Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 04

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Chapter IV – Sylvia’s Saturday

“Breakfast is here,” I said to Sylvia’s closed door. It was just after 8:30 am.

“Just a minute!” she replied. A couple of minutes went by. I heard the toilet flush. In a moment, Sylvia invited me in.

I took in the tray that was hers and set it up over her lap. “Bacon and eggs today, with coffee and grapefruit juice.” I could see the pink lacy straps of a negligee over the top of the sheet she had pulled up to her chin.

“Umm. Looks good.”

“Mind if I join you?” I indicated a chair at the end of the bed.

“By all means.”

We ate in companionable silence for a few minutes. The sheet dropped lower down her front as she leaned over her food. Before long, she tucked it under the edge of her tray and I could see her breasts covered only by pink lace and ruffles. I think I could make out the darker shadow of her nipples.

“What am I doing today?” Sylvia asked.

“Well… at ten this morning you are being tutored. This afternoon we are going for a walk in the park.”

“Sounds interesting. What kind of tutorial?”

I could feel my face getting red, “Oh, you’ll see. Don’t worry, I think you will enjoy it.”

“Shouldn’t I be getting up and getting dressed?”

“Actually, I think you’ll do just fine the way you are and where you are.” I got up and left the room with my tray. I came back in a minute to get hers. She gave me a questioning look. I know I turned bright red, but I left without speaking and put the trays outside the door to be taken away. I was just debating if I should to go back to Sylvia when there was a knock on the door. I answered it.

“Hi, I’m Jade, remember me?”

In front of me was slight blonde in a short dress carrying a large purse. “Yes, welcome. Come in.” I reached down beside the desk and retrieved a large plastic bag full of a number of items. “Ok, here are all the toys. I want you to show Sylvia how they work. You can demonstrate on her if she will let you or on yourself. You will get a bonus if you can make her cum.”

Jade smiled. “Ok, I get it. Is she into girl girl stuff?”

“I doubt it very much. You will probably be better off acting like her sister or something.”

“A hundred an hour? Plus a bonus? This could be fun. Where is she?”

“In here,” I said, walking into the bedroom with the bag of sex toys. “Sylvia, Jade is going to teach you how to use all of these toys. Remember what to say if you don’t want to continue at any time. I will be In the next room.” I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed and left with the image of Sylvia’s surprised face burned in my memory. I carefully closed the door as I left.

I sat in the plush chair and picked up my book. After ten minutes, I noticed I was holding it upside down. All was quiet in the bedroom. I started reading. I know I read the first chapter, but don’t ask me what happened. I think it was a murder mystery.

Half an hour in to the session, I heard giggles and a quiet laugh or two. Then all was silent again. I put the book down and turned on the TV. There was a game on. I think it was hockey. There were moans coming from the bedroom. I focused on the big orange ball bouncing on the TV – maybe it wasn’t hockey…

Around 11:30 I heard a scream. I jumped to my feet. It was quickly followed by “Don’t stop, Oh God, Don’t stop, Oh, Shiiittt…” I sat down again and stared hard at the game just as someone threw a pass… to the end zone.

At 12:00 exactly, Jade came out of the bedroom with a big smile on her face. “I should be paying you for that,” she said.

“Did she cum?”

“Are you deaf? What do you think all that noise was? She came about five times. I only came four. Any time you want to do that again, let me know!”

I paid Jade and gave her a healthy tip. Then I showed her out of the room. I quickly returned to the bedroom door and knocked.

The knock was answered by a quiet voice, “Yes?”

“May I come in?”


I opened the door and peered around it to the bed. Sylvia lay in the centre, her head on a pillow, only a single sheet covering what must have been her nude body. Her negligee was tossed on the floor and the toys were spread all over – on the night table, the bed, the chair, and the floor.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh, god, am I all right!? I am so all right! Wow, I have never felt like that before. Wow, that was awesome!” Sylvia closed her eyes and stretched her arms over her head. “I feel great!” The sheet slipped down and one pink nipple appeared over the top of it. She brought her arms down and pulled the sheet up again.

“Good. Ready for some lunch and a visit to the park?”

“Umm. I suppose.”

“Great. Oh, by the way, wear this little fellow to lunch.” I held out a vibrating egg in my hand. “In your pussy…” I tossed it on the bed and quickly left her to get dressed.

Sylvia cleaned up and got dressed. She wore the usual button-up blouse over a knee length skirt. At 12:30, we entered a small cafe outside the park. Sylvia was holding my arm tight against her breast. We took a booth near the back. I sat facing illegal bahis a mirror and Sylvia was facing the rest of the room.

I flipped the switch on the remote vibrator that I had asked Sylvia to place in her pussy. She jumped and put her hands in her lap. She opened her mouth to speak…

“Sh,” I whispered, “it is only a vibrator. I have the control…” I turned it off and on again to demonstrate. Her eyes got big. I turned it off.

I saw the waitress coming, so I turned it on again. Sylvia gave me a pleading look and clutched the table with both hands.

“Can I get you something to drink?” asked the waitress, putting menus in front of us.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ll have a coke and my wife will have a glass of water.”

“Right.” The waitress left and I turned off the vibrator.”

“That was mean,” hissed Sylvia, still holding on to the table.

I smiled at her. I waited until I could see the waitress returning. On. A gasp from across the table.

“Here you go, a coke for you and water for your wife.” The waitress glanced at my wife and paused. “Are you all right?” she asked.

Sylvia nodded. Her hands were clutching the table again.

“Ok, if you need anything, just call, I am Maria.”

“It is Ok, she gets these attacks every once and awhile. Nothing to concern yourself with. We will need another minute to check the menu.”

“Ok.” The waitress turned and moved off to another table. Off.

?”I could kill you,” hissed Sylvia.

I smiled. “You know how to make it stop.” I picked up the menu, “What do you want?”

“Grr. I’ll try the chicken wrap.”

“Ok, I think I will have a Rueben.”

On. Maria returned, “What will you have?”

“I’ll have a Rueben, please and you dear?” I indicated Sylva, who was sitting with her teeth clenched and her hands clutching the table again.

“The chicken,” she paused, “wrap.”

“Thank you, I will be back in a minute with those.” The waitress gave me a funny look. I shrugged. She went to the kitchen. Off.

Sylvia panted a little. “I was about to cum, you bastard.”

I smiled a her again. “Oh, good. What a fun thing to do. And in the middle of a restaurant too. With all these people watching!”

We sat in silence, me smiling at her, she glaring at me.

On. Our food came. Maria set it down in front of us and fussed over getting condiments.

“Mustard? Ketchup? Any thing else?” Sylvia shook her head. Her eyes were shut tight.

“Well, maybe a little mustard, do you have some hot stuff?” I asked.

“I’ll check.” Maria walked away. Off.

I began to eat. Sylvia sat with her eyes closed and breathed deeply.

On. Maria came back with a small bottle of hot mustard.

“Here you are,” she said, “are you sure your wife is Ok?”

“She’s fine. She is just saying her prayers.” Sylvia had her head down on her hands that were still clenched to the table.

“Oh. Ok.” Maria walked off to another table. Off.

“Oh, god,” murmured Sylvia, “I can’t take much more of this.”

“Eat up dear, It will make you feel better.” If looks could kill…

Sylvia managed a couple of bites of her wrap when Maria came back. On.

“Everything Ok?”

“Yup, Just fine thanks. Oh, could I have a small dish of ice cream? I don’t think my wife will have any, but I would like a little dessert.”

“Certainly.” Maria went to get the ice cream. Off.

Sylvia didn’t speak. She just slowly picked up her wrap and took a small bite. She saw Maria coming before I did and her hands grabbed the table top. On.

Maria put the ice cream down in front of me. Sylvia began to shudder and shake all over. Her head came back and she groaned. Maria watched her, her eyes getting bigger. Off. Sylvia slumped like a broken doll back into her seat.

Maria put her hand to her mouth. “Did she just…” she whispered.

I smiled at her. “Yes,” I showed her the remote in the palm of my hand. I quickly flicked it on and then off. Sylvia jerked and relaxed again.

Maria quickly scanned the rest of the cafe. No one seemed to have noticed. “Wow, but no more, you could get in trouble.”

“Ok,” I said, “no more.” Maria went back to work.

I looked over at Sylvia, “Would you like to clean up?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes.”

“Good, go to the washroom and bring back the egg and your panties. I think we will leave the vibrator as a tip. Your panties must be soaked so you won’t want to wear them will you?”

I paid the bill and we left the remote and the egg on the table. Sylvia’s panties were in my pocket. We headed outside.

“Well, that was fun,” Sylvia said. “Now what?”

“You’re not angry with me?”

“After cumming like that? How can I be angry. The look on Maria’s face when she figured it out was priceless.” She giggled.

“Good. Let’s go for a walk.”

I lead her through the park. I knew there was an observation tower near the centre, on a rock outcropping. The steps were steel grates welded to the steel supports. They went up in a back and forth zig-zag with a grated platforms at the end of each rise.

“Come illegal bahis siteleri on,” I said, “race you to the top!”

Sylvia laughed and darted up the steps ahead of me. I kept watching her as she raced up. I climbed slowly enjoying the view.

“Beat you,” she laughed.

“Yup! But what a view!”

“But you were looking up…” she blushed, “why you dirty old man!” Her legs came together and she clutched the edges of her skirt.

“Yup!” I agreed, smiling at her. “But look at the view!” I waved my arm around at the whole city spread out below us.

We stood looking out over the city until I saw a young couple coming to the bottom of the tower. “Race you down!” I said.

Sylvia darted over to the steps and began racing down. The young couple looked up to see who was coming. Sylvia realized what they were seeing and stopped dead. She looked up at me, gave a silly grin and then continued racing down.

When I got to the ground, I found Sylvia laughing at herself. “You tricked me again.”

“Yup!” She took my hand in hers and we walked down the path to find a taxi.

We got to the hotel around four. I suggested to Sylvia she might want to relax for a while as we were expected at dinner at 6:00 and at the theatre at 8:00. I lay down on the sofa for a short snooze.

I woke up at 5:15. I checked Sylvia’s room, she wasn’t there. There was a note in the middle of the bed, “Meet me in the hotel bar. Syl.” I shaved and dressed as fast as I could.

I entered the bar at 5:45. I glanced around to find Sylvia. She was sitting in a lounge chair surrounded by three men and another woman. I went over to see what was going on.

“Hi,” Sylvia said when she saw me. She stood, adjusted her white lacy shawl and held out her hands to me. I was presented with an awesome sight. The sleek dark blue dress she had on was high at the neck and hugged her curves in all the right places all the way to the floor. It was slit up one side to mid thigh. She twirled and showed the open back, crossed by two thin straps just below her shoulder blades. The dress was cut down to the small of her back. There could not be a bra, nor were there any panty lines.

I stepped over to her and she reached up and kissed me full on the lips. “Sorry folks, got to run.” She slipped her hand around my arm and squeezed it affectionately as we left.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“I wasn’t tired so I went down to have my hair done in the salon over there,” she explained. “There was still a little time to kill so I went to the bar for a drink. One of those men – the blond – tried to pick me up.” She shrugged. “We started talking and the others were with him and joined us.”

“Humph,” was my eloquent reply, “… creating a monster…”

She giggled, “The only monster is that little green devil sitting on your shoulder.” She gave my arm an extra little squeeze against her breast.”

“Yes, well it is just that you look so… ravishing in your evening gown, you had me a little worried.”

She turned on that million dollar smile again as we got in to the taxi and made our way to dinner.

Dinner was excellent, a little wine and lots of good French food. Then we walked around the corner to join the throng entering the theatre. Sylvia had not realized it was a live performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Sylvia was entranced by the play and the fabulous sets.

We got out of the theatre at 11:30 and went to the posh Slightman’s Ballroom. We got a table and danced a couple of dances. Then came a slow waltz. Sylvia looked up part way through and stood still. I could see multiple expressions crossing her face.

I looked down at her. “What?” I whispered. I don’t know if she heard me.

“Stop. Now,” her face cleared. “Back to the hotel.”

I was crushed.

We went straight to out table, rescued our coats, and got a taxi. We rode in silence all the way back to our room. I had no idea what had gone wrong.

I let her into the suite. I closed the door and turned to find her right behind me.

Very softly she said, “You have my permission to touch me where ever you want to, in fact, if you don’t touch me I will scream. Now kiss me.”

I kissed her.

I put my arms around her and I kissed her. I pulled her close to me so our bodies were touching from knee to lips. And she kissed me. My tongue gradually snuck out and touched her lips. And I kissed her. I pushed her lips apart and moved my tongue into her mouth. And we kissed, tongue sliding over tongue, hands roaming down her back, pulling her into me. We continued to kiss. I slipped her shawl off her shoulders and tossed it on a chair.

As we kissed, she slipped her hands up my chest, under my jacket. She lifted it at the shoulders, I shrugged and it fell to the floor. We continued to kiss as she worked on my tie; as I slipped the hooks holding the ties of her dress across her back; as she worked on undoing the buttons of my shirt; as I moved my hands up her back, over her neck and into her hair. I pulled her head away from mine and took a deep breath.

I whispered to her, canlı bahis siteleri “Put your hands at your sides, let me watch,” as I lifted the shoulder of her dress off her arms and slid them down. I watched as the beautiful white skin of her chest slowly came into view. I was aware of her watching my face as I lowered her dress. Slowly the neckline of her dress passed the creamy tops of her breasts, further and it dropped past her erect nipples. I drew a breath.

“Wow, they are perfect,” I whispered, “Just the right size for a handful, perky and pink…”

I could see her flush of embarrassment and her hands started to rise but were still caught in the arm holes of her dress. Her hands dropped back to her sides. I continued to let her dress drop and I slowly knelt with it. The neckline passed her belly button, passed the gentle pouch of her stomach and on to the neat heart shape of hair above her slit.

By now my face was level with her pussy. I caught the delightful musky smell of her fragrance. I inhaled deeply. Her hands came free as the neckline passed the tops of her thighs and moved to her knees. Her hands twitched as if to cover herself. I looked up at her and smiled. Her face was red, but she dropped her hands back to her sides.

When I got to the floor, I lifted one foot and slipped off her shoe, then I did the same for the other foot. I stood and took her hand to mover her out of the puddle of cloth on the floor. I bent down, lifted the dress and threw it over a chair.

In a voice husky with desire, I said, “Now you get to unwrap your present.” I stood quietly with my hands at my sides.

Sylvia came to me and finished unbuttoning my shirt. Then she reached down and undid my belt. Next she ran her hand over the zipper to my pants and watched my face. I closed my eyes and groaned at the feel of her soft fingers caressing the piece of steel that had been my constant companion for three days.

She slipped the catch on the waist of my pants and slid down the zipper. Then she went all around me and pulled my shirttails out. She reached for the shoulders to take it off.

“Cuffs,” I growled through clenched teeth.

Sylvia giggled and stopped to free my wrists. Moving behind me, she slid the shirt down and off. She shook it out and threw it over another chair. Then she bent and removed my shoes and socks, one at a time. Finally she reached up and drew the waist of my pants over my buttocks, revealing my Daffy Duck boxers. She giggled as she saw the pattern. When she had slipped the legs past my feet, she shook them out and threw them on top of my shirt.

“Don’t move”, she whispered in my ear, then she slipped around to my front, reached her mouth up and kissed me again. She kissed me and pushed her breasts into my chest. Her arms locked around my neck. I groaned but kept as still as possible.

Her nipples felt like fiery pokers sliding down my chest as she sank down. Her arms moved around my chest and her mouth kissed my chin, my neck, my chest, my belly button and down. Her hands caught in the waist band of my boxers and slid them down with her. She had to pry my cock loose, but when she did, she kissed it as she continued to the floor. She had me step out of them and she threw them somewhere. I was too busy watching her crouched at my feet; her unblemished back and bottom were the objects of my gaze.

She stood then, sliding her hands all the way up my legs, across my stomach to my chest and she moved in for another kiss. And we kissed, hands roaming where ever they could reach. Finally, I pushed her away to arms length.

“Let me look.” The molten hunger in my voice caused her to flush again. “You are so beautiful, I can’t believe you were hiding this behind long hair and baggy clothes. You should be proud of the way you look. Why were you hiding?”

“You…” she hesitated, “you are the first man I have ever trusted to protect me…”

I drew her back into a tight embrace and kissed her again.

My tumescence pressed hard against her pelvis as I slowly walked her backwards to the bed in her room. She hung on my shoulders, kissing me all the way. When we reached the edge of her bed, I whispered huskily, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” she hissed into my mouth.

I laid her back on the bed, gently lowering her torso until it was resting on the soft sheets. I moved her over to the centre and crawled in beside her. I lay on my side and began kissing her breasts. She moaned deeply.

I throttled back my own desire, “Tell me when you like what I am doing.” I kissed her breast.


“And this?” I nipped her nipple with my teeth.

“Oh, yes!”

“And this?” I drew my tongue down to her belly button and licked it deeply.


I kissed the side of her stomach, the side of her chest, her armpit and then down her arm. I played with the fingers of her hand with my mouth. She gave a little moan when I slid her middle finger in and out.

I kissed back up her arm to her neck. I nuzzled in behind her ear and blew into it. She moaned again. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her forehead and her other ear. Then I moved over to her other side and began kissing again, her neck, her shoulder, her arm, her fingers, back up the inside of her arm to her armpit, down her side and back to her belly button. I took mental notes of where each moan had come from.

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