A Nun’s Story Pt. 11

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After being fucked — used — by Paola and her husband, Sister Claire knew that she had much to think about. She felt it vital to reconcile in her own mind the rules of the Order, as she understood them, and what she had experienced at their hands.

Poor Sister Claire still had not understand that she truly was a sexual submissive, dedicated to letting others take what they wanted because she wished only to please them. That was the reason that Sister Teresa had wanted to induct her to the inner circle of their Order. Mother Mary, too, had recognised those talents and instantly seen how she could put Sister Claire to use.

It was in Claire’s nature to submit and obey Paola — to be excited by giving pleasure to her and the police chief. She told herself it was all part of her assignment, even when she was screaming out her own sexual release at the hands of the perverted couple. All that Claire knew for sure, as she drove back to the village, was the warm glow of satisfaction that so often came from sharing the Gift.

The pretty nun had every reason to be on a high after such wondrous sex play. She’d given them such pleasure and had been thrilled to take their invasions of her body. That was what worried her. Sister Mercy, her colleague, surely had been speaking for the inner circle when warning Claire against permitting lust to control her actions. But what did that mean when a man or woman performing oral on her or ramming a cock into her soaking cunt?

Claire had her obligations to the Order. The Gift was used by the Order of the Mount to advance its own works for the needy. And to secure protection. There was no doubting that those obligations took precedence over any pleasures of the flesh. It was a mortal sin to permit the Gift to be misused. But why not take the most intense enjoyment from cumming on a man’s penis or when he blasted his holy seed down her throat?

She knew that there was a link between the Gift and sin. It was her own sins, those unclean thoughts, that had taken her first to Sister Teresa and given a first glimpse of a hidden world. Learning about the Gift had relieved her of so much guilt and opened a wonderful new world.

It was clear that lust was approved of when it was experienced by others. That was, after all, in the nature of the Gift when used by the Order. Others allowed their desire and their carnal lust to be expressed freely in exchange for all manner of assistance. Was it wrong to take advantage of the sins of others? Claire pondered over the nature of sin. And wished she had paid more attention in divinity classes.

What about Mr Watson with his lust and greed for sexual pleasure? He’d given critical help to the Order. The Order repaid him with the Gift. Despite his enormous lust, Mr Watson was so obviously a good and kind man. Claire knew she was right to have agreed to his request to be fellated in his car that day.

Though she had to wonder about how much she had been influenced by that incredible phallus. Claire was just wired to love beautiful cocks. A big, hard cock was a sign of virility and power that she found irresistible. She loved them all — powerful, imposing. They had filled her mind with unclean thoughts even after she had sworn off them with her vows to the Order of the Mount.

Mr Watson seemed proof enough that women were intended to worship the male organ. His was a thing of wonder — more than eight, thick inches and surely made to be used just as Mr Watson did. Claire told herself that it could not be wrong to worship such power and beauty.

It was a different story with Monsignor Davis and his more humble penis. But Sister Claire knew that he was a wicked man who took full advantage of his position in the church. She had willingly paid tribute to him, exposing her body and taking his hard, lust-filled penis into her bottom. Such was the cost of the nuns using the Gift to support their work. Claire had craved his approval. And Davis would have to find his own way of answering for his sins. The young nun had to admit she’d been turned-on at being sodomised by the senior church man but it was all for the benefit of the Order.

Was Claire right to worry about the fate of her soul? Her sister nuns seemed to have no trouble in enjoying fucking and being fucked. She recalled vividly the wicked gleam in Sister Teresa’s eye that day when she’d displayed her slit, wet with the semen of some man who’d she’d just given herself to. Was Sister Teresa’s joy merely for the chance to share the Gift? Or did her supervisor feel her own sinful lust and pride in the carnal delights? After all, Claire had witnessed Sister Teresa’s groans of delight as she was being fucked by Mr Watson’s huge cock.

The Gift was real and Sister Claire knew that sexual pleasure itself was not the sin. Perhaps the joy of giving something so wondrous to another person — the heavenly thrills of amazing sex — was naturally rewarded with the same pleasure being experienced by the eryaman anal yapan escort giver. That was a nun, to be sure. Or had god intended for the Order of the Mount to be a bunch of sluts who made sure that good works were done on Earth?

It was natural for Claire to consent and want to please others. That was the reason for that first, clumsy threesome — so long ago — after a boyfriend had suggested it. But she was eager to please and to conform as a new member of the inner circle. Her sister nuns had removed the torment of her unclean thoughts. And they’d given her an opportunity to make a greater contribution. What more could a woman do than give her body? Even if that meant she was a slut.

She had never experienced anything like those incredible orgasms when Sister Teresa had used her mouth and her toys to take her to climax. Did that make her a slut, too? Learning about sapphic pleasures had equipped her to better share the Gift. Claire had not expected to enjoy sex with a woman quite so much but she had loved meeting the challenge of the dirty Paola. Was that the only reason for being tutored by Teresa? Claire was certain she’d seen something in the eyes of her supervisor that betrayed her own carnal reasons for teaching the new member.

Perhaps there was no answer to the confusion. Perhaps she was, indeed, a slut nun who took greedy pleasures where she found them. Mother Mary was a fine example of unbridled enjoyment of the Gift. There was her eagerness to be sodomised by the Monsignor. The senior church man was an important patron but that could not explain the Mother’s craving. And Claire had noted the Marys lascivious behaviour when given the chance to be penetrated by Mr Watson’s massive organ.

And what of the perversion and dirty sex acts that she’d been introduced to? Sister Mercy had enjoyed whipping her and that meant such things were part of the Gift, too. Being urinated on had shocked Claire but obviously had excited Sister Mercy.

Claire could not fault the teaching she had received from the tiny Sister Mercy. It had been invaluable preparation for her current assignment. And Claire thought it only fair to take pride in having not flinched when the dirty Paola had pissed directly into her face. Or was that another failing on her part? — was it wrong of Claire to enjoy the gush of hot, golden fluid on her face and into her mouth?

Claire was left with the thought that “fucking for Jesus” surely could mean sexual enjoyment for everyone connected by the Gift. Whatever the danger to her mortal soul, there was comfort in devoting herself to the pleasure of others.

It would have been better to discuss all of this with her sister nuns. But she would not do that — fearful of being judged or, worse, expelled from the inner circle. Sister Claire had no desire to be returned to a life of simple service and celibacy.

Father John would have had wise words. But this was a conversation she needed to have face-to-face. It must wait till she returned home. The priest had been a gentle, skilled teacher. Claire was grateful to him — and more. She knew that her feelings for him must be kept in check. She had sworn to place the needs of the Order ahead of any tug she felt towards the sweet priest. Though John, too, had an unholy relationship with carnal pleasures. Only someone who really understood sexual pleasure could be as diligent a tutor. He had shown Claire how to embrace the Gift in its many forms.

Thanks to John, she had been ready and willing to share the Gift with Father Filippo. Claire had no doubt that this devoted priest deserved his reward. She was honoured to be the nun chosen for that task. The sex had been intensely pleasurable. That made her feel a little guilty whenever her thoughts turned to Father John. But Claire knew it was foolish to feel she was somehow being disloyal. John would not have begrudged his colleague experiencing everything that Sister Claire could share. And she was a slut as much as a nun.

Reporting to Mother Mary that night, Claire omitted much of the detail. She wasn’t sure why. In part, she was reluctant to admit how much she’d enjoyed Paola and her perversions. But the more important matter was the police chief. Claire had not expected him as part of their play. Paola was not a friend of the inner circle and her husband most definitely was an outsider. She was fearful that her assignment might fail because of him.

“I should have anticipated that the husband might be in the picture,” said Mother Mary. “Our information was that she prefers to prey on unsuspecting women. But put it out of your mind, Sister,” Mary said reassuringly. “We know how to take care of such things. You will remain safe and your mission will stay secret.”

The Order of the Mount had other ways of getting what it needed. Mother Mary preferred to wait for only the most desperate circumstances before turning to dark arts such as blackmail. It was so much better ankara escort when everyone shared the Gift and was left with a smile on their faces. In this case, the police chief and his brother would be most amenable to holding their secrets. Mary was satisfied that the assignment was proceeding to plan and was destined for success.

“I am really pleased that we chose you for this assignment,” she purred to Sister Claire. “And I am sure that Father Filippo agrees.”


Claire had not missed the double meaning. Nor did she object. Being in the inner circle of the Order of the Mount meant it was her duty to give sexual pleasure to the handsome Father Filippo. And Claire would struggle to find a more enjoyable duty. She’d looked forward so happily to that first day when he met her at the airport. Giving her rear end to the wonderful priest under the warm sky had been a most heavenly experience.

Still, she was grateful that night after Paola when Father Filippo made himself scarce. Claire did not think he could guess at what had been done to her. Her mouth ached and her cunt was sore after all the unfamiliar abuse. Though the nun would not have refused Filippo since, in her mind, giving her body to a man of the church would have been a sweet penance for her sins in that old stone house.

She made sure to catch Father Filippo the next day. He’d returned from the chapel early and taken a shower after a hot day. Claire timed her opening of the bathroom door so that he was still dripping wet. She thought he looked even more perfect, enthralled by the drops of water that had beaded on his tanned skin. His hair was wet and he needed a shave. But Claire had no complaints.

Taking the towel in hand, she proceeded to dry the priest. She knew that this was an act of devotion that went far beyond the Gift. Claire, however, was determined to give as much as she could to the lovely man. There were not many days left before she would fly home.

Being extra careful around his holy rod, the pretty nun observed that Filippo was already half erect. His penis was thickened and almost horizontal. Claire remembered what Father John had taught her about using her mouth to pay tribute to a man of the church. This man and this cock deserved a full tribute. Still in her habit and veil, Claire sank to her knees, her gaze stuck on the eyes of this wonderful priest. Soon he would be bereft of such rewards for all his hard work. A terrible shame. Claire felt something akin to a sense of love for that fabulous cock as took it into her soft, warm mouth.

Father Filippo looked down at the nun sucking his cock and still wondered at his luck. Such a pretty face, such a willing lover. He’d had others from her Order but Sister Claire was different – so sweet and truly generous when it came to the Gift. And, like many men, he could not resist the thrill of seeing a woman in religious garb kneeling at his feet, her mouth wrapped firmly around his aching cock.

“Such a wonderful mouth, Sister,” he moaned softly as he took her head in his hands.

Claire glowed at hearing such praise. Looking up, she could feel him throbbing as Filippo gently thrust between her lips. His hardness felt wonderful against her soft tongue. She knew that only a fortunate nun could share the Gift like this. With one hand she cupped his balls, carefully massaging those hard eggs that produced the very stuff of life.

“Oh, lord…” he moaned. “I don’t think I deserve such a wonder as this.”

Claire responded by working a little harder on the beautiful shaft. A slut nun would want to drink the semen of a church man. And Claire already knew the joy of feeling such power as a priest blasted his cock juice into her mouth and the wonderful, salty taste as it slid over her tongue before she could swallow it down. She was happy to stay on her knees as the priest used her mouth to stroke his cock. Her mouth was for him to use and she would be just as pleased if he prolonged his thrusting, holding off his eventual climax.

But Filippo, too, had been thinking about their outdoor fucking and the sight of her soft, pale body under the sun. Gradually he eased his thrusting, withdrawing his holy sceptre from the sweet mouth. She was still looking up at him, still eager to worship him. But Claire understood what was in the priest’s mind. She merely grinned and followed his naked form silently to the kitchen.

He would have taken her to the bedroom. A more comfortable place. But too far away right then. Filippo was desperate to bury his cock in the soft folds of the sexy nun. With a glance, he signalled his intention. To his delight, the young nun did not hesitate to lie her upper body over the hard table. The sound of her crucifix scraping loudly against the hard wooden surface reminded them both of the righteousness of the act they were about to commit.

Filippo moaned aloud as she raised the hem of her habit, unveiling her pale etimesgut escort thighs and her shapely, little bottom.

“You truly are a Gift,” he murmured to the nun.

Claire reached back to pull aside the thin material of her skimpy underwear. Sucking the priest’s cock always made her horny she was ready for him.

“Will you take my other place, Father?” she asked sweetly, gently parting her cheeks for him to see.

“We shouldn’t rush that,” he answered with a soft shake of his head. “I have another appointment soon.”

“Then take the Gift, Father,” she smiled at him, parting her legs wider while she rested her body against the table.

Her folds were swollen, unfurled. Filippo did not hesitate to insert his cock between them. There was no mistaking the whimper of desire her heard from the pretty nun. Eager for the Gift, his own lust boiling, the priest surrendered and slowly forced his length into that hot, wet hole. He groaned just as she did and gave a small prayer of thanks for the Gift and the wonders of the female body.

Claire was overjoyed to feel the priest penetrate and fill her cunt. The thrill of deviant sex with Paola was still not enough to match the divine experience of sharing the Gift with a priest. Bent over the table was a lovely way to offer herself. His hard cock felt the perfect size for her then. The touch of his hands on her hips and her bottom only made her feel closer to this wonderful man. She had wondered at his experience as a lover but there was no doubting his skill. His firm fucking soon made her climax rise within her.

“Fuck me, Father. Use me,” she cried to him softly.

She was already cumming when Filippo began thrusting harder. This nun had a heavenly cunt, tight and slick from her desire. And what man would not enjoy the rippling of her flesh as he began to ruck her with more force. She truly was the perfect example of the Gift.

With an unholy groan, Father Filippo let his own climax envelope him. He thrust fully into the waiting cunt, buried to his hilt as his cock pulsed and spewed his seed into the waiting passage. It had been days since he’d committed the sin of masturbation and his balls had a full load to flood her wet cunt.

Claire heard his climax, felt the tell-tale fucking from behind as he rammed her against the hard table. She couldn’t help it, the thrill of his climax sending her over the edge once more with another delightful orgasm. Filippo usually shot a big load for her and it was exciting to imagine him filling her cunt with his seed. She happily let him continue thrusting till she knew that he was finally sated. The throbbing in her cunt would take much longer to subside.

“I’m late, Sister,” he murmured, disturbing her post-coital reverie. “I have to go to my next appointment.”

“Go, Father,” she smiled in her delirium. “Attend to your flock.”

He planted a small kiss on her bottom. It was a sign of thanks for the Gift and Claire smiled at his tenderness. Still breathing hard, she stayed over the table till he left. The slow drip of his holy seed from her cunt was her own act of reverence to the wonders of the Gift.


Unbeknown to Sister Claire, she was not the only member of the Order who wrestled with understanding the Gift. It was natural enough. The ecstasy of orgasm often was stronger than faith. The nuns were dedicated to the Order of the Mount. But the inner circle of the Order took pride in always giving fantastic sex to anyone who received the Gift. And that had meant that these nuns also learned how to receive the most incredible sexual enjoyment. Any of the nuns could forget their duties when experiencing the most profound carnal pleasures.

“I tell myself that you punish me for my sins,” murmured Sister Barbara.

“Shelley Watson says the same thing,” came the retort from Sister Mercy. “But you really enjoy the riding crop.”

Barbara was a beautiful woman. Tall and straight, she had the face of an angel and underneath her habit was a body that would shame the devil. Her C-cup breasts were pert and high with thick nipples that grew long when aroused. A virgin before she was a nun, Sister Barbara had resisted the lure of the Gift and a chance to serve her Order more deeply. But now she was lying naked with Mercy, almost overcome by a desire to give herself to the other woman.

“I love the crop, Sister,” Barbara said quietly. “You know its true. Sometimes I wonder if I’d have taken my vows if I had known that sex — the Gift — could be so wonderful. You and the other sisters have made me complete.”

“But you worry about enjoying it too much?” Sister Mercy was asking this while gently stroking the fulsome breasts of the other nun. “You were innocent and ignorant. Now you have learned of the many assorted pleasures of the Gift.”

“I love the Gift,” explained Barbara. “Surely I love it too much. I crave my time with you.”

Sister Barbara had faced the same struggle with her “unclean thoughts”. For her, the Gift had been like Aladdin’s cave as she had greedily embraced forbidden lesbian pleasures. But the smaller Mercy noticed how the other woman rolled herself slightly so that she was closer to the touch of her lover.

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