Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 14

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Group Sex

Kelly was a girl who I knew from school who called me and asked me to go to her place to hang out. She had beaten around the bush about she and I dating but that had started back when I was seeing Yvonne. There wasn’t anything that could keep me away from Yvonne and though it wasn’t a secret, it had been pretty low key so it wasn’t like Yvonne and I were known as a couple. Since I was so wrapped up in Yvonne I pretty much ignored anything going on with Kelly and she had contacted me sporadically since then but I was often busy with Shera, Jann or Ann.

I had figured that Kelly had lost interest so I was a little surprised when she called. She was 18 years old, 5’5″ with tiny boobs so, she generally didn’t wear a bra. They were just hints of tits really. Her waist was small and her ass was round – that’s where all of her development went. Her hips, ass and mound in her tight jeans were incredible and all of the guys noticed. She met me part way as I just walked to her place and she wore the tightest jeans so I checked her out at every opportunity. As the evening wore on, I wasn’t sure if this was just ‘friends hanging out’ or if she was still interested in dating or what.

We had just been watching TV in the basement den and when we went upstairs to the kitchen to get some drinks, the lights were all dimmed so we knew that her parents had turned in for the night. Not too long after getting back downstairs I was dropping a mild innuendo here and there and was getting some laughs from her. She was much more relaxed and they had a small pool table so we were shooting pool.

I would generally stand aside a bit when I would miss a shot and check her out as she walked around the table. Sometimes I would step toward the table and lean in a bit to see if she’d brush past. For one shot, she bent over and lined up the cue and I was in the perfect spot to look at her ass in those tight jeans. She missed the shot and I said “Nice.”

“Yeah right.” Kelly said “I missed it by a mile.”

“Oh. I wasn’t looking at the shot.” I admitted playfully.

She laughed and as I walked around to look for a shot I moved around her. She would move one way to make room for me to get past and I would move with her. She would move the other way and I would move with her. She laughed again rather loving the flirting. I went around her to get to my shot and I ran the cue stick up her leg about 6 inches over her calf which brought another giggle.

I called a cross corner shot and Kelly said “You can’t make that shot.”

“I can so.” I replied quickly.

“How much you want to bet?” she challenged.

“If I make the shot, we kiss.” I offered.

“Okay.” Kelly responded quickly.

I was not a great pool player but I had made shots like this before. I lined it up and let it go. It just bumped off the edge of the cushion and out. “Oh…so close!” I lamented. Kelly just laughed and went on to take her next shot. She pocketed one and missed the next shot. I called another cross corner shot and she challenged again that I couldn’t make it. “Same bet then?” I said.

“Ok.” she replied quickly.

I lined up the shot and let it go. I made it and looked right at her. Kelly was smiling as I walked right up to her and slowly moved toward her. “I won that one.” I said.

“Just barely.” she cracked as I leaned in and softly squeezed her top lip with my lips.

“Wow.” I said “I REALLY won that one!” Kelly chuckled a little and I walked around to look for my next shot. “Can I get another one of those if I make this shot? I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” she said almost challenging me. So I sunk an easy shot. “Hey! That wasn’t a hard shot!” Kelly protested.

I didn’t say a hard shot, I just said this shot and you agreed.” I explained.

“Well, I guess that’s true but you tricked me.” she said.

As I moved in this time, I put the cue against the table and I put my arms around her waist “I won’t trick you any more.” I said quietly as I leaned in and softly kissed her. I softly worked her lips with mine for a few seconds then pulled back and looked her in her eyes before leaning in and kissing her lips very lightly once more. “So nice.” I told her before asking “Can we just do more of that?”

“Uh…yeah.” she said and put her cue against the wall before leading me by the hand to the couch. I noticed that there were a couple of blankets on the couch as I lowered myself down on it. “We have to be quiet though, I don’t want to wake my parents.” Kelly continued as I pulled her on top of me and we began kissing slowly.

I squeezed her in my arms and rubbed her back as our lips moved together. Kelly’s breathing got heavy quickly. Once in a while, I would let my hand slip down and feel her ass then move up to rub her back and shoulders again. I would occasionally move my hand between us and softly grope at her little tits too. I would always whisper “So nice.” then move my hand around to rub her back and shoulders again.

We had been going like that eryaman genç escort for ten minutes or so and Kelly moved her hand to the front of my pants and rubbed over my swollen bulge. This was what I was waiting for so I moved both of my hands down and squeezed her ass as we hungrily kissed. I worked one hand in front to rub against her mound and stroke the denim between her legs. It was hot and heavy with my heart pounding and my dick throbbing and aching in my jeans as her hand rubbed over it.

We kept going like this for a prolonged period of time as I didn’t want to move too fast with her. Kelly had been with only 2 guys according to my best information so I almost wanted her to move first, in a way. I kept working her pussy through her jeans while we kissed, once in a while giving her little tits a grope. Eventually, I felt her wetness through her jeans and when she said “I have to go to the bathroom.” and got up from the couch, I could see the wet patch on her jeans. My cock was hard as a rock, aching and throbbing as I awaited her return.

When she came back down, she had light athletic shorts on. I guess those soaked jeans were not as comfortable or a little embarrassing now perhaps. She sat down on the couch again and I said quietly “Are you coming back over here?” as I leaned in and kissed her.

“Ok” she whispered back then she inhaled deeply as I covered her mouth with mine and pulled her toward me again so she would be on top of me like she was lbefore she left.

I kept my hands to her back and shoulders for a couple of minutes before straying down to feel her ass. Through the light shorts it was much more stimulating than it was through the jeans that she had on previously and I squeezed her cheeks lightly before rubbing her small tits again. Kelly was panting as our lips moved against each other’s and my breathing was heavy as well. My cock was so hard and straining that by the time that she moved her hand to my bulge again I was ready to tear my pants off but I didn’t.

I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and squeezed lightly before moving one hand to her mound again and slowly stroking my fingers down in between her legs again feeling the heat of her crotch. “Ohhhh…” she gasped as I stroked her a couple of times. I could really feel her through these thin shorts. Moving my hand up a little I slipped it inside her shorts and underwear and squeezed her bare ass. Kelly was moaning as we devoured each other’s mouths. As soon as I had let go of her ass cheek, I moved my hand around inside her shorts and underwear to the front and grabbed a handfull of her hot cunt.

I really just felt a little hair on her muff and a large hot, wet spot into which I pushed two fingers as Kelly moaned deeply into my mouth. After stroking her half a dozen times, I pulled my hand away from her and used both my hands to open my pants and pull them down a little. The feeling of being free of the constraints was amazing and the wet head slapped against my belly as my dick sprung free of my clothes as I pushed them down abruptly. The feeling was even better when her hand grasped my hard shaft and started stroking it. “Oh Kevin!” Kelly panted and I worked my hand back inside her shorts to her pussy.

I pulled her shorts down a little and tried to keep my head from spinning as I pulled at her bare ass cheeks and fingered her cunt. I worked them further off of her every few seconds until she lifted one of her legs and freed it from the garments. The feeling was indescribable to have her naked from the waist down and rubbing against my bare hips and my throbbing member. I pulled her hand off of my aching meat and pushed my aching dick between her legs with the shaft against her wet pussy.

“Oh my God!” he panted as she moved against my shaft pressed right against her wet slit. She slid her slippery, smooth labia up and down my shaft and over the edge of the head. Again and again her hot wetness slid up my shaft and over the rim of the swollen head then back down again. My dick felt like it was going to explode and Kelly whispered in my ear “Put it in.” I just waited about 20 seconds continually stroking against her when she whispered again “Put it in!” and she shifted her hips at the top of her stroke while I grabbed my rock hard limb and pushed the end of it against her wetness. I felt her heat cover the fat head of my rod as she moaned “OH!” and she pushed back on it.

As her wet, hot flesh engulfed my aching cock I just moaned “Ooooooh…” and grabbed her ass with both hands. She brought her knees up so that she was pretty well sitting on my bone and started a short stroke, putting her chin on my shoulder. After a dozen or so strokes, I could feel pressure on the end of my cock every time she pushed down on me. Like her pussy was only 6 inches deep. My dick was just about a half inch longer than that so I wasn’t getting completely in her even when she pushed down fully on me.

“Oh god…” she gasped in my ear as she sat back on my cock ankara escort bayan again and again.

“That’s so good Kelly.” I whispered as she moaned and gasped.

I gripped and released her ass cheeks in time with her lowering her cunt onto my hard cock. After a few dozen stokes like this, Kelly stopped and was just breathing deeply. I held her tightly to me and moved toward her, putting her on her back with me on top while keeping my rigid poker in her as she gasped. I struggled with getting my jeans and underwear off, then I pulled my cock almost out of her slowly before pushing back into her quickly causing her to inhale sharply. I repeated this again and again always getting an intense inhale gasp response from Kelly as the swollen head of my pole bumped into her cervix.

Soon Kelly was gasping and whispering unintelligible things in my ear and suddenly she said “Omygod” as if it were one syllable. I felt her muscles flex and I slowly stroked in and out of her to keep the stimulation high while she came. I kept stroking steadily, making sure that I pushed the head of my cock against her cervix with every thrust. Even though my thrusts were gentle, I finished each one with a good push as her body shook and her flexing cunt involuntarily reacted to her climax.

It was different to be ‘touching bottom’ on every thrust and to have the base of my cock never getting stimulation but it was a unique turn on. I kept pushing against her until she was relaxed and her breathing was under control again. “Are you on the pill Kelly?” I whispered.

“No. Promise not to…” and she paused for about 5 seconds before continuing “…promise not to do anything inside me ok?” she whispered back.

“I am going to come soon. Do you want it in your mouth?” I asked.

“NO!” she shot back in an abrupt whisper.

“Ok. I will have to go in your ass.” I explained.

“What?” she shot back.

“It will be ok. I will just put it in your ass to come.” I assured her “Unless you want to take it in your mouth…” I suggested again.

“Not in my mouth.” Kelly repeated as I stroked my hard dick into her cunt, again touching bottom. I put my hands under her and held her ass while I worked my middle finger to her ass hole. Her little button was wet and slippery from her pussy and I slipped my finger in her tight ring and moved it against the smooth muscles of her rectum while I continued fucking her wet box. Kelly’s breathing was intensifying again with the continued fucking but she whispered “I don’t think I can take it there. Can’t you just…”

“I have to have it inside something when I come Kelly.” I whispered back urgently while still stroking in her wet cunt.

“I don’t think I can do it.” she repeated, panting.

“Ok. Your mouth then…” and I kissed her wetly as I sunk my throbbing rod into her pressing hard against her cervix. “You will have to swallow hard.” I warned. As I pulled my tingling cock from her hot cunt and pulled my finger from her tight puckered hole, I moved quickly up to get it in front of her face. Kelly’s eyes were wide and she looked very unsure of herself but with my left hand on the top of her head, my right hand guided my swollen, twitching, purple head into her mouth.

As the first pulse shot a little of my load into her mouth I put my right hand under her jaw, just holding her face. Kelly grunted as she tried to swallow and the second pulse shot a huge stream of jizz into her mouth. She made a little gagging sound and tried to back off so I didn’t stop her. I grabbed my twitching erection just as she backed off of it and kept it pointed down just as another long rope shot from it and deflected off of the side of her chin down onto her shirt while the sperm was running from her mouth onto her shirt too.

“In! In!” I whispered urgently and pushed my lurching rod back into her mouth just as another big stream shot out of it. Kelly made another little gag sound but this time she only backed off a little as my pulsing cock continued pumping sperm into her mouth. I made little thrusting movements and ran my fingers through her hair slowly as the last few little contractions of my orgasm flexed a few more small deposits into her mouth.

“Clean it off good.” I whispered and she backed away long enough to use her shirt to wipe her face before taking my swollen member back in her mouth, sucking and licking it clean. I pulled my cock from her mouth and got down between her legs, planting my stiff rod in her wet pussy about 3 inches deep before pulling back and thrusting in again. Kelly was gasping and making smacking sounds as she swallowed the remnants of my load. By the third thrust I was completely filling her and my knob was pressing against the end of her canal as she was grunting in my ear. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked her.

“I don’t know.” She forced a reply out through her gasping.”I didn’t like it.”

“It was fantastic.” I whispered as I buried my cock in her again.

“Really?” sincan escort Kelly gasped. “Couldn’t you just go on my belly?”

“No, it doesn’t feel right. It’s like it isn’t complete.”I explained in her ear as I thrust into her hot cunt with a wet smack sound. “I could try your ass.”

“I don’t know.” she whispered back. “I’ve never…”

Since I had just come I knew that I could fuck fast for a while so I began thrusting into her quickly but not ramming with full force into her – just enough to lightly bump her cervix each time. Once in a while I would pound into her with a little more gusto and her whole body would be jolted by the impact or I would hold my cock in her and just push for a couple of seconds against her cervix.

I kissed her mouth sloppily and pushed her wet shirt up. When she was on her back it looked like she didn’t have tits at all, just her little nipples. I rubbed over her nipples with my flat palm and fingers while the wet ‘cluk cluk cluk’ of my shiny cock pistoning in and out of her hot cunt filled my ears. I moved my right hand down and gripped her ass, positioning my middle finger against her slippery little ass hole again. I circled it over and over before pressing the tip through the tight entrance.

“I could just go in it when I was ready to come.” I said as I worked my finger in her slippery tight ring.

“Uh…maybe…” Kelly responded as she was breathing hard and gasping. I continued fucking her wet hole quickly while I gently moved my finger in her rectum. Suddenly she grunted and I felt her ass squeezing rhythmically on my finger. Once I noticed that, I slowed down and gently pushed my fat knob against her cervix as she came and her muscles flexed around my throbbing erection. She moaned urgently as I kissed and licked her mouth while she desperately embraced me with more strength than I knew that she had. When her contractions subsided I sat up, removing my finger from her ass and lifting her legs.

I slowly pulled my erection from her puffy, wet pussy and placed the swollen mushroom head against her shiny little anus. Kelly was breathing deeply and just exhaled slowly as I pressed the fat head against her little button.

“I don’t want to…” Kelly whispered.

“Just enough for me to come.” I said.

“Then you’ll take it out?” she continued.

“Right after I come.” I assured her. I kissed her busily while I worked my cock at her back door. She grunted and gasped as my knob pressed on her pink circle, then broke contact before pressing against it again.

“I’ve never…” she whispered just before the head pushed into her tight ring and she inhaled through her lips which were in a tight circle. I stopped pushing a moment before leaning forward again until the whole head was in the tight grip of her anus. “Oh wait!” Kelly whispered urgently and I held my cock in place while she took a few breaths. I pulled my shirt off and leaned my body down onto hers, pulling her damp shirt up exposing her nippless again as she wrapped her arms around me.

l loved the feeling of her little nipples against my chest as she breathed. Slowly, I began pushing forward again and another inch of my bone was in her ass before Kelly’s hot breath whispered in my ear “Wait! Wait!”

“It’s ok.” I said before kissing her mouth. Her breathing was deep and sharp and I just kept kissing her until I sensed her relaxing a bit. I pulled back out a half inch before pushing in again. Kelley took a couple of deep breaths and I pulled back again. This time I broke free from her embrace and looked down at my veiny erection being tightly held in her ass hole. I drooled some saliva onto my fingers and spread it over my shaft then laid back down on Kelly, slowly pushing forward again as she flung her arms around me and squeezed hard.

“Oh my god Kevin.” she whispered. “I can’t take it.”

“You can do it.” I said “And it feels incredible. I’ll go slow.”

“Just to come right?” her steamy whisper heated my ear.

“Just until I come, baby.” I assured her as I pushed another inch into her hot grip.

With her moist breath in my ear, I kissed her neck as I slowly worked in and out of her tight ass hole. Bit by bit I was getting more of my shaft in her. She begged me to wait each time I got another half inch into her and I did. During the pauses I alternately rubbed her nipples and gently squeezed her ass cheeks while kissing her gasping mouth. Eventually my entire cock was in her ass and I was moving about half of it back and forth through her tight anus.

“You’re coming now?” Kelly asked in my ear.

“Soon.” I assured her as I sawed my cock back and forth in her hot ass. I pulled more of my rod out of her now before pushing back in all of the way.

“Oh god.” she whispered just before my mouth captured hers. I kissed her steadily and worked my cock in her ass hole. “Ah…” she grunted before she exhaled and I pushed my rod into her hot depths. “You said you would just come.” she whispered.

“Yeah, I am going to come.” I told her as I pulled my cock completely out of her ass. As I pushed back toward her, there was resistance when the head of my rod bumped against her anus but without slowing the forward motion, sunk into her rectum again.

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