A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 04

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((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

This is part 4 of 5 of a mini-series so makes most sense if read after the earlier parts!

However, I’ve tried to make the developing, and somewhat forced relationship between David and his boss, Astrid, read stand-alone as well, so I hope that it works for you!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy …

Duke ))

Part 15 – Early Sunday Evening, Astrid’s Place


Sitting at Astrid’s breakfast table and tucking into a really tasty Swedish omelette was leaving me with mixed feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, the food was lovely. She’d done a crisp side salad with a tasty Mediterranean dressing. The wine, a crisp dry Chablis, was also good. In fact it was great. Way beyond anything I’d tried from the cheaper end of restaurant wine lists before. And she’d tried hard to put me at ease with a running commentary on life, work and almost anything else that came to mind as she’d prepared the meal.

And it was natural, I suppose, to feel slightly uneasy given that this beautiful, blonde haired woman was actually my boss in our company Marketing Department. She was head of department, mid thirties, highly professional and obviously on a fast track to senior management. I was, well, somewhat more junior shall we say! Only recently out of uni and still finding my feet as a research analyst, the thought of sharing a meal with the woman I will admit to occasionally fantasizing about would have been unsettling enough, but to be invited to her home as well would normally have been unthinkable.

After all, she was universally known in our workplace as the ‘Ice Maiden’ because of her rather remote management style. Definitely not a person easy to warm to, but always fair I thought, unlike the evil bitch Georgia who was one of her team leaders and obviously an enemy ever since Astrid’s arrival had taken away the promotion she’d thought was so obviously hers! And look what had happened to her earlier today!? Astrid was definitely not one to cross and it served chubby Georgia right I thought viscously. After what she’d done to an hypnotised Astrid and I over the last few days, she deserved every painful moment of the continuous fucking she was currently undergoing!

Not that Astrid seemed much concerned with her subordinates current problems. She appeared to have put all that behind her and was chomping away at her hastily contrived meal quite happily on the opposite side of the table, occasionally glancing up as she talked and smiling. It was a wonderful smile. Her whole face seemed to light up at the same time and her steel grey eyes flickered warmly. I was mesmerised by it. Not hypnotised as before, but just plain mesmerised. Or besotted maybe! She really did need to smile more often!

My gaze, not for the first time, slipped lower. Astrid was wearing a tight black top, over matching, tight black slacks. The thin black belt wrapped tightly around her narrow waist positively dragged anyone’s eyes to her sensuous figure. She may have been a good ten years older than me, but she looked just as fit! Well, most people would probably say more so I reflected sadly, suddenly determined to take up squash again!

And when she’d turned up on my doorstep earlier today, dressed like a seductive, very female James Bond, my heart had jumped a beat or two. Of course that may also have been due to the snub nosed thirty eight revolver that she’d been pointing at my chest at the time too! Boy, was I glad that that little misunderstanding was over and done with!

Of course I knew that, all in all, I should be relaxed and enjoying her unexpectedly pleasant company, but there was a metaphorical elephant in the room. A big one!

Unfortunately, I was finding it really hard to put out of my mind the vision of her naked, spread-eagled body lashed to this very same table as I’d tormented her with an industrial sized vibrator! It was only a couple of days ago after all, and now I’d got my memory of it back, in great detail! I wasn’t sure whether to feel totally ashamed of the act, or of the fact that I was getting uncomfortably aroused just thinking about it!

Astrid didn’t seemed particularly worried though and continued to chat casually as we ate, maybe putting my distraction down to the fact that I was out being wined and down by the boss!

By the time that we’d finished eating though, I was finally starting to relax and to maintain something of a more adult conversation. I had her laughing at a few anecdotes about my personal life, and was suddenly inordinately pleased that such a stylish woman seemed interested in me at all! When she suggested that I take the remains of the wine ‘next door’ and get settled on the sofa whilst she loaded the dishwasher, I didn’t give it a second thought.

Part 16 – Early Sunday Evening, Astrid’s Place – After Dinner


That was until I saw the black escort izmit leather sofas in her opulent looking, modern style living room!

It was just like the kitchen experience as I imagined her bent naked over the smaller black sofa, legs tied apart and vulnerable to all sorts action on her up-thrust rear end. I cringed as I remembered just exactly what sort of action I’d been obliged to undertake! I gulped and sat down quickly on the bigger sofa, setting the wine down on a glass side-table before I dropped the glasses as I had to bend forward quickly to deal with the erection that those memories had suddenly triggered!

I sank into the soft sofa, a really fine, comfortable leather and my stockinged feet nestled into a large sheepskin rug just in front of the three-seater. I was just starting to get comfortable again, erection almost under control, when Astrid appeared, still dressed in her incredibly sexy, black spy outfit and really unsettled me again. Not just because of her appearance, but mainly because she chose to sit within a few inches of me on the wide black sea of leather, making us both bob up and down as she nestled in as well!

She seemed a little distracted though and I was desperately try to find some small talk to fill the silence. But eventually she beat me to it and her head came round so that we were looking into each other’s eyes. I was feeling a bit wary because the bubbly chatter of earlier had been replaced by a thoughtful, rather hesitant expression.

“David … something’s been troubling me about this whole thing.”

Well, that was hardly a surprise was it?! I attempted to look concerned.

“It’s …it’s about how we felt…well, I felt.. afterwards … you know after we’d done the ‘scripted’ stuff…” her quiet voice dried away and I was panicking as I tried to understand her meaning.

‘Afterwards’? ‘Feel’? What could she mean? Then I remembered the way that, on both occasions in her house, when I was about to leave, we’d kissed in the hall and then made hot, passionate love in her bedroom. Was that it? Now that I had my memory back I knew that it had left me feeling fantastic!

She’s been studying my eyes and when she saw my shocked expression as I realised what she meant, her eyes flicked away, as though out of embarrassment.

“You see …,” she was staring at her lap, “… I felt … well… and I need to know …”

Her face quickly turned to mine as if she’d suddenly made up her mind about something. She was a good manager after all, well used to decision making!

“Will you kiss me David?”

Our faces were already quite close together when she almost whispered the request and I found myself leaning in towards her almost automatically in response whilst my mind struggled to register the potential consequences. This was my work boss after all, and anything that happened from here on in couldn’t be put down to hypnosis! Maybe I should hold back a bit?

Any such thought was blasted apart though as I saw the tip of her tongue slide like a serpent, quickly across her pink lips to moisten them! Our eyes were locked together as we got closer and I read a multitude of confusing emotions flashing through them that probably pretty well matched my own!

Then our lips finally did meet, ever so gently, but the effect was to send a tingling shockwave flashing around my body! We let our lips slide gently across each other for a few seconds, enjoying the thrill of the contact, our eyes still locked together until we could stand the temptation no longer. The soft nuzzling together quickly turned into a hot kiss as our lips worked harder together, our mouths opening automatically to let our tongues fight each other!

Her hands had quickly risen, one to gently caress my face, the other to slide up my neck and run urgently through my hair, holding my lips hard against hers. I quickly followed suit, letting one hand slide through her soft blonde hair, the other briefly caressing her cheek before sliding down, over and under her arm to cup one of the soft bulges in the tight polo top that had been driving me mad all day!

I let out a little sigh of satisfaction from the back of my throat as I squeezed gently and felt her shudder next to me as her breast told her brain exactly how much it liked the feeling! After a few minutes of fondling and rubbing the taut flesh, I could feel her nipple hardening, even through her bra and sweater and I felt her squirm and twist slightly in my arms. For a second I was worried that she was trying to escape, but then realised that she was moving so that I could get at the other mound in her sweater more easily. It would have been impolite to ignore her, so my hand quickly switched mounds and got to work on her other breast as our kissing, impossibly it seemed, got even hotter!

I’d had to wriggle around myself a couple of times to ease the pressure that was building inside my pants as my erection got harder and harder as our kissing intensified. izmit darıca escort At one point, her free hand slipped down into my lap and gently caressed my growing bulge, as if to reassure herself that she was having the desired effect on me! The little animal like sound that escaped from the back of her throat assured me that she’d got the right message! Shortly afterwards she finally pulled away from me, her eyes snapping open and looking like they were on fire!

We were both breathing hard as she gasped, “Jesus David , I was actually scared that we wouldn’t have any chemistry between us without the hypnosis …but, wow!

“I felt a little something I think,” I responded with a mischievous smile.

“I know you did!” she laughed, staring at the big bulge in my pants, the one that she’d been massaging only a few moments ago, “…and I felt it too!!”

Then she was back in my arms again renewing our hot kiss for a few moments whilst her nimble fingers made light work of the buttons on my shirt. She let her hands slide possessively over my bare chest before she pulled back again and left me to struggle out of the shirtsleeves. In the time that I’d done that, she’d dragged the tight black sweater out of her pants and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion leaving me staring appreciatively at a black, lacy bra that only half covered her glorious orbs.

“Oh my God! They’re so, so gorgeous!” I gasped in wonder as I watched her arms twist behind her, unsnap the fastening and let the loosened, lacy material slide forward and downward onto the sofa. Her pert 34b breasts weren’t just as I’d remembered them from the hypnosis but even better! Beautifully shaped and perky, her nipples dark and erect, pointing accusingly at me as if their painfully taut state was all my fault. Well, it may have been a bit I suppose!!

I swallowed hard and automatically reached forward to capture them, letting my hand slide possessively over her smooth curves, trapping and playing with her hard nipples, smiling at the thrill of the contact and the way that her eyes closed and head snapped back as she wallowed in the warm signals coursing through her body in response. After a few minutes of enjoying the sensation, I eased her topless body backwards onto the leather sofa and let our lips work together again for a short while before pulling away. She let out a moan of disappointment that turned more animal like as she felt my lips sliding down her slender neck and over her upper chest.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she sighed happily as they finally slid over her bosom, captured one of those radiant, taut nipples and got to work on it!

After a few minutes of very pleasant sucking and nibbling, I couldn’t resist exploring further! I let my hand slide over her smooth belly and, with a bit of a struggle, released the fastenings on her jeans and slid down the zip. Then it was child’s play to slip my hand down the front of her panties and start to feel for her sex, especially as she gave a deep sigh and sucked in her tummy muscles to help me get in!

I was momentarily surprised to find no curly bush as my fingertips quickly encountered her bare labia lips and the alluring valley between them. Then I remembered rather guiltily who’d been responsible for shaving those soft curly tufts off in the first place! As I slid my fingers deeper into her mysterious, hot gorge I was amazed at how juicy she already was. Maybe she’d been just as aroused as I’d been by the events of the day!

I slid my fingertips over and between her inner folds, spending quite a bit of time around her clit which got a suitably ecstatic response from her as she let out a long moan and wriggled her hips under me. I rubbed a bit harder to make it respond and stand up like her nipples. She took in a long, shuddering breath and wriggled her hips even harder as the sweet sensations hit her!

Then I dropped lower, feeling for her throbbing entrance, circling it with my fingertips for a few moments before first one, and then a second pushed their way inside. The way that her vagina gripped my fingers as they slid deeper was absolutely electric and I had to pause in my nipple suckling as I concentrated hard on roaming around inside her! She was really squirming away beneath me now as the erotic feelings gradually built up inside her until, with a gasp, she reacted!

Up to now her hands had been roaming about my head, stroking my hair as I worked on her breasts. Now she took a tight hold of my head and literally dragged my face back up to hers. I got a brief glimpse of the almost crazy intensity of her eyes as she planted her lips on mine and gave me a deep, enthusiastic kiss. Whilst this was happening one hand slipped down between us and searched for the inevitable bulge in my pants and she gave out a low, animal like growl from the back of her throat when she found it and caressed it enthusiastically again!

Eventually, she pulled away and her face izmit rus escort was positively radiant with excitement as she gasped a quick instruction, “Jesus David …fingers out and get that beautiful thing inside me …now!”

I didn’t need any clarification on what she was referring to as she gave my throbbing member a possessive squeeze at the same time. I also wasn’t going to question the instruction either. She was my boss after all, and it was exactly what I was intending to do anyway!

I pulled away from her, reluctantly letting my hand slide out from inside her panties. She stayed laying there, looking expectantly at me, so I quickly grabbed the legs of her jeans and pulled them downwards, drawing them over her hips and then quickly down her legs, and taking her ankle socks with her. It left her lying there almost totally nude, with just a pair of thin black panties protecting her modesty. That didn’t last long! I paused for just a second to drink in her beauty before grabbing the waistband and almost ripping them off her!

“Your turn…!” she whispered huskily as I quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled off my own slacks and socks. I managed to almost fall over in the process as one foot got stuck in the leg, and, amusing though it might of looked, Astrid wasn’t interested. Her eyes were focussed solely on my boxers!

“And the pants!!” she almost hissed.

The pants went, quickly!!

I knew that I was well aroused by now, but it was positive feedback of the best type when I watched her eyes go saucer shaped as she took in the sight of my rampant cock, stuck out like a flagpole now that it had escaped from its long confinement!

“Oh my …wow…” she almost whispered to herself as I could almost read her thoughts as she imagined what that would be like planted deep inside her hot vagina. I was feeling pretty much the same thoughts myself! I actually paused for a second wondering how best to approach her.

She helped me a lot by smiling mischievously at me as she sensuously pulled up one leg to hook over the back of the sofa, widening the already swollen outer lips of her sex and exposing the pink inner hole that was suddenly MY sole focus of attention. It was the ultimate ‘Come on!’!!

I did, letting out a strangled cry as I almost bounced back onto the sofa between her splayed out legs and fed the tip of my pulsating member right up to her defenceless entrance. I glanced briefly at her, but there was no need for permission, her eyes were closed in anticipation and she thrust her hips straight back at me just as I leaned forward and pushed my way inside. Our loud sighs of satisfaction were as synchronised as any pair of Olympians could achieve!

As I slid deeper and deeper onto her welcoming, juicy warmth I inched up her body on my elbows and felt her legs wrap themselves around my back as I finally hit my limit. We stared feverishly into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before she gasped out “Go! …Now! …Hard!!”

So I did, starting with long, slow, deep thrusts and then gradually shortening them and speeding up as we started to roll around the sofa, clasped in each other’s arms. It was instinctive sex, absolutely electric in its intensity as we fucked each other as hard and urgently as we could. So much so that I suddenly felt as if I’d gone into orbit, weightless!

Then I let out a quick gasp of surprise as the wind was knocked out of me. In our enthusiasm, we’d managed to roll off the sofa and we’d landed, still intertwined onto the soft sheepskin rug with me underneath!

Astrid had given out a cry of her own, but I think that was because our sudden landing had pushed me deeper than ever into her molten cavern!

Despite the sudden change of location, Astrid’s hips were quickly and urgently working at me again. She sounded impatient, obviously getting close to her peak. I slid us around slightly, trapping her between me and the smooth leather sofa front and started to seriously fuck her up against it. Each powerful thrust was rewarded with aloud slapping sound as her bum cheeks smacked into it and sent powerful vibrations reverberating around her pussy. I was getting a delicious feeling from my throbbing cock as her vagina gripped me, skin sliding electrifyingly together. It was like a nuclear bomb getting ready to explode.

It was hard to believe it possible, but we intensified the action! I was getting seriously concerned that I’d come too soon and was desperately hanging on when I felt her tighten in my arms, a thin high pitched moan escaping her lips for a long few seconds until I felt her tipple over the edge and a deep, intense orgasm took her!! I wasn’t long behind as I felt her inner convulsions ripple around my throbbing invader and I grunted in relief as I was hit be the almost painfully blissful feeling of relief as my own climax hit me and I pumped out stream after stream of hot seed deep inside her!

We stayed locked together on the soft rug and in each other’s arms for a long time, gradually getting our breath back after such a momentous mutual effort, clinging together to prolong that blissful, warm flesh on flesh feeling. Eventually she seemed to sag more closely into me as she murmured in my ear.

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