Food Fight And First Sex

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I was late out of college and when I got home I rushed up stairs and had a quick shower, shave and brushed of my teeth. I was determined to smell nice tonight. I was just throwing a wash bag and some books in to my rucksack when the doorbell rang.

My sister called out “Jamie, its your date’s parents”

She was clearly amused by this. I rushed down stairs giving my sister a glare and got into the back of Mercedes waiting for me at the curve. It was my first sleep over at my girlfriend’s house and they had kindly agreed to give me a lift. They were out for the evening so I suspected they also wanted to give me ‘the talk’, for a good ten minutes there was an uncomfortable silence, then ‘the talk’ took place. I promised that I would treat their daughter with respect.

Once her parents left, Izzy and I enjoyed a meal of pizza and chips and settled down to watch a couple of movies. Then we talked about college, friends and life in general. Neither of us made a move on each other. Then it came to bedtime, we were to sleep in separate rooms. Izzy gave me a kiss on the lips and our tongues made a slight contact. She then indicated that for now that was as far as she was willing to go. She needed to be sure it was escort izmit love before she slept with me. I made my way to bed and stripped down to my boxers, I was too excited to read but too embarrassed to masturbate in someone else’s house.

I dropped of to sleep but woke a few hours later feeling hungry. I made my way down to the kitchen for a midnight feast. I was just heating up some leftover pizza when Izzy walked in; she was wearing just a bra and knickers. She was a little taken aback find me there but got on preparing her snack. She must have noticed the bulge in my boxers but said nothing.

It all started with a minor accident, Izzy knocked over a milk jug, the content of which soaked my boxers, if she had not noticed the bulge before she surly did now. She burst out laughing and to my surprise told me to remove them for her to wash, I did so covering my erect cock as best I could with my hands. I made for the door to collect my jeans she grabbed my hand and said I should wait, she smile and said I should not bother hiding my erection. It was while she was washing my boxers that I picked up a carton of juice and poured it over her bra and knickers, for a moment I thought I had gone far but she gave out izmit darıca escort a belly laugh and stripped out of them and placed them in the sink with my boxers.

Izzy made it clear she was up for a food fight be breaking one egg over my head and another over my chest, I smeared some cream cheese over her tits in turn. Things escalated and soon our naked bodies were covered with a mixture of cream, Yogurt, flour and corn flakes.

Izzy said ‘fancy a wrestle, I bet I can beat you’. This was an offer I could not refuse and the match began, I must admit she was very good and I wondered how she gained her skills, she also definitely aiming below the belt. She then got my cock trapped between her legs and gave it a friction burn, I was so exited by now that pre cum flowed freely and mixed with the cream cheese already smeared over her legs. Izzy then grew serious and left the room. I thought the fun was over. I was wrong, a couple of minutes latter she returned with tube of lubricant a pack of five condoms, she gave a coy smile and said that we might need all of them.

We kissed properly this time our tongues exploring each other’s mouths; I let out a small yelp when she nibbled izmit rus escort my lip. She then slid a condom onto my cock and guided me into her pussy. I was determined to be gentle to ensure that she enjoyed our first time. After a while I came but she did not, this embarrassed me. However, she just smiled knelt down and taking my cock in her mouth went up and down on it. She then began to nipple gently on my foreskin, after a few minutes of this I was very hard.

“Jamie, thank you for being so gentle, but what I really want is a long hard fuck”. I was taken aback as I had never heard her talk like that before.

I sat her own the table and place one of her legs over my shoulder; I slipped on a condom and lubricated her with the contents of a broken egg. I slid my cock deep inside her and thrust as hard as I could quickly building up the tempo. She began to moan quite loudly and grabbed my arm; I kneaded her breasts and nipples in turn. I continued to thrust and she began to vigorously rub her pussy, she came before I did. She then insisted that I took her doggy style; we tried every thing that night except for going bareback. After the lovemaking we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Then next morning we were up early to clean up the kitchen. We had just finished cleaning up when Izzy’s parent walked in. They said that very impressed by this and that my parents were lucky to have such a responsible son. As Izzy walked me home we both had smiles on our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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