Afro-Brazilian Love Story

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“There are lots of black folks in Brazil, Miss Kensington, in fact, people of color actually outnumber Caucasians in my homeland,” Marcelao Romano said evenly, maintaining his composure as he locked eyes with Stacey Kensington, professor of African Studies at Carleton University. The blonde, steely-eyed professor flashed him the placating smile that white folks often displayed when caught doing or saying something incorrect.

Professor Kensington showed the entire class a video of the Brazilian capital, and the whole montage was so white-washed that it irked Marcelao, who felt the need to tell his Canadian classmates that Brazil wasn’t an all-white nation. Seriously, when will the Canadians and other westerners realize that not every place on earth was full of those who look like them? People of color do exist, and that’s okay. Sheesh!

“Thank you, Mr. Romano, that will be all,” Professor Kensington said, and then class resumed. Marcelao looked out the window, and saw much of the Carleton University campus from his vantage point in the Loeb Building. Outside, a fierce snowstorm raged, blanketing the City of Ottawa, Ontario, in sheer whiteness. Inside the packed classroom, however, there was a definite chill in the air, and it had nothing to do with the temperature outside.

Marcelao took a look around, at the young men and women who surrounded him in class. Black, white, brown, and every shade in between. Somalis, Haitians, French Canadians, Irish, Chinese, Aboriginals, so many ethnicities and nationalities were represented here. In a very superficial way, the diversity that Marcelao saw on campus reminded him of what he often saw in his hometown of Salvador, in the Bahia state of Brazil.

Brazil had always been a racially diverse nation, with African-descended people, Native Americans and Europeans mixing to create a beautiful and truly multicultural country. Yet, in Brazil, the power rested in the hands of the European minority. Only in the late twentieth century did Afro-Brazilians begin to fight for their rights, inspired in part by the Civil Rights Movement of the United States of America.

Afro-Brazilians literally built brazil, yet they were underrepresented in politics, in the arts, law enforcement, higher education, and other facets of Brazilian society. Marcelao’s father Antonio often told him about the way the darker-skinned members of Brazilian society were treated. In Antonio’s day, many Afro-Brazilian women chose to marry men of European descent or Native descent because they wanted light-skinned offspring. Indeed, in Brazil, dark skin was seen as a marker of lower class. Things were slowly changing, though.

“Education is the way forward, my son, you get your degree and you can do anything, even if they try to stop you simply because you’re Escort Çankaya black,” Antonio Romano said to his eighteen-year-old son Marcelao in June 2014, on the day he graduated at the top of his class from the prestigious San Rafael Academy, one of metropolitan Salvador’s top private schools. This was truly a milestone for the Romano family…

The sons of wealthy Brazilians had attended the century-old, all-male private Catholic school for ages, and several of Brazil’s national leaders were among its alumni. Antonio couldn’t be prouder of his son for graduating from the school that summarily denied him entrance, more than two decades ago. Perhaps times were really changing in Brazil…

At the age of eighteen, Marcelao Romano stood six feet two inches tall, with chocolate-hued skin, and slick, naturally curly black hair. A dedicated scholar, outstanding athlete and devout Christian. Truly a proud exemplar of Afro-Brazilian society, and, if his father Antonio Romano had any say about it, perhaps a legend in the making…

“I know, Papa, that’s why I want to study in Canada,” Marcelao said, and he looked at the tall, slender, dark-skinned, silver-haired man whom he loved so much. Father and son exchanged a hug, and then Marcelao sat his father down and walked him through the international student application process. Little did they know that Marcelao was about to begin a life-changing journey…

Antonio Romano wanted good things for his son, and he knew that although many young Afro-Brazilian men and women were attending the nation’s colleges and universities in pursuit of better lives, systemic discrimination was a massive hurdle for them. While black men and black women in Brazil were second-class citizens, Antonio noticed that the ones in North America were making progress.

A lifelong cynic, Antonio nevertheless noticed that halfway around the world, things were changing for the black race. A black woman named Michaelle Jean served as Governor-General of Canada, and Barack Obama became President of the United States of America. In spite of racism, blacks in North America were succeeding. Antonio realized that his son Marcelao’s best chances in life lay far from Brazil…

Fast forward a couple of years, and Marcelao Romano found himself living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, while studying business administration at Carleton University. Learning English came easily enough to the young scholar, and Marcelao had already learned French while at San Rafael Academy. The French he spoke was so different from the one his Haitian friends and his French Canadians spoke, but they nevertheless understood him, and he understood them. That’s what mattered, after all.

“Next time you feel like showing off, please don’t,” came a sassy feminine Çankaya Escort voice, and Marcelao turned around to look at his favorite classmate. Veronica Armstrong, the six-foot-tall, caramel-hued, vivacious young woman with the thick Afro and lime-green eyes. The one who reminded him of both Jill Scott and Serena Williams. Ah, the lovely, feisty Veronica. She’d been on his case since August, when he met her at the campus bookstore. It was a day Marcelao would never forget…

After walking around the campus bookstore for ages, Marcelao finally found what he was looking for. Unfortunately, Veronica almost beat him to it. They were both reaching for the last copy of Introduction To African Studies, a three-hundred-dollar book. Marcelao desperately needed the book for his only humanities elective, so he and Veronica ended up renting it from the campus bookstore instead of buying it. And she’d been on him like white on rice ever since…

Veronica Armstrong, formerly of Massachusetts, is certainly a unique young lady. Born in the City of Boston to a Jamaican immigrant father and a white American mother, Veronica grew up in the intellectual capital of America, and after graduating from Boston Latin School, she began to feel the urge to see the rest of the world. With the encouragement of her parents, Veronica set her sets northward, as far as higher education was concerned. Thus, Veronica came to study accounting at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

“I do what I got to do,” Marcelao said in that deep voice of his, channelling his favorite black American actor, Wesley Snipes. Veronica smiled and rolled her eyes. Not for the first time, Marcelao noted how pretty Veronica was. Six feet tall, curvy and sexy, with an angelic face, a big beautiful ass, and unfortunately, a mouth that wouldn’t quit. The gal was sexy as hell, and damn well knew it. And that was part of the problem…

“You certainly do,” Veronica whispered in that sexy, husky voice of hers, and Marcelao smiled, for she certainly had an effect on him. As class ended and students began filing out, Veronica walked with Marcelao. Linking her arm with his, Veronica leaned into Marcelao and flicked her tongue into his ear. Marcelao was so surprised that he almost jumped out of his skin, causing Veronica to burst out laughing.

“Crazy woman,” Marcelao replied, pretending not to like what Veronica was doing. The lady was quite passionate. Indeed, Marcelao smiled privately as he recalled a particularly vigorous session of lovemaking he and Veronica had in the backroom of The Bourbon Room, one of Ottawa’s nicest night clubs. They’d gone there last weekend with their friends, and that’s when Veronica put the moves on Marcelao…

“Come with me, handsome,” Veronica whispered, as Çankaya Escort Bayan she led the then-surprised Marcelao away from the dance floor. They went to a secluded room at the back of the club, and there, she showed him what she was made of. Marcelao watched, mesmerized as Veronica took off her red evening gown and stood before him, stripped to her bra and panties. In the dimly lit room, she was a glorious sight.

“You’re beautiful,” Marcelao whispered as he went to her, and he and Veronica shared their first kiss. Hastily they undressed, and he marveled at her lovely, curvaceous body. Sitting her up on an antique table, Marcelao licked her tits and slid his hand between her thighs. Veronica grinned and spread her thighs wider. Marcelao’s fingers slid into her pussy, and she closed her eyes and moaned softly as he pleasured her.

“Make love to me, sexy,” Veronica said huskily, and Marcelao knelt before her then buried his face between her legs. The African-American Amazon arched her back and cried out as Marcelao’s tongue and fingers set her flesh ablaze. The Afro-Brazilian stud flicked his tongue over Veronica’s clitoris and fingered her pussy, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Soon, Veronica found herself tumbling toward ecstasy, and Marcelao had brought her there…

“Sounds like a plan,” Marcelao replied, and he watched as a moaning, writhing Veronica cried out his name, in the throes of a violent orgasm. Gathering her into his arms, Marcelao looked at her. Veronica threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. Looking down, she noticed his hardness, and tentatively reached out, to stroke his long, dark dick.

“Let me taste you,” Veronica said, and without waiting for Marcelao’s reply, she got up, pushed him against the wall and grabbed him by the balls…literally. Marcelao sighed happily as Veronica began stroking his dick, and then she fell to her knees and took him into her lovely mouth. Marcelao closed his eyes as Veronica pleasured him, and when he came, she surprised the hell out of him by swallowing his seed.

Afterwards, Veronica straddled Marcelao, and impaled herself on his hard dick. They made love passionately, with the urgency of first-time lovers. Marcelao had never been with anyone before, and Veronica was his guide into the realm of raw, primal sensuality. As Veronica’s pussy gripped his dick, Marcelao cried out her name, for he experienced sensations and treasures he’d only imagined before. When he came, exploding inside of her, Veronica squealed in delight, until Marcelao all but collapsed in her arms.

“Marcelao, quit daydreaming, we have an assignment to work on,” Veronica’s suddenly shrill voice said, snatching Marcelao out of his little trip down memory lane. He looked at her and smiled. They made their way down the steps, and headed for the Mac Odrum Library, which was only a couple hundred meters away. Early afternoon sunlight bathed the quad, and Marcelao shrugged as he looked at the hundreds of students coming and going in all directions. No place else he’d rather be…

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Adventures of Mega: Chance Encounter

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This story was written for a fan who won my instagram contest. Hope she enjoys it!


Mega watched as Felicity stood at the door eating cheerios and talking about some movie she wanted to see. Standing in just her bra and panties she excitedly described a love scene she thought would be strange.

“Meg?” Felicity snapped Mega out of her trance. “You with me?”

“Yes Fe. I’m here.” In reality she wasn’t. They had been going about this for a month. No one knew what the two of them were up to, hell, she had no clue what they were up to. Late nights at work, business trips– usually ended at one of their homes or hotel room.

She missed the touch of a man. Strong hands. Rough around the edges. Large. And, quite frankly, she missed a nice thick cock. They experimented with Felicity’s collection of dildos, but it just wasn’t the same. The feel of the rubber paled in comparison to the throbbing of a nice hard warm thick cock between her lips. Pussy and mouth.

Davis had to make several more business trips so she had to quench her sex thirst some way. But she was growing tired of this lesbian facade she was putting on.

“Meg?” Felicity broke into her thoughts once more, “I have some news and I have to just come out with it.”

Oh, shit, I hope she isn’t head over heels in love. Mega thought to herself.

“Let’s be honest here. With one another. Its fun, but Escort Ankara that’s it. You’re not really into women.”

“So…” Mega wanted her to say it so she was sure.

“So, we can go back to boss and employee. I hope. No problems?”

Relieved Mega perked up and said, “sure.”

“Cool. Well I will go then. You have a lunch meeting at noon with a D. Hamilton. Will I see you at the office before?”

“I have a what with who?” Mega sat up straight in her bed.

Felicity picked up her phone and clicked a few buttons. “Business lunch noon Mr. D. Hamilton.”

“Oh.” A smile crept onto her face.

“Oh? The D. Hamilton? When did he get into the modeling business? And is there gonna be dick involved?”

Things really went right back to normal with Felicity and Mega appreciated that about her.

“He said he met her on one of his trips. I forgot we even made this meeting. Goes by the name of Chance. He says she will be my new poster girl. Wanted me to see her in person before I made any decisions.”

Felicity climbed into bed with her. And kissed her for the last time. “You’re just beautiful and I can tell you it will be hard to keep my hands off of you. But if he dicks you around again with this business shit I may go ape shit on his ass.”

The women doubled over in laughter. After a moment, Felicity touched Mega’s cheek, smiled and left the room Ankara Escort picking up her clothes on the way out.

Mega stayed in bed until she rocked herself into orgasm. Getting up, she only allowed enough time to shower and get to the restaurant.

It had been too long since the laid her eyes on that talk drink of sexy water. Davis sat looking over at a menu nodding his head in conversation with a young woman.

She was stunning. Beautiful caramel complexion, nice posture. Chance. But she had that after sex feeling good look. And she was a little to close to Davis. Mega knew what it was. He wasn’t hers to be territorial over, but he had some nerve.

She put on a smile and sat. Sensing Davis’ hesitation, she spoke first, “Davis, you look good as usual. This must be Chance.”

Davis was nervous. He had saved up his pent up sexual desire for Mega. It had been very hard, but when he looked up from his meal last night she was giving him vibes he could not deny.

Chance was lovely. Sensual. And made sure everyone around her knew so. She took one look at Davis and set out to get him. She was riding him in the back seat of her car under the hotel’s garage. Giving him all she had and making sure he gave her everything he had. When she came around his dick he grunted out his orgasm but kept moving. Sending them both into heavy breathing and starry-eyed bliss. He grabbed Ankara Escort Bayan her hips and flipped her in the cramped sedan. Pushing her face into the back of the passenger side seat; with one swift motion he was thrusting into Chance. She screamed out in pleasure and moaned as he came once more.

Chance maneuvered her body and slipped the condom off. She sucked and licked him dry forcing his erection back to life. It took too long for him to cum like this , but he sat back and enjoyed it til she grew tired. She was amazing at it. Just the right amount of saliva and suction, but he was spent. And his thoughts were on Mega.

Chance couldn’t remember the last time she had been fucked like that. And it was showing on her face. Davis looked over at her glazed over look and back at Mega. She knew. For that he was ashamed. Just a few more hours and he would have been balls deeps in her softness. He had the instinct to cancel the meeting, but he made a promise to a very close friend he would see about this.

They made small talk and Mega gave directions to the pair to meet up with her stylist and photographer for a test shoot. She would make her final decision.

Once the valet brought the car around, she wondered if her abrupt departure was rude. She shook the guilt away as her phone buzzed with a new message.

“I really hope you let me make this up to you.”

She rolled her eyes at the text and decided to not respond. She sat and watched as Chance walked across the street to her parked car. Chance had the body and definitely the wow factor she searched for in models.

Picking up her phone, she responded, “Meet me at your place.”

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Adultery in Singapore

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Readers of my Literotica novella “Adultery on the High Seas” have asked for a sequel, to continue the erotic exploits of officers’ wives Jane and Heidi on their long voyage on a troopship in the nineteen-fifties. Having arrived in Singapore to join their husbands, they now sought some more amorous adventures while they impatiently await the return of the ship with their previous lovers.

Though this story can stand alone, reading the first one is definitely recommended.


‘So what are we going to do for men? I don’t know about you, but I’m, dying for a good fuck.’ asked Heidi petulantly, crushing her cigarette out in an ashtray. She had a slight, but attractive accent which marked her down as German.

‘Give us a chance, we’ve only been ashore for a fortnight!’

Jane Kent was her accomplice in their amorous activities, though the conversation was rather odd, as both women were married, their husbands currently being within a mile of where they were now sitting.

The pair were sitting at a table on the terrace of the famous Singapore Swimming Club, drinking coffee and looking bored..

‘There wasn’t much activity in the Officer’s Mess last night,’ complained the dark-haired Heidi. ‘Just a lot of stiff-necked old majors. What happened to all the randy subalterns and dishy sailors that we had on the ship’?

Heidi was a curvaceous woman of thirty-three with dark hair and a provocative smile. She was very attractive, and though not actually beautiful, had a look in her eye that made most men wish that they could get her into bed.

‘Perhaps we should get away from the Army and join some sort of ‘ex-pats’ club?’ suggested Jane. ‘There must be thousands of Europeans in Singapore.’

Heidi gave her a lascivious grin. ‘Europeans? I don’t care what colour they are, as long as they’ve got nice big cocks!’

Jane looked around furtively to make sure that no one was listening to her friend’s outspoken comments. In spite of them recently having spent four weeks in increasing debauchery on a troopship, Jane still had a puritanical streak that appeared when Heidi made some outrageous remark in public.

Jane was both beautiful as well as attractive, her oval face framed by a cloud of golden hair tinged with auburn. Her large ‘come-to-bed’ eyes were always expertly made-up, as were her eminently-kissable scarlet lips. The tiny waist and jutting breasts were emphasised by the black satin swimsuit she was wearing..

‘So what can we do about it?’ persisted Heidi. ‘It’ll be two months before Roger and Lionel get back here on the ship. I just can’t live like nun until then!’

Jane had also been thinking longingly about the two ship’s officers with whom they had had so many sexual adventures on the four-week voyage out from Britain.

‘But we’ve both got husbands, you know,’ she said wickedly, knowing that this would provoke her friend’s derision.

‘Hah! Your chap’s quite dishy, but mine is about as much use as a limp lettuce.’

Jane had met Heidi’s husband, a short, tubby Major in the Royal Artillery – an amiable enough fellow at least ten years older than his wife, but hardly one to satisfy her passionate nature.Heidi had married him as means to escape the privations in Germany at the end of the war, but had soon looked elsewhere to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite.

‘My fellow is going up-country tomorrow,’ said Jane, pensively. ‘We’ve been apart for almost two years and all he gets when we’re re-united is a measly week’s leave!’

‘Well, you must have been having plenty ofsex these past few days, you lucky bitch,’ exclaimed Heidi, with mock jealousy.

Jane smiled ruefully. ‘Just a few gentle cuddles, Heidi. I love Peter, but he’s no Marlon Brando… more a ‘once a week’ man’.

Her husband was a captain in the Intelligence Corps, a former Detective-Inspector in the Metropolitan Police. He had been seconded to the military to assist in the interrogation of captured Communist terrorists in the long campaign that now in 1957, had already being going on for nine years.

Though based in FARELF, the army headquarters in Singapore, he spent much of his time ‘up-country’ in Malaya where the jungle war was being waged. Jane had been married to him for only two years and had lost him to the Army after the first six months.

Heidi glanced at her wrist-watch, then pushed back her chair.

‘The sun’s over the yard-arm, so it’s time for a drink, my girl!’

Jane readily agreed and they walked over to the outdoor bar, their high-heeled sandals accentuating their long legs and swaying hips.

The bar was had a wide overhanging roof, with tables and chairs set out in front of it along the edge of the sandy beach, though most patrons preferred to use the large swimming pool.

There were quite a few customers standing at the counter, which offered drinks of all types, as well as snacks such as club sandwiches and curry puffs.

The two women were club members by virtue Escort Ankara of their husband’s membership and Heidi went for a couple of gin-and-tonics, their favourite tipple.

Jane walked over to sit at a vacant table and when her friend brought the two tall glasses, complete with slices of lime, she noticed that Heidi seems a little excited.

‘See those two fellows at the bar? I think I may have pulled them!’ she hissed.

Jane looked across and saw two tall men staring at them.

One was heavily-built and had jet black hair, the other was a dark blond, but both appeared very attractive to a couple of sex-starved women.

‘How did you manage that?’ whispered Jane.

‘I heard them speaking German’, said Heidi. ‘So I wished them ‘guten tag’ and asked them if they came here often!’

Jane already knew that her friend was never backward in approaching strangers, but this was new record for her.

‘But who are they?’ hissed Jane, as she saw that the two men were putting down their empty glasses and starting to come towards them.

‘Journalists – one’s German, the other Swiss,’ murmured Heidi. ‘But don’t worry, they both speak excellent English.’

They soon proved this when they came to stand over the two women, smiling as they introduced themselves.

‘It’s very nice of you to take pity on us two lonely men!’

The big dark- haired man seized Heidi’s hand and touched his lips to the back of her fingers, as he briskly bowed his head to her. Jane thought that if he hadn’t been wearing ‘flip-flops’, he might have clicked his heels as well!

She was immediately diverted as the slimmer, but muscular fair man gave her a lovely smile and held out his hand to shake hers.

‘My Prussian friend is real ladies’s man!’ he said with a grin. ‘He’s Rudi and I’m Alex, at your service.’

He seemed reluctant to let her fingers go, but Jane was more than happy to spin out contact with this very good-looking fellow.

Invited to sit down, the two newcomers parked themselves, with Rudi next to Heidi and Alex alongside Jane, almost as if they had rehearsed the pairing-off beforehand. The barman came up with a tray of drinks and placed it before Rudi.

‘We saw you were drinking gin-and tonic, so we took the liberty of ordering the same for you.’ said Alex.

Jane saw Heidi a raise one of her pencilled eyebrows at Rudi, then say something to him in German. Alex translated in a stage-whisper to Jane.

‘Your friend is suggesting that we are already trying to use alcohol to break down your resistance, but I assure you that our intentions are entirely honourable!’

‘Oh dear, what a shame!’ said Jane archly, raising broad smiles on the two men’s faces.

The next half-hour passed very pleasantly, lubricated by more drinks, though the men soon changed to Tiger beer.

It was a steep learning curve, but the ‘girls’ discovered that both men were overseas correspondents, Alex Speer working for a Zurich news agency and Rudolf Weiss being on the staff of the Suddeutsche Zeitung, the main Munich morning paper.

‘We’re stuck here for a few weeks to cover the work-up to the independence celebrations for Malaya in a few years time,’ said Alex. ‘Rather boring, but perhaps the outlook for our stay has suddenly improved’! As he spoke he covered Jane’s hand with his strong fingers and gave her a wink.

Meanwhile, Rudi was cosying up to Heidi, one arm draped across the back of her chair. They were speaking quietly together in German, Heidi enjoying not only the rare opportunity to use her native language, but also the close proximity of a large, rugged but handsome man.

As both women were wearing wedding rings, the two men were well aware that they were not sitting with a pair of naive virgins. Having spent more than a decade seeking news in most parts of the world, they had chatted-up innumerable attractive women and had developed the technique of seduction to a fine art – not that it was needed in the present situation.

After the first few drinks, Rudi suggested that they adjourned to enjoy a swim. As they walked the few yards to the pool, the women checked out the large physique of the two six-footers, especially Rudi, who had muscles like a wrestler. They also noticed with considerable approval, the large bulges in the front of their skimpy bathing-trunks.

Rudi was deeply tanned and a thatch of black hair on his chest.

His features were strong, but he was undoubtedly good-looking in a ‘he-man’ kind of way.

Alex was more conventionally handsome, his fair hair wavy and his face more refined. Though slimmer than Rudi, his shoulders, arms and chest were also impressively muscular. Jane learned that he had worked in London for a year, accounting for his almost faultless English.

Neither woman was much of a swimmer and they spent forty minutes in an aquatic form of flirtation as they bobbed up and down in the warm water, laughing and talking to their new acquaintances. Ankara Escort They discovered that Rudi was married, but with no children and that Alex was divorced, also being childless.

After a pleasant period of watery social intercourse, in which the women took care not to get their hair wet, they climbed out and had a last drink while they dried off.

‘It pains me to say it, ladies, but we working men will have to leave you soon,’ said Alex, placing his hand over Jane’s again as it lay on the table. ‘As it’s Friday, we both have to write our weekly reports and cable them to our editors.’

Heidi pouted a little and Jane turned her large ‘come-to-bed’ eyes on the two men.

‘We’ve had too much of this ‘ships that pass in the night’ stuff lately,’ she sighed dramatically. ‘We were having a great time on our troopship with all those lovely men, then it suddenly sailed away and left us stranded!’

Both she and Heidi avoided mentioning that they were planning to go up to Hong Kong on an ‘indulgence passage’ with at least two of those lovely men, when the Empire Avon returned to Singapore in September.

Rudi and Alex rose to their feet reluctantly, then whispered together in German so softly that even Heidi could not hear them.

‘We have a solution, ladies,’ said Alex, who tended to be the spokesman for the pair. ‘We cannot just walk away and never see you again!’

Rudi chipped in, with his deeper voice. ‘We don’t even have your addresses or telephone numbers! Though perhaps that might make some difficulties for you?’

He was obviously thinking of the fact that these two attractive women were married and living with their husbands, which might make it hazardous for them to keep in contact.

Alex returned to offer a solution

‘Tomorrow evening, there is a little party at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club, where we also live. Just a few drinks, a nice buffet and some dancing. We wondered if we could persuade you to be our guests?’

Heidi lost no time in accepting on their behalf.

‘Wonderbar!’ she exclaimed. ‘We’d love to come, wouldn’t we, Jane?’

Her golden-haired friend agreed enthusiastically.

‘Great, just tell us where and when! Is the party for any special reason?’

Alex, with a wide smile on his face at their acceptance, explained in his excellent English.

‘A couple of the other journalists are going home next week, so we’re using it as an excuse for a ‘knees-up’! His command of English included many such idioms.

There was a brief discussion about times and addresses and what they should wear.

‘Not too formal’, suggested Rudi. ‘Casual, but sexy!’ he added mischievously.

When the men had gone, the two women sat for while at the table, though this time drinking coffee with a club sandwich.

‘So what do you think of that?’ asked Heidi, her eyes glistening with anticipation.

‘Can we pull it off without our spouses finding out?’, asked Jane, now worried about the risk of detection.

‘Your chap is going away tomorrow for a week’, said Heidi reassuringly. ‘And my old man doesn’t care too much, he’s used to me vanishing for a night – I’ll tell him I’m staying with you, as you’ll be on your own.’

‘D’you think this might be an all-night affair, then?’

Jane felt a frisson of excitement at the prospect, but her fellow-conspirator grinned.

‘If not all night, we’ll be damned late getting home! It’s obvious that our new friends want their evil way with us!’

The next evening, Heidi walked the few hundred yards to Jane’s bungalow from her new home in the officer’s quarters of the Far East Land Forces HQ in Tanglin Park.

As Heidi’s husband was a long-serving major, he was allotted one of the Army bungalows in the large tree-lined compound, but Peter Kent, a Short-Service captain, was housed in private rented accommodation.

It was just outside the FARELF compound, not that he was going to be there much, as most of his investigative work was up north in Malaya.

Heidi had ‘glammed-up’ for the evening, wearing a slinky red dress with a low-cut top, under a black bolero.

Jane was waiting for her on the raised veranda of her modern bungalow, looking ravishing in a ‘cheongsam’ of silvery Chinese silk brocade, which she had bought during their first shopping spree the previous week.

The colour emphasised her reddish-gold hair and the thigh-high slit on each side of the skirt drew even more attention to her shapely legs.

‘The taxi is on its way – my amah phoned for it ten minutes ago,’ she announced, a slight tremor nerves in her voice. She was still anxious about keeping their adventure secret – it was one thing to have high-jinks on a ship in the middle of an empty ocean, but another to carry-on in the incestuous surroundings of an army base.

As they sat in the taxi that took them the ten minutes

journey down-town, Heidi wondered how old their new admirers were.

‘Rudi Ankara Escort Bayan looks at least forty to me,’ she suggested. ‘Your chap Alex is quite a bit younger, I think.’

Jane agreed, her guess for the fair man from Switzerland being thirty-six or a little more.

‘That makes them almost ten years older than us,’ she said hesitantly.

Heidi shrugged. ‘So what? They’ve obviously had plenty of experience in their travels around the world, so they should be hot-stuff in bed!’

At this, Jane felt a stirring between her thighs, but this was cut short by their arrival at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club. It was a typical colonial building on Bras Basah Road, not far from the Raffles Hotel. They looked up at the white portico and saw their two new friends waiting for them on the steps.

‘My God, they’re keen!’ murmured Heidi. ‘We should be in for a strenuous time tonight, if we play our cards right.’

Rudi and Alex enthusiastically claimed their guests and hustled them into the wide entrance hall, cooled by large brass fans whirring high overhead.

‘You both look superb tonight ‘ enthused Rudi. ‘Come and join the party and meet some people.’

‘But don’t let any randy ‘ex-pat’ steal you from me,’ whispered Alex as he slipped an arm around Jane’s silk-sheathed shoulders. Both men were smartly dressed in light tropical suits, Rudi with a bow tie and Alex with an elegant cravat.

They were shepherded into a large air-conditioned side room, where a crowd of about fifty people were drinking and gossiping in typical cocktail party fashion.

A discreet background of American hit-songs were playing from a record-player and within seconds, tall gasses were pressed into their hands, the first of an endless offer of gin, whisky, rum and a host of exotic-sounding cocktails.

Alex and Rudi began to introduce them to half-a dozen of their friends, but kept close to their prizes as if guarding them from predators. An hour went by in pleasant conversation and repartee, though Jane could hardly recall the names of any people they had met. Most were men, but perhaps a third were women, some of them attractive Chinese. Presumably some were wives. others female journalists, but from the generally youthful age-span, many were either girl-friends or mistresses.

Both Jane and Heidi were gregarious party-goers and soon became the focus of attention to which they responded with alacrity, especially as they were plied with more alcohol.

Soon a more senior man made a short speech, saying how sad they were to lose three of their number who were returning home, provoking some witty and raucous calls that they had better start thinking of lies to tell their wives.

The speech appeared to be the trigger for the buffet to be declared open, and as the Indian servants lifted snowy cloths off the long table. Scores of appetising dishes appeared and the crowd set upon them with enthusiasm. Rudi and Alex settled the two women at one of the many small tables set around the edge of the room and ferried plates of food, napkins and cutlery across to them, together with more alcohol.

As usual in such parties, the level of noise rose as the level of drink in their glasses fell, but the four of them managed to keep up a spirited conversation, a mixture of flirtatious innuendo and some more serious talk, mainly anecdotes about the places that Rudi and Alex had been stationed in around the world.

They tended to avoid personal matters and no husbands or wives or were mentioned – and both women had now unobtrusively hidden their wedding rings in their handbags, as was conventional during adulterous affairs.

While she picked at the excellent food, Jane began to have feelings of unreality as she suddenly realised that she was sitting in Singapore with a couple of almost total strangers, in the hopeful expectation of having passionate sex with at least one of them that night!

Six weeks ago, she had been sitting in her flat in London, still faithful to her fairly new husband. Then four weeks in the First Class accommodation of the Empire Avon had turned her into a scarlet woman, revealing to herself the fact that she was really a raving nymphomaniac.

Following the encouragement and example of Heidi, she had had almost nightly sex with an army officer and two ship’s officers, often with the active participation of Heidi herself.

And now here she was, aching for more sex after only two weeks deprivation, as the addictive nature of the kind of love-making she enjoyed on the ship could never be achieved with her own husband.

When everyone had eaten their fill, the background music was changed to popular dance rhythms and a large floor area ringed by the tables, was rapidly filled by couples.

Alex and Rudi fended off the rush of men who descended upon their table and whisked Jane and Heidi off to gyrate to the first waltz.

‘You’ll be in great demand tonight, Jane,’ said Alex, pulling her close against his chest. ‘Every red-blooded man is desperate to make passionate love to you!’

She rolled her big eyes up at him.

‘Does that include you, Alex?’ she whispered, in almost a parody of seduction. He grinned down at her and gave her waist an extra squeeze.

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A Strange Arrangement Ch. 11

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I was in the field by the airport, shivering, looking at the sky. It was a clear night with no moon. I walked backwards, counting stars. Was I here to meet Penny? When did I get here? I bumped into someone, but when I turned around, no one was there. Another shadowy figure moved in my periphery, but when I turned to look- no one. In turning, I bumped a shoulder, but no one was there. I felt alone and crowded all at once. I reached my arms out- to push someone away? I find someone?

I looked again at the stars. There were fewer. The stars were dying. They were going away. There were no clouds blocking them, the stars were…leaving us. I cried out to them to stay. I was scared. I called out for Ian to help. Only shadows, and soon even the shadows would be gone- there are no shadows without light.

I was terrified, lost, alone. I stumbled backwards into my recliner. Why was my recliner here in the field? I curled up and cried, pushing deeper into the cushions. I drove down deeper, trying to get away. The cushions swallowed me down, but then I couldn’t move and was smothered and I was terrified and I screamed.

I was startled awake to find Andrew kneeling next to my bed. Andrew? “I heard you screaming,” he said soothingly. “It’s OK now, it was was a dream, Gina, just a dream.”

His hand on my shoulder was a connection back to reality and out of my dreams. I hadn’t had those dreams in a long time. It took some wonderfully strong sleeping pills to get me through high school, but I’d been OK since then.

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to ask Andrew for help, but…I shouldn’t. I didn’t dare. Wordlessly, he crawled into my bed beside me, facing me, both of us fully clothed. He ran his hand over my hair a few minutes until my breathing slowed.

“Gina,” he said tenderly, “who’s Ian?”

I rolled over to face the wall and closed my teary eyes. Andrew moved close behind me and put his arm around me. I slept.


Part of me was glad that Andrew wasn’t there when I woke up. I didn’t know how long he had stayed- perhaps just long enough to make sure I went back to sleep. I was confused and torn. I wanted to rush down the hall and hold him, and I wanted to rush out of the house and not face him. I opted, predictably, for the “pretend nothing happened” route.

It was early Sunday morning. My plan was to find Penny that afternoon. The problem was, I needed a plausible excuse to be gone for a few hours. And there were a few other pieces to the puzzle that I needed before I could pull off my plan. I needed to get into Andrew’s closet without him noticing. I wished I had thought of that last night, when he was at work.

I made a simple breakfast for myself and had some brunchy things ready to go for when Andrew got up later. I realized that he probably hadn’t been home very long when I started having my nightmare. He’d probably sleep into the late morning.

I pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote down questions I had. I really wasn’t sure what I was going to see when I found Penny, but I wanted to get all the answers I could while I had the chance. Of course, that all assumed that my plan worked.

Looking at the clock, I figured I had at least an hour or two before Andrew woke up. I decided to risk digging in his closet while he slept. Just in case he caught me, I pulled some clean shirts of his from the dryer and threw them over my shoulder, planning to put them in his closet.

Slipping quietly into his room, I tiptoed over to the closet. It creaked a little when I slid the doors open, but Andrew didn’t stir. I knew exactly which box I was going for, and I knew it should be on top of the pile. I quietly dug down to the middle of the box and pulled out the hand-made scrapbook-style wedding photo album. I was ready with excuses in case Andrew surprised me: I was hanging up your shirts and dropped my phone- it fell into this box. I didn’t have an excuse for being caught with the album in hand, but at the last second, I realized I could cover it with his shirts.

After putting the closet back in order, I moved towards the door with my bundle under my arm.

“Gina?” His sleepy voice stopped me.

“Just getting some dirty clothes out of your room, don’t mind me.”

“No, I’m up, I’m up. You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said nonchalantly.

“OK. I’ll be down in a little bit.”

“There’ll be food waiting when you do,” I said over my shoulder as I headed into the hall. My bundle ended up in my closet, and I was warming up some breakfast as Andrew came slowly down the stairs.

“You should be all set for today. I’ve got a few things to do in my room this morning, and I’m going out this afternoon. I’ll be back be before you leave for work.”

“Where you going?” he asked casually.

I knew I couldn’t get away with a lie- Andrew had demonstrated that several times. But I was pretty sure I could pull off a half-truth. Escort Etlik “Moira just got engaged, and I’ve been wanted to catch up with her.” Technically, all that was true, but that wasn’t where I was going.

He looked at me for a few seconds and I was afraid he was about to call my bluff. Then, picking up his toast, he said, “OK. I was going to hit the grocery store today, so let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to research a recipe for.” He finished that sentence with a smirk, and I met his smirk with a dish towel to his face. His awareness of my cooking ignorance was a secret that had only recently come out. “Jerk!” I said, with no animosity.

I tried not to look like I was in a hurry to get to my room. I picked up a few things around the first floor, put some dishes away, wrote a grocery list, and chatted with Andrew a bit. Then I headed up the stairs to my room. Locking my door, I pulled out the wedding album and flipped through some pages until…aha! The wedding program listed the names of everyone in the wedding party. There was one bridesmaid whose last name was the same as Penny’s maiden name, and in the pictures, there was a girl who looked unmistakably like a younger sister. I wrote down her name. Now with just a little luck this afternoon…


I left the house while Andrew was out shopping. I thought my anxious state would betray me. I swear, he could see right through me sometimes. I drove as fast as I dared, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. Pulling up to the gate of the Institute, I was relieved to see that Ernst was not working. Luck was with me.

I thought back to a seemingly casual conversation with Andrew that morning.

“So what do you do at work all night?”

“Mostly nothing- nobody comes at night unless it’s a doctor for an emergency or something.”

“Do you stop everyone?”

“Yeah, but only to get their license and write down their name. The real security is to get past the lobby. We just keep a record of who actually does enter the premises and we make sure they all leave. We don’t check on whether they should be there. That’s for the people inside to handle.”

“So they check the license again? Doesn’t that make you redundant?”

“I don’t think they actually ID people. They just make sure you’re on the right list of family and other authorized visitors”

It was a glaring hole in their security, I thought, one that I might point out to Andrew once all this was behind me. But it wasn’t a prison or anything, more like a hospital, so I guess they weren’t too concerned.

After getting my license back, I drove through the gates and let out my breath. I hadn’t even realized I was holding it. Parking was easy to find- there was a clearly marked visitor lot. I walked up to the reception area, following the signs for visitors. I had done my research, though, so I knew all the rules- what hours I could be there, how long I could stay, what I could and could not wear (no shoelaces, no bags with straps, etc.). My handbag was checked for contraband and I went to register.

The large woman behind the counter asked for my name and for the name and ID number of the patient. Here was the big test. I gave her Penny’s sister’s name to identify myself, then I gave Penny’s name, and the number I derived from Andrew’s automatic withdrawals. She looked at her screen and then said, “Your sister’s been here almost 3 years and you’re just now getting here? Shame on you! I outta turn you out just for that! What kind of…” (Three years. That answers one question.)

“It’s complicated,” I said, turning red. “Our parents didn’t approve of her marriage and tried to keep me from getting in touch. But I finally made it across country…” I figured that if they knew her back story, then all those tidbits I had picked up from Andrew’s account would make my false identity believable.

“I still think its a shame. Her husband is in here two, three times a week, but her family…oh, no…can’t be troubled to see her.” (Well, that answered a few more questions.)

“Please. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

“Don’t rush me, hun. Gotsta check all the right boxes, hold on…” And with a few clicks of the mouse, she gave me a visitor badge. “In you go. Visiting lounge is third door on the right. But they won’t let you in anywhere else, anyway.”

“Thank you,” I said softly, moving through the door.

“Oh, and hun…don’t expect anything. When they get to the point she’s at…ain’t nothing you can say to ’em.”

I turned my eyes down and walked on. I could hear her calling over the intercom, “Visitor for patient 11438. Visitor for patient 11438. Please confirm.”


The visitor lounge was…sterile. It had a few soft chairs, a rounded plastic table, a wall clock, and a camera noticeably observing from the corner of the ceiling. The lights were mild and there was Etlik Escort almost no sound. I took a seat in one of the chairs facing the door, put my bag on my lap, and waited in silence for more than five minutes.

I rose to my feet when the door opened. Penny- I wouldn’t have recognized her as the woman from Andrew’s pictures- shuffled in smiling. A uniformed orderly stepped in behind her, a large woman with the build of a wrestler. I knew from the rules I had read that the visit would be supervised.

Penny was tall, like Andrew, and very thin. Her blond hair was cut very short and she was wearing a comfortable looking outfit that was probably standard issue for patients. She was smiling, but it was an opened-mouth goofy smile that had no meaning behind it. She shuffled over to me and hugged me with loose arms. Still smiling, she said, “Hiiii!”

I felt bad lying under these circumstances, but I had to maintain my pretense, so I said, “Hi, Penny, it’s me, Donna, your sister.” I felt really bad- I was just going to confuse her.

“Hiiiiii Donna! I missed you! You look so pretty! I like your hair!” She said everything in a slow, excited voice.

“Penny, are you OK in here? Are they treating you OK?”

“Oh, yeah, I have a lot of friends. It’s a nice place. I don’t like it much. Hiiiii!” Then she hugged me again and touched my hair. “I love your hair!”

“Penny, Andrew told me about Noel.” I didn’t know what else to say. I didn’t think I’d be able to get answers to any of my questions from her in this state. This wasn’t what I had expected.

“Isn’t she the cutest? She’s our little star. Did you get to meet her?”

“I…She..Do you know where Noel is?”

“She’s our little star! She’s with Andrew right now. He’s home from work today. I’ll be home soon. I love your hair! Donna! I missed you!”

I searched for something to say, something to ask. I tried to figure out a way to pierce through the fog. Andrew’s words came back to me. Penny is somewhere in the darkness…I can’t find her…She went so far away… Even from a few minutes with her I could tell what he meant. She was far away. Is this what losing Noel did to her? Made a completely normal, healthy woman just snap?

“Penny, do you see Andrew a lot? Does he visit you here?”

“Yeahhhh. He brings me presents.” Her eyes sparkled. “He’s so good Donna, you have to like him! I don’t know why you all are so angry with us. He’s one of the good ones, Donna, one of the good guys. Not like…” She stopped short, looking sad, but then smiled. “Ohhh…I love your hair!” She reached out and rubbed my hair again. I didn’t bother stopping her. But as she ran her fingers through my perfectly ordinary hair, her mood changed. She looked sad. Still holding that big smile, she started crying, then the smile faded.

“He’s so sad. Donna. I’m not good enough for him. He says nice things, but I know I’m not a good wife. I lost his little girl, Donna. It’s all my fault! I couldn’t…I couldn’t…” She was breathing fast now, panicking, looking around, body curling up in her chair. She started hyperventilating. I looked over at the orderly for guidance, but she just shrugged.

Penny started rocking back and forth and singing a nonsense song- soft and high-pitched. It sounded like a nursery rhyme of some sort. She choked her way through it, sobbing. Then the darkness took her and she just wailed. My guess was that she had just replayed that fateful car ride in her head.

I knew I had done the wrong thing. I shouldn’t have come here. I should have just pushed Andrew to tell me or else been fine not knowing. I was messing with someone’s life here. I was hurting her. I was hurting her and I was hurting Andrew. I felt toxic.

Lacking any ideas, I leaned over to hug Penny. Still sobbing, she pushed me away with one hand. She curled up into a ball on the chair. Standing to leave, wrapped my arms around myself, leaned over her and said, “I’m sorry, Penny, I’m so sorry for everything. I…” Then I looked up at the orderly and continued to apologize, my eyes wide open with shock and helplessness. I looked at the orderly and said, “I’m sorry. I just…I’m sorry…”

The orderly held the door open for me, and as I passed by, she said in a matter-of-fact tone, “If it’s any consolation, that’s better than she usually does. You actually got some real sentences out of her.” I wrinkled my brow in confusion. That was better? What did Andrew deal with two or three times a week? How long did he stay? What would he say to her? I walked down the hall in a daze, past the check-point, and out to my car.

I had told Andrew I was too deep down the hole to help him deal with his darkness. But now I felt like I was just at the surface and Andrew had been living at the bottom of the hole. I looked at the clock- only 2:50. Andrew would be home for almost 3 more hours. I drove home as quickly as I could, unsure of what I would Etlik Escort Bayan do or say when I got there. My mind sorted through what I had just seen and learned. I felt something strong welling up inside me, but I wasn’t even sure what it was. I realized that, whatever it was, seeing Andrew in a few minutes would unleash it.


I walked in the door and saw Andrew sitting at the kitchen table, going through bills. His glasses were on and he was dressed in casual clothes- jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. I was visibly distressed as I distractedly hung my coat on a hook by the door. Andrew glanced up, and seeing my face, he stood up immediately.

“Gina! Gina, what’s wrong? What happened?” Such genuine concern, so protective.

I rushed through the kitchen and pushed him back into his seat. Climbing onto his lap, I pulled off his glasses and kissed him. It wasn’t a lustful kiss, like one that serves as a prelude to sex. This was an unleashing of something I had held back too long. I loved him, I knew that now. And though my pride and my fear and my insecurity still screamed at me to leave now before it was too late, my love had finally grown bigger than those things.

And it wasn’t the romantic love that I had always thought would happen eventually- the infatuation on steroids that is the subject of so many movies and stories. This was love like Dottie had described it. A love that chose to give and give, knowing that it would freely receive in return. It was a love that had invested so much already and didn’t want to lose all of that.

I wanted to be with him, I wanted to be naked in front of him and with him because I trusted him and I didn’t want to hide. I wanted him to be the star that would help guide me through my own darkness.

Meeting Penny had been the overcoming of the last great barrier to that realization. The more I had come to know Andrew, the more I liked and loved him, but part of his identity was hidden from me- the part related to Penny- and I couldn’t love him while that part was still obscured. I had always feared that Penny was a secret Andrew kept because he was guilty and ashamed of something. I thought she would be dead, abused, or neglected. I thought, I feared his darkness was self-inflicted, the darkness of his own malice. The pain that Gareth had brought to my life made me deeply distrustful of any man who sought a lover while still married.

But Andrew…here was something I never expected. How long-suffering he was! All these years- his daughter in a grave, his wife…unhinged by grief. He had no wife, no child. He was faithful to support her. He worked a full-time job to provide just for her. For her, who could give nothing back to him, nothing except the pain of one-sided conversations and memories of hopes that would never be realized. How had he held on so long in that state?

I felt guilty for pushing him away. I wanted to give myself to him freely for every time I had made him ashamed to ask. I wanted to offer a hundred kind words for every insult I had thrown at him. I knew it was all ridiculous, I knew I was beyond reason. I was drunk with affection.

I didn’t care that I wasn’t good enough for him. I didn’t care that I feared I would just drag him down. He wanted me, and if he would choose me, then I would give him whatever I could in return. Not out of duty or obligation, but out of love.

All of this passed through my mind as I kissed him, rubbing my hands around his chest and shoulders, taking his head into my arms. I cried, whether for joy and love or for sadness and regret, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t get enough of him in that moment. I daresay he was overwhelmed by me.

“Gina…” He tried to speak between kisses. “Gina…what’s going on?”

I owed him an explanation, but I couldn’t. How could I tell him what I had learned? How could I tell him what had changed? How could I explain the way my heart had just snapped open? I think that love had been there for weeks already, but it was too overpowered by fear. And that fear would certainly reassert itself, even as it was trying to do already.

“I…I can’t say…I just…”

“Is something wrong?” He pulled back, trying to look at my face.

“Yes, Andrew! Everything is wrong! It’s all fucked up. Nothing works right.” I put my head on his shoulder, wrapping my arms around his neck. “And you understand that. You’re strong enough to handle that. And I need…I want you to help me deal with that.”

“Oh,” he said, still not quite following me. “Of course…Did something happen this afternoon? You seem…really upset.” He could have said, ‘you seem a complete and total mess’ and I would have agreed.

“Oh baby, you should know better than to ask me stuff like that. If I haven’t told you already, asking won’t do you any good.” he just looked puzzled and frustrated. His hands under my shirt rubbing my sides and back suggested that he had at least one idea of how to give the help I was asking for. And given my track record of what I wanted when I asked for his help with my problems, that was understandable. Lucky for him, that’s exactly what I wanted right then- but not just for my sake.

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A South Texas Fantasy Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The fierce heat of the sun heralded another south Texas summer day. I had hardly slept the night before. Lascivious fantasies of where this day might lead kept my cock semi-turgid and unfulfilled. I refused to masturbate, wanting to save every ounce of my essence for you if our chemistry in the flesh was anything like what it was by Email and phone.

A friend introduced me to a hot web site where he enjoyed chatting with others who fit his profile, and was having the most explosive sex of his life. I joined, and it was not long before I met you. Your web pictures were stunning and caught my fancy; bewitching smile, sultry look in your eyes, breasts small but fully orbed, pert nipples, flat tummy, legs muscular and tanned, and buttocks that angled as if to say, “Please enter me.”

I found you capricious, a little crazy, and a great conversationalist. We began to IM each evening, which spawned dreams about one another through the night. Our interaction was stimulating and left us both wanting more. Relationship developed. Intimacy was conceived as your flower gradually opened to me, your fragrance capturing my senses. Serendipitously we began to explore latent sensual needs and desires. Trust and intrigue grew in tandem, heating our desire to meet in person.

We both loved nature, and shared a fantasy about having sex in a secluded spot outdoors. We decided to meet at a state park with a crystal-clear spring-fed river, which wound through a secluded forest of ancient Cyprus trees, framed by majestic limestone bluffs. When you pulled up in your hot little convertible, top down, I almost lost it. Your pictures were incredible, but the immediacy of you in the flesh took my breath away.

Pulse pounding with anticipation, face flushed, I hesitated for a moment. You allayed any anxiety by running toward me, full of excitement. You breezed into my open arms with a full body hug. The subtle fragrance of jasmine perfume filled my senses as I took your face in my hands and looked into your sparkling brown eyes. My arms could feel the swell at the sides of your breasts until you ‘ooched’ back and forth, brushing them against me. I would have settled for a walk and delightful repartee, moving on from there only if we were both ready for more. But your spontaneous affection took my heart by surprise.

Looking deep into your smoldering eyes, I kissed you softly. Your mouth opened, inviting, lips caressing. Our tongues tasted, slow-danced, entwined, explored, and then drew deeper, hungrily devouring one another with a passion. You engaged me with such ardor that I knew you had dreamed of this for a long time. I wanted this moment to last forever and would have rather died than end this kiss.

You couldn’t help but feel my cock strain against my shorts as your hand gripped my buttocks. I felt your nipples harden through your bikini top, like little pebbles teasing my chest. One leg raised, foot behind my thigh, you urged my hardness against your tummy, and I felt your mons press against me. Another couple glanced at us, smiled, stopped and winked as they returned to their car. Suddenly aware that others were watching I whispered in your ear, “Baby, what do you say we get on down by the river, away from the crowd?”

“Mmmmm, ” you murmured. We chose a trail that led through a thickly wooded canopy, your hand in the back pocket of my shorts on my buttocks, mine cradling the curve of your hip bone. After several hundred yards we found ourselves in a secluded clearing, a brook babbling nearby, a redwing blackbird singing his enchanting melody, sun-dappled shadows playing upon a stone bench in one corner. No one else was around. We made our way to the bench, our mouths engaged once again, tongues delving deep, hands touching, roaming, caressing, and enjoying one another. Our bodies began to glisten with a fine film of perspiration as the heat of our passion mingled with the fierce radiance of the sun.

Time seemed to stand still as we explored one another’s bodies, oblivious to the clouds which had gathered overhead. Thunder rolled in the distance. A raindrop landed on your brow, glanced off and splashed on my nose. Another drop fell, then another, and a few more. We both jumped as a thunder clap shook the ground and an outburst of rain drenched us in a cooling shower. We broke apart, gasping for air, laughing, faces raised, and arms embracing the sky. The parched earth drank deeply of the rain, and began to find relief from the sultry sun. Now soaked, your nipples pointed through your top, leaving nothing to my imagination. I knelt between your legs in the rain and looked up at you. My hand molded to your breast, fingers lightly pulling and twisting your nipples. You took my right index finger and placed it into your mouth, sucking hard as your tongue swirled around it.

“Nnnnhhhh!” you sighed. I was delighted to find how sensitive your nipple was, and continued caressing it as I leaned forward, released the buttons of your shorts with my teeth and pulled them Escort Sincan from you.

“What are you doing?” you queried.

I didn’t answer. Your eyes began to sparkle and a sly smile played on your lips as I found no panties. “You’re a wicked one, aren’t you,” I growled.

I bent forward and cradled your bottom in my hands. You leaned backward, and angled your hips forward, yearning for me. My mouth encircled your mons, breathing into you, warming, and awakening you. My lungs applied pressure, my breath insistent and intentional, my mouth allowing no air to escape.

I could see your breasts rise and fall as your breathing quickened. You jerked at the first gentle contact of my tongue as my tip parted your hair and the labia underneath. I paused to savor your sweet, musky scent. Probing deep into your vagina I drank of your arousal as you opened up like a flower, offering your most sensitive tissues.

I lightly feathered your anus and perineum with the tip of my tongue. I then slowly glided upward through your inner lips, passing on either side of your clitoris, and returning to dip deeply in your vagina once again. Teasingly I skirted your clitoris once again as she stood at attention, peering out from her hood. I left her begging and pressed below with flattened tongue, roving up and down your labia.

Your breath came in short gasps now. Waiting no longer, you urgently grabbed my head in your hands and forced my mouth onto your button. My tongue lightly stroked her from side to side as a small tremor overtook you. I held her between my lips, and slowly led her in a circular dance, over and over, around and around as my middle finger began to glide back in forth between your labia, bathing in your wetness. Still licking you, I offered my finger to your lips again. You seductively swirled your tongue around me, tasting your juices before sucking me deep into your mouth.

Sensing your tension build, I slid one finger into your vagina, then a second, and began fucking you with long, deliberate strokes as my lips focused on your sensitive button. I placed my teeth above her hood and sucked the engorged head forward into my tongue, furiously strumming her. You jerked and a low whimper escaped your lips as a deeper tremor overtook you. Your mounting heat pulsed through your veins, breathing stopped, legs stiffened and extended.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!” You came with such force that I had to cling fiercely to keep from being knocked over, arms interlocked around your bottom. I continued sucking, licking and fucking you vigorously through your climax. Before the first wave had passed, another overtook you, then another, and another. You threw your head back and screamed in ecstasy, as lightning flashed across the sky. Thunder rocked the earth, enjoined by a thunder of your own, which shook us both to the core while the rain released its final downpour.

I was startled at the violence and the endless extension of your orgasm. Undulating wildly, you ground your sex into my face, bruising my lip. The muscles of your vagina spasmed wildly as your entrance crushed against me. Time stopped as your legs convulsed around my head, shutting off my breath, imprisoning me at the pinnacle of your apogee, and bringing me closer than ever before to an understanding of the word eternity. Finally you took in a sharp breath, small tremors continuing to shake your hips, thighs and tummy.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Nnnnnn! Mmmm,” you moaned, eyes closed, head still back. I held my tongue flat and still against your engorged nub as you slowly came down, basking in the afterglow. I reached up and cupped a hand around each breast, and gently rolled your nipples between my fingers. You moaned again softly. I then put one arm around you gently as I lightly stroked your neck, tummy and thighs for several minutes.

The rain abated as the sun reclaimed the sky and heated the earth. A doe approached at the far end of the clearing, followed by two fawns. At first alarmed by our presence, they looked around nervously, and then began to feed on the fresh green grass. I cradled you in my arms as we watched them, rain dripping from our bodies.

You looked ravishing in your nakedness, body flushed, nipples turgid, the valley between your thighs slick from our mingled fluids. I helped you to your feet and we walked hand in hand slowly down the trail toward the river, exhausted but exhilarated. Reaching the bank, we looked up and down the river and found ourselves alone. Fortunately for us, those in the park had found refuge at the onset of rain. It would be unlikely that anyone would venture this far down a muddy trail for some time.

My cock, rock hard and trapped in my shorts, ached for release. When I pulled off my shorts he sprang free in the sensuous kiss of the sun, hot, thick and stiff, anticipating the erotic delights ahead. We waded into the clear, spring-fed river. For a brief moment he recoiled as the cold liquid engulfed him. You giggled and put Sincan Escort your sweet hand around him, leading us further down stream. He quickly regained his full composure in response to your charged contact. We moved into an eddy where the current would not dislodge us.

A rainbow trout broke the surface nearby as a kingfisher cocked his head from his perch in an overhead tree. A beaver busily swam to and fro. The master architect gathered twigs and bark to enhance his sanctuary, oblivious to the exquisite tryst unfolding in his idyllic backyard.

The cool water refreshed and invigorated us from the heat of the day. I reclined on a large flat rock laying just inches below the surface. You joined me, melding your body to mine, resting your head against my furry chest. I relished the touch of your lush lips once again, playfully sucking them into my mouth, caressing your gums and teeth with my tongue. You playfully licked my nostrils as I massaged your face and neck and ran my fingers through your hair.

Softly pulling away, you looked lustily into my eyes. Then your mouth began its pilgrimage to my center with a playful nipple nip. I recoiled, and then shivered as you tongued the sensitive skin in my armpit. You then descended, licking and sucking my chest and stomach, pulling my hair into your teeth, dipping into my navel, then lightly kissing my belly as your nails gently raked my thighs and buttocks.

I surrendered my body to your touch completely, admiring your long shapely legs, small waist and swinging breasts. I raised my leg into the dark narrow triangle of your pubic hair and found it soft against my leg. You reached down, opened your outer lips and I felt your wetness begin to grind against me. You grasped my cock firmly and stroked him, exulting in the feel of him, feeling a low groan reverberate through my body and into yours.

You spread my legs as your sojourn took you lower, perusing my upper thighs. Holding your breath, your face submerged below the water line, tongue probing my anus. I jerked, not expecting you there. An electric connection surged from my anus to my cock, arousing him further. Shaft swollen and pulsating with each heartbeat, his purple head was protruded and fully engorged. You lightly stroked my balls, nestled them in your hands, and enjoyed their weight and then came up for air. After lapping a drop of milky pre-cum essence you went back under again, cradled my balls in your mouth, and rolled them gently around before once again coming up to breathe.

You closed your mouth over my glans in one smooth motion, swirling your tongue around me, eliciting a low growl of gratification. I entered heaven’s gates as your warm wet mouth began sliding down my shaft, tongue encircling its head, taking me deeper. You sucked hard for a moment, feeling me expand even more, as you grasped my ass and pulled me into you. My hands tangled in your wet hair as I struggled to keep my balance. You let my cock slide out of your mouth and licked it from head to hilt, then began milking my shaft with your hands as your lips and tongue encircled my tip. My arousal was heightened by the water surging around my balls and anus. My sac began to tighten as I moved inexorably towards climax. Tip tingling now, I pulled my hips away from you and warned, “Easy, baby, I want this to last.”

“Please, I want you to come in my mouth,” you cried, taking every inch of my swollen flesh. Deep in your throat, your membranes captured my tip, sucking me in, your tongue swirling rapidly around my shaft. I was in no position to argue!

“Yes!” I cried, grasping your head in my hands, urging you on. Your pace quickened to a feverish rhythm, pumping me harder and faster! I gasped as one finger entered my anus and your other hand reached up to pinch my nipple. “Right there, baby. I’m almost there. Don’t stop!” I tried to prolong the exquisite pleasure, but could hold out no longer.

My breathing stopped, my legs stiffened, and my cock burst, releasing the passion that had been building since the night before. “Aaaaghhh!” my primal cry reverberated off the limestone bluff, echoing off the river canyon walls. Birds stopped singing. The beaver paused in alarm, slapped his tail like a rifle shot, and then dove below the surface. You held me deep in your throat, almost gagging, but swallowed stream after stream of the essence of my love.

Tenderly you held me in your mouth for a long time, not moving, allowing me to gradually come down. “Oh, baby, you have the most beautiful cock,” you breathed as you disengaged, letting out a long, guttural sigh. You cleaned him carefully with your tongue, and then looked up into my eyes, white, milky liquid in your hair, on your cheeks, sticky, clinging to your mouth, your chin, and your breasts. You moaned as I returned the favor, tasting my semen as I licked your face, nuzzled your neck, and suckled your breasts.

My cock retreated some after orgasm, but amazingly was still distended, veins standing Sincan Escort Bayan out, twitching with each heartbeat. “Oh, Baby, you are incredible. What a lover,” I murmured.

You cooed as I cuddled you, looked up at the sky, eyes closed, your mouth open, your sensual tongue touching your lip. I lightly stroked your throat, feathered your breasts, and rubbed your tummy in circular motions. My mouth moved to gently touch yours. I matched your body rhythms, inhaling your sweetness as you exhaled, and giving it back to you as you breathed in. We lay that way for a long time, just breathing into one another, your closed eyelashes soft against my cheek, arms around my neck, body molding into my form.

I cradled your breasts in my hands. They were small and soft, but nicely rounded, nipples standing erect, engorged with blood, hard as little pebbles. I rolled them in my fingers slowly, oh, so gently. You shivered a little, as you felt my erection stir. Exhilarated, he had found a resting place between your labia, enjoying your velvety wetness.

The sand was soft and smooth in our toes as I led you a few feet downstream, still sheltered from the current by the eddy behind the large rock. I laid you down on your back, floating you on the surface of the water, your sexy legs open and inviting. I stood between them, stroking, teasing, skin on skin. One hand glided up your inner thigh and slid my middle finger delicately into your pussy, feeling your slick, wet heat. I slowly began moving in an out, my thumb ever so lightly feathering your clitoris. You opened your mouth and moaned, clinging to me and melting, eyes closed.

“I want to be inside you.” I said hoarsely, as you shuddered.

“Please take me,” you said. At the eddy’s edge, the water rolled through your love channel and rushed past your tiny rose hole, exhilarating, stimulating. The current caressed my loins as well, enlarging my woody, veined erection even more. I stood still, looking at your beautiful pussy, flushed, swollen and open. I leaned forward and rubbed my smooth tight glans up and down in your slick inner lips for a long time, and then up to encircle your clitoris again and again. Your hands grabbed my wrists to keep you afloat as you bucked against me, suddenly coming with incredible force.

After holding you there for a moment, my tumescence twitching with each heartbeat, I lowered myself into you, slowly, gently, gliding my cock further and further in, my eyes locked on yours. You relaxed, melting into me, opening wide and feeling your pussy quiver and flood with wetness as your desire peaked softly again, your whole body shivering as you clung to me. Arching your pelvis, you took me in more deeply, buried to the core in your wetness.

“Oh Baby,” you said in a low voice. Then there were no more words; just the slow steady rhythm of my strokes, pushing you wide open and moving into your core. I had worried that the river would wash away your lubrication, and make us uncomfortable. But your wetness flowed continually, copiously. I felt like I moved in silken butter, sheathed by your tightness. You anticipated every motion, your hips rising to meet each long strong stroke of my shaft, moving into you and then out again, wave after orgasmic wave rising in your belly, each one taking you a higher plane. I pistoned into you, harder with every thrust. Tender loving movements became wild and fierce as cock pounded pussy. I knew all too soon our dance could not last long at this intensity. I was almost there, begging for release. Your kegels powerfully clenched and clung at me as I moved faster, thrusting harder. My face looked distorted and intense, muscles tight and powerful as I pumped deeper and harder.

“Oh, Baby I’m coming,” I cried. “Come on my cock, come with me Baby!”

“Aaaaaaaaaggggghhhhnnnn!” You cried out, arching your back, legs clutching my buttocks as you convulsed around my thrusts, your hands pulling me urgently in as you groaned, grinding yourself against my cock.

“Fill me, oh, fill me up,” you moaned, as I erupted. Stream after stream of hot, sticky cum flowed into your pussy.

I held still within you, breathing hard but exulting in the feeling as your inner walls caressed my shaft, moving from root to tip, gently milking every last drop of life essence. Your eyes held mine as you tilted your pelvis, drawing my glans to nuzzle the mouth of your womb.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” a low rumble emanated from deep within me. I rested in you without moving for a long time, as our intensity gradually ebbed, replaced by sweet joy and soft laughter. My hands began to stroke you but you reached up and pulled me down, crushing me to your breast in a powerful embrace. I put my arms underneath your back as we kissed and held one another. The current caressed our exhilarated bodies, every nerve ending on fire with ecstasy.

“Oh Baby, baby, my sweet baby, ” you finally said, and laughed out loud with abandon, filled and fulfilled. My cock was torpid now, tip nestled in your nether lips, our hips gently swaying together, not wanting to part. Your hair streamed behind you in the current, breasts seductively shimmering on the surface of the water, arms extended, legs still locked behind me to keep from floating away.

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A Surprise for My Wife

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My wife’s 50th birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special for her. She looked exceptional for being born in 1970.

I thought of a couple of things but I decided against them. Then, out of the blue, my friend Dom, who I grew up with and was in our bridal party in 1995 called me. I lost track of him when he went into the military.

He said that he just retired from the military and was back home now for good. I asked how his wife was and je said she was fine and happy that they are back home.

I told him that we should meet for lunch and that I wanted to catch up with him. He said we could meet the next day at the diner we used to go to.

After I hung up, I came up with the idea of surprising my wife, Laura, with them, since we are all very close, intimately close.

You see, before Laura and I got married,we spent a lot of time at Dom & Marilyn’s house since they were married and had a nice place. Dom was 10 years older than me and at 35, he taught me a lot.

We always had a good time with them and they gave us our sex education, personally. Many a times we slept over as they taught us how to please one another, first hand. It was Marilyn who was the first woman to make love to my wife. And, it was Dom who was actually the first, with my ok, to fuck Laura.

The next day Dom & I had lunch and we caught up on old times. Then I asked him if he and his wife would help me out in surprising Laura. He immediately said he would.

I told him that Laura’s 50th birthday was in a week. I would take her out for dinner and come back to the house where you and Marilyn would be there to surprise her. He said he would tell his wife and would definitely be there.

Over the course of the week I didn’t make a fuss of her upcoming event and I could tell she wasa little disappointed.

The day of her birthday, I just told her we would be going out to dinner, as usual. She asked if she should dress up and I told her she didn’t have to but if she wanted, she could.

I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Laura put on a short skirt with a tank top and I noticed she left her bra off as I Escort Eryaman could see her nipples pressed against

the material.

As we left the house I knew Dom & Marilyn were on their way to my house. I had given him the key to get in and they were to pick up the cake and extra wine for when we got back.

Dinner was on the quiet side even though I told Laura she looked terrific.

My wife is in great shape as she exercises a lot. She is 5’7″, 125, nice legs and a firm ass. Her tits are 36c and really don’t sag. Her nipples would be a welcome to anyone’s mouth. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her pussy is neatly trimmed.

After almost two hours at the restaurant, we headed home. The drive back was eerily silent.

We got home and I parked the car. I had a hard time keeping a straight face and, as we entered the house, Dom & Marilyn yelled out “SURPRISE” and put the lights on.

I thought Laura was going to have a heart attack as she just stood with her mouth open.

After a few seconds, she rushed over to them and hugged and kissed them. Then my wife turned to me and smiled and told me she would get even with me for tricking her.

The four of us wound up in the kitchen where we opened up the wine and started catching up. Dom & Marilyn complimented Laura on how great she looked. Dom said, “Hey Laura, I see your tits still look good.” Just then, Laura gave her tank top an upward yank to show off her tits as she laughed.

A bottle of wine later, I mentioned that I was working on a new adult board game and asked if they would like to try it out and they said yes.

I explained that the game is called “Trade Me” where any number of people could play and all you had to do was trade something to win points. Whoever gets 100 points first wins. The catch, I told them was tbe more erotic the trade, the more points you get & the winner picks the prize.

So, as the wine flowed, the game began.

I started off and said, “Would you like me to trade a nude picture of Laura?”

Dom answered first and said, “I will trade your picture for a nude picture of Marilyn.”

I Eryaman Escort then said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and we traded pictures.

Laura went next and said, “Would you like me to trade a 30 second video of my husband sucking my nipples?”

Marilyn answered, “I will trade your picture for a 30 second video of me sucking Dom’s cock.”

Laura then said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and traded videos.

Dom went next and said, “Would you like me to trade an old 1 minute video of me fucking Laura?”

I quickly answered, “I will trade your video for a 1 minute video of Laura sucking my cock.”

Dom the said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 15 points and traded videos.

After a couple of more rounds, it was all tied up with the four of us. Tbe final round was next. For the final round, we would all have a chance to trade something from the past or willing to trade something that will happen within 24 hours.

It was my turn now and I said, “Would you like me to trade one hour of me fucking Laura in front of you?”

Dom immediately answered, “I will trade you fucking Laura in front of me for me fucking Marilyn in front of you for an hour.”

I said, “It’s a trade.” And we each got 25 points and became the leaders.

Laura went next and said, “Would you like to trade all night of me fucking Dom & Marilyn?”

Dom quickly said, “I will trade Laura fucking me & Marilyn all night for Marilyn fucking all three of us at the same time all night long.”

I said, “It’s a trade.” With that, Dom won the contest and game.

We all laughed as the game was over. By this time, we were well into the second bottle of wine.

We then went into the living room to be more comfortable.

Then Laura said, “So, when do we do the final trade, before or after the cake?”

Dom laughingly replied, “I’m ready now.”

I laughed and told them we should wait until after cake and everyone said ok.”

Laura put on coffee and we had our cake and after we cleaned up, we were ready.

Let me give you some stats on Dom & Marilyn. Dom is 6’1″, about Eryaman Escort Bayan 190, s/p hair, brown eyes and has about a 9″ thick cock.

Marilyn is 5’6″, about 135, big tits and a round, inviting ass. She has brown hair & brown eyes and she used to have a hairy pussy.

We all went into our bedroom and as we undressed, Laura said, “This brings back a lot of great memories.”

As we got on the bed with both women in the middle, with Laura next to Dom and me next to Marilyn.

It didn’t take long before we all started making out.

Dom wasted no time in getting his cock into my wife’s cunt. I could see him already fucking her.

I followed and got my cock in his wife’s cunt and started fucking her.

As we fucked the women, they were kissing each and feeling each other.

It wasn’t long before Dom said he was going to come. Then he shot his cum in Laura’s cunt. I came right after, filling Marilyn’s cunt.

We got off and rested as both women continued making out as our cum oozed out their cunts.

After they finished, Laura said, “Isn’t it like old times?”

Both Dom & Marilyn said they missed our get togethers and hoped it would continue.

I asked them if they would be interested in staying with us for a week or so to see if the old magic was still there. Dom said he wouldn’t mind trying and so did Laura.

So, for the next two weeks, Dom & Marilyn stayed with us. They had their own bedroom but many a night they shared ours.

Dom and I had no problem sharing our wives and when we didn’t do that, the women enjoyed each other, both alone and with us watching.

After two weeks we sat down and decided to get a bigger place for the four of us to live together.

Three months later, we were in our new and bigger house. Each bedroom was huge and had its own king sized bed, a shower for at least six and there was a hot tub and pool in an enclosed back yard.

Dom and I even created our own sex room with a bed, video equipment, mirrored ceiling and walls, BDSM equipment , a two way mirror and more.

We had all the comforts of home.

Many a night we had the women on all fours, fucking them from behind and then switching partners.

The women never said no to me & Dom.

I even convinced them to become nudists, which after awhile, they enjoyed.

To say things never changed is putting it mildly…

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A Shopping Trip

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“Didn’t I see you sitting outside the changing rooms in Pennies?” A woman standing in front of one of those three way mirrors asked.

“Huh?” I responded, startled from my half stupor of staring at the woman admiring herself in the mirror.

“I asked if that was you sitting in front of the dressing rooms down in J. C. Penny’s.” She asked again. “You aren’t some kind of pervert just trying to peek into the dressing rooms, are you?”

“Huh? NO!” I answered a bit indignantly. “I’m helping my daughter shop for some work outfits.”

“Really? All this time?”

“Fraid so.” I answered. “Never did understand why it took hours to shop for a few outfits.”

“Well, it all has to look just right.” She answered. “I’m sure your wife is having a nice time helping your daughter.”

“No, afraid it’s just the two of us.”

“Really? Well, I’m sure when you get home your wife will appreciate your efforts.” She said stepping back into the mirror and admiring herself again.

“Well, she doesn’t know I’m here doing this. No this is just me trying to help my daughter get some new clothes for her first real job.”

“Oh, that IS sweet of you. Has she just graduated?”

“From college, yeah.” I answered.

“Well, you are a good father.” She said stepping out of the mirror. “No, this just isn’t going to do.” She added, shaking her head and heading back into the dressing room.

I waited only a few more minutes before my daughter came out. “Sorry dad, these just aren’t going to work. Nothing seems to fit right.”

“Ok. Well, let’s go try Macy’s then.” I said with a sigh.

The two of us headed out of Penny’s and down the mall to the Macy’s store. I followed her around the racks as she looked at all variety of business suits and skirt suits. After collecting a variety of outfits I again followed her to one of the banks of dressing rooms and found a seat.

I yawned and leaned back in the chair, settling in for a long wait again.

“Well, hello again,” the lady I had seen in Penny’s said as she walked up to the dressing room.

“Oh, hello.” I said shaking the cobwebs from my mind.

“Waiting again?”

“I’m afraid so. Although this should be shorter, she only found four outfits this time.” I answered.

“I see. Well, try not to be too bored,” she said as she headed into the dressing rooms.

My daughter came out to admire how one outfit looked and then disappeared back into the dressing room, passing the lady from Penny’s on the way. She stepped in front of the multi-way mirror and turned too and fro to view herself.

I guessed she was nearly the same age as I was. She wasn’t bad looking, in fact, in the form fitting red dress she had on at the moment she looked pretty damn hot. The dress fit her round hips and butt like a second skin before it flowed up her body to encase a nice pair of full breasts, the dress dipping down deeply in the front to expose a nice amount of creamy white cleavage.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked conversationally as she turned to and fro in front of the mirror.

“It looks quite becoming,” I answered.

“Huh? Oh. I was really talking to myself, but thank you. You think it really looks nice? Be honest now.”

“Actually I think it looks very nice on you.” I replied looking her up and down as she turned to and fro in front of me instead of the mirror.

“Doesn’t make me look fat?”

“Most certainly not,” I answered, shaking my head slowly.

“You’re sure?” She asked again, turning so her butt faced me and rubbing her hands up and down the red material over her hips and butt.

“Trust me. It looks very nice,” I said firmly.

“Hmmmm. I’m not so sure,” she said as she walked past me again, headed back to the dressing room.

I waited for a few more minutes and my daughter came out again in a skirt suit which I thought looked quite good on her. Thankfully she agreed before returning to try on another outfit.

“Well, since you are being such a gentleman, would you care to give me your opinion on this one?” The lady asked again as she came back out in front of the mirror.

The dress was much different than the first. It fit her hips and butt snuggly before spreading into a short flowing skirt. The satiny green material reached up the front of her, encasing her round full breasts before heading up behind her neck. She turned for me, her back essentially bare due to the halter style top, with the exception of the bands and straps of her bra.

“Well, I think it’s a wonderful dress,” I answered.

“It looks that bad?”

“I didn’t say it was bad.”

“But it’s not good.”

“I think it’s probably not supposed to have that kind of a bra,” I said quietly, almost embarrassed.

“What? Oh.” She said quietly, walking back toward the dressing room. “Don’t go away then.”

She disappeared and came back only a minute or so later. “See if this is better.”

She stepped in front of me and turned all the way around slowly for me. The bra was most certainly gone, and her breasts were supported by the material Escort Ankara of halter, two prominent bumps showing where I would have expected her nipples to be inside the top of the dress. The two wide strips of material that made up the bulk of the top left some of the sides of her breasts exposed in addition to a very deep V of creamy white skin that didn’t stop until it was nearly to the bottom of her breasts. To me it looked even better than the red dress.

“Screaming sexy if she had a thong on.,” I muttered to myself as she turned around again in front of me, the skirt flying slightly up and out as she made a quick turn around.

“What was that?” She asked as she came to a stop from her quick turn.

“Huh, nothing. Just said it looked real good.”

“That wasn’t what it sounded like you said,” she said as she stared at me, “And the blush tells me what you said was a bit more racy that that. Sure you don’t want to share?”

“No. I think it’s probably better if I don’t,” I mumbled in embarrassment.

“Come on. Tell me! You wouldn’t want me to buy this and then find out it looked silly.”

“It definitely doesn’t look silly,” I answered.

“Ok, it doesn’t look silly. But I’d still like to know what you said.”

I sighed deeply. “If you insist. I said you’d look killer if you had on a thong under that.”

She blushed brightly and held the skirt down against her thighs. “Goodness.” She said in almost a giggle. “I don’t think anyone has made a comment like that for a very long time. Even if you didn’t mean it, it’s nice to think someone said it.”

“Oh I meant it,” I answered with a shrug. “I think it looks pretty damn sexy. Be a sweet dress to take you out to a club in.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Oh yeah. Any guy would be thrilled to go out with you dressed like that.”

“Hmmmm really? Maybe I need to look for a few more sexy dresses, since I have such a receptive audience.”

“Well, feel free,” I said with a smile and a shrug.

“Maybe I will,” she said turning toward around in the mirror again. She reached down for the hem of the dress, and looking at herself in the mirror, slowly pulled the dress up higher, exposing more and more of her creamy white thighs. I wondered just how far she would go and was surprised when she continued to pull upwards until the crotch of her white panties were showing. Suddenly blushing red, she pulled the dress back down and smoothed, stepping away from the mirror and heading back into the dressing room without making any eye contact with me.

I was still sitting and wondering thinking about how she looked in that dress when my daughter came back out in a conservative business pants suit. She looked good in it, and it became the second outfit of the day to make it to the keep pile, thank goodness. She returned to the changing room to try the third outfit she had taken in while I once again waited.

“So, what do you think of this?” The woman asked as she walked back out in a navy blue skirt and a cream colored blouse.

“Very nice,” I answered.

“Just nice?”

“Well, if you’re looking for a nice outfit to wear to work, it looks just fine.”

“But not exactly sexy, is it?”

“Not really.” I answered, shaking my head and frowning slightly.

“Well, I appreciate your candid opinion,” she said as she stepped in front of the mirror. “I see what you mean though.”

“Ok daddy, ready to go?” My daughter asked as she came out of the dressing room area.

“Sure, all done?” I asked hopefully.

“Just here. I think I want to see what Deb has. They always have lots of nice dresses, and then well, we’re right across from Victoria’s secret!” she said.

“You’re not going to make me go in there too, are you?”

“Oh not if you don’t want to,” she said over her shoulder as she started to walk away. I turned and followed her out with a shrug, looking over my shoulder at the lady I had been talking to. I was surprised to see her watching me walk away, a little smirk on her face that I had no idea what to think of.

I followed my daughter to the checkout and paid for her selections and then out into the mall. She wove her way expertly though the corridors of the mall to end up precisely where she wanted to be, in front of the Deb shop. I followed her into the store and made my way to the one place you could count on finding seats, near the dressing rooms. This store had a row of dressing rooms across the back of the store, each with a louvered door that opened onto the main portion of the sales floor. The only thing that really separated the dressing room area from any other part were the racks of clothes line up twenty or so feet away from them.

I settled into a seat for what I expected to be another long wait. I was actually kind of sleepy and starting to half doze off when I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder. I startled and looked up to see the smiling face of the lady I had been talking to in the last store, standing next to me. She had a dress over her arm and a tiny little plastic hanger with an extremely skimpy Ankara Escort pair of pink thong type underwear.

With a wink she stepped toward the dressing rooms and chose one all the way on the end, one where the door swung open so that it opened toward me. She carefully hung her items in the dressing room and then pulled the door closed, pausing for a moment to ensure that I was in fact looking her direction.

With the door closed I couldn’t see anything except for the small gap at the bottom. I watched as the tan slacks she had been wearing pooled onto the floor around her ankles, which she then stepped out of. She slipped off her high heels and stood in her bare feet for several moments before her cream colored blouse landed on the slacks, the satiny material making a smooth looking little pile that was quickly disturbed by a lacy bra plopping unceremoniously on top. My mind was already headed in the wrong direction, trying to imagine what she was looking like mostly…correction, completely naked…as her white panties slipped down her legs. She stepped out of the panties and used her toes to add them to the pile in the corner of her dressing room.

My already hard dick was straining at my pants and I gave a quick look around before adjusting myself to make the bulge look a bit less conspicuous.

My attention was quickly diverted while my daughter came out of a different dressing cubicle, looked at the dress she had on in a mirror and then disappeared back into the dressing room. I looked back over toward the dressing room the lady had stepped into and saw it was standing open a crack, almost as if she were waiting for me to focus back toward her.

The door opened and the lady stepped out, the very short snug red dress clinging to her like a second skin. The spandex matched her shape and movements as she stepped in front of the mirror. She turned to and fro, giving both of us ample opportunity to enjoy what it was doing to her body and how it hugged her. She looked around nervously and seeing no one but me in the dressing room area, let her hands roam over her body, cupping first both breasts, giving each a little squeeze before sliding down her stomach to her thighs. She turned to face me, and looking directly at me, slipped the hem of the dress upward, not stopping until the absolutely tiny thong was fully on display. Even the small amount of material covering part of her mound and her pussy didn’t expose a single hair, making me immediately wonder if she were completely shaved.

The few seconds she held the skin tight dress up above her pussy seemed like an hour in some ways. My mind burned an image of the tiny pink thong against her creamy white thighs, the tiny pink strings arching up and disappearing under the red spandex as they headed toward her hips. The tiny triangle of material was only a couple inches wide on the top, nearly half way down over her rounded smooth mound. The material was quite thin and appeared sparkly as it narrowed and dove down between her legs, the material pulling snuggly against her rounded outer lips, a small cleft dipping between them tantalizingly.

It took longer for my attention to return from the display to her face than the display was itself, but even then it took my mind several seconds to adjust. The skirt back down in place, she was stepping back into the dressing cubicle, her head looking around to see who else might see before holding a hand out and crooking her finger to invite me to follow. I really didn’t know what to do, and in my indecision, I sat stone still, staring at her as she left the door part way open for me to see into.

Her hands went to the back of her neck, untying the small red string that held up the top of the backless spandex dress. As they came down the held the strings and peeled the spandex down her chest, exposing her bare breasts as the red material rolled down her front. She let go of the strings when the dress had cleared her breasts, both full and round with bright pink puckered areola and hard protruding nipples. I stared at her bare tits, as her hands moved to her hips and slowly worked the material down over them, her hips swaying slightly from side to side as she inched the red material downward. I saw the creamy whiteness of her firm stomach and then her hips, the tiny pink strings of the thong coming into view as the red material continued to move downward.

“Damn!” I muttered as she pushed the material down to where it finally slid down her legs to pool around her bare feet.

Standing in nothing but the pink thong she reached for the doorknob of the dressing room and held it, motioning again for me to come.

This time I couldn’t help myself. I was way too turned on by her exhibition and the lack of any sex for almost a year, that I stood and walked quickly the dozen or so steps to her dressing room door.

She reached out, took my hand and quickly pulled me into the tiny cubicle, closing the door behind us. She held her finger to her lips, motioning me to be silent as she turned me and pushed me to the back of the cubicle. My feet hit the built Ankara Escort Bayan in bench along the back wall and I sat quickly down, my balance broken by her continued push.

With me sitting down she stepped back, squatted down and picked up her clothes, hanging the red dress on a hook after standing back up and then stepping toward me again. She squatted down, her knees spread on either side of my legs, providing an even better view of what the pink thong was hiding. She used the slacks and blouse to cover my shoes, making my feet essentially unseen by anyone who might peek under the door, and then stood back up.

I stared at her in silence as she hooked her fingers in the thong panty and slowly pulled it down, exposing her bare and yes, completely shaved pussy to me in only moments. She lifted one leg and then the other until she was standing completely nude in front of me. She reached out and held the panties for me to sniff, the scent of her arousal strong before she lowered them and dropped them on the bench next to me.

She stood for a few moments and allowed me to view her completely naked body, from her firm round breasts, down her smooth belly and over her round hips. My attention was mostly drawn to her full round lips the edges of flowery delicate inner lips peeking out from between the smooth shaved skin. She saw where my eyes were riveted and stepped one foot up on the bench next to me. She slipped one hand down over her mound, continuing to slide it down as she curled her fingers between her legs, her middle finger teasing between her pussy lips. One…two…three times she slowly stroked her finger between her lips, dipping it deep between them and then drawing it slowly out across her clit. After her three slow strokes she drew her finger up over her mound again, leaving a glistening trail of her own juices and her pussy spread wide, her inner lips now protruding fully and shining with her aroused juices.

Moving her foot back to the floor, she stepped to me, her hands reaching for my belt. She quickly undid my belt as well as the snap and zipper of my jeans. She put a hand under my chin and tipped my head up to look at her, pressing a finger to her lips to remind me to be silent as she squatted down in front of me again. Her legs pushed wide spreading her pussy while her hands moved to my hips, pushing and coaxing my pants down. I lifted myself slightly on the bench seat, allowing her to work my jeans and underwear down to my knees, exposing my rock hard cock.

“Nice,” she whispered quietly as she wrapped her hands around it and gave it several long slow strokes. With a smile she stood up again and bent over, aiming her mouth for my now exposed cock.

“Ohhhhh.” I breathed quietly as she engulfed my head with her mouth, her tongue swirling around my mushroom head several times before pushing her face lower, taking more and more of me into her hot mouth. Up and down her head went, her lips sliding along my cock and her tongue teasing my shaft and head as she did. I was far to long and fat for her to get all of me into her mouth, so she followed along with her hand, stroking it up and down in time with her mouth, her hand twisting as well.

I reached out and cupped both of her tits, hanging down and wiggling enticingly from her motions. I grasped each one, letting her nipples stick out between my fingers so I could squeeze them at the same time I squeezed the firm round globes with my palms and fingers.

I lost track of how long she had been sucking my cock in the small cubicle, but I hadn’t lost track of what the sensations were doing to me. I knew that if she kept up what she was doing was going to bring me to a huge climax very soon. She apparently read the motion of my hips trying to push up in time with her strokes for what it was and pulled her lips from my shaft. Standing in front of me again, she held her finger to my lips to keep me quiet as she stepped forward, moving to kneel on the wooden bench, one leg on either side of my hips.

She moved her finger from my lips and reached for one of my hands, drawing it down between her legs and placing it on her dripping pussy. Once I had started stroking her soft pussy lips she leaned her upper body toward my face, rubbing one of her rock hard nipples back and forth across my lips, her hands pressing on the wall behind me to hold herself at just the right angle.

I heard her moan softly as I pressed my middle finger up into her tunnel, her tight velvetiness pressing around my finger as I stroked it deeply in and out of her. Her juices seemed to increase with each passing moment, her hips gently rocking in time with my strokes. Her hips rocked more and more urgently as my finger stroked in and out of her, my palm sliding across her mound and exposed clit. I sucked first one nipple and then the other, switching frequently and enjoying the feeling of her hard nipple under my tongue.

“Oh fuck me now!” She whispered urgently, reaching down to pull my hand from between her legs. She grabbed my cock with her hand and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing my head between her wet lips several times before settling her weight on it. I felt her slowly engulf me, her soft hot tunnel slowly gripping around my shaft and head, caressing each inch that she took into herself almost as snuggly as the red dress had encased her trim body.

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Candy Land Pt. 01

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Author’s note: After finding a journal of mine from many years ago, I began to transcribe my more youthful fantasies, infusing them with the embellishment of someone who has learned a little bit more about how the world works (I actually don’t know much on how it works, don’t take advice from me). Just enjoy what is right in front of you.

This is a fictional work. Everyone is 18 years of age or older. Enjoy.


Mina had carried out Carson and strapped him into his car seat after the horn honked, signaling the children’s pick up. The eldest, Abby, despite the late hour pranced out beside her and buckled herself in.

“Had a good night?” Their father asked and she clicked her heels together and grinned as an answer. Directing his tone to Mina he smiled. “Thanks again for taking them on short notice you are a lifesaver.”

“Daniel helped too.”

“Daniel’s an I-D-I-O-T.”

Justifiably, his older brother was right, Daniel was one from head to toe. When Mina had first met Daniel across her aisle seat on a 747 heading across the country she could have crossed her heart and swore she’d never be living with the man. Through a twist of fate she became his brother’s nanny after her permanent move.

Daniel was older than her by several years, both he and his brother immersed in the creative arts. It didn’t take long for them to drag her under, into the world of drawing boards and think tanks. She held a nine to five, but those children were now family. She wasn’t just their nanny, she was their aunt.

“Auntie, daddy spelled a bad word,” Abby cried out, still clicking her heels together.

“She’s onto me, better get them home,” he chuckled and put the car in drive as Mina waved goodbye and strode into the house Daniel and her occupied.

They weren’t lovers, they weren’t married. They weren’t anything but best friends. That was the ultimate twist of fate, how she could have let this narcissistic, know-it-all into her life and find semblances of joy in his company.

Already he was washing the dishes, scrubbing neon orange cheese from a pot. “Get me something to drink will you.”

Mina slid him a sippy cup that had been on the counter with a wry smile. “Bottoms up.”

“You think I won’t drink from this then you don’t know me.”

“I know you will.” And he did, lifting the cup and sucking in grape juice completely expressionless. She pulled wine from the fridge, opening the new bottle. “Want some adult grape juice?”

He slid the sippy cup back to her without thought and she filled it just to be funny, using a stemless wine glass for her own. They had a system here, a life – one she didn’t want to leave anytime soon. He was one of the few who understood her workaholic nature, just as she knew why he didn’t sleep much at night.

“Much better. I’ll finish here, you get the den,” he said and she took her wine with her as she collected toys and placed them in the bins. All except for Abby’s stuffed giraffe, which she tossed on the sofa with intent to bring it over in the morning. Fluffing pillows, she nestled them against the sofa and finally got onto her hands and knees as she started picking up the pieces from a disturbing round of Candy Land where everything but the board had ended up on the floor.

Even after all this, the dishes, the mess, the too big parade of shoes she let Abby try on from her closet, Mina was pretty sure she wanted one.

Sorting through the cards to place them in order she tossed the thought around an realized she was nowhere close. With a snort she gulped down her glass of wine, only to have it refilled moments later by Daniel as he sank onto the floor beside her.

He was no small man, his height towering and build large. She liked his eyes best of all, such a soft blue they sometimes looked periwinkle.

“Don’t get down here I’ll have to call the fire department to get you back up,” she took a jab at his age somewhere pinned in his mid-thirties.

He still drank from the sippy cup, only he had removed the the lid. “Fuck off.”

“Fine, I will, and I’ll leave you here too.”

“You’re not that cruel,” he said and took the stack from her hand, placing it down Escort Ankara and setting up two pieces to play, obviously nowhere near ready to sleep.

“Yes I am, and I’ll cheat to win just to prove my point,” she said with a grin as she drew a colored square and took her place on the rainbow trail as was the premise of the game.

“I’ll throw the board across the room and make you pick up all the pieces again.”

Mina submitted to playing. The two of them finishing the bottle of wine easily and opening another just in time for her to get sent nearly back to the start. She retaliated by indeed throwing his piece across the room in a tussle of limbs.

When they were through his hand remained on hers and Mina felt the same flair of tension she did when they passed each other in the hallway from the bathroom after a shower. Or when he’d press his hand into the small of her back for the briefest second in the store. Or how his fingers would brush her neck when he’d tied an apron around her in the kitchen.

But each instance passed, yet not this time. He groomed it, holding onto her hand for a bit longer. “Go get the piece.”

“Uh, I can’t.”

“So defiant.”

“Not exactly, someone’s holding my hand and won’t let go.” She smiled easily because of the wine.

So did he. “I won’t. You’re right. Guess I’ll just have to repurpose my piece. The remote control will be my gingerbread man,” Daniel said and set the remote onto the board with his free hand.

“It takes up too much space, no way! It was this ingenious thinking that made Abby try to use the board as a gigantic spinner. Candy Land isn’t supposed to be so complicated. All you do is pick up cards and move to the matching color.”

“Creativity runs in the family, what can I say.”

“You can say your family is nuts,” Mina offered.

“Certifiably,” he smirked and finally released her hand to tap the side of his head knowingly. “But just wait until your children pop out, then you’ll know crazy. Cause if anyone is certifiable, it’s you.”

“Then good thing I’m never going to have them.”

“You keep saying that, but I know you. The way you looked at Abby tonight, you’re hormones must be killing you with all that primal instinct,” he chuckled through a sip of wine.

It made her want to hit the bottle over his head. “And what about you, mister, making airplane noises to feed a baby.”

“Cause I’m a great uncle.”

“Ever have that primal urge to become a dad, I mean you already have the body,” she mocked, leaning forward to rest a hand against his softer stomach, giving it a few pats.

“So not nice, Mina,” he barked and tugged at her arm, pulling her into him so he could give her hips a little pinch. “And what do they say about hips like these.”

“That you better watch where your hands go,” she grumbled in warning.

He retaliated by cupping either side of her, so if she hadn’t been fully drawn to him already she would have been in that moment. She was half on her knees, half leaning into him. But fully wasn’t his type with her wide hips, and thick thighs. Her soft and pale torso with equally soft breasts. Her soft, kind smile.

It didn’t mean he wasn’t her type. A little part of her knew he always had been. She liked his arrogance because it often kept him accountable. His need for perfection, diligent. His aspirations were unobtainable, but he never stopped trying.

“I’m watching where my hands are,” he smirked, moving them up her sides slowly.

“You’re not watching, you’re looking at my face.”

“Yeah, I am. But I know right where they are.”

“Then allow me to show you where they should be,” she huffed roughly and easily detached his hands, pushing them back and above his head so they pressed into the sofa cushion.

“You know, normally I’m the one in your position. Dominance looks good on you.”

She froze, breath catching. Her grip on his hands loosened, but he didn’t let go. He kept her hovering over him, her dark hair falling around them.

“Does it?” Mina asked softly, feeling the tension between them as she had never before. It grew in those seconds she waited for an answer.

Daniel Ankara Escort must have felt it too, how unbearable it was, because he answered her by stretching his neck forward, pressing his lips to hers just so it would break.

And it shattered

Her whole body imploding instantly. Lips parting over his, body wilting as she surrendered to the heat of his hands crawling down her arms and back as he embraced her fully.

Mina settled into his lap, her hands diving into his hair as she let her lips slant over his. He wasn’t shy. Of course he wouldn’t be. Daniel knew just how to get her to gasp, giving her sides a firm squeeze so his tongue could slip against hers.

No one was watching anything then, her eyes closed and as well as his, as they dragged out a kiss until they were breathless.

Eyes squinting open, she peered down at Daniel, his lips parted and swollen. He looked a little disheveled, hair sticking up. All it took was one lingering glance and the tension mounted once more.

The two colliding this time, pulling each other back in for fevered kisses as his hands told her what he wanted: her. They slid under her shirt, grabbing at her in a way that made her grind her body down on his. She could feel his need, the stiffness of his cock surprising her enough to moan and making her bolder.

Her own hand ran under his polo, feeling the trail of hair that had often enticed her as he exited the shower. She explored him as he held her weight, her hands uselessly devouring the span of his shoulders as his lips moved away from hers to equally consume her neck.

She rolled her head to give him access, groaning. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing your neck.”

“I meant this, all of this. We shouldn’t, can’t.”

He nibbled her throat and her hands curled into his skin.

“Shouldn’t and can’t are two very different words. We very much can. Obviously. Tell me why we shouldn’t my mouth’s too busy to make an argument,” he breathed against her skin.

“We don’t do this.”

He flicked his tongue against the base of her neck.

She tried again. “We’ve had a long week…long night. Lots to drink.”

He sucked in her skin, her voice breathy as she took one more shot. “Because I’m not one your girls – those girls.”

“Mina, I don’t intend to fuck you like one of them.” He spoke quickly and pulled at the collar of her shirt to access more supple skin. When he couldn’t get enough he pulled at the fabric and she let him undress her.

Her answer was in how she simply let him, her thin fabric bra holding heavy breasts already swollen and aching. His touch on them was divine, a strong hand kneading and fingers finding her tight nipple with a gentle roll.

Her hips pressed down on his erection and he pinched harder. Mina allowed him to explore her for a few moments longer until her own hands became restless and she demanded his shirt be removed.

He complied. Adding to the growing pile of clothes was her bra, which she unhooked before her fingers went to press against his torso, nestling her breast together in a way she thought attractive. Small pink nipples adorned her milky tits and Daniel swallowed deeply before he tugged at her hips and moved her forward toward him, his voice was ragged.

“Put your hands against the sofa behind my head. Like before.”

Mina braced herself, weighty breasts hanging down like the fruit before Daniel’s face. He took one nipple into his mouth immediately, tongue teasing it as his fingers worked the other. When he used his teeth to gently bite down Mina felt herself grow obviously wet between her thighs.

This torture went on until she swore her arousal was evident through her shorts or the way her hips flared and rolled over him like a silent plea for more. Even her arms began to shake as he stimulated her, her whole body shook as his wet mouth inhaled her nipple and sucked hard. She felt the same tug deep inside her pussy and in an instant she collapsed into him, quivering, throaty mewls leaving her lips.

What had just happened? No one had ever taken so much time to build her up. It took the rumble of his voice for her to know what happened, “Did Ankara Escort Bayan you just cum, Mina?”

She nodded, arms now around his shoulders and a deep blush crawling up her neck. The dancing of his fingers along her spine made it worse.

“Good to know you’re sensitive.”

“I’m not sensitive you just…no one takes that much time.” She finally lifted her head to look at him, a cocky smile on his face.

“Now just imagine how much time I’m going to take between your legs,” he purred.

Mina had never believed words alone could make her find release but his nearly brought her into a second climax. Her pussy throbbed, clenching as it demanded what he’d just said. It spoke through her. “Then why are you wasting time talking about it.”

His eyes smoldered. “Take off everything you’re wearing and get on the couch with your legs draping over the arm.”

She looked at him stunned for a moment by the command in his voice. The next time he spoke it was nearly a bark. “Now who is the one wasting time.”

Jumping to her feet she didn’t have time to think self consciously, her jean shorts already down her legs and panties following. There had been no need to shave these past few months, so dark hair tangled around her vulva, but as she adjusted herself on the sofa so her soft pink lips parted revealing her flushed pussy glistening with residue of her last orgasm.

Daniel had settled at the end of the couch, hands gripping under her knees to pull her forward so her behind rested on the arm and she was splayed open to him. His hands trailed down her legs to her ankles were he snapped the elastic of her socks.

“I said take off everything.”

“Socks don’t count,” she groaned and pushed her hips up toward him desperately. His fingers around her ankles were replaced by his lips as he alternated kissed between her legs, mouth moving up so slowly she could hear seconds tick by.

His teeth sank into the plump flesh of her inner thigh undoubtedly getting a taste of what was to come. She felt his breath on his sex, then it a disappeared. Daniel stood up and took a few steps back.

He went to the belt of his jeans, undoing it and sliding it from the loops only to set it aside. She watched each moment carefully, how he took time to remove his pants, then his socks, then his boxers.

Mina’s mouth watered at the sight of his thick cock. It had a narrow head, but wide shaft which curved ever slightly. It had been so long since she’d felt a man push into her she was close to begging him to simply fuck her. No condom. Nothing.

She would take anything then.

“Dan, please just…come on.”

“Take off your socks,” he simply said.

Rolling her eyes Mina groaned, “This is about socks, just take them off yourself.”

“I told you to take everything off. So, take. Them. Off. Mina.”

She grunted as she lifted a leg in the air and hooked her finger under the elastic to pull it off. She did the same with the other, only this time throwing it at him. It was a cover for how his words made her feel, tingles burst across her breasts and through every limb.

Daniel got to his knees. Fingers on her thighs. Fingers spreading the drooling lips of her pussy. His thumb lifting the hood from her clit.

Her breath hitching. Her chest tight with anticipation. The first slow lick of his tongue from the base of her entrance to her engorged nub was agony rather than bliss.

But she only knew true agony when a loud knock came at the door, Daniel’s brother’s voice booming through. “For fucks sake at least answer the door if you two won’t answer your phones.”

Panicking, Mina bolted from the couch, snatching her clothes from the floor and running into her room with her back pressed against her slammed door. She had been in a stupor and just woke up, Daniel’s lips and hands on her in phantom touches like it had all been a dream.

Daniel must have pulled his pants back on because soon she heard his brother’s voice in the den talking about Abby’s stuffed giraffe she took everywhere. Mina knew right where it was, wedged between the sofa cushion where her head had pressed it moments ago.

But she remained quiet, barely breathing and fully nude, against the door until the giraffe had been located and the two of them were left alone again.

When Daniel knocked at her door, she pretended to be asleep, quietly padding to the bed where she smothered her face into the pillow.

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At the Bar

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We both have long days. Meeting at our favorite haunt at the end of the day for a drink is always a pleasure before we go home together. Tonight we are tired and the small table in the back is particularly comforting. We sit next to each other nursing our drinks, quiet after the hectic day.

After a while you get up and say, “I’ll be right back.” You smile mischievously as you head to the pair of restrooms in the back.

I smile back and enjoy watching you leave. Your walk is confident, strong and you move in a way difficult to describe. It always makes me wish I had X-ray vision just to watch your hips and legs move under your clothes. You have a lean, sinewy body and it seems made more for gliding naked through a steamy jungle than bound in clothes in a darkened bar. My fantasy image of the jungle vanishes as you disappear around the corner and I concentrate again on my drink.

You are back in only a few moments and I again take pleasure in watching you move. Your skirt is short, pleated and your buttoned shirt is tucked in, mostly, with your sleeves rolled to the elbows. I notice that the top two buttons are undone. You set your purse on the table and seem somewhat more at ease and you smile now with a purpose. As you sit down again next to me I notice you seem more playful, more energized than a few moments before. I grin at you as I realize what is to come. You often have an agenda and it usually includes erotic activities that are most enjoyable and I sense tonight will be special by the way your hand stokes my thigh as you scoot nearer in the small booth.

My legs separate a little as I feel you rub my muscles and caress my thigh first near my knee and then higher. I lean on the table and rest my chin on my hand while the other drops to my lap. I then move to touch your leg, our arms crossing and pressing against one another. Your skin is soft, smooth, delicious and bare to my probing fingers. I hear you giggle softly as your hand now reaches my crotch and I feel you knead the material of my pants groping gently for my quickly enlarging parts underneath. I let my fingers glide over your skirt and then the tips curl under the edge of the crisp material. Now we gaze into each other’s eyes as we play the quiet secret game below. I notice the next table and the old heavyset gentleman flowing over the edges of his chair. He is perspiring as he swills a large beer and I catch his eye after he glances first at our table, then below, then up to me. I wink at him and he quickly swallows another large mouthful of beer in embarrassment at being caught peeking.

My fingers inch lightly up and closer to your pussy. I feel your warmth and then my fingers meet your soft lips. I gasp a little as I realize your trip to the restroom wasn’t to relieve yourself from the inside but to relieve yourself from the outside by removing your thong. I grin and move my head closer to yours and nuzzle your neck lightly. Your dark hair covers my face as I nibble Travesti and kiss your skin. I love your scent. My tongue now paints a warm moist line about your neck and then to your lips. I kiss you in small sucking movements and then I take your lower lip into my mouth and gently bite. Your tongue probes my lip and my tongue and then our tongues dance and caress in an erotic exploration. My fingers touch your hot bare pussy, shaved and moist now. I let a finger tip slide between your lips and across your clit and then up, pressing harder as I probe. I feel you take in a breath to my touch and you then bite my lip.

“Hungry?” I whisper, softly as you now kiss my cheek.

“Always, for you,” you respond and grin as you look into my eyes.

I love the gleam of electricity you seem to exude as you look at me. I always feel a flutter in my chest and a swell in my groin when we touch and tonight is particularly intense.

“Come with me,” you whisper as you scoot around the seat and stand next to the booth, holding my hand.

I follow and glance over at the fat man next to us as he watches us leave. I wink again and laugh as another beer disappears.

You lead me quickly across the noisy room and around the corner to the bathroom. You turn and grin and press your firm body next to mine as you tilt your head up to mine and kiss me hard on my lips. I catch my breath as I feel your fingers close around my balls and then stroke my hard straight cock. Then, still holding my cock you turn and take me into the small men’s restroom. There is an old urinal and two stalls with doors for privacy but the latches have never worked and they lean lazily on bent hinges. You take me into the farthest stall and sit on the toilet.

I shuffle against you and close the door behind me. My crotch is pressed close to your face and I lean back against the door and look down as you smile and seem intent on some mission. I smile, knowing the purpose for your work and eagerly anticipate your efforts. Your fingers quickly unbuckle my belt and unbutton my slacks. They slide down over my legs and rest at my ankles. My cock presses hard against my boxers and in an instant the boxers follow my slacks. My cock bounces in the still air, waving up and down at your open lips. My head is swollen, purple and my balls begin to ache with the familiar swelling. Your hand first cups my balls and gently closes around them. I lean my head back as I feel your gentle touch. I feel now as you lightly squeeze me and I separate my legs more. You follow my lead and I gasp as I feel your finger press hard just behind my sack. The spot is very sensitive tonight and I feel my cock tingle as you caress it. Your other hand now takes my cock by the base and slowly moves it around. You seem to enjoy positioning it before you and finally your lips meet with the tip. I love the soft touch of your warm lips. I next feel your tongue as you probe my hole. You lick and caress with your tongue izmir Travesti and then slowly slide my head into your mouth and suck. Your tongue now swirls around my head inside your mouth and then your teeth lightly graze the tip.

“Ahhhh, mercy Babe,” I moan in a barely audible croak.

You squeeze my balls more and then slowly move down my shaft. You move your head slowly back and forth and as you move forward you slide a bit further until I feel my head press against the back of your throat. The sensation is wonderful as I feel you close tightly around me. I feel as though you are holding me and won’t let me go. The base of my shaft is pressed against your lip and I look down and see the erotic image of me disappearing down your throat, then seeming to grow out of your mouth and then disappear again. I feel a pressure building in my balls and rising up through my cock and into my spine. Your tongue now presses hard against the rod on the underside of my cock. You draw a line from the base of my cock slowly up to the head again and I feel as though you are drawing me out. My cock seems to lengthen and harder more as you pull slowly back. You sense I’m getting full, tense, closer to a climax and you lighten your touch, soften your tongue and let me settle just a bit. I love your talents, you know me so well. You lick and flick with your tongue, teasing my head. I hold your head now in my hands, letting my fingers get lost in your silky hair. I tilt your head up to me and smile.

“Now it’s my turn.”

I gently lift and then reach to support your arms. You stand next to me and my cock presses against a pleat in your skirt. I kiss you gently and taste a hint of my precum on your tongue; sweet, strong, pleasant as it mingles with your taste.

I turn you carefully and now your back is to me. I support your hips with one hand as I press your shoulders with the other and you easily bend and lean against the back of the toilet. Your ass now is before me, partially covered by your skirt. I flip the edge up and over your back and uncover your ass completely now. So beautiful, so round, so firm. You wriggle slowly as you move to be comfortable. Your feet separate as far as the small stall will allow. As you move my cock presses between your cheeks.

I hold my cock with one hand and caress your ass with the other. I guide my head against your ass and pussy and feel the wet warmth seem to surround me. My knees bend a bit and then feel my head pop between your lips and into your pussy. So delicious. I press with my hand, still guiding and probe your walls as I slowly enter. Your pussy spasms lightly against me as I press in. You seem to be gripping me, holding me, pulling me into you. I press and then feel my pelvis against your ass. I take in the pleasure of being completely inside you and then I slowly slide almost all out. I see the edge of my head next to your pussy and then quickly I thrust against you and you rock with my Konya Travesti effort. You moan softly as I fuck you deeply now, and again. In and out now I press and pull and press again. Faster and harder as I feel the pressure building again in my balls and feel the tightness of each grip of your pussy around me. You seem to bounce each time I fill you and your breath comes in short gasps as I feel you tighten even more as you approach your climax.

You reach around now and grab my thigh, “fuck me in my ass, Babe, fuck my ass!”

I let my cock slide out of you and then guiding with my hand again I press against your ass. I’m wet with your juices as I press my head next to you, painting a sloppy pattern of wet. I jerk my hips a little and feel my head press into your ass. The sight of me disappearing into is amazing, my balls squeeze hard with the vision. I slowly press into you now, your hand still gripping my thigh. I feel you tighten your grip as I move and then press to make hold me. You move your feet again and then I feel you press your pelvis against me. I back against the door and take your hips in my hands and pull. I fill you now, my cock disappears into your hot ass. I firmly move you back and forth now watching again as I appear and disappear into you. I can’t help now but to speed up and press harder. Your breath is a bare pant now as I sense you are close. I can hold on no longer.

Then, a sound of metal and a grind and squeek. The fat man has followed us. I hear him shuffle in and enter the stall next to us. Then he is silent. My efforts are now beyond my control and I begin to spasm and feel my balls release.

You stiffen as I do and we both move little more than in quivers as our orgasms crash through us. First the rumble of cum rolls out of my balls and I feel the searing pleasure as it jets out of my cock in hot long spurts inside your ass. I feel a tightness not experienced before as you squeeze around me, your jerks now faster and harder than mine as you come in a series of quakes. It seems to last forever in a wonderful blinding glaze of pleasure. My knees buckle a little as I struggle to stand. Our pants and gasps and movements first constant, now slowing.

Finally, I feel emptied. My cock stops and softens a bit. I feel spent as I slowly pull out of you and watch as a thin river of cum oozes out of your ass and drips onto the floor. Your back heaves up and down for a few moments as you recover your breath. You stand and turn to face me and we kiss. Your lips are soft, sweet and I love the passion we just shared and the peace we now have. I smile into your sparkling blue eyes.

“Thanks, Love,” I say as I reach down for my boxers and pants. In a moment I’m zipped and buckled and your skirt is back around your wonderful thighs and your shirt is now buttoned.

You kiss me again and straighten my collar, “any time dear”. I smile at our small talk, few words speaking volumes.

I smile again as I hear the door next to us creak open and the man lumber out. We too exit and smile as we walk past the dazed man and I wink again. He stares blankly, mouth open and we laugh.

I take your hand and we walk out into the bar and then out into the night.

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Chapter 04: L,J – Finding Liz Again

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Chapter 4 – Liz & John – Finding Liz Again

For those of you that read ‘The Right Touch’ you know that I had a very active sexual relationship with Liz and John. The relationship lasted for about five years when unfortunately they split up. I kept in touch with John for a while, but lost touch with him after about a year. Losing them was a huge loss.

Fast forward about six years. One afternoon I was looking through the adult services section of one of entertainment weeklies. There it was; Liz’s ad. It was the same ad that had led me to her in the beginning nearly twelve years ago. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. I picked up the phone and I slowly punched in the number by memory.

After the third ring I heard her voice, “Hi, this is Liz.” The honey sweetness of her voice made my cock twitch. Slowly I said, “Hi Liz, this is Nick Morton.” There was quiet on the line for several long seconds and then Liz responded, “My Nick Morton?” I giggled unsure of what I should say next her. After a minute I assured her it was me and we spent the next five minutes catching up on things. Before we stopped chatting I made an appointment for a massage and got her new address. As we hung up, I was tingling at the thought of seeing Liz again.

Before I knew it , the two days had passed and I was knocking on Liz’s front door. In no more than two seconds the door opened and there she stood in pale blue scrubs. Her hair was still shoulder length and a huge smile filled her beautiful face. She reached out and pulled me to her and gave me a wonderful hug and a lingering kiss on the lips. Then she pulled her head back and smiled at me again. “God, you look awesome, come on in. It is so wonderful to see you again.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into foyer, closing the door behind me. She turned around and grabbed my other hand. I could see that she had put some weight on, but still looked good. A lot of the additional weight had gone directly to her tits and not even the shapeless scrubs could hide how big they were.

We stood there smiling and looking at each other and finally Liz said, “Come on let’s get your massage started.” She let go of one had and led me down the hallway to a bedroom that had been converted for massages. The window had a heavy drape over it and scented candles were burning.

As we walked into the room, Liz Travesti turned the CD player on and I began disrobing. I kicked my loafers off and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off and hung them on a hook. I looked over at Liz. She was smiling and watching me take my clothes off. I smiled back at her, pulled my shirt over my head and stood there naked. My cock was semi hard and starting to rise.

I took my time moving to her side of the table and as I rested my butt against the edge, my cock twitched toward Liz. I like being naked in the presence of hot women and I really like to be naked around her. Liz looked me over and then said, “I love your tan line. The white against the tan is much better than the all-over look. It makes your cock and balls really look delicious.” Her eyes scrunched naughtily as she talked about my package. I smiled and thanked her as I licked my lips. I told her I thought she’d be more comfortable with a little less on.

Liz’s tongue slid out of her mouth haughtily as she untied the drawstring on her pants and let them fall to the floor. She kicked them off to the side. Then she pulled her top over her head and added it to the pile. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see that she still kept her pussy smooth and bare. She was wearing a lacy black bra that was about to explode at the seams. Without any words she reached behind her, undid the clasp and let the cups fall forward.

Liz is a tall girl and with me leaning against the table, her nipples were at just the right height to suck on. I motioned for her to step forward. Without delay she guided her left nipple directly into my mouth. Liz moaned as soon as I began sucking. Her nipples were always super sensitive. After making her left nipple grow in size, I moved to her right one while I continued to roll the other one between my fingers. Finally she said it was time for me to lie down. God, Liz was one sexy fucking woman.

As I lay on my stomach and got comfortable, Liz told me that she likes to use a new oil that she’d just found instead of powder. I said ok and she moved to the head of the table. Her pussy was no more than four inches from my tongue and I wanted to taste her so badly. She poured oil into her hands and then onto my body. The oil created heat as she spread it out. I reached my hands out around her thighs and rubbed the Antalya Travesti bottom of her butt cheeks and in between her thighs. She spread her feet a little to give me better access to her pussy. She was dripping wet and it was easy to slide my fingers inside her pussy.

Liz was now leaning forward so that she could apply oil on my butt. She liberally dribbled it down the crack of my ass. It covered my rosebud and trickled onto my balls. She followed quickly with her fingers. After spreading the oil over me she wasted no time in finger fucking my asshole as I fingered her pussy.

We were both breathing hard and we both wanted more. She told me to turn over onto my back. As soon as I had done that, she climbed onto the table and straddled my head with her knees. After a little rearrangement, we were in a perfect 69. I was able to spread her pussy easily and suck on her clit; something that she really liked. Liz had my cock in her mouth and played with my nuts. She licked and sucked the head for a bit and then swallowed the whole length down her throat squeezing it with her throat muscles. It was a wonderful velvety silky feeling.

I loved eating Liz’s pussy. It was always super wet and tasted like honey. Liz’s moans and muffled screams told me that she’d had at least two orgasms, maybe three. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and told her that. She quickly pulled off my cock and slid off the table and turned around. Before I could ask her what was up, she crawled back on top of me and slid my cock into her drenched waiting pussy. What a feeling.

She ground her pussy down against me pulling me as deep as she could into her. Then she started riding me; slowly at first. A very deliberate pace. Her hands were on my shoulders and her pendulous tits hung down almost down to my chest. Liz looked smoking hot. Her tits swung in rhythm as she continued to plow my cock in and out of her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard to me.

Every time she rocked up and down her silky pussy sucked on my cock and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I told her that I was about to cum and she started to throatily moan at me, “That’s it baby…god, that feels so good…fill me with your cum.” The combination of the nasty talk, her beautiful tits and her pussy work did the trick. I could feel my balls tighten and Bursa Travesti then start to shoot blast after blast into Liz’s hot pussy.

After I quit shooting cum into her, we just laid there catching our breath. When our breathing was normal again, Liz lifted herself up, smiled down at me and winked. “Whew, that was some massage.” I looked up at her and said, “Yes it was, but we aren’t finished yet.”

I slowly moved out from under Liz and laid her on her back. Cum was just starting to seep out of her cunt and she looked gorgeous. Her tits had slid to each side of her chest and her pussy was leaking cum. I leaned forward between her thighs and spread her pussy lips and lowered my mouth to her. She shivered as I used my tongue to lick the cum from her pussy lips. Then I began an assault of her clit; long broad strokes of my tongue along her opening followed by sucking her good sized clitty knob. Liz was breathing hard and she had her hands on the back of my head holding it in place.

I could tell by her breathing and the stiffness of her legs that she was close to another orgasm. I sucked on her clit like it was a small cock and was rewarded as she tensed her legs completely as her orgasm took hold of her. I continued to lick her love button until she pushed my head away with her hands. I wasn’t sure how many orgasms Liz had in total, but I was pretty sure she was satisfied.

Once her breathing was back to normal she asked me to lie next to her on the table. It was a close fit, but we lay there for another fifteen or twenty minutes playing with each other and talked. Then, I told Liz that it was probably time for me to go. Liz said, “We need to do one more thing.” She and I got up and sat on the edge of the table. Liz grabbed my hand and said, “Follow me.”

We went down that hallway and into the kitchen. Liz went to the refrigerator and got out a bottle of champagne. It was even the brand that I used to bring to our afternoon sessions. She handed it to me and asked me to open it while she got out two glasses. We went into the living room where Liz directed me to a overstuffed love seat. Once we were seated, Liz said, “It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t enjoy some champagne together.”

We toasted to each other and enjoyed the rest of the bottle sitting in the living room idly stroking each others nude body. When we finished the bottle, Liz suggested that I get the other bottle from the fridge. When I returned to the living room she wasn’t there. In no time I found her sprawled in middle of her bed where we spent the rest of the afternoon. God, she is one sexy woman.

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