Prove It or Die

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I’m Elena Palmer and I have a story to tell. It all started when my asshole-of-a-husband looked at me as I got dressed for work and said, “you’re too fat to wear a thong!” I was devastated and then I was pissed. The son-of-a-bitch walks out of our bedroom as I looked at myself in the mirror. In tears, I thought, what do you expect after having two kids, working a full-time job and taking care of the house with no help from ‘mister-fucking-wonderful’.

That was my turning point. That was when I decided I was done with my husband. “You pushed me into this, you son-of-a-bitch”, I muttered under my breath.

I decided the ‘old guy’ at work, who professed to love me, would be granted his chance to prove it or die. That’s a bit harsh, but the ‘old guy’, Ronald, had been openly admiring me for almost three years. He runs the assembly line at the little manufacturer where we work and often finds any reason to visit me in the computer room. He makes no effort to conceal his, how would you say, love for me.

I even challenged him once by saying “why would you want anything to do with an old, chubby married lady like me?” He says he doesn’t care about that, he loves my heart. I think he really is telling the truth because he is so polite. Problem, he’s married, too.

So, I decided today was going to be Ronald’s lucky day, so to speak, if he played his cards right. Secretly, I hoped he would say all the right things and, well, he just might have me for a late-night snack. A couple of times during my shift, I would pass Ron and look up into his eyes. He is slightly taller than me and I do look up into his face. Once during the evening, I paused in front of him and that made him stop. He has these penetrating, sincere eyes. We didn’t say a word. I looked away and went on my way. I wish I had just turned around and walked up to him; looked him in the eyes and ask him to kiss me; hold me like he love me. I just didn’t have the nerve. I thought, Elena, take a chance, this guy may really love you. I deserve this. That piece-of-shit-husband doesn’t deserve you.

I kept thinking: ‘oh, Ronald, please kiss me’. Take me away in your arms and treat me like I mean the world to you. Oh, I must do this. I must take a chance. Now, how and when?

Normally, I work the mid shift, but this week I’d been filling in for a co-worker. It was about 11:00 at night when Ronald and I walked out of work. I stopped and turned putting my hand on his chest and said, “just a second, Ronald.” I withdrew something from my purse and tucked it in his shirt pocket. Then I said, “do with this as you wish, but remember you only have a minute before I reach my van.”

I’d placed my lacy red thong in his shirt pocket and turned to walk away. I was headed for my ‘soccer mom’ minivan, trying not to run away from my foolishness. The whole time I was biting my lower lip worried I’d gone too far and was wrong about him. Maybe I was wrong, maybe …

Faster than I’d ever seen him move, I heard Ronald trotting after me. He had my thong in his outstretched hand. “Stop, please, Elena, please wait.” When he caught up to me, I turned to face him, he put his arms around me and brought me in for the most tender, passionate head-to-toe kiss I have ever experienced. Damn, I was kissing him back and loving it. Let me tell you, it was one of those kisses you hear other people get. The ones with the fireworks and bright lights when you connect with the only real love of your life. Yup, this is the guy I should have met and kissed years ago. Who knew? Damn, I want more kisses like this!

Holy shit, it was like no other kiss I’d ever had. So turned on by the kiss, I’m pretty sure it made my vagina spring a leak, I was soooooo fucking wet.

“Yes, I want you and I want to be with you, if that’s your question. Better yet, you’ve just made me the happiest man on earth.” Right there in the open he plants another, even more passionate kiss on my lips. I kissed back. Holy crap, did I kiss him back! Hadn’t kissed anyone like that in years. I felt great. Great? Shit, it was fabulous. I was worried about getting too turned on standing in the parking lot.

Even though the lot was dark and almost empty, I panicked, “wow, aren’t you afraid someone will see?”

“Not a bit, I want the world to know I love you. Uh, what made you finally decide to pick me?”

“Ronald, get in my van.”

Ron got in as I sat in the driver’s side. I turned to him and without a word, watched him. Looking him in the eyes, I opened my jacket to reveal that I had disposed of my blouse and bra. Yup, I was starkers under my jacket. Well, except for my skirt. His eyes got big and his mouth open. I whispered, “are you just going to stare at me or are you going to do something?” It was dark and with my tinted windows, I was pretty sure no one could see in. I put my arms around Ron’s neck and pulled him to me. Kissing him was a thrill and was making me squirm. I just couldn’t get enough of his kisses and my pussy was impatient.

He kızılay escort took the hint. Ron worked his mouth from my lips down my throat, my breasts and onto my nipples. I was already worked up when, oh my god, he’s working his fingers under my skirt. He’s not wasting any time going for the ‘gold’. Yup, I even helped him by spreading my thighs.

I don’t know if you are familiar with older minivans, but they have no console separating the front seats, but it is tight. This obstacle didn’t seem to deter Ronald from bridging the distance between us. Breathlessly, I moved to the back seat dragging him along. I wrestled my skirt off when Ron had me in his arms. His fingers had found my really slick hoo hoo and was gently pinching my clit nubbin. Oh, fuck, this was more action than I’d had in a long time. Passion? Shit, this was me in heat! All I could think was, ‘give it to me, stud, right now!’

Ron was breathing hard and I was panting even heavier. My turn, I could feel his ‘throbber’ through his dockers. Damn, what was I thinking? Time to put up or shut up, I opened his belt, unsnapped his pants and reached in to find his ‘stiffy’. “You don’t mind if I see what I’m in for, do you? I sorta’ think I’m entitled since you’re busy preparing me for this.” Oh, I am so formal. Pre cum was gorging from the nice, big head of his sex weapon.

It felt great and I could feel my pussy gushing with anticipation. It had been such a long time since my husband had expressed any interest in sex with me. That may sound trite, but I miss being desired. And here’s my co-worker who can’t seem to get into my pants fast enough. Ronald really wants me. Not fuck me so much as to really make love to me. I’m thinking, gahd, I hope he wants more than a one-night-stand. My mind was racing ahead of taking this cock prisoner in my slippery twat.

We were like a couple of teenagers having our very first sexual adventure. Ron’s mouth was all over me; my nipples, my belly, (I slumped down) WOW, my clit; all on his way to the ‘promised land’. Then I opened my legs as wide as I could. He’s got his fingers in me and was pushing deeper. He came up to kiss me as I lay back on the seat. Two fingers in my pussy searching for my G-spot. And, holy shit, he found it and now I’m cumming. Blasting his fingers with my gushing juices. Damn!

Here we are in the almost deserted lot; me pulling on a nice hard slippery cock; my hips bucking like a whore; and sucking on not-my-husband’s tongue. Bang! I was cumming again (or maybe still cumming). Hooray! At least some guy finds me desirable even if that ‘prick-of-a-husband’ says I’m too fat.

Oops, Ron is starting to groan like he is ready to cum and, good for me, I was making that happen. ‘Elena, you still got it,’ I thought to myself with a smile. Ron whispered something. “Elena, I want to be inside you. I want to cum inside you.”

“What are you waiting for?” I’m lying in the back seat with my legs as far apart as I can make them. Holding his rock hard cock in my hands, I challenged, “you want to put this in me, Ron? You’d better make it fast, I’m not waiting any longer.” All this while I was rubbing his cock up and down my very slippery pussy lips. Just as I got it to the entrance of my eager snatch and holding him in both hands he whispers: “Elena, take me all the way.”

Wicked old me, I pulled Ron’s dick all the way in. Holy shit, he filled me up. I wrapped my legs around his back and spurred him deeper with my heels. Damn, I gasped as he slid past my slickery lips into my long-past-ready pussy. Gahd, it felt so good.

Geez, he’s bigger than my husband and I’m stretching to take his all. He’s perfect for me. I thought I heard someone screaming “give it to me, now,” but it was me. I threw my head back as I pumped my hips like a whore on the clock. I thought to my pussy, ‘not so fast my sweet, enjoy this.’ Oops, too late, I’m cumming again. I didn’t know I could do that.

I couldn’t slow my hips grinding into Ronald’s thrusting. I bent my head to kiss my lover. Breathing became a problem trying to kiss him and gasping from passion at the same time. I arched my hips to take in all of his manhood and, once again, slid his shaft deep into my slit. Fabulous! Really, it felt as though I was on top of the love world and I could feel his cum shooting into me. He just kept shooting in me!

I kept pulling him in and squeezing with my legs. Holy crap, I was still cumming. I didn’t know I could cum more than once, but here I am working on number two or three or however many. DAMN, I couldn’t control my hips grinding on my lover’s cock. Holy shit, this was mind blowing. My pussy muscles were squeezing hard as never before.

Ron was catching his breath as I felt his hips grinding faster and harder into mine. His balls were slapping into my ass. It was a nice comfortable fit. I liked having him deep in me. I rocked on his dick, milking it for every drop. My pussy was working his cock as I rocked on. Damn, ankara etlik escort this felt great.

Just this morning my ‘fuck-of-a-husband’ told me I was too fat and tonight I have another guy’s dick in my slit. And this is outstanding. Hadn’t planned quite this today, but I’m sure glad my husband pushed me to this. I wondered if Ron would like to make this a regular thing as I slowed my pumping on his cock. I began to realize just how uncomfortable it is having sex in the van. Next time I’ll make Ron rent a room. Oh yah, there will definitely be a next time.

All of these thoughts were running through my mind when I came to the realization that I am fucking my handsome co-worker in the back seat of my minivan. What the fuck have I done? I could feel Ron going soft in me and realized we were both sweating. I whimpered as tears started to stream down my cheeks. Ron kissed away my tears and stammered, “Elena, I don’t want this to end, but what have I done to you?”

Shit, I thought, he thinks he forced me into this. It was time to come clean. Still happily impaled his cock, I let Ron off the hook saying, “Ron, my husband did something unforgiveable this morning and I needed you to show me that I am still desirable. I wanted you to make love to me. So, if anyone should feel guilty, it should be me and not you.”

Ron surprised me with a little laugh saying, “in that case, can I make you feel guilty again?” Ron smiled that ‘little-boy’ grin of his and kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around my lover again and kissed him back. Damn, he sure makes me feel sexy. He’s a really good kisser, too.

“Okay, just not tonight. I have to get home and so do you. Oh, yah, can I have my thong back? I don’t think I should show up at home without my underwear.” He laughed and started to clean me up with his handkerchief. Damn, he’s a gentleman. All the way home I just couldn’t stop smiling to myself.

Saturday morning

Ken left this morning to go fishing all weekend with his high school buddies. He does this sort of shit. I’m left to clean the house, get the kids off to their stuff and wash clothes. So not looking forward to another Saturday drudge for me when my cell chirps.

Ron’s texting. “Meet me for lunch?”

I don’t answer right away. I still feel guilty about doing what we did in the company parking lot the other night. After the deed was done, I broke down in tears and sobbed into Ron’s chest as he was still, uh, ‘holding me tight against him’. Nice way of saying I was still holding his prick captive in my snatch. You don’t just walk away from a marriage because your husband says you “got a fat butt.” Dammit, he shouldn’t have said that even if I could lose a few pounds. Damn, I’m getting angry all over again.

I texted back, “let’s meet at the little diner on Main and Seventh about one, okay?”

“I’ll be there,” Ron texted back right away.

Okay, my ‘dickhead’ is off with his buddies, girls are gone until tonight, last of the laundry’s in the dryer and I’m headed for the shower. House is quiet as I shuck off my baggy sweatshirt. I look in my mirror and take stock of my appearance. I suppose I do have a bit of a ‘muffin top’ going, but I’m almost forty-five; okay, almost forty-seven. I drop the shorts and stand looking at my reflection. Time to change this appearance, especially if I am going to meet my lover.

Am I presuming too much? Maybe he just wants to break it off with me. Maybe he’s going to propose a torrid tryst? Maybe I’m getting way ahead of myself. Geeez, Elena, take a shower and let things happen. You can control this.

I didn’t take my usual wash-off-and-out shower today. Somehow, I knew I needed to look and smell nice for my gentleman. I smiled to myself thinking, oh what an adventure; my attitude is now completely changed. Looking in my mirror earlier was enough to put me on a new path.

Hair shampooed, body washed with scented soap and my scrubbie; I lather my pits for a shave. Smirking, I decided to do a little bit of a trim ‘down there’. Smiling to myself, I am becoming wicked and I like it. Very carefully, I apply soap and my razor to create the ‘landing strip thing’ I hear younger girls talking about. Since I am already there, I explore how my body wash works as a lubricant. Gently, gently, lathering up after my shave and allowing for some stubble detecting. Yup, smooth as silk. Wonder just how smooth the rest of me is down there. I put my left foot up on the edge of the tub. Just a little rubbing won’t hurt. It didn’t, but it brought me to looking around the tub for something to replace my fingers. What am I thinking, I could have Ron doing this while I entertain his cock. Later.

Rinsed off and drying; I look at my reflection again. Patting my newly shaved hoo-hoo, I like what I see. Spritzed with perfume I realized that a freshly shaved snatch burns from the spray. Rubbing that area proved another mistake. Quick, lotion, that did the trick.

Well, demetevler escortlar don’t do that again so soon, Elena. Since I responded to Raymond’s text, I had been thinking of just what to wear for our rendezvous. Work clothes are out as well as a dress. Maybe shorts and a blouse. Ya’ know, I’m going to give him a treat and be slutty all at the same time. I picked out my light blue halter top dress to show off my wicked self. It isn’t transparent, but it sure won’t hide my braless nipples.

Another thing, my tits aren’t as perky as a teenager’s anymore. You can’t have a C cup without a little elongation. I do have perky nipples that stand out at the least provocation.

The neckline plunges all the way to my belly button. My boobs look like they are ready to pop out of the dress at the least urging. I want him to know that I want him inside me again and this would be a good way to, sort of, show him my intentions. Just a little make up, paint my toes and nails red and I’m ready. Uh, another spritz of perfume between the ‘girls’ and up my dress.

I stare into the mirror again to see the teenager I once was. Yup, there she is, all gussied up to meet her man and tease the shit out of him. I twirl and realize this is the wrong outfit for my intentions. Quick, Elena, change into that little flowered wraparound summer number. I dropped the halter dress to the floor going to my closet. My flowered wraparound is perfect. After I put it on, staring into the mirror I pull at the bow holding me in. As I pull the ends, it billows wide open to reveal my almost naked body for all to see. ‘Not good enough, you wicked slut, you’re meeting the guy you seduced the other night.’ I stripped off my panties to reveal the entirely naked me under the thin fabric of my dress. I felt so wicked wearing only my dress and a smile. Damn, my pussy was already slick at the thought of Ronald’s fingers manipulating my clit. The rough fabric of my dress teased my nipples into hard, obvious points. I secretly wanted every man to see. I am so fucking wicked. ‘That should make him drool’, is what I thought. I retied the bow, slipped into my white sandals, grabbed my keys and headed for my minivan.

Driving to the diner, I thought I’d squirm a little to feel if things were as I’d hoped. At a stop light, I wriggled my dress up over my butt. I sat there smiling to myself as my hoo hoo came into contact with the driver’s seat. Nothing between my kitty and the seat fabric. Still, I couldn’t quite feel what I wanted. As I pulled away from the light, I adjusted my smooth, shaved snatch so I could feel the seat fabric … oh, yeah, that felt perfect. I rode the rest of the way to the diner wriggling my womanhood on the rough fabric. Shit this is hot.

Saturday afternoon

I stepped out of my van and straightened my dress. There seemed to be a wet spot on my driver’s seat. Wonder how that happened, I grinned to myself. Always the gentleman, Ray was waiting for me at the door to the diner. He opened the door for me and commented, “wow, you look stunning, Elena, and” he leaned into me giving me a kiss on the cheek, “you smell delicious.” I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and wriggled my barely-covered ass as he walked in behind me. I looked around the diner and saw no one I might know, but never too cautious. The hostess escorted us to a booth close to the back wall. We sat across from each other. Once again, I wriggled my dress out from under my butt so I wouldn’t get it wet. I did still maintain some cover from prying eyes. Actually, I didn’t care if someone got a shot of my naked snatch. The thought turned me on even more. Ron’s eyes drifted to my cleavage and pokey nipples.

“You like what you see, darling?” Ron just kept grinning at me, nodding. “I haven’t been here in a while, what do you suggest we have to eat?”

“Each other,” he grinned. “Uh, well, I’ve never been here, but anything will not distract my gaze. You look incredible, Elena. I was thrilled you would join me. I confess that I haven’t had you out of my mind since that night.”

Seriously, I started, “Ronald, this is what happened the other night. My husband hurt and I needed you to prove to me that you did care for me. I hatched my plan to tease you on my drive into work. Just before we left work, I went into the lady’s room and removed my thong. The same thong I put in your pocket. I hate to sound so clinical, but changing clothes in a bathroom stall isn’t very sexy.”

“If I’d been there to help, it might have been very sexy.”

Smiling, I said, “there is that! Maybe we can try that someday”


“Let me finish. Ron, as I was pulling my thong off I started crying. I was feeling guilty until I remembered why I was doing this. That’s when I finished slipping it off, removed my blouse and bra to stand in the stall almost naked. Thank heavens, no one came in at that point. Anyway, I’m standing there and wondering if you’d really be interested in a frumpy, overweight matron who’s over-the-hill.”

“How could you say that? You’re incredible. You are prettier than any woman I know. You have a killer body and lips that beg to be kissed. Elena, I speak the truth when I tell you that I love you. I have been in love with you since I met you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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