First Real Alpha Lover Pt. 01-02

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First Real Alpha Man Pt 01

I was on a working holiday having decided to leave my ordinary job and travel to the island of Jersey in the Channel Isles for a few summer months. It was a very hot summer and I wasn’t use to the heat and quickly got sunburn. After a short stay in a camp site I decided I needed to get a job as my money wouldn’t last me for very long. I went to the local town job centre to find a lot of poorly paid jobs with long hours working in mainly hotels.

I found a job working in the kitchens of a large hotel where I had to work 7 days a week for 2 hours in the morning, dinner and evening meal times with breaks in between. That gave me lots of time in the afternoons to sit on the beach, read and go swimming when it wasn’t so hot.

It must have been in the second week that I’d been working when I went to the beach in the afternoon and decided to go for a swim in a large enclosed pool. The pool was full of sea water that remained when the tide went out so I thought it was safe with no currents or depth to worry about. I wasn’t a good swimmer and tended to always to stay close to the edge of the pool.

The beach was quiet as I stripped off to my trunks and exposed my white body to a dull sun trying to break through the clouds. It was very humid though and I sweated as I walked with my towel to the waters edge. The water looked cool and inviting but it looked a bit choppy which surprised me as the tide had gone out.

I put my legs over the side of the pool wall and the water was cold. I splashed myself all over my body and it felt great and relaxing as it cooled me down. I looked out on the pool which was larger than 2 or more football pitches. I saw only an old couple swimming in the distance and one man at least a hundred yards away.

When I decided to lever myself into the pool bit by bit I felt the cold water rush over me giving me goose bumps and a chill up my spine. I held onto the side of the wall and kicked my legs out before turning to begin swimming towards the middle of the pool. It was refreshing to have the cold water surrounding my body as I slowly crawled towards the centre of the pool. When I got there I turned to go back to where I left my towel but I felt an undercurrent pulling at my legs and feet. I sort of panicked and started to use my arms more quickly to get back to the wall. The water was choppy and it was difficult not to stop the sea water going into my nose and mouth.

Then before I knew it a man’s long arm held me up and guided me back to the wall. I was breathing heavily and couldn’t muster the energy to pull myself out of the pool. The man got out of the water and took my hand and pulled me up to sit alongside him. He asked me if I was okay and I said just about but I felt stupid and thanked him for helping me.

I noticed he was very hairy and had tanned skinned. Most of all I noticed his large bulge in his blue speedos as and when he pulled me out of the water. I must have look weak and weedy compared to him but he was very kind and invited me to go back to his apartment to clean up and get a drink. I wasn’ t sure at first but he insisted.

On the way to his place he introduced himself as Tony and he said he lived above the restaurant he was working at as the house manager. He asked me questions about why I was in Jersey and I told him it was a summer season job until September. He knew the hotel manager I worked at but didn’t bursa escort like him much.

Tony was in his late 30’s, medium height like myself, but quite stocky build and of Italian descent. He also told me he’d been married with two children but had separated last year.

His apartment was only two streets from the beach so we soon got there and he insisted I showered while he made me a warm drink. I went into the bathroom and stripped off and got into the shower to run some nice warm water and wash off the sea water and sand.

While I was in the shower Tony walked in and asked it he could shower alongside me. I couldn’t say no, so he stripped naked and stood next to me and began washing himself. I wanted to look away from him feeling very embarrassed but I couldn’t not notice his hanging cock dripping off the water and suds onto the floor. Tony was very well hung and I’d never been next to a man of his size in my life until that day.

Tony asked me if I was okay about showering with him and not intimidated and I said shyly it was fine and thanked him for allowing me to use his facilities. He then asked me if I wanted to have him wash my back and I said yes and so he stood behind me and began washing my shoulders and back and I couldn’t help it but I get an erection and attempted to cover it with both hands.

Tony worked the soap around my body and eventually found my hole with his fingers, I didn’t resist but found it exciting that a real naked mature man wanted my body. He slid two fingers in my butt working the soap to lubricate me as my dick got super hard. I turned my face towards Tony and said I was a virgin and he smiled and said it was okay he would be slow and gentle.

He turned me around to face him and his cock was also fully erect and it looked huge compared to mine as my smalldick stood up alongside his erection. Tony held both my ass cheeks pulling me towards him and he kissed me as our wet naked bodies touched. I must have ejaculated all over his hairy belly as I couldn’t control myself.

Tony put his hand on the top of my head and gently pushed me onto my knees to face his cock and balls and I opened my mouth to receive him and sucked his huge mushroom head. Tony turned the shower tap off as I began sucking his cock as far as I could take it down my throat. He tasted fantastic and the smell of his manly body made me feel alive.

When Tony shot his load I couldn’t believe how many spasms he was able to produce as each one hit the back of my throat making me gag as I swallowed at least 12 cum shots. I’d given guys blow jobs before but not on a mature guy as large as Tony.

He stood me up as I felt really dazed and a little confused by the experience. Tony apologised for the moment and said he shouldn’t have taken advantage of me. I said it wasn’t something I expected but it was something I’d always wanted to be the submissive of a real Alpha man. Tony warmed to my words and said if I wanted to stay awhile we could get to know one another more intimately.

He took me into his bedroom and lay me on the bed face down and rimmed my hole with his tongue and it felt fantastic as he worked his tongue deeper and I wanted him then to fuck me. But Tony was very careful not to hurry about using his huge cock on my tight butt and it required some working on over the coming days to open me out. And did he open me out! I didn’t think I could possibly take 8 inches of real bursa escort bayan Alpha muscle meat but Tony proved me wrong and within two days he was riding my ass and although it hurt at the beginning I soon relaxed enough to turn the pain into ecstatic pleasure!

For the next six weeks I became Tony’s lover and he taught me everything about being fucked by a real Alpha. I lost my virginity but gained a whole new role in my life as a submissive bottom.

First Real Alpha Man Pt. 02


During the three summer months I was in the lovely Island of Jersey I worked in an hotel as a kitchen assistant. I helped with breakfasts, lunch and evening meals. I washed and dried the dishes, etc and cleaned the kitchen. It was hard work and poor pay. I got my meals and a bed in a garage next to the swimming pool.

In the afternoons I had four hours to go to the beach and enjoy sitting and reading. It was when I decided to go for a swim that I met Tony my very first mature Alpha male. Tony more or less saved my life that day as I nearly drowned not being a very good swimmer and got in trouble getting back to the inland pool wall.

That afternoon I discovered how much I could learn from a mature man like Tony about sex and my own feelings towards men. He invited me back to his apartment that afternoon where we shared a shower and he introduced himself to me as my lover and teacher. Yes it took a little physical persuasion to “break me in” and lose my virginity but Tony was very gentle and patient with me.

He loosened my pussy ass with his fingers using soap in the shower and I enjoyed sucking his handsome cut cock and hairy tanned skin body. I was skinny and lacking in much body hair being fair with a smalldick. Tony didn’t make fun at my slim body nor my lack of cock size as he was interested in my bubble bum and mouth. And did he utilise both my orifices!

The day he “broke me in” will be a day I’ll never forget and will always be ever so grateful to that man my mentor, lover and friend. We met at the beach the day after our first meeting when he saved me from nearly drowning. He brought a flask of wine and sandwiches and we sat in our trunks lying under a sun shade as the sun was very hot. Tony liked wearing very thin trunks that showed off his big bulge and I could see his cock lay half way across his hairy thigh. It turned me on I must say and compared to my little bulge he looked enormous!

I covered my trunks with a towel but Tony pulled it away and told me that I should be proud of my little dick, “it’s cute” and be proud of what I was born with. I told him I’d rather have his big donger between my legs and he laughed and he promised later that I could have him between my legs instead! That made me excited and nervous thinking how was it going to be possible to have all of this hunk of a man’s mega meat inside my body!

We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours and then went back to his apartment. We showered together and Tony washed my back and fingered my hole making me get a super hard on. He dried me off and lead me into his bedroom where we lay together and kissed for ages. I tried touching his big erection but he told me to just stroke his body while he fingered my pussy ass with lubricant. My hole got very wet as Tony first used two fingers then a third before all four were inside me. I kept kissing him and stroking his buttocks dying to suck his cock.

Instead escort bursa of me sucking him off Tony had me on my back with his fingers in my ass and him going down on me taking all my little dick inside his mouth very easily. Then he slowly went up and down the small length of my erect dick, while his other hand stroked my tight nuts. It felt amazing! I wanted him to make me melt and possess me. Tony used his fingers to fuck me and suck me at the same time before he pulled my legs wide and stretched my arms so I was spreadeagled on his king size bed.

I was completely at his disposal as I felt him hover over my naked sweaty body. He stopped sucking my dick and pulled his fingers from my hole and took both my ass cheeks in each strong hand lifting me off the bed so to ready himself into me. I took a deep breathe as I felt his huge mushroom head circle around the rim of my ass. Then inch by inch my teacher, my Master lover entered my pussy hole! Tony didn’t stop until his balls rested on my coccyx. I was stunned.

I felt dizzy and hot flushes shot through all my body and electricity ran up and down my spine. Tony knew what I was going to experience and spoke to me in calming words as I felt the pain of his cock hitting my prostate. The first slow thrusts were immense and made me groan and cry out but Tony knew it wouldn’t last and my ass would take him easily, as it got greasy and warmed to his size.

And did I then lose myself within twenty minutes of pain! I was beginning to enjoy the mix of pain and erotic anal pleasure that I’d always dreamed of but never experienced. Tony edged himself, while I took him slowly for the next half hour and when I came it was the best orgasm I’d ever ever experienced! Tony felt my anal wall involuntary go into spasms that squeezed his huge girth making him cum. Once! Twice! Then so many thunderous cum shots hit my prostate, as I cried out “fuck O fuck O fuck Tony!!

He lay on top of me his cock still inside as it only shrunk to half its size, while mine rolled up in a tiny ball sandwiched between our sweaty bodies. It took a long time before Tony pulled out and I got the honour of licking his cock clean and then his chest which tasted of masculine sweat that made me go dizzy again but very much in a good place to be his sex slave.

For the rest of my time on the Island, we never let up having sex, it was always so fucking amazing! We met on the beach every afternoon for an hour or so, then back to his place for a two hour intense, passionate fuck session. Tony taught me how to ride him and he fucked me in the shower, in bed, on the floor, against the wall and kitchen sink, everywhere and in all positions. Sometimes he went deep and it hurt and I was sore but I loved his cock so much I worshipped it like a God.

As Tony worked until late evening six nights a week he was dog tired by midnight so he needed his rest. I finished work by 8 pm and went out most evenings with work colleagues and got drunk as the island was a tax free haven and booze was dirt cheap. I never needed to go with anyone else, though plenty of offers came my way. But Tony fulfilled my desires and anyway I was empty by late afternoon of my ball sac|!

When the summer season was over I lost my hotel job and paid off. So I had to leave Jersey as it wasn’t legal to remain unemployed. I was really sorry to have to say goodbye to my Alpha lover Tony and he was upset to see me leave but understood I had to go back home to start another job. We said goodbye for the last time at his place and he gave me a long kiss and I left to catch the ferry. That was the last time I saw my very first Alpha Male.

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