Mobile Phone Fun

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“Did you try it?” Tally asked Laura the next time they met up after Laura had indeed tried the trick her friend had given her.

“Yeah I did,” she said with a grin, her mind thinking about what that black rubber cock felt like in her pussy while she sat on the washer with it vibrating.

“And?” Tally prompted her; she wanted to know every detail that Laura could give, no matte how small it was

“And that’s it” Laura said with a shy grin

“Oh come on I know there is more then that… how did it feel?” Tally asked looking her friend in the eyes and smiling widely

“Ok, it was great, I have never felt anything like it before, the way that dildo vibrated against my clit was just exquisite and the feeling of it shaking in my pussy wow mind blowing!” Laura said as she felt her pussy get a little wet as she told her friend in a coffee shop all about her exploits with her sex toy.

“I told you you’d love it didn’t I” Tally laughed as her friend nodded and giggled “You done it more then once?” she asked

“Oh yeah I do it once a day when I wash my clothes” Laura said quite loudly, she went red as she realised others would have heard that

“Good for you, a sexy woman in her thirties she needs some satisfaction” Tally laughed and tapped her friend on the arm playfully

“God I sure get that from your tip” she laughed as Tally ordered more coffee and looked at her mobile phone then her friend

“You know there is another trick you could try out,” Tally said slowly licking her lips before looking down at the mobile again

“Oh what would that be?” Laura asked, “I know you its got to be something nasty” she joked

“Ok you have a mobile phone don’t you” Tally asked and Laura nodded “And you have an old one too right?” again a nod

“So what?” Laura asked looking confused

“Well you can’t exactly take your washing machine all over town with you can you now” Tally said with a laugh, Laura looked confused at her still

“What are you talking about” she asked

“Well there is the trick with the mobile phone, you get an old one or any really and put it onto silent vibrate, then you put into your panties and rest it against your pussy and clit, your panties will hold it in place if you have nice tight ones on and your pants should make it look normal, there shouldn’t be any bulge as long as your mobile is not huge” Tally stopped and looked at Laura who was listening intently to what her friend was saying

“Go on” Laura said eagerly

“Well now you have a mobile pushed against your pussy in your panties you either get someone to call it or I suggest you get your other mobile and call the one in your panties, it will vibrate something wild and it just drives you insane and wow does it do the trick in public places” Tally laughed as Laura’s mouth fell open and she gasped

“No way you’ve never done that,” Laura said leaning forwards

“Oh yeah, lots of times infact” Tally said with a smile “I tell you Lau it’s a wild experience, especially if you have a crowd of people around you, no one knows but you what it feels like and you have to try and stay quiet bursa escort while you have fireworks going off in your panties” she laughed

Laura shook her head but smiled as she thought about what that would be like, practically masturbating in a crowded area, it was such a naughty idea, she actually started to get wet just thinking about it.

“I bought a new mobile just to do it” Tally admitted with a giggle “It was well worth the cost too” she joked

“I can’t believe you have done that, you just ring the number of the mobile down there and enjoy?” Laura asked and Tally nodded

“Its just that simple”

Laura imagined Tally doing it, she knew her friend was the sort to try anything once and had no doubt that she had indeed done this, and after all she was right about the washing machine so why not this, it did have a naughtiness to it that excited Laura.

“Come on give it a go” Tally said before biting her bottom lip as she always did as she watched her friend mull over the idea, Laura had already decided to give it a go, but not today she’d wait “So you gonna try it or what?”

“Yeah” Laura said like a naughty schoolgirl, she was wet thinking about it and knew she’d have some laundry to do when she got home.

Wrapped in her bathrobe Laura fished out her old mobile phone from a draw, it was quite small really not the very old styled ones that were more like a brick. Turning it on she checked its battery was full before she turned it onto silent vibrate mode and felt it shake in her hand, it was a nice feeling having the phone vibrate against her skin, Laura closed her eyes and imagined what it would feel like against her needy pussy and clit.

The vibrating didn’t last long only a quick test, she knew for the full effect the mobile had to be rung up from another phone, she smiled wickedly as she contemplated what to do next, should she go for it and have a proper test, her curiosity got the best of her and she ran to grab her new mobile.

Keying in the old number Laura sat on the bed and took a deep breath before she did anything, this was the last chance to back out she thought, but in her head she heard Tally voice screaming at her to try it.

Laura lowered the older phone down and rested it on her thigh before sliding it under the bathrobe and resting it against her pussy and clit, she jumped to start with, she didn’t know the phone was that cold but she smiled and soon adjusted to it, closing her thighs a little she let go and held it in place while she brought the new mobile to her face looking at the number on the screen and taking a deep breath before hitting the call button.

There was a pause of nothingness, Laura waited and suddenly felt a shock of pleasure shoot through her pussy lips and into her clit as the mobile silently vibrated against her crotch. Mouth open Laura moaned loudly as she felt it vibrate again, it didn’t move but the shock waves it shot out was heavenly as it made the nerves in her pussy fire off their signals of pleasure.

Laura arched her back as she felt her pussy begin to drip with juice, the mobile would not vibrate then suddenly start bursa escort bayan again, she could feel her pussy clench tightly as the little device sent its erotic surges through her over and over. After just a few moments Laura was orgasming and the mobile just kept her on edge as it vibrated over and over against her sensitive clit, it wasn’t like the dildo on the washer this was new and much more intense.

“Oh god!” Laura screamed out as she felt the waves washing over her, the mobile phone touching her pussy driving her wild, she couldn’t take much more of this and had to end the call after her second orgasm, she had cum twice in moments, no wonder Tally did this she thought as she felt the wetness in her pussy and took the mobile away from her pussy wiping off the juice she had leaked out onto it.

“Was it good?” those were Tally’s first words when she saw Laura the next day and the answer was a big yes. Laura told her friend all about what had happened and how intense the feeling was, not to mention how she had cum so fast and hard. Tally laughed and said its even better to do it in public. Laura told her friend how much she wanted to try that.

“Have you got the mobile with you now?” Tally asked and Laura nodded “Well go to the loo’s and put it in your panties” Tally said with a wink, Laura hesitated but then got up with a grin of excitement and walked to the women’s room.

Looking around Laura made sure no other women were in then went into a cubical and closed the door locking it behind her. She pulled down her trousers and then slowly hooked her thumbs into her knickers and lowered them to her mid thigh; the white cotton panties stretched across the gap the gusset that had been resting on her pussy awaiting her newest toy.

Laura looked down at the stretched white cotton and grinned as she reached into her bag and pulled the old mobile out before placing it carefully in the middles right where her pussy would go, grabbing the panties she pulled them back up slowly making sure not to knock the mobile. Pulling them up over her tight ass she felt the plastic device press against her pussy as the front of the panties went over it.

The mobile wasn’t comfy where it was positioned so Laura reached inside her panties and moved it around until she got it right, resting on her slightly wet pussy lips and clit, she smiled and bent over to pull her trousers back up before she looked herself over seeing if there was any bulge, she couldn’t see one and with a big grin she opened the cubical door and left going back to her friend Tally.

“There” Laura said with a smile as she felt the mobile against her pussy, she felt so naughty like this as she sat looking at her friend with a mobile phone in her panties on her pussy.

“Right now when ever you feel like being naughty and having the thrill of your life just get your mobile out and call the other one” Tally said winking her friend who giggled and nodded, the two parted ways then and Laura went into town to do some shopping.

It was in a clothes shop that Laura first felt ready to try her new toy out she looked around and saw a few escort bursa people close by as she pulled her mobile out and put the number in, pausing she took a deep breath and hit ‘call’.

Laura had to bite her lip to stop a loud moan from escaping her mouth as the vibrating started against her clit and pussy; it was just like the night before, shocks of pleasure shooting through her pussy, the vibrating plastic sending her clit into overdrive, she could feel her juice flowing uncontrollably from her pussy as another vibration started and her knee’s went weak, a little moan escaped her lips as she felt her orgasm beginning, she looked around quickly and was some women nearby looking in her direction, she tried to stay as normal as possible but it was so hard as a massive orgasm shot through her body, the vibrating not stopping, it just made her orgasm more intense as she moaned a little loudly and her legs began to shake.

Ending the call Laura couldn’t take any more, if she had left it much longer she could, no would have screamed out how good it felt and dropped to her knee’s, Laura shook her head and panted for breath, she saw the women had moved on and blushed a little, but with that blush she also felt more turned on then she had in years, the idea of what she had done sank in and she grinned.

Laura could feel the wetness in her cotton panties as the mobile moved a little as she walked, she felt so dirty and excited at the same time as she went in different shops and looked around.

Taking her mobile out again she rang the same number and bit her lip as she felt the vibration shoot throughout her pussy again, her knees going weak as she let out little moans the vibrating in her panties such an intense feeling, but the knowing that she had people around her as she used this device as a sex toy made it all the more exciting, she wondered if people knew what she was doing, it was taking all her power to just stand up and not call out as she came hard again, the mobile’s vibration pulsing on her clit making her go to new heights of pleasure as she moaned softly ending the call, she had to sit down on a bench as she came down from that second orgasm.

She did it a third time before finally going home, she had, had 3 of the most intense orgasm of her life and was exhausted, she didn’t even have the energy to get changed for bed she just slept in the clothes she was wearing, the mobile still in her panties.

The next day she went to see Tally again and told her about the experience and how good it was.

“I knew you’d love it” Tally said with a grin as her excited friend told her all about how it felt.

“I will never doubt you again Tally” Laura laughed, Tally smiled and giggled

“This is my mobile number” Tally handed over a small piece of paper with a phone number on it

“What’s this for?” Laura asked Tally didn’t answer that

“Now what’s your number?” Laura asked what Tally wanted her number for and was told this was part of something Tally had thought up “What is going to happen is we can call each others mobile’s while we are around town, neither of us will know when we’ll be called, just have a vibrating in our panties, its great I’ve done it before like this” Tally said with a grin, Laura was a bit nervous about that but with a little convincing she handed the mobile number to her friend with a big grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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