Premium Massage Ch. 04

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This is the continuing sexual odyssey of Jessica, a woman in her early forties with a turbo-charged libido. To fully appreciate her character, I would encourage you to read the previous chapters (in particular, chapters 2 and 3).

If you chose not to read chapter 3, this quick summary will bring you up to where this chapter begins. Jessica seduced younger man (twenty years her junior) who has come to town in search of his birth mother. To her delight, Jessica has discovered him to have an amazingly long and skillful tongue. She has also noticed that he is potentially well endowed…yet due to his in innocence and lack of experience with women, he cannot seem to achieve or maintain an erection.

Jessica is always up for a challenge, and the thought of turning an innocent virgin into an experienced lover is all the motivation she needs.

Jessica’s story will conclude when it merges with the characters in my series, “Two Women and the Glory Holes.” Chapter 4 of that series is being released at the same time as this chapter because both series end up at the same point in time, leading to the merger in the soon to be released Chapter 5. Author’s note: Despite the title of that series, glory holes are only used in the first chapter. For those readers who find the thought of them to be a little “raunchy,” I assure you that Chapters 2-4 will be on par with this series and will help you to fully appreciate the concluding chapter.

Disclaimer for this chapter: The people in this story are trained professional fictitious characters. Do not try this at home. Remember what your mother always told you: never take any medication prescribed for another person…you never know how it might affect you.

Thank you for your feedback. Please remember to vote.

As always, thanks to Hiker for her never ending sources of inspiration.


Jason looked around Jessica’s bedroom as if he were observing the sacred chambers of a goddess’ temple. The scent of vanilla mixed with the lingering aroma of her perfume, Opium, heightened his senses and caused him to wonder if he was having some sort of surreal delusion.

Damn…why couldn’t he ever get and sustain a full erection whenever he was with someone? Jason shook his head. He felt embarrassed that he was with a woman who most men would only have a chance to be with in their fantasies…yet he could not fully perform. At least she enjoyed the tonguing he had given her.

Jason sat down on the edge of Jessica’s bed. Within a few minutes she returned, holding a glass of water in her left hand while her right hand was clenched into a fist. Jessica handed the glass to Jason and opened her right hand to reveal a little blue colored tablet.

Jason was a little taken aback. “Is that what I think it is?” He asked, a little uneasily.

Jessica laughed. “Uh huh!”

“Um…forgive me for asking this….but why do you have those pills?” Jason wondered.

Jessica sat next to him. “My ex was quite a bit older than me. He had some difficulty…keeping up with me, shall we say. He kept a supply here. I just never got rid of them after we broke up. I think that it might help you to gain your confidence. I’ll bet that after you do, you will not be needing any help down here ever again.” Jessica said as she gently stroked his limp cock. She was determined to get a rise out of Jason, literally.

Of course, part of her motivation was purely self-serving. She could see the potential of how large he would become, coupled with the knowledge that he was essentially a virgin; being that he has never been able to actually have intercourse. Jessica could feel her heat begin to grow at the thought of it all.

“C’mon,” Jessica encouraged, “No harm in trying it, huh?”

Jason took the pill from her hand and shrugged. “Guess not…well, here goes…” He popped the pill in his mouth and washed it down. Curiously, his eyes immediately fell to his crotch.

Jessica laughed and playfully pushed down onto the bed. “It doesn’t work like a light switch, you goofball!” She lay down on top of him, pressing her breasts against his chest. She then kissed him and coaxed, “give it a little time and give yourself some time to get back into the mood…then just let nature take its course.” Jessica kissed him and then pressed her lips to his ear. “Roll over…you are about to get a backrub you will never forget.” Jessica pushed herself up off his chest and Jason quickly obliged by rolling onto his stomach.

“Just relax and leave yourself in my capable hands,” Jessica purred as she straddled the small of his back. Jason let out a little gasp at the sensation of her dampened and slightly swollen labia pressing against his skin. He then closed his eyes and gave in to the touch and caresses of her fingers on his neck. Jessica began to knead away Jason’s tension as she slowly massaged the back and sides of his neck. Her long digits soon found their way and dug into the muscles near his shoulder blades. Jason grimaced slightly as she worked out escort eryaman the tight knots.

“Too hard?” Jessica teased.

“No…uhhh…actually feels great.” Jason sighed.

Jessica’s hands followed the lines leading from his shoulders toward his arms and then began to massage his triceps, slowly working her way out each outstretched arm until she reached the palms of his hands. Jason instinctively grasped her hands in his as she leaned down and teasingly pressed her tightened nipples into the flesh of his upper back.

“Mmmm…feels like you are getting as much out of my backrub as I am,” Jason observed as he felt her breasts press into him while the small of his back seemed to be getting wetter where she was straddling him.

Jessica’s face met his as she dug her heated groin onto Jason’s tailbone. Her hands moved back up his arms as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his. Jason’s tongue began to press in between her lips when she opened her mouth and sucked it inside hungrily.

After a passionate moment, Jessica pushed back up and continued to massage Jason’s upper and middle back. His soft moans told her that he was thoroughly enjoying it. She, in the meantime was having difficulties in not rushing things along. Her cleanly shaven pussy was in near ecstasy every time it slid along the smooth and now very slick skin at the base of his back. She yearned for him to touch her aching breasts and suck at her protruding nipples. Goosebumps of anticipation filled her areolas.

Jessica reluctantly lifted herself off the small of his back and sat back down on the backs of his thighs. Her hands glided down along Jason’s back, exploring and savoring every muscle. She began to dig her knuckles into the small of his back. The feeling of the slippery pool left by her wetness sent a small electrical shiver through her. She leaned forward to kiss and lick her way down Jason’s back, smiling as his breathing began to quicken.

“Mmmm…Jason,” Jessica whispered seductively, “I could eat you up right here and now.” She continued to taste him and then gasped in delight, “Ohhh…I guess I AM getting a little aroused!” She cooed as she lapped up the nectar she had spread onto the top of his buttocks.

“Ohhhh…Jessica….keep going…” Jason moaned. He had begun to feel some stirring in his slowly swelling penis.

Jessica pushed her hips further down until she was sitting just above his calves. Her hands gripped and then began to squeeze and knead his buttocks. “You really do have a sexy ass, you know…that is the first thing I noticed about you when you waited on me at the restaurant. It looks even sexier without your pants!” She playfully slapped his cheeks. Then suddenly she leaned closer to examine something on his left cheek.

“Is that a tattoo?” Jessica pushed his left buttock upwards to more fully reveal what appeared to be a bronze colored star. “It looks like the a Texas star…I thought that you grew up in the Midwest?”

Jason chuckled. “Believe it or not, that is a birthmark. My adoptive mother used to joke that if any of my girlfriends knew about any birthmarks on me, they wouldn’t be marryin’ material.”

Jessica laughed. “Wow…that’s amazing it looks almost perfectly shaped with all the points and everything.” She bent down and kissed it…then sucked the tender skin into her soft mouth. Her fingers glided around the rest of his buttocks as her tongue continued to explore the star-shaped, quarter-sized birthmark.

Gracefully, she seemed to float above him long enough to gently push his legs apart. Jessica smiled, because she could see his cock beginning to swell nicely. Soon, it would not be too comfortable for it to continue pointing at the foot of the bed.

Jessica knelt between his legs and ran her hands up and down the backs of his thighs. Jason moaned again as she seductively raked her teeth over his muscular buttocks, causing him to flinch and then clench them tightly. “I told you to relax and trust me Jason. Give in to me and you will be ever so glad that you did.” Jason relaxed his buttocks, allowing Jessica to spread his cheeks — exposing his puckered little hole. She ran the tip of her tongue along his crack and it teased the outer rim of his anus. She then gently blew along the wet trail.

“MMMfffffff! Ohhh…if you intend to drive me wild…it’s…WORKING!” Jason began to pant and even squirm a bit. His penis was beginning to feel somewhat constricted as it yearned to grow, but was trapped in an uncomfortable position against the bed. He raised his hips up slightly until his knees supported him and his cock was able to spring free, now perpendicular to the mattress.

Jessica playfully nipped at his buttocks with her teeth while one of her wet fingers began to gently probe his anus. Her other hand softly tickled his constricting sack and then caressed along the underside of his shaft.

Jason felt his sphincter contract and then grip Jessica’s finger as it slowly pushed inside. This was a new sensation for him. Her finger ankara escort was triggering unexpected ripples of pleasure, which traveled from inside of his ass right down his scrotum and into his cock, making it swell even more.

Jessica wrapped her fingers around his thickening shaft and began to stroke it in sync with her finger, which was slowly sliding in and out of his hole. “MMMMM…huhh…right there!” Jason moaned as her knuckle pressed against his rim and caused a small spasm.

“Jason…you’re huge!” Jessica exclaimed as her palm moved along the length of his shaft. “Long…and thick too!” She began to feel the building wetness inside of her begin to ooze out and coat her swelling slit. She continued to stroke his hardened cock as she kissed and then sucked each testicle into her warm and soft mouth, her tongue feeling the texture of his sack.

“Spread your knees Jason.” He did as requested, and was now propped on his hands and knees. Jessica’s finger continued to probe in and out of his lubricated hole, while she turned over to lie on her back with her shoulders between his knees. She marveled at his full erection hovering inches above her face.

She reached up with her free hand and cupped his pendulous balls, gently rolling them in her palm. Jason’s breathing was heavy, turning her on even more.

Jessica’s eyes feasted on every inch of his manhood and then caught sight of the droplet forming at the tip of its head. She lifted her mouth to it, darting her tongue out to catch it before it fell. She then grasped the shaft and guided the head to her lips. Jessica heard Jason grunt as she began to suck more of his pre-cum from his slit. Soon, her lips had engulfed the entire head and her tongue was bathing it with saliva.

Seeing her devour the helmet of his full erection caused Jason to involuntarily move his hips so that the head would move in and out of Jessica’s eager mouth. With each small thrust, his anus clamped around Jessica’s finger as it continued to move in and out of him. Jessica began to find that it was becoming more difficult to take him much further into her mouth because of his girth and the angle. She could also feel her own flow of anticipation as she alternated between lying spread-eagle and clamping her thighs together while squeezing her engorged labia together. She began to squirm.

“MMMfffff!” Jessica released his cock from her mouth and looked up at him. “I want you…NOW!” To emphasize her point, she drove her finger back inside of him and curled it slightly. Once she located his walnut shaped gland, she gently pressed against it.

“Wha…? OOOHHHHHH!” Jason yelled as his cock began to jerk and spasm. Jessica was quick to clamp the base of the head with her thumb and fingers. He moaned as he felt the beginnings of what could have been an explosive orgasm subside.

When his cock ceased its spontaneous convulsions, Jessica released it and pulled her finger out of his anus. She then pulled him down so that they were face to face and wrapped her arms around his back. Upon feeling his erection sandwich between their abdomens, Jessica gasped. Her mouth met his in a deep passionate kiss while he began to rub his cock up and down along her supple navel. She pressed her abdomen upward, relishing the feeling of his erection against her skin. Her loins ached for him to be inside of her.

Slowly, Jessica pulled herself up onto her elbows and moved up Jason’s body until she had straddled his hardened shaft. Her wetness bathed it as she began to thrust her hips up and down, grinding against him.

Jason looked up and admired her breasts, which hung and swayed above his face. His hands clasped her shoulders and pulled her chest toward his waiting mouth. Jessica let out a loud moan as his lips sucked in her tightened right nipple, his tongue wrapping around it. Unexpectedly, Jessica shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her. She thrust her clit against him as it continued to throb in delight.

When her breathing restored, Jessica rose up and positioned herself over the tip of Jason’s mighty erection. She began to descend onto it slowwwwly, savoring every sensation and millimeter. She realized just how thick he was by the way her outer rim seemed to stretch in order to accommodate him.

Jason could feel her tightness gripping him as he penetrated deeper into her. When his head was finally fully inside, she smiled down at him. Jessica began to slowly move up and down on his cock’s head while one the fingers of her right hand began to swirl around her erect clitoris. Without a word, she grabbed her left breast with other hand and squeezed it tightly. She closed her eyes, threw her head back, and swiftly sank all the way down onto him.

“MMMGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOO!” She screamed in ecstasy as she came again.

Jason had never experienced this before. His erection was all the way inside of her. He began to crave the feeling of her pulsing around him as she sat there motionless, his cock fully inside of her tunnel. The pulsing elvakent escort and contracting began to synchronize with the throbbing of his penis.

“Jason! You fill me like no one else has…EVER!” Jessica gasped. She was enjoying the feeling of being stretched open, yet also wanted to take things a little slower — not wanting to sustain any injury.

She waited until the tide of her orgasm subsided before she began to slowly rise up along his shaft, enjoying the feeling of every inch that passed between her clenching rim and swollen lips. Jessica smiled then moaned when she felt Jason’s hands grasp her buttocks in order to help lift her up until she could feel only the head inside of her. Then she slowly began her slow descent downward. This time, instead of remaining motionless, Jessica immediately began to ride upwards again — with a little more speed, followed by a quicker descent.

Jason’s hands left her buttocks and reached up toward her bobbing breasts. Jessica whimpered as he took hold of them and gently squeezed them. She fell forward onto her hands, locking her elbows so that her chest hovered above his while she continued to impale herself repeatedly.

Jason’s hips began to rise in order to meet hers as their pace began to quicken. The intensity felt by both of them was incredible. Before long, neither Jason nor Jessica could fully identify where one person ended and the other began. It was as if a primal beast had been released within each of them. Their movements were no longer slow and savoring, but had increased to a frenzy.

Jessica found herself wildly riding up and down on Jason’s cock, not minding the sensation of him ramming into her cervix each time. Her arms began to buckle and could no longer support her as she sank onto her forearms.

Jason’s strong hands gripped her by the waist and helped her to keep up her tempo as he continued to pump himself in and out of her flowing pussy.

“UUUHHHHHGGGG! Keeeeeep goooinggggg!” Jessica screamed before her head slumped over to the side of Jason’s face. She could feel a tidal wave building deep inside of her. Every nerve ending in her body was on the edge, as if on fire.

Jason felt his own orgasm building to a peak as the sensations of her slick wet flesh against his hard throbbing cock sent shockwaves to every part of his body. His hands and feet began to tingle, as if “asleep.” He looked at Jessica, whose eyes seemed to roll back into her head while her hot breaths covered his right shoulder. Jason closed his eyes as his head began to swim. He cold no longer feel the bed beneath him as he began to feel her shudder and shake uncontrollably on top of him.

“PLLLLEASE!!!! NOWWWW!!!” Jessica squeaked before biting down on Jason’s shoulder and roughly impaling herself one final time, causing wave after wave to wash over her while feeling him erupt deep inside of her.

Jason’s head felt as if it was going to burst as his cock continued to pump his cum deep into Jessica. He felt her stiffen around him until her shuddering subsided. It was then that he felt her teeth digging into his shoulder and the feeling began to return to his hands and feet.

Jessica’s teeth released his flesh. She tenderly kissed the tooth-marked area and melted onto his chest.

“Wow.” Jessica whispered. “That was intense!”

Jason stroked her back gently. His cock continued to jerk a bit inside of her. He also noticed that despite the incredible orgasm he had just experienced, it was still as rigid as steel.

Jessica noticed it also, as she slowly began to release it from her depths. “Damn, Jason…I guess that your confidence problems are well behind you! You look and feel as if you are ready for another go around or two!”

Jason started to sit up when Jessica shook her head and motioned for him to lie back down. She tenderly cradled his sack with the palm of her hand as she began to lick the mixture of their juices off Jason’s erection.

“What have you done to me Jessica?” Jason gasped as her tongue caused rippling spasms within his penis. “I can’t believe that I am still this hard after cumming like that!”

“Mmmmm….neither can I,” Jessica purred as she sucked her way along the underside of his shaft all the way up to the base of his mushroom. Her tongue darted out and traced along his open slit, tasting the remnants of his cum. She gently rolled his balls in her hand. “I have no complaints though…do you?”

“Ohhh…it wasn’t a complaint.” Jason moaned as he felt her lips surround the head of his cock and her warm, wet tongue began to bathe it. “Feels so go to be in your mouth!”

Jessica began to take him in deeper, almost gagging because of his length and girth. She closed her eyes and opened her throat wide before swallowing him as deeply as possible. Her hand held him by the base as she began to slowly move her head up and down, attempting to take more and more of him in with each descent.

Jason felt himself throbbing inside her tantalizing mouth and throat and was sure that he would not last long if she continued to devour him in this manner. He quickly placed his hands on the sides of Jessica’s head and attempted to slow her movements down. “Go easy…please…I am so close, but want to last a little longer if I can…”

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