Emma Cums to London Ch. 01

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It all started with myspace. She had been looking at a video of herself and another girl doing some acrobatics and a number of other videos on the topic presented themselves for her to look at. His was one of them. Out of interest she had gone to look at his page on the website and finding a lot of their interests matched decided to contact him.

All very safe. They were in different countries and the chances of them ever meeting were remote. Emma was pleased when he wrote back again via the myspace site. They talked about anything from the acrobatics training they both did as a hobby to gardening, conservation, ecology, well just about everything.

After a couple of months they somehow moved to emails and soon they were exchanging videos and photos of things they were doing, growing and performing.

Emma had always kept the different parts of her life very separate, her few close friends knew about her acrobatics but none of them were involved in it. Strange none of them shared the whole spread of interests the way He did. Everyone else she knew through just one aspect of her life.

One day she was going to be performing in a sports acrobatics competition and unlike in training she was going to be wearing a leotard. Emma and Ellie met up at Ellie’s place to try them on. Ellie who had always been the more outgoing of the two as the flyer of the pair rather than the solid six pack bearing base that Emma was smiled, “You are going to have to trim that bush a bit or everyone will see it.”

Emma blushed before replying, “No they won’t, they will all be looking at you. When you do that one handed handstand on top of my hand everyone always looks up.”

“Not so.” Came the answer, “The judges at least will look at both of us. Do you really want them all staring at your pubes?”

Emma gave in, “I guess not. We have another three weeks and I bursa escort will take care of it.”

And so it was that a couple of days later Emma was sitting naked in her bathroom, the door locked despite there being no one else in her flat both front and back doors double locked. In her right hand she held a battery powered beard trimmer and just as she was about to start a strange thought passed her mind.

“Perhaps I should keep a record of this?” So, she picked up the camera she used to get photos of their training sessions and after setting it up on the tripod took a few shots to download to her computer later.

Emma started by just trimming round the outside, taking about a quarter inch off each time, then checking to see if anything showed when wearing the leotard. Then before the next bit she took another couple of photos that no one but she would ever see.

What Emma had not expected was that she kept going till her cunt was completely nude. And she was feeling incredibly horny. She stepped into the shower and after washing her hair, started to apply soap to her breasts. soon she was squeezing and pinching her nipples. Feeling even more excited she took one hand down to her dripping cunt. As her right hand worked furiously on her engorged clitoris her left pushed deep inside reaching for her G-spot.

Afterwards, her breathing still a little rapid from her exertions Emma decided she wanted to have a close up of her vagina to look at for herself. She set the camera up so she could control it from the computer and soon she was looking at her open lips.

Emma took half a dozen shots before she was satisfied, some with her fingers spreading her labia wide, others with just her upper thighs and vagina in the picture.

All too soon came the day of the competition. Emma, now used to the fresh clean feel of a bare snatch had shaved the bursa escort bayan day before. As she and Ellie prepared themselves in the changing room, Ellie, commented, “Nice, “Wax or shave?”

Emma used as she was to Ellie’s directness couldn’t help blushing as she answered. needless to say she wasn’t about to admit to her experiments with photography. She had also been very careful to change the memory card in the camera before she left. As she thought about their male coach seeing the pictures she blushed an even deeper shade of red.

Had it not been the busy day of the competition Ellie would have guessed there was more but as it was they were third on and with the first two couples having been competent but no really exciting moves it was up to them to set the standard for the women’s pairs’ class.

It was one of those days when everything went right. Every lift was smooth and straight into position without having to adjust. The final lift with Ellie jumping from the ground up into handstand on Emma’s hands followed by a push to straight arm and then opening out to straddle before coming on to one armed hand to hand was perfect.

The audience erupted. Three out of the five judges gave them tens and with a high difficulty rating anyone else was going to have to be really spectacular to win. They weren’t and in the end none even came close. Emma and Ellie knew that they had never performed that well before and would struggle to do so again.

The next day, knowing that soon she would be travelling from Canada to Britain in order to compete in the world championships Emma set about writing to Him.

…..Adam, it is wonderful! The prize money will pay for our fairs and we will still have $500 left over to spend when we get back. ………..I am attaching some of the pictures from the competition. ………..Do you have space where we escort bursa could stay when we come to London?…………

Adam read the letter with keen interest. He was really pleased for them and composed half of an email in reply even before he opened the attachments to look at them.

He was really impressed, This was fare beyond the standard he and Jane had reached though they didn’t take part in competition. He moved on to the next picture and almost fell off his computer chair! There was Emma, Completely naked with a beard trimmer in her left hand. Adam was so caught up in looking at a completely different Emma that he had looked at all of them before he realised that they had been sent my mistake.

As Adam composed a reply to Emma’s email he was very aware of his erection and even the pre-cum leaking from it. He spent more than a little while deliberating over whether to tell Emma about her error or not. Eventually he decided on honesty and somewhere between telling her that of course she and Ellie could stay with him for the event and wishing them a safe journey he fitted it in feeling that however he said it it was going to be really awkward.

Five minutes later Adam was watching jet after jet of his cum spurting out of his cock as he relieved the built up tension there.

Back in Canada Emma was shocked at what she had done. She found the email in her sent box and after about ten minutes realised how she had cocked up. She started thinking about how Adam would feel about her. He had apologised for not guessing she had made a mistake more quickly. What did he think about her body? Ellie was the sexy one of them with her slim, taught body. She was more of the Amazon type and had never thought of herself as sexy. At 25 she was still a fucking virgin! When she was honest though she knew that was more about her lack of confidence with guys than about her looks. Yes she was strong and well muscled but she didn’t have the bulk that female weightlifters had.

As her thoughts drifted Emma began to wonder if she might enjoy more than the competition on her visit to London.

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