Crossing the Line

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Summary: Straight guy discovers the joy of cock in gym shower.

Note 1: This is a NUDE DAY 2021 Contest Story, since nudity awakens a side of the protagonist he hadn’t known existed.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Crossing the Line

Moving to San Francisco for a new job as an investment banker, my biggest concern (in addition to my wife and kids not joining me until the school year was over in four months) was finding a good gym.

I’d loved my gym back home, and I worried about finding a new one I’d be comfortable with.

During my first day of work, one of my colleagues, Jake, in fact my immediate supervisor but a cordial one, convinced me to try out the gym he went to. “Trust me, there’s no better gym in this town than The Crown. I’ll even meet you there so you can do a first month’s free trial as my guest.”

“Cool,” I said, Jake seeming like a pretty good guy, and a boss who was more supportive than… well… bossy.

So that same day after work I went to the gym, filled out a ridiculous amount of paperwork, changed, and did a workout with Jake. I felt it was a very good gym with a great vibe about it. However, as we finished our workout Jake said, “So I do need to warn you about something.”

“Oh?” I asked, his tone oddly ominous.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal, but with your coming out here from the South, you may find it strange,” he said.

“I’m not some southern hillbilly,” I objected.

“I know, but I’m just saying; we have a unique tradition here.”

“Tradition?” I asked, his almost nonexplanatory explanation sounding all cloak and dagger-ish.

“Well, more like an extra perk.”

“Okay,” I said, not known for my patience, “So just get to the point and tell me.”

“It’s better if I show you,” he put me off, leading me past the sauna and towards the showers.

“Hey, no sauna?” I called him on it, finding a ten-minute steam always helped my muscle recovery.

“Ordinarily yes,” he agreed, “but today I want to show you something first.”

“All right,” I said, by now getting really curious.

We reached the shower area and I gasped. Two guys were on their knees sucking two other men, while three others seemed to be waiting in line at the far end of the surprisingly large shower area. It was twice as large as any I’d ever seen before. Just to paint a clear picture, the two guys sucking cock were kneeling facing diagonally out from the far right corner of the huge shower room.

“What the fuck?” I asked rudely.

“It’s completely optional,” Jake said, “but if you’d like to bust a nut, just go wait in line.”

“Seriously?” I asked, this tableau seeming too extreme even for San Francisco’s wild reputation.

“Yeah, there’s usually at least one, but sometimes two, or even three cock suckers ready to service you,” he explained rather matter of factly.

“I guess I yam a southern hillbilly,” I joked, hamming it up while as I watched in perverse curiosity, “cos I ain’t never seen nothin’ back home like this heah, y’all!”

“Yeah, you uneducated hayseed,” Jake tossed back, which he could only get away with because we were colleagues, and in just a single day we’d established an excellent rapport. “So if y’all wanna getcher rocks off, y’all jess git over yonder, and getcherself inter that there lion,” he finished, out-hayseeding the actual hayseed.

“Really?” I asked, since levity aside, this arrangement seemed too outrageous to believe, even though I was looking right at it.

‘Yeah, but pay attention,” he said, pointing out a prominent diagonal red line painted on the floor separating the cock suckers’ corner from the much larger expanse of the room allowed to the cock suckees and for men who just wanted to shower. “See that Line?”

“Yeah,” I said, curious about its purpose.

“Cross the Line, and you too become a cock sucker,” he explained.

“What? Really? No way!” I said, as I watched one guy on his knees bobbing intensely on a chubby man’s dick.

“Yeah, the rules here are simple,” Jake explained.

“And what are they exactly?” I asked, unable to stop watching, as the chubby guy grunted and obviously came in the kneeling guy’s mouth.

“If you ever cross the Line, you’re immediately and forever a cock sucker around here.”

“You can’t be serious?!” I expostulated/asked, as the chubby guy pulled out of the other guy’s mouth, and a big black man with a ridiculously large cock stepped up and slid his cock inside the mouth, replacing him.

“Very serious,” Jake said. “It’s formally called ‘Crossing the Line’.”

“Creative,” I laughed, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of that black man and his huge cock.

“Yeah, if you cross the Line you become a cock sucker, and your purpose in life thereafter is to be on your knees serving all the other patrons of the gym,” he explained.

“And what if someone crosses it by accident?” I asked.

“You almanbahis just don’t,” he said, “or else,” as he walked up to join the queue of men waiting to be sucked.

I followed him, not to join the queue, but to ask him some more questions. “You don’t really receive blow jobs from guys do you?” I asked, knowing from her picture prominently displayed on his desk that he was married to a very pretty woman, and yet because of where he was standing, it seemed that he did.

“Of course I do,” he answered affirmatively. “Our job is stressful, my wife doesn’t really like giving them to me especially now that she’s pregnant, and men can always give way better blow jobs.”

“Seriously?” I asked, bewildered by what I was watching and what he was saying.

“Yeah, it’s great to have guaranteed opportunities to getcherself awf, as they say in the South!”

“If that’s supposed to be an impersonation, you’d better not quitcher day job!” I responded with a chuckle. “But what if nobody is here to do the sucking?” I asked, and now I was much closer, so I could clearly see how incredibly long the black guy’s cock was, while his… server?… bobbed on it.

“Another rule is that a cock sucker isn’t allowed to leave his post if he’s the only one there, until he’s replaced,” Jake explained, as a slim Asian man uneventfully crossed the Line, dropped to his knees, and the next guy in line walked up, and just as uneventfully slid his cock in his mouth.

“Holy shit,” I said, both because of what he’d just told me and what I’d just seen.

“Try it,” he said. “Your wife is arriving what… four months from now? This is a great way to get your releases without cheating.”

“It’s still cheating,” I pointed out, as my eyes continued being drawn back to the black man. I don’t think it was his being black. It was just that his cock was so big.

“Semantics,” he said.

“Why don’t you come over and cross the Line?” the black man asked me. “Then I can give you a much closer look,” having noticed my staring.

I shook my head in the negative, quickly turned around, scuttled to the other side of the showers and washed off… embarrassingly feeling my cock hardening.

As I washed I glanced over a couple of times, and both times the black man noticed, making me quickly avert my eyes.

I finished up and went to the change room, I was halfway dressed when the same black man walked past me. His towel was draped over his shoulders, and not remotely hiding his cock. He asked me, “You’re new?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying desperately not to look down at the fascinating big cock dangling between his legs.

“Married?” he asked, this question surprising me.

“Yeah,” I answered, relieved that he’d now realize I wouldn’t cross the Line.

“Good,” he said, as he went to a locker just a few feet away from the one I’d been assigned.

I don’t know why I asked, or why I even allowed the conversation to continue, but I asked, “Good why?”

He didn’t look at me at all as he dialed his locker code, “Because married men make the best cock suckers.”

“I’m not gay,” I stressed, wanting to make that very clear.

“I never said you were,” he said, drawing a shirt over his head, and since he was standing nearby, I could still see his big cock. Even though it was no longer hard, it was still massive. I knew I shouldn’t keep looking, but it was just so majestic I couldn’t help it.

“Good,” I said, as he turned to me again, his cock still dangling like some chocolaty forbidden fruit.

“Most cock suckers here are married,” he added.

“Really?” I asked, trying to resist the desire to look down at his dick again.

“Yeah,” he said, then repeating his bizarre philosophy, “and like I said, married men make the best cock suckers.”

I didn’t respond, since his theory just seemed too far out there. I was married, and I’d never sucked a cock. Never considered sucking a cock. Never found guys attractive. Not any of them.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he continued, as he reached for a pair of boxers and I continued to avoid staring at his dick at all costs. I really didn’t want to suck it, but I was in awe of its sheer size. “You’re thinking, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m married. I’m straight.’ Yet deep inside you there’s an insistent curiosity. I saw it in your eyes when you watched me while trying not to.”

“I was just surprised,” I defended myself, which to me seemed a pretty good excuse.

“Yeah, I imagine you were,” he said, as he stood in front of me, boxers in hand, allowing me one last look at his cock. “But,” he continued, as he caught me taking yet another nervous glance downwards, “there was more than just surprise on your face. There was curiosity there too.”

“No, it was just surprise,” I stressed, which I felt was mostly true, even though I still couldn’t help glancing down at his black python.

“Sure,” he said with just the slightest chuckle, as I still couldn’t help glancing down at his cock once more… his tone almanbahis yeni giriş making it clear he didn’t believe me.

I turned away and reached for my clothes, just as Jake walked in.

“Hey, Vince,” he greeted the black guy, thus informing me of the name of this guy whose dick was causing me so much confusion.

“Hey,” Vince said back. “Is this new guy your friend?”

“Yeah, new coworker,” Jake replied. “Newly arrived from Mississippi.”

“I see,” Vince said, and when I looked over, I saw he now had his boxers on. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the disappointment washing over me, but I was.

“Vince, this is Dwayne; Dwayne, this is Vince,” Jake introduced us, unaware of the awkward conversation Vince and I’d just had.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hey,” he said back, and we all dressed in silence.

Jake and I were walking out when he asked me, “What did you think of the gym?”

“The gym is amazing,” I said, “but the shower room activities are a bit too weird.”

“Yeah, that takes a while to get used to,” he said.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it,” I said, the image of Vince’s huge cock still lingering in my head. I couldn’t figure out why I found it so intriguing!

“Trust me, the longer you’re away from your wife, the more likely you’ll become to take advantage of our special amenities,” he said.

“I don’t think so.”

“Trust me, no one sucks dick better than another guy.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“Trust me, I’m speaking from experience,” he insisted. “Guys understand dicks from the inside out, and a cock sucker is born to suck.”

“This is all just too much for me,” I said.

“I thought it was pretty weird at first too,” Jake agreed, “but over time I’ve come to find it a pleasant reprieve after a crazy workday, and also a sure thing. Which hasn’t been the case at home for several months.”

“But you’re cheating on your wife,” I pointed out.

“I don’t see it that way.”

“How do you see it then?” I asked, curious how he could possibly rationalize it.

“Simple. I’d never fuck another woman, but getting a blow job from another guy isn’t any different than our hanging out.”

“I’m pretty sure your wife would disagree,” I said. “And I’m positive that my wife would.”

He shrugged, “You may be right, but I’m not going to ask her.”

“Good call,” I said, shaking my head moralistically even as ironically, Vince’s cock popped back into my head.

“Trust me, getting blow jobs from guys is the in thing,” he said. “Maybe not down in Mississippi, but here in San Francisco? You betcha!”

“That I haven’t heard before.”

“You’ll change your mind.”

“I don’t think so.”


That night out of curiosity I did some research, and was stunned to learn that straight men sucking dick was more common than I could have ever imagined. According to the survey, 20% of straight men had sucked at least one cock. That was one in five!!!

The next couple of stats on trans women was equally surprising: 74% of trans women had sucked at least one cock, and an incredible 92% had had their cock sucked. It was also interesting that 24% of straight women had eaten pussy… which was just an inch away from one in four, and which I found really hot. I’d dated thirteen women in my life including my wife, so statistically three of them had likely been with a woman. I tried to figure out which three they’d be… and no way would my wife be one of them.

The stats continued to surprise me, such as 18% of all women had fucked a straight guy’s ass, and 20% of straight men had been ass fucked. Although I’d never been curious about sucking cock, Beth, my college girlfriend, used to finger my ass while she sucked my cock, which always gave me the most intense orgasms, so occasionally I’ve contemplated getting ass fucked… although I’ve never considered it something I’d actually explore.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the percentage of people who’d cheated, and if the survey was accurate, woman cheated substantially more often than men (57% to 36%).

Then I read a plethora of kinky things the people surveyed had reported doing in the past year, which made me look like quite the prude. Some of the craziest ones that caught my eye included:

-“Fucked my straight husband in the ass.”

-“Started playing with forced feminization with my boyfriend. Seeing him acknowledge his desires head-on and supporting him, was so, so sexy.”

-“I watched a man fuck my wife, and then ate the cream pie.”

-“Fucked 20 guys in 30 minutes.”

-“Gave a blowjob in the theater during Pet Sematary.”

-“Watched my wife get gangbanged by 15 men.”

-“Girl-only twenty person orgy.”

-“Had sex with a teacher from my daughter’s school.”

-“Got fucked over an outside balcony by four guys at International Mr. Leather.”

-“Fucked a hot boy who called me Daddy.”

-“Circle jerk with dudes wearing tuxedos in a bathroom at a fundraiser.”

-“Went almanbahis giriş to a CumUnion party.” (which I learned was a males only sex club).

-“Went to a weeklong age-play campout.”

-“Role-played as a TSA agent.”

Coming from the South, I guess I’d lived a very vanilla sex life… since I’d found every one of those activities shocking… except perhaps the roleplay one, since my wife and I had done some… although all of it had been years ago… pre-kids. Actually, as I reflected back on my sex life, I realized all my best sexual encounters with my wife had been a long time ago. Shit, even my most recent blow job had been over a year ago!

I don’t know why, but I next googled fictional stories about straight guys sucking cock. I found some wild ones, like Turned Out on a Bet, Turning into a Cocksucker, Nosy Dad, Becoming a Cock Slave, Can a Straight Boy be Turned, Gay Like Dad, The Gay Maker, and the Power of Cock (a wild BBC one), all of them on Literotica.

I even shot a massive load all over myself as I imagined sucking a cock… not necessarily a black one, although that was the story that finally got me off.

Once I was done, I cursed myself.

What the fuck had I just done? I looked at the clock, and saw I’d wasted almost two hours reading about guys sucking cock or getting fucked by other guys!

Shit, I wasn’t gay!

Clearly though, I needed to fuck my wife the very next time I saw her.


Next day, confident I could avoid the cock sucking area, I went back to the gym and worked out. Once done, I went to the sauna and let my muscles relax.

I then went to the shower. I knew I needed to quickly shower and leave, but curiosity got the best of me, and I wandered over towards the cock sucking queue. I didn’t plan to get my cock sucked, and I certainly didn’t plan to cross the Line, yet I was drawn to the area anyway.

Two men were on their knees… they were sucking two chubby white men, while in line were four more men… none of them Vince… whom for some reason I was looking for.

I felt a strange feeling of disappointment at his not being there. Yet, as I looked at the row of men in line. I saw a couple of other nice looking cocks… then I shook my head at the thought of my thinking that any guys’ cocks looked nice.

“Swallow it,” someone grunted, and I turned around and watched as a guy spewed a load in another guy’s mouth. As I watched, I found myself wondering what it would feel like to have a cock in my own mouth, or to feel a load shot into my mouth.

I turned aback around and saw a large black man strolling towards the Line. He was very chubby, but he had a big dick pointing right at me.

“I think you’re on the wrong side of the Line,” the black guy said to me, in the deepest voice I’d ever heard, as I realized I’d been staring at his big dick.

“Pardon?” I asked.

“It’s obvious you want to suck some cock,” he said, now standing right in front of me, not in line.

“What? No,” I replied.

“You sure?” he said. “I can always tell whenever I see a cock sucker.”

“I’m not a cock sucker.”

“If you say so,” he said. “But if you change your mind, or better yet, when you change your mind, I’d love to fuck that cock sucking mouth of yours.”

“Get him to cross the Line, Big Bubba,” someone called over from the queue.

“You ready to cross the Line?” Bubba asked.

“N-N-No,” I stammered, now noticing for the first time my cock was rock hard, so I quickly headed out to the change room.

“You’ll be back,” Bubba called after me.

I hurriedly got dressed, even though I was still rather sweaty, and headed home.

That night, even after all that temptation and humiliation, but knowing I had to work this fascination out of my head, I went back online.

I read a few stories, worked my way through a couple of gay quizzes (they both judged me as straight, but only borderline, since I scored as ‘gay curious’ in one and ‘bisexual curious’ in the other). Which of course didn’t help my peace of mind at all.

I happened across a site focussing on men who only suck and get fucked by BBC, which I found fascinating. Tons of white men, usually married, seemed to have a fetish for only black cock. They posted accounts of their first black cock, about becoming addicted to black cock, and how whenever they were servicing a black cock nothing else mattered.

As I read these testimonials, my cock was raging, since I somewhat felt this was how I’d felt when I’d seen both of those black cocks at the gym.

I’d felt overwhelmed.


Not at all myself.

I googled some more straight guy sex stories, this time including ‘BBC’ in the criteria, and found one that really drew me in, because it felt oddly similar to what was happening to me. The story was called ‘Doing Hard Time in Prison with Cocksucker on Knees in the Shower’. [Author’s note… the story you’re now reading was written after I read this one, since I thought I could spin my version in a similar yet different way for the Nude Day Contest.]

The story was about a guy who’s in jail and finds there’s a lot of cock sucking going on in the showers, and if you go into Shower 27 you become forever a cock sucker.

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His Voice

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69 Position

Her mind was frantic from the events of the day; everything and everyone pulling her in so many directions, and yet she felt unable to please anyone. This is a typical occurrence for a woman who craves the satisfaction of making others happy: she so often neglects her own pleasure. But, not tonight… She runs a hot bath, filled with her favorite lavender bubbles, and lets some relaxing music play as she climbs in. As she sinks deep into the water and feels it wash over her, the stress of the day begins to melt away. She closes her eyes as she takes the hair tie from her wrist and secures her blonde hair into a bun. Rubbing the tension from her neck, she relaxes back against the tub and her hands fall gently to her sides. “Mmm,” she sighs softly, surprising herself at the erotic sound of her breath. She can’t help it, the sound triggers something in her mind and her hand travels between her legs. Her wet, soapy fingers find her equally wet, smooth travesti istanbul pussy. Her thoughts wander to one of her favorite times… Her skirt lifted, laying on her bed. In her mind’s eye, she looks between her legs and sees him, leaning over her, a look of humor and desire on his face as she squirms and wriggles under his touch. His probing fingers alternate between thrusting in and out of her soaked pussy, and circling her throbbing clit. She moans audibly now and it echoes on the walls of the bathroom. She recalls how her hand slipped between her legs to find his, trying to hasten his touch, and how he sternly corrected her, “No.” Letting her know that he would take things at his pace; that he enjoyed watching her quiver for him. It was his voice that was her undoing… always. In fact, she’s convinced that she could cum just by hearing the sound of his voice in all it’s depth and mocking gentleness, coaxing her to do istanbul travestileri so. She wanted to find out. She wanted him to lay her down on her bed between his legs as he leaned against the headboard. She wanted him to brush the hair from her forehead and talk into her ear while he teased and rubbed and penetrated her pussy with his fingers. She wanted to shut out the sounds of the world, her worries, and focus on nothing but the sound of his voice… Feeling the water splashing around her hand and hearing the sound of her own wetness, she continues to rub her pussy in the bathtub. Her fingers are wrinkled from a mixture of her own juices and the hot water. She stops for a moment, bringing them to her mouth to taste her juices, before closing her eyes again. She recalls another day, looking down between her legs to find him there, feasting on her dripping, aching pussy. His tongue didn’t neglect a single part as it darted istanbul travesti in and out and rolled around her swollen clit. Just the recollection of his moans against her flesh sends waves of pleasure through her body as she touches herself, pretending the wetness was his tongue and not the bath water. “Ugh… his moans,” she thinks, remembering the way the vibrations hit her clit as he let her know from deep within his throat that he found her so delicious. She can’t take it anymore. She has to climb into bed: she needs to lay back against her pillow and close her eyes and hear him! She aches to hear his voice. Climbing slowly out of the tub she notices the dripping down her legs. It’s not water, it is her desire. She is slightly taken aback by the effects her mind has had on her body. Wrapping herself in a towel, she steps out of the steamy bathroom and opens the door to her bedroom. Drying herself quickly, she lets the towel fall to the floor and climbs between the crisp clean sheets. Grabbing her stuffie (of course) she makes sure her phone is within reach. She sends him a text: “Are you busy right now?” She waits a few moments, growing impatient as the aching between her thighs will not subside.

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A Day At The Office

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Emily Harris sat at her desk practically squirming with frustration. She looked over to her right and saw James Mitchum, the newest member of the office staff busily working at the computer in front of him. She had gotten word a couple days ago that there would be a new person in the office and she was looking forward to seeing a new face. But nothing prepared her for HIS face!She had met James yesterday on his first day with the company. Wendy, her supervisor called her into her office on Monday. She thought it would be a good idea to pair her up with James so she could show him the ropes and help him get up to speed with his responsibilities. Emily, of course, said she would be happy to help the new guy get familiar with what they did there. However, that was before she found out who the new guy was! Now on Wednesday, she was sitting next to him and she couldn’t keep from staring at him dreamily as she helped him learn the computer programs they used.Emily still remembered how goofy she acted yesterday when she met James for the first time. She had been sitting at her desk with her back to istanbul travesti the room, trying hard to get out one of the many reports she had to do when Wendy introduced James to her.“Emily, this is James, the newest member of our team. I want you to help him get adjusted and show him what we do here,” Wendy said. Emily turned around and nearly fell out of her chair when she saw him – not only did she not know that the new employee was going to be a guy, but she didn’t know he was going to be such a drop-dead gorgeous guy!“I… umm… I… sure. Hi James, Emily Harris,” she said, blushing at her giddy schoolgirl reaction.“I’m James Mitchum, it’s nice to meet you, Emily. I am looking forward to having you show me around the place,” he said with a smile that melted her heart instantly.James was indeed a handsome man, six foot tall with dirty blonde hair, clean-shaven and a face and body that had already turned Emily into mush. Emily wasn’t the only one entranced by the new guy, either. Later that day, James was the talk of the ladies restroom. All the single women in the office were talking about travesti istanbul the “fresh meat” and wondering what kind of a chance they had in landing him.Last night was a fitful night for Emily. Dreams of James intruded on her sleep and she woke up feeling thwarted and unfulfilled. She was thinking of trying to get in her usual morning “wake-up”, but her difficulty in getting to sleep meant that she also woke up too late for any play before heading off to work.And now, sitting there at the desk next to him, Emily knew she couldn’t work there for very long without taking care of this terrible itch. Otherwise, she may lose what’s left of her self-control and just start pleasuring herself right there on her desk in front of him!It didn’t take long for Emily to formulate a plan. She pretended she was getting warm (okay she wasn’t really pretending – she was getting overheated!) and she began unbuttoning a couple buttons on her blouse.She looked over to see James try to look away before she noticed him watching her. Smiling to herself, she slowly got up from her desk making sure that he istanbul travestileri would notice her standing and running her hands down her tight black business skirt to smooth it over her body and tighten the fit over her large full breasts that were already threatening to burst out of her half-buttoned white blouse.She looked slightly to the side, tilting her head so her long blonde hair cascaded down over her face, letting her look up through the tangle of locks to see him staring at her. She turned to walk towards him, swinging her hips to pull the fabric of her dress tighter and tighter. She took a deep breath, pushing her breasts hard against the thin material of her dress making her nipples rub against her bra. Her pussy started to moisten as she smiled at him, pursing her red lips and licking them seductively…As he watched her dumbfounded, she suddenly turned to walk past him, looking over her shoulder as she walked by. Emily cast her eyes down behind her and lead his eyes to her swishing ass. As she trailed her right hand over the tight material, she imagined his hands and tongue doing the same…Emily walked into the thankfully empty ladies room and moved to the sink mirror where she could see her full breasts pushing insistently at the thin material of her blouse, threatening to push her bra through and out into view.

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A Weekend Ride – Part 2

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When we stepped out of the car, Lisa was already awaiting us at her place. As soon as she saw Melanie she knew that something had occurred to her. Mel was still somewhat feeble and had a glassy look in her eyes from all her orgasms in the car. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” Lisa said in a caring tone. “Did you get sick in the car?””I’m more than okay, love,” Mel replied. “You don’t need to worry about anything. I’m so happy to see you, you can’t imagine.”We had a soup-and-salad dinner, apparently Lisa’s favorite kind of light evening meal. We shared a bottle of wine too. Then we went out dancing but returned relatively soon. I think we all knew what was about to happen and we all wanted it to happen.Lisa’s bedroom featured a big queen-size bed that she had prepared for the three of us. No other sleeping accommodation was there. Mel was going to lie in the middle. The wine had its intended effect and we got into a playful mood. We fooled around with each other, caressed Mel and were caressed by her.”Let me check on your tits,” demanded Lisa and moved with her hands underneath Mel’s dress. Mel uttered a light moan and replied daringly, “Let me check on your clit, lover.” She slid her hand inside of Lisa’s pants while Lisa kept twisting Mel’s nipples. Soon both moaned more audibly. Lisa looked at me and asked if that was okay with me. It sure was! Mel then started to undo my pants and brought out my rock-hard cock.Lisa and I began to undress Mel then. Every inch of her appearing skin was greeted with kisses and licking. We shared her and both wanted to pleasure her. Meanwhile, Mel caressed both of us istanbul travesti at our most erogenous spots. We all started to breathe more heavily.Lisa leaned over to Mel, their tits touching, their tongues intertwining in a long kiss. They started to ride with their pelvises on each other’s legs. They caressed each other’s breasts and faces with their hands. Every so often Mel stroked my cock, but concentrated more and more on Lisa. I knew she was approaching a climax fast. Her vagina made loud slurpy sounds by now. And so was Lisa’s.”I’m gonna ride you to it,” whispered Mel. Lisa’s response was a harder riding rhythm, more heavy breathing and louder splashing from her crotch. Their sex juices ran all over their legs now. “Please hold your breath before you come,” I begged Mel. (I knew she could have ground-shaking orgasms when she held her breath just before coming.) So she did and Lisa rode her like crazy with her wet leg. Then Melanie burst into a wild uncontrolled orgasm that shook her body over and over again. She came so hard and didn’t stop for minutes. Squirming like that, she sent Lisa over the edge too. Lisa’s moaning turned to screaming and she clawed her nails into Mel’s sweaty skin as she came. Both girls orgasmed multiple times! Their keenness on each other was released in a mutual masturbation frenzy I hadn’t witnessed before. For many minutes they went on like two ferocious animals until their climaxes finally subsided. God bless the female body!They lay there, wet and exhausted, still breathing hard from the sexual tempest. Slowly Mel turned toward me and said in her istanbul travestileri sweetest voice, “Would you like to make love to me now?” I couldn’t believe she was still ready for more. We started kissing and I caressed her wet pussy with my hard cock. She pushed me in slowly, enjoying every inch of it. I could barely feel the texture of her skin, so wet was she. I began moving slow and deep inside her and along her upper rim. Her eyes were half closed and she was in pure sexual bliss. Lisa moved toward us and inserted her index finger into Mel as well. I could feel how she circled Mel’s clit around my shaft. Mel actually became aroused again and started to squirm under our pleasuring her. Her hands wandered off to Lisa’s breasts and we both kissed Mel, taking turns.Mel is such a strong and extremely sexual lover! She came again with my cock and Lisa’s finger inside her pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles stiffen, her orgasm approach and all her lust overwhelming her again. Her orgasm was weaker than the incredible climaxes she had just minutes ago. Yet, she flooded her crotch, her legs and the bed again. She came like a Mahler symphony: mighty and beautiful. I then filled her with everything I had, my river meeting the river inside of her, slowly running down between her thighs.From all of this, Lisa got horny again also wanted more. “Do you think you are still strong enough to eat me out?” she asked an exhausted Mel. “Put your pussy over my face, lover,” Mel replied. “I’ll suck your clit until you can’t come anymore.” The girls now put on a tremendous licking session. They travesti istanbul changed positions various times, but Mel’s tongue was constantly inside of Lisa’s pussy. It all ended up in a 69 position with both girls licking each other toward another climax. I couldn’t believe their sexual strength, they were both so horny and keen on each other’s pussy. They didn’t allow themselves a break now.Then both came and gushed their orgasms into each other’s mouths, and again the waves of their climaxes lasted many minutes. They did it relentlessly to each other now; no one would stop first. Their muffled screams filled the room and the gushing sounds of their orgasms was the only thing one could hear. “Don’t stop!” screamed Lisa inside Mel’s crotch. “I can still cum more!” “Don’t you ever stop!” screamed Mel from within Lisa’s legs, “I can cum even more than you!” So they went on licking and cumming over and over again. After each series of climaxes, they challenged each other for more. Neither girl was going to be weaker than her lover. “Show me what you still got,” whispered Mel. “I can still cum much more. What have you got left?” replied Lisa. “I can cum all night long, you know this,” said Mel. “I can go on like this, whatever it takes. My clit is in full training. Before you came I’ve already masturbated for hours,” said Lisa. Mel then told her about her masturbation session in the car, which made both of them even hornier. Again they started licking each other towards new climaxes. By now they screamed with each new orgasm. Their writhing bodies were under maximum sexual strain; their clitorises didn’t get a break, but they continued to eat each other out, sucked each other to more orgasms and swallowed all of each other’s cum.It became a matter of sexual pride now. During one of her orgasms Lisa screamed, “Lick me harder, Mel, faster and harder!” 

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Chapter V: Exposure

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It was the autumn of 2012. My first semester of college, my first time truly on my own. I was freshly eighteen and thoroughly enjoying my newfound independence. It was a Friday afternoon, just a few weeks into the semester. Classes had wrapped up and I quickly returned to my room, eager for my run. Fortunately for me, I had scored a single and had all the privacy I could want. Tossing my bag on the floor and setting my keys on the desk, I proceeded to change into my running gear. Off came the oversized sweatshirt, the skinny jeans, and the low-top Converse. Soon I found myself standing before my mirror, studying my body.I was definitely a late bloomer; always rail-thin, more boyish than feminine. Over the past few months, I had noticed soft curves had begun to appear along my hips. My breasts had grown some, now about a B-cup. I noticed my small, pink nipples were hardening in the cool air as I pulled a sports bra on. Even istanbul travesti with the recent development I still frequently went braless because, well, why not? I had always been awkward about my body, keeping it covered up even when I didn’t have anything to show off. As I pulled a pair of running shorts on, I noticed how long my legs looked in them. Granted, pushing 6’ as a girl already made me a bit leggy.“What people must think when they see me, the Amazonian, hurdling down the sidewalk,” I chuckled to myself. Slipping into my running shoes, I pulled my long, dark blonde hair back into a ponytail and headed out the door.***Even though it was still September, the Vermont air was beginning to cool. I shuddered slightly as I stepped outside my residence hall, quickly finding myself distracted with pulling up my running playlist on my phone. I didn’t even notice him until I found myself falling backward travesti istanbul on my ass.“Shit, are you okay?” A callused hand was grasping mine as I felt myself lifted up, coming face to face with him. “I tried to get your attention, but it was too late, I’m really sorry for bumping into you.”The initial shock finally wore off and I was able to register who was talking to me. His dark red hair was slightly tousled, not too long but not too short. He actually towered over me, he had to be at least 6’ 4”. He had a strong jawline with a few days of scruff. His lips looked soft and teased at a dazzling smile, but it was those eyes. So intelligent, so mischievous, so blue! I could feel my stomach flutter and my knees turn to jelly, how cliché is that?I mentally kicked myself for the rom-com bullshit, and also because I was becoming painfully aware that I still hadn’t answered him. “Erm, I’m okay, really! istanbul travestileri I shouldn’t have been walking and messing on my phone.”God damnit, why are you like this? I could feel myself turning red, a warm flush spreading across my face and chest, “I mean – are you okay? I didn’t hurt you or anything, did I?”I could feel his eyes study me, really taking me in. He seemed to be deep in thought before he laughed, ‘Nah, you’re good. I’m Lincoln, by the way.”I blushed even more, internally screaming at my own awkward self as I replied, “I’m Calamity, but most people call me Cal.”“Calamity… like, Calamity Jane?” Lincoln cocked his head to one side, “That’s different.”Shrugging nonchalantly, I retorted, “Guess my parents just didn’t want me to blend into the crowds of Sarah’s and Ashley’s that roam this campus in hordes. Besides, it could be worse…”Lincoln raised an eyebrow jokingly, “Oh yeah, how’s that?”A devilish look swept across my faced, “They could’ve named me Lincoln.”Lincoln laughed and rolled his eyes, “I’m wounded! And to think I was going to ask for your number.”I could feel my jaw drop, any sense of calm, cool collected-ness I thought I had was gone. “My-my number? Me?”

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Marcy’s Ticket to Ride

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Big Tits

It’s a regular day. Another day going to work. I wake up at 5:30 am, make coffee, get dressed, sip coffee, and then head out the door by six as I grab a bite on my breakfast bar. Regular. The only thing I like about my day is when I get to the train into town. Marcy is there.I don’t know Marcy, I just know who she is and I love looking at her. In fact, I don’t know if that’s her name. I gave her that name. Every morning she wears this business suit or tight pencil skirt and she looks gorgeous. Her blouse is sticking out just enough to see her cleavage. She is sexy beyond belief. Long blonde hair, a few years older than I am, but just gorgeous.Nothing is fake about her. You can see her life in her eyes. She sits at the same bench every day, same train station as me, as she sips her Starbucks coffee. She politely let’s everyone on the train and then I get to see her walk. Flaring hips, beautiful body. On cold mornings she hides her face in her scarf just enough to see her beautiful eyes.Our train ride is normally about an hour long. We live a ways out of New York and the commute can be long. Still, even though our train ride is lengthy, the train is always packed. We normally are some of the first people to board on this route and so we have our “regular seats”. We normally sit in solo seats and to my privilege, she is seated right in front of me.She faces me, three feet away across a table, but we have never talked and never engaged. It’s been like this for years. We have made eye contact but she normally is on her phone while I read my paper. In a way, we are just as engaged as a regular couple after years of marriage. Maybe that’s why I look at her like that. She’s my train wife.Today is a regular work day but the train is packed. It’s first day back to work for most people after being quarantined inside for COVID-19. It is very busy and people are minding their business. Marcy is on her phone once again and I read the paper’s financial section istanbul travesti before going to work. The economy has been hit hard and I know I will be very busy at work.As the train sways side to side on the ride, I get tired of reading my paper and I put it down. I glance at Marcy and she seems engrossed in her phone. Her legs are crossed, showing off her legs and she just dangles a high heel off her toes. I’m captivated how beautiful she looks and thank god silently that I don’t work with her, as I would probably get fired for not doing any work.Bang!The train sways to the side quickly and we are pushed by inertia to the other side. We are still in our seats but it startles everyone. Humans instinctively look around when this happens and it’s no different today. I look to the people beside me and ask if they are okay and everyone looks fine at this point. I look at Marcy and see her shoe went flying towards my feet. I ask if she is okay and give her back her shoe.“Oh, yes. I’m fine thanks.” she says as if nothing happened.  I look down and see that her brief case got open and she is not getting up to get it. I get on my knees and start cleaning up the mess and bring it back to the side of her seat. I look up to make eye contact and she smiles. As I turn around I then see why she is not getting up. She has her phone on the wee vibe app. I know that app. I used to use it with my wife all the time. It’s the only sex we had.I sit back down and realise that this whole time we have been on the train together, she has been masturbating right in front of me. I instantly feel a bulge in my pants start to grow, I look at her with more intrigue.The PA comes on and the conductor says, “Due to the rough tracks behind us we will have to stop here and inspect the cars to make sure the train is safe. Please stay seated as this will only take a few minutes. Thank you.”I think in my mind, ‘Thank god.’ I want to watch her even more now.I sit travesti istanbul back and watch her. She covers her face more now. I think she realises that I know. She is still masturbating as clearly her hands are moving up and down and side to side on her phone. She hasn’t cum yet. I have to do something to help her. I’m the only one on this train that knows what she is doing and she knows it. She must feel embarrassed. She shouldn’t. It’s perfectly okay. Maybe she likes to discreetly masturbate in public. I wonder what her face looks like when she cums. What the hell am I thinking?My mouth opens through no control of my own. “I like that app too,” my voice says in the ether of everyone else’s conversation. She pulls her phone down to just peek with her eyes.“It’s a great app to keep busy on the train. I can get in my own world,” Marcy says without moving her phone away from her face.I try to keep the conversation going in terms that won’t alarm people around, “What model do you have? Single or dual motor?” her eyes flare open and light up as she is surprised that I actually know what I’m talking about. She puts her phone down on the table between us and sits up, placing her elbows as if we were at a meeting.“Dual. I need the dual action in and out.”I place my elbows on the table as well and get closer to her. “Ah, I see. And you do this every day?” Did I just ask that?She smiles while playing with her wedding band. “Most times. Sometimes I just think how my life with my husband is a waste of time and that I need a release of some sort. I don’t have time to meet people and take care of the account filled with wet funds.”I gulp. I don’t know what to say. I was exactly like her a few months ago until I separated. I wished I could have had an affair. I tried Ashley Madison and other sites and just resorted to reading online stories and jerking off. At least I’d be happy, and then go home to reality. I grab a piece of paper and istanbul travestileri write my phone number down. “Why don’t you send me a text with the meeting invite and I can deal with your wet funds.”She takes the piece of paper and says, “One condition. You turn my wet funds into something….hard and concrete. I want to really enjoy my wet funds.”“I can do that right now.” I can’t believe what I’m doing. I’m on a train and I’m going to get this woman off.She types in my number in her phone and sends me the invite to connect. I hit it and I’m taken directly to the app (I already had it on my phone). I connect to her device and I’m brought to a graphical representation of what the vibrator she is wearing will do. I can increase the intensity and even the type of curve the vibrator takes.“Let’s see what I can do with your wet funds.” I hit the play button on the app and a sine wave starts moving. She smiles and looks at me with sultry eyes. She leans back and takes her shoes off.“While you are looking at that for me, I’ll just lean back and relax.” She pulls out a coat and puts it on. I think she is trying to cover herself so she can touch herself. I hope so anyways.I sit back and reduce the intensity. I immediately get a reaction in the form of a stern look. Ok. Warp speed! Got it, Captain. I speed back up and she smiles. Her sultry eyes are back and she leans forward to me.“That feels wonderful.” My cock is as hard as a rock when she says that. I have to adjust my pants. It’s getting very tight and the head of my cock is throbbing. She sees me correcting my posture and she moans just loud enough so I can hear her. Her breath speeds up and her hands go flat on the table. Our eyes are not moving off of each other, and we are both feeling pulses in places that are excited and blood-filled.As she looks at me, her hand reaches under her coat. I can tell she is squeezing her breast, pinching her nipple hard. Her face tells me that it increases her pleasure. ”Fuck….” she says as she closes her eyes.I switch modes and this time I am teasing her. The app shows long slopes reaching very high and then all the way down. As I look at her, I can tell when she reaches the peaks of the intensity and when it dies off.

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The Proposal Part 1

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For you.I’m sitting in my cell. Naked. Only wearing the leather collar, which gained extra significance after yesterday. The sun shining down through the skylight woke me early in the morning. I was still tired but couldn’t stay in bed. Too restless, too confused. What happened yesterday rages like a storm in my head and lingers in my body.I found your assignment on the table. After a few attempts that end in torn paper, I realise I can never accomplish it without describing the path that led me here.Berlin, 1 July 1882“So you are the man who facilitates my husband’s infidelity,” she said. Her accusation caught my attention first. I hadn’t noticed the young woman manoeuvring herself next to me. An achievement, given her stylish wide dress and the soft ringing jewels in vogue this season. We were both guests at one of the many galas held during the summer. Too hot for the prescribed dress code and with a host showing off his fortune, too lavish. Too tame to captivate me.A varied selection of the metropolitan elite was present. Jealous of the social standing nobility provided, most members of the bourgeoisie attempted to best the aristocratic representatives in style and propriety. An effort in which they spectacularly failed, according to the aristocrats present, being envious of the citizens’ wealth. The chamber orchestra played a beautiful rendition of Bach’s Goldberg variations, but it didn’t disturb the guests as they could hear themselves talk over the music.After completing my social obligations concerning Friedrich Krupp and his brand-new wife, I fled to the relative calm the roof terrace provided. I looked out over the nightly city, a sea of gaslight, scattered over dark silhouettes of buildings under dense clouds. The sound of a rumbling thunderstorm in the distance mingled with rattling carriages. Everyone still awake longed for salvation by rain. It would keep the stench at bay for a few days.I have a love-hate relationship with Berlin. A fortified city in a swamp grown beyond control, to accommodate all the people needed to rule the German empire. Add all those aspiring to make their fortunes and the result was utter chaos. Despite its filth and smell, Berlin was the place to be. A city teeming with danger and opportunities, one of which just blamed me for corrupting her marriage.That path starts with our first meeting at the party of the Krupp family in Berlin. Not an occasion I normally would attend. Too rough, too exuberant and not refined enough, as one expects from a bourgeois family that gained their wealth with the arms trade. A setting where you are in your element. You congratulate the host and make the hostess smile with a compliment.You are smaller than I expected, less impressive and younger, too. A handsome man with dark hair and bright blue, dreamy eyes. Or you could be, if your clothing didn’t draw all the attention. A shiny golden suit with all kinds of fashionable frills, extravagant, tending towards clownish. It fits your reputation as an airhead and a slacker. It also matches well with the costumes of many other guests. Although the dress I chose meant to get your attention, it is modest compared to what other women dare to wear.For now, I don’t mind. I prefer to remain in the background, learning as much as I can by observing you. At least, that’s what I tell myself, but in reality, I’m stalling and out of my depth. In my mind, I already practised a hundred times how our conversation fares, but it falls on me to start that conversation. When you venture to the roof terrace, it’s now or never. So I jump into the deep end and follow you upstairs.The young woman spoke without looking at me, timing her accusation with care. We stood at a distance, but no one could hear us beyond the chatter of other guests, and the orchestra just began a new piece in the banquet hall downstairs. Her ability to make these assessments and move amongst the crowd unnoticed marked her as a member of a noble family. A member granted comely blessings, I discovered with a quick glance. Her direct question about her husband’s unfaithfulness deserved an appropriate answer.“It could be, but strikes me as unlikely, given your appearance,” I said.She answered with a fleeting glimpse and wrung her hands; the compliment left her cold. I turned to face her, pretending to study the other partygoers behind her. “Who travesti istanbul is your husband?” “My husband is Count Von Fürstenberg. You know him, I suppose?” Her words were more polite than she intended, judging by the ice in her voice. I knew Von Fürstenberg well. He was a high-ranking diplomat in charge of Italian relations, and indeed a well-paying regular in the dungeons of my estate. I had little use for his wife causing a public scene about his infidelity at my expense, no matter how charming she appeared. To others present, we seemed to mind our own business and enjoy the scenery. I decided to make our introduction official and stepped close, wearing a warm smile. “Then you are countess Milena Von Fürstenberg,” I said, and offered my hand. She accepted, and I sealed our greeting with an appropriate kiss on her hand.“Damian Von Anhalt Bernburg, my pleasure. I heard about you.”“I’m sure you did. No doubt my husband mentioned me while he enjoyed himself in your brothel.” Her remark dripped with angry sarcasm, but her friendly smile claimed the opposite. It suited the hypocrisy of a party in honour of the newlywed couple, where the groom preferred manly love. I let go of her hand and ignored her sarcasm with a smile.“You are referring to my estate in Bad Pyrmont?” I asked. She just mirrored my smile with a knowing one, but remained silent. I turned to the spectacle other guests provided, showing off extravagant gowns adorned with oriental designs. The latest fashion refused to emphasise the unique splendour of its victims, relentlessly designed to obey current beauty ideals. Ideals that suited the lady next to me, but befitting her opinions on my estate, she had chosen a more subdued attire.“It’s more than a brothel,” I said. “Not every client uses all available facilities.” It was true, but not very common. “You don’t deny that you are hosting ladies of pleasure there?” she said. Her remark posed as a question, but was an accusation.“Everyone uses imagination to live out their desires. I’m fortunate to have an estate at my disposal where such daydreams become a reality. Wouldn’t it be selfish if I didn’t share it with others?” I put my hand on her shoulder and turned towards her. “With you, for example?” I asked. One could always hope. She glanced at my hand as if it was a spider. “No, thank you, not interested,” she said, still smiling. She didn’t mind spiders enough to make a scene. What was she after? Curious, I forced her next move by concluding our conversation with a curt bow. “Then I wish you a richer fantasy than our host,” I said, but before I could turn away, her hand found my arm while she searched my eyes. “My dear Duke, I want for nothing in my daydreams.” No more cold politeness or feigned smiles. She was direct and genuine. It suited her much better. “In the real world, my husband probably cheats on me. You know the truth, but you’re not going to tell me, are you?” It was a rhetorical question, and she knew it, averting her eyes when I kept her gaze. With a sigh, I took her hand in mine. “Dear Countess, even if I had all the details concerning your husband’s desires at my disposal, I won’t elaborate on them. Guests visiting my estate count on my discretion.” She gave me a stern look, but I refused to avoid it. “You already knew I wouldn’t,” I said. “Otherwise, you’d have addressed me differently. With your direct question, you hoped to gain the truth. It takes more to provoke me, alas. Provoking someone is a game I enjoy too much myself.” “Then I suggest you see me as a guest.” For the first time, she sounded amiable, with a playful glint in her eyes. “You invited me, didn’t you? You know my desire. State your price. “ “You can’t afford it.” “So you can be bought.” “Everyone can be bought. As long as the one who buys pays the price.”She didn’t deny it and met my stakes. “What is your price in this case?” she asked. With the hint of a blush she averted her eyes. Was she flirting with me? Or just embarrassed with the situation? With enough inuendo to cover both, I made sure she’d await my answer.“I cannot say because I don’t know whether I can meet your desires. Give me a chance to see into the matter, and you’ll hear from me.” I kissed her hand again and appraised her. “It will cost you, Countess, more than you think. And I’m not talking about money. “She remained silent istanbul travestileri for a moment, but her mocking grin spoke volumes. “Then I hope to hear from you soon, Duke,” she said. With her satisfied smirk, she made a reverence, and left as graceful as she had arrived. She achieved what she wanted—my curiosity.Count Von Fürstenberg and I met when one of my investments, the Gothart railway project, ran into political obstacles. After our business meetings, he proved to be very adept at the more extravagant pleasures life offers. Despite this, I was not under the impression Milena had reason to worry about her marriage. As far as I knew, he dedicated himself to his wife and their household, except for personal issues he didn’t want to burden her with. According to him, she was not very adventurous in bed: the reason he sought his entertainment at my estate.When I finally met Milena in person, I didn’t share the count’s impression. She had passion in spades, daring me like that at the party. A dangerous passion because it was fuelled by resentment.I could not afford an all too upsetting scandal concerning the Von Fürstenbergs. For my biggest investment to succeed, the count was instrumental the coming month. I had no use for Milena undercutting his diplomatic skills by blowing up in her husband’s face about his infidelity. As long as she awaited my answer, she wouldn’t. Perhaps, with a bit of effort, I could even turn a frustrated man and his unhappy wife into two happy clients. A better situation for everyone involved.Our conversation doesn’t go the way I imagined. You just admit what I’m accusing you of, and I’m left empty-handed. You intimidate me with your openness, as if I am pushing against a door and tumble inside flailing, because you open the door, while other entries behind you remain closed. I accuse you, yet you remain friendly while warning me. The price to open those other doors is too high for me. It sounds like a threat, but also as a challenge. One thing is clear to me. Those who regard you as charming simpleton have never spoken to you in person.Wannsee, 8 JulyA week after our first meeting, I called on Milena uninvited. The Von Fürstenbergs have a large country retreat near the capital, where she hosted a benefit gala for the poor. Milena donated several of her paintings to be auctioned for the good cause.You could describe my clothing choice as flamboyant if you wanted to be polite. I thought it ridiculous, especially if you considered the gala’s purpose. Friedrich Von Bentheim and his wife introduced me, as Milena welcomed us into the hall of the mansion.“Friedrich, Eloise, how nice of you to come.” She greeted the couple with a warm smile and nodded at me. “You brought the duke. What an unexpected pleasure.” It had the courteous intonation you use addressing a waiter about a fly in the soup. The fly in question tried to be polite.“Countess, the pleasure is mutual, but of course, not unexpected from my side.”“If I had known that the fate of the poor could count on your interest, I would, of course, invite you myself.” Her kind words didn’t match her mocking attitude.“Love your neighbour as yourself is a philosophy I support.” I gestured at the other guests. “If the gathered crowd concurs, poverty is a problem of the past.”Friedrich was so gallant to intervene. “The duke is a great lover of fine arts. As soon as I heard about your auction, I felt obliged to introduce him.”I smirked. That I settled Friedrich’s gambling debts played a more significant role. With an equally friendly smile, she forgave Friedrich my presence.“It’s all right, dear friend. Anyone who wishes to contribute as generously as the duke apparently intends, is most welcome. That he is a lover, I already knew. Do come in further.”We entered the salon, joining the other invitees. Members of the noble elite and upstanding citizens who hadn’t left the city for their summer residence. It was lavish but with style and purpose, something the previous party lacked. The staff, armed with trays full of sparkling crystal glasses and appetising petit fours, served the guests standing about in small groups.As usual during these occasions, there was much chatter with no one listening. Only the latest gossip could count on a willing ear. According to the heated chat that erupted after I passed, I was often the istanbul travesti topic. There were vague acquaintances, but nobody seized the opportunity to start a conversation. I didn’t mind, for it supplied me with ample time to study the fine art that should have been tonight’s major attraction.The artworks were hung on the room’s wood panelled walls. Most works showed Milena’s skill as gifted illustrator. Some of her exotic vista’s appeared familiar, and Milena had captured scenes showing ordinary life with verve.It suited what I learnt about her in the past week. She grew up in the straitjacket of nobility, groomed for a marriage where posterity and reputation trumped passion. But to someone who had an eye for it, several paintings revealed budding passion. Something dark crept into her most recent works. Unbridled by the rules of propriety, she could be a great artist.“Duke, allow me to introduce you to my husband.” Milena and her spouse came to stand with me while I studied one of her paintings. “I think you already know each other?” With a skilfully faked smile, she played the murdered innocence. Being introduced to me by his wife didn’t rattle the count. Always the diplomat, he shook my hand with warm enthusiasm. “My dear duke, what a pleasant surprise to see you here. If I had known my wife’s work interested you, I would have invited you myself.”I dared to doubt that, but didn’t mind the lie. “I pardon you, dear count. During summer, I usually stay at my estate in Pyrmont,” and turned to Milena, “but some business obligations forced me to stay in Berlin longer than expected.”She did not respond to this personal jab and, being clueless, he added insult to injury. “Let me offer you to use our country house for your stay. You have been so hospitable to receive me at your estate often enough.” He turned to Milena, explaining what she already knew. “The castle in Pyrmont is spectacular. More than once, it hosted diplomatic negotiations that ended in satisfactory results for all parties involved.”“In that case, it’s only natural to spend the rest of your stay here if you would appreciate it,” Milena said. She remained the perfect hostess. Only a twitch of her mouth betrayed she considered their coal cellar the most suitable place for my stay.“Much obliged, but it won’t be necessary. I expect to sort my affairs soon, and the hotel where I stay is quite comfortable. But I appreciate your generosity,” I said to both of them, and faced the count, feigning an affront. “What I do fault you for is that you haven’t ever introduced me to your wife. She is eloquent, charming and talented. Let’s not forget being hospitable. Is my reputation so terrible that you didn’t dare to introduce us? “That had the effect Milena intended. The count stiffened for a moment, torn between breaking a sweat and a coughing fit. He managed to recover before either, took her hand in his, and retorted. “No, my dear duke, your charms may be notorious, but I trust my wife. How else could I perform my diplomatic duties away from home?”I read the gaze of discomfort she forced in a smile differently than her husband did.He beamed at Milena, then his face turned sombre despite his loving gaze. “Unfortunately, those diplomatic duties will soon require me to leave Milena again and accompany Lombardia’s trade delegation from Hamburg to Milan.” The count turned to me. “I wondered if your estate is available for the first leg of that journey, given that you one of those responsible for my mission,” and said to Milena, “the duke is a co-investor in the Gotthard rail tunnel, which will link Italy and Switzerland. He is also developing properties along the line to make the venture a succes.”Milena’s face was petrified. I doubted she heard his explanation. I just stayed as neutral as I could. If those properties wouldn’t succeed, it would ruin me. “Of course, you are always very welcome.”  Let your secretary contact Alice to arrange the details of your visit. I will make sure that you and your companions lack nothing. Apart from the company of your charming wife, of course.”Milena gave me a look of keen understanding. Time to flee before the conversation turned into a ruckus I hadn’t planned. “If you will excuse me? I like to choose a painting for my bid. I wouldn’t want my presence disturbing what little time you have together.” With a slight bow, I left the happy couple to their own devices. To me, the less time they spend together, the better. Their marriage sat on a powder keg, and Milena seemed ready to light the fuse. I had to get them apart, best before the count left for his trade negotiations.

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The Yes, Sir’ group’s Gym Sex

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The ‘Yes, Sir’ group went into a lull after Fantasy Fest, and Tom and I needed personal time to evaluate the group.

Our sex life didn’t suffer, but we extended out into some more fetish play. Seeing some of the outfits at Key West caused discussions if they were just costumes or admission to their events and if they were from actual events; damn, we are one staid couple!

We met with Clay and Dee, Vince and Kathy, and Connie and Bill at the Tiki Hut for drinks Saturday afternoon. Hugs and kisses were all around, and everyone spoke of Key West and our behavior.

Connie’s tan was so dark she looked like a native American. Her nipples contain gold hoops and look fantastic. Dee was the first to comment on Connie’s jewelry. “Honey, you look so hot with your rings! I wish I had the nerve to do that.”

“Did it hurt?” I asked. Connie reached over and squeezed my nipple with her fingernails, saying, “Does that hurt? Hell, yea, it hurt. Bill has wanted me to get them pierced for a long time, so I did it”.

None of us had participated in ‘Yes, Sir’ activities. Clay said he had set up a gangbang for Judy, but no other couples participated.

I thought about Judy and a group of men. Laughing to myself, I thought, ‘No men were harmed in the making of this event. Judy can get out of control at times.

Dee allowed there had been some personal problems in her immediate family. She didn’t know the details, but the concern was my all.

“Hell, it’s time we did something! The men need to pow-wow and come up with something. We don’t want to wait until Christmas and all the family obligations that come with that.” Dee said.

The women went to the conversation pool to drink and talk about Fantasy Fest. There were a lot of laughs, and everyone said they wanted it on the calendar for next year. We talked about the ‘Yes, Sir’ group, and we agreed the men’s request hadn’t been dangerous. The closest activity was public sex at the theater. Dee admitted she enjoyed the rawness of the sex, which caused her to realize she didn’t have too many limits.

“I wish I could have been there. It sounds like one hell of a time”, Connie said. “Bill would have loved to watch me in a theater.”

We all went back to the Tiki Hut to get drinks. I looked at Tom and saw him beckon me to him.

“The men have talked, and we have set a new happening. All have agreed on the rules. Get the other women and meet us at the picnic tables,” Tom firmly told me.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

The ‘slaves’ followed the men out to the picnic area. The men stood, and the women sat on the splintering wood.

Tom took the lead. This usually means it was his suggestion the men agreed on. “The next event is going to be new. We want a showing off to men at a gym’s sauna. The three of you will do everything possible to have sex with the men there. We will enter the sauna separately to monitor your activities and ensure your safety. Satisfaction is the only acceptable result.”

Clay spoke next. “We will decide on the spa this next week. Any questions?

“No, Sir’ the women said in unison.

The men walked away. Connie spoke first. “What if someone reports us to the management?”

I replied, “Honey, the rules set down initially said we slaves are not to question our safety. An agreement that the ‘slaves’ would trust no harm will come to us, and you need to accept that.”

Dee added, “Nothing has come to cause us to be concerned so far. I trust the men and don’t think we should not be concerned. We need to trust them.”

I’d like to know if our comments to Connie eased her concern.

Tom and I stayed for the swingers’ party that night, and it wasn’t one of the better ones, so we left early.

As we drove home, Tom asked, “What do you think of the sauna sex idea? Off the record, Bill wanted to make the istanbul travesti theater trip, but Clay vetoed it. I don’t know why.”

Am I to answer as a ‘slave’ or your wife?” I asked.

“As my —, hell, I don’t know. Bill wants to see Connie oiled and approaching men for sex. I like the oil idea, but I wish it could be in a more controlled environment.”

“Yes, Sir’ I answered. No more discussion.

I had just got home from work when Tom informed me of the gym. It is in Tampa, on a busy highway, and the men thought it would be less of a neighborhood atmosphere.

“Yes, Sir I replied.

“The women are to go in after the men have begun to work out. They will be wearing workout clothes with no underwear. The tighter, the better. They will enter the sauna as a group and sit several feet apart. There are towels outside the sauna doors. Pick up two for each of you”.

He continued, “As the man who suggested this activity, I am ordering you to initiate the behavior. You can do so by flirting with someone, or if that fails, you are to remove the workout clothes and lay a towel over your legs. I expect you to be the more active of the slaves. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I said. Conne and Dee would receive a talk also.

The next day I called Dee to see if she knew the gym. I’ve seen it a few times, and it’s just a short distance from the stadium on Dale Mabry. And there are several strip clubs in that area.”Dee told me.

I said, “hell, I hope it goes well at the gym. Tom will have us turning tricks in one of the clubs!”

Tom told me Thursday morning the event is set for that night. “Try to get home early. Clean your body throughly. I want everything accessible. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

I did as told.

When Tom dropped me off at the gym, I saw Connie and Dee in cars with their men, and Kathy was standing just inside the gym’s lobby.

I was wearing tight short shorts and a crop top, no bra. I carried a small duffle bag with the body oil and another set of more conservative clothes. Thank Gawd Tom didn’t know about the alternate outfit.

The four of us ‘slaves’ were all dressed, stretching the limits of ‘proper workout clothes. Dee’s large augmented boobs were straining against the white tube top, and the cut of her shorts showed half her ass.

Connie wore a short, thin tee that showed her nipple rings. Her shorts equaled mine, and I pulled up to show our camel toes.

Kathy wore a short pair of leggings and a gym top that clung to her full breasts like a second skin. She wore a towel draped over her shoulders.

We purchased visitor passes. There was a ladies’ room on the left. As we walked in that direction, I saw several men looking at us. Nice.

After checking our outfits, we walked together to the treadmill machines. As Connie was checking out the controls, a man approached to give her assistance. Connie was all smiles as he showed her the gauges, adjustments, etc., and brushed her boob over his arm. This resulted in a smile and the man’s hand running down her butt.

I watched as Kathy went to the juice bar. She sat on one of the stools and removed the towel from her shoulders. The attendant approached, and as he did, Kathy adjusted her posture to show her boobs.

I turned my machine on and stepped onto it. A plodding speed and at a very brief angle. Before placing my arms on the arms of the device, I stretched, causing my nipples to push against my short top.

I saw Dee talking to a younger man who was trying his best not to stare at her boobs. Dee, of course, was doing everything she could to show him their firmness by placing her folded arms under the mounds.

The men were using either a rowing machine or some leg press weights. I saw Tom watching me, and I wondered how long it would be for him to nod his head to travesti istanbul signal me to move to the sauna.

I eventually stepped away from my treadmill and moved to a floor mat. I sat and glanced around quickly to see if I was being watched before I got on my knees to do leg thrusts.

I made various junior high gym class moves and began to work up a ‘sweat.’ I wanted it to cause my top to cling to my boobs. After several minutes I felt the sweat running down my breasts. Mmm, sexy!

I sat on my butt, legs extended and spread. I began reaching out to touch my toes and got the desired response. A man came over and commented on how firm my body was. “Well, thank you. I need to stay in shape for my men friends.” I told him.

He told me his name was Tim and assured me I should have enough men friends to last a lifetime.

“Smiling and adding a wink, I said, “It seems they’re never around when I need their attention. Like right, how.”

Tim caught on quickly. “Have you been in the sauna today? It is so comforting and a place you can relax. Would you join me?”

Would I?

Tim assisted me in getting to my feet. I told him I needed my bag and that I would return. I purposely walked by Tom. I said, “Yes, Sir.”

I got my duffle and walked with Tim into the sauna. We sat in one corner, and I was surprised to see Dee already in there and see Clay in another corner. Our protector.

“Tim, do you care if I remove my outfit? If it affects you or the others in here, I won’t. I always like to put body oil on when I’m in a sauna?”

Tim told me he wouldn’t be offended and to hell with the rest of the men.

I stood and pulled my crop top over my head. I pushed down my shorts and stood nude for the world to see. Clay smiled to see my behavior.

I bent and told the body oil out of my bag. I poured a significant amount into my right hand and began to oil my arms. I looked to see everyone watching me.

After a light brush of the fluid over my body, I sat. “That feels so good. I love to feel the oil and sweat coating my body.”

A brief moment later, Connie entered the sauna with a man in tow. She said to me and smiled. Almost immediately, Bill came in.

I turned my attention to Tim. I again poured oil into my hand and began to work it onto my body. I started with my legs and soon had my fingers within inches of my shaved pubes. Not yet.

Another hand full went to my arms and finally to my breasts. Tim was watching and rubbing his erection. Smiling, I massaged the liquid into my boobs. Not just on, but an effort to force it in my pores. My nipples were like corks, and I pulled each with a forefinger and thumb.

Looking at Tim, I made my move. I slid my right hand into the top of his shorts and pulled his cock. Damn, I could bend it if I tried. “Pull your shorts down, baby. I want it inside me.” I finished my speech with a lick to his ear.

Tim stood and quickly had his shorts down around his ankles. He sat next to me, and I wasted no time swinging my leg over his and grasping his penis, guiding it into my opening. His rod was thin and uncut, and it entered me quickly.

My thought was on my sex and not on the other slaves. I rode Tim for several minutes, stopping when I thought he might climax and beginning my ride again.

Finally, I let him cum. He tried to silence his voice but failed. Sorry if we offended others. NOT!

When I stood, I saw Tom and Bill in the room. Connie was oiled head to toe as she lowered herself to take her man’s cock in her mouth. Bill was apt in his watching.

Tom nodded to me. I said, “Yes, Sir.”

I picked up a towel and sat back on the hardwood bench. I draped a towel over my legs and watched as Dee’s partner was behind her as she kneeled on the bench. He was pumping into her, long and robust, and I would bet he istanbul travestileri was in her butt with oil available at her request.

Tim had left, and I was looking at two other men in the sauna. One had recently entered and was sitting naked and inviting. I

Looking at Tom, I stood and moved to the man. I introduced myself, and he did the same.

“I see you have a very nice penis, and I would like to get to know it better,” I said boldly. Before he could respond, I had the shaft in my hand.

“I’m all for that.” My new friend told me.

I twisted on the bench and maneuvered to take him to my lips. Looking up into his eyes, I lowered my mouth to take over half his rod. Raising, I told him how much I love cum, and I want all of it in my throat.

With that admission, I lowered myself to the wood slat floor and turned to take all of his cock into my mouth. I began to work on him in earnest, and I did my nastiest maneuvers and soon had his dumping his sperm deep inside my throat.

Standing, I looked at Tom. He was standing, and he motioned for me to come to him. Only then did I notice the rest of our group was gone.

He looked at me before saying, “I’m pleased with your performance. Get dressed.”

Yes, Sir,” I said.

Kathy never appeared in the sauna, and we discovered later she ended up in a storage room. Her flirting caused the attendant to invite her there so they could get to know each other.

Vince had watched her and knew where she had ended up. He sat on one of the counter’s stools and waited. He later commented he could hear her ‘spreading cheer to her new friend.

When Tom and I left the sauna, Clay and Bill watched their ‘slaves’ in the clothing area, looking at workout clothes. Tom told me to stay with him.

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

“You did well in the sauna. The second man you serviced was a bonus. Now go over the ladies’ lockers and remove your top. Come out with a towel ONLY covering your boobs. Understand?” To ordered.

“Yes, Sir.”

I went into the locker area and did as told. I also removed my shorts and applied oil to my body. Pulling on my shorts, I glanced in the full-length mirrors. Two women watched me, and there was no distaste for my actions.

I smiled, draped my towel over my shoulders, and tossed my top in the duffle. As I walked by the two, one of them allowed, ‘you must be one of the women in the sauna. I admire you bravely.’

I stopped to chat with them. “Yes, my girlfriends and I enjoy a ‘day out getting a little wild.” I lied by adding we keep score and who can add up the most men gets a day’s free shopping at Macy’s. I’m second right now, but I intend to be ahead after next weekend.”

While walking back the Tom, I smiled, wondering what the women were thinking.

The group had gathered, and before we left, the men agreed to exchange the stories the women related to them.

In the car, Tom broke the ‘Yes, Sir’ mode and placed his hand on my leg. “Honey, you amaze me. You did as told. Seeing your step forward, as I wanted, to initiate the action made me feel like a king. “

I waited to see if Tom would elaborate more, but Nothing ca

“It went off easier than I expected. I was glad the gym wasn’t crowded. The time of the day was good. Three women dressed scantly showed we were there for more than a workout. We were so lucky.”

Tom asked if all the women had performed as their men ordered them.

I told him about Dee’s man pounding her, and I expected it was in her ass. Connie’s man loved her nipple rings and pulled on them as she sucked him off.

I removed my towel and turned to lean on the passenger’s door. I made a display of pulling on my tits as if milking each. I ended each stroke by pulling a nipple and forefinger.

Then I asked if he would like me to have my nipples pierced. I knew my question’s answer before Tom spoke.

His comment was a pleasant surprise. “Honey, there’s a diamond watch in your future.”

That night we had the best lovemaking of my life.

I knew what was going to happen Saturday!

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Planck Tech Ch. 02: A Little Fun

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Earlier that day

Ester Holt’s spine crackled with anticipation as she walked in, the morning sun blazing behind her as she entered the rented lab space.

It might have had something to do with her arousal too. She felt the usual surge of excitement crackle through her when Elizabeth Moroh, ‘certified mad scientist’ greeted her.

There was the fact she was a bit taller than her, and (if Ester was being honest) just as pretty, but it was also the attitude she had, the assumption that things would go her way. And the way she would give orders in that suit-skirt and look at her…

Ester shivered.

Lizzy grinned smugly at her as she hurried past to the bathroom to change into her uniform.

Ester peeled out of her jeans and shirt, having foregone underwear… which might have been a mistake, if she was honest, since she was already starting to get damp in anticipation of the test.

She slipped on her lab coat, buttoned it to conceal that she was otherwise naked, slipped her shoes back on, and left the bathroom.


Melissa was as shy and nervous as ever, and Ester smiled at how cute she was, before offering to take her backpack. She winced at the weight. She was pretty strong but this was a lot.

Doctor Moroh came out to greet Missy, and told Ester to set up for the next test.

While she loaded the profile to target organic matter and the marking compound Missy had been ingesting, Lizzy leaned over her back, the pressure of her breasts and the feeling of her pressing on her back through the single layer of the lab coat adding to her arousal.

“Got it!” she told the Doctor as the profile loaded and she made a few corrections.

“How do you address me, assistant?” Lizzy asked quietly, and ester felt a gentle pinch on her arm, istanbul travesti making her pussy twinge pleasantly.

She yelped. “Got it, boss.” she said quickly.

“Better.” the doctor whispered, making her squirm with the warmth of her breath on her ear.


The test began. Missy stood, bashfully, on the square of extra soft carpet in front of the lens of the device, hands at her sides and feet together, and Lizzy activated the machine.

She switched between monitoring the readout on the laptop and watching, as Missy shrank, moment by moment, as her clothing (excluded by the marking compound she’d taken in over the past week) became looser and looser, as she became more and more exposed.

Her shirt slipped, slowly exposing her shoulders and breasts, little by little, even as she seemed to grow drowsy, standing in front of the machine.

Ester’s pussy was throbbing now, and the excitement was making her hands tremble a little.

Missy’s skirt suddenly slipped down her legs, her panties following soon after. Ester, transfixed by the sight, barely noticed that she was drooling, until Lizzy called her attention to it. It was one thing to see cubes of metal change size.

It was an entirely strange, and exciting feeling, watching a whole person steadily loose height.

Then, finally, Missy seemed to shrink under the pile of clothes.


Ester walked over to the pile of clothes, and carefully lifted them up, to see tiny little Missy on her back, lying on a damp spot on her grey panties, and rubbing herself.

She crouched, legs on either side, and almost absently said “good girl.”

Missy squeaked, barely audible at that size, though she was clearly having a good time, and Ester could barely control herself as she istanbul travestileri shifted, reaching down and gently picking Missy up and laying her in her palm.

She stood carefully and turned, walking slowly to another desk on the other side of the room, clear but for a scale and some measurement tools.


Missy stared up at the immense form looming over her, and cried out as Ester’s hands came towards her, immense in comparison to her two inches.

The immense hands were gentle as Ester gripped her by the waist, and lifted, shifting her onto Ester’s warm, soft palm.

She felt a rush of vertigo as Ester stood, and the way her hands were cupped, she could see nothing but Ester’s immense face looking down at her as she was carried, until she found herself gently deposited on something soft, the rubber mat laid over another table, and was gently pushed towards a flat scale.

“Could you stand on the scale please Missy?” Ester asked, in a voice that should have been soft but was still quite loud to Missy now.

Missy climbed onto the scale, and stood still, staring up at Ester as she weighed her, then used a small ruler to measure her.


Missy’s tiny, warm body had left a faint feeling of heat on Ester’s hand, and her skin crackled with arousal staring at the tiny girl as she measured her.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and leaned back in her chair, spreading her legs, and gently lifting and placing Missy on the chair between her thighs.


Missy squeaked again as Ester reached for her. As gentle as she was, her hands were still huge, and seemed to move very fast, as warm softness wrapped around her firmly again and moved her.

When Ester’s hand opened, Missy was between thighs the size of buildings, travesti istanbul and Ester’s wet pussy loomed ahead of her like a doorway, or a cave, closed, glistening with girl-cum.

Ester’s giant hand moved behind her, her enormous, warm finger gently pressing on her back, nudging her gently but irresistibly towards the hot, moist, slit before her, the smell of her overpowering this close.

Her body still singing with the aftermath of her first orgasm, Missy cooperated. She reached out, touching the hot, wet lips of Ester’s pussy before she was gently but unceremoniously pushed against her pussy.

Ester rubbed her gently up and down, Missy’s tiny breasts brushing against her clit. She moaned at the feeling of the warm, tiny girl on her pussy, at the sense of strange power she felt, rubbing a whoel entire person on her.


Lizzy watched as her assistant began to play with tiny little mousy, and her already alert member pulled against its restraints. She grinned, shutting down the machine, for now, and checking the logs as she made plans.

The marking medium worked pretty well, proving that the process was safe, and hopefully would be safe to reverse.

After proving prolonged shrinking was safe.

Once she had done that, she would be ready to use it for… well, whatever. In the mean time, she observed her assistant and test subject ‘playing’.


Missy found herself pressed against the hot, moist folds of Ester’s pussy, smelling her, practically pushed into her, and the feeling of Ester’s body trembling, the way her pussy twitched and the sound of her moans was intoxicating.

The feeling of being used like a toy, helplessly slid up and down against the enormous pussy was almost freeing, she barely had to do anything, Ester was doing all the work and using her and it was both scary and almost relaxing.

Ester came with a squeal, dousing tiny little Missy in sticky, hot cum and she leaned back, letting Missy slide down to lie on the chair between her legs to catch her breath.

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I eat Colleen’s Ass

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“Joe’s cock is so fat and hard. It feels so good when he shoves it up my cunt. His cock is so long, so big… it stretches my tight little pussy until I think I’m going to be ripped apart. God I love his cock in my cunt.”

I wasn’t exactly thrilled that Colleen decided to talk about Joe, but at least it was better than the constant prattle I’d been listening to for the last half hour. I shoved my tongue deeper into her ass and began to gently suck her sphincter.

“Oh, that feels gooood. Keep sucking on my ass. Joe never licks my butt.” Colleen giggled a little. “But he sure likes it when I suck his hot cock. I love to run my tongue around his cock head. It’s so big, so smooth, so hard. Tasty. Then he’ll grab the back of my head and shove his cock hard into my mouth. I feel his long cock deep in my throat and I gag. My gagging really turns him on and he starts to face fuck me. He treats me so rough. I getting wet just thinking about it.”

And she was. I could smell her sweet pussy and felt the dampness. I grabbed her tiny little ass with my hands and pulled her ass back further into my mouth. I strained to get my tongue deep up her shit hole and now began to suck harder and harder. I knew how much my shit sucking turned her on. Joe was a damn fool for passing up her ass.

“Oh yeah, keep that up, baby. Suck on my ass. Taste my shit. I love it. Little Toilet Paulie… you’re such a good little boy.” Again a giggle. “And I do mean little. Your poor little pencil dick. You want to fuck me so bad but why? I’d never feel that little thing inside me.” Colleen sighed sarcastically. “Joe’s spoiled me. A real man he is and poor you… having to compete with a real cock. Well, at least you’re a great little ass sucker. Keep sucking, babe, and you’ll get a little reward.”

A reward, a kiss. A kiss from a Goddess. Oh please, yes. Please give me a Goddess Kiss. I swirled my tongue around in her ass and tenderly yet vigorously sucked on her butt. The most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen. On the most beautiful woman. And she let me suck on it. Yeah, of course I wanted to fuck her, but my tongue in her ass was as close to heaven as I’ll get.

The hair in Colleen’s ass crack tickled my nose and made me think of the little turd balls I’d sucked off them just a half hour ago. It usually took me 5 or 10 minutes to clean up her sweet little ass and the smell of shit and the acrid taste of her crap is something I’ll never forget and always desire. The thoughts made my tight balls ache.

Colleen was purring and moaning and enjoying my tongue. She wiggled her ass in my face and reached between her legs to play with her damp pussy. She pushed her ass back hard into my istanbul travesti face, then suddenly farted. A nice hearty, one second long, sincere fart. My reward, the Kiss of a Goddess. Thank you, Colleen. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in every bit of that reeking miasma. Colleen giggled and purred.

“Taste good? I hope so. There might be another one in a bit.” I could feel Colleen fingering herself and she arched her back as I renewed my ass sucking. “You know what I think tastes good? Joe’s spunk. When he face fucks me. Sometimes he shoots his load deep down in my throat and I don’t get to taste it. I feel that hot gooey load slide down into my stomach and I think `What a waste.’ But usually he pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoots all over my face. Jesus, he cums a lot. It feels like a firehouse shooting boiling water on my face. I’ll swear he pumps a cup of cum on my face. Then the best part. I love to look up at his face and slowly push the cum into my mouth. I keep my mouth wide open so he can see the white spunk on my tongue. Then I swish it around in my mouth. It tastes so damn good. He’ll call me a slut, a two bit whore, a cum bag. Then he slaps me, sometimes hard and tells me to swallow it. He never lets me kiss him after I’ve had his cock in my mouth, but he does let me suck his cock until he gets hard again, then we start over.”

Colleen suddenly pulled away, turned over and kissed me. Great thing about Colleen, when she wanted to put her tongue down my throat, she didn’t care where my mouth had been. “I want you to eat me.” She rose up and settled on my face and I began to lick her wet pussy. “Something else tastes good. After Joe fucks me and cums deep in my pussy, I get to lick his cock clean. That tastes so good, his cum mixed with my cunt juice. Don’t you think my cunt tastes great?” Mmmmm, I murmur as I gently start to suck on her clit. “Sometimes his cum leaks out of my wide open crack and I pick it up with my fingers and rub it all over my face. He calls me Cum Face, did you know that?”

Joe is such an asshole. He’s been living with Colleen for three years and treats her like shit. The only time he pays any attention to her is when he’s horny. Otherwise, he’s out drinking with his buddies. And Colleen adores him. Meanwhile, I treat her like a princess, dote on her, cater to her every whim. When she prattles on and on about nothing, do I tell her to shut up like Joe does? No, I listen, hanging on every word, wishing the stories were about me. If she desires something, I buy if for her. When she wants to go to a movie, I go. I lick her pussy when she is horny and lick her ass when she’s not. And I never ask for anything in travesti istanbul return. I never ask her to suck my cock. If she wants to suck my cock, she will. Of course, she never has and I’ve never been allowed to fuck her but I know someday she’ll realize what an ass Joe is and she’ll leave him. Then she’ll be mine and we’ll suck and fuck and laugh and melt together.

Colleen starts to rock on my face and after all the pussy eating lessons she’s given me, I know exactly what that means. She doesn’t want me to suck or lick her pussy anymore, she just wants to rub one out on my face. So I relax, open my mouth, slide out my tongue and enjoy her wet, hairy snatch rubbing on my face. I look up and see that she has her eyes closed and is playing with her breasts. Perfect little tits. Whoever said `anything more than a mouthful is wasted’ was thinking about Colleen. Small, pert with brown hard little nubs for nipples. Tits wide apart on her chest. And now her hands were caressing them, her fingers tweaking her nipples. Colleen rolled her head back and opened her mouth and came. A shuddering, wet orgasm with a cat screech coming out of her mouth at the end. She was the most beautiful sight in the world.

Colleen settled back onto my face and I gently fondled her ass, enjoying her wet pussy on my face. After a moment, she turned around, reached for a cigarette and set her ass back down on mouth. As she lit her cigarette, I gently started to lick and suck on her ass again. Colleen flicked her ashes on my chest as my hard cock throbbed, bobbing in time with my heart beat. Colleen blew a puff of smoke at my cock.

“God that thing is small. Have you ever satisfied anyone with it? Your balls are so tight, so blue. They must be sore. Do they ache? Ache for me?” Mmmm, I agreed the best I could. “I should do something about that.” She put the cigarette out, bent over and took my cock in her mouth. Oh my god, I knew someday she’d suck me. Fuck Joe. She was going to be mine.

And she was a hell of a cock sucker. Her hands held the base of my cock and my balls and she licked my cock head and then licked up and down the shaft. She took me into her mouth, her wet, hot mouth. Up and down, she fucked my cock with her mouth. This woman is amazing. Her cunt was now conveniently in my face, so I began to lick her in return. She liked it, and wiggled her pussy back at me.

Then she stopped, sat up and got off me. “Gotta go,” she said cheerfully. I looked at her blankly and stammered a bit, but she just shushed me. “Sorry, been here too long, gotta go.” She pulled her old t-shirt over her head and looked around for her slacks. Trembling, I watched her stand there bottomless, istanbul travestileri turning around, posing, showing me her pussy, then her sweet ass, then her pussy again. She found her slacks and quickly pulled them on and then put on her sandals.

“Come here and kiss me goodbye”. I walked over to her with my hard on bobbing around foolishly. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I slipped a hand up her t-shirt and cupped a tit, tweaked her nipple. After a bit, she pulled away, then reached up and placed her hands on my chest. She watched me quietly and began to play with my nipples. She started to squeeze and pinch my nipples, began to twist and pull on them. I moaned and she smiled.

“You like this, huh? Hey, do my a favor before I go. I want to watch you jerk off. Stand over there and jerk off for me.” I asked her to do it for me, but Colleen said no, she wanted to watch me `beat my meat.’ “And when you cum, catch all your cum in your hand. I’m going to smoke a cigarette and I want to finish it before you cum, so don’t hurry.”

I stood there like an ass, playing with my cock while Colleen silently, coolly watched me. She’d take a puff on the cigarette, then blow the smoke at me. When she finished, I asked if I could cum and she said ok. I came, came lot. Big, sticky white globs of cum. I hadn’t cum that much in years.

“Not bad. Quite a bit of cum for such a small cock. Now, eat it. Come on, put that stuff in your mouth. But don’t swallow! Hold it on your tongue and show me.” Looking her straight in the eyes, I slowly licked the cum from my hand, then held my mouth wide open and showed her the cum resting there. Colleen smiled, reached up and began playing with my nipples again. As she squeezed and twisted, I got hard again and she laughed.

“I’ve got to tell you something. Keep your mouth open and show me that cum. Joe asked me to marry him.” I stood there looking at her blankly, with cum and spit starting to dribble down my chin. Certainly she would say no, she’d never marry him, that jerk. No, she’d say no and then she’d have to leave him. And move in with me. Certainly that is what she was telling me.

Colleen pulled on my nipples. “I said yes. We’re getting married in October. I can’t see you anymore. I’m an engaged woman, I can’t be here anymore. I did have fun… I hope you did too.”

I nodded blankly. This is a joke, maybe? She let my nipples go, backed up a step and looked me up and down. “Maybe someday you’ll find someone who likes small cocks. Maybe. Now do one last thing for me. Go over to that window and watch me leave. When I’m gone, swallow your cum.” She kissed me quickly on the cheek and left.

I walked to the window and watched her walk to her car. She turned and waved, smiling widely, then got in her car and left. I swallowed my cum and wiped the tears from my cheek. I’ll always remember that fantastic woman and her ass. That beautiful ass.

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