Alice Manipulated Ch. 06

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PREVIOUS: Sexy little 21year-old Alice lays on her back. She is made up, tied up and dressed in just a mini-style tunic, gagged and her arms tied to her legs pushed back so her feet are near her armpits. Powerless, helpless and so provocative.

Her fantasy ‘parents’ Bruce and Beverley invite a grubby loan shark called Knuckles to enjoy her company for an hour as a square off against a debt they can’t repay by his deadline or face dire consequences through his rough connections. Knuckles arrives to claim his compensation on the understanding he must not speak to Alice while enjoying her company as she must think it’s Bruce.

Being tied up and blindfolded is a fantasy Alice confessed to Lani, who runs the kinky match-up service called Companions’ Corner but this is not the outcome Alice has in mind.

NOW: Beverley opens the door and Knuckles barges in, rude as ever, almost salivating in readiness for his feast. “Where is she, I hope she’s not a pro or you’ll pay for it, ” he crudely blurts out at Bruce with a threatening wave of his fist.

Beverley assures him Alice is certainly not a pro but an innocent young model they hired out for the night from the agency to play father and daughter games. Knuckles disappears into the room, not wanting to waste a minute when such a tasty treat as this spunky young woman awaits.

Once he disappears out of sight Bruce whispers that he hopes Knuckles doesn’t discover he has hidden a microphone and camera in the room to record the action. “God if he finds that out I’m stuffed for sure.” His eyes can’t hide his sudden fear and for the next hour he will stay a nervous wreck at least knowing that if all goes well, he will have captured some memorable moments for his continuing video record of their games with Alice.

Beverley tells him to settle down convinced that Knuckles will only have eyes for Alice not daydreaming around the furniture in the room. She is spot on, as always.

Knuckles closes the door and stands back taking in the view as he gets undressed. Alice can hear someone entering the room after the unexpected delay. Her mind is ticking over with an unusual wave of expectation and excitement. She has often wondered what it would be like to be tied up and be blindfolded while hands moved over her helpless body and forcing her to eventually cum in excitement.

Knuckles looks leeringly at her, wondering for a moment if she is really 21 like they said or still a teenager who’s now somewhere in the workforce. They must think I’m a dirty old man at my age agreeing to this, he thinks almost aloud, but it’s an easier way to get Bruce to square up his gambling account without calling in the heavies and where things could be regretful.In any case he’s here for his payback and she looks too delicious to stand there staring. Even blindfolded and her mouth taped with a wide adhesive tape with breathing holes in it, Knuckles can tell she is very pretty.

This immediately adds to his satisfaction before he even touches her. He brings out a digital camera and takes a string of explicit photos of Alice lying back hogtied with her short legs but shapely young thighs an open invitation to get to know her better.

He throws his underwear to the floor. His cock may be much older than Bruce’s but it’s sturdy, strong and long. One thing this old man was never short of was energy from years of staying fit in a gym ran by his brother. His testicles are above average size and when he ejaculates it isn’t in dribs and drabs by any means. Right now his tool is ready for work, rock hard and ready. But first he must eat.

He bends down and decides to taste test the tempting finger food before he consumes it. He wants to say something but shuts up. He doesn’t want to spoil this party. Alice is wet because she’s been excitedly thinking of what this could be like;to be taken ‘in the dark’ blindfolded and not being able to see anything, not knowing what to expect next.

Greedily he removes her panties and stares at the destination he came to visit. Her satin smooth hairless pussy looks so small for someone of his physical size and for a minute he just looks at it thinking he will never get his thick nine-inch cock into it. Knuckles shrugs his shoulders, and pulls Alice’s pussy lips wide apart, something he’s always wanted to do to a young woman but never got around to it.

He moves both hands around her pussy, kneading it from side to side and pushing up on to her clitoris. He is not rough;just clumsy, like an amateur trying to fiddle with a violin.An old man and a young helpless female make for erotic power sex. He hasn’t had a young body under him for many years and Alice is the epitome of provocation and so deliciously presented to him.

His big fingers slide inside Alice’s wet pussy like a knife through hot butter and he is surprised that she is already so well lubricated and seemingly willing. Her soft moan is like a green signal at traffic lights and Knuckles is in the driver’s seat to bursa escort bayan steer the pretty young thing through her journey of sexual exploitation.

The more his fingers probe inside, two and then three of them, the more he hears Alice giving out long sighs behind the tape across her mouth.She is so wet he decides he must not waste time playing around when he could be drilling her. Alice so far thinks it is Beverley pulling her vagina lips around and rubbing her clitoris around and around in a circular fashion. She knows that Bruce won’t be far away and is probably videoing what Beverley is doing while she’s so helpless.

She thinks her “very rude and ungainly” position must make her look like a slut rather than the sweet young thing her adopted father Bernie knows her to be. It must be turning Bruce on crazily just seeing her like this and pretending it is his real daughter now somewhere else with her mother in another state. His cock will have her soon she knows that much for sure. This is the fantastic fantasy she so often thinks about in her dream time.

Alice is right about one thing:the cock is very close indeed but it is Knuckles aiming his weapon at her generously positioned pussy, not her weekend ‘daddy’ Bruce. The missile approaches its target with precision accuracy.

Knuckles is surprised at how easily his thick stiff slides sleekily and deep into her small opening. Just a short while ago he thought she looked too little in the part that matters most between her legs. He didn’t even have to guide it in all the way to its nine-inch hilt. His scrotum presses against her as she gives out a sudden muffled but otherwise intended loud ooooh and continues to make encouraging sounds that suggest to him she is really enjoying being fucked. Ah, he thinks majestically of himself, he hasn’t lost it after all these years.Like riding a bicycle so they say, once you know how to ride one you never forget.

Of course Alice is not the town bike and that’s not in his thoughts as he rams his hardness into her and withdraws sometimes more tantalisingly and revels in the way his ‘prisoner’ is squirming in her bonds unable to fight off the mounting passion building inside her. Alice is throwing her head back and around, her hot pink ribbon-tied pigtails flying about left and right as she feels the intensity of his hot cock filling her insides as though it is about to push up through her navel.

He maintains his momentum of fast and slow and after the first 20 minutes he can see Alice is totally turned on. No chance of faking it now. One thing Knuckles never forgot despite his advancing years and lack of a woman companion is that a woman usually needs about 20 minutes of turn on before she can cum on so the old man reckons he’s got her past that pivotal point and if he’s good enough at it and steers his cock the right way he will have her shuddering with at least one or two orgasms.

He holds her around her buttocks, looking down in unashamed delight at the way Alice looks. She is such a cute little bundle so helpless. He savours the way his swollen penis stretches her labia out so generously. She is so tight yet so easy to fuck at the same time, the perfect kind of intercourse he thinks as he continues drilling while Alice keeps emitting a chorus of different moans — short and long, some of them like jerky grunts.

For someone with her mouth taped Alice is making a lot of noise but only Knuckles can hear her muffled cries of pleasure. He thinks he can hear her saying fuck me, fuck me but it is too muffled to be sure. The only part of her body that’s free to move is her head and Alice can’t keep it still. He can’t read the emotions in her eyes since she is blindfolded but he knows that when he drives his cock in really fast in shorter but much quicker succession while grabbing her around her sexy booty her sounds accelerate.

What he doesn’t know is that Alice has experienced three orgasms already and mainly because of the way her imagination turns this sex into a fantasy come true. But she could never imagine the sight of the ugly man actually fucking her. Being tied up, gagged, blindfolded and shagged relentlessly is something she could only fantasise about until now.

She wants to look as lurid and helpless as possible and be taken as though against her will — her ultimate turn-on. When she turned 21 and first had sex with her Uncle Bernie she was too embarrassed to put this suggestion to him in order to live out one of her teenage fantasies. But now it’s another time, another place, another person and another experience.

Knuckles, oblivious to anything but how to make the best of this ravenous opportunity, is holding himself back so he can enjoy her longer so he slows his pace right down to very slow and on the ‘backstrokes’ almost ejects from her swollen vagina. Strangely for him, his sudden change of pace has excited Alice even more and she thinks it is Bruce tantalising her as if to make her gorukle escort beg for it. Knuckles can hear her mumbling something out over and over behind the mouth tape but can’t make sense of it. It’s now 40 minutes since he started and he’s very surprised he could last this long with such a tempting young body in his control.

But Knuckles is a very disciplined ex-army man who can will himself to do something he might otherwise not think he could do. Alice is like a gift from the Gods and if he should ever go to heaven he hopes it will always be like this. She is moaning so continuously and loudly he thinks the mouth tape is bound to break away. He pushes harder again, drilling her faster and faster. This time he can’t stop. The guttural sounds she keeps making and the sight of her plight so deliciously bound for pleasure takes his emotional control into overdrive.

Alice orgasms yet again shaking her head around, her hot pink ribbons flaying about and giving out a long sound he’s never heard before from her. He can’t hold it any longer and he wants to finish with a rocket-like attack on her pussy, thrusting into her with ferocious intent until he lets out a loud groan of relief from deep inside his throat and as his monster meat plunges full length into her again, a quarter cupful of white spermatoza shoots deep into her love canal.

Alice feels the heat of it gushing into her and forces a smile of satisfaction, still breathing very heavily from behind her taped mouth. Knuckles, drained of energy after lasting so long inside her, leans over her puffing as well. He wants to tell her she is sensational in sex but he can’t.

The old man decides against using the vibrator and other sex toys on Alice as he figures she’s had enough for a while after that workout. Besides he only has 10 minutes of his available time left. He looks at Alice lying there happy in the knowledge he has taken some very sexy pictures of her and can always look back and remember this young fuck.

The thought crossed his mind during the height of their hot interaction that if the excitement was too much for him and he suffered a heart attack at least he was sure to die with a smile on his face. He leans over Alice and suckles on her big rosebuds standing up erect on her tiny boobs. They are more like a budding teen’s tits than a blossoming chick who not loing ago celebrated her 21st birthday but they excite him just the same. In some ways more. The excitement of the last 45 minutes has made her nipples erect, thick and hard, standing out a quarter of an inch above her elongated rosebud size domes.

He gets the hard nipples between his teeth, nibbling and stretching them out as far as he can. The taste is intoxicating and he wishes he could bottle her and take her home, but there is a knock at the door and he knows his fun is over. He wonders if Alice’s is just starting.

He gives her a grateful smack on each side of her bum while it sits up so high with her legs drawn back to her armpits. He looks again at her pussy; the clit still engorged from the hard action and audaciously visible He smiles and gets dressed. He leaves the room a much happier man than the one who went into the room.

Bruce and Beverley meet him outside. “Are you happy? Was she good?” he asks awkwardly. Knuckles looks at Bruce and says the score is settled. The deal is done.

“She is too good for you Bruce. You don’t deserve something that cute but I filled her up real good to save you the trouble. She was rocking about all over the place like she was at a disco. What a fantastic fuck.”

They look at him relief written all over their face, especially as he turns and heads for the door where he came in. “Goodnight Knuckles, ” they chorus together. He glances back, “Goodbye.” Beverley closes and locks the door, throwing her arms around Bruce. “See, I told you it would be all right.”

“That means I’ve got the whole thing on camera, ” he says breezily. “It is going to be beautiful to watch her being taken like that. Bev do you realise that so far I’ve got more than two hours of Alice in erotic images or downright porn and we have until tomorrow to get more.”

“Well Bruce, don’t get too greedy, I want to do her with the strap on and I really want to make love to the girl. I mean real passionate love to her, you know, French kissing and more. I’ll never get this chance again either you know. We’ll be broke after this; it’s cost us a fortune to have her for the Saturday night stay-over.”

“Hey Bev don’t forget what I said that Lani is prepared to reimburse us 50% if we can talk Alice into doing some harmless BDSM stuff. Her and Bernard have something in mind apparently for themselves with her and want to us to find out if she can cope. That stuff we set up for Knuckles is a good example.”

Beverley heads to Alice’s room. “Bruce, we’ve got to give her as break from that tape around the mouth, she’s had enough of that and we can bursa merkez escort bayan untie her now she must be getting pretty uncomfortable, but let’s not slip up that it was someone else in there.Just talk as if it was you mainly and let her talk first as she’ll give us the clues.”

They both enter the room and notice the vibrator and insertable electro bullets are in exactly the same place so they know Knuckles did not have time or inclination to use them. That gives Beverley more opportunity. They announce loudly they are untying her now so she can stretch her legs and have a shower to freshen up after hearing that Knuckles dumped a load inside her.

Alice sits up still excited as Beverley gives her a kiss on the cheek as Bruce removes the restraints, gag and blindfold first. “Did our sweet daughter enjoy what we just did darling? Did it turn you on? Beverley asks. “Oh mommy that was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I must have cum over and over with the pounding daddy did on me. And he was different this time; but I could hear you puffing loudly daddy I hope I didn’t wear you out when you went for so long inside me.”

“Er, Yeah kid that’s me. You know how you turn me on and seeing you there looking so helpless blindfolded and gagged even with your arms tied to your legs it was like something pretty special for me.”

“What about you, mommy? Did I please you by doing this?”

“Oh yes honey, I was in the corner watching daddy drill you and I just loved the way you were twisting your head left and right and up and down in sheer ecstasy. It must have been a pretty good fuck, eh?”

“Yes mommy, I got very excited knowing daddy had me in a helpless position and under his complete control. I couldn’t move as I felt his big cock swelling up inside me and going in and out of me at such a pace I got quite breathless. All I could do was try to squeal loudly behind the gag you put on me because the whole thing was so overpowering for me. I just lost control of my emotions. I guess daddy sure had a good time on me, or in me I should say.”

Bruce gives Alice a friendly smack on the bum and says, “I sure did kiddo. You sexy little prick teaser. Look for a kid not long out of her school years you sure make me feel young again. The best present you liked for your 21st was that big penis vibrator and we all cheered when you unwrapped it, especially your girlfriends, eh?”

Alice grins, taking up his fantasy. “Yes daddy, and I got emails from them asking did I have a licence to drive it or was I the passenger and you the driver”

Beverley rejoices in Alice’s great sense of humour and her quick retorts. She is enjoying this young woman’s company so much.Bruce presses Alice for feedback on Knuckles’ performance.

“Now my little chick I know you enjoyed my dick – Alice giggles at that – but how did it feel when I cum? Did you feel it inside you?”

“Oh did I ever!It was like a stream of really warm water being squirted into me deep inside that is. It was such a warm and sexy feeling. Oh I just loved it. Just as well daddy put me on the pill though.”

“Well Alice you deserved to be fucked good and proper for being so naughty looking as young as you do, it’s enough to blow any man’s mind let alone his cock. Now go and get yourself in the shower and freshen up so we can play with you a bit more.”

Alice giggles and races off to the bathroom as he looks at Beverley. “That kid is something else. You know Beverley, she knows we are not her parents but she’s so damn incredibly convincing as though she thinks she is. My God, if I didn’t know she was really 21 I’d swear she was still 18 or 19 at the most and that mongrel Kuckles made me look like a bloody amateur, and at his age. Did you hear how Alice enjoyed his cock and worse, how she was rapt in the way he cum inside her? Pisses me off that does.”

“Calm down Bruce, he’s gone now thank heavens and we have Alice all to ourself.Anyway, you’ve got all that whole hour he had sex with her on camera now so maybe you can pick up a few clues since Alice was so over the moon.”

“Oh come on Bev, don’t you start comparing me with that old prick. Of course he pleased Alice, and let’s face it, the kid could hardly wriggle out from under him. Anyway, let’s give her a snack and we’ll have a drink to keep our energy up, eh? The night is but a pup for me.”

They have cookies and custard tarts with coffee on the table for Alice when she returns with just a bathrobe around her torso. “I didn’t wet my hair mom, I thought you would like me to keep it dry as the people who made me up for you went to so much trouble.”

“Don’t worry about it kiddo, ” chirps Bruce. You look sexy dressed and undressed, I bet those boys you knew when you used to go to school would die to be in that room with you a short while ago huh?”

Alice plays along with his charade because that’s what she’s employed by Lani and Bernard to do, and besides, she is really enjoying this fantasy adventure thinking she may never get the chance for another one once Uncle Bernie comes back from overseas.

“Oh those boys wouldn’t have a cock as big as yours daddy. I would have to tell them not to bother because you can give me all the love lessons I need and boys can stay boys and go play with their cocks.”

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