A Couples Massage for Christmas

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My wife and I live in Sydney’s northern beaches. For Christmas one of our friends, knowing that we had enjoyed a holiday in Thailand earlier in the year, bought us a gift voucher for a 90 minute pamper session at the local Thai Massage.

Living in Sydney there are plenty of dodgy options when it comes to massage. You only have to look for the neon mobile number in the window and you can be sure to find whatever you want. I have always loved massages and have to admit to the occasional happy ending although not on a regular basis.

The local Thai place was different. Very professional looking and with all staff dressed the same in very professional and respectable uniforms.

We had made a 10am Saturday appointment and checked in a few minutes early. The place smelt lovely and there was soothing music to add to the atmosphere.

There were a couple of other people getting massages and we sat in the reception chatting with a couple of ladies eagerly anticipating our own massage.

Lisa, who worked on reception, invited us through to a second waiting room where we first got our feet cleaned and massaged. After which she showed us through to a cubicle/room with a dividing wall that separated each massage room. The walls didn’t go all the way up so you could still hear most things but the rooms were definitely private.

I was shown to the room on the end and my wife in the one next door. We wished each other a nice relaxing massage.

When we booked they had asked if we had any preference for a male or female masseur and my wife indicated no preference.

I have always preferred a harder massage than my wife so when we arrived we decided I would be massaged by Leon, a Thai lad in his twenties and my wife by Shelly, a strong looking görükle escort petite Thai girl.

Shelly was very cute so I was a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t be in my room.

However this was a normal massage and we proceeded into our respective rooms to get undressed.

Following direction I removed everything but my boxer shorts and lay face down on the massage table.

Leon was an amazing masseur. For the first half hour he worked on my back and shoulders and seemed to move various knots and generally relaxed my muscles. It wasn’t without pain but I was definitely going to feel the benefit.

As Leon carried on he did that thing where he rolled my shorts down a bit so he could concentrate on my lower back.

Leon was using hot oil and the feeling of being massaged and hands all over my back and the top of my arse was extremely relaxing.

The next part of the massage was the legs. Again, as is tradition in these places, Leon pulled up my shorts so that it was more like a wedgie in order to give him access to my upper thighs.

I have never thought that was a particularly comfortable and relaxing part of any massage and Leon must have sensed my slight discomfort.

He gave up and decided instead to lower the shorts instead but this time a bit further so he could get to my upper leg.

My boxer shorts were now sitting under my cheeks and my arse was fully exposed but the massage continued as normal and Leon finished my legs and then pulled my shorts back up. We had about fifteen minutes left and Leon asked what area I would like him to concentrate on for the remainder.

I pointed to my lower back and lay back down. More oil was applied and Leon started working again.

He soon lowered my shorts bursa sınırsız escort bayan again and started to concentrate more on what felt like my bum than my back. I was so relaxed that I didn’t mind and was surprised that I was actually feeling fairly horny as a result of a male massage.

I wondered how my wife was getting on next door.

After a couple of minutes on my arse I was surprised that Leon hooked his fingers into the elastic at the top of my boxers and started to lower my boxers even further. I assumed he was going to work on my legs again so didn’t object. I was surprised however that he pulled my shorts all the way down and completely off. He checked that it was ok and carried on massaging my legs. I was now completely naked.

Leon started massaging my legs and moved between my lower back, butt cheeks and legs for several minutes. He started to get a bit closer to my cock and I certainly felt that he was occasionally brushing my hole. What was going on!

Leon finished and asked me to turnover. I realised that I had a fairly hard cock by this stage and wasn’t sure what his reaction would be or what would happen next.

I turned over. Leon decided to switch to stretching me. He first put my arms behind my back and then pushed my knees up towards my chest. He then rocked me a bit back and forth and pushed me onto my back and shoulders so that I was now curled up. The main point of this was now that my exposed arse was slightly up in the air and I realised Leon had a perfect view of my hole.

My erection was also still very much on show.

Leon after stretching me then asked me to lie back down. We had a few minutes left.

Leon grabbed the oil and started again bursa otele gelen escort bayan on my chest. He was standing behind my head and massaging from shoulders down to tummy.

Given the height of the table Leon was pressing himself into my head a bit as he massaged and I definitely could feel he was also slightly hardening.

Leon let his hands go down further to my belly button and then onto the top of my groin. His fingers moved towards my pubic hair and then finally Leon put his hand on my cock.

He didn’t say anything but since I didn’t stop him he slowly started to move up and down and wank my cock.

Leon moved round to the side of the table whilst still stroking me and then with his other hand and extended index finger he started gently touching and playing with my oiled hole.

I was now rock hard.

Leon started stroking a bit harder and at the same time he probed my hole with his finger until he entered me slightly with the tip and then rhythmically started to slide his finger in and out.

Other than by my wife I had never been fingered by anyone, let alone a guy.

I wasn’t going to last long.

I looked at Leon and indicated as much. Now we had a problem. This was a genuinely professional place and Leon was obviously concerned that we might leave evidence. He bent down and whispered to me that I couldn’t leave a mess and he would be fired if his bosses found cum on the sheets. I don’t know why or what came over me but I told him not to worry and instead to open his mouth.

Leon happily agreed. Thus I found myself wanking off to finish and shooting a large load of cum into Leon’s open mouth. He swallowed every drop, licked me clean and then disappeared to get some hot towels and finish off.

I have never had another experience with a guy and haven’t been back to the same place. I would love to think my wife also had a special massage and I fantasize and jerk off over her masseuse, Shelly, possibly fingering and licking my wife’s beautiful pussy. My wife claims it was a normal massage – I just wonder?

True Story

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