Amsterdam Bukakee Club

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Visiting Amsterdam one day I was asked ‘how much’

Amsterdam Bukakee Club

after crossing the Skinny Bridge this is where we ended up.

My name is Sean I live and work in Den Haag for an oil company it was a quite Sunday for a change of scene I took the 35 minute train ride into Amsterdam. After arriving at Centraal Station I walked with the crowd in the general direction of Dam Square as all visitors do intentionally or otherwise if they follow a crowd in Amsterdam.

It was a hot day I was wearing short tight fitting Fred Perry shorts with matching top and trainers, as I walked through the narrow crowded streets the crowd started to thin out as they disburse into bars, cafés and fast food outlets. Ahead of me the crowd parted into two groups one went down the canal side towards the Red Light District and the other into a narrow lane lined with sex shops with toy’s and DVD’s.

As the oncoming crowd walked towards me from Dam Square I noted someone looking at me, somehow we seemed to have made eye contact with each other. He had a distinctive Nordic look, blond hair, about my height and build and dressed similar to me in shorts and top but with very eye catching red trainers, as we started to pass each other he side stepped in front of me and asked.

“How much?”

I was taken by surprise I had just been propositioned not expecting him to speak to me, I hesitantly asked “what for/where?” {not to be a good choice of words}.

“Have sex back at my hotel” I recognised the hotel name it was expensive and exclusive.

Instinctively I said “sorry NO!” as I tried to side step past him.

Blocking me he replied. “Ok how about a coffee as we are both here alone in Amsterdam?”

I don’t know why but I said “ok” his English was perfect with a distinctively soft Nordic accent, turned out he was Swedish, his name Bjorn and 45 years old. I was approaching thirty at the time.

We went to one of the many canal side outdoor cafés for coffee, Bjorn ordered two coffee’s that I had never heard the name off before, turned out to be a Rope coffee’s laced with good time something or another.

Before long and a second coffee we were chatting too casually and intimate for only knowing each other for very short time. I later found out this was the desired effect of the coffee it makes you relaxed and drop your guard by giving you unfounded confidence in your surroundings. Usually I am overly reserved but directly asked him if he regularly propositioned strangers in the street, his answer was a surprise to me well maybe not.

“Yes; this is Amsterdam.”

I had now lost my reserve maybe it was the coffee or Amsterdam or Bjorn, I don’t know maybe all. I leaned over and discreetly asked “why me I am not Gay?” Then confidently sat back in my chair.

He leaned over discreetly, both our heads now almost touching as he placed both his hands on top of mine and said.

“I think you are and what’s more so do you.”

I didn’t know what to say I could feel a twinge and stiffness just at the thought of it. As I heisted I could see brightness build in Bjorn’s eyes and one of those below the surface smiles start to form. Not to be outdone with my new found courage and confidence.

I bluntly challenged him. “Ok what make you think I am gay?”

His answer was not what I wanted to hear.

“You are in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, a well-known haunt for gays meeting on a Sunday afternoon at Dam Square, you are provocatively dressed advertising your availability, which was what attracted me to you, I am equally dressed and you are attracted to me.

Earlier when I held your hand you didn’t reject it you joined in as you held my hand in acknowledgement. Also you don’t carry a man bag as a statement, like I do with your oils etc. stating you are looking for propositions.

That’s why I believe you are a closet gay waiting to be released, so do you, which is nothing to be ashamed off. Are you willing to explore this with me today to see if you are, or not? I can show you what it is like to be gay without actually having sex together or I could fulfil your curiosity.”

I knew Bjorn was right, in part at least, so I confessed.

“Inwardly I think I might be gay, my co-worker Zac whom I shared a work pod with and work with on a day to day basis is openly gay, not camp or anything like that and I somehow feel attracted to him, possibly I even overcompensate for it.

We go out for beers together after work on a Friday afternoon as does most of the office, one day he invited me to join him, his partner and friends at a beach barbeque, subsequently we all went out for meals as a group which I enjoyed. Some of his friends thought I was gay too and hit on me for casual sex as they thought there was more to my relationship with Zac than work. Zac and his partner have an unusually open relationship.

At a bar one night one of his friends came over istanbul travesti to speak to us called Thomas who I thought was gay, Zac introduced me to him and he joined us for the rest of the evening. Apart from both of us being reserved we seemed to get on very well from the outset and had some common interests, it was one of those fate things, we both had tickets for an open air all night music festival the following night just outside Utrecht and agreed to travel to it together.

We both lived in the same part of town so we traveled home together that night on the tram and we seemed to bond further, even after we got off the tram we stood talking for a while, both of us reluctant to part. But we did, that night I didn’t sleep thinking about him, the following Monday I found out from Zac he had the same sleep issue.

We met the following night at the same tram halt, Thomas had suggested as it was a gayish type music festival we go dressed in short tight fitting shorts, tops and trainers. It took us about an hour to get there only to find it had been canceled at the last moment, something to do with an amplifier failure. Took us about the same time to get back to the tram halt but Thomas was very quiet and distant unlike our outward journey where we were engrossed in each other, initially I thought it was the disappointment of the music festival being cancelled.

No it wasn’t; he didn’t know if he wanted to get into a relationship with me although he initially thought he might like to; the Zac influence. He even went to Amsterdam the preceding Sunday like me provocatively dressed with the intention of being picked up, but wasn’t. Now he was less sure if he was gay I didn’t know what to say we parted and went our own ways.”

I said to Bjorn “here and now, like Thomas I don’t know if being openly gay was something I wanted but I do feel a sort of attraction to you.”

I tried to change the course of the conservation as I was losing my confidence by commenting on it being a hot day. Bjorn said his hotel had a roof top swimming pool and spa area and did I want to go and sit there in the sun and have a beer with him. I knew I had lost trying to redirect the conversation and said “yes” still don’t know why, but I did.

It wasn’t far so we walked there crisscrossing over the canals including crossing over the famous Skinny Bridge, talking as we went about anything and everything but being gay. In part, I was still hopeful of diverting away from his intent behind us going to his hotel, but I was getting more and more excited about it. It was then that I said that I didn’t have any swimwear with me, which was obvious.

Bjorn said “ok I can arrange it at the hotel.”

We arrived at the hotel’s impressive entrance retrieved his key from reception then he took me over to the hotel shop, there was plenty of swimwear for sale, but, were all rainbow or gayish colours and alluring in their cut. It turned out it was an exclusive hotel like I thought but with a predominantly gay clientele.

Two very camp in speech and mannerisms shop assistants came over, Bjorn told them what we wanted and we were directed behind some screens and asked to strip off almost naked as they started to measure us up. I had never experienced anything like that before when buying swimwear it was quite an enchanting and exhilarating experience as we stood there facing each other. A few minutes later they brought two pairs of matching bikini type rainbow paneled swimwear, after trying them on behind the screens we found they were a perfect fit. Bjorn charged both to his room key card.

He then invited me up to his room to get changed and go to the pool somehow after my confessions I felt comfortable in his presence and went with him to his roof top room, which turned out to be an executive suite. It had a private veranda and entrance to the pool area. We changed together in his bedroom avoiding exposing ourselves to each other and were soon standing there together in only our swimwear.

He looked at me smiled and gestured with his hand inviting me to join him in his big bed, somehow I now felt ok about it although I didn’t know what to do next. I slipped off my swimwear first, he followed, and we both stood their naked facing each other our anatomies betraying our mutual intension’s as we embraced then fondled each other before we lay down on the bed together.

By now my heart was palpitating and I could feel wetness forming.

Bjorn recognising my nervousness, insecurity and lack of confidence came over and embraced me with his warm naked body. Starting off with hands-on foreplay exploring my body curvatures, hardness and crevasses which I found seductive and arousing, he could feel my approval as I pressed on him. He then invited me to explore his body intimately we quickly got to know each other, his hand rubbing and gentile touching had an endearing way about it.

It wasn’t long before I felt him reach down and slowly start istanbul travestileri to stroke me, instantly I felt this was what I wanted him to do quickly becoming aroused and wet by it, my body language inviting him to bring me fully on. I was so engrossed by the sensation off it I didn’t notice he had leaned over me until I felt him start to nibble my nipples, my ears, my lips then our tongues touched as we embraced each other, it was then I started to climax over his hand, as out tongues touched again I fully climaxed.

We froze together as we relished that moment, I was very conscious of his hand still holding me as I drained out over it our tongues still seductively embracing each other. It must have been the excitement of being propositioned, laced coffee, being outed, the slow build up and being selected to have sex for the first time with a complete stranger. The extent of my load was prolific and copious which Bjorn seemed to relish. We separated and lay there together still holding each other knowing what would come next.

Bjorn slowly rolled me onto my back placing pillows under me, pushed my knees up as he lent over, all this was new to me so I allowed him to prepare us for pleasure. He fitted protection, pulled and adjusted my steading pillows into position and to rest on, then applied warmed oil which was my first time and it was an erotic experience as he applied it. I lay there still tense about what was going to happen next but had confidence in him, I felt him press gently but firmly. I had read that this first time experience was challenging, what happened next was over in a moment, I had overheard Zac say once it felt like what velcro sounded like as it opens.

I felt him slowly engage, ever so gently no pain just a smooth gentle pressure creating an infilling experience which was unbelievable as we fully engaged. I felt him touch inside creating a solitary moment of ecstasy for me I had never felt anything like that before. Slowly slowly he started to undulate it felt like a single continuous movement of unparalleled joy, my ecstasy was now inducing me into undulations in harmony with him as I sought more and more moments of ecstasy.

Gradually I started to feel intermittent signs he was about to cum, and he did with two or three final lunges as he unloaded. I could feel the pressure of it expand, linger then drain, it was a wonderful experience, as we parted he rolled over lay alongside me smiled as he gestured my turn.

We lay until I had calmed down from my first gay sexual high, once I was relaxed we changed positions. I was so unsure of what I should do next, as he tutored me he positioned himself in readiness. I started not being experienced a few times he said slowly and gentle. After we engaged which was not as difficult as I first thought it would be but seemed to take a long time, I started to undulate each time plowing deeper but it took me a few times before I finally touched him.

Before long I started to establish a slow relaxing rhythm, this I had done before, not gay though, and athletically too. I started to feel I was about to cum I was wrong it was a phantom cum I persevered savoring the erotic sensation until I was able to fully cum. I felt a great moment of achievement, ecstasy and joy at that point, it was then I knew that Bjorn had correctly outed me as wanting to be gay.

We both rolled over again and relaxed. We did it another time each before showering together, it was one of the most enjoyable showers that I ever had, we didn’t do anything sexual just enjoyed being there together naked touching and holding each other. We finished off by drying each other off with mutual tendering care as we bonded together before going out to the pool area.

It was not an overly busy afternoon at the pool and were able to get a secluded area where we could enjoy the afternoon sun and have a few celebratory beers, we were no longer competing and combatting with each other but relaxed in each other’s company. I noticed others at the pool were equally relaxed it was then that I realised being gay is not only sexual or competitive but of equals.

Before returning to our room Bjorn ordered a specialty of the house, an Indonesian green tea that was served in a shot type ceramic cup along with a glass of warmed water. You were supposed to sip the tea then take some water, I drank the tea almost in one go which was sweet and sticky but very pleasant. What a sudden and arousing kick and sexual rush it gave me Bjorn just looked and smiled at me as I said.


It was then that the inevitable hotel photographer appeared asking would we like our photographs taken, Bjorn nodded in approval. We stood there together in our bulging swimwear being photographed together and individually, on our loungers, in the pool romping playfully together. The pool water sort of calmed me down after the Indonesian green tea. We left the pool Bjorn asked me had I ever seen a bukakee room travesti istanbul before, I said.

“No what is it?”

He replied. “It’s part of a Japanese ritual where you can meet and resolve any issues you may have with anyone or make new friendships by having sex with them. Do you want to see one?”

I was lost with what he said, by now I was on a high and so enthralled by the thought of it I said “yes I would like to see one.”

In our wet swimwear we walked over to a door in the wall opposite with Japanese writing above it. Inside at a reception desk they took our details in particular mine as I was not registered in the hotel system. We were to wear colour coded wrist bracelets; choices were:

Red for Active (dom).

Amber for Versatile.

Green for Passive (sub).

Orange for Newbie.

White for Voyager.

Bjorn took a red bracelet and handed me an orange one saying as this is your first time here. I put the bracelet on and followed him into an adjoining changing room, we were to wear only a short sarong which had a black Skinny Bridge logo on, it was open on one side from the waist erotically exposing your thigh and leg.

We went into the main atrium, in the center was a raised plinth about 15 x 9 x 3 feet with what looked like a soft tiled top, there were about eight or nine guests on it all actively fucking each other or watching. I didn’t know what to say but couldn’t take my eyes off what was happening, particularly the threesome. My trance was broken when Bjorn said here is someone I want you to meet.

We went over to a corner table where Bjorn introduced me to Maurice the Club Manager and his friend Karl who was about ten years younger than me. After the usual greetings Maurice asked Karl to show me round the Club facilities, as we walked past the bukakee he explained this is where you meet and can invite someone to have sex with you. It’s your choice wither you do or not, if you do you can do it on the bukakee in full view or go to one of the rooms.

The first room we came to had a 10 foot diameter bed where small groups could meet in seclusion or you could use a secluded alcove or cabin for 2 or 3 people there was also an adjoining wet room with communal sauna, pool, steam room and tables.

The adjacent room all had sex machines in them Karl could see I was mesmerized by one of the machines and asked if I would like to try it. He could see I did as my sarong didn’t hide much, the Indonesian tea had kicked in, he took me to what can best be described as a cross between a bike without wheels and a rocking horse, he unfastened his sarong and mine and hung them up.

By now I was so fired up I couldn’t say no, I sort of squatted in the front as Karl came up behind and engaged as the machine slowly motioned backwards and forwards. Once it started you were committed and quickly became fired-up, Karl was very athletic. You couldn’t stop it until you unloaded and a bit beyond as there were no brakes as such, I also tried being the back seater, before I unloaded I thought I was going to explode.

On our way back to Bjorn and Maurice I asked Karl how he ended up here. Bjorn’s Company had introduced him to Maurice who was looking for a house boy and club facilitator to look after and encourage guests to utilise the facilities.

As they had finished their business, whatever that was, we went back to Bjorn’s suit for an intimate relaxing session in bed, although he wanted me to stay the night with him had a very early flight back to Stockholm. We showered afterwards, changed and went to the restaurant, he insisted on paying again.

Later we walked back to the station for my late train it was a nice warm night and like many other gay couples we walked intimately together. As we parted at the station Bjorn handed me a new leather shoulder man bag with a Skinny Bridge Logo embossed on it as a present. The train was busy with other ‘day trippers’ returning home still provocatively dressed if a little bit disheveled after an Amsterdam day.

On my way home I looked into the bag in it was my new hardly worn swimwear that the hotel had washed and dried and a new sarong and a box of Indonesian green tea, oils etc. There was also an envelope with a thousand Swedish Crown note in it and a note saying thanks for a wonderful day, I hope we can meet the next time I am back in Amsterdam. By the time I returned to my apartment I was on a euphoric high, that night I didn’t sleep.

Next morning when Zac came into the office he looked at me and said “I saw you getting on the Amsterdam train yesterday provocatively dressed. So what is his name and have you finally come out?”

I replied “Bjorn and yes” the rest of the morning was one off questions until I confessed.

Next day a text came in from Bjorn saying he would be in Amsterdam on Friday for a Board meeting, although he would fly back to Stockholm the same night he would be back the following Friday and Monday for Board meetings. Zac looked at the message before I could get my phone off him he speed texted back saying why not stay over the weekend at my apartment. Almost immediately a reply came back saying. ‘Ok see you a week on Friday.’ Somehow I was quite happy about it.

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