Cream Ch. 02

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Griff walked into Jack-In-the-Box at about 7:30 that evening, his wallet fat with a wad of over $1,000. As he approached the stage, he saw Kim, fully nude, taking off her high heels. She turned around to see him standing at the tip rail and admiring her body as she walked on her tip-toes towards him with a grin.

He was wearing a new pair of jogging pants, with a fresh pair of loose-fitting boxer shorts underneath, as he had worn (then soiled) when he saw her at the competition that afternoon. Again, his already full erection was pointing straight at her. She giggled at its obviousness, something he still either wasn’t aware of or didn’t care about. He sat at the tip rail and ordered a beer.

“Hi, Griff,” she shouted loud enough for him to hear just over the song that was playing, ‘Going Under’ by Evanescence. Then she got on the floor on her back, spread her legs before him and brought them up high so her vulva and anus were fully displayed, level with his face and about two feet away.

His eyes and mouth were as agape as her vagina and anal orifice were, such that, had Griffin been a cyclops, her holes would have almost made an upside down mirror of his face at that moment.

Oh, how he wanted to roll his tongue along the puckered, caramel orifice of her anus, up her perineum, then to her vaginal opening and up to her clitoris! How he ached to suck on that pink clit, get it hard as a gemstone, then suck on her labia, gently tugging on them with his lips till they were wet and swollen! How he wanted to finger her to orgasm, to repay her for the squirts she’d caused him to give after that beauty contest!

She rolled over on all fours with her ass pushed out to his face, so her pussy and asshole were still showing. After giving him another good look, she crawled around to face him. She crawled up to him and squeezed her breasts against his face. She brushed her erect nipples against his lips.

“Don’t blow your load again,” she said in his ear.

“I’m i-in control now,” he said in her ear. “Don’t worry.”

The song ended. She got up. He looked up and down at her glorious nakedness, from her perfumy-sweet hair down to her almost edible bare feet.

“OK, everybody,” the DJ announced. “Let’s all put our hands together for this very sexy lady…Come.”

Come? thought Griff as he clapped for her. I guess that’s her stage name…but she said her name was Kim…she told me her REAL name.

Everybody cheered as she got off the stage, picking up her black bra and thong, her shoes, and her purse. She went up to Griffin without bothering to put anything on.

“Can I have some lap-dances in one of the VIP rooms?” he asked. “I’m dying to experience what you promised this afternoon.”

“Sure,” she said, eyeing that bulge in his jogging pants…the bulging wallet more so than his erection. “Follow me.”

They went into a VIP room and sat on a couch, her beside him on his left. He put his beer on a coffee table to the right of the couch; she put her things there, too, deliberately rubbing her skin against his arm. Then she reached over to the lamp behind the coffee table, brushing her breasts against his arm, and reset the lamp to the brightest setting.

“That’s so you can see my body better,” she said with a smirk.

He looked at her now well-lit body and said, “Good idea.”

She giggled.

“Is ‘Come’ your stage name?” he asked.

“Yeah. Kim Aditti’s my real name; Come, Oddity is my full stage name.”

“‘Come’ makes perfect sense to me, since that’s what you do to me. But apart from the pun on your real name, why ‘Oddity’? There’s nothing odd about you.”

“Well, I was a bit odd as a teenager. But more importantly, I call myself ‘Come, Oddity’ because I always seem to attract weird people.”

“Well, kurtköy escort I’m a pretty strange one, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean you, Griff. I’m sorry. Just most of the guys who like me are weirdos and creeps. You’re an exception.”

“Well, my brother Manny’s a bit of a creep. You must have had that feeling from him today in that forest.”

“Yeah, he’s a little strange. He sure twitches a lot, with that facial tic he has. But a lot of other guys I’ve known are a lot worse. Real creeps. Some of them I’ve known, or have known ME, rather, far more than we should have known each other.”

She was frowning and looking away in a daze when she said that. Griffin’s eyebrows went up at the look on her face, having learned a little something about her that shouldn’t have been.

A hip-hop song began, ‘Still,’ by the Geto Boys. She got up and stood before him.

“Shall we?” she asked, pushing her knee against his hard-on.

“Definitely,” he panted, putting his hands on her waist. Her skin was delectably smooth, candy for his hands. She got up close and put her nose against his.

“Remember,” she said, bringing her mouth to his left ear and breathing in it. “You can touch me all over, including between my legs and buttocks, but no fingers inside my vagina or anus, OK? You can touch the surfaces, but not penetrate. I want there to be something about me that you don’t know. It keeps me sexy for you.”

“OK,” he sighed, his hands on her bubbly butt, opening those round cheeks and letting his fingers creep into the crack.

“As I said before,” she said between licks on his left ear, “I don’t like being known too well.” She rolled her tongue in and around that ear. The feeling of her divine saliva there was exquisite. Her fingers were on his chest, tickling his erect nipples.

His right index and long fingers were brushing against the wrinkles that swirled around the orifice of her anus. His gentle, tickling touch was actually making her breathe heavier, something that she hadn’t expected.

“Hmm,” she said, now looking in his eyes calmly and smiling as those fingers continued fingering her asshole. “You must like anal sex. You must wanna see this.” She got up, turned around, and spread her butt.

He blushed at her frank acknowledgement of his fascination with her pretty asshole. “Yeah,” he chuckled in embarrassment. “Though I’ve never done that with a girl.”

“I’ve had men do me in the ass before,” she said, bending over and spreading her legs so he could see her asshole better. Her feet were touching his hard-on. She opened her right buttock so he could see her anus all the more clearly; she looked back in his eyes to know how he was enjoying what he saw.

“Did you enjoy getting it in the ass?” he asked, rubbing his finger in circles around the anal orifice. She sighed softly, trying to ignore the pleasure his touch was giving her.

“Sometimes I’ve enjoyed it, sometimes not. Depends on the man. I really have to like him.”

“What makes you like a man?”

“If he worships me, as he should, and always wants to give me things,” she said. Reel him in, she thought; reel him in.

“What does a guy have to do to be worthy of this beautiful hol-, I mean, worthy of you?”

“He has to be really, really good,” she said, keeping her ass open so he could see.

“What does ‘really, really good’ mean to you?” he asked, now fingering her vulva.

“You have to figure that out for yourself,” she said, smirking back at him. Give me, she thought; give me your money, and I’ll give you everything…not!

Still trying to ignore how good he was with his hands, she actually, for a few seconds, contemplated him as a potential boyfriend. He was cute, she acknowledged: a handsome young aydıntepe escort brunet, with a tall, thin body, a cute smile, and a sweet, if naive, personality. She almost felt guilty about leading him on and taking his cash.

And those hands were talented.

His fingers were now gently tickling her clitoris. To his delight and amazement, it was getting hard! He continued stroking her there, almost psychically sensing how she exactly liked it. His other hand was rubbing against her vaginal orifice, which was getting wetter and wetter. The temptation to break her rule and slide his finger inside was as enormous as was his erection.

She turned around to face him, her eyes closed and her mouth open as she moaned her appreciation of his touch, something no customer-or former boyfriend-had ever made her feel before. Her growing horniness was confusing her.

He’s just a customer, she reminded herself in her thoughts; don’t develop feelings for him. All men are the same. They fuck you and leave you when you’re no fun anymore. They use women, so I have the right to use them, too. Get Griff’s money. Don’t hope for his love. He’s cute and sweet, but he’ll disappoint me, as all the others have. He only likes my body. He doesn’t love me. He can’t.

She sat on his lap, right where his pointy hard-on was. As she slowly came down, that cock under his jogging pants slid a few inches inside her wet pussy. She moaned as loud as he did. He heard her moans and smiled. They looked in each other’s eyes, sighing as she continued riding him. His meat, and his wet jogging pants, went in and out of her for the next ten seconds or so.

“You are…inside me,” she sighed. “Oh!”

Since she was allowing this penetration to happen, he grew more daring, and slowly slid the finger that had been stroking her anal orifice inside. She looked in his eyes with no disapproval at all, so he kept sliding that finger in further, till it was about a half-centimetre inside. As with his cock, with his pants for a condom, he pushed his finger in and out, her permissive eyes always locked on his.

But she soon got up, getting his hard-on out of her.

“Oh!” she moaned, still letting him finger-fuck her asshole. “I’d better not…continue with that. I shouldn’t…enjoy my work…too much.”

“Why not?” he sighed, now sliding a finger up her soaking cunt. He found her G-spot and began tickling.

“Ah!” she squealed, then she brought her tits down to his face. He wrapped his lips around her raspberry-like right nipple and sucked on it like a baby. If only he could have drunk her milk.

Though his hard-on wasn’t inside her anymore, the tip, soaked in her vaginal fluids, was brushing against the orifice. His finger was now tickling her rock-hard clit. His other finger was still in her butt, about half an inch inside.

She got up, turned around, and sat on his lap. His erection was now rubbing against her vaginal opening and her clit. He cupped his hands around her naturally large breasts and fondled them, giving them gentle squeezes, his fingers pinching her pointy nipples. She sighed and reached back, running her fingers through his hair.

The songs, mostly hip-hop, kept passing by, him always asking for more lap dances, and her always allowing his fingers to penetrate her vagina and anus. He’d sucked on both breasts, each one at least a dozen times, and Griffin and Kim kept each other close to, but never quite reaching, orgasm the whole time.

At one point, as he was fingering her G-spot, she stood up, her back to him, and opened her buttocks so he could see her asshole again. His finger was in it, too, and he pulled it out to see the opened brown eye.

She looked back at him, smirking as she saw him admiring her anus. “Is it pretty?” she asked.

“Way tuzla içmeler escort too pretty for pooping,” he grunted.

She giggled. “That’s the weirdest compliment I’ve ever gotten. See? I attract the odd ones.”

“May I sniff it?”

“Sure,” she said, bending over to bring her ass closer to his face. “It’s kinda stinky, though.”

“I don’t mind.” He was already smelling the faecal aroma.

“Why, my horny Oddity?”

“Because, however it may smell, it’s you. When I sniff one of your private smells, I feel like I’m knowing you better, getting close to you.”

“Well, as I said, I don’t like being known too well, but anyway, enjoy, my cute little Oddity.” His nose was right between her cheeks, his lips a millimetre or two away from her kissing her raisin asshole. “Wanna kiss me?”

“Ardently.” He gave those brown lips as passionate a ten-second kiss as he would have given the lips on her face, painted bright with red lipstick. She moaned at his lips’ damp, cushiony touch.

Wow, she thought; he worships me. He even worships my shit-smells!

She wrapped her buttocks around his face, fully acquainting him with their softness and smoothness. “Finger me again.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, his one finger still rubbing against her G-spot, his other hand tickling her clit.

“Oh! Oh! Ah!” she squealed, turning around and putting her knees against the hard-on in his jogging pants, those stained with HER fluids this time. “Don’t stop, baby. Ah!”

She put her left breast in his mouth. He was sucking hard on it as he continued frigging her.

The finger that had been tickling her clit was now in her asshole again; she opened her buttocks to let him get in there an inch or so again. The finger in her pussy slid all the way in, shaking like a vibrator to bring her past the point of no return.

“Ah!” she screamed, and soaked his finger in her come. A few drops of her cooze dripped on the stains on his jogging pants.

She stood before him dazed, her eyes closed as he licked her come off his fingers. She looked in his eyes and smiled as he continued sticking his fingers in her to soak up all that come and taste it. “Do I…taste good?” she asked.

“Better than maple syrup,” he said, sucking her come off his sticky fingers.

“I should…make you come,” she sighed, grabbing that cock in his stained jogging pants. “It’s only fair.”

“Shall I take it out?”

“No!” she snapped, squeezing it. “I don’t wanna see it.” With that one squeeze, his come merged with hers on that stain. “I don’t wanna know too much about you, seeing as you already know more about me than I meant for you to.”

“I counted 56 songs in total,” he said, pulling out his wallet. “Is that right?”

“Yeah. I hope you have enough in that big wallet of yours.”

“I do, don’t worry.” He pulled out a wad of money. “$1,120.”

“Thanks,” she said, taking the money and putting it in her purse.

“I’m going to an ATM to get another $1,000.”

“We’ll be closing for the night before you can spend it all, but go ahead,” she said with a smile. “I’ll be waiting for you here. I’ll stay naked for you, too.”

“You should always be naked,” he said. “You’re too beautiful to wear clothes…ever.”

She giggled. “Thanks.”

“OK, I’ll be back real soon,” he said, running out of the bar in his soaking wet pants.

She was actually feeling a little guilty about charming him out of so much money, especially after he’d made her feel so good. He was also much nicer than any man she’d ever known. He was clearly more than just a wallet for her to stick her fingers into.

A man opened the door and poked his face in the VIP room, a face she recognized from earlier that day. “Excuse me,” he said, twitching. “Can I have a lap-dance or two, please?”

“Sure,” she said. “I can give you a few, before your brother comes back, which will be soon.”

“Great,” Manny said, with a jar of Cream in his jacket pocket. He sat on the couch beside her and smiled.

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