Leather Lusts Ch. 03

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“Food first, shower second, also I’ll phone Donna at the café, so she don’t worry.”

They ate cold food and showered, together; he kissed her under the water, but refrained from major sexual contact. She called Donna, and was told to enjoy herself, but be careful, and wanted a full account later. They went down to the lot together, and he dropped the locked trailer leaving it in the lot, he helped her up the steps and then into the seat, she looked around the living area, several black leather built in seats and a sofa, cherry cabinets, with marble counters, slate tiled floor, very nice, he had good taste.

The coach made its way up through the foothills and mountains by rivers and lakes. They passed the time talking about the sites, and praising any bikes they admired. They stopped in the parking lot at Mt. Rushmore, and walk up through the Kiosks and venues to gaze up at the four past presidents forever memorialized in stone. He bought her a couple of t-shirts, and would have bought more when she stopped him in protest. He smiled at her, he couldn’t ever remember, smiling this much, he touched her often, claiming her, and letting her know with out saying his feelings. They traveled down the mountain, and stopped at a restaurant for lunch. They ate burgers and looked around the dinning area at the memorabilia on the walls. After lunch, at the register, he picked out a pair of locally mined Amethyst earrings for her, and gave them to her on the way out.

“Jack, stop buying me all this stuff, its crazy.” She complained.

He looked down, bit his lip, and said. “Breezy, I feel crazy. I just wanna give you the moon, I’ll try to stop. Do you think I’m trying to buy your affection?”

“Jack, you could have all my affection, with out spending a penny.” She kissed him. “I just wish that you didn’t shower me with gifts, so slow down.”

“Baby, you say just the right things I think I’m falling for you.” He kissed forehead. “Want to go back to the motor coach and fool around?”

“Are we parked far enough away from everything?” She smiled shyly. “I wouldn’t want someone to wonder why I was screaming, and come investigate.”

“Hey, if the coach is a rock’n, don’t come a knock’n.” and he took her hand and pulled her after him.

They almost ran all the way to the end of the parking lot, where the coach was parked. He opened the door and switched off the alarm, and walked backward pulling her with him through the hallway. He kissed and caressed her and began pulling her clothes from her body. Sitting on the bed, he tugged her into his arms, fitting her between his thighs. She leaned into him and felt the ridged outline in his pants she let her hand drift down his body to rub him through his jeans.

“Breeze, you’re so beautiful, you got perfect tits. Not to big, not to small, just round and right.” He suckled at her breasts, pulling the nipples with his lips and teeth. “And you’re ass is a marvel, got back booty, I just want to tap all day long.” He said. His hands slid up and down her back, stopping to clutch at her ass globes. He pulled her forward and hunched his pelvis to rub his covered sex against her.

“Jack, sweetheart you have too many clothes on.” She bent to pull at his boots, tossing them over her shoulder one at a time. She pushed those perfect “C” cups into his face, scraping her cleavage on his whiskers. She backed away and popped his t-shirt over his head. Stroking his chest she paused to pinch and lick his nipples then dropped to her knees before him. She escort dikmen ran both hands down his jean covered thighs, scratching at the fabric with her nails, stroking them back to his lap and over the bulge. She deftly slipped the button out and pulled the zipper down. Pulling both sides away, and tugging on his boxers she uncovered his thick cock. The tension caused it to pop out nudging her on the cheek. She whipped her tongue across his big rubbery head, lapping up the pearl that had oozed forth. She pushed his torso hard making him lay down, and dug her hands into his back pockets and pulled off the rest of his clothes. Sliding back between his knees her mouth lowered over him, she pushed down caressing him delicately with her lips, rubbing him with her tongue. He bumped the back of her throat and she moaned, and surged forward taking him as deep as possible. Her hand began to stroke him, the saliva from her mouth wetting him to his balls. She could hear the grinding of his teeth, and knew he was holding back, so she began using her teeth. With each stroke back she grazed flesh, making it sensitive. His hips began to shudder and twitch. She knew he must be close, and she felt for his balls rolling them gently in her palm. He arched his back against the bed, pushed her back and warned her.

“Baby I’m so close, you’re gonna have to stop.” He groaned.

“No Jack, cum in my mouth.” She said. “I wanna suck you dry.”

She returned to his lap, nursing at his cock, kneeling and leaching onto him. He pushed his hips up straining, his balls tightening into his body. His hands lowered, first caressing then clutching at her hair. He held her still in that last few seconds and then spewed into her mouth, she swallowed several times then at the end she lifted her head and stuck out her tongue so he could see his seed clinging there then pulled it back in swallowing it.

“You’re salty, sweetheart, but you taste good.”

All he could do was grunt, and look at her with admiration. He grasped her hands and pulled her up across him to lie over his chest. He stroked her back, running his fingers around drawing an invisible pattern on her back. She snoozed on him and as she slept he moved them further up the bed and napped himself.

He woke to her fingers stroking his cock, and when she had him as hard as a rock she slid her leg up over him and dropped down taking him inside. She leaned back on her arms and rolled her hips riding him. He stroked her thighs and hips, and surged upward, filling her. She closed her eyes and brushed her breasts, tugging at her nipples. She pulled them out and twisted almost cruelly, and gasped sharply. Looking at her actions and reactions excited him, so he reached up started helping her. He pulled her nipples and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger until they were ridged. One hand stroked down her belly and he pushed his thumb between her nether lips, rubbing her nubbin. She cried out and rode him faster. Through lowered lids she gazed at him, and leaned forward to kiss him. He anchored her hips with both hands and pumped up into her. He met her kiss and sucked her tongue into his mouth drawing on it he sucked at the speed his cock entered her body. Her body shook, and spasms over took her, she screamed into his mouth. After a few more flexes of his hips, he finished in her.

She lay in his arms until her heartbeats slowed, and sat up in a panic. “Shit, Jack I forgot a condom, I’m sorry, I’m so stupid.” She put her head in her hands.

“It’ll escort elvankent be okay, what ever happens, what ever doesn’t happen, we’ll take it step by step.” He touched her back. “God Breezy, I think I’d like the idea of you being round and fat with my rug rat.”

“Really?” She asked turning to him.

“Really, Really, are you close to your period?”

“Maybe about a week or more, god I’m an idiot.” She pouted.

He pulled her back down next to him and pulled the comforter over them. They slept until dusk, and he rose from the bed and drove to a near by camping site, paying for the space, he parked them and cooked dinner in the galley. She woke to the irresistible smell of beef sizzling, and saw him chopping vegetables at the counter. She felt very domesticated at the sight of him. Breezy pulled on some clothes and crept up to hug him from behind.

“My hero, he cooks, that looks and smells so good.”

“Be done in a few, nothing special, just steak and a salad.” He turned and hugged her to his side, and tossed the veggies in the bowl. “Mind if we camp here tonight? I got us the space, and we could watch a few movies, I got some DVDs in the space under the couch.”

“Sounds like a good idea, let me call and tell Donna I’m staying out.” She went for her purse.

“So, is Donna related to you, because you seem to be very close?” He asked.

“She’s kind of a friend of my dads, I met her when I was a kid, and we came here to visit. When dad asked her if I could help her out this year, and she jumped at the chance. She worries about me like a mother hen, so I’ll call her.” She flipped the phone out, and one bar appeared. She rang her number. “Donna, it’s me Breeze, where staying in a campground tonight.” The line scratched and skipped. She barely heard a reply. “See you tomorrow, bye.”

She sat at the table nook and he served the meal, popping the cork on a bottle of red he poured two glasses of wine and sat down across from her. He smiled at her and lifted his glass in salute. “Here’s to us, today, tomorrow, and forever?” He asked. “We could make up our minds for sure later, but right now, right here it looks like forever to me.”

She sipped some wine, “Are you serious, are you asking the big question?”

“I can’t think about tomorrow without you, I don’t want to go home to my empty house, if we’re not talking marriage, would you think about staying with me until you return to finish your courses. I wouldn’t ask you to quit what you’re working toward, and maybe we could transfer the rest of your classes to a school closer.” He closed his eyes for a moment, “Breezy, Baby I love you, I would go back with you and stay until you finish school.”

“Oh Jack, it’s not just what I’m going to school for, it’s why.” She sighed. “My dad really wants me to take over the business part of his business.”

“Does this mean we don’t have much of a chance?” He set the glass down.

“No, it just means my dad will have to find someone else to take over, because I might be getting married soon.” She smiled at him and he got up, and went around the table to pull her to stand in front of him. He hugged her and twirled her around, lowered his head and kissed her.

“Breezy, you had me going there, it scared me to think you might say no.”

He slid in next to her and for the rest of the meal he held and touched her not loosing contact. He fed her some of his steak, and took some that she offered him. After they finished escort emek he pulled a drawer out of the couch and picked out a recently released scifi movie and put it in to play. They sat and watched the movie, holding each other, occasionally kissing and whispering about the storyline. When the movie was over he walked her back to the bed and made slow, sweet love to her, and they fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning Jack woke up to the smells of cooking, he stretched and smiled, my woman he thought, mine. He pulled on his boxers and stopped in the bathroom for business before stopping behind her and encircling her in his arms. “What’s for breakfast?” he kissed her neck.

“Pancakes, you had a mix.” She relaxed against him.

“I could just spread syrup all over you, and not come up for air.” He suggested.

“Hmmm, no pancakes, I’m hungry.” She giggled. “Then you can eat me.”

He growled and reached down to pinch her butt. Standing at the stove top together they finished the pancakes, and took them to the table to eat. She glanced up from her plate several times to find his hungry gaze upon her. Both of them ate in silence, and in record time. At the last bite, instead of taking the bite she flicked it across the table at him, hitting him in the bare chest. She grinned at him and ran for the bedroom. Breezy pulled his shirt off over her head, and tossed it behind her. He was so close behind that it caught him in the face, and he grabbed her just before she reached the bed. Turning her naked in his arms, he kissed her long and slow, she tasted of maple syrup and butter.

“Breeze you’re a bad girl, and now I’m gonna have to punish you.” He smacked her butt once and tossed her backward on the bed. Immediately he fell on her spreading her thighs and lowering his head to her mound. He nipped her there and slipped his tongue between her nether lips, and caressed her nubbin. She arched up crying his name, and he gripped her legs tighter so she couldn’t move. He sucked on her and increased the friction by shaking his head slightly and pulling on her. She tugged on his head, pushed her mound upward and screamed her pleasure. He lapped at her, but did not break contact, and soon had her on the way to a second orgasm.

“Jack, oh baby, I’ll be a good girl.” She pled. “Just let me rest a minute.”

Green eyes sparkled up at her, and he nipped the soft skin of her thigh, leaving a love bite, marking her most intimate territory. He grabbed a condom from the night stand, and dropped his boxers, rolling it down his already ridged cock. He crawled up the bed between her legs, and pulled her up to him; he hooked both legs over his arms, and entered her. He groaned, and started slicing into her, pumping her channel and filling her to a stretched almost painful fullness. His ass whipped back and forth; his balls smacked at her ass and gave her sphincter a tingling sensation. She was close to the edge again, ready to dive into ecstasy, and he slowed the rhythm and change the angle. He dropped both her legs and surged forward into her, rolling his hips each time. Jack was drawing it out. He suckled her breasts tugging her nipples, and rubbed his beard stubble across them until they tingled. He massaged them with both hands; bringing the peaks together he pulled on them at the same time. She buried her hands in his hair and tugged him back then raised her head and kissed him, her tongue battled with his. He began to slam into her again, and soon together they stiffened and cried out.

“Baby you’re the best.” And she squeezed him with her inner muscles.

“Nope, you’re the one who makes me want to fulfill your every wish. Make you scream in that hoarse little voice, sigh when you’re satisfied; I am merely your slave.” He smiled. “Use me as you will.”

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Letters to Nicole 25

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Dear Nicole,

Wow, I guess I overslept! What time is it anyway? Oh my God, I have to meet Jason at Home Depot in a couple of hours! I’m going to need a shower in a minute; I bet I haven’t shaved my legs in three or four days, yuck! But hey, You do realize that this whole story about Franklin and Sammie was one of the keys to my meeting Jason, right? Jason knows Sammie and Franklin very well, but he has no idea what transpired between the three of us after the frat party that night! Oh my God, Jason is a great husband, I wouldn’t trade him for anyone; and our sex is amazing! When we got serious I told him I wasn’t a virgin (he wasn’t either,) but he doesn’t know any details of the who, what, when, where, how many…oh Goddd! He’s sooo stuck in traditional marriage! One of these days I’ll get into what’s been going on recently; but again, I need to keep the stories in order or nothing will make sense.

Anyway, after I put on some dry clothes, we all climbed into Sammie’s car and headed cross-campus to my dorm. That $250 in my bag felt extremely good, and I was right in the middle of several thoughts about what to do with it when Sammie said, “Oh my God, Nance, you and Meredith were so hot on stage; I wanted to ask you, are you and she…uhh…” Her voiced trailed off and she swallowed hard.

“Are we lovers?”

My blunt response caught her a little off-guard; her head snapped around and she looked at me in the back seat and grinned, “Yes, that’s what I wanted to ask!”

We both giggled and I said, “I’ll tell you, but you’re gonna have to watch the road, okay?” Sammie laughed some more but she turned back around. Franklin was looking at her, I’m pretty sure he was thinking about how nervy she was for asking me that question, but I was more interested in how HE would respond when I replied, “No, we’re not lovers, but after tonight I sure wouldn’t mind trying her out!”

“Ha!” Sammie barked with laughter! Franklin never said a word, but his eyes flicked at me for just a second, his jaw clenched, and he quickly turned his face in the other direction and looked out the window.

Leaning forward over the front seat I spoke into his ear (but loud enough for Sammie to hear,) “Franklin, you are just so funny! Did I embarrass you?”

He didn’t even turn around; he just said, “Women, you all are so weird!” That just elicited more laughter from “us women!”

“Hey Sammie, what we really ought to do is celebrate my ‘victory;’ I have some wine in my mini-fridge wanna come up to my room for a toast or two?

“I wouldn’t mind; what say you, Frankie?”

Franklin turned his face to us briefly and said, “Alcohol in the dorm rooms is illegal!”

I touched Sammie on the shoulder and laid on the drama, “Has he ALWAYS been such a fuddy-duddy?”

I could see her grinning in the rear-view mirror, “Mostly yes, I’m pretty sure he has fun sometimes, every few months maybe?” We laughed some more.

“Well,” I said, “I’ve got enough glasses, and if he wants to, he can join us, okay?”

Nicole, I’m pretty sure Franklin rolled his eyes at me cuz his chin tipped up slightly; but his eyes never left the window. I could hear him mutter, “We’re not even twenty-one…”

Ten minutes later we were in my room; even through all of that I was positive he would join us and not even saying a word about it, he followed us up there. I brought out my hidden wine glasses and poured Sammie a glass of Merlot. I poured Franklin a glass next and we watched him intently as he took it, smelled it, sipped it, and swished it around in his mouth. I looked at Sammie and said, “What is he, a professional?”

Sammie giggled, “He’s just full of surprises!”

We small-talked for a bit and as we did, a lot of the information I got was very eye-opening. Sammie had four brothers; she was the only girl; and just as strangely (or maybe coincidentally,) Franklin had four sisters and no brothers. I remembered Felecia saying that their nerdy weirdness had to have a source, and things were becoming clearer.

“Four sisters, huh Franklin? How did that work for ya?”

Franklin’s face twitched and his eyes registered a faint look of pain, “It was okay, I guess; I didn’t have much choice in the matter.

I didn’t say it out loud, but I thought, “No, I bet you didn’t.”

Sammie spoke right up, “My brothers were all athletes, basketball and baseball. Our whole lives revolved around that stuff.”

“Did you play too?”

“I was a real tomboy; still am I suppose.”

“You’re pretty cute for a tomboy,” I told her, “Don’t you think so, Franklin?”

Franklin’s face said it all; he didn’t like the question, forcing a smile he said, “Sure, she’s real cute!”

Ignoring his response, Sammie asked me, “You think I’m cute?”

“Of course! Who said you weren’t?”

“My brothers never did that’s for sure, I think to them I was mostly an inconvenience. And I don’t think I ever measured up to their girlfriends either.”

“Hmm,” I was thinking this explains the tomboy thing. First she played with them as children; but when puberty hit, and not a whole lot changed…they ignored dikmen escort bayan her. “Did you ever have a boyfriend in high school?”

“No, our high school was pretty small, maybe I scared them!”

I looked over at Franklin, “So then, when did you and Sammie become friends?”

Franklin studied me for a few seconds and I could tell he was wondering where this conversation might be going. “In our sophomore year; we took several classes together and for one biology project we were partners. That started it.”

“Yeah,” said Sammie, “After that first project we tried to partner up whenever we could. We always got ‘A’s’!”

So I said, “It seems to me if you two were always hanging out together, people would assume you were a couple.”

“Nope, no one thought that,” responded Sammie.

“Why not?”

They both turned and looked at each other simultaneously; dredging up this memory wasn’t easy. Franklin had that pained expression on his face again. “What’s the point of telling her this?” He said to her with a shrug.

“What’s the big deal?” she replied, “Nancy’s cool, we’re just talking is all.” So she said to me, “Because everyone thought we were gay!”

Nicole, as all of my own experiences came flooding back to me, I couldn’t help but giggle at them, “Ohh really?”

Franklin was not amused, “See…this crap will never end, Sam; can’t we just drop it?”

Sammie reached over and shoved his shoulder, “Stop it, you ass! We’re gonna be okay, ya know!” She turned to me, “Franklin’s sisters are such bitches; they’re the ones who started that rumor! Or rather, they’re the ones who could have set the record straight…but they didn’t!”

It was all clear now; Felecia was right. These two were caught in this small town bullshit that their siblings started and were having trouble escaping it.

“So, I take it you’re not gay, huh?”

“Not in the least,” replied Sammie, “but one problem was, I had an experience with one of my girlfriends and that was part of the shit that came out! So we got labeled, and that was that.”

“That would explain Sammie’s problem, but what really happened to you, Frankie?”

“Look Nance, I don’t really want to explain my relationship with my sisters. I get along great with my one younger sister, and with my mom and dad too; but those three older bitches walk all over my parents. And they saw that I was shy and ‘nerdy,’ and they made an assumption…and then the rumors got started. That same sophomore year, I tried to break out of it by befriending a few other girls, but that small town shit brainwashed them or something. They were okay with being my friend; but beyond that I didn’t have a chance.”

Right near the end of that, Sammie was giggling, “One person actually wanted to ask Franklin out! His name was Andrew!” She and I burst out laughing at that one, and even Franklin chuckled some at that memory.

“Okay, okay…I get it. But you two are here now, this is a whole different world. None of that stuff in the past matters anymore. So what’s next?”

“Franklin doesn’t trust women, Nance; simple as that; and unfortunately I don’t think he really trusts me either!” This time Franklin reached over and gave Sammie a shove. “Did I say something that wasn’t true?”

“We don’t need to lay my life open for all the world to see!”

“It’s not ‘all the world,’ it’s just us three here, you dope!”

All of a sudden, the realization hit me; Felecia said if I was alert, I would see it…and I did! Franklin adored Sammie, but her tomboy behavior, name-calling, and domineering manner was just a bit too much for him. So he kept her at arm’s length when it came to a relationship. Sammie, on the other hand, wanted their friendship to go further, but she had no idea how to encourage him. And now the two of them were sitting right there bickering…this was going to be up to me, Nicole!

So right in the middle of their snit I half-shouted, “Hey you two…HEY!” They stopped and turned, “Will you both slow down for a sec and listen to me? If you’ll let me, I can fix this whole problem tonight!”

“What problem?” said dopey Franklin.

Sammie slapped him on the shoulder again, “God, you’re so fuckin’ dumb! Would you just shut the fuck up for once?”

Franklin folded his arms and glared at her. “Dumb huh? You’re just lucky I’m not a violent man!”

Nicole, I can’t tell you how funny it sounded when he said that! His glasses had slipped down to the end of his nose and his voice cracked saying the word “just.” But it broke the ice…Sam and I just howled with laughter! Franklin got sooo red in the face, and for a beat there I thought he would get up and leave.

So I stood up and went over to him and laid my hand on his shoulder and ran it halfway down his back. “Franklin, I just want you to know that I think you’re both great; and after tonight your whole life is gonna change. Would that be okay?”

“What do you mean ‘change’?”

“I mean I’ve been through some of these kinds of things before; if you’re willing to listen to me, and do what I suggest, you’re life elvankent escort bayan is gonna turn for the better. I was willing to listen to you about the memory stuff in class; are you willing to listen to me about relationships?” Franklin was stone silent. He stared up at me for a good thirty seconds without moving. I glanced over at Sammie and repeated, “Are you willing? You both have to be on the same page here.”

“I am,” she responded, “I’ve been frustrated long enough!”

Franklin turned his gaze on Sammie, “Yeah, maybe Nance has a point; maybe we need a different strategy.”

“That’s for sure,” and she turned to me, “Okay Dr. Nance, we’re in, what next?”

“You in too Frankie?”

He was a little more hesitant, but when he spoke, it was firm, “Yeah, okay…I’m in too; what do we do?”

I handed them their glasses of wine, “Let’s finish these, and I’m going to tell you something, and you will either agree…or this won’t work. I said you’ll have to let me help, so you have to agree.” I took a couple sips from my glass and waited.

Sammie scooted back farther onto my bed and sat cross-legged; she looked almost enthusiastic. I’m ready.”

Frankie leaned back and downed the rest of his wine, put the glass on the desk, pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and said, “Okay, go for it.”

“First of all, a good friendship is a gift; an awesome gift! I don’t want to be too dramatic, but it’s such a great gift, life isn’t worth living without it. Do you both see that?” When they nodded I continued, “is your friendship awesome, or not?” They both agreed. “Then certain friendship rules must be followed; I was lucky enough to have friends in high school that understood this. You didn’t, but so what? That’s all over and we’re starting over tonight! The number one rule is: No frustration allowed. No one’s perfect; don’t allow their imperfections to piss you off; quit trying to make the other person perfect.” Right here I moved over and sat on the bed next to Sammie.

Franklin was sitting in his chair with his legs crossed, chin in hand, elbow on knee; almost like he was memorizing something. Sammie was looking at him too (waiting for him to react.) He finally realized that we were staring at him, “What? What are you guys looking at?”

Sam was going to answer, but I stopped her by putting my hand on her leg, “Frankie, Sammie is NOT your sisters; she’s your friend, stop being suspicious of her.” Turning to her I said, “And you, Sam, quit being dishonest with him, stop the expectations; let him be himself, okay?”

She pursed her lips, “But he may never get it, Nance.”

“Sam, just enjoy the friendship while it lasts. My friend Felecia, was my BFF; but she met someone…and things change. Something’s gonna change tonight, you’ll see!”

“You keep saying that;” Franklin blurted, “I get this ‘friendship’ thing; but what is this big change you’re talking about?”

“It’s time you kids started seeing the possibility of something more,” I replied. “It’s so much more fun that way. All you have to do after that is just keep your head screwed on straight!”

“Now you’re doing it again, you’re frustrating me with all the talking in circles.”

“Okay, then fill us in on something, why didn’t you tell Sammie that the party tonight was a Wet T-Shirt Contest? You be honest, and I’ll stop ‘talking in circles’.” He just blinked hard and sat there, looking weird. I knew what he was thinking, but he didn’t speak. “You don’t know; or you don’t want to tell us?”

After a long pause he said, “I’m not sure I can say it.”

“You want me to say it for you?”

Franklin’s eyes narrowed, “You think you know; go ahead!”

“You wanted to see titties, but you didn’t feel you could tell her that honestly.”

“Shit!” he hissed.

“What? Am I wrong?”

He uncrossed his legs and leaned back, “No, I guess not.”

I heard Sammie mutter something unintelligible beside me, so I turned to her; “Okay, and you, Sam; he didn’t tell you so when you saw what the party was about, why didn’t you leave? After all, he wasn’t honest with you, right?”

Nicole, you should have seen the expression on Sammie’s face! I giggled it was so funny! She thought I was going to pin this whole thing on Franklin, but in a flash…she found out differently. I knew what she was thinking too.

“I don’t know,” she answered, “maybe I should have, huh?”

“No…now you’re not telling the truth, you need to be honest too, Sammie!”

She sat there for a moment and said, “Okay, so even though he annoyed me by not telling me, I guess I wanted to watch it too.”

“Sure you did; now, since we’re being honest, Sam, tell us what you thought about the whole contest. Honest now, don’t hold back!”

“I don’t think I want to.”

I shook my head and said, “Of course you do; c’mon now, if you won’t be honest nothing will ever change, and you both will walk out of here and go back to the way it’s always been. I know you want to tell us, you’re just afraid of the truth; you think it might make things worse.”

Sammie emek escort bayan stared at me, “Geez, Nance, are you gonna be a psych major or something?” She paused and turned to Franklin, “Okay, I’m gonna see this thing through; are you?”

“Yes,” he responded, “we’ve come this far; it’s probably best to continue.”

“Do you swear that I can trust you?”

“Sure, everything we say stays in this room. I can trust you for that as well?”

“You could always trust me, you know that!” So Sammie turned to me and said, “I not only wanted to watch, I would have liked to be IN the contest, but I was too chicken shit!”


“I was afraid. I just said that.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Nance, I don’t have a great body like any of those girls. Hell, half the GUYS in that crowd have bigger boobs than I do.”

“Sammie, you have a sweet face, nice hair, a great smile; but tell me something. Why do you think I won the contest?”

Sammie wrinkled her nose and said, “That’s easy, you had a plan and the confidence to pull it off. The difference is, you have the looks to go with it.”

“No girlfriend, the difference really is that I was gonna have fun trying! THAT’S the difference; if I had lost… oh well, that’s too bad; but I made another friend in Meredith,” and then I laughed out loud, “and those people in the crowd had fun too!”

“Okay, yes, I agree with that point.”

“Not entirely,” I turned to stare right at Franklin, “I know she’s still holding back a bit.” With a nod toward Sammie I continued, “C’mon Sammie, tell Franklin what else you wanted to do!”

“Uh, No.”

“C’mon…tell him; he can handle it.”

“I said no.”

Right here I broke my eye-contact with Franklin and turned to her, “You want me to tell him?” I didn’t wait for her to answer, I just said, “Frankie, she wished she was Meredith; she was turned on by what Meredith and I did!” Nicole, you could have heard a pin drop! Right in the middle of that silence I could hear Sammie groaning inwardly. I smiled at her though, “Yes, you know I’m right, and at this moment you’re thinking about how much fun it would have been!”

“No, right now I’m thinking how embarrassed I am!”

I glanced at Franklin, he was just looking at his friend slack-jawed and his eyes were wide open. “Really? Damn! Woww!”

Sammie just covered her face with her hands; but I reached over and pulled them away, “Now stop that, Sammie; stop being embarrassed about yourself. Should I be embarrassed because I DID what you wanted to do?” She didn’t answer. Turning back to him I said, “Okay, now you…stop wallowing in your past; it’s time to throw away all that shit that was dumped on you and live your life the way you want. Are you gonna do that… or not?”

“Wow,” he said again, “There’s a lot to unpack here.”

“You can unpack it later; the question is, do you still want to get this thing fixed tonight?”

He grinned, “Oh hell yes! I’m starting to enjoy this; when we first started, I didn’t think I would!”

“I knew you would; but Sammie, no more pretenses. Do you want to continue, or are you as you said too ‘chicken-shit’?”

“Go ahead; let’s continue.”

“Great!” I got off the bed and stood right in front of Franklin and shocked him to his toes, “Okay, you fucking nerd! Be honest now, how hard did your dick get when you were watching us girls on the stage?” I heard Sammie gasp and Franklin choked and coughed…and coughed some more! I laughed at both of them! Looking at Sammie I said, “He’s so funny; I bet he’s never been asked anything like that before!”

Sammie was smiling, “He was hard, I saw it! But then again, a lot of guys were!”

“You checked all of them huh?”

Sammie grinned, “As many as I could!”

Franklin had stopped coughing by this time, “Now, listen Franklin,” I said quietly, “we are gonna say and do a lot of things more surprising than what I just said, don’t choke to death on us, okay?”

Franklin’s face said it all, I could tell he was thinking, “Goddd, what the hell did I get myself into?”

Putting my hand on his shoulder, I reached between his legs and gently felt his cock. “It’s not hard now, how come?”

“You’re kidding right?” he exclaimed, “This is just weird!”

“Do you masturbate, Franklin?”

I laughed when he choked a choke, “Uhh, sometimes…I guess.”

“You guess?” Turning to Sammie I said, “Do you? Masturbate, I mean?”

She didn’t hesitate, “Yes, LOTS!” Then she giggled at Franklin’s facial expression.

“C’mere you!” I took my new friend by the hand and pulled her to her feet; then I sat down behind her on the bed and guided her between my legs facing Franklin. It was a little humorous, Nicole; I was about as tall as Sammie sitting down! I could put my chin on her shoulder and whisper, “I wanna see if we can get this guy hard again, Sam. Think we can?” Sammie didn’t answer but she nodded; and again, Franklin looked like he was gonna choke…or croak! I put my hands on her hips and purred loudly, “Oh my God, Sammie, you really do have a beautiful ass!” I felt her shiver in my hands. “Yes, Franklin…this ass is to die for! Have you ever thought about seeing Sammie naked?” Franklin’s eyes were flicking back and forth between Sammie’s face and my hands, and I saw him lick his lips ever so slightly! “He has you know, Sam; he’s thought about it a lot…he’s probably even jerked off thinking about it!”

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Loving Ms. Case

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Alex Tanner

I was fourteen when I first saw her. The girl that lived next door to the house my parents moved us to was my age. Long blond hair, long dark smooth legs, and the face of an angel, that is if you could quit looking at her breasts in her tight sweaters, t-shirts or sports bras. Julie was a knockout… and a complete and total bitch. Once I met her, her looks didn’t make up for her total lack of respect for others. The universe in Julie’s world rotated around her and her only. I was afraid to see what her parents were like.

Julie’s sister seemed nice enough though. I saw her once in a while. To be totally honest I saw her as often as I could. From the apartment over our garage, I could see her lying out in their back yard almost daily during the summer working on her tan. I would peer through the window at her just dreaming of that one time she would sit up and then put her top on. I just knew her breasts were Playboy beautiful.

One day after peering at her from the upstairs window, and not getting lucky again, I went down to the garage and started tinkering with my dirt bike. Putting on a new rear tire wasn’t nearly as bad with her fresh in my mind. I wondered if she had seen me riding wheelies up the street and been impressed. When you’re fourteen you’re absolutely convinced that doing sixty down a residential street with the front wheel of a motorcycle two feet off of the ground makes girls want to get naked for you. I feel embarrassed now for those guys who never grew out of it.

“Honey… Kevin.” My mom called from the door. “Are you in here?”

“Yea mom, I’m over here.”

“Watcha doin’ sweetie?” She asked before looking.

“Putting the tire on my bike. Thanks for getting it for me. Can I race this weekend?”

“Sure, you can race.” She said. “Well I came in here because you have a job offer.”

I stopped turning my wrenches. “A job offer?” I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“Yes. Ms. Case just came over from next door and wanted to know if you would be interested in mowing her lawn for the summer.”

“I guess.” I said. “Did she say how much?”

“No, she asked and I said that I would send you over to see her if you were interested.”

“Sure, I’ll talk to her. Hopefully she pays better than Mr. Moorhead did.”

Mr. Moorhead was our last neighbor. He was an old rich guy that lived next door to us at our last house. He thought that I should mow his lawn for no charge because I was a kid and he was an old guy. It was supposed to build character that in his opinion ‘kids lack these days.’ Mr. Moorhead grudgingly paid me a third of what he should have. My parents thought it good to keep the peace. They increased my allowance to reflect the shortcoming of his graciousness. My parents called it a maturity bonus.

As I walked next door to see Ms. Case I was hoping that Julie was not there. Hopefully she was out making someone else’s life miserable. I did hope to get a peek at Julie’s sister though. I stepped up onto the large porch area and rang the doorbell. It was only a few seconds before the door opened.

“Hi, I’m Kevin Baxter from next door, is your mom home?” Damn! It was Julie’s sister. Wow!

She looked at me and smiled before speaking. “Pardon me?” She asked.

“I’m Kevin Baxter from next door, I’m here to see Ms. Case about mowing the lawn.”

“Oh. Okay.” She said still smiling. “Are you trying to flatter me?”

“Ma’am?” I asked.

“I am Helen Case… Ms. Case. Come on in Kevin.”

Ms. Case opened the door and stepped behind it so that I could come in.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I’ve seen you but I thought you were Julie’s sister. You don’t look like a mom.” It sounds stupid now but when I was fourteen that is what I said to her. It seemed good at the time She didn’t look like a mom though. Ms. Case was hot. She was wearing a bikini top and a wrap around her waist to cover her bikini. She was better looking than Julie I thought.

Ms. Case closed the door and led the way to the kitchen where she offered me a drink. I accepted because it would keep me there longer. My thoughts of Julie had disappeared.

“So Mr. Baxter, you’re interested in mowing my lawn for me?” Ms. Case asked.

“Mr. Baxter is my dad ma’am, you can just call me Kevin.” I hated being called Mr. Baxter.

“Being called Mr. Baxter probably makes you feel like I do when I’m called ma’am.”

My face reddened.

“Okay Kevin, I’m Helen.”

“Yes ma’am… I mean, uh Ms. Hel…” I had to take a deep breath. My reddened face felt like it was on fire. “Helen.” I said.

And that was how I met Helen. dikmen escort I ended up mowing her lawn every summer after that, and she paid well. I also seemed to get luckier after that as well when it came to watching her from the apartment over the garage. Sometimes I would see Helen sunning herself in a thong bikini and small top that barely covered her nipples. Other times she just wore a regular bikini.

Ms. Case would also have me do odd jobs around the house like moving her heavy plants or cleaning the garage. I even took apart a bed for her in one of the couple extra bedrooms she had so that the furniture could be moved out and the room made into an office, which didn’t make sense because she had an office downstairs already. I didn’t care though, I got to watch her come in and out of the room in her shorts and t-shirt which were one of the hottest outfits I had ever seen her in. I don’t think she was wearing a bra. I noticed how the t-shirt stretched over her breasts and her nipples were unmistakable.

I think I was seventeen or almost seventeen at the time. We had grown comfortable with each other as much as I was at her house. It was a little weird when Julie was around because she was being nice to me in front of her mom but we both knew how it was when her mom wasn’t around. I think Helen saw through it too.

On the day I was disassembling the bed though Julie wasn’t there. Helen was bending over picking up something that had fallen off of the bed and I was looking at her. The way her shorts slid over her ass when she bent over or the way her breasts pressed even harder against the t-shirt. I was visualizing her bending over with nothing on. Helen turned and looked in my direction as she began to stand. I was so busted. It was obvious that I was ogling her. I did the only thing I could think of at the time.

“I’m sorry.” I said and went back to my task.

“What do you mean you’re sorry?” Ms. Case asked pointedly.

When all else fails, like the ability to make up a good excuse fast… tell the truth…as vaguely as possible.

“You saw me looking at you, I didn’t mean any disrespect, I’m sorry.” I said truly ashamed.

“Kevin Baxter!” She said with that smile on her face. “You’ve been looking at me for how many years now?”

Helen now turned and sat on the mattress facing me.

“What do you mean?” I asked. When you’re a kid you never admit anything.

“Ohhh let’s see.” She said with that same coy smile on her face. “I don’t think I’ve laid out in the back yard for a week straight without you checking me out at least once from your parents apartment.”

My heart was pounding. I knew I was really really busted.

“I think you’ve watched me around the house here ever since you’ve been helping me out. You’re sorry you’ve been caught is what you’re saying.”

“Yes.” I admitted it with just that single word.

“Do you like what I’m wearing Kevin?” Helen asked bending down from the bed to me on the floor.

I just nodded as I glanced up at her.

“I’m flattered Kevin. I don’t mind you looking if you want to.”

I returned a smile to her and lightened up a little. “It would be creepy if I just stared at you wouldn’t it?” It was meant as a rhetorical question.

“You just look all you want Kevin.” Helen said bending down further. She placed her lips on my forehead and kissed me.

The quietness of the room and her lingering fragrance added to my feelings of euphoria. I stood facing her and said nothing.

“No Kevin.” Helen said drawing away. “We can’t do this. We can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“I want you too Kevin, believe me I do too but you’re under age.”

“I don’t care Helen, I’ll be eighteen in a few months anyway.”

“It’s the law Kevin, it’s not worth the risk. I’ve gone too far anyway.”

“Kevin, I hate to do this.” Helen began. “It’s probably best if we don’t see each other for a while, at least until your eighteenth birthday. It’s better that way.”

“Why? I want to see you Helen…” She cut me off.

“I want to see you too Kevin, that’s why. I’m afraid something might happen and we can’t let that happen.”

I felt like I was going to panic or maybe I was deep inside. Now that it was all in the open and Helen said that she liked me that way she was pushing me away. I didn’t understand.

“Let’s wait and see after your birthday, please.”

The look in her eyes stopped my argument. She was so soft and beautiful.

“I’ll give you the best birthday present I can give you, I promise.”

Helen led me down the stairs by elvankent escort the hand leaving the bed unfinished. I opened the door and turned back to her. I think our eyes said everything we could say. I walked out the door without either of us saying goodbye. The sound of the door striker clicking in place sounded much louder than it actually was. That was it.

I turned eighteen three months later. It was more than six months before I saw Helen again. The last time I saw Helen was on a Saturday. I raced the next day, Sunday. I had a new motocross bike. I had started racing the 125 class at the beginning of last season. My dad bought me a used two stroke, a Yamaha YZ 125 to begin the class on but this season I was on a brand new Honda CR250F four stroke. It was a beautiful bike. It had loads of power. I had practiced on it several times and was able to clear some bigger jumps much easier than I ever could. I took second place in my first moto. I only took second because at the last minute,

4 risked it all and tripled the finish line section for the win. That jump had to be over a hundred feet, I doubled and singled it like everyone else had been doing, except for the 250 pros.

4 and I came around the corner bar to bar on the last lap, he was freakin’ fast. It was obvious he was going to take his triple again so I was too. I knew he had cleared it once nicely so as long as he stayed on the throttle I would know for sure I was going fast enough to clear it as well.

It didn’t happen the way I thought it would. We were probably doing fifty to sixty as our front tires rolled onto the jump. At that speed you’re committed. If you’re going to abort a jump it has to be done way ahead of time. My bike sputtered on the face of the jump. Nothing big, a person listening wouldn’t have heard it but at that speed and a jump like the one I was now committed to, a disruption of power, even one so fast that you can’t hear it, you can only feel it, spells the difference between kissing the trophy girl and kissing the dirt. My bike soared into the air and I adjusted the throttle and tapped the brake to level the bike. I was fifteen feet in the air and before I even left the ground I knew it was going to be bad. Once a bike is air born there is little that can be done to change your fate good or bad.

I quickly saw that I was going to face the third hill. This meant that I was not going to land on the hill like an alpine ski jumper would. I was going to hit it on the back side. It would be like running into a brick wall. And that is what I did. My bike came down and my front tire impacted the hill directly in the center. As far as I was concerned it was lights out. I was told that my front wheel and forks folded under the front of the bike and broke. I was launched from the bike and sent though the air like a rag doll. In the air my bike flipped like a field goal kick and after more than four rotations, it landed on top of my lifeless body. My helmet was split in half from the impact of the swingarm to my head.

I regained consciousness two days after my birthday. I had been in a coma for over three months. That is a weird feeling. It was no different than being knocked unconscious and waking up a minute later. After waking three months later it felt the same as ten seconds. Three months just wiped away.

I stayed in the hospital for another two months while the doctors drained fluid from my head, my knees and my shoulders. There were rigs around my knees that were holding everything in place with pins that were drilled through my bones and screwed in place. The pain was fantastic. That’s the only word to describe it. Searing white hot throbbing grinding splintered pain. There was a first place trophy sitting on the nightstand across from my bed. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Just a click in my throat and a choking sound. The pain wouldn’t let me speak. My mom went and got it. She brought it to my bedside. “It’s yours honey.” She said with tears in her eyes. You and the other boy crossed together. He wouldn’t let them draw. He said you won. There was a check attached for $500.

My mom told me of the countless people who had visited. I was listening for one name. Ms. Case. Ms. Case had visited with her daughter Julie. She said that several houses on the block had ribbons on the trees for my recovery, Ms. Case included. It was overwhelming.

I went home in a wheel chair but I felt pretty good. When my dad rolled me into the house I was faced with I think everyone on the block cheering and clapping. There was a cake and decorations and a lot of tears. emek escort I felt myself becoming emotional at the outpouring of these people. These were the people who would have been at my funeral had I not lived. I wiped the tears from my eyes as best I could and that was when I saw Helen standing in the back of the room with tears streaming down her beautiful face. She was trying to smile for me but her emotions were too much to overcome.

Six months from the day I crashed, I walked into my parent’s house without any hardware sticking out of my body. I felt good but was weak. My mom and dad were taking the trip that I had to argue with them to take. They had been though a terrible ordeal with me and needed time away. They were going to the Caribbean for two weeks. I had to convince them that everything would be fine. If I had any problems, the neighbors would help out or I would call them personally.

Helen came by the day after my parents left and brought me a plate of cookies. I invited her in. She always looked so good.

“You turkey, do you have any idea what you put us through?” She said trying to be playful.

“I didn’t mean to do it. I’m just glad I was out of it so I didn’t have to feel any more pain than I did.”

Helen just shook her head and smiled at me.

I placed my hand behind her head and drew her to me. We kissed softly like we had so many months ago.

“Can you come over?” She asked in a lover’s voice.


Helen bit at her lower lip obviously thinking about something. “Can you come through the back yard, I don’t want the neighbors to see anything.”

“Sure.” I said.

“In about twenty minutes.”


That was the longest twenty minutes I had ever experienced I think. I went into our back yard and around the pool to the back where there was an access for the meter readers and slid through. As I approached the patio of Helens house she came out. Helen was dressed in her short shorts and a tight t-shirt… and no bra, just as she had been the day that I left her. I looked at all of her without worrying about her seeing me look at her.

When I was close enough she spoke. “Happy Birthday Kevin Baxter.” I just drank her in with my eyes. “Do you like your present?” She asked.

I led her back in through the open door. “Yes.”

“Open it.” She said

I pulled the t-shirt out of the band of her shorts and pulled it up over her breasts. Helen’s breasts were full and round and beautiful. I lowered my mouth to her breast and sucked it into my mouth. My hands went to her ass and slid under the legs of her shorts as I did.

Helen’s hand went to my crotch and pressed against me. I pulled the front of my jeans open for her. Her soft fingers wrapped around my shaft and stroked it. That was all it took for me. I pulled open her shorts and slid my hand inside.

“Do you want to be here or upstairs in bed?” She asked.

I had to decide on the bed. As much as I would have enjoyed fucking her on the dining room table or the floor or the counter top, my knees weren’t up to it.

“I want you in bed like we were.”

Helen and I made our way upstairs to her bed and we quickly found ourselves in the same position we had been in the day we had to call it off. Helen and I were pressing our hips together in a mock fucking session. My hand caressed her breast as we pressed and kissed.

“Will you undress for me Helen?” I asked. I didn’t have the strength to undress her myself on the bed.

Helen stood and faced me and pulled her shirt over her head. Her breasts were so gorgeous. She placed her thumbs in the band of her shorts and slid them from her hips to the floor along with her panties.

“You are so beautiful.” I said trying to look at all of her.

Helen moved forward and lowered my pants to the floor.

“Let me suck you Kevin.” She said in a whisper.

“Not yet Helen. I want to make love to you.”

I lowered Helen to the bed and then myself on top of her with my hips between her spread legs. I could feel my body touching her wet flesh. With our arms around each other I only had to slide forward and into her. We both breathed deeply in a shaky sort of sigh. Helen’s body felt like nothing I had ever felt before. She was not only beautiful to look at but beautiful to feel as well. Our time together making love for the first time was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had in my short love life.

When I finally released, my body shuttered and tensed. Helen pulled herself to me and held me tight.

“Come in me Kevin.” Helen whispered.

I ended up staying at Helen’s for most of the week. We made love to our hearts content. Our every desire fulfilled. The fact that she was 45 years old or that I was 18 made no difference at all. We were just two people that wanted nothing more than to satisfy one another and be together.

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Leak Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Thelma Rottenbutski

Like all ‘Paines’, Reele’s aunt Thelma was provided a magnificent penthouse somewhere in the upper levels of the manor. It wasn’t the very top, because she was an adopted family member and the youngest Paines. But in Mr. Badd’s eyes, she’d always been as important as Bigg.

She’s a crude swinish woman, who looked like a street fighter and back alley brawler, yet came on like a sweet old lady, everyone’s favorite grandmother. Reele feared, more than hated her. She appeared to be in her late fifties, but Reele knew she was older. She kept the last name of her late husband just to irk the other Paines’. Reele sent for Laura once Thelma arrived.

Thelma’s an intimidating woman at six feet tall, with broad shoulders. A heavily stocked matron with a big mouth, rough worried features and mildly callous hands. Her general roughness is in sharp contrast to her lush black hair, which she wore brushed back and piled neatly in a tight bun atop her head. She was an eccentric, dressed in a gray English tweed suit, snug and sharp as a tack. It was clean and crisp, and as severe as her expressions and tone.

Everything about her bothered Reele but he stuck to the business at hand. Auntie Thelma knew what it was she was being offered and controlled her temper because of it. Laura was her brother’s, the late Bigg Paines, luscious granddaughter, the one everyone was talking about. Thelma had been adopted by Bigg’s father, the powerful Mr. Badd Paines, a year before Paines Manor was erected. Thelma had hated Bigg and saw this a fitting finale to their sibling rivalry. Laura was the Manor’s precious princess and would fit in nicely with her plans. Thelma was short with her frightened nephew, explicit and very loud. Before Laura arrived, she’d cowed the poor man, who wanted nothing to do with the woman to begin with.

Laura balked as she entered her father’s study to meet her great aunt and future governess. She was dumbfounded escort dikmen by such a frightfully garish woman whose appearance commanded attention. Thelma’s eyes exploded with flashes, not unlike those produced by camera bulbs ignighted by eager photographers. They nearly popped from their sockets and her heart began beating faster and harder then ever before. When she saw Laura, she saw her ‘Blue Ribbon’ and realized her prayers had been answered.

Like an asp with an apple, she approached the trembling teenager seductively, with a keen sense of the girl’s unease. She was sly, evil, pure serpentine. She smiled broadly and began talking to Laura as a kindly mother might, with an even, quiet tone. She asked generic questions, touching on subjects she couldn’t have cared less about, education, hobbies and such, calming fears and affording the child an extremely false sense of security.

In moments things were progressing to Thelma’s satisfaction, and Laura was lulled back to her world of fantasy. The teen sensed neither the unmitigated guile, nor the dangers lurking behind the woman’s forced sweetness. Laura’s fears were brushed aside by Thelma’s manipulations of innocence. Laura found herself quite taken by the glib silver-tongued woman and almost at ease. Like a timid mouse after a bit of peanut butter, she cautiously stepped up to a well-placed trap, unaware of its nature.

From some distant place only Reele could hear, the starting gun went off and someone yelled, “place your bets please.” So eagerly blinded by selfish desires was Mr. Paines, he didn’t take notice of Thelma’s twin sons standing in the shadows. Actually he wished not to, because the less he had to do with his aunt the better.

The boys were off to the side waiting quietly, but alert. These two rouges were genuine imps if there ever were, demons who’d slipped under the walls of Hades. Yet they followed an almost abnormal obedience, a military style escort elvankent regime, when around their mother, or whenever she so much as looked in their direction. One wouldn’t say they behaved so out of fear, but rather out of an unusual eagerness and pride.

Laura’s extremely graceful beauty and breath-taking attributes were not wasted on these two. Like a couple starving vultures sitting in wait on the crooked limb of a nearby tree, they watched their prey’s every movement. They studied her every breath, every blink, every nervous twitch, in wide-eyed salivating enthusiasm. They waited for a peek at something, anything, hoping to simply catch the girl’s glance, as their hands busied themselves on what appeared to be thick Genoa salamis stuffed down their pants. Standing behind them was another extremely interesting creature Mr. Paines chose to also ignore, Fifi.

Fifi stood behind the boys, silent, poised and bald. She’s thirty years of age, blind and mute, almost five foot tall, pleasingly plump and very playful looking. She has a round sullen face, thick pouty lips and an olive brown complexion. She wore a well starched maid’s uniform. It was snow white and trimmed with yards of lace, obviously tailored to her body, leaving her voluptuous form well-accented. One couldn’t help noticing, while admiring the utter size of her breasts, their weight dragging them down to below her waist. Each nipple strained to push through the milk-soaked satin material, which molded to each mammary like a tight rubber glove. She also wore a pair of dainty white laced gloves that came to her wrists, a wide lacy neck collar and a pair of outrageously steep white high heeled pumps, sans nylons or undergarments. Her nose was pierced and threaded with a small silver ring. Thelma had met and befriended the woman about seven years earlier, helping her escape an abusive deaf mother.

It’s not hard to feel sorry for the late Mr. Bigg Paines granddaughter. escort emek But like good Christians slaughtering American natives, rounding up slaves, or flocking to enjoy a good old fashioned hanging…, Or like Puritans who enjoy watching people stripped naked, jabbed with pitch forks and burned alive while tied to a stake… Or like newspapers and television reports that thrive on depravity, lies and injustice for sustenance: feeling sorry for anyone is just that… feeling sorry. Hey! Too bad, tough luck, we’re Americans and don’t give a damn about anyone until they’re dead. The excitement and thrills received from watching another suffer are beyond human comprehension. It’s an unreachable itch caused by a genetic flaw in human DNA that transcends all reason and all religionist precepts. It pervades all politically correct systems and what little value they possess, all nationalities, all men and all women alike. So let’s enjoy Laura’s suffering, shall we?

Reele was itching to escape, working his way to the door, nodding in approval and agreeing to every demand made by Thelma. By the time Reele had disappeared out of the door, even poor Laura realized she had been given away, passed off to this strange woman. She’d been handed off like a piece of jewelry, a trinket or some worthless curio, and saw no alternative.

As Reele made some last minute preparations, Thelma Rottenbutski, her two boys, along with Fifi and a very saddened Laura, strolled off to Laura’s room. The ogling crowd Laura had found following before were absent, replaced with the less obvious, but more curious peekers.

Laura didn’t want to look at the boys, who already revolted and embarrassed her. But in the elevator, as the group descended, her childlike curiosity and the boys’ heckling caused her to steal a quick glance in their direction. She turned her head in shame when she found them lifting the skirt of the blind mute, revealing the maid’s nakedness. She listened to them slap the big behind and wondered why Thelma did nothing.

After exiting the lift, Thelma found a room for her boys and Fifi, just down the hall from Laura’s. Much to Laura’s sadness, Thelma decided to occupy Betsey’s old room, which adjoined both hers and the boys’.

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Temptress Ch. 01

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“Bless me Father for I have sinned. In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit, my last confession was six months ago.”

“Go ahead, child. What grievous sin have you committed since your last confession?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to gain my composure before I confessed.

“Father, I keep having these sinful thoughts about a man, I know it’s wrong but I cannot stop these feelings. I keep thinking of ways to attract his attention. I have also started smoking cigarettes.”

I closed my eyes and winced on the other side of the screened window, waiting for Father McGowan’s response.

“And just who is this man?”

“He is my Math teacher, Father.”

“Oh, child, and just what did you intend to do if you got this man’s attention?”

“I … I don’t know, Father.”

“And what of these feelings you have been having?”

“Well, I get feelings, Father, feelings inside me … I …”

“Go on, child, confess all before God.”

“Well, I have sexual feelings, Father.”

“All right, child. I understand. You have just turned eighteen years old and these are confusing and dangerous times for a young girl. You are entering into womanhood. But do not engage with this man, or any other men. There are people out there, especially men with authority who will only take advantage of your innocence. You must wait until you are married. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father.”

“As for smoking, it is only sinful if you abuse it. The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess, the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco or medicine. Do you understand, child?”

“Yes, Father.”

“However, I suggest you stop smoking as it will only become addictive and damage your health.”

“Yes, Father.”

“For your penance I shall speak to your parents and tell them you are to help out around the church after school for two evenings a week and every Mass for an entire month. Now let me hear your Act of Contrition.”

“O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell, but most of all because I have offended you, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance and to amend my life. Amen.”

“God, the Father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of his Son has reconciled the world to himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins; through the ministry of the Church may God give you pardon and peace, and I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.”

“For his mercy endures forever.”



I left the church feeling a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I went straight home and waited for Father McGowan to phone my parents. When I arrived at the house my mother opened the front door with a non to happy expression on her face.

“I don’t know what you have confessed to Father McGowan, young lady but you will serve your penance, your father and I will make sure of it.”

“Yes, mum.” I said trudging up the steps and into the house.

The next morning my mother decided that I had better start my penance right away. She insisted that I go straight from school that very evening and told me she would be informing Father McGowan.

I arrived at the church about thirty minutes after school had finished and I was greeted by Mrs Thomas, who was a real volunteer helping Father McGowan. She welcomed me inside telling me how delighted she was that I had volunteered to come and help out. I assumed Father McGowan had lied to protect me, but then hadn’t he sinned in doing that? No, that couldn’t be possible, Mrs Thomas must have her wires crossed I told myself.

After about an hour of cleaning Father McGowan’s rectory, Mrs Thomas came to check on me, explaining that she had to leave a little earlier than planned and that Father McGowan would be along shortly to see me. I told her it was no problem and went into the kitchen to do some more cleaning.

A short while later Father McGowan entered the kitchen. I was finishing off cleaning the dishes when he came up behind me.

“Ah, Sophie, I see you’re keen to start your penance.” He said, stinking of alcohol.

“Um … yes, Father.” I replied turning around but stepping away from his bad breath.

“Are you ok, Sophie?” He asked concern on his face as I eagerly stepped aside.

“Yes, Father.”

“Very well, come and sit with me for a few minutes, I’d like to have a chat with you.” He said, pointing towards the lounge.

I sat down on the large chocolate brown sofa and was a little shocked when Father McGowan came and sat right next to me. He draped his arm on the back of the sofa behind me.

“You look nervous. Are you ok?” He asked, moving his arm down over my shoulders.

I stiffened at his touch. “Yes, Father, I’m ok.” I lied.

“I’m so happy dikmen escort bayan you had the courage to come and confess your sins the other day, Sophie.” He said smiling warmly at me.

“It’s what I’m supposed to do, Father.” I told him.

“Yes it is, but at eighteen years of age not many girls stick to their Catholic beliefs I’m sad to say. But you, Sophie,” he went on, moving my hair out of my face and tucking it behind my ear, “you came to see me, and I will help you, my dear.”

I looked down at the floor, trying to hide the warmth in my cheeks as he touched and stroked my hair.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Sophie?” He asked.

I shook my head no. “I’m not really allowed to date until I’ve finished my exams. I said.

“That’s very good parenting if you ask me. You should get your education sorted first then meet a fine young man who is on the same level as yourself, a handsome Catholic man.” He chuckled. “You don’t want to end up dating some drop-out.” He said. “And besides, these young men today can’t be trusted.”

I laughed. “That’s what my father says.”

“That’s because he knows what he is talking about.” He said, gently tracing a finger down my neck and along the collar of my school blouse. “We will both have to keep an eye on you, wont we?”

“No harm in dating though, is there, Father? I mean I wouldn’t do … you know … anything.”

Father McGowan smiled at my innocence. “You’ll have finished school in no time, you’ll be in university getting your well deserved degree and then you’ll be all grown up experiencing adult life. Honestly, Sophie, there is no rush.”

“I suppose so.” I shrugged.

“Anyway, back to work, your mother will be here soon.” He said, brushing his hand against my breast as he stood up and left.

For the next few weeks this sort of behaviour by Father McGowan continued. At some time during the evenings whilst I was cleaning he would come and see me, Mrs Thomas had always left by this time, and he would sit me down on the large sofa. We would talk about school, my hobbies and friends, and he would always play with my hair, stroking it before running his fingers down my neck and back. After a while I learned to relax and enjoy it as it always felt nice, but it also turned me on and I felt guilty. I didn’t think Father McGowan ever meant for it to arouse me.

Halfway through my penance I stayed later than normal one evening to tidy up after Mrs Thomas was called away to attend to a sick friend. She gave me the keys lock up and said that if Father McGowan wasn’t home by 9pm then I was to lock up, go home and call her. She explained Father McGowan was visiting an old friend and would no doubt be having a glass of wine or two.

After Mrs Thomas left I went upstairs to clean the bathroom and vacuum the bedrooms. I was in Father McGowan’s bedroom pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth when I accidently knocked over a bag. Noticing some books come sliding out onto the floor I quickly dashed to pick them up. They were all books on the church and one on the Vatican, but as I was putting them back into the bag a magazine slid out of one of the books and onto the floor. I picked it up and gasped at what I saw on the front cover.

The magazine was no bigger than A5 but it was thick with pages and on the front was a picture of a naked woman spreading herself in a pose. An uneasy feeling washed over me as to why a priest would have such a sinful thing in his possession. I went to put the magazine back where I found it along with the other books when curiosity got the better of me.

I opened the magazine and started giggling. I knew it was a pornographic magazine and that it was forbidden. I had seen a few boys in school with magazines like this but I had never had the chance to look at one properly. I leaned over to the vacuum cleaner and switched off before walking back out onto the landing and making sure Father McGowan hadn’t returned home yet.

Happy I was still alone I went back into Father McGowan’s bedroom and sat on his bed, opening the magazine back up. I flicked through the pages and there were scores of young naked models. The pictures started with a model in a sexy outfit before she slowly stripped off throughout the photo scene. Eventually the models were naked, playing with themselves. I’m not a lesbian but the pictures were hot and I quickly realised how hot when I felt the moisture in my panties.

I turned a few more pages and found some dirty stories. I had never read anything like it before and one in particular had me lifting my skirt and sliding a hand between my legs. I read how a young girl was seduced by her school teacher and I instantly pictured myself with my Math teacher. The words were so descriptive I began to breath heavy and massage my clit. I was so turned on.

“What on god’s earth are you doing!!!!!!?” I heard a voice demand angrily.

I looked up and saw Father McGowan standing in the doorway looking down at me furiously. I quickly jumped up from the bed dropping the magazine.

“What are you doing with that elvankent escort bayan magazine, Sophie?” He asked, looking straight at me.

“I … I … I found it, Father.” I stuttered trying to leave the room.

“Don’t lie to me,” he demanded blocking the door way, “you were snooping in my room weren’t you?”

“Yes, Father.” I replied, bowing my head, too frightened to argue with him.

“You are a very bad young lady, Sophie?” He said, stepping towards me.

“I’m sorry, Father, I won’t do it again I promise.”

“You’ve said that before,” he said, in a calmer tone, “your here to serve your penance. Do you understand, Sophie?”

“Yes, Father,” I started to sob, “I’m ever so sorry, really I am.”

“This simply won’t do. I have no choice but to inform your parents that I cannot help you, god cannot help you.”

Tears filled my eyes as I started to panic. “No, please Father, don’t tell my parents.”

Father McGowan stood watching me for a few moments as I continued to sob.

“Come here, Sophie.” He said gently, opening his arms to me. “I never meant to upset you; but it is god’s way, you have to live by his rules if you truly want to go to heaven. You do want to go to heaven don’t you?”

I walked towards him and into his open arms. “Yes, Father, I do.

“I confiscated that disgusting magazine from a boy at church, I meant to destroy it.” He said.

He wrapped his arms tightly around my body, hugging me, crushing our bodies together. I blocked out the smell of alcohol on his breath and hugged him back, feeling his warmth and reassurance.

We hugged for a few moments before he started rubbing my back softly with his hand. It felt nice and I thought nothing of it until he started smelling my hair, nuzzling his mouth and nose against the top of my head.

Scared to make him even angrier I allowed him to carry on as he rubbed his hand up my back, onto my neck before resting under my long brown hair. I held my breath, my skin tingling at his touch as I trembled slightly. I had never experienced a sensation like it and I didn’t understand it at first, until I felt those sinful feelings again.

Father McGowan pulled me tighter against him and began stroking my hair. “Your hair smells so nice, and it’s so soft.”

I began to feel uneasy. His hug seemed to be changing from comforting to something else. Nobody had hugged me like this before, and nobody had ever stroked my hair and told me how nice and soft it was. Father McGowan pressed his lower body against me before he started swaying back and forth very slowly, and then I felt something hard pressing into my tummy.

I tried to push away but he grabbed me closer, bending his head down and kissing my neck softly.

“Oh, Sophie, you must be washed of your sins.” He said calmly, tickling my neck and sending warm shivers up my spine. “Did you find the magazine arousing?”

“Yes, Father, but …” I tried to protest before he interrupted me.

“You are a young temptress, Sophie; I knew it the day you confessed your evil sins. And now I find you looking at filthy magazines, with your school blouse revealing more than is appropriate.

“What do you mean, Father,” I pleaded, “please, you forgave me.”

“Look at me, Sophie.” He said.

I looked up at him and he eased his hold on me before he gently brushed my hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. He then traced a finger down my cheek, then my neck before finally placing his hand on my shoulder.

“I can help you, Sophie.” He said softly. “And I believe the Lord has brought us together so I can help you.”

“Yes, Father.” I said, naively.

His hand slid down from my shoulder and, hesitating briefly, slid it inside my school blouse and into my bra. He cupped my breast and closed his eyes, moaning quietly as he began massaging it. I felt a warm feeling inside my body, the one I get when I become aroused thinking about my Math teacher. I often imagined him doing this to me; I imagined it being different and not as nice as this.

“Oh, Sophie,” he moaned, “lead us not into temptation.”

He opened his eyes and we looked at each other for a moment, and then he lowered his head and kissed me on my lips. His tongue probed until I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue inside. At first I winced at the smell and taste, but then I felt his hand slid up my leg to my inner thigh. He was nice and tender and I liked how it felt. But I also felt confused. Wasn’t this wrong?

Father McGowan then led me back into his bedroom and sat me down on the end of his bed. He quickly sat down beside me and we resumed kissing. His hand returned back between my thighs, rubbing up and down. I sighed as we continued kissing and then he pulled my leg towards him, spreading my thighs apart. His hand moved up the inside of my leg, shots of adrenaline shooting up my spine and into my brain, causing all sorts of conflicting emotions, but it felt so good.

I leaned my head back and sighed again as his mouth moved to my neck. His tongue licking my skin as he emek escort bayan inhaled my scent and his hand reached my private parts. He began to rub me through my cotton panties, little circular motions with his finger tips pressed tightly together. For the first time I was experiencing a new and different sensation. How could this be wrong? I thought.

Then Father McGowan stopped everything he was doing and stood up. He walked towards the bedroom door and closed it. I jumped at the sound of him turning the key and locking us inside. He stared at me for a moment. “I can help you, Sophie.” He repeated, before unbuckling his trousers, his fingers shaking as he removed his belt and pulled down the zip. My eyes widened like saucers as I stared at his hard penis. “I can help you, but first we must clear you of all your sinful desires.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Take my cock in your hand,” he instructed, stepping closer to the bed, fulfil your needs with me, use me to rid your soul of these desires you have.

“But, Father …” I started to say.

“Don’t question me, Sophie, you must be washed and purified of your sins. Or would you prefer I excommunicate you from the church?”

Nervous, confused and a little excited I slowly moved my hand towards his cock. I watched it as it pulsed, throbbing as if it had a mind of its own. I had heard some of the other girls discussing different boys and their sizes, I had no idea if Father McGowan was big or not, but he looked big to me.

“Are you a virgin, Sophie?” He asked, gasping and moaning as I took his cock in my hand. “Yes, Father, I am.” I replied.

“Oh, Sophie, now move your hand up and down.”

I followed his instructions feeling how soft the skin was as I moved it back and forth.

He cupped the side of my face, tracing his thumb over my cheek. “Have you done this before?” He asked, dropping his hand down inside my blouse. He took turns with each breast, caressing and massaging them. He was gentle and I enjoyed the way they swelled and became sensitive in his grasp.

“No, never, Father.” I replied.

“You like it don’t you?” He said, looking down at my hand stroking him.

Heat flooded into my cheeks and I knew I was blushing. “I don’t know, Father.” I told him, ashamed to admit that I was aroused.

“Lick it, Sophie,” he said, his voice suddenly shaky, “go on, lick my cock and cleanse your soul.”

I felt myself go warm all over, especially between my legs. My heart beat quickened with excitement at being locked in this room with Father McGowan. I leaned towards him and slid my tongue out, licking the end, not really knowing what I was doing. I slid my tongue all the way around the swollen head, moistening it with my saliva; it tasted salty, forcing me to move back.

“What’s wrong?” He chuckled, watching me.

“It tastes weird and …” I started to say, trying to explain the strange taste. Then I felt his hand gently stroke into my hair before he softly grabbed a handful of my brown locks and guided my head back towards his groin.

“You will get used it, I promise.” He encouraged, as his cock touched my lips and entered my mouth.

Father McGowan let out a long slow breath as he filled my mouth with his cock for the first time. He was right; I did get used to the taste and found it not to be unpleasant. I looked up at him to see if I was doing ok and our eyes met as he too was staring down at me, smiling proudly. It made me feel good as I really wanted to make him happy.

His eyes never left me, his hands stroking my hair and breasts. I did notice his breathing becoming erratic, and I knew that feeling having experienced it myself many times before whilst masturbating. Another sin I was yet to confess.

“I’m close, Sophie, I’m gonna cum soon. God your mouth is so soft.” He gasped. I didn’t know what to say or how to respond to his words so I just kept on sucking and swirling my tongue around his cock. The salty taste in my mouth grew stronger as I felt and tasted what appeared to be little droplets of liquid on my tongue. I swallowed them down with my saliva and continued to suck.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” He cursed, suddenly withdrawing his cock from my mouth and hand.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried I had done something wrong.

“Nothing, nothing is wrong,” he panted, opening a wardrobe and retrieving some towels.

I stood up off the bed and looked at him oddly as he walked towards the bed holding the towels. He then pulled back the covers and neatly opened up the towels, placing them on the bed sheet, making a large square shape.

“Come here, Sophie, take off your shoes and get onto the bed.” He said. “Make sure your lying on the towels.”

I removed my shoes and followed his instructions, climbing onto the bed and laying with my back flat on the towels. I began to feel nervous and started to shake slightly.

“Don’t be nervous, Sophie, I’m not going to hurt you, this is for your own good, you want to banish these thoughts don’t you?”

“Yes. Father,” I nodded, but not feeling any less nervous.

He climbed onto the bed naked, his penis still hard, bouncing about as he then climbed on top of me, opening my legs before finally laying between them. He began kissing me again and pressing himself into me, his hard penis pushing against my soft lips through my panties. It felt nice but I began to shake again with fear.

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Realizing the Truth Ch. 02

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My mind seemed to launch in a thousand directions, but my body reacted just the way it should have. I put the food on my desk and grabbed my Jordans. While I laced up my sneakers, B put herself back together. I couldn’t help wondering if I’d just thrown away a lifetime of friendship to have the satisfaction of her being in my bed… I let that thought go. I knew I did the right thing. I was in love with this woman and I was going to do whatever I had to in order to keep her. B’s voice finally penetrated my thoughts when she asked, “Are you ready?”

I automatically jumped up and said, “Yeah. Let’s go.”

We rushed downstairs. I only stopped to grab my car keys and cell phone. Dashing out the door, I locked it and ran to my car. Turning the ignition, I looked at B for a sceond, nothing on her face showed what she was thinking, so I backed out of the driveway and sped to the hospital.



I looked at my watch and saw that it was 4:13. I was supposed to meet S.J. and Bianca at the food court in less than 20 mintues, but I really didn’t feel like going and being the third wheel in the group because they were too blind to see that they liked each other. Shaking my head, I see the Starbucks just as I enter the mall. I walked to the counter, I seriously needed a vanilla bean frappe. As I ordered, I heard a voice behind me say, “Wow. You are way too beautiful to be here alone. Where’s your boyfriend?”

I turn to see a tanned guy in a muscle shirt. He looked like he was in his early twenties. I had to return the smile he was giving me as it became seemingly etched into my brain. I shook my head and answered, “I don’t have a boyfriend and I do some of my best work alone, thank you very much.”

He smile never changing as he said, “Ah! So is that why you’re here? You’re working?”

“No, I’m currently not working. I’m supposed to meet a few friends here in a little while.” I answered, shaking my head again.

He gave me the most adorable puppy dog face and replied, “Aww. See now I’m going to be bored. I was hoping to spend my afternoon with a gorgeous girl and get to know her over a cup of joe.”

I laughed then and said, “Sorry. You’ll have to find your entertainment elsewhere. Hopefully with a girl who is straight and not bright enough to notice that you aren’t looking for anything but to get in her pants.”

I started to walk away after I got my frappe, but he stepped into my way. “So you’re gay then?” He asked with a smirk on his face. “Yes, I’m gay. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

I walked out of Starbucks and decided I wasn’t really up for playing with S.J. and B. I glanced at the food court to see them totally engrossed in each other. I texted Biance letting her know I wasn’t showing up and my regrets before walking back to my car. I looked up as I walked and saw that the sun was just setting. Wishing I had someone to share the beautiful image with was the last thing I remember before waking up in the hospital room. I looked up to see S.J. and Bianca walk into the room. I instantly began to sob.



The entire ride to the hospital was complete silence. Bianca didn’t so much as look at me. I couldn’t figure out what to say, so I decided to say nothing at all, but that didn’t seem to help. We got to the hospital and I spoke to her for the first time, “I’m sure she’s going to be fine.” She didn’t look up from the spot she’d fixed her eyes on. We walked to the nurses station, “Hello. I’m looking for Valerie Montegomery. Can you tell me what room she’s in?”

The young nurse looked at me, first with a rather somber expression and dikmen escort then her face seemed to light up. She just stared at me as her mouth hung open, not saying a word. I was used to young bi or lesbian girls reacting this way towards me especially given the freshman at McCallister, but right now it was annoying and it clearly registered in my voice as I said, “Hello? Valerie Montegomery. Where?” The nurse fumbled with some papers before finally saying, “Room 2010. Just go straight to the end of the hall, make the first right and it’s the third door down on the lefthand side.” I nodded my head before walking away not saying anything else, but Bianca spoke for the first time, “It must be really nice for you to just get whatever you want, when you want it and not care one way or the other.” That halted me and I spun around to looked down at her and said, “Excuse me?! What exactly was that?” She muttured a nothing as she walked past me and turned towards Vale’s room. I caught up with her.

As we entered, Valerie burst into tears.

Instinctively, I walked up and wrapped my arms around her. She wept on my shoulder while Bianca came to the other side of her and held onto her as well. The three of us just sat there hugging until Valerie laid back down and drifted to sleep. It was at that moment, I saw Vale’s mom. She motioned for us to go outside the room seemingly relieved that Valerie had fallen asleep. We followed her out and then hugged us before saying, “I was the one who texted you a little while ago.”

“I’m glad you did.” Bianca answered before I could say anything. I immediately asked next, “Do you know what happened to her?”

Valerie’s mom looked down and said, “Yes. She was attacked. The videotape at the mall shows her being ambushed by a small group of young men.”

Bianca and I both looked at each other with shock. “Did you say the mall?” We both asked at the same time.

“Yes, she was supposed to meet you two there from the message she sent me this afternoon. I’m not exactly sure why she wasn’t, but she doesn’t remember anything. All I know is that from the tests the doctor ran, she was raped mutiple times, given the amount of semen they found on her ..” Vale’s mom broke off crying before continuing, “On her body and face. They have a few faces of the men who ambushed her, but I don’t know anymore than that.”

She left it at that as we heard Valerie call out for her mom. Vale’s mom rushed back into the room and then after a series of “okays” she came back out and told us that Vale didn’t want us there right now and she’d call them both later on when she felt up to it. We both explained that we understood and turned to leave. As we walked towards the entrance, the nurse from earlier stopped me. “Yes?” I said after walking towards her.

“Hey. Um … I don’t know if you’d be up for it, but um, I was wondering if you’d, like, maybe want to go out to dinner with me tonight?” She asked stuttering through her question. I could feel Bianca’s eyes peering through the back of my skull.

“That’s um, really nice and all, but I’m not really up for that right now. Thanks for the offer though.” I told her as easily as I could. She was clearly disappointed, but didn’t let it show for long. Then she began scribbling on a piece of paper and handed it to me before saying, “Well, if you change your mind at anytime, just give me a call. I’m Nicki, by the way.” She extended her hand. I shook it as I introduced myself and told her that if anything changed, I’d let her know. She smiled and turned back to her work. I walked to where Bianca was standing and we exited the hospital together.

She said nothing until we got back into my car, “Well?” I looked elvankent escort at her trying to figure out what that meant. I stared at her blankly and she added, “Are you going to go out with Nicki?” I looked at her and just turned the ignition on the car. I didn’t answer her. I didn’t say anything until we were a few minutes away from my house and then I said, “I’ll let you get dressed in your own stuff. Let me know when you’re done and I’ll take you home.” I pulled into my driveway as I finished the sentence and was out of the car before she could even respond. I walked to the front door, unlocked it and walked inside closing the door behind me.

I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom before I even heard the front door open again. Grabbing the cold pizza off my desk, I grabbed my remote and flipped through the channels of me t.v. until I settled on Bones. Just as I got comfortable, I saw my door swing open and Bianca standing there, fury all over her face. I flicked a glance at her before returning to Bones and asked, “Everything okay?”

“Is everything okay?! How can you even ask that? How can you lie there eating pizza in the same bed that you fucked me blind in a few hours ago and act like it never happened? Like it meant nothing to you?!” She yelled at me with the same anger she did back when we were 8 and I destroyed all her Barbie dolls because she called me a boy for dressing in only jean shorts and oversized t-shirts.

“How? Well, let’s see, I’m hungry, this is my bed, I never said that it didn’t happen or that it meant nothing to me, but given your behavior since it happened, I figured it’d be better if we didn’t spend this weekend together. You’re welcome to take a box of pizza with you so that you can enjoy it as well, this is an amazing pie.” I answered her without looking at her. I laughed as Hodgins and Zack did another crazy experiment. At that exact moment, she ripped the electric cord from the wall and turned so she was standing at the end of the bed in front of me.

“You know, I always knew you were a player when it came to you bedding girls, but I never thought I’d be just another one of those girls for you, S.J.”

“I never said you were, Bianca. The instant I walked back into this room earlier, you’ve been acting like a bitch. I know that we’re lesbians and our emotions are pretty much always in the way, but give me a break. Do you really think that I brought you back here so that I could fuck you and then just leave it alone?!”

“Yes! Because that’s exactly what you did. I didn’t even touch you after you kissed me. You just detached yourself and walked away. Do you have ANY idea of how much that hurt?”

“Hurt?! Hurt you?! Was I not the one to confess my love for in my own damn kitchen?! You think this is about a fuck?! You and I both know that I look at a girl and smile I can have my head between her legs when I want! Don’t give me this crap about you being hurt, B. I’m right here. I’ve been right here. You’re the one acting weird. Making your snitty little comments at the hospital and in the car. You make me seem like some pussy chasing whore when we both know that I’m not! But you know what, maybe that is what you think about me. So let me make this very easy for you. Get dressed and meet me downstairs in 10 minutes. I need to get you home so I can I get ready for my date tonight.”

I got up and walked out of the bedroom, leaving both Bianca and the pizza behind. I walked into the gym my parents had built for me so I could train at home when I wanted. I grabbed my boxing gloves and walked over to the punching bag. I began to pound the bag as tears feel from my eyes. I can’t believe she’s making it seem like I emek escort just slapped her in the face. I just need to think. Hell, she needed to think. I need to know that she’s committed to me and no one, but me. I continued to thrash the bag even though I couldn’t see anything past my tears. I loved her. I was in love with her. One of my best friends and she making me seem like a whore. Well, I’ll show her exactly how much of one I could be. Even if I never touched Nicki, she’d be a damned good distraction from Bianca and all this bullshit. Maybe I’ll even ask her to go with me to prom. Hmmm … That would put Bianca in her place. As the tears finally stopped, so did my fists. I removed the gloves and whipped my face with one of the towels I keep in there.

I walked downstairs in my sweat stained undershirt. Grabbing the box of pizza I ordered specifically for Bianca and my car keys, I walked to the front door. She stood in front of me. Our faces so close the slightest move would bring our lips together. I took a few steps back, I had no intention of being that close to her again. She stepped towrads me, I put up a hand and said, “Look, just stop. Clearly us being together was a very bad idea. Now we know and can file it away in the Don’t Ever Do That Again pile. Let me take you home so I can get back and get washed up.”

With that I opened the door and walked towards me car. As I started to back out of the driveway, Bianca asked, “Are you really going to go out with Nicki?” I looked at her but didn’t answer. She continued by asking, “Well, are you going to fuck her?!” Again, I didn’t answer except I didn’t even look at her this time. I pulled to the curb in fron to her house. She didn’t get out of the car though, so I got out and walked over to her door and opened it from the outside. She looked up at me. I looked straight ahead and said, “Get out of my car, Bianca.” She did. I closed the door as soon as she was clear from it, reached in the backseat, handed her the box and began walking back to the driver’s side.

I was just about to climb in when she said, “S.J., if you truly love me, you wont do this. If you truly love me, you’ll call Nicki right now and tell her that something came up and you can’t make it. You’ll take me back to your house and make love to me. You’ll tell me you love me and we’ll figure this, us, out, but please don’t do this.”

I just looked at her. I stood there looking at her and then finally said, “I do love you, Bianca, but you clearly don’t understand to what extent. I told you I was in love with you before I made love to you and then you got upset when I wouldn’t let you touch me, well guess what, I didn’t because I wanted to know that you loved me back before I did that. Now … Now, I’ll never trust you enough to let you touch me again.” I got behind the wheel of my Chrystler 300 S and drove off without saying another word to her.

Later that night, I did go out with Nicki. She wanted me to fuck her, but I couldn’t touch her. I didn’t even have the desire to. I was afraid Bianca had destroyed my sex drive. I didn’t let my mind stay on Bianca long, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a choice because when I pulled into my driveway half an hour later, there she was, leaning against my door waiting for me. I sat in my car trying to figure out how to handle it and then decided I’d do nothing at all, I got out of my car and walked towards my door.

As I approached, Bianca came to meet me. I stepped around her and unlocked my door. Turning around to keep her outside I said, “Can I help with something, Bianca?” No emotion showing in my voice. She stepped back onto the porch and said, “Yes. You and I need to talk. Can I come in?”

And that was the question I didn’t know how to answer. I just stood there looking at her for awhile and then said, “No. Anything you have to say to me, you can say Monday morning at school.”

With that I closed my front door and locked it before sliding to the floor and bawling my eyes out.

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Let’s Go Swinging

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Amateur College

“Okay, we have talked and talked. Are we going to do this, or is it going to be too stressful, love?”

Danny was talking to his one true love and wife, the lovely Stacey with the beautiful brown hair and the small but perky breasts, as she was slowly putting on and then taking off her make-up. She was sitting in front of her dressing mirror and her shoulders were slightly slumping.

“Danny, we made our decision. I’m just thinking, that’s all, love. Let me get myself ready, okay. Just go away for a few, right?”

So Danny, with confidence in his step went into the next room and opened a beer. It wouldn’t be his last tonight, but it was his first, and he savored the flavor and the anticipation of something new and exciting in his life. He walked over to the window, looked out at the Dublin skyline, and relished the thought of what was to come. The lights were bright and so was the future.

After a few, Stacey came out, wearing a short, satiny looking skirt with pastel patterns, and a contrasting blouse of white silk, which was cut low enough to allow some tempting cleavage to emerge. Her feet were wearing the “fuck-me” high-heels Danny loved, showing off her sweet calves and perfect knees. Anyone would want to continue up and see what the thighs were doing!

Danny, with his characteristic nonchalance, had opted for a simple white t-shirt under a jacket, and khaki trousers and slip on shoes. All in anticipation of the coming night.

They shared a smile, and then kissed. Love was there and was not going to be compromised by the evening’s events. They walked out arm in arm towards the beginning of a new life-style, a fun and exciting addition to an already lovely life for two young people in their twenties, just starting out in the world.

It was late spring in Ireland, and the air was filled with the odors of the blossoms and fresh new growth. They opted to walk to their friends’ flat just a few blocks away. It was lovely out. One must take advantage of the nice weather when it came. Besides, they were working up an appetite for the coming evening.

It had been decided through intense consultation between Danny and Stacey, and between Wendy and Steve, the couple they were visiting, that tonight would be different. The two couples had decided to take their friendship to a new level. It had seemed so much simpler to try this with just two couples. Maybe later, some other day, they would add more people. Who knew? Tonight was a beginning not a finale.

When they arrived at Wendy and Steve’s place they all kissed cheeks in greetings. Stacey and Danny were shown into the living room. Their hosts had placed a buffet out on the sideboard. It looked delicious and, after having drinks handed out all around, they all began to serve themselves and settle down on the large chairs and sofa to eat buffet style. Very informal, and very comfortable.

Everyone was enjoying the conversation and the lovely food that had been provided. The evening was beginning with an ease and comfort that was quite disarming to Stacey. She had lost all of her nervousness very quickly. She was now looking forward to the rest of the evening. She gave Wendy and Steve broad smiles, and Danny, looking on, felt escort dikmen his cock starting to grow a little harder in anticipation.

When everyone had their fill of the food, and still had nice drinks at their elbows, Wendy gathered up all the dishes, waving off Stacey’s offer of help. The dishes were simply taken to the small kitchen area, placed in the sink, and dismissed, to be taken care of later. More important things were about to happen.

Wendy took the initiative. She had always been bolder, with her ginger hair in short curls around her freckled face. Her body was pixie-like but her tits stood up proudly in her flowered blouse. Her legs were Irish pale and lovely. She had been a step dancer and it showed. She went over to Danny’s chair and placed her plump arse in his lap.

At the same time, Steve moved over on the sofa he had been sharing with Stacey. He carefully embraced her and looked into her eyes. His were twinkling, and he had a broad grin on his lips. His blond hair was long and parted on the left. He tossed it back out of his eyes and moved to give Stacey a little kiss on her red lips. He was just a little heavier than Danny but slightly shorter. His kiss was soft and non-threatening.

Meanwhile, Wendy, after glancing over at her husband and Stacey, started making out with Danny. She wasn’t soft like Steve. She was hungrily pushing her tongue into Danny’s mouth. She had been looking forward to this for days and she was already starting to cream in her knickers.

Steve confirmed that Stacey was more than willing to go further by pushing his hand up her satin skirt and feeling her wet knickers. She was ready to have some fun. More than ready. She began to press her pussy up against his hand. She was also giving his mouth a workout. She loved to kiss and she was enjoying making out with Steve. He was a good kisser.

Danny was mauling Wendy’s large tits and feeling her nipples getting harder and harder. He had one arm and hand around her shoulders, holding her close to kiss and tongue her neck, and his other hand started undoing her buttons to get to her breasts. She had not worn a bra tonight. That would have only been in the way of the fun.

As Danny felt up Wendy’s tits, Steve was doing the same to Stacey. He removed her blouse. She had worn a bra because they had been outside, but it came off quickly and his mouth went to her nipples, sucking and making them as red and hard as rubies.

She was moaning with lust and anticipation of more to come. All the while, Steve was working a finger into her shaven pussy. He easily found her G-spot and she couldn’t help cumming all over his hand. He took it up to his mouth and licked it clean. Then he grinned again.

Wendy had taken down Danny’s zipper and fished his cock out. It was hard, of course. It had been since she plopped her arse on his lap. She had to move aside to get to it. In fact, she just got on her knees on the floor between his legs and began licking and sucking on his cock. She glanced over to Steve, gave him an unspoken signal, and started licking Danny’s balls.

Steve immediately got down on his knees between Stacey’s legs, pushed up her skirt, licked her thighs escort elvankent causing her to giggle uncontrollably and then he moved up, grasped her knickers and pulled them completely off with a quick, well-practiced move.

Then he quickly moved up and began working on her pussy. Her shaven pussy was wet and glistening with pussy juice and he nibbled softly on her labia. He took both hands and made her little clit pop out so he could suck on it. Her moaning got louder and cream dribbled from her pulsing cunt.

At the same time Danny had grasped Wendy’s ginger curls and was now fucking her face. She was taking his cock deep into her throat. She was gagging a little but was game to take it all. In fact she wanted to take all his cum down her into her wide open mouth. She loved the taste of cum.

As Danny heard Stacey start to squeal with her cumming squeal he began to pump his sperm down into Wendy’s open mouth. She took it all. And Steve was sucking all the pussy cream that Stacey was producing for his after dinner dessert.

Wendy had creamed while eating and sucking cock, but Steve had yet to shoot his wad. He had eaten Stacey’s pussy, now it was only fair that he get to fuck it. Danny didn’t mind. That was what the whole evening was about. Getting Stacey into swinging and beginning their new sexual career!

They had all been very intimate with each other. They finally got to the point where they were finally, totally naked. Danny was trim, about five feet eight inches, and Steve was slightly shorter and stouter, but fit. Wendy still had her ginger pussy hair to match her head curls, had dancer legs, and 36 D breasts.

Stacey was five feet four inches with pretty brown hair, but her cunt was shaved tonight. She had sweet, perky breasts and her legs were lovely. They all enjoyed the view for a moment and then they began to have more sex fun.

Steve took Stacey in his arms and then moved her over to the sofa again. This time he gently placed her on the sofa with her elbows on the sofa’s arm, exposing her arse and pussy from behind, and giving him room on the sofa to move behind her with his fat cock, short but broad, ready to ream some Stacey cunt.

Danny tossed some chair cushions on the floor and told Wendy to get down and present her arse to him. Steve had told him that Wendy loved it in the arse. She never failed to cum hard and long when arse-fucked. Danny was more than game. He put on a condom just to stay clean, but he was about to fuck some Wendy arse.

While Danny put a condom on to stay sanitary, Steve slipped one on to just be safe. He leaned forward and Stacey started to shiver in anticipation of being fucked by someone other than her husband for the first time since their marriage. It was so fucking exciting and she couldn’t help looking forward to it.

Steve put the head of his cock at her pussy and slowly pushed in. Slowly and gently. He knew this was a turning point for Stacey.

At the same time Danny was jamming his longer cock into Wendy, and she was pushing back, wanting more and more. She loved every kind of fucking you could name. Danny was starting slow but he began thrusting harder and faster until he escort emek was like a damned fucking machine. Her arse opened wider to take it faster and faster. And she had been creaming since he first entered her.

Steve’s wide cock spread Stacey’s cunt lips wider than she was used to, but she took him easily and happily. She always had enjoyed being fucked from behind. She was so wet that he could enter her fast and hard. Faster and faster he fucked his friend’s wife. And she was loving it.

Steve had not cum yet tonight, and he was not going to cum fast. He had wanted to fuck Stacey for years. Finally he was getting the prize. He was not about to do this too fast. Fucking Stacey was the only thing on his mind now, and he kept thrusting as she moaned and moaned with desire and pleasure.

Both women were creaming around the cock fucking them. It made it easier for Danny to screw Wendy and for Steve to screw Stacey. It made it easier and more pleasurable for everyone. Stacey was moaning with passion and Wendy was almost screaming from the arse-fucking Danny was giving her.

At last both men came. Danny, because he had already squirted down Wendy’s mouth, only came a little, and slowly withdrew. Wendy whimpered in disappointment at the loss of cock.

But Steve had not shot anything yet, and he was totally hosing Stacey’s cunt with about a pint of cum, or so it seemed to Stacey, who felt it filling the condom. When he pulled his cock out, her juices flowed down her thighs and Steve got down and licked it all up. He was one pussy eating lover.

The two couples slowly rose from their sexual positions, and they went to their respective spouses. Both couples embraced with love and respect and joy at the fulfillment of their long desired wishes. Then they all, without shame at their nakedness, sat together on the sofa. Stacey on Danny’s lap and Wendy on Steve’s lap. They snuggled and gave each other soft, loving kisses.

They remained that way for about fifteen minutes, chatting and just enjoying their closeness, then Danny said to Wendy, “Wendy, would you like to lick some pussy?”

Wendy grinned, she was such a little sex-pot. Steve hopped up and Danny put Stacey back down on the sofa.

“Honey, you’re getting so much cunt-lapping you’ll remember this night forever.”

Then Wendy, with her tits hanging down and her arse in the air, started slowly licking up and down on Stacey’s quivering pussy. Wendy loved muff-diving, although tonight, the muff was clean!

Steve, having shot earlier in Stacey’s pussy with a condom was going to fuck his own wife bare-back now. He got on his knees and, with the ease of long practice with this cunt, he rammed it into Wendy and began thrusting and thrusting in rhythm with Wendy’s licking and sucking of Stacey’s swollen pussy.

Danny had squirted twice tonight. But this night was special. He had started to harden again watching Steve fuck Wendy and Wendy suck Stacey. He moved over to the side and began to jerk off. Slowly at first but faster as Steve fucked faster and faster.

At last Steve groaned, and began pouring his cum into his wife’s pussy, leaking out around his cock. And Stacey threw her head back and wailed as Wendy tongue fucked her.

Danny had worked up a cum and he started hosing his wife’s tits. It was hot cum and she looked up into his eyes with adoration. He came and then he stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked him dry. The evening was a swinging success. It would happen again.

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Laura’s NuSkin

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(Mf, modification, latex, non-consensual, chastity)

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.


As she walked through the airport terminal, the clip clop of her hooves, at the ends of her long royal-blue legs drew a lot of attention, as they always did. People stared; some were obviously confused and some were amused. Others were turned off and many others turned on. The latter were mostly men, but there were some women, too.

It wasn’t just her hooves. Laura’s clothes, body and face also attracted the attention of everyone who liked well dressed, sexy women. Her short, black leather skirt, and tight blood-red, silk blouse covered her shapely body well, and showed off her tiny waist and huge breasts. Her pretty face and luxuriously long and thick hair completed the look of a thoroughly beautiful woman.

She ignored them all. In times past, she might have smiled and flirted with the men, and even the women, but that’s what got her into this situation in the first place.

Laura knew that none of the observers, had any idea that her legs and her torso too, were completely and permanently covered by a layer of royal-blue ‘NuSkin’, that looked to the uninitiated like skin-tight latex.

Only it wasn’t latex. It was her actual skin, or more accurately, her skin’s permanent coating.

By this point in her upended life, she was no longer embarrassed by the stares of passers-by. She was resigned to her situation. She had had no choice in the matter, and she acknowledged that she deserved what she had gotten.


Laura had once been a happily married, trophy wife. Living comfortably, like a beautiful princess in a mansion in the well-to-do suburbs. Her wealthy businessman husband loved her, as she loved him and they very much enjoyed each other both in bed and in their every-day lives.

She had ruined the pretty picture though, when she grew bored. Bored with her easy life. Tired of spending days and weeks alone while Jeff was away, traveling on business to far-off lands.

For a while she tried to join him on his trips to Europe and Asia, but she’d found those boring and lonely too, as Jeff was always tied up in meetings and she had to either wait for him in some dull hotel room, or wander alone around an unfamiliar city.

So, while he was away to some terrible Russian metropolis, she met a beautiful young man at the department store, of all places, and one thing led to another. Her dalliance, led to a full-blown affair, which, inevitably led to discovery and to an ugly scene with her husband.

Jeff had all of the evidence needed to end their marriage. Laura didn’t want that. She loved Jeff, and didn’t want to be without him. And, she had grown very accustomed to the good life he provided.

She couldn’t imagine having to find a job, especially with her worthless degree, and her short-term boyfriend had nothing and no intention of ever marrying her.

So, she apologized, and pleaded and begged, until he seemed to accept, and things settled into a kind of truce.

She knew that Jeff was hurt, badly, but she hoped and prayed that with time he would forgive her.

A month late, Jeff told her that he had to take another, month-long trip to Moscow. He informed her that she would be accompanying him. He didn’t just ask. It was an order, and she accepted it.

She was encouraged when she saw that they would start their trip with a couple of days touring wonderful St Petersburg. She hoped that Jeff intended it to be an opportunity to forgive and forget, in a beautiful setting.

And it was beautiful, and Jeff was almost his old self, as they traveled and toured. Laura felt that perhaps, just perhaps, his attitude was thawing. That he was getting over the hurt she had caused him.

After a very nice little vacation, they took a flight to Moscow where Jeff’s meetings were to take place with one of the companies he’d been working with.

In the hotel room the night before, he informed her that she’d be accompanying him to the meeting, as his assistant. He could use her help, taking notes, and it wasn’t unusual for Russian oligarchs to have eye-candy ‘assistants’ hanging around.

He handed her a document that provided an overview of the company. “Read this; it will help you understand some of what we’ll be talking about.”

Reading the corporate overview, she saw that the company, ErgoMed, had only been formed after the disillusionment of the old USSR. Prior to that it had been a facility operated by the Soviet military. They were a bio-chemical company who specialized in medical compounds and materials.

Apparently, part of their research and development charter focused on medical products expected to be needed in the event of nuclear war. The Russians dikmen escort bayan were always planning for it, back then.

The company’s most successful effort had produced a type of artificial skin that was to be used on burn patients. They were, in the inexplicable way of such things in the USSR, highly successful and produced a very good, and highly marketable product, and they were now starting to market it, as ‘NuSkin’, around the globe.

NuSkin was a combination of latex-like chemicals and biological substances that allowed the material to permanently bond with human skin, especially damaged and burned tissue, and mimic normal skin’s abilities and properties. It was flexible and breathable, it could grow and shrink, and could even support the passing of liquids, like sweat. They had over the years of research and testing even added capabilities that allowed it to also bond to other materials, as might be needed for prosthetics. Their global market also demanded that they produce it in all colors and shades.

ErgoMed were now successfully marketing the 18th generation of the stuff, and selling it all over the planet.

Since demand was high and supply was low, only they manufactured the stuff from their own secret formulas, they were making a ton of cash, and Jim’s international investment company was very interested in working with them.

Jeff and Laura attended the first of several meetings early the next morning. Although Laura was introduced to all of the participants, they were all males, she got the impression that all of them saw her as just another pretty face. She always stayed in the background, listening but never participating, while taking notes for her husband.

It worked that way in each of the sessions, throughout the day.

After the final meeting of the long day, Jeff brought her over to one of the Russian executives.

“Laura, this is Gregory, he runs the Special Projects Division of the company. We have an appointment to tour his operation tomorrow morning.”

Laura shook Gregory’s hand and exchanged pleasantries for a few seconds, before he said “I’ll see you tomorrow, then, pretty lady. We have a lot to show you,” before he walked away.

She and Jeff then returned to their hotel, and had dinner in their room, before she went to bed, and he stayed up preparing for the next day’s meetings. He crawled into bed long after she had fallen asleep.

They were picked up by a driver after an early breakfast and taken out to the distant suburbs; to the offices of the Special Projects Division.

Laura wondered what ‘Special Projects’ were being worked on in this place.

Gregory met them at the security checkpoint in the lobby of the building. The work they did there must have been really ‘special’, as the security was akin to what she’d seen in pictures of Ft Knox.

Gregory led them through several corridors and up several floors to his large office where they were met by a scientist and two technicians in white lab coats.

Gregory sat behind his huge desk and invited her and Jeff to sit in a couple of uncomfortable wooden visitors’ chairs in front of him.

The others stood at the back of the room.

As soon as they were settled, Gregory started in.

“Mrs. Cartwright, Laura, I can see that you are an intelligent and beautiful woman. I can understand why my new friend Jeff is enamored with you.”

Laura, listening to him, started wondering where this was going. Why was this guy addressing her this way, instead of talking to Jeff about the business?

Gregory droned on, “I understand though, that you have been a very bad girl. That you have cheated on poor Jeff, while he was last over here working diligently with us.”

Laura was shocked by what the guy was saying. She turned to Jeff, who was staring daggers at her. She started to get nervous as she saw his expression and realized, painfully, that he really hadn’t forgiven her after all.

When she looked back at Gregory, he was signaling the men behind her.

Before she could react the two technicians grabbed her and held her unmoving, while the scientist plunged a needle into her arm.

She screamed, and thrashed, but it did no good, and she quickly started to feel dizzy, sleepy, and weak.

The last thing she heard was Gregory saying, “don’t worry Jeff, we’ll take good care of her. You’ll be able to keep her, when we’re done.”

When Laura woke up, she had no idea where she was, what had happened or even how long she’d been out.

She was lying in a hospital bed in what looked like a bland institutional room. It certainly wasn’t the nice hotel suite that she had been staying in with Jeff.

When she tried to lift her arms to rub her eyes, she was surprised that they were strapped to the rails on the side of the bed.

Her mouth was incredibly dry, and her tongue felt like a scrub pad, so she couldn’t even scream for attention.

She needed a drink of water, and an explanation, in that order.

As elvankent escort bayan she lay there getting more frightened and panicky by the moment, she began to realize that her body felt different. Her stomach felt compressed and her chest felt weighted down. With the two combined, it was hard for her to breath, and she was panting as she lay there on her back.

Upon further self-examination she realized that there was also something wrong with her pussy and ass. That really terrified her.

It was quite a while later that a nurse came in, and noticing that she was awake, came straight over to the bed and held a water glass with a straw to her lips. Laura took a long drink, and sputtering, asked “Jeff?”

The woman babbled something incomprehensible in Russian and then hurried out of the room.

A couple of minutes later, a doctor, at least he looked like a doctor, pushed through the door.

In Russian-accented English he said, “Good morning Laura, you don’t mind if I call you Laura, do you? How are you feeling?”

In rapid fire order, and in a panicky voice she croaked, “where am I? What happened to me? Where’s my husband?”

“Now, now, Laura, we’ll talk about that after I make sure that you’re feeling all right and are recovering from the procedure, properly,” he said. Obviously trying to sooth her concerns.

What the guy said, though, brought another question, “what procedure?”

“All in good time. Be patient.”

He and the nurse, who had followed him in, then began a fairly typical examination, checking blood pressure, temperature, prodding and listening with a stethoscope, all the normal things. Throughout they ignored her questions as if they couldn’t hear her.

Finally, the doctor and nurse conversed, quietly in Russian for a while, before the doctor declared, “Laura, you’re recovering nicely. Better, in fact than most. Probably attributable to all of the good American food available in your country.”

He paused for a moment, marshalling his thoughts, before resuming, “OK, to your questions. You may not like what you are about to hear, so please no histrionics. What’s done is done, you cannot change anything.”

Laura was really scared, now.

The Doctor continued, “you are in the special projects department clinic in Vidnoye, outside Moscow. Here we use our NuSkin product for unique and very special projects, like you. On the orders of the Director and your husband we have performed a set of procedures on your lovely body. We do this type of work for many of our wealthiest and most powerful men, for a number of reasons.”

He paused again, to let Laura think on what he was telling her.

“We will show you what we have done, and teach you how to deal with the changes we have made, before we release you back to your husband. Rest assured that we have performed these procedures many times, on many other women and all of them have been successful. The men, at least have always been quite happy with our work.”

As he paused, Laura broke into his monologue and asked, “but what have you done, and why?”

The doctor looked cross, for a moment, because of the interruption, but answered her, “I will bring in a technician, in a moment to explain what we have done and how you must live with it. They are the expert, and they will cover it. As to why. It is because your husband has some powerful friends and he is apparently very unhappy with you. Yet, rather than throw you away, he has decided to keep you. Here though we would now call you a ‘toy’.”

Laura reacted with a sob. Her mind was in turmoil. Dear God, she thought, what has he done? I brought this on myself, but what have they done to me?

Seeing that she was obviously upset, in a somewhat misguided attempt to calm her, the Doctor added, “Laura, you must realize that here, in Russia, when a powerful man is angry with his woman, she all too often just disappears; either into the dirt, or off to some terrible place out in Siberia. You must consider yourself lucky.”

Rather than calm her, his statement frightened her even more, and she closed her eyes and started to sob.

When next she opened them, she realized that doctor had stepped out, and a woman had come in. She wasn’t dressed in hospital whites. Instead she was fashionably outfitted in a pretty and sexy dress. Her face was beautiful, well made-up and she was strutting, confidently, in tall, spike heeled pumps.

“Hello Laura, I’m Katherine. I’ll explain what has been done to you and how you must now live with the changes. I am here because I speak English quite well, and I have had the same procedures performed on me.”

Katherine paused for a moment, staring at her, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. “You see, I am married to a very senior member of our federal government. He’s a bit older than I am, and I am his third wife. He had the procedures performed on me to keep me in line, as it were.”

Laura remained petrified, but now she was also curious. Hesitantly, she asked, “what?”

Katherine emek escort bayan stepped right up to the bed and looking down at her, reached out and gently stroked Laura’s cheek, and pushed her hair away from her face.

“Don’t worry, dearest. It’s not so bad, but it will take some getting used to.”

She then picked up the glass of water and set the straw against Laura’s lips. She agreeably took a long drink.

“Good, now let me explain, and I’ll show you too. What they have done is cover your torso with a layer of NuSkin. You know about NuSkin?”

Laura nodded, but Katherine continued as if she hadn’t.

“It looks like that kinky material, latex, but it has all of the properties of real skin, and it bonds permanently to human skin.”

Katherine paused, as she pulled a sheet of paper out of her purse. Opened it and read from it for a moment.

“Your NuSkin covering is colored ‘Royal Blue’. That should be pretty. Mine, like so many others is Russian Red. Let’s see, here. It says that they have also made physical changes in addition to the covering. They have added an intermediate layer of padding to your breasts, to bring them to an impressive E cup. Think of it like a built-in padded bra. Let’s see, it says that your measurement was a 34C, so I think you are more like a 36E, in the USA. By the way, this procedure means that you won’t have any feeling in your new nipples. I’m sorry. Was that important to you? Oh, never mind.”

“They have also removed your two lowest ribs, on each side and embedded a mesh material forming a corset around your waist. This process has given you a waist of 50 centimeters, something like 20 inches.”

“They apparently left your hips and ass alone. That’s probably good for you, Sometimes, they will include inserts to make you much bigger in those areas.”

“OK, now we get to the most disturbing aspect of the changes to your body. What do you Americans call it, ‘your plumbing’?”

Laura, stunned by everything she’d heard so far, now became even more dismayed, “you mean, my sex?”

“Well that, and the rest, down there, between your legs. Laura, you have to understand, we, you and I, are now ‘sex toys.’ That’s what they call us.”

Katherine paused for a moment, then continued, “they have inserted in you a permanent catheter, a vaginal pipe, and an anal pipe. They are all held in place by the NuSkin coating as well as surgically. Let me explain what that means, one by one.”

“The catheter will allow you to control and empty your bladder. It includes a one-way valve. You’ll be given a short tube that when it is plugged in to the valve’s opening, urine will flow out.”

“The front pipe fills your vagina, and holds it open, it has been sized to comfortably accept your husband’s cock. It will be covered and filled by a dildo that locks in place. It includes a small opening with its own plug through which you can douche. Your husband will have the key to your pussy plug. Unfortunately, the vaginal pipe blocks all access to your clitoris and your G spot. I’m sorry Laura, really I am, but you will probably never have an orgasm again.”

Laura was sobbing. My God, she thought, they’ve ruined me!

“Laura, I’m speaking from experience here,” Katherine said, quietly, as she wiped Laura’s tears with some tissue.

Laura looked up at her, “Never?” she sobbed.

Katherine just shook her head, sadly.

After a few minutes, she continued, “the anal pipe is also sized to fit your husband’s cock. It is much shorter than the vaginal plug, so there’s some chance you can achieve an anal orgasm. Some women can. I, myself have never had one. Like the front plug, the rear one locks in place, and it includes a larger central tube and plug that is used for enemas and emptying. The central plug does not lock so you can use it as you need.”

Laura, had perked up a bit when she heard ‘orgasm’, but when she realized what Katherine was implying, she remained distraught. She’d never even tried anal, and now it might be the only way she could ever enjoy sex again.

Laura’s mind hadn’t completely shut down, “but if the ‘pipes’ are made of metal, what will he feel?”

“Oh, both of them have a soft silicone lining, that when lubed, will mimic the real thing. It won’t be quite the same for the man, your husband, but it is close enough. Believe me.”

Laura just shook her head, as if to clear it from a nightmare.

“One more thing,” Kathleen continued, “where your blue NuSkin covering ends at your neck they have bonded a golden metal collar to your throat. I’m afraid it includes a staple with a ring, so it will be easily taken as a ‘slave collar’. It’s often done this way, to disguise the transition from colored NuSkin to normal flesh.”

Laura was crying now, slowly and steadily. She’s in shock and filled with self-pity. She starts to pull on her wrist cuffs, and thrashing in the bed. This can’t be happening!

“Laura, you need to calm down. This is not the end of your life. You still have a husband, and since he’s going to all of this trouble, and expense, he must intend to keep you. I have no idea why he has done this to you. With me it was because my husband is a fetishist, and he wanted me to be his sex toy. I have a feeling that with you it is more of a punishment for something you did, some indiscretion, perhaps.”

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Laura the Canvas Pt. 03

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Please check out Laura the Canvas parts 1 & 2 before reading this!


Laura had always been a bit of a lone wolf. Her parents had gone to prison when she was 16 for tax fraud and money laundering, and she had become an emancipated minor having no other family to turn to. So much of her time since that day had been taken up with focusing on work and school that she never really made time for friends or relationships. She found herself, at the age of 21, a loner who didn’t seem to catch anyone’s attention. She spent all of her time either at work, classes, or the school health center gym, which was her form of stress relief.

Laura did have a big secret. She longed to look like the girls she saw going in and out of the tattoo parlor next to her job. She had never been able to work up the courage to go inside the tattoo shop and already budgeted every cent she made, so even if she had, she wouldn’t have been able to afford any artwork of her own. Instead, she had taken to browsing the internet late at night looking for ideas and inspirations for her fantasy look. It was on a foray into some of the deeper parts of the internet that led her to the advertisement that would change her life.

At first she didn’t even think she should respond to it, it had to be a hoax; someone was looking to take advantage of a girl like her. Laura knew she’d probably end up dead and dismembered in some ditch. It was a stirring in her loins that she couldn’t ignore that brought her back to the add again and again. Finally she decided to reply to it, and sparked a months long correspondence that set in motion the events of the last 24 hours.

Laura was awoken by a strange soreness in her mouth and chest. She went to stretch out when her arms and legs hit the metal sides of her dog crate. The loud noise produced by this action jarred her awake. Suddenly she remembered where she was and why she was sore. It was the new piercings in her tongue and septum, and the new tattoos on her chest that had woken her up. She had no idea what time it was or how long she had been asleep for. All she knew was that the pressure in her bladder was growing and she had no way to signal for her new owners. She did her best to ignore her predicament and rolled her three new tongue rings against the roof of her mouth gently. Laura knew that if she wet her crate she would be punished and she wanted more than anything to be the best pet possible.

She was just about resigned to letting her bladder go and earning her first punishment when she heard the freeing sound of the metal door’s electronic keypad. The heavy door swung open and Master Dan appeared in the opening. With her swollen tongue, the pet couldn’t talk, nor was she allowed to without punishment under house rules unless she was spoken to first. All that Laura could do was whimper and paw at her crate.

“Does somebody need to do her business?” asked Dan

Laura replied with a nod and more scratching at the door of her crate. Dan came over and unlatched the crate, attaching a leash to the collar around Laura’s neck and leading her out of the crate.

“I shall give you a choice as you are still new here,” Said Master Dan. “I may take you once again to the toilet before you are cleaned and given the wash for your piercings and lotion for your tattoos; or I may take you outside to do your business like a true pet. Be warned, if you choose the latter, the toilet will not be a choice again unless you are ill. You may speak your reply.”

Laura took a second before replying, she longed to be the best pet possible, but wasn’t sure if she was ready quite yet. Looking over at the dikmen escort crate she had slept in all night and feeling the large septum ring resting against her lips, she gained the inspiration to mumble out, “I am a true pet and will go outside sir,” with her swollen tongue.

“That’s my girl,” exclaimed Dan as he lead his pet on her leash towards the door to the backyard.

Once through the door, Laura had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight as she saw her surroundings for the first time. Every way she looked was trees shielding the large back yard. This gave her a sense of relief that no outsiders would see her in this compromising position. Dan let her off of the leash as she crawled into the yard and squatted down. She felt somewhat unnatural in this position, but the pressure in her bladder soon overtook any fears and the sound of Laura’s stream hitting the hard soil beneath her filled the air.

Dan smiled to himself as his co-conspirators watched from the kitchen window and sipped their morning coffee. They were all happy that they seemed to have made the right choice in their plaything. As Laura turned around and saw them all watching, she proceeded to blush but crawled her way back to Dan and took position at his feet. “Lets get you washed up and fed, then we can get on with today’s work.” Dan said. Laura smiled and happily trailed after him back into the house. Dan lead the pet to the bathroom and instructed her to crawl into the shower. Laura took her position as Dan turned the water on and began gently washing her down, focusing gentle attention on the day old tattoo outlines. Laura felt odd not having any hair to shampoo but was engrossed in the gentle touch of the man bathing her.

Once Laura was sufficiently clean, Dan toweled her dry and had her once again rinse her new tongue piercings as he tended to her septum. “Pay close attention to this aftercare, because this will all be your job starting tomorrow,” he explained. Laura simply nodded as she spit the wash from her mouth.

With a fresh coat of ointment on her chest, Laura was led back through the metal door into the playroom/ workshop. Waiting for her near her crate were two dog bowls. One appeared to have oatmeal in it, and the other was a self-refilling water bowl. Knowing what was expected of her, Laura dove face first into the oatmeal, quickly consuming her first meal in almost 24 hours. The rest of her owners trickled in and prepared their equipment for the day as she gorged herself being sure to be careful of her newly pierced tongue.

Once the pet had finished feeding, she was once again lifted onto the metal table. This time, her feet were placed into stirrups and strapped in. The rest of her body was strapped as it was the day before. She was already dripping wet by the time the final strap was latched across her forehead. She knew she would not be allowed to cum without permission and did her best to focus her attention away from the multiple sets of hands probing her body.

The artists went to work applying stencils down the pet’s sternum, stomach, and pubic region, connecting to the chest and breast outlines done the day before. Four dots were placed on each of Laura’s labia and another on her clit hood. The buzzing of tattoo machines filled the room as she felt the first clamp attach to her most private area. It was all she could do not to orgasm on the spot as large gauge needles were driven through her labia, followed by matching seamless rings. The pet felt the clamp applied to her clit hood, and she began to truly lose her battle. Laura proceeded to shake to an earth shattering orgasm elvankent escort as the needle was pressed through her hood.

The men and women around Laura took note of her first unauthorized orgasm and made a small tally on a chalkboard on the wall. This was to be the way they would keep track of the pet’s punishments. Laura was so lost in her post-orgasmic bliss that she did not even think of when or what the penalty would be for her transgression. She was still coming down when the tattoo machines began pulsating into her skin. She had prepared for this over the months she had communicated with her captors by working on increasing her pain tolerance. For someone who had never been pierced or tattooed beyond earrings at some shitty mall kiosk, she was handling it all like a champ.

The intricate floral pattern outlined on her chest now began to morph into a graffiti style design as it worked its way down her sternum and stomach. The centerpiece of this design was the word “pet” in large stylized letters. As the outline worked its way down to her pubic area, the words “breed me” were outlined in a similar, yet smaller font. Of course, Laura had no way of seeing any of this with her head strapped to the table, and would not be allowed to see a mirror until her work was completely done in a few months’ time.

As the men worked on her tattoos, the two female owners who had been her piercers, began to disrobe and were soon each fondling one of the pet’s nipples, while also exploring their own pierced selves. Laura felt an odd mix of pleasure and pain with the sensations from her nipples mixing with the gentle pain of the tattoo needles. As one of the tattoo machines worked its way onto Laura’s pubic region, the motion worked to move and vibrate her new hood and labia piercings. This sensation, coupled with the two mistresses tweaking her nipples, caused Laura’s breathing to quicken. Mistresses Robyn and Samantha gave each other a devilish look as they doubled down on their pet’s nipples. Laura, not being able to take anymore, rocked to her second unwelcome orgasm of the day, as Master Dan went and added a second mark to the chalkboard.

The day’s work was coming to an end and the artists began to clean up as the two female owners continued their assault on both their own bodies and Laura’s nipples. The tattoos were cleaned up and saran wrapped again. Expecting to be let up from her compromising position, Laura was relieved when the straps on her arms and wrists were undone. She was surprised when her other owners began to disrobe as well without undoing the rest of her restraints. Her now free hands were guided to replace Samantha and Robyn’s on the mistresses’ pierced pussies. This was Laura’s first time ever touching a vagina that wasn’t hers, but she did her best to stroke them as she would her own. Clearly the mistresses approved as they both moaned in unison.

Dan took his place between the pet’s strapped legs and lined his pierced and lubed member up to her tight asshole. Laura knew that she would have to get used to having her ass used, as it was her only viable hole until her piercings healed. “Remember, no cumming until we all do first,” said dan, “plus you have two rounds of punishment coming.” Laura audibly gulped as she remembered the two mind blowing orgasms she had experienced without permission. She wondered what manner of punishment her owners would enact on her for her first infractions.

Dan began his assault upon Laura’s ass as Robyn and Samantha leaned across the pet and locked in a passionate kiss. As a bolt of jealousy ran through Laura, she felt a warm liquid emek escort hit her bald head and face. The twin owners, Phil and Rob were actively pissing on her shaved scalp. The warm liquid burned her eyes as the two men laughed. “Consider this a light first punishment,” said Phil. “Unfortunately, we can’t break your skin until we’re done with your artwork,” added Rob. Laura did her best to ignore the last comment and tried to imagine she was taking a warm shower, but could not move her focus away from the burning in her eyes and the smell invading her nostrils. As the twins’ streams slowed to a stop, they each began to masturbate directly over Laura’s pierced face.

Robyn and Samantha moaned deeply into each other’s mouth as they shook to climax, gushing all over Laura’s fingers. Breaking their kiss, they both sank away to catch their breath. Laura used this opportunity to reach up and wrap her hands around the two cocks above her face. Dan continued to plow into her stretched ass as she matched his rhythm with her hands. Laura stuck her pierced tongue out and licked the piss off her lips as seductively as she could to entice the men behind the cocks in her hands. Master Phil and Master Rob went as crazy over this as Laura had hoped and began to hump into her hands. Master Dan grabbed her by the hips and slammed home one last time, filling her ass with his seed. As she felt the first spurt deep inside of her, Laura also felt the cocks in her hands pulsate simultaneously and cover her face and shaved head in a thick layer of cum.

Master Tom had not been left out of the fun as mistress Robyn was currently helping him with his raging erection. He pulled from her mouth and replaced Master Dan at Laura’s rear opening. He did not protest having sloppy seconds as it was one of his favorite things to see another man’s cum drip from around his cock as he slammed into a tight hole. Laura, with a lack of things to do with her hands, moved them to her breasts and began to twist and tease her own nipples. It didn’t take long for Master Tom to announce his climax after having been warmed up by Robyn. As today’s second load of cum filled Laura’s ass, she pulled hard on her nipples and screamed out her first authorized orgasm of the day.

The group cleaned themselves and their pet before unclasping her from the table. She was allowed down onto the floor before she found herself surrounded by her owners. “We still owe her a punishment,” Robyn pointed out, “What do you think we aught to do?” Laura looked up at them with pleading eyes, but the group was not swayed. Mistress Samantha walked away behind the others where Laura could not see and returned with an inflatable putt plug.

“I think perhaps this guy all night will teach her a lesson,” said Samantha.

Laura let out a small yelp but presented her ass to her Mistress for fear of further punishment. The pierced amazon lubed the plug and inserted it into Laura’s waiting hole. Once it was firmly in place, Samantha began to slowly pump the plug. Laura felt it expand inside of her until it was the largest thing she had ever had in her ass. She began to whimper loudly which signaled her mistress that the plug was at proper inflation. The leash was re-attached to the pet’s collar and she was again lead so she could clean herself up and take care of her modifications.

Once she had done a satisfactory job of cleaning herself, Laura was fed another soft meal from her bowls to keep from irritating her tongue piercings. With a constant fullness stretching her ass she smiled as she was allowed out of her room into the living room with her Masters and Mistresses where she was able to serve as a footrest as they relaxed from a long day of work on their new project. As Laura was loaded into her crate for the night, she knew it would be a long one with the plug in her ass. But she had never been happier in her life and couldn’t wait for her transformation to continue.

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Love In His Eyes

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I was swimming alone in when I noticed he jumped in the lake and was slowly paddled toward me with his prefect white smile and beautiful brown eyes that were fixed directly on mine. I realized in that moment that I was in love with my friend. How it happened, I didn’t really know. Here we were on the Fourth of July with all of our close friends, swimming in a State Park lake when everything changed. No one else seemed to notice. I felt like my entire body was going to explode. It was the summer after graduation and I was suddenly head over heels in love….with Ashley? After what I did when we first dated, there is no way he will love me. What am I going to do? I want him to love me back! He is giving me a really odd look and a giant smile. He knows. I think he is feeling this too. Oh God, I think he may take me right here in public. I hope I don’t mess this up!


For the past few weeks I can’t stop thinking about Blake. Blake is one of my best friends. The truth is, with our history I never really thought I would think of him romantically ever again. Sure, he is really cute and his blue eyes are magical. But, it is Blake. One of the six friends I hang out with everyday. He and Nathan have been fucking for years and even after Nathan moved, I just never really thought about Blake other than as my friend. I do remember a fuckfest weekend with him after we first met but, that was ancient history. Really, he is my smart friend that was accepted in a Masters Degree program who likes politics and loves NPR. I just can’t stop looking at him.

Jason was in town for the holiday. At his suggestion, we all came to this State Park for the Fourth of July. I sat next to Blake on the drive down and I know I kept making my leg touch his. I have been flirting with him. What the hell is wrong with me? Thank God he is so clueless! Then there he was in the middle of the lake, all alone, in one of those stupid innertubes (blown up plastic rings) that Jason brought. I grabbed another innertube and paddled toward him. I can’t help but stare. Damn that boy is cute. His blond hair, perfectly straight smile, killer blue eyes and that is just what is above the water. I am staring at him and must look like a stupid fool. Is he really looking at me like that? I think he wants me too. I must be dreaming. No, he wants me and this connection is strong. Oh My God, Blake loves me! I smile so big, I can’t help it. I am actually in love with Blake!


Ashley and I dated for about a month when we first met at college a few years earlier. I remember my roommate Nathan and I walking across campus checking out all the hot guys. This was our primary activity when not in class or fucking each other. When I spotted him coming down the library steps I nudged Nathan and said, “Look at that!” We both ogled the 6′ 2″ tall mixed race hottie and said a silent prayer that he was gay. A few days later, Nathan and I ran into him and his friend outside the Student Union. Our pray was answered as our collective gaydars were screaming at full alert. The four of us sat down on the luscious green grass and chatted. I was drawn to Ashley’s wide smile and near flawless lightly tanned skin. The only exception was a light scar just above his eyebrow. The imperfection was somehow sexy. After only a few minutes, I knew I wanted this guy to take me. Knowing Nathan, so did he. The question was who was going to get him?

The other problem was the fourth member setting on the grass. We had learned that Jason was Ashley’s best friend and on-again, off-again bisexual boyfriend from his hometown. At the moment, they were off-again. However, Jason clearly exhibited a subtle possession of Ashley when he saw how both Nathan and I were looking at him. In another situation, I am sure both Nathan and I would be fawning all over Jason. He was an attractive guy in the military with a tight body and taming a bisexual was a challenge either of us would enjoy. However next to Ashley, it was impossible for Jason to garner any more attention than politeness required.

After a few minutes, both Jason and Nathan had to leave for class. Both men were clearly displeased with the idea of leaving Ashley and I alone. When Jason stood he was the first to voice this displeasure when he said to Ashley “Weren’t you going to talk to your professor? She is in the building next to my class so we can walk together.”

Seemingly unaware of Jason’s true intention, Ashley looked up and said, “That’s ok, her office hours don’t start for another hour.”

Seeing that Jason’s attempt didn’t work, a still sitting Nathan cocked his head and said to me, “Blake, don’t you have a book that you need to return to the bookstore? You said today is the return deadline so I bet the line is going to be really long. I don’t want you to forget.”

I narrowed my eyes and saidsarcastically, “Thanks for your concern Nathan. I will make sure it gets returned.” I knew full well that my book return was the least of Nathan’s worries; he just wanted to make sure I didn’t get any private time with the new hottie.

Sharply turning his head to escort dikmen me Ashley excitedly responded, “Hey Blake, I have a few books to return too. I dropped this stupid Math class and want the money back. My parent’s paid cash so I can pocket it. Can I go with you?” Jason glared down at Nathan for providing me this great opportunity.

“Of course, that will make standing in line much more enjoyable.” I said with a huge smile as I shot a quick look at Nathan.

Stammering at the situation Nathan suggested, “We should all get together later. Why don’t you to come over to our apartment tonight?” Desperately trying to make sure he had another opportunity to bed Ashley.

“Sure, I would like to see your place.” Ashley said as he looked at me to answer Nathan’s question.

“Sound great. I have to go to class or I am going to be late.” Jason said with very little enthusiasm. There was no way he was letting Ashley go to our apartment alone.

With much regret, Nathan stood up to leave with Jason. He gave me a look that I knew meant ‘don’t you fucking touch him until I get a chance’. I just smiled feeling like a giddy schoolgirl and said, “See you guys later.”

As the two young men headed off to class, I smiled and looked at Ashley. He was staring at me and said, “You have a really beautiful smile and your eyes are so blue.” Without any control blood rushed to my face as I blushed. This exquisite man was complementing me. My smile grew larger as I looked into his slightly almond shaped brown eyes. I swear he had the perfect combination of every feature on Earth.

“I am not sure my smile or eyes can compete with yours.” I flirted back. With that, his smile widened until I could see every perfectly white tooth. This man had me.

Ashley stood up and offered his hand to help me stand. It was the first time I touched the beautiful man and electricity shot thru me. I actually needed his assistance since my knees went weak. Once I was standing, I hated that he broke our contact. When he released my hand, I knew my life would not be complete if I did not touch him again. We smiled and started walking across campus to the overpriced bookstore. We talked about our childhood and coming to terms with being gay. He asked how long Nathan and I had been together and I laughed. “Oh, we are just friends.” He showed me another wide smile and I felt my knees go week again. As we talked, I learned that Jason joined the Air Force and that had caused the problems between Ashley and Jason. Ashley wanted to live his life as an openly gay man and Jason could not. He explained that he and Jason talked about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the repressive policy was a compromise that first allowed gay people to serve in the military. It said Jason could “be gay” but Jason could not actually do anything that let others know he was gay. Ashley was tired of the secrecy and wanted to be openly loved. When I listened to Ashley talk, I started to have some compassion for Jason. His dream was to serve his country but the rules prevented him from openly being with Ashley. I, thankfully, was not bound by those rules.

Within an hour of talking to the beautiful man, I was captivated. When we stood in line at the bookstore, I could not resist asking him about the scar. I reached over and gently brushed it with my finger and asked, “How did you get that scar? It is so sexy.” Electricity shot thru my body as I touched the stunning man again. I blushed when I realized how forward I was being.

Ashley laughed then looked shy before he said,”It is really embarrassing. When I was 16 my 11 year old sister told me she was ‘in love’ with Jason; I got angry and I told her he was my friend and he would never be in love with her. She thru her Ken doll at me and it cut me right above the eyebrow. I started bleeding like crazy. My parents freaked out and took me to the emergency room. Turned out, I didn’t even need stitches. It was just a superficial cut. So I am a gay man with a scar on his head from a Ken doll. Embarrassing, don’t you think?”

“Thank God she didn’t throw an Easy Bake Oven, you might not be so hot today.” I joked.

Ashley smiled as he roughly said, “You think I am hot?”

Again my body betrayed me as I blushed every shade of red possible. “Yes, I do.” I said softly.

“You are pretty hot yourself. Would you like to go out with me?” Ashley said in a confident voice.

“Yes.” It was the only word I was allowed to say before the pushy cashier called for me as I was at the front of the return line. I returned my textbook and received money back on my debit card. I noticed Ashley was next to me talking to another cashier as he received a few hundred dollars in return for his books. I looked and him and wondered how I managed to get this sexy man to flirt with me. He smiled and winked at me. My knees went weak knowing he wanted me.

As we walked out of the bookstore, Ashley leaned over and kissed me for the very first time. My cock got rock hard. I thought “this is so fucking hot!” Although I was out, I was shocked at his public act. Once I felt those escort elvankent lips on mine, I wanted more.

Ashley and I said goodbye; he headed back to his dorm and I went back to my apartment with Nathan. When I drove home, I thought about how much fun I had with Ashley. Standing in line to return something is never fun but, today I wish the line would have been longer. I could not wait to see him again. Thankfully, Nathan has invited Ashley and Jason over that night. The two of them were not going to be happy that Ashley asked me out on a date.

When I got home, Nathan was already there. He was sitting on the couch watching TV. We did our usual thing, talked about the news and our favorite shows. Nathan said he was horny and wanted to fuck. This was our relationship, very direct and non-emotional. I thought for a second about Ashley but the truth is that Nathan and I have been fucking almost daily for years. It had just been part of my daily life. He was my best friend and fuck buddy. So, I told him how hot I think Ashley was as that I got a date. Although a little disappointed that he didn’t get Ashley, he told me about a new guy he met named Jeff. They planned to go out the next day. Nathan had stripped off all his clothes and was stroking his 9 ½ dick. “Are you ready to get fucked?” Within seconds Nathan had me on my back and taking his large bare member into me. My legs were wrapped around his back as he trust his large cock into me. Nathan and I fucked regularly so we had worked out a rhythm that allowed both of us to cum simultaneously. No man has every found a way to massage my prostate like Nathan. Moments later he screamed “now” as we both had cum shooting out of our bodies. When I was in the bathroom wiping away Nathan’s cum as it dripped out of me down my leg, I told myself that Ashley was great but we were far from committed. Most likely, he and Jason were doing the same thing just across town. Young gay men are all about sex and I have to say I loved it! At least I had not fucked an anonymous guy I met at a glory hole.

Later that evening, Ashley and Jason arrived at our door. Ashley was wearing a blue vintage t-shirt and shorts. The t-shirt clung tightly to his body forming a perfect V. My mouth watered and I may have actually drooled. Ashley held a bottle of wine and said a little formally, “thank you for inviting us over”. He handed the wine to me even though Nathan was the one that made the invitation. When I took the bottle, my fingers touched Ashley’s. The same shock struck me just like every time I had touched him. I felt a little odd holding the wine since I knew none of us were twenty-one. How did Ashley get the wine? I smiled and invited them both in.

The night was fun. The wine had loosened us all up. We learned more about each other and found that we were becoming friends. Jason was actually a nice guy that I would like to have as a friend. Ashley and I were flirty but not inappropriate. Nathan had tried to flirt with Ashley a few times but was quickly and appropriately rebuffed. I knew that Ashley was mine. That night we made plans to go on our first date the next day.

Ashley and I had started dating. We kissed at every available opportunity and the sex was fantastic. I learned that Ashley was a swimmer in high school. The boy could bend and contort his body in a way that I had never encountered. I remember vividly the weekend he came over to my apartment for us to spend together. Nathan had gone home to visit his parents so we had the place to ourselves. The minute I closed the door he pushed me against the wall and took my mouth. The kisses were passionate and demanding. Our hard cocks were grinding into each other thru our tight jeans. When he pulled back both of us panted for air breathing like we just ran a marathon. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the sofa. “I guess dinner is out.” he joked. Then frantically our mouths reconnected. At the same time, we were both desperately trying to remove the other man’s clothes as if they were on fire. Our hard bodies crashed against each other as we stood naked in the living room. I started kissing my way down his firm body until I reached his 7 ½ inch hard cock. As I kissed my way to his hip I gently blew hot air around his shaft. He let out a moan and I knew I had him. I gently nibbled at his balls and then continued kissing my way down his sculpted legs. Thanks to Jason, I had learned that Ashley had a major foot fetish. It wasn’t really my thing but I knew how to turn him on. As I kissed his tight calf muscle, I worked my way toward his pleasure zone. When I reached his right foot I gently touched the tip of my tongue to the soft skin. His body jerked in response. I slowly worked my tongue across the bridge of his foot toward his big toe. In a quick motion I surrounded it with my lips and began my best cock sucking replication. Ashley’s body was lashing around the sofa loudly moaning incoherent noises. He looked and sounded like a man possessed by a demon. Finally, he screamed, “Blake stop it’s too much!!” Rapping my tongue around the large toe one last time, I sucked escort emek hard before hearing a loud pop as my mouth pulled away.

“Like that?” I asked with a naughty smile.

Half dazed, he looked at me and said, “If you can do that to me with just my toe I may die when you suck my dick.”

“Let’s find out.” I said as I swallowed his cock. His upper body shot up from the sofa unable to control his movements. I worked my way down his hard shaft until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He had the most fragrant masculine scent that that made me ravenous. I used my tongue to wrap around his shaft and lick at the place his shaft met his balls. Then pulling back, my head began to bob on the full length.

Ashley breathlessly panted, “Blake stop..huhuh… or …huhh..I am going to..huuuh..cum.” I stopped. His breathing still heavy, I lowered my face to my real target. His tight little hole was so magnificent. I had to taste him, to claim him. Moving slowly toward the target I gently blew at his opening. It twitched in response. The corners of my mouth turned slightly up as I lowered my head. Licking very lightly around the outer edges of his precious hole, I heard him moan again. Working my tongue in a circular motion ever closer to my ultimate goal, I finally plunged my tongue in as hard and strong as possible. Again, Ashley’s back bolted from the sofa and he let out a noise that was obscene. I fucked my mouth into him over and over. He tasted like Burberry body wash laced with thousands of pheromones. His body was now under my control. “Blake, fuck me, I can’t take this anymore! I have to have you inside me. ” Ashley screamed. “Please fuck me!” he begged.

Working my way up his body so our faces were sided by side, I grabbed my hard cock and placed it at his entrance. Snapping open a small bottle of lube, I coated my cock with it and fingered some in his slightly dilated hole. Pressing the head of my cock into his opening he gasped as it breached his tight ring. “Are you OK?” I asked in a quiet voice. He nodded. “Tell me if it hurts. I don’t want to hurt you.” I said.

“No, it feels good. Just go slow. I want this!” Ashley countered.

My seven inches slid into him and soon I could feel my balls flush with his hard ass. I leaned down and kissed his luscious lips. “Fuck me!” Ashley said in a deep demanding tone. With that, I happily obliged by beginning to move in and out of his tight grip.

“Damn, you are so tight.” I said. He smiled at me and then squeezed the muscles surrounding my dick. It was so strong I thought he might pull my dick from my body.

“Aaawww” this noise came from deep within me. My thrusts into him became more forceful and fast. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. “Ashley, I am about to cum.” When I said this, I reached to stroke his hard member.

“Don’t, I’m too close.” he pleaded. I stopped before touching his throbbing dick. I continued to pump into him with my cock pounded his prostrate. After a few more thrusts he began to orgasm. He shot his first load well past the sofa and onto a nearby wall. His spasms caused me to near the point of no return.

“I am going to cum!” I screamed.

“Cum in me!” he begged. Normally, I am not so reckless but with Ashley I was enraptured. I thrust a few more times and then exploded inside him. The world turned nearly black and I lost control of my body. I could feel my dick releasing my seed into him. Each release made me loose even more of my motor skills. I collapsed onto his sweaty cum soaked chest and breathed hard unable to move. When the haze slowly lifted, I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and smiled.

“You are amazing.” I said.

He gave me that beautiful white smile and said, “I never shot without touching it before. You are amazing.”

I pulled myself from him and felt a rush of my white fluid leave his body and deposit itself on the leather sofa. “Shit, we need to clean up our mess.” I laughed. Getting up, I went to the laundry room and came back with a spring scented towel. Before cleaning him up, I leaned over and licked some of his cum from his coated chest. “No point in wasting it.” I said with a slight smile. He laughed. I then cleaned the rest of his hard stomach and chest then moved to his well used opening. He looked at me shyly but I said, “I made the mess, the least I can do is help clean it up.” He shrugged and laughed softly. I rubbed the towel around his precious opening and then cleaned the leather couch.

“Don’t forget the wall.” Ashley said with a huge smile.

When I walked a few steps to the wall and started to wipe up the dripping juice I said, “I have never seen anyone shoot so far.”

“Me either.” He replied with a slight grin.

That was the start of a sex crazed weekend. Before it was over, I had cum inside Ashley eight times. Once I took him with his head and shoulders on the floor and back nearly straight in the air while I was standing up. I received plenty of his dick in my ass as well. Between the cuddling and kissing, he released his seed inside me at least six times that weekend. That doesn’t even count all the blow jobs and mutual masturbation. We were two horned up college guys in our prime. I had even sprayed some air freshener before Nathan got home because I was certain the apartment reeked of cum. That was without question our best weekend, the first time we dated.

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