxers and started to lower my boxers even further. I assumed he was going to work on my legs again so didn’t object. I was surprised however that he pulled my shorts all the way down and completely off. He checked that it was ok and carried on massaging my legs. I was now completely naked.

Leon started massaging my legs and moved between my lower back, butt cheeks and legs for several minutes. He started to get a bit closer to my cock and I certainly felt that he was occasionally brushing my hole. What was going on!

Leon finished and asked me to turnover. I realised that I had a fairly hard cock by this stage and wasn’t sure what his reaction would be or what would happen next.

I turned over. Leon decided to switch to stretching me. He first put my arms behind my back and then pushed my knees up towards my chest. He then rocked me a bit back and forth and pushed me onto my back and shoulders so that I was now curled up. The main point of this was now that my exposed arse was slightly up in the air and I realised Leon had a perfect view of my hole.

My erection was also still very much on show.

Leon after stretching me then asked me to lie back down. We had a few minutes left.

Leon grabbed the oil and started again bursa otele gelen escort bayan on my chest. He was standing behind my head and massaging from shoulders down to tummy.

Given the height of the table Leon was pressing himself into my head a bit as he massaged and I definitely could feel he was also slightly hardening.

Leon let his hands go down further to my belly button and then onto the top of my groin. His fingers moved towards my pubic hair and then finally Leon put his hand on my cock.

He didn’t say anything but since I didn’t stop him he slowly started to move up and down and wank my cock.

Leon moved round to the side of the table whilst still stroking me and then with his other hand and extended index finger he started gently touching and playing with my oiled hole.

I was now rock hard.

Leon started stroking a bit harder and at the same time he probed my hole with his finger until he entered me slightly with the tip and then rhythmically started to slide his finger in and out.

Other than by my wife I had never been fingered by anyone, let alone a guy.

I wasn’t going to last long.

I looked at Leon and indicated as much. Now we had a problem. This was a genuinely professional place and Leon was obviously concerned that we might leave evidence. He bent down and whispered to me that I couldn’t leave a mess and he would be fired if his bosses found cum on the sheets. I don’t know why or what came over me but I told him not to worry and instead to open his mouth.

Leon happily agreed. Thus I found myself wanking off to finish and shooting a large load of cum into Leon’s open mouth. He swallowed every drop, licked me clean and then disappeared to get some hot towels and finish off.

I have never had another experience with a guy and haven’t been back to the same place. I would love to think my wife also had a special massage and I fantasize and jerk off over her masseuse, Shelly, possibly fingering and licking my wife’s beautiful pussy. My wife claims it was a normal massage – I just wonder?

True Story

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A Day Trip to the Beach

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I arrived at the Waffle House off I-10 in Winnie, Texas a little after eight. I had worked all-night and got off a bit after seven so I was running late. When I walked through the door, she was setting in a booth at the far end of the room. Her face lit up with a smile when she saw me; mine did the same. It had been quite some time since we had last met. I was thrilled the night before when she had accepted my offer to go to the beach with me. I had teased her with the fact that it was a nude or at least a clothing optional type place. It’s not legally so but people have been using it that way for more than twenty years.

Her dark short hair framed a heart shaped face and her grin accentuated her high cheekbones, made her eyes crinkle, and slit. The short flared yellow sundress highlighted her tan and showed off her long beautiful legs. As I slid into the booth across from her I couldn’t help noticing that the top two buttons of the already low cut dress were undone affording me a teasing view of the soft curves of her cleavage.

Her grin broadened if possible, as she followed the direction of my gaze and she leaned forward saying, “Hi, how are you?” Leaning forward caused the dress to open more and gave me a quick glimpse of her right breast, the soft puffy tip topped by a hard pea of a nipple.

I grinned back before answering. “Now that you’re here, I’m much better but if you keep teasing me like that we’ll get thrown out of here and barred. That would be a problem to as they have the best coffee around these parts.”

She winked and said. “Lucky me, I’ve had my coffee already. Do you want some?”

I looked her in the eyes and answered, “Sure, and I’ll have some coffee too.”

She chuckled and grinned. “Greedy, you just want everything, don’t you?”

“Just my cake and to eat her too.” I replied.

We sipped our coffee and talked of this, that, and the other for almost an hour before she finally said, “Hey, are we going to the beach and get naked or are we going to sip coffee and talk all day?”

I had to laugh but after I downed the last of my coffee in one long swallow. “I’m waiting on you.” I said as I got up to pay the bill.

Outside I told her to follow me and we would leave her car at the grocery market in town and take my truck to the beach. We parked her car in an out of the way part of the store’s lot and loaded her stuff into my truck. Once we were loaded, I headed south out of town. She slipped off her sandals, unbuttoned several more buttons of the dress, and slowly raised the hem of her skirt until her thighs were mostly bare. She was back to teasing me again but I grinned and pulled into the drive of a small convenience store at the edge of town. She scrambled to get herself presentable as I laughed.

“Hey, that’s not funny; you need to warn a lady that you’re going to stop.”

I chuckled and said, “We need ice, beer, and cigarettes, and this is the last place before we leave town. I was nice; I pulled in over here on this side instead of over there among all those farm workers and that pipeline welding crew.”

I went in and made our purchases; packed the ice chest and we were on our way again. She sat prime and proper on her side of the truck for about ten minutes then she undid the buttons on the dress until it was loose several inches below her breasts. She turned slightly in the seat to face me and raised her left knee and leg up onto the seat while sliding the skirt up to show just the briefest hint of the black lace panties she wore.

I took quick glances at what she was showing then asked. “Why are you wearing those panties? I didn’t think you liked to wear underwear unless you absolutely had too.”

She laughed before she answered. “I put them on while you were in the store. You’re the one who messed up my teasing earlier now you can just suffer.”

I put on a pouty face, which made her laugh. She would move and shift positions occasionally just to give me a glimpse of her breast or breasts. The black of the sheer panties was always tantalizingly just on the edge of sight. When we crossed the high bridge over the intercoastal waterway, she spotted a tug pushing a long sting of barges. She yelled for me to slow down which I did, as we were the only car visible for miles. She slipped off the seat and turned around to face the side window, which she franticly rolled down. Standing up on her knees in the seat, she stuck her upper body out the window and held the front of the dress open, flashing the tugboat captain and crew. They definitely saw her because they blew the boat whistle several times in rapid succession. As we rolled on down the far side of the bridge, she climbed back inside and sat down laughing the whole time.

“Did you see that?” She asked laughing. “One of the crew was over on one of the barges and the ass hole mooned me. I flash them some tit and he moons me, can you believe it? What is that, some rule or ritual of the sea or something?” She was still laughing.

I had to laugh with her. She had sat back down facing me and was almost bouncing up and down. Her dress was still open and her pert upturned breasts were https://bursali.org rolling and bobbing. As we approached a long left-hand curve in the road, I said. “You better put those away before we go through the little town of High Island, the local guys would love to see them but I’m not sure of the wives, girlfriends, or the preacher.”

She glanced down and grinned before she shook her shoulders and made them dance. “Spoil sport, it better not be a big town because these puppies want some air.” She finished with a laugh.

It wasn’t and we were through it in less than three or four minutes. As you top the rise at the south end of town, you suddenly see the ocean and the beach. As we cleared the last house in town, she unbuttoned the whole front of the dress and sat back to fan it open and shut at me. I gave a low wolf whistle and grinned. She shook her tits at me and grinned back.

About a hundred yards before the beach, this road used to tee into another highway but now there is a right turn only as the road to the left is barricaded. I made the right and immediately made a left U-turn at the crossover. At the barricade, I pulled over onto the sand and went around it. There was about a mile of straight level asphalt in front of us.

“We’re on our way, there’s nothing between here and the nude beach but sand.” I said.

She laughed as she took the dress off and tossed it on the seat between us. I was idling along at about twenty miles and hour taking in the show as she removed the black thong panties and hung them from the rear view mirror. She sat back against the door, with her left foot on the seat and her right foot propped up on the dash. She ran her hands over her breasts, caressing, and gentle squeezing them. Her hands roamed downward across her stomach and lower belly and out onto the smooth skin of her inner thighs. She continued to tease herself by lightly grazing the edge of her pussy and the sensitive tips and skin of her breasts. The teasing was having a hardening effect on me and I had to make some adjustments to the front of my shorts.

I had left the asphalt and was following a rough hard packed sand road along and above the beach. After I made the first curve, I pulled over to a wide spot and stopped. I looked over at her and grinned as she rubbed her pussy lightly with one hand and caressed her right breast with the other. “I think I’m totally over dressed, what do you think?”

She sat up and looked me up and down, letting her gaze stop on the large tent in the front of my shorts. “Yes, you are but how are you going to get those shorts off over that tent pole?” I laughed as I climbed out of the truck and looked both ways up and down the road over the top of the short dune we were behind. There wasn’t any sign of traffic, so I pulled off the tee shirt and my sandals and tossed them back inside. I struggled for a moment before getting the shorts off and tossed them inside to land in her lap. I opened the workbox behind the cab of the truck, took out two large beach towels, and tossed them onto the front seat. Getting back in, I drove on down the road at a slow pace.

As we rounded another bend, we met another truck going out. She jerked her foot off the dash but it was way too late to keep the other driver from getting an eye full. “Shit.” She said. “I didn’t think about there being other people down here.”

I laughed and said. “He’s probable driving around dressed the same way we are but now he’s got a fantasy to jack off to. That is, unless he’s one of the gay’s that hang out down here and then his fantasy will be my hard on propped up against the steering wheel like it’s trying to drive. Either way, it’s no real problem as no one really cares what you do or how you do it as long as you don’t hurt someone. Most people down here are really friendly and respect each other’s rights as much as possible. It’s hard to be judgmental when you’re nude.”

She kept her foot down off the dash but didn’t shut her legs or cover up with a towel. “It takes a little getting used to and it’s quite exciting if you know what I mean.”

I reached over and ran the tip of my finger up her slit until I bumped the hard nub of her clit. I flicked it with my fingertip several times before removing it and holding up the wet slick digit between us. “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Do you think I let my dick drive all the time? No, only on special occasions and you’re one of those.” Saying that, I stuck the fingertip into my mouth and sucked the sweet musky taste of her from it.

She moved her foot over to my lap and rubbed her toes up and down my shaft. “I know he can drive me crazy any time he wants to and does just thinking about him. My only question is what are you going to do about his condition when we get to where ever we’re going and there’s a bunch of people around?”

I shrugged and chuckled. “When they see the beautiful lady with me, glowing, and radiant in her nudity, they will understand. There’ll probable be several other guys saluting you as well. I just hope their wife or girlfriend is the understanding type.”

I finally came bursa escort kız back onto the asphalt and the ride smoothed. I sped up slightly but still had to watch out for washed out sections of roadway. About a mile farther on I slowed and pointed to a large brushy bush. “This is more or less the beginning of the nude or clothing optional beach. I’ll cruise down to the far end so you can have a look and then we’ll find ourselves a piece of beach to rest and recreate on. Keep an eye out for a place you might like, that is if you can quit ogling the nude guys. I assume it’s the guys you’re looking at?” She stuck her tongue out at me.

The asphalt runs about three-quarters the length of the beach before it turns back to sand. Years ago, the gays stayed down on the far end but in today’s times, everyone is mostly intermixed. Most of the people who come down here are pretty tolerant but there are a few homophobic ass holes that can be a pain.

At the far end, I turned around and stopped the truck. “Well did you see any place you liked?”

“I saw a lot of things I liked and a lot of things like I’ve never seen before. Some of those guys are bigger soft than anything I’ve ever seen hard. Talk about making your kitty twitch and hungry too.” She made a meowing sound and then a growl.

“Down girl, down. I’ll take bets on most of them being gay. Trust me, from experience, I know just from coming down here by myself. I’ve been cruised by more straight looking guys with nine or ten inches than you can imagine. I think that’s the way to tell if someone is gay around here. If his dick is under eight inches, most likely he’s straight. So muzzle kitty and lets find a place to get some sun, fun, sand, wind, and waves.”

“You sure know how to kill a girls fantasies don’t you? Ok, I saw several nice looking spots but there were people close by and I’m not sure if I’m up to just jumping out of the truck nude in front of strangers.”

I laughed and replied. “Oh, you want to jump out of the truck nude in front of friends and family? Who better to be nude in front of than total strangers? If you want to be a little shy at first that’s just fine, I saw a spot back on the other end that is quite sheltered from prying eyes, more or less. I’ll cruise back slow and let you have another look at the fantasy world.”

On the two miles of beach I had seen around fifteen guys, three women completely nude, and four or five women topless. I stopped at the big bush at the start of the area and backed in onto the sand and around to my right. Pulling forward, I headed toward the bush and ended up parked parallel to the road and partially blocking the entrance, we had backed in to. The bush blocked the view of anyone driving in on the road, the truck block their view as they drew even with us, and a low dune blocked most of their view as the went on past. Only tall pickups or SUV’s were tall enough for the occupants to see over the low dune. We weren’t completely hid but at least the number of people seeing us was limited. That is unless they drove down the beach it’s self; then we were in plain view.

I climbed out of the truck, moved to the bed, and removed two folding lounge chairs and a small ice chest. She was still in the truck when I looked back. I walked over, stuck my head in, and asked. “Are you going to get some sun or are you staying in the truck? You made a long drive to sit in a truck on the beach. You’re very beautiful and I could sit and watch you for hours but what gives?”

“There’s traffic up and down over here all the time. I’m just a little uneasy getting out without my clothes on and there’s too much junk on the seat for me to slide across and get out over there.”

I chuckled. “My brave little chicken. Let me get some of this stuff out of the way so you can slide across.” I cleared the seat, moving things to the dash and into the workbox in the rear until she could get out on my side.

Once she was out and standing up, she realized she was visible from the waist up all of the time and all of her could be seen some of the time. She took several deep breaths and chuckled. “I’m not sure whether to be scared or excited. I think excited is winning out. What do you need me to do?”

Setting up the chairs, I answered without a moment’s hesitation. “A blow job would be nice but we need to get this camp in order. Set up the other chair while I get the umbrella set up, we’ll need some shade later and I want to get the cooler out of the sun before the ice starts to melt.”

It only took a few minutes to get set up but it was enough time for her to forget about being nude in public. I knew she had a little streak of the exhibitionist in her, but this was entirely different. I moved both chairs until they were side-by-side and pointed down the beach and right at the sun. Reaching in the workbox, I got out a big bottle of tanning oil and told her to come over and stand in front of me. Her back was toward the bush and I was between her and the rest of the beach. I squirted the oil onto her back and reached around her to rub it into her shoulders and upper back. Her nipples bursa anal yapan escort crazed lightly across my chest and she inhaled sharply. After I had the oil applied all the way down to her waist, I poured more oil in my hand and rubbed them together. I moved slightly forward and lightly brushed my lips against hers as I rubbed the oil into her ass cheeks and hips. She kissed me lightly on the lips and the kiss deepened as I spread the oil into the crack of her ass. She jumped as my fingertips bumped over the puckered opening to her anus.

I stepped back and smiled, poured more oil into my hands and squatted down to apply it to her right leg, as I worked it lower my face got closer to her mound and sex. The small vee of hair ended just above her slit and I could see her clit peeking out of its little nest of flesh. I licked a long wet track upward along her puffy outer lip on one side, across her mound just above her clit, and along the edge of the hair on the other side. When I was done, I sat back and got more oil for the other leg. Again, I oiled from the thigh down and again I made the long lick. When I stood up and motioned for her to turn around, she was trembling slightly.

I squirted the oil over her breasts and belly then reached around to massage it in. I could feel her breasts swell and harden, as did the nipples. They were like little rocks atop a snowy peak. I stepped forward until my manhood slipped upward along the cleft of her ass, my hands roaming over her stomach and hips. She pressed back against me and wiggled her hips slowly from side to side until my fingers dipped down across her mound and the little patch of hair. Getting a little more oil, I returned my hands to her mound and worked them between her legs, which moved farther apart. I worked the oil into every nook and cranny of her sex. She was breathing hard and moaning softly as her ass made little circles against me.

I whispered into her ear. “Are you ready to cum or do you want to wait?”

Hoarsely she replied. “I don’t know if I can wait.” She used her hands to move mine and stood there trembling. “I need to sit down for a minute and get my body under control before I explode.” She moved carefully over and sat down on the lounge chair, turned, and stretched out on it and presented her oil slick body to the sun. She gave a little gasp as she shifted her hips. “I may cum anyway from either the heat of the sun on my pussy or the caress of the wind.”

I handed her, her pair of sunshades and started applying the oil to my own body. She turned her head and watched me rub the oil onto as much of my body as I could reach. When I rubbed it into my cock and balls, she licked her lips and smiled. I grinned down at her and handed her the lotion before turning around and squatting down. “Here, make yourself useful wench and oil up what I can’t reach.”

She rubbed the oil in firmly and sighed. “I wanted to do you like you did me.” She paused a moment and then chuckled. “Yeah, that’s what would have happened, I’d do you and you’d do me and we’d have standing room only for the floor or rather the sand show.”

When she finished I sat down in my lounge chair and relaxed. The sun was warm on my skin and the wind was cool and caressing. My member, which had been hard as an iron bar, slowly softened enough to lie along the crease of my thigh instead of lying straight up on my belly. She noticed this and laid her hand on my thigh just below it with her wrist just brushing the sensitive head. It jerked and twitched as she caressed my leg with her wrist accidentally brushing across the flanged head. Slowly it rose back up into the vertical position and her hand moved higher onto my hip. She glanced around, not seeing anyone close by, she grasp the shaft and slowly jacked her hand up and down in long strokes. Damn that felt good, I closed my eyes, and soon I heard a soft moan escape my lips. She released the shaft and her hand disappeared. I opened my eyes to see her grinning at me.

She was laying flat with her head just slightly raised and had one foot resting on the sand on each side of the lounge chair. I smiled back at her as my eyes wandered slowly down her shinny body, taking in the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, the cones at the tip swaying slightly. Her stomach was a flat plain with a slight golden glow from the very fine hair shining through the oil. The rise of her mound with its small patch of short dark hair was a hill with a grove of trees that pointed to the treasures hidden from sight below. Her spread thighs and knees were an open invitation to explore and capture these treasures.

A movement out of the corner of my eye caused me to look to my left to see a single guy walking slowly down the beach in our direction. She could not see him because of me and would not until he was directly in front of her with a full view of her spread pussy. I grinned as my dick twitched against my stomach. The thought crossed my mine as to which of us he would be looking at, my hard dick, or her open wet pussy. Her eyes must have been closed because he stopped on the pretence of examining a shell for several long seconds before I heard a small gasp from her. She didn’t move but I did detect a twitch in her knees, indicating that she wanted to. She looked over at me for a moment and I could read the expression on her face like a book. It said, “I’ll get even for this, you can just bet on that.” Then she smiled.

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A Birthday Kiss

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Ten years ago I met the love of my life. I was in my late 50’s and she was 10 years younger, but still looks about 40, according to everyone who ever meets her. She was absolutely beautiful-about 5′ 1″, 110 pounds, very petite with a slim tight body, a gorgeous dark tan, blond hair and the best looking ass I could ever remember seeing, the result of a strenuous daily workout routine. And, as I discovered later, she was also a “squirter”, something I had always heard about but didn’t believe existed.

She (Ann) was the most innocent looking lady- all class- you could ever envision. After talking with her all afternoon, we discovered that we were both in unhappy and dull marriages. As the night progressed, we both realized we were very much into each other. After walking her back to her cottage, she lured me into her room and as she pulled me close and began gently kissing me, I felt myself getting excited. The next thing I knew, she pushed me against the wall, ripped open my shirt, removed her bra, and began rubbing her hard nipples against me. As she worked her way down my body, I could feel her lips and tongue leaving wet circles all over me. Finally, she reached my cock and began taking me in and out. She did things I could not believe, and within seconds she was sucking on my balls, and then when she again took me into her mouth, I exploded. She swallowed every last drop, telling me how good I tasted, and yelled for more. Her expert mouth soon had me hard again, and as I placed my cock at her entrance, she screamed to please fuck her. Though I am not large, I struggled to insert my dick into the tightest pussy you could ever imagine. Finally, as the head of my dick entered her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me as close as possible and began to give me the ride of my life, all the time screaming “Yes, Yes”. Not only was her pussy tight, it was so wet that I could actually feel her liquids rushing out onto the bed. Yet her pussy continued to suck me in, and she was moving around so much that I had to work to remain on top of her. I was trying not to cum too soon but then her pussy closed hard on my dick, and as she did so, I shot load after load deep into her as I felt stream after stream of wetness shooting from her pussy, soaking both the bed and my body. Though this doesn’t happen all the time, when Ann does get excited and squirts, it is the most unbelievable feeling as her pussy actually contracts and shoots fluids almost like she has turned on a faucet. Ann apologized profusely, but when I told her how great it felt, she began kissing me with a passion unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was hooked at that point, but it was several months later that we realized how much we were alike and began falling more and more in love.

Eventually we left our spouses, and though not married, became one. Then a year or so later we were travelling to celebrate my birthday. We were at a very nice restaurant, seated in the lounge having drinks before going to our table. Ann was seated at the bar as I went to use the restroom and to make a phone call. When I returned, Ann was talking to two very nice professional gentlemen seated a short distance away. She indicated that one of the guys had hit on her, telling her how beautiful she was, and asking if we were married. She had replied no, but indicated we were in a committed relationship. We continued to talk with the two gentlemen, and soon discovered that the gentleman that had hit on her shared the same birthday as I. Ann then turned to me and quietly asked if I would care if she gave him a “birthday” kiss. Since the bar was empty except for the four of us and the bartender, and was somewhat isolated from the dining crowd, I said sure if she wanted. With that she got up, walked over to the guy, told him she had a birthday gift for him and began kissing him. I had anticipated a simple kiss, but that is not what happened. As I bursa escort and the other guy’s friend watched in amazement, Ann began kissing the guy with everything she had. For the next couple of minutes, they stood kissing and rubbing against each other as their mouths opened and their tongues probed deep into each other’s mouth. When the kiss ended, the guy lost his balance and stumble back into a chair as we all laughed. I think he, as well as his friend, the bar tender and I were all shocked, as Ann is such a beautiful, classy, and innocent looking lady. Our table was soon ready in the dining area, but before leaving to be seated, her new friend secured our phone number and indicated he would call us if he ever visited our home town.

Well, about two weeks later, he called Ann and indicated he was coming to town and would like to take us to dinner. Though not true, we decided that she would tell the gentleman that I was out of town, but that she would love to go if the invitation still stood. I told Ann that I was ok with whatever she wanted to do that evening as long as she did not embarrass us, and if they had sex, they would use protection.

As Ann dressed for the evening, I knew she intended to make it an evening we all would remember. She wore sexy throng lace panties allowing her pussy to show through, along with thigh highs, and a bra that allowed her 34B’s and erect nipples to be on full display under a classy, little black dress. As Ann left, she said she intended to have fun and would call me before returning home so I could move to the guest bedroom if she decided to invite the gentleman in to “share a glass of wine”. From there I could easily hear everything going on, and if they decided to go into the other bedroom, I could arrange to peek into the room without being noticed.

Upon returning, Ann did in fact invite Tom in, and before long had moved to the bedroom. However, the evening only consisted of a lot of kissing, petting, and limited oral sex (mostly Tom eating Ann’s pussy) as Tom had a little too much to drink and could not get an erection. I repeatedly heard Tom comment on how beautiful Ann was, how her kisses could seduce any guy, how unbelievably she gave head, and how great her pussy tasted, repeating over and over how wet and how great her pussy tasted. After about two hours, Ann indicated to Tom he would have to leave as there could not be any sleep overs.

Tom called Ann many times over the next several months but Ann never seemed to want to go out with him again, and made up one excuse after another. However, remembering that night always seemed to arouse both Ann and me, and we would experience some great sex thinking about that night.

About six months later, Ann received a call from an old friend from another town that she had known before meeting me. He asked her to dinner, but she indicated she was involved in a relationship and was very much in love, but would enjoy seeing him if I did not object. Ann told me about the guy (Jeff) and indicated that before meeting me, she had often thought about what a nice guy he was and that she had at one time, in fact, felt a certain attraction for him. She said that they had met and had drinks one evening, and that he had kissed her as the evening ended, but nothing more. It was a very intimate kiss, and Ann said she still remembers how that kiss had dampened her panties that night. I told her if she would like to see him, I had no objections, as both Ann and I believe strongly that it is possible to be very much in love and still find others attractive and sexually desirable.

Ann called Jeff and arranged to go to dinner with him. Again I told her to enjoy herself, and that I would remain hidden in the back room if he came back with her.

When Jeff arrived, Ann opened the door, and as I secretly watched, I saw her give Jeff a long, lingering kiss before leaving for bursa üniversiteli escort dinner. They left and a couple of hours later, Ann call and said they were on the way back and she would like to invite Jeff in. I told her ok, and that I would move to the back bedroom.

When Jeff and Ann arrived home, he immediately took her in his arms and began kissing her. It was not long before I heard the rustling of clothes, and peeked trough the door and saw Ann with Jeff’s cock deep in her mouth. Ann loves to suck cock and is incredible at it. I could hear the slurping noises as Ann sucked on his cock and took his balls into her mouth before starting to scream, “Oh yes, give it to me. I want to taste you”. I heard Jeff moan, and I knew then he was filling Ann’s mouth full of his juices. Jeff seemed to cum forever but only a small amount escaped from Ann’s mouth as she wiped the excess off her chin and placed it back into her mouth, all the while licking and sucking on Jeff’s dick to make certain she didn’t lose another drop.

Jeff quickly went down on Ann and all I could hear was Ann telling Jeff how great he made her feel. I heard the familiar scream from Ann that she was coming. “Oh God, Oh God, that feels so good; I am getting so wet. Please don’t stop.” Then I heard Ann scream “I’m coming, I’m coming”, followed by “Yes, Yes” and a loud scream, and I knew that Ann had “squirted” for the first of many times that night. Jeff kept telling Ann how good she tasted, how wet she was and how excited it made him when she let herself go like that. Then I heard him comment on how wet the carpet was where Ann, while seated on the couch, had squirted stream after stream onto the floor.

They rested for a while and had some wine and I could hear them talking. Then there was quiet, and I assumed they were again kissing and making out. Then I heard Ann telling Jeff to relax while she came into the back room, wearing only Jeff’s shirt. . She quietly asked again if I was ok with what was happening, and when I said “yes”, she kissed me and then gathered some clothes and began to change. She put on a very sexy white lace thong, a lace bra, a white garter belt and white stockings. Ann’s dark tan, and gorgeous body against the almost nothing clothing was a site to behold. Ann asked if it was ok to screw Jeff without using protection. She said she was very comfortable that Jeff was not a player. I told her the decision was hers. With that, she left and went into the other bedroom, lit some candles, and called for Jeff to join her.

When Jeff walked in, he stopped in his tracks in disbelief. He then threw Ann down on the bed and began kissing her. As I watched through the opening in the bedroom door, he moved in front of Ann and placed his dick at her opening, but Ann stopped him and handed him a rubber. Jeff protested but then quickly placed the rubber on, and struggled to enter Ann. Ann began yelling “Yes, Yes” “Fuck me. Fuck me”. After fucking Ann for only a few moments, Ann was screaming how good Jeff felt, when suddenly she stopped him. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Ann quickly reached down and removed the rubber from Jeff’s dick, exclaiming, “God, you feel so good. I’ve got to feel your cock in me next to my skin. I want to feel you shoot in me, I want your cum inside me.” As she guided his now bare dick into her pussy, begging for him to fuck her, I knew she was about to give Jeff a fucking he would never forget.

After reinserting his dick into her pussy, Jeff began fucking Ann so hard that I thought for a while that they might actually break the bed. Ann was on her back rolling all over the bed as she struggled to get Jeff further into her. She was grabbing and pulling on the headboard, with her legs wrapped around Jeff as she kissed him, and he continued to pound into her. “Oh Baby, you feel so good”. “I love how you fuck me”, karacabey escort Ann screamed as I watched her grab Jeff’s ass and pull him deeper, all the while yelling “Fuck me, fuck me.” I could hear the wetness of their bodies together as Jeff continued to slam into Ann as she kept telling him how hard he was and how good he felt. As Jeff continued to fuck Ann, she kept screaming “More, More, Please don’t stop. Fuck me. God, you feel so good.” “Please, please.”

As I continued watching through the crack in the door, I heard Ann’s familiar cry “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, and then a sharp scream, “No, No” and I saw Ann reach down and grab Jeff’s penis and reinsert. I knew Ann was squirting because when she squirts, the contraction of her pussy and the force of the squirt pushes the dick from her pussy and she has to reinsert it. Ann dug her nails into Jeff’s back, pulled him closer as if she could not get enough of him, and begged him to fuck her as she again released a torrent of cum that soaked Jeff and the bed. Ann drew Jeff’s face to her and kissed him with lust like I had not often seen. I watched as Ann locked her legs tighter around Jeff, and he began rocking on top of Ann telling her how good she felt, exclaiming over and over “God, you are so tight and wet Baby”. I then saw Jeff’s body tense as he shot load after load into Ann. I then watched Ann as she began the familiar movement of her ass that I knew was milking Jeff of every last drop he had.

I returned to the room where I was staying as they rested and continued to talk. I could hear Jeff talking about how wet Ann got and what a turn-on it was when she squirted. I had always told Ann that every guy would enjoy experiencing such a fucking and the wetness from her squirting, but she had always insisted that she could not do that with just any one, as she was too embarrassed when the squirting happened. I guess Jeff’s reassurance got Ann going again, because before long, I heard Ann comment again yelling “Oh please fuck me; please fuck me, Jeff.”

I again cracked the door and looked in to see Jeff lying on his back at the foot of the bed with Ann standing on the floor facing away from him as she rode him and pushed against the dresser to get maximum penetration. In only a few minutes, I heard Ann scream “Yes. Yes, please don’t stop” and I knew she was cumming and squirting again as Jeff continued to yell how good it felt. For what seemed like forever, I watched as Ann released squirt after squirt while constantly having to grab and reinsert Jeff’s dick as her squirting kept pushing his dick out of her pussy and she kept screaming “No, No” as she struggled to keep his dick inside her. As Jeff neared climax, he grabbed Ann’s shoulders and pull her down on him as hard as he could and continued to shoot into Ann as he groaned and came inside her. By then the bed, dresser and everything around them was soaked. I would guess from the familiar screams of “No, No” whenever Ann squirts and pushes the dick from her pussy, that she had climaxed and squirted at least a dozen times.

Ann told Jeff that he should probably get ready and leave before I called. However, before leaving, she told him how much fun she had, and promised to do it again soon. No sooner had Jeff left than Ann came into the back bedroom where I was and began kissing me with her probing tongue that had me rock hard in no time. I wanted Ann as badly as I could ever remember, and when I began making love to her, I did not care what she had been doing with Jeff. All I knew was that I wanted her and she wanted me, and when I tried to insert my dick into her, her pussy, though extremely wet was very swollen and tight, but after a little effort I worked my way in and got the ride of my life as we fucked for most of the night, experiencing some of the most fantastic sex ever. Our only problem was that by the end of the night, there was not a dry bed for us to sleep on,

And after that night I know for sure that as long as Ann and I do not lie to each other and are respectful of each other’s feelings, we will continue to enjoy life to the fullest, and hopefully we will have many more nights as eventful and as enjoyable as the night she spent with Jeff.

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The Deal

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I was in a bar with Tina, this gorgeous, sleek, nineteen year old fox I had been seeing and screwing for the last six months, and an old buddy of mine, Bobby. Bobby had moved back into town after being away for a year and we were catching up on things. And of all the new things that intrigued Bobby, it seemed that this cute college sophomore I was dating topped the list, if the kind of attention Bobby was paying to Tina was any indication. I sure didn’t mind. That’s the way Bobby and I always were; we liked checking out chicks and dudes the other was seeing, and rating them. There’d even been a couple of times, cruising, when we doubled up on a chick or a dude. See, we’re both bi and, another thing, we both happen to be freaks for ass. The difference is that I’m strictly a top while Bobby fucks ass and takes it up his too. Tina, pretty soon after I met her revealed herself to be a total anal addict and happened to have something of a fetish for bisexual men. She was only nineteen but I’d never met anyone, male or female, who craved taking it up the ass the way she did. Or who took it as often and managed to take as much.

Now, as Tina walked off to the ladies room to take a leak, Bobby couldn’t stop staring at her gorgeous bottom, smacking his lips as he eyed those perfect buttocks, outlined beautifully by the worn denim of the jeans Tina was wearing.

“Shit! What a fabulous ass that girlfriend of yours has got. Man, those buns!”

“Best of all is what she’s got between those buns,” I teased as Bobby glanced at me longingly.

“Damn, I’d love to get between those cheeks myself and check out her sweet spot.”

That’s the way Bobby and me liked to talk about sluts and studs sometimes.

“Well maybe you can, Bobby,” I said.

He whipped around to look at me, wondering what I could possibly mean.

“I’ll share her with you,” I offered. “But on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Bobby asked, burning up with curiosity now.

“You’d have to let me get between those buns of yours.”

“You saying you wanna fuck me?”

“That’s right.”

“Hey, you know you turn me on, Brad. And I’ve gotten to know that dick of yours pretty good. But, like I told you, you’re just too damned big for me to take it inside.”

I had been craving to fuck Bobby for a long time; the stud had always turned me on. The problem was that my dick was eleven inches long, and really thick. And Bobby wasn’t the only guy or girl who couldn’t or wouldn’t take it up their butts.

“That was more than a year ago when you tried it with me,” I reminded him. “I’m sure you’ve had plenty of action since then to loosen you up. How about giving it another shot? Anyway, that’s the condition. You get to do my cute little girlfriend, but then I get to do you. I get to fuck that tight ass of yours.”

It was easy for me to make this offer. For I don’t mind if another guy fucks Tina, as long as I’m part of the scene. See, Tina’s addicted to those eleven inches of mine. I knew I ruled her with my cock, the way an army rules its captives with its big guns. She had quickly become a slave to my massive tool. And once in a while I got off watching some other stud slam it up her butt, knowing he’d never quite match my action.

Now as we watched Tina returning to the table I could see just how badly Bobby wanted to screw her. I’m sure that knowing how this gorgeous young dreamboat craved taking eleven rough inches up her hot, young ass made Bobby crazy with lust.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” Bobby whispered, as Tina approached.

“What are you guys talking about? Tina asked, noticing something.

“We’re escort bursa talking about you!” I told her bluntly.


A week later Bobby was over at my place. I had told Tina what was in store and she loved the idea. That sweet little angel was a real slut. She always dug a really nasty scene. The nastier the better! And she really enjoyed watching me screw another slut or stud, especially up the ass, though with the size of my tool, that opportunity had arisen only a few times before.

“Back in the bar, Bobby couldn’t keep his eyes off your ass,” I said to Tina. The three of us were sitting on a thick rug, putting away a bottle of good Merlot.

“Oh yeah?” Tina said, gazing lewdly at Bobby. “You like my butt, Bobby? Well how about checking it out in the raw?”

Bobby now watched with spellbound eyes as Tina stood up and took off her jeans, then turned around and slowly rolled her panties down her smooth, perfect buttocks. It had taken about three seconds for a hard bulge to form in Bobby’s pants, I noticed.

Tina reached back to spread herself open, really showing off for Bobby.

“Check it out,” she groaned provocatively.

Bobby couldn’t stop staring. And knowing that this slender, delicately built young beauty took my hard, thick eleven inches up that trim butt of hers, deep into her hot, humid rectum, nearly on a nightly basis, I’m sure was making Bobby demented with desire.

“You want to fuck it?” Tina drawled sexily, holding herself wide open, swaying it right in Bobby’s face.

“Holy shit!” Bobby gasped, breathing hard. “I want to fuck it so bad!”

“First you gotta eat it, then maybe you can fuck it,” Tina teased, pressing her bottom against Bobby’s face. The young slut loved a wet tongue in her crack almost as much as a thick cock. And Bobby sure obliged, hungrily digging in between the smooth cheeks to lap away at the hot little ridge he’d soon be entering.

I got a kick watching my good old buddy eating out my girlfriend’s ass. My dick was rock hard and I was stroking it lazily as I watched Tina squeal and squirm, loving every lap of Bobby’s tongue. Then Tina suddenly pulled away and dropped back down on the rug with the two of us, reaching for Bobby’s zipper.

“Let’s see what you got for me,” she said, staring down and digging in.

She pulled out Bobby’s hard cock, then tore off the rest of Bobby’s clothes, lowering his face to suck Bobby’s dick. Tina’s a voracious little cocksucker and now I undressed as I watched my girlfriend wolf down Bobby’s achingly rigid shaft.

“Okay, shove it in!” Tina hissed, turning around on elbows and knees, lifting her sassy, girlish buns up high.

“Got some lube?” Bobby asked, turning to me.

“Hell, she don’t need no lube for your tool,” I teased. In fact, with me reaming Tina just about every night with my jumbo-sized butt-buster, she could handle most other cocks without lubricant. A little rimming was all she needed. Except with me, that is, when the grease came in very handy.

A little amazed, Bobby knelt behind Tina, gazing down at her exposed hole, Tina reaching back and holding herself open, sticking it out for Bobby like an alley cat begging for a nasty dose of sodomy. And Bobby obliged, working that steely shaft of his between my girlfriend’s buns, sliding it in, a look of pure rapture on his face as he felt Tina’s tight young ass grip his shaft.

“Aren’t you happy now, Bobby?” I chuckled, “your dream’s come true.”

Tina was panting and groaning like the over-excited slut she always became whenever she felt a hard cock burying itself up her ass. And Bobby was pumping bursa otele gelen escort away furiously, fuck crazy over his good fortune.

Me? I stroked my shaft and just watched until I was ready for more. Then I brought my cock up to Bobby’s face as he kept pumping away.

“Been a while since you laid eyes on this baby, huh?” I said, showing off as Bobby stared at it with spellbound eyes.

“Man, I forgot just what a freak of nature it was,” he said, his eyes glued to the sight, no doubt remembering his obligation.

“Tastes good too, remember?” I said, shoving it in his face as he opened his lips wide to take it in his mouth. Tina looked over her shoulder to watch Bobby suck my dick, then looked up at me with a lewd little sneer on her face. I winked at Tina and she knew just what that wink meant as she pulled back, disengaging from Bobby.

“I think you need to get fucked now, dude,” Tina hissed at Bobby.

“Yeah, get on up there and stick it out for us,” I told Bobby who, suddenly looking a little apprehensive, assumed the position.

“Want me to get him nice and ready for you?” Tina asked, a big, lascivious smile lighting up her face.

“You know the routine,” I said. Tina and me had gone this route before with chicks and studs, with varying success. Bobby’s ass sure looked good now, exposed and vulnerable. He was a sinuous, muscular stud with a hard, bronzed butt. Licking her lips, Tina spread apart his buns and dug in to have herself a taste. Then she scooped up a big dab of lube, slapping it into Bobby’s crack and working it around, digging stiff fingers into Bobby’s bottom to get some of the grease deep inside. I just loved the sight — my young girlfriend lubing up my old buddy’s ass, getting it ready for me. Meanwhile I went up and waved my cock in Bobby’s face, making sure he had a nice, close-up look at every one of my eleven thick inches.

“Aw shit, I don’t know if I can,” Bobby said, taking in the challenge.

“Sure you can,” I said, reassuringly, feeding it to him some more.

“He’s as ready as he’s ever going to be,” Tina said, pulling out her fingers as I got behind Bobby again, grabbing hold of his hips as Tina took hold of my cock and wedged the tip against Bobby’s slick hole.

“Oh man, do I ever wanna see you fuck him!” Tina said, looking up at me, her eyes blazing with excitement.

Slowly, I forced my big knob inside, Bobby breathing deeply, looking back at me with longing, slightly fearful eyes, biting his lip. I worked it inside him carefully, letting him get used to it, then sliding in another inch. He was panting now, a fine film of sweat covering his back as he did his best to be brave and to take it.

“Oh shit! Go slow, Brad, or you’ll split me in half,” he finally gasped.

“Go on, Bobby!” Tina hissed at him. “Take it like a man! Take it like you mean it!”

I did go slow, slow but steady, and relentlessly, as Tina kept holding him open, watching my shaft enter deeper and deeper. When I fuck Tina it’s hard for her to see what I look like when I’m inside her. So she loves really staring at it when I bury my cock up another asshole. She says it just drives her crazy seeing how thick I am and how I stretch out a dude or a slut. The sight sure drove Tina crazy right now, her eyes fixed on the spot like a pair of lasers, her hand a blur as it strummed away down between her legs, in her pussy.

“I can’t believe it; you’re really something else!” Bobby gasped, but he wasn’t complaining; he wasn’t pushing back with an arm, urging me to pull out, as many others have when bursa sınırsız escort they realized they just couldn’t take it. And me? I was happy as shit. I’d been wanting to park my big dick up Bobby’s tight, muscled ass for a long time.

Now I fucked him with smooth, steady strokes, eventually working most of my eleven inches inside, Bobby taking every thick inch like a champ. Suddenly Tina disappeared and the next thing I felt was her behind me, spreading me open, and jamming her hot tongue in my crack. What more can stud ask for? His dick buried deep inside a tight, warm ass while an agile, eager tongue works away at his own. Man, this was my vision of paradise!

Now Tina stood up and stared some more, fingering her clit furiously. I knew what she wanted now. I knew how much she craved strapping on the thick strap-on dildo I had bought for her and taking her turn fucking a slut or a stud.

“Feel like fucking this ass, Tina?” I asked.

“Uh huh!” she groaned, licking her lips as she reached into a drawer to retrieve her dildo, strapping it to herself. “I want your buddy to have a nice, big dose of my cock too.”

“Okay, take over now,” I said, pulling it out of Bobby as Tina happily stepped up and took over, slamming her big rubber one inside. I figured Bobby could use to take a break from my massive tool and try something a little more modest now.

I pulled back to have myself a view. Tina, sleek and stunningly feminine except for that big dick strapped to herself, was really pumping away at the heavily muscled stud, Bobby seeming to like taking it from Tina as much as he had liked giving it to her. Tina always flipped out at the opportunity to fuck male ass. She wouldn’t admit it, but I knew one of her big, big fantasies was to fuck my ass. And one day maybe I’d let her.

Now I couldn’t help eyeing my girlfriend’s always immensely alluring bottom. I stepped behind her, pulled aside the dildo strap, and slid a couple of fingers between her cheeks, as she suddenly whipped his head around to gaze at me with lust-crazed eyes.

“Oh yeah, do it!” she begged. If there’s one thing Tina loves it’s when I fuck her while she’s fucking a slut or a stud with her strap-on. That’s always one of the highlights whenever we get together for a three-way. So I prepped her, working some lube into her crack. She stopped moving a moment as I wedged my cockhead between her smooth, warm buttocks.

Being the expressive one she is, Tina started grunting and groaning as I steadily buried my tool inside her. Whenever she’s got one strapped on, she wants me to do her ass, never her pussy. With the strap-on she craves pretending to be a young stud, rather than a young slut. And studs have assholes, not pussies.

“You fuckin’ her now, huh Brad?” Bobby asked, confirming what he sensed was happening, and I guessed from the tone of his voice that Bobby yearned for some more of my tool between his own cheeks. I smiled to myself; I love to rule studs with my big cock. So finally I pulled it out of Tina, urging her to withdraw from Bobby. Now I had the two of them kneel, butts raised nice and high.

I went back and forth, fucking one asshole, then the other, as Bobby fisted his shaft and Tina fingered her pussy. Finally I heard Bobby grunt and, looking down, could see him shooting his spunk all over the rug as I pumped it inside him. Then came Tina’s familiar moaning and squealing as she got herself off, her fingers going crazy as I reamed out her rectum. Then it was my turn.

“Okay, up here,” I said as the two of them whipped around, bringing their faces close as I lifted my cock to them.

“Now open wide,” I told them as they pressed their cheeks together and opened their mouths. I massaged my dick slowly, getting it to just the right pitch, and then I blasted just about the biggest load ever all over their two faces and into their waiting, hungry mouths, pearly gobs dripping off their lips.

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I’m a Closeted Bisexual

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I am a closeted bisexual cocksucker and bottom. It wasn’t always this way. I’m a widower who was married to a wonderful woman, in all respects, except one. She would not suck my cock.

Due to her religious upbringing, she thought all oral sex was dirty, disgusting, and sinful. She never refused me her pussy. Hell, she loved to fuck.

During one of my few cheating encounters, I got an awesome blow-job from a woman, and forever more, was hooked on getting my cock sucked.

I managed to get my cock in my wife’s mouth once, and she tasted some pre-cum, and that was the end of that.

For years I dreamed of having my cock sucked. Finally, in my late fifties, I decided to seek men to suck my cock. Figuring a mouth was a mouth.

I joined a gay/bisexual website, which I will not name, and began chatting with other men. I found lots of men looking to suck cock. I found there were a number of men in my general area of central NC that were active cocksuckers. Some of them married.

I started regularly chatting with a married guy, and he was more than willing to suck me off. The problem was, we were both married, so finding a safe place was an issue.

Then one day he told me he knew of a place we could meet. It was in a remote area of his upscale housing development. A house being built in a heavily wooded area had construction stopped because the builder had gone bankrupt. The large three-story structure was about half finished.

I met him in the parking lot of a Grocery store and followed him deep in the woods to the unfinished house. We went to the third level, and he spread towels, in what would become a bathroom. We both undressed and I laid down on the towels. My cock had already hardened in anticipation of görükle escort being sucked.

When his mouth enveloped my cock, I tensed and felt the warm wetness of his mouth. I was about to get the blowjob I had wanted for so long. The feeling was awesome, as he used his experience to meet my most hidden desires. I knew he was an accomplished cocksucker, and I was reaping the benefit of his experience.

As he bobbed up and down on my cock, my urges to fuck his mouth was overwhelming. I began fucking upward. My cock banged against the entrance to his throat. He pulled off and said, “Let’s get into a 69 position.”

I shivered and thought, oh my god, he wants me to suck him.

I had not anticipated sucking his cock. But he changed positions on top of me, and took my cock back in his mouth, as his cock hovered over my mouth, he lowered himself and his cock entered my mouth.

For the first time in my life, I had a man’s cock in my mouth. It was short, but very thick. I felt the warmness and hardness. Strangely, it felt nice. He continued to suck away on my cock, and I began to reciprocate. I was sucking my first cock.

It did not take long for his sucking to begin having a big effect one me, as I neared orgasm. I couldn’t help it I blew my load in his mouth. Little did I know, I was having the same effect on him, as he follow suit and filled my mouth with his cum. My orgasm was intense, but was soon replaced with me swallowing cum, as fast as I could to avoid gagging and choking.

I realized his bittersweet, and somewhat salty tasting cum, was to my liking. Some oozed out the corners of my mouth and some came out my nose, causing a slight burning. However, the taste was not at all unpleasant. I liked it.

I bursa merkez escort came to this place to receive a blow-job. I not only got that blow-job, I also sucked my first cock.

I continued to visit that same website and began chatting with a Naval Doctor, on temporary assignment at the Camp Lejeune Marine Base in Jacksonville, NC. After several conversations, the doctor told me he wanted to fuck me. Up to this point, this was not something I had contemplated. He showed me his cock on cam, and I was mesmerized by it. It was a full seven inches long when hard. It was smooth, cut and thick. I knew I wanted to suck it, but was not sure I wanted it deep in my ass.

We continued to chat and he was slowly winning me over. He promised he would be very gentle and make it good for me.

I normally played golf in a senior’s group on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Instead of going golfing, I went to his motel in Smithfield, NC. He had driven from Jacksonville to Smithfield the previous evening, and spent the night at the motel.

I was taken back when I saw him. He was 6’3″ tall, about 215 pounds and very handsome. He told me he was 43, and I told him I was 62, and had never been fucked. He smiled and said he would take care of that.

We broke the ice with him first sucking my cock, followed by me sucking him. His cock was everything I had hope for. I loved sucking it.

Before fucking me, he explained that he only fucked guys safely. He would use a condom, and wanted me to promise I would always require the use of a condom when I got fucked in the future. I said I would.

The doctor was very gentle, he lubed his condom covered cock liberally, and lubed my ass, as well. bursa escort bayan He was very gentle and slowly inserted his cock. The large amount of lube did the trick, and his cock eased in my ass past my sphincter muscle with a minimum of discomfort.

When his cock touched my prostate, a warm wonderful feeling overcame me. As he slowly began fucking me, I felt a great pleasure. The massaging of my prostate was amazing and wonderful.

Once his cock was fully inserted, he began building up speed fucking me deep and hard. My cock was leaking cum, as if I was about to cum. After pounding me for a while he slowed down and said, “I knew you would be a great fuck. I need to slow down. If I don’t, I will cum too quick.”

I didn’t want it to end either. I was finding out just why guys wanted fucked. After a short surcease, he slowly began fucking me again. And the cum began leaking from my cock, once again.

He gave me long slow fuck, which I was thoroughly enjoying, when all of sudden, he began pounding my ass. I could feel an intense orgasm building up deep in my core. When he plunged deep and held, I knew he was cumming, and I shot my load on the bed sheets. I think we both had intense orgasms.

This old guy had just been FUCKED!

I ended up meeting the doctor two more time in that same motel. The last time we met, he told me he was being shipped out, and that his assignment at Camp Lejeune had only been temporary. He gave me another great fucking. We showered, got dressed, and went out for breakfast. After breakfast we returned to the motel, and he fucked me one last time.

The doctor was my first and still best fuck. I have now been fucked by 10-12 different guys. Some good. Some not so good, but none better that the doctor.

Only one guy has come close.

I still visit the same website and meet guys to suck from there occasionally. I have had a few encounters with my original suck bud. He now has a regular suck bud, and I have sucked both of them off. They neither one, are into anal.

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