Graduation Present

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My name is Marc, and I had just graduated high school without having ever done anything with a member of the opposite sex. And not for a lack of desire — I was 100% straight and just as horny as the next 18-year old male, but more a victim of circumstance.

I had been kind of quiet and self-conscious in middle school, and thus had never really built any long-lasting relationships with anyone from the opposite sex. To try and maximize my potential and gain a leg up, my parents sent me to an all-boys high school. Shortly after I started there, I finally hit my stride while becoming extremely focused on both school and athletics. I played on a team that was competing for state championships while also living in an environment where the prestige of the college you went to seemed to determine your worth. Existing in this setting clearly required a lot of effort to meet anyone of the opposite gender, and I simply never exerted the necessary energy.

Thus I had never had any kind of serious girlfriend, or even really friends who were girls, despite the fact that I was about to graduate from high school. I was certainly looking forward to college and the co-ed environment, although I’m sure there would be some growing pains along the way. Things surely couldn’t be as easy as the movies seemed to make it seem, where girls would simply through themselves at you the moment you stepped on campus.

However the impending reality of college was still about three months away, as I had just graduated from high school two days before. My immediate attention was on the next few months that I would get to spend with my hometown friends and the opportunity to relax. And maybe I would actually exert some more energy into finding a willing partner of the opposite sex; although it turns out that she would come looking for me.

Linda was a woman who had been a babysitter for my brothers and I when we had been younger, and whose role had really transitioned to more of that of a maid once we had reached the age where we could generally look after ourselves. She came over to our house three days per week to help with all of the various chores that needed to be done in a house with four children and two parents with very demanding jobs, and had become almost a mother-like figure in the years she bad been watching and caring for us boys.

Linda must have been around 50 years old at the time, and she was definitely better looking than the average woman her age. She was a petite woman — slightly over 5 feet tall and probably not much over 100 pounds — with curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and tight, tan skin. I had actually fantasized about her on a number of occasions. Since the day a couple years ago that I had walked in on her bent over in the laundry room in a skin-tight pair of jeans with her stunning ass staring me right in the face, I began to see her in a whole new light. She had become a regular in my spank-bank, in particular when I was in the mood for rubbing one out to the thought of a mature woman.

She also possessed a personality where she was happiest when pleasing others, especially when she was giving of herself to do so. She had given immensely to me and my brothers over the years, to the point that was almost an extended part of the family.

The day that my whole life changed started just as the previous day had — with my brothers leaving for school, my parents leaving for work and with me home by myself. Since seniors finished school and graduated before all of the younger grades, my brothers still had several weeks left so I was home by myself. Having just finished high school two days before, I planned on doing a whole lot of nothing.

When I came downstairs from my upstairs bedroom for a leisurely breakfast in nothing but a pair of pajama pants, I noticed that my parents had left an envelope for Linda on the kitchen counter. I had almost forgot that Linda was scheduled to come over to the house that morning for the first time since and I had graduated.

After pouring myself some cereal, curiously got the best of me and I walked over to the envelope to take a look at its contents. I couldn’t resist the urge to take a peek at what my parents were paying her to do housework three days per week while also serving as eye-candy for me.

As I approached the envelope, I saw that “Linda — payment + bonus” was written in black marker across the front. Unsure what the bonus could be for, I picked it up to take a look inside.

All-of-a-sudden, the side door opened and I heard someone stepping inside. Dropping the envelope like a hot potato, I hurriedly crept back towards the kitchen table.

“Hi Marc, are you here?” I heard Linda’s voice call out from the mudroom.

“Oh, ah, yes Linda. Just got some breakfast…heading up to take a shower now. I’ll see you in a few minutes,” I blurted out as I scampered back upstairs.

“Okay, let me know when you’re done. I have a surprise for you!” she replied.

‘Ooohhh, a surprise!’ I thought to myself as I stepped into the shower. kocaeli escort bayan “Could it be money? A trip? A gift of some sort?” my mind pondered as the refreshing water cleansed by body from the summer’s heat.

However, my mind soon wandered to other things as I dried myself off and threw on a t-shirt and khaki shorts before heading back downstairs. Not eager to do much of anything, I found my way to the family room where I lazily plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV.

After I had watched a few SportsCenter highlights, Linda must have figured that I was done with my shower, as I heard her tiny footsteps coming my way. When she entered the room, the television was the last thing on my mind. She usually looked nice and there were certainly a few times that I had been caught staring, but today was special. She was wearing a tight black skirt with a hemline above the knee that showed off both her slender legs and her shapely ass coupled with a pink blouse with the top two buttons undone which caused my eyes to wander straight down from her face to the top of her exposed cleavage. She had clearly done her hair and makeup, and couldn’t have looked better if she tried.

While she typically looked nice, there was clearly something sexual about her appearance today. Before my jaw had the chance to hit the floor, she energetically burst out, “You graduated! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!”

“Oh, ah, yeah, yeah, thank you,” I blurted back, unsuccessfully trying to focus on anything than her beautiful breasts that were visibly pressing against the soft fabric of her top.

Walking right over to me, she kissed me on the forehead before sitting next to me on the couch. As she leaned over to do so, all I could stare at was the top of her gorgeous, tan breasts. I knew it was wrong to think about someone who had helped raise me in such a carnal way, but I couldn’t stop the sexual thoughts from flooding my mind. All I could think about was how good it would feel to massage her perfectly-sized boobs and her tight butt cheeks, to taste every inch of her body, and then enter her proceed to plow away while she screamed underneath me until I erupted inside of her.

Being 18, I could already feel the blood rushing to my penis and I had to place my arm across my lap to hide my impending erection. As I did so, I muted the television, as it seemed evident that Linda wanted to talk with me.

“I know this is kind of a personal question, and you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel comfortable, but…have you ever had sex before? Are you a virgin?” she blurted out

“Well, uh…yeah,” I divulged, with an embarrassed tone in my voice. Then I started in “You see, it’s just that I go to an all-boys school, and…”

“No, no, no, you don’t have to make excuses. That’s perfectly fine, and nothing to be ashamed of. And your first time should be special, and with someone you trust and with someone who has some experience.”

What was she talking about? Was she implying what I thought she was? There was no way!

“Your parents and I had figured that was the case. And we want you to be prepared for what will likely come your way in college, because we care about you.

I could not believe what I was hearing! Was this beautiful blonde MILF, who had basically been like a second mother to me growing up, willingly offering herself to me so that I no longer had to be a virgin.

“So as my graduation present, I will have sex with you, so that your first time will be meaningful and done right,” she continued, laying it all out there in black and white.

“Really?!?!” I replied once I was able to catch my breath. “That would be incredible! You’re beautiful. And to be honest, I’ve fantasized about you for years.

“Yes Marc, that is my gift to you, if you want it.”

“Well, YES!” I quickly blurted out. But then my mind caught up with the entirety of the situation. Part of me felt bad that she was being coerced into doing it because of some bonus money from my parents and that it would be a dreadful experience for her. But as I thought about it, I realized that she could have definitely done worse. I wasn’t some chubby, pimple-faced nerdy loaner, but was a high-achieving varsity athlete with a sculpted body who devoted so much time to sports and academics at an all-boys high school that most of my opportunities to mingle with the opposite sex had just fallen to the wayside. Besides, I’m sure that she would get some enjoyment out of it. I was almost certainly more eager for her body than her husband had been in years, and she probably could not remember the last time that someone my age had openly lusted for her.

“But – what about your husband?” I anxiously inquired.

“My husband never has to know about this. This will just stay between us…a special piece of our relationship,” she affectionately replied.

“Okay. Are you sure you are okay with doing this?”

“If you enjoy it, that will make me happy,” she replied as she lovingly beamed back at izmit escort bayan me.

Almost unable to comprehend what was happening to me, I paused to take it all in. Was this gorgeous blonde MILF whom I had known most of my life really willing to have no-strings-attached sex with me? And while it all seemed almost too good to be true, there was no way that I could possibly pass this up. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Okay…well…how do we start?” I anxiously inquired.

Pausing for a moment and lustfully staring into my youthful blue eyes, a seductive smile crossed her face as she gingerly rubbed my shoulder.

“You just sit back and let me lead the way,” she purred. Her petite hand pressed onto my left pectoral as her face slowly moved towards mine. I was about to get my first kiss, and surely she could feel my heart almost beating out of my chest. Unsure of what to do and feeling overwhelmed from the whole situation, I simply parted my lips slightly and waited for her mouth to meet mine.

Once our lips made contact, I was flood with a beautiful warmth and loving passion that came from kissing someone with whom you had both an emotional connection with and physical desire for. Letting my instincts take over, I pressed my lips back onto hers, and then almost instantly felt her tongue wiggle into my mouth. As I continued to welcome her fervor and feel her heat, my tongue found hers and began wrestling as our mouths swapped saliva in a wave of lustful affection. I must have been doing something right, as I felt a soft loan escape her lungs.

Still hardly able to believe and not fully comprehending what was happening, I was at full mast and eager for more in no time. While I thought I had been aroused before, it was nothing compared to what was happening with a stunning woman right there in front of me.

As our mouths continued to grapple, my instincts kicked into gear and my hand reached onto her exposed thigh. The smoothness and warmth of her skin nearly took my breath away, and I slowly began to glide by hand up her shirt towards her womanly prize.

Knowing what I was after, her petite hand sensually caressed its way from my chest down my muscular arm as we continued to lock lips until she locked her thumb inside the waste of her skirt and began to pull it down. She shifted raised her hips up off of the couch and brought in the her other hand down past her voluptuous ass, while still keeping our kiss going the whole while. Once they were down by her knees she kicked them off to side and out of the way for good.

Now sitting next to me completely naked from the waist down, she finally pulled her lips back and smiled at me as I exhaled deeply and stared at her with wide eyes.

“Your turn,” she giggled as she began to lift my shirt over my head. After raising my arms to help her do so, I could tell that she liked what she saw once she tossed it off into the ever-growing pile of clothes. Years in the weight room had finally paid off, as while she didn’t say anything, I could tell from her expression that she was pleasantly surprised.

Now it was her turn, as I hurriedly began to unbutton her blouse it opened up to expose her plump breasts pressed up against her body and straining against the beautiful fabric and a black and white bra. This clearly wasn’t just some average bra that got thrown on for an average day at work, but one that she clearly put some thought into as she knew that she was going to be showing herself off today.

With the smile growing ever-wider on my face, she began to pull her blouse off her body to more fully reveal herself to me. As she momentarily struggled, I could not resist reaching my hand down and caressing her magnificent mature pussy. It was as amazing as I could have imagined, and I could not wait to fully explore it. I was in such a state of arousal that every touch seemed to send off fireworks in my head. I had never touched a woman like this before, and I could not believe that Linda was the one I was doing it with.

Once she did, our lips found each other’s again, and our mouths picked up right where they had left off a minute before. As I continued to caress the mature pussy of the gorgeous blonde MILF that lay in front of me, her hand quickly found its way onto my erection and began to rub it over my khaki shorts to reciprocate the pleasure.

Then without missing a beat, her skilled fingers undid my belt, the button, and the zipper on my shorts and dove underneath until she found my full-on teenage erection. She clearly had some experience with this type of thing, as her petite fingers soon wrapped around the bulging shaft of my cock and began gently tugging on it while we kissed. Thank goodness I had rubbed one out the night before just before I went to bed, or else I almost certainly would have shot my load already.

Eager for more, I began to kiss her more assertively until her back was against the back of the couch and I was leaning almost on top of her. Clearly knowing that gebze escort I was ready to move onto the next step, she pulled her head back and began to pull at my shorts. Taking the hint, I sat back and hastily kicked them off to the side, so that the only piece of clothing left on between the two of us was her bra.

“Are you ready baby?” she whispered seductively while glancing up into my eyes as my eyes lustfully devoured her stunning mature body.

“Oh yeah,” is all I could muster as I gazed at her in awe as she knelt down on one forearm, grabbed the base of my pulsating shaft with her other hand and steadily leaned over until her lips wrapped themselves around the end of my cock. Right away she began sucking and tenderly bobbing her head up and down the upper half of my shaft. I sat there in a state of disbelief as I watched Linda, the 50-year old woman who had practically raised my brothers and I, take my throbbing cock into her mouth in anticipation of taking my virginity.

Slowly and tenderly sliding along the girth of my pulsating young cock, her delicate lips wrapped tightly around my shaft while her expert tongue went to work twirling around the ultra-sensitive tip. I was on cloud nine, as she clearly was skilled at what she was doing and was showing me first-hand how earth-shattering a blowjob could be.

Soon her petite fingers, which seemed to fit almost perfectly around my penis, began stroking the length of my veiny shaft while her other hand rested on my hip for support. While her hand massaged my length and her mouth pleasured my tip she paused just briefly to move her flowing blonde hair out of her face, then she seamlessly went right back to work with a passion that truly exhibited the love and connection we had developed over the years.

Her loving hand then slid down to my sensitive, cum-filled balls where it rested while she began twirling her whole head and taking more of my length into her mouth. She then drew her cheeks in and was soon taking half of my 7 inches, her fingers gingerly massaging my balls the whole while.

Really getting into a groove, she quickened the pace of her sucking and began taking even more of me into her mouth while consistently working her tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft on her way down until my cock was pressing against her throat, at which point she began flicking it around my cockhead and slit on her way up.

Going right back to bobbing her head, she smoothly churned her head from side to side as she made sure every inch of my cock was lovingly attended to by her skilled tongue, mature lips, and accepting throat. With her eyes closed and her mouth wrapped tightly around my fully erect shaft as she devotedly worked her mouth up and down its length, it was like she was truly like she was making love to my cock. My penis was the center of her world, and her head was the center of mine, as nothing else that seemed to matter.

Clearly sensing that I must be close to climaxing she lovingly slid her mouth up the length of my saliva-covered cock one last time before pulling it off all together and giving my well-lubricated young erection a few quick strokes. She knew that the end-game wasn’t for me to cum in her mouth, but rather for me to shoot my seed deep in her mature womb, and for me to fully experience all of what she had to offer as woman.

Smiling with a satisfaction that she just rocked my world, she warmly asked, “Are you ready to go upstairs?”

Even though I’m sure the question was at least partially rhetorical, I could not help but eagerly reply, “Oh yes baby, let’s do it.”

She giggled at the fun she was having and at the over-the-top hedonistic desire to have my way with her that I was clearly exhibiting. I’m sure that she appreciated being lusted after so intensely by a muscular young man, and I don’t think I ever wanted anything more in life than to ultimately go all the way with her.

Linda rose to her feet throwing her bra to the ground along with the mix-mosh of other clothes that littered the floor. Her slightly saggy but almost perfecting sized breasts swung free, and she was finally completely naked in front of me. With my cock still as hard as a diamond cutter and my jaw almost on the floor as I ogled to stunning blonde beauty before me, Linda broke my trance by taking my hand and leading my towards the door. Like a puppy dog following it’s mother, I unconsciously trailed her movements as I stared in awe at the glistening curves of her seemingly perfect body while she guided me across the house towards my room.

When we finally arrived, she turned back towards while interlocking our fingers, pressed up on her toes, and pushed her lips back against mine. Closing my eyes and meeting her advance, our lips fervently locked as our bodies found each other. My erection was soon grinding against her toned, tanned midsection as my hips unconsciously began to dry hump her body. As she felt my precum begin to ooze out onto her stomach, she knew I was ready.

Placing her hands on my chest and gently pushing me away as she broke our oral embrace, she proceeded to step towards my bed. Turning as she reached it, she climbed onto the sheets on all fours and seductively worked her way to the center of the mattress while I stared in a state of lustful awe.

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