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The relationship wasn’t something either of them was looking for. Both were about halfway done with law school when they first met. She remembers the first time she saw him. She was sitting at a table waiting for class to start. The seat next to hers was empty. As she looked through her notes, a soft voice asked her if the seat was taken. She looked up and saw the first good looking man she had seen at the school. The thought registered just briefly…she had recently ended a long term relationship and was just starting to date again. She was whooped on the new guy, but she wasn’t blind. She liked his lean build and his eyes…they seemed kind. She smiled and said the seat was free if he wanted it.

They did not really speak to each other much throughout the semester. One day, she decided that she wasn’t going to go to class so she could go and fuck the new guy. That seemed more fun than talking about evidence. When she came back, she realized that she was lost and needed help, so she asked him if he would mind emailing her his notes from the previous class. He did and that’s when the first conversations began.

She was a terrible student. Her passion to help others had driven her to apply and get accepted to law school, but once there, she found the school and subject stifling. This wasn’t what she really wanted to do, but she was determined to suck it up and see it to the end. But her mind wandered…it was too difficult to pay attention in class. He never said anything, even though he saw her wasting time playing stupid games online and chatting with her new guy. Did he wonder what she did with him? What did she do on those nights when they didn’t have class together? She didn’t strike him as the kinky, slutty type. If she was, she didn’t give anyone any hints to what a dirty girl she really was. Everything about her indicated that she was not open to any moves or advances from anyone. She certainly didn’t dress to attract attention. If she had curves, no one could see them under the baggy sweatshirts and hoodies she favored. And yet, he couldn’t suppress the slight twitch in his cock when he looked at her. He didn’t know what it was, but it was there. He tried to put the thoughts out of his mind…he was happily married, with his second kid on the way. He hadn’t come to law school to hit on anyone. Those days were long gone. But he wondered…

She had always thought he was a very good student. He always appeared to be paying close attention in class and always had an answer ready. She was surprised when he messaged her during class one night. They talked about innocent things…she might have mentioned that her sister is in the military and that she was a strong supporter of the troops. He never said anything about his goal of becoming a military officer…he kept his private life private. Although he seemed well liked by the other students in the class, he did not seem particularly sociable with anyone. It must’ve been her imagination going haywire when she thought he asked her out for drinks. He was probably just being friendly.

The semester ended and he looked forward to seeing her again at the beginning of the new semester. But she wasn’t there on the first day of class or any of the other days. He wondered what had happened to her. Did she switch to day classes? One day he saw her online and decided to say hi. Her avatar image caught his attention. It was a cartoon of her as a warrior. His eyes were drawn to the sharp points where her nipples were. Those points made him think about what her nipples looked like…were they really that hard and pointy when she was aroused? He knew it wasn’t appropriate to ask, but he had to know.

She was surprised by his message. She didn’t really plan to keep in touch with anyone from law school now that she wasn’t planning to go back. Her aunt’s premature death had caused her to do some deep thinking about what she wanted to do with her pendik escort life. The reality that life is not a guarantee of years had hit her hard and she knew that she didn’t want to waste her life pursuing something she had no passion for or interest in. Maybe he thought she was a flake for dropping out. Everyone else did. But if he did, he didn’t say anything. He seemed more interested in that avatar. She laughed and explained that it was a random artist’s depiction of her. The artist had seen strength in her and felt that she had a fighter’s spirit. He said that wherever she was fighting, it must be incredibly cold for her nipples to be erect like that. She had no clue that he was thinking about pulling her top off and seeing for himself what those nipples really looked like. Or that he fantasized about squeezing those perky little breasts together and sucking on those nipples.

A year or so went by with no further contact. He didn’t know what prompted him to say hello again. Maybe it was those images that would steal into his mind from time to time. He couldn’t shake his thoughts of her lying naked before him, with her legs spread open and inviting him to explore her. Did she wax? Shave? Was she au naturel? Not knowing frustrated him, but it didn’t stop him from imagining.

He was surprised to learn that she was also applying to be a military officer. This gave him a reason to talk to her. He could answer her questions about the process and guide her on her own journey. It was surprisingly easy to talk to her. He liked her sense of humor and spirit and she admired his discipline and discovered that he actually had a sense of humor too. The banter between them came easily. It was hard to pinpoint exactly when the casual flirting turned into sexual innuendo. Perhaps it was because she had finally decided to cut ties with the loser that she had been so whooped on and was now extremely horny. It had been a few weeks since she had fucked. She hadn’t particularly missed it…but talking to him brought back her memories of him. She wondered if he looked as good as she remembered. Now that she had started her own training for Officer Candidate School, she knew exactly how hard these officers’ bodies were. She wondered what his looked like.

She thought she could keep those thoughts to herself. She was wrong. The filter between her brain and her mouth often failed and she must’ve said something to him that made him aware that she was lusting after him. Whatever it was, she was glad it happened. She couldn’t help but overshare all her thoughts and fantasies with him. He was much more guarded. Although he encouraged her to share, he held back. Did she know how excited he was by her? She couldn’t know and he wouldn’t let her know. He had too much to lose and didn’t want to risk any of it. He would suffer through the blue balls in silence. There was no need for her to know that he often jacked off at night, thinking about her. He wondered if she thought about him in the same way and if she did, did she touch herself? Fuck…thinking about her doing that was making him leak and he knew he’d have to relieve himself yet again.

The late night chats were only frustrating her. She wanted so badly to fuck him, to feel him deep inside her. More than that, she wanted to suck him off. That was the one thing she missed the most about being with someone. She loved giving blow jobs. Making a man writhe underneath her turned her on more than anything and she loved watching his expressions as she sucked on him. But she knew he was married and as much as she wanted to explore with him, she couldn’t. That was a line she couldn’t and wouldn’t cross. He had too much to lose and she didn’t think she could live with the guilt afterwards. So she had to make do with her magic wand. What was the warranty on this thing anyway? She was pretty sure she would wear it out before she was fully satisfied.

This kartal escort went on for about a month and in that month, there was a building of energy and chemistry between them. She would write him erotic stories, describing the things she’d do to him if he was hers. It was getting harder and harder for him to be satisfied with what he had at home. He had to see her. There was just no way she could do all the things she said she could do in her stories. He decided to meet up with her and determine this for himself. Then maybe all those horribly frustrating nights would finally end and he could go back to enjoying his wife the way he used to. He asked her to meet him at the park under the guise of working out together. She agreed.

She was determined to keep her hands to herself. As much as she wanted him, he wasn’t hers to have. But she couldn’t stop the butterflies from forming…she wanted him more than she would admit to herself. When she saw him again, she had to catch her breath. He was every bit as handsome as she remembered and she knew it would be a real challenge to stay platonic. He had other things in mind.

Seeing her again made him want her even more. She was dressed in a tight fitting gym outfit. All the curves he imagined were there and because of the slight chill in the air, he could see a hint of her nipples through her top. He couldn’t resist touching her breasts and pinching her ass. Damn…she felt as good as he thought she would. She was firm from working out, but soft where a woman should be soft. They began their workout, but it was hard to go through the motions. They jogged around a little, but they both knew that’s not what they were there for.

At the end of the session, they sat down on the grassy knoll. There was little cover for them. Anyone who wanted to could look out their window and see the two of them sitting there. But it was getting dark and there were no other people at the park. There was no one to see him pull her top down and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. She tried to resist. She really did. But his touch was making her body act of its own accord. She didn’t stop him. She wanted him to make her wet. So wet that she was sure that her juices must be flowing down her thighs. It was a good thing it was dark…

But the darkness could not hide his growing erection. She knew it was there. All care was abandoned when she reached over to rub him. Before she knew it, she was stroking him, using his own wetness to lube him. She had been surprised at the sight of his cock. He wasn’t a big guy, but he had a good sized cock. It was perfect…everything that she wanted in a cock. Its girth and length impressed her, and she felt her mouth water. Fuck…she had missed giving a good blow job and she decided to go for it. She licked up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue around his tip, sucking out the juices that were leaking from it. Mmmm…he tasted good. None of the men she had been with before tasted good and she wanted all of his cum. She wanted to feel him explode in her mouth. She sucked harder, stroking him with her hand as she did so. She could feel his body stiffen and twitch under her expert ministrations. Suddenly, she felt his hips thrust up slightly and warm, sticky fluid filled her mouth. There…that would teach him to doubt her!

They went their separate ways after that, each thinking about the experience and wanting more, but both hesitant to let their bodies decide their course of action. He decided that it wouldn’t go beyond getting blow jobs or hand jobs. If her mouth felt this incredible, what could the rest of her feel like? He was afraid to know.

The attraction continued to grow and develop between them. Contact was sporadic, but when they did talk online, it was always intense. Both had to find some way of satisfying themselves after and even during their chats. maltepe escort Both knew they wouldn’t be able to stay away from each other much longer…they had to know what it would be like to fuck each other.

He came over one night to watch a movie. He had told his wife that he would be studying late at school. It began innocently enough. They settled onto the couch and watched the movie. She massaged him gently to help relieve his stress and help him relax, but it only seemed to stimulate him even more. Before she knew what was happening, he had pulled her shorts off and saw her shaved pussy for the first time. He had often fantasized about it and now that he was seeing it and feeling the hot moistness emanating from it, he knew he had to possess her. She had straddled him and was looking down at him, unsure of what to do. Here he was, aching to be inside her and she didn’t know what to do. Fucking him would be crossing a line that they had both said they wouldn’t cross. She looked into his eyes and knew that it didn’t matter anymore. He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Slowly, she slid him inside her, a little at a time. She was teasing him and she knew it. She watched his face the whole time, enjoying the power her body had over him. When he was fully inside her, she began to thrust, slowly at first. He grabbed her hips and pushed her to him. Her body instinctively began thrusting faster, never letting him slip out of her. All her fantasies and daydreams were actually coming true. Would he make her cum, as he had promised to? Would she finally know what it was like to experience the most exquisite of pains and pleasures with someone? She had never been with someone who could make her cum…she had always had to do the work herself and it had been a good decade since that had happened.

She could feel him enlarge slightly inside her and she knew he was close. Determined not to miss his expression this time, she kept watching his face as she rocked her hips. His eyes were squeezed shut and suddenly, his body curled up slightly. She could feel the hot cum shooting out of his cock and filling her. It was so intense she could actually feel the pulsating in his cock as he emptied himself completely inside of her. She knew she had satisfied him in a way that no one else ever had or ever would and he would never doubt her or her abilities again.

And so it continued for a year. In that time, she met someone new and fell in love, but she would often think of him. They continued to chat, but less frequently. There would be sporadic, stolen moments: a hand job at the park, a blow job in the library, a secret visit when the wife and kids weren’t home. Just being near him made her wet and him leak.

They both knew their time together would come to an end when he was called to fulfill his military obligations. A week before he was set to leave, they discussed getting together one last time. She hoped it would happen. She knew she would not hold anything back during for their last encounter. She looked forward to seeing him again, to be with him in a way that she had never really allowed herself to be in the past. She could think of nothing else that week, only of ut his promise to make her cum and she believed that he really could. After that, it would be a clean break, as it wasn’t likely that they’d see each other again and they could both continue on with their lives without having to wonder what might have been.

But the days passed and she did not hear from him. She knew that she wouldn’t have this last opportunity to do all the things she wanted to do, to be all the things he wanted her to be. Part of her is sad and disappointed. She knows the chemistry between them is rare and something that few people are lucky enough to ever have felt. It was a meeting of the minds that neither had experienced before and probably never will again. She takes solace in knowing that she has ruined him and that she will be the best he’s ever had. He will have to settle for what meager pleasures his wife can give him. She knows that no matter how busy he gets, when he’s alone at night, thoughts of her will continue to come to him. And she…she will never know what could have been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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