Sweet Surrender

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Author’s Note: This is a true story about a recent night. This is just a short, down and dirty story about a quickie we had. Sorry, but there is no character development or romance. Just wham, bam, thank you Ma’am.


We were lying in bed watching a movie and simply relaxing. It had been an easy day following a long work week. We had sushi for lunch and then went to a high school football game to watch her daughter’s first game as a cheerleader. Somewhere in there we worked in a little shopping but nothing serious, mostly just looking around while enjoying the time with each other. We didn’t even do housework or chores in the yard.

She suddenly sat up and swung her legs off the bed. “Scratch my back, Babe.”

Still focused on the movie, I reached over and slid my hand under her shirt and started scratching just below her bra.


I forced my fingers under the band of her bra and continued to lightly scratch her back. My nails caught on a small hard nub,

“Ouch! What is that?”

“I don’t know. Lay down.”

She lay down sideways on the bed, her feet hanging over the side. I pulled the back of her shirt up and unfastened her bra. There was a small ingrown hair that I took care of quickly. I then took my time and checked the rest of her back, slowly letting my fingers just glide across her creamy skin. There was nothing else to worry about erotik film izle but I pulled a few tiny hairs just to give me more time enjoying the contact with her. I started to refasten her bra when she stopped me.

“Scratch all over.”

I lightly scratched her back again, not scratching as much as dragging my nails across her skin. Her skin is so fair and delicate that I easily left a checkerboard pattern of marks on her.


I pulled the waist band of her jeans down a couple of inches just exposing the top of her ass. I slowly ran my hands over the newly exposed skin, still scratching lightly. Reaching under the waist band I gave her cheeks a gentle squeeze. Since she didn’t complain, I pulled her jeans down a little more and massaged her tender globes. I leaned in and added delicate kisses to the attention I was giving her. I didn’t know how far she wanted me go tonight but I intended to find out. I kissed from the small of her back down to where her jeans were. I hadn’t fully uncovered her treasures yet. I stood and pushed my shorts to the floor letting my hard cock spring free then bent forward and kissed her ass cheeks. My hands were at her hips, tugging at her jeans to remove them fully.

“What are you doing?” She asked without looking back.

I didn’t answer and continued to remove the denim garment and panties that were in my way. She raised film izle her hips slightly to let me finish the task. With her clothing out of the way, I spread her legs and moved between them. I kissed the back of her neck, letting my hardness touch her. There was no attempt to enter her, just more gentle kisses and unguided contact. Her hips started to move, trying to make our bodies line up properly. I reached down and slid my hand across her mound and dipped a finger into her. She was already wet. She raised her right knee up on the bed to give me better access. I aligned myself with her and slowly sank into her depths.

“Mmmmmm.” The sound escaped her lips as I penetrated her.

Grabbing her shoulders, I thrust hard into her, pounding the pussy that had become my personal playground in the two years that we had been together. She bucked against me while I fucked her from behind. I reached up and under her with my right hand and grabbed one of her large pillowy tits and pulled her to me. My left hand was now on top of her ass, my thumb pressing on her puckered hole. As I continued slamming into her, I increased the pressure with my thumb. She reached back, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand, pushing my thumb into her. My thumb slid past her tight ring and into her ass. I could feel my dick with my thumb as I fucked her. Feeling pressure building in my balls, I pulled out of her juicy slit seks filmi izle and pressed the tip of my dick against her ass.

Even with the heavy coating of her juices on my cock, I was not able to enter her rear opening. I left her on the bed, panting and exposed, long enough to retrieve a bottle of lube from the dresser drawer. I squeezed a generous amount on her ass and coated my hand as well. While I stroked my cock to reach maximum hardness, I pushed my thumb back into her. It entered easily. I lined myself up again and slowly pushed into her. I am not endowed with a thick cock and this time my arrow shaped head eased its way inside. I paused for a moment to let her adjust to me and then slowly pushed the rest of the way in. She moaned and began to hump against me. I guided her hips but did not move mine. I simply enjoyed letting her fuck herself on my dick.

I didn’t last long with the tightness of her ass wrapped around my cock. I felt myself starting to cum so I pulled her to me and emptied my seed into her. When my rapidly deflating dick popped out of her ass, I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. I latched my mouth onto her clit and flicked at it with my tongue. I jammed two fingers inside her pussy and stroked her inner walls. It was only seconds before she came, flooding my mouth and the bed with a river of clear liquid. I fought to stay between her legs but she pushed my head away and went to the bathroom to clean up. I pulled my shorts on and kicked back on my side of the bed. She came out of the bathroom wearing a thong and a t-shirt. She hopped on the bed, kissed me and said, “Wanna order a pizza?”

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Stud Poker

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She sits across the table from him. The smoke is thick in the room, those surrounding the table are hovered close, watching, waiting, fascinated by the drama of the moment. His expression hasn’t changed in the last 20 minutes. She notes his arrogance. His eyes reveal that he is sure of his victory. Behind his expression there is the underlying, smoldering lust that has led them here, at this table, cards dealt and wagers made. She wonders, as she always does, how she gets herself into these situations.

It didn’t start like this. She didn’t even want to go to this party but her girlfriends whining and begging and calling in favors of past deeds brought her out on this snowy night to the party of a friend. The “cutey” from her girlfriends work would be here and she needed a wingman, or more appropriately a wingwoman, to accompany her in her mission to bed the boy. So she said she would go to the party where she knew no-one, to mingle and try not to be bored while her girlfriend hunted the unsuspecting prey. The fact that the average age in the house was 15 years her junior didn’t help.

Not that she hasn’t had her share of young pups. Cougars were so popular these days and she does now and again enjoy the “deer in the headlight” look that young males have when an older, more sexually experienced woman takes charge. Young, dumb and full’o’cum guys are fun for awhile, but she would rapidly get annoyed with rocking someone else’s world without so much as a tremor in hers. So unfair that men peak at 20 without any knowledge and women at 35 with all the knowledge. So unfair.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the party, she knew it would be a long night. The boys and girls were well into the dance of anticipation – “Will she suck my dick?……. Will he commit and put a ring on my finger”? So she got herself a drink and settled on a chair in the corner to watch the show. Listening to the conversations around her, mostly fluff with a little drama of heartache here and there, she tried her best to keep from becoming nauseous when, one after another, the boys and girls fumble through the 21st century mating rituals. She tried not to laugh as she watched her girlfriend from across the room, ridiculously flirt with the “cutey” who just stood there grinning from ear to ear, eyes moving up and down her front with obvious need. Yup, gonna be a long night.

Just at the stroke of midnight she wandered back to the kitchen for another drink and found that some of the boys had started a game of poker at the kitchen table. Smoking cigarettes and dripping testosterone, they yelled profanities at one another while ogling every female form that entered the room as if that were part of the rules of the card erotik film izle game. She, of course was no exception. When she opened the fridge for another beer, she could feel all eyes on her ass, so for fun, decided that she needed to get one of the brands on the lowest shelf.

That brought a murmur of approval from behind. When she turned around her eyes locked with a young stud at the end of the table. A player. Oh, how she loved to play a player. So she stood there, eyes never leaving his. His expression of confidence, so unusual for one so young, stirred within her that first jolt of excitement. Hmmm, evening may just get interesting after all.

“Hey baby, wanna join in the game”? he drawled taking a swig of beer, gaze traveling her body then returning to meet her eyes, twinkling with challenge. Another stir within her, ……….ahhh the game. She glanced down at the pile of money in the centre of the table and sighed loudly.

“I see that you’re playing for money and I only bet sex or chocolate” she explained, keeping her inner smile to herself, eying the Stud briefly again. “Since I don’t see any chocolate on the table gentlemen and I doubt you would be interested in a game of Sex Poker, I guess I better head back to the living-room”. She took two steps toward the door and counted silently to herself. One, Two, and the commotion started. Hoots and hollers, laughs and jeers. She watched the Stud rise from the table and move in her path. She slowly met his eyes, trying to hide her own twinkle. Stopping in front of him, close, he just stared for a moment, then recovered quickly, grin turning to a leer.

“Honey, you can’t drop a bomb like that then walk out the door” he said in a low voice. “Better put your challenge where your mouth is”.

More hoots and hollers from round the table. She smiled and without a word took the empty chair opposite his and picked up the deck of cards.

The guys all stared at her. She waited for the Stud to return to his seat then began to shuffle. She looked around at the others, dismissing them instantly. They were insignificant of course, only the Stud was worthy. Better make quick victims of these ones, she thought. Aloud she said “Five card stud, nothing wild, no draw. You get what you’re dealt. Two down, three up.”

They all nodded. She concentrated on shuffling. “And the bet is……..”, wait, delivery is the key, she felt them lean in.

“If I have the lowest hand I perform oral sex on everyone sitting at the table”. She finished shuffling and counted to herself. One. Two. And commotion.

A chorus of “Yeah, Baby”, “Alright”, “Fuckin’ A” they all chimed. All but the Stud. He eyed her intently. She smiled. He’s smart, film izle she again felt the stir inside which was accompanied by wetness between her thighs. Hmmmmmm. Interesting indeed.

When the others finished their high-fivin’, the Stud motioned for them to settle down. “And if one of us has the lowest hand”? he asked.

“Well, then the loser performs oral sex on everyone sitting at the table” she smiled sweetly.

As expected, the response was swift and adamant. They balked. They back-paddled. Never. Never. Never. She locked eyes with the Stud. She watched as his expression revealed the wheels turning in his brain. How to save face? How to remove the threat but still keep the challenge? Suddenly some sort of answer came to him. “Chaps,” he started. They looked at him. “Get up from the table” he commanded twinkle returning to his eyes. The wheels turned slower in them. Ahhhaaa. They agreed. They all stood except him. He smiled at her.

“Ok, Honey, same bet. The loser performs oral sex on everyone sitting at the table” he grinned. “And they do it right here in front of everybody” he added to the delight of his friends.

Eyes never left his, she waited for the backslapping and male induced chest puffing to die down. She placed the cards on the table toward him to cut the deck. He reached over and picked up half the pile when she said “On one condition……………”.

The cards hovered in mid-air. “What’? he asked, smiling, waiting for her to back down.

“I reserve the exclusive right to raise the bet if I so chose” she explained.

“Only for sex for those seated at the table” he countered.

“Of course” she assured. “The sex bet is between you and me alone” she purred, smiling sweetly. He nodded slowly in agreement then placed the half of the pile down for the cut. She retrieved the cards, ignoring the leers and laughing whispers of the others and commenced to deal out one then two cards face down. She glanced quickly at her two, expression neutral, returning them to the table and waited while the Stud showed his cards to his friends.

He nodded and she placed a card, the King of Spades, face up in front of him. Then one for her. A three. She smiled. He grinned. She got wetter. He got harder.

Another card in front of him. Ace of hearts. Cheers from the crowd quickly died to silence when her next card is another three. She stopped to sip her beer. He lit another cigarette. They eyed each other. She licked her lips. He watched.

“Ok, Stud” she said. “I’ll raise you oral sex for anal sex. If you win, you fuck me up the ass. If I win, I go home get my strap-on and fuck you up the ass” she let the grin spread wide on her face and waited for his seks filmi izle reaction.

He only flinched momentarily as the others groaned and look away. They can’t watch their hero fall. This just can’t happen. She must not win. They loudly began to protest and back up their buddy. He glanced again at the cards on the table and at those in his hand. He told the others to “Shut the fuck up” and then nodded at her, masking his expression with skill she admired.

Time slowed. She placed his final card in front of him and the Ace of Diamonds brought the house down. The cheers were deafening for a moment till the Stud raised his hand for silence.

She smiled at him. He grinned at her. A flip for her card and a lovely lady in a crown laid beside the pair of threes. Again, more cheers. Ahhh. She’s going down. They all laugh. And they get to watch.

So this brings the story to the beginning. He is smug in his arrogance. She watches his expression of lust. Watches carefully. Watches closer. Closer. Ahh. There it is. The fear. Just a hint, lying under the surface of that leer. She is grateful that, in his smug misogyny there is that precious, tiny amount of insecurity. This, she has decided, will save him.

She sighs and putting the cards in her hand face down, she folds.

“You win”, she whispers and while the others chant and holler she stands, pushes her chair out of the way and leans over the table. She closes her eyes and waits. He takes his time. Savoring the moment. She can feel all eyes on her as he lifts her skirt to reveal her un-pantied ass. Moans and grunts from the boys make her wetter and she feels her pussy beginning to pulse. The Stud caresses her ass then to her surprise he traces her very wet clit. Isn’t he a sweetie? she thinks. Gonna make is nice for me. She waits.

He moves his finger from her pussy to her ass. Ahh. Using natural lube. His finger moves into her ass and she clenches around it. She is no longer aware of the panting boys around the table. She opens her eyes and turns her head to look at him. He is watching her while taking out his cock and continuing to probe her tight ass with his finger. Eyes locked with her, he suddenly shoves his cock into her pussy. She gasps. Then he pulls out, his cock slick with her girl juice.

She breaks his gaze when she feels the head of his cock at the entrance to her tightest hole. He holds his cock there. Pressing but not in. She moans. He leans over her to the table top and flips over the two cards she placed face down from her hand. SHIT.

When he sees the pair of ladies staring up at him, he frowns and hesitates.

Fucking young guys are so stupid she thinks. She groans. She locks her elbows and pushes herself straight backward so he enters her in one, long, painful, glorious thrust. Come on Stud, get in the game, she begs him silently.

He complies and to the cheering crowd, fucks her ass till she screams.

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Strap on Surprise! Ch. 02

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He caught me in the end.

Bent over for some random guy I’d picked up online, doing the one thing I’ve denied him in all the years we’ve been together.

Taking it up the arse and loving it.

I’d locked the front door and thought I was safe, but we were enjoying the thrill and risk of bum shoving in front of the stockroom window.

When Brian found the front door of the shop locked, he walked around to the alley alongside it and kept going. He looked in the window to see two faces looking back at him. Within a split second he’d clocked the shocking scene — I’ll never forget the look on his face as long as I live. As he stood waiting outside he said and did nothing until we came out. Then he reacted as many cheated men do –by using his fists before getting in his car and driving off.

After taking my latest anal buddy to the local hospital casualty dept to get his broken nose and cracked ribs fixed, I gave him a lift home and dropped him at the end of his road. I felt extremely guilty as I wondered how he would explain his injuries to his unsuspecting wife, but begged Andy not to press charges against my husband for our kids’ sake. I asked if we could negotiate a compensation deal in private which he agreed to, and we came up with a story that there had been a misunderstanding in a bar.

I arrived home to find my some of my things on the pavement and the front door locked from inside. Despite repeated knocking and calling out to Brian, he would not let me back in our home, so I called Sally. She instantly told me to go and stay with them for the night. Knowing that “staying the night” with Pete and Sally would be interesting and fun, I drove round to their place as fast as I could, with my arse already quivering in anticipation.

As I sat with a glass of wine Pete suggested calling another of their fuck buddies for advice, saying that she is also their solicitor. I felt a fleeting stab of jealousy at the thought of Sally giving it to another girl up the arse with one of her very large collection of strap ons, but realised that I needed all the help I could get.

“It’s as I thought,” she said when she came off the phone “He’s got no legal right to throw you out, whatever you’ve done. The house is in both your names so we’ll go round tomorrow with Pete and get you back in there – Brian needs you there to look after the children, so don’t worry. He won’t keep you out permanently.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’ll be sleeping in the spare room from now on — I can’t stand the thought of being in the same bed as him for another night. The marriage is over and has been for a long time. I don’t think we can salvage anything from this, so it’s better for us both to cut our losses and move on.”

“I’m sure it is,” Sally replied. “Now do you want to sleep in our spare room for tonight? Or do you want to come in the bed with us? It’s been ages since I gave your arse a good seeing to with the strap on and Pete really misses watching us at it!”

“In the bed with you, please” I said without hesitation. I’d stopped having fun with Sally sometime ago and missed our strap on sessions too.

Five minutes later I was in the shower with Sally standing behind me washing away the sweat caused by my stockroom session earlier that day. As she leaned me over and spread my legs, she got to work between my buttocks with a soapy flannel and asked if I’d do her a favour.

“What might that be?” I asked curiously. Sally smiled before telling me what she wanted of me.

“Pete really loves watching us at it, but I know he feels really left out because you are too shy to let him touch you. Do you think you could try and let him join in just a little bit? We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to I promise.”

As Sally dried me off with a towel, the friction against my skin got me so horny that I started rubbing my pussy up against it as she patted it between my legs. I had been unsure about the suggested threesome but now I was decided. Poor Pete! I’d been so rude when I’d made him just watch but tonight I’d definitely make it up to him.

I followed Sally into the bedroom to find him lying naked on the bed waiting for us and smiling – with a massive hard on. As Sally started to kiss and touch me, he did nothing more than run his hands over the bits of me he could reach. I felt totally unthreatened by this and as Sally lay on top of me playing with and sucking my tits, didn’t object when she rolled me over so my backside was facing her husband.

I guessed what was coming next so was unsurprised when I felt his lubed up fingers begin to enter my butt cleavage and begin to explore. Once he found my tight little bud, he began working a finger inside until he had inserted it all the way. As he began to gently move it inside me he greased up my backdoor for easy admittance. I started begging for Sally to wear the strap on, and give me what I had been missing from her for so long.

In the end she went to the cupboard and got erotik film izle out one of a few strap ons we’d bought together. I was delighted to see it was my favourite – we’ve always called it the Purple Pumper. As she put it on she said, “You know the position now get into it between Pete’s legs — now hurry up you slut!” I didn’t have to be asked a second time, and crouched with my butt in the air and my head down, with my hands on Pete’s thighs.

As usual she teased me with the dildo for ages, stroking it up and down inside my quivering thighs and along the crack of my arse. Then she stopped.

“How much do you want me to fuck your sweet little dirtbox with this?” she asked.

“Please!” I begged.

“The deal is this. You suck Pete’s cock like I’ve never sucked it before while I am seeing to your anus. You’ve been a selfish cunt and you need to make it up to my husband for all the times he’s been left out because you made him just watch us.”

I wasn’t too sure about this and told her so.

“Sure no problem” Pete said, “We’d never force you.”

I felt movement behind me and turned to find Sally taking the strap on off. My heart sank. I was devastated. Then it dawned on me what I really had to do to get to feel that dildo slide up my arse again.

“I suppose I could try it…” I said as I turned back to Pete, “but don’t cum in my mouth please.”

The main thing that had kept me from involving Pete in our sessions was the size of his cock. He’s a big man and he knows it. I didn’t think I would be able to take it all in the pussy let alone in my mouth and wondered how Sally could handle it! To be honest the size of him terrified me. He didn’t say anything as he pushed my head down – in close up his cock appeared to be as long and thick as two coke bottles put together!

I rolled back the foreskin and lay looking at it wondering how on earth I was expected to pleasure him — the man was hung like a horse! As I started to suck the tip and slid my mouth onto the shaft I tried not to gag as I felt it tickle the back of my throat, dimly aware that I hadn’t even managed to take a quarter of it in. I kept trying to control my gag reflex as I felt Sally begin to stroke my buttocks with the dildo again. As she teased me from behind, I tried to tease her husband’s enormous boner.

I gave up trying to take the whole of it in to the hilt, and began to give the huge shaft long slow licks, rotating my tongue round the head while Sally ran her tongue between my ass cheeks. Then I moved on down to his balls and licked them too before popping each one in and out of my mouth a few times. I guess Sally and Pete were scared that I’d use his cock to bite on when the dildo entered me, so she held it back giving me words of encouragement as she continued to lick up and down in between my buttocks while I concentrated on trying to gobble Pete off.

As I made another attempt to suck all of him in, I covered my teeth with my lips before starting to fuck as much of him as I could slowly with my mouth while stroking his testicles at the same time. I felt Sally position the dildo at the entrance of my anus and wished I could have it inside me as Pete ejaculated into my mouth.

I’d changed my mind you see. Brian had always hated it when I stopped sucking his cock at the crucial moment and finished him off by hand. As the years passed I’d progressed to spitting into a tissue but in the end was bullied into swallowing and had done so to keep the peace. But now it was different and I really wanted to make Pete and Sally happy — and if swallowing was what it took then I’d do it. So I kept sucking and sucking until I could feel things coming to a head. And of course they did in the end. I gagged again as Pete lost control and thrust deep into my mouth and felt some of his cum trickle down my throat, while the rest ran down my chin. Discreetly wiping it off on the sheet with the back of my hand, I realised it was all worth it to feel Sally begin to push the dildo inside my ready and waiting back door.

As she pumped into my rapidly loosening and wet sphincter, she asked “How do you like this you bitch? You’ve missed this fucktoy haven’t you? I can’t believe the noises you’re making. Pete can you try and do something to shut this slut up or they might hear her next door.”

I felt my face being pushed into a pillow as Pete began to stroke my hair. That unbelievably good feeling of having my anus stretched and pounded into by my favourite dildo overcame me in the end, and when I started to play with my clit it didn’t take long before I came like a rocket.

After as the three of us lay on the bed talking and chatting, I started to go to doze off. However I was soon woken up by Pete who asked “Who is the odd one out?”

It took a minute for the penny to drop. Then realising what he meant, I replied, “Sally.”

“Yes that’s right. We’ve both cum but Sally hasn’t and I think that’s a bit unfair don’t you? What do you think we film izle should do about it?”

“Dunno,” I said.

Sally gave her answer by turning over and crouching down in the position she’d just had me in. I went to the cupboard and found the strap on I know she likes best and put it on. As Pete began licking around her ears and neck I squirted some lube liberally between her waiting cheeks. As Pete’s tongue slipped into her ear and my wet finger pushed into her anus she moaned out loud.

I entered her with the dildo and started thrusting in time to her squeals – slapping her behind as I did so. As I noticed her right hand creep round to finger her clit Pete grabbed both her arms and held them saying “Not yet you whore. Can’t you wait? Show some self control.”

For what seemed like hours I shafted Sally’s arsehole with that strap on until I wondered whether she could take much more. I guess Pete agreed with me because he suddenly let go of her arms and allowed her to touch herself. With a minute she had climaxed with a bellow that made us laugh as we fell back on the bed.

Finally the three of use drifted off to sleep in each others’ arms.

I woke up early with a feeling of dread. I knew I was going to have to return home and face Brian, and I wondered what he had told the children – I trembled as I showered and got dressed.

“Don’t worry,” said Pete over breakfast “Just drive over there and we’ll be right behind you in our car. He can’t and won’t refuse to let you back in, and if he does we’ll just get the police involved.”

As I parked in the drive Brian came out.

“Where are my kids?” I demanded.

“At my parents’ home for now,” he answered. “Mum and dad know just what a dirty, little whore you are, but when they drop them off they will say nothing of this in front of them. We’ll deal with it all later but let’s leave the children out of it.”

I realised my ever calculating husband had thought things through as he allowed me back in without a word. Then I saw a pile of bags in the hall and realised it was him that would be going.

Sure enough Brian said, “I’m leaving you, you filthy, fucking slut. I’ll be getting legal advice today. You can stay here until the kids are 18, and I’ll pay the bills and for everything they need but then I’m selling the house so plan for it you fat, ugly cunt. If you try and take me for anything else like half my pension or assets, I’ll tell everyone we know including your family what I found you doing at work.”

With that he carried his possessions out and put them into the boot of his car and drove off. Oddly enough I wondered why Brian had thought that anybody would be shocked by the fact he’d caught me taking it up the arse. Throughout our long marriage he has thought that asking for anal sex is a perfectly reasonable request.

I don’t think my soon to be ex husband has ever spoken to me directly since.

However the house was much nicer without him there. No more confidence denting snipes or accusations that I was holding him back. No more embarrassing roving eye when we were out. No more expectations that I should always want sex when he wanted it.

Once I’d got into a new routine I found that I had a bit more time for myself than before. I had my hair cut, coloured and restyled then turned my attention to my body. I knew that having two children had taken their toll on my looks and realised that I needed to be bit more proactive in looking after my health and appearance. I have to admit I was jealous of Sally and her firm thighs and bum, and wished my breasts had the same perky look that hers do.

So I decided to join a gym. After being shown round a few, I found one that had everything that I needed that was not too far away. After signing a contract for a year I made an appointment for an induction and went away feeling very positive about the future.

On the scheduled day I returned and sat waiting, and as I watched firm, fit, toned people work out on various strange looking machines wondered what kind of trouble I had got myself into. As I sat and trembled I didn’t hear my name being called, and started when a young man tapped me on the shoulder.

“Are you Julie?” he asked quietly, “I’m Sam. Come with me and let’s have a chat.”

In a private room I cringed as the good looking, fit young man checked my height then weighed me before saying, “Don’t look at me like that, you’re not that overweight! We can have you looking great in three months, ready for summer. You just need to exercise more and change your eating habits a little and you will tone up with no problems at all.”

Sam then went on to ask about my lifestyle and together we came up with a healthy eating plan before I was shown how to use the exercise machines. As I tried each one I slowly became more confident as he motivated and encouraged me to push myself a little more. Finally after I was nearly ready to drop I realised exactly how unfit I was and Sam took pity on seks filmi izle me. After taking on board the instruction to come in regularly, I showered before getting dressed.

I soon got into a routine of going to the gym every other day. Sometimes I saw Sam who always said hello, and asked how it was going but usually he had other gym members with him. Once or twice when I saw him putting good looking women through their paces, I had an odd prickle of I don’t know what but I didn’t think he’d be interested in me for a minute as I had to be at least fifteen years older than him.

One day about a month after I’d joined Sam came over when he saw me sign in saying, “We need to have a follow up chat, so I can see how you are getting on.”

I found to my delight that I’d lost three kilos and a couple of inches off my tum and bum. “See I told you, you can do it,” said Sam. “Now what I was going to suggest to you is that you book a course of personal training sessions with me, so that we can work on that backside of yours so that it will look great in a bikini on the beach.”

I’d been warned by friends that gym personal training sessions are a way of minimum wage gym staff bumping up their income, and might be of no benefit to me. I had intended to refuse to sign up for this extra. However the words …”work on that backside of yours” had triggered such thoughts in my mind, that my nipples hardened! I decided to sign up for a course of ten and to hell with the cost of it all, if it made my ass more appealing.

I waited for the appointed day with eager anticipation. However after an hour working out with Sam I wasn’t so sure — he was totally without mercy as he bulled me through his “bums and tums” workout. When he called time on the session, I thanked God for small mercies and crawled off to shower and change.

It was as I was about to sign out and go that Sam stopped me.

“Got time for a coffee and chat before you head off home?”

“You bet I have,” I thought as I followed him into the small cafe.

However I didn’t seriously think that Sam would be interested in me, other than as a client at work. It didn’t seem that way as we chatted about his work and my shop.

“So are you married with kids? Sam asked curiously.

“No and yes,” I replied softly. “We’ve just separated a couple of months ago.”

“Sorry to hear that,” he said. “That’s always tough but you are taking the right steps. I train a lot of women like you, and toning up is a great way of building up your self esteem after a long relationship has bitten the dust. I know you think personal training is very expensive, but it really is worth the cost to make you feel good about yourself again.”

As we went on to talk about other things Sam made no attempt to pry. Finally as a woman came up to him, he said she was his next appointment and that he would see me again the following week.

Despite the fact that I knew Sam’s workout would put me through hell, I looked forward to our next meeting. Then on the day of my appointment I got a text from him saying that he needed to change the time. Feeling crestfallen I rang him thinking that I wouldn’t be seeing him, but soon perked up when I found he just wanted to reschedule my workout to a little later in the day. Knowing the kids would be out I readily agreed.

When I arrived I found the gym almost empty.

“Hi,” said Sam when I found him. “Sorry I’m running a bit late today, but you will get your full hour I promise. I’m locking up tonight.”

I warmed up while I was waiting, and watched Sam’s big hands on another woman’s body as he took her weight while she bent over and tried some new workout manoeuvre. As he continued to handle the woman the sight of her arse pointing skywards made the crotch panel of my leotard start to moisten, as I began to feel turned on by what I was seeing.

As the woman’s leotard rode up into the crack of her arse, I could see a wet patch between her legs. I wondered how Sam could not get a hard on as by now I was feeling very excited. I wondered what this very well spoken British woman would think of being rogered up the chutney by another woman wearing a strap on, and if there was any way I could ask her without being thrown out of the gym.

As I was trying to work out how to approach her, I started when Sam tapped me on the shoulder.

“Sorry, I was miles away.”

Sam didn’t say very much but proceeded to put me through an even more punishing workout than the previous week. By the time I really thought I might die, he finally had mercy on me and called time. As I got up and started to walk to the shower he called me back.

“So what is it with you? Do you like men, women or what? I saw you when I was working with Annabel. You were getting off. Was it her you were looking at, or me? I know this isn’t very professional but I’m just curious. I’m putting my job on the line by asking this!”

So after reassuring Sam that I would not be getting him fired, I told him the whole story of what had happened. By the time I had finished I could see the outline of Sam’s erection through his shorts and thought that I’d like to reach out and unzip him, and take his cock out.

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Spankx , Ricky Do It In The Ass

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I had finally taken a four-day weekend from and I that I would go to the mountains and stay in a secluded cabin. Lots of fresh air and sleep was what I needed. Little did I know that I would be getting lots of fresh air and little sleep.

I pulled into the Sleepytime Bed & Breakfast about 6:00 P.M. Friday. I was so tired from a long week at work I wanted nothing more than a long, hot bath and a good night’s sleep.

I checked in and found that my room was exactly how I had imagined. Soft, with a blue and green subtle hint to every room. I dropped my suitcase at the door, slipped out of my clothes, and fell into the king-sized overstuffed bed, totally naked. I laid there for an hour or more, just enjoying the stillness. After a while though, I found that my body needed more stimulation.

I hopped up and found my way to the bathroom which had an oversized Jacuzzi. I turned the water on, poured in some fragrant bath salts and slipped in. The bubbles were great. erotik film izle I giggled as the bubbles danced across my hard nipples. What could be more fun I asked myself? That was easy to answer. A hard bodied man with a stiff cock would just be the icing on the cake for this weekend. But alas, I was alone.

I finished my bath, wrapped up in a towel and stepped out onto the porch. It was a cool evening and the early fall air made my nipples hard, yet I wanted to feel the breeze kiss them. I dropped my towel and let the breeze dance across my body. It was heaven. I was alone and no one could see me, or so I thought.

As the breeze danced across my body I pinched my nipples and danced across the patio. There was a lounge chair on the patio and I laid upon it, spreading my legs to allow the wind to dance on and on. I felt my hands making their way to my clit and then lingering there. I was blissfully enjoying this when all of a sudden I noticed from the corner film izle of my eye that something moved. Oh my God! Was it an animal? Was it just the wind? I must have been imagining something. I went back to focusing upon my throbbing clit and not noticing anything else.

“Snap,” a branch broke in the clearing. I sat up. I knew I had heard this. I stood up, but my fingers were still on my clit. “Whose there?” I asked. No one answered. I crawled upon the railing of the deck, spreading my legs and leaning back. “If you are wanting a show, I’ll be happy to oblige,” I hollered to the woods. I then leaned back and focused all of my attention upon my clitoris.

I was soon moaning louder than anything. My hips were rotating to the sound. I was oblivious to anything that could have possibly been around there.

“Oh my god….” I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I had been finger-fucking myself and enjoying the hell out of it. I was moaning and cumming but nothing seks filmi izle could have prepared me for the instantaneous feeling of someone’s tongue licking my clit. “God, oh my god.”

I spread my legs and just let it happen. I looked up briefly and saw a man, with dark hair and a stiff cock sucking my clitoris and pinching my nipples. “Who are you?” I asked. “My name is Ricky and I want to take you in the ass.”

I obediently got up on my knees and bent over. “My ass belongs to you, Ricky.” I could see by the look in his eyes, he was not teasing. He grabbed my ass cheeks and rubbed his cock against them. He reached down and opened a container of lubricant. He rubbed some on his finger and then into my quivering ass. With the first insertion of his finger, my ass started quivering. “Do it now,” I said. “Not yet, bitch.” He said….I’m going to make you beg for it.

He slowly teased me with his finger, slipping it in and out, in and out. My hips were rocking with the motion. I wanted his dick in my ass. I screamed, “Fuck me up the ass, now!”

“As you wish, baby!” And in my ass, he slipped his hard, throbbing cock.

I decided I would have to get away from work more often.

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Size Matters Ch. 03

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All characters in this story are of legal age.


Angie Delgado was sleeping better than she had in the last few days since she’d gone on a tear through her cousin’s life when she was awakened from a deep slumber by loud pounding on her bedroom door.

“WAKE UP BITCH!!” She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she realized that her cousin Brenda was beating on her door loud enough to wake everyone in the neighborhood. She sat up in the small bed afforded to her and watched her door vibrate under the repeated pounding realizing that her thin cousin had finally come across the gift left in her bedroom.

“Wh-Who’s there?” Angie feigned a sleepy sounding voice as she sat up in the bed and rolled her neck. Habit and some hazards in her life had left its imprint on the chubby teen resulting in her habitually locking her door when she went to bed.

“OPEN THE DOOR ANGIE!!” Her voice seemed to rile up her cousin even more and she noticed that Brenda was jerking on the door knob making it shake and loosen.

“But you sound mad.” She continued feigning a submissive sounding voice as she looked over at her cheap clock finding that it was three in the morning.


“W-What?” The large chubby girl cupped her hand over her mouth and stifled a giggle while her enraged cousin shrieked in frustration.


“Well I did your laundry and I uhm; vacuumed the carpet Brenda.” Angie leaned over and snatched a black wife beater off of the floor to cover her bare breasts.


“B-Brenda you’re scaring me.” She was actually leaning back against the wall as she pulled a knee length jean skirt up over her ample hips. Brenda was unaware that her larger cousin had been taught to fight by some of her mother’s biker friends. The rail thin teen was ignorant of the many street fights Angie had won while she lived with their grandmother. When it came to fighting Angie Delgado had the taught mentality of a caged animal and the prowess of a seasoned boxer that always threw her opponents off balance due to her smiling, cuddly appearance.

“OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR BIATCH; WE GOTTA HANDLE OUR BUSINESS PERRA!!” Angie calmly stepped into her flip flops while keeping an eye on the door which seemed like it could splinter at any moment.

“Why do you want to hurt me Brenda?” She knew that her cousin was upset about the condom full of her boyfriend’s semen that she’d left in her room figuring it would be days before she found it. Angie had planned a physical altercation but Brenda’s actions meant she would have to finish up days before she was ready to complete her revenge on her insensitive cousin.

“Estas jodiendo mi hombre perra?!!” Brenda had become so angry that she’d gone into Spanish feigning a calming demeanor with the intention of getting her scared cousin to open the door so that she could assault her. She’d spent hours cleaning her trashed room and talking to friends about the two guys she believed were fighting over her when she’d found the used condom in her bedside table. It had been purposely placed in with the rest of her condom stash and this had sent the lithe Latin teen into a rage.

“Which one?” Angie answered stretching her arms over her head and cracking her knuckles while her cousin shrieked and began kicking the door with all of her might.

“FUCKING SLUT; OPEN THIS GOT-DAMN DOOR PUTA!! I’M GONNA WHIP YOUR FUCKING ASS!!” Angie stood on the other side of the door yawning before folding her arms across her chest.

By this time Brenda had lost all reason as she went to the kitchen and retrieved a knife which began using to pick the lock on her cousin’s small room. She was further emboldened by the frightened pleading of her much larger cousin from her side of the door as she was rewarded by the sound of the lock’s release. However as she grabbed the doorknob, the thin teen suddenly found herself being propelled forward as the door was snatched open. Nothing could have prepared the five foot four, one hundred and fifteen pound girl for what lay ahead on the opposite side of the door as the ham like fist of Angela Delgado smashed into her pretty face. Brenda was sent to the tiled floor of the kitchen adjacent and actually slid into the cabinets below the kitchen sink. She lay motionless on the floor as her larger, formerly timid cousin nursed her sore fist.

“Yeah, I fucked them.” Angie glibly answered her barely conscious relative who was staring up at the kitchen ceiling in a fist induced haze. It took Angie a few seconds to realize the extent of the damage her punch had caused and the chubby teen casually walked over to the sink and filled a plastic tumbler full of water. She took a light sip of water before pouring the rest of the contents on her cousin’s prone figure. The cold water jolted Brenda back into consciousness and she wallowed around on the floor trying to get her bearings erotik film izle before scurrying off to her bedroom and locking the door. Angie opened the fridge and helped herself to a can of beer she found in the doorway.

After she’d emptied the can, she walked down the hallway and calmly knocked on her cousin’s door.

“Oh you don’t want to talk any more Brenda?” There was no response from the side of the door other than muted sobbing. Angie shrugged her shoulders and padded off to her room to resume a peaceful slumber behind her locked door.

There would be no more disturbances for the rest of the night…or so she thought.


Conception was doing something that she absolutely hated and that was fucking her boyfriend doggy style. To the middle aged mother of two, it was demeaning and forced her into a subservient posture but she was on a mission. Income tax time was coming up and she had plans for her clueless boyfriend’s tax refund.

“Oh baby te sientes tan bien que voy a accabar.” Louis was onto his girlfriend’s plan and he was going to make the most of it. Moments before they hooked up he’d taken a blue pill and Conception had no idea what hit her as he seemed able to go on forever. She was pretty enough with just a hint of grey but there was nothing that he loved more than his current view. The motion ripples across that wide squarish butt fueled his lust as his fingers dug into the almost too soft flesh of her hips and her brown-eye was plainly visible, but anal was definitely off the table. He’d talked her into trying it during a moment of mutual intoxication and the disaster that followed was somewhat comedic with Conception going on an epic rant in Spanish while he pulled the soiled sheets from the bed.

“Aren’t you finished yet pervitido?!” Her words were labored and shaky as his chubby torso slammed into her backside.

“Almost there dulce, I could cum any minute now.” That was as far from the truth as you could get and he chaffed a little at her impatience figuring that she might enjoy things a little bit more if she would quit complaining.

“You’ve been saying that for an hour now Estupido; better finish in five minutes!!” She figured that her dues were paid and made mental plans to use up his entire refund. He was such a freak that she hadn’t even had time to fully undress before she found herself on her hands and knees in his bed. It had become a little humid in the cramped bedroom and she’d finally gotten her blouse off while keeping her utilitarian beige bra on. Louis had never seemed especially interested in her tits and that was just fine with her. He did his best to facilitate a quicker orgasm using his weight to push her prone on the mattress as her phone began ringing.

“Hold on my phone’s ringing Louis.” She knew he thought he was really giving it to her but laughed inwardly knowing that she’d had better lovers and only tolerated him because of the money he was bringing to the table. The frugal woman socked away most off her money in accounts and used most of his paycheck for her bills. She considered it fair trade for her sexual attention and also because she’d allowed him back into her life after he’d been caught peeping at her daughter. In reality nothing could have been farther from the truth. The only thing that ran through his mind whenever his gaze rested on Brenda was how emaciated she looked in his opinion.

“AH COME ON; I’M ALMOST THERE!” His face was reddened and the poor man appeared ready for a heart attack as he felt himself about to peak. Her wide, overly soft backside molded to his pelvis felt slightly watery in mature way that meant it was only had a few more years before her ass would be visibly sagging. He felt his balls begin to tighten up as she involuntarily jiggled against his sweaty flesh.

“CUT IT OUT LOUIS!!” She began wriggling against him trying to get to her phone and earned a messy cum shot to her wide butt for her efforts.

“MOMMY ANIGIE’S GONE CRAZY!!” Brenda’s hysterical voice greeted Conception as she swatted back at Louis who was intent on jerking the rest of his load onto her back. His weak knees gave way and he collapsed on her back easily sated as she groaned into the phone from his weight.

“What’s going on Mami?” Her fingers accidentally pressed the speaker button on her phone and Louis’ bedroom was flooded with the sounds of a crying hysterical teenager.


“WHAT?!!” Conception began throwing a few elbows until her flustered boyfriend finally rolled off of her back leaving a considerable mess behind. He leaned on his side surveying the glazed sight of his girlfriend’s tanned butt.

“ANGIE CAME INTO MY ROOM AND BEAT ME UP; COME HOME MOMMY I’M SCARED!!” Louis chuckled to himself out of view of his girlfriend knowing full well that the spoiled teen probably got what she deserved. Brenda was severely spoiled and an absolute film izle choir to be around at times. She had accused him of staring at her on multiple occasions even going so far as to say he’d burst into the bathroom while she was showering. The portly man had considered dumping Conception after that incident in which he been physically assaulted. Brenda had sucked punched him and given him a classic black eye that he had to explain away at his job as a restaurant manager.

“I’M COMING BABY, MOMMY’S COMING!!” Conception jumped out of the bed searching for her panties and skirt but not before wiping her lower back and ass with her boyfriend’s silk dress shirt. She put on her clothing in a frenzy falling over a few times before finally getting dressed and realizing that Louis had been lying in bed the whole time watching her with a lazy smile on his face.



Brenda called several more times before her mother reached home and by the time Conception reached the front steps she was fit to be tied. Louis of course had tried to filter the building situation as best he could but none of his words would calm the panicked mother.

“BRENDA WHERE ARE YOU BABY?!!” She entered her home brandishing a tiny canister of pepper spray as Brenda emerged from her room looking completely disheveled. Louis switched on a lamp in the living room and was shocked to see his girlfriend’s daughter with a huge nose that looked several sizes bigger than her face. The poor girl also seemed to have large dark circles around her eyes that he realized were two newly minter black eyes.

“MOMMY!!” The women embraced as tears ran down Conception’s face when she saw what had been done to her daughter and turned to her boyfriend who shrugged his shoulders.

“I want that FAT BITCH out of here understand?!” The wretched look on her face told him that she wanted him to do more than escort her niece out of the house but there was no way he was going to tangle with her after looking at the damage done to Brenda.

He cautiously made his down the hallway to the kitchen noticing a few toppled chairs and the wet floor where Angie had poured a tumbler of water onto the prone body of her cousin. He turned his attention to the chubby teen’s closed door and knocked lightly.

“Yeah?” Angie’s tired response floated through the thin wooden door after a few moments.

“It’s Louis Angie; your friend.”

“Well I’m trying to sleep; what the fuck do you want?” Her response was so relaxed and casual that he almost didn’t realize that she’d cursed at him.

“Uh things are somewhat stressed around here little flower; I think maybe you should come with me for the night.” He heard the small bed creak from her weight and tensed up not knowing what to expect but heeding the chubby girl’s potential.

“Alright give me a minute.” He was relieved as he heard her yawn followed by some movement inside the room. Moments later she opened the door holding a small suitcase that contained the bulk of her meager belongings.

“I guess they don’t want me any more huh Louis?” The gravity of her cousin’s recent actions and her explosive response read on her round face.

“It’ll be okay little flower, you can stay at my place for a few nights.” She allowed him to take her suitcase and he cradled her with one of his arms as they made their way to the front door. Conception and her daughter were waiting in the living room and Angie chaffed inwardly at the sight of her cousin playing the victim.

“Cerdo De Mierda!!” Brenda lunched at her large cousin grabbing a handful of her hair and used her other hand in a weak attempt at a sucker punch. Louis never would have imagined the strength of the chubby teen as he found himself shoved into a wall. In seconds Angie had grabbed one of her cousin’s thin arms yanking her to the floor and purposely falling on top of her with the brunt of her full weight. The thin girl was painfully squashed crying out as Conception’s fingers dug into her niece’s hair and the back of her shirt ripping it a bit. In short order the middle aged mother learned the same lesson as her daughter when she was quickly shoved with enough force to send her sprawling over the coffee table.

“PARRA ESTA MIERDA!!” Louis managed to entrap Angie’s wrists pulling her off of her smaller cousin who was cowering in a fetal position on the carpet. Brenda hocked a thick wad of spittle on her cousin’s cheek and scurried on all fours into the hall nursing her bruised arm.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BITCH!!” Conception was having a little trouble getting back to her feet; her lower back was wracked with pain. Angie stood there flushed looking back and forth between her aunt and her cousin with a section of her hair pointing at the ceiling and three small scratches on her cheek. Her lips trembled a bit as she looked to Louis watching as he gathered seks filmi izle up her suitcase.

“You never wanted me anyway.” Angie finally commented and walked out of her aunt’s home.

Once he was outside Louis discovered Angie already sitting in the passenger side of his car staring out into space. The look on her face tugged at his heart strings as he turned the engine on and pulled out of f of the street the chubby teen had called home. He reached over and switched on his radio hoping to calm Angie but she switched it off taking the knob in the process. How was he to know that she wasn’t a fan of Banda music preferring oldies and hip hop along with an eclectic selection of electronica. She liked the fact that no one seemed able to accurately classify her personality even though it also seemed to keep her from making friends most of the time.

“I’m not bad.” She muttered to no one in particular catching his attention.

“What was that little flower?”

She didn’t reply or repeat her minor statement as this was a learned habit the chubby Latina had picked up while living with her grandmother. During an intense exchange between them over some household issue a verbal argument had quickly deteriorated into a berating with an ironing cord and Angie had been forbidden to socialize with any of the local boys. Of course she didn’t listen and went out with some guy she met at a quickie mart which resulted in her clothing being taken away. Many things ran through her mind as she looked at the darkened streets but the troubled girl was drawn back to the secondary confrontation with her cousin Brenda and her aunt’s participation. Angie ran a few fingers along her scalp finding some blood there and her chest tightened up.

“Don’t worry, things will blow over in a few days.” The silence in the car was getting to Louis and he was more than a little disturbed at the savagery displayed by the chubby girl sitting beside him.

“I’m hungry.” It sounded like an order and he didn’t know how to react but found himself pulling into a drive through less than twenty minutes later. He attempted to make small talk after buying two bags full of junk food but his attempts at breaking the ice were futile.

“What do you see in my aunt?” She finally asked between bites of a triple decker burger.

“Uh, well she’s a little spirited and all but I think there’s a lot to your aunt. I-I mean she can be hard to get along with at times but we uh, work things out.” He felt like he was on the offensive as he answered her simple yet probing question that came out of the blue.

“She must REALLY know how to FUCK.”

“Oh Dios mio, mira la boca pequena flor!!” Louis always reverted to Spanish when he was caught off guard and only her laughter put him at ease. Most of his children were adults many years removed from the house and he was a little rusty dealing with an angry teenager. He hadn’t even thought about the sleeping arrangements as he let her into his modest one bedroom apartment.

“Well I know it’s not much but I have a nice pull out bed here in the couch and there’s a little bit of food in the kitchen…and I got that PlayStation over there on the television.” He watched the large girl look around his apartment before kneeling and looking at a few of the games he’d received when he picked up the second hand console from a yard sale with the intention of giving it to her spoiled cousin. Brenda had scoffed at the gift emptying his wallet instead without much of a thank you. The teen girl apparently wasn’t a big fan of Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat.

“So you’re going to be my daddy now Louis?” Angie asked looking up from floor where she was examining the backs of the video games boxes.

“WHAT?!!-UH, NOOOO!! Look little flower; I’m gonna hit the head. Make yourself comfortable Angie and we’ll figure something out tomorrow.” He stumbled into his bathroom leaving her alone in the living room to stare at the dirty plates on his coffee table and discarded underwear on the floor. She retched a little bit as she noticed a pair of her aunt’s panties on the carpet where she’d discarded them hours earlier when she’d come over to screw her witless boyfriend. The couch was somewhat ratty and beat up and the cushions were stained from spilt food over the years. Louis was a true bachelor in every sense of the word and it seemed that her aunt paid little attention to his needs. She walked down the hallway and took a look into his bedroom finding this room even more of a mess. She yawned and turned up her nose at the latent odor left behind by the coupling of her aunt and was yanking the sheets from the bed before she even knew it.

Louis emerged from the bathroom and removed a few blankets from a hallway closet. He walked back to the living room finding it empty and nervously swallowed as he looked back towards his bedroom.

“Flor pequena?” He pushed cautiously pushed open the door to find the chubby girl laying face down on his stripped bed fast asleep. Her loud snoring permeated the room and Louis chuckled to himself before letting her have the room. Louis reached down to pull a blanket over her prone body when he noticed that her skirt had ridden up exposing the lower portion of her huge butt.

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Shari’s Last Cherry

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I posted a story about Shari a while back. Some felt I shouldn’t have included the negative comments I made. Maybe you’re right, but it was very cathartic for me to write that story and there was a lot I didn’t say! 🙂 For those who are interested, I dated this chick, Shari, a while back. The relationship didn’t end up well, but this story is about some of the hot times we had together. I’ve classified it as erotic couplings because it’s more than just getting in her ass for the first time.

Shari was in her 30s, divorced with a couple of kids. She wasn’t beautiful, but she was attractive. She had a Rubenesque figure, with big, round breasts and a nice full ass. Shari was fun to be around and when she wanted to, she could be a hot fuck. She loved to have her pussy eaten – evidently her first husband never liked going down on her. Well, I love to eat pussy just about as much as I love to fuck it. So, I would lick her juicy pussy for hours, sucking on her clit, licking up and down her labia, driving my tongue and then my fingers inside her. All the time she is writhing on the bed, holding my face to her pussy or holding her legs back so I can get my tongue inside her. I tried licking her ass once but she really hated that. So I concentrated on licking and playing with her pussy.

I loved making her cum. She grunted and moaned so loud. Not a screamer mind you, but you knew she was cumming and that she enjoyed it. Her pussy would get amazingly wet after she came and I would lick up her juices six ways to Sunday!

After she recovered a little, she liked for me to straddle her chest so she could give me a tit-fuck for a few minutes. Her breasts were big and soft and they felt so warm cushioning my cock while she stroked it with them. After a few minutes I would reach down and start playing with her nipples. She had very sensitive nipples and I loved to see her eyes flutter as her engine revved up again. She would look down towards my cock and open her mouth. I knew it was time. I would reluctantly pull my cock from her tit-embrace and kneel over her head, sliding my cock into her mouth. We would both moan as her mouth slid down my shaft. She loved it when I would hold her head in my hands and gently fuck her mouth. Other times I would hold still and watch as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I would catch her eye and then pull my cock out of her mouth. She knew what I wanted and left her mouth open and I would teabag my balls into it. She would suck lovingly on my balls and get me really hot and bothered. I would then take her mouth again with my cock, facefucking her a little more vigorously now. But she would always stop me before I came, she really didn’t like the taste or texture of cum. That was ok, by now her pussy was an inferno! I would slid my dick into her and while we kissed I would slowly fuck her pussy.

Eventually, I would kneel up between her spread thighs and really start fucking her. That usually brought a response like, “Oh yea, fuck me like you mean it!” I would start playing with her clit and she would play with her own nipples while I banged her pussy. I would shift so my cock would scrape her g-spot on every thrust. First, her eyes would roll back in her head. Then I could feel her pussy muscles start to ripple around my cock. Finally, this grunt turned into a long, low, sultry moan as she came in waves. I was either right there with her or shortly after her, pumping her pussy full of my hot cum. Like I said, there were some good times and she could be a hot fuck when she wanted to be.

So after we had been dating for a few months, she asked me if I would take a trip with her to leave the kids with her parents for a month in the summer. I said sure. I liked her kids. We got along well and had fun together. The drive went well, her kids were suprisingly good travelers. We split hotel rooms on the trip, her son stayed in my room and Shari and her daughter were in the other.

I should add here that at this point in our relationship Shari and I never had sex while the kids were there. I had not even slept over at her house while the kids were there. So to them, I was just a friend. Shari wasn’t interested in getting serious then and neither was I. We would socialize together around the kids, but only when they were visiting their father or staying with friends would Shari and I fuck.

When we got to her parent’s place, we still kept up the charade that I was just a friend, though I think her mother knew right away. We stayed there a couple of days making sure the kids were comfortable and settled. We had separate bedrooms which was fine with me because I certainly wasn’t going to fuck Shari in her parent’s house! Her dad and I became fast friends because of our mutual love of golf. So he and I hit the links everyday while Shari got reaquainted with some of her old friends.

Pretty soon it was time to go, which again was fine with me because I was starting to get very horny at this point! So with good-byes and drive safelys, Shari and started erotik film izle back home without the kids. Almost immediately our conversation turned to sex and when were we going to do it and how and how long. That was when she told me about one of her get-togethers with one of her best friends. She had told her friend all about me and about our sex life, including my preoccupation with her ass which she had been unwilling to give up yet. Shari told me that her friend had then explained all about anal intercourse giving her all sorts of tips and techniques. She said her friend didn’t exactly enjoy it, but she knew how happy it made her husband and that made it worth it. Shari said the conversation had convinced her to let me have her ass. I almost wrecked the car!

We continued to flirt the rest of the day and finally arrived at a motel for the night. I was ready to get into her ass right then and there, but Shari said she didn’t want to do it in a hotel room, she wanted to be in her own bed. I couldn’t really argue since I was going to get to take her anal cherry. Of course, at that point I would have screwed a knothole I was so randy. However, sensing that I was a little disappointed she said she would make it up to me by having hot regular sex while watching some porn so she could get to know a little more about what she was planning on letting me do. Fortunately, the motel we stayed in had several porn videos for rent. We selected one was likely to have some buttfucks in it and settled in to watch.

We laughed and giggled at some of the more ridiculous plot manipulations but Shari quieted down and started squirming when the action started. We kissed a little while sneaking peaks at blowjobs and pussy licking. When the fucking on screen actually started I began to play with her nipples and then stroke her pussy. The first scene was just a straight fuck and so we were on simmer by the time the second scene unfolded – a threesome with two guys and a girl. Shari had already indicated that this was one of her fantasies, satisfying two cocks at once. I moved down between her legs to suck her pussy while her eyes were glued to the screen. Shari would occasionally narrate the action, “She’s sucking one cock and then the other.” “Now one is fucking her pussy while she sucks the other cock.” In the meantime, I licked and sucked on her clit and tongue-fucked her pussy. She ground her pussy into my mouth while watching the action on the screen.

Suddenly she got very still. I looked up and saw her staring at the screen. “Oh fuck,” she said,”they are fucking her pussy and ass at the same time!” I glanced over my shoulder to see the woman with a glazed expression of pleasure on her face as two cocks reamed her pussy and asshole simultaneously.

“She looks like she’s enjoying it,” I said and returned to licking her pussy. I alternated sliding my first and middle finger into her very wet pussy, then slid both of them into her pussy to rub her g-spot. Shari began to moan in chorus with the woman’s moans on the screen. I slid my middle finger out of her pussy and began to tease her asshole with it. Shari gasped and instinctively tightened up. I licked her clit with broad strokes of my tongue, continuing to circle her asshole as I whispered, “Just relax, baby.”

Shari began to pant and I felt her rosebud puckering. I put my finger against it and waited. When I felt it quiver again I gently slid a little inside her ass. She let out a long low moan. I felt her asshole spasm again around my finger and then relax a little. I slid my finger in to the second knuckle. She hissed and then moaned again. She began to grind her hips up into my mouth and down onto my fingers. I looked up at her face and saw she was flushed, mouth hanging open, staring at the screen. I began to gently saw my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass while I sucked harder on her clit. Shari’s hands went to the back of my head as she ground her pussy into my face and her ass onto my finger. A steady chant of “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” issued from her lips. I reached up with my free hand and began to tug on one of her nipples when she finally exploded into my mouth.

“OH SHIT!!!!” she screamed and I felt her pussy and asshole spasming on my fingers. Her pussy gushed juice into my mouth and down my hand. She bucked wildly on the bed and I tried to stay with her, sucking her clit and let her fuck herself on my fingers. Eventually she calmed down and collapsed onto the bed. At some point she had writhed away from my fingers and so now I gently blew warm air across her pussy and rubbed her mound with my hand.

“I think you liked that!” I said. Her only response was, “Holy fuck!” I snuggled up next to her, my cock now hard as a rock and craving attention, but I knew she needed time to come down a little from that orgasm. I laid gentle kisses on her pussy mound, belly and succulent tits, all the while stroking her and easing her back to earth.

“I think someone needs some attention,” she finally film izle said as I rubbed my cock against her thigh. My only response was to roll onto my back and get comfortable. I pulled her to me in a deep, passionate kiss. While battling her tongue in my mouth, I played with her nipples and she stroked my cock. She worked her way down my neck to my nipples and chewed on them while it was my turn to writhe on the bed. Then she nestled my cock between those big, soft breasts and whispered, “Don’t you dare cum yet.” I had to fight the urge because it felt sooooo damn good.

At first, Shari bypassed my cock and started licking my balls. I realized she was trying to calm me down a little so I wouldn’t shoot immediately. Mmmmm her tongue felt great on my balls. I moaned and lay back enjoying every second. She licked up from my balls to the head of my cock, repeating this action several times. I fucked my hips up into the air trying to get my cock in her mouth. “Unh, unh, unh….” she teased. “Tell me what they are doing on the screen.”

I forced myself to sit up a little and look at the movie. A new scene was now playing, just a simple twosome. As we listened to the starlets whimpers, I looked Shari in the eye and said, “He’s just fitting his cock into her ass.” Shari looked me in the eye and slowly took my cock deep into her mouth as I saw from the corner of my eye the guys cock disappear into the girl’s ass on screen. “Oh fuck….” I moaned as we listened to the sounds of the buttfuck heating up on screen and I watched Shari’s head bob up and down on my cock. Every so often she would pull my cock out of her mouth and lick the shaft and head. Sometimes she would return to licking my balls, lick up the shaft and then plunge my cock deep into her mouth. The movie forgotten, this was turning into one of the hottest blowjobs I had ever received.

Finally, I said, “If you don’t stop soon, you’re going to get a mouthful,” knowing that she did not like me to cum in her mouth. Shari didn’t say anything but returned to sucking my cock even more enthusiastically. It quickly dawned on me what she wanted and I began to let myself go to cumming in her mouth. I gently took her head in my hands and began to pump my cock into her mouth in rhythm to her sucking. “Oh Shari, oh Shari…” I murmured as I felt my orgasm welling up inside my cock. With a great shout my cum burst out in several huge spurts. Shari sucked and swallowed furiously to keep up with it. She never let go of my cock as I pumped her mouth full of cum. Finally, when I collapsed back onto the bed she let my cock pop from her mouth only to lick up and down the shaft and take the head back into her mouth as I lay helpless. It was my turn to say, “holy fuck!!”

We talked about it later when I asked her why she let me cum in her mouth. She told me it was pretty much a one time thing, that she was so hot and carried away in the moment that she wanted to do it and she though I deserved something extra special for making her cum like that. It was still something she didn’t like doing very much though, so I knew it wouldn’t happen very often. Still, I expressed my appreciation!

The next day’s travel went fine. We did a little flirting, but I think both of us were still recovering from the night before. We arrived back at her place and unpacked. I poured us each a glass of wine and then went to find her. Shari had finished unpacking and was now taking a post-trip shower. We sipped a little wine and kissed. Shari suggested I should clean up too. I joined her in the shower and we soaped and rinsed each other thoroughly. I paid very careful attention to her ass, gently washing it, making sure her little pucker was squeaky clean. I took her in my arms and kissed her as we stood beneath the spray. My hands sought out her ass and I squeezed firmly. My fingers drifted into her crack and I gently rubbed her asshole. I looked down into her eyes, “You gonna let me put my cock in there?” I whispered. She looked deeply into my eyes and nodded, “uh huh.” My cock throbbed between us.

She stepped out of the shower and told me to finish washing up. I got out to find her in the jacuzzi with candles lit all around. I settled in beside her and we sipped our wine, softly kissed, cuddled and stroked. She urged me to sit up on the side of the tub and crawled between my legs. She stroked my cock and looked at it longingly, then whispered “Oooh, you brought the big dick tonight!” I started to say it was no wonder given the anticipation, but my thoughts were cut short as she took my cock deep in her mouth. As she sucked my cock, she angled her ass so that she caught one of the jets on her pussy. She moaned and writhed against the pulsing water as she worked my cock with her mouth. Suddenly, she spasmed and moaned deeply on my cock and I knew she had had a mini-orgasm. Shari let my cock plop from her mouth and got out of the jacuzzi. We dried off and finished our wine, then she led me to the bed by my cock.

I lay her back on the bed and gently kissed seks filmi izle my way down her body, paying special attention to her oh so sensitive nipples. Soon I was between her splayed thighs licking up and down her slit until her lips parted and I wriggled my tongue inside her. She sighed softly as I ate pussy to my heart’s content. Her juices were flowing copiously by this point. I sucked them up and drove my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and then slid a finger deep inside while I worried her clit with my tongue.

When I felt that her pussy was good and warmed up, I reached over to the nightstand and found a bottle of lube. (While I had been unpacking the car, she had been setting out the necessary equipment!) Shari watched me as I lubed up my fingers. I teased her pussy first sliding a couple of fingers inside and watching her eyes roll back into her head. Then I pushed her legs up a little to give me access to her secret hole. Shari moaned as I traced the puckered opening with a lubed finger. We both moaned as I slid my first finger deep inside her ass. Oh my! It was sooo fucking hot and tight. I felt her anal ring spasming around my finger and my cock throbbed at what it would feel like when my dick was inside her. I gently stroked my finger in and out of her asshole, marveling at the erotic sight. Then I went back to sucking on her clit while I waited for her asshole to blossom open.

I asked her if she was ok and she mumbled an assent. I sucked harder on her clit while I eased my middle finger up her ass alongside the first. Shari hissed and then I felt her asshole open up and both fingers slid inside. “That’s it baby,” I cooed, “relax and enjoy.” I left my fingers deep inside her ass and gently kissed and licked all over her pussy. Soon I felt the muscles of her asshole begin to relax and I could feel the strong pulse of her heartbeat throbbing around my fingers. I began to explore, thrusting my fingers deeper inside and slowly withdrawing. Repeating the procedure and watching her cute, little asshole dilate and receive me. I felt her asshole open even more so I applied more lube to my fingers and eased a third finger inside her hole. Shari moaned but her stretched sphincter didn’t tighten up again. She reached down to hold her legs open, giving me full access to her ass while she lay back panting on the pillows. I fucked my fingers slowly in and out of her ass, sucking hard on her clit. I felt her asshole twitch in rhythm to my tongue on her clit. “Oh baby,” she whispered, “I think I’m as open as I’m gonna get.”

I slid my fingers out of her ass and moved to lay next to her. “Get my cock ready for your ass,” I told her. She knelt beside me and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. (I must say here that it has been my experience that women suck cock differently when they are going to take it in the ass. It is hot and wet and relaxed; slow with lots of tongue and not a lot of suction. Shari proved no different, worshipping my cock with her mouth before I took her ass.) Then she sat up and put a condom on me. “Hygiene,” she softly spoke. Then she lubed up my cock and lay back down as she was before.

I knelt between her spread thighs and rubbed her pussy. I slid two lubed fingers into her pussy and stroked her g-spot until I felt her relax, then I slid a finger into her ass to make sure we had plenty of lube there. I rubbed my cock over her pussy as we stared into each others eyes. I slowly sank my cock into her overheated, relaxed pussy and we moaned together. I fucked her gently for a few minutes and bent down to kiss her deeply. She sucked hard on my tongue. I pulled back and disengaged my cock from her sweet pussy. “Ready?” I whispered. She nodded. I pushed her legs back exposing her now lubed asshole. It was shiny and red from the play earlier. I lined up my cockhead with the puckered opening. I could feel it twitch through the condom. “Relax, baby, let me in,” I said. She nodded and closed her eyes. I pushed gently and the head of my cock started to push into her ass. She gasped and it slipped out and plunged back into her pussy. We enjoyed that feeling for a minute and then tried again but my cock again slipped up into her pussy.

“Hold your legs open for me baby,” I said and she reached down and pulled herself open for me, offering me her ass. Now I was able to hold my cock steady as I directed it against her hole one more time. This time we both gasped as the head started inside. I held still and sure enough Shari was able to start to relax and my cock moved further inside her ass. Shari looked up at me, eyes wide, panting and I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her ass. Incoherent sounds were coming out of her mouth as I held still and waited for her ass to open like it did for my fingers. I told her to take deep breaths and after three or four I started to gently thrust in her ass. Her eyes closed and she moaned deep in her throat. I took that as my cue and slid my cock the rest of the way home, balls deep in her ass. I felt her sphincter squeezing the base of my cock. It was soo damn amazingly tight and hot in her asshole. I bent down to kiss her. Then, forehead to forehead, I whispered, “oh baby, I’m in your ass. You gave my your asshole. It feels so damned good! You okay?”

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Selena 2.5: More

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Because it was mistakenly left out of Part 1, a more detailed description of the heroine: Selena- Caucasian, English-Irish. Five foot three and in the neighborhood of 125 pounds. Jet black hair (straight, worn well past shoulders) and pale blue eyes. Lightly pronounced cheekbones, thin nose, somewhat weak chin, flawless white teeth and sleek, thin lips. Just under her eyes are some light freckles that are only noticeable up close and/or without makeup.

Even at forty years of age, her breasts stand up well on their own although they are softer and more pliable than they appear. Roughly the size of large oranges, they are capped by pinkish-brown nipples that swell to the size of a pencil eraser, framed by modest sized areolas.

She does have a visible but not glaring paunch which is an after effect of having all three of her children by C-section. Her pussy is almost virginal in appearance highlighted by flawless and symmetrical labia just slightly darker than a pink rose and a smallish but highly sensitive clitoris. Her legs are supple, slightly toned from recent jogging in an effort to tighten herself up.

We will explore Selena’s most celebrated feature, her fantastic ass, down the road but first there are residents of Myrtle Beach lining up to explore it first…

After a long and much needed piping hot shower, Selena slept like a rock until late in the afternoon following her amazing morning with the three lifeguards. She had been eaten out once, given two blowjobs- swallowing both times, her pussy had been screwed four times and she’d been fucked up the ass another three.

It was her first time with multiple partners and along the way she was the center of her first DP: hosting cocks in her slippery cunt and suffocating asshole at the same time. She had orgasmed so many times that she had lost count, been left drained, like she had run a marathon.

When she woke up, the thing that she noticed was that for the first time after one of her extramarital affairs there was no guilt! She had been gangbanged, three complete strangers roughly half her age had stuffed their dicks into every orifice on her body and she had zero regrets.

It was a milestone for the lovely, middle-aged mother of three who still had seven and a half days in Myrtle Beach to do as she pleased. She was still much too reserved to indulge in, say, her beach fantasy- lie naked while men lined up to fuck her- but obviously she could accept any proposals that appealed to her without feeling bad later on.

Selena was sitting in the recliner, still just wearing the robe from her shower and looking through delivery menus when Hannah returned. Hearing the door unlock had made the brunette look at the time out of curiosity; it was 4:15 pm.

“Where have you been, young lady?” asked Selena, feigning outrage.

“I’ve been doing what we agreed to do…getting laid. I know you left the club way before I did, please tell me that you haven’t been here the whole time, prude,” was Hannah’s response.

“No, I met some guys. I came back early last night but I met some guys today.”

“Did you have sex with any of these…guys?”

“Maybe,” Selena responded coyly. As close as they were, she wasn’t the type to freely discuss her sex life; in fact Hannah only knew about two of the five men (before this morning) she’d been with in the last year. Besides her friends exploits were usually much more exciting, if deranged, and she loved to share.

“Yeah, sure. Maybe. Well, I’m up to four and that is not including the ones who just kept me hydrated,” Hannah bragged. The hydration comment was just one of the many colorful ways the self-admitted whore used as code for giving head. She gave blowjobs as casually as having a drink in a bar and often said: ‘It’s barely sex. Suck, spit, walk away.’ She continued “Well, I told you about the bouncers (an oral-vaginal double team in the bar managers office). Then I had a guy in the parking lot (which Selena had accidentally stumbled on) and I spent the night with this dude from Canada- hung like a horse, I kid you not.

Last but not least, I just got back from a condo down the block. Me and him…I think his name is Paul, well, we got to talking when I got home and I was over there for a couple hours. He wanted to get in my ass. I shoulda told him to come see you, ” she laughed, “maybe tomorrow. He won’t be any good to you today, I took every drop he had.”

Selena listened to her friends latest brazen escapades with resigned interest and never once considered trumping her with the gangbang she had been a part of that morning.

“You really need to take advantage of this, Selena,” Hannah went on, “No one will ever know what you do down here and you’ll never see any one you’re with. What’s the harm of giving some to a man who you’re attracted to? You’ll feel good for a few minutes, hopefully more and then life will move on.”

“I am taking advantage.”

“How, by sitting here in your robe?”

“Oh my gosh! Look, erotik film izle I’m not going into detail, but I had sex today, okay?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’ll…I’ll tell you about it later,” said Selena and wanting the subject changed, “Are you hungry? There’s a million places that deliver.”

They looked through the menus together and decided on Italian. About to place the order, Selena was stopped by Hannah, wearing a mischievous grin.

“If the guy who brings it is…let’s say, decent at least, fuck him.”

“Wh-what? Are you serious? You’re twisted, sleep with him yourself.”

“See? That’s what I mean, you have no sense of adventure and you still think sex has to mean something. It doesn’t. It just has to feel good and you move on to the next one.”

“I get that, Hannah but I don’t think that means acting out the opening scene from a bad porno movie is a good idea. I can’t believe you think that I should…or that you would.”

There was a fifteen minute ‘debate’ that followed and Selena’s resolve was slowly broken. She still had no real intentions of going through with it but it was viable as a fantasy. It would probably be some pimply-faced kid anyway, she reasoned.

And if it wasn’t, she was bending towards Hannah’s philosophy. Why not? No one was going to get hurt and the premise itself was actually turning her on. Meeting a stranger and sleeping with him –or them- had always turned out very well, why wouldn’t a pre-arranged rendezvous?

Half an hour later, there was a knock at the door and Hannah gestured towards the door with a wide smile. The brunette rolled her eyes and was surprised to find that her knees were trembling as she went to answer it: ‘get a grip’ she thought to herself. Standing in the hallway was, at first glance, a non-descript man in his mid-twenties with shoulder length brown hair and a moderate build. Then he flashed his crooked smile: perfect teeth, a sparkle in his hazel eyes and his appearance improved dramatically.

Selena immediately pictured him between her legs, the two tightly entwined and grinding furiously, their bodies drenched in sweat. In the real world he was talking to her and snapped back to reality, her mouth suddenly parched leaving her momentarily mute, she smiled weakly and waved him inside. Walking behind him, she glanced at Hannah and widening her eyes, she mouthed: ‘WOW’ and her friend covered her mouth to hold back sudden laughter as he placed the stapled paper sack on the coffee table.

While the brunette stood impishly pressing the toes of one foot against the other, her arms folded behind her back, Hannah engaged the delivery man in conversation. His name was Trent, he was 26 and he was going to school in South Carolina but was from Baltimore. While they bantered, she got up from her chair and made her way over to Selena who was listening but paying her actions little mind. Then she was next to her and everything abruptly went into super slow motion for the married brunette.

“Selena is playing shy but wouldn’t you like to fuck this?” said Hannah.

She saw the auburn-haired tramp reach for the sash on her robe and it seemed like she had an hour to stop her. In her mind, she was stopping her, standing still, stopping her; it was an endless loop. She loosened it and again: stop, don’t, stop, don’t- while making no move at all. She could feel the warmth in her cheeks as she began to blush, more as she watched Trent lick his lips and then cool air as her lone garment was thrown open and almost in the same motion tossed from her shoulders. There was a last, weak ‘cover yourself’ in her conscience and then she unfolded her arms and let the robe fall to the floor.

“Holy shit,” whispered Trent, his eyes dancing up and down Selena’s alluring figure as he leered at her hungrily.

She didn’t remember taking that first step or even the next one but suddenly she had closed the distance and was standing inches from him. He reached for her tits and rolled each already-erect nipple between index and middle fingers before cupping the silky flesh. Sighing, her eyes heavy-lidded she almost unconsciously extended her fingers and started working at the button on his khaki’s just as he leaned down and kissed her. Uncharacteristically forceful, she bit at his tongue and tore at his zipper.

Ten seconds later, she was boldly shoving him towards the couch and he gladly took a seat as she knelt before him, tossing his shoes and then whisking his pants and underwear off. She immediately reached for his cock, grasping the hilt firmly as she pressed her widely parted lips to the side of his glans, extended her tongue and flattened it before sliding downwards to her hand. She then moved upwards at an angle and then down again until his dick was shiny with saliva.

The brunette then swirled her tongue around the head several times slowly before taking him into her mouth little by little, pursing her lips tightly. She sucked so very hard that her cheeks visibly film izle collapsed and as soon as her mouth tapped against her knuckles, she eased her head back until just the crown remained between her lips and then bobbed forward again.

After just three minutes he lifted his hips involuntarily, groaned and tensed up. His cock pulsing against her tongue, Selena pulled back again, only the top half of his glans remaining in her mouth as he began spurting thick wads of jism. He came so hard and so fast that it was pooling at the edge of her throat before she could even swallow, which she did multiple times.

Sitting back and wiping her mouth, she grinned playfully and then turned to look at Hannah, her eyes going wide instantly. She was slumped in the recliner with eyes closed and one hand down the front of her unzipped jeans moving up and down in a blur. The brunette watched her masturbate with fascination for a few moments, just long enough to see the woman arch her back and bite her bottom lip as she obviously climaxed.

The scene was even more surreal ten minutes later. After virtually goading Trent into eating out the naked home maker, she was lying spread eagled on the couch while the delivery man noisily slurped away at her honey-sweet pussy. Then as Selena purred with contentment, Hannah lightly grazed one of her nipples with her fingers seconds before sucking it into her mouth. Repulsed somewhere in the back of her mind, she was approaching orgasm and the additional stimuli was more than welcome at that very moment. She reached her apex a few minutes later and by the time it wound down, the pseudo-redhead was standing.

And even more obnoxious than usual.

“Nice work, champ. You CAN get it up again, right? Young guy like you?” she probed while he nodded vigorously, “Good. You wouldn’t know this from talking to her but Selena loves anal sex, you into that?” He flashed that devilish smile and said “Sure!” while Selena shook her head in disbelief and stared at the ceiling.Looking angrily towards where Hannah last was, she was gone, returning seconds later with a large tube of k-y jelly.

“Bought this for you back home and forgot about it. Enjoy!”

For a multitude of reasons, Trent (mainly so he wouldn’t blow this amazing opportunity) and Selena (because she was submissive by nature) were essentially acting out roles in a play for the dominant personality, Hannah. She was dictating the actions of the two new lovers and that bizarre dynamic went a step further as the brunette was making the necessary preparations to have the giddy twenty-something penetrate her stifling behind. She was now smearing the lubricant copiously over his fresh erection while they had moved to the plush carpet from the couch as directed.

Her eyelids fluttering with primal lust, Selena nodded as Trent asked if she was ready and she turned to get on her elbows and knees when the ‘master’ interrupted.

“Hey, can you do it on your side…so I can see, too.”

Willing to stand on her head at this point so long as she was getting her backside plunged, the brunette laid on her ribs facing her deviant companion while Trent shuffled behind her. Centering the glans against her small brown asshole, he eased his hips forward and watched as the puckered circle slowly spread open, the wrinkles disappearing as the rubbery orifice stretched.

Hannah was watching also, crawling over and getting so close that Selena could feel her breath, unseeing, her eyes closed as she once again indulged in her guilty perversion.

With surprising restraint given the serendipitous opportunity, he continued to drive his member inside her glorious behind with painstaking deliberation. She sighed audibly as the head popped past her sphincter and barely perceptible, the pace of his intrusion increased as the shaft slid into her slick, suffocating bowels. She worked her hips gently in reverse to get the impaling that she yearned for so desperately just a bit quicker and then sighed again, louder as his dick finally bottomed out in her constricting asshole.

“How does it feel, Leena?” whispered Hannah.

“It’s good…fuck! It’s so good,” she responded huskily.

Hannah stared mesmerized at the older woman’s private parts: her rectum stretched wide with stiff cock protruding obscenely and her outer labia puffy and engorged with passion. She began to salivate and licked her lips as Trent retracted from her behind, Selena easing forward pushing her cunt a few inches closer to her face. The fragrant aroma of her friends pussy was intoxicating and the self-proclaimed whore knew that she was going to have to taste her soon. The brief suckling at her milky tits had been the test run but this was the grand prize, all of her not-so-subtle orchestration had been designed with this in mind.

She watched a few more thrusts forward and reverse withdrawals, escalating in force and speed and then she simply couldn’t take it anymore. Laying down quickly, she pried at her upper lying thigh seks filmi izle to get better access and without pause stabbed her tongue deep into Selena’s sopping wet snatch.

The brunette gasped in obvious delight even as she made a weak effort to push Hannah away. Within seconds she pulling her face closer to her crotch, now just rolling her shapely behind as Trent began to fuck her up the ass ever faster. The younger female then flattened her tongue and dragged the back of it to the bottom of her glistening slit before lapping deeply and upwards and flicking it rapidly at her clitoris.

The women had met twenty-two years ago when eighteen-year-old Selena was hired to babysit ten-year-old Hannah. Even then the younger girl was bolder than her elder and the relationship morphed completely from guardian-child to peers and friends by the time Hannah herself was eighteen.

Now fourteen years after that change in roles the babysitter was getting eaten out ravenously while a man she didn’t know existed half an hour before was fucking her in the ass. As a result, for the second time that day, the brunette was treated to the awesome pleasure of having her sweet wet pussy and tight hot ass attended to simultaneously.

She orgasmed with Hannah’s lips tugging on her throbbing clit roughly five minutes after her tongue had first shocked her tender labia and then she did actually push her away. In his mind, Trent was forced to go through the list of songs on his iPod in an effort to keep from coming as Selena’s sphincter clamped and pulsed on his cock. As her climax wound down he began to hammer into her again with her gradually responding until he ejaculated, shooting long strands of thick, warm semen into her stifling rectum.

Half an hour later the young man was gone, his balls temporarily emptied and suddenly remembering that he was supposed to be working.

The brunette had wordlessly gone to take a shower, her thoughts in warp drive as she tried to come to terms with what had just taken place. Not the type to confront or stir up controversy, she knew that this was something that had to be discussed; it could not be swept under the rug. Hannah had put her tongue inside her and gone down on her! She finally decided on a direct approach and after toweling dry and replacing the robe, she returned to the living room.

“What was that all about?” She asked softly.

“Me eating you out? Tell me you didn’t like it,” Hannah responded defiantly.


“But nothing. You’re my best friend and it made you feel good. It made me feel good and… you taste simply incredible by the way… Anyway, this goes back to what we were talking about before: it’s just sex. You’re not a lesbian, I’m not a lesbian… deal with it, it happened, we both enjoyed it and now we move on. What you want to do tonight? “

Selena had dozens of questions left, of course but Hannah was so matter of fact that it seemed obvious to let it drop. After a long pause she responded to her friends last query.

“I’ve had a pretty busy day, I think I’ll just hang out here, maybe rent some movies.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, this might be the only chance you ever have to get a week to yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to rest when you get back home.”

“You can say whatever you want,” the brunette laughed, “I’m not going out tonight.”

Two hours later…

“Hi, my name’s Gary and I have a question for you ladies,” he said, leaning on their table. Both women’s gaze were immediately drawn to his thick, muscular arms.

Selena shrugged while Hannah smirked and offered: “Go ahead, ask away.”

“Well I was wondering if you have mirrors in your pants because I can see myself in ’em.”

The brunette chuckled, blushing while her friend continued to smile and rolled her eyes. Gesturing with her hand, she said “Meet Selena, she wants to dance. Take her.”

“Sounds good, shall we?” he said, reaching for the gorgeous housewife who slid from her chair after an obvious pause. She was in that haze between buzzed and hammered and after having sex with four men already that day, she wasn’t at all interested in more. She wrestled with declining her friends offer to essentially pimp her out -again- but then decided she could just have one dance. Besides, Gary was not only well built, but good looking and maybe she could line something up for tomorrow. She took his hand and they headed to the dance floor.

“Gary,” called Hannah, beckoning with her finger. Well out of Selena’s audio range, she stood and whispered in his ear, “She loves it in the ass. Just so you know.”

Feeling the brawny body pressed tightly against hers as they slow danced aroused Selena immediately and she was surprised, especially given what she had experienced that day, that her apparently insatiable pussy was getting damp. Without her offering the slightest resistance, he in rapid succession nibbled on her ear, wriggled his tongue in between her parted lips and groped her firm tits. Less than ten minutes after meeting him, he was testing Hannah’s advice and one of his hands was snaking down the back of her loose-fit jeans, underneath her panties and cupping one of her silky smooth ass cheeks.

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Sammie’s Back

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“Hey…” I paused. Was I asleep or drunker than I thought? I was neither. I was awake and just drunk enough not to care about heart ache.

“Hey back.” She was coy and nearly transparent with her intent.

Sammie was the last person I had planned to see that night. I had just come out of a horrible break up and was set to drink myself to sleep. I really had no plans of anything other than rest and solitude. Sammie apparently had other plans.

“What are you doing here?” I was puzzled by her presence. I should have been excited, and I eventually got there. However, I waited for an answer.

“I missed you.” Her words were tender, but she spoke through a devilish grin.

Sammie was… she was the one that chipped away just enough ice to warm my heart, but I had to move away for a bit and she simply moved on. A couple of years later, she had married and I was nothing more than a memory.

When she and I were together, I developed the habit of leaving my front door unlocked for her to come and go as she pleased. She was bold in her assumption that I never broke the habit, and even bolder in her assumption that she would be welcome. She walked in as though she had never missed a step.

She walked in and stood, only for a moment, in the entry way. She stood as though she wanted me to notice every inch of her. Sammie, ever the feminine goddess, wore high heels despite her jeans. The denim of her jeans hugged her thin, muscular calves well into her lean thighs. There was the slightest gape of shape and light that seeped from exactly where I wanted to be. Her hips rested high and canted in the low cut jeans and led my eyes to her barely exposed stomach. She wore a tight sweater that gripped at her waist line, but held even tighter to her beautiful breasts. She dropped her large bag from her right hand as she pushed her amber hair back with her left. She was gorgeous and waiting.

She waited as though she was not in complete control. She waited for my invitation.

I leaned back on the bed that sat toward the middle of my studio apartment. I rested back on my elbows with my legs bent over the edge of the bed. “Come here.” I tried to sound suave, but felt as though I was begging. Her grin widened a bit as she sauntered toward me. She couldn’t even walk without a sexual aura about her.

As she reached the edge of the bed, she paused and stood between my open knees. I looked up her and could only return her grin. Her arms rested at her sides and she waited patiently for me to sit up and wrap my arms around her. I pulled her down on top of me and embraced her in the most passionate kiss that I had ever rendered. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the absolute desire to be inside her, or maybe it was a combination of both, but I couldn’t hold back.

I immediately began to tug at her clothing. My hands quickly found the bottom of her sweater and just as quickly had it over her head. With her sweater removed, she placed her palms flat to the bed and pushed away just enough for me to get an eye full of her wonderful breasts. They heaved and nearly fell free from her bra as I tugged at it as well. Within a matter of seconds, she and I were laying bare chest to bare chest in a loving exchange of lip and tongue. She was gorgeous. She felt gorgeous against me.

I rolled on top of her to have her hands meet the button of my jeans. She pulled the waist line apart and ripped the zipper from top to bottom exposing my rock hard cock for lack of underwear. She quickly wrapped her slim, smooth fingers around my shaft and moaned a throaty, “MMMM.”

I felt as though I would come far too early if her soft hand was to continue stroking my hard on, so I slid away from her hand and down her body. I stopped at her breasts. Her nipples were dark pink and in direct contrast to her light skin. They were hard from the briskness of the air in the room and they grew even harder as I licked and teased them.

Having hardened her nipples to my satisfaction, I began to kiss my way down her flat stomach. I kneaded her nipples lightly between the tips of my index fingers and thumbs. I rubbed them gently and loved the exchange from the roughness of my hands to the softness of her tits.

I did all that I could to take my time as I kissed my way to the top of her jeans. I may have rushed in the excitement, but I quickly undid her pants and pulled them from her body. I paused only in time to look at the shape and velvet-like softness of her panties. It was at that moment that I knew that I was not a sudden whim within her evening plans. She knew that her panties turned me on and she wore them for me. A tiny, black, lace triangle covered her center and was only held in place by the two strings of black that ran over her hips to meet the one that ran the course of her ass.

I leaned down and reached my arms underneath her legs to grab the erotik film izle outer measures of her g-string. My face hovered just over her pussy and I could smell her wetness. I looked at her with a grin, then down to her middle to render her a kiss through her soaked panties. With that kiss, I slid the strings over her hips, down her wonderful legs and to the floor. In a natural, single motion, I returned to her. I allowed my lips to start at the inside of her left ankle and followed the trail that led back to her pussy.

I kissed my way from her calf to the inside of her thigh. I knew how to tickle her just enough to really get her going. I very lightly applied only the tip of my tongue to her left inner thigh and I moved upward and inward in a single motion. Her upper leg twitched and she let a slight whimper as my mouth found her pussy.

I flicked the hood of her clit with my tongue just before licking the full length of her pink center. Her smell was intoxicating and her taste was addictive. I pressed my mouth to her completely and offered the full girth of my tongue to her hole. I did all that I could to make her come and she did. Her thighs pressed tightly to the sides of my head and her hands gripped to the roots of my hair until my scalp ached.

Sammie was a gracious woman and certainly was not selfish. She pulled me by my hair until I was even with her once more. She pulled me in for a long and lasting kiss. My cock grew even harder at the thought of her cleaning her juices from my mouth with her tongue. It was a raunchy thought, but it was enough to make me feel that sudden leak of precum fall from my cock and onto her stomach.

“Roll over.” She was back. She was in charge and she was ready to let me know it. As soon as I landed on my back, she was at my waist. She jerked and tugged my jeans until she was able to free my lower body from their restraint. I lay beneath her ready to cum.

She chuckled, “I almost forgot,” as she attempted to wrap her small hand completely around my cock. She had mentioned in passing, long before, that I was bigger than her husband. She knew just how to stroke my ego and my sexual center. Her hand ran the length of my shaft several times before a second, tiny stream of precum showed. Returning the favor, she flicked the tip of my hard on with her tongue. She looked up at me with that devilish grin then returned her mouth to my member. Her lips were soft and wet as her mouth eased down onto my cock. I expected her to stop half way down and begin to stroke with her mouth, but she kept going until the head of my dick rested in the back of her throat. She had never done that before and I have to admit that I was impressed.

It wasn’t but a second before she was hungrily slurping on my erect cock. Then she started to run the tip of one of her fingers down the crease of my sack and just between my unit and my ass. It tickled in a delightful way and it was just enough distraction to keep me from cumming in her mouth.

My eyes were closed tightly to the sensation, but that did not preclude me from following instinct. I reached down with both of my hands and allowed them to find the back of Sammie’s head. I held her by the hair and kept her mouth in place. I began to virtually fuck her mouth. Every few strokes, I slowly attempted to push my cock in to the hilt. I could hear and feel her gag a little and it made me feel powerful; as though I was back in charge.

Sammie, however, had something else in mind. She must have been playing with her wonderfully wet pussy while sucking me off because the tip of her finger glided into my ass with relative ease. I was a bit startled by the penetration, but her goal was reached. I stopped fucking her face and simply let her work her magic. Within a few more seconds, she had me at the edge of blowing my load. She must have felt that sudden twitch just before an orgasm and she stopped.

She pulled her mouth away from my cock as a single strand of saliva still connected us in the intimacy of that very moment. I wanted so badly to cum, but I wanted even more so for it to be in one of her holes. “I want to fuck you in the shower.” She was still breathy for the oral fucking she had just given, but it made her even sexier.

“The shower?” I questioned. She had never wanted that before, but years change a person and her fantasies. I had no problem with fucking her in the shower or anywhere else for that matter, so I agreed.

She stood up from her hovering position and reached her hands out to me. I took them and stood up from the bed. My cock jutted out from my body and met her just above her pussy. I grabbed her around her waist and lifted her onto me. Her legs wrapped around me, even with my buttocks, and finally gave the head of my dick access to her pussy. She lowered herself down just enough for her opening to swallow the tip, and only the tip. film izle I tried to push upward, but she moved away. I tried to pull her down, but she resisted with a squeeze of her thighs. “Fucking tease,” I protested, but to no avail.

“In the shower,” she nearly commanded as she leapt free from my grasp. I smiled at her as she pointed toward the bathroom. She was adamant about this shower thing, so I complied. I began to walk away, but realized that she was not coming with me right away. “Aren’t you coming?” I was puzzled once more by her strange behavior. “No. I’m going to let you get it warm first,” she explained matter-of-factly.

Once more, she was in charge. I walked, naked and alone, to the shower. My cock bounced from left to right with each step until I reached the nozzle and turned it on. Once the shower was warm, I stepped in. The water was relaxing as the warmth ran through my hair and down my back. In a natural motion, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to the stream of water until I heard the shower curtain open.

“It’s about time,” I said as I wiped water away from my eyes. I wanted to move quickly as to get a glimpse of her full naked body before pinning her to cold tile wall. However, that is not what I saw.

“What do you think?” Sammie’s voice was sweet and coaxing despite her devious behavior. I looked her over and asked, “What the hell is that?” She answered, “What do you think?”

She stood with her arms down to her sides, but she let her fingertips glide up her hips to the leather straps that resembled those of her panties. She tugged lightly upward on them as though she was adjusting a bikini. She seemed as nervous as I had become. “So?” she questioned.

I half laughed and asked, “How is this supposed to work?”

Sammie grinned that evil grin. She had me hooked with curiosity. She reached just outside of the shower curtain to the edge of the sink and returned with a bottle of lube. “Give me your hand,” she commanded softly. I did so and she poured a generous amount of lube into the palm of my hand. She was smooth as she put the bottle aside and grabbed my hand with both her hers. She guided my hand to the rubber cock poking out from her leather, panty-like straps. Her hands grasped around mine until my hand was wrapped around her strap on dick. She guided my hand up and down slowly as to teach me how to jack off. Then she leaned in and kissed me deeply. I trembled.

I’m not sure how long I rubbed her cock, but I found that her hands were no longer with mine. She had moved her hands to my cock as I rubbed hers and we continued to kiss.

Sammie, apparently more ready than me, put her hands to my shoulders and steered me to go around her. I still faced the wall away from the shower head. I felt her turn around to face my back. Her shaft seemingly slapped me across the ass as she turned and I chuckled a small nervous laugh.

“Put your hands on the wall.” I couldn’t tell if she was gritting her teeth or not, but I knew that she was now giving commands. I did as I was told and placed my hands flat to the wall. She had not told me to bend over, but it only seemed like the thing to do if I was to be fucked in the ass with my hands on the wall.

Sammie wasted no time. I felt her hands separate my ass and I nearly jumped at the sudden cold that was the tip of her rubber cock at my hole. She pushed inward to me awkwardly and the tip forced its way into my ass. I gritted and sucked air through my teeth in the universal sign of anguish.

I jumped forward and away from her strap on. “That thing is fucking huge,” I protested. Again, my protest went to no avail. Sammie told me to turn back around and put my hands back on the wall. Reluctantly, I did so. She spread my ass once more and paused when the tip was at my hole again.

“Push back when you are ready.” She may have been in control, but she was at least going to be gentle.

I inhaled deeply then exhaled. I felt myself relax and I eased back. I felt my ass open a little, but I was not ready. I pulled away again, but this time it was slower and I kept light pressure against my rectum. Another inhale and another exhale later and I pushed back again. This time, the head of her rubber member popped into my ass. I nearly jumped away again, but I took another deep breath again. I suddenly felt sorry for every woman I had ever fucked in the ass. It was painful as I stretched open.

Sammie still didn’t move. Her hands stroked up and down my back softly as to relax me further. Her touch was soothing, but only a second more of having a rubber cock in my ass would help me stop clenching. I took another deep breath and slowly slid my ass all the way down the shaft.

I could feel it deep within me and I felt as though I was ready for whatever Sammie had to offer. “Are you okay?” she questioned. I didn’t answer with anything more than seks filmi izle a nod of my head. My hands were still pressed hard to the wall. Suddenly, I felt Sammie’s hands grab my hips. I wasn’t quite sure if she knew what she was doing, but she had the first step down. Then I felt the fronts of her breasts touch my back. She leaned over me and whispered, “Do you remember the time you fucked me in the ass?”

With that, she stood back up. Her hands were still fixed to my hips and she pulled back as she thrust her hips forward. Before that, I thought that I had the full length of her dildo in my ass. She somehow managed to find more to give as her hips pushed into my ass cheeks.

I felt the cock withdraw from my ass until the lip of the head stopped it from coming out all the way. Sammie slid the length of her toy back into me. Her second pump was better than the difficult and painful first. In fact, it felt magnificent. She withdrew again; then thrust forward again. I don’t know if she had ever done this before, but she was fucking me like I had fucked her so many times. She pulled out and delivered in long strokes that nearly buckled my knees each time. She was firm, but loving.

Before I knew it, I was pushing my ass back to meet her thrusts forward. It was as if I was begging her with my ass. I pushed back to pull her in deeper as her hips slammed into my ass cheeks over and over again. Then, she made sure that she had control. She pushed forward and moved to fuck me deeper. I could feel my legs giving out and my arms finally collapsed. It may have only been a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity as my forehead fell to my lower arms. I was only braced by the sturdiness of the shower wall and Sammie’s grasps on my hips. She fucked me hard and deep until I was pinned to the wall in the same fashion that I had planned for her.

Then, there was a strange sensation. I felt Sammie twitch in a completely different rhythm. She broke her stride as she came. I wished that I had given her the orgasm rather than the constant rubbing and bumping of her clit against the dildo that was in my ass, but I loved that she came.

The thought of Sammie “cumming in my ass” made me even harder. My cock ached to cum, so I reached down with my left hand to stroke it. Sammie apparently didn’t like that all too much, so she smacked my hand away. “Put your hand on the fucking wall.” She was brash and even sexier than before. I folded my left arm across my right and rested my head against them on the wall.

Sammie pumped harder and faster than she had before her orgasm. This was clearly her revenge fuck for the time that I had shoved my cock into her ass.

“Please…” I muttered.

“What?” she questioned through gritted teeth.

“Please let me cum.”

She didn’t say a word. She simply slowed her pace to long and hard strokes against my hole. She was sure to slap her hips against my ass with every push. She was in so deep that I felt that I might pass out if I didn’t come soon.

Just then, I felt her hand wrap around my rock hard cock. She began to rub up and down with the same rhythm that kept her going in and out of my ass.

“Ahhhh!” was the only phrase I could muster. I had never had a screaming orgasm before, but the gobs of cum that fell from my cock were too much to handle silently. Thick wads of cum poured out of me as I came and kept cumming. It was almost painful to have my asshole clenching tightly to the shaft that was still pumping in and out of me.

My breath returned to me just in time for me to beg her to stop. Stop jacking my cock. Stop fucking my ass. Stop making me cum. My heart pounded and my loins throbbed. My dick was still hard, but was done. My ass did nothing to hold the large dildo as Sammie pulled it free from my anal grip. I was completely spent.

Sammie got out of the shower and I heard the sink turn on. I could only assume that she was washing up. I, however, was still unable to move from my “just been fucked” position. My head still rested against my forearms. I was still bent at the waist and perched against the wall.

I heard the sink turn off and I was finally able to stand. I felt my hole clenching and relaxing at the absence of the dildo. I felt as though I wanted more, but knew that I could not handle it.

I exited the shower, dried off, and returned to the bed where Sammie lay waiting.

“Did you like that,” she questioned as if she had not just given me the biggest orgasm I had ever endured. I simply laughed. “How does your ass feel?”

“Open.” It was the only thing I could think to say, but she chuckled like she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I lay down next to her and embraced her in a kiss. I pressed my naked body, along with my softening cock against her. I wanted so badly to stay awake and to hold onto her for awhile longer, but drifted asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and Sammie was gone. She left no note, no message, no tender word. She just left a strap on dildo and harness on one foot post of my bed, and a pair of black, lace g-string panties on the other.

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Right Up Her Alley

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“You ready to stick that bad boy back in my tight little ass?” Ashley sneered, turning her heads toward me, looking back, as I crawled and knelt obediently behind her outstretched rear end.

“You bet I am!” I exclaimed, eagerly positioning myself, ready to target and plunge my readied spear into her open exhaust shaft.

I couldn’t believe I was in the position, literally speaking, immediately behind her California grade juicy ripe piece. Only a few hours prior, I had finally met Ashley, the anal goddess.


“Hey there,” she said, stopping short with her black Labrador.

“Hi,” I muttered, pausing, trying to keep my dog from lunging towards hers.

“Are you new to the area?” her eyes batted. Her voice was raspy like that of Kim Carnes or Bonnie Tyler. Such a sexy voice drove me absolutely crazy with interest.

“Nope. I’ve lived here for about two years or so,” I smiled.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“I’ve seen you,” I responded, giving her a once over, “You’re not someone I’d soon forget,” I flirted.

“You’re far too kind…wait a minute…I have seen you before!” Her eyes widening in recognition, “Hey, you’re kind of cute. Well, let me properly introduce myself. I’m Ashley Bellano.”

“Nice to meet you, Ashley, I’m Robert Larson,” I blushed, “Yes, you’ve seen me before. I’m the one who waves at you when checking the mail.”

“Oh, that’s you?!” she laughed genuinely.

Ashley appeared to be in her mid-twenties, to early thirties, but I’m such a poor judge of age, that I knew I could be completely off base anyway. Besides, her age didn’t really matter. What was notable was that she had an incredible body with the physical characteristics similar to those of Jennifer Connelly and Sandra Bullock. She had Jennifer’s hair and figure and Sandra’s facial features and skin tone. A slim, tall, slender build, she stood at about six feet tall or so, easily matching my height. Half of her was legs, the other half, nothing but a thin, healthy framed torso with ample breasts. Her neckline was strong, supported by angular firm shoulders. Ashley’s square jaw line with high cheek bones and a pretty face to kill produced a dynamic photogenic picture. Her long straight, dark, silky brown hair flowed elegantly to the middle of her back. She looked like an Italian model incognito; walking in gradient sunglasses and sandals, which supported her tall, statuesque figure.

Ashley wore skin tight black Spandex shorts that followed every curve and line of her perfectly formed legs. Her legs were no wider in diameter than six inches, even at her thighs’ widest points. Her top was also skin tight, showing off her supple tanned mid-section, complete with belly button ring and on her elegant lower back, a tattoo of what appeared to be a dragon fly. Gorgeous was not a strong enough word to describe her natural beauty. From the short distance, I did not see much trace of heavy make-up use, but her scent was intoxicating. Somewhere between wild rose and fresh spring greens is how I can best describe her aroma. Pretentious: maybe. Bitchy: perhaps. Classy: no doubt. I didn’t care. She looked incredible to me.

“I’d shake your hand, but I’m afraid our dogs would probably go ballistic.”

“I completely agree,” I smiled.

“Well, how do ya like livin’ here?” She bent over to settle her dog.

“It’s okay, but what I love is the gorgeous view,” I winked, staring at her incredibly tight-looking ass, as she leaned. The Spandex formed to her ass cheeks perfectly as she moved, exposing the elite crevice divide of her rear end. My eyes widened in surprise as she held her pose for a bit, making me hyperventilate in anticipation of her response.

She caught my not-so-subtle remark and moved very slowly as she stood back up and straightened her figure. She turned to face me dead on and paused, resting her free hand on her defined hip. I thought for sure that I was probably in for a verbal altercation. However, little did I know that I was actually in for an unexpected treat. Ashley grabbed hold of one of her tits and cupped it, pulling it up higher towards her chin as she looked over her sunglasses as me.

“Do you really think so?” she frowned.

“Uh, yeah,” I stuttered like an awkward teenager.

“Some guys like my tits and others my legs. What do you like best?”

The world went silent around me, as if I was in a vacuum. I could hear my own heartbeat as well as my labored breathing. Dumbfounded, I could not believe the course of the conversation. ‘Pinch me’ was the only thing I was thinking as I felt my mouth give my response that my ears would have otherwise denied. I took a labored deep breath, as my rushing blood burned my neck and face.

“Definitely, that…ah…fine ass of yours,” I responded nonchalantly.

“Oh, I see. So, you’re an ass man, is that it?” she smiled carelessly.

“You wouldn’t believe,” I exhaled, gratefully.

“I can certainly appreciate that. And, I really like the sound of it too. Hmm…how about you come over to my place erotik film izle for dessert tonight…say around seven?” she smiled, her brilliant white teeth shining like rare pearls on the background of her olive skin and dark hair.

“I’ll be there. Um, what can I bring?”

“Just yourself and your keen interest in my derrière,” Ashley giggled, “I’m in building 34-0-7; unit 2.”

“No problem. I’ll see you then,” turning to try to hide the enlarging bulge in my pants. As I walked away, I looked back to see her smiling brilliantly at me, watching me continue down the sidewalk. She gave me a subtle wave and a wide smile. I smiled back at her and practically skipped home.

When I entered my apartment less than two minutes later, my pulse was racing, my palms were sweaty and I found it difficult to catch my breath. Jittery, I looked up at the clock over the kitchen stove…5:25 PM. Damn–the next hour and a half were going to feel like an eternity. I went into the living room and located a bottle of gin. I marched into the kitchen, grabbed a glass from the cabinet and raced into the freezer for some ice. Pouring erratically, I made myself a gin and tonic and quickly gulped it down. Immediately, I made myself another one and finished that one too. Retiring to the living room, I flopped on the sofa and turned on the TV, to give myself some time for the alcohol to calm my nerves a bit. Shortly thereafter, I felt the familiar buzz of the gin as it moved through my system. My fingers tingled, while the weight of my head lightened. As my breathing returned to somewhat normal, I stood and took a few deep breaths, trying to relax a bit more. I checked the time: 5:40. Well, at least some time had elapsed. I bit my lip, watching the seconds tick by at a snail’s pace.

“Fuck it,” I thought and stammered into the bathroom. Grabbing a handful of Kleenex, I went back to the living room and sat on the couch again. Quickly, I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Feverishly, I yanked my member to full alert and surrounded it with the soft fibers of the soft tissue. Slowly, I brought myself off as I slipped the make-shift pussy around my pulsating dick. Jacking off with the thought of her ass in mind proved to be an easy feat, as my mind’s eye recalled the way she looked in her Spandex shorts. My climax blew a spurting load into the confines of the constricted soft net. At least my jack-off would ease some tension as I breathed, gulping in the air as my orgasm subsided.

I checked the time again…6:15…excellent! Time was moving ahead a bit faster than I had hoped. I wiped off my spent cock and undressed. I figured a long hot shower would be the best. By the time I had finished up and got into a nice pair of jeans and a polo shirt, the time was 6:45…perfect! I finished up by brushing my teeth, shaving and splashing on some aftershave and cologne. Walking eagerly out the door, I said goodbye to my dog, locked up and practically ran over to Ashley’s main security door. Nervously, I rang her unit’s buzzer.

“Hello?” echoed her soft familiar voice over the intercom speaker.


“Yeah?” came her reply.

“Hi, it’s me, Rob.”

“Oh, good!” she responded enthusiastically, “I was hoping it’d be you.”

The door lock buzzed and I grabbed hold quickly, pulling it open and quickly stepping inside. I climbed the stairs, skipping two steps at a time as I rose up to the second floor as fast as I could.

Her door was barely open as I quietly knocked.

“Come on in,” she called.

“You were expecting someone else?” I raised my eyebrow in jest as I looked across the room and almost fainted. She stood across the room dressed in a rain coat that covered her slim figure all the way from her neckline to just below her knee. Her jacket was buttoned up tight against her figure, allowing the formed outline of her body to be seen with ease. Ashley’s hair was pulled up in a bun behind her head and her smile was heart-stopping. I could only imagine what she was wearing (or not wearing) underneath. Her lovely legs were sporting skin tight white stockings. As my eyes trailed down her fine legs to her feet, she had white high heels that added the perfect finishing touch to her mouth-watering appearance.

“Wow!” I smiled, closing the door behind me, “You sure know how to dress for the occasion.”

“You like what you see?” she grinned.

“Of course…you look amazing.”

“Thanks,” she whispered slyly.

She stood at a distance and put her hand up when I started to approach. Before I could ask what this was all about, she explained.

“There are a few things we need to talk about before dessert’s served,” she winked. “First, I have a boyfriend. Now, before you get all freaked out, please know that he’s well aware of my desire to see you…provided that we only fuck anally. So, I’m hoping that you’ll be okay with this, as you noted that you’re an ass man. Right?”

I swallowed hard and nodded in reply, my mind still trying to comprehend what I think I had just heard.

“Oh, I hope you’re film izle not grossed out by this or anything, but I think it only fair to inform you of the stipulations ahead of time. I’m an anal virgin, so you’ll have to be gentle with me. If you can’t or won’t we’ll have to stop before we even begin. I’ve always wanted a cock in my ass, but no one I’ve ever dated has ever been interested. That’s where you come in. When you said you were an ass man, I figured that I’d want you to have my ass cherry. What do ya think?”

“Ah,” I stumbled, “Sounds fantastic!” Hell, this kind of thing happens all of the time, right? I thought. Jesus, man, get it together!

“Good. Now a few more things to disclose; my last bowel movement was early this afternoon. I have not eaten since and I don’t have the urge to go, so I think we should be okay. Also, about an hour ago, I gave myself an enema and then followed up with a shower, so I’m pretty clean. I have some anal lube as well as some dildos to help you work my ass open, so I think we should be set.” She sighed, delightfully. “Well, that’s about it. Do you have anything on your mind?”

“You mean aside from riding your tight ass?” I joked.

She giggled, “Yes, besides the obvious,” her eyes darting to my crotch.

“Your boyfriend…is he around?”

“N-no. You want him here?”

“Hell, no! Err, sorry. What I mean is, no, I’d prefer not.”

“That’s fine,” she giggled, “he’d probably throw up if he saw you slipping it in my bum anyway.”

Shaking my head, “And you say he’s totally fine with this?” still not confident of my luck in the situation.

“Yep, I gave him the option and he was completely against fucking my backdoor. I told him that I would find someone who would then.”

“Wow, that took some tits.”

“Yeah, I guess, but it’s what I want.”

“I see.”

“Anything else?” her eyes batted.

“Yeah, why me…I mean, don’t think that I’m complaining or anything, but why me?”

“Well, like I said earlier, I think you’re cute and now that I know you’re into my ass, I figured why not? Plus, I’ve seen you checking me out in the past and I’ve liked the way you watch me.”

I laughed, “Aha, so you have seen me!”

“Yeah, of course, I have. Don’t underestimate female intuition. Even the dumbest of blondes know when they’re being checked out,” she smiled.

“Ah, uh huh,” I nodded, looking down.

“Oh, don’t get all shy with me, now. Don’t worry; I think you’re hot, the way you look me up and down. It makes me feel like a woman, in a good sort of way.”


“Yeah, don’t sweat it.”

“Cool,” my confidence returning.

“Anything else before we get down to business?” her eyes blinked seductively.

“Do you want me to wear a condom?” I choked as my breathing rate increased.

“How many girls have you been with in total?”


“Did they have any problems, or did you have any issues after being with them?”


“Sounds cool to me. And no, I don’t want you wearing a condom. I can’t stand those things. I want to feel your natural skin, stud,” she smiled, easing the tension further.

“Perfect. How many guys have you been with?”

“Only three and I’ve been with my current boyfriend for about four years now.”

“So I shouldn’t worry about anything either then?”

“No, of course not,” she answered confidently.

“Where do we start?” I gulped.

“Right here, right now. Close your eyes.”

I obeyed her instruction and lowered my head and slowly closed my eyes. I still could hardly believe this fantasy was coming true, right now. I heard the rustle of fabric and the subtle start of soft jazz music. Lastly, I sensed the dimming of the living room lights as I maintained my blinded status and held my eyes closed. Her presence was near as I could smell her intoxicating perfume and heard her soft breathing nearby. As the music continued, I heard her whisper slyly, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Blinking, I raised my head and opened my eyes fully. Ashley was standing in front of me without her jacket. She was smiling brilliantly and my jaw dropped in awe. She looked even more beautiful than I had imagined her. Her hair was down, draped over her square shoulders perfectly. Her skin was a gorgeous bronze color, rich with smooth creaminess. My eyes followed down her neck to her brilliant breasts, held close in place to her chest with a delicate white satin laced bra. It had a deep front cut, exposing the most enviable view of her cleavage. Her dark line split her B-sized firm protrusions precisely. Her nipples were high on her glands and poked eagerly through the sheer fabric of her bra. Ashley’s bust line was no more than 34 inches. She stood with a hand on one hip, a powerful stance that read, “I’m in charge.” The middle of her torso was toned and exactly in form. Likewise, her stomach was flat, yielding to a tight inward belly button, finished with a small gold hoop ring. The circumference of her waist was no more than 29 inches. Her hips were slightly thicker seks filmi izle than her waist line but no wider than her bust line. This gave her elegant figure the ultimate in hourglass shapeliness. As my eyes glazed and moved down her long-lined body, I stopped short at her pelvis. She was wearing no undergarments and her privates were shaved baby skin smooth. Her pussy’s entrance looked taught and her vertical slit seemed to smile at me simultaneously with her facial smile. A tiny garter belt held her stockings sublimely and her white high heels were still on. Her legs were perfect: slim, trim and damn firm. I think you could probably bounce a Quarter off any inch of her; she was so well in shape. And, my God her skin looked so wonderfully tanned and smooth. I couldn’t wait to touch it.

“Let me ask you again,” as she crossed her legs and leaned towards me whispering in her heavenly bedroom voice, “Do you like what you see?”

“I’d be more than a fool not to!”

“Where do you want to fuck? Here or in the bedroom?”

“Here, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, I was hoping you’d want to do me on the couch,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“Babe, I’d fuck you while standing on my head if you wanted,” I breathed, watching her creamy body move before me, taking a few steps closer.

Ashley giggled, “Okay, I’ve shown you mine. Now, let’s see yours,” as she lunged towards me, falling to her knees. I stood over her and watched as she quickly unbuckled my belt and had my jeans down to my ankles in the blink of an eye. Her milk chocolate brown eyes followed from my thickening crotch to my staring eyes. Next, she slowly pulled my boxer shorts down, watching my reaction carefully, as my semi-firm cock flopped out and hung eagerly in front of her.

“He looks a little soft. Let’s see what we can do about that,” as she placed her mouth over the tip of my penis and sucked on the head a bit, pulling it deeper within. Immediately, a thousand tingling sensations raced through my shaft as her smooth wet mouth surrounded my soft flesh. When her tongue massaged the underneath of my dick, I went completely nuts.

“Aw, fuck yeah!”

Ashley looked up at me with interest as my dick was just about fully inserted into her oral hold. She slurped and pulled back as my erect member was released from her soft, firm grasp.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, looking down at my throbbing tool, “You’re the perfect size. I think I’ll be able to handle that monster with some coaxing, no problem.”

She stood to her feet, turned around slowly and pushed her tight rear end out towards me. Ashley’s amazing tattoo of a winged dragon fly beckoned me, artistically framing the top of her tight, firm ass. Her ass cleft yielded two small subtle dimples just below her lower back, to the sides of the dragon fly. Ashley’s spine was flat and had just enough meat on it to not appear bony. Her dark dividing ass line, similar to that of her breast cleavage, smiled delicately at me.

“Nice artwork,” I admired.

“Oh, my dragon fly…thanks…yeah, I’m kinda into them.”

“I wanna be in you,” I admitted.


She turned and looked over her shoulder, smiling wildly at me, winking slowly. Ashley watched as I kicked off my shoes and stepped quickly out of my pants. Her facial reactions drove me crazy as I approached her vulnerable body with strong purpose. Cupping her ass in my palms and pulling it apart slightly, I brushed my hardening dick against her, pushing it in the fold of her ass crack.

“Oooh, that’s a big boy!” Ashley giggled as my hands moved with a mind of their own up her elongated torso, smoothing over the front of her stomach and up to her firm protruding breasts. I kneaded her mammary glands eagerly through the thin covering of her bra and listened delightfully as her breathing rate increased.

“Talk to me,” she sighed as I swirled my fingers around her hardening nipples.

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me what you’re doing; it gets me really hot,” Ashley whispered, as she pulled the back of my head closer to hers.

“Okay,” I responded with uncertainty. Never before had a woman requested this of me. I felt a bit awkward about her request, but I soon felt very confident as her heightened sexual status grew more apparently clear.

After Ashley flipped her hair away from her back, exposing her slender neck, I licked her sumptuous nape. Her skin tasted like honey and smelled of coconuts.

“Ooh, that feels nice!”

“Your nipples are so incredibly hard.”

“Take off my bra and see for yourself,” she sighed as my hands circled her firm, swelling tits.

Maintaining my oral contact with the base of her neck, I maneuvered my hands between her shoulder blades and instinctively unclasped her bra strap. Her tits dropped slightly, but maintained their incredible firmness. I grabbed her loosened brassiere and pulled it from her shoulders and casually dropped it to the floor. Groping now, I held each breast in my hands and pushed them together and pulled them apart as my palms kneaded her rock hard nipples. My continual kneading action and pulling made Ashley sigh deeper as my motions continued. Her desire was building as I progressed, teasing her breasts. When I pulled gently on her nipples, she cried out in pleasure.

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Ready for the Weekend

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NOTE: All characters are over 18 years of age.

TGIF. It’s been a long work week and everyone loves the weekend!

It’s after dinner, I’ve had a shower, I’m in my robe and my hair is nearly dry. While standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window, I feel you behind me. You don’t say anything but I can feel you against me as you slide your right hand inside my robe and cup my left breast. You move my hair from the right side of my neck and I can feel your breath on my ear.

“Go to the bed room, put your hair back, take off your robe, lie on the bed, on your stomach, and don’t speak.”

Then you squeeze my nipple, starting with normal pressure but ending with a hard pinch and I cry out in surprise.

“Shhhhhhhh,” you say and push me gently away from you.

A mix of pain and pleasure wash over me…this will be interesting! I go to the bedroom and it’s obvious you’ve planned for this…there are many candles lighting the room; there’s a different cover over the bed and there’s a stand, with a paddle, nipple clamps and a couple of other things, by the bed. I find a brush and hair band and secure my hair at the nape of my neck, take my robe off and hang it up. My nipples are hard from a mix of being chilly and the excitement of what will come. I have pretty lotion, with a little sparkle to it, and I put it on…you’ll like that! I lie on my tummy on the bed and erotik film izle wait. You make me wait, too, setting the tone that this will go your way. Finally, I hear the door open and you are in the room.

I can feel your eyes on me but I don’t feel your touch. It’s a while before I feel you kneel next to me then I feel you drip something onto my lower back…it must be oil. You finally touch me, working the oil into my lower back and over my ass and you push my legs apart. As I feel your thumbs lightly brush over my ass, I flinch a bit but it feels very good. You don’t stay there long before moving over me and I feel your hand touch my ass. I’m startled and jump a little.

“Hold still,” you say.

You bring your hand down three more times, not hard but hard enough. I can feel my pussy flex as I’m already turned on and we’ve just begun. You go back to my ass, add a little oil and rim it. I feel only your fingertip inside my ass and I, involuntarily, arch up a little.

“Hold still,” you tell me.

You tease my ass, only a bit, then give me a few more swats. You reach under me and play with my nipples, a couple of hard pinches, and return to my ass. You rim my ass again, not inserting more than a fingertip. All of it is antagonizing and nothing satisfying at this point. More swats, firmer this time…my ass must be red. You go back to my ass and I can feel your film izle middle finger slide in fully. I gasp and arch up.

“Sshhhhhhh! Hold still,” you say.

Fuck, I’m in trouble. I’m going to have trouble staying quiet. Now I feel something different…ahhh, it’s the paddle! It feels different…it stings a little. You must know it, too, so you rub my ass a bit after four swats…god, it feels good. You reach under me and pinch my nipples, again…hard! I let out a sharp breath. Four more swats on my ass, harder and a little painful. You rub my cheeks for a second or two and move to my asshole where you slide your middle finger in deep and give it a few strokes, causing me to moan.

“Sshhhhhh,” you say.

I shift a little because my pussy is aching and my clit is hard and throbbing…wanting to be touched, they almost hurt without any contact.

“Hold still,” you say.

You flip me over and put the nipple clamps on me, almost taking my breath away! Ouch. But I like the pain-pleasure mix, so far, so I’m trying to work through it. I’m back on my tummy and I feel your finger inside my ass as you work it in and out. You slide your finger out and I feel more swats causing sensory over load…pain, then pleasure. Your finger is back inside my ass and you’re really working it now. I spread my legs wider and tilt my ass up into your hand…god, it’s good! You stop fingering seks filmi izle my ass, more swats, I can feel my pussy contract and my clit throb. I’m not sure how much more I can take, then your hand slides under me and I feel you lightly brush my clit.

Fuck,” I whisper.

“Sshhhhhhh,” you say.

You pull your hand away as if to wait for me to be quiet. My breathing is ragged but I work to control it. You rub my clit again and I’m careful to be quiet…I don’t want you to stop. I feel you slide your finger back into my ass and I’m gone…it’s so good! As my nipples are being pinched, my ass is stinging from the swats and my pussy is empty and aching, you slide your finger in and out of my ass and then pause to slide in a second finger. I can’t breathe as you reach back under me to rub my clit. You lean down to my ear.

“Cum and you can be loud,” you say.

You fuck my ass and rub my clit as I moan out in pure pleasure. I cum so hard, and so loud, I’m wiped out. You reach under me and slide the clamps off of my nipples. Ouch, they always hurt coming off but I don’t care. You give me a couple of minutes for my breathing to slow and then I feel you pull me up to my knees. You hand me the Hitachi and I sag from the thought of what’s coming. I feel your cock, inside my pussy, giving me hard, long strokes…god, it feels so good! This second cum is always so good after anal…I turn on the wand and press it to my clit. You fuck me so hard from behind that we are both cumming in no time. I can’t open my eyes, or even think, as we collapse onto the bed…wow, this is going to be a great weekend.

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