A Birthday Kiss

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Ten years ago I met the love of my life. I was in my late 50’s and she was 10 years younger, but still looks about 40, according to everyone who ever meets her. She was absolutely beautiful-about 5′ 1″, 110 pounds, very petite with a slim tight body, a gorgeous dark tan, blond hair and the best looking ass I could ever remember seeing, the result of a strenuous daily workout routine. And, as I discovered later, she was also a “squirter”, something I had always heard about but didn’t believe existed.

She (Ann) was the most innocent looking lady- all class- you could ever envision. After talking with her all afternoon, we discovered that we were both in unhappy and dull marriages. As the night progressed, we both realized we were very much into each other. After walking her back to her cottage, she lured me into her room and as she pulled me close and began gently kissing me, I felt myself getting excited. The next thing I knew, she pushed me against the wall, ripped open my shirt, removed her bra, and began rubbing her hard nipples against me. As she worked her way down my body, I could feel her lips and tongue leaving wet circles all over me. Finally, she reached my cock and began taking me in and out. She did things I could not believe, and within seconds she was sucking on my balls, and then when she again took me into her mouth, I exploded. She swallowed every last drop, telling me how good I tasted, and yelled for more. Her expert mouth soon had me hard again, and as I placed my cock at her entrance, she screamed to please fuck her. Though I am not large, I struggled to insert my dick into the tightest pussy you could ever imagine. Finally, as the head of my dick entered her, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me as close as possible and began to give me the ride of my life, all the time screaming “Yes, Yes”. Not only was her pussy tight, it was so wet that I could actually feel her liquids rushing out onto the bed. Yet her pussy continued to suck me in, and she was moving around so much that I had to work to remain on top of her. I was trying not to cum too soon but then her pussy closed hard on my dick, and as she did so, I shot load after load deep into her as I felt stream after stream of wetness shooting from her pussy, soaking both the bed and my body. Though this doesn’t happen all the time, when Ann does get excited and squirts, it is the most unbelievable feeling as her pussy actually contracts and shoots fluids almost like she has turned on a faucet. Ann apologized profusely, but when I told her how great it felt, she began kissing me with a passion unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was hooked at that point, but it was several months later that we realized how much we were alike and began falling more and more in love.

Eventually we left our spouses, and though not married, became one. Then a year or so later we were travelling to celebrate my birthday. We were at a very nice restaurant, seated in the lounge having drinks before going to our table. Ann was seated at the bar as I went to use the restroom and to make a phone call. When I returned, Ann was talking to two very nice professional gentlemen seated a short distance away. She indicated that one of the guys had hit on her, telling her how beautiful she was, and asking if we were married. She had replied no, but indicated we were in a committed relationship. We continued to talk with the two gentlemen, and soon discovered that the gentleman that had hit on her shared the same birthday as I. Ann then turned to me and quietly asked if I would care if she gave him a “birthday” kiss. Since the bar was empty except for the four of us and the bartender, and was somewhat isolated from the dining crowd, I said sure if she wanted. With that she got up, walked over to the guy, told him she had a birthday gift for him and began kissing him. I had anticipated a simple kiss, but that is not what happened. As I bursa escort and the other guy’s friend watched in amazement, Ann began kissing the guy with everything she had. For the next couple of minutes, they stood kissing and rubbing against each other as their mouths opened and their tongues probed deep into each other’s mouth. When the kiss ended, the guy lost his balance and stumble back into a chair as we all laughed. I think he, as well as his friend, the bar tender and I were all shocked, as Ann is such a beautiful, classy, and innocent looking lady. Our table was soon ready in the dining area, but before leaving to be seated, her new friend secured our phone number and indicated he would call us if he ever visited our home town.

Well, about two weeks later, he called Ann and indicated he was coming to town and would like to take us to dinner. Though not true, we decided that she would tell the gentleman that I was out of town, but that she would love to go if the invitation still stood. I told Ann that I was ok with whatever she wanted to do that evening as long as she did not embarrass us, and if they had sex, they would use protection.

As Ann dressed for the evening, I knew she intended to make it an evening we all would remember. She wore sexy throng lace panties allowing her pussy to show through, along with thigh highs, and a bra that allowed her 34B’s and erect nipples to be on full display under a classy, little black dress. As Ann left, she said she intended to have fun and would call me before returning home so I could move to the guest bedroom if she decided to invite the gentleman in to “share a glass of wine”. From there I could easily hear everything going on, and if they decided to go into the other bedroom, I could arrange to peek into the room without being noticed.

Upon returning, Ann did in fact invite Tom in, and before long had moved to the bedroom. However, the evening only consisted of a lot of kissing, petting, and limited oral sex (mostly Tom eating Ann’s pussy) as Tom had a little too much to drink and could not get an erection. I repeatedly heard Tom comment on how beautiful Ann was, how her kisses could seduce any guy, how unbelievably she gave head, and how great her pussy tasted, repeating over and over how wet and how great her pussy tasted. After about two hours, Ann indicated to Tom he would have to leave as there could not be any sleep overs.

Tom called Ann many times over the next several months but Ann never seemed to want to go out with him again, and made up one excuse after another. However, remembering that night always seemed to arouse both Ann and me, and we would experience some great sex thinking about that night.

About six months later, Ann received a call from an old friend from another town that she had known before meeting me. He asked her to dinner, but she indicated she was involved in a relationship and was very much in love, but would enjoy seeing him if I did not object. Ann told me about the guy (Jeff) and indicated that before meeting me, she had often thought about what a nice guy he was and that she had at one time, in fact, felt a certain attraction for him. She said that they had met and had drinks one evening, and that he had kissed her as the evening ended, but nothing more. It was a very intimate kiss, and Ann said she still remembers how that kiss had dampened her panties that night. I told her if she would like to see him, I had no objections, as both Ann and I believe strongly that it is possible to be very much in love and still find others attractive and sexually desirable.

Ann called Jeff and arranged to go to dinner with him. Again I told her to enjoy herself, and that I would remain hidden in the back room if he came back with her.

When Jeff arrived, Ann opened the door, and as I secretly watched, I saw her give Jeff a long, lingering kiss before leaving for bursa üniversiteli escort dinner. They left and a couple of hours later, Ann call and said they were on the way back and she would like to invite Jeff in. I told her ok, and that I would move to the back bedroom.

When Jeff and Ann arrived home, he immediately took her in his arms and began kissing her. It was not long before I heard the rustling of clothes, and peeked trough the door and saw Ann with Jeff’s cock deep in her mouth. Ann loves to suck cock and is incredible at it. I could hear the slurping noises as Ann sucked on his cock and took his balls into her mouth before starting to scream, “Oh yes, give it to me. I want to taste you”. I heard Jeff moan, and I knew then he was filling Ann’s mouth full of his juices. Jeff seemed to cum forever but only a small amount escaped from Ann’s mouth as she wiped the excess off her chin and placed it back into her mouth, all the while licking and sucking on Jeff’s dick to make certain she didn’t lose another drop.

Jeff quickly went down on Ann and all I could hear was Ann telling Jeff how great he made her feel. I heard the familiar scream from Ann that she was coming. “Oh God, Oh God, that feels so good; I am getting so wet. Please don’t stop.” Then I heard Ann scream “I’m coming, I’m coming”, followed by “Yes, Yes” and a loud scream, and I knew that Ann had “squirted” for the first of many times that night. Jeff kept telling Ann how good she tasted, how wet she was and how excited it made him when she let herself go like that. Then I heard him comment on how wet the carpet was where Ann, while seated on the couch, had squirted stream after stream onto the floor.

They rested for a while and had some wine and I could hear them talking. Then there was quiet, and I assumed they were again kissing and making out. Then I heard Ann telling Jeff to relax while she came into the back room, wearing only Jeff’s shirt. . She quietly asked again if I was ok with what was happening, and when I said “yes”, she kissed me and then gathered some clothes and began to change. She put on a very sexy white lace thong, a lace bra, a white garter belt and white stockings. Ann’s dark tan, and gorgeous body against the almost nothing clothing was a site to behold. Ann asked if it was ok to screw Jeff without using protection. She said she was very comfortable that Jeff was not a player. I told her the decision was hers. With that, she left and went into the other bedroom, lit some candles, and called for Jeff to join her.

When Jeff walked in, he stopped in his tracks in disbelief. He then threw Ann down on the bed and began kissing her. As I watched through the opening in the bedroom door, he moved in front of Ann and placed his dick at her opening, but Ann stopped him and handed him a rubber. Jeff protested but then quickly placed the rubber on, and struggled to enter Ann. Ann began yelling “Yes, Yes” “Fuck me. Fuck me”. After fucking Ann for only a few moments, Ann was screaming how good Jeff felt, when suddenly she stopped him. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Ann quickly reached down and removed the rubber from Jeff’s dick, exclaiming, “God, you feel so good. I’ve got to feel your cock in me next to my skin. I want to feel you shoot in me, I want your cum inside me.” As she guided his now bare dick into her pussy, begging for him to fuck her, I knew she was about to give Jeff a fucking he would never forget.

After reinserting his dick into her pussy, Jeff began fucking Ann so hard that I thought for a while that they might actually break the bed. Ann was on her back rolling all over the bed as she struggled to get Jeff further into her. She was grabbing and pulling on the headboard, with her legs wrapped around Jeff as she kissed him, and he continued to pound into her. “Oh Baby, you feel so good”. “I love how you fuck me”, karacabey escort Ann screamed as I watched her grab Jeff’s ass and pull him deeper, all the while yelling “Fuck me, fuck me.” I could hear the wetness of their bodies together as Jeff continued to slam into Ann as she kept telling him how hard he was and how good he felt. As Jeff continued to fuck Ann, she kept screaming “More, More, Please don’t stop. Fuck me. God, you feel so good.” “Please, please.”

As I continued watching through the crack in the door, I heard Ann’s familiar cry “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, and then a sharp scream, “No, No” and I saw Ann reach down and grab Jeff’s penis and reinsert. I knew Ann was squirting because when she squirts, the contraction of her pussy and the force of the squirt pushes the dick from her pussy and she has to reinsert it. Ann dug her nails into Jeff’s back, pulled him closer as if she could not get enough of him, and begged him to fuck her as she again released a torrent of cum that soaked Jeff and the bed. Ann drew Jeff’s face to her and kissed him with lust like I had not often seen. I watched as Ann locked her legs tighter around Jeff, and he began rocking on top of Ann telling her how good she felt, exclaiming over and over “God, you are so tight and wet Baby”. I then saw Jeff’s body tense as he shot load after load into Ann. I then watched Ann as she began the familiar movement of her ass that I knew was milking Jeff of every last drop he had.

I returned to the room where I was staying as they rested and continued to talk. I could hear Jeff talking about how wet Ann got and what a turn-on it was when she squirted. I had always told Ann that every guy would enjoy experiencing such a fucking and the wetness from her squirting, but she had always insisted that she could not do that with just any one, as she was too embarrassed when the squirting happened. I guess Jeff’s reassurance got Ann going again, because before long, I heard Ann comment again yelling “Oh please fuck me; please fuck me, Jeff.”

I again cracked the door and looked in to see Jeff lying on his back at the foot of the bed with Ann standing on the floor facing away from him as she rode him and pushed against the dresser to get maximum penetration. In only a few minutes, I heard Ann scream “Yes. Yes, please don’t stop” and I knew she was cumming and squirting again as Jeff continued to yell how good it felt. For what seemed like forever, I watched as Ann released squirt after squirt while constantly having to grab and reinsert Jeff’s dick as her squirting kept pushing his dick out of her pussy and she kept screaming “No, No” as she struggled to keep his dick inside her. As Jeff neared climax, he grabbed Ann’s shoulders and pull her down on him as hard as he could and continued to shoot into Ann as he groaned and came inside her. By then the bed, dresser and everything around them was soaked. I would guess from the familiar screams of “No, No” whenever Ann squirts and pushes the dick from her pussy, that she had climaxed and squirted at least a dozen times.

Ann told Jeff that he should probably get ready and leave before I called. However, before leaving, she told him how much fun she had, and promised to do it again soon. No sooner had Jeff left than Ann came into the back bedroom where I was and began kissing me with her probing tongue that had me rock hard in no time. I wanted Ann as badly as I could ever remember, and when I began making love to her, I did not care what she had been doing with Jeff. All I knew was that I wanted her and she wanted me, and when I tried to insert my dick into her, her pussy, though extremely wet was very swollen and tight, but after a little effort I worked my way in and got the ride of my life as we fucked for most of the night, experiencing some of the most fantastic sex ever. Our only problem was that by the end of the night, there was not a dry bed for us to sleep on,

And after that night I know for sure that as long as Ann and I do not lie to each other and are respectful of each other’s feelings, we will continue to enjoy life to the fullest, and hopefully we will have many more nights as eventful and as enjoyable as the night she spent with Jeff.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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