Falling Stars

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I don’t know much about him. I do know that his name is Sean and he’s a senior at my high school. He’s 18 and a senior in high school like me, He just moved in next door over two months ago. I’ve been watching him closely and slowly I’m falling in love with him. It’s strange to fall in love with someone you hardly know but he’s got this kind of effect of me. It must be magic or something.

I see him at school and he seems to be quite popular with the girls. He’s tall about 5’10” and has broad and a nice hard body, from years of being in football, is my guess. His hair is short and black. His eyes are a soft gray and his smile is absolutely stunning. Yes I do think I’m in love.

Almost every Friday night I know he swims outside in the huge swimming pool his parents have. He usually just wears long swim trunks and I watch him from my bedroom on the second floor of my house. I always make sure to turn off the lights and I just watch him swim for hours. His parents seem to always be asleep early on Friday nights.

I always wait for the time I know he’ll be out there. It’s past eleven at night, and I find my eyes wandering over to the pool. The small lights around it slowly light up and I see Sean. He’s wearing black and white swimming trunks and a white t-shirt. I quickly turn off my lights and sit by the window seat just watching him once again.

He slowly removes his shirt letting me see his hard chest and stomach. I feel my heart already racing just looking at him. He’s the type of guys that make almost every girl nervous and excited. I find my hands wandering down to my breasts over my long blue t-shirt that is just above my knees. My breasts are small and nipples are hard and big. I love to sit here and watch him swim so smoothly.

He dives in the pool hard and I watch the water splash violently. He begins to swim and I sigh finding myself smiling and giggling. I’ve never told any of my friends that I watch him, otherwise they’d want to be over here with me gawking at him. This is only my secret and I’ll never tell anyone.

I wonder if he’s just come back from a date or if he’s still trying to get adjusted to living in this town. I’ve tried to talk to him, but nothing ever comes out. He’s in one of my classes and sits towards the back of the room. The pretty girls always surround him and try to talk to him. I’ve heard his voice and it’s deep and low, that kind that makes any girl shiver when she hears it.

I’ve got my window open since it’s hot outside and the sky is filled with bright silver stars. It’s early May and I can already felt he the warmth of summer. It smells so clean outside and I would love to be swimming in that water with Sean. I’m slowly just drifting off into my own fantasy world when suddenly, I see him step out of the pool and look up towards my window. I want to just duck down and hide but I can’t move. I wonder if he can see me or not.

I can barely see his face, but I know he’s smiling. I bite my lip and push my long brown hair out of my face in disbelief. He waves at me as if he’s signaling for me to come talk to him. At this point, I don’t know what to do. I’m scared and yet I want to go down there more than anything I’ve ever wanted to do.

After a few seconds, he waves again and dives back in the pool. He floats on the water still staring up into my bedroom. I know he’s seen me by now. I’m still scared and don’t know whether to go down there or not. My parents are fast asleep and kocaeli escort everything in the house is so quiet. I know he’s still there waiting for me.

Without thinking twice, I grab a pair of gray cotton shorts and slip them on. I start to climb out of my window and down the big oak tree that stands in front of my room. As I climb down, I hear the water in the pool splashing and I see Sean moving around happily.

I keep praying that my parents won’t wake up, because if they did I’d never hear the end of it. Yet at the same time, I don’t care, I just want to be with Sean. Walking very slowly and nervously, I approach the fence and smile weakly. He stops moving around in the water and climbs out of the pool.

“I called you down here because I figured you’d wanna join me for a swim,” he says smiling at me and I watch the water drip from his chest.

“I would like that, but what about your parents?” I ask nervously.

He scoffs and never takes his eyes off me. “My parents are fast asleep, they are heavy sleepers you know. Come on, join me for a swim. It’s hot tonight and plus swimming is so much better with someone than when you’re alone.”

He puts his arms out to me. I begin to climb over the short wooden fence that divides our houses. He catches me in his arms very nicely and laughs softly. “There you go. Now come on.”

He begins to walk away but I just stay still. He stops and turns to look at me. I feel so nervous. He walks to me and puts his hands on my face. I look up at him and I’m sure he can see the fear in my green eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you OK?” He asks.

I nod. “No, it’s just that…it’s just that I-I don’t have a swimsuit on. Just some shorts.”

He smoothes my hair back. “That’s OK. You can swim in your shorts I don’t mind.”

I look down and touch my t-shirt. “My shirts too long. I can’t swim good with this on.”

He cups my chin and makes me look up at him. “Take it off then. I won’t look I promise.”

My hands are shaky. “T-take it off? I-I can’t do that!” I say shyly.

He holds my hands in his and walks me towards the pool. He stands only a few inches away from me and begins to take off his swim trunks. I gasp and my eyes widen. He smiles and let’s them fall down his legs until he’s completely nude. I want to look at his cock but instead I look away.

“You can look at it if you want Courtney,” he says in a confident tone. I love the way he says my name. I had no clue he even knew my name.

I find myself slowly turning to face him again and my eyes wander down to his cock. He’s already hard. He’s got to be at least seven inches long. His purple mushroom head is wet and I don’t know if it’s from the water or his male juices. I’m mesmerized as if I had never seen anything so beautiful before.

“You want to touch it?” He asks quietly.

I blush and walk closer to him. He holds me close and leans down to kiss me. I’ve kissed a few boys my days but this kiss was absolutely wonderful. The way his lips went over mine and how his tongue softly massaged mine. I put my arms around him and get lost in his kisses. My heart was fluttering with happiness and I felt as if I was in heaven.

He broke our kiss and looked at the water and then at me. “Please take off your top. Take everything off and swim with me. Please.”

I step back and remove my long t-shirt. I see him staring at my breasts and I cover them with my hands feeling shy and embarrassed. He’s probably kocaeli escort bayan used to bigger breasts. Sean puts his hands over mine removing them away to see my breasts. He looks at my perky breasts and licks his lips.

“Wow! So beautiful. You are so beautiful,” he says in a low voice.

My face turns red once again. “Touch them Sean,” I find myself boldly saying.

He doesn’t hesitate. His big hands cover my breasts as he gently squeezes them. I let out a soft moan. His fingers tease my nipples as we keep our eyes on each other. I feel wetness between my legs immediately.

I push him back gently and start to slip my shorts off. He stares at me closely and smiles. I stand there in my white cotton panties and he waits for me to remove them. I’ve never been naked in front of a guy before so I was scared but at the same time I wanted him to see me. I wanted his eyes looking at my naked body and having him think unpure thoughts about me. I know I want Sean more than anything else in this world.

I bend down to take my panties off and I see his eyes looking at my pussy. I’m completely shaven and I can tell he likes that. I see that gorgeous smile appear on his handsome face once again.

He offers me his hand and we stand in front of his pool. “Ready?” He asks before we dive in together.

I nod and suddenly we splash into the warm water together. We are underwater kissing as if we’d been lovers all of our lives. Our tongues play with each other and I feel his naked body against mine. It’s the most wonderful feeling.

We swim back up for air and we breath heavily together trying to catch our breaths. We laugh and he holds me close to him. His hands are around my waist and my hands are around his neck. We float together in the water and kiss more. It’s like we can’t get enough of each other.

“I know you watch me every Friday night,” he suddenly says looking at me.

I feel my face flush. “How do you know?”

“Because I just do. I have a feeling you’re watching me. I’d been wanting to ask you to join me for a while now.”

“You should have asked me. I would have not thought twice about it. I’m so in love with you,” I find myself confessing.

He puts his hand between my legs and slowly rubs on my pussy. I feel such a rush of excitement all through my entire body. “I love you too. It feels so good to finally be able to tell you.”

I moan and start to pant as I feel him slip a finger inside of me. My moans increase and he places his mouth over mine to keep me quiet. His finger feels so good inside of me. He’s getting me ready for his cock I know he is. I want to be ready for him. I need him inside of me. I’m young, but I know this is right. Things have never felt more right or made more sense than tonight.

He suddenly stops and takes his finger out. He moves back a bit grabbing my hand and placing it on his cock. My hand wraps around his cock and slowly strokes it feeling it throbbing. I can feel his veins with each stroke of my hand. He’s so hard and I’m so wet.

“Mmm yeah! Do it slowly like that,” he says closing his eyes.

I start to go faster and watch his face filled with pleasure. I know at this point I want him even more! He leans down to put one of my nipples in his mouth. I shudder at first and begin to moan with him. He takes turns on my nipples sucking them and gently biting them. My hand is now stroking him harder and faster.

He suddenly pushes back izmit escort and gasps for air. I float silently hoping I didn’t do anything wrong. He opens his arms and smiles at me. “Come here, swim to me. I’m so ready to be inside of you.”

I start to swim to him and this time I’m no longer nervous. I’m determined to have Sean make love to me. Even if it’s for this one night I don’t care. I want him to be my first sex. To be the first guy that pleasures me.

I swim towards him until I’m back in his arms. He swims back wards a bit with me in his arms until we reach the end of the pool. He places my back against the pool wall and spreads my legs. I wrap my arms around him and we share such a soft erotic kiss. As we kiss, he starts to search for my opening with his cock. He seems to have a hard time getting inside of me. I reach down and grab his cock guiding it inside of me.

He laughs softly. “Thanks. Put me inside of you. I need to explode inside of you.”

My eyes close tightly as I start to get his cock in me. I can feel my pussy opening up and swallowing up his cock. It hurts but I don’t care. I know soon enough it’ll feel good and I’ll have Sean making love to me.

Finally he does a hard thrust and gets all his cock inside of me. I moan in pain and he kisses me to calm me down. His hips start to move back and forth as he starts to make love to me. I wrap my legs around his waist pushing him closer, wanting him deep in me. The water around us splashes lightly with each thrust. Soon we are making passionate love in Sean’s pool. I look up at the sky for a minute and see a falling star. I close my eyes and make a wish. After making my wish I open my eyes once again and stare deeply at my new lover.

I can feel his cock twitching inside of me and he grunts loudly. He’s got two fingers playing with my clit as he keeps sliding his cock in and out of me. I start to feel my nipples harden with intense pleasure. My body tightens and suddenly I feel like an eruption inside of my body. I start to shake and my moans come out naturally.

“Mmmmggghhh ooh Sean oh god this feels g-good!” I wail.

“Yes baby cum for me. Cum on my cock,” Sean says.

I feel my pussy draining out my warm juices and Sean thrusts harder. He looks at me and whispers, “I love you,” and closes his eyes. I suddenly feel a rush of hot fluid shooting inside of me.

“Arrrghghg yesss! Oh f-fuck! Mmmmmmm!”

He’s cumming in me! Oh God he feels so good! I keep thinking.

Long spurts of Sean’s cum are filling me. It’s so close to my period, I know I can’t get pregnant or at least that’s what I’d heard. I just didn’t care at that moment. Sean was putting his seed in me and I loved it, because I loved him. He was my first sex and I knew I’d treasure this moment for the rest of my life. We may all have several sexual partners in life but a woman never forgets her first. I knew I’d never forget Sean.

He kisses me once again as he slides his cock out of me. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes as we hold each other in the silence of the night.

I open my eyes once again and realize I’m back in my room. I look at the clock and it’s past midnight. I realize I’m still dry and dressed in my long blue t-shirt, but for some strange reason I can still feel Sean’s warmth on me. I must have fallen asleep! I think to myself.

I look out the window and see Sean in the pool. I look up at the sky and see the same shiny silver stars. One fallen star catches my eye and I make my wish. I look down at the pool where Sean is swimming and I see him looking up towards my bedroom. He waves at me just like in my dream. I smile and make my move. I’m definitely in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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