A Fantasy

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Almost immediately after she knocked on the door, he opened it and pulled her into his arms. “Hi,” he said, then kissed her until she was almost breathless, pulling her into the house, kicking the door shut behind him with his foot. His tongue played with hers as she wrapped her arms around him, holding tight. It was always like this with them, they totally lost their senses when they were around each other, and they hadn’t seen each other in awhile. He was anxious, wanting to lose himself in her, to reacquaint himself with her.

As his hands went underneath her shirt, she pulled away and taking his hand, she pulled him into his bedroom, stopping by the side of the bed. Pausing to kick off her shoes, she stepped up to him, sliding her arms around his neck, her lips finding his, her tongue sliding into his mouth. She pressed her body up against his tightly, feeling his all ready hard cock pressing against her through his jeans. It was always this way around him. If he was near her, she wanted to be close to him. To touch. To kiss. To lick. To bite.

He deepened the kiss as one of his hands went up to the back of her neck as the kiss went on. Breaking the kiss, he pulled away, his fingers going to the buttons of her shirt as her hands went underneath his own shirt, sliding across his chest. He paused for a moment to pull his shirt over his head. Sliding her shirt down her arms to drop on the floor, his lips found her neck, inhaling the scent of her skin as his hands fumbled with the bra clasp behind her back.

She gasped as he kissed and sucked gently on her neck, the sensation causing her to cling to him as her knees almost buckled, then moved to take her earlobe into his mouth. The warm wetness of his mouth sent shivers down her spine. She stepped back to let her bra fall to the floor, then moved her hands to his jeans, fumbling with the button, impatient for them to be fully nude, to feel him against her.

He pulled away, brushing her hands aside impatiently and pulled his jeans off much quicker than she would have accomplished it. He quickly helped her off with hers and then they were pressed against each other again, this time nude, both of them closing their eyes briefly at the feel of skin on skin. He kissed her again, deeply, his tongue touching hers as his hand found her breast, cupping and squeezing roughly for a moment before moving to find her nipple. He squeezed her nipple hard, his other hand going to the back of her head, tangling in her hair as he kissed her, holding her still for him.

Her eyes drifted shut, enjoying the sensation of him kissing her, touching her. She could feel him between them, hard and hot against her. Overcome with a sudden urge to touch him, her hands started drifting down his chest, pausing for a moment at his own nipples, running her fingernail lightly over them before squeezing them before moving her hands down to his stomach.

Knowing where her hands were headed, he quickly grabbed them before she could touch him, and he forgot what he intended to do. “Get on the bed. Face down.”

A little disappointed that she didn’t get to touch him, she nevertheless got on the bed and laid down on her stomach, curious as to what he was up to. She didn’t have long to wait to find out as he took one of her hands and attached it istanbul escort to a cuff. He quickly did the other one the same way. She shivered slightly in the cool of the room. They had talked about bondage before, but hadn’t practiced it yet. She had a few experiences before in the past, but always she had always been on her back.

He took each of her ankles and snapped them into cuffs, making sure her legs were spread wide. He paused for a moment, looking at her in anticipation. He rummaged around in a bag at the foot of the bed until he found what he wanted. Running his hand lightly up her body, he felt her shiver in response. He placed the blindfold around her eyes and tied it behind her head.

Now she was helpless. Tied and blindfolded. She laid there, squirming impatiently after a moment when she saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing. She found that whatever type of rope he had used to attach the cuffs had quite a bit of give in it, so she wasn’t totally immobile, but she still couldn’t go far. She heard what sounded like a match, and then a moment later felt hands on her feet, massaging and rubbing before moving up to her ankles.

He slid his fingers over her legs, massaging the soft skin, feeling her body relax into his touch. Moving his hands up, when he touched the inside of her legs, just barely brushing against her pussy lips, just a small teasing touch, he felt her move her hips up, eager for his touch. But he didn’t touch her there, his hands moving across her back, to her shoulders, down her arms.

She gasped as his hands moved back down her back to her ass, lightly touching, causing her to tense up as it tickled her sensitive nerve endings. She squirmed a little against her bonds, aroused beyond belief as he continued to touch her lightly, teasingly. She gasped when he finally moved his hands to her inner thighs again, moving up to touch the lips lightly, just teasing her. She raised her hips back into his touch as much as she could. “Please touch me.”

He slid his finger across her clit, hearing her gasp. He rubbed her briefly before sliding his finger into her, finding her wet and hot. He slowly slid his finger in and out of her for a moment, enjoying the way she lifted into his touch. Pulling out of her, he moved his hand back to her ass, pressing against her anus, feeling her tense at the touch for a moment, as he watched his finger sink into her. He moved his other hand back to her clit. He rubbed her for a moment, feeling her ass relax around his finger, he slowly started thrusting his finger into her.

She was shaking now. Everything felt so good, the sensation of his finger inside her, him rubbing her in slow circles on her clit with her being bound and helpless. She felt her pussy contract as she was pushed closer and closer to orgasm. Then his fingers were gone, and she cried out in protest. For a moment, there was nothing. No sound, no touch.

He watched her for a moment, watched her squirm, knowing she wanted to be touched. He took a deep breath, determined not to rush this, but the sight was almost too much for him; he wanted to thrust into her, to feel her around his cock. He loved that she was so open to his ideas; it’s what attracted them to each other in the first avcılar escort place. Taking another deep breath, he lifted her up, sliding underneath her. Settling himself between her legs, he gave her clit a quick lick, enjoying her quick gasp. He sucked gently on one of her shaved lips, pulling gently, hearing her muffled moan. He ran his tongue across her clit before moving to slide his tongue inside her, tasting her arousal, loving her taste.

She gasped as she felt his tongue on her clit. She loved oral, and the tongue on her clit was driving her wild. She cried out in protest when he left her pussy after a way too brief moment, and he kissed his way up her back to her neck. She shivered when he took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked.

“Will you come for me?” he whispered in her ear. “Oh god, yes, please,” she whimpered.

He began kissing his way back down her back, stopping in the middle of her back, licking her, feeling her squirm beneath him. He pulled his mouth away, taking a moment to run his hands over her back, her ass before lifting her to slide back underneath her pussy. He felt her body jerk in response as he licked her clit lightly. He slid a finger smoothly into her, moving it slowly inside her. Then moved the finger wet with her own arousal to her ass, pushing into her slowly, hearing her muffled moan.

She was breathing hard as he worked his finger into her ass, his tongue gliding over her clit lightly. She pressed her hips back into him, wanting more, harder, wanting to cum. She closed her eyes tight beneath the blindfold as a finger from his other hand slid into her pussy. Soon he was moving both inside her, moving one in while the other was moving out. “Oh god,” she murmured as she was swept away by the combination of having both holes played with while having her clit licked.

He paused for just a moment. “Please come for me.” He replaced his mouth, licking and then sucking gently on her clit, then swirling his tongue around it, then sucking again.

Her stomach clenched every time he sucked. She cried out as her orgasm overtook her, her legs trembling as spasms of pleasure overtook her, her ass and pussy contracting around his fingers. She relaxed, but he still licked her oversensitive clit until she was squirming again. “Oh, please.” She gasped for breath as he slowly pulled away from her.

He moved around to her as she caught her breath. “Open your mouth.” He placed the tip of his hard cock at her mouth. “Suck me please.” He closed his eyes as he slowly inserted his cock into her warm mouth, pushing the hair out of her face.

She licked and sucked on his cock as best as she could with her hands bound. She had never done this without her hands. She loved giving oral just as much as she loved receiving it. She loved doing this, loved having him in her mouth, but was a bit frustrated at the lack of the use her hands. She struggled to take him into her mouth as he sunk more of him into her mouth. She gasped around his cock as she felt a drop of heat hit her back.

“Wax,” he told her with a chuckle before another drop hit her. He felt her mouth tighten around him as she struggled to please him without her hands, saw her hands clench around, knowing that she was frustrated at her bound state. Her şirinevler escort mouth felt so good, seeing her cum bound and blindfolded, it was not going to take long before he would be coming in her mouth, although he tried to last as long as he could.

She felt his hands in her hair, holding her head as he came in her mouth, hearing him moan her name. She continued to suck him until he pulled away from her. His hands in her hair brought her lips to his, and he kissed her, his tongue touching hers, playing with hers.

Cuddling up against her back, he spent a long moment recovering from the force of his orgasm. He moved his lips to her shoulder, her neck, kissing down to her back as his hand moved down to her pussy again, sliding his finger into her, feeling her wet and warm, feeling her push back into his touch. He pulled away, moving his still half hard cock back to her mouth. “Suck me. Make me hard. I want to fuck you.”

She obediently took him back in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip, taking as much as she could of him in her mouth. She squirmed against her restraints, wanting him, wanting to feel him inside her. He pulled away from her, and a moment later, she felt his finger enter her, sliding in and out of her very wet vagina before she felt his finger replaced by his cock.

He pushed his cock into her, closing his eyes at the sensation of her very wet pussy wrapped around him. He moved his finger to her ass, hearing her gasp as his finger pushed against her anus. He held himself still all the way inside her as he worked his finger into her tight ass until he felt her pushing back against him. He started to move inside her, feeling her heat surround him.

She loved feeling him inside her, his hands on her. She loved it when he played with her ass while he was fucking her. She loved being with him. She gasped as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back hard against him as he pushed forward.

He paused for a moment, pulling his cock and fingers away from her, hearing her murmur a protest at being abandoned. He quickly undid her restraints, and then laid down on his back, maneuvering her on top of him. Running his hands over her back, he slid his cock into her again.

Reaching up, she took off the blindfold. She enjoyed this position not only because she got to be in control, but she also got to watch him even though it was rare for her to orgasm in this position. Leaning down, she found his nipple, licking him, and then sucking, feeling his hand go to the back of her head. Biting him gently, she started moving up and down on him slowly.

His hands went to her ass, spanking her lightly as she moved on him. He increased the intensity of his slaps as she kept up her pace on his cock. He heard her gasp as he stopped to rub his hand over her now warm ass. His hands went to her hips, sliding up to her breasts and then back down.

She resisted the temptation to close her eyes, wanting to watch him, look into his eyes. She loved his eyes. She watched as his eyes drifted close for a moment from the sensation of her wrapped around him and then open again to watch her.

“You’re going to make me cum.” A moment later his hands tightened on her as he came, gripping her hips, pulling her down harder on him. Totally relaxed, his hands slipped from her hips as he caught his breath. His arm loosely draped around her as she moved to his side, cuddling to his chest, her hands lightly caressing him as they both relaxed.

She kissed his chest, closing her eyes, completely content, knowing that he was likely to wake her up sometime in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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