Crashed Ch. 2

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The valley was a great place to land. The plane floated in with no problem at all. It was just like landing on a bad runway.

I unbuckled screaming, ” YOU O.K. BABY?”

As I ran to the back of the plane, Channtel jumped into my arms crying. Big tears ran down her face as she hugged and kissed me.

” Are we really going to be here five months?” Channtel ask.

I looked into her eyes, ” Baby, I’m sorry. It mite be longer than that.”

” What about my baby,” she began to cry, ” she’ll forget me.”

I patted her round ass, ” Oh, no she won’t.”

We hugged for a long time before I got her to calm down.

” We need to start looking through all the supplies and getting everything we need to make us a good warm living area,” I said, ” I’ll go to the cargo hold. You start hanging blankets up to the walls and fix the warmest bed you can make.”

” Should I make…. Two beds…. Or,” Channtel looked to the floor, ” or just one…. Big bed?”

I gave her a little hug and said, ” That’s up to you Baby.”

I went down in the cargo hold, rooting through all of the many boxes and crates. I needed to find the heaters, lights and the stoves.

Each time I would find more of the things we needed I would put them on the mini-elevator and send it up to Channtel. After a good two hours of digging through hundreds of boxes, I had found about everything we needed for now.

* * * * *

Dennis sat at his desk, watching the old clock on the wall. He hated it when a plane was late getting back from China, this plane had his best friend and his beautiful daughter on board.

He picked up the phone, ” Control Tower, this is Dennis. Any word on Jake yet? O.K., have every plane going or coming from there, keep an eye out for them.” Dennis hung up the phone.

Dennis began to e-mail every person he knew in the area, being a missionary meant he knew some shady people. The ‘perfect’ people didn’t need saved. It was drug dealers, hookers and Black-market dealers. That needed a ‘Man of GOD’ and they know everybody and everything that went on around the border.

He also knew one other person that could help a lot, a long time friend in the C.I.A. It meant that a load of guns or some mercenaries would be on one of his planes. But, anything for Jake.

” GOD, I pray they’re O.K.,” Dennis thought to himself, ” I should never have let Channtel go along. If they’re dead her poor baby will be motherless, and it will be my fault.”

Dennis went on thinking, ” and my best friend, Jake, I’ve known him for close to twenty years. Now I’ve killed them both.” Dennis began to cry….

* * * * *

I made my way back up top to find that Channtel had really been working very hard. She had covered every wall and ceiling with blankets. She had covered the floors with the sleeping bags.

She had fixed the blankets so that we had three little rooms. An area to cook our food, a sitting area and one very nice and cozy bedroom.

” WOW. My little girl sure has been a busy little beaver.” I said.

With a big smile Channtel replied, ” You like?”

” Lord yes, this is nice,” I looked to the bed, ” are you sure about the bed?”

Her face got a little red and she said, ” Can we just take things real slow,” she moved into my arms, ” I know it’s wrong for us to do ‘it’ together but, I also know that I’ve wanted you sense I first knew what sex was.”

” You lead the way,” my hands found Channtels ass, ” however you want things to go.”

She gave me a nice deep French Kiss and said, ” Thanks Daddy.”

After we had warmed up dinner, we sat snuggled on our bed. Channtel sat on my lap, with my arms wrapped around her. My right hand lightly bahis firmaları squeezed her breast. A long steam of milk shot from her nipple.

” Damn Baby, them things are loaded.” I said with a little laugh.

” I know…. They are starting to hurt real bad,” she wiped off my hand, ” the baby should have nursed three or four times by now.”

” How are we going to get the milk out?” I said, looking at her big wet breast, ” I don’t want to see you hurting.”

Channtel reached for a cup, ” You hold this for me,” she pulled off her blouse, then her very thin bra, ” I’ll try to milk them, you hold the cup under my nipple.”

I was in shock, I had always wanted to see a woman playing with her tits. Now, I have my sexy daughter, sitting on me, Milking her full breast.

My cock started to grow as I watched her take her breast in her hands and giving it little squeezes. The milk trickled from her nipples, little by little the cup began to fill. So did my cock.

Channtel looked at me with a little smile and said, ” Daddy, I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to get you excited.”

” It’s not every day a man gets to see something as sexy as this,” I looked down to her breast, I caressed the nipple, ” you’re beautiful….”

” Thank you, would you like to do it for me?” She ask.


” Only if you want me to.” I figured that would be the best thing to say.

She moved on my lap facing me. She took the cup, my hands moved to hold her swollen breast. I began to play with her tender nipple and gave her breast little squeezes.

The milk flowed from her body, filling the cup faster than before. I could feel her breathing increase as I worked her neglected breast. Squeezing her breast harder as I pinched her tender nipple.

” Oh Daddy….,” Channtel panted, ” it feels so good”

I moved to her other breast, again teasing her nipple as I squeezed the milk from her young body. She began to rock her hips against my rock hard cock.

” Oh shit…. stop for a minute…. The cup is full.” I told her.

Channtel put the cup by the stove, grabbing a bigger cup, I slipped off my pants, freeing my cock. She moved back on my lap.

Shocked by what I had done, ” DADDY.” She said.

” You just relax, you do what ever you want. O.K.?” I said.

” O.K. anything I want?” she ask.

I nodded.

She stood up, taking off her jeans. As I looked at her love, I could she was very excited. Her powder blue panties were soaked with her fluids.

She moved back to my lap, pressing her saturated panties and mound on my cock. Her hips began to move back and forth against my hard cock. I pushed one of her ‘milk filled’ breast into my mouth, sucking it hard and fast.

” Oh GOD…. DADDY…. YES….” Channtel screamed.

Her hips went wild humping my cock shaft, as hard and fast as she could go. Her breast smashed in my mouth, I sucked and squeezed it as hard as I could. Draining all of Channtels warm, sweet milk.

Faster her pussy rubbed my swollen cock, her fluids coated my cock. As she used my cock pole for her release, I was pushing into her love. Hoping her panties would move or my cock meat would find it’s way inside my daughters body.


” GO… Baby go…. Cum on me.” I said.

Screaming louder, ” OH… DADDY….DADDY… MAKE ME….. CUM.”

I kept sucking her full breast as my hands pushed her ‘ ready to cum’ pussy into my cock. Her hips moved the length of my shaft, stimulating her body to the fullest.

” OH YES.” She moaned, as her body exploded.

Her orgasm ran through her young body, I could feel every muscle in her kaçak iddaa spasm. Her breast shot milk all over my face. After a few minutes, she fell on top of me.

” GOD, that was so good,” She panted, ” I haven’t came like that sense…. That night in the kitchen.”

” Oh really?” I said.

” YES…. I went to my room and….” Channtels face was bright red, ” I must have masturbated 10 or 15 times that night thinking of you.”

I hugged her to me, pressing her wet love mound against my hard cock, ” I’m sorry Baby…. You were only 16, I wanted you real bad too but, I knew you needed to find a guy your age.”

She sighed, ” All the boys my age only had four or five inch dicks, I knew I needed a big one, like yours.”

” You can have it any time you want, we’ll be here for a long time.”

” Remember…. You said, I could take my time.” She stated.

” While your taking your time, you could help me fix this thing now and then.” I replied.

” Oh yeah…. Like how?” Channtel said with a smile.

” Oh let me think…. A good rub down…. Mmmm a good rub down between your breast…. And you could always give Dear Old Dad a nice Blow Job.” I told her.

” MMMM that sounds like fun….” Channtel said as her hands moved to my cock.

She began to stroke my cock shaft up and down, letting it brush across her wet nipples. The droplets of milk acted like a lubricant. Her hands moved faster, her blue eyes watched my face as she brought me closer to cumming.

” Cum for me Daddy…. Cum on my tities…..” Channtel purred, ” you can even cum on my face…”

” Cum Daddy…. Cum on your daughter.” She whispered.

Her hands moved up and down my love shaft, bringing me closer to cumming. She squeezed and pulled on it like a master. Like she had played with my cock hundreds of times before.

” OOOOHHHHh Baby…. Yes…. Yes.” I moaned.

My cock started shooting it’s load all over Channtels big breast. She pumped my meat faster, making sure she pleased her Daddy. My kept shooting it’s load on her breast and on her pretty face.

” WOW….Thank you, Daughter.” I panted.

” Damn Daddy, when was the last time Mom did you?” she ask.

” Shit….” I thought to myself, ” about three months ago.”

” oh Daddy,” Channtel purred, ” I’ve wanted your cum on me and in me for so long…..” Her hands started rubbing my cum all over her big breast, and then she began licking her fingers.

After cleaning up, we laid in each others arms and fell asleep.

” Daddy….” Channtel moaned.

I was sleeping very good after her great hand job, ” What Baby?”

” I’m hurting real bad, can you help me milk my breast again?” She begged.

” Yes…” I said.

She started to get up, ” I’ll get the cup…..” I grabbed her, pulling her swollen breast to my mouth. I started sucking it like a hungry animal. Drinking down all of her warm milk.

” Oh Daddy…. That feels so good,” Channtel moaned and commenced to rub her hot pussy on my swollen cock. I pulled her on top of me, trying to push my cock inside of her body.

” DADDY, NO… NO,” Channtel pleaded, ” you said I could take my time.”

” Come on, I need to be in you Baby,” I begged, ” give Daddy some of your hot little pussy.” I kept trying to no avail.

From then on that’s how we drained her breast, I wasn’t going to pour that wonderful milk of hers down the drain any more. Hell, I liked the taste and getting it out of her was the best part.

For the next few weeks she would rub her pussy on my cock and then jerk me off. I didn’t want to rush her. I wanted her to make all the moves.

Until, one night she was humping my cock while I was sucking her breast milk. Channtel was just about empty kaçak bahis and she was having trouble cumming. And to tell ya’ the truth…. I needed something different.

I pushed Channtel off me my lap, she laid back on the bed with a surprised look on her face. I moved between her slim legs, finding her wet and excited love nest.

” O Daddy….”

My mouth covered her, my tongue began licking the full length of her slit. Oh, she tasted so good, she had been doing a great job of keeping herself fresh, with our limited supplies.

” Oh yes… oh yes…” she moaned.

My tongue danced all over her love, finding all them ‘good’ places. I began sucking on her swollen clit, her back arched up. That’s when I knew she was mine.

” Oh….Oh… Oh…” More moans.

I got up on my knees and turned so my cock rested on Channtels mouth. With little hesitation, she sucked it deep into her throat. Little moans escaped from her mouth as she consumed my cock.

” Oh…. That’s my girl, suck that thing Baby.”

Channtel went wild sucking me, hell, she even pulled me all the way down on her. My cock had never been this far down any woman’s throat before. My girl took all my cock, sucking it like a pro.

I went back to eating her wet little pussy. My tongue found it’s way inside her body, ” OH DADDY…. OH GOD YES…. OH DADDY… I’M CUMMING… I’COMMING….”

I kept pushing my tongue inside her, making her orgasm at least five times before I stopped.

” How was that Baby?” I asked.

” Wonderful…”

* * * * *

Glancing through his e-mail, Dennis saw something that caught his eye. An e-mail, telling him a crashed plane was spotted high on one of the west slopes. They would go look in the spring. There was hope.

Kate stormed into Dennis’s office, ” I am sick and fucking tried of you not taking my calls. Jake and Channtel have been missing three months, THEY ARE DEAD, would you please sigh this insurance letter? So, I can get on with my life.”

Dennis just looked at Kate with disgust, how could anybody be in such a hurry to get money from a dead man. If he was dead. Jake had been in the Air Force and had taken every survival coarse he could. It would take a lot to kill him.

” Why are you in such a hurry? I know for a fact that you and Jake have over six thousand dollars in the bank.” Dennis stated.

” It’s none of your FUCKING business.”

” I’ll sigh your letter, but, don’t be surprised the day Jake and Channtel come back.” Dennis jerked the letter from her hand and scratched his signature on it.

Kate grabbed the letter from Dennis, she turned and went out of the office, slamming the door so hard, a picture fell from the wall.

” Jake, old buddy, I pray to GOD you come back to see what your wife is like.” Dennis said.

” Did the Prick sign it?” Bill ask Kate.

Kate sighed, ” Yes, finally. Now we can have some real fun, Lover.” Kate leaned to Channtels husband Bill, running her tongue in his mouth.

” Let’s hurry home, I need a good hard fuck.” Kate moaned.

* * * * *

” Come on Baby,” I begged, ” it’s been three months. I need some pussy.”

” Daddy, I just feel dirty. It’s a sin.”

” Oh please, I need you.” I said, I reached to Channtel and started to tickle her.

Channtel laughed, ” STOP it, Daddy.’

Tickling her more, I said, ” Not until you give me some pussy.”

” No way,” she laughed, ” you’ll have to take it, Big Boy.”

” I can do that,” as I grabbed her flipping her on my lap with her panty covered ass sticking up, ” I’m going to paddle you until you give me some.”


” Are you ready yet?” I ask.

” No way.” She giggled.

A little harder, ‘ SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,’

” Now are you?” I ask again.

” MMMMmmmm, oh Dad.”


” Oh Daddy, yes…. Take me, make yours….” Channtel, begged me.

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