Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 04

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The name is Caleb Jackson. I’m a tall and muscular young Black man from Atlanta, Georgia. I attend Georgia Tech and I’m a member of their Men’s Rugby Club. These days, I’m on vacation, looking for something to occupy my time. Working as a security guard at the Mall gave me plenty of green. I needed a hobby, though. I decided to sex up some white chicks since they’re more eager to get with a Black man than Black females these days. Guess what I’m doing now? I’m visiting one of my neighbors, real estate agent Brittany Anderson. We’ve been having tons of fun together. The more wicked, the better. This female is crazy, folks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Brittany Anderson is a tall and skinny white woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She’s originally from Boston and came to Atlanta for summer vacation. She’s currently single and very much into Black men. That’s where I lucked out. I would come over to her place and we’d have all kinds of fun. I would sit down on her couch and she would get naked in front of me. Brittany had a pretty good body, for a forty-year-old broad. Cute face, big tits and nicely rounded ass. She was also a damn good cocksucker. She would suck on my ten-inch cock like oral sex was going out of style. I loved it when she licked my cock and sucked my balls. This dame was very experienced. I’ve hooked up with females who didn’t know what they were doing in bed. And that really sucked. Not in a good way.

Yeah, Brittany would suck my cock and I would lick her pussy. Then, she would get on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open. I would smile and rub my cock against her puckered asshole. Then, I would slide my cock into her anus. Brittany loved getting fucked in the ass. I held her by the hips and thrust into her, burying my cock deep into her asshole. She would scream in sheer pleasure as I fucked her. I loved the feel of a woman’s tight asshole around my cock. There’s no other feeling like it. While getting fucked, Brittany would scream out obscenities about how much she loved getting Black cock up her asshole. Yeah, she loved every minute of it. When I came, she insisted that I filled her asshole with my cum. Then, I would pull out and she would suck my cock. I can’t believe this. My cock just went up her ass and she’d suck it. Wow!

Other times, we’d try different things. Brittany was a woman with many fetishes. One of them involved fucking me with a strap on dildo. I was surprised at that but she told me it was something wickedly fun. I tried it and liked it. Yeah, we tried that stuff together. First, Brittany sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. Then, she licked my ass and fingered me some more. Afterwards, she produced a long and somewhat thick strap on dildo. Strapped and ready for action, she asked me to assume the Ümraniye Escort position. I got on all fours and she came up behind me. Brittany spread my ass cheeks and pressed the dildo against my asshole. Then, she pushed. I’ll be the first to say that the dildo up my ass hurt a bit. Brittany held me and fucked me, thrusting the dildo deep into my ass. I screamed. It kind of hurt. She asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She smiled, then continued to ram the dildo up my ass while stroking my ten-inch Black cock. She said she’d never fucked a Black man in the ass with her dildo before. She continued to fuck me, shoving the dildo deeper into my asshole. That stuff hurts, but after a while began to feel kind of good. I came several times, and she pulled out of me and sucked the cum out of my cock. Man, this was extreme but felt kind of good. Brittany smiled and kissed me. This was our first time trying this stuff but definitely not the last.

Brittany introduced me to her girlfriends, district attorney Miranda Tyler and professional bodybuilder Alicia Shay. Miranda was a chubby blue-eyed blonde woman with a plain face, thick body, wide hips and plump ass. She looked at me lustfully. Alicia was tall and muscular, with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. These women were a pair of freaky females with a fetish for sexy and well-hung Black men. I had fun with them while Brittany watched. Miranda and Alicia got naked. These females were so different. Miranda was plump, thick and big-bottomed. She was sexy in her own way. Alicia was tall and very muscular. Almost like an Amazon or something. Yeah, this was going to be fun. Brittany played the role of voyeur, watching us together while masturbating. See? I told you she’s a freak!

Miranda and Alicia teamed up to bring me to sexual nirvana. I was sitting on the couch and both of these sexy females were sucking my cock and licking my balls. I thrust into their mouths. Both of them were fingering their pussies while sucking me off. This was turning out to be quite fun. When I came, they both drank my manly seed. Then, the really fun stuff started. Miranda and I tried some kinky sex first. She got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I came up behind her and slid my cock into her asshole. I pushed it inside. Miranda gasped when my ten-inch Black cock entered her tight butt hole. I held her by those plump hips of hers and thrust into her. She squealed as I began fucking her asshole like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Alicia joined Brittany. The two of them kissed and frolicked while Miranda and I did our thing.

Miranda’s ass was wonderfully warm and tight. This female was no stranger to anal sex. That’s cool with me. She backed up her plump ass, grinding it against my groin. The Ümraniye Escort Bayan whole time I was fucking her, she was begging me to fuck her harder and faster. I thrust into her, giving it to her good and deep. She squealed even louder. We continued to fuck roughly until I came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole. Miranda screamed in pleasure. I squeezed my cock out of her. I would need a moment or two to recuperate. Alicia looked at me with lust in her eyes. She looked first at Brittany, who nodded, then spoke to me. She told me that she’d always fantasized about doing a Black man with a strap on dildo but never got the chance. She asked me if I would be down with that. I’m the king of all sexual freaks. What do you think I said? Alicia smiled, and grabbed the strap on from Brittany.

I got on all fours and Alicia came up behind me. The female bodybuilder positioned herself well before spreading my ass cheeks and pressing the dildo against my backdoor. Meanwhile, Miranda decided to help me out a bit. She came up underneath me and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock. Alicia held me by the hips and thrust into me. I gasped. Damn, this woman was forceful. I told her to be gentler. She complied, and began fucking me more slowly. Man, this was so frigging intense. I almost came right then and there, but held back. Having Alicia’s dildo in my ass and Miranda’s warm mouth enclosing around my cock was almost too much for me. Alicia thrust into me, cussing out like a sailor. Damn, where did this woman learn her language? I told her that I wasn’t down with that. Again, she amended. We continued to have our wicked fun for the better part of a half hour, then changed the game. Alicia pulled out of me, looking sad that her fun ended. Well, my fun was about to begin.

Miranda’s fantastic oral techniques had gotten me hard as steel. And I wanted to stick my cock in someone’s tight hole. I demanded to fuck Alicia’s ass. It was Brittany’s house and she made the rules. Alicia was okay with it as well. She got on all fours. I looked at the female bodybuilder’s well-shaped ass. Damn, she was fine. I hadn’t seen a booty like that in a while. I winked at Brittany, who smiled and tossed me some lube. She and Miranda sat side by side on the couch, watching the show. I promised them a spectacle they’d remember. I spread Alicia’s butt cheeks wide open, then pressed my cock against her backdoor. I pushed my cock inside her. A sharp scream escaped Alicia’s lips. I smirked. What gives, the female bodybuilder can dish it out but she can’t take it? I was going to have so much fun with her. I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, yanking her head back. Then, I thrust my cock deeply into her asshole. She grunted as I began fucking her ass. Her ass Escort Ümraniye felt tight, tighter than any I’d ever felt. I don’t know if it’s because she worked out so much or if it was because of something else. Oh, well. Anal oddity or not, I was going to have myself some fun. I fucked her hard, sliding my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Alicia screamed, and it was music to my ears. Brittany and Miranda laughed, chiding her. Yeah, I guess they too could see that Alicia could dish it out but she couldn’t take it. I had my fun with her, fucking her from the back for a while before trying something else. I flipped her on her back, wanting to look into her face while fucking her in the ass. In this position, I could fuck her easier. Alicia’s eyes were wide as saucers as I continued to drill my cock into her butt hole in this new position. It was really hot. She was screaming and cursing, and I was smirking like hell’s favorite clown. After a while, her screams changed tenor. Yeah, she was starting to get the gist of it. Kicking back and relaxing in order to enjoy herself. I looked into her eyes, and that’s when I saw it. By it I meant the look of surrender an experienced master or mistress can bring out of any natural submissive. Alicia loved the cock in her ass, though admitting it might be beyond her. I could tell that she liked it. I slammed into her, harder and deeper than ever before. I went balls deep. The ear-shattering scream which escaped those succulent lips of hers was music more wondrous than any orchestra on earth could compose. It turned me on so much that I came right then and there, sending my hot masculine seed deep down where the sun didn’t shine. Triumphant, I shouted victoriously. Brittany and Miranda clapped, thrilled by my performance. I nodded gracefully.

A little while later, I went into the shower with the three of them. Miranda and Brittany were chatting away happily, buzzing about how much fun they had, both fucking with and watching me. I smiled, but my gaze was focused on Alicia. She looked at me strangely. There was something odd in her gaze. An expression that was somewhere between shock and awe. She told me that no man had ever taken her the way I had. I nodded. I keep hearing that all the time. I’m a versatile lover. I can switch back and forth in style and sexual performance. From gruff and domineering to playfully aggressive or even submissive. I just roll with the punches. She smiled, and told me that she admired that. She had a submissive streak which she desperately tried to hide. I wasn’t surprised by this. The more dominant someone appears to be, whether in appearance or profession, the bigger their submissive streak. Trust me, I know. I’m the gruffest and meanest player on a Men’s Rugby team. Before she left, Alicia slipped me her card. She wanted to see me a few other times. Then, she and Miranda got on their way. Brittany and I watched them leave. Then, giggling, we went back into her bedroom for another session of no holds-barred kinky sex. You know how we do it! And this, folks, is how I spent my summer vacation.

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Black Male Superiority

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Anal Beads

Ivan David Cruz is the name. A six-foot-six, good-looking, lean and rugged young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. This right here is my tale of having some wicked fun at the expense of unsuspecting others. I’ve often been told that I got absolutely no conscience and the city is my playground. Maybe there is something to that. All I know is that I’m different. There is a void deep within myself which can never be filled. The only way to make the hole inside of me a little smaller is to hurt someone else. Especially a trusting, decent person. Or someone wicked like myself. Whatever. Either way, I get to have my fun.

Right now, I’m having some fun with a six-foot-tall, heavyset and big-bottomed, blonde-haired young Irishwoman named Barbara O’Donnell. She’s a student at Pine Manor College. We met while she was visiting my campus, Bay State College in downtown Boston. Barbara is one of my playthings. She’s one of those high-society white chicks who openly date their white male peers yet secretly have a fetish for black males. She’s what I call a hypocrite. For some reason, that’s the only kind of female I seem to attract. Makes me wonder if that’s the only kind of woman there is in this world. I don’t much care one way or the other. She and all others like her mean absolutely nothing to me. Pussy is pussy, know what I mean?

I’m sitting on a couch inside Barbara’s dorm. She kneels before me and sucks on my ten inches of hard and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Watching this plump white heifer sucking my black rod was okay, I guess. I had a cigar in one hand and tried to listen to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams playing in the background instead of the slurping sounds Barbara made as she sucked my dick. Sometimes, I wonder why I do this. Hook up with the likes of her. Maltepe Escort Lots of black guys like to fuck blonde-haired white females like Barbara O’Donnell. I guess it’s because they’re the forbidden fruit. Might have something to do with it.

Barbara O’Donnell wasn’t a very good cock sucker. I know plenty of black and Hispanic chicks from the hood who could do a much better job giving a guy a blowjob. But whatever. Novelty is a fun thing to explore once in a while. Barbara fondled my balls while sucking my dick. Again, she wasn’t very good at it but she gets an A for effort. When I came, she eagerly drank my seed. I sometimes wonder what goes through the heads of these white females who seem to collect black male lovers like toothbrushes. Good-looking young black men who are well-endowed and know how to rock a woman’s world in bed. Maybe it’s the novelty thing for them too. They will never introduce the black man to their parents and family members as their boyfriend but they will sleep with him on the side and brag about it to their curious girlfriends. Kind of like a trip on the Superman Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. Whatever.

Why do I live this way? I couldn’t explain it to you even if I tried. After Barbara gets done sucking my dick, I put her on all fours and start pounding that pussy of hers. This big white woman has a wide-set vagina seemingly designed to take giant dicks. While I drill my cock into her pussy, Barbara squeals in delight and urges me to give her some of that big black cock. That’s all I am to her. A black man with a big dick. So much for women always saying that they feel objectified. They turn around and do the same thing to the men in their lives. Men talk about women’s big breasts and big butts. Women talk about men’s Maltepe Escort Bayan big dicks and sexual prowess. Both sexes are intensely hypocritical. It’s just the way we are.

As I slam my cock into Barbara’s pussy and listen to her delighted screams, I shake my head. To be honest, if I could feel shame, I’d be ashamed of what I was doing. Banging the living daylights out of a rich white slut who came to me specifically for some rough sex. She’s heard all about the sexual powers of black males from her girlfriends at Pine Manor College and she wanted to try one for herself. I’m putting on a show and like any good actor, I don’t want to disappoint. I grab a handful of Barbara’s long blonde hair, yanking her head backwards while fucking the hell out of her pussy. I play the part of the sex freak to the ultimate. I am really tearing into her and she’s loving every damn minute of it.

I am simply honest enough to admit to myself that I am what I am. And maybe someday I will understand why I do the things that I do. I sleep with people I absolutely don’t like. Women I find despicable and men I find repulsive. Last week, I hooked up with this white guy named Devin Stronghold from Northeastern University. A short, red-haired white guy originally from the town of Carver, Massachusetts. He really has a thing for tall, powerfully built black men like myself and I guess when we ran into each other, he thought he was in luck. We had some fun together. What’s the difference between sleeping with a man and sleeping with a woman? No big difference, really. I don’t give a damn what color or gender they are. A hole is a hole, if you kind folks can catch my drift.

Barbara and I try something a little different after I’ve been tapping her pussy for a while. I spread her Escort Maltepe plump ass cheeks and smear some lube against her crack. She tells me that she’s not usually into anal sex but tonight she was feeling especially freaky. I’m down with that. As I slide my cock into the big white woman’s asshole and she starts to squeal, I can’t help but remember what I did to Devin. Just like I’m sodomizing Barbara, ramming my cock into her asshole, I fucked Devin like gay sex was going out of style. I had the white dude on all fours and fucked him in the ass like he was my own personal bitch. Devin was a real screamer too. I think he even cried while I stretched his asshole from a tight to a wide receiver. What can I say? I like making white guys and white chicks scream while I fuck them in the ass.

I sigh, and focus on the task at hand. Watching Barbara’s huge ass cheeks jiggle as I rammed my dick into her asshole got my cock even harder. She gave as good as she got, folks. The plump white chick was no stranger to butt fucking. She backed up her big ass, driving my dick deeper into her hole. I think we got a live one here, folks. Happily, I held her hips and slammed my dick deeper into her butt hole. I fucked her hard, going into the depths of her ass until I just about hit bottom. Women don’t have a prostate, unlike men. When I’m doing anal with them, it feels different. Not better or worse, just different. Sex is sex, folks. I do it with anyone who’s willing. I don’t know why everyone is tripping over questions of race, sexual orientation and gender. Life would be much better if anyone simply fucked anyone who consented.

After Barbara and I got done with our little backdoor fun, we parted ways. Just two consenting adults having fun. No fuss. No big deal. I left her dorm, and drove back to Bay State College. Spring Break 2009 was in the air and I was going to Atlanta with some friends. I couldn’t leave Barbara without saying goodbye. Thus, I sent her parents a fun little holiday package. Pictures of us having sex together. I hope they enjoyed them. Anyhow, I got to jet. Have a nice day!

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Tales of a Bisexual CIA Agent 02

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Clean Pussy

I got a secure message from Director Miller, asking me to come to the secure facility in New York City to debrief in detail on the previous mission and to discuss my next mission. After our debrief on the last mission, we Welsh Spies went back to Director Miller’s suite at the Willard, drank more Jameson, smoked pot and fucked each other for an hour. I stayed with him. We were like drunk, stoned zombies who just collapsed into bed, naked and sweaty. The other men paired off and went back to other rooms.

The next day, we had another pot, Manhattans and spit roasting party in Director Miller’s suite. After, I drove home.

We then discussed the next mission. He passed the manila envelope, “Open this and read it when you get home.”

I asked, winking, “Tell me about my targets.”

He laughed and said, “They deal drugs and run a high-end prostitution ring pimping out men to rich people, men and women, headquartered in Baltimore, with easy access to DC, Philadelphia and New York. Both have thick 11 inch uncut cocks, are extremely aggressive and are HIV negative. Again, very, very hot. When you, Jones and Baker check in to the hotel, Agent Baker will give you the details on how to get on his radar.

They will pay you, but you cannot keep that money. You will return it to us. Give it to Baker, who had a locking cash bag to store it in. He will hold it and it be put in a fund with other confiscated funds. We also suspect that they distribute drugs to his clients. Not sure if he is selling them or just giving them to them. Keep an eye out for that. We are also interested in knowing his source for those drugs. As they maintain a cash-only business, it’s likely a cover for money laundering.”

“His name is Walter Benning and his boyfriend’s name is Samuel Caldwell. Walter is the dangerous one. Walter will probably audition you and Jones like I did with Samuel participating. You’ll do well. It’s important he adds you and Jones to his group of male prostitutes.”

“Like Harland and Steven, they are bisexual, like to dominate, then, eventually will submit. Their photos are in your packet. I totally trust that you, Baker and Jones are going to get the intelligence to help the FBI bring them down.”

“Good thing Jones and I like having sex with women.”

“Yes, I was aware of that, of course. I’ve assigned you two BMW’s as they only pimp out high-class prostitutes. Be prepared for him to pimp you two out to both men and women and likely together. We need to get the identities of his clients, a better understand his drug operations, and determine where there is crossover.”

“Fuck, that sounds hot. We’ll let him know that Jones and I very good fucking men and women at the same time. Now, that business is out of the way, want to play?”

He smiled and dropped his pants. I got undressed and dropped to my knees. He stroked his cock smiling down at me. After I sucked him, he fucked my ass really slowly. He pulled out and handed his condom to me and got on his knees, head back, mouth open, tongue out. I poured his own semen down his throat, then throat fucked him slowly, us locking eyes. He flexed his throat and got a big load out of me.

He stood up, bent over. I got on my knees, spread his tight, hairless ass cheeks and licked his asshole. He groaned and pushed his ass back on my tongue. I used my pointer and middle fingers to open up his anus and stuck my tongue in it. He groaned and implored, “Agent Roberts, fuck me hard!”

I stood up, put lube on his tight hole, fingered it and slowly inserted my cock. I held his hips and slowly fucked his ass, us groaning. He flexed his ass muscles, I grunted, my cock throbbed and shot up his ass.

With my cock still up his ass, I leaned over, licked the inside of his hear and whispered, “See, your Welsh American honey pot has learned well. I look forward to working with the old team to rid this country of another hot, hung, aggressive monster. Now, on your knees!”

When I left, he handed me another manila envelope instructing me not to open it until I was home. When I got home I opened it:

Agent Roberts,

Thank you for your continuing service to the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

For this mission, the CIA will:

•Provide you with a new vehicle: a black BMW. The mission will be run out of the hotel the targets operate out of the Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor. Drive there, park your car and use the BMW, if needed, during this mission. Like last time, the following will be in the car, in a locked case:

-A new identity, including all necessary documentation

-A new, secure cell phone, laptop and tablet

-A completely new wardrobe appropriate to your mission

-The entire file we have on Walter Benning and his boyfriend, Samuel Caldwell

•Deposit one million dollars USD into the secure account we informed you of under other cover. The account information will be sent to your new secure phone.

Your mission begins on November 14th. We’ve made reservation İstanbul Escort for you at the Hyatt. Agents Jones and Baker are staying there, too, and are assigned to this mission. Agent Baker will call you tomorrow to provide more information. Most of your work will probably be done at that hotel, although he may entertain clients elsewhere.

May God watch over you while you execute your mission on behalf of the United States of America,

In Peace,

Agent Miller

Director of the Welsh Spies

United States Central Intelligence Agency

p.s. Please destroy this letter. It will disintegrate when you douse it with water.

The next day, Baker called, “We’ve booked rooms for you, me and Jones at the Hyatt Place Baltimore Inner Harbor, where Walter and Samuel have a penthouse suite, from tomorrow night for a week. The BMW will be in the hotel garage as well as a parking place for your car. Your wardrobe for this mission will be in the closet in your suite.”

“Check in by 3:00 and come to my room at 5:00. I’ll put the bugs on you and discuss the mission.”

I drove there, parked in the garage and checked in. A really, really hot Latino guy took my luggage up to my room. We were checking each other out in the elevator. He put my luggage on the luggage rack in my room and stood there, smiling, with his hands crossed over his crotch. I walked up, kissed his lips and dropped to my knees. I undid his belt, then pants. I pulled them down as he unbuttoned his shirt. I could see his huge cock down his thigh of his Tommy Johns.

I pulled them down and his thick, dripping, 10 inch uncut cock sprung up. I looked up at him, licked the precum off his cock head, making him groan. I opened my mouth wide. He put a hand on the back of my head and one under my chin and slid his cock down my throat.

I closed my lips around it, applied suction and flexed my throat. He groaned and started piston-fucking my throat. I looked up into his beautiful, big brown eyes. They rolled back, he grunted, his cock throbbed, and I swallowed his huge load.

I got up, stripped, put my hands on the bed, spread my legs and stuck out my ass. He said, “Thank you, Papi, for your throat. I hope you enjoy my cock up your ass as much.” I felt him spread my ass cheeks and licked my asshole.

I groaned. “Fuck, me!”

He stood up, put lube on my ass and shoved it all the way up my ass. He held my hips and piston-fucked my ass. “Fuck, Papi, your ass is as tight and hot as your throat!” I flexed my ass muscles, making him grunt. I stood up. He wrapped his arms around my chest and started fucking hard up into my ass. I felt his breath on my neck. He grunted, shoved it all the way up. I felt the whole length of his cock throb up my ass and every spurt of his semen shoot up my ass into his condom.

He pulled out. I turned around. He poured his own semen into his mouth and looked down at me. He smacked my face with his huge cock, getting it hard and dripping. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He slapped my tongue a few times, clearly challenging me. I went all the way down on him. I bobbed up and down his cock, stroking his foreskin up and down. I pulled up with his cock head in my mouth and swirled my tongue under his foreskin around his cock head.

“Fuck, Papi. I’m going to fill your hot mouth with my sweet semen. Don’t swallow it until I tell you to.” He shot in my mouth and pulled out. I kept my lips wrapped around his cock so none of his Latino semen dripped out. It tasted so good.

He bent over, spread his legs, stuck his ass out and said, “Lube my ass with my semen and fuck me!” I dripped his semen down his ass crack, put on a condom and fingered him. He groaned and spread his legs farther. I shoved my cock up his ass. He arched his back and pushed his ass down on my cock. I just stood there as he pushed and pulled his tight ass up and down my cock.

I grabbed his hips, shoved it all the way up, making him put his head down, as I shot up his ass into my condom. I pulled out and told him to fuck my throat. I poured my own semen down my throat and opened my mouth wide. He put a hand on the back of my head, the other under my chin and piston-fucked another load down my throat.

I asked him what his name was. He kissed me and said “Luis. Goodbye, Papi. You are so hot!”

Baker texted me his room number and I went there at 5:00. Jones was already there.

“Walter and Samuel go to the bar in the restaurant at 8:00 to scope out hot men and invite them up to their room promising group sex. They thrive on flattery. Stay in your rooms. We’ll have four agents sitting at the bar. When they see them come in, the middle two will get up and leave. I’ll call you two to let you know it’s time to go down to the bar.”

“The other two will leave when you walk up and you two will sit down next to them. Introduce yourselves. Put on the gay and flatter them. He’ll steer the conversation toward having sex with you. If he İstanbul Escort Bayan asked if you have sex with men and women, say yes. Flatter him and he’s sure to invite you two up to their suite. It is crucial that you prove that you would make them lots of money as male prostitutes.”

“We have bugged and placed cameras in our rooms and their suite. We did a sweep of their suite to ensure they did not install surveillance devices that could gather information detrimental to us. Our bugs actually block all other signals, so if they installed some after we swept the rooms, we’re safe. I’ve turned them off in here. Did you two hook up with your bellboys?”

“Yes, I hooked up with a hot Latino, Luis, aggressive with a thick, 10-inch uncut cock. It was very, very hot, especially when he let me fuck his ass and throat. Big shooter!”

Jones, “Yes, I hooked up with a hot Italian American man, Salvatore, aggressive with a thick, 10-inch uncut cock. Same a Roberts’ experience with his Latino stud.”

Baker, “Interesting, I hooked up with a hot black man, Spencer, also aggressive with a thick, 11-inch uncut cock. My guess is they work for Walter and were scoping us out. It was very, very hot sex! I could have his cock up my ass forever!”

“How hot would it be to get all six of us together?” They both smiled and nodded.

Baker, “Men, back to the mission. Time to place the bugs on you. Undress, please.” We all got undressed and Baker placed the bugs. We all got hard seeing each other and remembering the last time the three of us got together. “Men, now for fun.”

“Baker, my ass. Jones, my throat.” I got on all fours on the bed. Baker got behind me on his knees, lubed and fingered my ass. Jones got in front of on his knees. They both slid their cocks in me at the same time. They groaned as they slowly fucked me from both ends. I flexed my ass and throat muscles. They groaned more and sped up. They grunted as their cocks throbbed. I swallowed Baker’s condom semen.

Jones cried out, “I’ve missed this throat!”

Baker, “I’ve missed this ass! Me next!” We spit roasted his hot, tight holes. Then, Jones’.

Baker, “That was great. You should go back to your rooms and rest up. I anticipate you two getting a true sexual workout tonight. Let’s have dinner at 6:30. That gives you two time to digest before you hit the bar to lure in Walter and Samuel.”

I went back to my room and took a nap, showered, dressed and went down to the restaurant. Jones and I ate light meals. I went back to my room to brush my teeth and digest. I texted Jones to meet in the lobby at 7:45. We met and went to the bar. When we walked in, two men got up and we sat down. Jones and I caught up on our lives since or last mission. We did not speak with the agents seated next to us.

Right at 8:00, Walter and Samuel walked in and the two agents left. Walter sat next to me and Samuel sat next to Jones. They were truly, truly hot. I introduced us to them. “Hi, I’m Finn and that is my friend, Declan. Do you two come here often?”

Walter responded, “I’m Walter and this is my boyfriends, Samuel. I don’t think we expected to end up sitting next to and chatting with such hot men. After our drinks, would you two be interested in coming up to my penthouse suite (putting his hand on my cock down my pant leg) for a little post-drink fun?”

“Yes, that would be great.” We finished our drinks. Walter told the bartender to put it on his tab. We got up, walked to an elevator just for the penthouse. It opened and we got in. Jones and I faced them and rubbed their crotches.

Walter said, “Fuck, Sammy, seems like we are going to have a really, really good evening.”

The elevator arrived at their floor. We got out and entered the living room. Walter told us to go in the bathroom and clean ourselves out with the enemas. “You need nice clean asses. They are going to get a lot of use this evening. You need to do that every time before you entertain my guests. Then, come into the bedroom and get to work.”

“When I am entertaining guests, you men will be referred to as “Boys,” the male guests will be referred to as “Gentlemen,” and the ladies as “Ladies”. No using names, ever, except me referring to Sammy. You will refer to me as “Sir”. If I want one or more of you to do something, I’ll point to you.” We went into the bathroom, undressed, flushed our asses out and walked into the bedroom naked. There were two very hot white women naked on the bed.

“Sir, why don’t we eat out this beautiful ladies while you two studs fuck our tight, clean asses?”

“Fuck, yeah! Let’s get this party going.” They undressed. Their bodies were amazing. Jones and I put pillows under the women’s lower backs, bent over and started eating them out and rubbing their nipples, making them groan. Walter and Samuel put on condoms, lubed and fingered our asses and piston-fucked us, pushing our faces and tongues down into the women’s pussies, making them groan more.

Both women put their Escort İstanbul hands on our heads and guided us to where they wanted us to lick them. I pulled off her for a second and said, “This is so hot, I’m about to cum.” Walter reached under me, still fucking my ass and caught my load. I heard him eat it. Samuel did the same thing with Jones. Walter and Samuel sped up, pushing our tongues into the women, who both arched their backs, yelled out and came on our tongues just as Walter and Samuel grunted and shot up our asses with their huge, throbbing cocks.

Walter and Samuel pulled out. “Fuck, you two are hot doggies. Drink our semen to lubricate your throats so you can swallow our 11-inch pythons!” Jones and I looked at each other, smiled and got on our knees and shins, bent back our head, opened our mouth and stuck out our tongues and wagged them. “Fuck, Sammy! Look our hot little Cock Slaves are hungry for our semen and cocks.”

After pouring their huge loads of hot semen down our throats, both pushed our heads down and, putting one hand on the back of our heads and the other under our chins, throat fucked us hard. “Your throats are as hot and tight as your asses!” Their huge cocks throbbed in our throats, they grunted and fed us more of their hot semen. Walter said, “Ladies, sit on their cocks and suck ours.” Jones and I handed them open condoms and got on our backs on the bed.

“Put these on our cocks with your mouths, please.” They swallowed our cocks in one gulp, came up with our cocks hard and with the condoms on. “Please sit on our cocks facing away from us.” Walter and Samuel got up on the bed, put their hands on the back of the women’s heads and throat fucked them as they bobbed up and down on our cocks.

Jones, I, Walter and Samuel groaned and groaned. We all grunted and shot. I could see the women pull off Walter and Samuel, then off us. They got on their backs with their heads bent back over the edge of the bed and Jones and I fed them our condom semen, then throat fucked then while we sucked off Walter and Samuel.

After we all came and swallowed, Walter said, “Ladies, thank you. Time to go. Sammy, take care of them. You two, stay.”

“Men, I hope you enjoyed Luis and Salvatore? They work for me. They were testing you out to determine you levels of sexual skills. I tested you tonight to see if you can also service women well. I have a proposition for you. The ladies you just used are clients. I provide sexual services to wealthy people, mainly operating out of this hotel. I only employ male prostitutes and pay two thousand dollars and hour. Interested?”

Jones, “Yes.”

Me, “Yes. What do we need to do?”

Walter, “Do you live here? And are you free whenever I need you?”

Me, “I live outside Baltimore. Yes, I am free whenever.”

Jones, “Me, too.”

Walter, “Great. We are going to make a lot of money together. I’m glad you are as good with women as you are with men. You two are very hot and talented.”

Me, “You and Samuel are very hot, too. Why don’t you get Luis and Salvatore, or Spencer, up here so we can spit roast each other?”

Walter, “OK, I don’t have any clients lined up. I want to see how you two handle four hot, hung, aggressive men. Sammy, get Luis and Spencer up here, now.”

“Yes, sir.” In 5 minutes, they walked in the bedroom and took off their clothes. Spencer was very hot with a thick, 11-inch uncut cock.

Walter, “Finn and Declan, on all fours on the floor. Spencer and Luis, take their asses while Sammy and I take their throats. Let’s see if they can handle getting fucked by our huge cocks from both ends. Go slowly.”

Spencer took my ass. He lubed it, fingered it and shoved his cock up it as Walter shoved his 11 inched down my throat. Just before Walter impaled my face on his cock, I groaned loudly and watched as Luis put his up Jones’ ass while Samuel filled his throat with his thick cock. They groaned and groaned as they slowly fucked us from both ends. I loved it and was sure Jones was, too. I felt every inch of those 22 inches sliding past my tonsils and sphincter.

Walter commanded, “Men, time to pump these boys full of our semen. Fuck them hard!”

They did. It felt amazing to get piston-fucked by them now that I was used to their cocks. I heard them French kissing. They sped up even more. I flexed my throat and ass muscles. Walter cried out, “Finn, keep doing that with your ass and throat muscles. Declan, flex them and milk the semen out of Luis’ and Sammy’s huge cocks!” I felt their pythons throb and felt every spurt of their hot semen go up my ass into Spencer’s condom and down my throat.

Walter slapped my face cheeks, “Keep my cock in your throat, boy!”

Spencer slapped my ass cheeks, “I’m going to pull out now, boy. Walter, let’s switch.”

“No, we’ll take Declan, and they can take Finn. I’ll take his ass, you his throat. Luis and Sammy, figure out which end of Finn you want.

Luis, “I’ve had both ends of him several times. I’ll take his ass. Sammy, wait until I have my cock up his ass before you shove your down his throat so we can hear him groan. He lubed and fingered my ass, making me throw my head back and groan. He shoved it all the way up my ass with one thrust of his hips. I groaned again and pushed my ass back on his cock.

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Evolution of a Whore Pt. 02

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I must have drifted off for a while, but I was awakened by the sound of a door slamming. I still had the taste of my cum in my mouth. My vision was slightly blurred but I could see and hear several men in the room undressing.

I felt hands roughly lift me to a kneeling position.

“On your hands and knees bitch!” said a gruff voice.

A thick cock was shoved in my face and pressed against my lips.

“Time for you to perform slut.”

As the cock pressed into my mouth, I felt the cold lube dripping onto my asshole. As the cock in my mouth reached the back of my throat, another large cock slid into my ass in one motion, burying itself deep into my sore ass. This was far larger than the first cock I had taken earlier and I was filled with both pleasure and pain.

I couldn’t speak as the cock in my mouth began pumping and fucking my face.

I was now experiencing a split roasting, something I had watched many times in porn. My fear was quickly overcome by lust as the cocks found a rhythm, fucking my mouth and ass at the same time. I was lost in ecstasy and lost track of time, not cognizant, but enjoying every minute. I felt the cock in my ass swell, drive deep and shoot a hot stream of cum deep into me. Before I could react the cock in my mouth exploded and poured cum down my throat, and I instinctively swallowed it all.

“Now that’s a good whore, swallow it all.”

Before I could recover, I was picked up off the bed and stood up, face against a wall, cum dripping from my ass and mouth. I felt someone come from behind me and slide a large lubed cock into my empty hole. I could not see around me, but I could feel strong hands grab my hips like a vice, and I was helpless. The cock slid deep inside me, it seemed each new cock was larger than the last, even as my ass continues to stretch to meet the new challenges.

As the cock withdrew, it was pounded back with a force that lifted me off my feet and drove deep, forcing a shriek from my lips. I tried to stand on my tiptoes to ease the pain, but the fucking became more intense. Each thrush seemed to go deeper and lift me off my feet. I would Anadolu Yakası Escort come down just in time to meet the next thrust. It was the most painful and yet, most exciting moment of my life. I never knew anyone could fuck like that; it was pure primal.

The pounding went on forever, but I could feel my cum flowing from my half-erect cock. The thrusting became faster and the final thrust drove me in the air and into the wall and the cock slammed its cum deep inside my gut. When the man withdrew, I slumped to the ground, unable to stand. My legs were weak and shaking as I lay crumpled on the ground with some strangers’ seed leaking from my battered ass.

Two sets of strong hands carried me to the bed, where another man waited with a massive cock pointing straight into the air. I was lowered onto the cock with someone guiding it into my waiting hole. The man on the bed began pumping my ass while another shoved a cock into my mouth. Sucking cock now became an instinct when one was placed in front of me.

A cock was placed in each of my hands and I began stroking them, as it seemed what was expected. The cock was removed from my mouth and the man fucking me grabbed me around the torso and pulled me close to him in a bear hug.

“You’re going to love this whore, or at least we will.”, he laughed.

I felt someone placing lube on my ass and I froze in fear.

“Holy fuck, they’re going to shove another monster in my ass! I can barely handle one.”, my mind screamed.

I tried to squirm and get loose but was pinned down. I felt the head enter me and I screamed. It didn’t matter, it kept going deeper and deeper. My eyes started to roll back into my head and I thought I was going to pass out, I could feel my ass tearing. Finally, both cocks were balls deep in my poor ass and I felt stuffed and stretched.

They began a rhythmic back and forward motion, as one would pull out, one would slide in. The pace started to pick up and I was lost in pain. Soon my pain turned to an uncontrollable desire for more, my cock was limp, but I felt the rush of orgasms.

“Yes, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan yes, fuck me, fuck me!”, as I realized it was my voice screaming.

I was shocked, I didn’t recognize myself anymore, I was some lusty animal craving only more. Their rhythm quickened and cum spewed from my soft cock, I could feel it between my belly and the hairy belly of the bottom man. It oozed and lubricated our friction. I felt like I was on some psychedelic drug, lost in ecstasy. Both men came at the same time, and I orgasmed again, my whole body shaking, no sperm, just a body-shaking orgasm. The men pulled out and rolled me off and I was physically limp.

I thought it was finally over, but I was wrong. I felt two men lift me off the bed and carry me to the center of the room, each one holding me by my thigh and back. I felt someone behind me and I was lowered onto another waiting cock. I then watched someone facing me, and as he pulled close, guided his cock into my already full hole.

I was raised and lowered again and again on both cocks, taking all four men to perform this fucking session. There were not two rhythms this time, both cocks were plunged into me at the same time, deeper each time, stretching my once virgin hole to its limit. The rough fucking continued and I came multiple times as the cocks touched something deep inside me; a magic switch. Finally, both men came deep inside me, letting out guttural grunts.

I was placed on my back on the bed, with my ass on the very edge, good god, what more could they do to me.

“I think he ready for big Mike.”, someone snickered.

Both my legs were held up and apart. As I looked forward, a monster of a man approached. His size was frightening enough, but what hung between his legs brought pure terror. His cock had to be at least a foot long and as thick as my forearm. I tried to break loose from the grip, but it was no use, I was too exhausted and there were too many strong hands holding me down.

I watched in horror as he placed a massive amount of lube on this mutant cock and approached my open hole. Escort Anadolu Yakası As the tip of the head started to enter my ass, I howled in pain, he was splitting me in two. He was slow but did not stop. He continued to push his monster into me. I was in agony as each inch slid in. I could feel him in my stomach as he continued to push into me.

I finally felt his balls against my ass, and I felt more stuffed than after thanksgiving dinner. Then he began to fuck me, in and out. It was unlike anything else I will ever experience. I could not only feel, but I could see the bulge in my stomach as he fucked me. The pain was intense but it came with pleasure that I may never experience again. My cock was limp, but I could see cum pushed out on every thrust. I cannot count the number of times I came, not sperm, but just the orgasmic feeling without ejaculation. I cannot describe the feeling, but I will spend my life trying to experience that sensation again.

When he came, I thought his come would shoot out my mouth, it felt that intense. As he pulled out, I could feel a stream of cum leave my ass, but knew there was more, deeper inside me. I was gently slid to the top of the bed and it was over. I could not move; it was like I’d run two marathons and an iron man competition.

I was waiting to hear the men leave, but instead looked up and found six or seven cocks stroking above me. As I watched in fascination, all the cocks were stroked and then they began to shoot their sperm all over my face. My face, eyes, mouth, cheeks, and hair were all covered in cum from these men. I could taste and smell it all. I lay there, a cum covered whore as the men dressed and eventually left. I drifted off to sleep, having swallowed, been injected, and covered in cum. I had man sperm deep in me and on me.

The next morning, I woke, covered in dry cum. I worked my way to the bathroom and cleaned up, I knew that I’d be leaking cum for days. I also knew my life could never, would never, be the same.

I tried to return to a normal day and check my email. There was an email from the massage company and I assumed it was my receipt. However, when I opened it up, it contained an mp4. I opened the video and saw that it was a recording of the day before. I sat there, stunned, but watched the entire video. I masturbated to it over and over again, cumming several times; it was almost as exciting as the actual event. No, my life would never be the same.

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Birthday Party Weekend

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The Birthday Party Begins.

There I was, standing by the dock of the lake. Writing that now it sounds funny almost song-like, but at the time, I was feeling pretty stupid and a lot sorry for myself. I had just broken off my engagement to a real jerk of a guy and was feeling pretty low, not for being rid of him but because I had just been invited by my friend Sue to come on out to the lake with my fiancée, for a birthday party weekend for our friend Karen.

I had called Sue back to tell her I was not going to come but she wouldn’t hear it.

Sue made it quite clear that I was coming, saying, “what do you mean not come, now you have to come so we can make sure you don’t get drunk and take on the whole basketball squad like you did the last time you were dumped.”

Feeling my cheeks burning red remembering that night, I quickly replied, “Hey, I broke it off this time, he didn’t dump me.”

Nevertheless, Sue wouldn’t take no for an answer and I had to go.

So, there I was waiting for the boat to pick me up and take me to the island where my friends were gathering, not only for a birthday celebration, but to cheer me up and keep me from doing something stupid.

I saw the boat coming towards me, but did not recognize the two people on board, but it was definitely Karen’s boat. The boat pulled up and this very good-looking guy jumped out and tied off the boat.

He walked right up to me and said, “You must be Lynn. I’m Steven, and this is John. Sue asked us to come on over to the mainland and pick you up.”

“How did you know I was Lynn?” I asked rather perplexed.

John quickly spoke and his voice just made me melt, “Karen described you – but you are definitely much prettier in person.”

I blushed I guess, and thanked them. They took my bags, and John helped me into the boat, with one hand on my arm and the other in the small of my back. Just then the boat swayed and I was happy to fall back into John as he grabbed me a little harder to steady me. I was lost in his strong arms. He lifted me up and deposited my in the boat.

Steven handed me a beer saying, “you better finish this one, cause your already 3 behind the other ladies.”

“Thanks for the warning,” I replied. Knowing full well that if Karen and Sue had already downed a six-pack between them, it was going to be a long day.

As I was finishing my beer, I could see the dock ahead and what looked like Karen and Sue waving. As we pulled along side, I noticed that not only were they not alone, there was another guy with them, but more importantly, Karen and Sue were both topless.

Karen has a great body, she is 5’4″ with beautiful green eyes and perfectly formed 38D breasts and she had a gorgeous tan line to boot, that I assumed she was trying to lose now.

Sue on the other hand was about 5’5″ with blond hair and a very nice stomach and a hard firm looking behind. She had been sort of shortchanged in the breast area, but POOF one day she too Pendik Escort had nice firm, high 34C breasts.

Karen, Sue and I had always been friends; there was even a modest rivalry that existed between us. I always wanted Karen’s big breasts, but didn’t want to pay for them, and I always wanted Sue’s natural blond hair, and they both had said how they wished they had my legs and deep blue eyes.

I am 5’7″ will long legs, a nice body smallish breasts 34B, dark blond, OK brunette but sometimes blond, I don’t mind paying for hair coloring just not a nice pair, and the aforementioned blue eyes.

I jumped off the boat, and hugged both Karen and Sue at the same time, wishing Karen a happy birthday. In the meantime, they both were pulling at my top as Sue said, “when in Rome.”

I was a little embarrassed but let Sue help me with my top, after all I didn’t want to feel left out, and I knew from experience they were going to get their way, no matter what.

When my top was finally off, I got a round of applause from the two of them. My face and now my neck turned pink and then almost crimson when I remembered that there were guys there, but as Sue said, “when in Rome.”

I got another beer handed to me and was introduced to Gary. It turned out that Gary was Karen’s current boyfriend, and Steven was Sue’s current boyfriend.

I turned to John and asked, “So who are you here with?”

John quickly replied, “Me? Oh I guess I am here with the lovely lady that blushes so much.”

You can imagine the color of my skin after that remark. But not to be outdone, I walked over to John and quickly tugged at his shirt saying, “I thought there was a rule here? Off with your top too.”

John was quick to oblige and I got a real nice close up of this hard-body as my hands ran up his stomach and chest to help him take off his top.

“It was his time to blush now,” I thought, but I was wrong, it was I who blushed even more just feeling his flat stomach and rippled chest.

The other girls joined in and had their boyfriend’s shirts off too. I was in the middle of a Mr. America competition. Sue snuggled up to Steven and grabbed his arms, saying “Firm arms, I like that.”

Karen not to be outdone grabbed Gary in the crotch and said, “You are so right. Firm is good.”

I looked at John and just smiled. But he walked up to me and putting him mouth to my ear whispered “When in Rome.” and his hands slipped down my back and grabbed my ass, he said “Yup, I have to agree with you all, firm is an understatement.”

I would have normally been really pissed off, but it seemed like it was all in good fun and I really did enjoy the feeling it gave me.

Sue feeling like the party animal she was, just dropped to her knees and lamented to Steven, “How come you aren’t firm in font like Gary?” She nuzzled her face into his crotch and pulled down his shorts to reveal a slightly growing hard on.

“I was hoping you Pendik Escort Bayan would fix that problem for me Sue,” was Steven’s only response.

I stood there and watched as Sue took the growing cock and placed it on her tongue, sliding her tongue over and around his twitching cock. She reached up a hand and started to gently cup his nuts as her mouth slowly started to pull his cock head into her mouth, with her tongue still reaching out under his growing cock and flicking at his cocks underside. I could feel the heat all the way over where I was, and realized that I wasn’t the only one that felt the heat. John was starting to breath heavy right behind me and I could feel his hands touching my arms, sort of holding on to me.

I looked over to Karen and Gary and saw Gary standing right behind her with his hands rubbing and pulling on Karen’s nipples making them stand even more erect. Gary was nibbling Karen’s neck and I could see him moving back and forth slowly grinding into her backside.

My attention diverted back to Sue and I could see that she had taken Steven’s cock further into her mouth and was slowly sliding on and off of his dick. She had a good rhythm going and I could see the saliva building up on her tongue and his cock making the piston action really hot. Steven’s hands were holding on to Sue’s head and he started to fuck her mouth while she cupped his balls.

Steven blurted out, “Oh yes, that feels so good, don’t stop.”

Sue didn’t look like she was going to stop anytime soon, in fact, one of her hands slid up and behind his balls and started to push in on his asshole. Her hand was so wet from the combination of pre-cum and spit that dribbled off of his cock and onto his balls, that she had no trouble at all in getting a finger into his ass.

Steven grunted and tried to speak but all that he could say was, “Oh, cum, I’m now, cum, oh,” as I saw Sue slam her finger into his ass hard as she rammed her face all the way down onto his cock, sucking in the entire shaft right down to his pubes.

Sue pulled back on his cock and I watched as his cum covered dick glistened in the air. His cock was still hard as a rock and throbbing in mid air. Sue pulled her finger out of his ass and Steven started to squirt all over again and shot his cum all over Sue’s face, as she giggled and rubbed in into her face and down onto her breasts.

I stood there breathing heavy, not even aware that John had started to rub his hands over my belly and onto my breasts. At the sight of Steven shooting his load I was mesmerized and stared until my attentions were drawn to Karen who was now naked and bent over the picnic table on the dock as Gary’s face was buried deep in Karen’s crack.

I heard squishing sounds as I could barely make out Gary’s fingers slipping in and out of Karen’s pussy. I looked down and saw that Gary was naked as well and he was hung. He had the largest dick I had ever seen in my life. It was Escort Pendik at least 10 inches long and was very wide.

Karen let out a scream, and begged, “fuck me, please give it too me now, fuck me hard.” They had obviously been going at it the whole time that Sue was sucking off Steven.

I closed my eyes for a moment as I felt the tingling in my pussy and once again realized that the additional reason for my warm feeling was John as he was moving his hand down to my pussy and was rubbing the outside while his other hand was tweaking at my nipple.

Not wanting this feeling to stop, I slowly opened my eyes just in time to see Gary’s monster cock positioned right at Karen’s pussy. I held my breath as I watched and felt myself that large cock sliding into Karen’s pussy. In my case it was John’s finger slipping off my lips and finding its way inside my pussy.

“Oh, yes,” both Karen and I said almost at the same time.

I felt John’s finger rubbing at the top of my slit in time with Gary sliding back and forth into Karen. I felt my nipple being pinched harder as I saw Gary’s hand slapping at Karen’s ass. I felt a hard cock pushing up against me as I took in the whole wonderful sight in front of me.

I saw Karen arch her back and swore out, “Fuck me harder, oh fuck me, I want to cum on your cock, your cock is so good.”

This egged Gary and John on even more as I melted back into Johns body as I could see Gary ramming in and out of Karen. I saw Gary tense up as I too felt a wave of pleasure rush over me.

I screamed out, “Harder, fuck her harder, yes, yes like that,” relieved that John could tell I meant for him to finger me harder as well. I was so happy when I felt John’s fingers move quicker in and out of me and over my clit as I watched the hard fucking in front of me.

I looked ahead as Karen began screaming, “Yes, I’m Cumming, yes, shoot it on my ass, please.” Gary pulled out of Karen and slipped his cock up and between Karen’s ass cheeks as he let out a low grunt that I could feel from where I was and I saw gobs and gobs of cum come sailing out of his throbbing hard cock and land over Karen’s ass and back.

Just then I felt a tidal wave come crashing down on me as I too started to cum. I folded up and fell to the deck of the dock and just rocked myself back and forth feeling the rush come over me.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, probably only a few seconds, but when I looked up, there was John with his hard cock in his hand, rubbing it back and forth with the lubrication from my pussy.

I looked up at him, smiled remembering what he had done to me, and how excited I had become when watching my friends get cum shot on them and, I begged him, “please, cum on me, I want to feel you cum on me.”

That was what did it for him, because in two more strokes, John was shooting his cum onto my tits. I felt each glob of cum hit me and it felt like I was being washed over in another tidal wave that would not end.

When I woke up, I was in the house, by the fire with everyone else sitting down sipping wine. Karen had my head in her lap stroking my arms and said, “Welcome to my Birthday Party Weekend.”

But that is another story for another time. Tell me what you think of this one.

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Jessica’s Fun

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Jessica starts her day by taking a long hot shower. She shaves her legs and her pink pussy lips. She then washes her long dark brown hair and pins it up before she moves to washing the rest of her body. She slowly lathers up her body from her head to painted red toes making sure to wash every inch of her body along the way. Slowly she brushes against her soft pink nipples with the sponge and rubs them softly.

Once Jessica finishes in the shower she leans over and grabs a towel off the rack to wrap around her wet body. She then moves to wipe off the mirror and looks at her reflection. She brushes her long hair and lets it down while it dries.

Jessica then washes her face, puts in her contacts and does her makeup for the day. She starts with a nice smoky eye that makes her green eyes pop, and finishes with a bright red lip stain for her full lips.

Now she moves to her bedroom looking through her drawers to find something to wear. Jessica drops her towel and slips into a black lace thong and matching push up bra. The thong hugs her ass nicely and gives it great shape. The bra pushes up her c cup breasts and makes them look extra perky. Jessica watches and admires the way her pale skin pops from the black color.

She then finds her dark blue skinny jeans and slide them over her firm ass. Then she pulls on a low cut top and finishes the outfit with a sweater that ties under her breasts. She slips on her boots and heads out to do some shopping.

After a long day of shopping and visiting with some friends for a causal dinner, Jessica finally arrives home and gets all the groceries put away.

She thinks to herself, ‘I think I want to head to the club tonight and see if I can bring home anything new to play with.’ She smiles to herself in her full length Kadıköy Escort mirror.

So Jessica strips down to her bra and panties and admires her curvy body in the mirror. She massages her breasts through her bra, gliding her fingertips across her pale milky flesh.

She reaches behind her and unclasps her bra and lets it fall to the floor. Her full tits jiggle and bounce as they are set free. She slides both hands across her breasts and kneads them in her hands. Then she takes her right nipple between her fingers and tugs and twists it. A moan escapes Jessica’s lips as she watches herself in the mirror.

Jessica then takes her left breast and lifts it to her lips. She wraps her red lips around her hardening nipple and gently sucks on it while she continues to play with the right nipple with her fingers.

She moves over to the bed and before she sits down, Jessica pulls down her thong so she is now standing naked in front of her mirror. She pauses to admire her naked reflection staring back at her. Then she slowly slides herself onto her king size bed and lays back.

Jessica moves her right hand back to her hard pink nipples and her left hand glides along her tummy to her belly button. She makes circles around her belly button that causes her to shiver in delight.

In her mind, all Jessica can think about is having a man sitting there in front of her as she pleasures herself. His hard cock in his hand slowly stroking.

Jessica’s left hand continues its path to her pussy lips. She spreads her legs and looks in the mirror. Her pussy lips are glistening with her juices. She takes a finger and presses it between her pussy lips and brings it up to her other lips to get a taste. A moan escapes her lips again as she tastes Kadıköy Escort Bayan herself on her finger.

Jessica moves both of her hands back down to her wet pussy. Both her feet up on the bed on either side of her keeping her legs spread open. Her left hand opens her wet lips and her right hand slowly teases her clit.

Jessica’s moans fill the room as she teases and plays with her clit, bringing much needed pleasure to her body. One finger dips into her pussy as her other hand continues to press her clit.

She teases her clit with her fingertip as she finds her G spot inside her dripping pussy. She presses against it and it sends her through waves of want.

Jessica continues to tease herself and tries to hold back as long as possible, but she can’t want any longer and gives into her lust. Her hips buck as waves of her first orgasm come crashing down on her.

She doesn’t let up as her first orgasm hits. She slides another finger into her pussy and finger fucks herself faster with need. Her chest is heaving as she continues to pleasure her body.

Just as the pressure is building again, Jessica removes her fingers from her pussy and rubs faster on her clit. She screams out as she starts cumming and squirting all over her bed. But she’s not done yet, she fucks her pussy again with more force, hitting her G spot every time and pressing that button that sends shock waves through her entire body.

Jessica is squirming all over the bed as orgasm after orgasm continues to pleasure her entire body. She moans out in ecstasy as she squirts again. Her body jerks with every touch to her now very sensitive clit.

Jessica is now just laying on her bed trying to catch her breath. Her chest heaving as she moves her hands Escort Kadıköy back up to play with her sensitive nipples some more.

Once she has calmed down a bit, Jessica gets out of bed and plugs something into the wall. Then she goes to her drawer and pulls out one of her favorite toys. Her magic wand. She then sits back on the bed with her back against her pillows.

Jessica uncrosses her legs and rubs the wand along her slit, getting it wet. Her moans filling the room again as she switches the wand on. She presses it against her hard clit and cums again in an instant.

Her hand moves up and twists and pulls at her nipples while she continues her pleasure on her needy pussy. Jessica’s nipples are like pebbles now as she pinches and plays with them.

Jessica keeps her wand on her sensitive clit and she slides her fingers back into her tight pussy. She can barely touch her clit anymore but she needs to cum again, however she can. Her body is begging to be touched and thrown into ecstasy one more time.

She works her fingers inside and her wand on her clit. She is breathing heavy again and moaning out loud.

“Please fuck me,” she says to an empty room.

Jessica can’t hold back. She knows this is going to be a big climax and she pushes fast and hard for it. Her hand slides out of her pussy and up to her nipples as the wand pressed against her clit sends her over the edge.

She screams and yells as her pussy contracts and her clit can no longer take the pressure from the wand. Her pussy squirting across the room and soaking her bed even further.

Jessica lays there panting and her pussy still in contractions. Her breath slows and she decides to skip the club tonight, she already had her fun.

She strips the sheets off the bed and puts a dry blanket down. Then she grabs another and curls up and falls fast asleep, her nipples still hard as pebbles and her clit and pussy still contracting.

Jessica has no idea I am here, watching her every move. That her mirror isn’t just a mirror. Maybe next playtime I’ll come out and play, too.

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Santa Cums Once a Year

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I love Christmas. When I hear the sound of carols being sung or see the Christmas trees lit up in peoples’ windows, the spicy smell of mince pies wafting out from the bakers ovens, see the grottos being set up in the town centers; I give a little smile to myself and remember!

It all began in November in the year of 1997. I was sitting alone in my bedsit watching the typical English weather throwing its driving rain against my window, knowing that this will be another Christmas I would be spending alone. Eighteen years old, no job, no family to speak of and even worse – no man! Pathetic.

My one Christmas wish would have been to find that special one who would take my virginity. Now don’t get me wrong. I was not naïve. I knew the basics; knew what to do. I had fumbled around with young lads but it had never gone very far.

A notice jumped out at me from the paper I was reading. “WANTED YOUNG LADY TO WORK IN SANTAS GROTTO LAPLAND” I picked up the phone and dialed.

Two days later found me boarding a plane. My adventure had begun! As we flew over the snow-covered mountains a little flicker of doubt entered my mind. Was I doing the right thing?

As I entered the arrivals lounge of the airport I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had spotted an Elf! He held up a sign which had my name on it – ‘Christabel.’ Forcing back a giggle, I made my way across, taking in the sight of him as I went. He was a small man – about four and a half feet tall but he was all man. I could see the muscular outline of his body straining against the tightness of his little green suit. ‘Not a bad start,’ I thought to myself. I am only five feet tall so I was not going to dismiss a man because of his size!

We left the building and I spotted the carriage we were to go in. It was drawn by two reindeers and there was an identical elf holding the reins. I felt two small hands cup the cheeks of my bottom, and a little push. I settled myself into the seat and they climbed up and sat either side of me introducing themselves as Rory and Ross. I could smell their manly odor as their bodies pressed against me. A shudder ran through me. ‘Yes,’ I thought. ‘I am going to like this job.’

I was suddenly jolted back to reality as the carriage pulled to a stop. It was dark now but I could never have imagined in all my wildest dreams the sight before me. Everywhere I looked was snow and right in front of me was a large log cabin surrounded by smaller ones. They were all lit up with hundreds of fairy lights twinkling in the darkness.

One of the elves said, ”We will just show you to your cabin and let you freshen up, and then we will take you to meet Santa.”

After they had left me alone, I took in my surroundings. It was lovely. There were a big log fire burning and a huge white fur rug in front of it, candles flicked all around me. I walked around the cabin and the first room I came to was the kitchen, then the bathroom. The bath was bigger than any I had seen before. It stood in the center of the room and that too was surrounded by candles; fluffy towels hung warming before another open fire.

My breath caught in my throat as I entered the bedroom. A huge four-poster bed stood in the middle of the room, the pure whiteness of its covers standing out against the deep crimson of the silk that draped across the ceiling and around the walls. The flames of the fire flicked in the corner. The room’s only lighting was from a small lamp which threw off a peaceful glow.

I took a bath and dressed in a warm dress. I knew I looked good. The dress showed off my ample but perfectly formed curves – a treat. After brushing my long blonde hair, I was ready. Answering the knock on the door I took in the look in the eyes of the two elves that had brought me to this place. As we set off to meet Santa, I could not help but notice that those eyes were being burned into my oversized breasts.

If I were a child expecting an old man in a red suit I would have been disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by Santa, for rising out of the chair to greet me, with an out-stretched hand, was a largely built man dressed in a white shirt and tight black trousers. I would have guessed his age to be about sixty but the years had been kind to him. The muscles were rippling under his shirt and his thighs were bulging against the tightness of his trousers as he crossed the room. This was certainly no Santa from my childhood dreams. This was a grown woman’s fantasy that stood in front of me. Taking my hand he placed a kiss on it; the roughness of his large white beard brushing against my fingers. I felt a shudder run through my body when he said, “Welcome Christabel. So pleased to meet you.”

He must have thought that I was some village idiot as I mumbled, “Hello Santa.”

His booming laughter filled the room as he replied, “My dear child, please call me Nicolas. Now run along and have some food and a good night’s sleep as you will need to be up bright and early in the morning.”

I awoke to Bostancı Escort the winter sun shining through the windows. I noticed that the fire in my bedroom had been topped up. Pulling my dressing gown around me, I walked into the lounge. There was Rory piling logs on to the fire.

“Morning Christabel. I trust that you slept well. I have topped up the fire in your bathroom too. Now hurry up. It does not do to keep Nicolas waiting, he is eager for you to start work.”

“What should I wear?” I asked him.

“Oh don’t worry about that. It really does not matter,” he replied.

I could have sworn that he was smirking as I headed off to dress. Half an hour later I stood before him, dressed in jeans and sweater.

“You’ll do,” he pronounced as he eyed me. “Now come on, we’re going to be late.”

“Morning my dear,” smiled Nicolas as we entered his cabin. “Now, did you read the details of what this job entails carefully?”

“What details? All I was told was that I was to be a toy tester,” I asked, wrinkling my brow.

“We sent them to you by post. Did you not receive them?”

He looked visibly shaken when I answered that I hadn’t.

“You better sit down so I can explain. After you have heard what I have to say, if you no longer wish to work for me I will arrange for you to be flown back to England. It’s right that you are here to test toys but the thing you don’t know is that the toys you will be testing are the ‘adult only’ kind.” He must have seen the puzzled look on my face. Looking directly at me he said two words – “Sex toys.”

A heavy, awkward silence hung in the room before he started talking again. “Here, let me show you.” He rang a bell and Rory and Ross entered the room. “Please fetch the toys so I may show them to Christabel,” he requested them.

Fifteen minutes later they were back carrying a large box between them and placed it on the floor. I nearly fell off my chair as Rory pulled out the biggest vibrator I had ever seen!

“Have you ever used one this size?” he smirked.

“No. I have never used one… any size.” I replied.

“Christabel, my dear, you are not a virgin. Are you?” Nicholas asked.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“If you decide to stay you will be working very closely with Rory, Ross and myself. You need have no fears. We are kind gentle and very experienced men and I do think you would grow to love the work.” He paused before continuing, “So what’s it to be? Do I book you a flight home?”

Picking up the vibrator I smiled up at them, my answer apparent.

Nicolas looked at me, smiled and said “Please go with Rory and Ross to the testing suite. I will join you in a day or so.”

He must have seen the disappointment on my face.

“Don’t worry, my dear. The boys will take good care of you. I promise,” he said with a wink.

As we entered the testing room I could not help but notice that it was the exact copy of my bedroom in my cabin. Rory’s voice cut through my thoughts. “Please remove all your clothes and lie down on the bed.” These people certainly wasted no time!

I discarded my jeans and sweater and as I put my hands behind me to unhook my bra, Ross pulled them down as he removed my bra. Rory slowly pulled my knickers down my legs. After laying me on the bed, they started to undress. When they stood before me naked, I could not help but notice that their cocks stood large firm and fully erect.

“Now we are ready to begin.”

Moving onto the bed, they started to stroke my body. I felt myself relaxing. They fetched the first toys – four silk ties and a blindfold. They fastened my arms to the bed posts with the silk ties, and then placed the blindfold over my eyes. I could feel my legs being spread apart as they tied them too.

They stroked my body over and over with objects of different textures. The feelings were sending me wild. I could feel the wetness as my cunt juices started to flow. Something was placed into my hand. It felt like a mouth with a large tongue but I could make out that it was made of rubber. As it was taken away from me, I could feel a hand between my legs and a finger pushed gently inside me. I pushed my hips up, trying to force it in deeper but it was pulled out of me.

“Please,” I begged. “Please put it back.”

I felt something being pushed into my body and realized it was the rubber tongue. The mouth piece covered my cunt lips and I heard a faint humming as the tongue started to plunge up and down, round and round inside me. The lips of my cunt and clitoris were being gripped and released over and over, my hips were moving up and down. my breath came in gaps as the sensations built. I forced my body up screaming, “Fuck me,” as a massive orgasm shot through my body.

“Sorry babe. We are not allowed to,” I heard them say as they removed the rubber mouth from me. Taking off my blind fold and untying me, they told me to sit up. They fetched a blow up doll from a cupboard Bostancı Escort Bayan in the room. Rory sat on a chair with the doll facing away from him and I watched as he positioned it over him plunging his cock deep inside it while Ross pushed his cock into its open mouth. Leaning over, Rory pulled a small vibrator from the box and threw it to me. “Enjoy yourself while we have some fun,” he said.

There is something about watching two elves thrusting their cocks into a blow up doll that really turns you on. Lying back on the bed, I opened my legs, moving my hand between them. I slowly rubbed my clit while I slid the vibrator inside my cunt lips. I thought the doll would explode as they rammed into it. I saw as their bodies stiffened, shooting their cum deep inside the doll. Simultaneously, my back arched and hips trust upwards as my cum gushed over the vibrator.

“That’s it for today,” they said, putting their clothes on. “Go back to your cabin and get a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.”

The next morning I was up and dressed, ready for them. They laughed at me when they came. “Eager to start work today, are we?” they teased me.

Once we entered the testing room, they told me to remove the clothing from the lower half of my body and to lay on the bed with my legs spread wide. Rory started to stroke my clit while Ross placed his head between my legs. I shuddered as I felt his tongue push inside my cunt, licking around inside. Rory moved his finger from my clit as Ross closed his lips over it, sucking it deep into his mouth. As my cum rushed out, Rory passed him two small balls. They were joined together by a small string. Pushing them inside me, they told me to dress and I was free to spend the day as I pleased but I could not remove the balls they would do that tomorrow.

I lost count of the amount of times I cum that day. Every time I moved, it set the balls vibrating inside me. I was pleased when the morning came and they removed them.

Taking hold of a small thin object, Ross asked if I knew what it was. I said that it looked like a very small vibrator. He then informed me was an anal probe. I didn’t like the sound of that but he told me if I didn’t enjoy it, he would stop. I only had to say.

As Rory sucked on my nipples, Ross started licking my cunt, pushing his tongue inside me. When he could feel my juices starting to flow, he told me to get on my hands and knees and ran his fingers over my cunt. I felt him rub the wetness around the entrance to my arse and I tensed as I felt the tip of the probe pushing against it. Rory took two rubber cunt shaped objects from the box and I watched as they pushed their cocks into them, flicking a switch. I saw as they pulsated gripping and releasing their cocks.

I felt the probe being pushed into me and Rory’s hand reaching under me. He began rubbing his finger over my clit, sliding into my cunt with each stroke. Their moans matched mine. Ross speeded up the movements, plunging the probe in faster and deeper. Rory’s finger was massaging the wetness into my clit while I was trying to force his finger deeper into me. The bed was rocking as they bucked against the rubber cunts that were milking their cocks – three bodies shuddered as orgasms shot threw them.

Day after day they teased and tormented my body, never pushing anything deep enough into my body to totally fulfill the need in me. Every day I begged them to fuck me and every time they refused. It was now Christmas Eve and I had not seen Nicolas since the day after I had arrived and I knew that after today, my job here would be finished. As I lay on the bed, Ross said that today they had a bonus for me for being such a good and hard worker. Their hands roamed over my body, their mouths licking and sucking every inch of me and stopping just before I got my release.

“Are you going to fuck me today?” I asked.

Ross shook his head and pulled something out from the box. I gasped when I caught sight of it. He was holding a huge, thick rubber dildo.

“You want to try this?” he asked.

“Oh please, oh yes, please,” I moaned.

Spreading my legs and using his fingers, he spread my cunt lips wide and pushed the dildo in. Finding resistance, he pulled it out and rubbed some type of jelly over it – then tried again to push it into me. Again, it would not go more than a few inches before it found my body resisting it. Throwing it down, he slid two fingers into the jelly and slowly pushed them into my body. I could feel them gently moving around inside me.

“Holy Shit, Rory! Check this out,” he called out.

Pulling his fingers out Rory replaced them with his own. “Wow,” said Rory. “I don’t believe this!”

I was now starting to get worried. “What’s wrong?” I whispered.

They both sat on the edge of the bed looked down at me and replied, “After everything we have done in these last few weeks, believe it or not, but your hymen Escort Bostancı is still intact – and that means we can’t test the final toy.”

Turning away from them I spotted the dildo on the bed. It seemed to be mocking me. ‘You cannot even take a rubber cock. How do you expect a real one to want you?’ I felt a single tear slide down my cheek.

Ross looked at me. “Hey, don’t cry. We will go and speak to Nicolas. Just stay where you are. We won’t be long.” With that they disappeared.

Twenty minutes later, the door opened and I was so pleased to see Nicolas standing in between Rory and Ross. He was dressed in his Santa Suit and looked quite dashing. Seeing my tears, he told the elves to leave.

“Go fill my sacks and put them on the sledge. Feed the reindeers and you may go and rest till I call for you,” he told them.

Crossing the room, he sat down and said, “Christabel, come here. Sit on my knee and tell me what you want for Christmas.”

Burying my face into his chest I sobbed, “Oh Santa, I just wanted to lose my virginity.”

”You have been such a good girl. Would you like Santa to help you with your problem?” he asked gently.

Snuggling up close, I whispered. “Please Santa. Please help me.”

Lifting me to my feet, he stood before me. His large hands undid my dressing gown. Sliding it from my shoulders, he let it fall to the floor and picking me up, he laid me on the bed as I watched him remove his Santa suit. He had the body of a man half his age – it was so firm. He slid his underpants down his legs and I gulped as I took in the sight of his cock as it stood out in front of him. It was twice the size of the dildo – long and thick.

’How the hell would that fit inside my body?’ my mind screamed out.

Lowering his giant body on to the bed, he leant over me, his mouth seeking mine. His tongue slid into my mouth while his hands stroked my skin as they moved over my breasts. His mouth moved over my neck and down to my breast, his tongue flicking over my nipple. Placing his lips over it, he sucked it into his mouth and taking turns he moved from one breast to the other, licking and sucking.

He began moving his tongue down over my body, licking over my stomach. I shuddered as his mouth closed over my cunt and his tongue moved over my clit, before he pushed it into my body. He plunged his tongue faster and faster into me, slowing down only to run it around my cunt walls. I could feel an orgasm building and putting my hands on his head, I ground my cunt into his face. Sucking my clit in deeper, he tongue-fucked me till my cum exploded into his mouth.

“Fuck me Santa! Oh please, put it in me now,” I moaned.

”No. Not yet,” he whispered.

When my orgasm subsided, he moved up the bed.

“Are you going to do something for Santa now?” he asked me.

I knew what he wanted when he moved his cock towards my mouth. The sheer size of it made me gag as he pushed it in.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he told me how to give him pleasure – “just by licking and sucking around the head.”

He suddenly pulled away from me and moved back down the bed. Opening my legs, he climbed between them and bending his head down, he started licking at me again. As I started moaning, he replaced his mouth with his hand – rubbing and stroking my cunt and forcing a finger between the lips. He started stroking around the inner walls of my cunt slowly, pushing the finger in and then pulling it nearly out. He was driving me crazy. There were two fingers in me as I felt him push his thumb just into my arse. As he finger fucked me, his thumb rotated in my arse and I went wild – my body trashing around on the bed. He pulled his hands away as I felt his huge cock jabbing at the opening of my cunt. Pulling his hips back, he slammed it into me, burying it to the hilt. I screamed as it burst through my hymen.

He lay still on top of me for a few minutes till the pain subsided, then slowly started moving up and down; pulling his cock out and slowly sliding back in again. Wrapping my legs around him, I moved my body in time with his while I ground my clit against the roughness of his body hair. Kneeling up, he reached down and putting his hands under my knees, he pulled my legs up and over his shoulders.

His cock went in deep and hard as he thrust into my body. His movements gathered speed and our sweat-covered bodies slid against each other. Gripping my hips, he pulled back and I cried out as he slammed back into me. I could feel the bed move with the force of his thrusts – over and over he pounded into me, fucking my cunt like a man possessed. His thrusts got faster and harder, his huge balls slapped against the cheeks of my arse and my whole body jerked as he rammed his cock home again and again.

A growing tingling spread up my cunt. His body stiffened and I felt my cunt throbbing and felt the pulsating of his cock against my cunt walls. They contracted as they gripped and released his cock and my body exploded in orgasm. He pushed deep into me and his hot creamy cum shot from his body. I felt the heat as load after load filled me, splashing against the walls of my cunt, leaking out of me as his cock continued to pump it out. Gripping and releasing my cunt muscles, I held him inside me till I had milked his cock dry.

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Shameful Bliss

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I was a good Christian, but sinful thoughts tempted me. They said college was a challenging time for women, but I was fine until my summer missions trip sophomore year. We served in South Carolina doing Bible camps for kids. Misty led the songs, Alice did crafts, and I did the lesson. It was hot but easy work.

The three of us girls lived in a house by the church. Our neighbors, the Scotts, were a family involved in the ministry year round. Their son, Travis, was a senior in college. Travis had actually been born in Zimbabwe because his parents had been long term missionaries there. Travis had gone all over the world as an MK–missionaries’ kid. This summer he was home doing an internship at the church, and we often hung out with him and his friends after the Wednesday night service.

One such Wednesday, we went over to watch TV. “Tara,” he said while we were in the kitchen making popcorn. He was a tall guy, with blond hair and green eyes. “Can you look in my room and see if you can find the Action Bible? I wanted to show it to Alice tonight.”

“Sure,” I said.

“It should be on my nightstand.” I walked down to his room. It was a mess, like most of the college boys’ rooms I had seen. I went to a Christian college, and the girls’ and boys’ dorms were across campus from each other. I didn’t see the book on his nightstand, so I opened the drawer to check. Instead of the book, I saw small shiny packets, and with a shock I realized they were condoms. Our church opposes premarital sex, and it was surprising to know someone so religious was even thinking about it.

“Did you find it?” I heard a voice behind me and jumped. I spun around and saw that it was Travis.

“No,” I said, reaching to close the drawer behind my back. I was unsuccessful, and he walked over to look.

“Oh. What did you find?” he asked, but it wasn’t really a question.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t snooping…” I wrung my hands together.

“It’s ok.” He smiled. “I guess I’m not very good at hiding things. If you’re wondering: yes, my girlfriend and I are having sex.”

I bit my lip. “I don’t want to judge you, but I thought…”

“I’m not as conservative as some of you guys are,” he said, shrugging. “We love each other. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

“Why not?”

“Because I love her and I respect her. And you know it feels good.” I shook my head. “You don’t? Haven’t you ever masturbated?”

“No.” Masturbation was a sin according to my pastor.

“Do you ever think about sexual things?”

“I try not to.” There were plenty of boys–including Travis–that I thought were cute, but I was going to wait for sex until marriage. I had never done more than hold hands with a boy, but I got a little thrill every time I saw a movie or book with kissing. I didn’t like thinking about what to do with those feelings.

“But it’s natural,” he said. “Your body has sexual desires, and if you’re not going to act on them, you have to at least work it out.”

“That’s sin,” I said, with more confidence than I felt.

“Is it?” I nodded. “I don’t think it’s sin to know how your body works. You haven’t ever read a book that got you excited?” I hesitated, and he said, “You’re a woman now. You don’t have to shy away from sex. Oh.” He looked over at the floor and grabbed a book. It was the Action Bible, a Bible written in comic book format. “I left it by my bookbag. Anyway, we should get back.”

I avoided him the rest of the night, but as the girls and I were leaving he handed me a book.

“Hey Tara, this is what I was talking about earlier,” he said with a wink. Mortified, I held the book close to my chest. I murmured my thanks and followed the girls out.

“What did he give you?” Alice asked when we got into the house. She was a thin girl who loved to read. Before I could say anything she pulled it up into the light. “‘Treasure of the Valley,'” she read. “Oh, sounds nice. Must be a romance.” I made myself look. It did look like a novel, a paperback with a lonely looking girl on the cover.

It was several days before I realized why he had given it to me. The story was engaging and romantic, but several chapters in, there was a sex scene. Usually I skipped over those, but this time I read it while glancing over guiltily at the girls sitting with me in the living room. It was terrible to think that I was enjoying it, but I couldn’t deny the tingle I felt between my thighs. No matter how it felt, I was sure that ‘working it out’ was a sin.

The next time I talked to Travis, he was helping us with Bible camp. The lesson that day was about Jesus being tempted in the desert. God was preparing him for his ministry on earth when the devil tempted him three times. Travis and I were cleaning up after the activity, and the other girls were out of earshot.

“Did you like the book I gave you?” he asked, smiling.

“It was a good story,” I tried to say casually.

“Did parts of it get you excited?”

I blushed. “Do you really believe masturbation is not a sin? It’s so…indulgent. How can you focus on God when you’re focusing Ataşehir Escort on yourself?”

“It can take you away from God if you let it. But it’s not like I’m thinking about sex all day everyday. You can still serve God and be sexual.”

“How do you plan on serving in missions if you think that way?”

“Honestly, I’m not going to serve in a Southern Baptist church.” I looked at him, shocked.

“You’re going to leave the church?”

“Just the denomination. My college is American Baptist, and they are more moderate.”

I shook my head. “I can’t believe your college is telling you to have sex.”

“They’re not, but they’re realistic.” He was still smiling, but I felt angry. “Most of the people in the world are not going to wait until they’re married. You have to tell them something that is practical.”

“You don’t have to live it.”

“What I do is between me and God. I think He’s ok with it.”

I was trembling with the news. How could he just reject a teaching from the Bible? Just because one church said it was good didn’t mean it was. I thought about what I knew of American Baptists. They were more liberal, but they still did good work. They even had female pastors. I thought about my own calling to the ministry. I had grown up heavily involved in the church, and I loved to help people. I couldn’t lead a church, but there were many other ways for Southern Baptist women to serve. How could I if I had sin in my heart?

A few days later, I went over to the Scotts to print off flyers for the next camp. Our printer at the house was broken, and the church secretary had yet to buy a new one.

“What kind of picture is that?” Travis asked when the first pages started spitting out of the printer.

“It’s supposed to be a child reading a book,” I explained sheepishly. I had found some free photos online, but it looked better on the screen than enlarged on paper.

“There have to be some better pictures,” he said, leaning over my shoulder. “Here, Mom has a whole folder of pictures she got from Campus Crusade. Use one of those.” He started to take the mouse, but just then his phone rang somewhere out of the room. “Let me get that. It’s in the Pictures folder.”

He left, and I clicked around in the pictures. I didn’t see the folder right away, but I did find one called Travis’ Bible Study. Curious, I opened it to see what chapters he might be reading. Instead I went through multiple folders, like online nesting dolls. Finally there were some files, but they were all numbered.

I clicked on one and felt a rush of shame. It was a photograph of a naked woman touching herself, legs spread and open wide. Her face was contorted in a cross between a smile and a grimace. I quickly closed it, but I couldn’t erase the image from my mind. The joy on the girls face almost reminded me of a worship service, when everyone was lost in a powerful song. It was such a sinful thought to compare masturbation to worship, I told myself.

“Did you find it?” My stomach clenched when I heard Travis behind me. I blushed as I clicked on another folder and shook my head.

“Still looking,” I tried to say nonchalantly. He came over to take the mouse again. I could feel the heat from his body, and it made me warm with guilt. Travis was casual as before. “Hmm, she must have moved them to a CD. I guess you’ll have to use that picture. Or take some of the kids tomorrow.”

“That’s a good idea,” I said as he pulled back. I studied him, but he didn’t seem upset at all. Maybe he hadn’t seen me. Who knows, maybe he thought I should be looking at such things.

“I’ll bring my camera, and you can get some high res ones, so they’ll be good when you blow them up.”

“Thanks.” I smiled, and he smiled back. I couldn’t believe how much sin he was allowing in his life, but my pastor said it was harder for boys. It shouldn’t have been so hard for me.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the words from the novel and the image from the computer. The three of us girls slept in a room together with bunk beds, and I had the bottom one below Misty. The book of Philippians said to think on whatever was pure and good. Was it sinful to think of sex, even between a married couple?

I had felt my body respond to sexual things before, but I had never explored those sensations. Curious, I put my hand into my panties. I grazed over my pubic bone and felt the hair there. I trimmed it for hygiene, not because I ever expected anyone to see it. I went down to my labia, the outer lips, feeling the warm heat radiating out. I carefully touched the inside lips, wet with natural fluids. They felt slightly puffy, and as I stroked them a warmth traveled up my body.

My heart was beating fast and my breathing was shaky. I felt for my clitoris, feeling a shock as I touched the small bead. My vaginal muscles clenched and I lifted my hips. It was a strange aching pleasure, a rush that made me feel shamefully excited.

I thought I heard one of the other girls stir, so I pulled my hand away. When I brought my Ataşehir Escort Bayan hand up, I could smell my own musk, and it was both disgusting and pleasing. I waited until I could hear the girls breathing slowly, then went to the bathroom.

The evidence of my touching was left on the paper when I wiped myself. It was a natural process that left me embarrassed. My family had always avoided talk about sexual subjects, even about the reproductive system. I had educated myself, but I never realized how powerful the mind could be on the body.

I went back to bed and tried to sleep. The faint scent of my body stayed in my nostrils. It wasn’t sin, I tried to tell myself, just exploring.

The next day at Bible camp was hot as usual. That day we did Adam and Eve. For the activity, we made apples and glued them to a large cardboard tree. Travis showed up for the craft and took lots of pictures. He stayed after to help us clean up. “I’ll leave you the camera and you can upload the pictures when you have time,” he said.

“Great idea,” I said.

“Are you girls hungry? Mom was cooking an early dinner because of Bible study. I think she might have made extra to take to church.”

“That would be awesome!” Alice said. “We haven’t gone to the grocery store this week anyway.”

“Why don’t we eat and go afterward?” Misty suggested. We all liked her suggestion and drove over to Travis’ house.

The conversation ended up on the family’s travels. Despite living abroad for most of Travis’ life, Mr. and Mrs. Scott decided to go back home for his high school years. They were surprised that he stayed nearby for college.

“I thought you would get bored here,” his mother said.

“I’ll have plenty of time to travel once I get my ministry degree,” Travis said. Naturally, he was studying international missions. He looked at me and said, “Besides, there’s enough temptation in town.” I blushed and looked away. He had done plenty of tempting.

After dinner I had to prepare for the next day’s lesson, so I stayed at the house while the other girls went shopping. While I was thinking about it, I used the house computer to upload the pictures from Travis’ camera. He didn’t have thumbnails turned on, so it was hard to tell when the shots from today began. Random clicking got me in trouble again.

This picture was of a young woman with a penis in her mouth. It was revolting, but I didn’t close it. Instead I clicked forward, strangely excited but vainly hoping I would get to the Bible camp pictures soon. I found a progression of pictures as the woman touched the man. The pictures were taken from above, and I had to assume it was Travis’ body. The penis left the girl’s mouth, and the last picture was of her face covered in sperm. It looked messy and degrading, but the girl had a expression of pride and lust.

My pastor had said oral sex was OK in marriage, but I couldn’t imagine doing it. It seemed so dirty to touch a man down there, much less let his seed get on your body. Perhaps it was the dirtiness that made me moist in my panties.

I heard the front door unlocking, so I quickly shut off the camera and stood up to help the girls. The company helped keep my mind off the images, but I knew I was sliding into dangerous territory.

I forgot the camera until the next Wednesday night. We were at Travis’ house with the other youth for pizza and a movie. Travis stopped me while I was going into the kitchen to refill my drink.

“Tara, do you still have my camera?” He asked as I set my cup down.

I was about to answer but felt stuck when I remembered those pictures. Blushing, I said, “Yeah, it’s at the house. I can go get it for you,” I said quickly, moving by him back out of the kitchen.

“I’ll come with you,” he said, and I was too embarrassed to say no. He followed me out of the side door. “How do you like the movie?” he asked as we walked.

“It’s great,” I said. It was a Nicholas Sparks romance. They were always sweet and not too graphic.

“It’s a girl movie, but I think it’s ok,” Travis said. “Sometimes I like things with a little more action.”

I nodded as I slid our door open. We hardly ever locked it. It was a country town and everyone knew each other. The camera was where I left it on the computer. “I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet, but that won’t take a minute.”

“I can do it,” he said, shaking the mouse to wake up the computer. He connected the cable and turned the camera on. “I was wondering: you didn’t see any of the pictures I left on here, did you?”

I swallowed. “Pictures? No, I didn’t see anything.” I watched as he turned on the details view, sorted the files by date and quickly started the upload. If only I had thought of that.

“Are you sure?” he said, crossing his arms and leaning against the desk. His gaze made me blush with shame. “I would hate it if you saw something that offended you.”

“Offended? No, there weren’t any offensive pictures that I saw.” I wrung my hands together.

“Really? Maybe they got you excited, then?” I looked Escort Ataşehir away.

“That wasn’t you, was it?” I asked quietly.

“In the pictures you didn’t see? It was. Me and my girlfriend. That was kind of boneheaded to give you the camera without wiping them,” he said, glancing back at the computer. The upload was done. “Wouldn’t want to tempt one of you girls.”

“You didn’t….tempt…” I said, but I was on shaky ground. I couldn’t admit how the pictures made me feel.

He smiled. “They were exciting to look at, weren’t they?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“It didn’t make you think about masturbating?” he asked. He was smiling, teasing me.

“No.” I shook my head.

“Why not? I thought after what you saw the other day you might like some more stimulation.”

I wanted to melt into the floor. “That was an accident.”

“I know,” he said, gathering up his camera. “A good girl you wouldn’t look at things like that on purpose. But you thought about it, don’t you?”

“It’s a sin,” I said.

“Are you sure?” He brushed by me and held up the front door. “I’m sorry I exposed you to temptation. You be a good girl and don’t think about those pictures.”

The next day I called my mentor from my home church. Olivia was a deacon’s wife and young mother, and I always trusted her advice.

“Tara,” she said when she answered. “How’s the ministry going?”

I told her a few things we had done with the kids, and how several Hispanic families were coming to the church now. Finally I got up the courage. “Can I ask you about something?”


“Did you think about sex before you were married?”

“Of course I did. All women do.”

“But is it wrong?”

“Well it depends. We have to be informed, but do we need to try everything? No. Sex is just a part of being intimate with your husband. It’s something you have to be prepared for.”

“So did you masturbate?”

“You know, everyone has probably done that at some point. The concern is, are you obsessing over sex? Masturbation gives you a temporary feeling, but love is much deeper and takes work.” I sighed. “Is there a boy you’re worried about, Tara?”

“Yeah–well, no.” She laughed. “He’s cute, but he’s a senior. And he has a girlfriend. He’s just…” I couldn’t say what he was doing. Tempting me.

“Well, it’s good to make friends, but don’t worry too much about your feelings. That’s biology. It’s your thoughts and your actions that can lead you into sin.”

“Ok,” I said. “Thanks.”

I tried to avoid Travis most of the next week, but his pictures stayed with me, tormenting me. On the next Wednesday night his girlfriend came up, and he made a point to introduce her to me. She was pretty, blond like him, and I could see her in those dirty poses. I’m sure she masturbated. Maybe she looked at pornography as well. Even still, she worshiped with us like a normal Christian, with no sign of guilt. I felt jealous.

She played on Travis’ computer while the rest of us watched TV. It was some crime movie, but I couldn’t get into it. I kept sneaking glances back at the girlfriend.

“Hey, you know that book you were reading?” Alice asked. I turned around to her. “Are you done with it? Can I read it?”

“Sure, but listen,” I said. “It has sex in it.”

Alice looked at me quizzically. “OK?”

Embarrassed, I said, “I just thought you should be on guard.” She shrugged and went back to watching the movie.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Travis’ girlfriend. Would his parents let her sleep in his room? Would they have sex in his bed? It was disgusting, but also arousing. I was ashamed to be thinking about it, but I couldn’t stop.

Almost unconsciously my hand reached for my panties again. I rubbed my hand over my vulva through my clothes. The warmth had already started to spread. I was breathing heavily as I reached inside and found my clitoris. Touching it made me feel hot and nervous. I thought about the girl in the picture, experiencing such pleasure. It was natural, Travis had said.

I went down to my labia and felt the wetness there. I slid a finger inside and trembled as I stroked the vaginal walls. I could squeeze and feel the tightness inside. You have to work it out, he had said.

I went back to my clitoris and circled it. It felt much better lubricated with my own fluids. I rubbed up and down and side to side, testing to see which felt better. They all made me squirm underneath the covers.

You can still serve God and be sexual. I reached my other hand up to touch my breasts. My nipples were stiff and sensitive. Rubbing them added to the tension in my body. I stroked my clitoris faster, raising my hips as if stretching. I felt like there was something I was reaching for. The sensitivity was almost painful, but I didn’t want to stop. Finally I reached the edge, and I gasped as an orgasm made my body pitch underneath me. The warmth flowed from my hips outward and burned away all the thoughts in my mind.

You’re a woman now. I opened my eyes and held still to see if anyone had noticed me. I could hear the other girls breathing quietly, so I rolled out of bed to wash my hands. The warmth of pleasure was replaced with the chill of shame as I realized what I had done. I had never enjoyed sinning so much, but I wanted to rationalize it away. I was just doing what was natural.

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Snowbound Morning

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It was one of those mornings you just can’t get out of bed. Eyes closed, warm beneath layers of down comforter, all you can hear is the wind howling against the windows that face the world. Still dark, I lie there happy to know that neither of us have to be up and out the door in our usual haste.

Today was our day to just bask in the warmth that we seem to delve into when ever we have a spare moment. The smallest things you do drive me crazy. Watching you roll out of bed, naked, hair standing in all different angles, and walk to the bathroom. Your naked ass, there teasing me, walking away, makes me shake thinking of it coming back to bed with me. The touch of your fingers grazing my neck as you turn over in your sleep, send hot wet floods pouring from deep within me. Walking through a bookstore, I reach for a novel, your hand reaches forward and lightly travels from the tip of my forefinger down to the cove between my thumb and palm, to my inner wrist, up my tender forearm as you lean forward and kiss my breast not caring who is viewing us, all because you wanted to. These are just a few things I take home with me to comfort me alone in my warm bed as the winter snows pound down around my home, enslaving me to my memories and dreams of what we still have to explore.

I let you sleep, just watching you as you breath, slowly, calmly vulnerable to all the universe has to offer. And oh what it will have to offer us today! I get out of bed, quietly so not to wake you, pad my way to the kitchen humming thinking of new desires to explore this day. Coffee on, I go to the bag from our shopping spree yesterday. I take a deep breath, and shiver thinking of what is in that bag! Happy to have a man in my life who is not afraid to explore with me, to push the limit and see what we will feel. I think back to last night, the joys of this shopping bag already explored. I smile to myself, Ümraniye Escort as a warm rush runs from the bottom of my feminine being pushing throbbing for more. A flush comes over me just thinking of you, those arms and your mouth. I want more now, don’t want to wait for you to wake, I go to the kitchen, pour two cups of strong coffee and slowly make my way back to the bedroom with the shopping bag on my arm.

Walking in I see you are awake and smiling at me. I smile back coyly, and glance down at the shopping bag, then back at you! Laughing, I hand you the coffee as I climb into bed and crawl under the covers. Leaning over I place a long, lingering, hungry kiss on your full lips.

“Good morning” I purr, smiling at you as grab my neck pulling me to you, and kissing me hard, deep and lustfully. “Morning!” you laugh at me! Sitting up in bed we slowly join the day. Ecstatic in the thought that we did not have to go anywhere on this cold, gray, blustery day.

“Mario….” I say as I take your hand and pull you from the bed. Slowly I lead you to the chair in the corner directly across from the bed. Looking you in the eyes, I sit you down and walk away to the bed. I turn on some sweltering jazz, deep brass, moving slowly through the music, building in passion and tempo. Warm tones of music heating the room with the frigid winter wind knocking at the windows.

I sit cross legged on the bed, slowly sipping my coffee, watching you the whole time. Eyes locked, I slowly run my free hand down my throat, fingers barely touching the skin, as the heat of your eyes lingers and travels with my fingers. My fingers move down towards my breast, circling the outside, soft skin, full and heavy with passion. I reach up to my nipples, let my head fall back, red hair flowing down my back, my legs slowly fall open and you see the nipples clamps appear Ümraniye Escort Bayan in my hands.

My breath quickens as I place them on my nipples, tight and slightly painful, I gasp from the cold metal and the painful pleasure that pierces the tender skin. I raise my head and you watch me, I see you move your hand down to your cock, lying on your leg waiting for the show, “No, not yet.” I whisper to you. I want to watch you get hard, slowly, full of lust and need. You smile and shake your head as I laugh laying back onto the pillows, my legs gracefully fall open, hands moving down my stomach, along the sides of my ass, back up to the mound of hair that is glistening with my flowing wet juices.

My fingers slide down to the warm inner cove, searching for that secret spot that you found last night. I slowly circle with my fore finger and explore deeper with my ring and pinkie fingers, eyes closed and I start to feel the rush.

I love to have you watch me, exploring myself, learning what I like and want you to do to me. My breathing is fast now as the rhythm of my fingers move with the quickening of the music, my hips lift up as my legs fall open fully exposed I watch as your cock grows before my eyes, loving what I know I am doing to you. It grows firm and full of blood filled veins that stand out crying to be inside of me. My hips moving now with the music, I see your hand reach down and start to stroke.

Oh.. I love to see you touch yourself, your head growing, now shiny and hard pulsing with each stroke. I reach to the side of the pillow and pull out the double headed dildo we bought yesterday. I see your eyes glaze as I slowly place it at the base of my ass, the dildo pink and smooth pushes at my ass. I tilt it upwards to enter my cunt, dripping wet, I grasp the base and start to fuck myself teasingly, drenching the head Escort Ümraniye of the dildo. I move the bigger head to my ass and run it against the bud, lathering it up getting it ready for the second head.

My hips move with the music that is building in tempo. Almost more than I can take, fast, and powerful, the music slams around us and I thrust both heads of the dildo into me. I watch you as you stroke faster and the music pounds around us. Legs spread wide you watch as I push the dildo deep inside of me. No longer able to control myself I close my eyes and a deep low groan joins the notes of the music.

Mixing lust and deep desire flying through the bedroom. I want you to watch me, I look up and you are, I see your so hard that I again start to groan and the dildo begins to move faster into me. Matching the strokes you and so feverishly pounding on yourself. I see you watching the head of the dildo pulling in and out of my ass and the head of you cock is so huge, ready, so ready to let go..

“Mario now…. I scream….You stand up over me as my bud hungry devours the pink head of our toy, my ass screaming with the dildo deep with in me. I open my mouth and scream as I cum, my body shaking, my cunt grasping onto the dildo as you cum with me, a deep gutteral groan and my name, Denise leaves you lips.

White, hot juices shot from your erect cock all over my breast and face. Mouth open I feel the cum reach my mouth as you stand over my face shooting your jism deep into my throat. My body open, legs wide, nipples painful now from the clamps that have caused the red blood to paint my hard nipples crimson.

My orgasm is long, my very soul shakes as the last of your hot juices flow down my throat. Slowly, I start to come down, my eyes open to see you standing over me, cock still hard with a tender look in your eyes. Reaching up to you as you slide next to me, kissing me, tasting yourself on my mouth. I look back at you and smile, “Thank you” leaves my lips as you reach over to the bag and say… “Your welcome Den… hmmm what is next?” I laugh as I watch the snow fall heavily to the ground outside, snowbound! Smiling at you, I laugh so happy for snowbound winter days.

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Summer Chores: Later that Night

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(Prior to this short story, you should read Summer Chores, for background content.)

I got home after today’s events and was a bit distracted to say the least. I grabbed some of the leftover dinner and read the note from mom. ‘We are going to see the new movie at 9. Text us if you decide to go anywhere so we know when to expect you home.’ Mom and dad took my younger sister to the movies. I went ahead and texted that I was home and likely to just go to bed rather than rush out again. It was already nearly 9:30pm anyway.

I went upstairs to my room and decided to check my phone just to see if my buddies were having a bonfire.

There was a text from Lisa, ‘put my gift in a baggie to keep them fresh’ was all it said. That’s when I remembered what I had in my pocket. I was already noticing my dick started to stir from simply reading that message and pulling her still damp panties from my pocket. I quickly went to the kitchen and got a sandwich bag to store them in. Finding a place Anadolu Yakası Escort to hide my trophy from today was easy. What wasn’t, was being able to stop thinking about my moms friend. That 49 year old beauty. I was more than curious about how she could so effortlessly become so ravenous with sex. There’s definitely more to that story. Of all the time I spent watching porn online, she was beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

It had only been 10 minutes since I sent that text my friends and my underwear was already soaked in precum just thinking about Lisa. There’s no way I could go hang out with friends in this state.

I pulled up the photo Lisa sent me on my phone and got out her still moist panties. I quickly sent the photo to my laptop so I had a better screen. As I took down my shorts, I realized my boxers were beyond soaked from just thinking about today’s events. I sat down at my desk and pulled up Lisa’s picture on my laptop. Her Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan picture was clear and vivid. It was of her armpit and tit. Her boob was well shaped with small stretch marks on the sides. The nipple was erect but not too big. Her armpit was shaven but the texture of her skin was perfect. From working in the sun, her breast and armpit were slightly lighter in color than the rest of her skin. A hint of wetness was visible in the photo and made her underarm inviting.

I took her panties from the bag and quickly found the gusset. I held it to my nose and took a big, slow inhale. It smelled just like her. That’s when I noticed I was already stroking myself at this point. Without hesitation, I touched her panties to my tongue. The taste was faint but there. Bringing her panties back to my nose, I focused my gaze on the picture of her armpit. I had so much precum that my jerking was loud and sloppy. My whole hand was a mess Escort Anadolu Yakası and it felt amazing.

I was getting close so I started to twist my hand also. Staring at Lisa’s photo was better than all of the porn I’ve looked up. Her picture made me think of earlier when I got to have her pits in my face. I could feel my orgasm growing. My balls started to tighten. I made sure my thumb started to graze the head of my cock as I stroked. My head was getting light as I could feel it.

“Uhh!” I uttered as I came. I came all over my hand, legs and some dropped onto the floor. I was light headed. As I came down from that high, I picked up my boxers and cleaned myself up as best I could before closing everything up and heading to the shower.

My phone buzzed a few times as I was getting into the shower. I quickly checked my phone to see a text from my friends and one from Lisa.

My friends were having a small get together and were telling me to come on over.

Lisa’s text read, ‘I started to rub myself off and noticed you didn’t lick all the cum out of me today… I savored it. We will practice next time. BTW, I hope you enjoy your picture.. if you ask appropriately, maybe you can have another.’

I had no idea how I was going to reply to either text but I knew my shower needed to be a cold one.

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