Mary , Miss Cherry

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Big Tits

Forget about political correctness. When you get right down to it boys will be boys and girls will be girls and both boys and girls are interested in very much the same thing. Each other. When I say boys and girls I suppose I really should say young men and young women, just to be politically correct. After all, the little group I’m referring to were all eighteen and they might be offended if referred to as boys and girls. Well, girl, anyway, as there was only one girl present, Mary, one of the cheerleaders.

We were at school and Mike, George, and I, all had a free period. Now I’m a wizard at mathematics, able to make numbers tap dance on command. Mike and George, on the other hand, weren’t quite so au fait where maths was concerned, but they were exceedingly good on the sports field.

The coach had explained to me that the way I could be of a positive benefit to the team wasn’t as a player, but as a tutor, drilling Mike and George so they’d pass their maths exams. No pass, no play, and they were sorely needed on the field. He also threatened to put me on the team if the boys failed.

Now you might think that that was not much of a threat, but I detest team sports. I’m a gymnast, and quite a good one. I see no need to be running around a field carrying a ball, a moving target for thundering Neanderthals looking for an easy kill.

I’m not saying all football players are Neanderthals. Far from it. To be a good player you need brains as well as brawn, but no school as a sufficient supply of brawny brains. They make up for this by using Neanderthals with a killer instinct, which is a damn good reason not to be on that field. So I was tutoring Mike and George. (Not Neanderthals, just not too fast where maths was concerned. Their other subjects were fine, or so I’m told.)

With our free period we’d gone searching for an empty classroom where I could do some tutoring. Good practice for me, I found, because having to explain something to someone else helps clarify the thing in your own mind.

We’d found a vacant classroom off at one end of the school and took it as our own. We were rehashing the maths curriculum, trying to make sure the guys knew enough to scrape by, when Mary appeared. She didn’t just materialize out of thin air. She actually came out of the storeroom attached to the classroom, where she’d been doing her own private studying.

Mary is a very nice young woman and I’ve got a bit of a thing for her. I believe that the feeling is reciprocated but we haven’t tested it out yet. We’ve been flirting, teasing each other, gradually moving towards each other. I expected that in the very near future I’d be inviting her out and I didn’t think she’d refuse.

With her suddenly appearing in the room like that there was a good chance for a little flirtation and some teasing. I moved over to cut her off when she just nodded and headed towards the door, Mike and George flanking me to give me support. (And to provide themselves with a little amusement.)

“What’s the hurry?” I asked. “You’ve only just got here. Surely you’re going to stop and pass the time of day.”

Mary ostentatiously took out her phone, looked at it, and then looked back at me.

“Three thirty,” she said. “Now that I’ve passed the time of day may I be excused?”

Instead of stepping aside I reached up and stroked her cheek.

“Very soft,” I murmured. “Makes me wonder about all sorts of things.”

She slapped at my hand, but she was smiling. That fool George actually dared to reach for her, drawing his hand back quickly when I glared at him. Mine, that glare told him, and you touch at your peril.

There was a little more give and take between Mary and myself. We sort of had her backed up against the wall and she couldn’t leave until we stepped aside, but she didn’t seem too concerned. She knew damn well that we wouldn’t push past a certain point. At least, she knew I wouldn’t and the other two wouldn’t cross me. I may not be a football player but I was still the alpha dog.

All was fine and dandy and I was preparing to back off and let Mary go on her way when Miss Cherry, the music teacher, showed up. She’d been passing the classroom and saw three boys had bailed up a girl and she was in the room, waving the political correctness banners.

In one short, angry, tirade she accused us of bullying, sexism, general harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, violation of school rules and political incorrectness. She also managed to insinuate that Mary brought it upon herself, she was no better than she ought to be, she was guilty of sexual misconduct, and should be ashamed of herself.

It seemed to me that she wanted it both ways. If we were guilty of bullying and sexual harassment then surely that meant that Mary was a victim and innocent? If Mary was guilty of sexual misconduct, where did the harassment come in? Ever noticed how politically correct people like to accuse everyone, a wholesale blanket condemnation of other people who don’t bahis firmaları live up to their lofty morals.

As Miss Cherry carried on I started to get really annoyed. She had no idea what she was talking about, didn’t know the situation she had interrupted, and was making accusations based on her wild imagination. She was also making threats that were starting to cause Mike and George to jack up, threatening to have them thrown off the team for misbehaviour.

Part of the reason for my rapidly increasing annoyance was Miss Cherry herself. She wasn’t all that much older than us, being in her middle twenties. A very pretty young woman with a figure that would give a horny man wet dreams. Give any man wet dreams, for that matter. She liked male attention and I’d often seen her flirting with male teachers, and she was accusing us of sexual misbehaviour and sexual harassment.

“Geez, Muriel,” I said insolently, “You’re a fine one to talk about sexual harassment.”

“It’s Miss Cherry to you and just what do you mean by that statement?”

“I mean that you’re a walking, talking, flagrant display of sexual harassment. Look at how you’re dressed. Yoga pants that give you a camel toe so pronounced and so tight that we can see you shave your pussy. You’re wearing a jumper so tight that we can see the outline of your bra, or we would if you were wearing one. As it is we can not only see your nipples but the shape of your areola. And you have the gall to accuse us of sexual harassment.”

I paused then added a little more. “Not only that, you’re a rotten teacher. Why don’t you start giving lessons on a subject you do know, like sex education?”

Miss Cherry looked as though she was going to blow a fuse at that. Mike and George, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious.

“Hey, can we volunteer for sex education with you?” Mike asked. “You’re old enough to teach us things we haven’t had a chance to learn. You’ll find we’re eager students.”

“Geez, yeah,” George put in. “I’d fuck you any day of the week.” (OK, so maybe George was a genuine Neanderthal.)

Miss Cherry was almost gibbering with fury and even Mary looked a trifle shocked. Amused, but shocked. Miss Cherry was invoking the fires of damnation upon us, threatening us with everything from immediate expulsion to the eternal fires of hell. She was, methinks, pissed off.

Unfortunately, so was I. She’d been rude to Mary and, like I said, I had a thing for her. I didn’t like anyone being rude to Mary. I guess I let my hormones and my temper get the better of me.

“George,” I said quietly, but loud enough for him to hear me despite Miss Cherry’s ranting, “I bet if you tugged on those pants she’s wearing they come right down. They’re only held up by an elastic top. And it would be real interesting to pull her top off to see if she’s really going around without a bra.”

George is not great on thinking. He’s quite willing to let someone else do the thinking while he follows instructions or pointed suggestions. At my observation he stepped forward, hooked his fingers into the waistband of Miss Cherry’s pants and tugged them firmly downwards. I’m not sure if he meant to bring down her panties as well, but he managed it.

George also believes that if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well. With Miss Cherry’s pants around her ankles he gave her a helping hand downward, sitting her on her bottom while he hauled her pants right off. He didn’t forget her top, either, turning to it and providing ample proof that I’d been right about Miss Cherry’s braless state.

“Really, Muriel,” I protested. “What sort of example is this to set students? Rolling around the floor naked? You should be ashamed.”

She was sitting there, mouth opening and closing, face red, arms folded across a bounteous chest.

“Still, seeing you’ve got undressed we might as well have you teach Mary the correct way to get fucked. Mike, would you care to do the honours first?”

Mike was not reluctant to take up the suggestion. He had her legs spread and was kneeling between them in nothing flat, eagerly undoing his trousers. George proved that he knew what a good team-mate should do, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head, leaving the poor woman completely exposed and defenceless.

Mary was standing to the side, mouth open in shock, one hand resting on her mouth. The shock was not stopping her from watching the action, even if she was blushing slightly.

Mike was rubbing Miss Cherry’s pussy while she squirmed about under his touch. Then he was spreading her lips a little, easing his cock into position.

What surprised me was that the fiery Miss Cherry was putting up almost zero resistance. Yes, she was squirming about slightly and, yes, she was protesting, but very weakly. It was as if her clothes were her armour and without them she was helpless.

Mike was moving in slowly. I assumed that he thought she wouldn’t be physically ready for a cock to come charging in and kaçak iddaa was making it easier for her. I don’t think he need have bothered, as it seemed to me that she was lifting her hips and pushing to meet him.

It didn’t take Mike long to drill into her and then he started work in earnest. I noticed immediately that I’d been right about one thing. Miss Cherry was busy humping her hips and meeting him halfway. Mary was watching, fascinated and shocked, apparently not able to drag her eyes away from the action, no matter how embarrassing it might be. George was watching, also, but he just looked eager.

“George,” I said softly, “when Mike’s finished why don’t you flip her over onto her hands and knees and take her like that. She’ll like doing it that way, especially from a man as strong as you.”

Miss Cherry flicked me an evil glance but didn’t say anything. I turned and looked at Mary. She became aware of my regard and started looking a little nervous.

“Ah, are you going to take a turn as well?” she asked, not looking directly at me.

“No. Currently I’m being faithful to you and I wouldn’t cheat on you, even to teach that woman a lesson. The guys can handle her.”

“Me? What do you mean, me? We’re not even dating, let alone anything else.”

“True, but it’s only a matter of time, and I think we both know that. I can wait until you’re ready.”


She looked and sounded a little disappointed.

“Mind you, I am tempted to peel off your panties and have my wicked way with you right now,” I told her. “Feel this and see how eager I am.”

I pressed her hand against my erection, feeling her grasp it for a moment before snatching her hand away.

“Do you know what’s stopping me from taking you here and now?”

I smiled as she nervously shook her head.

“The audience. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you by taking you in front of them, having them see you like that. That’s the only thing stopping me.”

“Oh,” she said in a very little voice. “Apart from the fact that I wouldn’t agree,” she added, a touch defiantly.

“No, I don’t think that would worry me too much when you’re ready. I’d make allowance for maidenly reserve, but I’d still take you.”

I paused for a moment while she considered this, then I made a suggestion.

“Why don’t we step into the storeroom?”


I didn’t say anything. She knew why.

“But, if I do you’ll, ah. . .” She nodded at where Mike was still entertaining Miss Cherry. Quite some stamina that lad had.

I bowed my head in acknowledgement. If she stepped into the storeroom with me it wouldn’t be under any false pretence.

“We haven’t even dated,” she protested.

“So we do things differently. You know perfectly well I’ve been working around to asking you out. Consider this little interlude a formal invitation to date me and get to know me better.”

“But what about. . .” She indicated Miss Cherry and friends.

“A moment,” I said.

I strolled over to Miss Cherry and crouched down. She turned to look at me, a slightly dazed and lustful look on her face.

“If you tell anyone about this little incident, Muriel, your teaching career will be over. I think you know this. So just enjoy the attention of these likely lads and then forget it happened. I’ll make sure they don’t say anything. OK?”

“Bastard,” she gasped, but she also nodded her understanding. She had to admit I had a point. What school was going to hire a teacher who screwed the male students, willingly or not?

“Mike, I’m leaving. You two have your fun but don’t speak about it. You could get into trouble if you do. Make sure George knows to shut up.”

Mike grunted, but didn’t lose a stroke while doing so. I got up and moved away.

Miss Cherry and her swains were so engaged in what they were doing that they didn’t even see Mary and me fade out of the picture. Not that we faded very far. Just a few steps and through the storeroom door, closing and locking it behind me.

Mary backed rather nervously towards the small table by the wall. She knew what she[‘d been agreeing to when she came in here but now the actuality was looming large and she was having second thoughts.

“I assume that you don’t want me to tear of your clothes and have at you,” I said smiling, inviting her to laugh, and she blushed. Before she could say anything, especially things like, “I’ve changed my mind,” I started talking again.

“Why don’t we leave your clothes just the way they are for the time being,” I suggested. “Instead of me trying to be all over you, why don’t you just get acquainted with my equipment? Just touch it and get a bit of a feel for it.”

With that I moved closer, unzipping as I came. Standing close to her I took her hand, guiding it to where my cock was standing out of my trousers, feeling her hand close over me properly. This time she didn’t take her hand away. Biting her lip slightly, looking at me, not daring to look down, her hand kaçak bahis wandered over me, feeling the length, the thickness, the firmness and the heat. She was breathing a little heavier, getting properly acquainted.

After a little while she ventured to look down, catching her breath slightly as she observed what she was holding on to.

“Men have a significant advantage over women,” I told her. “If we want you to hold it we just have to whip it out and there it is on display. You, on the other hand, have to take off your panties, making it a lot more personal.”

I edged the hem of her dress up slightly, letting my hand slip under it and brush across her panties. Her hand tightened slightly as my hand slid over her mons, down and around, pressing her mound beneath her panties.

Both hands under her dress, lifting it, settling upon her panties. I looked at her, one eyebrow quirked in invitation. Was she going to say no? She blushed and looked away and I started sliding her panties down. No hurry, moving nice and easy, giving her plenty of time to change her mind, which is probably why she didn’t. Rushing would have scared her. Taking it easy and leaving her with a choice is soothing and meant I was more likely to get my way.

Mary was now backed right up against the little table, leaning on it. I leaned over her, kissing her, while my hand delicately explored what the panty loss had uncovered. She, for her part, not only kissed me back but didn’t slow down her exploration of my exposed parts.

It didn’t take much exploration on my part to determine that she was wet and ready, her pussy nicely warmed up, probably helped out by the little display in the classroom.

After a while I pulled back from the kiss, gently freeing my cock from her greedy grasp at the same time. She was watching my face and I could see her catch her breath, knowing what the changes foretold. I eased her legs further apart, at the same time hitching her dress up, tucking the hem into her belt.

I moved a little further apart so she could look down and see what was happening, a situation she took full advantage of. She was curious and nervous, knowing what was coming and unsure if she was ready for it.

Timing is the thing. Too slow and she might think better of what was happening. Too fast and she might panic. Let her think she’s in control and things go a lot more smoothly. I eased forward, my cock now rubbing against her pussy, slowly dragging it back and forth against her, agitating her lips, encouraging them to flower and take me.

Taking her hand once more I moved it down until it was brushing against my cock.

“Help me,” I murmured, putting the responsibility squarely on her.

She swallowed nervously, but her hand closed around me, adjusting my position so I was pressing against her at just the right spot. A slight push and I was entering her and it was too late for regrets.

While touching delicate places I had already found hints that Mary was a virgin but I was still slightly surprised to find that this was really so. There again, my surprise was minor to the shock Mary got in finding she wasn’t one any more. She gave this horrified little yelp as her cherry popped but then seemed to forget about is as the cherry popper continued its advance.

Apart from an inconvenient cherry, easily passed, there was no further delay in my advancing fully into her. I sheathed my sword very neatly, thank you very much, and held it there while we both looked at each other. I was feeling smugly satisfied and doing my best not to let it show. I’m not sure what Mary was feeling as she was also doing her best to keep a straight face, but I thought I detected satisfied interest.

I pulled back and returned much more firmly, my cock knowing what it had to do. Again and Mary gave a little gasp and started pushing against me, ready and willing to do her part.

“You feel good,” I said, softly but sincerely, and she smiled, giving a little extra to her next push.

We were still moving slowly, each getting a feel for the other, but starting to move faster as we adjusted. My hands were rubbing against her breasts, through her dress, unfortunately, but I was not going to suggest she take it off. At least, not this time.

We finally settled down to a respectable rhythm, one that seemed to satisfy us both. Mary was making funny little noises as I drove into her, her excitement bubbling up and unable to be contained. I, being the man, maintained a dignified silence, ignoring the desire to howl like Tarzan and just go wild on her body. (I made a mental note to see if she’d be receptive to me just going wild on her body sometime. It could be interesting.)

We were rather explosive together, lust urging us on, and the nice pace we had established was starting to seem a little tame. I started coming in faster, hitting her harder, and Mary matched me, with me for every stroke. My excitement was rising rapidly, the pressure in my balls increasing as the time to completion shortened, a desperate need growing in me to finalise this. From the excitement and longing I could hear in Mary’s little cries I was willing to bet that she was in a similar state.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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“You’re early.” She called down from upstairs. He was. He had gotten bored.

“You’re naked.” He had gone for a deadpan response and thought it had come out just about perfect. He wanted to stare but didn’t. “What are we drinking?”

“Rum. Its on the counter. Fix one and come up.” She sauntered her way back up the stairs knowing he was looking. He didn’t try to be coy this time. He stood at the base of the stairs and watched her make her way back up the steps admiring her the whole way, as she crested the staircase she gave a little look over her shoulder at him and gave her ass a little shake. She wasn’t some twenty something with a rock hard ass or anything but it was delicious all the same. As she disappeared behind the oversized door into the bedroom he made his way to the Kitchen to fix a cocktail.

On the bar he found the bottle of Bacardi and half a diet coke. The home was luxurious in ever way. It had to be approaching 5,000 square feet and he knew it to be worth at least two million dollars. Homes like this might even sell furnished and it might have been worth three considering the money she had spent having it professionally decorated. He found ice in the freezer and poured his drink. He took a long swallow and then topped it back off. He didn’t want to dawdle, there was a chance she was still undressed. He didn’t let himself admit it but he was in love with her.

“Where’s Reuben?” He settled himself into a Chaise that stretched out beneath the window. He had thought about the bed but the chair gave him a better view of the room, and more specifically, allowed him to watch through the wide archway that led to the master bath. He could see her in the mirror leaning over the counter. She was applying makeup to her eyes. Her breasts swayed casually. He thought she was intentionally flexing the muscles in her back and legs. He liked it and she knew that.

“He had to take his car in again this afternoon. He should be back about six.”

“Didn’t he take it in earlier this week?”

“Yes. He had to have the Maserati. I warned him.” She was working on her lipstick. She was a bit of a perfectionist.

“What are you guys doing tonight?” He was just making small talk now. Trying to keep his mind off of his ex-wife. He still couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “Does he know we still…?”

“Who the fuck knows. I think he has to. It is some fund raiser. One of those auction things. I illegal bahis saw some Jewelry I want.”

“Must be nice.”

“Shut it.” She was done. She swayed out of the bathroom and picked up her drink from the dresser. “Do I look okay?”

“You look spectacular.”

“Don’t mess up the hair.” She hadn’t needed to mention it he knew better. She sashayed across the room. Approaching him she lowered herself to her knees. She crossed the last four feet between them on her knees. As she slid her hands up his legs he parted them for her. Deftly she undid his belt and lowered his fly. With a flip of her head she tossed her short hair out of her face and took his cock in her mouth. His erection had been waiting for her since he had seen her on the stairs.

“What about Drew?”

“Playstation in the gameroom. He can’t hear shit. Now relax.”

She did all the work. She always had. She had grabbed him out of a fraternity party when they were only twenty. Even then, she was good at getting what she wanted. She didn’t branch out very often. She had a routine and just like that night in his dorm room, she followed it through almost to the letter.

She liked to suck cock and and was good at it. Since she had divorced him he had done okay and women today, well, head had become almost as common making out. It seemed every forty something he dated wanted to demonstrate their skills. Marnie though, She truly enjoyed it, you could tell. He was pretty relaxed to begin with so it didn’t take her long. She used her tongue, she didn’t suck so much as lick. That was the difference. He as right at the edge and she knew. She pulled back until just the tip of his cock was in her mouth and she did this thing like she was eating a hard candy. It was perfect and he rolled his head back and moaned as she finished him. She let the flow subside before sliding him once more deep inside her mouth. He moaned again at the sensation and she released him.

“Come on, quick.” She moved to the end of the bed. She took a position on her knees sliding her long arms out across the bed and lowering her face and chest down against the duvet. He moved quickly up behind her. “God, I love that you can come and go right away.” She giggled. “like the gas station.”

He took her from behind. He was never a fan of this position, it was so impersonal. Once he had discovered, well, the truth about her, he understood. He moved slowly at first illegal bahis siteleri until she matched his rhythm. She was a good dancer, she knew how to follow a lead. She hummed softly at first. Once she he was hitting the right spots and had the rhythm and pace she liked the humms changed to a gently chant of “oh-yes, right-there.” She repeated it quietly. As she started to get louder he knew the signal to go faster. He picked up the pace until her ass made slapping sounds against his hips. He had always wished he had a longer cock. Maybe if he would have had a longer cock he would and been better at this. Probably not, he thought. “Now!” puff, puff, “Now!” she chanted and like pavlovs dog he understood it was time. As he came, her pressed himself as deeply as he could into her. Once, twice, again. One last time. He held the position, like yoga. He felt her twitch and pulse around his cock. She was back to a gentle hum again. She would be the one to lean forward and break loose. He held her hips and pulled her back to him as long as he could. Finally, she did move, sliding forward flat to the bed.

“Mmm. Thank you.” She said. “That will probably get me through the night.”

Probably not, he thought.

He took his place back on the sofa as she slipped off the bed. She went straight to the chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of panties. He liked the way she shifted her hips back and forth as she pulled them on.

“fuck, you had a lot.”


“Shut up. You know I like it.”

He watched her as she retouched her make-up. They talked youth Lacrosse and the inconvenience it would be if Keith made the travelling team.

“I don’t know, we sure had fun at the San Diego Tournament last year.” They had played house for three days and those three days had been fun, the next two months had set him back years.

“Marn’, are you happy?”

She was sliding a slinky blue dress over her long lean body. “Do you want me to answer that? Do you think I need a bra?”

She wouldn’t have worn one if he’d said she did. The gentle sway of her breasts was more or less her trademark. I think you look spectacular. “You look spectacular.” He was being honest.

“You are the best.” She made a long smooth motion, it started with her leaning down to him to gently kiss him on the mouth. It was so small and gentle it wouldn’t mess her freshly reapplied lip gloss. The move continued with her canlı bahis siteleri sliding her body over him, her breasts intentionally brushing his arm, until finally she was seated next to him, the end of his drink sliding out of his hand into hers. “You asked me to leave, remember.”

“I remember.” He remembered all too well. He had walked into his boss’ office to find her pressed down onto his desk in exactly the same position he had just taken her. As the fight had progressed, she had admitted it had begun in the same fashion as well. He hated that the memory had come back so vividly.

“There’s something wrong with me, I know.”

“I guess its not a problem if you are happy with it.”

“You never could have dealt with it. Reuben, well, Reuben just ignores it.”

She had seen a counselor after they split. She had told him she wanted to stop it. She wanted their life together back. She was told she was a sex addict. They didn’t really call women Nymphomaniacs anymore. The truth was, If a man offered, she would say yes. It was never long term, hardly ever the same guy more than once. She loved their cocks, she loved the impersonal fuck afterward. She would probably suck off a caterer at the event that night. It was just her thing.

“You know, I still imagine us, settling down as a little old couple in one of those townhouses like your mother had. Remember. Wouldn’t that be nice? Keith bringing his kids by.”

“They have Viagra now. You would probably just set up at the golf course and catch the horny old dogs as they made the turn.” It sounded meaner than he meant it to. He had really just meant to break the tension.

“God, you are probably right. I am such a slut.”

“You know the difference between a nymphomaniac and a slut, right?”

“Oh, god. You told me before. I forget.”

“A nymphomaniac sleeps with everyone. A slut sleeps with everyone but you.”

“I just slept with you. So I’m not a slut.”

“No, you are still a slut, but I love you anyway.”

“Stop it. I have to get ready. Go get Keith.” She was up and off to the bathroom.

He gathered up their son and was waiting in the kitchen to tell her goodbye when Reuben pulled in. He and Reuben talked shop, He was still Reuben’s accountant, when Marnie came down. She had on heels now and it made her strut that much more pronounced.

“Bet you were still hitting that, don’t you, big man.”

“Reuben! Stop it.”

He smiled at the ridiculousness of it all. He shook Reuben’s hand. He hugged his ex wife, and he took his son out the door his hand on his shoulder. He hoped Reuben would be gone the next day when he brought Keith home.

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The Cold Winter Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Storm

Sarah and Michael huddled close together under the blanket they had wrapped around them. The 18 year old twins were alone in the house. Their mother had left a week ago to go shopping and never returned.

Now even thought they are twins, looking at them you would never guess it. Sarah is 5’2″ and maybe 100lbs with long strawberry blonde hair that falls almost to her butt and ice blue eyes. She has a nice set of tits that she is very proud of but they have never been touched by outside hands.

Michael on the other hand is 6′ even around 170. He takes after their unknown father. His night black hair is cut just above his shoulders and he has his father’s bright green eyes.

18 years ago the twin’s mother had a one night stand with a trucker and 9 months later she had the twins. She has raised them the best she could as a single parent and believed she has done a good job. Both twins would graduate at the top of their class and both had been accepted at a nearby college.

Anyway, our twins were curled up in front of the fireplace as a blizzard blew outside their window. The power is out so they are staying near the fire trying to keep warm.

“That wood ain’t gonna get us through the night.” Michael said throwing their last piece on the fire and watching it catch.

Sarah looked at him. “Michael. You can’t go outside, you’ll freeze.” The wood pile was in the shed behind the house.

He smiled at her. “I’ll be fine. I’ll bundle up really well.” He slipped out from under the blanket, wrapping it tightly around her. He walked back to his cold bedroom. He pulled on a sweater and his hiking boots, and then came back to the living room as he pulled on a heavy winter coat. “Don’t let anyone in the house.”

She nodded then watched as he grabbed a flashlight and headed towards the kitchen.

She huddled closer to the fire as she waited for him to return.

Michael pushed his way through the blinding snow and wind to get to the shed. He flipped on the flashlight so he could see what he was doing and gathered up a huge armful before heading back to the house.

When he had the kitchen door slammed behind him, he stood there a minute then made his way back to the living room. “This ought to keep us through the night.” he said dropping the pile into the wood box. He stripped out of his jacket, sweater and boots then climbed back under the blanket with his sister holding it tightly around them.

“Where do you think mom is?” Sarah asked after they watched the fire in silence for a few minutes.

Michael sighed. “I don’t know. I hope she is okay and not stuck out in this though.” He wrapped his arms protectively around her, pulling her against his hard body. His hands brushed against her breasts but neither noticed.

“Michael. I’m cold.” Sarah cried snuggling closer to him as he wrapped the blanket tighter around them.

“Do you want me to get another blanket?” He asked holding her shivering body in his arms. They had their mother’s queen sized quilt wrapped around them. It was the warmest blanket they owned. He figured she was more afraid of the storm then she was cold but he wasn’t going to ask her about it.

“I don’t think it will help.” she whimpered against his chest. “I can’t stop shivering.”

Michael felt her breath against him and her breasts pressing against his arm as she pressed herself against him. He moaned when he felt his cock starting to rise in his pajama bottoms.

“Are you okay?” She asked climbing onto his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist as she pressed her body against his trying to get the shivering to stop.

Michael didn’t answer; he was suddenly shivering to but knew it wasn’t from the cold. The bottom of his sister’s cotton nightgown was bunched around her waist and her bare pussy was pressing against his cock. “God why wasn’t she wearing any underwear?” he asked himself.

Sarah huddled even closer to him; she buried her face against his bare chest as she pressed her breasts against him and rubbed her pussy against his cock.

Michael groaned again as his cock continued to harden. She didn’t seem to notice this time though. “Michael, I can’t stop shivering. Warm me up.” She whimpered pressing even closer to him.

Michael let out a ragged groan as he wrapped his arms around her and shoved her onto her back on the floor as he covered her body with his own. He knew she would probably hate him in the morning but he was so hot right now he didn’t care. “Michael what are you…?” she got out just before his lips locked on hers.

She gasped into his mouth as he slid his tongue into her open mouth. She beat against his back then suddenly moaned as she melted into the kiss. Michael softened it so his tongue was caressing hers as his hands moved down over her body.

She illegal bahis felt her nightgown lifted and started to stiffen but Michael just nipped at her lips until she relaxed again. She felt her nightgown bunch around her neck and under her arms then his hands cup her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as he massaged them with his hands.

“Michael, we shouldn’t…” She started to say when he released her lips then gasped again when he took one of her nipples into his mouth. “Michael…” She cried looking down at his head with his mouth sucking on her breast. “Michael, this isn’t right. You’re my brother.”

Michael ignored her protests as he loved her breast with his mouth. His tongue swirled over her nipple making her moan, “Oh Michael.” She purred as he sucked gently on her nipple, while his hand squeezed and massaged her other breast.

When his hand moved down over her stomach and between her legs, she tried to close them but he wouldn’t let her. He shoved a leg between her legs, holding them open as his hand continued its journey. “Michael you shouldn’t be touching me.” She cried trying to close her legs but unable to.

His hand slid down further until he spread her lower lips open, dipping his finger over her clit. “Michael…you shouldn’t touch my…Oh my.” She cried as he flicked her clit with his finger. “Oh god Michael, That feels so good.”

He continued to suck at her nipple as he left his thumb playing with her clit and drove his hand further down her body until he came to her slit.

When he slid a finger inside her, Sarah whimpered with need. “Oh god, No…we can’t do this.” But the hands that had been pushing at him were suddenly pulling him closer, not pushing him away.

Michael moaned against her breast as he slowly slid his finger in and out of her. Sarah lay there mewling as his mouth finally left her breast and traveled down her body.

Michael what are you…Oh my god.” She screamed at the first touch of his mouth. “No, that definitely isn’t right; your mouth doesn’t belong there.” She pulled at his head but she couldn’t pull him away.

When his tongue moved rapidly over her clit, she cried out and stopped trying to pull him away. Instead, she lifted her hips against him as she tugged at his hair, pulling him closer to her body.

Michael growled against her pussy when he felt her give in. He slid a second finger inside her and started plowing her slit hard and fast.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” She cried pulling his head closer to her pussy as she humped hard against him. “I know it’s wrong but god it feels so good.

Michael nibbled at her clit as he continued to hammer his fingers inside her. He stretched her out with his fingers working her to be able to accept his cock which was throbbing madly in his pajama bottoms.

Sarah’s eyes were closed as her brother drove her body closer and closer to orgasm. “Michael…I’m gonna cum.” she screamed thrusting her hips ferociously against his mouth and fingers.

Michael nipped at her hungrily until she exploded against his thrusting hand. “Fuck…I’m cummmmiinnnngggg.” she screamed.

When she came, Michael tore his mouth from her spasming pussy and grabbed at his pants shoving them down over his hips until his cock was exposed. He moved quickly up over her locking his mouth on her own.

Sarah was breathing hard as she felt him cover her body with his own again. “Michael, what are you doing?” She asked wrapping her legs around his waist while she wrapped her arms up around his neck.

Michael kissed her once more as he lined up his cock with her entrance then slammed forward with his hips burying himself deep inside her.

Sarah cried out in pleasure and pain when he ripped through her hymen. “Michael. You’re inside me, you shouldn’t be inside me.” She gasped looking up at him as she felt him buried deep inside her.

Michael wasn’t listening though. He was enjoying the feeling of his hard cock buried deep inside her. “Oh god, I can’t help it Sarah. You feel so good around me. I’ve gotta move.” he groaned as he started sliding out of her.

“Michael…” She started to say. The rest of her words were lost as he thrust hard back into her. “What are you doing to me?” She squeaked as he started driving his cock into her body hard and fast, his balls slapped against her ass as he pounded her pussy with his hard cock.

“You shouldn’t be fucking me, you’re my brother…Oh my god, you’re going to make me cum.” She cried as her orgasm started rising again.

Even as her hips started rising on their own against him, she knew this was wrong. She pulled her arms from around his neck and rested her hands on his chest as she tried to get him to listen to her.

Her body was thrusting hard against him as he reamed her pussy and it was hard illegal bahis siteleri for her to get the breath to speak. “Michael…” She panted her hips pressing against his. “You shouldn’t be…Oh fuck…Fucking me. You’re my brother. Oh god, don’t stop.” She cried suddenly as her orgasm washed over her. She wrapped her arms around him as she flung her body tightly against his.

Suddenly the fact that it was her brother shoving his cock into her pussy didn’t matter. The fact that she was being fucked was the only thing that mattered. She wrapped her legs tighter around him, pulling him in deeper as she lifted against him. She pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him hard as their bodies thrust together.

“Fuck me…Oh god Fuck Me.” she screamed pulling her mouth from his as he continued to slam deep into her body. Her hips were flying against him as she met his thrusts with ones of her own.

“So fucking tight,” Michael groaned as he pummeled her pussy with his hard cock. His cock didn’t care whose pussy it was flying in. All it cared about was how tight it was. “Cum again sis…” Michael begged as he slammed her repeatedly into the floor. “Cum all over my fucking hard cock.”

Sarah was panting when suddenly her world exploded once again. “I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” she cried as she came around his pistoning cock.

Michael felt her cum around him and screamed out his own pleasure as he buried himself deep inside her, filling her depths with his juice.

When she felt him fill her Sarah panicked for a minute then sighed in relief when she remembered she had taken her birth control pill today. Until now it had been a waste of money but as her brother filled her depths with his cum, she was suddenly thankful.

“I’m sorry…” He panted when he rolled onto his back beside her. He shoved his pants off his body as she lifted her nightgown over her head until they lay there together in front of the roaring fire both naked. “I couldn’t help myself. You were rubbing against me and it just happened.”

He felt her shiver as she curled up against him with her head on his chest. He pulled the blanket from the floor beside them over their bodies tucking it close around them.

“Don’t apologize.” she whispered as she kissed his sweaty chest. “I know we shouldn’t have done it.”

His arm wrapped around her. “No we shouldn’t have.”

She snuggled closer to him as she yawned. “These things happen Michael.” She ran her finger over his chest in circles. “It was wonderful.” She lifted her head looking into his eyes by the light of the fire. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime.”

He looked at her in surprise. “Sarah…We…” His words were cut off as she kissed him deeply.

When she pulled her lips away, she smiled. “Go to sleep big brother.” She threw one naked leg over his as she curled up against his side, using his chest as a pillow. Within seconds she was snoring softly.

Michael lay there with his hands under his head staring at the fire as the storm raged outside. When he closed his eyes he smiled. His sister sure had a way of stopping any protest he may have had and his cock jumped slightly at the thought of sliding into her once again.


Michael had been dreaming of his sister sucking his cock, so when he started to come back to consciousness and felt a warm mouth moving up and down over his cock while a hand slowly jacked him. He figured he was still dreaming. “God sis, that feels so good.” He moaned as he felt a tongue slide over him. He thought he was dreaming so didn’t think anything of it when he lifted his hips towards the dream mouth.

He did come awake rather abruptly though when he reached down to grab his cock only to find his sister really sucking on him. Michael’s eyes widened as he looked between his legs. His sister’s head was moving slowly up and down over him as she whipped her tongue over his sensitive flesh.

When she saw he was awake, she smiled but didn’t release him. Instead she sucked him harder in her mouth tearing moans of pleasure from his throat. “Sarah…What are you doing baby?” He asked as he slowly thrust upwards, fucking her face.

Her only response was a moan. Michael closed his eyes as she let him slide into her throat. “AGH!” He cried shooting precum down her sucking throat. “Sarah, last night was a mistake baby.” he panted even as he continued to thrust into her mouth. “We can’t…Oh…keep doing this.”

Once again her only response was a moan as she sucked harder while squeezing his cock with her hand. Her other hand went to his ball sacs, cupping them gently.

Michael just about came out of his skin. He sat up so he could grip her head. “Fine, you want my cock baby. You got it.” He thrust hard into her mouth as he held her head pushing her roughly down over him.

Sarah canlı bahis siteleri was surprised at Michael’s actions but she was turned on by them to. She held her head still as he fucked her face hard and fast. She drank up his precum then whipped her tongue over his sensitive flesh looking for more.

“Fuck…I’m gonna cum.” he cried moving so quickly that Sarah didn’t have time to react. One minute she was on her hands and knees with his cock in her mouth, and then suddenly she was on her back while he forcefully fucked her face.

His hips were moving violently against her, his cock slamming into her throat until she was almost gagging from the force. She gripped at his hips but it didn’t slow him down so she lay there letting him fuck her face while she nibbled at him with her teeth. “Take my juice sis.” he screamed as he started to fill her mouth.

Sarah swallowed as fast as she could but it was like a waterfall. Her mouth kept filling up as he emptied himself inside her. Finally it slowed to a drizzle and she was able to swallow what she had in her mouth then dig at his piss slit for more before she let his limp cock slip from her lips.

When she finally released him, Michael fell back onto his knees. “God Sis.” he said trying to glare at her and failing miserably.

She smiled unashamedly. “I was horny when I woke up Michael and you were to.” She persisted. She put out her lower lip. “Can you get it back up? I’m still horny.”

Michael looked down at his deflated cock. “Not for a while at least,”

She pouted and he smiled. “I can give you a mouth fuck.”

Sarah smiled broadly as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide for him. She had loved how he had eaten her out last night and her pussy was strumming with the thought of him doing it again. “Eat me big brother.” She mewled spreading her lips open so he had a perfect view of her.

Michael grinned as he lay down between her spread legs and ran his tongue up over her. He teased her clit with his tongue and heard her sigh of pleasure. “Oh yes big brother. Eat me.”

Michael flicked his tongue faster over her clit and heard her cry out as she humped against his face. He kept his tongue working at her clit while he slid 3 fingers slowly into her depths. “Michael, fuck, Agh, Oh god, yes big brother make me cum.” She whimpered reaching down and running her fingers through his hair as she held him tightly against her.

Michael slowly sawed his fingers inside her as he nibbled at her clit with his lips and whipped his tongue over it. “Michael, fuck, eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” Sarah cried slamming her hips up against him as she humped forcefully against his mouth. “Make me cum big brother, oh god make me cum.”

Michael slammed his fingers violently inside her and heard her cries of pleasure. When he bit down on her clit, she screamed as she started coating his hand with her juices. “Fuck, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg…” She screamed as she creamed his face.

As Michael brought her squirming body to ecstasy, he was surprised to find his cock hard and throbbing against the floor. After the cum his sister had given him he didn’t figure he could get it up again for a while.

He brought her slowly back down then, kissed her pussy once more before he slowly moved up over her body and once again brought his cock to her entrance. “I need to fuck you Sarah.” he said breathlessly looking into her closed eyes.

Sarah slowly opened her eyes and looked up into his glazed ones. She didn’t respond to his words verbally. Instead she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as she lifted her hips against him.

Michael growled and claimed her lips with his own as he let his cock slowly slide into her. When he bottomed out, both siblings sighed against each others mouths. He tried to keep his strokes, slow to make it last but she felt so good around him and he was so hot for her that it wasn’t long before he was slamming forcefully into her body.

“Fuck me big brother, oh fuck me, it feels so god damn good. I love your cock.” She screamed slamming her body hard against his as she met his thrusts with thrusts of her own.

Michael panted against her neck as he thrust forcefully into her. “Oh fuck sis, you feel so good. You’re so tight. Cum for me baby, I can’t hold back much longer.”

Sarah was right on the brink at those words; she was so close but couldn’t seem to go over the edge. At his words, she pulled his body hard down over hers. “Fill me big brother. Fill me now.”

Michael lost control and slammed hard into her as he started shooting deep into her. “I’m cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg sis. I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…”

Sarah screamed as she felt him fill her and she went over the edge right along with him. “Me to big brother, me to.”

They clung to each other as they slowly came back to life.

Afterwards, Michael rose up on his arms and smiled down at his sister. Sarah smiled back and opened her mouth to say something when suddenly there was a knock at the door.


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Mark and Emma

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(I would like to thank RedHead*Muse for all her help with editing this story. She has shown great patience in the face of this authors impatience.)


Mark and Emma’s relationship and later, marriage had been one of fun, excitement and just plain porn. They were the best of friends, as well as husband and wife. This was Emma’s second marriage. Her first was one of total disaster. She had realized early on in her marriage that he was possessive and a brute bordering on being a bully. She walked out on him, and it had taken a lot out of her, almost to the point of never wanting a relationship again, let alone marriage.

It was sometime later that Mark came into her life, or rather her shop, initially to ask for directions. He was captivated. This stunning woman so full of self-confidence was giving him directions and he just couldn’t stop looking into her eyes. They were the deepest blue he had ever seen, and there was something in them, a sparkle that seemed to challenge you to blink first.

Emma being comfortable in her own surroundings leaned on the counter as she talked. Her brown hair was falling off her shoulders. As she brought her face closer to him, he noticed her high cheekbones. Mark had often thought of himself as just a little weird. Some men are breast men. Then there are leg men and even ass men. Mark had two weaknesses in his life regarding women, and they were eyes, to him the true windows to any woman’s soul and cheekbones.

Mark was lost from that moment, and it was then that he realized he had gone very red. Grasping that he was so captivated by her eyes, he had not heard any of her directions. He shrugged his shoulders and asked her to repeat them. It was while she was laughing at him he became aware of something else about her. When she laughed, she also laughed with her eyes. After finally getting the gist of where he was going, he thanked her and left, only to return the next day armed with flowers. Mark seemed to have caught her off guard that day and pushed his luck a little further.

He asked her out to dinner. He hadn’t actually thought of dinner. Mark supposed it was one of those few times in most men’s lives that we seem to get it right, simply by not thinking things through too much. Dinner moved to a date, then onto another one. Eventually, he wore her down and she moved in with him. Marriage soon followed; after all, totally by accident he had found his soul mate. He wasn’t going to leave her single for too long if he could help it.


Emma had started this morning with mischief in mind and continued on through the day. That evening they had friends over for dinner. It was his job to collect the dirty plates, and then he headed for the kitchen. Mark thought he was going to make it at least to the dishwasher. Well he thought so. While he had his hands full, she had walked up to him with a huge smile on her face and a glint in her eye that just screamed trouble, gave him a hug and then proceeded to stick her hands down his trousers.

When she had made him erect, she then went off to talk to their friends, like nothing had happened, leaving Mark with an erection to get rid of. He bided his time. Since she was in one of those moods, she would suffer a little as well. The rest of the evening finished with the usual, women sorting out dates for a return dinner at their place. Their friends now gone, they both sat and chilled out. For both of them it had been a long day and for Emma it was going to get even longer. While she finished washing the last of the glasses, Mark disappeared for a few moments and came back with a small surprise. As she turned from the sink he held out a blindfold.

She laughed and Mark smiled as he put it on her, and fireman’s style lifted her over his shoulder walking to the bedroom. Emma was giggling and thumping his back with her fists in protest, protests that fell on deaf ears. She had been in tease mode all day and knew she was now going to pay for it. She also knew she was free to undo the blindfold at anytime, yet never did. Such was the level of faith and trust between them. He stood her at the end of the bed, undid her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her bare breasts gave away the anticipation of what was left of the evening.

Her nipples were hard and dark, ready to be sucked. Mark undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He could see the dampness between her legs. Emma, in anticipation of what was to come, lifted her arms that smile still there as he lifted her under the arms and launched her onto the bed. As soon as she landed, her legs rose from the bed. She knew he was still standing there, and Mark was now being treated to the sight of his beloved Emma freely masturbating in front of him.

Tease mode for her was a double-edged sword and all in his favor. She got to tease him and it also doubled her need for pleasure. This woman was not only hot she was incredibly horny. Mark quickly removed his clothes. Her level of concentration pleasuring illegal bahis her self was so intense that it took her a moment before she sensed him on the bed. He was now kneeling beside her, leaned forward and held a breast in his hand, molding it, gently stroking the nipple, taking it between his fingers trying to make it harder. Emma tried to angle her upper body wanting him to suck it.

Mark lowered his mouth onto her breast and heard her gasp with pleasure as his tongue snaked across her hard warm nipple. Again she tried to move her upper body, attempting to force more of her breast into his mouth. Moving a hand to her other breast he squeezed, pulled and pinched her nipple as he sucked greedily on the other. She again gasped and bit into her bottom lip, a thing Mark had seen her do when she is close to orgasm and is trying to fend it off trying to increase its intensity.

But Mark was waiting for this moment and while still sucking and nibbling on her nipple, he moved his other hand to her beautiful flat stomach, then down to her pubic bone. She was endeavoring to twist her lower body, to make his hand miss its intended target. It was a battle of wits now. Emma was keenly trying to intensify her orgasm and Mark was intent on making her have one when he wanted her to. Instinctively she tried to close her legs, but by now two fingers were parting her vaginal lips. She was very wet. He inserted a third finger into her, moving them back feeling for that erect little nub that would by now be peeking out between her full lips.

Circling her clit now, first slowly, and then building up pressure on it, he felt a moan from deep within her as her orgasm started to take over her body. Mark now forced all three fingers deep within her and sucked long and hard on her incredibly hard nipple. Her orgasm came and the backs of her heels dug deep into the bed as her pelvis lifted off the bed. With such an intense orgasm, more of her juices mingled with his fingers as again he forced them into her. Only this time he curled them, probing for her button. She tried one last time to twist her body trying to remove his fingers before Mark found what he was looking for.

Her body was soaked with sweat and come and she almost dislodged his fingers. Then he found it. Her g-spot – it was full, ripe and ready. First one finger, then another and finally the last finger were all playing deep within her, stroking her button forcing it to do what she was trying to hold off. Suddenly, all of her body seemed to lift itself off the bed in one very intense orgasm, wracking her very being. Mark withdrew his fingers as Emma curled up into a ball. Her body going into spasms, come oozing from her at a rate only when she has one of those intensely powerful orgasms.

Mark removed the blindfold while her body gave her more mini orgasms that seemed to feed on themselves. For a few minutes her whole body would shudder and twitch involuntarily. She just looked at him and smiled, her gaze wandering to his erection, her hand wandering to it. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she started slowly to masturbate him. Her spasms subsided, and she moved towards him lowering her mouth onto his erection.

The warmth of her body lying next to his and her mouth around his manhood made him feel a little light-headed. Emma lifted herself up and pushed Mark backwards onto the bed. Straddling him and holding his penis as she lowered herself onto him, he felt her have another smaller orgasm. Although all of him was inside her, she gasped and smiled. Slowly at first, she swiveled then raised herself, only to drop as hard as she could back onto him, making sure there was no more of him to enter her.

Mark loved her when she did this. She did it for a few minutes, her fingers now digging into his chest, just as he held hers. Those beautiful orbs that Emma had dangled in front of him tauntingly, the area around her chest was getting redder now. He knew that soon she would come again. He felt her vaginal walls squeeze against his penis, demanding he give himself up to her. He lasted for a few minutes more, finally coming deep inside her. She let out a gasp and collapsed over him, exhausted, come from both of them oozing from her.

She looked into his eyes with a smile on her lips and in those beautiful blue eyes, just said. “Nice.”

Mark could tell she was going to want to hold back longer next time. But that’s why she liked the blindfold game. It was a battle of wits and they both came out winners. With a smile Mark kissed her, hugged her and whispered into her ear. “I love you.”

Mark woke the next morning, Emma slumped across his body, her leg also draped over him making sure he couldn’t go anywhere without waking her. Mark inwardly chuckled to himself, “Why would he want to sneak away from a woman like this?” He kissed her head. She stirred, rolled over and he rolled with her. Her hand was already waiting to guide him into her and once inside that velvet tunnel of hers, her legs illegal bahis siteleri wrapped themselves around him.

They were slow. They were gentle. They had time. Both had the whole weekend. Emma came hard against him as he emptied himself into her, her legs still locked around him.

Mark kissed the end of her nose and said, “Your greatest wish and we have the weekend to fulfill it?”

There was a distance in her eyes as she thought about what he had said. She blushed then said, “I have my greatest wish with me now.”

Maybe it was him just being paranoid, but he did notice a distance in her eyes. There was something she had thought of, yet told him, being a man, what a man wanted to hear. In essence Mark had caught her telling him a lie, and he just didn’t know what to do about it. That awkward moment had never been part of them before. Emma sensed, then realized Mark had caught her out. That awkward moment grew like an infection. Soon the distance between them grew as they both took up unfamiliar positions.

Mark felt like a night swimmer caught in a current, not sure what way the bank and safety were. He loved his wife so completely and utterly, yet she had lied about a gift he wanted to give her. Was it truly that wild a wish that she had felt it would rip into the fabric of their marriage? He sat up and looked closely at her. She tried earnestly not to let it show, but the guilt had now crept across her face.

All he could do was repeat him self, deeply hoping that she would understand that he was throwing her a line. “Your greatest wish and we have the weekend to fulfill it?”

There it was again, that distance in her eyes just as she took his hand and held it so tight and said, “I’m looking at my greatest wish.”

Like that last nail driven into a coffin came the blow that took any air he had left in his lungs away from him. She held his head in her hands, pulled him close to her and whispered, “You have no need to ask me that again.”

Mark smiled and kissed her lips, got up, showered and made breakfast for them both. When a mirror cracks although we all think we see all the pieces, there are now shards missing. Those cracks will divide and move further making the mirror even weaker. Emma didn’t join Mark in the shower like she had done at every opportunity. Following that, breakfast was spent with halting talk of what to do on the weekend. The dreaded word “shopping” came up and saved them both an afternoon of awkwardness. Emma went off to the mall while Mark went to the gym.

By the time he got back to his locker and checked his cell, there were six missed calls, all from Emma. Mark called her back but there was no tone. He felt a dread creep up on him now, dressed quickly and made it back to the house in record time. She was nowhere to be seen. On the kitchen table sat an envelope with his name on it. His knees felt weak as he sat and pulled the envelope open.

A letter and a small envelope spilled out, Mark read the first.

My dearest love,

You knew I lied. It broke my heart that I did so, yet could find no way to take back what I had said. I gave you my heart the day of our wedding. You know every inch of my body and yet I cannot bring myself to answer your question to your face.

The smaller envelope has the answer to your question. I now throw your challenge back to you. I will be back home at six and then I expect you to rock my world and fulfill my dream.

All my love, Emma


With a foreboding Mark had never experienced, he opened the smaller envelope and read the contents. A great weight lifted off his chest. Looking at his watch he realized that he had so little time left to make her dream come true. The afternoon was spent in a frenzy of action. Mark had lost so much time at the gym, but he knew he could make this work.

He was back at the house by five-thirty. He was just finishing lighting candles when Emma walked in a little flushed, but back to the Emma he loved so dearly. They hugged and he heard her cry. Looking down at her face he lifted her into his arms and she looked at him.

Emma said, “I’m sorry I lied. I was afraid.”

Mark didn’t care anymore, he simply said, “Shhhh.”

He kissed her and still holding her in his arms, took her to the bedroom. It’s a good thing he knew the way by heart. Emma spent the whole journey kissing him. Placing her on the bed, he ripped her clothes off. He knew he would pay for that with a trip to the mall later, but he didn’t care.

Instinctively, her hands went to her vagina, and then stopped. He undressed and joined her on the bed. She maneuvered herself so he ended up between her legs. They hugged and kissed for some time, there seemed no point in rushing and Mark still had his doubts about Emma. At one stage he was thinking of canceling her treat. There was hesitancy about her, as though she was still at that cross roads, unsure of what to do.

Mark was still playing it all by ear, reacting canlı bahis siteleri on instinct and ready to stop and just hug her if and when needed. Slowly he detached himself from her and proceeded to kiss his way down her body – that in itself made him hard. Her neck was now red so she was turned on – her erogenous zone had given her away. He traveled further south to her breasts and sucked and nibbled both, taking his time to see which one he could make the hardest.

In the end, Emma put her hands on the top of Mark’s head and pushed him further down her body. He got the message and continued his journey. Now he was sat between her legs, he placed his hands under her ass and lifted her onto his lap. She always shaved and the sight that was now in front of him was a wonder to him. Her pussy lips were bloated with blood, the nub of her clit peeking out from between them.

She was so wet that come was oozing from her traveling past her ass, onto his lap, then the bed. Mark looked up at Emma. She covered her face with her hands. Poor Emma was still at that crossroads. Her ex had done more damage to her than she had ever admitted to him. He was just about to stop and give her a hug when she took her hands away. Tears freely ran down her face.

“Are you sure Emma?” he said.

She nodded her head. Mark took a deep breath and placed his hand on her vagina, gently at first, feeling her jump slightly as he run the full length of her slit, stopping at her clit. His mind went back to the contents of the small envelope. When he opened it there was just a slip of paper in it.

‘You know every inch of my body, yet I have always refused you my ass, please take it,’ she had written.

Mark was playing with her clit, teasing it, forcing it back between her lips, only to watch it pop back out wanting more. Out of sight of Emma he placed the two items he had bought from the sex shop on the bed: a small vibrator and lube. Sweat now covered her body as she sucked in more air to her lungs. He was running a finger around her incredibly swollen clit, trying to force more blood into it to send even more pleasure sensations to her brain.

Anything Mark could remember, everything he knew about her, those little things that made her smile, that gentle touch in a certain area, he used to keep her on a high, to distract her as best he could, keeping her mind focused on the pleasure coming from her pussy, even though she knew what was going to happen to her ass. Mark lubed up the vibrator and two of his fingers. He had made a conscious decision to leave the vibrator off this time.

He placed a finger at her ass and instinctively her body refused him entrance. After a moment she relaxed and he was in. His other hand was continuing its assault on her clit. She was moaning and he knew he didn’t have much time now. Mark worked on her ass making her more comfortable with one finger, and then introducing a second. She twitched slightly, but accommodated it as he gently ran both fingers in and out of her ass.

Emma started to come; it was the moment Mark was waiting for. He held her lower body down by pressing on her pubic bone. By now she was in a full-blown orgasm, so he pulled his two fingers out, grabbed the vibrator and pushed it half way into her ass. At first her body stiffened, then sent her into another smaller orgasm. That was the one Mark was hoping for and it gave him the opportunity to push the vibrator all the way into her.

Mark was totally unprepared for what happened next. Emma slid off his lap, lurched up and grabbed his face, pulling him to within inches of hers. This wasn’t an Emma he had ever seen before. Her eyes were wide with lust; her head, neck and chest had a red glow about them, all her erogenous zones were on fire now.

“Leave that in me and fuck me, hard.” She said.

She didn’t let go as she lay back on the bed. It was either go with her or lose his head, and Mark came down harder on her body than he wanted to. Poor Emma must have so many sensations coursing through her body. Her mind must feel like a train wreck of emotions now. He slid easily into her and she immediately moved her legs to trap him inside her. Mark was slamming into her pussy as hard as he dared. The vibrator was an odd sensation for him. He could feel it as he thrust himself into her, that thin membrane separating him from the vibrator.

Her pelvic lifted to accommodate more of him as he forced himself into her. Suddenly, her head came down to his shoulder to bite him, sinking her teeth as deep into him as she could. That was his punishment for trying so desperately hard to be gentle with her, when it was clear she simply didn’t want him to be gentle. Mark renewed his thrust into her with added vigor now and Emma released her hold on his shoulder so she could moan.

Mark was trying so hard to hold back from coming. Emma wriggled and tried every trick she knew to make him. He smiled; it seemed the roles were reversed now. Her breathing was leaving her body in pants as if she wanted to hold hers off to match his. With one final thrust, he pushed himself as deep into her as he could; the force pushed them both up the bed a little. Mark emptied everything he had into Emma that evening.

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The Enchanted Family Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This story contains futanari/shemale and incest.


Anna was in a state of bliss. She had the luck of being able to fuck her mother’s ass, even cum inside. And to think, she had always hated her cock, believing that it was a curse. Now it was a blessing.

When Anna awoke she found her mother had left her bedroom. She was still dressed in her bikini, all that she could remember was her face nestled in her mother’s large breasts. She almost thought it was a dream until she noticed the stains on the sheets. Most of the stains belonged to early mistakes, when she would cum more than she could land on her stomach, but some were wet and fresh.

Adjusting her bikini to cover her limp cock and breasts, Anna made her way off of the bed to the door. She walked out and found the house was dark. Night had seemed to creep over the house while she slept. Anna snuck a peek into her sister’s room, finding the girl sprawled out clutching a brown book to her chest.

“Geek,” Anna whispered as she crept away. She padded barefoot around the house and found her mother sitting on the couch. Her mother was sprawled on their brown couch, dressed in a short black lacy nightgown that barely reached her knees, and had cleavage spilling out the deep V neck.

“Mom…” Anna broke the silence. Her mom snapped up turning with red cheeks to her futanari daughter.

“Anna! I thought you were sleeping,” Gabe said softly, her eyes seeming to look at everything but Anna.

“I was sleeping…so what are you doing mom?” Anna asked trying to avoid the elephant in the room.

“Just watching some TV. Would you like to join me?” Her mother offered, but she sounded as if she wasn’t so enthralled about the idea.

“If you don’t mind,” Anna said as she sat next to Gabe. The two stared at the large screen, sitting rigid and uncomfortable as each pretended the other didn’t exist. Gabe sighed and reached for the remote, flicking through channels until she came upon one with two women talking. They were in an apartment, and seemed to be a mother and daughter, laughing and seeming happy. As the silence between the mother and daughter in real life continued, Gabe clapped her hands together, and got up.

“I can go for a drink? You want one?” Gabe asked smiling but averting her gaze to the spot behind Anna.

“Sure, I’ll take a margarita,” Anna said with a cheeky smile.

“I’ll see if I can make one without alcohol,” Gabe stated with a hint of a smile as she departed for the kitchen. Anna gave up, in two years she’d be twenty-one and free to get a drink from her mom’s notorious liquor cabinet.

Anna turned her attention back to the TV, the mother and daughter’s conversation seeming to have taken a turn. Anna squealed as the mother character began to kiss the neck of the daughter. She thought it was just a strange show, or movie, but in a minute both females were pulling on each other’s clothes, almost tearing them off.

It must have been an incest porno, and Anna could barely contain her glee. She glanced over her shoulder to see her mother fiddling with their blender, trying to mix some healthy concoction of frozen fruit.

Mom seems busy, and she probably wouldn’t mind if I tended to myself, Anna thought. Her bikini bottom was already like a tent, and her cock threatened to break out if it wasn’t released.

Anna slid her bikini aside, taking the occasional glance to see make sure her mom wasn’t looking. Gabe probably wasn’t in any rush to get back to the awkwardness.

Once freed, Anna’s cock was promptly wrapped around by her fingers. Her hand barely covered the cock’s width. She traced her hand up and down, her eyes locked on the pair of nude women eating each other’s pussies on screen. The daughter sat on a countertop, her legs spread wide. The fake mother’s blond head was buried in the other actress’s pussy, licking up any of that precious liquid that poured out. The daughter screamed, closer to orgasm with each lap of the tongue. Anna had to lower the volume, but her own breathing grew louder.

She went up and down faster, feeling her cock stiffen and the cum build up. She wanted to cum badly, but she didn’t want to make a mess. Her mother was already acting so different around her.

Anna couldn’t stop stroking and she forgot to turn, failing to notice her mother’s presence behind her.

“Seriously? Anna?” Gabe asked placing the drinks on the table. Anna pulled her hands away and covered her thick cock with a pillow.

“It just came on, and I couldn’t resist. I’m sorry!” Anna tried explaining but her mom shrugged.

“I guess by now I should just accept it,” Gabe said throwing her hands up. She plopped down on the seat next to her daughter.

“So…um…” Anna said with a confused look.

“This just all seems so strange, doesn’t it Anna? I mean you’re my daughter, but with the raging hormones of a teenage boy. I just don’t know what to do in this situation,” Gabe sighed, “I mean it’s not right, but I kind of enjoy watching pendik escort you work that thing. I especially love it when you cum.”

Anna blushed, she tried to speak, but her mother lifted a soft finger to her red coated lips.

“I promised I wasn’t going to let you in my ass again, or my pussy for that matter, but I might be able to help a little,” Gabe said as her hand traveled from Anna’s lips to her bulge.

“I would love your help mom,” Anna gasped.

Anna sat back on the couch, gripping the cushion as her mother squeezed the sensitive purple tip. Gabe lifted her fist up and down teasingly, even playing with her daughter’s balls, rolling them gently in her fingers.

“Mmm…How is that?” Gabe asked looking up at her daughter’s ecstasy filled face.

“Amm…amazing,” Anna blurted out as each flick of Gabe’s wrist sent a wave of pleasure over her body.

“Then you might like this a bit more,” Gabe said as she lifted her gown over her head, casting it to the floor. Gabe then sat on the floor between Anna’s legs. She pressed her massive tits together around Anna’s cock, swallowing it under the flesh.

Anna gasped as she felt the soft tits bounce up and down her cock.

“Oh shit! Ahhh…” Anna screamed as she thrashed.

“Language young lady! Also don’t wake your sister!” Gabe hissed, but she didn’t slow for a second. Anna nodded and began to thrust her hips, the cock sliding in and out of Gabe’s squeezed tits.

“Oh, I feel it coming,” Anna whispered as she thrusted faster. Gabe’s tits jiggled with every thrust of the cock.

“Wait sweetie, I want to try something you might like. Here, rest your legs on my shoulders,” Gabe demanded as she abandoned any composure. She pulled Anna’s legs on her shoulders and had the girl’s balls close to her face.

Anna wasn’t sure what her mother was planning until the woman began to lift up her rear. Anna’s raging purple head neared her own lips. Gabe could see her daughter’s hesitation on taking the large cock into her own mouth.

“You’ve never tried to suck your own cock? I mean it’s possible, look at the size of this thing. You could even give that thing a tit-job if you wanted,” Gabe purred as she rubbed the shaft.

“I…I have tried. I just never really went too far with it,” Anna whispered, her face turning a beet red.

“Well, we’ll have to change that. I want to see you cum in your own mouth,” Gabe stated as she began to lift under Anna’s bottom, pushing the cock ever closer to her daughter’s red lips. Anna sighed, and her heart raced, she arched her back and began to engulf the tip of the penis with her mouth.

Gabe smiled mischievously and began to push even more on her bottom; Anna’s eyes widened. More of the girl’s own meat slid into her mouth, until at least half of the twelve inches was buried in the girl’s mouth and throat. Anna was gasping and choking at first, trying to calm herself, but she eventually succeeded and moved her head up and down. She closed her eyes, savoring the salty taste of pre-cum.

Being a cheerleader required flexibility, and it seemed like all that training was paying off.

Gabe helped her daughter, playing with her balls, and stroking the half of the shaft that Anna couldn’t suck. She couldn’t bear her own aching anymore and her hand strayed to her soaking pussy, where she inserted a few fingers. A wet clapping sound, from Gabe’s rapid hands followed. Between Gabe’s clapping and Anna’s slurping they were the only sounds made in the house. Both feared moaning too loud as their orgasms drew near.

Anna was ready to retract her head, and release her stream, but Gabe wasn’t so excited about letting the girl get off easy. She had to take the monster up her ass, the least the girl could do was taste her own cum. Gabe locked her arms around Anna’s head, and began to stroke the thick shaft.

“Mmmm!” Anna tried to speak, but with a mouthful of cock that was impossible. Anna felt her cock tighten, and she shuddered as the orgasm rolled over her. She didn’t even care about cumming in her own mouth anymore. The flesh thrashed in her mouth, releasing a salty spew. Anna’s mouth was soon full, her cheeks puffed, and she pulled her head free. Her cock wasn’t finished though, and continued to squirt a few white strings on her breasts.

“You should swallow it,” Gabe offered, laughing at Anna’s puffed cheeks. Anna shook her head, and spontaneously grabbed her mother’s face, pressing it against her own. Anna pressed her lips, to her open mother’s and released the flood of stored up warm cum. Gabe waved her arms, but accepted the cum swap, and even swallowed the heavy load when Anna finished.

Anna pulled away, and left Gabe gasping for air. The futanari stood up and moved to the kitchen, where she found a cloth draped on a counter and wiped off the cum that was sliding off of her mounds. Gabe soon joined her daughter, filling a glass with water, and drinking it in one gulp.

“How…do you…cum so much?” Gabe asked as she tried to avoid kurtköy escort hiccups.

“I wish I knew,” Anna said leaning on the counter. Gabe sighed but gave Anna a light smile.

“Your father was endowed, and quite good, but not like this,” Gabe said with a smile.

“Maybe one day I can use it for your ass again, or maybe pussy?” Anna asked in her nicest voice.

“I have to admit, that was kind of fun, but no. We’re already breaking a lot of rules with what we’re doing. Besides i’m not taking that cock up my ass ever again,” Gabe whispered, instinctively grabbing her rear, “If you ever need help though…just ask and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks mom,” Anna said, wrapping her hands around her mother, pulling her in for a hug. Gabe was a little startled, but returned the hug. Anna kind of wished she could fuck her mother in the ass or pussy, but she would settle for what she had right now.

Gabe patted her daughter’s back and eventually broke the hug, hoping the brief contact hadn’t given Anna another erection. As much as she loved playing with Anna’s amazing cock, she was also really tired.

“I’m going to take a shower and head to bed. Try not to stay up to late,” Gabe said as she left the kitchen. Anna nodded and padded around the empty living room.

The girl returned her attention to the TV, where a new porno was playing. It showed a son, his mother and his aunt. It had a slow start but once the true meat of the thing began it became kind of hot. Anna’s eyes were glazed over with lust as she watched. She was kind of interested in it, but after emptying such a mighty load, she was drained.

Switching off the TV, and upon hearing the shower stop, Anna decided to make her way to bed. She decided to pass by her sister’s room, wanting to see what the geek what was up to. The door was cracked open, but a light, from a lamp on a desk, was on. She wasn’t asleep, or so a voice from within revealed.

“Whoa that potion still seems to be working,” Her sister’s voice called from in the room. Anna didn’t know what Laura was talking about, but looking at a small TV showed a video of Anna and Gabe, swapping the white fluid. The angle of the video was shot from the TV, which Anna knew probably had to have a camera hidden on it somewhere. Her sneaky sister was always trying to pull some scheme.

“Laura! What the hell?” Anna asked as she burst into her sister’s room.

Laura squealed, and tried to block the TV with her body, but it was too late. Anna began to notice other things around the room. Glass bottles full of strange liquids that released smoke, books with strange symbols, and other things that Anna couldn’t comprehend

“What are you doing in my room?” Laura asked, her eyes falling on a glowing book that rested on a night stand near Anna’s reach. Anna noticed her sister’s gaze, and quickly scooped up the book.

“What do we have here? A little witchcraft book, and talk of potions. I knew you were a witch!” Anna said as she began to flip through the book. She was amazed at some of the spells, and frightened at what others meant.

“You think your erection and issues of late were natural? I made a potion to cause all of that. You wouldn’t believe how fun it’s been watching you squirm, and have to cum every five minutes!” Laura said breaking out into a fit of laughter that sounded almost like a cackle.

“I knew your ass was behind this. Why me?” Anna asked as she drew close to her sister.

“You walk around like a saint, but you’re so mean. You had it coming,” Laura said as her laughter died out. Laura smirked until Anna abruptly tackled her to the floor, holding her arms behind her.

“What are you doing?” Laura’s voice quivered.

“You wanted to see what this potion did to me, how about I show you?” Anna whispered into her sister’s ear. “Maybe I’ll even test out this little book of yours.”

Anna pulled on her sister’s shorts, exposing the girl’s plump peach shaped rear.

“If you touch me I’ll scream!” Laura warned.

“Then I’ll tell mom what you did, and even show her. If you don’t want that then I suggest you let me fuck you,” Anna replied. Laura kept swearing and struggled, so Anna flipped through the book in her hand, finding what she guessed was some form of sex slave spell. It would last for a few minutes, which was all she needed.

Anna began to mumble the words in the book despite Laura’s protests. A bright glow filled the room, and then disappeared, but Laura seemed less resistant.

“What did you do?” Laura gasped, but Anna didn’t answer.

“Flip over, I want to fuck you in your pussy,” Anna demanded, which her sister quickly followed. Laura’s head didn’t seem to want to obey like the rest of her body, as she began to swear even more.

“You used a slave spell on him, you bitch!” Laura hissed, but her expression of anger turned to one of fear, “You can’t fuck me in my pussy, i’m your sister! I’m not even on the pill. Use a condom or something!”

Anna looked down at her massive kartal escort rod and chuckled. “How? No condom will fit this thing, believe me, I’ve tried.”

“Just don’t cum inside me then, I don’t want your baby. And don’t take too long,” Laura mumbled, knowing she was defeated. Anna nodded and lowered her, now raging rod, to her sister’s wet pussy. Anna didn’t dare let go of the book before, but now put it on Laura’s bed. She slid the cock in easily, and with a thrust of her hips was all the way in.

“Wow, no blood and no screams. So the geek isn’t a virgin. What happened, did you order some devil to take your virginity?” Anna asked, snickering.

Laura grunted and turned her face away from Anna. The feeling was mutual, but Anna had to have something to stare at. She tore open Laura’s pajama top, freeing the double D mounds. The breasts weren’t as perky and firm, or near as large as their mother’s, but they would do.

“Anna…you’re being too rough…” Laura panted as Anna quickened her thrusting. She wasn’t slowing, but slamming harder, her pelvis mashing hard into Laura’s.

“Shut it!” Anna said as Laura wobbled each time her sister slammed into her. Laura moaned louder, but tried to stop herself.

Laura’s legs began to wrap around Anna’s waist bringing the two closer.

“I…hate…you,” Laura breathed. Anna arched her back and Laura’s hands clamped onto the girl’s breasts, playfully teasing the pink erect nipples. Anna enjoyed the pleasure of having her E cup breasts played with, and moved her hips ever faster.

As the speed increased, Anna wanted more, and the floor was starting to get uncomfortable. She slipped her hands under her sister’s back, and scooped her up from the floor. Laura wrapped her arms around her sister, and squealed as Anna laid her on an empty desk. Despite her earlier protests, and still disgusted looking face, Laura seemed to be slightly enjoying her sister’s member.

Anna stood in front of the desk, and began to reinsert her cock into Laura’s soft, and warm, pussy. Laura moaned, and her hands gripped the sides of the desk, as Anna began to slowly thrust in and out. The veiny cock was covered in her sister’s pussy juices, which began to leak even more.

“Ohhh…please…stop,” Laura pleaded, “I’m…going to…cum.”

Anna relaxed her thrusts, but Laura was already at an orgasm. She screamed, and Anna lifted a hand to her mouth desperately trying to hush her. Laura’s voice drew quiet, but her pussy tightened around Anna’s cock. Anna was still sliding in and out, but the grip felt like a vise on her cock, and pressuring her to cum too.

“Oh…fuck,” Anna grunted as she pulled out of the wet pussy, slapping the cock onto Laura’s belly. The raging purple head began to leak and then the cum poured out on Laura’s flat stomach. It was still drained from earlier, and could only form a small puddle on her sister’s stomach.

“Did you just cum on me?” Laura asked, her voice full of rage, but she was unable to move anything other than her head. Anna nodded and walked back to the bed, picking up the mysterious book.

“Relax, I didn’t cum inside you,” Anna retorted.

“That doesn’t change anything. Get it off of me!”

“How did you get this anyway?” Anna inquired, ignoring her sister’s demands.

“Why do you care?” The girl covered in cum barked.

“I could always try another spell on you that won’t wear off in a few minutes, if you don’t tell me,” Anna threatened.

“Fine, I’ll tell you. You really are a pain you know? It came from Aunt Raven, she’ll be wanting it back soon, and I wouldn’t cross her Anna, she’s really a witch, or something,” Laura called out, but Anna shrugged.

“I never really liked Aunt Raven anyway. I guess I’ll have to hide this little treasure then,” Anna whispered, imagining the small safe she had hidden in her room, as she walked out of Laura’s room. She ignored the curses that her sister muttered under her breath, disappearing into the dark hallway.

Meanwhile, in her bedroom, Gabe tried to get to sleep, but was still thinking about Anna’s cock. She wondered how many lucky girls felt that monster in their pussies. Anna never really showed off any of her girlfriends, always hiding them. As the images of Anna’s angry cock danced in her head, she tried to quash them with a pink vibrator she had in her drawer.

Gabe was moaning, and rubbed the vibrator against her clit, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. She wanted Anna’s cock in her pussy, to bring her to an orgasm that would leave her screaming and squirting, but it was wrong, she told herself. They had already gone far enough. After a few more tedious minutes passed, and the vibrator failed to do anything mind blowing, other than tickle her pussy, Gabe tossed it aside.

She sighed and was about to go to sleep when she heard something vibrating. She thought she left the vibrator on, but the phone on her nightstand was glowing, and moving. Gabe lurched up and grabbed the phone, answering it.

“Hello?” She asked pressing it against her ear.

“Sis? It’s Raven, I’m in town for a week on business. I was wondering if I could bunk at your house for those few days,” The dark husky voice said on the other line. Gabe perked up at the voice of her sister.

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The Eros Project Ch. 03

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This is a lighthearted and not very serious attempt to explain why all the characters in my stories have big tits and big dicks.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“Mmmm — wasssmmm — Mom?” Luke sighed as he woke up and looked down his bed.

His mother was knelt at the side of the bed, leaning over it. Noticing he was awake, she took her mouth off his cock and smiled at him.

“Good morning, honey,” Vicky said, holding his prick upright and rubbing it over her face. “I brought you some coffee but then I saw this big cock sticking up under the covers and I just couldn’t help myself.” Watching him all the while, she licked the length of his shaft from the base to the big knob at the top. “You don’t mind if Mommy sucks your big cock, do you?”

“Hell no,” Luke laughed, raising himself up on his elbows so he could watch his mother blow him.

Her long blonde hair was loose and he reached down to move it to one side so it didn’t obscure the sight of his gorgeous mother stuffing her face full of his cock. She purred and moaned low in her throat as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, her lips spread wide, forcing herself to take more and more of his big prick.

“Fuck — that looks so good,” Luke sighed.

Only the day before she had called him into the bathroom, saying she’d forgotten to take a towel with her when she was showering. It hadn’t taken much for Luke to succumb to her charms and they’d ended up fucking on the bathroom floor.

Vicky looked up at him and, his cock still in her mouth, winked at him. She gripped the base of his hard cock, her fingers not meeting around its girth, and pushed herself down. The bulbous head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat — before she swallowed and relaxed and let his huge cock slip inside. She worked her throat and kept moving, moving her hand aside, swallowing his whole prick until her nose bumped into his trimmed pubes.

“Holy fuck!” Luke gasped as his mother deep throated him.

She held her position for a moment or two then lifted off, gasping for air, strings of spit connecting her lips and his prick. Vicky took a deep breath and plunged down again, this time taking him easier, moving herself up and down, fucking her throat with his cock before coming back up for air.

“Oh my fucking God!” Luke said, his eyes wide, his prick throbbing. No girl had ever come close to doing that with his donkey sized cock.

“You like Mommy deep throating you, honey?” Vicky asked, spitting a thick wad of saliva onto his cock and running it over his hard pole with both hands, marvelling at just how much was sticking out from her grip.

“Oh Jesus — mom, that felt so fucking good!”

“I learned to do that a long time ago,” Vicky said, stroking his prick, “but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it with such a big — fucking — cock — like my son’s.”

“Did you — did you learn to do it with dad?” Luke asked.

Vicky smiled. “Your dad benefitted from my skills, but he wasn’t the first.” She ran both her hands up and down his thick fuck meat, seemingly entranced by it.

“I know you and dad had me when you were fairly young,” Luke said. “So if dad wasn’t the first, how did you learn?”

Vicky shifted position, bringing her torso up on to the bed, her huge, naked tits resting on his hip.

“Let’s just say these developed real early,” she said, pushing his cock between her tits. “And they brought me a lot of attention.” Luke twisted his hips and gently moved back and fore, sliding his cock deep into his mother’s cleavage. “Mmmm, yeah, fuck Mommy’s tits, honey,” Vicky sighed.

“So, did you — ahhhh — did you fool around a lot?” Luke asked her.

Vicky looked up at him, his cock still rocking back and fore between her tits. “Are you asking your own mother if she was a slut?”

Luke paused, wondering if he’d over-stepped a mark.

Vicky grinned, took hold of her tits and slid them over his cock, encouraging him to tit-fuck her again, loving the feel of his meat between her huge, firm mounds.

“Would it excite you if your Mommy was a slut?” she whispered. She felt his cock pulse between her tits, giving her his answer. “Would you like to hear about all the men Mommy’s fucked in the past? All the men who’ve shot their loads over Mommy’s big tits?”

“Yeah, mom,” Luke gasped, fucking his mom’s tits.

“Mmmm, the stories Mommy could tell you, honey,” Vicky said with a big smile. “But just know this — now that Mommy has you, she doesn’t need anyone else, okay? Mommy just needs this huge fucking cock of yours to be happy, okay?”

“Sure, mom,” Luke said, sliding göztepe escort that big dick of his between her tits.

Vicky took hold of his dick and pulled it free, sucking and spitting on it for a moment before letting him tit-fuck her again.

“What would you like to ask Mommy, honey?” Vicky asked him. “What do you want to know about Mommy’s slutty past?” she asked with a giggle.

“Have you — have you ever done it with another girl?”

“Lots of times,” Vicky said. “Your dad used to love watching me eat another girl’s pussy while he fucked me. Or he’d fuck her and then feed me his cock, letting me taste her juices on him.”

“Wow,” Luke said, never imagining his mother like that. “You ever — do more than one guy at a time?”

“Sure,” Vicky smiled, dribbling a line of spit into her cleavage to keep his cock lubricated as he continued to slowly tit-fuck her, his big dick working back and fore between her tits. “Your dad wasn’t jealous and shared me with most of his friends.” She pulled his cock free again and sucked on the big head. “But none of them were as big as you, honey,” she said.

She stood up and climbed on to the bed, straddling him, and reached down to grab his cock once more.

“Mmmm, feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked, rubbing his throbbing prick head against her slick, shaved pussy lips. “Mommy’s pussy is really horny — mmmm — want to fuck Mommy?” she sighed.

By way of an answer, Luke took hold of his mother’s hips and gently pulled her down, his big cock slipping into her tight, hot twat.

“Aaahhhh — oooh yeahhhh — that’s what Mommy wants,” Vicky gasped as her son’s prick spread her cunt walls wide as it inched inside her. “That’s what Mommy needs.”

Vicky leaned forward, her huge tits falling into Luke’s face, letting him suck on her nipples as she raised and lowered her pussy on his cock. Luke was in heaven, feasting on his mother’s giant knockers while she rode his mammoth length, slowly taking more and more until she had him balls deep in her cunt.

“Ooohhhh God — uuhnnngg — love this fucking prick of yours,” she said, looking down at him as he sucked on her tits. “I swear — uuhnnn — feels like it’s — mmmnn — in my fucking womb! Ahhhhhh — who knew — mmmmm — the biggest cock I ever had — aahhnnnn — and it belongs to my son.”

She raised herself up, sliding her pussy up his length before easing back down again, riding her son’s big dick. Vicky looked down and smiled at her son as she watched him cram as much of her tits as he could into his mouth.

“Mmmm, yeah — ahhhh — suck on Mommy’s tits — uuhnnnn — while Mommy fucks this big cock!” she gasped as she bounced up and down on his length. “Ooh Jesus — so fucking good — uuuhhnnnn — so fucking big!” Vicky started moving faster, sliding her pussy up his shaft before slamming back down. “Mmmm fffuuuucckkkkk — yes! Fuck Mommy!”

Luke did as she asked, holding on to her pert ass cheeks and moving his hips, pushing his cock deep into her hot twat every time she rocked back down. He’d had a few girlfriends, but none of them could compare to his own cock-hungry mom. Her pussy clamped around his length, holding it tightly as it slid in and out, the hot, slick interior at once welcoming his thick meat, at the same time trying to prevent it leaving.

“Fuck Mommy — uuhnnnnn — fuck Mommy’s horny pussy!” Vicky yelled, resting her hands on her son’s shoulders, gasping hard as she moved her soaking wet cunt over his fuck stick. A tiny part of her knew this wrong, that she shouldn’t have seduced her son the day before, but the largest part of her didn’t care — there was no way she was giving this up. “Fuck Mommy — uuhaaaahhhhh — make Mommy cum — yessssss — fuck — fucking — cummmminnnngggg!” she moaned, her orgasm rippling through her body, her nipples stiffening, her pussy clenching hard on Luke’s cock as he continued to fuck it hard and deep while she came.

Vicky collapsed forward, smothering him with her big tits, as she caught her breath, Luke still thrusting his fuck meat into her twat.

“Oh honey — you made Mommy cum so quick,” she sighed, lifting his head up from her tits and kissing him deeply. “Mmmm, slow down — wait a second — wanna taste your cock again.”

As Luke reluctantly slowed his pace, Vicky climbed off his huge shaft, laughing as it slapped wetly on to his belly. She moved back down the bed, taking hold of his thick cock and lifting it upright.

“Such a big cock for Mommy,” she sighed, kissing it and rubbing the big knob over her lips before sucking at the head.

“Fuck, mom,” Luke said, watching her. “You sure do like sucking my dick, don’t you?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Vicky said, her mouth full of her son’s cock. She looked up at him as she licked his dick from base to tip. “Is that okay? Do you like Mommy sucking your cock? Do you like Mommy tasting her pussy juices on your big — fucking — cock?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Luke smiled. He winked at her. “Maybe one day you’ll taste another kurtköy escort girl’s pussy on my dick, huh?”

“Mmmmm, would you like that — ssslllllrrppp!” she said, sucking on his cock.

“Yeah — you know — if you don’t mind sharing me.”

“Anything to make you happy, honey,” his mom said, taking his cock in her mouth again, this time deeper, swallowing his length just like earlier. She lifted her head again, popping his dick free from her lips. “Is that a fantasy of yours?” she asked, stroking his spit covered cock. “Seeing me and another girl?”

“Yeah,” Luke said with an embarrassed look on his face.

“What else, honey?” Vicky asked. “What else do you fantasise about doing with Mommy? Doing to Mommy?”

“Well — ” he said, hesitating.

“Come on, Luke,” Vicky said, licking the length of his prick as she looked at him. “We’re way past being shy.”

“I — I loved cumming on your tits yesterday.”

“Hmmm, I loved that too. Just about every guy I’ve fucked has shot at least one load over my tits. Is there anywhere else on Mommy you’d like to shoot a huge load of cum?” she asked, leaning down and rubbing his cock over her face.

Luke’s eyes widened. “Could I — cum on your face?”

Vicky laughed. “Anywhere you like, honey — in me, on me — I don’t mind.” She swallowed his cock again, deep throating him for a moment before looking back at him. “Anything else?” She laughed as he actually blushed. “What? Tell Mommy!”

“Have you ever — done anal?” he asked quietly.

Vicky grinned. “Mommy looooooooves anal,” she said, rubbing his dick over her face again. “Mmmmm — you want to try getting this big — fat — fucking — cock — up Mommy’s ass?” His dick lurched in her hand, a stream of thick, clear pre-cum spilling from the knob and over her fingers. “I’ll take that as a yes!”

“God, mom — I’d love that,” Luke said. “None of the girls I’ve been with have ever wanted to try it.”

“I’m not surprised — this thing would split a young girl’s ass in two,” she said, licking at his cock. “What you need is a MILF ass,” she said, looking up at him. “One that’s built for sex — mmmmmm — one that’s ready to take this big cock deep inside it — one that’s going to let you go balls deep inside it — what you need is Mommy’s ass.”

She stroked his cock from base to tip, sucking gently on the knob for a while, slurping up the pre-cum before smiling up at him.

“Wanna fuck Mommy in the ass, Luke?” she asked.

“Oh God, mom — more than anything else right now!” Luke gasped. Despite his research on the Eros Project, he still couldn’t believe this was happening.

Vicky climbed on to all fours and reached behind her with one hand, pulling her ass cheeks apart as she looked over her shoulder at her son.

“Well come on, then,” she said. “Come fuck Mommy’s asshole.”

Luke scrambled up on to his knees behind Vicky, his cock in one hand, the other holding her other ass cheek. He looked down at the tiny rosebud of her butthole as he lined up the head of his prick which was still glistening with a mixture of his mother’s pussy juice and spit.

“You sure, mom?” he asked. “I mean — I’m pretty big and — “

“And my asshole’s so small?”

“Well — yeah,” Luke said.

“Do it, Luke — fuck Mommy in the ass,” Vicky said, pushing back against him, his knob squashing against her asshole.

Luke moaned in delight and moved forward, the big, flared head of his prick flattening against her ring for a moment. Just when he became convinced this was never going to happen — it popped inside, her ass muscles wrapping around it.

“Uunnggghhh — fuck! Fuck that’s big!” Vicky groaned.

“Should I stop, mom?” Luke asked, his eyes wide as he watched the first inch or so of his cock disappear into her butt as she pushed back.

“Don’t you — uuhnnggg — don’t you dare fucking stop!” Vicky moaned, her eyes scrunched tight. It had been some time since her last ass fucking and that, along with the size of her son’s cock, was causing her some pain, but she knew it would vanish quickly. “Keep going — uuhnnnn — fuck Mommy’s ass — gently at first — uuuuhnnnn!”

Luke moved forward again, placing both hands on his mother’s hips and starting to stuff his cock deeper into her ass. He pulled back a little before moving forward further, inching his massive fuck meat up his mother’s asshole. The hot, sucking tightness felt fantastic around his prick and even though he’d thought this might happen after reading everything about the Eros Project, he still couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked down and saw his mother’s butthole spread wide by his huge prick.

“Fuck, mom,” he gasped, “I’m in your ass!”

“I know, honey — uuuhhhh — believe me I know — aaahhhh — fuck Mommy,” Vicky gasped as Luke picked up the pace, the slight pain disappearing, replaced by the wonderful full feeling of having her butt packed with her son’s cock. “Fuuuuckkk — uuhnnn — so fucking good — aahhnnn — fuck pendik escort Mommy — ahhhh — fuck Mommy’s horny asshole!”

Luke did as she asked, sliding the last few inches of his mammoth shaft up her butt, his balls nudging against her pussy.

“God, mom — you’ve taken it all!” Luke gasped.

She smiled at him over her shoulder. “Told you Mommy’s ass could take it,” she said. “Now fuck Mommy’s ass, honey — hard!” She grinned as she felt his cock spreading her asshole open as he pulled it back before sliding it deep inside once more. “Oh fuck — Mommy’s asshole’s so horny — uuhhnnn — fuck it, honey — ahahnnn — fuck Mommy’s slutty little asshole!”

Luke adjusted his position, getting on to his feet so he was hunched over her ass and began pistoning his hips, pulling his cock almost all the way out before driving it down again. He fucked his enormous cock into her butt, sinking inch after inch into his mother’s tight asshole, stretching it wide. He quickly settled into a steady, fast, assfucking rhythm, his cock working its way in and out of his mother’s butthole.

Vicky moaned as her son pounded his immense cock deep into the tight, hot grasp of her asshole, slipping his cock in and out of her butt. Vicky dropped her head and shoulders down on to the bed, pushing her ass up, giving him total access to her butt, feeling another orgasm building from the hard assfucking her son was giving her.

“Fuck Mommy’s ass — uuhhnnn — big assfucking cock — mmmmm — up Mommy’s ass!” Vicky sighed as Luke crammed his cock in and out of her ass. “Fuck Mommy’s horny asshole — aaauhnnnn — so good — fuck it — make Mommy’s asshole cum — make it cum!”

Luke thrust his cock into his mother’s butt as hard as he could, stuffing his huge prick into the hot, tight depths of her asshole, over and over.

Vicky gasped as she felt her orgasm spreading through her body. The hot, tingling sensation started in her ass and spread to her pussy, making her shudder with pleasure as Luke shoved his cock into her butthole time and again.

“Mommy’s cumming — fucking — cumming!” she moaned. “Fuck Mommy’s asshole — aahhnn — fuck Mommy’s horny asshole — uuhnnnn — fucking cumming!”

Luke carried on fucking her hard and deep, not letting up through her orgasm, pausing only when she got her breath back and looked at him over her shoulder.

“Stop — stop for a second, honey,” she panted. “Take it out.”

Luke slowly pulled his prick from his mother’s tight asshole and collapsed on his bed, his back against the wall. Vicky moved round and took hold of his hot prick, her fingers not reaching around its girth.

“Mmm, big — assfucking — cock,” she whispered staring at it for a moment before sliding her lips over the bulbous head and swallowing as much of his cock as she could.

“Oh my God, mom!” Luke gasped in amazement.

“Mmmmm — you like your Mommy going ass to mouth?” she asked him, licking his prick, sucking the taste of her ass off his shaft. “You like Mommy being a dirty slut?” She plunged her mouth over his cock again, sucking the big head and shaft between her lips.

“Fuck yeah!” Luke sighed.

She let go of his dick and laid back on the bed, this time on her side, her legs together, her knees pulled up to her huge tits, her round ass pointing at him.

“Come on, honey,” she said, pulling her ass cheeks apart again. “Mommy wants some more assfucking.”

Luke quickly moved and knelt behind her, pushing his cock back into her asshole, the meaty head slipping in easier this time.

“Oh fuck — oh honey — aahahhh — oh it’s so big — aahhhh — so big in Mommy’s ass — uuuhnnn — feels so fucking good!”

Luke started moving his hips again, pushing his big cock deep into his mother’s ass, thrusting it hard and fast into her tight hole.

“Ahhhh — fuck Mommy’s asshole!” Vicky groaned. She grabbed one of her tits and brought it up so she could lick at her own nipple as her son fucked her ass. “Oh God — uuhnnn — fuck Mommy — uuhhhhh — Mommy loves it — aahhhh — Mommy loves your huge — assfucking — cock — uuuhnngnn — harder, honey — ram it up Mommy’s asshole! Fuck — making me — hhahhhhh — cum again!”

Luke groaned, concentrating on fucking her asshole as fast as he could, feeling his own cum approaching, the tightness of his mother’s butt and the sheer incestuous fact of fucking it catching up with him.

“Oh fuck — fuck Mommy’s asshole — uuhhnnn — fuck — making Mommy cummmmm!” Vicky cried as another orgasm rippled through her body.

“Fuck, mom,” Luke gasped. “Gonna cum!”

“Do it, honey! In me — on me — just cum for Mommy!”

Luke grabbed his prick and pulled it out of his mother’s ass, shuffling up the bed, jerking on his prick.

Vicky flipped on to her back and wrapped her arms around her tits, pushing the huge mounds together.

With a groan, Luke unleashed a stream of jizz that splashed over his mother’s huge tits, laying across both of them in a thick, unbroken line. Another shot joined it before he moved his cock upwards, sending more creamy spunk over his mother’s face. In seconds, half a dozen thick cords of jizz criss-crossed Vicky’s face, laying from her chin, up and over her cheeks and eyes, and into her hair.

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The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 04

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– Good Neighbor Katie

Katie Henson brushed her hair with firm strokes. She was quite aware of her Jennifer Love Hewitt looks and wore figure hugging clothes without any underwear to emphasize her 36B perky-nippled breasts and tightly rounded ass.

Her grey-green eyes glittered as she recalled the previous afternoon’s hot sex session with her son Brad as they fucked standing on their neighbors’ porch spying on Jane Blake having oral sex with her son, Jeremy.

Outwardly, Jane appeared introverted and shy. However, Katie knew that underneath that sweet, motherly exterior simmered a wanton, passionate slut. As a good neighbor, Katie prided herself on her success in drawing Jane out of her shell to welcome new ideas of sexual experimentation. She introduced her to the magical properties of cum, taught her new masturbation techniques and also initiated her into the worlds of sexual role playing as well as video and phone sex.

It was Katie who had planted the idea of incest in her friend’s mind when during one of their conversations she confided about how she had “accidentally” surprised her son Brad masturbating in his bedroom. The image of his awesome tool was imprinted in her mind – to be replayed whenever she was horny and masturbating herself. She had not elaborated on how she had subsequently seduced Brad and that they were now lovers. Nor the fact that she had now inducted her second son as well.

What Katie did not know was that incest was a tradition in Jane’s family and that her confession about Brad merely reinforced Jane’s ambition to take charge of her son’s sexual education.

She shivered with delight at her discovery of her friend’s incestual foray and, as she rang the Blakes’ doorbell, she was more convinced than ever before about including Jane and her son in their own family sexcapades. And she had a plan on how to go about it.

Jane wondered who could be ringing the bell and quickly draped a gown over her naked body. She was running late this morning because of unexpected incidents– like Joseph insisting on sitting her on his lap and fucking her while he had his breakfast. Followed by a call from Bea who wanted to discuss last night’s phone sex play and when she could come over to “meet” Jeremy. To add to this, was her regular morning oral session with Jeremy when she sucked off her son in her bedroom while his father was in the bathroom.

“Hiya, Neighbor!” chirped Katie, grinning. “Can I come in – I have something to discuss with you.”

Jane admired her friend’s trim figure.

“Hey, luv. How do you manage to look this great, so early in the morning?” her lips brushed Katie’s soft, fragrant cheeks.

As they hugged, Katie detected the unmistakable smell of sex on her friend and the top of her robe fell open briefly to reveal her swaying, pendulous breasts confirming the fact that she was naked underneath. She had a definite, ‘freshly-fucked’ look.

“Well, to answer your question, hun, you can either spend time on looking good in the morning or getting fucked. And, if you ask me, I’d rather get fucked – like you! So, tell Mama what you’ve been up to?”

“Oh, you damn busy-body. Doesn’t anything escape those eagle eyes of yours?”

Jane blushed and pulled the robe tighter around her, flopping down on the sofa as Katie did the same.

“Honey-buns, not much that I don’t know about what goes on in this neighborhood, especially concerning my close friends and their families.”

Katie emphasized the word ‘families’ and looked meaningfully into Jane’s eyes.

Jane could feel her face getting hotter and her pussy moistening as she thought about her sexual adventures with her son. Instinct and the look in her friend’s eyes, told her that Katie knew about her and Jeremy.

“Jane, how much do you know about incest? Whatever you may have heard let me tell you – incest is fun! It’s taboo; it’s forbidden but it’s kinky – and that’s what makes it so much fun!”

Katie studied her friend’s reaction which was reflected in her eyes and her body language under the robe – it was obvious that Jane knew that Katie had found out about her incestual relationship with her son. And, interestingly, she did not mind that Katie knew.

Her unconscious response of opening her legs signaled to Katie that her friend was very receptive to the idea of incest.

“You remember I had told you about my obsession with my son Brad’s cock after I saw him masturbating?”

Jane held her breath as Katie gave a dramatic pause – she could guess what was coming next.

“I fucked him, Jane. I fucked my son, Brad. And you know what, Jane – I love fucking him. We have sex everywhere, everyplace and every time. I’m just sorry I didn’t do it sooner. We just make sure we’re away from prying eyes, not that we care –I don’t want my sonuvabitch ex to find out about it.”

Jane was amazed at the matter-of-fact way that her friend was discussing incest. She could have been talking about the price of gas or her grocery list.

“And Jane – it has ümraniye escort bayan brought us so much closer together. Our love for each other knows no boundaries and we express it to each other freely and physically, all the time. Our coupling transcends our bodies and we feel bonded as a single soul – in our thoughts and in our very beings.”

Katie described how it all started with her helping her son as a live nude model for his school biology project. She encouraged him further by keeping her bedroom and bathroom door open for him to spy on her – which he was fond of doing especially when she was masturbating or peeing.

This led to Brad wanting to see and fondle his mother’s body all the time – he made her move around the house naked whenever he was home. Their mutual exploration sessions soon progressed to intercourse to the extent that sometimes they would make love four or five times a day.

“Like, over the weekend, we are fucking all the time – we just break to grab a bite from the fridge. And then we’re at it again – like fucking rabbits. We fuck on the bed, on the floor, on the stairs, in the shower, on the kitchen table, in the car, in the pool, on the lawn – every place possible and in every conceivable position imaginable – some you can’t even imagine.”

Katie stopped for a bit – to allow her story to sink in – she could see that her friend was getting turned on from the way her robe had parted to the sides of her hips revealing the swell of her stomach and the dark triangle of her bushy pubes nestling between her tightly crossed, white thighs that she was rubbing together.

“Wow, Katie. You’re fucking your own son – that’s awesome! But, what about the little fellow, Chris, how does he react to his mother having sex with his older brother?”

Katie smiled at her friend’s concern.

“It’s like this, Jane. Chris has seen his older brother making love to his mother often enough to want in. And Brad doesn’t mind sharing. And as for me, I love having two virile boys servicing me. Talk about unlimited energy, these boys just don’t let up from one cumming to the next, without any stops – I literally have to call for time out. But then you know about that, don’t you, Jane?”

Now it was Jane’s turn to confess – and she decided that it was best to come clean. She told her friend about how she had started Jeremy’s sexual education and how similar the boys’ desires and needs were to Kate’s son’s.

“Jeremy just won’t leave me alone for a second. I haven’t fucked him as yet but we do pretty much everything else. He enjoys pissing games and just can’t get enough of eating my pussy and having me go down on him. Like Brad, he wants me to be naked around the house all the time and doesn’t allow me to wear any underwear. I’m OK with the no-underwear bit but I insist on being clothed because Joseph has a habit of dropping in unexpectedly. But we do have a lot of fun even when Joseph is around.”

She went on to tell her friend about their under-the-table/ in the TV room/ back-seat of the car sex games; and how she gave her son oral sex in her bedroom every morning while her husband was in the bath.

“Jeez, Janie-baby! I always knew you were a hottie – having sex with your son right under your husband’s nose – boy, you sure have balls – and they’re HUGE. And sexy!”

Katie laughed loudly looking meaningfully at her friend’s breasts, one dark nipple was peeping out from behind the folds of her gown.

Jane blushed but made no effort to cover up – feeling a strange excitement in her loins that Katie was admiring her breasts.

“Gosh, thanks Katie but don’t you think they are too big?” Jane opened her robe to bare her large brown nippled tits which swayed gently with their weight.

Katie Henson too felt the electricity of the moment. She had been in too many girl-on-girl situations not to know where this was heading.

“Janie-baby, those are knockers to die for! Not like these little titties,” Katie moved next to Jane pulling off her shirt to reveal perfect pear-shaped breasts with rosy areolas and erectile nipples that were almost an inch long.

“Oooo, these puppies look delicious. Can I taste them?”

“Go for it, babe – and, excuse me while I gobble these buxom beauties!”

Jane was all over the slim brunette’s breasts – licking, biting and pinching them while Katie suckled contentedly on her friend’s large dangling mammaries.

As the couple grew more frenzied in their sex-play, they tumbled off the couch onto the floor with Katie’s slim physique firmly in the saddle. Jane had lost her robe and was now stark naked and Katie was topless – they assumed the classic 69 position.

Katie burrowed her face in the big woman’s snatch which had thick lips covered with a close-cropped dark bush. She noticed that the cunt lips remained perpetually open because of an abnormally overdeveloped clitoris which stuck out like a miniature penis.

Katie delightedly licked the abundant pubic hair which was soaked with an aromatic kartal escort mixture of Jane’s vaginal juices, sweat and some traces of male semen.

With lips, tongue and tiny nips of her teeth, she skillfully worked on her friend’s hungry cunt until Jane was bucking like an untamed filly seeking to dislodge the determined rider. Her juices flowed out like a dam had burst inside – to be greedily sucked up by Katie’s lips just like a starving leech.

Katie’s magical thumb and forefinger massaged Jane’s fleshy clitoris as her tongue plumbed the depths of her love-hole.

Since Katie still had her pants on, Jane mouthed the crotch of her trousers and was overjoyed to find it soaked and smelling of cum. She sucked Katie’s juices through the fabric and began biting at the swell of her pussy lips which were perfectly outlined in the camel-toed ‘V’ of her form-fitting trousers.

Afraid that she would tear the material, Jane tugged off Katie’s pants and plunged her face into her snatch which welcomed her with open, hungry lips. Katie’s pussy was smooth and totally bald – in stark contrast to her own; it had a fragrance of fresh flowers and tasted equally good.

Jane eagerly lapped up the juices that were oozing out of the crack. With one hand, she split open the naked peach exposing the tender pink labia and probing it with her flicking tongue.

She could feel her own cunt being caressed by Katie’s expert mouth and sensed her body opening like the petals of a lotus blossom to welcome the sweet intrusion; she was floating in the silky sensuality of woman-love.

A growing wet stain was forming on the carpet under Jane’s formidable buttocks – the big woman’s pussy was a gusher and although Katie was lapping up the cum as fast as she could, rivulets of the hot juice dribbled down through the gaping slit.

The athletic woman wrapped her sinewy arms around her partner’s generous thighs and began to vigorously fuck her voracious cunt with her tongue. She nibbled on the juicy, erect clitoris and let her tongue occasionally wander down the deep ass crack to rim the furrowed ass-hole.

Jane loved eating pussy. She especially enjoyed the bald ones like her sister Bea’s and now, Katie’s. Somehow, their sleek hairlessness made them even more erotic. Jane felt that it was because the absence of hair allowed an open display of their secret pink labia making them more fun to suck and tongue.

– Eating Healthy

“Janie-baby. No offence, but I could really do with a stiff one up my cunt right now! But I’m close to cumming now and I don’t think I can last until you get your dildos from your bedroom,” Katie gasped.

“I think I have the answer, Katie. Just hold onto your orgasm a bit, I’ll be right back.”

Katie reluctantly dismounted from Jane’s voluptuous body to allow her to get up.

Breasts swaying and ass-globes shuddering, the desperate housewife padded to the dining room, opened the fridge and returned with two extremely large green cucumbers.

They were around seven inches in length and over 3 inches thick – Katie noted that they were peeled.

“Now, we can have real healthy sex,” Jane explained, “I had peeled these cucumbers for tonight’s salad but I think we can put them to better use now.”

She popped the ends of each cucumber into her mouth to wet them and handed one to Katie.

“OK, girlie, assume the position!” Jane smacked Katie’s bottom as the girl followed instructions by lying on her back and raising her legs in the air.

Jane’s lesbian exploits with her sister, Bea, who had a physique similar to Katie, had made her quite an expert. On hands and knees, she straddled over Katie and in one fluid motion, spread open her slavering pussy lips and thrust the cucumber into her – right up to the hilt.

“Ohhh…that feels cold…But lovely…mmmm……” Katie murmured as the makeshift vegetable dildo plumbed her vagina – plunging in and out with rapid strokes.

“Let me do you too, my fuck-slut!”

Jane parted her thighs wider and adopted a squatting posture to accommodate the fat cucumber her friend was shoving up her gaping grotto which dripped cum all over Katie’s face and torso.

“Give it to me, Katie luv – fuck my cunny….yesss…harder! Harder! Ohhh…feels so fucking good!! Shove it harder – you mother-fucking whore!”

In addition to their other sexual aberrations, both friends also derived vicarious pleasure from talking dirty during sex and indulged in it shamelessly.

“Take it all in your sloppy cunt, you fucking, fat cow while I suck milk from your udders!”

Katie had now wrestled the bigger woman to the ground and was now astride her – fucking her pussy rapidly with the cucumber and mauling her rolling boobs with her hand, mouth and teeth.

The small woman also assailed her willing victim’s soft red lips – sucking them and French kissing her mouth with vigorous tongue play.

Jane was panting with pleasure as her sex was viciously violated with the vegetable. kartal escort bayan

Katie suddenly withdrew the instrument of pleasure which was coated with Jane’s copious emissions and popped it into her mouth to lick off the juices.

“Mmmm…nothing I love more than the taste of fresh cum…mmmm.”

After giving the cucumber a few quick sucks, Katie bit off the end and began to chew it crunchily.

“Excuse me Janie love, I’m hungry – and not just for your sex – your turn to eat this now!”

She promptly resumed fucking Jane with the half-eaten cucumber.

“Hey, Katie-cunt! You’re short-changing me with a smaller prick!”

“Janie-slut, you know what they say: It’s not the size that counts but what you do with it! Hee-yaahhh!”

With a loud cowboy yell, Katie dropped into a crouch between Jane’s thighs and clasped her protruding clitoris tightly between her lips as she fucked the sopping pink labia with the cucumber. Her deft fingers reached lower between the billowing buttocks and found the wrinkled ass-hole which she promptly penetrated.

Jane flinched momentarily as she felt her friend’s finger dig into her ass. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as all her erotic points were sexually assaulted together- teeth nibbling at her clit, cucumber fucking her pussy, finger shagging her ass and her own fingers twisting and tugging her swollen nipples.

Added to all this, was the repeated tongue sucking as Katie shared her cum-laden mouth with Jane.

“Katie-cunt…I’m cumming…suck my pussy harder…fuck me harder, lover….oh god!”

The big woman shuddered as wave after wave of the orgasm swept over her – but the smaller woman was unrelenting and kept up her merciless ministrations until she felt herself choking with the rush of cum.

Swallowing hard, she nimbly rose to her feet and squatted over Jane’s face giving herself totally to the woman’s mouth and hands until she too came violently with a resounding wail.

Jane recalled hearing this wailing sound at odd hours of the day and night from the neighboring house and used to wonder what was happening. Now she knew!

Moments later, the two friends had put on their clothes and were having coffee and sandwiches that Jane had made from one of their dildo cucumbers.

She had saved the other one – the one which she had used to fuck Katie with – for her son because she knew that he would relish the taste of her friend’s cunt.

“Yumm… I love the sandwiches, they’re so personal – they taste uniquely of you,” Katie commented.

“Thanks, Katie. I saved the other one for Jeremy’s salad. He just loves the taste of woman cum – he will definitely want a taste of your cunt once I tell him about our cucumber fuck session.”

Both friends giggled and remarked, “Hoo-boyyy!”

“Jane, I actually came by to invite you and Jeremy to join me and my boys in our family fun.”

“Well, I would love to – but I don’t know how Jeremy would like that – he is rather shy. And you will have to promise not to fuck him – you know that I am planning something special for his ‘Opening’.”

“He likes watching, doesn’t he? Don’t tell him about our talk, I’ll guide you on how to get him to join us.”

Katie’s plan involved Jane and Jeremy going over to visit them later in the afternoon. She would leave the front door open and would be engaged in loud sex with her sons in the downstairs bedroom.

The bedroom door would also be open and their noisy love-making would definitely entice Jeremy and Jane into spying on them and eventually joining them.

“Jane honey, I’d love you to join us. I think you’re a real hottie and your son is even hotter – he’s got the most awesome fucking cock I’ve seen! It’s even fatter than my Brad’s.”

“Hold your horses, Katie-cunny! I told you – my boy’s cock is off-limits for now!”

“Sweetheart, I won’t fuck him, I promise. But I can suck that luscious tool, can’t I? C’mon, have a big heart, Janey – I’ll let you suck AND fuck Brad! I know that my son’s got the hots for you – his life’s ambition is to fuck your titties!” Katie giggled lewdly.

“Honey, I’d love to have Brad fuck me; and until Jeremy’s “Opening”, heaven knows I badly need another cock in me apart from Grizz’s. But I can’t have Brad screwing me in front of Jeremy; that would upset him too much. Though, I suppose I could let Brad fulfill his fantasy of fucking my boobs.”

“OK. Cross my legs and hope to die – I hereby promise not to fuck Jeremy (for now) and not to let my Brad fuck you (which you’re going to regret, mind you – Brad is an awesome fuck!)”

Katie held up her right hand in mock solemnity.

“…For now!” reiterated Jane, smiling at her friend in agreement with her plan.

And, more reluctantly, to allow Katie to suck Jeremy’s cock although she knew that it would make her extremely jealous.

As if she could read the big woman’s mind, Katie remarked, “I know it’s not easy sharing your son, luv. I went through the same pangs at first. But later, Brad and I both realized that sharing our pleasures made the bonds of our relationship stronger and more special.”

“Our sexual need for each other keeps growing and our physical connection continues to reach greater heights of hedonism and fulfillment.”

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The Dressing Room Ch. 02

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Heather was leaning back on her couch, her blouse unbuttoned to her naval, sipping a martini and smiling up at me. We had arrived back at her house and started making out in the doorway. When I had her blouse open and I was licking the tops of her breasts pushing out of the top of her push-up bra, she stopped me and said we needed to call my mother and let her know I was spending the night.

After the phone call she made martini’s as she laughed and occasionally let loose a long, pleasure-filled sigh. “If your mother knew…” she started then laughed. “Oh, she’d kill me.

She sat on the couch and leaned back for me to view her figure. Heather was about five-seven and one-hundred and twenty pounds, with thin, long legs and nicely full hips. Why she wore a girdle I couldn’t imagine, unless she thought it made her stomach look flatter. Her free hand traced up the opening of her blouse and lightly glided over her breasts.

“At your age,” she said almost absently, “you’ve probably never seen fake boobs, have you?”

I remembered when I was seventeen that mom said Heather had had surgery. It wasn’t until I saw Heather a month later that I knew what the surgery had been. She had gone from a pleasant 32 B, to a perfect, 34 C in that month’s time. It only served to make her more desirable to me. Later, I saw her when she showed my mother just how the surgery was done and I watched from a distance as my mother reached out and handled her sisters new breasts in a very tender, loving and sensual way. That image alone was worth a good three months of jerking off. Eight months after the surgery, her relationship with Al had ended and that was when she swore off men. To the best of my knowledge, she hadn’t dated anyone since.

“I liked touching them.” I finally said in response to her comment about her fake breasts.

“There will be plenty more of that.” She said with a smile, adding, “And other things.”

I sipped my martini and sat down next to her on the couch. “You’re very beautiful.” I said sincerely.

She smiled broadly, reaching out to touch my arm, she said, “We didn’t buy you anything at the store, did we?”

The intent of the trip to the store was for Heather to buy me some new clothes for the summer. Heather sold real estate and was quite successful at it, she had money and liked to spend it on her family and friends. The shopping trip was something we had started when I first went off to college. We had picked up a couple pairs of slacks when we heard the sounds coming out of the dressing room. That ended the shopping trip and started something better. “I’m not complaining.” I replied honestly.

“I had to look.” She said. “I had to see what they were doing. I mean, I knew what they were doing, but I wanted to see it. It made me very excited.”

“Me too. I was embarrassed that my hard one was pressing against you in the changing room.”

“Yes.” kartal escort bayan She said as he smile broadened even more at the memory, “I couldn’t believe how hard you were.” She rose up on the couch so she was next to me, “It made me all the more excited.”

We kissed and she reached down and felt the outline of my cock in my jeans. Her tongue licked at my lips and darted in and out of my mouth playfully. My hand found its way inside her blouse and inside her bra, zeroing in on her hard, protruding nipple. She moaned and pulled back her smile beaming brightly at me.

“You know what I like?” She asked.

“Tell me.”

Heather set her drink down and pulled open her blouse more so I could see her breasts pushing against the fabric of her bra. “I like my lover to cum on my tits and neck. I love the feel of cum on my skin. Maybe some on my face, too. Would you like that?”

I nodded, “Yes.” I had dated a girl in college with size 36D tits and I wanted to fuck them so badly, but she never would let me do that, let alone cum on her tits and neck.

Heather undid the snap on the front of her bra, revealing her perfectly shaped and perky breasts. They stood firm before me with quarter-sized areolas and perky, quarter-inch nipples. She cupped her breasts in her hands as if to offer them up to me. “Would you like to cum on these?”

I set my drink down and leaned into her, my face going directly for her right breast. I touched it and kissed her breast, I licked the nipple and nibbled lightly on it. Everything I did seemed to bring loud gasps of pleasure from her.

Heather pushed me back and smiled broadly at me, her eyes had a wild look I had never seen before. “I think I need to suck on something.” She said and started working on my jeans zipper. With her long, manicured nails, she fumbled with the zipper. Heather looked up at me, “I’m afraid I need some help with this.”

I stood from the couch and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. Heather reached up and tugged at the waist of my jeans and pulled them quickly down to my knees. My cock stood out over the top of my briefs and she pulled back and smiled up at me. “Oh, I can smell my scent on you.”

I pushed my briefs down and my cock stood at attention before her. Heather reached out and stroked my cock with her soft hand. Her touch felt so good, her hand moved perfectly on me, not too rough, not too lightly. She moaned lightly and licked her lips. “I bet you never thought this would happen, did you?” She said and put her lips on the head of my cock.

She was right, I never thought something like this would happen. I had fantasized about having sex with her, just as I had fantasized about having sex with my own mother and about three-quarters of my mother’s friends and acquaintances. I was a horny young man and had always wanted to have sex since I got my kadıköy escort first hard on. But, a blow-job from my aunt, no, I had never thought it would happen.

I watched as Heather’s lips opened and she slowly moved down the shaft of my cock. I’m not a huge guy, my cock is just a little more than six inches, but it has some girth to it that my old girlfriend said was something women liked. I watched my Aunt’s mouth stretch to get around my cock as she continued to take it deeper into her mouth. She moaned and looked up at me and I could see the delight in her eyes as she slowly started moving back and forth. It didn’t take her long and she was sucking my cock with great perfection. Her motions were faster and her mouth was tight on my shaft and in no time at all I thought I might cum again.

Heather released my cock from her mouth and put her hand back on it. She looked up at me, “I can taste us.”

“You keep doing that and you’re going to taste more of me.” I replied.

Heather laughed and kissed the head of my cock, “Not yet…not yet.” Her mouth engulfed my cock again and I started pushing my cock in and out of her mouth in a quicker pace. Her mouth felt so good and I really wanted to unload there. Again, Heather pulled back and wrapped her fingers around my cock. “Oh you are an aggressive young man.”

Heather reached out and grabbed her martini glass and took a sip from her drink. “Don’t be in too big of a rush for something that will happen anyway.”

“Your mouth feels so good.” I said.

She rose from the couch, one hand still on my cock, the other on her martini and kissed me on the chin. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

The bedroom was as large as my mother’s living room and the bed looked to be twice the size of my Queen sized bed. The room was dimly lit, small ceiling lights cast little pools of light from the doorway to the foot of the bed. A painting over the bed showed a man and a woman intertwined in a red sheet as if floating on air. I noticed the woman’s mouth, open as if to emit a scream of ecstasy. The painting was tasteful, not completely lurid; one really had to study it to see the two of them were in the throws of lovemaking.

Heather moved to one side of the bed and pulled off her blouse and bra. Her upper body was slim, save for her breasts that jutted out from her ribcage, her skin was lightly tanned and smooth in the dim lighting. She pushed down her skirt and then worked to pull down her girdle. I could see that her abdomen wasn’t as tight as her upper body appeared to be. Her hips had a little more meat on them than I first thought, but her legs were nice and toned.

I stood at the foot of the bed and removed my t-shirt and then pulled off my socks. We stood about six feet apart staring at each other and admiring each other’s form. Heather pulled back the covers on the bed and knelt on the bed bostancı escort bayan before me. Her hand stretched out to me and I took it with mine and joined her on the bed. We kissed lightly at first and then more passionately.

My hands searched over her supple skin, moving from her arms to her beasts and down to her hips. Heather put a hand on my hand and whispered to me, “You can’t tell anyone about this, you do understand that, right? We can have a lot of fun. I’ll make every fantasy you’ve ever had, come true, but it’s all between you and I.”

I would have agreed to anything at that moment. I kissed her as I thought of one fantasy that could create a problem with her proclamation, “What if my fantasies involve a third party?”

Heather nibbled on my ear and chuckled lightly, “That’s understood, and, I might add, expected.”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, twisting as I did, we went down on the bed together. My hands quickly caressed her body as I kissed her neck and pushed my cock hard against her hip. “You are my fantasy, Heather.”

She spread her legs and I moved on top of her. “Aaron, you have no idea how much of a fantasy this is for me.”

I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy and she moaned and arched her back. I slipped inside of her wet and warm pussy for the second time that evening. Her arms encircled my back and pulled me tight to her as we kissed lustfully and passionately deep. Her hands went down to my ass and pulled me deeper into her. I started fucking her with long, hard strokes and with each pump of my hips she pulled me hard into her pussy.

We were fucking hard and fast when she started cumming again. Each time she came, her pussy gushed more fluid over my cock and her body arched into mine as she moaned loud and strong. After the last flood soaked me she pushed me off of her and asked breathlessly, “Are you going to cum?”

“Soon.” I replied.

She moved down on the bed and pushed her breasts together for me. “Fuck my tits and cum on my neck.”

I did what I was told and slid my cock between those perfectly shaped breasts and her soft, sweat covered skin. Fantasy upon fantasy upon fantasy; it was all too exciting, between watching my cock slide between her breasts and her loud moans I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came again. I shot twice onto her neck and then she opened her mouth and I rose up and shot a steam over her face. Heather moved down again and took what was left into her mouth, literally draining me of all the fluid I had.

I collapsed next to her with a heavy, happy sigh of complete contentment. I looked over and saw Heather wipe a glob of cum from her neck with her finger and take it into her mouth. She greedily sucked her finger clean. She smiled at me and rose up on her elbows. “I think we need to thank that woman at the department store, don’t you?”

At the time, I didn’t know exactly what she meant; I was too tired and worn to think about her words. I was too happy to consider what could be more exciting than what had just happened. But, my Aunt Heather was already making plans to fulfill all my fantasies.

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Mardi Gras Ch. 02

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Mardi Gras II: The French Quarter

~Min continues to enchant me in the Crescent City~

Arm in Arm we stroll. The Carnival of Bourbon Street fading away behind us. I watch as the passing Men look back to see you go bye. Seeing the yearning look in their eyes. Knowing they are feeling the fever of the heat you are emanating. The heat that is surging up my arm, seeping into me, and making me want you even more.

We turn a corner and the door man at Pat O’Brien’s virtually bows to you as he waves us in. We work our way to the center Courtyard, your nails digging into my arm. The excitement in you is on Fire! I can almost hear it popping in you. Your smile is Delicious, your Countenance the most alluring thing imaginable.

I find a Single, RARE seat at a Counter and lead you to it. Settling you into it, I hail a barmaid and order 2 Hurricanes. At my return, I find 3 men paying you exclusive attention. You keep me from pumping adrenalin by seeing me and reaching your hand to me. The Rat Pack falls away, and we Toast one another and where we are.

Two Hurricanes Later, we find ourselves dancing to the swaying beat coming over the Sound System. Sashaying our asses, we’re swinging one another, our knees tween each others. Our hips meet in some wild Merenge/hip-hop/Texas-Two Step kinda Grind! Everyone around us catches the Energy bahis firmaları and they ALL begin to move. I wonder how many OTHER people are going to feed off this Energy of OURS! We Whirl, like some Manic Fucking Nuclear Reactor. We Dance! Your arm extended. Your wrist lazily hangs over my shoulder as we grind, your skirt hiked suggestively high on your thighs as you work my knee higher yet.

The People around us are Amazed. BABY! We are all but fucking! You feel my hardness rubbing you. Your sending an Electrical charge through me. Shocking enough to make me look deep into your eyes. The music slows and I see myself. Happy. Satisfied! With the Person I want to be WITH! The music slows and you come into my arms. So Close. So Softly. So Endless.. Our eyes locked, gleaming, and Inviting. The Crowd seems to fade away. When we next look, People in Love are surveying us. Smiling! KNOWING the chemistry passing between us. You come sweetly close to me, whispering into my ear, “Lets get outta here!”

Once again we walk. Through the enchantment of the Quarter. Pulling one another into Dark Corners. A quick Kiss, a pressure, a Grope, a Skirt Lifted! An erection outlined! A Tweak, a tug, a Wet Kiss up a Neck! You are backing away from me, Laughing!

We turn down ‘Pirates Alley’.

Half way down, you come to me. Your lips maddening, with kaçak iddaa your Body forming to mine. You Lead me to a dark corner. We are ALONE at LAST!! You turn, rubbing your back against me, your arms going round my neck as you twist to Kiss me. More like DEVOUR me! A Wet, NEEDING Kiss! My hands roam over you, over your chest, down ‘tween your thighs. Telling you, by your very affect on Gravity, how MUCH I need you! Your hand presses mine to your crotch. The Skirt flows with my hand, tickling, teasing at your thighs as I slide my finger through your Magnetic Snatch.. Just DRAWN to it! You moan into my mouth and I grind my Hard Cock to you. Suddenly, you turn back to me, kissing me as you feverishly undo my belt and run my zipper down,,, taking my hardness in your hand and yanking it free!

You ease yourself away, looking back as you bend over a Railing. I raise your skirt. My hand slides to you, your back arching. Your hips wriggle as you spread your footing. I push aside your thong, my finger sliding through your sopping wet slit. Your clit jumps at my touch and your knees nearly buckle. You reach back grabbing for my cock. Feeling the Desire, the Hard Desire, that YOU have brought to US! I center myself to your sweet ass, and stepping to you, rub myself through you. You feel the Head of it slide through, wetted by your Labias, the head bumping kaçak bahis over your clit as the shaft rubs its length over your hypersensitive button.

As I pull back, you reach under, your fingertips feeling it slide back over your clit, only to leave them touching yourself. I push forward, and you guide me INTO you! SO wet. So warm. So sheltering. SOOooo ONE! My pants slide to my knees.

It seems to glide forever, till my hips meet your ass cheeks. You lay your head on the Railing and sigh deeply! My hands clasp your hips as I pull back, poise, and push into you again! Your hair falls over you as you pound your fist on the Railing. GAWD, but I love when you do those spontaneous Gestures! I grab the beads round your neck, rubbing them over your back as I begin to pump into you, you meeting my every thrust. We begin to thrash at each other. We are such consummate Lovers!

As you begin to moan, I say your name, “Minnnnnn!!!” Followed by “BABY”!!!

Suddenly, People appear at the end of the Lane forcing me to pull out. Stiffly falling from inside you. Turning, I force myself into my Pants as I pull them up.

You moan to me, “Dadddyyy,,,NOOooooo!!!”

I engineer a gasping, “Baby,,, come with ME!”

We walk off down the Alley, me supporting your returning knees, heading for the Mississippi River’s “Crescent” and offering a “Good Evening!” to our intruders as you bite my knuckles and suck my finger into your mouth.

Soon, We are Giggling, holding one another close to our sides. Singeing each other with what to expect….

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The Camp

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Friday, and I was released from work four hours early due to electrical problems so I took the long way home to enjoy the sights and sounds of summer. Another weekend away from the hustle and bustle of my job was the only way I could charge my mental battery. As I rounded the street corner to our house I saw that Lisa was already home from grocery shopping. I pulled in the driveway and entered the house through the garage to the sound of Lisa talking to someone on the phone. I didn’t make any sounds so she wasn’t aware of my presence.

“Sure Aunt Deb I’m sure Joe would enjoy the camp.”

I wasn’t planning on a trip this weekend especially to some camp ground with relatives I had met only once, but the enthusiasm Lisa showed told me otherwise.

Just as Lisa started to hang up I made off as if I just entered and hadn’t heard a thing.

“Hi baby,” she cooed. “How come your home early?” I explained the situation and she said that Deb asked if we would like to join them at their camp in the mountains. I had that far away look and she stated it was a nice area with a small pond on their property and very quiet and secluded. I asked when we were leaving and she said after she took care of the packing and a couple of personal things. I looked at her rather inquisitively and she took my hand and led me upstairs.

“Remember when I asked you if I could remove all your body hair?” Well here we go.

I stripped and I was escorted into the bathroom where she threw me into the shower and joined me a few minutes latter holding a wet/dry electric razor. After10 minutes or so she everything gone but my balls and dick area.

“We have to be careful here” she laughed and ever so diligently removed everything that was left.

“Bend over I want to check out your ass.” Some manipulating went on and she was satisfied. I looked down and marveled at the superb job she had done and asked about her pussy area and she said she took care of that during the week.

Now that she was done and my balls had restored to where they weren’t afraid of getting clipped my dick started to swell at the sight of bald pussy and erect nipples. Lisa seeing my problem chucked and slyly asked if we could do a mutual masturbation thing. I smiled and stated that I would love to oblige her as long as it wasn’t here. We dried off and hurried off to the bedroom where she climbed on the bed on her back reached for some lube and said she wanted me to watch her.

Lisa started on her nipples by twisting lightly and rubbing them with her palms so that they stood very erect. She had two pillows behind her head so it made it easy for her to push her tits towards her lips to suck on those nipples. What a great site!! This went on for a few minutes before she ran her hands down across her belly to her new bald area. She ran two fingers through the folds of her lips and brought them to her mouth for a taste and initial lube. My dick was swelled to its erect state and I reached for it to start stroking but Lisa hissed “not yet.”

I was pretty horny right now but I was also enjoying the show. Lisa grabbed the lube and applied a good amount to her pussy and fingers and started to work on her pussy with one, then two fingers slowly going in and out stopping at the clit every now and then. This was building a sweat on me just standing here with a raging hard on that I’m not touching watching what’s transpiring in front of me.

Lisa smiled with a sexy look and managed to insert four of her fingers before she started to get that I’m going to cum hard look. I had never seen her masturbate before and this was a beautiful thing going on in front of me.

She managed to tell me to come over to the side of the bed where she was laying and start jerking off; she wanted me to come all over her tits. I was happy to oblige her!!

Lisa came in one big wave as I was starting to jerk off with my fist riding up and down my shaft. She commented on how big and purple the head had become and was amazed at the way it looked now that there was no hair in the background. I told her I was going to cum and she said “on the tits baby.’

I shot a big string of pearls on both and my knees got illegal bahis a little weak from the exercise. She pulled me on top of her kissed me and said how much she loved me. I told her I loved her too and remembered last weekend and what had happened so I pulled away, found my load lapped it up and gave it to her in a kiss. This flipped her out she got hot again and proceeded to bathe my dick and balls with her tongue until I shot another load down her throat.

We cleaned up checked what we needed and were on our way in less than an hour. The drive to the camp would take less than two hours so there would still be plenty of sunlight left to explore around.

We arrived at a gated road and Lisa went into the woods for a few steps found the fake rock and took the key to unlock the lock. Once inside she returned it and we drove down a dirt road for about a quarter of a mile when we came upon a clearing and a very nice log cabin with a sizeable pond a hundred feet in front.

Aunt Deb and Uncle Pete seemed to appear out of nowhere to great us. I thought it rather odd that they were wearing robes until I spied a sun deck to the side of the cabin and thought they were a little modest. Hugs, kisses,

and hand shakes followed by a quick welcome and we were shown to our room.

It took a few minutes for us to unpack our clothes and I headed for the car to gather the cooler with our food and beverages. I was in the kitchen unloading the cooler when I heard voices coming from our room and thought I would investigate.

“Did you tell Joe about about me?”

“I thought I’d wait until we were here first.”

“You think the nudity will be an issue?”

“Joe’s pretty liberal so that should be ok especially once he finds out we’re not related.”

“Lisa we’ve talked so much about so many things I hope you weren’t offended or thought I was an evil person.”

“Deb, you’ve opened my eyes and mind to so much.” “I love you for that.”

“Thank you honey.”

“Hey Lisa do think Joe will enjoy this” as she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Lisa’s eyes widened and a smile overtook her face as she feasted on Deb’s body. “Wow” Deb I’ve never seen you in the buff before, have you always looked this great? Deb smiled and said “not bad for a woman who’s forty four.” Lisa step forward and reached up to hold her face and give her a kiss on the lips. Their tongues found each other and a wave of passion started to roll through their bodies. The kiss lasted for about a minute before they broke apart and Deb stepped back with a big smile for Lisa.

“Honey, are you prepared to follow up on that kiss or was that a spontaneous reaction?” Lisa looked into her eyes and replied that it would be another fantasy to fulfill.

“And how many of those are there?”

Lisa had a sly look on her face when she stated “Who knows where they start and stop!”

Deb sat on the bed and asked Lisa to show her what a twenty five year old looks like. I heard the rustling of clothing and a low whistle from Deb when she was done.

“Lisa, what a beautiful body you have there girl!” “Your husband most be one appreciative guy with something like that for his sexual pleasure.” “Let’s see what kind of reaction he has.”

“Hey Joe you out there in the kitchen?” asked Deb.

I yelled back I was still unloading the cooler and would be there in a flash. When I came though the doorway my eyes feasted on the images of flesh now in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth open and my dick starting to swell.

“Holy fucking shit!” was all I could say at first as they both laughed and shook their heads.

“Joe baby, I need to tell you a few things” Lisa sexily spoke. Deb is not my true aunt only a very dear and close friend of the family. She has been having a lot of talks with me in the past months that have opened my eyes and mind to what sex should be. I hope you don’t feel like I’ve using you for anything lately? She and Pete like to stay nude for their visits here so that will be the dress code for our stay. If you don’t feel right about any of this let me know right now and we’ll go home as if none of this happened.

I illegal bahis siteleri produced the largest smile I ever had, along with a raging hard on, and told them I must be in heaven because I’m staring at two angels right now. In unionism I got “how nice.”

They told me to undress and come down to the sun deck for some refreshments and to catch some rays. I was naked in a flash and met everyone outside for plenty of wine, jokes, sensual feelings between the four of us.

I kept checking out Deb as she is quite striking for a woman her age with a shapely legs that lead to a great ass and very round tits that don’t have an inch of sag. Her areoles are at least four inches in diameter with nipples the size of the top of my thumb. She caught me checking her out and asked if I liked what I saw. I raised an eyebrow in response and she laughed.

Pete was an average looking guy with sandy blond hair, medium build and a cock that was about 6 inches long hanging in a flaccid state. I was wondering how big this thing got when he had to make use of it when Deb caught me again and softly said it only gets about an inch longer when erect in case you were guessing.

She looked around for Lisa and didn’t see her so Deb reached for my dick and gave it a couple of quick strokes to check out its size and smiled at Pete when he looked over. She commented how they looked quite similar and would like to do some comparison shopping at which Pete smiled and said “don’t spend too much time at the window or the merchandise might be gone when you come back.” Deb asked me if Lisa told me that they were bi and that if anything were to happen that I wasn’t game for they would not be offended. I said that what ever comes about comes about.

Lisa returned and we caught more rays and a mild buzz from all the wine we consumed. We had to go inside as the sun was setting and it started to cool down plus we all need some food. We had some more wine with our meal which made for looser inhabitations as the talk turned to sex and more sex which seemed to make for perky nipples and swelled dicks.

Pete was pretty up front and asked if I had ever sucked a guy’s cock to which I only laughed and said the thought had passed once but that it was only a thought. Lisa smiled at me and said that I had never mentioned that to her at anytime to which I just shrugged my shoulders. Deb said that there was a feeling for the same sex in everyone at one time or another and that it was a natural thing not to be ashamed of. He looked over at Lisa and asked her if watching guys do each other turned her on. “I’ve never seen it done live, only on videos” she replied.

“Would you like to see me suck off your husband?”

Lisa had a glazed look as if she were trying to visualize this and replied that it would be quite a turn on. I looked at Deb for assurance and she told me that everything was ok and that my cock would enjoy it. I was in a state of sexual excitement and query when Pete grabbed my hand and led me to the couch in the center of the living room and asked me to lie down and relax. The girls came over and got down on the floor next to me to offer words and hands of encouragement. I smiled at them and they both kissed me. Lisa whispered in my ear that she wanted me to suck off Pete as well.

Pete wasted no time as he started kissing my thighs and worked his way to my ball sack which he very softly took into his mouth and suck on ever so nicely. I was liking the feeling now so he took one ball and lovingly worked it around before going on to the next one which he made love to. God, I was starting to sweat a little at the anticipation when he licked the shaft up and down and all around my head with a swirling tongue and gentle kisses. He worked just the head with soft suction and swirling tongue before he ventured to my asshole which he reamed for a couple of minutes before returning for some serious deep throat. Man, my head was swirling as Deb laid a deep French kiss on me and nibbled on my ear and said that Pete loved swallowing big loads so hang on as long as possible. After an other minute I screamed I was coming so Pete increased the suction as all hell broke canlı bahis siteleri loose as wave after wave of cum exploded from what seemed my inner ass and he just kept sucking and sucking.

Pete milked me down and Deb leaned over for the final licks and they both commented on my sweet tasting cum.

Pete stood up from the couch sporting a very erect joint and the girls were in what looked like a likely position so they both grabbed his ass and started to kiss his balls and dick. Lisa said they would prep him so I wouldn’t have to work so hard. There were tongues everywhere on his cock area and I could tell by his movements that it would be soon as I gathered myself and knelt before him. The ladies moved to either side of me where they could watch and coach my actions. I started on his balls as he did for me and then ran my tongue up and down the shaft and found out what a turn on it was because it felt like velvet. I took hold of his shaft and guided his head into my open mouth. What a feeling in there!

I slowly went up and down remembering by breathing and was able to take the whole thing while establishing a good rhythm. I cupped his balls and started playing with them as I could hear him start to moan so I used more suction power to keep him going. I felt his balls tighten and I knew it was time as he shot a load down my throat followed by another that took me off guard which I had in my mouth. Lisa saw my predicament and turned my head to her and kissed me sucking the load out off my mouth and swallowed it. Deb saw an open dick and finished up the rest of the blow job for me.

Once everything slowed down everyone was comparing notes on sucking cock; now there was an interesting discussion!

Lisa gave me a big kiss and said that she loved me for what I had done for her and that now I could watch as she was going to do her first woman on woman with Deb. She asked Deb if she was ready for some sweet tasting pussy and a great tongue bath. “I’ve waited quite a few years for this moment” she replied. Lisa drew her close for a lingering kiss with tongues shooting in and out of each others mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes which worked them up to a state of excited ness which could be seen by four very erect nipples. They tilted their heads in opposite directions so they could suck nipples at the same time. Deb laid back and Lisa was all over her with her tongue working her tits and nipples while her fingers came to Deb’s mouth for lubrication. Deb took her hand and wet all her fingers said something as Lisa was working her way down to Deb’s bald pussy which had some seriously swollen lips. She stuck her tongue in the folds of the lips and ran it up and down driving Deb crazy with desire and causing her to raise her hips off the floor. Lisa took two moistened fingers and slowly started working them into Deb’s pussy causing a hiss from her lips. Deb told her to put another one in followed by a plea to please put the fourth one in and fuck her good and hard. Lisa didn’t want to hurt her so she worked up a nice rhythm which was making Deb go crazy with desire. She told Lisa she was going to get on all fours and wanted me to fuck her, fuck her good. My dick sprang to attention as I got behind her as Lisa slid down underneath her so she could watch my cock and Deb could eat some fine young pussy.

I figured Deb would like to eat Lisa out so I teased her while she gave Lisa a good tongue job, which what was going on as Lisa was squirming all over. She was whimpering and calling Deb some interesting names and I knew it was time so I put a wad of spit on my cock and slid on in. Mother, her pussy was on fire! I started working in and out and she started backing into my thrusts. That’s all that I needed as I started to pound the shit out of her thrust for thrust as the orgasm started to build and my desire was going over the top. Pretty soon all three of us were screaming we were going to cum; and cum we did.

I could feel a tongue on my shaft and balls as Lisa was licking away all the over fill from Deb’s pussy so I remained still with my cock half out of her pussy so Lisa could enjoy herself. I slowly pulled out and she took my cock into her mouth to clean me and then went back to Deb’s pussy and sucked the mixture out. Deb let out a mild scream as she tongued her tender clit and continued the tongue bath.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of sex everywhere between everyone…

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