A Friendly Fantasy

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The road from the main highway into Beaver Creek Park seemed to go on forever; and with each second he drove, his sense of anticipation grew. “What will this be like?” he wondered. “I can’t wait to see her; to know if the chemistry we have shared online will carry over to real life.” Looking into the car’s rearview mirror, anxious eyes looked back at him. Today he felt forty. “I only hope that I don’t disappoint her,” he thought to himself.

As he pulled into the parking lot of the conference center, he looked to see if she had already arrived. He had driven pretty hard to get here fifteen minutes early because he liked the thought of being able to spend a couple of minutes catching his breath and calming down. Looking around, he looked for the car she had described to him, but he didn’t see it. “Good, I’m here first,” he thought.

He walked to the conference center and found an open door. He had apparently stumbled into some sort of geologists’ conference so he tried to make himself inconspicuous. He found the rest room and, as he splashed water on his face, he tried to reassure himself that it was going to be alright. Again he looked into the mirror. Wearing a yellow polo with navy blue shorts and boat shoes felt comfortable to him, much more so than the suit and tie he spent so much time in. The thought cross his mind more than once the thought to run back to his car and drive away, but his desire to see her outweighed his fear of rejection.

One thing he had learned from the internet about Beaver Creek was that there were supposed to be wonderful views of the river from the back of the conference center. Avoiding the crowd, he went back outside and walked around to the back of the center. Whoever “they” were, they were right. The view of the river was awesome and, for the briefest of moments, he forgot why he was there. As he stared out at the river, he wondered yet again if he was making a mistake. His thoughts were interrupted by the voice he had waited so long to hear.

“Excuse me, are you Will?” she asked. Turning around he couldn’t help but smile. She stood there in khaki shorts with a white pullover and sandals. He knew what she looked like of course, but to see her in real life rather than a scanned picture made him smile. Her smile in response to his seemed to indicate that she wasn’t disappointed with his appearance either. The first impression test had been taken by both and they had each passed with flying colors.

What do you say to someone you feel like you know so well and yet have never met in real life? This was the question that occupied the next five minutes or so. There was a tender, innocent hug and standing side-by-side they looked out over the river and made small talk. “Did you have any trouble finding the place?” she asked.

“Oh no,” he replied, “Everything was where you said it would be.”

“Did you have any trouble getting away from everyone at home?” he asked.

“Nah, it was fine. I just told everyone I had some things to do in town and they never blinked twice.”

The awkwardness was becoming quite real now and he was afraid that maybe she was wishing she were somewhere else. For her part, she was becoming concerned that maybe she was somehow a disappointment to him. She wasn’t, of course, but the silence did nothing to reassure her.

It was then that the geologists decided to take a break from their conference. People began to stream out of the conference center to join them to admire the view. It was, she thought, the last thing they needed so she decided to take a leap of faith and nervously whispered to him, “Would you like to get out of here?”

“Absolutely,” he replied with a smile that reassured her that everything was just fine.

“Why don’t we go to one of the pavilions they have here? It would give us a place to talk without so many people being around,” she suggested.

“Fine by me,” he answered. She offered to drive and let him leave his car there.

For the first time in their conversation, his flirty nature that she enjoyed so much reared its ugly head as he said, “Ohhh, I love a woman who takes control.”

Surprising herself, she smiled at him and said, “Oh baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” They both giggled and got into her car.

She drove to one of the more isolated shelters, and once they got out of the car he came over and took her by the hand. The ice had been broken. Physical contact had been made. Their touch on served to affirm the bakırköy escort connection they had experience in all of their chatting. They walked to the shelter and sat side-by-side on top of one of the picnic tables holding hands all the while. The next few minutes were also awkward as they both wore silly grins and looked into each other’s eyes. The tension now was not one of fear, but rather one of anticipation. Each of them was filled with a longing but neither wanted to be perceived as being too forward.

Suddenly, he stopped the small talk by asking, “Am I what you thought I would be?”

“Yes,” she said, “am I?”

Leaning forward, he answered, “Uh huhhhh.” It was then that she realized he was intending to kiss her.

Practically leaping to meet him, her heart pounding, she leaned forward as well. Unfortunately, they bumped their heads. Embarrassed beyond belief, each drew away from the other.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Don’t apologize,” she responded, “You just startled me is all. What do you say we try that again?” She couldn’t believe she was being so forward with him, but it all seemed so right.

This time they leaned towards each other and – without anyone being injured – his lips met hers. Tenderly at first their lips touched. The chemical reaction was instantaneous. All the pent up lust of their conversations came pouring out in that instant. His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her to him. She responded with equal intensity. Their lips parted and her tongue darted quickly into his mouth. He knew he wanted her, but he wondered if she felt the same way. What he did not know, but would soon discover, was that at the moment their lips touched, she knew that they would be making love very soon.

Their passionate embrace seemed to last forever. As he pulled away, all he could do was whisper, “Wow.” He knew it probably sounded corny, but he never meant anything more in his entire life. She understood completely. Without his saying a word, she could tell by the movement of his eyes scouting out the area around them what he was thinking. The only question now was, “Where?”

Breaking the embrace, she stepped off the picnic table, as she did she was roughly the same height as he. An inch or two from his face and looking into his eyes, she took both of his hands into hers and said, “Are you sure?” He knew what she meant. Without a word, he simply nodded.

“Okay, give me just a minute,” she whispered. Walking towards her car, she could think of all of the reasons not to do what they were going to do and only one reason to do what they both longed for.

Fortunately, passion was a damned good reason.

In the backseat of her car she had placed a blanket…just in case. Taking the blanket out of the car, she carried it back and looked at him. She wanted him so much, but she also did not want him to regret anything that they might do. So she said, “Last chance to change your mind.”

He immediately worried that perhaps she was having second thoughts, and so he said, “I’m fine, but are you okay with this.”

“Yes I am. I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted anything more.”

He got off the top of the table and she said, “This way. I know the perfect place. It’s a few minutes walk from here, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait.” Once, while hiking in the woods she found a spot that was seemingly hidden from the world with a small creek nearby. It would be, she thought at the time she found it, the perfect place to make love. Now she would find out for certain.

It was difficult for them to contain themselves for those next minutes. There was something of an uncomfortable silence and yet there was a complete sense of peace.

As they arrived at the small clearing she looked around and said, “I hope you like it.”

Staring into her eyes he pulled her to him and with his typical evil grin said, “I’m sure I will. The spot’s nice too by the way.” She laughed as they again embraced and kissed.

This time there was no hesitation and no sense of fear. Only desire gripped them now. He kissed her with passion and she answered with the same. Breaking the kiss, he quickly moved behind her to nuzzle against her neck while hugging her from behind. Now, she could feel the bulge of desire he had for her. Her own desire was building and as his hands moved to cup her breasts, she let a soft moan escape.

Suddenly, she spun around to again embrace him. beşiktaş escort His hands now moved to cup her ass cheeks, and pull her to him. He could feel her heat against his loins and knew he had to have her. He stepped back. The seemingly stupid grin he’d had on his face from the moment he first saw her was still there. She thought it was cute.

Reaching down, she picked up the blanket she had dropped when he reached to kiss her. She spread it out on the ground making sure there were no rocks underneath it. Then she stepped back into his arms. This time their kiss was one of anticipation of what was to come. Lowering themselves to the ground without breaking their embrace, she felt his hands tugging at her pullover trying to get it off. She had picked what she thought was her sexiest bra – “Just in case” she had told herself at the time. As soon as her top was gone, she took her turn in the clothing removal department by helping him remove his polo shirt.

With her bra brushing up against his chest, they resumed their passionate kissing but each was working their hands on the others shorts. His snap pulled free easier than her button but both were gone in record time. “Boxers, huh?” she whispered passionately having had answered a long-standing question she never got around to asking him.

“Sure,” he breathlessly replied, “Wanna see what’s in them?”

“You better believe it!”

Her French cut panties were soaked, the pre-cum stain on his boxers was obvious as well. They each did the honors for the other, he removing her panties first. She sliding down his boxers, and she she lowered them she knelt on the ground before him. Taking his bulging cock into her hands, she looked up at his face, and in a voice she almost didn’t recognize said, “I’ve always wanted to do this for you and now I’m going to.”

Slowly taking him into her mouth, she swirled her tongue over the head of his cock. His eyes closed in a mixture of pleasure and lust. Seeing his face gave her a feeling of power and only added to her desire. She knew he was losing his mind in passion, and that she was the source of that pleasure. Knowing that she was driving him wild turned her on even more – if that was possible.

Reaching her hand up, she gently massaged his balls. “Oh God baby,” was all he could manage to moan. The moment he said that, she reacted as if someone had fired the pistol to start a race, she lunged forward and managed to swallow almost the entirety of his cock. It was of average length, she guessed, but it was very thick and she couldn’t wait to feel it inside of her.

Bobbing her head back and forth, she could feel the swelling in his balls. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he climaxed. “Now, what?” she wondered to herself. “Do I let him cum or make him wait?” His moans made the decision an easy one for her. She knew he didn’t get this at home and she wanted him to know what he had been missing.

“Oh baby, I’m about to cummmmmmm,” he moaned.

With one hand on his shaft stroking his cock and the other massaging his balls, she stopped suck his cock long enough to rasp, “Go on, I want you too.”

Knowing that she wanted him to shoot his load was all that he needed to hear, the boiling in his balls shot out into her waiting mouth. The sheer force of his orgasm surprised her. She relaxed enough to let his salty cum slide down her throat while she focused on swallowing every last drop. Soon his spasms slowed and she felt his cock begin to go limp. He regained enough of his breath and composure to ask, “Why did you do that? I would gladly have waited.”

“I know,” she said with a lovingly smile, “But I didn’t want you too. Besides, now it’s my turn.”

“Gladly, pretty lady.”

Sliding around she moved from sitting on her knees to laying on her back propped up on her elbows. He got down on the ground and slid between her legs. Leaning forward, he surprised even himself by French kissing her. He could taste the remnants of himself in her mouth, something he would ordinarily have never done, but – then again – this whole experience was a surprise to him. Moving slowly, he slid the length of her body, seemingly tasting every inch of her down to her feet. He spent a considerable amount of time examining her beautiful breasts and feasting on each nipple.

After having gone all the way down to her feet, he began to work his way back up kissing lightly and slowly. He began licking beylikdüzü escort the inside of her thighs and his mustache tickled her. At long last he found his way to her mound and began exploring her.

Each second of his attention was heaven to her, waves of pleasure and anticipation were building up and her juices were freely flowing. The moment his fingers spread her lips and his tongue found her swollen clit she nearly levitated. For the next several minutes, he lapped, licked, sucked on her clit and slid first one and then two fingers into her. The moans from her grew louder as she felt her orgasm building. “God baby, keep going, I’m close” she moaned. She needn’t have worried though, there was no danger of him stopping now.

While swirling two fingers inside of her, he found the perfect spot that caused her to freeze with passion and lust. “Awwwwwwwwwwww,” was all she could manage from her throat as she erupted from deep inside her. She thrust her ass up from the blanket to meet his fingers. It was a moment that seemed to last forever and yet ended all too quickly.

Breathless the two of them wrapped up in the blanket underneath a blue sky that had only a wisp of cloud cover. He had to admit that he had been worried about perhaps getting caught, but if no one had heard them by now, they weren’t going to.

The time he spent licking her to her orgasm had given him time to recuperate. While they cuddled under the blanket, her hand slid down to his shaft, in no time at all he was hard again. She continued to stroke his shaft lightly. He knew that she wanted to experience the pleasure of oral sex, but he was dying to know the joy of making love to her. He tossed the blanket back and she straddled him.

“I have to tell you something,” she said.

“While you were fingering me and licking my clit, I kept wondering what it would feel like to have your dick inside of me and now, I’m going to find out. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” The words came from her mouth, but the lustful way she had said them surprised her.

Taking his cock into her hand, she began to tease her clit with it as if it were a dildo before easing him into her. The gentle way she pulled his cock into her was misleading, because – true to her word – she proceeded to fuck him hard. She started slowly, letting her body adjust to his thick cock. She began to grind small circles on top of his cock; her eyes closing as she rode him. Then she began to thrust against him, humping up and down.

Watching her face begin to contort with pleasure, he found himself dying to bury himself deep within her. Pulling his feet together so that his soles touched each other, his legs formed what appeared to be wings. He began to thrust upward lifting his ass off the blanket to go deeper inside of her. His thrusts almost caused her to tumble over but she steadied herself by putting her hands on his chest. Meanwhile he reached out for her tits and cupped them while teasing her nipples with his thumbs.

As she continued to ride his cock, she felt as if his thickness was going to pull her apart, but the pleasure was driving her crazy. The second orgasm building within her was even more intense and powerful than the first and seemed to go on forever. Exhausted, with her legs throbbing in pain, she collapsed on his chest.

After a breathless moment, he asked “And just what do you think you’re doing? You’re not finished yet.”

“Oh really?” she said as she smiled.

“Yes, really!” and with that he rolled her onto her back and slid deftly into her. Placing her legs over his shoulders, he abandoned the tenderness they had known earlier in the day. In its place was raw lust. He did not gently make love to her; he pounded into her with almost hammer-like thrusts. Having poured out so much cum into her mouth earlier, he was afraid that he might not have a second orgasm within him. Even if he did have one, he knew it would be a while in coming.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, he felt the cum building up inside of him. She could sense it too. “Come on baby,” she almost screamed, “let it go.”

“Oh fucckkkkkkkk,” he moaned as he came. She felt his cock pump cum into her. And, in exhaustion, it was his turn to collapse.

They spent the next hour snuggling under the blanket, kissing each other tenderly. The awkwardness of their earlier conversation was replaced with and ease and comfort for each other. Whether or not they would be able to meet again was not guaranteed to them. Walking back to the car, they only promised one another that they would try to get together again, but both knew somehow that they had to be together again. The lovemaking they had experienced that day was a pleasure they had never known. They had to know it again.

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