A Player No Longer Ch. 01

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Part I of a two part series….

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Driving away for the last time was a dream come true. Fifteen years. Fifteen long, hard years. The only reason I stayed around so long was for the money and to take care of my family. The magic ended years ago; the whole thing turning into a job. But now it was over.

I had enough money to do whatever I liked; whenever I liked. My parents were financially secure, as were my siblings. I no longer had to maintain this “image.” How I hated the “image.” From now on I could simply be myself.

A slight chuckle came from my throat as I replayed our last conversation.

“Jenkins, you’re amazing. I don’t know whether to call you an asshole; wish you luck; or join you. This game takes everything you have and asks for more. You’re different than the other guys; you always have been. You actually saved some of your fucking money and didn’t marry any of the girls who threw their pussies around just to get your cash.”

Those words made me laugh; coach had a way with words—never hiding his message.

He did know what he was talking about. Sports Illustrated published an article which claimed 78% of NFL players are broke within two years after retirement and about 80% of all pro athletes wind up getting a divorce. In contrast to these stats, I was far from broke and not being married or having kids out of wed-lock kept my small fortune intact. As a back-up wide receiver, the training, practice and game schedule made football more than a full-time profession. There was always someone waiting in the wings to take your roster spot. The fact I lasted fifteen years compared to the league average of three and a half was amazing.

And yes there was always pussy. God knows I had my share; but there-in was the problem; it was simply pussy. Even when I met a woman, there seemed to be an aura which surrounded a professional athlete. I knew what they wanted and it just wasn’t my cock. I didn’t have time to find a nice girl, or should I say a girl who would understand. Coach was also correct when he said I was different than the other guys.

One month after our last regular season game, I made the decision to retire. It wasn’t until this morning, six months later, I told the team. Not having an agent made life easier because I always dealt directly with management; which in hindsight probably kept me around for so long as I didn’t nickel and dime them to death. All my contracts were year to year and simple.

As was my tradition during the off-season, I drifted into my ‘different self ‘about two days after the end of the season. My other self was a softer, kinder Pat Jenkins. This was kept locked away from May through the end of the season. I was never an overly hairy guy but by the end of that second day all of my body hair was gone followed by opening the suitcase which contained my special clothes.

Now I wouldn’t say I was a cross-dresser but rather a lover of the sensations fine intimates produce on my body. There was nothing better than the feel of satin on my hairless torso be it panties, nylons or a cami. There was a soothing sensual feel when panties cradled my always semi-hard cock and snugged against my anus. I adored the smoothness of nylons against my bare legs and the light teasing a slip or cami produced upon my nipples. The special clothes kept me aroused most of the time. With various hair styles being acceptable in pro sports, I was able to grow my auburn locks to shoulder length — always pulled back in a ‘Steven Segal’ type ponytail during the season, but in the off season I allowed it to sway seductively across my shoulders.

I was always this way. Childhood memories were filled with soft images of women adorned in their intimates. This special treat was theirs and theirs alone. It didn’t seem fair. There was nothing for men except boxers or briefs. Today there are more; however, not to the lush extent of a woman’s world.

How women dressed and the make up which highlighted their faces intrigued me and I soon learned there was meaning to each look. There was an everyday look; a look for evening; a party look; and a look halkalı escort for lust which rocked my inner being. The look of lust caused my head to spin as it filled my soul with longing and desire. It was a look which my mind’s eye conjured each night as I jerked off into a pair of my mom’s or sister’s panties.

These images were constantly being fueled. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a woman’s intimates as a button was undone or the hem of their skirt rose a bit too high. I still get a thrill when I catch a glimpse. By the time I entered college I made a vow to find a way to enjoy those intimates for myself.

Early on sports took over my life. I was bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter than all the other kids. In high school I was All-Everything and earned a full ride to State for football. Earning All American honors in college was much harder as I wasn’t bigger or stronger anymore. But I was faster and smarter. I wasn’t sure if a pro career was in the making, so I studied and graduated with honors in economics. As fate would have it, I became one of the few white, wide receivers in the NFL.

I never bulked up as the other players did. I loved my lithesome body and being faster kept me out of harms way for the most part. At 6’3″ and 190 lbs, I took years of abuse from the linebackers and the defensive backs of the world. However when I slipped into my off season intimates, the price was worth it. I loved the feel and the persona they allowed me to be.

While in college, I started getting laid on a regular basis. I was considered good looking. The girls loved my soft skin, auburn hair and green eyes. I loved their intimates and would often ‘playfully’ steal them after a bout of fucking.

One girl, Emily Grove was the one who opened the door to my other self. We were both seniors taking the same required Social Studies course needed to graduate. There was a certain look about her which captured my attention.

Emily was over 6′ tall which intimidated so many guys. She was also flat chested which made her invisible to the others. To me, the sight of her puffy areolas pushing her constantly hard nipples against her clothes drove me nuts. The fact her hair was auburn and her eyes were green made many people think we were brother and sister.

It started in the fall which was always blistering hot. Emily walked into the room and I was smitten. Two long and silky legs were set upon the sexiest pair of cork bottomed heeled sandals. They ran all the way up into the skimpiest pair of cut off jean shorts. She wore a tapered red silk top which kept those small buds erect as she walked. Her lips, finger and toe nails were fire engine red to match her top.

She sat down one row over and two desks up. As she sat there I could see the wide band of a thong press against the denim of her shorts. My cock started to stir as I thought about the material being pressed against her ass bud and the lips of her pussy.

Since it was the first day, attendance was taken and I learned her name. When the professor got to my name many heads turned towards me. His wished me good luck in Saturday’s game and now all eyes were on me; all except Emily’s.

At the end of class I tried to leave as subtlety as possible, but the swarming co-eds made it impossible. Emily did give me a quick glance and a ‘dumb jock’ smirk as she went about her business. I wanted to go after her, but I couldn’t.

This went on for two weeks. Emily wouldn’t look at me and I was too smitten by this beauty to approach her. The ice broke during a discussion on the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. I was making my point about the fiscal impact brought about by the merging economies. Emily turned in her chair and looked at me as I spoke. My heart skipped a beat.

As we left class, she told me I did a good job on presenting my views. I thanked her and walked a short distance with her in silence. Thousands of thoughts were streaming through my head, but none out of my mouth. Leaving the building it was apparent Emily was going in another direction so I summoned up my courage to say something.

“Thanks again for the compliment, Emily. You made my day.” Since it was şişli escort Friday, I added, “See you on Monday.”

Emily gave me a surprised look and smiled, “See you Monday Pat; if not before.”

So, she did know my name and what was with the ‘if not before’ statement?

Saturdays’ game was a thriller. We beat Tech in overtime and the stadium was rocking. Walking through the tunnel with my helmet aloft saluting the student body, I saw Emily. She was watching me and gave me a sincere, but gentle thumbs-up. I caught the pass for the winning TD and she saw it all.

It took over an hour to get out of the locker room. The press wanted an interview. The guys were setting up the parties, and I just wanted to go back to my room and sleep. I took a beating and I needed to regain some strength before heading out for the night.

Darkness was beginning to overtake the stadium when I left. Crossing the parking lot towards my car, I heard her voice, “Nice catch Pat. Professor Turnbull will definitely talk about that one on Monday.”

I turned towards Emily with a smile. “I’m sure he will.” I replied. Continuing I added, “I didn’t think you were a fan.”

“I LOVE football,” was Emily’s quick retort. “I just don’t LOVE the egos who play it.”

I knew what she meant.

“So to what do I owe this honor, Ms. Grove? Have I somehow elevated myself from the depths of being an egotist?” I questioned.

“For now,” she giggled. “I was actually more impressed with you in class on Friday, but I must admit that last catch was something.”

Without skipping a beat I asked her out for a bite to eat. Since I had a car, I thought we would go over one town where my ‘hero’ status wouldn’t interfere with dinner. Emily accepted and we were off.

All night we chatted and shared so much about ourselves. The only subject we didn’t touch on was football. It seemed unimportant. There was chemistry between us and we both knew it.

Emily remarked a number of times about getting back to campus so I could bask in the limelight of the parties. I told her the parties lead to hangovers, encourage stupid behavior, and usually end with a fight. I made it clear my preference was having dinner with her.

On our drive back to campus, Emily asked me in to her apartment as she lived alone. My eager acceptance produced a little smile on her face. Walking up the stairs to her flat, it was obvious I was sore. Emily told me she took a massage course for PE and would ply her skills on my ‘aching bod.’

Her place was very small, but very cool at the same time. It was an efficiency with a kitchenette, table, bath, desk, bed and closet. She lit candles and put on some soft music. She told me to lie down on the bed while she went for her oils. When she returned I was speechless. Emily was naked except for a satin pair of green panties.

“No way,” she snapped. “I can’t give you a massage with your clothes on. They gotta go. Here let me help you.”

Before I knew it my shoes, shirt and pants were gone. I was done to my briefs, which were the only thing between Emily and my hardening manhood. There was a look in her eyes which told me she liked the thickness and length of my cock. It could have also been the moisture spotting her panties which told me she liked what she saw.

Emily told me to lie on my back as she began to rub oil onto her chest. My cock nearly exploded as she pulled her small puffy nipples. Straddling and squatting onto my upper thighs, she poured oil onto my chest and began to rub her chest across mine in a strong, soothing grind.

When her nipples flicked across mine, an uncontrollable moan escaped from my throat. Each down stroke with her chest sent her wet, covered cunt sliding over my shaft. I could feel her juices leaking through my undies, wetting the head and coaxing my pre-cum to mix with them.

Her lips found mine and we became lost in a kiss so deep and powerful my mind screamed out for more. Emily moved her body up my torso holding the kiss for an eternity. Our tongues intertwined and I never wanted a woman as badly as I wanted Emily then. In one motion, Emily broke our kiss and replaced her sarıyer escort lips with the satin covered lips of her vagina.

Astride my face she began to rub herself over my mouth and nose. Her nectar streamed through her panties and my tongue eagerly captured her gifts. I started sucking her clit through the panties and Emily went wild. Her fingers pulled at her nipples as my mouth brought pleasure to her box.

For some reason the feeling of eating a woman through her panties was incredibly arousing. It seemed to make the act more intimate. Every other girl always removed their panties. Emily seemed to enjoy having her panties be part of her pleasure.

Her orgasm rocked me as she flooded my mouth and tongue with her fluids. Emily was a squirtter and came heavily. I lost control and shot my load into my undies, cum oozing through the material.

Emily collapsed next to me, her hand coming to rest on my cum soaked briefs. Instead of moving her hand away in disgust, she slowly began rubbing my cock through the material. My cock was far from dead and it quickly began to harden. Emily began a slow purr and brought her mouth to my nipples. She sucked them deep into her mouth, pulling them sensuously from my chest. Her tongue worked the tips making them hard, sending jolts of passion into my loins. She alternated between them. I didn’t want her to ever stop.

Emily then mounted my cock and placed the cum soaked covered shaft onto her soaked and covered pussy. She began to grind her hips into mine. She told me she just showed me how to suck her tits. Without hesitation my mouth found her swollen buds and sucked them with lust and desire. I wanted all this woman could offer and she readily gave it all to me.

We exploded in orgasm together. My undies were soaked, gooey and nearly worn through. Emily’s were in similar condition. I remember her going into the bathroom as exhaustion overtook me. I was spent and couldn’t fight the sleep which overtook me.

I woke the next morning to the smell of coffee. Although I was covered with a soft quilt, I realized I was naked. Emily must have removed my soiled underwear.

Emily appeared from the bath wearing a blue pinstriped, button down shirt. It was open in the front and the sleeves were rolled up. Her panties were silk and the softest shade of pink.

“Coffee?” she asked pouring two cups without waiting for a reply.

Getting up I sorely stumbled over to the table still wrapped in her quilt. “Thanks, I’d love a cup.”

Handing me a cup, Emily sat next to me smiling. “Last night was incredible. Most guys just want to get primal and fuck. I knew you would be the man who would take lovemaking to a higher level for me.”

My cock was stirring again. I told Emily I had never been so desirous of a woman before in my life. I told her about how incredibly erotic it was to make love through her panties. I innocently told her I was always attracted to women’s intimates and how last night was almost a dream.

This piqued Emily’s attention and she asked if I had ever worn a pair of panties before. I honestly had not and she smiled saying today was the day this was about to change. Getting up from the table she took my hand and guided me to her closet. There she introduced me to her collection of panties. She must have had a hundred pair, and not a single bra in sight.

Whispering in my ear she said with a hint of smuttiness, “Pick a pair because and I’ll show you how it feels.”

I selected a matching pink pair so we would both be the same. Dropping the quilt, I allowed Emily to help me into them. She positioned my cock to the side and tucked the head in under the elastic. The material was so silky. I was in seventh heaven and was becoming very aroused.

Taking me into the bathroom, Emily removed her shirt and we gazed at our bodies each clad in pink. With our hair and eye color being the same and combined with her flatness, we looked like twins. The striking differences were the length of Emily’s hair and the shaft encased in my panties.

We made love three more times that morning soaking pair after pair of her panties. Finally Emily sent me on my way. We both had studies which needed to be done. Plus I had a film study session I needed to attend at the stadium. The ironic part was the panties I wore under my clothes. As mine were ruined, Emily insisted I wear a pair of hers. She made it a point to find a matching pair.

From that day on we became inseparable….

…to be continued.

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