A Panty Boy and Three Dollars

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Austin, TX


Midterms my sophomore spring semester had been a thorough drain and now I needed to release that tension. I thought about what to do, but the inevitable moment “anonymous video arcade sex” popped into my brain it crowded out all other thoughts.

There was simply no point in fighting it. Salacious and slutty always won. Still does.

And being too young to go to a bar but old enough to enter an adult bookstore, well, the decision kind of made itself. I found it a turn on that I was not allowed to consume alcohol, but I was allowed to consume cocks in a dark backroom. It felt extra sinful.

I spent the next hour getting ready. The feeling of being freshly douched, showered, and my smoothly shaved body got me in a sexy mood like nothing else.

But what to wear?

Panties, of course. Always panties! Once I slither out of my pants, my panties never fail to broadcast to some lucky guy that he is in the presence of complete boy slut. I’ve never once had a negative reaction.

(I hadn’t tested my very personal lingerie fetish on a female at that point in my life. That seemed trickier.)

Unlike now, I didn’t possess a robust collection of panties back then, but I did have one of my all-time favorites, a sheer baby blue low-waist bikini. It wasn’t skintight; it had some room, which I preferred. My peenie could slide around and enjoy the misty feeling. It had a dainty and delicate waistband, which I liked, too, especially when it snapped lightly into place right above my modest penis.

It didn’t completely cover my full bottom, either, which was such a hot look, and it showcased my silky smooth merchandise just right.

With that on under a pair of hip-hugging red nylon gym shorts, I pulled on a moderately tight navy blue t-shirt (about the best I could do as far as “revealing” clothing at the time), put on white tennis shoes and white ankle socks, and walked to the adult bookstore near the edge of campus.

Oh, I had three dollars in quarters making a racket in the pocket of my shorts. I imagined that as I neared the arcade, that jingling made me sound like a kitten with bells on her collar. I wondered if discerning ears could pick up on it the closer I got. A dinner bell, of sorts.

Once inside the arcade at the back of the bookstore, I parked in a viewing booth, locked the door, loaded up the machine with quarters, and chose the gayest video I could find. I stripped down to my sheer panties and began running my hands over my body, getting super turned on by the screen action and the look of my writhing smooth softness bathed in the soft glow of the screen.

Honestly, it was super hot.

Pinching my nipples while two fit men sixty-nine-d on the small screen felt so satisfyingly erotic. If someone gazed through one of the gloryholes to my right or left (and they would), they’d see me feeling up my mostly naked body, rubbing my erect thingy through my panties. I loved being ogled by clothed horny men.

I heard the door of the booth to my left open and close, followed by the sound of quarters falling into the viewer one clunk at a time. I squatted down to peek through the gloryhole and there he was. His khakis and boxers pulled down to mid-thigh and he was stroking his decent cock (cut, maybe six inches if I remember correctly). He wasn’t obscenely hairy, either.

I pressed my face to the hole with my mouth open and tongue out. (Who could resist that?!?!) A few seconds later I felt his stiff dick sliding over my tongue and into my mouth.

There was precum! It tasted yummy!

I went to work pumping my mouth up and down, occasionally stopping to kiss and lick his solid shaft. It had such a nice spongy head; it really was made to savor.

Eventually he pushed his slightly hairy balls through my feeding hole, and I gave them a thorough tongue bath while stroking him.

I returned to his cock, letting my mouth fill with saliva so everything was extra slick. After a few minutes of focused sucking, he did that unmistakable tensing up and filled my college boy mouth with a whole lot of spunk. I swallowed it all and did some light tongue cleaning of his deflating dick before he pulled back, dressed, and departed.

Not very romantic, but man was I turned on by all of that.

I stood and noticed that the viewing room to the right was now occupied. I hadn’t heard anyone come in, but hopefully he watched me suck off the other guy. All he would have seen was a slutty college boy on his knees and from behind, but who wouldn’t be turned on by that? Especially one in sexy panties, right?

My new neighbor stuck a finger through our common hole signaling his interest. Showtime!

I could see him eyeing me, so I ran my hands up my torso and back down to my panties, sliding my hands inside to rub my stiffy. Then I minced up to the wall, bent down on my knees, and when he stood up, I spied a white male playing with his smooth dick. Again, six inches, maybe. Not bad at all.

I opened my mouth istanbul travesti into a wet invitation and his RSVP arrived immediately!

No teasing, no foreplay, just straight into my mouth. It did taste nice, and I believe I detected the taste of precum just like the first guy. Excellent! I went to work pumping my mouth up and down his erection. His moans let me know he was enjoying it!

I took a small break to reach under his cock and to coax his balls through the hole. They, too, were smooth. I pushed his dick upward and began slathering his nuts with my spit. Sloppy wet balls are so sexy!

I slid his yummy pole back in my mouth and began sucking in earnest. I bet I twirled my tongue all over his meat a million times.

As I was pumping, he slowly withdrew and I noticed he was bending down, bringing his face into view. He was cute, a total bonus.

“May I please come to your booth? I’d like to play with that ass,” he asked.

“Okay. Sure,” I answered. This was an exciting development!

I saw him pull up his pants and step out of his viewing room. Then came a quiet knock.

Getting off my knees, I opened the door without any thought as to who might see me. I mean, I do enjoy showing myself off, especially in panties and even more especially when everyone knows I’m being unabashedly slutty.

Standing there in full view, a passing CMNM sensation sprinkled tingles all over my body.

He stepped in and after a little bit of close quarters shuffling around, I closed the door and latched it. As best I could tell, my movie date was in his late twenties. Easy on the eyes, too.

I felt his hands on my boy hips and he gently pulled me toward him, pressing his lips against mine. Kissing in an adult video booth? On display in my favorite panties? With a cute guy? Yes, please!

Making out was heavenly! As our tongues had a getting-to-know-you shoving match, I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, managing to get his pants and briefs right below his ass. I started stroking his Twizzler with one hand and slid my other one up his Polo shirt and twizzled a nipple.

He pulled his head back slightly and asked, “Mind if I get naked, too?”

“Please do! Let me help you!” I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm one bit.

He pushed off his top siders as I knelt down to finish removing his jeans and underwear. While I helped him step out of all that, he slid his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. I placed his jeans and briefs beside it and turned my face back to his hard and luscious cock.

I teased his pretty dick head with my pointed tongue, wiggling it into his pee slit just a tiny bit as I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands and pulled them apart.

That combination unlocked some moaning, so I knew I was on the right track. Validation is such a motivator!

I removed a hand that was kneading one of his buns, stuck my middle finger in my mouth and got it as wet as I could.

Once it was drenched, I reached around to press it against his butthole. Just as my finger landed on its target, I inhaled his penis back into my mouth.

Boy did he enjoy having his hole massaged while I was bobbing up and down on his cock! He placed his hands on each side of my head and whispered, “Yes! Yes! Ohhhh wow! Yes! This is amazing!”

I kept going on his dick, enjoying the feeling in my mouth. I kept my finger pressed on his anus, tapping it with increasing but still light intensity. I could feel his tiny opening give way a little bit each time.

“Hey,” he said. “Stand up. I came over to enjoy your ass.”

I took my finger off his rosebud and slowly pulled my mouth off of his cock. He reached his hands down, I placed my hands in his, and he pulled me to my feet. Once I was all the way up, he gave me an intimate kiss and then whispered, “Up against the wall, please.”

“And put your dick through the gloryhole.”

The only thing I could think to say was, “Yes sir.”

I turned around, tugged my panties down under my balls and bottom, lined up my five-inch erection with the hole, and pressed my body against the cool black plywood wall.

What a vulnerable feeling! I was a touch nervous and entirely excited all at the same time. My penis was completely out of my control and a man was now rubbing his wet cock up and down my hairless ass crack.

His dick felt so good sliding between my cheeks. I reached around and pulled my bottom open so his slippery noodle could rub against my pussy. Of course, he did just that and now it was my turn to moan.

Just as I felt his loins against my backside, pressing his cock vertically between my open cheeks, a warm wet sensation overwhelmed my penis.

I closed my eyes, and my moans became whimpers as a pair of mystery lips drew in my stiffy. I pushed my hips back and forth slightly to enjoy the sensations from the front and the back.

“Are you getting blown?” tonight’s owner whispered in my ear.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded. Again, with the istanbul travestileri “sir” thing. It’d become an involuntary response, so I capitalized it and just went with it.

“Niiiiice,” he replied as he began kissing my neck and exploring the sides of my torso with his hands.

The intensity of all those sensations was overwhelming! I could feel his sex stick pick up speed as he slid it up and down my crack. His kisses on my neck lasted longer, subtly signaling that his attention was shifting to satisfying his cock.

And speaking of satisfying a cock, mine was completely on edge as someone’s mouth continued working it over. It wouldn’t be long before I came!

My backside bad boy repositioned his cock so it could piston down over my butthole, across my taint, and poke my balls. A few times he purposely pushed his cockhead against my rosebud making it twitch with anticipation!

“Ohhhh,” I breathed out. “You can fuck me, Sir.”

“Thanks, but not tonight. Focus on your cock getting sucked,” he replied as he kept sawing back and forth.

I never once stopped focusing on the delightful treatment my dick was receiving. Not for one second. I don’t think I’d ever inserted my thingy into something so damp, cushiony, and eager.

My testicles tightened and my ass cheeks began to clench and unclench to the excitement of the guy rubbing his propagator under my ass.

I was multitasking before that was a thing.

And then it happened, like I had a choice! My dainty but steel-hard cock began spitting out frosting into that velvety anonymous mouth. I came and came (and came some more), panting like I’d run a marathon. It felt so good. I could not believe how this night was turning out!

As best I could tell, the mouth on the other side swallowed it all. What I did know was that my withering dick was always super sensitive after an eruption, but being trapped against the wall by another man, I decided to take a bullet for the team and tough it out as my blower cleaned my spent penis. But boy did I ever squirm!

The pace behind me quickened and his last kiss on my shoulder became a bite. Firm but not agonizingly painful. The rocking stopped and I felt his waves hit my shore. All that hot cum coated my butthole in three big spurts and then he slid his throbbing cock along my taint. He finished there with two lighter squirts.

That was so amazing, but when he collapsed against me with a hug, everything felt just right. His slippery cock slipped from my slippery sex box, and he leaned in and exhaled into my ear, “Turn around.”

The man in the other booth, it seemed, had finished with me, so I turned around and kept my shoulders pressed to the wall and the rest of my body arched outward. My damp dick caught a faint breeze from somewhere that felt invigorating.

My naughty boy leaned in for what became a fierce make out session! Tongues in as far as they could go and hands all over each other! I could’ve married him right there!

He reached around to my ass and massaged his spunk into my asshole. That felt so intimate, especially when his fingers found their way past my sphincter. I didn’t realize until that moment how much I wanted that. I so did.

So much so, I raised one leg up and wrapped it around his waist, pulling him that much closer and opening my desperate ass even more.

Then he surprised me.

He put two of his cum-coated fingers into my mouth. How fucking hot. I loved being owned like that.

As I was sucking his special sauce from his fingers, my snatch began to spark, and I suddenly became aware that it was being penetrated again!

It dawned on me that my anonymous cock sucker on the other side had reached through the gloryhole and began to finger-fuck me! This new finger in my ass definitely felt large.

What a wonderful feeling! While I sucked pretty boy’s fingers clean, I pressed my ass against the love hole and shuddered with delight!

“Mmmm, oof, uh, yes,” I grunted as I then felt two fingers suddenly violate me. It felt so good!

“What?” Sir asked.

“Our peeping Tom is finger-fucking me,” I answered. “Mmmm, please…”

He put both of his hands on my bottom and pulled me wide open and pressed me against the wall so that stranger could push deeper inside of me.

“Oh oh oh, yes! It feels so good!” I squeaked out.

It really did. One man pulling my bottom open while deep kissing me as another man violated my cummy snatch was indescribable.

Then he pulled me off of those amazing fingers and pushed me to my knees, turning my face to the gloryhole.

“Lick his fingers. Taste your cunt,” Sir said to me.

“Yes Sir,” I said automatically.

I returned to my knees, looked through the hole and said, “May I clean your fingers, please?”

Two large manly fingers appeared, and I began licking and sucking them, just as instructed. They were still damp and had a pleasant cummy coating. If that’s what the inside of my ass tasted like, then I must travesti istanbul be living right.

“That’s so hot,” Sir said. He knelt down and massaged my butthole as I licked the other man clean. The light rhythmic feeling between my cheeks felt hypnotic and I gyrated slowly.

“Tell him you want to suck his cock, slut,” Sir whispered in my ear.

I took my mouth off those big fingers and pushed it up to the gloryhole. “May I suck your cock, please?”

Without saying a word, the man on the other side undid his belt and shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. From the looks of it all, he was tall, beefy, and hairy. The kind of guy I’d call “daddy” if the sexual circumstances were different.

I could see him pulling on his dick and bringing it to the crawl-up window. When it came through, accompanied by his substantial balls, it was semi-erect, thick, and cut. Quite the tasty visual.

Sir was still massaging my oozy button as I wrapped my lips around the impressive head, letting my tongue perform some extra magic on the underside.

That worked! His cock grew in appreciation, expanding to at least seven stunning inches!

I pushed my mouth farther down, pumping as much of him into me as I could. I noticed that Sir had stopped playing with my special place and had pulled his face closer to mine.

“Let me have a turn, baby,” he said to me.

I disengaged from the bonus cock, Sir gave me a quick kiss, and pushed his mouth onto our neighbor’s rod. I had a front row seat at an XXX movie!

I couldn’t maneuver my mouth close enough to give those balls a tongue bath, so I instead stroked the part of the shaft Sir couldn’t get into his mouth.

On his knees, Sir’s ass was spread open, so I licked my fingers and decided to tease his hole again. The way he pushed his bottom out more told me he enjoyed the attention. I then let my hand wander farther down and used my fingertips to graze his balls with feather-light strokes. He squirmed and let out a soft moan.

“Time to share,” I whispered right into his ear. “He deserves two mouths.”

Sir pulled off the big cock and we positioned our mouths on each side, sliding up and down in unison, occasionally touching our tongues together.

When we both landed on that swollen head, we embraced it in a kiss. Pushing tongues over and under that hot cock and into each other’s mouths seemed to be doing the trick. I also began stroking his neglected balls.

My only regret was that the lucky recipient couldn’t see two naked guys performing this masterpiece of a blowjob.

We could feel his dick begin to heave and that was followed by a bath of cum that coated our mouths, cheeks, and chests. All that gooey messy warmth was intoxicating!

I don’t think either of us counted the squirts, but we were drenched. It was like Shamu had nailed us in the splash zone!

We began tidying up that beautiful cock with our mouths until he finally pulled his taste treat back to his side of the wall. Sir and I looked at the cum covering us, smiled, and then began cleaning each other like kitties.

While we were licking all that cream off and kissing with each mouthful, we saw that the other man was observing our little spectacle through the gloryhole.

“That was awesome boys! I hope to run into y’all again sometime,” he said.

I opened my mouth to show him the last load I licked off of Sir and then swallowed it.

“Thank you, Daddy! That was so hot!” I just had to let him know.

He stood up, refastened his pants, and left his booth.

Sir leaned in for a kiss and for at least a minute we enjoyed sharing the cummy fruits of our labor.

“I really should be going,” he finally said, grabbing his clothes from the floor.

The video clicked off and I added that I should get going, too. Sir rummaged through his pockets and inserted a quarter in the viewer, so we’d have 10 minutes of at least some light.

I stood, too, with my shorts and shirt, realizing that my delicate panties were still soaked as I pulled them over my ass and onto my hips. It was going to be a squishy stroll back to my apartment.

“I left quite the mess, didn’t I?” Sir laughed.

“Trust me, I’m going to enjoy my walk home,” I smiled at him. “Can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time. I felt like a pornstar!”

Both of us were dressed and conducted an inspection to see if there were any telltale traces of cum. I kissed a little off of his cheek and he returned the favor by licking some splooge off my forehead.

Awkward silence. Then a full mouth kiss.

“Well,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind something like this again.” My heart began racing.

“Me, either, but, uh, this is my secret life,” he replied, looking at the ground.

“Mine, too. I can work with that,” I replied. “But hey, I get it.”

“Let’s talk outside,” Sir said.

We made our way through the brightly lit store and to his car parked in the rear lot. The store lights confirmed he was every bit as good looking as I’d hoped!

Once we were at his white BMW, he opened the driver door, pulled out a pen and a small pad, and said, “Mind giving me your name and number?”

“Happy to,” and I began writing. “I’m Chris and here’s my number. Try not to leave any X-rated messages if you can avoid it…”

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