Pretty Girl Pt. 01

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A siren ripped through the tiny bedroom like a freight train and the topless little redhead sprung up in bed like a frightened child, eyes darting around the room. Her hand slammed down on her alarm. 7 am.

“Bullshit” She muttered at the sound of the rain against the window… Her favorite sound. If she didn’t have to get out of bed for work it would be a pleasant way to wake up. In her tiny trailer, only what she needed. The drops of water on the tin roof she began to stretch and mentally prepare for her day.

Coffee was already made. She added cream, hit the door closed with her hip.

She glanced in the mirror, pinched her cheeks, ran fingers through her long thick orange hair. Gave her refection a grin and was out the door and on her way after one last look at the address she had jotted on the back of a video store flyer.

A tiny little Irish vixen. Five foot three, one hundred and eleven pounds. She was sitting alone now on a hard plastic chair in a dusty waiting room. She had expected a residential setting but her GPS had taken her to an office building. Only four other vehicles in the parking lot. Most of the windows displaying FOR LEASE signs, she didn’t see a single other person on her way to the right room.

She chewed her fingers and looked around, taking a couple deep breaths before a door opened and a heavy set middle-aged man walked in with a clip board and a grin.

“Morning darling, did you bring your papers.” She quickly pulled her contract and consent forms from her bag. Her agreement. Her safe word. Her reward for a job completed. “Signed? Witnessed?” She nodded.

“Last time I was here-“

“Ya, we have time set for one hour, will begin when you hear action, got that? Safe word, Red. Will stop immediately and get you to a comfortable position as soon as we can, camera will continue to roll for the duration of you are in the room, Red called or not. You call Red, you agree to nothing in the form of financial compensation and will agree to at least one re shoot with same original set up and agreement erotik film izle at the late date.”


“No blood drawn ok?” He grinned slyly. “I’ve looked over your terms here. You can do this, you got this. I’ve seen worse”


“Come on in sweetie.” He threw her a hospital robe.

She got up off her chair, shaking a bit and followed him back through the door he had come in. It shut with a solid click behind her, and she startled a bit. She was now in a room that looked like a doctors’ office. Compete with examining table and stirrups.

She had been in the business for two years, but this would be her first hardcore video. She had done a few softer ones, but mostly took individual clients.

Her supporting actor stepped up from beside the camera and light men. He was tall and dark, with tattoos. Not her idea of a doctor, but she felt her pussy get wet.

“What was your name again, freckles?”

“My friends call me Nat.”

“Every thing off and get the robe on.”

Her curvy little body made a hospital robe sexy. Her perfect peach of an ass exposed at the back.


He came at her so fast. Twice her size, sheer mass, he grabbed at her breasts as if doing an abusive physical, she knew they had been filming since she entered the room, but was still caught off guard, she glanced quickly at clipboard dude, and he pointed to his watch. Times begun.

“How have you been feeling lately, Nat.”

“I’ve been too sick to work doctor, I think I have a cold.”

“Better safe than sorry, I’m glad you’ve come in. Get on the table.” Before she could climb up he firmly grabbed her by the hips, lifted and then set her down on the exam table. “I need you to put your head back and say ahh.”

Nat felt her heart pounding, she smiled and licked her lips. No script. She only knew she was allowed to scream, say no, and cry. But if she said the word Red, before that timer buzzed, she was walking out of here used but with no cash. He was in scrubs, she put her head back, still film izle wondering what his cock looked like, she closed her eyes and felt his hand grab her hair and pull her head further back. She let out a startled moan. “Say Ahh… you fucking whore. You come in here, waste my time for a fucking cold we are going to make you all better.” her heart pounded harder.

“Ahhh…” as soon as she had made the noise his fingers were in her mouth and down her throat. His other hand still firmly around her hair and pulling back. Her eyes shot open and her first reaction was to pull away from his meaty hand in her mouth, his fingers probing her throat. She could not pull away, his other hand holding her head in place.

“Say Ahhh.” She gagged on his fingers but tried to comply “Hmmm I do think we have some swelling here.” He began to thrust two of his finger in and out of her throat… she tried to relax her body into it… her hands on her thighs white knuckled against her pale skin. He thrusted his fingers in and out, in and out. Of her throat she gagged slightly, but had pretty good control now that she knew what was happening. Guys loved her barely there gag reflex. But after about twenty-five seconds she realized… he was trying to gag her. he wanted her to choke, he wasn’t testing her reflex he was trying to find her limit. He tightened his grip on her hair and began fully fucking her throat with two of his fingers, digging around in a circular motion and pushing deep as he could, and then thrusting again, until tears were streaming down her face, and she felt her body start to stiffen. No more slight gags, she choked on his fingers and her body started to struggle against his hold.

He pulled his hand back and out of her mouth, but still had a grip of her hair. She relaxed. Held up by his handful at the back of her head, and tried to catch her breath. His face was inches from hers and he smiled. “You do seem like you might have a fever, you are warm… Get on your stomach.” She immediately flipped onto her stomach on the table, heart still pounding, he seks filmi izle roughly grabbed her hands and ankles and strapped them to the side of the table. “You’ve been an unruly patient in the past. and this procedure may be uncomfortable, its best to strap you down.”

“Anything doctor, I just want to feel healthy again.” She lifted her ass up slightly feeling her pussy start to throb with excitement again. She rested her cheek on the table and bit her lip in anticipation of what was coming, no idea. He pulled on gloves and slapped her ass hard causing her to jump and squeal and pull at her straps.

“Lets check your temp.” He dug his fingers into a cold clear bucket of lubrication on his side table and pushed two of them against her tight little asshole. She moaned. He didn’t give her one second to get used to the feeling he immediately pushed roughly inside her his fingers sinking to the first set of knuckles and then quickly the next… she let out a loud grunt, and he began pushing his hand hard into her as if to get those two fingers even deeper… she thought must be impossible they could go any deeper, and as she as think that he suddenly began thrusting them hard in and out of her. She felt pain, a burning sensation for sure. But her excitement had her moaning half from hurt and half with pleasure… he pushed a third finger with a thrust and again she let out a sharp squeal “Three!” He said firmly. Thrusting in and out… She shook her head best she could being face down, and struggled against her straps. “Four.” She squeezed her eyes shut and started to cry…

“No, no…”

“… I’m going to make you all better.”

She bit her lip and opened her eyes wide. He pushed his four thick fingers in and out of her and then in and out of her. Her ass had some abuse in the past but never this rough, this fast with so little preparation. He used his other hand to spread more lube around his fingers without removing them from her little hairless hole. She tried to focus on a broken tile on the floor as she felt him pushing his thumb against the outside of her hole… pushing, forcing, trying to inch inside with each thrust… The lights moved closer, she squinted… a camera was now a foot from her face, and an animistic sound escaped her lips as he said “Five.”

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Pirate Sex Ch. 01

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….Waking into the early light of morning, you wonder…Where am I?

The slanting rays of sunlight coming from a small window overhead…casting pools of light on the varnished hardwood floor…

Man, was I *that* drunk last night? I remember the cozy, crowded waterfront dive bar…The group of Scandinavian sailors that just wouldn’t go away…

Wait!! I’m on a boat right now!!

Struggling upright, you peer out the tiny portlight…all that can be seen, is the wide blue horizon…Not a speck of land to be found.

The strong sea air bites into your nostrils, unfamiliar, yet bracing…

Just then, the door to your small cabin opens abruptly, and a tall man you dimly recognize from the previous evening enters, deftly locking the passage door behind him.

He is well tanned from the sea, dark blond with piercing blue eyes you hadn’t noticed before, a strong chin, and a masterful demeanor: “You shall refer to me only as your Captain, which indeed I am”, he began in a soft baritone, “and you, my dear, are now the personal property of myself and my crew, to use however we see fit.”

“Don’t look so shocked, young lady…You are now part of an age-old tradition of the sea, particularly on long voyages like this one”…

He winked with pleasure, letting this new piece of information out of the bag, “Wilder lasses than yourself have been tamed in this way, even here on my ship.”

“We shall start with some simple chores on deck, such that the whole crew may witness your…’abilities?”

With that final, paused word, he scanned me from head to toe, pausing to gaze into my eyes, my mouth, my breasts, then down my legs…with that expression men have, when they are looking right through your clothes…

I suspected there was more in store for me than ‘chores’, but what could I do but follow instructions, and hope for the best?

Without a moment to put myself together, he clamped my whole arm firmly in large hand, and half-marched, half-dragged me into the main cabin, where the whole crew was arrayed to the left and right, in to ragged rows…maybe five or six men on each side, not really sure – Some grinning in anticipation, some smirking, as if this was a familiar ritual, and they knew exactly what was in store for me…

Then up a couple steps into the bright sunlight, onto a sort of dining area… with a long, narrow, varnished table surrounded by a U-shaped couch, upholstered in deep green velvet…

I now remembered the whole yacht was finished in the same soft, deep color scheme, not that that piece of information was going to help me, now….

“Polish this table!” he barked, tossing a damp, felt cloth my way, as the crew assembled on deck, arms crossed, to delight in my troubles…

If I had any thought of jumping overboard to escape, the ring of strong men, shoulder to shoulder, surely would have prevented the attempt!

I started to scrub like a good girl, buy was embarrassed to find erotik film izle that my miniskirt, so suitable for enticing the guys at last night’s dive bar, was now much too short for working in a bent-over position, and I was sure my thin nylon panties weren’t doing much to cover my girl parts…also, straining to reach the far side of the table, my panties would ride up into my ass crack, leaving almost nothing to the imagination, and generating whoops and hollers of appreciation from the assembled crew…

every time I would stop working to pull my panties back down over my bare backside, the Captain would intercept my ass cheek with his huge, flat hand, giving me a smack that stung and I’m sure, left a nice red mark in the shape of his outstretched hand – First one side, then the other…”Even spoils, Port and Starboard” he pronounced, to the guffaws of the crew, which I guess meant each cheek was to receive the same punishment.

“You’re here to clean, Missy, not show off your cute ass!” stated the Captain…”I will have no more of this!”

Yet each time I tried to reach the far side of the table, the same thing would happen…My red ass tingling more and more with each strike, I was feeling a strange mixture of pain and excitement, hoping the Captain wouldn’t see the wetness starting to show through my panties, because despite the pain of the sting on my cheek, my pussy would tingle with anticipation each time she escaped a direct hit!

I finally collapsed in despair on the table, moaning with frustration, only to hear, “What’s this?…Our little cabin girl seems to be getting aroused!?”

In one quick motion, a pair of strong hands grasped my wrists, pulling me up across the table…Two more pairs of hands grabbed each ankle, pulling me the other way, and spreading my legs unmercifully in the process…

“Now, little Miss, we will see just what you’re made of!” the Captain bellowed, tearing my wet panties asunder, exposing my sex to all assembled…He tore a cushion from the nearby couch, and as the crew relaxed their grip for a moment, slid his firm hand under my belly, raising me up in the middle and slipping the cushion under my hips, so that my ass and pussy was even more exposed –

As the crew started to chuckle, familiar with this routine, the Captain said, “We’re going to get to know you very well now, my Dear”, and with that, knelt between my spread-eagled thighs and placed his tongue on the nub of my aroused clitoris…dancing a little from left to right, he worked his way up my slit, ever so slowly, ’till he reached the upper end of my hole – but he didn’t stop there – his evil tongue continued its circular dance, ’till he was rimming my little asshole!

I let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure, as he tongue stabbed my starfish, only to finish with a big smacker of a kiss, pulling away to the applause of the crew…

My mind was a scramble trying to figure out what might come next…but another crewman quickly film izle slipped into the captain’s seat, and proceeded to apply his tongue in much the same fashion – Unlike the freshly shaven chin of the captain, I could feel his stubble softly grazing my thighs and outer lips, as he plumbed my depths hungrily.

I was slow to realize, that it was going to be my fate to be introduced in this way to the entire crew, but my smarter pussy started its slow buildup to orgasm, since it was evident that there were plenty more tongues waiting to taste and explore me, than I had ever imagined having before; Each one had its own rhythm, texture, and speed: Some rough, some ever so teasingly slow….

After the first Four or Five, I could no longer contain myself, and came hard into the mouth of crewman Six, who lapped up my juices with delight; Crewman Eight got another mouthful, as I shuddered hard into the cushion beneath me; and I gave crewman Ten my first squirting Orgasm, as his tongue nestled against my overwrought clit for the umpteenth time –

I don’t remember much of what happened after that, though dimly aware of being carried, by many strong arms, down to my cabin, to toss and turn in Memory’s delirium, till evening.

I was awakened, towards evening, by the smell of lemon grass and Galangal, simmering away in a large iron pot in the galley… evidently the crew on this yacht had gourmet tastes in food as well as women…My pussy tingled as I crept into the main salon, and was greeted by a platter of fresh seafood, poached in the aforementioned broth…The fainter aroma of fresh-baked baguette came to my nostrils as I was served a long, warm bread roll, as well.

Taking a seat beside me, the cook confided, “You must understand the rules of the Sea, and of this Yacht: The Captain deserves the first share of any spoils, and today, you’re It” he grinned, returning to his kettle:

I was left to ponder exactly what that meant, as I finished my repast, but it wouldn’t be long, before I realized – Dessert was on me – or, more accurately, dessert *was* me.

As the spectators again assembled, the Captain appeared, naked to the waist, dressed only in white muslin trousers, which clearly had no lining: I could see the outline and shadow of his member clearly through the thin fabric, growing and swelling before my eyes as he gazed upon my delicate curves.

A few velvet cushions were placed on the floor, and I was guided down to all fours, as several hands removed what little I had been wearing: The Captain announced, “I shall now take you Pirate-style, as there are no Missionaries among us!” to the merriment of the crew –

He knelt behind me, reaching under my belly to caress my stiffening nipples with both of his strong, large hands… and I couldn’t but wonder what other parts of his anatomy, might be in proportion to them.

I could feel his hardness through the soft muslin, making my pussy pout a little, and my sweet aroma start to fill seks filmi izle the room…

I couldn’t help starting to sway back and forth a little, he matched my motions and began guiding them – so I closed my eyes, descending down into the bliss of being fully taken, as His engorged cockhead found my lower lips: He massaged my labia for what seemed like an eternity, until my thirsty pussy literally sucked him inside, begging for his length…

This was a longer, thicker cock than I ever remembered taking, but I was so wet for Him it seemed effortless, as though I could ride Him for Eternity:

Wave after wave of shuddering Orgasm swept over me, my pussy becoming one with His magnificent cock, ’till I started to reach for the Big One – but then noticed, he was drawing His cock away from me – I couldn’t push back far enough, to take His length – and then became aware, of his large slick thumb, tracing lazy circles around the perimeter of my asshole, teasing her into opening just a little bit…how enticingly nasty He was!

As He toyed with my sweet ass, I realized: He was keeping rhythm together with both His cock and thumb, and if I was to get more cock in my needy pussy…I had to take a matching amount of thumb in my little ass! Evil pirate that he was, He made the job easier by aiming a dollop of saliva squarely onto my asshole, working it inside me with His rotating thumb, as I slid squarely back on to His cock, having earned my reward…

As He continued to fuck me with both cock and thumb, for what seemed like forever, my ass warmed to receive Him, and between moans of pleasure I whispered, “Take my anal virginity! I want to feel you deep in my hot ass so badly!”

Deftly, as with one motion, He removed His thumb, and I could feel His hot cockhead French-kissing my anus: Two forefingers now straddled my clit, and he worked them alongside my clithood, with each gentle press of His cock. Another well-aimed dollop of spit landed in my ass crack, and slid slowly down towards my rectum: Men are so Nasty – (but in a really good way)…No woman would do that so naturally, for sure!

My now well-lubed anus opened to take Him, and it was a feeling like no other: Full, full as can be of Man-shaft, yet wanting more…skin gripping skin tightly, in an entirely new way…why hadn’t I been brave enough to try this before?

The answer came immediately: No man before had the Manliness and command of This Man, no man before was worthy of this most intimate treasure: He took me completely, and when I felt I could come no more, His thrusting became more urgent: I squeezed His cock with my ass for all I was worth, and He let out a deep growl like a lion, squirting his hot come into my rear in wave after wave of passion, the delicious friction between us, now lessening with the additional lubrication of His essence….Sliding my knees down the cushion, He lowered Himself on top of me, tucking my hair from my ear and whispering, “You are Divine, my little cabingirl”

I fell asleep where I lay, my well-fucked and spanked ass exposed for all to see, like a victor’s stained battle-flag: I had been fucked like never before, and dreamt untroubled, well-loved dreams the entire night.

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A Helping Hand

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It all happened so fast I didn’t have a chance to stop it. Not that I would have. But, given the chance, with all of my wits about me, it might have turned out different. I’m glad it didn’t. So glad.

He turned up at my door around Nine AM. Sunday morning. As I lay there in bed, listening to the racket of the bell chiming through my skull, time after time, I gritted my teeth and wished him away.

But he didn’t give up. He kept ringing.

I kicked off the covers, slipped my dressing gown over my shoulders and, with a dull ache throbbing through my temples, and my mood growing evermore taut, I headed downstairs.

He smiled at me as I opened the door. I glared. He stood back a little, picking up on my body language, no doubt.

“Sorry if I woke you.”

It’s a bit late for that now. I glared all the more. Stepping from one cold foot to the other, as the winter air gushed through the open door and climbed up my limbs like icy vines.

“Can I come in a moment?” His smile faded, twitched, but he battled to keep it etched across his thick lips.

“Jamie isn’t here,” I said, my teeth a little too tight, causing the words to sound a lot more disdainful than I intended.

“I know.” He lowered his gaze, shuffled his feet, and managed to meet my eyes again. “I wanted to talk to you about something.” His line of sight dropped again.

I watched him for a few seconds, not sure what to make of it. Somewhere in my head I was still asleep. I sighed. “OK.” I moved aside to let him in.

“I’m really sorry,” he said, making his way into the living room.

I sensed something off in his tone. Worried? Afraid? I motioned for him to sit down, and plonked myself into the armchair, pulling my feet up under my legs, to try and get some warmth back into the blueing flesh.

As much as I hated him for getting me out of bed so early on a Sunday morning, I couldn’t help but feel a little concern for him. I saw a bit of my own son in him. They were best friends, after all, and I’d known the boy for a good five or six years. Since he was about fourteen.

“What’s up?” I shivered, and pinched my shoulders into my neck, half inclined to switch the heating on.

He fell silent. His years whittled down by the second, as he sat there, slumped, nervous, no longer the six-foot tall lad, with the raring cockiness of youth still on his side. I almost moved across to comfort him.

“You’re a nurse, aren’t you?”

“You know I am. What’s up?” My mind started to fill in the blanks, each of my conclusions worse than the last. Bad news from the doctor? One of his parents ill? Dying? Dead?

“I found something this morning.” His jaws tightened as he clamped his teeth shut.

“Found what?” A lump? I pulled myself to my feet and moved across to him. He didn’t look up. I sat down beside him, slid one arm around his shoulder, and patted him on the back. “What is it?”

“A bump.”

“OK. You know,” I said, trying to think ahead and keep things positive. “It’s perfectly normal for us to get little lumps and bumps. Yes, they can be a sign of something bad, but in most cases, they turn out to be completely benign.” I told him the truth. And hoped it would be right in his case.

He lifted his head a little. “I can’t go to the doctor.”

“Why not?”

He sighed, and his cheeks flushed.

Oh boy. It clicked. I imagined my own son in the same situation. Boys will be boys. Afraid to go let someone take a look because it’s in an embarrassing place. I smiled at him. Where is it?”

He remained silent.

“Is it on your genitals?” I surprised myself with my boldness. I guess somewhere deep down, I wanted to get the situation sorted, and if that meant me taking the steps he couldn’t, then so be it. Just as if it were my own son.

He nodded. His eyes were almost burrowed into his crimson cheeks.

“Would you like me to have a look?” I regretted the words as soon as they left my lips. I didn’t mind taking a look, or even having a feel, if needed, it’s my job after all. But, the whole thing seemed a little rushed. I didn’t want it to get out of hand.

“He turned to face me. His head nodded but his lips stayed closed.

“OK.” I glanced around me for ideas of how to do this. I considered running upstairs for my bag, or at least a pair of gloves. But he seemed vulnerable enough, already. No need to make it more scary than needed.

“Lie down on the floor, David.” I moved myself down along side him, on all fours. My own cheeks flushed a little. Too late to change your mind now. I lined myself up with his hip as he straightened out on his back.

He closed his eyes and filled his lungs with short, ragged breaths.

“Just relax,” I said. I rubbed my hands together until the palms heated up against each other. That’s when the moment turned very real indeed. I hesitated. I’m about to see my son’s best friend’s bits. My heart fluttered in my chest. He’s the same bloody age as my own son. And I’m going to not only look at them, but touch them.

I winced and cringed.

He lay still and rigid.

“Can you-” My tongue ankara escort bayanlar tied itself in knots in my mouth. I coughed, sucked a deep breath, and tried again. “Can you just pull down your trousers?” The words stabbed at my sensibilities. Too informal? Inappropriate? I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it, but it didn’t matter, either way. It was done.

His hands trembled as he dipped his thumbs into the waistband of his jogging pants. He held them there.

“Just roll them down to your thighs,” I said, my eyes glancing back and forth between his movements and the carpet beneath us.

He lifted his bum off the floor and tugged at the material.

I moaned a little, too low to be heard. I hope. The pale flesh of his thighs appeared. Big and muscular. I hovered above him, still not sure where to look.

He grunted as he flattened himself out again.

“The boxers too,” I said. My words rattled and crackled. God, I hope he didn’t notice. I caught sight of the bulge in his underwear. His testicles pressed against the white material, with a small dent nestled in the middle. A little higher, and off to his left, I saw another rise. Long, thick. I held my breath and clamped the back of one hand against my mouth. Oh Christ.

“What?” he replied, at last. He didn’t move.

“You’ll need to pull down your boxers, too.” I waited, getting breathless.

He groaned and pulled them down in one, swift, yank.

I gasped and coughed at the same time. God, I hope it was at the same time. I put on my best, awkward smile, and blinked hard.

“Now, just lay back,” I said. I’m not even sure if the words left my lips. I didn’t hear them. My nipples stiffened and, between my thighs, I turned wet and sensitive in an instant. A worm of doubt wriggled through my skull, but I put so much effort into appearing calm and collected, I don’t think it had a chance to take root.

The boy’s penis lay across his trimmed pubis, flaccid and fat. My mouth dried out and my tongue stuck to my throat like Velcro. I licked my lips, and tried to swallow. What the hell am I doing?

For his part, he kept his eyes closed and his body straight. That gave me the strength to carry on.

“Where is the problem?” I looked around his genitals with half-glances, my nerves jangled as I moved farther and farther away from my comfort zone.

“On my c-” He coughed. The whites of his eyes appeared for a split second, beaming bright above the dark flush of his cheeks. “On my penis.”

“Where?” I allowed my gaze to investigate the full length of him. I found nothing irregular. He almost said cock. I worked hard to ignore that. So hard. But a warm glow formed in the pit of my belly and crept lower.

“Here,” he said, his forefinger moving down to the very base, where the underside of his penis connected to his scrotum. He pointed out a tiny red bump.

I moved closer for a better look. I released a long breath. Nothing to worry about. Bloody ingrown hair. Best double check, just to make sure, though.

“Can you just hold it out of the way?” I hovered my hand a few inches over his genitals, waiting.

He did nothing.

“D-” I cut the word short as I looked up to see the humiliation blazing in his cheeks. His eyelids twitched from being shut so tight. Cut the boy a break. I swallowed hard, licked some moisture into my lips, and set about my work.

As soon as my fingertips made contact with the thick shaft of his penis, a lightning bolt shot through my senses. I’m not sure where it started, but it ended between my thighs. My clitoris throbbed and I feared I was so wet it might dribble down my legs. I focused myself on the task at hand. For the most part.

I pulled it away from his testicles, and rested it against his tummy. It twitched. I yanked away my hand, as if it might bite. He moaned and the sound lingered in my ears, like the voice of temptation itself. I moved my attentions lower down, to the little red bump. With gentle care, I prodded at the pimple-type thing.

He pulled away and winced.

I touched around it, slow, careful. He didn’t move, so I continued. I sighed aloud. All clear. Definitely an ingrown hair. I looked up with a big, bright smile, and swallowed the good news with an audible gulp.

No mistaking it. His erection bobbed against my hand again, as if to affirm it. I glanced at it, and jerked my eyes away. Oh Christ. It remained behind my lids. Fat and hard. No longer a lad’s penis. I couldn’t think of a way of dealing with this. It tapped against my wrist. A cock. A large, virile cock, at that.

I sucked a deep breath through my nostrils and released it between my dry lips.

“Sorry,” he said, his voice little more than a whimper.

“It’s OK.” I steadied myself. My eyes roamed back to it. It must be a good eight inches. My fingers twitched. I moved them closer to it, then away again. No. I can’t.

“I should go.”

“Don’t be silly. This happens all the time. I’m used to it.” I thought I was. Maybe the smell of chemicals and plain, white walls and clean sheets helped to make ankara esmer escortlar the whole thing a lot less real life. I’m not used to this. At all.

“Is the lump bad?” His tone lowered into a hoarse murmur.

I reached out and touched it again. A searing heat radiated from the centre of my being and leapt through my veins. My nipples ached as they ground against my nightshirt, and my pussy begged for contact. My own, if not his.

I used one hand to press his hard cock against his belly. With the other, I stroked around the pimple, and the surrounding area. He grew harder, bigger, and it spasmed and jerked to my touch. He’s enjoying it. I grinned, but twisted it off my features quicker than the gallop of my heartbeat.

He moaned and his hips squirmed. I kept massaging with the pad of my fingertips. My lips parted, and in that second, I longed to take it in my mouth. It’s wrong. So bloody wrong. I pushed it tighter against his stomach, and squealed with glee inside, as it throbbed against my skin.

That’s all it took. I’d stepped over the line.

“David, I’m not sure. Would you mind if I licked my finger, and see if it reacts to the moisture?” I struggled to get the words out, and when I did, it left me breathless. His body reacted before his mouth. His cock stiffened further, until it flexed against my hand like iron. It almost pried its way out from under my touch. I leaned down harder against it.

“OK.” He opened his eyes, looked right at me. His features appeared to flash between a mixture of emotions. I couldn’t tell which one called the shots.

With my nerves teetering on their jangled edges, I ran the pad of my forefinger over my tongue. It remained dry. I did my best to muster up some saliva, and tried again. With my skin wet, I moved the digit down toward him. Toward it. My entire arm wavered from side to side.

He mumbled beneath his breath. Unintelligible.

I made contact. My senses hazed and I bit down on my bottom lip, almost drawing blood. Jesus Christ. So wrong. I don’t care. So wrong. I applied more pressure. My spittle oozed out over his rigid flesh. Glistening. Alluring. God, I don’t care if it’s wrong. I really don’t. My clitoris burned white hot between my thighs. I wanted to touch it. In front of him. Maybe for him. Wrong or no wrong, it doesn’t matter anymore.

His hips moved. Gyrated, I think. I pushed against the shaft of his cock until it jostled against me. He ground against me. I didn’t waste a single second. Without even thinking about it, I wrapped my other hand around the base. Tight. He pulsed within my grip, and a little droplet of pre-cum trickled from the tip, reached the ridge around the head, and disappeared underneath. I leaned forward, my lips open, but bottled it just in time to stop myself. I cleared my throat and offered him a restrained smile.

He didn’t even see it. His lids remained clamped shut.

I want to taste it. I rubbed the little lump, treating it the way I longed to treat my own clitoris. For a split second I considered risking it. He won’t see me anyway. I moved my other hand up and down. Slow. Almost imperceptible. I hope. Masturbating him, without making it obvious. Delighting in the the dirtiness of the moment. I want it in my mouth.

“Is it OK?”

My whole body jerked. As if being awakened from a dream. I straightened myself up, lifted my gaze to his, and nodded, my mouth too dry to speak.

“The lump is OK?”

I nodded again. I didn’t let go of his cock. It remained solid in my grasp. Hard. Erect. Jesus Christ I want to suck it. I want to make him come. And I want him to make me come. “Yes. It’s all good.” My fingers didn’t stop. I continued to masturbate him, and play with that little red lump.

He watched my features. Without a word. I could see it in his eyes, that the whole thing made him uncomfortable. But something inside me knew he wouldn’t say no. He won’t put up a fight.

I shocked myself. So much so, that I gasped aloud as I moved. I lunged at his cock with my mouth. My lips rolled over the moist head, and I sank myself half way down the shaft.

His limbs turned rigid. His eyes shot wide open. He didn’t complain, or even acknowledge it. He froze.

I sucked deeper, harder, faster. My whole body erupted with wanton lust. I pawed at his balls, squeezed and fumbled them. The sound of my own slurping drove me into a frenzy. I reached one hand down to the bottom of my nightshirt, yanked it out of the way, and pressed my fingers against my bare pussy.

“Oh, God,” he whispered, his voice heavy, deeper than I’d heard him use before.

I licked my way up and down his thick, swollen shaft. My fingers spread apart my pussy lips and I slid one inside my seeping hole. I frigged myself senseless, my own utterances nothing more than raging, sharp breaths, that flared through my nostrils, and wet moans that rumbled against my lips and his wonderful cock.

My clitoris cried out for attention, and I gave into it. I pressed the heel of my hand against my pubis, so that the erect little nub nestled sincan grup yapan escortlar in the middle, and rolled it back and forth with my efforts.

David bucked his hips against my face, his breath heaving toward a crescendo. I sucked him harder, tightened my lips, and bobbed my mouth up and down the shaft until my neck ached.

I stopped.


I didn’t give him time to complete his protestation. With one swift, sweeping movement, I lifted my head away from his erection, threw myself over his legs, and hovered my soaking wet pussy over him.

He looked up at me. His cheeks roared scarlet, and his eyes blazed with animalistic need. I tried to smile, but suspect it didn’t appear as intended.

“Is this your first time? I waited for an answer.

He nodded.

I eased myself down onto his cock, slow and steady. Allowing him to savour every second of his first penetration. His thick erection squeezed inside of me, stretching my pussy every glorious bit of the way. I lifted myself up and plunged back down. “Oh Christ.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes open. My long hair flowed around my shoulders as I threw back my head, moaning, gasping, almost breathless. I rode him like a sex-starved housewife. Not far from the truth. I thrust my pelvis up and down, grinding myself against his body. Every inch of him swelled inside me. Filled me.

I shook the sleeves of my dressing gown off, tossed it behind me. With trembling fingers I found the hem of my nightshirt and hoisted it over my head. My naked body tingled. So hot, invigorated.

He reached out. His hands squeezed and pawed at my jiggling breasts. I slowed my hips, allowed him to play. His cock continued to bury itself deep inside me. I savoured every bit of it, back and forth, fat and hard.

I leaned forward a little, offered him my heaving bosom. He opened his mouth and suckled, licked, sucked again. I whined and mewled like a cat in heat. His teeth found one of my nipples and I squealed with delight as he nibbled at it.

I longed for him to come. Inside me. But I shook my head in silence, denying myself such a pleasure.

His breathing tightened into sharp, shrift groans. I took them as my cue. Without warning, I pulled myself off him. I stood over his thighs, exposed, wet, and ravenous. “Touch it for me.”

He looked at me, his eyes wide with surprise and with crinkled lines across his forehead. He didn’t speak. Or act.

“Touch your cock. Touch it for me.” I dropped one hand to my own swollen sex, and stroked around the edges. His gaze glued to my activities. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it back and forth. Slow. Unsure.

“Faster,” I said, the word savage as it spat through my clenched teeth. “Wank it for me. Wank your cock as I watch.”

He obeyed. His arm quickened its efforts. Every feature on his face turned rigid, determined.

I forced a finger into my pussy, the size nothing compared to his wonderful cock. I slid it in and out a few times, before adding another digit. They almost lived up to him, together.

He growled. I jerked my eyes from the towering mass of his erection, to the desperate hunger in his eyes. He’s close. I used my spare hand to rub at my clitoris. Pinching it, squeezing it, rolling it and pressing it hard against my pubis.

He gripped himself tighter, his movements higher up on his cock, toward the head. The pad of one thumb positioned itself on the underside of his helmet, rubbing at the little sensitive spot.

My knees buckled. My legs turned to jelly. I dropped to the floor beside him. My fingers remained working hard toward my own climax. I stroked, rubbed, fingered. I wanted him to come. Now. And I wanted to join him.

He pushed up his bum from the carpet. His cock jerked in his grasp. He sucked at the thick air of the room in an attempt to feed the swell and fall of his heaving chest.

I held my breath. Hot, overwhelming waves of thrill flowed through my body. I pushed myself harder, faster. A lightning bolt of pleasure exploded between my legs, pulling my thighs together and forcing them to clamp hard around my hands. I screamed, yelped, and gasped for all my worth.

His limbs stiffened. He opened his lips wide, held his breath for a very long second, and closed his eyes tight.

I leaned back against the sofa. Almost steadied myself. My senses swirled and my joints ached and wavered. I glared at the lurid sight of him wanking his delicious cock. “Come for me,” I panted. “Come.”

He exhaled in one, long, loud, stream of spittle and release.

I watched his twitching hardon. The tip unleashed a thick stream of cloudy fluid. I followed it as it arced over his belly and hit him in the middle of his chest. Another landed just beside it. I moved back to the purple head of his erection, in time to see a third load. It moved to the side of him, hit my kneecap, and I moaned with exhausted desire.

His cock remained hard. He held it still. It shuddered a little, but showed no signs of deflating.

I wanted to do so much more. As I sat there, ravaged by my own lust, I imagined him back in my willing mouth. Between my heavy, full breasts. Returning to the depths of my pussy, and filling me with his hot, sticky seed. I longed to have him in my bottom, but my puckered anus quivered at the thought of something that big forcing its way in there. I still longed for it.

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Trucker’s Dream, Woman’s Dream

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The back story is that I have been chatting with this woman who flashes truckers and posts some photos of herself doing it. I offered to write some bits about her fantasy. This is the abbreviated version of our chats.

I have looked at your site.

My God so hot. I used to visit it a lot but going back after a break was great.

Looking at your photos and clips and reading your stories is so exciting. You must like it when men get excited by you and your body. But mostly it is your mind and your sexuality that is exciting. You make men hard. I wonder how many men have looked at you and jerked off? Or read the stories and stroked their cocks.

I know you flash men on the highway. Exposing your pussy to them as they drive past in their trucks.

I’ll wait to hear from you before I go any further.

Your photos on the internet are used by these men.

It must be an amazing feeling to be the centre of so much sexual excitement. To know that so many people, so many men, look at you and jerk off.

They are looking at your beautiful pussy. Wanting to feel its wetness. One hand stroking their cock the whole time. A hand moving on their shaft while the eyes are FIXED on images of you. While their minds want to see you in the flesh. Want to touch you. Run their hands over your skin. Over your nipples and down to your pussy. Cock getting harder and stroking still happening. The head of these cocks gets bigger as they get close. They want you to feel the head of the cock. They want you to SEE their cock. Still stroking and looking at your photo. Hoping that they might see you on the road. Many men and MANY cocks hard for you. Cocks hard because of you. This is what turns you on. Knowing so many cocks and so many men want you. So many jerk off over you. Imagining their cum will hit your body.

I would love to see you in one of these truck stop rest rooms with 5 or 7 truckers, all standing around you. All being very respectful. All saying how hot you look. You lower you top so the see more of your beautiful tits. They all have bulges. They all have one hand on their cocks but not on you. You expose your breasts and pull up your skirt. None touch you. All are being so respectful. But several have taken their cocks out and are stroking them. When you see that your eyes, your total being is transfixed to these cocks and the hands working them.

Tits out, pussy leaking wetness down your leg, you stand there.

Would you like to hear more? You are so very sexy.

It must be an amazing feeling to be the center of so much sexual excitement. To know that so many people, so many men, look at you and jerk off.

They are looking at your beautiful pussy. Wanting to feel its wetness. One hand stroking their cock the whole time. A hand moving on their shaft while the eyes are FIXED on images of you. While their minds want to see you in the flesh. Want to touch you. Run their hands over your skin. Over your nipples and down to your pussy. Cock getting harder and stroking still happening. The head of these cocks gets bigger as they get close. They want you to feel the head of the cock. They want you to SEE their cock. Still stroking and looking at your photo. Hoping that they might see you on the road. Many men and MANY cocks hard for you. Cocks hard because of you. This is what turns you on. Knowing so many cocks and so many men want you. So many jerk off over you. Imagining their cum will hit your body.

I would love to see you in one of these truck stop rest rooms with 5 or 7 truckers, all standing around you. All being very respectful. All saying how hot you look. You lower you top so the see more of your beautiful tits. They all have bulges. They all have one hand on their cocks but not on you. You expose your breasts and pull up your skirt. None touch you. All are being so respectful. But several have taken their cocks out and are stroking them. When you see that your eyes, your total being is transfixed to these cocks and the hands working them.

Tits out, pussy leaking wetness down your leg, you stand there.

Would you like to hear ankara duşta veren escortlar more? You are so very sexy.

Well, I love writing this. Aroused? I’m hard as. I keep saying that your sexuality is so hot. The thought of you wanting men to get hard looking at you is enough. I am always hard and stroking when I look at your blog or write to you.

And to be able to create a scene with you in it is really hot. I can imagine all that I write is happening. Like I am there watching and touching.

So, you are surrounded by many men. All hard. All watching your body as you expose more. All but two have their cocks out in full view. All those are stroking their cocks. You slowly turn around in a circle, face looking down at the cocks. Denim jeans, zippers down and big hard cock flesh out. You are told that you are safe. No one will do anything you do not want.

AH! but what do you want? You tits are exposed fully now. Your hand running over your own nipples. Your other hand is on your exposed pussy and you did not even realise you were touching your self. You lift that hand from your pussy and reach out for the big cock in front of you. You look into his eyes as your fingers make first contact with his cock. You slide them up and down his cock and realise it is wet. OH! Your pussy juice is all over your fingers and now his cock. Again, you did not realize. He does not complain. You are in a trance.

Is this what you have always wanted?

You feel hands on your breasts now. Running over your nipples and sending shivers to your spine. But there is also gentle pressure on your pussy but not penetrating.

The juice is running down your leg and all over his fingers. But you are only faintly aware of that as you are in a trance of COCK.

COCK everywhere.

But the big one in your hand is your focus. Is it now wet from pre cum or is it still your juices.

Is this still ok?

Do you still want more. Do you want to see what happens here?

I’ll wait for your reply.

You are gently pushed back against one of the men who you can’t see. You can’t see his face but you can feel his very big,hard exposed cock pushing into your back. Against the top of your buttocks and into the small of your back. It feels so hard and warm against your bare skin exposed when your skirt was raised up to your waist.

By the time your focus leaves this wonderful feeling of a big strong man behind you, leaning on his chest with that big hard cock against your skin and refocus on what is happening in front of you…..the hands working your breasts and nipples are not your own. Two different men have a tit each and are expertly lifting, squeezing, pulling, and gently slapping your boobs. You are on fire. Breathing hard and feel like you are floating. You look into the faces of these two men. They are smiling at you. Not that nice polite smile but that smile that comes with pure lust. You can hear their thoughts.

“You are beautiful.”

“You are very sexy”

“OH you are so hot”

“I want you”

“I want my hard cock inside you now”

Not thoughts but spoken words? Why can’t you focus or concentrate?

Why do you feel like you are floating?

Then you realize they have lifted you off the ground. Your feet are no longer on the floor of the truck stop men’s room. Your bare legs are up in front of you. A men holding each leg and rubbing his hard cock against the underside of each leg. You can see the head of their cocks sticking out under your thighs. No nickers…..were you wearing any? No matter as they are none there now.

Your now wide open and exposed pussy is not only the focus of many eyes but also of many hands. They are still gentle, but they are also now moving in and out of you. Looking down you see three…no four hands taking turns pushing fingers into you. Two at a time and they come out wet and glistening in the dim light of the seedy truck stop men’s bathroom. Each of your hands are out to the side of your body and each is around a big hard cock. Your hands are working these beautiful big cocks in elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar autopilot mode. You do not have to think about how to move your hands on a cock, you have had a lot of practice. It is automatic. The men are all around you and there seems to be more. 7? 8? 10????

How many could you take? You keep asking yourself. How many could I really take. 2 or 3 is no problem. What about 5? God, could I do that? Could I really fuck 7 cocks? Take 7 cocks on after the other? Fuck 7 men? MORE?

Your thoughts are disturbed by a wet feeling on your tummy and thighs. Looking down you see one man has already cum on you. His cum shot up to your left boob, down your tummy and onto your left thigh. Now you can smell it. Man seed. GOD! This is real. I’m really here with cocks around me and now cum on my body.

Your legs are spread wider apart and one man moves in between your legs….well one big cock moves there but there is a man attached to it. All you are really aware of is their hands on and in you and their cocks in your hands and all around. Cock heaven.

Me now:

I trust this is still OK.

I am going slow and trying to get inside how you might feel if this happened. Trying to build the lust. Are you about to be taken by the first man?

Do you want more explicit language?

Do you want it more like him being ready to fuck you. Use your wet sloppy cunt to relieve himself? Feeling his cum running out of your cunt?

Let me know how this is going and I’ll tell you the rest.

Hope you are enjoying it. I’m rock hard and stroking while I think and write it. It is like I am directing the video and I want to see you taken and enjoy it. Watch you be the cock hungry beautiful slut you can be.

Then more will be cumming. I pleased I’m not the only one to be excited by this. Even your short reply has me hard. The idea that it turns you on is so exciting. You are one hot lady. When I look at your photos now, I see so much more of you.

You are about to be taken by these truckers.

When we left the story last time you were being held up with your legs out in front and top and skirt out of the way. Two men were holding your thighs, both their cocks sticking out under them.

You are so wet.

Then the two men step back a little while holding you still. The result of this is that your legs open. Open wide.

Its like you are sitting in a chair with legs straight out but up in the air and held up by two strong truckers and their cocks. Now a man steps in between your legs, You know it’s a man because you can’t take your eyes off his cock. It is about 7 inches long but what you are fixated on is the head of this cock. It is much bigger than expected for a cock that size. Like a big, smooth, purple mushroom. He is stroking it as he moves closer. For a moment you regain some degree of awareness…..Holly shit! Is this really going to happen. Am I really going to let him fuck me? Right here in the men’s room, of a truck stop? AND with so many men around looking, feeling, stroking, wanting…wanting YOU. Wanting to be inside You. Be clear, they all want to fuck you. Will it really happen. But your clarity does not last long. Your complete attention is now on your pussy. He is close now and you can feel the head of his cock on your pussy lips. Electric. Hot. Soft. OH FUCK. It feels so good as he does not penetrate you but slides that amazing big cock head up and down your lips. So wet and smooth.

You hear him whisper into your ear. “I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to push my big cock into you. Slowly at first then I’m going to fuck you. Right here, right now, right in front of all these men. Can you see all their cocks hard for you? Can you feel my cock entering you?”

FUCK yes. You sure can. OH God it is what you have wanted for so long. Now you have it. He pushes further and further in. That familiar feeling of being full. Full of COCK. You love it. You want it. But you want it in front of these men. You no longer wonder how many you can take. You wonder if they will be enough. etimesgut iranlı escort Now you feel him right in you. All the way. Your juices running down the crack of your ass and down over his balls. Now he starts a slow rhythm. You are lost. Lost in lust.

In your ear you feel the whisper….he’s fucking you now. It is happening. Your arms are now around his neck and your body swings with his increasing rhythm. As he fucks you faster and harder you can hear the slaps of your bodies hitting together. You smell the mixture of the cum drying on your body, your own juices, and the hormones of a room full of horny men. You feel the head of his cock grow bigger. Not possible but happening. He feels huge in you and your body stiffens. He leans in and says, “I’m Cumming. OH FUCK, I am so deep in you, and I am Cumming.”

You feel yourself being carried. Opening your eyes, you see you are moving through the hallway to the restroom. But not the way you came in. A door opens and you are out the back of the Truckstop. Cabins! You had not noticed a few cabins behind the Truckstop.

He carries you into the closest one. Did you recognise the man holding the door open? Was it your man? Is he helping?

Your body is still trembling a little. You are on a bed in the cabin. Naked. With shoulders and head raised, you look around. COCKS. OH fuck there are many cocks. Gentle words reassure you that they will stop the moment you say to stop.

Your pussy is soaking, your mind in a dream, Your mouth slightly open. Then you hear the voice.

“Fuck me. FUCK ME. FUCK ME NOW.” My God it is your voice. “You have all looked at my photos for so long. You have jerked off to them. Now you have me for real. I want to take you all. I want cock. I WANT COCK. LOTS OF COCK NOW.”

There is a man between your legs, Cock head pushing against your wet cunt. As he enters you your body shudders again. Just the feeling of his cock entering you and you cum.

When you look sideways, you see cocks. Both sides there are cocks for you. One of them says in a deep smooth voice, “If you are fucking now, can you suck as well?” Then his cock is closer to your face. How long passes? You don’t know but you have a cock in each hand and are pulling them closer so you can suck them both at once. The weight lifts off your body to be replaced by another weight. Another beautiful cock gently entering your very wet cunt. One cock cums over your tits. The one in you cums with a jerking movement. Then is gone. Another man, another cock. This is what you wanted. Is that four or five?

You are rolled over and raised to your knees. OH God, the cock entering you from behind is very big. Can you take it you wonder? By the time you have asked yourself the question he is in you. Right in you and has taken your breath away. You moan. You cry out….”Fuck me please” and that is exactly what he does. Not so slow and gently now. You are open and wet and he is really fucking you. With each thrust he pushes you onto the cock in your mouth.

You cum….he cums….

You are rolled onto you back. Another cock is in you. A handsome man above you face saying. “We have all seen your photos. We have all jerked to you. I take your photo with me in my truck. THRUST. I think you are so sexual and sexy. THRUST. I am the one who saw you on the road today and guided you to this truck stop. I booked the cabin. Now I get to fuck you. To appreciate your beautiful, sexy body. But mostly, I get to experience how incredibly sexual you are. You are the most sexual woman I have ever known. You are lying here with my cock buried deep ion your cunt….pussy sorry. And in case you lost count, I am the seventh. Seven truckers have had you today. Seven men have fucked you. Two more have cum on your body.

He pulls out and shoots more cum than you have ever seen, all over your tits, neck and body.

He kisses your cheek and thanks you. You hear appreciation in the room. They thank you and are gone.

One man left to help you get cleaned up and back on the road.

Me now.

I hope this works for you. I tried to write it from inside you as well as an observer.

It is very general. Not specific on fine detail or too crude.

I would happily write more. A lot more and in more detail. I do not know if you like cum on you face, body or mouth. So, I was careful.

Thank you for the contact and sharing your trucker’s dream.

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The Couple Next Door

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Mr. and Mrs. Westerkampf, I said to the clerk at the front desk. It was after eleven and we had been traveling all day to reach the Caribbean Island where we were going to enjoy a seven-day vacation. The young lady found our registration without difficulty, and just a few minutes later we were in our room unpacking.

“I think I’m going to take a bath,” Kasey announced with her red eyes signaling her exhaustion.

“Do you want some room service?” I asked.

“I’m too tired to eat. Let’s just go to bed,” she replied.

I nodded, then watched her grab her things and disappear into the bathroom. Deciding I could use a drink to relax, I grabbed the bottle of whiskey I had brought, cracked it open, and went outside to get some ice from the machine. When I returned, I poured a double before moving to the patio. The soft breeze was surprisingly cool, but it felt refreshing and I leaned back into the padded chair with a deep sigh. Since we were on the ground floor, the view was minimal, but I was able to see a bit of water and some of the lights of the city across the bay.

I thought about Kasey and how lucky I was to be married to a woman that was a nice combination of beauty, brains, and personality. We had been married for two years, tying the knot when she was twenty-four and I was twenty-five. Having met through mutual friends, our relationship developed over eighteen months, so when we decided we wanted to be married, we felt it was based on sound judgment.

Going inside to get another drink, I ran into Kasey coming out of the bathroom. Dressed for bed, she just nodded when I explained I was sitting outside, and before I had finished, she had moved to the bed, pulled the covers over her body, and closed her eyes.

Back on the patio, I was thinking about the things we were going to do while sipping my drink. The liquor was going down smoothly, but I knew it was better to stop after the second or I would risk a hangover. Just as I started to rise, I noticed some movement through the glass door of the next room, and curious, I dropped back into the chair.

The patio design consisted of a low wall that separated the spaces topped with planter boxes that contained trimmed shrubs rising to about five feet. However, near the bottom of the plants, an unfilled space allowed me to see into the adjoining room via a two-foot-wide opening in the curtain. The light was dim but it provided enough illumination to make out part of the bed and the nightstand. The movement stopped, but now with my interest piqued, I focused on the opening.

Suddenly, I saw the naked torso of what looked like a very attractive woman recline on the bed. I could tell she was well-tanned and had nice firm breasts with quarter-sized nipples. She was talking with someone that remained unseen, but it didn’t take much imagination to guess the direction of things. A broad smile broke out on my face as I thought about what I might get to see, as, in all my years, I had never witnessed others having sex.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long as just seconds later I saw her left leg move and a man’s body appear. He positioned himself on top of her and immediately began to rise and fall as they fucked. Although I had a limited view, I did see the woman respond by first gripping the man’s bicep before moving her hand slowly to his shoulder. I thought about waking Kasey but decided against it due to her exhaustion and the simple fact that I wasn’t sure how she would react.

It wasn’t long before I saw the woman close her legs around the man’s waist which to me meant her passion was growing. She seemed to be truly enjoying the sex, and my painful hard-on indicated I was as well. However, it was what happened next that shifted my thoughts and almost had me falling out of my chair.

With my eyes locked onto the scene as I debated whether to pull out my dick, another body filled the space between the bed and the window. It was a male figure and he leaned over the bed bracing himself with one hand on the headboard while the woman’s hand found the cheek of his naked ass. From his position, I guessed she was sucking on his cock while the first man continued to thrust into her. Now, all kinds of thoughts filled my head. Was there another female in the room waiting patiently for her turn or was it a threesome with the woman the center of attention? Unless any other form came into view, I would have no way of knowing, and that realization made the situation even more exciting.

A few minutes later, a flurry of movement indicated something was taking place. As I watched, the man getting his dick sucked backed away and the other man climbed off the woman. As soon as he was free, the second man turned her onto her knees, lined up behind her, and pushed his hips forward. He began a rapid motion that went on for at least a minute before he slowed and started a more deliberate pace. However, he didn’t last long and when the muscles in his ass tensed and his grip on her waist tightened, ankara bayan escortlar I knew he was close. Suddenly, he lunged forward knocking her partly over, and then thrust hard once more making her fall onto the bed with him following. They stayed that way for a while as he ground his pelvis into her ass before he dismounted and I got a look at his large cock now hanging half-hard between his legs. Soon, everyone disappeared, and a few minutes later the light went off leaving me with my thoughts and an aching dick. So, with a final swig of the few remaining drops in the tumbler, I went inside, stripped, and slipped into the bed snuggling close against my purring wife. My hand snaked under the cropped t-shirt she always wore to bed and I found the mounds I loved so much. I gently fondled them flicking the nipples along the way hoping that there was still some energy left inside her body.

“Kevin, stop, please…I’m too tired,” she whined while swatting my hand and twisting her body away.

It had been a long shot, but I was so horny from the show that I had to try. There had been a time when she would never have turned down lovemaking. Oh well, I thought, I guess that’s what married life does to you. Unfortunately, I was now stuck in bed with no way to relieve myself except by my own hand but a trip to the bathroom didn’t seem appealing, so I stared at the ceiling thinking about the lovers next door until I finally drifted off.

The next day we went to the beach, then the pool, relaxing and soaking up the sun before finally hitting town late in the day so Kasey could do some shopping. She had attracted some attention in her sexy bikini which I found entertaining but not surprising. At 5’7″ tall and 126 pounds, her radiant green eyes and light brown shoulder-length hair highlighted her lovely face and her long, slender legs, tight butt, and 34C breasts topped with little nipples helped form an equally impressive body.

Later, after taking a nap and grabbing a light dinner, we were on the veranda of the hotel bar when I spotted the woman from next door. She came in and sat on a stool with a man that I recognized as one of the two from the previous night and immediately I was struck by how normal they looked. I suppose I expected that a woman that would participate in a threesome would be low class, something of a skank. However, she looked like she could easily fit in the suburbs as a thirtyish, attractive, and respectable neighbor. She appeared to be a pound or two heavier than Kasey with dark hair that she wore short, and she sported an infectious smile. I couldn’t help but watch as she talked both with her escort and those around her.

“Interested?” my wife asked, startling me.

“No, just think I’ve seen her before,” I replied, fighting back a smile.

“Where?” Kasey responded, sounding a bit annoyed.

“She’s in the next room…next to ours,” I told her, unable to hold back an even wider grin.

“Tell me what’s going on,” she demanded, realizing there must be a story of some kind.

Slowly, picking my words carefully, I described what I had witnessed the previous night while paying close attention to Kasey’s reaction. Fortunately, she didn’t take it badly, and her questions showed that she was more curious than offended by the information.

“Well now I know why I got mauled last night,” she said after hearing all the details, correctly linking my attempts to make love to her with my arousal from watching.

“I don’t need anything to get hot for you,” I replied taking her hand in mine.

“Admit it got you excited,” she suddenly demanded.

“Well, I guess it did some. I’ve never seen people do it, and then the first time I do it’s a threesome,” I laughed.

“Hmmm…” she responded.

“I can’t get over how normal she looks,” I said like it was something profound.

“What did you expect?” my wife answered in a way that made me feel a little naive.

“I don’t know. Something different I guess,” I said, avoiding details.

For the next few minutes, we were quiet and watched the woman. She had attracted the attention of two men, in addition to her escort, and all three were engaged in an animated conversation. There were lots of smiles and laughter, although we were too far away to make out the conversation.

“She’s available,” Kasey stated.

“What do you mean?” I responded quickly.

“She’s flirting and letting them know she’s available. Sit outside tonight and you might get another show,” she explained.

For the next hour and a half, we drank cocktails and watched the dynamics speculating on how things were progressing and what type of relationship the woman was in. My worries about Kasey finding offense faded, as she became equally engaged in the conversation and surprisingly never got judgmental. Finally, growing tired, we left the group still chatting and drinking and went to our room. We stripped quickly and were kissing and fondling each other in bed when elvankent seksi escortlar we heard the door to the room next close. Immediately, we both got quiet and we managed to hear the faint sound of voices, but could not make out the words.

“Let’s go look,” Kasey said, starting to slide out of bed.

She grabbed her robe while I pulled on my boxers and quietly, we slipped outside and peered through the shrubs.

“Curtain is closed,” I stated with disappointment.

“Damn,” she responded, then we both began giggling and went inside.

Back in bed, we began kissing and touching again, but I could tell my wife’s attention was on the next room, as was mine.

“You think she brought company back?” I asked, as my fingers lightly pinched her nipples.

“Yes…do you?” she answered instantly.

“Yes,” I agreed.

In truth, I thought her response showed a lot of wishful thinking but I certainly didn’t want to break the mood, especially since she was showing me a part of her I had never seen before. The adjoining room had become quiet and after several minutes we assumed that we had been wrong and that the woman and her guy had gone to sleep. I couldn’t wait anymore, so I climbed between her legs and slid my hard dick into a very wet slit. I moved slowly, pushing in deep while enjoying her velvety feel, and listened to Kasey purr as her hands ran back and forth from my shoulders to my butt.

“Ohhh…mmm…uhhh…” came the sudden, undeniable sound of a female from the next room.

We became still and once again listened intently, and although the sounds were soft, and most of the time indistinguishable, it was enough to tell that our pretty neighbor was getting fucked.

“Wow,” I said, and started moving into my wife again.

“She likes sex,” Kasey said between sighs.

“So do you,” I teased.

“Just with you,” she answered.

“How do you know? You’ve never tried it,” I shot back without thinking and immediately cringed awaiting the ire of her response.

However, it never came. Instead, we continued to make love, and just as the silence was becoming awkward, the woman next door gave several cries of passion. Kasey seemed to become more aroused by her sounds, and her legs wrapped around me pulling me deeper. I felt myself on the final approach to a climax, and through gritted teeth tried to hold on long enough for my wife to reach hers. Fortunately, I made it, and as soon as I felt her start my balls exploded filling her with my semen. Now, with both of us experiencing a strong release, thoughts of our neighbor faded, and soon we drifted away.

We slept in the next morning, and just as we were leaving our room, we heard the next door open and the woman and her man stepped into the corridor. Politely nodding to each other, once again I felt impacted by how her normal appearance didn’t match my judgmental biases. I don’t know why, but I continued to look for some flaw, some defect that explained her tawdry behavior. In truth, I didn’t know if she had more than her husband or boyfriend with her the previous night, but in my mind she did and I thought if I asked my wife, she would agree.

We spent the day much like the previous, catching sun and idly looking around the island. Kasey was dozing on a recliner when my mind drifted back to a time when I was a senior in high school and a group of us, my girlfriend and three other couples, ended up skinny dipping at an isolated spot on the river late on a hot summer night. At the time, it seemed insanely wild and, in many ways, it still did. My girlfriend was the best looking in the group, and I recalled that my attention was drawn more to the other boys looking at her than it was in checking out the other girls. I was now experiencing a similar feeling with Kasey, watching how other men looked at her in her stylish bikini, while realizing that rather than being upset by their looks, I was proud that she attracted attention. I noticed that men would sometimes go out of their way when leaving the beach to walk by our spot and steal looks at her body and, for a while, after turning onto her back, she had unknowingly sported a nice camel toe in her bottoms, but I had stayed silent, as I watched several men steal glances.

After dinner outside the hotel, we were walking back to our room when we noticed a live band playing at the bar. Talking Kasey into a nightcap, we walked to the entrance and looked around for a place to sit. The place was about three-quarters full with a half dozen couples dancing in a small area in front of the band.

“Let’s sit at the bar,” I suggested, as a sudden inspiration hit me.

We settled on two stools and when the drinks arrived, we chatted about our day and the crowd. Secretly, I had decided on the bar hoping we would see our neighbors and maybe learn something about them. However, halfway through our drink, they hadn’t shown, but two guys, that looked to be around our age, came in and one bayan etimesgut escort took the open spot next to Kasey.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I said when I caught the one standing looking at my wife.

“Good thanks,” he replied, a bit embarrassed.

I couldn’t blame him as Kasey was looking very good in a short, white sundress that came to mid-thigh, with the top cut in a way that showed the beginnings of her breasts, and remembering how the woman last night had flirted with several men at almost this same spot, I imagined her doing the same. I knew she wouldn’t initiate the conversation, but I thought she might join in if I got things going. I started asking them about their vacation and what they had done and planned to do, and along the way learned their names were Wes and Robert. In addition, we learned that Wes was divorced and Robert had never married and that they were both in real estate. Once kicked off, as I hoped, the conversation started to flow and my wife joined in.

The men bought us a round, so naturally, we needed to stay and return the favor, and these drinks, coupled with what we had at dinner, were getting us smashed. Leaving to hit the restroom, I came back to see that the two men had moved much closer to Kasey and they were all talking and laughing. It looked very close to the way our neighbor’s exchange had gone, and I stopped behind some plants where I could discreetly watch them interact.

For some reason, watching our neighbor’s threesome had impacted me greatly and I continued to dwell on it. The pure sexuality of witnessing the two men take the woman for their pleasure and then learn afterward that she wasn’t some tramp challenged my perspectives. I realized that part of the problem was likely my age and provincial thinking, but we are what we are. Now, here I was, purposefully setting my wife up in a situation to mimic what I had witnessed the night before.

Without question, the men were flirting with Kasey, although they never crossed the line. They didn’t touch her or become vulgar with their words, at least not while I was there. Their actions didn’t surprise me in the least but Kasey was flirting a bit too, and although her efforts were much less pronounced, it still amazed me.

I returned to the bar just as Robert headed to the restroom, and while Wes turned to speak with the bartender, I spoke with Kasey.

“Which one do you want?” I whispered into her ear, trying to fight off a grin.

Kasey leaned back and looked at me, then replied with her own smile, “Both.”

“What?” I answered, shocked by her boldness as my smile disappeared.

“I think it’s time we get you to bed,” she responded with a roll of her eyes as Wes rejoined us. When he looked at her quizzically, she continued, “We’ve had enough and are going to call it a night. Please give our goodnights to your friend.”

With that, we left, with my wife taking my hand and leading me out the door and towards our room like a child. I wondered how much trouble I was in, so I was relieved when once inside she went into the bathroom then joined me in bed without bringing it up. As she snuggled next to me, she shot me an impish look that I knew meant she was up for play. I wasted no time in getting her naked and then, with no foreplay, I climbed between her legs and eased in.

“Ohhh…” she moaned in pleasure as my length traveled its way inside.

We got into a nice easy rhythm and I listened to her expel soft mews of pleasure. Kasey was not normally much of a talker during our lovemaking, so I relied on her sighs and gasps to guide my actions, and I could tell she was truly enjoying herself.

“I’m sorry for what I said,” I whispered to her, wanting to make sure we cleared the air.

“Just for what you said?’ she replied with a heavy breath.

“What? What do you mean?” I stumbled, suspecting what she was alluding to.

“Don’t try to deny it. You wanted them to chat with us. You even sat us in the same place as that woman,” she answered, completely busting me.

However, at the same time, her right hand went to my butt and pulled on it to get me moving again.

“Was it that obvious?” I laughed.

“Completely. Now, no more talking,” she commanded.

As per her orders, I concentrated my attention on her lovely body and soon she began emitting passionate whimpers. Surprisingly, she climaxed quickly, which was not normal for her, and then, after just a few minutes, her mews started again. Just as I lost control and started to ejaculate, I felt her body stiffen.

“Twice?” I gasped, trying to catch my breath, while I planted soft kisses on her face and neck.

“Uh-huh,” she answered through her labored breathing.

A mixture of happiness for her and pride at my sexual prowess swept through me, and I rolled to her side, then spooned against her. Even in my diminished state, I couldn’t keep my hands still and they alternated between her firm breasts and flat tummy.

“You’re so proud of yourself,” she giggled after a minute.

“I am! I feel like a stud,” I declared, joining in her laughter.

“You are a stud,” she replied, patting me on the hip, and even though there was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, it didn’t weaken my mood.

“What got you so hot?” I asked.

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She Dances on the Sand

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River turned the page of her book and glanced up at the ocean waves, ebbing and flowing on the bright white sand. She traveled a lot for work, but she never minded, because she always found new beautiful places on her journeys. Alone on the beach, the sound of families and friends laughing and chatting turned into a gentle ambient noise, accented by the call of seagulls. The sun was warm, and her face flushed with both the heat and the scenes she read in a steamy romance novel.

It was late afternoon when a young man came over and sat on the sand next to her chair.

“Can I help you?” she asked, shutting her book with a snap and raising her eyebrows.

“Maybe,” he said, scratching his chin. He was in his mid-twenties, like her, with short dark hair, stubble along his chin, and bushy eyebrows. He took a minute to take her in, tanned skin, purple bikini, her straight chestnut hair spilling over her breasts. “Look, this is a shot in the dark, and you can send me away, but I’m getting desperate. My best friend is having his bachelor party this weekend, and we had a stripper coming but she cancelled last minute, and everyone seems to be booked. Would you consider dancing for us if I paid you?”

River looked at him carefully. He didn’t have the face of a pervert, and he actually looked very uncomfortable asking. She wondered if the groom had put him up to it, because this man seemed almost too shy.

River thought about what she had planned for her evening before this young man came over. She was probably going to return to her hotel room, shower, then go to the hotel restaurant to eat alone. If this was a bachelor party, there would be drinks, and it might be fun to dance for and flirt with young men.

“You know I’m not going to be half as good as a professional,” River finally said.

“That’s fine,” he said. “Just a few songs, and you can have a drink with us and go on your way.”

“How much?”

“Two hundred.”

River raised her eyebrows again. That money could bump her up to first class on her flight out Monday morning.

“Okay, I’m in,” she said.

The guy’s face broke into a relieved smile. “You’re a lifesaver. Wes always told me he wanted a real bachelor party, stripper and all, and I didn’t want to let him down.Can you come by in an hour? We’re at that cottage down there.”

He pointed down the beach. There were a few beach houses that were rented out through the summer. They were somewhat secluded from the rest of the beach with fences and palm trees blocking the view. She could see the silhouettes of a few young men down at the beach with their feet in the water.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” she said. “I’m River, by the way.”

She held out her hand and he shook it. “Lance.”

She winked at him and he blushed as he turned away. She giggled when he was out of earshot.

She opened her book again, but she couldn’t focus on the words. She was thinking back to those heels classes she had taken. She’d only been to a few, but they had always been fun, making her feel sexy and empowered. She tried to remember some of the moves.

She knew she wouldn’t have to try that hard; drunk men were easily satisfied. But for two hundred dollars, she wanted to give them a good show. After all, the groom would want to relive this party, the last party of his single life, for many years to come. There was something exciting about being immortalized in his memory, a dancing goddess on a white sand beach.

River daydreamed for a while, her thoughts wandering as she looked at the waves crashing on the beach. She jumped in the water one more time, then dried off and headed back to her room. She dropped off her book and beach chair, then she brushed out her hair and put on makeup. She wore a lacy white coverup over her bathing suit, and she took only her purse with her as she left the room.

As she walked down the beach towards the beach house, she could hear the rowdy laughs of young men. A few butterflies fluttered in her stomach, but she shushed them. This was just another party. In her college days, she’d danced on a few tables and had plenty of eyes on her.

When she got close, Lance rushed to meet her.

“I’m so glad you came,” he said. “I was worried you had said yes just to get rid of me.”

River smiled at him. “It sounded like a fun time,” she said. “Introduce me to the rest of the guys.”

Lance led her behind the house where the guys were sitting on wooden chairs in the shade of palm trees.

“River, this is Wesley, our man of the hour. And here’s Tim, Erik, and James.”

She smiled and nodded at each.

“Thanks for coming,” Wes said, shaking River’s hand. He had nice eyes, she thought as she looked at him, and it didn’t surprise her that he had found a woman to marry; there was something about the way his eyes crinkled as he smiled that made her stomach flip flop. He had sandy hair and wore glasses.

“Can I get a beer?” she asked, looking around at all their bottles.

“Absolutely,” ankara escort bayanlar Lance said. “Take a seat, I’ll get you a bottle.”

Lance grabbed a bottle of lager and James tossed her a bottle opener. She opened it and took a sip. It was cold and absolutely delicious.

“So what kind of music set-up do you have here?” River asked Lance. “You have some speakers? A playlist?”

“We have speakers,” Lance said, sitting in the chair next to her. We hadn’t thought about music. But we can throw something together.”

“It’s fine, I brought my phone,” River said. “I’ll put something together real quick.”

She scrolled through her songs and put together a playlist as she sipped her beer and scrunched her toes in the warm sand. Then she handed her phone to Lance.

“Get some music playing to get a mood set,” River said. “I just want to finish my drink.”

Lance set up the phone and put the playlist on shuffle. She thought she’d need time to get in the mood for dancing, but as Day N’ Night started playing, the bass moved her, and she rose to stand in front of the guys. She started shimmying her hips and turning in circles. She was right–they didn’t need much to get excited.

She dropped down, knees wide, and flipped her hair in a circle. Erik let out a whistle.

River rose slowly, giving them a good view of her cleavage. She did a little shimmy walk, rolling her hips as her toes tapped a rhythm on the sand.

A Jennifer Lopez song came on next, and River moved towards Wesley’s chair. She pulled off her cover-up, so she wore only her purple bikini, and she tossed the cover-up to the side. Tim caught it and sniffed it, and the others laughed.

River moved her hips in circles, then crawled on the arms of the wooden chair. Wes’s eyes were drawn to her cleavage as she swayed with the music. She leaned in to him and kissed him on the cheek. He seemed both mesmerized and paralyzed, and she was satisfied to see movement beneath his swim trunks.

She climbed off the chair and danced her way to Tim’s chair. He was nearly bald, his hair shaved close to his head to hide a receding hairline. She turned her back to him and dropped into a forward fold, pushing her butt out so he had a good view. She rose slowly and turned to face him again. She blew him a kiss before moving around the circle.

She climbed on the arms of Erik’s chair. He had dark, curly hair and greenish brown eyes. She did a wave with her body that she’d learned in heels class, her chest rising and falling in a fluid motion. He blushed as he looked at her body.

She got off the chair and moved to James, a black man with a short beard and long fingers curled around his beer bottle. For him, she gave a shimmy as she folded her body forward and then rose again.

She moved to Lance’s chair, not wanting to leave the best man out. She crawled onto the arms of his chair and moved to the music. Then, caught up in the moment, she grabbed the tie on the back of her bikini and undid the back. The guys behind her whooped, but Lance seemed frozen.

“You want to take it off?” she asked him softly.

With trembling hands, he lifted the bikini top over her head. She had small breasts, but they were perky, and her nipples stuck out from all the excitement. She laughed softly and kissed his cheek before moving back to Wes.

She turned so her back was to him, and she lowered herself slowly into his lap. River moved her hips over his, and he pulled her down against him, grinding against her.

“Bad boy,” River said as she felt his erection against her ass. “Your fiancée is going to have trouble keeping you in line.”

As she rose, Wes gave her ass a smack and she laughed and moved around the circle again. She straddled the arms on Tim’s wooden lounge chair and shook her hips for him. He grabbed one of her breasts and she kissed him on the nose, laughing.

She had them all riled up now. If she was a professional dancer, she would never let them touch her the way they were. But she was here for fun, and her mind was whirling with possibilities. She saw no harm as long as they were all enjoying themselves.

As she danced for Erik and James, they touched her too, grabbing her breast or her bottom, eager to feel her skin.

She made it back to Lance and sat on his lap, facing him. She could feel that he, too, was hard beneath his bathing suit. She crawled her fingers up his chest and then kissed him on the lips.

Lance, who had been frozen from the moment she sat back on his lap, thawed at the touch of her lips. He wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her deeply, his tongue entwining with hers.

When she pulled away, there was a desperation in his eyes, and she knew his whole body was aching for her.

She rose again and danced her way among the men, staying on her feet now, moving her hips to the music. As she walked by Wes’s chair, she touched her finger to his lips and he licked it.

She pulled Erik to his feet.

“Dance ankara esmer escortlar with me,” she told him.

He ground against her from behind as she swayed her hips. Burn Out by Martin Garrix was playing, and even if she hadn’t been at a bachelor party, she wouldn’t have been able to help dancing to the song. Erik’s hand squeezed her ass cheek as they danced.

James rose and pulled her to him. They danced front to front, one of his legs between hers. She knew she was wet as she slid her hips up and down his thigh. He wrapped an arm around her and dipped her, and upside down, the men were all staring at her, practically drooling.

As she rose and walked to Lance, he stood automatically. He started moving his hips too, jerkily, but he was trying. She kissed him again. She jumped into his arms, and he caught her legs as they wrapped around his back.

Lance walked her to a plastic folding table that held empty beer bottles and snacks. Wes and Tim quickly moved everything off the table as Lance laid her down and kissed River’s belly, then her inner thighs.

Then Wes was there, moving Lance aside, his eyes burning as they looked at hers. He pulled his swim trunks down. His cock stood up straight, at attention, and without preamble, he pulled her bikini to the side and entered her.

River squealed in delight as he entered her. Her whole body had been yearning for this, and the feeling of Wes filling her put her lust at peace.

River beckoned Lance closer. Wes had wiggled around a little to make sure she was loose and now he had begun thrusting. River pulled Lance’s penis from his swim trunks.

“Big boy,” she murmured, looking at his penis. He wasn’t necessarily thick, but his dick was long, too long to fully embrace in her mouth. But she took the tip in her lips and swirled her tongue around it, and that was enough for Lance to throw his head back and murmur, “Fuck, yes.”

Lance moved slowly in her mouth, careful not to make her gag. One of his hands stroked her hair, tenderly.

Tim, Erik, and James stepped out of their swim trunks. River reached out her hands and took Tim and Erik in her hands. James stood out of the way, watching and touching himself to the action going on.

River felt a sudden emptiness and she turned to see Wes had pulled out of her. He nodded to Lance who took his penis from River’s mouth and moved around to the spot of honor between her legs. He rubbed his penis against her slit, then slid in slowly. She squealed as he moved further and further inside her, until he was fully sheathed in her body.

Wes thrust his penis inside River’s mouth and she sucked at it, bobbing her head. As Lance found a slow rhythm, she moaned around the member inside her.

“We should take her inside,” James said to Wes. “She gets much louder, the neighbors will say something.” Their cottage was secluded by palm trees, but that wouldn’t stop noises from carrying.

“Lance, you got her?” Wes asked him. “Take her to my room.”

Lance scooped her up, keeping his long shaft still inside her, and carried her in the beach house. The other men followed, turning on lights as they entered.

Lance carried her into Wes’s room. It had a queen size bed, and he laid her on top of a soft white comforter. Wes knelt by her and offered his penis to her lips again. River reached out her hands and took James and Tim in her palms.

Lance started pushing inside her deeper, and his motions were accompanied by the slapping sound of skin against skin.

River kissed up and down Wes’s shaft, eagerly, trying to give him the best treatment, since he was the man of honor. She didn’t have to do much with her hands, as the other men were thrusting into her fingers.

“Think she can take two at a time?” Tim asked.

She shook her head, pulling away from Wes. “One at a time, boys,” she insisted.

“We’ll all get a turn,” Wes promised Tim.

When Lance moved aside, Tim was the next inside her. He roughly flipped her body onto her stomach and pulled her hips back. She was glad she was already wet, because he delved deep without any preamble. He let out low growls as he pumped inside her.

Erik knelt by her mouth and she opened her lips to him. She gagged slightly as it went too deep, and then she adjusted, putting her hand at the base of his penis so he couldn’t shove as far inside.

She held out her hand to James and his penis slid between her fingers. He didn’t seem to mind the lack of attention; perhaps he had more patience than Tim. He closed his fingers around hers to tighten her grip, and then he thrust against her palm. She noticed how much larger he was than his friends. She had slept with other men before and had experienced cocks of all shapes and sizes, but James seemed to be the largest she had ever held. She was excited for him to get inside her.

Tim slapped her ass, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, three times in quick succession and then plowed harder into her. She thought he was about sincan grup yapan escortlar to come, but he pulled out of her, stroking his penis, and stepped aside for Erik.

Erik got up from his spot at her mouth and came behind her. He went in gentler than Tim, taking the time to figure out the best angle for them both. He leaned over her, one hand holding himself above her back, the other reaching beneath her hips to her clit. She gasped as he found the spot right as James inserted his penis in her mouth.

She was in bliss then, bliss as Erik rubbed her harder, and she screamed around James’s dick. She wasn’t sure how she stayed upright. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, burning in excitement and desire for more, more, more.

The men laughed as she came down, panting and relaxed.

“How fast do you think she’ll come for James?” Wes wondered. “I’ll bet twenty dollars she can’t last two minutes with his fat cock.”

“I’ll take that bet,” James said. “When you’re ready, Erik.”

“Be my guest,” Erik said.

Erik pulled out and James got behind River. The other four moved away from her to watch, although they all kept stroking their dicks.

“Ready?” Wes asked James, looking at his watch. “Go.”

With a sudden push, James was inside her. She knew he couldn’t be all the way inside her yet, but he was quickly widening her. He pulled out, then thrust in a little further, out, then further still, out, and then she felt his hips against her ass and felt the full length of him inside her.

He started thrusting quickly now that she was accustomed to his length, and she found his tip was reaching a sensitive spot other men had never been able to touch before.

“She’s close,” Tim said, eagerly. “Look at her.”

“Go for the clit,” Erik said, “and she’ll be a goner.”

James reached down, found her button.

“Ah, Ah, AHHHH,” River cried out. Her whole body sank into the bed as she came against James. “Fuck.”

The men chuckled again. “That was seventy-five seconds,” Wes said. “Nicely done. Anyone else want to take the bet?”

River lifted her upper body back up under her arms. She looked around to see Tim position himself behind her.

“Ready,” Wes said. “Go.”

Tim entered her just as quickly as he had earlier. This time, he grabbed her arms and pulled her wrists behind her back, holding her up with his whole body. She had no problem with being restrained, but it didn’t do it for her the way other things did. It seemed to work Tim into a frenzy, and he thrust quickly, his balls slapping against her over and over again as he moved in and out. But – “That’s time,” Wes said.

“Anyone else?” Wes asked Lance and Erik, but they didn’t seem to want to be under the pressure of time. James moved back to River and flipped her on her back again. He entered her slowly this time, working his way gently inside her. Tim knelt next to her and thrust his penis into her mouth. She turned so he was hitting the inside of her cheek instead of the back of her throat, and she let him thrust as violently as he wanted. She held out one hand to Wes and another to Erik.

No one was timing her this time, but she knew it must have been less than sixty seconds before Jame’s cock had her bucking and writing again. She screamed against Tim’s dick, and that seemed to do it for him, because he grunted and ropes of warm cum spurted into her mouth. He pulled out and River managed to swallow. Tim retreated to the edge of the room to watch. She noticed that his dick, while it had deflated momentarily, twitched with eagerness again, just from watching.

Lance moved into Tim’s position and River welcomed him inside her mouth. He was happy just to keep the tip inside her and she swirled her tongue around his head until James picked up his pace. She couldn’t control her body then, and she was sure her mouth was partly agape and her fingers slackened on the other two dicks as James thrust harder and harder into her.

“Fuck, yes!” she cried out. “Like that. Like that. FUCK!” She bucked her hips again and shouted as he pulled out of her and shot his cum along her stomach.

She barely had time to come down from her high before Wes was inside her again. Lance and Erik knelt on either side of her, jerking their hands, pointing at her stomach, ready for release. River touched each of their balls, helping, as Wes thrust in her faster and deeper.

“Oh,” River said softly, “OH, YES, FUCK.”

Wes pulled out of her and shot ropes of cum against her chest. Erik and Lance, stimulated both by her cries and the touch of her fingers, shot their own loads onto her chest. Spent, River fell back against the bed and closed her eyes.


River hadn’t been aware any time had passed, but the room she woke in was different. Lance was wiping her down with a damp towel. All the other men were gone.

“You were magnificent,” he told her, awe in his eyes.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“You can stay here tonight,” he said. “This room is mine. I don’t mind taking the couch.”

“You can sleep next to me,” River said. “As long as you don’t try anything else.”

“I think I’m satisfied for a bit,” he said with a smile. “I tucked your money in your purse by the way. We added a few tips for a job well done.”

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Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 01

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Off Campus, the Sequel, Pt. 1


This is a follow-on to the previous adventure with Steve and Cyan and their polyamory partners Phil and Jen. Last time out together these swingers found new friends to play with, which in turn is blossoming into something a lot bigger now that Ally invited her besties over for a taste of the swinger “lifestyle”.

Smashing “Swinger Rule

” to bits, Ally is falling deeply in love with Steve, to nobody’s surprise.


The four of us decide we were due for another date at The Abercrombie, that old downtown hotel where we had so much mind-blowing sexy fun with a couple of local folks we picked up at the bar.

Phil dropped me off at the curb to see if the coast was clear. I gingerly poke my head around the door of the hotel bar to see if our bartender friend is holding down the fort. My face is only halfway past the opening and I hear, “Steven! How the fuck are you! All you guys in town? I hope!” Ally exclaims, totally disrupting the serenity of her dimly-lit and cozy cocktail lounge. Patrons’ heads are swiveling off their necks as they strain to see who she’s so excited about, but can’t make out a thing as the setting sun streams in the door. I’m just a silhouette to them.

“Hi, Ally,” as I step all the way into the barroom. “Nice to see you, too,” I chuckle. “What’s new?”

“Oh, I have stories,” Ally tempts. “Where is everybody?”

“Phil’s parking the car, the girls went up to our rooms to freshen. Stories?”

“Stuff I can’t talk about here… you know…” as she grins real big.

“Anybody we know?”

“Tex, for one. His name is Darren.”

“Say no more. We more or less expected it after you met Little Phil.”

Two of the guys sitting at the bar reflexively raise their heads from their drinks and stare daggers at Ally and then at me. They clearly understood the context of “Little Phil”. They must be regulars, deep in their hearts hoping beyond hope that someday they’ll have the opportunity to date the adorable bartender. So what’s so special about “Phil”, huh? And this guy?

“More later,” Ally cautions, having sensed the reactions.

“What time you off?”

“Lucky for you this is my off night. I turn the bar over to Jessica at 6:00.”

“Have we met Jessica?”

“Dunno. But she’s heard all about you guys, and wants to meet, if you know…”

“Okay. Understood. I take it we can get together when she’s off?”

“Discuss over dinner, ‘k?”

“Deal. Meet you down here at six.”

“See ya’!” punctuated by another of her big, all-knowing grins.

Apparently Ally was just as energized by our previous time together as we were. So she’s screwing Tex… uh, Darren. Not a surprise. She so fell in love with Phil’s uncut cock that the four of us were nattering the entire way home from last time, taking bets on whether she was going to put the two-and-two together from Cyan and Jen’s comments about “Tex” with her newly-discovered pleasures of Phil’s uncircumcised penis. She obviously had.

But Jessica? That’s a surprise. Thinking back on our breakfast last time here, wasn’t Jessica the wispy little blonde that served us? Self-effacing, demure and slightly mousey, she was cute but certainly not someone we were entertaining as a prospective playtime friend. I guess we’ll find out tonight if it’s the same girl I’m recalling.

I head up to the room to fill everybody in and to freshen myself up.

“Dinner with Ally at six,” I declare.

“Any idea where?” Jen poses.

“Nope. Can’t be here. She has a bunch to talk about that can’t be overheard by anybody she knows from work.”

“So that answers our question about ‘Tex’, doesn’t it?” Cyan smirks.

“Yes. Why yes it does,” I grin back at her. “His name is Darren.”

“HA!!! He was toast after she’d had Phil! I knew it!” Cyan chortles.

Phil proposes, “I guess Ally will know where to go for dinner. Will it be just the five of us?”

“I think so, not much time for her to rally the troops if she has other ideas,” I conjecture.

“Okay, let’s pull ourselves together,” I advise. “We need to be down there in about 25 minutes.”

“Sexy clothes?” Jen asks.

“No, just cute will do this time. Don’t need to impress anybody,” I confirm.

“Or seduce?” Cyan quips. She can be sooooo bad sometimes.

We gather ourselves and head downstairs. Ally is waiting in the lobby in that same sheath dress she was wearing on our previous date. No complaints here, it flatters her taut figure. Very easy on the eyes!

“You sure you should be seen with us by hotel staff?” Phil asks.

“Oh, there’s a story there, too. They all know,” Ally frowns. “I knew you guys were coming today, ’cause I got a whole ration of shit from the rez desk when you booked your rooms.”

“Are you in trouble?” Jen is concerned.

“Yeah, but it’ll be okay. They don’t know everything.”

“Spill!” Cyan is curious.

We duck outside and make a beeline for Phil and Jen’s car.

“It’s ankarada yeni escortlar pretty simple, actually,” Ally explains. “I didn’t know they had installed cameras in the elevators. It was new. Security saw us.”

“Oh, shit!” I exclaim.

“No big deal, really. The recording equipment wasn’t working yet. Technically I got blessed out for the nudity, although my boss couldn’t contain his giggles when he was lecturing me. ‘Don’t let it happen again,’ was his stern advice. The clear inference was ‘Be careful, have your fun, just don’t get caught.'”

“But where does ‘reservations’ come in with all this?” Phil muses.

“Everybody knows everybody’s business here. The graveyard security guy couldn’t keep his fuckin’ mouth shut.”

“Not good,” I interject.

“No shit. He’s been putting moves on me ever since thinking that he’s going to get some. Ewww. Just ewww.”

“That can get really dicey. Be careful,” I advise in maybe too much of a fatherly tone. This is somebody I’ve slept with, and hope to do so again.

“I’m not too worried. I have a lot of friends here looking out for me. And there’s Darren.”

“Yes there is, you little tramp! You stole him from us!” Jen laughs.

“Yeah!” Cyan jumps in. “We teach you all about uncut cocks and what is our reward? You rustle one out of our stable!”

Everybody laughs, real hard.

“He’s a nice guy,” Ally pouts. “You two were pretty rough on him with your ‘we’ve had better’ shit and all that.”

“We didn’t say that. But we had to push back on all his cocky crap,” Jen defends herself. “Has he tried to fuck your head into the headboard yet?”

“Well, no,” Ally admits. “I think you girls may have broken that particular stallion trait. But he’s still a really good fuck. Oh, I love that big uncut cock!”

“We gonna see him tonight?” Cyan asks.

“No. I called and told him you guys were here, and he’s in Denver. He sends his regrets. Oh, Jen?”


“He apologizes. He’d like another chance.”

“Okay. Forgiven. He was a really nice screw when he wasn’t so rough. Next time.”

“Where’s dinner?” Phil asks as we pile into the car. “Ally?” he inquires. “We don’t really know your town.”

“You guys okay with barbecue?” is her retort.

“Yep!” is the chorus.

“Turn left up here at Centennial, then about a half mile, ‘Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em’.”

“Now that’s corny,” I chuckle.

“Oh, you’re one to talk!” Ally guffaws.

“Who’s this Jessica person you told me about?” I query. “You inferred she’s interested in our… uh… more interesting late evening activities.”

“Yes!” Ally confirms. “The way she put it to me, ‘Oh gawd I really need somebody to fuck my brains out, somebody who knows what they’re doin’. These local guys aren’t cuttin’ it.'”

“Uh… do you think she knows what she’s in for?” Cyan poses.

Ally responds, “I can’t tell. She’s a little thing. Cute, but tiny. You guys would call ‘er ‘a spinner’.”

Phil and I laugh out loud. “We said no such thing… did we?” I protest.

“Not directly. I’m quoting the girls quoting you, Steve!”

“Damn! Caught!” I laugh. “You know what it means, don’t you?”

Ally gets on me hard, “I figured it out, dumbass. A girl small enough to sit on your cock and can be spun around in the fuck.”

“Guilty as charged!” I’m still laughing. “It doesn’t work that way, tho’!”

“Hey, isn’t Jessica the cute little thing that served us breakfast the morning after our little party?” Jen interjects.

“One and the same,” Ally confirms.

“Never thought of ‘er that way. Well that’s sort of neat, really. Happy to be of assistance,” I leer.

“Oh, you’re so kind, sir!” Ally sticks her tongue out at me.

“Seriously, you think she can handle the four… five of us in the room? We’re not exactly ‘beginner’ material,” Phil comments.

“She’s had her share of guys, so you can forget any fantasies about breaking her cherry, if that’s what you mean.”

“Not at all, Ally,” I continue. “We’re more worried about sexual and emotional overload for somebody whose experience might be confined to vanilla one-on-one sex, and from what you’re seeming to say, mediocre sex at that.”

“I think she should be okay, Steven. She did share that she experimented with girl-on-girl at college, and a couple of MFM threesomes,” Ally tells us in an uncharacteristic moment of concerned seriousness.

“Okay, then what’s the plan?” Jen asks.

Phil pulls the car into a parking spot and our chatter is momentarily interrupted by our jockeying for who’s going to be more polite than whom in opening the door to the restaurant.

“Hi, Ally!” an unexpectedly enthused voice greets us from the hostess stand.

“Hi, Hannah!” Ally shoots back. “Five!”

“Oh! Are these your special out-of-town friends?”

The four of us glance around at each other with worried expressions, justifiably wondering how much this stranger knows about us.

“Yes. This is Cyan, Jen, Steve and Phil. Guys, this is Hannah. She’s my roommate.”

“No wonder bayan escort elvankent you brought us here. Shame on you!” I scold. With a smile.

“Ally loves you guys. She really does,” Hannah flatters us. “She was walking on air for a week after your get-together. And introducing her… sort of… to Darren? Genius!”

We’re all turning beet red.

“So you know… everything? Seriously?” as Jen buries her face in her hands. Cyan is desperately looking for a corner to hide in.

“Yes. You’re all okay with me. Really. I’ve never seen her so happy. And to meet you in person? I’m honored!”

“Gosh, Hannah, it’s a pleasure. And thanks,” Phil having enough composure left to appreciate the appreciation. I’m somewhat dumbfounded, actually — deer in headlights would be an apt description.

“Let me show you guys to a table where you can chat with a little bit of privacy. Thad will be your server tonight. He’s a hunk, so you girls get a treat.”

“Not so bad yourself, Hannah,” I grin as I recover from the shock. “Thanks!”

“Thanks, Hannah,” Ally confirms. Addressing Jen and Cyan, “Thad works out at my gym, and she’s right, he’s major eye candy. We’ve had some NSA time together. If you approve… uh… well… we’ll talk about it in a couple of minutes.”

Looking straight at Ally, I mock-scowl, “Okay, girl, what exactly do you have in mind? Something’s afoot!”

I get a little pout as she examines the floor and shuffles her feet.

“I thought…”

“You thought what?” still sort of scolding.

“That we’d get some of my friends and have us a little party. Your kind of party. Is that okay?”

I pause, keeping my brow furrowed.

Big grin now, “Hell yes, that’s okay! Girls? Phil?”

Cyan interjects, “These kids are going to wear your butt out in seconds, sweetheart!”

“Yes, but I’ll die with a smile on my face, that’s for sure.”

I ask Ally, “Does the hotel have a ‘Presidential Suite’ or something like that for small gatherings?”

“Yes, they do. Top floor. I already told reservations you might be calling to move your stuff up there.”

“YOU are so, so bad!” I laugh. “Oh, gawd, you are one of us, without a doubt! I’m going to make this call the moment we’re seated. Hannah?”

“Walk right this way, sir!” our lovely hostess beckons. She catches my ear as we’re walking and whispers, “(By the way, I’m going to be there, too. From everything Ally’s told me, I want to — no, I must — fuck your sorry ass. Phil’s too.)”

“(Challenge accepted!)” as I chuckle.

We take our seats, and Phil and I leer at Hannah’s slender but shapely rear as she returns to her station. Ally later told us that Hannah is a bit of a gym rat, so has the really tight figure of somebody who works out. It is impressive. Yum.

“Hey, Phil,” as I lean over not quite out of earshot of Cyan and Jen, informing quietly, “Hannah wants to fuck us tonight. You okay with that?”

“Yep,” he confirms matter-of-factly.

The girls roll their eyes at us and look like they’re going to start in with some sort of snide retort, probably that there’s no way in hell we can handle her. That is, until Thad shows up to take our drink orders — young, blond, sleek, soft features, toned and muscular but not over the top. Pinup material.

I look at the girls, “You can stop drooling now, save it for later. I suspect Thad’s on the guest list, too.”

“Uh huh,” Ally doing her shit-eating grin thing again. “Oh, he has a nice surprise for Cyan and Jen.”

I call the hotel and the voice on the other end confirms, “We were expecting this change of plans, Mr. Albertson. Already handled. Exchange your keys at the desk when you get back.”

Now that’s service.

“You have some pull, Ally!” I exclaim. “What is the deal?”

She leans over and whispers, (“‘The Abercrombie’, Steve? Daddy owns the hotel.”) Ally’s full name is Allison Abercrombie.

I nearly fall out of my chair laughing, “Oh, shit, so obvious. I really should have figured that out when we met.”

“What’s wrong, dear?” Cyan asks, all concerned. “What is so funny?”

I’m also getting alarmed and puzzled expressions from Phil and Jen.

“Ally’s last name is no coincidence. Her father owns the hotel. Explains a lot!”

“Does he know what we’re up to? Does he know what you’re up to?!?” Cyan looks hard at Ally.

“Sure does,” Ally responds. “Maybe not everything, but what he does know is that I am the happiest he has ever seen me, and approves that I am hanging around with the nicest people, folks who care about me, and are fun and funny and treat me great. He’s willing to overlook the sex stuff ’cause everything else is so good.”

“Shucks,” is all Phil has to say.

“Seriously. It didn’t used to be. I was sucked into a pretty rough crowd out of high school. It wasn’t until I starting hanging around a more mature bunch that things settled down. And then there’s you guys. I know it’s only been a couple of months since we met, but the positive and fun vibe is always there. You escort bayan etimesgut guys are contagious.”


“Drinks?” Thad interrupts.

He’s standing between Cyan and Jen at the moment.

“May we?” Cyan requests, with a wink.

Thad sighs, “Considering… just not too obvious, ladies. More later.”

Both ladies discreetly caress his toned buttocks and thighs. Cyan goes for the front to assess “the situation”.

“No,” chastises Thad as he pulls back from her hand. “Not yet. You won’t be disappointed, tho’.”

“Thank you for the appetizer, Thad,” Jen purrs.

Ally giggles.

“I’ll take a sweet tea,” as I attempt to get this show on the road. We’re going to need a disco nap after dinner if we’re planning on the level of performance expected after midnight.

“Same here,” Cyan requests.

Thad takes everyone’s drink orders, turns them around quickly and returns to assist with our food requests.

While we’re waiting, Jen returns the conversation to where we started as we walked in, “So, what’s the plan?” Of course this is with another big, silly and toothy grin in the acknowledgement that any plans we had a half-hour ago are suddenly super-sized.

“Do I need to call catering?” I ask Ally, sort of knowing the answer already.

“Handled,” was the expected confirmation. “Basic munchies, with fruit plates especially for Cyan and Jen. The other girls will like that, too.”

“We’re not doing a bar, tho’,” Cyan kind of asks, hoping for the preferred response.

“No. I know how you guys are about drinking when playtime gets serious. Besides, drunks are no fun to screw, and they usually get everyone in trouble anyway.”

“Wow!” Phil acknowledges. “You learn quickly!”

“Anything we need to do?” Jen offers.

“Just be your usual oversexed selves,” Ally smiles. “That’s all we want. We want you.”

“[…gulp!…]” from both Phil and me.

“Whatsa matta, gentlemen? Performance anxiety kicking in already?” Cyan smirks.

Jen and Ally chortle.

“It’s okay. I know you’ll be ‘up’ to the task. Just pace yourselves,” Cyan advises.

“Alright alright,” I defend myself. “What’s the headcount?”

Ally informs, “The five of us, Jessica, Hannah and Thad. Eight.”

“Did any of them invite others by chance?”

I’m concerned it could get out of hand quickly, and that’s not even considering party crashers.

“No,” Ally assures. “They were explicitly told that this was on the QT. Absolutely nobody else. Security and the front desk have the guest list.”

“It’s a bit girl heavy,” I observe. “Is that okay? I’m sure that Thad will far exceed our stamina and will definitely be fun to watch with our wives and the rest of you. We’ll try our best to keep up. I just don’t want anybody going away feeling they had less than a great time.”

“Oh you’re such a guy,” Ally chides. “But a really nice guy, so thanks. Don’t dismiss out of hand that the girls might do girl things. You already have a hint about Jessica. And I’ve seen Cyan and Jen get down and dirty… they can teach us stuff, for sure.”

“I’d like to watch that!” interrupts Thad as he sets down the first plate, this one for Cyan, the target of his leering grin.

“Ha!” Ally scolds. “You wish!”

Thad continues to serve our dinner and conversation relaxes as we settle into the meal. I have to say, it’s quite enjoyable, quite tasty. Not many BBQ joints serve smoked turkey, and fewer do a good job with it. Very moist and tender!

“What time does this party start?” Cyan asks.

“About 11:00,” Ally conjectures. “I figure the five of us will head straight to the suite after dinner, get naked and nap for a couple of hours. Maybe us girls will play a little bit of musical cocks, but nothing too serious until Thad and Hannah get there. Their shift ends at 10:00, they’ll go home to clean up and meet us after.”

“And Jessica is tied-up at the bar ’til after 1:00, right?” I note.

“Yes,” Ally confirms. “However, any tying-up will be done upstairs.”

“Oooo! Waddaya have in mind, girl?” Jen laughs. “That’s grown-up stuff!”

Phil grins, lowers his gaze to the table and just shakes his head as the laughter dies down.

“Okay guys,” in my best “adult” voice. “Very funny. I don’t want Jessica left out of the loop, Ally. Instead, how about we get dressed and meet Hannah and Thad in the bar around eleven-ish, get the meet-and-greet going down there to include Jessica, and 12:30 or so head upstairs. That way she shouldn’t miss too much.”

Ally confirms, “That will be okay, I guess, but given all the sexual tension it might be hard to hold to that schedule. We don’t need an orgy scene in the bar, that will get me in trouble for sure. Dad may own the hotel, but that doesn’t prevent me from being fired.”

“Okay, we’ll play it by ear. But greet at the bar, at least. Maybe have one or two drinks to take the edge off.”

“Good enough,” Ally confirms.

Given the relatively serious turn of the discussion at dinner, we’re somewhat subdued as we gather ourselves up and leave the restaurant. I hang back to have a little side discussion with Thad on what would be an appropriate tip without insulting him in either direction. I tend to tip too much, and it can be taken the wrong way, especially when we know the server outside of their work.

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Milf replaces Daughter Pt. 03

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As Carrie got dressed on Monday, she had a plan in mind. She felt the lust again, as she made her way to the Adult Toy Box store. Once she got in there, it wasn’t hard to find what she wanted, and she had them in her hands in short order.

Once back home, she unwrapped them and felt the thrill of what she was about to do. She opened the package and saw the set of three buttplugs, a small one, medium, and large. With the sizes of the hard solid cocks of the frat house, she felt it would be a good idea to plug her ass, give it a bit of stretching out.

The Set had the 3 plugs with a sparkly pink jewel on each base for eye appeal. The small plug was 2.75 inches long, with a 1.15 inches wide flare, the medium was 3.25 inches long and 1.35 inches wide flare, and the large was 3.75 inches long, with a 1.75 inches wide flare. They were made from shiny, body-safe, polished aluminum, came with a discreet black velvet drawstring bag included, so they could be hidden away in her undies drawer. They were even waterproof, ohhh, taking a shower was going to be so much more stimulating.

She took the small plug, and slipped a glob of lube over the flare, then bending over, a finger of lube was also smeared against her asshole, she let out a moan, then she poised the plug, and pushed. She felt the stretch as the plug opened her tight ass walls, mmm, oh fuck, so good, then with one more hard push, she purred as the flare slipped in, and the right rim of her asshole clamped around the stem, holding it in place.

Oh, that felt amazing, when she wiggled her ass, it felt so good as the plug rubbed all around inside her. She felt so wanton, and on a whim, she gave each ass cheek a hard smack.

“Naughty girl, enjoying getting your tight little ass plugged,” she cooed. “So naughty.”

She smacked her ass again, and again, it made her lust rocket. She wished that there was someone there with a spanking instrument, like a paddle or one of those old wooden yardsticks, to properly tan her naughty MILF hide.

After 5 healthy whacks, she turned her ass to the mirror, looked over her shoulder, and saw her red handprints on the cheeks of her high, tight white ass. She felt the lust tickle inside her, it made her think she was marked, branded as a horny MILF who was getting set to dive into the deep end of carnal lust and depravity.

She got redressed and went out. Driving to the grocery store, she couldn’t help squirming around in the driver’s seat. Walking up and down the aisles, having that pleasing fullness rubbing away inside her ass, just made her lust run extra hot, her pussy was juicy and kept her in a constant state of fired-up lust.

When she got home, the juices of her lust had overflowed and were running down her thighs. She was barely in the door before she was yanked off her clothes. Now naked, she was belly down on the living room rug, one hand rubbing and stroking against her creaming cunt while her other hand was pulling and groping her stiff, rock-hard nipples, masturbating furiously, her cries and loud grunts of pleasure filling the room. She lasted all of a minute before her cunt was flushed with the blood that had pooled in her groin, she could feel her tits swelling against the rug and her ankara ucuz escortlar hand.

“Fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, everyone gets a piece of me, fuck, oh fuck, FUCK MEEEEEEE!”

Her voice spiraled up to a scream, and her cunt exploded in a wet rush of lust, she felt the squirts as her pussy gushed a rush of juices that splattered the carpet. Her body was flopping around, getting pounded by hard wrenching spasms of pleasure, having both holes pleasured at the same time was unlike anything she’d ever experienced, she writhed to one last hard spasm before flopping down on the carpet. Carrie was gasping like a racehorse, she was feeling lightheaded. If it felt this good with plug and hands, the experience of getting both holes reamed together should be beyond imagination.

The next day, the medium size plug filled her ass, and her lust roared as she walked around, on her normal routines. It was a thrill to be out on the street, no one knowing that she was a horny MILF, plugged and training for a DP, doing her best to appear normal, while her ass was sending sweet throbs of pleasure surging through her body.

Once home, she made it to the bedroom, snatching up a towel, then stretching out of the bed, she was stroking herself with a lust-driven hunger, her hips started to pump up and down, she imagined she was being boned by 2 big, hard studs, her lower holes packed tight, and her pussy again exploded in a wet rush of lust, as she flopped around on the bed, the rippling spasms traveling through both her sizzling cunt and ass.

And the third day, the large plug did its thing, oh holy fuck, it felt so awesome, she loved the nasty feeling, playing with that forbidden hole, and she whacked her ass with her hands, spanking herself until her ass was a warm glowing nest of red handprints. She couldn’t do anything constructive, she was too lust-driven, and she stayed in bed, masturbating furiously, cumming over and over, until she was almost passing out from the pleasure.


Here she was. Saturday night, naked save for the Mardi Gras mask, and Carl was leading her into the common room. She saw the looks of horny lust, hard cocks rising up to greet her appearance.

“Here she is guys, our Mardi gras MILF liked it so much, she’s back for more. This time, it’s gonna be all DP, she wants her sweet lower holes plugged and fucked by our hard dicks!”

Cheers went up, and she was led to a mattress that was set up. A smiling frat boy with a 9-inch dick awaited her. She smiled as she squatted, and grunts and purrs sounded as she sheathed that stiff cock in her dripping pussy. His grunt sounded as she drove down with lust-driven hunger. She lay forward, her perky asscheeks cocked up, her pussy fucker grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart, and she felt a thrill as she felt the dribble of lube, fingers spreading it around the tight rim of her asshole, then she moaned, deep in her throat as a slick finger slid inside, spreading another squirt of lube.

She heard Carl’s voice say, “Oh yeah, time to give our sexy MILF a real DP.”

Carl had lubed up and got the honor of being to first one to bugger her to start the orgy really had his dick at maximum. Her ass had been so tight last elvankent üniversiteli escortlar time at the motel, and he looked forward to getting that tightness again, be the first one to loosen her up for tonight’s gang bang. Carl was more than ready, his cock was a steel hard pole.

Carrie felt his dick nudged against the tight rosebud of her asshole. With a grunting push, he worked his cock in and started to slide it slowly up her ass. Carrie let out a grunt of mingled pain and pleasure as his solid 8 inches worked its way in.

Carl felt the tight clench, so tight, and his grunts of pleasure sounded as he worked his way deeper into that incredibly tight ass. With a final push, Carrie let out a loud grunt as Carl stuffed her ass with one last push. He pressed tight against her back, and said to her cunt fucker, “Ok Bruce, this horny MILF wants a sandwich fuck, let’s give it to her!”

Carrie let out little cries of pleasure, the feeling of two cocks driving up her holes, two steel-hard shafts rubbing against each other, was unreal. Her holes gave a bit, and the smooth pleasure ride took over. Mmmm, god that felt amazing. The guys had timed their thrusts, and she was totally stuffed, then almost emptied, to be totally stuffed again, as the guys took her in tandem, reaming out both her lower holes. She was in a haze of lust, squealing, moaning, grunting, rutting like a sex-starved slut.

Carrie could feel the mad rush, she was going to explode like never before, and she felt Carl and Bruce jam their dicks in as deep as possible. She flew into orgasm, letting out a scream of sexual pleasure, her holes tightening down and pulsing eagerly at the two dicks fucking her.

“Yeah, oh yeah, so fucking tight, gonna flood your ass you hot MILF, fuck, fuck FUUUCCCCKKKK!”

“Gonna fill you, tight little cunt, yeah, YEAH!”

Keeping Carrie’s quivering body sandwiched tightly between them, they both jammed their throbbing cocks in as deep as possible, Carrie’s cunt and ass now stuffed to the max, and Carl’s prick exploded, gushing over and over. Carrie’s screams of pleasure filled the air, mixing with her fuckers grunts and growls as they filled her, gushes of hot, wet sperm being pumped into her asshole and her pussy. Carrie was cumming, cumming like crazy, the tightness of her holes milking at the two stiff cock, sucking both loads out eagerly, until she got every drop.

That was the signal. and the gang bang started in earnest. Cocks were steel hard from the scene, and Carrie was eager to be used as a cum dump for an orgy. Cock after cock was driven in, both holes being packed full, the feeling of being DP’ed, over and over, was just unreal, it made her body into an insatiable beast, and the guys vented their fuck lust on her.

Carrie felt her lower holes being plundered, the sperm-filled wetness of her first fuck dripping down her thighs. The hot cream helped lube up her holes, and it was a smooth, enjoyable pleasure ride as hands gripped her waist, two cocks gliding in and out of her ass-hole and cunt. More cries and growls of pleasure filled the air, Carrie could feel another orgasm rush at her, and she exploded. The hard milking of her holes took the etimesgut vip escortlar cocks over, she was sandwiched between the two guys as they both jammed their cocks in as deep as possible, Carrie’s cunt and her ass were now stuffed to the max. She felt her ass fucker’s cock exploding, and almost immediately, a second hot rush blooming deep as her pussy fucker erupted, his cock spewing its hot payload. Her pussy and ass-hole rippled with milking spasms, the cocks obliged, as she was filled with hot spunk which quickly joined the cum that was dripping down her thighs.

She was ready when the last two mounted up, the 2 frat guys nicknamed “Horses,” and her mind spun as 11 inches slid into her snatch, while she was buggered with the full 12 inches of the other big dick. They used her like the slut she had turned into, the room was filled with grunts, growls, and cries of pleasure, the hot liquid squelches as her flooded pussy was once again plundered, and her shrieks of orgasm as she was flooded, deeper than ever.

The action had the usual effect on horny young men, and this time, they queued up to get their cocks into her other, tight hole. The gang bang started up again, and Carrie was used like the MILF fuck doll that her lust had turned her into. The room was once again filled with the grunts and groans of the guys, cries of orgasm, and the liquid sounds from her body, her wet, juicy, well-fucked cunt squelching as their hard, horny cocks fucked her again and again.

The frat boy “Horses” stepped up for the finale, and they used her hard, she was cumming on almost every stroke, until her orgasms overlapped into one huge blinding orgasm, and she could feel unconsciousness set to swamp her.

The last thing just before she slipped into unconsciousness was the grunts and moans, the 11 and 12-inch dicks swell and pulse as they flooded both holes with her final load of cum.

A few hours later, Carrie awoke, she was in a large bed. God, her cunt was glowing red from the reaming, and her tight little starfish was now a well-worn bunghole. God, she’d been fucked like never before. She looked around the room, she was the only one there, and she was curious. She saw her clothes on a chair, a note on the night table and picked it up.

It read,


We all had a great fucking time, you are such a hot MILFy fuck. If you want it again, here’s my number, and as a token of our appreciation, we passed the hat, and that stack of money is all for you. Hope to hear from you again, soon.


She picked up the bills, she counted out five hundred dollars, damn, that was more than welcome. Out in the hallway, the next door down was a large bathroom, she turned on the shower and stepped under the hot spray. Ahhh, the heat was more than welcome, soothing the aches of a marathon fuck session.

Once she was toweled off and dressed, she made her way downstairs. The house was empty, to give her some privacy to slip away. Carrie smiled, that was a thoughtful gesture, keeping her as anonymous as she desired.

As she pulled into the driveway of her home, she was thinking about her daughter. After getting the gang bang, she decided that Monica needed to join in the fun, and inside, she told a shocked but smiling Monica that she had her permission to be the next gang bang girl.

Monica gave her a big hug, and Carrie smiled. After all, she didn’t want to hog all the fun, Monica needed to enjoy it while she was still young. Just wait until she sees the two biggest pricks awaiting her.

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Hot, Hot Tub!

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Hot-Hot Tub!

Jane and James were away from home for the first time in years. The kids were at the grandparents and they had been booked into a hotel as an anniversary gift.

It was a fairly good quality hotel, close to the sea and almost empty. The room was clean and functional and seemed totally normal until they found the hot tub.

“Oh. My. God!” laughed Jane as she opened the bathroom door and saw instead of a bath or wet room, a large hot tub sat against the wall on the cold tiled floor.

“Bloody tacky. I suppose this is their idea of romantic?” suggested James.

Jane shook her head and moved back into the bedroom, carrying with her the glass of gin and tonic she had made from the mini-bar.

“Might be nice to relax in, I suppose?” she laughed and continued to dress for dinner while James fiddled with the controls of the tub.

“It’s not working,” he muttered, twisting the taps back and forth.

“Leave it!” said Jane. “Get dressed. I want my dinner cooked for me tonight!” She struggled into a V-neck buttoned top that showed off far more cleavage than she usually did. James tried a sneaky grab of her lovely boobs but was batted away. “Dressed! Now!”

Down in the bar, the couple bought drinks from the rather camp barman and sat in a booth with a table. There was only one other couple in the bar, an older pair who didn’t speak to each other at all. They soon left money on the table and shuffled off, the older man briefly nodding a hello to Jane as they passed. He also seemed to notice her impressive cleavage.

“You’ve pulled!” hissed James over the top of his glass.

Jane flicked him the finger and drank too, then quickly hid the gesture as the barman suddenly appeared.

“Well, I was going to ask if you were ready to order but…” he smirked and pretending he was insulted.

They all laughed and Jane coloured slightly red with embarrassment. “It was for my husband! He’s a dick!” laughed Jane.

The barman smiled and put a mock protective hand on James’ shoulder. “Oh! How rude! You can’t speak to your loving husband like that!”

James shot Jane a puzzled look. This was far too familiar a gesture. Jane was enjoying the awkwardness of the situation as the hand remained where it was.

“Poor man! You come to the bar if you need rescuing or when you know what you want to eat. Just me on tonight as we are hardly full. I’m Toby.” The barman wandered back to the bar as the couple smiled uncomfortably.

“I think it’s you that’s pulled!” whispered Jane and drank more of her gin and tonic.

James mouthed, “Piss off!” and then began to look through the menu. “Bit weird.”

“He’s obviously gay. Don’t worry. I won’t let him suck your cock,” Jane whispered and picked up her menu too. “Unless you want him too…” she added with a smirk.

James shot her a warning frown and looked around nervously, which made her laugh even more. The gin was working its way into her system very quickly which could go either way.

“You ready to order?” he asked quickly.

“I mean if you still have those ideas…” Jane carried on relentless.

James grimaced. He wished he’d never told her about his bi-curious thoughts during sex talk- but it was too late now. “Pity there’s no waitress then!” he fired back.

Jane just put out her tongue and sneered at the reference to her own fantasies. “Just get us both the pizza I think. I am not overly hungry. Oh, and another drink.”

James moved out of his seat and ignored Jane’s raised eyebrows in the direction of Toby. She could be a cheeky pain in the ass, but it was all good fun.

At the bar, Toby was texting but stopped as James approached. He smiled genuinely and punched a few buttons on the till to begin the order. “And what can I get for you?” he asked.

“New wife?” James shot back quickly. They both laughed and James cast a look over his shoulder at Jane. She was raising her eyebrows and smiling which Toby took to be mock suspicion of the chat, but James knew it was far more suggestive than that. James grimaced and felt himself slightly blushing despite himself.

“Aw, she seems lovely.” cooed Toby.

“Well the old pervert who just left thought so; stared right down her top” James blurted. “Two pizzas. Margaritas. And same drinks please.”

Toby repeated the order but giggled at the end. “Poor old fella. Who would notice that very, very, low cut top?” Toby made a comical shifty expression.

James laughed but was confused. Toby was quite effeminate but had made a sleazy reference to his wife’s chest. James wasn’t sure what to make of it. Toby was younger than the couple by possibly ten years, clean shaven and slim. He was very neat and had a strong flowery aftershave smell about him.

“No offense meant,” the waiter quickly offered, mistaking James look for being affronted. “I’ll bring the drinks over in a bit.”

When James returned to his seat Jane was on her phone to a friend. She finished and drained her glass. “Got his number then?”

“Piss off!” hissed James. ankara duşta veren escortlar “He might not be gay anyway. He certainly noticed your top for a start.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Bull! He doesn’t like tits, he’s just pretending because he can tell he freaked you out.”

James thought for a while. It was possible. He knew he had an aggressive face when frowning so could have given off bad vibes.

Jane could see him thinking and it amused her. She had finished her second drink of the night very quickly and it was showing. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Toby approaching with the new drinks. With a mischievous smirk she reached across her top and swiftly popped open the top button. The V-neck fell open ever so slightly more and gave a much better view of her pale breasts.

“What are you…” began James quickly.

“Let’s see if he looks then?” whispered Jane as the slim waiter rounded the table and carefully placed the drinks down.

Toby pushed a dripping wet glass of coke towards James. “Coke for you and gin and tonic for…er, you.” His eyes glanced for just a moment too long at Jane’s chest before he quickly looked away.

Jane then pretended to notice her button. “Oh Hell!” she hissed and buttoned it hastily. “Bloody thing!”

“Not to worry,” smiled Toby. “Didn’t see a thing…” he protested with mock sincerity before walking back to the bar once more.

Jane was biting her lip and trying not to crack up with her eyebrows raised high. “Oh. My. God!” she mouthed. “He had a right look!”

“I know, “replied James. “Told you. Not gay!”

Jane looked at James suspiciously. She knew that look, so shuffled around the booth to sit right next to her husband. Her hand reached across his thigh and felt under the table to the semi-erection that had formed in his trousers.

“Haha! You liked that! Pervert!” Jane giggled. “You liked him looking at my tits.”

James shrugged. He couldn’t deny the bulge in his groin so drank heavily from his drink and remained silent.

The pizza soon arrived without much chat and the couple ate quickly while talking about other things. When the drinks were emptied Jane offered to go and get some new ones. James was amused to see her wobble slightly as she got up and moved to the bar. Once there, she was soon giggling with Toby and chatting like they were old friends. When she pointed down to the drinks on a lower shelf of the fridge behind the bar, James noticed Toby glance at her tits once again. James’ cock swelled slightly but the moment passed quickly and Jane was back with the drinks.

“Might even be straight. He mentioned a girl he dated,” she sighed. “Oh well. There’s goes your chance to get sucked off by a guy tonight…” She pretended to wipe away a tear.

“Oi! Shush it!” James looked quickly at Toby and was worried he’d heard Jane in her drunk state. Toby just smiled back, which made things none the clearer.

“Anyway,” began James. “Time we drank up and tried that hot tub. It’s ten already.” He needed to get her away before she really embarrassed him.

“Jesus! Ten?” cried Jane and began drinking in gulps.

They were soon done and the couple left the money on the table, with a generous tip. They were making their way out the bar when Toby shouted, “Thank you! See you tomorrow. Any problems- I am here until 12.”

Jane blew him a kiss but James kept on walking quickly.

Back in the room, James couldn’t wait to undress Jane. She laughed all the way through it, especially when James pulled off her top and began licking all around her exposed boobs.

“Mmmm.” she moaned, “You’ve been dying to do that all night!”

“I’m not the only one apparently!” James replied.

Jane gave him a mock slap on the arm. “And you got off on that, so don’t moan. You’d like the barman to suck my tits, you would.”

From between her breasts James groaned, “Maybe I would…” and felt his cock hardening suddenly with the admission. He swiftly unbuckled his pants and let his cock spring out and push hard into Jane’s leg. “Would you want him to?”

Jane encircled her fingers around the erection and rubbed it.

“I think that would be nice…” she sighed and wriggled out of the rest of her clothes as James pulled off his own. They climbed onto the bed and a slight touch between her legs let James see how aroused Jane was. He pulled her vibrator out of the open suitcase nearby and inserted it into her. She gasped as it slid in easily and began to buzz away inside and out. James positioned himself near her mouth as was their favourite position and she happily took him in.

“Thinking about two cocks?” James asked.

Jane mumbled a yes from her full mouth and winced with pleasure as the vibrator did its work. They’d discussed threesomes before, many times, but knew they’d never find the right person. They’d never ever talked about real people, so it surprised James when Jane moaned, “You and Toby. Both your cocks… Mmmm.”

James felt his cock harden again elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar and pulled it from his wife’s wet mouth, worried the burst of arousal might make him want to cum. He continued fucking her with the vibrator, his cock feeling like it might explode, his heart beating hard in his chest. They were both so turned on by the fantasy third person and he wanted to push it further and make it more real.

Increasing the tempo of the vibrator thrusts, James whispered, “Do you want me to go get him?”

Jane only moaned softly and twisted on the vibrator as it pulsed against her. She smiled widely at the thought. “Oh yesss…” she laughed, lost in the fantasy.

“Really?” hissed James, “Do you REALLY want me to?”

“Mmmm.., oh yesssss,” gasped Jane, her eyes shut, biting her lip.

With a mischievous grin, James replaced his hand on the sex toy with his wife’s and shuffled off the bed. She continued to move it in and out but looked straight at him. “What you doing?” she panted.

James was pulling on some baggy jogging pants and tee-shirt quickly. “Getting Toby,” he whispered.

She stopped pumping herself and sat up, he lovely boobs falling forward. She was grinning nervously. “You can’t!” she blurted, laughing.

“I can.” He answered, pulling on his shoes over sockless feet. “We’ve wanted to do this for ages.”

“You’re bluffing!” Jane said, her face a picture of both nerves and excitement.

“I’m not. You say you want me to and I’ll go get him!”


“I will. Say it.”

Jane made a wry expression, “You’re so full of shit!” She gave him a smug expression as she knew he was bluffing. “Ok then, you go get him.”

James winked and moved to the door.

“You won’t go.”

“Won’t I?”

“No! You are too worried about how you might feel with another man joining us!”

“No I am not!” James laughed.

“So, go get him then…” Jane teased, becoming more excited by the conversation as it went on.

James smirked, opened the door and walked out into the corridor. As the door closed, her heard her cry, “You won’t doooo it!” followed by a fit of giggles.

He walked towards the lift, his cock still semi-hard in his loose pants. As the lift descended towards the ground floor, the erection began to go down and James began to get a clearer head.

“What am I doing?” he thought. This felt less of a certainty as he got further away from the sexual activity. Dammit, Jane was right! He wouldn’t do it. He decided right then to just go and buy some snacks from the vending machine in the lobby and return to a smug Jane. She’d be unbearable when he returned alone. But who was he trying to kid?

As he stood selecting some crappy chocolate bar, his phone buzzed. It was Jane texting him.

“Full. Of. Shit.” it said. “Mum’s rung. Give me half an hour.”

James sighed. There was no returning to the sex right away and he didn’t want to sit listening to a long chat about people Jane’s mum didn’t like. He noticed the bar was still open so he wandered back in.

Toby immediately greeted him with a smile. “Well, hello. Back so soon? People will talk! What can I get you?”

James smiled weakly, slightly embarrassed at the thoughts he had previously been having about the threesome. “Just a fruit juice or something. The wife is on the phone to her mother…”

Toby laughed and poured the drink. “Oh no! Well, just us boys left then.”

James fished out his wallet to pay but Toby waved it away. “On me. No one’s looking.” James nodded a thank you and drank half the glass immediately. “Thirsty work?” Toby laughed suggestively.

James shook his head ruefully with a smile. “Yes, we’ve been shagging if that’s what you mean?”

Toby raised an eyebrow. “I’d never be so forward to ask. You lucky devil though.”

James tutted. “Actually- she’s the lucky one!” He drank more of the juice as Toby wiped down the bar.

“She is. You are too. You seem a very nice attractive couple.”

James took this as confirmation Toby was indeed bisexual and it must have shown on his face as Toby suddenly looked him straight in the eye. “I can appreciate both teams. Variety is the spice of life and all that.” He came around the bar with his own drink and sat next to James on a stool.

He let his eyes fall to James’ crotch while he drank. James was suddenly very aware that he was only wearing loose jogging pants and the shape of his cock could easily be seen through the material. Strangely, James knew Toby was thinking about his dick but he wasn’t the least bit intimidated. He found Toby remarkably easy to get on with and non-threatening.

“How’s the hot tub?” asked Toby suddenly remembering himself.

“Not working,” sighed James.

“Want me to have a look? It’s probably just a fuse.” Toby asked.

James smiled inwardly. He could get Toby into their room legitimately, with no real sexual suggestions and scare the crap out of Jane. “That would be good.”

“Give me ten minutes and etimesgut iranlı escort I’ll pop back up with you.”

James felt smug. This would be the ultimate wind-up!

Jane almost fell out of bed when Toby followed James into the room. She was still naked under the covers and quickly pulled them higher on reflex, placing yet another g & t on the bedside cabinet.

“Hi babe. I brought Toby,” smirked James.

Jane’s face was a picture of confusion. She smiled weakly but was oddly silent. Toby waved with a camp grin and went straight into the bathroom.

Jane’s mouth remained open until she heard Toby shout, “It IS a fuse. Won’t take long.” She sighed visibly and mouthed obscenities at James who was trying not to laugh.

“You sod!” she mouthed and made an exaggerated angry face before whispering, “Right!”

She sat up straighter and let the covers fall away from her chest slightly. Then looking down to her tits, she patted the material further down to expose a lot of bare breast, just covering the nipples. James shrugged as if not bothered, but secretly his cock twinged a bit as the sight of those tits and the thought they may be seen by someone else.

“All done!” said Toby as he walked back in straightening his waistcoat and brushing down his trousers of fluff. He didn’t seem to notice Jane until she spoke to him.

“Aw thanks Toby. I can’t wait to try it out!”

Toby smiled and shrugged and without much embarrassment shamelessly looked at Jane, including her chest. “My pleasure,” he purred. “I started it running for you and it fills up in no time.”

Jane reached over to her side to grab a towel and in the process exposed her entire right breast briefly before awkwardly wrapping the towel around her and struggling out of the heavy covers. “Going to look! You two behave!” She wriggled past both men and disappeared into the steamy bathroom and they soon heard her sigh as she sank into the bubbling waters.

“Mmm! Orgasmic! James offer Toby a thank you drink,” she called.

James poured Toby a drink and they sat down to chat, James on the bed and Toby on a chair by the dressing table. “Jesus. If it’s that good I will have to try it one day!” the barman said.

“You’ve never tried it?” gasped Jane, out of view in the bathroom. “You have to! Oh my God. Just put your feet in or something!”

Toby just laughed and shook his head. “You are not decent in there! Your man would slap me round the head!”

“You can’t see anything- I am covered in bubbles!” protested Jane. “James come and see if I am covered up enough.”

James rolled his eyes and wandered it into the bathroom to find Jane almost submerged with bubbles up to her neck. “She’s as decent as she gets!” grunted James to Toby who he could just see through the bathroom door, sat upon the chair.

“I’ll better stay here to finish my drink I think,” he laughed. “But don’t let me stop you though James.”

Jane gave James a dirty smile and whispered, “Do it!”

James frowned, not sure where this was going.

His wife, out of view of Toby, raised herself out the water to show her pale wet tits dripping with bubbles. James’ cock started to throb. “Come on James, Toby can talk to us through the door,” Jane said loudly while squeezing her tits.

“Don’t mind me. I’ll have to go soon anyway,” called the barman.

James shrugged and began to undress. He was aware that Toby could just see him inside the bathroom but was looking away out of politeness. James caught him sneaking a quick look before just his jogging pants dropped. Pretending he hadn’t noticed, James sank into the hot froth with a sigh.

“So go on then Toby, what’s your story? Married? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?” called Jane, turning round in the tub to talk towards the half closed door. Her wet tits were pressed hard against the tub’s side, her arms resting on its edge. Her feet reached backwards under the water and sandwiched James semi-erect cock between them. She began to rub the feet around under the bubbles. James frowned with pleasure but tried to disguise it as the feet pumped up and down. Unlike Jane, who was hidden by the angle of the door, Toby could actually see James from his seat.

“Single,” shouted Toby with a shrug, “But I have tried both as you may have guessed!”

“Really?” said Jane, “Well you have the best of both worlds I suppose. Do you recommend it?” She turned to give James an evil smile. “Do think all men should try a bit of bi?”

The colour drained from James’ face for a second and he hissed, “Jane!” from beneath a sudden frown.

“Do you think even my James would like a bi blow?” called Jane, her grin wider than ever.

“Oh yes. Everyone should try. But most people are too hung up on stuff. You two seem pretty cool though.” Toby looked thoughtful for a moment as he was considering something carefully. He looked at his watch and then stood up. He confidently moved into the bathroom to sit on the closed toilet with his drink in hand. He briefly glimpsed Jane’s wet bum as before it sank under the water as she turned round to face him. “Ohh! Cheeky!” he laughed. “You look like you are enjoying it James. Is it that good?”

James only nodded as Jane’s left hand had now encircled his cock and was wanking it furiously under water. And you could easily tell. “Uh. Great,” was all he could manage.

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Doctor, Doctor Ch. 02

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All – this story took a turn I didn’t quite expect as I was writing it. Please let me know in feedback or comments where you’d like to see it go. I appreciate all constructive comments and suggestions.

Hope you all enjoy Chapter 2!


It felt like Wednesday took a while to arrive. We both worked, and Cece got to my house about 530. She gave me a big smile, and went upstairs to shower and change. We’d been together long enough at this point that we kept stuff at both houses – I’d cleared out a nightstand and closet space for her, and she’d done the same. So it was easy for her to shower, change, and for us to eat – I grilled steak while she showered.

And as we were eating, we talked about our coming meeting with… come to think of it, we didn’t even know her name. The idea was that we’d meet for a drink at the hotel bar and then, if everyone felt comfortable, move upstairs to a room where the woman would watch Cece and I fuck madly. We both hoped it would work.

“So… what ‘rules’ do you want to have in place?” I started.

Cece drank some water. “Y’know, I don’t know that I like having ‘rules.’ I’d like to just let it play out. Do you mean if she changes her mind and wants to join?”

I nodded. “Exactly. I don’t think we need any guidelines if she just watches.”

Cece nodded. “Yep, I think that’s right. Well, I’d say let’s just go with the flow. If it turns out to be a free-for-all threesome, let’s just run with it. If you get uncomfortable with anything let me know. And vice-versa.”

“That sounds reasonable enough. Just worth figuring out ahead of time.”

She nodded, and then chuckled. “You know who would be green with envy?”

I thought for a second. “Mags?”

She nodded. “She’d be pissed if anything happens and she wasn’t invited.”

“Co-worker. And mentor. That could get dicey very quickly.”

Cece nodded. “Oh, I know. She’s really happy for us. But she’s still a little jealous.”

“Well, hope she meets someone nice.” And I meant it – I’d gotten to know her a little bit from the various social events we’d been to for Cece’s work. She was a very attractive woman and a nice person to boot. And if I’d met her I’d certainly have asked her out. But the universe works in strange ways, and had apparently decided to put Cece and me together.

“Yeah, me too,” Cece said. “So – this is a little out of left field, but if there’s a function that I can’t go to because I’m working, would you go with her?”

I looked at her a little sideways. “Is this a trick question?”

She laughed and shook her head. “No, not at all. Not like I could get jealous, right, if I’m the one suggesting it.”

“Well, pardon the cliché, but if it’d make you happy, then sure.”

I hadn’t realized that Cece had tensed up a little bit asking, and now relaxed.

“You would? Thank you – it would make me happy – she’s had a rough year.”

I dimly saw the falling log. “You’ve got something in mind, don’t you?”

She grinned. “Well, maybe. I’m trying to foist off my shift that night, but nobody is biting yet. I haven’t mentioned it to her, either – if you’d said ‘hell no’ or similar that’d be it.”

“OK, this is really going to be cliché, but I love you too much to do anything dumb.”

She laughed again and kissed me. “I know. And I feel the same. If you change your mind just let me know.”

And so we finished our discussion and dinner, brushed our teeth, changed into our ‘going out’ clothes, and headed out. It was kind of funny – Cece’s going out outfits had gotten more and more revealing the longer we’d been together. So tonight she was wearing a snug and moderately low cut top that hinted at her cleavage and gave anyone who looked a good idea that her boobs would be quite spectacular – as indeed they are. And a pair of tight jeans with no panties, although she’d brought a pair with her.

“Well, if it goes well, I’d rather be leaking into a pair of panties than my jeans,” had been her explanation, which made perfect sense.

So we got to the bar a little early, and before long a woman walked in who looked a lot like the pictures she’d sent – even if we hadn’t traded face pictures. Cece nudged me – “That’s her” – and waved. The woman saw, smiled, and walked over as we stood to greet her.

“Hi! I’m Cece. This is Bob. Nice to meet you!”

The woman chuckled. “We never did names, did we? I’m Dawn. Nice to meet you!”

We sat down and chatted, ordering a set of drinks and an appetizer when the waitress came over. We sipped our drinks and nibbled, and Dawn finally broke the ice.

“You two make a beautiful couple. How’d you decide to put your ad up?”

“Thanks! We’ve been… exploring and being watched was something that turns both of us on,” Cece said. “So when I asked how do you meet someone, Bob said post an ad. And rather than wait, I did it right then. How about you?”

Dawn laughed a soft laugh. “Hmmmm… Well, walked in on my college roommate ankara bayan escortlar one time, and instead of running I stayed and watched. Don’t know why – just thought if fascinating. And wow did I get turned on. And that’s just stayed with me. Husband is kind of losing interest, and I’m 39 – in my prime.”

Cece again. “Have you tried taking a lover?”

Dawn laughed her soft laugh. “Oh, I’ve gone out with a couple people, but the men who are married usually freak out and the single ones usually meet someone single. Fun while it lasts!”

“Have you had a chance to watch anyone recently?” I asked, and felt Cece give me an encouraging squeeze on my leg.

Dawn shook her head. “I was supposed to meet another couple a few weeks ago but they broke off before we met. And before that, I met one couple but they decided it would be weird. And in between I’ve gone out with other guys, hoping my husband’s interest would come back.”

Cece jumped in softly. “Has he been to a doctor to check for anything that might… slow him down?”

Dawn shook her head slightly. “Oh, no – he doesn’t think anything is wrong at all, even when we’ve talked about it.”

“Yikes.” This from me. “Sorry to hear!”

We ordered another round, and Dawn leaned in. “So what made you guys want to be watched? And to write back to me? I was surprised – usually it’s like a black hole.”

I started. “We had a let’s say ‘interesting’ beginning, and we’ve kind of rolled with everything. And we’ve started to experiment – we’ve both done some – and being watched was something we both like. So – ad went up, and you were one of the very few real people to answer.”

We were surprisingly through most of our second drink, and Cece took the lead. “What do we think about moving this party upstairs?”

Dawn nodded, her eyes shining. “Let’s go for it… “

I paid the check, and the three of us went upstairs to our room. Cece and I had figured getting a room ahead of time would be worth it – at worst, we’d spend the night there and fuck madly. One less thing to worry about if it worked.

So we got to our room – 1211 – and walked in. We had brought a six-pack of water bottles, and had arranged the room so a chair was next to the edge of the king bed. So we sat on the bed, with Dawn in the chair, and talked through how it’d go. Basically, Cece and I would strip each other and start playing with each other, winding up in bed and fucking. Dawn would be in the chair, and if she wanted to join in she’d reach for Cece and tap her on the shoulder.

So as we finished up setting the ground rules, one by one we went through the bathroom, me going last, and as I went in the bath I realized I was a little nervous. We’d never done anything with or in front of a third person before, and as exciting as it was it was also a little… unnerving. And I was promptly surprised, as I’d never had that feeling when watching or being watched before. Or during anything else sex-related, for that matter. Oh well!

I made my way out, and sat next to Cece on the bed, feeling her reach for me, turn my head to her, and kiss me, and the instant our lips touched my nerves dropped away. I wanted her. I kissed her softly at first, and as she responded we kissed harder and harder. Dawn, for her part, was sitting on the chair, and I caught her mouth open slightly as Cece and I kissed.

Cece felt for my shirt, and lifted it off, breaking our kiss and smiling brightly at me as our mouths came apart briefly. I mouthed, “I love you” to her, and her eyes gleamed as she did the same. And from there, we were off to the races. I lifted her blouse off, revealing her thin satin bra, and felt her hand at my belt, undoing it and then the button on my slacks, her hand obviously grazing my cock, and then the zipper. I pulled her up to stand, and she pushed my slacks down as I reached for the zipper for her skirt – a beautiful long denim print – and felt it float to the floor.

We stood there for a second, soaking in each other, and then I slowly reached around and unclasped her bra, lowering it to the floor and revealing her beautiful breasts and nipples to Dawn. She, in turn, pushed my briefs down, stopping to give my cock a squeeze, and then moved to kneel in front of me, playing with me as she did.

Cece was one of those naturally talented women at pleasuring a man (well, at least me!) with her mouth and hands. She’d made me cum via oral more than probably every other woman I’d been with combined. She started out oh so slowly, just breathing and blowing on me, as her fingers danced delicately over my cock. And then she opened her mouth and slowly moved so her mouth was just covering my tip, not touching at all, just feeling her breathe. And then her tongue came up, just barely touching the bottom of my shaft, then more firmly, and I felt her lips close on me and she started to take more and more of me into her mouth.

Dawn was now literally on the edge of the chair and breathing heavily, and I saw that she’d taken her thin elvankent seksi escortlar sweater off, letting her nipples show through her bra and blouse. Her face was flushed as she watched the master at work, Cece sucking me in and out, from strong to delicate, alternating breath and pressure, from shallow to deep throating me without ever a hint of a gag, feeling her throat, and then coming off of me.

I pulled her up and off of me, pushing her tiny thong down and off, leaving both of us naked in front of Dawn, and then I was pushing down on the bed, her beautiful nude body inching up to the pillows, and I took one of her feet and sucked hard on her toes, knowing what a turn-on that is for her, starting to kiss my way up her leg, moving inside and outside, finally reaching her golden triangle and her sex, knowing she was already wet, blowing on her firm clit before tonguing it gently and then blowing on it again, feeling her excitement.

Her legs opened wide for me, and I started to slowly tongue her clit and her beautiful flower, her pink folds shining her excitement, and my tongue reached into her, my thumb slowly and lightly circling over her clit, slowly adding pressure to get to what I knew she loved, and then letting a finger slide inside her, coating my finger with her fluids, taking her whole clit into my mouth and gently sucking, then adding a second finger to her pussy, knowing she was about to orgasm. I looked over at Dawn and smiled – her face was flushed and her breathing was so heavy it was almost a pant. She had one hand on one of her breasts, and her other was right next to her groin – and I instinctively knew she was soaked herself.

Cece’s first orgasm claimed her as I sucked her clit into my mouth and played with my two fingers inside her, crying out “fuck yes!” and squirming as my mouth let go of her clit. Her whole body shook, her breasts vibrating as she came. I let my fingers slip out of her and started to kiss my way up her lithe body, stopping to suck and nibble on her beautiful boobs and nipples, up her neck, to her ear, which I knew she loved, and then, finally, to her lips, kissing her softly.

She took a few minutes to come down, and I think it took Dawn almost as long to catch her breath. We made eye contact and both of us smiled, right as Cece came back.

“Ohmygod… that was intense,” Cece said, basically to the room. She turned to me, that little shy smile on her face. “Wow. Thank you… “

“Of course! I aim to please!”

“You hit that one on the nose,” she said, fingering my cock as she glanced over to Dawn, who smiled at her.

“Mmmmm… that feels good… ” I said, as she circled and squeezed my cock in her hand, feeling her move, moving on top of me, straddling me, her hand guiding me to her drenched sex, slowly settling on me, moaning softly as I entered her, and she just kept going down, taking all of me into her petite frame, coming to rest with me buried to the hilt in her slippery velvet sheath, and then just resting there, eyes closed, a blissful smile on her face.

Dawn, for her part, started to breathe heavily again as Cece mounted me and started to rock back and forth. She still had one hand on her breast, the other on her groin, trying to touch herself through her jeans and not having much luck. So as Cece rode me, eyes closed in bliss, I caught Dawn’s eye and pantomimed her undoing the button and zipper to her jeans, seeing a slightly surprised look on her face, and so I nodded for emphasis before turning back to play with Cece’s beautiful body, playing with her boobs and nipples the way I knew she liked.

We both heard a zipper, and turned to see that Dawn had taken my suggestion and undone her jeans, and pushed them partway down, giving her access to her sex. Cece gave her a quick encouraging smile, and went back to slowly riding me, starting to move up and down, side to side, and front to back, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back very long. I heard Dawn panting as she watched Cece ride me, and I heard Dawn gasp as her fingers found her own clit and started to play.

I think we all found the same rhythm – easy for Cece and me – and Cece drove me inexorably to orgasm, occasionally bending down to kiss me and to let her boobs rub my chest, and I heard her whisper “I want you to cum in me so hard… “

That was going to be easy – I could hear Dawn playing with herself, and could feel Cece’s pussy clamping down on me as she rode me, and I just lost it. I thrust my hips up into her, crying out, and I exploded into her, even harder than usual, sending rope after white rope of hot, sticky semen deep into her highly fertile womb. My hands mashed down on her hips and thighs, trying to get just a little deeper, and then she was settling on me, impaled on my still rock-hard cock, trying not to let any of my cum escape, and we heard a deep groan from the chair as Dawn joined us in orgasm, her face flushed, a bead of sweat on her forehead.

Probably no surprise that Cece recovered bayan etimesgut escort first. I was completely knocked out – I’d cum as hard as I think I ever did, or could, for that matter. And Dawn, I think, was a little surprised that she’d cum in front of us, even if watching – both ways – was the point. As Cece slid off of me, a trickle of white semen followed my cock out of her, and she reflexively pulled her legs up to her chest to keep as much of me inside as she could. As for me, I needed a minute. More than that, actually.

We all finally came back to consciousness or coherence. Dawn was the first to speak. “Ohmygod guys. That was so fucking hot… ” She looked down at her groin. “You guys were so hot you made me cum.”

Cece gave her soft liquid laugh. “Oh, I think we all had a part – it was super hot knowing you were watching Bob tongue me to orgasm. Wow. And there is nothing better than feeling him cum… “

“Yep, we might have helped a little, but I think you helped us even more,” I said, thinking of how hot it had been to feel Cece riding me and to hear Dawn fingering herself to orgasm.

Dawn chuckled a little. “That might have the most intense orgasm I’ve given myself.” She glanced at the clock, and her eyes widened. “Wow. I had no idea it was so late.” She was right – it was 11:30.

Cece piped up. “Would you like to stay? It’s a king bed – we can make you a space.” I wasn’t surprised, but kinda figured what Dawn’s answer would be.

“Thanks – maybe next time? Don’t want the hubby getting too curious,” she explained.

“You bet!” Cece said enthusiastically. “Email still good?”

Dawn nodded. “Wow, that was… even more than I hoped. And that’s saying something. Email me – I’d lovelovelove to do that again!”

So Dawn got up and zipped up her jeans, but not before we got a look at her clit, which looked large and engorged. I made a mental bet that she’d look fucking hot in yoga pants. We got off the bed and both hugged her, and I brushed the top of her head with my lips. With a final group hug, Dawn headed out.

And as soon as the door was closed, Cece turned to me, her eyes shining. “OK, we have GOT to do that again. I was so turned on being watched I didn’t want her to leave. I’m surprised I didn’t squirt.”

I smiled a big smile at her. “Yes we do! That was way more fun than I thought. Could you tell I was a little nervous at the beginning?”

Cece laughed a little. “Yeah, me too. But that pretty much vanished as soon as we kissed.”

“Yeah, for me too. Every time I kiss you I want you that much more.”

Cece smiled. “I know exactly what you mean. Come on – let’s get back to bed. So we made it back to bed, and spent pretty much the entire night fucking. There was a rawness, an animalistic quality, to our coupling that night, and we both woke up sore and chafed the next morning. That didn’t stop us from coupling one last time, oh so gently, and when we came it was like a smoldering fire, long, slow, and incredibly sweet. And when I withdrew, I could see both our pubic bones bruised, and her pussy gaping open, a white stream of semen trying to escape before she pulled her legs up, laughing a little as she did.

“You’d think I’d know better – this doesn’t make it more likely to get pregnant… but… I do it anyway. It’s like my body wants you to get me pregnant.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, mine too, if the amount of cum you make me produce is any indication. Not to mention the fact that I want you all the time… “

“How would you feel if I got pregnant? Because we’re definitely playing the odds.”

I smiled at her. “I’d celebrate. You?”

She smiled back. “I would too. Speaking of, are you ready to meet my parents?”

I laughed. “I think the real question is if they’re ready to meet me. Not too far apart age-wise, and I suspect they may wish you’d met a younger guy.”

“Nah, they’re happy I’m happy. But would you? Maybe go over New Year’s?”

“You bet. Want to make it a twofer and meet mine? They’re all in Florida… “

Cece’s eyes widened slightly. “I knew that, and somehow didn’t put that together. Yeah, definitely.”

So we put a trip together over New Year’s, when it was easy for her to take time – as the department chief, she put it in as vacation. For my part, I just made sure I didn’t agree to any DC meetings. And both sets of parents were thrilled.

We had a lot to do beforehand – Thanksgiving, which we did with Mags and some other close work friends (it was my son’s year to be with his mom), holiday parties, etc. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun – Mags and I were the oldest, most everyone else was in their 30s, and we had a little fun with generation jokes. I could understand why Cece would be so… caring about her.

Christmas was also fun – my son was with me (he was a fourth year at CU) and he’d obviously met Cece before. So I made a roast of filet mignon, my son made mashed potatoes, and Cece bustled around with carrots and sides, etc. It was a great day and night – my son had a room in the basement, and excused himself around 10.

We turned in not long after that, and I think we had silently communicated that it was a night for long, slow, sweet lovemaking. We were a lot quieter than normal, and I think we exchanged more “I love you” than we usually did.

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