Perhaps It Was You

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It’s been a long journey but we’re here at last in the bijou cosiness of this quaint country cottage. Why we’re here and how we got here doesn’t matter but we were really lucky to find that little diner on the way and now all we want to do is relax and unwind.

It’s early autumn and the sun illuminates the golden leaves on the trees outside as it slowly sets in the western sky. It isn’t especially cold right now but there’s a basket of logs by the inglenook fireplace and plenty of kindling so we agree that whilst I go upstairs to shower and change, you’ll set the fire and pour some drinks.

It takes no time at all before there’s a good blaze building in the grate and once a couple of small logs are added, the fire begins to rage sending it’s warmth and glow into the tiny room. The flick of a switch casts a soft light over the surroundings and gives you the opportunity to survey the scene. It’s clearly a very old building, probably 16th century with a low ceiling, weathered oak beams and uneven walls decorated with various prints of country scenes. It’s sparsely furnished with what appears to be an old pinewood school desk for a dining table and 4 sturdy wooden chairs that don’t match. Facing the fireplace is a gorgeous antique leather chesterfield with a deeply buttoned back and arms. The distressed seat cushions convey the years of comfort they’ve given to the innumerable people that have used them and beside the sofa is a simple side table with an elegant lamp. Spread out between the sofa and the fireplace is a huge luxurious white fur rug.

You can hear me moving around upstairs so you kick off your shoes, peel off your socks and fill two tall cold glasses with a generous slug of Bacardi adding Diet Coke and several chunks of ice with slices of lemon and lime.

No sooner have you set them on the side table than you hear my footsteps descending the narrow wooden staircase. You sit down on the sofa and press the remote device to kick the TV into life. There’s nothing particular on but it’s okay as background.

Suddenly I’m standing in front of you with my hands on my hips and my slender legs slightly apart. We didn’t bring much with us, just enough for an overnight stay but I found your favourite red shirt and I remembered to bring my red shoes.

You pick up our drinks and I sit beside you. We look into each other’s eyes as we each take a sip before placing the glasses back on the table.

You put your arm around me and we glance towards the TV. There’s nothing of interest and I give a little sigh as I rest my head on your shoulder. Just that tiny action triggers a wonderful chain of events that are neither planned nor expected but in that moment we turn our heads towards each other and our lips meet in a long, lingering kiss. We embrace where we sit and our kissing becomes passionate and enthusiastic. I love the feel of your tongue in my mouth, probing, exploring and I try to entwine my tongue with yours.

Instinctively you undo a couple of buttons on my shirt and rest your hand on my chest just above my breast. We kiss lovingly and there’s no resistance from me as you stroke escort eryaman my soft flesh. You detect the subtle scent of baby oil and love the silky softness of my skin as you gently squeeze my breast and caress my nipple.

I move away and kneel astride you on the sofa undoing the remaining buttons on my shirt and you open it to reveal my plump firm breasts and shapely naked torso. My peachy blonde hair tumbles around my shoulders and you reach for my breasts with both hands squeezing them gently. I sweep my hair back with my forearms and clasp my hands together behind my head to signal my desire for more caresses. I rub my bare pussy against the swelling in your groin and tell you that the texture of your denim feels nice against my nakedness.

You can’t resist the urge to close your lips over my nipples and suck them hard as I linger for a while stimulating myself against you. I’m already leaking and I’ve stained your jeans with my moisture so I dismount and recline on the sofa with my legs apart allowing you to see every tantalising aspect of my femininity. You gaze at the bare flesh that frames my tiny canyon and when I tap it a couple of times with my hand, you move in really close.

You’re between my legs now and you take off my shoes. I look at you quizzically then wriggle on the sofa as you lick the soles of my feet and suck my toes. It’s almost unbearable and makes me squeal but I don’t want you to stop. Then I feel your tongue licking my ankle, running up the inside of my leg, round the back of my knee and up to the top of my inner thigh where you detect my feminine scent. You enjoy running your tongue over the soft flesh either side of my womanhood then over my tummy and into my navel.

I’m reclining now with my legs wide open and my forearm resting across my eyes as your tongue begins to explore the soft fleshy folds of my labia. When you connect with my clitoris I twitch slightly and give a soft feminine gasp which becomes a moan of pleasure as your tongue delves deeply into the moist entrance to my vagina.

With every subtle movement you sense that I’m getting closer to orgasm so you decide to just lick me, kiss me and suck me until I cum.

You tell me that you love the flavour of my juices and can sense that the moment is close. With no announcement or obvious sign, my legs begin to tremble, my torso twitches and I suddenly jolt as though I’m being electrocuted. I grab your hair and just gasp rather than make any other kind of sound but you know that my climax is intense and satisfying.

It gradually subsides but you carry on licking me and I do nothing to stop you. Almost as soon as my first orgasm ends a new one starts to build and you make me cum again with equal intensity.

You can’t resist the seductive flavour of my wet vagina and as another spasm engulfs me it becomes clear that something really special is happening. Almost every time your tongue touches my clitoris, I experience another orgasm. I think we’re into double figures before I decide that it’s time for me to pleasure you.

I slip out of the red shirt and stand naked before you. The ankara escort vision of my body clearly excites you and as you start to unbutton your shirt you kiss me hard and I reach for the bulge in your groin. You take your shirt off and I’m unbuckling your belt. Still your tongue is buried in my mouth and I leave it to you to step out of your jeans as I massage the stiff mass that’s struggling to escape from your briefs.

Kneeling on the rug in front of you I kiss the bulge and then pull the waistband over your erection and drag your briefs down your legs.

You lean backwards against the arm of the chesterfield and I put my hands on your thighs either side of your engorged manhood.

I look up at you and smile as I take your stiff penis in one hand and gently squeeze your balls with the other. As I tenderly stroke you we both notice a small droplet of clear liquid ooze from the tiny duct at the tip and with a slow sensual sweep of my tongue, it’s gone.

Watching my tongue and lips caressing the sensitive tip of your cock sends tingles down your spine and as you see inch after inch disappear into my mouth a feeling of ecstasy washes over you. The vision of me sucking your erection is so sensuous and is the perfect prelude to the imminent consummation of our love.

I withdraw and lay on my back on the rug with my knees up and my legs wide open. We can both feel the warmth of the blazing log fire as you lay on top of me. My arms are above my head and as you press your skin against my skin you clasp my hands and we kiss tenderly. I reach down and gently squeeze your balls before guiding your cock into my vagina. We whisper each other’s names and I moan softly as every inch is consumed deep within me. There’s hardly any pause before you tenderly start to fuck me with long slow deep strokes. We tell each other how good it feels and I urge you to increase the tempo. I wrap my slender legs around you and rake my fingernails up and down your back as you lower yourself down and press your chest against my breasts. We kiss passionately as we thrust rhythmically and grind our pelvises together then I begin nibbling your earlobe before plunging my tongue deep into your ear. It sends shivers down your spine but just adds to your stimulation and when I whisper softly that I want you to make me cum again you summon up all the control you can.

You slow the pace right down almost to a stop but gently start to pick it up again making sure that every stroke pounds against my aching clitoris. You could use your hand but you don’t want to. You just want to use your swollen manhood to stimulate me to an orgasm and as the tempo quickens I sense that we are in perfect harmony. My legs tighten around you, I’m making feminine grunting noises with every thrust and my fingernails bury into your back.

I squeeze my muscles in an effort to clench you and we both know that I’m cumming now. I’m in ecstasy when I suddenly gasp and feel every fibre of my body shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure ripples violently through my body.

It seems like ages before my orgasm subsides and then, elvakent escort as if the movement had been rehearsed a hundred times we disconnect from each other and you lay on your back on the luxurious rug.

Instantly I’m astride you and stroking your shaft sensuously before guiding it back into my body. I love rocking back and forth on you and I love the feeling of your cock deep inside me as far as it will go and pressing against my womb right at the very top.

Without pausing I lean forward and can just about reach my drink. As I take a few sips I smile at you and tell you that enjoying a Bacardi and Coke whilst sitting astride my lover is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I replace the glass and continue to make love to you then in an instant, I get off you and press myself up against the seat of the chesterfield. I lay my chest on the seat cushion and turn my head to one side with my arms spread wide. I present you with the vision of my rear pointing slightly upward with my legs spread invitingly apart. A little wiggle of my bum is all the body language necessary and you crawl up behind me pressing yourself against me.

You rest your chest on my back and can feel your stiffness nestling between my cheeks. You reach forward and sweep away my hair to expose the nape of my neck, which you kiss and gently massage with your hands. You slowly run your fingers down my spine and kiss the top of my valley before using your tongue to explore every delicious feature. You love licking my intimate parts and I enjoy it too. You stroke your penis a couple of times and slip it into my vagina an inch or two just to tease me. My moisture makes it glisten in the soft light and you press the tip tentatively against my lovely little rosebud. I push back against you as if to encourage you to enter me there but you decide that’s for another time so you place your hands on my cheeks and penetrate my sweet vagina with one smooth forceful thrust.

We begin to fuck energetically and we both know that your climax is imminent. You’re really close now but I’m so sensitive to what’s happening to you that with just a second or two to spare I disconnect from you and spin around to close my lips around the extreme tip of your lovely penis. With just two or three gentle strokes of my hand the wonderful sensation of your warm creamy fluid flowing out of you and into me is indescribable. You gasp my name softly and I can feel every pulse filling my mouth. It’s almost unbearable for you as I milk every last precious tiny droplet and when the throbbing subsides I swallow it all and proudly tell you that I didn’t waste a single drop.

If there is such a thing as an anti-climax we weren’t aware of it as we snuggle our naked bodies up to each other on the fur rug in front of the raging log fire savouring our drinks and relaxing after our spontaneous, sensuous and beautiful lovemaking.

It was the distinctive music of a song thrush that first roused me from my slumber that morning and as my eyes flickered open, I glanced out of the window to see the fluffy white clouds and high flying jetplanes scudding across the blue sky. The familiar surroundings of my bedroom made me realise that I’d just had the most amazing dream.

Smiling to myself I reflected how everything about my dream was so vivid that it could easily have been real, which for me it was.

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