A Dream Or Not

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Last night I woke up after having been asleep about an hour. I often do this on business trips. The first night in a hotel is hard to sleep. I was laying there when I realized I could hear a woman in the next room making sexual sounds. She was making the kind of noises that a lover makes when totally enraptured by the moment. She sighed heavily each time she was apparently being entered by her lover’s dick. Her voice was soft but strong as she said “OOOHHHH” and “YYYYESSS”as she was being stroked by whom I supposed was a lover.

I was surprised I could hear her so well. Most well appointed hotel rooms are insulated from each other for noise. Then I realized we had adjoining rooms with a door on each side separating us. The sounds of her intimate whimpers were enough to make me begin to grow an erection. I imagined what the scene was like in the next room, just a few feet from my bed. I could see in my mind that a beautiful woman was being pleasured.

My dick stiffened as I listened jealously in my room. Tried as I could I never heard a corresponding groan or grunt from her partner? I would think that with all the sounds she was making I would hear more from him. I didn’t even hear the bed move. When I checked into the room earlier in the evening, I actually saw the woman who went into the room next door. She was a lovely blonde headed lady. She was struggling to get her luggage thru the esenyurt escort door as I walked by. Her smile was memorable, but more importantly, she had been alone. Being the gentleman that I am, I helped her move her stuff in to the room. She told me her name was Kim. I introduced myself and said I was next door. I was not bold enough to have the conversation go further, so I left

I suddenly wondered if she was in the room next door playing with a sex toy. That thought hardened my dick immediately and I began to stroke it. I laid back and matched her groan for groan as I visualized her on top of me. But jacking off just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted more. I felt suddenly emboldened. I hastily grabbed the phone and called her room. I instantly heard the moaning stop and a weak, timid voice answered. I summoned up all my courage and quickly said “This is Bill, next door. If you want more than what you are giving yourself, come to my room. I will unlock my adjoining door.”

She said nothing. The phone line went dead. I listened intently for a sound…any kind of sound. I got up and unlocked and opened my side of the door and laid back down in the darkness. I could imagine her sitting on the side of the bed, confused, yet still needing to reach her orgasm. I continued to stroke my stiff cock, hoping that my mystery neighbor would somehow join me.

Then avrupa yakası escort I heard the faint click of the lock on her side being opened. Her door eased open. She hesitated, then slithered in thru the opening. I could see her outline in the gray light. She was tiny, with a slim waist and proportional breasts. I could see the outline of her large nipples. The kind you want to bite and suck. She hesitated for a moment, then, without saying a word, reached out and found my cock protruding in the dark. She made an audible groan as she squeezed it with her small hand. I groaned too and she smiled at me in the dark. She swung her leg over my waist and slowly eased her pussy down on to my erect dick. It felt so wonderfully warm and tight and juicy. She was very excited as I could feel her heartbeat while I played with her breasts.

My mystery lover began to hump my cock with long slow strokes and began making the same wonderful noises I had heard from the next room. Just listening to her groan and moan made me want to cum. But she was taking her time. She forced herself down on to me as deep as she could get me into her. She squirmed and ground her cunt into my crotch. She bent over and rubbed her nipples into my chest. I grabbed her ass with my hands and lifted her up and down. I had never felt so lustful. I smelled anadolu yakası escort her shampooed hair as it matted up under my chin. She clawed at the sheets as she began hunching more rapidly. I was on the brink of cumming but I didn’t dare finish until she was sated. She continued to ram herself on to me. I felt the juices from her pussy flood out as she moaned “OOOHHH YEEESSSS”, OOOHHHH YYESSS, YYYEESSS, YYYEESSS!!”

I was drenched with her warm cunt juice as she beat her pussy against me. I could hold out no longer and grabbed her ass and pulled her hard down on top of me as I shot my load inside her. I came in wave after wave and experienced my first multi-orgasm. I guess it was from the forced delay in cumming. I was delirious with pleasure.

She collapsed on to my chest and we both struggled for breath. I felt her our mixed juices slowly drip out of her pussy and on to me. It felt so wickedly fantastic. Her beating heart was racing. I held her by her tiny waist and supported her weight as she climbed off of my dick. She had a devilish grin on her face that I could barely make out in the dim light and she proceeded to suck the remaining hardness from my softening dick. She licked me clean, and quietly slid off the bed and out of the room.

It was over. I laid there a while, almost in a daze. And then I nodded off. I woke suddenly to the empty room and began to wonder if I had just had sex with the stranger in the next room, or just had an incredibly vivid sex dream. I looked for evidence that we had fucked, but except for the wet spot, I couldn’t be sure. The next morning I found that my neighbor had checked out before I got up. I never got to see the expression on her face to tell me if it had been a dream or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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