From Platform to Pleasure

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The knock at the door made my heart skip a beat. I peeled the covers back gently, sat upright and headed towards the door. As I wandered past the full length mirror I paused to check my hair was suitably ruffled. I took a deep breath before opening the door and as the glow of the hallway light crept into the darkened room I saw him standing there, his blonde hair and perfect features illuminated and a hungry smile painted across his face. As he stepped over the threshold I stepped back slightly but as I did I felt the cold air follow him and goosebumps rise all over my skin.

As the door closed behind him and left us in diminished light, he looked me dead in the eye and took a step forward, closing the gap between us until his body was touching mine. I gasped as my back touched the ice cold wall but he silenced it with a kiss. His hands, one holding my face whilst the other traced a line from the corner of my hip to the base of my spine, were warm and as he pushed his pelvis against mine I could feel the growing hardness of his denim-clad cock against my skin. He took a step backwards in order to run his eyes over my body, greedily surveying the terrain he was about to conquer. As his gaze wandered back to my face, the hand I had paused on his belt began working on it and his smile widened as he raised his hand to the zip of his hoody. Without breaking eye contact he slowly pulled the zip down over his chest knowing fully that I was relishing every single torturous second of this. I ran my fingers from his belt up over his chest, across his shoulders and freed his arms from the sleeves of his jacket and it fell to the ground behind him. I leaned inwards and upwards and feeling my breasts touch his chest I kissed his neck and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt. As it rose over his stomach revealing the contours of his hips, the lines drawing my glance downwards to the throbbing inside his jeans, my knees almost buckled and I thought about the times I’d laid in bed dreaming of the moment I could have him.

The thought came to me of the first time I saw him at that demo back in summer, and how I wanted him before I even knew his name. He strode over to a friend of mine, his broad shoulders and muscular stature immediately catching my eye. His soft but deep voice and the passion with which he spoke to the crowd impressed me and I mustered the courage to introduce myself, bold as brass, to a man that in any other circumstances I would have dismissed. You see, he is the archetypal fantasy man, the rugby player who would never talk to me, the movie hunk, the jock, the frat boy; the hero. And I am the geek, the ugly girl, the faithful sidekick passing messages from this guy to the pretty blonde.

But he made me brazen and my instant attraction to him mixed with the adreneline of political action found me shaking his hand. I couldn’t focus on anything but his neck and arms, wondering how his skin would feel under my finger tips. We chatted some and at the end of the day we agreed to keep in touch and on the bus journey home I drove myself crazy with daydreams of what I would do were I let loose on his body. We did keep in touch and now, after what felt like months of verbal foreplay, was I about to get what I had ached for since that day?

Tonight we had walked for what felt like hours around the city getting nothing but cold and frustrated. Sat in a taxi back to the hotel I felt his eyes burning into me as his hands felt their way over my thighs and under my barely-there skirt. I was already soaked with the anticipation of him. As I lay there, freezing, in my hotel bed wondering how long it would be until he arrived, wearing nothing but my favourite underwear, I ran an icy hand down over my stomach until it reached the sheer fabric of my pants. I felt my own wetness and my aching clit pulsed against my fingertips. Every second I waited was blissful torture but I couldn’t hold out any longer and so slid my hand between cloth anadolu yakası escort and skin and lay a single finger on my engorged bud. My best friend swelled at my touch and using only the gentlest of motions I ran small circles around her tip as she cried out for more. Before I could go any further he was at my door, timing his arrival perfectly to enhance the delightful teasing I had come to expect and crave.

I pulled his t-shirt up over his shoulders and head and was confronted, for the first time by the reality of his perfect body; muscular, defined and divine. As the shirt dropped to the floor beside me he again pulled me against him and as his skin touched mine and his kisses moved from my mouth to my neck, he licked and nibbled at my skin sending me over the edge. His hands, placed firmly on my hips moved round to my ass as he felt my knees giving way. He pulled me up, smiling smugly at the effect he could already see he was having. I felt my back press against the wall once more, I grabbed his wrists in an attempt to communicate to him the wave of lust that had robbed me of my voice. He kissed me again; his tongue massaging mine and sucking and biting my bottom lip; a preview of what was to come.

I ran my hands up over his arms to his shoulders and down over his chest, revelling in the beautiful contours of his body. I let my hands rest on the waistline of his jeans for a second whilst I took in the sight of him and began to gently unbutton his fly. By the third button I could feel his cock straining against my hand and by the final button it was released from its denim cage. He took his hands off me for a second to pull his trousers down over his ass and thighs, stepping out of them and finally standing before me in just tight, black boxers.

I reached my hands up behind his head to kiss him and as I did so our bodies met. The feeling of his now solid cock against my clit was like they were lovers, reunited after decades apart as they pulsed and screamed for each other. His fingers ran down my back and hooked under my ass as he lifted me effortlessly and pulled my thighs around his waist. He carried me the few steps to the bed where he lay me gently on my back and traced a line of kisses from my lips, down my neck, across my collarbone and down to my breasts. Kneeling between my legs he delicately peeled the straps of my bra from my shoulders, sliding his hands underneath me as I arched by back to unfasten the clasp. Tossing my bra aside he took one breast in his hand, caressing it gently, kissing my skin and treating my hard nipples to teasing little licks before taking them into his mouth. My toes curled as I let out a tiny whimper of absolute pleasure and longing.

He took his time over my body, making every inch of me tingle with anticipation and I reached down and placed my hand firmly around his cock to show him how much I wanted him too. I stroked its length, having to keep catching my breath as I imagined him inside me, I had never felt so much lust in my whole life and my entire body ached at the thought of having him.

Kissing my stomach he paused with his chin hovering over the top edge of my pants, looking up at me, then back down at his prey. I shuddered all over as I felt the warmth of his breath penetrating through the thin material and onto my soaked skin. He ran his fingers around the waistband from below my belly button to past my hips before hooking them over the top of the lace and gently slipping the pants down. I lifted my pelvis to make is easier for him and he couldn’t resist the temptation to drop a gentle kiss onto the damp fabric above my clit sending waves of pleasure pulsing though my abdomen. He knelt on the floor as he pulled them down over my legs, allowing them to fall to the floor. He stayed still for a second, his hands on my ankles, flicking his glance between my face and the swollen lips of my cunt.

The ataşehir escort greedy smile spread across his face again and he leaned in towards me. I felt his warm hands creeping up the backs of my legs and finally gripping my hips as his broad shoulders forced my legs to part wider. With every breath he expelled my hips began to buck involuntarily as my mind started to spin off and my body ached for his tongue. Seeing my shaven lips spread before him he gave in and tasted me, running his tongue from my drenched perinium slowly and torturously through the lips to my clit. I arched my back, raising my hips, offering myself to him fully, giving him the best possible access to my heat. Within seconds of his first contact his delicate lapping had brought me my first orgasm and I bit on the back of my hand to quieten my own screams as he continued to torment me. I was soaked, I could feel my cum dripping down over my ass and onto the sheets, my heart pounding in my throat, gagging me into silent appreciation of his mouth. Suddenly he pushed his tongue through my lips and into my hole, thrusting and sweeping in a circular motion. Tears welled in my eyes as my body strained to contain the gratification it was receiving at his touch.

The next few minutes was a blur for me, breathing in short, sharp bursts, feeling light-headed as all the blood in my body flooded down to meet with his mouth. Small beads of swear gathered on my forehead and between my breasts and with one hand I gripped firmly at the bedsheets whilst the other was on the back of his head, my fingers twisted through his blonde hair. I rocked my hips backwards and forwards with his every touch of my flesh, encouraging him, fucking his tongue as yet another orgasm built inside me. He was using his hands now, slowly inserting his fingers inside me deeper and deeper until I could feel the tips pushing firmly against the spongy bump of my g-spot. I yelped and he responded accordingly, pressing my button harder and with conviction whilst flicking and sucking my clit, I couldn’t breathe and as my back arched by body lurched into yet another, harder and all-comsuming orgasm.

As I screamed I bit down hard on my lip to stifle my own noise and he pulled back and his warm breath now felt like an icy breeze on my scorched cunt. He climbed silently up the bed until his face was level with mine and as I opened my eyes in the dull glow of the street lamp I saw his face, smiling and glistening with my cum. I reached a hand down, placing it firmly on his rock hard manhood and pulled his pelvis towards mine. I put my other hand on the back of his head and lifting my face to his I kissed him softly. Lying my head back down on the bed, I smiled, licking my lips and tasting myself. A warm throb ran through my stomach and he kissed me again, long and deep.

With my arm round his neck he pulled us both up until he was almost sitting, I put my feet on the floor and stood up, still a little light-headed and felt a warm stream of cum running down my inner thigh. I pulled him to his feet and slid his boxers down to his knees, pushing him back onto the bed. With him sat in front of me I fell to my knees and removed his boxers completely. Now we were both fully naked. I ran my hands up his muscular thighs and glanced up at his face as I positioned my body between his knees and laying him down I ran some gentle kisses over his stomach I took his cock in my hands. The way his bulging arms moved as he put his hands behind his head sent an electric shock through my insides. I ran my hands up and down his beautiful cock as I slid the tip across my nipples. I lay the gentlest kiss on the weeping eye and felt it twitch with anticipation. This is my payback time, my turn to tease.

I ran the very tip of my tongue in a circle around the end before moving it slowly down to the base. I pressed my thumb firmly just below his balls and took him into my mouth. I held ümraniye escort it there, allowing him to adjust to the new sensation before sucking hard and ensuring my tongue stud was felt. I licked round and round using my whole mouth and tongue to envelop his hardness as I cupped his balls in my spare hand. As I rolled them around I felt his hips thrusting gently upwards as he fucked my mouth slowly.

I could hear him moaning as his aching cock was being tormented and pleased. Using my own cum as lubricant I substituted my hand for my mouth and carried on stroking and squeezing his cock and instead took his balls between my lips. A shudder ran through him as I sucked on them gently and blew cold air onto their wetness. I held them softly in my hand as I licked my way around them, all the time rubbing one finger along his perenium. With his balls in my mouth, my saliva-coated finger massaging him and my slippery hand pumping his cock, I stopped, suddenly pausing all action. With a delicate throb of his cock I released him, giving his shaft one final lingering stroke of my tongue and lips before standing up.

His face begged me for something more; I hadn’t made him cum because I had bigger plans for his solid cock than letting him spurt all over my neck and breasts, because no matter how much I wanted that, I wanted him inside me more.

He sat up, pulling himself towards me until he was perched on the very edge of the bed. He went to stand up but I grasped his shoulders, pushing him back to sitting. With my thighs I pushed his knees together and took a step closer. He felt a warm droplet land on his thigh and he smiled, running a finger through my wetness again. I straddled him slowly, sitting on his thighs and wrapping my arms around his neck. I wanted him deep so as we both grabbed his cock and placed it firmly at the opening of my cunt, he lifted my legs, first the left then the right, up onto the bed at either side of him.

I could feel our mutual throbbing as I clasped my feet behind his back and pressing my heels into the base of his spine I pulled my body fowards until our chests touched and he was inside me as deep as he could go. We both gasped and I paused, not wanting to move but just concentrating on the throbbing of him slotted perfectly like lock and key. I tipped my hips a little and he let out a short breath of pleasure and with his hands gripped securely on my hips we began to rock together. I was so wet that it was all effortless and every time the head of his cock touched my g-spot I whimpered and he kissed me.

I had literally never been so turned on in my entire life, every part of me was tingling and I could hear my heartbeat thudding in my ears and feel it in my throat. The fact that he maintained eye contact knotted my stomach and I kissed him lustfully and dragged my fingers all over his shoulders, back and arms. I couldn’t remember ever being so attracted to a person as I was to him or ever having so much confidence as I did with him; pure, blinding lust. I needed him, craved him, ached and longed and desired him. Now he was here, between my thighs, kissing me, nibbling my breasts, pulsating inside me and making me cum, again.

And just as I was convinced that it could not get better than this he was standing up, my legs still wrapped around him, still inside me, pressing my sweat soaked back against the freezing cold wall. I balanced my foot on the sofa and buried my face in his neck as he fucked me harder and faster. His breathing was heavy and his face was red as he screwed me, panting, against that hotel wall. I let out a scream and he kissed me, smiling through the strained expression and he bit my bottom lip and within seconds his thrusting grew faster and faster until I felt his knees buckle under the weight of his own climax. We stood there together for what felt like an age, gripping each other as our breathing slowed and we regained our balance.

He ran his hands down the sides of my body and slid out of me, leaning back in to kiss me with that same intense eye contact. He licked his lips and smiled. “Shower?” he said, uttering the first words of the evening as he glanced down at our glistening skin. I nodded and he took my hand and headed towards the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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