Afternoon Metaphysics

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At ten, he called. Hey, this is Elroy. Were you sleeping?

I was meditating.

Are you busy today?

I have a lot of homework to do.

So you don’t have time to do dinner then?

Do you want to do dinner or do me?

Her question surprised him. He stammered. Um, well…

You could come over to my place and have some lunch and we could talk some more.

What do you want me to bring?

I have everything. She gave him her address. See you at twelve, OK?

OK. Bye-bye.

At Andronico’s, he bought a large bottle of lemonade Calistoga and two pounds of vegetarian Tortellini. He got to her place fifteen minutes early. He knocked on the door.


Hi! She kissed him on the lips. What did you bring? I told you not to bring anything.

I stopped at Andronico’s-

Pasta! I love tortellini. You want some?

I bought vegetarian-

It’s perfect. This can be our starch. Take your shoes off. Have a seat. I’ll cook this.

She padded off on her bare feet and he watched her hips move in her cotton gym shorts. The living room was sparsely furnished, a large old Oriental rug with some cushions thrown on it and a TV with a mini entertainment center. A DVD was playing.

On the TV screen a man was standing up to his ankles in water at the beach. In his background was the ocean.

Make yourself at home, Kim called from the kitchen. She came out with a glass of Calistoga over ice and her loose breasts jiggled under her San Jose Sharks hockey shirt. Do you want something stronger? Elroy looked at her blue eyes that lit up with her smile.

Thanks, he said as he took the glass from her with two hands. This is just fine.

I got some two-toke smoke.

I’m your guest.

She pulled out a joint the thickness of a small cigar from a redwood stash box in the entertainment center. You got a light?

Do you want to smoke now or after lunch?

Everything I got can wait. All I have to do is boil and wash the tortellini. Are you listening to him?

Just a little.

I’ll go back to the beginning. She grabbed a remote control and pointed it at the DVD player and pushed buttons. She torched up the joint and inhaled deeply and exhaled and took another big hit and held it. Here.

The man in the DVD had started speaking. I learned that our sun someday would go nova but before that it would be a red dwarf and kill everything on earth.

Bummer, joked Elroy.

Shhh, she silenced him.

I was a kid and consoled myself with the fact that all that would happen fifty thousand years from now. In the next chapter, I learned about entropy, the second law of thermodynamics.

She refused the joint. Elroy continued smoking.

Someday I would be gone too, I figured out that day, my entropy would be part of the universe’s. Ordered systems go to disorder but in the other part of the book I read about black holes and dust becoming stars and saw disorder becoming order. My entropy would be regenerated. My entropy would be go on forever.

Isn’t that beautiful, she asked.

Elroy was so stoned that the joint had gone out in his fingers. Excuse me?

Don’t you like what he said?

It’s heavy.

Do you want to see my tattoo?


She stood ulus escort up and in one movement; her shirt was over her head and off her body. A dragon’s head started on one arm and its body snaked completely around each breast and the tail went out onto her other arm. Her nipples were pierced with rings. Her stomach was flat.

She sat down next to him. The artist signed it, she pointed to some small characters behind the dragon’s toes. He touched them and kissed her quickly, slipping the tip of his tongue in her mouth. Her tongue played with his.

He pushed her down without breaking the kiss and put his hand in her shorts and fingered her. She moaned. She wasn’t wearing panties. She pushed her shorts off and he unbuckled his belt and pulled his hard on out of his pants. She put on a condom on the head of his penis and rolled it down and scooted her hips towards his crotch and pushed his dick into her. She pushed him down and rode him hard and bit his ear. Good, good, she gasped. He grabbed her hips and played with her breasts. She bounced harder and moaned and kissed him and stopped. Did you orgasm, she asked.


She moved up and down, circling her hips, pulling up until only the head was in and slamming down, repeating the movements almost on cue like a machine.

Yeah, yeah, he gasped.

Come! Goddamnit, come.

He bucked up on her down stroke and did and slid out of her. She smiled when she saw the semen in his condom and pushed her vagina on to his face. He pushed his tongue and fingers into her and she moaned and bucked against his face and then stood up.

I want to make tortellini.

She kissed him on the lips and put her and went to the bathroom naked. She came out and put the hockey shirt back on. He had already buckled up and had tied the condom into a knot.

I have his book, if you want to see it.


You can look at it while I finish lunch.

The shirt came down to just below her ass. You can wash up if you want. My house is your house.

There was a Kandinsky calendar over the toilet. He washed his face and groin after he took a leak.

Kim had put some dishes on a low folding table. He looked at the book and half listened to the DVD. …are all energy. Our brains run on electricity. We are organic thermodynamic machines.

Do you mind if I see what’s on TV?

Don’t you like that? She was holding a strainer full of tortellini over a pot.

I want to hear what’s happening in LA.

The riot? That’s all over.

When did you hear that?

I saw it on TV this morning. They sent the Army in.

What else?

I don’t know. I changed the channel. She returned to the kitchen.

What happened?

The same old burning and looting.


She came out with the tortellini covered in sauce in a bowl. I don’t care about LA. Let’s eat.

Looks good, Elroy complimented.

Thanks, she said. I hope you like the sauce.

Did you make it?

It’s just something I whipped up.

He put a spoon in and ate a single piece of pasta. Tastes good.

Thanks. She put a plate with a medley of baby vegetables on the table and another with sliced honeydew. Help yourself.

The veggies are tasty. yenimahalle escort You make the sauce?

It’s just butter with some herbs from my garden.

You’re modest. Their texture is perfect.

You should be a restaurant critic.

It’s the truth.

I believe you. She looked into his eyes. You like my book?

Did you write it?

No, silly, I bought it.

It’s got nice pictures. I like this photo of new stars and nebula.

Way cool.

You said it. Aren’t you hungry?

I ate two servings of vegetables. I follow the food pyramid.

Me too.



Where’s alcohol on the food pyramid?

It’s not. Why you ask?

You were pretty fucked up the other night.

I’m a smoker, not a drinker.

Why were you drinking?

No smoke. I drank on the flight in and continued after I got to town.

Is that fun?

I like being high.

You like the Stark Lounge?

It’s an OK place for a drink.

I don’t know about you.

I used to go out here every night in the early Eighties. I liked drinking and dropping acid and riding motorcycle. Sometimes I’d see a movie. Sometimes I’d go to the theater.

Why didn’t you go to galleries or museums?

I didn’t get off on haute couture then.


In the early Nineties here, I’d go to the theater every night to stay out of the bars. Sometimes I’d meet seamen there, just like I used to go there with squids when I was in the nav.

I never met anyone like you before.

Me neither, I mean, someone like you.

I don’t believe you. I think you’re just saying that.

Why would I be saying that?

To get into my pants.

How could I when you’re not wearing any?

I like you.

I like you, too.

I don’t believe you.

I think you’re special.

You’re just saying that.

You’re repeating yourself, baby.

I’m not your baby.

Why you talking like this.

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

Hey, hey. He kissed her softly on the lips.

She put her arms around him and he put his hands on her hips. She kissed him hard and he reached under her shirt and she lifted her arms up and he pulled it off. She was naked now. He pushed her down, she thrusting her crotch at him rolling on the carpet. She found a condom and rolled it on his erection and put it in her. She ground her crotch against him and sobbed silently. He fingered her breasts and rolled her the rings on her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. She slid off and laid naked face down on the floor. Elroy climbed on her and slid home and ground down hard. Good, good, she said. He bucked and kissed her ears and fucked until he came and slid off. He breathed heavy laying on his back.

She rolled over and braced her head up on her hand.

You’re married, aren’t you?

I don’t want to talk about it.

So you are married.

I said I don’t want to talk about it.

Why? Don’t you love your wife?

What’s love?

What kind of question’s that?

It’s the question of the last man.

Last man?



The last time I saw my wife she told me, ‘Sick to hear of your complain of everything on your situations. Why can’t you make just regular time with me.’

She really loves you.

I know.

Where is she?

She comes here Tuesday.

What about me.

He lifted his head up and kissed her on the lips. We can keep in touch.

We can’t. I’m not a married man’s girlfriend.

We can be friends.

Her eyes crossed his face without looking at him. Hold me.

He caressed her hair. Are you married?, he asked her.

I have a boyfriend.

Where is he?

Not here.


I don’t know.

Why don’t you know?

She put her head on his chest. How do you ever know?

He sticks around?

That would make him a loser who can’t find another girlfriend.

So he’s not?

All the women…


I think he’s really just a fuck buddy.

You’re using each other?

Just like here.

I’m not using you.



It’s OK. She stood up.

Where you going?

I got homework.

Well…don’t you…He stood on his knees with his face level with her crotch. He put his hand between her legs and moved all the way up. You’re wet.

Oh my god, haven’t you had enough.

He put his face in her bush and pushed her fingers against her. She didn’t move. He put one and then a second inside her and started nibbling and kissing her. He looked up at her. She was playing with her breasts, moving her fingers over her nipples. Her eyes were closed and she bit her lip.

He stood up and kissed her softly on the lips and put his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. He moved his leg between hers and pulled him close to her.

She sat down and looked at him. He kissed her.

She put her hands against his chest. Are you-she started to ask and he kissed and she let his tongue enter his mouth. Just a minute, she said.

On her hands and knees, she found more condoms in the entertainment center. She put one on his erection and laid back.

He slid in completely to the bottom in one stroke. He put her ankles on her shoulders and circled his hips all the way inside her while playing with her nipples.

Hurry, she asked.

He slid all the way out to the head of his penis and then bottomed and did this until he came. He pulled out and put his tongue down her throat. She kissed him hard and encircled his hips hard with her legs.

They fell asleep this way.

He woke to find her stroking her face. Are you spiritual?, she asked.

What do you mean?

You believe there’s some karmic bookkeeper keeping a tally over our heads?

Not at all.

I thought that’s what you would say.

I think there is now and immediate experience-

Getting metaphysical on me?

Just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal code and choose to do what’s right.

The big picture and greater good and all that crap.

You don’t have to hurt anyone regardless of whether or not you there’s only science.


If you believe the law of conservation of matter and energy is the only real one, you still don’t have to hurt anyone.

What have you been doing here with me.


I know that!

Maybe I should leave.

We could get some coffee.

I’d like that. She looked at his eyes.

He kissed her on the lips. Get dressed. Wear something nice.

I’ll wear what I want. She opened her eyes wide. I’m NOT your woman.

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