Shopping Late

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I saw her in the supermarket. It was rather late and there weren’t many customers so when this lovely young thing strolled past I noticed her. She was in her early twenties, a blonde with brown eyes, which strongly hinted that she wasn’t a blonde. Didn’t matter. She looked good.

She was average height, say five foot six, and her weight was probably around one twenty five pounds. Not much more than that, would be my guess. She looked quite fit and had a deliciously curvy figure. My immediate thought, perv that I am, was that I wouldn’t be kicking her out of my bed. My second thought was just as bad, namely wondering what she would look like naked. I know, I’m an evil minded young man with sex on the brain. In other words, typical.

She was wearing a short skirt, rather tight, and what they call a gypsy blouse, loose fitting with a generous neck-line. I might point out that she had enough super-structure to make that blouse not so loose fitting in places.

I wasn’t in any great hurry so I meandered along behind her, enjoying the way her buttocks swished back and forth under her skirt. My dreams were answered when she dropped something and bent down to pick it up. Possibly she should have crouched, but she didn’t. She just bent at the hip and her tight skirt rode up, revealing a tiny pair of lacy panties. She straightened up, automatically adjusting her skirt, and continued on her way, me ambling along behind, tied to her by a strong sense of lust.

I was fairly certain that she’d noticed me there but hey, I was just doing my own shopping. Nothing anyone could object to. Whatever, she completely ignored me, going about her business. I had to approve of her single minded determination to do her shopping, even if it did seem to involve a lot of bending over to examine things on the bottom shelves. Maybe she needed contact lenses.

It occurred to me while we were wandering down the next aisle that a gentleman would have reached up and passed down that item she wanted from the top shelf. I guess I’m no gentleman. My eyes were firmly glued on the rising hem of her skirt as she stretched and I was far too preoccupied to think of giving her a hand. I should say helping hand. If I put my hand where I wanted to all hell would have broken loose.

I couldn’t help but wonder what would be the result if I was standing on the other side of her when she bent over. Like I said, gypsy blouse, loose with a generous neckline. Just how generous, I wondered. She was busy scanning a shelf for something or other so I drifted past her and stopped at a shelf further down. Next time she bent over my head swivelled around and my eyes damn near popped.

The neckline was generous enough and the blouse loose enough for me to see clear down bedava bahis to her navel, if it hadn’t been for the two wondrous globes that stopped my view. Yes, I had to admit that she was wearing a bra, a lacy red number that matched the panties, but that bra was pure decoration. It might have covered her nipples but you couldn’t prove it by what I saw. For a moment I considered doing the rest of my shopping walking backwards, just so I could watch her bend forward occasionally. Wiser councils prevailed, damn it.

She had definitely noticed me now and it seemed to me that the best thing I could do was move along, wishing I didn’t have to. Then I decided that moving on was the second best thing. The best thing was to introduce myself.

“Hi,” I said. “The names Brand. And you are?”

I left it hanging.

“Not interested,” she said.

“Odd name,” I told her. “How do you spell Not?”

“Quite simply,” she said. “It’s G O A W A Y. Do you think I haven’t noticed you following me and perving on me every chance you can?”

“No, really, I haven’t,” I protested.

“Oh? Which chance did you miss?”

Sarcasm yet. I sighed, sadly shaking my head.

“I’m just doing my shopping,” I said, holding up my basket of goodies.

“Yeah, sure you are,” she scoffed. She looked back and forth along the aisle and noticed that we were the only two people in it.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” she asked, grabbing the hem of her blouse and lifting it straight up, displaying a magnificent chest. It turned out I was right. That half cup bra wasn’t covering her nipples, perhaps because they were peaked and had pushed their way out of hiding.

She must have noticed that her nipples had come out to play because she blushed and hastily pulled her blouse back down into place.

“Right, you’ve had your free show,” she snapped. “Now go away and leave me alone.”

I smiled and saluted and went on my way.

Once my shopping was complete I headed for the self-serve checkout area. Wouldn’t you know it, so was little Miss Not Interested. I smiled and ran my items through while she ignored me while she rang up her own items. We finished at the same time and headed towards the same exit door.

“After you,” I said graciously, waving her through.

“Are you following me?” she demanded.

“Certainly not,” I protested. “Even though I find you admirably worth following I’m actually on my way to my car.” I indicated where my car was. Easy to see. There were only a couple of cars in this car parking area. Most people used the parking on the other side of the store.

“Figures,” she muttered, and it dawned on me that the other car must be hers, parked conveniently next to mine.

Conveniently casino siteleri positioned, too, facing the supermarket. She was driving a hatchback so it stood to reason that she’d go to the rear of the car to put her groceries away. I slung my few items on the back seat and then moved to the rear of the cars. I kept my distance, not wanting to seem a threat. As soon as she finished stowing her things away I spoke up.

“How about slipping off you panties and tossing them in the back as well.”

“I beg your pardon,” she snapped, sounding very indignant. “I’m married.” She waved her hand to show she was wearing a ring.

Wrong move as far as I was concerned. She should have slammed the hatch door and got in her car. I wasn’t close enough to grab her so she wouldn’t have had a problem doing so.

“I’m not, and I still want you to take of your panties. I want to see you leaning into the car, your dress pulled up, and your lovely white tush on display, waiting for me to start touching you.”

“You’re crazy,” she told me.

“And you’re wondering what it will be like. You’re out here at night with a stranger. What if someone comes? Does he seriously expect you to agree? He does, I assure you.”

She was blushing and chewing on her lip. She wanted to but was afraid of taking that first step.

“I’ll make it easier for you,” I said, speaking softly as I drifted closer. “Just lean into the car as if you’re putting something in it.”

I was next to her now, my hand lightly touching her back, not pushing her, but more suggesting she move in a certain direction. She obeyed like a lamb, leaning forward, using her hands to brace herself.

“Don’t worry, I’m just lifting your skirt a little,” I told her, hand on the sides of her skirt and edging it up. Now her panties were in plain view, as was her pert little bottom.

My hands brushed lightly over her bottom, collecting her panties as they moved. I eased them down, stroking her legs lightly as I went. My hands reversed the direction they were stroking, moving up, leaving her panties behind. Her legs were nicely parted, and my hands slipped up the insides of her legs, coming to a halt when they bumped into her mound.

Any doubts that I might have had faded away at that point. She was hot and wet, her inner lips already protruding, pursed and ready to kiss me. I suspect all that bending over and showing off of her panties and breasts had got to her. I massaged her, making sure the massage was nice and firm. No tentative touching but a deliberate rubbing of her pussy.

I unzipped, making the zip scratch loudly as it went down. She knew just what it meant and she shivered slightly. I couldn’t hang around for a long foreplay or even bahis siteleri a long loving. Like I observed, even if it was late and us the only two cars, there was always the chance another late shopper might come along.

I stroked my cock along her slit, letting her feel the head of it rubbing against her. Her lips were nicely pursed and I offered them my cock for a kiss. They parted, letting me slide inside her. No rush, no hurry, taking it easy so she could feel in control, no pressure on her. She would feel as if she was in a position to call halt, and that gave her the confidence to let me continue. Continue I did, pressing steadily in until I gave one sudden jerk at the end to push myself completely home.

I could hear her gasping slightly as she adjusted to what had happened. While she adjusted my hands were moving up under her blouse. A quick flick of the catch of her bra and my hands were seeking those wondrous globes I’d seen earlier. With those in hand I started.

I pumped her hard. She was squealing and carrying on but also responding, humping her hips and pushing back hard to meet me. She told me she just didn’t do this sort of thing and I thrust in hard, squeezing her breasts as I did so. She explained that this was a momentary aberration and if I was a gentleman I’d stop. I’d already demonstrated that I wasn’t a gentleman and drove in harder than ever. She pointed out that someone may come and see us, so I picked up the pace a little. And all the time she was pushing hard to meet me, interspersing her comments with gasps and encouragement. (Don’t ask me to explain how a female mind works.)

Her protests started to fade away as she found she needed her breath and couldn’t waste it on talking. At least, not on talking coherently. She was still saying things, and words like yes, and wow, and oh god, spilled out of her mouth with a lot of ahs and ohs.

She did find time at one point to complain that I was taking too long but I ignored that, continuing on my happy way. I wasn’t ready to finish and the noises she was making weren’t desperate enough to make me speed up.

When she finally got around to pleading I was just about ready to let her have her way. Holding tight to her breasts I drove in harder and faster, quite willing to shorten my strokes to get more of them in. Hopefully her scream was trapped with her car as she convulsed with her climax, clamping down on my poor cock and milking it for all she was worth.

“I can’t believe you made me do that,” she said afterwards.

Made her? She’d been so ready for me I’d have needed a stick to beat her off. Still, mine not to reason why. Mine just to do and take the blame.

“It wasn’t really my fault,” I explained. “It’s just that you’re so hellaciously attractive I was helpless to resist your charms. What could I do? I was yours to enslave.”

She made a disbelieving sound and departed, driving quickly away. I made a note to shop here more often. There’re unexpected benefits to late night shopping.

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Sheikh Romps

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Any similarities to persons and events are purely out of imagination.


It was the business end of the playoffs. The Cheetahs had a poor start but made it up in the middle. Tomorrow was going to be a crunch match with the Wild Eagles. Smithy was going over the practice and the Sheikh was in no mood to sweat it out. It was more the off field action that was always on his mind. He ran thru the score in his mind, fuck, if had I had a wicket for each pussy, I would have had the purple cap by miles.

Nursing a local lager, he let his eyes do the roaming. A couple of mischief gals, an off day for them, returned the Sheikhs appraising glance with a wink and a wave. He returned the wave, and contemplated moving over, to join them. On second thoughts, if they are hotting for my shtick, let they water a bit. He returned to his beer but shifted his ass on the bar stool to better keeping them in the corner of the view. He noticed them looking expectantly at him a couple of times, but ignored them. His reputation outpaced him. At the same time, they were well stacked, and one was a mixed color broad with high rump. Need to keep them on string, he thought, so he rolled off the barstool and swaggered over to their table, and said, Hi dolls, be right back, and found his way to the men’s.

Stepping out, he heard a familiar voice call out his name. Turning, he spotted Sandy Babe, in a fluster. Fuck, the romps we had in the last IPL 08, he recalled. Bitch has a hard body and goes long. Sandy looked like she needed a lay right then and there, the way she was heaving. Wassup, babe?, asked the Sheikh. Don’t babe me, I need your help, putting her arm into his and guiding him towards the bar. En route the MGs looked shattered, but the Sheikh have them a wink and drool that promised something, enough to get their tickers aflutter. Some juice down under too.

Iced tea for me, ordered Sandy, to the bartender, who was drinking her in. Her recent boy cut and slim down, made her look like a Thai TV, but that was okay. Memories of world cup 2003 was still illegal bahis in his mind, and the daily jackoff with her on TV was like yesterday. Hell, she is here, in front. Wish I could take a break. The Sheikh raised his finger in a crook, and that was his signal to spike the dame’s drink. He knew a fat tip lay in store for him.

He went to the back and got the bottle of special tea liquer out and mixed the iced tea. One of them, and any bitch would be in heat for hours. Bringing out the tall glass, along with another punt for the Sheikh, he set down the drinks, and was rewarded by a glimpse of Sandy’s nipples. Sheikhs arm was already around Sandy’s waist. Wasn’t wasting any time, this old tweaker. Sandy was complaining about some unwanted attention from Kameez Pajama bloke. She was almost in tears and red in the face, as she was recounting him groping her in the elevator. I got him in a ball breaker grip, before the mother fucker gave up. He must be having some plastic surgery soon. Hope the surgeon castrates him. Anyway he gets his arse buggered by the Pakee team, bloody fag, she added. Oh Sandy, you are the foxiest vixen here, can’t blame the old men, can you, replied the Sheikh, wondering what was really on Sandy’s mind. She was a twister, a she devil, with more to it than that came out. She loved to get pampered by lesbians, and was a hard core bi. The Sheikh loved group action and was wondering if she had noticed him with the MGs and wanted in. The kameez story would be the tearjerker entry line, no telling this bitch.

The Sheikh noticed the MGs fiddling in their pockets to pay for their check, and signalled to the captain to pick up the tab on his account. You could tell that the MGs were looking for it, they came over and each gave tweaker a kiss and a hug in thanks. Sit down, whatcha doing later, asked the Sheikh. Oh not much, the rest of the gals are out at sea doing some fishing. Must be the boatman fishing, and not in the waters, thought the Sheikh.

The chocolate one and the blonde occupied stools on either side of the Sheikh casino siteleri and Sandy. The Sheikh could tell that Sandy was in the crossover point, and this was as delicate a stage in the game as the super over. No maidens here, he surmised.

Just then Appam chutiya strolled in, with Prince and Bublee a few yards behind. Ask his age, chuckled Sandy to the Bartender, obviously high already. Appam glared at Sandy and walked off in a huff. Go jerk off, chutiya, behenchod murmured Sandy.

Meanwhile Prince and Bublee found a table at some out of earshot, and sat down. They were obviously in some deep strategy.

Wonder what’s bugging them, slurred Sandy. Rossie’s hammering, replied chocolate. He was murderous the other nite.

Let’s go and take a ride out, said Sandy. Let’s all go, said the Sheikh. Oh yeah, let’s, replied Sandy. Game on. One look at chocolate and Blondie was enough, they were no spring chickens and knew big game when it happened.

Some takeaways, Sir?, asked the bartender. Yes the usual, replied the Sheikh, and ask them, pointing to the MGs, what they like. Wine coolers, with some vodka, replied Blondie.

Strolling out of the bar, they headed for the elevators and were soon on the penthouse on the uppermost floor. Equipped with its own private pool, this was the Sheikh’s play nest.

MGs were quick to drink up the luxury, they had never seen anything like it before. Peeling off their next to nothings, they were soon gambolling in the water.

Sandy had seated the Sheikh, and was quick to run her hand thru his hair. She knew he loved it. She had him out of his fly and had started to grope around him. Easing his trousers down, she gpt to the pleasurable task of getting him hard. Looking up at the MGs, they wanted their pals too, they signalled, she nodded. The Sheikh shook her off and paddled off to the Head. A long and loud drain out released what was left of the drinks from the bladder.

Sandy followed him, and with a towel, mopped his dick and balls, He demanded service, and she have it. Clad in her poker siteleri innerwear, she took of his loose shirt and entered the large shower suite. Couple of taps on the panel. started a cool stream of fragranced water from the top and the sides. The glass wall afforded a clear view of the pool which was now close to full with about five of the MGs playing some kind of ater polo. Two of their sorority were on the side, in a 69, fully content with the fun and frolic at hand and ready for anything. The game was that of a goalkeeper at either end and the rest scrambling for the ball, nothing given nothing taken. Who got the ball, tried to score, and if she did, she got to have the goalie for 5 minutes. That was one score on the side. Another goal, was scored, and two paired off, eager and hungry for each other’s embraces.

Watching the bronzed nymphets aroused the Sheikh. Sandy cock in hand Sandy stood in front and caressed in on her taut tummy. Lifting her up, the Sheikh speared her and rhythmically moved hip hips. She clung around his upper body, erect nipples on breasts goading his broad chest.

He walked out to the open deck two bodied locked as one. The nymphettes scream and looked for an invitation. Sandy was moaning softly and the was the cue. Three lay down, and the Sheikh put Sandy on them. As a groping writing bed, they gave Sandy, tingles all over. The Sheikh thrust in and out. Three more attending to the Sheikh, With hands and limbs all over each other, Sandy’s moans turned to wild screams, The Sheikh then pulled out, member erect and throbbing, and observed the tall Nordic with lust in her eyes. She was not part of the melee, but biding her time, She came over and knelt down in front of him, and looked back over the shoulders. She was okay for either. The Sheikh parted her bums and went for the pussy, slowly running in the piston, deep and deep till it hit the wall. Nordic took it in, enjoying the slow push in. She arched in ecstasy and cause the member to come half out. Arching the other way, she managed to grasp it all. Muscles twitching, the both took their time, savouring it all. Nordic had not had it this good before.

Nordic collapsed in pleasurable exhaustion and the Sheikh came out, and started to squirt in a creamy geyser. Nymphette on nymphette they lay on him, letting the juices dry out over them.

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Sexy Bus Journey

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I don’t travel by bus very often as I prefer the comfort and convenience of my car. However last week I found it easier to go into Central London by bus. It was getting towards rush hour in the evening and so the bus was very busy. Luckily I got myself a seat halfway up the bus on the aisle and was grateful.

A little about myself first – I am a mature male, 66, carrying a little extra weight – but not too much – and think I look a little younger than that – but that’s my opinion. However back to the story. As the bus filled up people were standing in the aisle and standing next to me was a young redhead, probably mid-twenties, and as she was carrying her jacket over her arms, clearly had a nice figure.

As the bus trundled along, we touched briefly on a number of occasions, purely innocently. Then, after a few minutes the bus went over a big pothole and she almost fell on my lap. We exchanged apologies and I steadied her with my arm until she was able to stand without help, and as I let go she smiled down at me, apparently in thanks. As we carried on, I sensed that she was looking down at me, and it seemed she was ‘bumping’ into me more than previously, even when the bus was going smoothly.

I glanced up occasionally, and sensed some interest in her eyes – but felt I was imagining it and let it go. But again, her body touched mine, and her groin was against my hand which was on the back of the seat in front. I felt sure I must be imagining it, but it dawned on me that this could be nothing other than deliberate as her pussy pressed against my hand continually. There was no doubt she was coming on to me. Well who was I to complain.

I moved my hand from the seat, and moved it to her leg, rubbing it slowly but surely. She smiled in approval, so I became a little more daring, moving my hand up to her thigh feeling the smooth skin canlı bahis on her legs. Although I would have loved to the tight skirt she was wearing, and the other passengers made it impossible to go any higher so we had to both be content with me stroking her thighs gently, although the smile on her face told me she was clearly enjoying it. This carried on for about ten minutes, my cock hardening all the time as I stroked these lovely smooth thighs.

She then moved as if to get off the bus, but signalled to me with her eyes to get off with her. Who am I to argue with a lovely young girl so I followed. As soon as we were off the bus she put her hands round my waist and pulled me to her tightly, kissing me hard on the lips. I returned the kiss enthusiastically, our tongues intertwined, in the darkness of the British autumn. As she broke the kiss, she whispered in my ear that she only lived round the corner.

I didn’t need asking twice, so putting my arm around her waist, we walked to her home – it was a cosy one bedroom flat in the East of London, in a quiet residential street. We entered the flat, and as soon as I was in the door she shut it, pulled me to her and we kissed hard again – this time though, we were able to roam more freely with our hands, mine pulling her head towards me, hers cupping my arse pulling me tight, my hard cock pushing towards that lovely pussy that had been grinding against my hand on the bus. As she felt it against her, she moved her hand round towards the front and pulled the zip down, her hand searching inside until she found my extremely hard cock.

As she did this, my hand had slipped inside the back of her top, searching for the bra release – I found it quickly, and after releasing it, slipped my hand around, cupping her lovely tits and squeezing her nipples. At this, she grabbed my cock kaçak iddaa – now released – even tighter and started wanking it firmly. I suggested that we go somewhere more comfortable – she agreed and dragged me by the cock into the bedroom. We speedily removed each other’s clothing – I am not sure who removed what – and we were soon naked revealing all. Her tits were gorgeous, with lovely large brown nipples which I soon sucked in turn, flicking them with my tongue. She in turn, wanked my cock, feeling the fullness of my balls as she did so.

Leaving her tits, my mouth travelled down kissing all the way, eventually reaching that gorgeous pussy – clean shaven. I ran my tongue along her lips, savouring the gorgeous smell and taste emanating from her slit. In the meantime, we had changed position so that we were in a 69, allowing her to take my cock into her mouth. I am not huge, but sport a reasonable 6 ½ inches, and it is quite thick. She managed to take all of it into her mouth quite easily, slurping away as I fucked her mouth.

Meantime at the other end, I was fucking her cunt with my tongue pushing it inside as deep as it would go – we were both moaning with pleasure when she began to tense her body – she shouted that she was cumming encouraging me to fuck her harder with my tongue . She orgasmed for some time, seemingly one after the other, her juices filling her cunt, running on to my tongue – she tasted fucking lovely. Throughout her orgasm, my cock stayed in her mouth, although she did bite a little at the height of her orgasm – giving me an extra sensation. Mmmmmm.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she began to lick my still hard cock up its length, often taking my full balls into her mouth. As a more mature guy, I tend to be able to last longer than my younger counterparts so was not quite ready to cum just yet. kaçak bahis I asked her where she wanted me to cum, and she replied that was up to me – so I suggested that she sit on my cock and ride me hard. She lowered herself down, her tight cunt slowly but surely being filled by my hard cock, until it was all inside her – god was she tight.

She then slowly began to ride me, taking my cock to just the tip before forcing herself down again. This felt great and as she gradually increased the speed riding me harder and harder, I began to thrust up into her ensuring that most of my cock was inside her all of the time. Her tight pussy squeezed harder as we fucked, and her cunt muscles were clearly in good form. I found it harder and harder to keep from cumming, but wanted to last a little longer yet.

So I reluctantly moved my cock from her cunt, and started wanking it slowly. As I did so, she ran her tongue up and down my shaft, tasting her own juices from my cock. This felt great and as I continued wanking I felt that I was about to cum. I told her this, and she pushed my hand away, taking me in her mouth again as she did so. My full cock was in her mouth, and she slurped greedily as I fucked her face. It wasn’t long before I told her I was cumming – she only sucked harder as I shot my load into her mouth. She kept sucking as load after load of spunk shot into her mouth. She swallowed greedily, and then reluctantly released me from her grip. My spunk was dripping from her mouth, and I reached over and kissed her full on the lips, enabling me to taste my own spunk which I love.

As our excitement subsided, we lay there in each other’s arms, stroking and fondling gently enjoying each other’s company. We chatted briefly, finding out a little about each other. It turned out that she had just split from her boyfriend a week previously, and she just needed fucked. Her fall onto my lap in the bus turned her on slightly – and we know the rest. We exchanged phone numbers – and while we haven’t contacted each other yet – I can’t help feeling that I will in the next week or so. Watch this space.

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Sharing a Room

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Note: The characters depicted in this story are not real people and any similarity to real peoples’ names is coincidental.


It was springtime in Portland, Oregon. Our senior college class was leaving high college for a two week vacation, of sorts, in Florida. The professors kept telling us that we were the luckiest senior class in the history of the entire college, because our college had received an award or grant of some kind from a wealthy philanthropist who wanted to do something for youth across the country.

Anyway, all that I knew was that it meant the entire senior class got to spend two weeks in Florida – staying in a hotel, sightseeing, and attending seminars hosted by important people who I didn’t know.

I was very much looking forward to the entire experience. It would be kind of like how our business trips had been back in twelfth grade – only longer, and much cooler. It was a chance to escape regular classes and do something different. Everyone had been talking about it for weeks.

So the day finally arrived when we were to leave Portland and fly by plane to Florida. We were going to stay in a hotel in Orlando, but we were told there wasn’t going to be much time to spend in Disney World, since there were seminars and other activities planned out for us.

I drove to college on the Monday of our departure with my baggage and belongings. I boarded a charter bus along with many of my fellow college seniors – the A-G bus. Unfortunately, the college had arranged us alphabetically in buses, so many of my friends weren’t in the same bus as I was.

I sat next to Jordan Brooks, who was practically the only friend I had who was on the same bus. We didn’t talk much though, as he was listening to music on his Walkman. I decided to do the same, because there wasn’t going to be much to do until we actually got to Florida. Pretty much the only thing we talked about was lamenting the fact that we couldn’t bring cellphones along on the trip. The college had set down strict guidelines for what we could and couldn’t bring.

It didn’t take long to reach Portland International Airport and go through security. Only about a fourth of the college faculty had come with us, and they were split between the different buses – about four professors to a single group. There were five buses.

After we left the buses, we were split into groups of about ten or so – ten students to a professor. Fortunately, Jordan was still in this second group, so I had somebody to talk to as we went through security and stopped to get snacks and pizza at the airport’s many kiosks.

We boarded our plane for Orlando and took off shortly thereafter. It was a nice day, so there weren’t any delays, which was nice. Even in the spring, Portland can be a bit cold, and everyone was talking about the warmer weather we were heading for.

It was much later in the day when we reached Orlando, because of the time shift, and we stuck in our groups of ten students and headed for the hotel. We first boarded vans to get to the hotel and then were dropped off only a couple blocks away.

“Do we get to pick our own rooms?” I asked Ms. Anderson, who was our assigned professor. Ms. Anderson was widely considered to be one of the hottest professors in college, and as much as I admired her looks, I really wasn’t interested in the faculty that much.

“No, your roommates have already been picked out for you,” she said.

“What’s up with that?” Jordan complained. He was walking next to me, dragging his luggage along.

“The rooms were picked out by a computer,” Ms. Anderson answered, with a smile. “Gives you a chance to maybe meet someone you haven’t met before.”

Great. Well, I wasn’t really interested in meeting new people. It was ridiculous that they wouldn’t let us pick our own rooms. Still, there was nothing we could do about it.

Our group headed into the hotel lobby and received directions from one of the hotel staff members. We went into a large adjoining ballroom and set our luggage and belongings down in one of the corners. Then we waited while Ms. Anderson went to get our hotel room keys.

She came back about twenty minutes later and handed them out. “You can all go up to your rooms,” she said. “That’s what the dean said.”

So I said goodbye to Jordan and headed for the elevators. My room was on the tenth floor of the hotel. I took the elevator up to Floor 10 and got out. The elevator lobby was cleanly lit and the carpet looked expensive.

In an alcove, there was an ice machine and a Coca-Cola dispenser. Opposite from the alcove was a larger nook with a couple of small tables and view outside the window. There was a stack of USA Today newspapers on one of the tables.

I walked down the hall at stopped at Room 1012. I pulled out my card key and unlocked the door to the room. Opening the door, I found myself in a fairly nice hotel room. There was a king sized bed against the main wall, which I dumped my belongings onto.

There was a closet right by bahis siteleri the door, and oppose the closet was a nice bathroom with a mini-jacuzzi. It appeared to have room for at least two people.

There was a large desk at the wall perpendicular to the wall the bed was against, and an office chair. A coffeemaker sat on the desk, as did a welcome pamphlet for the hotel and a telephone. In the corner, there was a lounge chair with an ottoman, facing a cabinet against the opposite wall, which, as I soon discovered, had a television inside of it.

I began unpacking. After about ten minutes, I heard a noise at the door. I got up from what I was doing and went to open it when it suddenly opened by itself.

I was expecting some guy whom I didn’t know or like to walk in…but instead, Katherine Phillips walked in, tugging her luggage. Katherine was what I considered to be one of the hottest girls in the entire college. She wasn’t a cheerleader, but she could have easily been one. She was a medium sized, sweet brunette who was generally nice to everybody she came across.

She looked up, and suddenly stopped, dropping the handle of her suitcase. Her jaw dropped as she saw me, and I’m sure mine did simultaneously.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked accusingly.

“Um…this is my room. At least, this is the room they gave me the key for,” I replied.

“There must be some mistake,” she replied flatly. “Guys and girls don’t sleep together in the same room!”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” I returned. “Maybe we should go find a professor and get it cleared up.”

Katherine was agreeable to doing this, so we went out in the hall to find the nearest professor. We found one, Professor Johnson, very quickly, because there were a huge crowd of kids around him. We approached the crowd and listened in to what Johnson was saying.

“Look, I don’t have anything to do with this. That’s the way the rooms were set up. The people who are putting this on for you thought that you were mature enough to handle it. They wanted to give you a new experience – pull you out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to sleep in the same beds. For those of you with rooms that don’t have separate twin beds, the hotel has put rollaways in the closets.”

It quickly became apparent that everybody else was rooming with somebody of the opposite gender. There was no mistake. It was completely intentional. The moment Johnson stopped talking, some of the kids started shouting again, but it was no use.

“Will you guys stop complaining?” Mr. Johnson asked, irritably. “Can’t you appreciate what a tremendous opportunity you’ve been given? This isn’t going to be a problem unless you make it one. So please go back to your rooms and unpack. Get to you know your roommate. You’ll be spending the next two weeks with him or her.”

Mr. Johnson swept down the hall to his own room, leaving the crowd of students behind. Some had apparently been just following along and didn’t seem to mind the fact that they were rooming with somebody of the opposite gender.

A few grumbled, but returned to their rooms, as did Katherine and I. She said nothing as we walked back down the hall and into Room 1012.

I let her in first and shut the door afterwards. Katherine sighed and said, “So where is the rollaway?”

“Do you want the king bed instead?” I asked.

“No, you were here first, and besides, I want to be next to the window,” she replied. I hadn’t spent much time looking out the window, but when I pulled the curtain all the way back, I discovered the view was actually very nice.

I got the rollaway out of the closet and set it up for her. She went into the bathroom and began unpacking her cosmetics, blow-dryer, and whatever else she’d brought.

It was certainly going to be an interesting experience, I thought.

That evening, before we headed down to the general session, our floor met with Mr. Johnson and Miss Miller, who were the professors assigned to our floor. I gathered that the people who put all the guys and girls into the same rooms with each other had done so merely to shock us – get us out of our “comfort zone” they said – and that since we were a private college and it was written somehow into the travel agreements all our parents had signed – it was legal.

I had been uncomfortable with the idea at first, but now I thought it might be kind of fun. I’m not sure if Katherine thought the same way. She complained off and on at first, but then stopped, and didn’t seem to be angry at me or unhappy with the way things were going.

After dinner and the general session, we headed back to our rooms for the night. I made a point of not spying on Katherine or unduly bothering her. Maybe she took comfort in the fact that the bathroom was spacious, and it had a lock, so at least she could shower and undress privately.

A few days went by, and the senior class seemed to be having a lot of fun. When we weren’t attending seminars or going on canlı bahis siteleri day trips, we were swimming in the hotel pool, enjoying the use of the fitness machines, sightseeing, shopping, and eating out at different restaurants.

It was perhaps the fourth day, or the fifth day, into the vacation when we took a day trip out to Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Katherine and I had different schedules, and we always let the other know what they were, so we could rendezvous to get together for meals and so forth, since we were supposed to be in groups to do that.

Anyway, the tour we were on was shorter than what had been planned for, so we came back to the hotel a couple hours early. I was actually pleased, because I hadn’t had much free time for the past couple days, and I thought I might watch some TV or something.

I got up to Room 1012, and opened the door to the room. I walked into the room….and froze.

Katherine was lying on the king bed. She was naked, and she was masturbating, rubbing her clit and moaning in pleasure. I’d always wondered how big her tits were, and now I could finally see them. They weren’t huge, but they weren’t tiny either – just the right size, probably 34Cs, I thought. Her pussy was gleaming because she’d obviously been masturbating, but apparently, she hadn’t climaxed yet.

I immediately dropped my backpack on the floor, speechless. At the same moment, Katherine suddenly realized I was there, and she screamed, though not that loudly. She grabbed the bath towel laying on the bed next to her and spread it out over her body.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “The tour ended early…so I came back to the room. I didn’t realize…” I trailed off, not knowing what else to say. For about twenty seconds neither of us spoke.

Then Katherine finally said, “It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have been doing it. But it’s been a long time and I just had to get some relief. I hope I didn’t offend you or anything.”

“Not at all,” I reassured her. Then, somewhat jokingly, I said, “What kind of guy is offended at the sight of a naked woman?”

“I didn’t know you were interested in girls,” she said.

“Trust me…every guy is interested in girls, unless maybe he’s gay, and I’m certainly not gay,” I said.

“Well,” she said with a sigh, “as long as you’re here, you might as well give me your opinion.” She threw the towel off and fell back onto the bed so I could survey her. “What do you think?”

“You’re absolutely gorgeous,” I said. And I meant it. She had round, firm, perky tits, an angelic face, what looked to be a tight and inviting pussy, a shapely ass, and long, slender, legs. A body that practically every guy must dream of fucking.

She smiled. “How do I know you’re not just saying that?”

“Because it’s true!” I practically shouted. “I’m serious. You have a beautiful body – more than anybody could ask for.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” she said.

“So where were you when I came in? Did you reach your climax?” I asked.

“No, I was almost there, and then you came in,” she replied.

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” I said, firmly. “I don’t mind if you want to finish.”

“But I’ve never masturbated in front of anybody else before,” she said. “Besides…I don’t want you to think…”

I cut her off. “Nonsense. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do. I masturbate all the time, and you might be surprised to know that pretty much every other guy out there does, too.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I said. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me – why shouldn’t I join her? It might make her more comfortable, and make her feel better, if I was naked too. It seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do.

“In fact,” I said, “How about if I join you? I haven’t jerked off since I left home.”

Her eyes flickered with doubt for a second, but then she smiled, and said, “Really? You’d do that?”

“Why not? As long as you’re turning me on, I might as well get off too.” By now, of course, my cock was fully erect and straining against my pants, begging to be free.

“Okay. I’ve never actually seen a guy naked before,” she said. “This will be fun.”

I started undressing. “Not even in pictures?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, I’ve seen pictures, but this is the real thing,” she said.

I unbuttoned my shirt and flung that off. I suppose I have a fairly good physique for a guy – I run cross country, and that helps keep me in shape.

She watched me unzip my pants and take those off, and I also removed my socks. Finally, I pulled off my boxers, and my cock sprang free.

Her eyes widened as it came into view. She gulped. “It’s huge!” she said, in almost wonderment.

“Well, it’s not that big, but it isn’t small either. Certainly not when it’s erect,” I said with a smile. “Now, show me how you masturbate.”

“Well,” she said, “I don’t have any dildos or toys – I just use my hands, and sometimes the shower jet. I rub my clit with one hand and massage my boobs with güvenilir bahis the other. What do you do?”

“What most guys do,” I answered. “I stroke my cock. Like this.” I made a fist around the base of my erect cock and moved it up and down, then stopped. “Ready?” I asked.

“Sure, I guess,” she replied. She cupped her left breast with one of her hands and began squeezing it. With the other, she began rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and began to fall into a rhythm.

I watched her for about twenty seconds and then I began, too. I watched her as I furiously stroked my cock. I’d build up to where I felt I was going to cum, then slow down, and then speed up again. It took her a few minutes for her to get back to where she had been, and soon she was oblivious to me, moaning and writhing as she pleasured herself.

I decided to wait and hold my own orgasm until just after she came.

Soon, I heard her moaning, “Oh fuck yeah…I’m cumming….oh yeah…”

I glanced down at her pussy, which was now gleaming and very wet from all of her juices. I kept stroking my cock and watching her. Her fingers were slick and sticky from her orgasm. After twenty seconds or so she sat up and stared at my cock.

“Want to watch me cum?” I said, panting.

“Hell yes,” she said. So I began to stroke faster. And faster. And faster. I could feel it coming on.

“Shit,” I groaned. White, hot cum erupted from my cock, burst after burst, onto my chest, on the bed, and on the carpet. It was the most I’d ever cum in my entire life, and it lasted for half a minute.

“That was so hot,” Katherine said, excitedly. Her breasts bounced as she jumped off her side of the bed and she came around to where I was. She sat down right next to me and turned to look into my eyes.

“Ron, I want to say thank you,” she said. “You caught me, and you’ve been a true gentleman about it – you made me feel comfortable.”

“No problem, Katherine,” I said. “I really enjoyed that. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” she said. “Me too!”

We both just sat there for a few minutes, thinking, until finally Katherine said, “You know – since you’ve seen me naked, there’s really no point in getting dressed until we need to leave. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” I said. “When I have the house to myself I sometimes go naked as well. I think I’ll do the same thing.”

“I never really have the house to myself,” Katherine replied, smiling. “I’m always doing it in the bathroom or something.”

“Well, whenever you have the urge – feel free to masturbate,” I said. “I don’t mind at all.”

We watched TV for the next hour and then got ready for the evening. We were having a big formal dinner out at a fancy restaurant, and so I played the role of the gentleman, escorting Katherine down to the lobby and then to the restaurant. For the first time during the whole vacation, I felt like she was paying attention to me. We conversed over dinner and laughed during the ride there and back.

After what had happened that afternoon, I was horny, and I couldn’t wait to jerk off once we got back to the hotel. Katherine had dressed sexily for dinner, with a low cut blouse and a short, revealing skirt. On the way back to the hotel room she told me she wasn’t even wearing panties. This turned me on even more, and I couldn’t stop fantasizing about her.

When we got back into the hotel room, I threw off my clothes and laid back on the king bed. Katherine went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, and so I decided to wait for her. I picked up a magazine off the nightstand, that I’d brought, and began reading. But I wasn’t really focused on reading. I shut my eyes, still holding the magazine, and began fantasizing about Katherine.

I lost track of time, and was still daydreaming several minutes later, when I suddenly felt a hand on my cock. And then…a tongue licking the head of my penis. I dropped the magazine, just as Katherine lowered her mouth onto the top half of my cock, and began sucking me off. She was completely naked, and on all fours as she sucked.

“Katherine…what are you doing?” I asked, completely amazed, but also delighted.

She took her mouth of my cock and replied, “Giving you a blowjob. Don’t you want one?”

“Hell yeah, it’s just that I didn’t expect you to do that, all of a sudden.”

She smiled, and again took my cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and moving up and down the length of my shaft, taking careful pains not to let her teeth scrape it. I shuddered with pleasure. My cock was in heaven. I’d never felt this good before. Ever.

“You sure you haven’t done this before?” I asked.

She took her mouth off my cock again and replied, “No…this is the first time I’ve given a guy head. I’m only going off what I’ve seen and read.”

“Well, you’re damn good at it. Keep going,” I said.

She smiled, and again took my cock in her mouth, trying to take in more of it. She began to slide her mouth along my shaft faster and faster, lubricating it with lots of saliva. She cupped my balls with her hand, and I groaned with pleasure.

After a couple more minutes I could feel myself getting ready to cum. “Katherine, I’m going to cum,” I warned her. “You can take my cock out of your mouth if you want.”

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Sexplorations Ch. 08

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Sexplorations – Episode 4 – The Vacation Part 4 – Rita’s Tale


Susan and John were serving me with delightful oral attentions. We had already had two wonderful sessions that had opened my eyes and wishes to some new possibilities. And now I was the one receiving all of the pleasure as they both caressed and touched me. As much as I enjoyed the experience I began to wish for more. I let myself continue to feel their tongues and mouths as I fantasized about what I wanted next.

I finally decided that I would try something that only a short while ago I would have not even thought of. But Susan’s amazing performance with my hand up her ass while John screwed her pussy made me want to try it myself. In the years that I was married my husband never even hinted at anything anal and I remained unaware of the sexual potential of that forbidden area. Susan had made me aware of it during our first encounter and it had really excited me. And John’s tongue and penis in my ass had only made me more aware of what I had been missing. I felt like I wanted to make up for lost time, I wanted to have a gut-wrenching climax like Susan had had just a short while ago.

“I know this may sound unoriginal, but it is time for me to become more open and willing to try novel things. Susan, I want you to suck John to a full erection at the same time that you continue to caress my pussy. Then I want John’s penis in my pussy while Susan rims my anus. And finally, Susan, you’ll grease up your hand and do to me what I did to you, and between the two of you I’ll have a truly wonderful climax,” I said, blushing slightly at the explicitness of my words. I was definitely becoming more open sexually thanks to these two.

Susan and John were quick to respond to my wishes. Susan lay behind me with her head between my legs and her body pressed against my back. John was in front of me and continued to caress my breasts with both of his hands. I could feel Susan’s head resting on my thigh as she moved her mouth closer to John’s penis. I peered intently into his eyes, suddenly his eyelids fluttered and he gave out a groan. I could dimly hear the sound of Susan sucking on his penis. Every once in a while she stopped sucking and gave me some more attention on my labia and clitoris. I felt so wet and hot, sandwiched between their two bodies!

This seemed to go on forever. My feelings of lust and abandonment grew more and more intense. türkçe bahis I felt that I could do anything at all to reach a higher level of sexual satisfaction, I felt lascivious and I was willing to have anything done to me to get me there.

John suddenly shifted around and presented his penis to me. I looked at it closely, it looked very hard and full and was glistening with Susan’s saliva and his lubrication. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as he began to push it into my oral cavity. I flicked my tongue around it as it slowly pushed in and pulled out. While he was doing this Susan concentrated on all of my crotch – her mouth and tongue kept traveling from front to back and then front again.

My clitoris was throbbing as Susan licked and sucked on it. My mind and body couldn’t decide which to concentrate on – the wonderful feelings Susan was giving me or the taste and feel of John’s penis filling my mouth. It was all too much!

I dimly realized that Susan had stopped eating me – I felt her get off the bed. She soon returned and resumed her oral attention, but only for a short while. She stopped licking my pussy and focused on my anus. At the same time I felt her begin to put some of her fingers in my vagina. She moved them around, withdrew them and then put just one finger deeply in. She began to bend the finger forward and began rubbing inside me with it – she was feeling for my G-spot. She soon found it. I let out a long groan, muffled somewhat by John’s penis in my mouth.

Susan rubbed a little more and then began to insert additional fingers. I began to feel a tightness down there as she continued to slowly move her fingers in and out. Each time she pushed in, she went a little further. I began to flex my muscles – I wanted to grab onto her. She pulled her fingers out, rubbed my clitoris with her wet fingers and then started to push them in to me again. It felt really tight this time. and then I realized she was trying to get her hand into me! Even as I realized this I felt the tightness move further into me.

“I’ve got my hand in, Rita.” Susan whispered. I couldn’t say anything – John’s penis was pushing deep into my mouth. But I did flex my muscles on her hand. She responded by pushing in some more. I could feel her fingers flicking inside me. And then I felt fingers rubbing K-Y on my anus. My God, she’s going to put another hand in me! Her fingers began to tease my anus iddaa siteleri – they penetrated a little and then she pulled then back. I felt totally consumed with lust and I knew that I had to watch as she did this.

I pushed against John with my hand and he withdrew his penis. “John, I am burning up with lust. I know how excited I got as I watched my hand go into Susan, I’ve got to see this too.”

He got off the bed and got a hand mirror. Before he positioned it he put his head down to my crotch and licked at my clitoris. Then he held the mirror so I could see what Susan was doing to me. Her right hand was in my vagina – my labia looked flame red and very distended. He tilted the mirror a little and I could see three fingers in my anus. As I watched she pulled them out, stuck her thumb below her fingers and began to put them all in.

“John, rub and lick my clitoris!” I demanded. I felt like I was going to be split in two by Susan, I was more than a little scared at the same time I wanted it to happen. Everything inside me was tingling, I began to feel a momentous orgasm building. I opened my eyes just in time to see Susan’s left hand move into my rectum. All I could see were her two wrists.

“I’m going to fuck you now Rita. Open up to me so I can get more in. John, she’s got a mouth that needs to be stuffed. We’re going to completely fill you Rita!” Susan said this with an almost animal ferocity. She began to push in with both hands and then she began to pull them out, and then in again. I looked at John and beckoned to him with a nod of my head. He put the mirror down and quickly stuffed my mouth. I tilted my head back a little and his penis began to enter my throat. As his pubic hair jammed against my nose I began to swallow so my throat muscles could massage his penis head. He pulled out enough so I could get some air, but he soon re-entered my throat. He began to quicken the pace, as did Susan.

I began to climax, and kept on climaxing as they both thrust into me. Between clenched teeth John said, “take a deep breath now, because I’m going to fuck your throat hard and fast.” He pulled out enough, I inhaled deeply, and then his penis was slipping in and out of my throat very quickly. My climax continued to go higher as he came deep in my throat and Susan’s hands reached new depths in me. My orgasm went on and on as my body felt completely full. John pulled his penis out of my deneme bonusu veren siteler throat and I gasped in some air. He held his penis over my breasts as more cum shot out. Then he grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them very hard. My orgasm renewed itself as he did this. My whole body was shaking and twitching, it was unbelievable how I felt.

I finally began to slow down, my breathing was still ragged and I felt my face and chest were still flushed but I was beginning to come down. Susan sensed this so she began to withdraw her hands, left hand first. As I continued to return to a normal state of existence I began to feel aches and pains that weren’t there a minute ago. My whole crotch was throbbing from the lustful assault it had just enjoyed. Susan finally got both of her hands out and I had such a feeling of emptiness.

She came up to my breasts and began to gently kiss them, and lick John’s cum from them. It felt sensual but not arousing. I wasn’t sure that I could ever get aroused again – it was like all of my nerve endings had overloaded and expired. When my breasts were clean she kissed me on my mouth and gently put her tongue in. My tongue feebly twisted against hers as we exchanged a small portion of John’s fluid. – “Well, I think you have managed to help me lose about five pounds or so, not to mention the fact that sex is ruined for me – I’ll never be able to have a climax as long as I have the memory of this,” I was finally able to say.

“Glad to help out with your weight problem, but I think you’ll be able to come again,” John said with a big smile.

“I’m going to just lie here for awhile, I’m not ready to move around or walk yet,” I said.

Susan got up and said, “I’m going to take a quick shower. John, why don’t you keep Rita company – and maybe get all of us something to drink?”

The rest of the day we spent relaxing and talking, mostly about gardening and other non-sexual matters. Susan and I put together a garden salad dinner which was light, cool, and refreshing. I felt very satisfied and relaxed and I think John and Susan felt the same way. When it was time for them to go home I saw them to the door and gave each a big hug.

“My friends, thanks for all the help and pleasure. I had a great time and I hope you did too. You’ve still got some more of your vacation, I’m going to read a book and listen to some music. Give me a call when you’re free again.”

“It was our pleasure, too. I think we’ll follow your suggestion, but we will be calling you again,” Susan said. With that she and John, arm in arm, walked down my sidewalk and turned towards their home. I let out a long sigh, closed the door, got into bed and slept for a long time.

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Sex in the Sahara Ch. 10

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Big Tits

Chapter 10: Back to the Oasis

Linda’s narrative

The hot desert sun hit my eyes as I gingerly crept from the tent. My body was stiff and my pussy had almost certainly expanded an inch in diameter from the many cocks that had invaded it the night before. Memories of all those lovely cocks were floating around in my dazed mind as my eyes grew accustomed to the intense brightness of the Algerian sun.

A Bedouin Tribesman stood, wearily, a few feet from the entrance through which I had just crawled. He looked at me and smiled. During the gang bang of the night before; I had seen few of the faces of the men who had fucked me. I had just enjoyed their hard cocks as they had reamed into my pussy, my mouth and my arse. As I smiled back at the Arab guarding our ‘fuck’ tent I wondered if his cock had been one of those that I had enjoyed; or maybe it was Adele that he had penetrated. It was obvious from the smile on his face that he had fucked one of us at least. Maybe even both.

As I stood gazing around the encampment I was joined by Adele who took me in her arms, ignoring the look on the Bedouin’s face as he watched, and kissed me tenderly and erotically on my wet and willing lips.

“Good morning sweet Princess; how are you?” I looked deep into her soft eyes and ran my hand gently through her soft hair. “I’m fine sweetness. I slept like a baby after all the sex last night.”

We stood there under the hot desert sun as it lit up the golden sand of the dunes on one side and sent the opposite sides into almost total blackness. The nomad camp was almost deserted as Adele and I stood gazing around at the scenery before us; our arms around each other in protection. Although we knew we were safe and would soon be on our way back to the oasis the comfort of Adele’s arm around me made me feel safe. Eventually we turned and re-entered the tent to awaken Curtis who had almost passed out in exhaustion from fucking so many lovely virgins, as well as Adele and me afterwards.

Two hours later the three of us were helped into a Range Rover’ by the Bedouin leader himself’ and he bid us all a safe and enjoyable trip and thanked us all profusely for our services the night before. The grin on his face showed that he had also taken part in the sex at some stage; and again, as I had with the guard, I wondered if he had fucked me or fucked Adele.

The hot sand spurted from beneath the wheels of the vehicle as it sped forward into the desert and within an hour we found ourselves back at the oasis. Everything was as we had left it and, although we had showered back at the encampment, the moment the Range Rover had disappeared from view the three of us stripped off and dived into the cool waters of the oasis. We frolicked, we played, we kissed and we generally released our emotions that had built up over the last day and night.

Was it really only 28 hours since we had been ‘kidnapped’? It seemed like a lifetime ago to me as I sank my body below the refreshing waters. Finally we crept from the pool and lit the primus for a welcoming coffee. We had been fed in style prior to leaving the bedava bahis Bedouin camp but their hot, thick black coffee left a lot to be desired and the welcoming Nescafe went down a treat. None of us had bothered to dress after our swim and we sat around the stove discussing our plans in total nakedness until Curtis announced he was going to ‘get his head down’ for a few hours before we set off towards The Atlas Mountains and Marrakech; where we planned to spend a week just chilling out. He drank the remainder of his coffee before kissing Adele and me and within minutes he was fast asleep on top of his sleeping bag; almost certainly dreaming about his cock as it ravaged the hot, virgin, pussies the night before.

Adele and I decided to stretch out on a blanket beneath the shade of a large palm tree and try to get some sleep ourselves. However instead of closing our eyes we lay on our sides, facing each other, and discussed the events of the night before. As we had lost sight of each other, amidst the many naked male bodies, we each in turn went over some of the things that had happened and I listened intently as Adele narrated her experience. As she came to the end of her narrative I slid my hand over onto her naked breasts and slowly began to rub my palm over her exposed nipples. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as she, in turn, slid her hand over to my inner thigh. We leaned forward and kissed softly; our tongues meeting in a sensual insertion into the wet depths of our mouths. When our lips finally parted I stood up and told Adele I would just be a second and I crossed the short distance to our Land Rover and fumbled around in my bag until I found what I was looking for. Returning to the blanket I showed Adele the bottle of oily skin protection lotion and sank to my knees beside her.

“Your skin is very dry sweetness.” I murmured as I flipped the lid and poured some into my hand. “Turn onto your tummy baby.”

Without a word, but with a knowing glint in her eye, she smiled and turned onto her stomach with her head on her hands facing me. She shuddered slightly as the cold oil touched her back but she soon relaxed beneath me as I knelt astride her and began to massage lotion slowly and gently into her tanned skin. I let my knees sag and lowered myself onto the base of Adele’s naked bum. The feel of my pussy on her skin sent a lovely shiver through me and I heard Adele moan softly at the touch. With my hands gently massaging into her skin I slowly moved them up and down her spine in gentle, circular movements, pausing briefly at her shoulders to relax the tense muscles I found there. I smiled sexily to myself as my pussy began to slide over the lower part of Adele’s buttocks as I leaned back and forth applying the pressure of my hands on her body. For 5 minutes I concentrated on her back and shoulders, replenishing the lotion to her skin as necessary, before asking her to move her arms down to her side so that I could concentrate on those. Up and down I slid my hands over her soft skin; still moving my pussy over her buttocks in a slow, sensual movement that casino siteleri was sending little shivers of pleasure through my body. I knew I was getting wet; and I knew Adele could feel my juices seeping onto her skin. We both knew that soon we would make love.

From her arms I moved my body lower down her own so that I was kneeling over her ankles as my hands began to massage the lotion onto her buttocks. Gently, sexily, slowly, pressing and squeezing I moulded her firm cheeks in my hands. I could hear her breathing increasing in intensity as well as in volume. Occasionally a small gasp would escape her lips as I lowered my head and kissed each cheek softly. I could feel her body becoming totally relaxed as I slid my hands over her skin but then, as I bent again to kiss her bum cheeks she would stiffen in delight beneath me. Again I sat back on my heels and continued to massage, again I would lean forward and kiss those lovely, sexy, well formed buttocks; occasionally moving my hands down the back of her legs before returning to her bum.

Slowly I leant forward again and felt Adele stiffen in readiness for some more kisses to her cheeks. But they never arrived. Instead my tongue darted briefly into her tiny, tight bum hole and she almost screamed as she felt my tongue slide, fractionally, inside. Her hips shot upwards to meet me and I began to slowly lick up and down her small crack. I stopped briefly, to again slide my tongue into the hole, before returning to the licking movements as she began to writhe beneath me.

I gently changed my position as I lifted first one knee, and then the other, so that I was kneeling between her now open legs. My hands began a sensuous massaging of her legs; up and down the backs first, and then on the insides. Slowly, very slowly, I worked my hands upwards until my fingers finally reached the area between her bum and her pussy. I knew it would be wet and I slid a solitary finger over the base of her slit and delighted at the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips. I lowered myself forward again and my tongue slid first into her bum hole and flicked a few times before moving downward to her pussy. Her position, laying flat on her stomach, also meant that her wet slit was pressed into the blanket and only the bottom was available to my tongue. I moved my hands to her hips and gently lifted them; letting Adele know that I needed her to kneel up slightly. Once her pussy was free from the ground I again bent low and began to lick sensuously up and down the crack of her bum to the now accessible slit of her pussy.

Adele’s hips arched upwards and my tongue slid into her wetness as I craned my neck backwards to allow me to lick and taste at the juices that were flowing from her. Up and down, in and out, my tongue licked and probed as Adele now moaned constantly beneath me. Suddenly I stopped, sat up and climbed from between her legs. I whispered to her to turn over and I again climbed between her long, sexy, oil covered legs. Holding myself up by my hands I stretched myself above the length of Adele’s lovely, slender body and, just bahis siteleri as I lowered my hips so that our pussies touched, I kissed her first on the forehead, then on each eye, and then a tender kiss to her lips before I dropped my mouth to her firm breasts and erect nipples. As my lips closed around her left breast I felt the wetness from my pussy mingling with the wetness from her own and I relaxed my hips so that our wet slits pressed tight together. My teeth bit gently on the nipple in my mouth and Adele moaned loudly as the pleasure shot through her. I moved my head and took her other nipple into me. A suck, a gentle bite, and then another suck. I felt her body quiver beneath me and I got to my knees again. I moved down between her legs so as to lay flat on my own tummy. I placed my hands on her hips and drove my face into her wetness.

She screamed.

A scream of delight and pleasure erupted from her mouth as my tongue now dived deeply into her womanhood. I kept it stiff as my head bobbed up and down and my tongue turned into a tin cock as it probed the depths of her wetness. My face became covered in smooth, silky juices as I moved in and out of her slowly and sensuously. I relaxed my tongue for a moment and commenced to lick up and down her sit. Her hips jerked up into my face as I touched her tiny bud a few centimetres above the hole that I had just been probing. I could feel my rock hard nipples pressing into the blanket as I concentrated on the pussy in my mouth.

I moved one hand from her hip and slid it beneath her just as my mouth encircled her clit and began to suck. My long index finger slid into the wetness of her hole and again she screamed. Her whole body began to tremble and jerk against my face and finger as she took it deeper inside her.

Faster and faster her hips pounded up and down against me. My tongue probed her slit again to join my finger as it reamed in and out. Then back to her clitoris to leave just my finger inside her. Suddenly her body went into a massive tremble, her legs closed about my head and she came. I felt the hot juices spurt onto my finger and immediately rammed my tongue inside to taste them as they flowed freely from her quivering body. The average eight second orgasm paled into insignificance as her eruption continued with my tongue and finger probing and sucking the very depths of her womanhood.

Finally her body began to relax beneath me as she came down from the sexual heights that I had taken her too. I slid gracefully from between her legs and lay beside her; my arms wrapped around her as if to protect her. A reversal of roles as Adele was usually MY protector. But I loved it. I loved to feel her quivering in my arms as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

I kissed her.

The following morning Curtis had the camp packed up while Adele and I bathed before climbing back into our travelling shorts and tops. Curtis took the wheel and the three of us headed west towards The Atlas Mountains and Marrakech. This had been one hell of a sexy holiday and, as I felt Adele’s hand begin to stroke my naked leg as we sat behind Curtis in the Land Rover, I wondered if was yet over and what sexy fun awaited us in the days ahead. Slowly I opened my legs……


Please feel free to e mail me your comments on my stories and your votes will be most welcome.


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Selecting Blinds is Hard Work

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It was when our new house was almost completed that my wife changed her mind from having curtains to wanting vertical blinds, so off I went to get some quotations.

As my wife was in the armed forces she would regularly be away for months on end, so I was put in charge of sorting this out all on my own. Being a plumber by trade, being left to pick styles, colours etc was rather daunting at first, but when I went looking around the showrooms for the 3 main suppliers of vertical blinds it became easier.

Having made appointments at the first 2 showrooms for a sales rep to come around to do measure and quote I made my way to the last showroom, admittedly near closing time on a Saturday, but hey, it can’t be helped.

Browsing around the showroom while the two ladies serving looked after the last minute rush of clientele I was off in my own little dreamworld when Heidi tapped me on the shoulder; “Can I help you sir,” she asked. Noticing her shoulder length brown hair and warm brown eyes looking at me with a friendly smile on her face I was immediately warmed by her open demeanour.

Yes, sure you can help, I need all the help I can get, I said with a sigh. Got a new house, almost finished and the wife has changed her mind from curtains to blinds, she’s off for two months so I gotta sort it out all by myself.

“Oh, that’s what we’re here to help you with,” Heidi said with a warm smile, her eyes glinting with a devilish streak. I don’t know what it was, but I was turned on by this look in her eyes.

Her tall and trim form only added to the excitement, slender with smallish breasts, slim hips and long legs that were topped by a pert little butt hugged tightly by yellow cotton three quarter length pants. Her feet with red toenails slipped into a casual chunky heeled slide and a scoopneck top that kept slipping off her shoulders to reveal no bra straps at all….damn, that’s what I love, a cotton tee shirt type top with nothing underneath….yum!!

Anyway, putting those thoughts aside for the moment I concentrated on picking the material, then the colour for the vertical blinds presented a problem, but Heidi quickly solved that by saying she’d have a whole book of colour swatches with her when she’d come around to do the measure and quote.

It was at this time that the naughty thoughts returned with a vengeance, then seeing her firm nipples hardening when she told about measure and quote I was somewhat taken aback by her open flirting. As if to make sure I’d gotten the idea she then leaned over far enough for her top to slide down…. enough to show me her pert little boobs, complete with hard nipples….

I just smiled as she said something about her not usually being on showroom duty, two of the girls being off sick so she was called upon to help out at late notice.

Well, you do a good job at doing the showroom justice, I said, kicking myself at the double meaning of this statement. Instead, this lady in her early forties just smiled as she now was sure I’d seen her perkies in all their glory when she’d leaned down in front of me. It put some spice into the situation.

On the appointment day I received a phone call from Heidi a few minutes before she was due to arrive, her apologising profusely as she had written the address down incorrectly…perhaps she’d been too busy flashing her titties at me to pay close enough attention huh?

I told her not to worry, I wasn’t going anywhere and made sure she knew exactly where to come. She duly turned up about twenty minutes late for her appointment, looking flushed and delicious I thought.

Being such a warm bahis siteleri summer I was wearing just a pair of shorts and tee shirt and was walking around barefoot on the new carpet, installing security latches on all windows and doors.

As Heidi came in the front door she took off the same chunky soled slides she was wearing on Saturday and walked around barefoot with me, her short sleeved blouse and knee length skirt now business like enough yet cool enough for the warm season.

Excuse the attire, Heidi started, it’s just so warm that wearing the full getup is too stifling… smiling as she saw me thinking whether this meant she was without her bra again, like on Saturday….

“No worries to me, just do your measuring,” I said. With that Heidi clicked into her work mode properly and in short order she’d measured the whole house for blinds.

“OK, measuring done,” she announced loudly, “can I borrow you to do the colours,” Heidi asked.

Going thru the colours became difficult as it quickly became apparent that her company didn’t have the colour that suited the interior colours of our new house….much to Heidi’s disappointment. It was when I showed her a competitor’s product that she became enthused, holding it up against the kitchen cabinets, doors and walls to see how this particular fabric and colour were what was in my opinion the perfect match….

“Nick, I have to say that on this occasion I would actually recommend you buy from the opposition,” Heidi said thoughtfully as she seemed impressed with the quality of the full length sample the rep had left me. “Damn, this is nice fabric, and the way the colour seems to change depending on how much light falls on it, would love to see how this makes the house look,” she said, thus leaving me an opening to invite her back for a look.

I didn’t miss it, offering to call her in for a lookie when the blinds were installed. She still finished off her quotation, even though we both knew it was pointless. “Gotta get the boss to see I am doing the job,” she explained.

So that was it for the moment, but it was hard to forget her sneaky smile she offered as she let me perve at her firm titties in the showroom, and her flirty mannerisms…. Even so, I was in no hurry to ring Heidi when the opposition’s blinds were installed, dismissing the flirting as one of her ploys to gain business.

Heidi’s phonecall came as a surprise to me, so much so that when I finally realised who it was I felt like an idiot, saying: “Oh yes, how could I forget,” another double entendre….

Anyway, she started by saying that some customers are memorable and then she stopped herself by saying she was getting herself into hot water here, again leaving it open for me to continue or put an end to the flirting.

“Oh come on,” I said calmly, “I know you only rang ’cause you wanna have a look at the new blinds from the opposition.”

“Yes,” she replied hesitantly at first, “when is a good time to come around for a look Nick?”

“Anytime this week Heidi, working around the house still, finishing off this and that,” I replied.

“Will your wife mind if I come around to look at the blinds,” she asked coyly.

“Don’t know and I can’t ask her either, she doesn’t come back for another two weeks,” I replied. The silence that lasted too long gave away that Heidi wasn’t just coming to look at the blinds.

“Oh, OK then, can I come over now then,” she asked.

“Sure thing, I am not going anywhere,” I said as calmly as I could and hung up the phone.

Her car turned into the driveway only a few minutes canlı bahis siteleri later, thus adding to the excitement. As she drove right up to the open garage door I watched as she put one high heeled foot on the driveway, then the other and slid her bum out of her car, causing the already short skirt to ride up almost to her crotch.

Once she was standing beside her car I couldn’t help but admire her slender form, long legs, high heels, short skirt, tight fitting blouse that was rather sheer with the sunlight behind her, revealing at once that her perkies were sans bra, again!

I looked at her for several seconds before inviting her inside, her smile showing that she appreciated her form being admired.

As I closed the garage door and we got to the carpet she turned and asked if she should take off her shoes, I was too quick in my response for she grinned broadly at my rapid NO answer. Heck, I love the way woman’s legs look wobbling atop a pair of heels…..

I took off my boots though as I led her into the kitchen to first look at the cedar blinds, nicely matching the outdoor trim and also making a nice accompaniment to the kitchen decor. Getting to the dining room window I saw Heidi’s firm nipples making their presence known thru the flimsy tight fitting top, the way she stood side on with the sun behind her made the top almost transparent. That must be why she was wearing it I figured. As she walked around I swear I could smell the aroma of aroused pussy wafting around…..

The fun started at the first ranch slider with full length blinds, Heidi took the opportunity to bend over at the hips and let her skirt ride up her thighs a long way as she took the bottom weight of the blinds in her hand for inspection. In the meantime I was giving her firm backside a visual inspection of my own, she looked at me when she was bent over and her eyes just had this smirk in them….damn I was getting hot and horny!!

This woman a good ten years my senior was prancing around in my house, looking good enough to eat and taking her time to let me get to it…..

At the second ranch slider Heidi instead squatted down on one knee, making sure that I was opposite her so I got a good view up her thighs. Figuring I better kneel down too she made sure to spread her thighs a little so I couldn’t miss the fact she was naked underneath her skirt, staying long enough for me to take in her naked sex and look at her smirking face again.

My cock was now making a tent in my shorts, something which caused Heidi to smile even more. “So, young man, are you gonna just keep perving at me or are you gonna get serious,” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the floor as she got up from her squatting position.

“You lead and I’ll just follow,” I said as I watched her small breasts’ nipples protruding proudly.

She unzipped her skirt next, also dropping it on the floor and then she bent over the sofa, offering me her naked hairless pussy and tight bum. For a few seconds I stared in wonderment at how this woman had just done exactly what I had wanted her to do…..

“Well, are you going to look at me or use me the way I was meant to be used,” she said with some anger in her voice, this disappeared as soon as I dropped my shorts and placed my knob at the entrance to her red hot cunt. Wriggling her tight butt a little Heidi just said; “don’t muck around, I have been dripping since I hung up the phone earlier, just fuck me….and fuck me good… Go on, just drive that cock into me, I want you to fuck me like I know you’ve wanted to since you were güvenilir bahis in the showroom….looking at my perky tits….your eyes gave you away young man….”

With Heidi bent over my couch, her high heels being the only thing she was wearing now, I grasped her hips and began plowing away into her surprisingly tight pussy that seemed to be getting wetter with each stroke. For several minutes I just kept shafting her, pussy slurping away as my shaft kept sliding in her juices….

The surprise came when Heidi said she wanted to be on top, standing up as I withdrew, leading me around to the front of the sofa, between the coffee table and the two seater she beckoned me to the ground. As she squatted over my cock, she said this was her favourite position, squatting on her heels, with a nice fat prong stuck up her twat!!

Watching her pussy slide down over my rigid prick I couldn’t help but just lie back and let her ride me in this position, it was only when she began slamming down onto me without abandon that I was getting worried. My nuts were getting trapped between my thighs and her firm buns each time she slammed down onto my root, she was getting so energetic that I was afraid she’d squash my poor nuts in this way….

I need not have worried for she soon came with a rush and a roar, groaning and moaning; “oohhh fuck, that’s a beauty of a cock there young man….gggrrrrr….oooohhhh mmaaannnnnn……your wife must love riding that puppy!!”

Soon after that she climbed off my cock and planted her wet beaver on my mouth, ordering me; “lick and suck, and hurry up about it!!” She obviously was used to getting her way, ’cause she told me exactly what it was that she wanted, until she started on her next orgasm that is, then she just moaned and groaned away again…..ggggrrrrr……oohhhhh…. and so on until she gushed a load of juices into my mouth.

I had never had a woman cum with a squirt or a gush before, but it didn’t taste bad and it didn’t worry me at all so I just kept kissing her tasty box until she climbed back onto my cock. Her face was flushed and sweaty, but she simply ordered; “When you are ready to cum I want you to just let go in my cunt, I want to feel your spunk dribbling out of me later on…”

It was when she was riding my cock this time that the doorbell rang, Heidi just kept riding my cock, groaning away a little quieter than before but still rather noisily. The doorbell rang several times more, but Heidi didn’t care, she just kept slamming herself down onto my rampant dick, cumming again just as the doorbell rang the last time. This time I spewed my cum deep into her juicy cavern, making for a nice cocktail of love juices.

She just smiled at me as she stayed impaled on my shaft as it started to deflate, gushing some of our juices onto my balls. After a minute or so she scooted onto my face once more and pretty much ordered me to lick her cunt clean, to the last drop she said….

I laughed and said; “the more I lick the wetter you’ll get.”

To which she sharply responded: “Just do as you’re told slave, you’re mine now, so worship my beautiful pussy and lick it clean, or you’ll regret it….”

This last statement came as a shock to me, I had not figured her for a dominatrix, but she had definitely made it clear she wanted to be worshipped now, all on her terms, and hey, with a pussy as tight and tasty as hers, perhaps I was willing to play ball….

After licking her cleft for a while she announced that she was clean enough now.

With her pussy now nice and clean, and thoroughly fucked I might add, she got back into her skirt and blouse, grabbed me by the cock and said: “Next time you can be in charge bad boy!!” She leaned down to give my cock a little kiss and then she walked out the door, wafting a trail of sweaty well fucked aroma as she left.

Damn, that was better than I had expected!

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Sensualist Ch. 10b

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Beach Party – Fellated by Hostess – Sex on the Beach – Ronnie tells Alice a Story – Ronnie and Alice bring each other needed release – Eavesdropping on Sordid Story – Fucking Morgan

It turned out that Alice couldn’t make it to Hilton Head. Alice told me her mother had flatly refused to allow her to go off on such short notice. But Alice had not given up on joining me at the ocean, and confided to me that she intended to keep badgering her parents to let her go. “After all, I’m a high school graduate and soon to be freshman at Georgia State. I should be able to off on my own if I want too.” She finished with a whine in her voice.

I didn’t think much of her chances of joining me, and we had a quick fuck in the backseat after which she pleaded with me to “Get hard again and put it up my ass.”

I left her a block from her house, begging for another fuck-“Anyplace at all!”


The following morning I set out for Hilton Head. In point of time it’s less than an hour. But I got lost, driving there on my own for the first time. Now if you’ve never been to that part of the country, Hilton Head is an island of the same name in the low country of South Carolina. It has about 12 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic Ocean. Over 2 million visitors flock there each year to play golf and or tennis and several fine uncrowded beaches.

What I like about the island is that the town enforces an ordinance which minimizes the impact of development and governs the style of buildings and how they are situated amongst existing trees. As a result, one can enjoy an unusual amount of tree cover relative to the amount of development. There are several communities as well as upscale hotels; in other words, there’s something for everyone.

I pulled into our driveway and got out of the car and stretched. A lush curtain of banana trees, birds of paradise and canna plants hid the wall on one side of the driveway baffling the pool equipment.

Looking directly at the front of the house, rice paper plants almost obscured the entrance to the front door. The oleanders were in full bloom all around me and the air was filled with a variety of pungent fragrances. I imagine if people were to stay away from the Island for twenty years or so, it would revert to a jungle-like condition, covering everything man-made with greenery. That was both a pleasant and unpleasant thought at the same time.

I unloaded my bags from the car, brought them inside and made myself a drink-gin and tonic from the liquor cabinet (left unlocked) and after checking that nothing unusual had occurred during the families absence, sat down to relax.

Less than an hour later, I had showered, shaved and wanting to make a good impression, paid special attention to my clothing and changed into light weight slacks, new Tee-shirt.and loafers without socks then headed out to see what was going on at the beach.

There was loud music blaring from the house two doors from mine. I paused to listen to the music, and as luck would have it, ran into Milton Bradley, who had been sweet on my sister, Maureen a couple of summers before. After asking about her, he happened to mention the party going on and invited me in.

Needless to say, I accepted.

By my second beer, (with three being my absolute limit) I had met a couple of cute prospects, but forgot all about them when a well put together blonde sat down across the room.

She was probably ten years older than me and not as pretty as the other girls but she had a body that electrified me. First there were the melons she carried as breasts, and then there were those gorgeous legs-legs that adjoined a magnificent ass. And while one wouldn’t say she was thin, I doubted that she carried any extra weight other than those big boobs on her chest.

Instant hardon.

Perhaps some background is in order. The blonde’s name was Virginia, and she and her husband, Rodney were hosting the party. Rodney, or Rod as he preferred being called, was a nice enough lug, and commanded plenty of respect, unlike his namesake Rodney Dangerfield. Rod was the heir to the Garner millions, but here on Hilton Head you wouldn’t know it. I mean his home was smaller than mine, or I should say, my families.

They had arrived the day before and after stocking up on the necessary goodies had called everyone they knew, told them to bring a friend or two and thrown the party.

It appeared that the party had been underway for a couple hours when I arrived. No one challenged me and I enter in and out of a couple conversations before spying the hostess with the mostess.

As I made my way over to Virginia, I heard her shout, “Here goes number five!” A moment later, she downed a shot of bourbon. I had yet to learn who she was, and of course had no idea she was married, or who her husband was, nor did I care. I was eighteen and thought I had brass balls.

I was about five feet away from her and saw that she was feeling the effects of the shots she had downed, when she turned toward me with a devilish grin and bonus veren siteler walked toward me, and then past me to a tall, handsome guy who was also somewhat inebriated and asked him to go upstairs with her.

When he mumbled, “Maybe later,” all my senses went on full alert. Who was he? Besides being out of his mind, that is. It took me a full minute to put them together as husband and wife. By then I had followed Virginia at a discrete distance as she left the room and stepped outside to the patio.

It was a clear and cloudless night with a huge, bright full moon hanging in the sky. The moonbeams sparkled off the ocean in the distance. When she reached the railing, Virginia noticed my shadow off to the side, but as she told me later, she was too horny to concern herself with one of her husband’s Georgie’s drunken friends.

“Hello,” I said.

She turned quickly at the strange voice. “Hello yourself,” she said. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“We haven’t, I’m a friend of Milt Bradley. He, um, invited me in. I hope I’m not intruding.”

Virginia smiled at me, and I nearly melted. Well, not exactly, my erection was sticking out like a telephone pole being put in a hole. “Milton’s nice… are you?”

I nodded, having lost my voice momentarily.

When I found it I managed, “It’s a lovely night.”

“Yes, it is,” she replied somewhat forlornly. “If only…”

“If only? I said wanting to keep the conversation going where ever it led.

Virginia tilted her head back, and parted her lips for a kiss. I brought my mouth to hers and gently brushed my lips over hers.

She gave a soft moan and sent her tongue into my mouth. My hands went to her breasts as we continued the kiss.

Admittedly I was clumsy in my groping at her breasts and when she broke the kiss and attempted to move away I almost ripped her expensive dress trying to get a hand inside to touch her flesh.

“Don’t…” She said, but pulled me back and kissed me again.

Breaking off the kiss again, she gasped, “I love the way you touch me. Your fingertips feel like they’re on fire.”

Her words set me on fire. I tugged at the dress, got it down past her shoulders and dipped my hand inside the lacey cups of her bra. I was caressing the underside of her breast when I heard the tear-I had torn her bra apart. The round curves and

softness of her large breasts were now totally exposed to the night air.

“I’m so sorry…” I said.

“Don’t be, it’s been a while since anyone’s torn anything off me. I kind of missed it,” she said slurring her words slightly.

“I want it, sugar, and if you play your cards right, you’re gonna want it too.”

“You’re a very desirable woman, “I said my voice much huskier than usual. I pinched her already hardened nipples while my lips moved back to hers in a long, sloppy kiss.

Virginia moaned her hunger into my open mouth. I dropped my hands and seized the undulating cheeks of her firm ass. Breaking our kiss, she pressed her hands against my chest, and stepped back a bit.

My heart skipped a beat when she reached out to open my slacks. With lust in her eyes, Virginia quickly unzipped the fly and pushed slacks and underwear down to my ankles. Dropping to her knees in front of me, Virginia teasingly licked and kissed her way slowly up my thighs. I found myself holding my breath and gritting my teeth when her lips parted, and she encircled the crown of my cock with them.

Her saliva was making my dick glow in the moonlight. I found myself mesmerized by the sight of her luscious, red lips sliding up and down on my thick cock while she fondled my balls with one hand and tickled my asshole with the other.

She changed tactics slightly, stretching her jaw to accommodate my prick and brought her lips around the glans so that a seal was formed around it. I felt her fill her mouth with saliva and then swish it around the head.

I remember moaning at the sheer pleasure she brought to me as her tongue moved slowly from side to the side, along the bottom of my shaft. I’ve noticed that the consistency of one’s flesh changes once it has been inside the warmth and wetness of another’s mouth for a minute. The shaft elongates. The cock straightens, and it rises.

She’s crouched in front of me at this point, her thighs nudge my legs apart, and, how she managed this I don’t know, but she apparently balanced herself on her toes (ballet?) and wedged herself in the small space this created. Then she took more of my cock down her throat, nodding her head repeatedly as she did.

She looked up and met my eyes and held them as she sucked away on me. I watched, entranced as she rotated her face around my shaft while taking me even deeper.

I felt her blonde hair caresses my thighs as she nodded her head over me, making a series of slurping noises. Glancing down I see bubbles in the saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth and dropping off to land on the slopes of her fabulous tits.

Taking me from her mouth for a moment, Virginia bahis looks at my glistening cock and laughs wantonly. “You’ve a beautiful cock, neighbor,” she said, still laughing, and then swallowed me again and this time I felt her teeth scraping along my flesh as I glided to the deeper recesses of her throat.

The lady could certainly suck cock.

Suddenly she switched off, and pouting her lips, focused on paying attention to my cockhead, using her tongue to press my knob up against the roof of her mouth. Her cheek had a big bulge to it and I knew that I was the cause and my level of pleasure increased immeasurably.

Virginia’s eyes were wide and constantly looking up at me, and when a particularly long strand of saliva dangled from my dick, she quickly spat me from her mouth and used her mouth to capture the errant strand and spread it’s wetness over my balls.

My God, this woman was good!

She started sliding her mouth over my shaft as if it was a harmonica, and then she recaptured it and alternated between sucking furiously and nipping at my balls.

I should mention that I was not totally unresponsive during her fellating exhibition. I had encouraged her throughout with various responses, all of which extolled her immense talent as a fellatrix. Moreover, I had my hands in her hair throughout most of the act, pulling hard occasionally to let her know how well she was doing. There was also quite a bit of breast play, particularly with attention to her nipples, which I played with to the point of tormenting them, before moving a hand, and fingers to her dripping cunt.

I am amazed that I haven’t cum in her mouth by this point. Perhaps it’s the alcohol, but I just didn’t unload just then.

I recall that she rolled her head at about this time with my dick halfway down her gullet and the spit ran freely along the shaft and trickled down along my groin.

She let it collect at the base of my dick then like a vacuum, she sucked it all back into her mouth and swallowed.

I realize she wanted me to cum, and I tried, but couldn’t. I’d never had this problem before and I didn’t know what to do and let her continue, hoping she succeeded where I can’t.

I got this kind of hitch in my throat and my breathing was ragged. I briefly wonder if these are sympathy pains then dismiss the thought as being irrational.

I am fucking my dick in and out of Virginia’s mouth, always keeping the front third inside while bobbing over the middle. It’s obvious she wants me to get off so we can do other things and she sucks even harder, making her tongue softer and leveling it against the underside as a tactile counterpoint to the force her lips are applying to the shaft.

Her tits are slapping against my thighs and I sigh. A moment later I feel it.

“I-I’m cumming!” I groan, and her lips tighten around my corona and the strongest suction yet begins.

My orgasm catapults out of me in a single burst. There are aftershocks, but these add only a little more semen to the initial jet. Virginia holds my semen in her mouth and I feel her spiting back on my cockhead, drawing it back into her mouth and spitting it out again, causing yet another series of sensations to race through my body and I vow to make her pleasure as great as mine has been.

Virginia finally swallowed the remaining residue and seemingly exhausted, clung to my knees until I helped her to her feet.

We didn’t kiss.

After a short silence, she looked at me and said, “I guess I won’t get that fuck I was looking for.”

“Let’s walk on the beach first,” I said. “I promise I’ll satisfy you one way or another tonight.”

She laughed and I reached out to wipe a small deposit of sperm from the corner of her mouth. She took the finger into her mouth when I offered it to her.

“You have a slightly salty taste, but there’s some sweetness in it as well,” Virginia said with a lewd grin. “You must eat right,” she added a moment later.

We carried our shoes as we strolled along the sandy beach. My cuffs got wet when a wave caught me after getting to close to the water’s edge. The ocean breeze helped cool us off to some extent, but sexual tension remained high between us.

“So,” I began, “you’re married.”

“Oh, yes. In fact, when you first approached me I thought you were Rod-my husband. I had told him I was feeling… horny, so he was well aware of it. But he apparently chose his drunken buddies over me.”

“I’m delighted to have followed you outside.”

She laughed and turned to me. “I am too, but this is a onetime thing… I don’t think I know your name.”

“Clark, Donald Clark, I live two doors down. We were introduced…”

“Yes, I seem to remember that, but…”

“Yeah, doing shots seems to play games with one’s memory.”

She changed the subject, saying, “Smell the breeze?”

“The breeze?”

“Yes, can you smell it?”

“I don’t think the breeze has a scent.”

“Sure it does, can’t you detect the salt in it?”

“Well, yeah…”

“I’m sure deneme bonusu I can, and there must be other odors in it. Perhaps just below our normal capabilities to detect, but a dog can, for example…”

We listened to the mild splash of the surf. I turned away from the houses and faint strains of the music still blaring from Virginia’s party and stared out into the dark with her.

“Are you a decent swimmer?” I asked.

Yes of course, I love the ocean. I’ve done everything in it.”


She smiled as her shoulder brushed mine. “Yes, everything.”

A couple passed us walking hand in hand, and disappeared into the dark.

We began walking, in the opposite direction of the couple, moving into the heavy shadows behind some hurricane damaged buildings. I stopped and Virginia halted alongside me.

“Want to go for a swim?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied a little uneasy.

“But you can swim, can’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m wearing a very expensive dress, and .. .”

“I’m going,” I said. I want to swim in your ocean where you’ve done everything.”

I dropped my shoes and waded into the surf as she watched. I kept going out, not shedding my shirt or pants. As I reached the waist high water, I called out for her to join me. She was bent over laughing at my antics.

I laughed too, but then I turned and began to swim, using strong and even strokes. Virginia watched, hand to her mouth, as I struggled out of my pants and tossed them aside. She continued to watch as the current carried them north. She moved toward me, and entered the surf, drawn by my foolhardiness.

Calmly, she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She balled it up and tossed it back on the beach. She waded out, to her knees clad only in black panties and up to her waist.

I watched as a shiver ran through her from the cold slap of water against her pubis, watched her duck her head beneath the curl of the next wave.

When she resurfaced, swimming now, she looked around almost panicking in an effort to find me.

I called to her from where I treaded water some fifty yards away. There was a path of moonlight seemingly connecting us and she began to swim toward me.

When she’d closed to within twenty yards of me, I turned and resumed swimming, taking her further out into the Atlantic.

She followed, gaining on me as she went. That surprised me as I thought I was a good swimmer, had been on the state relay championship team, and fully intended to make the University swim team after starting classes.

Eventually, she caught up and seized my ankle, held on against my flutter kick, and hauled me to a stop. We both looked back at the shore, as we rode up and down on the waves, losing sight of land, then seeing the vague lights of the buildings a hundred yards or so removed from the water’s edge.

“It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?” Virginia said.

“I didn’t think you were such a good swimmer,” I said.

“Just how old are you?” Virginia said as my hand caressed her breast.

“Going on nineteen,” I lied.

“Nineteen,” she sputtered. “Why-why you’re a fucking freshman!”

“So?” I replied having no better answer than another question.

“I think the cold water has sobered me up,” she said coolly, and then she swiveled around, started a breast-stoke toward shore. I swam alongside her.

“Have you ever done this before? A midnight swim?” I said breathing hard.

“No,” she said, “have you?” We had stopped swimming and were just treading water.

“No,” I smiled at her. “I’ve been saving the experience for this evening.”

She didn’t respond to that; but remained silent, feeling me stirring the water beside her.

“Can people make love in this water? Out here?”

“Yes, I suppose so.” Then, almost to her self she said, “The ones who are ready to make love,” and resumed swimming.

I swam alongside her; she glanced over at me several times but kept swimming toward shore.

On reaching the shore, Virginia made straight for her balled up dress and put it on. I had to jog down the beach to retrieve my pants, which had fortunately washed ashore. I donned them and tucked my transparent shirt inside them.

“It’s a beautiful night, Virginia.”

“Yes, with the moon and all,” she answered.

“Let’s make love here… right here,” I said quietly.

She stood there looking at me. After a long moment she slowly peeled the dress off again.

“It’s so clammy,” she said as I stared at her hardened nipples.

She gave me the benefit of a smile and said, “Go on, I know you want to play with them.”

I took off my shirt and let my pants fall to the sand, took her in my arms and kissed her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, kissing me back, and with her silky legs around my waist she locked her ankles together and I cupped her asscheeks in the palms of my hands. Then with one swift and powerful thrust, my entire cock pierced and buried itself inside her pussy.

Virginia broke the kiss and cried out: “Oh, God, YES!”

I gave her several rapid thrusts and she groaned and whispered, “You’re so big. I-I’ve never been filled like this…” Every nerve in her body appeared to be tingling. She later told me it was as if a barrage of fireworks had gone off inside her.

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Secret Rendezvous

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They hadn’t seen each other in years, but they’d recently rekindled a strong connection over their many conversations online. They’d dated briefly after high school, but now they were closer than they’d ever been, despite the distance between them.

Jess walked nervously out to her Jeep, the slight breeze tugging at her short skirt. She wore nothing underneath it, so she was instantly self-conscious at the weather’s playful mood. Her sumptuous, round breasts filled her tight button-up shirt almost to bursting.

She had piercing ice-blue eyes and wild, dark curls, tied back away from her stunning face. She had all the right curves, in perfect proportion to her medium height. Taking one last cleansing breath, she put the Jeep into gear and pulled away from her house. Her oblivious husband wasn’t even aware she had walked out the door. It had been that way for far too long, and she finally decided to think of herself this one time.

Sam pulled into the parking lot where they’d agreed to meet, a local all-night diner. He’d been in town for more than a week, having made the 500 mile drive from home to visit friends and family, but this was the first chance Jess had to get away. Tonight was a long time coming for both of them, and the anticipation he felt was killing him.

He shut off the car and stepped out into the mild summer air. It was still warm, as might be expected from a summer night, but the relative coolness of the breeze was a refreshing change from the sickening humidity of his adopted hometown hundreds of miles away.

He smoothed the chest of his dark polo shirt and absentmindedly brushed the canlı bahis legs of his tan cargo pants. It was a bit of a change from his usual t-shirt and jeans, but he wanted to step up his game for the stunning beauty coming to spend time with him.

He thought back to how he came to be in this parking lot, awaiting her arrival. In almost six years since he’d moved out of state, this was his first opportunity to travel back home alone. Usually his son made the trip with him, but this time the boy was away at summer camp for the first time. Sam’s wife stayed home as she always did. They’d stopped traveling together long ago…in fact, they’d stopped doing nearly everything together years earlier. These days, it seemed the only two things they shared were parenting responsibilities and a home address. Sam’s marriage was just as dead as Jess’ was. He looked out and saw headlights approaching. Her headlights. His heart began racing.

She saw him standing by his SUV, and she swallowed nervously. Pulling into the parking space beside him, she shut the car off and stepped out. Walking around, she stepped between their cars where he waited. Their eyes locked, and without a word they were in each other’s arms, kissing deeply.

Sam could feel his cock stiffen as Jess pressed herself against his body. She felt it too, and slid her hands down to release his thick member from its constraints. Her fingers sought out its veiny texture as she gripped it. She stroked it, feeling it throbbing rhythmically in her hand.

Sam pulled Jess closer, his strong hands sliding down her back and across the soft curve of kaçak iddaa her ass. Suddenly he spun her around and pulled her close. His hands gently lifted the hem of her skirt as his pulsing cock pressed into the round fold of her soft butt. He kissed and bit her neck, his two-week-old beard scratching her tender skin. A gasp escaped her lips as her hands reached up and stroked his clean-shaven head.

By now she was soaked, and she felt her sweet juices trickle down her leg. The anticipation was unbearable. Without a word, she willed him into her, and somehow he got the message. With one hand on her hip and the other pressing the soft spot between her shoulders, he bent her forward as his stiff rod pressed effortlessly into her dripping cunt. God, he felt huge! Her first orgasm came out of nowhere, and she was shocked at its strength. Her knees buckled and she nearly fell.

As he pistoned in and out of her, he felt her pussy squeeze around him as she came. She almost collapsed, and he struggled to keep her on her feet. Suddenly he withdrew from her and climbed into the back seat of his massive SUV.

Jess didn’t follow him immediately. Instead, she undid the buckle on his belt, opened his pants the rest of the way, and pulled them to the floor of the truck. Climbing in to join him, she straddled his lap and slowly lowered herself onto his stiff cock. As he filled her still-throbbing womanhood, she bit her lip and pressed her forehead to his. As she rode up and down his thick member, she leaned over him to feel the roughness of his beard against her neck once more. She couldn’t get enough of the sensation.

His kaçak bahis hands lifted her ass and lowered her down to his lap, over and over. Slowly his fingers found their way around to the tight, forbidden hole between her buttocks. He felt her twitch at his gentle touch, heard her gasp. As he carefully pressed a finger into her ass, he felt her slick cunt squeeze his prick once again. His balls tightened as his orgasm started building deep within his groin.

His other hand slowly climbed up her back and cradled her head as he pressed her closer to him for a deep, longing kiss. He gripped a handful of her hair and gently tugged her back, away from him, arching her back. As her breasts pushed toward him, he released her hair and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, freeing her large, round tits. Her lacy black bra was straining, and he deftly undid the clip in front, releasing her breasts. Her nipples called to him, and he answered with his tongue. He bit her lightly, and the sudden, sharp lightning strike of sensation coursed through her tender nipples and made her ride him harder and faster.

Without warning, his cock erupted in orgasm, and he pressed into her as deep as he could go. His cum flowed in pulsing waves, filling her. She felt his warmth pumping into her as her sweet pussy squeezed and released, drawing more of his seed from him.

Spent, they simply held each other, Sam’s warm cum spilling from Jess’ soft cunt. Their labored breath was perfectly synchronized, as their hearts gradually slowed to a normal rhythm. They pressed their foreheads together again, their eyes locking once more.

She smiled at him as they both realized neither of them had said a word since meeting here in the parking lot. They hadn’t even made it to his hotel room yet. It would be a long, exhausting night indeed, and neither of them expected to get any sleep.

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Sex and the Theatre Ch. 02

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A highly regarded local actor, Mary was surprised, but pleased, that Peter had agreed to direct her in their next production at their small theater. A popular and well-known director, it was not where he usually directed. He was mainly to be found in the Regional Playhouse, where Mary only acted occasionally. She looked forward to working with him. After rehearsals, it became the regular thing for members of the cast, including the two of them to repair to the local hotel for a couple of drinks and a chat, before turning in for the night. Peter would then give her a lift to her home, where she lived with her widowed mother.

Mary knew he would eventually try to kiss her. Try to feel her up. That was his reputation. But she had other ideas. There was nothing wrong with Peter, she thought, and under other circumstances, she would have been flattered by his attention. But right now, she had no wish to become another of his well-known conquests, or become involved in a sexual intrigue. She would say a brief goodnight and get out as soon as the car stopped. Anyway, she was off sex at the moment.

This was not because there was a regular boy friend in Mary’s life – there wasn’t at the moment. She had finished with Bill some weeks earlier. He had done the dirty on her by arranging for his mates to shag her. Perhaps this was the problem. There had been four of them. At the end of her birthday party, everyone had gone home except Bill and four of his pals who were still drinking.

Mary had had a few drinks and was not really in control of herself. After saying ‘goodnight’ to most of her guests, she’d returned to the sitting room. Bill came across to her, put his arms round her and kissed her. ‘Nice party, birthday girl,’ he said. His hands were stroking her pert bottom, turning her on. Mary was already feeling rather sexy and unsteady. She kissed him back.

‘Get rid of your pals,’ she whispered in his ear, rubbing his crotch, ‘and let’s take advantage of mum being away for the night.’ She could feel the shape of his half-stiff cock inside his trousers.

‘Oh, they won’t mind.’ And he raised the hem of her skirt to stroke her bare thighs. The other men were watching with drinks in hand, and grins on their faces.

‘Want any help, Bill?’ one of them asked, crossing to the embracing couple.

‘Maybe. She’s got too many clothes on.’ His hands were busy caressing her buttocks.

Before Mary could register what was happening, the one called Ralph came up behind her, quickly unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled it from her shoulders, over her arms, complete with bra straps.

‘Hey!’ she remonstrated, turning from Bill to face him. But her arms were trapped in the straps, with her breasts now in full view. They didn’t require much support for they were not all that big. Petite was an apt description, but not so the brown hard nipples. They were stiff and swollen. Ralph gazed at them.

‘Hmm! Quality rather than quantity!’ He laughed, running the palms of his hands over them. ‘Nice, Bill. Nice!’ Mary trembled involuntarily at the touch of hands on her breasts.

From behind her, Mary felt her pants being pushed down her thighs, whilst a third person was now at her side, unzipping the waistband of her skirt. All of a sudden she was surrounded by these five men, stripping the clothes from her. In spite of her struggles, she was powerless to stop them. They pushed her, panting for breath after the struggle, over the arm of the sofa, her bottom fully exposed. It was then she became aware of being prodded between her thighs from behind. Mary stiffened and gasped with shock! It was a stiff cock nudging her!

Before Mary could react, strange hands had parted the thighs, and the cock had found its way between her willing labia, already wet from her earlier thoughts, already beginning to press its way into her hot vagina. There was no resistance from the well-lubricated passage. She was horrified by the way her body was welcoming the intruder.

‘Stop it!’ she croaked, trying to wriggle away, but without too much enthusiasm. She was in the grasp of strong men, and her body was receptive. The cock drove deep into her from behind. She struggled in vain, trying to over her shoulder. But Bill was just standing there, laughing at his mate, trousers round his ankles, shagging his girl friend.

‘Go on Henry. Fuck her man! She loves it!’

Hands grappled with her breasts. Others pressed her thighs, pulling them apart. The cock was now thrusting into her hard and fast. She was exhausted with struggling, utterly bewildered by the speed of events. One minute she was embracing her boyfriend and the next she was being shagged by his friend! Her struggles had proved useless. The cock was being urged on. They were calling out words of encouragement.

Another of the men had sat himself on the sofa, legs apart beneath Mary’s face. She watched with unbelieving fascination as he unzipped his flies, pulling out his hard penis. Oh God! Her eyes opened wide as she illegal bahis gazed on the stiff cock before them. Her mouth went dry as she studied the thickly veined shaft, foreskin retracted. His hand was on top of her head, pushing he face towards the cock. Her lips touched the helmet of his cock, mouth opening without her consciously thinking. The cock slid between her lips, filling her cheek, starting to slide in and out. She had only once sucked on a cock, many years ago, so the sensation was quite new to her. Unable to think straight, with a cock now filling the orifices at each end, she was only aware of being fucked in her vagina and her mouth. The guy on the sofa was grunting with pleasure. Mary’s body was responding. Hips jerking and groin fluttering with pleasure.

‘Gosh, Bill! Lovely cunt this!’, she heard from the panting voice behind her, ‘I could fuck it all day.’

‘Well, tough!’ It was Ralph. ‘My turn now! Move over!’

‘A minute,’ gasped Henry. ‘Hang on! I’m coming!’ And his jerks got erratic.

‘Me too,’ cried the guy on the sofa. With a loud gasp, a final lunge, Henry emptied his seed deep inside the welcoming, warm vagina, as the cock in Mary’s mouth exploded, filling her cheeks with hot sperm.

Mary kept the cock in her mouth as she relaxed, feeling Henry withdraw. As the cock in her mouth softened, she had no real option but to swallow the mouth full of sperm, before catching her breath. But Henry’s cock was quickly replaced by another, bigger cock. She gasped out loud, as her vagina was penetrated to the full. The cock began to thud into her with quick urgent thumps, to the sound of grunts of effort.

‘No! No, please,’ she wailed and writhed. But to no avail. The tall man, Billy, had come to the side of her head. He was a colored young man. His trousers were already unfastened, his ebony cock being tugged from the flies. Mary looked at it in dismay. Not yet fully erect, it was at still least eight inches in length.

‘No, not that!’ she howled, as Ralph humped and gasped, thumping into her, approaching his climax, the tension rising in his loins. Her own body was on fire as the black cock approached her face, inviting Mary to kiss and lick it. Her mind was in turmoil with uncertainly. She was eager for cock, yes, but not like this!

‘Aw,’ Bill sighed. ‘You always said you’d like a big black cock. And I’ve brought you one. Go on Billy, give her a taste of your dick. On the floor.’

The cock pounding into her slipped out. Mary felt the warm splash of sperm over her buttocks. In spite of her disgust at the whole episode, her body was responding to the attention it was receiving. She moaned in dismay. Hands pulled her from the arm of the sofa onto her back on the rug. Her ankles were grasped on either side and roughly hoisted over her shoulders to flaunt her defenseless vulva to the greedy eyes of the five men.

‘Wow! Take a look at that lovely peach! A real redhead!’

Ginger pubic hair – now darkened with sperm – covered her groin. The entrance to her secret passage yawned, the labia flapped open, inviting penetration.

‘Ready and willing!’

As she looked down, Billy had dropped his trousers, and was presenting the head of his now fully erect cock to her pussy lips. Accompanied by a cheer from the others, he sank the huge shaft straight into the willing vagina as he fell on top of her. Mary felt a sharp sting as her labia stretched to their limit. She cried out for Bill to stop him. But he just laughed, watching the black shaft split her vagina, toying with his own cock sticking from his open flies. Then, he knelt beside her face, taking her head in his hands, turning it to face his cock, he pushed it between her lips, into her mouth.

Billy was now humping her hard, grunting with each stroke, whilst Henry fucked her mouth, making her gag. The pain in her groin had gone. Only the wonderful feeling of being full of moving cock stuffing her vagina.

Then, with a great lunge, he pulled out from her, and Mary watched from the corner of her eyes as the end of his cock erupted. Several jets of sperm splashed over her face and breasts to the calls of hurrah from the others.

The sight was enough to trigger her boyfriend’s ejaculation into her mouth, filling her cheeks with sticky starch for the second time, with a loud sigh.

‘That was a great birthday present, Mary. Thanks!’

And Mary was forced to agree, in spite of the roughness and lack of tenderness. She was left lying on the floor, trickles of sperm on her breast and chin, her vulva oozing with the sperm trickling over her bottom. The men moved away, wiping their softening cocks with tissues, or whatever came to hand, before fastening up their trousers. They called out their goodnights and left. Including Bill, whilst Mary speculated on her experience of a gang bang. She only wished she could have concentrated more on the sheer excitement of having had four cocks inside her in the space of ten minutes. Though it had felt more like casino siteleri a lifetime!

Still lying on the floor, exhausted, Mary cautiously placed her right hand between her legs, to feel the swollen lips, now covered in the moisture of her copious juices and the sperm. Unable to resist, her fingers explored, beginning to stimulate the erect clitoris. The pent up passion had filled her with an insatiable need. She masturbated hard and fast. Her body flexed and squirmed as the orgasm she had so desperately been craving, now rose to the fore. Groaning loudly, her mind crying out for cock, the orgasm came to the surface and jolted her body in a series of huge orgasmic spasms, the like of which she had never before experienced.

That was the last time she saw her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend! She had phoned him, leaving a message on his answer phone, to tell him what she thought about him and that he was lucky she didn’t go to the police.


So it was, that a few weeks later, sitting in the car with Peter, Mary was not really ready for more men groping her body – feeling her vulva. At least, that is what she told herself. But, to her surprise, Peter had made no attempt to handle her, after all! Perhaps he doesn’t fancy me, she thought, or maybe his reputation is exaggerated.

For his part, Peter had been pleased and flattered, to be invited to direct Mary in a two-hander at her local theater. Never having worked with her before, he had watched her during rehearsals of a play at his own Theater group some weeks earlier, whilst stage managing. He was impressed by her dedication and ability. Though not a particularly physically attractive person, Peter thought Mary quiet and thoughtful. A new challenge for him!

During the early rehearsals, he became more interested in her, getting to know her better. They fairly soon began going for a drink in the local pub after rehearsals, with the other people involved. After last drinks, he would offer to drive her home. The thought of making passes at Mary crossed his mind, of course, but he was unsure whether or not she would object. She seemed a very private and reserved person. He didn’t want to mess up their relationship, since they had to work together for some weeks yet. And, besides, he always took his time with any new acquaintance, weighing up his chances. Mary certainly had no reputation with men, so far as he knew. And his intelligence of these things was usually pretty good, even though she wasn’t one of the regular Playhouse crowd! Maybe he would try his chances in a few days. Just a goodnight embrace and kiss, to see where it might lead. After all, his sex life was fairly uneventful at the moment, so a new interest would be more than welcome!

Peter drew up in the tree-lined road close to her house, in the shadow between two street lamps. He turned to smile at Mary. ‘Goodnight Mary!’ he said with his usual smile. The same as the several previous occasions.

Her eyes met his in the near darkness, reflecting the street lamp. As usual, she waited a brief moment for him to lean across and kiss her lips. But he had made no move towards her at all, let alone to take her in his arms. Mary was surprised and, to be truthful, a bit disappointed. Was it possible he didn’t fancy her, after all, she wondered? So, okay, Mary was no raving beauty. Quite ordinary looking, in fact, and almost flat-chested. But Peter fancied everything in a skirt! At least, that was his reputation.

A little disappointed, she smiled back at him, and made as if to get out of the car by unfastening the car door handle. She hesitated before opening the door, then suddenly turned to lean across to him, to kiss him goodnight. Her lips lingered on his rather longer than she had intended, though.

Peter was quick to take advantage of the kiss. He read Mary’s invitation in the gesture. Smiling inwardly, it was time to respond firmly, he decided! Before she could break away, his left hand had reached round her head, pressing her face into his. His tongue pushed between her lips, rubbing against her teeth. Almost without thinking, Mary parted her teeth to allow the tip of his tongue to press against her own. Mouths began to grind gently against each other, tasting, exploring. Peter always enjoyed that first kiss with a new woman. Relishing the different texture and taste of her lips, tinged with the taste of gin and tonic!

To her own surprise, Mary was becoming aroused against her inclination, and when she felt his other hand slip inside the top of her dress she had no means of preventing it. By the time she had closed the car door again, it was almost too late for her to put a restraining hand on his wrist. Peter’s fingers had reached their goal. He made no attempt to force his hand any further into her bra. Instead, he gently caressed the stiffening nipple, whilst beginning to fondle her ear lobe as they kissed passionately and long. So he was interested after all. Maybe Mary was more relieved than she expected to be! So, poker siteleri she was attractive after all, she decided.

‘Oh, what the hell!’ she thought to herself, loosening the hold on his wrist, ‘let him have a feel. Besides, it’s nice!’ Peter responded by sliding the hand over her small breast until it was cupped in his palm, thumb caressing the hardening nipple, sending ripples of delight through her. Yes! Mary enjoyed having her nipples fondled. Although smallish breasted, her areola swelled up like egg-cups, thrusting the sensitive nipple forward.

Encouraging Peter by returning the passion of his kisses, she pushed her tongue into his mouth. She realized that her body was beginning to respond with enthusiasm. Little shivers trickled through her belly. Mmmmm! Lovely! She knew her juices were starting to flow. It was sometimes an embarrassment to her that they were so copious. They didn’t ooze. They trickled! She had to wear knickers with a specially padded gusset. In spite of earlier misgivings, her curiosity overcame her. Peter’s cock was a legend among her acting friends, though she considered it all wishful thinking on their part! Even so, she couldn’t resist sliding her hand casually across his thigh, reaching into his lap, to test the stiffness there, to squeeze the hardness beneath the fabric. Her fingers rested on the bulge, as though by accident.

My word! Yes! Proud and ready! So engrossed was she in the enjoyment of the sensation of fondling a hard cock again, that she hardly noticed her dress buttons being unfastened down the front. Whilst their mouths were still locked together, Mary felt a hand reach down the elastic top of her knickers, fingers snaking though the tangle of auburn curls below her navel. Even though her slender thighs were tightly closed, hunched up in the front seat of a car, a finger managed to push its way between them, pausing over her sensitive clitoris. An involuntary gasp escaped her at the touch, the muscles relaxing a little, before the finger slipped down to sample the honey dribbling from her aroused sex lips.

Peter can no longer be in any doubt that I’m fully aroused, she thought. Oh god! There’s no way I can refuse this. Oh god! I’m going to come! The thighs convulsed, parting slightly to allow the hand easier admittance to the vulva. Peter could now press his hand between the trembling thighs, palm closing over the warm wetness, gently kneading the soft folds of her slippery vulva. By this time, Mary’s own hand was pressing against the back of Peter’s head, crushing her mouth passionately against his. Christ! I’m coming! Oh no! Her groin clenched and squirmed as the seeping honey washed over the fingers now gently kneading the hot flesh. Her body was suddenly gripped in he throes of an unexpected orgasm, releasing a flood of juices onto Peter’s fingers.

For his part, Peter was pleasantly surprised at the softness of the labia and the unexpected intensity of Mary’s reaction. He felt her body jolt, her eyes screwed up as though in pain, as his fingers were flooded with thick pussy juices. Gosh, he thought, she must have been more than ready for that.

‘Wow, Mary! That was wonderful.’

‘Sorry,’ she muttered between panting breaths. ‘I couldn’t help coming! But this is more ejaculate than usual.’

‘Nonsense! I admire a lady whose enthusiasm is so prolific! Fantastic!’

He took his hand from her groin, lifting it to his face. In the dim light, he could see the glistening coating of juice on his fingers. Curiosity overcoming him, he pushed the fingers into his mouth to lick away the thick coating of vaginal honey, delighting in its distinctive taste. No two women tasted exactly the same. He wanted to share it with Mary, kissing her on the lips, finding her tongue.

Encouraged by the sharing of her juices, Mary felt a desperate need to grasp Peter’s bare cock. Fumbling at the opening of the trouser flies, she found the top of the zip to slide it open. Her eager fingers groped into the opening, urgently, searching for the waistband of Peter’s underwear. Dragging it down, her hand reached the hot stiffness. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought. ‘Oh shit!’ Impatient fingers squeezed the tip, spreading the globule of moisture, which had formed there, before wrapping round the shaft to begin a rapid pumping action. She pressed it in her palm, digging her fingers into the hard flesh. Her fingers and thumb could hardly encircle the girth of the shaft.

She was now so desperate for cock, that from her initial unwillingness, Mary was now like a tigress. The weeks of abstinence since her last sexual encounter, had made her need all the greater. Her passion was roused to the limit. She muttered and gurgled into his mouth thrusting her tongue deep into mouth, darting it in and out as if her tongue was fucking it. Peter spread his thighs wide, thankful for the column-change, giving Mary unimpeded access to his genitals. Having succeeded in unfastening all the buttons of her dress, he pushed the top from her shoulders, revealing the white bra. From the right cup Mary’s breast spilled over, the stiff dark nipple protruding. Peter ended the long intense kiss, transferring his lips to the engorged nipple. As he fastened onto it, Mary’s head fell back in elation, a deep groan escaping her lips.

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