The Soccer Jocks Ch. 01

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My sexual fetish during as a high school senior, and during college was being under a well built jock, with my booties being squeezed by his powerful muscular thighs, while his stiff cock is rubbing my asshole. More often than not it was the varsity soccer line up that would fit the bill.

I was then a short eighteen year old, whitish complexion, with full buttocks and a plump body – best suited for a desirable Bottom. I welcomed an all enveloping warm body but was averse to painful anal insertion. I was, therefore, very selective and avoided aggressive bullying sadistic Tops.

Mike, a little older classmate, was a try-out soccer team member. His well-built physique, including his light brown tan and hard blue eyes, was a dream come true for me.. His academic high scores and gentle mannerisms met my requirements for a happy relationship.

We had, deniably, touched each other in crowded locations – he had caressed my bottom and I had grounded my ass in his crotch. Indeed I had felt his semi hard cock. There were no safe opportunities for privacy, owing to crowded joint family apartment living. He lived in a garden apartment with his parents and two siblings, that had the advantage of access thru a back door.

One fall afternoon istanbul travesti he asked me to stop by his house after soccer practice.

“My sibs are doing to my aunts for the day; Wanna chill out at my place?” He said as he caught my hand and rubbed it on his fly.

“Sure, but we must stop by my place to let my folks know” I replied as I restrained myself from squeezing his hard cock. We got to his place, and there was his Dad’s car, parked on the street.

“Shit!” He spat out in anger. “Dads home early, let’s just play cards.” He went in but came right back with a bunch of keys.” Dad said to go to his office and bring his briefcase.” He was almost laughing with a bright look. “Come along. We’ll have the place to over selves.”

The office was empty. He locked the door and grabbed me in a hug, squeezing my booties. He threw off his soccer shorts and undies and freed his considerable Lund! It was almost five and a half inches, a large one by Pakistani standards. The shaft had a curve, the head was glistening with pre-cum and it was pointing straight out. The balls were held tight in the scrotum.

I had the urgent desire to kiss, nay take in and suck his beautiful tool, but I couldn’t owing to cultural prohibitions istanbul travestileri and ablution practices. I controlled myself, undressed, and wrapped myself to him. We slid down to the carpet and flip flapped over each other, our thighs rubbing hard and the stiff cocks painfully bent in others crotches. He finally got me under him and positioned his cock at my asshole.

“Hold it!” I said, “Gimme some lube.”

“What lube, There is nothing here. Just use spit.” He slathered some spit on his cock and holding it in one hand he tried to ram it in.

“No no, You must do it gently. Push, don’t shove!” I pleaded.

He put more spit on his cock and rubbed it over the asshole, putting ever so slight pressure. I was palpitating with expectation as the cock-head tickled my ass hole and inched its way in.

All of a sudden he convulsed and a load of hot cum spilled over my ass. It was yellow in color and felt pebbly. He fell down on me and apologized that he couldn’t control his cock.

“Lemme help you” he said as he caressed my backside and put a finger, moist with cum, in my ass, soon he put two fingers. He rammed his knee in my crack and moved his thigh up and down on mine. I came in spurts and felt my head in the travesti istanbul clouds.

Mike got selected to the Military Academy. I met him some years later and his handshake conveyed his desire to fuck me. He invited me to his family’s old house. His parents were away and only his sister was home. He locked the door. He hugged me and french kissed me. We shed our clothes and I was wonderstruck at his fully developed huge Lund. It hot and heavy to the touch and the head was like a mushroom.

“The cadets in the academy (all over 18) love it.” He said as he stroked his monster cock. “They swallow it whole and lick it near coming!” He pulled me over “You wanna love it a bit?”

By this time, the sexual mores had changed, Blowing was tolerated but not rimming. So I tried to take his cock in my mouth but couldn’t take it all in. On the other hand I was afraid to take it in my ass, so I tried to make him near his cum’

He laughed and said “don’t fret, little faggot, we’ll go whatever you want.”

After a lot of playing around I lubed up my asshole and his cock-head; and reminded him to be gentle. He made me lie on all fours and raise my ass up. With slowly increasing pressure, he filled my ass with his tool. Some in and out and pretty soon he had a fucking rhythm. Turning me over he put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his cock in to the hilt, touching my prostate and making me come. He turned me again and lying flat on top he weighed me down and spurted a long stream of cum inside me.

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Summer Job as a Nude Housekeeper

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I was still in college when I was in my early twenties and needed to find a weekend job just to earn some money while on 3-month summer break. I did not want the kind of job that required many responsibilities or meeting deadlines, as I needed to take some time away from much thinking and studying during weekdays. Being so busy with schooling, I didn’t have time for a girlfriend. However, I once had a girlfriend during my high school years, but I broke up with her after catching her sucking and fucking another guy.

I was browsing the ads one day and came across an ad from a male widow looking for a young man to help clean his house, mow lawn, and arrange furnitures. I thought the work sounded easy and that it would be something I could do, and so I decided to respond to the ad. The man over the phone told me that his name was George and that I could swing by for an interview.

As I got to his place, a beer-belly man in his late fifties with gray hair and a full goatee beard, opened the door and asked me to come inside. He seemed like a very nice man, and we sat and talked a little bit about ourselves before discussing the job duties and expectations. He told me he had been living alone since his wife passed away about two years ago, and that he was looking for someone, preferably a young man with strength, to help keeping his home and yards clean at least every other week. He had only a daughter who lived out of state, and therefore he had no one else around to help.

He said he did not want to mention in the ad, but he would really prefer the housekeeper to work in complete nude inside the house and backyard. I asked the reason behind it, and he told me that he just loved to look at naked young guys. The thought of me being naked in front of another man was making me feel awkward and at the same time interesting.

Sensing my uneasiness, he tried to assure me, “We’re guys and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Also, it would be just us two guys here and no one would know about it. I’m willing to pay you extra.”

I replied, “Well, let me think about it and I will get back to you.”

I thought to myself that the job seemed easy and the nakedness would give me a sense of freedom while working. Furthermore, I myself love the feeling of nakedness. I lived alone in the apartment, and so I slept and walked around naked, feeling comfortable and knowing that no one else was around to see my naked body. However, I had never been completely naked in front of another person in broad daylight before, not even in front of my ex-girlfriend. I thought this would be a great opportunity to play out my curiosity. So I called him back the following day to accept the job offer, and he was very happy and looking forward to see me next Saturday morning.

When I arrived, George, in his T-shirt and shorts, opened the door and greeted me inside. He told me to go ahead and take off all my clothes but leave the slippers on, and he would give me the tour of his house and backyard. I was trying not to accidentally get a hard-on, as it would be embarrassing for me. A breeze or a touch on my cock and balls can easily give me an erection. He showed me where the supplies were, and I started off with vacuuming before cleaning, as George went back to the sofa watching a movie on TV.

While vacuuming, I noticed George frequently looked at me, more likely checking out my naked body than my work. I just ignored his glances and continued working as normal. When I was kneeling or squatting to clean the bathroom, he stood looking behind me just to converse with me about my school. Apparently, he was enjoying the view.

As I stood on the ladder to dust the ceiling fan, he kept looking up to me and talking. I was sure he was enjoying the sight of my cock and balls. My cock started to twitch a little, and I quickly tried to distract myself by thinking about school in hoping my semi-erect cock would subside or stop growing harder and longer. I felt awkward when he started complimenting my slim youthful smooth body and my nice smooth cock and balls.

When I was done, he brought me a drink and asked me to sit down on the sofa and rest for awhile before going home. He sat next to me and we watched a comedy. I noticed the tenting in his shorts, and I tried to concentrate on the comedy to avoid any accidental erection.

About 15 minutes later, he placed his hand on my lap and said to me, “I’d have to admit that I got turned on watching you working with no clothes on. Having been with my wife for many years, I have often wondered what it would be like to suck or fuck another guy or even to have my dick sucked by him or him fucking me.”

I told him I liked girls and sometimes was curious also about what it would be like to suck and be sucked and to fuck and be fucked any another guy.

He smiled and said, “Well, looks like only two of us guys here and we can use this opportunity to satisfy our curiosity, so that we won’t regret later. What istanbul travesti do you think?”

I hesitantly replied, “I guess…as long as no one else knows about it. Hope we can keep this only between us.”

Excitedly, he took off his shirt and shorts, sat back down on the sofa, and said, “C’mon, stand up so I can examine you.”

I noticed he had hairy chest, tummy, and balls, and his circumcised cock was shorter than mine but very thick. He then stood me up so my crotch was directly in front of his face. He started caressing my chest, nipples, my tummy, and my pubic area. His hands glided along my legs then reaching behind to caress squeeze my buttocks. He turned my body around and asked me to bend down with my buttocks facing him. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, he pressed his nose against my anus and sniffed it, then lightly brushed it with his finger.

He asked me to turn my body back again to have my cock and balls facing him. He pressed his nose against my crotch to smell my cock and balls. Somehow, it felt good when his beard touching my pubic area and genital that my cock started to twitch. He began to gently squeeze and fondle my testicles and lifted my semi-soft cock and playfully slide my foreskin up and down along the shaft and over my spongy glans. Occasionally, he pulled and stretched my foreskin over and beyond my mushroom head and squeezed and twirled the crumbled foreskin then retracted all the way down to the base of the shaft to fully expose the mushroom head.

He seemed to really enjoy exploring my genital as I saw his stiff cock keep pulsating. Noticing a clear, glistened bead of my precum oozed at the pee hole, he slurped it up then licked the slit up and down. He milked my cock to squeeze out more glossy secretion and rubbed the dangling precum all around my puffy mushroom head, and it felt so wonderful when he rubbed the underside of the glans. Then, he licked the whole spongy glans as if a lollipop, giving the swollen mushroom head a nice, shiny, wet look.

My cock now growing long and thick and very hard and my mushroom head became more swollen and reddened under his playful hands, fingers, and tongue. Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm gliding over my throbbing head a few times and realized that he was sucking and trying to engulf my whole cock down his throat. The feeling of his warm wet mouth moving to and fro along with his goatee beard scraping my stiff cock sent shivers throughout my body and making my cock continuously pulsate and yearning to unload my balls.

He told me to let him know when I felt the urge to ejaculate so he could pause, as he did not want it to be over so quick. He said that he would like to first watch me shoot and splatter my sperm on his face before swallowing.

When I was beginning the feel the urge, he took my cock out of his mouth and guided me down to straddle his laps and said, “While giving your cock a rest, sit on my laps so I can suck your nipples.”

I arched my back to bring my chest to his face, and he flickered each nipple with his tongue, licked it to make it hard, and sucked it like a baby. While sucking on my nipples, I felt his hands sliding down my lower back to cup my buttocks as he tried to insert his finger slowly into my butthole. He squeezed my swollen mushroom head to extract more precum fluid and scooped it onto his finger to use as lubrication for easy insertion into my rectum. It felt so good feeling his finger thrusting in and out of my butthole that I was on the edge of ejaculating.

He paused his finger-fucking me and told me to kneel on the floor to stroke and suck his fat cock. I told him this was the first time I ever got to see and touch a real circumcised penis or any guy’s penis. He told me that it was also his first time to touch and play with an uncut cock and that he enjoyed playing, licking, and sucking on the foreskin as it slid over and under the spongy swollen mushroom head.

Because his cock was thick, I could only suck around past his puffy mushroom head and stroked his cock at the same time. I told him I would go as far as not to swallow any semen at this time.

He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll let you know when I am about to come, and you can just pull it out from your mouth. You got me so horny that I just want to shoot my load.”

His cock did not stay hard all the time, just on and off. I continued to stroke and suck his cock and fondle his large hanging testicles. Within seconds, he signaled me he was about to ejaculate, and I took my mouth off his cock and continuously stroked his throbbing cock until it swelled up. A thick rope of slimy, creamy milky semen spurted about six inches then followed by a copious load oozed from his pee hole and landed all over my fingers down to his pubic hair and balls. I kept on stroking his spent cock until all the cum leaked out and until his cock went limp.

Out of curiosity if another man’s cum would smell and taste like mine, I brought my istanbul travestileri hand, covered with his warm sticky cum, to my nose to smell the aroma and to my tongue to taste it. His semen had a very strong bleachy smell and a very pungent salty taste, as compared to mine. I then smeared his slimy and frothy semen all over his pubic hair and balls as to clean off my hand.

Thanking me for sucking his cock and making him ejaculate, he said, “That was a relief! You made me cum so hard emptying my balls, and I really enjoyed it! Now, it’s my turn to see what it’s like to smell and taste your young sperm, and I can’t wait to swallow it down my throat.”

My cock had remained rock-hard since he last sucked. As he stood me up, he complimented on my smooth stiff cock pointing straight up at a 45 degree angle. He said, “Now that looks very beautiful and delicious! I can’t wait to eat you!”

He glided my foreskin, halfway covering my spongy reddened mushroom head, all the way down to the base of my cock, and tongue-flickered the pee hole, oozed with dribbling, dangling clear glistened precum, and licked the frenulum and underside of the swollen head. My cock kept on jerking from his licking that was driving me wild. Then his warm, salivated mouth slowly engulfed my yearning penis, and the feeling of his beard rubbing my cock and touching my smooth pubis just intensified the ticklish sensation.

With my cock still thrusting in his mouth while he fondled my balls, I was on the edge of squirting my semen, especially when he began to brush my moist butthole and twirled his finger into my rectum. I just couldn’t take it anymore and started feeling shivering from head to toes as my cock kept pulsating and my body tensed up. I told him that I was going to ejaculate.

As he popped my cock out of his mouth, he held the stiff rod pointing at his face and continued stroking it with one hand, while his other hand still had his finger thrusting in and out of my asshole. Within seconds, a huge rope of hot, thick pearly-white semen forcefully ejected from my pee hole splashing and hitting between his eyes, the second rope hitting his nose running down onto his lips trickling down on his chin, and the third stream splattered on his forehead. After the third powerful eruptions, he placed my pulsating stiff cock back into his mouth and sucked the remaining seminal juice as spurts after spurts still unloading, filling up his mouth and leaking at the corners, and I felt his finger thrusting in and out my butthole.

I felt like shoving my whole cock down his throat to maximize my ejaculation, so I grabbed and pushed the back of his head until his lips pressing on my pubic area, and I was surprised that at the same, he grabbed and pushed my buttocks hard toward his face in an attempt to shove my cock all the way deep down his throat. When he started to gag, he released my cock from his throat and continued sucking it with mouthful of cum.

He kept sucking until my squirts faded and my cock softened then popped it out from his mouth, carefully not to spill anymore of my precious juice. Looking up to me, he opened his mouth with dangling string of cum to show me my semen deposited. Next, he gurgled, swished, and opened his mouth again showing me the semen now all churned and frothy before he gulped it all down his throat into his tummy. It took him a few big gulps to swallow all my fluid down. He then smeared the semen on his forehead and nose all over his face and told me he wanted to savor my sperm aroma longer.

Smacking his lips, he said to me, “Well, that was a very delicious sperm protein you got there boy! So warm and tasty! I loved it and wish you can feed me some more! Your sperm tastes salty but very sweet and your cum smell really turns me on!”

All I could respond to him was, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Still naked, we both sat on the sofa to take a rest while watching TV and talking. He was feeling me how he missed having his cock sucked and fucking a pussy since his wife passed away. Since then, he hadn’t found any woman who would let him eat or fuck her cunt. He said that It had been quite a while now that he would be happy just to poke his cock into any openings or holes. He went on to say that often times when his balls got full and heavy, he would masturbate to drain them and hesitantly said that sometimes he would ejaculate into his coffee using it as creamer and into his oatmeal to add flavor.

About 20 minutes later, I told him I needed to go urinate. He told me that he needed to take a piss also and grabbed my hand to lead us to the bathroom. I felt a little awkward picturing two naked guys watching each other urinate, something I had never done before even with my ex-girlfriend. As we got inside, he asked me to hold his cock as he to hold mine and we both together would watch each other piss into the toilet. When done, he pulled and retracted my foreskin several times then shook my semi-soft travesti istanbul cock to rid excess urine, and as for his cock, I just had to shake it up and down. I thought that was interesting, and it felt good somehow.

Smilingly, he said to me, “Hey boy, I can feel that your dick is trying to grow again. I just can’t get enough of you! Come, I want to try something with you.”

Before I could even ask him what he meant by trying something with me, he grabbed my cock and led me to his bedroom. He hopped and lay on his bed spreading his legs and told me to come and sit on his face. Facing his feet, I straddled and squatted down on his face. He moved his face around under my buttocks sniffing and enjoying my dangling balls slapping his face. Then he lowered my head hinting me to suck his limp cock and sagging testicles. This was the first time I had ever engaged in a 69 position with anyone, and I thought it was great as both were feeling good together at the same time.

I started fondle and lick his balls and suck his soft cock. He spread apart my ass cheeks wide and lightly flickered my butthole with his tongue, then licked it up and down, twirled it, and attempted to thrust my shit hole with his stiffened tongue. The wetness of his tongue and the brushing of his beard on my butthole and perineum made my cock twitching and beginning to grow long and very hard. He then licked and sucked each of my balls, and pulled my stiff cock down toward his mouth to suck. He retracted my foreskin and licked my dangling clear, shiny precum slowly oozed from the pee hole and nibbled on my swollen spongy glans before sucking my whole cock.

I felt his finger twirling my moist, slimy butthole and then it was moving in and out of my rectum as he licked and sucked my balls and cock. His cock started to rise and thicken in my mouth, and we both continued to lick, slurp, and suck each other’s cock as if a lollipop. When his finger palpated my prostrate, my cock became harder than it was and I could feel my precum continued to seep out into his mouth, and he would suck it out from my pee hole as if sucking through a straw.

His cock was growing but not as very hard as it was earlier. He said that he had been having a hard time achieving an erection and would be lucky if he got a second erection in one day. Sometimes it would take him a while to even get an erection. He further said that today was his lucky day with me as he was never feeling very aroused to get a second erection for a long time, and he thanked me for making him feel that way.

His mouth suction, the slippery and slimy feeling, and his beard rubbing on my cock and anus together with his finger-fucking were too much for me to handle, and it felt so fabulous, sending shiver throughout my body and making my cock, balls, and butthole so sensitive that I felt the urge to squirt my seeds in his warm salivated mouth. I signaled him that I was about to ejaculate.

He paused his sucking and told me, “It’s okay boy. I want to drink it, so just go ahead and shoot that delicious sperm in my mouth!”

He placed my cock back into his mouth and continued sucking it while his finger was still sliding in and out my butthole. Within seconds, my body tensed up in spasm, my toes curled, my throbbing cock swelled up, my butthole clenching his finger, and forcefully my semen erupted from my cock deeply into his mouth and down his throat. It took about 12 powerful spurts before fading to successive mini spurts, and he tried to swallow as much and as fast as he could without gagging or choking, trying not to waste any leaked or spilled cum. He kept on sucking and swallowing until my cock shrunk, then he sucked and licked my balls and anus to clean them up.

While he was cleaning me with his tongue, I noticed a thick, cloudy round drop of fluid oozed at my pee hole. He brought my soft cock to his mouth and slurped it up, then he continuously milked my cock a few times and squeezed the puffy mushroom head to extract anymore secretion left in my balls, making sure he sucked my cock dry, to the very last drop.

By this time his cock was getting harder, and I continued to suck and stroke his cock and fondle his big balls, trying to make him unload his balls. Suddenly he stopped me and told me he didn’t want to shoot yet and asked me if it would be okay for him to fuck me in my anus, as he missed fucking a pussy and wanted to bring back that penetrative feeling when he used to fuck and shoot his jism inside his wife’s pussy.

He said, “Since I can’t get any woman to fuck after my wife died, I just thought that fucking your cute little smooth pink butthole would be like a great substitute for fucking a vagina, probably better.”

Feeling a little hesitant and sorry for the man and at the same time was curious about what it would be like to have a guy’s cock sliding in and out of my butthole, I told him that his cock looked very thick and not sure if that whole thing could make it in my asshole.

He took that as a yes and excitedly said, “Well, one way to find out is to try. I’ve never fucked anyone in the butthole before, even my own wife as she never liked anything stuck in her butt. You can tell me to stop anytime you feel uncomfortable.”

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One More Year Ch. 23

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I was in hell. I’ve never liked taking photos, but this was particularly bad. Shoved into a tuxedo – which my mom had surprised me with, because she’d clearly been conspiring with Ellie for a while – and forced to stand in a series of poses with Melissa while my mom cooed at stupid things like how ‘different’ I looked, or how well my tie matched Mel’s red dress.

Then there were group photos, at Ellie’s insistence, and I was forced to fake a smile, even though Louis and I were standing right next to each other. He and I also kept getting told to ‘stand closer’ by the parents taking the photos, and I was instructed to put my arm around his shoulders at one point. It wasn’t as if I could talk to him during any of that, and it felt like torture.

For all my mom’s talk of this being a night for me and my friends to remember forever, the people seeming to get the most joy out of it were definitely the parents. Of course they were, though. They’d all been served champagne, while all of my classmates and I had to be satisfied with sparkling grape juice. Only three of us in the whole year were still under eighteen. But Elohim High had never been good at nuance.

The school’s parking lot had been decorated for the occasion – a small stage had been set up in front of the gate at the grand sandstone entrance, and extra greenery had been moved in to augment the usual trees that dotted the sidewalks. A red carpet had been run along the path to the slipway where cars could pull up right outside the entrance, and a lot of the parking spots had been filled with tables bearing drinks and snacks.

It seemed a bit over the top, given that everyone would be hopping in our limousines – or whatever other vehicles people had wrangled – and heading off to the fancy hotel in town which held the ballroom where the real dance would take place. The parents had been invited to stay for as long as they liked afterwards though, and the drinks seemed to be flowing, so my guess was that the school was going to take advantage of this emotional evening by pumping them for donations one last time.

“You could at least look like you’re trying to enjoy yourself, you know.” Melissa smirked, picking at the neckline of her dress. “I wore one of those stupid adhesive bras for this.”

I chuckled. “My apologies to your boobs.”

“Damn right.” She grinned. “Poor things aren’t even getting groped tonight.”

“I could try, but my heart wouldn’t be in it.”

“You wouldn’t know what to do with them, is the problem.” She laughed. “But I’ll settle for you just telling me I look pretty.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thanks.” She beamed at that. “Yeah, the red was a good choice. Look at the two of us. Gingers, embracing it.”

She stepped back and twirled. I wasn’t just trying to be nice – she really did look amazing, in her red dress with black accents, as the light of the sunset played off her coppery hair. She’d even done her makeup darker to match. All she needed was a pair of horns, and it would have made an excellent, if overly elegant, devil-themed halloween costume.

I only had two splashes of colour in my tux – the matching tie and pocket square that she had organised for me. I think that was the case for most of the guys – certainly everyone in our group. John had a green tie to match Sarah’s dress, Jamie and Jess had their matching deep blue that brought out their conveniently matching eye-colours. Sue’s boyfriend – whose name I had immediately forgotten – was actually wearing a white suit and tie with a black shirt, to match her very cool geometrically patterned black-and-white dress.

Ellie, of course, made sure her pairing was the most spectacular. Her deep purple dress with gold accents made her look like royalty, something that she’d clearly been going for. Her hair had been braided up into a crown, and tresses of it draped regally down her back, studded with pearls and little golden star. Gary was dressed simply, but he wore a matching golden tie, intricately knotted, and instead of a pocket-square he had a small spray of golden flowers. We’d both been Ellie’s projects today, but he’d definitely gotten more attention. Luckily for me.

If Ellie’s look was the most impressive, Angela’s was definitely the biggest transformation. She’d ditched her glasses, worn makeup for the first time I’d ever seen, and straightened her usually frizzy hair, pinning it up in a simple but elegant knot. She wore a pale blue dress that really made her eyes stand out. Everyone who saw her did a double take to figure out who she even was.

And then there was Louis, who as always, cleaned up so well. He’d also ditched his glasses, and styled his hair. He wore a simple tux, like me, and his pale blue tie was also matched to Angela’s dress. I’d seen him looking this good before, even if I was too stupid to realise what it had been doing to me at the time. But being aware of it… it was kind of taking my breath away.

“He looks good, doesn’t he?” Mel asked softly, putting her istanbul travesti hand on my arm.

I looked over at her and sighed. “Yeah. He really does.”

“Any chance you two idiots are going to try and talk again tonight?”

I fidgeted nervously. “Well, it hasn’t gone well so far.”

“Yeah.” She let out a deep breath. “Sorry, I know you hate it when I stop the jokes and get sincere, but you two are very frustrating.”

“I know.” I grinned. “Sorry about that.”

“You will be.” She adjusted her dress and pulled at my arm. “Now, come on, I think we’re getting ready for the limos to take off. Ellie’s the committee member who got to pick the order, so you know we’ll be leading the procession.”


I let her lead me towards the red carpet. Before we were due to leave, it seemed like there’d be a speech from our headmaster, Mr. Haupt. He was a very chaotic and disorganised man, so it didn’t kick off immediately. It gave my mom time to pull me away from Mel, who wandered over to chat with Ellie and Gary.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

That felt like a loaded question, but I knew she just meant to go to the dance. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. Just try to have fun, okay?” She reached up and dusted what could only have been imaginary lint off of my shoulders. “I know you get grumpy about doing things like this, but this is the last high school event you’ll ever have to put yourself through, so just enjoy it, please. You have your friends – a lot of them.”

“Yeah.” I grinned sheepishly. “Kind of late though, isn’t it?”

“Well, at least you have them now. That’s something. And I really like Louis. I’m so glad you two are such good friends. I love Ellie, of course, but it’s nice that you have someone… who has so much in common with you.” She shrugged. “And I think he’s been a good influence, too.”

“Yeah, Louis is great.” My eyes drifted across to him. He was just standing there, happily chatting with Angela. I wondered what he was thinking. I pulled at my collar, and turned back to my mom. “So, uh… are you sticking around after we head off?”

“Definitely.” She smiled. “We’ve gotten the babysitter for the twins anyway, so Malcolm and I will probably go out to dinner, but I think we’ll stick around and drink the free champagne until the school starts asking us for money.”

I laughed. “That’s what I thought they’d do, too.”

“Strange. It’s almost as if we’re related.” She fiddled slightly with my collar and leaned up to give me a kiss on the cheek, wiping it afterwards to make sure she hadn’t left lipstick behind. “Okay, there’s your headmaster. You’ll probably be leaving quite quickly after his speech. Bye, darling.”

“Bye, mom.”

“Say hi to Louis for me.” She gave me a serious look. “And please have fun.”

“I’ll try.” I grinned.

She smiled, nodded and slipped away. Caitlyn stalked past me, clearly in a bad mood. She was wearing a big, fluffy dress in her trademark bubblegum pink. She also looked beautiful, but angry, as always. I avoided her, since I wasn’t in the mood to trade barbs. Besides, the fact that she hated Eric too was almost endearing, given how I felt about him.

I went to go stand with Mel and Ellie while Mr. Haupt launched into his incredibly generic diatribe about the rewards of academic success. He followed it up with some corny jokes about ageing clearly designed to amuse the parents – they fell flat with the students, anyway – and just enough claptrap about the importance of friends and lifelong bonds that I had to shake my head and tune it out to stop myself from getting embarrassingly misty.

But then that was it. We were heading out. It wasn’t the last time I’d ever be seeing my high school, since we’d all have to be back for the awards ceremony at the end of the year. There was something about looking back, though, before I climbed into the limo. It felt very final.

Riding with me were Sara, John, Mel, Angela and – of course – Louis. I don’t know if Ellie had specifically planned that, or if it had just worked out that way, but it was awkward, either way. I was at least grateful that Jamie had ended up in the other one. From both of us, actually. I didn’t want Louis looking at him and wondering. So maybe Ellie had planned it, after all.

It didn’t get me any closer to talking to him, though. Not about that, anyway. It was an eight-seater for only six of us, but that was hardly roomy enough for a very private aside. Fortunately, everyone else was in better spirits, especially since Sue had made sure that the limos came packed with actual alcohol. The two of us nervously sipped away at our drinks, and he would occasionally even respond to me, or laugh at one of my stupid jokes. It gave me hope that we could at least try talking at the dance.

Hope which slowly started fading as we got there, because it looked like the event was going to be very formal, and I wasn’t sure how we’d get away from the rest of the group. Hotel staff opened istanbul travestileri the limousine doors for us, and we poured out onto another red carpet that ran down a long, ornate hall, full of antique brass light features and cream marble tiles.

Mrs. A was there, wearing a black sequined dress that looked bizarre on her – way too decorative, but at least appropriately dark. She’d taken over the coordination of the actual event to make sure the evening ran smoothly. Last year’s dance, which had been purely run by the students, had gone off the rails – they’d all gotten drunk and someone had been rushed to the emergency room with a broken leg, or something. There might have been some property damage, too. I thought it sounded quite fun, but Mrs. A would clearly disagree with that assessment.

So we were all made to get into a pair of lines, boys on the right, girls on the left. Ellie, claiming the benefits of having been on the dance committee, got her way and was able to lead from the front of the procession. We all walked slowly along the hallway until we reached a grand pair of oak doors, which swung open for us as we approached.

The ballroom was amazing – a massive space with beautiful vaulted ceilings, adorned with decorative carvings. The floor-to-ceiling windows had red velvet drapes, and a plush navy coloured carpet covered the whole floor. Beautifully set tables, with pure white table clothes, gleaming crystal, sparkling silver and delicate ceramics. Ten ornate golden chairs circled each table, and a grand chandelier of gleaming brass hung in the middle of the room.

Incongruously, as if it were an afterthought – which I was fairly sure it was – a small light-up dancefloor had been set up underneath the chandelier, and a DJ booth had been unceremoniously plopped down one end of it. The DJ was a middle-aged guy who looked like he’d seen better days. He clearly wasn’t reading the room, because he was playing some ridiculous song that I didn’t even recognise. The music was so loud that we had to shout to communicate.

We lined up for the photographer, and got our couple’s pictures done. I wasn’t happy there were more photos, but not having the fawning parents there made it a bit more bearable. Except for the part where I had to put my arm around Louis again. This time, I knew it was Ellie’s fault that we’d ended up next to each other, but I was too preoccupied to glare at her. He looked directly into my eyes as we broke apart, and it felt like my heartbeat tripled its pace.

But after that, we all settled down at our seats, guided by Ellie to place settings that had cards with our names on them. Jess and Jamie were the only people who weren’t at our table. Ellie shouted over the music to explain to me that she’d had to cut someone from ours, and Jamie had wanted to be with his friends. She’d talked to Jess, who was fine with it, and mostly just happy to have been invited anyway.

Our table was skilfully coordinated, even if I wasn’t quite happy about how far Louis was away from me, because it made it impossible to even try to talk to him. But Ellie had arranged it so that not only were people sitting next to their date, but they were also – with the exception of Sue’s boyfriend and Gary, who were next to each other – sitting next to someone else they got along with.

So Sue and Angela, Louis and John, Sara and Melissa, Ellie and me had all been placed together, with our dates on the other side of us. Which was nice, because the DJ didn’t relent the whole evening, and the only way you could talk to someone was by leaning over and shouting.

I didn’t know if Ellie thought she was having a magical evening. For me, it wasn’t great. Even without the Louis thing, I just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be enjoying. The music was too loud, conversation just couldn’t happen.

The weird juxtaposition of the formal dinner service of five courses with the clueless DJ would have been comical, if it wasn’t so uncomfortable. Mrs. A eventually caught on that it was a problem, but by then we were already eating dessert, and as the music died down, our ears were ringing, and conversation remained stunted.

It didn’t help that Louis was only one seat off from being directly opposite to me at the table, so we were mostly in each other’s line of sight, and found ourselves accidentally locking eyes the whole evening. Both of us would quickly glance away every time the other one looked up, but it still sent my heart thumping in my chest every time it happened.

The ‘dance’, if it was actually supposed to be about dancing, was a complete bust. The DJ didn’t seem to know how to get anyone on their feet any more than he knew how to keep things quiet and low-key when we were busy eating. The whole class migrated onto the dancefloor when he managed to play one song we actually all recognised and liked. I think it was more out of a sense of obligation, because it would have been weird to have not danced at all. Even Louis and I joined travesti istanbul for that, although I still didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

That one round of dancing happening was probably more luck than anything, because by the next song, the DJ had lost half of us, and by the one after that, it was pretty much only the people from our table still making an effort. I’d settled back down at my seat, and after a few more songs, Louis had joined me, although he’d gone to his place instead of sitting anywhere near me. He got up again, way too quickly. Before I’d even had the chance to work up the courage to move over and talk to him. He headed off towards the bathroom.

I wanted to break something. One of the stupid crystal glasses they’d been pouring our fruit juice into would have done nicely, but Mrs. A was still lurking around the edges of the room, glaring at us all like an angry dragon. So I just watched Louis go, feeling like my heart was bouncing around in the bottom of my ribcage.

A hand appeared in front of me, and I looked up to find Mel, who’d left the dancefloor. She held out her arm, and I rolled my eyes, but grabbed it anyway and stood up. The rest of the group was still there making idiots of themselves, and I didn’t really want to mope at the table alone. Mel wove her arm through mine, and started marching me away from the table.

But we didn’t join the others – we actually headed directly away, weaving around the tables. Making our way to the bathroom.

“Why, Mel?”

I saw her grin mischievously, but she didn’t respond. She just kept marching me. I could have resisted, but her grip was like iron. I also wasn’t confident enough in my brand-new dress shoes to just stop walking. She probably would have fallen over, and pulled me down with her, so that we’d collapse in a big, embarrassing heap on the floor.

We got to the bathroom door, and she let go of my arm. I turned to face her. She pointed her finger at me. “You’re going to go in there and talk to him.”


“No, seriously. I’m tired of this bullshit. You won’t say things to him, he won’t say things to you, but you’re both happy to sit there staring at each other all night, making us all feel awkward.” She shook her head. “I’m sick of it. Ellie’s sick of it. Sue doesn’t even know what’s going on, and she’s sick of it – I love that girl, by the way. Blunt as a fucking shovel. But anyway, we are done. You’re going in.”

With one hand, she firmly grabbed my arm – so firmly it hurt – and with the other, she pushed open the door to the men’s room and shoved me inside. I stumbled as I entered, and looked back to see her grabbing the handle and winking at me as she pulled the door closed. Louis was staring at me with an amused expression on his face as I turned to look at him.

I cleared my throat. “Uh… Mel is meddling.”

“Yeah, I see that.” He chuckled softly.

I heard her muffled voice from the other side of the door that probably said, “Speak to him!”

I sighed.

“Yes?” He raised his eyebrows.

“I…” I shook my head, and took a deep breath. Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about starting awkwardly now. Mel had already made that happen. I looked up at Louis, and tried to smile. “You’ve been there for everything that’s happened to me this year. The stuff with Eric, and with Jamie, and…” I flinched slightly as I saw the muscles of his jaw tighten. “Just all of it. So you’ve kind of had a front row seat to what a mess I am.”

“You’re not a mess,” he said softly.

I laughed sadly. “I am, though. I’ve made so many fucked up choices this year, when I should have just stepped away. Tried to control myself. It’s not like I needed to do any of the stuff I did this year, and… I don’t think I’d be good for you, Louis. You say you made your mistakes, but you made them a while ago, and I don’t think they were anywhere near as bad as mine. And you’re so mature and together, and you’ve been such a good friend and I just…” My words caught in my throat slightly, but I pushed through. “I don’t think I deserve you.”

He bit his lip, and nodded slowly. My words hung heavy between us, and I was filled with a sense of dread, like he was about to agree with me and walk out of my life forever. His every motion felt like it was tearing into my chest, and if we stood there in silence too much longer, I thought I’d collapse. Mercifully, though, he took a deep breath and started to speak.

“Jay, that’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had a crush on you since the first day I met you. Do you have any idea how much it hurt finding out about you and Eric? It felt like the cruellest possible joke the universe could play on me. You guys, getting together. Every time he told me about you two doing something, I hated him for it. I hate Nick now, and Jamie too, even though I don’t really know him.

“I could handle it when you were just that cute guy from AP maths, who I could barely manage to even talk to. You were just a fantasy then. But then you became real – you became my friend. This last year has been hell. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, but I felt guilty. You were Eric’s, even when you weren’t anymore. When you broke up I hated myself for being happy about it when you were in so much pain.

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My Exception is You Ch. 21

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***All characters are 18+ years or older***

Hey lovelies! It’s been a minute but I have been writing this between my exams and final project submissions deadlines. This was a long chapter, and a holiday special so I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for your patience and staying along this far.


I stood over my bed, my hands on my hips as I stared at my duffle bag. An entire week at his parents’ house. “No big deal Clay, you’ve met them already,” I muttered, my heart racing as I took a few deep breaths.

“Yeah you too Mel!” his voice made me jump, my hand flying to my chest as I looked over to the door. He was shaking his head as he pushed his hair back off his forehead. Our eyes met and he smirked, crossing his arms as my door shut behind him. “You look petrified,” he teased and I cleared my throat, shaking my head slowly as I turned to my bag. He walked over and grabbed the fabric, glancing in. “You haven’t even packed?” he demanded playfully and I sighed heavily, throwing myself down onto my bed.

“Bruno I’m a nervous fucking wreck,” I grumbled, lying on my back as I stared up at the ceiling. His hands slid up my legs, gripping the front of my pants as he crawled on top of me. His ass pressed into my thighs, his smile devious as he licked his lip.

“Want me to suck some of those nerves out of you?” he muttered, both of his hands sliding over my cock. I groaned, hating how amazing it felt.

“You can’t just fuck it better,” I insisted without conviction, my blood surging to my cock as he continued to massage and tease it through my sweatpants. “Shouldn’t we hit the road soon anyway? We do have a few hours,” I whispered, throwing my hands behind my head to enjoy this.

“Hit the road? You haven’t even packed,” he chuckled, his hands grabbing the band of my sweatpants. I took a deep breath, reaching down to ease my shirt up. I let my hand rest between my ribs, sighing happily as the warmth of his hand found my growing cock.

“Help me pack,” I smirked as I looked down to see him leaning over to kiss my stomach. An amazing surge of pleasure rolled up my back as his hand gripped my shaft, working up and down slowly. “Just like that,” I groaned, rolling my head back when his thumb brushed my tip. His hand twisted slightly my lips parting as I exhaled heavily. My heart was racing already, my body burning. I felt his breath on my crotch, my pubes tickled. God this was fucking insane. I gripped my shirt, my other hand clawing at the back of my head when I felt his lips against my tip.

“Why don’t you pack, and then I finish what I started?” he let his lips sliding along my tip as he talked before sucking and licking at it gently.

“Bruno,” I cursed, reaching down to grab his hair. He chuckled, nibbling and sucking at my tip some more. “God I want that throat,” I moaned, grabbing the back of his head. He groaned, resisting a bit. “Tell me you don’t want it,” I licked my lip, studying the look on his face. His eyes were closed, his hands clawing at the band of my sweatpants as he continued to suck and tease my tip. I thrusted up into his mouth, his face wrinkling slightly as he groaned. Shit that was too hot.

“Clay you need to pack,” he breathed, pulling away and I sighed.

“Don’t do that to me,” I grumbled and he smirked. He crossed his arms as he bit his lip and looked down. It was almost like I could feel his eyes as they ran down my body. “What happens if I pack right now?” I demanded, catching his attention. His eyes locked onto mine as a crooked grin curled the side of his mouth up.

“Depends on how long it takes!” he laughed when I pushed him off me, hurrying over to my dresser. I grabbed a couple pairs of sweatpants and shirts, not even worried about what to wear. I crammed them into my duffel bag, adjusting my sweatpants as my boner started deflating. As I packed the nerves started creeping back in. I remembered it was Thanksgiving. I was going to be meeting his entire family.

“How well dressed is your family for Thanksgiving?” I muttered, my hands gripping my dresser as soon as I got back to it. I knew I had to get socks and briefs but I felt too paralyzed to do anything.

“You really are nervous huh?” his voice made me jump, my heart trembling as I exhaled shakily.

“You have no idea,” I admitted weakly, hanging my head in defeat. His hand rubbed my lower back before he chuckled and pat my ass lightly. “I’m so glad this is funny to you,” I shot him a snarling glare and he shrugged, a dumb smile still on his cute face.

“There’s nothing to stress over Clay. My whole family already knows I’m dating a guy. And you already met my immediate family, except my one sister. So just don’t worry. And a nice pair of slacks and a button up will do just fine,” he muttered then, sliding his hand around my hip as he closed the distance between us. I lifted my arm, pulling him into my side as he hugged me loosely.

“Is that istanbul travesti for your family, or for you?” I teased quietly and he squeezed me a bit, laughing mischievously.

“I love the way your body looks in a nice pair of slacks and a button up. We do dress well enough, kind of a weird family thing I suppose?” he muttered off handedly. “You could probably get away with jeans and a nice sweater too. But that’s not nearly as sexy,” he wiggled his body against mine suggestively and I pinched my nose, unable to stop myself from heaving a quiet laugh as I shook my head.

“I’m starting to believe you really are just gay as hell,” I grumbled, grabbing a handful of his hair as I turned my head to press my lips to his forehead. He laughed, shrugging as he clung to me.

“It definitely would make a lot of sense,” he murmured and I nodded slowly. After another minute of letting me hold him, we pulled away so I could finish packing. Per his request I did pack a button up and slacks, hoping they weren’t too nice but also nice enough. I was in the bathroom packing a bag for my toothbrush and shower shit when his phone range. “Hey mom!” he breathed and I sighed, glancing out toward my room.

“I should be happier right?” I whispered, glancing at myself. “I wanted this, more than anything else. So why am I not happier about meeting his family?” his voice was muffled and I ignored him as I finished zipping up the small pouch. He was standing at the door with his arms crossed as I turned, flinching. “Jesus, you scared me,” I grumbled and he chuckled, letting me pass. I dropped the pouch into my bag, zipping it up and glancing at him.

“Clay, we can tell my mom we’re not going,” he mumbled then, looking worried as he studied me. A pang hit me in the gut as I shook my head.

“I’m not going to lie, a part of me really wants to take you up on that offer. But,” I sighed, not liking the pained look on his face. “Come here,” I grabbed his shirt, pulling him toward me. His arms wrapped around my waist as I let my hands slide into his hair. We kissed tenderly, a cute moan making his lips tremble against mine. “This is just a lot to handle for me. I get anxious and it’s still hard for me to think about being around your family as openly gay and dating,” I admitted quietly and he nodded slowly, rubbing the curve of my back as he pushed his stomach against mine.

“Well I promise it’s going to be ok!” he whispered and I sighed, kissing him again. We both groaned as our lips parted, my tongue begging for his. My hands ran down his arms, pulling them up around my shoulders. He gasped, breathing heavy as I gripped his ass and pulled him closer.

“How can you promise something so easily?” I demanded and he laughed once, sounding breathless as his chocolate eyes studied me eagerly. “Do we have enough time?” I squeezed his ass suggestively and he pressed his face into my neck, clawing at my back.

“That depends, how late do you want to be on the road?” he muttered and I groaned when I felt his teeth on my neck. “It’s going to be a few hours and it gets dark earlier you know, stupid winter and everything?” he whispered, his lips tickling my skin.

“Fuck I don’t care,” I pushed his pants down, licking my lip as I admired his bare ass over his shoulder. He clung to me, his body curving and twitching as I squeezed and rolled his cheeks. God his ass looked incredible. “Such a fat ass for a guy,” I grumbled, tucking my fingers under his cheeks to jiggle them slightly.

“Is that bad?” he whimpered, his hot breath rolling down my neck.

“Hell no, I fucking love it,” I groaned, giving it a good slap before palming his cheek and pulling him into me. “And it looks amazing around my cock,” I whispered, turning my head toward his. He shuddered, pulling away. I was about to protest when he stunned me by crawling onto the bed. He pushed his pants down just enough to expose his entire ass to me.

“I want it,” his hands pressed into the bed, his cheeks spreading slightly. The cutely puckered skin of his ass twitching as he panted.

“Damn Bruno,” I hurried over, pressing my knee between his legs as my hands gripped his ass. We both groaned as I lapped at his quivering hole, my fingers digging into his skin. God he was so hot it was unfuckingreal. “Can I just-“

“Yes! Fuck put it in please!” he whimpered and I groaned, pushing my pants down eagerly. I rubbed my thumb against his asshole, testing how soft it was as I stroked my throbbing shaft.

“I don’t want to hurt you again,” I grumbled, pressing my tip up against him. He pressed back slightly, his head dropping as he groaned. “Jesus,” I gasped as I pushed my tip in. He was so fucking tight, tighter than normal. “Bruno we should loosen you up fi-“

“Don’t stop Clay, please!” he reached back to grab my hand, his head turning. The look on his face made my stomach turn. “I want you,” he squeezed my hand and I felt a shiver run down my back. He killed all of my resolve to take it easy. I istanbul travestileri grabbed his hips and forced myself into him inch by inch with short thrusts. He was shaking and groaning, his hips curling and recoiling with each push.

“Bruno I-“

“Clay I swear to God if you take your cock out of me I’m going to make you wait a whole week for any damn action!” he growled and I bit my lip, my face twisting as pain and pleasure consumed me. He had a way of persuading me that was so simple yet painfully effective.

“You dirty cock slut, you planned on,” I grunted, pushing into him again both of us trembling as his ass fought against me. “Heh, having sex at your parents’ house?” I smirked, my thumbs spreading his cheeks as I stared at my dick buried in his puckered hole. “Dammit loosen up,” I grit my teeth, wanting to get the last two inches in.

“You say that like your cock is easy to take,” he spat, trembling as he leaned down onto his elbows. “Fuck Clay why are you so huge?” he panted, his hands clawing at the bed over his head.

“Keep complimenting me,” I smiled, loving when he talked like this. He used to be so embarrassed. But it felt like every time we were together more and more of him was coming out. And I was loving every damn second of it. “Come on Bruno,” I grabbed his arms, pulling him up and he exhaled through clenched teeth as his back arched. “Talk dirty to me,” I murmured, my lips on his ear.

“Shit!” he threw his head back, gasping as his chest rose and fell quickly. “Clay you’re so fucking deep!” he gasped when I grunted, getting myself all the way in. My arms wrapped around him, my hand eagerly sliding up under his shirt as the other wrapped around his dick.

“Tell me you like it this deep,” I groaned, pulling out to thrust into him again. His dick throbbed against my palm, his body tensing in my arms. “Fuck!” I bit his neck, unable to control myself. His arms rested on mine as he clawed at me. We were both moaning and huffing as I drove myself into him.

“Oh fuuu! Clay right there!” his back arched as his head fell forward. “You’re, huuunh, hmmph, so deep!” he whimpered, slumping back into me as I thrusted all the way into him. “Fuck I love it! Don’t stop!” he goaded me on, his ass clenching at my cock. My face wrinkled, my body burning up as I plowed into him. His hand covered mine on his dick, moving it eagerly as his ass pushed back at me.

“Gonna cum already?” I huffed, feeling pretty close myself.

“God yes! I want to cum while you stuff me,” he moaned. I pressed my face into his neck, my body burning as his words filled my head. How could he be so fucking sexy and dirty and cute all at once? It wasn’t fucking fair! I bit him again, sucking gently at his neck as I ravaged him. He was moaning and rambling incoherently as our bodies jostled and jerked from my efforts. And then I felt him tense up, his hand squeezing mine tightly. I opened my eyes, admiring his cock as it trembled and spewed cum all over our hands.

“Fuck, you really love it when I stretch this ass out, huh?” I grumbled, slamming into him. He whimpered, trembling as he gasped for air. “Here, bend over,” I helped him toward the bed, his body easily bending at the hips. I licked my lip and grabbed his hips. “Just a bit longer Bruno,” I assured him when he cried out with my first thrust. “I’m so fucking close, your ass is amazing!” I started lunging my hips at him, squeezing his ass as I helped push him off my cock. The sight of him spreading out for me, my cock driving into him, and the sounds of his moans were all driving me to the breaking point.

“Fill me with your fucking cum!” he cried out, his hips bucking. I curled up slightly, my dick aching as his ass clamped down on it. It was excruciatingly painful and overwhelmingly pleasurable. I gasped for air, my nose wrinkling as he pushed back against me. What a greedy man! I spanked him and he yelped, his body going rigid.

“This ass is mine,” I slammed into him and he threw his head back, gasping loudly. I kept at it, desperate for the pleasure I always felt from exploding deep inside him. “Oh god, Bruno fuck, keep doing that!” I growled as he started bouncing himself against me. The slapping of our skin was deafening, the only other sound I could hear was our grunts of need.

“Clay I’m gonna fucking cum again!” he cried out. I snapped.

“Oh fuck, cum for me baby!” I slammed into him, my balls churning and tensing as I felt my first spurt of cum. “I’m, huuung,” I held myself deep, trembling as I clawed at his ass. My hips bucked at him as two more spurts sent ripples of pleasure through me.

“Oh yes! Cum in my ass!” he pushed and bounced his ass against me, my body curling forward as my eyes rolled back. I clawed at his hips, huffing as the final throes of pleasure consumed me. With a gasp I slipped out of him, stumbling as I trembled. He had his hand covering his tip, the other on his shaft as he bucked his hips and trembled. “I was so close!” he whimpered travesti istanbul and I groaned, grabbing his ass and shoving two fingers into his sloppy hole. He cried out, his back arching as his shoulders and back twitched with his efforts.

“Cum for me!” I was practically begging as I worked for his prostate. Within a minute his whole body locked up, his breath cutting out as he shuddered violently. “Mmm, that’s it!” this was insanely hot, the way his hair on his back stood up as pleasure consumed him. He had goosebumps along his back too. I kissed his ass, massaging that wonderful spot until he pulled away. We were both spent, his eyes barely open as he collapsed to the bed. A cute little smile was on his lips as he panted, looking up at me.

“Are your nerves gone yet?” he teased weakly and I chuckled, crawling up over him. I kissed him all over his face and neck, making him laugh lightly.

“You can’t fuck me like this every time I get nervous Bruno. What’re you gonna to do when it’s Thanksgiving and I’m a mess?” I demanded playfully and he shrugged, biting his lip as he glanced down toward my cock.

“No one said we couldn’t slip into the bathroom for a quick pick me up. Your will is no match for my throat,” he muttered with a cocky and devilish grin on his cute face.

“Promise?” I licked my lip, rubbing my flaccid cock against his thigh. He laughed, nudging me away as he got up.

“Yes, now let’s get ready to leave! I don’t want to be on the road all night!” he hurried to the bathroom and I sighed, dropping onto my side as a warmth consumed me. How was I so lucky to have him?


We had gotten in later last night so my family didn’t bombard us and I was grateful for that. I did my best the entire drive to calm Clay’s nerves. We talked and laughed about a lot of things, listened to music, anything! Hell I even tried to give him some action which he refused with a cute laugh only because he was worried about crashing. But once we got to my house he was a bundle of nerves and nothing I did fixed that. Thankfully only my mom was awake to greet us and get us situated for the night, and he slept soundly after cuddling with me for a solid half hour.

So as I laid next to him in bed, listening to him snore quietly I was worried. We had a whole week of my family and a holiday with my extended family to get through. And this man was traumatized by horrible experiences with his family and family gatherings. Couple that with his self-loathing for being gay and I just knew I was up against a lot to make sure he had a good time. I glanced at my phone noticing it was already almost ten in the morning. We had no reason to get up, my parents worked today too, but both my sisters were home and maybe he could get through some of the nerves little by little.

“Hey Mr. Sleepyhead,” I muttered, rolling onto my side and pushing my hand into his hair. His face wrinkled cutely as he mumbled something. I sighed, smiling as I wiggled closer to him. My lips touched his cheek as I tousled his hair some more. “Wake up,” I insisted quietly and he groaned. Then his arm lifted from the bed, wrapping around me as he adjusted.

“Why do you always wake me up?” he nestled his face into my neck, his arms and legs wrapping around me as he took a deep breath. “Isn’t this our vacation? Why can’t I sleep in?” he demanded quietly, his lips brushing along my neck. I bit my lip, rubbing his bare back as his hands pushed my shirt up. The feeling of his fingers and palms against my skin was too good.

“Because I’m hungry and I want you to get to hang out with my sisters since they’re the only ones here?” I offered gently, letting him relax into my arms as I pressed my face into his hair. “It means a lot to me that you’re here with me, and I want you to enjoy your time too. My family is pretty great,” I insisted and he sighed, his face rubbing against my skin. I felt his lips on the edge of my jaw, then his teeth.

“We have all week for family time,” he rolled his weight into me, making me exhale as he pushed me down into the bed. “What’s the rush?” he grumbled, his crotch rubbing up against my hip as he continued to kiss and nibble at my neck.

“You’re really cute when you’re tired,” I sighed happily, rubbing his back lightly as he relaxed into me again. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he tucked his face into my neck.

“Yeah well you’re really comfy, like my own personal body pillow,” he muttered, finding a way to wiggle closer as his leg pressed between mine. His foot slid under my calf, my leg pinched between his. I sighed and hooked my leg over his hip, feeling all twisted up in his hold.

“This body pillow would like to get something to eat,” I broke the gentle silence and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“I’ll give you something to eat,” he whispered then, his hips rolling as his cock rubbed up against my thigh. I could feel it through his pajama pants, my body already starting to burn up as he captured my earlobe between his lips. “Suck me off real good and I’ll hang out with your family all day, no complaints,” he bartered before running his lips and tongue along my ear, his leg shifting to push up against my balls. I groaned, clawing at his back. What an asshole.

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Journey of Rick Heiden Ch. 25-26

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All Rights Reserved © 2018, Rick Haydn Horst

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This novel contains 50 chapters.


The OD green helicopter appeared quite old, but undoubtedly post-Vietnam war era, and it made too much noise for conversation. The pilot handed me a headset so we could speak to one another. I turned in the seat to witness companions donning hearing protection. I had the only other headset. David waved at me and smiled.

“I’m Sarah Turner,” our pilot said, “and I know you’re the people from the other planet. You’re Rick, right?”

Even over the yell-speak necessary to hear one another, I knew our pilot, and her unmistakable accent hailed from Australia. This woman in her late thirties had golden blonde hair and tanned skin. By the age of her green flight suit, both she and her helicopter had long passed any active military duties.

“It’s good to meet you,” I said. “And yes, I’m Rick. How well known are we?”

“That’s hard to say,” she said, “I know the internet has people buzzing about you all. It started with that American senator quitting and mentioning Mr. Levitt back there. There’s a new website that just went up in the last few days dedicated to information about all of you with photos from amateur paparazzi.”

“Really? That’s the first we’ve heard of it. So, how did you end up our ride?”

“I live local in Manila. At first, they roped me into it, but once they told me your names, I jumped at the chance. It’s not every day you get to meet people from another planet.”

I laughed. “We’re still human, you know.”

“I gathered that,” she said and laughed. “So, did you really bring us the cure to virtually everything?”

“In a roundabout way,” I said.

“How can I get it?” she asked.

“Contact KGSC in Tokyo. They’ll begin producing it in gelcap form soon, or so we heard. It only takes one pill.”

“That’s amazing,” she said. “I will also fly you to Japan. So, perhaps, I should drop by Tokyo on the way back.”

“Do you have a piece of paper and a pen?” I asked.

She pointed to the clipboard between the seats. I wrote a note to Yukiko telling her that our pilot, Sarah Turner, helped us to Japan, and if she could please send a pill of the enhancement to her, I would appreciate it, and I signed my name.

“I know the CEO of KGSC,” I said. “Her name is Yukiko Takeshita. I’ve printed her name here too. She’s returning to Tokyo. It will take a few days, but if you take this note to her assistant and give them your address, I’m sure they could arrange something.”

She seemed pleased, but who wouldn’t be?

“You know,” I said, “I would have thought that a helicopter couldn’t fly this far.”

“It normally couldn’t, but you can get refueled in the Spratly Archipelago if you know where to go.”

It took a couple of hours for us to get to Manila. The helicopter landed with little more than fumes in the tank.

I hadn’t expected much from an airport in Manila, but well-known commercial airlines were flying into the port. We had only thirty yards distance from where we landed at the helipads to our jet, but we wouldn’t risk breaking the rules by walking down the taxiway to reach it. That forced us to scale an old chain-link fence. It felt a bit awkward, like jumping into a neighbor’s backyard to swim in their pool. I wouldn’t do that, so it left me with the impression that we were doing something we shouldn’t. I knew that the old terrestrian programming was working on me again. One shouldn’t cross fences, yet there we were.

Aiden paused with one leg over the fence. “Will we steal this jet?”

“Oh, so it’s not just me then,” I said. “That’s a comfort.”

Sarah laughed. “No, it’s mine.”

The big, sleek, white jet had a curvy red stripe and seemed only a few years old by the look of it. It had seating for twelve passengers, and the setting looked more like half lounge half aircraft. It had cushy, white leather seats, a built-in sofa, a dining table banquette, a bar, television, a full galley, and a spacious lavatory with a shower.

“What sort of plane is this?” asked Cadmar.

Sarah turned around, and there he stood with his height and handsome features. For a moment, she stopped, staring speechlessly into his synthetic eyes. I knew the feeling well; it was mesmerizing. “I fly corporate bigwigs around,” she said, distracted by his eyes. “You are something.”

Cadmar smiled. “I’m just a man.”

Her eyes darted down his body. “Aren’t you, though,” she said and went back to performing all her preflight checks.

It took about an hour to get the plane ready to leave, and we settled in while we waited. David sat with his arm around me on the built-in sofa as we faced the others seated in the banquette.

I put up a hand. “Does anyone else worry about this besides me?” Everyone else put up a hand, except istanbul travesti David. “David, do you mean to tell me that you’re not worried? Would you tell us why? Perhaps, we’ll feel better about it.”

“Oh, I’m worried, but not about this,” he said. “I have no doubt we will get to Japan. My worry lies with the Americans. They know our destination. If we’re lucky, they think they have a few more days before our arrival on the Torekkā Maru. They will have become emboldened by their apparent success at taking over Painshill Park. That could make them more dangerous than before, but we may have the element of surprise on our side, so we’ll have to see.”

“Oh, David. That didn’t help at all,” I said.

David hugged me and smiled. “I’m sorry, just being honest. So, Aiden, Cadmar, what’s the plan for the drone? Have you checked it over?”

“It may sound obsessive,” said Cadmar, “but I’ve checked it daily, and it’s fine.”

“We have a simple plan,” said Aiden. “As we land, we initiate the program. The drone will cloak itself and escape the instant the door opens. From that point, it gets its bearings and begins scanning. Japan has a larger landmass than the British Isles, so without a lot of luck, it could take a long time to find it.”

David turned to me. “Didn’t you tell me that the original inhabitants of Jiyū lived near Mount Fuji?”

“I forgot all about that,” I said. “Their cryptic abandonment of the sun had me preoccupied. Try searching around Mount Fuji first.

Aiden nodded. “Will do.”

“What will we tell the rest of our people who made it to Japan?” I asked David.

“I could make an encoded post about where to meet,” Aiden suggested.

“Yes, of course, but where?” asked David.

“You visited Japan, Rick,” said Maggie.

“I’m not sure, though,” I said. “Have you ever been to Japan, Rocke? You did work for KGSC.”

He shook his head. “Sorry, I worked for a branch of KGSC in Paris.”

“I see. Well, I think my trip to Lake Motosu brought me closest to Mount Fuji. If I remember, it had a parking lot near the dock where my friend had a boat on the eastern side. We could go there.”

“Then Lake Motosu, it is,” said David.

Sarah indicated we should take a seat and buckle up, so we did. “I have finished the flight checks,” said Sarah. “We can depart. Would anyone care to play co-pilot?” Most of us shook our heads. “How about you?” she spoke to Cadmar, smiling.

“I best not,” said Cadmar, then laid his hand on Rocke’s back, “but Captain Rocke Dupré here, apart from being a ship’s captain, is also a qualified and licensed pilot.”

“Oui, I am willing and able,” said Rocke.

Sarah smiled. “You’ll do, come on. Oh, and if anyone gets hungry, there’s a fully stocked kitchen in the back. Just give us a few minutes to get in the air. I’ll let you know when it’s safe to move about the cabin.” Sarah and Rocke left for the cockpit, where the door remained fully open.

“Well,” David said, his head tipping into the aisle to watch them, “Rocke’s truly a man of many talents. What else does he do?”

“Really,” said Aiden, doing the same, staring into the cockpit.

“Who knows?” I asked rhetorically. “Hey Cadmar, has he been an astronaut too?”

“He considered seeking a position as a spationaut for France, but he became ill and didn’t bother,” said Cadmar. “Maybe Rocke can help rekindle Jiyū’s space program.”

“Sounds like a challenge he would enjoy,” Aiden said.

David sat there, shaking his head slightly in astonishment. “I am so pleased he’s coming with us,” he said, watching Rocke settle into the co-pilot seat.

“I admire Rocke,” Cadmar said. “He’s pretty fearless.”

“Does Jiyū not have a space program?” Maggie asked Aiden.

“Not one where people go into space, and not for hundreds of years.”

With the cabin door closed and latched, the jet engines with their high-pitched whine sounded quieter than most commercial jets I’d flown. Apparently, most airlines hadn’t made aural comfort a significant priority.

In half an hour we could unbuckle our seatbelts and move about the cabin. After a quick trip to the lavatory, Maggie and I checked our food options. We had full meals in the freezer and complete instructions by the ovens in Filipino –another language I didn’t know. Fortunately, the writing came with drawings of what to do, and I had the smarts to figure it out. Every white-boxed dinner had words we couldn’t read inscribed upon them, so we had no idea what meals they contained. Everyone decided to take it as it came, whatever the result. I brought two boxes to the cockpit to see which one our flight captain, Sarah, and Rocke, our co-pilot wanted, but they didn’t care.

“So, how’s Rocke doing as co-pilot?” I asked Sarah.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, but he’s a first-class pilot. He’s flown the jet the entire time. I spoke to the tower, of course, but he’s done all the work. If he weren’t going with you, I’d hire him.”

“Rocke, vous êtes une merveille (Rocke, you are a wonder),” I said to him, patting his shoulder.

“Merci (Thank you),” he replied. “What istanbul travestileri time is dinner?”

“I’m uncertain,” I said. “Dinner will be done eventually.”

According to Sarah’s estimates, we would reach Toyama in three and a half hours, at 7:30 p.m.

After dinner, which turned into an utter travesty, with the unidentifiable brownish-gray meat of questionable texture, most of us dozed while Rocke flew the plane. Sarah monitored for safety purposes.

Cadmar sat sideways in the banquette next to the window, looking out at the brilliant sun, slowly sinking beyond the horizon in the distance. Everyone else was sleeping except him and me, so I figured we would have a whispered chat. I stood next to him. When he turned to noticed me, I saw his eyes change. I suspected he was using a filter to watch the sunset. The light made me squint to look at it. Smiling, he tapped the seat next to him. I didn’t want our conversation to awaken anyone, so we spoke into one another’s ear.

“I bet that looks gorgeous with those eyes of yours,” I said.

“It is! I’ve never flown this high before,” he said. “It’s beautiful. I see why Rocke likes this so much.”

“You like Rocke, don’t you?” I asked.

He looked at me with a smirk. “David told me you might ask.”

“Oh, he did, did he?” I asked, glancing over at David, sleeping on the sofa. “You’re quick to catch on.”

“He told me he couldn’t explain, so I’m willing to help you understand relationships on Jiyū, or at least how my relationship works.”

“I would appreciate that if it’s not too personal.” I felt strange, having such an intimate conversation with Cadmar. In several years, I had only allowed myself such closeness with David. I tried to keep a more friendly distance, but there’s something about the olfactory senses. When I detect certain scents, I find it almost impossible to stop myself from inhaling more.

“No, you’re fine,” he said with his mouth mere inches from my ear. “Unlike marriage on Earth, committing with a mate on Jiyū doesn’t include ownership of the other person in any sense. The question is, to what do you commit? Well, that would depend. You and David –either spoken or unspoken– have committed solely to one another. But like many people on Jiyū, Tamika and I have pledged to procreate with no one else. She will seek no other man to be her mate, and I will seek no other woman to be mine. We chose to make that commitment because we love one another, and we want to commit to no one else. This way, all the children she bears will be full siblings, and we can raise a family together. So, until that time comes, we do what couples do, we build a life together.”

He paused a moment, and he began whispering at a slow and casual pace. “From… From everything I know about it, humans on Earth have a backward and unhealthy obsession with sex. Many Earth cultures turn something useful and beautiful into something dirty, divisive, exploitative, and forbidden outside of specific marital contexts. On Jiyū, we recognize that sex serves more than one purpose. Besides its procreative qualities, it can bring people together, and most people there don’t view sex as inextricably linked to a commitment. If it happens for good reasons, and with the right person, you can become closer to them –like a physical form of the Sharing as a member of the Trust. Sharing with someone, in any manner, is an intimate thing, and most of us don’t take such things lightly. Whether you’re sharing a meal, a memory, a problem, or an emotion, these are all far more intimate things than most humans perceive on Earth. When it comes to relationships, we get to decide how much of ourselves we share with someone else, regardless of the kind of relationship it is, but that’s a new concept for you.” –he took a deep breath– “You’re understandably curious to know if Rocke and I have had sex, and the answer is yes, but it’s a separate thing from my commitment to Tamika.”

“Isn’t that just taking advantage of Rocke’s pheromonal connection to you?” I asked.

“It could be, but not after Rocke and I discussed it. He’s okay with how things are. The connection hasn’t made him love me; it expresses itself in attraction and infatuation, but not to the point he would do something he didn’t want to do.”

“Will he always be infatuated with you?” I asked.

“To a certain extent, and I to him, now,” he said, “but it’s pheromonally induced, so the more we stay away from one another, the more it will become dormant. However, while it’s happening, we can create some great memories that will endear us to one another in a way that will last a lifetime.”

“So, what sort of relationship will you have with him later? It seems too close for just friends.”

“No, Rocke and I are friends now,” he said, “and that won’t change, but best friends, as opposed to the sort of friend I am with Aiden. I like Aiden; I think he’s great. But despite how much I like him, I don’t have the same kind of commonality with him that I do with Rocke.”

“And Tamika is okay with this?”

“Yes, you should meet a few of her best friends.”

“So, travesti istanbul what makes your relationship with her special?” I asked.

He turned his head toward me and pulled back a little. “I love Tamika,” he said, “and my commitment to her makes it special.”

“Interesting,” I said, “So, has Magnar ever had any best friends?”

He shrugged and spoke more rapidly. “I don’t know. I never felt it was my business.”

“That sounds familiar,” I said. “Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it. It’s given me an intriguing perspective on parts of Jiyū culture that I didn’t know existed.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, “any other questions don’t hesitate to come straight out and ask. I don’t mind. On Jiyū, we encourage greater understanding, and I would enjoy helping you with that.”

Not long afterward, we made our descent. In the darkness, we could see the runway lights from our seats through the front window. Rocke made a perfect landing, and the tower gave instructions to Sarah on where to park. As we slowed to taxi, Sarah took over, and Rocke exited the cockpit to sit beside Cadmar. Aiden had prepared the drone via the remote. He motioned for Cadmar to get ready with the case. The instant the jet stopped, Cadmar opened the case, and I saw the drone cloak itself. When Sarah opened the door, Aiden spoke up. “It’s out.”

Cadmar snapped the case shut and winked at Rocke. “We’ll be home before you know it.”

“Aiden, can you connect to the internet here?” asked David.

“Only on Julien’s mobile –mine’s not connecting,” he said, “and the post to the blog we crafted just uploaded.”

“They’ll know we’re here if you use Julien’s,” said David.

“We can’t help that at this point,” said Aiden, “we need it.”

I didn’t think we would ever get that far. Japan seemed like an impossibly distant location from England, and without commercial airlines, travel to East Asia felt like a similar journey to that of Marco Polo. It would have been awful if we had come all that way, lost our friend Julien but never found the portal, or we found it broken. I didn’t want to entertain such notions at the time. It hurt too much to think of the consequences, but we would find a flight back to England little comfort with our tail tucked between our legs. A portal in Japan had to exist; Yukiko’s story supported it.

On the way out, we hugged Sarah with a heartfelt thank you.

“Yukiko’s personal assistant, don’t forget,” I said.

“Oh, I won’t forget, thank you for that,” she said. “Good luck.” For the sake of discretion, Sarah remained on the jet.

We had descended the steps the airport crew placed outside the hatchway, and two well-dressed Japanese men waited for us near the bottom. David and I came forward, and our group met Councillor Hisato Fujikawa and Councillor Kata Tamura, both part of the legislative branch of the government known as the House of Councillors or Sangiin. We all made a series of long low bows, and much like my attempt with formality to Amaré, they appreciated that we honored their tradition.

The Japanese were justly proud of their amazing country, and over the years, they had made their way of life more thoughtful and introspective. So, while everyone had room for improvement in any endeavor, they had come a long way. With the greeting over, we could get to business. They spoke fluent English, so David would have no difficulty communicating with them.

They led us to two vehicles, a suburban utility vehicle and a sedan. As we climbed into the SUV, with Rocke driving, they said they made plans to have access to the local government office for the prefecture so we could talk. Following them, we breezed through the airport gates, and once we had, we had bypassed security. We had finally made it into Japan. It was amazing how simple things were when the government hadn’t strived to make them complicated.

I found Toyama, a good-sized, modern, well-lit city, with a flat landscape from what I could see at night. I hadn’t included it as part of my previous visit to Japan. Its atmosphere seemed indicative of many of Japan’s more semi-industrialized urban areas, and it looked like a lovely place to live.

The building we entered had looked old and dull, like many of the government offices I grew accustomed to in America. This one certainly couldn’t compare to the town hall tower across the street. We settled into a meeting room on the fourth floor.

“We thank you again for your assistance,” said David. “We have had a long, difficult journey in which one of our companions has died.”

“We heard,” said Councillor Fujikawa. “A most unfortunate circumstance, and a reliable employee of one of our largest companies, too, I understand.”

“He will be honored and remembered for the help he gave us, as will you,” said David.

“We look forward to a productive relationship with your people in the future,” said Councillor Tamura. “Ironically, the Americans say that Jiyū’s existence threatens their national security. We do not believe this. And if you find a portal on Japanese soil, please know that our relationship with you means far more to us than the portal itself. Unlike the one near London, which sits amid a power struggle, this one will remain safe, if you can keep it secret. We do not want to know its location. It would only cause trouble with the Americans, and that is the last thing we would want.”

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Nice Thick One

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It’s been a tough couple of years, here in Central PA, for guys like me, who just want a hard cock to suck, and a mouthful of warm cum to swallow. The demise of Craigslist, coupled with the media and social network hype and misinformation, made it impossible to find someone that I could service. I am a total bottom, with sissy-like leanings, in an area of apparent mostly bottoms with few tops available. My requirements, I thought, were reasonable. I preferred a married guy, any age, build, ethnicity, who was clean, both medically and physically who would let me visit on a regular basis daytime, get on my knees and suck cock to completion.

I perused the very few posts from men, virtually all seemed to be bottoms. I won’t go to any bar or club, or cruise areas that men hang out, for fear of getting some disease. The gym I visit fairly regularly separates everyone, wearing masks, to the point that everyone backs away as you approach them, or try to walk past.

After almost two years of going without, I by chance saw a post from a White Male, 54 years old, who said he was married, to a woman, used to play with men, but hadn’t since he was married, and was looking for a blow job.

I replied to his post, not seriously expecting an answer, that I was a MWM, tall, hairy, loved to suck cock, and I swallow. I told him I hadn’t much experience, but was clean and healthy, and wanted to suck someone off on a regular basis, and maybe, if things worked out, get my cherry popped.

As I expected, no reply.

Several hours later, at almost 5PM, I received a reply from him. He’d been tied up at work, it was now too late for today, but might I be willing to meet tomorrow? I responded yes, where, and at what time, and hit send.

Nothing. No response. Of course.

The nest morning, I checked my email first thing, but still nothing. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I checked my email a bit after 9AM, and there was a response. I’m embarrassed to admit, my heart started pounding in hopes of finally tasting a mouthful of cum. He gave me his address, about fifteen minutes from my house, along with directions on where to park my car, and which door to go to. He asked that I be there at 11AM. I replied yes, and went to get myself cleaned up.

Excited, I rushed to shave, my face, cock, and balls, and then, istanbul travesti just in case, or maybe in hope, I douched myself. Then I applied hair remover around my boi pussy, and ass where I couldn’t see to shave. I then showered, to remove hair from my ass and make myself otherwise fresh.

I left a bit early, and parked in the parking lot of a closed apple vendor down the road a bit, until it was almost 11. I eased into his driveway, nervous in anticipation, and parked. As I opened my door, he came around the corner of his house. We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and went inside.

Following Gerald into his house, and downstairs into a basement bedroom, he began undressing. I was pleasantly surprised, unlike the few other guys that I’d met, Gerald was quite physically fit, baring the beginnings of a six pack, was moderately hairy, neatly groomed, with smooth cock and balls.

This was looking good.

While I’m not terribly experienced, I had been with enough guys to know, big cocks, not to mention huge ones, were a thing of porn movies. Not real life. Nope. But I was after warm cum in my mouth, not necessarily a “big one”.

Gerald laid back on the queen-sized bed, naked, legs spread. His cock was what I’d come to know as normal sized, lay limply toward his left thigh.

“Anything special you’d like me to do?” I asked him.

“No.” was his response. He just waved his hand generally in the direction of his groin.

My technique, is to suck cock with out using my hands, preferring to manipulate cock with my lips and tongue. I gently licked the bottom of his cock head, which brought a satisfying “hmmmmmm” from him.

Gerald firmed up a bit as I held the head of his cock in my mouth, my tongue continuing to gently caress the underside of its head with my tongue. I slowly sucked in on his cock, drawing it deeper into my mouth, then set about getting it wet with my saliva.

The feeling of a smooth cock in my mouth, clean, growing firmer, excited me. My own penis was twitching somewhat, but that wasn’t what I was here for. CUM. That’s what I wanted. Thick, warm CUM in my mouth.

I took him all the way to the base of his cock, my lips against the bottom. My tongue continued to lick and stroke his shaft. My head bobbed back and forth, causing continuous gasping and hmmmmming from istanbul travestileri Gerald.

But, somewhat disappointingly, he wasn’t getting hard, just firm. I’d not had any difficulty in previous liaisons, but I do like to please the other guy.

I pulled off Gerald’s cock, and gently, very gently, took his left testicle in my mouth. I washed it with my mouth, lightly ran my tongue all over it, bring a constant stream of moaning from Gerald, along with some arching of his back. I glanced at his cock, firm, and standing erect somewhat, but not really hard. A bit of a blow to my ego, I guess.

My eyes closed; I was enjoying playing with his balls. I’d moved to his right one, and gave it the same treatment as the left one. Appreciation was heard through the increase of moans from Gerald and the arching of his body. I was still looking to get him hard. I enjoy a hard cock poking into my throat.

I decided to go for the gold. Something I’d never done to a guy, but done to several women, without taking his testicle out of my mouth, I moved both my arms under his hips, and lifted him up and back, exposing his tight, pink hole. I was glad he was clean, as I lightly tickled and dragged my tongue across his most intimate place. My tongue tickled and probed his hole. After a few moments of eating his ass, I began to fuck his tight hole with my tongue.

The result was explosive.

Gerald let out a loud moan, arched his ass, presenting his hole to my mouth, grabbed my head and tried forcing my face into his tight hole. Very happy with Gerald’s response, I continued to lick, tongue, suck, and fuck his hole.

I have to admit, I rather enjoyed eating his ass, and the response I got, but I still wanted the main course.

CUM in my mouth.

To Gerald’s apparent dismay, I pulled back from his bottom, opened my eyes to look at him.


I was in trouble. I knew it. Gerald’s formerly average appearing cock was MASSIVE. It was, no shit, about eight inches long, but as big around as those energy drink cans. Having tamed my gag reflex, I could deal with the eight inches, but the girth….that was something else.

I nervously lifted my body up, looking from Gerald’s eyes to his cock, salivating at having him in my mouth, and terrified it wouldn’t fit. I know all porn, travesti istanbul both photographic and written involves only big cocks, but we all know that real life isn’t like porn. It was my time to put up or shut up.

I approached his cock, licking my lips, and willing my salivary glands to work overtime. I was going in. Or over. My lips wrapped around the now purple head of his cock. Fine. No problem. I worked my tongue all around the head of his cock. I pulled back, lowered myself, and began licking the shaft of his cock from his balls up to the head. All around. Top. Bottom. Sides. I didn’t think I could get it in.

I raised myself up, in order to get a better shot at taking him in. I opened my mouth. I drooled saliva on his cock.

I lowered my mouth.

As I lowered my mouth slowly, I worked my lips, trying to coat the shaft, and make it wet as I went down on him.

I don’t remember any noises or sounds he made, or any movements of his body. I was in a zone of concentration all by myself on this one.

Running out of air, I withdrew. I I took a couple of breaths, and went down again. I don’t know how many times I did this. I do remember gagging at one point, my eyes watering, but I was on a mission. I was almost hyperventilating I was breathing so hard. I wanted this. I wanted my air supply cut off with cock. I’m sick. I know it.

I was working up to a very sloppy blow job, in and effort to take him. ALL of him.

The turning point for me was….at one point as I withdrew up his shaft, I tasted it.

That precious drop of pre-cum. I could taste it. I wanted it. I needed it.

Without thinking, I plunged my head down, forcing the entire head and shaft of the most magnificent cock I’d ever seen, all the way into my throat. My lips locked around the base. I was trying to swallow; in the hopes it would be felt by Gerald as a pleasurable stroking of the head of his cock.

Feeling myself begin to gray out from lack of air, I pulled back off that cock, immediately missing having my throat stretched. As I pulled back, a gush of thick, sweet warm cum flooded my mouth.


Gerald immediately grabbed my head, forcing himself deep into my throat, pleasuring both he and I. I could feel the thick shaft lodged in my throat throb with each shot of precious cum. I could feel the warmth of each pulse, but missed the taste. Bad timing.

Gerald pulled my head off his cock before I suffocated. I lay there, his stick thick cock slightly softening in my mouth, leaking the last drops of delicious cum onto my tongue.

I’m such a cum pig.

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White Sucks Black (Father 01)

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex or scenarios.

A straight white father, fucked and enslaved by Blacks.

If stories about dominant Black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18.

This is all pure B.S. fantasy, not to be taken seriously or condoned in real life. Interracial sex among consenting adults is great; “non-consent” is not great. None of this is real; do not attempt this at home. And of course, in real life, always treat EVERYONE with respect and dignity and practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)

This is a sequel to White Sucks Black (College Boy) told from the father’s perspective.


I don’t know what possessed me to get out of bed, where both my wife and I were sleeping in the nude as always. When I looked out the window at the backyard pool area I got a shock that took my breath away, and for some unknown reason caused my cock to rise to full erection faster than I could ever remember. There on the picnic table was my son, lying on his back, completely naked, with his head hanging over the edge upside down, being fucked in the mouth and ass at the same time by two Black boys. One of the Blacks was my son’s new college roommate, Lee Jackson (Yeah, I had the same reaction) and the other was the roommate’s older brother, Tyrone Jackson, who had come with my son on a weekend visit from college.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Two Black boys were fucking my eldest son only a few feet away from me on the other side of the window! They were incredibly brazen, fucking right under the light, as if they wanted to be seen. In fact they both frequently looked at my window. I hoped in the darkness of my room that I would not be seen, because I could not take my eyes off what I was seeing.

I know I should have done something about it; they were fucking my son for Christ’s sake! Yet I was utterly transfixed by their powerful Black muscular bodies and the huge Black cocks that were penetrating my son’s mouth and ass to their balls. In fact there was enough light that I could see one of cocks thrusting deep in my son’s throat.

After several minutes of watching the Blacks “spit-roast” my 18-year old son, the older Black, who was face-fucking my son, looked right at my window as he pulled out and shot a massive load of cum all over my son’s face. Spurt after spurt covered every square inch of my son’s face with a thick coating of white goo. At the same time, the younger brother started jerking and twitching and I knew he was coming deep in my son’s ass. Then the other Black grabbed my son’s head with his strong hands, like a basketball, and lifted it up like a head-hunter’s trophy, turning my son’s head so that I had a full-on view off all the cum oozing down my son’s face. The black guy even gave a thumbs-up directed at my window. Shit, how could they know I was watching?

“Something interesting out there?” Shit, my wife had woken up. I stumbled for something to say, hoping she wouldn’t notice my erection.

“Uh, it’s just our son and his friends screwing around in the pool.”

“Literally or figuratively?”

“Well, they’re fucking his brains out,” I thought. “Uh, just horsing around,” is what I said.

“At this hour? What time is it?” Without her glasses my wife could not see very well, which I figured was a good thing, since my dick was showing no sign of going down.

“It’s almost two o’clock.”

“Are they skinny-dipping?” That was not a question I expected from my normally strait-laced wife. We’d been married 25 years and she was a beautiful woman. We had a great sex life, and we had sex often, and she even enjoyed giving me head and even swallowing my cum, but still it was pretty “normal” sex, and it wasn’t as often as it used to be.

“I can’t tell,” they’re in the water, I lied, because they had my son kneeling naked by the edge of the pool, both of them pissing right in my son’s face, and looking at my window with shit-eating grins. There was no doubt that all of them were completely naked.

“Well give them some privacy and come back to bed.”

I did as my wife asked, and slipped under the covers, feeling her warm naked body next to mine. She turned around and embraced me and her hand ran over my body, and brushed my erect cock.

“Oh my, what’s gotten in to you? Naked boys get you excited?” my wife said in a teasing, not mean, way.”

“Uh, no. You get me excited.”

“Well we can’t let a hard-on like this go to waste,” as I felt her warm mouth engulf my cock. istanbul travesti My wife could suck like a pro, and I nearly lost it, but I regained some control. As she continued to suck, I felt ashamed that I had this most incredible, loving wife giving me a great blowjob, and all I could think about was the Black guys fucking my son. How could I ever un-see all the cum dripping down my son’s face, and I had only glimpsed it, but they had used my only son as their personal urinal. Mostly I couldn’t get the size of those Black cocks out of my mind.

My mind was in turmoil. My dad had been a racist, homophobe bigot (still was as far as I knew.) I had raised my son to be tolerant of Blacks and gays, but I certainly hadn’t raised him to be a cocksucker for Black guys. I’d never had gay feelings and I found the whole idea completely disgusting. God, Blacks fucking white men? That was something that went on in prison. When I was with the guys at work, I’d told my fair share of anti-gay jokes and slurs. I was pretty certain I’d told my son at one point that “Suck one cock and you’re a cocksucker for life.” I’m pretty sure most dads have said that to their son.

Suddenly, my wife swung her leg over the top of me, and she mounted my cock, which felt so incredibly good as it sank into her surprisingly wet pussy. She’d fucked me cowgirl style before, but very rarely. We’d done it dog style a few times but almost always missionary. Our one attempt at anal sex hadn’t gone that well, so we hadn’t tried it again.

My wife looked so beautiful and hot riding on top of me. I could see her shapely body and her ample breasts bouncing up and down in the mirror over the dresser, silhouetted by the pool light. And yet, I was still thinking about my son’s naked body and the huge Black cocks that were impaling him at both ends, and then it dawned on me that my son’s cock had been erect the whole time too. Like me, he had a pretty decent 8″ cock when hard, but it still paled (no pun intended) in comparison to the god-like Black cocks.

Here I was, having the best sex I’d had in years, only a few feet from where my son had just been fucked. Thoughts of my son as he grew up passed though my mind. He had always been a good kid, polite, well-mannered, a strait-A student, All-Conference track athlete, with a really wonderful, attractive and smart girlfriend. My wife and I were so proud when he was accepted into Elite Ivy University. And now I knew that within two weeks of starting at the university he’d become a cocksucker and fuck-hole to his Black roommate, Lee Jackson, and Lee’s brother Tyrone.

Finally, I felt my wife orgasm, the most intense she’d had in a long time, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I shot my load of cum far into my wife’s pussy. She collapsed on top of me, her large breasts heaving against my chest. We laid there for a while in euphoric bliss, as I wondered what was going to happen the rest of the weekend. My wife, our high school daughter, and youngest son, were leaving in the morning to go visit my wife’ ill sister, and they’d be gone Saturday night and return sometime Sunday, which would leave me alone in the house with my just-fucked son and two big-dicked Black boys. I thought, what could go wrong?

Then my wife did something that she had only done a number of times when we were dating in college. She slid up my body and put her pussy right above my face. Her words shocked me, “Please eat my pussy daddy.”

I hesitated just a moment because her pussy was full of my cum, which I am sure she no doubt knew. But I loved my wife so much that I’d do anything to give her pleasure, so I did as she asked. She moaned and ground her cum-soaked pussy into my face as I licked deep inside her, tasting my own semen. It didn’t take long before she shuddered in an even bigger orgasm than the first one, which left me in shock. Eating her cum-filled pussy made her feel that good?

“Oh, thank you honey. I love you so much,” she said as she collapsed.

“I love you too,” I said as visions of large Black cocks were stuck in my head.

The next morning was a bit strange, as everyone acted perfectly normal. Lee and Tyrone were perfect gentlemen. My son didn’t seen quite right, and my wife had asked why his girlfriend (who was accepted at the same college as my son,) hadn’t come down too, and my son didn’t really have a good answer. Nevertheless, my son did his best to act normal.

My wife and daughter fixed breakfast and then joined us at the picnic table by the pool, the same table I’d seen these Black boys fucking my son on last night. In fact I couldn’t help but think that my son’s ass had been right on the placemat where I was sitting. I was eating right were my son had been fucked in the ass. In fact, there was even a cum stain on the table, which had presumably leaked out of my son’s ass. My son’s head would have been in his mother’s lap based on where she was sitting. I sure hoped there were no cum stains, or god-forbid, actual left over cum on the table or chair that might istanbul travestileri have dripped off my son’s face.

During the breakfast conversation, my wife informed me that Lee had asked if it was all right to invite some of his friends over, who rarely ever got to swim in a pool since there weren’t any in the neighborhood they lived in. She said, “I told him it was OK. You don’t mind do you?”

Actually I wasn’t enthralled by the idea of having a bunch of Black guys arriving at the house and lounging by the pool. Knowing my nosy neighbors, someone was likely to call the cops. But since my wife had already said OK, there wasn’t really anything I could say about it. I just said that I would hole up in my office as I did have a lot of work to do.

Throughout breakfast, I couldn’t concentrate, as I remained fixated on Lee and Tyrone’s huge Black dicks. I’d never had such thoughts before, but I realized I had been having them ever since I first met Lee when my wife and I were helping move my son into the dorm (Turner Hall, after Nat Turner, of slave rebellion name, who had killed a lot of slave owners, although I didn’t know then that was the Turner it was named after, having been changed from John C. Calhoun.)

Lee had showed up fresh from a work-out. Lee was not what I expected (in fact, like my son, I expected someone named Lee Jackson to be a redneck from the south.) Instead he was a well-spoken, urbane young man, but I couldn’t help noticing the size of his bulge in his shorts. It was obvious his dick was huge. I tried not to stare, and I couldn’t explain why my dick was getting hard in my pants, just because of the presence of a young Black man, with the outline of a very large dick. My embarrassment at my erection was probably noticeable, but I also noted that my wife’s nipples were hard, and she seemed to be taking sidelong glances at Lee’s hefty bulge.

I had been taken aback, when after short pleasantries, Lee announced that he had to take a shower and he excused himself. Knowing that there was a naked Black man with only a door between him and us, caused a bit of panic on my part, and I announced that it was time for my wife and I to depart. In our haste to leave my wife forgot to take her prescription sunglasses, and we had to turn back and get them.

My wife ran in, since I was in a no-parking zone, although she was in longer than I thought necessary, she still didn’t take all that long. The two-hour ride home was uneventful, although my wife got several text messages which I didn’t think anything of. As a newscaster on the local morning news, she got texts and calls with annoying frequency.

As my wife and I lingered over breakfast, the boys excused themselves to get into their swimming suits, and my daughter and youngest son left too. It still seemed weird, carrying on a normal chat with my wife knowing that my son had been fucked right on this table. It didn’t take long for the boys to change. I saw my wife’s eyes go wide and I about dropped my cup of tea. My son was wearing what could be called at best a g-string thong pouch. The Black guys were wearing somewhat more, but their suits barely contained their cocks. None of the suits would hold a hard cock, that’s for sure, and it was obvious my son’s was starting to strain.

I was speechless, so my wife went first. “Ahem, where did you get those?”

Lee responded, “Mrs. C. everyone’s wearing them now. It’s all the rage at the beach near campus.”

“I guess I haven’t been to the beach in awhile.”

“We even got one for you dad,” said my son as he stood practically naked right next to me and handed me a thong obviously as skimpy as his own.”

“They come in two sizes, Mr. C., white and black,” said Tyrone, in what was obviously a sexually charged innuendo. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get into that because I’d been hiding a full blown erection under the table, as I kept thinking of my son’s ass being fucked right where my bacon and eggs were sitting.

“Come on Mr. C., join us,” said Lee as the boys jumped into the pool, and started horsing around.

“Well, that’s a sight,” said my wife.

“I’ll say,” was the first thing I was able to say.

My wife even looked a little flushed and her nipples were jutting through her blouse, but what could I say, sitting there with a painful erection in my shorts? Leaning over to whisper in my ear, my wife said, “Can you believe the size of those monsters? Our son’s not too bad either, obviously takes after you.”

I about fell out of my chair at her comments, and for the life of me could not understand why Black cock was making my cock hard, nor could I understand what had gotten into my normally reserved wife.

“Too bad I have to go. I’d like to see you in that suit.”

“Suit? That’s being generous. And in front of the boys?”

“Why not, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Enjoy your ‘just us men time'” said my wife as she smiled and got up to change.

Just then I about choked on my fruit cup as my teenage daughter travesti istanbul came out wearing a skimpy string bikini that I had no idea she even had. My darling princess was practically naked!

“Sara!” said my wife, sharply. “What are you doing? You’re supposed to getting ready to go to Aunt Jane’s. And where on earth did you get that…thing.”

“Oh mother. Don’t be a prude. Lots of girls are wearing these.”

“Not my daughter, you’re not. Get dressed, you’re going to your aunt’s.”

“Mother,” Sara said with that teenage contempt. “I’d rather stay here. Black boys are so cool and Mary’s such a dweeb. I don’t want to hang out with her.”

“Shame on you. Mary’s a very nice girl. And the answer is, no! Get dressed.”

“Motherrrr,” my daughter whined.

“No. I’ll not have you torturing these nice Black boys wearing that thing. You look like a harlot.”

“Well, what about Mark? What he’s wearing barely covers his junk, and his ass is hanging out.” I about gagged at those words coming from my darling little girl.

My wife seemed unusually at a loss for words, as the boys continued to frolic in the pool. “That’s different. And I don’t want to talk about it. Get dressed. You’re going. And that’s final.”

My daughter huffed away like teenage girls do.

“Where did she get that thing?” my wife said to me.

I stammered, “How should I know?”

“I bet you thought she looked really hot?” I tried to banish the thought, since she was my daughter, but as matter of fact I did. She had an incredible body for her age, and I had never seen so much of it before.

I stammered some more, and my wife sighed, and said with a smile, “You men are all pigs.”

“Guilty?” I said, hesitantly. But my wife just left to get dressed.

I passed the next few minutes reading the paper and trying not to stare at the nearly naked boys cavorting in the pool. When my wife called from inside the house that she was ready, I was surprised to see my wife dressed so skimpy, actually the same short white yoga pants and black sports bra with loose blouse she’d been wearing when we helped our son move in to the dorm.

“You’re going to see your sister in that?”

“It’s hot out,” was what my wife said. Then my daughter came out wearing something similar. It wasn’t as revealing as the thong bikini, but it didn’t hide all that much either.

“That’s better,” my wife said to Sara. “You boys have a good time,” my wife called out. I sensed that Black guys were looking at my wife in her sexy outfit like a couple of salivating wolves. Finally my youngest son came down, with a look on his face like he’d rather do anything but go with his mom and sister.

I got up and followed my wife to the front door, trying to keep my erection under control. As my wife and I kissed, I could see beyond her into the pool area, and saw that my son was sucking Tyrone’s cock right on the edge of the pool! There was no doubt about it. How incredibly brazen! If my wife turned around she too would have seen our son with a huge Black cock in his mouth. But she didn’t and she was off to see her sister. I’m pretty sure my daughter saw it though, as her jaw had dropped and her eyes went wide, as I had kissed her mother. My youngest son no doubt saw it, as his eyes were clearly locked on his older brother sucking cock.

Now I was faced with the problem of what to do. I should so something to stop what they were doing to my son, yet my erection was bursting out of my pants at the sight. I couldn’t believe they wanted for me to see my son sucking cock, but that was the logical conclusion. I called out, “I’ll be out in a bit.”

When I came back out, the suck show was over. All three boys were out of the pool and they approached me as I started to clear the breakfast table. My son spoke up, “Dad, now that mom’s gone, is it OK if we skinny-dip?” Before I could answer, the two Black boys pulled down their skimpy suits, exposing their huge semi-hard cocks. To see those black monsters in plain sight literally took my breath away.

“We don’t need permission,” said Tyrone, before I could answer, as he stepped toward me, his hardening dick only a few feet away. From the commanding tone of his voice, the thought crossed my mind that they were expecting me to suck their cocks too.

“You’ll have to excuse me,” I said as I beat a hasty retreat to the kitchen with the breakfast dishes and my son doffed his suit. No sooner had I left the patio than a backwards glance showed my son was once again sucking cock, on his knees, completely naked.

I anguished over what a father was supposed to do in such a situation. I wondered how many fathers had ever even been in such a situation. My son didn’t seem to be being forced to suck. I’d always thought that homosexual sex was disgusting and yet I seemed to be excited by it at the same time, and the fact that it was my son sucking, which should have made it even more revolting, somehow made it even more exciting. And then the thought struck me. If I went back out to the pool area I might very well end up sucking cock just like my son. What would he think of his father then? Afraid that I might actually succumb, I did what I had told my wife I was going to do and I holed up in my study, and started doing some work on my computer.

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Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight — Three Mistakes

Jonathan had to be thankful for small mercies as the class he had together with Maddox went without any notable incidents, which meant that the guy hadn’t thrown knowing looks in his direction or done anything to appear that he was even aware of them being in the same room. Now he was starting to believe that he had done nothing but overreact lately. That kiss had been nothing but some sort of a joke, after all, with Maddox challenging him to do it, and him… well, doing it. It didn’t mean anything. Given Maddox’s experience, he must have been kissed thousands of times by people with a lot more to offer than Jonathan.

No, not people in general, but girls in particular, he told himself. Actually, he had no idea. Maddox could go around kissing guys at random, for all he knew. Only for him that moment had been special, and he was just blowing things out of proportion like a teenager experiencing the frissons of a first love.

Jonathan liked to believe he was way past that stage, thank you very much. Therefore, he had no reason not to accompany Ray to the party and pretend he was a part of the campus life like everyone else. Maddox would just play around with some girl, like he usually did, no matter what Sunny Hill Xpress kept talking about, and Jonathan would play the wallflower for as long as it was polite to be there and then return to his humble quarters.

The most annoying part of it all wasn’t how things played out, which was entirely for the best, but how disappointed he felt. He couldn’t repress that annoying feeling if it killed him, and he was getting a bit tired to be so guarded all the time just so that he could keep any thoughts of Maddox out of his mind.

Ray was already bouncing off the walls with excitement, as the hour at which the party started was drawing near. He had tried four different hairstyles that Jonathan had found strangely similar since Ray couldn’t discipline his mop of hair if an army of hairstylists were at his beck and call. Then the wardrobe ordeal had come, and Jonathan had used all the persuasion he could muster to convince his roommate that he just needed to dress comfortably to enjoy the party.

“Is this how you’re going?” Ray’s eyes grew wide when he looked at him.

For no particular reason, Jonathan had opted for the same light sweater he had worn at the time of the kiss. In the evenings, the temperatures were starting to drop, so it was a reasonable choice. “Yes. What is wrong with it?”

“It’s like you’re dressed for class, not a party. So conservative,” Ray commented and shook his head.

“You somehow still have the wrong idea about this party. It’s not the country club, Ray.”

“My point exactly. The only thing you’re missing is a tie.”

Well, if it had happened that he wore one that time, he would have picked a tie, too, right now. Was he being sentimental? No, he just enjoyed clothes he could feel comfortable in, unlike Ray. “Stop pestering me already. Look who turned into a party animal overnight, giving lessons to others on how to dress and all. Let’s just go already so that you can see that it’s just another party.”

“Just another party,” Ray mirrored his last words with a moan. “You must have been to some really cool ones before coming to Sunny Hill, right?”

“Not really, no,” Jonathan said abruptly.

Ray stopped brushing his hair for the tenth time and turned toward him. “Was it that bad? Before? You never talk about it, but I feel like it was.”

Jonathan just threw Ray a look that needed no explanation. He didn’t want to talk to anyone about it, and it wasn’t like he had something against his roommate in particular. But he preferred if that particular sore spot in his life was forgotten, and he was not one to raise the dead, figuratively speaking. The Jonathan Hamilton from before was no more, which meant that he was supposed to be done and over being starry-eyed, naïve, and in love with the wrong person.

That thought kept buzzing around his brain. If he were falling in love with Maddox, it would be so, so bad. What the hell was happening to his resolution that he would just find a nice gay guy, someone out and uncomplicated, who would have no reason to hide? Apparently, it was enough for a pair of lovely gray eyes to look his way, and he was turned into a ditzy character incapable of controlling himself or his feelings.

“I get it,” Ray said, interrupting his musings. “But just know that whenever you’re ready to talk about it, I’ll be right here.”

“Thank you,” Jonathan said and allowed Ray to embrace him shortly. “That’s good to know. Now let’s just go to that party so that you can get it out of your system.”


Maddox was so restless he could barely do more than exchange a few words here and there with people he had personally invited. His eyes kept darting toward the door, as it appeared that Jonathan enjoyed testing his patience by being fashionably late.

Dex slapped his shoulder and then grabbed him to istanbul travesti pull him aside. “Maddox, it’s not that I don’t enjoy watching you fret like a schoolboy waiting for his crush to come through the door, but even I, despite enjoying teasing you the most, need to tell you to chill. It’s torture merely looking at you fidgeting like you have something up your butt.”

“I don’t think he’s coming.”

“It’s early. Not even half the people are here, and Kane is still debating if crackers and chips should be mixed in the same bowl.”

“I don’t think so,” Maddox offered his input. “I mean, just tell him to place them in separate bowls, and get the biggest ones. People are going to start feeding like pigs after a few drinks.”

“Ah, nice to hear you talking about other things. Now, move away from the door and mingle a little like the most popular boy on campus that you are.”

Maddox was about to follow Dex’s advice when the door opened to let in another stream of new comers. And behind them, he noticed right away, Jonathan Hamilton walked in, and suddenly, the entire universe, except for one special guy, disappeared.

He strutted over to him, deciding not to let him out of his sight for one moment. Jonathan might choose to walk back home any moment since he didn’t appear to be the kind to party.

“Hey, Maddox,” someone called and put himself between him and Jonathan.

“Hey, man,” he replied and turned his attention to the intruder with reluctance. That was Ray, Jonathan’s roommate, and Maddox had already forgotten the ruse he had used to get the most important person to attend his party. “Glad to see you could make it.”

Gawd, he was talking like a middle-aged soccer mom. He responded to Ray’s off the scale enthusiasm by giving him a short hug. He stared at Jonathan over the boy’s shoulder. “And that you brought your roommate with you.” His eyes bore into the beautiful ambers that were challenging him from less than one foot away.

“Yeah, not like it was easy, but I convinced him,” Ray chatted happily.

Maddox patted Ray on the back. “See the big guy there?” He pointed at Dex. “Tell him I sent you. He’ll show you around. I’ll take care of your roommate in the meantime,” he added quickly.

Dex needed to help after teasing him so much, so taking care of Ray should be on his list, Maddox decided. While Ray waved happily at Jonathan and rushed toward Dex, he no longer dallied. Without a word, he grabbed Jonathan by the hand and pulled him toward him. As much as he was a mess on the inside, he knew how to play cool on the outside. “What do you say? Do you like our house?”

“It’s big,” Jonathan admitted and pulled his hand away, a bit too slowly to not be interpreted as reluctant. “And nice. I mean, I suppose. I just entered.”

“Let me show you my room,” Maddox said abruptly and gestured with his chin for Jonathan to follow him.

Jonathan frowned slightly and threw a cautious look around. Loud music broke out all of a sudden, as Rusty began taking his DJ role seriously. The already gathered crowd cheered. Maddox took Jonathan firmly by the arm and dragged him up the stairs, without allowing him one single moment to become indecisive.


Jonathan couldn’t stop the butterflies in his stomach from doing somersaults. The moment he had stepped inside the house where the party was held, Maddox had seized him and now, by force of fate or circumstance, they were alone in his room. To give himself a moment to gather his thoughts, he looked around. The room was neater than he would have thought, and the bookshelves were loaded with books. He took a step toward them and began reading titles at random. Maddox’s bed was right in the middle, but he wanted to avoid looking at it, as if an inanimate object such as that could jump at him and give him a scare.

“So, what do you think?” Maddox asked while leaning lazily against the door.

He was wearing a white t-shirt and washed out jeans, both glued to his perfect body like usual. At least, the sleeves had stayed down, Jonathan noticed with a bit of satisfaction. “You have some really great titles in here.”

“If you ever want to borrow anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I work at the library, remember?” Jonathan said with a small laugh.

He sounded so awkward, so out of his depth, and the next thing he truly needed to consider was how to find a way back to the party and away from that dangerous boy and his dazzling smile.

His first mistake was looking. Maddox cocked his head and blinked slowly, while his full lips stretched even more. Something about how he did that made Jonathan think of a tomcat preparing to devour a bowl of cream.

“So, what is it like to suck cock?”

Jonathan blinked rapidly and stood there, in shock. Maddox was grinning and now it felt like he was actually blocking the door, trapping his guest inside. “Wow, what an ice breaker,” he commented, as soon as he found his words.

Maddox shrugged. “Well, you were istanbul travestileri talking about books, and that’s not why I brought you here.”

“Oh, really?” Jonathan crossed his arms. “I hope you didn’t bring me here to suck your cock.”

Maddox stared at him nonplussed and then started laughing. “Oh, screw me sideways, you’re so easy to rile up. No, no, I was just wondering because I’ve never sucked cock, and in life, it’s good to learn new things from others.”

Jonathan swallowed thickly and made a second mistake, this time by looking at Maddox’s beautiful lips and imagine them briefly —

He shook his head. “Well, if we’re just discussing for the sake of knowledge, well, I can’t say if I do enjoy it.” Finally, his cool was returning to him, and if Maddox thought he would be easy to tease, he wouldn’t make it a walk in the park.

Maddox’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Really? So, let me get this straight, you’ve never slept with a guy, and you don’t even like sucking cock. What exactly makes you think you’re gay then?”

Jonathan smiled affably. “Well, that’s simple. Right now, the only thing I’m thinking about is how much I want to kiss you.”

The moment the words left his mouth, he knew he had just made his third mistake. It was supposed to be mere teasing! Maddox grinned and walked over to him, his walk confident as usual. “I see,” he said and stopped inches away from him.

Jonathan began searching frantically for a way out. But he was caught between the bed on the right, the desk on the left, and the bookshelves were dangerously close to his back. If he took just one step backward, he would bump into them.

And, of course, Maddox was blocking the only way out. “That’s quite a coincidence,” he purred, “because I was thinking about the exact same thing.”

“Do you want to kiss yourself?” Jonathan made a lame attempt at a joke. “In the mirror? I can’t really blame you. I’d probably think the same if I looked like you.”

He was babbling, turning with each word into a more confused mess, but it was hard to keep his mind going steady when Maddox was so, so close. Jonathan stopped breathing and was about to close his eyes and let the inevitable happen when the other spoke.

“Just to get something clear, if I kiss you, will you punch me before or after? Give a man the chance to prepare.”

Jonathan burst into laughter, most of the tension in his shoulders suddenly gone. “I’m not going to punch you ever again. That was so stupid of me I don’t know what I can do to make it right.”

“I see,” Maddox said, “and I’ll take your word for it. So, you won’t punch me if I do this?”

Jonathan had no time to react as Maddox grabbed him and pushed him onto the bed. In a split second, he was trapped between strong thighs and his shoulders were pinned to the bed. Above him, Maddox’s pretty eyes were burning. “Well? Are you sure you’re not going to do anything?”

Jonathan just nodded and licked his lips.

“Good,” Maddox said matter-of-factly, and the next moment, those maddeningly soft lips were on his, making each and every one of his dreams from the last week come true.

Dreams were one thing; reality was way, way better. The first time, he hadn’t allowed Maddox to kiss him properly, and then he had been the instigator. But now, he was getting a front row seat to an outstanding performance.

First, his lips were slowly taken, despite the quickness of the initial attack. It looked like sometime, overnight, his bottom lip must have turned into a most delicious dish because Maddox appeared to be fixated on it, and especially on devouring it with tiny nibbles. Just as he was about to protest, Maddox switched angles and took his mouth completely.

His shoulders were no longer pinned to the bed; however, his head was caged between strong arms, and he could detect the other’s pleasant smell, of just washed skin and something deeper. Jonathan chased the scent, lost in sensations, while Maddox began pushing his tongue inside, challenging his to come out and play.

Never before had he been the kind to step back from a sweet fight like this. Thus, he started giving back, enjoying every second of hearing Maddox’s moans triggered by each of his actions.

“Fuck.” Maddox stopped for a moment, and they stared at each other, breathless and far from satisfied. “You’re one hell of a kisser, Jonathan Hamilton.”

“You’re not bad yourself, Maddox Kingsley,” he replied in kind.

“Then we should go back to it, right?”

Jonathan nodded. This moment was real and unreal at the same time; it happened in a bubble, away from all his disappointments and fears. The only regret he had right now was that soon, it would be over, and he would have to return to drab reality.


He smelled the same way he had smelled that time; he even wore the same clothes. And his mouth, his mouth was everything, better than he remembered. Maddox had always enjoyed kissing the girls he had been with, but this was different travesti istanbul in a way that was making him tremble with excitement from head to toes. Maybe only the very first kiss in his entire life could compare to this. And seeing this was the second time they were kissing, all the signals that this thing was special, no matter what definition could describe it, were lighting up.

He loved how firm yet still soft Jonathan’s lips felt. He loved how that mouth, usually set in a straight line, opened at the mere touch of his lips, welcoming him inside. And most of all, he loved the tongue that wrapped around his, teasing it, tasting it, giving its all. It was maddening to kiss Jonathan. It was pure pleasure and something more than that.

Too bad they had to breathe, but it was rewarding to discover that he wasn’t the only one out of breath. For a few moments, they stared at each other, saying nothing.

From up close, Jonathan was even more attractive. Yeah, those amber eyes were amazing, and Maddox felt like he could drown in them with no regrets. The slightly flushed skin looked good on him, too, and made him look human and full of life, no matter how much Jonathan wanted to project a cool collected image of himself everywhere he went. It made Maddox wonder if that was caused by a rigid upbringing or if Jonathan had something to hide and chose to do so behind a façade made of stone.

The lips betrayed him the most. They were full, so kissable that they could drive anyone who dared to look too close mad, absolutely mad. Maddox leaned in for another kiss; he was far from finished, and who knew when he would have Jonathan pinned to the bed like this again.

“Shouldn’t you go back to the party?”

The question stopped him midway. “I don’t care that much about it.”

“But you’re supposed to be its star, aren’t you?”

Maddox grimaced. “Do you want to go back to the party, Jonathan? ‘Cause that would be a low blow.”

“Really? How so? And you know I only punch above the belt,” Jonathan said and his eyes twinkled.

Oh, yeah, there was so much mischief in there. Maddox cared for absolutely nothing else in the world but how to find the key to the mystery that was this beautiful guy lying underneath him. “Ha, ha, very funny. And you were saying that you would never hit me again.”

“Well, give me a serious enough reason, and I might,” Jonathan teased him.

“That’s not nice. I don’t like being punched, and I’m not searching for a safe word.”

Damn Rusty and his crazy ideas!

Jonathan frowned slightly. “A safe word? I don’t intend to spank you, either, just so you know.”

Maddox could feel his skin getting warm at the mention of that. Cool looking Jonathan having a dude bent over his lap, one of his elegant hands resting right above the curve of his nice ass…

All right, that was just making him jealous. And horny, at the same time. Maddox grounded his crotch into Jonathan, making the other let out a small, unmistakable grunt. Yeah, yeah, he was not the only one getting desperate here, and that was a good thing. “So,” he drawled, “have you ever spanked someone?”

The amber eyes blinked prettily. “No, of course not.”

“Would you like to?”

“Again, the answer is ‘no’.” The amber eyes lit up with alarm, but not the panicky kind.

Maddox didn’t really have the time to unpack the significance of that look. “Why not?”

“Seriously? Because… I don’t know, I don’t see myself as that kind of person.”

“Violent, you mean? Because you definitely were violent toward me when I tried to kiss you.”

Jonathan groaned. “I’m really sorry about that punch. I don’t even know what came over me. I thought you were pulling a prank on me, and next thing I knew, you’d start laughing.”

Maddox scoffed. “Are you serious? I only kiss someone when I want to do it for real. I’d never do that. What exactly makes people think that I’m a prankster?”

“People? So it’s not just me,” Jonathan concluded.

“Well,” Maddox said, now irritated, “I’m not a prankster. Everything I do, I do with honesty. So, why wouldn’t you spank me?”

The question seemed to take both of them by surprise. Maddox hadn’t intended to phrase it like that, but he just couldn’t stand the idea of Jonathan fondling some rando’s butt when he could fondle his.

Jonathan got red in the face. “I was just joking about even punching you ever again, no matter what you’d do. How did we get to spanking?”

“Omigod, you’re such a virgin.” Maddox changed tack and chose to tease Jonathan some more. He didn’t want to think of Jonathan’s hands wandering anywhere below his belt right now because he needed to prepare better for that first. And he had never been into the crazy stuff Rusty was into, so his mind was just polluted with that kind of crap for no reason at all. On top of it all, Jonathan blushing like crazy was a sight to behold, and he wanted more of it.

“Well, I am, and I’m not denying it. Since you’re not, and you’re obviously the more experienced, I see it as a low blow on your part to tease me over my lack of knowledge on the matter.”

“Wow, do you ever breathe between words?”

“Not when you’re around.”

“Damn, tough. Because I’m not going to let you breathe anyway.”

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Giving in to My Desires Ch. 01

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Chanel Preston

It was mid-way through summer and I was lying on a sun bed in the backyard with the sun shining down on me. It was close to midday and I lay there with my eyes closed wearing a pair of black briefs resting. My name is Theo, I’m 23 years old with shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build and am 5’8”.

I’m currently in college and my boyfriend Alejandro, also 23, normally lives with me but is away for 12 months doing an internship in Spain. Here I was 6 months into his internship missing him and thinking we were halfway through the year he had away with me back home in upstate New York.

Alejandro is from Costa Rica, we had met at college and had been going out for almost 6 months when he took the internship in Spain. He is 5’9” with an olive complexion, athletic build and has wavy black hair past his ears and brown eyes.

With both of us being 23 and very sexually active when together the time apart was becoming very difficult. I found myself horny all the time and our video sex calls were now getting boring after 6 months, there was only so much dialogue we could exchange before it became repetitive. One of our ongoing fantasies was imagining catching the other having sex and then joining in. This had heated things up for a few weeks but was now also becoming repetitive.

We didn’t have an open relationship though and had not actually discussed this topic prior to Alejandro leaving for Spain so I was doing my best to stay committed which meant a lot of jerking off.

As I lay on the sun bed I was completely relaxed and almost falling asleep when my phone buzzed on the side table next to me. I opened my eyes realising I had a hard-on and sat up reaching across for the phone. It was a message from Oliver, he was also in my classes at college and was on exchange from Sweden.

We had quickly become friends as Oliver was gay too and along with Alejandro and my other friends we had befriended Oliver last year and taken him under our gay wing so to speak. Taking him to all the bars and clubs we knew and trying to help him hook up.

Not that he needed much help, he was hot! Oliver was 24 had short blonde hair, blue eyes, an athletic build similar to mine but he was taller at 5’10” and tanned. If it wasn’t for me already dating Alejandro, Oliver would certainly be the type of guy I would hit on myself. He seemed to be attracted to me as well and we had a thing going since we met where we casually flirted with one another but words were as far as it ever went between us.

The message read, ‘Hey Theo, the Mexi-boys are having a pool party at their place this afternoon starting at 2pm. Get your hot American ass over there! It’s time for some summer fun!’

I laughed as I read the message and Oliver’s excitement, it had been awhile since my last pool party and being mid-way through summer I thought it was about time for some wild fun. The Mexi-boys pool parties were notorious for getting wild and I thought with Alejandro being away this could be exactly what I need to take my mind off things and let my hair down.

The Mexi-boys were Diego and Ares, they like most of my friends were gay and both were 22 years old. They were together but in an open relationship and looked almost like twins. Both were 5’8”, had brown eyes with short black hair, dark olive skin and the only difference between the two was that Ares had a muscular build while Diego was more athletic.

They’re pool parties had a habit of starting out fun with music and drinking and then ending in more sexual festivities with all sorts of games happening. Normally it was fine as in the past I had been single or would be there with Alejandro and we would do everything together but with him being away this time I thought I would just stay for the pool and music and then leave as the evening progressed and things got more wild.

I replied to Oliver, ‘Oh yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you. I might make it down there.’

A few moments later my phone buzzed again and it was Oliver responding with three eggplant emoji’s.

Now that I wouldn’t be spending the entire day on the sun bed and realising I had to make myself presentable for the pool party I got up and headed inside. I had to figure out what I would wear and also had to do some quick body maintenance to ready myself for the pool. Alejandro was away so I didn’t really have to impress anybody but I still liked to look good when displaying my body to others and took pride in my appearance.

I jumped in the shower and quickly shaved everywhere except for a small patch of hair I liked to leave above my crotch and followed this with a moisturising wash all over. Stepping out the shower I dried off and started to do my hair styling it loosely down past my ears giving me a sort of blonde surfer look.

I moisturised again all over my body and walked to the bedroom closet to pick out my clothes for the afternoon. I grinned as I opened my drawers and saw my favourite pair of pink swimming briefs. They always istanbul travesti looked great on me and I thought this would definitely get a good reaction from the boys at the pool party.

I slipped them on and they clung tightly to my ass cheeks and held my cock and balls firmly in place. I did a quick turn in the mirror and my smile widened as I looked at my ass, you could clearly see each of my cheeks cushioned beneath the thin layer of fabric.

Over the top of the pink swimming briefs I put on a pair of grey shorts that just covered my upper thigh and then a pink tank top. Happy with my choices I looked at the clock, it was approaching 2pm. Diego and Ares didn’t live that far from my place so an Uber would only take me 5 minutes.

Looking in the closet again I saw the day bag that Alejandro and I kept ready for our trips to the beach and picked it up throwing the strap over my shoulder. It had all the things we needed when hitting the water including sunscreen for my white complexion so I didn’t need to bother opening it.

I went to the fridge and grabbed some drinks, I had a six pack of seltzer and then also grabbed a bottle of tequila to take for the boys. I checked my phone as 2pm came around and it buzzed again.

It was another message from Oliver, ‘Theo I’ve just arrived, are you on the way? It’s just me, the Mexi-boys and Jacob.’

I grinned at Oliver’s message as I ordered an Uber. Jacob was an ex of Oliver’s. He was 22 and over from England, 5’11” with short brown hair, blue eyes and a muscular build. Oliver and Jacob had dated for a month or so awhile back but hadn’t wanted to keep things going. They were still friendly and I was friends with both of them but could understand with not that many people there yet that Oliver might feel uncomfortable.

‘I’m leaving now mate, be there in 5.’ I messaged back to Oliver as the Uber arrived out the front of my place.

When I arrived at Ares and Diego’s place there were a few more cars parked out front meaning more of the boys had likely arrived. I wondered how many of us there would be for the pool party, normally there were around 10 of us to start with and it would drop off as the night progressed. Only difference for me this time was that I would be one of the ones leaving early in the night before the wild festivities really started.

I walked up the drive and there was a note on the door saying for everyone to walk around back to the pool and that the side gate was open. I followed the path and passed the gate coming out at the pool deck.

The sun was shining and I looked across the pool deck, sitting on two of the sun beds were Diego and Ares, Jacob lay on the third and final sun bed, while in the pool Oliver was paddling around with Min and Lee. They were both Korean with short black hair, brown eyes, incredibly muscular bodies and looked very similar except that Min was 6’0” and Lee was 5’11”. They worked on their bodies a lot as they competed in body sculpting competitions.

I yelled out hey to everyone and proceed to walk around the pool as they all responded. I thanked Diego and Ares for arranging their famous pool party again and opened my bag giving them the bottle of tequila. They both grinned widely and Diego stood up from his sun bed and thanked me as he grabbed the bottle and guided me to the bar table that was set up.

He told me they had a few bottles which was great as they wanted a wild afternoon and then he showed me the ice buckets to put my seltzers into. As I leaned forward to empty my seltzers into the ice bucket I noticed that Diego’s hand lingered against my left ass cheek.

I stood back up and he was grinning at me and said ‘So…this is your first pool party without Alejandro huh, are you ready for some fun!’ He winked at me as he said this and lightly slapped my ass again.

I laughed back at him and playfully pushed his right shoulder, ‘Oh I’m ready for some fun but I don’t think it’s the kind of fun you’re thinking of Diego. I’m not planning to end up between you and Ares.’ They had a habit of enjoying threesomes and spit roasting the third guy. At their pool parties in the past they had bragged about this many times to Alejandro and I and last year they had actually spit roasted Oliver on one of the sun beds.

‘Oh no one ever plans on being between us Theo, it just kind of happens.’ He winked at me again and walked back to the sun bed.

I opened a can of seltzer and went over to chat with Oliver who had swum up to the side of the pool closest to the bar. ‘Hey Theo, about time you got here bro, can you pass me a can?’

I nodded and grabbed a can of seltzer for Oliver too and handed it to him. He looked up and asked how I was going. I told him how the summer had been so far and that Alejandro was having fun in Spain.

‘I bet he is!’ Replied Oliver. ‘And I guess that means you should be having some fun too eh, now how about you down that can and jump in with us?’

I grinned at Oliver, istanbul travestileri ‘I guess it does.’ Downing the seltzer in a few sips and crushing the can in my hand.

‘Yeah!’ Yelled out Oliver and I threw the can into the bin and started to take off my pink tank top and grey shorts. When I stepped out of the shorts I heard Oliver gulp and say ‘Damn Theo, you look so fucking hot!’

I grinned as I threw my clothes to the side and stood there proudly showing off my athletic body wearing just the tight pink swimming briefs. ‘You think so huh? I wasn’t sure they showed off my butt enough.’ I twisted my body pressing out my ass in Oliver’s directing.

He laughed at me and said ‘Oh you slut, that ass looks great and you know it. Isn’t that right Min…Lee?’

By now Min and Lee had swum over to say hello too and they also complimented my butt. I thanked them and then stepped slowly into the pool seeing Diego and Ares watching me from the corner of my eye and pleased with myself that I had become the centre of attention. There was something gratifying about looking so good in front of all these boys and knowing that I was the forbidden fruit.

It was now myself in the pool wearing my pink swimming briefs, Oliver wearing a pair of red swim trunks and then Min and Lee both wearing blue briefs. Ares and Diego were sunbathing beside the pool wearing white briefs with Jacob next to them wearing his black ones. I had to say we all looked great and it was turning into one sexy pool party.

Oliver’s tanned skin was glistening as we started to wade through the pool from end to end talking about our summers so far. Between working and studying we hadn’t actually seen much of each other so it was good to get updated on what each of us had been doing.

Min and Lee stood leaning against the side of the pool talking to one another while watching Oliver and I move across the pool. The sun was shining down on us and it felt great to be relaxing in the water and catching up with my friends.

Min yelled across to Ares, ‘Hey Ares, is anyone else coming or is it just us?’

I looked over as Ares grinned back at Min, ‘Just us? I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves Min, looking at you boys in the pool is like a scene from a male model commercial.’

Lee laughed and flexed his muscles as did Oliver who stopped in front of me and lifted his arms from the water flexing his biceps. I watched as his biceps tensed and the water dripped from his glistening arms and chest. He did look hot.

Ares continued, ‘But to answer your question Min, we are still waiting on Calvin and Chai.’

Min grinned, ‘Oh goodie, I do like it when Calvin joins us for these pool parties.’

Calvin was African American and played football for the college team. He was 22 years old and the only gay player on the team and we loved it when he hung out with us. He was built like a body builder and 6’0” with a muscular physique, short black hair and brown eyes. He also had a million dollar smile that at past pool parties had made Min weak in the knees.

Chai was our Thai friend, he is the shortest of our group at 5’7” and has an athletic build with bronzed complexion, short black hair and brown eyes. I liked Chai because he had a great sense of humour and whenever I went over to his place he made the best food. I also liked that he was the only one in our group that was shorter than me and that made me feel taller.

I watched from the pool as Jacob shifted in his sun bed, he had been watching Oliver and I swim through the pool. Although he and Oliver had broken up they did still have a friends with benefits thing going on and I thought he might be getting jealous of seeing Oliver swimming with me in the pool.

This only became more true when Oliver swam up behind me and wrapped his arms around my back and chest squeezing me against him. I laughed out as he held me against him and I could feel him pressing his pelvis into me causing his crotch to push against my ass. He breathed into my ear and seductively said, ‘Mmmmmm now that feels good Theo, should we continue this inside?’ He then wrapped his legs around my waist and was clinging to me as I stood in the centre of the pool.

I pressed my butt back against Oliver and turned my head slightly replying, ‘This is the most action I’ve had for 6 months Oli and it looks like Jacobs getting jealous.’

Oliver turned to see Jacob gazing over at the two of us, ‘Oh well let him watch then.’

I laughed again and squatted downward dunking us both into the water and causing Oliver to release himself from my body. As we both came up to the surface again we were grinning and Lee said across to us, ‘That was sexy Blonde boys, you two fit nicely into those positions. Oliver would top right?’

Oliver grinned flexing his biceps again above the water and replied, ‘That’s right Lee, I’d top that ass.’

Lee looked at me his smile widening, ‘Oh me too Oli, me too.’ And he winked at me.

‘Well travesti istanbul I don’t mind being the centre of attention boys but you’re forgetting one thing. I’m taken…..Alejandro remember?’ I did a quick twirl in the water and continued, ‘You can look but not touch.’

Oliver laughed, ‘Sorry for breaking the rules then Theo. You’ll have to punish me… plus Alejandro is all the way in Spain don’t think he’d mind if you had some fun with us while he’s away.’

‘Yeah if he’s in another country then it’s all fair game Theo, if you want it to be that is…’ Lee grinned at Min as he trailed of his comment.

It felt good to have Oli and Lee both staring at my body, it made me feel sexy and I felt electric as I wade through the water and felt the blood rushing to my crotch. ‘Hmmm good points boys, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.’ I winked back at them as I said this and started to swim up the pool making sure to push my butt up out of the water as I did so ensuring they both got a view of my bubble butt as I swam away.

Oliver sighed, ‘That Alejandro is one lucky guy.’

While we continued to swim in the pool, Diego, Ares and Jacob had sat up and started talking about the weekend before when they had gone to a nightclub. As I swam I could hear bits of what they were saying and it sounded as though Jacob had hooked up with a stranger but it was just a one night stand nothing more.

Ares then mentioned that he would start to get the BBQ ready, he was going to be making his famous steak sandwiches. Jacob went with him to help with the BBQ while Diego stayed on the sun bed.

I’d been in the water for almost an hour by now and with 2 of the sun beds now free decided to get out of the pool and lay down with Diego. As I lifted myself from the pool Oliver whistled over at me, ‘Oh yeah there’s my peach!’

As I walked over and lay down on the sun bed next to Diego I replied, ‘Haha your peach huh Oli, I don’t think you could handle it.’

Diego grinned at me and then shouted back to Oli, ‘Oh sounds like that’s a challenge Oliver, if you’re not up for in then I’m happy to jump in.’

‘You guys are way to horny.’ I said as I closed my eyes and felt the sun already beginning to dry off my dripping wet skin.

‘I’m sure you are too Theo, what’s it been 6 months since you last had any sex? Bet you could use a nice hard cock about now, maybe even a Mexican one?’ I felt Diego reach over and playfully slap my hand as he said this.

‘No way Diego, Theo wants to try Swedish if anything. You and Ares can sit this one out.’ Oliver’s voice was getting closer and I realised he must have left the pool as well and had now moved to be on the sun bed on my other side.

‘Alright, settle down boys. I’ll be leaving before any of those festivities start. You too will just have to help out each other.’ Hearing me say this both Oli and Diego commented that I had to stay for a little bit at the very least.

As we spoke the smell of the BBQ started to drift over and it was incredible. Ares sure did know how to cook up a storm and he was in the process of showing Jacob his tricks, pouring tequila over the meat.

Suddenly down the side path I hear someone yell, ‘Sup boys! Time to get this party started!’ It was Calvin and not far behind him was Chai. They had both arrived at the same time and now all 9 of us were there. Min and Lee who had left the pool too went and turned the music up and started handing us all another drink.

I accepted my seltzer and stood up from the sun bed as I took a sip and went to say hello to Calvin and Chai. They were both already wearing just their swimming trunks with Calvin in a pair of purple briefs that did nothing to conceal his sizeable bulge and Chai in a pair of white briefs.

With the BBQ cooking, music blaring and good company we all started to talk and dance around between the pool and BBQ. I had to admit this was fun and just what I needed in the summer break.

Dancing with Oliver, we were moving our bodies against each other when Jacob drifted across to us from the BBQ and started to dance as well. I shifted to the side to let Jacob slip between us and as he and Oliver started to dance more seductively together I felt hands slip down my shoulders to my waist and looked down to see Calvin’s strong hands gripping my hips as he moved behind me and started to sway our hips together from side to side in time with the music.

‘How you doing Theo?’ Calvin asked, his head above mine and his chin leaning down resting on my forehead as I looked up at him.

‘You know how it is Calvin, the boyfriends away and these boys think they have a chance.’

‘Is that right? Well you tell me if you feel like trying some chocolate, from what Alejandro has told me you have an ass that won’t quit and I’d like to see that for myself.’

I laughed thinking of Alejandro bragging about sleeping with me, he did love fucking my ass and I loved taking it from him. Just thinking about it made my ass tingle and cock pulse quickly which I felt as though Calvin also noticed.

Before we could continue our conversation though we were interrupted by Ares announcing loudly that the BBQ was ready and his famous steak sandwiches were hot off the grill.

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Chastity Challenge at a Gay Bar

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So I was once at a party with friends who went home one after another. At around midnight it was just me and as you might imagine I was a bit drunk. I decided party is not over and went to this local gay club. It sadly no longer exists, but it was this Blue Oyster type of establishment. Leather, light BDSM, fuck club. I had arrived and found out it was “all naked” theme party in progress, so I went with the flow. I was there for about an half an hour, warming up, getting more drunk when this fella spoke up. He was around 30, muscular, but not ripped. Just the right amount of muscle. Thick black hair and a strict look. Bully at the first glance. Oh and pretty impressive dick.

There were about 20 of us when we gathered around him as he announced with a light Australian accent “Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself!” He was the hottest guy in the club so naturally everyone paid attention.

“My name is Dennis and I will be in town for a few months. I would like to use this time and try out something I want for a long time. I have this.” he pointed at the bar where the device lay. I have seen one online before and always wanted to try it. It was a chastity belt. istanbul travesti This one was fairly small.

“Anyone know what it is and want to use it?” he asked. Everyone was silent, but as hard as I tried not to, I was getting a hard on.

He noticed. “Hey mate, you seem to like it!”

Everyone looked at me, then at my boner, some of them smiled.

“There is another one!” shouted someone from the crowd and pushed one young guy with a raging boner out.

It was really easy to tell Dennis liked where the situation was going and said “Perfect, we will have a challenge for it. I need two other guys who would like to get a blowjob”.

Some raised hands. He picked two of them and they walked next to him. He continued “you two will give those two a blow. Who will manage to get his guy to cum first will be spared, the other one locked in. How does that sound?”

The crowd started to cheer. We were both hard as fuck, there was no point in trying to hide it. I was out to it and now blame the alcohol for it. So I went to the guy I liked more. The other challenger was hesitant, but joined shortly. It is safe to say we were both nervous.

More istanbul travestileri guys from the black room joined the bar, all curious of course… around 25 were watching at that point.

Dennis continued “I thought I will choose who will be assigned to who, but I think I like the natural choice made. I said blowjob, so no hands. You will swallow the load.” Said with a strict tone.

“Any last questions?” he asked.

My heart was beating.. and then the guy I picked said “I have already cummed three times today. Good luck boy!” he was laughing as he said it. Shit, I thought.

I looked at the other guy, he was already hard. Mine was not. We started sucking. It took around 3 minutes just to get him half hard. At that point the guy next to me was already moaning. It took just 5 more minutes and the competitor was shooting his load. I realised what shit I put myself into.

“Great job!” applauded Dennis.

“Now what is your name?” he asked me as I sat down defeated.

“Michael” I answered.

“Sit down on this chair and put hands behind your back, Michael” I did what he asked. Then he pulled handcuffs from behind the bar and put travesti istanbul it on.

„So you don’t run away.” he smiled.

As I was strapped down he said “You never asked for how long will the chastity be on, mate.” He was right, shit.

Now they were all standing around me, laughing. He took the chastity and started to do the work. “If you get hard now, I’ll squeeze your balls until it’s soft, understood?” I nodded, I was so nervous I could not even if I wanted to.

He put a metal ring around my balls and dick. Then the cage, then the lock. As I felt metal around my cock I felt blood pumping to my dick. “You can get hard now,”he laughed so hard.

“You know what will happen next? I’ll buy you a drink or two and then you will go home. You will meet me here next Friday and we will see if you deserve to be unlocked, yes?” I wanted to protest so hard, but there was no way out of this for me. The chastity was tight, it won’t go down without the key.

“You will give me a spare key in case of an emergency?” I tried to ask.

“Absolutely not!!” the bar exploded with laughter. Fuck fuck fuck!!

We have been drinking, but I don’t remember much of what happened. I know I gave him my phone number, he refused to give me his. I recall I was “borrowed” to some guys so they could check the chastity out. Dennis was very explicit about what will happen if I don’t obey.

Rest of the night is black.

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